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Crime: Erongo among the Floris Steenkamp

The Erongo Region, along with Khomas, Otjozondjupa and Oshana are the worst hit by crime in the past two months, according to the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Daniel Kashikola. The Deputy Minister on Wednesday addressed the annual Security Sector Parade in Windhoek, attended not only by members of the Namibian Police, but also other security segments which included neigh-bourhood watch formations. According to Kashikola a total of 49 000 criminal cases were reported between March and August countrywide (March to May 22 800 cases and June to August 26 400 cases). Kashikola quoted crime statistics of the past five years which show theft of cell phones increased by 29,5 %; murder by 9,5 %; robbery by 36,2 %, theft of motor vehicles by 34,4 % and stock theft rose by 21,4 %. Crimes which showed a downward trend over the past five years are attempted murder (3,4%); common assault (4,9 %) and rape (2,2%). “All Namibian Police Force regional commanders and their respective regional management cadres are under strict orders to ensure that crime is, at the very least, reduced in their regions”, Kashikola told the audience and also called for an improvement in the management of dockets in order to speed up investigations and facilitate less delays in prosecution. Kashikolo remarked these crime statistics and also the regions worst affected the past two months are cumbersome, given that these regions will be popular destinations during the upcoming festive season. In Erongo, in particular the coastal towns, thousands of holiday makers are expected to start to flow in from early December. The Deputy Minister called for increased interventions like intensive crime prevention operations, crime awareness campaigns and intelligence-driven operations to root out crime syndicates and networks. Also speaking at the Parade was the InspectorGeneral of the Namibian Police LieutenantGeneral Sebastian Ndeitunga who said youth unemployment are among the root causes of rising crime statistics.

worst hit Regions

Ship on fire at Syncrolift


German Parliament visits Namibia

Floris Steenkamp A fishing vessel caught fire at the Walvis Bay Syncrolift on Wednesday after welding and cutting work set the accommodation quarters of the vessel alight. Thanks to the initial steps taken by people who were aboard the vessel at the time the fire started, and subsequent quick response by the Walvis Bay fire brigade, the fire was promptly under control and extinguished. “People were conducting hot works on the vessel”, explained the fire chief of the Walvis Bay municipal traffic department, Dennis Basson yesterday. Hot works refer to welding and cutting work which are generating heat. According to Basson the hot works heated up the vessel's hull and conducted the heat to combustible inner-layers of the vessel, which in Continued on page 2

Outjo buries her beloved Lindie Prinsloo today

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Locker vom Hocker

Floris Steenkamp Residents of Outjo buries their beloved Lindie Prinsloo today. Prinsloo was killed last Friday during a murder suicide incident at the hands of her life partner, Ivan Pitt, in her home in Vineta at Swakopmund. Prinsloo's young daughter found her dead on the On Monday of this week an estate agent went to floor of a bathroom at 5 Harder Street in Vineta the murder house and made a further shocking last Friday. Prinsloo was laying in a pool of discovery. Pitt was hanging by a rope from the blood and she had a cut wound to the throat. rafters of the murder house's garage. He ended Hours after the discovery of her body, fingers his own life, presumably on Saturday, a day after started to point to one suspect, Ivan Pitt. A man- the murder. hunt ensued, but the Police was unsuccessful in A funeral service is scheduled in Outjo's Dutch every attempt to locate and arrest Pitt who was Reformed Church. It was understood that the evading law enforcement officers in Prinsloo's community will honour Prinsloo with various car. Continued on page 2

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Ship on fire at Syncrolift Continued from page 1

this case was wood panelling lining the accommodation quarters. “The wooden panelling started to burn. The people on board took the right steps to fight the fire when they realised there was a fire emergency. We also responded without delay when the emergency call came in. Four of our firefighters entered the section of the vessel that was burning self-containing breathing apparatuses�, explained Basson. He expressed his relief that no one was injured in the fire, and that the fire was extinguished before it spread to the rest of the vessel. On the picture herewith: a fire truck with the vessel that burnt in the background.

Delegation of the German Federal Parliament visits Namibia

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Outjo buries her beloved Lindie Prinsloo today Continued from page 1

activities including a public march. The public march will also place a renewed emphasis on gender-based violence which has reached epidemic proportions in Namibia. Epidemic proportions in that Namibian men harbours an attitude that if he cannot have a woman, nobody else will have that woman. Murder is their solution to the problem and suicide is the coward way out afterwards to escape taking accountability for taking a life. However, there will also be renewed emphasis on women who too often withdraw domestic violence cases against the perpetrator and often even testifying in the defence of the perpetrator during bail application hearings. Public calls were made since Prinsloo's murder that no bail for the alleged perpetrator must become the norm. Calls are also made for Namibian men to change their attitudes and behaviour towards women, but also towards other vulnerable groups like the elderly and children. Prinsloo was also a founder of the Have-a-Heart Foundation which focuses on pet welfare. She was also a community activist and was residing at Swakopmund since December 2017.

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The Tourism Committee of the German Federal Parliament, the Bundestag, visited Namibia from 28 October to 2 November. The nine Honorable Members of Parliament, representing all parties, first traveled to the Zambezi region where they were briefed about projects for sustainable management of natural resources which are supported through the German development cooperation. They include e.g. supporting national parks and park management, integrated wildlife management, community resource management and communitybased conservation support, biodiversity management and adaptation to climate change, as well as cross-border conservation and use of natural resources in the SADC region. In Windhoek, the delegation held discussions with the Minister for Environment and Tourism, H.E. Pohamba Shifeta, and in the Namibian Parliament, where they met with the Speaker, Hon. Prof Peter Katjavivi and the Chairman of the Committee for Natural Resource Management, Hon. Sophia Swart, as well as other Members of the Namibian

Parliament. The delegation also met with representatives from Namibia Wildlife Resorts, the Namibia Tourism Board, tourism industry, entrepreneurs and civil society representatives. During a visit to the Silverspoon Hospitality Academy, the delegation was briefed about training opportunities in the hospitality industry. The German Members of Parliament were thus able to gain a comprehensive picture of tourism development in Namibia and were impressed by the beauty of the country and the involvement of local communities in tourism programmes. Many of the delegates expressed their wish to return to Namibia privately and with their families, in order to further explore the country. Namibia is a popular holiday destination for German tourists; approximately 80 000 Germans visit Namibia every year.





Swakopmund pulls out all the stops Discarded bottles get to prepare for festive season

a second lease on life Sharlien Tjambari Lucas Sioka sells glasses made from recycled bottles in Swakopmund central business district, opposite Woerman Brock supermarket. Sioka explains he used to make and sell his products in Windhoek, but about a year ago he started receiving calls from clients at the coastal towns. He decided to move to Swakopmund. “The market here is good. I have a huge potential for clients in Swakopmund. The most important thing is: people don't buy my products because they love them, most of them say they will support me because I use recycled materials. This helps in keeping the town clean”. According to Sioka, the only challenge he faced on a daily basis is the fact that the municipal officials chase him away from spots he wants to conduct business from. This is difficult because he ended up losing clients who sometimes promise to come back the next day. “I have now obtained a document from the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development in order to register my business. I hope to participate in upcoming expositions, Christmas markets and many more events coming up over the festive season”.

With the Christmas holiday season only weeks away, the Swakopmund municipality is pulling out all the plugs to get the town ready for the influx of holiday goers. But, gearing up for the season not only means Christmas decorations. The roads department of the holiday town is sprucing up the town's road markings, in order to make traffic lines more visible and in doing so enhance traffic safety.

Sioka conducts business at the parking lot opposite Woermann Brock supermarket in the cbd



Court Swakopmund Court Report Magistrate Court Juanita Humphries (34), Olivier Blaauw (40), Charity Eiseb (48), appeared on charges of fraud, theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 11 September 2019 for plea and trial. Humphries in on bail of N$500. Both Blaauw and Eiseb were issued warning. The matter was postponed to 11 September 2019. Fritz Meriri (47), appeared on charges of rape. The matter was postponed to 28 February 2019 for Prosecutor General Decision. Bail was set at N$2000. Fabian Lazarus (24), appeared on charges of murder and housebreaking with intent to rob. The matter was postponed to 14 November 2018 bail application. The accused remains in police custody Robert George Van Wyk (41), appeared on charges of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The accused was found no-guilty and case was withdrawn against the accused. Donnovan Haraseb (26), Nairobi Beukes (29), appeared on charges of robbery. The matter was postponed to 20 November for plea and trial. They are out on bail of N$500 each. Joseph Hoa-khaob (37), appeared on charges of dealing and possession of drugs. The accused is set appear on 21 November for legal representation. Bail was set at N$12,000. Romano January (30), appeared on

charges of malicious damage to property. The matter was postponed to 11 December for mental observation. The accused remains in police custody. Wencher Haraeb (43), appeared on charges of rape. The matter was postponed to 20 February 2019 for further investigation. Bail was set at N$2000. Jogona Uirab (36), appeared on charges of house breaking with intent to steal. The matter was postponed to 28 January 2019 for plea and trial. Bail was set at N$3000 Johannes Hamutenya (38), appeared on charges housebreaking with intent to steal. The matter was postponed to 21 November for plea and trial. The accused remains in custody. Sakeus Pengelhavo Nobert (18), appeared on charges of theft from a motor vehicle that was properly locked. The accused was sentenced to six months imprisonment. Donovan Haraseb (28), appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 6 November for record and sentence. The accused remains in custody. Julius Hanyanya (23), Ruary Haubab (24), appeared on charges of dealing in dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 6 November for plea. The accused remains in custody. Lazarus Shihepo (23), Lazarus Shitatala (28), both appeared on charges of theft. The matter was postponed to 29 January 2019 for further investigations. The accused remain in custody.

Walvis Bay Court Report Fernando Viringa (29), Theft from employer. (July 2018) The matter is postponed to 11 February 2019. Further investigation. (Final Remand). Ricardo Kubas (33), Drunk driving and Failure to ascertain damages. (January 2018) The matter was postponed to 25 March 2019. Trial (Final remand) Petrus Vashoka (27), Use of a vehicle without the owner's consent and negligent driving. (March 2018) The matter was postponed to 26 March 2019. Trial (Final Remand). Timoteus Andreas (39), Ashitelo George (35), Johannes Lazarus (34), Angula Andreas Housebreaking and possession of suspected stolen property. (April 2018) The matter is postponed to 8 November 2018. Docket not at court. (Final Remand) Petrina Nyanyukweni Shannika (32), Murder and concealment of birth. (May 2018) The matter was postponed to 28 November 2018. Plea in terms of section 119 (Final Remand) Audrey Damants (18), Malicious damage to property (May 2018) The matter was postponed to 8 November 2018. Mental observation Report in terms of Section 79. The accused remains in custody. Petrus Johannes (33), Assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm read with the Provisions of the Domestic Violence Act of 2003. (July 2018) (No further particulars on court roll) Ntengauke Kamenye (24), Rape (August 2018) The case was withdrawn against the accused. Salom Tulongeleni (28), Dealing in drugs and possession of drugs. (November 2018) The matter was postponed to 15 January 2019. Legal aid. Underage boy (17), Housebreaking with the intent to steal and theft. (November 2018) The matter was postponed to 21 November 2018. Screening of Juvenile Accused person. The accused was placed in the care of a guardian before court. Herman Recognise Katambo (18), Two counts of drug possession (November 2011) The matter was postponed to 21 November 2018. Screening of Juvenile Accused Person.




Rough & Tough Rally makes a trial run Floris Steenkamp There could possibly only be one thing better than competing in the annual Rough & Tough Rally and that is scouting the next year’s course. Participants in the 2018 Rough & Tough Rally and prospective participants in the 2019 Rough & Tough Rally took their vehicles on a fun run over the weekend to test their skills, gear and vehicles and to have a foretaste of what would be expected of them next year. The trial run started at Walvis Bay on Satur- fun, but it is a major platform to raise funds day. The terrain included destinations like annually in aid of the Cancer Association of Vogelfeder mountain, Thomas View, Gems- Namibia (CAN). bokwater and Blutkoppie. If you have a vehicle model 1990 and older, and “This is just a trial run and we really look for- it is in the price range of N$35 000, then you are ward to the 2019 Rough & Tough Rally”, Rough & Tough Rally material. Get in contact said Phillipie Baard, one of the organisers. with the organisers for next year May’s event. The Rough & Tough Rally is not only about Contact Mr. Phillipie Baard at 081 146 5177.

On the pictures: participants of the 2018 Rally and newcomers’ vehicles on Saturday. See more on Rough & Tough’s Facebook page.



45 000 tons of salt loaded

The port of Walvis Bay is in for a busy few days ahead at the bulk terminal. The bulk carrier Seal Island is discharging 24 000 tons of copper blister destined for Tsumeb's smelters, whilst the bulker Cendana will be loading 45 000 tons of salt. On the picture above: Cendana at an American port being pulled alongside in order to discharge a bulk load.

NOTICE CONSENT USE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Please take note that SRMK Business Consultants herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for the following: Special consent for a Resident Occupation Administrative and Consultancy Office on Erf 2832, (24 Nelken Street) Swakopmund Extension 9. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge their objection/s in writing within 14 days of the last publication to both the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant during normal business hours. Closing date of objections or comments is 30 November 2018. Contact person: Mrs S. Reid, Tel: +264 081 140 7722 / 081 303 3246, Email: reid.stefanie@ or Mr J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning), Tel: +264 (64) 410 4403 / 081 150 0269.

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Port Log




Etosha Fishing wins award Etosha Fishing Corporation asserted its position as a leading producer of quality canned fish products at the 6th Annual National Quality Awards hosted by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) in October. The company once again received top honours by winning three of the five large enterprise categories, including Company of the Year, Exporter of the Year and Product of the Year. It managed the same feat in 2015 and 2017. The NSI Quality Awards programme was introduced in 2012 with the aim of honouring companies that contribute to quality advancement in all sectors of the Namibian economy by having measurements and quality systems, procedures and processes in place that are in line with local, regional and international practices. The programme also recognises companies who use quality ad-

vancement to support national eco-nomic development and growth. This achievement comes as Etosha Fishing is preparing to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the launch of its homegrown EFUTA Maasbanker canned product in December, which won in the Product of the Year category. The mainstay of the company's business remains the canning of pilchards for world-leading brands such as Lucky Star and Glenryck-SA. Etosha Fishing is one of the few manufacturers that imports raw product to be processed on local soil before being exported again, earning valuable foreign currency for Namibia. Against the backdrop of a dwindling local pelagic resource in recent years and the

subsequent moratorium placed on pilchard catches, Etosha Fishing has imported in excess of 50,000 metric tons of frozen pilchards for processing on local soil since 2010 in order to sustain business. “Etosha Fishing operates in a business environment where its largest customer is the market leader for canned fish in Southern Africa. The Lucky Star canned pilchard product sells at a premium price in the market due to its image of product quality. Lucky Star has clearly identified needs not only through adherence to regulatory requirements, but in product specifications that exceed the minimum requirements of the regulator,” says Etosha Fishing Managing Director Pieter Greeff. He adds

Etosha Fishing's cannery located in Walvis Bay is a world leader in processing and automation. No other cannery in Southern Africa has the advanced automated equipment used for processing fish and quality monitoring. Its range of canned horse mackerel and pilchard products can be consumed by people of any culture or religion the world over, making the company a true ambassador to the Namibian Manufacturing and Food Industry

that Etosha's cannery is a world leader in processing and automation. No other cannery in Southern Africa has the advanced automated equipment used for processing fish and quality monitoring. According to Quality Assurance Manager Linekela Kapundja, Etosha Fishing has established a quality management system based on the principle of ISO9001, a standard which organisations the world over use to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The company also uses HACCP as a measure to control food safety risks, which is certified by the NSI through an inspection and audit program. All products are also inspected by the NSI and the South African National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications for compliance with canned food manufacturing regulations.

Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources recently visited the Etosha Fishing Corporation canning facility with the launch of its new EFUTA Maasbanker curry flavour product. Factory workers were keen to show off their skills in preparing product for canning at this world-class facility

“All these efforts has placed Etosha Fishing products among the best quality canned products, not just in Namibia, but in Africa and worldwide. Our products can be consumed by all people of any culture or religion and through these certifications our products act as ambassadors to the Namibian Manufacturing and Food Industry outside of Namibia,” says Kapundja. She adds that the company's internal quality management systems provide assurance that the customer can

consistently expect a product of high quality. In 2013 Etosha Fishing pioneered local value addition of horse mackerel, becoming the first company to success-fully can Namibia's national fish under its own EFUTA Maasbanker brand. It was the first Namibian canned product to receive the NSI's Standard Mark of Conformity product endorsement. The EFUTA products are also Halaal certified and carry the Team Namibia product mark. Initially

launched in three flavours, namely tomato sauce, chilli and salt water, the company this year added a curry flavour and a minced horse mackerel canned product. It also introduced its own canned EFUTA Pilchard product. Canned fish is a key source of protein on the subcontinent. Canned pilchards form the single largest component of this market. Etosha Fishing's products contains no preservatives, is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and selenium.



Thugs arrested minutes after robbing a tourist Walvis Bay: Two men who overpowered and robbed a European tourist at a public toilet at the Walvis Bay lagoon yesterday were arrested minutes after the crime was committed. Their two co-accomplices are still on the run, but their identities are known and the police believe their arrest is imminent. A tourist couple wanted to make use of a public toilet near the lagoon yesterday. The husband entered the public toilet and four men followed him in where they overpowered and robbed him. They ran to a silver Toyota Yaris and sped off. People who saw what happened notified the Police. The Police broadcasted the information to the different law enforcement radio profiles and soon the traffic department picked it up. As traffic officer Divai was listening to the radio the Yaris passed him from the front in Union Street from the direction of 5th Road. He turned around and gave chase and caught up with the vehicle. Three people jumped out and ran away. Officer Divai arrested the driver. Soon traffic officers Fabianus Ihemba and Victor Shatipamba responded, followed by all the other traffic officers, members of the Police and also fire brigade officials who also responded to the radio message. The tourist couple already yesterday provided their statements to the Police. The two thugs will make a first appearance in the Walvis Bay magistrate's court today. Azpilicueta Kasika As traffic officer Divai was listening to the radio the Yaris passed him from the front Humphrey Divai Mbusha congrats for the jb well done. Eloise Diergaardt Welldone to all parties involved... keep it up. Make Namibia safer... Leonie Windisch Thanks for your speedy respons. Lock them up and throw away the keys! Bruce Heyns MargaretWilliams please please talk to the Minister of Defence or someone that is willing to listen to the people. Crime is seriously out of hand and needs the attention of senior government officials. Margaret Mensah-Williams I will surely institute special request dear Bruce next Wednesday in the Polit buro. Bruce Heyns Margaret Mensah-Williams thanks a million. I hope that something will be done. We are living in constant fear of being mugged. Our kids aren't safe anymore as well. Thank you very much. Monja Vermaak NO BAIL PLEASE!!! Abraham Hafeni Amutenya No bail. Kashitongwa Andreas Are you magistrate? Is there no thieves in your family ? Omahakaeneno Okomurungu Kandjii Kashitongwa Andreas Are u in support of crime??? Natalie Nats Beukes Great job. Well done. Humphrey Divai Mbusha Omahakaeneno Okomurungu Kandjii Thanks comrade we will the good job as the festive season approach. Caroline Owen Viviers Well done! You make us proud sir!!!! Anna Hill Good job! Jens Eckardt That's a government issue. No

jobs results in more crime. Rautanen Limbo this are the things you suppose to do always and stop following taxis, job well done keep it up. Kris Louw Good job....well done... Mike Muitati WOW congratulations uncle Humphrey Divai Mbushafor your quick response. Fisher Omkondy Kalipa Give them a bail that is not a huge crime no life lose mos tjiii. Tertius Meyer Fisher Omkondy Kalipa idiots like you should not be in public. Fisher Omkondy Kalipa Taaa I rebuke my words because they couldn't take us anywhere, but I'm not idiot I'm not criminal I will be here citizen, let us be honest here it's just matter of few hour than those dude will go out and they will continue Rob. Just don't me idiot Mr. Tienie Fourie If you ever think your reply might sound to the average person to that of a idiot, rather reserve from doing so and we will never think and tell you that you are one, my friend!! Empty tins are making the biggest noice whiles contributing the less!!! Fisher Omkondy Kalipa But what have you seen quite interesting for you to comment here sometimes learn to mind your business and if you see such comment just don't pay attention all.. Fisher Omkondy Kalipa Tienie you are very racist we know you kao... Ehrel Maletzky Fisher Omkondy Kalipa Are you serious? You made an idiotic statement and he calls you out on it and he is a 'racist'? Annetjie Fourie Fisher Omkondy Kalipa .... you are a moron..... and it is all your doing... not because of any racism.... idiot. Yvonne Hälbich Fisher Omkondy Kalipa, yes

you are an idiot!! .Tourist are important to our country. They should be protected, and criminals who rob them should be jailed. Tienie Fourie Fisher Omkondy Kalipa The old trick!!!Fisher Omkondy Kalipa Even if they go to jail they will go out on bail and they will Rob again... Fisher Omkondy Kalipa The two Fourier pop up to be attacking me hey you meme this is not your bed room this is social media, moron is your boyfriend not me, I'm here expresses what I can stand for. Victoria Festus Thumbs up. Job Nghinashindjwe Thank you very much. Susanne Jaspert great job! Felicity Kaufmann Well done to all involved. Denzel Robert My brother Humphrey Divai Mbusha, congrats. Sussie Maritz Vandag in tronk more is hul buite. Tertius Meyer No bail, criminals must learn this is not a playground, rob them and there families so they know how it feel. Moon Walker Bail will do that is the weakness of our system. Sepiso Sau This fast response cannot happen in Windhoek. Its either Windhoek robbers are too smart or Khomas police don't take robberies seriously. Those that rob tourists are being sentenced while those robing locals are given bail to go rob some more. It's all about money only not the livelihood of all innocent citizens. Niipuma Shidhudhu Thank's Namibia Police and Community. Musali Mukube Well done uncle Humphrey Divai Mbusha.... Humphrey Divai Mbusha Musali Mukube u know me moos. Musali Mukube Humphrey Divai Mbusha yes I know very much talented.... Lorraine Bussel Please no bail it's festive season. Seven Shaningwa They will get bail since the goverment is broke.





New book on 'Mad Mike' Hoare available For the first time, a biography on the famous Mike Hoare has been published. Titled 'Mad Mike' Hoare: The Legend, the book has attracted favourable comment from the likes of Kingsley Holgate, Eeben Barlow, and Al J Venter who commented, “I found The Legend to be written exceptionally well, and with remarkable clarity and insight.”

The 320-page book is by Mike's times, has 200 references, 89 photoson, Chris Hoare, a journalist, who had unique access to his father's life story. It is the result of 12 years of research and writing between

graphs, seven maps, a bibliography and an index. 'Mad Mike' Hoare became world famous in 1964-1965 when he led 300

'Wild Geese' across the Congo to crush a communist rebellion, rescue 2000 nuns and priests from barbarity, beat Che Guevara … and become a legend. Of Irish blood, Mike was schooled in England and, during World War 2, was the 'best bloody soldier in the British Army'. He demobbed as major, qualified in London as a chartered accountant and emigrated to South Africa. Going rogue, he started living dangerously to get more out of life, including trans-Africa motorbike trips, bluewater sailing, exploring remote areas, and

Chris & Mike Hoare with books leading safaris in the Kalahari Desert. Here Mike got to know the CIA agent who was to change his life … and Nelson Mandela's. Later Mike was technical advisor to the film The Wild Geese, which starred Richard Burton playing the Mike Hoare character. In 1981 Mike led 50 'Frothblowers' in a bid to depose the socialist government of the Seychelles. Things went wrong and soon Mike was to spend three years in jail for hijacking a Boeing 707. Says Chris, “My father, who is 99-and-a-half now and lives in Durban, was essentially a gentleman adventurer, probably the last of that breed. I like to think he was an officer and a gentleman with a bit of pirate thrown in.” The book was published by Partners in Publishing in Durban, and is available in bookshops in Namibia at a recommended retail price of NAD 395,00. The ISBN number is 9780620798617. Chris Hoare is Mike's eldest son. He went to school at Michaelhouse, has a bachelor's degree from the University of Natal, and has spent most of his working life in journalism of different kinds.








An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Große Küsten-Musikshow 50 Jahre Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft

Die Coastal Symphonics sind alles Musiker von der namibischen Atlantikküste. Foto: Heike Louw Swakopmund (sk) Coastal Symphonics nennen sich die Küstenmusiker, ein gemeinsames Projekt der BigBand Swakopmund (Leitung: Chrisiane Ast), der Strings Attached (Leitung: Christa

Lambrechts) und dem bekannten Trio Feminale. Nach ihrem großen Erfolg beim Kunstfest in Omaruru im Jahre 2016 haben sich die verschiedenen Ensembles nun wieder zusammengeschlossen und

Worte der Woche

Atama kakushite, shiri kakusazu. (Auch wenn man den Kopf in den Sand steckt, bleibt der Hintern zu sehn.) Japanisches Sprichwort Herkunft: Die Redensart “den Kopf in den Sand stecken” stammt vielleicht aus der Kolonialzeit, als die Europäer in Afrika zum ersten Mal Strauße beobachteten. Strauße senken bei Gefahr ihre Köpfe sehr nah über den Boden. Für die Europäer sah es so aus, als würden sie den Kopf in den Sand stecken nach dem Motto: „Ich sehe die Gefahr nicht, also ist sie auch nicht da“. Dabei hat der Afrikanische Strauß dies gar nicht nötig, denn er erreicht beim Laufen Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 70 km/h, was ausreicht, um den meisten Jägern zu entkommen. In anderen Situationen, zum Beispiel bei der Verteidigung des Geleges gegen Nesträuber, können seine mächtigen, mit Krallen bewährten Zehen erhebliche und sogar tödliche Verletzungen verursachen. Besonders brütende Strauße legen sich flach auf den Boden, um im Gras aus größerer Entfernung nicht mehr sichtbar zu sein. Vermutlich liegt hier der Ursprung der Redensart vom in den Sand gesteckten Kopf.

ein ansprechendes Programm erarbeitet. Das abwechslungsreiche Programm erstreckt sich von Bachs Violinkonzert (Solist: Oliver Kittel) über Mozart, The Lion KingFilmmusik, einem James-Bond-Medley und der beliebten African Symphony von Van McCoy. Die “Großen” werden aber auch den “Kleinen”, den ganz jungen Streichern der Violinschule von Christa Lambrechts, die Möglichkeit bieten, mit ihnen gemeinsam zwei kleine Orchesterwerke aufzuführen. Aufgelockert wird das Programm von weiteren jungen Talenten: Schülern der Klavierdozentin Vera Malherbe, und Saxophonschüler von Christiane Ast, Ian Hooks, der mit seiner Pianistin die Suite Hellenique von Piedro Itturalde zu Gehör bringen wird, sowie Oliver Kittel mit einem fetzigen Tango. Ein I-Tüpfelchen gibt dann noch das Trio Feminale mit einer konzertanten und grotesken Bearbeitung des Türkischen Marsches von Mozart zum Besten. Als Moderaterin wird Christiane Ast durch das Programm führen. Die Show am 24. November im Haus der Jugend startet um 18.30 für 19.00 Uhr und der Eintritt beträgt N$100. Karten sind im Vorverkauf bei NamibI erhältlich. Es werden Getränke und Snacks, ebenso eine begrenzte Anzahl von Tischen angeboten, sicherlich für Frühbucher interessant zu wissen.

Den Bericht von Nadine Kohlstädt und Kirsten Kraft dürfen Sie in drei Episoden auf diesen Seiten lesen: Folge 2 Das Museum wächst heran, wird mit “Leben” gefüllt und die immer größer werdende Verwaltung zwingt den Swakopmunder Zweig, sich von der Muttergesellschaft abzunabeln. Das Kulturzentrum braucht einfach einen eigenen Vorstand und Mitglieder. Am 29. Oktober 1968 (vor exakt 50 Jahren) gründen die Swakopmunder ihre eigene private, gemeinnützige Vereinigung, die “Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Entwicklung”, die aber interessehalber unterstützend mit der NWG verbunden bleibt. 2006 folgt eine Umbenennung: Die Bezeichnung ändert sich in “Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Swakopmund (WGS)”, unter welchem Namen die Gesellschaft seitdem besteht. Knapp 400 Mitglieder, hauptsächlich Namibier (77%), aus der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (18%), Südafrika (4%) und anderen Ländern gehören inzwischen der WGS an - Tendenz steigend. Das Swakopmunder Museum, Mitglied der “Museums Association of Namibia (MAN)” ist übrigens das größte privatgeführte Museum Namibias. Über 29 000 Besucher hat es pro Jahr zu verzeichnen, was viele Schulgruppen einschliesst. Die überwiegend positive Rückmeldung im Gästebuch, auf Facebook und TripAdvisor bringt dem Museum eine besondere Auszeichnung ein, nämlich das „Certificate of Excellence“. Fast alle Ausstellungsstücke sind nicht gezielt erworben, sondern gespendet worden. Somit erhebt das Museum keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit bei der Darstellung der namibischen Geschichte. Dennoch bemüht sich die Gesellschaft weiterhin, alle Aspekte des namibischen Lebens, der Geschichte und der hie-

sigen Natur zu decken. Dank diverser lokaler und internationaler Gönner können über die Jahre einige Änderungen und Ergänzungen durchgeführt werden. Täglich von 10h00 bis 17h00 lockt das Haus mit seinen Exponaten zu einem sehenswerten Eintauchen in Namibias Vergangenheit. Eine große Auswahl an Themen kann hier unter die Lupe genommen werden. Angefangen bei den Tiermo-

stellung (People of Namibia) oder zur interaktiven Teufelskrallenausstellung. Es gibt unzählige Modellautos, Fossilien, die Schutztruppenmemorabilia und eine einmalige Mineraliensammlung zu bestaunen. Zu den beliebtesten Bereichen gehören zweifelsohne die historischen Räume einer alten Farmküche, die Apotheke und die Zahnarztpraxis von Dr. Weber. Der kürzlich renovierte Vortragsraum

cken gibt. Sowohl lokale als auch internationale Wissenschaftler berichten hier von ihren Studien in Englisch, aber auch in Deutsch. Vormittags flimmern im Vortragsraum Filme über die Leinwand. Auf Nachfrage werden inzwischen sogar Führungen durch die Räumlichkeiten angeboten. Für diejenigen, die sich selbst eine Route - je nach Zeit und Interesse - zusammenstellen möchte, gibt es

Der Vorstand der WGS: (v.l.) Dr. Gabi Schneider, Karin Böttger, Joachim von Wietersheim, Nadine Kohlstädt (Geschäftsleiterin), Karen Gebhard, Ulrich Grosse-Weischede und Dr. Volker Gretschel (abwesend: Prof G. Tötemeyer) Foto: Susann Kinghorn dellen, Schiffwracks, den malerischen Dioramen und dem Original-Ochsenwagen zieht es die Besucher zu der umfangreichen ethnografischen Aus-

wird für Vorträge, Filme und Diskussionsrunden verwendet. Regelmäßige Sonderausstellungen sorgen dafür, dass es immer etwas Neues zu entde-

einen Lageplan der verschiedenen Ausstellungen. Dieser Plan ist inzwischen sogar ganz modern per Internet abrufbar... Fortsetzung folgt!




An der Atlantikküste,in der Namibwüste Spitzenmäßiges Konzert des Helmholtz-Jugendorchesters

Die beiden Geigerinnen bekamen für ihre brilliant dargebrachten Soli in Mendelssohns Violinkonzert einen Stehapplaus, und das Publikum jubelte. Links vom Dirigenten Hans-Jochen Stiefel ist Solistin und Konzertmeisterin Shu Yi Danneil zu sehen. Antomia Jügelt, die im ersten Satz als Solistin auftrat, war im Orchester untergetaucht. Fotos: Susann Kinghorn Swakopmund (sk) - Kulturaula mit einem vorgetragen, ein wahEin Swakopmunder s p a n n e n d e n P r o - rer Ohrenschmaus und Senior nannte das gramm. Dieses er- eine Augenweide ogemeinsame Kon- streckte sich von Hän- bendrein! Auch die zert des Jugendor- dels bekannter Wasser- feurigen Ungarischen chesters aus Karls- musik über die Ouver- Tänze von Brahms ruhe mit dem nami- türe aus Mozarts letz- waren ein Hochgebischen Küsten-chor ter Oper Titus bis hin nuss. Mascato eine Stern- zu einer mitreißenden Zwischendurch bestunde. Sinfonie von Brahms, sänftigte der MascatoDas Orchester des die 1876 in Karsruhe Chor unter der Leitung Helmholtz-Gymna- uraufgeführt wurde. Theo Cooksens mit siums unter der Von den Sesseln riss seinen meditativen Leitung von Hans- vor allem das virtuose Liedern wie dem SeaJochen Stiefel er- Geigenspiel der beiden Lullaby und “I can freute das zahlreich jungen Damen in hear an Angel sing”. erschienene Pub- Mendelssohns Violi- Eine Sternstunde! likum in der NPS- nenkonzert: souverän

Ganz locker vom Hocker

Was ist denn nun eigentlich ein Horizont? Liebe Küstenleser! In der letzten Glosse erwähnte ich die während meines Deutschland-Aufenthalts sehnsüchtige Suche nach dem Horizont. Da bekam ich aber etwas von der langjährigen DHPS-Lehrerin, meiner strengsten Kritikerin und Frau Mama zu hören, wobei der rechte erhobene Zeigefinger mitschwang: “ Wi e s o ? A u c h i n Deutschland gibt es doch den Horizont.” Und nun rumort die Frage zur Bedeutung dieses gerne benutzten Begriffes in meinem kleinen Kopf herum. Wikipedia definiert den Horizont als Linie, die den Himmel von der Erde abgrenzt. Genau, Wikipedia! Wenn ich zur Dämmerung im Erongo Plateau Camp auf dem Felsen sitzend in die weite Ferne schaue, wo das Buschwerk und die Berge auf das Firmament treffen, in dem die ersten Sterne funkeln, dann ist das der Horizont, den ich meine. Allerdings sollte Wikipedia statt von einer Linie lieber von Konturen sprechen. Zumindest in der Mathematik ist eine Linie gerade - und das ist der Horizont nie. Konturen hingegen schließen sämtliche Krümmungen eines Umrisses ein, weshalb man in der Kunst und Fotografie auch von Silhouetten spricht. Andererseits stammt der Be-

sich auf der Erde unter freiem Himmel befindet, sieht den Horizont als Berandungslinie von Erde und Himmel. Diese Peripherielinie hat aber eine Kreisform, wenn der Beobachter sich um 360 Grad um seinen Beobachtungsort dreht. Wie dem auch sei, den schlauen Definitonen nach ist auch die Skyline von New York

vorausgesetzt sichtbar, weil es sich vor dem Horizont befindet. Nun entfernt sich das Schiff allerdings auf seiner Reise übers Meer von Ihnen als Beobachter und wird immer kleiner. Das Schiff nähert sich der Horizontlinie. Schließlich verschwindet zuerst der untere Teil des Schiffs, weil die Erdoberfläche

künstlicher Horizont, der eine genaue Navigation von Flugzeugen, Schiffen und UBooten ermöglicht. Wenn Sie allerdings glauben, dass das alles

Ein natürlicher Horizont bei Sonnenaufgang, wo das Ost-Ende des Erongo auf die Atmosphäre trifft. Foto: Susann Kinghorn oder das GebäudeMeer, auf das man vom Europa-Centre in Berlin aus bis hin zum Treffpunkt mit dem Himmel schaut, ein Horizont. Das schließt bei dem an, was ich in einem Lexikon der Astronomie las, nämlich dass ein Horizont Beobachtbares von Unbeobachtbarem trennt. Sehr anschaulich wird diese Auffassung am

gekrümmt ist. So sieht der Beobachter nur noch den Schiffsmast, bis auch der verschwindet. Das Schiff ist nun unbeobachtbar, denn es befindet sich unterhalb des Horizonts. Dem Lexikon der Astronomie zufolge hast du also Recht, Mama. Auch ein Wolkenkratzermeer vor der Nase hat einen Horizont, dem weisen Buch

ist, dann haben Sie sich getäuscht. Es gibt relativistische und kosmologische Horizonte, Teilchen- und Ereignishorizonte und mehr. So, jetzt reichts mir aber. Ich habe für heute meinen und hoffentlich auch Ihren Horizont genug erweitert . Von mir aus kann es Horizonte geben wie Sand am Meer, ich bleibe bei meiner persönlichen Definition

Ein Teil des Mascato-Jugendchors, hier mit der Sängerin Beugene Kastoor, dem Sänger Shaun Uiseb, Trommler Victor Hango und dem einfühlsamen Klavierbegleiter Karl Philander.

In der Zeit des Pleitegeiers gibt es für Sie ein vorweihnachtliches Sonderangebot: Ein Locker-vom-Hocker-Band zum Preis von N$ 200,-. Alle fünf Bände zusammen N$ 800,Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn unter der Cell Nummer 0812538850 oder per Mail: Illustrationen: aus dem Locker-vom-Hocker-Buch 4 von Carola Oelofse

Die New Yorker Skyline ist tatsächlich auch ein Horizont, aber nicht meiner! Foto: Internet griff Horizont vom Griechischen horizon kyklos ab, was “begrenzter Kreis” bedeutet. Und das ist ein Horizont wohl, wenn man berücksichtigt, dass die Erde rund ist. Ein Beobachter, der

M e e r, w e n n m a n Schiffe beobachtet. Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie stehen im Walvis Bay Hafen und be-obachten ein auslau-fendes Schiff. Es ist - gute Sichtbedingun-gen ohne dichten Nebel

zufolge sogar einen natürlichen. Was zum Teufel ist denn dann ein künstlicher Horizont? Der ist nun wiederum u.a. in der Aeronautik von Bedeutung. Hier dient die Oberfläche einer Flüssigkeit als

davon: Mein Horizont ist der nahtlose Übergang von Mutter Erde ins Reich des Universums. Basta! Ihre Susann Kinghorn



Free Rabies Vaccination for Dogs and Cats 12 - 16 November The Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry in conjunction with the Walvis Bay Municipality Health Division will embark upon a vaccination campaign against rabies which will target dogs and cats from the age of three months and upwards. Rabies is a viral infection of the nervous system common in mammals. It is usually transmitted to humans by bite wounds through animal bites. Dog bites are the source of 99% of human Rabies deaths. Rabies infection is nearly always fatal unless prompt treat ment is adminis tered before symp toms begin. The rabies virus travels through the

nervous system. Progressive fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord develops. Worldwide, more than 55 000 people die of rabies every year. The disease progresses to paralysis, spasms of the throat muscles, convulsions and delirium. Without preventive treatment, it is fatal. Rabies is a vaccine preventable disease and the most costeffective strategy for preventing rabies in

people is by eliminating rabies in dogs through vaccinations. Preventing human rabies through control of domestic dog rabies is a realistic goal for large parts of Africa, and is justified financially by the future savings of discontinuing pest exposure prophylaxis for people. The programme will kick off on 12 November at the Civic Centre behind the Walvis Bay Town Hall, 13 November at

Narraville Municipality Building, 14 November at Kuisebmond Soccer Stadium & 15-16 at Tutaleni Police Station from 08:30 until 16:00. Residents and pet owners are encouraged to support the campaign by making sure that their pets are vaccinated. It must also be noted that dogs must be leashed and cats must be in carriers or secured in boxes with proper air holes. Anyone who posses-

ses Veterinary cards can bring them along although it's not a requirement.

For further information contact the Municipal Health Division at 081 124 1009

/081 124 0502 or 201 3284 or the State Ve t e r i n a r i a n a t 205313.





16 NAMIB TIMES ESTATE NOTICE In the Estate of the late Siegfried Paul Helmuth Strzelecki, who died on 10 August 2017 and was residing at No 33 Richthofen Street, Swakopmund. Notice is hereby given that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Accounts are lying for inspection at the offices of the

Master of the High Court at Windhoek and the Magistrate’s Office at Swakopmund for a period of 21 (twenty one) days from date of publication hereof for all interested parties. If no objection against the aforesaid accounts is lodged within the period stated, the Executor will proceed to pay out in

accordance with the contents thereof. ELLIS SHILENGUDWA INC Legal practitioner 1st Floor Altes Amtsgericht c/o Theo-Ben Gurirab Avenue & Tobias Hainyeko Street P. O. Box 2148 Swakopmund (Ref: PFH/mlHAL11/0001)

ESTATE NOTICE In the Estate of the late Roswitha Sieglinde Strzelecki, who died on 2 August 2017 and was residing at No 33 Richthofen Street, Swakopmund. Notice is hereby given that the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Accounts are lying for inspection at the offices of

the Master of the High Court at Windhoek and the Magistrate’s Office at Swakopmund for a period of 21 (twenty one) days from date of publication hereof for all interested parties. If no objection against the

aforesaid accounts is lodged within the period stated, the Executor will proceed to pay out in accordance with the contents thereof. ELLIS SHILENGUDWA INC Legal practitioner

1st Floor Altes Amtsgericht c/o Theo-Ben Gurirab Avenue & Tobias Hainyeko Street P. O. Box 2148 Swakopmund (Ref: PFH/mlHAL11/0001)


Financial Administration and Bookkeeping Deamaru Group, a wholly Namibian BEE compliant company is seeking the services of a suitable candidate for the position of financial Administration and Bookkeeping. Requirements: - Namibian Citizenship - Financial background in the form of at least a diploma - 3-5 years experience in Accounting. - Fluent in English and Afrikaans, Spanish and German would be a bonus - Pastel software literacy obligatory. - Good communication skills. - Pleasant and friendly personality Duties: - Debtor and Creditor management - VAT and VAT import control - Bank reconciliation - Maintaining and updating financial records - All other bookkeeping functions.

Kindly send CV to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

UNITRANS NAMIBIA PTY LTD Unitrans Namibia, a well-established transport company in Namibia, offers the following challenging career opportunities at the:

QUALIFIED DIESEL MECHANIC WALVIS BAY WORKSHOP Minimum requirements - Namibian citizen. - Code CE (14) drivers licence. - Possession of a Diesel Trade Test Certificate. - A minimum of 5 years' qualified experience on maintenance & repairing of trucks. - Own transport to and from work. - Criminal record verification (Certificate of Conduct) essential. - Must have own tools (Basic). - Prepared to work weekends/public holidays. Skills - Good communication skills. - Time Management and high degree of integrity and initiative. - Excellent Planning & Organising skills. - Excellent customer service skills. - Problem solving & Adaptability. - Self-motivated with the ability to work with minimum supervision. Main Duties/Key Performance Areas - Must have the ability to fault find. - Responsible for vehicles/trucks service and maintenance. - Prepared to attend to breakdowns. - Ensure that trucks are timeously & readily available for the project. - Willingness to work public holidays and weekends. - Handle the workshop administration eg. Job cards/filling/timesheets etc. - Should do stand by. Applicants who meet the above requirements are encouraged to submit their letters of applications, certified copies of relevant qualifications, detailed Curriculum Vitae which should include two contactable references together with Police clearance (essential) to: THE HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATOR UNITRANS NAMIBIA P O BOX 9102, WINDHOEK E-mail: Hand delivered applications can be submitted at Unitrans Depot: c/o Circumferential & Green Valley Avenue, Walvis Bay Closing date: Thursday, 15 November 2018 Only shortlisted candidates will be conducted. Should you not hear from us within four weeks after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.



VACANCIES & NOTICES NOTICE CONSENT USE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Please take note that Namibia Consulting Engineers & Project Managers (Pty) Ltd herewith intends to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for the following: Special permission for a Resident Occupation - Administrative Office on Erf 3747, (4 Rรถssing Street) Swakop-mund. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge their objection/s in writing within 14 days of the last publication to both the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant during normal business hours. Closing date of objections or comments is 23 November 2018. Contact person: Mr H. Dichtl, Tel: +264 081 149 7620, Email: or Mr J. Heita (Manager: Town Planning), Tel: +264 (64) 410 4403 / 081 150 0269.




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Rubicon Security Services Please collect the notice of arbitration hearing between Urikeraka G and 5 others Vs Rubicon security services set down on 07.12.2018 at 09h00 at Ministry of Labour and EC at Swakopmund.

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Baard Transport / Block & Brick


MISSING DOG SWISS SHEPHERD Missing Lost in area behind NAVY BASE in Kuisebmond. Reward offered for safe return 081 128 6537

“The Service Makes The Difference”

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ALSO OPEN BETWEEN 13:00 - 14:00 PRODEL CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS: For all you Renovation and Construction needs

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PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE TO LET IN CBD OF WALVIS BAY Suitable for office or shop Large display windows with vertical blinds Area: 130m² Kitchenette and toilet Front and rear access Available end Jan 2019 For more info, please phone: 204871 0812437598 0816135791

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PROPERTIES TO RENT TE HUUR: vanaf 2 Des 2018 3 slaapkamer woonstel 2 badkamers, oopvertrek, sit / eet kamer W/E uitgesl. N$ 8 000.00 p/m Deposito N$ 8 000.00 Kombuis, opwaskamer Dubbele garage Koopkrag. Veiligheidshek, blinds Hage Geingob Str. Walvisbaai naby skool Kontak: 081 292 0179 064 221 925 EMMA NANGOLO KAMATOTO PROPERTIES TO LET Meersig - Beautiful family 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge, dining room, garage N$ 8 500.00 p/m Kuisebmond newly renovated rooms with shower and toilet N$ 2 200.00 p/m Without shower and toilet N$ 1 900.00 FOR SALE Plot Longbeach 626m² N$ 700 000.00 Narraville 350m² N$ 500 000.00 Meersig 596m² N$ 650 000.00 Contact Emma: 081 122 8067 / 081 843 2639 TO RENT: Ocean View - Seagull Haven Townhouse 3 bedrooms (main ensuite) 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, kitchen, lounge with indoor braai, dining area, single garage in complex close to Spar. Pre-paid Electricity and Water excluded. Immediately available. N$ 7 200.00 p/m Contact: 081 606 0668 TO RENT: Warehouses to rent in Swakopmund 1x 108 m² 1x 144 + 90 m² Office space 1x 321 + 60 m² Office Contact: 064 405 408

TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Crescent Amatist Str, 1792 behind Koeldrank Fontein. Available 1 December 1 bedroom, kitchen, small shower and toilet. Warm water, burglar bars. N$ 2 550.00 p/m N$ 1 000.00 deposit payable in two months For single person. Contact: 081 240 9800 TO RENT: New NHE houses, Near Katutura Car wash. 2 bedroom flat with spacious open plan kitchen. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Electricity pre paid. Contact: 081 146 4100 To rent in Walvis Bay Meersig: 3 bedroom house with open plan kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Outside laundry room, Tandem garage, Indoor Braai, . pet friendly, prepaid electricity, water excluded, N$8 500.00 p/m Deposit required, available immediately. For more info message 081 277 9268 House for rent. 3 bedrooms (BIC and main bedroom en- suit) Lounge Kitchen (BIC) Double automated garage Matutura, Extension 35 near Nampower Station. N$7500.00, including water. Pre-paid electricity. Full deposit is required. Available on 01 Dec 2018. Call/WhatsApp 0812893949/0813078452 TO RENT: Swakopmund Old Industrial Area Workshop - 172 m, store room, office, single phase pre-paid, alarm. N$ 7 000.00 p/m excl VAT Office - 110m, 3 offices, kitchenette, bathroom, 2 toilets, pre-paid electricity, alarm. N$ 7 000.00 p/m excl VAT Tel: 085 580 0700 / 081 277 7454

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Tamariskia Spacious 1 bedroom flat, open plan kitchen and lounge, garage optional. Available immediately W&E included. N$ 4 000.00 p/m + N$ 2 000.00 deposit Contact: 081 239 4777 TO RENT: Vineta, 200 meters to sea, shopping centre and school, Hanjo Brauer street. 2 bedroom flat, BIC, carpet floors, open plan kitchen & living area, newly tiled, stove, single garage & W.M connections courtyard & washing line. W&E included, Burglar proof all around secure area. Available immediately N$ 6 500.00 p/m + deposit neg. Contact: 081 296 3911 TO RENT: Tamariskia, Swakopmund 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom, water included, available from: 1 January 2018 N$ 7 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 140 5785 / 064 403 363 TO RENT: Tamariskia, Extention 3 Newly built 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen, remote control garage, water inclusive and electricity pre-paid. N$ 6 500.00 p/m + deposit Contact Lilian: 081 227 9436 TO RENT: Hage Heights 1 bedroom apartment with open plan kitchen and garage, quiet area. single person only. Immediately available N$ 4 300.00 Deposit negotiable. Contact: 081 416 8388 TO LET:- Immediately available in Walvis Bay HUGE THREE BEDROOM FLAT in Ultra Properties Building, situated at 199 Nangola Mbumba drive, Walvis Bay, Centre of town. Newly renovated three bedroom flat with BIC, Spacious living room, Kitchen with BIC and BIS, 1 ½ Bathrooms with shower and modern free standing bath, blinds hanged at all windows, with a single garage and Intercom access for security. Very safe and secure. Water excluded & Pre Paid Electricity installed. N$ 6200,00 per month. Deposit may be paid in instalments Available Immediately Contact: Sonja at 064207997 to view. Email:



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

TO RENT: Narraville 2 Bedroom apartment in semi complex, courtyard and braai area with garage Pre paid electricity Water included. N$ 4 800.00 p/m Deposit payable in 2 - 3 months Immediately available Contact: 081 646 7383 081 253 2303

WALVIS BAY 20 4505

TO LET LONGBEACH – WITH A BEAUTIFUL OCEAN VIEW Fully Furnish 2- bedr flat with 2 garages @ N$ 9 500.00 p.m. LONGBEACH 3-bedr unit N$7000pm available immediately. 3- bedr brand new house, 2 garages @ N$10 000.00 p.m.

Dianne 081 239 6323


TO RENT: Stegmann Flats 2 bedroom, 1 garage, pre paid and own water N$ 5 700.00 p/m Not pet friendly Available immediately Contact Vivien: 081 128 3649 TO RENT: Room to rent in Namport Kuisebmond N$ 1 800.00 W/E incl. Contact: 081 244 1265 081 247 9802 TO RENT: LAGOON Spacious apartment with sea view 3 bedrooms, full bathroom big sitting room, kitchen, garage N$ 6 500.00 p/m W/E excl. One month deposit required Call owner: 081 145 2800


WALVIS BAY 20 4505


TO RENT: House to rent in Narraville 2 bedroom with bic, shower, kitchen with bic, spacious living room with tv room, dining room, garage. Available for someone with sober habits ASAP. Deposit N$ 5 600.00 N$ 5 700.00 p/m Water included. Pre paid electricity. Contact Hildegardt: 081 277 5876 Ruth: 081 451 2718

TO RENT: 2 bedroom house to rent from 30 Nov/1 Dec 1 bathroom, 1 garage, bic in main bedroom No stove, tenant should bring own stove. Beautiful garden in front, big yard at back with outside braai. N$ 7 000.00 p/m Water excl. Pre paid electricity Hermes, Walvis Bay Please contact 081 457 2563 / 081 277 0305 Jacoline TO LET TO LET TO LET TO LET TO LET TO LET TO LET TO LET TO

TO RENT: Walvis Bay 3 Bedroom house, shower + toilet. Kitchen with stove + cupboards Indoor braai plus 2 / 1 garages W/E incl. N$ 7 600.00 p/m Deposito N$ 5 000.00 Contact: 081 351 3225

TO LET CENTRAL 2 Bedr flat with single garage @ N$5500 3-bedroom unit single garage @ N$7000 MEERSIG Spacious with big yard. 4-bedr. pet friendly house, 3 garages, 2 bathrooms @ N$14500.00 p.m. 3-bedr unit, 2 bathr, 2 garages @ N$8000pm

Dianne 081 239 6323


TO LET : WALVIS BAY 3 bedroom house, 1 bathroom, 1 garage, big yard. N$7500 excl W&E Available immediately Contact : Liezel 0812475040 TO RENT: Container house to rent. Tulinawa, Swakopmund. Price: N$3500.00, W+E included. Plus deposit: N$3500.00 Contact: 081 293 0251

malakiaproperties@ TO RENT: small office space available (can occupy 1-2 persons) *free wi-fi *Conference room available (included in rent) *N$ 2500.00 p/m *For viewing or further inquiries please contact:064-220 280 / 081 254 8142

TO RENT: Kramersdorp, Santorin court secure complex 2 bedrooms (BIC), 2 bathrooms, 1 garage BIC & BIS, including alarm and water exclusive, electricity pre-paid. No pets are allowed. N$ 6 500.00 p/m Contact: 081 386 6706 TO RENT: 2 bedroom flat available immediately With bic and fitted kitchen. W/E incl. Sam Nujoma Ave 178, Narraville All included. With garage. N$ 5750.00 p/m Contact: 081 128 8919 081 303 4970 TO LET TO LET TO LET TO

Dianne 081 239 6323

FOR SALE: Private Sale Edelweiss Heights Hermes Walvis Bay 2x apartment with bic, stove, alarm, 24 hour security, secure under roof and enclosed parking. N$ 595 000.00 Contact: 081 125 5288

Walvis Bay Kuisebmond BARGAIN!!! 2 & 3 Bedroom houses selling from ONLY N$ 650 000.00!! Each with own erf within walking distance from the beach. Selling out fast!! Call / WhatsApp Claudia 081 169 6227 or email for more details.

Private Sale: N$1,450 000.00 House – Narraville 4 bedrooms, Main bedroom with private bathroom Main bathroom (bath and shower) Open plan kitchen with lounge Dining room, Study loft Entertainment with indoor BBQ, Double tandem garage. Garden Alarm and automated Garage, House 268m² Erf 520m² Contact: 081 262 7044 / 081 122 9782

FOR SALE: Walvis Bay / Meersig Fairways Estate - 2 bedroom Townhouse, 2 bathroom, open plan kitchen / Lounge, single garage outdoor BBQ, backyard with interlocks, alarm system. 112 m² N$ 980 000.00 Contact: 081 143 5847 Walvis Bay / Meersig 589 m² Plot for sale Residential N$ 685 000.00

PRICE LOWERED!!! USAKOS HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER Erf no 221, Rogan Str 639m 2 bedrooms, bathroom, enclosed stoep room Lounge, dining room, kitchen & outside porch With single garage, outbuilding with toilet Fully fenced N$ 490 000.00 Transfer costs included Contact: 081 129 8848

WALVIS BAY 20 4505 TO LET WAREHOUSE Situated near Natis 170 m² to 700m² Available immediately

Dianne 081 239 6323

HOUSE FOR SALE!! Swakopmund Ocean View close to Spar. Only N$1 800 000.00 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with shower and bath. Spacious kitchen with granite top & 2 bar chairs. Lounge with cladded wall for tv & mounted unit for DSTV etc. Dining room with inside braai. Scullery Double automated garage. Security: Alarm system installed. Beams on all sides of the house. Contact 081 487 1960

TO RENT: SWAKOPMUND, Tamariskia Back yard flat to rent 2 bedrooms, bathroom, dining, lounge, braai area, private space, shared garage. N$ 4 200.00 p/m + Deposit of N$ 4 200.00 payable over 2 months. Contact: 081 305 1332


PROPERTIES FOR SALE Malakia Properties FOR SALE JABULANI 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen, lounge, plus Bachelor flat N$ 820 000.00 TAMARISKIA 3bedrooms bic, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen bic with stove, Guest toilet, Lounge and Tandem Garage N$ 1.6mil MONDESA 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen and Lounge N$ 670 000.00 Sectional title 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen bic, Lounge Garage and outside braai N$ 650 000.00 OLWETWENI 3 bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen, lounge, plus 2 outside rooms N$ 950 000.00 GOOD INVESTMENT KUISEBMOND 3 edrooms, 3 bathrooms Kitchen bic, Outside rooms with bathroom, Double Garage N$ 890 000.00 ARANDIS 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom Kitchen, Lounge, Plus 2 flats with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and open-plan kitchen Each N$ 680 000.00 Malakia Office 064-406783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@ yahoo.comFOR SALE: Arandis 587 m² erf N$ 170 000.00 Contact: 081 206 7556


TO RENT: Bachelor / bachelorette flat with open plan kitchen & lounge available in Kuisebmond. Burglar bars secured and in safe area. W/E incl. N$ 4 000.00 p/m Contact Bingo: 081 658 8889

TO LET CENTRAL KUISEBMUND Bachelor flats w&L included @ N$2200 available immediately 3-bedr unit, 2 bathr, open plan lounge/ kitchen @ N$4500 w&E excl.



TO RENT:: Walvis Bay, Edelweiss Heights 2 bedroom flat, 1 bathroom, kitchen Open plan Balcony Garage W/E excl. Available 15 Nov. 2018 N$ 5 000.00 p/m Deposit N$ 5 000.00 Contact: 081 274 0907 081 230 5087

WALVIS BAY 20 4505


Malakia Properties Estate Agents TO LET TULINAWA 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Kitchen and Lounge N$ 5 000.00 W/ Incl Avb 1 /12/2018 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Kitchen bic with stove, Lounge, Single Garage N$ 7 000.00 W/L exclusive TAMARISKIA Flat 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 2 400.00 W/L Inclusive 2 Bedrooms bic, bathroom, Open-plan, kitchen N$ 4 900.00 W/L Incl 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, Open-plan kitchen, N$ 5 000.00 W/L Incl MATUTURA 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, And Kitchen N$ 3 000.00 W/ Incl 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, Kitchen and Lounge N$ 4 600.00 W/L exclusive ARANDIS 1 bedroom, bathroom and kitchen N$ 2 000.00 W/Incl HAGE HEIGHT (VINETA) 1 bedroom, bathroom, open-plan kitchen, parking area N$ 4 500.00 W/L Inclusive MONDESA INSIDE ROOMS N$ 1 100.00 W/Incl N$ 1 320.00 W/Incl N$ 1 360.00 W/ Incl N$ 1 390.00 W/Incl N$ 1 450.00 W/LIncl N$ 1 700.00 W/L Incl N$ 1 900.00 W/L Incl N$ 2 300.00 W/L Incl N$ 2 400.00 W/ Incl N$ 2 420.00 W/L Incl OUTSIDE ROOMS 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 1 900.00 W/Incl 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 2 200.00 W/Incl 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 2 400.00 W/ L Incl 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 2 500.00 W/ L Incl 1 bedroom and bathroom N$ 2 500.00 W/ Incl All Deposit Required Tel: 064-406783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email:



TO RENT: Spacious 1 bedroom flat with kitchen to rent in Tamariskia. Available immediately. N$ 3800.00 p/m + Deposit W/E incl. Contact Shaun 081 765 2366







CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION WANTED Looking for holiday accommodation for December Self Catering Henties Bay, Langstrand, Dolphin Beach or Mile 4. Phone: 081 576 9555 ZzZ Guesthouse Windhoek West: We offer comfortable BUT affordable accommodation with ensuite bathroom, DSTV, aircon, complimentary snack, free WiFi, private BBQ areas, Swimming pool and safe parking. Bookings: 081 4777 414


VACANCIES SAFARI PROJECTS VACANCY SWAKOPMUND SENIOR ROOF TRUSS DESIGNER REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12 with Technical Drawings, MiTek Intermediate Course 5 years Truss Designing with MiTek Software 5 years Project Management, 3 years Factory Management Valid Drivers License Position immediately available Email CV's to: mobile@



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR



VAKANTE POS: Hotel bestuurder / bestuurderes in Walvis Baai. Vereistes: Enkellopende persoon met geen onafhanklikes 5 jaar ondervinding in boekhouding en soort gelyke bestuurders pos. Met sober gewoontes Ouderdom vanaf 45 jaar en ouer. Pos onmiddelik beskikbaar vir opleiding. Pakket: 1 slaapkamer woonstel beskikbaar Etes ingesluit. Salaris volgens ondervinding Stuur kort weergawe van CV na SUN SAIL CATAMARAN Vacancy Reservations Consultant Requirements: Grade 12 Computer literate Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English Knowledge of a foreign language is an advantage Drivers license is a must Must have experience in tourism industry. Interested candidates who meet the above criteria should submit a motivational letter and CV to info@sunsailnamibia. com Quiver Tree Investments 13cc is looking for a qualified diesel mechanic with minimum 5 years experience with CAT earthmoving equipment. Please mail your CV to graderhireoffice@

JOB WANTED: A 25 year old lady is looking for cleaning work, I have experience. Contact: 081 482 7680 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n betroubare jong dame opsoek na enige werk, kinders oppas, kantore skoon maak, huiswerk, restaurant. Kan enige tyd begin. Kontak: 081 654 8565 081 265 6123

For sale - Land Cruiser EFI station wagon – with LOTS extras. Off-road trailer – LOTS extras Contact: 0811274451 CAR FOR SALE: Toyota Corolla 1.6 I Excellent condition Manual - N$ 38 000.00 Contact: 081 614 4441



MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ITEMS FOR SALE 1x Bosch hob 4 plate ceran / glass top with touch screen controls new in the box N$ 3 750.00 1x Sansui 74 cm flat view box TV N$ 1 250.00 1x Telefunken 54 cm box TV N$ 650.00 1x Defy Slim-line 600 build-in oven 4 plate hob & extractor fan like new N$ 1 850.00 1x Defy tumble dryer metallic silver gray like new N$ 650.00 1x DSTV explora PVR decoder like new in the box N$ 1 250.00 1x Genesis mini-max vacuum cleaner in the box like new N$ 750.00 Swakopmund. Please phone Dragan Tel: 081 567 4522

2X Tipper trucks for sale AS IS. (Can be used for spares or could be repaired) for N$100 000 each

1x Water card for sale AS IS. (Can be used for spares or could be repaired) for N$100 000 Price slightly negotiable Please contact Chantell for viewing 0816669755 LOCATED IN SWAKOPMUND


JOBS JOBS JOBS WANTED WANTED WANTED JOB WANTED: I am looking for work, 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact: 081 280 3042

FOR SALE: 2015 Chev 1.4 pick up 19000 km - N$ 125 000 Contact: 081 128 3343

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication


JOB WANTED: I am a 31 year old lady looking for domestic wor, cleaning, washing, ironing. In Walvis Bay. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 402 9459 JOB WANTED: I am a 31 year old lady looking for domestic work, 5 days a week Mondays to Fridays. Can work 07:00 - 14:00, in shops, offices or selling. Ready to start anytime. Contact: 081 394 6728 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na kinders oppas werk, kan skoon maak, geen was of stryk. Ek wil net na kinders kyk. Kontak: 081 605 7358 WERK GESOEK: Betroubare 45 jarige dame is opsoek na huiswerk of kinders oppas. Dorp, Langstrand, Dolfynstrand, Lagoon of Meersig. Ek kan onmidellik begin. Kan ook Saterdae strykwerk doen. Kontak: 081 557 1349 JOB WANTED: I am a 25 year old lady looking for domestic work form Mondays to Fridays. I have 3 years experience. I also have experience working in restaurants, guesthouses and hotels. Contact: 081 221 7752 WERK GESOEK: Betroubare 46 jarige Magdalena is opsoek na Dinsdae huiswerk, al is dit stryk werk of skoonmaak werk. Asof Saterdae. In die dorp, Lagoon, Meersig. Ek het verwysings. Kontak Magdalena: 081 471 8044

WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 49 jarige vrou dringend opsoek na huiswerk vir 2 of 3 dae per week in Swakopmund, Langstrand of Myle 4. Ek het verwysings en is bereid om onmiddellik te begin. Kontak: 081 384 9014 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n hardwerkende vrou opsoek na huiswerk vir ‘n hele week of 2 dae, Dinsdag en Donderdag. Ek kan mooi werk en na bejaardes, bedlend pasiente ook omsien. Kontak: 081 277 1313 JOB WANTED: I am a 37 year old lady looking for any type of work in Swakopmund for 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Thurday. I am very honest and hardworking, very reliable, trustworthy, caring and I love kids. I have good experience and references. I am willing to work at any given opportunity anytime. Contact: 081 419 3191 / 081 372 3859 JOB WANTED: I am a young lady looking for admin work from Monday to Friday, preferably in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. I have more then 5 years experience and have own transport. Willing to start immediately. Contact: 081 295 4485 email: AMANDA: I am a 30 year old young lady looking for domestic work/office work in Swakopmund from Monday to Friday. I can clean, wash, iron and look after children etc, I am hardworking, reliable and honest, single and no children. I speak Afrikaans and English and can start any day. Contact: 081 676 6307 WERK GESOEK: Ek soek 3/5 dae werk in Swakopmund, was of stryk of skoonmaak werk, ek kan ook kinders oppas en kos maak in Swakopmund. Ek kan onmiddellik begin en het verwysings en ondervinding. Kontak: 081 878 0069

JOB WANTED: I am a 26 year old lady looking for domestic work, cleaning, washing, Ironing in Swakopmund for a week. I have 4 years experience. Contact: 081 876 8825 JOB WANTED: I am a 27 year old lady with grade 12, accounting and computer certificates, I am looking for domestic work or administrative work in Swakopmund. Contact: 081 393 2879 JOB WANTED: I am a 28 year old lady looking for domestic work, I have many years of experience in cleaning, ironing and washing. I enjoy staying with elderly people and kids. Contact: 081 473 8642 JOB WANTED: I am a 34 year old lady looking for housekeeping job, restaurant or office cleaning. I am honest, hardworking and experienced. Contact: 081 280 3042 JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old woman looking for work as a waitress, receptionist or chef in Swakopmund or out of Swakopmund. Contact: 081 429 0504 JOB WANTED: Are you looking for a nanny to work anytime of day in Swakopmund? I am a very honest and trustworthy lady. Contact: 081 760 4861 JOB WANTED: I am a young man looking for work as an Electrician Assistant or any general work, I am honest and very hardworking, I also have a code B learners licence and also looking for any drivers assistant work in Swakopmund. Please contact: 081 621 2118 JOB WANTED: I am a 31 year old lady looking for domestic work, with 7 years experience. I can work 3 days a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. I can start any time. Can iron, washing, cleaning the house or flats. I have good manners and I am in Walvis Bay. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 410 1966

2015 Nissan NP200 1,6 Base 87200 km

N$ 119 900

2016 Nissan NP300 2,4 Petrol 4x4 D/C 32200km

N$ 229 900

2013 Toyota Rav 4 2,5 Auto AWD 72500km N$ 279 900

2017 Nissan Xtrail 2,5 XE7 seater AWD, 22000km N$ 369 900

2017 Nissan Juke 1,2T Acenta 28500km

N$ 215 900

2015 Nissan Almera 1,5 Acenta 62000km

N$ 145 900

2014 Nissan Sentra 1,6 Acenta 70000km

N$ 169 900 Pupkewitz Nissan Walvis Bay nissanwbdp Tel: (0)64 206 152 C/O 18th Ave. & 11th Street Walvis Bay, Namibia



Ivan Lorenzo Ielie Pitt


* 2/12/1988 + 5/11/2018 Psalm 27:1 - The Lord is my light and my salvation Memorial Service: Friday, 9 November 2018 19:00 at Stoffel Residence, 181 Franziska Van Neel Street,Tamariskia Funeral Service: Saturday, 10 November 2018 13:00 at Stoffel Residence, 181 Franziska Van Neel Street, Tamariskia 14:00 from Roman Catholic Church,Tamariskia

Contact persons: Johanna: 081 396 6826 Lima: 081 388 9668

Jacobus Gerhardus Bezuidenhout (Oupa Los) Gavin * 23 Mei 1967

+ 3 November 2018

Johannes 14 vs 1-2 Rus sag tot ons weer ontmoet.....

Roudiens: Vrydag, 9 November 2018 19:00 by huis No 21, Christiaan Eimannstraat, Narraville

Begrafnis: Saterdag, 10 November 2018 09:00 by huis No 21, Christiaan Eimannstraat, Narraville 10:00 vanuit die Volle Evangelie Kerk, Narraville

Navrae: Essie 081 356 8983/Nicolene 081 147 8997

Otto Ernest Ross * 02.07.1943 + 05.11.2018 Ps 23 “Die Here is my herder, ek kom niks kort nie...” Reëlings sal later bekend gemaak word

Jou Vrou: Sussie Ross Roy, Shandre, Michael, Jackolien, C.J., D.J., Petro, Patrick, Nikita, Jonathan, Koenie, Caitlin, Willie, Pikkie, Mariaan en Dirk Kontak: 081 288 1596

Die hemel juig, nog ‘n engel het huistoe gekom

* 07.01.1957 + 02.11.2018 Ons oorspronklike


* 07-01-1957 + 02-11-2018 Isaiah 43: 1 “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine”.

Funeral Service: Saturday, 10 November 08:00 at Armstrong Residence -186 Sam Nujoma Avenue, Narraville 09:00 from St. Saviours Church, Narraville We will always love you. Rest in peace beloved Mom, Grandmother

Angeline, Angelo, Wenzel, Yegan, Megan, Misché & Cayden Contact: Angeline: 081 293 2285 Angelo: 081 893 0475

het gekrimp. Mathias Junius het ons reeds op 25 September 2018 verlaat en Linda het nou gevolg. Vir 26 jaar het sy met die mooiste blommeskeppings honderde mense gelukkig gemaak. Sy was vriendelik en behulpsaam teenoor elkeen, so ook teenoor ons, haar kollegas, ‘n ware vriendin. Nou, na haar aftrede het sy uitgesien om tyd met haar familie te spandeer, maar dit was nie HAAR besluit nie. Ons sal altyd met liefde en goeie herinneringe aan haar dink.

Tschüss, Heinke Kleyenstueber, Erna Knowles en Claudia Brockerhoff





Annual Namib Diesel Par 3 Challenge A total of 33 players entered for the very popular Par 3 Challenge Competition last Saturday, 3 November. The competition was generously sponsored by Jaco de Witt and partner Boel Grobbelaar at the Walvis Bay Golf Club. We were blessed with a windless, beautiful, sunny day! All 18 holes were converted into Par 3's, which suited all the good iron players and putters. Winners on the day were as follow: Overall Best Gross (Par 3 Champion) A. Burger 56 (2 over par) winning a count-out against the favorite and 2016 champion Gert Olivier Overall Best Nett: 1st S.Figueiredo – 47.75 who also shot a very good 60 gross 2nd Place: K.Brits –50.25 3rd Place:H.Crafford – 51 4th Place:D.Peake – 52 5th Place:B.Coetzee -52.25 (Count out) 6th Place:P.Van Niekerk – 52.25 7th Place: JR Hunter – 52.5

Nearest to Pin Hole nr.2 – John Ross Hunter Nearest to Pin Hole nr.7 – David Peake Nearest to Pin Hole nr.11 – Peet Poggenpoel (back after a long injury) Nearest to Pin Hole nr.18 – Jakkie De Witt This coming Saturday sees a long standing sponsor, Indongo Toyota back. The format is Betterball Stableford (Par 3's - both players' scores to count). The calendar for the rest of the year is below. 10/11 Indongo Toyota hidden partner 16/11 NGK Meersig fund raiser and rhino day at Rossmund 17/11 Piscs Medal 23/11 Namib Mills 28/11 Wednesday Winner Of Winners 1/12 Winners Of Winners 8/12 Club Competition

Changes to Handicap System Namibia is to adopt the new slope rating handicap system with effect from 1 November. The President of the Namibian Golf Federation Brenda Lens said "At the same time we will abandon the NGF Handicap System manual which was last updated in April 2016. Instead we will adopt the Handicap System issued by Golf RSA and can be downloaded from their website handicaps-pdf/" Lens mentioned that clubs are urged to alert their members to the new requirements regarding ascertaining their Course Handicap

(CH) from the conversion charts which will be sent to you from the rating team and of the need to indicate on their scorecards which color tees they have played from for each round. "To assist in this we suggest that you issue to your members copies of the attached information sheet which was issued by GOLFRSA prior to the change in South Africa on 3 September and with permission amended for Namibia for 1 November " Lens added.

Die NG Moedergemeente Walvisbaai adverteer hiermee 'n pos vir 'n

Skriba God roep ons gemeente om “in diens van Christus te staan” en die suksesvolle kandidaat moet hierdie roeping intern en ekstern leef, bemark en kommunikeer. Pligte sluit in: administrasie, sekretariële werk, skakeling met kerkraad, dagbestuur, personeel, lidmate en die publiek, regsverhouding, korrespondensie, bedryf van mediaplatforms, bemarking, kasiere en boekhouding.



Vereistes vir die pos behels onder meer:' · ’n Gelowige wat sy/haar persoonlike verhouding met Jesus Christus uitleef en wat met ons gemeente se roeping kan assosieer en lojaal sal wees en 'n lidmaat van ons gemeente is. · Iemand met goeie interpersoonlike vaardighede wat in 'n span kan saamwerk en wat met verskeie mense doeltreffend kan kommunikeer, maar wat ook inisiatief kan neem en sonder toesig kan doen wat gedoen moet word. · Kennis en vaardigheid m.b.t. administratiewe take, Winkerk, MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Google mail, Google docs, Google drive, sosiale media, boekhouding en Pastel. · Vorige ondervinding as Skriba sal 'n bonus wees.



Aansoeke moet 'n kort motiveringsbrief – met die vereistes hierbo in ag geneem – en 'n kort CV insluit. Salaris en werksure gebaseer op sinodale riglyne en posstruktuur. Aansoeke moet voor 12:00 op Donderdag 22 November 2018 elektronies aan gestuur word. Navrae: 081 271 7334

Torben Most Valuable Player A youngster from Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) Torben Winterbach walked away with the Most Valuable Player award at the 2018 Bank Windhoek Fistball League champions that was held over the past weekend at Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS) sport field in Windhoek. The Category A winners of the Bank Windhoek Fistball National Cup was won by Cohen Fistball Club 1 (CFC 1) while Sport Klub Windhoek 2 (SKW 2) emerged as champions of Category B. The tournament, which was divided in two groups, saw seven participating teams compete for the top honours. The fixtures kicked off with games between CFC 1, SKW 2 and CFC 3 who made up Category A. CFC 3 celebrated a remarkable 2-1 victory over SKW 2 who was expected to win this encounter after finishing third in the Bank Windhoek Fistball League. Filled with confidence from their win, CFC 3 locked horns with their club mates CFC 1 whom they placed under immense pressure in the first set. However, CFC 1, managed to turn it around and won the remaining two sets. CFC 1 also triumphed over SKW 2 with a 3-0 score line. As a result, SKW 2 slipped into Category B while CFC 1 and 3 progressed to the Category A semifinals. Category B saw SKW 1, CFC 2, DTS and SFC compete for bragging rights in this group. SKW 1 started off their play on a strong momentum which saw them win all their matches. CFC 2 defeated DTS and SFC as they advanced into Category A's semi-final stage.

WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Place of Instruction (Information Technology Training Centre) ON ERF: 1053 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: Kabeljou Street. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a I T Training Centre on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 119, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and undersigned, in writing, not later than 23 November 2018. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): T H Kamati, P O Box 4622,Walvis Bay

Meanwhile, DTS lost to SFC as both teams went on to play with SKW 2 in pursuit of the Category B title. Cohen 1 overpowered CFC 2, 2-0 in the first semi-final while SKW 1 defeated CFC 3 with the same score. In the match for third place, CFC 3 surprised their counter-parts CFC 2 with a 3-0 win. Arch rivals CFC 1 and SKW 1 faced each other in the final. As usual, SKW 1 started off as the stronger side and led 3-0 in the first set. CFC 1 came back tougher and equalised. In the end, Cohen managed to win the set 11-9. Both teams came back determined to win the second set, but CFC 1 kept the upper hand and won it as well. In the third and final set, CFC 1 changed their tactics and moved into a defensive mode which left SKW 1's play in the doldrums. CFC 1 later shifted into an attacking offence which was simply

too much for SKW 1 to withstand. This resulted in CFC 1's dominance of the season which saw them scoop two of the league's top awards: The Bank Windhoek Fistball Lea-gue and the National Cup champion trophies. SKW 2 beat DTS and SFC to claim the Category B title. SFC finished second and DTS secured the third spot. CFC 1's Helmo Minz was the Player of The Day. The Player of The Year trophy went to CFC 1's Rico Kühnle-Kreitz and Helmo Minz who shared the award.” To our main sponsor, Bank Windhoek, thank you for the support throughout the season and our appreciation goes to the clubs, players and the Association, for your contribution to making this league a success," said Fistball Association of Namibia's Media Officer, Helmo Minz.

(SWAKOPMUND OFFICE) Requires the services of a

CONVEYANCING SECRETARY To commence permanent employment as soon as possible. Skills Needed: - Registration of transfers (including estate transfers), including preparing of all the necessary preliminary documentation, engaging clients, bank officials and with the relevant authorities, up to final accounts. - Attend to needs of developers in respect of partition transfers, registration of sub-divisions and consolidations, as well as the opening of township registers. - Attend to opening of sectional title registers. - Attend to the registration of notarial deeds. - Drafting of supporting documents to mortgage bonds (including all documentation incidental thereto). Additional Requirements: -Must be fluent in English, additional languages will be of advantage. - Must have typing skills and be able to work under pressure. - Must reside in Swakopmund. Salary: Market related Please email your CV and supporting documentation to: Closing Date: Friday, 16 November 2018



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Reunion of Old School Basketball Rudi Bowe Walvis Bay Whales Basketball Club is back to host the first Old School Basketball tournament in Namibia. The tournament will be held on 24 November at the Venita sports grounds in Swakopmund.

Sevens Team in Kenya

Basketball clubs from the 90's will be participating in the 3 on 3 Basketball competition that are open for all players over the age of 35 years to register their team of 5 players.. The organiser of the event Manuel Lito Carballo said "We would like to invite you all to join us on this remarkable journey of Basketball #3x3 basketball. This tournament is for all the young ballers, who played from the nineties (1990) veterans ballers strictly and let us make history together and have the first ever veterans ballers tournament. The teams of the 90's that are expected to participate are; Walvis Bay Whales, Kings, Civics Suns, Miskates, Tomahawks, Running Rebels, Dukes, Unam Bladez, Internationals, Polly Blues (NUST) Street House Temptation Swakopmund Hornets. Lito said that this is a fun day for the whole family as there will be a Braai, Jumping castle, Jacuzzi and live old school DJ's all day long with a N$20 let you in at the gate. For more information contact Detta at the West Coast +264 81 271 4055, Whites in Windhoek +264 81 46 93631 or Lito +264 81 238 7738.

Rudi Bowe

The Namibian National Rugby Sevens Team is in Kenya to participate in the 22nd edition of the annual 2018 Safari Sevens rugby tournament from 9 to 11 November. The participation of the team was made possible by the Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) as they sponsored the sevens team with an undisclosed sponsorship. Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) president Corrie Mensah thanked the sponsor and said their decision to cover the whole trip shows the brewer is on the side of the athletes. Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) president Corrie Mensah told the team they have an obligation to

represent Namibia well and make the nation proud and that the Union trust that as a team they will bring back some pride and that the Union is looking forward to a great future for sevens rugby. NBL managing director Wessie van der Westhuizen said "NBL always strives to support Namibian sport and add value to people's lives. Wessie mentioned that there are many differences in rugby, due to a strategy implemented that needs to be followed, but those differences can be fixed and when things don't go the way they should, the athletes are suffering. The captain of the side, Aurelio Plato, said they will perform to the best of their ability. "In the previous tournament we didn't do well, but this time around it's different," Plato said. Twelve teams are expected to compete in the tournament: Namibia, Deejays, Shujaa and Morans (three teams from Kenya), Spain, Portugal, the Apache Sevens and the Red Wailers (British teams), the Samurai 7s from Japan, the Cobras from South Africa and teams from Uganda and Burkina Faso. Namibia's rugby sevens squad is: Aurelio Plato (captain), Daniel Bock (vice-captain), Lean Stoop, Paulus Hangula, Guiliano Lawrence, Dirk de Meyer, Nandivatu Karuuome, Tuna Amutenya, Carlton Stevens, Peter Diergaardt, Romanzo Cento and Nazume Swartz with Leslie Bougaard (coach), Ryno Visagie (team manager) and Wayne Damons (physiotherapist) as the management team.

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