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Strzelecki murder suspects remain in custody

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“Eyes in the sky” watching for illegal activity along the coast

Locker vom Hocker

The non-profit organisation Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) deploys its aircraft (V5-LCE), a Piper Super-Cub nicknamed "The Protector", along the coast this festive season and will conduct daily patrols

Illegal hunters, poachers and thieves beware – the non-profit organisation Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) will conduct daily aerial patrols along the Namibian coastline this festive season and report any activities harmful to the environment. Operation Protector officially commenced on 1 December and will last at least until 15 January. ISAP will be working in collaboration with the Namibian Police, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the West Coast Safety Initiative. "This is the first time we are launching such an operation. We will closely monitor the coastlines and activities in the

Dorob National Park and notify the authorities of any suspicious behavior", said Fritz Kaufmann, initiator of ISAP, to namib times. ISAP has deployed its aircraft (V5-LCE) and is conducting daily patrols up and down the central coast. The members will be looking out especially for illegal/irresponsible offroad driving, illegal fishing, driving on sensitive Lichen fields and other ecological sensitive areas as well as any other infringements that constitutes an environmental transgression.

"Our aircraft will also be on stand-by to assist any of the authorities with any requirements they may have", Kaufmann continued, without being specific as it would be determined depending on any specific emergencies or activities arising. The aircraft operations will be supported via ground support/-reaction teams. "During peak season we expect to have six vehicles on the ground", he continued. Kaufmann thanks the public for generous Continues on Page 2

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Swakopmund overspent and Motoring underbudgeted in 2016/2017 inside Erwin Leuschner During the financial year 2016/17, the Swakopmund municipality has overspent more than N$2.86 million while at the same time did not budget enough for various other services, which amounts to an additional N$8.88 million. Town Council recently approved additional funds to make up for the shortfall. According to the minutes of the last Council meeting, held at the end of November, the financial year end for 2016/17 is currently being finalised for Continues on Page 2

B2 coastal road off limits to trucks Erwin Leuschner Goods vehicles (light and heavy trucks) weighing more than five tons will not be allowed to travel on the B2 coastal road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay from 12 December 2017 to 19 January 2018. The Ministry of Works and Transport imposes this restriction every year in the interest of road safety during the festive season. Vehicles must instead make use of the C14/C34 behind the dunes for this period. Truck operators must ensure to inform their operations departments of this temporary measure, in order to prevent being inconvenienced by being turned around at the road block at Afrodite Beach (Dolphin Beach).

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Namibia Indoor Hockey

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donations made, to support this initiative. The pilot of the airplane, known as "The Protector", will be Mike Böttger. Since ISAP's launch the initiative has had many successes countrywide – many poachers have been arrested and trialed thanks to the quick response by ISAP members. ISAP regards itself as a supportive initiative for the authorities.

Swakopmund overspent and underbudgeted in 2016/2017 Continued from Page 1 external audit purposes. "The General Manager: Finance is seeking Council's approval for additional funds and over expenditures for the financial year", it states. The main part of the shortfall in the budget is attributed to the purchase of bulk water from the national water utility NamWater: "The budgetary provisions was not sufficient to cater for the price increases of NamWater as well as the increased water supply, thus the additional amount of N$7 824 300 was required to pay for the water supply", it states in the minutes. An additional amount of N$474 000 was required as the budgetary provisions for security services were not sufficient with the compilation of the budget during April 2016. Similarly, an additional amount to the tune of N$400 000 is required to pay Erongo RED for bulk electricity supply. "As result of addition of buildings during the financial year such as the Multi-purpose Centre, the costs in respect of the electricity has also increased", it states. Additional funds to the tune of N$190 000 are payable to the Erongo Regional Council. This is explained with the fact that due to additional revenue generated through levying of rates and taxes on properties for the financial year, the 5% levy payable to the Regional Council has subsequently increased as well. Besides these additional funds the over expenditures for the financial year amounted to an additional N$2 865 11.74. The main reasons for the over expenditures for various municipal departments is explained with insufficient budgetary provisions as well as annual salary increases which were not accommodated through savings. Council during the recent meeting approved the additional funds to the tune of N$8 888 300 on the operational budget for the 2016/2017 financial year, while at the same time also approved the over expenditures amounting to N$2 865 11.74.

Listeriosis outbreak The South African Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi announced on 5 December 2017 that more than 30 people had died following an outbreak of Listeriosis. Listeriosis is one of the serious food-borne illnesses and causes uncomfortable symptoms that can be fatal. With an influx of South African nationals expected to the coastal region and also other parts of Namibia for the Christmas holiday season, it is important for Namibians to take note and understand the dynamics of this disease, in order to be prepared. What is listeriosis? Listeriosis is food poisoning caused by eating foods contaminated with the Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes) bacterium. In pregnant women, the infection can result in miscarriage, premature delivery, serious infection of the newborn, or even stillbirth. Listeriosis affects mainly pregnant women, newborns, the elderly, and adults with impaired immune systems. Healthy adults and children sometimes are infected with L. monocytogenes, but they rarely become seriously ill. Babies can be born with listeriosis if their mothers eat contaminated food during pregnancy. What causes listeriosis? Listeriosis monocytogenes is found in soil and water. Vegetables can become contaminated from the soil or from manure used as fertilizer. Animals can carry the bacteria and can contaminate meats and dairy products. Processed foods, such as soft cheeses and cold cuts, can be contaminated after processing. Unpasteurized (raw) milk or foods made from unpasteurized milk can be contaminated. What are the symptoms? The symptoms of listeriosis include fever, muscle aches, and sometimes nausea or diarrhea. If infection spreads to the nervous system, symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions can occur. But infected pregnant women may experience only a mild, flu-like illness. How can you prevent listeriosis? You can prevent listeriosis by practicing safe food handling Shop safely. Bag raw meat, poultry, or fish separately from other food items. Drive home immediately after finishing your shopping so that you can store all foods properly. Prepare foods safely. Wash your hands before and after handling food. Also wash them after using the bathroom or changing diapers. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables by rinsing them well with running water. If possible, use two cutting boards-one for fresh produce and the other for raw meat, poultry, and seafood. You can also wash your knives and cutting boards in the dishwasher to disinfect them. Listeria can grow in the refrigerator, so clean up any spills in your refrigerator, especially juices from hot dogs, raw meat, or poultry. Use a clean meat thermometer to determine whether foods are cooked to a safe temperature. Reheat leftovers to at least 165°F (74°C). Do not eat undercooked hamburger, and be aware of the risk of food poisoning from raw fish (including sushi), clams, and oysters. Serve foods safely. Reading food labels and following safety instructions will reduce your chance of becoming ill with food poisoning. When in doubt, throw it out. If you are not sure whether a food is safe, don't eat it. Reheating food that is contaminated will not make it safe. Don't taste suspicious food. It may smell and look fine but still may not be safe to eat. If you are pregnant: Do not eat hot dogs, luncheon meats, or deli meats, unless they are reheated until steaming hot. Do not eat soft cheeses unless the label states they are made from pasteurized milk. Common cheeses typically made with unpasteurized milk-such as feta, Brie, Camembert, blue-veined cheeses, and Mexican-style cheeses such as "queso Blanco fresco"-can cause listeriosis. You can have hard cheeses and semisoft cheeses such as mozzarella along with pasteurized processed cheese slices and spreads, cream cheese, and cottage cheese. Do not eat refrigerated pâté or meat spreads. But you can eat these foods if they are canned. Do not eat refrigerated smoked seafood unless it is an ingredient in a cooked dish such as a casserole. Examples of refrigerated smoked seafood include salmon, trout, whitefish, cod, tuna, and mackerel. You may eat canned fish such as salmon and tuna or shelf-stable smoked seafood. Do not drink raw (unpasteurized) milk or eat foods that contain unpasteurized milk. Avoid eating salads made in a store, such as ham, chicken, egg, tuna, or seafood salads. WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise

Swakopmund doctor stripped of his medical license in Ireland after two indecent exposure incidents Dirk Redman, a medical doctor from Swakopmund was found guilty in Ireland by that country's medical council for exposing himself in an indecent manner to a child and a nurse. He was found guilty for disgraceful and dishonourable conduct at the Sligo General Hospital in Ireland. The decision to cancel Dr Dirk Redman's license to practise medicine in Ireland was confirmed by the Irish High Court recently. The decision made headline news internationally and came as a shock to the coast's medical fraternity.




Three suspects in Strzelecki murder remain behind bars The three suspects accused of murdering Swakopmund residents Siegfried Paul Helmuth (82) and his wife Sieglinde Roswitha Strzelecki (79) at the beginning of August will remain in custody for now. This was ordered when the accused made an appearance at the Swakopmund Magistrates Court on Wednesday this week.

The three suspects, Daniel Stephanus Nghilifa (26), Jerobeam Simon Shidute (23) and Fabianus Lazarus (24), are charged with double murders as well as house-breaking. Two suspects initially entered the

On the photo herewith: the murders united Swakopmund's people against violent crimes in the holiday town. More than 300 Swakopmund residents had gathered at the Magistrates Court in September when the three suspects accused of murdering the Strzelecki couple made their first court appearance. They appeared again on Wednesday this week. Photo by Erwin Leuschner

Lions Club Walvis Bay Lions Club Walvis Bay was fortunate enough to accommodate Tutaleni Pre-primary day care as well as Bianca's Day care center with their Christmas parties. There is no better feeling than to bring a smile to someone's face. It makes your own heart sing.

Wishing a Safe and Joyous Festive season to everyone. We make a Living by what we get. We make a LIFE by what we GIVE.

house and attacked Roswitha Strzelecki first. She died of her injuries. They then threatened her husband and assaulted him. Thy threatened him with knives and demanded money. They stole a cellphone, sandals and N$1 000 in cash before fleeing the scene. Mr Siegfried Strzelecki passed away a few days after the attack in hospital. He too succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the attack. As the three suspects made their second court appearance, lawyer Lucia Haufiku, who is representing Nghilifa and Lazarus indicated she withdrew from representing Nghilifa. "I have filed a notice of withdrawal in respect of accused 1. She withdrew as she foresaw a conflict of interest. Lawyer Susan Hinda is representing Shidute, but she could not be at court that day. State Prosecutor Paulus Shilongo informed the court that "at this point some investigations are still outstanding." This includes the scene of crime report, particularly forensics, as well as cellphone extracts. "The state still needs time to finalize investigations", he said. During the appearance, Haufiku indicated that her client, Lazarus, intends to make a formal bail application. "We don't foresee it just for accused 3 (Lazarus)", she said, implying that all accused have to bring an application. Shilongo added since the accused Nghilifa does not have a lawyer anymore, he must re-apply for legal aid. Once all accused have received legal representation, a date for the formal bail application can be set. Magistrate Nelao Brown postponed the matter in the meantime to 30 April 2017 for further police investigations. She ordered that all three accused remain in custody. The murder of the Strzelecki couple sparked an outrage in Swakopmund. When the three suspects appeared in court in September this year, more than 300 residents had gathered at the court building for a silent protest against heinous crimes in the coastal town.



Court Walvis Bay Court 4 December 2017 Vernon Bampton (20) and Eldo Engelbrecht (25) appeared on charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (8/2016). Trials are separated. Bampton found guilty. Sentenced to 30 days imprisonment. Hendrick Hasenanye Megameno Moongela (22) appeared on charges of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level, furnishing false information and culpable homicide (1/2017). Case against accused withdrawn. Paulus Domingo (42) appeared on a charge of theft (9/2016). Matter postponed to 12 January 2018. Accused in custody. Likius Kola (39) appeared on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor (8/2017). Matter postponed to 18 June 2018. Accused on bail. Joseph Ipinge (19) and Jeremia Simon (19) appeared on charges of robbery (9/2017). Case against accused withdrawn. Dante Louw (19) and Bencao Immanuel Tohande (23) appeared on charges of possession of dependence producing substance and dealing in dependence producing substance (10/2017). Matter post-

poned to 14 June 2018. Accused on bail. Nkuvi Bartholomeus (27) appeared on a charge of theft (10/2017). Accused found guilty. Fined N$6 000 ot 12 months imprisonment. Tuuliki Nashapi (40) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (11/2017). Matter postponed to 29 May 2018. Accused on bail. Herold Martin Iipinge (26) appeared on a charge of theft from a motor vehicle which was properly locked (11/2017). Matter postponed to 22 January 2018. Accused in custody. Joel Kayili (28) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (12/2017). Matter postponed to 24 Janaury 2018. Accused in custody. Malakia Amuntenya (26) appeared on a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor (12/2017). Accused found guilty. Fined N$8 000 or 24 months imprisonment. Tuwilika Nghishdivali (32) appeared on a charge of obstructing a member of the police (12/2017). Case against accused withdrawn. Eldo Engelbrecht (25) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft (8/2016). Matter postponed to 29 January 2018. Accused in custody.

Swakopmund Court Magistrate Court Mweenda Paulus (36) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 6 February 2018 for prosecutor general's decision. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Siska Aoxamus (34) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was for postponed to 6 February 2018 for prosecutor general's deci-

sion. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Armin Kluge (29) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 10 January 2018 for plea. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Quinton Pelenoni (37) appeared on a charge of possession of dependence producing substance. The matter was postponed to 25 January 2018 for plea. The accused remains in custody.

Josua Ndafimana Johannes (29) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to 17 January 2018 for plea. The accused remains in custody. Leoport Nghihangwa (21) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 7 February 2018 for plea. The accused remains in custody. Andre Skrywer (20), Mancino Gurirab (21) and Romanus Avelinus (21) appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 14 February 2018 for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Kaukamuno Tjiriange (25) appeared on a charge of assault by threat read with provisions of the domestic violence act, act 4 of 2003. The matter was postponed to 12 April 2018 for legal aid. The accused remains in custody. Ambrosius Muhewa (24) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 12 February 2018 for legal representation. The accused remains in custody. Andreas Abnor (18) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was for postponed to 26 March 2018 for prosecutor general's decision. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. A 17-year-old boy appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 1 March 2018 for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. A 16-year-old boy appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 28 February 2018 for further investigation. The accused was released in care of guardian. Karrel Julius Pandukeni (30) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was for postponed to 28 March 2018 for prosecutor general's decision. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Brenden Van Wyk (29) appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 14 March 2018 for prosecutor general's decision. The accused remains in custody. Desmond Aebeb (25) appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The matter was postponed to 27 March 2018 for plea and trial. The accused is on bail of N$1000. Joseph Isack (23) and Salom Shapomba (36) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 22 February 2018 for other reason. The accused are on bail of N$4 000 each. A 13-year-old boy appeared on a charge of rape. The matter was postponed to 22 February 2018 for legal aid. The accused was released in care of guardian. Sarel Grobler (51) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 28 February 2018 because the accused was absent. The accused is on bail of N$4000. Stanley Awiseb (27) appeared on a charge of malicious to property. The matter was postponed to 25 January 2018 for further investigation. The accused remains in custody. Jeremias Khaiseb (51) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to5 February 2018 for plea. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Salomon Santos (25) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to 19 December for plea. The accused is on bail of N$4 000. Lucas Nambala Hamunyela (37) appeared on a charge of driving with an excessive breath alcohol level. The matter was postponed to12 December 2018 for other reason. The accused remains in custody.

Three suspects nabbed within hour after burglary Piquet Jacobs

Three suspects were arrested on Tuesday evening in connection of a housebreaking. The suspects were in custody less than an hour after the incident, thanks to a prompt response by the police and community policing units operating in various neighbourhoods in Walvis Bay. It is alleged that Roderick Nantes (35), Richard Louw (38) and Gilchrist Beukes (37) gained entrance to the home in Pioneer Street, Meersig through a toilet window which was left open and stole a compactor machine and a generator, valued at N$12 600. After the matter was reported to the police by residents, the three suspects were arrested while travelling by taxi to Kuisebmond. One of the machines were found in their possession. The other machine was recovered in Kuisebmond which at the time was already sold off by the suspects.



Showroom vehicle stolen in Walvis Bay Piquet Jacobs

Vehicle theft took a new turn in Walvis Bay, with a Ford Ranger double cab pick-up stolen week at Novel Ford last week. The vehicle is valued at N$323 317. According to reports, one of the Novel Ford employees parked the vehicle outside on the morning of Wednesday, 29 November. During closing time that day, the foreman allegedly checked outside to make sure all the vehicles were pulled back into the workshop for the night's lock-up. There were no cars outside, and assumed all the vehicles were accounted for. It was only on Monday, 4 December, that the vehicle was reported missing and that it was actually unaccounted for since the previous Wednesday. No arrests have been made yet and the vehicle has not been recovered. The vehicle is a grey 2017 model Ford Ranger double cab, XL 2.2, TDCI, without number plates, engine no. QJ2LPHA89679, VIN AFAPXXMJ2PHA89679. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the stolen car or the possible suspect can contact : 0812464757 or Det. C/Insp. Viljoen, Head of Motor Vehicle Theft Investigation Subdivision, cell: 081 756 4428.

The dagga plants a Henties Bay resident grew in his garden. Report on page 7




More than 2000 containers handled in port this weekend

Five vessels are expected to load and discharge containers in the port of Walvis Bay today, over the weekend up to Monday. These vessels are: MSC Himanshi, Golden Karoo, Barrier, Kota Latif and Matar N. With the exception of Kota Latif for which there was no container numbers at the time of going to press, the other four cargo vessels will discharge a total of 1067 container and 939 containers will be loaded.

Fri 8 December 2017 Low Tide: 00:20 High Tide: 06:54 Low Tide: 13:01 High Tide: 19:16

Sun 10 December 2017 Low Tide: 02:30 High Tide: 09:07 Low Tide: 15:39 High Tide: 21:48

Sat 9 December 2017 Low Tide: 01:19 High Tide: 07:55 Low Tide: 14:15 High Tide: 20:25

Mon 11 December 2017 Low Tide: 03:52 High Tide: 10:26 Low Tide: 17:00 High Tide: 23:13

Port Log




Herman Kinghorn: More than just a lawyer Herman Charl Kinghorn was born on the 22 May 1951 in Worchester, South Africa, to Hermanus Charles Kinghorn, a minister of the N.G. church and Helena Louisa Kinghorn, nee Miller. On account of his father's profession, the family went through a series of moves through Graaff Reinet, Worchester and Malmesbury - where Herman matriculated in 1968 - until settling in Pinelands, Cape Town. Like most young South Africans at the time, Herman was conscripted by the SADF for basic training at Oudshoorn. When afterwards the army commissioned him for officer's training at Heidelberg, he and several others refused on political grounds, which sparked a drawn-out dispute. This early episode would characterize his unwavering obstinacy to stand up for what he regarded as right, which would mark the rest of his life. Ultimately the strife concluded in his being forcibly stationed at Walvis Bay, Namibia. Ironically he would come to regard this outcome fortuitous, as it sparked his enduring fascination for the Namibian countryside. With the view of pursuing a legal career he enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch and read for a BA in law, followed by a post graduate LLB degree. During his time at University he met Susann Budack - a Student of German and History - through the University choir. The acquaintance soon blossomed into romance. Susann would often reminisce that what sparked her initial fascination came from the strong aura of individualism he exuded. She would always remember Herman appearing to choir rehearsals in. After graduating from University, there followed a year as state prosecutor in Johannesburg before he clerked with Jan S de Villiers in Cape Town. After another stint as state prosecutor in

Windhoek he decided to take up private practice, partnering with Johan Swanepoel in Swakopmund, where he would permanently move and soon be known as one of the towns most individual residents. After staying in the lighthouse for several months, he built a house and moved in with Susann, whom he was soon to marry and have his two sons by: Andreas, who also read law, was born in 1989 and Matthias, a medical doctor, in 1990. He parted ways amicably with Swanepoel and founded Kinghorn and Associates, a company he held for many years before braving it alone as H.C. Kinghorn, legal practitioner. As a lawyer he was held in high regard for his work ethic and meticulousness. He would never let a stone lie unturned or try to go the easy route – qualities that he exhibited in all facets of his life. Herman took a keen interest in a broad array of areas. His early close friendship with his aunt Elise Miller, who was an author, instilled him with a love of literature that he would in turn ignite in his children. He was steeped in History and could often be heard arguing about certain meticulous details of events that he had committed to memory through his erudition. Nature was a central aspect to Herman's life. He derived much pleasure from visits to his farms in southern Namibia and would always feel most at home on walks through the quiet veldt or climbing up a mountain.

The latter part of his life was characterised by a series of health issues – he suffered a myocardial infarction and a Stroke in 2004 - from which he recovered, although the experience would replace his joy-de-vivre with a latent intellectual cynicism. His last illness, Leukaemia, came at a time when he had all but concluded on life. Herman died on the first of December 2017, his wife's birthday, in the company of his family.

Well-known Swakopmund lawyer Herman Kinghorn passed away recently. He is pictured here (2nd f.l.) with his wife Susann (l.) and their two sons Andreas and Matthias. The phot was taken in 2014 on their farm Spiegelberg

Man grew dagga at his Henties Bay home Piquet Jacobs

A 19-year-old man was arrested at Henties Bay on Wednesday afternoon after it was discovered he had ten cannabis plants and also cannabis seeds. He was growing the cannabis at his home. The suspect was arrested on a charge of dealing/cultivation of cannabis. The value of the plants is yet to be established.



Swakopmund and Walvis Bay mayors Gruesome start to festive re-elected season on Namibia’s roads

Both mayors were spared the political axe after not siding with faction Team Swapo that did not want President Hage Geingob to run for a second term in office as Head of State in the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.In Swakopmund, The death toll on Namibia's roads has marked the start of the festive season as the the seat of Deputy Mayor also remained unchanged in favour of Clr deadliest in the country's history. Twenty people were killed on the country's roads over Maria Elago, but in Walvis Bay Clr Hilka Erastus was voted out in the weekend, with five of the deaths in two separate accidents in the Erongo Region. favour of Clr Penelope Martin for the post as Deputy Mayor. Adding to this tragedy is the fact that a person also drowned in the sea at Vierkantklip on Political commentators have been quoted in the national press Saturday [see report in today's edition].”Drivers must consider other road users. Sadly, it stating that Erastus was linked to the disbanded Team Swapo and is mostly innocent people that are dying, whilst the drivers survive. We call on all vehicle drivers to not drink and drive and we will once again enforce a zero-tolerance approach to the political axe fell for her, the same fate that befell several high people driving whilst under the influence of alcohol", Deputy Commissioner Erastus ranking Swapo politicians and in some instances even Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, told namib times sympathisers. over the weekend in response to the deadly accidents.The festive season is a time when Anna KeeMaldrid Josti Mercy mercy mercy!!! people look forward to relaxation and quality time spent with family and friends. Don't bite the hand that feeds you amae.

Liza Braasch Why do people speed. We all arrive at our destinations some time... it pisses me off when assholes take chances and innocent people die.... Richard Klein "...vigilant at permanent road block points" what a joke I drove yesterday through the road block between Walvisbay and Swakopmun al the signs and lights were in place but not one officer was in sight, is that now what Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu calls vigilant? Mamie Candy Puuahee It's so sad really sad. Car accidents, stabbed to death, suicide there's just no much evil in the world. Thersius Amazing the double standards that is applied to the driver of this vehicle and Dippenaar... Why is al the commentators so quite now? Xandre Fisch Izolda beukes not belies get ur facts straight. The level of stupidity is astounding Lee-Ann ZeldineFeris Mense maak my naar in ale koerante is haar Van verkerd geskryf.. Xandre Fisch Ja jire hule is flippen reporters ma kry di feite so k........

Pam Miller ejected means they were not wearing seatbelts ! Casey Gigaba shame. seker nog geslaap ook, RoXane Beukes wat my hart so seer mak is om te dink wat hul deur gemak het dai uur en oomblik hoe seer hul net nie gekry het nie. Zolda Monzil ai hene tog mag jul in vrede rus my mense Herald Augustus Drivers having "need for speed" can do so on race tracks under controlled conditions. Retha van Rensburg Driver of BMW should get the same trial as Dippenaar!!!! Hannes Swanepoel Dippenaars case is dragging for 2 years already...postponed for another year... theres no justice for the victims families .... Toya Louw You don't want to drive anymore it's too dangerous. Melanie Thomas Beukes How tragic, may their souls RIP. Tommy Dyers Ek het las vrydag dai pad gery dai pad is ni vir spoed ni. Lyle T Dempers DUI. Oliver Röder Kira Bezuidenhout it was twenty at the end.

Rock lobster diver drowns at Vierkantklip

Tuli Shihepo Not spared but delayed the political axe is being sharpened.

Usakos first ever expo to kick off soon The first ever Usakos Development Expo will be hosted from 6 to 9 December. The Expo, which is themed 'Embracing Diversity towards Development', is the first of its kind for the town and will strive to become an annual event.The Usakos Development Expo is an initiative by the youth of Usakos and it is supported by the Usakos Town Council. The Expo will be held at the Hakhaseb Central Grounds at Usakos. says Manfred Naobeb the Chairperson of Usakos Development Expo. He explained the Expo will serve as a platform to unite the community of Usakos and provide them with an opportunity to get together and showcase their products and services for sale. Ina Mostert Baie bly vir julle gemeenskap. trots vir my land se mense.

Man found dead in pool of blood shortly after leaving bar with a lady A man's body was discovered in a pool of blood in Swakopmund's DRC on Thursday night, shortly after he had been seen leaving a drinking place with a lady. Sitentu Frans Imarwa (24) died of injuries he sustained in a stab-attack with an unknown object. Earlier that evening, Imarwa was allegedly seen at Oshitambi Bar by his friends buying a cool drink for a lady they know as "Sengu”.Thereafter he allegedly left the bar with the said lady. Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Nampol spokesperson for Erongo region said: "It is further alleged the deceased was later seen being attacked and stabbed with an unknown object by two unknown male persons”.According to Iikuyu, Imarwa's body was later found lying in a pool of blood in the street near Oshitambi Bar. Imarwa had a deep cut wound on the right chest.

A 36-year old resident of Narraville in Walvis Bay drowned on Saturday morning during a rock lobster diving excursion at Vierkantklip south of Swakopmund. The incident occurred at about 08:00, according to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo. The drowning also serves as a stark reminder over the danger of drowning, specifically with the festive season approaching during which thousands of people will take it to the sea for recreation or harvesting of marine life or fishing. According to Iikuyu, Mario Isaaks and seven friends from Narraville went diving for rock lobsters that morning. Circumstances surrounding the drowning are not yet known. Sources revealed to namib times the friends noticed the deceased's body floating in the water. Even though paramedics from E-Med rescue 24 were on scene promptly, it was too late to save the victim. The deceased's body was taken to Walvis Bay Police Mortuary for a post-mortem examination to Sipho Akutimbile DRC has no protection at all.... people are getting robbed each and everyday but nothing done.... In fact whr was determine the exact cause of death. His next of kin have been informed. the lady Sengu when the guy stabbed? Anuscha Sterkte aan die Isaaks familie. Mamie Candy Puuahee So many deaths lately, there's no place that Steffie Strauss R.I.P Mario. is safe at all. Rip mario so sad Celeste Valencia Goliath RIP Mario. JayDee Sengu must know the truth: as the scene of crime is not far .Janine Isaaks Rus in vrede my bru miss jo Jeanette Elijah Booysen RIP Mario. from the bar he was last seen with her. al kla? Anita Happiness Uiras Rip.




Problems with car guards: Coordinators given the boot Erwin Leuschner

As a result of numerous complaints over issues surrounding car guards in Swakopmund, the town council has taken a new approach to mitigate problems before the holiday season commences. Car guards will be issued special permits to operate and car guard coordinators were given the boot. The performance and operations of car guards was one of the topics discussed at the recent town council meeting. The situation has deteriorated. In the minutes of its recent council meeting council states: “It has come to the point where there is often not even the presence of a car guard, but someone just sitting by the roadside asking for money when he sees someone getting into his/her car.” Car guards in Swakopmund were operating under three different car guard coordinators for more than 15 years: These are Car Guard, Car Watch and Namibian Car Watch. These coordinators were responsible to ensure that car guards appear decent, courteous and respectful towards the public at all times. As the complaints surrounding car

guards started mounting recently, an investigation by the municipality was conducted. “Car guard company owners never complied with the conditions expres-

sed in the resolution taken by Council (…) It is advisable to terminate the duties and responsibilities of the existing car guard companies w ith immediate effect”,

it states in the minutes. Council thereafter decided to terminate the contracts and to take the matter into own hands. Car guards will now receive permits as individuals in their own rights and not through car guard companies after registering at the

municipality. The policy and guidelines will be amended to cater for this. Furthermore, council has decided that car guards will receive new, custom bibs and caps which will have the municipal logo embroidered on the front side.

These were sponsored by Swakopmund resident Pieter van Ginkel. This will prevent random people from acquiring a bib and then pretending to be a car guard for ulterior motives. Council has also identified a total of 21 streets in Swakopmund where car

guards are expected to operate. Besides receiving a special permit after registering, these car guards will also receive an induction meeting, where they will be informed about their specific duties and responsibilities.



MACS donates to charity

MACS Shipping Lines' recent Christmas charity drive, “For the children”, collected more than N$25,000 worth of dry food stuff, fresh produce and clothing. Special donation boxes, donated by Guans Packaging and Mpact, were placed at various Manica Group Namibia divisions and Namsov to allow staff members to contribute in some small way to the charity drive.

Rozelle Stumpfe (MACS) said they were overwhelmed with the generous support shown by staff members. The Pandula Trust also donated N$10,000 worth of dry food as well as fruit and vegetables. The two 'bakkie'-loads of food and clothing were donated to the Kids Haven centre for neglected and orphaned children and to the Helping Hands charity group's soup kitchen and elderly support programmes in Walvis Bay. “We are overjoyed and grateful for the support from our colleagues. I'd like to say thank you to Pandula Trust, the Manica group staff and Namsov for donating the food and clothing. Even Fruit & Veg gave us a further 10% discount on the fresh produce. There is no other feeling more rewarding than that of helping someone in need. Your donations have truly touched many hearts!” Rozelle said. Well done MACS!



JJS Private School Open Day JJS Private school opened on 1 September 2014. I started the school because my son, Justin has cerebral palsy. A disability that was caused due to been born 2 months premature. He is in a wheelchair but has recently began sitting, rolling and makes use of a special custom made walker. He is the reason I started the school in Walvis Bay. we are originally from south africa and up an arrival noticed there was a need for a special school that provides an education. We started off with only 14 special needs children with each one having their own special disability. I'm 2015 we grew to 40 children and by 2016 we grew to an astonishing 60 children. We currently have 95 children attending our school for 2017. We do not only assist disabled children but we also assist children with learning Difficulties. Many visitors assume all children are in wheelchairs but it's not like that at all. We only have 2 children in wheelchairs. We have all types of children, children who struggle with reading and writing, children who struggle to concentrate. Some have ADHD, autism and cerebral palsy. We have 1 allocated junior special needs class for children aged 6-12 years. We have a senior special needs class for children aged 1320. The senior special needs children are taught physical tasks such as cooking, baking,

woodwork and gardening. Our aim is to be able to teach them a skill so that they may be able to be entrepre-neurs or get a job when they are finis-hed with school. We also have a deaf class that consists of 4 students. The teacher is also deaf. We teach the whole school sign language so the deaf children don't feel excluded. The students enjoy learning it and communicating with the deaf students. We also offer sign language courses to parents and outsiders. We offer grade 1 12. We use a South African syllabus Called Impaq but we hope to convert to a government system by 2019. We also offer pre primary. Additional services include homework assistance to children

who also trend other schools that require one on one attention. We also have mainstream children in our school who don't cope well in big classes. Our classes are kept small. Grade 1-9 classes consist of only 8-10 children. We only have space for 25 Grade 10-12 students. Thus providing one on one attention for the students. The community has been a great help in assisting us with donations. We provide a cooked lunch everyday for everyone at school. We have received numerous donations for our school, the list is endless. We are so grateful for every single individ u a l , c o m p a n y, friends and family who have assisted us over the latest 3 years.

We are currently busy with a school "makeover" and wanted to invite the public who would potentially be interested in registering their child with us. We offer a unique service in Namibia for all types of children. Parents are welcome to pop in on Monday, 4 December from 8am to 1pm. This is our last day for 2018 registrat i o n s . We h a v e limited space due to the fact that we keep our classes small. Any children with any need, whether it be a physical disability, learning difficulty or just needing one on one attention. They will fit in perfectly with us. Our staff are passionate and dedicated to providing the children with an education.



Thank you

Herewith we would like to thank Dieter Steinmetz, Hydroweld, Walvis Bay Municipality, Deutsche Elternschaft, The Dolphin Schools, Ansie Prosser, Monika Lötter, Willie Prosser, Felicia Pritzlaff, SPCA, Namib Times, Grobbies Estates, SG Screen Print CC, Nova Marine, Irene Stassen, the stall holders and all the supporters that contributed towards the success of the “Weihnachtsmarkt” in aid of the Cancer Association.

We wish you all a Merry Healthy Christmas and see you all next year the 30st November and 1st December 2018.

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings hosts the Dunes Cleaning Campaign Its official, Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (WBSH) and the wider community will be cleaning the dune area, south of Walvis Bay. In the harbour town of Walvis Bay, the most anticipated Dunes Cleaning Campaign aims to unite the local community to work towards sustainable development. “Initiatives such as these are in line with environmental sustainability and are of utmost importance as it orients us in the direction of taking up our environmental responsibilities. Our company prides itself with its core values, especially Safety and Respect. Let us use the available natural resources in such a way that the future generation will be able to meet their needs with the same resources available today,” said Andre Snyman, WBSH's Managing Director. We encourage entire the community, companies and stakeholders to play a role in this historical event, the WBSH Dunes Cleaning Campaign. We sincerely extend our invitation to all citizens from the entire coastal area to be involved in this cleaning up exercise. The WBSH Dunes Cleaning Campaign will take place on Saturday, 9 December. Participants are urged to gather in front of the WBSH gate at 07:30 for induction and programme of the day. The participants are also advised to bring along hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Refreshments will be provided. Please confirm attendance on the below details. Transport can be arranged on request from Walvis Bay town to the WBSH mine site and back. The WBSH Dunes Cleaning Campaign is proudly brought to you by Walvis Bay Salt Holdings and Plastic Packaging, with generous support from the following stakeholders: Rent-a-Drum, Vivo Energy, West Coast Safety Initiative and NACOMA.

CALL FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FOR THE PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT OF A TOWNSHIP CONSISTING OF 395 ERVEN ON THE REMAINDER OF ERF 852, HENTIES BAY EXTENSION 3 Green Earth Environmental Consultants have been appointed to attend to and complete an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the proposed establishment of a township consisting of 395 erven on the Remainder of Erf 852, Henties Bay Extension 3 in order to obtain an Environmental Clearance Certificate as per the requirements of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (GN 30 in GG 4878 of 6 February 2012). Name of proponent: GFS Investment CC Project location: The proposed development is located on the Remainder of Erf 852, Henties Bay Extension 3. A locality plan of the project site is displayed on the notice Board of Henties Bay Town Council or can be obtained from the offices of Green Earth at Bridgeview Offices, No. 4 Dr. Kwame Nkruma Avenue, Klein Windhoek. Description of proposed activities: It is the intention of the proponent to establish a Township consisting of 395 erven on the Remainder of Erf 852, Henties Bay Extension 3. 363 erven will be for' single residential' use, 14 erven for 'general residential' use, 4 erven for business use, 1 erf for' institutional' use (school), a street portion and 12 erven will be reserved as public open spaces. The erven will be provided with bulk services including internal roads, a water reticulation system, a sewer system electricity and infrastructure for stormwater management. Interested and affected parties are hereby invited to register in terms of the assessment process to give input, comments and opinions regarding the proposed project. A public meeting will be held only if there is sufficient public interest. Only I&APs that registered will be notified of the possible public meeting to be held. The last date for comments and/or registration is 8 January 2018. Contact details for registration and further information: Green Earth Environmental Consultants Contact Persons: Charlie Du Toit /Carien van der Walt Tel: 081 127 3145 , Fax: 061-248608 Email: or


WALVIS BAY * Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Book Exchange at the Mission to Seafarers. All Welcome. * Every Tuesday: Blood clinic (NAMBTS) at Welwitschia Hospital next to indoor pool. * 17 Dec: Christmas Carols Service at the Mission to Seafarers at 18h00. Everybody is welcome to join us. ***************

SWAKOPMUND * Bridge: The Swakopmund Bridge club meets every Monday evening at 19:00 at Lions Old Age Home. Contact: Ed Barbour 064-405 604. “The Swakopmund Rotary Club: Meets every Tuesday evening from 17:45 in the conference room of the Hotel Deutsches Haus. Contact 081 645 0888. * Swakopmund Toastmasters: Meet every first and third Monday of the month at the Europa Hof Hotel, Bismarck Str 39, Swakopmund, Namibia from 19:00 - 20:30. * 8 Dec: Arts Association: “Duo Saxtastisch” with Ulrich Petermann: Alt Saxophon/Christiane Ast: Grand Piano at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm), Namib Primary School Kulturaula. Tickets at Die Muschel. ***************

ART EXHIBITIONS * Every Saturday: Open Air Arts Exhibition at the Mole next to tennis courts in Swakopmund. Oil paintings - weather permitting. * Permanent Collection: Woermann Haus Gallery in Bismarck Street. Fine collection of the Swakopmund Arts Association’s “South West Masters’’ and contemporary Namibian art works. Open Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00.





An der Atlantikküste, in der Namibwüste

Worte der Woche Ja, glauben Sie, die Geschenke zahlen sich alle von selbst?

Wir schenken uns nichts! Oder? Letztes Weihnachten war ehrlich ziemlich schlimm. Um unsern Baum lauter Zeug- total entbehrlich, und es füllte fast den Raum Zwölf Paar Socken beispielsweise, von quietschgrün bis schreiend rot. After Shave gleich literweise aus dem Sonderangebot. Schächtelchen zur Schönheitspflege, dutzende, vielleicht noch mehr. Wenn ich mir´s so überlege, halfen sie nicht allzu sehr Massenweise noch Kosmetik: Duschgel, Lotion, Deo Spray. Oder habe ich es nötig, dass ich stündlich duschen geh’? Zentnerweise Süßigkeiten, Schinken, passend zur Diät. Will man sich da durcharbeiten, dann ist alles viel zu spät. Und dazu ´ne zweite Waage für den Kalorienkrieg. Es veränderte die Lage, wenn ich gleich auf beide stieg. Für die Kids Computerspiele, wo der Held wild um sich schießt. Sehr gespalten die Gefühle, ob das wohl das Wahre ist? Bücher, die man nie gelesen, weil man doch die Zeit nicht hat. Weggelegt und bald vergessen, man ist schon vom Fernseh’n satt. Sekt, Likör, diverse Weine, stilvoll und dezent verhüllt. Die Verpackung schon alleine hat die Tonne voll gefüllt. Um die Hausfrau zu entlasten, noch so ein Elekro-Ding. Das steckt längst wieder im Kasten, denn der Nutzen war gering. Ganze Stapel an Kalendern... Hört das Fazit des Berichts: Leute, nein, das muss sich ändern: Diesmal schenken wir uns nichts! ...höchstens ein paar Kleinigkeiten, mehr symbolisch für das Fest. Jeden Aufwand strikt vermeiden, nichts, was irgendwie uns stresst. Vielleicht irgendwas zu trinken, guten Sekt, Likör und Wein., Einen ganz besond´ren Schinken so etwas muss einfach sein. Freilich auch noch Süßigkeiten und Kosmetik- ist doch klar... Ja, es lässt sich kaum vermeiden: Es wird wieder so wie´s war! Horst Winkler


Einen Mann trieb's am Abend in Zell/ auf ein Bier in die Kneipe noch schnell/Und er trank an der Bar/bis sein Kopf nicht mehr klar/und es draußen schon wieder wurd' hell. Christel Matzanke Es schimpfte ein Nazi aus Schwante/auf Menschen, die dieser nicht kannte./Auf solche von hüben/und sol che von drüben./Das heißt: auf mit IHM nicht Verwandte. Heinz Hermann Michels Ein Kassenpatient aus Steinstücken/ bekommt beim Dentisten zwei Brücken./die sitzen arg schlecht./ Der Arzt meint: „Zu Recht,/mehr geht nicht für zweihundert Mücken!“ Thomas Elbrecht Ein Trunkenbold simste in Ohne/ dem Schnapsbrenner: „Hilfe! Ich wohne/ im Drosselweg 4./Kein Tropfen mehr hier!/ Schnell liefern, von mir aus mit Drohne!“ Thomas Elbrecht

Statt locker vom Hocker eine Weihnachtsgeschichte Die Geschichte vom unglücklichen Engel Liebe Küstenleser! Es war einmal ein Engel, der hatte schon so vielen Menschen geholfen, aber selber war er manchmal sehr unglücklich. Er fühlte sich so klein und wertlos und dachte viel darüber nach, was ihn wertvoller machen könnte. Die Menschen sagten ihm “Kauf Dir etwas Schönes, dann fühlst Du Dich besser.” Und so kaufte sich der Engel zunächst ein neues strahlend weißes Engelsgewand. Erst fühlte sich der Engel damit ganz toll, und alle anderen Engel bewunderten ihn. Nach einiger Zeit fand er sein neues Gewand aber nicht mehr interessant genug und so kaufte er sich golden glitzernden Sternenstaub. Den streute er auf sein Gewand und seine Flügel. Alle anderen Engel waren geblendet von seiner Schönheit. Doch schon wenig später fand der Engel sich wieder langweilig. Er dachte darüber nach was ihn noch schöner machen könnte und so kaufte er sich von seinem ganzen restlichen Geld eine große weiße Wolke, die so weich war wie Samt. Ein Sonnenstrahl fiel auf die Wolke, so dass sie hell leuchtete. Der Engel war begeistert, legte sich auf die Wolke und ließ sich treiben. Es dauerte nicht lange, da hatte der Engel wie-

der dieses schreckliche Gefühl so wertlos zu sein, trotz allem was er besaß und der Bewunderung aller anderen Engel. Da musste er ganz furchtbar weinen, weil er nicht mehr wusste, was er noch tun konnte. Er dachte sich: “Ich stehe nie mehr auf! Es hilft alles

geln zurückzog und nicht mehr mit ihnen reden wollte. Am zweiten Tag schaute der Engel in die endlose blaue Weite des Himmels und fühlte sich leer und tot. Am dritten Tag fühlte er einen Sonnenstrahl auf seinem Gesicht. Da dachte er einen Mo-

nichts. Soll die Welt nur ohne mich auskommen. Das hat sie nun davon, dass sie mir nichts bieten kann, an dem ich länger Freude habe!” Am ersten Tag war der Engel so traurig und wütend, dass er sich von allen anderen En-

ment: “Wie warm sich der Sonnenstrahl anfühlt!“ Aber dann fragte er sich gleich: „Was soll ich mit einem Sonnenstrahl? Er wird mir auch nicht weiterhelfen!“ Am vierten Tag kam der Sonnenstrahl wieder. Der Engel dachte sich: “Eigentlich ist der Sonnenstrahl das Beste, was ich im Moment habe und wenn er mir auch nicht helfen kann, so kann ich mich doch ein wenig an ihm wärmen!“ Am fünften Tag dachte der Engel schon gleich am Morgen an den Sonnenstrahl und stellte sich vor, wie schön es wäre, wenn er wieder kommen würde. Dabei wurde ihm warm ums Herz und er spürte, wie sich alles anders anfühlte bei dem Gedanken an den Sonnenstrahl. Als der Sonnenstrahl dann wirklich kam, war der Engel so aufge-

regt, dass er gar nicht wusste, ob er sich erst seine Füße oder seine Hände oder seinen Kopf wärmen lassen sollte. Von da an war jeder Tag nur noch auf den Sonnenstrahl ausgerichtet. Der Engel dachte schon am Morgen daran, wie der Sonnenstrahl ihn bald wieder wärmen würde. Er ließ sich immer tiefer in die Vorstellung der Wärme fallen und merkte, wie sich seine Lustlosigkeit in Erwartung verwandelte und wie seine Traurigkeit und seine Angst an ihm vorüberzogen, ihn aber nicht mehr so tief erreichten wie früher. Er fing an, wieder auf seiner Wolke hin und her zu gehen und dachte, wie schön es doch war, sich an etwas so freuen zu können. Der Sonnenstrahl durchströmte mehr und mehr seinen ganzen Körper. Die Energie des Lichts verteilte sich in ihm und der Engel bekam wieder neue Kraft. Er schwang seine Flügel und flog zu den anderen Engeln, um ihnen von dem Sonnenstrahl zu erzählen. Auf dem Weg dorthin trafen ihn unzählige Sonnenstrahlen und er wunderte sich, dass er sie früher nie so wahrgenommen hatte. Der blaue Himmel war nicht mehr leer wie früher, sondern ein Meer des Lichts. Auf einmal fühlte sich der Engel wie im Himmel und nichts konnte ihm mehr die Hoffnung nehmen, wusste er doch nun um die Kraft der inneren Wärme, die es vermochte, alles wundersam zu verwandeln. Ihre Andrea Schober



An der Atlantikküste, in der Namibwüste Zauberwelt der Kristalle Heute geht's zur Spitzkoppe! Meine Frau Lilly und ich fahren auf der B2 von Swakopmund in Richtung Usakos, wir passieren gerade das Farmland auf der ariden Hochfläche, linkerhand liegen die Spitzkoppen und schräg vor uns ist im Morgenlicht das Erongogebirge mit dem Hohenstein als höchstem Gipfel gut zu erkennen. Plötzlich werden wir aus unseren Träumereien aufgeschreckt, als vor uns ein Hinweisschild auftaucht: es steht an der Abzweigung zu den Spitzkoppen und nach Henties Bay, darauf abgebildet ist ein Brillant und die Schrift: ?iba – ?as / Crystals Market. Neugierig geworden fahren wir heran und betreten die Anlage. In den drei sonnendurchfluteten Innenhöfen mit insgesamt knapp dreißig Verkaufsständen werden Mineralstufen aus ganz Namibia verkauft, besonders aus dem Erongo, der Karibib Region und dem Bereich Brandberg. Die schönen, glänzenden Kristalle von cm-Größe bis 30 - 40 cm sind mit viel Sorgfalt und Liebe auf den Tischen zum Verkauf ausgelegt. Herrliche Amethyst -Drusen vom Tafelkop in den Goboseb-

Anja Benseler stellt aus Swakopmund (sk) Inspiriert von der Schönheit von Afrikas Landschaft und Natur versucht Anja Benseler in ihren Kunstwerken die Essenz durch die Kombination minimalistischer Kompositionen mit detailgetreuem Realismus einzufangen. Durch die

Mineralstufe mit Amethyst- und Rauchquarz-Kristallen Zu der Gruppe der Quarze gehören ferner Bergkristall, Citrin und Rosenquarz, die alle zu Schmuck verarbeitet und in Namibia gefunden werden. Fotos: Martin Weigand Bergen, die mit viel der Name ?iba - ?as? fen, (ver-)handeln ihre Schweiß und Aus- hin, der in der Damara- Frauen mit Amateuren dauer aus dem harten /Nama-Sprache bedeu- oder Profis um die besund scharfkantigen tet looking for life. ten Preise. Das Gemagmatischen Gestein Damals haben wir un- schäft ist hart und herausgeschlagen wur- sere Steine auf ein paar schwierig. Hauptsaiden, Kristallstufen mit einfachen Tischen am son ist die HauptreiseRauchquarz, die welt- Straßenrand angebo- zeit, wenn die Touberühmten Schörl- ten. Diese feste Ein- risten vornehmlich aus Kristalle (eine schwar- richtung, wie sie heute Übersee kommen. Und ze Turmalin-Art) aus existiert, haben wir nicht an jedem Tag den Hohlräumen im erst seit knapp 10 Jah- wird gleiche Qualität Granit des Erongo so- ren.” Sylvia betreibt angeboten: die Bergwie die bei Sammlern nebenbei einen kleinen leute liefern an, was und Juwelieren sehr Shop mit Getränken gerade gefunden wird, begehrten farbigen und Snacks, und im und das kann manchTurmaline von Kari- Büro erhält man eine mal auch sehr wenig bib, z.B. der Wasser- tax invoice für die sein, da die Ausbeute melonenturmalin, der, Ausreise. Mineralien- von den Bedingungen wie der Name schon freunde aus aller Welt an der jeweiligen andeutet, einen grünen b e s u c h e n d i e s e n Fundstelle abhängt. Rand mit roter Füllung Markt, um hier vor Ort Und deshalb verkaufen hat. „Wir haben unsere die begehrten Mineral- auch einige der Frauen small miners coopera- stufen zu kaufen. Wäh- selbst hergestellten tive vor mehr als 20 rend die Männer in den Schmuck in Form von Jahren gegründet, um Bergen nach Aquama- Straußeneierschalendamit unseren Lebens- rin- Kristallen oder in ketten oder Steinanunterhalt erwirtschaf- der Ebene um die hängern. ten zu können“, erzählt Spitzkoppe bei Tem- Wir kaufen ein paar uns Sylvia, die bereits peraturen nicht selten schöne Blautopas- Kriseit 18 Jahren mit dabei bei 40°C die weißen stalle und einen Bergist. „Darauf weist auch Topas Kristalle schür- kristall mit einer Luftblase im 65 Millionen Jahre alten Kristallwasser in seinem Inneren und fahren stolz über unsere Ausbeute weiter. Martin Weigand

Verschmelzung markanter Elemente der Natur mit sorgfältigen Kompositionen, die von der traditionellen japanischen Ästhetik inspiriert sind, soll ihre Arbeit eine Meditation des natürlichen Raums widerspiegeln. Anja Benseler hatte keine formale Kunst-

Anja Benseler ist eine namibische Künstlerin, deren künstlerische Laufbahn 2008 begann, als sie ihre ersten Bilder-Leinwände erwarb und in Akrylfarben zu malen begann. Foto: Privat!

ausbildung, ihre ersten Malereien waren für sie eine steile Lernkurve, und das Malen blieb neben ihrer Tagesarbeit immer ein Hobby. Im Jahre 2010 jedoch verkaufte sie ihre ersten Kunstwerke, und seit 2015 ist sie vollzeitig Künstlerin. Inzwischen war sie auf Öl als Medium für ihre Gemälde umgestiegen, und ihre erste Solo-Ausstellung, die einen großnr Erfolg verbuchte, erfolge Ende 2015 in Swakopmund. Im Mai 2017 berichtete die Air-NamibiaFlugzeitschrift über ihr Werk und Wirken. Der Schwerpunkt ihrer nächsten Solo-Ausstellung zum Thema “Contemplations: Land and Sea” liegt in der Vielfalt der namibischen Landschaft, sowohl zu Wasser als auch zu Land. Die Ausstellung wird am 16. Dezember in “Die Muschel” eröffnet und läuft bis zum 5. Januar 2018.

Sag Licht, wo kommst du her? Ich komme nicht wo her, ich bin, ich kann nur scheinen, nicht mehr. Das ist der Sinn, weshalb ich bin. Monika Minden Möchten Sie ein Licht sein? Melden Sie sich bei Susann Kinghorn; Tel. 405183 oder 0812538850; E-Mail:

Get your life back Fachsimpeln unter Frauen: Sylvia erklärt, unter welch schwierigen Bedingungen diese Bergkristall- Mineralstufe vom Tafelkop aus dem schwarzen Gestein geschlagen wurde.


Werbung und wagen

Narcotics Anonymous meets every Monday & Thursday at 18:30 at the Roman Catholic Church, Swakopmund.

HOTLINE: 081 243 2649



8 DECEMBER 2017 LIQUOR ACT, 1998 NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO A COMMITTEE IN TERMS OF THE LIQUOR ACT, 1998 (Regulations 14, 26 & 33) Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licencing Committee, Region. 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Stephanus Christiaan van der Westhuizen, P O Box 691, Henties Bay, Namibia. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Illofa Clan Campsite Close Corporation. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Portion A of Henties Bay Townlands, Omaruru River. 4. Nature and details of application: To operate the property as a luxury development in-

cluding a campsite and caravan park, with the option to sell liquor both by bottle and consumption. (Park Off-Sales Liquor License, including Special Liquor License) 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Clerk of the Magistrate Court, District Swakopmund. 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 8 December 2017. 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 13 December 2017. Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Commit-tee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.



NOTICE CONSENT USE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent use, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering Services. Erf 2766, (Hidipo Hamutenya Avenue) Swakopmund: Special permission to operate a Noxious industry (Stumble block and brick manufacturing). (Contact Person: Mr J T Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403. Any person having any objections to the proposed step may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Acting Chief Executive Officer until 29 December 2017.


WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Home Based Business (Beauty Salon) ON ERF: 4916 TOWNSHIP: Walvis Bay STREET: Penquin Street, Kuisebmond. In terms of the above-mentioned Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Walvis Bay Municipality for permission to erect/establish a Beauty Salon on the site. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 106D, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control, (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay and the undersigned, in writing, not later than 22 December 2017. NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S): Malenga Hofni Nomboli, P O Box 2527, Walvis Bay

REZONING NOTICE Stewart Planning has been appointed for the rezoning of Erf 4122 Walvis Bay from “Single Residential” (1:500m2) to “Single Residential” (1:300m2) in terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme. This application is for permission to allow for a higher density residential development on the site. Plans and particulars of the application may be inspected at Town Planning, First Floor, Room 101, Civic Centre, Nangolo Mbumba Drive, Walvis Bay. Further take note that any person that have objections to the proposed rezoning may lodge such objection together with grounds thereof, with the Municipality of Walvis Bay: Town Planning Division and the applicant in writing not later than FRIDAY 22 DECEMBER 2017. MUNICIPALITY: Manager: Town Planning Section Town Planning Division Private Bag 5017 Walvis Bay 064 201 3339

APPLICANT: Stewart Planning P. O. Box 2095 Walvis Bay 064 280 770

Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent use, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering Services. Erf 1702, No.2 Matadi Matheis Street, Kramersdorf, Swakopmund: Special permission to operate a “Residential Guesthouse”. (Five Guest Units only). (Contact Person: Mr J T Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403. Any person having any objection to the proposed steps may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Acting Chief Executive Officer until Wednesday, 3 January 2018.




Indongo Toyota Sponsors Big at Dash

Dewald Els and Miranda Bosmann of Indongo Toyota with the prize car Piquet Jacobs Indongo Toyota has been one of the major sponsors for the Nedbank Desert Dash. This year they will be giving away a brand new Toyota Aygo during a lucky draw at the Nedbank Desert Dash taking place on 8 and 9 December. The Desert Dash is Namibia's most intense mountain biking events, a 369km stretch of mainly gravel road between Windhoek and Swakopmund, and must be completed within 24 hours. Over 900 riders will start in Windhoek on Friday at 15H00 and finish in Swakopmund at Tiger Reef on Saturday. The lucky draw will take place at Tiger Reef on Saturday afternoon at 16:00, and will only be eligible for participants who finish the cycling challenge.




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TRAINING Prinelly Trainning Academy January 2018 Intake Registration is NOW for • Computoer Course • Receptionist • Office Administration • Food Pre-paration • Waitering • House-Keeping •Languages: ~ English ~ Afrikaans ~ Oshiwambo ~ Spanish ~ Portuguese ~ French ~ Italian For more information please call 081 778 6480 or email prinellyacademy13@

DAY CARE Richard Allen A.M.E.C. Day Care Centre Are you struggling to find the right place as well as right people to look after your child for 2018 in Swakopmund? Look no further, we are ready for ages 3 months - 5 years. Halfday and Fullday. Contact: S. Gurubes @ 081 333 5216 or M. Kooitjie @ 081 803 8295

COURSES GERMAN COURSE FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register no to qualify for a discount. Experienced mothertongue teacher. Courses for Kids are also available. Contact 081 607 2685




BAARD GROUP Baard Transport / Block & Brick

TEL: 064-274 800 FAX: 064-274 810 · Blocks / Bricks · Rock Face / Pavers · Interlocks / Linthols · Sand / Stone · Hiring of earth moving Equipment “The Service Makes The Difference”

WE ARE ALSO OPEN BETWEEN 13:00 - 14:00 PLEASE NOTE: We will be closing for our annual holiday 8 December 2017 till 8 January 2018 SERVICES: BUTCHER LINER 7 SEATER. Shuttle and Transfer We offer daily Transport Services from Walvis Bay to Outjo, Usakos, Karibib, Omaruru, Otjiwarongo. Depart from W/Bay 07H00 Depart from SWK 08H00 Depart from Outjo 13H00 Depart from Otjiw 14H00 SMS / CALL FOR BOOKINGS 081 226 5788 CAR KEYS: We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES. SMS / CALL WHATSAPP: 0813746444

DR KING WAHABU Pay after success Bring back your lost lover the same day Get married quickly to a man or woman of your choice Stop your partner from cheating, make him or her love you only. Pregnancy problems enlargement from 5cm - 30 cm Boost your breast - hips, win gambling - casino Remove badluck with Chikumba - get job quickly and many more Dr King Wahabu: 081 369 2210 DR BAMUSI Pay after success Bring back lost lover the same day Quick marriage Pregnancy problems Stop your partner from cheating Make your lover to love you only. Enlargements - s, m, to xl Get job and promotion Hips and breast enlargement Win gambling and casino Financial problems and many more Call: 081 326 7801 DR MASANGO Pay after success Love problems within 24 hours, penis enlargements all sizes - same day Gambling - boosting your business To win tenders, powerful ring, stop cheating and get married Get a job of your choice Pregnancy problems Bring back lost lovers Unfinished work Come for help my medicine is 100% guaranteed Call 081 381 8900 Dial-a-Driver [Swakopmund] Avoid a Traffic Fine and dail a Driver for the Festive Season Local N$60.00 p/person Walvis N$120.00 p/person Long Beach N$100.00 p/person Please contact Martin Sabatha Cell 081 675 9467 ERONGO ALARMS AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS WE DO Cctv cameras Alarm installations Access control systems Intercom systems Gate and garage motors Dstv Electric fences Security consulting CONTACT US 081 233 9825 erongoalarms@gmail. com

SERVICES TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti Love Problems Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself Work problems Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP Remove tokoloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power se-xuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149

If your car needs SERVICING or REPAIRS and you are concerned about high costs? Put us to the test. Our Customers delight is up to 50% Reduction in cost, yet quality remains at centre focus. With 50 years Experience, we know what it takes. Call Remy @ 081 845 3933 to discuss your needs at Remy’s Auto Clinic in Swakopmund we are driven by value for money SMALL but FOCUS All makes welcome

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

SERVICES Roof repairs & Home renovations By the Austrian Master builder, Plumbing and Electrical work, Geyser replacements. No job to small, modern bathrooms, swimming Pools, metal work, Wood work, ect. Call Gunther anytime, 081 63 86 300 ROOF REPAIRS - BIG RAIN is on the Way. Four layer painting work, with 8 year roof Repair and Wall painting guarantees. Call Gunther anytime, 081 63 86 300 "WE OFFER TRANSPORT SERVICE” #ONS DOEN TREKWERK # TRANSPORT !!! #LORRIE TE HUUR!!! #VERVOER #RENT-A-TRUCK ONS DOEN ENIGE TIPE VRAGTE LUANZA : 081 868 1995 Gy6 GLOBAL Close / Executive / VIP Protection Hourly, daily or long term close protection available by well qualified and experienced close protection operatives. Surveillance, Surveillance Detection And Counter Surveillance services available. Contact: +264 812700429 KANISEB INVESTMENT cc Besigheids registrasies / Business Registrations / tendering certificates Founding statement Tax/vat/good standing Social security/good standing Sme certificate Equity commission Call: set 081 705 6382 /6

DR JUMAH THE WITCH DOCTOR For all problems of life, diseases, protection, theft, cases, marriage, love, business and many more. Visit me at Beranie Court in Walvis Bay or call Dr Jumah the witch doctor 081 640 9818 / 081 880 5300 Traditional medicine can be abused but cannot be stopped this is African way of life. True doctors do not hide their names and identities. Dr Jumah is a witch doctor and healer.

WEST COAST AUTO & LIGHTNING West Coast Namibia’s most reliable source for professional Audio & lightning We cater for the following: Karaoke’s Weddings DJ services Conferences Public address systems Festivals Stages Lightning effects Based at the West Coast of Namibia. Contact us Email: .na Dup: 081 470 3359



DR YUSUFU Traditional Herbalist Specialised Triment. Bring back your lost lover the same day. Get married quickly to a man or a woman of your choice. Stop your partner from cheating and make him or her to love you only. Get attracted to a rich man or woman. We have solutions to all pregnancy relations problems either spiritual or other wise. Promotion at work and job security. Manhood enlargement 5 to 30 cm. Hips, breast and buttocks enlargement. Protection from witchcraft business success. Business boom need connection, or contract. Need a job. Financial problems. Magic ring for money. Chitaka wallet. Clear debts etc. and many more. Call Dr Yusuf Banda: 081 777 6648

DOCTOR KACHELE The only herbalist healer with 100 % strong African herbs (muti) which can solve evry human life problems fast - bring back lost lovers to be with you forever. Get married quickly, pregnancy problems, penis enlargement (all sizes), hips and breast enlargement, get money in your house, lucky charm for gambling & casino, lucky stick for money. Boost your business, get a man / woman of your choice, promotion at work, any job problems, unfinished work welcome and many more! Call Kachele: 081 785 8382

DR RINGAZI Pay after success results Specialist in bring back lost love the same day, quick marriage, stop lover from cheating, pregnancy problems same day, get men or women of your choice, financial problems, magic wallet, lucky charm oil, get any job and promotion, winning gambling and competitions, court cases, delete loans and credit, get money in your account, hips and butt and breast enlargement, manhood enlargement 5cm to 30 cm, stop bad dreams and many more Contact Dr Ringazi 081 204 9299 Home Tech Swakopmund We do REPAIRS Call 081 756 5756 House Hold Appliance ; Stoves, Fridges, Microwaves, Box Tv’s & LCD. Reasonable Prices we will come and collect & deliver Free Quotes Please Phone 081 756 5756

TRADITIONAL HEALER POWER FROM KASUMBA ISLAND EAST AFRICA Mr Luwichi Mochidao I am here to help with all daily problems. Bring back lost lovers, no matter for how long you break up was, remove bad evils or tokoloshis in your house, protection of your body from enemies, or witch craft, boosting of your business, to have more customers, protection of your place, e.g business places farms and many more, court cases, promotion at work, family problems, selling your property quickly, clear your debt account using senduwana oil, bad dreams, pregnancy problems, alcohol and drug problems, luck to win in gambling, manhood enlargement, premature ejaculation, weak in bed to strong in bed, ladies in herbs hips buttock enlargement, pains in womb, women who don’t produce and many more. Call: 081 638 6071 SERVICE PROVIDER Bay Joinery & Renovation Services CC Specialize in construction, renovations, painting, plumbing, paving, tiling, carpentry & joinery. Call Derek 081 252 6095 or email Vervoer beskikbaar 4 Ton en 1.7 Ton Vrag Motors te huur vir trekke, bourommel basies enigiets. Ons laai self af. Swakopmund-Walvis maar ook enige plek regoor Namibia Kontak 081 285 4321



Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

SERVICES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL MUKUPI SECURITY SERVICES CC P.O. BOX 2905 Walvis Bay Namibia Billy Mukupi: 081 314 6129 email: mukupibillylo@gmail .com Harld Blum: 081 124 2955 Email: VAT registration no: 6712487-01-1 We offer lower prices for the holiday we protect the following. Buildings, vessels, companies, houses yard, bars, supermarkets, casinos and many more If you need a guard you can visit our office in Theo Ben Gurirab street in the heart of HB truck & diesel building or you can contact email: mukupibillylo@gmail .com Cell: 081 314 3129 Theft Down!!! GET FINANCIAL SOLUTION AT ABBA FINANCIAL SERVICES IN WALVIS BAY Requirements: 3 month bank statements 2 latest pay slips Original ID or valid passport Find us at: Erf 4950, 4th street, Central Walvis Bay Contact: 081 478 2884 064 207 580

S.W. Driving School is offering driving Lessons in Swakopmund at N$100 per hour and N$300.00 for NaTis passing out. Failling is not an option. Please call 081 233 6276 CASH NEEDED VERY LOW INTEREST ON 1 MONTH BASIS REQUIREMENTS: ID LATEST PAYSLIP CELL: 081 2219 118 government employees only Busy Bee Garden Services Please call 0812 474 789 for a free quote on all your gardening needs, including refuse removal and window cleaning

PROPERTIES TO RENT TO RENT: Narraville 1 slaapkamer woonstel Oop plan kombuis, kaste stoof. Beskikbaar onmidellik N$ 4 500.00 p/m Ingesluit deposito W/L ingsl. Kontak: 081 578 2854 HOLIDAY HOUSE FOR RENT 10 days @ N$1750.00 (Self Catering ) Available from the 22 Dec to 2 Jan 2018 Includes ·2 Bedrooms ·2 Bathrooms ·Kitchen & Living area ·Inside and outside Braai area ·Walking distance to the Sea ·Double garage ·DSTV ·Not wheelchair friendly ·Call Tasha 081 641 6636 Flat to Rent Swakopmund near Platz am Meer Long Term or December holidays only From 1 December Fully Furnished 2 Bedroom 1 bathroom separate toilet open plan living area and Kitchen, backyard with outside braai. Single garage Tel: 0812608400 Tel: 0812405364 N$ 8000.00 p/m LT Price to be negotiated for Holiday To rent in Walvis Bay near schools in town: ·Very big and spacious 3 bedroom house, private and pet friendly with high walls, 2 full bathrooms, Big garage can take 4 cars, Outdoor and Indoor BBQ water and electricity included, to rent for N$13 000 per month, available now N$10 000 Deposit required! For more info message 081 277 9268 FLAT TO RENT Kuisebmond 2 bedroom, open plan kitchen with BIC + stove / lounge. Main bedroom with bic N$ 4 950.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 268 8086 TO RENT: Kuisebmond, Namport 1 bedroom with own bathroom available immediately for rent, advance N$2,300.00 including water only, deposit N$2,300.00 required. To view call 081 434 2622 / 081 236 4686/ 081 337 1034


Fairways 3 Bed, 2 bath townhouse with openplan kitchen & lounge area with built-in BBQ and double garage It is situated in a central, modern & secure complex. N$ 7 200.00 per month excluding water & electricity. Talitha 081 337 3669 or Merle 081 158 3462 to view this property.

TO RENT Dolphin beach: Fully Furnished 3 bedroom house, Kitchen, sitting room, Entertainment area and Garage to rent for festive season. Available immediately. Daily rent N$2,500.00 p/m Contact: alfons.mosimane@gmail .com or +264812402488. EMMA NANGOLO KAMATOTO PROPERTIES To let Central Walvis Bay 2 bedrooms, open plan kitchen / lounge. Garage N$ 6 000.00 p/m neg. Kuisebmond 2 bedrooms, open plan kitchen / lounge N$ 4 500.00 neg. Various properties available for holiday accommodation Contact: 081 122 8067 TO RENT: 1 bedroom flat with kitchen, sitting room, own shower, toilet. Yellow tail street, Kuisebmond. N$ 3 300.00 p/m N$ 2 000.00 deposit W/E incl. Call: 081 232 6622 TO RENT: Room available to rent in Kuisebmond, Namport. Private toilet and shower. Call: 081 284 6786 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, Nangolo Mbumba Street 2 bedroom flat, kitchen shower + toilet. Build in cupboards. Free garage. N$ 5 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Deposit negotiable. Contact: 081 621 3440 081 279 0260

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



To rent in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay House 3 Bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and garage for 2 vehicles. Secure area, alarm system, municipal & electricity accounts not included Price: N$ 7,000.00 Flat: Bachelor flat, kitchenette with shower and toilet. Water & electricity included Price: N$ 2,500.00 Immediately available – life time rental opportunity!!! Contact details: 081 122 0814 / 081 124 8112

TO RENT: Secure double storey Town house at Tamar Village Walvis Bay to rent 2 x bedrooms, full bathroom, open plan kitchen/lounge, BIC, single garage, court yard, prepaid electricity. W&L excluded. Deposit required. N$ 6 000.00 p/m. Available from 01/12/2017. Cell 081 122 6455

House to Rent : Vogelstrand Swakopmund 3 bedroom 2 full bathrooms Double automatic garage, secure complex, available mid December 2017 Price N$9200/month Please Whatsupp ONLY +264 85 124 9826 Holiday Accomodation available now. Swakopmund Tamariskia 1)Flat to Rent N$3400.00 p/m water included. 2)House to Rent N$10,200 p/m water included above is up for permanent rent as well. For more information Please Call 081 159 8755 To Rent: Narraville Walvis bay. Bachelor Flat in Lark Street, Narraville Strictly 1 person. N$2000 p/m, W&E included N$1500.00 deposit required. Negotiable Contact 081 250 8702 081 143 4805 Rental; Mile 4 : Swakop 2 Bedroom House with spacious lounge and beautifull kitchen and an Execurive Bachelor flat, BIC, absolute coastal view at Mile 4 near Seaside Hotel, swakomund, available for immediate renting. N$9000 pm for the house and N$5000 for the Flat, water and electricity included. a Month deposit required. Contact Ben +264 812 461 254 or erastus +264 811 240 396 TE HUUR: Narraville, Walvisbaai 2 slaapkamer huis met diefwering sonder garage. Water en ligte ingesluit. N$ 4 500.00 p/m Vanaf 1 Jan 2018. Kontak: 081 340 5909 085 65 88014

TO Rent / Venita total renovated house like new, SWK N$ 10500 /month exl. Water and electricity, Old style Large rooms free standing, Three bedroom home, new bathroom. New Large open plan kitchen dinning room, Very large Lounge area all floors In stunning parkade wood, spacious courtyard with braai. Back and front, and very large double garage. New motorized access gates. House Available 15 November, Contact 081 638 6300 Arandis Street in Kramersdorf, N$ 12000/month exl. Water and electricity, A plush Old style home recently Renovated, like new. It is a three bedroom home with 1.5 bathrooms. Has a Large open plan kitchen with lockable Pantry and Large dinning room and living room. It has a very spacious courtyard and a large double garage. Full Alarm, old style burglar bars throughout. The whole property Is enclosed with walls in a Very safe area. Contact Gunther on 081 638 6300 or Send an email to Swakopstrandrentals@i TE HUUR: Ocean View 3 slaapkamer (dubbelverdieping), 2 bad kamers, oop plan kombuis, gaste toilet, sitkamer met binnebraai. Enkel groot garage. eie ingang Onmidellik beskikbaar. N$ 9 500.00 p/m W/E uitgesl. Plus deposito Vir meer inligting. Skakel: 081 786 0089 To let Swakopmund Warehouse / Workshop with alarm 135m² Tel 064 463 224


MONDESA N$ 8 800- 3 Bed, 2 bath, double garage, avail 1st Dec 17 INDUSTRIAL OFFICES: N$ 7 100 – 95m² office space on 1st floor, imm avail N$ 9 900 – 155m² office space on 2nd floor, imm avail N$ 22 000 – Large office space to rent, Excl VAT, WAREHOUSES N$ 4 950 – VAT incl 96m² Workshop with office space, imm avail Warehouses available priced from N$ 12 500 to N$ 15 600.00 COMMERCIAL N$ 9 200 – VAT incl Office space on 1st floor CBD, with Reception and 2x offices LONG BEACH N$ 4 950 – Bachelor flat with garage, W&E excl, imm avail N$ 7 300 – 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen/ lounge with balcony & BBQ, single garage, Furnished, imm avail ARANDIS N$ 2090 – Bachelor flat with bathroom, without garage, imm avail N$ 4070 – 2 bed, 1bath, house without garage, imm avail Please call Lucille on 081 169 6216 or 064 464 033 Narraville: Evergreen Street 1 2 Bedroom flat with BIC Bathroom Kitchen lounge/dining room Outside BBQ Monthly Rental @ N$ 4 750.00 p/m plus deposit From – 1st January 2018 Contact: Chris cell 081 142 6755 TO RENT: Lagoon area. Large house ± 350m² 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, open plan fitted kitchen, dining room, large lounge + bar entertainment room, 2x indoor braai, double high door garage, laundry + lobby room, pet friendly. Water included. Pre paid electricity. N$ 14 000.00 p/m Contact: 081 223 7899

TO LET - SWAKOPMUND CENTRAL N$ 8 500 – 3 bed flat, 1 bat, 2 garage, imm avail N$ 8 800 – 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Guest WC, Tandem – CBD, avail 5th of Jan 18 N$ 9 900 - 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 garage, imm avail N$ 10 000 – Furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 garage, Imm avail N$ 16 500 – 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Garages, ground floor, sea view flat WATERFRONT N$ 12 000 – 3 Bed, 2,5 Bath, Study nook, BBQ, 2 Garage – complex VINETA N$ 13 500 – 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Garage, alarm, imm available VOGELSTRAND N$ 8000 – 2 bed apartment, 2 bath, open, BBQ, furnished MILE 4 N$ 12 500 – 3 bed, 3 bath, double garage, avail 15th of Jan 17 N$ 12 500 – Spacious 3 bed, 2 bath town house with double garage, avail 1 Jan 18 N$ 16 500 – 3 bed, 2 ½ bath, kitchen, lounge dining, TV room, study and laundry, BBQ, Tandem garage, basic furniture, imm avail OCEAN VIEW Townhouses: N$ 9 400 – 3 Bed, 2 Bath, open-plan ,indoor BBQ, Court yard, 2 Garage N$ 11 000- 3 bed, 2 bath, , indoor BBQ double garage Houses: N$ 14 200 – 3 bed, 2 bath, 2x Indoor BBQ, Sunroom, 2 garage, Avail 1 Dec 17 HAGE HEIGHTS N$ 11 000 - 3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, avail 1 Jan '18 N$ 12 800 – 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 garages, BBQ, imm avail TAMARISKIA N$ 9 300 – 3 Bed, 2 bath, double garage, no boundary Walls, avail 1st Dec 17 Please call Lucille on 081 169 6216 or 064 464 033




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TO RENT: Meersig. N$ 5 500.00 p/m 2 bedroom flat, separate entrance, garage, courtyard. Bic, oven, regret no pets. Water incl. Pre paid electricity Available from 1 Jan. 2018 Contact: 081 260 4328

TO RENT: Kuisebmund/Kabeljou area Neat Backyard Bachelor flat to rent immediately N$ 2 950.00 p/m W&E included Deposit N$1500.00 Preferably single person Secure parking no garage Contact: 081 484 4800 / 081 149 4543

TO LET: Central Walvis Bay. Two bedroom Fully Furnished with BIC, nd Flat on 2 Floor, with a Garage, spacious living room, Kitchen with BIC and BIS, Bathroom with shower and bath. W/E excl. Very safe and secure. Rent is N$ 6500.00 + Deposit N$ 6500.00 Available Immediately Contact: Sonja at 064-207997 Email: accounts@ultratravel .net


FLAT TO RENT: Narraville Available 01-01-2018 Narravillem Central Area - near shops. Single person only. N$ 3 000.00 p/m No garage - parking inside W/E incl. Deposit N$ 3 000.00 No garage - Parking inside yard. Kitchen, bedroom / b.i. cupboards. Shower / toilet - fully tiled Burglar bars Separate entrance. To view: 081 244 1320 081 303 7861 GRANNY / BACHELOR FLAT TO RENT WALVIS BAY On suite full bathroom private entrance secure parking free wifi Including: water and electricity N$ 6 000.00 p/m Plus deposit Very spacious please call: 081 254 8142 TO RENT: Kuisbemond, Kabeljou area 2 bedroom house N$ 4 500.00 p/m Including water. Contact: 081 360 8060 081 242 9604

Wanted to Rent : House in Tamariksia Swakop as from 01 January 2018 I am urgently looking for a 3 Bedroom House to Rent in Tamariskia, must have an garage. No agents please. Please call me 081 281 1961

BUSINESS FOR SALE BUSINESS FOR SALE Restaurant in Walvis Bay As running concern fully equipped stock included. Ideal location, 72 seats incl. bar, good turn over low rent + overheads. Owner retiring. Contact: 081 146 9696 Swakopmund Restaurant Retail Business For Sale Contact Birgit 081 275 7824 Seaside Estates

BUSINESS FARMS FOR SALE Farms For Sale : Karibib : 9300ha, boreholes, camps, kraals, dwellings, garages, store rooms, workshops OR Usakos 4176ha Phone Birgit 081 275 7827 Seaside Estates

PROPERTIES FOR SALE House For Sale Swakop Ocean View 2 Houses on a 982m² First House: 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 Garages, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room, In and Outside BBQ plus Second House: 1 x Double Storey 3 Bedrooms, Open-Plan Kitchen, Lounge, in-side BBQ, Big Garage and much more... Please call 081 786 0089


MONDESA 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Kitchen, Lounge PLUS: 2 Bed Flat, 1 Bath, open plan Kitchen/Lounge N$ 950 000-00 MONDESA 3 Bed, 2 Bath, open plan Kitchen/ Living/TV Room & Garage N$ 1 270 000-00 SWAKOPMUND 2 Bed,2 Bath, TV Room, open plan Kitchen/Dining Room, 1 Garage, private court yards & Beautiful Gardens N$ 1 600 000-00 WATERFRONT TOWNHOUSE Double Storey: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Guest Toilet, Indoor BBQ, Open plan Kitchen/Lounge, Double Garage N$ 2 300 000-00 ROSSMUND GOLF ESTATE 2 Bed, 1 Bath & Shower, Guest Toilet, Open plan Kitchen/Dining Room/Lounge, Indoor /outdoor BBQ, Single Garage PLUS: Separate Garage. N$ 1 926 000-00 TAMARISKIA 505m² - Vacant ERF N$ 495 000-00 DOLPHIN BEACH 2 X 600m²- Vacant ERF N$ 856 000-00 each. Can be consolidated with building plans to build four units. ROSALIN 081 412 4246 PROPERTY FOR SALE Walvis Bay Ideal to convert into a b&b Well established property With a good income of N$ 25 000.00 3 bedroom house with 2 garages + large entertainment area. 8 outside bedroom + showers + toilet + 1 bedroom flat, 3 outside braai’s N$ 3 600 000.00 Near new Mall. Contact: 081 351 3225

PROPERTIES FOR SALE Malakia Properties FOR SALE TAMARISKIA Plot 420 sqm N$400 000.00 Tamariskia Plot for N$480 000.00 MAHETAGO 2 bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen, With ext Plan N$670 000.00 Sectional Title 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Kitchen bic with stove Lounge and Garage N$685 000.00 3 bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen, Lounge & Single garage N$900 000.00 Neg Malakia Office 064-406783 Cell: 081 297 7253 Email:malakiaproperties

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



WANTED: I am looking for second hand kitchen ware, pot plates, cups, cuttleries, groceries, small appliances to buy. Call: 081 494 8573 081 148 0049

VACANCIES Simag Logistics (Pty) Ltd Walvis Bay Namibia

Vacancy: Walvis Bay Diesel Mechanic FOR SALE

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FOR SALE: Toyota Run X N$ 68 000.00 Walvis Bay, Namibia 1401 model, RT year model 2006 Baby blue metallic colour 106 000 km Full service history perfect running condition All paper work in order Contact Riaan: 081 783 5597

SWAKOPMUND VACANT ERVEN 3715m² @ N$ 7 329 000-00 7374m² @ N$ 9 600 000-00 DOLPHIN BEACH 600m² @ N$ 856 000-00 600m² @ N$ 856 000-00 ROSSMUND 713m² @ N$ 620 000-00


HERITAGE HILL 724m² @ N$ 556 400 -00

Gardening & Palms for sale, SWK Big and small palms, And planted. Also Garden designs and Irrigation. Palm and tree removal, Pruning, 30kg Pure matured Cow manure Bags delivered. Call Gunther 081 63 86 300

ROSALIN 081 412 4246 TE KOOP: Hoek erf te koop in Narraville 350m² teen N$ 495 000.00 Kontak: 081 616 3623

ACCOMMODATION ITEMS FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND CALL 081 567 4522 •2 x Defy Chest DeepFreezers from N$2200.00 •1 x Samsun Side by Side Fridge / Freezer metalic 550lt [just like new] N$5850.00 •5 x Fridges from N$1500.00 [each] •1x Craydon Professional Potato Peeler Machine [like new] N$2850.00 •2 x Casio Cash Registers from N$850.00 [each] •1x Anvil Gas-Operated Professional Chip-Fryer 20lt N$5500.00 •1 x Imboua Finish 5meter Long Wall Unit N$2500.00 •5 x TV [Box Type] Starting price from N$650.00 5 x Fishing Rod’s & reels from N$350.00 [each] Call 081 567 4522

ANIMALS LARGE WATCHDOG required to join our 4 dogs. Preferably ridgeback or bigger. Adult preferred, male or female. Any dog somewhere not wanted anymore ? Gaby -081 127 5442 Ulli 081 3399 844

WOOD Wood For Sale Swakopmund - Sekelbos Wood now for SALE, long lasting coals perfect for braaing and warmth. 15kg bags for N$40.00 Contact 081 263 0071

JOB SUMMARY This position is responsible for miscellaneous vehicle repair and maintenance: trailer, truck tractor as following brand Freightliner, Scania ,International ,Power star. Essential Duties and Responsibilities Diesel engines, gearbox , clutch, vehicle air conditioning systems Braking systems tractor / trailer suspension systems emissions controls trailer refrigeration &cooling systems trailer welding repairs 3 tons electric forklifts electric pallet jacks pneumatic tire repair Preventive maintenance Experience Minimum - 5 years Closing date: 15 December 2017 CV can be mailed: Jobs. Carpenter needed Sms details to 081 641 4700 OCEAN STAR PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL The Ocean Star Preprimary School has a vacancy for a qualified pre primary school teacher with at least 3 years experience. Please call for an interview / appointment 081 209 3505 Closing date: 20.12.17

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VACANCIES Vacancy : Mechanical Fitters Backshift Maitenance WEIS is a Namibian Mechanical Engineering Compnay and requires the services of Mechanical Fitters for WEIS, situatedin Walvisbay, as soon as possible. The Position The successful incumbents will perform planned / unplanned breakdown repairs, services and maintenance on process plant mechanical equipment to customer standards and requirements. Duties & Responsibilities • Repair of process plant mechanical equipment • To conduct routine & preventative maintenance • Daily inspections on process plant mechanical equipment • Deliver high quality service to customer • Perform repairs & maintenance in compliance to customer requirements • Must be a self starter and able to work independently •Think analytically and have a mechanical and practical attitude • Have initiative and work accurately • Must have leadership & responsible capabilities to act as leading hands to manage WEIS resources as well as to report to the customer shift team leader Qualifications & Requirements • Qualified artisan with National Trading Certificate as Mechanical Fitter with minimum level 3 with at least minimum 5 years process plant maintenance experience. • Able to understand and work with various process plant mechanical equipment • Be familiar and must have knowledge of various types of process pumps, valves, hydraulic equipment and conveyors • Be strong in job planning, team and time management • Must be willing to work overtime • Must be able to cope under pressure and varifying work loads • Must be in a possession of a valid drivers licence Interested candidates that meet the above requirements should send their CV's and certified copies of educational qualifications and relevant documents to: not later than 13 December 2017 Please note that only listed candidates will be contacted


JOBS WANTED Health Care Assistant Nurse, who has 4 years of experience is Urgently looking for work to take care of Elderly, Ill persons, bed-lying, those who need assistant of a nurse. I can take Vital Signs, work at pharmacies, old age homes at residence, please do not hesitate to contact me at 081 787 2780 I am looking for Domestic Work for Saturday and Sunday.I can start immediately, I can do cleaning work as well, Baby-sitting, evening work as from 20th December, and there from daily work as well, please call me 081 229 1744 Ek is Josephine en is opsoek na enige skoonmaak werk asseblief dit is baie dringend. Ek rook nie, drink nie en is baie betroubaar, ek kan ook na klein kinders omsien vir 5 dae per week. Skakel my asseblief 081 226 8521 I am looking for Domestic work form Monday to Friday, I do have experience and is hardworking trustworthy and honest. I can work in Swakopmund. Please call me at 081 853 0240 I am a lady Stellensia and is looking for Office Cleaning Work or as Domestic Cleaner from Monday to Friday in Swakopmund, you can call me 081 633 0633



Ek is n dame van 41 jaar en is dringend opsoek na werk Huiswerk vir 2 of 3 of 5 dae per week Ek kan Saterdae en Sondae ook werk. Ek kan huisskoon maak kantoor skoonmaak Babas oppas, stryk en was werk doen. Ek is baie betroubaa, netjies, en hardwerkend. Ek kan in Swakop, Langstrand or Dolphyn Park werk. Ek rook nie, drink nie, Ek het ook goeie ondervinding. Skakel my asseblief 081 220 3557

JOB WANTED: I am Miss Iyambo, a 30 year old with a diploma obtained a certificate in Joinery and Cabinet making at the Institute for learning Hotel Management. I am very hardworking, co operative, self motivated, honest and disciplined young lady. I can work well under pressure. I have good interpersonal skitlls, cleaning, washing and ironing. Walvis Bay and Langstrand. I am available immediately at any time. Contact: 081 826 3104

I am looking for any kind of work for 5 days or 3 days per week. I can start immediately, I do not drink or smoke. I can work in Swakop. Please call me 081 743 4433

JOB WANTED: I am a lady in Walvis Bay, with grade 10 and computer skills level 2. I am looking for hotel, guesthouse, restaurant or in lodge or even domestic work, with experience. Contact: 081 616 3952

I am a lady of 25 years looking for Domestic Work in Swakopmund I can do cleaning, babysitting, washing ironing, I have 3 years of experience I am friendly and hardworking and can start immediately Please call 081 809 6329 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na huiswerk vir ‘n week in Walvisbaai of Langstrand. Kan mooi skoonmaak. Ek kan dadelik begin. Praat Afrikaans en Engels. Skakel: 081 373 2749 JOB WANTED: A female looking for an internship / job. I have a degree in IT. Contact: 081 221 8148 WERK GESOEK: Ek soek weeklikse huiswerk in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 440 3854 JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old lady looking for any kind of domestic work. In Swakopmund, I will be able to work in Walvis Bay. Willing to start anytime. Contact: 081 486 7567 JOB WANTED: I am 26 years old urgently looking for domestic work or office cleaning. Mondays to Fridays, if possible also Saturdays. Contact: 081 327 3094 081 418 9342

WERK GESOEK: Opsoek na huiswerk in Walvisbaai. Kontak: 081 423 8520 081 462 9482 JOB WANTED: I am a 23 yer old lady looking for domestic work, cleaning, ironing. I am a professional worker. I can start anytime. Only in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 403 7967 JOB WANTED: I am a 19 year old lady in search of domestic work or babysitting. In Walvis Bay or Swakopmund. Can commence duty at any given time. Contact: 081 886 7561 FRIEDA: I am a 28 year old woman very hardworking and trustworthy. Looking for work at Longbeach. I will start as soon as possible. Contact: 081 408 7655 081 231 7177 CODLA: I am a hardworking lady and seriously looking for work. Monday to Friday. Able to start on immediately. Contact: 081 405 0656 VERONA: Ek is opsoek na vakansie werk vir n week, 2 - 3 dae verkieslik Meersig, Langstrand of Dorp. Kontak: 081 560 2215

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THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK FRIDAY- Isaiah 43:19 (NIV) See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Read Isaiah 43 Read Isaiah SATURDAY - Deuteronomy 31:6 (NIV) Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."Read Deuteronomy 31Read Deuteronomy SUNDAYJeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Read Jeremiah 29 Read Jeremiah MONDAY- Isaiah 41:10 (NIV) So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.



Grafsteenonthulling van my geliefde Eggenoot en ons Vader

Wyle Samuel Petro Adonis (Sammy) * 15-02-1960 + 25-10-2015 2 Tim.4:7 “Ek het die goeie stryd gestry, Ek het die wedloop voleindig, Ek het die geloof behou�. Vind plaas op Saterdag 9 Desember 2017 om 11h00 by Narraville Begrafplaas

Navrae: Samantha: 081 290 2253 Velunncia: 081 281 9420

Aily Otto * 07-04-1970 + 05-12-2017 Psalm 62:1 Roudiens Vrydag, 8 Desember 19:00 by die Hosiana Gemeente, Kuisebmond

Begrafnis Saterdag, 9 Desember 07:00 by die huis Sandwich Straat 11, Kuisebmond na Begrafplaas toe

Navrae: M.B. Joseph: 081 302 2514 Kandena: 081 271 7559



In Memoriam

Dolf Tigler-Wybrandi * 01-03-1934 + 05-12-2013 My Love There will never be a day when I will have to remember you, because there were never a day that I forgot you I still cherish the memories of those good times with you

With love and gratitude Princess

Carike Freygang Today, 4 years ago, our hearts were torn apart We find comfort in knowing that you are amongst the Angels comforting us in our saddest moments and cheering us on the many wins we encounter. Psalms 34:18 Shonnie, our Angel, we miss you ... You might be gone but you will never be forgotten. We love you!

From ALL your Family

Rencia “Trupie” //Gamas * 05-04-1972 + 22-11-2017 Liefdevolle Kind, Ma, Suster, Antie Vrydag, 8 Desember 2017 Om 18h00 ontvang oorskot by Kuiseb Primêre Skool Begrafnis Saterdag, 9 Desember 2017 08:00 by die huis no.559/58 Menesia Kamatoto straat, Kuisebmond 09:00 vanuit Kerk Shalom Evangeliese Kerk, Kuisebmond Navrae: Eora Tsuses: 081 325 0078 Esme Jacobs: 081 678 0590



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Nedbank’s Desert Dash spikes Swakopmund economy From accommodation establishments literally bursting at the seams to a surge in adventure tours and even booming butchery sales, Nedbank's Desert Dash makes a significant and wide ranging impact on the economy of the holiday town of Swakopmund.Its impact on Namibia's economy as a whole is estimated to amount to a whopping N$20 million.Two weeks prior to this international cycling event, championed by Nedbank, takes the Namibian coastal community by storm, various service providers were preparing themselves for another milestone boost to their respective businesses. According to Thusnelda Araes, who deals with the reservations at Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre, not a singular room is free at this popular refuge between 9 and 15 December this year. They have no less than 90 rooms – 80 of which have been block-booked by a large group of people.Equally, close to 200 bungalows managed by the Municipality of Swakopmund is filled to capacity for the Nedbank Desert Dash weekend. This was confirmed by Chris Tjaimi, who manages bookings on behalf of the local authority.By Friday, 24 November, Swakopmund Sands Hotel only had six of their 25 rooms free for Friday, 8 December, and only one room for the following day, and Victoria Valombola says they expect these to fill up as the international cycling bonanza draws nearer. "The majority of the bookings are Desert Dash people," she says. Tannie Tilla Naudé, who sees to it that guests at Strauss Holiday Flats and Bed and Breakfast are well nourished, said more than 50 per cent of their flats had been reserved more than two weeks before the Desert Dash. "Usually, we get a lot of cyclists here." Clarice Theys, who until recently managed a bed and breakfast from her home in the suburb of Vineta, says her experience has been that the Nedbank Desert Dash

consistently results in a scramble for a place to stay because of its popularity and international appeal. "The Desert Dash without a doubt makes a definite impact on the town's economy," she says.Upon enquiry, Jessica Enslin from Abenteuer Afrika Safari has seen a surge in the number of adventure tours booked, particularly over the past two years. Although many people usually make a last-minute or spur-the moment reservation for these kind of activities, she says: "There is always an impact." Lala Bezuidenhout from Benguela Butchery, situated in the suburb of Tamariskia, says despite being busy over the December festive season in general, there is a noticeable peak during the weekend the cycling world and their loved ones make Swakopmund their home for the Nedbank Desert Dash.According to Gabes Hevita from Bidvest Rent A Car, they usually do not have a single vehicle left that is up for grabs over that weekend. "Normally, between 8 and 15 December, all cars are booked," he says. Their busiest time is prior to and after the Nedbank Desert Dash, Alfons Kiesewetter from Cycles 4 U says. Before the race, cyclists bring their bicycles to him and his team to get them ready and "afterwards, they come for a wash and a lube to clean their bikes". Kieserwetter says they experience a whopping 60 per cent increase in their LIQUOR ACT, 1998 APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS OR PRIVILEGES (Regulation 25)

Dan Graven

VACANCY A position has become available at Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (Pty) Ltd for motivated, bright, willing and meticulous individuals to join our Ships Agency Department in Walvis Bay.

FREIGHT/CLEARING & FORWARDING MANAGER STURROCK GRINDROD MARITIME NAMIBIA WALVIS BAY We invite applications from candidates who meet the following minimum criteria: Qualifications: · Grade 12 · Relevant industry-related training and / or a relevant course in the maritime field preferable · Logistics qualification would be advantageous Experience: · A minimum of 5 years working experience in a corporate environment · 3 years' experience as Logistics / Freight manager Required skills: · Willingness to work long and irregular hours · Good communication skills · Computer literate on MS Office · Able to work as part of a team · Driver's License and own vehicle Applicants to send their CV's to the HR Department for attention Hayley Dreyer on e-mail Please state the name of the position as a reference on your application. Application date closes 15 December 2017 Due consideration will be given to the company's equity targets. Please note that the position has been opened to internal and external candidates.

Application to: Regional Liquor Licensing Committee Region Erongo. Application lodged with: The Magistrate District Swakopmund. Application is made for amendment of conditions, restrictions or privileges applicable to a licence, details of which are set out below. 1. Name of licensee: Helena Cornelia Holtzhausen t/as Skubbe Properties Partnership. 2. Business address: Erf 520 Omdel (Extension No.2) Henties Bay. 3. Kind of licence: Special Liquor Licence. 4. Trade name of licensed business: Skubbe Bar. 5. Address/location of licensed premises: Erf 520, Omdel (Extension No.2) Henties Bay. 6. Details of amendment of conditions, restrictions or privileges required: Application lodged to be open on a Sunday, Good Friday and Ascension Day and an Extention in hours to close at 04:00. (As a holiday destination with the trading customers during the year, this is the only time to generate income to survive through the year. This extension is allowed in the Khomas region recommended by the M a g i s t r a t e i n Windhoek). 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 13 December 2017.

business activities as a direct result of the Nedbank Desert Dash. "For sure, it is a good thing."Wesley Pieters, a lecturer from the University of Namibia (UNAM) and a secondtime Desert Dash participant, says from the perspective of a cyclist, the economic impact of the event on Swakopmund is multi-fold.Not only would the support vehicle have to be refuelled at the town, but participants spend money at the prize-giving event. Moreover, cyclists usually make their sore-body ways to local massage parlours to have their aches and stiff muscles dealt with, he says.On the weekend, the riders and their loved ones – "for many it is a family break away" – quench their thirst and feast their appetite at local watering holes and restaurants. "For many cyclists, it will be their first drink in a while, which means it will probably not only be one drink as some will celebrate this milestone, ," he says.Andrew Resor is a United Nations Peace Corp volunteer partnering with the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) in Swakopmundwitnessed his first Desert Dash last year. "I would say from an observer's perspective, there is a lot more economic activity over that weekend. In the annals of Namibian cycling, December has come to be known as the month of the Nedbank Desert Dash, and the entire Nedbank family is immensely proud of our association with this truly iconic event, Lionel Matthews, the managing director of Nedbank Namibia, says. "Following our first foray into the essence of this race last year, this time around we are ready to offer an even greater experience for race participants. Our race organisers and co-sponsors have implemented some exciting new developments for the 2017 event, which include quite nifty innovations that will broaden both the scope and appeal of our second Dash. "We all know cycling does well on so many levels. It is beneficial to the environment with the lowest CO2 emissions of all forms of transport - it improves fitness, it's excellent for mental health and it brings people together in an active community. At Nedbank, we've been fortunate to be part of this community for the best part of three decades. As financial experts who aim to do good in our surrounding communities and the environment, the Nedbank Desert Dash provides an excellent platform to do so. Doing well through the Nedbank Desert Dash extends beyond the community directly participating in the event to the communities and environments touched by it. It gives us an opportunity to raise conversations about conservation, as we will be passing through the stark and haunting beauty of our Dorob National park. We are engaging with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, through the Namibia Nature Foundation and with the help of Dr. Peter Tarr (our Go Green Fund Chairperson), to raise awareness of our actions, the impact it has on the environment and how we can help conserve it so future generations can also appreciate the incredible Namibian landscape in a unique experience like the Nedbank Desert Dash. "We are also reaching out to marginalized communities, found along the Nedbank Desert Dash route, most notably the Topnaars, in an effort to create awareness and provide opportunities for the betterment of their socio-economic conditions. Some of the proceeds of the Nedbank Desert Dash are also dedicated to the development of cycling and reaching out to communities that would not normally have an opportunity to take up the sport. We see this as coming full-circle, linking the most prestigious event on the Namibian cycling calendar, with the development of the sport at grass-roots level. As far as Nedbank's involvement is concerned from an organisational perspective, the opportunity arose for Nedbank to come on boards as an anchor sponsor when the previous sponsors released the reigns and rights to the event. Given the bank's history with cycling, which dates back to 1986 when they had their first cycle challenge, they took a closer look at the Desert Dash and thought it would be an ideal race for Nedbank to own as headline sponsor. We spoke to Gernot de Klerk Head: Marketing & Communications who tells that, "The Desert Dash is such an iconic race and very unique to Namibia, but also well known internationally. When we saw the opportunity, especially given the obvious disappointment amongst the cycling community, we decided to step up to the plate. We owed it to the public and the cyclist to continue with a race that has become a bucket-list event. After several discussions with the creator of the Desert Dash, Aiden de Lange, and with the able guidance of Mannie Heymans and Leander Borg, we managed to convince the relevant stakeholders the Desert Dash will be in responsible hands and we've




Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grading Riverside Equestrian Centre Hosts Namibia’s Show Jumping Elite

Master Sylvio Behring, an 8th degree coral belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu, recently held a grading at the Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy in Walvis Bay. The grading was attended by a total of 28 students from Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Khorixas, Windhoek and Keetmanshoop.

The cream of Namibia's showjumpers gather at Riverside Equestrian Centre just east of the coastal town of Swakopmund at the weekend for the SWAKOPMUND SPAR THIRD LEG of the FEI WORLD JUMPING CHALLENGE 2017 and YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES QUALIFIER. Seasoned equestrienne Michelle Künzle will try to use her home turf advantage to emulate her successes of previous years, having once won the World Final of the competition and winning bronze once. On her gelding Erongo Wilderness Mon Gold she faces a tough task in CATEGORY A over 1.20m/1.30m against Windhoek rider Nicole Becker on her fast and nimble Arab-cross HNSS Watani. Also in with a fighting chance is Gymhana Club Windhoek rider Nadine Flemming on Seeis Shelton. She already has her certificate of capability and will try to officially qualify for next year's Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Argentina at the event. Reiterverein Swakopmund member Anike Maritz on her schoolmaster Poker la Silla is participating in the CAT A classes, also with the aim of a YOG qualification. The two youngsters are part of the YOG development programme of the Namibian Equestrian Federation initiated a year and a half ago to promote junior athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 and pave their way into international competition. The YOG training camps under the experienced guidance of South African coach Dianne Snodgrass-Botes have brought about a close-knit group of dedicated young riders, who have not only improved their own skills, but have helped uplift the standard of showjumping in Namibia considerably. Apart from the two CAT A participants, YOG rider Ariane Wieland and Callaho Brando (RVS) will have to work hard to ensure a placing with their current 9 penalties and no drop-score in hand. Leading the CAT B competition is last year's CAT C winner Kerstin Garbade on Voigtskirch Avatar

with a clean slate and a time of 55, 58 seconds. Breathing down her neck is Michelle Künzle on Locarno di Caprio, slightly slower, but with a dropscore in hand. Still in with a fighting chance too are Annette Künzle on Seeis Elton and Nadine Flemming on SeeisEymet. Category C of the SPAR 3rd Leg of the FEI WJCH over 1.10/1.20m promises to be a highly competitive affair with a total of 20 entries. In this class fiveYOG riders - Ramona Röschlau (Gymkhana Club Windhoek), Linda Freyer (Nubuamis Riding Club), Jessica Kreiner (Reitgemeinschaft Otjiwarongo), Pia Gebhardt (Walvis Bay Equestrian Centre) and Elizabeth Rossouw (Okakambe Stables) will be vying for honours. Leading the pack alongside 16-year old Röschlau (Two Boy) are the experienced adults Gesche Gilchrist (Seeis Dansuelo) and Kordula Voigts (Zonjati Bon Gondolier). All three of them have had one leg clear and a drop score in hand. Also in with a good chance is medical student Laura Braune on Zonjati Bon Camillo on four penalties, but without a drop score to play with. Apart from the FEI competition, the Riverside Equestrian Centre will also be host to the Club Team Showjumping and Club Team Dressage Championships, showjumping classes from 70cm to 1.00m and dressage classes from Pony Rider Preliminary to Adult Novice and Elementary. Competitions begin on Friday morning with the FEI showjumping competitions and the Speed and Team classes to be ridden on Saturday and Sunday. Laura Braune on Zonjati Bon Camillo The winners of the Spar Interclub Challenge 2016, Annike Maritz, Ariane Wieland, Pia Gebhardt and Jessica Kreiner

Jukskei op Hentiesbaai Verlede Saterdag (25 November 2017) het die laaste ligawedstryde vir die 2017/2018 seisoen op Hentiesbaai plaasgevind. PUNTE STAND WAS AS VOLG: A-Afdeling: 1. Hentiesbaai - 38 punte 2. Swakopmund 23 3. Usakos en Walvisbaai elk met 14.5 punte.

B-Afdeling: 1. Usakos B1 - 30.5 2. Hentiesbaai B1-26 3. Usakos B2 -21. 4. Hentiesbaai B2 -12 punte. ‘n Ope-dag word op 30 Desember 2017 op Hentiesbaai vir jukskei-sport gehou.

Master Behring expressed his satisfaction with the growth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Namibia where it is classed as a new sport. He however, observed a lack f gender balance in the practise of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Namibia and encouraged women to enter this sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also an opportunity to learn selfdefense techniques. Delano Müller (Junior Sportsman of the Year in Namibia) achieved the highest junior belt grading in Namibia - a yellow belt. Müller is enthusiastic and expressed his drive to help with the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the country. He will also help with self-defence classes for girls. He is very excited over the bright future of this sport in Namibia. Henrique Aramburu Cardoso, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer, said he is very proud of all his students that passed their grading and that they just need to train hard to be the best. "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the vehicle to develop human potential and help you to defend yourself. At the same-time it keeps your body fit. “I would like to thank the Namibian Kickboxing Federation, the Namibia RCFAI & Kickboxing Academy in Walvis Bay, the Swakopmund Fight Club, Anita de Klerk and Philip Müller for what they are doing for me and Jiu Jitsu in Namibia”, said Cardoso in his vote of thanks. The next big event for the Namibian Kickboxing Federation is a competition in February in South Africa and the Pro-Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Some of the students at the Jiu Jitsu grading

Invested “where needed most” An amount of N$14.9 million for preparations towards international participation is been handed to the Namibian Hockey Union, the Namibia Football Association and the Namibia National Olympic Committee. The Namibia Sport Commission (NSC) has handed N$900 000 to the Namibian Hockey Union for preparations for the Indoor Hockey World Cup next year in Berlin, Germany (see related article on back page). The World Cup will be hosted from 7 to 11 February 2018). N$10 million went to the Namibia Football Association (NFA), The Secretary General of the NFA, Barry Rukoro, reacted on the matter: "Our cry for financial support has been heard and we are very grateful for the efforts by the Ministry of Sport and NSC for what they have done for football in the country”. Adding “We applaud the current administration of the Sport Commission. We received the funds just in time to prepare the Brave Warriors and the U/20 Team for their preparation and accommodation, player allowances and flight tickets for participation in CHAN 2018 and the U/20 Cosafa Cup". The Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) was awarded an amount of N$4 million, to send gymnastics-, athletics-, triathlon-, bowling-, boxing-, cycling- and swimming teams to the Commonwealth Games next year in Australia. The Secretary-General of the NNOC, Ms. Joan Smit, said the funds allocated is a blessing for the NNOC and that it was long overdue. Ms. Smit further said the NNOC is dependent of the Government and that the NNOC would like to thank the NSC for the funds. The Chief Administrator of the NSC, Freddy Mwiya, said funds were allocated “where it was needed most”. The NSC received proposals for financial assistance from all sport codes in the country. The NSC could not help all codes in this financial year [ending end of March 2018]. The three that did receive the funds do have imminent international obligations, and within this financial year, thus the NSC saw it fit to assist only these codes. Mwiya said despite only supporting these codes. it does not mean all codes or events are equally important to the NSC. On this note he assured Sport Namibia that financial assistance will come as from April 2018.

The U/20 National Football Team



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Namibia Indoor Hockey team ready for World Cup in Germany Sharlien Tjambari

The Namibia National Indoor Hockey team, which will be representing Namibia in Berlin Germany at the 2018 Women's Indoor Hockey World Cup in February next year, has finally been selected and consists of twelve talented young ladies from different towns in Namibia.

The Namibian women's indoor hockey squad with the Chief Administrator of the NSC Freddy Mwiya

Region 5 Gymnastic Championships The Namibian Gymnastics Federation is the host of the 2017 Region-5 Gymnastics Championships at the Jan Wilken Indoor Sport Complex in Walvis Bay. The Championships started on Wednesday and ends tomorrow. Namibian gymnasts will compete for Artistic Men and Woman, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline against South Africa and Zimbabwe, whilst Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia are represented by their heads of delegation. Due to technical reasons, Angola could not enter a team. The Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, Clr. Penelope Martin, on behalf of the Mayor of Walvis Bay welcomed all the participants to the habour town. He wished all participants a pleasant stay in Walvis Bay. Councillor Martin expressed hope for greater representation of countries in future Region-5 championships. "Sport events are fantastic catalysts to bring nations together. The Namibian Gymnastic Federation and the Walvis Bay Municipality have over the years cultivated a very good work relation and the Federation has become a true ambassador for Walvis Bay”, said Clr. Martin. The Deputy Mayor added the publicity Walvis Bay receives during events such as this positive and she expressed her satisfaction in this regard of the Namibian Gymnastic Federation. “It is admirable and Council humbly requests you to continue your worthwhile investment in the youth in Walvis Bay and the whole country”. "As local authority we are pleased to assist where necessary to ensure the success of these types of events, but as a public institution you will appreciate the limitations we are forced to observe. However, without the private sector these kinds of events would not be possible and it is only fitting to acknowledge their huge contribution accordingly" the Deputy Mayor said. The President of Region 5 Mr Chris Muchatuta said at the opening there is a bright future for Regional Championships and for the gymnast in the Region. The gymnasts, coaches and technical officials of the region are the people to spread, develop and grow this wonderful sport of gymnastics in the Region. We as a Region stand strong and united and this competition continues to grow. The opportunity to compete at all levels for a country goes beyond the medals. It grooms and prepares gymnasts for life after school and equips them with a variety of essential skills. Competition is essential for the development of young people and they are the future world champtions and the leaders tomorrow of sport, said Muchatuta. He added it is not all work. He urged gymnasts to also have fun and the spirit of sportsmanship makes everyone winners.

In preparation for the World Cup, the team had a training camp at the Dome in Swakopmund during the last week of November with the assistance of the national coach from Holland. According to the head coach of the team, Ervin Handura, coaches sometimes need to make tough decisions that can make or break players. “I do have faith in my team. Players and their parents will be disappointed of those not selected, but one cannot always get what you want. They just need to work harder. The team is well-balanced and with an average of 15 caps per player and with an average age of 24”. Handura further explained the girls show a lot of potential and they are wellprepared for the 2018 World Cup. This young team can grow and develop in the next few years and be more than ready to qualify even for the next World Cup. The 2018 World Cup will kick-off on 7 February. The Namibian ladies will play their first game against the Czech Republic and their second game will be against Germany on that same day. On 8 February, they play against Australia and then against Ukraine that same day. Rusia will play against Namibia on 9 February. The finals will take place on 11 February. The team is on its way to Cape Town to play in the Pro-Series Indoor Hockey Tournament from 12-15 December. The ladies will play against the under-18 boys in the tournament. The Namibian Hockey Union will also send 160 hockey players to South Africa to part take in this tournament. The age groups that will be in Cape Town are U/13, U/14/ U/16 and two U/18 teams. The National team will then depart for Holland to play two warm-up games against the country’s national team and then its off to Germany for the World Cup. The Indoor Hockey World Cup is an international hockey competition organised by the International Hockey Federation. The Namibian team consists of 12 players and these players are: Maggie Mengo (Captain), Petro Stoffberg, Jocelle Deysel, Mercia Venter, Sunelle Ludwig, Ina Louis, Gillian Hermanus, Dure Boshoff, Jeani Holz, Kian Cormack, Zani van Lill and Berencia Diamond. The team management: Marietta Stofberg (Head of Delegation), the Team Manager is Tersia Venter, the Head Coach is Ervin Handura, the Assistant Coach is DJ Strauss, the Conditioning and Mental Coach is Manuel Carbello, the Video Analyst is Maryke Short and th eTechnical Advisor is Nils Hedwig.

“True sportsmanship makes everyone winners”

The Namibia Gymnastic National team with Miss Deaf Naminiba Nasjtassia Korner

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