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Arandis bank manager arrested for theft of N$1,1 million in cash Walks out of the bank with N$800 000 in cash. Hands it over to person on B2 Rudi Bowe A manager of Standard Bank Namibia has been arrested and charged for theft, after she allegedly stole N$1,1 million from the bank's Arandis-brach last Thursday and Friday. The 47-year-old manager, identified as immediately thereafter at a Bank Windhoek Engelborg Strauss, has given police detectives branch in Oshakati. several versions of how she stole the money and Whether Strauss' story is true, or whether she has for what purposes she used the money. invented fictitious characters and alibi, to cover One of her versions is she carried N$800 000 in her tracks, she will have to spend her time in cash out of the branch building and handed it police custody until 2 June when she makes a next over to a person waiting for her on the B2 appearance in court. highway. During her first appearance in the Swakopmund She told detectives her husband, a senior magistrate's court on Monday, the State opposed employee at the Arandis Town Council, was in bail due to the serious nature of the crime she is grave danger. An extortion ring wanted to kill accused of and also the fact that the investigation her husband, and she had to pay the money to into the theft is only in the beginning stages. save his life. Further arrests are also not ruled out, a police She later deposited a further N$306 000 into a source close to the investigation told Namib Bank Windhoek account. The money is Times. believed to have been withdrawn almost

Police on high alert after attack on elderly person in Henties Bay The Namibian Police in Erongo is on high alert, following yet another savage attack on an elderly person. The elderly person was attacked in her home in where the elderly lady was murdered in Swakopmund, her attacker or attackers gained Henties Bay on Monday. One elderly lady was killed in a home invasion entry through a window without burglar bars. in Swakopmund’s Kramersdorf suburb on 20 Children and other relatives of elderly persons April and only a few weeks prior to that two also need to get involved to secure the homes elderly people were attacked in their home in where the elderly live. When employing people at the these homes, Vineta in Swakopmund. The latest attack on Monday in Henties Bay background checks of the persons that will come and work there needs to be conducted, suggested placed the Police on high alert. In a media briefing at police headquarters in Inspector Shapumba. Walvis Bay on Wednesday police public liaison Neighbourhood Watch formations also need to officer Inspector Ileni Shapumba urged the assess the situation with the elderly in their areas public to step up safety measures at residences of operation. Ensure to regularly check up on the elderly people and bring weaknesses in the where the elderly live. Home security systems need to be improved or security systems under the attention of their installed where there is none. That includes children, or other people looking after their wellsecuring doors and windows, as in the case Continued on page 2


inside U.S. boosts fight against Covid in Erongo

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Kanime’s first 150 days Engelborg Strauss (47), who allegedly stole N$1,1 million from the Arandis-branch of Standard Bank last Thursday and Friday. Police investigators are now trying to puzzle out Strauss’ version of events, as it is believed she is withholding crucial information and might also not have acted alone. Not a cent of the stolen money has been recovered.

Four year old found wandering along coastal road The Namibian Police calls upon the public of Erongo to exercise caution and care when it comes to leaving their children in the care of others. A four year old child from Kuisebmond was found wandering along the B2 coastal road recently, after he walked away from the person in whose care he was placed when his father went off to work one evening at 21:00. When the father returned home the child was nowhere to be found. He then discovered to his horror the person who had to look after the child never realised the child was no more at home. After a feverish search, the child was spotted walking next to the B2.

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Donation of fish much welcomed

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Elderly persons’ safety being. “In the case of the murder of the elderly Mrs Lohmeier in Swakopmund recently, I call upon the public to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest of the person or person who have committed this heinous crime. The killer/s are from the Swakopmund community and they returned to the same community after committing the murder. The guilty ones live among us, and only our information can lead arrests and return our neighbourhoods to safety again”, he urged.

Lions Club Swakopmund Raffle a huge success Eileen van der Schyff The Lions Club Swakopmund had their periodic fundraising raffle recently, with Swakopmund Mayor Cllr. Louisa Kativa, drawing the tickets. A Renault KWID (a sponsor by Associated Motor Holdings (AMH)) was the first prize. The second and third prizes were respectively N$10 000 and N$5 000. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of members of the Lions Club, a total of 3 645 raffle tickets were sold. Lion Renate Witt sold the most raffle tickets, a total of 51 booklets of the 182 booklets with raffle tickets the members had to sell for the fundraising. Also presiding over the raffle draw was Mr. Max Schwieger, the Chairman of the Lions Old Age Home Trust and Swakopmund Lions President Stephen Steenekamp. With the sale of the raffle tickets, a total of N$364 500 was raised, with the proceeds going to the Lions Frail Care Centre. “The funds generated will assist with the upkeep of the Frail Care Centre. It currently houses 34 people”, explained Lion Max Schwieger. He thanked the public who supported this fundraiser and also handed a certificate over to Lion Renate Witt for her outstanding effort to sell the raffle booklets. The Mayor who drew the tickets brought a lot of joy to some lucky winners. Mr. Thomas Ebrecht won the Renault KWID. Mr. Billy Schickerling won the N$10 000 cash prize and Barnet Geldenhuys N$5 000.

Mayor Louisa Kativa and Lion Max Schwieger (right) overseeing the raffle draw.

7 APRIL 2021

Retraction of article Cllr. Stanley Bikeur - Landless People Movement In its edition of Friday 29 April this year, Namib Times carried a front page article titled: “Swapo and LPM gang up in Walvis Bay Town Council”. In the said article reference was made to the LPM Whatsapp on a Whatsapp group for Councillors Councillor on the town council and three Swapo that he will not be attending the meeting. councillors boycotting the 5-year Planning Namib Times is taking notice of Cllr. Bikeur’s Committee meeting scheduled for 29 and 30 explanation and hereby withdraws the April. In this meeting Council and municipal allegations made in the said article. The managers were involved in setting out a 5-year newspaper assures Cllr. Bikeur that there was no ill-intent to tarnish his reputation as Councillor plan to guide Walvis Bay’s management and and that the information used in the said article development in the course of the next five years. was taken from two Council agendas as well as Namib Times reported the LPM Councillor and additional information verified before the article Swapo Councillors boycotted the meeting and was compiled. that only the six Councillors of the ruling We however, wish to give Cllr. Bikeur the coalition were present at the meeting - these are benefit of the doubt and assure Cllr. Bikeur of the four Councillors of the IPC, one Councillor from newspaper’s continued support for all political parties and civic group making up the Council of the JWBRA and one Councillor from the PDM. the Municipality of Walvis Bay. After the publication of the Namib Times the The Council of the Municipality of Walvis Bay Councillor for the LPM, Cllr. Stanley Bikeur has a huge task on its shoulders to deliver service contacted the newspaper and took exception of to the public of Walvis Bay, and it can only be the statement made. Cllr. Bikeur denied working achieved if all stakeholders are committed to with Swapo members on the Council and further work together and are committed to do so in said due to work engagements could not attend harmony. the planning meeting scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Cllr. Bikeur informed his fellow Councillors by

Namport allocates N$2,8 million to social investment fund for 2020/21 The Namibian Ports Authority allocated a notable 2.8 million Namibian Dollars to its social investment fund for projects aimed at bettering the lives of the Namibian nation during its 2020/21 financial year. The Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF) is an Receiving the two classrooms on behalf of the investment arm of Namport through which the Ports school, Deputy Minister of Education Arts and Authority reaches the Namibian community by Culture Hon. Caley Faustina, thanked the donor investing in worthwhile community projects such who have over the years proven its commitment to as the building of educational infrastructure, health advancing the cause of government in providing infrastructure, medical equipment and other social quality education for the Namibian child. The needs that fall within the sponsorship mandate of Minister further said that the “handover was a clear NSIF. The latest benefactor of the social fund was indication that the ministry of education and friends the Five Rand Primary School in the Otjozondjupa like Namport are serious in achieving the region. The fund yesterday donated two classrooms sustainable development goals outlined in the United Nations Sustainable development– with a price tag of N$ 300,000.00 to the school. Speaking at the handover, NSIF Trustee member, Partnership for Goals (SDG No.17)”. Ms. Irene Simeon-Kurtz said that NSIF is gratified Since its inception in 2006, the fund with the main of its contributions towards uplifting the Namibian objective to be a good corporate citizen has nation. “However, we still believe strongly that ploughed 35 million Namibian Dollars back into there is a need for a collective and robust the 14 regions of Namibia. Namport Social interventionist strategy to prepare the country for an Investment Fund remains humbled by the uptake to helping many young Namibians grow into opportunity to invest resources back into the becoming active participating members of our country. economy”.

Hon. Caley Faustina, Deputy Minister of Education Arts and Culture officially inaugurating the two classrooms at the Five Rand Primary School in Okahandja as Ms Irene Simeon-Kurtz, NSIF Trustee member looks on.

7 MAY 2021



US-Government gives fight against Covid-19 a boost Contributed

The U.S. Government has donated 70 blood pressure machines and 41 patient-monitors to the Erongo Regional Health Directorate, to support the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation is in hunger, and privation patient care, ensuring addition to the N$100 U.S. Ambassador to that each and every million of COVID-19 Namibia Lisa Johnson patient receives the assistance for Nami- s a i d , “ T h e U . S . monitoring and supbia from the U.S. G o v e r n m e n t i s a port that they need. It Government, which partner in health with also improves infecthe U.S. Embassy an- the Ministry of Health tion control and renounced in April and Social Services, duces patient waiting and we are glad to times, as it reduces the 2020. The equipment was show our commitment need to rotate equipprovided by the U.S. to this relationship ment between paDepartment of De- through our ongoing tients.” “The equipfense's U.S. Africa support to the health ment has been distriCommand (USAFRI- s y s t e m , p r o v i d i n g buted to all the health COM), in collabo- equipment and resour- facilities in the Reration with the U.S. ces that are vitally gion” said Ms. Anna Centers for Disease needed and that direct- Jonas, Regional Health Control and Preven- ly benefit the people of Director for the Erongo tion Namibia (CDC N a m i b i a . “ A c t i n g Region. “This gesture Namibia). Country Director for is highly appreciated, U S A F R I C O M ' s CDC Namibia, Dr. Ro- and it will positively Humanitarian As- bert Swayzer, further augment the Ministry's sistance program in- explained, “The provi- efforts serving the cludes activities de- sion of this equipment community,” she consigned to relieve or strengthens the ability tinued. reduce endemic con- of the Ministry of ditions such as human Health and Social Sersuffering, disease, vices to provide quality

Brigitte Zemburuka (right) from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Namibia, with Christophine Debbie Ndafelai-Somaes (left), District Nursing-Services Manager for the Walvis Bay District State Hospital, from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, with some of the donated equipment on a recent site visit to the Erongo region.


7 MAY 2021

Mr. David Kalenga bids municipality farewell after career of thirty years Mr. David Kalenga bid the Municipality of Walvis Bay farewell on 30 April this year, after a career at the local authority spanning 30 years. Mr. Kalenga served in the Department of Sewerage Waste and Environmental Management. Kalenga completed his school career in colleagues, both those who worked directly and Oshakati in 1984 and initially struggled to get a indirectly with you. All the best and take care of yourself”, said Cllr. Forbes. decent job. In 1990 he relocated to Walvis Bay and started Mr Henok Shikongo, Engineer: Water, Waste and working at the Municipality on 22 March 1991, Environmental Management on behalf of the at the Health Department. In 2001 he was Walvis Bay community thanked Kalenga for his transferred to Water, Waste and Environmental loyal and dedicated service to the department, Council and residents. Management. Kalenga is a happily married man and a father of “We appreciate all the years that you spend with three children. His believes firmly therein that a us and wish you all the best”, said Mr. Shikongo. man's personal life must be planned and revolve around a family and a career. Both are equally important and the one cannot function properly without the other. “I am now looking forward to concentrate fulltime on my personal life, take care of things that are long overdue, explore my creative side and enrich my inner-self”, Mr. Kalenga told Namib Times. Adding, people should not be driven by fear, but by pleasure. I am most grateful to the Lord for His guidance, blessing and opportunities He has given me. “May the Council continue to serve the Walvis Bay community to the best of its ability”, Mr. Kalenga concluded his message. Walvis Bay's Mayor Cllr. Trevino Forbes thanked Kalenga for his loyal and dedicated service to council and residents of the harbour town. He subsequently handed Kalenga his certificate of retirement. “You will definitely be missed by your On the pictures: Mayor Forbes hands Mr. Kalenga his certificate of retirement and Mr Kalenga with colleagues John Esterhuizen (General Manager: Water, Waste and Environmental Management), Mr Henok Shikongo (Engineer: Water, Waste and Environmental Management), and Mr Sakaria Jafet Superintendent: Department of Water, Waste and Environmental Management.

Whale carcass cut up and buried The massive, eighteen metres long Blue Whale carcass that washed ashore at Dolphin Beach recently was cut in pieces and buried at the Walvis Bay dump site by HC Refuse Solutions (Swakopmund-based service provider). The carcass started to rot and the Municipality of Walvis Bay took action to get the carcass off the beach as soon as possible, as it was a health hazard. Residents expressed relief that the job was completed at such short notice.

7 MAY 2021

Andrew Kanime now 150 days at the helm of the Namport ship The Namibian Ports Authority, Namport, recently hosted a media day at the Port of Walvis Bay. Invited members of the media could engage with Mr Andrew Kanime, Chief Executive Officer, on his 150 days at the helm of the Namport ship. The main aim of the engagement was to share the latest developments within Namport, their vision as a business and the plans for the business going forward. During his address, Mr engagements was really place measures that will and external stakeholKanime highlighted t o u n d e r s t a n d k e y enable us to take Nam- ders alike, "not only for his engagements with a c h i e v e m e n t s a n d port to the next level”, our country but the revarious clients and key challenges as well as Mr Kanime explained. gion at large". In the stakeholders, internal what is happening on the He added that Namport same breath, Mr Kaniand the trade union. ground so that we can is hailed as a great com- me thanked the current “The purpose of these collectively put into pany, by both internal and previous Boards of

NAMIB TIMES Directors, predecessor Chief Executive Officers and every Namport staff member for the commendable work towards building this great company, Namport, over the years. Mr Kanime took this opportunity to introduce Namport's revised vision, “to be the best performing seaports in Africa”, as well as the four key strategic themes that will be deployed,

namely: Build Institutional Capacity; Drive Operational Efficiencies; Enhance Customer and Stakeholder Value, and Optimise Sustainable Growth "These are the themes that we will focus on over the next five years to enable us to achieve our vision of becoming “the best performing seaports in Africa”. The themes are supported by specific strategic ob-


jectives and initiatives which we shall be aggressively executing", he stated. Furthermore, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and global economic crunch, "businesses that can exercise extreme austerity will be able to maintain sustainability", Mr Kanime highlighted as an important lesson to learn. "The only way we can therefore be effectively competitive is through differentiation in the services we offer to our clients. We are happy to report that we continue to make inroads in this regard and to work towards offering affordable tariffs through streamlined operating costs can only amplify this competitiveness". During the Q&A session regarding the manganese at the Port of Lüderitz, Mr Kanime explained that since the inception of the manganese volume from South Africa, Namport has handled 30 000 tons of two-vessel shipment a month, this led to a total of 720 000 tons annually. To be competitive on the freight rate, Namport management is in the process of implementing a trans-shipment operation. The envisaged transshipment operation will entail, a trans-shipment feeder vessel that will be stationed at the Port of Lüderitz and this shipment vessel will serve as a feeder vessel to the Panamax or Cape Max vessel at anchorage. "The plan is to load 80 000 to 120 000 tons twice a month and dispatch it directly to China. The main advantage is it will reduce the freight rate drastically". The Port of Lüderitz is therefore in the competitive sphere of trade facilitation and thus a catalyst towards SADC regional economic integration and Intra-Africa, under the African Continental Free Trade Area. In his closing remarks, Mr Kanime expressed that "while the immediate future will be extremely tough, we remain bullish about the prospects, we have what it takes to weather the storm and emerge even stronger. We remain committed to maintaining the correct focus and alignment in our priorities to harness new business volumes, attract and retain customers and to improve and enhance quality of service and streamline operating costs".


7 MAY 2021

New coat for Rheinisch Mission Church’s bell tower The Lions Club of Walvis Bay yesterday commenced with the cleaning and repainting of the bell tower of the Rheinisch Mission Church in Walvis Bay’s 5th Road. The church is one of the historical landmarks of Walvis Bay and serves as the Lions Club’s headquarters in the harbour town.

7 MAY 2021


Discarded face masks belong in the bin.....

Is the Covid-mask our new national flower? This face mask was spotted on the rocks at the Swakopmund Aquarium. Hundreds of face masks are discarded by people daily, littering streets and the beaches in all three central coastal towns. NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION In the Magistrate's Court for the District of Walvis Bay held at Walvis Bay. Case No.: 1211/2019 In the matter between: Wisteria Investments Three (Pty) Ltd., t/a Pupkewitz BMW Plaintiff and Lovina Pamela Plato Defendant In execution of a Judgement against the above defendant granted by the above Honourable Court on 30/10/2019, the following goods listed here-unde will be sold in Execution at the following address: Erf No 3764, 24 G r a n d Av e n u e , I n d u s t r i a l A re a , Walvis Bay auction starts online 4 June 2021 and ends 7 June 2021. 1 x Dining Table & Chairs 1 x Dining Cabinet 1 x D a e w o o

Microwave 1 x Defy Top Loader Washing machine 1 x Defy Frudge 2 door 1 x white Deep Freezer 1 x Office Reception Desk 1 x Glass Stand 1 x 4 piece red lounge suite 1 x 2 piece cream lounge suite 1 x LG DVD player & Speakers 1 x Defy freezer grey 1 x brown coffee table 1 x brown round coffee table 1 x LG TV 1 x Hisense TV 1 x 4 drawer cupboard 1 x 4 piece lounge suite & oval coffee table. Conditions o f Sale: Voetstoots - Cash to highest bidder. Dated at Walvis Bay on 5 May 2021. Attorneys for Judgement Creditor Kinghorn Associates, Unit 2, The Chambers, Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay, Tel: 064-203905 Fax: 064-203858 REF: HV/RKENG2/0068-70


NOTICE In the estate of the late Shakespeare Vuyo Masiza who died on 15/02/2021 and was residing at No 23 Harmony Street Meersig, Walvis Bay, Republic of Namibia. Creditors and debtors of the above Estate are requested to lodge their claims against the Estate or pay their debts to the Estate at the undermentioned address within a period of 30 (thirty) days as from date of publication of this advertisement. PIETER HAMMAN LEGAL PRACTITIONERS 2nd Floor, Sam Nujoma Avenue, P.O. Box 2148, Swakopmund REF: PFH/ml/smMAT18367

NOTICE OF THE CONSENT APPLICATION IN TERMS OF THE WALVIS BAY TOWN PLANNING SCHEME CONSENT: Self Catering ON ERF NO: 231 TOWNSHIP/AREA: Langstrand STREET NAME & NO: 14/16 Kuiseb Avenue. In terms of the Walvis Bay Town Planning Scheme, notice is hereby given that I/we, the undersigned, have applied to the Municipality of Walvis Bay for permission to erect/establish on the site a/an: Self Catering Unit. Plans may be inspected or particulars of this application may be obtained at Town Planning, First Floor, Rooms 101 & 105, Civic Centre. Any person having any objection to the approval of this application, must lodge such objection, together with the grounds thereof, with the General Manager: Roads and Building Control (Town Planning), Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, and the applicant, in writing, not later than 21 May 2021. NAME AND ADRESS OF APPLICANT: DDL Lotter, P O Box 2027, Bellville email address: dantelotter@pmafrica.co.za

NOTICE OF SALE OF BUSINESS Ta k e n o t i c e t h a t Oliver Perry Doberentz and Barbara Luzia Doberentz t/a Kolibri intends to alienate and dispose of their business Kolibi, carried on at No. 15 Hoogenhout Street, Swakmund to and in favour of Kolibri Hospitality Industry Consulting Services cc, who shall carry on the business for its own account at the aforesaid premises, and this publication shall serve as due notice having been given in terms of Section 34 of the Insolvency Act. No 24 of 1936.

D a t e d a t Swakopmund on this 5th day of May 2021. Kingborn Associates Legal Practitioners Haus Altona, 2-6 Tbias Hainyeko Street, P.O. Box 1455, Swakpmund





(Regulations 14, 26 & 33)

(Regulations 14, 26 & 33)

Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licencing Committee, Region 1. Name and postal address of applicant: Slips Trading Enterprises, P.O. Box 1484, Swakopmund 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relat e s : S l i p s Tr a d i n g Enterprises cc. 3. Address/location of premises to which application relates: Shell Dolphin Beach , 3 Damara Tern, Dolphin Beach, Walvis Bay. 4. Nature and details of application: Grocery liquor licence. 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Swa-kopmund Magistrate Office 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 18 May 2021 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 14 July 2021

Notice is given that an application in terms of the Liquor Act, 1998, particulars of which appear below, will be made to the Regional Liquor Licencing Committee, Region 1. Name and postal address of applicant: H & H Athena Trading CC, P O Box 10084, Windhoek. 2. Name of business or proposed business to which application relates: Café Meraki. 3. Address/location of premises to which

Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.


application relates: Cosdef, corner of Mandume Ndemufayo and Airport Road, Swakopmund. 4. Nature and details of application: Special liquor licence. 5. Clerk of the court with whom application will be lodged: Swakopmund Magistrate Office 6. Date on which application will be lodged: 12 May 2021 7. Date of meeting of Committee at which application will be heard: 14 July 2021 Any objection or written submission in terms of section 28 of the Act in relation to the application must be sent or delivered to the Secretary of the Committee to reach the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee at which the application will be heard.


7 MAY 2021

Donation of fish much welcomed for underprivileged households Low Key Fishing, under the leadership of Mr. Luis Fernandez, donated fish recently to recipients in Kuisebmond and Narraville. Job losses and reduced income caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns during 2020 caused numerous households having to cope with nutritional shortages. The donation was challenged through the Regional Councillor for the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency, Cllr. Deriou Benson. The donated fish include one pallet of horse mackerel, Jacopever fish and hake. to the office of the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency. According to Councillor Benson, the fish will be distributed to various recipients and recipient organisations, including the Kuisebmond Old Age Home and the club house at the Narraville rugby stadium where people who cannot afford formal housing are currently housed.

7 MAY 2021



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7 MAY 2021

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To Rent Narraville : Neat & Private 1 bedroom backyard flat. Spacious open-plan, with built in cupboards, bathroom & kitchenette. W& E included. Extras: Camera & detector, for security. Aluminum windows & Door N$ 3600 Single & N$ 3900 couple. Serious & sober people only. Deposit N$ 1500 Garage included optional Cell 0812297390 Available 01 June

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TO RENT: WVB Hannah’s Cottages Sam Nujoma 214 modern 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room Big courtyard at the back Garage. Dishwasher, blinds, G4S and water included. Pre paid electricity. Quiet safe complex N$ 6 100.00 p/m Deposit payable over 2 months. Available 1 Feb 2021 No pets, No agents Contact Frank/Hannah 081 124 2151 Looking to share: Looking for a young lady with sober habits to share a two bedroom house, shower and toilet, and open plan kitchen & lounge space with in Narravile Preferably a lady (no pets, no garage space) available from 01 June 2021 Price is N$2500 (water & electricity included) If interested contact: 0813605975 TO RENT: Fairways Immediate Available One bedroom open plan flat with BIC, gas stove & Garage. Water included, Electricity excluded. N$ 4,500.00 p/m & Deposit N$ 4,500.00 Negotiable. CONTACT 081 556 7638 Walvis Bay: TO RENT: TWO BEDROOM FLAT Quiet and secure in complex. NEAT and sunny two bedroom with both en-suite bathrooms. Lots of cupboards, open plan sitting room & kitchen. Big outside braai. Remote door for single garage. Alarm. Prepaid electricity. Sorry – No pets. N$ 6500.00 p/m plus deposit No municipal water deposit. Available Immediately. Cell: 081 250 4694. TO RENT: Lagoon neat and spacious 1 bedroom with extra sun room, lounge, kitchen, bath/shower and build in cupboards. Top floor: Lagoon view N$ 5 500.00 p/m Water incl. Koopkrag. Kontak: 081 243 9544 TO RENT: Meersig furnished flat 1 bedroom, garage W/E incl. Price on request. Tel: 064 202 875

TO RENT: Kuisebmond (Beach front) next to new Jetty 2 bedroom bachelor flat with open plan kitchen N$ 4 000.00 p/m Available from 1 June 2021 Deposit N$ 2 600.00 Contact Victor between 15:30 & 19:45 081 233 4466 TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom flat, open plan kitchen, lounge, bathroom Prepaid electricity Water excl. N$ 3 500.00 p/m Deposit negotiable Contact: 081 439 2663 TO RENT: House nr 2298 Viringa street, Seapoint Kuisebmond Two rooms to let N$ 1 600.00 p/m (small room) N$ 1 800.00 p/m (big room) W/E incl. Ceilings and tiles Contact: 081 285 9342 TO RENT: Centre of Swakopmund Modern upmarket fully furnished/applianced 2 bedroom flat for long term rent. Large open plan kitchen, dining-room, lounge combo. Includes fireplace and underfloor heating. 1 full bathroom + guest toilet. North/west facing Veranda with braai, Long garage with electric gate Building looked after by Haus Lüderitz body corporate- included in rent 10 000/month negotiable 081-124 0375 nick@nicksracing.com House for rent in Narraville – Walvis Bay Offering 3 bedrooms (BIC) The main bedroom offers an en-suite Family bathroom Kitchen (BIC + BIS) Lounge/sitting room Interlocked yard Outside braai Double garage Prepaid electricity Water included Installed Alarm system (not activated) Rent: N$8700 Refundable Deposit: N$8700 – payable in 3 instalments Available: 01 June 2021 Contact: Mr. Lucas 0813674338 TO RENT: Narraville, Walvis bay close to WoermannBrock 1xBedroom double storey flats with open plan kitchen with build-in Cupboards and gas stove & bottle, Pre-paid electricity, water included, available for rent from 01st June 2021 N$ 3700.00 and Deposit N$ 1800.00 once off. For viewing contact Gloria or Rauna @ 081 211 3284/ 081 145 8533/ 081 357 4262, no garage but space vehicle

TO RENT: Tamariskia 01 June 2021 Main bedroom with en-suite bathroom 2 Bedroom with own bathroom and toilet Single Garage. Water excluded, Prepaid electricity. OB David Properties Erf 1015 N$ 6000.00 (Neg) Contact: Martin – 081 847 7448 Tanya – 081 235 9835 Waldo - 081 222 8784 Malakia Properties Estate Agents TO LET - MONDESA Rooms from N$1300.00 to N$2000.00 TULINAWA 2bedrooms, 2bathrooms Kitchen and Lounge N$4000.00 W/Incl 2bedrooms,2bathrooms, Kitchen, Lounge Single Garage N$4500.00 W/Incl MAHETAGO (SWAKOPMUND) 1bedrooms, bathroom and, Kitchen, N$2500.00 W/ Incl 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms Kitchen, Lounge and Garage. N$4500.00 W/L Excl 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms Kitchen, Lounge, Garage, Alarm system N$5500.00 W/L Excl avbl 1/6/2021 TAMARISKIA 1bedrooms, bathroom Kitchen N$2500.00 W/ L Excl MATUTURA 2bedrooms, bathroom and Open-plan kitchen N$4000.00 W/Incl 2bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge N$4000.00 W/Incl 2bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and Double Garages N$4700.00 W/Incl VINETA 1 bedroom and bathroom N$2200.00 W/L Incl 1bedrooms, bathroom Open –Plan Kitchen N$3500.00 W/ L Incl All Deposit Required Tel: 064-406783, Cell: 081 297 7253 Email: malakiaproperties@yahoo.c om TO RENT: Newly built bachelor float to rent in Tamariskia N$ 3300.00 p/m + Deposit N$ 1500.00 One bedroom, BIC, separate shower and open plan kitchen. Water is Included with prepaid electricity. open space parking Maximum two people available 1 June Contact: 081 141 2447 / 081 425 3416

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication



TO RENT: Hermes Inside room & outside room available N$ 2 000.00 p/m each W/E incl. Contact: 081 422 6419

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ACCOMMODATION VACANCY JThemarthins College has the vacancy for a teacher in Walvis Bay 1) Mathematics and Natural Science teacher Grade 4-7 (1 post) Requirements: Teaching Diploma in Senior Primary Education. Have passion for children and familiar with the Namibian government curriculum. The applicant should be creative, committed, and fluent in English Detailed CV and certified copies of qualification accompanied by a covering letter should be forwarded to: JThemarthins College PO Box 5940, Walvis Bay Inquiries: 0812800648 (strictly NO Sms) NB: Only applicant who qualified to teach senior primary should apply. Closing date: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 VACANCY: Sales Assistant Honest Computer literate Work under pressure Vibrant Namibian citizen Fluent in English and Afrikaans References required Please forward cvs to: The Manager P.O. Box 4032, Walvis Bay

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Equipment CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT FOR HIRE 7.5 generator Heavy duty Wacker Submersible pump for septic and water Concrete mixer Heavy duty grinder Pencil grinder Drills Blowtorch for roofing Scaffolding Steel Bokkies Wheelbarrows Dumpy level with tripod Spades Picks Honda truck for rental (wheelchair for hire) Contact: 081 445 7452 FOR SALE: Construction equipment for sale 7.5 KW Turner Morris Honda Generator (petrol), good condition N$ 15000.00 Wacker, heavy duty Turner Morris Honda GX 100 (petrol), good condition N$ 18000.00 Brand new pump IC 6.5 Briggs & Stratton Septic submersible pump: 80mm outlet (petrol) N$ 8000.00 (wheelchair for sale) Contact: 081 445 7452

7 MAY 2021





7 MAY 2021

namib times Sport

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ERONGO ATHLETES SCOOP TWENTY FIVE MEDALS Rudi Bowe The Erongo athletics team set up some excellent performances as they scoop twenty five medals at the Coca-Cola Namibia School Sports Union (NSSU) National Championships held last Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May 2021 in Windhoek. The best junior female field athlete award went to Adara Gey van Pittius with J o h a n n e s Kanyengela the best senior male field athlete at the nationals. Hennie Horn one of the coaches in the Erongo region said that every athlete and coach in the region were very excited to have another opportunity to take part, especially at National level. Horn said “Athlete training can be created to measure and test yourself and competitions are not just about testing yourself but to make friends learn to compete. You learn to win and lose your head on teasing hard work for next time.” According to Horn the Erongo region has always been one of the strongest regions in Namibia and has shown this year that there is a lot of talent in our region. Horn said “In preparation for the N a t i o n a l Championships, A t h l e t i c s Development Club held a training camp as well as a competition (22-24 April) Most of the medal winners were part of it and one must realize that the final preparation for Nationals is of c a r d i n a l importance.” “There are a lot of big plans for our athletics in the

Erongo region as we plan training camps in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Henties Bay.” According to the NSSU's national coordinator, Mr. Sollie Duiker “Under normal circumstances, the NSSU would have put together a team based on t h e n a t i o n a l championship to compete at the Cossasa event against countries in Southern Africa but in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic no team selection is currently planned although the possibilities for later are kept in mind.” The medal winners from the Erongo region at the national were as follows: GIRLS U/13 High Jump Adara Gey Von Pitius 1.45m-Gold and Arizhia van der Waldt 1.40mSilver GIRLS U/15 Liina Nanhele 400m 1:03.87Gold GIRLS U/17 Bianca Booysen 100m 13.27Silver, Carla Schultz High Jump 1.50mSilver and Tharina De

Jager Shot Put 11.76mBronze GIRLS U/19 Chrislene Klein-Nienaber 100m Hurdles 15.31-Gold, High Jump 1.55m-Gold and Long Jump 5.05mGold BOYS U/13 Quanito Noble 100m 12.52Silver and 200m 25.00Gold, Romeo Hardnick High Jump 1.60mSilver and Liam Kuhn High Jump 1.50mBronze BOYS U/15 Valentino Ganaseb 1500m 4:46.67-Bronze and High Jump 1.80m-Gold BOYS U/17 Riko Ndura 800m 2:08.77Bronze, Johannes Kanyangela High Jump 1.95m-Gold and Uatajo Uakambua 1500m 4:31.74-Gold BOYS U/19 Wedley Tsumib 100m 11.52Bronze and 200m 22.44-Silver, Lawrence Iishuna High Jump 1.80-Bronze, Euzein Gonteb Long Jump 6.40-Bronze and MJ Atzkin Shot Put 13.00m-Silver and Discus Throw 34.82mSilver

The junior female field athlete Adara Gey van Pittius

Indoor Classics Tournament 2021 The indoor fistball classics tournament will take place tomorrow 8 Saturday at the SFC.

Florian Mosich, defender from SFC 1

The senior male field athlete Johannes Kanyengela

Namibia wins 20 medals at SASAPD Eleven Namibian athletes with disability won a total of 20 medals at the recently concluded 2021 Toyota South African Sports Association for Physically Disabled (SASAPD) national championships held recently in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Disabled Athletes from Namibian, Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa compete at the final qualifying event for the final slots for the Paralympic Games slated for Tokyo, Japan in August and September this year. Namibia Paralympic Committee's SecretaryGeneral and Coach Michael Hamukwaya said he was happy with the performances of all the athletes and four guides. Hamukwaya, said “We went to South Africa with a small group of athletes and winning these medals shows their hunger and commitment of wanting to qualify for the Paralympic Games.” “We are now going to wait for 05 May 2021 to see

how many athletes will be added to the ones that already qualified to represent the country in Tokyo,” said Hamukwaya. Wheelchair racer Roodly Gowaseb competed in the T54 800 and 200 metres where he won gold medals, while in the 400 he won a silver medal. LahjaIshitile (T11 class for visually impaired) won three gold medals in the 200 and 400 metre sprints, while the third gold came from her long jump event (F11 category, for field item), while renowned T11 sprint star Ananias Shikongo won two gold medals in the 100 and 400 metres. Johanna Benson, who competes in the T37 category for cerebral

The first match will kick off at 10 a.m. CFC 1 is traded as a favourite as theyhold the indoor cup in their showcase since 2017. A f t e r s t r o n g performances this year, the first team of SFC should also be hoping for chance to crown themselves as indoor champions. The fact that SFC is the only club that practises indoors might bring the winning edge. Since this tournament falls outside the scope of the national league, non-registered players

are also allowed to participate. The teams are divided into 2 groups. The two best teams from each group advance to the semifinals. Unlike in the league where sets are played, the tournament is contended according to time with 2 half times. The field length per half is also only 20 meters instead of the usual 25 meters in field fistball. In addition, the S w a k o p m u n d youngsters will also play a match again.

disabilities, won a gold medal in 100 and a silver in her 200 m race. Bradley Murere, a T46 amputee athlete, added to Namibia's gold medals with his impressive performances in the 100 and 400, where he competed in the under-20 age category. F37 athlete Simon Shihepo threw a distance of 8.95m in the men's shot-put to win a silver medal, while in the discus throw, he finished third overall with a 31.82 metre throw and walked away with a bronze medal.

Sylvia Shivolo, who threw a new national record of 6.02m in the shot-put of the F40 category for atletes of short stature, won a silver medal. Petrus Karuli, who competes in the T37 800 and 1500m, took bronze and gold in the respective event. T13 sprinter Johannes Nambala won a gold medal in the 400 and bronze in the 100, while Chris Kinda, who competes in the T12 category, won the 200 m silver.

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