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Namport releases short video of the offloading of ship-to-shore cranes

inside More than one year for ID

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Brazilian Navy Calls

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Over 100 schoolboys volunteer for circumcision Sharlien Tjambari

Health benefits associated with circumcision overwhelming More than one hundred school boys volunteered to be circumcised later this year, after being convinced of the health advantages associated with voluntary medical male circumcision. A group from Jhpiego Namibia, working under the Namibian Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program, visited Coastal High to present an educational session. The group is highly impressed with the positive decision these young men took in the interest of their health. The group will be circumcised during the mid-term break (19 March to 2 April). It is a simple medical procedure and is conducted in highly hygienic conditions in the mobile clinic that the group uses and expert personnel conduct the procedure. The group now targets other schools in Swakopmund with their mobile clinic to educate and create awareness on male circumcision. They will go as far as Kavango East Region. The project has started in October 2017 and runs until 30 September. There have been 1 315 circumcisions conducted so far and the aim is to target 4815 young males Continues on Page 2

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Sulphur eruption

The occasion of the call at the port of Walvis Bay of the Brazilian naval vessel Amazonas afforded photographer Koos Liebenberg this weekend the opportunity to get this picture showing all four ship-to-shore cranes offloaded from the vessel Zhen Hua 8 (on the foreground). To offload these cranes, weighing 1290 tons each was no child’s play and it tested everyone who participated in the offloading operations’ every bit of skill and patience. Namport made a short video of the offloading operations which took just over two weeks and this video can now be viewed on You Tube and also on the namib times Facebook page.

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Walvis Bay Elderly man ends his life Rugby in his Swakopmund home Season

On Sunday evening between 21:00-22:00 Armine Blatt (81) committed suicide by shooting and was found dead in his home, flat number 11, Eggers Eck, Swakopmund.

According to the Namibian Police's crime investigations coordinator for Continues on Page 2

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6 MARCH 2018

Over 100 schoolboys volunteer for circumcision Continued from Page 1 with the project. Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin covering the head of the penis. Apart from drastically reducing the chances of contracting HIV/Aids or other sexually transmitted diseases (std's), circumcision also enhances personal hygiene and reduces risks of contracting urinary tract infections and certain types of cancer of the male sexual organ. The Principal of Coastal High, Mr Calvin Martin, urged parents to involve themselves in this decision by their boys to get circumcised and to discuss the health benefits thereof with their children. He also takes pride in his school's involvement in the project and his learners that volunteered to be circumcised.

Finance Minister Schlettwein to brief coastal business community

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Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein is set to address the coast's business fraternity at a business breakfast hosted by the Swakopmund Chapter of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) on Friday. The gathering will take place at The Dome.

MARKETING/ SALES Mikkie Kriel Cell +264 81 286 9519

The mobile clinic which will be going from school to school during the mid-term break to circumcise boys.

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The boys listened attentively to Elizabeth Mupetami is the coordinator of the group Demand Creation based at Swakopmund.

The Minister will brief the business community on the current economic climate within the country, the 2018 economic outlook, the National Budget and also an update of national projects in Erongo and how it impacts the regional economic prospects. Standard Bank and Liberty Life sponsor the event. The Chairman of the NCCI Swakopmund Branch, Mr. Paul Ndjambula, said the NCCI Swakopmund branch maintains a network of relations with both Government and private institutions and is in the position to select leaders in their respective fields to address the business community from time to time. Apart from the briefing by the finance minister, PwC will provide an overview of the 2018 National Budget. "The benefit of these types of information sharing sessions is that members of the business fraternity are informed on national issues that affect or impact their businesses. Additionally, these types of events provide a platform for networking opportunities amongst peers," concluded Ndjambula. Note: Bookings can be made through the NCCI Swakopmund branch. Entrance is free but confirmation of attendance is required.

Elderly man ends his life in his Swakopmund home Continued from Page 1 Erongo, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Blatt was found on the floor in his bedroom. The deceased had a gunshot wound on the righthand side of his head. A revolver was found on the floor right next to the deceased.

Blatt was staying alone. When his daughter, who lives in Germany, had several unsuccessful attempts to reach her father on the phone, she became suspicious and asked someone to go and see if everything was well at Blatt's apartment.


6 MARCH 2018


Thirteen months and still no ID document from Home Affairs Sharlien Tjambari

Swakopmund resident Granuel Kubas is not amused with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, as it is now one year and a month since he applied for his identification document (ID), and to date he has not received it. That is despite him making inquiries in this regard once a month since he applied for his ID. The issuing of an ID takes 12 working days to process. That is if all the required support documents are there and in order. Kubas, who applied for an ID in February 2017, has to date also not been notified of any discrepancy with his application that might have stalled the process. “No one ever informed me of anything”, he

claims. "I go there [the offices of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration] almost every month-end to enquire about my ID, because I am in urgent need of it. I am 19-years-old and I do not even have a bank account. I need my ID to apply at NIMT, as I want to study. Without an ID it is difficult and it puts me in a very bad situation", explains

Kubas. A supervisor of Affairs and Immigration at Swakopmund who identified herself as Lydia followed up Kubas' application with head office in Windhoek and discovered the application was never processed. The processing halted at what she described as "stage six" which means some support documents were out of order. That could be

anything, including the photographs Kubas provided for his application. "I can see on the system that he applied last year in February, but the processing stopped at stage six, which means there was something wrong, maybe with the photo taken", explained Lydia She made a guess that the ID might be at the Swakopmund Home Affairs and Immigration office today [6 March]. All ID applications are submitted to head office in Windhoek for further processing. Once issued the ID

cards are forwarded to the regional offices, in this case Swakopmund where the applicant comes and collects it. When Kubas spoke with namib times he alleged he was not the

only one struggling for extended periods to obtain an ID, because there were a few others who also went to follow-up on ID's which they applied for during 2017.

Kubas pins his hopes on today. Maybe he will be lucky to hold his ID in his hands today, after frustrations of more than thirteen months.

NOTICE CONSENT USE IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent use, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering Services. Erf 2789, (20 Berg Street) Swakopmund: Special permission to operate an Accommodation Establishment – Pension. Any person having any objections to the proposed activity may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Acting Chief Executive Officer until 28 March 2018. (Contact Person: Mr J T Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.


6 MARCH 2018

Court Swakopmund Court Report Regional Court Fillemon Haraseb (25) appeared on charges of kidnapping, rape and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 6 March for record and sentencing. The accused remains in custody. George Jose Silvesta Bloodstaan (20), Patrick Snewe (20), a 17-year-old, a 16year-old, Censley Nanuseb (29), Benny Fernantus Katamila (18) and Julius Boicky Lenga (20) appeared on charges of murder- attempted murder and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 9 March for mental observation report. George Jose Silvesta Bloodstaan, Patrick Snewe, Benny Fernantus Katamila and Julius Boicky Lenga are on bail of N$2 000 each, while the minors were release on warning. Sakaria Kashuukile (38), Petrus Doeseb (31), Zebby Utirisa Kaurivi (32) and Joseph Tjipute (35) appeared on a charge of theft. The matter was postponed to18 May for continuation of trial. The accused are all on bail of N$25 000 each. Simeon Teofelus (18) and Ricardo Noabeb (18) appeared on a charge of theft of a motor vehicle. The matter was postponed to 26 April for plea. The accused are on bail of N$2 000 each. Maria Ngitsuwe Ikela (18) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 8 March for mental observation. The accused has been warned. Naambo Wilhelmina David (27) appeared on charges of murder and birth concealment. The matter was postponed to 28 March for plea. The accused is on bail of N$1 500. Reinhard Kati (18) appeared on charges of rape and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 27 April for continuation of trial. The accused is on bail of N$5 000.

Magistrate Court Charity Peter Eiseb (47), Lucky Xoagub (40) and Hendrick Cloete (43) appeared on a charge of theft by false pretences. The

matter was postponed to 17 April for other reasons. The accused remain in custody. Siska Aoxamus (34) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 13 April because the case was transferred to the regional court. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Twahn Kafiamali (25) appeared on a charge of dealing in cocaine. The matter was postponed to 6 June for trial. The accused is on bail of N$3 000. Bethuel Ngaringombe (40) appeared on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The matter was postponed to 28 March for plea. The accused remains in custody. A seventeen-year-old boy appeared on a charge of robbery. The matter was postponed to 30 April for continuation of trial. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Johannes Ashipala (33), Andreas Keendjek (30) and Saymore Chiradza (34) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 2 May because the magistrate was not available. The accused are on bail of N$2 000 each. Kambambi Tjambiru (32) appeared on a charge of murder. The matter was postponed to 4 June for prosecutor general's decision. The accused is on bail of N$2 000. Gerhard Shavuka (54), David Shiweda (33) and Petrus Haikale (32) appeared on a charge of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft. The matter was postponed to 8 March for legal aid. The Gerhard Shavuka and Petrus Haikale remain in custody, while David Shiweda is on bail of N$3 000. Mathias MUnhanhwa (31) appeared on charges of fraud and making a false representation or committing a fraudulent act for the purpose of entering or remaining in Namibia. The matter was postponed to 9 March for sentence. The accused remains in custody. Johannes Hoaeb (50) appeared on a charge of domestic violence act- breach of protection order. The matter was postponed to 7 March for plea. The accused remains in custody.

Uis road claims the life of a 59Driver misjudges turning year-old lady truck - vehicle damaged Annastasia Tjipute (59) lost her life on Sunday evening when a vehicle in which she was a passenger left the road and overturned at around 19:00, on the gravel road between Henties Bay and Uis.

Traffic was disrupted for some twenty minutes in Nangolo Mbumba Drive in Walvis Bay on Friday, when the driver of this light sedan misjudged him with a truck turning left from the direction of 10th Road.

25-year old lady and a four-year old girl were seriously injured and an 11-year old boy was slightly injured. The injured were taken by ambulance to Henties Bay State Clinic for medical treatment.

The truck was already in the turn when the driver of the light sedan decided to also turn left, not taking into account the truck’s load box would be in a tighter turn as a result of the length of the vehicle. The result: the sedan was damaged when the truck’s back wheels caught it. No one was injured. The driver of the sedan admitted he was at fault and will take responsibility for the damage to his car. There was no damage to the truck.

There were four passengers in the vehicle. The driver Casius Tjipute (27) was only slightly injured and now faces charges of culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving. The other passengers, a

6 MARCH 2018



Brazilian Navy visits Walvis Bay......

The Brazilian naval vessel Amazonas is currently alongside in the port of Walvis Bay. The vessel was opened to the public on Sunday and yesterday afternoon for guided tours. On the pictures herewith: the vessel as seen through the camera lenses of photographers Rudi Bowe and Koos Liebenberg.


6 MARCH 2018

Thousands of rock lobster and large volumes of fish were killed off over the weekend after yet another sulphur eruption occurred in the ocean in the Walvis Bay area. Sulphur eruptions (hydrogen sulfite eruptions) are caused when oxygen levels in the water drops as a result of the decaying process of mainly phytoplankton (microscopic plant life) in the water. As a result fish are trying to swim in the shallow water and breathing close to the water surface. They mostly die of oxygen starvation and wash ashore. Rock lobster are walking out of the water and instantly becomes prey. People were spotted at various places along the coast in the Walvis Bay area and also the lagoon harvesting fish and rock lobster from the sulphur eruptions.

Tuesday 6 March High Tide: 06:15 Low Tide: 12:51 High Tide: 18:33 Wednesday 7 March Low Tide: 00:21 High Tide: 06:52 Low Tide: 12:52 High Tide:19:12

Thursday 8 March Low Tide: 00:58 High Tide: 07:32 Low Tide: 13:35 High Tide: 20:00 Friday 9 March Low Tide: 01:47 High Tide: 08:24 Low Tide: 14:41 High Tide: 21:14

Port Log

6 MARCH 2018

Busy Bodies News

On 24 February Busy Bodies had an awesome boat trip to Pelican Point and back. Thank you "Laramon Tours" for having us that day. We all enjoyed the trip especially when " Nonny" the seal jumped on the boat. Then on Friday 2 March Busy Bodies had their " Spray A Thon". Well done !




6 MARCH 2018

A Swakopmund resident is left disgusted after witnessing a man and a woman Swakopmund mourns the death stealing her garden plants of its well-known Dr Martin Com- on Wednesday evening at pion who passed on after a short her residence at Extension illness 15, Vineta The Compion family indicated on social media his memorial service will take place at 10:00 on Wednesday [7 March] at the Lutheran Church at Swakopmund. Estelle Moller RIP Dr Compion. Special client gewees by Std Bank Swakop. Anka Vander Bijl So sorry! A great doctor! My condolences to the family. Annette Boesch RIP DOKTOR.. Rose Line Bussel RIP Dr Compion Leonie Windisch RIP. Delecynthia Nanus Oh my goodness my Doctor of dismarck practice R.I.P. Mimi Visagie ons innige simpatie aan al sy kinders en familie, hy was vir baie jare ons huisdokter in Otjiwarongo gewees. Rosemarie J van Heerden Rip. Sabine Nederlof An awsome Dr has closed his eyes. RIP.

Annette Randall R.I.P. Doc. You will be missed. Charmaine Hayward REST IN PEACE, DOCTOR. Inekela Itembu R.i.p. Melody Mathew Serious?RIP doctor Compion. Miena Schiefer R.I.P. Hester van der Westhuizen Spesiale mens gewees, RIV Oom Martin... Carol Nel RIP Dr Compion. Michelle Viljoen Du Plessis RIP. Anita Happiness Uiras Rip. Dankie von Wez Rip. Jan-Antonie Delport Delport RIP. Zibbel Werner RIP Dr Compion.

A quarter of causes currently under investigation by the Anti-Corruption (ACC) in Erongo are related to corruption in local authorities The only clean bill of health is Arandis Town Council which has never been under investigation by the ACC. Oyla Hagen Great job Officer Kanyama! A lot more ACC cases to surface and to unravel! Jacky Uwu-khais Investigate arandis town council pls the houses sold to twp owners. Tekla Muhuura investigate how houses are sold in Arandis plz .

Set Ndeiluka Joy WoodHouse corruption is a cancer which must not be allowed to grow. Andrew Meyer No shock or surprise here .... but at least they now know they are under scrutiny.... all those greedy Mun officials. Tekla Muhuura especially the town council.

Festus Gonted Primary school is one of the oldest primary schools in Mondesa Swakopmund The school opened its doors to the community in 1964. Yet, to date this school does not have a library, school hall or even a science laboratory. Mr Lenga Abraham of Festus Gonteb Primary School says his biggest concern is the fact that the learners are unable to do their projects and research for homework, because the school does not have a library facility. Kirsten Kraft I heard that the GRN intends to spend 90 Mio for Independence day. 90 Mio for a party but not one cent for our kids? Thats disappointing. Richard Klein Party is much more important to the government than education and the future of our country.

Aletha Du Plessis Ons as n gemeenskap kan saam staan en die skool help. Ek het n paar geskiedkundige boeke oor Suid Afrika en Engelse Taal boeke. Ek woon in Walvisbaai en as iemand by die skool weet van n geleentheid Swakop toe sal ek dit met graagte skenk. Stuur my n inbox.

The resident, Lienette de Jager explained as she was pulling up to her home, she saw the two people pulling out plants from her garden. Before she could get a look at their faces, they drove off in a white Corsa light pick-up. Sarel Carstens New nursery opening soon... come buy your plants back at less 50%!! Danny Beukes En ek neem aan daai nursarybse company kar is n wit corsa bakkie??? Sarel Carstens Die delivery... en collection vehicle is 'n wit Corsa bakkie.. Kurt Tohermes Just a Warm-up for NEEEF? Fortune Minyoi Nope, we don't need plants. Mundjindi Mundjindi Not all..we would rather steal the sand and leave the plants. Kurt Tohermes Sad to say, but I can imagine that, That is exactly the ideology of NEEEF. Benitha Ndapewa Iipinge No, we wouldn't steal plants tog.... Mundjindi Mundjindi Well you're imagination is way off.. NEEEF is not stealing anything.. just taking lawfully and peacefully .. the exact opposite of what happened about 50 years ago. Fortune Minyoi 50 years? More than 100 years ago bro. Mundjindi Mundjindi Fortune Minyoi But it's so disgusting how certain people still feel a sense of entitlement for things that were stolen, shame on you! Mundjindi Mundjindi Yes late 1800's .. Kurt Tohermes Of course, you can dispossess people farmers and expel skills and say that is good for our members in the short term. But if you seriously want to develop your country, you have to look for more intellectual ways. But let's stop this deadlocked discourse. It was interesting, thank you. Maike Becker Also happened to us in Flamingo Street a little while back. Can you believe how low people can sink? I am sure Karma will get these guys back. There is a special kind of hell reserved for plant stealers. Natasha Van Der Westhuizen Wel, as my honde jou byt omdat jy plante in my erf kom steel, gaan ek beslis nie my honde uitsit of jou dokters onkoste betaal nie. Shaheed Ban Laden Saban Maybe the same person stealing in Wvb. Barend Horn As ek hulle vang, dan sal ek self lyfstraf uit deel. Dis n belofte. Evette Schuff High walls / closed gates and electric fencing. Yolande L Fourie LĂŞ hulle voor en vra vir lyfstraf by die polisie.... Wonder wat gaan die verskoning wees!!! Anna-Marie Cronje Nee man wat ek koop en in my tuin plant is myne. As ek jou vang gaan jy BETAAL. Justy Olga Ya Kapolo What? Stealing planted from the garden? This is way out of hand. Is not the game of sell-steal-sell again & again coz I think no one steal plants from 50 gardens & go planted at his own house. Sophie Peneyambeko Kauna-pawa Sheeli takamitha your plants will be stolen. Sophie Peneyambeko My dear, oyalulilwa mbela. Heliette Van Huyssteen Horn Al my mooi vetplante so gesteel. Lydia M'kwahepo Woko Amutenya I experienced this early January in Windhoek. Someone stole my tree. Josophina Simon Struggle is real....joooo. Monja Vermaak Anelda Burger dis dalk waar julle plant ook heen is! Anelda Burger Ja nee, flippen %#*&, werk vir jou eie geld en koop jou eie Plante. Niks meer as n nikswerd dief.


6 MARCH 2018

NOTICE Please take note that Van Der Westhuizen Town Planning & Properties CC on behalf of the owner/s of Erven 5789 and 5790, Extension 18, Swakopmund, herewith intend to apply to the Municipality of Swakopmund for the following: REZONING OF ERVEN 5789 AND 5790, EXTENSION 18, SWAKOPMUND, FROM “SINGLE RESIDENTIAL” WITH A DENSITY OF 1:600M² TO “GENERAL RESIDENTIAL 2” WITH A DENSITY OF 1:300M²; AND THE SUBSEQUENT CONSOLIDATION OF THE ERVEN 5789 AND 5790 INTO PROPOSED CONSOLIDATED ERF “X”. Any person having any objection against such application should lodge their objection/s in writing within 14 days of the last publication to both the Chief Executive Officer of the Swakopmund Municipality and the applicant during normal business hours. Closing date for objections or comments is 27 March 2018. Applicant: v/d Westhuizen Town Planning & Properties cc Tel: 081 122 4661 / 081 244 4441 Email:, P O Box 1598, Swakopmund

NOTICE CONSENT USES IN TERMS OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEME REGULATIONS Notice is hereby given in terms of Clause 6 of the Swakopmund Town Planning Scheme Regulations that the Town Council considers the following consent use, erection of buildings and use of land, details of which are obtainable from the General Manager: Engineering Services. For the special permission to operate a residential guesthouse on Erf 5323 Swakopmund Extension 15. Any person having any objections to the proposed activity may lodge such objections, duly motivated in writing, with the Acting Chief Executive Officer until 23 March 2018. (Contact Person: Mr J T Heita (Manager: Town Planning) Tel: +264 (64) 4104403.

N O T I C E S & V A C A N C I E S

N O T I C E S & V A C A N C I E S



6 MARCH 2018


FLAT TO RENT: One bedroom flat with kitchen, toilet and shower available as from 1st March. NS2600.00, Water and electricity included. Deposit required. Near Katutura Car Wash (New NHE Houses), Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 228 8250 TO RENT: Bachelor flat available in Narraville, 64 Mermaid str. N$3000.00 + dep (neg). W+E included. Contact: 081 231 7492

Narraville: Evergreen Street 1 2 Bedroom flat with BIC Bathroom Kitchen lounge/dining room Outside BBQ Monthly Rental @ N$4750.00 plus deposit From – 1st April 2018 Contact: Chris cell 081 142 6755

Contact Lana – 081-350-1827 Magdel – 081 -358- 8745 Office – 064 280 600


TO RENT: Walvis Bay Industrial Area Syncrolift 2nd Street East Office space available. Contact: 081 124 3904 TO RENT: Walvis Bay, Kuisebmond, Kabeljou Str. Single bedroom flat with private bathroom, in a very neat and secure area. Ideal for one person with no kids. No garage. N$ 2 400.00 p/m W/E incl. Deposit N$ 900.00 Available immediately Contact: 081 127 8229

To let: Central Walvis Bay. Newly renovated two bedroom flat with BIC, Flat is on the 2nd Floor of building, with a Garage, Spacious living room, Kitchen with BIC and BIS, Bathroom with shower and bath. Water excluded & Pre Paid Electricity installed. Very safe and secure. Rent is N$ 6000.00 plus Deposit is x 1.5 of rent value – payable over 3 months. Available Immediately Contact: Sonja at 064-207997 Email: accounts@ultratravel. net TO RENT: Kuisebmond One bedroom flat to rent with open-plan kitchen, own bathroom. For N$3000.00 p/m + deposit of N$2000.00. W+E included. Available immediately. Contact: 081 286 2506 / 081 856 8528 Tuck shop To Rent Very profitable and popular Situated next to very busy main road and entertainment outlet. Rent N$2700[Dep] N$1000 W/L inclusive Contact 081 865 2584 TE HUUR: Narraville 2 slaapkamer huis sonder garage te huur N$ 4 500.00 p/m + deposito W/L uitgesluit. Onmidellik beskikbaar. Kontak: 081 340 5909 To Rent: Swk River Plots 1 Bedroom Flat with Garage & Braai N$4500.00 pm W&E included Please call 081 280 9140 PROPERTY IS WEALTH

Walvis Bay Warehouses & Office Space TO LET


Warehouses from 300m² to 2 100m² available TOWN CENTRE – Office Space close to Namib Times – N$13 000.00 Kuisebmund – Office Space from 50 to 56m² available – N$4 663.00 Contact: Lana – 081-350-1827 Magdel – 081 358 8745 Office – 064 280 600



TO LET - SWAKOPMUND CENTRAL N$ 5500 - 1 bed flat, 1 bath, open/plan kitchen/lounge, with garage, imm avail N$ 7500 - 1 bed, 1 bath, basement parking, Basic Furniture, water incl, imm avail N$ 8025 - 2bed, 1 bath, with sunroom, openplan kitchen/lounge, furnished & water incl, avail 1st of May 18 N$ 8500 - 3 bed flat, 2 bath, double garage 3rd floor, avail 1st of Apr 18 N$ 10 000 - Furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 garage, Imm avail N$ 16 500 - 3 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Garages, ground floor, sea view flat VINETA N$ 13 500 - 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Garage, alarm, imm available MILE 4 N$ 7500 - Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen/lounge, single garage, avail 1st of May 18 N$ 9 200 - Fully furnished, 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen/lounge, single garage, imm avail N$ 10 000 - 3 beds, 3 bath, Kitchen/lounge, dining, indoor BBQ, double garage, imm avail N$ 12 500 - Spacious 4 bed, 2 bath town house with double garage, imm avail N$ 15 500 - 3 bed, 2 ½ bath, kitchen, lounge dining, TV room, study and laundry, indoor BBQ, Tandem garage, basic furniture, imm avail OCEAN VIEW Townhouses: N$ 11 000- 3 bed, 2 bath, indoor BBQ double garage Houses: N$ 11 800 3bed, 2 bath, double garage, Indoor BBQ, avail 1st of March 18 N$ 19 000 - Furnished,3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, open-plan kitchen/lounge, scullery& indoor BBQ, Imm avail HAGE HEIGHTS N$ 11 000 - 3 bed, 2 bath, double garage, imm avail Call Lucille on 081 169 6216 or Erika on 081 158 3464 or 064 464 033


Meersig - 1 Bedroom flat, garage (w/e incl) N$4 850.00 Lagoon – Semi Furn. flat with garage (w) incl – N$4 950.00 Fairways - 1 Bedroom flat, with garage (w/e incl) – N$ 6000.00 Narraville – 2 Bedroom Flat (no garage pre paid w/l – N$3 000.00 Narraville – 2 Bedr, bathr sitting, kitchen pre paid w/e – N$4 200.00 Central – 2 Bedr, sitting/ dining open plan , garage, w/e excl – N$5 200.00 Meersig – 2 Bedr, sitting/ dining, 1 bath, garage – N$4 989.60 Hermis – 2 Bedr, 1 bathr, sitting/kitchen open plan (no garage) – N$4 950.00 Hermis – 2 Bedroom flat, 1 bathr, sitting/kitchen open plan (underground parking) – N$5 500.00 Central – Pre fab flat (w/e) incl – N$3 500.00 Central – 1 Bedr flat fully furnished – N$4 950.00 Hermis – 1 Bed flat, no garage, pre paid e (w) incl – N$3 900.00 Fairways – 2 Bed flat, single garage, small courtyard – N$5 940.00 Narraville – 2 Bedroom Flat, small court yard – N$4 630.50 Narraville – 2 Bed flat, garage, courtyard , avail end March – N$5 000.00 Meersig – 2 Bed flat, garage, small courtyard – N$6 200.00 Kuisebmund – 1 Bedr. Flat – N$2 822.00 Kuisebmund – Rooms to let no hot water – N$2 000.00 Central – 2 Bedr, kitchen, bic. – N$5 600.00


Woonstel te huur, Swakop Mondesa Rakatoka str 941 Prys is N$4000 plus N$2000 deposito onder handelbaar Skakel asb 081 146 5565 of 081 223 0860



TO RENT: Walvis Bay – town House to rent, 3 bedroom + garage. N$6500.00 + deposit. Contact: 081 124 3904


TO RENT: 1x 1 bedroom flat available immediately in Kuisebmond. New NHE houses N$ 2 500.00 p/m W/E incl. Contact: 081 128 4191 081 211 7804

Walvis Bay

FOR RENT: 2 bedrooms flat for rent in Mondesa, Tulinawa N$ 5 500.00 p/m Water included. Electricity pre-paid 50% Deposit required. For Viewing call 081 239 3717 / 085 550 3629



TO RENT: Narraville 2 bedroom apartment in semi complex with courtyard and braai area. Pre paid electricity. Water included. N$ 5 000.00 p/m N$ 2 500.00 deposit Immediately available. Contact: 081 253 2303



TO RENT WALVIS BAY Big modern 3 bedr, 2 bathroom, kitchen with dishwasher, plenty of cupboards. 2 passages can be used, lounge, double garage, remote control, big courtyard. Blinds, g4s, + water included. Pre paid electricity. No pets. Professional couple and 2 kids. Strict selection. N$ 7 000.00 p/m Plus deposit. Available 1 May Hannah’s Cottages, Sam Nujoma 216. Contact Hannah / Frank: 081 124 2151


Meersig – 3 Bedr, 3 Bathr Double Garage, indoor braai, interlocked – N$10 500.00 Hermis – 3 Bedr, kitchen, dining, indoor bbq, sitting, study, 2 bathr, laundry, double garage (Next to Hospital) – N$9 900.00 Central – 3 Bedroom House, Single Garage, w/l excl – N$7 700.00 Lagoon – 3 Bedr, 1 bathr, 1 garage, one bedroom flat – N$12 100.00 Meersig – 3 Bedr, double garage, 2 bathrooms N$8 800.00 Meersig – 3 Bedr, double garage, 2 bathrooms N$8 800.00 Langstrand – 3 Bedr, double garage, laundry, kitchen, sitting – N$8 800.00 Contact: Lana – 081-350-1827 Magdel – 081 358 8745 Office – 064 280 600


FOR SALE TAMARISKIA VACANT ERVEN 536m ² - N$ 535 000-00 606m² - N$ 599 000-00 ROSALIN 081 412 4246

Walvis Bay FOR SALE Central - Invest now in this spacious single storey 3 bedr townhouse with fitted kitchen, lounge, dining, bbq, 2 bathr, double garage, courtyard. N$ 1 620 000-00 Fairways - Neat 3 bedr house which consist of open plan fitted kitchen, lounge, dining, bbq, 2 bathr, double garage N$ 1 799 000-00 Meersig - Spacious 3 bedroom house for the perfect family. The property consists of open plan kitchen, lounge, dining, entertainment area, bbq, splash pool, 2 bathr, storeroom, 3 garages & flat. N$ 2 700 000-00 Prime Area Meersig Ext 1 - Erf for sale 504 m² N$ 680 000-00 Kuisebmond Business erven 610 m² N$ 950 000-00 Business erf 300 m² N$ 480 000-00 FEEL FREE TO CONTACT: Lydia – 081 241 8980 / Office – 064 272580

Private Sale : Walvis Bay - 1 Bedroom Flat with Open plan Kitchen Bathroom and Garage with Sea-View and Public Parking @ Walvis Bay Lagoon only 1 street away from sea Please call 081 252 9876

SWAKOPMUND: EENSLAAPKAMER WOONSTEL TE HUUR OF TE KOOP PALM COURT RETIREMENT VILLAGE KOOP KRAG, GRATIS WATER. BAIE VOORDELE VIR OUER MENSE / AFGETREDENES N$560000. MOTORHUIS KAN BYGEKOOP WORD VIR N$104000. OORDRAGSKOSTES UITGESLUIT HUUR PER MAAND N$4000.- Plus deposit KONTAK: 081-293 6199 of jlpretorius@ House To Rent in Tamariskia Swakopmund 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom plus 1 Garage, Available as from 01 March 2018. N$7500.00p/m water included Deposit [neg] Please call 081 100 2156 064 403 363 FLAT FOR RENT IN SWAKOPMUNDOCEAN VIEW!!! Flat is adjacent to main house One bedroom with en-suite bathroom (only shower), small open plan kitchen & lounge, garage W/E included - No pets N$5000 + deposit (Single Male with Sober habits No Smoking) Immediately available RENTAL 1YR AND LONGER NO SHORT TERM RENTAL Call after 17:30 - Serious Views, please Send a sms with name and surname 081 284 9553 TO RENT: Lagoon Modern 3 bedroom flat, main bedroom - ensuite, bathroom, open plan sitting room and kitchen, BIC, braai area, single garage & an open plan parking area. Fully furnished. Pre paid electricity. Water included. N$ 12 000.00 p/m Plus deposit Payable in two months Contact: 081 333 3625 TO RENT: 1x bachelor flat big sleeping room, own toilet and kitchen with cupboards in a safe environment Location: New NHE Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay N$ 2 500.00 p/m Water included Electricity excluded Contact: 081 373 6300 TO RENT: Kabeljou Walvis Bay One bedroom flat, open plan kitchen and sitting room, secure parking and free wifi N$ 3 400.00 p/m W/E incl. Preferably one person / couple Contact: 081 286 7210 081 205 9653

TO LET - SWAKOPMUND MONDESA N$ 6400 - 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage imm avail N$ 7150 - 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, imm avail N$ 7150 - 3 bed, 1 bath, no garage, imm avail INDUSTRIAL OFFICES: N$ 7 100 - 95m² office space on 1st floor, imm avail N$ 9 900 - 155m² office space on 2nd floor, imm avail N$ 22 000 - Large office space to rent, Excl VAT, WAREHOUSES Warehouses available priced from N$ 12 500 to N$ 15 600.00 COMMERCIAL N$ 9 200 - VAT incl Office space on 1st floor CBD, with Reception and 2x offices LONG BEACH N$ 7 300 - 2 bed, 2 bath, open-plan kitchen/ lounge with balcony & BBQ, single garage, Furnished, imm avail N$ 7500 - 3 bed, 2bath, double garage, openplan kitchen/lounge/dining, indoor BBQ, imm avail N$ 11 500 - 3 bed, 2 bath, Open-plan kitchen/lounge/dining, Indoor BBQ, Single garage, avail Imm ARANDIS N$ 3650 - 2 bed, 1 bath no garage, flat, imm avail N$ 3850 - 2 bed, 1 bath, no garage, avail imm N$ 4500 - 2 bed house, open-plan kitchen/lounge PLUS bachelor flat, imm avail Call Lucille on 081 169 6216 or Erika on 081 158 3464 or 064 464 033 Erf For Sale Ocean View Swakopmund extention 8 with an excellent view 1000m² N$1,650 000.00 neg Contact 081 297 7112 081 280 2328 House For Sale - By Owner [private sale] Kramersdorf Swakop Erf size 875m² House 360m² : 3 Garages, 3Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Study, Guest & Staff Toilet Open plan Kitchen, Double Volume, Very Spacious Living Area, Loft Area for Play Room. Price N$3,150,000.00 contact m


6 MARCH 2018


PROPERTY TIMES TO RENT: Swakopmund a bachelor flat at NHE Houses Kuisebmond Tamariskia Big bathroom, kitchen with build in stove and cupboards. Bedroom with build in cupboards and DSTV cable installed. Parking space available. N$ 3 000.00 p/m Available and ready for viewing. Conact: 081 3287 7307 TO RENT: Swakopmund Ocean View 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big living area with kitchen, tv room 3 garages Inside + outside braai Alarm, garden W/E excl. Rent: N$ 9 000.00 p/m Deposito N$ 9 000.00 Available immediately Contact: 081 351 3225 TO RENT: Two bedroom Duplex Walvis Bay 172, The o Ben Gurirab @ block of flats Neat and sunny two bedroom duplex with lounge, kitchen and 1 ½ bathroom. Lots of cupboards, alarm, lock up garage. Courtyard with remote gate. Pre paid electricity. Sorry—No children and no pets! N$ 5 500.00 p/m Excl water plus deposit Immediately available Contact Ina: 081 250 4694 064 203 342 TO RENT: Spacious one bedroom flat in Narraville with toilet, shower and lounge and BIC. N$4000.00 p/m + dep – N$2500.00, no pets. Please, single or married couple. Contact Nalie: 081 454 5061 Engelhardt: 081 494 8603 HOUSE FOR SALE!! Ocean View close to Spar. Only N$1 850 000.00. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms both with shower and bath. Spacious kitchen with granite top & 2 bar chairs. Lounge with cladded wall for tv & mounted unit for DSTV etc. Dining room with inside braai. Scullery Double automated garage. Security: Alarm system installed. Beams on all sides of the house. Contact owner at 081 487 1960

TO LET - WALVIS BAY CENTRAL N$ 8 500 - Newly built 3 bed ,2 bath townhouse with single garage HERMES N$ 6 100 - 2 bed, 1 bath flat with open plan kitchen/lounge (w+e incl) N$ 6 200 - 2 bed , 1 bath flat with single garage N$ 5 500 - 2 bed , 1 bath with single garage N$ 6 000 - 2 bed , 1 bath single garage N$ 3 750 - Bachelor flat with single garage w&e incl N$ 8 950 - 3 bed , 1 bath , with double LAGOON N$ 4 200 - Spacious 1 bed , 1 bath , flat with single garage FAIRWAYS N$ 7 500 - 3 bed , 2 bath single garage NARRAVILLE N$ 3 300 - 1 Bed flat with own bath w&e incl N$ 3 150 - 1 Bed flat with own bathroom w&e incl N$ 5 500 - 2 Bed, 1 bath house with single garage N$ 6 850 - 3 Bed , 2 bath house with single garage (w incl) N$ 6 050 - 2 bed , 1 bath house with single garage N$ 7 000- Spacious 3 bed , 2 bath house with double garage KUISEBMOND N$ 4 250 - 3 bed , 2 bath with single garage N$ 3 800- 2 bed , 1 bath house with parking space N$ 3 200 - 2 bed , 1bath flat N$ 3 850 - Newly built 2 bed , 1 bath house INDUSTRIAL N$ 10 000 - 174 m² warehouse with an office N$ 10 500 incl VAT 145m² office space (w incl) N$ 12 000 - 204m² warehouse with office Please call Rhoda 081 4131313 Talitha 081 3373669 Business space available to share: Suitable for medical doctor [consulting room] or masseuse, location at swakopmund new mall [platz am meer] new mall, contact mr jake 081 234 1768

Flat Rental; Mile4 Swakop Starfish Street N$5000 for the Flat, water and electricity included. a Month deposit required. Contact Ben +264 812 461 254 or erastus +264 811 240 396

n Bejaarde Dame is opsoek na ‘n woonstel maat [verkieslik n dame] om n woonstel te deel vir plus minus 2 maande in Kramersdorp. Skakel asseblief 081 256 2291

For Sale Swakopmund Palm Court Retirement Village 1 Bachelor Flat and Garage for sale in Palm Court Retirement Village Woker Street Vineta Swakop for N$570,000.00 [cost excluded] Call or mail cell 081 440 0686 mail SWAKOPMUND: EENSLAAPKAMER WOONSTEL TE HUUR PALM COURT RETIREMENT VILLAGE. KOOP KRAG, GRATIS WATER. BAIE VOORDELE VIR OUER MENSE/ AFGETREDENES N$ 4000.00 per maand plus deposit KONTAK: 081-293 6199 of jlpretorius@


To Rent Mile 4 Swakop Star Fish str 15 A luxury House available for Rent. It is 50 meter from the sea N$9,000.00 pm water and electricity included. Deposit required, Please contact Ben +264 812 461 254 or +264 811 240 396 FOR SALE: Swakopmund One bedroom flat on beach-front, lockupand-go, open plan kitchen/lounge, garage, guest toilet. N$1 100 000.00, Negotiable. To view, please contact 064-461 442 between 18h00 & 21h00 NO AGENTS PLEASE FOR SALE: Erf for sale, Heritage Hill Swakopmund. Old Nonidas Castle N$ 480 000.00 Contact: 081 288 3094 Te Koop of Te Huur Swakopmund Apex Park 2de Vloer ± 120m² op gedeel in 5 kantore [met lugversorgings] te huur of te koop Huur N$5900.00 per maand en vol deposito of N$890,000.00 te koop. Besigheid in cc registreer Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Maart Skakel asseblief 081 127 3449 To let MT flats / single rooms Mahetago Swakopmund Rent N$ 1600 N$ 2 000.00 Dep N$ 1000 W/L Inclusive Contact: 081 865 2584

VACANCIES Hospitality Vacancies: We are urgently looking for experienced and qualified staff to fill various positions at our Hotels and Lodges in Namibia. All our facilities are 4 to 5 star rated and therefore our needs are very specific and only qualified and experienced applications will be considered for these positions. The following positions will need to be filled: ·Head Chef and accompanying Sous chef and chefs' helpers ·Front desk attendants and receptionists (Hospitality Experience only) ·Barmen and Waiters – experience in 5-star restaurant & bar ·Housekeeping staff with experience ·PA to the MD (ladies only) ·Bookkeeper for in-house purposes – must have experience with Pastel Contact Johann at johann@marigoldhotels.c Only applications sent via electronic mail will be accepted. VACANCY: Swakopmund We need a qualified upholsterer. Please hand in your CV if you do qualify for the position. Namib Upholstery Tel. 064 – 400053

VACANCIES WALVIS BAY KIDS HAVEN Kinderhuis in Walvisbaai Met ‘n vakante betrekking vir huismoeder Vereistes: ‘n absolute opregte passie vir kinders! Ouderdom 35 - 50 Geen afhanklinkes Moet voltyds kan inwoon Moet met kinders en babas van enige hierkoms en mediese agtergrond kan werk Baie geduld en liefde vir kinders he Bestuurderslisensie sal ‘n plus wees Medies geskik wees Nie roker en drinker Kontakbare onlangse verwysings Moet kan kook Moet met personeel kan werk / eie inisiatief kan gebruik Netjiese voorkoms en netheid ‘n vereiste Moet so gou moontlik kan begin Epos verkorte cv met duidelike foto na baardmaureen@gmail. com Faks: 064 206 456

VACANCY: Namib Off Road Center Carwash 064 207 999 Hand deliver CV Closing date 9 March SHAPE A AUTO Qualified sober spray painters and panel beaters needed. Phone: 081 827 3004

TO HIRE HUUR ‘n TROKKIE 3,5 t / 4t Ek verwyder bou rommel / vullis / huistrekke / kantoor trekke. Enige tipe vragte. Bel my gerus. Ek laai self. Eugene: 081 611 1111 CONTAINERS TO BUY / RENT and storage yard in Swakopmund with 24/7 access. Office or ablution alterations. Cowboys. 064 418 150 or 081 146 4770



CAR FOR SALE 2007 A-170 Mercedes, AUTOMATIC 115 000 KM. N$ 65 000.00 NEGOTIABLE CALL: 081 262 2820

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ITEMS FOR SALE SWAKOPMUND CALL 081 567 4522 •5 x Fridges from N$1500.00 [each] •2 x Casio Cash Registers from N$850.00 [each] •3 x TV [Box Type] Starting price from N$650.00 •2x KIC and DEFY Chest Freezer 550lt from N$3000.00 •1x Kelvinator Grill Microwave Stainless steel - like new N$850.00 •1x Pioneer Home Theatre large system like new •2x Mini display Glass Front Drinks Fridges from N$1750.00 •1x Tek 32inch Flat Screen TV for N$1750.00 Call 081 567 4522

RESTAURANT AND BAR ITEMS FOR SALE Underbar fridges Ice cube maker 730kg / 24h Copper pipes Stage sound system complete not older than 2 years For more information: 081 269 5137

DOVES Swakopmund - Wit Pronk Duiwe [Fantails] te koop Kontak 081 445 8067

COURSES Prosperity Hotel School (PRO-VTC) 2018. Now offering National Qualification level 2 (NTA) & Hospitality short courses: •Waiter,Waitress,Hotel Bar Attendants,Cleaner/Hous ekeeping @ N$2000 each •Chef,Receptionist,Event s Décor @N$5000 each •Basic Computer for N$500 only. No Qualification needed just a copy of I.D. A 50% payment on registration fee is required. SMS your NAME &Course to 081 462 8224 / 081 700 2026 Walvis/Swakop. Our Trainings are directly linked to Jobs, on availability.

GERMAN COURSE FOR ADULT BEGINNERS: Learn to speak German and improve your job opportunities!!! Limited space available. Register no to qualify for a discount. Experienced mothertongue teacher. Courses for Kids are also available. Contact 081 607 2685

DAY CARE DAY CARE IN NARRAVILLE Open from Mondays to Fridays 07:00 17:00 Food included Contact: 081 419 7681


6 MARCH 2018

Classifieds E-MAIL: OR

HEALTH Traditional Easter Massages to Offer in Platz am Meer Mall 2nd Floor, special start @N$180-/30min, Please call 064 463 995 or 081 653 7744 for booking

SERVICES Are your tax returns outstanding? Do you want to register your business? Do you need a bookkeeper or an accountant? Welwitschia Accountants wants you to focus just on your career & business. Delegate your accounting affairs to their team. Operating in Swakopmund & WalvisBay. Call 081 215 8138 Enquire Group Education : Personal Tutoring - Grade 112 NamCol Students included Sales: Medical Equipment, Consumables, Educational Materials, Consulting Services: Heath, Safety, Education. Call Delensia at 081 566 5568 or 081 647 7921 email: delensia@ / or enquire@ ERONGO ALARMS AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS WE DO CCTV CAMERAS ALARM INSTALLATIONS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS INTERCOM SYSTEMS GATE AND GARAGE MOTORS DSTV ELECTRIC FENCES SECURITY CONSULTING CONTACT US 081 233 9825 erongoalarms@gmail .com CAR KEYS: We program & supply new & spare keys, program 2nd hand ECU’s & air bag ECU’s, all cars make & models. For a free quote contact: RDJ SERVICES & SUPPLIES. SMS / CALL WHATSAPP: 0813746444


15x RESIDENTIAL ERVEN ON AUCTION OMUTI ESTATE, OKAHANDJA SATURDAY 17 MARCH 2018 @ 10H00 Namagri Auctioneers presents residential erven on auction Saturday 17 March 2018 @ 10h00 from the Omuti Estate in Okahandja. Visit our website com for complete details For Enquiries Please Contact: Alex McDonald +264 81 128 6821 Christo Brisley +264 81 122 0691 Ingo Oosthuizen +264 81 1247668 Email:







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Dr. Jumah The Witchdoctor Practising as: Jumah African Traditional Healing Methods He is an expert and experienced Traditional medicines and practitioner of herbs of different types He is an expert and experienced in: Natural and artificial diseases Witchcraft and magical diseases Weather and created diseases African and foreign diseases Love issues and problems, marriages and financial issues and problems, court cases, farm and home protection, livestock development and protection, body protection, confining and catching thieves, employment and business opportunities, luck and lucky charms, gambling and lotto, charms of any kind, talismanic rings and belts, sea workers protection, sea lag diseases and many more... Come in Walvis Bay town centre close to Multi save Shopping centre at Berani court in Hage Geingob street Consultation fee is N$ 100.00 Marriage counselling, stress and depression counselling, business counselling and consultation and plans are also done at a fee. Call today Dr. Jumah the witchdoctor of all times 081 880 5300 081 640 9818 Come and see the best doctor! You will live a healthy and successful life in 2018 and beyond!

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RT Consultants Do you require VIP payroll services for your employees, we can assist. Please contact Tanya at 081 152 6129 Do you require any electrical consulting services,we can assist from basic to project designs. Please email to RTConsultantsWalvisbay

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Fransien’s Cleaning Service Swakopmund is no OPEN. We do all type of cleaning N$250.00 per cleaning Please call Fransina Coetzee on Cell 081 818 3599

Transport of Furniture and Household Goods in Swakopmund and Erongo region with Trained Personal and Personal Supervision 26 years Local experience Please call 081 127 4134

OFFICE & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE REMOVAL SPECIALISTS Namibia - South Africa Household & Office. Mobile: 0814093522 email:

CLOSING TIME: 10:00 day prior to publication

Swakopmund Sewing Centre & Upholstery Services Phone: 064-404410 Cell 081 865 2584 General tailoring, leather, tents, curtains, sleeping bags, cushions, alterations, repairs. Reupholstery of car seats, trucks, busses, lounge suites, chairs, benches, ripstop coverings, makeups, camping chairs, canvas canopies, leather work, repair of tents, zips, saddlery, luggage etc. Shoe repair service Heel tip replacement, full sole & half sole repair, alterations, buckles, velcro replacement, zips, stitching, general repair service. TRADITIONAL DOCTOR: Dr. S Jeke (The Best). Bad Luck - Luck Muti Love Problems Marriage to keep your lover just for yourself Work problems Promotions - To get tenders and to boost your business - People don’t want to pay you back Pregnancy Problems Protection of Farms, Houses, Cars and Animals - Sexual transmitted sickness - all sickness Asthma, BP Remove to-koloshi from bodies, houses - Men’s power se-xuality Spiritual doctors in need of more spiritual powers, etc. House Nr.(79) 3191D Johanna Benson Street Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. Cell: 081 303 3149

PROFESSIONAL TRADITIONAL DOCTOR Dr Oupa Chimeza now in Walvis Bay Has 23 years experience in various problems and diseases. Have you lost all hope? struggling with bad thoughts Getting drunk Abondoning your family Divorce ? suicide Everything is not going forward? Always bad luck on you? Stop there is hope! SMS OR CALL OUPA CHIMEZA bringing back lost lover Penis enlargement To win contracts? Business boosting and to stop chitaka high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer Contact Oupa: 081 602 7102 Home Tech Swakopmund We do REPAIRS Call 081 756 5756 House Hold Appliance ; Stoves, Fridges, Microwaves, Box Tv’s & LCD. Reasonable Prices we will come and collect & deliver Free Quotes Please Phone 081 756 5756

NAMIB DRAUGHTING For all your building plan needs. Additions New Buildings Contact: 081 146 6134 namibdraughting@ LAPTOP REPAIRS Onsite repairs at your home / office whilst you wait! Virus removal & broken screens replacement Data recovery on faulty hard disks No fix, no charge Contact: 081 352 4524 085 647 2945

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6 MARCH 2018




TRADITIONAL DOKOTA THE HEALER DOKOTA BABA CHANDE The powerful traditional healer who never fail no matter how big is your problem in spiritual and traditional way don’t let your problems give you stress day and night. I am here to help you... To bring back your lost lover no matter for how long you break up To stop your love cheating on you Remove badluck from your body Promotion at work Do you want to win the divorce or stop the divorce Misunderstandings in your relationship To chase away the bad evils in your house To boots your business to have more customers Protection of your property To sell your property very fast To win tenders with your business Magic wallet and magic stick. Protection of your body from your enemies Women and men who don’t produce Financial business matters. Pregnant problems. Debt account loan. Gambling and casino. To see your enemies in the mirror. And many more Cell: 081 647 2904

Dr Yusuf Herbalist and Fortune Teller specialised in all traditional medicine who can cure different diseases including long term such as: Bewitched; Bring back lost lover; Job promotion; Pregnancy problems; Financial problems; Strong erections; Business problems; and many more Call 081 289 1476

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JOBS WANTED WERK GESOEK: Zelma 34 jaar oud baie betroubaar is opsoek na huiswerk of strykwerk. Het verwysings. Maandae tot Vrydae. Kontak: 081 297 3221 WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 48 jarige dame opsoek na enige skoonmaak werk, kantoor or strykwerk. Kontak: 081 280 8640 JOB WANTED: I am a 30 year old lady looking for domestic work, cleaning offices, guesthouse or laundry or restaurant work. I am in Walvis Bay. I can start working from Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 17:00. Please call if interested 081 226 6917 JOB WANTED: I am a 32 year old lady looking for domestic work for 3 days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Ready to start immediately. Contact: 081 347 8982

JOBS WANTED WERK GESOEK: Ek is ‘n 46 jarige hardwerkende dame opsoek na 2 dae werk, Dinsdae en Donderdae asook Saterdae. Kan alles doen. Kontak: 081 635 4494 I am a 26 year old lady looking for domestic work or guest house cleaning. In Walvis Bay. Contact: 081 225 7878 0281 651 4848 I am looking for any kind of work even day care. I am willing to start immediately. Contact: 081 749 7269 Ek is opsoek na huiswerk, 3 5 dae ‘n week. In Meersig, Lagoon, Dorp, Langstrand. Butchery - general work. Restaurant - assistant chef Kontak: 081 606 5482 WERK GESOEK: Ek is 46 jaar, getroud en is opsoek na huiswerk vir 3 dae. Dinsdae, Woensdae, Donderdae. Skoonmaak of strykwerk. Baie betroubaar. Kontak: 081 655 9329 JOB WANTED: I am a 40 year old woman looking for domestic work in Walvis Bay for 2 days. Mondays to Fridays. Can start immediately. 081 327 3616 Ek is opsoek na 3 dae per week huiswerk in swakop of in myl 4, Vineta, Kramersdrop, of midde dorp. Ek rook of drink nie. En kan dadelik begin werk. 081 248 6446 My naam is Alexia, en is dringend opsoek na enige werk, huiswerk, kantore skoonmaak. Ek kan dadelik begin werk, ek is hardwerkend en betroubaar. Skakel my asseblief op 081 893 9192

JOB WANTED: I am a 23 year old lady looking for Domestic work or baby sitting work, I am able to work 3 days per week or 5 days from Monday to Friday in Swakop. Please call 081 271 1232 JOB WANTED: A middle age Male is looking for employment as a Driver or suitable Employment. I am having a code C1 drivers licence with PdP and Matric. I can start immediately in Swakop or Walvisbay. Please call Milton 081 710 5156 JOB WANTED: I am a young man urgently looking for any kind op Gardening Job or a Driving Job. I am having a B License with a “GP” Contact: 081 885 9887 WERK GESOEK: Ek is opsoek na enige werk, huiswerk, kantore skoonmaak werk, of Cashier werk, ek het ook baie kennis in kosmaak en het n sertifikaat. Ek is baie hardwerkend en gevallig om nuwe goed te leer, Ek kan enige tyd begin werk. Skakel asseblief Doreen 081 779 2650 WERK GESOEK: Ek is Mersia en is opsoek na huiswerk of skoonmaak werk vir 5dae in die week. Ek kan dadelik begin werk in Swakopmund. Skakel my asseblief op 081 282 2658 WERK GESOEK: Ek is 39 jaar oud en is opsoek na HUISWERK. Ek is hardwerkende en getroue persoon, en het goeie vaardighede van huisskoon maak werk, ek kan ook kinderes oppas ook na ouma omsien, ek rook en drink nie, ek kan ook kantore skoonmaak. Kan 3 dae van die week werk in swakopmund. Skakel my asseblief by 081 377 1498

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6 MARCH 2018

Our sincere condolences to theof family of Our sincere condolences to the family

DENISE PLATT We are truly saddened to hear about the untimely death of your loved one. Please take comfort in knowing that our thoughts are with you and your family.

From: Management and Staff of Merlus Seafood Processors (Pty) Ltd



VACANCY Accounting Position - Spur Group RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Year-end preparation and compilation of dormant and operating entities AFS 2. Data processing - independently 3. General office duties, filing and errands 4. Ad hoc assignment 5. Preparation of standard / routine Income Tax Calculations 6. Compiling client year-end working paper files 7. Reconciliation of all statements 8. Fixed Asset Register - up to date 9. Stock Control 10. Drafting of Annual Financial Statements 11. Preparation of VAT, Import VAT, PAYE, Provisional Tax, Social Security, Workmen’s Compensation and similar returns. 12. Finalisation of year-end working paper files 13. Preparation of Financial Statements 14. Preparation of and checking of standard returns required by law 15. Preparation of budget and cash flows. 16. Sage payroll Email CV to: Please indicate salary expectation


6 MARCH 2018


WBPS at Elnatan Shoot 2018 Walvis Bay Private School participated at the second NASP ranking shoot of the year that was hosted at the Elnatan Private School in Stampriet.



Walvis Bay Rugby Club started

Saturday started with a fresh southern breeze giving hope for a nice breezy day in a usually very hot Stampriet. One hundred archers from 13 schools participated in the event. As it was the last shoot before the selection of the African All Stars, National and Development teams, everyone was psyched up to do their best. The archers had the chance to show their skills in three Bulls eye rounds and one Animal round. Those archers who shot a full fifty in a flight were given a special badge to acknowledge their performance. After the archers finished the adults were given a chance to show their skills in the AAG (Adult Archery Group). Categories overall winners as follow: Junior Boys Bull eye round: Gold – Jannie Booysen Silver – Izak Engelbrecht Bronze – Wian van Zyl Junior Girls Bulls eye round: Gold – Anrika van Zyl Silver – Mari Louw Bronze – Ursula Roberts Senior Boys Bulls eye round: Gold – Pieter Hough Silver – Altus Opperman Bronze – Willem Lottering Senior Girls Bulls eye round: Gold – Dominique

Bekker Silver – Melany Erasmus Bronze - Isabel Louw Junior Boys Animal round: Gold – Alexander Abrahams Silver – Ghilium Bernardt Bronze – Jannie Booysen Junior Girls Animal round: Gold – Mari Louw Silver – Jomari Campbell Bronze – Anrika van Zyl Senior Boys Animal round: Gold – Willem Lottering Silver – Altus Opperman Bronze - Delron Gaoseb Senior Girls Animal round: Gold - Isabel Louw

Silver – Melany Erasmus Bronze – Dominique Bekker Overall Junior Boys: Gold – Jannie Booysen Silver – Alexander Abrahams Bronze - Ghilium Bernardt Overall Junior Girls: Gold – Anrika van Zyl Silver – Mari Louw Bronze – Jomari Campbell Overall Senior Boys: Gold – Pieter Hough Silver – Altus Opperman Bronze – Willem Lottering Overall Senior Girls: Gold – Melany Erasmus Silver – Dominique Bekker Bronze – Isabel Louw

We would like to thank every school that came from far, and near, to join in a wonderful weekend. The day ended in a braai where everyone mingled and enjoyed each other's company. Sunday everyone from afar had a safe journey home. Special thanks go to our sponsors for the day: OK Grocer Stampriet (Hennie and Renee) Namib Poultry (Jacobus Henn) Coke for the tent providing the shade. A special thanks to all our Elnatan parents who donated towards the day. Butt Archery Suppliers and NASP NAM for the use of your equipment.

The archers of Walvis Bay Private School

Jukskei in Walvisbaai Saterdag 24 Februarie was ‘n suksesvolle dag van Jukskei op die bane van Walvisbaai. Vier spanne in die A en B afdelings het deelgeneem. 3. Usakos - 21 30.5 PUNTESTAND: 4. Hentiesbaai. 2. Hentiesbaai A-Afdeling: 20.5 25.5 1. Swakopmund B-AFDELING: 3. Walvisbaai - 21 26.5 1. Swakopmund 4. Usakos - 13 2. Walvisbaai - 22

Walvis Bay Rugby Club has started with their training for the 2018 rugby season at the Jan Wilken Stadium in Walvis Bay. The club will play this year in the first division of the NRU rugby league. The club last year ended third in the Premier league. This year’s players are young and for some of them it will be their first games in the NRU league. Shaun White is the new coach for the club.

The club invites all interested to their Annual General Meeting that will be held at the club house at Jan Wilken Stadium on Wednesday 7 March 2018 at 18:00 for 18:30.


6 MARCH 2018

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Vikings Rugby Club opens doors at SFC

“Bound by Brotherhood, Backed by Values" will be the motto of the newly found Vikings Rugby Club at the SFC in Swakopmund. SFC Vikings is established to grow and promote the game of rugby in Swakopmund. The founding members are Jaco Barnard, HW Oosthuizen and Morne Visser. The SFC Vikings will participate in the 1st Division of the Namibia Rugby Union for the 2018 season, with the vision of building towards being a competitive Premier League Club by 2020. Founding member Jaco Barnard said that management and players are really excited about the new rugby season. The club have got a special group of youngsters that can't wait to showcase their talent. The club is proud to announce that Herman Grobler (Currie Cup), Lean Stoop (National 15-a-side & 7's), Lovelle Delie (National 7's) and Juanne-Louis Grobler (National 7's) are some of the few experience and informed players that are registered at the club. This is a perfect start for a new club and sets a strong platform to build towards the goals of the club. Just as any other club the SFC Vikings will aim to win the trophy, but player development will be the primary goal for the 2018 season.” The club would like to create opportunities for the players to learn from the best in the business, so we can look forward to exciting things to come this year" "With some research we found that interest in rugby at the coast is in a poor state and decided to do something about it and thus established a brand new club to bring about some exciting changes regarding the development of players and how the game is approached" Jaco Barnard said. Within its first season, the SFC Vikings will launch its "Kids to Vikings" program to raise interest in the game of rugby among schools in Swakopmund. There is only one school with rugby as a recognised sport in Swakopmund and the Vikings would like to change that and get more schools involved. This will not only bring about better competition among schools, but will also play a role in the vision of developing rugby at the coast to become a powerhouse in Namibian Rugby as a whole. "Through rugby and the development thereof, we hope to form new friendships to draw the Coastal Community closer together" Jaco Barnard said.

Any players are welcome to join training sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00 "On Saturday Vikings Rugby Club had the honour to host a match between the Premier League club Kudus and a combined Swakopmund Barbarian team consisting of 1st Division clubs in Swakopmund at the SFC. The match was played in four quarters of 20 minutes each to test players and combinations for each club involved. The first and second 20 minute quarters saw some attractive and competitive rugby being played although one can say that the last two quarters player fitness was the decisive factor as Kudus Rugby Club ran riot against a tired Barbarian team" "Kudus gave the Swakopmund Barbarian a good hiding in the last two quarters as fatigue took its toll on the players. It's quite difficult to implement paying patterns with a mixed team on a Thursday night before a weekend match, The coaching staff of each club can take a lot of positives from this game" says Jaco Barnard. From a Vikings point of view, as a 1st Division club we can't ask for better preparation than to be part of a squad that plays against a Premier League Club. This was the perfect opportunity for us to test our depth and to give our youngsters a chance to prove themselves against one of the best Premier Clubs the country has to offer" Vikings Rugby Club would like to thank Kudus and their coaching staff for the opportunity and would like to wish them well on their season ahead. The management of SFC Vikings thanked Pro-Ed Academy pupils that helped on the day. SFC Vikings will play their first game of the season at the SFC against the 2017 Premier League SemiFinalists, Walvis Bay Rugby Club on 17 March. Any Corporate Sponsors that would like to get involved with the SFC Vikings and its development pro-gram, can contact Mr Morne Visser on 081 144 5957 or Swakopmund Barbarian

Novanam Monthly Medal Contributed

Saturday 24 February was a busy day of golf at Rossmund with the Junior Open that took place as well as the Novanam Monthly Medal. The leading Juniors were out on the tee box just after seven to play Round 1 of their 36 hole tournament with the lower ranks following on behind. The Medal Competition tees off around 12 noon with a great team of golfers. The weather was fantastic – bit of wind later in the afternoon but all in all a great day for golf. As always it was great to have Robertha there for the prize-giving. Grant Mather managed a 2-club on Number 3 whilst Peter Fox was successful on Number 7. Results: - Best Gross: Grant Mather 72, overall: George Murasiki 69 nett; "A "Div: Helmut Ndjendja 71 nett, "B "Div: Marco Swarts 71 nett, "C" Div: Jacque v/d Merwe 74 nett (c/o), Ladies: Rina Knight 76 nett (c/o). The junior's fish was auctioned off and the proceeds went to the development fund. Damian Da Silva was crowned Rossmund Junior Open Champion for 2018. Full report to follow. Wednesday 21 February we had something different with Roux and Marlon from Titlist to show off all their new products and even organised a chipping competition from the yellow tee box to the practice green target - with some golf balls for those that could produce the goods. Unfortunately no "hole in one". Marco in the meantime organised some caps and golf balls as prizes for our Wednesday competition. Thanks to the guys from the Western Cape for including Rossmund in their schedule - see you again in September. Apart from the excellent 40pts from Gert Breedt to win the 18 holes and Bertie's undisclosed number for the Most Golf - the remainder of the prizes were decided on 7-way and 3-way count outs. 2nd Place went to Rina Knight on 36pts and the Best Front 9 to Warren Theron with 20pts. Well played to all. Matchplay 2018 - Entry Lists for this year's competition have been posted in the Pro-shop - entries will close on 31 March. Fee: N$50 per player payable on entry. Fairway Markers – we note that a few of the markers have been pulled out of the ground – please consult the rule on the back of the scorecard and play your shot accordingly.

(Ltr): Novanam Winners: H Ndjendja, Roberta (Novanam ), M Swarts, R Knight J v d Merwe (RGC Cpt) and G Murasiki)

06 march namib times e edition  

06 march namib times e edition

06 march namib times e edition  

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