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535 candidates cleared for ULB polls Ao, Sumi candidates asked to withdraw Correspondent

DIMAPUR, JAN 11 (NPN): Reaffirming their stand to oppose the Municipal/Town Council elections with 33% women reservation, the apex tribal body organizations-- Ao Senden and Sumi Hoho, have warned all candidates from their respective communities to withdraw nominations or face excommunication from the community. It may also be mentioned that the Angami Public Organization on January 4 resolved to “excommunicate any Angami man/ woman for a period of 10 years from Angami jurisdiction” if they violate its directives and file his/her nominations to the ULB elections in any district. Ao Senden: Ao Senden Federal Assembly on Wednesday issued a stern warning to all bonafide Ao community members, who have filed their nominations for the forthcoming Municipal/Urban Local Bodies (ULBS) election, to withdraw their papers on or before January 17, 2017 or face excommunication for a term of 30 years. The decision to this effect was made during the Federal Assembly of the Ao

Airports across India alerted on terror attacks NEW DELHI, JAN 11 (Agencies): Airports across India have been put on alert after intelligence agencies warned of a terror plot ahead of Republic Day celebrations. Agencies have directed authorities related to airports’ security to keep a vigil eye as an attacker could be donning the uniform of a security personnel. The Bureau for Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) had issued an advisory in this regard on December 28. “Some uniformed staff has airport entry pass. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has been asked to frisk them carefully even if they have the pass. The security staff has the tendency of going soft if someone is from the police or army. This can be used as a cover,” Hindustan Times has quoted a BCAS official as saying. The CISF guards the country’s airports. Also, the paramilitary force has made a “sweeping squad” which includes personnel trained to profile travellers and spot dubious movements, reported the daily. The Defence Ministry is responsible for conducting the Republic Day celebrations.

This is it!

“Sir we caught him recording on his mobile. Thought it would interest you.” K Y M C

Senden held on January 11, wherein the house also reaffirmed to stand by earlier standing resolution, stated Ao Senden acting president C. Angang Jamir and acting general secretary L. Tally Longkumer through a press release. The Senden said the Assembly also adopted a three-point resolution, wherein it was decided to excommunicate any candidate for a term of 30 years in the event of failure to comply with the directives and that he/she would not be allowed to participate in any Ao society. He/she will be debarred the rights of Aos for holding any position both in the government and private. He/she will be debarred the rights of Aos to participate in all Naga Civil Societies and organizations. The Senden also categorically stated that the Municipal/ULB elections in the present form would not be allowed till “defective provisions are rectified.” In this regard, the Federal Assembly has empowered the presidential council to pursue the matter, taking appropriate measures till matters end.

Sumi Hoho: The Sumi Hoho during its executive meeting held on January 11 at Sumi Hoho Ki, Zunheboto also adopted a fourpoint resolution with regard to civic body polls, In a press note, Sumi Hoho president Toniho Yepthomi and general secretary Vihuto Asumi said the following resolutions were adopted. 1. All the candidates of Zunheboto Town Council who have filed nominations must withdraw nomination immediately. 2. Any candidate failing to withdraw nomination paper shall be ‘excommunicated’ from the Sumi society for a period of 10 years. 3. Until and unless the government of Nagaland review the existing Municipal Act, the Sumi Hoho shall continue to oppose the Urban Level Body Election. 4. In the Sumi jurisdiction of Dimapur district, the Western Sumi Hoho is entrusted to coordinate with the Central Nagaland Tribes Council and Naga Council Dimapur and ensure the withdrawal of nominations by all the candidates. ZPON: Zeliang People’s Organisation Nagaland

(ZPON) has asked all candidates who have filed nominations, particularly from Peren district to withdraw their nominations in order to pave way for “drawing an acceptable and conclusive decision” to protect Naga customary law and practises and “to uphold Article 371(A) of the Constitution of India vis-à-vis the state of Nagaland indispensable”. In a press note, ZPON media cell maintained that the proposed civic body election with 33% women reservation was undeniably controversial. To go ahead with the process as intended by the state government at this juncture unquestionably would cast the entire system into a lame duck scenario, ZPON said. “No entity nowhere in a democratic world more so in Nagaland, be it the state government or the tribal organisations can imagine to exist on their own or with severed relationship as is prevalent now,” ZPON stated. It said “a healing to this condition” could only be brought about through consultation and dialogue. Even as such eventuality is anticipated, ZPON said what was

inevitable at the moment to be able to prove that the state government and its citizens are humanly civilised, was to put on hold the proposed ULB elections. To maintain peaceful and conducive atmosphere in order to restore cordial relationship between the state government and the tribal organisations, ZPON said there was a need for further consultations on the contentious 33% women reservation in the ULB election of Nagaland for the best interest of its citizens. MAPO: Meluri Area Public Organization (MAPO) has also reiterated its statement, published on January 5, to uphold and adhere to the call of the Nagas and oppose the Town Council polls in Meluri Town. Being a part and parcel of the Pochury Hoho, MAPO president Riesoupa Kajiri said it respected and never wished to intrude into the authority of the hoho. However, the recent imbroglio of the hoho in support of 33% women reservation had no iota of truth, MAPO added. Referring to the “so called resolution” made on

KOHIMA, JAN 11 (NPN): State Election Commission (SEC) after scrutiny has accepted the nominations papers of 535 candidates for elections to the Municipal/ Town councils slated to be held on February 1, 2017. Nomination papers of four candidates were rejected-- two for Dimapur Municipal Council, one each for Peren and Zunheboto town council polls. According to the SEC’s report, 549 candidates which included standby from NPF, BJP, Congress and Independent filed nomination papers out of which 535 was found valid. Filing of nominations to municipal/town council election was conducted from January 3-7, but with stiff opposition from Naga tribal bodies in boycotting the filing of nomination by taking to the streets, the authorities extended the date of submitting papers to January 9. However, on the extended date (January 9), no nominations could take place in six municipal/town councils- Kohima Municipal council, Mokokchung (Cont’d on p-7) Municipal Council and

Sl. Town/Municipal Council No 1. Dimapur municipal Council 2. Kohima Municipal Council 3. Mokokchung Municipal Council 4. Jalukie Town Council 5. KiphiriTown Council 6. PerenTown Council 7. PhekTown Council 8. TseminyuTown Council 9. TuensangTown Council 10. ZunhebotoTown Council 11. Mon Town Council 12. Longleng Town Council 13. PfutseroTown Council 14. MedziphemaTown Council 15. ChumukedimaTown Council 16. NaginimoraTown Council 17. ChangtongyaTown Council 18. Tuli Town Council 19. WokhaTown Council 20. MangkolembaTown Council 21. LongkhimTown Council 22. Bhandari Town Council 23. Tobu Town Council 24. TizitTown Council 25. East Dimpaur 26. TeningTown Council 27. PungroTown Council 28. ChozubaTown Council 29. ShamatorTown Council 30. AboiTown Council 31. NoklakTown Council 32. MeluriTown Council Total

Validly Validly presented nominated 62 60 Nil Nil Nil Nil 17 20 16 21 21 Nil 22 Nil 24 27 Nil 14 14 Nil 14 33 13 22 22 16 20 15 13 19 21 18 18 19 19 549

17 20 15 21 21 Nil 21 Nil 24 27 Nil 14 14 Nil 14 33 13 22 22 16 20 15 13 18 21 18 18 19 19 535

Tuensang Town Council, cil, as tribal bodies imposed Mon Town Council, Medz- total bandh in three districtsiphema Town Council and Kohima, Mokokchung and (Cont’d on p-7) Changtongya Town Coun-

Ao Senden clarifies CNTC demands postponement CTC candidates decide Rijiju blames Manipur govt for to withdraw nominations of Municipal/Town elections

DIMAPUR, JAN 11 (NPN): The Ao Senden through a press note issued a clarification, citing reasons as to why one of its member, minister Nuklutoshi was issued a ‘quit notice’ from Ao territory on January 9. Ao Senden acting president C. Angang Jamir and acting general secretary L. Tally Longkumer said Nuklutoshi had acted against the will of the Ao people by “arranging to gather the candidates to file the nomination of Changtongya Town Council from Tuli Town”. However, the people of Tuli town intervened and prevented him from doing so, it said. Further, applying the same tactics, the Senden claimed that Nuklutoshi tried to pursue to get the nominations done from his home town, Chuchuyimlang town. This was also confirmed from the concerned authority to Ao Senden officials that the minister was in the process of doing as stated, the Senden added. In the act, the Senden said the minister’s “convoy was caught red handed by the volunteers of the movement”. On learning of his activities, the peoples’ anger was triggered and thereby decided to personally attack him, said the Senden.“Thus, the Ao Senden with clear sense decided to move him way for the day taking into account his own safety as well as to salvage the situations at hand,” the Senden said.

D I M A P U R , JA N 1 1 (NPN): Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has demanded for immediate postponement of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) election in Nagaland with 33 percent women reservation, until the reservation policy was amended in consultation with apex tribal organizations. In this regard, CNTC has asked all candidates to respect the decisions of their respective tribal bodies by withdrawing their nominations. In a press note, CNTC media cell said that the appeal has been made “in the wake of contention over the impugned Municipal Act by all the tribal apex bodies of state”. CNTC was of the opinion that the government, calling for conduct of ULB elections in spite of

widespread objections of tribal bodies, would invite unprecedented ramifications for which it would be held solely responsible. “The hard ear ned rights and provisions of Article 371 A for the state of Nagaland cannot be compromised under any circumstances whatsoever,” CNTC stated. While acknowledging that the Municipal Act had been enacted for developmental purposes, CNTC opined that it was “detrimental to our rich traditional values and customary rights bestowed by the Almighty on our forefathers since time immemorial”. It further made known that Nagas’ traditional rights and heritage was above any elected legislators of the day. “Governments

come and go but the rights of people and our land are permanent and non-negotiable,” the council said. Since there has been clear demarcation between the Indian laws and Naga customary laws indicated by Article 371A, CNTC urged upon all not be mislead by vested individuals by twisting, distorting and manipulating to suit their interests. CNTC reminded those in power today that they were not going to be in their chairs forever, saying one day they too would become a public. Further reminding the legislators that they had been elected by the people, CNTC said it was very disheartening and grossly unacceptable to note that they were going against the wishes of the people.

DIMAPUR, JAN 11 (NPN): Chümoukedima Village Council (CVC) on Wednesday informed that the candidates for Chumukedima Town Council (CTC) polls have “promised to withdraw their nomination papers by signing an undertaking bond” with the council and 16 tribal unit leaders as witness. Informing this in a press note, CVC chairman Razouvotuo Chatsu said the village council and all the 16 tribal units, GBs under Chümoukedima town have expressed profound gratitude to all the candidates. All the candidates, irrespective of party affiliations or tribe, on their own understanding and knowledge, have apologized for going against the public interest, by violating the January 2, 2017 joint resolution of CVC and 16 tribal units, the council stated. “The candidates have clearly stated and promised to withdraw their nominations and that in the failure to do so, he/she shall be held responsible for any action taken against those defaulters”, CVC said. Further, CVC has expressed appreciation to all tribal unit leaders and volunteers of Chümoukedima, APO, AYO, CPO, CYO, CSU, CGBU, CTYO, CVYS, NCYD and all neighbouring villages for extending all support and making the boycott call a grand sucess.

ENPO highlights border fencing issue with Centre D imapur , J an 1 1 (NPN): A team of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) on Wednesday approached the officials of external affairs, home and defence ministries, Government of India and appraised on the problems to be faced by Naga people living on both sides of the countries due to the ongoing construction of international border fencing along IndoMyanmar border at Pangsha village. In a joint press statement, chairman of Pangsha village council and a representative of Khiamniungan Tribal Councl (KTC) said that the team met the central officials and highlighted the activities of the Myanmar authority- to erect fencing between International Border Pillars no 145 -146 within Pangsha Village jurisdiction under Noklak sub-division of Tuensang district.

ENPO members with Central and state government officials in New Delhi.

The delegation stated that once fencing was constructed around 3500 acres of prime cultivating/farming land and large tracks of forested areas belonging to Pangsha village would be cut off. The team also highlighted on the perceived apprehension raised by the other Eastern Nagas. Meanwhile, External Affairs Ministry, which opposed random fencing and in honouring the sentiments of the locals to maintain peace and tranquillity informed the

official position and opinions of the Government of India, the statement stated. The visiting team was also informed on the proposal by the central officials for a joint spot verification however the Myanmar authorities had unilaterally gone ahead. As the demarcation and pillars have never been formally accepted by the land owners on both sides of the border, ENPO hoped for an amicable solution at the earliest by taking into confidence the landowners

(trilateral). In the light of the above, ENPO demanded that the ongoing work be stopped immediately till further deliberations with both the PMOs at the earliest along with the landowners.

ACAUT questions

In the wake of the ongoing construction of Indo-Myanmar international border fencing at Pangsha by both the governments of India and Myanmar, the ACAUT Nagaland on Wednesday asked the state

government to spell out the steps taken by it to safeguard the Nagas living in the border areas. According to ACAUT media cell, the arbitrary border fencing was against the will of the Naga people, to divide the villages and families, who have been living together since time immemorial. In this regard, the anticorruption body questioned the state government whether border fencing has been carried with its knowledge and consent? ACAUT also questioned chief minister whether his recent trip to Myanmar was about border fencing? If not, ACAUT demanded that the government should take up the issue with the Central government at the highest level. Further, ACAUT also demanded state government to come out with an official statement if it was serious on the issue.


Guwahati, Jan 11 (IANS):Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju on Wednesday blamed the Congress-led government for the deteriorating law and order situation in Manipur, saying the maintenance of law and order is the “constitutional obligation” of the state government. Rijiju, on the sidelines of a function at Guwahati, also appealed to Manipur government as well as the agitating United Naga Council for joint efforts to call off the economic blockade to allow free and fair elections in the state. “I had visited Manipur two weeks ago and held a very positive meeting with CM Okram Ibobi Singh. Central government is ready to intervene and assist the state government in any matter,” said Rijiju.

Civic polls: KUT expresses dismay DIMAPUR, JAN 11 (NPN): The Khiamniungan Union Tuensang (KUT) has expressed dismay that the Senior Citizen Forum of Noklak Town (SCFNT)/ area had undermined the office of the Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) and allegedly submitted an application to the State Election Commissioner giving its nod to hold the Town Council polls in Noklak Town. In this regard, KUT held an emergency executive meeting on January 10 to discuss the issue, after which KUT president M. Neolo in a letter to KTC sought immediate intervention. In the letter, KUT pointed out that the “ridiculous action” of “so called SCFNT” was against the directive of KTC and ENPO and alleged that some vested interest persons of the KTC were also directly involved by disrespecting their official responsibilities. In this regard, the union asked

KTC to call for a general public meeting, where it said SCFNT should be made to explain, as stated in their letter to the State Election Commissioner, “the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the Town Council Election, and how Art.371 (A) would not be infringed. It further demanded that the “so called Senior Citizen Forum of Noklak Town, a non-entity and un-mandated organization should be immediately banned”. The union also demanded that the defaulting KTC officials “should be dealt with as per the provisions enshrined under Art.12 of KTC Constitution”. Meanwhile, the union said KTC, in solidarity with the rest of other Naga tribes, should initiate necessary action at the earliest to ensure that nominations filed by candidates were withdrawn before the last date of withdrawal notified by the State Election Commission. K Y M C



Students are intellectual community: Y. Patton

Y. Patton along with village leaders and others after the inauguration of old Changsu village gate. Correspondent

KO H I M A , JA N 1 1 (NPN): Home minister of Nagaland Y. Patton inaugurated the newly constructed panchayat hall at Old Riphyim, under Wokha district on January 10 which was constructed under TFC 2013-14 by the department of Forest and Environment. Patton in his brief address said the RCC pachayat court was constructed in modern style which was first of its kind in Nagaland and paved the way from traditional style to modern style of build-

ing. He urged the village council members to use it judiciously and customarily for the good will of the villagers. Dedicatory prayed was said by pastor old Riphyim Baptist church. The inaugural programme was attended by the village council members and the villagers. Later, Patton also inaugurated the old Changsu village gate which was constructed under Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment gurantee Act 2015-2016. Patton also attended the Englan range students union 26th general confer-

ence comprising of nine villages at old Changsu village on January 10 under the theme “discover your talent” as the chief guest. Patton in his address expressed deep regret on students’ poor performance in government school especially at the high school leaving certificate examination HSLC standards. He said the poor performance reflected poor administration and teachers negligence, therefore urged the teachers community across the state to rededicate themselves and sacrifice for their students. He also urged the students’

organisation and leaders to sternly check the institution administration and attendance of the teachers especially at the rural and remote area and submit their report to the government for further action and strengthening of the institution. He said students were regarded as the intellectual community in the society, therefore he urged them to elect or choose their leaders democratically and intellectually in every aspects including the state general election and town council election or any others NGOs organisation

leaders. He reminded the students that they were the assets of future society. He lamented that the forefathers’ rich culture and tradition were diminishing and appealed the present generation to take it seriously and revive the culture and tradition. President of Naga students’ federation Subenthung Kithan as the guest of honour said the present generation were full of opportunities due to advancement of science and technology, therefore he urged the students to take the full advantages and use it wisely and compete with the rest of the world in every aspect. The conference theme “Discover your talent was”, was elaborated by Dr. Phyoben Odyuo professor Fazl Ali college Mokokchung as the theme speaker, in which he said talent was inborn as well the individual handwork effort, therefore he urged the students to dedicate themselves and put their effort to God. Solidarity message was also deliberated by Amos, Lotha Student Union and blessing prayer for the students was pronounced by Nchumbemo Kithan, pastor Englen Baptist Church to mark the occasion.

Chepoketa-Ikiye villages bury hatchet CHK Sükrünye fest

DIMAPUR: Chakhesang Hoho Kohima (CHK) would be celebrating Sükrünye festival on January 14 at 11 a.m. in the Kohima local ground. The festival would be address by Kohima Village Council (KVC) chairman Medoselhou Keretsü, Sümi Hoho Kohima (SHK) president Dr. Vinito Chishi and Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) president Kekhwengulo Lea.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur Thursday, january 12, 2017

news in brief SDEO Zbto informs: SDEO Zunheboto, H. Nitoli Khulu has informed all adhoc teachers (who have attained 3 years of service) to submit academic and professional documents along with appointment order and latest extension order to the concerned office. Documents are to be submitted before January 14. ANIEF general meeting: All Nagaland Industrial Entrepreneurs Federation (ANIEF) has convened general meeting on January 13 at 11 a.m at Red cross complex conference hall P.R. Hill Kohima to deliberate and review the pending cases of central transport subsidy (CTS) and central capital investment subsidy (CCIS) for the year 2007,2008 and 2009 under the state department of industries and commerce. All the ANIEF state office bearers, action committee members, all the district units of ANIEF and all the selected units from all over 11 districts under the pending cases have been requested to attend the general meeting. Mech Kacharis Aai Sagi festival: Aai Sagi Festival 2017 of the Mech Kacharis of Nagaland would be celebrated on January 13 at the Mandeville Garden, Juraphuri, Purana Bazaar, East Dimapur. Governor of Nagaland P.B.Acharya would grace the festival as the chief guest and Kesonyu Yhome would be the guest of honour. All the Kacharis of Nagaland and the well wishers have been invited to the festival. FGN Lotha region notifies: Midan Penyu FGN Lotha region has notified that Longshithung Kikon, son of late Yanarao Kikon of Mekokla village had been carrying out illegal/unauthorized taxation and anti-social activities in the name of FGN. In a press note, Midan Penyu FGN Lotha, Thungchamo Kithan has informed general public and Mekokla villagers in particular that he was neither a member nor his name enrolled in FGN. Therefore public are to remain vigilant, and not to entertain him in any manner in relation to the regional government affairs. For any further clarification one may contact 09436213807. ACWA conference: Angami Catholic Women Association (ACWA) would hold its 21st conference on January 13-15 under the theme “ take heart; rise, He is calling you (Mark 10:49)” at Holy Cross church Chedema village. The speakers of the conference among others would include the Bishop of Kohima, most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil. ERO notifies: Electoral Registration Officer, Dimapur has notified that the list of amendments to draft electoral roll for Dimapur I AC, Dimapur II AC, Dimapur III AC, Ghaspani I AC and Ghaspani II

AC have been prepared with reference to January 1 as the qualifying date and in accordance with the registration of Electoral Rules, 1960. Copy of the said roll together with the said list of amendments have been published and would be available for inspection at the office of the Electoral Registration Officer, Dimapur. DC Dimapur informs: Deputy Commissioner Kesonyu Yhome has informed that the winners of the essay competition held as a part of the Youth Voter Festival for College and Higher Secondary levels would be awarded prizes along with certificates on January 25 during National Voters Day celebration. The winners of the essay competition are; College level, 1st Imkongnukla Ao, B.A 5th Sem, Patkai Chrisitian College, Rukusheyi Rhakho, B.A 1st Sem, Tetso college and Ato Tzudir, B.A 3rd Sem, Immanuel College 2nd and 3rd respectively. Higher Secondary level, 1st position, Rachel, Class 11, Christian Higher Secondary School, Anwesha Dey, Class 9, St. Mary Higher Secondary School and Luchu Sangha, Class 10, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Dimapur 2nd and 3rd respectively. Mokokchung DPDB meeting: The monthly meeting of Mokokchung District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) for the month of January would be held on January 12 from 11:00 am at the Conference Hall of ADC (planning) Mokokchung. All members of DPDB Mokokchung have been informed to attend the meeting. ADC & ERO Mokokchung notifies: Additional Deputy Commissioner & Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) Mokokchung, Bendanglila has informed that the list of amendments of the last part of Draft Electoral Roll for 21-Tuli, 22-Arkakong, 23- Impur, 24-Angetyongpang, 25-Mongoya, 26-Aonglenden, 27-Mokokchung Town, 28-Koridang, 29-Jangpetkong and 30-Alongtaki Assembly constituencies has been prepared with reference to January 1 as qualifying date and in accordance with the Registration of Electors Rule, 1960. A copy of the said Roll together with the said list of amendments has been published and available for inspection at the ADC & ERO, office Mokokchung. Lost and found: Team of Operation Acceleration Dimapur Town (OADT) has recovered one 150cc Bajaj Pulsar red and black in colour, without number plate bearing engine number HD1DHDHZZUCJ632 and one Bajaj discover without number plate bearing engine number JBUB17794 and chasis number DSPAZZUPB38300 have been recovered.

Co-ordination meeting at Kohima for Republic Day

Representative of Chepoketa and Ikiye villages. DIMAPUR: Reconciliation meeting between Chepoketa and Ikiye village was held at Chepoketa Baptist Church on December 20. The animosity between the two villages arose as a consequence of an incident on February 20, 1952 where late Sakiye Aye from Ikiye village was

murdered by some men from Chepoketa village and in retaliation Ikiye villagers burnt down the entire Chepoketa village. The reconciliation meeting was made possible by the efforts rendered by J. P. Vikugha Jimo, who took initiative to pave the way for reconciliation to bring peace between the two vil-

lages. Rev. Vezopa Tetseo and Inato, son of Lt. Sakiye spoke on forgiveness on behalf of both the villages and pronouncement of blessing was done by Hekheto son of late Sakiye, head GB, Ikiye village and Yesai Vero, head GB, Chepoketa village. Holy Bible was ex-

changed and reconciliation papers were signed by both village leaders as a sign of sincere reconciliation. Rev. Puduhu Khesoh was the minister of the reconciliation service, and the meeting was chaired by Zhopra Vero. The meeting was also supported and attended by neighbouring villages.

DIMAPUR: Co-ordination meeting to chalk out the programme in connection with work distribution and ground arrangement for the ensuing Republic Day celebration at Kohima on January 26 would be held on January 12 at 1 p.m in the deputy commissioner’s conference hall Kohima. According to DIPR, all the following officials are to attend the meeting without fail: Director, Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland, Kohima; Director Art &

Culture; Commandant, 4th NAP, Thizama; Commandant, 3th Assam Rifles, Kohima; Superintendent of Police, Kohima; Commandant, CRPF/BSF/Home Guards; Commandant, NCC Group HQ, Kohima; State Commissioner, Bharat Scouts & Guides, Kohima; Administrator, Kohima Municipal Council; Chief Engineer, PWD (Housing), Kohima; Station Director, Doordarshan/AIR, Kohima; CMO, Kohima; District Sports Officer, Kohima; District In-

formation & Public Relation Officer, Kohima; District Education Officer, Kohima; Executive Engineer, PHE/ Power/PWD (Secretariat Complex); Secretary, Indian Red Cross, Kohima; Regional Transport Officer, Kohima and President of Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers/ Puliebadze Club/ Lions club/Royal Club/Classic Club/Rotary Club/Kerela Club/Gorkha Public Panchayat, Chandmari/ Kohima Press Club/ Hindu Kalyan Samthi/In-

dian Red Cross Nagaland State Branch/ Nagaland Voluntary Women Association/ Beauty and Aesthatic Society of Nagaland/Nagaland Adventure Club/ Nagaland Flying & Adventure Sports Association/ Kohima pester Union/ NAAME/ Kohima Chamber of Commerce; Secretary, Zilla Sainik Board, Kohima and all HQ Administrative Officers, Kohima.This was informed by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, Lithrongla Tongpi.

ADC Kma notifies CSU 1st triennial conference held NCC must develop greater 3rdDayChakhesang observed on amended draft electoral rules capacity, says Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar being accorded a guard of honor by the cadets. DIMAPUR: Special National Integration Camp (SNIC) of National Cadet Corps which is underway at Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima was visited by chief secretary of Nagaland, Pankaj Kumar on January 11. Chief secretary was presented with an impressive Guard of Honour followed by traditional folk dances by cadets of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Nagaland. Pankaj Kumar expressed his amazement K


at the enthusiasm and proficiency of cadets in putting up a Mini India during such a short stay in the camp. He exhorted the cadets to break free of traditions and develop curiosity, creativity and innovativeness. He stressed upon consistent hard work throughout life as mantra for success. He also quoted anecdotes from human history which had taken human civilization towards development such as computers, internet and smart phones and increased the speed of change of human civilization.

He advised the cadets to develop greater capacity to not get offended and have greater tolerance, follow the rule of law and remember human cooperation. Further he advised the cadets to optimise technology, develop clean sources of energy, exploit microchip and 3D printing technology as well as genome mapping and driverless cars. He complimented the cadets on their spirit of adventure, discipline and the keenness to preserve the “Unity in Diversity” of our great country.

DIMAPUR: Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) held its 35th general session- cum- 3rd Chakhesang Day at Yoriiba village under Phek district on January 10. Speaking at the occasion, MP (RS) K.G. Kenye, called upon the Chakhesang community to stay united and work in unison for the welfare and common interest of the community. Stating that our forefathers had lived united on all fronts, he challenged the community not to talk about division of the Chakhesang community. He said division should not be created. Maintaining that literature was wealth, he stressed on the need to treasure the same to uphold the identity of the community. NLA speaker, Chotisuh Sazo shared greetings while NPCC president, Kewekhape Therie exhorted the gathering. Earlier, the programme was chaired by CPO vice president Ariyi Nienu, CPO president Kekhwengulo Lea delivered the presidential address, invocation by Rev. Dr. V.K. Nuh while welcome address was delivered by Yoriiba Village Council chairman Vesolhu Veswu.

CSU members along with the speakers and other dignitaries. DIMAPUR: First ever triennial conference of Chuchuyimlang Students Union (CSU) was held in Chuchuyimlang village on the theme “In step With the Changing Times” from January 4-6 with minister of National Highways, Mechanical Engg, & Election, Nuklutoshi, as chief guest. The main speakers during the conference were Bendangyanger who spoke on the theme “in step with the changing times”, principal district & session judge, Tu e n s a n g, M a n g ya n g Lima, highlighted the vision and mission of CKT and secretary IEF Mokokchung

Chujang, exhorted the audience on the spiritual life. Resource persons for the various technical sessions included IT Head, Technology Services International, AT & T India, New Delhi, Peter George Baker, DFO Tuensang Dr. Sentitula, CKT advisor Lanuyanger, tatar Yarensosang and I. Akang Longchar. Altogether 317 delegates from 7 units attended the conference. The main objective of the conference was to instill the idea of value education and to pursue academic excellence in each and every student besides imparting knowledge

on various career options, and to urge the students to have a vision for Chuchuyimlang. “Chuchuyimlang got talent”, folk dances and indigenous games presented by different institutions were the other highlights of the programme. The CKT also extend deep appreciation to all the participants, delegates, donors, Chuchuyimlang Senso Unions & fellowships from different institutions, Chuchuyimlang Village Council & Chuchuyimlang Baptist Church and other organizations for their immense contributions.

DIMAPUR: ADC Kohima and Returning Officer KMC Lithrongla Tongpi has notified for public information that the list of amendments to the draft electoral roll for the 8 Western Angami, 9 Kohima Town, 10 Northern Angami - I, 11 Northern Angami-II, 12 Tseminyu, 14 Southern Angami - I and 15 Southern Angami - II assembly constituencies has been prepared with reference to January 1, 2017 as the qualifying date and in accordance with the registration of Electors Rules, 1960. A copy of the said roll together with the said amendments has been published and would be available for inspection at its office with the booth level officer.

DDGBA meeting

DIMAPUR: Dimapur District GB Association (DDGBA) has convened an emergency meeting on January 13, at 12 noon at the office of Dimapur GB Union (SADAR) Office, Super Market. All six unit presidents/secretaries, executive members, advisors and DDGBA office bearers have been requested to attend the meeting without fail. K


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Without peace society Lion’s Club Longsa celebrates 75 years cannot thrive: S. Chuba

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Mkg Wokha

Parliamentary secretary, S. Chuba Longkumer addressing at the programme on January 11. (NP) Correspondent MOKOKCHUNG, JAN 11 (NPN): The main day of the 41st Asetkong Kaketshir Telongjem Mungdang (AKTM) was held today here at Sungratsu village. The conference is being held under the theme “the past in our present”. The program today was graced by parliamentary secretary of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, S. Chuba Longkumer. Speaking at the program, the

chief guest said that with so many societies and organizations mushrooming in society, it was such organizations like this student body, the AKTM which was an intellectual group and had the scope to bring about positive changes in the land. The chief guest also said that in order to achieve progressive growth in a society, a cordial atmosphere for peace and unity was a pre-requisite. He asserted that without peace and

Preparation underway for PCWA silver anniversary

Ongoing construction of convention hall at St. Xavier Parish Church Meluri. DIMAPUR: Extensive preparation for the 25 years anniversary celebration of Pochury Catholic Women Association (PCWA) is underway at St. Xavier Parish Meluri, Phek. The 11th session cum 25 years anniversar y of PCWA would be celebrated from January 13-16 under the

CCRCCA 9th general session held DIMAPUR: Chakhesang Christian Revival Church Children’s Association (CCRCCA) held its 9th general session from January 6-8 at Sodzulhou CRC, 6th mile Dimapur under the theme “living in God’s light” with Rainbow academy, resource center, administrator, Dr.Adela Mero and associate pastor CCRC (upper PWD) Kohima, Rokosano Koza as the main speaker. Altogether 22 churches from different district participated in the session. The session also witnessed evening melodies, a musical programme with speaker NLA, Chotisuh Sazo as the guest of honour in aid of CCRCCA. The evening was enthralled by the special appearance of Nagaland singing ambassadors, Zenith band, Ado Kezo, Vevo Ringo, Lhiwe-ü Rabvo and Tali Angh. Meanwhile, a new team under the presidentship of Wekhrope Marhu was also installed for the tenure 201-2019. K


theme “The reward for doing good is life” (Proverbs 10:16). The anniversary feast on January 15 would be celebrated with Bishop of Kohima, Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil as the main celebrant. The main speakers for the event would be direc-

tor, Pastoral Centre Rev. Fr. Jaison and Nagaland Catholic Women Association president Vilanuo Angela. T he 4-day session cum 25 years anniversary would be marked with rosary prayers, rosary procession and cultural programme besides other activities.

unity, a society could not thrive but may perish. Earlier in the program, the chief host of the conference parliamentary secretary of Geology & Mining, Dr. Imtiwapang Aier also spoke. Meanwhile exhortation was delivered by A. Nungsang Jamir, president Asetkong Mungdang and Shilu Longchar AGS, AKM. The welcome address was delivered by Rongsennukshi Aier, president AKTM.

DIMAPUR: Lion’s Club Longsa, which is one of the oldest clubs in Mokokchung district today celebrated its 75th year anniversary at its office premises here today which was attended by MLA & advisor to CM, Merentoshi R Jamir as the guest of honor along with a host of dignitaries. Merentoshi R Jamir exhorted the Longsa villagers to maintain the spirit of unity like before so that the village could witness more development in the days to come. He also acknowledged the Sangpu khel for producing eminent personalities in the stature of two ex-MLAs, bureaucrats, doctors engineers, artists etc. He attributed all these blessings on the Sangpu khel as blessings from God because of the astute character of the forebears. He therefore urged the youths to emulate the truthful and honest character of forefathers so that God would bless more. Also while underscoring the importance of culture and tradition, Merentoshi said that clubs in the village could be equated with the Morung system of the past days, the only different being that clubs mostly focus on sports and entertainment. He, therefore, suggest-

Governor to grace national conference at Medziphema

DIMAPUR: Governor of Nagaland, P.B. Acharya would grace the inaugural function of the 3- day national conference on “Advance in Indian Floriculture with focus on North East & Hill Region” as the chief guest on January 13 at Central Institute of Horticulture Medziphema. According to DIPR report, the conference would be jointly organized by Indian Society of Ornamental Horticulture, New Delhi and Department of Horticulture, Government of Nagaland with the objective to provide impetus to the floriculture industry in the North East and Hill Region. The confer-

ence would deliberate on the issues in the floriculture sector by experts, poster would be presented on advanced technologies in floriculture and exhibitions would be organized highlighting the activities/programmes in the floriculture sector in NE states. Agriculture and Horticulture Commissioner, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, Dr. S.K. Malhotra and Ex-DDG (Hort), ICAR & Founder Chairman, CHAI, New Delhi, Dr. H.P. Singh will be the guest of honors at the inaugural programme.

Schedule for medical board examination

Dimapur: Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kohima Dr. Avino Metha has informed all head of departments that the dates and month for the medical board examination for confirmation of service, invalidation and commutation pension etc for grade-111 and IV staff would be held on February 2, May 4, August 3 and November 2 at 9:30 a.m. at CMO Kohima, para medical colony under the chairmanship of CMO Kohima. All head of departments have been requested to inform their concerned DDO’s and to send list of candidate to Kohima CMO in advance.

(Top right) Guest of honour, Merentoshi R Jamir, advisor to CM and others after unveiling the Lion’s Club Longsa platinum anniversary monolith at Longsa village (Mokokchung) on Wednesday. ed that it would be good if the clubs could also be a centre for teaching about culture and traditions to the younger generation in the society. The main speaker at the programme, ex-MLA S Supongmeren Jamir speaking on the topic “progress of young generation”, urged the youths to look towards economic self-sustenance through hard work and harnessing the rich natural resources. In this regard, he pointed out that the land had sufficient resources, for

instance like collecting and exporting the broom grass, plantain leaves, or rearing livestock etc. Nonetheless, he called for judicious use of the natural resources and called for preserving the rich biodiversity. Besides, he also urged the youths to kick off the habit of laziness, abuse of alcohol etc so that the Longsa village could become more vibrant by the time Lion’s Club celebrate its centenary year. Others who poke at the programme were Long-

sa VC chairman, Pongenmeren, ex-MLA Aolepden and retired addl dev comm. Dr Temsuwati. A special number was presented by 2014 Naga Orpheus Hunt winner, Meyinungsang while Sangpu Lemtuonger na Yimsüsür presented a traditional song. Meritorious achievers in different fields like music, arts and academics were also felicitated by the Lion’s Club on the occasion of its platinum anniversary celebration.

Third priestly ordination in Akuk village

Reverend deacon Marius Zachamo along with bishop and others. DIMAPUR: Third Catholic priestly ordination of Reverend deacon Marius Zachamo by Bishop of Kohima, Rev. Dr. James T h o p p i l wa s h e l d i n Akuk village on January 10. About twenty priests concelebrated with the Bishop. Rev. Fr. George Anthony, the parish priest, accorded warm welcome to Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, village leaders, dignitaries, priests and sisters from different parishes, NCYM, NCWA, the invited guests, government officials, catechists, pastors of different

churches and other participants. Bishop in his introduction said that deacon Marius Zachamo had been preparing himself for this day for the last thirteen or more years and from now on he would be called Fr. Marius and would assume a new role and identity, the role and identity of a Catholic priest. Referring the Gospel of the day from the St. John 15: 9-17, bishop said that the Lord chooses whom he wants and empower one to be with him and to be sent out on a mission. The bishop

also thanked the family members and relations for offering their son for the ministry in the Church. Assistant priest, Holy Redeemer Church, Tobu, Rev. Fr. Peter Pethungo anchored the commentary and, asst. teacher Holy Cross, Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur Ntsomo Kithan was the MC for the felicitation programme, during which a special song was presented by friends of Fr. Marius, exhortation by the bishop, words of gratitude was expressed by John Nrithun and Reverend deacon Marius Zachamo.

Khumo graces general session of Lengnyu students

Parliamentary secretary of LR, VG & WRD, L. Khumo speaking at the 41st general session of Lengnyu Students Union on January 10. (DIPR) DIMAPUR: Parliamentary secretary of Land Revenue, VG & Women Resources Development L. Khumo graced the 41st general session Lengnyu students union under the theme “Resurgent through education” at the local ground on January 10.

According to DIPR, Khumo urged upon the students community to work hard towards achieving one’s goal in life and encouraged them to be responsible citizens of the state. He also emphasized on peace and respect

among the neighbors for all round development. Presidential address was given by P. Langshe, president LSU. Shor t speeches were delivered by Panso K.Shongmao and T.Puming. Special number was presented by S.Pukho.

DC-60 Poll Q.: With 90% currency back, has demonetisation c u r b e d o r b ro u g h t back black money?



Nagaland Post, Dimapur Thursday, January 12, 2017





Tension in Moreh after murder of village chief, church leader Correspondent

IMPHAL, Jan 11: Security in Manipur’s town at Myanmar border has been tightened up by deploying additional state forces following a tense situation. Tension is prevailing in the border town after a village chief near the international borderline and a church leader were killed after being kidnapped by miscreants armed with sophisticated weapons. Villagers suspect cadres of a Naga based rebel group to be behind the kidnapping and murder of chief of Nungkam Gamnom village S Otkhojam Mate (57) and village church chairman Tilpao Haokip (51) on January 8 last. Besides intensifying the security measures, security forces were also engaged in flushing out militants in and around the border town by conducting combing operations. A combined force of state police commando and IRB today carried out cor-

doningarea and search operations at K Tuisen village based on specific reports about the presence of underground elements in and around the village. No report of arrest of any militants or suspects were reported during the operation. Meanwhile, Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO) while strongly condemning the killing of the duo has also expressed strong concern over a potential communal flare up in the border town. A statement of the students’ body said that the brutal killing of the village chief and church elder by suspected underground was an unwanted incident which has all the makings for a potential communal flare up in the state. “This cold blooded murder is an abhorrent act which calls for strong condemnation from all peace loving citizens. Therefore the KSO general headquarters condemns this killing incident in the strongest

term,” it said. The statement alleged that the two victims were abducted from their village by six masked armed men in combat fatigues on January 6 and were found murder ed on January 8 near their village. KSO considered it as a devious plan engineered by an underground group having vested interest to create communal enmity among the people and said that if this act was not a devious plan to create communal flare up the killers must have the conscience to come out in the open and state the reason behind their actions. Otherwise this will be construed as a cowardly act of vested interest group to set off communal conflict and hostilities between communities, it added. Nungkam Gamnom and Satang Khunou have been living together peacefully for the last decade or so. Therefore it is in the interest of all and sundry that this incident should not be the cause of enmity and a cause for destruction of the

two villages, the KSO said. The KSO further appealed both the communities of the two villages to return to their villages and settle peacefully with mutual understanding. The KSO appreciated the timely intervention of the state government who has lost no time in sanitizing the area of unwanted elements and preventing potential communal flare up from this incident. The state government must continue to strive for rule of law in the area despite the remoteness and the limitations it may face in maintaining law and order in the area. However, it expressed displeasure over the indifference of the Assam Rifles in controlling underground groups from committing heinous activities. “It is evident from the recent attacks and killings by undergrounds that the Assam Rifles who are deployed in the state to control the same have failed in their duty,” the KSO alleged.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur Thursday, january 12, 2017

Women’s organisations demand sacking of M’laya HM

S hillo ng, Jan 1 1 (PTI): Women’s organisations in a rally today demanded that Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma sack Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh, whose son’s guest house in Shillong was allegedly used for sexually abusing a minor girl. The rally, which was attended by several activists, was organised by Civil Society Women Organisation and the Thma U Rangli here. “You should seek the immediate resignation of your Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh to ensure an independent enquiry into this case, as the guest house owned by his immediate family was the place where the minor girl was trafficked and assaulted twice,” conveners of the rally Agnes Kharshiing and Angela Rangad said in a memorandum to the Chief Minister. The activists also demanded that all guest houses and hotels named by the victim as places where she was exploited should be immediately shut down pending inquiry. Other demands placed before the

Chief Minister included setting up of fast track/ special courts in all districts to ensure speedy and time bound justice to victims of violence and trafficking. The sex racket came to light last month after the 14year-old victim was rescued from the guest house of the Home Minister’s son and one of its employee was arrested. The victim has named various persons who had exploited her following which at least four of them and an Independent legislator Julius Dorphang, who supports the ruling Congress government, were arrested. Altogether nine persons have been arrested in this case. In the past two weeks, several cases of sexual exploitations have been reported from across the state. On January 1 at a village in East Khasi Hills district, a 17-year-old girl was raped allegedly by six persons, including the relative of a locality headman. The village chief and the locality headman have been arrested for abetment of the crime and the six accused surrendered before a court.

Security shortage forces stall in reopening of blockade hit NH-2


Kazakhstan dancers performing their traditional dance during a cultural evening organised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) at Rabindra Bhawan in Guwahati on Tuesday evening. (PTI)

Police observes Road Safety Week in Bokajan


IMPHAL, Jan 11: Refusing bail prayer, Imphal East Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Wednesday extended the police custody period of UNC president and his publicity secretary. Completing their remand period, UNC president Gaidon Kamei and his publicity secretary Stephen Lamkang were produced in the court of the Imphal CJM today. While producing them, counsel of the UNC leaders prayed to the court to grant bail citing their deteriorating health while alleging third degree torture in the police custody. However, the court after examining the medical certificates refused to grant bail responding to prayers from the police for further remand. The court remanded 15 days judicial custody with regard to the case registered with Tadubi police of Senapati district. However, Nungba police station of Noney district prayed the court for

formal arrest of the duo in connection with another case registered with the police station. The court agreed to the prayer and remanded seven days custody to the Nungba police.

Happy birthday Lendirenla Jamir. May God’s grace be upon you on your birthday & always. God bless you. From, your love ones Dear Mummy, Happy Birthday to you my Mummy happy returns of the day I hope that you become always happy and healthy on your special day, I wish you good luck !!! Have a fantastic Birthday celebrate the happiness on every day of your life !!! Happy Birthday Mummy From, Upendra Prasad, Neha Kumari, Madhu Prasad, Ashish Prasad Ganda Neva, Roshan

Union Minister lauds NE states for move towards digital transaction Guwahati, Jan 11 (PTI): Union Minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Jitendra Singh today said that several steps were taken in seven sisters of the region to ensure digital transaction after demonetisation. “The North Eastern states have taken several good initiatives for ensuring cashless transaction after the decision of demonetisation was announced,” he said while inaugurating the two-day Digi Dhan Mela here. “Tea garden labourers are also very happy as they are getting exact wages and are very eager to adopt a cashless economy which will also help to improve social behaviour and economic management in the country,” he said. Following demonetisation, two presses printing fake currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 were

closed down in Pakistan, he claimed. Union Minister of state for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said that India would soon transform into a digital country and the “North Eastern states must also lend a hand in this transformation and for the development of the nation”. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of Jan Dhan accounts, more than 25 crore people had opened bank accounts which is a remarkable achievement, he added. Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal launched the e-wallet ‘Toka Paisa’ as an initiative towards cashless economy on the occasion. The Mela, organised by the state government in collaboration with the I-T Department and Niti Aayog, aims to enable citizens and merchants to conduct digital transactions.





Kiyekhu Ghami Dimapur Welfare Society (KGDWS) Atsala 14/01/2017 tsala lo 2017 Sukusho Kighini lunike ghenguno Apu eno Aza khumu vezumono ighi-no kukumgha kighini lo sulupenike pithi lu ani. A-a: Inno & Inoli Tokugha Chishi (Kilo) Chekiye Village, Dimapur Ado : Ayi 7:00 Inaqhe President Yekuto Zhimomi (KGDWS) 9436002649

General Secretary Khutovi Awomi (KGDWS) 8414001890




Whereas application under Succession Act 1925 for grant of Succession Certificate for the estate/pension benefits of Late Ihoka Sema has been applied by Smti. Khusheli, R/o H/No-01, Model Colony Purana Bazar, Dimapur, W/o Late Ihoka Sema, for possession of : 1. SBI A/C No-11730802344 2. Pension Pass Book Bearing P.P.O. No-PEN/COM-5083/NL/S/8594 who expired on 05/12/2016. Notice is hereby given that any person having interest in the administration of the estate/pension benefits of the said deceased may if she/he so desire appear in this court on or before the said day of 11th day of February 2017. Given under the hand and seal of the court on this 11th day of January 2017. DP-393

Dear Jeeti Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day. From, Nilo

(G.H. Ramlia) Principal District and Sessions Judge Dimapur : Nagaland


Local court denies bail plea for UNC leaders

been observing road safety awareness programme as part of the 28th Road Safety Week annually every year. It has been seen that the peoples here are least aware of the road safety measures and are oblivious towards the helmet culture. Peoples here are avoiding safety gears as a matter of practice and hence we are distibuting chocolates amongst the traffic law abiding citizens to inspire the others. We shall continue this in a regular basis and bring about the safety gear culture as a regular practice into the life of the common peoples.”

ing security personnel are not enough to ensure foolproof security to truckers while moving on the stretch of the highway. Above the recently sent CPMF, a total of 49 companies of CRPF and BSF are stationing in the state and engaging in the protection of important installations and offices like Raj Bhawan, state assembly, Loktak Hydro Electric Project, Maphou Dam, Railway project and others. As such, in order to open the NH-2, the state government needs 22 more companies of CPMF as state authority estimated 30 companies of CPMF to assist the state security force to open the highway. State home department had brought up the matter of non-reporting of nine companies of CPMF to the state government till date and the state government is awaiting the response from the MHA.

I wish you all the best on your Big Day and every day, may your life be full of joy, love and prosperity! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…. From, Your Brother.


In the Souvenir Commemorating the Silver Jubilee Celebration of ADC Headquarter Mangkolemba, an article appearing at page No. 20 “Genesis of Mangkolemba and its Development” written by K. Tali Ao (Longjemdang village) Senior Citizen Mangkolemba described incorrectly about the origin of the nomenclature of Mangkolemba Town without consulting the people of Khar village on whose land the Town had been initially established. In this connection, K. Tali Ao was summoned by the Khar Village Council on 26th December 2016 and questioned his version of the story. As he had admitted his wrong concept and writing a faulty version, he was fined Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) and accepted to withdraw the said article.




as well as riders by pasting a ‘Danger Mark’ on their vehicles hoping to remind them of the safety measures each time they sit to ride and drive. The toll of traffic accident related deaths are getting a significant rise each year despite a national road strategy and laws on speed limits, safety gears and drunk driving. There were around 464,000 road accidents in 2015 compared to 450,000 in 2014; an increase of 3 percent annually. Briefing the media persons, IPS Pusparaj Singh said, “Assam police have


B o kajan, J an 1 1 (Agencies): The newly posted SDPO of Bokajan IPS Pusparaj Singh in collaboration of Khatkhati police team observed a road safety awareness programme to mark the 28th Road Safety Week here Wednesday morning. The police team intercepted each vehicle moving to and fro the Khatkhati Police check post and distributed chocolates amongst the traffic law abiding citizens for wearing helmets and seat belts. The police team also initiated a soft approach towards the errant drivers

IMPHAL, Jan 11: Even as NH-37 (Imphal-Jiribam) section has been virtually opened, NH-2 (ImphalMao section) is yet to be opened allegedly owing to shortage of security personnel to escort the vehicles. To counter the blockade and open the two main highways, Manipur government had requested the Centre to provide 60 companies of Central CPMF to protect the two national highways that connect the state with the rest of the country. However, the Centre sent only 50 companies for utilizing in the protection of the two lifelines of the state even as the state needs to utilize 30 companies each to open the two main national highways. The alleged shortage of security forces to escort good ferry trucks on NH-2 was amidst the report of Centre providing adequate Central Paramilitary Forces (CPMF) to the state for opening the highways. A highly reliable source in the Manipur government said that only 29 companies (around 2900 security personnel) CPMF had reported to the state and 21 compa-

nies are being utilized in the escort of trucks along the NH-37. The source said that Centre has dispatched 59 companies including 21 companies of CRPF, 27 companies of BSF, two companies of ITBP and nine companies of SSB of CPMF to the state during December month. However, duration for deployment of 59 companies had ended on January 6 last but the deployment period was extended till January 16 as informed by the Union ministry of home affairs to state chief secretary, home secretary and DGP through a written communiqué. The source said that 21 companies of CPMF, which are already in the state and 29 additional companies have reported to the state government so far. Nine companies of CPMF are yet to report to the state government. Of the 29 additional companies, 16 companies of BSF/SSB are being deployed along the NH 37 (Imphal-Jiri) and providing protection to goods trucks. The remaining 13 companies are being utilized in providing security along the NH-2 (Imphal-Dimapur section). However, the exist-

Dear sister Rishma Girisa,

GOVERNMENT OF NAGALAND OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER ZUNHEBOTO No.JUD.21/2016-17/88 Dated Zbto. the 17/12/2016 NOTICE CALLING OBJECTION FOR THE ISSUE OF SUCCESSION CERTIFICATE Shri/Smti. Savili Sema of Lizu Aviqato Village District Zunheboto has applied for issue of Succession Certificate/Guardianship Certificate declaring her husband Late Izukhu Sema has expired on 05.12.2016. It is hereby notified that if no objection to issue this certificate is received from any one within a period of 30 (thirty) days w.e.f. the date of publication in press, the certificate shall be issued and no further complaint will be entertain for issue of the same. Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto : Nagaland DP-383


Manmohan takes on Modi; says ‘worse is yet to come’

New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI): Amid fears of a decline in the country’s GDP, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cautioned the people today that the worse was yet to come in the wake of demonetisation which he termed as a “disaster”. At a convention called by Congress on demonetisation, former Finance Minister P Chidambaram claimed there was no record of the Cabinet meeting of November 8 when the government had said to have taken the decision to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. In his address at the ‘Jan Vedna’ conclave, Singh termed demonetisation as a “disaster” and said things were going from bad to worse and that the worse was yet to come. He dismissed as “hollow claim” Prime Minister Narendra “Modi’s propaganda” that things have started looking up. The former Prime Minister said it was the “solemn duty” of all Congress men to tell the people the wrongs that have been done by Modi and that a “clarion call” should be given to the countrymen to “awake and rise” up in protest. Both Singh and Chidambaram said there would be decline in the country’s gross domestic product



Nagaland Post, Dimapur Thursday, january 12, 2017

Manmohan Singh (PTI) (GDP) because of demonetisation. Chidambaram, in his address, said there is no record of the Cabinet meeting of November 8. “Where is the Cabinet note? Where is the Cabinet decision?” he asked. He said that never before in India’s history such a farce has been enacted. The former Finance Minister also said that the reputation of RBI is at risk today. The government and the central bank generally have differences but never before a government has treated RBI like a department of the Government of India, he added. He said that even one per cent decline in GDP will lead to a loss of Rs 1.5 lakh crore to the country. He said every challenge thrown by Modi government should be matched by the Congress with utmost courage and utmost wisdom. “Only Congress party

can stand up to this (challenge).” The party also issued a statement at the convention that the Prime Minister must reveal what percentage of the demonetised currency notes was black money as practically all the demonetised notes have been deposited in banks. “This exposes the hollowness of the government’s claims. The PM is masquerading as a crusader against black money and corruption after having singularly failed in fulfilling his promises of retrieving the unaccounted wealth and money stashed abroad,” it said. The party said India’s image has been tarnished by projection that the Indian economy was primarily based on black money. “It is also a matter of concern that during the 50day period of ‘notebandi’, an unholy nexus of certain corrupt BJP leaders, black-marketeers and bank officials were shown to be operating by various media channels, indulging in illegal conversions of stockpiles of currency,” the party said. It said for the corrupt black money holders, the back door of banks operated, while the common man waited for his turn in lines at front doors. In the

statement, the Congress also demanded an impartial and independent inquiry into charges of personal corruption against Modi when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. “Why has the Modi government not conducted an investigation into this serious charges of corruption for 31 months despite availability of evidence? Why is PM Modi not coming forward to conduct an independent probe in the matter if he has nothing to hide?” the statement said. On demonetisation, the party said Indian economy has been “disrupted, derailed and it is in a shutdown mode” and that millions of workers in farming and construction and in other sectors have lost jobs and employment. “The Prime Minister remains unmoved and in denial even when tens of millions of people have been forced to stand in queue before banks and ATMs for nearly 60 days. The promised amount of currency notes has not been made available,” the statement said. “The Congress party expresses its serious concern that investment sentiments remain depressed, the investment rate is negative and the gross capital formation has fallen in real terms.”

Shoe hurled at Punjab CM BATHINDA, Jan 11 (Agencies): Close on the heels of stones pelted at the cavalcade of deputy chief minister Sukhbir Badal at village Kandhwala Hazar Khan in Jalalabad on Sunday evening, shoe was hurled at Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal at village Ratta Khera under Lambi assembly constituency on Wednesday afternoon. Badal who is on election campaign was addressing the people with an appeal to ensure SAD-BJP forms the government in Punjab for third straight term when Gurbachan Singh hurled shoe at the CM. As per the people present in the election meeting the shoe touched Badal though the authorities claimed that the shoe fell near Badal. The police have arrested the person, Gurbachan Singh who is a relative of Sarbat Khalsa appointed Jathedar of Takhat Keshgarh Sahib Amrik Singh Ajnala. The eyewitnesses said Gurbachan was angry with the SAD-BJP government’s failure in arresting the persons responsible for the acts of sacrilege early October in 2015 and no policeman were identified for the killing of two persons at village Behbal Kalan on October 14, 2015 when they were protesting against desecration of Bir of Guru Granth Sahib.

Mulayam advises Akhilesh Yadav to keep away from party dispute Lucknow, Jan 11 (PTI): Asserting that he would not allow the SP to be split, party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav Wednesday turned emotional, saying he has given whatever he had and advised his son Akhilesh Yadav to keep away from the dispute. Amidst the ongoing tussle in the party, Mulayam in his address to party workers at the SP headquarters here before leaving for New Delhi once again trained his guns at cousin Ramgopal accusing him of conspiring to break the party and threw his weight behind brother Shivpal Yadav, who is at loggerheads with the UP Chief Minister. “I know who met the president of another party thrice. He wants to save his son and daughter-in-law. He should have approached me. I would have saved them. “I asked them (rival camp) not to dispute. I want unity in the party. I am neither making new party not changing our symbol,” he said. “I know who is forming Akhil Bhartiya Samajwadi Party (ABSP) and desiring motorcycle symbol,” he said. Apparently referring to son Akhilesh’s claim for the party president’s post, Mulayam turned emotional and said, “I have given whatever I had. What is left with me? I only have you (workers) all.” “I founded SP during Emer-

Mulayam Singh Yadav gency days when Akhilesh Yadav was two years old,” Mulayam said, flanked by brother Shivpal Yadav. “Akhilesh Yadav is Chief Minister and he will be the next CM also. Why are you (Akhilesh) going to these persons...Don’t drag yourself in dispute. We want unity in party at any cost,” Mulayam said. Mulayam also praised Shivpal, saying he toiled very hard for the party. Akhilesh has been demanding removal of Shivpal from the post of the SP’s UP chief and sacking of Amar Singh. But, both his demands have not been entertained by Mulayam leading to the logjam in the party in the poll-bound state. In his address to the party workers, he said, “Your worry is justified because Samajwadi Party has been formed after struggle. I had gone to Delhi so that there is no harm to party’s unity. I have given full time for the party and will not

let it split”. When asked to comment on the issue, senior party leader Ambika Chowdhury, considered close to Mulayam, said, “We expect to contest the polls unitedly. SP is ahead of rival BJP and BSP and moreover our candidates are strong.” About the dispute in the party which has reached the doors of Election Commission, Chowdhury said, “We are confident of retaining ‘cycle’ symbol and will be waiting for EC’s move on January 13.” The two SP factions led by Mulayam and Akhilesh have staked claim over the party and its election symbol ‘cycle’ ahead of Assembly elections. The matter will be heard by Election Commission on January 13.

Won’t form new party, nor change symbol: Mulayam

Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday said he will not form a different party nor change the party’s election symbol ‘cycle’. “I had gone to Delhi to save the party from breaking,” Mulayam Singh told party workers at his residence here. “What else do I have apart from you people. “I can understand your concern over the party as it is the result of a lot of hard work,” he said.

EC allots BSF jawan’s family backs him; No probe into Sahara diaries case against PM: SC timings Rijiju says some issues reported broadcast for pol. parties




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evidence to prove that Mr Modi was paid by corporate houses. No one in country would be safe if such documents are accepted as legal evidence, he added. The “Sahara diaries” is a collection of papers seized by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Income Tax department during raids on Sahara-Birla offices in 2013 and 2014.

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New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS): Election Commission (EC) on Wednesday allotted broadcast timing to political parties for the upcoming assembly elections in five states. “The facilities will be available from the Regional Kendra of the All India Radio and Doordarshan and in the headquarters of Goa, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. This will be relayed by other stations within the above mentioned States/ UTs,” the commission said in a statement. A base time of 45 minutes will be given to each national party and recognised state party uniformly on the Doordarshan network and All India Radio in the poll-bound states, the release further said. In a single session of broadcast, no party will be allocated more than 15 minutes.

should be filed against the people named and the subsequent investigation would bring out the truth. As per a Supreme Court judgment, a First Information Report has to be filed if any crime has been committed, he added. Appearing for the government, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the court that there is no


the same and it is expected to be submitted today. Home Minister Rajnath Singh had taken note of the video and had ordered an “appropriate action” into the incident. “I have seen a video regarding a BSF jawan’s plight. I have asked the HS (Home Secretary) to immediately seek a report from the BSF & take appropriate action,” Singh had tweeted. BSF had said Yadav, who posted these videos, was court-martialed in 2010 for indiscipline and aiming a gun at a senior officer even as it assured of a thorough probe into his allegations. In videos uploaded on social media platforms, the jawan, wearing camouflage uniform and carrying a rifle, claimed that while government procures essentials for them, the higher-ups and officers “sell it off ” in an “illegal” manner in the market and they have to suffer.

can’t function and democracy will not be safe,” the court said. On November 14, the court had said there was not enough evidence to order a probe into the matter. Another hearing took place today after a fresh affidavit was filed by lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan, who sought a court-monitored investigation into the case. Mr Bhushan argued that though the Sahara-Birla documents do not prove that the politicians named in them received kickbacks, a First Information Report


borders. “How would we otherwise know what is happening there (in the forward areas) and what is happening with them (troops)? We just want a fair probe and justice,” Yadav’s son said. Meanwhile, Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said his Ministry has received an “interim report” from the BSF on the issue and “there are some issues.” “I don’t want to comment on that (report) as of now but I want to make a personal appeal to the people of the country and the media that do not create an issue...a big issue until the probe in this case is done. All this will work to hit the morale of the jawans,” Rijiju told reporters. A full report is being prepared by a DIG-rank officer of the BSF based in Jammu and Kashmir after the Union Home Ministry ordered for


New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI): The family of the BSF jawan, who claimed poor quality food was being served to soldiers on the LoC through social media posts, today came out in his defence saying he was just bringing out the truth by his act even as the government said “some issues” have been found after an interim report was received by the Union Home Ministry. “What he did is not wrong...he showed the truth..he has just made a demand for good food and ‘roti’. To say that he has a mental problem is wrong. If this was true, why was he sent to the border and was put on duty? “Why was he not sent for treatment?,” the wife of constable Tej Bahadur Yadav said. His son added “it was not wrong” to demand good food for himself and the troops posted on the

NEW DELHI, Jan 11 (Agencies): There will be no probe by a Special Investigation Team into the politically sensitive Sahara diaries case - which involves alleged bribes paid to politicians including Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was the Gujarat Chief Minister -- the Supreme Court has said. The top court has said there is not enough evidence in the case. “If investigation is ordered on the basis of inadmissible evidence like this, constitutional functionaries


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Nagaland Post Vol. XXVII NO. 36 Dimapur, thursday, January 12, 2017


The other side

nlike other towns in Nagaland, Dimapur exemplifies a deeply contrasting society, that can be best explained by the characterisation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ a novel that exposes the duality of human nature and which exposes the struggle between good and evil, with variations such as human versus animal, civilization versus barbarism. For the two faced-city, which is supposed to be the state’s commercial capital and which has instead gradually turned into crime and mafia capital, time is running out. A long term effort is long overdue to face the challenges lest these create another Frankenstein-like sub culture. A poisonous mix of gun and gang culture against the backdrop of entrenched powerful mafia dons appears to be pushing the law breakers and even juvenile offenders into the dark underworld. Anti-social syndrome is a problems and it would be valuable to understand the current social milieu that has influenced youths into waywardness. This issue of young offenders taking advantage of the ‘gun culture’ to commit offences for whatever motives etc, raises a serious question on the ability of society and the law in dealing with this phenomenon of breakdown of social values and also of enforcement of the rule of law. When young people graduate from small time offenders to big time criminals; society cannot run away from the consequences nor responsibility. The dark side of the city is a rising phenomenon which has not attracted sharp attention except possibly, casual mention about the drug and drink parties which even various authorities have failed to check. Screams, abusive shouts, curse words and violence becomes part of the ‘high’ of these species who seemed to have made night as their day. Such young impressionable minds a growing number who are becoming part of such a group. It may also be pertinent to note, that unchecked and unchallenged offences in towns like Dimapur are signs of erosion of authority as well as the heralding of a new era of a unhealthy environment. It has become a matter of grave concern that the growing sophistication of crimes has overtaken the ability of the law and authorities. However, enforcement cuts both ways both for the enforcer and the enforced. The law ensures that even those enforcing the law live under it as much as those on whom it is sought to be enforced. The perception of ‘rule of law’ can be made applicable at both the higher and lower levels. The people of Nagaland are indeed concerned with the inherent disinclination of those running the law enforcement system in tackling crimes and most distressed by the disinclination to confront those challenging the authority and rule of established law. Policing has serious challenges due to policies of the state government such as prohibition. The dry act has not decreased offences nor crimes but has decreased the source of tax revenue and increased government spending on enforcement. The other side of the city is like a tumour that has grown is a manifestation of utter neglect by society. These challenges cannot be met only by the law and enforcement authorities but for the society. There can be no way out. It’s similar to the option of either reform or perish.

DailyDevotion What My Obedience to God Costs Other People As they led Him away, they laid hold of a certain man, Simon…, and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus. —Luke 23:26 If we obey God, it is going to cost other people more than it costs us, and that is where the pain begins. If we are in love with our Lord, obedience does not cost us anything— it is a delight. But to those who do not love Him, our obedience does cost a great deal. If we obey God, it will mean that other people’s plans are upset. They will ridicule us as if to say, “You call this Christianity?” We could prevent the suffering, but not if we are obedient to God. We must let the cost be paid. When our obedience begins to cost others, our human pride entrenches itself and we say, “I will never accept anything from anyone.” But we must, or disobey God. We have no right to think that the type of relationships we have with others should be any different from those the Lord Himself had (see Luke 8:1-3). A lack of progress in our spiritual life results when we try to bear all the costs ourselves. And actually, we cannot. Because we are so involved in the universal purposes of God, others are immediately affected by our obedience to Him. Will we remain faithful in our obedience to God and be willing to suffer the humiliation of refusing to be independent? Or will we do just the opposite and say, “I will not cause other people to suffer”? We can disobey God if we choose, and it will bring immediate relief to the situation, but it will grieve our Lord. If, however, we obey God, He will care for those who have suffered the consequences of our obedience. We must simply obey and leave all the consequences with Him. Beware of the inclination to dictate to God what consequences you would allow as a condition of your obedience to Him.


Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong. ~ Peter McIntyre


Nagaland Post, Dimapur thursday, January 12, 2017

Public sector banking is now in a bigger mess

he break at writing the Diary turned out to be much longer than I had expected. The main reason for it will become obvious in the days to come. A lot has happened during this period, including the Modi government’s defence of demonetisation, which has grown by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, I thought of giving writing on demonetisation a break for the first piece for the Diary in 2017. One thing that has got side-lined in the entire discussion on demonetisation is the fact that Indian public sector banks continue to remain in a mess. In fact, as we shall see the mess has only grown bigger in the recent past. As the RBI Financial Stability Report for December 2016 points out: “The stress on banking sector, particularly the public sector banks (PSBs) remain significant... PSBs as a group continued to record losses.” The gross non-performing assets ratio or the

bad loans of the PSBs, increased to 11.8 per cent as on September 30, 2016. This is a whopping increase of 220 basis points from 9.6 per cent as of March 31, 2016. One basis point is one hundredth of a percentage. The overall stressed assets of public sector banks jumped to 15.8 per cent of total loans. It had stood at 14.9 per cent as on March 31, 2016. The stressed asset figure of 15.8 per cent was obtained by adding bad loans of 11.8 per cent with restructured assets of 4 per cent. This basically means that for every Rs 100 that the PSBs have given out as a loan, Rs 15.8 are in a dodgy territory, on an average. Out of every Rs 100 of loans made by the banks, borrowers have stopped repaying loans worth Rs 11.8. Over and above that loans worth Rs 4 for every Rs 100 of loans given by the banks have been restructured. A restructured loan essentially implies that the borrower has been given a moratorium during which

he does not have to repay the principal amount. In some cases, even the interest need not be paid. In some other cases, the tenure of the loan has been increased. This is clearly a reason to worry. Nevertheless, there is a small good sign here as well. Unlike earlier, when banks were using the restructuring route to not recognise bad loans, that doesn’t seem to be happening much now. As on March 31, 2016, the restructured loans had stood at 4.9 per cent of total loans. This has fallen to 4 per cent of total loans as of September 30, 2016. Banks are now recognising bad loans as bad loans. The first step towards solving a problem is recognising that it exists. The increase in bad loans of public sector banks can also be seen in the bad loans figure of large borrowers. The Reserve Bank of India categorises large borrowers as borrowers with an outstanding loan amount of Rs 5 crore or more. The Financial Stability Report points out: “The large bor-

rowers registered significant deterioration in their asset quality.” However, the report does not mention a clear bad loans figure for the large borrowers. As the RBI Financial Stability Report for June 2016 pointed out: “The gross non-performing assets(GNPA) ratio of large borrowers increased sharply from 7.0 per cent to 10.6 per cent during September 2015 to March 2016.” This basically means that as on September 30, 2016, the gross non-performing assets ratio or the bad loans of banks would have stood at greater than 10.6 per cent. If we look at Figure 1, the bad loans ratio for the large borrowers seems to be greater than 15 per cent as of September 30, 2016. The large borrowers form 56.5 per cent of the total loans given by banks. Nonetheless, they form 88.4 per cent of the total bad loans of banks. And this is where the basic trouble is. The rate of recovery of bad loans by banks is also not good enough.

As a recent report in The Indian Express points out: “The rate of recovery of non-performing assets (NPAs) was 10.3 per cent, or Rs 22,800 crore, out of the total NPAs of Rs 221,400 crore during fiscal ended March 2016, against Rs 30,800 crore (12.4 per cent) of the total amount of Rs 248,200 crore reported in March 2015, data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said.” Indeed, what is worrying is that the RBI points out that the bad loans of the PSBs could increase fur ther. As the repor t points out: “Among the bank groups, PSBs may continue to register the highest GNPA ratio. Under baseline scenario, the PSBs’ GNPA ratio may increase to 12.5 per cent in March 2017 and then to 12.9 per cent in March 2018 from 11.8 per cent in September 2016, which could increase further under a severe stress scenario.” Interestingly, the June 2016 Financial Stability Report had pointed out:

“Among the bank-groups, PSBs may continue to register the highest GNPA ratio. Under the baseline scenario, their GNPA ratio may go up to 10.1 per cent by March 2017 from 9.6 per cent as of March 2016. However, under a severe stress scenario, it may increase to 11.0 per cent by March 2017.” We h av e a l r e a d y crossed the severe stress level in September 2016, something which was forecast only for March 2017. This basically means that the government will have to keep pumping more and more capital into these banks in the years to come in order to keep them going. And that means a lot more money of taxpayers will essentially go down the drain. Postscript: I would like to thank all readers who supported my recent petition to the President. I am in the process of planning the dispatch of the responses received to the President. Vivek Kaul


To sign or not to sign: what does Nagas think about Naga?


017 will be an important but difficult year for Naga. While the world is entering into the brand new year, Naga is expecting from the crucial and protracted peace negotiation which kick-started in 1997, which are expected to be a fierce intellectual battle. Modi can prove to be “make it or break it” moment in Naga’s relations with the India, which are presently in a watershed moment. The Naga saw her imprisonment (hunger of power, corruption and the focused now on material accumulation for their selfish attainment of artificial status in society) along with the lack of New Delhi political commitment to resolve the issues. This was compounded by a deterioration of democratic values of NSCM-(IM), which spearheading the political negotiation. Amid concern over the way the political process was being conducted, many Naga organisations and individual concern have been seriously voicing, that the dialectical approach of both NSCM-(IM) and New Delhi and could derail the peace process, which has spent the last 19 years negotiating. At the first glance, what does Nagas think about Naga? Might seem a strange question. However, it is the one that many populations of Naga as well as the India are increasingly asking themselves

and understandably so. After so many years of the negotiation, India seems to have lost interest in it. The primacy that Naga issue once assumed in Indian domestic issues and foreign policy has rapidly vanished. What do the Naga want? What does Indian think about Indo-Naga peace negotiation? Is there any vision left? From start, the ceasefire has rested on a gamble. When Naga leaders opted for a ceasefire in 1997, they wagered that Naga’s could converge toward one another; with all the different tribes demographically living in different states, would have become a little more like one, by accepting each other to form a consolidated “Nagalim” as a one common body. This did not occur. Today, Naga is political, socially, and economically in mess, the true implications of this gamble are becoming clear. The struggle continues with no sign of political pact almost after 20 years of negotiations, which led to vulnerability instead of freedom, indebtedness instead of autonomy, poverty instead of prosperity and a deep political, economic and spiritual crisis instead of hope, optimism, and fraternity. And yet desired for freedom lived on. James A. Barker III former US secretary of State once said, “Almost every achievement contains within its success the

seeds of a future problem.” This political and social mess provides a trenchant example of this phenomenon. When the long sought but uncertain implementation of a cease-fire finally began, as a part of a bundle of deals that produced Naga under one umbrella, it represents a significant accomplishment. The implementation of cease-fire provided the necessary catalyst for all the success of that achievement, however, is left behind fateful seeds, which is sprouting. The mess resulted not only from the Government of India insincerity, lack of political vision and divide and rule policy but also from flaws in our leaders approach and long-term decline in interest in true Naga issues cooperation. We are in muddling through the period. The Naga leaders have done a remarkable job managing the short-term symptoms of the chaos, although the costs have been great and tragic. Yet the long-term challenge remains. For this to happen, Naga must align politically, socially and other areas, which will first require Naga to reject the common misdiagnoses of the current mess. It is the result of a fundamental disequilibrium within the single political zone, which the current leaders applies a single political and social policy to diverse tribal groups. Thus,

The Indo-Myanmar border issue


he recent policy of erecting international boarder fencing by the Govt. of India and Burma is another factor that will create more disastrous division among the Nagas in fact the treaty of Yandabo of 1826 signed between British India Govt. and the Burmese Kingdom is totally against the International law which gives legitimate right to entire nationals for self determination and territorial integrity. However the most destructive divide and rule policy has badly affected the Naga land owners right and much against the aspiration of Nagas in general specially people living under International Border Area. In fact the treaty of Yandabo of 1826 has created division among the Nagas where as the Nagas had never ever lived nor surrendered to any foreign Power/ rulers, besides the free Naga land is the most respected inheritance of our ancient ancestors that the divide and rule policy of British imperial power which has been adopted by the Government of India is also playing the same of divide and rule policy. Whereas the Nagas has already been subjugated under that ‘draconian law’ military terrorism which is totally against international law of human rights and against the aspiration of Nagas in General. Moreover the Govt. of India has erected imaginary boundary fencing much against the aspiration and legitimate right of the land owners in 1973, without consulting the Nagas

in general. Therefore in legal term this is a serious act of antiinternational human right and much against Naga rights apart from that right from the ancient Naga era, no country, kingdom, power has ever dominated the Naga country, inspite of the physical presence of Britishers in Naga country who had ruled over the Naga people. However the Nagas did not make any treaty/agreement with the British India Government nor with the Burmese Kingdom at any point of time therefore no country has any legitimate right to occupy or divide the Naga ancestral territories, specially the Govt. of India has nothing to do with the construction of boarder fencing, therefore the Naga political groups and entire bonafide Naga citizen vehemently condemn the proposal for the said project and we shall never allow any foreigners to interfere nor subjugate the rights of Nagas. As a responsible Naga patriot the NPGN/NNC (N/A) is fully committed and determined to protect the Naga ancestral land and shall not compromise with any anti-Naga policy made by non Nagas (Foreigner) the Indo-Myanmar boundary issue has inflected great division among the entire Naga citizens and their bonafide land ownership and its resources whereas in 1973 an unrecognized imaginary boundary fencing was made without consulting the land owners and the Nagas in general. Violating anti-Naga rights and International human rights.

The international in legal law framework article 1 and 55 and U.N. charter (a) that says to develop friendly relation among nations based on respect for principle of equal right and self determination of the people to strengthen universal peace. The international covenant of 1966 and the U.N. General assembly resolution 2644 (XXV) which has adapted in 1982 which gives the legitimacy of the struggle of people for independence, territorial integrity, national unity, liberation from colonial power, foreign domination foreign occupation and armed struggle (3) The UN general assembly resolution No. 1542 (XV) recognized that the desire for independence is the rightful aspiration of the people under colonial subjugation. Taking into consideration of those few universal laws of People’s movement on the basis of their legitimacy both the Govt. of India and the Govt. of Myanmar should respect the Nagas right and the legal law framework of international apex body and should not take any step that would create division within the Naga families and promote universal peace and unity. However in case of not complying with the above mentioned law of United Nations, the Nagas shall not tolerate any forceful ad clone by foreigners to divide the Nagas and shall fight for the integrity of Nagas and their land which is the birth rights of Nagas inherited from time immemorial. N. Mar Ao, MIP Kilonser NPGN/NNC (N/A)

presence leaders must trust in the essentially democratic nature of the Naga society, which will encourage them to distribute the cost of convergence more fairly within and among the tribes. The burden must be shifted from the top-down public policy to periphery political, social and economic activities of respective tribes who involves in the mainstream of the society. If this does not occur, then survival of the so-called Nagalim will be called into question and Naga will face a long-term social, economic and political catastrophic that could drain its political strength and social coherence for the rest of this decade and beyond. If the Naga is to continue to function, some damage limitation is needed. Our leaders must show constructive leadership role which includes greater willingness to discuss people contribution in strengthening the nation formation as demanded, as well as the presentation of a vigorous case to the people, that saving the political aspiration and achievement the political aspiration lie at the heart of Naga national interest. Our current leaders have thus far reacted to this stunning loss of momentum by entering a holding pattern. The hope is to buy enough time for new leaders to emerge who will reclaim the Naga project. However, buying time may not be the best the

leaders can do for now. The Naga needs a new generation of leaders who can breathe life into a project that is perilously close to expiring in this unthinking generation. For now, they are nowhere to be found. However, history is knocking on our door. So what will determine whether the Naga stalls in its Naga projects or moves forward? The current political negotiation with the government of India narrative is unsure, fragmented and does not provide the necessary political foundation for a wide-ranging institutional capacity building. The lack of consensus about the correct political formula for Naga seriously compromises any further progress. Today we are witnessing a rise of political intolerance, crony capitalism, and social detachment in Naga society. Now is the time for Naga to produce a constructive result from the crisis with strong political will and creativity to respond with decisive innovation. There has been a striking lack of coordinated political leadership across the Naga area in the face of political pressure. Dialoguing is the best way to unlock misunderstanding. (To be concluded) Pamreihor Khashimwo, Doctoral Candidate, Centre for European Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Reader’s Post

Representation to DC Kohima & chairman, RTA (On phasing out of 15 years old City Bus-reg.)


In continuation of the City Bus Owners’ Union Kohima representation submitted earlier on the above mentioned subject, the undersigned on behalf of the CBOUK resubmit the following as per discussion on the matter recently. That Sir, presently about 135 city Bus are plying in Kohima town employing about 270 persons i.e. Drivers and conductors. This is the cheapest mode of traval available in Kohima town. The City Buses also extended its services to the colleges and schools in Kohima town and adjoining area. The Churches are also utilising the services of the city Buses for its church attendance. More than 5000 commuters are utilising the services of the City bus which is the cheapest among other transportation like Local Taxis and Private Taxis. Now there are other vehicle private or Govt owned vehicle like Trucks, Bus, Cars which has more than 15 years old are not come under the present phasing out category but only targeting the city buses which is not fair. Most of the City Bus owners, Drivers and conductors are solely depends on the daily earnings of their bus and if Govt.Notification No.TPT/RTA-1 /2012-13/987 dated 08.03.2016 is implemented about 70 percent of the Bus and families will be effected as they have not in a position to purchase the New Bus immediately. Regarding safety point of view it may be stated that except in some cases of drunken drivers related accident no case of accident is seen due to old age or mechanical failure in Kohima town. The Central Government while taking up the issue of non registration of Diesel vehicle with Delhi Government the Supreme court also giving its ruling in favour of Central Government and lifted the ban on registration of Diesel Vehicles. It is also observed by Central Government that there is no violation of Motor Vehicle rules and regulation when vehicles comply with fitness and pollution norms. It also stated that the age of vehicle cannot be the criteria and even in the most developed countries fitness test and compliance of vehicles to the standards is the sole criteria for disallowing a vehicle from plying. Further to state that there is no such enforcement taken place anywhere in India. The MV Act of 1988(59) 1 empowerd the RTA to fix the age limit of motor vehicle but no specific years is mentioned and there is scope for reaching mutual understanding on the issue. In view of the above stated reasons your kind authority is requested to re-examine the matter and give reasonable period of time to settle the matter amicably . Ravolelie Rutsa, President, CBOUK & Hupasayi Tetseo, Gen. Secy, CBOUK

Reader’s note: Articles or letters published in any of the columns do not reflect the view of this newspaper nor that of the Editor in any manner.

Nagaland Post, Dimapur thursday, JANUARY 12, 2017


BJP, NC MLAs clash in J-K Assembly

Opposition National Conference and Congress MLA’s shouting slogans in Legislative Assembly during their protest over various issues, in Jammu on Wednesday. (PTI)

Jammu, Jan 11 (PTI): Members of National Conference and BJP legislators clashed in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly during the Opposition’s protest to demand a time-bound judicial probe into civilian killings during the 2016 Kashmir unrest. As Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti announced that her gov-

ernment will set up special investigation teams in all districts for probing the killings in a time-bound manner, NC MLA Mohd Akbar Lone intervened demanding a judicial inquiry into the matter. He was seconded by Congress’s G M Saroori. Independent legislator Hakeem Yaseen also said

that government should constitute a judicial commission to probe the cases. NC member Ali Mohmmad Sagar said that unlike Omar Abdullah, who owned up to the killings in 2010, Mufti “remained hidden”. He said a commission headed by a retired Supreme Court judge should look into the matter.

30% of driving licenses in India bogus

Lu c k n ow, Ja n 1 1 (IANS): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday attacked the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) over the in-fighting, and said it was a “political drama” staged by the Yadav clan to divert the mind of the people from misgovernance. BJP state unit chief Keshav Prasad Maurya claimed that the unending feud in the ruling party was, in fact, a “well thought off ” drama that was being enacted by the father-son duo of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to dis-

tract people from the total failures of the Samajwadi Party government in the last five years. “There have been more than 500 communal riots in the state in the SP government’s tenure, statues have been vandalised by goons in the heart of the state capital, a schoolgirl was raped a few hundred metres from the official residence of the Chief Minister, and safety of women was at its worst in the Akhilesh Yadav regime”, the BJP leader said. He also claimed that attempts were now being made to whitewash the wrongdoings of the ruling party.

resolution remains null and void”. Interestingly, MAPO said the hoho’s statement, supporting women reservation, was ‘ironical” since the president and the finance secretary of the Pochury Hoho had resigned and filed their nominations for the Meluri Town Council polls, while the vice president was out of station. Further, MAPO said the statement made by Pochury Hoho general secretary Vichutho Nyusou was purely “an individual view or otherwise

is an abuse of power.” The credibility of his act was highly questionable as the executive council of the Hoho never empowered any office bearer to function and take authority in the absence of a president, it said. Therefore, MAPO said the statement made by Nyusou “does not reflect the views of the hoho or the executive council”. In this regard, MAPO has fervently appealed to all the intending candidates to withdraw their candidature for the forthcoming Meluri Town Council election.

535 candidates cleared for ULB polls (From p-1) Tuensang and in Medziphema to prevent candidates from filing nominations. Meanwhile, SEC has given three days time to the rejected candidates to clarify to the appellate authority.

Their nomination papers would only be accepted after their clarification was found valid, SEC said. Also no candidates have withdrawn their nomination papers on the first day of the withdrawal. The last date of withdrawal of nomination is January 17.

Dimapur records highest crime cases in 2016 D I MA P U R , J a n 1 1 (NPN): Dimapur police registered a total of 1113 crime related cases in various Police Stations in Dimapur during 2016, the highest amongst the districts within Nagaland. According to Addl. Dy Commissioner of Police/ PRO of Dimapur police, Shoukha Kakheto, East Police Station registered the highest with 364 cases, followed by 303 at Diphupar PS, 230 at East PS, 143 at Sub Urban PS, 22 each at Medziphema and Nuiland PS, 16 at GRPS and 13 at Women PS (which was upgraded last year). During the period, he said 984 persons have been arrested for various offences under IPC/Special laws. Police also seized/recovered 69 motor vehicles/two

wheelers, 969 kgs of Ganja and 89,562 bottles of IMFL seized, he said. Police also registered 809 cases crime under IPC, PRO said. Under this, case related to theft constituted the highest, with 306 cases registered. It was followed by- 101 on others IPC, 94 related to extortion, 82 for kidnapping and abduction, 69 for burglary, 45 for cheating, 27 for causing death due to negligence, 22 on attempted murder, 20 on robbery, 18 on criminal breach of trust, 11 each for rape and murder and one each of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, dacoity and counterfeiting. Dimapur police has also registered 304 crimes under special law, which included 81 cases under Arms Act, 12 cases under NDPS

Act, six crimes under DC Act, 145 cases under NLTP Act, three cases under explosive substance Act, one case under Foreigners Act and 56 in other IPC. PRO said, the increase in the case registration was due to various pro-active policing and increased in the number of cases detected for offences under the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act (NLTP); increased in detection of cases of extortion by Anti Extortion Cells and other offences. He said as per the apex Court guidelines, all missing reports and complaints have been registered as regular cases. “The increase in number of cases under the crime head - Kidnapping & Abduction, is attributed to this factor”, PRO said.


their violations and the fines to be paid, digitally, reducing interface with officials,” Mr Gadkari said. On the proposed amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act – which he called ‘outdated’ – to enable tougher action, the union Minister said, “if all goes well at a meeting on January 27 then I need to take (the proposal) to the Cabinet and then to parliament.” In a democracy, he stressed, “we need to take everyone on board.” Besides strict norms, the amendments focus on the safety of the road users, road accident victims, stricter driving licensing norms and penalties for law violators.

BJP bills feud in Samajwadi Party a ‘staged drama’



"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts : and let him return unto the Lord... for He [Jesus] will abundantly pardon" Isaiah 55:7


sures, Mr Gadkari said, “We need to identify black spots. We need to improve road design. This is our responsibility.” The minister hinted that the government may take tough measures to ensure that rules are followed. “Increasing penalties is likely to have a positive impact, without which it is tough to get people to take road safety norms seriously,” he said. “We need to modernise and computerise our systems with the latest technology. This is something we are trying our best to implement,” he said emphasising that the move will help end corruption. “People will automatically be informed about

New Delhi, Jan 11 (Agencies): Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj said on Twitter that visas of Amazon officials would be rescinded, after Amazon Canada was found to be selling doormats featuring the Indian flag. “Amazon must tender unconditional apology. They must withdraw all products insulting our national flag immediately,” Sushma Swaraj tweeted, ”If this is not done forthwith, we will not grant Indian Visa to any Amazon official. We will also rescind the Visas issued earlier,” she added. Earlier, a Twitter user brought to Sushma. Swaraj’s attention that Amazon Canada was selling doormats featuring the Indian flag. A simple search on Amazon Canada by NDTV verified this claim. It’s worth pointing out that Amazon is a marketplace and is not directly involved in selling all goods on its website, and the products in question seem to have been listed by a third-party seller.

(From p-1) on July 13, 2016-“That, if any group of people or organization of Pochury is taking an initiative step for social upliftment and community development, the Pochury Hoho shall not stop/sabotage them from doing their job in the interest of the people of Pochury”, MAPO said the resolution was “not within the knowledge of the executive council and no discussion or deliberation was made.” In this regard, MAPO stated that the “July 13


The Pentecostal Mission – Dimapur

PLACE TPM Convention Ground Near ISBT, Purana Bazaar 7.30 am - Bible Study

TIME 4:30 p.m Daily

DATE January 12 – 15, 2017

OTHER MEETINGS (FROM FRIDAY) 9.30 am - Devotional Service 1.30 pm - Tarrying Meeting

"Who [Jesus] forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;" Ps. 103:3 SICK WILL PRAYED FOR


Enquiries : THE PENTECOSTAL MISSION CHURCH, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112  : (03862) 227-105, 233-122, 8974051399 DP-290


New Delhi, Jan 11 (Agencies): A third of the driving licences in India are fake, Nitin Gadkari said today, admitting that it was “embarrassing” for him to admit it as the country’s Road Transport Minister. “30 per cent of the licenses in India are bogus. It is embarrassing for me to state this as a minister,” Mr Gadkari said at the Road To Safety Conclave, a joint initiative by NDTV and Diageo. He added, “We are pushing for intelligent traffic systems which will enable us to immediately track, real-time, when there is a traffic violation.” Admitting that there are gaps in road safety mea-

As the government did not respond to the opposition’s demand of a judical probe, members of the opposition parties threw papers in the Well of the House and resorted to anti-government sloganeering and hooting. Verbal duels were witnessed between BJP and NC members, who trooped into the Well of the House surrounded by marshals and watch and ward staff. Cong ress Legislative Party leader Nawang Rigzin Jora said, “Mufti should take responsibility of the killings last year as Omar did in 2010. She is coward. There should be a judicial probe.” Some NC legislators then rushed to BJP MLA Ravinder Raina and snatched his mike when he was speaking on the governor’s address, triggering pushing and shoving between the members of two parties. A scuffle erupted between the members of the two parties when the NC MLAs tried to snatch Raina’s mike again. National Conference legislator Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi was marshalled out of the House by the watch and ward staff for creating ruckus.

Sushma warns Amazon: Apologise or we cancel visas

7 Ao, Sumi candidates asked to withdraw





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New Delhi, Jan 11 (Agencies): Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said that bold reforms are required to transform economy. Speaking at the 8th edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Gandhinagar, Jaitely said, “India needs bold decisions, time now to clean up table.”

Wagon R VXI

Earlier, the project kick-off meeting was held on January 10, 2017 at New Delhi. The new initiative, along with Systems like e-tender, invoice monitoring system, grievance management and vigilance portal is another corporate governance milestone and one more step towards promoting transparency.




Arun Jaitley


awarded to M/s L&T Infotech with IBM’s Filenet and BPM as the Technology platform. The project covers all work centres of ONGC and will be rolled out in phases. Subsequent rollouts have been planned at every quarter with scheduled Project to be completed by June 2018.

New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI): Propped by firm global cues and increased buying by jewellers at the domestic bullion market, gold prices advanced for the second straight day today, gaining Rs 70 at Rs 29,100 per 10 grams. Silver also recaptured the Rs 41,000-level by surging Rs 550 to Rs 41,300 per kg backed by increased offtake by industrial units and coin makers. Marketmen said that besides a firming trend overseas, increased buying activity by jewellers to meet retailers’ demand ahead of wedding season at the domestic spot market kept the metal prices higher. Globally, gold rose 0.29 per cent to USD 1,190.70 an ounce and silver 0.39 per cent to USD 16.82 an ounce in Singapore. In the national capital, gold of 99.9 per cent and 99.5 per cent purity added Rs 70 each to Rs 29,100 and Rs 28,950 per 10 gram. The precious metal had climbed Rs 330 yesterday. Sovereign, however, remained flat at Rs 24,200 per piece of eight grams.

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D I M A P U R , Ja n 1 1 (NPN): ONGC has taken a giant leap towards digitization by awarding the contract for implementation of enterprise-wide paperless office solution in ONGC. In line with the “Digital India” initiative, the Paperless Office Project will eliminate paper movement within ONGC at all levels. The project has been

ter said that its impact will be seen this year. Talking on the demonetisation of high value currency notes, Finance Ministeradded, “After transient impact, demonetisation will lead to cleaner and larger GDP”. LAND WITH HOUSE

2016/17 when combining the levels of the federal and state governments, is among the highest in G20 countries, Patel said, citing the International Monetary Fund data. “We have to take cognisance of these comparisons and facts as

ONGC set to become paperless

Need bold reforms to transform economy: FM Jaitley said that India was substantially a non tax-compliant society and demonetisation can lead to more formal banking transactions, thus nudging the society towards more compliance. “We are substantially in terms of taxation, a non-compliance society. The narrowness of our tax base is realised by the data”. “Formal transactions can lead to higher revenues, and make us more compliant,” Jaitley said. “Difficult decisions initially pass through difficult phases,” he added. Jaitley said that excessive paper currency has its own vices, it leads to its own temptations. Stating that GST and demonetisation will boost growth, the finance minis-

Urjit Patel

we go forward to make progress. Specifically this will help us to better manage risks for ourselves and thereby mitigate financial volatility,” Patel said. Patel added that India needed to ensure its medium-term consumer-prices based inflation target of 4 per cent is “secured on a durable basis” while touting the importance of “low and stable inflation,” hewing closely to his previous comments on the subject. The RBI Governor noted as well that the RBI would continue to press ahead with a “fluid transmission” of monetary policy, less than two weeks after lenders announced steep cuts in their lending rates.



GA N D HI N AGA R / M U M B AI , J A N 1 1 (Agencies): Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel urged the government to make progress in reducing high federal and state government borrowing, just weeks before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration is due to unveil its annual budget. Patel, in a speech at the Vibrant Gujarat summit, said the government debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio was also constraining the country’s sovereign ratings, reports BusinessLine. India’s total fiscal deficit, which is targeted at 6.4 per cent of GDP in


Mumbai, Jan 11 (PTI): The rupee was trading lower by 7 paise at 68.25 against the American currency in early trade today after the dollar gained strength overseas. Forex dealers said increased demand for the US currency from importers and dollar’s gains against other currencies overseas put pressure on the rupee. They said, however, a higher opening in the domestic equity market capped the rupee losses. Yesterday, the rupee had ended 3 paise higher at 68.18 against the American currency in a range bound trade amid weak dollar overseas. Meanwhile, the benchmark BSE Sensex recaptured the 27,000-mark by surging 151.01 points, or 0.56 per cent, to 27,050.57 in the opening trade on Wednesday.

economies and stronger developmental partnership are a priority”. Emphasising that broad-based and wideranging cooperation in agriculture and food security was a shared priority, Modi said the two sides were collaborating to raise agricultural productivity in Kenya. “The Line of Credit Agreement of USD 100 million signed for agricultural mechanisation today would open a new dimension of engagement. Longterm arrangement with Kenya for production and import of pulses is being explored and discussed. We would also be happy to share best practices in organic farming with Kenyan farmers,” Modi added. On his part, Kenyatta thanked India for all the assistance provided in various sectors including scholarships in IT and other fields. The visiting dignitary invited Indian companies to invest in Kenya and also sought more market access for Kenyan products in India.


Rupee drops 7 paise against dollar

ism, combating drugs, narcotics, human trafficking and money laundering,” the Prime Minister said at a joint press event with Kenyatta. Noting that they reviewed the full range of bilateral relationship, Modi said the two sides will encourage industry and business in both countries to take lead in exploiting opportunities in healthcare, tourism, information technology, a g r i c u l t u r e, b l u e economy and energy. “The Joint Business Council meeting tomorrow will work to build commercial engagement through specific projects in these areas. To boost trade, we are also cooperating on trade facilitation measures, including standardisation and related areas,” he said. Recalling his visit to Kenya last year, the Prime Minister said the two countries had identified deepening of economic cooperation as one of the key focus areas and in this context, “expansion of bilateral trade, greater flow of capital between two


New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI): India Wednesday announced a USD 100 million Line of Credit to Kenya for agricultural mechanisation after talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta during which they also decided to deepen economic cooperation, identifying expansion of bilateral trade as a “priority”. Asserting that challenges in the maritime domain are a shared concern, Modi said the two sides will also explore opportunities in blue economy. “We are focussed on quick operationalisation of our defence cooperation. Some of the specific areas of priority would be hydrography, communication networks, antipiracy, capacity building, exchanges and defence medical cooperation. “We are also partnering to strengthen our security cooperation and capacities. In this context, we have directed the Joint Working Group to meet early. It would focus on cyber security, counter terror-

New Delhi, Jan 11 (Agencies): In its first report after November’s demonetisation, the World Bank has lowered the India’s GDP growth estimate for this fiscal to 7 percent, from its earlier estimate of 7.6 percent made in June last year. “The immediate withdrawal of a large volume of currency in circulation and subsequent replacement with new notes announced by the government in November contributed to slowing growth in 2016,” the World Bank said in its latest report. “Weak industrial production and manufacturing and services purchasing managers` indexes further suggest a setback to activity in the fourth quarter of FY 2017,” it added. The World Bank, however, asserted that the country would regain momentum in the following years with 7.6 and 7.8 percent growth. “India is expected to regain its momentum, with growth rising to 7.6 percent in Fiscal Year(FY) 2018 and strengthening to 7.8 percent in FY 2019-20,” the Bank said, adding that various reform initiatives are expected to unlock domestic supply bottlenecks and raise productivity.


India announces USD 100 million Line of Credit to Kenya

Nagaland Post, Dimapur business thursDay, january 12, 2017 WB cuts India’s Urjit Patel urges government Gold up on global GDP growth for leads; silver to be mindful of debt levels tops Rs 41K fiscal to 7%




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US president Obama gives emotional farewell speech

US charges Ban Ki-moon’s relatives in bribery case SEOUL, Jan 11 (Agencies): A US bribery case against two relatives has cast a pall over former United Nations chief Ban Kimoon’s planned return this week to South Korea, where he is expected to launch a bid to run for president. Ban, 72, has not declared his candidacy but has had a team of people laying groundwork in Seoul ahead of his planned arrival in South Korea on Thursday afternoon. The former foreign minister consistently polls as a top candidate as South Korea braces for the possibility of an early election following parliament’s December impeachment of President Park Geun-hye in an influence-peddling scandal. If South Korea’s Constitutional Court upholds the impeachment, Park would become South Korea’s first democratically elected leader to leave office in disgrace. Lee Do-woon, Ban’s spokesman, was quick to distance

Ban Ki-moon

Ban from the indictment, which was filed against his younger brother and his nephew in a Manhattan federal court. It accuses Ban’s relatives of a scheme to bribe a Middle Eastern official for an attempted $800 million sale of a building complex in Vietnam. “Ban was greatly surprised by the news, which he learned from the media. He knows nothing about it,” said Lee, who also said Ban would address various concerns directly upon his arrival in South Korea.


Chairman Shikiye Zhimomi 8732890882

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“Vishepu Ghami Welfare Society” Dimapur, phughi lo xu-kutsukime pe akemi kumtsu aki atou kukuputsa ani. Tighenguno khiumu vezumono. Atsala 14th Jan. 2017, Ayi – 10:00 Inaqhe, Ino, Inoli. TOKHUVI MURUMI ki, Chekiye phu lo ighi penike pithi tsu ani.

Prison head suspended over Brazil jail-break B r a s ilia , Ja n 1 1 (IANS): A top prison officer has been suspended for allegedly allowing weapons and drugs in the gaol before a deadly jail-break on New Year’s Day in Brazil, officials said. The interim director of the Anisio Jobim prison where 56 inmates were killed and 112 escaped on January 1 was suspended on Tuesday. Sergio Fontes, Secretary of Public Security, confirmed suspension of Jose Carvalho Da Silva, Xinhua reported. Fontes said the director had allowed weapons and drugs into the prison complex.

C&T, and an affiliate firm, Cheil Industries. Prosecutors allege that Samsung gave €2.8m euros ($3.1m; £2.5m) to a company co-owned by Choi and her daughter, in return for Park’s support for the deal. Lee Jae-yong has already given evidence to politicians over the scandal, but this is the first time he will be quizzed as a suspect by investigators. At the parliamentary hearing in December Samsung admitted giving a total of 20.4bn won (£16m; $17.46m) to the two foundations, but denied seeking favours. And Lee also confirmed the firm gave a horse and money to help the equestrian career of Choi’s daughter, Chung Yoo-ra, something he said he now regretted. Earlier this week two other Samsung executives were interviewed by the special prosecutors, but were treated as witnesses rather than suspects. Park’s position began to unravel in October last year when details of her friendship with Choi began to emerge. They included revelations that the president had allowed her old friend - who holds no government role - to edit political speeches.

Kremlin denies compromising information on Donald Trump M o s cow, J a n 1 1 (Agencies): Russia has denied claims its intelligence agencies have compromising material about Donald Trump. Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, said the allegations were “pulp fiction” and a “clear attempt to damage relations”. The unsubstantiated claims say his presidential campaign secretly communicated with Moscow. They also say Russia has information about the US president-elect involving prostitutes. Trump has condemned the reports. The president-elect tweeted: “FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!” Trump is due to hold a news conference on Wednesday, nine days before he takes office. It was meant to be about his attempts to separate himself from his business commitments, to address concerns about conflicts of interest. Last week, US intelligence agencies released an unclassified report saying Russia ran a hacking campaign to influence the US presidential elections. Separate reports cir-

DUBAI, JAN 11 (Agencies): The United Arab Emirates announced on Wednesday that five of its diplomats were killed in a bombing in southern Afghanistan the day before, one of the worst attacks to target the young nation’s diplomatic corps. The federation of seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula said it would immediately fly the nation’s flag at halfstaff in honor of the dead from the attack Tuesday in Kandahar. Meanwhile, the Taliban denied planting the bomb in the Kandahar attack, which also wounded the UAE ambassador to Afghanistan. Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Al Maktoum, the UAE’s prime minister and vice president, said on Twitter that “there is no human, moral or religious justification for the bombing and killing of people trying to help” others. The Kandahar attack targeted a guesthouse of provincial governor Homayun Azizia, who was also wounded in the assault, along with UAE Ambassador Juma Mohammed Abdullah al-Kaabi. The Taliban claimed

attacks earlier on Tuesday in Kabul that killed at least 38 people and wounded dozens. But on Wednesday, they issued a short statement blaming an ‘internal local rivalry’ for the attack. The Taliban have denied some attacks in the past that diplomats and security forces later attributed to the group. An attack inside the heavily guarded compound would represent a major breach of security, even in Afghanistan, a country long torn by war.

figure in order to create a threat of negative publicity, if needed. The US intelligence agencies reportedly presented the information - a two-page synopsis - to the president-elect, to President Barack Obama and to congressional leaders last week, CNN first reported. It allegedly refers to documents said to have been compiled for Trump’s political enemies by a former British intelligence agent, CNN and the New York Times say. Past work by this operative was considered by US intelligence to be credible, the reports add. The original intention was to derail Trump’s candidacy, they say. The allegations began circulating in political and media circles in recent months.

Warsaw, Jan 11 (IANS): An additional 300 US soldiers arrived in Poznan, western Poland, on Wednesday after Nato decided to reinforce its eastern flank on Russia’s border. The troops arrived from Frankfurt and joined close to 1,000 others, US armour and heavy material already on Polish soil, Efe news reported. A series of ceremonies are scheduled across Poland on Saturday to welcome the troops Zagan Base in southeast Poland will be the main welcoming venue for the US soldiers with the attendance of Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz. The current deployment of US troops in Poland reaches 4,000, supported by 90 tanks, 18 self-propelled howitzers, 144 Bradley combat vehicles and 400 Humvee wheeled vehicles.

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The Soyim Student’s Union, Kohima Unit congratulates: 1. Miss. Akala Longkumer, D/o Mr. & Mrs. Imotiba Longkumer for being conferred Doctorate of Education (P.Hd) on the topic “Status and Effects of Pre-School Education on Children’s Development” under the supervision of Dr. Limala, Department of Education, Nagaland University, Kohima Campus, Meriema. 2. Miss. Arennungla Pongen, D/o Mr. & Mrs. Imtinungsang Pongen for securing JDA Rank in NPSC Examination 2015. The Union wishes all the very best for your future endeavor. Sd/Mr. Tongpangnungshi Jamir General Secretary

Poland to reinforce Nato

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Admission open from 9th January 2017 onwards Class A-10 Hostel attach for both Boys and Girls Phone No. : 8416062282

No. Judl-47/2015-16/ / Whereas, Shri. B. Y Lotha, husband of Late Smti. Nchuboni, a resident of Sanis Town has applied for issue of Succession Certificate to enable him to draw all dues and benefits from the Government pertaining to PPO No. NL/6797 and to operate A/C No. 11766530526 in favour of his deceased wife Late Smti. Nchuboni, who expired on 20/11/2016. Now, therefore, public and relatives are hereby asked to file claims/objections if any, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of issue of this notice. No claims/objections will be entertained after the cut off date and Succession Certificate shall be issued. Hotolu Swu Addl. Deputy Commissioner Wokha : Nagaland DP-410



I, Kimwang Wangrhu, S/o Letwang Konyak hailing from Leangha Village solemnly apologize to Chi & Mon Land Owners’ Association for commenting wrong statement on the post in the Facebook page, Mon Today on 31st December 2016. I accept and declare that the following statement “there are many land owners besides Chi and Mon. They want to feel special but doesn’t want others to share the benefits (truth)” is false and untrue. Therefore, I apologize and admit that the comment was purely immature and only reveals my ignorance on the issue. Sd/Kimwang Wangrhu K-0053



With great joy and pride, Rashtra Bhasha Hindi Shiksha Kendra, would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Addo Angami of Class-10 (PARICHAY) for securing Top Position in India in National language (Hindi) from Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Hindi Nagar Wardha, Maharashtra.


May Almighty God continue to Bless her in all her future endeavour. Admission and Re-Admission started for New Academic Session - 2017 for various classes of Hindi (PRATHMIK - 7, PRARAMBHIK - 8, PRAVESH - 9, PARICHAY - 10, KOVID - P.U AND RATNA - B.A). This Institution is Govt. Registered, Highly qualified and experienced teachers are available. SEATS LIMITED For details, contact office during working hours # 9436212311/7085125886 Office Hours : 7:00 A.M to 12:00 Noon


The first ever Triennial Conference of Chuchuyimlang Students' Union was held in Chuchuyimlang on the theme “In step With the Changing Times” from 4th–6th January, 2017. The conference was graced by the Hon’ble Minister, National Highways, Mechanical Engg, & Election, Govt. of Nagaland, Shri. Nuklutoshi, as the Chief Guest. The main speakers during the Conference were Shri. Bendangyanger (Rtd Director, Dimapur) who spoke on the theme “In step With the Changing Times”, Shri. Mangyang Lima (Principal District & Sessions Judge, Tuensang) who highlighted the Vision and Mission of CKT and Shri. Chujang (Secy IEF Mokokchung) who exhorted the audience on our spiritual life. The Resource persons for the various technical sessions included Shri. Peter George Baker, IT Head, Technology Services International, AT & T India, New Delhi, Dr. Sentitula IFS, DFO Tuensang, Wb. Lanuyanger CKT Advisor, Wb. Yarensosang, Tatar and Wb. I. Akang Longchar (Rtd DIS). Altogether 317 delegates from 7 units attended the conference. The main objective of the conference was to instill the idea of value education and to pursue academic excellence in each and every student besides imparting knowledge on various career options, and to urge the students to have a vision for Chuchuyimlang. The audience were enthralled by events in the program such as “Chuchuyimlang got talent”, folk dances and indigenous games presented by different institutions. The official from AKM and LKM also attended the closing function of the conference. The CKT extend deep appreciation to all the participants, delegates, donors, Chuchuyimlang Senso Unions & fellowships from different institutions, Chuchuyimlang Village Council & Chuchuyimlang Baptist Church and other organizations who contributed to the grand successes of the program. Mr. Aotongtang, President Chuchuyimlang Kaketshir Telongjem K-0056

culating in US media now say Moscow has damaging information about the president-elect’s business interests and salacious video evidence of his private life. Among the claims included in the reports are that Trump aides were involved with the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic Party of his rival Hillary Clinton. Michael Cohen, a lawyer to Trump named in the memos, has denied a specific claim that he went to Prague in August or September 2016 to meet Kremlin representatives to talk about the hacking. “I’ve never been to Prague in my life. #fakenews” he tweeted. US media suggest the videos were prepared as “kompromat” - compromising material collected about a politician or public



Sd/Dr. Supongtemjen Jamir President

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

UAE says 5 diplomats killed in Afghan blast 300 US troops arrive in


and he declared: “The future should be ours.” His delivery was forceful for most of his speech, but by the end he was wiping away tears as the crowd embraced him one last time. Reflecting on the corrosive recent political campaign, he said, “That potential will be realized only if our democracy works. Only if our politics reflects the decency of our people. Only if all of us, regardless of our party affiliation or particular interest, help restore the sense of common purpose that we so badly need right now.” He made no mention of Republican Donald Trump, who will replace him in just 10 days. But

Seoul, Jan 11 (Agencies): Samsung heir-apparent Lee Jae-yong is to be interviewed as a suspect in a corruption scandal surrounding the impeached South Korean president. The firm is accused of giving donations to nonprofit foundations operated by Choi Soon-sil, a confidante of President Park Geun-hye. The donations were allegedly made in exchange for political support of a controversial merger. Lee will face special prosecutors on Thursday, officials said. Samsung declined to comment. Lee is currently vicepresident of Samsung Electronics. But since his father, Lee Kun-hee, suffered a heart attack in 2014, he is considered de facto boss of the entire Samsung Group conglomerate. Politicians voted on 9 December to impeach President Park over the scandal - a decision South Korea’s constitutional court has six months to uphold or overturn. Until then she remains formally president but stripped of her powers, which are handed to the prime minister, a presidential appointee. The claims circle around a merger between the electronics giant’s construction arm, Samsung


C H I C AG O, J a n 1 1 (Agencies): Conceding disappointments during his presidency yet offering vigorous encouragement for the nation’s future, Barack Obama issued an emotional defense Tuesday night of his vision to Americans facing a moment of anxiety and a dramatic change in leadership. Obama’s valedictory speech in his hometown of Chicago was a public meditation on the trials and triumphs, promises kept and promises broken that made up his eight years in the White House. Arguing his faith in America had been confirmed, Obama said he ends his tenure inspired by America’s “boundless capacity’’ for reinvention,

South Korea scandal: Samsung chief to be grilled


Barrack Obama

when he noted the imminence of that change and the crowd began booing, he responded, “No, no, no, no, no.’’ One of the nation’s great strengths, he said, “is the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next.” Earlier, as the crowd of thousands chanted, “Four more years,’’ he simply smiled and said, “I can’t do that.” Soon Obama and his family will exit the national stage, to be replaced by Trump, a man Obama had stridently argued poses a dire threat to the nation’s future. His near-apocalyptic warnings throughout the campaign have cast a continuing shadow over his post-election efforts to reassure Americans anxious about the future. Indeed, much of what Obama accomplished over the past eight years — from health care overhaul and environmental regulations to his nuclear deal with Iran — could potentially be upended by Trump. So even as Obama seeks to define what his presidency meant for America, his legacy remains in question.




Nagaland Post, Dimapur thursday, january 12, 2017

N.B : HSLC & HSSLC drop out students are also eligible for admission.

The Niroyo Village Students' Union would like to give thanks to the following groups for contributing to the success of 1st Cultural Day held on 20th Dec. 2016 at Village Premises. 1. Niroyo Village Council 2. Niroyo Baptist Church 3. A.G. Church Niroyo 4. Village Development Board 5. Niroyo Ekhae Wokha Town 6. Eloe Ekhung Niroyo 7. Various Self Help Groups 8. Woro Pangti. The union further give thanks to all groups volunteers and individual for their co-operation. sd/NVSU Executive Members K-0054



Nagaland Post, Dimapur Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alter to play A biopic on Udham Singh coming reality Hollywood responds to TomRuskin Bond Obama’s farewell speech in short film G


resident Barack Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, days before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. “Tonight, it’s my turn to say thanks,� began Obama, promising “the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next.� “To all who serve, it

has been the honor of my lifetime to be your commander in chief,â€? he told the crowd. “Yes we can, yes we did.â€? Hollywood took to Twitter to thank the POTUS and say goodbye (and add in a few jabs at the president-elect). Ellen DeGeneres ďƒź @ TheEllenShow .@POTUS @BarackObama I love you

more than I have space on Twitter to describe. #ObamaFarewell Earvin Magic Johnson ďƒź @MagicJohnson .@POTUS @BarackObama has served this country with grace, humility and resilience and I am honored to call him my friend. #ObamaFarewell Maria Shriver ďƒź @ mariashriver “ Yo u w e r e t h e

change.â€? I love that. Yes, we were. Yes, we are. #ObamaFarewell Elizabeth Banks ďƒź @ ElizabethBanks This classy eloquent #ObamaFarewell on the heels of today’s latest #PEOTUS crap is invigorating my patriotic soul. #vigilantbutnotafraid Russell Simmons ďƒź @UncleRUSH #YesWeCan because we will never stop fighting for justice! #ObamaFarewell Madonna ďƒź @Madonna Good-bye Mr. President! đ&#x;‡şđ&#x;‡¸There will never be another one like you! Barack Obama you are a King amongst Men. Kamala Harris ďƒź @ KamalaHarris .@BarackObama is right: It’s on us to talk with our friends and neighbors and look out for each other, not alienate each other. ashley judd ďƒź @AshleyJudd Our dear @POTUS just re democratized power and handed #America over #FarewellSpeech


eteran actor Tom Alter has taken on a role as celebrated author Ruskin Bond in a new short film, its maker Bhargav Saikia has revealed. Saikia, whose Kashmir-set independent thriller production “Kaafiron Ki Namaaz� and horror short film “Awakenings� was widely acclaimed, is happy to welcome the actor on board for his new project, which narrates one of Bond’s short stories. The director-producer did not wish to name which story of the noted author he has picked to translate to the screen. Talking about roping in Tom Alter for the role, Saikia told IANS that his extensive acting experience in films, theatre and television, and his close friendship with the author, will be an asset to the film. While Saikia is looking forward to a “fruitful collaboration� with the actor, he is happy that he has Bond’s support for the film too.

estating for nearly two decades, director Shoojit Sircar’s dream project, a biopic on revolutionary Udham Singh, is finally set to become a reality. Shoojit, who produced last year’s most impactful film “Pink�, says he wanted to make the movie on Udham Singh right after he shifted to Mumbai. “I have been working on the story for 18-19 years now. When I shifted to Mumbai, this was the first film that I wanted to make but something else would always come up. It is set in pre-Independence era, so it was a little difficult to plan,� Shoojit told PTI in an interview. The director says his visit to Jallianwala Bagh in the ‘90s triggered the idea about Udham Singh, who assassinated Michael

O’Dwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab in British India in 1940, to avenge the 1919 massacre. “In the ‘90s we had a group in Delhi called Act One which had me, Piyush Mishra and Ashish Vidyarthi. We used to sing songs of national harmony.� “During this time, Punjab was coming out of turmoil. I visited the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh at that time. When I went there

and saw what actually happened there, that triggered me emotionally.� Shoojit, who has films like “Yahaan�, “Vicky Dina�, “Madras Cafe� and “Piku� to his credit, says Udham Singh is a forgotten hero. “He was one of the prominent faces of the freedom movement but youngsters don’t know much about this martyr. He is a forgotten hero. Through my film, I want the youngsters to know him.�


George Lucas to open $1 billion museum in LA



eorge Lucas is to open a new $1 billion (£825 million) art museum in Los Angeles. The Star Wars creator’s Museum of Narrative Art will be located in the city’s Exposition Park, the LA Times reports. The museum will feature Lucas’s personal collection of fine and popular art, as well as various Star Wars-related items such as the original Darth Vader mask. Lucas has said he will plough a total of $1 billion into the project, consisting of building casts, his own art collection and an endowment for future additions. Lucas chose the LA location after weighing up a rival pitch from a location in San Francisco. DreamWorks Animation’s Chief Executive hailed Lucas’s decision to build the museum in LA, saying:

“This will be a transformative opportunity for LA. First and foremost for our residents, who are going to have an outstanding cultural, iconic new force here — the force will be with us — and I think for tourism, and for the continued, extraordinary transformation of downtown Los Angeles, and for Exposition Park and the other museums it will be joining.â€? It was revealed last month (December) that Lucas, who sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion (ÂŁ3.3 billion), “really likedâ€? the franchise’s latest film, spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Rey is set to be a major part of the forthcoming new Star Wars film, the as-yet-untitled Episode 8.

Mr. I Lozhevi Sema & Mrs. Khesheli Sema (Rtd. Director School Education)


12th Jan 2017

“Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beats as one�

Happy 50th Anniversary to our parents who personiďŹ es love, exempliďŹ es virtues, epitomizes perfection, characterizes righteousness and symbolizes the best in life. Loving children, grandchildren & in-laws DP-368

‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Kunal Nayyar to mentor Anshuman Jha

ctor Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory and Anshuman Jha of Love, Sex Aur Dhokha (2010) fame are related. Kunal is married to Anshuman’s cousin Neha Kapur. Anshuman tells hitlist that he is seeking his brother-in-law’s advice for his next, ‘Mona Darling’, a whodunit with a cyber crime set-up. Anshuman plays a sociopath in it. “I play a guy, who is not comfortable with physical contact. He lives in his virtual world and perceives the world through a game created by him. It is the exact antithesis of what Ra.One (2011) was in terms of concept. My character draws from Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock and Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, so Kunal’s inputs will be vital for me. Our intention is to create an Indian parallel, using these characters as reference points,� says Anshuman. The actor will travel to the US to seek Kunal’s opinion. “I’m flying out next month to show the finished product to Kunal. His opinion really matters in this case. I want to host a premiere in Los Angeles, and it will be great if I could get Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to watch the movie. There will be no bigger honour for this film,� he says. K




Kunal Nayyar


Anshuman Jha



Nagaland Post, Dimapur thursday, JANUARY 12, 2017

Seeds tumble at Auckland

Roberto Bautista Agut returns a shot during his match.

AUC K L A N D ( A F P ) : Injury and upsets hit the ATP Auckland Classic o n We d n e s d ay, w i t h illness forcing out top seed Roberto Bautista Agut and David Ferrer’s bid for a record fifth title ending with a whimper. Sixth seed Feliciano Lopez also conceded a walkover, while John Isner and Marcos Baghdatis both flirted with disaster against unfancied second-round opponents. The only seed to display any type of dominance was fourth seeded Jack Sock, who showed a clean pair of heels dispatching fellow American Ryan Harrison 7-6 (7/5), 4-6, 6-1. Defending champion Bautista Agut of Spain was the first to exit, pulling out of the Australian Open wa r m - u p t o u r n a m e n t with a stomach bug before hitting a ball in anger. His third-seeded compatriot Fer rer soon followed, shattering his dream of adding to the record of

four Auckland titles he shares with Australian Rod Emerson. Ferrer, a former world number three, now ranked 21st in the world, slumped to a loss after his trademark consistency deserted him against Dutchman Robin H a a s e. Fe r r e r b e g a n aggressively, creating three break-point chances in the fourth game but could not unable to convert any of them. He made no mistake when another opportunity presented itself two games l a t e r, r u n n i n g H a a s e around the court until the Dutchman sent a return long, then wrapped up the first set 6-2 after just 32 minutes. But it was his last period of dominance, as Haase hit back with a service break to open the second set and held on to the advantage as Ferrer’s error rate climbed. The deciding set also began with a frustrated Ferrer conceding a break, although this time he broke back and forced a

tie-breaker. But Haase held his nerve and brought up two match points, needing only one of them when Ferrer netted a return and left the court dejected. “At first I was a little bit off... then suddenly in the second set I was more relaxed and started to hit the ball a bit more comfortably and serve really well,” the Dutchman Sixth-seeded Spaniard Feliciano Lopez conceded a walkover after suffering back spasms during his warm-up. Second seed Isner, the champion in 2014 and 2010, had to survive match point in a third-set tiebreak before overcoming Tunisia’s Malek Jaziri 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (8/6). The bigserving American admitted he was rusty during his first outing of the season. Eighth seed Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus also struggled against German wildcard Dustin Brown, coming from behind for a 4-6, 7-6 (7/4), 6-4 victory.


sports Manav, Archana, TCV annual session Tragopan Moumita clinch DIMAPUR: Club Viswema (TCV) hold its 34th annual junior TT titles would session on January 28 at VADODARA, JAN 11 (IANS): Paddlers Manav Thakkar, Archana Kamath and Moumita Datta emerged champions in their respective categories in the 78th junior and youth national championships. Manav beat Delhi’s Parth Virmani 4-0 to win the youth boys singles title while Archana and Moumita won the junior girls singles title and youth girls trophy respectively. Parth was no match for a rampaging Manav, who unleashed attacking strokes, varying his services cleverly to push Parth on the back foot and win 11-8, 11-9, 11-7, 11-3. In the youth boys final, it was a tough ask for Manav when he had to return to the table after the junior boys final. Facing PSPB teammate, Abhishek Yadav, who showed his true form in the semi-final against Birdie Boro, also of PSPB, Manav made his intent loud and clear. In the junior girls singles final, Archana did not waste any time to outsmart an in-form Moumita of West Bengal to claim her maiden crown by winning 4-0. It must have been disappointing for Moumita, who reached three finals here, to bow out in the fashion she did against Archana. Except for the second game which Archana won with a difference of three points. However, the West Bengal girl ensured she returned home with at least the youth girls trophy in her kitty when she beat Tamil Nadu’s Harshavardhini Ravichandran 4-0.

Rachumi panchayat hall at 11 a.m. Dr.Zhanei-o Rhutso and Viswedel kin would be the speakers. All club members have been requested to attend the session without fail.

55th SASA meet

DIMAPUR: 55th Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) meet would be held at Jakhama ground from January 23-26 under the theme “Sent all athletes up”. Er. Vikho-o Yhoshii MLA would be the chief host while Er.Kropol Vitsu MLA would be the guest of honour.

Suzerain CC and Rainbow CC register wins DIMAPUR: On the seventh day of the ongoing Silver anniversar y edition of MDCA Tournament played at Imkongmeren Sports complex on Thursday, Suzerain and Rainbow CC registered wins. In the first match of the day Suzerain beat Zero Boys by 6 wickets. Zero Boys after winning the toss, elected to bat setting a target of 106 losing 9 wickets in 20 overs. Temjentenzuk with 37 runs was the only notable contributor with the bat. Meren was the pick of the bowler with 4 wickets and Alemsashi and Imtinuksung took 2 wickets each. Chasing the target Suzerain CC reached

109 losing just 4 wickets in 18.3 overs. For Suzerain, Imliwangshi top scored with 18 runs while Alemsashi scored 11 runs. In the other match of the day, Rainbow beat Jovial by 7 wickets. Winning the toss and electing to bat first, Jovial got off to the worst possible start as they were restricted to 20 runs for 6 wickets in the first 6 overs. But with the help of the lower order batsman Moalemba (19 runs) and Odiyanger (16 runs) set a target of 84 runs losing 9 wickets. Viza was the best bowler for Rainbow CC with a figure of 4/9 in four overs that included a Hattrick.

Chasing the target Rainbow CC took only 13.5 overs to score 84 runs losing 3 wickets. Talikaba the inform batsman scored an unbeaten 43 runs while Asemba contributed 20 runs. Odilemba was the only successful bowler for Jovial with a figure of 3/15(3.5 overs). With this win Rainbow have almost guarantee their spot in the Quarter final while Jovial now need to play their last league match for their pride as they will not qualify for the next stage even if they win their last match. Tomorrow’s match: 8 am- Brotherhood CC VS Sovran Kings CC 11 AM - Titans CC vs DC XI

Russia ‘on track’ to hold 2018 World Cup: FIFA chief Z u r i c h , J an 1 1 (IANS): Russia is following an approved schedule in organising the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup, world football governing body FIFA’s President Gianni Infantino has said. “When it comes t o t h e Wo r l d C u p , everything is on the track and we have received the necessary guarantees that the deadlines will be hit and everything will be completed by the end of this year,” Infantino said on Tuesday, reports Tass. Infantino was addressing a news conference following a FIFA Council here. “Work is on schedule when it comes to the stadiums. There is still a

MS Dhoni to be felicitated at Eden Gardens in third ODI

lot of work to be done and still deadlines to be fixed in some stadiums,” he added. The 2017 Confederations Cup will be held next year between June 17 and July 2 at four stadiums in Russia and they are Otkritie-Arena in Moscow, St. Petersburg Arena, Fisht in Sochi and Kazan-Arena in Kazan. Russia is currently in full-swing preparations for the global football tour naments after the country won the bid to host the 2018 World Cup at the FIFA Congress in 2010. The country selected 11 host cities to be the venues for the matches of the 2018 World Cup. They are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Kaliningrad, Volgograd,

Gianni Infantino

Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Samara. The matches of the 2018 World Cup will be

held between June 14 and July 15 at 12 stadiums in 11 cities across Russia. Two of the stadiums are located in the Russian capital.



MS Dhoni was felicitated in the first warm-up match against England on Tuesday. (BCCI)


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT “I look at life as a gift of God. Now that He wants it back, I have no right to complain”. Joyce Cary LT. MHONSHAN MURRY The children of Late Mhonshan Murry, would like to express their sincere gratitude to all our extended families, churches, relations, neighbours and friends, who showed, helped and supported us during his illness and in the time since he left us on 01/01/2017. Thank you to all his colleagues, friends and members of the public who visited, sent condolences and called following his passing, offered empathy to us and tributes to him. We are sorry that we did not get the chance to speak to everyone at his funeral but are so pleased and proud that you were part of such a special day. As it will be impossible to thank all those concerned individually please accept this press acknowledgment as a token of our heartfelt appreciation.


Loving wife, children, grandchildren and relatives.

Died 01-01-17 We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been such great source of help and solace during the short illness of our father till the day he went to be with the Lord and was laid to eternal rest in our native village. We thank the Lord for your lives and pray that you’ll all be enriched more with His blessings. A very special Thank You to Dr. Alem Longkumer and his wife Dr. Nivedita and their team of Care Well Nursing Home, Midland, Dimapur for their love, compassion and relentless help and taking such good care of our father till the end. We remain indebted towards you. May the Lord who oversees us continue to uplift and bless you all in abundance. Loving Children of Late Aoakum Longkumer (Changki) DC-54 Arkong Ward, Mokokchung


KOLKATA, JAN 11 (PTI): The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) will felicitate MS Dhoni, who recently relinquished India’s captaincy in the limited overs format, during the third ODI against England at the Eden Gardens on 22 January. The CAB however has put off their plans to organise the Jagmohan Dalmiya Memorial lecture with the board going through a turbulent times because of the Lodha Committee reforms. “Dhoni will be felicitated in a fitting manner and we are planning to have it done by celebrated former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar. However we are yet to finalise the details,” according to a CAB official. India’s most successful skipper Dhoni was seen as captain one last time when he led India A to 304/5 with his vintage knock of 68 not out from 40 balls in a warmup One-day fixture against the touring England, who will play three ODIs and three T20Is in the upcoming series. The visitors, however, rode on Sam Billings’ wellconstructed 93 to pull off a three-wicket victory, to taste some success after a tormenting Test series, which they lost 0-4. The Eden ODI being the last in the series, there will also be elaborate fireworks after the match, he said. Dhoni’s post as the limited-overs captain will be taken over by Virat Kohli, who effectively now becomes the Indian leader in all three formats.


15/04/1936 – 07/01/2017

We the bereaved family members of Lt. Alikaba Pongen (Chuchuyimlang) would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to various organizations, churches, individuals, friends, neighbours and well-wishers, who helped us physically, financially, materially and in prayer at the sudden demise of our beloved husband/father. We deeply regret for not being able to thank each and every individual for showing your kindness and generosity during our bereavement, but it is our humble prayer that our Lord Almighty blesses you all abundantly. Our heartfelt gratitude to :1. DABA 2. Rongpangmen Baptist Arogo, Mon Bosti 3. Rongpangmen Baptist Arogo Women Department, Mon Bosti 4. Police Union Baptist Church, Kohima 5. Dimapur Area Chuchuyimlang Senso Tamang Telongjem 6. Sümüdem Fellowship Mapangsürtem 7. Dimapur Area Chuchuyimlang Senso Telongjem 8. Kikümsüngba Aso Kidong 9. Kosasanger Tanabuba Süngpozünga Chuchuyimlang 10. Landmark Colony Council 11. Meranglar SHG 12. Medemlar Group 13. Mr. & Mrs. Bendang (Lily) 14. Ashipurtem.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We the family of Late Chingmak Cholen would like to offer our heartiest gratitude and thanks to the people who showed great kindness and support during his illness and in the time since he left us on 7th of Jan. 2017. For the well organized yet compassionate Medical Care of Chingmak, we are truly indebted to all the Doctors and Nurses of Naga Hospital Authority Kohima and the efficient and sensitive approached of all the blood donors from Tuensang as well as Kohima. We are greatly appreciative to Mr & Mrs. N.Toshi Chang Kohima who assisted in all the arrangement with sympathetic care till his last breath. And also the Chang Baptist Lashong kohima, Chang Union Kohima, Police Baptist Fellowship C.Coy 3rd NAP for all the kindness and support at this difficult moment. Finally, thank you Chingmak’s colleague, friends and well wishers who visited and supported physically and financially during the time of his illness and following the passing, and offered assistance and words of sympathy to us. We are sorry that we could not speak with everyone but are so pleased that you were part of such a griefful day. May God bless you all. Loving wife, parents, brothers and sisters K-0066

DP-395 K Y M C


Nagaland Post, Dimapur thursday, january 12, 2017


WASA sports meet underway

Players during the inaugural function of WASA sports meet at WAPO ground, Sechü Zubza on Wednesday.


Kohima, JAN 11 (NPN): Western Angami Sports Association (WASA) games and athletics meet got underway at WAPO ground, Sechü Zubza with MLA Zhaleo Rio as the chief guest on Wednesday. Over 200 sportspersons from the villages under Western Angami region are taking part in the three-day event which would conclude on January 13. Zhaleo in his address advised the sportspersons to not merely participate in games and sports, but urged them to take part with commitment having the determination to reach the top. “In our context, many sportspersons tends to have a ‘very casual approach’ to the annual games and sports activities/ tournaments organized at the village or range level, he added. It is time we should

do away with this casual attitude,” he said making his observation known that many players only practice during sports event. “To achieve at the top level of competition, you need to be fit keep and training yourself all the time,” Zhaleo said mentioning that there is no substitute to hard work and dedication. Stating that aspiring sportspersons should start training from a very young age, he also underlined the need for guidance and counselling in order to identify and mould them. “We have to catch them (players) young, it is the responsibility of the youth leaders and sports organisations to identify talents at young age and mould them to the fullest and there should not be any space for lackadaisical attitude or approach,” he added. Though mentioning

a bo ut the po o r spo r ts infrastructure in the State, he observed that our inability to achieve at higher level could be because of our half-hearted approach in anything we do. He also underscored the need for preserving our rich tradition and culture, which he said is our identity. “We are in the 21st century. No doubt we have to import the western culture which comes to our advantage, but that does not mean we have to ignore our culture and traditions” he said cautioning that we will be left unrecognized before the world if we lose our identity. The inaugural function, chaired by WASA general s e c r e t a r y Z h a s a S i r i e, commenced with invocation prayer pronounced by, pastor, Sechü Zubza Baptist Church Khriengulie Kuotsu. WASA president Kobou Mezhünyü

Manny Pacquiao set to return to ring on April 23

Manny Pacquiao

the Middle East and USA.” It is a nine-hour flight from Manila to Brisbane. Pacquiao, 596-2, captured the WBO welterweight title for the third time against Jessie Vargas in November. He earned a reported $100 million while losing to Floyd Mayweather in the richest fight ever in 2013. Horn (16-0-1) is a 28-year-old former schoolteacher who fought at the 2012 London Olympic Games. He is No. 2 in the WBO’s welterweight rankings. Pacquiao is the WBO champion in that division while also juggling a career as a senator in the Philippines. “I feel in his last few fights I’ve seen some weaknesses that he has and I just think I can get those,” Horn said. “I can beat him because I can see those weaknesses, I know Glen (trainer Rushton) can see those weaknesses.” Rushton said it would be a “tragedy” if the fight happened anywhere other than Brisbane.

B R I S BA N E , JA N 1 1 (AP): Manny Pacquiao will add another fight to his long career resume when he takes on Australian welterweight Jeff Horn on April 23 at a venue to be decided. Promoter Duco Events said Wednesday the location for the fight involving the 38-year-old Pacquiao could be in one of Australia’s major cities, possibly Horn’s hometown of Brisbane, or the Middle East or United States. “The preference for all parties is for the fight to be held in Australia, and we are working towards this outcome,” said Duco

director Dean Lonergan, who met with Top Rank chief Bob Arum this week to set up the fight. Arum said he wants the fight to take place at an outdoor stadium, and it would be beamed into 159 different countries, including the U.S., where it would be shown in a primetime Saturday night time slot on free-to-air TV. “I would expect 3 to 4,000 Filipinos to fly from the Philippines for this fight down under,” Arum said. “It will be the biggest fight in Australian history but, until the money is secured, we have to keep our options open, including looking at

Man United’s Schneiderlin close to Everton switch

Kohli, Warner chase topranked ODI batsman De Villiers

MANCHESTER, JAN 11 (IANS): Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has confirmed that French midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin might move to Everton, with the latter reportedly willing to splurge around $25 million. “I can’t give details but before the match, I was told by (club’s executive vicechairman Ed) Woodward that the situation is close. Morgan is more than probably going to Everton,” Mourinho was quoted as saying by Sky Sports after the 2-0 win over Hull in the English Football League (EFL) Cup on Tuesday. “I’m sad and I’m happy. I’m sad because I like him. I am happy because this is what he wants. He wants to play and be an important player in a team. He is a very good professional,” the Portuguese tactician added. Schneiderlin has struggled to cement his place in the side after moving to Manchester from league rivals Southampton in 2015 for 24 million pounds.

Virat Kohli

David Warner

DUBAI, JAN 11 (IANS): India’s Virat Kohli, currently second in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Oneday International (ODI) rankings, will have his eyes on the top spot, currently held by South African AB de Villiers, when he starts the three-match rubber against England, starting January 15. The Delhi batsman, who will start his first series as full-time India skipper succeeding Mahendra Singh Dhoni, trails de Villiers by 13 points. Kohli, on the other hand, will be chased by swashbuckling Australian opener David Warner, who sits at No.3

and narrowly trails the India star by just two points. In the team rankings, third-placed India will have an opportunity to narrow the gap with second-ranked South Africa, when the men-in-blue takes on fifthranked England. Australia leads the team rankings. With 111 points in their kitty, India can rise up to 114 points and trail the Proteas by just two points in case they manage to whitewash Eoin Morgan’s side. However, if England manages a clean sweep of India, they can move up to the fourth and push Kohli’s boys to the fifth spot.

delivered the welcome address, while a special song was presented by the youth department of Sechü Zubza Catholic Church. WASA games & athletics secretary, Khriesakuolie Khawakhrie administered oath to players. The teams would be competing in athletic events and games including football, volleyball, sepaktakraw, badminton and table tennis. The selected players would represent WASA at the forthcoming Angami Sports Association meet in the month of February. Meanwhile, it has been announced that the WASA wrestling meet is tentatively scheduled on January 25, 2017, at Kohima local ground. The closing function, on January 13, would be graced by president, Western Angami Public Organisation Lhouphrevilie Rino, as the guest of honour.

A. Madrid survive scare to advance in Copa del Rey MADRID (IANS): Atletico Madrid lost 2-3 to Las Palmas in the second leg of their Copa del Rey’s Round of 16 tie, but advanced in the football tournament 4-3 on aggregate. For Atletico, goals from Antoine Griezmann and Angel Correa in the second leg were enough for them to qualify for the next round, reports Efe. Having lost 0-2 at home in the first leg, Las Palmas began the night very much as the underdogs. The teams held each other scoreless for the first 45 minutes. Griezmann broke the deadlock just three minutes into the second half, capitalising on a great ball from Nicolas Gaitan. Marko Livaja, with an outstanding individual effort, equalised for the visitors in the 56th minute only to see Angel Correa make it 2-1 for the hosts just four minutes later. Las Palmas, however, didn’t fold and Livaja brought his side level with a goal in the 88th minute with an assist from Mateo Garcia.

YR&S declares students list for admission into sports academy

DIMAPUR: Directorate of Youth Resource and Sports (YR&S) has declared the list of players for taekwondo (boys), archer y (boys), archery (girls), wrestling (boys), football (girls), boxing (boys), boxing (girls) for admission into sports academy, IG stadium Kohima. YR&S director Asangla Imti in a press note said the selection was done on merit basis from an interview held on December 7 at IG stadium Kohima. The selected students are: Takewondo (Boys): P. Atongi Tikhir, Indinghei, Vikuyhe Swuro, H. Waghan Phom and S. Neyklom Phom. Candidates on the waiting list are Shangsipi K, Haichiliung and Vilazotuo. For Archer y boys, the selected candidates are Lüku Niezovolie Chüpuo,

T h i p u s a t o Ke z o a n d Yongkongnukshi while V. Mughakivi is in the waiting list. For Archery girls, the selected are Ruovinuo Theünuo and Topolü Swuro. For wrestling boys, the selected are Lhikhozo Shijoh and Nutso Thobu while Zayievotso is on the waiting list. Agheli K. Yeptho was selected for football girls while Diethosieu Zhale is on the waiting list. Voliyoli Tenna was selected for Boxing (girls) while for Boxing boys Simeon Hegwang and Keyigau is on the waiting list. The selected candidates have been directed to report to the concerned coaches on January 19 with necessary beddings and sports kits, failing which their name would be dropped from the selected list.

Late Haiziurangbe 1st open volley ball tournament

DIMAPUR: Interested teams, clubs, youth organisations of Peren District have been informed that the 1st open volley ball tournament in memory of late Haiziurangbe is scheduled to be held at Deukwaram village on January 24. Cash prizes would be awarded, winners would get Rs. 30000 with certificates, runner up would get Rs. 15000 with certificates, best disciplined team Rs. 1000 and best player Rs. 500 with certificate. Game fee would be Rs. 1000. For more details contact 9436240529, 9612472016.

Naga lad shines in 31st National ITF Taekwondo Championship

Menuodilhou Maurice Üsou at the podium along with the winner and officials.

DIMAPUR: The 31st National ITF Taekwondo Championship which was recently held in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat from December 28-30, saw the success of Menuodilhou M a ur ic e Uso u, fr o m Nagaland, who won 1 Gold and 2 silver medals. In addition, the Open We i g h t I n d i v i d u a l

Sparring from 7 weight c a t e g o r y w h i c h wa s introduced for the first time, with a cash price of Rs.40,000 for winner and Rs.15,000 for the runner’s up saw Menuodilhou Maurice Üsou achieve an impressive second place. Further, the upcoming “Global ITF Kick Boxing Professional Tournament”

to be held in Mongolia, China would likely see the participation of 16 countries. A five member team including a coach would be representing India in this upcoming mega event. Menuodilhou Maurice, would be going for the selections, to be held in Delhi.

Loeb grabs Dakar Rally lead

R I O D E J A N E I RO, JAN 11 (IANS): Ninetime world rally champion Sebastien Loeb has taken the overall lead in the Dakar Rally after winning the eighth stage. The 42-year-old Frenchman finished the 417-km jour ney from Uyuni in Bolivia to the Argentine city of Salta in four hours 11 minutes and two seconds, three minutes and 35 seconds ahead of defending champion Stephane Peterhansel, r e p o r t s X i n h u a n ew s agency. Their countryman and fellow Peugeot driver Cyril Despres was third -- five minutes and 13 seconds behind Loeb. Loeb leads the overall standings, one minute and 38 seconds in front of Peterhansel while Despres is third, 17 minutes and 17 seconds off the pace. “Today was the type of stage that I like, with some fast roads, whereas tomorrow is more desertlike with dunes,” Loeb said. “I wanted to try to make a gap today, but I had a puncture near the end of the stage and I lost a few minutes changing the

Sebastien Loeb

wheel. But it’s ok. It’s still the best time and we are still in the fight.” Spain’s Joan Barreda won the motorcycle stage on his Honda ahead of Au s t r i a ’s K T M r i d e r Matthias Walkner and G r e a t B r i t a i n’s S a m Sunderland, also on a

KTM. Sunderland leads the overall bike standings, 20 minutes and 58 seconds ahead of Chile’s Husqvarna rider Pablo Quintanilla. Yamaha’s Adrien Van Beveren of France is third, 28 minutes and 49 seconds behind Sunderland.

Messi misses out on Laureus awards nomination

M onaco, J A N 1 1 (IANS): Sprint legend Usain Bolt and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo were nominated but his great rival Lionel Messi missed out on the shortlist for the Laureus World Sports Awards on Wednesday. Nominees include Rio Olympic heroes Bolt, already a three-time Laureus winner, 5000 and 10,000 metre champion Mo Farah, tennis gold medal winner Andy Murray, Ronaldo and basketball duo Stephen Curry and LeBron James. The spor tspersons were nominated for the prestigious award following a ballot by the world’s media, according to a release. Ronaldo was nominated for three awards, individual and through his teams Portugal and Real Madrid. The eventual winners, as voted for by members of the Laureus World Sports Academy, would be revealed in Monaco on February 14.

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