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New Apostolic Church Australia District Young Adult Conference Brisbane 6-8 July 2012

Young Adults Conference The first Young Adults Conference over the weekend of the 6 to 8 July 2012 is approaching quickly and It’s hoped that you have secured your travel and accommodation bookings. The YAC promises to be an event that ignites your strong desire to make a positive difference in your congregation. The objective is to stimulate all into to active participation in making your life, your congregation and your community more valuable to you.

Purpose of YAC To solicit the input of our congregations' young adults and promote their participation in the creation and development of programs and events with the view to insure that church activities are meaningful and relevant and that they provide support for all members.

YAC Goals To organize and implement youth participation in supporting the growth of our congregations. · To collect a wide range of ideas from our diverse young adult group. · To incorporate youth participation into programmed events in order to provide a richer experience for all young people. · To create valuable experiences for the participating young adults in which they can gain knowledge and/or skills useful in all future endeavours. The concept of youth participation in the activities and organised events in our congregations is neither unknown nor new, however, it is recognized that the constantly changing times create the need for a framework that facilitates this opportunity to participate in a conference with it’s activities at the national level. ·

Conference expenses The events of the conference are available for all young adults aged 18 to 30 years of age. The overall conference does not incur a cost with the exception of associated excursion costs, any available merchandise that would be for sale as well all personal expenses.

YAC event venues To assist with your accommodation selection we provide the following YAC program information; all conference activities will be held in the Beenleigh / Kingston precinct. The venues for the activities can be comfortably reached by train from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Conference Program Friday 6 July 2012 Commencement 18:30 Refreshments Welcome to the conference, followed by Seminar: Do I belong …? There after refreshments and close for the day. Saturday 7 July 2012 Light breaky followed by opening Seminar: Welcome to Moving Mountains Morning tea and then a choice of three seminars: Seminars: ·

Untap' your creativity and energy in your congregation!


Apologetics. (Indirect testifying or testifying today.)


The way we manage our … (lives, careers, relationships and work out our souls salvation)

Lunch followed by one of the following activities: · · ·

Nine holes of golf Gold Coast shopping Beenleigh parklands teamwork activities.

In the evening there will be dinner, followed by a “Q and A” activity and then supper and close. Sunday 8 July 2012 Light breaky, Divine Service to be conducted by our District Apostle and he will be accompanied by Apostles Lodewick and Williams and Bishop Green. After Service there will be lunch, and then: So you think you have talent … An opportunity for you to present your talents. Finally, conference close and farewell. Conference will close at 15:00.

New Apostolic Church Australia District

YAC Conference 2012  
YAC Conference 2012  

Youth Adult Conference (YAC): 6-8 July 2012, Brisbane, Australia