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The Edge Weekly Digital Available on iOS, Android and Desktop

Mobile ePublication that delivers The Edge Singapore straight to your Android/iOS device & desktop.

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Personal Wealth

A guide to the good life.

Personal finance and planning.

City & Country Coverage of local and regional real estate & property.

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Advertising opportunities Video Up to 30 seconds of video can be played on any page and can be integrated into existing advertisements.

Animated Advertisements Animated (image) advertisements can be featured on any page. These can be linkable and can also feature sound effects.

Sound Both the video and the animated advertisements can feature sound (effects). Adding a sound affect to an animated creates an unique and appealing effect.

Full page features Advertisements can take up the entire screen of the device, these ads can be static photos or pictures of HTML enabled dynamic content.

Extension of print advertisement Existing advertisements (as in print) can be made dynamic in the online version of The Edge. A video can be displayed in a normally static ad or certain elements can be linkable.

Advertising opportunities Video

Extension of Print

Animation & sound

Advertising opportunities Social Involvement

Full page features

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TES Digital Overview 2013  

TES Digital Overview 2013

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