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AAAA Expo: a must attend Smart Employment Solutions Queensland Overseas Foundation awards Dealing with depression

$50,000 for disaster relief Transparency in the fine print

Attention all Motor Traders Brian Smith Commercial Director Brian brings 25 years of experience to assist his Queensland business clients. Brian’s services include: •

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Bennett & Philp Lawyers are here to help your business • Disposal of uncollected vehicles – How to comply with the legislation. • Franchise Agreements – Do you know where you stand? • Contract documentation – Complying with standard contracts. • Waste Tyres – Are you compliant with the legislation? • Unfair Dismissal – Are you at risk from a claim? • Commercial premises – What does your lease provide? • Unpaid debts – How overdue are your overdue accounts?

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8. Oz component supplier expands in Asia

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ANCAP’s road map for the next four years

6. Industry gears up for spectacular Expo

9. Holden in ‘cruze’ control 10. ANCAP’s road map 11. ISO on the EV pulse 12. MOTO boating

Motor Trader Publishing Policy Motor Trader is the official publication of the Motor Trades Association of Queensland. The role of Motor Trader is to inform members of current issues and legislation affecting the industry. As such it can be regarded as the business magazine for the Queensland motor industry. The role of Motor Trader is not to be in competition with the technical magazines already on the market. It will advise of new vehicles being released and of the latest technology incorporated into them; it will advise of latest technology affecting members in each of the MTA Queensland Divisions; it will keep members abreast of the latest in motor industry training and industrial affairs; and it will keep members informed of the latest technical aids available through MTA Queensland Member Services, which will assist members in staying ahead of the technological revolution presently being encountered within the motor industry. The publisher reserves the right to omit or alter any advertisement and the advertiser agrees to indemnify the publisher for all damages or liabilities arising from the published material. MTA Queensland ABN: 74 028 933 848

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Brisbane Roar a ‘win-win’ premiership team

18. Suzuki’s Swift ascent 20. Quality control a top priority 21. DynoMax back in Australia 22. Hybrid uptake accelerates

Apprentices 23. A smart solution 24. Full steam ahead for aspiring electrical engineer

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Dealing with depression

28. Win-win relationship boosts brands 29. Motorsport boosted in southeast QLD 30. Rally’s ‘Earhart’ up for challenges

Automobile news 31. BMW’s 6 Series Coupé

Volvo XC60 T5

The Bulli

32. Ssangyong’s ‘Actyon’ concept

New Ford Territory SUV

Kia’s cars get prestigious design award

MTA Q’s new digs at Eight Mile Plains motor trader queensland


from the editor

Michael Taylor, Editor

training in new technologies (pages 14 and 15).


round is broken and construction is in full swing for Queensland’s Automotive Centre for Excellence, which will house MTA Queensland and MIT (MTA Institute of Technology) from 2012. The state-ofthe-art facility will support the significant growth that MIT has experienced in the past five years along with the demands identified for

Our Association has contributed the generous amount of $50,000 to Queensland’s disaster relief effort (see adjacent President’s message for details). This amount does not include what many members and employees of MTA Queensland have given to the appeal. The generosity of time and materials that has come in from all over Queensland, other states and worldwide has been phenomenal. Have you ever taken the time – with a magnifying glass – to read the ‘fine print’ in contracts and other binding documents? Richard Payne comments (page 4) on a very timely article written by the VACC’s David

Purchase in his response to all the dramas that people went through with insurance claims due to the recent floods. You’ve still got time to organise a visit to Melbourne for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association’s Expo in May (see the outside back cover of this edition of Motor Trader). This spectacular event includes the Collision Repair Expo and is held every two years. The combined Expo’s put on show the advanced technologies that our industries are now enjoying. During the three-day event, the Performance Racing and Tuning Council will host the largest performance industry sector event of the year. Guest speaker will be V8 Supercar Chief Executive Officer Martin Whitaker.

If you think that putting on an apprentice is a hassle, think again! Smart Employment Solutions (pages 23 and 24) is an agency that does all the work for you in getting you the right person. When you’ve got the apprentice on board, be sure to contact MIT to get your apprentice in a program that will take him or her to a qualification. Have you registered your interest yet regarding the Motor Trade Golf Tournament on October 8th? See the information on page 13 and telephone David Gorrie 07 3248 3333 to sign up. A very good business opportunity is available in Cloncurry. Have a look at the Inside Back Cover of this edition for details.

Be part of an industry that offers more than you

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president's message Financial Assistance to Flood and Cyclone Areas


TA Queensland is proud to be contributing a total of $50,000 to flood and cyclone areas to support community projects involved in restoration programs following the disasters. Donations have been split between the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal and the five most affected districts of Queensland:

David Fraser President, MTA Queensland • $10,000 to the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal, • $5,000 to the Hinchinbrook SES through the Variety Club towards the purchase of a new generator and $3,000 to St. Vincents DePaul, Ingham for general community support (see photo below), • $8,000 to the Bundaberg State Emergency Service towards the purchase of a new flood boat, • $8,000 to the Dalby Rotary Service Club to be distributed for restoration projects in Dalby, Condamine, Warra and Chinchilla,

• $8,000 to the Rotary Club of Gladstone Sunrise towards general community support including the Theodore District Health Council. • $8,000 to the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, consisting of $2,000 for the Tully Community Support Centre, $2,000 to help rebuild the Tully Senior Citizens Hall and $4,000 to be shared by the Cardwell Lions Club and Cardwell RSL for general community support. Respective donations are being made by MTA Queensland district representatives.

MTA Queensland is proud to be contributing a total of $50,000 to flood and cyclone areas.

Mario Garutti, Sam Cosentino, Rod Pether, Mayor Pino Giadomenico.

motor trader queensland


policy/viewpoint State Budget Submission – 2011 / 12 We have made a comprehensive submission to the State Government of industry views leading up to the release of the 2011 / 12 Budget. Our recommendations made in the Submission are summarised below: Recommendations MTA Queensland submits: • That the automotive value chain has made a substantial contribution to the Queensland Government’s revenue raising initiatives over recent Budgets resulting in lower retail activity and price increases that impede business confidence and performance and should not be targeted for additional Budget revenue. • That the State Government notes our concern with the application of the proposed Carbon Tax on the automotive value chain. • That the State Treasurer make representations to the Commonwealth Government that any CT imposed on road transport fuel be offset by an equivalent reduction in the existing 21 cpl excise duties to avoid generating a damaging inflationary cycle caused by increasing the cost of road transport throughout the State on which regional economies are dependent. • That the rate of stamp duty on the transfer 4

motor trader queensland

Richard Payne, Principal Policy Director

of ownership of motor vehicles and vehicle registration fees should be frozen until Queensland’s economy recovers. • That the 2011-12 State Budget includes a general standstill on regulatory and compliance costs. • That consideration be given to a moratorium on the payment of stamp duties on business and household insurance policies to: - Encourage business and individuals to take up or renew insurance policies; - To offset the higher premiums that almost certainly be applied by insurance companies as a result of recent natural disasters; and - To help manage business costs at this demanding time for Queensland enterprises. • That budgetary consideration be given to skills training, in particular: - Increased commitment to the investment of skills in priority occupational outcomes (traditional trades); - Increased funding provision for post trade investment to address productivity threats (i.e. dual trade investment and technology investment – doing more (skills) with less (workforce); and - Further funding options for joint state government and industry infrastructure

investment to address skills shortages (dollar for dollar). • That QFleet should be privatised. • That a “buy local” program should apply to all motorised vehicles and indeed to all supplies required by regional Government entities. • That public sector wage costs be reduced significantly below 50% of State Budget revenue. Full details of our Submission maybe viewed from our website.

ACL – Standard Form Contracts - Disclosure Obligations In an article written by the VACC recently they highlighted the importance of disclosure clauses in consumer contracts being totally transparent. The article referred to insurance contracts and, in particular, disclosure of the insurers’ policy on “choice of repairer”. This example is very relevant as MTA Queensland, along with all other affiliated state automotive associations, have long been advocating for consumers to have the right to choose their own repairer. Whilst this example touches a nerve it highlights an important provision of the ACL involving unfair contract terms. In part, this is what the VACC article stated: “Size Matters – where small is not beautiful In recent weeks, we have observed commentators highlighting the need for

clarity of disclosure in insurance documents. In light of the recent floods, it is pleasing that Assistant Treasurer, Bill Shorten, has acted to assist those lodging home and contents insurance claims. At the Government’s prompting, the Insurance Council of Australia has agreed to apply a standard definition of flood insurance and to write policies in simpler language. For many years, VACC has called for simpler language to be used in vehicle insurance documents. We have campaigned for clarity of disclosure about choice of motor vehicle repairer in vehicle insurance policies. Mr Shorten has an ideal opportunity here to send

"Fine print is nothing more than code for small print which, in turn, is code for covering something up. If you deliberately make something hard to read by reducing the size of the print, then you are trying to deceive. The words may be factual and legally correct, but the very fact that this information is in small print makes it hard to read and hard to digest.” a message to insurance companies, and to all organisations that produce important documents, that “simple language” includes things like size of print, choice of font and message placement. “Fine print” is universally used and accepted as if it is a legitimate way of displaying information. We are so used to receiving documents that contain fine print that we take it for granted. But this is wrong and insurance companies, and other organisations, should not be allowed to write anything in fine print. Fine print is nothing more than code for small print which, in turn, is code for covering something up. If you deliberately make something hard to read by reducing the size of the print, then you are trying to deceive. The words used in the fine print may be factual and legally correct, but the very fact that this information is in small print

makes it hard to read and hard to digest, and so it often falls into a consumer’s “too hard” basket.” By David Purchase, VACC Executive Director MTA Queensland strongly supports these views! Failure to adequately disclose important information leading to an imbalance in the rights of the parties to the contract may well contravene the ACL. Further, in this example, disclosure obligations are two-pronged as they are also covered in the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry “Code of Conduct”, although this Code is not mandated under state laws other than in NSW.

Air compressor Registration and Maintenance This is to remind members of the need to ensure air compressors are registered, serviced and maintained. The air receiver tank on a compressor is a pressure vessel and requires registration with Workplace Health and Safety, Queensland as an “A”, “B” or “C” hazard level plant (i.e. greater than 100MPa.L) Further, it is good industry practice to ensure compressors are serviced annually and Receivers are required to have an internal inspection every 4 years. Servicing records should be kept for reference purposes. Applications for registration maybe downloaded from the Workplace Health and Safety website: www.deir. follow the links to Licensing and Registrations, then Plant Registration. Failure to register a compressor is an offence.

industrial relations Ted Kowalski, Industrial Relations Manager

Deductions from an employee’s final pay


embers often ask whether they can legally deduct an amount that is owing to the company from an employee’s final pay. The usual scenario is that the employee has purchased goods through the company, has agreed to pay back the amount over a period of time, but resigns or is dismissed before the full amount has been repaid. Legally, the employer may only deduct monies from the employee’s final pay if the employer has obtained a signed authority from the employee to do so. Obviously, it is not a good time to be asking an employee to sign such an authority just after they have been dismissed. Many employees will accept that they have a debt that needs to be repaid and sign the authority. However, if the dismissal has happened in particularly acrimonious circumstances, it’s possible the employee may refuse to provide the authority to deduct. This leaves the employer with two options; (a) write off the debt, or (b) take the employee to the Small Claims Tribunal to recover the debt. Neither of these options needs to be considered if the employer does the following: At the time the debt is incurred, have the employee sign a deduction authority that firstly will allow you to deduct an agreed sum from the employee’s weekly/ fortnightly pay; and secondly will cover the situation where the employee leaves with an amount still outstanding and will authorise the employer to deduct the full amount owing from any monies owing to the employee at time of termination. If you only have the authority to deduct a fixed amount from each pay, that authority will not allow you to recover the full amount owing on termination. A suggested wording could be as follows: “I (name of employee) hereby authorise (company name) to deduct from my weekly/fortnightly pay, the sum of $ (dollar amount) until such time as the amount owing on my company account has been repaid in full. Should my employment terminate before the full amount has been repaid, I authorise the company to deduct the full amount still owing from any monies payable to me at time of termination.” (signature of employee)


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industry update Industry gears up for spectacular Expo

Export award winning clutch components and tools supplier Australian Clutch Services will feature a range of economically priced twin plate clutch kits to suit most popular applications, together with promotional give-ways and vehicle displays.


he 2011 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo to be held in Melbourne from Thursday 12 May to Saturday 14 May will feature the industry’s top brands in the country’s largest display of workshop equipment, products and services.

Australian manufacturer AutoTest Products will display state of the art

Organised for the retail repair and service sector by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), the Expo has attracted major Australian companies as well as key global exhibitors to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity said the Expo will be the industry highlight in 2011. “Trade visitors to the 2011 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo will enjoy a feast of displays offering leading edge technology in diagnostic and repair equipment driven by sophisticated electronics, the latest workshop tools and equipment, and state of the art replacement parts and consumable products from all major manufacturers and resellers,” Charity said. “The industry has really embraced this show. Exhibition space is now sold out and the quality of the displays will be of international standard. Enthusiastic response to this Expo reflects the great confidence the world’s suppliers have in the Australian industry,” he added. Australian chassis dynamometer pioneers 6

motor trader queensland

Visitors will see the Mainline DynoLog AWD 1800 Chassis Dynamometer in action on the company’s Expo stand.

"Trade visitors to the 2011 Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo will enjoy a feast of displays offering leading edge technology." Mainline Automotive Equipment will feature examples of their internationally recognised technology, which includes analytical functions and data logging and graphing. Sales Manager Craig Mahoney said the sophisticated Mainline DynoLog dynos is committed to accuracy and does not allow operators to ‘fudge’ results. Australian Auto

Accessories will present the latest accessories and performance products from Asia, Europe and the United States for most club level motor sport activities for V8 and four cylinder enthusiasts. Brake and coil over suspension specialist K-Sport will bring a new range of brake kits for Torana and Mustang cars to display among their other units.

automotive testing and diagnostic equipment used by workshops, regulatory authorities and service testing stations. National Sales Manager Paul King said the company will introduce its new AutoStop suspension tester at the Expo. Specialist supplier of automotive electronic, fuel injection, engine management and ignition systems Australian Fuel

Injection (AFI) will exhibit its extensive range of components manufactured by Bosch, Siemens VDO, NGK-NTK, Kolbenschmidt, Mitsubishi and others. AFI’s Tim Chivers said visitors will be able to operate an interactive display that simulates changing sensor settings. “Visitors will see the effect that different settings have on the performance of electronic modules and they will be able to compare new parts with old failed units. We know workshops are under time pressure, so we deliver service, not just parts. We provide technical assistance and a try before you buy plan to aid diagnosis,” King said. AAAA’s Stuart Charity said that for workshop owners and managers wanting an update on high-tech workshop equipment, this show will deliver to trade visitors an international who’s who of accessories, parts and tool suppliers.

choice and competition in the vehicle repair and service sector by eliminating any technical or legal barriers that impact on the car owners’ rights to have their vehicle maintained and repaired at competitive prices in the workshop of their choice. Choice of Repairer seminar sessions will be held during the show between 5 to 6pm on Friday 13 May and 10 to 11am on Saturday 14 May. Pre-booking is essential. Also being held in conjunction with the Expo will be the Exhaust Systems Professional Association’s 26th Annual General Meeting and a delegation visiting from the New Zealand Brake and Clutch Specialists Association. “With such a diversity of industry exhibits, the Choice


Experience required: Cars, Four wheel drives, Scan tools and General maintenance Submit resume by fax 07 4742 1426 or email Enquiries please telephone 07 4742 1260

“Thousands of product lines will be presented by an A to Z list of manufacturers and by the leading national resellers. In addition, the 10% of the exhibition space devoted to international companies will include over 100 companies representing China, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States,” said Charity. The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo provides forward thinking businesses with real opportunities to improve their bottom line. In addition to the equipment and products on display, the Expo offers high level seminars featuring expert Australian and international speakers, who will provide an update on the progress of the Choice of Repairer issue in Australia, Europe and the USA. This global campaign is fighting to protect consumer motor trader queensland


industry update of Repairer Seminars, and the Collision Repair Expo colocated next door, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo visitors will benefit from a great variety of inputs to help improve the performance of their businesses,” said Charity. “A huge array of special attractions will also fill your Expo day. Among them will be exhibitors’ special offers, dynamic displays, product launches, and competitions. For the show car enthusiasts, there will be displays of award winning street and competition machines where you can get up close to enjoy the skills of the builders. “Now is the time for workshop owners and managers to plan their diaries to ensure their team members attend this Expo. Your businesses will benefit from the increased knowledge, the opportunity to source new products and to chance to negotiate deals that will put your business ahead of the guy around the corner,” concluded Charity. To book your attendance at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo, please visit www. aftermarketexpo.

Oz component supplier expands in Asia


roreka, Malaysia’s tier-1 vendor and manufacturer of automotive parts and components, recently entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Australian-based MtM Pty Ltd, a major component supplier to the global automotive industry. The venture is expected to commence commercial production in June and will establish a brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) manufacturing base in Malaysia with an initial investment of AUD $327,000. Proreka Executive Director Thomas Lim said the initial investment would be used for research and development, machine and tooling. “Within the next two years, we envisage an investment of $3.27 million,” Lim told Bernama after the signing of the MOU. Based in Puchong, Malaysia, the company supplies

to Proton, Perodua, Toyota and Hyundai. Meanwhile, MtM Managing Director Mark P. Albert said the company would use Proreka’s BTSI manufacturing base to export to South East Asian markets. “The product, which is a safety device, fulfils the standard mandatory requirement for vehicles sold in North America. It is also becoming a global standard platform for Europe and other regions,” Albert said. He added Malaysia was chosen to locate the manufacturing base because of its encouraging automotive sales volume. “Malaysia will be the third manufacturing base for MtM. Currently, we have manufacturing facilities in Australia and China,” Albert said, adding that MtM was also exploring investments in doorcheck production through its collaboration with Proreka. MtM supplies to major automotive companies in Australia and to North America, China, South Africa, India and Thailand.

The rise and rise of MtM Founded by Max Albert in 1965 as “Melbourne Tooling Co.”, MtM operates from South Oakleigh in Melbourne, with Max’s son Mark Albert as Managing Director. MtM quickly expanded to include manufacturing before moving onto component design, specialising in complex value added automotive and non-automotive components. MtM’s innovation is driven by the desire for comprehensive functionality embodied in simplicity - ease of assembly and minimisation of components are a key consideration. As a recognised supplier of high quality components, MtM supplied the original 5 local customers of Ford, Holden, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi for over 30 years. More recently Ford, Holden and Toyota utilised a wide variety of MtM products including windscreen washer nozzles, doorhandles, automatic gearshifts and steering columns in their vehicles. In 1997 after 7 years of global market exploration, MtM began exporting doorchecks to Cadillac in North America. This is turn led to further business with Saturn and the Chevrolet Malibu. Now the company’s products perform in all parts of the world through both locally made, exported vehicles and with existing and future contracts as direct component exports to China, South Africa, South America, India, Thailand and the Middle East.


motor trader queensland

Holden in ‘cruze’ control

Car Innovation Fund in addition to $30 million from the South Australian Government.

he unveiling of the 2011 Holden Cruze Series II in late February marked a significant milestone for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry.

“Automotive production is the largest manufacturing industry in Australia and we are one of only handful of countries in the world with


From March, the Cruze sedan has been manufactured at Holden Vehicle Operations in Elizabeth, South Australia, on the same line as the Commodore sedan and Sportwagon, Caprice, Ute and left-hand drive export models. The vehicle makes Holden the only Australian manufacturer to produce a small car, and – in the 2.0-litre Cruze diesel manual – Holden has the most fuel-efficient locally produced vehicle on the market. Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Mike Devereux, said the Cruze localisation program was the result of significant cooperation between General Motors and the Australian and South Australian governments. “This is Holden’s largest engineering and manufacturing program since VE Commodore but it’s also a successful private and public partnership which shows what can be achieved when industry and government work together,” Devereux said. Holden received $149 million from the Federal Government’s Green

Cruze sedan production has added 1800 new parts to the manufacturing process at Elizabeth, with the roof, body sides, closures, fascias and most of the interior plastics made on-site.

The Cruze was the sixthbest-selling vehicle in Australia in January, and is the most popular small sedan in the country. Australia is the third-largest market for Cruze, behind China and South Korea.

Holden currently produces

Between 1967 and 1998, Holden produced more than 809,500 small vehicles in Australia, including the Torana, Sunbird, Gemini, Camira and Vectra. Last year, 146,314 vehicles sold in

the Cruze was the sixth-best-

selling vehicle in Australia in January,

and is the most popular small sedan in the country

this capability to design, build and sell cars,” Devereux said. “Two years ago, during a make-or-break time for our people and our industry, we made the decision to build Cruze in Australia and it’s already creating new capabilities and opportunities for the industry and our critically important supplier community,” he added.

430 vehicles per day over two shifts every weekday, and employs 2500 workers at Elizabeth. Regular Cruze sedan production commenced in March with the Cruze hatch to join it on the line late in 2011. Since its launch in 2009, Holden has sold 43,002 examples of the Cruze, with 28,334 sold in 2010 alone.

Australia were produced locally. The Australian automotive industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Australia, responsible for around $700 million in research and development every year (10 percent of all business R&D in Australia). More than 50,000 people are employed directly by the Australian automotive industry. motor trader queensland


industry update

ANCAP’s road map


he Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) recently launched its 2011-2015 Road Map following consultation with members and stakeholders, overseas NCAP organisations, the Australian automotive industry’s peak body - the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, and the NZ Motor Industry Association.

industry promotion of the ANCAP ratings in advertising campaigns, the mandating of Electronic Stability Control by the Federal Government, and the recent partnership with the Commonwealth to increase the number of models receiving ANCAP ratings and the level of research into vehicle safety,” he said. Meanwhile, the push to

Lauchlan McIntosh said the 5-star rating for the Amarok was great news for tradesmen and farmers, who often buy a dual cab work ute that can be used for family transport on the weekend. “We expect this 5-star result will see other manufacturers striving to match the Amarok in safety terms – ANCAP has placed a real focus on

have 5-star ANCAP ratings but lack a rear seat. “Unfortunately, many other models of dual cab ute on the market have a 3-star ANCAP rating or less. Buyers should check out the ratings on the ANCAP website and view the crash photos and videos to get an idea of the difference between 3-star and 5-star vehicles.

The new ANCAP star ratings will require minimum performance levels for pedestrian safety, whiplash protection and roof strength as part of the rating process. In addition, the new rating system will encourage life-saving safety assist technologies such as head protecting side airbags, seat belt reminders, electronic stability control, daytime running lights and emergency brake assist. ANCAP Chairman, Lauchlan McIntosh, said the Road Map is part of a continuing process by ANCAP to encourage early introduction of vehicle safety features into manufacturers’ production processes and to help consumers understand the valuable benefits of the star ratings. “The ANCAP Road Map incorporates some of the recent changes introduced by EuroNCAP. ANCAP is also working with its crash testing colleagues in Japan, Korea, China, USA and Malaysia to further improve vehicle safety around the world.” McIntosh said the Road Map release further enforces ANCAP’s role as the independent vehicle safety advocate in Australia and New Zealand. “We have increasing 10

motor trader queensland

ANCAP is working with its crash testing colleagues in Japan, Korea, China, USA and Malaysia to further improve vehicle safety around the world. make safer utilities and light commercial vehicles available to the Australian market continues, with ANCAP awarding its first 5-star safety rating to a dual cab work ute the 4WD Volkswagen Amarok. ANCAP also announced 5-star ratings for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the Citroen C3. All three vehicles have been awarded the 5-star rating based on crash tests conducted by sister program, EuroNCAP, and assessed using ANCAP’s rating protocols.

utilities and light commercials over the past two years, and we have seen definite improvements in terms of occupant safety for most new models,” McIntosh said. “These vehicles are the workhorses of Australian industry, whether on the land or in towns and cities, and it is only fair that drivers and passengers in these vehicles have similar levels of safety to those of people driving private passenger vehicles. The Amarok joins the Commodore and Falcon Utes, which also

“We welcome the Amarok result and challenge other manufacturers to provide the same levels of safety in these workhorse vehicles,” he added. McIntosh said the 5-star results for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Citroen C3 also provided new car buyers with further choices in the 5-star safety spectrum. Regarding the Federal Government’s decision to walk away from its consideration of international pedestrian

safety standards, ANCAP has criticized the move in declaring that the consultation period had not even finished.

ISO on the EV pulse

ANCAP said the decision to withdraw the Regulation Impact Statement (‘RIS’) and to unilaterally close down consultation on this safety initiative was of serious concern.

SO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is helping to ensure the future of electric vehicles. ISO is the developer of more than 800 standards that are used every day, worldwide, by the international automotive industry to ensure safe and efficient vehicles, along with more than 100 standards for the increasingly important area of intelligent transport systems. An important element of this leadership is a recently updated agreement with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to improve cooperation on standards for electric vehicles and automotive electronics.

ANCAP said the Government’s decision was shortsighted, in that it has compromised the introduction of internationally recognised standards aimed at protecting pedestrians,apparently due to a ‘misguided view’ that all bull bars protect drivers. Over the last decade, ANCAP said that more than 230 pedestrians were killed each year as a result of collisions with motor vehicles. ANCAP has been crash testing new cars for nearly 20 years and pedestrian safety tests are an integral component of ANCAP’s testing regime. According the ANCAP, the results are clear – modern vehicle design standards can considerably mitigate the risk to pedestrians in collisions with cars. ANCAP’s Lauchlan McIntosh, said the decision to terminate the consultation process, while expressing a desire to consult with interested parties made no sense at all. “The Government should immediately withdraw its order to terminate the RIS process and continue its consultation process with industry experts and other interested parties,” he said. “Only then will it be in a position to implement pedestrian safety initiatives which will save hundreds of lives”, he added. For a full list of ANCAP’s vehicle safety ratings, including more commercial vehicles, and other vehicle safety information, go to


The experts working on ISO committees

recognize that the future is fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles. Various technologies, including electrical batteries and fuel cells, are currently being explored and tested by the industry, which is also looking at other fuels as an alternative to petroleum, such as natural gas and hydrogen, all of which will require the creation of new types of vehicles and associated infrastructures – and new International Standards to make these global, ecological, efficient, safe and effective. Electric vehicles, in particular, necessitate important changes to vehicles and will impose a potential impact on the electricity

Various technologies, including electrical batteries and fuel cells, are currently being explored and tested by the industry, which is also looking at other fuels as an alternative to petroleum, such as natural gas and hydrogen, all of which will require the creation of new types of vehicles and associated infrastructures – and new International Standards to make these global, ecological, efficient, safe and effective. supply infrastructure when connected to the grid for recharging. The recent ISO/IEC Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) accordingly recognizes that when the vehicle is in autonomous (running) mode, vehicle manufacturers are responsible for defining the required standards – mainly developed by ISO. When connected to the grid, standards need to be agreed jointly between the vehicle manufacturers and the electricity supply industry as represented in the IEC. The MoU is also designed to leverage the considerable evolution in vehicles from mechanical or hydraulic controls to electronic motor trader queensland


industry update systems. This evolution necessitates a stronger collaboration between vehicle manufacturers, principally represented in ISO technical committee ISO/TC 22, Road vehicles, and electronic component manufacturers active in a range of specific IEC committees. ISO standards for the automotive industry cover all aspects vehicles: safety, ergonomics, performance, test methods, the environment, and the rollout of innovative technologies. In relation to alternative power systems, ISO standards now under development by ISO/TC 22 address electrically propelled vehicles and vehicles powered by gaseous fuels. For example, the updating and extension of ISO 6469 is an important project to ensure the safe handling of electric vehicles. It is being adapted to the new challenges of battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), covering safety from electric hazards, on-board rechargeable energy store systems, protection against failures, etc. Also under development is ISO 12405, which provides test specifications for lithium-Ion traction battery systems, and ISO 15118 on the interface between electric vehicles and the grid, including communication links and protocols. 12

motor trader queensland

MOTO boating


our Strokes Of Luck, an adventure film about the perilous journey of four adventurers on a motorbike-powered boat between Panama and Colombia, premiered at the prestigious Byron Bay Film Festival in mid March. The documentary showcases the inspiring story of three Australians - Roly Stokes (Sydney), Andrew Young (Mackay/ Brisbane), Adam Broadbent (Tamworth/Newcastle) and Claudia Orellana from Bolivia.

In 2009, the four worked together to invent a motorbike-powered boat to sail 200 km through some of the most dangerous parts of Colombia and Panama. Inspired to ride his motorbike the entire length of the Americas from Patagonia to Alaska, Broadbent said that the only section of his trip without any roads was between Colombia and Panama. “Powering a boat meant I could complete my entire journey using only my bike, and also be the second person to ever do this,” he explained. Based in the Columbian town of Turbo - a town the Australian government lists ‘as dangerous as Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya’, the team race against time to wrangle their motorbikes into the boat before the Caribbean hurricane season erupts. Award winning ASE (Australian screen editor) Harriet Clutterbuck, and first

Based in the Columbian town of Turbo - a town the Australian government lists ‘as dangerous as Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya’, the team race against time to wrangle their motorbikes into the boat before the Caribbean hurricane season erupts. time producer and director Roly Stokes, capture all the adventure as the group is pushed to breaking point, faced with being marooned, imprisoned, blackmailed and more. “There were a couple of situations where things went really bad,” said Stokes. “We are quite honestly, lucky to be alive.” To purchase a copy of Four Strokes Of Luck visit www.

move! On the

In July 2010, the Board of MTA Queensland

approved through resolution to commit the capital investment of a new combined headquarters motivated by the ongoing training demands of industry.


he modern, state-ofthe-art facility currently under construction at Eight Mile Plains is expected to be completed by Christmas this year. As Queensland’s Automotive Centre of Excellence, it will host the core business of the association combined with one of the critical services to industry – skilling tradespersons. Due to increased demand for specialist training in the industry and the need to meet skill and technical shortages now and into the future, the Centre will utilise the latest IT systems such as pod & vod casting to allow greater access to training by students in regional/ remote Queensland, plus the workshops will introduce new ‘green technologies’ to students and the industry. The intent is to produce

increased numbers of high caliber technicians skilled in the latest technologies to support the skill demand for the industry in Queensland. Industry practitioners were engaged to assist in the design and technical fit out of the Centre to replicate the ‘real’ work environment, providing new entrants and school based apprentices and trainees with skills development in a realistic but safe work environment. It will facilitate the training of well over 2000 automotive apprentices and trainees per year of which more than 90 percent will be employed. The Centre is proposed to have:


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aiming to build their understanding of running their own business) • 2 Staff rooms to accommodate 30 trainers and 10 administration staff • Amenities – kitchen etc, student common room, store rooms • Boardroom – Conference Room to support industry based seminars etc

• Up to 28 technical training bays

• Administration Centre – to secure training records, development of resources etc.

• 5 training rooms (20 students per room) theoretical learning for business management courses, including Diploma of Business (this value adds to the traditional training usually delivered to apprentices

MTA Queensland - the Peak Industry Body for the Automotive Industry in Queensland - is a consortium partner of QASA (Queensland Automotive Skills Alliance) and holds a position on the ASA (Automotive Skills Australia) reference group.

This relationship ensures that Queensland has a national voice and is informed on national skilling and workforce issues. In November 2010,

QASA released the Automotive Industry Skills Report that outlined the training demands required by the industry. In particular it highlighted the need for training in areas such as electronically controlled systems, engine management systems, and government

plus that there is a pressing need for an increase in a skilled labour force required to service, repair and maintain vehicles and equipment in the new economy and the need to address green skills in the industry. MIT has experienced significant growth over the past 5 years and coupled with the demands identified for training in new technologies, the opening of the contemporary and larger training Centre will also include the following benefits: The project will be NBN ready which will enable remote and regional students to participate through virtual classroom

regulation in alternate fuels and emissions control system,

Technological investment by industry to introduce skilling in ‘clean green’ technologies aimed at attracting new entrants to the industry.

Access to a state of the art facility that aims at raising awareness of the industry and promotion of career pathways to school students as well as the delivery of prevocational automotive courses and school based apprenticeship arrangements under formal agreements; and; Access by apprentices/ trainees and industry to a world-class training centre utilising the latest technology to build a sustainable industry through training. As a non for profit organisation, MTA Queensland’s core focus remains on developing the needs of industry to ensure that aspiring automotive technicians have access to world class training and are well placed to service the needs of all Queenslander’s through their technical skills. For training enquiries, please contact us on 1800 884 137.

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health ‘She’ll be right, mate’ – wrong!


epression affects nearly one in six people at some point in their lives, so folk remedies and half-truths about this common illness abound. One such idea: throw yourself into work and you’ll feel better. For a mild case of the blues, this may indeed help, but depression is a different animal. Overworking can actually be a sign of clinical depression, especially in men. Depression is a serious medical condition but it’s still confused with ordinary sadness. Biological evidence of the illness can be seen in brain scans, which show abnormal activity levels. Key brain chemicals that carry signals between nerves also appear to be out of balance in depressed people. A depressed man, his loved ones, and even his doctor may not recognize depression. That’s because men are less likely than women to talk about their feelings and some depressed men don’t appear sad or down. Instead, men may be irritable, angry, or restless. They may even lash out at others. Some men try to cope with depression through reckless behavior, drinking, or drugs Our culture admires will power and mental toughness and is quick to label anyone who falls back as a whinger. But people who have clinical depression are not lazy or simply feeling sorry for themselves. Nor can they “will” depression to go away. Depression is a medical illness - a health problem related to changes in the brain. Like other illnesses, 16

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it usually improves with appropriate treatment. Poet or footballer, shy or outgoing, anyone from any ethnic background can develop depression. The illness is twice as common in women as in men, but it may be that women are more likely to seek help. It’s often first noticed in the late teens or 20s, but an episode can develop at any age. Tough personal experiences can trigger depression, or it may develop out of the blue. Depression can creep up gradually, which makes it harder to identify than a sudden illness. A bad day turns into a rut and you start skipping work, school, or social occasions. One type, called dysthymia, can last for years as a chronic, low-level illness – a malaise that silently undermines your

untreated depression prevents people from living life to its fullest – and takes a toll on families. If depression appears in your family tree, you may have an elevated risk yourself. But that does not mean you are certain to develop the disorder. People with a family history can watch for early symptoms of depression and take positive action promptly - whether that means reducing stress, getting more exercise, counseling, or other professional treatment. Most older people navigate the challenges of aging without becoming depressed. But when it does occur, it may be overlooked. Seniors may hide their sadness or have different, vague symptoms: food just doesn’t taste good anymore, aches and pains worsen, or sleep patterns

Today, there’s evidence that guided discussions with a professional can make things much better. Different types of psychotherapy help treat depression by addressing negative thought patterns, unconscious feelings, or relationship troubles. The first step is to talk to your GP who may then refer you to a mental health professional. The old advice to ‘accentuate the positive’ has advanced into a practice that can ease depression. It’s called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). People learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Negative ‘self-talk’ and behavior is identified and replaced with more upbeat thoughts and a more positive mood. Used alone or with medication, CBT works for many people. Although many teens are

depression is a medical illness career and relationships. Or depression can become a severe, disabling condition. With treatment, many feel substantial relief in 4-6 weeks.

Medication is only one of the tools used to lift depression. And asking for help does not mean you’ll be pressured to take prescription drugs. In fact, studies suggest that ‘talk’ therapy works as well as drugs for mild to moderate depression. Even if you do use antidepressants, it probably won’t be for life. Your doctor will help you determine the right time to stop your medication. Some people don’t cry or even act terribly sad when they’re depressed. Instead they are emotionally ‘blank’ and may feel worthless or useless. Even without dramatic symptoms,

change. Medical problems can trigger depression in seniors and depression can slow recovery from a heart attack or surgery. In older adults, depression can be the root cause of memory problems, confusion, and in some cases, delusions. Caregivers and doctors may mistake these problems for signs of dementia, or an age-related decline in memory. Getting treatment lifts the cloud for the majority of older people with depression. Psychotherapy is particularly useful for people who can’t or don’t want to take medication. People were once advised not to ‘dwell on’ problems by talking about them.

moody, argumentative, and intrigued by ‘the dark side’, prolonged sadness or irritability is not normal for teens. When unhappiness lasts more than two weeks, it may be a sign of depression, which develops in about one in 11 teens. Other signs a teen may need help include being constantly sad or irritable even with friends, taking no pleasure in favorite activities, or a sudden drop in grades. Very good studies now show that regular, moderately intense exercise can improve symptoms of depression and work as well as some medicines for people with mild to moderate depression. Exercising with a group or a good friend adds social

support, another mood booster. The reality is most people who take action to lift their depression do get better. Some life events cause sadness or disappointment, but do not become clinical depression. Grief is normal after a death, divorce, loss of a job, or diagnosis with a serious health problem. One clue of a need for treatment: the sadness is constant every

day, most of the day. When people are weathering difficult times appropriately, they can usually be distracted or cheered up for short periods of time. In the depths of depression, people may think there’s no hope for a better life. This hopelessness is part of the illness, not a reality. With treatment, positive thinking gradually replaces negative thoughts. Sleep

and appetite often improve as the depressed mood lifts. And people who’ve seen a counselor for talk therapy may be equipped with better coping skills to deal with the stresses in life that can get you down. Think about how you feel. Do you want to change the way you are feeling? Do you think that your are ‘stuck’ in a rut with how you are feeling? Are you avoiding what you are feeling? Are you

self-medicating with alcohol or other substances or activities to suppress a hopeless feeling that change is not possible? If this applies to you and you have no one in your life with whom you can trust to discuss your real feelings without being judged, telephone Lifeline on 13 11 14 or book in to see a GP. No matter what is going on, or what has happened in the past, it is never too late to find peace of mind in this life.

- a health problem related to changes in the brain - like other illnesses,

it usually improves with appropriate treatment motor trader queensland


innovation Suzuki’s Swift ascent


uzuki Australia has launched an all-new Swift light car, promising classleading fuel economy, safety and driving dynamics. Almost every element of the car has been redesigned, with evolutionary new looks, an upgraded handling package, a new fuel-efficient engine and class-leading safety. “Suzuki revolutionised the market five years ago with the launch of the third generation of its famous Swift nameplate,” said Suzuki Australia general manager, Tony Devers. A winner of 63 car of the year awards in 19 countries, Swift reached the magical one million sales mark faster than any car in the company’s history and to date has sold nearly two million units.

Model line-up The new Suzuki Swift will be available in three different grades – GA, GL and GLX – all complete with high levels of standard equipment. The GA (RRP $15,990) will come standard with the following features: • 1.4-litre VVT engine • Front airbags • Seat-mounted side airbags • Side curtain airbags • Driver’s knee airbag • ESP stability control • ABS brakes with EBD and BA • Four-speaker AM/FM/CD audio system with USB port • Air conditioner • Power windows • Power mirrors • Remote central locking • 15-inch steel wheels

The range-topping GLX (RRP $18,990 manual; $20,690 automatic) comes with: • 16-inch alloy wheels • Rear wheel disc brakes • Telescopically adjustable steering wheel • Keyless entry/start system • Bluetooth • Climate control air conditioner • Front fog lamps The new Suzuki range is powered by an all-new 1.4-litre engine, offering an outstanding combination of economy and performance. Optimum fuel efficiency was a key driver for engineers and the Swift will deliver the just 5.5 litres per 100 km and produce a mere 132 grams of C02 per km.

combustion chamber • Variable valve timing • Cross flow intake and exhaust layout, and • Direct drive valve train for increased rigidity Electronic throttle control – previously only available on the Swift Sport - will be standard across the new Swift range, eliminating the mechanical link between the accelerator and the throttle body. The computer controlled system ensures improved engine management control, superior fuel economy, better launch feel and more refinement at idle. The engine is matched to a five-speed manual or fourspeed automatic transmission. The five-speed manual transmission has a new

In Australia, Suzuki has increased its car sales by 130% since 2004 whilst its market share has risen 200% over the same period. Devers said that with the new models, Suzuki had created even higher levels of Swift performance and styling and combined them with superior environmental performance to create a light car perfectly suited for today. “The all new Swift is the epitome of Suzuki’s philosophy that driving a compact car does not mean having to settle for less,” Devers said. Devers said the new Swift was unmistakably an evolution of its predecessor, and even better in the ways that counted.” he explained. 18

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The GL (RRP $16,690 manual; $18,390 automatic) adds: • Optional four-speed automatic transmission • Body-coloured door handles / side mirrors • Mirror-mounted side indicators • Leather steering wheel • Steering wheel-mounted audio controls • Six-speaker AM/FM/CD audio system • Tachometer

Suzuki’s chief engineer, Naoyaki Takeuchi, said that compared to previous editions, “CO2 is down, the ANCAP rating has risen from 4 to 5, its more sportier and there is less noise”. Other key features of the new engine include: • An aluminium alloy cylinder head for low weight and excellent heat radiation • A centre plug pentroof

assist mechanism for reduced driver effort, while an optimised shift-lever pattern further promotes smooth changes. It also features a new mechanism to prevent accidental shifts from fifth gear to reverse, while a new hydraulic release system in the clutch further aids smooth, effortless gear changes. A revised four-speed automatic transmission is

Stationery for the automotive industry ogue l a t a C ct Produ 2011

• General Office Stationery Supplies • Motor Vehicle Sales Stationery • Job/Time Cards • Service Station Supplies • Signage • Approved Inspection Station Signage and Decals • Accessories • MTA Queensland Member Signage • Technical Publications Our Stationery Catalogue is available online at Telephone: 07 3237 8781 Toll free 1800 177 951

innovation also available with a revised straight shift pattern, replacing the gated version of the old model. It also comes with a lock-up slip control, offering a wider lock-up range for improved power and efficiency, while also suppressing torque converter slip at light acceleration loads. The Swift automatic also features a hill-hold function to ensure fuss-free launches in hilly urban areas.

Quality control a top priority


osch has revealed some quality control measures that it incorporates in to its components manufacturing processes. In considering reliability and suitability for the particular application above all else, the company places heavy emphasis on the quality of its starter motors and alternators by ensuring all units pass a rigorous test regime before they reach the market. Bosch’s stator windings are made from high quality copper and varnish. The higher quality copper has fewer impurities, allowing the current to conduct with greater ease. As a result, charging rates are higher and the chances of overheating are reduced. Heat tolerant materials in Bosch alternators also mitigate the potential affects of high temperatures. Of particular importance is the use of heat tolerant slot sticks in the stator housing. The use of inferior materials, such as wood, can result in the stator sticks becoming dislodged and ultimately, the failure of the alternator. Bosch bearings are also rated 20

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for automotive use, rather than industrial use, to ensure they are able to withstand the rigours of automotive applications. Bosch regulators are tested to suit the specific application, as per O.E. standards. Rectifiers also meet O.E. standards, using heat tolerant materials, high-quality diodes and spot welding where the diode meets the circuit. Inferior rectifiers using materials with lower tolerances can crack or deform under normal operating conditions, resulting in the failure of the alternator. During the development phase, Bosch starter motors and alternators are subjected to the following tests to ensure that they meet strict performance criteria: • Load and Heat testing over a minimum of 300 continuous hours at elevated temperatures

to ensure long-life and reliability • Vibration testing to ensure the strength of mounting points and components. • Salt water testing to ensure resistance to corrosion • Electrical, mechanical and noise testing to ensure high performance and minimal noise

According to the company, this testing regime ensures that Bosch meets all of its performance claims. With ‘long-term value’ in mind – as opposed to cheaply made products that ultimately increases costs and irritation to customers.

According to the company, this testing regime ensures that Bosch meets all of its performance claims. With ‘long-term value’ in mind – as opposed to cheaply made products that ultimately increases costs and irritation to customers – Bosch aims to assist workshops in delivering excellent products and maintaining long-term customer loyalty. New: hybrid vehicle diagnosis tools Bosch has recently launched two products for the workshop that relate specifically to hybrid vehicle diagnosis – the Hybrid Vehicle Tester FSA 050 and the MMD 540H Hybrid Automotive Multimeter. The FSA 050 is a hand-held device that can also be linked wirelessly to the FSA740 Motor Tester Software so as to document the measurement results. This product is designed for quick use and offers a means of testing insulation and high voltage on electric and hybrid electric drive systems as a standalone option.  The MMD 540 Hybrid Automotive Multimeter is specifically designed for hybrid vehicles but has the complete range of automotive functions. These emerging powertrain technologies and high voltage assemblies will pose new challenges for workshops.  While some operations on hybrid vehicles will not change, others will be vastly different and require training and new equipment. Safe handling of a system with voltages of up to 650 volts will require specialist knowledge and tools. This new technology will offer workshops the opportunity to become established as a skilled specialist centre for hybrid vehicles. For more information please telephone 1300 783 031

DynoMax back in Australia


enneco recently announced the return of the DynoMax High Performance Exhaust brand to the Australian automotive aftermarket in response to customer demand for more high-end performance exhaust products. The brand is one of America’s leading suppliers of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and petrol pick-ups, sport utility vehicles and sport compact / European cars. Every DynoMax Performance Exhaust system is specifically application engineered to provide maximum performance and has highly engineered acoustical characteristics. DynoMax Performance Exhaust will not replace the Lukey Performance Exhaust range, but will complement it as the next level in terms of innovation in performance exhaust technologies. The DynoMax Valve Technology (VT) muffler, a revolutionary, high flow and straight through stainless steel performance muffler controls irritating drone while ensuring maximum performance. It features an exclusive and precisely calibrated internal valve that redirects exhaust flow during cruising conditions to provide dronefree performance. Once the driver applies power, the valve automatically adjusts for maximum exhaust flow, delivering on-demand performance and a deep, throaty drone-free sound. All DynoMax VT Mufflers are manufactured in stainless steel and feature a straight through welded design.

Cut-away image of the new Dynomax Valve Technology (VT) Muffler, a revolutionary, high flow and straight through stainless steel performance muffler.

The valve spring within the new DynoMax VT Muffler is constructed from a corrosion and heat resistant alloy material that is guaranteed to last the life of the vehicle. The high temperature properties of this material have exceeded extreme

environmental testing with over 2,000,000 cycles.

All of these features are exclusive to DynoMax Performance Exhaust. To find out more about the range of DynoMax products currently available, please contact the Tenneco customer call centre on 1800 621 444.

All DynoMax VT Mufflers undergo a detailed cleaning process called “microfinish”, which provides a blemish free, satin finish to the exterior of the muffler.




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Booking Diary

General Ledger


Send & Receive SMS Messages

Special Features Vehicle Service History Automatic next service reminder letter printing Numerous vehicle registrations with one ownership ID Job Costing, Job Profitability Serviceman Productivity Reports Multi user application

For more information contact Auto Care Software or download a free test drive from our web site

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Hybrid uptake accelerates


oyota says its hybrid vehicles are starting to be recognised as mainstream motoring with global sales passing the three million mark. Global demand for Toyota’s hybrid vehicles is accelerating rapidly, with one million being sold in the past 18 months alone - more than one per minute.

It says those vehicles have generated approximately 18 million fewer tons of CO2 than would have been produced by petrol-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance. Toyota Australia’s senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said responding to environmental issues is a priority for the company. “Toyota is endeavouring to promote the widespread use of hybrid vehicles and welcomes announcements of hybrid models by other

further raise performance and reduce costs.” Toyota sells 16 hybrid models in approximately 80 countries and regions around the world. It plans to introduce 10 newmodel hybrid vehicles by the end of 2012, including six newly launched vehicles and four vehicles that have been redesigned. In Australia, customers are offered the Toyota Prius and Hybrid Camry, the Lexus GS 450h, RX 450h and LS

followed in December by Prius, with just 323 sales in that first month. Prius sales began in Australia in 2001. The second-generation Prius, equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System II, was introduced in 2003 with an emphasis on delivering both power and economy. The third-generation Prius, introduced in 2009, has the lowest emissions of any vehicle on the market at just 89 grams/km and ultra-low fuel economy of 3.9 litres/100km.

By contrast, it took almost 10 years to sell the first one million Toyota hybrids and two years and three months to sell the second million. The latest milestone closely follows the first anniversary of Hybrid Camry sales in Australia - the country’s bestselling hybrid vehicle and responsible for bringing hybrid technology to Australian automotive manufacturing. The global total of Toyota hybrid sales to the end of February was 3.03 million, which includes more than 2.1 million Prius and 210,000 Hybrid Camry. Toyota in Japan calculates that its worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles since 1997 have contributed greatly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, which are considered by many experts to be a cause of global warming.


motor trader queensland

it took almost 10 years to sell the

first one million Toyota hybrids and two years

and three months to sell the second million

manufacturers,” Buttner said.

“With global cumulative sales of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles passing the threemillion mark, it’s clear that these vehicles are starting to enter the mainstream. “In addition to its hybrids, Toyota is committed to developing environmentconsiderate vehicles that

600hL, and the Hino Hybrid

Over time, Toyota has


expanded the use of its

The Lexus CT 200h was

hybrid system to minivans,

launched at the end of

SUVs, rear-wheel-drive


sedans and other vehicles.

Toyota’s hybrid sales began

Australian motorists have

in Japan in 1997 with the

bought more than 16,000

launch in August of the

Prius hatches and more than

Coaster Hybrid EV. This was

7,000 Hybrid Camry sedans.

apprentices A smart solution


mart Employment Solutions, recognised as a leader in employment and training since 1986, offers automotive industry employers a comprehensive range of personnel recruitment and business services in addition to providing excellent apprentices and trainees. For the past 25 years the company has been assisting apprentices/trainees and employers with support, knowledge and advice with regards to employment – ensuring that candidates are well suited for the role when presenting them to employers. Smart Employment Solutions works with the apprentices/ trainees that they provide to guide them throughout their college and work requirements and are available to answer any questions or concerns from the employer. Bremer Ford obtained the services of Smart Employment Solutions in acquiring apprentice Evan Sides in July 2009. “Our criteria was that the apprentice had to be respectful, honest, have commitment and a genuine desire to succeed in a career, not just a job,” said Bremer’s Fixed Operations Manger, Gary Dover. “We maintain that if the apprentice possesses these qualities, we’ll do the rest because we are committed to turning a young 1st year apprentice into a quality tradesman,” he added. Dover said that Bremer Ford was ‘blessed’ to have been given the apprentice,

Award winning apprentice Evan Sides

Dover said that Bremer Ford was ‘blessed’ to have been given the apprentice, because from the beginning of the placement Evan Sides “has shown great promise and will in time play a major part in elevating future apprentices to achieve the same goals that he has." because from the beginning of the placement Evan Sides “has shown great promise and will in time play a major part in elevating future apprentices to achieve the same goals that he has”. Evan’s commitment and enthusiasm in the job won him Smart Employment Solutions’ Apprentice of the Year award.

To supplement the placement of apprentices, MIT (MTA Institute of Technology) provides on site technical training leading to a qualification. Whilst employed by the business, an MIT technical trainer would visit the apprentice on regular visits to take the apprentice through the workbooks and practical applications of what is being learned. As the most dominant vocational, education and training provider in Queensland, MIT brings innovation and inspiration to every apprentice through training excellence, resulting in outstanding technicians and tomorrow’s leaders in the industry.

Step 1 – To find an apprentice, telephone Smart Employment Solutions on 13 30 24 Step 2 – After Employers take on an apprentice, telephone MIT on 1 800 884 137 to make arrangements to have the apprentice visited at the work place to go through a program leading to a qualification continued on page 24

motor trader queensland


Smart Employment Solutions - how it works: • An employer telephones Smart Employment Solutions on telephone 13 30 24 to enquire about obtaining an apprentice or trainee • At a time convenient to the Employer, a Consultant comes to the work place to discuss in detail the Employer’s specified requirements • After establishing a detailed report of exactly what the Employer is looking for, the Consultant searches an extensive Candidate database for any suitable matches for the position • Along with an extensive Database search, Consultants trained specifically in advertising will advertise the position on several well known Internet sites • Consultants then screen every applicant CV for the position. All candidates, unsuitable or suitable, are promptly contacted and advised of the outcome or when they may expect further contact

Full steam ahead for aspiring electrical engineer


fter finishing his MITtrained auto electrical apprenticeship with Paul Tugwell in just under three years, Stephen Delzoppo (MIT Student of the Year 2010) is continuing his employment at Bustech in the role of Junior Electrical Engineer.

“I am responsible for producing design drawings, designing parts and providing technical engineering expertise to the Bustech operation and our customers.

• Extensive telephone screening will be conducted on those candidates whose CVs are deemed as suitable for the specified position, further narrowing down the field to find the most suited candidate for the position • Consultants experienced in effective Interviewing techniques, including Behavioural Interviewing, will conduct interviews with candidates deemed as suitable from telephone screen - interviews are extensive and thorough, covering past histories and behaviours as well as what the candidate is ideally seeking in their career

“In addition, I am also responsible for producing customer support materials, such as reference manuals and technical publications,” he explained.

• Of the candidates deemed successful from interviews, 3 extensive reference checks with previous employers will be carried out and these reference checks focus on the past behaviour and performance of candidates to assess their suitability for the position • A shortlist of 3-5 of the most suitable candidates will be presented to the client, which includes the employment history of the candidate, qualifications, testing results, reference checks (if requested) and profile as perceived by the interviewing Consultant • From the presented shortlist, the Employer selects which candidates they choose to interview. The Consultant will organise all the relevant details for the interview with chosen candidates. Upon completion of interviews, the Consultant will discuss with the Employer the feedback from interviews and the Consultant then informs candidates of the outcomes • The Consultant then makes an offer of employment to the successful candidate on the Employers behalf and discusses any questions or issues with both the candidate and the Employer as they arise • A 3-month replacement guarantee is standard and is valid with all placements; the Employer discusses this with the Consultant • After a placement is made, the Consultant stays in regular contact with the Employer and the successful candidate to ensure that all expectations are being met. Performance evaluations will be carried out during the initial 3 months, and the Consultant will remain in contact after the initial 3-month period


motor trader queensland

In addition to dealing with customers and prospective customers, the role involves liaising with all staff at Bustech, chiefly the head electrical engineer along with upper management, the design team, purchasing officers and external suppliers.

For the past six months, Delzoppo has been working on a soon to be released Bustech ‘special project’ that involves all new electrical programming and harnesses. The project will unveil a new type of bus for the company that will be able to carry many more passengers. “Along with this project, I am also dealing with customer enquiries over the phone and in person – I am on call to visit our customers and explain or fix any issue that may come up with one of our buses,” Delzoppo said. “My position at Bustech is all on the job training.

In addition to customers and prospective customers, the role involves liaising with all staff at Bustech, chiefly the head electrical engineer along with upper management, the design team, purchasing officers and external suppliers.

Opportunity knocks


he Queensland Overseas Foundation (QOF) held the 2010 scholarship awards ceremony in the Premiers Hall at Parliament House, Brisbane, on 15th March.

An overseas scholarship enables recipients to: • broaden horizons • develop vocational skills • acquire international perspective on industry Each year, the Foundation makes a limited number of overseas scholarships available to help young Queenslanders realise their dreams of working internationally in their chosen field. A scholarship comprises a return airfare to the country of choice, together with a settling-in allowance to cover initial costs encountered.

MIT-trained apprentice, Adam Simmons of Jindalee Auto Services (Inset) MIT-trained apprentice, Adam Simmons of Jindalee Auto Services

Each year, the Foundation makes a limited number of overseas scholarships available to help young Queenslanders realise their dreams of working internationally in their chosen field. The event was off officiated by Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, Governor of Queensland who confirmed the overseas scholarships to five excellent and skilled Queenslanders. Industry sponsors MTA Queensland’s contingent included Board President David Fraser, MIT Managing Director Brett Dale, MIT Board Chairman Tom Barton and MIT Senior Residential Trainer, Marcello Riotto. 2009 scholarship recipient Adam Simmons of Jindalee Auto Services was also in attendance, having completed his automotive electrical apprenticeship under the tutelage of MIT’s Paul Tugwell. Adam is currently awaiting

Scholarship winners are responsible for arranging a work or study placement before leaving Australia. However, the Foundation may help with establishing contacts and arrangements with overseas organisations.

confirmation of an overseas placement. Since 1976, QOF has been aiding the development of young Queenslanders, and during this time has assisted more than 100 young people to work in their industry overseas, to expand their personal and professional capability, and to achieve their career ambitions. For anyone who has ever thought about testing his or

her vocational skills overseas and has recently completed an apprenticeship or traineeship, opportunity is knocking. The QOF scholarship program could be the passport to furthering a career overseas for up to two years.

Applicants are required to be Queensland residents and have completed an apprenticeship or traineeship (Certificate 3 or above) in the past four years and gained relevant work experience. For further information visit

we come to you! In getting someone to be a qualified automotive tradesperson, MTA Institute of Technology brings innovation and inspiration to every learner through training excellence. • Government funded, on site, one on one training • Employer and Apprentice incentives • Coaching and mentoring with up to date automotive training resources • Available to school-based apprentices • Trade recognition for current mechanics • Air condition licensing

success through excellence

Free call 1800 884 137 I NS T I T UT E OF T E C H N O L O G Y

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Would you pass up a $1000 boost to your super? Here’s something everyone should know. You can get up to $1000 extra in your super from the government. It’s called the government co-contribution scheme. All you need to do is put in a little bit extra from your own money into your super each week or month, or even once a year. Depending on your income, every eligible $1 you contribute to your super (up to $1000) from your after-tax income could be matched by the government. If your total income is less than $31,920 this year, it will be dollar for dollar if you contribute up to $1,000. If your total income is more than $31,920 you can still get some co-contribution dollars, right up to a total income of $61,920. Note: The figures above are based on your total assessable income, including reportable fringe benefits and reportable employer super contributions (salary sacrifice). To find out exactly how much you’ll get, based on your total income and how much you contribute from your own money, visit the MTAA Super website, to use the co-contribution calculator. The government deposits the co-contribution into your super account

after you’ve put in your tax return for the year.

Its easy to make extra contributions to your super • Ask your employer to take a regular amount out of your after- tax pay and send it in with the Superannuation Guarantee contributions they make for you. • Set up a direct debit from your bank account to make regular payments to MTAA Super. • Make a payment direct to MTAA Super – by BPAY, cheque or money order. To be eligible for the co-contribution scheme you must make an after-tax contribution. This means Superannuation Guarantee contributions made by your employer and salary-sacrifice contributions are not eligible. There are also some other restrictions, for example you’re not eligible if you are in Australia on a temporary residents visa. For all the details go to the ATO website,

See what a difference the government co-contribution can make Matt is a 24 year old mechanic and earns $31,500 a year. He has $10,000 in his MTAA Super account and decides

to take advantage of the government co-contribution scheme by adding just $15 a week of his own money to his super. It might seem like a small amount each week, but $15 can really add up. Imagine this extra $15 going into Matt’s MTAA Super account directly from his bank account each week- he doesn’t even have to think about it. Over a year it adds up to $780, and because his total income is less than $31,920 he gets another $780 as a co-contribution from the government. That’s an extra $1,560 added to his super savings! If Matt stays on the same salary for his entire working life and his employer pays 9 per cent Superannuation Guarantee contributions, without that extra $15 per week and the government co-contribution Matt would end up with $284,362 when he retires at 65. But by adding $15 per week and receiving the

government co-contribution his total would be $367,362 when he retires at 65-that’s $83,277 more!!! Note : All of these figures are in today’s dollars, converted to show the worth of the final super balance in today’s terms. Assumptions: The above example is based on a yearly crediting rate of 7 per cent (after tax and investment management fees) and includes the government co-contribution and an increase in Superannuation Guarantee and additional contributions each year of 3 per cent to reflect the approximate impact of inflation on salaries and wages. Superannuation Guarantee and monthly additional contributions are made at the end of each month and government co-contributions are made at year end. If any of these assumptions vary, the outcome will be different.

MTAA Super workplace presentations It’s easy to arrange a presentation in your own workplace, and each presentation is tailored specifically to your staff. Just tell your Business Development Manager (BDM) the subjects you would like to see covered, and they will put together a special presentation for you. It might include for example, insurance, making extra contributions and consolidating super—there are a range of topics that can be discussed, so talk to your Business Development Manager about what your employees are interested in. Call us on 1300 362 415 to be put in touch with your local BDM.

To find out more about MTAA Super, you can contact your local representative: • Peter 0419 655 254 • Diedre 0407 732 660 • Lynne 0409 995 868 Email: Phone: 1300 362 415 Visit: Lynne Wilkinson

Diedre Bell

Peter Jones

This document is issued by the Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty Limited (ABN 14 008 650 628, AFSL 238 718) of Level 3, 39 This information has been prepared by the Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd (ABN 14 008 650 628,AFSL 238718, FSEL0001069), an Approved Trustee company engaged Brisbane Avenue Barton ACT 2600, Trustee of the MTAA Superannuation Fund (ABN 74 559 365 913, SPIN MTA0100AU). Motor Trades Association of Australia solely in managing MTAA Super for the benefit of its members. All care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this article is correct at the time of this publication, however, neither the Superannuation Limited hasresponsibility ownershipfor interests Super Holdings Pty ME Bank Pty LtdSuper and(ABN Superpartners Ltd. Trustee of MTAA SuperFund nor itsPty advisors accept any errorinorIndustry misprint, nor for anyone acting onLtd, this information. MTAA 74559365913,Pty RSER10004373) The information provided is of a general nature and does not take into account your specific financial needs or personal situation. You should assess your financial position and personal objectives before making any decision based on this information. We also recommend that you seek advice from a licensed financial adviser. The MTAA Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), an important document containing all the information you need to make a decision about MTAA Super, can be obtained by calling MTAA Super on 1300 362 415. You should consider the PDS in making a decision.

Does your super fund tick all the right boxes? Low fees No commissions Run only to benefit members

MTAA Super is the Industry SuperFund for the Motor Industry and anyone can join. For more information visit Motor Trades Association of Australia Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd (ABN 14 008 650 628, AFSL 238 718) is the Trustee of MTAA Superannuation Fund (ABN 74 559 365 913). You should consider whether or not MTAA Super is appropriate for you. The MTAA Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) can be obtained by calling us on 1300 362 415. You should consider the PDS in making a decision.

sport Win-win relationship boosts brands


bold decision by an independent tyre distribution company to increase brand awareness is paying dividends after a successful front of shorts sponsorship on season ending A-league football (soccer) grand final winners, Brisbane Roar. Consolidated Tyre Company - CTC - is a Brisbane-based

“As an independent, we performed a thorough analysis on the Linglong brand and decided that if we wanted to increase sales, we had to increase our marketing activities,” explained CTC’s Steven Zhang. “To make the Linglong brand more successful, we knew that we had to improve brand awareness. “The idea to align the Linglong brand with Brisbane Roar was born out of the great success of Continental Tyres’ major sponsorship of the World Cup,” he added.

before considering a longer term partnership,” he added. Guise’s job includes setting the strategic brand direction for the Club and developing and activating marketing plans to support this. In addition, he manages the four key revenue streams for the Club - sponsorship, membership, corporate sales and game day retail; in addition he works closely with the Club’s sponsor partners to maximise their commercial value from their partnership with the Club. The partnership couldn’t have

proved any better for Linglong Tyres, as evidenced by the successful run by Brisbane Roar to the grand final championship at their home stadium. CTC’s Zhang said that Steve Guise has been delightful to work with from the beginning. “Steve is very enthusiastic and professional,” Zhang said. “He convinced me that Roar was the team to go with in the 2010/2011 season and he was right. It has been very enjoyable to work with Steve, the players and everyone at Brisbane Roar. We have received a lot of positive response from our dealers and we have increased sales substantially,” he said. Zhang added that Linglong is the first Chinese tyre brand to have a major sponsorship with mainstream sports events in western developed countries. In the grand final, Brisbane Roar staged a remarkable comeback to win on penalties over the shattered Central Coast Mariners at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday, 13th March.

independent tyre distribution company that carries Chinese manufacturer Linglong Tyres in its portfolio. In 2009, Linglong Tyres exported approximately 13 million tyres and earned an export delivery income of AUD $704 million, an amount said to be more than that earned by any other Chinese manufacturer. Last year, Linglong invested $200 million in the construction of a world-class proving ground in China and increased its R&D workforce by 50%. 28

motor trader queensland

Marketing & Commercial Manager of Brisbane Roar, Steve Guise, said that Zhang approached him requesting information on corporate partnership opportunities at the Club. “I proposed a sponsorship which included a bundle of commercial benefits based around the ‘front of shorts’ brand position,” said Guise. “As this was Linglong’s first sports sponsorship we agreed to a one year relationship to start with so that Linglong could evaluate the commercial benefits

With four minutes left in extra time, the Mariners had control of the match leading 2-0, but the Roar came back through a goal to Henrique Silva before midfield enforcer Erik Paartalu headed home a corner off the last play before fulltime. Goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos was the hero in the penalty shootout with brilliant saves from attempts by Danny McBreen and Pedj Bojic.

(l to r) Brisbane Roar’s marketing & commercial manager, Steve Guise; Roar captain Matt McKay (and in action shot); Australian Tyre Dealer advertising manager, Jeff Dunlop

The Roar eventually won the shootout 4-2 in front of a club-record crowd of 50,168 to

extend their record unbeaten streak to 28 matches. The win aligns with what Steve Guise enjoys most about his role with the Club – “the opportunity to unleash the true potential of football in South East Queensland”. “Building relationships based on reciprocal support is critical to moving the code forward,” Guise said. Steven Zhang said that between CTC and Brisbane Road, “We are win-win team, that’s how I would describe our partnership with Roar”.

Motorsport boosted in southeast QLD


aul Morris Motorsports (PMM) has added a further arm to its growing business with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) officially granting the business the ability to administer national circuit racing licenses at the company’s Gold Coast racing facility in early March. Along with housing an extensive racing division, which includes workshops for teams in V8 Supercar, Fujitsu and Sprintcar championships, the facility also plays host to Holden’s driver training centre and the adrenalin-fuelled V8 Superschool. Venue owner Paul Morris thinks the latest addition to the company’s portfolio is a huge coup for anyone looking to compete in motor racing through official CAMS channels and is a massive boost to the motorsport industry in south east Queensland. ‘’It’s fantastic for the young, up-and-comers of our sport that PMM can now administer OLTs (observed license

"Anyone who is serious about the finer arts of racing

a V8 racecar around a circuit, our place has

the men and machines to cover all bases"

test) under the trained eye of CAMS-accredited officials right here at The Driving Centre,” he said.

“The brilliance of having the track and V8 Superschool racecars out here means we can combine these two with our licensing division and offer motorsport packages with some of the country’s best instructors. “Anyone who is serious about obtaining a racing license or needs some expert tuition on the finer arts of racing a V8 racecar around a circuit, our place has the men and machines to cover all bases.” Members of CAMS were also impressed by the facilities at PPM’s Gold Coast base, which was used by Australia’s governing body in January for their major official’s training day and Expo.

“‘We ‘d like to thank The Driving Centre for making their facility available for our Motor Sport Officials Expo,” said CAMS Sport and Club Development Officer, Lisa Catchpole. “CAMS is impressed with the standard of facilities at The Driving Centre and with their help, made the day a huge success. “The venue is suitably equipped for anyone looking at driver training or OLTs and CAMS looks forward to using The Driving Centre for future training days.” PMM will also offer complete motorsport programs covering all aspects of motor sport in terms of maximising speed

and correct technique including steering, braking, identifying perfect racing lines and maximising the potential of a racecar. The tailored packages offered at PMM Include laps around The Driving Centre circuit in various spec racecars and driving telemetry/in-car video comparison reviews with CAMS qualified and circuitracing experienced instructors and evaluators. Whether someone is looking to sharpen-up his or her current motorsport career or wants to know more about this opportunity for any aspiring racecar driver, telephone The Driving Centre on (07) 5546 1366. motor trader queensland



Rally’s ‘Earhart’ up for challenges


ising Australian rally star Molly Taylor recently took part in an international competition to become part of the inaugural Young Driver Excellence Academy. The FIA Institute had selected 18 young drivers from around the world to take part in a three-day shootout in early February in Austria. Taylor was the only woman.

area of driver and road safety and to actively promote safety, fairness and responsibility both on and off the track. “It’s always good to be put in these environments, surrounded by so many competitive people, to be really thrown in at the deep end,” said Taylor. “I came over to the UK to throw everything I had into a motor sport career and an opportunity like this is great.

While she did not make the final cut, Taylor is excited to have been involved and says it will have ongoing benefits. “It was very exciting to make it that far and to have had the opportunity to attend the selection event,” Taylor says. The 18 finalists were from a range of motorsport categories with the shortlist including competitors and champions from rallying, circuit racing and karting. Several drivers have had Formula One testing experience. The primary goals of the Academy are to prepare young drivers to compete at the top of their sport; to increase skills in the 30

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Taylor’s first competition outing was the 2004 NSW State Khanacross Championship, in which she finished second in the junior class and first in the ladies class. In 2006, she was selected in the CAMS Women’s Driver Development Program and went on to become the NSW 2WD and 2-Litre Rally Champion. Her efforts were also recognised by CAMS, and she was awarded the NSW Young Achiever of the Year, an award that covers all

Participants went through a wide range of assessments including a variety of driving skill tests and competition sections as well as fitness, media techniques, teamwork and psychology. The drivers took part in the shoot-out for one of 10 places in the Academy. They started the week being put through their paces on the track, at the gym and in the classroom with a variety of driving, fitness and teambuilding tests.

aims to ensure that our future stars are not just quick but also have the education and attitude that you need to succeed at the very top level,” said Professor Sid Watkins, the President of the FIA Institute.

I don’t have a huge budget, so to access to people with so much experience is a fantastic way to try and further my career,” she added. Taylor, a 22-year-old Sydneysider, already has an exciting year lined up, as one of just six young drivers to win a scholarship to take part in the FIA WRC Academy, a sub-series of the elite World Rally Championship. The WRC Academy is a specially tailored training program designed to develop the best young rally drivers into world-class competitors. They will contest six European rounds of the world series in identical Ford Fiesta R2s. “The Academy programme

The drivers took part in the shoot-out for one of 10 places in the Academy. They started the week being put through their paces on the track, at the gym and in the classroom with a variety of driving, fitness and teambuilding tests. motorsport disciplines. In 2007 and 2008 she won the F16 class of the Australian Rally Championship. In 2009 she moved to England to contest the Suzuki Swift Sport Cup, a sub-series of the British Rally Championship. She won three of the six events. Last

year she also competed in the British series. In 2011, she will contest the six rounds of the WRC as part of the WRC Academy, as well as selected British and European events. “This programme represents a major breakthrough in motor sport training,” says the Institute’s performance manager and former F1 driver, Alex Wurz. “Even at the highest level, among some of my colleagues in Formula One, I have seen them relying only on their driving and not realising the potential that an initiative like this unlocks,” he added. Taylor said that the overall experience of three-day shootout was valuable. “For sure, it’s disappointing not to get through, but it was really valuable for me to have the opportunity to benchmark myself against these guys. I feel incredibly privileged to have been selected to take part because I have learned so much,” said Taylor. Taylor said that the calibre of her rivals was staggering, with most of them being full time circuit racers. She admits feeling a little intimidated by their experience, especially on the race track, but was pleased to get some of her own back when the participants were tested on drifting and the skidpan, which is closer to her comfort zone. “Of course, between all of this I still have a job to do at M-Sport. They have been fabulous about all the time I have had away, but I’m not paid to flit around from one adventure to the other, so I better put my head down again,” Taylor concluded. For further information about the Institute visit www. and for more information about Molly Taylor visit

automobile news BMW’s 6 Series Coupé The third-generation BMW 6 Series Coupé combines the dynamics of a 2+2-seater sports car with outstanding touring comfort; body length and wheelbase 75 millimetres longer than the predecessor model, enhanced seating comfort for rear passengers; sporty appearance thanks to a 39-millimetre increase in width and 5-millimetre reduction in height. Two engine variants available from launch: BMW 650i Coupé with eightcylinder powerplant (300 kW/407 hp), BMW 640i Coupé with six-in-line petrol unit (235 kW/320 hp).

Volvo XC60 T5 At the heart of the new Volvo XC60 T5 is the new generation 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct injection) engine that recently debuted in the S60 sedan. With a maximum power output of 177kW at 5500rpm and peak torque of 320Nm across a very broad rev range from 1800rpm to 5000rpm, the compact and lightweight engine provides the XC60 T5 with superb performance while delivering excellent fuel economy. The new all-aluminium 16-valve engine meets the latest Euro 5 emissions standards and in the XC60 T5 has a combined fuel consumption of 8.7l/100km and CO2 emissions of 207g/km while at the same time, it will propel the SUV from 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds.

The Bulli Sixty years ago, the Germans called the Volkswagen bus the ‘Bulli’’, and now Volkswagen is reinterpreting the compact original form of this automotive legend and sending it into the future – in the form of a concept vehicle for a new generation Bulli. It is spacious like it was in 1950 and it is powered by an electric motor and fitted with six seats and infotainment control via iPad; zero emissions; up to 300 km on a single battery charge. The new Bulli accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds, and its top speed is 140 km/h (electronically limited). motor trader queensland


Ssangyong’s ‘Actyon’ concept Ssangyong’s SUT1 Concept ‘Actyon’ ute was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva motor show and is likely to go on sale in Australia from early 2012. It will be powered by a Euro 5-compliant engine similar to the 114kW/360Nm 2.0-litre turbocharged common rail diesel engine used in the recently released Korando compact SUV and be equipped with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. In addition, it will be a dual cab ute in the same ilk as the current Actyon Sports with a large deep load tray at the rear.

New Ford Territory SUV Ford’s new Territory SUV has undergone an exhaustive redesign incorporating enhancements and changes to its drivetrains, structure, safety, suspension, steering, technology and level of refinement – with both petrol and common-rail turbo-diesel engines available. The turbo-diesel V6 engine, available in both rear- and all-wheel drive, has a maximum power rating of 140kW, peak torque of 440Nm from 1900RPM and a combined-cycle fuel consumption rate of only 8.2-litres per 100km (rear-wheel drive). In fact, the new TDCi-powered Territory’s rate of fuel use for the highway cycle is an outstanding 6.5-litres per 100km giving customers a potential range during highway driving of more than 1000km from a single tank (75-litres) of diesel fuel.

Kia’s cars get prestigious design award Kia Motors has been awarded top honours with its Kia Sportage compact CUV and Kia Optima sedan receiving the coveted red dot awards at this year’s product design competition in Germany. The red dot product design awards are one of the world’s major design contests and have been held 1955. This year, about 1700 manufacturers from 60 countries, working across a variety of product sectors, vied for the awards with a total of 4433 product entries. Highly respected design experts scrutinise and test the products, and judge them according to criteria such as their level of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, ecological compatibility and intuitive handling.  Only products featuring the highest standard of design are eligible for the coveted red dot awards. 32

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