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100th issue


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editors letter

Hello and welcome to our 100th issue of the

Moreton Hall Directory. We hope you like our new style, and enjoy reading this month’s bigger and better magazine. It’s hard to believe the magazine’s been running for over 8 years, so we’d normally say, grab a cuppa and enjoy, but for this month, we say grab a glass of bubbly and celebrate with us! For our 100th issue we visited a number of our long standing advertisers to find out more about their businesses – you can read more about them throughout the magazine. We were proud to read that Bury St Edmunds featured in The Telegraph recently as a great place for eating out. But we all knew that already, didn’t we. To help you take advantage of that, there are some great restaurant vouchers in this issue. The amazing Graze Bar and Kitchen are offering 20% off for readers (see page 23), and if curry is more your thing, Orissa have their normal (and very popular) discount vouchers on page 21.

Les Miserables DVD [Sainsbury’s 2 Disc Exclusive] Release Date: 13/05/2013 £12.99

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our advertisers and community contributors for supporting the MHD over the years, and of course our readers who we hope continue to find the magazine a great source of information for Bury St Edmunds. Here’s to another 100 issues! Hope you have a fab May and we’ll see you again in June.


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taches kraft exercise book, from paperchase £3.00

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Meet the team

Advertising/Copy Deadline for June 2013 Issue: Friday 17th May.

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Iliada PDO Olive Oil £5.49 (find out why on page 19!)

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scarf £8 from matalan

Our top picks for the marvellous month of May

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer 30ml £12.99 from boots Boxy Crossover Bag £22 from Next


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May 2013

Salon Savvy at Stephen John


may hotpicks health & beauty PT Joes monthly workout Self Centre

We say hello to the girls at The Coffee House


Gardening advice


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20% off at Graze Bar & Kitchen


health & beauty

microdermabrasion therapy OFFER!

5 Crystal Clear


Treatments for only

£190 £215 usually

includes a mini face-lift treatment

lawson place | bury st edmunds | suffolk IP32 7EW


01284 700100 FREE PARKING

If you think Osteopathy isn’t for you...

…think again Osteopathy helps to restore structural harmony and balance to the body


PERM, CUT & STYLE....... £50 ROOT TINT........................ £20 CUT & STYLE .................... £25 BLOW DRY ........................ £12 MEN’S CUT ........................ £12 Why not book a ‘File & Polish’ on your nails for just £5 on Saturday & Tuesday














Headaches • Repetitive Strain Injury E DJoint & Muscle Strain • Arthritis M












MPains • Work & Sports Injuries T E D& SAches



St BE St BE St







Barton Road, Bury St Edmunds Telephone: 01284 767610



















BSE Osteopaths Ltd The Barn, Lawson Place, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7EW T TE T: 01284E769153 O P A T E: O P A T



From the trauma of birth to the arthritis of the elderly and every age in between, Osteopathy can treat a wide range of conditions associated with the mechanical structure of the body, including but not limited to:



3 Spacious & comfortable 3 Fully air conditioned 3 Free & easy parking 3 Fake bake spray tanning 3 Nail technician



The Moreton Hall Directory


health & beauty

“Feeling the stress of the crunch?” Acupuncture relieves stress like no other treatment Cosmetic Acupuncture, the next best thing to a face lift Food Allergy Testing, it can change your life Anti smoking programme “Give up smoking in one hour with hypnosis” British registered practitioner of the WEI CLINIC Open: Tuesday to Friday

The Needles 2 Pine Leys Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP32 6EG

0800 1244354 email:



happy feet for all the family Qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist Mount farm Surgery, Lawson Place, Moreton Hall, IP32 7EW. Monday–Thursday 9am to 5pm

Caroline Barwick-Walters MInstChP (HPC 20355) T:

01284 753563 best


The Moreton Hall Directory


health & beauty

How many of us sat down on the sofa watching the London Marathon on Sunday (21st) and were truly inspired by the amazing achievement off over 36000 people? I know I was, and will now start my running training looking to complete another marathon at the end of the year after completing London in 2012. How many of you, have now decided to go out buy some running trainers and start hitting the pavement? If your answer is yes, great! Events such as London Marathon and last years Olympic games should inspire and motivate us to go out try a new sport, get fitter or take on our own fitness challenge. However if you are purely looking to lose weight and think running alone is a great way to lose fat then I’m afraid you won’t be seeing the results your hard work deserves. Most of you would have seen that there has been a lot of press coverage recently over HITT training which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which has been proven to be more effective for fat loss than steady long duration cardio. Please be aware if you are looking to lose a lot of weight and start running, you will have a very low muscle muscle mass and very high levels of body fat. So you have a high load going through every joint for every stride taken. Untrained bone and muscle structure covered in excess body fat is actually very unstable and more prone to injury. So would I advise HITT running training for large clients looking to lose a lot of body fat? No. Intervals are supposed to be flat out, you should have nothing left in the tank after each interval set. How many large people have you seen who can truly say that they were running flat out?? If your sport is running, or you’re strong/stable and lean enough, then yes I believe running can be very helpful and use with certain clients. But for the 90% of people looking to lose a lot of weight and body fat stick to strength training and lower impact exercises. If you want to add intervals to your workout I suggest machines such as rower and cross trainer.

With this being the MHD’s 100th edition I would welcome a Q & A which I will complete in next months edition, so if you have any questions related to fitness, exercise, training, nutrition supplements etc please send me an email with your question.

Call me on 01638 662406 or 07917 714557 or email me at: The Moreton Hall Directory


health & beauty

“Bend & Blen d”

A combination of dietary tips, mind/body exer and latest rese cises arch blended to gether to prom ote health &

By Carole Baker


Director, The Self Centre

This month we look at New Parenthood

(It’s an interesting journey of discovery!) New parenthood can be exhilarating, but it can also be a time for great vulnerability; the failure to provide empathic and professionally competent support at this stage reverberates through 1000’s of families. Early intervention is key to the wellbeing of the whole family unit. Findings demonstrate that there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the symptoms of postnatal depression amongst the general population. We also need to challenge the damaging stigma surrounding the diagnosis, as well as the fear of the implications to suffering the symptoms and asking for help. So what are the symptoms experienced by many mothers? Perfectionism Guilt Anger Fear Frustration Intense love Panic Low mood Anxiety Tearfulness Isolation Lost sense of self Many myths still surround the diagnosis of Postnatal Depression. The most common one still being, ‘mothers with PND have a bonding issue with their child’. Having worked with 100’s of mothers I can honestly say that whilst this can be one of the symptoms a far higher ratio of mothers


The Moreton Hall Directory

experience the other extreme which is heightened anxiety about leaving their child and an immense fear of getting it wrong. We live in a society where so much pressure is placed on parents, media and health often feed into mother’s fears of what we SHOULD do which is creating a generation of mothers with unrealistic, perfectionist beliefs that are of course unattainable. It goes without saying that this then feeds into the sense of guilt of not getting it right and there the spiral begins. Causes The cause of postnatal depression (PND) is not completely clear. The condition can affect any mother (or father). PND does not usually have a single cause, but is the result of a combination of factors. The huge changes in hormone levels that occur during and after pregnancy were once thought to cause PND. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. It is much more likely that the condition is related to the combination of ‘life changes’ that occur after childbirth. How common is Postnatal Depression? The most frequently quoted statistic for women suffering from PND is 1-10 however from my experience and from various research papers the evidence suggests this number is far

higher. Evidence has shown that for those mothers that are screened for PND as many as half lie on the test in fear of implications. The fear of having children taken away is still very apparent. Treatment 4 children survey suggest that G.P’s are more likely to prescribe antidepressants; of the women who saw health professionals, 70% were prescribed anti depressants while 41% were given access to talking therapies. This ratio is echoed within the groups with many mothers feeling ‘let down’ by health professionals because their only option was medication. Beyond Birth Course is course is suitable for any mother wanting to explore the life changes that take place when becoming a parent. You can access this course with or without a diagnosis of PND, we are not concerned with diagnosis, we are interested in you as an individual. The course runs over 10 weeks 1.5 hours each session. Some of the subjects covered • Expectations versus reality • Perfectionism & Guilt • Pressures from society and other sources

health & beauty

• Low mood and Anxiety • Changing relationships • How our own childhood can influence our parenting and mood • Roles we play - Retaining a sense of self • Confidence & Assertiveness • Challenging mistaken beliefs that hold us back This course is delivered in an interactive way; whilst the course is educational it is also experiential. Many people feel apprehensive about attending a group, this is natural. Please be assured by the end of the first week everyone reports feeling relieved and glad they attended. Please see below some of the feedback captured at the end of the course.

‘Extremely safe environment to be open and real about my feelings. The material developed in a way that I could tap into my personal issues without being overwhelmed since we had tools to deal with them’ ‘This course is ESSENTIAL for new mums if I had not attended the group I would still be thinking I was the only one that felt this way’ ‘I found all of the course very helpful I would recommend this course to other mothers, the facilitators were very helpful and lovely people’ ‘Jo and Fiona, Thank you for providing me with hope for the future! Your Life After Birth course was just what I needed. I have met some lovely people and will be keeping in touch with them all. I have a more positive

outlook now and knowing there are other people ‘like me’ is a real comfort’ To book your place call Joanne at Clarity Wellbeing Services : 0797127833 www. Specialist Maternal & postnatal counselling also available. For further information on ante and post natal yoga, therapies that specialise in treating pregnant mums and new babies and baby yoga, baby massage and jo jingles please call The Self Centre on 01284 769090 or you can request a therapy appointment on our on line booking system. Carole Baker – Director: The Self Centre.

The remedies and advice suggested in this article are the personal opinion of the author. Please also inform your GP if you are planning to take any natural remedies and you are already on long term prescribed drugs. Always consult a qualified Complementary Practitioner, never self medicate.

The Moreton Hall Directory


health & beauty

Salon Savvy As Stephen John approach their 8th year of trading, the Moreton Hall Directory paid them a visit to find out what’s in store for the forward thinking hairdressers and beauty salon… Opening it’s doors back in 2005, when parts of the Moreton Hall were still just a twinkle in the developers eye, joint owner Stephen Trowles (hairdresser extraordinaire) could only dream the salon would become the success it has today.

Meet the team ...


Joanne Allsebrook Karen Kendall Holly Broad

The Moreton Hall Directory

Greg Stubbings

Gareth Wright Cori Pooley-Raymond Sam Sharp Emma Leggett

Starting life as a hairdressing salon, Stephen often went to his long-time friend and now business partner Martin Davis for mentoring and business advice. Neither of them knew back then that 5 years down the line, Martin would also be running the highly successful salons.

Tyra Rolfe Katie Dumican

Not pictured: Martin Davis, Amanda Jonsson and Karen Todd

Fiona Barnett


Susie Trowles

Kathy Alderton

Stephen Trowles Anita Ayre Polly Elers Samantha Stewart

Naomi Williams


health & beauty In 2010, Martin joined Stephen at Stephen John and the business went from strength to strength, introducing Stephen John Beauty next door as well as adding accessory lines available to buy in the salon.

hairdressing skills keep the customers coming back time and time again. The 2 men refer to each other as their ying and yang, both bringing their own skills to the table making this one serious salon to watch.

Martin comes from a business development background working in the voluntary sector, so his strategy, finance and organisational skills have helped steer the business whilst Stephen’s energetic front of house and

The busy salons attract anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 clients a month. Online bookings via their website are proving very popular, a great time saver for people with busy lifestyles.

But the company doesn’t stand still for long, and with a mobile app and new website currently in development, prepare to see a lot more from Stephen John in the future!

Stephen John, Lawson Place, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7EW T: 01284 700100

s % client 10 ount w ne Disc ll ra Fo

Colour Treatments from only £25 Full Head of Foils.................. from £58 Half Head of Foils................. from £40 T-Section................................... from £30 T-Section & Regrowth........ from £43 Full Head Colour................... from £35 Semi-permanent Colour... from £25 Tint Re-growth...................... from £25 Semi & Top Foils.................... from £45

New to our team... Raymond Cori PooleySenior Stylist

Emma Legget Stylist


Polly Elers

Graduate Stylist

Call for more information or book online

lawson place | bury st edmunds | suffolk | IP32 7EW Tel:

01284 700100


The Moreton Hall Directory


home & lifestyle

Offer excludes Bio Sculpture Gel. Offer valid until 31st May 2013

A wide range of Beauty & Holistic Treatments available plus a High Powered Vertical Sunbed Tuesday & Thursday 9am - 8pm, Wednesday & Friday 9am - 6pm Saturday 9am - 4pm, Sunday & Monday Closed

innovative beauty treatments for all ages. If you are looking for a Christmas pamper or some changes to your beauty programme, the new salon will meet all your needs. Making its first appearance in Bury St Edmunds in 2012 is HD Brows. This new craze is sweeping across the beauty world and now celebrities everywhere are influencing members of the public to get HD or high definition eyebrows. This innovative procedure transforms your eyebrows into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Other treatments on offer include AH Francis eyelash extensions which are a must to get longer, thicker and natural looking lashes that last for weeks. Shellac Nails - a revolutionary new product that changes the way women get their nails done. Bio sculpture gel

pigmentation problems. The list of treatments goes on through acrylic nail extensions, opi manicure and pedicure, waxing, spray tanning and the latest technology vertical tanning booths. Gemma Bull, 30, owner of The Lash and Brow Studio and Bury born and bred said: “I am very excited and proud to be opening a new salon in my home town. With over 10 years experience, I felt it was the right time for me to take the extra step to open my new salon so I could provide a full



treatments and services with any interested or curious customers over a glass of mulled wine and mince pies on my opening day from 2.30pm on Tues 11th December.” l

health & beauty


lashandbrow studio



Welcome to a beautiful new Telephone 01284 768484 Mobile 07886 761686 experience in Bury St Edmunds

102 Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3AA

HD Brows l Individual Eyelash Extensions l Acrylic Nail Extensions l Soak off gels l Crystal Clear Facials l manicures & pedicures l waxing l Spray Tanning l Tanning booths l

102 risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Ip33 3AA T: 01284 768484 M: 07885 761686

Join a warm and friendly group near you today...

suwmith mer

Slimming World

Moreton Hall Community Centre

THURSDAY 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Tel: Helen 07795 282930 Email:

up to FREE* SAVE

Little Book of Lunches worth £3.95


* When you buy a 12-week Countdown course 19 May to 8 June 2013

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health & beauty

Helping you for 30 years!! And here to help for many more! Bury Osteopaths has been established since 1983, located in the Moreton Hall area of Bury St. Edmunds, it has catered for thousands of patients aches and pains for many years. The highly trained team of osteopaths have multiple years of clinical experience between them, and focus on providing fully balanced approach to healthcare. Osteopathy uses a vast array of treatment techniques, from soft tissue massage, spinal manipulation, stretching and articulation of joints to the prescription of exercises. These techniques are used to help treat a variety of conditions including back & neck pain, headaches & migraines, hip & knee pain, arthritic pain, sports injuries, shoulder injuries, repetitive strain injury and many more. Treatments usually begin with the osteopath taking a detailed medical case history to fully focus on the area of pain, it is with this that we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your current complaint and


The Moreton Hall Directory

therefore produce a treatment plan to get you back to full fitness. We provide a structural assessment of your posture, and aim to provide you with the right means for re-aligning any imbalance. The use of exercise prescription enables you to prolong and reinforce the effectiveness of your treatment till the time of your next appointment. So if you have a new injury, or one that’s been bothering you for years, or even if you would like some information as to what we could offer you, please give us a call. Best wishes,

th Team The Bury Osteopa

health & beauty

Ruth Hubbard

Dip Hyp CS & Dip CP Associate member of BACP

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Problems with work or relationships? Feeling lost and confused? Suffering from stress or anxiety? Clinics in Bury St Edmunds & Thurston

Need someone to listen you you?

Counselling could help

T: 01359 230908 M: 07939 862412 E:

Start early with

Dental Hygiene Every baby has a beautiful smile, and to keep it that way, parents should teach good dental habits at an early age, experts say. A child’s first dental appointment should occur six months after the first teeth erupt or by their first birthday. After that, it is recommended that children see a dentist every six months. Childhood dental decay is largely preventable, and taking your child to see a dentist at an early age is the best way to prevent future oral health problems, this will instill positive behaviours that will result in a lifetime of good oral health.”

Avoid the town traffic! ★ Ample parking ★ Appointments not ★ always necessary Wedding Packages available

Mere Farm Lane, Pakenham Road, Great Barton


Call for more details!

01359 232007

Lose a stone in a month*


with Rosemary’s NEW Amazing Inch Loss Plan St James Middle School Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm Thursday 5:15 - 6.45 pm Norton Village Hall Monday 8:00 - 9.30pm

Moreton Hall Community Centre, Symonds Road Wednesday 10:00 - 11:30 am * Average weight lost in trials. Class fee £5.80

Call Karen on 01787 238233 FREE Membership** worth £10 PLUS NEW Member’s Pack worth £25! when you pay for 5 weeks (£29)


When the first teeth come in, parents should begin brushing the child’s teeth. Brush for two minutes twice a day using a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and water. Talk to your dentist before using toothpaste in children under age 2. Introduce flossing early. Helping kids learn how to floss will encourage them to make it a routine as they get older. Do not allow excessive sucking of dummys or fingers, which can lead to tooth misalignment. Don’t let children fall asleep with a bottle containing milk, formula, fruit juice or sweetened liquids. A decrease in the flow of salvia while they sleep makes children’s teeth more susceptible to cavities caused by sugar in these liquids. Encourage kids to drink tap or bottled water. The best way to teach a child how to brush is to lead by good example, allow your child to watch you brush your teeth to teach the importance of good oral hygiene.

Show off those pearly whites for years to come!

The Moreton Hall Directory


health & beauty

Girls Night Out:

It’s time to sign up for a party Who wants to have a party and raise funds for charity? This week, St Nicholas Hospice Care is inviting women to join the biggest party of the year and help it to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Girls Night Out moonlight walk. Every year hundreds of women gather on Angel Hill, in Bury St Edmunds, to walk 11.2 or six miles around the town to raise funds for the Hospice. Girls Night Out launched in 2009, so the 2013 event, on Saturday 14 September, will have a pyjama party theme to mark the fifth walk. Georgina Carr, Hospice Community Fundraising Manager, said: “We hope to see as many women on Angel Hill as possible to ensure the fifth Girls Night Out is the biggest birthday party the town has ever seen. Please sign up for the walk, bring your friends and your party spirit. “All we ask is that you wear your pyjamas – or the T-shirt every walker will receive - comfortable footwear and do your best to raise sponsorship. Last year 700 women took part in Girls Night Out and raised £100,000, so let’s see if we can top that total in 2013.” Jenny Baskett, Events and Challenges Fundraiser, said: “As well as the Girls Night Out being a great way to support your local Hospice, there is a tremendous sense of fun and camaraderie on the walk. September may seem a long way off, but if you already know you want to take part in the Girls Night Out, why not sign up now?” Registration for Girls Night Out 2013 opens today (Friday, 5 April). To sign up, fill out an registration form (available from our shops in Bury, Sudbury, Newmarket, Haverhill, Thetford, Mildenhall and Brandon or the Hospice itself), along with your registration fee, to: Events and Challenges Fundraiser, St Nicholas Hospice Care, Hardwick Lane, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 2QY. You can also sign up online, at www. Registration normally costs £15, including a T-shirt, but early birds can sign up for just £10 until 31 May. Helen Silver, 33, has already taken part in Girls Night Out twice, and is planning to make 2013 her third year of walking.


The Moreton Hall Directory

Sharon Crocker, 43, of Haverhill; Heidi Winch, 36, of Bures; Anna Fletcher, 18, of Bury; Jen Smith, 29, of Bury; Janet Groom, 62, of Fornham St Martin; and Helen Silver, of Bury prepare to party for the fifth Girls Night Out walk

Helen Silver , of Bury

The mum of two, of the Moreton Hall estate, is a veterinary nurse at Eastgate Vets and a Slimming World consultant. “Girls Night Out is exactly what it says it is - it is a fantastic night out!” said Helen. “It’s fun and enjoyable, with a really great atmosphere. There are also always lots of treats, such as entertainment and refreshments, along the way. “I always walk the long route and really enjoy it. When you finish it feels like an achievement, but all for a worthwhile cause. The route might be 11.2 miles, but somehow it doesn’t feel that long, probably because of the atmosphere as you go round. And the encouragement from members of the public – who often come out of their houses to cheer and clap as you walk past – is great. “Obviously I will be taking part again this year. I can’t wait! I’m going to try to encourage as many people I know, such as friends and colleagues, to do it. “I have never struggled to reach my sponsorship target, because I think once you have explained what the Hospice is - that it is local, the fantastic work it does and that you would be really lucky to have not had some involvement with it - then people are keen to support you.” Pictures by Andy Abbott

health food && beauty drink

Wonder product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil I’m a huge fan of extra vIrgIn olive oil not only in my diet, but also in my beauty regime. I even take it in decanted plastic bottles on holiday (my friends do raise an eyebrow I can tell you!) But did you know that extra virgin olive oil (evOO) has been used in the beauty world for centuries. It’s rich in antioxidants such as vitamin e and polyphenols and is a great cost effective introduction to your beauty regime. Here are some fab ways you can use extra virgin olive oil (apart from in your salads!)...

by Gemma Procter

Makeup Remover this is my number one use of extra virgin olive oil. I have suffered for many years with extremely dry skin around my eyes (treated as eczema). evOO has been a saviour to me, it’s a gentle but fantastic makeup remover, dissolving even waterproof eye makeup. apply to face and wipe away with damp cotton wool.

Skin Moisturiser Did you know that extra virgin olive oil supposedly contains anti-aging properties? apparently so. this is a very cheap moisturiser alternative. Quite good for a night time treatment, I wouldn’t personally use it as a day time face moisturiser though!

Body Scrub Mix evOO with some sea salt and it makes a brilliant body scrub. Use it in the bath to exfoliate the skin and you’ll find your skin silky soft. alternatively, you can mix EVOO with a fine sugar to make a face scrub.

Hair Moisturiser evOO is great for all hair types, if you pour some into a squeezy bottle and place in some hot water until the oil is warm (not hot) apply to the hair and massage in. Cover hair with cling film or a towel for 15 minutes, rinse hair very well and voila, gorgeously soft shiny hair.

Foot treatment apply extra virgin olive oil liberally to your feet just before bed and cover them with a nice thick pair of socks. In the morning your hard feet will have magically softened. It’s a lovely overnight treatment.

I’d love to know if you have any other unusual products you use in your beauty regime, mail me at [as extra virgin olive oil is a natural product, it shouldn’t react with your skin, but obviously if you experience any ill effects, stop use immediately] The Moreton Hall Directory


food & drink

The Coffee House... by Gemma Procter

When I was a little girl , I dreamt of owning a sweet shop, as I got older that dream changed to owning a coffee shop. Well , meet two ladies who had that same dream, but made it a reality - and luckily for us opened it right here on the Moreton Hall .

Jessica and Lucy, owners of

The Coffee House in Lawson Place opened their doors back in November 2010, during the height of the recession. It was a risky move but with over 10 years experience in high street coffee shops, the girls (both Moreton Hall residents) did their homework and knew it could work. “We knew it was a growing community and a sociable one at that” said Jessica. “We were both from a coffee shop culture that many families have been brought up on, we often met up in town for coffee.” “We quickly realised what a bonus the accessibility was on Moreton Hall with free car parking, or not even needing to take a car, it would make it much more convenient for customers” added Lucy.

Nearly three years down the road and The Coffee House is thriving. Jeremy and I popped in on a Friday morning and the place was buzzing. The chatter and laughter from the customers, the easy going music in the background, the scrumptious smell of freshly baked cakes and not forgetting the gorgeous coffee aroma, makes this the perfect place for a relaxed meet up with friends. Jessica and Lucy are keen to use local suppliers, with the sausage meat used in their famous sausage rolls, (very popular with Jeremy) supplied by Lucy’s dad, a butcher. Fresh honey from the prep school nearby (jars of which are also available to buy in the shop). 11 loose leaf teas are on offer, supplied by Butterworths in Abbeygate Street. Even the coffee is from a local supplier. Now open 7 days a week, from 7.30am on weekdays, it’s no surprise that local businesses are using it as a venue for breakfast meetings


The Moreton Hall Directory

Front: Jessica and Lucy, Back: Sandra and Victoria

or to grab a bite to eat before work, with free wifi and free parking, it’s incredibly convenient. And takeouts are equally popular, if you’re on the go. The girls at The Coffee House are big supporters of St Nicholas Hospice Care, with a penny from every coffee sale donated to the charity, as well as their other fundraising events for the charity. This year they really need the Moreton Hall community to rally round as they try to organise a hidden gardens of Moreton hall event in the summer. Now the sun is finally showing itself, they are calling for any budding gardeners who would be happy to show off their gardens in full bloom. And help raise lots of money for St Nicholas Hospice Care. If you would be interested, please pop in and ask for Jessica or Lucy for more info, and let’s try help them make this as great a success as the Hidden Gardens of Bury.

Th HoueseCgofetfethe rough 200 litres of mil..k.. 20 1500keilgogs sof sausage meat 50 x cherries and 500-se6r0v0e... coffees

each week!

All of us at the MHD wish them well for the future!

food & drink


T&C’s apply

off off your food bill your food bill MONDAY - THURSDAY ONLY



One voucher per table. Terms & conditions apply. We look forward to seeing you!



108 Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3AA

T: 01284 719116 or 756666 The Moreton Hall Directory


T&C’s apply



ay MSpecials REF: MHD MAY




T&C’s apply



Spring Specials COCKTAILS 2 FOR £10



per pint £2.50 every Monday

food & drink

graze kitchen and bar bury st edmunds

Graze kitchen and bar opened to great success in October 2012 and this small plate dining restaurant (call it meze, call it assiette, call it tapas, call it what you want, just eat it!) on Angel Hill/Mustow street, looks set to explode in 2013. This month there is the launch of the Spring menu with the already legendary Haggis & Rabbit bob-bons, a pea and mint oil soup, Monkfish ‘tikka-massala’, a stunning pork belly, ‘doner kebab’ meatballs and a cool take on rhubarb and custard among some of the amazing dishes on offer.

Graze offers a lunchtime ‘express menu’ for £9.00 –

select 3 dishes from 6 on a mini menu. There is also an excellent wine list with wines offered by the glass, carafe and bottle and a cocktail list second to none; where else can you get a Strawberry Jam martini or a cocktail called a ‘toffee apple’ (that tastes just like a toffee apple) for £6.00 There’s a restaurant, a bar and a Private Dining room with it’s own vinyl record player available and this month, on May 15th, they are hosting soul singing sensation Irei J for an evening.

lunchtime menu ALSO available!

19-21 Angel Hill Bury St. Edmunds

01284 704870 email @grazekitchen




20% OFF YOUR FOOD BILL WITH THIS VOUCHER valid Tues-Thurs only throughout May Terms & conditions apply


The Moreton Hall Directory


food & drink

Get the BBQ out...

This months recipe page.. Salami and sesame new potato salad

Chilli and dill pickle cheese burgers

Ingredients For the lemon mayonnaise: 1 egg yolk, at room temperature 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 125ml plain flavoured oil, such as grapeseed oil 1 tsp sesame oil For the salad: 800g waxy new potatoes, cut into even sized pieces 2 tbsp sesame seeds 150g salami, thinly sliced 75g rocket small bunch of dill, chopped

Ingredients 2 red chillies, seeds removed, roughly chopped 1 large handfuls flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped 2 slices white bread, crusts removed 1 egg, lightly beaten 750g minced beef 2 pickled dill cucumber, finely chopped, or 2 tbsp chopped gherkins 6 seeded burger buns To serve 125g British Blue cheese, or 6 slices cheddar cheese, crumbled tomato ketchup, or mayonnaise 1 large handfuls mixed salad

Hot cheddar kebabs

Ingredients 225g cheddar cheese, such as farmhouse, cut into 16 cubes ½ loaf ciabatta bread, with sun-dried tomatoes or olives, cut into 16 chunks 16 cherry tomatoes 1 red pepper, seeds removed, cut into chunks 1 green pepper, seeds removed, cut into chunks rosemary sprigs or fresh bay leaves For the baste 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp lemon juice Method 1. Thread the cubes of cheddar onto 8 wooden kebab sticks with the chunks of ciabatta bread, tomatoes and peppers, alternating the pieces and adding a couple of rosemary sprigs or fresh bay leaves to each one. 2. Make the baste by mixing together the olive oil, lemon juice and a little salt and black pepper. 3. Preheat the barbecue, grill or char-grill pan. Brush the kebabs with the lemon juice baste - stirring it first to make sure that the ingredients are blended. Cook the brochettes for about 2 - 3 minutes, turning often, until the cheese just begins to melt and the bread begins to toast. Serve at once.


The Moreton Hall Directory

Method 1. For the lemon mayonnaise: Put the egg yolk, half the lemon juice and salt in a bowl. Whisk to mix. While whisking continuously and slowly add the oil a drop at a time until fully incorporated. Whisk in the sesame oil and remaining lemon juice. Cover and set aside until needed. 2. For the salad: Put the potatoes in a large saucepan, cover with cold water, add a pinch of salt, bring to the boil, then simmer until tender. Drain and set aside. 3. Heat a frying pan to medium heat, add the sesame seeds and toast for about 6–8 minutes, until golden. Set aside. 4. Reheat the frying pan until hot, add the salami slices and cook for a few minutes on each side until browned. Remove and drain on paper towels. 5. Arrange the rocket in a serving bowl, toss the potatoes with half of the lemon mayonnaise and pile on top of the rocket. Scatter with half the toasted sesame seeds and dill. Crumble over the crisp salami and scatter with the remaining sesame seeds and dill to serve.

Method 1. Place the chillies and parsley into a food processor and tear in the white bread. Blend to the consistency of breadcrumbs; then transfer the mixture to a large bowl. Preheat the grill to hot. 2. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the egg, beef, pickled dill cucumbers (or gherkins) and plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper - you may need to use your hands if you find the mixture difficult to stir. 3. Using your hands, shape the mixture into 6 even-sized burgers with a thickness of no more than 1cm. Grill the burgers under the preheated grill or BBQ for 3-4 minutes on each side until nicely browned, but still just a touch pink in the centre. 4. Split open the buns and place a burger on the base of each. Top with a slice of cheese and a squirt of ketchup or mayonnaise. Serve with salad.just begins to melt and the bread begins to toast. Serve at once.

home & lifestyle

Making your dream home

a reality

Garden & landscaping services

Tree Work n Patios n Block Paving n Grass/Hedge Cutting n Fences n Turfing n Decking n Garden Clearance n

Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation estimate

01359 231589 07776 301681 or 07881 814661

Whats been happening at... Abbots Green Community Primary School

As the Spring Term ended at Abbots Green our ‘Airfield Road’ project also drew to a close. This project had involved the children learning all about Airfield Road, how it is today and how it was in the past. The children have worked extremely hard and here are just a few of the things that the children in Sunflower Class would like to share with you as they reflected on all that they had learnt and experienced in the Spring Term. “My favourite part was learning about the Flying Fortress aeroplane that crashed on Mount Road” said Callum. James said “I enjoyed making an Anderson Shelter the most.” And Sophie added “We made beautiful World War 2 gardens in a shoebox and put our shelters in them.” Holly, Izzy and Victoria said that they enjoyed the Blitz dance lessons the most “We got to act out how the people lived during the Blitz.” Christina agreed “It helped me to see what it was like in London when World War 2 was on. I learnt that we should thank the people who fought in the war and that we are lucky because of them.” MJ said “I liked doing the traffic survey on Airfield Road. It was good to get out and about but it was too cold!” Robbie added “I liked map reading the best!” Jack said “I enjoyed learning about Freidensreich Hundertwasser because we got to make our own pictures of the school in his style, it was quite hard but great fun.” Leo added “The Lollipop trees were fun to make too. We mixed hot and cold colours, cut out circles and stuck them together to make spirals.” The general consensus from our Sunflower Class was that ‘Airfield Road’ was the best project ever....well that was until our new project was announced for the Summer Term.......”Food Glorious Food!”....Watch this space! The Moreton Hall Directory


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Marshall Bury St. Edmunds Authorised

MAIN DEALER REPAIRERS for Ford, Land Rover and Citroën OAP discounts available*


Plug our postcode into your Sat Nav, we are only a short drive away.


Marshall of Bury St Edmunds Authorised service centre for Ford, Land Rover & Citroën Easlea Road, Moreton Hall Industrial Estate, Bury St Edmunds IP32 7BY

0844 411 9640

Motor Group Ltd Registered Office:- Airport House, The Airport, Cambridge CB5 8RY. All calls may be recorded for training and The Moreton HallofDirectory 28Marshall quality purposes. *Proof ID required.

We have been voted in the TOP 5 “Most Loved Car Dealers” in the UK by

Local news

home & lifestyle

From Councillor Frank Warby. Contact Frank on 07818 455472 or email


Congratulations to the MHD for serving our community so well for the past eight years plus. Good social contents, advice and information evenly distributed. Well done to Gemma and team.

ISSUE Travellers

Over the past few weeks we have had two sets of Travellers parked up on our estate, the first group moved very heavy bollards to gain entrance to an end of road section. They said they were travelling from Scotland to Leeds and were just stopping over for a few days, after 7 days they moved off, just down the road to Padleys old site on Mildenhall Road. No sooner had one lot left, when another group arrived and, yes, they too were on their way to Leeds. Both groups have now gone, but what a mess they left behind.


Just a short note to mention the success of two home grown businesses. The Coffee House and Zebra Science, well done both. The Coffee House, where you are spoilt for choice for homemade cakes, mouth-watering drinks and a chance to chat to your neighbours. Zebra Science gives children an opportunity to explore nature first hand.



You may have read in the Bury Free Press about the problems we have had regarding the shelter situated on the field next to the youth club. When it was first put in, it was used mainly by a younger group of kids. However, now after being up for nearly 12 years, it is now used by lager louts who gather at the weekends swilling beer and throwing bottles all over the football field. The shelter was a gift that was donated by Rev Jonathan Ford and the Church at a cost of ÂŁ1,000, and another ÂŁ3,000 to have it erected. After a meeting with the police, the chairman of the community centre and Jonathan, it has been agreed that in order to cut down antisocial behaviour we have to remove the shelter. Again the few spoil it for the majority.


Latest from Howard Cook the project Officer Dealing with the scheme. Below is an artist impression of the play area which will be part of the scheme. As well as the main match pitch there will be a kick-about area. This will be a great asset to the community and I am looking forward to seeing the complete scheme, hopefully without any more objections. Most of you will have had a leaflet dropped through your door offering to sell your house quickly without worrying about estate agents, I heard on the radio 2 news that the government are looking into a similar scheme where people used this to sell their homes, and end up losing thousands of pounds and in some cases not getting paid at all. The only contact available on the leaflet they received was a mobile phone number. Just be careful check them out and if you are not 100% sure dump them.

Another month bites the dust and where is summer?? Until next time take care Frank The Moreton Hall Directory




The Moreton Hall Directory

home & lifestyle

Yoga for Tinies, Tiddlers and Tots g a, Yo


ssa g

movement for ch ild e and

ren f



h to

4y ear s

Yoga, massage and movement for babies from 6 wks to crawling

SMART Yoga Yoga and movement for toddlers and pre-schoolers up to 4 yrs

Childrens Yoga Yoga, games and relaxation 5-10yrs Established in 2006, Tiddlywinks Yoga offers classes that are fun, friendly and tailored to the specific needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers at each stage of development. Classes aim to care for both parents and infants in a relaxed, welcoming and supportive environment.

Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7AR

STAGE SCHOOL LTD Step into the spotlight at “Lights, Music, Action!�

BABY YOGA for Tinies to Tiddlers

The Self Centre


Acting, Dance, Band, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Classical & jazz Vocals. Past Summer School Students Include: Matt Cardle - Xfactor Winner 2010

Confidence and Life Skills One to One Tuition Available Weekly Classes & Summer Schools (Instrumental and Vocal) Regular Performances Inspirational Professional Tutors Weekly Classes on Fridays in Thurston (adults), and Saturdays at King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds (all ages). Why be a Sheep when you can be a Llama?

CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR FREE SESSION! This flyer entitles one student aged between 5 and 105 to a free session at The LMA Stage School Ltd. It must be surrendered when attending the free session and this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer excludes current members. Only one ticket per person accepted. LMA Stage School Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission. Tel: 01359 271925

Contact Emma Philip 01284 388658 / 07847 163618

Avoid the stress and upset of taking your cat to a cattery Play and cuddles included Call Mike on: 01284 700591 or 07981 129985 The Moreton Hall Directory


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Moreton Hall’s Monthly Nature Watch by Woodland Ways

The Long Winter The long winter has caused a difficult time, for our wildlife and across the country. For example, several rare stonecurlew birds have been found dead across Suffolk, migratory song birds are very late in returning to us, bats have been seen flying in daylight desperately trying to feed, and reptiles have been very late to emerge from hibernation. Although spring is now in full force, numbers of many animals, especially those which had to endure a long hibernation, will have had greater winter mortality than usual. Expect to see fewer butterflies and moths at least in the early part of summer, until second broods hatch. Woodland Ways is making Moreton Hall a more robust place for wildlife, by creating and maintaining habitat. Since 2005 when Moreton Hall Directory started we’ve planted thousands of trees at Natterer’s

Wood, created the famous bat meadow, made three ponds, and made it easier for people to visit the woods. We’ve featured in almost all Moreton Hall Directories over the years, with articles on the various species in Moreton Hall, to ways we can conserve nature, and some more esoteric pieces about national issues set in a local context. One of our most commented series of articles was about the history of Natterer’s Wood from the Ice Age to the present. Woodland Ways will continue creating and managing habitats, and inviting everyone to enjoy the woods on Moreton Hall. Our work parties are a valued social and recreational activity as well as achieving great things. And we fully expect to be contributing to the next 100 issues of the Moreton Hall Directory as we move forward!

Join us at Woodland Ways...

Why not join in with a Woodland Ways work party to help improve the Moreton Hall woods? No experience is needed and all are welcome; we’ll show you what to do. For more information please see, see the Woodland Ways noticeboard in the Community Centre, contact Nick Sibbett on 01284 723847 or email


The Moreton Hall Directory

RudlingsWakelam RudlingsWakelam RudlingsWakelam RudlingsWakelam Solicitors Solicitors Solicitors Solicitors Solicitors


...advice for ...advice for ...advice forlife lifelife ...advice ...advice for life for life Legal Legal AdviceAdvice & Services & Services Legal Advice & Services Legal Legal Advice Advice & Services & Services Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Company and Agriculture Commercial Company and Commercial Company and Commercial Company Company and Commercial and Commercial Child and Adoption Law Law Child and Adoption Child and Adoption LawLaw Child and Child Adoption and Adoption Law Commercial Property Commercial Property Commercial Property Commercial Commercial Property Property Conveyancing Conveyancing Conveyancing Conveyancing Court of Conveyancing Protection Court of Protection Court of Protection Court ofRecovery Protection ofRecovery Protection DebtCourt Debt Debt Recovery DebtDispute Recovery Debt Recovery Dispute Resolution Resolution Dispute Resolution Dispute Dispute Resolution Resolution Employment Law Employment Employment LawLaw Employment Employment Law Law Equestrian Equestrian Equestrian Equestrian Equestrian Family Law Law Family Family LawLaw Family Family Law Health Care Health Care Health Care Health Health Care Care Landlord and Tenant Landlord and Tenant Landlord and Tenant Landlord Landlord and Tenant and Tenant Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing Litigation Litigation Litigation Litigation Litigation MentalMental Health & Capacity Health & Capacity Mental Health & Capacity Mental Mental Health Health & Capacity & Capacity Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Injury Personal Personal Injury Injury Probate and Tax Planning Probate and Tax Planning Probate and Tax Planning Probate Probate and Tax and Planning Tax Planning Residential Property Residential Property Residential Property Residential Residential Property Property Trusts & Wills& Wills Trusts Trusts & Wills Trusts & Trusts Wills & Wills

We ALL like to receive surprises.....

life for e vic ad ...

We are different from the others! We are different from the others! We are different from the others! We We are are different different from from the the others! others!


Practical Advice from Rudlings - Accident? Not your fault? Practical Advice from Rudlings - Accident? Not your fault? Practical Advice from Rudlings - Accident? Not your fault? Practical Practical Advice Advice from from Rudlings Rudlings - Accident? - Accident? Not your Not your fault? fault? Have you been injured in a road accident as a driver, pedestrian or a cyclist? you been injured in traffic a road traffic accident apassenger, driver, passenger, pedestrian a cyclist? HaveHave you been injured inroad a road traffic accident a as driver, passenger, pedestrian a or cyclist? Have Have been you injured been injured in aan in to traffic a road accident traffic as of aasdriver, as apassenger, driver, pedestrian or aorcyclist? or a cyclist? Have you you suffered an injury due the negligence another personpassenger, or organisation? Have you suffered injury due to the accident negligence of another person orpedestrian organisation? Have you suffered an injury due to the negligence of another person or organisation? Have you Have suffered you suffered an injury an due injury to the due negligence to the negligence of another of another person or person organisation? or organisation? Do youDo feelyou youfeel areyou entitled to compensation, but are reluctant to seek advice or take any action of the of the are entitled to compensation, but are reluctant to seek advice or take anybecause action because you feel you are entitled to compensation, but are reluctant to seek advice or take any action because of theof the DoDo you Do feelyou you feel are you entitled are to compensation, to compensation, but are reluctant butcompensation are reluctant tocompensation seek advice to seek or advice take any or take action anybecause action because of the legal minefield you feel stands between you andyou a successful claim? legal minefield you feelentitled stands between and a successful claim? legal minefield you feel stands between you and a successful compensation claim? legal minefield legal minefield you feelyou stands feelbetween stands between you andyou a successful and a successful compensation compensation claim? claim?

What can YOU DO toDO help your claim? What can YOU towith help with your claim? What can YOU DO to help with your claim? What What can YOU can DO YOU toDO help towith help your with claim? your claim?

for yours, call us today and discover we have always offered FIXED COSTS

• If you•haven’t so already, medical for your injuries. is important that therethat is some independent record ofrecord of Ifhaven’t youdone haven’t done so seek already, seek attention medical attention for injuries. your Itinjuries. It is important there is some independent • you If • you donealready, so already, seek medical attention for your is important there is some independent record of of • If haven’t If you done haven’t done seek already, medical seekrequire/receive. attention medical attention for indications your injuries. for indications your injuries. is Itcause important Itthe is cause important thatthat there is some there is some independent record ofrecord your injuries and thesotreatment you require/receive. Give of Itthe whenever youthat can. your injuries and thesotreatment you Give ofcause whenever youindependent can. injuries and require/receive. indications of the whenever youryour injuries yourand injuries the the treatment andtreatment the treatment you you require/receive. you require/receive. GiveGive indications Give indications of the cause of the whenever cause whenever you you can.can. you can. • Take photographs of the accident scene. If you have tripped on a paving or other defect, take photographs showing the size the size • photographs Take photographs ofaccident the accident scene. Ifhave you have tripped aslab paving slab or other defect, take photographs showing • Take of the scene. If you tripped a on paving slabother or other defect, take photographs showing the • of Take •defect Take photographs the accident ofruler. the accident scene. If this you scene. have you tripped have on tripped aon paving on aslab paving slab defect, or other defect, photographs photographs showing the showing size size the size thephotographs with aofruler. If ayou cannot yourself, ask someone to do thisor fordo you. This is take important evidence! of the defect with Ifcannot youdo cannot doIfyourself, this yourself, ask someone to thisyou. for you. This is take important evidence! of the defect with a ruler. If you do this ask someone to do this for This is important evidence! of the defect of the with defect a ruler. withIf ayou ruler. cannot If youdo cannot this yourself, do this ask yourself, someone ask someone to do thistofordoyou. this This for you. is important This is important evidence!evidence! • Ensure• that your that accident is reported to whoever is responsible. Insist thatInsist an Accident report is completed in an accident book. book. Ensure your accident is reported to whoever is responsible. that an Accident report is completed an accident • Ensure that accident is reported to whoever is responsible. that an Accident report is completed in accident an in accident • Ensure • that Ensure youryour that accident your accident is reported is reported to whoever to whoever is responsible. is responsible. InsistInsist thatInsist an Accident that an Accident report is completed report is completed in an in an accident book. • Review whether the person who you who reported your accident to takes any remedial action i.eaction is there aisrepair, warning issued etc. • Review whether the person you reported your accident to takes any remedial i.e there a repair, warning issued • Review whether the person who you reported your accident to takes any remedial action i.ethere is i.e there a repair, warning issued etc. etc. • Review • whether Review the whether person the who person you who reported you reported your accident your accident to takes any to takes remedial any remedial action i.e action is a is repair, there a warning repair, issued warning etc. Take more photographs if necessary showing the remedial work. Take photographs showing the extentthe of extent your injuries. Take more photographs if necessary showing the remedial work. Take photographs showing of injuries. your injuries.issued etc. more photographs if necessary showing the remedial work. Take photographs showing the extent of your TakeTake more Take photographs more photographs if necessary if necessary showing the showing remedial the remedial work. Take work. photographs Take photographs showing the showing extent the of extent your injuries. of your injuries. • Make•a note ofaany witnesses to your accident and theirand contact Any evidence to corroborate your account how your Make note ofwitnesses any witnesses to accident your accident theirdetails. contact details. Any evidence to corroborate your of account of your how your • Make a note of any to your contact details. 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Hopefully youdiary, will make athe quick recovery and is helpful look back the diary for a ability record how and your injuries affected you Hopefully youdiary, will make athe quick recovery and itthe istohelpful to effect look back atdiary the diary record how your injuries affected Hopefully you will make a quick recovery and ithelpful is helpful to look back at the forrecord a for record of how your injuries affected you you Hopefully Hopefully you will make you will a quick make recovery a quick recovery and it is and it is to helpful look back to look at the back diary at the for diary a a of record how your of how injuries your affected injuries you affected you and the progress of your recovery. and the progress of your recovery. of your andand the the progress andprogress the progress of your recovery. of recovery. your recovery. • Keep • anyKeep receipts/invoices of expenses you haveyou incurred as a result accident and a record any trips to your GP/hospital. any receipts/invoices of expenses have incurred asofa your result of accident your accident aofrecord oftrips any trips to GP/hospital. your GP/hospital. • Keep any receipts/invoices of expenses incurred a result of your aand record of any to your • Keep • anyKeep receipts/invoices any receipts/invoices of expenses of expenses you you havehave you incurred have as incurred aasresult asofa your result accident of your accident andand a record and aofrecord any trips of any to your trips GP/hospital. to your GP/hospital. • Take legal advice about your claim as claim soon as Don’t delay! There are strict are timestrict limitstime in pursuing a personal injury claim • legal Take legal advice about your as possible. soon as possible. Don’t delay! limits in pursuing a personal injury • Take advice about your claim as soon as possible. Don’t delay! ThereThere are strict limits in pursuing a personal injury claimclaim • Take •is important Take advice about advice your about claim your as claim soon as as possible. soon as possible. Don’t delay! Don’t There delay! There strict are timetime strict limits time inpreserved pursuing limits pursuing awhilst personal personal injury claim injury claim and itlegal you act swiftly to ensure the evidence relevant to you are case is gathered and it isawhilst fresh, and itlegal is important you act swiftly tothat ensure that the evidence relevant to you case is gathered andinpreserved itfor is fresh, and itimportant is important you act swiftly to ensure that the evidence relevant to you case is gathered and preserved whilst itfresh, is fresh, for for and it is and it is important you act swiftly you act to swiftly ensure to that ensure the evidence that the evidence relevant to relevant you case to you is gathered case is gathered and preserved and preserved whilst it is whilst it for is fresh, for witnesseswitnesses to be traced while their memories of your accident are clear,are andclear, to ensure your claim is not outisofnot time. to be traced while their memories of your accident and to ensure your claim out of time. witnesses to traced be to traced while their memories of your clear, and to ensure your claim is not ofout time. witnesses witnesses to be be while traced their while memories their memories of your accident of accident your accident are are clear, are andclear, to ensure and toyour ensure claim your is not claim outisout ofnot time. of time.


Bury St Edmunds - 01284 755771 Long Melford - 01787 464778 | Thetford - 01842 754151 Brandon - 01842 810300 -- 01284 755771 -- 01284 755771 - 01284 755771 01284 01284 755771 755771 The Moreton Hall Directory


home & lifestyle

Buddha Sculpture Course


Fired and Glazed Clay

5 consecutive Mondays from May 6th at 7-9pm. Only £125

6 consecutive Tuesdays from May 7th at 7-9pm. Only £150


Childr workshen’s ops CO

Arts Studio...Pop up Restaurant...Creative space for freedom of expression, friendship and fun!


Please Call Joy Laing on 07505 812 996 or email

Both courses are based in central Bury St Edmunds and are inclusive of all materials and kiln hire

Come and TRY bowls for free ! At Risbygate Bowls Club,

The Sports Ground, Westley Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3RR

Monday 2-4pm on May 13th, 20th & 27 th

rmation on

Call Mike or Margaret for more info

01284 755468


The Moreton Hall Directory

If weather is bad we play indoors

home & lifestyle

Dance & Movement for 2-5 Year Olds classes from the have recently started at The Self Centre, on Moreton Hall. These popular pre-school ballet classes for 2-5 year olds are already well established in Woolpit and Stowmarket. Classes run in term time only on a Monday and a trial class is available to new starters. These creative classes are fun and enjoyable for girls and boys. Combining both movement and music, they promote confidence and independence whilst developing coordination and concentration in a structured environment. Classes are kept small and intimate so prebooking is essential to secure a place for the new term starting after Easter! Classes are taught by Miss Suzanne, a professional dancer who worked across both TV and theatre both in the UK and internationally. She is a fully trained and qualified dance teacher. For children of 5-10 years old, there are Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz classes held at Woolpit.

For more information or to register for a trial please contact Suzanne Hume on 01449 706161 or email COME AND JOIN THE FUN!

Suzanne Hume • S C H O O L

Trial s Clas



Tiny Tots 2-3 years olds

(with accompanying adult)


3-5 year olds

Popular pre-school ballet classes combining both dance and music Encourages confidence and independence Develops movement, musicality, coordination, concentration and creativity

Fun and enjoyable for girls and boys Contact Suzanne Hume

01449 706161 • www.bébé

The Moreton Hall Directory


home & lifestyle

Christ Church Moreton Hall Finally the sun has come out and we are all feeling a lot better about ourselves. As May dawns upon us we realise it is the beginning of Christian Aid week. Often people completely forget all about it or they do remember but are embarrassed by the fact that somebody is asking them to do something to help other people with their basic need for food. Government statistics suggest that four billion tonnes of food are produced every year but only two billion tonnes of it actually get to anybody’s plates which means that every day nine hundred million people go to bed hungry and every year more than two million children die of malnutrition. A further one hundred million children under the age of five are under-weight because of lack of food and they never grow to their full stature. In January Christian Aid launched the campaign Enough Food for Everyone If... and they have been joined by over fifty other UK based organisations including Save the Children, UNICEF, and Oxfam. This is the biggest ever movement to tackle the causes of global hunger and the largest mass campaign since Make Poverty History in 2005. While there is not much anybody can do by themselves, there is an awful lot we can do together. Every 50p you put into one of the little collection envelopes will save a life. If you are prepared to be one of those people who deliver and collect envelopes, you can justifiably say that you have helped to save a life for every house you collect from. If you are prepared to get involved with our Fun Run on 11th May, either as a runner or as a sponsor, you will bring a smile to the faces of people you may never meet and give hope and joy and life, yes life, to people thousands of miles away. Even if you just come along and cheer people on, that can make a difference. This year those taking part on the Iron Man route will get a special T-shirt. We are grateful to our MP, David Ruffley, who will be performing the official opening of the Fun Run again this year.


The Moreton Hall Directory

In addition to having our own special service in the morning for our local collectors, we will be welcoming all the town churches to Christ Church, Moreton Hall, in the evening to give thanks to God and to energise ourselves for the week that lies ahead. I am always conscious of that compelling phrase of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,� so this May why not get involved. The other big feature of May is, of course, the feast of Pentecost. This is the day when God gave His Holy Spirit to the church and began to change the world through Christians. God is the greatest giver of all. He gives us a planet; He gives us life; He gives us every resource we have; He gives us a second chance; and He gives us eternal life. We can never give back to Him enough for all He has done for us, but we can give to

the people he loves - the poor and the needy, and we can do this best through Christian Aid. So this is the 100th edition on the wonderful Moreton Hall Directory. Wow! While I am fairly certain I have not written 100 articles I am immensely proud of playing a small part in what I think is the best community directory in Suffolk. Well done Gemma and the team, thank you for all you have done. With every good wish, Revd. Canon Jonathan Ford.

Our MAY Services SUNDAY 5th MAY 8.30am Holy Communion 10.30am Worship Together 6.30pm A Time of Refreshing




Fun Run Saturday 11th May 2013 11.00 am to 1.30 pm

on the field next to Christ Church Moreton Hall

David Ruffley MP

will be making a guest appearance at 11 am! There will be an easy route of ten laps suitable for all including walkers and those with buggies and an


of 2 miles for more serious runners Buffet for all afterwards

7.30pm Ascension Day Holy Communion

Get sponsored & Raise money END POVERTY


Booking and sponsor forms from Christ Church Moreton Hall, Lawson Place, Symonds Rd, Bury St. Edmunds IP32 7EW Email: Tel: 01284 725391



home & lifestyle

8.30am Holy Communion 10.30am

Worship 10.30amMorning Worship Together 6.30pm 6.30pm A Time of Refreshing Prayer & Worship

7.30pm Ascension Day SUNDAY 19th MAY Holy Communion 10.30am 10.30am Morning Worship Holy Communion

6.30pm Prayer & Worship 6.30pm A Time of Refreshing


10.30am Holy Communion


10.30am Morning Worship Free Free Morning Worship

SUNDAY 26th MAY 6.30pm A Time of Refreshing 10.30am

6.30pm 6.30pm Healing Communion Healing Communion

All proceeds will go to Christian Aid UK registered charity number 1105851 Company number 5171525

MORETON HALL WI NEWS Well the North (North East) wind shall blow and we shall have snow (just a sprinkle) but we were all warm and cheerful at this month’s meeting. There was a really good turnout and after usual business and the oh so many activities and trips coming up for us to join, we let our speaker, speak! Mark Murphy from Suffolk Radio was indeed a joy to listen to with his stories of where a little publicity had helped many listeners get issues resolved where going through the usual channels had failed! We heard of the hole in the road that suddenly was filled, the house without power during storms and the power workers hearing the family’s plight on the radio, worked voluntarily to re-connect them. Mark joined Suffolk Radio from day 1, initially as a volunteer and finally through his enthusiasm and perseverance via life as a DJ with his own disco set, gained paid employment! He initially trained in the motor trade but after working for a hospital radio – with some serious gaffs along the way, made it to his dream job with the BBC Radio Suffolk. Mark is a wonderful, natural speaker, prepared to share his mistakes and laugh at himself along the way. We had a super evening with lots of laughs. Elizabeth Morgan Press Secretary The Moreton Hall Directory


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had taken him to watch Bury Town a few times, and, with no disrespect to Ram Meadow, I decided that as he was now approaching his 5th birthday it was a good time to try and attend a league match. Coincidently this fitted in with a special offer whereby I was able to acquire a couple of tickets for the footballing fortress, home of the mighty (cough cough) Ipswich Town, without remortgaging the house. Although I cannot say I recall my first visit trip to Portman Road in the early 1980’s, aside from the boxes of match day programmes, I do have vivid memories embedded in my mind from my fortnightly trips to the football. With the risk of sounding too clichéd, my brother and I took old milk crates onto the terraces and stood on them alongside my Dad, transfixed and sometimes slightly uneasy, boys amongst men. Time and life of course progressed, but I continued to sit with my Dad, and later with friends, feeling the pain, and very occasionally the glory, as Ipswich journeyed through the 1980’s to the dawn of the Premier League and beyond. Walking down the road, arriving outside the stadium he was a bit puzzled. “But where do they play Daddy?” The giant stands and crowds confusing the situation some what. I reassured him and we smoothly progressed through the turnstiles (I smiled as the lad in the gleaming branded hi-vis beeped my barcoded ticket - a flash back to the controlled chaos of the old cash turnstiles…). It was then I decided I needed to take my boy, not yet to the seats stated on our tickets, but to another location in the other tier. There was a brief and no


The Moreton Hall Directory

doubt confused explanation as I pointed out the precise location where I at first stood, and then sat, with my Dad for all those years.. Amidst the laughter and pre match buoyancy, a slightly surreal personal moment of pride encircled me. The start of another generation. Without dithering about too much we found our allocated seats. A decent enough position and my son was obviously fascinated by it all, questions about everything from the ‘strange men in green suits’ (Paramedics) to that ‘odd looking thing’ (Bluey the mascot) ensued. I didn’t mind, and tried to explain it all as best I could. Hull City scored first (and last), their deserved promotion another step closer, and rightly much celebrated by their jubilant away supporters. Thankfully there was that moment I was desperately keen for my son to experience – a home goal. The collective release of energy from 20,000 supporters is exhilarating and I remember it being pretty scary as a small boy. He was with me though, and he knew, just like I did with my Dad, that whatever happened he’d be just fine.

by Andrew Southwood

25 Years on, remembering the Dads that took their sons to watch a football mach and did not return. Hillsborough - Never Forget.

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Local Builders Ground works Footings Over site Drainage Driveways Patios Fencing Concrete bases Guttering Decorations Digger & dumper work Call us now!

Nick Goodwin 07957 353885 01284 723396 Mervyn Pawsey

07541 791739

b Jo all o N sm o to

Life at SEBERT WOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL We’re looking forward to a very busy and exciting summer term here at Sebert Wood and hopefully a much warmer one! At the end of last term we held our Maths curriculum week and it proved to be a very worthwhile and fun learning experience for everyone, as you can see by the quotes below. “I liked measuring the big footprint in the woods but my best bit was standing up in assembly and telling everyone about it!” James Morris, Sunshine Class “It was a really fun week because we used lots of different things to count big numbers” Elise Wright, Class 3 “We made paper folded pyramids that stood up without any glue. I really enjoyed the work” Lily Dowse, Class 5 “It was a really fun week. I liked the Tetrahedron building with triangular based pyramids the best” Theo Armstrong, Class 6 “We learnt about Ancient Greek maths and we measured for making masks. It was an excellent week” Sam George, Class 8 “Maths week was really fun and taught us important and unusual things about maths that we don’t normally do. It was a great week” Molly Howell, Class 7 “My best bit was making the smoothies because we measured out different ingredients to make delicious flavours. The maths puzzle company were brilliant” Alex Aldridge, Class 10 “Building the tetrahedron was great fun because it gave us the chance to work as a team. Maths week was fantastic” Aimee Hartley, Class 9 The Moreton Hall Directory


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do you have a problem with‌

Broken window locks & handles? l Broken door locks & handles? l Mouldy/misty poly roof sheets? l Broken/misty glass units? l

want to upgrade your‌

yellow/cracked door panels? l letter boxes or cat flaps? l security chains? l Hinges for doors & windows? l

no joB too la or torge sMallo

security? or windows and doors to energy rated glass units?

for all your windows, doors and conservatory repairs in suffolk call now on 01284 703695

unitThe9, Barton Moreton Hall Directory road retail park, Bury st edmunds, suffolk ip32 7Be 40

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10 Top Tips to Boost Maths Exam Grades As my & own students prepare to take their maths exams many of them seem unsure and a little stressed over home lifestyle Introducing... how to revise Maths. In response to this I have created my 10 Top Tips to Boost Maths Grades. All too many students are frightened of numbers and the best way to overcome that fear is simply to handle numbers more Our monthly mathematician often, you’ll soon gain confidence & might even have fun with them. Claire Meadows-Smith with The Revision some great advice on 1. Work hard to understand the Maths topics improving your child’s Get help from as many people as possible. These might include your teachers, friends & parents. maths skills. justprepare read to Maths As my2.ownDon’t students take their maths exams many of them seem unsure and a littlePeople stressedlearn over how revise Maths. response to thisasI possible. have createdUse my 10 Top Tips of resources; revision guides, text by to stimulating as Inmany senses a variety books Grades. and websites, to pick outare the key points of each Then to Boost Maths All too many students frightened of numbers and thetopic. best way to ‘play with the numbers’. Rewrite examples in a to way thatnumbers helpsmore youoften, to memorise Boost youreven learning learning maps, lists, overcome that fear is simply handle you’ll soon gainthem. confidence & might have funwith; wit h them.

10 Top Tips to Boost Maths Exam Grades diagrams, cards, and flow charts.

The3.Revision Revise Maths little and often

1. Work hard to understand the Maths topics If possible aim topeople do about 30 mins of number work a day to build up your understanding & confidence. Get help from as many as possible. These might include your teachers, friends & parents. 4. Use as many interactive resources as possible 2. Don’t just read Maths particularly the Booster Packs. A school subscription is required (ask your teacher). learn by stimulating as many senses as possible. Use aand variety of is free, available at all levels for several different subjects. resources; revision guides, text books and websites, to pick out the key points www.mangahigh is my favourite site – it’s free, you can access the Time for Extra Support of each topic. Then ‘play with the numbers’. Rewrite examples in a way that learning games and teaching tutorials via the Home page.maps, lists, helps you to memorise them. Boost your learning with; learning with your maths? is also free and does not require registration diagrams, cards, and flow charts. 3. Revise Maths little and often 5. Make use of Maths Videos If possible to do about 30 minstopics of number day to build up The yourCGP Findaim a teacher that explains in thework way ayou understand. understanding & confidence. Maths Tutor DVD is effective with hundreds of video tutorials covering 4. Use askey many interactive resources asquestions. possible Particularly good maths points and example exam particularly the Booster Packs. A school subscription is videos on YouTube include; HEGARTYMATHS and Khan Academy both The Community required (ask your teacher). is free, available at all for Higher Level GCSE &subjects. A Level. levels and for several different Maths School www.mangahigh is my favourite – it’s free, you can 6. Practice answering examsite questions to build upaccess your confidence the learning games and teaching tutorials via the Home page. Just like footballers & tennis players kicking & hitting balls, the more also free notget require you practice theisbetter you and get.does As you closerregistration to the exam, spend 5. Make use Maths timeofon past Videos papers. Schools will have uploaded the papers and Find a teacher that explains topics in the way you understand. The CGP Maths solutions for you to access, you will also find them available on exam BOOST YOUR Tutor DVD is effective with hundreds of video tutorials covering key points and board practice,good errors will reduce & confidence grow. example exam websites. questions.With Particularly maths videos on YouTube include; MATHS GRADES HEGARTYMATHS and Khan Academy both for Higher Level GCSE & A Level. The Exam 6. Practise answering exam questions to build up your confidence 7. Have confidence Claire Meadows-Smith Just like footballers & tennis players kicking & hitting balls, the more you Try each question – don’t expect to get full marks on every question practise the better you get. As you get closer to the exam, spend time on past 07747 037 441 answer you can don’t run out of time. papers.just Schools willeverything have uploaded the and papers and solutions for you to access; you8.willRead also the find question them available on exam board websites. With practise, errors High Quality maths tuition at KS3, carefully before you start will reduce & read confidence grow. Try to every question carefully twice. Underline the key points and KS4 and A Level at affordable prices

commands in the question. Think about the maths topics needed in The Exam your answer before you have a go. Once you have your answer try to

7. Have confidence check that it– makes get full marks on every question just Try each question don’t expect answer everything and don’t 9. Show all of you yourcan working out run out of time. 8. Read the question carefullypaper before&you start Even on a calculator remember to show the correct units. Try to read every question carefully twice. Underline the key points and 10. Have fun with your MATHS commands in the question. Think about the maths topics needed in your try you to solve a puzzle. Focustry onto the maths you answerJust before haveeach a go.question Once youlike have your answer check that it do & try not to worry about any you couldn’t complete. Examiners makes can sense. want to give you marks, 9. Show all of your working out help them by writing down what you know & whatpaper you can do. Even onshowing a calculator & remember to show the correct units. 10. Have fun with MATHS and have fun. Practice lots,your be confident Just try to solve each question like a puzzle. Focus on the maths you can do & Head of Maths, St Albans RC Highwant School, Ipswich try Claire not to Meadows-Smith, worry about any you couldn’t complete. Examiners to give you and help Founder The Community Maths marks, themofby writing down what youSchool know & showing what you can do.

Practise lots, be confident and have fun.! 42

The Moreton Hall Directory

weekly term-time classes for best long-term results

Final Revision Booster 28th, 29th 30th and 31st May

GCSE Candidates £20 a session or £60 for all 4

A Level Candidates £25 a session or £75 for all 4 confidence boosting & enjoyable sessions in small groups

Claire Meadows-Smith

Head of Maths, St Albans RC High School, Ipswich and Founder of The Community Maths School

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Reliable Enthusiastic Successful Unrivalled Local Team Result Driving School result driving bse Free access for all our pupils

1st lesson 2 hours, you pay for only 1 hour ÂŁ24

Tom 07918 602672

Mark 07585 115989

Paul 07864 165227

Graham 07944 716361

Please be aware we don’t interrupt lessons to take phone calls so please leave a message and we will phone you back when we can 2 4 1 lesson does not apply to assessment lessons for experienced drivers The Moreton Hall Directory




DriveBury BurySt. St.Edmunds Edmunds Drive

CottonLane Lane Cotton Suffolk Suffolk IP331XP 1XP IP33 08451280915 08451280915

Government Test EnvironmentalData. Data.Fuel Fuelconsumption consumption fifigures gures mpg mpg OffiOffi cialcial Government Test Environmental (140PS) Start/Stop: Urban: 35.8 (7.9),Extra-urban: Extra-urban:51.4 51.4(5.5), (5.5),Combined: Combined: 44.8 44.8 (( 140PS) Start/Stop: Urban: 35.8 (7.9), Model shown Cascada Elite 1.4i 16v VVT Turbo (140PS) Start/Stop £26,100 with 20” Alloy Wheels £1,000, Two-coat Pearlescent Paint £525, Front Parking Dist

odelgoing shown Cascada Elite 1.4i 16v VVT Turbo covers (140PS) Start/Stop £26,100 20” Alloy keeper, Wheels100,000 £1,000, mile Two-coat Pearlescent Paint £525, Front Dista to print. Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty lifetime ownership of fiwith rst registered limit. Terms and conditions apply. VisitParking www.vauxh oing to print. Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty covers lifetime ownership of fi rst registered keeper, 100,000 mile limit. Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.vauxha



Duddery Duddery Hill Hill Haverhill Haverhill CB9 8DS 8DS 08081567727 08081567727

(litres/100km) and Turbo gg (litres/100km) and CO CO22 emissions emissions(g/km). (g/km).Cascada CascadaElite Elite1.4i 1.4i16v 16vVVT VVT Turbo (6.3). CO CO 2 emissions 149g/km. (6.3). 2 emissions 149g/km. tance Sensors £385, Premium Forward Lighting Pack £790, Premium Leather Pack £1,200. Total OTR cost £30,000. Prices and specifi cations correct at time of

ance Sensors £385, Premium Forward Lighting Pack £790, Premium Leather Pack £1,200. Total OTR cost £30,000. Prices and specifi cations correct at time

s d i k r o f t s u J

poets corner


Hello to all our little MHD readers, good luck with this months page!

Apologies for anyone confused by our American spelling of the word Plough (or Plow as we had!) in last month’s crossword, thank you to the eagle eyed reader who spotted it!

On The Beach wordsearch O J D W W F S C R A B I












I went to the zoo And said “How do you do?” To the chimpanzee As he swung on a tree Shouting “Do look at me!” While the Canada goose Did a dance with the moose. “Oh dear!” said the llamas “We’ve lost our pyjamas”. Then the baby seals Turned head over heels. “What a marvellous feat!” Said the parakeet. “Well,” said the toucan, “If they can, you can.” And the zoo-keeper said, “It’s time for bed”. So they fell in a heap And were soon fast asleep.


Written by Dorothy Welchman

Crossword 2

1 4

5 8 6 7


Across: 2. The opposite of strong 4. A sky colour 5. Creatures that make webs to catch insects 6. A bird builds this 7. A green animal that croaks Down: 1. A soft, comfortable kind of shoe worn indoors 2. The time when a man and woman get married 3. Write someone’s name and _________ on an envelope

For answers go to page 75


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Tinkerbells Day Nursery in Thurston has a new baby unit opening April

50% off the first six months fees*

Call us on 01359 232221

47 * terms and conditions apply The Moreton Hall Directory

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and Home Phone Services




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the Club

Mick or Trudy

Charges, terms and conditions apply. Some benefits available only to customers with 'Gold Status' (ie. customers who apply for four or more main services, and pay by Direct Debit). For full details of the Double the Difference Price Promise see the Utility Warehouse website.



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Little Squigglers run art, craft and messy play classes for under 5’s at Moreton Hall community centre twice a week and one Sunday a month, as well as holiday workshops for 5-12 year olds, after school clubs and crafty birthday parties too. Class information can be found by visiting their website, Mother of two, Amanda Wigzell set up the classes herself in 2011, after 12 years as a primary school teacher and is now offering franchise opportunities across East Anglia too. Amanda Wigzell from Little Squigglers, said: “I am so thrilled to have been nominated in these awards. The nominations were made by the parents who come to classes with their little ones, so it’s such a thrill to know that they regard us highly enough to have nominated us!” Each and every children’s activity, party venue, entertainer and volunteer from throughout the UK had the opportunity to be nominated and the number of nominations this year reflects




From 18t 28th May 2 h March t o 013, log on pare t winnin o any of th nts can e awa www.w g on-line rddir h www.w atson4litt ectories l e h and w atson4sch o , ww.w hatso n4kid k to vot s p e a r for th from eir fav ties. all o which f the nom ourite in have qualif ees ied.


Little Squigglers from Bury St Edmunds is a nominee in 4 categories (Best local class for Under 5’s, Best local class for 5-12 year olds, Best new activity for children and Best party entertainment) which means they have received at least 4 nominations in each category and will now go through to the national voting stage!

the support from the nations parents for these exciting awards and their eagerness to reward the very best!


This exciting awards programme, which is supported by ABC Magazine, is now in its 7th year and celebrates the best activities, classes, volunteers and venues from throughout the UK as nominated and voted for by the experts parents and parents-to-be.

This year, the awards are bigger than ever, covering 20 different categories ranging from Best Pre/ Post Natal Activity to Best After School Club. A record 6,400 nominations have been received - 40% more than in 2012 and so to make the voting stage is a great achievement.


The nominees for the prestigious What’s On 4 2013 Junior Awards in association with Konfidence have just been announced and a Moreton Hall class is amongst them!

The winners will be announced by TV celebrity host Lucy Piper at Brighton Racecourse on Sunday 30th June. During the champagne awards ceremony the winners of the community awards will also receive special prizes for their groups. Everyone who votes or nominates will also be in with a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the awards ceremony, meet the finalists, sponsors and VIP guests. What’s On 4 UK owners Marilyn Bradshaw & Bev O’Sullivan add: “We’re so excited about our 2013 Awards especially as this year the UK awards are running alongside both the Australian AND Ireland What’s On 4 Junior Awards! Everyone through to this stage should be very proud that the nation’s parents are so keen to nominate and reward them. We can’t wait to see the results of the voting!” The Moreton Hall Directory



If you really lbve your home...’ll lbve Kendall & Ko Affordable and alternative giftware & beautiful homeware including: flowers, vases, candles, frames, dishes, bowls & mugs l Unique designers and suppliers l

Only a minute from the Arc Shopping Centre!

We now serve hot drinks in store. Enjoy a coffee and a browse!

Visit our shop at:

100 Risbygate Street

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shop online at:

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 3AA talk: The Moreton Hall Directory 50

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COLOURS painting and


Friendly & Professional Service Interior & Exterior Call Keith for a free quote on

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Bluestone Paving Bluestone Paving & Decking specialise in producing beautiful Patios, Driveways and Sundecks to the highest standards

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to selling...

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All Homes PPSJ7897.indd 1

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24/10/2012 09:09

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! N O W O N E HURRY! SAL THE PINE HOUSE COMPANY Oak, Beech and Pine Furniture Including BROOKLYN OAK at low, low prices! * Oiled/ Waxed FREE! * Hand-Painted Finishes * Fitted Kitchens * Baskets, Gifts and Lots more!

Spinney Garage, Stowlangtoft - 10 minutes from Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds, Take the - Ixworth / Woolpit turning off the A14 on to the A1088 by Norton. JUST LOOK OUT FOR THE PINK MORRIS MINOR! Tel / Fax: 01359 235030 The Moreton Hall Directory


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Accident & Bodywork Repairs Free Estimates Mercedes Benz Approved Free Collection & Delivery Insurance Approved 24 Hour Recovery Hotline Laser Wheel Alignment Chassis & Cab Straightening Jigs Smart Repairs






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rance Self drive plant hire: Now Availa ble n Diggers n Dumpers n Rollers n Skid Steer Loaders n Forklifts n Compressors

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NOBOO home & lifestyleW k !


Use our simple online booking system at:

John Banks. Your COMPlETE MOT and service centre, right on your doorstep. Book your MOT or service today at: Kempson Way, Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds IP32 7AR

Call: 01284 752382 Also at Ipswich and Cambridge.


*Terms and Conditions apply

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Office & Domestic FULLY INSURED Prices Very Competitive VICE R TAILOR MADE SE & Local Professional, Friendly


Contact Us On: 8cle4an7sla5tecle 12 0 s@ irie qu en

• Quality Wrought Iron Work • Welding Fabrication • Security Metal Work We can offer our customers a complete service which includes:Design & Specifications Full range of manufacturing processess In-house paintshop and metal finishing Delivery to site and installation


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The Naked Builder Ltd Carpentry & Building Services

Construction Renovation Property Maintenance Extensions & Loft Conversions Newbuilds & Design Plastering Roofing Electrical Installations Kitchens & Bathrooms Plumbing Fencing, Patios & Drives Garage Conversions and much, much more...

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 Rewires  PAT Testing  Fuse Board Changes  Part P Registered  Pre Rental Inspection

 Garden & Pond Electrics  Under Floor Heating  Solar Power Installation  Extra Sockets & Lights  Kitchen Electrics

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PLUMBING services

We are a small local electrical company, with staff members living and based rurally around Bury St Edmunds. No job too small or too large for us to undertake. All work is fully certificated, guaranteed and Part P compliant

Building & Maintenance on Moreton Hall Estate

• House & Garden Clearance • Building Work • Fencing CSCS Tested • Guttering CRB Checked • Patios • Decking • Odd Jobs Call Marc on

Office: 01284 830836/Mobile: 07810 546776 Email: Web:

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CLEAN SLATE CLEANING Meet Jacqui Gausden, owner of Clean Slate Cleaning. Clean Slate Cleaning offer domestic, office and commercial cleaning, plus much more. The business also covers one-off, spring and after party/builder cleans, also housekeeping services such as ironing. Clean Slate Cleaning has been in business for over 3 years and is expanding its client base month on month. Now experiencing 4th generation referrals, proves the company is getting it right. Based on Moreton Hall and specialising in the area which puts them in an ideal position for accessibility for local clients. They don’t keep to office hours so can see clients evenings and weekends for appointments if they prefer. With professional and friendly staff Clean Slate are very “keen to clean” and have a real pride in their work. Each client has their service tailor-made to their specific requirements. They have their regular cleaner each session and all of them have a great rapport together.

It is a home and pet care service. Many of Jacqui’s clients are Americans that have pets and when they go away either back home or on holiday, it can be for a lengthy period of time. She is also available for short breaks too, including overnight. Clients want to keep their pets at home and have their house looked after too. Keeping pets at home is less stressful for them and Jacqui has built a real bond with the cats she looks after. She visits your home twice a day to give fresh water, food and cuddles! to your pet.

Jacqui presents every client with a manual which is packed with all aspects of their individual service. For example: Clean Slate have their own Health and Safety Policy and undertake a Risk Assessment at every site.

Jacqui can open and close curtains, put out bins for collection, water indoor plants etc.

They use a colour-coded cleaning system to eliminate cross-contamination and disposable gloves for extra cleanliness. There are 7 different colours of the micro-fibre cloths to clean very professionally.

Jacqui is available every day of the year, even Christmas Day, as she has done so in the past.

Jacqui also offers the option of an all-inclusive cleaning system to provide everything needed to get the job done. The cleaning products are well known branded products, nothing cheap or ineffective, plus specific professional cleaning agents when required. Alternatively, they can just provide the same regular friendly cleaner with cloths and disposable gloves.


To add to their cleaning service, Jacqui also personally provides a service which is growing in demand.

The Moreton Hall Directory

The requirements are everything you want to ensure your pet AND home are looked after (exclusions apply).

Jacqui’s view of the service industry today is that people want and deserve a highly professional service but also to ensure their needs are not only met but surpassed. This is what Clean Slate Cleaning provides. People are often working harder than ever and don’t want to spend their precious weekends cleaning, Clean Slate offer a lifeline to them and at a very affordable price. Why not start with a clean slate and try Clean Slate Cleaning and share their motto “Service with a Smile”.

Please visit for more details of the services on offer or call 01284 755546.

family&home health&beauty Award-winning driveways, patio’s & landscaping

A W PL A in w ne a rs rd !

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For driveways and patio’s, landscaping, water features and loggia cabins, talk to our tried and trusted award-winning team of experts at Archley. We’ll do the job for you on schedule, on budget and with a truly professional, forward-thinking attitude.

Have a project in mind? Call us on 01284 724486 or 07860 577557

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59 59 59

themhd themhd

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Gardening Tips by Paul Clarke 60

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Welcome to Gardening Tips a monthly feature providing you with hints and ideas of what to do each month in your garden. Along with a list of jobs that will enable you to enjoy and maintain your garden I will also feature a plant of the month. I have been a gardener for many years and run a small business called Pauls Garden Services.

W hat to do in yo ur ga rd en in M AY s ught the focus of thi tion of the MHD I tho t sure sn’ wa I To mark the 100th edi ver we Ho . be slightly different month’s article should s that one third of I recently heard the new il unt t jec about the sub old. rs yea ay will live to be 100 all children born tod l look like in 100 what Moreton Hall wil One can only imagine much green space are able to protect as years but hopefully we What better way s. den ludes our own gar as we can and that inc to garden. By having ourage our children to do this than to enc new skills and be rn rs children can lea fun and getting outdoo at child doesn’t time in the garden. Wh creative by spending here is to the So l. digging in the soi enjoy getting dir ty and on ts ugh tho few a MHD and next 100 editions of ng gardeners. you of n tio era gen encouraging a new

How to Encourage your children l I am sure many of you will remember being given your own space in the garden. It is something a child will probably never forget so go on give them a little area however small or perhaps a large container or a few pots in a shed.

l Your child will learn how plants grow if you buy them a few packets of seeds perhaps have a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflowers or most children have an interest in Halloween so why not plant some pumpkin seeds

l If you can, involve elder brothers & sisters in the planning and design of the garden.

l If you have a camera your child could take regular photos of easy to grow seeds like sunflowers, marigolds or nasturtiums.

l You will need to think about safety so use lightweight tools which are easy to handle. l Don’t set loads of rules and let them do as much as possible by themselves. To start with just encourage children to dig in the dirt. Making mud pies is fun but maybe wear old clothes!

l A child attention span is short so if you want to keep them interested and learn skills show them for a few minutes only how to water the garden, how to plant vegetables, fruits and flowers, how & what weeds are and how to deadhead flowers.


home & lifestyle









Bearded irises provide a great splash of colour in early summer. They are versatile being available in virtually any colour that you may want. You need to choose a sunny position where the rhizomes can soak up the sun. Hence when planting you rest the rhizomes on the soil surface and don’t cover with soil. It is best to plant in groups of several of the same variety. Deadhead irises after flowering by cutting back the stems to the fan of leaves. Additional irises can be obtained by division. After flowering dig up each clump and gently pull new sections of rhizomes each with their own roots and fan leaves apart. Replant as mentioned above.

“Ah! my heart is weary waiting, Waiting for the May: Waiting for the pleasant rambles Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles,

Where the woodbine alternating, Scent the dewy way; Ah! my heart is weary, waiting, Waiting for the May.”

- Denis Florence McCarthy, Summer Longings

to Garden l Plant flowers that attract butterflies, ladybirds and other interesting insects l Set up a wormery. You will need a glass jar and to this add a thin layer of sand , thicker layer of soil, thin layer of sand thicker layer of soil. Ask your children to go and dig up some worms. Add to jar with some old leaves, vegetable peelings, tea leaves and overripe fruit if you have any. Make some air holes in the lid and keep the jar in a dark cool cupboard.

Doing The Jobs You Don’t Have Time For?

Pauls Garden Services One Off Jobs or Regular Maintenance on a Weekly or Monthly Basis. Hedge Trimming • Grass Cutting General Weeding and Tidying up. Prepare your Garden for Winter or Ready for Spring

Phone for a quote on

01284 723625 or 07952 938010 Email:

T. 07952938010

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home & lifestyle

May 2013 List items for sale free of charge to Moreton Hall Residents, email:

Boys “SONIC PROFESSIONAL” Mountain bike Age 6-9 years. Bright red excellent condition 18”alloy wheels Cost new £130. Ideal for summer - £40 OVNO Tel. 01284-725457 Orbus PRO X9000 treadmill Very good condition, hardly used. House move forces sale. Buyer collects. Cost £1000 new, willing to accept offers around £200. Tel 07881 387752. Unused 3+2 Seater Italian Leather Sofas (Beige) Bought for £2000. Will accept £500. Tel. 07717832502. Nearly new Black Marble and Glass Coffee and Corner Table £100. Tel. 07717832502. corner workstation teak three draws. three shelves pullout keyboard. £50.00. Tel. 01284 756683

HOME NEEDED FOR HOLIDAY RENTAL ON MORETON HALL OR SURROUNDING AREAS Are you away on holiday for the period 29th June - 9 July 2013 and fancy renting out your home to a former resident of BSE looking for a house to stay in for 4 pax in or around Moreton Hall whilst visiting family; no pets, with 1 parking. Please email


The Moreton Hall Directory

Bosh Cordless Strimmer Used only once. Purchase price £80 plus, will accept £40. Tel. 01284 754917 LADIES CLARKS LEATHER LOAFERS (TAN) with tassel detail. SIZE 5. Worn twice. £15 (£40 NEW) Tel. 01284 750876 or 07808 226940 Lightweight carry golf bag and headcover. Never used £10 Men’s Srixon XX10 graphite shaft driver. Excellent condition £15 + 3 & 7 graphite woods free if required. Tel. 01284 765684 Flymo ‘Pac a Mow’ electric lawnmower £30. Tel. 07415 764764. MBS 240/E Micro-Bandsaw £100. Tel. 07415 764764. Trampoline – rectangular 10’ x 7’6”. Imported model used for gymnastics practise. Heavy duty surface & supports, no pads. Great condition. £25 Tel. 01284 762610

Do you have any nearly new or unused items that are of no use to you, other than creating unnecessary clutter? Why not try to recycle them and gather a few extra pounds in the process? Please include: 1. Brief description of the item. 2. The price. 3. Your telephone number. Please note that the publisher can take no responsibility for the claims made by sellers regarding the goods for sale, nor are they liable for any claim with regards to the item or any payment transactions between buyer and seller.

home & lifestyle

Qualified experienced electrician offering a competent, local and friendly service in all areas of electrical work.

General builder & maintenance

Master brick layer with 30 years’ experience All types of jobs and DIY work undertaken Very competitive prices, no job too small

Telephone Jeff on:

07807 231831 or 01284 749397


All Domestic Commercial Industrial For friendly advice and ideas please call Gareth Cross

01359 760235 | 07889866635 The Moreton Hall Directory






fantastic home improv

Earn points to spend on all these things when you

jewellery travel day’s out fashion restaurants books & films home & garden


best windows... best value... best service...

Manufactured in the UK, our windows from the Storm range, merge the maintenance-free characteristics of UPVc with the aesthetic of timber, for beautiful windows.


Club FCD

Our new recommend a friend scheme with a difference! Go to... for more information

ws ent windo replacem from as little as



The Timber Alternative Stormproof Window & Door Range

dream doors… e rov impo r y u kerb al! appe

A new door could make a very big impact to your home and we have a large range for you to choose from.


£5.06 *Finance Examples @ 9.9% APR over 96 months. Product images are shown for illustration purposes only.







vement finance deals... hter e a brig mors andc u o i spa me ho



facias and soffits


bi-folding doors

Stylish patio, french or bi-folding doors are a great addition to any home. They can provide a stunning entrance to your garden, bringing the outdoors in, and also let in valuable light.






e enanc maint


If it’s time to upgrade your old soffit boards and fascias, or fix leaky guttering – why not consider our low maintenance upvc fascias and soffits?

conservatories There is a conservatory to suit all tastes and budgets. From the traditional Victorian and Georgian to a P-shaped or even a fully bespoke build. Frames Conservatories Direct can make your dream home a reality.


Your Complete Home Improvement Centre

01284 700 456


% 0 E* A N FI NC


Visit our Home Exhibition Centre - Open 7 days a week, 10am–4.30pm

Unit 3, Barton Retail Park, Barton Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7BE (Nr Farm Foods) *Subject to status, written quotations available on request.

Registered Company No.12759

how will you improve your home ?

home & lifestyle

The Professional Choice • Fertile • Ideal for planting, • Easy to work seeding and turfing AvAIlAblE From

Whitton Frost & Son in

/2 t and 1t bulk bags and loose loads


01359 250 309 66 The Moreton Hall Directory

Termofof Term

Monthly Monthly

Onthe theroad road Customer Customer Dealer Dealerdeposit deposit On

Term of Monthly theprice* road deposit agreement payments On cash price* Customer deposit Dealer contribution agreement payments cash deposit contribution agreement price* £4,847.00 deposit 48Months Months payments £249.00 cash £28,165.00 £4,847.00 48 £249.00 £28,165.00

contribution £3,342.00 £3,342.00

48 Months





Total Total

Total deposit deposit deposit £8,189.00 £8,189.00 £8,189.00

Totalamount amount Total

Optiontoto Option

Total amount purchase Option to credit purchase fee^ ofofcredit fee^ of credit £19,977.00 £19,977.00 £19,977.00

Optionalfinal final Optional

Totalamount amount Total

Optional final payable Total amountRepresentative payment payable Representative payment

purchase payment £29,915.00 payable £10.00 fee^£10,013.00 £10,013.00 £29,915.00 £10.00 £10.00



Representative 2.9% APR 2.9% APR 2.9% APR

home & lifestyle

Looking to sell or let?

To find out how we can assist you to sell or let your home please call haart of Bury St Edmunds on 01284 767121 or Bury St Edmunds Lettings on 01284 756255 8am to 10pm everyday


The Moreton Hall Directory

home & lifestyle

Martyn Webb plumbing services Fully Qualified & Insured Plumber Over 30 Years Experience No Call Out Fee No Job Too Small Reliable and Friendly Service

Plumbing Installations • Maintenance & repairs Complete bathroom refurbishments Wall & Floor Tiling • All types of showers fitted radiators • cylinders • immersion heaters pumps • Ball Valves • Syphons • taps • outside taps service valves • water softeners • sink units cold water storage tanks

Telephone: 01284 852554 Mobile: 07864 712055 Email:

A complete kitchen makeover *

in just a few days

And at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen installation. If your kitchen has seen better days, Kitchen Doors & More can replace your kitchen doors, drawer fronts and worktops – dramatically transforming the look of your kitchen, without the cost and inconvenience of a complete new kitchen installation.

• • • • •

Huge range of door styles and colours available Low 33% deposit – balance on completion 5 year guarantee – UK manufactured doors Full range of BOSCH integrated appliances Ample FREE parking

Visit our showroom or call us today for more information. Bury St Edmunds Garden Centre, Rougham Road, Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 2RN (Opposite the Rugby Club)

Tel: 01284 711612 or 07917 315515

*Timing based on an average sized family kitchen – approx 3 days


The Moreton Hall Directory


home & lifestyle

Community Police Dear Residents


Firstly can I take this opportunity to update those of you who are not already aware of the departure of PCSO Tim Hartup, Tim has left our area to take up a new post based in Ipswich. Unfortunately, Tim’s stay with us was short and sweet but we will soon be welcoming a new PCSO to our team, who will be assisting me with responsibility for the Moreton Hall area. We are continuing to conduct high visibility proactive patrols around the area of Lawsons Place in order to address our priority which was raised by members of the public and is aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour. We are taking positive steps to discourage youths from other areas from using Moreton Hall as a congregating place; we have been actively seizing alcohol from those underage and contacting parents to collect those who are under the influence of alcohol and misbehaving. We are working closely with staff at Tesco Express and the Community Centre in an attempt to remove some of the attractions from the area. Please can I ask parents to assist by ensuring they are aware of their teenagers plans, particularly during weekend

evenings and confirm when they will be home or where they will be staying and advise them that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. The majority of youths that have been taken home by police or collected by appropriate adults have hoodwinked parents into thinking they were off the streets and at friends addresses. Eventually we are starting to see some spring weather and lighter nights, please remember to continue with home security measures and remove any tools/valuables from vehicles and secure your garden and home when you are out. There are always opportunist thieves out there and we don’t want to make their jobs easier! If you have any information which could assist police with an enquiry or have observed any behaviour which has left you with concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting Suffolk Police, your assistance in keeping Suffolk safe is always appreciated. Many Thanks for your continued support East & West Safer Neighbourhood Team

PC 32 Mo Arondel Tel: 101 Email: Sgt David Hill Tel: 101 Email: Inspector Jane Hertzog Tel: 101 Email


The Moreton Hall Directory

home & lifestyle

The Moreton Hall Directory


business matters

So you want to start a business? Around 400,000 businesses are started every year in the UK. Most of us will have thought about starting a business at some time in our lives, so what’s stopping you? We met up with accountants and business advisers Hodson Lewis, who gave us some advice about how to ‘start up to succeed’.

Starting up a business can be quite straightforward, but it’s worth doing it right from the outset to save time and stress later down the line. Here are a few tips to get you started: 1. Have a great idea! Maybe you work in a job that you could do on your own with lower overheads? Do you have a skill that others could benefit from? Are you feeling threatened by redundancy? Or your great idea might be a part time hobby that you’d like to take further. Whatever your idea, brainstorm it, think hard about it, and take some advice from professional accountants/ business advisors like Hodson Lewis who offer a FREE initial consultation service for start ups.

For a free initial consultation to help you take the first step to starting your own business, please contact:


The Moreton Hall Directory

2. Type of business At your consultation, your business adviser will be able to advise you on what type of business structure you should start up as, sole trader/ltd etc. The type you choose will have tax implications for you now or further down the line and a professional can help you make the right decision.

accounts team behind you and the knowledge that you are recording your transactions in the most effective way, your business can thrive.

4. As your business grows As your successful business grows, having a team like Hodson Lewis behind you will allow you to be one step ahead of the game. They will 3. Keeping the books help with changing tax You’ll also get advice on implications for your how you should record your financial transactions business, extra payroll, right from the start. It may plus with new legislations be manual, computerised being brought in all the time, they can provide or online, but the advice assistance in helping you you take now, can save understand the legalities you A LOT of money, to the financial side of time and stress further your business, meaning down the line in your you don’t have to worry new business. It can be and can get on with what quite simple, so don’t let the accounts put you off. you do best. Running your new business. With the support of an

Hodson Lewis, The Flint House, Heath Farm Business Centre, Tut Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6LG Tel 01284 750524 Fax 01284 725081 Email

Company Bio

Based just outside the historic town of Bury St Edmunds, the Hodson Lewis offices overlook Suffolk’s celebrated countryside. It’s a beautiful location and with plenty of free parking and just a 1/4 mile from the A14 they are very easy to reach.

Nick Roberts, Director

Maggie Wearing, Director

Hodson Lewis provide a range of accounting tax advice and payroll services. And they are ahead of the game when it comes to technology. With secure computer systems capable of providing a remote computer link to clients, there’s often no need for emergency visits, they can provide help and solutions without frustrating delays.

business matters

Accountants and Business Advisers...helping businesses grow Our vision is to help your business by offering sound commercial, accountancy and tax advice, delivered without jargon and tailored to your needs. Why not call us for your free consultation and find out more. • Full range of accountancy and tax services offered – bookkeeping, payroll, accounts and personal tax returns • We can offer an ‘office to office’ computer link for bookkeeping assistance • Committed to saving you as much tax as possible • Free initial consultation Telephone: 01284 750524 email:

Let Castle Mortgages advise you... As an advisor with access to the whole of the mortgage market, I am well placed to get the best possible deal for my clients taking both interest rates and arrangement fees into account. Detailed knowledge of individual lenders criteria and application process ensures that a purchase or re-mortgage application completes within my clients preferred timescales with minimal effort on their part. Over the last 8 years I have been able to help a wide variety of clients from first time buyers to experienced landlords with portfolios of investment properties. Alongside traditional mortgage applications I have been able to arrange self build mortgages , right to buy , shared ownership and commercial mortgages. Based locally, I can meet clients face to face, at a time and place convenient for them, liasing with solicitors Mortgages | Protection | Will Writing or estate agents on their behalf as required. With a constantly changing, competitive mortgage market, a mortgage is rarely for life these days! My aim is to establish an ongoing relationship with my clients to be on hand should personal or financial circumstances change in the future. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Sarah Poulter Castle Mortgages (UK)

• Looking for a new Mortgage? • Mortgage deal coming to an end? • Looking to maximize your investment with the right buy to let mortgage?

Talk to your local mortgage and protection experts, get access to hundreds of mortgages under one roof, get the right cover for you at the right price. Call Sarah Poulter at Castle Mortgages (UK) on

Tel: 01359 254042 | Mob: 07795 211933 Email

to arrange a free initial consultation Your home/ property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Please note will writing provision via a third party.

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home & lifestyle

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6LF Tel: 01284 752739 Mobile: 07789 847023 Email:


with FREE engraving on all orders rs

Embroidery with FREE origination on on orders of 10 garments or more re



Football kits & printing Training Equipment • Mug Printing ting g All work carried out on our premises PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH AND SUPPLIER OF QUALITY AWARDS T TH TO THE SUFFOLK FA d e an r a m o fo C o us ation t k l ta blig n No Ouotatio Q


The Moreton Hall Directory

follow us on

business matters Ayling Computer Services A friendly local service PC & Laptop Repair, PC Builds, Hardware & Software Installation, Website & E-mail Setup and 1 to 1 Training. Keeping it simple, just give me a call

Tel: 01284 701 482 Web: Mob: 07775 631 628 Email:


Just for kids answers: O J D W W F S C R A B I












crossword Across: 2. Weak 4. Blue 5. Spiders 6. Nest 7. Frog Down: 1. Slipper 2. Wedding 3. Address

For cost effective marketing & design. We’re right on your doorstep. * Branding &

Logo Design * Stationery * Brochures * Advertising

* Magazines &


* Web Design * Email Marketing * And much more...

If you’re looking for marketing advice or graphic design services, then we’d love to talk to you.


For an informal chat, please contact us on:

01284 765092 To see more of our previous work, please visit:

The Moreton Hall Directory is produced and published by The PIT Group.

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business matters

“1 STOP allows me to do what I do best... run my business and deal with my clients!”

Now the financial year is at an end... are you looking for an accountant with a fresh approach? very affordable our philosophy: accountancy fees to save you advice money, whilst “1 STOP allowsunlimited me to dofree what from friendly people, keeping you I do best... run my business happy to help and legal and taxdeal with my clients!” fixed fees, no extras! efficient, with no worries and tailored professional service no hassle… simple. no hassle change of

accountant – 2 simple steps for transition up to date technology – anytime access to your accounts online

simple systems – making your accounts easier no worries – peace of mind that you are compliant more time – we can do all of the admin, leaving you time to do what you do best supporting the community – quote bury115 and 5% of your fee will be donated to the riverwalk school for children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Call us on 01284 488023 Yearend Accounts, Tax, Self-Assessment, Business Start-Ups, Free Advice 1Stop Consultancy & Accountancy, Unit 15 Forbes Business Centre, Kempson Way, Moreton Hall, IP32 7AR

76 themhd email: 76 The Moreton Hall Directory

themhd 76


moreton hall

MAY 2013













FA CUP FINAL & QUIZ NIGHT (Moreton Hall Community Centre)






BINGO (Moreton Hall Community Centre)





DARTS OPEN (Moreton Hall Community Centre)





19 KIDS TREASURE HUNT (Moreton Hall Community Centre)











BINGO (Moreton Hall Community Centre)



The Moreton Hall Directory



World renowned African choir to get historic church rocking World renowned Children’s Choir ‘Watoto’ from Uganda, East Africa can be seen live in an electrifying Concert of Hope, at St Mary’s Church, Bury St Edmunds on Friday 31 May 7.00pm, in a first for the town. With scintillating drumbeats, engaging dance moves and exciting audio-visual effects; witness inspirational true life stories of triumph over tragedy. The choir has travelled internationally since 1994 as advocates for the 47.5 million children in Africa, orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, war, poverty and human trafficking. Watoto performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012 to much acclaim, and have performed to President’s and Royal Families all over the world including the White House. Concert organiser Jim Herrington comments, “We’re delighted to be hosting the choir. They give amazing performances, and it really is a concert of all those things you’d love to see and hear. The children are amazing, their stories will bring a tear to even the most hardened heart, and their performances are beyond professional. One of the children was recently photographed hugging the Queen, and amazingly the Queen hugged the child back. Even protocol at the very highest level melts when these children are around. Our sponsors have been amazing and their support shows just how much we’re looking forward to welcoming the choir to our historic town.” Tickets are FREE from the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds, a booking fee applies. People will be asked to make contributions during the concert. tickets available from The Theatre Royal | Bury St Edmunds email | tel | 01284 769505 web |


The Moreton Hall Directory

ghost walk Thurs 16th May, 9pm, meet at the Tourist Information Centre


As night begins to fall, do you want to be chilled to your core in a light hearted way under the safe protection of your expert Guardian Guide? Join us see some of the more bizarre, macabre & darker corners of the town and Great Churchyard and to hear tales of ghostly apparitions, spectres and monks. You might not be the first to regret you ever came! This tour is not suitable for children of 5 and under; other ages at parental discretion. Tickets £8, £5 U25s available from The Apex.

the red barn murder, moyses hall During the weekend of 18th and 19th May – the anniversary of one of the most notorious murder cases in local history – visitors to Moyses Hall museum are invited to learn more about the fascinating chain of events of the Red Barn Murder. The case of William Corder continues to attract as much public interest today as it did in the 19th century. Tried, found guilty and sentenced on be hanged, the body of William Corder was dissected for medical research, and Corder’s tanned skin was used to bind a book containing an account of the trial.


What’s on in May? book release of the month

Dan Brown’s new novel, Inferno, released this month, features renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and is set in the heart of Europe, where Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centred around one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces. Any serious Dan Brown fans may be interested to know the famous author is talking about this book on Tuesday 21st May, somewhere in London (sorry, that’s all I know). Visit to find out more.

Curtis stigers Thursday 9th May at The Apex Wowza! Curtis Stigers is at The Apex! Here’s a couple of interesting facts about Curtis: He was born in Boise, Idaho, which is where some of my family live... okay, I’ll admit, only interesting if you’re related to me, but I have others: His biggest hit in the UK was in 1991 “I Wonder Why” (I don’t wonder why, he’s an incredibly talented singer, that’s the name of the song). ‘Up Close & Personal’ is a rare opportunity to see and hear Curtis Stigers performing his songs in a stripped-down intimate acoustic setting. With one of the most distinctive voices in music, Curtis will perform songs from all of his albums including his pop/soul recordings and will include some melodic jazz music that he’s become celebrated for over the past decade. This is truly a concert with something for everyone. The show will also feature guitar virtuoso James Scholfield. Start 7.30pm, Ticket prices £22.50, Concessions £20.50

Remember me? No? g hair... I um ... used to have lon lton . Bo l No... I’m not Michea


The Moreton Hall Directory


Film release of the month

dvd release of the month

Star Trek Into Darkness

Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg Director: J.J. Abrams Hands up who else thinks this looks like a bit of a ‘boys film’?

Respectful of the origins of the franchise, Abrams also brought it up to date for a modern audience – in the process I’m sorry… I know there are A LOT of fashioning a massively entertaining female Trekkies, but apparently Resistance blockbuster that pleased both Trekkies and is Futile – so I will probably bow to peer new fans alike. pressure and go take a look at this one. This highly anticipated follow-up begins Plus it contains some eye candy for the when Kirk and Spock are called back to ladies AND Simon ‘cutiepie’ Pegg (do you Earth – only to be faced with shocking follow him on Twitter? – if not you maybe scenes of devastation. should @simonpegg) Someone has launched a terrifying attack Before I whittle on too much, Beam me up, on Starfleet itself – with the culprit Scotty, here’s a little synopsis: seemingly operating from within. Kirk, Spock, Bones (Karl Urban), Scotty (Simon Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise Pegg), Sulu (John Cho) and the rest of the crew are back in a spectacular new crew must venture into the depths of space intergalactic adventure! to hunt down a fearsome enemy. Back in 2009 J.J. Abrams, the creator of And there we are, so go Make it so, and TV sensation Lost (oooh, remember Lost? you’ll Live long and prosper. I loved that programme), re-booted Star Trek to tremendous success.

album release of the month Daft Punk. Random Access Memories. Random Access Memories is the fourth album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk. The album features tons of collaborations with artists such as Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon and Chilly Gonzales. The first single from the album, “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers is very cool indeed, well we’re buying it!

les misérables Starring: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne Director: Tom Hooper I’m pretty sure any die-hard Les Mis fans will have seen this at the cinema earlier this year, but it’s finally out to own on DVD in May... Yay! Having seen the West End Les Mis show a couple of times, it’s safe to say, I’m a bit of a fan and I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed with the film adaptation. I’ll also admit to not totally understanding the story line at the stage show, but after watching the film version, it all fell into place for me. Clearly I needed the assistance of a little bit of ‘dumbing down’ – not that the film does that massively, it just flows in a way that’s a little easier to understand. If you haven’t seen this yet... Where have you been? Go get it now… go on… go on... I’m watching and you’re not moving... go!. (Oh, and grab some tissues if you’re a bit of a cry baby like me!).

ff to sing Bye, I’m o a dream’ in ‘I dreamed le style. oy a Susan B

*Times and dates correct at time of going to press. Please check with organiser for full details/availability.

The Moreton Hall Directory



St Mary’s Church | Friday 31 May | 7.00pm tickets available from the Theatre Royal 01284 769505 | | tickets - FREE | booking fee applies | ticket only admission contribution taken during concert | please give generously

Sponsored by RudlingsWakelam Solicitors


The Moreton Hall Directory

...advice for life

Robinsons Motor Group Mercedes-Benz of Bury St Edmunds 01284 769 676

NODA AWARD WINNING entertainment Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society Patron: Roy Hudd O.B.E.

Production of

It’s The Mikado with a difference... Giving new life to the Gilbert and Sullivan classic with non-stop action, terrific dance numbers, and all the songs you remember from the original (but not exactly as you remember them!) The hapless Ko-Ko is still pursuing the vain Yum-Yum, the strolling player Nanki-Poo is still attempting to flee the clutches of the elderly Katisha, and The Mikado himself is still impatient for the next execution. Pooh-Bah, Pish-Tush, Pitti-Sing and Peep-Bo are all there, and if anything, twice as energetic and tuneful.

A real family show, not to be missed!

THEATRE ROYAL BURY ST EDMUNDS Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th May 2013 at 7.30pm Matinee: Saturday 2.30pm

Tickets: £7.00 - £19.50 Discounts are available for Senior Citizens and Groups HOW TO BOOK

IN PERSON: at the Theatre Royal Box Office, 6 Westgate Street, Bury St Edmunds. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00am-6.00pm

TELEPHONE: 01284 769505 EMAIL: ONLINE: Book and lyrics adapted by DAVID H. BELL. Music adapted and arranged by ROB BOWMAN. Based on “The Mikado” by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Originally produced at Ford’s Theatre,The Washington, Moreton HallD.C., Directory Frankie Hewitt, Producing Director. These amateur performances are given by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.


shopping businessmatters

Moreton Hall

What’s On

e tr n e C y it n u m m o C

May 2013

Tuesday 14th and 28th may



FA CUP FINAL - 5.15pm followed by Quiz Night Cash Prizes to by won 8pm

sATURday 18tH MAY

3rd Annual Bury open in Darts Open Barmorning followed by LIVE MUSIC Harley Street in evening

sUNday 26th may

kids treasure hunt followed by Afternoon Tea

non-members are welcome

Watch all Premier League Football matches live on our big screen!

HALL FOR HIRE • Children’s Parties • Wedding Receptions • Private Functions • Conference Facilities • Fully Equipped Kitchen

All at very competitive prices!

Give Kerrie a call on

01284 763402 Office Hours: 9.00am–1.00pm

Bar Telephone 01284 763405 84

The Moreton Hall Directory

follow us on:

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Hello all for the May issue of the Moreton Hall Community Centre editorial! Congratulations are in order for the Moreton Hall Directory for their 100th issue. Here at the bar we’ll be raising our reasonably priced pints for many more to come! To start with, the Moreton Hall Community Centre would like to offer the most heartfelt congratulations to our members Alison and Sylv for completing the London marathon on April 21st. They have been fundraising for CLIC Sargent the entire year in the lead up to completing the marathon and their dedication has raised over £4,000 for the cause. They’ve given up their time to train - the people that know them can attest to how hard they’ve worked - and the club is incredibly happy for them for what they’ve both achieved. Well done Alison and Slyv. Now, who’s signing up for next year?! Looking forward to what is to come, we’ve got quite a lot lined up for May. On Saturday 11th May, we will of course be showing the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic from 5:15pm. Come down to cheer or heckle for what should be a great match. After that, our very own Dave Dobbyn will be hosting a quiz night, starting at 8pm, with cash prizes to be won. Come down with a team for a chance to win! The next Saturday, the 18th May, is the date of the 3rd Annual Bury Darts open. For this event, we will be opening the bar in the morning to accommodate all those who like a pint with their darts, and bacon butties will be available in the morning. During the event we’ll be getting the BBQ going, with sandwiches, rolls, curry and chilli as well. We’re all looking forward to this day at the club, and whether you want to compete (a few spaces are available at the time of writing) or spectate, come down for a day that is sure to be brimming with sportsmanship and friendly atmosphere. If you do want to enter to show of your darts prowess, simply fill out the form available on our Facebook page and return it along with the £10 registration fee to the club. In the evening in the clubroom, we’ll be having live music from club favourites Harley Street. Described on their website as the band that “plays the songs you hear on the radio”, it’s sure to be a good night with plenty of tunes to enjoy. They’ll be playing from 8pm, so if you are coming to the darts open, it’ll be a brilliant way to unwind after a day of concentration. For the bank holiday weekends coming up in May, we’ll be open until eleven on the Sunday night on both occasions, and both the pool table and the jukebox are on free play from 6pm until 10pm. As an added treat on the Sunday 26th May, the club chairman has organised a treasure hunt for the kids in the afternoon, followed by an afternoon tea for us all to enjoy and bring in the summer months! Bingo continues in the clubroom every other

Tuesday night, with the next one on 14th May. For a full booklet, it’s £12, but there are half books to buy or even a single game if you want to try your luck! As ever, there is always the added lucky number at the end for 50p, and if you hold that ticket you could win up to 50 pounds. The table top sale that’s held on the third Sunday of every month from 10-2pm will be changing to a car boot sale on the field next to the clubroom. Pitches continue to cost £5, so if you have any unwanted items looking for a new home, come down and try to sell them for a bit of pocket money. More good news on the darts front - the Moreton Hall Ladies B darts team won their section, which is cause for celebration enough but then they went further by playing and winning against the other section winners, British Sugar! This makes them the overall champions of the league. We’ve had quite a bumper crop of wins this year, so here’s hoping the summer league proves as successful for all of our teams. Congratulations to all involved. In the coming months after May we will be holding more live music events, race nights and quiz nights. On Sunday 14th July, a select and skilled team comprising of bar staff and committee members have entered a team for the It’s a Bury Knockout competition! Keep tuned for fundraising events – all the proceeds go to the Men’s Health project at the West Suffolk Hospital, and wacky obstacle courses are lined up, so if you fancy supporting a good cause and very possibly laughing at our expense, come and cheer us on at Hardwick Heath (then of course go back to the club for a drink)! The Fun Day on Sunday 28th July is also starting to take shape, with a crafts fair being lined up in the hall on the day, as well as an exciting array of attractions for kids and adults to try out. We have booked the use of Zorb Balls on the day from 11-4pm, and if running around the field in a giant ball like a hamster seems appealing to anyone else, I would definitely advise having a go! If anyone reading this is interested in making a donation, holding a stall or supplying raffle prizes, please give us a ring on 01284 763402 or an email on; we’d be grateful for any help given. If you want any updates on our events, or information about the community centre, just visit our website on, or of course pop down and see us for a drink and a chat. See you all soon!

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The Moreton Hall Directory

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The Moreton Hall Directory

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