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VOL. 61 NUMBER 2 • WINTER 2016

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Committee on Masonic Publications Brent Stewart, Grand Master Richard L. Smith, Deputy Grand Master Ronald D. Jones, Senior Grand Warden Robert T. Thomas, Junior Grand Warden Dale H. Bryan, Grand Secretary David W. Haywood, PGM, Editor


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On the cover: Apron presentation re-enacted by Grand Master Brent Stewart. (Photo by David W. Haywood, PGM, Editor of The Freemason).

Greetings Brethren: I originally planned in my second article to address my message this year, “Give the Gift but Guard the Gate”. However, two important, unexpected developments require comment. Further, in my visits to our lodges an old controversy continues to crop up that I feel compelled to address. For those of you who wish more information about my message, your DDGMs are relaying it in their official visits, a copy is now available on the Grand Lodge website, and my speech to the annual AlgabilFreedom Lodge Breakfast also may be accessed on the website. First, due to unique circumstances I broke with protocol this year by awarding the Truman Medal in a lodge and prior to the Annual Communion. Right Worshipful Brother Robert H. (“Bob”) Stewart is this year’s recipient and he well deserves the high honor. Please take a moment to read the full article hereinafter. Next, Right Worshipful Brother Mike Wheeler, your Grand Lecturer, found it necessary to step down due to personal reasons. It was with a very heavy heart that I accepted his resignation and I ask that each of you keep RWB Wheeler and his family in your thoughts and prayers. By the time you read this, I will have announced my appointment for this extremely important position. This brings me to the old controversy: the never-ending complaints about the elimination of the “proficiency” requirement fifteen years ago at the 2000 Annual Communication. It reminds me of the controversy about Jeremy Cross’


publication in 1819 of the first illustrated Monitor, known as “Cross’ Chart”. Illustrating the symbols and emblems of Masonry was viewed at that time as an “innovation” because the old “Master’s Carpet” had grown to be viewed by some as a landmark—although the Master’s Carpet itself was a departure from the old practice of drawing designs upon the tavern floor or on a tracing board.1 The “proficiency”, as most of us know it, was not known in the early days of Missouri Masonry and only twenty three Grand Lodges in the United States today have a “long form memorization” requirement.2 The bottom line is that the general membership voted to eliminate the requirement. As your Grand Master I am obligated to enforce the will of the majority of our members and all Missouri Master Masons have taken an obligation to “stand to and abide by” the majority’s decision even if they might disagree with it. I have heard all the arguments on both sides, many times. I think a truly objective observer would have to admit that with the removal of the requirement (and the fall-out from it) we have lost something of value on several levels.3 On the other hand, I believe that historically we have done—and do—a disservice to ourselves and the Craft as a whole by making rote memorization our sole focus, the beginning and the end of our efforts. In doing that, we never take that necessary next step of learning and teaching the deep meaning and lessons of our ritual, and the next step, of putting those lessons into action in our

lives. Freemasonry is a progressive science, is it not? Those on both sides of the argument perhaps should pause, take a breath, and recognize a simple fact: in Missouri it is not prohibited to teach the traditional proficiency, only to require it. My Brethren, “proficiency” is not a dirty word. It still remains as a teaching and mentoring tool in the broader education of our candidates and our current members who seek more light. Its substance is intimately tied to and is a part of our ritual language and “our mode of work”. But what we must teach is not solely limited to it. We have much to teach, and many ways to teach it. Fighting among ourselves distracts us from our fundamental purpose and is harming the welfare of the Craft. I encourage all those “old self-exiled proficiency coaches” and new aspiring mentors to get a copy of MWB Haywood’s new Mentoring Manual and our recently re-published degree proficiency ciphers. Study them both. Understand them both. Then share that inestimable gift with those deserving of it. Fraternally,

Brent Stewart 1

From Mouth To Ear, Grand Master Henry C. Chiles, pp. 18-19. 2001 edition available from the Missouri Lodge of Research. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the development of Missouri ritual. 2

For what appears to be a still current summary of each state’s requirements, go to http://bessel.org/advance.htm 3

See, e.g., Masonic Reflections (2) “Suitable Proficiency, MWB Dr. J.C. Montgomery, The Missouri Freemason, Volume 50, No. 2, pp. 46-48.



to be in attendance and that the Lodge was having “some sort of program in my honor”. He did not know that he was to be this year’s recipient of the Truman Medal.

RWB Robert H. Stewart (Photo credit: Stewart Family)

As Freemasons we are instructed as to how we are to meet, act, and part in our relationships with each other. Beyond our control in those relationships are the vicissitudes of life and the governance of the iron tongue of time. It is seldom that we have the opportunity to anticipate and move ahead of the iron tongue of time, but that was what MWB Brent Stewart, Grand Master, was able to achieve in presenting the Truman Medal to RWB Robert H. (“Bob”) Stewart before a capacity crowd on October 29, 2015 at Cuba Lodge 312. Included in that crowd were several Grand Lodge Officers, special guest MWB Rocky Weaver, brethren from all over the state, and RWB Bob’s family, including his two sons and grandson, who also are Masons. RWB Bob had spent most of that day in an emergency room, but Joyce, his wife of 59 years was able to get him to the Lodge for that evening. RWB Bob was anxious to attend that night because he knew that the Grand Master was going

Prior to starting the ceremony, RWB Bob was seated at the base of the first step in the East, just slightly North of the center line. Seated at the base of the first step in the West were RWB Richard L. Smith, Deputy Grand Master and the 2005 Truman Medal Recipient; and RWB Nicholas R. Cichielo, Grand Treasurer and the 2008 Truman Medal Recipient. Without revealing the true purpose of the evening, Grand Master Stewart began his remarks by relating the full and extensive personal, civic, and Masonic history of RWB Bob Stewart. It would be difficult to overstate RWB Bob’s activities in the Cuba area where he was born in 1931. He has remained in the Cuba area his entire life, except from 1950-1954 when he served his country in the United States Air Force and returned with three battle stars. He served as Mayor and as an Alderman. He signed a note to purchase the first public ambulance and served on the zoning board. Active in the United Methodist Church, he was a Trustee, Sunday school teacher, and a choir member. Activities in the Boy Scouts and in officiating high school sports were also highlighted, along with a long list of other activities. RWB Bob Stewart became a member of the Craft in 1961. In 1965 he served as Master of Cuba Lodge 312 and in that same year he earned all of the Grand Lodge ritual certificates. Since that time he has proudly maintained all his Subdivision Ritual Cards for 45 years, served a total of 11 years as a District Deputy Grand Lecturer, started the Ritual

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Club in District 39, received the Scottish Rite and the York Rite degrees, and joined the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Temple. All of this was done while holding a position in the Post Office for over 30 years and attending to the needs of his growing family. In all of this, RWB Bob has been well supported by his wife Joyce, whom he married in 1956. Joyce was suited for this life with Freemasonry because her family too was active in Masonry. She later said that supporting Bob in Freemasonry was never an issue because he was “setting a good example for the boys. He did everything to the best of his abilities.” Joyce also spoke of a cousin whom Bob was coaching at their home: “He was always stuck on one word and he just couldn’t get past it. One day he got the word right, but it took a few moments to realize that our 3 year old had walked by and told him the correct word.” (That was the oldest son, Robert.)

(standing, left to right: RWB Nicolas R. Cichielo, Grand Treasurer, RWB Ty G. Treutelaar, Senior Grand Steward, RWB Richard L. Smith, Deputy Grand Master, RWB Robert E. Lee Martin Jr, Regional Grand Lecturer, MWB Rocky E. Weaver, PGM 2008-2009, RWB William E. Zimmerman, MWGM Brent Stewart, Grand Master, RWB Richard W. Kaeser, Junior Grand Steward, RWB Ronnie E. Green, Grand Sword Bearer, RWB Dale Bryan, Grand Secretary, RWB Rev. Roy L. Gilkey, Grand Chaplain, (seated) RWB Robert H. Stewart, Truman Medal Recipient)

At the conclusion of the Grand Master’s recitation of Bob’s rich history, RWB Smith and RWB Cichielo arose in unison in the West and advanced on the line of travel to the East where they turned together and faced the West. RWB Cichielo read the proclamation of the award with the words “Truman Medal” ringing at the end at which time RWB Smith opened the presentation box, and turned toward RWB Bob. The Grand Master then descended his station, and joined by RWBs Smith and Cichielo,


placed the medal upon the chest of a visibly stunned RWB Bob Stewart. The room erupted in a standing and sustained applause. RWB Robert H. Stewart is the 33rd recipient of the Truman Medal, which was created in 1983 by a resolution of the general membership of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. The medal is to be awarded to individual Freemasons for their distinguished service to Freemasonry, and while nominations are put forth by the Craft for consideration, the ultimate decision rests with the Grand Master. During the presentation the Grand Master remarked that “Bob’s name had been submitted several years ago so I was afraid that someone would beat me to the punch and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to make the award myself.” He went on to explain the first time the two “Brothers Stewart” met. In 2008 as the newly appointed Senior Grand Marshal he accompanied then-Grand Master MWB Rocky Weaver to Lanes Prairie Lodge 531 in Vichy for an officer installation where RWB Bob Stewart, as usual, was in attendance. MWB Weaver later remarked “they really hit if off that night, and that was pretty evident.”

RWB Robert H. Stewart and MWGM Brent Stewart

Following the formal presentation of the medal, RWB J.J. Tune, DDDGL for District 32, offered a poem and allocution in honor of RWB Stewart, for which he received a standing ovation. Many have assumed that the “two Stewarts” are father and son because of their identical last names and the camaraderie that they have enjoyed since their first meeting. In his remarks to the crowd RWB Bob laughed as he happily related how this “local legend” got started when several years ago MWB Stewart was asked to install the officers of Saint

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GRAND LODGE James Lodge. “Brent asked Saint James to find a Chaplain and a Marshal, and he was told to go call your dad, he lives right over in Cuba. He’s called me dad since then.” In concluding the ceremony, Grand Master Stewart asked MWB Weaver how Freemasons are to meet. He then asked RWB Bob how Freemasons are to act. He then paused for a moment to smile at his “dad”, and then declared how we are to part, finally asking the blessing of heaven to rest upon RWB Bob, his family, all those present, and upon all regular Freemasons.

(left - right: Bro Robert Stewart Jr., Benjamin Stewart, RWB Robert H. Stewart, Truman Medal Recipient, and WB Roger Stewart)

RWB Bob later stated that “I was overwhelmed, just overwhelmed with emotion and everything else, I never expected this”. Joyce said that “there is no way to measure what this medal means to him, but that since returning home there have been so many visitors to offer congratulations that I would like to get mileage for all the running back and forth with the medal.” Right Worshipful Robert H. Stewart, tireless servant of the Craft and the 33rd recipient of the Truman Medal, peacefully laid down his working tools on the evening of November 27, 2015. If you want to know where the future of Freemasonry will grow and prosper, it’s simple: In your heart, in my heart, and in the hearts of those who follow it. -Conrad Hahn

Grand Lodge Database Update The Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M. is pleased to announce the successful conversion of the Grand Lodge Database to the new system. At this time, the Grand Lodge is in the process of verifying the information and customizing the operation of the system to suit our processes and By-Laws. As with any major changes in the processes and procedures of an organization, there will be issues along the way. The Grand Lodge asks that you be patient with the implementation. Training & Communications The implementation of such a system is a complicated series of events and training. In order to facilitate both, the Grand Lodge will be communicating with lodge secretaries on a regular basis. We will also be posting information on the Grand Lodge Website www. momason.org Once the Lodge Secretary has set up an account, they will find training videos showing how to use different features of the system. In some cases, certain videos may not be available until that portion of the database is completed. Getting help and reporting problems. Should you have issues or need assistance after watching the training videos and attending a WebEx training session, please email grlodge@ momason.org with a description of your issue and how we can contact you. Please include pertinent information such as what you were trying to do, what lodge or member you were working on, and whether or not you received an error message. If possible, please send screenshots as well. This information will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot an issue. If you have any questions, please contact Grand Lodge staff at (877) 226-2766, or visit our website at www.momason.org.

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41st Annual Master’s Breakfast On Sunday, November 2, 1975, Freedom Lodge 636 (now Algabil-Freedom Lodge 636) held its first Master’s Breakfast to honor the sitting Worshipful Master. The cost for that first breakfast was $2.50, and the speaker was then Deputy Grand Master Fielding A. Poe, Jr. In the beginning, the event had different speakers from around the St. Louis area including then-Junior Grand Warden Gus O. Nations, Most Worshipful Brother William Chapman, Right Worshipful Brother Anthony Redfearn and others.

This year the cost was $8.00 and there were brethren attending from Lodges not only here in the St. Louis area, but also from Illinois. As one of his first visits to the St. Louis area for the new Grand Master, it gives him a chance to talk about his programs and upcoming events for his year. Past Grand Masters agree that is was one of the highlights of their year as Grand Master and brethren from the area look forward to attending the breakfast for the fellowship at the event.

Starting in 1982, the Lodge invited the newly installed Grand Master and have continued that practice every year. The ladies of the Lodge prepare and serve the breakfast; later the Lodge members take them out to dinner as a way of saying thank you. They present a gift to the speaker to remind them of event; it started as a Masonic Bible, then a wooden plaque of the State of Missouri with a trowel, and most recently, a United States Flag that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC on the date they were installed as the Grand Master, as well as a Missouri State Flag that was flown over the MO State Capitol also on the day they were installed as Grand Master. Grand Master being escorted into the breakfast by Junior Past Master, Michael P. Singer (photo credit by Roger Moser)

JPM Michael P. Singer (right) presenting the Missouri State Flag that was flown over the Missouri State Capitol on the day of GM Brent Stewart’s installation. (photo credit by Roger Moser).

Grand Lodge officers with both the incoming and outgoing Wroshipful Masters of Algabil-Freedom Lodge 636, WB John P. Michael Singer and JPM Michael P. Singer.

Winter Issue 2016

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A Singular Vision of Excellence There aren’t many lodges that can say that they had 600 people for dinner, but that is exactly what Poplar Bluff Lodge 209 did on October 17, 2015, the night of their annual Father Daughter Ball. This started in 2013 as an idea from the daughter of Worshipful Master Terry Yarborough, that he then brought to the Lodge. It wasn’t long before Worshipful Brother Yarborough, Right Worshipful Brothers Earnie Wilson, Jeff Pennington, and Mitch Penn, Worshipful Brother Lynn Gilton, and that unstoppable force known as Poplar Bluff Lodge 209 were moving as a cohesive unit to put together the first Father Daughter Ball in 2013. The Divine Chapter of the Order of DeMolay and Poplar Bluff Rainbow Assembly 115 became the hosts for the event which had about 50 attendees in 2013. In 2014 that number went up to 250, and this year 600 people were in attendance. The myriad of details was perfectly done; the arrival of the guests under a DeMolay arch of steel, the photo area, the vendor stands, the envelopes and cards at the tables to write a memory, the look of excitement of being announced, a steady stream of horses and carriages, and tiaras for every girl, because on that night, every girl was a princess. Suitable Escorts were arranged to accompany every girl who was orphaned or without a father, so that she was able to attend. This year also included a king. A young man from Make-A-Wish asked to be able to go to a prom. The Brethren were unhesitating that this ball would work for his prom; and Most Worshipful Grand Master Brent Stewart duly invested this young man as Prom King, with all the appropriate ancient rights, charges, and usages. Describing the 2015 Father Daughter Ball to anyone who was not in attendance is about as accurate as describing a color to someone on the phone. But the photos tell the story of a singular vision of excellence.

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M sonic Home of Missouri OUTREACH PROGRAMS 25 years of being where you are If given the opportunity to stay near your family, lodge, chapter, church and friends, would you choose this or move away to a place that is unfamiliar and removed from all the people and places you know? It seems such an obvious choice for most of us – we would want to be surrounded by the people and places we know and love. The Masonic Home made a change 25 years ago which recognized and embraced that choice. The Masonic Home of Missouri’s Board of Directors was faced with difficult challenges regarding the upkeep and census of the Delmar campus in the 1980s. This caused a reevaluation of how the Masonic Home could help the membership. Was it possible to help people remain in their own homes or facilities within their own communities? In 1990, the Board of Directors decided that the Masonic Home could change – the Masonic Home could come to you. Many people think that the Outreach Program began within the last few years. There were actually 10 clients approved for financial assistance from the Masonic Home in 1991 when the program started, but it would take several years for the program to grow beyond 10 to 20 clients assisted a year. In Fiscal Year 2015, the Outreach Program provided financial assistance to 116 Missouri Master Masons, their wives, widows, female members of the Order of the Eastern Star, and their dependent children. The direct financial

assistance provided was $951,485.51. In addition, this assistance was statewide – the Masonic Home might be assisting a Mason or Order of the Eastern Star member today in your community. Since the inception of the Outreach Program, it has grown and evolved. It is no longer just a financial assistance program. It has expanded to meet the diverse needs of the membership, while also finding ways to get back to the Home’s original mission. The ability to help children is a wonderful example of an expansion of the program. The ability to help younger Masons and Eastern Star members through a short-term crisis has also been made possible through this program. In addition, the Masonic Home provides assistance that is not monetary through programs such as Social Services and Financial Counseling. This past fiscal year the Masonic Home touched the lives of almost 13,000 people statewide through both the financial assistance programs and the non-financial Outreach Programs. The Outreach Program is celebrating 25 years of service to the Fraternity. It has helped the Masonic Home change and adapt to the needs of the membership. It has changed how the Masonic Home works with lodges and chapters statewide. It is time to celebrate the Outreach Program’s silver anniversary. We hope you will join us in that celebration in 2016, because the Masonic Home truly is “Where You Are”.

Mission Statement To assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry

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Masonic Home of Missouri Outreach Program Review

The Outreach Program has continued to grow and evolve over the past 25 years to meet the changing needs of the Masonic membership. As the needs of the membership have continued to change throughout the years, the Masonic Home has adapted and added programs to financially aid or provide resource support. We continue to support and follow our mission statement. The following information on the Outreach Programs is provided to assist eligible Missouri Master Masons, their wife/widows, or female members of the Order of the Eastern Star in understanding what programs are available. For more in-depth program requirements, please call one of our caseworkers at (800) 434-9804 or visit our website at www. mohome.org. Financial Programs The Long-Term Financial Assistance Program provides financial on-going assistance for longer periods of time for such things as assisted living care. The Short-Term Financial Assistance Program provides limited financial assistance, such as help with one-time medical needs. The Children’s Outreach Program provides financial assistance to legal dependents of Missouri Master Masons or Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and the Lodges or Chapters to assist children in need in their community. The Armed Forces Program has two components: Veterans Program and Partnering to Honor (PTH) which allow the Masonic Home and Lodges or Chapters to honor those who have served and are currently serving our Country. Resource-Oriented Programs The Masonic Family Cares Program helps facilitate connections between Lodges, Chapters, youth organizations and the Masonic brothers and sisters in their communities. The Social Services Program helps individuals locate services throughout the state. The Widows Program was developed to bring Masonic Widows, the local Masonic Home Representatives, and the Masonic Home of Missouri together to recognize and assist our Masonic Widows. The Financial Counseling Program helps individuals learn skills, such as budgeting and debt management. If you feel that someone (or yourself) is in need of our services, please contact the Masonic Home of Missouri at (800) 434-9804.

Winter Issue 2016

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Spotlight on.... The Children’s Finanical Outreach Program & The Armed Forces Program The Children’s Financial Outreach Program The Children’s Financial Outreach Program provides financial assistance to legal dependents of Missouri Master Masons or Missouri female members of the Order of the Eastern Star. Assistance provided through this program may help with medical care and services such as therapy and equipment, dental, hearing and vision. The parents or legal guardians of the child must demonstrate a financial need and complete the financial application on the child’s behalf. Age and Length of Membership requirements are reviewed on all applications, but the requirement is different from some of the other programs; the parent or legal guardian must have two years of membership prior to the application. Legal dependents must be 21 years of age or younger or over the age of 21 with a physical or mental disability. The Armed Forces Program The Armed Forces Program has two components. The first is similar to our Widows Program; the Masonic Home would like to recognize and thank our Masonic Veterans. The second component is similar to the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) in that the Home would like to partner with Lodges and Chapters for those who have served and those currently serving our Country. Veterans Program The Masonic Home has created a list of Masonic Veterans. The Masonic Home is asking for help in identifying our Masonic Veterans. Once a Masonic Veteran is identified, the Masonic Home will send

him or her a veterans lapel pin as a small token of our appreciation for his or her service to our Country. Throughout the year, the Masonic Home will send special mailings to those veterans to honor and thank them for their service. Please contact the Masonic Home at (800) 434-9804 to add a veteran to our database. We will need their name, address, date of birth, branch of service, and service years.

The Masonic Home of Missouri’s Armed Forces lapel pin (enlarged to show detail)


The Masonic Home of Missouri respects the Masonic Fraternity’s privacy and does not sell or release information from any database to other entities. Partnering to Honor (PTH) The Partnering to Honor Program (PTH) is a matching funds program between the Masonic Home and local Lodges and Chapters. It provides an opportunity to join together to help fund Honor Flights and care packages to those individuals currently serving. The Masonic Home may match up to $10,000.00 per Lodge or Chapter each fiscal year, July 1st to June 30th. Honor Flights Honor Flights (www.honorflights.org) started in 2005. This program honors veterans by helping them visit Washington D.C. to visit their memorial. The Masonic home partners with Lodges and Chapters throughout the Missouri to help fund some of these Honor Flight for our well-deserved veterans.

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The Masonic Home is not affiliated with the Honor Flight Program, nor is the Masonic Home responsible for any aspect of the Honor Flight Program. The Masonic Home works only with Lodges and Chapters to help find this program. If you are a veteran interested in the Honor Flight, you must contact the Honor Flight Program directly.

Care Packages Lodges and Chapters can work within their Lodge or Chapter to make and send care packages to active duty members, serving overseas, or in the United States. There are some organizations that put together care packages and accept monetary donations, such as churches, VFW, or the American Legions. If your Lodge or Chapter would like to donate toward a care package that will be made by another entity, Lodge or Chapter funds may be matched. Matching funds must go toward the purchase of specific items. The Masonic Home will not match funds for general operating expenses.

Completing the Partnering to Honor Application

The Lodge or Chapter must complete and submit their application along with their matching funds to the Masonic Home. The application can be accessed on the Masonic Home of Missouri’s website at www.mohome. org or mailed upon request. Funds provided from a Lodge or Chapter must be raised by the Lodge or Chapter. After the application is approved, the Home will return to the Lodge or Chapter a check with the matching funds. Approved funds will be sent to the Lodge/Chapter payable to the designated store or 501(c)(3) organization. The Masonic Home will not reimburse Masonic Lodges, Chapters or individual members of a Lodge or Chapter. Once items are purchased and/or funds donated, the Lodge or Chapter will be responsible for providing a copy of the receipt(s) and/or a letter from the organization showing how funds were spent. The Lodge/Chapter will not be able to make additional requests until all receipts are received.

Save the Date! We are excited to announce that the Masonic Home of Missouri’s 14th Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, May 2, 2016 at the Columbia Country Club in Columbia, Missouri. We will be bringing back an exciting theme, fabulous food, prizes and a great day of golf, all to benefit the Masonic Home of Missouri. Registration includes 18 holes of golf, cart rental, range balls, lunch, beverages, polo shirt, prizes and an awards dinner. We are finalizing the details now and you will be receiving the information soon. If you should have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 434-9804 or visit our website at www.mohome.org. Funds raised from the tournament will support our children’s and veteran’s programs. Last year’s proceeds played an important role in allowing us to provide over $1,000,000 through the Outreach Financial Assistance Programs. This would not have been possible without the generous sponsors and golfers who supported our tournament. To continue the success, please sign up as a player or bring a team. Also, consider being a sponsor of the tournament. Several levels of sponsorship will be available. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on the course in May! Winter Issue 2016

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Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) The Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) was introduced twelve years ago and the Masonic Home of Missouri would like to extend our appreciation to all of the Lodge and Chapters who have made this program so successful. The Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) is a matching funds program that creates a partnership between the Masonic Home and Lodges or Chapters throughout the state to help children in need within their communities. The Masonic Home may match up to $10,000.00 per Lodge or Chapter each fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. Funds provided from a Lodge or Chapter must be raised by the Lodge or Chapter.

Individual Child/Children

Lodges and Chapters can work within their community to identify a child or children in need through schools or other local community organizations. Assistance can help to provide clothing, school supplies, coats, shoes, hats and gloves, hygiene items, eye glasses, dental work, etc.


Lodges and Chapter can identify projects within their communities through schools or through other charitable organizations. Recipients of the CAP Project-Based funds must be a 501(c)(3) as defined by the IRS or a public entity, such as a school. An example of a project that may qualifies the backpack food program found in communities statewide, which provides food over the weekend for schoolchildren in need. Matching funds must go toward the purchase of specific items, such as food or backpacks. The

Masonic Home will not match funds for general operating expenses. This program is not intended to be used as a Thanksgiving or Christmas program.

Completing the CAP Application

Once a need has been identified, the Lodge or Chapter must complete and submit their application along with their matching funds to the Masonic Home. The application on the Masonic Home of Missouri’s website at www.mohome.org or mailed upon request. After the application is approved, the Home will return to the Lodge or Chapter a check with the matching funds. Approved funds will be sent to the Lodge or Chapter payable to the designated store or 501(c)(3) organization. The Masonic Home will not reimburse Masonic Lodges, Chapters or individual members of a Lodge or Chapter. Purchases must be made within five (5) days of receiving the funds. Every application that is submitted must include two (2) signatures with one of those signatures being the Worshipful Master, Worthy Matron, Secretary or Treasurer of the Lodge/Chapter. The other signature must be someone other than who is requesting the matching funds. During FY15, the Masonic Home and 67 Lodges partnered together to provide $129,600.46 and with 8 Chapters to provide $8,969.95 to children in need. Through this partnership, Lodges and Chapters made a difference in the lives of over 6,700 children by providing food, clothing, and school supplies. This program makes a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise go without the things that so may of us take for granted, like a warm winter coat or food to eat during the weekend.

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Penny A Day Program Thank you to all Lodges and Lodge Secretaries who have reached out to the Masonic Home of Missouri over the past few months in support of the Penny-ADay program. Your support is appreciated! During calendar year 2015, approximately 36% of Missouri Masonic Lodges participated in the program. Our goal is to have 100% participation by 2020. Will you help us?

The Vincil Society is a recognition program designed to acknowledge lodges, chapters and other organizations for their cumulative giving to the Masonic Home of Missouri since January 1, 2014. Once cumulative giving reaches $500, the lodge/ organizations will receive permanent recognition on the Vincil Society Donor Wall located at the Masonic Complex in Columbia.

To participate, simply add an additional $3.65 or more when you pay your dues. All contributions are collected by the Lodge and a check will be mailed directly to the Masonic Home of Missouri. All members who participate will receive a Penny-ADay sticker to place on their dues card for the year. An example of the new Penny A Day stickers available through the Masonic Home of Missouri Vincil Society Donor Wall was graciously donated by Jim & Yvonne McManigle. (photo credit: Masonic Home of Missouri)

Penny-A-Day is just one of the many ways that Lodges can support the Masonic Home of Missouri. In an effort to recognize Lodges who send in contributions to the Home, the Masonic Home of Missouri launched The MWB John D. Vincil Master Builder Society (Vincil Society) in 2014.

Please contact Julie Kirchhoff, Annual Giving Officer at jkirchhoff@mohome.org or (800) 434-9804 if you have questions about the Penny-A-Day Program, need stickers to place on dues cards or wish to know your level within the Vincil Society.

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody. ~Chinese Proverb Winter Issue 2016

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Fun and Interesting Facts about the Masonic Home of Missouri That it costs approximately $13,000.00 to assist one client living in a facility through the Long-Term Financial Assistance Outreach Program for one year?

In FY15, Masonic Region E received $228,819.18 in financial assistance to eligible Missouri Master Masons, their wives/ widows or female members of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The longest length of time that the Home has assisted someone in the Long-Term Financial Assistance Program is thirteen (13) years. The Masonic Home of Missouri mails out approximately 42,500 copies of the Missouri Outreach magazine to all Master Masons and Masonic Widows free of charge. We offer the magazine in the Spring, Summer, and Winter. The Fall edition is our Annual Report and is provided during Annual Communication and Grand Chapter or is available upon request. All issues are also available on our website at www.mohome.org.

Did you know...that there are currently 7,162 widows in the Widows Program database? Each widow receives a special lapel pin and a card of their spouse’s Masonic career history. That all persons referred to the Board of Directors for the Outreach Programs are designated as “John” or “Jane Doe”. The only people who know the identity of the individual referred for services are the caseworkers and the finance department, if a check needs to be made.

Did you know...that In FY15, Widows checks for one-time comprised 57% of the payment assistance are clients that the Home sent to the organization assisted. 13% of those that is due the funds and not directly to the person were also members of the Order of the requesting assistance? Eastern Star.

The Masonic Home has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts? We also have a website at www.mohome. org.

The Penny-A-Day program helped support the Outreach Programs by providing over $21,000.00 in donations during FY15 but only 36 % of Lodges participate?

The Outreach Department has 2 Financial Assistance Caseworkers, 1 Partnership Coordinator, 1 Financial Counselor and 1 Masonic Family Cares Coordinator. Their combined tenure working for the Home is 52 1/2 years.

In FY15, the Home was invited to come and speak at 33 ladies luncheons, teas and dinners on our history and programs. page 16 The Freemason





hank you to those that have provided financial support to the Masonic Home of Missouri by recently making a donation to our year-end appeal. If you have not made a donation, we hope that you will join those that have supported the Masonic Home of Missouri by considering a donation of $125, $200 or whatever you can afford to give. Your support helps to ensure that the Masonic Home remains a vital resource for our brothers, sisters and Masonic Family in need; today and into the future. We would also like to thank Grand Master Brent Stewart for his support of our mission. In his year-end letter, Brent stated that for years the Masonic Home of Missouri has been providing assistance to our Missouri Masonic Veterans through the Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Assistance Programs. In 2015, the program was expanded with additional support and recognition of veterans with The Armed Forces Program. Through the Armed Forces Program, we honor our Masonic Veterans and partner with Lodges and O.E.S. Chapters to help fund Honor Flights for veterans and care packages for active duty military personnel. We are proud to support these courageous men and women who have dedicated their lives to protect ours. This year, as a token of our appreciation for your support of the year-end appeal, we are offering a limitededition ornament commemorating our new Armed Forces Program. This ornament is the third in a series of four ornaments that were designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the Masonic Home, our oldest Masonic Charity.

To find out more about the Armed Forces Program, please visit us at www.mohome.org. Feel free to contact us at 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A, Columbia, MO 65202 or by phone at (800) 434-9804. Thank you again to all those that support this great charity. Winter Issue 2016

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10 Years Old & Going Stronger On Saturday, November 14th, the MoCHIP Child ID Program identified its 225,000 child at the event held at the St. Louis Science Center. The event was sponsored by Algabil-Freedom Lodge 636 and Tuscan Lodge 360 and in the capable hands of team #2 Regional Coordinators, There were actually two events being held that Saturday, the one in St. Louis and the other in Osceola, MO headed by team #6, Kansas City Regional Coordinators, David Dowell and Mark Hamilton. The day was spent in constant contact between Nick Cichielo, State Coordinator, Brad Fowler, Assistant State Coordinator and both teams. For a while, it appeared that Team #6 was going to ID the 225,000th child, but a sudden influx of children at the Science Center turned the odds to Craig Skinner’s favor. Before long our 225,000th was revealed and her grateful family couldn’t have been any happier. Meet, 18-month old, Kennedy! She was quite the trooper considering she hadn’t a clue what all the fuss what about. It began like any ordinary day,

though an outing to the Science Center was planned. It wasn’t until the family of three arrived that they learned of the MoCHIP Child Identification event that was being held.

Kennedy and her family pose with the MoCHIP team members. (photo credit: MoCHIP archives)

Thank you, Kennedy and your loving parents for going through our program and becoming a MoCHIP Safe Child! Our program continues to grow and protect Missouri’s Children! Onward now to 250,000!

Upcoming Events Date/Time February 12, 2016 10 am - 2 pm February 20, 2016 10 am - 2 pm March 5, 2016 10 am - 2 pm March 5, 2016 10 am - 2 pm March 5, 2016 10 am - 2 pm March 12, 2016 10 am - 2 pm

Sponsor Health Fair MoCHIP

Event Location Sam’s Club in Raymore, MO

Cass Lodge No. 147

Harrisonville National Guard Armory, Harrisonville, MO

Canopy Lodge No. 284

United Methodist Church, Aurora, MO

Risco MoCHIP

Risco School in Risco, MO

Saint Louis College of Health Careers MoCHIP & Lakeville Lodge

Saint Louis College of Health Careers in Fenton, MO Bell City School’s Cafeteria in Bell City, MO

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The Freemason



MASONIC SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION DEADLINE APPROACHING The Masonic Scholarship Foundation of Missouri is one of the crown jewels of Missouri Freemasonry. The foundation was formed to assist deserving Missouri students with their educational expenses. At the present time, fifty-two students are receiving scholarship assistance totaling over $300,000 for the 2015-2016 school year. Scholarships include the Samuel Smith Stewart, Ruth Lutes Bachman, and Masonic Merit scholarships and are renewable annually based on student achievement. The scholarships are available to any Missouri high school senior that meets the criteria provided with the scholarship application. A copy of the application is sent to all Lodges in the November packet and is available at www.momason.org under the Programs tab. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2016. The scholarship selection committee receives 700 to 1000 applications, making their decision very difficult. Due to changes in the deadline and criteria, it is very important that your Lodge designate someone to take a copy of the new application and criteria to their local high school to make them aware of changes. For example, the new applications require financial information from their FAFSA application and there has been a change in the submission deadline. Participating in the scholarship program is a wonderful way to connect your Lodge to the community through your local high school. Think of the pride you and your Lodge will feel if you are able to attend the school’s awards ceremony this spring and hand out a four-year scholarship worth $36,000 to a deserving student from your community. It is truly a life changing experience for the students and their families.


1. Grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent). 2. ACT, SAT-or equivalent-test score. (Scores considered 18-36) 3. Involvement in extra-curricular activities. 4. Financial Need. 5. Graduates of one of Missouri’s Public High Schools, Private High Schools or Students of the Accredited Home School Program. 6. Conditioned on enrollment as a full time student (12 hours credit per semester or term) at an accredited college or university in the United States. 7. Selection is made without regard to race, creed, sex or country of origin.


1. Must provide a current official college transcript showing a cumulative 3.0, or higher, grade point average. However, the Board retains the option to review each application on a case by case basis. 2. Conditioned on enrollment as a full time student (12 hours credit per semester or term) at an accredited college or university in the United States. 3. These scholarships are for a limit of 4 consecutive years. 4. Must be in residence (this means Study Abroad Programs are not accepted). 5. Student must contact the Grand Lodge Office with any address changes. 6. Student must contact the Grand Lodge Office if he/she transfers to another college. (This information is imperative as it may affect the Scholarship.)

Winter Issue 2016

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Clifton Truman Daniel

Author, Lecturer, Researcher, Master Mason, Eldest Grandson of MWB Harry S Truman

Please join us for an afternoon of exciting activities in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Missouri Lodge of Research. • Talk by Bro. Clifton Truman Daniel - Eldest Grandson of MWB Harry S Truman. • Remarks by Alex Burden - Executive Director of the Truman Library Institute. • Curated exhibit of the Frank S. Land and Harry S Truman 33° rings along with remarks from RWB Ty G. Treutelaar and Ill. Robert W. Cockerham regarding their significance. • Admission to the Harry S Truman Library & Museum • Attendees will have the exclusive FIRST opportuity to purchase the strictly Limited Edition Missouri Lodge of Research 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

page 20

The Freemason


Congratulations The officers of the Grand Lodge of Missouri AM & FM would like to congratulate the following recipients of membership service pins. It is a great honor to bestow these membership pins on our Brothers.

25 Year Pins

WB Thompson and WB Willlingham

WM Franklin and Bro. Reece

On October 22, 2015, Brother’s Joseph C. Willingham and Gary D. Reece were presented 25 year certificates by the Worshipful Master of Strafford Lodge 608, Scott Franklin. Brother Willingham was pinned by WB Rick Thompson, and Brother Reece was pinned by WM Scott Franklin. Both Brother’s expressed their gratitude toward the lodge and Freemasonry for all they do within the Strafford Community.

On November 19th, Robert (Bobby) Pinegar, Past Master (left), received his 25 year pin and certificate from Worshipful Master Scott Franklin of Strafford Lodge 608, in Strafford, Mo. Pinegar expressed his gratitude for the award and reminded all of us that after all these years, he still remains a Freemason in his heart.

50 Year Pins On September 10, 2015, Right Worshipful Brother Kenneth Clements, past District Deputy Grand Lecturer, received his fifty-year pin and certificate from Right Worshipful Brother Francis Jett at OverlandOccidental Lodge 623. Jett was assisted by Brother Harley Clements, who is a 54 year member of Tyro Lodge 12 in Caledonia, Missouri. (left photo)

On September 24, 2015, Brother Donald Thurman of Strafford Lodge 608 was presented his fifty-year pin by Right Worshipful Brother Randy Jones. He was pinned by his brother-in-law, Brother Dennis McIntosh, who drove from Lexington, Kentucky, to participate in the ceremony. (right photo) Winter Issue 2016

page 21


On Saturday, October 10th, 2015, an open meeting was held at Mount Hope Lodge 476 to present Worshipful Brother Richard L Gann with his 50 year pin and Certificate. Gann has served Mount Hope Lodge in all the chairs. There were more than 35 in attendance and the ceremony was performed by Right Worshipful Brother Stanley Massey, Master.

When a brother moves to another jurisdiction, the Grand Lodge of his jurisdiction requests a Lodge close to where he now lives to present fifty-year pins. The Grand Lodge of Illinois asked the Grand Lodge of Missouri to have Mountain View Lodge 637 bestow Right Worshipful Brother Richard Skeen, former Grand Lecturer of Illinois, with his fiftyyear pin and certificate. Skeen had moved to Southern Missouri a few years ago, and nearly 25 members and visiting brethren were in attendance. Pictured with RWB Skeen is Worshipful Master Nicholas Wester. On November 5, 2015, members of Samaritan Lodge 424, presented Brother Harold McGee with his 50 year pin. (Pictured from left to right are: WM James Stewart Jr, WB Charles Winslow, WB Robert Nugent, PDDGM RWB Dan Ward, PDDGM RWB Dale Newcomer, Bro. McGee, Bro. Scott Smith and WB S. Wayne Gibson. Photographer was WB Michael Stevens).

On October 9, 2015, Brother Thomas M. Barnes was presented his 50 Year membership certificate by the Worshipful Master of Webster Lodge 98, Daniel Macrelli. Brother Barnes was pinned by his next door neighbor. After expressing his love and gratitude for the lodge, as well as the fraternity, he presented the Lodge with a $500.00 donation.

On October 13th, a delegation from Cass Lodge 147 visited Brother William P. Campbell’s home to present him with his fifty-year pin. Worshipful Master Jim Spencer, Worshipful Brother Dan Eads, and Worshipful Brother Michael Todd had the honor of presenting him his certificate and pin in the presence of his wife. Brother Campbell was very humbled to receive this honor and shared many stories of his journey through Freemasonry including when he was Worshipful Master of Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben Lodge 837 in West Germany in 1971-1972.

If you have a Lodge milestone or want to celebrate a Masonic service milestone, please send a photo and short narrative to editor@momason.org. Photos need to be high quality and narratives should indicate the event portrayed, the Lodge & City, and people in the photo. The editor reserves the rights to accept, reject, subedit, and rearrange material submitted for publication. Deadlines for submission are noted on the inside cover of this publication. page 22

The Freemason

Greenville Lodge 107 AF & AM, met on T h u r s d a y, Nov. 5 and conferred the 50 year Masonic J e w e l Ceremony of WB Paul J. Bridges of Silva. WB Bridges (pictured on left) petitioned the Lodge on April 19, 1965, upon the recommendation of W.B. Bill Hollida and the late Bro. Corprew Jones. He later served as Worshipful Master in 1973. He married Joan (Jones) Bridges (pictured center) and they have three daughters, Paula Jennewein, Pamela Green and Pat Lane and several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. In the community Bridges retired as Postmaster of Greenville, Missouri, and he serves on the board of trustees of Mt. Pisgah Cemetery and the Wayne County SB-40 board. He has been a part of the family of New Hope General Baptist Church at Silva for 35 years. The ceremony was presided over by RWB Ted Marlow (on right).

IN CELEBRATION & MEMORIAM Washington Lodge 87 was delighted to present Brother Carl C. Speight with the Grand Lodge of Missouri’s 50-year Service Award. Bro. Speight was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on Oct. 23, 1965, in the old Melville Lodge 458 in Dadeville, MO. He became a member of Washington Lodge 87 on May 22, 1979 when Melville Lodge 458 consolidated with our Lodge. Bro. Speight and his wife Loretta live on a stock farm near Dadeville. They have been life long residents of that community and have always been involved with the affairs of the community. We congratulate and thank you Bro. Carl for your service to the Lodge and know that you will help keep the tradition of Freemasonry alive and well. We also wish you and Loretta good health and happiness for years to come. (pictured above, L to R) WB Jeff Davis, WM, Bro. Carl C. Speight and making the presentation, RWB Chris C. McLemore, III).

On October 10, 2015 Sheffield Lodge 625 had the privilege to bestow on Brother James F. Meek his 50 year service pin. Bro. Meeks was raised in Northeast Lodge 643 in 1965, then transferred to Sheffield Lodge 625 in 1994. RWB Cecil Wagers presented Bro. Meek his Jewel.

Brother Robert Gates was presented his 50 year Masonic pin on October 21, 2015 at the Webb City Lodge 512. After a dinner in his honor of this milestone, an open presentation was held with DDGM, RWB Christopher Nickle making the presentation. Pinning was by Brother Gate’s wife. Present were Brother Gate’s wife, two Sisters, his Brother, and Brother-In-Law and members of Joplin and Webb City Lodges. Brother Gates is from the Webb City area and graduated from Sarcoxie High School. He attended Pittsburg State University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Arizona State University. Brother Gates retired from AT & T/Bell Laboratories and has extensive foreign travel during his career. Brother Gates and his wife reside in Raleigh, NC. We congratulate Brother Robert Gates on this achievement and his years of Service to Freemasonry and his Community.

Winter Issue 2016

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IN CELEBRATION & MEMORIAM On October 12th, Platte City Lodge 504 was honored to have Brother James Palmer and his family join us for dinner and to receive his 50-year pin. MWB John Hess presented the certificate, RWB Joe Strobbe, acted as Marshal and read MWB Haywood’s letter, RWB Larry Davis acted as Chaplain, and WB Lance Foster as Secretary.

The members of Hermann Masonic Lodge 123 recently presented Bro. Eugene Ulrich his 50 year pin at the lodge hall in Hermann. His wife, Nadine, friends, and lodge members attended the event.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 Osage Lodge 303 presented David Bishop his 50 year service pin and certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Pictured are DDGM Paul Daniel,David Bishop,Willie Bishop, and Past DDGM Lawrence Cripps.

On December 10, 2015, the Grand Master, MWB Brent Stewart visited Forsyth Lodge 453 A.F. & A.M. and honored WB Robert Housman with a 50 Year pin presentation. He was assisted in the pinning by WB Robert’s wife Rita.

60 Year Pins Brother John Furry, of Webb City Lodge 512 was presented with his 60 year Masonic Service pin October 27, 2015 at his home in Webb City, Missouri. In attendance were Brother Furry, WB Maurice Clarke, WB Jann Amos, and W.M. Wm “Kip” Davis. Also present were Brother Furry’s Daughters and Grandchildren. Brother John Furry is retired from the Missouri Highway Patrol and resides in Webb City. Brother Furry is a Navy Veteran and served in the Pacific Theater with several incursions of the Philippine Islands. Brother Furry was a part of the Honor Flight of the Ozarks and enjoy visiting the WW II Memorial in Washington D.C. Webb City Lodge 512 would like to extend a heartfelt Thanks to Brother John Furry for his service to his Country, the State of Missouri and the Webb City area. page 24

The Freemason

(Front Row, Left to Right) GM Brent Stewart, Gene Berck, Harold Ward, Ed Davenport, RWB Richard L. “Dick” Smith, RWB Ty. G. Treutelaar and RWB Dave Wheelock. 2nd Row, Left to Right: Adam Torreyson, Clay Keeton, Don Torreyson, Ed Torreyson, Charles Palmer, Charles Berck, Back Row, Left to Right: Phil Woolfolk, Bobby Colley, Homer Colley.

On October 15th, 2015, six Brothers were recognized at Centralia Lodge 59 for their combined service to the Fraternity of 384 years. If these years were “placed end to end”, the first Brother would have joined the Craft in 1631. Grand Master Brent Stewart, Deputy Grand Master Dick Smith, Senior Grand Steward Ty Treutelaar, Regional Grand Lecturer David Wheelock, and DDGM Charles Palmer were present to congratulate the brethren for their remarkable achievement. Each brother was presented a special certificate of commemoration and pin for their respective years of service as well as the Grand Master’s pin and coin for this year. The evening began with dinner followed by a public ceremony in the lodge room conducted by MWB Stewart. The ceremony was similar to the traditional 50 year pin ceremony except that it was adjusted for and included all the honorees present as well as providing some Masonic education for Masons and non-Masons alike. Speaking from their place of honor in the East, the honorees each then offered various reflections of why they joined, how they joined, and what life was like when they first became part of the Fraternity.


On Friday, October 16, 2015, Brother Ernest Ray was presented with his 60-year Masonic pin by Worshipful Master Wm. “Kip” Davis accompanied by his wife, Donna. The pinning was performed by Brother Ray’s wife Ola (pictured). Brother Ray is a lifelong resident of the Webb City area and a World War II, U.S. Navy Veteran. Brother Ray worked at Midwest Machinery for 44 years before retiring. He and his wife continue to reside in Webb City, MO. Webb City Lodge 512, AF & AM is proud to have been witness to Brother Rays 60 years of service to Freemasonry and his community. We Congratulate Brother Ray and his wife, Ola on this accomplishment, and his Military Service, the Webb City Community and to these United States of America.

65 Year Pin

Brother Clyde Raymond “Ray” Smith of Webb City Lodge 512 was presented his 65 year Masonic pin on September 4, 2015 by Junior Warden Jann Amos and Worshipful Master William “Kip” Davis. The pinning was done by his wife, Mary with family members in attendance. Brother Smith has been in Webb City for some 40 years, after moving from Ottawa, Kansas and was a grain elevator supervisor and continued his work with the Missouri Department of Agriculture as an Inspector. Brother Smith also worked with the Webb City School District as a Teacher’s Aide. Brother Smith is a United States Navy Veteran and served in the Pacific theater in World War II.

Winter Issue 2016

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Installations & Events On the evening of October 29th, the Masons of District 18 and from the surrounding districts and Grand Lodge Officers, gathered together at Swope Park Lodge 617 to learn not only Masonic education, but American history about our country’s flag. Members of the National Sojourners 154 from Leavenworth, Kansas came out to present “Building of the Flag” to the brethren. This program describes and details the history of “Old Glory” from the first continental congress flag to the American Flag we currently use today. Donations were collected to help youth attend the Spirit of America Youth Conference. Details of this great program can be found at www.freedomsfoundation.org.

Sampson Lodge No. 298 Installation Thirty people assembled at the Theodosia Masonic Lodge on Saturday afternoon, August 29th, to participate in the Installation of Officers of Sampson Lodge 298 for the 2015-2016 Masonic year. Wayne Calhoun, District Deputy Grand Master for the 42nd Masonic District of Missouri, was Installing Officer. Craig Carter, District Deputy Grand lecturer of the 35th Masonic District, was Installing Marshal. Allen Tharp, Past Master of Robert Burns Lodge 496 in Gainesville, served as Installing Chaplain.

Members of the National Sojourners that presented this very informative and patriotic program were: Herbert F. Merrick, Barry Remmey, and Richard Schroder.

Webster Groves Lodge No. 84 C2A Class On November 25th, Webster Groves Lodge 84 held a Chance-to-Advance Class and raised 16 Master Masons. Right Worshipful Brother Jim Fiete, Worshipful Master, opened the Lodge and both Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees were performed under the direction of the the District Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Miguel White. Right Worshipful Brothers Ty Treutelaar, Rick Kaeser, and Jeff Parrotte mentored the class. Grand Master Brent Stewart was in attendance.

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The Freemason


In Memoriam 2015 marked the unfortunate loss of two staunch supporters of both our Fraternity and of our state government, WB Harold L. Caskey and WB Emory Melton. Both Worshipful Brothers were legendary Senators, one Democrat (Caskey) the other Republican (Melton).

Senator and Worshipful Brother Harold L. Caskey

Senator and Worshipful Brother Emory Melton

Standing, left to right: GM Brent Stewart, Brother and State Representative Nate Walker and Kay Caskey. (seated) Senator, WB Harold L. Caskey. (Photo by RWB Ron Jones)

Photo of Emory Melton at the spring at Roaring River State Park.

Retired State Senator Harold L. Caskey passed away on October 1, 2015 in Merriam, Kansas. Senator Caskey was 77 and had been in ill health with Parkinson’s Disease. Senator Caskey was among the most veteran members of the Missouri General Assembly, winning election to seven terms representing Senate District 31. During his 28 years in the Senate, Senator Caskey sponsored and passed 327 pieces of legislation into law. Longtime friends noted that Senator Caskey was all the more remarkable as an influential lawmaker because he was legally blind since the first grade because of an inherited retina condition, Infantile Macular Scarring.

Former Republican State Senator Emory Melton, 92, of Cassville passed away on December 26, 2015. A 24-year veteran of the Missouri State Senate, Melton was well known for his wisdom, stories and dedication to the people of southern Missouri.

WB Caskey was from Butler Missouri and was Past Master of Crescent Hill Lodge 368. WB Caskey was able to attend the State Capitol Cornerstone Ceremony in July 2015.

(photo credit: Tom Uhlenbrock/Missouri State Parks)

While he was a well-respected attorney, politician and businessman, his love of history spilled over into his skill as a storytelleer and was evidenced through all the years he spent researching and recording county history. He hand-penned two books, “The First 150 Years in Cassville, Missouri” and “Hanged by the Neck Until Dead.” WB Melton was a Past Master of Pythagoras Lodge 383 A.F. and A.M. He was a large supporter of Roaring River State Park, and the Emory Melton Inn and Conference Center at the park was named in his honor.

Winter Issue 2016

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Missouri DeMolay Building the Future

Missouri DeMolay has worked tirelessly to ensure that the future of not only DeMolay is successful, but that of Freemasonry as well. We are beyond fortunate to have a direct relationship with each Lodge that sponsors a DeMolay Chapter. Many of the young men in our Chapters join the Lodge that has done so much for them, whether it is that Lodge Members helping with various activities, sponsoring our young men to attend State Conclave, or even becoming an Advisor for the Chapter.

Molay, but their fathers joining Lodge. As long as we continue down this path of enlightenment, then perhaps one day the world of Freemasonry will be as it used to be and our leaders of society may be a member of your very Lodge. To build the future, we must invest in what we have today. We must Build Freemasonry through DeMolay. Fraternally, Quentin J. Cockerham State Master Councilor International Congress Secretary Master Mason

Class at Farnsworth Chapter in March 2015. (photo credit: Bob Cockerham)

One of the many benefits that our young men receive is the role model of a Master Mason – someone who may help them through difficult times or be there as a mentor. I can truly say that the lessons I have learned in DeMolay have continued forward into Freemasonry – the lighted pathway is forever embedded into the minds of these young men and their future endeavors are a reflection of the lessons they have learned, but more importantly have practiced in their daily lives. Missouri DeMolay has welcomed over 350 new young men in 2015 – with them and their families having come to Lodges all over this Jurisdiction, the story of Freemasonry has also been presented to them. Not only do we have young men joining De-

Initiation ceremony at Farnsworth Chapter in November 2015. (Photo credit: Bob Cockerham)

Presentation of plaque to Dad Haywood, Grand Master as honorary State Master Councilor. (Photo credit: Bob Cockerham)

page 28

The Freemason


Missouri Job’s Daughters Missouri Job’s Daughters has participated in a number of excellent events and projects over the last few months! It was an honor to witness the cornerstone re-dedication at the Missouri Capitol on July 3rd! Then on July 11th, the Missouri Masonic Youth Groups came together for their joint Six Flags Day. State Officers from Missouri Job’s Daughters, Rainbow, and DeMolay performed exemplifications at Fenton Lodge, we took pictures with our amazing matching shirts with emblems from all three groups represented, and then we wore those shirts as we enjoyed the rest of our day at Six Flags St. Louis! It was a wonderful day strengthening the friendships between Missouri Masonic Youth! Our Order also had our annual Grand Bethel Workshop on July 18th where the Daughters participated in a Ritual School of Instruction and in a Job’s Daughter Congress where the Daughters debated and made recommendations to our adult state delegates about bylaw amendments that were to be brought up at our international convention – Supreme Session – in August. Lastly, I introduced my Cape and Crown Night promotion program to the Bethels. Cape and Crown Nights are essentially Welcome Nights for prospects and parents including a Power Point presentation about our Order, ice-breaker games, refreshments, and the trying on of Job’s Daughter capes and crowns for the prospects. The program has been well received by the Bethels, and I have already witnessed and assisted with three Cape and Crown Nights and four initiations throughout the state in the past month! I am hopeful that we will be able to look back at a successful year of growth and visible improvement for Missouri Job’s Daughters at the end of this term! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting another wonderful Masonic Youth Day on August 1st! It was a fun-filled day of dancing, eating, volleyball, a silly-string fight, very generous prizes, and, of course, the dunk tank (my favorite

part)! Masonic Youth Day is an amazing event that we look forward to every year! Also, I would like to thank you for making my recent visit to Missouri Grand

A picture with Dad Dave Haywood, Grand Master 2014-2015, after giving my speech on behalf of Missouri Job’s Daughters on Monday morning of Grand Lodge

Lodge such an unforgettable experience! I had the honor of speaking before the Missouri Grand Lodge on behalf of Missouri Job’s Daughters on Monday morning. It was so special to have this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and passionate support of the Missouri Masonic Youth Groups! In a society where it is difficult and very unpopular for a girl to strive to be an intelligent leader and inspire people to action, having you, excellent leaders in your own right, believe in me and trust in my capabilities has helped me believe and trust in myself. The title of Mason means many things to different people, but to myself and my Missouri Job’s Daughter Sisters, it will always mean “Safe Haven,” “Mentor,” “Champion,” and “Second Dad!” May God bless you, and may God bless Missouri Freemasonry! Submitted with Love and Respect, Brianna Hall, Grand Bethel Honored Queen – Missouri Job’s Daughters Past Miss International Job’s Daughter 2013-14

Winter Issue 2016

page 29


Missouri Rainbow Girls Ahoy Missouri Masons! I am Mckenzie Lodholz, the 2015-16 Grand Worthy Advisor. I graduated from Kirkwood High School in St. Louis in 2015 and am attending Missouri State University, majoring in Speech Pathology. I am active with St. Louis Assembly #3 and enjoy volunteering, running and staying busy with my friends and family. I am also a member of Job’s Daughters and truly a 100% DeMolay supporter. My theme this year is “Anchor Your Dreams” and am using aqua and pink colors plus anchors! For the first time, we have a mascot, Henry the Hippo--watch for him! With Tina Belfield, our State Dean, Missouri Rainbow’s State Service Project is the Shriner’s Hospital for Children – St. Louis.

visits with more to come in 2016--please try to attend one!! If you see any of my Rainbow Sisters or me somewhere, please stop us and introduce yourself. We always like meeting another Missouri Mason! In closing, thank you for all you do for Missouri Rainbow! Casting Off for Now, Miss Mckenzie Lodholz 2015-16 Grand Worthy Advisor State of Missouri International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

At Grand Assembly 2016, we will be celebrating our 90th Birthday! We are so excited! We’d love to have your input, invite you to volunteer and would love for you to attend! Please contact our Supreme Deputy, Dorleta Lodholz, at mjl16dol@ charter.net or (314) 822-8463. You are also welcome to contact Mrs. Lodholz if you have questions about bringing Rainbow to your Lodge, having Rainbow Girls visit/help with a project/event, or anything Rainbow-related. If you’d like to visit an Assembly or event, please check our website: www.moiorg.org where our Assembly Mother Advisors and calendar are as up-to-date as possible. We look forward to seeing many of you in the months ahead! We have enjoyed being with you at Six Flags in July and Masonic Youth Day in August-our thanks to the Masons who helped put these on for us to enjoy. Also this past summer, we held a 2015-16 Grand Officer’s Retreat and a Leadership Retreat. We attended Grand Lodge in September and Grand Chapter in October. I’ve had several GWA

New State Dean, Tina Belfield (left) from Salem Preceptory with the 2015-2016 Grand Worthy Advisor, Miss Mckenzie Lodholz at the 89th Grand Assembly in Springfield, Missouri. (Photo by Jeff Kulback)

page 30

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MENTORING PROGRAM Written by RWB Jeffrey A. Parrotte

When Most Worshipful Brother Bruce Austin was Grand Master, he wanted all Lodges to have a mentoring program to help teach the incoming candidates about the many facets of Freemasonry in Missouri. His Masonic son, Most Worshipful David Haywood had a special committee appointed to prepare and print a Grand Lodge Mentoring Manual. Over 1,000 copies of the program have been provided to your lodges and its members. The feedback has been incredible. The Program is written in separate sections and is designed to be communicated to a candidate or Brother one step at a time as he progresses along his Masonic journey. This has a dual purpose. First, he gets the right information at the right time. Second, it insures that the Mentor has quality reference materials to use in the educational process. Whether the Degrees are conferred in the traditional manner or in a Chance-To-Advance class, the Program’s educational content is equally useful. The material may be communicated by the Mentor verbatim, or better yet, used as a guide to be presented in his own unique style. Since Freemasonry is a progressive science, Mentors should present the information in the following order: • On the Threshold – to be given after the petition is received and before the Entered Apprentice Degree is conferred. • Entered Apprentice – to be given after the Entered Apprentice Degree has been completed and before the Fellowcraft Degree. • Fellowcraft - to be given after the Fellowcraft Degree has been completed and before the Master Mason Degree.

• Master Mason – to be given immediately after the conclusion of the Master Mason Degree. • Beyond the Degrees – to be given approximately 1 month after the Master Mason Degree materials have been communicated to the Brother. If you decide to be a mentor please remember that the Program document should be given to the new Brother only after the completion of the Program, at which time you may want to have the participating Mentors sign and date the provided commemorative page for the Brother and offer it as a reference and keepsake of their journey together. In addition to the sections on the degrees we have also included in the program a glossary of Masonic words and suggested reading materials to provide the brother ways to continue his Masonic education. Please encourage members of your Lodge to discover mentoring using this Program. They will gain confidence, sharpen their skills, and themselves learn more about our great Fraternity in the process. In the coming months we will be providing additional materials on how to conduct the mentoring sessions. If you have questions or suggested improvements please email us at GLEDMENTORING@momason.org. Spiral bound manuals can be obtained from your Lodge Secretary or the Grand Lodge Office for $5.00 each.

Winter Issue 2016

page 31

Grand Master’s Calendar of Events January 2016 January 9 • California Lodge 183 1st Degrees • Mokane Lodge 612 Oyster Supper/Past Master’s Night January 14 • Crestwood-Anchor Lodge 443 - 1st Degree January 16 • Masonic Home Board January 19 • Fayette-Howard Lodge 4 - 1st Degree January 23 • Pauldingville Lodge 11 C2A (at Wentzville Lodge) January 26 • Monett Lodge 129, 1st Degree January 27 • District 22 Dinner - Columbia Valley Scottish Rite January 28 • Overland-Occidental Lodge 623 - 1st Degree January 30 • Butler Lodge 254 - 1st Degree • Jewel Lodge 480 Annual Dinner


February February 3-6 • Grand Lodge of Nebraska

April 7 • Amaranth Annual Assembly (Springfield)

February 6 • Moila Shrine Potentate’s Ball

April 8-9 • Smithville Barbeque

February 13 • Ways and Means Committee - Audit

April 16 • Masonic Home Board

February 18-24 • Conference of Grand Masters of North America

April 17 • Grand Master’s Breakfast (St. Louis)

February 27 • Rising Sun 13 - C2A • York Rite Invitational Bodies - Columbia

March March 5 • Grand Master’s (Columbia)




March 11-12 • Galena Lodge 515/OK Indian Outdoor Degree March 19 • Masonic Home Board March 23 • Liberty Lodge 31 - Table Lodge

April 23 • Grand Master’s Cryptic Masons Class (Columbia) April 30 • Daggett Lodge Lodge 492 - Special Presentation

May May 7 • Grand Master’s C2A Class (Cooper LodgeBoonville) May 10 • Osage Lodge Lodge 303 - Regular Meeting May 20-21 • Mo Lodge of Research/Truman Library/ AMD Ingathering (Independence) May 28-30 • DeMolay Annual Conclave (Jefferson City)

As with all events, weather and other factors may cancel or force re-schduleing of the events. Please contact the respective parties to make sure that the event is still scheduled before the given date.

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