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THE FREEMASON® Vol. 69 No. 1 Fall 2023 Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M. The Freemason® (USPS 573-920) is the official publication of the Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, and is published quarterly.

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MWB Charles F. Wiegert, Biography and Installation

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Message from the Grand Master

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The Grand Lodge of Missouri 50-Year Members

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RWB Terry D. Coppotelli Senior Grand Marshal

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201st Grand Lodge Communication

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Missouri Lodge of Research

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Grand Lodge Scholarships

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A.B. Chambers: The Grand Master who Was? or Wasn’t?

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2023 Masonic Service and Public Relations Awards

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Masonic Home of Missouri • The Future Looks Bright With Strength And Stability • Masonic Home Rep Luncheon • Truman Club Dinner • Knowledge is support, comfort and relief

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Missouri Masonic Childrens Foundation

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Masonic Youth • DeMolay • Job’s Daughters • Rainbow for Girls

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Installations, Dedications, and Special Events

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MWB James Alfred Noland, Jr. Remembrance

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Calendar of Events

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Charles F. Wiegert Grand Master Kevin M. Fuller Deputy Grand Master Emmett J. Bryson Senior Grand Warden Christopher M. Nickle Junior Grand Warden Ty G. Treutelaar, PGM Grand Secretary

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Winter Issue: December 22, 2023 Spring Issue: March 24, 2024 On the cover: MWB Thomas K. McGuire, Jr., Missouri’s Grand Master in 1987-1988 received his Past Grand Master’s Jewel (upper) at the 100th rededication ceremony of Abou Ben Adam Shrine in Springfield, Missouri on October 22nd, 2023.

Grand Lodge of Missouri


MWB Charles F. Wiegert New Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri

MWB Charles (Charlie) F. Wiegert was born in 1950 in St. Louis, MO. He graduated from Augustinian Academy High School in 1968. He received a BS degree in Business Administration (Marketing) from Southeast Missouri State College in 1972. His professional career includes 20 years as an advertising salesman with the St. Louis Suburban Journal newspapers. In 1992, he co-founded CDM Fantasy Sports, which operated fantasy sports games for The Sporting News and USA Today Sports Weekly. His company won a major lawsuit with Major League Baseball which was appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court. In 1998, he was a founding member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and served as a Board member and treasurer for over 15 years. He was inducted into the FSTA Hall of Fame in 2003 and is known as the Godfather of Fantasy Sports. Charlie was regularly heard on Sirius-XM Radio. Other companies he has started, operated, and owned include Primary Network, Primary Webworks, Primary Cellular, River City Internet Group, Hostirian, Borman Properties, River City Rascals (Minor League Baseball Team), St. Charles Family Arena Managing Partnership, St. Louis Swarm (International Basketball League), St. Louis Steamers (Indoor Professional Soccer League), St. Louis Renegades (Indoor Fall 2023

Professional Football League) and Gateway Grizzlies (Minor League Baseball Team). MWB Charlie Wiegert joined Gardenville Lodge 655 in 1974 and served as Worshipful Master in 1978-1979. In 2004, he was a charter member and served as the first Senior Warden of Noble Lodge 684 where he was Worshipful Master in 2005-2006. He served as Secretary there from 2009-2017 and Masonic Home Representative for 16 years. Charlie served the Grand Lodge of Missouri as DDGM of 27B in 2008-2009 and was elected to the Masonic Home Board of Directors in 2011, serving as Chairman of the administration committee in 2014. He was president of the Masonic Home in 2022-2023. He was appointed to the advancing line of the Grand Lodge by MWB Richard L. Smith in 2016. He has served on the Chartered Lodges Committee, Directed Development, George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Grand Lodge Oversight, Long Range Planning, Masonic Childrens Foundation, Masonic Publications, Samuel Smith Stewart Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Selection, and other committees associated with his Grand Lodge office. He is a lifemember of the Missouri Lodge of Research and a member of Kauai Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Hawaii F & AM. Charlie comes from a Masonic

family with both his father (Charles) and Uncle (Joe) being lifelong members. His own Masonic endeavors began when he joined Gardenville DeMolay in 1966. He is a recipient of the DeMolay Legion of Honor where he was Past Dean in 2010. He is a KCCH member of St. Louis Scottish Rite, OrientalRabboni 78 Royal Arch Masons, Jeremiah Council 48 Cryptic Masons and Ascalon Commandery 16 Knights Templar. He is a 48 year plus member of the Moolah Temple Shriners and has been a member of the Ceremonial Cast since 1981 and a Past President. He is a member and Past Director of the Royal Order of Jesters St. Louis Court 81. He is a member of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon Mark Twain Forest. Charlie has been married to his wonderful wife Debra for over 37 years. They have two married daughters, Jackie (Tony Klotz) and Heather (Dave Jones), a 12 year-old grandson, Jackson and twin 13 year-old granddaughters (Scarlett and Ruby), and 5 year-old granddaughter Violet. His hobbies include fishing, fantasy baseball and football, gardening and being a grandpa! Page 3

A Message from the Grand Master My message for the coming year is like the wish you make when blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. My message is for Peace and Harmony. This is not an idealistic wish, it is something we can all strive for by controlling our emotions, thoughts, and actions. We cannot control what others do, but we can control what we do. As we are presented the trowel, the working tool of a Master Mason, we are told that Masons should use the trowel to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection, that cement that binds us and among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble contention of who can best work and best agree! We forget this much too often. We can disagree with each other, but we should respect each other enough to accept that the other person has a right to his opinion. We can agree to disagree! This allows peace and harmony to exist! Our ritual separates us from other organizations because it explains who we are as Masons, what we believe in and how we should live our lives to give it purpose. I believe this is a core reason why someone joins our organization. He is looking to be part of something where he can do good and help Page 4

others. By doing good things, he can make this world a better place. That becomes our mission. Our forefathers started this process, and their ideals helped shape our great nation. They realized that the future lies with giving our children the tools to succeed, by providing them with opportunities to learn, and educating them to find better paths. Teaching them to be tolerant of others, knowing the difference between right and wrong, and helping the less fortunate have been the bulwark of society. Peace, in the context of our Masonic fraternity, refers to the absence of conflict and the promotion of goodwill among its members. Masons are encouraged to resolve differences amicably and to treat each other with respect and kindness. This emphasis on peace creates a harmonious environment within our fraternity, fostering strong bonds of friendship and cooperation. Harmony, on the other hand, goes beyond the absence of conflict. It encompasses the idea of working together towards a common goal, embracing diversity, and finding balance in all aspects of life. Masons believe that true harmony can only be achieved when individuals come together, regardless of their differences, to work towards a common goal.

The relevance of peace and harmony to our Masonic fraternity lies in our core values and teachings. We are taught to seek peace within ourselves, our families, and our communities. By promoting peace and harmony, we strive to create a better world for all. Another goal for this year includes finding a solution to one of our biggest problems, losing members for non-payment of dues. Our father’s generation never considered not paying yearly dues. Their loyalty and desire to remain a member seemed different from today’s Masons. I believe if we can remind our lost members why they joined, and if we provide an easy way for them to reunite with us, many will. Lodges need to look for ways they can be doing things in their communities to help make them better. I encourage every Lodge to find a project to help their community. Work with the Masonic Home’s CreatingA-Partnership program to take advantage of their two for one match. Do something positive, do something to help others, and give our members, your members, something to feel good about and be proud of. Remind them why we are Masons, and what Masons do! Charlie Wiegert Grand Master, 2023-2024 The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri


The Grand Lodge of Missouri 50-Year Members (August 15th to November 15th)


Arnold Adams

Joachim 164

Gene Ford

Temple Gate 299

Michael Myers

Washington 87

Garry Aldridge

Poplar Bluff 209

Bruce Fowler

Macks Creek 433

Roy Orth

Fidelity 339

Paul Alexander

Clay 207

Robert Garner

St. Charles 241

Vlasios Politis

Gateway 40

James Allen

Shekinah 256

Billy Garrett

Ashland 156

Wiley Proctor

Webster 98

Billy Bailey

Index 54

Paul Gilbert

Jefferson 43

Kenneth Reeves

Grand River 276

George Bass

Gate of the Temple 422

William Gilstrap

Joplin 335

Edward Rich

St. Louis Missouri 1

Robert Bates, III

Nodaway 470

Steven Goughnour Monroe 64

Gary Rickenbrode

New Madrid 108

Ernest Bell

Swope Park 617

Robert Green Sr.

Joplin 335

Kenneth Schlottach Owensville 624

Gary Black

Trenton 111

Stephen Gurwell

Jefferson 43

William Sickels

Bonhomme 45

Johnny Blair

Bolivar 195

Harold Harper

Ivanhoe 446

Robert Simmons

Harold O. Grauel 672

John Booth

Palmyra 18

Dennis Hollingsworth Lick Creek 302

Gary Sparks

Washington 87

William Brown

Rising Sun 13

Charles Hudson

Arnold 673

Robert Spooner

Adair 366

John Bryan

Adair 366

Donald Johnson

Buckner 501

Keith Spurgeon

Cuba 312

James Bundren

Meridian 2

Ronnie Jones, Sr.

Grand River 276

Phillip Stanley

Bethany 97

James Carter

Osage 303

Charles Julian

Republic 570

Raymond Stevenson Continental 37

David Christy

La Plata 237

Ricky Keller

Henderson 477

John Stow

Strafford 608

Gary Clinard

Bridgeton 80

Dennis Kelley

Meridian 2

Paul Strong

Harold O. Grauel 672

Merle Corf

Charity Zeredatha 189

James Kline

Saxton 508

Clarence Taft

Friend 352

Kenneth Cox

Index 54

William Kohler

Corinthian 265

Ernest Tanner

Waynesville 375

Dale Crites

Farmington 132

John Leigh

Bridgeton 80

Lawrence Teters

Compass 120

Melvyn Curdt

Samaritan 424

Neal Leturno

Craftsmen 717

Edward Tharp

Rolla 213

Elmer Davis

Overland-Occidental 623

Galen Lewis

Nodaway 470

Stephen Thompson Rising Sun 13

Larry Davis PHD

St. Joseph 78

Martin Lown

Carthage 197

William Trent

Waverly 61

Roman Day

Elvins-Ionic 154

Wallace Maidment Richmond 57

Elbert Turner Jr.

Cosby 600

Gerald De Laney

Charity Zeredatha 189

Charles Mallin

St. Louis Missouri 1

Russell Ulmer

Granite 272

Daniel Deardorff

Waynesville 375

Merrion Mallow

Waynesville 375

John Valendy

Pauldingville 11

Troy Deckard

Meridian 2

Samuel Mansfield

Poplar Bluff 209

Thomas Warren

Pleasant Hope 467

William Denslow Jr. Trenton 111

James Marcinko

St. Joseph 78

Myrl Watkins, Jr.

Brotherhood 269

Robert Dorsey

Webb City 512

David Martin

Arlington 346

James Wewer

Plato 469

Stephen Dunlap

Weston 53

Selden Mayse

Solomon 271

Ricky Williams

Henderson 477

Arnold Evans

Rolla 213

Gary Melton

Poplar Bluff 209

Gary Zumalt

Waverly 61

Robert Farr

Webster 98

Raymond Mitchell Jr. Grand River 276

Fall 2023

Page 5


Grand Lodge of Missouri

RWB Terry D. Coppotelli Appointed Senior Grand Marshal Terry was born in East St Louis, Illinois, the son of Eugene and Shirley Coppotelli. He attended Parks College of St. Louis University and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics with his Commercial Pilot License and rated Certified Instrument Flight Instructor. In 1984, he completed the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He was sent to NAS Pensacola to begin flight training in the T-34 Mentor Aircraft, then selected for “Intermediate and Advanced Strike” training in Kingsville, Texas, received jet training and carrier qualification aboard the USS Lexington in the T-2 Buckeye and A-4Skyhawk, and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1987. He reported to VMO-2 at Camp Pendleton, California, where he flew the OV-10 Bronco aircraft, completed the Naval Aviation Safety course in Monterey, California, and was designated Squadron Safety officer. He also did two deployments in the western Pacific, including the Philippines, Okinawa, and Korea. Terry left the Marine Corps in 1991 as a Captain, returned home, and started Graduate School at Webster University, receiving an MBA in 1993. He worked for almost 30 years at Edward Jones, first in the New Advisor training program, then in the Associate Relations department attaining his Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. After leading a team of Associate Relations managers for almost 20 years, he retired in September of 2021. His Masonic journey began when he returned to St. Louis after the service. He was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Morris Lodge 787 in Waterloo, Illinois. After moving to Washington, Missouri, he petitioned Hope Lodge 251 where he served as Worshipful Master in 2000, 2001, and 2005. He served the Grand Lodge of Missouri as Grand Orator in 2021-22, Grand Chaplain in 2022-23, and is a member of the Grand Lodge Ways and Means committee. He enjoys ritual, and holds a Sub 2 Part 3 proficiency card. Page 6

RWB Coppotelli’s Masonic affiliations include the York Rite, where he is: Past High priest of Mt Nebo Chapter 148, Past Illustrious Master of Jeremiah Council 48, and Past Commander of Ascalon Commandery 16; Past Sovereign Master of Ray Vaughn Denslow 102, Allied Masonic Degrees; Past Excellent Chief of Limerick Council 88, Knight Masons; Past Governor of Bruce Harmon Hunt York Rite College 162; current Puissant Sovereign of the St Louis Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine; Lord of Lords Tabernacle 51, Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests; and St. Louis Preceptory Yeoman of York. He is a member of the St. Louis Valley of the Scottish Rite; Moolah Shrine, Past President of St. Louis Chapter 22, National Sojourners; Alhambra Grotto; and the Masonic Order of Athelstan. His Masonic honors include: the Knights Templar Cross of Honor; Order of the Purple Cross; and the Knights of the York Cross of Honor. He is currently the Grand Captain General of the Grand Commandry of Knights Templar of the State of Missouri. Terry has been married to the love of his life, Maureen, for over 35 years. They have three children (Brittany, Stormy, and Mark), three grandchildren (Brooklyn, Harper, and Renlee), two dogs and still reside in Washington, Missouri. The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri


201st ANNUAL COMMUNICATION of the Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of the State of Missouri

By MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr. Grand Master, 2022-2023 The 2023 Grand Lodge Communication was held at the St. Charles Convention Center on September 18th-19th with 748 attendees. The Grand Lodge Communication began with the public opening with the introduction of Grand Lodge officers, Past Grand Masters, and Distinguished Guests. The colors were presented by the Heroes of ’76. Addresses were given by Miss Alicia Simmons, Grand Worthy Advisor of Missouri Rainbow, Miss Jenna Walden, Grand Bethel Honored Queen of Missouri Job’s Daughters, and Brother E. Cole Westermayer, State Master Councilor of Missouri DeMolay. The Grand Lodge Officers then opened the Grand Lodge of Missouri in due and ancient form. After opening, Masonic Home Board president, RWB Charlie Wiegert, gave a report on the activities of the Masonic Home. He announced that Board member RWB Terry Yarbrough from Poplar Bluff Lodge 209 had resigned his position on the Board for personal reasons. RWB Terry Shofner from Bridgeton Lodge 80 had been appointed to fill his position, and the brethren voted to keep RWB Shofner on the Board to complete the 3 years left on the 4-year term that Fall 2023

RWB Yarbrough had been elected to. RWB Wiegert then introduced the retiring members of the Board of Directors, WB Robert Gebhardt from Fellowship Lodge 345 and RWB Jeff Henty from Noble Lodge 684 and Lebanon Lodge 77. RWB David Collignon from Sparta Lodge 296 and Fellowship Lodge 345 and WB Jonathan D. Maloyed from Sikeston Lodge 310 and New Madrid Lodge 108 were elected to full terms on the Masonic Home Board of Directors. An exemplification of the opening of a Grand Lodge was given by young men who were both Master Masons and Active DeMolays. Their work was exemplary, and they received a standing ovation from the assembled Brethren. The Grand Master, MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr., turned the gavel over to the Deputy Grand Master, then made his Grand Master’s Address outlining the issues of the past year and reporting on the state of the craft. The Grand Master’s Address committee moved to accept the address. It was unanimously passed. After lunch, elections were held. RWB Charles F. Wiegert was elected to be our new Grand Master; RWB Kevin M. Fuller, the new Deputy Grand Master; RWB Emmett J. Bryson, the new Senior Grand Warden; RWB Christopher M. Nickle, the new » Page 7


Grand Lodge of Missouri MWB Michael Jackson, from the Grand Lodge of Illinois spoke for the visiting Grand Masters. The Grand Lodge called from labor to resume at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, September 19th and the Achievement Award winners had a chance to get their picture with the Grand Master. In the Missouri Lodge of Research meeting WB Russell L. Pence, Jr. was elected as the new Worshipful Master. The Past Masters’ Degree team inducted 47 new Past Masters through the Past Master Degree. At the Monday night dinner, the following presentations and awards were announced:

MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr. under honor guard as he enters Grand Lodge Session.

» Junior Grand Warden. RWB Steven D. Duncan

was re-elected as Grand Treasurer and MWB Ty G. Treutelaar was re-elected Grand Secretary. On Monday afternoon, and then concluding on Tuesday morning, 5 proposals for Jurisprudence were discussed and balloted upon: 1. A proposal to increase the minimum Initiation Fee from $45 to $155 was presented. It Failed by a Vote of Yes – 191 to No - 231. 2. A proposal to increase the Grand Lodge Assessment for Masonic Youth from $1.50 per member per year to $3.00 was presented. It Passed by a Show of Hands vote. 3. A proposal to make the Grand Lodge Achievement Award Committee a Stand-Alone Committee instead of a sub-committee of the Education Committee was presented. It Passed by a Show of Hands Vote. 4. Emergency Legislation to allow the Grand Master plus other top officers to make a Discretionary Suspension of a member who is facing a felony charge or misdemeanor charge involving Moral Turpitude was presented. It Passed by a Vote of Yes – 291 to No – 142. 5. Additional Legislation to grapple with the definition of a MAN was presented. After much discussion and a failed amendment, it passed by a Vote of Yes – 313 to No – 106. Page 8

Jeri Lee, wife of the late MWB Jimmie D. Lee, presented his Grand Master’s jewel to MWB Ty G. Treutelaar, Grand Secretary to be added to the Masonic Library. Friday Ramsey, wife of MWB David L. Ramsey, then presented Jeri a Past Grand Lady’s pin. 1. Truman Award – RWB Thomas Kuhn from Craftsmen Lodge 717. 2. Secretary of the Year – RWB Donald E. Ponzar from Shekinah Lodge 256. 3. Public Relations Award – Compass Lodge 120. 4. Masonic Service Award – Shawnee Lodge 653. 5. MOCHIP – 1832 Children were identified in 2023; RWB Rodney Kleine from Team 2 won the Coordinator of the Year Award. 6. Round Robin Ritual Award – Region A, No Entry, Region B, WB Bud Guilfillen, Region C, RWB Michael Wheeler, Region D, WB Gary Woodruff, Region E, WB Michael Paul Singer III, Region F, No Entry Region G, WB Wayne Hutchings (Winner) 7. Ritual Awards – Region A, Eric B Davis, Region B, WB Ed Aylward, Region C, WB Caleb George, Region D, WB Gary Woodruff, Region E, RWB Kyle Roques, Region F, David Kent, » Region G, RWB Ronald G Galemore The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

» The Grand Master also presented special awards to RWB Gale Bennington and Brother Jeffrey Kitsmiller, Jr. for their efforts on behalf of the Craft. Also at the dinner, GM-elect Charlie Wiegert announced his appointment to the Grand Lodge Line was RWB Terry D. Coppotelli from Hope Lodge 251. At the Truman Breakfast on Tuesday morning, WB Patrick Cradock from Craftsmen Apron discussed the evolution of the Masonic Apron in America from 1740 to the present. The Installation of Officers took place on Tuesday afternoon, September 19th. MWB Charlie F. Wiegert was installed by MWB John M. Nations as Installing

Fall 2023


Grand Master assisted by MWB Richard L. Smith as Installing Grand Chaplain and MWB David L. Ramsey and MWB M. Robert Berger as Installing Marshals. The family presented him with his hat and gavel and the Potentate of Moolah Shine, Illustrious Sir Robby Dirkers, presented him with his Grand Master’s Fez. MWB Wiegert thanked GardenvilleCache Lodge 455, Noble Lodge 684, his installing team, and especially his wife Debbe for their support. He spoke on his family’s Masonic Heritage beginning from back in 1966 in his DeMolay days through his daughters in Job’s Daughters. He then announced that the Grand Lodge Communication next year will be on September 16-17, 2024, at the St. Charles Convention Center.

Page 9


Missouri Lodge of Research

Missouri Lodge of Research Greetings

By RWB Russel L. Pence, Jr., Master Missouri Lodge of Research, 2023-2024 We, your officers, are looking for another educational year with two Truman lectures and our yearly book for the membership. First, I would like to thank you for the honor and privilege you have given me by electing me as the Master of the Lodge of Research for the 2023-2024 Masonic year and welcome my appointment to the officer line, RWB Donald MacCormick as Tiler. We are planning on hosting two Truman lectures this year. The first will be held in conjunction with the St. Louis Grand Masters breakfast in the spring and the second at the Tuesday morning breakfast at the 2024 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Look for more information on the lectures as the year progresses. This year we are honored to provide the membership a book written by a Past Master of the Missouri Lodge of Research, a Past District Deputy Grand Lecture and a Past Royal Grand Patron of the Missouri Grand Court of Amaranth, RWB and Dr. Douglas Reece, “Lessons from the Craft.” This excellent work leads us to see God in Masonic Rituals. While our Fraternity does not teach a specific religion, we are a private organization which demands from our membership a belief in God and a sound moral character. This book takes us back to the time of the Masonic teachings of many Masonic scholars. It talks about the lessons of the ritual which teaches Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

If you are an existing member of the Lodge of Research, renew your dues for the upcoming year and receive this year’s book, and if you are not a member currently, and are a Mason in good standing, please take this opportunity to join the Missouri Lodge of Research.

7 Page 10

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri


RWB Tom E. Kuhn Truman Award Recepient MWB Richard Kaeser, Jr. announced at the Monday night dinner at the Grand Lodge Communication that he had selected RWB Tom E. Kuhn as the 2023 recipient of the Truman Award. MWB Kaeser stated that RWB Kuhn’s knowledge and dedication to the ritual and his gentle way of teaching it to the members made him invaluable to the fraternity. Tom Kuhn was born on May 3, 1947, in the City of St. Louis and attended public schools there and attended the University of Missouri – Rolla working in the Cooperative Engineering Program alternating semesters for the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company at locations in Fort Worth, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri, while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1970. He was called to serve in the U.S. Army from 1971 to 1972. After his discharge from the service, he returned to work at the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company as a Civil Engineer where he prepared detailed plans, specifications, estimates and contract documents for repair and construction of railroad bridges and other structures. He also did analysis and design of steel, concrete and timber railroad bridges. He was then assigned as a Bridge Inspector on the Western District Fall 2023

of the Missouri Pacific and after a year, was recalled to the Bridge Department in St. Louis with the title of Bridge Design Engineer. His next assignment was as Bridge & Building Superintendent on the Western District. Later he returned to St. Louis as Engineer – Special Projects where he worked on various projects in the bridge department as assigned by the Chief Engineer. His final position with the Missouri Pacific was Bridge Construction Engineer which he held until his separation from the railroad. After separation from the railroad, he was one of the founders of Design Nine, Inc., a consulting engineering firm specializing in railroad track and structures, worked for TRAX Engineering & Associates, and then went into private practice until 2016 when he retired after a career that spanned over fifty years.

His Masonic Career began with being raised in America Lodge 347 in 1969, which was interrupted by his service in the Army but resumed in 1972 when he was appointed as Senior Steward in America Lodge. Thereafter, he had to resign as Junior Deacon due to being transferred to Kansas City. On returning to St. Louis, he was again appointed as Junior Deacon only to be forced to resign again due to another transfer to Kansas City. Finally, in 1978, he returned to St. Louis and was again appointed as Junior Deacon. He progressed through the chairs and was Worshipful Master in 1982. He served on various committees including the consolidation committees when America Lodge 347 and Good Hope Lodge 218 consolidated to form America Good Hope Lodge 218 in 1991 and, later, when America Good Hope Lodge 218 and Harmony Lodge 499 consolidated to form Craftsmen Lodge 717 in 1996. He also served the lodge as Secretary on two occasions and as Chaplain on several occasions. He developed a love of the ritual and became a member of Charlie’s Angels Degree Team. He was appointed a DDGL from 2008 to 2015 and RGL from 2015-2018. He continues to promote the ritual through his service as President of Charlie’s Angels and his support of individual lodges as they confer degrees. Page 11


Masonic Scholarships

Grand Lodge Scholarships By RWB Christopher M. Nickle Grand Junior Warden In our ceremony celebrating 50 years of service by a Brother Master Mason, each recipient is told that through his membership he has contributed to the acts of relief and charity performed by The Grand Lodge of Missouri. One of the primary examples of these works is the scholarships given out by The Grand Lodge of Missouri. There are three types of scholarships Pictured are the recipients at this year’s award luncheon. administered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Masonic Merit Scholarship The original endowment for the scholarship program came with the understanding that only the interest Initiated by Most Worshipful Brother Vern Schneider would be used for scholarships. This procedure is still in 1985, The Masonic Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established with an assessment to each member’s dues, followed and each year the Samuel Smith Stewart trust committee meets to determine how many new as well as donations received. In 1991 the funds had scholarships can be awarded. grown to an amount that it was appropriate to start awarding scholarships. In 2001 the first four Samuel Smith Stewart scholarships were awarded. They were $2500 each Now referred to as The Masonic Merit Scholarships and renewable for 4 years, making them $10,000 and are supported by dues paying Missouri Masons. scholarships. Due to the diligent stewardship of the Each member contributes $1.00 per year as part of committee over the years, these scholarships have his per capita. These scholarships are available for grown in number and amount. In 2023, eight Samuel students applying to four year universities as well as Smith Stewart Scholarships were awarded. These two year community colleges. scholarships are $16,000 per year and are renewable Ruth Lutes Bachmann Scholarship for up to four years. Ruth Lutes Bachmann, a member of the Tuscan The deadline for applications is March 1st, 2024 Chapter 69, Order of the Eastern Star in St. Louis, bequeathed funds to provide an education for the A copy of the scholarship application is included in orphans living in the Masonic Home in St Louis. She the November packet sent to every Lodge. It can also wanted to provide those children an opportunity to be downloaded from our website at www.momason. become a nurse or teacher. When the Masonic Home org under the Programs tab. Please make sure the high facility was closed in an effort to focus on outreach, school counselors in your area have this form and they her trust was amended to provide scholarships for encourage their best and brightest students to apply. Missouri High School students pursuing a career in nursing or teaching. Over twenty scholarships were awarded last year which help Missouri high school students to further their Samuel Smith Stewart Scholarship education. With higher education hopefully comes Dr. Samuel Smith Stewart created the The Samuel the betterment of the individual and the betterment Smith Stewart Fund as a memorial to his parents of society as a whole. Every Brother Master Mason Alphonso Chase Stewart and Elizabeth Smith Stewart, contributes in some way to these programs and should with his wish being to provide for the betterment of feel great pride in doing so. mankind through education. Page 12

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

grand historian

A.B. Chambers: The Grand Master who Was? or Wasn’t? By Jacob W. Thompson Grand Historian

Master, was not present at the Communication, was never installed, and was not present at the session that followed. Important Missouri Freemasonry has seen to the situation is the fact that in a myriad of men from various 1835 no Annual Communication walks of life lead it and in that was held in lieu of the stressed same frame create lasting marks Anti-Masonic Fervor within on our jurisdiction in one way or the Jurisdiction. In 1836, at the another. I draw our attention and consideration to a clouded situation Communication MWB Sinclair Kirtley presided, the man who’d in the early 1830s. November been Grand Master just prior. of 1834 marks the Annual He is in those proceedings listed Communication that year, and explicitly as “Sinclair Kirtley….. elected as Grand Master was one W.G.M.” with no indication of A.B. Chambers, who either was or “Pro-Tempore” status. Interestingly was not Grand Master…. every single other Grand Lodge officer that year was “Pro Tem”. So But who was Brother Adam B. here the roads diverge, and scholars Chambers??... At 26 years old he differ. In the broad but informative marks perhaps the youngest man Biographies and Engravings of Grand elected Grand Master in Missouri. Masters Grand Treasurers and Brother Chambers was born in Grand Secretaries of the Grand Lodge Pennsylvania in 1808, and by of Missouri. From 1821 to 1900, 1829 had journeyed west, settling Inclusive, authored by MWBs John in Bowling Green, MO. It was in Vincil and William Kuhn, as well as Bowling Green that he became an attorney and took up work with the RWB Allan McDowell, they noted that Chambers term was “serving local newspaper. as Grand Master two terms.” In The Centennial History of the Grand Masonicly things are murky, his Lodge, Free and Accepted Ancient record had until recently reflected membership just at St. Louis Lodge Masons of Missouri, authored by MWB Kuhn solely, we find some 20. New research clears the air and further interesting facts noted and established his membership with Perseverance Lodge 15 in Louisiana, Kuhn’s opinions aired. First off Brother Chambers is referred to as MO, where he served as Master “Grand Master-Elect”, additionally several times. It was while in this capacity that he had been appointed Kuhn warrants and that any time attributed to Chambers Deputy Grand Master. is rightly under MWB Sinclair Kirtley’s service as his successor Now the issue comes, RWB was never properly presented. Chambers, while elected Grand Fall 2023

Our Proceedings show us further glimmers and as time progressed and the honorifics became more in “vogue”, Brother Chambers is referred to as Right Worshipful, and only once in our proceedings(1840), referred to as the “Most Worshipful Deputy Grand Master”. So we have to ponder through all the mire, what makes a Grand Master? , or simplified- a Master? Installation surely, as one is not replaced simply by election, rather until their successor in office is duly installed. It’s quite something to consider in the grander scale. Yet for what it’s worth, while not being properly installed as Grand Master he did at least fill the job, with his last noted Masonic appearance being when he was acting as Grand Master at the cornerstone ceremony for the St. Louis Court House. RWB Adam B. Chambers died on May 22nd, 1854, at the age of 46. A man noted for his amiable disposition, honorable character and devoted efforts, his time as a journalist saw the worst early challenges in St. Louis, at a time when the city was billed by one journalist as a town with a “national reputation for barbarism.” Yet the question stands as the interpretations have differed over time... Do you think he was Grand Master?

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Grand Lodge of Missouri

2023 Masonic Service and Public Relations Awards By MWB David W. Haywood Editor

mobility issues and those confined to wheelchairs.

The Grand Lodge of Missouri has two programs which have been in existence for twenty plus years to encourage the lodges to reach out to our members and to their communities where we meet. These are the Public Relations Award and the Masonic Service Award. It is easy to develop and carry out programs to improve your own Lodge’s outreach both to your own membership and your visibility in the community. The 2022-2023 winners of the awards have provided their summaries of their plans and actions for their winning programs.

The Lodge provided 12 Lodge members and an additional 1520 non-member volunteers from the community including high school students to provide a great experience for the disabled. Food and drink were provided for the morning and afternoon meals and gifts for the hunters and co-hosts from the Corps of Engineers. Over 500 deer have been harvested since the time of its inception.

2022-2023 Public Relations Award Compass Lodge 120: 2022-2023 Masonic Service Award Shawnee Lodge 653: RWB Roger Weter, WM of Shawnee Lodge 653 writes that they partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers to co-host a special deer hunt at Harry S Truman Lake for the physically challenged. This event has been held annually since 1990 when WB Dick Lewis initiated the event. 18-20 hunters are selected, giving precedence to the disabled with Page 14

WM Robert Y. Miller states that Compass Lodge 120 is committed to community engagement and fostering a positive public perception of Freemasonry through the most excellent tenets of our institution. They believe that Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are the natural foundation for effective community engagement and improved Public Relations. So, at the start of the 2022-2023 Masonic Year, they launched an initiative to improve their public-

face in all three of these categories, with a particular focus on making use of social media to ensure that the public was well-aware of their presence in the community and the positive impact they sought to have on it and their own membership. This initiative entailed improving lodge programs that speak to Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth and specially making sure that non-Masons and the public were aware of who they were as a Lodge, what they were about, and what they were doing in our community by being visible in the communities they serve and sharing their activities on various social media platforms to reach the widest possible audience. Brotherly Love- Their Festive Boards and Master’s Tables were intended to engage the public and show the Lodge in a positive light. Relief- Their charitable programs were recognized as meeting real needs in the communities; both the community where they meet and where they have legacy relationships. Truth- Their lecture series engages non-Masons as speakers and was opened to the community to share their love of education and fun! We encourage you to review these programs, plan one for your Lodge next year. Submit it to the Grand Lodge for the Masonic Service or Public Relations Award including detailed plans, results and photos. The Freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri


of Missouri


The Future Looks Bright With Strength and Stability The Masonic Home of Missouri staff works with dedication and heart to create a resource for you, the Fraternity, today, tomorrow, and always. by Barbara Ramsey

As Executive Director, I am often afforded the opportunity to write and talk about how much the Masonic Home of Missouri means to me. I love and cherish its 134-year history, and the Masonic Museum and Library are a place we really get to celebrate it. Each Outreach Program has a special place in my heart, as I have personally had a hand in helping them grow and evolve. I understand the impact of those programs on the lives we touch. I have cried with clients and their families, I have laughed, and they became part of my family. Fall 2023

What I don’t get to do often enough is talk about the staff. This year at Annual Communication during the Masonic Home Rep Luncheon, I did something that has never been done — I recognized Tisha Woodard and Chantana Irvin for their 20 years of service to the Masonic Home. Many Home Reps work with Tisha on the Creating-APartnership and Partnering To Honor programs. Tisha was the critical staff person for the implementation and growth of both programs. Home Reps have also worked with Chantana through the Masonic Family Page 15


“There is something remarkable happening at the Masonic Home where we truly are a family working together to help others ...” Barbara Ramsey, Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri

Cares program and Widows program. There are thousands of widows connected to the Masonic Home because of her hard work through the years. Tisha was one of the first people I hired when I came to the Masonic Home, so that should give you some indication of how long I have been here. However, I cannot claim to have the longest tenure with the Masonic Home. That honor goes to Jodi Blake, the Director of Finance & Development (she arrived in November and I started the following July — so she doesn’t have too much time on me).

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Masonic Home of Missouri

The head of our Financial Assistance programs is Carly Dibben; she has 17 years of service. Carly has worked every aspect of these programs including the development and implementation of the Financial Education Program, which had important impacts on our Long-Term and Short-Term Financial Assistance Programs. Senior Engagement and Major Gifts Officer Jackie Walters has over 9 years of service. The growth in the Truman Club, major gifts, Regional Truman Club Events, and golf tournament are all connected to her year after year dedication and focus on making the Masonic Home’s financial position strong. However, we all know that the true secret of Jackie’s success is that she has a heart that feels passionately, along with us, in our support of the Masonic Home — she believes in what we all do together and makes us want to join her in supporting this organization. Also not often discussed — the Masonic Home of Missouri owns the Masonic Complex which houses the offices of the Masonic Home of Missouri, the Grand Lodge of Missouri, and the Order of the Eastern Star. The Masonic Home is also responsible for the management of the Masonic Museum and Masonic Research Library. The Masonic Home does not take this responsibility lightly; they are impressive facilities that must be well maintained. This would not be possible without Michelle Phillippe, who has worked for the Masonic Home for over 17 years. In addition to her already full schedule, Michelle is also the primary contact for the Veteran’s Flag presentations and our Masonic Home Ambassadors. There are additional staff that have reached the five year milestone and others are on their way and we look forward to celebrating these milestones with them. I am personally grateful to all of the Masonic Home’s staff, regardless of length of services. Their dedication, hard work, passion, intellect, caring, and constant strive for excellence is inspiring to me. There is something remarkable happening at the Masonic Home where we truly are a family working together to help others ... and we look forward to working with all of you on this journey.

The Freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri



Celebratory Lunch Masonic Home Rep Luncheon 2023

There is no better way to start this article than with a thank you to everyone who is reading this — YOU are making a difference in so many ways. For the Masonic Home, the Masonic Home Rep Luncheon is the perfect time to stop, reflect, and applaud the great work that is being done across the state in your Lodges.

Fall 2023

In FY2023 Penny-A-Day donations were driven by a 53% increase in Lodge support. Page 17


Masonic Home of Missouri

A big shout out to Robert Burns Lodge No. 496 and Summit Lodge No. 263 for their 20-year participation in the Partnership Programs, which is the same age as the Creating-A-Partnership Program. Another noted figure to celebrate ... In Fiscal Year 2023, Penny-A-Day donations were driven by a 53% increase in Lodge support. THANK YOU!!! The luncheon is not only a time to gather and learn more about the Masonic Home and its program opportunities, it is also the long-awaited reveal of the Masonic Home Rep of the Year. This year, we are excited to announce Brother Frank Caliguire, Osage Lodge No. 303, as Home Rep of the Year. His passion for his community and his positive attitude to make change is infectious. And, while it takes a village/Lodge to make it all work, his advice to other Home Reps is simple: “Get up and go, push yourself to do it ... don’t take no for an answer, push yourself to go the extra mile to help.” Osage Lodge No. 303 has worked the CAP program with Partnership Program Coordinator Tisha Woodard this past year, and she had this to share about her experience of working alongside Frank and his Lodge: “Frank is a great communicator. [He takes time to complete his CAP application forms and gather receipts, and has made referrals to the financial assistance programs.] He is truly involved and cares about making a difference.” It is not often, in the busyness of the day, that we stop and look around behind the scenes and celebrate the wins. This year we took a moment to say a huge congratulations to Tisha Woodard, Partnership Programs Coordinator, and Chantana Irvin, Masonic Family Cares Coordinator, for their 20+ years of service to the Masonic Home of Missouri. Congratulations to two of our family. Thank you for all you do for us and for the Fraternity. In closing, we all make a great team. It works best when we are firing on all cylinders. If you are a Home Rep – check your emails, make sure you are keeping up to date with messages from the Home. If you need assistance, never hesitate to reach out. We are where you are!

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Home Rep of the Year, Brother Frank Caliguire from Osage Lodge No. 303 receives his award from Masonic Home Board President Charlie Wiegert and Masonic Home Board Vice President Kevin M. Fuller.

Masonic Home of Missouri’s Partnership Programs Coordinator, Tisha Woodard, and Masonic Family Cares Coordinator, Chantana Irvin, celebrate 20 years with the Masonic Home of Missouri.

Save the Date

Masonic Home Rep Luncheon Monday, September 16, 2024 St. Charles Convention Center St. Charles, Missouri

The Freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri



Truman Club Dinner

The Truman Club Dinner is a highlight on the Masonic Home’s event calendar. An evening where like-minded supporters of the Masonic Home come together. This year we saw a record number of guests registered — 280 to be precise. With six Lodges supporting the event with their sponsorship, the feeling that real change can be made by motivated people was palpable. The evening’s high point was the moving presentation given by Executive Director Barbara

Ramsey, which further illustrated that we, as part of the Fraternity, all belong to a deeply connected family. We are part of the legacy built by those who came before, a legacy on which we will leave our own mark for others to build upon. We truly believe that Harry and Bess would have been honored by the evening — grateful their work is being continued and proud that the care and attention to do the right thing is active in Missouri Freemasonry.

If you are interested in becoming a Truman Club member and joining this wonderful group who support our mission, or if you need more information on Lodge Sponsorship Opportunities, please reach out. Learn more: Scan the QR code to visit our website or call Sr. Engagement & Major Gifts Officer Jackie Walters at (800) 434-9804.

Fall 2023

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Masonic Home of Missouri


Truman Club Dinner • 2023 The mission of the Masonic Home is to assist eligible adults and children in need by practicing the principles of Freemasonry. With 770 Truman Club members in FY2023, we have no doubt PGM Harry S. Truman would be proud of the work being done by our members, proud his work is being continued, and proud that the care and attention to do the right thing is active in Missouri Masonry.


Total Registered Guests



Individuals & Couples Recognized

Guests Were Prospective Truman Club Members


of Guests Were Truman Club Members

Over $56,000

Amount of Donations Raised Through the Event


Overall Truman Club Dollars Raised in FY2023 LODGE SPONSORS

“The Masonic Home of Missouri, in my opinion, is reason enough for the existence of the Masonic Fraternity. Every man who is a member of our Fraternity in Missouri ought to be proud of the fact that he contributes to the welfare of his Brethren, and their children.”

Grand Master’s Address, 1941


Bonhomme Lodge No. 45 & Fenton Lodge No. 281 Fellowship Lodge No. 345

Gardenville-Cache Lodge No. 455 Noble Lodge No. 684 St. Louis Missouri Lodge No. 1

Join Truman Club Today.

Call the Masonic Home at (800) 434-9804 or join online at to set up your first annual gift and begin your membership.

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Truman Club Dinner 9 • 14 • 24 St. Charles Convention Center St. Charles, Missouri

The Freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri



Society Levels

Thomas Hart Benton Society

Lewis & Clark Society

Laura Ingalls Wilder Society

Samuel L. Clemens Society

Jacob Lampert Society

Bonhomme Lodge No. 45 & Fenton Lodge No. 281

Fellowship Lodge No. 345

Noble Lodge No. 684

St. Louis Missouri Lodge No. 1


Lodge Sponsors

Gardenville-Cache Lodge No. 455

Fall 2023

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Masonic Home of Missouri




of seniors will need some type of long-term care. (

Knowledge is support, comfort, and relief — only a phone call away. Planning for future care can feel daunting and the conversations challenging, but they are necessary to ensure you or your loved one receive the care and support needed when the time comes. Our case workers advise and help provide clarity and ease of putting things in place as needs arise.

Reduce stress and worry, start the conversation early — the Masonic Home is only a phone call away. Call the Masonic Home of Missouri if you, or a Brother or Sister, are in need of our assistance. We would love to chat with you and determine what ways the Masonic Home might be able to assist.

How to apply for the Masonic Home's Long-Term Assistance Program: (800) 434-9804: Call the Masonic Home of Missouri, and ask to speak with a financial assistance caseworker. The caseworker will talk with you about your needs, determine your eligibility, and discuss how to apply. Documentation is necessary with the application to show a need for financial assistance. You and your caseworker will schedule a time to complete the financial assistance application together. Your caseworker will submit your request to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will make the decision about approving assistance.

(800) 434-9804 •

Page 22

Your caseworker will contact you about the Board of Directors’ decision.

The Freemason

Masonic Childrens Foundation


Missouri Masonic Childrens Foundation

“Missouri Child Identification and Protection Program”

By RWB Mitch Penn Missouri State MOCHIP Coordinator Every year The Masonic Children’s Foundation (MCF) Board of Directors has a new secretary by virtue of his appointment to the advancing line as our Senior Grand Marshal. I’m excited to welcome RWB Terry Coppotelli to the MCF and our MOCHIP family. I’ve been very fortunate to visit with him several times over the past decade, and I have no doubt that we will benefit from his being a part of the program. At this year’s annual communication, we had the good fortune of introducing a new Regional Coordinator for the Central part of the state. WB Christian McCollum of Columbia volunteered at several MOCHIP events over the summer and inquired as to how he could be more involved. He had his first solo event on October 21st, 2023, at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach, and I’m proud that he pulled it off without issue. To be honest, I expected at least one phone call with questions, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I was notified of the day’s totals in a timely manner and told that he had a few ideas that he’d like to discuss with our group for ways to improve our process. We will be well represented in Central Missouri. Fall 2023

I would like to express my gratitude to RWB Keith Bail for his guidance and support over the past four years. With the addition of a new board member, RWB Bail leaves the MCF board as our outgoing president. He has been an integral part of bringing our plans for new equipment to fruition. Our annual communication also brings several awards for our lodges and volunteers. One of which is Team of the year. This is always a very tough decision, and this year was no different. There are so many facets to the job of Regional Coordinator, the team leader for his area, that we must consider to make a choice. All our teams work very hard to provide peace of mind to the families of Missouri, and to represent Missouri Freemasonry, at community events all over the state. Availability, willingness to travel, selfless promotion, and many other traits come to mind when thinking about this year’s choice, RWB Rodney Kleine and Team 2 from the St. Louis area. Well done, sir. Please extend my hearty congratulations to your team on behalf of the MCF and all Missouri Masons. I urge everyone reading this to find a way to get involved. To get back to lodge. To get to a MOCHIP event. To get out into your community and be the face of Missouri Masonry. You’ll be glad you did.

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youth organizations

Missouri DeMolay

Missouri DeMolay Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Future

By E. Cole Westermayer State Master Councilor Missouri DeMolay As a long and busy summer ends, we look forward to a very eventful end to 2023. Missouri DeMolay is looking forward to everything we have planned in the coming months, and we hope to see as many of you as possible to experience our great DeMolay program here in the Show-Me State. Missouri DeMolay had the pleasure of attending this year’s Annual Communication of Grand Lodge, where we held an informational table along with our sister organizations. I had the great honor of speaking on behalf of our young men at Monday morning’s Grand Opening not just as State Master Councilor, but as a Master Mason of Crestwood-Anchor Lodge 443. Afterward, for the first time in this jurisdiction’s history, we had the honor of having Active DeMolays, who are also Master Masons, symbolically opened the Grand Lodge in front of all our brethren. These young men worked tirelessly for months to perfect this ceremony as best we could, and it was truly a momentous occasion. We believed it was our duty to show that DeMolays are Masons and are already learning the principles of Masonry through our organization. After the weekend’s festivities, I’m proud to announce that we had over twenty lodges showing interest in starting a DeMolay Chapter! That was outstanding! As I said in my speech, DeMolay is your future, and I encourage all of you to invest in it. If you’d like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally (ewestermayer@ or our Executive Officer, Jeff

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Kitsmiller Jr. ( for more information. Missouri DeMolay had a successful Marathon LockIn event at the St. Peters Rec-Plex where we engaged in sports and other fun activities all night long. Our Jurisdictional Staff also had a successful Super Regional retreat with the jurisdictions from Regions 5 and 6 in Kansas City at DeMolay International Headquarters where we hope to bring home all of the new ideas about how to grow our fraternity. Throughout the fall season, Missouri DeMolay looks to restart Rising Sun Chapter in Kansas City, as well as attend a few Chapter installations and the FatherDaughter Ball on October 14th put on by the Poplar Bluff Masonic youth groups. We also get to take part in the Legion of Honor Investiture on November 11th at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in St. Louis, as well as the annual Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star in Springfield the following day. As always, none of what we do would be possible without the love and support from our Masonic family. Everyone at Missouri DeMolay thanks you for your continued support for our youth fraternity. We hope to continue building relationships and growing the future of Masonry in Missouri for years to come. Until then, continue to spread brotherhood, create goals, set standards, and strive for greatness in everything you do. The Freemason

Missouri Job’s Daughters

youth organizations

Missouri Job’s Daughters Today’s Leaders, Tomorrow’s Future

By Jenna Walden Grand Bethel Honored Queen

our Ritual team won second place. This past session was one of the best I’ve attended. If you ever get the chance, I encourage you to attend.

Hello Missouri Masons! In September, I attended the Annual communication Missouri Job’s Daughters has been busy, so let’s catch of the Grand Lodge where I was able to see MWB up. In June, we held our annual Grand Session, and & Dad Rick Kaeser retire as Grand Master. I our 2023-2024 Grand Bethel Officers, Representatives, was also fortunate enough to bring greetings on and Grand Guardian Council were elected, selected, behalf of Missouri Job’s Daughters and attend the and installed. It was an amazing close of the first installation of officers. I would also like to extend century of MOJDI and beginning of the next. my congratulations to MWB Charles F. Wiegert on becoming Grand Master. My first event as Grand Bethel Honored Queen was our Grand Bethel and Grand Guardian Council On October 7th, we had our Miss Missouri Job’s Leadership Workshop. Here we got back to our basics. Daughter Pageant and selected our 2023-2024 Miss We went over the basic functions and fundamentals of Missouri (Kylie N.), Jr. Miss Missouri (Ellie H.), a Bethel meeting and individual duties of the officers and our Miss Congeniality (Andy W.). These three and Bethel Council positions. We’ve had a lot of new members are incredibly deserving of their leadership members join this past year, so it was important to positions and will do incredible things for the good of me that these new members get the best start to their Job’s Daughters in the following year. Jobie careers by having this information available to them. Lastly, I would like to share my quote for my term as Grand Bethel Honored Queen. “If you’re going to live, In July, I attended our International Supreme Session leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t in Wisconsin. At this session, Missouri’s very own Jr. be erased” - Maya Angelou. I ask each one of you to Past Miss Missouri Michaela D. won second runner leave your own mark on Job’s Daughters by creating a up in the Miss International pageant. Our Supreme legacy with us. Let Them Hear Your ROAR. Sign Language and Choir teams won first place and Fall 2023

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youth organizations

Missouri Rainbow Girls

Missouri Rainbow Girls “Faith, Hope and Charity”

By Alicia Simmons Grand Worthy Advisor 2023-2024 State of Missouri, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Missouri Rainbow’s 2023-2024 adventures have begun! In July, we held our annual Grand Officer Retreat. Over this weekend, our state-level officers set goals and started planning the year. This year, our officers are divided into five committees by region, with each committee in charge of planning a service event and a membership event at some point throughout the year. August brought the long-anticipated return of Masonic Youth Day! It was great to see everyone come together and have a blast! We are so grateful to everyone who helped put on this wonderful event! In September we had our first Grand Worthy Advisor visit of the year! The visit was a service event hosted by Districts 1 and 2 in St. Charles. We collected and donated non-perishable food and other items to Marcy’s Project, a local charity that provides meals, essential supplies, education, and support to families in need. We also made tie blankets for our State Dean Amanda’s service project. It was not only a day of service, but also a day of fellowship Page 26

among the Masonic Youth. Missouri DeMolay’s State Master Counselor Cole attended our GWA visit, and members of Job’s Daughters and Rainbow (including myself) witnessed the inaugural installation of Missouri DeMolay’s newest chapter later that same day. I was honored to represent Missouri Rainbow at the 201st Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. It was a pleasure to speak to many of you. I want to thank Missouri Masonry for your continued support of Rainbow. Congratulations on all your successes in the recently concluded term! I am looking forward to everything that is to come in this new term. Missouri Rainbow is continuing to work toward our goals of $1,500 and 1,500 service hours going towards hunger relief. We also continue our efforts to retain and increase membership. Our goal is to bring two new members into each of our 22 assemblies across the state. We made progress on this goal in August, when we initiated two new Rainbow Sisters for St. Louis Assembly. The ties shared by the Missouri Masonic Family are so important. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything from Missouri Rainbow! The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

LOdge & district news

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Lite 70-Year Pin

Riemann 50-Year Pin

On June 26, 2020, WB Jacob D. Lite “Jack” received his 70-year pin and certificate at St. Louis Missouri Lodge 1.

WB Donald G. Riemann received his 50-year pin on March 8, 2023, at King Solomon Lodge 95 from WB Lou Vetz and RWB Charlie Wiegert.

Barrios 40-Year Pin

Manthei 30-Year Pin

Hubbard 50-Year Pin

RWB Michael Todd, DDGM, presented RWB George Barrios his 40-year pin at Grand River Lodge 276.

RWB George Barrios, DDGL presented a 30year pin to WB Sam Manthei at Grand River Lodge No. 276.

On June 6th, 2023, MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr. presented RWB Bruce Hubbard his 50-year pin at Troy Lodge 34 as his wife, Barbara, looks on.

Winchell 60-Year Pin

Algabil-Freedom CAP

On April 10th, Grand River Lodge 276 in Freeman, MO, presented RWB Don Winchell his 60-Year service pin.

Algabil-Freedom Lodge 636 with the Masonic Home-CAP presented a $6,000 check on April 20th to Ridgewood Middle School for the school lunch program.

Farmington Lodge Installation, 50 and 65-Year Pin

Farmington Lodge 132 installed RWB Terry L. Duckett, Sr. as WM on June 22nd. WB J. Lee Boyd received his 50-year pin and WB Roy Welshon, his 65-year pin.

Fall 2023

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LOdge & district news

Grand Lodge of Missouri

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Kearney Lodge New Building

Bonhomme Lodge CAP

On April 28, 2023, the Grand Line consecrated the new meeting location of Kearney Lodge 311 bringing it back into the city of Kearney, MO.

On May 17th, RWB Charlie Wiegert, DGM, and Bonhomme Lodge 45 with Masonic Home-CAP donated money to the Rockwood School Lunch Program.

Mabary 50-Year Pin

St. Louis Missouri Donation

On Monday, March 13th, Grand River Lodge 276 in Freeman, MO, presented WB John Mabary the 50-Year Service Award.

On May 20, 2023, St. Louis-Missouri Lodge 1 donated $5000 to the Masonic Home of Missouri for a table at the Truman Dinner.

Adair Lodge Degree

Central Crossing Scholarships

On May 22nd, RWB Wayne Hutchings from Farmington Lodge 132 with Masonic Home-CAP and Farmington 296 IOOF presented $3000 to Erin Crites (left) and Melissa Pritchett (right) at Farmington Schools lunch and backpack programs.

On Wednesday, April 26th, Central Crossing Lodge 674 of Shell Knob presented the Crowder College Foundation with a check for $1000 to provide two $500 scholarships to Cassville High School graduates.

Hall and Torrey 50-Year Pin

RWB Melvin L. Hall and Bro. Larry M. Torrey, both of Pollock Lodge 349 in Pollock, Missouri, received their Fifty-Year Service Awards on June 11th, 2023, from RWB Ashley Young, DDGM.

Page 28

Tindall 60-Year Pin

On June 12th, at Potosi Lodge 131, RWB Albert Bud Tindall was presented his 60-year pin by Most Worshipful Richard W. Kaiser, Jr., Grand Master and was pinned by his wife, Connie.

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

LOdge & district news

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Fenton Lodge CAP

Samaritan Lodge Installation

WM Nathaniel Brand of Fenton Lodge 281 presented a $6000 check to Ms. Fitzpatrick, Assistant Principal and Dr. Monroe, Principal of Valley Park Elementary School for lunches, clothes and supplies.

On June 15th, Samaritan Lodge 424 installed the Officers with WB Jacob McMullin as Worshipful Master for the 2023-2024 year.

Gardner 60-Year Pin

On June 14th, WB Rondell Miller presented Brother Glen Gardner of Ash Grove Lodge 100 his 60-year service pin at his home.

Wade 60-Year Pin

Ridgley 50-Year Pin

RWB Charlie Wiegert, DGM and WB Matthew Carter, WM St. Charles Lodge 241 present a 60-year pin to WB Ollie Wade on June 15th at Mount Olive retirement center in St. Charles.

RWBs Rick Thompson and Craig Dunn of Strafford Lodge 608 in Strafford, Missouri, presented Brother Howard E. Ridgley of Conway Lodge 528 with his 50-year certificate and pin from the Grand Lodge of Texas on July 5, 2023, at the Magnolia Square Nursing and Rehab Center.

Bowman and Mueller 50-Year Pins

DeSoto Lodge Past Masters Night

On June 21st, 2023, RWB John Brand presented two 50-year pins at Noble Lodge 684 to Brothers Wallace A. Bowman and Lee G. Mueller.

DeSoto Masonic Lodge 119 held its annual fish fry and Past Masters Night on June 22, 2023.

Fowler and Twidwell 50-Year Pins

Montgomery Lodge Installation

On June 22, Wayne Lodge 526 presented 50-year pins to Brothers Dennis Fowler and James “Eli” Twidwell who were raised together. Their wives pinned them.

Montgomery Lodge 246 held its Installation of Officers on June 26, 2023. WB Tom Cahall was installed Master.

Fall 2023

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LOdge & district news

Grand Lodge of Missouri

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Shelbina Lodge Master Mason Degree

Adair Lodge Scholarship

On June 24, 2023, Shelbina Lodge 228 with help conferred a third degree for Brother Troy Lee Theil during a visit from his brother-in-law John Murray, member of Anoka #30, Anoka, Minnesota.

Adair Lodge 366 presented the annual Dale C. Motter Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to Jace Brownell.

Strafford Lodge CAP

Riemann 50-Year Pin

On July 10th, Strafford Lodge 608 contributed $1,500 to the Fair Haven Children’s Home through a fundraiser held by the lodge and the Creating-A-Partnership program from the Masonic Home of Missouri.

Brother Donald Riemann Sr. received his 50-Year of Service certificate and pin as a Master Mason at King Solomon Lodge 95 on July 12, 2023.

Adair Lodge Master Mason Degree

Fellowship Lodge School

Adair Lodge 366 raised Brother Michael L. Foster to the sublime degree of Master Mason during their communication on June 27th, 2023.

RWB Glen Burroughs held School of Instruction at Fellowship Lodge 345 on June 24th, 2023. Twenty Lodge members from Region F attended.

Bounds 50-Year Pin

Colony Lodge 50, 55, 65 and 75-Year Pins

On July 16th, MWB John Broyles presented a 50-year pin and lifetime membership card to Brother Lewis Leroy Bounds with Brother Dana DeWeese, Secretary of Jefferson Lodge 43.

On July 1st, DDGM Charlie Wiegert presented service awards that represented 245 years of Masonic Service to four brothers from Colony Lodge 168. Seated (L to R) are Larry McKim (50 years), Roy Ewalt (65 years), 104-year-old RWB Martin Guinn (75 years) and WB Larry Sykes (55 years). Seated next to them is MWB Dale Motter with over 67 years of service, making 312 years of service!

Page 30

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

LOdge & district news

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Noble Lodge Installation

Joachim Lodge Installation

Deputy Grand Master Charlie Wiegert installed WB Michael Brueckmann and the officers of Noble Lodge 684 on August 19th, 2023.

On July 19th, Joachim Lodge 164 in Hillsboro held its Installation of Officers with MWB Richard W. Kaeser Jr. Installing Master.

Joachim, Shekinah and DeSoto MOCHIP

Ash Grove Lodge Master Masons

Joachim Lodge 164 in Hillsboro, Shekinah Lodge 256, DeSoto Lodge 119 co-sponsored a MOCHIP event at the DFS back to school event held at Jefferson College on July 27th. 125 children’s packets were completed.

On Saturday, July 29, 2023, Ash Grove Lodge 100 raised three Brothers to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. The new Master Masons are Brothers Josh Benson, Kevin Scarborough and Jake Russell.

King 50-Year Pin

Laclede Lodge Award

On Saturday July 8th, representatives from seven different lodges gathered at Westview Lodge 103 in Millersville, Missouri, to celebrate fifty-years of Masonic service by WB William “Bill” King.

On August 3, 2023, Brother Jackie Wells received the “Mason-Of-The-Year” award by WB Justin Marin in Laclede Lodge 83.

Schwader 60-Year Pin

GMs Visit to St. Clair Lodge in Belleville, Illinois

On July 20, 2023, at Gower Lodge 397, Brother Dale Schwader received his 60-year pin with 42 people in attendance. Brother Keith Bodenhausen put the pin on his collar.

On July 10th, MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr., Grand Master of Missouri and the Most Worshipful Grand Master Michael Jackson, Grand Master of Illinois visited St. Clair Lodge 24 in Belleville, IL, to observe the Illinois Master Mason degree of Brother Marc Alan Ellington, the newly raised Master Mason.

Fall 2023

Page 31

LOdge & district news

Grand Lodge of Missouri

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Lebanon Lodge Installation

Greenville Lodge Quilt Presentation

On July 30th, 2023, Lebanon Lodge 77 in Steelville, MO, held their Installation of Officers. WB R. Phil Emmons was installed as WM.

Fenton Lodge Installation

On Thursday July 20th, Greenville Lodge 107 presented Brother Wayne Wilkerson (left), a veteran of the Vietnam war and a Purple Heart recipient with a patriotic quilt.

Gardenville-Cache Lodge Installation

On August 27th, Fenton Lodge 281 held its Installation of Officers with WB Caleb W. Koster being installed as WM.

WB Henry Eirich was installed as Worshipful Master of Gardenville-Cache Lodge 455 on August 8, 2023, by DGM Charlie Wiegert.

Strafford Lodge CAP

Strafford Lodge Picnic in the Park

On August 3, RWB Craig Dunn, WM, Strafford Lodge 608 with the Masonic Home-CAP Program, presented a check for $10,500 to Lori Allen.

On August 5, Strafford Lodge 608 held its 8th annual “Picnic in the Park” for the Fair Haven Children’s Home in Strafford, MO. The Lodge provided the food and drinks for the residents and children of the home.

Lincoln County Installation

Tuscan Lodge Installation

On September 1st, Lincoln County Lodge 682 installed WM John Blazek, pictured at the altar was RWB Larry J. Kelly, Installing Marshal.

Page 32

DGM Charlie Wiegert installed WB Andy Oberman and the officers of Tuscan Lodge 360 on August 22nd, 2023.

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri

LOdge & district news

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Fraternal Lodge Installation

Masonic Home Veterans Program

On Saturday, August 12, Fraternal Lodge 363 held its 153rd Installation of officers at its Lodge in Robertsville, MO. WB Mark Pendergrass (center) was installed as Master.

On July 30th, at the Order of the Eastern Star’s 8th District Friendship Day Ice Cream Social, RWB Lloyd G. Lyon (in back row) presented the Masonic Home Veterans’ presentation.

Thorndyke 50-Year Pin

Pythagoras Lodge 150 Year Celebration

Brother William “Bill” Alfred Thorndyke of Monroe Lodge 64 received his 50-year Masonic pin at his home on August 31st.

Pythagoras Lodge 383, in Cassville, Missouri, held its 150-year celebration on August 12th, 2023, with MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr., Grand Master in attendance.

Christian Lodge CAP

Christian Lodge 392 of Oak Grove, MO, in conjunction with the Masonic Home-CAP, presented $3000 to Lone Jack, MO Elementary School for Our No-Child-Goes-Hungry lunch program.

Arnold Lodge Installation

On Saturday, September 9th, Arnold Lodge 673 held its 52nd Annual Installation of Officers. WB Jesse Jahraus was installed as WM.

Ash Grove Lodge UK Visitor

On September 14, WB Reuben Wyatt, Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon Gloucestershire UK visited Ash Grove Lodge 100 to view the Entered Apprentice Degree for Brother Brandon Inman. His mother lodge is the St. John Lodge #761 in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Fall 2023

Page 33

LOdge & district news

Grand Lodge of Missouri

Installations, Dedications & Special Events Palmyra Lodge Installation

Summit Lodge Installation

Palmyra Lodge 18 installed its 193rd new officers for the 2023-2024 year on Thursday, August 24th. It is the oldest continuous lodge in the state of Missouri. WB Dave Wilson was installed WM.

On September 10th, Summit Lodge 263, in Lee’s Summit, MO, installed their new officers for the upcoming year. WB Joe Cornelius was installed WM.

Independence Lodge Visitor

Schnaare 50-Year Pin

On August 30th, Independence Lodge 76 with help from the 18th and 19th Masonic districts, hosted nine brothers from Widows Sons of Ontario and Manitoba, Canada. After dinner, differences between Missouri and Canada ritual were compared.

RWB Dannie Patterson presented Brother Stanley Schnaare his 50-year pin and certificate at Joachim Lodge 164 in Hillsboro, MO, on September 12th.

Canopy Lodge Installation

Kirkwood Lodge Installation

Canopy Lodge 284 in Verona, Missouri, held its Installation of Officers on September 12th. WB Jesse Blades was installed WM.

On September 12th, 2023, WB James W. Fozzy was installed as WM of Kirkwood Lodge 484.

Webster Groves Lodge Installation

Crites 50-Year Pin

MWB Richard W. Kaeser, Jr. installed the officers of Webster Groves Lodge 84 on August 26th, assisted by RWB Mark A. McCarthy as Installing Marshal and MWB John M. Nations as Installing Chaplain. WB Tom Stevenson was installed Worshipful Master.

At the regular stated meeting of Farmington Lodge 132 on September 14, WB Dale Crites received his 50-year pin and certificate presented by RWB Terry Duckett, WM, with Dale’s sons Brother Jeff Crites on the left and WB Jason Crites on the right. A sister of WB Dale’s was also able to attend.

Page 34

The Freemason

Grand Lodge of Missouri


In Memoriam Our Senior Past Grand Master, James Alfred Noland, Jr., was called to labor on July 26, 2023. He served the Craft for 74 years and was our Grand Master in 19771978. He was born February 2, 1927, to James and Martha Noland of Macks Creek, Missouri, and was educated in Camden County and Dallas County Public Elementary Schools, Macks Creek High School, Southwest Missouri State College, and Lincoln and Missouri Universities. He held a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Master’s and Doctor’s Degrees in City School Administration. From 194756, Doctor Noland was a teacher and professor, being employed in the Camdenton R-III Schools as teacher and principal, a Professor of Psychology at Central Methodist College, Fayette and as Superintendent of Schools in Hermitage, Missouri. He married Miss Janice Mae Pueser, of St. Louis, on March 26, 1958, the ceremony being performed in the rotunda of the State Capitol in Jefferson City. They have three daughters: Clair Ellen, Cynthia Janice, and Cecilia Diane, 10 grandchildren, and 13 greatgrandchildren, all who lovingly referred to him as Papa. Doctor Noland served his country by entering military service during World War II, receiving his basic training at Camp Joseph T. Robinson. He reenlisted in the United States Air Force at Westover Field, Massachusetts and he served ten months in the Philippine Islands with the 13th Air Force. He was a member of the Baptist Church; Past Master of Macks Creek Lodge 433, A.F. & A.M.; member of the York and Scottish Rite bodies, Abou Ben Adhem Shrine; Past Noble Grand and District Deputy Grand Master of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Linn Creek; Past Commander, Lake of the Ozarks American Legion Post 193; and Macks Creek Chapter Fall 2023

20, Order of Eastern Star. His great grandfather was a charter member of Conway Lodge 528, Conway, MO. His two sisters and his wife were members of the Order of the Eastern Star, and his three older brothers were Master Masons. Doctor Noland had extensive experience in government and administrative work. He served one term as County Collector of Camden County, and was elected to the House of Representatives in 1956 and re-elected in 1962, 1964, and 1966; elected to the Senate in 1968 and re-elected in 1972. During this lengthy tenure, he served as a member of most of the major committees, including Agriculture, Conservation, Parks and Tourism, Industrial Development and Aviation, Legislative Research, Public Health and Welfare, Environment, and his main field, Education. Page 35

Grand Lodge Calendar of Events All events are subject to change – Refer to for updates and times November 2023

November 2 November 4 November 6 November 7 November 8 November 9 November 11 November 12 November 16 November 18

Jefferson Lodge 43 Anniversary Dinner Jefferson City Mount Moriah 3rd degree in Mausoleum 5PM Kansas City Oriental Chapter Ephraim Kirby Award Webster Groves Noble Lodge 684 Meeting St. Louis Pride of the West Lodge 179, Grand Lecturer school of instruction, 9 AM St. Charles Gardenville-Cache Lodge 455 Meeting DeMolay Legion of Honor Investiture, Scottish Rite St. Louis Eastern Star Grand Chapter Springfield Pauldingville Lodge 11 George Washington celebration Wright City Masonic Home Board Columbia

November 2023 (cont’d)

November 18 November 23 November 26

Conway Lodge 528 Charter Retirement Ceremony Lebanon Happy Thanksgiving Ransom Breuer District 15 at Fraternal Lodge 363 Robertsville December 2023

December 1 December 2 December 8 December 9 December 16 December 16 December 25

Red Cross of Constantine Potentates Holiday Ball, Moolah MWB Dick Smith 90th Birthday MoChip at Moolah Masonic Home Board Columbia 250th Anniversary of Boston Tea Party Merry Christmas January 2023

January 1 January 6 January 20 January 20

Happy New Year Mokane Lodge 612 Oyster Fest Masonic Home Board Columbia Scottish Rite Installation of Officers

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