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Brazen Serpent, Knight of.""..... .172 Commander of the Temple "" 174 Chief of the Tabernacle" " ". " 170 Christian l\fa.rk, Knights of."" ••• "•••123 i27 Cross, Order of Entered Apprentice ".... 5 Fellow Craft ..••••.• " " ....••. "••. 19 Grand Elect and Perfect:M:ason ......152 Grand Inspector General. ....••• _•••187 Grand Master Architect." "".'" _ H7 Grand l\.raster ofSymboIic Lodges .•. lG8 Grand Pontiff." ..... ". -." .. "- •• - _..•.166 Harodim, Prince of . _•...••..... _•..162 Heroine of JericllO.....••....•... _ 9..1 Historical and Philosophical Degrees .15B Holy Sepulchre, Knights of...•••..•.126 Ineffable Degl'ces _ - .132 Intendant of the Buildiug - ••... - .139 Intimate Secretary 136 Inspector . General 187 Knight of the Brazen Serpent 172 Knights of the Christian l\-lark - .123 Knight of the Eagle and Pelican.•••.162 Knights of the East and West - • - _158 Knight of the East . _ _•.•• - .188 Knight of Kadosh 177 :Knight of the Ninth Arch ...•••...•. 149 Knights of the Red Cross." 97 :Knight of the Holy Sepulchre ...• _ 126 , Knight of the Sun 175 Knight of the Sword 188 oo

Kuights Templars .. "" : 199 Knights of Three Kings ". ".. 96 ])1aster Mason" _ __ _• . .. 27 Mark Master 40 l\laster El('ct of Nine "•. "...•.. 142 Master Elect of Fifteen ..•....... "" ,,145 1\-Iasterof t;ymbolic Lodges •.•....•.168 :Most Excellent Master...• "•. _ " .. 58 Ninth Arch, Knights of..... _" ". ".1-19 Order of the Cross ..•. _" .•. _"" 127 Order of the Holy Sepulchre ...• "•. _126 Order of Knights Templars " _. _.199 Past Master .... _.•...••.. _. _. _ __ • 53 Perfect Master .. _ ':_ _....•.13-1 Perfect and Sublime Mason _.152 Prince of Jerusalem. __ _. _ 15G Prince of Mercy .. __ - - .. ~." _. _.173 ' Prince of Rose·Croix _ 162 Prince of the Royal Secret.. ~ •. _ 183 Prince of the Tabernacle ..•....... _.171 Provost and Judge ". _ 137 Royal Arch Degree 64 Royal Secret, Sublime Prince of 183 Royal ~Inster. - ....••... _..... __ ~ 80 Secret ~Io.ster _.•...••... 1:~2' Secret ~.Ionitor•• _ _.. 92 Select Master.••.. -._ 82 Soyereign Commander of the Temple 174 Sovereign Inspector GeneraL .... _..1S7 Super·Excellent Master _....•.. 89 Suulime Knights Elected.••..•.•..•.146

ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS in the yea.r 1860 by 'BENJAMIN H. DAY, in the Clerk's Office of the United States District ~ourt for theSolithern District of New York.



MORX than thirty-five years have passed since 'V'ILLIAM MORGAN wrote hill famous book revealing the mysteries of modern Free Masonry, a.nd giving to the. outside world a particular description of· the ceremonies obl:\erved in the Lodges of the first six or seven degrees. The bare rumor that such a book was to be published created much astonishment and inclignation among the l\!asonic fra.ternity of 'Vest. em New York, and particularly those who had associated with :Morgan in the meet· iug's of the Craft. They soon a::lcertained the rU11lOr to be true, and that Col. David C. Miller, the publisher of a. newspaper in Batavia, ""as ill fact then engaged in printing the book. Great efforts were immediately made by a large number of Free l\:Iasons to stop· its publication-first by arresting l\forgnn for debt-then by a. com. plaint against' him for larce-ny, during the prosecution of ''''i,rhich his apartments were searched-and la.stly by kidnapping the unfortunate man, taking him forcibly from the at Canandaigua, where he "vas connned on some pretence, carryingllim in a close carriage to Fort Niagara, (then unoccupied,) and there murdclring him in cold blood. These events occurred ill September, 1826, but the :l\!asonic bre:,threl1 did not succeed in suppressing the book. written by l\Iorgan. Part of it had already been put to press by Col. l\1iller, and the remainder of the manuscript 'was so effectually concealed by the wife of the murdered man that it was not discovered by the Masons who searched his premises. This and other outrages, among which ,,-as tho :firing of l\Iiller's printing office, alarmed the citizens of the whole western section of tho State. Several arrests of supposed kidnappers took place, and the persons arrested 'were brought to trial. Col. Edward Sawyer, nnd Nicholas G. Chesebro, (both of Cana.ndaigua,) Loton Lawson, .John Sheldon, and Eli Bruce, Sheriff of Ni· agara County, were each found guilty of participation in the .abduction of l\{organ, and were sentenced to 'ladous terms of imprisonment. But still the murderers remained undetected. Meantime the whole book had been published, and its contents Imd made pl'lblic the somewhat ferocious oaths of the Free :Masons. An immense excitement was erea~cu. all over the country, which la.stedmany years. Free lIasollry became unpopular, and numerous worthy and distinguished persons, including a great number of ministers of the Gospel, withdrew from the Society. Lodges and Chapters \\'ere ,disbanded, while their officers and members publicly renounced all future connection with the ~rasonic Order. Indeed, so great was the prejudice against l\lasons, caused by that inherent love of justice peculiar to American citizens, that 0. powerful political party was formed in the State of New York which threatened atone time to over¢om.c or absorb all other party organizations. The murderers of. l\Iorgan (although known) '\Vere neyer prosecuted, and this fact kept the anti..l\:1'asonic excitement until the party almost becam.e National, for it extended . . throughout the New England and l\Iiddle States, and killed off a. score or two of prominent publ:c ~en. But there must be an end to all things; and in the fulness of time the prejn-



dice against Free Masonry died away. Then it was discovered that the l\!asons who kidnapped William :Morgan were, after all, simply ruffians, and not by any mean!) representatives of the main body of the J\Iasonie fraternity. And why should Masolls, more than any other respectable class, be suspected of aiding the perpetration· of a murder, or any other crime against society 'I Becam;e, suys the uninitiated reader, they bind their members by fearfni and I::languinary oaths, and keep cYl'rything connected \Yith their Lods-os in such prof'ound St.' cre C)". This is a ycry natural conclusion for the unthinking multitude, but ,\"m scarcely pass current among those who possess any degree of reflection, and comprehend the promptings which goyern the actiollS of men, TheBe last "lronId naturally inquire why should m:lllldnil as. ::Masons dUrer from mankind as husbands, fathel's, devoted friends or indeed ati ~ivilized. beings? . ' .. , . Since the issue· of :Morgan's book, no ot.her entirely original work has been publisbed on the subject, though sever:ll more elaborate volumes have appeared, in which the writers have attempted to give in detail some of the higher degrees. But all have failed to make their revelations fully intelligible, either because they ,.lid not undel'stand the subject, or else ,vere careless or incompetent. In the following pages I have end<.~avoredtQ give exact descrj.ptions of the ·1\!a~onic cqrcxnouicsus theyaro .(orshonld be) performed in tho Lodges, Chapters, &e" of caclldegl'ee. The information is intended, not ()nly for the public. at large who 11a'\" 0 a curiosity tt? f~thoD,l the,Yonderful secrets of :E'ree It!asonry, b'ut ,fOl~ newly ~ormedMasonicSocieties,who desire ::L printed g'nide to facilitate their work. C~mparath~elYJ~wpersons among thcmultitudes who join thql\la~onic Lodg,es, extend their knowledge of the Craft beyond tbeRo)"nlArch Dt.·gree ; and to such as have not beeu advunc0c1' this 'York will be reud,vithmuchintcrest. By the aid of it they maybecpme.familiarwith the higher dog-fees of modern l\Ia$;Onlj"-,vith the lnrff~ble Degroes-and.\vith those c\uious nnd ellthusiasticHistorical :1uclPhilosophical D~greesy.chichare so mixed up ''!lith .Je\vish history und Chl"istiau Knight-errantry to puzzle the·matter·of·fact student of the present day. . And now a few words 'w~th 1\1a80nic friends asto myohjcct in retiring from the Society and publishing this· book. I::Lm no .cnemy of 1\1asonry; and I think that if ~t ,Ye~c:· pO$;siblc t9keep unworthy ·men out of our Lodges, it would be an unexcep~ tionable. institution. Considering that this has not been,and . probably can110t be <;lone, I am content to lcavelt. Andas I have always looked upon ouraecretceremonies andoat.hs as but the relics of a. past age,3.nd continuedmer~lyto preserve the ostensible a~tiquity of th~ institutiol1 r~ther than to bind our consciences, I do not hesitate to make .them public. ':rhc, Society of ¥l'CC Mas01?:s w!l.s:formeclat an early age of t11e wC?rld,' 'when there WCl!OnO la1vs. to protect the weak against the strong. The oaths and obligations were then,urido~btedlybin<ling,notonlyfor the protectio.n of the member!:!: hut for the" preael"~atioD: ofthe YeryitIlperfc~t;lrts .:J.ndscienc,es of that pe~iod.. ' To suppose. theae, '!a.ths Ill.can anything no,.... if:; l:litnply absl.ud, :Mankind .ontside. a ~!~-. sonie Lodge does not care ft straw what takes place '''ithin thnt. secret concla"C;c, ex... copt as a:matter .0£ cnrio~ity~;. Itis partly to gratify this spu'U of inquisitiycness that I have written this bookj and Free :Masol1s themselves. }!ore thauhalfthe persons who joinliiasonicLodgcsdo not 'llldf:r~t.andanything of, the principles ort~e Order., They go . tllrough certain ceremonies, pay their fees, a.nd then forget it aU in ashorttimf3•.. By hayingo.n authentic detail of th.e J>roceedings to read over at their l~i,sure,they may become ,ltIasons in reality. J AJ3EZ RICHARDSON.



l\IONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY FmST DEGREE. A LODGE OF ENTERED APPRENTICES. IN opening a Lodge of Entered Apprentices, it is necessary that at least six Apprentices shou.ld be present, and oue Past Master. 'They can' only act under a charter or warrant from the Grand Lodge. The room in which they assemble should represent the ground floor of King, Solomon's Temple. The fixtures of the room, and the seats of the officers are as in Engraving on page 6. On taking his seat to open the Lodge, the Master gives one rap with his gavel, and savs: "Brethren, I am about to open i Lodge of Entered Apprentices, for the dispatch of business, alld I will thank you for your attention and assistance." l\Iaster to the Junior "Varden-Brother Junior, are they all Entered Apprentice :M:asons in the South '1 Junior'Varden-rrhey are, Worshipful. l\faster to the Senior 'Varden-Brother Senior, are they all Entered Apprentice l\fasons in the 'Vest? Senior Wardell-They are, "''''orshipful. The l\Iaster then declares,' " They are, a.lso, in the East," and at the same time he gives one rap ,路'tith his gavel, which calls up the Junior Deacon, who, as he rises, gives a sign' by opening his left hand and placing the open fingers of the right hand on the palm of it. The j}1aster then says: Brother Junior Deacon, the first care of congregated l\Iasons? Junior Deacon-rro see the I.lodge tyled, V\lorshipful. Master-Perform j"'our duty, and inform the Tyler that ",,re are about to open a Lodge of Entered Apprentices for the dispatch' of business, and direct him to tyle accordingly. 'rhe Junior Deacon then goes 'to the door of the Lodge and stations therl'yler outside of it with a dra'\vn sword in his hand, at the same time whispering路 the words of the Master that he is about to open a Lodge, &e., He then C10808 the

door, and gives three distinct knocks on the inside, which are answered by three knockS of the Tyler on the outside. The Junior Deacon then again' gives one knock, (which is a.nswered by a knock from the 'TIler,) when he'returns to his station an says: "The door is tyled, Worshipful," at the same time giving the due-guard", (explained hereafter,) which is never omitted when the :Master is ad路 dressed. l\faster--By whom is it tyled? Junior Deacon-By a brother of this degree without the door, armed with the proper implements of bis office. J\iIaster-His duty there? Junior Deacon-=To k.eep off :.tIl cow.. ans and eave路dropers; to sec that none pass or re-pass except such as are duly qualified, and permission from the Master. [Permission of thG Chair, is s9metimes said.] l\fa.ster-Let us now be clothed, brethren. [Here the members present put on their aprons and jewels, and resume their seats.] The 'Vorshipful ~raster then gives one rap with his gavel and addresses the Junior Deacon as fo110',,"5 : :Master-Brother Junior Deacon, your place in the Lodge? . Junior Deacon-At the right hand of the Senior Warden in the West. :Master-Your business there, Brother Junior? Junior Deacon-To walt on the 'Vorshipful Master and'Vardens, act as their prox.y in the active duties of the Lodge, and take charge of the door. :Master-The Senior Deacon's place i.n the Lodge? ,'Junior Deacon-At the right hand of the Worshipful lVlas.terinthe east. [The l\laster,while asking the last question, gives two raps, which calls up all the subordinate officers.] l\Ia9ter (to Senior Deacon)-Your duty there" Brother Senior? Senior Deacon-To wait on the or.. shipfull\1:aster :l.11d'Yardens. net as their !)roxy in tho activG duties of tho Lodge)




attend to the preparation a.nd introduction of candidates, and welcome and clothe all visiting .brethren, [i. e. furnish them with an apron.] Master (to Senior Deacon)-The Secretary's place in tIle Lodge, brother Senior? Senior Deacon-At the left hand of the Worshipful Master in the east. l\!aster (to Secretary)-Your duty there, Brother Secretary? . Treasurer.

Secretary-The better 'to observe the Worshipful Master's will and pleasure, record the proceedings of the Lodge; transmit a copy of the same to the Grand Lodge, if reqnired; receive all moneys and money bills from the hands of the brethren, pay them over to the rrreasurer, and take receipts for the same. :Master (to路 Secretary)-The Treasurer's place in the Lodge?

Worshipful Master.


Senior Deacon.


Senior ,"Varden.

Junior 'Varden.

Junior Deacon.




Secretary-At the right hand of the Worshipful lfaster. !\faster (to Treasnrer)-Your duty there, Brother Treasurer? Treasurer-Duly to observe the 'Vor· shipful lIaster's will' and pleasure; receive all moneys and money bills from the hands of' the Secretary; keep a jttst and true account of the same; pay them out by order of the Worshipful Master and consent' of the brethren. .l\-Iastcr (to Treasurer)-The Junior 'Varden's place in the Lodge, Brother Treasurer? Treasurer-In the south, ,''''orshipfuL l\1:aster (to Junior ·'\iV·arden)-Your business there, Brother Junior? Junior y\l"arden-Asthe sun in the south at high meridian is the beauty and glory of the day, so stands the Junior ""Varden in the south, the better to observe the time; call the crafts from labor to refreshment; superintend them <luring the hours thereof; see, that none convert'the hours of refreshment into that of intemperance or ex.cess; and call them on again in due. season, that the "'\Yorshipful.Master may have honor, and they profit and pleasure thereby. 1\1a8te1' (to Junior Warden)-The Senior 'Varden's place in the Lodge ~ Junior 'Yarden-In the west, "YorshipfuL 1\:laste1' (to Sonior'Varden)-Your duty there, Brother Senior 1 Senior Warden-As the sun !Sots in the west to close the day, so stands the Senior 'Yarden in the west, to u.ssist the 'Vorshipfull\Iaster in opening his Lodge; tak.e care of the jewels and implements; see that noue "be lost j pay the craft their wages, if any be due; and see that nOlle go ::l\va,)"" dissa.:tisfied. :Master (to Senior 'Varden)-The. Master's place in the Lodge? '" Seu. \Yurdeu-Iuthe east, 'YorshipfuL l\-faster-His duty there? Senior \Varden-As the sun rises ill the cast to open and adorn the day, so presides the'Vorshipful l\Iaster in the east to open and adorn his . Lodge; set his crafts to work with good a.nd wholesome instruction; or cause the same to be done. .l\Iaster (giving three raps with his gavel)-In like manuel', so do I, strictly forbidding all profane language, or any diso1'derl.y· conduct ,,"hereby l)cuce and harlllony may be interrul?tcld. It is ·my will find pleasure that a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Mnsons be opouocl in this place for the dispatch of' business. Brother SeDior 'Varden, pleaso communicato

the same to the. Junior Wa.rden, that the brethren rna-v have timely notico thereof: The Se1110r'Varden then delivers the Master's order to the Junior Warden, who gives threer~pswithhis gaveI,-anel sa,ys: "Brethren, . it if! our Worshipful l\laster's order that a Lodge of Entered Apprentice l\f~sons be opened in' thi~ place for the dispatch of business. You will take due notice thereof, and govern. yourselves accordingly." .. 1fastcr-Attelld to the signs, brethren•

Right AngieR, or, the Sign of Distress.

Horizontals, or, Due·Guard.

The signs of this degreo are now giyeu by the :Master and brethren,. viz. : right~angles, horizontals, and perpendi· cular8. The right·angles are shown by holding open the left hand and crossing the palm of it with the open palm of the l'ight hand at right-angles-the banda to be held out about twelve inches from the body. This is called the first sign of a Maso1l. It is the sign ot'distress in this degree. To draw a horizontal, raise your open right hand and a1'111 to your neck, n.nd holding the palm dO\Vllw:l.rdg J and the th nmb partly uudel! the hand, but parallel 'with the fingers, draw the hand from the left to the right shoulder by a quick motion. ",Yhilc ),Otl are doing this let the left hand drop perpendicularly by your sido, the palm backward. 1'hi5 to show the perpendicular sign., ThQ horizontal is called the clue-gu:l1'd.. \ 'rhe Master, the Senior'Varden alld the Junior 'Varden now,·each of them, giyes one rap with the ga.vel, '1'\,'hell tho l\laster says: "I now declare· this LodgQ of Entered Apprentice }!asolls duly opened- for the dispatch of business.'· The :Master then reads from tt. book the follQwing: :Behold howgQodJl.ucl how




pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to-' The Senior Dencon brings the box gether ill unity! It is like the precious containing the ballots to the 'Vorshipful ointment upon the head that ran down Master, who, after looking into it, orders npon the beard, eyen' Aaron's beard, him to carry it to the Scnior'Yarden, who that went ~lo"Yn to the skirts of his gar- looks at it and sends it to his ..Tunior. ments; as, the dew of Hermon, and as l\!aster.:.-Ho"\" stands the ballots in the th(} dew tbatdcscondcd upon the moun- west, Brother Sonior? tain of Zion, for there the I..Iord comSenior 'Yardcn-CleaJ"7 'Vor;:;hipful . ltl~ndea the blossing, cyei'more. Amen. '1"he same question is put to the Junior So mote it b e . ' fl.拢.; to the south, who gives the same re" After the opening prayer" or exercise, ply, when the :Master declares the ballot the 1,Vorshipf111 IUaster giY.,es one rap. to be clear, and "thn,t tIle candidate is with his gavel, wilen all the Dlembers duly elected a member of this Lodge. If' take smits. one or more blade balls appear among Muster-Brother Sonior "'Varden, JULYC the v..hite ones, it is announced that the :;yon ::mything in the west for the good candidate is rejected. of our Craft? ' " . If the cmMldate be outside the Lodge" Senior Warden-Nothing, Worshipful. and ready for initiation, the Sonior Dea'l'he same question is then put to the COIl goes ontto prepare him, while the Junior Warden as to the south, ,vith the utmal bu~illef;s procecdB. It is conducted same replv, when the Worshipfull\Iaster much the same as any Society business, asks if an"'y brother present has anything if we except forms and ceremonies, such to lay before the Lodge. Some brother as saluting the Chair, &c. replies by proposing that the minutes of The :Master says: Does any bt'other the last meeting be read. present kn01Y of a brother in distress, or l\Iaster-Brother Secretary, you "Yill in difficulty '1 read the minutes. In reply to this qnestion, Sick brothers The SecretaJy rea.dsthe name of the are repo:rted to the Lodge, as ,yell as all Lodge, time and manner of opening, caseHwhere the charities of the Lodge names of officers present, and all the nre'supposed to be'needed, whethm' fora proceedings, which took place, among brother Mason, or for a deeeased brother's. '''hich may haye been proposed a ne,v family. The regular routine of business candidate fot" fellowship. If this is the being over, the initiation of the new cancase, the l\lnster thus addresses the didate proceeds.


is your pleasnre on this proposition; how shall )ye dispose of it? A Brother-I moye the candidate be balloted for. Master-If no objection is made, I shall now send round the balls, a.nd we willprocoed to ballot for John Smith to become a Mason and a member of this Lodge. Brothel" Senior Deacon, will you distribute them ~ 'fhe Lodge now proceeds to ballot. One black ball will r~jcct a candidate. rr~he boxes may be passed three times, ~hould a. black ball appear. '1.'110 Dea.. COllS are the proper llcrsons to -pass them; one of the boxes has black a.nd white beans or balls in it,' the other is empty; the one with the balls ill it goes before, and furnishes each member.with a black and a wliite ball; the empty box follows and receives them., 'l'here are two holes in the top of this box, with a small tube in each, one of which is black, and the other white, "I,,,,路ith a partition in the box. The members put both their balls into this box as their feelings may dictate. ~o one knows which is 'Voted.




The candidate (if present) haYing been conducted into a small preparation room adjoining the Lodge, he is there asked the following questions, and giycs the fol~ lowing answers: Senior Deacoll to Candidate-Do yon sincerely declare, upon your honor ' be路 fore these gentlemen, that, 1.1llbiassed ,by friends, uninfluenced b~' unworthy Inotivcs, you, freely and, 'Voluntarily offer yourself a candidate for the mysteries of :l\1asonry'/ Candidate-l do. S~nior Deacon-Do you sincerely de~ clare, npon your ~onor before these gentiemen, that you are prompted to solicit the privileges of :Masonry by a favorable opinion conceived of the institution, a free desire of knowledge, and a sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures 1 Candidate-I do. Senior Deacon-Do you sincerely declare, upon your honor before these f:;entlemen, that you willcbeerfl.llly conform to ::l!l the ancient established usages and Cl.1.stoI1U of the fraternity t



Candic1ate-I do. . qualifications, let him enter this worshipThe Senior Den.eou no'", resigns the ful ;Lodge in the llame'of the Lord, and candidato to the Junior Deacon, or Con- take heed on what he enters. ductor, and returns inside the Lodge, The candidate:then entoi's, the Senior reporting to the l\In.stcr tha.t all is ready. Deacoll at the same time pressing his Ma:-;tcr-Brethrell, at the request of mtkcd left breast ,vith tlio poiut of the 1\11". John Smith, ho has been proposed compass. and accepted ill regular form as a lncmSenior Deacon (to the caudidato)bel' of this I.lodgc. I thorefore reCOlll- Did you feel anything 1 mend him as a propc~ candidate for t11e Candidatc-I diet 1:1ysterics of :Free Masonry, and worthy 8cmior Deacoll-'Yhn.t "'las it ~ to" partake of all the privileges of the f1'[\'Candidatc-A torture. ternity. .. ,. 'rhe Senior Deacon then says-As this "\Vhile the Master is thus speaking ia- is a torture to your flesh, so may it eyer side the Lodge, the candidate is dive,;;ted be to your mind and conscience, if ever of his clothing, (shirt excepted,) and is you should. attempt to reveal the secrets made to put ona pair 'of red flannel of ]'lasonry unlawfully. drawers. He is thou blindfolded, his The candidate is then cOI1ducted to the left foot made bare,his right· foot in a center of the Lodge, where he kneels, ailel slipper, his left breast aud arm u::1.kec1, the Senior Deacon kneels with 11im. ,'rho and a rope, called a cable-tow, pnt round Master now gives three raps with his his neck and left arm, (the rope is not put gayeI. when all the brethren rise, and round the arm in some Lodges,) in lvhich the Deacon pronounces the following posture the candidg,te is conducted by prayer: the Junior Deacon to the door, where he H Vouchsafe thine aid, Almighty Fa,;. is caused to giYe, or the Junior Deacon ther of the'univcrsc,to this 0111' present gives, three distinct knocks, ,vhich are convention; antI grant that this ct.l.l1clianswered by three frOlU\vithin; the Jt\~ date i'ot'l\Iusoury mn.y dedicate a.nd de~ nior Deacoll gives one more, which is vote hi~ life to thy service, and become aalso answered by one from v\'ithiu. rrhe true and frdthful brother among' tu! door is then partly opened. Indue him ,vith a comp~tenc.y of '1'11y Seuior Dencoll-,\Vho comes there? divine ",i;3<101'n, that ~y the secrets ot 'Vho comes \Vilo C011108 there? our art he mav be the better ennblcd to Junior Deacon-A poor bliud candi- display the beauties of holiness, to tho <late who ·113.S long been desirous of hanot" of Thy holy nap:1e. So motc)t be. having and rcceiving a l)3.rt of the rites Amen 1" and benefits of this worshipful Lodge, l\Ia.ster (putting his· hand on tho head dodicateel (some say erected) to God and of calldidate)-Iu whom. do ~·ou IJttt )"6Ur held forth to t.he holy order of St. JOllllS, trnst? as all truefcllo\'\'s and brothers have C3.ndidate-In God. done who have gone this way before l11Ill. l\Iastcr (taking hinl by the right hand) Sellior Deacon-Is it of his 0'\'\'11 free -YonI' trust being in God, your faith, is ,vill and accord he makes ,this requc:'it? well founded. Follow your leader and Is he duly ami truly prepared ~ worthy foal' 110 da.nger. and well qualified! and propcl'1y avouchrrht~ S~mior Deacon then conducts the' ed for? candidat0 thl'CC times l'cgularly l'OUlld the Juuior Deacon-lIe possesses all these Lodge, and halts by the Junior \Varden l·cqui~ites. in the south,\vherc the saUlO question:; Senior Deacon-By what further rights are askcu :'U1U nnswers retul"lwd a~ at docs he ex.pect to receive this benefit '1 the door. As the candidate a.nd ConJU11iol' Deacon-By being a man, free ductor .are pa:;sing'rouud the l'oom" tIl\) born, of la:wflll age, aud uuuer the tougue :~\1~Lster reads tho foUo\viug pasRage ol of good report. ... . ., Scripture, auti ttLkcs the. sfullctiu~etv rrhe. Senior Deacon the'n. says-Since re~vl it, tll~l.t they do to· go· roul1tl tho thi8 is the case, you will wait till the Lodge room three times. '\Vorshipl'ul Mastei.· ill the ea::,;t is made Bulwlil hI)·.... good and hm.V" p1Nt8ar.t acquainted vdth his request, au<l hh:l au- it is for brethren to d..,llcll togctlwl" in swer returnod. unity! It is like the l)l'eciollSQinhnel1t rrheSenior Deacon rep3.irs to the :Mas- upon the head, that ran down upon the ter, when the same questions al'e asked beu.rd, even AarelU's beal'd, went a11tl answers. retllrneu. as at the door; do,vl1 to the skirts of his garment: .as after Which, the :Master says-Since he the dew of Hermoll, and as the· de...-; that comeS endowed with all theso llocessary descended uI)on the mountains ofZloIl ; 4,



:MO~Il'On 01:0"- :FREE-M..:\.SO::-iRY.

for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for eyer lnore." rrhe candidate is then conducted to the Senior 'Vardon in the west, where the same questiorls are. asked and aJ1swel's returned as before;. fI'om thence he is conducted. to the 'VV"orshipful ~Ias­ ter in the east, who demands of him from ,vheuce he came, and whither he is traveling? Candidate answers-FroIn the west, and traveling to the east. Master-V1hy do you leave the "vest anU'fra vel to the east? Candidate-In search of light. l\IaRtcr then says-Since the candidate is traveling in search of light, ypu wiiI please condl1.ct him back to the '\vest from ,..,.hence be came, and put him in the care of the Senior 'Varden, who will teach hin'l how to approach the east, the place of light, by advancing upon one upright regular step, to the first step, his fect forming the right ang'le of an oblong square, his body erect at the altar before the l\Iaster, and place him in a proper pof:iition to take upon him the solem.n oath or obligation of an Elltered Apprentice l\fason. The Senior 'Varden receives the candidate, and leads hhn back to within about two paces of the altar in the celltel' of the Lodge, there instructing him \vhat to do, viz.: the candiUate steps off one stBp\vith his left foot, and drav.,'s the heel of his right foot into the hollow thereot~ making his two feet stand at right angles. He then steps off with his right foot~ and It-neels upon his left knee, in doing \'Vhich the knees l11ust each form a square. He places his lett hand, with the palm up, under the Holy Bible, 'with square and compass upon .it, that lay:; upon the altar, and his right hand 011 top of them. rrhis is the position in which a candidate is placed \'V11en he takes upon him the oath or obligation of an Entered Apprentice. 1\1ason. As soon as the candidate is placed in this position, the "\Vorshipfull\laster r.p~ proaches him, and says-l\Ir. Smith, you arc now pIa cod in a proper position to take upon you the solenm oath or obligation of. an. Enten.:d Apprentice l\Iasol1~ which. I assure you is lleitb;r to affect your reHgiol1 ol'J~our politics. If' J~ou are willing'· to take it, repeat your llame and say aftet' me :-" I, J olm. Smith?/of my own· free will and accord, in presence of Almighty Hod, au(l this wOl'sbipful Lodge of }'rce audAccepted Maso~ls, dedicated to God and held forth to the holy order of St. Jo}.lns, do hel-ebyand

hereon Inost solemnly and sincerely promise and s\vear, that I will always hail., ever cOllceal, and never reveal any part or parts, art or arts, point or points of the secrets, arts and mysteries of ancient :F'ree Masonry, 'which I haye l'cceive<l, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in, to an)'" person or pcrsons in the known world, exccpt it be a true anci la;wful brother 1\1nson, or within the body of a just· and la\vfully constituted I..Jodgc of such, and Dot unto him, nor unto them . ." hom I shall Ileal' so to bo, but unto him and them only whom I sIla-llund so to be, after strict tri:'11 and due examination or hl.\vful iuformution. Pnrthermore do I promise and swear, that I ,vill not write, print, !:ltnmp, stain, hew, cut, carve, indent, paint, or engrave it on anything moveable or iInmoveable, under the whole canopy of heaven, whereb:y, or whereon the least letter, figure, character, mark, stain, shadow, or resemblance of the same may become legible or intelligible to myself or any othor person in the known world, \"hereby the sccrets of Masonry may be llnla.wlully obtained through my ullworthiness, r1'0 all which I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and s,\ycar, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self evasion of mind in me 1vhatcyer; binding Dlysc1f under no less penalty thnll to have my throat cut across, lily tongue torn out by tho roots, and l11.Y body buried in tho rough sands of the sea at low wat(or murk, where the tide ebbs and flows twice ill tvrcnty-f'our hours j so help me God, and keep me steadfast lllthe due pcrfor:mance of the same," It Master-In tol~en of your sincerity kiss the book. (Candidate kisses it.] Master-Brother, to you the secrets of l\1a:;;;onry arc about to be uuveiled, a1111 a brighter sun ne\"er shone luster on your cves; ,,,,hile prostrate before thil:l sacred aitar, do 'you . not shudder at ever)" crime? have you not confidcllce in every virtue? May these thoughts ever illspire :rou ,,'ith the most noble sent.iments; DUlY )'(m oyer feel that elevatIOn of soul t.hat sha.ll scorn 3. dishonest act. Brother, '\vhat do you most desire? Candidate-Light. j)Jaster.(to brethrol1)-Bl'ethrell, stretch forth your hands and assist in". bringing this new made brother from. darknel:ls to light_ The members having formed. a circlo round the (~:'lndidate, the Master says"Anu God said, let tbere be light, and there ,,,'as light." At the same time, •all



the brethren clap their hands and stamp' is to be given, fOt" it cannot be given truly 011 the floor with their right foot sos heavy except as he will explain to you. as possible, the bandage dropping from l\faster-What is that 1 the candidate's eyes at the same instant. Candidate (instructed by Senior Dca.rr'lli::l great and sudden transition from con)-A grip. " perfect da.rkness to a brigl1t lighted room l\:laster-"Vhat grip 1 after the candidate has been so long blindCandidate-The grip of a.n Entered Aped, and full of fearful apprehensions, of- prentice MaBou. ten produces the most curious effects on l\faster-Has it a name? him. Cuudidate-It has. After the candidate is brought to light, l\fa8ter-\Vill yon give it to me? the ·Master addresses him as follows: Candidate-I did not so l'eceive it, nei~ Brothet·, 011 being brought to light, ther can I so hnpart it. von firclt discover three gre:lt lights in J\faster-'\Vhat will you do with it? ]I:150ury by the assistance of three lesser Candidate-Letter it, or halve it. ones j they are thus explained: the three l\Iaster-Halve it, and begin. great lights in Masonry arc the Holy C::tlldldate-You begin. BIble, Square anti Compass. The Holy Master-Begin you. Bible is given to us as a rule and guide Caudidatc-B·o for our faith and practice; the Square, l\Iaster-A·z to square our actions, and the Compass Calldidatc-BoAZ. to keep us in dlle bounds with all man· Master-Rig;ht, l~rother Boaz, I greet kind, but morc especially ,yUh the bre- you. [Bonz h:l the name of theleft hand thren. Tho three lesser lights are three pillar of the porch of King Solomon's burning tapers, or candles placed ou can· Tell1ple.] Aril:;c~ and salute the Junior dlesticks, standing in a triangl1.lar group; and Sellior 'Yardens as such, alld con-' they 1~crJre8ellt the Sun, 1\100n, and ~las~ vince them that you have been l'egularly tel' of the Lodge, and arc thus ex-plained: initiated as au Entered Apprentice :Ma· As the sun rules the day and the moon !:lOU, and have got the sign, grip and ,Yord. governs the night, so ought the 'VorshipThe l\!asterreturns tohls seat while tha full\laster ,yUh cqual regularity to :r:ule 'Vardens are examining the candidate, an(l g'ovcrn his Lodge, or cause the salllC n.nd gets a lamb-~kin or white apron, pre.. to be done. :;ents it to the candidate, saying: 'rhe \Vorshipful ~!astcr now steps Master-Brother, I now present you back a few paces, when the Senior Dca· with a l:.tmb-slt.iu or 1vhitc apron; it is all oon addresses the candidate: emblem of innocence, and >the badge of Senior Deacon-Brother, our)Vorship. a :Mason; it has been worn by kings, full\1aster approaches you from the C3.l:lt princes, and potentates of the earth, who under the step, sign and due·guard of an haye llevcr betH! m;ham,ed to wear it; it Entered Apprentice Mason; obserYo hi~ il:i morc honorahlo than the di:l.dems of manner of giving them, and imitate him kings, or pearls of prhlcesscs, when W01'as ncar as you call, keeping your posi· thily worn. It is more ancient than tho tiOl1. [Step off with left foot, find bring Golden Fleece or Homan Eaglo; lUore heel of right foot into the hollow thereof, honorable than the Star and Garter; or to form a square. "rIlis is the first step any other order that can be cOnf(~rl'ed in Masonry. r,rhon give sign and due· upon you at this, orallY other time, exguard, or right·angles ,and horizontals, copt it be iathcbody of a just ant!fully as before explail1eLl.] . constituted Lodge; you will carry it to 1\1aster (advancing)-Brother, I now the SCniOl" 'Varden in the 'Yest, '\vho will present you my right h.::md, in to:;,en of teach you how to we:tr it as an Entered friend;.;hip and brotherly love. 'Yith it Apprentice Mason. you .wiH receive the true gr-ip of an En· The candidate is conducted to the Se.. tcrcd Apprentice 1I1a800. The nnme of nior ,Varden, who tics the apron on and tarns up the flap instead of letting it fall ~ down in front of the top of tho apron. This is the way Entered Apprel1tic~.l\iIa" sons wear, or ought to \Vear~ their aprons until they.arc advanced. He is then con.. ducted back to the l\£a.ster.who again. ad<1resses him. ~fa8ter-Brother, as. you are dressed, the grip is Boa.z. a.nd the Senior Doacon it is necessary you should· have tools to wIll instruct you in the precise manner it work with; IwillllOW present you with




the worldmg tools of an Entered Appren- we are tuught in 1\f:1!~()nry. On thi:; theme tice Mason, which the twenty·four 'weconternplatc, alHlby its dictates en· inch guage and comlIlon gavel; they are deavor to regnlate our cOllduet i hence, thus explained: the tWBnty··rour inch "lNhile influenced by this plinciple, hyguagc is an iU!:itr1l111ent made use of by pocrisy und deceit are ullknowll amollg operative Ill-aROnS' to measure and layout us, sincerity and plain dea.lhlg distil1gni:::.h their work', but 'we as Free and Accepted U~, and the heart and tougue join ill pro]\:!asous, make t18C of it for the more 110Lle moting each other's \""c1farc, and rej,)k· and gloriou8 pm'pose of dividing our time. ing in each other's prosperity, DIIioll, i~ The twenty.four inche~ on the gunge arc that kind (if friendship wl1kh OUg,llt to emblematieal of the twclltv-fourhonrs in appear conspicuous ill c.... c~·y j\la~on's the da~r, \vhich we are taught to divide conduct. It is so closely allied to the di, into three equal parts, whereby we 1ind vine aUribute,'l'ruth, that he who enjo;'s eight hourH· for the service of God, ~t11d a the oue,i8 seldom dC8titnte of the other. worthy· dhitrcssed brother; eight houri'! Should interest, honor, prejudice, orhufor our usual YocntiOl1ii j nnd eight for mandcpravit)", ever. incluee. yon to· refreshment and sleep, The common lute any part of the sacred tru8t ' ....e now gavel is an instrument made use of by rcpo15c in you, let these hvo hll1>ort~l1;,t operative masons to break off the corners words, at the earliest insinuation, teach of rough stones, the bettcr to :tit them for you to put on the check-Hue of truth, the builder's use j but we, as ~'l'ee and which will infallibly direct you topursuc Accepted :Masons, use it for the more that straight and narrow path whic.h ends nobl.e anel glorious purpose of divesting' in the full enjosmentof the Grand Lodge our het1l'ts and consciences of all tile above;· where ,,\'\,e shall all meet as Mu· vices a.nd superfluities of life, thereby SOllS and'members in the same family, in fittiPg ourminuB as living·. and lively peace, harmony,and love; .where :.\11 disstones,· for that spiritual building, that cord on aceouutof politics, religion, or house not made'with hallds,cternal in prh-n.te opiniollslla.ll be uuknowu, and the Heavens. I al~o pret5cnt you ,vitha bal1iiShcd from '\vithin our walls. DOW name, It is CAUTION. It teaches Brother, it h~lS been a, custom· {roln you, as you are barely instructed in the time iramcmorial to d('mand" or ask fron1 rudiments of .Masonry, that you should a nc'vdymade brother something of a be cautious oyer all your words amI ftC· nwtallic kind, not so nUlch on Uccolmt of tions, I>articnlarly when before the ene· its· intrin~ic valuc,hn.t that it ma.y be demies of l\Ia.sonry, Ishal* next present posited in the 'archiyC's of the Lodge, n.~ you with three precious jewelR, which a memorial that you was lwri.'il1 'made·:l. are a LISTENING EAR, a SIL}:!"'!' 'l'ONGUl<;, Muson; a small trifle will be 8ufi1c:erlt; and a l<'AITHFUL HEART, A listening car anything of a ll1ctallic kind 'will do ; if teaches you to listen to the instructions of you have DO mOlley, an~·thing of a methe 'Vorsllipful Master; but nlore es- tallic nature 'will be l:ltlfncient; eyen ll. pecially thnt J"ou should Ih;ten to the button will do. cries of a. worthy distressed brother. A Candidate (who has }10clothl11g but his silent tougue teuches you to be silent red dr::nvers)-:...I have nothing-. while in the Lodge, tha.t the peace and Muster-Search yourHclf c:\r<:fullv, harmolly thereof may not be disturbed, Candidate HC:'l.rCllCS, but u0thiilg il!! but more especially, that you ShOllld be fonnd. ailent before the enemies of Masonry, Master-Perhaps you can borrow a , that the craft may llot be brought into trif1e~ disrepute by your imprudence. A f:'l.ith· Candidate tl'i(:s to borrow, but no OIle ful heart teaches yOll,to be faithful to, the ,,,ill lend to him: instructions of the 'Vorshipfull\Inster at JHaster-l1rother, let this cvcrbe a all times, but more e~pecinlly,tha,tyou striking ll~sson to vou, and touch you, if should be faithful alld keep alldcoDceal you should ever See, a ftien(l, btl t· more the 'sccr:ctsof Masonry t" and .those of a especially. a brother, in .~t like pCllllj' less brother when giyen to you in charge as situntioll, to contribute us libernlly to his such, that they may Tmuaill as SCNU'C and relief ali his situ.ation lll:ny require, and inyiola1>10 in your breast as in his OW11 your abilities ,,,till ndmit, without matebefore he confided them to youi I furtl1<:r rial injury to y'oursclfor family. present you with check ' ....ords two; theiS' . 1\Iuster (to S(~nior .DC3con)~nrother names arc TRUTH and UN'lO~, and are Senior, you will conduct him back from thus explained:· Truth is a diyine attri· whence he cnme, and inY(~st him of what bute, and the foundation of eyery yirtue. he has been diveRted, and lethiru re:turn To be good and tl"Ue, is the first lesson for fttrther instt'ncf!o'":l. l



The candidate is now taken to the reo eeptiou room, where he resumes his clothing, and ·when he returns into the Lodge, he is placed in the north·east cor· ner as the youllge~t Apprentice, and is told by the ,Master that he there stands a eOrl'cct upright l\lul::\ol1, and must ever conduct himself a~ such. The Master likewise delivers to him a charge, wherein :he is ,cautioncllllCVL1'].' to reveal the secret doiug·8 im'5ide a Lodge of ]'rce :MaS008, aUll, neyer to recommend an unworthy person as a ~andic1ate for the ll()uor~ that h:1\-o then and there been conf;;'!l'reu upon him. The initiation of a candidate usuallv (t.hough 1l0t llccessnrily) closes the bu::;I. 1l~88 of a Lodge. l\Iaster-If any brother has further bUHium,s for this Lodge, he will present it now ~ if not, the Secretary will read the minutes. [After the reading of the milll.1t~Sl the '\Vorl:)hipful lHa8tol' proceeds to clo~e, and in doing 1:10 he is bound by hiH oath to give the whole or some partoi' the following.] CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION.

Master (to Senior ,\Y ardell)~From whonce came you as· an E . 1. tered Ap· pl'elltice,Brothcr Senior '1 Senior \Varden-1Prol11 a Lodge of the most holy St. Johns 1 of Jerusnleill, l\la.Hter-\Vhat came you here to do '1 Stmior 'Varden-'ro improve myself in l\!aHonry, a.nd to learn to subdue my l)assious. Master-Are you 1 then,. a Mason? Senior'Yardeu-! am so accepted among the brothers. aud fellows of the Craft. l\1aster-.;,.How do YOll prove to yourself that you are a 1\1ation '1 • Senior \Vardell-By bchlg often tried, and never denied; and ! am ready and willing to be tried again. l\Ia8ter-Ho\Y shalll know you to be a J:\1aSOll ? Senior 'Var(len~By signs, tokens, and the perft~ct points of C!ltrance. :Master-\Vhat are sigons '1 Senior 'Varden-Right angles, horizon tals, and perpendiculars. Master-Giye me the l:ligll? . SCIlio1' "Varden opens n:l}d Iiolds out his left hano,a.ud then lays -the open right haud across it, as in the first nb'1.lre on page 7. . " ,Master~To what docs it allude? .Seniol' 'Varden-l~ight augles allude to the manner iuwhicl'uny hands were placed when I received the oath and obligation ,of an Entered AI>!>l'cutice 1tlasoD.,


my left lland supporting the Holy Bible, square and compasses; my right hand resting thereon. Horizontals aud per· pendiculars, lsocond iig-ure on page 7,] allude to the penalty of the Obligation, when I 8,\Y01'O I would l1aye my throat cut across froIll to ear, my tongue torn Ol1t br the roots, and my body buried in the l'ough !:land::; of the sea, a cable's length from shore, at low ,vntcr mark, '\yhcre the tide ebbs and flows hvice in bvcllty-four hours. l'.Iul:ltcr,.-Thank .you, brother. 'Vhat are tokens? SCl1ior\V'n.rc1ell-Certainfriendlygrips, ,,"hereby one brother can tell another in the dark as well a8 in the light, [The Worshipful Master continues to question the Senior. \Varden as to the grips of an Entered Apprentice in nearly the same marmer as a ne"v candidate is questioned on hlH initiation, (Hee page 11,) and the replies the same,] l\Iaster-\Vhere ,vas you first prepared to be made a 1\1.3.80111

Senior 'Yarden-In. a room adjacent to the body of a just a.nd lavrfull,y consti· tutecl Lodge. ' l\laster-How 'was ;you prcpnred,? Senior 'Yarden-I was divcstedof all metallic substances; neither nakt~d nor clothed,barefoot nor 8110d j hood·winkcd, with a cable·tow about my ueek, in which sittl,atioll I wal:! led to the' door of the Lodge by one whom I aftel'wards found to bea brother. Master-How did J~ot't know this to be a door t yOll being hootl~wink~HI~ Senior "\Yardel1-l3y firl::\t meeting resistance, and afterward:; gaining' admittance. ~laster-Howgained :,you admission 1 Senior 'Varden-By three distinct knocks without, 'which were answered by three from within. [The l\'Iaster contiuues his inql1iriesas to the manner that the Senior vYarden wnsillitiated into the Lodge. 'l'!w \Var den aUl:lwerseach questioll by telling, ill precise words, what W~l.S said and dOllC to him, 'on his initiation. Both thcqucstioIlS and answers ar(~ exact!)· thoBe given (lU pages 9 to 11, vdlercl. a calldidate is goillg through his initiation, excf!pt that they are here spokcnof1n the past teuse-the 'Vul'uen replying that he didso';'aud so OIl hig tir:;t entrance into the Lodg(~,&c.] Master-After )'our initiation· into tile mysteries. of o\.u' Craft, what tools were you prt.·13ellted \'vith ? ., Senior \Varden-"rhe·working. tools of a.n Entered Apprenticel\'Iasou. Master-"Yhat were they t w



Senior 'Varden-The twenty.four inch guage and common gavel. Master-How were they explained? Seuior "Narden-rrhe twenty路four inch guage is an instrument made use of by operative masons to measure and layout their work., but '''''0, as :Froe amI Accepted Masons, arc ta.ught to make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of dividing' our time. 'rho twentyfour inches on the gnage are emblemati路 cal of the twenty-four honn; of the day, which 1,VC are taught to divide into three equal parts; whcrebywe find eight hours for the service of God and a distressed worthy brother, eight for our usual vocation, and eight for refreshment and sleep. The common gavel is aninstrumcnt made use of by operative masons to broak off the corllers of rough stones, the better to fit them for the builder's j but we, as Froe and Accepted Maso11s, are taug-ht to 'make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of divel:iting our hearts and consciences of all the vices an<l. superfluities of life; thereby fitting our minds, as living' stones, for that l:\piritual buildiug, that house not made with hands, eternal iu the Heavens. l\Iaster-' was :rou next presented with?

Senior '\'T'arden-A ne'\v name. l\Iaster-,Yhat ,'ras that? Senior'Vttrden-OAUTION. ,l\:Iastcr-",Vhat docs it teach 1 Senior 'Varden-It tenchcs me, as I was barely instructed in the rudiments of )Ia:soury, tha.t I should be cautious over ~\ll my 'V\'Ord8 and actions, cspeciallywhcn before its enemies. lVIastcr-'Vhat ,,,as you next presented with? Sen. 'Varden-Three precrous je,vell:i. 1\!astcr-'Yhat were they? Senior \Val'dcn-A listening ear, a silent.tongue, and a faithful heart. :i\-laster-"\Yhat do they tc aeh ? Seuior 'YardcIl-A listening ear teaches me to listen to the instructions of the 'Vorshipful :Mastcr, but 1110re especially to the crics of a '\Yorthy distressed brother. A sil(mt tong'uo teacht:s me to be silent in the Lodge, that the peace and harmony thereof may not be dh;turbed; but more c~peeially before the enemie::; of Masonry. A faithful lk:J,rt, that I should be faithful, and keep and conceal the secrets of'. Ma.sonry, and those of a brothel', 'whc.odelivered to me in charge, as such; that they Inay remain as secure and inviolable in my breast as ill his own before they were communicated to me.

Seuior Wal-den-The G'rand Master's check-'''lord. J\ilaster-"'''hat was that 1 Senior vVarden-TllUTH. Master-How explained? Senior 'Varden-Truth is a dh-ine attribute, and the foundatiou of every virtuc. rro be good and truc, are the first lessons ,ve are taught in Masonry. On this theme we contemplate, and by its dictates endeavor to regulate our conduct; hence, while influenced by tIlis principle, hypocri:;;y and deceit are un}"nOW11 amongst us. Sincerity and plain~ dealing distinguish us; and the heart and tongue join in promoting each other's welfare, and rejoicing in each other's prosperity. :Master -After your full initiation into the Lodge, what follo'\ved ~ Senior 'Varden-I ,''us conducted to the north-east corner thereof, and there caused to stand upright like a man, my feet forming a square, allU I then reo ceived a solemn injunction, ever to walk and act uprightly before God and manto submit con~cieutiously and truly to the Government of the cou,ntry, and both in my pl'ivate relations an1 olltwnrd demeanor to be particularly cal'efnl to avoid censure or reproach-never to reveal the l:iecn~t doings inside a Loclgeand nov-or to l"t'commend an lm".... orthy pel'l:'ion as a candidate for the hOllOI'S of our Craft. S}:CO~D


l\Iastl'l'-Bl'other. you h::l.Ye HatiHfiec1 me as l'e~pectH yonr fniti.ntion, but there remain many thiug's yet unexplained.: therefore I l'hould like to knoW' the HEA,SON why you w:.u; diyest~<.l of allmeh\l路 lic substance 1 Senior ""arden-Becnuse lfasonry regards 110 man ona(~C0t111t of hi::; worldly wealth or honors, it is therefore the internal and not the external ql1nlincntiotll'! that recommend a man to l\1a8011~, Master-A second re:.tson ? Senior 'Varden-There was neither the sound of an ax, ha111111(>1", Ol' any other me tal tool, heard at the buildIng' of King Solomon'!; temple, Master-How could so stnpendous a fabric be erected without th~ souud ot' ax, ha.mmer, or allY other metal tool? Senior 'Varden-AU the stones ,,,ere htnved, squared, ::tIld numbered in the quarries 'where they were raised, all .the timbers felled and prepart'd ill the fOl'tstl:l of Lebauon, and carried down to Japp!\ on floats, and taken from. thence up to Jerusalem, and set up with wooden Master-W路hat 'was next giyen to you? malls, prepared for that purpose: '\'vhich.


when completed, every pa.rt thereof fifted ,vith that exact nicety, that it had more the resemblance of the handiworkmanship of the Supreme Al'chitect of the universe, than of human hands, Master-\Vhy was you neither naked nor clothed? S{,l1ior 'Varden-As I ,vas an object of distress at that time, it was to reminu me, if ever I saw a fl'ieud, more especially a brother ill a like c1istl'cS8ed situation, that I .should contribute as libera.lly to his 1'13lief as h'::s sitnation r(~ql1ired, and my abilities would permit, \vithout material injury to myself or family, Master-'Vhy was you neither bal'c· foot nor shod 1 Senior 'Vard.en-It was an ancient Israelitish custom adopted among Masons: and w;,e read in the book of Ruth con cerning their mode and manuel' of 1'0 deemiug, and changing" for to confirm all thmgs, a man plucl\.cd off his shoe and gayc it to his noighbor, and this was testimony in Israel." rl'his then, ther0 fore, we do in confirmation of a token, and as a pledge of our fidelity; thereby sigl1i(ying that we will renounce our O"Wll will in all things, and become obedient to the law!:J of our ancient institution. l\laster- 'Vhy 'was you bood winked? Scnior \\~arden-That my heart might be taught to cOllceal, before roy eye8 beheld the beauties of 1\IasoUl")'I',


sha.ll be given, seck aud ye sI1all find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. H Master-How did you apply this to your then case hI Masonry 1 Senior "\Varden-I asked the recom· mendations of a friend to become a :Mttsou, I sought admission through his 1'0commenda.tions, and knocked, and the door of Mtu,;oI!ry opened unto me.'\Vhy "'U::I yon cn:used to enter on the point of some Rllar}> in8tl'umeIlt~ pres~ing your nuked left breast 1 . Senior \Yardel1-As thil:; ,vas a tort.ure to my flesh, so might the recollection of it ever be to my heart and cOlll:lciellCc if ever I attempted to reveal the St~cretl:) of Masonry unlawfully. l\IaHter-'Vhy ,vu,s you condue.tcd to the center of the Lodgo, and there cnul:lcd to kneel for the benefit of a pI'ayer? SCllior "Varden-Before entering o.a. this, or any ot.her great and important undertaking, it is highly nt:'cessary to lIn.. plorc a bles,:;ing from Deity. :Ulaster-\Vhy wa~ you al:iked in whom you put your trust 1 Senior \Varden-Agreeable to tbe laws of our ancient institution, no atheit:lt could be made a Mason; it was there fore nCCeSHll.ry that I should· profess a belief in Deity; other'wise, no oath or u1Jligatioll could hind me. l\!aster-\Yhy did the'Yor::;hipful 1\Ins· tel' take YOll by the rigllt haud, ::md bid Master-A second rea~on ? you riHe, follow you.r leader, ana fl'ar 110 Seuior "Yarden-As I was in darkness danger? at that time, it was to remind me that I Senior Vv"a.rc1en-AH I ,,~a.s in c1arli:l1c8s should keep the whole world so respect· at that time and could neitlwr fOl't.HK~(· nor illg Masonry. avoiddal1gcl', it ,\YU$ to remind me tllat I :Master-vVhy had you a cable-tow ,,,,as in the bands of an affectionate about your neck? friend, in whotie fidelity I might with Senior 'Varden-For two reasons. safdy confide. Fir!'3t, had I not submitted to the manuel' Master-'Yhy was you conducted three and mode of my initiation, tba.t I might times regulal'ly round the IJot1g'o 'f have beellled out of' the Lodge '\yithout Senior \Val'den-That the \Vorshipful l:lceing the form and beauties thereof. Master, 'Vardens, a1ld brethren might Secondly, had I recanted before being see that I wns duly and truly prepared, obligated, and made my escape, the peol\Iaster-''''lIly did :you meet 'witb those pie in the streets ,Yould have thought me several obl'itl'uctiom; 011 the 'way? either a crazy or a mad man; and some Senior \Varden-This and c\'cryother ...vorthy !wla.son knowing my situation Lodge i8, or ought to be, a. trt1l~ l'l'prewould have led lne immediately back to .sentatiol1 of King Solomon'8 temple, the Lodge. 'i.vhieh, when completed, ba<lgual'ds l:lti.l." l\faster-'''''I'lly did ;you give three c1is tioned at the east, west nnd south gatt·s. t.inct knocks at the door? Ma~t{'r-"\Yhy hud thC'y guard~ statiou Senior \Vardeu-'1'o alarm the Lodge, eel at thoHe several gateii? and let the"Vor~hipfltl:Master, 'Vardells, Senior 'Yardeu-'l'oprevcut any fl'()1D and }Jrethloell know that a. poor blind pal:lsiug or rt'pas::-ling "that.'\vas not duly candidate prayed admission, qualiticd, .l\Iaster-\Vhat do the~e three distinct Mal:iter-1Vl1Y diel :y"ou kneel on )'our kll(Icks allude to 1 left kllec, and lloton )~our rigl1t, or both '/ Senior '\Varden-A certa.ill· passage in Senior 'Vard('n~Thcll~ft l:iidehas ever Scripture wherein it saJ"s, .~ Ask and it . been considered the ,,,eakest part of· the 8









boc1j.r, it was therefore to remind me that the part I was JIl.lW taldug upon me was the lveakci:it part of .M m;Ol1 ry, it being thlltouly of all Eutercd Apprentice. l\1nstt::r-\Vhy "vas your right hand pla.ced 011 the Holy Dible, square awl c('J~l1paS8, alld not your left, or both '! Senior vVarden-rrrw right hand has ever been considered the ~cnt of fidelity, and ourallcicllt brethl'eu worshiped a deity under the namq of FIDES; \vhich has been sometirnos representud by two rigl1t h:.LndH joined tog·ether, at othcr8~ by two human figures holdir:lg" each other by the right. h<1wl , the right haud, there· fore, 'YO usc ill this great and impol'tallt uudertaking, to signiiy ill the strongc~t manuel' possible the sincerity of' our intentions in the businm:;s are engaged. Master-'\Vhy did the 'Yorshipful ?tIustel' present you '\vith a lam'U-skin, or white apron? Senior Warden-The lamb-skin has, in all ages, been dccme<l all <nllblmn of' innocence 1 he, therefore, who wears the lamb-skin, as a ba.dge of a Mason, it: thereby contiI1ually reminded of that purity. of life and rectitude of conduct which is so essentially necessa.ry to our gaining admissioll. into the Celcl:ltial Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Univenie presides. :iUaster-'~'1ly did the l\Iu~ter make a demand of you, ofaomething of a metallic nature? Senior ,Yarden-As I was in a poor a.nd pcnuyless situation nt that tIme, it "vas to remind me if eyer I saw a friend, but more especially a brother, in the like poor and pel1nyless situation, that I should contribute as liberally to his 1'0· lief as lUJo"'abilities would admit andl1is situation required, without injuring myself or family. l\Ia~ter-'Yhy was you conducted to the north-east corner of t.he I.."odge, amI there cau8ed to stand upright like a mUll, your. feet forming a squurt', receiving at the :;ame time a solemn charge eyer to ·,,,"'alk and act uprightly before God and man'? Senior 'V"arden-The first stone in every··lVIasouic edifice iH, or ought to b(~, placed at the north·east COrnel\ that beiug the place where all Entered Apprentice Mason receives his first instructions to· build hi~ flltm"C l\Iasonic edifice upon.

semblc(l in a rOOIn, or place, with the Holy Bible, square and compa8S, and other nIaaonie ill1plcml'l1t!:i, 'with a chart;:~r from the Grand Lod;;e empo"verillg them to v\lork.. l\lnster-1Yhere did our ancient brethren meet, before Lodf:CS were erected 1 Senior V,,"'ardell-On the highest hills, and in the lowest vales. l\!ash:r-,Vhyon the highest hills, antI in the 10"iv(;'t:'t Yf\Jes? Senior '"\Varden-:-The .. bettcr to. guard against. CO'walls and c;memies, either ascending or descending, that the brethren might. have timely Dotice of. their ap· proach to llrenmt being l::iurprised. :Master-yYhat is the form of your Lodge? ".,.0 Senior 'Yarden-An oblong square. l\faiilter-Hmv long? Senior 'Vardeu-:F'romcast to wel:'5t l\faster-Ho'W wide? ~ Senior 'Yarden-Between north and south. l\laster-How high? Senior'Varden-From the surface of the earth to the highest heaven. J:\.laster-Ho,\~ deep? Senior 'Vardcn-l!"lrom th.e surface to the center. :Mastcr-"\Vhat supports your Lodge? Senior Warden-'rhree largo columns orpiUars. 1\1a8tor-vVhat arc their names 1 Senior 'Vard{;m-'i\l"isdom, Strength, and Beauty. 1\1astor-"l'lly so 7 Senior "\Vnrc1en-Becansc it is necessary there should be wisdom to contrive, strength to support,· and beauty to adorn all great and importulltundertakingH; but more especially this ·of· ours. l\Inster-HaHYOl.1l" Lodge allyco,"erin~? Senior 'Varden-It lU1S; a clouded (~a­ nop)"', or st~r.ry-deckedheaven, where ~1l! good :Masons hope to arrive. :l\fastel'-How do they hope to arrivo thero? Senior 'Vardon-By the assistance of .Jacob's ladder. l\:!aster-Ho,v many principal rounds has it got'l Senior 'Varden-Three. Master-:-"\Vhat are tht~ir~ames? Senior "\Yardell- ~"'aith, Hope, and Charity. l\Iaster-'Yhat do they teach 1 St.mior "\Yardell-:-Faith in God,hope iu THIRD jSECTION. l\ofa.ster-1Ye have been saying a good immortality, and charity to u.lllllankiud. .l\ J"'our Lodge any £111'ni· deal about a Lodge. I. want to kllOW ture '{ whatcol1stitutes a Lodge? Senior Warden-It has; the lloly Di· Senior VV:arden-:-A certain number of Free .and Accepted lIasons, duly as- bIe, square, and oompasiiea.


}faster-To whom are they dedicated? Senior 'Varden-The Bible to God, the square to the l\Iastel\ and the compasses to the Craft. Master-How explained? Senior Warden-The Bible to God, it being the inestimable gift of God to man, for his instruction, to guide him through the rugged paths of life; the square to the Master, it being the proper emblem of' his office; the compasses to the Craft~ by a due attention to which, we are taught to limit our desires, curb our ambition, subdue our irregular appetites, and keep our passions and prejudices ill due bounds with aU m~l.Dkind, but more especially ,"vith the brethren. l\1aster-Has your Lodge any ornaments ~ Senior Warden-~t ha.s; the 1I{osaic, or chequered pavement; the indented tassel, that beautiful tasselated border which surrounds it; with the blazing star in the center. Master-'Vhat do they represent 1 Senior ",Vardell- l'he ,Mosaie, or chequered pavement, represents this world, 'which, though chequered over with good and evil, yet brethren may,valk together thereon :1n(l not stumble-the indented tassel, with the blazing star in the center, the mauifold blessings and comforts with 'which "\-ye are surrounded in this life, but more especially those which we hope ,to enjoy hereafter-the blazing star, that prudence 'which ought to appear con.. spicuous in the conduct of every 1I1ason, but more especially commemorative of the star which. appeared in the east, to guide the wise men of Bethlehem, to proclaim the birth and presence of the Son of God. Master-Has your Lodge any lights? Senior 'Yarden-It bas three. :Master-How are they situated? Senior 'Varden-East, west, amI so~th. ){aster-Has it none in the north ~ Senior Warden-It has not. l\{aster-\Vhy so? Senior Warden-Because this and every other Lodge is, or ought to be,a true representation of King Solomon's temple, which. was situated north. of the ecliptic:; the . sun. and moon, therefore, darting their rays from the sonth, no . light was to. be expected froln the north; '"\'~e, thereforc,:'Masonically, ternl: the north a pIaeo of darkness. Master-Has your lodge auy jewels? Senior Wa.rden-It hali! six.; three movable, and three immovable. Master-\Vhat are those three jewels f call

m~yable i



Senior Warden-The square, lev:el, and plumb. 1tfaster-What do they teach? Senior Warden-The square, mortal¥ ity; the level, equ.."llity j and the plumb, rectitude of life and conduct. l\laster-'Vhat are the three immovable jewels? Senior Warden-The rough ashlar; the perfect ashlar, and the trestle·board. :M.aster-)Vhat are they? Senior ""Varden-The rough ashlar is a. stone in its rough and natural state j the perfect ashlar is also a stone, made ready by the working tools of the Fello"\v Craft, to be adjusted in the building; an(l the trestle-board is for the master "ivorkman to draw his plans and designs upon. :Master-'Vhat do they reprel?cnt ? Senior Warden-The rough ashlar re~ presents man in his rude and imperfect state by Ilature ~ the perfect ashlar also represents man in the state of perfection, to which we all hope to arrive, by means of a. 'Virtuous life and education, our Own endeavors and the ble~sing of God. In erecting our temporal building, we pUr8l.1C the plans and designs laid down by the master workman on his trestle-board; but in erecting. our spiritual building, we pursue the plans and designs laid down by the Supreme Geo metrician of the Universe, in the book of Nature, which we. l\lasonically, term our spiritual trestle-board. l\faster-vVhom did you serve ~ Smlior '~"T'ardel1-l\'Iy master. l\-Iaster-How long? Senior 'Varden-Six days. l\{astCl'-What did you serve him 'with? Senior vV'arden-:b"l'ecdom,' fel'veney, and zeaL . l\Iaster-""Yhat <10 they present? SeniQr, charcoal, and clay. 1\laster-Why so 1 Senior 'Varden-There is nothing freer than chalk, the slightest touch of which leaves a. trace behind; nothing more fervent than charcoal, for .when properly heated, it 'will cause t.he nlOst obdurate metals to yield; uothiug more zealous than cla.y, or earth, to hring forth. , l\iaster-Ho'w is your Lodge sittlated? Senior 'Varden--Dueeast and west• 7\;la,ster-\Yhy so? Senior 'Varden-Beca.use the snn rises in the east, and sets in the west. :'Master-A second reason ~ Senior 'Varden- BeCi\.tlSe the gospel was first preached in the east, and irt spreading to the west. . w

Master-A third reason'l



Senior"\Varflen-Thc liberal arts and I :Master-Attenc1 to that part of J'our' sciences began in the cast, and are ex-, duty, and inform the Tyler that 'we a,re tending to .the west. abont to close this Lodge of Entered Ap:Master-A fourth reason 1 prentice .Masons. Senior 'Varden-Because all churches Junior Deacon steps to the door and and chapels arc, or 'should be so situated. informs the Tyler that the Lodge is ~raster-vVhy arc all churches and about to be closed, . a nd directs hiul to chapels so situated 1 tyle accordingly; he then returns to. his Senior '"Varden-Because King Solo- seat andsa)"'s-We aretyled, Worshipful. mon's temple wus so situated. Muster-How tyled ~ , ]!astcr-)Yhy was King Solomon's Junior Deacon-'Vith sccresy and brotemple so situated? therly love; also a brother of this degree Senior 'Yarden-Because 1\lose8, after without the door, with a drawn sword in conductIng the children of Israel through his hand. the Red Sea, by diyine command, erect· The same questions as at the opening ed a tabernacle to God, and placed it are now asked by the :l\Iaster as to the due east and west, which was to com- respective positions and duties of the memorat.e, to the latest posterity, that several officers of the Lodge, and the miraculous east wind that wrought their same replies given. He then reads the mighty dcUvcranco; and this was an ex- following closing cllarge from the 1,1 aact model of' Solomon's temple. Since sonic 'rext Book: that time, every well regulated and gOYBrethren, as we are about to quit this crned Lodge is, or ought to be so situa.ted. place and mix again 'with the ,\-yorld, I Master-To whom did our ancient bre- '\vould warn you not to forget the .duties thren dedicate their Lodges 1 which you have heard so frequently in· Senior 'N arden-To King Solomon. culcated, and so forcibly recommended in 1laster-Why so? this Lodge. Be. dilligeIlt, prudent, tcm· Senior 'Yarden-Because King Solo- pm·ate and discreet; and remember that mon was our most ancient Grand Master. around this altar you haye promised to !\laster-'ro whom do modern :M8oS0118 befriend and l'clieve eyery '\vorthy bro. dedicate their Lodges? ther who shall need )"'our assistance. Be Senior "VardeD-To St. John the Bap- ye, then, all of one mind; live in peace; tist and St. John the Evangelist. ::ll1d may the God of love and peace de.l\Iaster-'Yhy so ? light to d,yell with and bless you. Senior "'Varden-Because they were 1,laster (rising)-It is my "'ill and pleathe two most eminent Christia.n patrons BU1'C that tllis Lodge of Entered Apprenof' :Masonry; and since their time, ill tice Masons be no\v closed, and stantl every well regulated and goYcrned closed till our nex.t regula.r communica· Lodge, there has been a. certain point tion, unless convened by some suddell within the circle, which circle is bound- emergency; in which case, due aIH1 ed on the east and west by two perpcn- timely notice will be given. Brother dicular parallel lines, representing the Scnior 'Varden, ;rou will communicatt~ anuiversary of St. John the Baptist, and the same to the Junior 'Varden in tho St. John the Evangelist, who were per- south, that the brethren In·esent may feet parallels, as well in Masonry as have due and timely notice, &0. ['rho Christianity; on the vertex. of which Senior 'Yarden informs the Juuior 'Var~ rests the book of the Holy Scdptures, den, and he the brethren, as above.] supportiug Jacob's ladder, which is said :rt:Iaster-l\Iay the blessing of Heaven to reach the watery clouds; and in pass· rest upon uS,and all regular l'vlasons; illg round this circle, we naturally touch may brotherly love prevail, and every on both these perpendicular parallel moral and social virtue cement us. So tUnes, as well as the book of the Holy mote it be. Amen• . Scriptures j and while a l\lason keeps Here the signs are given. [See p. 7.] )Iaster-llow do l\lasons meet, Brother 'llilllscif thus circumscribed, he cannot materi:l.ll~r err. Senior ~ "l'bis ends the Lecture. The WcrsMpSenior 'Va.rden-Ou the level, 'Vorful,Mat;ter now gives one rap with his shipful. gavel, which brings the Junior Deacon JUaster-lIo'\v do :Masons part, Brother on '. his feet, and says-Brother Junior, Junior? the last, as well as the til'St care of conJunior 'Varden-On the square, ",Yorgregated Masons 'j shipful. .Junior . Deacon-To see the Lt5dg-e Master-So let us meet, a.nd solc:t us tyled, Vldrshipf'ul. 'part, ill the llama of the '[.,ortt

19 Master-Tile pass-word is,~orrectl.:r given, and I will now proceed to open a Lodge of Fellow Craft l\'Iasons. Brother Secretaly, you will read the minutes of our last meeting. The Secretary reads the minutes, and the business of the Lodge proceeds as in the Entered Apprellt1ce!s Degree. Should there be n candidate for advancement, the'Vorshipful l\faster directs the Deacons to instruct him. The candidate is taken into the preparation room by the SECOND DEGREE. Deacon, and pl'cpurecl in the man路 A LODGE OF FELLOW CRAFT ,MASONS. Junior ncr following: All his clothing taken off, The ceremonies, in opening, clo:;ing, and conducting the business of a Lodge in this degree, arc precisely the same as those in an Entered Apprentice's Lodge, except that there is a difference in the signs, a.nd in some minor details, \V hich will be explained in due course. Five officers can路 open a Lodge in this degree, 路~..iz.: Master, two 'Vardens, and two De:lcons; but it is cm~tomary t.o have a Secretary and Treasurer in addition. On assembling at the Lodge the Worshipful ~raster puts on hii hat (which, indeed, is the custom in e:lch degree,) and rising, savs: }1astcr-Brethrcn, 1 am about to open a Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons, in this place, for the dispatch of business, and I ""Yill thank you for your assistance. Every person present ",'ho is not of this degree please to retire. l\lastcr sits down, gives one r:lp ,'-ith the ga,"el, and says: Brother Senior ~Varden, you ,,,ill receive the pass-word in the west, and send it up to t.he east. The Senior and Juuh)r Deacons tl1ereUpOll go to the Senior 'Vardon and whisper the pass-word of this degree in his cal". [It is SHIBBOLETH f In late yeaTS, since all the doings and pass-words inside except his shirt j furnished with a. pair ot the Lodge have been made public, the drawers; his right breast bare; his left J.Jodges have peculiar modes of their own foot in a slipper; the right foot bare; a. cable-tow twice round bis neck; semi.. to pronounce them.] Senior "Yarden to Deacons-The word hood-Winked, or the right eye blinded; Is right in the west i you will receive it in which situation he is conducted to the from the brethren, and carry it up to the door of the Lodge, where he gives h'110 east. knocks, when the Senior 'Varden rises . The two Deacons then go round among and says: Senior Warden, to }faster-vVorsbipthe brethren and receive the word by holding one ear close to the mouth of ful, while we are peaceably at work on each person who imparts it, and it is the Second Degree of Masonry, spoken in the lowest possible whisper. the influence of Faith, Hope and Oharity, AllY Fellow Craft Mason present who the door of our Lodge is alarmed. cannot pronounce it right is ordered out Master, to Senior Deacon-Brother into the other room, and must there be ex:- Senior, attend to the ca.lIse of tha.t alarm, amined to see what is the matter. After and see who comes there. receiving it from all the members preThe Senior路 Dea.con goes to the door s~nt, tbe Deacons .go to the 'Vorshil.lful and gives two raps on the inside in nnYaster.andw~isperit in his ear.. swar to tho/e outside,; Candidate (or '





Junior Deacon for him) then gh·es a is to teach you to act upon the square single rap, and then p:.u·tly opens the \yith all mankind, but mOl'e especially , door. with a brother Mason. Senior Deacon-'Yho comes here? 'l'he candidate is then condncted twice Who comes here 't regularly round the Lodge, and while he Juuior Deacon-A worthy brot.her, is thus vralking the 'Vorshipiul Master ,'dw has been regUlarly initiated as an reads from the seventh cha.pter of Amos, Entered Apprentice Mason, served a verses 7 and 8: Thus be showed mc, and !,roper time as such, and now wishes for behold the Lord st.ood upon a wall made further light in Masonry, by being passed by a plumb liue, with a plumb line in 1118 to the degree of Fellow Craft. hand. Alld the Lord said unto me, AmDf-l, Senior Deacon, to candidat.e-Is it of what seest thou? And I said, a plnmb your own ii"ee 'will and accord you make linc. Then the Lord said, be hold I 1V ill this request? set a plumb line in the midst of my peo· Candidate-It is. pIe Israel; I will not again pal:is oj' them. Senior Deacon to Junior Deacon-Is any more. he duly and tl'uly prepared 't By the time tho reading is ended, t11e Junior Deacon-He is. candidate has made his second revolution Senior Deacon-Is he worthy and well around the Lodge, and he now halts bequalified? fore the. Junior Warden in the south, Junior Deacon-He is. ,'\Yhere he gives"'two raps, and is amrwer· Senior Deacon-Has he made suitable cd by two, "when the same questions are proficiency in the preceding degree? asked and answers returned as at the Junior Deacon-He has. door. From thence he is conducted to Senior Deacon-By what further right the Senior Warden in the west, where does he expect to obtain this benefit, and the same questions are asked, and an· gain admission to our Lodge? swel'S returned as b.efore. He is then Junior Deacon-By the benefit of a conducted to the 'Vorshipful' lfaster in. pass-word. the cast, whm'e the same questions are Senior Deacon-Has he a pass-word? asked, and answers returned. Junior I}eacon -He has not, but I Master to Senior Deacon- From h;lve it for h i m . . . whence came j"OU, and whither arc .you Senior Deacon-Advance, and give it traveling? . .. to me. Senior Deacon-From the west, and The Junior Deacon steps forward and traveling to the east. 'whispers SHIBBOLETH in the ear of his ,Mastcr-vYhy do you lcnve the west Senior. and journey towards the cast? Seniol' Deacon-The pass i~ right; and Senior Deacol1-'Ye are in search of since this is the case, you will 1-"ait until more light in ::Masonry. the '\Vorshipful Master in the east is }Iaster-Since this is the case, you will made acquainted with your request, and please conduct the candidate back to the lUs answer retnrned. west, from \"hellCe he came, and put him , The Senior Deacon now goes'to the in the care of the Senior, Warden, who ltlaster and givel:l two raps, as at the will teach him ho'w to approach the east, door, which are answered by two from the place of light, by ad'vRllcing upon the Master; when the same questions are two upright regular steps to the secollcl asked, and answers returned, as at the step; [the heel of the left foot is placed door. in the hollow of the right foot, in this de· ~laster to Senior Deacon-Since he gree); his feet forming the right angle of comes indued with all these necessary an oblong square, and bis body erect at qualifications, let him this Wor- the altar before the Wors11ipful Master; sbipful Lodge in the name of the Lord, and cause bim to kneel, in due form, to and take heed on what he enters. take the solemn oath or obligation of The door is now opened and the can- :E'ellow Craft l\Iason. <.1idate enters, condu.cted by the Junior The Senior 'Varden receives and inDeacon. I structs tho caIHlidate, directing' him to Senior Deacon to candidate-Brother, step off' with his left foot, and then with when you entered this Lodge the first his right, and then bring the heel· of. the time, ~l'ou entered on the point of the left foot in the hollo'\y of the. right. He Compass pressing your naked left breast, then knc€ls 011 his right knee before t.he which was then <~xplained to you. You altar, making his left knee form a square. now enter it on.the angle of the Square His left arm, as far.ns the elbow, should' .pressing your naked right bre~~t, which, be held in a horizontal position, and the



rest of 'the arm iri!:ta. vertical position, all of which, I do most solemnly and sin.. fO:L"ming another square-hi~ arm sup~ cerely promise and swear, without any ported bj'r the square, held uuder his hesitation, mental reservation, or selt'· elbow. evasion of mind in me whatever, binding Ma8ter loaves his seat, appro8-ches the myself under no less penalty than to kneeling candidate, and says-Brother, have my left breast torn open, my heari you are now placed in a proper position and vitals taken from thence; thro'lND to take on you the solemn oath, or ob1i~ over my left shoulder, and carried to tho gation, of it :E'ellow Craft 1tiasou, which valley of Jehosaphat, there to become a I a:;suro you, like your former obligation, prey to the 'wild beasts of the field, and ,vill not interfere with your duty to your vultures of the air, Bhould I wilfully viocountry or your Maker. If you are late, or transgress any part of this, my willing to take it, repeat your name, and solemn oath or obligation, of a Fellow say after me :-1, John Smith, of my Craft :Mason. So help me God, and keep own free will and accord, in the pre- me l:iteadfast in the due performance 01 sence of Almigll ty God, and this wor-I the same. shipful Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons, l\1astcr-Detaeh your hands and kisEi erected to God, and dedicated to the holy the book tWice. order of St. Johns, d9 hereby and hereon Candidate kisses the Bible on the altar most solemnly and sincerely promise and I as directed, when the Senior Deacon swear, in addition to my former Obliga-\ moyo!,; the banda.go which has blinded tion, that I will not giYC the secrets of candidate's right eye, so that it covers the degree of a :b'ellow Craft }lason to both his eyes, leaviug him entirel)" hood. any ono of au illftll"ior degree, nor to any winlted other being in the known world, ex.cept Master Oaying his hand on candidate'c::; it be to a true and lawful bl'other, or 11e:ld)-Bl"otll(~r, in your present l:dtua.~ brethren Fellow Craft :Masolls, or within tiOll, what do you most desire 1 the body of a just and lawfu.lly cOl1sti~ CUlldklatc.-.l\lore light. tuted Lodge of such; and not unto him. Mai3ter-Brethren, form on the square, DOl' unto them -""hom I shall hear so to stretch forth your hands, and .a.ssh:;tin be, but unto him and unto them only briuging tIll::; new·made brother to more whom I shall find so to be, after strict light. [A short pause, :tlHl he continues.] trial and due cxallliml.tioll, or lawful in~ And God !:laid, Let there be light, and formation. l!"'urthcrl1lore, do I promise there was light. and swe:1r, that I wiHnot knOWingly At this moment the Senior Dencon wrong this Lodge, nor a brother of this suddenly strips off the bandugn frolu the degree, to tho value of two ceuts, my~ candidate's eyes, ,"vhile the brethren preHe1f~ nor suffer it to be done by others, sent clap their hands and stmnp on the if in. my power to prevent it. Furthcr~ floor, giving the grand shock, as ill tho more, <to I promise amI swear, that I \'"ill Entered Apprentice's degree. support the Constitution of'the Grand l\Iaster to C:tu(li(late-Brother, on beLodge of the United States, and of the ing brought to light, what do you disGrand Lodge of' this State, under "'hieh coyer ill this degree different from what this Lodge is held, and conf'orm to all the you saw as an Euterl.~d Apprentice? bye-Ian's, rules, and l'egnlations of this, Candidate intinlates that he sees no.. or allY other Lodge, of which I may, at thing dift\ any time hereafter, become a member. 1\Iaster-'rhere is this (Ufference: You ]"urthermore, do I promise and Bw~ar, behold on the altar oue point of the comthat. I will obey all regular signs and pass elevated ~tbo"'e tho square, wher€as snmlnonsos givell,handed, sent, or thro'wl1 in ~he former degree both points were to mo by the hand of a brother Fellow underneath. This si~ni1ies to yon that Craft 1\:13.80n, or from the body of a just 'you have received more light in Maand la,vt'll.lly constituted Lodge of such; sonry; and as one point is yet hid be~ provided. it be within the length of my nQath the squaro, so are YOll in darkneHs, c~ble-tow, or a square and angle of my 3.8 it regard8 one Ir.l.ateria.l point in Aftiwork. Furthermore, do I promise and sonry. ['rhe .l\1'aster Hteps off from the swear, that I will be aiding and assisting candidate three or four steps, and conaU· poor and indigent brethren Fellow tinuoH.] Brother~ ;yon llOW di~covt"\r me Cratts, th.cil· ,\vido,,,'s and orplutns, ,,,here· as :Ma8ter of this Lodge, nl)proaching soever dlspe1"l:lcd round the globe, they you from the oust, under the sign and applying to me as such, and I iindiug' due-guard of' a}'ellow Craft l\I~ison; do them ",vorthy, as far as in my pO"'~'er, !tid I do, aSllear as j"OU can, keeoinfJ' 't"I')1U' Without injuring myself or family. r:eo positi({D.. 'I





This sign is given by Sign and Due-guard or, After the Worshipful r,raster has given taking' hold of the left ;l Fellow-Craft. the candidate these grips in due form, ht? brea~t, with thcl"ight says-Arhie, brotherJachiu, from a square' hand, as though you to a perpendicular; go and salute the Ju~ intcudcd to tear out a nior and Senior vVardens, and conviuce piece of it, then drm, them that you have been regularly pa8S~ :rour hand, '\,rithille ed to the degree of lPelloyy Craft. [The nngel's partly C1011C11candidate goes and salutes the Wardens ed, from the left to the with the Fellow Cl'aft sign.] right side, 'with SOUle After saluting the 'Vardens he is con· quickness, and drop it d-u:cted back to the 'Yorshipful Master ittdO"'~'n by your side.the east, who thl1~ addres~es him: Bl'o~ The due-guard is g-ivther, I now have the honor of preoeuting en by rah.::ing the left you with a lamb-skin apron, as befort~, arm until that part of which I hope you "dll continue to wear it between the· elbow with honor to yourself~ and satisfaction and shoulder is per-' to the brethren; you will please carr,}" it fectly horizontal, then to the Senior 'Varden in the West, 'who raising the rest of the will teach you how to wear it as. a }""elarm in a. vertical posilow Craft M~tson. tion, so that that part~ The candidate goes to the Senior ,Yarof the arm below the ellww aUd that den, '\"ho ties on his apron, and turns np part above it, forms a square.' The two one corner of the lower end, tucking it are always given together, and are called UDder the apron string, the sign and due-guard of a Fellow Craft. Senior 'Varden-At the building of Mal:lter-Brother, I now present you King Solomon's 'l'emple, the workmen with my right hand, in token of brother. were distinguished by the manner in 1y love and confidence and with it the which they 'wore their apron~, l!"'l'llo'''' paBs~grip and word of a Fellow Craft Craih; wore theil'S ill the maUDer I have Ji{ason. here arranged. The pass~grip is given by taking each 'rIle candidate is again conducted by other by the right hand, as though going the Senior Deacon ba<.:k to the "\Yorshipto shake hands, and each putting his ful ~laster in the east. thumb between the fore and second finl\la8ter-Bl'othel',as you arc dressed, it gel', where they join the hands and is nCCCl:18tl.ry you should have tools to prcBsiDg the thumb between the Joints. vrork "'ith: I will, therefore, present ~ I you '\vith the tools of' a Fellow Cra1t .Ma. \\ son. 'l'hey art.~ the plumb, square and level. '1'11e plumb is an inl:ltrumcllt mad" ~~' usc of by operatiVt\ Masons to raise per.~~~)\.\ ':'10".."",......" : _. ", 'I, "'''''1/,1/ pendiculars; the squal'~, to square their • \,~~\ ~. '--..",,, II ~ ~\ ~Y'ltl(.. ,vork; and the level, to lay horizontals: Ill; but we, as Free and Accepted MaHon8, Thi~ is the regular pass·grip of a Fello':o; are taught to use them for morc lloblo Craft Mason, and the name of it is SHIn- and glorions purpose Ii. 'rIle plumb B9LETH. Its origin is explained here- teaches us to walk uprightly, in our se~±tel". In Borne Lodges the ":ord i!il gh'en veral stntiollS, before God and Inan i 111 f.:yllables, but usually it is pronounced squaring our actions by the square of Cl1tlre. '" virtue; and remembering that we are The real grip of a Fellow Craft ].Iason tr3.veling on the level of time to thnt is given by putting the thm:nb 011 the "undi:icovered c.ount1~, from who~c joint of' the second fing'er where it joins bourne no traveler returns." I furthl'l" thelland, and then each. one should present you \vith t.hree precious jt."wl'ls; crook his thumb so be en.n stick the their. names are }'a.ith, Hope, mal , tl18 joint of the other, The name rity; they teac:h t1S to have faith in God, of the grip is JACHIN. hope . in immorta.lity, and charity to .nll f mankind. The greatest of' these three is .Charity; 1'01' Fuith may be IOl:it in sight, .Hope often ends in fnlition, but Charity el:tends bejrond the· gra"'lt~. through boundless realms of eternity, '1'11e Senior Deacon now conducts the


c:lndidate back to the prepara.tion room,





whore he puts on his clothes. While he" hollow, the better to 'with~tand inunda· is doin.g this the Lodge is prepared for tions and cou:tiagratiolls; they :vere the his reception with fi001' cloth, columns, archives of' ':Masonry, and contallled the &c. '''hen he is dressed, he returns, constitution, 1·0118, and records. [The and as he enters the door of the Lodge, Senior Deacon having explaiued the co· the Senior Deaco.n says: "We are 110W lumns, he passes between them, advances to return to the middle chamber of King a step or two, obsel·ving as he advanc,es:] Solomon's Temple." After they get in· Brother, 'vo will pursue our tr:.l;vels; the side, he continues: next thing that. we come to, 18 a long, Senior Deacon-Brother, we have now winding stair-case, with three, :five, seven ,,·orked in speculative Masonry, but our steps, or marc. The three f:lr"st allude to forefathers wrought both ill speculative the thr~~e principal supports in l\laso nry, and operative Masonry. They worked viz.: VVil:lC!OlU, Strength, aneI Beauty j at the building of King Solomon's Tem~ the nve t:iteps allude to the five orders pIe, and many other masonic edifices: in architecture, aud the fiye human they wrought six days; th(,~y did not senses. The five orders in arcbit9cture work on the seventh, because in six are, the Tuscau, Doric, Ionic, Corinthia.n, days God created the hea.vens and the and Composite; the five human senseS earth, anci .rested .on the seventh day. are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, The seventh, therefore, our ancient bro' and t..'l.sting; the three first of which, thren consecrated as a day of rCl:lt; have ever been highly essential amollg thereby enjoying more frequent oppor- :M:asons: hearing, to hear the 'Word j tunities to contemplate the glorious seeing, to see the sign; and feeling, to works of creation, and to ado1'u their feel the grip, whereby one lHasoll may great Creator. [Senior Deacoll no\-..,. know another in the dark as \'vell as in steps forward a fe,Y 8teps.] Brother, the tbe light. "rIle seven steps allude to the first thing that attracts our attention, are seven sabbatical years; seven of two large columns, or pillars, one on the famine; seven years in buildillg tbe tamleft haud, ~'Llld the other on the right; the pIe; se,\ren golden C:ludleHticks; seven of th~ oue 011 the left hand is Bo.;\Z, vvonders of the "io\rorld: scvell plaueis; and denotes strength; the llame of the bl.1t, more especially, the seven liberal one on the right hand is JACHIN, and de- arts and sciences, which are g-ramlnar, notes establishment; they collectively rhetoric, log-ic, nrithln{~tic, geometry, allude to a pas8age in Scripture, wherein music, and astronomy; for this, and mauy' God has declared ill his 'Word, H In other reasons, the number 5<::\·e11 1ms strength shall thh; house be estabUshed. H ever been held ill high estiluation.,amolig These columns are eighteen cubits high, M:a,sons. [Advancing a few steps fur· twelve in ci.l·cmnference, and four in di~ ther, the Senior Deacon eontillucs:] ameter; they are adorned with two large Brotber, the next thing we coltnc to is chapiters, one on each, and these cbapi- the outer door of the middle cllUluber of ters are ornamented with net ,York, lily King Solomon's Temple, which is partly work, and pomegranates; they denote open, . but closely tyled by the Junior Unity, Peace,and Plenty. rrbe net Warden. work, from its. connection, denotes Junior Warden [acting as Tyler]union; the lily work, from its whiteness, ,\\7"110 comes here? ",rho comes here? purity and peace j and the pOIl1C;:rranatc, - Senior Deacon-A FellowCraftl\Iason. from the exuberance of its seed, denotl~s Junior 'Varden-How do you expect plenty. They also have two large globes, to gaiu.tLclmission? or balls, one on each; these globes, or Senior Deacon-By a pass, and ::L to.. balls, contain, on their convex surfaces, ken, of a pass. all the maps .and charts of the celestial Junior Warden-Gi\"'c them. aud terrestrial bodies; they are said to Thecandidute, prompt(~d by the Se· , be thus extensive, to denote the univer- niorDeacoll, gives the sign of a P(~llow sality of l\Iasonry, and that a l!ason's Craft., before explained, and the patls chul'ityought to be equally extengive. SHIBBOLli:TH. ' /' . Their composition is molten, or cast Junior vVarden-"\Vhat does it denote? ," brasH; they were c·ast 011 the banks of Senior Deac.oll-Plel1ty. the. river Jordan,.in the clay-ground be· Junior 'Varden-Ho\v is itrepresented? t'tyeen Snecoth and Zaradatha, whel-e Sellior Deacon-By a sheaf of ·whea.t King Sololuonordered these and all suspended near a ,vat(>r·fol'd. oth~r boly" vClisels to be cast. Theywere Junior Warden-'Vhy 'was thbl pass east hollow; and 'I..,'ere four inches, ora instiiuted 1 .-' haud's breadth thick i they were cast Senior Deacon-In consequenee of .a



quarrel which bad long existed between di(late towards tIle "\Yorshipful !rn.stcr in Jepbthah, Judge of Israel, and the the east, who say~: Ephraimites; the latter of which had Master--Who comes here? ""ho comell IOll~ been a stubborn, rebellious people, here? whom Jepbthah had cndeavored to subSenior Deacon-A FeUowCraftMason. due by lenient measures, but to no ef· Master, to the c~n<1idatc-Br()ther,you fect. Thc Ephraimites heil1g highly in- have be(m admiitetl ill to the middle chamcensed 'against Jephthah, for not bt\illg ber of King Solomon's 'Temple, for the called to fight a:nd share in the rich spoils sake of the letter G. It dCll{)tt\S Dvity, of the Ammollitish war, assemblE;d a before wbom 'we aU onght to bOll' with mighty a1-my~ and passedo'ver the river rc'Vel"enee, wor8hip, and adoration. It. Jordan to give Jephthah battle; but he, also denotes geomeh'Y1 the fifth sei£'oce; being apprised of their approach.. called it being that on which this degree ·was. together the men of Israel. and gave principally founded. :By geomt'trj', 'we them battle, and pnt them to flight; and ma)T cnriotIsly tra~c :Nature 1hrongh bel" to make his victory more complete, he various vdndings to her:most concealed ordered guards to be placed at 'the differ· recel::!ses. By it wo DULY discoY('r the ent passes on the banks of the river Jor- power, the wisdom, and the goO{hless ot dan, and commanded, if the Ephraimites the Grand Artificer of the Ullt\'el"~e, .and pass~~d that way, that they should pro- view Witll delight t])e proportions whieh nounce tbeword SWBBOLETH ; but they, connect this vast macbine. being of a. difterent tribe, pronounced it This ends the advaucement to the seSIBBOLETH; "which trUlingdefect proved conddegree, after which the )Vor£hipful them spies) and cost them their lives: Master delivers to the new brother th~ and there fell that day, at the different following charge: passes on the banks of the river Jordan, Master-Brother, being a.dvanced to forty and two thousand. This word was tbe second degree of :MusonlJ!' l> 'we ~on­ also used by our ancient brethren t.o dis- gmtWate you on yonr preferment... 'l'!le tinguish a friend from a foe, and has internal, and not the external, quali:fica. since been adopted as a proper pass- tions of a man are ,,'hat Masonry :reword, to be f,"'.iven b(~fore ente:Ying any ga:Tds. As yon increase in kno,,·ledge,. well regulated and governed Lodge of yon ,"dll imp.~·()ve in social intt::rc€>Ul'sc.. Fellow Craft Masons.. [This and many It is uunecess.ary 10 recapitnhrte the duother tokens, or grips, are frequently' ties which, as a MaHon, you are bound 10 given by stranger Masons, when firl:lt in- disc-barge; or enlarge on 'the Ilcec!::lsi't)" of troduced to caeh other.. If given to a. a strict adherence to tllCm,. a.s Jour awn ::Masoll, he will immediately return it. experience n:cnst have e~tabH::;bcd thdr ItJ:hey can be given in eompany unob- ,.s,.lnc~· Our laws :,md l"egma. tions. ;you ser\,,'ed, when shaking hands.j are strenuous!,)'" to support; and he alJunior 'Varden-Since this is the case, \vays ready to .assist in SC~J1l1g them duIJI' you ""m pass on to the Senior'Varoen in executed.. .Yon are not to palliate 01" agtho west for further examination. gravato the offences of your brethren; As they proceed towards the Senior but in tile decision of evory trespass WaTden, the Senior Deacon sa)..s to ca.n- against our rules) ;you :tore to j'lldge 'With didate-Brother, the next thing we come c:.lJldor, adlnonish 'with friendship,and to, is the inner dODl" of the middle cham· reprehend with jnstiee. 'l'he study of ber ot' King Solomon's Temple, which the liberal arts, that valuable branch of we :find partly open, but more closely edncation, '\'\'hich tellds so eff{~etua.ll~T to tyled by the Senior 'Yarden. polish and adorn the mind.. is t~arnestly Senior "VirTarden [a.cting as Tyler to the recommended to your eonsidt'ration; essupposed chamb6r]-Who comes here't peclally tlle science of geometry, which who comes here ~ is establisbed .as the basis of onr &rt~ . Senior Deaeoll-A Fellm-y CraftMason. Geometry, or Ma~onry, origi.nally 8,)1'Senio,:'Vardell-How do you expect to nonymous terms, beil1g of a diyina 1ll0gain adrillssion ? . l"al nature, is e:uricll<.'d with tIlo most Senior Deacon-By thegri» and wont useful kno'wledge; while· it proycs tho Senior ""'arden-Give them. wonderful properties of Nature, it deCandidate takes Senior "'l"ardenby tbe monstrates the moro important trutlls of Fellow Craft grip, [see .page 22,} and morality. Your past beh:xviollr .and regsays· JACHIN. ular deportment, have merited toe lIQUOr Senior Warden-They are right; you which we ha,'e now conferrt.'{}; ano, in can pass on. _ your new character, it is expected tll:~t The Senior Deacon conducts the can- you. will conform. to the principles of tho


Order, by steadily persevering in the practice of eYery,coIDm.mdable virtue. Such is the nat.ure of your engagements as a Fellow Craft, and to these duties you are bound by the most sacred ties. CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION.

In many of the Lodges this first section is omitted in c1osillg, but it is nevel"the· less a part of the ceremony. l\.taster, to Senior Warden-Are you a Fellow Craft Mason 1 Senior Wardcn-I am; try me. Master-By what will you be tried? Senior 'Varden-By the Square !traster-"""'hy by the Square? Senior Warden-Because it is an em· blem of virtue. Master-v\rhat is a Square 1 Senior Warden-An angle exte!.:lding to ninety degrees,or the fou1'th part of a circle. Master-Where was you prt-pared to be made a Fellow Craft 1¥Iason ? Senior Warden-In a room adjacent to the body of a just and lawfully constituted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a room, or place, representing the middle chamber of King Solomon'j; 'remple. Master-Ho\v was you prepared? Senior Warden-By being divested of aU metals: neither naked nor clothed; barefooted nor shod; hood-winked; with a cable-tow twice round my neck; ill which situatioll I as conducted to the door of the Lodge, where I gave two distinct knocks. l\{aster-'Wh~t did those two distinct knocks allude to ? Senior 'Varden-The seconcl degree in :Masonry; it being that on which! was about to cutler. ['rhe Master continues his inquiries as to the mannl.'t in ,vhieh a. candidate is advanced to the J:!'ellow Oraft degree. The Senior 'Val'den answers by telling what occurred during such advR11cement. rfhese questions and answers are but a repetition of·those given on pages 20 to 22, during the initiation or advance• mont alluQ.ed to.]



l\Iaster-Ha1te you ever worked as a Fellow Craft lIason ? ' Senior 'Varden-I have, in specula· tive; but our forefathers '\vrought. both in speculative and operative1wlationry. l\ltl.8ter-'V'bere did they work? Senior 'Varden-At the building of King Solomon's 'l'emple, and maDy other Masonic. edifict!s. Master-How long did they work?


Senior Warden-Six days. Master-Did they work on the seventh? Senior'Val'den-TlH.')· did liOt. }laster-vYhy so '? Senior Wardell-Because in six days God created the heavens aud the earth, 'and rested on the seventh day; the' seventh day, therefore, our tll1cimit bre· thren consecrated as a day-of Tl'st from their labors; thereby enjoying nlOl'e frequent opportunities to contemplate the glorious \yorks of creation, and adore their great Oreator. l\Iaster-Did you ever return to the sanetlllll sanctorum, or holy of llOlies, of King Solomon's Tenlple ? Senior 'Vardcn-I did. l'tI~l.ster-By what way 1 Senior V\T arden-Through a long porcb, or alley. ltfaster-Did anything- particular strike your attention 011 your return? Senior'Vardell-rrhere did, viz.: two large columns, or pillars, one ou the left haud, and the other on the right. JUaster-'Vhat 'VUB the name of the one on the lE.~ft hand? Senior 'Vardeu-Bo.AZ, which denotes streng1b. l\Iaster-'Vhat was tho name of the one on the right hand? Senior 'Varden-JACHIN, dellotingestablishmel1t. 1\:Iast(~r-'Vhat do they collectively al· lude to 7 Senior "\Yard(·n-A pa.~sage in Serjp~ ture, ,,,herein God ha~ declnl'e<l in bis word, "In Btrellgth shall this house be established." l\laster-'VV1'hat \vere their dImf'11Siol1s Y Senior ,Varden-Eighteen cubits in height, twelve ill circumference, and four in diameter. l\Htster-'Vere they adorned ",dth any thingrt

Senior 'Yarden-They 'were f with two largo clul.piters, ono on ench. :rtlaster-'''ere tIley ornamented with allY thing?

Senior 'Yarden-They were; with wreaths of net work, lily "·01'1\., and po· megral1ates. ':Mastcr-,\rhat (10 theY denote? Senior 'Yardeu- Uuitv Peace. and Plenty. ." Ma8ter-1Vhv so? Senior 'Varden-Net work, from its connection, denotes uuion; lily work, from itt; , ... hitm.l(·SR ttlldpurity', denotes peace; and pomegranates, froin the exuberance of its seed, denotes plenty. ltlaster-".,ere thol:!ccolullllls adorned with any thing further i



Senior 'Varden-They were, viz.: two' years j seven years of famine j seven large globes, or balls, one on each. years in building the temple j seven .Master-Did they contaiu any thing 1 golden candlesticks; seven ,\yol1ders of" Senior 'Varden-They did, viz.: all the ,,'orld; SCYCll planets; bnt more es" th.e mapli and charts of the celestial and pecially the seven liberal arts and sciences ; ,:vhich are, grnmmar, rht·toric, terre::;trial bodies. Maste~Why are they said to be so logic, :;l,rithmetic, geometry, n:msic, llIJd extensive? astronomy. For these, and many other Senior 'Varden-To denote the univer- reasons, the number seven bas ever been sality of Masonry, aud that a Mason's held in high t.~stinlation among Masons. charity ought to be equally extensive. Master-vVhat did you next eorne to? Mal:iter-'\Vhat was their composition? Senior '\Varden-'rhe outer door of tho Senior V'l arden-Molten, 01' C'a8t brass. middl~ chambl~r of King Solomon's TC'mMaster-'Vho cast them? pIe, which I found party open, but clOSt.. ly SeniO'r '\Val'den-oul' Grand lIIaster, tyled by the Junior 'Varden. Hiram AbU!". :Master-How did you gain a.dmission t Master-Where were they cast 1 Senior 'Yarden-By a pass, and token Senior Warden-On the bauks of the of a pass. river Jordan, ill the clay ground between J.\.Iastel'-'Yhat was the name of the Succoth and Zaradatlla, where Killg So- pass? lomon ordered thesc, and all otber holy Senior Warden-SHIBBOLETH. vessels to be cast. JHastcr-'\Vhat does it denote? l\laster-yVere they cast solid or hoI· Senior Warden-Plenty, low? l\'1aster-Why HO? • Senior Warden-Hollow. Senior ""Vardcn-From an ear of com l\Iaster-\Vhat was their thickness? being placed at the watcl'·ford. S<:nior 'Vard~n-Four inch<:Q, or a :Master-'Yhy was this pass instituted? hand's breadth. Selllor arden-In con~equence of a l\.Iaster-Why were they cast hollow 1 quarrel 'which had long existed bchYeen Senior ,"Yarden-The better to 'with- Jephthah, Judge of Israel, and the stand inundations or conflagrations; they Ephraimites. [The rest of this answer '\'I.·ere the al'chiveH of Masonry, and COll- is precisely the same as the auswer of taiued the constitution, rolls and records, the Senior Deacon to tp.e same question ~faster-'Vhatdid you next COll),e to? on page 24.] Senior 'Vardeu-A long, "'duding- stair .Master-\'Vbnt did you next discover 1 C:1se, w itll three, five, seven steps, or Scnior ,"Varuen-1'he inner door of tl1e more. middle challluer of' King Solomon':; l\1aster-"\Yhat does the three steps al. rrt·mple. Iude to 1 l\faster-How did you gain admisl:lion ? Senior 'Varden-The three principal Senior 'Varden-By the grip and 'Word. 8upports ill Masonry, narnely: 'YisdoU1, :Ma8t,er-How did the Senior "'''"arden Strength, and Beauty. dispose of you? Mastel'-vVhat do the five steps alSenior Warden-He ordt'red me to be ludc to? conducted to the 'Vor8hi~'ul Master in Senior Warden-The five orders in the east, "who informed me that I had architecture, and the nve human senses. been 'admitted into the middle chamber Master-vVhat are the five orders in of King Solomon's Temple for the sake architecture? of the letter G. Senior 'Varden-The Tuscall, Doric, l\lastcr-Does it denote any thing? Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite. Senior 'Varden-It does; DEl1."Y:-be· l\laster--vYhat are the fiveh1.1man fore whom \\'e should all bow "dth reve. senses '1 renee, worship, and ::l.doratioIf. It. also Senior Warden-Hearing, seeing, feel~ denotes geometry, the fifth science; it ing, smelling, alld tasting; the firl:)t three being that on 'wl1ich this degree \yLtS of which have ever bf:en deemed highly principally founded. essential among Masons; hearing, to hear ,rrhis ends the Lecture, and the Lodge the \'\lord; sec.-ing,to":qee the sign; and is now-closed with a ~iUlilar admonition feeling, to feel the grip, whereby one Ma· fronithe Master, and pre ci se1y the same son may know ulloth()r in the dark as ccremollicsas· those obsorvedil1 closing well as in the light, . . .. a Lodge of Entered Apprenticc:>, deMaster-'Vhat doeil the seven steps al. scribedonpage 18, except that the signs Iude to ? . .. . given· moe of course those of a Fellow' . Senior Warden-The seven sabbatical Craft (page 22) instead of the oth(~l·S.




, candidate to the door of the Lodge, where he gi\"'es three distinct knocks. Sellior ,"Vardel1 (rising and addressing the l\oIul'3ter)-yVol'shipful, while we are peaceably at work all the third degree of Masonry, under the influence of humani. ty, brotherlyJove, and affection, the door of our Lodge appears to b~ alarmed. l\'lm;ter to Senior Deacon-Brother Sew nior, inquire th~ cause of the alarm. r.rhe Scuior Deacol1. steps to the door and answers the three k11ock8 that have been giYell, by three more ; (the knocks are much louder than those given on any occasion other than that of the admission of candidates in the severnl dL'grees:) one knock is then giv<m Without, and answered by one from \vithiu, when the THIRD DEGREE. door is partly opened. . Senior Deacon-"\Vho comes there? OPENING A LODGE OF MASTER l\fASONS. who comes there? who comes there? The ceremonies of opening and con. Junior Dcacon-A worthy brother, ducting the business of a. Lodge in this Iwho has been reffular]y initiated as an . degree are the same as those of' a Lodge Entered. ApP,rentlce l\laSOI\ passed to of Entered Apprentices, already de. th~. deg~ ee of a F<:How.Craft, and no'\"; scribed. The arrangement of the LodO'e \vl~he81or further light 111 :Masonry, by is similar, and the same officers do duty. being' raised to the sublime degree of a 'I'he traditional account of the death ~Ia8ter 1\1a80n. several burials, and resurrections of'Hi: .Senior Dt~aColl-Is it of his own free ram Abift~ the widow's son, as here de' WIll au<.~accol'd he makes.thi::; l'cquest 1 veloped, is very interesting. 'Ye read qan~lidate answers-It IS. ill the Bible that Hiram Abiff "was onc Semor Deacon (to Juniol')-Is he ·wor.. of the head workmen emploYC'd 'at the thy ~u:d well qualified ~ bnilding of King Solomou'sr.remple and JUlllOr Deacon-lIe 1S. other ancient writings inform us th~t he ,vas an arbiter between King Solomon and Hiram, King of Tyre; but his trngi· cal death is 110\vhero recorded except in the nl'chh?es of Free MAsonry. The Master lIasonts Lodge is repre· sented as the sanctu11l. $lZ,1lctorum or -holy of holies, of King Solomon's Temple, and on great oc.casions il;, of course, ornamented different from those of pre· ceding degrees. A candidate for ad'''ancement to the l\faster Mason's degree is prepared by the ..T~tnior and Senior I?eac?ns, ~ho strip I 111m naked, and furnIsh hIm WIth a pair I of drawers reaching jmlt above his hips both leg-sof them being rolled above th~ k 11oe8. His shirt is then put over hig llead, and slipped down around his body 2nd il:> partly covered by his dra'lllel's'-': tl!e 8lt~e\"cs and co}lar IHmg dangling be· lund, over t.he '\V31stband of hili drawers. A rope, orcable·tow, is pnt three times l'otlud his body, and he has a bandage over hiM eyes. \Vbcnall is ready the Senior Deacon retul·llS. inside the Lodge, and r(>sumes llis seat by the Worshipful I\-laster. rfhe J Ludor Deacon meantime conducts the




Senior Deacon-Has he made suitable the third time, three raps. During thQ time the cAlldidate is traveling round the proficiency in the pl'ecediIlg degreeB? rooIn, the Master reads the follm,Ying ..Tunior Deacoll-He has. Senior Dpt\,con-lly what further right passage of Scripture, the traveling and the reading tt'l'ulinating n.t the same does he expect to obtain tllis benefit '! Junior Deacon-By the bCllCtit of a time: H~ll1embel' llO'\V thy Creator in the days of thy youth, 'while the· eyil pass-\yorrl, Senior Deacon-Has he a pass-word? days come not, 1101' the years draw nig'h, Junior Dmwon-He has not, but I ""hen thou shalt say, I have lIO plea-bure in them: 'while the SUIl, or the mOOll, or have it for him. ' the stars be 110t darkened, nor the clouds Senior Deneon-Give it me. The Junior Deacon ,vhispers in the rdurn after the rain: in the d:cl.y wIlen ear of the Senior Deacon-1'uBAL-CAIN. the k{~epers of the house shall tremble, Senior Dcacon-'l'he pass is right. and the strong IDen sha.ll bQ'\'Y themselves, You will ,vait until the vVorshipful Mas- and the grinders cease,· because they are ter in the east be made acquail1ted with few; and those that look out of the ,'';'indo,\ys bo darkened, and the doors Hhali his request, and his answer l'cturned. The Senior Deacon goes to the l\ras- be shut in the streets; when the sound of ter, gives three knocks, and the same the grinding is 1m...., and he shaH rise up questions and answers pass between at the voice of the bird, and all the daugh~ tbCXll relative to the candidate as were tel'S of music shall be bl'ought low. Also given and ans\vered by the Senior and 'when they shall be afraid of that 1r'\'hich is high, and fears shall be in the ". ay, Junior Deacous at the door. l\Iaster-SilJce he comes indued with and the almond-tree shall flourh;h, and all these necessary qualifica.tiolls, let him the gl'atls-hoppers shall be a burden, and enter this worshipful Lodge in the llame dt~sire shall fail: because man gocth to or the Lord, and take heed Oll what he his long home, and the mom'ners go about the streets: or ever the silver cord be enters. 'l'lte Senior Deacon l*eturns to the door loos('d, or the golden bowl be broken at and repeats what the Mal:lter has said, the fountain, or the ,,,hee 1 at the cistern. 'whea the candidate enters, and as he '1'11en a:;ball the dust l'eturn to tbo earth a.s goes through the door the Senior Dea- it waH; and the spirit shall return unto ' con stands in front holding a pair of God, who gave it. compasses in both bands. He presses The candidate 110W' stops in front of the points of the comp~l:1cs against the the se~Lt of the Junior 'Varden in the naked right and left breasts of the candi- south. 'rhe \Va.rden asks him the same date, saying: Brother, 'when you first questions that were aio'ked at the door by entered this Lodge, you was received on the Senior Deacon "yhl'n he entered the the point of the compass pressing your Lodge, and the same answers are given. naked left breast, which was then ex- He then goes to the Senior 'Varden in plained to you j when you entered it the the west, where the same qtwstions are seco,ud time, ~'ou was received on the a~ked, and answers given. He is tht'u angfe of the square, which was also ex- conducted to the \Vol'shipful ~lal:;ter in pla.ined to y~tt; OIl entering it no"..., you the east, "\vho, after asking the same are rt:ceivt~tl on the two extreme points questions again, and receiving the same of the compass pressing your naked right answers, inquires "Thence he came and and left breasts, whIch arc thus explain· whither he is journeying. ed: As the most vital parts of man are Candidate-Jf'rom •the west, and tl·a.. contained between the t,,,o brca~ts, so "\~e1ing to the east.. are the most valuable tenets. of Masonry l\faster-Why do you . leave the west,. contained between the two extreme and travel to the east ~ points of the compass, which are, VirCandidate-In search of more ligh t. tue, Morality, and Brotherly Love. Master to Senior Deacon-You 'will The Senior Deacon then conducts the please conduct the candidate back to the candidate three times regularly round WCl::lt, from whence he canlt', and put llim ': the Lodge. 'rhe Junior Warden is the in the care of' the Senior 'Vardell, 'W ho first of the three· principal officers that "dll iIU:ltl'Uct him how to appl'onch the the candidate passel;, traveling ,,,itll the ea~t, by advancing upon· three upright SUD, when he starts round the Lodge; regular stl'pS, to the third ~tep in 1\111.and as· ho passes the Junior'Val'den, soury, his fl.~et forming a square, his body Senior. '\Varden,and l\'1aster, tIle first erect, and cause him, to knct,'l at the altar, time going round they each give one rap j in due form, to take upon him~wlf the 80the second time each gives two raps, and lelnn oath or obllgatiollof l\Ia~tt.;l· MUhou.


The candidate being concluded to. wards the Senior 'Varden, that officer steps for"war(t and places him in pOHition, facing him towards tho altar, and directing' him to step off', iir~t with his left foot, and second, lvith the right; each time forming a Rquare with his feet, a:) Im'n.ovtheeme]n'(t'.1l~;VheCt1hrl!1r·fdt ~-


that I will not giye the grand hailing sign. of distres~ of this degree, except I am in real distress, or for the beucti t of the craft, '"\vhell at ,york j and. should I see th~Lt sign given, or hear the ,vorda accompanying it, I 'Yill :fly to the relief of' the persoll so giving it, should there be a greater probability of saving his J. )\\ life than lORing my O,\Yll. Furthermore step is with tho left do I promise and. swear, that I "will not foot, bringing up the '''1roIlg' this Lodge, nor a brother· of this· right, and placiLlg the degree, to the value of one cent, know~ heels together in the ""'-~t.,,,\~,,,, ingl.-r, myself, nor suffer it to be done by position of a soldier. othCl'S, if ill my power to prevent it. The candidate then Purtllel"lUOre do 1 '])J'omiHc and swear, kneels OIl both naked that I will 110t be at the initiating, pass~ knees, and raises both ing, or raising a C:ll1<lidat.e at Olle C.01l1hands and arms, in mnnication, ,"vithout a dispcnsation fronl the maI1l1er of giving the Granu Lodge, for that purpose. li'urthe grand hailing sign thermore do I promi:-c and swear, thp.t I of distress, and holds will not be at the initiating, passing, or them in this position raising a· candidate in a clandest.ine until he is directed to Lodge, nor converse upon the secrets of place them on the Ho~ _ Freo Masonry with a clan.destiue made ly Bible, square and ~~~~~~ Mason, or one that has been expclletl 01." compass. .; ;. ~ slll:ipendcd, while he is uuder that SC11· Master, to candidu.te-Brother, you arc tcnce. ]:t'urthermore do I promise and now placed in a proper position to take s\ycar, that I will not be at the initiating, . upon you the solemn oath and obligation passing, or raising ot' an old man in do· of a. :Master 1tIasoll, "vhich I assure you tago, a young 111an in non-age, an atheist, as a. man, as a 1\la8011, and as :Master of irreligions libertine, madlllull, hermuph. this Lodge, will not interfere with the rodite, woman, or a fool. l"urthcrmore duty:you owe to your God or your coun· do I promise and swear, that I 'v ill not try. If you willing to take th~s oat.h, speak evil of a brother l\lastcr 1\1ason, repeat your name, and say after meneither behind 11is back nor before IllS I, John Smith, of my own free will face, but will apprise him of all approacha11d nccord, ill the presence of Almightv ing danger. }'nrthcl"more do I ~prorn!::;c God, and this 'Worshipful Lodge of l\Ins· and swear, that I will 110t tha tel' Masons, crectcd to God and dedicated chastity of a 1\.Ia8ter .Mason's '\vifc, 1l10~ to tho holy St. Johns, do hereby and ther, sister, or daughter, nor suffer it to hereoll, [ca.ndidatenowbriugs both 'hands be done by others, if in my power to down on the Holy Bible, square n.nd com· prevent it, I knowing them to be such. pass, ,,"hich lay on the altar,] most so· l"urthermore do I pl'omiso al1d swear, lemnly and sincerely promise and 8'''e3.1'', that I ,,,ill support the constitution of the in addition t.o my former obligations, that Granel Lodge of State, under "which I will not give the secrets of a Master this Lodge is hold, au<} conform to all the Mason t~ allY one of an inferior degree,\ys, rules and rcgl.uations of this, or nor to any being in the known '\1r orld, any' other Lodge of ,'vhicll I may hereexcept it be to a true ancllawful brother after become a member. Furthcl":ll1ore l\!astcr .1\1ason, or within the .bodyof a do I promise and swear, that I '\oyin obey just and lawfully constituted Lodge of all due signs and StlUlmOIlSes handed, such j and not unto him or them whom I sent, or tllrowll to me fl"bm a brother shall ,Ilea.l" so to be, but unto him a:; d l\laster:Mason, or from the body of a jt1!~t them only ,,,,horn I shall find so to be, and la\Yfully constituted Lodge of :Master after strict trial, due examinatiotl, or 1\1asons, if within the length of my cable· lawful iIlt'ormatiou received. Further. tow. }"urthcrmore do I promise and morc, do I promi~c and swear, that 1 swear, that a l\Iastcr Mason's secrets, will not speak the Master :Ma80n'8 word, gIven to me in charge as such, shall TOwhich I shaH hereafter receive, in any main as secure nne! inyiolablc in my oth(~r malln(~r except in that in which 1 breast, as in his, before communicated, shall receive it, which "will be on ihe five murder and treaSOIl only c'Xccptt~d: and points of fello\Yship, ami at low breath. they left to m.yonly election. FurtherF\U·the~:lnol·e G.~ I promise and swear, luore do Ipron:UJ;c and swear, that I will




go on a :Master J\fason's errnnd, e"en you from the cast, under'the sign, step, barefoot, and bareheaded, to sttve his and due-guard of a Master :Mason. life or relieve his llOct"!:!sities. :FurtherThe sign is the hailiIlg' sign of distress more do I promise and swear, that I ,,-ill given on page 29. 'rhe words accompu· remember i:L brothel' Master l\lasoll, when :nyil1g it are, H Is th(;~re no help for the. on my knees at my devotions. l""urther- 1-vido'w'g son 1" As the last "'ord5 arc more do I promise nnd swcar, thn.t I will uttered, you let fall your hands in a manbe aiding and assisting all poor and incHncr to 'iudicate solemgent Master l\lasons; their widows and nity., 'rhe due-guard orph::ms, wheresoever dispersed round is given uy pu tUng the the globe, (they making application to open right handto the me as snell, and I finding them worthy,) left side of the bo",~-· as far as is in m, y power, without injury I ds, the palm of tllO to myself or family. Furthermore do I hand fiat, and dOW1:promise amI swear, tlutt if any part of wards; then draw it this my solemn oath or obligation be I quickly froIn the Idt omitbd at this time, that I will hoM I to the l'ight, and let it myself amenable thereto, ,vhenevcr in-I fall by your side. fOl'lU'.:<L "1'0 nIl which I do most solemn· After thus instruct· ly and sil1ccre]y promise and S"Iv('ur, \Yith ing the new candidate, a fixed and steady purposo of lllind in. the Master approachme to keep and perform the same, bind-j es him, and taking him ing myself under no leRs penalty than to by the haud, says : luwe my body seyered in hvo ill the Brother, in token C'f midst, and divided to the North and a continuation of true South, my bo,vcls burnt to a~hes in the 1 - --, ".,~"- brotherly love and osce,uter, aud the aShes, SC,atterNl before teen,1. I present JOll with 111Y,1" right,' hal: <1, the foul' 'winds of heaven, th~t there and "Ivith it you ,vill receive the pa~H­ might llOt the least tract or trace of 1'0- grip and word of n. JHastL~r ltlasoll. 'l'ake membrance remain among mell or Jun.-I me as I take )1"Otl. sons of so ,,-ne and perjured a wretch as The pass-grip is given 1>y pressing tho I should ho, '''ere I ever to prOYO ,viI- thumb bet,vcen the joinis of the ~ccon(l fully guilty' of "iolating' any part of tbis and third fingers 'wlwre they join tho my solemn oath llr obEgatioll of :t: Mal"'- hand, and the woru is 'l'UBAL-CAIN. ter I\lason; so help me Ood, anll keep me stcndf~\!'it ill the due pcri'onnan.ce of the same. .M aster, to candidate-'Vhat do you now most de:::ll'c ? Candidate-Light. :Master-Brethrcn, plcnsc to stretch forth your hands and assist in bringing" . this new-made bl'oth<.'r to more light in As the :l\!aster gi'V('s the grip, tllC fol. l\:1asonry. "And"'tfod said, Le t there Lo ! lowing dialogue €lJ8UCS, the Ser:ior Dcn· light, and there ,vas light." con answering for the candidate: ["rhe candidate has the bamlng-e drop1vIaster-vVhat is that? ped from his eyes in the same 11lanner Senior DeacQn-=-The pass-grip of a as in precedillgdegrccs, with three 1\1uster 1\1aso11. stamps on tho :floor, and three clapping Master-Has it a name? of hands.] Senior Deacon-~ has. :Master, to e:l1'Hlidate-On bcil1g' brought l\1~\.ster-vVill you give it me? to light, YOll first discover, a~ before, Senior Deacon-I did not so receive it, three groat lights in :Masollry, by the as- neither can I so impart it. sistance of three lesser, with this difTer. :Master-How ,"Yill you dispose of it y cnce,both points of the compass are eleSellior Deacon-Letter, or syllable it. vated, above the, ,,,Tbich dt'l1otes l\Iaster-Syll::lbl~ it, and begin. to you that- )T(}l1 are about to receive Senior Deacon-liio t you begin. all the light that can be conferred on Master-No, begin you. )TOU in a lUn-son's Lodge. ' Senior Deacon-'l'u '1'he MaRter steps back a few steps, l\1aster-B.\Land then adYUllCeS again. Senior Deacon-CAIN. Mastcr-l3rother, 'J'I"ou now discoyer Master-TuDAL me as J,Iastcr of this LOdg~7 approaching Senior DeacOn-TUn,AL.. C.UN.



l\<Iaster-Right, brother Tubal-Cain, I I called from labor to refreshment"and'· to greet you; arise from a square to a per· be on again at the suund of the gavel. pendicular, go and salute the Junior and The tolcl1ior 'Varden repeats this order Senior Wardens, and satisfy them that to his Junior, and the Junior 'Vardelllloyou are an -obligated Master :Mason, .amI· i tines the brethren that the Lodge is callare in· possession of the true pass·grip ed from labor to refreshment, and he and 'Word.. ' thereupon giVt·s three raps, ,vhen all tIll,) "Vhile the two '\Vardens are examin- l>rothl"en lcttVC their seats. This is done ing the candidate, the Master returns to ,in order that when the candidate rehis place in the east, and gets an apron, turns into the Lodge, he m~t.y think that wit'h which he returns, ''''hen the Senior all is over, and that he has recc;;ived the 'Varden speaks for l1im~elf and Junior. whole deg·rce. 'Vhen he comes in, then, Senior "Vardell-\Yorshipi'nl, 'we are he finds some of tllcbrC'tllrel1 drinking, satisfied that brothel' John Smith is an some laughiug and talking, and others obligated Master Ma80n. (as he t.hinks) prepariug'to go home. :Master, to candidate-Brother, I now Many of the members come for\vard, on haye the honor to present you· ...v ith a his appearance, and salute him-one lamb-skin, or white apron, as before, gives the pass-grip; another the duc'which I hope you will wear ,,-ith credit guard, and a t.hird asks hiIn how lie IiItes to ;yourself, and satisfaction and a<.1nt11- the dcgree, &c. :Meantime the l\laster tage to thc brethren. You will please goes to his seat in the east unobserved, carry it to the Sonior 'Varden in the and gives one rap ,vith his gaveL In,Ycst, 1vho teach you llOW to wear it stantly the brethren all resume their at; a .\Iast0l" :Masoll. seats, leaving the candidate alone in the rrhc candidate goes ngain to the Senior middle of tho floor, and )1(3' finds himself 'Vardon, ''!,'ho tie:; on the apron, and lets some1yhat embarrassed until the Master the flap fall down before, in. its natnral beckons to him to come t01var<!s the and common situation. He then returns <:a8t. Taking up· a book, 'the 1\Iastcr to the l\lu.stcr. says: l\1aste r-Brother, I perceiye you are l\.Ittster-Brother, you no doubt think clothed; and it is of course necessary )"'ourself a perfect l\l:lHter l\Inson, and you should ha ve toot~ to work 'with. I that you are entitled to all our privileges. will now pn~sent you 'with the working Is it not so? tools of a Ma.ster 1\1ason, ,,-hie]} are aU Candidate usuallj'" answers th~t it is. the implemcnts of l\Iasonry illdiscriU1i~ Master-It then becoIneg m;r duty ~o 'nl1tcly, but more especially" the trowel. undeceive ;you, and to inform you that The tro'wel is an instrument made Ut;C of YOll arc not a .Master l\Jason, ncitlwr <l\) by opcratiyc 111aSOllS to spread the co- I know that you ever willl)c ouc, nntil I mont, which t1.l1HC8 a lmiltling h1tO 0110 can ascertain how yO'll withstand the COllliUOllll1t:l.S!'l ; . but ,\YO as ~"'rce and Ac- am,azin~ trials aUll dangers. tbat:!I;wait ceptcd. Masons arc taught to maketlso of you. You must now undergo one of the it for the 1110re nobie and glorious pur- most trying scenes that .human natnre pose of spreading the cemcnt of brothcr- eyer witnessed. You are to travel a Iy love and affection, tlutt ccment '\'\"llich rough and rugged l'ond, beset "dth dnn.. unites us into one sacred band, or society gt'l"S on every side, when; you will1l1cet of friends and brother:;, among whom no with ruffians, and. you m.aymel1t l,.. ith contention should ever cxL"t, but that death-for some lun'c suft'cl'ed death "",ho noble contention, or cmulation, of who have tra,v'cIed this road before you. In can best work. or best agree. I also pre- YOlU" preceding degrees yOl.l.hatl a broBent you ,vith three precious jewels; thor to pray for you, but in this one ~'GU their names are Humanity, l'ricnuship, must pray for yourself. You will 110W and Brot.herly Love. '. be hood·willked,aud go and kneel at e:e The then reacls from a Masonic altar, whore ;you can pray either mentext-bQok the cha,rgc to a 110'\" candidate tally or ol·ally... 'Vhl'll you get through, in thi~ degree, and uirectH tlw Scnior please to signifY' the same by ri~ing. . Deacon to conduct him back to tho prer1'he candidatl~ i~ hQod'1vinkcdand conparation room, where he will resume his ductcd to\Y:1rds the altAr, and "while con.. usual clothing. ducting llim, Hm Senior Deacon saysAs soon as the candidttte has gono ont, nrother, it "ras the custom of our Grand. the Lodge is called fronllabor to refresh- l\Iastor, Hiram A bUf, every day. at high mCl1t in the follo"wing luanner, viz, : twelve, ,,,hen the crafts were from labOlMaster to Senior 'Varden-Brother to refreshrnellt, tomttel' into the sanctum Senior? my order that this Lodg()be IsanetoruUl) n.nd o:fferup. hia deV9tions to




the everliving God. Let us, in imitation of hint) kneel and pray. [Candidate kneels, and acts as if in prayer.] In many Lodges this ceremony is turned into 111Crriment. as candidates "n,'ill frequently nlHli:.C believe that thcy arc terribly frightened, and that they are praying earnestly, when in truth they are but acting apart. The rest of this degree is founded on the murder of the Grand l\Iaster, Hiram AbUt', 'who, as he left his dcYotiol1S, wa~ assassiuntcd by three ruffians, who had stationed thelllselves at the east,wcbt, and south gates of King Solomon's l'remple, to make sure of their work of nlurder. In this part of the initiation, the 1\la:stcr and the Junior and Senior "'ar<lens re路 present three ruffians, yiz.: JUBELA, JUBELO, and JUBELUM. T11e room being darkeued, the candidate risos (still hood-winked) from the altar, is conducted several times round the Lodge, and finally stops at the south gate, which is guarded by .Tubelat (the Junior 'Yarden.) Jubela-'Yho comes here? Scuior Dcacol1, acting as ConductorOur GI"and !tIaster, Hiram Abiff. Jllbcla-Our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff! he is the yery man I wanted to see. [Jtlbela thereupon seizes" the can,didate .by the throat and hancHes him roughly, exclaiming',] Give me the Master :l\Iason:s lYord, or I ,,,ill take your life! Sonior Dl'tlcon aDl:;\ycrs for candid,~te颅 I cannot give it 110''', but if you will wait, till the rl'cmplo is completed, and the Grand Lodge assembles at Jerusalem, if you are worthy, you shall then receive it, otherwise you cannot.

Jubeln.-Talk not to me of Temples or Grand Lodges-give me the word: or die 1 and he thereupon f'trikcs the cancUdate a bl01Y across the throat ,yUh rt twenty-four inch guugc, The candidate rapidly retreats and goes towards the 'west gate, '\'"hich is guarded l)y J路ubeJo, (the Senior 'Y:.:~rdcll.) Jubelo-'Vho comes there? Senior Deacon-Our G1'o.11(1 ~Iaste;'. Hiram Abift: ' Jubdo (seizing candidate ron(.~lll:r)颅 Giye me the grip and word of tt ltIm:tcl' Mason, or die I 1'he candidate is excuHc(1 :':lS before, when JUbelo gives him a b!o...Y aCl"()S5 1:1.-.; breast with the square. The candidate then goes to the east gate, wbere 11e C11counters JubcluIn, (the Master.) Jubeluw-Give me the grip and pm,sword of a l\:faster 1\lusoll, or die! The Master thereuJlon strikes him all the forehead with tho gavel, whell (prompted by the Senior Deacon) the candidate falls apparently lifeless upon the floor. Jubelum-tV'hat S11:111 we do? 'Ye have killed our Grand Master, IIira.rn Abiff. Jttbelo-Let 118 carry him out nt the east ga.te, and cover him '\"ith the rubbbh until low twelve. lVe can then meet and cnrry him a. '\Yesterly course, and bury him. At the place where the candidate ~'n.;) knock('d down with the g'f\,vel. ill the east, a blanket had been preYiol.lsly spread to receive him. He is '110'\1' taken up in the blanket, carried back out of sight, and covered up. The Lodge con-



tinnes dark for a while, the supposed' workmen missing, viz.: Jubela, Jubelo, ruffia.ns skulking about. Presently the and JubeluIU, Senior Dea.con strikes twelve strokes ou l\Iaster-rrhis brings to my mind .a cira bell, soon ant.!!" ,.".hich the three rut:' cU1l1stauce that took place this morning. fians meet at the ea.~;t end of the Lodge rr\\'eh:rc It'lellow Crafts, clothed in white and salute (~ach other. gloves, and aprons, ill token of their in. Jubela.-The body has not been dis- Ilocence, came tome and confessed that covered. they twelve, ",dth three others, had conJubelo-No all is safe. spired to extQrt the JUlu;ter .Mason's word JuheIUlu-,Ve must bury our Grand from their Gr:.1.m1 l\Iastel', Hiram Abiff, l\Iaster irnn1l'<1iateJy, for I perceive he anti in case of refusal, to take his life i begins to smell a little already, and ,vo they twelve had recanted, but they fearshall bB discovered. rl'akc him up and cd the other three had been base enough carry him to tho brow of l\:fount .Moria, to carry their atrocious desigus into ex.ecution. '\vhere I have dug IllS grave. rrhe candidate is ag'nlu taken up in the l\ (still acting as King Solomon) blanket, carried severaI times round the to Senior "Varden-You ,v ill dl'a";vt\velYc' Lodge, and thon. deposited, on his back, Pellow Crafts frOln the banks of 'worknear the Senior 'Varden ill the \ve8t, his men, clothe them in white gloves an.d feet tow'urd5 the east,and. covered up aprons in token of their innocence, and with chair~, bcnehes, &c. scud three of them east, threo \yest, Jubelum-Let us lual'k his grave with three. north and three south, in seal'(~h this sprig of casl;ia. [He sticks down a of' these nlissillg men. ""Yhen they arc sprig of evcrgre,-~l1.near candidate's head.] fou.ud, cause them to be brought forward. 'Ve ,viIi now cllclea.vOl," to get 3. passage 'rho Senior "Varden repeats this order to Bthiopia. to his Junior, who imparts it to the bre,.vhile the supposed ruffians are look- thren, and then there is more shuffling ing for their pa.ssage, (i. e. groping round around the Lodge, '''hile the twelve are the Lodge,) King Solomon arrives at the supposed to be in sea.rch of the misHing Temple, being personified by the 'VOl'- men. Finally some one near the Senior shipf'al l\fa.ster, \"lIlo -calls the Lodge to 'Varden's seat addresses an old man who ol'der by a rap with the ga;\~eL is dressed for the occasion, andjm;tcome :Master (acting as King Solomon) to from the pl'eparation 1'00111Senior 'Varcleu-'\Vhat is the cause of jilason-Old man,lulve ;you seel1 any all this confusion.? trayelers passing this way It Se11ior '\V'a,rden-Our Granel :Master, Olel mao-Yes i as 1 'was dm·Yu llcar Hiram AbUf, is missing; l1lHl there are the coast of Joppa this ~morniDg, I saw no plans 01' designs laid down on the three, and fl'Onl theil' dress and appeartrestle-bo:\l'll for the crafts to pursue ance I supposed them to be IUC:U of rryre,. theil'lu.b:)rs. and ,\vorkl1lCU frOln the Temple. 'l'hcy l\Iaster-Ou.r Grand nlastcr missing! sought a passage to Ethiopia, but could He has ahvays been very punctual in his not obtain 0110,111 consequence of au attendance, and I fear he may be iudis- emba.rgo recently laid ou aU the shipposed, Assemble. the craft::1, aud search piug. I helieve. they l'etlll'llOd into the in and about the rremple to see if he can c.ouutry. be found. . l\ftlst<.ir (still actillg as. :KIng Solomon) The brethren no,v shuffle about the giYes a rap \vith the gavel,. and inqUires Lodge a few minutes, as though in search -'Vhat tidings, brethren? ot' the missing l\Iaster, when the 'VOl'- . Some OllO replies-None from the east, shipful l\Iaster calls them to order by 0. "Yorshipt'ul. . l'ap with the ga,vel. . AuotheI' S:lj"s-N'onc from the South. .1\Iastel'to Scni(.U' ,\Yardeu-,\Yhat su,cA third exclaims, i!l a loudvoice-Ti· cess? . dings from the west, my lord! Seuior 'Varden-'\Ve cannot find our l\laHter-'Yhat tidiug's 1'1'01:11. the 'Vest 'J.. Grand .:\fa~tor, my lord. The third answers-As ',"0 tIll'eo If'd· 1\lastel'-'l'he Secretary 'will call the low Crafts 'were steerillg. a 'westerly Toll of workmen and see if any of them course, we fell ill '\'\lith a wavfaring mall, are missiug, who iuformed us be saw thi'ee men tha.t Secret.ary calls the ron, and then ad- morning down ncar thecoa~t of Joppa, dresses the MastQ1's who is still acting- as and from· their drt:ss and' ~'tppearance he 1\1ng SQlomon. supposed them to be men of 'l'yre, work· Secl'eta.ry-I 11a'\"e called the :roll,. my lD4:n. fl'Olntbe 'femplc;. they sought a. lor.d, .and I :find there al'e three of· the !Jassage· to Ethiopiat. but . . could· not proS



cure one in consequence of an embargo'l which had been recently laid on all the shipping, and they returned back into the couutry. Master-I had this embargo laid, to prevent the fugitives from making' their e~cape. You vdll go and search again, and search till you find them, if possible. If they are not found, the twelve who confessed to have been originally in tho plot must be considered as tIle lllurderers, and sutrer accordingly. 'fhe shuffling around the Loclgc is COlltinued under pretence of a further search, until one of the brothers (the same '\yho bad announced the tidings in the Lodge) seats himself 011 the floor in the 'we~t, near the candidate's head, and as he rises he catehE's hold of the sprig of ev('rgreen that had been stuck. there. He immediately stamps his foot throe times and exclaims, I. Companiol1s assemble !" Two brothers rush towards l1il1l, wb(,~n he says: Brothers, a very singular circumstance has just taken phl.ce. 1 was fatigued and sat down here- to rest, and on rh;iug ii.·om my .seat I caught hold of this sprig of cassia, and drew it out of" the ground. On a close examination I find that it has lately bc.·(m broken off andstuck there. The three then begin to look down at the spot where the candidate lays, when one says-This looks like agraYe! on which they prt~pare torelllove the chairs, benc}les,&c., when three other brothers, who sit 11ear by, pel'sonate,.the three fugitive ruffians. Jubela, the first murderer, murmurso that my throat had been cut across, my tongue torn out, and my body buried in the rough saDd~ of the sea at low "tater-mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, ere I had been accessary to the death of so good a man asour Grand lVlal::lter, Hiram Abiff! Jubelo, the second one-O that my left breast had been torn open, and my heart and vitals taken from thence, and th1'O\'\'11 over my left shoulder, carried into the valley of Jehosaphat, there to become a prey to the wild beasts of the field, and vultures of the air, ere I had conRpired the death of so good a. man a.s OU1· Grand Ma.ster, Hiram Abiff I J'ubelum, the third one-o that my body had been. severed in t\"O in. the midl:lt, anddh"ided tot~e north and south, my bo'\vels .burnt to ashes in the center, and the ashe,s scattered by the four ,vinds o±' heaven, tha.t th.ere might not the least track or trace of remembrance remain amt>,ng menl 01· Masons, of so vile and

perjurccl n. wretch as I am-Ah, Jubela and Jubelo, it was I that struck him harder than you both-it '\vas I thnt gave him the fatal blow-it was I that killed him! The three brethren ' . . .· ho are removing the benche8 and chairs, stop and overhear these murmurs of the three murderers. One says-These are undoubtedly the assassins-what shall we do 1 there arc three of them. Another says-Our cause is good-let us seize them. 'rIle three brothers per~onating the ruffians are thereupon seized by the three searching for the body, and the prisoners are carried before King Solomon, who is represented by the 'Vorshipfull\'1aster ill the east. The three prisoners are here made to kneel. Master, giving a rap with the gavel'YVhat tidings from the west 1 One of the brethren replies-Yv""orshipful, as "ye three Fellow Crafts were steer~ ing n. due 'VCtit course, I, becoming more ,veary than my companions, sat do'\vn on the brow ofl\fount l\foria, to rest allu refresh mys(llf, and as I was rising, I aecidcntally caught hold of a sprig of cassia, 'which easily giving way, excited my curiosity. Upon this, I hailed my C0111panioI18, and "\vhile we '\vere consulting upon the mystery of the incident, we heard the voices of three ruffians crying from a cleft of the l'OCk. near by; we discovered them to be Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum. 'Vo rl.lshed upon, seized ~tnd bound theIn, and have brought them be. fore yO'll, and '\vnit your further orders. Master, rising-Jubela, you are suspected and accused of being accessary to the death of our Grand :Master, Hiram Abiff. Are J-ou guilty, or not guilty 1 JUbcla-Guilty, my lord, Master--:-Vile and impious wretch, hold up your head and hear your sentence. It is my order that you be taken without the walls of the Temple, and there have your throat cut across from ear to ear, your tongue tor11 out by the roots, your body'buried in the rough sands of the sea, where the tide ebbs and flows twice iu twenty·fourhours. :Maste1'-Jubelo, you are accused of the same offence; you guilty, or not guilty 1 .• JUbelo-GuiltJ", my lord. l\laster-Vile and impious wretch, hold up your head and h(\:\1' your sentence. It h; my order that you be taken without the gates of the Temple, and there have your left ·breast torn open, your heart




and vitals ta.ken from thence and thro,\vn page 30,] to guard our nostrils from the over your left shoulc1(~r, and carried to effluvia riSing. from the body. 'Ye s.earchthe valley of Jehosaphat, there to be- ed on and about the body for the :Master come a prey to the wild beasts of the Mason's vYord, or a key to it, but could field, and vultures of the air. I not find it, though we discovered a fain t Master-Jubelum, you are suspected of I resemblance to the letter G marked 011 the murder of our Grand 1,1a8tC1', Hiram I the left breaRt. Abiff j are yon g'uilty, or not guilty? Master (rising, 3.lld giving the grrmd Jnb(~lum-Gllilty,my lord. hailing sign of distress, as on page 29)..... .M aster-Vile ttncl impious ,vretcl1, hold Nothing but a resembla.nce of the up your head and hear your sentence. letter G! that is not the 1\htHter's word. It is my order that yon be taken '\Yithout 110r a key to it. I fear the :MaHter's word the walls of the 'rempln, and there have is foreyer lost! [Master repeats tho your body severed in t\yO, and divided sign and the ,Yorels three times, and af路 to the north and south, your bowels tel' the third time, adds:] O'Lord, my burnt to ashes in the ceuter, and scatter- God, is there 110 help fOl' the vddow's ed to the four ' . . . inds of heaven. Brother son? , Senior, (to Senior 'Varden,) you will see I 1\1o.ste1', to Senior 'Yarden-You ;"ill that these penalties are executed. summou twelve 1<' ellow Crafb; and go The Senior vVarden gives the Master's '\vith me to the grave, ill order to raise order to his Junior, who in turn orders our Grand Master. the Deacolls to execute it. 'rhe Senior Warden delivers this order The three ruffians are thereupon drag- to his Junior, who communicates it to tho ged out into the preparation room with Lodge, 'when the u1embers shutIic round some violence, where they aud u.s beforc. The l\lastcr now leaves his ,groan a few minutes, "vhen the Senior sent and goes to the west, ,,,bere the Deacon returns and sa;rs-vVorshipful, candidatc is lying, wh,en twelve brothers the penalties of their several obligations (the I!'ellow Crafts aforesaid) form a cir路 have been duly' executed upon the three cle round him and kneel. mnrderers of our Grand Master, Hiram l\In.ster (standing)-Let us pl'n)'I". rHo Abiff. then recites, or 'reads froUl a text-book, J\Iaster-It is "',Yell. You will now go this prayer:] Thou, 0 God, knowest in search of the body; and it is my opl- our down-sitting and np-ritSing, and uunion he is buried nea.r where' his three derstandest our thoughts afar off; shield murderers ,vere arrested,viz.: on the and defcnd us from the evil intentions of brow of :MOUl1t l\Ioria. our enemies, and support us under tIle The brethren again shuffle about the trials and afflictions "we are destined to Lodge in sea.rch of the body. One of endure, while tl'a\~eling thro'l1ghthis vale ,them approache8 where the candidate is of tears. Man that is born of woman, is la;~riug, in the west, and says-Hero i::; of few.. days, and full of trouble. He something that looks 111\:.0 a grave. Let cometh forth as a 11O'\ve1', ll.l1d is cut us dig down and Hoe. down j he fieeth ,also as a shadow, and A number of brethren now come for- continneth not. Set'ing his days n.rc dc~ ,,,:ard and remo\~e the things which have terminecl, the number of his IuonUm aro covered up the ca,ndidate.. As soon as with thee j thou hast appointed llis he is uncovered, they all start back, tUl'n- bouilds; that he cannot pass. Turn from ing theil- faces a little one side, and each him, that he m:lY l'e~t till he shall ncholding his open right hand ,,,ith the palm complish his day. For there is hope of downward, up in front, as if to gual~d his a tree, if it be cut dowu,that it vdll nostrils from an offellsiye smell. sprout again, and that the tender branch One says-"\Ye will go back to the thereof will not cease. 'But lnan dietll 'l\~mple and inform King Solornon of our and \vasteth a,vay; yc'a,IIlan gh~eth up discovery_ . the ghost, and , is he? As the '\Va路 (seeing them o.pproach)-'Vhat tel'S fail from the sca, m~d the flood de. tidings froll1l\!ount 1\[o1'ia? cayeth and drycth up, so manlieth down, A llrothcr-'\Vorshipful, we httve founel and riseth not路 again,. till the ~lCaYe:us the grave of Ollr Gralld Master, Hiram shall be no nlore. Yet, 0 I.lord, ha've Abiff. It is situated due cast and "west, cornpal:lSiOll 011 the children ofthycren.. 11ear the brow ofl\Iount Moria. '\Vc dug tion ;givc th~mcomf'ortintime of trotl~ dowusix feet perpendicularly till "'t~ bll~, and save them with an c'VcrlastiDg' came to the body, au(1 involuutarilysalvation. Amen." So mote it be. raised our hands in this position, [he The twelve llowl'ise, 'when the. MAster aives the .due-guard of this dCireG, as on directs one of' them to search the body



and see if t11C Master's word cannot be found. He searches, and soon rCl!0rts"No trace of' it, my lord! . " The Ma:-;ter and br(;,threll all gi ~e the grand hailillg sign of distre8s (page :29) and exelailll-O Lord, my God, I fea,r the Master's "word is forever lost! 'rIle Master directs that the body be raised by the Entered Apprentice':-:; grip. A brother takes the candidate by that grip (page 11) and pulls so a8 to raise him a little, thon lets him back and says-My lord, the body cannot be raised by the Entered ApPl'\.mtice's grip; the skin cleaves flt'orn the flesh. The Master and brethren again give the grand hailing sign of distress and 1'e· peat alond-O Lol'u, my God, I fear the )lastor Ma,son's WOld is forever lost! The :Master orders another of the twelve to raise the body by the Pellow Craft's grip. He takes hold of the candidate by that grip, pulls him partly up, lets him fall had:;:, and says-l\Iji lord, the body cannot he raised by the :Fello,... Craft's gl'ip; the flesh cleaves from the bone. All again l;aise their llands, as in the hailing ~ign of distress, and exclaim, o Lord, 111y God, I fear the 1\lm~t(;'r'8 ,vord is foreverlot\t! wa,l) there no help for the widow'tl


IholdTheof :Master's grip is given by taking each 0. t!lCl;'S.ri g ht hand, as though


l\'1astt;r-I shall now raise the body' of Grand :Master by the lion's grip, the Htrong grip of a Master Mason; and as the's ,yard is now lost., the first word spoken after the body is rai~3cd, shall be a !:lubstitute for the l\Inster's' ,yord, until future generatious shall find out the right onc. 'rhe IlOW takes the candidate by the l\ ldason's grip, (see. aboYe,) and bracing his right foot nga.il1st him, raiscl:i him upon the five points of fellowship. This is done by putting the inside of yonr right foot to the inside of the l'igh t foot. of the one to WhOUl you· are going to give the word, the inside of yon.r own knee to his, laying your brem;t close against his, your left hands on c~ch I other's back, ::tnd l/l each one plltting I Ij~ --'his-mouth to the';;;;'-~"'!iiS.-:!!i·;;;;)oo"~~~;;"~-1 other's right ear; in whichpoRition alone you are permitted to give the:Master's word. which is Otu'


gomg to sbake hand~, and tit.ic.king the liails of each of your fingers into the joint of the other's 'yrist 'w?~re it unites with the hand. In thiS conditlOu

yOll were

the candidate is raised, he keeping his '\'vhole hody ~tiff, us· t110ugh dead. The Master in rnising him is a~tlisted by some of the bl'ethw'n, "\vho take hold of the c,andidate by tho nrms and shonldt>rs. As soon as he iR rni_~:cd to hi!'! feet tlwy"tep hack, and tho !~htRter \vhil:5pers the word M..AH-HAH·HO~'l!~ in his ear, and causes the candidate to repeat it, telling him at the sarno tirne thnthe must never give it ill any manncl' other than that ill which he .r(~cdves it. lIe is nlso told that Mahhah·bone signifies murro,,, in the bone. They then separate, and the M.tster makes the following explanatioll, respect· ing the nyc points of fellowship. :Ma~tcr to candidnte--Brother, foot to foot teachC8 you that vou should, ,,,,henever aKked, go 011 n. b'i'otherts err::ll1d, if ' . . . ithin the It'ngth of' yonr ~ even if :you should b~tveto go barcfootan<l bai·ell(·aded. Knee to k11ee, that you should always remember n. 1\Iaster 1\lason in your" devotions to Almighty God. Breust to breast, that you should keep the .1\Iastel" l\Ia~on's secrets, when given to you in charge as such, as secure and inviolable in your breast ml they were in hili' 0''''''11, before communicated to :rEHl. Hand to back, that you will not fpcak evil of a Master Mason either be hind hi~ back or before 11is face. MOllth to ear, that you will give a brother Master 1\lason clue and timely notice of aU approaching danger, wheu :rou know that such danger threatt-us. rrho (~andidatL' is now further instruct.. cd in the l:lir.;1l8, &c., (alrendy given,) and the charge ill this degree is read to 11im. frOlll a text·bo()l~. He is then informed that he has taken the third d<.>gree in Ma15cl'Yl1'Y, and is entitled to a. seat in any 1\'Iaster MaRoll'::: Lodge. Master to tl1e cmHlid:tte-Brother, ;yo"tt have on this occftsion represented OllEl of the greatel:'t mell that everlived,.;aud thi.~ tragical catastrophe of' his death, burivl and rC5un'ection i I Dlt:ian Hir~nn Abifi:.s


the widow's sont who was murdered by three ruffians, at the building' of King Solomon's Temple, and v;ho, in his in· flexibility, integrity and fortitude, never 'was surpassed by man. The history ot' that momentous event is· developed in the latter part of this degree, and '''ill be thus hauded down to posterity through all time. (In some Lodges thel\Iaster recites to the candidate a· recapitulation of the history of the lnurder of the Grand ltfastcr, Hiram Abitl~ but this repetition is now usually dispensed wi'th.] CLOSING LECTURE-FIRST SECTION.

:Master to Senior ,Yarden-Are :rou a Master .ThIason? Senior 'Va.rden-lam; try me. Disprove me .if you can. l\laster-,\;Vhere were you prepared to be made a Master J\.fason? Senior "rarden-Ill a room adjacent to the body of a justalld Imvfully conBti~ tuted Lodge of such, duly assembled ill a room, representing the sanctuIU sanctorum, or holj~ of' holies, of King Solomon's Temple, l\Iaster-Ho'W were you preparod? Senior Warden-By being divested of all luetals; neither naked 110r clothed, barefooted Dor ~hod j with a ca.ble tow three times about my naked body; in which postltre I was conducted to the door of the Lodge, where· I gave three distinct knocks. l\faster-\Yhat did those three distinct knocks allude to 1 Senior 'Varden-To the third degree in Masonry; it being that on which I was about to enter. 1tIaster-"\Yhat was said to :rou from within? SClloir'Yarden-"\Vh,ocomes there? &c. ('rho remaindel" of this lecture is arepetition of the questions aud answel"l-J given and received in adY:lncing a didate to the ltIaster'8 degree, (s(~e pages 28 to 31,) the \-Yarden auswering in detail, and explaining in a pal:lt tense ex:· acHy how he ,vas advancpc! up to the tim.e that ho r~RuUlcd his u8ual]





. . .. .. . :rou ever l"otttrl1 to the sanctum rmnctorlUll, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's 'l'emplc 1 Senior \Varden-I diet 11a.ster- \V:l~ . there any particl.1.1a,r e~:·ent .that r;utl"i(~d YrOl~r return '1. s. ~nlOr '.C\ arden- rho Cl'e ,vas, "~lZ.: I was accosted by three ruffians, who demanded of U10 the l\:I:aster 1\fasoll's word. l\1aster-Did you ever,giYe it to them? ~raster-Did



Senior Warden-I did not, but bid them wait, with time and patience, till the Graud Lodge assembled at Jerusalem; andtten, if they were found wor~ thy, the)'" should receive it; otherwise they could not. J\.faster-In what manner was you ae· costed? Senior ",Va.rden-In attempting to re· tire at the south gate, 1 was accosted by one of them, who demanded of lllC the Master J\.:!ason's 'word, and t 01£ my re· fusing to comply with his request, he gave me a. blow ,vith the. twc.""nty~four inch guage, across my throat; on which I fied to the 'west gate, where 1 'was ac· casted by the second,vith more violence, aud, on Iny r(\fusing~() comply with his request, he gave me a seycr0 blow with the square, across my breast; on which I attempted to make my escape at the east grde, where I was acco:;ted by the third 'with still more violence, and, on my refusing to comply with his reqnest, he gave Iue a violent blow, "\"ith the C01111UOn gavel, on the forehead, and brought me to the :floor. l\1aster-\Yhom did :you represent at that time? Senior 'Yarden-Our Grand lIfnster, Hiram Abiff, ,vho was slain at the build~ ing of King Solomon's rl'emple. l\1aster-\ his death premeditated? Senior· 'Yarden-It ,\vas ;-by fifteen Pellow Cl'afts, 'who conspired to ex:tort frOll.l him the Master l\lason'g w.ord; twelve of whom recanted j but the other' three wel·e ba::lG enough to cn.rry their atrocious designs into executioll. 1\Isster-vVha.t did theY do 'Yith the body? ... " Senior 'Varden-They carried it out at the ,\yeHt gate of the '.rempll~, and buried it till low tweh~e nt· night, wheu. they three met, ag-reeabljT to appoint~ Ulent, and carried it a 'Wosterlycourse from the Tell1pl(j, and buried it under the brow of 3. hill, iu a g'ra'\--e six feet due east and ,,·est, six f"ct perpendicular, and they then marIo theil- ('t:lcnpp. l\Iaster- \Vha.t tIn.1t~ wa:, lw flab? Senior· 'Varden-At 11:,1711. !,,;':!YC ~t noon, when t.he C1'3.Itl:) 'VI.; 1'0 it'om labor to l'cfreshrnent. Master-How came he to be alone at that time.'? Senior "Yarden-Becausc it 'vas the usuul custom of our Grund l\Iuster, Hiram ALitI', ev~ry du)",. Itt high twelve, '\vhen .the ern-ftl) 'ver~ •h.tb..0.1" to. e.. freshment, to enter into the sanctum sanctorull1, or holy of' 'holiesandoffet' up bis adorations to the everhving God,





and draw out his plans and designs on his tressle-boa1'd for the crafts to pursue their laboT. Master-At ,vhat time was 11e mi~8ing1 Senior '\Varden-At low six in the :morning, whell King Solomon came up to the 'I'emple, as usual, to view the wort;;:, aI)d found the crafts all in confusion; and, on inquiring' the caUl:ole, he was informed that their Grand l\Iastcr, Hira.m Abiff, was missing, and no plans or designs ,yere laid do'wn on the trossle-board. tor the crafts to pursue their labor. {The questions and uns,vers in this lcctun', l'E~lative to the disposition of the body and its discovery, arc pl'ccisely like those on pages 32, 33 and 34. :Mastcr-How long had the bod;y- of the Grand .Master, Hiram Abiff, remained in the blT1We on Mount Moria? Senior Warden-Fourteen days. l\:laster-'Vhut did they do 'with the body? Senior'\Varden-Raisec1 it ill a :Masonic form l and carried it up to the rl'emple for more decent interment. :l\laster-\Vherc was it buried 1 Senior 'Varden-Under the sanctum sanctol'um, 01' holy of holies, of King Solomon's rl'emplc, ov'('1' which they erected a marble nlOllument, with this inscription delineated thereon :-A yirgin weeping over a broken columu, ,vith a book open before her j in her right hand a sprig of cassia; in her left, an url1-Time standing behind ht·l', ''''ith his hands infold~d in the riuglets of ller huh'. 1\laster-'Vhat do they denote? Senior '\Varden-rrhc weeping Vlrglll denotes the unfinished state of the 'rempIe; the broken column, that one of the principal supporters in Masonry had fallen; the book open before her, that his memory was on perpetual recOl'dj the sprig of cassia, the timely discovery of hi:; grave; tho urn ill her left hand, that his aJ:>]wl:! ''''Cl'C saidy deposited undel' the sanctulll sal'lctormn, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's 'l'emple j and l.'hl1(·, standic.g· bd1ind her ,,,,·ith hi~ hands iufoltlecl in the l'inglt:ts of ht'1' hair, that time, pn.,ticl1Ct·, a.nd pt:rscvel·,J.llCC 'Yill aecOlllplish ull things. THIRD SECTION.

],!astel'-'\Yhat does the Master's Lodge r.eprUl:lelit?

S(;;!nior vYardcm-The sancturn fo'nnctorum, or holy of holies, of King Solomon's 'l'emple. Master-How long 'was the Temple building 7 Senior 'Varden-Seven :rearl:£; during

which it rained not in the day time, that the workmen might not be obstructed in their labor. l\Iastel'-"\Vhat supported the Temple? SeniorWarden-J!'ourteell hUlldrtd and fifty-three columns, and two thousand, nine hundred and six pila8ters; all hewn from the finest Parian marble. l\Iaster-'\Vhat further l:mpported it? Scnior'\-Varden-1'hrec grand columns l or pillars. l\laster-'\Vhat 'were they called? Senior 'Varden- 'Visdom, Strength, and Beauty, l\1:uster-'\Vhat did they represent? Senior "''''ardcn-The pillar of' yVisdom represented Solomol1, King of Israel, ''''hose wi~dolll contrived the mighty fabl'ic j the pillm" of Strength, Hiram, King of Tyro, who strengthened SoIolnon in his grand undertaking j the pillar of Beauty, Hiram Abiff, the wido"w's son, whose cunning craft and curious workmanship beautified and adorned the Temple. Master-HO'\v many were there employed. in the building of King Solomon's Temple? Senior'Varden-Three Granel :Masters; three thousand three hundred :Mnsters, 01" over8eers of the work; eighty thousHnd Fellow Crnfts; and seventy thousand Entered Apprentices: all those were clm;sed and arranged in such n. manner, by the '\'visdolll of Solomon, that neither ellvy, discord, 110r confusion were sut'fared to interrupt thnt universHl peace and tranquility that pervaded the 'York: at that important pel'iod. ,Master-How m:'lllY constitutes an Entored Apprentice's Lodge 'i Senior 'Varden-Seven; one ~:Iastcr and Hix. Entered Appnmtices. .l\Iaster-'V1w1'o did they usually meet? Senior 'Varden-On the ·ground flool" of King Solomon's '.r'emple, Master-How numy constitutes a Fellow Craft'H I.. odge ? Sl':nior 'Vnrden-FiYc; two ~!Al)ters and thrce Pellow Crafts. l\Ia~t{,~r-"nlerc did they usually meet? Si..:llior'Vardell-In the middle charnbel' of King Solomon's Temple. ~ l\1sster-How lUaIlY couHtitutcs a llastor's Lodge? .. ' Sl'uior\Vunlen-Three 1\IaKter:Masons, l\lul:,;ter-\Yherc did they usually meet? Senior 'Varden-In the l:lallctum sanetOl"um, or holy of holies, of King. Solo. mon's 'l"emplc. Mastet'-Have :Y'ou any emblems in this degree? Senior "'Varden-We have several, and they al'e divided into two classes. .



~rnster-Vvhat ~\re the first class? I :'tnd Etu'ope, was initiated into several Senior 'Varden-The I)ot of Incense, orders of priesthood, and raised to the the Bee·hive, the Book .of ConstitutiollR; sublime degree of a 1\laster Mason. He s:ruarded by the rryler's Sword, the Sword drew out many problems in Geometry, pointing to a Naked Heart, tho All-seeing or :Masonry, and on erecting this ene he Eye, the.Anchor and Ark, the Forty~ exclaimed, EURICI<A! signifying 1 kave seycnth Problem of Euclid, the Hour- fOU7lli it. It teaches MaJ030ns to be, the Scythe, and the Three Steps rallovers of arts and sciences. on the ~Master's Carpet. '1'118 HOUR-GLASS iH au emblem of hu· .l\:[,aster-Howarc they explained? man life. As the sands rU1), thus \vastcs Senior \Vardeu-rrllO POT 01:<' INCEN'Sl!: man. 'To-day, he puts forth the tender i~ an emblem of a pure heart, which is leavcsof hope; to-morrow, blossoms, always an acceptable sacrifice to the and bears his blushing honors thick upon Deity; and as this glows ,vith ferycnt him i the next day comes a frost, which heat, so should Ollr hearts continually nips the shoot, and '''hen he thinks his glow with. gratitude to the great and be- greatness is still ripening, he falls, like ncl1cent Author of our e:::dstence, for the autumn leaveB, to enrich our mother manifold blessings and comfortJ:! we enjoy. earth. The BEE-HI.VE is an emblem of indusThe SCYTHE is an emblem of Time, try, and recomm.ends the practice of that which cuts the brittle thread of life and virtue to all create<l beings, from the launches us into Eternit)"'-showing that highest seraph in heayell to the lo'west overy one of us· must be cut dOtYll by reptile of the dust. It teaches uS,that, this all-devouring scythe, and be gatheras we calne into the world rational and cd into the unknown land of shadovl,'s. intelligent being's, so we should ever bE' 'l'he THREE STEPS l1su:::!lly delineated industrious ones; never sitting UO\Yll on the !traster's Carppt, 'are elUblemati~ contented while our fello,,," cal of the three principal stages of hu~ ,around UI:! at'c in want, 'when it is in ou.r man life, viz.: Youth, Ma.nhood, and po,vcr to relieve them lvithout incol1ve- Age, In youth, as Entered Apprentices, nicnce to ourselves. ,ve ought industriously to occupy our The BOOK OF OONSTITUTIONS, gu!tld- minds in the attainment of useful kno,~·· eel by the rryler's Sword, reminds 'lUi ledge; in manhood, as E'ello,y Crafts, t.hat vve should be ever watchful and 'v(.~ should .apply our knowledge to the guarded, ill our thoughts, 'words, aud tiC- discharge of out" respective <lutics to tiops, and particularly wh(~n before the God, O'l.t1" l1Cighb01·S, and ourselyes; so enemies of Masonry; ever bearing in 1'0- that, ill age, as Muster Masons, we may membrance thORO truly :l\Iasonic virtues, enjoy the hapPY" reflections con~eqllent Silence and Circumspect.ion. on :1 \yell spent lif€, and die in the hope The S\YOltD l'OIN'rING '1'0 A NAKED of a glorions hmnortality. Hl~ART demon~strn.tes justice ,\,yill l\Iaster-\Vhat aloe the second class of sooner 01' later oyertake us; and, al- emblems 1 though our thoughts, words and actioIlS Senior ,\Yurdcll-''I'he Spade, the Cof· may be hidden from the eyes of men, fin, the Death-head andl\farrow-bones, yet, that ALL·SEEING EYE ' .... bom the and the Sprig of Cassia. 'l'hey are thus sun. mooll, and stars obey, and under explained: .. whose w.atchful care evon comets perThe SPADE opens the vault to receive form their stl1pendoul; revolutions, per- our bodies, W1Wl'O our active limbs will vades the inmost recesses of the human soon Inol.uder to (tttSt. heart, .and \"ill l·cward us according to .. 1'he COFFIN, DEATa:-HF...\ D :lndl\rAR~ our merits. nO\V-DONES are emblematlcal of the The ANCHOlt and AnK al'e emblems death and burial of our Gran(! l\Iaster, of a well-grounded hope and well spent Hiralll Abiff, and as such are '\vorthJo' our life. Theyal"o emblomaUealof tha.tDi- seriotls attention. vine Ark ,vhich safel,y wafts us over thiB The SPRIG OF CASSTA is emblemntical tempestuous sea of troubles, al~cl that of that immortal part of man that never ,Anchor whichsll.a.ll safely mOO-I" us in a dies, and ~honld remind us that a eOl"l"E.!ct peaceful harbor, where tho wicked cease and upright life ll<.~re will enablQ us tG from troubliug, and tho weary shull find enter iuto the Celestial I.Jodge nbove, l'est. ,vhere the Grand :l\lasterofthe Univel'se r£he FORTY-SEVEN'TH PnOBLEl\! OF presides. EUCLID was an invcntio~ of our nncient This ends the Mastcr:a:fasou·s degree, cfriendand brother, the great Pythagoras, and the whole of the first three degrees '\\'ho, in his. travels thr01.1gh Asia, Africa of Maliollry. Very fow . Masons taka I



enough interest to be a(l'ntncec1 further than to become a Master, and consequentlvnever get the pass·,Yord that ,vas. lost by the tragical death of Hiram Abift: 'The reauel' will wonder '''lhy thi~ pass· ,\yoru is represented as bciJJg utterly lost, when it lllUSt havo been known to King ,oJ Solomon, and to Hiram, Kh'lg of Tyre, : who were both Grand Musters, :rallking a.s such in building the 'l'tmple, equally '\Yith Hiram Abift: 'l'he UnS\Vel' is, that by theil'oaths the pass-lvord of a Master Mason could not be given unless the three l\:Iasters. were present; and as King Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hi· ram Abitf ·were the ~nly 1rIaster l\lasons in the world, the 'word eould Dot be g'iven at all aftel" Hiram Abiil:"s death, il.ud 'was therefore practically lost for all fntlue :M:aster Masons. King Solomon is ~ttid to. have substituted in place of the lost one, the word now used in the Jlastel' Mason'S. degree) viz.: MAR-BAH-Born;. Yet the missing 'YOI'd was found after four hundred .and seventy years, and was then, a.nd still is used in the Royal Arch degree, as ,,,in be seen in the ceremonies of thatdcgl~ee. }'1any years ago, after "\Villiam l\Iorgan puhlishcd his book revealing the mysteries of the three :first degrees, the Grand Lodge of ihe State of New "Fork ordained :indestablished a new ITestoath uud 'Yord for the :Master l\1a.son'g degree, to l}1'(;rvcnt book-masons f'l'om gaining admittance into the Lodges. It was as follows: A st!'angel" who desired to 'Visit a Lodge, prcHented himself at the door and rapped in tbe 11suallllnnner, fl'ylcr, looking out-Do jOon· '\yishto visit this Lodge" Stranger--Yes, if thought ,,,,ortIly. 'ryler-BY'what 111'e y onrecommended 1 stranger-By my fidelity. Tyler(openillg the door, and exti::nding his right a.rm obliqtlely forward and upward to an angle of about forty-five de· grees,his. hand open and thumb pointin'g upward}-ProYc that, Stranger eonl.CS f'or\yurd and places the back of his left hand against the palm of the TvlCl"s extended right lland, leans f'ol'\vm:d .and whispers ill his ear L-o·S, and pronOUIWCl) Los. fl'his word .is the :reverse of SOL, the SUll, '1'110 Grand Lodge also made each l\1aster Mason, on !li~ initiation. solemuly , swear, in. addition to hisothcl' obligations, not to l'eveal this "'ord and sign, under penalty of being forever disgraced and dishonored as· a mUD, and despised, J

degraded and expelle~ as a. Mason.


Eight officers are necessary to open a Lodg-c in this degree, 'viz,: :Right "'Vorshipfnl Mast(\r1 :Master Over.secr, Senior and Junior Overseers, Senior and Junior 'Yarden:;, Senior alld Junior Deacons" Secretary and Treal::iurer~ The interior armngements of 1he Lodge, and the positions of the l\18l'ter,. \Yardcns,·Deacolls, SeeretuI'JT and 'rreasurer, are the same as those in 1he :Entered Apprcmtice~'sdegree, (I'ngo 5.) 'l'!H3' :L\'Iastcr Overseer takes. Ids seat on the rig-lIt of the Rigllt 'YOl's11ipfnl l\IaHter in the enst. ;trho Senior Overseer ~its: (In the right of the Senior ""Yard en in tIle west) and his Junior on 'the right of the Junior '\Vardtm in the south, Right '\Yorshipfnll\1'astcr (gh-.i:ng a rap with his gavcl}-Brethrcn,.l :Ull about to open a Lo.dge ot~ l\:Iark l\laster l\1aSOJlS in thh;· place, for the dispatch: ofbusinegsI ~~ill thank you for your attention UIl<l assista.nce. If there· is any person 'Pre8~ ent who has 110t taken 1hi8 degree, he is reqnested to retire.. ["£0 Scnim' 'Val'dcn}-Brotl1el" Senior, are )'Oi.t sathdied that. all present are Mark l\'la~tel's 1 Senior 'VusuC'Il-Righ t \Vol'Bhipfnl, I '\vish the l)aSs-wol'd lnight be given bl tho brethren.. . ~l'hc two Deacons therenpon go round and rcC<.'ive the "word, '\yhich is JOPPA, in 8UD;1e 11lanllcr as ill the ~"ello,Y Cr:il.rt'g degrc(\, (page 19.) lUal~ter (giving one rap)-Brother Ju.. nior Deacon, the first c~~reof congregated l\Ia~ons ? Junior Deaco;l (rising a11(l giving the dtle~guard ill tIns degree, as on page 42) -'1'0 sec the Lodge tyled, Rigllt 'VOl" shipfnl. ~'!aster-Perform that part of yon:r duty, and inform the Tyler that we are


about to open a Lodge of :l\fark 1\!aster Masons in this place for the dispatch of and direct him to tyle accordingly. The 'Junior Deacon then walks very quick to tbe door, and give.s four raps, which are aUl3wered by four without, from the Tyler; the Junior Deacon then gives one, which is ans\vered by the Tyler ,vith one; ,the door is then 'partly opened, when the Junior Deacon delivers his message. He then. returns, gives the due-guard again, and saysr,rhe door is tyled, Right "Yorshipful. 1¥Iaster-How tyled 7 Junior Deacon-With secresy and brotherly love; also by a brother of this degree t with a dra'\'\'"D. s,,~ord in his hand. Master-His duty there ~ Junior Deacon-To keep off cowans and eaveS-droppers, see that none pass or re-pass without due qualification, or permi!:ll:lion from the Right 'Vorshipful .Master. Master-Let us be clothed, brethren. I Here the officers and members put on their aprons and jewels.] The Master gives two raps with his gavel, which bi'iugs all the subordiml,te officers· on their feet; and each standing in his place, recites his duty on being questioned. l'\'Iaster-rrlle Junior Overseer's station in the Lodge? Junior Overseer-At the south gate. Master-Your duty there, Brother Junior Overseer? Junior OYerseer~To inspect all material~ brought up for the· building of the r.remple; and, if approved, pass them on to the Senior, at the west gate, for ftlrther inspection. l\!aster-'rhe Senior Overseer's place in. the Lodge? Senior OV'erseer-At the west gate. 1\!3.l'lter-Your business there, Brother Seuior Overseer? Senior Oyerseer-To inspect all materials brought up for the building of" the -.r'emple ; . and, if approved, pass them on to the Master Overseer, at the east gate, for further inspection. Master-The ':Mal:lter Overseer'splace in the Lodge? l\Jaster· Overseer-At the east gate. :Master-Your businct:)s there, Brother 1v!aster Overseer 7 J\faster OVe1'813er-To preside at the inspection of all materhtls brought up for· the building of the rl'emple j and, if' disa.pproved, to call a council of Iny bro· ther Overseers. Master-The Junior Deacon's place in busine~s ;


the Lodge ~


.Junior Deacon-At the ·l'ight, in front of the Senior '\Varden~ , l\faster-Your duty there, Brother Junior? Junior Deacon-'ro carry messages from the Senior Warden in the west, to the Junior "Varden in the south; and elsewhere about the Lodge, fl.8 he may direct. Master-The Senior Deacon's place in the Lodge 7 Senior Deacon-At the right, in front of the Right '\Vol'shipful Mastel' in the east. Master-Your duty there, Bro. Senior IJ Senior Deacon-rro carry messages from the Right Worshipful :Ma~ter in the east, to. the Senior Warden in the west, and else"where about the Lodge, as he may direct. To assist in the prepa.ration and initiation of candidates, and to welcome and clothe all visiting brethren. I\1aster- rrhe Secretary's 1::ItatioD. in the Lodge? Secretary-At the left ha.nd of the Right Worshipful :l\1aster in the east. :Master-Your duty there, Brother Secretary 7 Secretary-To record the doings of the Lodge, collect all money, pay it over to the 'rreasul'er, and keep a tl'ue and correct account of the same. 1\Ia8ter-'l'he f!'reasurer's station in the Lodge? .'rreasurer-At the right hand of the ""Vorshipful J.\:Ial:lter in the east. Master-Your duty there) :Brother Treasurer? Treasurer-To receive all money from the hand::; of the Secretary, to keep a true and correct account of the same, and pay it ont by order of the Right 'Yorshipfull\laster, with the consent of' the brethren. l\laster-The Junior 'Varden's place in the Lodge? Junior "Yarden-In the south, Right Wot'Bhipful. l\faster-Your duty there, Bro. Junior? JuniorvVarden-As the sun is ill the south at llig-h twelve, which is the glory and beauty of the day, so stands the Junior 'Varden in the Houth, to call the crafts from labor to refrt~shment, and f'rOln refreshment to labor, that the Right \Vorshipfnl !Ilal:iter may have pl'Otit and pleasure thereby'. J.\i!astcr-rr.he Senior 'Varden's place in the Lodge 7 Senior 'Varden-In the west, Right Worshipful. ~laster-Your duty there) Bro. Senior? Senior Warden-As the Sl.ln sets in the

'west, to close the daj"l') so stands the Se-



nior Warden in tbe ",~est, to assist the I gree. You then drop your a.rms down, l~iQ'ht Worshipful Master in opening and I the last two fingers of the right hand clo~iDg his Lodge, pay the crafts their clenched, the. 11l'St :two wages, if any due, and see tbat none and thumb open, paralgo away dissatisfied; harmony being the leI with each other and strength and support of all institutions, about one inch npart.but more especially of ours. ' It alludes to the manner Master-The Right Worshipful 1\1:a8the candidate is directed ter's station in the Lodge? to carry the key-stone. Senior 'Varden-In the east, Right You then rail:lc the right Worshipful. hancl to your right ear, l\laster-His duty there, Brother Sestill holding the thumb nior? and the two first fingers Senior Warden-As the sun rises in open, and with a circular the east, to open and adorn the day, so motion of the hand· the rises the Right Worshipful l\>Iaster in the fingers should be passed east, to open and adorn his Lodge, and round the ear, as though set the craft to work with proper inyou were combing back structions for their labor. your ear-lock, the ear Master (rising)-After that ma.nner so passing between the two do L It is my will and pleasure that a Due.guard. fingers and thuII1:b. The Lodge of Mark Master Masons be opened hand is then dropped p~rtly down.' .the in this place, for the dispatch of busi- palm open and in a. hOrlzontal posltIon-, ness. Brother Senior, you will please then lift up the left communicate the same to the Junior hand and bring it Warden in the south, that the brethren down edge'\vise upmay have due and timely notice thereof: on the wrist of the SenIor Warden to his Junior-Brother right. This alludes Junior, it is the Right 'Vorshipful Masto the penalties of ter's order that a Lodge of Marle. l\faster the obligation in 1\-Iasons be opened in this place for the this degree, viz: to dispatch of business. You will please have both the ear inform the brethren thereof. and the right hand Junior 'Varden (giving three rape.; with cut off. The third the· gavel)-Brethl'en, it is our Right sign is made by ex'Vorshipful Master's order that a. Lodge t~uding in front the of Mark .Master .Masons be opened in right arm at full this place for the dispatch of business. length, the thumb You are ordered to take due notice thereand hvo first finof, and govern yourselves accordingly. gel's open, about Master-Attend to the signs, brethren. oue inch apart, the The members present first give the third and little finEntered Apprentice signs, (page 7,) the gel's clenched, palm of the hand up. It Fellow Craft signs, (page 22,) and the alludes to the peA Master MaHon's signs, (pages 2!J ::Llli! 30.) culial' manner in The Mark Master's signs which the ].lark are then given as follows: lVlaster is taught First, interlace the fingers to receive wages.. of both hands, and hold The :M as t e r them down in front oppo- 10... now reads fl"Om a site to the right hip, then the foldraw them up:';vard as if lowing: 'Vhereyou held a weight in thenl, forem:y brethren, and bring them to the left lay aside all malside of the neck in a mau-. ice and guile, and ner to indicate that yOU\ hypocrisies, and have thrown tIle weight· envies, and all over your left. shoulder, evil speaking. If the palms of your hands so be, ye have facing the shoulder. This tasted that the i~ called REAVE·OVER, aDd Lord is gracious ; ~ alludes to the rejection of to WhOln. coming, as unto a living stone, the key·stone in this de.. Over. disallowed indeed of men, but chosen ot



God, a.nd precious; ye also, as living stones, be ye built up a spiritual house, an holy priest'hood, to offer up sacrifices acceptable to God. Brethren, this is the ''lill of God, that with well-doing ye put to silence the ignorance of fooUshmen. A!3 free, and not as using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. The Right vVorshipful Master then gives two raps '\vith his gavel; Senior Wardell two, and Junior 'Varden two, which l·aps are then repeated. .l\!aster-I now. declare this Lodge of :Hark .Master }lasons opened in due and ancient form, and hereby forbid all improper conduct whereby this Lodge may be disturbed, under no less pellalty than the by-laws, or a majority of the Lodge may see fit to inflict. l\'Iaster (to Junior Deacon)-Brot1,ler Junior, please to inform the Tyler the Lodge is open. ..Tunior Deacon informl:3 the ""ryler, and returns to his seat. The J..lodge being opened and ready for business, the Right Worshipful Ivlaster directs the Secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting, which generally brings to view the bU3iness of the present. If there are any candidates to be brought forvYard, that is generally the first business. A <Master .:Mason wishing for further light in l'rIasonry, sends a petition to the Chapter, and requests to be advanced to the honorary degree of 1\Iark Master 31ason; he is balloted for in the same manner as in the Entered Apprentice's dr:gree, (page 8.) ""£he Senior Deacon, who- prepares and conducts the candidate in the first part of the ceremonies, passes. out of the Lodge into the adjoining room, where tho c:mdidate is ill waiting, pulls off his coat, and rolls up his shirt sleeves to the shoul· del', and directs the candidate to do the same; he then takes in his right hand a ~mall block. of white marble about four inches square, and six inches lOllg, weighing about eloven pounds, holding it behveen the thumb and t"vo first fingers, the other fingers clenched, the ~..rm extended down; the candidate is furnished with a key stOlle, of the saUIe material ulldweight, which he is directed to carry in like manner; the door is then opened without ceremony, and the Junior DeacOll,as Conq,uctor, enters, about three paces in ad,"al'1Ce of the candida,te, and '\' alks fout" times round the Lodge, and halts at the Juuior Overse(\r's station at the· ):louth gate, where the Conductor gives four raps with his heel on the floor. J uuiorOverseer-Who comes hero?



Senior Deacon-A craftsman from the quarries, bringing up work for inspection. Junior Overseer-Have you a. specimeno! your work ~ . Senior Deacon-I have. Junior Overseer-Present it. The Senior Deacon presents his stone to the Junior Overseer, who applies his small tryillgsquare to its different angles, and they agreeing with the angles of the square, he says-This is good \vorksquare work-;just such work as is wanted for the building; [returning the block to the Senior Deacon.] You will pass on to the Senior Overseer at the west gate, for further inspection. Senior Deacon goes only a few steps, until the candidate has been examined. Candidate comes up to Junior Overseer in imitation of his Conductor, and gives four raps with his heeL Junior Overseer-Who comes here? Candidate-A craftsman from the quar.. ries, bringing up work for inspection. Junior Overseer-Have you a. speel.. men of your work? Candidate-I have. Junior Overseer-Present it. Candidate presents the key stone. Junior Overseer (applying his square to it, and finding it does not fit)-This is a curious wrought stone indeed; it is nei.. ther oblong or square; square worlt is only such as we have orders to receiye ; neither has it the mark of any of the craft upon it. Is that your mark 7" [pointing to tho letters on the key stone.] Candidate-It is not. Junior Overseer-Owing to its singular form .al1d beauty, I feel unwilling to reject it; you will pass on to the Senior OYer~eer at the west gate for further inspectioll. r1'he same scene then occurs with the Senior Overseer at the wegt gate, who directs both the Senior Deacon and candidate to the ],{aster Overseer at the east gate. Senior Deacon prClient8 his stone to him, Master Overseer (applying his. square)This is good work-square ''''tork-just such work as is ,~val1ted for the building; you are entitled to your wages; pass ou. Couductor passes alld takes his seat. Candidate then presents his key stone) as before. :M:aster Overseer (applying his square) -'],'his is a curiously 'wrought stone. It appears. to be neither oblong nor square, nor is there any mark. upon it..· [Looking sternly at candidate]-ls this your work? Candidate--It is not. :Master Overseer-Where did youiet it?



Candidate-I picked up this stone in the quarry. Master Overseer-Why do you bring another man's work to impotie upon the Oversel~rs ? You will stand aside. The Master Ov(~rseer ll()W stamps on the floor four times ,,,it11 his foot,· which brings up the other two Overseers. Master Overseer-Brother Junior Overseer, did youl:\uff~r this work to pass your inspection? JUnior Overseer-I did j I obserYed t.o the )roung craftsman, at the time, the stone was not such as ,ve had orders to receive; but owing to its singular form and beauty, I felt unwilling to reject it, and suffered it to pass to the SeniorOvel'seer at the west gate. Senior Over!:leer-I made the same observations to the young craftsman, and for the same reason permitted it to puss to the Master Overseer at the east gate. l\:1aster-vVhy, you see the stone is nei· ther oblong or square, neither has it the mark of any of the craft upon it. Do you know this mark: that is upon it ? . Junior Overseer-I do not. Senior Overseer-Neither do I. Master Oversecr-vVhat shall I do with it? Junior Overseer-I propose we heave it over among the rubbish. 1tiaster Overseer-Agreed: it 8hl111 be done. 'rhe Master and Senior Overseers take up the key stone, and swinging it four times back and forth between them, the fourth time the Junior Overseer catches

it over the left shoulder of the :Master Overseer (in imitation of the sign of heave over), and throws it aside. At thi8 moment all the brethren begin to shuffle around the room, leaviug their seats. l\Iuster (givillg one rap 'with his gavel) - 1Vhat it:) the cause of this disturbunce among the workmen? Senior "'Varden-It is the sixth hour of the sixth day of the week, and the craft are impatient to receive their ~'tages. l\1aster-BrotlH.·r Senior 'Varden, it is my order that you assemble the craft, and march in processioll to the office of the Senior Grand 'Varden, to receiye v~·a.ges.

1).'11e members now form two and two, (candidate behind,) and march round the Lodge, singing the song, "Mark ':Mastel·s, all appear,""&c., from the Text-book. As they fiuish the second verse, each brother walks up in his turn to· the Senior "Varden, who stands behind a lattice window, and thrusts his band through the hole in the window, receives his penny, withdraws .his hand, and passes on, and so Oll, t1D)~il the candidate, "rho comes last, puts his hand through, for his penny. rrhe Senior \Varden seizes his hand, and bracing his foot against the window, draws the candidate's arm through to the shoulder, and exclaims vehemently, " An impostor! an impostor!" another person exclaims. "Strike off hil:; hand 1" and at the same time runs up with a.r. drawn sword to give the b low. The Senior Deacon now intercedes for the candi.. date, and says, "Spare him; he is not


an impostor; I kn<)'\y him to he a craftsman; I have "rrought with him in the quarries." Senior 'Varden-He is an impostor, for he has attempted to rec.eive 'wages y· being able to give the token, and the penalty must be in.dicted. Senior Deacon-If you will release him,· I will take him to our Right V,lorshipf'ul M~ster, and state his case to him~ and if' the penalty must be inflicted, I will see it duly executed. . Senior 'Varden-Ou those conditions I will release him, proYided he can satisfy me he is a Fello'''- Craft l\Iason. The candidate now withdravrs his arm, and giyes the sign of a l!'ellow Craft l\lason, as on page 22. '1'he member!:! of the Lodge then take their seats: Senior Deacon (taking candidate to Master)-Right'Vorshipful, this young craftsman has been detected as all ilupostor, at the office of the Senior Gr::md 'Varden, in attempting to r<;ceive wages ·without being able to give the token. Mastel' (looking sternly at the calldidate)-Are you a Pello'" Craft l\Iasoll ~ Candidatc-I am.. Master-Give me the sign of a Fellow Craft Mason? CaucliJate gives the sign, as before. l\laster to Senior Deacon-It is well. He is undoubtedlyaFellowCraft. ['1'urning to candidate.) You have ,attempted to recelve ,,,ages withollt being able to give the token-I am astonished th"1.t so intelligent a looking YOUllg craft8wau should thus attempt to impose upon 'U8. Such conduct requires seY(;'re punish· mcnt. The penalty you have inctlrred is to have your right hand struck off. Have you ever been taught how to 1'eceive wages '/ Candil1ate-I hn:ve not. ::Master-All, this in a measure Serves to mitigate your crime. If you are illstructed how to receive '''ages, \-viIl you do better for the future It Candidatc-l will. Master-on account of your youth and inexperience, the penalty is remitted. Brother Senior Deneon, :you ,""ill take this young craftl:>mall, and give him a severe reprimand, and take him with :rOl1 to the quarries, and thl;~l'e teach him how to bring up a regular ' . . . rought stOlle. SeniOl" Dca-con (taking candidate by the collar)-Youug mau, it appl~ars you



not one farthing vour duo. Your work ,vas not approved'; you arc not entitled to any,vages, autI had it not been for my timely int.erference, you ,Yould have lost your right hand, if not your life. Let thii:.l be a. striking Ie SHOll to you, llever tD attempt to impose upon the craft hercafter. But go with me to the quarries, and there exhibit SODle specimens of ~'ot1r skill aud industry; and if your work is approved, you shall be taught bow to recdve wages in a proper manner. Come, I say, go "with me. [Shakes the candidate severely, aDd hurries him off into the preparation l·oom.l The Senior Deacon returns to his seat in the J...Iodge, s.nd the Junior Deacon prepares the candidate for the degree, by ClivcBtillg h"m of his outward apparel, and all mouey and valuables, his breast bare, and a. cable-tow four times round his body; in which condition he is conducted to the door, and gives four distinct knocks. Senior Dcacon-Right'Vorshipful, wbil~ we are peaceably at ""york on the fourth. degree iul':Iasollry, the door of our Lodge appears to be alarmed. l\1astel'-Brother Senior, attend to the cause of that alarm. The Senior Deacon then steps to the door, and answers the ala.nn by four knocks. This is respondt'd to from the outside by one knock, whi(~h is rt.~t'1.1rlled by the Senior Dt.'acon.. 'rhe door is then p~trtly opened. Senior Dl~aCOl1-",Y110 comes there 7 JUDior De~lC01)-A worthy Dl'other, ,vho has been l'i.lgularly illitiated as au Entered Apprcutlce l\1,aSOll, served a proper time ~ts such, pas8cd to the dr.gree of a :Fellow Oraft. r,til:led to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, and now ,vishes for furtht~l· light in :Mas;onry, by being advanced to the more hOnOl"able degree of :i\1arl.: l\iaster l\Iason. Senior Deacon-Is it of his· own free will and accord he luakes this request ~ Junior Deacon-ltis. 8e11ior D:Jacou-ls he duly and truly prepared? Junior Deacon-He is. Senior Deacofl.-Has he ''''rought in th" quarries, Rndexhibit.ed spl~cimc:ul) of h~l skill in tht~ preceding degree::; 1 Jtll1ior DeaCOll-He has. Senior Deacou-By what furtllCr l'ight or b('nefit does he ex.pect this favor? Junior Dcacon-B! the benefit of a.


h.,potle .•. v. e.~ ttpOll us; . u ll~!l·e (;'.YClli~g towork. iUlfirst, thiS. by prc8cntmg


sen~orDeac. on.-..H.aS h.has e a. p.not, ass•. iV.ord JUnIor Deacon-He bu,t ?I which wasuot fit for the building, and it for him. then by olaiming wages when tllel·o·was 1 Senior Deacon-;-Give it moe. p




Junior Deacon 'whispers in his ear the word JOPPA. Senior Deacon-The pass-word is right. You will let him wait until the Right "","orshipful Ma.ster is made acquainted with his reqtlest, and his ans'ver returned. SeniOl' Dt'acon returns to the Right "''''orshipfull\Iastcr, where the same questions arc asked, and answer!) returned, as at the door. Master-Since he comes endowed with the necessary qualifications, let him enter, in the name of the Lord, and take heed on what he enters. The door h~ then opened, the candidate enters, the Junior Deacon steps behind him, takes hold of his arms, dl'a\yS them back, and holds them firmly bel1ind. Senior Deacon (approachiug candidate with a mallet and engl'aviug chiH(J in his hands)-Brother, it becomes my duty to place a mark upon :,You which you 'will probably carry to your grave. As au Entered Apprentice Mason, you were received upon one point of the compasses, pre~sing your naked left bre~st; as a :Fellow Craft l\1:asoll, you were received upon the angle of a square, pressillg' your naked right breast: as a Master Mason, ;you were received upon both poiuts of the compasses, extending from your naked left to right breal:it. 'I'hcy were th~u explained to you. 'rhe chisel and maUd (placing the edge of the cbisel againt:it bis breast] are instruments used. by operative Masons to hew, cut, carve, and indent their )york: but ,ve, as ~"'ree and Accepted Masons, make use of them for a more noble and glorious purpose. ",~re use them to he",", cut, carve, and indent the mind. And as a l\'lark J\iIaster Masoll, we receive you upon the edge of the indenting chisel, and under the pressure of the malIe t. As he pronounces the last words, he braces his feet, raises his roalh.-t, and makes two or three false motions, and gives a violent blow upon the head of the chisel; thro,\ys down mallet and chised,' takes hold of the cable-to'w, and says to candidat(.'-]'ollow me. 'l'hcy ""alk four times round the Lodge, and ~'ach time as he passes the stat:ons of' the Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, they each give one loud rap 'Yith thE.~ir mallet. The Master, in the Ulean timt·, reads from a text-book the following passages of Scripture: The stone which the builders refused, is become the head stone of the corner. -Psalmcxviii. 22. Did ye never read in the Scriptures, The stOlle which the builders rejected, i~

become the head of the corner?-Gospel of St. Matthew, ell. xxi. Y. 42. And have you not read this Scripture, The stOlle which the builders rejected, il:! become the head of the corner ?-.:Mark, chap. xii. v. 10. • ,,\Yhat is this, then, that is written, The stone which the builders rejected, is become the head of the COrne r.-Luke xx. verse 17. The reading is so timed as to be completed just as the candidate arrives at the Junior 'Yarden'8 P0!:it; '\\"110 gives an alarm of four knocks; and the samc'lquestions are asked, and answers returned, as at the dOQr. rrhe Junior yVarden (Un'cte binl to his Senior, who, on his arrival, gives four raps, and the like quest1'olls are asked and ans\yered. From thel1cc he is directed to the Itight Yvor~hipf111l\1ast<"rin the cast, ,vhere the same questions are asked and the t'amc answers given. The Master then orders that the candidate be condncted back to the Senior ""Varden ill tho west, and be taught by him to approach the east by four upright regular step::;, his feet forming a square, aud body erect at the altar. 'rhe candid~te then kueC'ls, ana receives the obligation, us fo110".. . 8 : I, John Smith, of my o'....n free will and accord, in pr(lsencc of Ahnighty God, and this l-tight '\Vorshipful Lodge of l\Ial'k Master Masons, do hCH'eby amI hereon, ill addition to my former obligations, most soh'mnly and sincerely promise and S1y(-'ar, that I will not give the !:iccrets of a l\lark ltlar::;ter 1\'la8011 to allY ono of nn inferior degree, nor to allY other person in the 1;:,no,\v11 world, except. it be a true and lawful broth0r, or brethren, of this degree; and not unto hhu 1101' unto them whom I shall hear so to be, but unto him and them only whom I shall :find so to be, after strict trial and due examination, or lawfui iuformation given. Furthermore do I promise and swear, that I will support the constitu· tion of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States of Am(lrica, n1so the Grand Royal Arch of this State, under which this LOllge L'3 held, und conform to all the by.laws, ruleB autI l'egulaticms of this or allY' other Lodge of Mark <Master Masons, of which I may at any tiIne hereaUl'I" become a member. :Furthermore do 1 promise and swear, that I will obey all regu. lar signs and SUmnlOllS given, handed, sent, or thrown to me from the hap.d of a brother 1\lark :MaHtcr Mason J or from the body of ajust and legally constituted Lodge of such, provid~'d it be withm.the


length of·my cable-tow. Furthermore do I promise and swear, that I will not wrong thi:o; Lodge, or a bi'other of this degree, to the value of his ''''ages, (or oue penny) myself, knowingly, llor su.ffer it to be done by otllC;H'S if in Jny p(HVer to preyent it, Purthermorc do I promiHe and swear, that I will llot kidl, swap, barter, or exchange Illy mark, which J. shall hereafter choose, after it has been recorded in the book of marks, for any otber one unless it be a doad mark, or one of an older <la,te, nor will I pledge it a second time until it is la\vfully redeemed from the first pledge. }"urthermore do I promise and. swear, that I will receive a brother's mnrk,Yhen offered to me requesting a favor, and grant him his request if in my power; and if it is not in my po,Yer to grant his request: I will return him his mark ,\yith the value thereof, which is half a shekel of silver, or quarter of :t <.lollar. To a.ll of which I do most solemnly and' sincerely promise and swear, ·with a fixed and steady purpose of mind in roe to keep and !)crform the same, binding myself under no less pen~lty than to have my right car smote off, that I may for~ver be unable to hear ,.the word, and my right hand chopped olf, as the penalty as au impostor, if I Hhould eyer prove wilfully guilty of 'Violating any part at' thi::i my solemll oath, or obligation, of ,1. ~Iark nraster :Ma.son~ So help me God, and make me steadfast to keep anti perform the same. Master-Detach your hand and kis::l the book four times. Al:l soon as the candidate has taken the obligatioll) some brother makes au alarm 011 the outside of the door. . Junior Deacon (rising)-rrhere is an alarm at the door, Right 'Yor~hipful. Jrlaster-Attenc1 to the alarm, brother, and sec who comes there. Junior Deacon inquires the cause of the alarm, and returns \vith a letter for the IUght vVorshipfull\laster, who opens it and reads as follows, or something to this effect: To tILe Right lYQ'rsltiJlful Jllastcr, St. Jokns .Jl1a,'rk Lodf!e: Dear Brother-I am in the immediate 'want of the 10a11 of twenty-five dollars, \'v hich I ""ish to borrow of Brother S lUi tho rl'he ouly security which I can ofIeI' for t~lC same, is m.y 'mark, which 1 pledge until the money is refunded. You will plea~epresellt it to him, and send the mOllf.~yby the bea~er.


accommodate Brother Jones with this money he asks the loan of? Candidate receives the mark, says be has 110 money :1botlt him; he cannot grant t.he rl'quest. Senior 'Varden-Right "\Yorshipful, I ean accommodat.e Brother Jones with twenty·five dollar::;, if 110 will his mark with me, as a pledge'. Master, to candidate-'\Yill you return the mark, then? Candidat(:l hands it bade. l\1a~tcr-IIow i~ tid::! 1 do yon return it without the price: and thus break your oath before you rise from the altar? Haye you Ilot 5'.\"01'11 that where you could !lot grant .a brother's request, yon woul,l rc·turn his lnark with the price thereof, viz.: half a J e'Yish shekel of sil,. ver, or the fourth of a dollar? Candidate is generally embarrassed, a.nd replies that all his money 'Was taken :from him in the preparation room. Master-Are you Slll'e that you have not even a qU:01.rt"r dollal' about yOl.l ~ Candidatl3-1


:Mastcr-L6ok further. Perhaps .some good fri~lld has., in pity to your destitnte situation, supplied you ''lith that amount unkno,vu to yourself: fe el in all your pockots, :ll1U if yon find, after a thorough search, that you have rea.lly none, 'W6 shall have less reason t() think thatjrou meant wilfully to violate ;your obligation_ Tlw caudi date feels in his POCkf:t and. finds a quarter of a dollar: '\vhi('.h some brother had slily placed there. He pro· tests he had 110 iutention of concealing it ;rcc.lly snpposed he 11ad none about him, and hands it to the Master) with the mark. 111 aster-Brother, Ie t .ihis scene be a. !:ltril~ing lCRSOll to YOll; should you (~vcr hereafter baye a mark presented you by a. "worthy brother, asking a favor, before you deny him, make diligent search, and be quite sure of your inability to servo him; perhaps you '''liB thell find, as ill the present instance, that some unl;:::no,\Yll perl.'ion hal) befriended you, and you arc really in a better situation than )~ou think

your::;elf. rrhe Right> vYorshipful Master now takes the candidate by the lland, :l.lld

says-Arise, .brother, and I , .... ill invest

you 'with the pass-grip and '\,-ord,and also the real grip 1md ,\yord of a Mark Master l\{ason. The pass-grip of this degree· is made by extending' the right. arms and claspYOU1'S fraternally, T,JONES. ing the fingers of' the right haud:;, as OIW l!aster, to candidate, at the same time would naturally do to assist allother up handing-him the mark-Well, can ,you a stet~P a!'!celJ,t. It issald to· haveorigi.



nated from the fact that the banks of the river at Joppa were so steep that the workmen Oll the Temple had to as,sist each other up them "ivbile conveying the timber from the forest::; of Lebanoll. The pass·word is J OPI) A.

:Master, to candiclate-Will you be off, Or from.?

Candidate-From 1\olaster-From what? Candidate-From the pass-grip to the true grip of a lyfark 11aster .Mason. l\iaster-Pass on. The grip is made by locking the little fingers of the right hands, turning the backs of them tl}gether, and placing the ends of the thumbs against each other; its name is SIRoe, or l\fARK V{ELL, and ,,,"hen properly made forms the initials of those two words, mark well.

tion, but it being' neither oblong nor square, Jlor having' the mark of any of the craft upcm it, and \Ye not knowing the mark that was upon it, supposed it unfit f0r the building, and it ,"vas thrown over among the rubbish. 1\1 ~Ui ter-Let immediate search be made for it, the Temple canllot bc finished without it; it is one of the most vnlttH ble stones in the whole building. l The brc·threll then shuffle about the Lodge again, and find the key stone, alld bring it up to the east.] The l\1aster receives the stone and then reads to the Overseers from text-bookr.rhis is the stOlle ""'hich was set at naught by you Quilders, '\'vhich is become the head of the corner-Acts iv. II. 'rhe Overseers retire confounded. 1\:!aster reads to candidate from textbook-To him that overcomcth will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and I ,,,ill give him.a w]lite stone, and ill the stone a llew Dame v;ritten, t·,hich no man knoweth, saving him that receiveth it.[Rev. xi 17.] Come f'orwal'd, and receive the ne\y name. Candidate steps fon;vard. :Mastcr-Brother, I 'willnow inycst yon ,,"ith the new name that none but a ::Mark 1\Iaster can receive. It is a cirde of let~ tors which are the general mark of tIl is T H,V d~gre~., an~ are, ~he initial~ tb~) S follo\,mg,~ords. HIRAl'rI '1 "I hTAN, S ~T 'VIDOW'S SON, SE:KT To KING S ~ SOLOMON. 'Yithill this circle of letters every Mark :Master l\fason must place his o;"n pri. 'Vate mark, which D1ay be any device he chooses to se loct. .Master rends to candidate-He that hath an ear to car, let hiIn hear.-Rev. chap. iii. v. 13. ' The l\taster further instructs the cnnc1i~ d.nte,in the signs of the penalties of this \legree~ (page 42,) and then presents, c1' points out to him on the chart, the work~ ing tools of a Mark :M::tstor Mason, ·viz. : a mallet and chisel, the use of which he explains as follows :-rfhe chisel mOl'3.lly demonstrates the advantages of discipline and education. rl'hc 1'':1ind, like the diamond in its original state, ili rude tlud unpolished, but as the effect of' the chisel on the extertntl cOat sool1pres('uts to view the latent beanties of the <.li:.unond, so educatioll dis€,overs the latent bNHltiCS ofthemind,anddraw'sthem forth torange the large field of matter and space, todis~ pIny the surmnit ofhumH.l1 kno"wledga, our duty to God tUld mttI). rrhe nHlll(~t moral~ ly teacbes to corrc'ct irregularities, ~nld to retlucemau to a. proper level; so· that by



The Right WOl·shipful 1\fast,er, after admonishing the oondidate never to give the words ill any 'way but that in which he received tl1em, resumes his seat, ,,,hen the brethren shuffie about their feet. IVlaster-What means this disturbance among the workmen, Brother Senior ~ Senior Warclen (rising)-Right 'Vor~ , ~hipflll, the workmen are at a stalld for '\he want of a certain key stone to one of the principal arches, which no one has had orders to make. 1\1nstcr-A key stone to one of the principal arches? I gave our Grand ~Iaster, Hiram Abiff, strict orders to make that key stone, previous to his assassination. [Gives· two rnps 'lvith his ga''l'el, l,·hieh brings the three Overseers before .him.J .. Brothers Overseers, has there been a .stone of this description brought up for inspection 2 [exhibiting the figure of a key stOllC.] Master Overseer-There was a stone otthat description brought upi'or inspec-




quiet deportment, he may·, in the school and paf;sed 011; and so on, each in his Qf d'scipline, learn to be contel'l.t. ,\Yhat turn, until all were paid off. If any per. the mallet is to the workman, enlightened son attempted to receh"'e wages without reason is to the passions; it curbs ambi- being able· to give the token, the Sethu, it depresses e2n'"y, it moderates au- nior Grand \Varden seized biln by the ger, .an.d it encourages good dispositions, hand, drew his arm through the wil1do\"y-, whence arises among good Masons that held him fast, and cx.clnime(l immediate· comely order "which nothing earthly ly, "An impostor!" Upon this signal, nn officer ,,,,110 was stationed there for giyes," or ca.n. destroy/' l\1n.ster, to c".:n.didate-Brotller, in ta- that purpose, ,"vouId im.mediately I:ltrike king' this degrec~ you have representeu. hism"lJl oif. one of the k""ellow Craft :MaSOllS '\"tho The following charge is then given to 'wrought at the huilding of King Solo- the candidate, by the Right '\Vorshipful mon's Temple. It wa.s their custom ou Master: the eve of the sixth du.y of the week to Brother, I congl'atulate you on having carry up their work for inspection. This been thought "Torthy of being ad,,-al1ced young craftsman discovered in the quar- to this honorable degree of l\fasonry. ries i;he key stone to GUO of the principal Permit nlC to impress it on your mind, arches that had been wrought by the that your .assiduity should ever be com· Grand l\Iaster, Hiram AbUT) and, thro,\,\r. mensnrate with your duties, which be· ing away hili o\vn worl:;;:, he took it up to eome more and more extensive as you the Temple, where it was inspected by advallce in Masonry. In the honorable the Overseers, TE"Jected as of no account, chara.cter of ~rark :Master l\:fason, it is a.nd thro''''u ()yer among the rubbish.. He more particula,rly your duty to endeavor theu rcrH.lJrcrl to the offieo of the Senior to let your conduct in the Lodge and Grand 'Va.rden to receive his wages; among your brethren, be sucll as lnay but not being able to gh-e the token, he stand the test of the Grand O'''erseer's: '''::1.5 detected as au impost,or, which like square: that you may llot, like the Ull· to have cost him his right haud; but finished anel imperfect "'ork of the negliKiug' Solomon pardoned hilll, and after a gent and unfaithful of former tinH~H, be severe reprimand he \"as taken back io I rC'jected, and thrown aside, as Ullfi.t for the quarries. Previous to the comple· that. spiritual uuilding, that house not. tiOll of the ~reUlplc, the l)rogrcs~ of the made \vith hands, eternal in. the heavens. work was interrupted for want of tIle '\Vhile is your condnct, should ntiskey:stolle;whichciremnstallce lwingcom· fortunes assail ;you, shouldfrie.nds formunicated -to King Solomon, he gave or· sako you, should envy traduce :;:-our goo(i ders that search should be for it name, and malice persecute you.: Jret .am()ug the rubbish, '$.'\r11ero it was found, m.ay yOll have confidence, tha.t among and:lfterv~rards applied to its intended :Mark ~Ia~ter Masol1s you will :find friends use.. How it "Nas dIsposed of, we cannot who,vill administer to your distresses, now inform you. You must adya,nee fur- ::md comfort your aiUidiol1s; eyer bearther in the mysteries of' l\fasonrJ"', before ing in mind, as a consolation under the you can know. fro\yns of fortune, and as an CllCOtUageOn the sixth hour of the sixth day of mcnt to hope for bett<\r prospect-s, that everJr \veck, the craft, being eighty tholI~ tll.e sto1U~ wllie!/, tJ~e !Juildc'rs rcjcetC(l, pos~ sand in number, formed in procession, sessing merits to them unkIlO\vll, became a.nd repaired to the office of the Smlior the chief stone of' the corner. Grand 'V'ardells, to receive their wages; rI'he bl·et.hren shuffle round the Lodge and ill ol'dcr· to prevent, the eraft being agaiu, as before. imposec111fH.>ll bJrunskilful workmen,cach Jo,Iaster, giving one rap-Brother S~ craftsman claiming \vug-es \\'as made to nior, what is the cause of this disturb. thrust his hand throngh a lattice \vindO"\,v, ance't and at the same time give this token, SeuiOl· 'Va.rden-Right ,Yorshi pfnl, it holding under. the two htJ:lt fingers of his is the sixth hour of the day of th6 hand, a copy of his mark. ,",reek, au(l the crafts are lmpatieilt to re. rrhe Senior Grand 'VYardencast his ceivetheir ,vages. eye upon the corresponding mark. in the l\{aster-You "illill form them in pro. book, (where rt.U the marks of the craft, cession, and let them repair to the. office eighty thousa.Utl ill number, were record.· of the Senior Grand 'Vardens an.d reO. ed,) and seeing how mueh money was eeive their wages. due to that particular mark, placc(l it be· :Members forlu two and two and marcll tween the thumb and two fore·fil1gers of arouncl the Lodge against . the sun, and the craftsman, who withdrew his hand. sing from thotext·book tho last three





verses of the }Iark ltfaster's Song. The murmured against the good man of·! the ceremony of paying the wages is gone hOUSIJ, saying, rrhese last have wrought through at the lvIaster's seat in the easi, but 0110 hour. and thou hast made them the Master acting as Senior Grand 'Var- equal unto ''''hich have borne the den, and paying" eyery :man a penny." burden and heat of the day. But he an'l'he members theu inquire, each of swered one of them; and said, Friend, I tbe other, " How much have you 1" The do thee 110 "wrong: didst thou not agree answer is giYen, " A penny." Some one with me for a penny? Take that thine asks the candidate the question, and he is, and go thy ,vay i I ,yill give lmto this replies; "A penny." At tllis il1forma- last, even as UlItO thee. Is it not la...v ful tiOD, all the brethren pretend to be in a for me to do ,,'hut I will with mine 0'''11 ~ great, and hurl th.cir pennies on I~ thine eye evil, because I am good? the floor \vith violence, each protesting So the last shall be :first, and the nrst against the manner of paying the craft. last: for many are called, but few chosen. ,Master, giving oue rap-Brethren, what MATTHE\V xx, 1 to 16. is the calise of this confusion ~ Master-Are YOU content 7 Senior Deacon-The craft are dissatisBrethren (picl~ing up their pennies)fied with the manner in ''Yhich you pay 'Ve are satisfied. them. Here is a young craftsman, "vho has just past the square, and has received CLOSING !.ECTURE-FIRST SECTION. as much as we, who have borne the burl\laster, to Senior 'Varden-Are :r0'lt a den and fatigue of the day; and we don't Mark Ma.ster .Mason? think it is right and just; and we ,vill Senior 'Varden-I am j try me. not put up with it. Master-By what will you be tried? Master-YI'hia is the law, and it is. perSenior Warden-By the engraving chireetly r i g h t . ' scI and mallet. Jtmior Deacon-I don't know of any Master-Why by the engraving chisel law that will justify any such proceed- and mallet? ing-. If there is any such b,w,l l:ibould Senior ",Varden-Because they nre the be glad if you would sho'w it. true and proper ,M[ll:l~)llic implements of .Master-lf you '''ill, be patient, ;rou this degl"(\e. shall hear the law. [1~cads.] li'lor the Master-On 'whrtt,vas the degree kingdom of heaven is like unto a man founded? that is an honseholder, ,vhich 'vent out. Senior 'Yarden-On a certain key' early ill the Inornillg, to hire labor(~rs stone which belonged to the principal into !lis Yineyard. .And when he had arch of King 80101non' 8 rl'emp1e. agreed with the laborers for a penny a l\Iaster-,\V110 formed thil:l l\:ey stone? day, he sent thelu into his Yineyard. Senior 'Varden-Onr 'worthy Grand And he went out about the third honr. l\lastcr, Hiram AbHf: and saw . o thcrs standing idle in tho mar~ l\Iaster-";Vhat ,yere tIle preparatory ket-place, and said unto them, Go ye also step!:) relath"o to your ad'Yz:mcement to into the vineyard; and whatsoever is this degree? right, I will give you. And they ·wcmt Senior 'Yarden-I ,vas caused to r<'pre.. their· way. And he again ,vent out, sent one of the ~'el1ow Crafts :It the buildabout the sixth and ninth hour, :md did ing of King Solomon's 'remple, whose likewise; and about· the eleventh hour, custom it was, on the eve of every six tIl he went out und found others standing day, to carry up theil' "\'vork for inspection. idle, and saith unto them, 'Vhy stand :ro hlaster-"\Vhy was you caused to reprehere all the day idle? They StlY unto sent these Fellow Crafts? him, Because no man hath hired U8. He Senior'Varden-Because our "\\'ort1lj"" saith unto them, Go yo also into the 'viuc- Grand l'Ifaster, Hiram Abift~ had COIn~tard, and whatsoever is right, that shall plcted tbi:; key stone, agreeable to the ye receive. So '''hen even was come, original plan; and before he gave or(krs the lord of the vil1eya.rd saith unto his to have it carried up to the T<.~rnple, ,\Y3.1i steward, Call the laborers, and ghl'e them slain by three ruffians; and it so lul.:ptheir hh'e, beginning from the last ll11tO poned that on the e'1e of a certain six tll the first. And when they came. that day, as the craft wcrecan'J'ing up "'ork wel'C hired about the ele....enth hour, they for. inspection, a young !i'lello\y Craft disreceived every man a penny. But when covered. this stone ill tile quarry, and the first came, they supposed that they f'l'orn its sing1.tlar form alld beauty, ::upshould have received more; and they posing it to belong to SODle part of tho likewise received, every man a penny. Temple, carried it up for inspection. And when they had received it, they, l\!astel'-""'ho ins!pected it?



SeniorWarden-The Overseers, placed at the east, west, and south gates. Master-How did they insped it ? Senior 'Varden-On its being presented to the Junior Overseer at the south gate,he observed that it ,vas neither an oblong or a square, neither hild it the regular mark of the craft upou it; but from its l:iillgular form and beauty 1vas unwilling to reject it therefore ordered it to be passed the Senior· Overseer at the west gate, for further inspection j 'Who, for similar 'reasons, suffered it to p:tss to the Master Overseer at the cast gate, who held a consultation vdth his brother Overseers, aud they observed, llH before, that it was neither an (Jblong or square, neither had it the regular mark of the craft upon it; and neither of them being :Mark l\'faster Masons, supposed it of no use in the building, und hove it O\"er among the rtlbbi13h. l\Iaster-How many Fellow Crafts were engaged at the building of the Temple 1 Senior ''''''arden-Eighty thousand. :r.laster-"\Vcre not the Master Overseers liable to be imposed upon by re· ceiving bad work from the hauds of such a vast Ilumber of wor]\. men? Senior 'Varden-They were not. 1\laster-How ,vas this imposition prevented 1 Senior "''''arden-By the wisdom of King Solomoll, ,vho vtlisely ordered, that the craftsman \vll0 worked, should choose him a particular mark and place it upon aU his work; by which it ,vas known and distinguished '\Vht'll c.arried up to the building, and if approved, to receive wages. :Master-'\Yhat was the wages of it Fellow Craft? Senior 'Varden-A penny a dn:;:". :?tlaster-'Yho paid the craftsmen? Senior \Yarden-The Senior Grand 'Varden. J.\.!aster-vVas not the Senior Grand Warden liable to be imposed upon b:r impostors, in paying off such a vast "lumber of workmen 1 Senior 'Varden-He was !lot. 1Y!aster-How ,vas this imposition prevented 1 Senior 'Varden-By the wisdom of King Solomon, WI10 :lIsa ordered. that every craftsman a.pplying to receive wages, shonld present his right hand through a lattice window of the door of the Junior Grand "\Varden'su-partment, with. a copy of his roark in the palm thereof, at the time giving a token.


Master-What ,vas that token?


Senior Warden holds out his right hand with the little fInger and th~ next middle finger to it, clenched. (Page 42.) Master-'VIlat did it allude to? Senior 'Varden-To the manner of re.· caiving ,vages; it was also to distinguish a trne craftsman fro111 au. impostor. l\Iaster"""":\Vhat is the penalty on all impostor? Seuior 'Yarde11-To his l·ight haud chopped off. SECOND SECTION.

Master-'Vhere was you pl'epared to be lllarle a Mark Master Mason 1 Senior 'Varden-In the rO()LU adjoining the bodY,' ot' a just and lawfully consti· tuted Lodge of such, duly assembled in a room, or place; representing a work Rhop that wascrceted near the rubs of King Solomon's Temple. Master-How was you prepared 1 Senior "'Varden-By being divested of my outward apparel and all money j my breast, ,vith a cable-tow four times a.bout my body; in which situation I ""as conducted to the door of a Lodge, where I gave four distinct knocks. Master-\Vbat do. those four distinct ltn ocks allude to 1 Senior 'Varden-To the fotl.rth degree of .l\!nsonry; it being that on wllich I was tLbont to enter. l\:Iaster-'Vhat was said to you from within? Senior 'Varden-'Yho comes here, &c. The 1\1aster continue:; his q llestions as to the mauner of initiating a Mark Master. 'l'hesc, and the l1ns"wers to them, arc precisely the same as the questions and answers 011 page 43 at the initiation of a calldidate, except that they are given and f1ns\ycred ill the past tense, the Master ::u:lking ' .... llat was done, and the Senior \Yarden tellinsr him. l\Iaster-After your initiation into tlle Mark :l\Iaster's degree, what follo'\'l;'ed ? Senior 'Varden-I -..vasmorc fully in· strl1l~ted in its mysteri<7s. Master-Of what do they consist '/ Senior vVardl;!n-Ot' signs and tokens. ' ]',Iastel'--H.l.1ve you n. sign '/ Senior \Vardl'u-I l\lastcr-\Vhat is it called? Senior 'Varden-Heave oyer. l\Iastcr-'Vhat dOG':> it dluue "to? Senior \Varden-To· the luanner of heaving over "..ark that the Overseers ::;aid ,'~as unfit for the rl"emple; also, the manner the key stone was hove over.. l\Iaster-Have you any other sign? Senior 'Yarden-I have, (giving' the due-guard, as on page 42.)



:M"aster-What is that? Senior V'larden-The due·guard of a ltIark Master Mason. Master-\Vhat does it allude to1 Seniol'''\Vardel1-rro the penalty of my obligation; which is, that myrigbt ear should be smote off, that I might forever be unable to hea.r the \vord, and my right hand b3 chopped off, as the penalty of an impostor, if I should ever proyc vdlfnlly guilty of revealing any part of my obligation. Master-Havc you any further sign? Seuior ,'Vardcu-I have. Master-'''''-bat is that? Senior 'Yarden-'rho grand sign, or sign of distress. :Master-\Vhat does it aUnde to 7 Senior \Varden-To tbe manner thc Fellow Crafts carry their work up to the Temple for inspection; also the maImer I was taught to carry my work, on my advancement to this degree. Master-Have you any other sign? Senior V\Ta..l 'den-I 113.Ve not; but have a token. . (Gives the pass-grip.) , :Master-'Vhat il:i this 1 Senior 'Vtirde 11-The 118ss.grip of a Mark Mm;ter 1\Iason. :Master-vVhat is the l1ame of it? Senior 'Varden-J 01'1> A. l\laster-'Vhnt docs it allude to '! Senior 'Vm'dell-'rhe City of Joppa. l\laster-Have yOll allY other token? Senior ,,"l1rdtm-I ht1. vc. l\Iaster-'Vhat is this? Senior 'Varden-The real grip of a :hlark Master MaHon. l\laster-Vlhat is the name of it '! Senior'VardCll-l\fAH,K ·WELL. ]\>1aster-"'hat does it ~tl1ude to? Senior \Yarden-'ro 11 passage of ScriptUl'e, where it Hays, "r1'11on hebronght me back the way of the gate of the out· ,yard sanctuary, 'which lookcth towl1rds the cast, and it ,vus shut; and the Lord said unto me, son of man, :mark well, and behold with thine eyes, und hem' 'with thine ears, all that I say unto thee concerning all the ordimmccs of the house of the Lord, and tIle hnv8 thereof, nnd mark ,veIl the entering in of the hom:e, 'with the going forth of' the sanctuary." l\1aster-\Vho fonnded this deg-ree 1 Senior \Vn,rdell-Our three ul1citmt GrandMasters, Yiz.: Solomon, King of Israel, Hiram, King of' r!'yre, and Hiram AbUT.

:Muster-'Yh~" wag it founded? Senior'Vnl'den-Not only as an honorary reward, to be confetred on all who have proved' themselves meritorious in the preceding degrees, but to render it


impossible for a bl'other to snffer for the immediate necessities of life, when the price of his mark will procure them for him. l\laster-A brother, pledging his mark, and asking for a favor, \vho does he represent? Seniol' "'\Vardcn-Otll" worthy Graud Master, Hiram Abiff, who was a poor mun, but on account of his great skill and 1llyt,tl'rions conduct. at the building of Killg' Solomon's rfemple, was most eminently disting'uiHhed. l\luster-A brother receiving:t pledge, and granting a favor, whom does he represent? Senior 'Varden-King Solomon, who ,,'as a rich mau, but reuowned for his benevolence. NOTK-Thcfollowing is the Song be~ fore alluded to, aud either the whole or a fe"" verses of' it are always sung before closing a Lodge of ltlark l\fasters. 1\:IARK ltIASTER'S SONG.

Mark Masters, aU appear, BefoTe the ChicfO'erSeel": In COllcert move; Let him your work inspect, Fot" the Chief' Architect, If ther{~ be no de feet, I-Ic 'Yill approve. Yon ,vho have pasRe<1 the square. For your rewards pre pure, Join heart and llimd; Each ,vith his mark in view, :March with the just and true, ,Vages to you are due, At Y01U' command. Hiram, the wido'\v's son, Sent unto· Solomon . Our great key·stone ; On it appears the Dame "'\Vhich raises high the fame Of ull to whom the SHme Is truly k110\Yll. ::N ow to the ~Yestward mo,,\te, 'Vllc1'o, full of strength and love Hiram doth stand; But if imposters nre l\lix'd with the worthy there, Caution them to he'ware Of the right hand. N o,,\y to the pra.ise of those 'Vho tril.1mph'd o'er the foes Of Mason's arts: To tho pl'niSewol'tlly three 'Vho founded this degree, l\Iay all their virtues be Deep in 01.11' hearts..




Dear Husbu!:l.d-I am in great distress. rOur little boy has upset a tea-kettle of

l boning

,vater, and scalded himself so I Ghockillgly, that I fear for his life. Yo-rmust come home immediately. . Prom your lOVing wife, JULIE. :r.:fastol" (addressing the Lodge)-Brc' I thrcll, you see by the tenor of this let tot to IUC that it is necesfiary I should leaV'o immediately. You must appoint 8omo one to fill the chair, for 1 cannot stay to confer this degree. PAST :r,L\STER'S DECnEE. Junior Warden-Right 'Yorshipful, 1 certainlysympathi::;e ,vith you for the After hn.,,"'ing received the de~Tcc of afflicting calalnity which haH befalleu l\Iaster Mason, you cannot yet preside your fu,roily, and am sorry that it seems over a Lodge of sneh until the Past .l\Ius- so urgently necessary for you to leave; ter's Degree is conferro'd upon you. 1\10.- but could you not stop it few momcnt1'3? sons mmally take this degree before of- Brother Smith has come Oll purpose to fering themselves as a candidate for pre- receive this degree, and expect::! to 1'0sieling in a :M~\::;ter's Lodge, but should it ceive it. I believe he ii:1 in the room, and so happen that a ~:I.aster i~ elected Master can speak for himself; and unless h.e is of a Lodge who is not a Past Mn.ster, the 'willing to put off the eerEH110ny, I do not Past l\ra~tcr'~ degree may be conferred sec how :you cau il.yoid. staying. upon him ,,,ithout any other ceremony The candida.te, sympathisillg '\vith the than that of a,clministering the obligation. l\Iaster, says he COl1se!lt~ to wait, and by In such a cuse it is usually dOlle by n. no means desires the lUgl1t \Vorshipful Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. to stay one moment on his account. rrhe 1\:I.a.ster's Lodge consists of Junior \'Yardcn-I thank our brother seven officers, as 1'o110\",.r8: for his courtl"'sy, bn.t I have Othpl' reaS011S, 1. Right '\Yorshipfull\luster i 2. Sonior Right 'Vorshipful, why I desire you. 'Vardon i 3. Junior 'Varden; 4. Sccee- should stay to confer this degrc'o to-night. tal'Y i 5. 'Treasurer j 6. Senior Dt'aeon i In the first place, it is uncertain when I 7. Junior Deacon. myself shall be able to attl~nd again'rhe interior arran.g'omcnt is the sume the11 "'vo might not get so m~ulY brctnren as in the firHtdegrees, and the officers together at Hnothr:r meeting; nnd as this arc similarly seated. [Sec page 6.] All is a. vcry diilicult degree to co:aft!r, I feel the ofncers and members keep their hats that you. ought to 8tay. on while at work. in this degree. 'rhey l\Iastcr-Bl'ethrcll, it is imposl:libl13 foI"' open and close their IJodge in the saIne mc to sta.y. You will therefore appoint manner as in the Entered Apprentice's some one to till the chair. There ~'l'e a Degree. number of brethren present 'I,"bo al'e A Master l\Iason 'Yishing to enter on well qnali1ied to confer the degree i you the degree of Past Master, petitions the will therefore please to nominate. Lodge and is ballotcc1 for in the same Junior 'Yarden-I nominate our Bro,yay that a candidate would be in one of ther Senior 'Varden to fill the chair. the first degrees; but he i~ received very 1Iaster-Bl'cthr011, it is moved aI,d sedifferently. HaYing bad the requisite cond~d that Brother Senior "YardEll :fill ballot, the Junior Deacon cOllducts him the chait· this evening, to cOl.d'cr thh; deinto' the Lodge,places him on a seat, gree 011 Brother Smith. All tbol:>o in faand then repnirH to hit; own station nea.r yor, will signify it by saying' aye. [Two the Seniar \Varden in the "'\·e~t. Soon or three ()f the meluber:i ru~p~.llld by gayafter a heavy alarm it; given at the outer ing aye.] . (rho~:;e opposed will say 110. door. [Nearly ull the members excluim, No !] JUllior Deacon, to the (Master l'ising)- It· is not 3. 'Vote. l~rethl'ell \vill please There· is au alarm at the outer door, nominate a new l\IaHter. ltight\Vol'shipful. S::~Ilior \Yardell-I nominate Brother :Master-Atteudto the alarm, and see Junior \Varden to fill the chair. whp comes there. (rhe :Master puts the question with a. J"llniol' Deacon goes to the door, and similar result, Wh(."D some member soon. returns, bl·inging a. letter to the nates Brothel' Smith. (the .calldidate1 ~ :Ml\ster, who opens it, and rea-Wi aJ.oud to who is 'unanimously Vi.i~ tor w at the Lodge as rollowi: 'elared aul.)'" elect~d.






Master-Brother Smith, you are elect··, 13. You admit that no Le"w Lodge ca.n ed Mastel' of this Lodge. 'Vill you be formed without permission of the to step this way and take the chair 1 Grand Lodge, and that no countenance The candidate goes forward to take be given to any irregular Lodge, or to the' chair, when the Right 'Vorsllipful any person clandestinely initiated therel\1aster pushes him back and says: in, being contrary to the ancient chargel:l Master-Before :rou occupy the :Mas- of the Order 1 ter's cbair yott mu::;t first assent to the 14. You admit tlutt no persoll can be ancient regulations, and take an obliga- regularly made a :Mason in, or admitted ,tion to discharge with fi<lelity the dnty of a. memuer of, any regular Lodge, ,",ithMaster of the Lodge. out previous notice, and due inquiry into The candidate, having no objection, his character 1 the M:aster addresses bim as 10110''\'8: 15. You agree that 110 vj8ito~rs shaH be 1. You agree to be a good man, and received into your Lodge "without due true, and strictly to obey the moral law 1 examination, and producing proper vouch· 2. You agree to be a peaceable subject, el'S of their having been initiated into a and cheerfully to conform to the laws of regular Lodge? the coulltry in v.hich you reside 1 Do you submit to these chftrges, aud 3. You proulll:lc not to be c011cerne(l in promise to support these regulations, as any plots or conspiracies against govern· ll:Iasters have done in all ages before you 1 ment; but patiently to submit to the de· Calldidate-I do. cisionB of the supreme legislature 1 1\.1aster-You will now take upon YOllr4. You agree to pay a proper respect self the obligation of this degree. Please to the civil magistrates, to work diligent· to kneel at the altar. ly, live creditably, and act honorably by The candidate is conducted to the aIall men? tar, kneels on both knees, lays both 5. You agree to hold in veneration the hands on the Ho]yBible, square and original rules and patrons of :lllasonry, comp:u3sef;, and takes the followillg oath: and their regular successors, supreme I, J ohu Smith, of my mvn free will nlld subordinate, according to their sta.. and accord, in presence of Almighty God, tions, and to submit to the aw:.trds and I aud this 'Vorsbipful Lodge of Past l\fasresolutions of your brethren, 'Y1W11 con~ tel'l\fasolls, do hereby and hereon, mOISt ,rened, in every case consistent ,Yith the solemnly and sincerely promise and constitution of the Order? s,vear, in addition to my former obliga6. You agree to avoid private piques tions, that I will not give the secretB of and quarrels, and to guard againl:lt intern- Past1\'lastcr Ma~on, or any of the secret~ perance and excess 1 pertaining thereto, to tU1Y one of an in· 7. Yotlagreetobocautiot1sincarri~lge ferior dCb'Tee,DOr to any person in tho and beha;viour, cautio~ to :rour brethren, ]alOwn ·v1.'Ol·ld, except it be to a true and and faithful to YOUl' Lodge 1 . lawiul brother, or brethren, Past ':l\Iaster 8. You promise to respect genuine bre- ,Masons, or vdthin the body of ajuRt and thren, and discountenance impostor:;, and It:t;wfully constituted Lodge of 8u("h; and all dissenters from the original plan of not unto him or unto them WhOUl I shall :Masonry? hear so to be, but uuto hhn :llld them 9. You agree to promot.a the general only ,"'",hom I shall find so to be, after good of societ;y-, to cultivate the social striet trial and c,:(uminatioll, or lawful virtues, and to propagate the kllO'\"lcdge infornlation. of the arts? J?urthcrmore do I promise and swear, 10. You promise to pay homage to the that I will obey all regular siglll~ ~md Grand l\-Iaster for the time being, ::md to summon~es sent, thrO~\·11, handed or giV(~Il his office when duly installed, l'\tri(~tly to from the hand of a brother of this de· conform to every edict of the Gl'aud I gree, or from the body of a just and Ia tV· Lodge, or general assem..bIY of l\Ia~cIlH', fullv Lodge of Past Ma~tcrs. that is not f:lubversive. of the principleB Ij1~urtherll10re do I promise Rl1d swear, and groundwork of l\1asonl'Y 1 that I will support the constitution ot' 11. You admit that it is not in thepo'w-I tho 001H'1'<11 Grand Royal Arch Chapter er of any man, or b@dy of meu, to make of the United States; also, that of the Pit.r.. 0. f. the Statc i.n 'which t.h illllO. vations in the body .Of ~.,.I. a.sonry? Grand Oh3. is 12. You promise a. regular attendance Lodge i::l located, and under which it.. is on the committees and communications held, and cOllf'ornl to all the by-lawR, of the Grand Lodge, on receiving proper rules and regulations of this, or any other notice; and to pay attention to the duties Lodge of which I may at any time become of MaaoIU'y on·all co:c.veni€nt oCc.asiolul? J.a, member, so far as in my power. .1




Furthermore do I promise and swettr, r 1'rIaster to candidate-Kiss the book that I will not assist, or be present at the :five tilnes. conferring of this degree upon any per~ The obligation having been administer. son who has not, to tho best of my know~ ed, the candidate rises, when tho Master ledge and belief) regulurly recehred (ill proccedH to give him the sign, word and addition to the degrcc:J of Entered Ap- grip of this degree, as follows : prentice, Pellow Craft, and Master 1\1::1.l\Ial::lter to candidate-You now behold son) tho degree of Mark Master, or been me approachiug yOll from the ca~t under elected l\-Iaster of a regular Lodge of Mas- the step, sign) ~lUd due-guurd of 'a. Past tel' l\fasolls. Master Mal:liJu. Furtherlnore do I promise and S'wear, rl'he lYlastcr now steps that I will aid and assist all poor and in- off with his left foot, and dig-ent Past Master :ThIasous, their \vid<HVS I t~lell p.laces the h<:el o~' his nnc! orphans, wherever dispersed rouud nght foot at the toe of the .the globe, they applying to me as such, left so as to bring the two .and I finding them\vorthy, so far as hi feet at right nngh~j:j, and iu n1\r po\yer without material injury to make thenl the l'igh t ttu~ 111vl:Jelf or fa.mily. . gle of a. square_ He then lT1ul'thermorc do I promise and s''''~'ea1", gives this sign, placing that the SCCl'ets of a brother of this de- the thumb of hit! right gree, ddivered to me in charge "a:; such, 11.8.11(1 (fingers clenched) shall remain as SCCUl'e and inviolable in upon hili lips. It alluc1(~s my breai'.it, as .they 'were in his own be- to the penalty to have his fore communicated to llle, murder and tongue split from tip to trea.::ion excepted, and those left t.o my root. He giye8 a ~ec(jnc.l 0'""'-11 election. s~gn by placing hh; right ~"ttrthermore do I pl'OmlSe and s~vear, hand upon the left siele that I will not'\vrong this Lodge, 1101' n of his neck, and dra.'.villg brother of this degree, to the value of it edge,,::i::;e down\yard in a ditlg'onal diracone cent, kno'wingly, myHelf, 1101' suffer it tion to'wards the right to be done by others, if in my po",vcr to .side, so us· to cro~s the prevent it, . three fOl'U1tU' penalties. Furthermore dt) I promise and swear, Master-Brothel', let that I willl10t govern this Lodge, or UllY me now h~'lve the pleaother over which I may be ca.lled to presure of conductIug you side, in n. haughty ::tnd :.trbitrary manner i intc) the oriental clw.irof but '\Till, at aU times, usc my utmost enKing Si)lolUon. [Plnccs deavol's to preserv~ peace and ll:..-trlllony a larg'e cocked hat on aIuong the brethren_ lIb: head, mHl seat~ him Furt.hcrmorc do I p1'ol11i80 aU.d S\'t'car, '. ,.• ' I'~ \1 in a chair in front Of. the t,hat I will never open n. Lodge of :Mas~ :Master's chair.] That ,tel' Masons un.lCS8 there be pr,'sent th.ree' i I wise 1.dn g.., \Y1.1£>n Old, and regular .1Hnostel" Masoml, be~;ides the .Ty· fll decropit, wus attended leI'; nor close the same withont giving n o · by 11is two friends, Hilecture, or some section, or p:lrt of alecra.m, King of Tyro, and tnre, for the instruction of the Lodge_ \ ~~ Hiram Abiff, ,vho raised Furthermore do I promise and s\,l,'ear, . --... -" and sented him in his that I ","lill not sit in a Lodge "where the clmir by means of the Past :n.rastcl"s grip. presiding officer ·has not t:.tkcn the degree 'I'he lVIaster and Senior 'Varden now of P~'Lst }\:[astcr :M:asoIl, To all of ,,-hich take the candidate by this grip a.nd l'aiBe I do most solemnly and sincerely promIse him 011 his feet seyeral time::;, each time and swea.r, with a fixed a.llU steady pur- 12ttillg' hh:n sit bac.k in the chair azain. pose ot' mind to kc~'paIid perform the TIlle Senior )VardeIl the11 goes buck to same; binding myself under no less pen- his seat, the candidate rises, and the alty than (ill addition. to all my former Right "'''orshipful Master instructs llh1.1 peualtiel:J) to have my' tongue split from in the grip and word of n Past l\fmltel' tip to root, that I might for eV(;'l" there· Mason. 'rhey first take each other by after be unable to pronounce the word, the :Master l\lasoll's grip, [page 36,] the should I o,"e1' prove wilfnlly guilty of Master saying, and the candidate repeatviolatillgany part of this) my solemu ing, "from a grip to a span I" At that oath, or obligation, of a Past ~fastcr 1\130- moment they slip their right hands so as sou.. So help me God, and make me to catch each other by the wrist, and ste~dfast tok~ep ~Ild pel'form the sat;lc, raise their left bands;cntehing each oth,




er'e right elbow. This is the regular Past I All the brethren present, h('aded by the 'Master, now walk in ii'out of the Master's grip. chair, give the sign of an Entered Ap· .M aster-A pren tice, and pass on. This is repeated three·fold cord is strong "oyith the sign of each degree in 11asonry Candidate-A up to that of' Past Master. .Master to candidate-I now leave yon four·fold cord is to the government ofyonr Lotlg·e. plasnot ea::;ily broter takes hIs seat 'with the brethren.) ken. rrhe Rt. WorrrllC Soulor 'Varden now steps fop· ward aud delivers up hin j(:yvel an d bis sWpful Mukr . gavel to the new ~'1tl$ter, and each of seats the· 'l' the other offi(~c,rs of the Lodgo does. the date in the 1\1a8· m: J sume, taking his tUTn accordi11g to rank. ter'j:; chair, pIa· ces a hat ou h i s " ; : Presently the l'ctin:d :Master 1'i81..'8. hea.d, and then ; Rctirccll\fastcr (t'tddressingthe Chn.h')eornes dO,"Vll in ..~ Righ.t 'Yorshipful, in consequence of my resignation, and the election (if a new front, and says: ~ , Mal'iter, the scats of the 'Varden~ have Worshipful bro· .:;,.-.,: ther, I now pre._~ become vacant. It is necessary you sent you ,vith the furnitnre and. various ~hould ha....e '~",.ardclls to assist vou in Masonic implements of our }>rofessiol1; the government of :rour Lodge. ""I pre· they are emblematical of onr conduct in sume the brethren 'who have held these life, and will now be enumerated and ex- l:'ltations will continue to serve if you so request. (The l1ew :Master requests the plained as presented. The Holy 1Vritings, that great light in Senior 'Varden to resume his jewel and :-Masonry, will guide you to all trnth; it g~:vcl, '\vhen the other officers (\vho had will direct your path to the temple of left theil' places) also l'csume their seats.) l~etired l\laster-Rigllt '~lorshi'pful, I happiness, and point out to you the 'whole duty of man. would l'cspectfully suggest to :>'01.1 tllat r~'lle Square teaches to regulate our as the office of rrreasl1rer is one of COIIa~tlOlls by ntle and linn, and to ha,rmo~ sic1erable responsibility-he lwltling all lUZ~ our conduct by the principles of mo· the funds nnd, prOl1Bl"ty of the Lodgc:rOl1 should direct that he l}e nominated rabty and virtue. 'The Compass teacbes· to limit our de- and elected by the members prek:iCIlt. sires in every station; thus rising to emi- This hUB been customary, and jf' you nence by merit, we may live respected. order a. nomination to be 'I.nad~ ill this and die regretted. . manner, I h::wc no doubt that ,\YO shall The Rule directs, that we· should punc- select some one who '\villbe satisfactory ... tuallyobserve our d.uty; press forward to you. Canc1idate (acting as l\!aster)-The brein the path of virtue, and, neither inclining to the right nor to the left, in all thren will please nominate aTreasurer:for th~.~ Lodge. our actions have eternity ill vie,.'~·. Here a scene of confusion takes place, The Line teaches the criterion of mo· ral l·ectitll.lle; to D,Yoid dissim1..11atioll in which is not easily descl'ihec1. The ne',,· conversation and action, and to direct ly installed 'YorHhipf'u! is made the butt our steps to the path that leads to immor- for every worthy brother to exercise his tality. "wit upon. Half·a·dozen up at a time, The Book of Constitutions ~l'ou nre to soliciting' the l\Iastor to nominate them, search at all times; cause it to be read ill urging their several claims, and decrying your Lodge, that llOne may pretend ig'no- tho merits of others ..vit11 much zeal; rance of'the excelleut precepts it (~njoins. crying out- H Order, 'Yol'llhipfnl! keep Ln.gtly, you· re~eive inchurge t11e By- order I" Others propose to dUllCe,tlnd IJawsof :,your Lodge, "which you aloe tt) requcRt the Master to sing for them; othsr~e earefully and-punctually expcuted. ers whistle, or sing, or jnmp about the I 'Yill also present YOll.with the.· .Mallet ; room; or scuffle, aud l~nock c1o'wn chain; it is an (;lllblem of pmver. One Rtrok(,~ 01' benches. Qne proposes to call fl'om of the mallet calls to order, and calls up labor to refreshment; another complithe Junior and Senior Deacons, two lueuts the'Vorshipful MaBtcr on his digstrokes can up all the subordinate offi- nified appearance, anel knocks off Ilis cers; and three, the whole Lodge. hat, or pulls it down over his face, and l\Iaster- Brethren, please to' salute sometimeg he is e\1en dragged from his your new ~rastcr. chair on the pretence that a. lady wishes

;i -",0J



to see him.. The Sonior "rurden, or some other brother, makes a lODg' speech about reducing the price路 of the Chapter degreel'1, from twenty dollars to t\vclvc, and recommends tha.t it be paid iu COUlltry produce, &c. His motion is seconded, nud the new 1tiastcr is .pressel! on ::til sides to put the qnestion. If the qllestian is put, the brethren noll vote againt;t it, and accuse t1le new l\faster of breaking hi!) oath, ,vhen he swore he would support the Constitution. of the Gencl'ul Grand Royal Arch Chapter, which es路 tablislws the price of the路 four Ohl1ptor degrees, at twenty dollars. If the Master attempts to exercise the power of the gavel, it often has the contrary cn"ect j for if he giycs nlore than one rap, and cnlls to order, everyone obeys the sig11a1, ,\yith the t1.tmost pl'OmptllcsH, and. drops on the u< seat. 'rho next instant, before the :3Iastcr can utter u word, all are on their f('ct, and as noisy as ever. Sor~le brot!1l'l' now proposes that the Lod:z;o be dosed; another one hopes it w;U bo closed in n. f.,hort \vrtv. Retlrc~tl :ThluHtcr, tJ candIdate-Hight WOl'shipful, it ismoYcd tU1tl s:..~condcd that this Lodge be closod. You ca1,). close it as you please. You can morely declare the Lodge closed, or in. ::my other way. The candidate, being much embarrass~dt w1ll often attempt to cl~) tho LodS'o


by l':tppingwith hig gM1'cl, ~nt1 dccl:rring it closed. Should be do so, the retired :Mastcr stops him as follows: HeUred Master-llight'Vorshipful,you s,\YOl'e in your obligtttiotl, that you ~would not close this or any other Lodge over 1vhich you should be called to. preside, withont gi'Vil'ig' a lecture or some part tbcreot: Do you intend to break J'our oath 1 Oalldidate"::-Ihad forgotten that in this cOllfl1siou. I hope the brethren ,,,,ill excuse me. A brother goes nnel 'Yhispe:rs to the candidate, tellillg him th[lt he can resign the chair to the old Master, and have him close the Lodge, if lle so prefers. The is very glad to do this, and cheerfully abdicates his seat. lVlaster (resumirlg' the chair)-Brothcr, the lesson ,ve have just given, not\vithstanding its apparent coufusiou, is eli:.'signed to convey to.>. you, in :t striking m::lll110l', the necessity of at all times o.\)staining from soliciting, or acccpthlg' any offieo or sb.. tion that 'Vall do not know yourself arnply qualified t() fill. rfhe :M:astcl' no,,," delivel'S tbe .Lectt:tre in this degree. It is dividocl into 1ive sections. The :first treats of thema.nnE;lr of constituting a I ..odge or:Mt18t,el:",)!a~ sons. The second treats of theCel'Cnl01'y' of installation, includin~ 路thclnanner of

58 'l'eceiying candiqates to this degree, as given above. 'rhe third treats (If the ceremonies obsen,-ed at laying the foundation stones of public structures. 'Thc fourth section, of the ceremony observed at the dc~dicationsof lIlasonic Halls. The frfth, of the ceremony observed at funcl'rtls, according to the ancient custom, Yvith the service used on the occasion. Th0 Lectm'c is usually read from a 1\:Ionitor which is lo:.cpt in every Lodge. The foregoing includes all the ceremonies ever used in conferring the degree of Past 1\laster; lmt the ceremonies arc froqucntly short('llCd by the omission of some part of them; the presenting of the ,~arious implements of the profession. and their explanations, are often dispensed with; :md still more often, the charge.


Junior 'Varden-They 2se, l\Iost Excellent. ,Master to tho Senior 'Yarden-Brother Senior, are they all :Mof:lt Excellent 1\lastel'S in the '\-vest ? Senior 'VardCl1-They arc, 1.IostExcellont. ' l\Jaster-Thcy :lore n,lHo in the 1\Ia:;tcr gives one l':tp, which calls tl.i:) the t"iVO Deacons. :Master to Junior Deacoll-Brother Ju11ior, the first care of a Ma8011 'i Junior Dencoll-rrO see the door tyle<l, Drost Excellent. Master-Attend to that part of your duty al1d inform th() rryler that 'we are about to open thi:.i Lodge of IHost Excellcmt Masters; and direct him to tyle accordingly'. Junior Deacon goes to the door and gives six. knocks, which the rryler from without answerH by six. morc. He theu gives one knock, \vhich the Tyler ans\vers with ono, and he then partly openH the .door and informs the rTyleI' thu tby order of the ~:Iost Excellent 1'b,ster :'l. Lodgc of Thfost Excellent Masters is no'v', about to be opeued in this place, and he must tyle accordingly. He then returns to his place and addresses the ltraster: Junior Deacon-rrhe Lodge il:i tyled, :1\fost Excellent. Master-By whom ? Juuior Deacon-By a l\Iost Excellent :Muster :Mason without the door, armed with the proper implenlents of his office. Muster-His duty there? JU11ior Deacon-To keep off all co,,\vang and caves-droppers, and see that n011e pasH or repass without permission of the :Th1ost Excelltmt )\:[astn'. fJ.'he Master no'tY questions each officer of the Lodge:ls to his duties, "which are recit(!d by them as in the other degrees. Master to Sonior 'Vurdcn-Brother路 'Senior, you ".'ill assemble the bl'ethren round the altar for onr opnllillg. Senior 'Varden-Brethren, please to assemble roul1d the altar for the purpose of opening this Lodge of Most Excellellt Master 1\1a80118. The brethrcll now assemble round the altar, and form a circle, alld stand in such a position as to touch each other, leaVing a spa.ce for the. Most Excellent Master; they tht'n all kneel 011 t.heir lc'ft knee, and join hands, each giving his l'ight hand brother his left hanel, and his left hand brother his right hand; their left arms uppermost, and their lleads in.. clining downward: all being thus situ-_ ated, the :M:OHt Excellent Master reac1ll

l\IOST EXCELLEKT l\lASTER, No Mason can receive the degree of lIost Excellent },Iaster until aftcl" he has become a Past J\!aster, and presided in a Lodge, or in othel路 words, l)CCll inductNl into the Oriental Chah" of King Solomon. 'VhCll the Temple of ..Tcrusn.lem was finished, those who had proYed themselves worthy by their virtue, skiU, and fideliht , 'Were /installed as Most Excellent 1\13Sters; and e'von at this date路 none but those 'who Ilaya a perfect kno,vledge of all preceding degrees arc (or should not be) admitted. A Lodge of :Most Excellent }\'fasters is opened in nearly the same manner fiS Lodges in the preceding degrees, '1'11e officerR are a Master, Seuior and Junior 'Vardel1s ann Deacons, Secretary uDd Treasurer, and of COurse n. Tyler. rrhey are stationed as in the Entel'edApprentice's Degree, described on page 6. TIle l\{astcr presiding, calls the Lodge to order, and says: :Master to the Junior 'Yarden-Brotlwl' Junior, are they alll\i!ost ExceUeut Masters iu the ' ~e f'ollowini verses from p$alm XXiv. -:., .:.



The earth is the Lord's; nncI the fuiness 1 mony of the same tlUtj'" be interrupted, thereof; the 'Worlu, and they tlmt dwell! whiltl engaged in their lawful pursuits, therein. For he hath fouuded it upon under 110 less penalty than the by-hl.',,"s the· seas, and establhlhed it upon the enjoin, or a majority of the brethren floods. 'VIlo shall ascend into the hill ma.y see cause to iuflict. of the Lord ? and ,vho shan stand ,in hi~ rfhe Senior vY"'arclen repeats this to his holy place 1 He that hath clean handR, Junior, and the Junior annO'ltllc(;'s it to atHi 0. pure heart; "dlO hath not liftccl up the Lodge as follows: hi~soul unto v::mity, nor 5',,"01'n deceitJuaior 'Varden-Brethren, you. have fnll,". Hl~ shall receive the blesHi. ng from I heard £tIost .Excellcnt l\.InstCl".,g Will. the ""Lord, aud righteousncs:; from the God and pleasure as just communicated to of his salvation. This is tho generation lno-so let it be done. of t11em that seck him, tha.t seck thy The Lodge boing opened, the ordinary facl..', 0 Jacob. Selah. Lift up 'your business of the CYCIling i~ gOlle through heads, 0 ye gn.tes; [here the kneeling ,....i£h, as ill the formet· degrees. If a canbr(~thrcn alternately rai~c and bow their cUdatc i:i to be initiated, the Junior Deahcad~ as the readil1g proceed;.;] and be ye con goes to the preparation 1'00111, where lifted up> ye everlasting doors i and the he is iu ,vaiting, and prepares hinl. He King of glory shall come ill. \Vho is takes off the candidate's coat, puts a this of glory 1 'The Lord, strong' cable-tow six times round his body, and and mighty i the Lord, m:ghty in battle. conducts him to the door of the Lodge, Lift up your hC:lds: 0 ye gates; even. lift ,, he give!:! t:;ix di::;tinct knocks, (which them up, yo everlasting doors; and the are answered by the Senior Deacon from King of glory shall come in. "\Vho is within,) a.nd then one knock, which is this K5ng of glory? The Lord of hosts; answered ill the same manner. he is the King of glory. Selah. . Senior Deacon (partly opening the "\Yhile reading these yerses the l\Iost door)-'VIlo comes there? ... Excellent Master advallces towards thG Junior Deacon-A worthy brother: circle of kneeling brethron, taking his ,;vho has been l'egularly initiated as an steps only ·when reading those passages Entered Apprentice l\la.son; passed to relative to the ICing of glor:r. the degree of Fellow Cr~ft; raised to The reading beiug ended, the :l\Iost Ex:- the sublime degree of Master l\.fasoll; cellellt 1\'1astcr then kneels, joins hand::; advanced to the honorary degree of' a wit.h the others, which clo~cs the circle, Mark :Master Musou; presided in the and theY' all lift their halld~, as joined to· chair ns Pu.~t Master; and now wishes gether, up tLnd dowD, six. times> keeping for further light ill J\lasonry, by being retime with the words, as the l\-,Iost Ex.ccl- ceivcd and ::wkno'wledged at; a 1:Iost Ex· lent l\lastcr l'epeats them,: H one, two, cellent Master. three; one, two, three." rrhis is l\1asouiSenior Deacon-Is it of his OW11 frce cally called b~lallCil1g. They' then l'ise, will and ~1.cc01·d he makes this re< disengage their hands, and lift tlwm up Junior Deacon-It is. abovo their heads, '\vith a moderate and Senior Deacon-Is he duly and truly somewhat grn.ccful n'lotion, and cast np prepared ~ .. theiL" eyes; turning at the s::une time to Junior Deacon-He is. the right, they extend their arms, and Senior Deacon-I::; he ,YortIly and well then suffer them to fall loose and Some- qualified? . wh~t nerveless by their sides. rl'hi:; sign Junior Deacon-He is. is by l\lasolls to represent the., sign Sellior Deacon-Has he made suitable of astonishmeut made by the Queen proficiency ill the preceding degrees ~ of Sheba, on 1ll'stvic,ving Solomon's Junior Deacon-He has. rremple. Senior Dc·aeou-By what further right, The :IHost Excellent l\Iaster resumes or bCllcfit, does ho ex.pect to obtain this his sea.t and s~ys__Drcthrell, attend to f~tvor? the signs. He himself theu gives all the Junior Dcacol1-Bv the benefit of a signs from an l~ntored up to par-:s-word. .. this degree,' allti the brethren join and Scnior Deacoll-Has he a pass-word? imitate hhn. Junior Deacon-lIe h:lS it not: but I l\Ia8ter to the Senior '\Val'dc'n-Brother have it for him. Senior, it il{ my will amI pleasure that Senior Deue,oll-Give it to me. this Lodge of' l\.Iost Excellent l\Iastcrs be Junior Deacon lvhispel~ in tho ear of now opened for dispatch of business, the Senior· Deacon· th<f.'\vord .RAllONL itri¢tlYforbidding all priya.te committees, [In many I~odges,the ·Past l\faster's or.·p:rofatl.elanaUe;'1,ge, .whereb~:tlle.h~l·- "yord, Giblem,. is 'ttieda~pais.WQl'dfor



this degree, an"d the 'Vw'ord Raboni, as the real word.] Senior Deacon-The word is right. You will wait until the 110st Excellent l\'faster is made acquainted with your 1'0quest, and his answer returned. Senior Deacon repair~ to the lVfost Ex.cellent ]'Iaster in the, and gives six raps at tIle door. l\fa8tl)r-\Yho comes thcore? Senior Deacol1-A lYorthybrotherwho has been regularly initiated as an Entercd Apprentlce ; passell to the degree of a Fello,,, Craft j raised to the sublime degrce of a Muster Mason; ndv'anced to the honorary dt'gree of l\Inrk Master j presided as l\faster in the chair, and now wishes for further light in l\fnsonry, by being received and ackno\vledged as a ~fost Ex.cellent JYlaster. ~laster-Is it of his own free "Will and accord he makes this request? Senior Dea.con-It is. Master-Is hedu1y alld truly prepared? Senior Deacon-He is. lIaster-Is he worthy and qualified ~ Senior Deacon-He is. llIaster-Has he made suitable pro£.ciency in the preceding degrees? Senior Deacon-He has. lIfaster-By,vhat further right or benant does he expect to obtain thh; favor? Senior Deacon-By the benefit of a pass-·word, ~faster-Has he a pass·".... ord ? Senior Deucon-He 1uts not; but I have it for him. Mastc'r-GivG it. Senior Deacon wllispers ill the car, the word RABONI. Master-The pass is right; Since he comes endowed 'with all these necessary qualifications, let him enter this Lodge of lVIost Excellent .l\Iasters, in the name of the Lord. The door is then flung open, and the Senior Deacoll receives the candidate upon the Key-Stonc. The cQ.lldidate il:! then walked six times round the Loilge, by the Senior Deacon, movil'lg' ,vith the sun. The first time they pass round the Lodge, when· OPllosite the Junior '\Vn.rdell, he gives one rap 'with the g3.vel; when opposite the Senior '\Varden, he docs the same; and likt:wise when opposite. the Most Excellent Master., 1'ho second time round, each gives two blows; the third, three; alId so on, un· til they arrive to si~. During this time, the 1t:Iost Ex.cellent Master r(~3.ds the following verses from Psalm cxxii.. : I was glad 'When they said unto me, Let l,"Li 1:0 intothG hOUiQ of the Lord,


feet shall stau(l With.1U. thy, 0. Jerusalem. Jcrusaleln is builded as a city that is compact together: ,"Vhither the tribes go up, the trilws of the Lord, u'nto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the Lord. Por there nre set thrones of jndgment, the thrones of the houl:ic vf Da-yid. Pray for t~e peace of Jorusalem: they shall pros. per that lO've thee. Peaco be ,\yithin thy ,valis, and pro::;perity ,\",.ithin thy palace~. 1"01' my brethren and companions' sakes, I ivill nowsny, Peace be '\vithil1 thee. 13ecause of the house of the Lord, our God, I '\vill seek thy good. The reading of the foregoing-is so timed, us not to be fully ended until the Senior Deacon and· candidate have per· formed t.he sixth revolution. Immedi. atcly after this t.he Senior Deacon and calldidate arrive at the Junior 'Varden's station in the south, ,vhen the same ques· Hons are asked and the game nnswers l·C· turned, as at the door: (1"Vho comes there 1 &c.) Tbe Junior 1V ~rd(~n thct!. directs the candl<late to l)ass 011 to tho Senior 'Vardcn in. tbe wost, for further ex.amination; where the same question! are asked and ans·wcrs l'eturned as before. The Senior 'Yarden directs him to be conducted to the night '"'{ orshipful l\Iaster in. the east, for further exnmina· Hon. The Right 1Vorshipf1.11l\IaRtf'1· asks the same questions and l·Gceiycs the samo ans'wcr~, as befon~. :Master to Senior Deacon-Please to conduct the candidate l.>:tck to the \YC~t, from ,vhence he came, ~nHl put him in thectll'e of the Senior "\Var<1cn, :md request him to tl,tlch the candidD-te how to approach the east, by· advallcitlg upon six. upright regular steps to the sixth step, and place him in a position to ta]w upon him the solemn oath, or obligntion of a l\loHt Excellent l\!aster 1\1:180n. The candldate is conductc:d back to the west, o.11dt11e Senior vVanlen teu<:l;cs him bow to approach the east ill thiiJ degree. :Pirst, by taking the first step in MasonI',)"', as in the Enterctl Apprentice's degree, that i8, stepping' oil:' '\vith the left foot, and bringing up the ri~'ht foot EO US to fonn a square; then takir.g thest(·ps as directed ill . tho Fello'w Craft d<:~g1"(~e, twd so 01l11p to this one-beginning al~ ,\YD"ys '",dtll the Bntered Appl'enti(~e'st:ltep~ On arriving at the altar the' candidate kneels on both knees, and plac(~s. bot.h hands all the Bible, square and compasses: The Zvlaster then comes fOl'Wal.'a and ltd· dresses him: ,.. J\;faster-Brother, you are nO'wplac(:d in a proper position to upon jrOtl. tIlt!


solemn oath or obliga.tion of a. 1tfost Ex:cellent lVlaster :MasoD, which I assure ;you, as before, is neither to affect your religion or politics, If you are willing to take it, repeat your name and say at'terllle: I, John Smith, of my own free ,yill and accord, ia presence of Alnughty God, an.d this r.. . odge of l\:1ost Excellent Mast~r MaRons, do here by and hereon, mo::; t solemnly and sincerely promise and s.. .y ear, in :tdtlition to my former oblign.tion~, that I 'Yill not give the secrets of Most Ex.cellent l\1nster .to any one of an infe rior degree, nor to any person in the known world, ex.cept it be to a true and bwful brother of this degree, and within the body ofa. just and lawfully consti路 tuted Lodge of suc,h; and not unto him nor them whom I shall hear so to be, but unto him and them only whom I shall :find so to be, after strict trial and due ex.amination, or lawful information. Furthermore do I promise and swear, tha.t I will obey all regular signs and summonses handed, 'Sent, or thrown to me from a brother of this degree, or from the bodjr of a just and lawfully constituted Lodge of such; provided it be 'within the length of my cable-tow. . :FU1'thcrmore do"X promise and swear, that I will support the constitution of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the United States; also, that of the Grand Chapter of this State, under 'Ybieb this Lodge is held, and conform to all the by-laws, rules and regulations of thio, or any other Lodge of which I may hereafter become a member, Furthermore do I promise an(l swear, that I ,yiU aid and assist all poor .and indigent brethren of this. degree, their widows and orphans, wheresoever dispersed around the globe, al; far as in my power, '\vithout injuril1gl'uysclf or family, Furthermore do I promise and swear, that the SCCl'ets of a brother of thiH degree, given to Ille in' charge as such, and I knowing t.hem tobesuch, shall remain :l.i:l secret andiuviolable in my breal::lt, as in 111:-:; O\V11, lnnrder and trl'ason excepted, and tIle same left to Illy own free \yill a~Hl choice. Purtlll'rmOl'C do I promise n.nd s\"ear, that I will not ,vrong thi:::l Lodge of }\lost EK.c:.:\llout Master Masons, nor it brother oftllis degree, to the value of anything, l,nowingly, mYl:l(,~lf, nor suffer it to. be dou(~ by others, if in lUy POW01' to prevent it. Furthermore do I promise and swear, that Iwill dispense light and knowledge t~ all ignorantall'luni;nformed brethren



at all times,' as far as is in my power, without material injury to myself or family, To aU which! do most solemnly swear, with a fixed anu steady purpose of mind in me to keep and perform the same; binding myself unde-r no less penalty than to have my breast torn open, and my heart arId vitals taken from thence, and exposed to loot 011 the dunghill, if ever I'路iolate ttny part of this, my solemn o::Lth, or obligation,of a l\:Iost Excellent l\Iastcr l\lnson. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of thc same. l\iaster to the candidate-Detach your hands and kiss the book six. timeB.. [Candidate obeys.] You W will now rise and -..f: receive from me the ,~ sign, grip and word of a 1vlost Excellent l\!aster 1\:1:0.8011. The sign is given bj" placing your two hands, one on each breast, the fingers meeting in the centre of the body, and jerking them apart as though you 'were trying to tear open your breast: it al_-,.,..;.~ ludes to the penalty of the obliga,tioll, The g't"ip is given by taking each other by the right hand, and clasping them so that each compress the third finger of the other ,vith his thumb. [If one hand is large and the other small, they cannot both give the grip at the same time.] It is called the grip of all grips, because it is' said to cover all the preceding grips.

:Mastpr ( candidate by his hand and ~placing the illside of his right foot to the illside of' candidate's right foot) "'whia路 pel'S in his ear-RABO~r. Should there be more Hum Ol1e candi路 date for illitiatiol1, the cer(~mony stops here until the others m'e advancecl thus far, and then they all recehle the' mainder together. A noise of shuffling feet is now heard in the Lodge, which. is purposely made by s'!me o~ themexnbers.




l\1:aster to Senior Warden-What is the date to come forward and join in the cer· cause of all this confusion '/ emonies, which he does. Senior Warden-Is Dot tIus the da)'" set 'Ve accept and receive them, apart for the celebration of the cope1I-Iost Excellent Masters, stone. l\Iost Excellent'/ Iuvestecl '''lith honor ltIaster-Ah, I had forgotten. [To And po'wer to preside, Secretary.] Is it so, Brother Secretary? 'Among "",,,ortlly cl'aftsmen, 1\!~~C~~~lJl~~~kingat his book)-It is, "There'or assembled, },[aster to Senior 'Varden-Brother The knOl,vlec1ge of Masons, Senior, assemble the brethren and form a To sprend far and wide. procession for the purpose of celebrating As they begin the cope-stOlle.' the next Ycr:::es, The candidate now stands aside. while each one thro...v s the brethren assemble ::md form a pro- up his hands and cessioll, double file, and luarch six times rolls hiH eyes upround the Lodge, against the cour8C of '\yards,------giying sun, singing from the text-book the first a sign of admirathree verses of the Most Excellent Mas- tion or astonishter's Song, "All hail to the morning'" ment like that &c. '1'ho Key-Stone is now brought for- described (p.59) ward, and placed in its proper place; that as having been is two pillars or columns called Jachin cxpressecl by tho a~cl Boaz, cnch about fiY~ feet high, are Qt1ee.~ of•. ~h~ba set up, and an arch plac.ed on them, o,n fiI st ; l~wmg made of planl", or board~, in imitation of Solo111on s Ternblock ",?orl\:, ill the centre of, ,vhich is, a I plc-:,and, kee,p!> mortice left for the reception of a key- t~~m 111 t.hat .po...,stone; the .Most Excellent ::Master takes I ~ltlOn willIe S1Dg~ the key-stone and steps up into a chair, mg these two vel'ses of the scng: and places it into the arch, and drives it Almighty Jehovah, down t.o its place by giving it six raps Descend now, and fill ',yith his ga,rel. This Lodge with thy glory, As soon as this ceremony is through, Our hearts \vith good~will ; all the bret11ren move around as before, Preside at our meetings, continuing the song: Assist us to Dnd Thcl'O is no more occasion True plea~ure in teaching For l(~vel or plum line, Good-will to mankind. For tro""d or gaYel, Thy '\visdolll inspired For. compass or square; 'rhe great Il1stitution ; As they come to these words, all the Thy strength shan support it brethren divest themselves of their jeV\rTill Nature e~pil'e, (~Is aprons, sashes, &:'c., and hang them on And ,,'hen the creation th~ al'ch as they pass i·oulld. Shall fall into ruin, Our ,yorks are completed Its heauty shall rise The ark. safely seated, ' 'I'hrough the midst of the fire. AmI we shall be greeted The brothers now all join hands as in As ,yorkmen most rare. opening, and ,,·bile in this attitude the The Ark, which all this time has been l\1a.ster reads the first four verses of the f:arried round by four of the brethren is seventh chapter of Chronicles, as fo11o'ws: ",brought for\'rard and placed OIl the alt~r Now ,,:'hell Solo~l1on had made ::m .end r and a pot of illCl~l1Se is placed on the arl~ of praylUg', the fire came down fr?m Now those that are 'wortl .. ~-IeaY(m, and co?~umcd the bun~t-oficrOur toils who have'} 1J"1 mg and the sacrlilceli; and the glory of •' , ' . S .;aI~(, the Lord filled tho hou!:e. And the priests An~l pro, eel theI?seh es faIthful, could 110t enter ir:to the homiC of the S~all :llcct theIr reward; Lord, because the glory of the Lord had TheIr VIrtue and l~nowledge, filled the Lord's house. Alid ' . . . hon aU Ind1.1str.r and Skll1, the children of Israel sa,,,,... how the fire Have our :;.pprobation- . came, down, and the' glory of the LOl'd Have gamed our good wl11. upon the house, they bO"l-yed themselves The brethren now all halt, and faco in· with their faces to the ground upon the ward to the altar, and beckon the candi- pnveme.nt, and worshipped, and praised


thQ Lord, saying, For He is good, [here the l\!aster, 'who is High Priest of the Chapter, kneels and joins hands with thc rest,] for his mcrcy endureth for ever. They all then repeat ill. concert the ,Yords, "For He is good, for his mercy endureth for eycr," six. times, each time bowing their heads low to'wards the floor. The members now balance six times, as i~l opening, rise and balance six times morc, then disengaging themselves from each other, take their seats. Master to candidate-Bt·other, your admittance to thi:; degree of l\lnl::ionl"Y is n proof of the good opinion the brethren of this Lodge entertain of your :Masonic abilities. Let this consideration induce you to be careful of forfeiting, by misconduct and inattenticn to our rules, that esteem which has raised you to the rank you now possess. It is one of your grent duties" as a Most Excellent Master, to dispense light ~nd truth to the uninformed Mason; and I need not remind you of the impossibility of complying" with this obligation without possessing anaCCllra,te acquaintance with the lectures. of each degree. If you are not already completely conversant ill aU the degrees heretofore conferred on you, remember that an indulgence, prompted bya belief that you will apply yourself with double diligence to make yourself so, has in~ duced the brethren to accept Jrou. !..iet it, therefore, be your unremitting study to acquire such a degree of knowledge


and information as shall enable you to discharge wit.h propriety the various duties incumbent on you, and to preserve unsullied the title now conferred upon you of a l\lost Excellent Ma.ster. '1'his charge closes the initiation, nnel a motion is generally made to adjourn, and close the Lodge. Master to tho Junior 'Var(1cn-Brother Junior, yon will please assemble the brethren round the ultar, for the purpose of cl08ins· this Lodge of ltIost Excellent l\Iasters. The brethren immcc1iateI J1' :t5semble round the altar in a circle. and kneel 011 tlle right knee, put their left armoR· over and join hands, a::; bC'fm..e. 'Vhile kneelh.1g in this positiOll, the l\Iaster reads thn following verses from the one hundred and thirty-fourth Psalm: Dohold, bless yc the Lord, .all ye Ser· vants of the Lord, '"hieh by 11ig'ht stand iu the house of the Lord. LiJ.t up YO~tr llands ill the sanctn:.t:ry and bless -the Lord. The Lord that made heaYCll and earth bless thee out of Zioll. The :Master then c10s08 tho circle as :iIi opening, ',,"hon they bala11cc six, rise itnd balance six times mor(', di8engaging their hands, and giving the signs from this degree do.. ",n,,,~ards, and he then declares the Lodge closed. . The engraving belo'V' shows the POSItion of·the brC'th~·en as they prostrate themselves round the aHar previouS to the delivery of the· charge.



The veils ,\ycre parted in the centre, and guarded by four guards, with dra,\yu swords. At the east end of the Tabernacle, lIugogni, Joshna, and Zerubbnbel usuully sat '-in grand council, to examinc all who ! whihed to be employed ill tbe noble and \ [;lOl~ious work of rebuilding the Temple. Sincc that time, cYcryChnptcr of Ro)"t'..l Arch Masons, properly formed, is a correct repreHcntation of tho T::'..bernnclo, and our engraving' 8ho\"8 the interior arrangement of a Chapter of the Royal Arch Degree.. 'l~hCf:e three l\Iost ExcellC'ut !\.Iasters, 011 their arrival, ,vere introduced to the Grand Council, (consisting' of the High Priest, King and Scribe,) and employed, furnished '\vith tools, and directcd to commence their labors at the north-cast corner of the ruins of the old Temple, and to clear away and remove the rubbish, in order to In)" the foundation of the nc\y. 'rhe Grand Council nIso gave thCIl1 strict ROYAL ARCH DEGREE. orders to preserve 'whate,~er should fall in A society of Royal Arell :Masons is their '\vay, (such as specimens of ancient ealled a Chapter, and not n Lodge, as in architc'cture, &0.) and bring it 'Up for the previous degrees. 'l'he several de- their inspection. Among the cliscoycries made by the grees of Mark .Master, Present or Pa~t Master, and :Most Excellent 1\Iol:;ter are three :I\1astcrs was a Eecrct· Yault in given only under the sanction of the which they found trcaSt1l'CS of great benRoyal Arch Chapter, and a Master l\fa- efit to the craft, &c. The ceremony of son who applies for these dcgreei:i, u::o;ually exalting companions to this degree is a enters the Chapter also, and sometimes recapitulation of the advcutlu'es of these the four degrees arc giv<m ut once. If he three M08t Excellent 1\1asters, and henco takes the. four he is only balloted for it is that three candidates arc llecessary once, viz., ill the l\Iark :Mastcr't! degree. for an initiation. A Chapter of Royal Arch :Masons conIt is a point of the Hoyal Arch degree not to assist, or be present, at the con- sists of nine officers, as follows: ferring' of this degree upon more~ or less 1. High Priest, or 1\Iaster. than three candid:.ttes at one· time. If 2. King, or Senior'Yarden. there are not three candit1atcs present~ 3. Scribe, or Jnnior 'Yarden. one or h .... o compallioll~, as the case mny 4. Captain of the Host, (as l\farslHl.l, or be, volunteer to represcnt candidates, Master of Ceremonies,) or Senior Den con. as to make the requisite number, or a 5. Principal Sojourner, ,vho rcpresellts U team," as it is technically styled, and th(· Junior Deacon. accompany the c<llldidate· or candidates 6. Hoyal Arch Captain, v\'ho represents through all the stnges of exaltation. the MaHtm' Overseer. At the destruction of .Jenu:al<.~m by 7. Grand Mastcr of the Third Veil, or Nebuchadn<:'zzar, three :Most I~x(~cllcllt Senior Overseer. :Maliters 'were carried captives to Bab;yS. Ora,nd ,Master of the Second Veil, or 10D, where they remained seventy yean.;, tTuniol' OYer~eer. and were liberated· by Cyrul', King of 9. Gral1d l\Ia~ter of the First Yeil. Persia. 'rhey l·<:~turned to Jerusalem to In addition to these, three ether emassist _in l'cbuilding the Temple, after cers m~e usuully prC~Eent, viz., a. Stcrc~ traveling o\·(~r l'ugged roads. on foot. tarv, a 'l'reasurer and tl. Tyler. r.rhey arrived at the outer veil of the Ta'1'11e officers and companions of the bernacle, which WfiS .erected near the Chapter being stationed as ill the cn~ ruins of the Temple. This tabernacle graving, tIle High Priest proceeds to busi.. ",vas all oblong square, inclosed by fOt'lr ness as follows: veils, or curtains, and divided into BepaHigh Priest-Companions, I am about rate apartments, by four cross veils, in- to open a Chapter of noyal Arcll l\!a cluding the ,vest end veil, or entrance. sons in tbisplace, for the dispatch of







all(l will thAnk you for your ther not of this degree, to retire, he gives attention nnd assistance. If th('re is anyone ra.p ,\-Yith the gavel, which brings up person present who is not tt companion the Captain of the Host. Royal Arch Mason, he is requested to re-I High Priest-Com panion Captai.n, the tire from the r00111. firHt care of congregated Masons? A.fter waiting for any stranger, or bro- "Captain (placing the palm of his ri,ght













hand to his forehead as if' to shalle his eycs-'l'o see the fl'a.bernaclc duly guarrded, .1\108t Excellent. [This duc-guard iii! explained hereafter.] High P~'iest-Attendto that part ofyoul" duty, and inform the Guard that we nrc about to open a Chapter of Royal Arch 1\[n80n8 in this })laco for the dispatch of busil1ct::ls; direct him to gnard accordingly. 'rhe Ouptain of the HO::lt stations the Guard at the outside of the door, gives him his orders, closes the door, and makes an alarm of three time8 three, 011 the illside, to ascertain that the Guard is on his post; the Guard answers by nine corresponding raps j the Captain of the Hm;t then give:; one, and Guard does the samo. The Uaptain then returns to his Ilost. Captain to High Priest-'rhe Chal)ter is duly guarded, Most Excellent. High Priest-How guarded? Captain-By a companion of this degree at the outer avenue, vdth a dra,\Yll sword in hhl haud. High Priest-His (luty tbcre 1 Captain-'ro ob8erve the approach of all cowans and eu.ve8-dropper8, and see that nGnc pa8s or l'cpas8, but such as nre duly qualified. High Pl'ic::it-Companions, ,YC win pc clothed. The companions place the furniture of the Chapter ill prop(~r order, clothe with their 'various je\ycls, robes, and badges of this degree, and draw aside the Yoils, ,,,hic11 brings the hall into 011e apartment, .alld re~Un1e their seats. '1"he High Priest then gives t\VO raps with the gavel, ,\.".hich brings aU the officers on their feet, while the following lecture is given, or question~ asked by the High Priest, and nns\vered by the Captain of the Host. High Priest-Companion Captain of the Host, nre y4u a Royal Arch l\!a.:son? Captfliu-I am, that I alI).. High Priest-How shall I know you to be n. Royal Arch Mason? Captaill-By three times three. High Prit'st-'Vhere was you made a Royal Arch Mm;on 1 Captain-Iu a jnst anel legally constid~ltt(Hi Chapter of Royal Arch 1\l8080n8, g'~Olll'1i;:;tiug of 1.\108t Excellent High Priest, King aud Scribe, Captain of the Host, Sojourner, Royal Arch Cap· ttLin, ancI the three Grand MaBter8 of the vdls, aS13embled in a room or place, repro· ~Lnting the· rrabernacle erected by our Ullciou t brethr(!n, near the ruins of' King Solomon's Temple. High Priest-\V'here is the High Priest stationed, and what nro his duties 1 Captain-He iB stationca in the

tum HnnctOl'Um. His duty, 'with tIle King and Scribe, ii:l to sit in the Grand Council, to form plans, and give directions to the 'Workmen. High Priest-The King's station and dtlty? Captain-Station, at the right hand of the High PricHt; duty, to aid him by his advice and counsel, and in his absence, to preside. High Priest-The Scrib~'s station and duty? Captain-Station, at the left hand of tho high priest; duty, to assist him nnd the King in the discharge of their duties, and to pl~eside, in their absence. High Priest-'I'he Captain of the Host's station and duty? Captain-Station, at the right hand in front of' Grand Council; duty, to receive orders, and see them duly executed. High I>riest-'I'he Principal Sojourner's station and duty? Captain-Station, at the left hand in front of Grand Council; duty. to bring the blind by a "'ay th~l.t they know not; to lead them in paths they hfwc not l~nown ; to make darkness light bt.·fore them, ::lllU crooked things straight. High Priest-The l~o;yal Arch Cap· tain's station and duty 7 Captain-Station, at the inner Yeil, or entrance to the sanctnm sanctorum; duty, to guard the same, and see that llone pass but such as are duly qualifi('d, and have the proper pass-words, and tl1e l:lignet of truth. High Pl'iest-'''''bat is tbe color of his barmer?

Captain-",Ybite, and is emblematical of that purity of heart, and rectitude uf conduct, which is essential to obtain admisl:;iou into the divine sanctum sancto· rum above. High Priest-The stations and. duties of the three Grand Masters of the veil~ 't Captain-Station, at the entrance ot their respective veils; duty, to guard the l:ltlmc, and see that none pass bu t l:luch :lS are duly qualified, and ill pol:lsession of the proper pass-words and tokens. High Prie8t-Y\that are the colors of their banners ~ Captain-rrhat of the third. scarlet; which is emblemntical of fervency and zeal, and the appropriate color of' the noyal Arch degree. It admonishes us to be fervent in the exercise of our devotions to God, and zealous in our onden· yors to promote tIle ll:.l.ppiness of nlcn. Of the second, purple; 'which being pro.. duced by a due 111ixture ofblne and scar·,

let, tIle former of which is the character




istic color of the symbolic, or three 垄>first of you; not because we have not power, degrees. It teaches ttS to cultivate and but to make ottrseh"es an ensample unt(, improye that spirit of harl'Ilony betweon YOll to follow us, &c. tllC brethren of the symbolic d('greelj, nno. After the reading, the High Priest, tho th.e companions of ttlC sUblime degt'e~B, King and the Scribe approach the altar ,vhich should over distillgui8h the mem- and take their places ill the circle, kneelberB of a society fcmndou. upon the prin- ing with tho rest, the King on the right, ciples of everlasting truth and univorsal and the Scribe on the left of tho High philanthropy_ Of the first, blue; the Pric~t. Each one now crOSSes his a.rms peculiar color of the three ancient, or a.nd gi'\"es his right hand to his left hand symbolical degrees. It is an emblem of companion, and hi~ left ha.nd to his right universal friend8hip and benevolence, hand companion. 'fhis constitutes tho and instructs us, th:''l.t in the mind of a Ih~il1g arch under which the Granel Om1Iason, those yirtnes should be as expan- nine Royal Arch 'Vord must be giveu, but it l11.'Il~tlll~o be given by three times siYe as the blue ~'l.rch of heaven itself. High Pricst-rrho Treasurer's statim.l three, as hereafter explained. 'l'he High Priest now whispers in the and duty? Capt.ain-Station, at the right hand in King'~ ear the pass-word, RABOSI. rear of the Captain of the Ho~t; his duty, T he King whispers it to the companion to keep a just and l'egular account of all on his right, al1d he to the next oue, and the property and funds of tho Chapter, so on until it comes l'ound to the Scribe, placed ill his bands, and exhibit them to who whispers it to the High Priest. the Chapter, when called upon for tbat High Priest-::-'rhe wora is right. rrhe companions now all balance three purposc. High. Priest-The Secretary'~ plaee in times three \vitll their arms; that is, they raise their ::trms and let them fan upon the Chapter? Cn.ptaiu-Station, at the left in rear of their knees three times in, concert, after tho Pdncipal Sojourner; his duty, to issue a short pause" three times more, and af, the ot'derl:l aud notifications of his supe- tel' another pause, thre!3 ti ruCl'l morc. rior officers, record the procecding8 of rrho)'" then rise nnd give all the signs thu Chapter to be ,vrittcn, to re- from the Entered Appre'lltle3 up to thi-; ceiYc all moneys due tho Chapter, and degree, after which they join in Hf}nads of pay thC'm OYer to tho rrrensurer. throe for giving the Orand Omnific Royal High Priegt-Guard's pla.ce and duty? Arch ',,"ord, as follows: Ench one takes Car)taill-Hi~ station is at the outer hold 'Yith lli~ right hand of the right avenue of the Chapti.;r; hi~ ditty to guard ...v rist of hi~ corona-nion on the left, and ng:tillst the approach of cowans and with his left hand takcH hold of the left eaves路dropp3rs, and suffer nOllO to pass, wrist of his companion on the l'ight.. or repass, out such as are duly qualitied. High Priest (addl'c~sing ilhe Chaptcr)Cl>mpanions, you will a8semble round the alta.r for the purpose of a~sh)til1g me in .opening a. Chapter of Royal Arch JrIasolls. All the members pl'esent (except tllC three principal officers) approach the altar, and, forming a circle, kUL'el, each upon his right knee. An opening in the circle iH left for the High Pl'iol:lt, thc ~illg, and the Scribe. 'rhe High PriCl:it rises and l ..:~ads from the Second Epistle of !>aul to the 'rhessalonians,chaptcr iiL, 'V. 6 to 18. Now we command you, brethren, in the of onr Lord Jesus Chrh;t, that yo withdl"aw.youri)~lvesfrom .evory brother. tlmt walketh disorderly, nod not after the tradition which ve receive,! of us. Itor yourselves kuow"how yo ought to follow us; !.:>r 'YO behaved not ourselvel:l disor- Each one then pIa,ces his right foot fordel"ly among you; neitlwr did we eat any ward with the hollo\\" in fi-<mt t:!o tlu.l.t the )nan's bread for naught; but wrought toe touches the heel of' hiH companion on with labor and travail night and (lay the right. This is called'" three times tha.t wo might not be chargea.ble to three," that is, three right foet forming a




three of tllCtrl, a companion or compan· ions volunteer to make the trio. as not les8 than tllne can pCl'fonn the cer~mo· nics. The three take oft' their coats, \vhen the Principal Sojourner tics ban.. dages over their eyes, and taking a long rope, coUl:) it sevell times rou11<.1 the body of (~ach, leaving' about three feet slack behveell. He theu proceeds ,,,ith them to the door of the Chapter and gives seven distinct knocks. Captain (risil1g')-rl'here is an alarm nt the door, Most Exccllcll t. High Pric8t-Attend to the cause of it, and see '''ho comes there. The Captain of the Host goes to the <1001' and raps on it nine times. The Principal Sojourner, outt-dde, ansv<;ers this. by thrt'e times three, and then gives one rap, which the Captain answers by one, and then partly opens the door. Captain-\Vho comes there 1 .............. Jall. buh Principal Sojourner-Three worthy lUll _. -. brothers, who liave been iIlitiatec1, pass· ............................ Jah ed, and raiscd to the sublime degree of bulL .... _ lun. Master l\!::U:iOllS, advanced to the honor· ~.e:_ ..•_..••-•• :: Jh.eO•••••• : ••~~~ ••••. ·.·.'h'aob.. ary degree of l\lnrk :Muster, presided a5:\ __ _ __ _ __ Master in the chair, and, at the comple,-ah....•.•..... _. _ .••... _. . . • . tion alld dedication of the Temple, were ........................ _..... Je • received and ackno'\vledged 1\1ost Exec'l· 110 •........... vah. leut Masters j and now ""vish for further G .•.• _••• __ •• 0 •••••••••••• cl light in l\Ia~onry, by being exalted to the ............... G ..•••....•.. 0 august sublime degree of the Holy Uoyal <1. •••••••••••• Arch. . ......................... _.... G Captain to candidates-Is it of )"'our o d. O'Wll free will auLl. accord you lllake this After the 'word is thus given, the High request 1 Priest iuqnires if the word is rigl1t 1 Pirst Candidate-It iE(. Each squad replies that it is right. Captain to Principal Soj0t11"1lCl'-Aro rl'he officers and companions resume they duly and truly prepared? their Sl:'ats. 'l~he High Priest raps three Principal Sojourller-The;y are. times with his guvel,the King repeats it, Captain-Have they made suitable pro· as also tIle· Scribe j this is done three I ficienc)" in the preceding degrees! times. l)rincip:tl Sojourner-'l'hey llaye. High Priest (rising)-I no'w declare this Captain-By what further right, or Chapter of I-toyal Arch MatJons opened benefit, do they expect to gain admiH8ioll in due 311d ancient form: 311d I hereby to this of Royal Arch l\Iason8? forbid all improper COlldllct whereby the Principal Sojourner-B,Y the beuefit of peace and harmony of this Ohapter may a pa8S. be (U~turbed, under no less penaltiC's than Captain-Have tl1ey that pass? the by·laws, or n majority of the Chapter Prhlcipal SojoUl'l1cr-rl'hey have it not, lUay see fit to inflict. but I have it for them. High Prioflt to Captain of the HOF;tCaptain-Advance, and give it. Companion Captain, pl(~asc to inform the I)rincipal Sojourner Whispers ill his ear Guard that the Chapter is open. ·tbe ',,"ord RABONI. rrhe Captain proceeds on this duty, ~ Captait"l-Thc word is right; )·Otl ","Oill " ..hile the Secretary reads the minutes of wait a time, until the l\fo~t Excellent the last meeting. Should there be any High Priest be informed of their l'cquest, candidat(~s to ballot for, this if) the first alld his ans'wer rdurned. business in order. If one or more candiThe Captain of the Host closes the dateliare waiting ,,,ithout, the Principal door, and returns to his place in the Sojourner goes -to the preparation room Chapter, gives the alarm, which 18 an.. to. get them l'eadj"'. If there arc not swercd by the High Priest,who asks the

triangle, three left hands forming" a triJ:1ngle, and three right hands forming a triangle. In this position each rcpeat~ 1he follO'\Ying: As 'we three did agree, In peace, love, and unity, Th<;l Sacred '\Vordto keep, So we three do agree III peacp, love, and unity, 'l.'he Sacred 'Yord to search; Until we three, Or three such af:! ,Ye, shall agree '1'0 do:::c this Ro)'al Arch. They then balallce three times three, bringing the right hand with some via· lCl1ce dO,\Yl1 upon the left. The right hands then raised above their heads, and the word, Juh~buh·lun Je·ho·vah, G-o-d, are giVC'Il at ]o\\, breath, each com· panion prollouncing the syllables or let· t0l'S alternately, as follows: JaIl buh lun.



same questions, and. receives the same I and never unto him, or them, 'W"hom I answers from the Captain 'of' the Host, as shall hem' so to· be, but him and them 'were asked and given at the qoor. only whom I shall find so to be, after High Priest-Since this il:l t.he case, you strict trial and. due examination, or law"....i1l1et them cuter this Chapter of Royal ful information given. .f\.l"ch :Masons, and be l'eceivedunc1er a I furthermore promise and swear, that Living A r c h . . I will not wrollg this Chapter of Royal The Captain of the Host goes to the Arch 1\lasons, or a companion of this de· dnor, opens it and says-It is our MOHt gree, out of the value of anything, mY4 Excellent High Priest's order, that the I self, nor suffer. it to be done by others, if candidates enter this Chapter of Royal! in my power to prevent it. Arch :Ma80ns, and be received under a I furthermore promisc and swear, that Living Arch. I will not reveal the keJ? to the ineffable Principal Sqjourner (leading the candi- characters of this degree, nor retain it in dates by the rope)-Comptl,l1iOllS, you will my possessioll, but ·will· destroy it whenfollow me. [Leads them in.] I will bring ever it comes to my sight. . the blind by 11 way thcy know not; .I l\'ill I furthermore promise and swear, that lead them in paths they have not known; I will not speak the Grand Omnific Royal I 'Yill make darkness light before them, Arch ,yord, which I s11a11 hereafter rf:la.nd crooked things straight.rrhese things ceive, in any manner, except in that in will I do unto them, and will not forsake which I shall receive it, which will be ill them. Stoop low, brethren: he that hum· the presence of' three companions Royal bleth himself, shall be exalted. . Arch l\fasoD8, myself making one of thc Meantime the brethren, or companions number; and thtm by three times three, of the Chapter, form two liues facing each under a living arch, ~nd at low breath. other, from the door to the centro of ~he I furthermore promise and swear, that roolU, and each oue takes hold nn(1 locks I ''''ill not be at the exaltation of candi~ hi)) fingers with those of hhl opposite com- dates in a clandestirw Chapter, nor conpaniou. As the candidates puss under verse upon the SecretH of this degree this Living Arch, each couple place their \vith a clandestinc nutde .1\1a80n, or with knuckles upon the necks and backs of one ·who 1mB been ex.pelled or suspended, the candidates, kneading them pretty while uuder that !:lentence. hard sometimc$, and prostrating them on I furthormore promise and swear, that the floor. 'l'hus they hav'C a goou· deal I will nut assist; or be preseut at the e:x:~ of' difficnlty in forcing theil' ""vay through. altation of a candidate to this degree, 1Vhen they do get through they are first who has not received the degrees (If.Enconducted round the Chapter, and then tored Apprentice, Pellow Ct'aft, l\1aHter to the altar, where they must kneel to J\htsOll, Mark l\Iaster, Past l\1a.l:it(~r, and receive the obligation. l\1ostExcellent. Ma:.;ter. Principal Sojourner to the candidatcsI furthermore promise and s',,"ear, that Brethren, as you advance ill Masonry, I will not be at the exnltatioll of more nor your obligation becomes nlore bindhlg. les8 than three cUl1uhhttes, at one and the You are now kneeling at the altar for the same time. seventh time; and about to ta-ke a HOI furthermore promise and swear, that leron oath, or obligation, which, like YOl1l' I willllot be at the forming or opclling of former obligations, is not. to iuterfere ,vith a Chapter of Royal Arch. Ma::;oll~, unless the duty you owe to yom" country, or there be present !linc Royal Arch l\la1\laker. . If' you. are willing' to proceed, sons, myself l1ln.kin g one of that number. you will repeat your ehrh;tian and StU'· I furthermore promise and s".. . eal', that llames, and say af'tCl" me: I 'Yill not speak e,-il of a companion I, John Smith, of Illy own free will Royal Arch Mason, behind hi8 back, nor and accord, ill presence of Almighty God, before his face, but will apprise him of .and this Chapter of Itayal Arch .Masons, aU approaching danger, if in my}{Jwer. erected to God, and dedicated to ZerubI furthermore promise and swear, that babel, do hereby and hereon, most so- r will support the Constitution of the lemulyand sincerely promise and swear, General Grand Royal .Arch Chapter of in addition to my fonnel" obligationH, that the United Statcs of America; together I will not reveal the secrets of this de- with tlUtt of the Grand Chnptel· of this grec to any of un inferior degree, nor to Stt;1te, under 'which thIs Cluipterilholden; any being ill the ItIlo\vn world, except it 'th:'l.t I \'l/i11 Htn.l1d tn, and ltbide. by all the be to a trl16 and lawful companion Royal by~la,,'s, rules, and reftula,'fthis ArehMaliloIl, or withil1 the body of a just Chapter, or of any other Chapter otwhich and legally constituted Chaptor of such; I ma.y hereafter become a. member.



around the Chapter, and then again di~ rected to kneel, while the Principal So· j Ol1rner reads the following prayer: Supreme and im;crutible Architect of univer:;al Nature, who, by thine .Almighty word, didst speak into behlg the :-.tupentmy. dOlls ai'ell of heaven, and for the instruc· I furthermore promise and swear, that Hon and pleasure of thy ratiol1al creaI 'vill not strike a companioll Royal Arch tures, c1idst adorn 111; 'with greater and 1\lason, so as to draw his blood, in anger. lesser lights, thereby magnifying thy I furthermore promise and 8We-Ul', that power, and endearing thy goodncss unto I 'will employ a companion Royal Arch the SOIlS of men, we humbly adore and :t\1asoll, ill pl'eference to any othcr pertion ,vorship thine tmspt'akable perfection. of equal qualifications, 'Vo bless thee, that, when man had fallen . I furthermore promise and s'\"ear, that from his innocence and his happille~s, I will assist Do companion Royal Arch thou didst leave him the powers of rea:Mason when I sec him· engaged in any soning, and capacity of iInpro'Vemcnt and difficulty, and will c:;pouse hi::; cause so pleasure. ',ve thank tht~e, that, amidst far as to extricate him from the same, the pains and calamities of our present whether he be right or wrong. state, so many means of refreshment and I furthermol'c promise and l:f\,~ear, that satisfaction are reserved to us, ,,,,hile traI '\.vill keep aU the flecrets of a companion veling the rugged path of life; especialRoyal Arch Mason (when communicatt~d ly would ,Ye, at this time, render thee to lIle as such, or I knowing them to be our thanksgiving and praise for the insti· such,) without exceptions. tution, as members of which ,ve arc, at I ftl.rthel'rnore promise and swear, that thi~ time, assembled, and for all the pleaIwill be aiding and a:::<l:iistillg' all poor Hud surcs we derived from it. 'Ve indigent companions Ro~ral Arch :Masolls, thank thee, that. the few here assembled their wido'V8 and Ol'pfW,llS, \vhcresoever before thee, h:1VC been favored with new dispersed around the globe; they making indnceIllents, and been laid under new applicn.tion to m.e as such, and I iiuding and stronger obligations of virtue and thclllworthy, and can do it without any holiness. Ma.y tlwse obligati~ns, 0 bless· material il'jury to myself or fam.ilY'. eel }~athcr! have their full eft'ect upon us. '1'oa11 '\.'VlllCh 1 do 1110st solcmnlyund sin- Teach us, we pray thee, the true rcve.. cert'ly promise and swear, \vith u firm and renee of' th)" great, mighty, a.nd terrible ste:'LLlfast resolution to keep aIHI perform name. Inspire U~ ,yUh a :firm and UIlthe sume, without any equivocation, men· sl1aken resolution in our ·vil'tl.1oll8 pur.. tal-l'es~l'\-3.tioll, or self-evasion of mind in snit::;, Givo us grace diligently to to:ettrch me whatever; binding ll1;s..-~elf under 110 thy ,Yord in the book of nature, ,,"vherein less penalty, than to havcmy skull smote the dntics of our high vocation nre incul· off,and my brains exposed to the scorch- cated ,,,,ith di-vine authority. :May the soing raJ's of the mel'idia.l1 Hun 1 should I lenmity of the ceremonies of our institu· lUlOwingly or wilfully violate or tram;- Uoo be duly impressed on our minds, and gress an,Y part of this my solemll oath or ha\~e a happy and lUl:iting dft:ct.OIl our obligation of 0. Royal Arch Maso11. So Hycs I 0, thou, ,vho didst afol'etime uphelp me God, and keep me steadfast in pear unto thy servant Mos('s ill a flame of the due performance of the same. fire out of the midst of a bush, eukindle, Principal Sojourncl'-Ki8S the book ,ye beseech thee, in each of our llcart~. a seven thnL's, flame of devotion to thee, of love to 'l'he candidate kisses. the book as di- each othC'l', and of charity to all mnnrected. kiud! May ::\.11 thy Inirach s a~~d mighty Principal Sojoul'ner-Compar.ions, you works fill us with thy drcad, nIHl tly will arise and follov'.,r me. POl' although goodDes:; impre-ss us v\ ith a love of thy you .are obliguttd !loyal Arch ~la~on8,. llOly name! .May Holiut::ss to the LOld yet a£ the l:itcrets of this degree are of I be cngraven upon ullour thoughts. inDllitely more impol't.ance than any that I word~, and action~! l\lay the in(~e1l8e of precede it, it is necessary that you should I piety ascel1d continually Ul.lto thee, from . travel through rough alld 'l'uggell wn,Ys, the altar of our hearts, al'::d burll day aDd au {I... p. u.'$l::\'. thl' many. trial!:!, in tcsti-Illight, as a sacrific.~ of a sweet 1:!nl.-eUing mony of YOUt· fidelity to the Order, be· savort · well pleasing unto thee I .And i'ore you can be instructed in· the more l:line.e sin hali destroyed \vithin us the important s~cretH of this degree. first temple of purity and innocence,may rl~he cD.Ilwdates conducted ODce thy heavenly grace guide and assist us ill. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will answer and obey all due signs and summonses, 11anded, sent, or t111'o,,'n to me from a Chapt(~r of Royal Arch M3osons, or from a companion Royal Arch .1\1ason, if within the length of my cable·





rebuilding a. second temple of reforma., sent to them by his messengers, because tion, and may the A'lory of this latter he had compassion on his people, and on house be greater tha.n the glory of the his dwelling place. ~ut they mocked former!· Amen, so mote it be. the messengers of God, and despised his Principa.l Sojourner-Companions, arise word, and mhmsccl his prophets, ulltil the and follow me. wrath of the Lord arose against bis peaHe now conducts them once around the pIe, till there was no remt>dy. Therefore Chapter, during which time he' from he brought upon them the King of the the text·book the first six. verses of' the Chaldees, '\vho slew their young men ,Yith third chapter of' Exodus = the sword, in the house of their sanct1.1Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro bis ary, and had no compassion upon young father-in law, the pri<.~st of l\Iidian; and men or maidens, old men, or him that 11e led the flock to the back side of the stooped for age; he gave them all into desert, and came to the mountain of God, bis hand. And all the vt'ssels of the bouse ()Ven to Horeb. And the angel of the of God, great and small, and the treasures Lord appeared uuto him in u. flame of fire of'the house of' the ·Lord, and the trea· out of the midst of a bush; and he look- sures of the king, a11d his prhlces; all , cd, and behold, the bush burnc(l with fire, these he brought to Babylon. And they , and the bush was not consumed, &c. burnt the house of God, and brake down 'l'he reading of thc:re versos is so timed the ,vall of Jerusalem, and burnt all the that just 'Yhen they are :(ini~hed the can- palaces. thereof with :tire, and destroyed didates have arrived ill fl'ont of a repre- all the goodly vessels thereof. And them sentaHon of the burning bush, placed in that had escaped fror.n the sword carrh·d a corner of the Chapter; when the' Prill- he RV\'?uy to Babylon; where they were cipal Sojourner directs them to halt, and servants to him and his sons, until the slips up the banda,ges from their eyes. reign of the kingdom of Persia. One of the members now pCI'KOnlttes ''"hen the Principal SojouI'uer n.n'ives the Deity, behind the bush, and calls out at that pa.rt of the above rending which :Moses! Moses! alludes to the Chaldees killing the young Pdneipal Sojourner (answering fo:.' men \vith the srvol'd, the companions of candidate-~)-HereI 11lU. the Chapter begin to l1lal~e all sorts of Companion behind the busb-Druwnot queer and une:.u'thly noises, such as roll· nigh hither: put off thy shoes from oif thy ing canllon balh; 011 tho fiool', chtshing old feet, for the place whereon thou stal1d<;st SWOl'<1S, discharging pistols, shouting, is holy ground. I am the God of thy f'n· groaning', \Yhistlillg', stamping, thro,,,ing thers, the God of Abraham, tho God of dovv"n bellchc~, &c, rrhis nol~e contiuues Isaac, and the God of J aeob. dnring thol'emainder of the reading, the Principal Sojou.rner directs the candi- object being to l'opresent the siege and dates to kneel, and he covers their f::wes destruction of Jcrusalenl, During this again, and then says-And Moses 11id his confusion the t.hree candidates are ~;iezed, face, fOl" he W3.'i afraid to look upon God. thrown upon the floor, bound hand and Princip;'l..I Sojourner to caudidateo- foot and carried. bodily int.o the preparaArise, and follow me. tiOll room, when the door is closed. He then leads them three times around In a few nlinlltcs the comp~nions bethe Chapter, during ,vhich time he reads gin to shout, U IILlrral1 for the captives !" from the text-book Chronicles, chapter repeating it several times. xxvi., verses 11 to 20: Captain of the ,Host goes and opens the Zedekiah was one-and-twenty years old door and S:lys-Con1~ forth! you are at when'he began to reign, and he reigne(l liberty to return! for Cyrus has issued eleven years in Jerusalem. And be ditl his proclamation to build a. second Tem-. that which wal:! evil in the sight. of the pie at JCl'u!:lalem. Lord his God, and humbled 110t himself Principal Sojotlrner (who is with the before Jercmin.h the prophet, l'3pealdng caudidates)-\Vill ~.rottread the .·l1roc!::tft'omthe mouth of tho Lord. Aud he maHon? nlso rebelled against King NehuchadllezCaptain of the Host rctl.ds the first zar, alld stitfcued his neck, and hardened three ver8es of the first chapter of Ezra" his heart from turning unto the Lord God as follows: of Isruel. Moreover, 1\11 the chief of th~ N ow in the nrst year of Cyrus, King of 1)rit.'\8ts and the people tra,nsgressed very Persia, the· Lord stirred up the spil'it of much, after all the abominatiolls of the Cyrus, King of Persia, that he made a probuathen, and polluted the bouse of the clamation thl"Oughout aU· his· kingdom, J.Jord,which he had lu..Uo'\.V(·(] in Jerusa- and put it also in ,,-riting,$aying:'l'hus lew..· And the Lord God ot' their fathers saith Cyl-US, Xing· of Persia, 'the Lord



God of Heaven hath given me aU the abead, whicl1 lays directly in onr way. kingdoms of the earth, and he bath Defore ,va attempt to pass it, we must charged me to build him an house at J e· kneel down and pray. !Reac1sPsalm cxli.1 Lord, I cry unto thee; make haste un rusalem, which is in Ju~ah. "'\\"1'ho is there among you of :lll his people 7 His to me; give car unto my voice. Let my God be with him, and let him go up to pl'ayer be set forth befol'c thee as in('.ense: fl. Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build t the bouse of the Lord God of Israel, '\yhich is in Jerusalem. . Captain of' the Host-'Vhat say you 'to the proclamation? are you "aIling to go np to J erusalem ~ Principal Sojourner (consnlting candi· dates)-Yes, we are willing to go, but 'YO ha,"e no pass·word whereby to make our· selves known to the brethren ,vhen we get there. 'Yhat shall we say to them ~ of the Host reads verses 13 and 14 of the tbird chapter of Exodus: And 1\10888 said unto God, Behold! when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of YOU1' fa.thers hath sent me unto you, and they shall 8ay to me, 'Vhat is his name 1 what shall I say to them 1 :And God said unto l\foses, I A~I THAT I Al\I: And thus thou s11alt say unto the chih'lren of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. 'Ve were directed to use the words, "I ,Allt 'tHAT I AJf," as a pass·word. Principal Sojourller--'\Ve will go l1p. Compunions, you 'Yill follow me: .our pass.,Yord is, 1 AM THAT I Al't!. As they enter the Chapter, they af,rain pass under the Living; Arch. Principal Sojourner-Stoop low, bre· thren. He that humbleth himself shall be exalted. On oue side of the 113.11 or Chapter, the Living Arch is formed, as before de· .scribe(l; on the other side is ,vhat is called tho rugged l·oad. This is generally made of blocks and logs of wood; old chairs, benches,&c. Thecompaniolls "'ho form the Living Arch press hard,or on the candidates each time "they go thl'Oltgh, and they now go througb· three tiu:1es. 'Yhile pa~8ing thrOUg3, the Principal Sojourner says: Principftl Sojoul"l1Cr- rl'his is the way m;a.l1y~.rc:;:~!t sud good meu have tr~n·eled . , ',Y'()~; ~lCYer deeming it derogatory :irdlgmty to level themsehr(~s 'with ,:t~ . ;.•.' " ' ruit.y •. I. have oftel1. travelec1 this ~ba: .)'IOU}·· Babylon to Jerusalem, ~mcl g'(:.\nerallyund it rough andl'ugged. How: ever,! tbink I never savv' it much smootherthau it is at the present time. i The candidates after passing the Living J . 'Arch, stumble over the rugged l'o~td, and arri"l"c the e.ntrance of 'the arch.. Principal Sojourner-Companions, here is .a very difii@ult and dangerous place



and the liftingnp of my hands as the eve1ling sacrifice. Set a watch, 0 Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of nlY lips. Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to P'ractico wicked works with men that work iniquity. Let the righteous smite me . it shall be a kindness: and let him repl~ove me; it shall be an excellent oiL Mine eyes arc unto thee, 0 God, the Lord: ' in thee is my trust; leave not my soul destitute. Keep me from the snare '\'\.·hich they have laid before me, and the gillS of the work~rs of iniquity. Let the ,...· jcked full into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape. The candidates rise and again pass undel" the Living Arch and over the rugged road. They then kneel again. Principal Sojourner- Let us pray. [Reads from text·book P~alm cxUi.] I cried unto the Lord with my voice i with my 'Voice unto the Lord did I make my l'Iupplication, &c. 'rIley then pass round the third time as before, when the candidates again kneel. Principal Sojourner reads Psalm cxliii. from the text-book: Hear my prayer, 0 Lord, give car to my supplications j in thy faithfulness ans\ver me, and ill thy righteommeS8, &c. Principal Sqjonrner-"\Ve have now a1'rived in sight of the ruins of tho old rrempIe, near the outer veM of the 'rabernacle. The companions now put up the veils throughout the hall, as se(~n ill the engra,"ing, aud the offie~~rs (except tile Princi· pal Sojourner) take their seats. Principal Sojourner makes an alarm by stamping lline times on the floor, 'which brings out the l\IaHter from the };'il'st Veil.

l\Iastp-l"ofl!"'irstVcil-"'\VhocomcHtherc'j 'Vho dares approach this ontL'r Veil of our sacred Tabernacle? 'Vho are you? Pl'incipnl Sojourncl'-Tlu'\;e wearytra· veler8 from Ba,bylon. J\'Iaster of ]'irst V'eil-"\Yhat are your intentions? Principal Sojourner-'\Ve have come to assist in the noble ~tnd glorious work of' rebuilding the house of the Lord, \yithout the hope of fee or re\vard. 1\.!aster of First Veil-How do you expect to enter here? Principnl .So.d. O.1:. rn.C'l'-BY a"Yord that '''w'e receIved lU Babylon. J\.faster of Fir1:lt Veil-Give it to me. Principal Sojouruer-I Al\! 'I'HAT I .A~r. Master of I!.. . irst Vdl-rrhe p:uu; is right. You ha"-8 my permis$ion to ellt(:r. rrhe· candidatC's no'''· enter the First Veil, when' the bandages al'e removed from their e y e s . . Master of First Veil-You surely could


not have come thus far unless you were three Most Excellent Masters; bu.t further you cannot. go, without my words, l;igu, :tlld word of exhortatioll. My "yor~s are, Shem, Ham, ~tud Japbet; my sIgn IS this. [holding ont a cane,] in imitatioll of one giyen by God to l\!oseR, when he commanded him to cast his rod upon the ground thus, [cal:!ting do'wn the ca~e,] and it became a Sel-pCl1t; but puttmg forth his hand, and taking it up by the tail, it became a rod in his hand as be-

fore. l\Iy word of exhortation is explalltltory of this sign~ and is to be found in the writings of l\1osel:l, viz.: the first verses of the fourth chapter of Exodus: And the Lord said unto l\Iosl'H, \Vhat is that in thy haud? And he li\aid, A rod. And the Lord said, Cast it on the ground, all(l he it, autI it became :t ~erpellt; and Moses fled from b.dore it, &c. Principa.l Sojourner-OompH-Ilion!;, "'0 have pUHsed t'he tirst guard, and will make an alarm at the SecolldVcil. [Stamps on the floor, :.18 before.] l\1as;ter of Second Veil-\Vho comes there? \YItO dan>s approach thi::l Second Veil of our s:lcred 'Tubernncle? Principal Sojonrner-Three "-earv sojourners from 'Babylon, who have come to assist in rebuilding the 1101.1se of the Lot'd, without the hope of fee or l'c,vard. l\:taster of S(~condVeil-How do J'mt ex.pect to enter the. Secoll11 Ycil1 Principal Sojourner-By·thew('n~ds, sign, and word of exhortation of the Ml,l.atel' of the First Ve:H. :Master of Second Veil-Give them. Principal Sojourner-Shem, Ham and Japhet. [Gives the ~ign lJy castillgdown a cane and taking it up by· tl,.• ~.eel.,ld', ;1$ b.e,".. f01,'e explained.] .~ . l\Ia.'\ter of Secon(l Yeil-Thcyn:rerigllt. You have my pm'luil:ision to Gll~er theSecond Veil. The candidates, led. byilW Principal Sojourner, pass ill. . .'~ .' •.. . . . ; l\1aHter of Second Yen--:-Thre~l\-rost Excellent l\fasters yOt1.musthavobeen, . or thus far you could not havccom~ i




not believe in the two former signs, thou shalt take the water of the -river and pour it upon dry laud; and the watel' shall become blood upon the dry land.w l\laster of Third Veil-l also present ~i"Ou with the Signet of Truth, which is that of Zerubbabel. [Pr(~sents a triangular piece of metal with ZER-unnA..BEL engraved on it.] Principal Sojourner to candidatesCompanions, \ve have now passed the Third Veil: let us lllake all alarm at the }'ourth. [Stamps as before.] Royal Arch Captain-"rho comes there? "Vbo dares approach the Fourth Veil of our sacred 'l'abernacle, where incemm burns, da.yand night, upon the holy a.ltar? 'Vho are you, and what are your intentions 1 Principal Sojourner-Three ,veary sojourners from Babylon, who have come up thus far to aid and assh;t in the noble and glorious work of rebuilding the house of the Lord, without the hope of fce or re,vard. Royal Arch Captain-How do you expect to cnter this Fourth Veil of our sacred rl'abernacle 1 Pl'il1cipal Sojournel'-By the words, sign, and \vord of exhortation of the :Mas.. tel' of the Third Veil. Royal Arch Captain-Give them. Principal Sojoul'uer-Huggai, Joshua and Zerubbnbel. [Pours a little water from a tumbler, or cup, upon the floor, ex路 for the sign.]

but further yon cannot go without my words. sign, and word of exhortation. .My words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoniram; my sign is this, [thrusting his hand ill his bosom;] it is ill imitation of one given ~ by God to Moses, j ;he cOtnmand(~d him to "C> thrmit hi~ hand into h,is 1,' . , ~ bosom, and taking it out \' it became as leprous a s : l snow. My word of ex-' :/~ hOl'tation is explanatory I' of thi::; sign, and is found I F in the writings of Moses; , viz.: fourt\;). chapter of Exodus: And the Lord said unto MOSCH, Put now thine ha.nd into thy bosom ; and he put his hand in his bosom; and \y hen he took it out, behold his ,~~ band was leprous as snow &c. ?dllcipal Sojouru(,l'-C~mpaniom~.we '\'Vll.l pa8~ ou, antI m::tk e an alarm at the t"J.'llird Veil. (Stamps nine times.] Malo!ter of the rl'hird Veil-'V'ho comes there? 'Vho dare this rrhird Veil of on\' sacred Tabernacle? . Pl'illcip~l Scuonrncr-1'hree weary soJotu'uet'.'; trom Babylon. '\vho have come to a.:;si~t in the relJililding of the house of the Lord, \vit1J.out the hope of' fee 01' re路

Whenlfj' ..

ward. :Matlter of Third Veil-How do


pect to enter 1 .. Principal Sojourner-By the words, sign, and word of' exhortation of the 1\lo,stel' of the Second Veil. 1\J aster of 'Third Veil-Gh'C them. Principa.l S(U0l.lrner-Sht'Ul, Japhet and Adonil'am. ('l'hr118ts biH hand into his bo, ~om as Ma.Htl'l" of Second Vc:il had done.] Mastel' of Third Veil-They are right. You can enter the '1'11i1'd Veil. 'l'he caudidates enter. Master of rrhird Veil to candidatesThree Most ExcellcIlt Masters vou must .have bc(m, or thus far you could not have corne. Bn t you cannot go further with路 out my \VOl'til:l, sign, aud word of e:..hortation. lHy \vords arc Haggai, Joshua and Zel'uhbabcl. lrly Sigll is this: [Holds out a tumbler of ,yater and pours out a little ROj"al Arch Captain-They are right. on the floor.) It is in hnitutiol1 of oue You have my permission to enter the given hy God to }\fo:-cs, ,~yhell be Pourth Ven. rn::tIldt~d him topOU1' water upon the dry 'rhe Veils nre now drawn asidt:.~, and land, al1d. it became. blOOd.. of l\'lythis ' .... ord. of I light, the candidates m.l1id8tPriest, fl.. d, aZ.Z,'l...i.l.l,.g. exhortation is explanatory sign, and beholdent.e1' the High King and h.; found in the writing-l:1' of Mosus, and Scribe sitting in Grand Council. The viz.: the fourth chapter of Exodus: light is usually made by igniting gum And it shall come to pass, if they will c:l.mphor in an urn upon tne altar. ",



Royal Arch Captain-Three l\Iost Excellent l\lasters you must have been, or thus f3.r you could not have come, r will present)"'ou to the Grn.nd Council. [Stamps hi~ foot nine times.) High Priest-\Vhocomeshere 1 Principal Sojourner-Three weary sojourner;; from Babylon, who have come ttl) thu:; far ta aid. and assist in rebuilding the house of the Lord, without the hope offs3 or reward. High Priest-Have you the signet of Zerl1bbabel? Principal Sojourner-We have. [Pres'mts the signet given him by Master of rrbird Veil.} High Priest takes it, and reads from the second chapter of Haggai: In that day will I thee, 0 Zerub路 babe'l, my servant, the sou of' Shealticl, sa.ith the Lord, and will make thee a signot: for I have chosen thee. High Priest to King (showing him the sigllet)-Companion, arc you satisfied th:.:tt thh; L, the signet of Zerubbabel? King(taking the signet, and scrutinizing it)-I am satisfied, l\1ost Excellent, that it i:;.

High Priest (showing signet to Scribe) -0::nU;)311iol1 Scribe, think yOll thi~ hl

the tl'lW 8ign~t of Zerubbabel? Scribo (looking shrewdly at it)-I am satisfieu that it is, :Most Excollent. High Priest (drawing signet across his forehead ill imitation of the penalty, or duc~g'ual'd)-Signet of Truth, and Holille:;~ to thl~ Lord! Til3 King and the Seribc each in turn pnts his htl.udto hi::; forehead, repeating-Holiness to the Lord. High Priest to candidates-It is the opinion of the Grand Council, that yOll h~wc pres':l1tcd the true signet of Zornbb:lrbel. B:'lt owing to difficulties ha.ving arlsl~n from the introduction of strang(~rs among tho workmen, 110no arc allowed to u:.ldertaka in the noble and glorious work, but the trtle descendants of the t.vclve tribes. It is nece8sary you shoultl b.e ve,:y pa.rticular in your g:.mealogy. 'Vho are you, and what are your intentions? Pducipal Sojourner-\Vc are your O\~'n kindl'ed, the tb~cendants of tho~e noble families of Gil>lernites, who "Wrought so lard at the bnild:ng of the first 'rcmple. 'Va have been reglliarly initiated as Enbr.;Hl Apprcntic3 Masons, passL'd to the d2gr~e of li'ellow Ct'aft, raised to the sub路 lime degree of :1\1a8ter 1\fa80n, ad v'ance<1 to tho honorary degree of :Mark .Master, presided .0.$ Master in the chair, and at

the completion and


of the



Temple, were acknowledged as Most Excelleut 1rlasters. 'Ve were present at its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar, and by him were c.arried away captives to BabyIon; ",.here we remained servants to him and his successor::;, until the reign of Cyrus, King of Persia, by whose proclamation we 'Were libel'ate-d, and have come up thus far to aid and assist in tlle noble and glol'ioUlol work of rebuilding the house of the Lord, without the hope of fee or reward. High Priest-Let the captives be un路 bound, and broqght to light Comi>anion King, r think we had bl~tte' employ theae sojourners. They look like good hardy men: just such men as we "'taut about the building. . 'Vhat say you? King-It is my opinion, l\JostExcellent, they are very expert I wish they might bl"! examined. High Priest-'Vhat is your opinion. companion Scribe? Scribo-If they can satisfy us they are Free Masons, I ~hal1 be ill favor of employing them immediately. High Priest-You say you are Entered Apprentic:J Masons? Satisfy the Gra.nd Council. 'rhe three candidates give the sigrll of Entered Apprentice, as on page 7. High Prkst to King and Scribo-Com. panious, .are you sath;tied? rrhe King bo'ws gl':l.<:cfttll;y.and the Scribe allswers-'\Vc nrl.,;\ satisfied, 1\loit Excellent. High Priest to candidates-The Grand Council arc satisfied that YOU are Entered Apprentice l\1a~ous. {lave you been advanced to the Pc llow Craft's degree ~ Candidates giyc the lj'leltow Craft signs as on page 2'2, when the High Priest a:;k.s hi:, (路ompa.uiollS of the Grand Council if they are satisfied, as before. and then informs tho caudid:.ttes that the Grand Cauncil appl'oves them as tl'ue;Fellow Crafts, &c. 'rho same qucstions and answers are given ill like lUauner :'l.l:) to d.egree up to, and including' that of lUost Excellent Master, and the candidates give all the ~igns of th080 degrees to the Grand Council ill detail. High Priest (aftcr consultation ,vith the Klllg and SCl'ibe)-Com.panions, 'we are s!tth;tled that you are thr~e worthy Most Excellent Masters. As such, .we will employ you on the Templp. YV'hatpa.rt of the work will yOll llndertal~e ? Principal Sojourner-'V~ ,vill takeaur service, however servile or dangerou,s, for the sake of f'ol'wal'dillg so grea.t and n.oble an undertaking.



High Priest to Royal Arch cuptUin-1 You will furnish them with the working tools, and direct them to repair to the north-east corner ot' the ruins of the old Templet with orders to remove tho rubbish t preparatory to laying the fotlnda~ tion of the l1ew Temple. Advise them to carefullJr IJreserve everything of service to the craft that falls in their ,vay, and bring it to the Grand Couucil. 'fhe candidates are presented t one with a, one with a crow, and the other with a shovel, \vhich are generally made of wood, and kept for the purpose in the Lodge or Chapter. Principal Sojourner to the candidatesFollow me. Each candidate shoulders his working tool and follows the Principal Sojourner, going single :file to a comer of the room where a quantity of' blockl::l, or brieks are scattered' around, 'l'hese they stir up a little, when they come to a ring in no trap door, 'which they pull up and find it shaped like a key-stone of an arch. Each one examines it, and then looks do,\yn the trap, "rhen the Principal S(ljOlWUC1' Buggests that it he at once takeu up t9 the Grand Council. He then lead!; the candid~8 back. HIgh Priet:;t-:Companion King, have you further busillCl:S to lay before this Grand Council? King-I have nothing, :Most Excellent. High l>riest to Scribe-Have you 3.llythiug't worthy companion? . Scribc-l know of nothing, l\IostExceUent. High Pl'it'st-I ,kno,"v of nothing, Ullless the "Yorkmen from the ruiUH have articles for iIlt:lpection. 'fhe workmen will please come forward and give au aCCotltlt of their lubol's. Pl"incipal Sojourner-nIol;t Excellent, in pur::ltlancc of orders of this Graud Council, we repa:red to the ruins al1d commenced our lnbors. After laboring several dayR, we discovered what seemcd a. rock, but on it \"ith a crow t it gave a hollow sound, n,nd upon closer examination, "YC disc0\7c,red in it an iron ring, by help of \vhich ""'C succeeded ill removing it from its place" when we found it to bc the k(-ly-~toI~e of an arch, and through the ap(~rtnre thoro appea.r<.路d to be an ixnme11se vault cUriou:;ly arched. 'Ve have brought this l:.oy路stone up. tha.t it may be (~x.amlIled by the Grand

Companion King, this is a very valuable discovery indeed. It must be a keystone of a :Mark Master Mason. King-I think that h; the stone 'wrought by onr Grand 1\la5ter, Hiram Abiff. High Priest-'\Yhat think. you of it, Companion Scribe 1 Scribe-It is undonbtedly the stone wrought by our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff. . High Priest (dra,"ving key-stone n.cross hi8 for<.>head, and giving the sign)-The Key-stone of a 1flark Muster! I-Ioliu(>ss to the Lord. KiD:g and Scribe do and say the same. High Priest to ~anclidatL's-This is a vcryva1'llab1e discovery indeed. No doubt it 'williead to some important treasure, of inestimable yalue to the craft. Are you ,:villing to pursue ;your labors, and endeavor to penetrate this se<~ret vault? Principal Sojourner, (after consulting candidates)-'\Ye are, even to the risk of our lives. High Priest-Go: anel may tl1e God of your fathers be with you. Preserve ev路 erything that falls in your way. 'rhe l>rincipal Sojourner returns with the candidates to the placo wbel'c they lifted the trap, and they there consult together as to ,vilo shall <1e~cel1d into the vault. One of the candidates agreeing to go, they put a. rope seven times aroulld his Lody, leaving hvo long en<1B. Priucipal Sojourner to candidate wbo is about to descend-Comp::mion, it is llCcest:;ary you. should take a. little precautioo. Should yon ,,-ish to descend still 10'"" er, pull the rope in your left hand: if you wish to a8cend, pull that in "your right hand. 'rwo companions tal;;ellold of each en(1 of the rope, letting the candidate down eight or ten feet, to auothcl~ trapdoor, "\vhere he :tll1ds thn'c small trying squares; and giving the signal of ascendingt is dra'wn up. Each candidate tald11g a sq1.1Ure, they repair to the Grand Council. As they pres('nt theIl1sclv(~s, the High PriC!::it reads the follo"'ing passage frolll the fourth chapter of Zachariah: rl'he bands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of' this house; his handr:; shall all:io finish it; and tholl shalt know that the Lord of hosts bath scht me Ullto you. For \vho hath despised the day of small things? for they shall r<joiee, and $11a11 Council. sec the piumlllc t of Zerubbabd. lv-tth High Priest-You. present it. those scycn. Principr,l Sojourner present;::! the k:eyHigh Priest to the King-Compani011s, st~ne, or trap. ha,~e yon any fUl"thor business for, the High Priest (looking closely at it)- Gra:ld Council?



King-I nothing, l\:Iost Excellent. High Priest to Scribe-Have you anything, worthy companioll ? Scribe-Nothing, Most Ex:.cellent. High Priest-I know of nothing, un路 less the '\vorkmcn from the ruins have something for our inspection. Principal Sojourncr-'Vc have examined the ~ecret vault, 1t!Ol:!t Excellent, and



here is what '''\'0 Imve found in it, [pre.. scnting the three trying sf1uares.) High Prie8t (drawing oue of the squares acrO::lS hi~ forchcad)-rrhe jc"wd$ of our ancient Grand !\fasters, King Solomon, Hiram,. KinA' of Tyro, and. Hiram Abiff' ! Ho1ine~~ to the Lord. The King .and the Scrihe each take one and imitate the High Priest.



High Priest to candidates-Are r oa 1 bure the Ark of the Lord, saying, Take willing to continue your labors and still this book of the l~t'\"1, and put it in the further penetrate this Hccret yn,ult? side of the Ark of the Cov(~nant of the Principal SojoUl"l1Cr-'Ye arc, evon to Lord yonr God, that it may be there for the risk of our lives. n witness ngaillst thee. High Priest-Go, and may the God of 'rho High Priest then turns hack to your fathers be "vith you; and remember Exodus xx. and ron-ds the 21st verso, ilS that your labor:::; shallllot go Unl·o,vardcd. follo,Ys: '1'110 l>rincipal Sojourner leads the cn.nAnd thou shalt put the mercy SE'ilt didates back :1& before, and ",'inds the above, upon tbe Ark; and in the Ark rope l'ound one of them, who is let dowll thou shalt put the testimony that I shall the trap, still further down than before, give thee, where he finds tll(\ Ark, when he gives High Priest-This is a 'book of the the signal and is dnl\vn up. l:1\\'-long lost, lrnt now found. Holiness The party immediatt'ly rcturns to t.he to tIle Lord. ,,[He repeatl:) this ngaiu Grand Council, two of themcarryillg the. twice.1 Ark, ,vhere they presont themscln's in King----A hook of the law-long lost, the same manner as before, and the High but now found. :Holiness to the Lord! I)riest directs them. to come forward autl Scribe repeats the same. give an account of their labors. High Priest to cand.idatcs-You now Principal Sojourl1l'r-:Most Excellent, sec that the ,,"orId is indebted to 1Hasonry ill pursuance of your orders, we repnir- for the preservation of this l:'acred vol· ed to the secret vault, nnd Id down one ume. Had it not been for the wisdom of our companions. The sun at this time and precaution of our ancient brethren, ,vas at its meridian height, the rays of this, the only remaining eopy (;f the law, which enablL~d him to cliscOVE:l' a small ,\yould have been dostroyed, at the debox, or chest, t-;tanding on ~l. !J<:de8tal, en- structioll of .J crusalcm. riously ,\vr6ught; and overlnid '\vith gold, High Pric·st (t(Lkil~g a little pot out of On discovering it, he involuntarily found the Ark)--Compuniol1 King', ,,,hat cun thb bis hands raised ill thiR position, [giving be 1 a pot of mnUl,U? 'Vo "will n:nd in due-guard, aH on page 7!),] to gnnrd hi:; the book of the law and see what that eyes from the intense light anti heat re· s:.l.?s. [Reads Hcure'ws ix., v. 2 to 5 :] fleeted from it. 'rhe air h~coming' oj:' For tht're 'was a tabernacle made: tbo ft.:nsive, he gave t.he signal for ascending, first whCl:cin ,va::; the can<11cBticks, and and was immediately drawn out. 'V c the table, and the sbc",.. ·hrcad, which is have brought. this chest up for the ex- ealled the Eanctuury: and niter the 8Camination of the Grand Coullcil. cond Ycil, the tabel'lluele, which iH calltd High PricHt (looking with surprise at the holiest cf all: ",.. hith had the golden the Ark)-Companion King, this is tlre censer, and the ark of the (,ovCllaut, Ark of the COVeIlallt of God. overlaid round about "\vith gold; wbt:re· King (looking at it)-It is ulldoubtedly in was the goWen pot that had manna; the true Ark ofthe Covenant, Most Ex- anci Aarou's roc1, that budded, uncI the ccllent. tables of the covenant; and over it tho Scribe (looking at the Ark)-That il:l cherubims of glory, overghadowing the also my opinion, nlcrcy seat; of whieh we canIlot now High Priest (takhlg the Ark)-Lct us speak particularly. open it, nnd liiec 'what valuable treasure High Priest-A Pot of !.fanna! HoUit may contain. [Opem.i the Ark, and nC'~s to the Lord! takes out n. book] King-A Pot of l\fanna! Holiness to High PriClst to King-Companion, here the I . ord! is a very ancient looking book; what can Scribe r~pen.ts the same. it be? Let u~ road ill it. [R(~nds nrst High Priest-CompUlliom;, 1ye read in three verses of first chapter of Genesis:] the book of tlw lnw, that He that over· In the beginning God created the hea· cometh, will I give to ('at of the hidden V(~n and the earth, &c. manna. Come forw nrd. companions, you After re~l.ding these v('rses, tlH~. High nre entitled to it. [Each one l'eceivlsa Priest turtl80V(~r to Deuteronomy xxxi., small lump of sugar.] But bow it came and reafIs from . the' 24th to the 2Hth deposited here, "\'1.'0 cannot now I~articu" verses, as follows: la1'1y speak. You mll~t go higher in :Ma· And it came to pass, wh~n Moses bad SOIl1-Y before you can l~now. made all end of ''\I· the words of this 'I'he High Prie8t looks again into the law in a book, until. they w(~re finishcd 1 Ark, and finds a. stick "'ith some buutl that lV.1osea commanded the Levitcswhich upon it, which he ShCW,7S to tho King and



Scribe, nnel after a consultation, tho)"' decide that it is Aaron's Rod, and the f~'l.ct .is thus proclaimed in the same Illanner as the discovery of the manna. Looking again into the Ark, the High Prie~t takes (jut four pieces of pa:)er, which he examines closely, consults with the King 3tud Scribe, and th(ll1 puts together so as to show a. key to the ineft'able cnaracters of this degree.

hiH companion on the

right. This is called '" three times three. 1I that is, three right fc~t forming- a triangle, three left hauds formiug a triangle, and three rigllt hands forming a ,triang'le. They balance in the same manner, and t.hen, ,vith hands raised, l"-epcat the wOl'tl,. Jah·buh·Inn, Je· ho-vah, Goo-u, at 1o".,." breath, a3 de:::cdb(:d at length on page 68. rrh(.~ signs of thh:, c1egrec arc now given to the candidates. us follows: ab c d e f g h i j k1n1 l~'irst. rahie the right hauel to the forc~ head, the lutnd and :trill horizontal, titu thumb tDwards the furelll'::L(l; dl'aw it briskly am'oss the forehead, and drop it n 0 p q r s t u V 'V X Y z perpendicularly by the side. rrhis con~titutes the due.guanl of this degree, a'd [:J V' ~ ~ ~ rl'fers not only to the penalty of t.he obli· gation, Lut alludes also to the manner in After examining tho Key, he proceeds which the brother who descended into to raad, by the aid of it, the characters the vault., and found the Ark, fonnd his on the fOl1r sides of the Ark.. handsinvolnntarily placed to protect hi::; High Priest (reaiiingfirst sir1e)-Depo- head from the rays of the meridiall l::.UD... sitf'd in the year three thonsand. Second f:lide-By Solomon, King of Israel. 'l'hird side-Hiram, King of rryre, and Hiram Ablff. Pourtl1 sidc-~'or tho Good of Mas()nr'y~ g;mcrally, but the J c\'dsh nation in particulai.·. High Priest to camlidates-Companions, here al'e three mY::itel"iotl15 w()l"d~, in a triangular form, npon the .Ark, ,vhiclJ, when first found, wa~ covered with three squarc8, the jewels of our three ancient. Grand l\la:;tcl"s j and £1'0111 till.:; circumstance, we supposed it to be the long lost :Master !.,Iason'l:\ w()rd; and au applying the Key to it, it proYed our sll~piciollS to be correct. It is th~ name of Deity in thr(~e langllagt1S, viz. : Chaldenc, Hebrew, and Syriac, which i~ the long lost .Master .~.~~ l\Iu.son's word, and has uow become the Due·guard. Gr:md Sign. Grand Omniiic Roynl Arch ,yonI. rrhi8 ,yortl was anciently writt(~n ouly in these The grand sign is made by locking tIle sacred chara/ctertl, and thus preserved fingers of both hnnd~) together, nud cnrfrom one generation to another. It 'was ryillIT them to the top of thehen.d, tIle lo~t by the death of Hiram Abift, ,vas palnu:: ";lpw:::.rd. T!li:.: alludes to t.he pen.f ound again at tho building of the frOlll- altyof haYill{; C10 ::mllll clove off, &c. High Pri.,,'k:1t (pla/3illg' crowns npon tlle pIe, and "vill now be givt'n to you; and , yon ~"'ill rllmembcr thu mauner you re- heads of ca.mlidate8)-Cmtlpaniolls, you edve it, and thtl.t you have s'worn never are now invest.ed with all the important I to give it to othurs except in that particu- secrets of thh.; ,dcg-ree, anli crowned and 1:.1.1" mannel". received u.s 'wol·thy companioIl:) Ro;p'l.l rrho ca.udidatt~stin~trllctc(l by the Prin- Arch l\1a.sons. cipal S~)jo!H'ucr, now .loarn the Grand The High Priest tIleD reads to thCIU Omnific Royal Arch 'Vord, as follows: from a book the charge in this d.'gree, Bach one t(l,kes hold with his right han{l informing the111 that the dt'grc~ owe: its .of tho right· wrist of his companion ou origin to ZerubbHbel and l}is associates, tho laf~ and "yUh his left hand takes "'\Tho rebuilt the rremple by ordt."r of CyllOld of the left wril:lt of his companion rus, King of Persia. He likewise in on the right. Each one thell pla.ces his forms tlWl1'1 that t.he di!:1covery of the :--e'l'ight foot for\yard wit.h the hollow in cret vault and the iUl;Jstimable treaSllres, front so that tlle toe touc.hes the heel of with the long· lost word, actually took

.-JUL:JOCinlv><A. :J L:l L:.. ::J

r::: -:t Fl F







place the manner representec1 in ferring this degree, alHl that it is the circumstunce upon which the degree is principally founded. 'rIle illitiation being over, the High Priest begins the cIo\:;il1g lecturc,.'\"hich i~ a repetition, by queHtions and al1Sv.. crH, of the opeuing of a Chapter, and the advancement of' a companion of this degree. It begins as follo'ws : High Priest to Captain of the RostAre you a, Royal Areh Mason? Captuin-I urn, tha.t I am. High Priest-How' shall I know you to bt a Royal At'ell Mason? Oaptain of Host-By three times three. High Priest-vVhere was you made a ROYAL MASTER'S DEGREE. Royal Arch :1\1a8011 ? Captain of the Host-In a just and IeThis degree can only be conferred Oll a gnlly constituted Chapter of Royal Arch perfect Roval Arch Mason-ene '\vho has 11a80118, consisting of 1\1ost Excellt'ntIfigh not only taken all the preceding degr(~e!:~, l>riest, King, and Scribe, Ca1.'tain of' the but is '\vell posted in tlH>m. It originated Host, Principal S<.Uourner, Royal Arch in the follo'\ving mUl1lWl' : Captftill, and the thr(>e Gr~nd Masters of At the buildIng of the Temple, Kil1g the Vdls, a.ssembled in a room or place Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyrc, m~c1 repre::;cuting the rr'abernacle erected by Hiram Abiff, the three ancien t G rDnd our· ancient brethren, near the ru.ins of ::Masters, l·(~solv<.'d to ly\,\,ard tl1l tllm:c King Solomon's Temple. l\Iuster l\fasolls ,''."11080 fi(1elity. ilHIu::;tl'y 'rhe High Priest contimles his ques- and sldll placed them nbove their comtions as to the statioll and duties of each panions, hy communicating to them the officer of the Chapter, and every particu- Omnific ,Yord. After Eevpral c011snltu,lar relative to the organization thereof, tiOllS as to ''''hen this worclshonld be ton· tIle initiation or advancement of eandi- ferred, it ,vas proposed by Hinnn AbitT date:;;, &c. The Captaiu of the Host re- that it should not be given until the T('mheal'Bes, or describes the whole preCil:iely pIe was completed, and the11 only iri tlle as ","'c have given it. 'l'hcse closing lec- pre~enco of nIl three, and bj- their fr('(l tureS are intended to perfect members in consent thcn to he expressed. 'rIds plan the full understanding of each degree. was adopted, and the three G.rnnd l\i{asAfter the lecture the Chaptl'l' is closed tel's hot1D<l th(nnselves by solemn oaths in the same manner as the opening, up to to a strict observance of it. the raising of the Living Arch. The Olle day, soon after this agreement, companions join hal1d8 lJ,Y threes, in the Hiram Abiff ,'rent into the sanctum sanesame manner, and say in concerttoru111, fiS was his lls'lwl custom at lligll As we three diciagree, . 12, to offer Ilrayerg, and to dr:,nv desigl18 on the trcsslc-board. As he ,vas l'ctnrn- • r:I'lwSacred 'Vord to keepAs '\\'e three did agree ing, he was accosted near the entrm1ce by Adol1iram, a worthy Master, as follows: 'rhe Sacred 'Vord to search; So "\-vc three do agree Adoniram-]Uost Excellent, nt "'hat To close this Royal Arch. time shall 1 receive the Omnific 'Yord? They tlwn break, and the High Priest Hiram Abiff-1\Iy worthy friend, it is rcutls the fol!(HVing prayl.:r : ... uncertain 'VhOll. or wheth<:ryou will ever By the wisdom of the Supreme High receive it at all; for the Omnific 'Vortl Priest may we be directed, l)y his strength cannot be given until the Temple is ('ommay ,YO be enabled, amI by the beauty pleted, al1d t11e11 only by the frElc consellt of virtue may ,ye be incited, tC) perform of the three Graud :Mnstel's. tlie obligations here enjoined upon us, to Adoniram-Snpposing one of son three keep inviolable the myl'lteries here un- wero removed hence by death, how then folded to 11S, anel inYariahly to prt'tctice shall I cxp<'ct to receive. it '/ Hiram Ahiff (tapping the :floortllree all those duties out of the Cha1Jter, which times vdth his foot)-"\Vhen I die, they'!! are incnlcated in it. Cornpanion~So mote it boo Amen. bury it tl1Cre. [IIe alhidec1 to his m"n High Priest-I now declare tIlis Chap- violent death, the details (If whieh 0.1'(" re~ corded in the Master :'UUS011'S dllgn.·e.] ter of Royal Arch Masons closed.





The Lodge, or Chapter, ill this degree, lIraster-l\'Iy worthy friend, it is uncer.. is organized similar to that in the Hoyal tain when, or whether you will ever 1'eAt'ch, only arranged differently. '1'he ceive it at all; for the Omnific 'Vord Ark is set in the middle of th.e inner veil, cannot be given except by the free eonand the members assemble round it at sent of three Grand J\Iasters, and at a. the opening, each.· O!le taking his com- time only when. they togethcl' shall agl·ee panion by the wrist., as hereafter explain- to give it. ed, wh.en. the presiding officer reads the The Master passes to his seat, and the 27tll verse of 1 Kings vi. as follows: candidate approaches the altar and kneels, And he set t.he cherubims ,"",Uhin the ,,"hen the following promise is adlllinis.. inner house, ~nd they stretched forth the tered: wings of the cherubims, ~o that the wing l\Iaster-Cornpanion, do you solemnly of the cne touehedthe one wall, and the promise, ou the oath of u. Royal Al'ch wing of the other touched the other wall, l\1a.son, to keep sacl'cd the sccl·ets of this and their wings touche d one another in degree ~ the midst of the house. Candidate-I do. 1Vhen a companion is to be advanced rrhe candidate is then instructed in the to this dt~grce~ the members assemble grip, Wl1ich is as follows: Each takes round the altarJ each other's hold of his left wrist with his right hand. '\vri::its in th.e same manner as at the open- a.nd with his l€ft haud takes hoid of his ing. lVhile in thiH position, the Grand companion's right wrist. This forms tJ, Master, or prt'sidhlgofficer, enters and square. It is the same as when \ve sec goes t() the altar, ltueels, [meantime the two children making a. seat for a third candidate has been led in,] and reads the With their han&:;. f'ollowing prayer: Thall, 0 Gou knowcst ourdownsitting aUII uprising., and understaudcst our thoughts afar oft': shield and defend us {I'OIll the evil intentions of our enemies, and support us under the trials and afflictions 'va are destined to endure ,vhile traveling this vale of tea:r~. :l:tIan tha.t is born ot' ,,'oman ~ of few days, and full .of troub Ie. He cometh forth as the ftowcr, and is cut down: be tleeth also as a shadowJ and COlltinueth not; seeing his days are determined, the uUll1bcz.· of his mouths are \vitb. Thee; 'rhou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pa8s: turn from him, that he may n'st, till he 5113.11 aceomplisll his day; for there is hope of .a tl'ee, if it be not (lut down, that it will Sl>rout, amI that the tender br1l11Ches thereof will not cease. But man dieth aUfl \vasteth away; Royal Itla~terJ8 Grip. Due-guard. yea, mall giveth ui> the ghost, and where 'rhe words are gh..en in this manner: is he? As the watm·s faU from, the sea, let go your O"'\"D. wrist, and let 'your left snd the flood decayeth .and drieth up, so hand fall. at Y'our side, keepit1.~ hold of man.lieth down, a.nd riseth not up till the ;your e?ml)[l~ioll'S right wrist,c.l,lld placing heavens ~haU be IlG more. Yet, 0 Lord~ your rlght teet together, toe to heel, so have compassion on. the chndr~3nof thy as to form. t\yO 8ides of a trial1gle. Lookcreation; administer them comfort In time ing down at the feet. one Sn.V8 in n. low of trouble, and save them '\vith an ever· vo'ice, "Al3.s, poor Hiram !"~ l.'h{i! ct1,n. lasting'sahration. Amen, so mote it be. didate repeats the words. rrhe 'l~he Grand ,Ma.s~el' then ri::5cs, Sig'. n, or due-guard, is rI} by plo.cil1g passes out of the ~lrcle uuder the ex· the fore finger of the rIght hand upon tended .arms of the compnniolls. [He the lips. It is no caution to a companion personates Hiram Abiif, ",-ho came in at 'when you \yish him to keep silent. high noon to pray.] 4s he goes out, the· l\laster to candidate (tapping the :floor candida.te accosts him thus: three times with his toe):-Do you know Candidate (prompted by cOllductor)- about thi8? ){ost Excellent, at what time shall I re-l Candidate ·(instructed)-I know some" ~eive the' Omninc 'Vord ? thing about it.








Master-What do you know about it? I into captivity, and thus the knowledge o~ Candidate-I kl10W something about I the arts and sciences, together 1-Yith the. t110 beginning of it. [Taps three times patter11S and· valuable models, ,'vbich with bis toe.) were contained ill the Temple, and the The same questions arc repeated, when writings of :Moses, would be fOl' ever lost. the candidate answers that he also knows I'ro prevent such a catastrophe, they something about the ending of it. agreed to build a secret vault under Master-'Vhat is the beginning ~ ground, leading from King Solomon's Candidate (instructed)-Alpha. most retired apartment, a due "west l\Iastcr-\Vhat is the clldiug'1 course, and cnding under the sanctulll Candidate-Omega. Hanctorum, to be dh'idcd i~to nine scpn~ l\1a8ter-I am Alpha and Omega, the rate apartments, or arches, the ninth to beginnil1g and the end. 110 under the san(:tUln sanctorum, dl c f l'1'he l\lastcr then reads verses 12 to 1vhich ,yore to be crected or built by o.f the t"wcnty-second chapter of Rcvcla- thnllselvcs, and, such cOll1pa~ions as they tlOn~, a8 follol\'s : should select, for the specIal purpose. And behold I come qu.ickly; and my 'rhe :Ninth Arch was to 'be the place for reward it:! ,vith me.', to give (','cry Ulan l::1,C- holding their Grand Council, aud al~o a. cording us his work shall be. I aln AI- deposit for a t1'UO copy of all thoset-hiIlg8 phaaucl Onll'ga, the beginning and the which ,vcre contained in the Sal1ctliUl end, the first and the last. Blessed are sanctorum above. There ,vere sdected they that do his commandments, tlw.t to ,york ill the othercight arches, hYcntythey may have a right to the tl'l'e of life, three from Gcbul, a city in Ilhenicia, who and may cnter in at the gates of the city. ,vere stono l.'quarers, "\vho, together 'Wit}l There is little formality in this degrte, Adonirmn, ',;,\,e1'e 'well skilled in the artt:; and different Lodges 'or Chapters give ,it and sciences, particularly sculpture; their in different \VayH. 'I'he above iH tho hours of' labor were fronl nille at night to usual manner of' giving it ill New York, t'\v01vo, ,·vhc.n tllPY1'etircd to rest. Duril1g the erectiOl1 of this secret vault, n. circnm~ ~ ~ ~ stance O(~Ctl.1TCd ,yl:.ich characterizes thi::;



~l: U




a ~!~ ft

~ 4\~.. J!~ [~ ~:;\ ~ "'\~ (~~/

1I~~{1~:" ,~l ~ ~~ ~ t3


de gn·e.

A lJurticular fl"ienc1 of King Solomon,

l'f~·£~"·· ~il t,~GII::::;#J. ,,,hose name was lzabud, di~:coY('r('(l that 5 ~\ ~ ~ ~"\~.:1.(9 t::::) a sc('ret work was going on about tb(~

Temple, of which IH.~ was :not il~formeu by hh; friend; and he fer some time , g r i c n : d in 8ilence: at length he commut::3 c::..J ~ nicatl~d his lSll~.piciollr; to King Solomol1, SELECT MASTER'S DEGItEE. and ~l'ggul ~o know ll?w hO. hnd fOl'fc: itcd IllS conhdCllel~. 'Ihe kmg told lum At the buildiIlg of the Temple', the that hi::; cordirll.'nce in hirn remained tho Gralld. 1\. Ias.:t~r.~ iHlterC'd., illtO. a. SC.)lCllll1 sume,. alld dC.Sh'Ctl him to lJO con. tOllt.ed agreement that tlwy would not c011fer for the present, for the time 'would soon. the Master's Degree until the 'Temple aniv& \v11en n door 'vronld be lcft open should be completed, and then only 011 for his l'cccptioll, (meaning whcm the such as ~hould have rendered thelUsdvcs 1 'l'.cll1 ple should be filli~h('d and he reworthy, by their skill, their virtue and cfdvcd the :Mastcr'l) degree.) rrhh; for a their inflex.ible ftdelit)" to the craft. 'Thdr I time satisfied him, but 011e evcui!Jg, llaY~ :t.grcemeut wns su('h, th«ttlll three llmst ing some lUl.rtiCl,llar business with K!Ilg be present v,'llcn it should be conferred, Solomon, he Wl~llt as usual to seek hhu lest partiality for afl'iend Inight occa:;.ion ill his mm:~t retired room, and finding tho the admission of an Ull'\'\'Ol'tlly ltlCl.nbcr; door of the sel'ret 'Yault open and llot they also ctl.'llse(l their obligatioll to be gu:.u-ded.:113 mmal, by the Grand Stev~'ard such, that if either should bl~ ta.ken a. 'way Ahishal\ he todi:. it for grnuted that it byd(~ath- !}yior to the finishing of the ,vas left open for llis reception, agreeably 'l'elllple, the Master's degree 'Wonlc1 of to the kiDg'~ In·omi~e. He therefore cour~e .be lost.. The)· also possessed a boldly entered, but was SOOl1 nccosted firm belief, that if the cbildren of lBraelby Ad(miram, the captain of the guard:::!, coutiuued not in the belief <.)f' the Suprem~\ I ,".·~lO s.terUl).'ChUllcn£Cd hiIU 3 auu.to0k Judge, to obey his commands, their enc· hlto custody. mie!) ''ltould be let loose against them, V'lith this historical exphmntion, Hu their city and Temple would be sacked, conf'cHring of this dl;lgn'e will be undt rand destroyed, and themsel,,·cs can-ied, stood uHdc:.:,cribcdin tllc fcllowh:{~'lXtgU;); 'S.}jf II JJ.

~~ ~






The Council arc seated as in;thc en路 graving, which represents the interior are rallgcmeut of a Lodge or Chapter ill this degree, with the Ark curtained round in the centre. The plnce of meeting- is sup路 posed to be a secret vattlt uuder the Tem-


pIc,where Solomon deposited his choicest treasures. The first, or presiding ofi.icer, represents King Solomou, and is styled '.rhrice Jlll~Strious Grand l\fa~ter. He is llrm'Red in purple robel', a golden crOlVl1 on his head, a sceptre in hi8 hand, and i)




gold trimmed collar on his neck, to which Grand l\:Iaster-Such being the houl', it is suspended a. gold trowel. is my pleasure that a Council of Select 'l'he !Second officer sits on his right, :MaHters be now opened for t.he dispatch with the same dress a.nd decorations. He of business. Companion Conductor, )'OU reprt':;;cnts Hiram, King of rl'~p'e, and is ,vill order the companions to thl:!ir 15eYe~ styled Dt·puty lllustl'iom:; Grmlu Master. ral stations, and after tbe regular alarm The third officer is seated 011 the loft of shall be given, let them proccccl in thdr the ih:8t. He is drel:'scd in yellow l'obes, labors, according to the directions they trimmed with 1.Jlue ; a collar on his neck, have 1'(1ceiycd. Conductor-Companions, it is our Il~ and a, gold hammer in his hand. He represents Hiram Abift~ and is called Prin- lustriotls Grand Master's orders that a Council of Select Masters be n(>w opened cipal Cow"luctor of the ,,·ork. Before (·ach of the three first officers for the dispatch of business; and after is a trianguln,r table, upon each angle of the regular alarm of the mysterious numwhieh is a· burlling taper; and in the ber nine is given, each 'will resume his centre, a trinngular plate of gold. A ..... en labor. Grand l\:faster l~nocks eight quick and or curtain separates them from the rest of the officers and companions, a::; is re· one t:;low, aud all the officers imitate him. in their turn, acconUng to rank. prel:lented ill the engraving. 'fhen all the companions knock eight rrhe next throe officers in rank, arc . seated in othol' parts of the hall, so a~ to quick and one slow, with their hands. Grand Master-Attend to giving the form a triangle, viz. : The Secretary, \'Vho is the fourth offi- signs, companions. .A.11 the compauions rise on their feet, cer, in the south. and give the signs from Entered Appren'rhe fifth, Treasurer, in the north. The sixth is seated in the wel:lt, with a tice to l~o;,yal ::Master, as before descl'ibe(l. rfhe signs of a Select Master are then dra\vn sword, l'{'pn'sc:nting Adoniram t the Grand Stevrard. He acts as 'l'ylcl', allu given as 1'o11o,,\,'s : . The first is similar to iJ.; tQgun.rd the inside of the '<1001'. the sign of .iistress of' a Master Mason. rl'he officen; beillg seated, the yeil is The fists are both de-nched. in all'lll:iion to dra,wn m.,;ide, makiug' the nJOnl one apart- aIle oftlH) penalties of the obligation, m.eut, with the Ark (vt'ilC'Cl) in the cfIltre. '\vhich h; to have both hands chopped off Grandl\laHter-CompnnioDlo\.1 nmabont to tho stumps. ~ to open a Council of Se lect 1\1 n~tl'l·8. If there arc :111? present not of ihis degree, they wiil please to retire. Aftcl- waiting to ascertain if :111 pre:=;eut are Seh'ct. l\Iastcrs, he addre8~es the Deputy Grand MaRter 011 his right: Grand Master-'Vorthy Companion of Tyre, 1:;11a11 1'1,~sume our labors, and complete the secret \york v\'hich 11:'\8 been so happily begun 7 Deputy-'l'hrice Illustrious, it is luy most ardC'l1t 'wish to sec it completed, nlld the sacred treasure therein safely dep915itcd; that I rnuy return to my own country with the satisfaction of having faithfUlly discharged my duty to the craft. Grand Master to Conductor, 011 his left -Companion Conductor, are our numbers complete? Conductor-Thrice Illustrious, I :find Sec,,1nd Sign. the number of throe times l1ille. The Sl~COlld Fign is made ry crossing Grand M::u.;ter- Ycm will see that the the hand~ and armH, as in the €'IJgraving; secret vault is made secure. Conductor goes out, returns, nnd says- 'with a qUick motion drl.\w the han<18 t.dge.. ,'vise aerO~~8 tbo body. d own,'\.· ards, as Thrice Illustrious, allis in security_ Grand Mast!.·r to Deputy-'Vhat is it though you ,yere in the net of' qunrtering 1.1JC body. and h~t them dropoy your sides_ o'~lock ? Deputy-Nine at night, Thrice Il1ustri~ Thi~ is in imitation of a part the pen· ~)\lS, when all prying ("yes are closed ill alty of this degree, which is to the, body o.uartered. sleep, and stillness perYades all nature.








sud D..UtKNESS.



Granel Master-I deelare ·this Councll of Select Mastcrl:l opened in due and ancient form; the companions will govern themselyc!; accordingly. He then gives a heavy rap with his gavel, and his right and left hanll companions do the same, and each l'€'sumes his seat. In an initiation in this d('gre{', t.he can· didate is conducted to all ant€chamber""", and is told to remain there nnti! he 50eB the donI' open, when he must walk into the Council. The Tyler (or Grand Steward) takes his post on the inside of the door to guard the same, and after walking back and forth, sits down by the door, and feigns himself sleeping. [This is.a vcry difficult part to act: the loudest8nol·ers are ahvays selected.] The door is now thl·own open, and the candidate (who represents lzabud) enters. Captain of Guards-'Ybo comes there '/ Candidate-A zealous brother, who wh;;hes to of your labors. Captain-Give nle the word, sign, and token of vonI' entrance. . Calldidatc-! have none. Captain-All intruder! an intruder! CompaniollH all cx.clailn-Pllt him to death instantly! Grand' :Ma!:itel'-'Vhat is the cause of this confusion? Captain of Guarch;-All intruder has invaded out" secret vu.ult. Grand .Master-Put him to death immediately. Captain of the Guards seizes candidate by the collar, aud plncing the point of his sword at his breast, looks hiln in the face, and then drops the point of it. Captain to Gra.nd :Master-Thrice II· lustrious, consider for n. moment on wbom you are abou t to inflict this awful penalty_ This i8 your pm·ticular friend Izabud. Grand ~la:;;ter-Billd llim fust, . . then, and sec that he is forthcoming ,\~hen call· cd for. Your life ioihall 3.UI:l'!Ver for his escape. Captain of the Gllnrds binds candidate and takes him out of tho room. The three presidiug' officers leave their s(>n.ts, and are snpPOl:3cd to go to the Ninth

The third sign is given by placing the hands over each eye,. ns ill the engraving, and ,,-ith a qnick motion. throw· thl.:' arms downwards nt an angle .of fOl'ty-fi ve degrees, as though you wa~ tearil1g tl1ee y e _ j L b.a.lhi from. th.C sockets, . J :lud dashing them on .. -the ground, then drop '"'"-v the arms by the sides. . T his is abo a part of /~. . the penalty. -' ~ .=~ The fourth sign alludes to that part of the penalty of being thro''''n among the rubbiHh of the Tm:r.ple. It is made by placing- the left hand uY)Ol1 the upper IJart

of the forehead. the palm dmvnwards, cover it with the right, the Dody erect, heels together, step off with the right foot, and plant it about eighteen ininches in front with fL stamp, at the same time dart. the hand:; forward. The most popular signs . ~~~ of this degree among :Mo.· ~~'!;1 sons are made in this man.(~~· ncr: Place the palm of the ~~; the right hand upon the t .:"" heart, and Pl'ouoUl1ce the '. ~~. 1'\'ord S:ECnESY, and immc. I~ ~~ dlatelyraisc tho kft h~tnd, I_~,;. and place the palrn over ....:'; the mout:'l, t!l(~ first finger 11 agaimit the tlpper lip, the "', .. -1 others n lIttle off fi·om it, tIle thumb ag:.:dmlt the side of the nose, :md speak the word SIL.l':~CK; raise the righ t hand from the breast and place it oyer thc eyes, ~ and pronounce, SILENCI~ .

THE I~I'l'rAT~O:S:.



Al·ch. Grn.n<.l Master to hil5 Depl.1ty-vYorlhy

Compn.nion, I do not see· how we .can pre.. vent this sacrifice.'. Deputy-It is impossible, Thl"iCeIllUstriouB. Only three can be employed. in oach arch-twenty-~eYeu in all. None can pass beyond, a.nd none can enter Ut; less they know our secret)c.~d thus for-

feit their lives.



Grand lfaster-It is, then, out of my Captain of the Guards conductS' can· power to pardon my friend. didate to the altar,. and lllakes him knee 1,. Conductor-It is truly out of :rour p01Y- ,yhen the Grand Mastel· directs him to or, 'I'brice Illustrious. takc the <,. which 11e does. as follo\vs ~ 'I'he Grand l\Iaster and his aids now l·C· I, John Smith, in the presence of the turn to their l:.H.>nts. Grand Architt:ct of the Universe, ;l.l~d beGrand :Master to Captain of Guards- fore this illl:1.striotLS assembly, dcdh:n,tcd Bring in your prisoner. to the most pnissant, most terrible, :most Candidate is brought fonval·d. merciful Creator) do l'olclnnly s'\ve::tr, Grand :Master to candidatc-.Alns, my that I will never diHcovc:r the signs 1 tounfortttnate friend Izabuc1, your disobc- kem;, and words belonging to a. Select dienee and curiosity have forfeited your Master, nor to ::t11y onc living, the secr<:t Ufn. I 1u1.yo consulted with my colleagues, of this royal vault. ncith(;r by s;pcakingT and find them inflexible. My obligation, ,""riting, engraving, carving, ()l:' painting; also, i:i of such a l1ature, that I have not or by any dumb sign, or motioll, in ar.y the powel' to pardon you. unla,'vflll way, ,vhereby tho least l1il.:.t Candidute-Thrice Illustrious, I pru)r nlight be taken, that in this place cxil:ltcd you to rem.emhcr how great and sincere a secret "work, or that any secrets are de.. lIly attachment has eyer been to vour posited here. sacred person, to your services and seI furthermore swear that I nevel' '\"ill crets. Of late,· finding a private work penetrate into the secrets of the ninth going on, ''lith ,vhich I "val:l not made nc- arch, unless legally authorized by am· qnainted, I feared I had lost all the con- Thrice Illustrious Grand :Masters. AU fidence of my sovereign, and grieved in this 1 swear, with it firm and steady rC80silence. At length r took the liberty of lution, without any mental reservation nlentioning the llla.tter to your majesty, 01· self-evasion of mind in me whatever; und you directctt me to rest contented; I binding myself under 110 less penalty, befor the time "would soon arrive ,\,..,.h<.>n a I sides all my former penalties, to have my door would be left open for my reception. hands chopped off to the stumps, my This assurance satisfied me; anti thi::l eyes plucked out from the sockets, my evening, I1n.ving some particular business bo(ly quartered, and then thrown among vlith your majesty, I sought JOu in tho the rubbi:5h of the 'I'emplc; that there l'ctired room t and finding" the door open mny remain no more rcmembrance of nut! unguarde.d, I took it for grantl'd it such a vile wretch, if ever I should wi!was for my reception, antI ('ntercd ac· fnlly ,·iolnte this my obligntjon. So help cordingl)"'. But I beg your maj£,sty t(> me God, a:c.d keep me Bteadfast in· the beHeve that it 'Was not a spirit of disobc- snme. . Amen. {Uence 01' curiosity which prompted me Grand M::lstcr to caucUdate-Kiss the to do it. book nine timC'H. Deputy to Grand :Master-Thricc lllusCandidate Ob0YS. trions, I find your frielld is not guilt.y of 0'" Grand Master (taking the charge uUegt,a against him, HiB Of'fi.~~·1 him by the hur..d ul1d raisfence is loath. er 0\'1(111.. g to ~Ollle il.nprUdent @il\"~... ing h. im up)-I no'\v gr(~c t cbserva,tion ()f your own; he must there· \SR~ you a Companion Select; forc be pardoned, and admitted. )' \~ ~ therefore, in future, be c\"Grand lVIasier-\Yol'thy Companion of Ej' or blind and.dumb to eveTyro, how can done? iii not our ~ .. ~~ rything y01.1 have scen or number alr(;'acly full? _...:::;; beard in thisCcuncil, ~u:<.l Coudl1ctor-Thri~eIll1.lstriot1~, it is true 1\'~I\'I;; kelp ill mind the wOl'(1a our numbers are full; but Alllshar, the II. II JI SECltESY and SILENCE, t!.l! Guard, is 110 long'er worthy of c.urcor:ii· \1. ,"hdl:i! they 110'\" be given L) donce. He· ,vas found. sleeping at his : ~,\r II yon, [placing his hUIlds as post, ~m(l he alone is guilty. Let l1ir:n ,9' ill tllocl.1gravirg.] be discharged and immediately executed j 'I Candidtlte is· instructed and let Izabud be placetl ill his stead. " II '/7 in the Sigl~S, &c., a~ givc:n. Grand l\laster-I thank you, nlY war,v,.; 011 pages 84-8;3. thy compnuion, for your advice: it shall '~I1' '1'he Grn.n(l1\lastcl' then be done.. Izabucl,are you 'willing to tnkc ~. ~",'. ~ _l'cads to him the follo'wing a solemn obligation to keep inviolable ~~"=""'"" hi8tory: the secrets of our Order 1 . :After the Ninth Arch 'was completl'd t Candidate-I am willing. the three Grand Mas:ters d::poslte<l th~roGrllud ltfaster-Fre~ him. of his shac- in a true copy of those thingH '\yhich were klcs. tuld conduct him to tut: altar. of i:D:polia~co to' the Cr:;lft, :lnd to .the I






Jewish nation-such as· the Ark of the \Vhen the reading i~ finished, four comCovenant, the Pot of Mauua, the Rod of pauiolls bearing the Ark adyance to the Aaron, the Book of the Law, &c.; and I centre of tho Council, and place it upon that they might be known and dulyap- the altar, open it, and put the Book of the preciated, if ever found, by fnture gen- Law into it, and r.eturn. to their sents. erations, they a,greed to place their names rrhe Grand l\Iastel' rea~ verses 33 and on three of the sides of tho Ark, and on 34 of xvi. Exodus: the fourth side they placed the date of, And :Moscs said unto Aaron, Take a by ',,,,hom, and for what purpose they pot, and put an omerfull of mallna therewere thns deposited.; '''hich v\"'as for the iu, and lay it up before the Lord, to keep good of the craft in general, aDd the Jew· for your generations. As tho Lord comh:lh nation in pa.rticula.r j and that, should lUt1uund :LUoscs,. so Aaron lahl it up beth.e tremple be destroyed, and the people fore tlw testimouy to be kept. carried away into captiYity, yet 011 their A companion brings the l-'ot of l\I:luua release, and rebuilding tho house of their and puts it into the ATk. God, they might possibl,Y discover these The Grand :Thlnstcr reads verse 10 of valuable treasures. xvii. chapter of Numb€rs: After this deposit was made, and prior And the Lord said unto Moses, Bring to the completion of the Temple, our Aa,ron's Rod again before the testimony, Grand :Master Hiram Abiff ",vas a::;s:1.ss1n- to be ltopt'for a tokcu. ated, hl a manner related in a preceding In like nl:.11111er Aaron's ROll is dedegree; u::J.d by his, the Master's posited. w·ord. '''tVl lo~t. rrhe two kings ,vere ,vi!The Grand :l\Iaster reads 89th verse or ling to do all ill their po\ver to pr(~serve vii. chapter of Numuer8: tae Racrcd ,Yo~'d, and as they CJuld not And \vheu Moses ,'vas gone into the communicate it to any, by reason of the I tabernacle of tho congregation to speak deat!l of their f:-l~l1(t Hira.m AbHY, they I \vith l~im., then he.hea~·d the v.oice of ono agree~l to place It III the s~!crct vault, that sp~a.knlg unto hun from off the mercy if the other tn~asurC!:i wurc overol'ought s(~at, tlw,t was upon the ark of the testito light, the word 111i,g-ht be fountl a~s;); mOll,V, from bet'ween the two <.:h~rllbims ; tlley therefore placcll it Oll the top of the and llef-;pakc unto him. Ark of the Covenant, in the Hobrew, rrhe Thrice Illustrious Gruud !~lnster, Syrbc, al1cl Chalelaic langu:tgcs; anl Deputy· Grand Mastel' and Grma.! Con~ tha.t it might be knowll as the truc\yord., ductol', (persouating Solomon, Hiram, when discovered, they placed tho three King of rl'yre, and Hiram AoitT'.) now Grand Ma.ster's jcnvels, OUG on b~1- approach the altar, Hnd pl~ce the name gun-ge, weH kuo\villg that a daseription ot' God upon three sides of the Ark in of those jewels '....ould be handed down three la,nguag:_'~' ·viz.• Hebrew, Chaldaic t() the latest p08tcrity; :lud by these mt~au;:; and Syriac. 'l'hey also pl:Wll upon it the the Royal Arch, 01" l'ntlwl' the anCil'llt dntc it ,vas dl~prn;itcd, VdlO by, and for l\fa8ter's word, was fiu::l.lly di~covl;.\rcd; ,.... hat Jlurpose, &r:, ,\yrittcu in the ineffabGiug the same whieh wa~ cornmunicatcd LIe characters bl'fore dcscdbed, upon its by Got! him.self to Enoch, auu in tts.:~ shIm; tlnd top. Tlw,Y put il1tO tho Ark :1 till'eo thousauu years, \Vh011 it·wu~ lost key t ! ) the illoffahlecluu'acters, (a.:;ou by th3 death of Hiram Abiff, ~md aft.. .' 1'- pago 7~) rrh;~y then plac:_' their threo wards brought to light at rebnilding the l.i0wels (or squa.res) ina triang;lliar form second rl'cm~...le, and has been in use ever upon it. rrhc Ark is then put through a siace, and whl contiuuc to be the same trap iu the tloor anc! pl::tcod in the positilltilnc shall-be 110 nwT'c. tioa (k~~crib(Jd as hn.ving been founu, ill rrhe ceremony of receiving the candi- the Royal Arcll De{:,:l'E.\p. d:1to being through, the officers and CDmThil::l1ini~he3 the btt5in('s~, and the (~('.m­ psaLms a.ll resume their r;eatt:l, us before p::1.l1ions take their proper stations, wlwn deRcl"ib;.>d, an<1 the· Grand :Master readi:i the cha.rge i:i l'ea<1 to c:'l.llilidutl", as. 21th to 20th verdes xxxi. DeuterOllomy: follmY8: And it came to paslil, '\vhcn Moses had Grn.l1d l\faster-Companion, l1aving at· m~do a-:l. end of writil!g the words of this taiued to this degree, yon have passed the law ill n. book., until they 'were finished, circle of p~rfl'ctiou in atlcient Masonry. thttt Moses commanded the LevitCH which In the capacity of Select· Master, yOll bore the Ark of t.he COVOnl1ll t of the Lord l1ltt8t be sC'lll:dble that your obligations suying, '!'ake this Book of the Law, 3.ud are increased in proportion to your privi~' put it in the side of the Ark of the Cove- leges. Let it be your congtant carato naut of the Lord your God, that it m:l.Y prove yourself worthy of the confidence be th.erefor t.\ witness against thce~ l'oposed iu you, and the high honor con-



ferred on you, in admitting you to this select degree. Let uprightness and integrity attend your steps; let j usticeand mercy mark your conduct. Let fervency and zEal stimulate you in the di.scharge of the variou~ dntics incumbent on :;ou: but saffer not an illIo, or impertinent cnriosity to lead you. astray, or betray yon in to danger. Be deaf to every iU8inuatiou which would have a tendency to wea.ken your resolution, or tempt yon to au act of disobedience. Be volulltarily damb and blind, "when the exercise of those faculties would endnn.ger thepeace of your mind, or the probity of your conduct; and let silence and secrcsy, those cardinal virtues of a Select Master, 011 all necessary occasions, be scrupulously observed.. By a steady adherence to tho impol·taut instructions contained in this degree, )'"ou willlllcrit the approbation of the select number with '\"hom you are associated, and will enjoy the high satisfac· tion of having acted well your part ill the important enterprise in which you arc engaged; and aftcr having 'wrought your regular hours, you m~y be admitted to participate in all the privileges of a Salcc t Master. The Grand :Master then proceeds to close the· Council, as follo.. .v s : Grand 11aster to Captain of GuardsCompanion Captain, arc you a Select .l\:faster?

Captaill-I am acknowledged as such, and have ,vTought my· regular llours in the secret vault. Grand Mnstel'--''Yhat are the regular hours? Captain-From nine at night until midnight. Grand Master-How gained ;you ad· mission there? Captain-Through fervency and zeal, which was mistaken for curiosity and disobedience, and hud well nigh cost Inc my life; but justicea.od mercy prevailed, and I was acltnltted. Grandl\Ittstcr-How was that? Cn.ptaiu-My fervency and zcnllerl me into 3. pbce, thrOl.l. gh a misconstruction of King Solomon's pron1is(.,~; by 'which I f;)rf.:ikd my ICe; but mercy triumphed over justice, and 1 was admitteu n member among theIn. Grand Mn.stcr-.. '.wYhat i~ 11leant by a S~\lect l\!astcr? Captain-Those who are selected to build the royal vuult. ~!el1whose skill, integritY' and. seeresy were wuH known io our Gral1d MastE.r. Grand J\.1'aster-How many were there? Ca.ptain.-T\ycnty.two, from Gebal~ to-

gather with Ahishar, Adoniram,and Out three Grand l\Iasters; making in all, twentj"·seveu, and 110 lnore. Grand l\:Iaster-)Yhy but twentj--seven ? Captain-Because there \'\'ere but nine arches, auLl three only could be emplo)·ed in each. Grand l\Iaster-yYhere clid this royal vault begin? Captain-At King Solomon's most retired room. Grand Master-"\Yherc 4idit end? Captain-Under the l:lanctum sanctorum, 01" holy of holies, of King Solomon's Temple. Grand ]'faster-''V11en were yon to be admitted into tho Ninth Arch 1 Captain";""'Vhen the Temple should be completed; but o""ving to the death of' Hiram Abifr~ it was then closed from our eyes. . . Grand 1\Iaster-"That countryman you? Captain-A Ph<.ellician. Grand Master-In what city was yon born? Captain-In Gebs!. Gral'ld Master-'Yhat is your name '? Captaill~Giblem, or stone i$quarer. Grand Master-'\Yhat is it o'clock ~ Captain-L<nY t·wel....e; the usual time to call from labor to refreshment. Grand .l\1~tster-VnUtt remains now to be d0-nc? Captain-To retire in peace, practice virtue, and medit.ate in silence. Grand l\Iastel'-Companion Captain of the Guurds, you ,,"ill give llOtiee to the companions by the mysterious Number Nine that this Council i:> now about to be closed. Captain of the Guards knocks eight quick ancl one sIo,"\", '\vhich is repeated by the Deputy Gra.lld :Master and lhe Grand Conductor. Grand :Mastcr knockR one,and calls toorder, and gives the l:lign of Silence, with. his. }(·ft hand on hig mouth,and his right hand OIl hi:; breast, which is repeated by all the companions, ano. Ish Sondy I:; repeated by all. Grancll\I~l.l:5ter-Compunions,this CO'ltneil is closed. In some Lodges this dQgree is made l11oro of than h~re dCl:\cl'ibed; for il'l~teaq of dk.-lposing of the unfaithful Guard, Ahishar, so summnrilj", he is brought fOl°-:,vard,and bas his trial and gent<mce· beforo the Grand Master. Oth(~r incidents, too. t~re n'lore fully illustrated. But ,va have made our description from the eon.. 'densed mode now practice~ .


SUPER·EXCELLENT l\:fASTER. A Lodge of Super-Excellent Masters CODsist8 of the follov\-"ing officers, viz.: Most Excellent King (representing Zede kiah, the last King of IS1'ael) presides, and sits in the eust, Companion Gedaliah (so called) is the secnnd officer, and is sea.ted in the "vest. First Keeper of the Temple is seated on the right of Gedaliah. Second Keeper of the Temple takes his seat on t.he left of Gcdnliah.

Third Keeper of the Temple is seated at the door inside the hall, to guard it. 'rhrec Heralds, stationed outside the . door, with bngles in their llands. 'rhree Royal Guards, (including Cap' tain,) stationed ncar the King. . .A Recorder, or Secretal'y, sitting at the right in front of the King. The Altar is placed in the centre of tlle hall, and the general busillE'SS is conduct· cd. similar to that in othEr degrees. Tho Cnunc~l is opened us £0110\'\"5 :


Royal Guards.

+.f\E.::g. [jJ]t Recorder.






The King does not take his seat at :6.1'St, and the busine~s of opening devolves on Gedaliah, who calls the Counell to order with oue rap of the gavel. Gedaliah to ]'ir8t Keeper of the Temple-Oompanion First Keeper, are all present Super·Ex<~ellentl\lasters? First Kcepcr-ThcJT are. . Gedaliah-As a Super-Excellent l\fastel', KCCIJer of' the Temple, let it be your D.l'st duty am! last care, to see the Sanctuary duly guarded, ]'irst to Third Keeper of the TempleCompanion, are ,vo duly guarded ~ 'l'hird Keeper-,\Ve are: the Sanctuary is $ecure. First Keeper-Companion Gedaliah, the Sanctuary is duly guarded. Gedaliah-'Vhere is the King? First Keeper-In onc of the apartmcnts of the Temple. GedalIah-'\V'bat is the hour? ]'irst l~eeper-It is the time of the second watch. Gedaliah giyes three raps with the, ,,,hen the companions all rise. Geduliah-Compallions, since it is .the time of the second'watch, let us repair to the holy altar, and there offer up our fervent aspirations to Deit.:r, that he ,,'ould be plea~ed to vouchsafe to U~, as heretofore, his protocthlg care and fa'\7 or. The companions assemble round tho :iltar, lcncel on the left knee, the right elbow resting Oll the l'ight knee, and the forehead leaning on the right hanel, in imitation of silent devotion, They remain a fl110rt time in tl1is pOiiition, Gedaliah (rising)-Let 'Us arise and attend to giving the signs. The companions give all tbe signs fro111 an Entel'ed Apprentice uptoal1d illcluding those of this degree, hereafter dL'scribed. Gedaliah-Let tach take his station. litirst Herald soul1d~, Third Keeper of 'rernple-A Herald! Firtit Keeper-A H€l'alU approaches. Herald (corning in at tlle door and advancing towards Gcdaliah)-NebuchadllC'zzar, King of Babyloll, approttchcs ,",'ith innumerable forces, and fil1l:lthe cit,)": thny are formidable :\nd victorious, approaching the king-'s palnce, und ,vithiu a few furlongs of the Temple; and cverywhere may be seen.unhallowed l'::LVage and devastation. The Second Herald sounds, and comes in and gives the same intelligence. Third Herald sounds.. Third Keepm' of Temple-A. Herald! The KillS' I10W enters, protected by his Guardl:l, the Captain of tho Guurds in front of him, and one GU:lrd .on each siele.

Fh'Bt Keeper of the Temple-Th0 King approaches. Gedaliah gives three raps, when all the companions rise and face the King, \vho then take8 bis seat in the east. Gedaliah (addressing the. King)-J\Iost Excellent, the Oouncil is assembled, the officers stationed, and ""ve all ~vi'fait your orders. King (rising)-I proc.1aim this Council of Super-Ex.cellent Mt1.8ters dul~ organized. [Pauseg, and then says]-Uomp3nion Recorder, is there auy business. before the Council? Recorder-:Mcst Ex(~enent.a ,vorth;r companion of the Royal Arch is desirous of being advanced to the degree of Super-Excellent l\lal:lter. King-Let him come forvv"ard, Thec:lndidate (hoodwinked) is brought ill, 'vrhen just as he gets in front of the King, the First Herald sounds. Third Keeper of 'l'emple-A Herald! First Keeper-A Herald 1 Third Keeper-A Horald appro~ches. First Herald (corning in and advancing' towards the King) - Nebuchadnezzo.r, King of Babylon, 'Yith·· battering TalllS as~aults the rremple, and the Courts arc filled ".."ith carnage. King-Companion Gedaliah, is thero no way of escape? . Gedaliah-Therc is llone, l\Iost Excc1leut, except by,vay of the King's garden, by the private ontrance betvrcen the walls, leading out to the plains of Jericho. King-Lc,t us make our esc.ape. 'fhe companions now make a great noise by stamping, throwing oyer benches, and l'unnil1g about; the KL"1g goes out, and then the noise ceases. First Herald sounds. 'rhh'd Keeper of Templc-A Iferald ! l!"irst Keeper-A Herald 1 'Third Kccpcr-A Hel'ald appronchcs. 11ora1<1 enters and comes fOr'\vard. Gedaliah-'Vhat tidings from the King? Herald-The King, a11d all the m('n of war fi(lclb,Y' night, by the way of the gatc betvreCIl t'wo ,valls, which is by the King's garden, and the King went the 'way to''\' .urd::; tbe plain. al1d. the army of' thl\ Uhal~ dces pursued after the King alld ovc'rtook him 011 the plr..ills of J 2rlcho, und aU hiH army ",yas scnttered from him; so they took the King! and brought hiln up to the King of Babyloll, to Ttiblah, and they gave judgment upon him, .nnd they slew his sons before his (.yes, and they pnt out the eyes of our :,Most Excellent King, and 1)ound him in. fetters of brass, and carrkd him to Babylon. Gedallah-CompanionB, tIle $l.word of



the enemy prevails; Otlr young men are captives, and our old men slaves. In this extremity what remains to be done?Let Uli repair to the holy altar, and there pledge our faith and renew our vows. The companions now form a circle arouud the altar; the candidate is caused to kneel at the altar within the circleboth hands on the Holv BIble, square and compttl:ises-tLlld take ~the following obligation: I, J oh:l S11.1ith, of my 01V11 free will and accord, in the presence of the most puissant, most holy, and most merciful Creator, and this Council of Super-Excellcllt :Masters, dedicated to him, do hereby amI hereon, m03t solemnly and sincerely pror.u.ise and swear, that I will not bow do,'vn to other gods, nor pay religious adoration to idols. Anel I promise and swear) that I will not wor~hip the sun, moon, or stars of heaven j but in good faith andeanscience, to the best of my abilities, will serve and worship the only true and living God: And I promise and swear, that I will ahYays hail and conceal the secrets of this degree, and never reveal them exc~pt it ba to a trtle and lay'yfui companion Super-Excellent l\!aster, or in a legally constituted Oouncil of sncll i and neither unto him nor them till first bv strict trial and due ex.amination or In wlul information I shall found him, or the~n, as la.wfully entitled to the same as I am, or shall be myself: And I promise and swear, that I will . give meat, drink, and lodg~ng to a poor but worthy brother in necessity; will defend him in danger, and vindi('.ate· his character,· so far as honor, ju~ti('e and good faith ma.y "val'ran t. And I promiBc and s\ycar, that I will not derogate from the character of a Super-Excellent l\laster, now about· to be conferred on me. rl'o all this I do most solemnly promise and swear, with fi:~ed and steadfast resolution to keep and perform the same, without any hei:iitatioll, equivocation, orself-evasioll. of mind in me whatcYcr; binding' myself under no less penaltythan to have my thumbs Ctlt off, my eyes put Otlt~ my body bound i:1 fJttcI:s of br:.t:5s, and conveyed captive to a strange land. S::> help mc Goll, and keep me steadfast in this my s;:>lcma oath 3.!1d obligation. of a St1per~ Exeellent Master. .£\.:;800n as the obligation is pronounced, the First Herald som.Ius. Third Keeper of the rI'cmplo-A Her11.1d approaches! Herald (coming forward)-Th"c enemy ilol upon us! A arrcat noi1Je is'ilOW made by the com-



panions, who had assembled for the purpose outside, such as huzzaing, shouting and stamping. 'rhey rush in, led by the Captain of the Guards, seize the candidate with violence, and carry hitn out of the hall iuto the preparation room. First Keeper of the rfemple (taking bandage from candidate's eyes, and leading him into the hall)-I will now introduce JTou to our" Companion Gedaliah, who 'Yill instruct you in your duties. Gedaliah comes forward, takes the enndictate by the hand, and explains to him the Signs, pass-word arid grand word 0'£ this degree. The pass-\vord is SAUL, THE FIRST KING OF ISRAEL.

First sign-Cross the arms at right angles in front) 011 your body, the right one nppermost, the fingers clenched, und the thumbs pointing upward. It alludes to the penalty of the obligation.

Second Hign-Raise the right hand and elbow as high as the eyes, extending the tv..· o first fingers like a fork, the thumb and other finger~ being" clenched.;.....then. draw it back over the right shoulder, and with a quick luotion dart the extended 11ngers forward in a horizontal dir<;ction. It alludes to the penalty of gouging out the eyes of a traitor. Grand 'Vor,l is N AHOD ZADOD BON'E. This finishes the initiation. The Council is then closed, as follo,Ys : Gedaliah to First Keeper of the Temple-Companion Keepe-r, where do Su.. pcr-Excellclltl\Iasters convene in council? First Kce-per--:-ln a place representing the Sanctuarv. Gedaliah-'l'heir :first ancllast care? First Keeper-rro seQ the Sanctu~ry duly guarded.

Gedaliah-PleasBto attend to that part

of your duty.



First to Third Keeper-Companion Third Keeper, are we duly guarded ~ 'l'hird Keeper-'Ve are duly guarded, and the Sanctuary is secure, Gedaliah-Companion First Keeper, where is the King 1 First Keeper-Ill the prison of BabyIon: his thumbs have been cut off, his eyes put out., and hi~ body bound in fetters of brn8~. He has been conveyed captive to a strange land as the penalty of perJury. Gedaliah-vVhat is the hour? First Keeper-It is the third watch. Gedaliah-Companions, since it is .the time of the third watch, let us repair to the holy altar, and offer our fervent aspirations to Deity, for his protecting care and favor. The companions assemble round the a.ltar as at the opening; each kneels on his left ltnee, places his elbow on his right knee, and bOWl) hi~ head on the rigllt hand in imitation of secret prayer. Theyremain in this position a moment. Gedaliah (ri8ing)-Let UB arise. They all rise and give the signs, beginning with that of this degree, and going back in detail to the sign of Entered Ap· pl'~ntice.

Gedaliuh resumes his seat aucl g-ives ten raps with the gavel. First Keepel' of the 'remple raps ten. Second Keeper gives t.en raps. Gedaliah-I d~clare this Council closed. SECRET 1tl0NITOR, OR l\lASONIC TRADING DEGREE.

This is a side degree that may be conferred by a. single brother upon any wor· thy brother :Master Mason. 'l'here is no form of initiation, the candidate merely taking an oath on the Bible, or ou tho Bible, square and compasses on the altar. The following i=, the obligation: I, John Smith, iu presence of Almighty God and this witness, do here by and hereon, solemnly and sincerely swear, in ad· dition to my former obligations, that I will not confer this degree of Secret~Jon. itor on nny per~.on in the kno'wn world, except it be a worthy Master Mason. I furthermore promise Llnd swear, that I will caution a 1)rot~lt~r S('cret It·!onitor, by sign, 'Word, or tokBll, 'wherever I see him doing, or about to do, anything con· trary to the true principles of Mawnry. I furthermore promh;e and swear, that I will caution a broth~r Secret 1\!onitor by sign, word, or token, wherever I see him doing, or .about to do, anything con· trary to hisiaterest in buyiniorselJ.iDr.

I furthermore promise and swear, that 'when I am so cautioned myself by a brother Secrd Monitor, I ,,,ill pause and l'e· ftect on the COUl'se I am pursuing. • I furthermore promi8o and swear, that I ",\'ill assist a brother Secrt~t ,Monitor, in preference to any other person, by intro· during him to busincss, by sending him cust011.1, or in any other nlallner in which I can throw a penny in IJis W:lY. I furthermore promise and s,venl", that I will immediately commit this obligation to memory_ To all of "'hich I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and s,\vear, without any mental reservation or sel:f·eYa~ioll of mind in me whateYer; binding myfelf under 110 less penalty than that of having my heart thrust through with the al'I'OW of a.n enemy', and to be 'without friel1ds in the hour of trouble. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in this my solemn oath and obligation of a Secret Monito::.. [Ki~ses the book.] 'l.'he history of this degree is then t1SU~ ally given to the l1CW member by rending to him the follo,ving passages from the text-book, taken from the twentieth chapter of 1st Samuel: SoJ oIUl.than made a covenant with the house of David, suying, Let the Lorcl even require it at the haIlds of David's enemies. And Jonathan. enURed David to swear· again, because he loved him: for he loved him It£ he loved his own soul. Then Jonathan said to David, 'To·mor.. row is the ne'\'\' moon: and thou l:lhalt bo missed, bcc:1.use thy seat 'will be empty, And \vhen thou hast s~nyed threedu~~s, thon. thou shalt go down quic1dy, anu come to the place where thou didst llide thj."self when the bUl:iinesS "':1.8 in hand, and !')halt remain by the stone EzcI. And I will shoot three aI'rows on the side thereof, as though I sllOt at a mark. .And behold, I will s<:nd a lad, sa:riIlg, Go, nud out the a1'l'o':vs. If I cxpl'esl:lly suy unto the lad, Behold, tho arl'OWS ou this side of thee, take them; then come thou: for there is peaee to thee, and no hurt; as the Lord liveth. But if I say thul'a unto the young mall, Behold, the 0.1'1'0"\.'8 beyoud t!we; go tlly ,vay, for the Loru hath sent thee awny. AtHl as touching the matter ,yhieh thou and I have 1\pok(cn of, behold, the Lord be between thee anti 1110 for eyer. * ~': * * * * And it came to pass in the morrling, tlla.t Jonathan ,,,'ent out illto the field at the time appointed with David, and. a little lad with him. And he said unto the lad, Run, find out now th~ arrow·s 'which I shoot. .And as tho lad J.'an,hG ghotfill

93 arrow beyond him. And when the lad "I.. a8 come to the place of the arrow which Jonathan had shot, J onathancried after the lad, andsnid, Is not the arrow be~iond thee ~ And J onathall ,cried after the lad, 1\1ak(\ speed, haste, stay not.. And Jonathan's lad gathered up the arrows, ::tn.d C::une· to his master. But the lad knew not any thing: only J onn-than and David knew the matter. And Jonathan gave his artillery unto his lad, aud said i..\::lto him,. Go, carry thCl"n to the city-. ::And. as soon as t~lC lad wnH gone, David arose out of a. place towArd the south, and fell on his face to the ground, and b:nved himself three times: and they khlscd one another, and wept one wIth another, until David exceeded. And Jonathan said to David, Go in peace, forasmuch as we have sworn both of US ill the name of the Lord, saying, rrho Lord be bet'ween me an<l thee, and between my seed .and th.y· seed for ever. And he arose and departed; and Jona~ than 'Went into the city. Brothel' to co.ndidatc-I am David. Canrlidatc-I am Jonathan. Brother-David and Jonathan knew the matter. Candidatc- The lad knew nothing. fl'he tligns, words and tokens are now explained to the candidate. Thev are ncgativ'cs and affirmatiYcs) as fl')llows :

ceives the sign, is ·bound by his oath to pause and reflect. . The sign of approbation is given by holding up one finger in same manner.' It i::; give.n whenever you wish secretly to advise a brother in .any traffic or deal.. ing to his profit or interest, It means proceed. ' Grips are gh"en and received in the same admonishing ,'Yuy. 'Vhen you take the hand of a hi'other. if you grip him in the centre of the hand, with two fingers, it means desist; if you grip with one :fin.. gel', it means proceed. To caution a bt'other by word. If you sec a brother doing anything contrary to his interest, in bnyiu.g or ~elliDg, say to him, You had better buy two; two is bet.ter than ouc. It means desist. If you say to him,Onc is as good as two, it means proceed, and he ,vill directly un· derstand jo"ou, and act accordingly. Thus you C3.U caution a brother, by sign, token, or ,yard, 'whene,"er you see him doing anything contrary to the principles of !\Iu.sunry, or hi:t interest; and he, so cautioned, is bound to pause and reB.ect, before he further goes, under the penalties of having the at'row of an enemy thrust through his hen:rt, &c. There is also another way to caution a brother.;. If you say to him, The arr(nvs are be.. yond thee, it means desIst. If yott say to him, Tho nrrO'\"8 are this side of thee, it means proceed. The due-guard of this degree is given by placing yourself ill the .attitude of springing a bow. It is in imitation of Jonathan shooting· his arrows, and at·

ludes to the penalty of the obligation.

The negative. sign is made by extending the l'i~ht arm, forming a square at the elbow, holding the hand pointing upward:;, the two first fingors extended, and the other fingers ftn(l thumb clenche<L It is given ,,-henover you see a br.othcr doing, or about to do, anything contrary to his inter('st in buying 01' sc~llil1g, &c. It means dcsiet; alldthe bl'othel' who ,1'e-



HEROINE OP JERICHO. This is a side degree, which may be given to Royal Arch Masons, their wives, or theil' widows; and it can only be administered by a Royal Arch Mason. It is seldom cOl1ferred in a Lodge, but mmally at the residence of ~ome Royal Arch :Mason. It cannot be giV'['11 by any ~Ia­ son to his own wife. The parties assemble in different rooms-the Heroines in one room, and those who have not taken the degree in another.. Only Qne can receive the degree at the Sfime time. The candidate (if a female) is conducted into the Lodge of Heroines: and seated in a chair ncar the centre of the r00111. A brother of the degree (not her husband) comes forwarcl and addresses her, extolling the beu.uticl:l of 1\:[a50nry. and then seats him before her, laying a Bible in his lap. Brother to cnndidate-Sister Smith, you will find this a beantiful degree, though not at tlll like Masonry in any of its bearings. There is an obligation to take before you can be made acquainted "with its mj~steries. Are you willing to take it? Caudidate-I am. Brother-You ,,,ill please to repeat your name, ancI say aft(>r me : I, Sarah Smith," of my own free "'lill and accord, in the presence of Almighty God, and the~e Heroines of Jericho, do hereby and 11e1'eou, solemnly and sincerely proulise and swear, that I will not communicate the secr(~ts of Heroine of Jericho to ~my person in tl1ekno,Yn world, except it be to a true and lawful brother or sister Heroine of Jericho. I furthermore promise and swear, that I ,vill Dot confer this degree upon any person in the known world. I furthermore promise and swear, that

I will keep the secrets of a brother or sister Heroine of Jericho, when they are communicated to me as such, or whcn· ever their interest or J:!afety shall re· quire it. I furthermore promise and swear, tlmt I will answer and obey all due l'igns and summonscs. banded, sent, or thro"-n to me from a brother or sister lleroine of Jericho. I furthermore promise ttnd swear, that I will not give the hailing sign of di8tresB of a HeroL:w of Jericho, tmll'8s I am in real dh;trE'HH i and should I see tMs sign given, I will fly to the relicf of the per~cn giving it, and extricate them from diffi· culty, if in my pOlver. I furthermore promise and s'wear, that I will not speak the word of Heroine of Jericho, which I shall hereafter receive, in any manner, except in that in which I shall receive it_ I furthermore promise and swear, that 1 will not speak evil of a brother or sil:;· tel' Heroine behind their backs, or bcfore their faces; hut 'Yill give thou <Iue and timely notice of all approachh:g dal1gcr. 'ro all of ,,,hich do I solemnly and sin· cercly promise and swear, ,Yith a firm und stC'ady pl.1rpo~e to keep and perform the same i 'binding myself' under no less pellalty than to have my head struck off and carried to the llighest mountain. So hdp InC God, t1.ud keep me stendfa!'-;t in the clue performance of the same. [Kis!:Ies the book.] After the oath if; administered, the brothe'r opens the Bible at the second chap· tel' of the book of Joshua, ttnd reads as follo,vs: And Joshua, the son of Nun, sent out to Shittim h'ro men to spy secretly, say· ing, Go, view the l:md, even Jericho. And they went, and caIne into a harlot's house, named Rahab, and lodged there. Alld it wns told the king of Jericho, saying, Behold, there came men in hither to·nigh t of the children of lsrael, to search out the countr:r. And the King of' Jericho sent unto Rahab, saying, Bring f~)l"th the men that arc come to thee, ,vhich are entered into thj" bouse: for" they be C0111e to search out all the country. And the WOlUttU took the 1'wo men, and hid thom, and ~mid thus, '1'ho1'o came men unto me, but I wist not ",11('11<,'0 they ,vere: And it came to par:;s ab<mt the time of' shutting the gate, when it ,,'as dark, th:tt the men ,,,'cutout: whither the !nen went, I 'Wot not: ]1Ur£Ue afh'r them quickly; for yo shall overtake them. But she had brought them up to the r?of of the house) and hid them with


the stalks of :flax, which she had laid in order upon the roof. And the mcn pursued after them the way to Jordan unto the fOl'dr;: and as soon as they which pursued after ..thcm were gone out, they shut the g~te. And before they were laid down, 811e came up unto them upon the roof: And !:lIle said unto the mCll, I know that the Lord hath giycn you the lanu, and. that your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land faint bccaul5c of you. Por,ve hayc heard ho\'I/ the Lord dried up the ,vater of the Red Sea for ;you, when :yo came out of Egypt innd what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites that were on the other side of Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom yo utterly destroyed. And as soon as we heard these things, our hearts diel melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above and in earth beneath. N 0\'" therefore, I pray you swear unto me by the Lord, since I h::LYe showed yon kindness, that ye 'Yi11 also show kindness uutomy fat-her's house, and give m~ a true token: And that yo shull save ahve my father, and my m.other, and my bre· tIll"en, and my si~ter~, and all that they have, and deliver our lives frOID death. And the men answered her, Our life for ;yours, if ye utter not this our busine8s. And it shall be, wlwn tbe Lord hath given us the laud, that we lvill denl kindly and truly with thee. Then she let them down by a ~ord through the window: for her house ,'n1.S upon the town wall, and she d"~'elt upon the wall, &c. The initiating' brother now rises and instructs the candidate in giving the signs, a~nd ~n the 'word, as follows: ~~




,'I , ,


escape of the spies. She takes a red handkerchief, places one corner of it in her mouth, letH it hang down in front, and crosses her hands 011 bel' breast over it.. Second sign-She tnkes the bandker· chief by the corner bet'ween her :right thumb and. fore finger, and holds it up even with the corner of bel" right eye, a little distance off from the cJ-"e, the other corner hanging down.

The grand bailing sign of c1i~tressis given by holding' yourarxn out side,vh~e and upward from the body nt an angle of forty·five degrees, and holding the handkerchief by a COTner bet'\veeu the thumb anti finger, letting a corner hang down. '1'he word is thus given: 1.'ho initiating brother places tl::e inside of his right foot against the inside of the lady ca.ndidate's foot-:-t,oe to he aI-then putting his right hn.l1d on her left shoulder, bends. forward and speaks in11e1' ear, My life! She reo plies by l)'tltting hcrl'ight hand on his shoulder, bending' fon....n.rd and saying, :b"or yours. The brother then 'Puts his left hand on the Indy's othel" shoulder, and says, If ye 1.ttte~r not. She docs the same, and says, '1'his is our business. He then whispers in her ear, R.AHAB, which is the word in this degrl~e. Brother-It is very dark to-night. Candidate-Yes, but not so dark but that I can see. Brother-'Yhat ca!1 you see 1 Candidate-A scarlet line. Brother-'Vhy a scarlet line? Candidat.e-Because 'it saved my life in the hour of danger. rrhi~ ltsnul1ycloses this degree,when the initiating bl'other mak·(;'s some re.. marks alluding to the history of the de.. gree, and assures t.he candidate that it was actually founded by Rahab, &c.



KNIGHTS OF THREE KINGS. honest in dealing, that Ispeak disrespectfully of Masonry, &c., &0.] All1\:!aster l\fasons are entitled to this The· candidate generally promptly dedegree if' they are in good standing. It is nieseyer making any st'tch statements, usually conferred in a Lodge or Chapter antI demanc18 the n::unc of the author_ after the other bm,iness is finished. rrhe lIe is told it came from Brother - - , initiation is as follo,,,s : . (naming some l\lal:ioll 'who il:l not IJrest'Ilt.) A brother, duly qualified, leaves the 'l'he caucUclate says it is all absolute Lodge and goes iuto the prcparction falsehood, circulated to injnre ];im. " rOOlll. rIhe candidate then kl~ecls at the The ouJccting broth<.'r says 1:0 believes altar, ·v\.'hen the follOWing obligation is the candidate has reported·· the story; it administered to him: is just like him, he it:; .nlw3. J"I's meddling I, John SUlith, of myo\yn free 'will and with other men's aiTairs. accord, ill the prcl:lencc of Almighty God, A genera.l· "Y3.r of words now <msucs, and thE>se witnesses, do hereby and here- and ,Dot l.l.llfrequently hard names are on solemnly and ~incerely promise and called-the candidate by this time beiug swear, that I will not confer the degree nearly worked up into a passion, nnd the of Knights of Three Kings upon any per- other brother feigning llimself so. son except it be a ,Yortby Ma.ster Ma.son. Some brother now makes a proposition I furthermore promise and swear, that that all shall leave the room, and leave I will not be offended at any of the cere- .them alone to settle tllCir difiiculty. monies of this degree. The candidate and his antagonil:it being I furthermore promise and swear, that left alone, they dh;pute the mutter n little I 'Will not confer thi8 degree, unle8s by ,vhile, ,,,hen a brother cernes ill and in~ the unanimous conspnt of all present. quires, Have you ngrced ? Here an intcrrpption occnrs. 'I'he ouendh1gor objecting brother re~ Brotller (returning' fronl preparation plies-The dl£.1culty il:) not settled, neither room)-How is this? I have not eon- is it likely to be. sauted that this degree should be conferThey arc again left nlone for a short red on Brotlwr Smith to-night. time, when tce brother cernes a B(;co~d Brot11er (-who was administering the time D.l1d inquires, Have you agreed? oath)-1 did 110t expect that you had any 'rhe objecting brother rcplies, :Ko. objection to the candidate, a.nd therefore He no,v offers to submit thc:ir case to a I commenced ghdngthe oath. You ~llOUld .third persoll to decide, nnd abide lJitl deciha'ye made .your objection before you left don, ·which being acceded to 011 the part the room. . of the candidate, the rest of the brethren Objecting Brother (vehcmently)-I did return to the hall. make my objection known before I left A brother inquires-Have you agreed? the·room f I stated to you and the rest Objecting brother-'Vo chool:ie Broth~r of the brethl'en thnt there was difficulty --as an umpire to S(~tt]c our differences. existing of a very serious nHture bet\vcen Drother named as umpire-If you can Brother Smith and myself, and unless he agree in the dark, you can in the light. promptly gave me satisfaction, I should He then takes his sea.t, and directs the oppose him. candidate to kneel at the nItar and TeAll the brethren now interpose to set- ceh·e the remaining part of' the obligatle the difficn1t.y. They say they are tion. The candidate kneels again at the very sorry tlu(t .two brother 1\1asons altar, and repeats as £0110'''"8 : should quan'eI, especially at this time j I furthermore promise and s\y·car, that it is very 'wrong to canoy their prejUdices I will not confer this degree 'l1POl1 any into the Lodge. one without the hope of fec or reward. The candidate rises from the altar ap1'0 all of which 1 do solemnly and sinparently much 8Ul'prised, says he was not cerel,r promise and s'\\'cal", 'with a firm aware until the preS€llt moment that ancI :;teady retJolution to keep :1n<1 perBrother - - was.offended at him; he fOl'nl the sume, biucUllg mjTself 111~dtr 110 wishes he 'would teU '\vherein ,11e had It~SS penalty than crucHixiol1, and to die done llim.auy injury, and if it is in his t\, lingering death upon the C.ross. So power he 'will give him fiatisfactioll. hE>Ip me God and keep me steadfast. The offended brother then vel',Y graye- (Kisse~ tIle book cncco,] 1y rt'111tes bis aggl'ie'·ances; he accus(~S After the cal':ldidate has take'n the ob1ithe candidate of slanderh1g him in vari- gation, the person who was chosen judge (jus ways. You have reported, says he, gives his opinion as follo'ws: rrhe candi.. that I an1 a common drunkard, (or that dat~, and the brother 'who opposed his I qua.n'cl with my wife, that I am dis- takiDg thedcgree,sha.ll .approach each



other npOll the fivc points of fellowship, and gh"c the Master Mason's ,Yord, which balances all difficulties. HISTORY OF -THIS DEGREE.-Masonic tradition informs us that the circum· Rtances UpOll which the degree of rrhree Kings was founded, are briefl)" these: At the dcdlc:ttion of the Temple, King Solomon invited all the eastern Kings :t.11<l Princes to attend and assist in the ceremonies.. It so happened that two of the, kings '\veren..t war. Solomon re~ peated1:r'" attempted ~6 effect a reconcilia· tion between theIn, but to no purpose; 'Whereupon h,~ wisely detormined to effect by force 'vhat he ~ould not byargument.. IIe therefore. invited them into a small apartment in the Temple, locked the 0001', and left them to meditate in silence, telling them that ,,'henever they settled their difficulties and agreed to live in veacet tlwy ,\-yould be liberated, and un· til that time they would be shut up in tot.r-I darkness, and kept on bread and ,vntel'. The nex.t day King Solomon 'went ill to see them, and inquired if they bad :tgreec1.. rrhey informed him they bad uot, neither 'was there a probability they would. King Solomon again left them, and ou the next day went ill as before, snd received a like am,.~:ver. On the third day he ,vent in, when they informed him they had agreed. King Solomon advancing towards them, holding in each hand a. lighted taper, said -If you can agree)n thA dark, you can in the light, bowing at the same time.

,This, then, is the sign ill this degree, ~lZ.: Holding you,r arms out straight from yonr body, ,vith a candle in each baud. Alludes to the penalty, crncifix.ion. The watch-word, and the ,'Vord of cau-

tion is AGREED.



KNIGHTS OF THE RED CROSS. The history of this degree is briefly as follows: After the death of Cyrus, King of PerS'ia, who had ordered the rebuild· ing of the Temple at Jerusalem, the 6no· mies of the Jews found means to prevent the progress of that glorious uuder· taking, and the work upon it ceased.. Zerubbnbel, a princo of Judah, and a personal friend of Darius, the ne\Y" king, thereupon resolved to make his way through the Persian dominions to tbe capital, to 0 btaill. an interview withDarins, and persuade llim to direct that the work on th(;~ Temple should be continued to completion. Notwithstanding the dangers of the journey, he made it successfully, obtained the desired i:",ten?iew, and Darius not onl)"" accorded permisRion to rebuild the city and Temple of Jerusalem, but he restored to th<."l Sews all tho boly yesscls rem,aining at Babylon since the destl·uction of the first Temple, Being .desirous also of perpetuating a. remembranco of this renewtll of his friend.. ship with Zernbbabcl, Darius thEm in~ stitnt.ed a new Order called Or(1(,l" of the Knight,g of tho E:tst, the name of 'i'lihich was subsequently altered to Knights of the Reel Cross, ill Palestiuc..-t.he bannel" of the Knights having a l'ed crosscon~ spicuously upon it. rl'he Council chamber of this degree is arranged as £0110,\Y8 : The Sovereign l\Iaster sits on a throne in the east; nnd above it i!:l suspended n. green bnnner, .'tvith a re d crOSli in t.he centre, and· also n trivle triangle i under.. neath arc arranged other emblems of the Order. On his right, sits the Chancellor, and the. Prelate, and on bis· left is the Master of the Palacp.:. On the rig11t antI left in front of the throne are the Tl'easurer nnd Secretary,' \vho ill this c1egl"ee are called. l\'Iaster of Finances and ::Mas.

ter of


PAst Sovereign Mas..



ters who may be present usually sit at the right of the Prelate. The Standard Bearer sits in the west, at the end of the room opposite to the throne. At his right sits the S,,"ord Bearer, and the Warder sits on his left. The duties of the several officers are fully, detailed in opening the Council At the sound of the trumpet the line is formed on the left from east to '\"cst, with the Master of Cavalry on the right to' wardS the throne, and l\.1aster of Infantry on the left. }Iaster of Cavahy to Warder-Sir Knight ''\TardeI'. when a Council of Red Cross Knights is about to be opened, what is the 'first duty? Warder-To see that the Sentinels are at .theirrespeetive posts, and the Council chamber duly guarded. Master of Cavalry-Attend to that part of your duty, and inform the Cap' tain of the Guards that we are about to open Do Council of Red Cross Knights fOl' the dispa.tch of business. The 'Varder goes 'and stations the Gt1al'd (Tyl(.'r) and returns to his post. 'Varder to Master of CavnlrY'-Sir Knight, the Sent.inels m'e at t.heir 1'e· specti....e posts, and the Council chamber is duly guarded. 1\laster of Cavalry-Are all· present Knights of t.he Red Cross? vVar<1er-All present are true Red Cross Knights. J\:Iaster of CaYalry-AttentioD, Sir Knights; handle s\"ord; draw sword ; carry sword. You will count yourselves into ih;st:lud second divisions, beginning on the right. The l\:nights count themselves into two divisions, as follo'\vs: The first one says First, the second one Second, third one First, fourth one Second, fifth one First, sixth: one Second, and so on all through .the line. The persons who counted First, are the first division, and those who c,ounted Second are the second division. :Master of C::walry-AttentioD, first di'Vision; you will form a line three paces front-fol"'vard, march. Those of the first division step three paces infrollt of the line. Mas.t(~r of Ca.valry-Halt t-to the right nhou t-face. . The first, division faces 'the second, and :rtraster of Cav'Solry· takes his station· on the l'.lght of it. Mal'ter . of Caiialry to1\fasterof Infantry-Sir Knight, Y0'tl will inform our Sovel'eiA"n l\Iaster that the lines formed for il1Sp~~tiOll antI l·ifVieW'~··.


The ].oraster of Infantry, accompanied by the Sword Bearer and )Yarder, gees up in front and informs the SoYercign :Master that the lines are formed, '\vaiting his pleasure. As the Sovereign Master rises, tbe trumpet sounds. He passes do\vn be. t''''een the two divisions uncovered, instructing the first a.s he goes, and the second on his return. Master of Cavalry-Recover aI'ms; poise arms. . Sovereign Master, with Chancellor and Prelate 011 his right, and Master of FalBee on his left, form a line across from the right of the second to the front of the first division. Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir Knights: give your attention to the several $igns of l\lasonry. As I do, BO do


The signs are now given from Entered Apprentice up to, and inclUding those of Select Master. Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir Knights: . handle sword: draw sword: Sir Knights, you will attend to gi ving tho signs of the l'tecl Cross degree. Sovereign Master sa:ys to ChancellorAttention, Sir Knight, [Uhancellcr faces him Ulld reeO,\1C1'8 sword:] advance al:d communicate the Je,\'I,'ish Pass. 'l.'his is given with three cuts, over all arch of st.eel, as follo\'Vs: :Master and Cha:ocel1cr bring their s·words to a recover, advance "with the right foot, and at the same time clash their 8'\vords together with some violence. This is the first cnt. 'l'hcy then cut one and four as in infan try exercise, holding their swords together at cut four, and then stepping forward with the left foot, each·· raises his left hand and s~i~es th~ other. by the shoulder, their po· sltlon bemg as In the engraving.




Chancellor sa.ys-JUDAH. Seizing each other by the shouldel', as in Sovereign Master-BENJAMIN. the engraving. Chancellor-BEN J A~IIN. Sovereign. ,Master-Jun AH. They then resume their former posi· tiona,· and the Sovereign 1\.:Iaster pauses a moment, and then turml to Chancellor. Sovereign Master to Chancellor-The word is right: you will receive it from Sir Knight on your right. Chancellor to Knight on his right-Attention,Sir Knight, (Knight fact;s him:] advance and communicate the Jewish Pass. The pass is communicated in the same way as by the Chancellor to the Master, before described. . Sir Knight, who has thus communicated the pass, makes the same demand from tho Knight on his right, and he from the next, and so on until it reaches the Master of Ca,,"alry on the right of the first dh"ision. Meantime the Sovereign 1fraster de~ mands and receives the .J cwish pass in J\.!aster of Palace-TETNAI. the same ma.nner from the .:Master of the Palace on his left; the 1vlaster of the Sov'eraign ~Iaster-SHETHARBOZNAt. Master of Palace-SHETHA'RBOZNAI. Palace demands and receives it from Sir Soverp.ign Master-'l':&TNAL Knight at his left, the Knight from his rrhey then resume their places. neighbor on the left, and so on, nutHit Sovereign Master to :Master of Palace reaches the :t\Iaster of Infa.ntry at the -The word is right: you will receive it left of the second division. l\!asterof Infantry says-Attention, Sir from Sir Knight on your left. Knight Master of Cavalry: adyance and The l\:Ias:ter of the Palace demands and communicate the Jewish Pass. receives the pass in the same Inanner Both. Ma.sters advance to the centre of from. th€l Knight on his left, this Knight the space between the two divisions, from the next one, and so on down to when the Master of Oavalry communi- the ·l\Io.sterof Infantry. cates the pass in the same manner as be~ ~reantime the Sovereign ~raster re· ceives it from t.he Chancellor on his fore described, and returns to his post. Master of Infantry (standing in centre) right,and the Chancellor from the Knight -Sovereign l\!aster, I have the Jewish on his right, and so it passes do,vn the Pass. division Hue to the ~:t:aster of Cavalry. SoveNiogn Master-Sir Knight, you :Master of Cavalry says-Attention, Sir will advance and communicate it. Knight Master of Infantry: advance and Master of Infantry advances towards communicate· the Persian Pass. Sovereign l\:Iaster, and when within three The two step out in the centre of the paces, brings his sword to a. recover, and spaee, as before, when the pass is given, communicates the pass in the manner be~ and the l\-!aster of Infa.ntry l'eturns to his fore described. p~l . . Sovereign Master-The worel has come Master ofCavalryto§overeigu· :Mas~ up right. Attention, Sir Knight-to the ter-Moilt Illustrious, I have the Persian right ~bout face-to your post-marchl Pass. l\Iaster of Infa.ntry goes to his post on Sovereign Master-Sir Knight, you the left of. second division. will advance and communicate it. Sovereign l\!aster (turning to his left) :Ma$ter . of Cavalry advances· within -Attention, Sir Knight, l\'Iaster of the three paces of· Sovereign ]'laster, and Pala.ce. Advance and communicate the then gives the Persian Pass as described. Persian Pass. Sovereign l\Ia.ster-The pass is right. Master of Palace and Sovereign Master Attention, Sir Knight-to the right about Ineetwith dra.wn swords, a.nd ct1t,· as in face-to yourpol:>t-march ! infantry exercise, two,oue, four, two, and }!aster ofCavalrygo~sto .his post· on the word is given. under anarch of steol, the right of· the:6.rst division..




Sovereign :Master-Attention, first division: you. "rill advance and communicate to the second division the Red Cross 'Vord. The Knights of the first dh·ision advance as directed, ~ncl each gives the word to his opposite companion, as follows: Give the CtltS onc, t,vo and four, as in infantry exercise, and step f'orwni'd with the left foot, placing it side by side, parallel with the left foot of your companion; at the same time seize each othor by the right shoulder, and draw back ,Your sword with a quick, threatening motion, as though you intended to stab your companion to the heart: then he of the first division whispers VERIT.t\S, and he of the second division answer::;, RIGHT.

'l'hey then step back with the left foot, and bring up the right: _ Sover(\ign l\Iaster-Attention, second ciivision: you w}ll :Hlvance and communicate to the first division the sign, grip and word of a Red Cross Knight. The Knights aU advance to\vards each other, as did the Sovereign Master and Chancellor when giving the Je,vi:;h Pass, (page 98,) and meet on the guard, or first cut, cla.shing 1\i1eir swords together. Each then raises his left ha.nd, places the thumb and fore finger against· his lips, the othor fingers spr(~ad open towards the left eye in a similar positiouto the hand of a person who is giving ~ blast ,vith a horn. Ca.rry off the hand in a horizontal direction to the left, till it sweeps a semi-circle, then drop it side: theu give th.ree other cuts, viz., one, four, two, as in infantry exercise, udvance, and place your left foot by tho side of your companion's, interlace the iingeTi· of. the left

hand, and he of the second division pro' nounces the wordLIBERTAS. The Knight of the first division replies, "the word is right."

Sovereign ]'Iaster-Sir Knights, you will form around the altar for the purpose of opening this Council of Red Cross Knights. The Sovereign ~1astel' takes his seat on the throne, with bis officers each side, while .the l\:Iastel'!:'l of .. Cavalry and In. fantry form their diyisions round the altar, facing in",·arcl. Sovereign Master says-Attention, Sir Knights: to the right about, face-de· posit sworus_ Knights take off their swords. Sovereign Master-Deposit helmets_ Kniglits obey. Sovereign Master-To the right about, face-to J.T011.f devotions. rrhe Knights all kneel ronnd the altar, each all his left knee: they then cross their arms tlnd each interlaces his finger::; with his right and left hand eompaniol1. rl'hey then all repeat the Lorfrs prayer, after ,,,hich each Knight ·whispers· the word VEIUTAS in the ear of his left hand companion. Sovereign }Iaster says-Attention, Sir Knights; [ull the Knights l'is,o upon their feet:] to the right about, face-recover helmets. rrhc lCuights their helmetS. Sovereign ltlaster-Recoyer swords: [Kuightl:\ take t.heir swords:] return, swords: to J:our posts, march! Each one now takes his proper place, ,vhen the Sovereign Master addresscl) some Olle Knight, ohosen for the ptu'poso,

101 Sovereign ::Master-Standard Bea.rer's to the station and duties of the officers station? of the Council, as follows: Sovereign Master-Sir Knight, arc you Knig-ht-In the west. a Knight of the Red Cross? Sovereign Master-His duty there? Knight-To display, support, and pro· Knight-That is my profession. Sovereign ,Master-By what will you tect the banners of our Order. Sovereign :Master-Why is the Standbe tried? ~. 'I Knight-Dy the test of truth. ard Bearer's station in the west? Knight-That the brilliant rays of the , Sovereign l\laster-'Vhy by the test of rising sun, shedding their lustre upon the truth? Knight-Because none but good men banners of our Order, may encourage and true, arc entitled to the honors of and allimatG all true and courteous Knights, and dismay a.nd confound their the Order. Sovereign J!wfaster-'Vhcre· did you re- enemies. Sovereign lfaster-Sta.tion of Master ceive the honors? Knight-In a just and regular Council of Dispatches 1 Rnight-In front of the !rIaster of the of Knights of the Red Cross. Sovereign l\'Iaster-'Vhat number com- Palace. Sovereign l!aster-His duty? pose a Council ? Knight-To obl;erve 'With attention the Knight-There is an indispensable transaetions of the Council; to keep a number, and n. constitutional number. Sovereign :Master-What is the indis- just a.nd regular record thereof, collect the l'CyenUe, amI pay the same over to pensable number? ICnig-ht-Three. the :Master of Finance. Sovereign ?traster-Station of Master Sovereign l\!aster-Underwhat circumstances arc they authorized to fOl'm a of Finance? Council of Knights of the Red Cross? ' Knight-In front of the Chancellor. Knight-'rl1ree Knights of the Reel Sovereign l\fastcr-Hls duty 1 Cross, being also Knights Templars, and Knight-To receive in charge the funds hailing from three differe11t commando- and property of the Council, pay all orries, may, under tho sanction of 11 ,val'- ders drawn upon the Treasurer, and renrant or charter from a Grand Encamp- der a jnst and regular account when call- . ment, form and open a Council of Red cd for. Cross Knights, for dispatch of b1.1Sine~8. Sovereign ~.raster-Stationof t!lC MasSovcreignl\.raster-"\Vhat is the COllSti· ter of Infantry 1 , tutionnll]Umber? Knight-On the left of the sc:eond di· 1{night·-Pive, seven, nine, eleven, or '~,,"ision, "9\rhen separately formed; ()n the more. left of the whole, ,,'llcn formed in line. So\~ereign :M:aster-Uis duty ~ Sovereign :Mastcr-When composed of cleven, of whom does it consist? Knight-To command tho second diviKnight-Sovereign Mastel', Chancellor, sion or liue of infantry, teach them their ?tlastnr of Palace, Prelate, ]\Iaster of duty and (.rx:crci::;e; also to prepare all canCavalry, :Mastcr of Infantry, :Master of didates, attend them on their journey, anFinance, Master of Dispatches, Standard f~~~~d~;eqth~~~~~~~o)~~e g~l~~'c~nc~aU;;~~K Bearer, Sword Bearer, and 'Yarde1'. Sovereign l\laster-'\Yarder's station in Sovereign l\:Iastcr-Station of :Master the Council? . of CaYalry? Knight-On tho left of tllO Standard Knight-On the right' of the first diviBearer in the ,'vest. sion, ,\yhcn separately formed, ::l.l1d on tho So\"ereign l\laster-IIis duty there? right of tho wholo, '"heu formed in line. Knight-To announce the approach of Sovereign Mastt~r-Hisduty~ ,( the SoYcreign Master, to see that the SenKnigh t-rro conunand the iirEt divisi@n ~. tinels are nt their rcspectiYC posts, and or line of cava,lry, teach the 111 their duty tIle Council cllambf'r duly guarded. and exercise; to form the n YCUllC for the Sovereign :Mai:itcl"-S\,yord BearCl"ssta- reception and dep:.utul'O of tl:o Sovereign tion? Master, and prepare the lines for inspec" Knight-On tho l'ight of tho Standard tion and review. ' B~ar~r in the west. Sovereign Master-Prelate's station? Sovereign l\faster-Hig duty there '/ Knight-On thcright of the Chancellor. Knight-To assist in the protection of Sovereign Master-His duty? the banners of our Order; to watch.· all Knight-To presido itl the Royal Arch signals from the Sovereign Master, and Council jadminister at the altar; to offer see his qrders dIlly eAecuted. up prayerl:i and adorations to the Deity. tal



Sovel路eign lIaster-Station of Master of the Palace? Knight-Ou the left of the Sovereign l\-faster in the east. Soyereign l\1aster-His duty? Knight-rro see that the proper officers make all due preparations for. the several meetings of the Council; to take specialcai'e that the Council chamber is in suitable array for the reception of can路 didates, and di::,patch of business; to receive and communicate all orders issued



by the Sovereign Ma.ster through the. of'~ ncers of the line. Sovereign J.\laster-Ghaneellor's sta.tion? Knight-On the l'ight of the Sovereign Ma$ter. Sovereign l\!aster-His duty 1 Knight-To receive and communicate all orders and petitions, to assist the Sovereign !\faster in the discharge of his various duties, and in his absence to preside in the Council.

Sovereign Master

l\Iaster of Palace

it If


. II1 ~\i,~.~ . :z--

Master of Finances.

Master of Dispatches.

a Altar.

A ,II,



'Yarder Sw'd Bearer





:bLaster of .Infantry-A 'Worthy comSovereign 1\!aster-Sovereign Master's panion, who has been regularly initiated, station? pas8e~ and raised to the sublime degree Knight-In the east. of Ji'laster Mason-advanced to the honSovereign l\1a.ster-Hisduty ? orary degree of 1rIark lVIal:lte1', presided Knight-To preside in the Grand Council ; confer this Order of Knighthood upon as Master in the chair-has been received those whom his Conncilmay approve i to and acknowledged as IVlost Ex.cellent preserve inviolate the laws and constitu- Master, and exalted to. the more august tion of our·· Order; to dispense justice, sublime degree of Royal Arch Masonreward· merit, encourage truth, and dif- now solicits the honor of' being created a. fuse the sublime principles of universal Knight of' the Illustrious Order of the benevolence. Red Cross. Sovereign l\faster-Sir Knight Chan"larder-Is it of his own free will and cellor, it is my will and pleasure that a accord he makes this request ~ Master of Infa.ntry-It is.. Council of Knights of the Red Cross be Warder-Is he 'Worthy and well opened, and stand open for the dispatch of snoh business as may regularly ified? come before it at this time, requiring all l'faster of Infa.ntry-He is.. '\Val'der-Has he made suitable profiSir Knights no\v assembled, or who may come at this time, to govern themselves ciency in the preeeding deg~ees f :l\fal:lter of Infa.ntry-He bas. according to the sublime priooiples of our vVarder-By what further right and Order. , Chancellor to Master of Palace-Sir benefit does he expect to gain a.dmit. Knight, it is the win and pleasure of oar tance here! ~{ast~r of Infantry-By the benefit of Sovereign lIn-ster that a. Council of Knights of the Red CrosB be now opened a pa8S; and with. your aSl:listance 'We will for the digpatch of business, You will gh"c it. communicate it to the Sir Knights, that 'Varder-Advanee and give it. they may govern themselves accordingly. 'l'he is JAH-nU·LUN, .and is now 'l'he l!aster of thePalaee .addresses th.e gi~"'en in same manner as the Royal Arch Knights in same manner. \'lord, (page 68.) Sovereign. }Iaster-Sir Knights, this vVarder-The pass is right: let the canCouncil is now opened for the dispatch didate wait a time with pa.ticllce, until of business. the Most Excellent Prelate be informed The chamber is now diyided into two of hi::: request, and his answer returned. apartments by a veiL In some The ''larder closes the door and goes three rooms are made. The King, Chan- to the Prelate, who he informs that a. cellor, and ~Iaster of Pa-Iace remain in worthy companion of the RO,j"al Arch is their .seats, but the; Prelate goes and sits cra.ving admittance. in a seat prepared for hinl behind the al· The Prelate asks the same questions of tar, which is ill the oater apartment, the Wa.rder that the "\-Varder had asked. where he presides over the Royal Arch the Master of Infantry, and receives the CounciL The division commanded by same answers relative to th.e candidate. I the 1\{aster of Infantry is stationed in this Prelate-Let him be admi tted. apartment, the Knights seating thelUMaster of· Infantry conducts eandidate selves in a. semi-eircle with the ir ha-ts on.. to the centre of the ha.ll, seats him ina The division of the 1tfuster of Cavalry chair, and takes a seat by l1is side. guards the Council chamber, and repruPrelate (addressing" candidate)-Com... tlents the Persian Guards,while that in panion, the Council you here see assem.. the onter chamber represents the Jenvish bled, represents the· Grand Council asGuards. sembled at Jero.salem in the first year of If a candidate is to be advanced to the Darius, Kirlg of Persia, to deliberate degree of Red Cross Knight, the M:astCl' upon their unhappy situation, and to deof Infantry goes out into a side room to vise means whereby they could obtain prepare him, and then comes and raps the £a,"·or and assistance of their new three times three upon the door. sovereign, in rebuilding the house of the "\Varder to Prelatc-!vlost Excellent, L01'd. If you are desirous of joining us there is an alarm at the door. in our deliberations, you must assume Pl'elate-Attend to the alarm, and see the name and character of Zerubbabel, who·comes there. one of the .priuces of the !louse of. ,JuViardel" goes to the door, raps three dah, whose hands laid the foundation of times three, opens the.· door and says- the :first Temple, and · ha.nds the 'Vho comes there? Lord promised should finish it.



Candidate signifies his assent, bowing. I King of Persia. llath cOlumnnded ns, &c. Prelate-Companions, we will attend [See text-book.] to a. lesson from the records of our fa~ Ma.ster of Infantry -(rising and intraihers. dncing cnndidate to Prclate)-l\Iost ExThe companions, sitting in a semi·cir- cellent, i~ ccmsequ!.nce of o~1r sovereign cle, as in the engraving, take off their lord DarIUg the I\mg, ha,'mg al:Hr(md~d hats, drop their elbows on their knees, th~ throne of Pepna, ne"v hopes :l;re ma.nd support their heads each with his spIred of protectlOn and support lU tIle fight hand. t noble and glorious undertaking of rebuilding the House of the Lord, in which ""·0 1mva been so long and so often in terrupted by our adverS:1ries on the other side of the l'iver; for Darins, ,,,hen" a. private man in life, made a VO'l'V to God, that should he ever ascend the throne of Persia, he 'Would send all the holy vessels remaining in Babylon back to J el'usalem. Our most excellent and faithful companion ZeTubbabel, who 'YUS formerly honored with the favorn-ble notice and friend... slllip of the ~Ycreign, :nmv offm's his services to encouuter the hazlirdous enterprise of tr::l.yersil1g the Persian dominions, and seelting admission to the presence- of the sovereign, where the :first favorablo moment 'will be seized. torenlinet the king of his VOV\!, and irnpre~s on his mind the almighty force and importance of trnth ; and from his known piety, no doubt can be entertained of obtaining his consent" that our enemies be l"t'IDo'ved far heIlce, aud that ,vo be no longer hindered or impeded in the noble and g-lorions nnderPrelate now reads from text·bookverses taking of rebuilding the Honse of,theS to 11 of Ezra iii.: Lor!}, in which we have so laudably enNow in the second year of' their coming gaged. unto the house of God at Jerusalem, in Prelate-Companion Zernbbaogl, the the second month, began Zernbbabel the Council ,yUh great joy accept J!'onr 110ble son of Shealtiel, and Joshua. the son of and generous oft'cr, and "rin inycst yOtl. Jozadak, and the remnant of their bre· ,'vith the necessary passportl;~ by the threll, the priests and the Levites, and all means of which :yon win be enabled to they that were come out of the captivity make yourself known to. tho friends of unto Jerusalem; and appointee! the Le~ our cause, ,.,'hel·cvcr Y01.:nuny find them ~ vites, from tVltenty years old and upward, but on entering- npon au nndclia.killg of to set forward the work of the house of such ,,·aHt importance to the craft, it is the Lord, &c_ necessary that you take It solemn. obliga· Prelate then reads from Ezra iv. : tion to be :faithful to tho trust rcp(l!:iod· in Now tvhen the adversaries of Judah you. I will iuvcgt ;you ,vith this s'\.Yord, and Benjamin h.<.~ard that the children of [presents him with: a s\"l'ord,} by the Ul;(} the captivity builded the Tenlple unto of which you ,vill lJe c·nablcd to defend , the Lord God of Israel; then they came yourself against your ('nc'mics: YOlt will ;' to Zerubbabel, and to the chief of the fa· now kueel at the altar, and receive your thin':;, und said unto them, L(~t us build obliga.tion. with you: for ,ve seek your God, as ye 'The candidate kneels at the a.ltar on do; and we do sacrifiee un to him Hince his left knee, his. body crect, his right the da.ys of Esarhaddon, King of At3sur, hand grasping the llilt cf his s"rV'ol-cI, lris who brought us up hither. But Zernb- left resting 011 the Holy Bible, square and babel, and J eslma, and the· rest of the compass, on '\yhich are placed two sworda c.hief of the fathers of Israel, said unto at right angles. them, Ye have nothing to do with Ul;. to Prelate-Companion, :yon are now build an house unto our God; we about to take an obligation appertaining ourselves together will build unto the· to this degree, which, like your former Lord God of Israel, as King Cyrus the obligatlollSt will not interfere with ;}"our



duty to your country or :Maker; if you are \yilling to proceed, you "'\"ill repeat your christian and surname, and say after me: I, John Smith,· of my OvVU free will and accord, ill the presence of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, and these witnesses, do hereby and hereon, most solemnly .and sincerely promise. and swear, that I ,vill always hail, forever conceal, and never reve::tl, an)" of the secret arts, parts or points of the mysteries appertaining to thi8 Order of Knight of the Red Cross, unless it be to a true and lawful companion Sir Knight of tho Order, or within the body of a just and la'v ful Council. of such; and not uuto him or them, until by true trial, strict examination or hl.'\vful information, I find him or them lawfully entitled to receive the same. I furthermore promise and swear, that I ,'\-~ill answer and obey aU due signs und regular summonses, vrhich 8113011 be sent to me from a regular CouDcil of Knights of the Red CrOS:3, or given to me from the hands of a companion Sir Knight of the ned Cross, if within the distance of forty miles; natural infirmities and unavoidable accidents only excusing mc. I furthermore promise and swear, that I will not bc present at the conferring of this Order of Knighthood upon any person, unless he shall have previously regularly received the several degrecs of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master ~fnson, Mark Master,Past :I\Iaster, :Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch degree, to the best of my knowledge and belief. I furthermore promise aud swear, that I will not assist or be present at the forming and opening of a Coullcil of Knights of the Reel Cross, unless there be present at least five regulAr Knights of the Order, or the representatives of three different Enc:.tmpments, acting undel' the sanction of a legal warrant. I furthermore pi'omise and s,'\~eAr, that I ,,,;'111 vindicate the character of a cotutoous Sir Knight of the Red Cross, when wl'ongfull.y traduced: th[Lt I ,,,ill help him Oil a la\vful occ~Lsiou in preference to allY brother of' an inferior degree, and 80 far a~ truth, honor anc! justice may warrant. I furthermore promise and s,vcar, that I will support and maintain the by·hnvs of the Council of which I Iua.y hereafter become a lncmber,. the laws aud l·cgula. tions of· the Graud Encampment under which the same may be holden, together with the constitution ~nd ordinances of




the General Grand Encampmen t of the United States of America, so far as the same shall come 10 Iny knowledge. 'To all which I do m08t solel1l111)" pro· mise and swear, binding- myself under no less penalty than of haVing my house toru down, the timbers th::re~)f set up, and I hanged therc~on; and "vhen the last trump shall blow, that I be forever excluded from the society of all true and courteous K11ights, should I ever wilfully or kno'wingly violate any part of this solemn obligation of Knight of the Red Cross. So help me God, and keep me steadfast to keep and perform the sarno. '£he cal1cUdatei::; directed to kiss the book, which he docs, and then rises. Prelate-Companion Zerubbabe], tIle Master of Infantl"y will now invest you with the Jewish PUgs) by means of which yOll. will be able to make yourself known to friend8 of our cause wherever you may find- them, and which will insure to you their friendship and protection. ll:Iaster of Infantry giYe~ him the Jewish Pass, as 011 page 98. Prelate (pre~enting candidate 'with a green sash)-Companion, I now invci;t you \vith this sash, as a mark or ~ur peculiar friendship and esteem: you will wem' it as a constant memorial to stimulate ;you to the perfornumcc of.every duty. Its color is green, and ,,,,ill remind you that tho memory of 1lim who. falls in a just ~Lnd virtuous cause is blessed, and will flourish like the grt'en ba.y tree. Pare you well, companion; may success attend your enterprise. Master of Infantry to candidate-Fol.. low me. 'The candidate is (or should be) conducted through several doors into different apal'tlllents. On arriving' at the :first door, a:1(1 giving t:he alarmFirst Guard says-\Vho comes there? Mastnr of Infalltry-A friend. Gua.rd-Ad vanco Hud giye the paHs. Master of' Infantr)- gives the Jewish Pass,:Ls 011 page 98. Candidate is also exam.iued and gives the pags, ,yhen they pa~~ 011 to the second door, whore they are challel1ged, and ~ach gives the pass ill the same manuel'. rI'hey llOW approach the thir(l dom', which is open, aud before it is placed a little framo in imitation of Doll arched bridge. ,Master of Infant.ry-Compnnion, we have uow arrived in sight of the !.)eri':iian dominion8: I cun t'l.ccompany you no further. 'l'his bridge you .Ree here, over which you have to pass .ttlOlle, sep,t. rates the Jewish from the Porsian do~



mmlOns. Fare. you well; ma;r success attend your enterprise. Candidate '\valks over the bridge, gives an alarm, and is accosted by a guard. Guard-yVho comes there 1 Candidate give!:; three cuts with his sword, aud advances to give the Jewish ,. Pass: guard throws up candidate's 05,vord: candidate whispers Judaho Guard (as if not understanding him)V{hat? Candidate (londcr)-JUDAH t Gua.rd (looking liternly)-"\Vhat 1 Candidate (very loud)-JUDAH ! Guard-A.n ~nemy! an enemy! seize bim! rl'he guards lay' hold of the candidate, disarm him and divest him of his green sash:. hUlld-c..mffs and fetters are put on his hands and fe(;.~t: these arc made of chains of four parts, each about eighteen inches long, fal:;tencd in the middle: at the ends are rings like hand·cufi's, ,vhich art' fastened around the ankles and wrists ·wit.h bolts. Mastel· of Infantry (coming fon,,-ard as prompter to caudida.te)-\Vhy do you use this violellce? 'V hy treat me thus? I am no enemy: I am a prince of the house of· Judah, and demand all audience with yom'sovereign, l\lastl'r of Cavalry (actil1ga~ Captain of Pen;iall Guards)-You a prince of the house ot:Judah! You arc my slaye, and you can only appear in the presence of our sovereign as sucho Do ;'ou. :yield yourBdf7 Candidute (instructed) after a pauser C()1lsent to bo vom slayc: take me before vour kil.l fl•. . . .l\I~t~tcr of Cavalry put.s a sackcloth O""Ul" ca,ndida.te'o head, 3.1al leads him to the door of the Council chamber, where he raps four times two, rrht; "\Varder, who nt this time iii ill the Council chn,mb<:.'r, dra'ws the curtains apart ill the centre, and demands-"'Wllo COm(:B there? :Ma~ter of Ca.ynlry-A detachment of his mnjesty's guard~, having made prisoner of ont;, who says he h; a prillce of .. the house of Judah. 'Varder-'Vhel~eis he from 1 Master of Infantrv-Prom Jerusalem_ 'Vard<;'r-'W'hat is~his name 1 Mastel" of Infe:tI1try-Zerl.1bbabel, the first among his equa,ls,a .Ma~on, frc<.\ by rank, but a captive and slave by mi;.;fortune, 'Varder-'Ylult does lIe desire? Master of' Inialltry-An audience with bis majesty, if possible. .,\Va.rde1·-'Vait with patience, a.nd the o

Sovereign l'vlaster \yill soon return his orders, ",Varder returns and reports to the Sovereign :Master the same that has passed at the veil. Sovereign Master-Having ascertained that he i:; annedwith no hostile weapon, you may let him enter. 'Varder returns and inquires-Is he armed with any hostile weapon 1 :Mastcr of Cavalry-He is not. "\Varder-He haH the sovereign's permission to enter the Council chamber. 'l'he veil or curtain is now parted in the middle, and the candidate is conducted before the Sovereign l\Iaster, guarded on his right by the l\Iaster ofCuYulry, ,,'ith drawn sword, and on his left by :Master of Infantry, Sovereign Master to Council, on seeing him enter-rI'his is no enemy, but a friend and companion of my youth. Sovereign Master to cundidate-Zerubbabel, havingllow gained admittance into our presellce, we demand that you immedi~ttely declare the .particular motives which induced you, without· our permission,and 'with force and arms, to pass the lines of' our dominion:;? l\Iaster of Infantry (answering for candidate)-Sovercig'll Master, the tears and complaints of my companions at Jenisalem, '\vho have been so long and so often illlpeded in the noble and glorious undertaking in ,,'hich the)' ""yore permittQd to engage by our late Sovereign Lord Cyrus the King; but our cllcmiE.>,s having made that gr('at work to cease by force and po\vel', I have now come up to implore your majesty's clemency, that you ,vould be pleased to restore me to favor, and grant me employment umol1g the £ervallts of Jo'our household, Sovereif,'11 Master-Zc.:rubbnbc1, I have often loefiectcd with much pleasure upon OIU' early intimacy and fric.:nds-llip, and I have frequently beard, ",-lith great· satisfactio11, of your fame as a vdse and ac· complishecl.MasoD, and' having myself a profound veneration for that allcicnt and honorable in~tittltion, and havh:g a sincere desire to uecome a member of tho samo, I will this momentgrn.llt your reqUl'st, on conditiDn that ;you ",dll l·cvcul to :me the secret~ of Free 1\Iasol1ry, '\'\.·hich distinguish the architects of the Jews from tho:-;e of :t11 other nations, Master of Infantry (for candidate)Sovereigl1.l\Ia8ter, vvhell our Gl'and lUastel' Solomon, Kil1g of Israel, :first instituted the l!-'raterllity of .]'1'00 and Accepted 1\13osons, he taught us that truth WUI:l A divine aUl'lbute, and the founda-


tion of every virtue: to be good and true is tho first lesson we are taught in IVla~ soury. My engagements are sacred and inviolable:; I cannot reveal our secrets. If I can obtain your Majesty's favor only at the expense of my integrity, I humbly beg leave to decline your royal protection, and will cheerfully submit to an honorable exile, or a glorious death. Sovereign lVIaster-Zerubbabel, your virtue and integrity ate truly commendable, and your fidelity to· your engage~ mcnts is worthyof imitation; from this moment you are free-my guards will divest you of those chains and that garb of slavery, and clothe you in suitable ha· bilhnents to attend me at the banquet haJJ. Zerubbabel, 3tOU are free: guards, strike off tho:.;e chains; and may those elnblems of slavery never again disgrace the hands of a :Mason, more particularly a prince of the house of Judah; Zerubbabel,we assign you a seat of rank and 11onol' among the princes and rulers of our assembly, 'Vhile this conversation with the So~ vereigll l\Iaster has been passing in the Council, the Sir Knights prepare a ball~ quet (refreshments) in the other room. \Varder to Sovereign :Master-vYe are rea.dy, 1\1ost Illustrious, to escort you to the lJ unq uct hall. The Sovereign l\laster and his officers no",r pass out between two lines of Sir Knights, accompanied by candidate.Sovereign l\Iaster sits at the head of the table, Chancellor on his right, 1\1a8ter of I)alace on. his left; on the right of the Chancellor sits Zerubbabel and l\.Iaster of Infantry. The Knights being all seated at the table, commence eating and drillk. lag. After having participated in the refl'c::'shmouts for ten or fifteen lninutes, th<.~ SIr Knights begin to withdraw, one by one, until they have :ill left but the ofiieel'S and candidate, Sovereign ~Iaster-Ithas been the custom, from time immemorial, among the kiugs and soycrcigns of this realm, ou occasions like this, to propose certain questions; and he who should be found to give the most satisfactory answer, S110uld be clothed in purple, drink in a golden cup, 'wea,r a silken tiara, and a gold(m chain about his neck. Thel'e has a qum;tion occurred to my mind, which I 'Iyilt propose for discussion, yiz.: 'Yhlch is the greatest, the .strength of wille, of the king, or of women? Chancellor (rising)-Sovereign :Master, I think wine is the strongest. Master of Palace-Sovereign l\faster, I think the king is the strongest.


}\faster of Infantry (speaking for can·' didatc)-Sovereigu ~!aster, I thinkwo.. men are stronger; but above all things, truth beareth the victory. Sovereign l\faster to candidate-Com". panion Zerub babel, you have made a very important addition to the question, 'which needs further consideration: it being late at night, we will retirc.To-morrov, you will assemble in· the Council chamber to hear the question debated, l\:Iaster of Cavalry-Attention, Sir Knights: you will form an avenue to escort the Sovereign Mastel- and his companion Zerubbabel to the Council cham,bel'. ' 'l'he lines are formcd as before, and the Sovereign Master and his officers, accompanied by candidate, return to their' seats in Council. After a pause (until next day) the Sovereign 1\1aster says-Sir Knight, I ·will now hear from each his defence of the po. sition taken last evening in certain questions proposed by me in accordance with the ancient custom. Sir Knight Chancellor, yours first. Chancellor (rising)-O ye princes and rulers, how exc~ediDg Htrong il:l wine I Ii causeth all men to err that drink it: it maketh the mind of the king and the begg3.1' to be all olle; of the bondman and the freeman, of the poor Ulan and vf the rich; it turneth, also, every thOl.lght into jollity and mirth, so that a mall remembereth lltdther sorrow ~or debt j it changeth and elevateth the spirits, and enliveneth the hC'avy hearts of the miserable. It maketh a man forget his brethren, and draw his sword agaillst his best friends. o j~e princes and rulers, is not wine the strongest, that forccth us to do these thing., ? Sover~ign :Master-Sir Knight Master of the Palace, we will now hear your dl'fencc. :Master of Palace-It is beyond displ.1te, 0 princes and l·t'llers, tha.t. God has Illade man lnaster of all things under the sun; to command them, to make use of them, and apply them· to his service as he pleases: but whereas nlCll have only dominion over other SUblunary creatures, kings have an l1hthority even over men themselves, and a right of ruling them by will and pleasure. Now, he that is master of those \vho are Inastt'l'S of aU things else, hath no earthly thing above him. Sovereign Master.....;,We will now hear you, my friend, Zerubbabel. l\laster of Infantry (for candidate)-Q princes and rulers, the fOl'ceof wine 11



not to be denied; neither is that of kings, that unites so man.y men in one common allegiance; but the supcr·e.minency of 1nornen is yet above·· all this; for kings ~re but the gifts of women, and they are also the mothers of those that cultivate our vineyards. 'VOUlCll have the power to malte us· abandon our very country aud l'elations, and many times to forget the best friends we have in, and forsake all other comforts, to live and die with them. But when all is s~Lic1, neither they, nor wine, nor kings, are comparable to the almighty force of trlltlt. As for all other thing'S, they are mortal and transient; but truth alone is unchangeable and everlasting; the bene:fits we receive from it are subject to no variations or vicissitudes of time and fortune. In her, judgment is no unrighteousness, andsheis the "\Visdom, Strength, Beanty, Power, and Majesty of all ages. Bless~d be the God of 'l'ruth. Sovereign Master and companions then exclaim - Great is truth, and mighty above all things. Sovereign Ma~ter then says-Zerubbabel, ask 'what thou wilt, and I 'will give thee, because thou are found the wil:lest among thy companions. l\1:.'tstel' of Infa11try (for candidate)-O king, remember thy vow which thou hast vo\yed, to build J ertlsalem in the day when thou shouldst come to thy kingdom, and to restore the holy vcssels which ,"vere taken away out of Jerusalem. Thou hast alsovm''l"ed to build up the Temple \vhich was burned, when Ju· dah was made desolate by the Chaldees. And no'w, 0 king, .this is that I desire of' thee, that thotl make good the vow) the performance whereof with .thine own mouth thou hast Yo,ved to the KING Ol<~ HEAVEN.

Sovereign ~raster-Zerl.lbbabel,it shall be done. I will punctually fulfil my vow: letters and passports shall be immediately issued to my officers throughout the realm, and they shall e;ive you and those who ::tCCOmpnlljl' you, safe conycyance to J erusalcm, and you shall be no l011g0r hindered or impeded in rebuiWing your citj.r and Temple, lm.til they shall be completed. The Sovereign l\Iaster then invests the candidate ,vith a greon sash, and says...:TIli:; s're'en. tiash, of ,,,hich ;you ,vere deprived by my guards, I now \vUh plt'asure re:1tore to you, and ,vill make it one of the insignia of a new, Order, calculated to perpetuatQ the renlembrance of -the event. which caused the rtmewal of our friendship. Its color "\-"dll remind )l'ou

that truth is a divine attribute, and shall. prevail, and shall for ever :flourish in immort~l green. I will n01-\" confer on you the highest honor in our po,"Ycr at this time to besto",,; and will create you tl1e first Knight of an Ordc'r, instituted for the express purpose of inculcating the almighty force andimportance of truth. Sovereign 1\1aster then dir<;~cts the can· didate to kneel, which he does. Sovereign JHal:lter-By ,'irtuo of the high power in me vested, as the successor and representative of Darius, King of Persia, I now constitute and create you a Knight of the illustrious Order of the Red Cross. [Lays the blade of llis sword first upon the l'ight shoulder, then upon the left, and then upon. the head of the candidate.] Sovereign Master (taking candidate by the hand)-rrhis s"Yord, of ,vhich yOll ,vas deprived by my guards, I now with pleasure restore to you, in the hand of a true and courteous Knight. It is endowed with three rpost excellent qualitics: its hilt with Faith, its blade 'vdth Hope, and its point with Charity; ""hich teaches this important lesson, that "vhen ""0 draw our swords in a just and virtuous cause, huving faith in God, 'ye nuty reasonably hope for victory, ever rememberil1g to extend the hand of charH,Y to a fallen foe. Take it, and return it to its scabbard, and there let it I"emain until it is consumed by rust, rather than to draw it in the cause of injustice ::md oppreE=sion. The Sovereign l\faster now instructs candidate in the Peroian Pass and countersign, under t11earc11 of steel, (page D9,) then invests llim with the Rcd Cross 'tV ord, VERITAS, (page 100,) then with tho grand sigl1, grip 0.11(1 word of Knight of the Red Cross, as follo\vs: The gr:ll1d sign i8 given by bringing the thumb and finger of the left hand to the mouth, and carrying it off ill an oblique direction, as though you were blowing a trumpet-the grip is given by int<.~r1n.cilJg the tin gel'S of t11e left hands-the word is LIBEHT.I\S. Tho sign, grip and word is given under the arch of stc e1. [See page 1CO.] The Sovereign Mastel' explains to candidate that the grand sign alludes to 111e blowing· of the trumpet tlllouthe walls and watch·towers of the Council, but 1110re particularly to that part of the oblig~tiol1 \vhich says that "when the last trump shall .soul~d, I shull be for eyer excluded from the society of all true and faithful Sir Knights," &0. This ends the initiation, and the Conn.. · ell is now closed with alecture.




Sword Bearer, on his right, and on t.he rig-h t of the 'rbird Division. vVarder,ol1 the left of the Standard Bearer, and 1eft of' the Third Dh'ision_ In front of the throne is a triangle, as in the cngruvlug, nnd nboyo it is suspended 3. balluC'r w hh a cross SUl'mouu ted by rays of light. On each side nre sky-blue banners-that on the right lllLYing on it the paschal 1u111h and a Maltese crOS8, with the lnotto The 'Vill of GO({," and the other having emblems of tho Order upon it. The Knightri nrc lHmully dressed in b1:lcl~, and wear black yplvct sashes trimmed "with silyer lace. The sash hangs from n. black roso 0:1. the right shoulc1er across to the left side, ::tr.d St18pended to it is a poinnrll, or r:mall dirk, and a l\-ral~ tese cross, On. the left breaft is worn a nine-pointt'd st~l.r, llaving ill its centre a ('ross and setpel:t of geM surmounted b /" a circl~ Oil v... hich is cl:grnvcd "In hcc signo yincas." 1'110 apron is of blne:k. v(~lvet, trimmed with l:5ilver bee. It i~ ot' triangulnr form, ::i11d 113S on it n cross vdth it serpent enhdnecl tl1ereoll, and a sknllalld crosH-bol1cs, C1.I:!d l:~t8l'S rtl"rnnged in the triangular form, '\vith the rl'(} cross in the con tre (1f each. The organization is somewlult similar to the optmh!g of tt Couneil in the ned Cross Degr(.'c, except thflt the Knights 'remplars nre counted o1finto three divisions, the third 011e stationed ncrOBS the end of' the l]all in front cf the Standard ORDER OF KNIGHTS TEMPLARS. Bearer' in the 'WCli't, :lIld the otl1<:'l." ,h,·o formed down from the bm~c of the trirrhree Knights T<>mplars, from three angle. After the Knights 11:)·YO formed different Commallderies, may i:orn; an the., lil1C'S, the Senior 'Varden address(\s Encampment j but the constltutIOnal the 'Varder as follows: number is not lesH than seven, and clcveu Senior 'Vnrdcn-Sir Knigllt ""'n.rc.1er, is the required lmmber to form a regular I you will inform tho Captain of t11<:' G'ulll'ds Encampment. The officers are named i that we ~H'e about to open a CO'l1llcil of and stationed as follo\'n~ : Knight:; 'l'(,nlplar~, for ihe (U~patch of Most Eminent Grand CommaD(ll~r,seat- busin(\ss, and direct thnt he ,vill station ed on a throne ill the east. the Sentinels :It their rcspecti'!le posts, Generalissimo,· seated at the right of and see that the Council is duly gllarde<1. the throne. 'Varder goe>s out, and returns and suys : Captain General. seated on tl)O left. 'YardeI' to Senior\Ynrdtm-Sir Knight, Prelate, on the right of Generalissimo, the SeutinE>.!H are at t.heir posts, and we Treasurer, on the right, in front (If are duly J:plardcd. Generalisshno. Senior \Vardl'u-Are all present Knig:ht t , Reeorder~ on the left, in' front of the I l.'emplars? .ii.~ Captain General. . . . "Yardcr-All pl'escnt are true Kllights Senior "'rarden, at the north-,,·est ullgle '1'(' of the triangle, and on the left of' the BC'nior 'Varden then instructs Junior Second Division. 'Varden, ,.... bo informs tIle Most Eminent Junior ~'rarden, ftt the soutll-'westangle Grand Commander tha.t the Council is of the triangle,;;tllU on the right of the duly guarded. the lines formed~ and that ~"Iirst Division. the Sir Knights aSllnit hi~ pl(·m:mre. Standard 13earer is stntioned in the i G rand Commander hlspecta tho Lines,

The trumpet . sounds, nnd the Knights resume their statiolls a:; at the op(;~llil~g, The Soycreign Master begins the lecture by questioning one of the Sir Knights selected for the purpose as to his being a true Knight of the Red Cross, the mnnIlcr of his reception into t.he Illustrious Order, &c. 'rhe questions and answers are a repetition of the initiation into this degree, and the lecture is given to perfect each Knight in his part. 'rhe Council is them closed as follo'ws : Soy€reign Master-Sir Knight Chan~ cellor, it is my will and pleasure that this Council of Knights of the Reel Cross be now closed. The Chancellor communicates this to the Master of the Pala(~(!, v,rho in turn proclaims to the Sir Knighti:l that the Council is closed.



west, holding his standard alQft.

1 ~nd



to his 9cat.



Gralld Comma.nder-Attention, Sir Knights: :rou will now give the signs~ All the signs in Masonry are given by each Knight,路 from Entered Apprentice up to those of Red Cross Knights. The signs in this degree are then given in detail, as explained hereafter. . Grand Commander-Attention, Sir Knights: you will form around the altar, for the purpose of opening this Council of Knights Templars. The Knights kneel around t.he a.ltar,

and the proceedings of opening are simi.. lar to those in a Council of Red Cross Knights. After all is ready, the Grand Commander says: Grand Commander-Sir Knights, this Council of Knights Templars is now open for the dispatch of business, and you will govern yourselves according to the sublime principles of our Order. The yeil is now drawn, and the ball divided. That part occupied by the Grand Commander is called the Assilum, and


'\Varder Sw'd Bearer Stan'd Bearer



the other prtrt the Council chambel·. When initiation~ take place, it i8 doubly divided, two yeils beillg dra'\vn, unless there are different rooms usod. The 'Varder sits at the right in front of the Grand Commander during the c(~remonies of initiatioll. 1Vhen a candidate is to-be admitt.ed to this degree, he is first put in charge of the Junior 'Yardell, ,,'ho conducts, hhu (hoodwinkecl) to the chamber of reflection, a 8mall adj oining apa.rtment, the walls and furniture painted black, and 11ghted with a small taper. Here he i~ requestecl to sit down, and he sits in a chair beside ::t table, when the Junior 'Varden says to him: Junior 'Vardcll-:-Companion, you are now seateel in the chamber of reflection; before you, on the table, you ",Yill find tho 1:101y Bible, that great light in :Masonry, and also u. paper upon which is written three questions: you are required to write answers to these questions-yes, or no, as you see fit, and to sign your to each o.11S'\V01'. You will liltc'\yise fh1d on the table a bo'wi of pure wat~r, ancl a napkin: ,,,ash YOllr hauds in the 'water and wipe them 011 the napkin, in token of the purity of your intentions ill the business in which you are engage'd. \YIHm I go out, I ,,,ill give three distinct knock~ on the dOOl', andyotl will then remove the bandage 'f'roln yonr eyc~~, 'and proceed ill the dutiUl:1 I h::wc pointed,ont. 'Yhen you are through '\vith them, please to give me the same l:\igl1ul, and I ,vill return to you. Junior 'Yarden leaves the room, and callrlidateremoves the bandage and discovers in addition to the Bible, bo,,,'! of water, &'c., a. human skull and cross-

bones facing bim the table! This will often disconcert him not n 1ittl~, if he is n timid man. He proceeds to read , the tbr('(~ ques tions, as follows: Inrst-Should )"01.1 ever be caned upon to draw your s\vord""ill yon 'wield it in defence of the Christiun religion? The answer should be-Yes"! and signcd with tho candidate's name-John. Smith._ Secoud-Does YOl1l"'c.onscience l.lpbrr.;id you for any known or overt act unrcpented of? As the candidate is presumed to have nothing hea,'y on his conscience, he would answcl·-N o! J ol1n Smith. Third-Do you solemnly proulisc to conform to all the c.eremonies, rules, and reguIutions of this Encampment, as all valiant and magnanimous Sir Knigllts have done who have tra,·elcd thit:; way before j·ou ~ Candidate ,\yrites-Yes I John Smith•. Candidate ,Ya~hes 11is hands as directed, wipes them on the napkin, and then raplio three times on the door. Junior¥l'ardcll (coming in)-I1'aYe you v:rittE'u do'\,,"u tho answcrl:lo to the qucs· ti.ons proposed ~ Caudidate-y(.~s_ Junior'Varden-Please to give them to me. }ll'osumil'lg tlH~IU to be satis:t'ucto. ry,I will present tllel1.1 at' once to the :Most Eminent Grand Comm:mder in the cast, and will return JOu his allS~Yer. cJunlor 'Varden takes the 'P:lIH)l"," gO("':S out and shuts "the. door. 'He then repairs to the Veil, which separates. the hall, nnd stamps four times on the :fi 0 01', ,re· penting this twice, (called three times four.) Grand Commander-Sir Knight 'Yardel', attend to the ca; of ,t;;;;::"\, that alarm, and see who )~~vN~~ comes there. t..:~~~.~, ·'Varder (going up close Ij / ~ • " to the Veil)-,Vbo COUles I P. ~ ~~, there 1 . ~.::.. \ Itlf,' Junior ",Yarden-A worI ': ~"~ \~ (I !hy companion, "'ho, hav· lDg ta.ken nil thenece.snry preceding deglt:es, now so~~_---' .\II··~, ~ licit~ the honoI." of being dubbed uud tbis . :IV \~ . 1/.'" EnC'atU~lneut a Kmght .\ ~~ '\ the vahallt 3.ud mngnanlg 11\'\\i .J' mous Order of tlW.KDi h,ts • ~ ,\ .";["'\\ \'-. Templars, or l{nlgbt~ ff 'iii I....=;::':.:" Malta, or the OrdeT of St. U."....;::: \ ~ Johns of Jerusalem. . ~ '_""'=--vVurder-Has lle given =-. answers to the usual que~­

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~r;i\~,1'lnn~(iITiiTrrmiiiiTI~\\\ ~V I!~r:il~ KH', . ~.~

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Junior 'V'''arden-He has made them in writing, and, in token of hi8 sincerity, has performed the nece~sary ablution.... "\Varder-Yotl will prel:!eIlt them, and wait a time until the Most Emin£:'ntGral1d Commander be informed of your request., and his answ<:'r returned. 'Va·l.'der returns to\his post. Grand Commalld(~r-Sir Knight War<leI', w hat is the cause of that alarm 1 who comes there? ,Vard('l'-A \vorthy companion, who, having taken all the necessary preceding degrees, now so licits the honor of being dubbed and cr<:'ated in this Encampment no Knight of the valiant and magnanimous Order of Knights ~remplars, and lenightH of Malta, or Order of St. Johns of Jert1sa~em,

Grand Commander-Has he giV'en answers to the questions Pl'opol::led? 'Varder-He has made them in writing, ann, in token of his sincerity, has performed the l1eCe8sary ablution. Grand Comll1ander-Pr(~sentthe questions. 'Varder reads the questions and unswers. Grand Commander-The questions are answered ~atisfactorily; but as a tl'iaf of his patience and perseverance, I enjoin upon him seven year8' pilgrimage, ,,"bieh he will perfonn under the direction of the Junior 'Vard{~n dressed in pilgrim's weeds,

candidate in pilgrim's weeds as in tho engraving)-Follo'w lDC'. He goes out follm,yod by the candidate. In some Lodg:('s there arc Heveral different rooms u;ected suitable to the conferring of thh; degree. \VhlTe there are not, a second curtnin is su:-:pendf>d in the hall. The ..T unior \Vardon and candidate come to the door of thc firet room. Gl,lard-Viho comes there? .' Junior \Varden-A weary pilgrim, trn- \ voling froin afar, to join ,,,,.ith those ·who oft have gone before 11im, to offer his deyotions at the 1101y 8hrinc. Guard-Pilgrim, I grett tlwc: walk into my tent; sit dovvn: silycr and gold have I none; but ~t1ch as I have I give thee: 11ero is ~ome good brcnd ~md pure water, jUHt such as pilgrimsnced j IH'lp yourself. [Pilgrim. cats.) I ,,,ill examin(~ your scrip, anj see hOlY your bread holds out j [feeling in his s('ripJ )"0\11' brend is almost gone, 1 win pll't in some; your water is also almo!:!t ~pel1t, I \ynl replenish your bottle. Help yourself, brother pilgrim, to '\-"hat you like bc\;t. 'The candidate haYing snffidently refreshed himself, the Guard sayl:i-Pilgrim, hearken now to a IC's:;on to cheer thee on thy way, and assure thee of success. l{e:ads from Text Book. And Abrahalll rose up early in the morning, and took bread, and a bottle of water, and ga,'c it nnto Hagar (putting it on her shoulder), and the..' child, and Hent her away, ul1d she departed, aI.d wandered in the wildel'Dess; und the ,"vutcr was spent in the boUlc, and she C31'it the childulldcr' one of the /{hruusjund the angel of God called to Hngar out of heaven, sayhlg, Arise, lift up the lad, ~U1(1 hold hinl in thine haud; for I ,,\'ill make him a. great nation: and God opt'ned h{r eyes and she R::nY a '\vell of 'vnter. 13y faith, Abraham 80jounled in the land ()f promise as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles j for be looked for a city :which hath. foundations, 1"hose builder and maker is Go<i Be ye therefore followers ot' God as dear cliildreu, rejoicirlg in the Lord alwaYB; tl.nd ag~in I say: rejoice. Guard-~"arowcl1,Pilgrim. God spee}i thee. Junior 'Varden am.l pilgrim pass into another roOt'll, ""here they are again accasted: Second Guard-'Yho comes there? Junior 'Varden-A weary pilgrim, IraYeUng from a1~\r: to offer his devotionl:lat

'Varder returns to the Veil, and address('s the Junior ",Varden-Oul' :l\Iost Excellent Grand Commander is pleased to decide thn,t tl1e questions arc answered sati8factoril~~ j but as a' trial of the patience and pergevt'rance of the worthy companion, he enjoins upon him a. seven yeul.·s' pilgrimage, ' ,:: which ho lvill perii" , '[f,I.\,I,::,' ,~,',ric, form under your di; ';, ~ rection, dressed in J..'"f},V:'> pilgrim's \,:eedS.~ h, ' .:\\~~, '1'ho JUllIOr'Var- IljI .~ den returns to the chamber of l'efiec- I ~l ~ .It.:::P (. , tiol1, ancl gh-cs the l~. "'-'~, .,,""\:~I' answcr to (~andi· ttr~._at th,? tsat;l0 time lllformmg 111m ,f , 1\ that in addition to I I I '\\ his staff ,,1 1,1 and scrlp, he mUHt'11 Ii take some ,bread I I nm1 a bottle of wa- ~ j , I tl:,l' to Elul:itain him "I \~LJ,' on his j ournf:Y'_ \. .\\\ ..-:. the hol~~ shrine. Junior ,'\, a r d e n . . ...:::E!i:F" Second Gtlard-Pilgrinl, I g'reet thee: (after dressing the ~ , -: come thou into my tent and refresh yot!r-

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self, fExamines his scrip, and offers him Junior Warden, who recommends to the 11ren.d and water as the other Guard had Grand Commander a remission of the (lone,] Hearken now to a lesson to cheer four remaining :years of pilgrimage, thee on tIl)" journey. vVard€r-Let him wait a time ,vith paReads from Text Book. tience and perseverance, and soon an anIf a brother or sister be naked and des~ swer will be returned to his request. tittlte of duily rood, and one of' you sn.y, 'Varder returns to his post, Depart ill pe~co, be ye warnlCd. and GralldCommander-'Vho comes there? :filled, and yo give them not of those 'rho vVarder rc.~plies ill sa,me manner thing5'whlch arc needful for the body, that Junior'Varden had rcplied-A WEU",yhat dot.h it profit ~ fro do good nnd to ry pilgrim, trmreling from afar, &c. COITlilH1Uicn,tC', forget not, for with such Grand COIDmancler-'rb.isbeing true, sacrifices God is "vell pleased. Bevvare Sir Knight, our Prelate, you. will take lest any mn.u -spoil you throngh I>hiloso~ this weary· pilgrim to the holy altar, phy and vain deceit, after the traditions Where, baYing sworn him for ever to be of men j rtfter the rudiments of the world, faithful, forthwith invest him ,,,,ith the and not after Christ: For in him d'\v'clleth sword and buckler, that as a pilgrim all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. warrior he may perform seven years of Second Guard-Farewell, Pilgrim. God warfare. speed thee. Senior 'Varden-Attention, Sir Knights; They puss into a third rOom, "vhere the you will form an avenue, to escort our third Guard treats theul with bref~d and ~!ost Ex.cellent Prelate to the holy altar. ",vater as 'before, and reads the following The Yeil is drawn aside, and the avelesson from the Text Book: nue is formed by the Sir Knights, standRe that rcceiveth yon, l"cceiveth me, ing in two lines, and forming an arch and he that recehtcth me recch:eth him with their swords.; the Prelate takes the tbat sent Inc: Come uuto meal! yo that ~ candidate by the arm, le~ding him dO'\vn inbor -and are heavy laden, and I 'Yill: th~ avenue to the lower end of the Coung1\-c :yot'!. rest. " my yoke upon you cil chamber. '!'he candidate kneels at and lenrn ,of me, for I a111 meek and low~ the altar, upon i\\'o cross swords, places ly in heal't, and yo Hhn.l1 find l"l'St unto his hands npon the Holy Biblcj, on which your souls; for my yoke is easy and D1Y is placed h,\rocross 'Swords; the Senior burden is light. ""Vllosoever shall gh?c """arden stands on the right and the Juto drink unto one of these little (.llleS a nior Warden on the left of the (\andidate, cupof cold ~'D"tcr onljr, in the name of a '\vith drn.wn '8'\yords, 'J.'hc Prelate takes disciple, Yerny I S:lY u.nto yOtI, be shall in his place in fron t of the candidate, in an. no wise l(;se 11is re\vard. elevated seat J and addresses hiro as folThird ~}n.n.rd-Fare"l.vell,Pilgrim. God 10'\'\"5: speed thee. Prelate-Companion, you are l:.:necling They then pass 011 and the Junior 1\"ar. at the altur for the purpose of taking a den llu\.kes an alarm at the entrl!LllCe of solemn oath and obligation appertaining the assilum. to the degree of Knight Tcmpln-r, which Grand Commander-Sir Knight 'Val'- is not to interfere with the dnty you owe dor, attend to that alarm, and HCC 'who to your country or 1I1aker. If YOll are comes there. . ,'yHUng to proceed, you may l"epent your 'Yardcr(going'to the Veil)-'\Vho comes christian and surname, and say af.ter mc : there ~ . I, John Smith, of my OV,,'n free will an{l Junior Warden-A weary pilgrim, tra- accord, ill the presence of Almighty God, veliug from afnr, who having passed full, and t.his Encampment of Knights rr,cmthree long·· years of !)i!grimage, is m.ost plars, do hereby ::'Lnd hereon most solemn~ aesirol;l.s, if it please the Grand Com- ly promise and swear that I will al",·ays mander, forthwith to dedicate the fOUl' !iail, for ever conceal, and never reveal, remaining years to deeds of more exalt- any of the secret arts, pa.rt .or points aped usefulnes:I; and if found ,Yorthy, his pertaining to the mysteries of thi:3· Ol'dE.'r stroug desh'c iH to be llO'V admittec1 of Knig'ht l3 'rfemplan;, 'tl1lIess it be to a true among those valiant Knights, whose and lawful companion Sir Knight, or well·earned fame h:lS spread both far and within the body of a just and lawful En· for a.ct~ or chal.·ity and pure be- campment ot" such; aud not unto him, or ncftcence. them, until by due trial, strict exam ina· Warder-'Yhat su~et.y does he offer tion, or lawful information, I nnd they are that he is tlO irupostor i lawfully entitled to receive the sam.e.' Junior Warden-rrhe comln<mdation of Furthermore·. do I promise aDd swear, it valiant and mggnanimOuii Knigh~ our that I will a.n.swer and obey all due signs I




and regular summonses which shall be given or sent to me from a regular Encampment of Knights Templars, if with· in the dhltance of forty miles, natural infirmities and unavoidable accidents only excusing me. Furthermore do I· promise and swear, that I will help, aid and assist with my counsel, my pnrHe, and .my sword, all poor and indigent Knights Templars, their 'widows and orphans, they making application to me as such, aIld I finding them worthy, so far as I can do it without material injury to myself, and so far as truth, honor, and justice may ,Yarrant. Furthermore do I promise and swear, that I will not assist, or be present at the forming and opening of an Encampment of Knights Templars, unless there be present seven Knights of the Order~ or the representatives of three different Encampments, acting under the sanction of -a legal warrant. Furthermore do 1 promise and swear, that I will go to the distance of forty miles,evenbatefoot anel on frosty ground, to save the .life, anel relieve the necessities of .n. 'worthy Knight, should I know that his necessities required it, and my abilities permit. Furthermore do I promise and swear, that I will '\-Yield my sword ill the defence of innocent maidens, destitute 'widows, helpless orphans, and the Christian religion. Furthennore do 1 promise and swear, that I will support and maIntain the byIa\vs of the Encampment of ,,,,weh 1 may hereafter become a member, the edicts and regulations of the Grand Encampment of the United States of' Americatso far as the same shall come to my knowledge. To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steady resolution to perform and keep the same, without any hesitation, equivocation, mental reservation or selfevasion of mind in me whatever; binding myself under no less penalty than to have my head struck off and placed on the highest spire in christendom, should I knowingly or Willingly violate any part of this my solemn obligation of a Knight Templar. So help me God, and keep Ina steadfast to perform and keep the same. Candidate kisses the book and l·ises. Prelate-Pilgrim, thou, hast craved permission to pass through our solemn cere· monies and enter the assilum of our Encampment; by thy saudals, staff, and scrip, I judge thee to be a child of humility: charity, and hospitality, are the

grand characteristics of this magnanI. mous Order. In the character of Knights Templars, we are bonn"d to· give alms to poor and weary pilgrims travelhlg from afar, to succor the need¥, feed the hUl1gry, clothe the naked, and binel up the wounds of the afflicted. 'Ve here wage war against the enemies of innocent maidens, destitute widows, helpless orphans, and the Christian religion. If yot! are desirous of enlisting in this Doble and glorious warfare, lay aside thy staff, and take up the sword, fighting manfully thy way, and with 'Valor running thy course: and may the Almighty, who is a strong tower aud defence to all those ,,,110 put their trust in him, be thy support and thy salvation. Prelate here invests candidate with sword and buckler, as in the engraving. , Prelate-Pilgrim, having laid aside the staff, and taken np the sword, w'e expect you will make a public declaration of the cause in which you wield it. You 'will no,v l'epeat aft en' me, :mcl do as I do. Pt·elate mn.kes tbil:l declarationI.".-vill wield my s'Yvord in defence of innocent maidens, of destitute 'V\'idows, helpless orphans, and the christian religion_ The candidate ~_ repeats the same, -=;;;;::-- word by 'Word, after the Prelate, and at each pause gives his sword a flourish aboye his head. Prelate-With confidence in this your professio:n, our Senior ",. arden will invest you with the Pilgrim 'Yarriol"s Pass; and under his direction, 'we assign )"011 seven' warfare, which you "vill perform as a tokel1 of your eonstancy and courage. ,May success and victory u.ttend you. The SElniot Warden then invt'sts the candidate with the Pilgrim 'Yarrior's. Pass, which is MABER-SHALAL·H.ASHBAZ. It is given by four cuts of the g,vord and 11 nder an arch of steel, as in the. Red Cross degree, on page 99. Senior 'Varden-Pilgrim, youwi11 f01-.

low me, and repeat what! say. Thgy



den)-}\{ost Eminent, I now declare in truth and soberness, that I entertain no enmity or ill will to a soul on earth that I would not freely reconcile, in case I found in him a corresponding disposition. Grand Commander-Pilgrim, the sen· timeuts you utter axe truly commendable, and are worthr of imitation; but yet we require some stronger proof ot' your fidelity to us. The proof~ that we demand are, that you participate with us in n.."c libations; which b<:>ing performed, we will recoive yon a Knight among' our number. The clements of these !ibn.· dons are for the four first, wine and wa· tel"; the fifth is pure wine. Have you any repugnance to participate? Candidate (prompted by Senior War· den)-Most Eminent, lam "'dlling to can.. fOfln to the rules of the Order. Grand Coulmandcr takes a wine-glass of wine and water from the triangle, and directs the candidate to do the same, and repeat after him, a8 follo,,'s : First Libation-'To the memory- of Solomon, King of 18rael, our aucient Grand Master. ""[Both drinlli:, and then give the drinking sign by drawing the glass across their tln·oats.] Seco.d Libation-To the memory of Hiram, King of Tyrc., our ancient Gran,l .Master. [Both drink, and give the sign.] Third Libation-To the memory of Hiram Atilt. the wido\'v's son, who lost his life in cwfence of his integrity. [Both drink and give the sign.] Gra,nd Commander-Pilgrim, the Or. del" to whie.h you wish to unite yourself, il:i founded u})on the Christian religion. \Vcwilltherefore attend to ~l.1esson from the holy evangelist. Sir Knight, our Prelate, you will react The Prelate reads the 14th to 26th ve rses of l\:fatthewxxvi. : !J.'nen one of the t,,"elve, called Judas lscariot, 'went unto the chief priests, and said unto them, What will ye give· me, and I will deliver him unto you ~ And they covcllanted with him for tllirty pieces of silver. And from that time he sought opportunity to betray llinl. Now the first day of the feast of uuleavened bread, thediHciples came to Jesus, saj"ing unto him, Vihere wilt thou that ,,,"e prepare for thee to eat the passover? And he said, Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him, The l\:{aster sa.ith, lIry time is at haud; I will keep the ptlSSover at thy 11oul3o with my disciples. And the disciples did as Jesus bad appointed, thelu; and they made r~ady the .pas;over. Now, when,. the even wail come,

then sta.rt on their tour of warfare, both wielding their swordi5, and saying: I will wield my s,\yord in defence of innocent maidens, destitute wido'ws, helpless orphan:-j, and the Christian religion. Presently they come to the first Guard. Guard-'\Vho COlDt~S there? Seniot· vVarden-A Pilgrim'Varrior. Guard-Ad ,,"ance and communicate the Pilgrim vVarrior's Pass. They both give the Pass with four cuts as before described, al1d pass on to the second, and then the third Guard, both of 'Whom challenge them and receive the Pass as the first Guard hacl done. The Senior vVarden and candidate now arrive at theassilum, when the Senior Warden "Stamps three times four on the floor. Grand Commander-Sir Knight 'Vardel', attend to the cause of that alarm, and see who comes there. '\Varder(going to the Veil)-"\Vho comes there? Senior "Varden-A pilgrim warrior, traveling from afar, \-.,.110, baving passed full three long years of \va-rfaro, it:! most desirous, if it please the Grand Commander, to be no,,," "admitted to the honors and l'e\vards that await the valiant Tomplar. '\Vurder""':'What surety docs he offer that he is no impostor? Senior \Varden-The commendations of a. valiant l1ndrongnanimolls Knight, our Senior 'Varden, who recommends to the Gr:mcl Commander a remission of the four remaining years of '\varfare. ,\Vard-or-By "'I,-hat further right or benefit, does he expect to gain admission to the assilurn? Senior,\Yardcn-By the bellefit of the Pilgrim 'Varrior's Pass. '\Vardor-Let him communicate it to the Sir Knight on his right. The Pass is given as before dOl:lcribed. '\Val'der-Let him wait a time ,,,ith constancy and cOUl'age ; and SOOl1 an an· swer will be returned to his request. The 'Varder returns, al1d reports to the Grand Commander; ..,rho asks the same· questions and receives the same answers fiS the Warder had dono at the Vt'il. Grand Commander then orders the candidate to enter. The Yeil is then drawn aside, and the candidate. advances nea.rto the bni:le of tho triangle. Grand Commander-Pilgrim, having gained adtllisBion t() the .assilum, what profession have you to make in testimony of your fitness to become a Knight a.mong our number ? .. Candidate (prompted by Senior War- 1+e sat down with the twelve.




they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, That one of you shall betray me. And they were exceeding son-awful, and bt'gau e·ttery one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I? And he answered anel said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me. The Son of man goeth, as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he hacl not been born.. Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, ::Master, is it I? He said nuto him, Thou hast said. Grand C01lll11allde1'-Pilgrim, the twelve burning tapers you here see upon the triangle, correspond in number \''lith the twelve disciples of our Saviour while on earth; one of '\:vhom fell by transgression, and betrayed his Lord and Master. And as a constant admonition to. you, 'always to persevere in the paths of hou~ or, integrity, ancl truth, and as a perpct~ nal memorial of the apostasy of Judas Iscariot, you arc required by the rules of our Order to extinguish one of those burning t:tpers. Ca.ndidate extinguishes one. Grand Commander-Thus may perish the enemies of our Order; and-ma.y you C'\,"er bear it in mind, that he who basely violates bis vow, is worthy' of no better fate. The relics are now uncovered, "'hich exhibits to the candidate, in the centre of the triang'le, a black coffin, supporting the Holy Bible, on which rests a human skull, and cross bones. The skull is called Old Simon. Grand Commander-Pilgrim, you here see mortality resting on divinity, a hu~ man skull resting on the Holy Bible, ,,,,,hleh is to teach you that a faithful reliance in the truth herein revealed will afford you consolation in the gloomy hour of death, and will assure. you inevitable happiness in the tvorld that is to come. Sir Knight, our Prelate, you ,vill read. another lesson from the holy cyan· geH:;t.

Prelate reads verses 36· to 50 of :l\Iatthe w x.xvi. : Then cometh· Jesus 'with them unto a plac3caUed GethHemane, and l:luitll unto hi8 disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder, And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and be~ gau' to be sorro\\··ful and very heavy. 'fhen saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful~ even lmto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me, And; he went a little fal."thel·, and fell on his face, a.nd pra.yed, saying, 0 my father, if

it be possible, let this cup pass from me:

nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt. An,l he cometh 'unto the disciples, and tindeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, "'1'" 11at I could ye not watch with me one ]lOur? 'Vatch and pray, that ya entt'r not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is ,;venlt. He ,vent a\vay again the second time, and pl'ayed, saying, 0 my father, if this cup may not pass from DIe' exc~pt I drirlk it, thy ,'vill be done. And he came and fOlmd them af:;leep again; for tht:.>ir eyes were heavy. And he left them, and went away again, alld IJrayed a third time, saying the same ,vords. Then cometh he to his disciples, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: behold, the hour is at hand, and the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise, let us be going: behold, be ig at hand that doth betray me. And while he yet spake, 10, Judas, one of the twelve, came; with him a great multitude ,,,ith swords and stav-es, from the chief priests and elders of the people. Now he that betray. ed him gave them a sign, saying, vVhom· soever I shall ki~s, that same is he; hold him fast. And forthwith he came toJ e~ BUS, and said, Hail, .~laster; and kissed him. Grand Commander (rising and taldng the skull in bis han d)-Pilgrim, how strilting is this emblem of mortality t once it was animated like ourselves, bnt now it ceases to art or think; its. v ita! energies are extinct, and all the powers of life have ceased their operations, To such a state, Sir Knights, 'we all are hastening; therefore let us gratefullyimprove this present opportunity,. that when our weak and frail bodies, like this memento, shaJl become cold· and inanimate, our disembodied spirits may soar aloft to the blessed regions of light ~md life eternal. Sir Knight, our Prelate, ,"e will attend to another lesson from the holy evangelist. 1>1'1: late reads Vel'ses 24 to 38 of lIat· the,,," xxvii. : 'Vhc'n Pilate saw that he could .prcyail 11othing-, but that rather :L tmuult 'was mad(', -he took'\vatcr. and wa~bedhis bands before the multitude, saj'ing, I am innoceut of the blood ofthh3 ju~t per80n; see yo to it; Then 3.11SWel'etl all the peo· pIe, and I,:<mid, His blood be 011 us and 011 our children. Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified. Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus int<1'the common hall, and gather· ed unto him. the whole band of soldiers.


And they stripped him, and pt1.t on him a. scarlet robe. And when they bad plat· ted a. crown of thorns, they ptlt it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bOY\'~t'd the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, king of the Jews! ~~\11.1 they spit upon him, and took t:1G l\;l'd und smote him on the head. And after that they had mocked him, th~y took the robe 017 from him.,. :lud put his 0'\'11 raiment on him, and led him :1.,,,,ay to crucify him. And as they came out, they founel a l'n~m of Cyrene, Simon by nama; him the)'!" compelled to bear hi:; cross. And when they were come unto a. place .called Golgotha, that iH to Ray, A place of the skull, they gavc hiln vine~ gar to drink mingled \yitll gall: alld when he had tasted thereof, he woulU not drink. And they crucified him, and parted his garments) cal:lting lotl:l: that it might be fuliilled which wal:! spoken by the 'Pro~ phet; They parted my garments among them, aud upon my vesture did they cast lots. And sitting down, they watched him there: Aud l:1et up oyer his head his aCCUl:latioll written, '!'HIS IS JESUS, THE KING OF THE JE\VS.

Grand Commander-Pilgrim, ,va will now participate in the fourth libation. Fourth Libation-To the memory of Simon, of Cyreno, the friend of our Sa~ viouI', ,vho bore his cross) and fell a martyr to his faith. (Both drink and give the sign.j Grund. Commander-Pilgrim) before you will be permitted to participate in the fifth libation, I shall enjoin upon you one year's penance, which YOlt 'will per~ form as a token of your faith and hu~ mility) under the direction of the Senior andJunior'\Vardens) "<,,ith this emblem of humility fa skull} in one hand, and this emblem of fuith [a lighted taper] in the other: you will ta~~c them, and travel to the Sepulchre of our Saviour. The candirlatc commences his journey, accompanicd by the two 'Vardens) and after traveling ar,HInd the hall a while, they are acco8ted l;>Y a Gu.ard, stationed at the entrance of a dark rOOID, representiug the Sepulchre of our Saviour. Guarcl-"Vho comes there? Senior 1rVarden-A pilgrim penitent, traveling from afar, cravcs your pm'rnission here awhile to 'Wttit, and at the shrine of our departed Lord to offer up hill, prayers and :rncditations. Guard-How does he expect to obtain this favor 1 Senior "Varden-By the benefit of the Pilgrim PenitcnfG Pass. G'Ltard~Has he that pass ?



Senior1'Yardcn-IIe has it not; I have it for him. Guard-Advance and give it. '!'his word, or pass, is GOLGOTI-IA t and is given by fi vc cut!) under an arch of steel, as on page 99. rl'he pass being given, the Guard says -Right; you haye my permission to en.· ~cr the Sepulchre of our Savioul". rrne candidate steps along, and is directed to kneel at the entrance of the Sepulchre, and the Senior Warden reads to him as follows: Although it is appointed unto all men once to die, yet al:\ t.he Scriptures illfonu U8, the Saviour of the ,vorld arose from the dead, and ascended up into heaven, there for ever seated Oll the throne of the majesty on high, so they also· assure us" that all who have received him for their righteouso<;ss, and put their trust in him, shall rise to life everlasting. * * * * In the end of the Sabbath) as it began to> dawn towards the first day of the v,,"eek, carne Mary J\-!agdalene, &ond the other :Mary, to see the sepulchre. And behold. there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended frOln heaven, and came and rolled back the ::;tone from the door, and sat upon it. Hiscounte· l1ance 'was like lightning, and his raiment ,,,hite as snow: and for fear of him the keepers did shal\.c, and became as dead melle And the allgelanswered and said unto the "'omen, Fear notye; 1'01' I kno,,\;v that ye seek Jesus, 1vhich was eru· cified. He is not here; for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay: and go quickly, a.nd tell his. disciple~ that he is l'iscn from the dead; and, behold, he goeth befol·e you into Galilee ; there ' shall ye see him: 10, I have told you. And they departed quick.. ly from the sepulcllre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word. And as they went to tell hi~ disciples, behold Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And .they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him. And he led them out as far as to Bethany; and he lifted up his hands, and blc£sed them. .And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted froln them, and ca~ ried up into heaven. And they wOl·ship~ ped him, and returned to Jcru~alem with great joy. As soon as the reading is ended, the room or hall is darkened, and the candi· date risel:l t and beholdl:! in another pa.rt of the Encampment, a transparency, brilliantly lightc.d) representing the reSurre... tion and ascension of theSaviour.I:r.1 Lodges where no propel"tie2 oftJtis kind

118 mility. Of this, our LOl'd and Saviour bas left us a bright example. }'or though he was the eternal Son of God, he humbled himself' to be born of a woman, to endure the pains and afflictions incident to human nature, and finally to suffer a cruel alid ignominious death upon t1~c cross: it is also a trial of that faith whkh will conduct you safely over the dark gulf' of everlasting death, alH1 land your'rancllised spirit in the peaceful abodes of the blc!:lsecL l)ilgrhn, keep ever in Say" live for ever, wond'rous king, your memory this a,vful truth. You Born to redeem, and strong to save I" know not how soon you may be called Then ask the tyrant, "where's thy sting? upon to render up an acc.eunt to that And where's thy vict'ry, boasting Supreme Judge, from \vhomnot even the . grave?" most minute act of your life is hidden: The singillg being ended, the Prelate for although yon now stand erect in all takes the candidate by the arm, and the strength of manhood and pride of ,valks near the transparency, and thus beauty, in a few short momentlS, :you may become a pale and lifeless corpse. addresses him: Prelate-Pilgrim, the scene before you r.rhis.moment, even ,vhile I am )"et speakrepresents the splendid conclusion of the ing, the angel of death may l'eceive the hallowed sacrifice offered by the -Re- fatal mandate to strike you from the roll deemer of the "\V enId, to propitiate the of human existence; and the friends who anger of an offended Deity. 'rhis sacred now surround you, may be called upon volume informs us, [showing him the to perform the last sael office of layirJg Bible,] that our Saviour, after having you in the earth, a banquet for ,,,"orIDs, suffered the pains of death, descended and this fair body become as thQ miserainto the place of departed· spirits, and ble relicjrou now hold in your hand. that on the third day, he burst the bands 1\1a11, that is born of a woman, is of few of death, triumphed over the grave, and days and full of sorrow: he cometh up in due time, ascended with transcendent ::Lnd is cut down as a flo"wer; he :fleeth as majesty to heaven, WhQl;0 he now sits on a shadow, and contillueth not. In the the right hand of our heavenly Patller, a midst of life, we are in death: of whom mediator and intercessor, for all those may we se~k succor, but of thee, 0 Lord, who· have faith in him. I now iuYcst who for our sins art justly displeased ~ you with an emblem of' that faith. [Sus- yet, 0 God, most holy, thou God most pends from his neck a black cross.] It is mighty, 0 holy and most merciful Saalso au emblem of our Order, ,,,,hich you viour,. delivel,' us from the pains of eter"",'ill wear as a constant memorial, for nal death. I heard a voice from heaven, you to imitate the virtues of the immac- saying unto me, "\Vrite from henceforth, ulate Jesus, who died that you might live. bl(lsscd are the dead that die in the Lord; Pilgrim, the ceremonies in which you are even so, t:laith the spirit, for they rest from no\v engaged, are calculated deeply to their labors. Be ye also ready, and r(,'st impress your mind; and I trust will have aS8ured, that a finn faith in the truths a happy and lasting effect upon your fu- here revealed, will afford you consolation ture character. You were first, as a trial in the gloomy hour of dissolution, and of your faith and humility, enjoined to insure you ineffable and eternal happi~ perform seven years'; it re~ lltlSS in the wol'1d to come. Amen, alld presents the gl'eat pilgrimage of· life amell. through which we are all· passing. We 'rhe hall is again lighted up, and the are all ,veary pilgrims,. anXiously look· candidate, accompanied by the Senior ing forward to that asylum, where "I.. a and Junior vVaruens, makesanoth€'l" shall rest from our labors, and be at rest alarm at the assilum. for ever. You were then directed, as a Granel Commander-Sir Knight Wartrial of your courage and constancy, to der, attend to that alal'm, and see ,"{bo perform seven years' warfare; it relJre- com(l~ th~re. sents to you the constant warfare with \Varder-Who comes there '/ who dares the lying vanities ,and deceits of this approach this sacred assilum of our Enworld, in which it is necessary for us al- campment, to distUl'b our holymedita~ ways to be engaged. .You are now per- tions? Who are Y<i>U 7 forming penance .as a.. trial c,! your hnSenior 'Varden-A pilgrim. penitent,

exist, this part is omitted. The following words are now sung: The rising God forsakes the tombUp to his Fathcl"S court he flies; Cherubic legions guard him home, And shout him welcome to the skies. Break off' your tears, ye saints, anll tell How high our great deliv'rer reigns; Sing hqw he spoil'd the hosts of hell, And led the monster, death, ill chains.




traveling ~rom afar, who, having per-' Grand Commander-Pilgrim, the fifth formed his term of penance, seeks now libation is taken in a very solemn way, to participate in the fifth libation, there- It is eIPbJ.ematical of the bitter cup of by to seal his faith. death, of' which we must all, sooner or Warder- ""Vhat surety does he offer, later, taste; and even the Saviour of tho that he is no impostor ~ world was not exempted, notwithstandSenior 'Vardcll-rrhe commendation of iug his repeated prayers and solicita.two valiant and magnanimous Knights" tions. It is taken of pure wine, and our Senior and Junior 'Vardens. from this cup. [Exhibiting a human "'l'"arder-By what further right or ben- skull, he pours the wine into it, and says} efit does he expect to obtain this favor? -To show you that we here practice no Senior 'Varden-By the benefit of the imposition, I give you this pledge. [Drinks Pilgrim Penitent's Pass. from the skul1.] He then pours more "vine '\Varder-Has he that pass? . into the skull, ancl presents it to the callSenior1,Yal'den-He has it not; I have didate, telling him that the fifth libation it for him. ~s called the sea.led obligation, as it is to 'Val'der-Advance and communicate it seal all his former engagements in J,lato the Sir Knight on your left. sonry, The pas~, GOLGOTHA, is then given by The Grand Commander here also gives the two 'Vardens, :Lnd the Warder re- a short history of the degree. The subtnrns and reports the same to the :Most stance of' it is, that the object of the de1~1Uinent Grand Commander, who directs grce of Kn.igllt路 ~remplar was originally the candidate to enter. The veil is then instituted to preserve Masonry, which d:raV\'ll aside, and the candida.te enters had become much corrupted, &c, the assilllm. Sometimes the candidate hesitates to Grand COlD,mander(rising)-Whohave drink out of the sku!l, in which case he you there in charge, Sir Knights? is intimidated as followB: Senior '\V'ardcll-A pilgl'iIn penitent, Grand Commander -Attention, Sir who, having perfol'meocl his term of pen- Knights: [Knights form al'ound the canance, seeks nmv to participate in the fifth clidate:] Handle sword-draw swordlibation, thereby to seal his faith. c,harge t Grand Commander-Pilgrim, in grant"rlle Knights charge, as in the entug your request, and admitting you a graving. :Knight among onr number, 'V!t"'e can on1r Grand Commander-Pilgrim, yO'll here offer you a rough habit, coarse diet, and see the s,\yords of your companions, all severe duty'. It~ upo~ these conditions, drawn, ready to defend you ill the disyou are still desirous of enlisting under charge of every duty '\ve require of you. our banners, you will advance, and kneel They are also drawn to avenge any vioat the ba:.ic of the triangle. lation of the l'ules of our Order. You Candidate kneels at base of triangle. pl'omised, when you entered the cham-



ber of reflection, that you would conform to all the ceremonies, rules, and regula'tions of this Encampment.· We here have your promise in wlitiDg. We expect you will proceed. All Sir Knights who. have taken this degree, have partipated in the fifth libation; and if there is anything in it that you do not perfectly understand, it will be qualified aud explained to your satisfaction. Oandidate takes the sktlll in his hu,ud, and repeats after the Grand Commander as follows: This pure wine, I take from this cup, in testimony of my belief of the mortality of the body and the inlIDortality of the SOUl; and as the sins of the whole world wel'e laid upon the head of our Saviour, so may the sins of the person whose skull this once was, be heaped upon my head, 'in addition to my own; and may they appear in judgment against me, both here and hereafter, should I violate or tl'ansgress any obligation in Masonry, or the Orders of' Knighthood 'which I hava heretofore taken, take at this time, or may hereafter be instructed in. So help me God. [Drinks of the wine.l Grand Commander (taking skull from eandidate)-This is called the sealed obligation, because any promise of secresy, made in reference to this. obligation, is considered by Knights Templars to be more binc1il1g than any other obligation can be. rrhe Commander then resumes Ius seat, and directs the Prelate to I'ead a. le8son from the holy evangelist. Prelate reads verses 15 to 27 of Acts i.: .And in those days, Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and saiel, (the number of the names together were about an. hundred and twenty,) Men and brethren, this scripture must· needs have been fulfilled, which the Holy Ghost, by the mOt'lth of David,spake before concerning Judas, ,,,hieb. was gUide 'to them that took Jesus. ]'or he was numbered with us, and had obtained part; of this ministry. Now this man .purchased a :field with the reward of iniquity; and falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out. And it was l{nown to aU the dwellers at Jerusalem; insolUuch as that field is called in their proper tongue, Aceldama, tIl at is to say, The field of blood. For it is 1vritten in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishopric, let another take. Wherefore, of these men which have companied with us, 'all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among 119 1 beginning from the baptism of John,

nnto that same day that he was taken up from us, must one be ordained to be a witness with us of his resurrection. And they appointed two, Joseph, ca.lled Barsabas, who was surnamed Justus, and Matthias. And they prayed, and said, Thou, Lord, '\vhich knowest the hearts of aU men, show whether of these two thou hast chosen, that he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, thathe might go to 11is own place. And th€J-" gave forth their lots, and the lot fell upon l\latthias j and he was numbered with the eleven apostles. Generalissimo to Grand CommanderMost Emine11t, by the extinguished taper upon the triangle, I perceive there is a vacancy in our Encampment, which I propose should be filled by some valiant Knight, who has passed through the ceremonies of our Ol'der. Grand Commander-Sir Knights, you will cast lots to fill this vacancy. Knights cast lots, and candidate is chosen to fill the vacancy. Grand Commander-Pilgrim, you are elected to till the yacanc.y in QUI' En~ campment made vacant by the death of Judas Iscal'iot; and in testimony of :your acceptance of that appointment, you "'ill relight that extinguished taper upon the triangle. [Candidate lights it.] Thus may the Lord .lift upon you the light of Ilis reconcile(l countenance, and preserve you from falling, The candida,te then ari~es from the tnangle, and kneels before the J:\lost Emi. nent Grand Commander, who draws his s\yord, and laying it first on the candidaro1s left shouider, then on his right, and on his head, says-By the high power in me vested, as the successor and repre.. sentative of Hugho de Paganis, and God.. frey Adelman, I now dub and create VOll a Knight of the Valiant and l\Iagnani.. mons Order of Knights Templars, and Knights of Malta, or Order of St. J ohus of .Jerusalem. Grand Commander (taking candidate by the hand)-Arise, Sir Knight, and wit.h this hand receive a hearty welcome into the bosom of a society which will be ever I'cady to defend nnd protect you. I will now present yO'll. ,\yith this sword, in the band of a valiant and nUl.gnammous Knight. It is endowed 'with three most excellent qualities, 'viz, : its hilt withjustice, its blado'\yith fortitude, and its point with mercy; and it t(>a('.hes us tbis im.. pOl·taut lesson. Having faithin.. the justice of our cause, we must press forward with undaunted fortitude,. ever remem·



bering to extend the point of mercy to a. fallen foe. Grand Commander then instructs candidate in the Pilgrim Penitent's Pass, as described on page 117; and also in the signs, grip and :word in this degree, as follows: T he due-guard is given by ~ placing the end of the thumb ~~''';:~ of the right hand under the ~~ chin, the fingers clenched. It alludes to the penalty of the: obligation, impaling the head! on the highest spire in christendom. The cross is given by drawing the hand horizontally across the throat, and darting it up perpendicularly before! IJ \ the face, the -edge of thu hand \. '. towards the luouth. ( T he grand hailing sign of ._/ distress i5 given by placing f"" the right foot over the left, ~ .~ extend both armS and incline ~ . . . '" • head to the rig'ht. It is the manner that the Saviour was nailed to the cross. The motto of the Order, IN Hoc SIGNO YINCES, is given in tWs position_

N \


Melita. And the barbarous people show.. cd us no lit.tle kindness: for they kindled a :fire, and received us everyone, because of the present rain, and because of the cold. And when Paul had gatherccl a bundle of !Sticks, and laid them on the fire, there came n viper out of' the hent, and ftwtencd on his hand. And when the barbarians sn,w the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said amongthemselves, No doub't this man is a murder· er~ whom, though he hath escaped the sea, yet vengeance suffereth 110t to live. And he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt 110 harm. This sign is then made by holding out both hands 7 as though you were warming them, to the nre, and immediately seize hold of the lower cdge of the left hand, near the main joint of the little finger, with tIle ~',' thumb and fore finger of ! the right; raise them in this position, as high as t.he I chin, clisengage them with I a quick motion, and ex· ~ tend them downwards on ~ each side, a.t an angle of ...... forty-nve degrees from the the body, the fingers exten- \. ded, and palms down,vard. _I The Pr~late reads verse 19 of St. John, chapter XIX. : And Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross. And the writing was' JESUS



'J.1his is the gl-and ,vord of a Kni('l'ht·of ,_ Malta. INRI. It is fOl'med by the il~itials of the fonr words that Pilate put on the cross, vi.z.: Iasus Nazaresi

Rex. Iudaontm.

The grip is given by interlacing the 1ingers of the right and left hands, and oach, as he crosses his arms, pronounces the word EMMANUEL Grand Comma.llder then tells candidate that in America the degrees of Knights Templars and Knights of :Malta are given together; nnd that he has received the t\VO degr.ees, except a few signs, which belolJg to the Knights of Malta, which will be then explained. The Prelate now reads verses 1 to 6 of Acts· xxviii. : And when they ,vera escaped, then they knew that the island was callod



The Prelate rends verses 24 to 28 of St. John, chapter xx. : nut Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus, was not with them "tVhen Jesus came. The other disciples therefore • said unto him, 'Vo have seell the Lord. But he said unto them, Ex.cept I shall see in his hn.nds the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe. And after eight days, again his dh;ciples were within, and Thomas with them. Then came Jesus, the doorf; being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you. Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my bands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side; and be not. faithless, but believing. And Thomas answered nlld said unto him, 1rly Lord, and my God. Grand Commander now explains the grip and word of a Knight of Malta. He says to candidate -Thomas, reach hither thy finger, nnd feel the print ,cf the nails; [they join right hands, and force the first finger into the C8ntre of the palm ;] reach hither thy if hand, and thrust ' it into my side.- " E~tch extends out \ his left hand, and 'Pl'l~sses his fingers into the left side (If his companion, still holding ou by the grip. ,yith arms thus crosHed, ODe pronounces the 'words l\Iy Lord 1 the other says, And my God I The candidute it) informed that be has taken the degree of Knights 'l'cmplars, :md Knights of l\lalta, ap.d is directed to take a seat. If'there is no morc business before the Encampment, the ceremonies of closing' commenct', the Senior 'Varden first giving a lectur(~. He intenogates one of the Sir Knights as to what constitutes a Knight 'l'cmplar, the number of Knightl::\ reqUisite to form an Enca.mpment, names of the offie,ers, &c. lIe then asks the Btatious and dl1ti(~s of the officers, viz.: Senior Wardell-,'~rherAisthe 'Varder's station in the Encampment? Knight-On the left of the Stan(larcl Bearer in the west, and on the left of the third division. .


Senior Warden-His duty 2 Knight-To observe the orders and di~ rections of the Grand Commander; to see that the Selltinels are at their re~ spectiye posts, and that the Encampment is duly guarded. Senior Warden-Yoll will proceed, and describe to me the S\vord Bearer's station in the Encampment? Knight-On the right of the Sttlndard Bearer in the west, and on the right of the third division. SeniorWarde-n-His dnty1 Knight--To assist in the protection of the banners of our Order; to watch all signals irOln the Grand Commander, and see his orders duly executed. Senior'\Varden-Standard Bearer's station in the Encampment? Knight-In the west, and in the centre of the third division. Senior Warden-His duty? Knight-To display, support, and proteet the banners of our Order. Senior 'Varden-vVhy is the Standard Bearer's station in the west? Knight-That the brilliant rays of the rising sun, shedding their lustre upon the banners of 011r Order, may encourage and animate all true and conrteous Knights, and dismay and confound their enemies. Senior'Varden-Recorder's station in the Encampment? Knight-On the left, in front of the Captain General. . Senior 'Varden-His duty? Knight-To observe with attention the order of the Encampment j keep a just and l"egular record of the same; collect the l"eVenUe, and pay the same over to the Treal:\urer. Senior 'Varden-Treasurer's station in the Encampment? Knight-In front of the Generalissimo. Seuior 'Varden-His duty? Knight-'l'o r<.~ceive in charge all funds and· property. of the Encampment; pay all o1'(lers drawn upon him, and render no just ancI faithful account when required. SCllior 'Varden-Station of the J"'luior Warden in the En<k'tIDpment 1 Knight-At the south-west angle aftha triangle, and on the left of the first 'd,t. vision_ Senior 'Yarden-His duty? Knight-To attend to all poor and weary pilgrims traveling from afar; to accompany them on their journey; answer all questions for them, and finally introduce them into the assilum. Senior 'Varden-Senior 'Varden's statioll hi th~ Encampment?




Knight-At the north-west angle of KNIGHTS OF CHRISTIAN MARK, the triangle, and on the righ t of the se· cond division. Senior 'Varden-His duty there? traveling fromattend afar;; on to comfort and sup· Knight-To pilgrim warriors port pilgrims penitent, and, after due trial, to recommend theln to the hospi. tality of the Generalissimo. Senior 'Varden-Prelate's station in the Encampment? Knight-Right of the Generalissimo. Senior 'Varden-His duty there? . Knight-To administer at the altar, and offer up prayers and adorations to the Deity'. Senior 'Varden...:...The Captain Genera.l's station? Knight-On the lef-t of the Grand Commander. Senior W:trden-His dnty 7 ICnight-To see that the proper offi· eers make. all suitable} preparations f-or the several lneetings of the Encamp· ment, and take special care that the assi· luni is in a suitable array for the intra· duction of candidates and dispatch of business; also, to receive and communicate all orders from the Grand Corn.lua-nder to the officers of the line. Senior 'Varden-The Generalissimo's station? Knight-On the l'ight of the Grand Commander. Senior Warden-His duty'? Knight-To receive and communic:lte nll orders, signals and petitions, and assit,-;t the Grand Commantler in the discharge of his various duties, and in his absence to govern the Encampment. Senior 'Varden-Grand Commander's station? Knig'ht-In the east. Senior 'Varden-His dutv ? Knight-To distribute alms, and proteet weary pilgrims, traveling from afar; to encourage pilgrim. wu.rriort;; to BUStain pilgrims penitent; feed the hi.lugry, clothe the naked, biud up the WOtmd8 of the afflicted; to inculcate hospitality, and govern his Ellcampment with justice alld lllodcratlon.. This ends the first, section. The second St:CtiiOll recapitulates the luanner of iuiUnting n candidate into the illustrious 01'del', the Junior 'Varden inquiring how it was done; an<l the Kl1ight describing, in detail, in reply to questions, the whole ceremony. . After the lecture, the Encampment is CIOSf:.d by giVill. g the signs, kneelit.l g at the altar, &e., similar to the ceremonies in the Red Cross D:gree.

k· _~' .\.~'



This is a Conclave, governed by a.n Invincible Knight of the Ol'der of St. Johns of Jerusalem. The officers are as follows: Invincible Knight, presiding, sits in the east. Senior and Junior Knights on his right and left in front. ' Six Grand Ministers, who are stationed in the north. Conductor and Guard in the west. Invincible to the Junior Knight-Sir Knight, are we all secret and secure from the prying eyes of the profane? JuuiorKnight-"Ve are, Invincible. Invincible to Senior Knight-Sir Se· nior, you will instruct the Knights to assemble in due form for the purpose of' ope11ing this Invincible Order. Senior Knight-Attention, Sir Knights -form the circle for devotion. Knights kneel on both knees in .& cir· cle, e~ch with his right hand on his heart, 3.n(1 his left hand on his forehead. Invincible Knight now offers the fol.. lOWing prayer: -' Eternul source of life, of light, and perfection, Supreme God and Governor of all things, liberal dispenser of every bless· ing ! We adore and magnify thy holy name for the luany blessings \ve have 1'eccivc(l from thy hanus, and acknowledge our unworthiness to appea.r before thee; but for th~ sake and in the name of thy atoning Son, we approach thee as lost and uudone children of wrath,; but tlirough the blood of sprinkling, and the sanctification of the Holy Ghost. we come imploriug a continuation of thy f::wors, for thou hast said, ~hat he who cometh to thee through faith ill the Son of thy ·love, thou \yilt in. no· wise cast out; therefore, at the foot of the cross ~ye come, supplicating pardon for our past offences, that they may be· blotted out from the, book of thy remembrance, and be seen no more, and that the 1'enlainder of our days m. ay b.. G s.pent as becometh the followers of the Holy Oneo! Israel; and graciously grant tha.t love,




harmony, peace, and unity may reign in this Council; that one spirit may aDi~ mate us--one God reign over us-and one heaven receive us, there to dwell in ~hine adorable presence, for eyer and ever. Amen. Invincible Knight takes t.he Bible, and waves it four times over hiB head, saying, Rex RegnantiuUl et Dominus Domillantium, [Kiog of Kings and Lord of Lords.] Kisses the book and passes it to the Knight on his right. Each Knight takes the Bible, waves and kisses it in the same manner, repeating the same words, it comes round the circle to the Invincible Knight, who takel:lit again and reads from Matthew v.: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of' heaven. Blcflsed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted, &c. Invincible Knight orders tho sign to be gh'-en, viz.: each Knight interlaces the fingers of his left hand with the left hand of a companion, when each draws bis 6.word, and presenting it towards his heart, pronounces the words T AMMUZ TOULIMETH.


with this same volume clasped in m.y hands, [taking up :Bible,] that I will keep secret the words, signs, tokens, and grips of this Order of Knighthood, from all but those Knights of St. Johns of Jerusalem, who have shovrn a Christian (lilo5Position to their fellow-men, are professors of tb,1 Christian faith, and have passed through the degreel:) of ~ym1Jolic MaRoury; awl that I ,'\'ill protect and support., as far as in me lies, the followers of the Lord Jcsus Chril3t; feed thclU, if hungry j give them drink, if thirsty; if naked, clothe them with garments; teach them, if ignorant, and advise them for their good and their advUI1tagc:. All this I promise in the name of tIle Pather, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; and, if I perform it not, LET ME 'BE .A'NATHEJ\-IA MARANATHA! AN.l\.THEl\1A MAUANATHA! [accursed at the conling of the Lord.] The Invincible Knight then interlaces the fingers of his left hand \vith those of the candidate, who lays his right hand on his he,art. The Invill(',iblc~ Knight draws his swo. I'd; the Senior Knight docs the same; th cj." cross them on the 'back of the candidate's neck. Invincible Knight-By 'Virtue of the high power in me vested, by a bull of His Holiness, Pope SylveHter, I dub you n, Knight of the Chl"i~tian :Mnrk, member of the Grand Council, and Gnu.I'd of tbe Grand Conclave. [,"Vhh:pcrs in hi~ ear


Invincible Knight-I pronounce this Convention opened in ample form. Let repair to our several stations, and strictly observe silence. If a candida.te is to be .admitted, he is shown into a side room by the Conductor, who clothes him in a gown of bro'wIl stuff, '1'AMlI'IUZ TOULI:METH,] and leads him to the door of the Council r.rho Knights resume the·ir places, :md chamber, where he knocks two, six and the Senior Knight takes his J:.:cnt. 'l'ho two-2, 6 and 2. candidate continues standitig, ,'!,'hile tho Juuior K.night-Invincible, some one Conductor goes and bring R a white robe. knocks for admission. Senior Knight readl) from text-book Ul; Invincible Knight-See who it is, and follows: make report. Thus saith the Lorc1, he thnt believeth Junior Knight (after going to the door and endureth to the end shull overcome, and back)-Oue that is faithful in good and I \",ill cause his iniquities to pass frorll works, wishes admission here. him, and he shull dwell ill my presence Invincible Knight-What goodworks for ever and 0'\"(."1'. Take a\'I,'ny his filthy hath he performed 1 garments from him, aml clothe him '\"ith Junior Knight-He hath gh~en food to I a chango of raiment. ]"or he that overthe hungry, drink. to the thirsty, antI i cometh, the same shall be clothediu whito clo:b.ed the nakecl with 3. gar1l1cnt., r~1.iment, an.d his name shall be written in I:lvincible Knigbt-rrllUs. far he hath the book. of life, and I will COllfe:3s· 11i3 clone well j but there is still much fo:r him name before my father and his holy at.· to d'l. rro be faithful ill my house, saith gels. He that hath an ear to hear, It ~ the Lord. he should be fined with love for hit1:\: bear'\yhat the Spirit smith to the truo my peoplE\.Ifso,lcth~mellte1*undel·the believer. Setye a fair mitre tlpOn 1::s penalties of hi:z symuQlicobligation. hend, place a palm in his hand, for ho Candidate entel's 'with Conductor, and shall go in and out nond minister beforo Junior Knight conduct':! ·_lim to the altar, mC', s:l.ith the Lord of hosts; and he l::ihall making the signs meanwl1ile. be a disciple of thut l'od taken from tho Candida.te kneels, t.1:.e Ellights assem- branch of' the stem of Jesse. Forabrallch ble round him, and t1:e Invincible Knight has grown out of his root, aDd the Spirit administers to him the following YoW: of the Lord hath rel'lcted upon it; the spiIt John Smith, do pro:roi~ea:nd vO'w, rit of his wisdom, and roig'1~t. n~'d r;g}'t· 1\S


eousness, is the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his vine; and he stands as an Insignia to the people, and him shall the Gentiles seek, and bis rest shall be glorious. Cause them that have ch3.rge over the city to draw near, every oue with the destroying '\-"capon ill his hand. The six Grand l\Iinistcrs. come fo1'v\'a1'c1 from the north with s,vords and shields. 'rho first is clothed in white, and has an inkhorn in his band, and stands before the Invincible. Invincible Knight-Go through the city; run in the midst thereof and smite, let not thine eye spare, neither have pity; for they have not executed my judgments with clean bands, sait.h the Lord of Hosts. Candidate (iustructed)-'Vo is me, for I mn a man of unclean lips, and my dwelling has been in the tents of Kedar, and among the children of lVIeshec. ~'irst Minister (taking a live coal in the tongs from the altar, and touching canc1idate'H lips ,vith H)-If yo believe, thiue iniquities shall be taken m"'ay, thy· sins shall be purged: I will that these be ~clean with tho branch that shall bo given ttp before me. All thy sins are remov'cd, and thiue iniquities blotted out. PorI have trodden the wil1c· press· alone, and with me was none of my people: For behold, I come with dyed garments from nozrah~ mighty to 83.V"e. Refuse not, therefore, to hearken; draw not away thy shoulders; shut not thine ear that thou shouldest not hear. The six l\1inisters now flourish their swords as if they· were about to commence a great slaugh tel'. Senior Knight to l!'irst Minister-Stay thine hand: proceed no further until thou hast set a mark on those that are faithful in the house of the Lord, and trust in the power of his might. 'rake ye the signet, a"ud set a Inarkon the forehead of' my people that have passed through great tribnlation, an(l htJ,ve washed their robes, andha'?e made them white in the blood of the Lamb which was slain, from· the foundation of tho ,\'o1'h1. l!'irst Minister takes the signet and presl;cs it on candidate's forehead, leav· ing an impression ill·· red lettert:i, H King of Kings, and Lord of LOl'ds/' '1'he lUiu· ister then opens a scroll. :E'irst Minister to Invincible KnightSir Kl1ight, the nUlnher of sealed are one hundred and forty·four _thollsand. Invincible Knight raps four, and all the Knights stand up before him, when he says-Salva.tion belong-eth to.our God,


'\-vho sitteth upon the thrcne of heaven, and unto the Lamb. Knights (falling on their faces)-Amen, Blessing, honor, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, and power, might, majest.y, and dominion, be unto our God, for ever and ever, Amen. , Knight8 now cast do\'\'n crowns and palm branches, and ri8e up and sayGl'e:lt allc1 numberless are thy works, thou Kil1g of Saints. Behold, the star ",'hich I laid before Joshua, on ,vhich is engraYed seVCll eyes, as the engraving of a signet, shall be set a.s a seal on thine arm-as a seal on thine heart; for lov.o is stronger than death; many waters c.annot quench it: If a man would give all the treasures of his house for love, he cannot obtain it: It is .the gift of God, through J es'Us Christ, our Lord. Invincible Knight now delivers the fol... lO"i,"'ing charge to candidate-Sir Knight, I congr~tulate you 011 Jrour having been found worthy to be promoted to this honorable Order of Knighthood. It is highly honorable to :ill those worthy Kllights, ,,,,ho, with good faith and diligence, per· form its many important duties. 'the honorable situation to 'which you are 110W advanced, and tho illustrious office "which YOtt llOW fill, is one that ,"vas much desired by the first noblemen of Italy; but ambition and jealoul$Y caused his Highness, Pope Alcxander~ to call 011 'his ancient friend, the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Johns, of Jerusalem, to guard his person and the Holy See, as those knights were known to be well grounded. in the faith, and zealous follower8 of the Lord. '1'he members of this guard were chosen by their countcnancel:l, for it is believed that a plain countennnce is an indica.tion of the heart; and 'that 110 stranger should gain admission and discover the secrets of this august asseulbly, this Order of the Christian Mark was conferred on those who 'went about doillg good, and following the eXHlUplc of their Illul:ltrious l\laster, Jesus Christ. Go thou and do likewise. 'l'his ends the initiation, and if· there is no busilless before the Knights, they form round tl1e altar, give signs, &c., the closing· cel'cmonic s heing similar to th0:58 01'- opening. The Motto of the Order is-ChristuB tegnat, vincH, triumphat: Rl~X regIlan.. tim:n, ct DQminus dOllillalltium. ' [Christ rules, conquers, triumphs, &c.J Il1signia-On the left breast a·triangular plate of gold, seven eyes engra.ved on one&ide, on the other the letter G in the five points.




>ORDER OF KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE. The history of this degree is briefly as follows: St. Helen, mother of Constantine the Great, made a journey to the -Holy La.nd in the year 296, to search out the true cross. After considerable search three crosses were found, but it was dif· ficult to determine which was the true one. Pope .l\Iarcellimus, in order to te st the matter, had the three conveyed to the bed of a dying woman. Touching the' :first., nor the second, did not affect her, but the moment she laic1 her hand upon the third, she was almost instantly restored to perfect health. rrhis, then, was the true cross. In gratitude for her own success, St. Helen erected a church on the spot where the crosses were found, and instituted the Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. The Knights were bound by a sacred vow to guard the Holy Sepulchre, protect pilgrims, and fight in~ :fidels, and enemies of the Cross of Christ. A Council of Knights of the Holy Se~ }Julchre repreMents a. cathedral church, the altar covered with black, and upon which is plac~d· three large can<Ues, a cross, and in the centre a skull and cross bones. The Principal, or Prelate, stands on the right side of the altar, with· a Bible in one hand, and a staff in the other; soft music plays, and· the veil is drawn up, and discovers the altar. The choir recite: Hush, hush, the heav·cnly choir, They cleave the air in bright attire: See, see, the lute each angel brings, , And hark divinely thus they sing: rro the power divine, All glory be given, By man upon earth) And angels in heaven. Prelate (stepping before the 3oltar)Kyrie Eliason; Christe Elieson; Kyrie Elieson; Amen: Gloria Sibi Domino! I declare this Grand Council opened, and ready to proceed to business. The Prit~sts and )\linisters now take their several stations. When one or more candidates are to be admitted, they are prepared in the outer room by the Verger, who leaves them and returns to his place. If there are less than seven, a Dumber of the brethren lila,ke up the number to seven; and they all go to the door," and they rap seven times. Prelate to Verger-See the cause of that alarm, and report.

Verger goes to the door, opens it a little, looks out, and then returns to his place. Verger-Right Reverend Prelate, there seven brethren who solicit admission to this Grand Council. Prolate-On what is their desire founded? Verger-On a true Christian principle, to serve the church and its members,by performing the. seven corporeal works of mercy, alld to protect and guard the Holy Sepulchre from the destroying hands of our enemies. Prelate-Admit them, if you please, tha t we may know them. Candidates come forward. Prelate-Are you followers of the Captain of our salvation? Verger-"\V"e are, Right Reverend Pre.. late. Prelate-Attend, then, to the sayings of our Master, Jesus Christ. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with aU thy mind, with all thy soul; and with all thy might. This is the first great commandment, and the secolld is like unto it; thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophet!:!. 'Vill you take the vows of our Order 't Candidates assent by bmying. The Verger and Beadle now 110ld the Bible, on ,,,hich each of the seven places his right hand, and I'epeats after the Prelate as follows: I, John Smith, in the name of the high and undivided Trinity, do promise and vow to keep al1d conceal the high mysteries of this noble and' invincible Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, from all but st1.c.h as are ready and willing to serve the church· of Christ, by acts of valor and charity, and its memberbl, by 1H,"rfOl'IXling all the corporeal works of mercy; and that, as far as in me lies, I will defend the church of the Holy Sepulchre from pillage and violence, and guard and protect pilgrims on their way to and from the Holy Land; and if I perform not this, my vow, to the best of myabilitiel'3, let me become inanimatus, [dead.] By direction of the Prelate the seven interlace their fhigers, cross their arms and say, De mQrtuil:l, nil nisi bonurn; [concerning the dead, say nothing bu t good.] Prelate to candidates-Take the sword, and travel onward-guard the Holy Sc~ pulcbre-defeat our enemies-unfurl the banner of OUI" cross-protect the Roman Eagle-l:eturn with victory and safety. The· candidates departJ going 'towards




the south, where they meet a band of ORDER OF THE CROSS. Turks-a desperate conflict ensues-the Knights are victorious-they seize. the None but Knights Templars can take crescent, and return to the Cathedral in this degree. '1.'he officers are Most IUns' triumph, and place the banner, eagle, trions Sovereign Prefect, seated in the and creHcent before the altar, and take east j 'Vorshipful Provo:,t, Senior and their seats. Junior Inductor, Herald, Guards, &c. The Prelate reads n. cl1apter from the '1'11e Council having assembled, the New Testament, and the choir sings: Sovereign ~refect says: Creator of the radiant light, Prefect--Mol:it 'Vor~hipful Provost, Diyiding clay from sable night, what is the hour 1 ",VIlo, with the light, bright origin, Provost (rising, facing tbe east, and The world's creation didst begin. raising his mark in his right hail(I)-l\lost Prelate then says-Let our prayer Illustrious, it is now the first hour of the come before thee, and let Otu' excrch;e be day, the time ,....hl:n our Lord suffered, acceptable in thy sight. l Candidates and the veil of the temple was rcut asun· kneel at the foot of the altar.] del'; whe~ dtl.l'ltness and conste:rnation Prelate (offering them hread)-Breth. was spread OYer the earth; "'hen the reu, eat. ye all of this bread in love, that conftlsion of the old covenant 'was made ye may learn to support each other. light in the new, in the temple of the [Taking a cup)-Drink ye all of this cross. It is the 1hird w~t,eh, when the cup to ratify the vow that ye have made, implements of Masonry wel·e brokenand learn to sustain one another. 'when the flamE', which led the wise men The Prelate now raises candidates up of the east, rE;>appeared-whcn the cuby tIle grip· (interlace the :fingers). • bie stone was broken, and the "\Vord .was Prelate to first candidate-Sir, I greet given. thee a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre; Sovereign Prefect to Herald-'Vorthy go feed the hungry. Herald, it is luy,vill that this House 01 To second candidate-GiYe drink to God be closed, and the remembrance of the thirsty. those solemn and sncred eVtmt:;, be here To third candidate-Clothe the naked commen1orat<>d: make this kl10wn to the with a. garment. Most. 'Vorshipful Provost, ill due aud an· To fourth candidate-Visit and ran~ cient form. iom the captives. Herald bows to Sovereign Prefect, re· To :tifth candidate-Harbor the hal'- tires, and approaches the Provost, to borless, give the orphan and '\vidow ,,,horn he bO''\'8 thrice, and then faces where to lay their heads. about and giycs a blast with his horn. To sixth candidate-Visit and relieve This calls up the SIl" Knights) who file in the sick. threes around him. To seventh candidate-Go and bury I Herald-Most 'Vorshipful Provost, it the dead. is the sove-reign "will of Connt Albel'tus, Candidates all make crosses, and say- of Pergmnus. that this Hou::;e of God be In nomini patria filia et spiritus sancto. closed, and that those solemll and sacred Amen. events in the new covenant be here PI'elate-Brethren, let US Tecommend commemorated :YOtl will observe this. to each other the practice of the four [Herald bows.j cardinal virtues-prudence, justice, temPl·ovost. to Senior Inductor (rising)perance, fortitude. "N artIly Senior Inductor, it is the will ox This ends the initiation. the Most Illust.rious PrefeCt that here In closing the Council, the Knights all now be opened a Council of Knights of rise, stand in a circle, interluce their fin- the Cross: what therein bccOl'l1es YOU1' gel's, and say-Sepulchrum. duty? Pl'elate-Gloria patri, et fiUo, ct spiriSCllior Incluctor.....;rro receive tIle eonl· tUB sancto. [Glory to father, son, and mands of my superiors in the Order, and boly spirit.} . pay obt.~diellcc ther<.'to-to conduct and KnightR-Sicut crat in principio, C't instruct my ignorant pn~s.ln·ethre:n; and nunc, et semper ct in s('cula seculorum. to re\~ere,and inculcate l'everellce ill oth· Amen. [As it ,vas in the beginning, is ers, for the :Most Holy and Almighty God. now, and shall be, world without end.] Provost (speaking :fiercely)-:-:By wha.t Prelate then pronounces the benedic- right do you claim this duty? tion as follows-Blessed l)e thou, 0 Lord, Senior Inductor-By. the right of a. our God! Great first. cause and governor sign. and the mark of a sign. of all things! &c.-whichclosea.· Provost~Will you give me a sign ~



Senior Inductor-I could if I should. l\Iost Worshipful Provost partly extends both arms, pointing downwards to an angle of about forty degrees, with the palms open, and upwards. to show thev not sullied with iniquity and oppression, and says-\Vorthy Senior Inductor, you may give it. Beniol" Iudnctor looks him full in the face, and with his fore finger touches his right temple, and lets fa.ll h10 'nand, and says-This is a sign. Provost-A sign of what? Senior Inductor-Aye, a sign of what ? Provost-A I)ellal sign. Senior Inductor-Your sign i s - Provost-The last sign of mJ~ induction. But you have the mark of a sign. Senior Inductor-The sign whereof my mark .is a mark, I hope is in the Oouncil above. ' Provost-But the mark - Senior Indu("tor-Is in my bosom. Senior Indnctor produces his roark in his left hand, and with the fore finger of his right on the letter S, on the cross, asks-",Vhat's that ~ Frovost-Lisha. 'Vorshipful Provost puts his fi!1gcr on the letter H, and asks-'V\,"hat is this 1 Senior Indnctor-Sha. Worthy Senior Illductor then puts his finger 011 the letter 1, and asks-'Vhat is thi:-)?

Proyost-Baal. 'Vhat is your mark? Senior Inductor-Baal, Sha·Lisha; [Lord of the three;] I am the Lord. Provost-You are my brother~ and the duty is yours of ancient right; please a.nnounce the Council open. ' "Vhen a l1ew member is to receive this Order, the f'ollo,\\tillg are the ceremonies: The SeIlior Inductor steps to the door and gives three raps, and is answered by some Knight from without, 'who is then admitted, and the Senior Inductor gives tIle conditional sign, ('which is by partly extending both arms, as before described;) the Knight answering by put· tiug his finger to Ilis right temple, a:s before sho·wn. Senior Inductor to Soyereign Prefectl\:Iost Illustrious, a profcRsing brother is within the Council by virtue of a sign. Pr(~fect-'Yorthy Herald, go to this profesl:1ing' brother, fil1d see him marked before the chair of the 1l10lilt 'Vorshipful Provol:lt; conduct bim thither. Herald to candidafe-v'Vorthy Sir,know you the sacred cross of our Council ~ Candidate-I Uln a Christian. Herald-Follow me. Herald conducts the candidate in front <

of the Provost, and says-lIIost Worthy Provost, by order of our Sovereign Prefect, I here bring you -to be marked a professing brother of the Cross. Provost-Know )'01.1 the Cross of our Council 1 Cal1didate-I am a Chl·istian. Provost-No morc. Administer the ob· ligation. rr'he first obligation is then administered, as follo'wl:l : YOll, John Smith, do now, by :rour hOllar, and in view of the PO\\ or and union of the 'l.'hrice Illustrious Order of the Cross, now first made known to you, and in the dread presence of the Mffst Holy and Almighty God, solemnly and sincerely swear and declare, that, to the end of ;}'·our life, you will not, either in consideration of gaill, interest, or honor, nor with good or bad design, ever take any, the loa:;t, step or measure, or be instrumental in any such object, to betruy or communicate to any persoD, or being, or nUlnber of the same, in the kno,vll world, not thereto of cross and craft Cll· titled, any secret or secrets, or ceremc. U,Y or cerell1onies, or any part thereof appertaining to .the Order and Degree known among Masons as the 'I'hricc Il· lustrious Order of the Cross. rrlmt you will 110t, at any time or times 'whatcYer, eithe]· DOW or hereafter, directly or indirectly, by letter, figure, or character, 110"9\-· ever or by,\'hoever made, ever commu· nicate any of the information and secret mysteries heretofore alluded to. That you will never speak on or. upon,or bl'eathe bigh or low, any ceremony or secret appertaining thereto, out of Coun('il, "\vhere there shall not be two or more Knights companions of the Order ,present, besides yourself, and that ill a safe and sure place, ,,,hereby any opinion, even of the nature and general prillcipIes of the institu tiOD, can. be formed by any other person, bt he l\lason or other,,-ise, than a true Kllight companion of the Cross; nothing herein going to intel"fere ,yUh the prudc'llt practice of the duties enjoined by the Order, or arrangement for their enforcement. Y Ot1 further swear, that, should ~yon know another to Yiolate any essential part of this obligation, you ,.... ill use your' most decided ~ndeaYor8, by the blesl:liIlg of God, to bring such person to the strictest and most condign punishmentt agreeably to the rulc.s and usages of our ancient fraternity; and this by pointing him out to the world as an unw orthy vagabond; by opposing his intere,:t, by derangiug' his business, by transfelTin..


his character after him '·YhereYcr he may go, and by exposing him to the contempt of the whole fraternity and the world, but of our illustrious Order more especiaUy, during his whole natural life: nothing herein going to prevent yourself, or any other" \,,!lell elected to the dignity of 'rhrice· Illustrious, from retaining the ritual of the Order, if prudence. and cau· tiOl~ appear to be the governing principIe ill so retaining it, such dignity authorizing the elected to be governed by no rule but the dictates of his own judgment, ill regard to what will. best COllduce to the· interest of the Order; but that he be responsible for the character of those· whom he may induct,· and for the concealment of the said ritual. Should any 'rhrice Illustrious· Knight, or acting officer of any Council. which may lw. ve them in ha.nd, e\-er require your aiel in any elllergencyin defence of the recovery of his said charge, you swear cheerfully tt) exercise all assistance ill his favor, which the nature of the time and place will admit, even to the sacrifice of life. liberty, and property. '1'0 all, and every part thereof~ we then bim! you, and by ancient usage you bind yourself, under the no less infamous peualty than dying the death of a traitor, by 11aviug a spear, or other sharp instrumen t, like as our divine l\laster, thrust in yOUl" left side, bearing testimony, even in death, of· the power and justice of the ma.rk of the holy Cl'OklS. Pl'Ovost-l\'Ir Smith, before you can be admitted to the benefits of this Thrice Illustrious Order, it becomes my duty to ~sk you certain questions l'elativoto your past life, and resolutions for the future. yY'" e shall expect true and· ca.ndid answers .from you. Have you given me your true baptismal and fumily name, your correct ago, birth-place, and present resid-euco? Candidate-I have. Provost-It is well. Were your pa· rents fl·ee, and not slaves; and had they right or title in the soil of the earth, and were they devoted to the religion of the Cl'O!.~?

Candidate-They were freo, and devoted the true religion, and thus was I educated. Provost-Have you searched the spirUual claims of that religion 011 your gratitude and your affections; and you continued steadfast in that faith ii'om choice and a conviction of your duty to heaven, or {loom education? Candidate-]"rom duty and choice. Pl'ovol::1t-It lS well. Have you. ever,





up to this time, liv'ed according to the principles of that religion, by acting upon the square of virtue with all men, nor defrauding any, nor defamed the good llame of any, no.r indulged sensual appe.. tites unreasonablj"', but more especially to the dishonor of' the matrimonial tie, nor extorted on, or oppressed the poor. Candidate-I have not been guilty of these things. Provost-You ha\'!'c then entitled yourself to our highest confidence. by obeying the injunctions of our Tllric~ IUustrious Prefect in Heaven, of U doing to all men even: 3.8 you would that they should do unto you. 71 Can you so contiune to act, that J"'cal"ly on the anuiversary of St. Albert, you can solemnly swear for the past season· you have not been guilty of the crimes enumerated in these questions? Candidate-By tho help of God, I can. Provost-Be it so, then, that aunually, on the anniversary of St. Albert, you swear to these greu.t question~; and the confidence of the Knights Companions of the Ql'der in you, rests on your being able so to do. [Pl'Oyost pauses, and then' continueH]-For the future, then, you promise to be a good man, and to be gOY· erned by the moral laws ot' God and the rules of the Order, in ahvays dealing openly, honorably,· and above deceit, ell'· peeially with the K.nights Companions of the Order ~ Oandidate-I do. Provost-You promise so t() act with all ma,nkind, but especially with. the fra· terllity, as that you shall uever be justly called a. bad paymaster, ullgratet'ul, a. Har,a rake, or. a libertine, a man careless in the business of your vocation, a drunkard, or a tyrant? Candidate-I do. Provost-Yon pljpmise to lead a life as upright and just in l'l~lation to all mankind ag you are capa.ble of, but in mat· tel'S of difference to preserve the interest of a companion 6f the Order, or of a. com· panion's friend for whom llC pleads, to any mere man of the world? Candidate-I do. Pl'ovost-You promise never to engage in mean party strif'(l',. nor conspiracie8 agaiust the government or l'eligion of yOtlrcouutry, wh<;'reby your l'eputation may suffer, nor ever to associate with dishollorable men even for a moment, except it be to secure the interest of such person, his family or friends, to a companion, ,,'hose necessities require this degradation at yow' bands? Cuudidate-l do.




Provost-Yon promiso to nct honora- the protector of the p~Ol· and unfortu. bly in all matters of office or vocation, nate; and ever to observe the common even to the value of the one-third part of rights of human nature without encroacha. Roman penny, and never to take any ment, or permitting ellcroachment thereadvantage- therein, unworthy the best on, if in my power to prevent or 10::l8e11 COl1I.ltenance of your companions, and it. I will, moreover, act in subordination this, that they 3haU not, by your unwor- to the laws of my country, and never thincss, be brought into disrepute 7 countenance any change iIi the governCandidate-I do. ment undel· Wllich I live, without good Provost-It is well. Administer the and answerable reasons for so doing, oath. that ancient usages and immemorial eus· The candidate now takes the follo",,,,ing toms be not overturned. nnal oath, or obligation: 3d. I swear to venerate the mark as __ I, John Smith, do now, by the honor the wisdom and decree of Heaven, to and po\ver of the mark of the ,Holy and unite our hands and hearts in the work. Illustrious Order of th'e Cross, which I of the holy crusade, and as an encouragedo now hold to Heaven in my l'ight hand ment to act with zeal and efficacy; and as an en;rnest of my faith, and in the dread I swear to consider its testimonies as the :pre~ence of the most holy and Almighty true and only proper test of an illul:5tri· God, solemnly s'wear and declare, that I ous brother of the cross. do hereby accept of, and for ever 4th. I swear to wear the mark of this consider the cross and mark of this Or- Order, without any the least addition, exdar as my only hope ~ thttt 1 will make it cept what I shall be legally entitled to by tp.e test of faith and fellowship) and that induction, for ever, if not without the I will effect its objectl:l and defend its physical means of doing so, or it being mY!'lteries totha end of my days, "'ith my contrary to propriety; and eyen then, if life and with my property -and first, that posl:lible, to wear the holy cross;. and I in the state of collision· and lllisuuder· swear to put a chief dependence for the standIng impiously existing among the said worthy and pious objects therein. princcB and pilgrims, defenders and cham5th. I swear to put confidence unli:mltpions of the Holy Cross of Jesus our ed in every illustrious brother of tho Lord, now assembled in the land and city cross, a.s a true and worthy follower of of their peace, and considering that the the blessed Jesus, ,",rho has sought this glory of the Most High requires the land, not for private good, but pity, anti greatcf;t and 8trietest unanimity of mea- the glory of the religion of the 1t:lost sures and arms, the most sacred uniou of High and Holy God. sentiment and brotherly love in the sol6th. I swear never to permit political diers who thert~ thus devote themselves principles nor personal interest to COU1O to his cause and baUDer, I swear strictly countcl' to a brother's, if forbearance and to dedicate myselt, my life and my prop- brotherly kindness can operate to prearty for (;'ve1· hereafter to his holy name vent it; and never to meet him if I know and the purposes of our mark, and to it, in war or in peace, under such <.:ircumthe b(~st interest of all those who thus stances that I may not, in justice to mywith me become Knights of the Cross: selt', my cross, and my country, ,vish him I swear for ever to give myself to this unqualified success; and if perchance it holy and illul.itrious Order, confiding fully should happen without my }tnowledgc, and uureservedly in the purity of their on bt>ing informed thereof, that I will use montIs and the ardor of their pious en· my best endeavors to sath;fy him, e"'on to thusiusm, for the recovery of the land of the relinquishing of my arms and purtheir fathers, and the blessed clime of pose. I ,\yill never shed a brother's blood our Lord's suft"crings;and never to re· nor thwart his good fortl.lne, knowing Inoun~e the mark of tho Order nor the him to be such, 1101' see it done by othel's lclttim8 and welfare of my brethren. if in my power to prevent it. t 2d. And that the holy and pious enthu7th, I swear to au,.-a.nce my brother's siaslU of my brethren may not have interest, by always Stlpporting' his milislander or disgrace at my hands, 0.1' the tary fame and political preferment in opOre1(;'1' be injured by my unworthiness, I position to another; and by employil~g 8V~'ear for ever to renOUllce tyranny and his arms or his aid in his vocation under oppI-essiol1 in my own 'person and place, all circ.nnlstunces where I shall not sufwhatever it m~ty be, and to stand forth I· fer more by doing so, than he, by .Iny ngainst it in others, wh(!ther public or neglecting to do so, but this never to the private; to become the champion of'the sacrifice of any vital interest in our. holy cross; to observe the common good, be l'eligioD) or in the welfare of mJl' cO....lntr.y~



8th. I swear to look on his enemies a.s my enemies, his friends as my friends, and stand forth to mete out tender kind· ne5,8 or vengeance accordingly; btttncvcr to intrude on his social or domestic rela· tiOIlS to his hurt or dh;honor, by claiming his privileges, or by de"bauching or defaming his female relations or friend~. 9th. I swear never to see calmly, nor -without earnest desires and decided mea· sure;~ to prevent, the ill treatment. sIan· del', or det'::l.matioll, of any brother Knight, nor ever to view danger or the least shadow' of injury nbout to fall on his hcad, without well and truly apprising him thereof, and, if in my po'wer to prevel1t it, never to fail, by Illy l::iword or counsel, to defend his welfare and good name. 10th. I do swear never to proi:>ccuto a brother before those who know not our Order, till the, remonstrances of a Council shall be inadcqnatc to do me jU8tice. 11 tho I sn'ear to keep sacred my brother's secrets, both when delivered to me as such, and '\\'hen the nature of the information h3 snch as to require sccresy 1'01' his welfare. 12th. I swear to hold myself bound to him, (?spec!ally in affliction and adversity, to contribute to his necessities my prayers, my itlfiu"'~l1ce, and my purse. l:3th. I swear to be under the control of my Council, or, if' belongillg to none, to that which is neat-est to me, and never to demur to, ·01" complain at, ailY decree concerning mc, which my brethren, as a Council, 8hn11 conceive me to (1f~servc, and enforce 011 my head, to my hurt and dishonor. Htll. I swear to obey all summonses sent from any C01Incil to me, or from allY 1\10st Illustrious Knight, whether lllustri· ous Counsellor for the time being, or by induction, and to be governed by the constitu tion, usages, and customs of the Order without variation oi- ch:l.nge. 15th. I swear ncver to !:lee nor permit more than hyo candidates, who, with the Senior Indnctor, v;ill make three, to be :vlVil.llCed at the same tim(:.~, in any Coun. eil where I shall be j nor shall any eandidate, by suffrage, be inducted 'without a unanimous vote of the illustrious brethren in Council; nor shall any Council advallce any member, there llot being three Illustrious Knights, or one ~'!Ol:lt IllustriOttS and four Illustrious Knights of' the Cro~s present, which latt~r may be sub· stituted by l\Iost Illustrious Induction; nor yet where U1ero sh~\nnot be a full a.nd proper mark of the Order, such as usage had adopted to our altar, ot'metal, or other durable and 'worthy ma.terial:


contained within tIle apartment of Council, as also the Holy Bible i nor will I ever see a Council opened for businet;s, without the ceremony of testing the mark, exercised on the character of every brother, prayers, aud tbe reading of the 35th Psalm of David; nor 'will I twer see, cousentto, or countenance, more than two persons of the same business or call· ing in life, to belong to, or be inducted and advanced in anyone Council of which I am a member, at the same time; nothing therein going to exclude members from other parts of the country, or from foreign parts, fl'om joining us, if they consent formally and truly to stand in defereuce and defence, first, of ~heir special bar-brethrell in the council, nor to prevent advancements to fill vacancies, occasioned bv death or removal. 'ro all this, and every part thereof, I do now, as before, by the honor and po,\,,"er· of 'the mark, as by an honorable and awful oath, which connrmeth all things in the dread presence of the 110st Holy and Almighty God, solemnly and in truth, bind and obligate my soul; and in the earthly penalties, to wit, that, for the violation of the l~ast matter or particle of any of the here taken obligationl';, I become the silent and mute snbject of the displeasnre of the Illustrious Order, and have their power and '\vruth turned on my head, to my destrnction and dishonor, which, like the nail of Jael, lnay be the sure cnd of an unworthy wretch, by piercing my temples '''lith a true SE.'n~e of my ingratitude-and for n breach of silence in case of such an unhappy event, that I shall die the infamous death of a. traitor, by having a spear. or other sharp weapOIl, like as rny Lord, thrust in my leftside~bearing testimony, even in death, of the po\yer of the mark of tho Holy and Illustrious Cross, before I. H. S. our ,'rhrice Illustrious Counsellor in Heaven, thc Grand Council of the good. '1'0 this I s w e a r . . . The closing of the Council iw somewhat similar to the· opening ceremonies-the ::Most Illustrious Prefect first inquiring the duties of the several officers, as in other degrees. Herald then faces the 'Vortlly Provost, bows~ turns and gives a blast with his hor11, and says-Mol:;t 'Yortby Pro· "Clost, it is the will of' the Most Illustrious Prefect that this Council be now closed. Give notice accordingly. The Pro,,"ost notifies Senior Induct~r, when the signs are given, with theuBual ceremony, a.nd the Oouncil is then doclared closed.



INEFFABLE DEGREES, OR, THE LODGE OF PERFECTION. Brothers or Companious of these degrees receive the name of God as it was revealed to Enoch, and are sworn not to pronoune€ it but once in their lives.

SECRET :MASTER. 8-,on after the completion of the Temple. King Sololl1on selected seven ",vol1.hy and expert brethren from the Craft, and appointed them Secret Masters, or guards of the sanctum sanctorum, and the sacred furniture ot the holy place. A Lodge of Secret Masters represents the Sanctuary of King Solomon's rl\.'mpIe, adjoining the. Sanctum Sallctornm. It is hung wi th blac.k, sprinkled with white tears. The furniture is covered with black crape. There should bClline cnndlebra8 of nine lights each, but this number is generally reduced to three tim('!s three. 'The l\laf:lter is seated in the east, bc~ fore a triangular table, and represents King S01010011. He is d1'Qssed in .1'0)":11 robes, v\-'ith a. sceptre in his 110.110. He also wears a large blue ribbon, extending from the right shoulder to the left hip, at the end· of ~yhich is suspend(,~d a golden triangle. He is styled Thl'icc Potent. The secolld officer is seated in the ,Yest, and represents Adonirmn, S01.1 of Ablla, who had the inspection of the work on Mount Lebanon. He is styled Graud Inspector, and is clothed ill a black robe and eap. and is decorated with a white ribbon. bordered ,"...Uh black, with a black rosette on it, and :tn ivo·ry It,('!y suspended therefrom, with a figure of Z upon it. All the otne·r brethren wNtr I black robes and cap8; with white arp011S and gloves, the strings of the aprons black; tho, flap of the apron is blue, with a

golden eye upon it. The Lodge should be enlightelled by eighty-one candles, distributed by nine times lline. At the opening of the Lodge the 'Thrice Potent. ,Master raps fiye, when the Grand Marshal rises. Ma8ter-Your place in the Lodge? Gl'and Marshal-In the north, rrhl"ice Potent. Master-Your bU5iness there? Grand Marshal-To see that the Sanctum Sanet-orum is 41nly guarded. l\Iaster-Please to attend to your dtJ.ty, and inform the guards that we are about to open a Lodge of Secret l:Iasters by the mvsterious number, "Grand .M a1'8hal goes to the door, returns and says-It is done, ::Most Pm,yerful. l\Iaster-Ho\Y are ,vc guarded ~ Grand Master-By seven Secret :Masters stationed befort:: the veil of the Sanctum Sa.nctorum. Master raps six. A<loniram, the Inspector, rises. Manter-Brother Adoniram, are you a Secret l\Iastcr? InspectQr-I liave passed from the square to the compaSRes: I have seen the tomb of our respectful 1\laster, Hiram AbUT', und shed t<mrs at the same. l\1aster-'V hat is the hour? Inspector-rrhe dawn of day has driven away darkness, and 1.he great light begins to shine in this Lodge. Master' raps seyen, when aU the brethren risco Master-If the great light is a token of the da,,'n of day, :md we are all Secret Masters, it is time to begin ourlabors. Bro~ ther Adonil'am, you "'ill give notice that I am about to open a Lodge of Secret MnstcrH by t11e mystcrious number. Adonirall1 proclaims this to the brethren, 'wh,cn the Sig-tIS are given by them from Entered Apprentice up to and ill~ eluding Royal Arch, anti ::t.lso that of Silence, which belongs to this degree, n~ follows: l\Iastcr places the two fore fingers of l1is right hand on his lips, and· the brethren all al1swer this sign by each placing the two ·fore fingers of his left hand c,n his lips. All clap their hands seven times. :J\laster-I declare this Lodgc of Secret J.IasterH opt'n,alld in order f(}r business. Brother Grand Marshal, please to inform the GU:lTds. )Vhen a candidate for this degree Is to be admitted, he is prepared by the lIas· tel' of Ceremonies in all outer roonl and led to the door of' the Lodge, where seven distInct knocks are given.


Adoniram. (goes to the door and knocks seven times, then opens the door a little) - Who is there 7 Master of Ceremonies-A brother, who is well qualified, wishes to receive the degree of Secret Master. Adonirn.lU- You will wait until the pleasure of our Thrice Potent .l\claster is consulted. Adoniram goes to :rvraster in the east, and says, that a brother, well qualified, &c., dl~sires to receive the degree of Secret l\laster. Master-Is his integrity, zeal and good conduct, duly vouched for? Adoniram-It is. l\1:al:lter-Lct him be admitted. Cu.ndidate is led in, and advances to the altar; his right knee on the floor; head bOtlnd, and a square fastened 011 his forehead by the bandage; a great light in the right hand. .A crown of laurel and olive leaves lay):; upon the altar. The obligation is now administered. It enjoins seeresy, and t~) obey the 01"' del'S and decrees of Council of Princes of Jerusalem, under penalties of all former degref:!s.

After the obligtttion, the l\Iastcr (taking the crown of laurel and olive from the altar) says-lily brother, you are no,,," received as a Secret l\Iaster. The words amI !:ligns are now given. to the cllndidate. The words are SHA])n.H, ADON'~\I, and JUliA. '1'1113 Im~~颅 word is ZIZO~. 'rhe sign is given by placing the t,vo fore fiugers of right hand on the lips. The token is thus given : ~ -,~ join hands as ill the Master I~-;.! ..l'faSOll's grip, (page 36,) at "'/ same time ci'ossing the legs. I Master to the candidate\ Brotlwl", you h~ve hi~herto f::./ ol1ly snen the t.hiCk yell that '>. -----; covers the Sfl,llctum sancto-.....-.:rlll!; rum of God's rremple , your ~ fidelity, zeal nnd constancy \' ~ have gained you the favor that i now grant of 8hO\y- _ v \ ing:rou our treasure, and \ (intro,clUCin g you hlt,O, tho '...... \ ',\, secret place. , Candidate is now iuyes-. 'tell with the decorations of the d{~grce, before describ- "" -' ed, bluQ ribbon, scarf, &c. l\Iastel' to candidate-As an approved Secret Master Y0tll~OW take l":.1.11k among the Levites, In thh:l q uaJity :you are to become the faithful gua,rdian of the sanc路 tum sauctorulll, and I put you in the number of seven, to be One of the con-

1$_' 0





ductors -of the works which are raising to the divinity. The eye upon your apron is to remind YOtl. to have a careful watch over the conduct of the Craft in general. After the initiation,if there is no other business, the .Master begins a lecture, prior to closing. Master to A doniram-YOUl" dntyasa Secret ~:I:aster 1 Adoniram-To guard the sanctum sanctorum, and sacred furniture of the holy place. Master-"\Vhat is that furniture? Adoniram-,!'he altar of incense, the two tables of shew-bread, and the golden candles ticks. ,Master-How are they placed? Adolliram-The altar of incense stands nearest the Sanctum Sanctorurn, and the ta.bles and candlesticks are placed, fi,,"e on the llorth, aud five on the south of the holy place. Master-'Vhat is meant by the eye of OUi' Lodge? Adolliram-That Secret :l.\Iasters should keep a careful watch over the conduct of the C l'nft in general. Master-'Vhat is your age 1 Adoniram-Thl'ee times twenty-seven, ::Lnd accomplished, eighty-onc. Master rap!:! :five, ano. Grand Marshal ri::;0s. Master-Brother Grand :Marshal, what i;;; the last as well as the ill'st care ofa Lodge of Secret :Masters 7 Gl'[tnd Mal'l'.lhal-To I:H.:o that the Sanctum Sanctorulll is duly guarded. l\1aster-Ph.~a8e attend to your duty, and inform the Guards' that ,\'I:e are nbollt to close thif; Lodge of Secret Masters by the mysterious number. Grand goet; nud, informs the Guards, alldretUl'IlS and says-It is done. :L\1ost Potent.

Master raps six. 'Adoniram l'iscs. Master-Brothel" Adoniram, what is the 'hour? Adoniram-The end of tho day Master-'\Vhat remains to do't Adoniralll-'fo practice virtue, fly from. vice, anJ iu ~ilel1ce Master-Since tht,:;re remains nothing to do but to practice yirtne and fly vice, let us cnter again into silence. that the will of God m.aybe accomplished. 'rhe signs a.rc 110W giYen, ofSecresy and Silence, by I)laclng the two fore路flJlgel'S on their lipH, as in the openIng, and the brethren all clap their hands l:leven times. Master-I declare this Lodge of Secret l\fastel"~ duly closed. '



Grand :Marshal informs the Tyler, and then reports that the Lodge is duly tyled. :Master raps three~ and the 'Varden and Master of Ceremonies rise. Ma::;tcr-Brother Stolkyn, are you a. Perfect 1\Iaster 'l 'Varden-l have seen the t.omb of our respectable Master, Hiram Abiff" and have in company with my brethren shed tears at the same. l\'1aster-"\Vhat is the hour? 'Varden-It is four. The Lodge is hung with green tapesMaster then kuocks four, upon which try, on eight columns, four 011 each side, all the brethren rise. placed at equal distances; illuminated l\Iaster-If it is four, it is time to set 'With sixteen lights, placed At the four the workUlen to labor. Give notice that cardinal points.. A table stands before I a.m going to open a Lodge of Perfect the canopy covered with black. A pyra- Masters by four times fOUl'. mid in the north with open compasses Warden gives notice, when the brethon it. Oue at the south with a blazing ren give the signs of all the degrees, with star upon it. those of this one, hereafter explained. Right'\Yorshipful and Respectable :Master raps four, \Varden four, Master Ma~ter, scat(~d under a canopy in the of Ceremonies four, and Grand Marshal east, repr£"s(:nts Adoniram, he being l.he four-then all the brethren clap their first of the sev(~n who was chosen Secret hand!:! four times four. Mtu;ter by King Solomon. He command:Master-I declare this Lodge of Pered the works of the Temple before Hi- feet Masters open for businelis. Brother ram Abiff arrived at. Jerusalem, and af- Marshal, please to inform the Tyler that terwards had the inspection of the works the Lodge is open. at Mount Libanus_ He is decorated with Grand Marshal goes and infol'ms the the ornaments of perfection, and is a. Tyler, and returns to his seat and reports Prince of Jerusalem. that the Lodge is tylf;·cl. "Varden sits ill the west, and reprevVhen a candidate is to be advanced to sents Stolkyn as Grand Inspector. this degree, he puts on the dress of a So.Master of Ceremonies represents Ze1'- cret Ma.ster, and is prepared o'l1hdde by bal, and it! se~Lted in the SQuth_ the Master of Ceremolli~81 who places a Grand Mar.shal ill the nOl·th. green cord round his neck, a green sprig 'l~he assil:ltants, beiug at least Perfect in his left hand, and lead8 him to the :MnRters, ought to be decorated with a door of the Lodge, 'wh01'e he gives four largt1 green ri1.Jbon hung to the neck, distinct knocks. with a jewel suspended thereto, being 'Varden an::;'\'vers the knoc1\:s, and reeOIUpaS8t~S extended to six.ty degrct>s. ports to the :Master-Right'Vorshipful, rrhe brethren wear blac.k robes and ,vhile the Craft are engaged in lamenting caps,all~l have aprons of white It:'ather I the death of our Grand Master, Hiram with gret~n flap:;; 011 the middle of the Abitf, an alarm is heard at the inner door apron must be embroidered a sqtltll'C of tbe Lodge. stOlle, surrounded by three cirelb:;, \yith. Master-Attend to the cause of it. the letter J in the centre. ""Varden orders the Tyler to open the 011 opening, the Master raps two, 'when door. 'l'yler raps four, and ; then the Gra.nd .Marsha.l rises. reports to 'YVardell, ;\'ho reportlil to MasMa8ter-Brother Grand :Marshal, are tel', that there is in the ante-chamber a we all Perfect Masters? Secret l\lfastcr, desirous of being raised to Grand l\larshal-\Ve are, Right 'Vor- this degree. shipfnl and Respectable. :Ma:stt'r-Is he ,,,ortlly and qualified? Master-Your place in the Lodge? 'Varden-He is. :Marlolhal-Ill the north, Right 'Vorshipl\la8tcr-Lt.·t. him be introduced accordlng to the ancient due form. ful and Hespectnble. Master-Your business ,the're ? Caudidatei:; th<:ll conducted into the Mal'l:lhal-To see that the Lodge is duly Lodge uy the Mast(!r of Ceremonies, a.nd. tyled. . brought before the Master. Master-Please to attend to ;)'our duty, Mato\tel~-'''hat i::; your request? a.nd inform th(~ '£yler that '''Ie are about Oandidate-'!'o receive the houol~able to opell a Lodge of Perfect Mastcl,"s. degl'ee of Perfect Master. MASTER.


Master-Before vot! CUll be admitted to this priYilege, it ",,,,ill be necessary for you to join the funeral procession of Hiram Ahiff. Candidate is then condncted sC'veral times round the Lodge, the brethren joinbg in the procession, and singing a dirge from text-book, after ,vhich he pasl':\I;'s to the tomb of Hiram Abiff, johwd by the Master, (personating King Solomon.) Master (looking at inscriptiol1 J. 1\1. B. OIl the tomb, and making sign of adllliration)-It is accomplished and cOl"l),pl(~te. frhe brethren now lU?,ke t!le ~ame s.ign ~~ ~


let the right arm fall perpendicularly on the right side. This alludel::l to the penaity of being' smitten do\vn with a maul Second sign is that of adrnirationRaise the hauds and eyes upwards, as in the engraving, then let the hands· faIt crossed in front, at the same time casting the eyes down'wards, The pass-,\yol'd is ACCASSXA. r1'11e tokeu is t.hat of a .Mark Master, given on the five points of fellowship~ [page 42.J l\Iysterioul:l word, .lEVA, pronounced Je-vau. Master then invests candid~Lte with the j e\vet and apron of' a Perfect Master, and of admm:ltlOu, VIZ.: ~....... informl:1 him that the je'wel should remind rAise hzmds mlCl eyes him to m.eal-ture bi::J conduct b,Y the exact ttlhPewaa.rln·dl'S~naldltchreo..·. ns.slee.dt . I,/J rule of equity. . J" • , ~ 1\13.8ter then instructscandidat0 in th~ upon the abdomen, history of the degree, as follo\.Yl:l : looking downwards. After the body of IIirum Abiff bad been l\laster a.nd brothfoun(l, Solomon request.ed Adoniram to ren now l'esume their , m a k e suitable arrangements for hili buriaL proper places, while rrhc bl'ethrcn were ordered toatt<md with the .l\Ia.ster of' O(\1'e~ white ap1'OllS aud gloves, and he forbade monies instructs the th[l.t the ma.rks of blood, "\'''{11ieh had been candidate hovl,Y to ap\'v ~, spilled ill the Tmuple, should be effaced pro:lch. the cast, aila \ _ until tho assassin." had been punh:hed. In to take UpOll himself./ '.'. ~. the meantime, A<louirmu fUl'nh;hcd. a pbll tho obligation in this' ~ for fl. snperb tomb and obelisk of 'white degl"e~, as foll?ws: by four times four bln.ek ma;'~lc, \vhich 'were finished in s.tcps trOlIl.a paIr of- , extende.d lllHC.'. days. 11le. tomb .wa.s C.'l1tel>ed .bJo" from au angle of He'VPll to that of sixty pa!:lSlllg behYeen two pIllars, supportmg degrees, Candid:lTe then takes the obU- a square stOlle sm·rounded by three cil'ga.tion, 'whIch enjoins sec1'cHv, ;,'lud to I dC's. On. the stOlle 'waH cllgrU\'(,'d the letobey the orders and decrees of'Cot1neil of tel' 3. 011 the tomb '\'vas a di.n.'ico reprethe Princes of JCl't1l:lulcill, uuc1L'r penalties ~elltillg a virgin, &c., (as ill third degree.) ill all former dcgrccs,tLud of being smit- 'rhe hoar! of Hiram Abitr'VUl:l enclosed ten to the earth "with a settiJ1g' maul t &.c_ in a gOlden urn, 'which wns pierced with l\!a,gter (dra\viug- green cord from call- a sword to denote the desire of the brodidatc"s neck)-I llOW draw yO'll from th1'(,1'1. to pUllish tile assasshu.t A trianyour .vici?uS l~1'e, aud, by the fayor I gllJa.l· stOlle aflix.ed to the side, of the have recel\~cd from tho most povlterfnl' of urn, and on It were the letter~ J. l\:L B. kings, I raise yOll to the degree of Perfect surrouIlucd by a wreath of cn.ssht. '1' his ::Master, on condition 11r11 ''1.~l.l~ placed on the t.op of the obethat strictlyshall ac1~ ("~~~~-' USk .. '·Wh . iell after ,vas. the'tea . on t.l. IC tOlIl.b. h('re :rou to what "v~ 'Three da.ys interment, Solomon be pres(mt.ed to :rou ~ 1>0... -: 6 repaired with. his court to the 'femple, by our laws. '\ and all tho bretln-ell being arranged a~ The MaHter now ,j at tIle fuueral,he directed his pra)"('r to instructli the ctLlldi· ( ~ ~ hens. en, cd the t.omb and. tIle ill·' dn.te in all the l:iigus, \ scription on the urn: struck 'With ndmi· words, tokens and \ ration t he l·aised hL"'l hands and eyes to hiRtory of this de· ~l'::--k 'I heaven, and said ill the joy of his heart., g're~, ns follo,,,"!; : I "It isa("c()mp1isbc.~dand cOluplete,H ~"'lrlit. sign-Place In clol:iiug the Lodge, the .Mastcrraps the palm of the left I two J as ill the opening, ,vhen the Grand ha.ndupon Ihoright }Iarshalrises. temple. at the same l\1aHter- The laRt as w"ell as the first time stepping back care of a Perf<:~ct .:Master? &c. with the dght foot; rfhe lIIaster continues, nud asks all the then bring the foot questions as in opening, and then declarei forward again, and the Lodge duly ~losecL


(i Jt,....






this degree, he is placed by tIl() Lieuten. INTIMATE SECRETARY. ant of the Guards outside the- veil or The Lodge is hung in black, spangled door of the hall of' audience, 'which hI left with ,,,hite., and repl'csents the Hall partly open, or drawn, and is <1h'ccted to of Audience ot' King Solomon. It should listen to "dw,t is going 011 inside. be lighted with three c3.11dlebras, <.:aeh 'Hiram "turIlS·l1iS h('ad, sees candidate, with nine branches, and each containing and speaks to Master in all agitated lUftn· . a caudle-one iu the east, one in the west, ncr-My brother, thero is a. lis-teller! and one in the south. Master-It is impossible1 Bmce the Most illustrious l\'Iaster, representing guards are without, King Solomon, and Hiram, King of Tyre, Hiram (rushing to the door, and dragseated in the hnll of audience in the east, ging candidate in)-Here he is! . behind a ti"iangular table on which is a Master-'Vhat shall we <10 with him '! scroll and hvo cross swords, They wear Hiram (dra...." ing his sword)-)V'"e must long blue robes and eups,and their aprons kill him. are white, lined and bordered with red, :Mn8tel' leaycs :his se:t.t and goes to Hi· tLnd a scroll and golden tri3ngle on each ram, places his hand on Hil'um's, and -the letterl.i .A P P in the conlcrs of the says-Stop,. brother. l\fastcl' raps nine, and Guards cnter triangle: a red rib bon, with a. golden triangle l:ltlspended, same letters engraved and salute him. :Mastcr-'l'ake this pl'isonel', keep Mm on each corner, which is. the jewel in this degree: '\vbite gloves. bordered with red. secure, ul1d let him be forthcoming when )laster rttps nine, Grand Mnrshal rises. called fm·. Guards go out with pl'isoner, leaving lIrIaster-Are aU Intimate Secretaries? :Marshal-",Ve are,. :Most Illustrious. Master and Hiram :tlone a few minutes. Master raps nine, and Guards bring in :Master-Your place, Brother Grand candidate and take seats near the foot of Marshal 1 1\Ial'sh:I.1-In the ante-chamber, at the the triangle in "the east. head of tbe Guards, l\lost IllustriGu~:~ l\'1at1tcl" to candid~te-I lU.1Ye~ b~r my entreaties, pl'evaill'(l upon my· '\vorthy :Master-Y 0\11" business there ~ Marshal-'l'o see that the hall of :l.udi ally, Hiram, King of '1'yl'C, 'Whom )'01U" ence is duly gnal·ded. yuiu curiosity hac! offeutled, to l'C111it thO' Master-How are we guarded 1 sentenee of death '\"\'hieh he Pl'oDollDced ::Mal'shal-By a inll guard of Perfeet upon )Ton. I llaye Dot only obtained your pardon, but have gttined lliR conl:Iasters. lv.Iastcr-I nppoint Brother Terbel Lieu· sent to receive you an Int.iro.ate Secretenant ot" the Guard~ to aid you il1. :your tary to the alliance 'ye have contracted. duties: repair to yonI' statioll, and SGe Do you. promise to keep hn-iolste the that norlC approach without permission. seCl'cts entrusted to :you in tMs degrec)t The brethren now fall, each on his ftnd win you take au obligation ::for that righ t knee, and they cross their IH.mds purpose, in the most solemn mal1ner't a.nd hohl them up so tllat tIle thumb of Candidate-I promh;e" anu "'ill the right hand touches the left templE:', the obligation. and left thumb tho l'igbt tempI!:.', wben The obligation in this (legrec is 110W each speaks the word JEYJ;\. ill a. low administered. Candidate kneel.s beforo voice, prOllo:lIDCillg it Je-yau) and repeats the altar, and Ill'OUliocs to Obey the manit three times. dates and decrees. (If the Grund COllDCil J\laster rapo twice nine. of Prinee8 of J erul)alcm) uutler penalty Hiram l'ises1 and, together ,vitll the of having Ilis body dissected, his. bowels brethren, make all the signs up. to this and vitals taken out,. his :heart cut to one, and then the signs of this degree as pieces, and th<: whole tIn'own out 10 be hereafter explained devoured by tIle' ,vild bcasti:! of the field. [In the Illeffhble Degrees, when Hie }truster (rail::\iug \l.p clwdidtLte fron""! llis signs are given, they begin ,\'dth Entcl'cd knces)-I now recei....e you an Intimate Apprentice, and go usually up 1.0 1\Ia:::;ter Secretary, on your IH'on1ise 10 be faithful Mason, when th('y skip over to S~Crt~t to the Order ill i.vhieh yon have just 110W l\Iastcr, the first of the Ineffable grnde,l en tered, )Vc llop~\ brother,. that J~our Master raps t111'ee times lline, and dl" fidelity ""Yill bo proof to every trhd; and elares th" Lodge open for the dh;patch of that this 8W01'<1, with which w(\ arm you,. bu~illess, will defend yOll from the attacks of those Grand Marshal places a triple trIangle who ma:y' try to extort from you those on the Bible, which lays on the altar. secrets which we are now about tecon\Vhena candidate is to bo advanced to fer upon you. 4


1\faster then instructs candidate in the signs, pass-word, &c., as follows: First sign-Close the right haud, and draw it from the left shoulder .tJ the right hip. It al\. \-1\~ 1ades to the penalty of \.."\'( ,J dissecting the body, &c. ... ~"'A Second sign-Cross I .. your arms in front, and ;, hold up your bands so that the right thnmb touches the It'ft temple, and your left thumb the ,right temple, and speak '~._ in a low voice JEVApronouncing it Je-vau_ rl' his is the mysterious word. Grip-J oin the right hands, and turn them ._ _ _ downward thrice, say, ..iug, the firs t tilne, Berith-second time, Ncdir-and the third time, Shelemoth. Pass-word8-Joabert-response, Terbel, being the names of the listener, and the Linutenant of tho Guards. :M:aster now invests candidate with the jewel and apron of this degree, and says: Master-Brother, .the color of your ribbon is intended to remind you of the blood of Hil'a.rnAbiff, the last drop of which he chose to spill, rather than betl'ay Ids trust; rnay you be equally faithftll. 1'he triple triangle is emblematical of the three theological virttleS, fhith, hope, and charity; it is alsc> emblematical of the three l\ra80ns who were· present at the opeuing of the first Lodge of Intimate Secretaries, to wIt: Solomon, King of Israel i Hiram, King of 'l'yre, und Joabert, u. favorite Muster Mason in the employ of' King Solomoll. Thi~ closes the inItIation. The meeting is closed with a lecture, as in the other degrees. The ::Master asks the questions as to the organization and initiation ill this degree, tho Grtl.ud :Marsllal answering. In. closing the Lodge, the l\!aster raps nine, an(l Grand 1\Iarshnl rises, when he f is interrogated as to the general dl.ltie~ of Intima.te Secretary, whether the place is duly guar(h~d, &c., as in the opening. He them notifies the Lientenant of the Guards that he i~ about to close, and directs him to repair to his station, and attend to giviug' the signB, &c. l\:Iaster raps· t'\.'dce nino, Hiram rises, and the signs·· are given from those of this degree backward. l\!aster raps three times nine, and declares the Lodf&e to be duly closed.





PROVOST AND JUDGE, The Lodge in this degree is llungwith red tapestry, and :five cancUebras are placed therein, each 'with ii ve lights. One light is placed in each corner, and the fifth in the centre. Thrice Illustriou.s Master) representing THo Zadoc, Prince of Harodim, is seated in the east under a blue canopy sur~ rounded with stars. Prince Tito was the eldest of the Perfect Grand Masters, and Intimate Secreta.ry. He waslj'irst Grand \Varden, and inspector of the threo hundred architects '\,Yho drew plans for the workmen. Grand J\:[arshal sits in the north. Senior and Junior Wardens l"epresent Adoniram and Abda, his father, and are seated in tbe 1Vest. ' rrhe brethren wear black robes and caps: white apron trimmed with red, and a red and white rosette, pocket in centre, in \vhich to carry plans; on the flap, a gold key: a red collar, from which is suspended a gold key, the jewel of this, degree. In opening, the l\Iaster raps three-, when the Grand Mal'sha.ll'ises. Master-Brother Grand 1\1arshal, are we all Provosts and Jndges ? Marshal-\Ye are, Thrice Illustrious. Master-Your place ill the Lodge? Marshal-In the ·l1orth. Master-Your business there? Marshal-To see that the midcUechambel" i8 duly tyled. Master-Attend to your duty, and inform the ~"ylel" that we aloe about to open this Lodge of' PrOvo8ts and Jndges~ Marshal goes and informs the Tyler out~ide the door, and retnrns to his piace. MfLHtcr raps four, and the Wal"dens bothri:':lc_ Master-Brother Junior "\Varden,where i~ the placed? Jtlnior "Tarden-Everywhere. l\1aster-'\Vhy so 7 Junior "'Naruen-To superintend the workmen, direct the work, and render jnstice to every man. . Master to Senior \Yarden-\Vhat is the honr? Senior \Yarden-Break of day: eight, two and seV('ln. Master l·aps five, and brethren all rise. l\:Iaster-It is time to begin our labors: take notice that I am about to open a Lodge of Provol:lts and Judges by four and one. The brethren give all the signs, up to IlltimRta Secretary, and then the signs of this degree, hereafter explained.



JYfastm·, t"vo Wardens, and Grand Mars11al each rap four and one in succession, and the brethren clap four and one with their bands, when the JlIaster declares the Lodge duly opened. If a candidate iH to 'be advanced, he ~ is prepared outside by the Master of Cercmonies, who conducts him to the door and knocks four and Olle. Senior 'Yarden to Master (rising)Thrice Illustrious, while the Provosts and Judges aro here engaged in rendt1ring ju:;tice to all men without distinction, au alarm is heard at the door of the lodge. l\laHter-Attend to the cause of it. Senior 'Varden goes to the door, raps four and onc, partly opens the door, and inquires who is there. 1rlaster of Ceremonieti informs him that a brother duly qualified cravel:i the honor of a seat among the Provosts and Judges. Senior 'Varden-By what ft.trther right does he claim this honor? Master ofCeremonies-Ey the right of a pass. [\Vhispers'rito.] . Senior 'Val'den-'rhc pass is right. You "dll wait until our l.'hrice Illustrious Master is informccl of your l'equest, ancl !lis aU8wer l·etUl'ned. Senior 'Varden goes ancl informs the l\laHter that a brother is without who <.1esires a seat with the Provosts and Jutlges. Master-You will see that he is ,yell examined, and it' found worthy, introduce him in due and ancient form. Senior 'V'arden goes and directs the :rtfaster of Ceremonies to c?,amine him further, and then introduco him. He then resumes his seat. . l\1u.:;ter of Ccremonies conducts candidate to the south-west corner of the Lodge, whore (under instruction} he kneels on his right knee and pronounces the wQrd Beroke. . .Master-Kumi, [meaning risc.] Candidate rises, and is conducted three times round the Lodge, at the same time giYing the signs in the previous degrees. He is then led to the altar, and takes the obligation in this degree, 'which is the same as that in Perfect Master, with the addition that he will justly and irnpar· tially decide all matters of difference be· tween brethren of thil:l degree, if in his' power to do so, under penalty of being pUllished as au unjust judge, by haVing his 1108e cut off. Master IlOW gives candidate the sign:;, tokens and words as follows: First sign-Place the two first fingers of your right hand up to the side of the nose, . t he thumb under the chin, forming a with the :fingers and thum.b.

Second sign, or response-Place nrst finger of right hand on tip of the nose, and the thumb under the chin. Token-:Clench the threenrst fingers of the right hand over the thumb, and. join hands by interlacing" the little :fingel's. In some Lodges the' hands are kept open' while the little :fingers are locked, and each taps the other seven timos with his thumb in the palm. Pass-word is TITO: other words are J ova, Civi, Ky. Hiram, Stokin, Geometros, Xinchen, Yzirc, Iyan, &c. :Master invests candidate with the jewel, apron and gloYcs of this degree, and addresses him as follows: Respectable Brother, it gives me joy, that I am now about to recompense, &c. This key opens a small ebony box, in. which are contained the plans for the building of the Temple, and this key opens a small ivory box containing aU the keys of the Temple. I clothe you with a white apron, lined \vith l'cd, having a pocket in its centre, and in which you are intended to carry the plans for the building of the 'l'cmple, that they ma,y be laid out on the tressel-board for the use of the workmen 'vvhen wanted. I also give you a bttlauce in equilibrio, as a badge of yO'l'tr office. Let it remind you of that equity of judgll1~pt ,,,hich should characterize yom' decisions. Master gives candidate a ra.p on each shoulder and says-By the power with which I am invested, I constitute you Provost and Judge over all the 'works and workmen of the Temple. Be impartial, just, prudent, discreet, and mer· ciful. Go salute the Junior a.nd Beniol" '\Vardens as a Provost and Judge, and return bel·e for further instl'UctiOll. 'l'his closes the initiation. The Lecture is then given, in two sections. '1'11e first recapitulates the initiatiOll. 'rhe second is historical of the de.. gr6c, as follows: :Master-'Vhat did you observe in the middle chamber? Senior 'Yarden-A curtain, behind which was suspended a small ebony box:. containing' the plans for the construction of the 'l'emple. Master-'\Vhat else did you see 7 Senior "'Varden-A trianglo cllclosing the letters G. A. Master-Their meaning and use? .Senior Warden-Grand Architect, and are designed to make us remember him in all our decisions and actions. Master-Did you see any thing more? Senior vVarden-I saw the letters I. H. S. with the sprig of cassia.



}\{aster-,\Yhat i::l meant thereby? Senior 'Varden-Imitate Hiram's Silence and Justice, Humanity and Secrecy, which arc designed to teach Pro,.osts and Judges that '\vhile their decisions are just, they should be tempered with humanity, or mercy, and that all differences which may arise among the Craft, shonld be kept secret from the world. Master-'\Yhat was the intention of Solomoll in instituting this degree? Sellior 'Yarden-'ro strengthen the means of preserving order among such a number of workmen i tho duty of Provosts and Judges being, to decide all differences arising among the brethren. l\1a.ster-"\Vho was the first that was made Provo:-;t and Judge? Senior 'Yarden-Joabert, being honorcd with the intimate confidence of King Solomon, received this new mark of distinction. Solomon first created Tito, Adolliram, and Abda, 11is father, Pro'''lo::;ts and Judges, and gave them orders to initiate J oabert into the mysteriC's of this degree, and to give him all the keyl:! of the rl'emple, which were inclosed in a small i'llory box suspended in the Sanetum Sanctorum, Undel" a rich canopy. 'V11en Joabert was first admitted into this sacrcd pla.ce, he involuntarily fell ill a .kneeling postttre, and said,· Beroke i Solomon seeing him, said Kuroi, (ri:;e.) nfaster-"\Vhence came you as no Provost ftnd Judge? Senior'Vnrdell-I ca:'me from, and 3.ln going· every\vhere. .. 1\laster in closing the Lodge, raps three, :md Grand Marshal rises. !lInster-Tho last as '\-vell as the :first ~,arc of a Provost and Judge 1 l\'Iarshal-To see that the middle chambc:}" is duly tyled. l\Iaster-Attend to :.rour duty, and inform the rryler that ,va are about to close this Lodge of PrOYO~tB al1d Judges by four and one. Marshnl goes and informs the· Tyler. l\faster raps four, and vVardens risco l\Iaster-'Vhat i~ the hour? Senior 'Varden-Break of· day-eight, two and Seyen. , l\Iaster-llrother JUllior, how so ? Juuior'Varden---Becauso ProvoHts a.nd Judges should be ready at all times to relld(~r justice to aU men. Master raps four and ono, llnd brethren allri~e nac1givc tho signs from this de· goree back to Enterod Apprentice. Master raps four and oue, then each officer four amI one," and the brethren clap four and one with their hands, when the Master declares the Lodge closed.




A Lodge in this degree is hung with red, and has three candlebras of nine lights each, and au additional one With five lights in the ~ast. It should also have an illuminated transparent triangle in the east, with a circle in the centre of it, and the letters J A I N around the circle, and three Js on a blaZing star in its centre. Thrice Potent :Master (represents King Solomon,) is seatc-'d in the east, dressed ill royall'obes, with crown and sceptre. Thrice Illustrious Inspector, or Senior 'Varden, (representing Tito Zadoe,.) in the ,,'ost. Junior 'V~'Lrden (representing Adoniram, son of Abda,) is tbe Conductor, and is seated in the south. Grand Marshal in the north. 'rhe junior officers ond brethren are dressed in black robes and caps: ,vhite apron lined with red and bordered ,\-yith green j on the apron is a star with nino points, a sprig of cassia., and a balance j it also has a triangular :flap with the lettel'S B A J, one at each angle. The collar is a broad red ribbon, from which is suspended a golden triangle ,,,ith the same letters in each corner, aud J J J in. the centre: on the reverse side three Js in the corners and letter G ill the centre. InOpel:ling, Thrice Potent :Mastel' raps three, and Grand l\farshalri:;elll. l\faster-Brother Grand l\larshal, are we all I. Bs. ? l\Iarsllal-"\Ve arc, Thrice Potcnt. l\Iastcr-Your place in the Lodge ~ :Marshal-In the north. l\laster-Your business there? l\farshal-'ro see the Lodge duly tyled. :M:astcr-Atteucl to y'our duty, and inform the bt·cthrell that ,va are about to open a IJodge of r. B. by the number five. :l\Iarshal proclaims to the Lodgo what tll(.' l\lal:itcr ba.s ordered. l\Iaster raps four, :mcl Wardens rise. IVfuster-Brother Senior Warden, what is the hour? Senior 'Yarden-Break of day. l\Iaster raps five. and brethren all rise. l\:Iaster-lf it iii break of day,it is time to begin onl'l labors; Brother Senior 'Vard<m, you will give notice that I am abo'ut to opon a. Lodge of I. B. Senior Warden proclailns that it is break. of day', and that our Thrice Pot~l)t l\-!aster is a.bou t to open a Lodge, &c. The signs are now given by' the brethren as in the other degrees, and then those of this degree, hereafter described.



All the officers now rap five, and the Senior Warden-Give it to me. brethren clap five with their bands, when Junior Warden-Bonahim, [pronot1nc~ the Master declares the Lodge to be duly ed Bo-nau-heem.] opened. Senior Warden-You will wait until A. candidate admitted to this degree our Thrice, Potent. Master is informed of represents Joabert, and is introduced as the request, alld hIS answer returned. follows: Senior Wa,J;'den now repairs to the E'ast, Master raps seven, and Senior'Var- and informs Master ofwbathas occurreQ den rises, when the Master says-};ly at the door. excellent brother, how shall ,"va repair Master-Let Joabert be introduced in. the loss of our worthy Hiram Abiff? he due form. is now removed from \18, and ""0 aloe Senior Warden goes and opens the thereby deprived of his counsel and ser" door and admits the candidate, who il{ vices:. cun you give me any advice in conducted to the altar, when (under in. thi~ important matter? struci..lon) he recedes five steps, and then Senior Wa.rden-'rhe method I would advances to the altar again by five regupropose, "Yould be to select a chief from lar steps. the five Orders of Architecture, Junior Warden then Jays down the whom we may confcr the degree of I. B. candidate, and Senior Warden puts a and by his al::18h:;tance flll the secret cha.m~ - sprig of ca~sia in his right haud, in which ber of the tl1ird story. position (lying prol:ltratc) he takes the ob!tIaster-I approve of your advice, and ligation in thh; degree. to convince you of my readiness to folThe obligation enjoins secrecy, and low it, I appoint you and Brother Ado- obedience to orders of the Grand Counniram to canoy the same into executioll_ cil of Princes of Jerusalem, under penExcellent brothers, let Adol1iram go into alty of having his eyes put out, body cut the middle chamber and see if he can in two, and bowels taken out. find a chief of the nyc Orders of .A.rchiMaster to candidate-Your present tecture. posture is that of a. dead man, and is deJunior 'Varden goes out of the Lodge signed to l'emind ;you of the fate of our into the ante-chamber, and finding the worthy Hiram Abiff. I shall now l'aise candidate, thus at1dl"es~es him: you in the same maimer be was l'aise<1, Junior 'Varden-Is there here a chief under tho sprig of cassia. [Mastc'r rai8€H of the five Orders of Architecture? him by the Master 1\[ason'8 grip.] By Candidate-I am one. your being raised, our hope is signified, Junior \Varden-My dear brothel', have that in some measure you will repair bia you the zeal to apply yourself with at- loss, by imitating his bright example. tention to thnt which our Thrice Potent :Master no,,, gives the signs, ' ~la8ter l:oihall request of yon? token and pass-word in this degree, as Candidate-! have, and will comply follows: with his req'uest, and raise this edi:flce to l!~irst sign is tllat of surprise-Place his honor and glory. . the thumbs on the temples, the hands Junior 'Varden-Give me the signs, open and resting on the forehead so. as words and tokens of preceding degrees. to form a square: step back two pa.ces, Candidate gives them. then for.. .v ard two paces, then lower the Junior Vi ~u'den then conducts candi- hands till they touch the.;:yelids, and date to the door of the Lodge, and gives sny BEN'CHOltIM. five distinct knocks. Second sign is one of :l<lmirntion-InSf'nior 'Varden (inside) rises al1dsays terlace the fingers, turn the palms up-Thrice Potent, ,va are disturbed in ward above the head. let the hands fall our ,deliberatiol1s by nn alarm at the in- on the \vrist, (being stillintcrl:tced,) look ner door of the secret chamber. upwarcl and say', ACHARD, or lIAKAR. Master....... See to the cuuse of the alarm. Third sign is that of grief, rmdis given Se~ior "Va.rden goes to the door, raps by two at the S3.1110 time-Place the rigbt nvc t partly opens itt and ·says-'Vho haud on the heart, the left 011 the left bip, comes there? bt:t.lnnce thrice ,,-itll the l~nees-one says Juuior 'Vm'den-A chief of the nye I{y, the other r<:plic~, JEA. Instead of Orders of Architecture, who il'l to be em- these words, some fmbHtitute the words ployed in works of the I:lccret chamber. CHAl, and JAH, (the I;ord liveth.) Sellior'Yal'den-By wbatful'ther:right Token-Strike a lig-ht blow with the does he claim admittance? right hand OVC1' the 11Ntrt, pass han'ds to Junior 'Varden-By the right and b~n.. the middle of the foro-arm, placing .left eiit of a pass-word. hands on· the elbow; .this is repeated



three times, one bl'other saying JATGNAI, and the other responding JUDAH. The pass~word is JODAH, and the sa~ cred word J AKIN AI. Mastcr now invcl:lts candidate with the a.pron, gloves and jewel of this degree, a.nd thus addres8es him :-1 decorate you with a red ribbon, to be worn crossing the breast from the rhrht shoulder to the left hip. to which is suspended a triangle fastened with green ribbon. I also prc~ sent you with a white apron, lined ,vith red. and bordered with green. The rcd is emblematicn.l'of that zeal which should characterize you as an I. of B., and the green, ot' the hope we entertain that you will supply the place of our lamented Hiram AbifT. The first section of the closing lecture in this degree recapitulates the initia~ tion ~ the second section is as follows: Master-Are you an Intendant of the Building? Senior Wardcn-I have made the five steps of exactness; I have penetrated the inmost part of the rremple; and I have seen the great light, in the middle of which were three mysterious letters, or characters, in Hebrew, without know~ lug what they meant. Master-How came you to be received therein ~ Senior Warden-By confessing my ig~ noranco. :M:aster-Why were you received? Senior Warden-To point out to me the darkness in which I was, and to proCl'll"C me a true light to regulate my heart, and regulate my understanding. l\Ial:lter-'Vhere were you introduced 7 Senior Warden-In a place fllll of 'vollderand beauty, where truth and wisdom reside. Master-What was your duty 7 Senior 'Varden-To superintend the work. Master-Why were you made to 'walk ba.ckward and forward in the Lodge? Senior Warl!en-To show me,that, in advancing to virtue, I should set humanity in opposition to the pride so natural tous. Master--What did you see there in the Lodge? . . , Senior Warden-A tria.ngle enclosing So circle, having on its circumferE:'nce the letters J. A. I. N. and in its centre the letters J. J. J. Master-'Vhat is signified by the circle in the triangle ~ Senior Warden-The . eternity of the powers of God, which hath neither be~ ginning nOl"end.


1\faster-What is signified by the letters J. A. I. N. ? Senior 'Varden-They are the initials of the four Hebrew words, Jad, Ail, Jotsare, and Nogah, which are expressive of four attributes of the Deity; power, omnipresence, creation, and splendor. .Master-vVhat is signified by the letters J. J . •T. ~ Senior 'Varden-Jah, Jokayn, and Ji~ reh, [" The Lord, the Creator seeth."j Master-'Nbat else did vou see? Senior Warden-A blazing star with five beams, in the centre of which appeared the letter J. :Master-"Vhat signify the five beams? Senior 'Varden-rrhe five equal lights of Masonry. the Bible, the sqaare, the compas"eH, the key, and the triangle. Master-'Vbat is signified· by the· let~ tel' J.? Senior 'Varden-It is the initial of the ineffa.ble name, as known by us. l\laster-Are you in darkness? Senior ¥lurden-No, the blazing staril my guide. Master-vThat is your age? Senior '~N'arden-27, 01' 5, 7 and 15. 1"Iaster-To what do those three numbers allude? Senior 'Varden-Totbe :five chiefs of the :five Orders of Architt:>cture, to seven cubit~, which was the br('adth of the golden candlestick with seven branches, and the fifteen l"ellow Crafts, ~"ho conspired against the life of' our Grand Mas~ ter, Hiram A biff. In closing, the ~1aster raps three, when Grand Marshal rises. Master-Brother Grand 1\1:a1'shal, the last as ,veIl as the firl:lt care of I. of B.? :Marshal-To see that the Lodge 'is duly t,yled, Thrice Potent. l\1aster-Attend to j"our duty, and in~ form the brethren that we are about to close this Lodge of I. B~ :n-Iaster raps four, and Wardens rise. }\ Senior "ra.rden, what is the h0'l.1r1 Senior Warden-Seven at night. Master raps five, the brethren all rise. 1\lu,ster-AB it is seven at night, it iSj time to retire: Brothel" Junior Warden' i, give notice that I am going to close thh~t, Lodge of Intendant of the Building. The signs are now given-first those of this degree, then the oth~rs in rotation back to Eutered Apprentice. Master raps five, J.unior Warden raps seven, Senior 'Varden fifteen, and the brethren clap their hands five, seven and fifteen alternately, when the l'tlaster declares the Lodge closed.



MASTER'S ELECT OF NINE. Some of the Societies call this degree "Elected Knights of Nine," but we have given its original name according to the French Rituals. It is founded on the award of punishm'ent to the principal murderer of Hiram AbU!". After that murder was perpetrated, a great assembly of :Masters .was convened to take measuretl to apprehend the murderers. A stranger came and disclosed the fact that be had discovered a person concealed in a cave near Joppa, \'\"ho nnswored the description of one of the supposed murderers. Solomon appoint(~d nine Masters to proceed to the spot with the stranger as guide. On their,vay, Jon-bert, one of the nine, learnccl from the. gUide the location of the cave:rn, and he made his way there apart from the rest, where, by the light of' a lamp, he discovered the murderer fast agleep, with apoinard at his feet. He took the poil1ard and stabbed him, :first in the hend, and then ill the heart. The villain exclaimed,· ." Vellgeance is taken I" and then expired. Jo· abert then cut.· off the murderer's head, and, takillg it in his hand, and the ,bloody knife in the other, returned to Jerusalem with his companions. Solomon was at first oft"ended at this summary vengeance, but at the interc<~ssioll of the others hQ became reconciled. The meeting is called a Chapter, and represents the audience chamber of King Solomon, bung with red and ""'bite hangings-the red representing flames. There is a' group of nine lights in the east, and One in the west. :Master (repres~mting King Solomon, and dressed in royal robes) sits in the east before a table covered-with black, and is styled Most Potent.

There i~ only one ,vardcD, who repre. sents Stolkyn, and is called the lnspt'ctor; he e;it~ in the west, ,vith seven brethren around h!ll1. Grand l1arshal sits in the north. The Inspector and brethren are dr('ssed in black robes, and with thE'ir lints flapped. They wear whit.e aprons sprinkled with blood red, nncl lined, and bordered with black; on the flap of the apron a bloody arm, holding a daggCf, and on the ap1.'on a 1Jloody arm holding a. bloody head by the hair. rrhey alHo wear scarfs of wide black l'ibbon from the left shoulder to the right 1lip, with four rosettes llear th.e extremity in front,· 1'0'\11' behind, and ODe at the bottom, to w h ich is attached the Jewel of the Order, 'v iz., a gold-handled dagger. with silver blade. 'rhe brethrell sit With knees cro8st'd, and lean their heads on their light hands. Most Potent Master raps seven, ,vhen the Grand Marshal rises. Master-Brother Grand Marshal, are we alllvIasters Elect ~ lVIarsbal-We are, Most Potent. Master-Your place in the Chapter? Marshal-In the north. Master-Your bUl:iiuess· there? :M:arshal-'l'o sec that the Chapter is duly guarded. Master-Please to inform the Sentinel that we are a bo~.t to open Do Chapter of Masters Elect, and cbarge him to keep guard accordingly. Marshal goes to the door: informs the Sentinel, and returns to his POf:oit. M.aster raps eight, and Inspector rises. IHaster-Brother Stolkyu, are )"OU a Master Elect? Inspector-One cavern received me, one lamp gave me light, and one foun· tain refreshc;~c1 me. :Master-What is the hour ~ Inspectl:>r-Bl'C8:k of day. Master raps eight and one, and the companions all rise. l\1a.tltel'-lf it is break of da;y', it is time to open a Chapter of l'1asttlrs Elect. Brother Stolkyn, you .will inform the companions tllat 'we are about to open a Chapter of l\iasters Elect of Nille, for the dispatch of business, and I will thank thHm for their assistance. Inspector repeats this order, when t.he brethren give the signs up to and includiugthose of thit:l degree, hereafter described. .Master raps eight and one, 'w}lichis l'epeated by the Inspector and Marsbal,and a.ll the companions clap eight and one ,,'ith their hands, v.·hen the Master de. clares the Chapter duly opeD.


If a candidate is to be admitted, he is prepared in an outer room by one of the is detailed as Muster of Ceremonies, and who hoo(h'\!inks 11im, conducts him to the door of the Chapter, and raps eight and onc. Inspector raps the same from the inside, and dcmnnds-,\Yho comes there? .!Iaster of Ct~remonies,-A companion, who is desirous of going in search of the assassins of Hiram Abiff. Inspt'ctar opens the door, and the candidate is led in aUll placed in the ,,"cst behind tao Inspector's scat. }1aster to candidate-'Vhat do you. desire of us? Candidate-To be installed as a l\Iaster Elect, and avenge the death of our late Granel l\laster, Hiram Abiff. :Master-Havc you the courage to revenge his death 1 Canclic1ate-I ha'\?e. }1aster-Then you shall have the opportunity. compan.i~l1s, who

~i~~~~::~~ :~lle~~~ be shown the place where one of the murderers lies concealed: n stranger has dh;coverecl it to me, and if you hayc the resolution, ,follow the stranger.


~~ ~ I路~ ~'

~ ~I ~ ~~.I ~ il ~I ~; ~~.


Candidate-I will follow. Master of C~~remoni('s leads candidaTe out, and through several passages, or rough roads, and then into a room lighted by a. single taper, seats him on a block,' representing a stone, and- says-I am now going to-leave yon: nfter I hayc gone you can remove the bandage. from your eyes and drink some "water from the spring to refresh yourself after so fatiguing a journey. Candidate removes the bandagc, and discovers a. basin of water with a tumbler beside it. also astonillhed to sec n. Inunan head lying on the floor, and a bloody knife, or poinard, beside it. rrhe Master of Ceremonies r(~turns and directs candidate to takeup the knife in bis right hand and the head in his left. Candidate takes them and (undE:"r in路 strllction) goes to the door of the Chapter and raps eight and one. of Ceremonies (who has gone in, and raps eight and one from inside)'Vho comes there-what do you want? Candidate-An Intendant of the Build路 ing, who d{.lr~ir(~s to enter this Chapter of MasterR Elect of Nine. Master of Ceremonies-By wlwt right do you claim this pl"iV'ilege l'




Candidate-I have performed a feat ion answers by' putting his hand to !lis for the honor of the Oraft, which I hope forehead 'as if feeling the wound" St:lke will entitle me to receive 7.hisdegree. at the breast as though plungmg In a Master of Ceremonies orders him to poinard, crying N'EKUM, (vengeancQ:) wait until the Most Potent is apprised of companion answers by pressing his hand his wish, and his answer returned. on his breast, aDd crying NECAR. Master of Ceremonies informs the Inspector, Stolkyn, who informs the 1\1:a8ter of \vhat has occurred at the door. Master orders candidate to be admittAd, when he comes forward towards the altar with eight quick steps and one slow one, holding the head in one hand and brandishing the Itnife in the other. The ninth step brings him to the front of the altar, ,when he falls on his knees. Ma8ter (speaking fiercely)-Wretch 1 what have you done? Do you not know that by this rash act, you have deprived me of the opportunity of making a pub· lie example of the vile assassin? Stol· kyu,let him be immediatelyputto death. The companions all fall on their knees, and one of them addres8es the MasterMost Potent, we ask forgiveness for our 'worthy companion: hIs offence was but a mistaken zeal for the good of the Craft. Token-Clench the fingers of the right Master-He is forgiven; but let him be- hand t and el(~vate the thumb: the com'ware for the future. Onhi8 next irregu- panion clellches the fingers of his right larity he will certainly suffer death, band around the elevated thumb, and 'rhe obligation in this deg-ree is no,v elevates his thumb. The eight clenched given to the candidate in the usual form. fingers together represent the eight com\Vhile candidate is taking it, kneeling at panions of Joabert who went in search the altar, the companions all stand over of tIle assassins, and the one elevated hhn with raised poi nards, as if about to thumb represents J oaben himself. stab bim. Meantime the bloody head is standing on the altar, facing him with ghastly grin. [See engraying, page 143.] ~rhe obligation is as follows :I do solemnly swear, in the presence of Almighty God, ~hat I ,,,·ill revenge the assassination. of our worthy Master, Hiram. Abitf, not only on the murderers, but also on all ,vho may betray the se· crets of this degree; and furthermore, that I will keep and protect this Order with all my Iuight, and the bretht'en, in gencl·al, with all my power; and furthermore, that I will obey the decrees of the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem; and, if I violate this, my obligation, I eon· sent to be struck with the dreadful poin. ard of vengeance, now presented to me, and to have my head cut off', and stuck on the bighest pole, or pinnacle, in the eastern part of the world" asa monu· ment of my villany! Amen!· amen! Pass-words-Bugf'lkal, Naukam, Joa.amen! amen} bert, Abiram, and Akirop. 'l'he signs, token, andwords of this de' Sacred Words-Naukam, Necar; Bu· gree are now' given to the candidate, as gelkal. follows: - Mysterious Word-Jeva. Signs-Strike towards the forebead as Calldidate is now invested· with the iftltabbing with a poinard: the compau.. requisito dothing and jewel, when the



salem) showing three gates, and over each gate a human head impaled on a spike. The apron is lined and bordered with bl3.'Ck. 'l'hey wear sca.rfs of wide black ribbon, with three human heads, impa.led on spike'S, pai.nted or embroidered 011 them wh.ere they cross the breast, and a golden poirrard with silver blade, hoar? hanging pendant, w hleh is the .jewel of Ins pectcn·-Evening, l\Iost Potent. .iI/!aster raps eigkt and one, when the the Order. l'he Chapter is opened in precisely the companions ri&c, and he says-If it is €'Ilenin.g,it is time to dose this Chapter same manner as in the preceding degrees, of Masters Elect: Brother Stolkyn, you except tha.t the Thrice Illustrious .1\laster ,.~ ill inforrn the cOll1p~nionstha.t we arp. raps five, twice nve, or three times five. If a candidate is to be admitted, all the about to. close the Chapter. Inspector gives notiee that the :M:ost members except fifteen (withont officer~) retire outi:lide. Candidate is prepared by Poten.t :li'1a:ster is about t.o close the Ohapter. .~ a Master of Ceremonies, who places in Master raps eight and Qne, Inspector his hand a human head, which he takes repeats, and comJ.lauions clap eight and in his left hand by the hair, and a poinone with. their hands, when. the Chapter' &rd in his right. He is then conducted to the door of the Ohapter, when M.aster of i.B declare¢ duly closed. Ceremonies raps three times five. MASTERS ELECfr OF FIFTEEN. Jtlui<}l' Warden raps three times :five from within, opens the door.a -crack and This degl'1ee i'S fGunded on the capture asks- "V b. 0 comes there ~ of the two assa.,;sins of Hiram Abiff who .'Master of Ceremonies-A 'Master Elect, bad not been dise~Yered at the arrest who is desirous of joining the other :Mas. and pnnishment of the first one, de· tel's to go in search of the remaining asseribed in the preceding degree. Their sassins of our Grand l\faster, Hiram Abiff. llameswel'eJubelaand.Jubeio. Through Junior W~n·den-Yol1. will wait until one <>f his intendants, Solomon learned our Thrice Illustrious l\ is informed that two persons answering took do(.... of his request, and his answer returned. scription come to the count.ry of Junior W;l.rden reports to· his Senior, Chetb,.and gone to wode. in tll:e quarries who informs the Master that a l\faster . of Bendaca. lIe therenpon 'wrote to Elect era"l,~es admittance to join in the 1l-1aacha, King of Cheth, that he sh.ould seal·ch for the murderers of Hiram Abiff~ send. fOl· them. and. :r~quested hi's assistJ.\:!aster--Let him. be iutrodueed in due ance in making the arrests. Fift€<JU :Mas- form. ters ' ....el'eselected for this dutS', nnd the:r .Tunior ViTarden again raps three times spent five days in the search, "when Zcr· five on the door, opens it, and iutroduce..'i bal and Eliham dise()\~Cl['ed the two mur- the candidat.e by instructing him to .adderers euttiag stone in the qu..\rrieg. vance to the altar by fifteen triangular '['hey were hnm(~diatelyseized, bound in steps. 011 his arrival at the altar, he chains, and brought to J erusalem, where , kneeL,;, and c·:>mpanions surround him, they were first illlpri.~olled i.n the Tower interladngtheir hands and holding them of Achizar, a~ld then. execu.ted for their' on their foreheads wit.ll palms outward. eritue, by their bodies cut OP€ll, . One brother s.aj~s--Thl·iee Illustrious, and their heads taken off, as dcsC1.-ibed lVB a..t·;k pardon fC/l" ourcotnpanioll. in the pen.a1ty of the obligation. {¥rhe· pardon here· asked, and to be The Cha.pter in this degrf.:."C represents given, alludes to the rashness of J oabert the audience cb.ambt\.r of King Solomon, ill decapitating' .Jubelum, one of the· as· hung with red aml white. sassins of the Grand ·lfaster, Hiram Thrice IUu:;tdous· Master, (represent- AbifT~ as described and liet forth in the. lng King SoloIUoll,) seated in the east. lu·eeeding degree. t Senior 'V.arden, or Illspect.Ql·, 8e~tted in l\1astel'-'W hy do you ask pardon? the· west. Brother-Because be is not guilty• .Junior Warden., or Introduetor, seated JYIaster-Is a pardon necessa.ry for tbe in the south. guiltless i In fr011t of each of the above officers .. Brother-It is necessary, toqutillfy Is a. c:r.ndlebra with five lights, him for a Gran(Il\Iaster Elect. The brethren wear white aprons, on :Master-Is he well qua.Ufiedl which is reprel:Jented a square city (Jeru· Brother-He U3. gives him a short history of the de gree, as before ex plained. ,!nhe iecture is then given, whi~.h is a l"e petition of the opening, initiation, &c., ,,,~kel1 the Chapter is closed with ceremo· meB simihu.' to the opening ones. l\1astet'-Broth,-er Stolkyn, wkat i'8 the





Master to candidate-My brother, the Grand Masters Elect here present, wish me to admit yon to this dt-gree : will you take the obligation appertaining to it ~ Candidate-I ,,,ill. Mastel' now administers the obligation, which is similar to the one in the previous degree, the penalty being to have the body opened perpendicularly and horizontally, and exposed to the air for eight hours, that the flies may prey on his entrails, also to hn.-yc his head cut off and impaled on the highest pinnacle in the world; and that he (the candidate) will be at all times ready to inflict the same penalty on all who. are guilty of disclosing the secrets of this degree. The candidate is then instructed in the signs, word8 and token in this degree, as follows: Signs-Place .the point of a poinard under your chin, and draw it downward. to the waist,as if in the act of ripping open the body, speaking the word ZERnUL. 'The brotller will answer by ghring the Entered Apprentice's sign as on page 7, and saying. ELIHA1U. Another ,'~ay is to clench the fingerf; of the right hal1<1, extend the thumb. place it ontlle abdo· men, and move it upwards to the chin, as if ripping open the body with a knife. The brother answers as before.

SUBLIME KNIGHTS ELECTED. This degree was instituted by King Solomon to reward the Masters Blcct of Fifteen fol' their prompt,. zealous and successful efforts to apprehend the m'urderers of Hiram AbU!", and for their '.. a1uable services rendered in the erection 01 the Temple. He selected twelve from among these :Masters Elect, on wllOm he conferred the degree,and gave them command over the work of ihe Twelve Tribes. The Lodge, or Chapter, represents the ::mte·chambcl' of the Palnce of King Sol· omOD. It is hung with red a.nd wllite curtains, and is lightcd by twelve candles on four triangular branche8, The officen; consist of Tbrice Potent Master, representing King Solomo11, sitting ill the east: Grand lllspeetor in tIle west, and Master of Cert"monies. Tbe brethrc'n wear '\vhite aprons, each with an inflamed heart embroidel'Nl or painted upon it, and linc(l and bordered with blu.ck_ The :ribbon, ()r Order, is similar to that in the IJreceding degre{~ exc<,'pt that in place oftbree heads, thre~ hearts appear npon it. l'he jewel is the same, In open5ng the Chapter, Thrice Potent l\'Iaster l'aps t(~n, and Grand Inspector rises.. Master mal~es the uS1.1Rl inquiries as to wheth<>r the Cha!)ter is dnl;Y' gU:lrded, and the duties of the several officers, as in former dt'gl'ees, which nre .amnvercd by the Inspeetor. lv.lal-it('r rups elcYen, and iu<!uil"cS at" Grand In:::pector-'Yhat. is the hour ~ Grand Inspector-It is twelve, Thl'iee Potent. Master raps twelve, 'which is repeated by the officers, and the brethren clap twel ve 'with their hands: Master saysIf it is twelve it is time to labor by the greatest of lights. I proD,.ounce this Grand Chapter open. .. rfhe brethren now give the signs of the different d(~g:rees. and then those ()f this degree, hereafter described. If a candidate is to be admitted, he is prepared outside by the lUastt'r of Ceremonies, 'who 'brings him. hoodwinked to the door, and giVES twelve rapSt which are ::msio"cred by twelve by the Inspector, "'ho demands, who comes there? &e. l\1a~ter of Ceremonies-A :Ma8t{~r Elect of l;lifteen desires to receive the degree of Sublime Knight. Cnndidate gets admittunce in the same manner as in the preyiolls degrf:c, and is led to thQ Grand Inspector in the west,

Words-T:be p.ass-words. are Elibam and Zerbal. Sacred words, Zerbal, Beniah, Benhakar, Bendaka t &c. Candidate is now clothed us a comprm· ion of this degr('e~ and l:1alutes the Senior Warden as a Master Elect of Fifteen, If there 'is I10 other business before the Chapter, it is theIl closed in saIllO man· ner us in the. preceding degree, except that the }Iaster and other officers rap three times five, and the companions clap three time's five with}heir hands,&.c. who examines him in all former degrees.



1\!aster-Companion Grand. Inspector, GRAND MASTER ARCHITECT~ what does this candidate desire? InspectOr-To be admitted to the de· This degree was established by King gree of Sublime Knight, as n reward of :Solomon as a School of Architecture to his former zeal and labor. perfect ingeniouH und dC'serving crafts· Master to candidate-ilfy brother, you men in their calling, and animate them cannot receive thil; degree until "'e are with a dc::;ire of arriving atdiRtinction in assured that you we're not an accom· the royal art. It was given to the SuopUce in the death of' our Granel Master, lime Knights Elected. Hiram Abiff. To prove this, I shall ofThe assembly is called a Chapter, and fer you a portion of' his heart, which has the room is decorated with white hangbeen preserved since his assassination: ings, sprinkled with red flames. The you are to swallow it: every faithful Ma- five orders of architecture should be BE>" son may do this withont injury, but it propriately l'epresented among the deeocannot remain in the body of one. who rations. In the north should be placed a is pCljured. Are you disposed to submit representation of the north star, with to the trial? se\Ten surrounding stars: it is emblemati· Canclidate-I am. cal of a guiding star of the Order. The) candidate is now conducted to the Most Potent l\{aster (representing King altar by twelye upright regular steps, Solomon) is seated in the east. and kneels, when the !\Iaster presents to Senior \Vardf'n (called Grand Inspechim on a trowel the symbolic piece of a tor) ill the we~t, and Grand l\1'hrshal in heart, (rtlittle cake,) which he swallows. the south. J\-Iaster-rrhis mystic oblation 1vhich. The brethren, or companions, 1,.rear like you, we have received, forms a tie Htone colored aprons and scarfs; the so strong that nothing can break it: ,voe apron has a star upon it, and in some to him who attempts to disunit.e u,,! cases a square and rule: the je\'vel is :l. The obligation in the degree is then gold medal, with the five ordcr~ of archiadministered. It. is similar to those of tecturc, a star, and a case of nlathematiformer degrees, the penalty being to have cal instruments delineated on each sIde. the hands nailed to the ~"~ In the opening, l\IostPotent Master brea,st, &c. -::; ~.~ raps one, and Grand l\IarRbal l'il;es. The candidate is now ~ ~":' Master inquires if the Chapter is duly instructed in. t1.:1.,0 sig.n,. ~2.~· ... guarded, &c., the same a.s in the former t.Oken l an<l WOlds, &c" ' I ~'\ gcgl·ecs. viz,: Cross the arms'::r.'Iaster raps two, ,,,,'hen the Grand Inon the stomach, the \ spector rises. fingers clenched, nnd l\Iastt~r-'Vhat is thQ hour? thumbs elevated, and ~ Inspector-A l:\tar.indicates the nrst in.. rail:1e the eyes up\vard. 5tant, the first hour, and the first day in It to th. e penal_. . ~.. whi~hthe ty :.tllude~ of having the hands the erea-HonGrand of the Architect Universe. commenced nailed, &c :Master rap::. ouo and two, 'when the The token is exactly companions all rise. the as tha.t in In.. . l\:IalSter~Companions, it iH t11C first intimate Secretary. The N ~tn.l1t, the first hour, the nrt;t day, the pass· words arc Stolfirst year, when Solomon commenced kyn, Emcrh, Emeth, , t h e ,!'cmple; the first day, the first hour, and Amuriah. The sa~ $ the first iUHt.ant for openiug tbis Cha.pter. It is time to commence our labors. crell word is Adonia, This ends the initiation. .Ma~ter raps one and two, the other of"rho closing ceremonies are similar to fleers do the saron, aDd the companions those in pl'eviotl.s degrees. :M:aster raps clap one allu two vdth their hands, when t(m ::l.. nd inqnires about the duties of the tbe .l\htRter declares the Chaptt*r· duly officm"::; : he then rttps eleven and inquires opened for the dispatch of bUt'iness. of tho Inspector-'Yhat is the hour ~ 'Vhen· a (~ompauion is to re{',eiYo tIlis Inspector-Low six, 'd(~grc(~ he iH pri'pal'l'd outside by the MasMastel' raps t,,,,eh'c, and brethrellrise, t(~r ot' Ceremonies, who conducts him to the signs nre given, &0. the door of the Chapter and raps· one tlud Master again raps tweh'-c, the officers t'\iVO, 'which is amn",,(\red b,r the samo from twelvo, and the brethren all clap twelve within. He is admitted through the door with their hand~, ,,,hen the Matiter de- by the same ceremonies as in t.he former elares the Chapter to be duly closed. degrees, and conducted to the east, where 1;;'



he is thus addressed by the Most Potent I ligations, as to secrecy, &c" the pena.lty 1t'Iaster: being to have the hand cutin twain, Master-Brother it has become neces:Most Potent l\1'aster then addresses sary to form a Sch~ol of Architecture for candidate on hi~ proficic:'llcy in Geomthe instruction of the brethrE:'I!, employed ctry, and in the 1"fasonic art, an.d inst!uctg in the Temple, ::U! none but skillful ar- him in the ~ign, word, and toltens, '\'1Z,: chitects can bring the same to perfection. Sign-Slide the right hand into the III order to prevent some brethren from palm of the left, pansc n. moment, deneh receiving the honors and rewards duc the fhlgers of the right hanc], ext( nd the only to brcthren of talentH, ,"ye have thumb, and with it. make tbe motion of deemed it ex.pedient to prove and test tracing a plan in the palm of the ]t'it., (1i~ all t.hose who present themselves as can- recting your ('yes to t110 brother, as if didntcs for this degree. "Ve therefore drawing from his di(·tation. 'l'hh; sign is l'(,'quire YOll to make the tour of the ytll'ied in seme Chnpt(~rl:l, by using the Temple, for the· purpose of' examining fore-finger in place of the thumb. the work, and to produce a plan drawn "',roken-Join right hand to the bro'With exactness which you IDlt'St present t.Iler's left, h1tcrlacing the lingers, place for inspection, that 'va may judge wIle- the left hand on your hip; the brother ther you are entitled to this degree. will do the same with his l'ight hand. Master. of' Ceremonies conducts candidate l'oul1d the Chapter, and into several side rooms, (if there are allY,) He finally halts in the west, by the Grand Inspector, wh<.>re ~andidate draws certain plans, or is supPosl~d to do so. Master of Ceremo-nies then infornls the Ma8ter that candidate has completed the labor assigned to him. l\fnster-lIIy brotl1er1 what are the fruits of your travels? Candidate (instrttcted)-Most Potent) I have brought a plan of the 'works of the' Temple, which I aIlll·cady to present for your inspection, Master-Present it. l\Iast""'t of Ceremonies conducts cunnidate tl' the l\Iaster, ,vho r<.~ceives arid exa,mines his plan, then hauds it to some of the companions, \'vho examine itnpprovingly', and halld it back to the Master. Some give the follo"'ing token, viz.: Jilast(~r-It is ",dth pleasure 'we 'vitl1ess join right hands, interlacing the three tbe skill you have lnanift!sted in f1.l1:fi.Uil1g 1a:.;t fillgers, and fixing them so as to form the condition~ prescribed to you, but 'Ye a 8quare; place the left hand on ;your require further proof before you cnn be brother's shoulder. admitted among us."Ve again require Pass·,vord-RABAGIM or RAB-BANAIN. you to travel. Sacred '\voru-ADONAI. ~lagtt'r of C(~remonies ag'ain conducts In closing, Mo~t Potent l\Iaster raps candida.te round the Chapter, stopping one, 'wben Gr::md lrlars}lal risE'S, and the at the north, and explaining- to him that .1\laster enquire's the duties of the 8everal the North Star, there represented, being officers, &'c., '\vhich qu(,~stions nrc answera gUide to mariners, so .ought virtue to ed in be a guide to every Grand l\Ial.:iter ArchiMash'r l'apl::l t'\YO, and Inspector rises. teet Stopping again at the \vc>st, the Master- "\Vhnt if; the IH)ur ? candidate is instructed to approach the Inspector-'J'he rremple is completed, eaRt by one and two steps, whic'!: brings l\:!ost Potent. him in front of the altar. l\:Iastcr raps Olle and t,,'o, and all the I\Iuster to candidate-What have you I brethren ris(', '\vhen he sayS-As vrc have learned in yOU1- trayels 1 .. finished the great 'Work, our labors are Candidate (instructed)-That virtue, ended, and we "\"ill cloBe this Chapter. as well as talents, shoUld. be possessed 'l'be signs are now p:iven as in previous b,Y' everyone admitted to this degree. degrees, when the officers· rap one and The obligation in this degree is then two, the l)rethren clap one and two with administered, It is similar to former ob- their hands, and the Chapteris.~losed.


"KNIGHT OF THE NINTH ARCH. The 11 istory of this degree places its origin iIl the Vision of Enoch, "\"v'hich is thus given: A mountain seemed to him to rh;e in the heavens, and he was transferred to the top of it. He there saw a tri,anguiar plate of gold upon ~..yhich were some characters which he wa.s commanded never to pronounce. Presently he seemed to be lowered perpendi<mlarly into the bowels of the earth through Nine Arches, and at the bottom of the Ninth, he saw the same triangular pl'l.te. He soon after built a temple uud\.~r ground, similar to the Nine Arches ~cen in his vision, being assisted by Mcthut:;clah, his son. After completin~ this temple, he caused to be made ::t triangular plate of gold, and engraved upon it the ineffable characters 'which he had been commanded 110t to prouounce. This plate he euriched '''lith preciotls stoueH, and placed it on a tria.ngular pedestal of white marble, '\vhich he deposited in the Ninth Arch of his subterrAnean cdUice. The access to this Temple of Enoch was hy :l trap door of stOlle, or key-stone, '\"ith au iron ring at the top, by \vhich it could be rai8ed. No one knew of the treasures deposited in the Ninth. Arch, except EtlOch himself, Enoch then built two great pillars all a high mountain near by: one of brass to withstand water, and the other ot' marble to withstnnd fhe. On the Inarble pillar he engrmred c·crtain hieroglyphics, disclosing the concC'ahnent of th<.~ golden, &c., under ground; on the pillar of brass he engraved the principles of Geometry, Ot- Masonry. 'l~l1ese c'\'ents occurred before the flood, in the part of the world known a.fterwarus as the La.nd of .• " Soma tl'caSUl'C haVing been disao\"ercd among a~lCicnt ruins by tho workmen of King Solollloa, he requested three Grand :Ma.ster Architects (Gibnlulll, Joa.b:;,'rt itlld Stolkyn) to Inake n. l'ttrther search. rrhey went; ~n(i \\rhile at 1'l/ork Gibulum stack his pick-ax. through an. iron ring f~tstened to a stone. '.rhis proYed to be a cubic stone, or trap, and on removing' it a cn.v. crllwas disco'lered GibuluUl oiren~l to


descend, and a rope was fastened round hiB. b odv, and he was let down. He found t"his ca.vern to consist of Nine At'ches, and at the bottom of the Ninth Arcb he found a triangular plate of gold, 'with some myi3terious characters engraved thereon. l.'his "':as bl'ought to King Solomon, who, with Hira111,King of Tyro, (Ixamined it closely. 'rhe iuscripHOll proYed to be the my8terious word, the true pronullciation of whiJch had been lost, and was until then unknown. 'The meeting of the Knights is called a. Chapter, and the room represents the audii.'nce chamber of King Solomon. It is hung with red and white curtains, and lighted by three candlebras of three lights each, viz.: one in the cast, oue in the west, and one in the south. A second apartment is also necessary to represent the Cayerll of Enoch. Thrice Potent Grand Master (representing King Solomou) is seated under a. canopy in the east; He is dressed in royal robes of yellow 8.11(1 blue, with a. sceptre in his hand, and a crown upon hi8 head. Senior 'Varden (representing Hiram, King of Tyre) is clothed in royal robes of parple and yellow, with a crO"tVll on his head, and a sword in his hand. Senior Grand )Varden (or Graml Inspector, representing Gibulum) iR seated in the west. He dresses ina blue robe, with s'l,yord in ha.nd. Junior Grand Warden (representing S tolkyn) is seated in the south. Grand Treasurer (representing Joab(l,rt) is seated in the north, and wears a. blue robe. 'rhe brethren are clothed ill. black robes and caps, and each "I:ear! the apron, the order, and the jewel of this degree_ 'l~he officers likewise all wear the order and the j cwel. The Order i~ a broad purple ribbon, extending from the righ~ shoulder to the left hip, at the end of wnich is attached a golden triangle, with the mysterious 'Word engraved thereon, enclosed in rays. rrho apron is of purple silk, bOl'dared with white: on it a triangle. In opellillg the Chapter, Thrice Potent J\ItLster raps sevell, and Gl'and In· spector rises. Master-Are we all Knights of the Ninth Arch? Inspactor-'Ve are, Thrice Poteat. Ivra~ter then inquires the place.s f ,ud duties of the different officerlil, as in former degrees. Mastel" raps eIght,:mel Juuior Grand, ""vy a.l"U.~1l ris~s.



Master-'Vhat is the hour? 'Varden-The rising of the sun. l\faster raps three times three, when the companions all rise, and he says-If it is the rising of the sun, it is time to commence our labors. Brother Stolkyn, you will please to giYCl notice that 'we are about to open in this place a Chapter of Knights of the Ninth Arch, &c. The signs are now given ill former degrees, and then in this degree, as hereafter explained. The two kings kneel at a pedt'stal in the centre of the Chapter, anll raise each othCl' by interlacing the fingers of the left hand, which is the token in this degree. 'rhe brethren kneel and rail:;e each other in the same manner. Thrice Potent :1\'1a5ter r~Lps three timcs three, the other officers each rap the same, and the companions clap three times three with their hands. :Master-I declare this Chapter open. If a candidate is to be admitted, he is pl'epared in an ou,ter room in company with two of the brethren, three being necessary for the ceremonies. They first go to the door in company with several other brothe'rs, when the Master orCaromonies raps three times three on the door. Stolkyn raps three times three froln within, partly opens the door, and iuquil'cs-V{ho comes there ~ Master-Several Intendants of the Building, Elected Knigh,t~, and Grand Master Architect8, who salidt the honor of being acllnitted iuto the secret vault under the Sanctum Sallctorum. JUl1iorGrand 'Varden-You 'will wait awhile until our Thrice Potent Ma8ter is informed of your request, and his an· swel' returned. The 'Varden (Stolkyll) goes and informs the l\Iaster, who givel:! him the 3.nswer, ' ....bich he takes to the door, raps three times three, partly opens it, and says-:My brethren, your request cannot now be granted. Candidate il' conducted back to the prepal'Htion room, wh<m preselltly nine brothers present themselves, and bring word as follows-It i8 the rrhl'ice Potl:ut Master's request that Grand Master ArchitectH J oabert, Stolkyn, and Gi· bulum attend af once ill the audiencc chamber. Candidate and two companions are now introduced into the Chapte:!.' and taken before the 'rhl'ice Potent l\-Ia.stE' l'. l\faster-My brethren, you know that in di!rging for a foundation for the Tl\n1pIe, "we found the ruins of an ancient \:ldifice. Among the ruins, 'YO have a1·

ready discovered much treasure which has been deposited in the secr€'t vault. Are you willing to make farther researches among the ancient ruins, and report to Ul:) your discoveries 1 Master of Ceremonies-'Ve are. Master-Go, and may success attend your labors. Candidate and his two companions are conducted into a side room, where search. is made among certajn rnbbish, ,.....hen a ring is discoyered in the floor, and a trap hoisted. One of the three; representing Stolkyn, addresses the candida.te. Stolkyn-This is eVidelltlyan entrance to a secret cavern. Are you willing to descend? Candidate-Yes. S tolkyn and J oabert tie a rope round· his body, leaving two ends upward. and let him down, cautioning him that if he de~ires to a.scend, to pull on his right; and if he wishes to descend lower, to pull on his left. In this way the candida.te is lowered and raised twice, because he can see nothing. The third time they. give him a light in his hand, and he del:'cends and discovers the triangular plate of Enoch, described in the history of this degree. At this moment one of the persons above drops do\\'u something on the light, which extinguishes it, and candidate pulls to be drawllllp. After he is drawn up, Joabert goes down on a k.notted rope, and brings up the plnte, ,,,hell they all return to the Lodge and present the plate to the :Master. Master of Ceremonies-Thrice Potent, we have obeyed your commands, and herewith present you ,'dth. the fruits of our labors, alld solicit the honol· of being made acquainted with the inscription on this cubic stone [meaning the trap ,yUh the ring' In it] and this golden tri· angle. :Mastcr (raising his hand8)-Gibulum i~htov! [Gibnlum is a good ma.n-the grand "\yord in this degree.] Senior 'Varden raises his hunds nnel makes the same exclamation. Master (examining the p1atc)-:M:y bre~ thl'f:u, your rl!([Uest cannot now be gran ted. God has bCl:)towed upon you. a pal'. ticular favor, in permitting you to discover the most precious jmvcl of' :Masonry. 'rho promise ,vhich God mali() to some of theallcient patriarchs, that ill fuluN-58 of time llis Ilamc should be discovel'(~t1, is now accomplished. As a reward for your zeal, cOD8tauCY,andfidel,,:, ity, I shall no'" constitute you Knights' ot' the Nint.h Arch, and I promise you an explanation of the mysterious characters



on the golden plate, when it is fixed in the place designed for it, and I \vill then confer 011 yon the mo~t sublime and mysteriot'ls degree of Perfection, l\Iaster directs the candidate and his companions to be conducted to the southwest, anfl from thence to approach the altar by three times three steps, and there take the obligation in thi~ degree, :l\!astp.r of Ceremonies instructs candidkte, vrhcmthe three approach,the altar, and the following obligation is administererl : I, Joha Smith, do promise and vow, in thl~ m0::lt solemn manner, and ill the presence of t,he most holy and lJuis~allt, and most terrible, just and merciful God, that I will double my assiduity, zeal and love for my fellow brethren who have taken this degt'ee of K. A. . I pr(}mise' further never to assist at the initiation of any brother into this degree, nor to gi'V'e my consent that he be initia.ted, unless he shall regularly have rcc(~ived all the foregoing degrees in a. just and regular Lodge, and unless he show~ a charitable dis p08ition for Masonry, anfl also obtains a permission from under the h::mdB and seals of the officers ()f a jUilt and regular Lodge, nccordlng to ancicnt laws. I furthermore promise never to give to iLny number less than three, and those to be ,,·ell examined, this degree, unlesH "'/hen authorized for that purpose by a particular patent, and with a view of constituting a. Chapter of IC. A. 1\fa80n8 -w hich I will never consent to be holden within twenty-five leagues of one already regularly constituted. I further promise carefully to observe and pay due . obedience to all the laws, l·ules and regulations, established and appointed by this K. A. Chapter, as also to kee 1) invio1:lble the secrets communi· c3.ted in it. I furthermore promise that I will not deba.uch any females related to a Ul'Other, kno'\ving them to be such. All this I promh;e tinder the penalties of my former obligations, and in case of fa.ilure, that my body may be exposed to the. be aRts of the. for08t as a prl'y; so Gall luaintain me in my present .obligation. 'rhrice Potent J.\;IastCl- now instructs cn.udiflate in the. sign, token and words of this degree, as follows: Sign..;...Kneel on the left knee, the rig'lIt hand tnrned and placed Oil the back, the left haud raised above the head, .(palm upwardS,) the body leaning forward. It alludes to tho penalty.·


Token-The brothm s raise each other from the position given in the sign by interlacing the fingers of the left hand. The one raising s::tys, Tob, Banai, Amalabec. 'rho one being raised says, Gibu. lUlU ishtov, r~'here are nine paK~-worclg, one for each arch, viz.: 1st, Jov; 2d. Jeho; 3d, ~Tuha ; 4th, Havah; 5th, Eigibbor; 6th, Adouai; 7th, Jokeu; St,h, Elo~h; 9th, Elzoboa tho IGrand 'Vord-Gib uhllu ishtov-signifying, Gibulum is a good mau. Candida.teil:! now iIn"cstc-d wHh the rega.lia. of this degree, and is directed to salut.e the Senior \Varden as :t l{night of the Ninth. Arch, which 11e does. Tho Ohapter is c108ec1 'with a lecture, recapitulating the initiation. and by the rrhrice Poteut reciting tho history of the degree_ He adds, that the great flood of Noah, which took place in the year of the world 1656, destroyed most of the superb monuments of antiquity, including the lJ'l:1rble pHhtr of Enoch. But the pillar of brass "vas pre:.;erved, by means of which the grent institution of l\1asonry has been handed do,vn to us. By this means the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, was enabled to erect the ma.g'nificent'l'emple which bore his name. He beg~tn th3 building ill the fourth year of his l'eign, having sl'lccted for the site of it the mo~t beautiful and healthy spot in all Jerusalem, and by goverlling the Orn.ft with diligenco and \\'isdom, he 'was enabled to present to a wondering world so perfec.t an edifice that its equal was never knowll, nor is it probablo ever will be, in aU future time. l\!astl'r then raps seven, and inquires the duties of the several officers, which is anlllwel'ed by Senior 'Varden. Master raps' eight and inquires of Jun· ior 'Val'deu-'Vhat i8 the hour? Junior "\Yarden-The settillg of the SUllo rl'hrice Potent. Master-If it is sunset, it. is time to close OUl" la.bors. l\faHter (rapping three times three, and companions all rising) Juuior ,,\:Yttrden, you will plca~c to give l10tice " that I am about to close thi8 Clu\pter by three tiIues throe. [Notice given.] 'l'he brethren will attend to giving the liigmt .., ffhe Higus are now giv'en, first those (If this degree, and then ull the others, backward. Master· and all the offiool's rap three times three in succe~sion, the brethren clap three timeR three '''lith their hands, when tlle l\:taster decla.r~s the Chapter duly closed.

152 .




The Lodge in this degree represents a. snbterrnnean vault, htlug with red cur· tains, and the walls painted the same eolor. A part of Enoch'l:\ Pillar, found among the ruins, with pedestal broken, is placed in the west, In the east is Solomon's Pillar of Beauty, the Burl1ing Bush, and a transparent triangle representing the Goldeu 'l'riangle of Enoch found . in the Ninth Arch, ,,,rth tIle Hebrew letters· JOD·HE-VA U-HE im;eribed thereon. "\Vhen not nt work, the Lodge il) illuminated by the Burnillg Bush, aud when nt work by twenty·four lights, 'Viz. ~ three in the north, five in the south, seven in the '\vc"st, and nine in the east, 'rhe furniture ot' the Lodge consists of Holy Bible, Square, Compasses and. '£riangle, Altar of 'Incense, Altaro±' Sacrifice, rrable of Shew Bread, Brazen La~ vcr, Ark of the Covenaut, Tables of tIle Law, Golden Candlesticks, t'\vo Brazen Columus, Golden Urn· of Oil, Golden Vase, filled with water, Golden Goblet of wine, Gold Ring and Trowel, Silver Hod of ointment, and the Cubical Stone. Before each of the officers i~ tl. 'white tl"iangular table. The assembly is called a Grand Lodge of Perfection, It must consist of only twenty-seven workillg members. .If a greater number join the Lodge, and are prnsent at allY meeting, the excess of twcnty~seven ·take nopa.l't in the Pl"Occeding's, but remain as spectators, or honorary members. rrhcrc are ten officers, as follows: TIll'ice Potent Grand Master, repl'esentillg King Solomon, sits iu the east, and wear::;, as an official jewel, a crowned compass, with blazing sun in its centre. Deputy Grand Master, representiJ:l"g' Hiram, King of Tyro, sits on the right of the Thrice Potent, and is to preside

during llis absencCl. He 'wears, us au official jewel, a crowned compass, with a moon in the centre, Senior Grand '"Varden, rcpresentinp' AdoIlil'am, SOll of Abela, sits in the ,'Ves~ and wears a golden trow(~l for 11i8 jewel. Junior Grand 'Varden sits in the south, allcl ."ycan; a golden 8\vord for hi:; jm:vcl. Grand Knight of the Seal~ sits at the left of the Senior Grand 'Varden in the west, with an ivory key for it jewel: his duty is to take cttre of the archives of the Lodge, Gnl..nd Treasurer sits in tho llorth, ,\yearing::t golde11 k:y for a je\vel: duty., to kt'cp_tho funds of the Lodge. Graud Secretary is stationed in the south, wearing for his jc"..v el a golden pen: duty, to keep a record of the pro· coeding's. Grand Orator sits ill tho south, be· hveen the Junior 'Varden and Secre!ary: he '\ a golde~ sc:oll: his duty 1S to make dlscoUl'ses III Illustration of the Ol"d(~r, instruct DOW brethren, and explain the Ineffable Dl~gr{'es, Grand l\'fastcr of Ceremollies sits in the nOl"th, betwecll the '.rrcas'Urer and Captain of the Guards: hi:; jewel, a. golden staff: his duty, to prepare and conduct c:.tndidntcs" Grand Captain of the Guards, representing Zerubbo.beI, is stationc<l in the north, bet'tryeen Master of Ceremonies au(l Knight of the Seals: his jl''\vcl, a gOlUC'll spear: his duty to see that the Qual"ds are at their proper stations, and to provide for the accommodation of" members and visiting brethren. In addition to the above is the Grand Tyler, sta.tioned at the door : jC\"I:el, a gc)ldell flaming s'..... ord: hi~ duty is to guard the entrance to the secret vault. Likewise, in some Lodges, the Hospi~ table Broth(n', stationed in the .north: jtnvel, a winged l'od: his duty is to visit the sick brethren, and take charge of the charity fUl1cls of the Lodge, r!'he officers wear collars of broad white 'walereel silk ribbon, with white and red rosettes at the bottom, from. which the jt~wel is suspended. Each of the brethren wears a swon1 : a triangular blnck ::t,prol1, bordered,vith gold lace .and lined with white, iu the centr<.' of which is a golden. delta \yith the Hebrew characters JOD-HE·V AU~HE thereon: a collal' of ilail1c colored rib~ bon, with white and red l"Osette at the bottom, from ,,,,hleh hangs golden com~ passes, crowned, the points extellded to ninety degrees: beh"leen the points :t medal, with sun, blazing l:ltar, &c" on it.


In opening the Lodge, Thrice Potent l\lak)ter raps three, Grand Marshal rises. }!aster-Are we all Perfect and Sub~ lime Masons? Marshal-'Ve al'e, Thrice Pot.ent. :Master raps five, Junior 'Varden rises.'othcr Junior 'Varden, what is the hour? Junior 'Yarden-High twelvE.'.



gives three distinct knocks, which are answered by three from within by.the Master of Ceremonies, who partly opens the door and asks-\Vhn comes tllere? . Candidate-A Knight of the Ninth Arch, who wishes to be admitted into the sacred vault, .Master of Ccremonies-Givc the pass, Candidate-Shib boleih. Master at' CtH'emollies-The pass is right-you may cuter here. Candidate (conducted by. Master of CcrClnonie~) goes to the secoud door (,f thf'! aute·chamber aud raps thl'ec, five and seven, which aloe answered uj' similar raps from within. 'rhe door is partly opened, the pass, Elhn.non, is given, when he paHscs to the door of the Lodge, and raps threo, five, seven and uine. Junior vYarden-rrhrice Potent, there is an ala.rm at the door of the sa.cred vault. ~ra.ster-Seewho knoe.ks there, JUDior \Varden goes to the d001~ and raps three, fi ve, seVen UlHl nine, partly opens the door, and iIlquil'os-\Vho comes there ~ Canuidate-A Knight of the Ninth Arch, who is desirous of being admitted iuto the sacred vault aud u.rrivillg at pOl'· f(:ctioll. Junior 'VVarrlen-Giye me the pass, Candidate-Adonai. Junior ,Yarden-'I'he pass is right: you v\-'ill \vait until our .'£h1'ice Potent l\Iaster is informed of your request, and hi:; answer returned. Jt111i01' 'Varden 8huts the door, and goes and infonns the l\laster of what has occurred. l\Iaster-Let the Knight be introduced in andl'l1t form. Junior "'''t1rdeu opens the <1001'. ""hen the Master. of Ceremonies conducts. ('andidate to the west cud of the Lodgl:, between the )Val'dens, and he· make):) the sign of admiration, as on page la5. ltfaster to candidate-My brother, what is your deHirc 1 . Candidate"':-To be made a Grano. Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason. Master-Before I cnn illitiatl~ you, you must satisfy u:-; that yOll are well skilled ill l\1a::mnr)Y, otherwi:!c you must bo l:>cnt back until YO\1 are bettt::r qualified. Are you a jU~t:WH ? Candidate-l\!y brethren all know me\Vhat do you understand by high twelve? Junior 'Varden-That t.he Bun has gained its meridian height, aUtl darts its )'ays with greatest force on this Lodge. Master-It is then time that we should profit by its light. l\'l:aster raps seven, Senior Warden risc~. Master-.My venerable Brother Senior Warden,what bringtl YO\t here 1 Senior ""Varden-Loye of Masonry, my obligation, and a desire for perfeetion. lVIasttlr-How are you to conduct yot1r~ self iu this place ~ Senior \Varden-'Vith the mo.~t pro~ fouud respect. Mastel'-\Vhy is it that men of all con.ditiolls assembled in this place, are called brethrE'n, and are all equal ~ Senior 'Varden-Becam;e the ineffable nama puts us ill mind th~\t there is oue being' saperior to us all. l\1aster-yVhy is respect paid to t.he triangle? Senior 'Varden-Because it contains the name of the Grand Architect of the Universe. Ma::;ter raps nine, the brethren alIl·ise. l\Ia8tcr-Bl'other Senior 'Vardeu, you will give notice that I am about to open a Lodge of' Perfect Grand Elect auu Sublin1.e Masons, by the mystel'iou~ numbel' a, 5, 7 and H. Senior ,Yardun makes proclamation tl1at a Lodge of Perfect and Sublime l\fa!'lOllS is about to be opened, &c. '1'ho signs of all former degrees, up to this one, are now given Master raps three, when all the breth~ ren gi va tho first sign in this degree, as herna-ftcr explt'Lined. 'rhe 8econd and third signs are given • in. like mauneI'. .' l\1astt;~r .. raps three, five, seven and nille; Senior :\Varu(m tho same; ~Junior ".Tal'lilm the s:.tme; and then t1.11 the bl'et.hrea clap their hands tho same, and th~ }'·hl.ster decl:.u'es the Lodge open. 'rIle brethren seat tlH.:>'Inselves in a tri- as Hucb. angular form round the altar. l\la~tel'-Give me the sigu, token, and If a candidate is to be admitted, he 1\'o1'd. first gains admittance to the door of the Candidate gives. those of Entered Ap~ ante-chambel· by the nine pa'~s-words of prentice, as on pnges 7 and 11. a Knight of the Niuth Arch: here he .Mastel'-Are .you b.. .I!'ollow Craft?




Calldidate-I' have seen the letter G, examined this Knight in the various deand know the pass. g-rees of lVIa8onry, alld find him perfect; Master-Ghre me the sign, token and do you C01l8ent that he shall be exalted words. to t.he sublime and my8terious degl'l'e of Candidate gives signs, &c., of the Fel- Perfection? If any brother present oblow Craft degree. \jects, let him state bis objection. l\Ia8ter-Al'l~ you a Master Mason? I A Brother (rh;il1g)-Thrice Potent, I Candidate-l have :Seen the sprig of I have objections to him, which I will cassia, and know what it means. [Giveg' communicate, if the cundidate retires. sign!;, &c., of the l\JIaster l\I:l:-~OU'S degree.] 1\1a.8ter orders candidate to retire into Master-Are you a SeCl'l't 1\1a8ter 1 the ante-chamber, and he leaves the Candidate-I have. passed from the room with the Mastcr of Oeremonies. squnrt} to the compasses opened to seven Presently the door of' the I.. odge is degrees. [Gives the signs, &e., of a Secret opened, :mu. candidate is conducted back, Master. and placed in the west. l\faster-Are you a Perfect Master? l\faster to candidate-Before :rou can Candidate-l have seen the tomb of be exalted to this sublime degree, I must our respectable l\1~Lster, Hiram AbUf, ask you certain 'questions relative to aud have, in company with my brethren, your past life, and I trust you will anshed tears at the same. [Gives sign, &c., swer them sincerely and sati8factorily. of a Perfect Master.] l\Iaster then a:;ks candidate the follow:Master-Are you an Intimate Secre- iug questions, ,vhich he answers in detary? tail :-lst. Have you never wilfully 1'eCandidate-My curiosity is snthrfied, vealed....any of the Secrets of Masonry'i but it nearly cost me my life. [Giv~s the 2d. Have you always been charitable tosigns, &c., of an Intimate Secretary.] ,yards your brethren? 3d. Have you Master-Are you a l)rovost and Judge? never defrauded a brother? 4th.' Are Candidate-I am, autI render Justice to you iu the habit of using the name of" ~1l men, without dist.inction. [Gives the God profanely? 5th. Does your consigns, &0., of a Provost aud Jl1.d~c.] science accuse you of having committed M~Lster-Are ;rou au lntendaut of the any offence agaillst your brethren, which Dnilding? onght to debar you from receiving this Candidate-I ha,,~e made the :five steps degree? cf exactness, I penetrated the inmost All these questions having been anpm·t of the rremple, and have ~een the s,vered iu the negative, the 1\I3oste1' says great light in which was three myst(->ri- -Brethren, do you consent that this cauous characters, J. J. J. [Gives signs, &c., didate be admitted among u:::: ~ If so, of an Intendaut of the Building.] please to raise your right hands. Master-Are you an Elected Knight? ''1'11e brethren all raise their right hands. Candidate-Une cavern received me, l\1aster-'Ve accept you, my brother, one lamp gave me light, and 011e fouu~ as a Perfect and Sublime Mason. You tain refreshed me. [Gives signs, &c., of will approach the altar and take the ob· an Elected Knight.] ligation. Muster-Are you a 1tfaster Elect of Candidate (instructed by l\Iaster of b'ifteen 1 .CerCluollies) approaches the altar by Candidate-My zeal and works have three, five, Seven and nine stt·ps. anl! procured me that honor. [Gives signs, kneels 011 hi~ left knoe. whell the Master &c., of a Master Elect of :r'iftceu.] administers the Obligation-1st. Secrecy. Master-Arc you an Illustrious Knight? 2d. 'ro cOHe('al the laws and regulations Candidatc-::vry DfLme will inform you. of this u(.>grce. 3d~ r:I'0 assist brethren in [GiVI~S l:iigns, &c., of Illustrious l(nigllt.] sicknel:ls \vith his counsel, purSt~, and :Master-Are you a Grand Master Ar· arms. 4th.. Not to assist in making" a chitect? brother of this d('grec, l.lnless he shall be C3.ndidate-I know the nse of the rna- of good moral character, and ,,,ho lIas thematical instruments. [Gives the SigllS, been an officer of some regular Lodge, &c., of tbat degree.] and to receive him byvirttte ot' a power Master-Are you a Knight of the Ninth granted by proper authority. 5th. 'ro Arch 1 . endeavor, on all occasions, to observe Cundidate-I ha,"epenetrated the bow- strictly duties to God and the· conunueis of the Otl.rth through Nine Arches, nity. 6t.h. That he will not be concerned llave seen the brilliant triangte. [Gives in. conferring this degree upon any Masigns, &c., of the Ninth Arch degree.] son whose character and knowledge he

Master-My urethren, I have carefully disapproves, nOlO unless he has b~en elect-


cd and installed as an officer in some reg~ u1al' Lodge, Chapter, Encampment, or Council. 7th. 'rhat he wiLL never fully pronounce, more than once in his life, the mysterious word of this degree. 'rhe penalty is to have the body cut open, and the bowels toru out and given to the vultures for food. After administering the obligation, the l\-ra~ter makes a prayer, as in the textbook. MaHto!" of Ceremonies now presents the Thriee Potent 1\lastcr \yith a trowel, and n hod of ointment. Mn.ster to candidate-:'\[y brother, I shall nov~r proceed to anoint you with the l101y oil ,Yhcrcwith Aarou, David, and the wise Solomon "yere anointed, l\Iaster touches candidate with the trowel, on th(,\ head, the lips, and the heart, Raying at the same tim~: Behold how good and how pleasa,nt it is for brc~ thren to dwell together in unity, &c. l\fu.stcr then offers candidate bread and wine, anu r::th.les him from hIs kneeling pmlturc: the brethren all take wino, &c. Master now instructs candidate in the sigu!::!, tokens and pass-\vords of thi:.; degree, as follows: Pirst sign-Same as tho dne-guard of n. 1\la8te1' 1\1<:1.:::on. [Page ~30.J Second sign-Bring your right hand to your left check, extending it as though to guurd that side of the f.lce ; your h>ft is to support the right elbow i apply the left hand in the same mauner to the right cheek, supporting the left elbow with the right hand. It is pretended that Moses placed himself in these attitudes when he saw the burning bush. Third sign-GiYc the sign of admiratiOIl, [page 135,) and then 1)lace three fingers of the right hand on the lips. First token-Same as that of the En' tereu Apprentice, (Page 7.] Second tol\;en-Samc as the Master's grip. [Page 36.J Having giYen it, t;ay, ,. Can you. go farther 1" he will slip his 11a11d abo'v"c your wrist, to the middle of the arm. and so to tIle elbow; he then puts hik) loft hu.ud to your shoulder, and pl·essl'8 thrice. . Third token-Seize each other'B el~ bOWl; ' ..... ith. the left hand, and put the right hand on other'~ neck, a::l if ill the nct of rtth~ing one up l"irst pass~'Word-SHIBBuLETH,re1>eat~ et! thrice,


Secon<l covered word-l\fAHABIN. 'rhird covered word-AnONA!. Grand word-JEHoVAH. 'I'his word is given by repeating alternately, the ll'1.meS of the Hebrew letters u~ed in the wor(l,Jehovah-JoD,HE-YAU'HE. Master to c:1ndidate-You will now pronounce to me the mysterioll.s word. Candidate-I cannot but once in life. l\Iaster-Ho\"; will you then give it 1 Ca,ndidatc-JOD~HE-V AU-HE. (Hebrew Jehovah.] l\Iaster-I,vill now give you the true pronnnciation of the name of the Deity, as revealed to EtlOch, and he (>ngraved the letters compo~iug it on a triangular plate of gold, which ,"vas hidden for many ages in the bowels of the earth, and lOl.'t to mankind. The mysterions "vords 'which j"oureceivccl in the preceding degrees, are :111 so many corruptions of the~ true name (of God) which was engraved on the triangle of Enoch, In this engraving, the vowel points are so arranged a!-; to give the pronunciation thus-Yo\V~ HO, This word, when thus pronounc;ed, is called the ineffable word, which can-'> not be altered as other words are, and the degrees which :,you have received, are calle d, on this account, Ineffable Degrees. 'I'h1::1 'WotU YOll 'will r(~col1e('.t was not found until after the death of. Hiram Abin: COllJ:ll>quently the word cllgravecl by him Oll. the urk) is not the true name of God. Most Potent l\:Iastcr illstructH candi, date ,vith the secret charactel'S, and then invei:lts him ,vitll the jewel, apron, &c., saying-I now salute you· as a Grand Elect, Perfect and Sublime '1\lo.so11, &c" [reading the charge from a text-book.} III closing the Lodge, rrhrice Potent Master rap:; three, ,,,hen Grand Marshal rises, and Master inquil'cs the duties of the various officers. Mai:lter raps five, and says to Junior \Vardcll- \Vh~tt is the !lour'l Junior 'Varden-It is midnight. Master-If it is midnight, it is time to close our labors. [Raps seven, and Se· nior "Varden rises,] Master-Brother Senior 'Varden, how should Perfect and Sublime l\r:tf,t.(~rspart? Senior \Varden~They should part in peace, love and unity. l\!sster raps ninc;>when all the brethren rise, :mcl the signs are given, beghloing with those of this degree, and going back.St~c!)nd· pas~.wor(l--::HEr..:g~IHAitr. ward throngh the other degrees. 'l'hird\Vord-1\:I.AH~\K-!\IAKAR-A· All the officers ra.p three, nve, seven BA 1(. This is translated, God be praised, alld nine, an(lthe brethl't:'n chtp the flame we have finished it. with their hands, W1H'1l the Thrice Potent First covel'cd word-GIBULUM, ~laster declarcl) the Lodge dl.lly closed.



Historical and Philosophical DEGREES.

This degree is historical, and is founda (1 on the l'~ building of the Temple, after the encouragement given b)~ Da.rius, King of Pen;ia, to Zt>rubbabel, a Prince of ~rlldab, ,vho journeyed to Babylon, as tleE\cribed ill the degree of Knights of the Red Cross. Thos(~ who accompanied Zprubbabelon that journey were 8tyled Knights of tbe ]~at;t. Atler the work of rebnilc1ing had been commenced, Zerubbabel was much annoyed by the S~tmaritanbl, find :tinally fOl:ced to abandon the enterprise. He thereupon sent all embassy to Darius, the successor of Cyrus, who issued a decree prohibiting all persons, on pain of death, ft'omiuterfering with the ',\1ork, and the Temple wa~ then completed, Princes of Jerusalem have a right to inspect all Lodges or Councils of all iufe· rior d<.>gree, and can revoke and annul all the work done ill snch Councils or Lodges, if the same shall be inconsistent with thC' regulations of Masonry. 'rIley must lead h'reprot\chable livcs, and if guilty of unmasonic conduct, they are Imuished at the dii'cretioll of the Grand Council. The meC'ting is termed a Convel1tion, or Grand Council. There are two apartments, one in the ,Ycst, and the other in the oust; and tlwy should be connectQd by it hall. The one in tlle west represents the Court of Zerubbabe1, at Jerusalem. It is hung with yellow drapery. 'l'he en.stel'n apnrtm~.ut represents the Cabinet of Darius. Most Equitable Sovereign Grand l\ras~ .tel', reprel:lelltillg Zerubbabel, sits on no throne in the western apartment, and ,years a yenow robe and turban, and a red u.pron with ye1lo'w flap: .on the apron is a picturQ of the Temple, a square, a

buckler, a triangle and a hand: 011 the flap is a balanee, and the lettel'S D. Z, [Darins and Zerubbabel.] rl'he jewel is a golden medal-oIl one side H haud holding a balance; on the othe r a t",,-o-edgeu sword with five stars al'onnd the edges and point, and the letters D. Z. above. The other officers arc clothed in yellow robes and caps, 'veal" red gloves, and each carries a 8word. They areMost Enlightened Senior and Junior Grand 'Vardells. Valiallt Gt'und Tr<.'asurer. Valiant Grand MUHter of Ceremonies. Valiant Grand l\Jal'shal, Valiant Grand Tyl<.~l" The brethren are Valiant Princes, and· it talu>s fhyc to 01)(;11 a COllvcntion. In opening, Master rapt; onc, and says -Valiant Grund l\fa~ter of Ceremonies, what is the 'first busioct;s of a Gl'3.nd CouIlcil of Princes of Jerusalem? :Master of Cen'monics-To see that the Guards arc at their proper stations. Master-Attfnd to that duty, and in· form the Guards that 'we are about to opell n Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 1tlaster of Ceremonies goes and stations the Guards, returns, and says-The Guurds nrc set, Most Equitable. Mast~r (raps two, a.nd Junior 'Varden rism;)-Eulightened Junior 'Varden, ""hat is our next business? Junior'Varden-rro sec that all present are Princc's of J m·usalem. Master-Attend to that duty. Junior ",V"arden (scrntiniziug the brethren)-'Ve are aU I~rincc8 of Jel'usalem, Most Equitable. Master (raps three)-l\Iost Enlightened Senior 'Varden, what is the hour? Senior 'Varden-The rising of the l·m.D. 1\:faster-V\'"hat l'cmains to be done? Senior 'Yardi.m-Arrange the l")rinces in two columus, for the proper discharge of theil' duties. l\Iaster-Attend to that duty. 'rhe brethren now form ill columns across the room from west to east-the Senior'Varden on the left of the right column, aud the Junior ",,'Val'den OD. the right of thG-left column.. . 1\luster-Enlightened Senior and Ju· nior 'Vardens, inform your respective columns. that I am about to open this Convention of Prince::; of Jerusalem by three and t",;,·o. Senior and Junior 'Yal'dens repeat the orders of the .Ma::;ter. :l.\1aster-Attentiou, Valiant Princes, we ,,,ill give the sigus. '1'11e signB are nov!" giv(~ll in other de~ grecf;, and thcm in thi"l clflgr('{'. rc'~ 1'.J58.



Master raps three and two, which is they fight their way until they are met

t'epeated by the two Wardens, when the l'flaster declares the Granel Council duly opened and in order for business. If a caudidate is to be adlnitted to this degree1 he is prepared outside by the Ma:;oter of Ceremonies, hoodwinked, and led to the door of the Council chamber, where an alarm is giycn by rapping thl"Ce and one. '1'11e door is opened lvithout ceremony, and the candidate is led to the east, ill ii"ont of the Master. 1\la5 tcr-'\Vhat is your desire i Candidate (illstructed)-I come in be· half of the people of Israel to complain of the Samaritans, who refuse to pay tIle tribute imposed upon them for defraying the expense of the sacrifices offered to God in the Temple. l\laster-I have no power over the Samaritans: they are subject to King Da· rius, .who is at Babylon; it is to him that such complaints must be preferred; but ag ,"ve are all interested in this thing, I will arm you, and cause you to be ac· companied by four Knights, .that you may lUore easily surmount any difficulty which may present itself in your journey to the Court of the King of Persia. The bandage is no,,~r rcmovcdfrom tIle eyes of the candidate; he is armed with a s\vord and buckler, and decorated as a Knight of the East. 'rho four Knight8 who accompany him are armed in a simi· lar manner. 'rho:y' commence their journey, and are attacked by some armed ruffiaus, whom they repulse. They 31'· riye at the door of the Cabinet of Da· rius. Meautime one of the 'Vardens has seated himself in the eastern apartment to personate Dal"ius, and ill frout sits a brother as Minister of State. Candidate and the four Knights enter. Candidate-Mighty King! the Samari· tans r(l!fm,e to pay the tribute imposed on them by Cyrus, King of Persia, for de· fraying. i,he expenses of the sacrifices which arc offered in the Temple which we are rebuildillg: the people of Israel entreat that you will compel the Samari· tans to perform their duty. Darlus-Your request i~ justandequi. table; I order that the Sanlaritans shall imlnediately pay the tribute imposed ()u them.. .Gb:ief Minister shall deliver to you my decree :for this purpose. Go in peace! Oandidate retires, ancl :l\fiuister of State follo ..' ·s, and delivers the decree to him. In returning to the western apm·tment, candidate and. his Knights protectors are airainobsiructed by lurking ruffians, but

by brothers with lighted torches, who conduct them safely to tbe presence of the :Mast,er. Candidate (banding the decree)-I deliver to you the decree of Darius, King of Persia, "which we have obtailled after defeating our enemies, and encountering many dangers in our journey. ::Master rea.ds the d~cree, as follows: We,Darius, King, &c, willing to fnvor and protect our people at Jerusalem, af. tel' the example of our illustrious prede· cessor, King CyruH, .do will and ordain, that the Samaritans, against wbom complaints have been made, shall punctually pay the tribute money which they owe for the sacrifi.~s. of the Temple-other'wise they sballreceiye the punishment due to their disobedience. Given at Shu· shan, the palace, this 4th day of the 2d month, in the year 3534, and of our reign the· third, under the seal of our faithful Darius. SANDRA1I'I, Minister of State. :Master-The people of J erusalemare under great obligations to you for the zeal and coura,ge yOLl have displayed in prosecuting so difficult a journey, and for the success which has attended YOllr nlis· sion. As a reward for the service, we propose to confer upon you the m:rste· ries of the degree of Prince of Jerusa. lem. .Are you Willing to take the obli· gation, which binds you to all exa.ct ob· servance of our la:ws, and 0. careful con· eealmen t of thoBe mysteries ~ Candidate-I am willing. Master-You ,vill then kneel before the altar for that purpose. Candidate kneels, when the Master com('s forward and administers the fo}· lowing obligation: I, John Smith, do solemnly promise and swear, in the presence of Almigllt.y God, the Great Architect of heaven and earth, and of these Valiant Princes of Jerusalem, that 1· will never reveal the myl:;teries of' the degree of PrinceofJerusalem to anyone of an inferior de· gree, 01' to al1Y other person whatever. I promise and swear, as a Prince of Je.. rusalern, to.· (10 justice to my brethren, nlld not to rule tht."m tyrannically, but in love. I promi8t~ al1d swear that I will never, by word or deed, attack thehon01' of any Rrince of J erusah:om; and that I will not assist in conferring this deree except in a .lawful Grand Councl of Princes of' Jerusalem. All this I pro.. mise and swear, under the penalty of be· ing stripped nak(ld, and having my .heart piercou with a poinard. So help me God.. J

Amen! amen! an,lcn'1



ltIastel' raises candidate,and then in· structs him in the signs, tokens and words of this degree, as follows: First Sign-Extend the tight ann. horizontally at the height of the shoulder. This is termed the sign of command. First Token---Each places hiH left hand on bis left hip, and the right hand on. his brother's left shoulder. Second Token-Join left hands, placing the thumb on the second joint of the little finger; with the thumb strike nye times on that joint. Pass-word-TEBETH. The name of the Jewish month in which the A.mbassadors entered Jerusalem. Sa.cred' Word-ADAR. The name of the month in which thanks were .giveu to God for the completion of the rl~emple. In some Councils the following sign is given, viz.: Present yourself before your brother with your s'Yord advanced, tl.nd .your left hand resting on your hip, as if to commence a combat. He will answer the· sign by extending his arm. at the height of the shoulder, the. right foot forming a fiquare with the toe of the left. The March-Five stepB on the diagonalof the square towards the throne. Age-The age of a. Prince of J erusalem is 5 times 15. Master to candidate-I now· appoint and constitute you, with your four companions, Princes and Governors of J erusalt'ID, that JTou may rendcl· justice to all the people. I decorate you with a yellow sash, to which is attached a gold medaL 'l~he Balance on it is to admonil:lh you to. make equity and justice your guidE'S. 'l'bc Hand of Justice is a mark of your authority over tho people. '1~he Emblems of the Apron ",dth which 1 now -invest you, have reference to the works and virttles of ::Masons, and to your duty in the high office with which you are invested. As Princes of Jerusalem, you will al:lsQmble in h·vo chambers of the Temple. Be just, merciful, and wise. The Lecture is now given, an<l ian. repetitic)n of the initiation, the l\Iaster asking Senior 'Varden all the circumstances (of his journey to Babylon, andintel'view with Darius, and the Warden answering the quebitions. It closes as follows: Master-How are Princes of Jerusalem clot.hed 1 Senior Warden-In cloth of gold. l\!aster-What are their dl'corations ? Senior 'Yarden-Ayellow sash trim· med with gold from· right .to left; to which was attached a golden medal, on which was engraved a balance, a sword, 'five ~tars,a.nd the ,letter$ D, Z.

Master-What is signified by the five on the sash? Senior Warden-:-They are emblematic of the :five Knights who journeyed from. Jenumlem to Babylon. ::Muster-What is the age of a. Prince of Jerusalem? . Senior Warden-Five times fifteen. In closing the Council the :Mast(~r raps :five, and sa:rs-l\lost Enlightened Junior and Senior Wardens, please to announce to your respecti'V'e columns that I am about to close this, Grand Council by five times fifteen. Senior Warden (raps fivc)-Attention, Valiant Princes: it is the will of our Most EqUitable Sovereign Grand Master that this Grand Council be now closed. Junior Warden raps·· five and repeats the same order. IHastcr (rising)-AttcDtion, Valiant Princes, we will now give the signs. The si~""l1~ are given backward. :Master l·apsnve times fifteen, which is repeated by the two Wardens. .Master-Be just, merciful and wise! I dec~aro :this GI'and Council duly closed. star~

KNIGHTS OF THE EAST AND ,WEST. This degree originated in Palestine, and was brought to the west by the Knigllts, cleven of whom made their 'vows of secree;}"', friendship and discre· tion before a patriarch and Prince of J crusalem. TIle meeting is called a Council. The Council Chamber is hung withred drapery, sprinkled 'With gold stars. In the east is a throne, or canopy, elevated by se,\ren steps, supported. by four lions, fO'llT eagleR, aI' <1 between them an angel, or seraphim, "\.'"ith f;ix."dngs: on one side is a transparency of iho Enln, tl.l';d on. tho other side, Olle of the moon: below is a rainbow, and in front a. bnsin of perfumed "water and a skull and cross bones. Six elevated canopies of three steps each are .pla.ced in the nortb., and six in tllo


south. Eleven of these are occupied by the eleven Venerable Ancients. and the twelfth, at the right of the .1\Iaster, is left vacant. At the west 0.1'0 two canopies of five steps each for the Venerable Wardens. A pedestal stands in fl'ont of the throne, on which lays a large Bible, ,\yith seven seals suspended therefrom. Most Puissant Venerable ~£aster sits on the throne in the east. Grand Senior and Gran(l Junior 'Vardens sit on the two eanopiC's in the west. Twenty-four Knights (including officers) comprise the Oouncil, and (exceptjog the Venerable Ancients· seated on canopies) are called Respectable Ancients. If there are any more brethren present, they are called Respectable Knights, and must stand behind the Venerable Ancients_ All the brethren are clothed in white, with a zone of gold round tflc waist, long white beards, and golden crowns on their heads. The. Knights, in their ordinary habits, Wear a broad white ribbon from the right shoulder to the left llip, vdth the jewel sllspended thereto. They al~o wear across of the Order, suspended by a. black ribbon, round their necks. There is a carpet on the floor called a draft-a llCptagon in. a circle-over the angles of which are the. letters :B D S P H F: 'in tho centre,· a man clothed in a white robe, with a girdle of gold round his waist-his right haud extended, and surrounded with so'Ven stal's-he has a long white. beard, his head surrounded with a glory', and a two-edged sword in his mouth-'\",'ith seven candlesticks rouud him, and over them tho following letters: 11 D PIP R C. The Jewel is an heptagon of silvcrat eaeh angle a star of gold with one of the Jt~tters DDS P H G s thereon: in the centre a lamb on a. book with seven seals. On reverse, same letters in the angles, and in the centre a two..edgcd s'Word between a balance. The Apron is ,,,hite, lined with red, bordered with :rellow, (;',1' gold; on the l1a1) is· painted a two-edged s\vord, sur· rounded with the seven holy letters-or the apron may have the plan of the draft painted on it. In opening tho Oouncil the :l\Iaster la)"s his right hand on the Bible with seveu seals. }\laster-VeuerableKnights .Princes, what is your duty ~ Senior. 'Varden-To know if we are' socure. Master-See that we are so..


Senior'Varden (goes to the door and returns)-:Most PUis~ant, We are in pcrfeet security. Master (rapping seyen)-Respcctable Knights Princes, our Grand Council is now open. and I claim your attention to the business thereof. Senior vYarden-1Ye promiso obediellce to all the commands of our .l\!ost Puissant Venerable l\'laster. The Knights aU rise and salute the Master, when he returns the compUmcnt, and requests them to be f.:eated. If a candidate is to be admitted, he is prepared by the l\laster of Ceremonies in an ante-chamber hung with red,- and lighted with sey-cn light::!. lIe is clothed in a white robe, and is led, barefoot, to the door of the Council Chamber, whero he gives seven raps. Master (rapping s(\ven)-Tbe youngest Knight present 'willgo to the door and domand who knocks. A Knight steps fo~"a1"d, I;:noe1~s seven times on the door, and asks-'Yho comes there? :Mustcr of Ceremonies-It is a 'Yllliant brother and :Most Excellent Prince of Jerusalem, who requests to he admitted to the Venerable and Most Puissant. '1'110 Knight reports to tbel\lastcr, ,yho says-Let llim be introduced. Senior Warden goes and ..pens tbe door, und taking candidate by the hand, says-Come, my dear broth('r, I will show you mysteries worthy of contemplation. Giyc me tho sign, token, aDu word of a Prince of J orusalem. Candidate gives sign, &c., [page 1~8,] and is then directed to kn<:rl a short distanee ot.1' in front of the lIIost Puissant IIIa-ster, ,,,-hich he docs. Scnior'V3.l'den-Brothcr, rouno doubt have ahva;ys~bol'nein memory the ohligations of ;your former degrees, and that you have, as far as in the power of human nature, lived·agreeably to them '1 Candidat(~-I have eyer made it roy study, and, I trust,. my aetions a.nd life will prove it. Senior 'Varden-Have you particularly regarded ~your obligutions as a Sublime Knight of l:)erfection, Knight of the East, and Prince of' J erusalcm? Do you recollect having iojuredl1 brother in nny respect 'Whatsoev(~r? or h3xe ;you s€'f.'n or known of his being injured by others, without giving him timely llotice, 118 far as was in your power Y I pray you an· swor me with candor. ." Candidate-I have in all respects.done my dut.y, and acted with integrity to the best of myabilltiea. . ~



:Master-Yott will be pleased to rccol that I never 'Yill fight or combat with lect, my brother, that the questions which my brother Knights, but will, at nIl times, llave no路v,.. been put to you, are absolutely when he has justice on his side, be ready neceSSal'j" for us to demand, in order that to draw my tr".,.ord in his defence, or the purity of our Most Respectablc' COUllw against such of' his en<:mieB ,,,ho sl'ek the eil may not be sulliNl; amI it behooves destruction of his person, his honor, ~"ou to be partieullll' in your recollection, peace, or prosperity; that I never will as the indispe118ablo ties which 'YO are revile n. brother, or suffer othtrs to regoing to lay you under, will, in case of I fleet on his character in 11is absenC0, your default, only increase yOl1l' sius, vrithol1t informing him thereof', or nonnd ser\"e to hm'l you sooner to dPstl'tlC-1 tieing it my8clf, at my option; tlmt I tian, should you have cleviated fl'om your will remember, 011 all occasiol1~, to cbduty: :1Dl;\"\'eT me, my dNU' brother. scn-e my ,former obligations, and be just, CandidntC'-l Dever have, , upright, and benevolent to all my fellow :M:aster-'Yc are happy, my brother, creatures, as fur us in Il1jT power, that-your d(~claration coincidps with our I further solemnly promise ar:.d ~"\'enr, opinion, and we are l'ejoiced to have it in that I will pay due obedience and subour po'wel" to introduce you into our so- mitision to all the dcgret'l:l of :MasonrYi ciet:r, Incl'(;'ase ou!" joy by complying and that I ,,,ill do all in my power to with our l'ulc8, and declare if you are support them in all justifiable measures willing to be united to us by taking a for the good of the Craft, and advautagc most solemn obligation, thereof, agreeably to the Grand Consti Candidate-l ardently ,vi5h to receive tutions, it, and to have the honor of being united All this I solemnly swear and sincerely to so respectable and virtuous a society, promise, upon my sacred word of honor, Master orders the bal:~in of perfumed under the penalty of tbe sevc're "Tat.h of water and a clean napkin to be brought the Almighty Creator of heavcnand to him, and directs candidate to wl.l.l5h his e.arth; and may He 11a,'e mercy on my hands, which he does, soul, on the great and awful day of :Master reads the first six verses of jndgment, agreeably to my conformity Psalm xxiV', thereto, Amen, Amen, Amen, Candidate is raised and brougl1t close :Master takes a box of perfumed oint to the foot of tho throne, where he kneels mcnt and anoints candidate 011 hi::; head, on both knee~, and placing his right hand ey<'s, mouth, heart, the tip ot' his right on the Dible, his left hand b0tWl'en the ear, hand, and foot, and say::,-Yon are hands of the Most Puissant .Master,]w 110\\', my dear bl'otllcr, l"('cei"cd a mem take:.; the following obligation: bel' of our society; you 'will recOllect to I, John Smith, do promise and solemn- liye 111' to the precepts of it, and all'3o re Ij~ swear aud declare, in the a\vful pre- member that those parts of your body, senee (If the only One :Most Holy Puis- \yhich havG the greatest power of a.ssistsal1t Alrnigllty and Most :Merciful Grand ing you in good or evil, have this day Architect of Heuyeu and Earth-wllO been made holy 1 created the ul1iverse a11d myself through Candidate ril:ics and is conducted to the his infinite goodness, and conducts it with west, 'whcl'e he is placed between tho ,...' i::;domandjul:itice-and in the presence t'wo 'Vardclls, the draft, or carpet, lying of the Most Excellent and upright bd"ore him. Princes and Knights of Ute East and Sonior'Varden-Brother, you "dll ex'Vest here prl'8Cl1t in cOllvocatioll and amine closely cverythhlg 'which our :Most council, on my sacred "YOI'd of hOllor and Puissant Vcncrablu :Mastcr is about to under evel')" tie, both moral and rc'ligiouR, show :you_ that I ,,,ill never reveal to any person St'nior "'Varden (addressing tIle Counwhomsoever below me, or to \vhom the cil)-Is there a mortal 11e1'O worthy to same may not belong, by being legally open the book ",'ith the seven seals ~ and lawfully initiated, the Bc'crets of this The brethren all cast down their ej"es degree which is 110W about to be commu- and sigh. l1ieated to me, und<..'r the penalty of not Senior Warc.:1ell-Vel1erable allu . reonly bc'ing dishonored, but to. considp!' spectable brethren, be not affiicted; here nlY life as the immediate forfeiture, and is a victim (pointing to calldidate) whose that to b.e taken from me with all the conrage will gh'c you content. tortures and pains to be inflicted in n1anSenior Warden to candidate-Do you ner as I haye consented to in my Pl'C- know why our Ancients have long white ceding degree s, . . beards? I further {Jromise and solemnly swear, Candidate-I do not know, but you do. w







Senior 'Varden-They al'e those who The two Wardens seize candidate's came here" after passing-through great armH and take from' him. his apron and tribulation, ,and having ,vashed their jewel of the previous degree. ' , robes in their own blood: will you purThe winds again move, and a. second chase such robes at so great a price ? trumpet sounds, when the Junior War.. Candidate-Yes, I am willing. den gives candidate the apron and jewel The two 'Yardens condnct' candidate of this degr~e. up in front of the basin, bare both his Agitation of the winds, and a third arms, and each ties a string around one, trumpet sounds, when the Senior'Varas in the operation of blood-letting: then den gives candidate a long white beard. each Warden, take~out a. lancet .and Bladders of wind whisked, and fourth pierces the arm just deep enough to draw trumpet Bounds, when Junior Warden adrpp of blood, which is wiped off on a gives candidate a crown of gold. napkin a.nd shown to the brethren. Winds move, and fifth trumpet sounds, Senior .Warden-See, my brethren, a wh(\n Senior Warden gives .candidate a man who has spilled his blood to acquire girdle of gold., . a. knowledge of onr mysteries, and$hrunk Winds are. agitated, when sixth·truID: not from the trial. 'pet sounds, and Junior 'Varden gives J.\.!aster now operis the first seal· of the candidate the signs, tokens and words of great book, and takes from thence a bone this degree, as follows: quiver, filled with arrows, and a. crown, Sign-Look'at your'right shoulder; it gives them to one of the Ancients, and will be' answered by looking at the left says-Depart, and continue the conquest. shoulder. One says, ABADDON, the othHe opens: the' second seal, and takes e1', JUBULUM. out a. sword, and gives it to the next' AnFirst token-Place your left hand in eient; and says-Go, and destroy peace the right hand of your brothel', who will among the profane and wicked brethren, . cover it with his left; both at the same that they may not appear in our Council. time look over their right shoulders. He opens .the third seal, and takes a your brother's balance, and gives it to the next Ancient, left shoulder with your left haud; he reand says-Dispense rigid justice to the plies bytotlchingyour right shoulder profane and wicked brethren. with his right hand. He opens the fourth 'seal, and takes out Sign for entering. the.· Lodge-Place a skull, and 'gives it to the next An.cient, your right harid on the bro~hcr's forea.nd says-Go, and endeavor to convince head, (i. e., the Tyler's,) he will do the' the wicked that death, is the reward of same. their guilt. . . ,Puss-word-:-JuBuLuM, or .according to He opens the fifth seaI,and takes out some,PEltIGNANand GADAON. a. cloth,stained with blood t and gives it Sacred word-ABADDON~ to the next Ancient and says-'Vhen is The· windsDow:tly about very brisk,. the time (or, the time will arrive,) that when the, seventh trumpet sounds, a.nd. we shall revenge and punish the then all, the ,trumpets Bound together, a.nd wicked, who have destroyed so many when the Senior. Warden conducts· canof their brethren by false accusations. didate to the vacant· raised canopy on ·He opens the sixth seal, and at that the right of the 1\lastcr. [This'last demoment the sun is darkened . and the monstration is intended to represent the moon stained with bi'ood! end of the lvorld, when aU true Masons He opens" the 'sevent.h ~eaI, and takes are to receive their reward by being conout incens~twhichhegives to abrothel~j ducted to a throne'at· thcrigllt hand of and 'also &' vase, ·with seven, trumpets. the Deity, baving first been .·purified by and give8qn~ to' each:of. seven of the waBwug their robes iIi their own blood.] Venerable Ancients. ' ". Thii:) ends' the initiation, allda lecture The fon,rremaining Venei~ableAn- is-then given which explains the 'V\rhy cients, in the' four corners, whisk about and wherefore of thepeeuliar ,ccremo.inflated bladders of wiud (the four winds.) nies' in this .degree--show ing them all to Master-Here is seen the fulfilment of be to the credit and glorification of Maa prophecy (Revelations vit3.) Strike sonry. It is not particularly interesting. not, nor punish the. profane and wicked In closing, the "l\faster raps seven and of our Order, until I have selected the says ·to Wardem-What is the t.ime ? truE.'! and worthy ~Iasons ! Senior Warden-'l'imeis no more! The four winds ·are again agitated, and Master (raps, seven times)-Venerabla one of the Venerable ,Ancients with a !,{nights aildPrinceR,astime is now no_ t

:t.r'l.'J.X»pet blows a. blast.


more, I declare this Council closed.




KNIGHT OF THE EAGLE AND PELICAN. This Order is called Rose-Croix from the rose on the cross of the Jewel l)eing emblematical of the Son of God, who is compared to a rose by the evangelist. Hnrodim, because the first Chapter of the .degree was held on a mountain of that name. Knight of the Eagle, because of the eagle on the jewel; and of the Pelican, which il:l emblematical of, Christ, who shed his blood for mankind. Three apartments are necestlary for a Chapter in this degree. The first one represents l\!otlnt Calvary, and is hung with black: it is lighted by three candlebras, each ha.ving eleven branches, and each branch holding a yellow wax candIe-thirty three lights in all The candlebras are placed on three columns, or pillars" six feet high, in the west end of the room: on one is the word FAITH, on the second HOPE, and on the third CHARITy-the inscriptions being in letters of gold. At the east end is a hill, or bank, raised to represent Calvary; on it nre three cr08ses, and on each cross is n. skull and cross-b:)nes. In front of this bank ·stands the altar, covered with cloth: on it a cro~s, and tvv 0 lighted can· dIes of yellow 'wax:: behind it a black curtain, extending to the ceiling, to intercept the view of the l\Iount. The Master'l:i seat is on the step of the altar, as bercaftershown. !rhe second apartment should contain a trani>parency of Christ ascending to Heav{,'n: over it a transparent triangle surrounded with rays. The Altar stands in front of the tran8parency, and is light. ed by the transparency, as no naked lights are permitted in the room. :Behind tbe transparencies should be an organ, or some Hfilemn music. J 'l'lJe third apartment represents HELL. ~This is shown by transparencies of mon~sters. and human beings suffering the tor· ments of the damned, with devils sth'ring them up with pitchfol"l~s, &c., and flames encircling them.· On each side of the entrance, human skeletons representing death, with arrows in their hands. The apartments are connected by one door. The Knights are clothed in black, and "Wear swords.. rrhey liave on over their clQthos a '\vhiw chasuble (similar tQ those W()l"1l b)"

Catholic priests at mass} bor-

dered with black, and on it a red cross two inches wide, and reaching from top to bottom. The Master wears a brilliant stUI' of seven points ov-cr his heart: it has a circle in its· centre with the letter J on it, and around the edge the words Faith, Hope, Charity. The Senior Warden wears a triangle, and the Junior Wardell wears the square and compasses. The Aprons are white, lined and hoI'dered with black: on the flap .are three red roses placed triangularly, and a hl1~ man skull and cros!:l~bones: at the bot· tom, a globe surrounded by a serpent: on the pocket lid, the letter J. The brethren in the second chamber have their aprons lined and bordered with red: tri· pIe triangles and three squares within three circles, in each circle the letter J, on thefiap: on one side compasses standing upright on a triangle, on the other the same standing on a square within a circle. The jewel is a golden cross, suspended by a scarf of black ribbon, a black and a red rose jus~ above it on the scarf: on the, a small cross of red ribbon. l\fost 'Vise and Perfect J\laster is seated on a step of the altar in the principal apartment, having before llim a small table, on 1vhich is a lighted :rello,,' wax: candle, a Bible, square and compal:lses, and a triangle. There are no chairs at all in the place, the brethren seating themselves on the floor. :Most Exc·ellent and Perfect Senior ",Yarden in the north, Junior Warden in the south, and Secretary, Treasurer. and Captain of the Guards, (all styled :Most Excellent and Perfect,) comprise the 1'0mainiug officers. The brethren are styled Most Respect. able and Perfect Knights. In opening, the Master says-My Perfect Brothers, Knights Princes Masons, please to assist me to open this Chapter. The two Wardens repeat this. Master raps three and four, and tl].e two Wardens rap the same. ~laster-Most Excellent and Perfect Wardens, what is our care? Senior "'"arden-To ascertain whether the Chapter is well covered, and if .all the brethren present arc true Knights. l\-Iaster-Convince yourselvel:l, my perfect brethren, one from. the south And one from the north.· The t\,·o Wardens examine all the brethren present in the sign, word· and token of this degree, and report to the Master that all present are true Knights of Rose-Croix, and of the Eagle. Master to Ward.~n-·What is the hour t


Senior Warden-It is the moment that the veil' of the 'remple was rent; when darkue'ss and consternation covered the earth; when the stars disappeared, and the lamp of day was darkened; when the implements of lrfasonry were lost, and the cubic stone sweated blood and water; that was the moment when the great Masonic '''lord was lost. Master-Since ,Masonry has sustained so great a loss, let us endeavor, by new ,yorks, to recover the lost word, for which purpose we 'will open this Chapter of Rose·Croix:. Senior 'Varden-Brethren, the Soveraign Chapter of Rose-Croix:. is open; let us do our duty. Junior 'Varden repeats the same, aUQ the Knights kneel on their right knee at the altar and repeat the 'words, "Let us do our duty," seven times, making a pause before the seventh. This ends the opening. and the busi· ness of the proceed:;. If a candidate is to be admitted, he is obliged first to obtain pel'mis!liion to become a candidate, in the following manner: He presents his certificate that he is in good standing as a Prij,1ce of, Jerusalem and a Knight of the East and 'Vest, and at the same time a ''''l'itten petition for admission to this degree. The certificate and petitio~ he must bring personally to the door of the Chapter, and kneel there while they are read. He mnst then sign the petition, and remain on his knees until au answer to it is thrown out of the door, when he rises and read! it. In the answer he will find a day appointeel to receive him, and the name of the Knight who is to give him necessary instruction. The Knight who is named ill the answer, directs the candidate to procure three pairs of glo\-es, (one pair of 'which must be women's,) and two sticks of nne sealing wax for the seals. 2d. He is 01'dered to present to each of tbebrethren, one pair of luen's, and one pair of women's glove~, and two sticks of scaling 'vax:. 3J. He must make a donation of at least - dollars to the Superior Lodge, Chapter, or Council of the Sublime Dcgrees, which must be done before he is received, a.nd may be nppropriated either to defray theexpense~ofthe Order, or be given to the poor. He mUlllt also present. to the Chapter three white wax' candles for the Master, and two to each of the Knights,. at his reception, pro'lious to his entering into the third apartmont. 4th. He must· solemnly engage on his honor, never to reveal the place


him, nor those who were present at his reception. 5th. He ~olemnly promises to conform to all the ordinances of the Chapter, and keep himself uniformly clothed as far 8.8 he is able. 6th, He must promise to acknowledge his Master at all times and in all places; never to confer this degree withotlt permissiou, and to anl::lwer for the probity and respectability of those whom he proposClos. 7th. 'l"hat he will be extremely cautious in granting this degree, that it mav not be multiplied unneces8arily. If the candidate promises to perform. these requisi. tions he may be admitted. After these conditions are complied with, the Chapter is usu:.llly ready to re· ceh' e him. Master to Senior ''Varden-What is the cause of our a8sembling here? Senior 'Vl.'u·den-rrhc propagation of the Order, and the perfect.ion of a Knight of the East and West, who demands to be recehoed among us. Candidate is now balloted· for, and if no black ball appears, he is at once placed in the Chamber of Reflection. 'rh~s is all apartment painted black, a s:mall table in the centre, OIl \,\'hich is a Bible, and a l:lkull and cross-bones; and the only light in the rOOln is from within the skull. l\Iastcr of C"remoniesgoes in to the candidate, drelSscs him as a Knight of tho East and 'Vest, and puts on a sword and white gloves. He then says to· him-All the temples are demolished; our tools are del:itroyed, with our columns; the sncred word is lost, notwithstanding a.ll our precaution; a.nd we are in ignorance of the Ineans of recovering it, or of know.. ing each other. 'l'he Order, in genera.l, is in the greatest consternation! ,\Yill you assist us in reeo,~ering the worcl. 1 Candidatc-l\fost cheerftll1y. :Mastcr of Ceremonies-l!'ollow me. Candidate is conducted to the door of the ChaptGr, where l\iaster of Ceremo-nies ra-pl:! three and fonr. Senior 'Yarden (from within)-'Yhat do YOtl want 1 JHaster of Cernmo:cies-It is :l. bl'other Knight of the East and "Vest, ~'bo 1$ wandering in the woods and. mountains, and who, at the destruction of the secolld; rremple, lost the word, and humbly so.. licits your assistance to recover it. rrhe door is opel1cd and the candidate is introduced. All the brethren a.rc Reat.. cd on the floor, the right hand ou their necks, their left covering their face, their heads do,\vn, elbows on their knees, and where he was received! who received their jewols covcr",d with black

164 .


J\i!aster sits at the foot of the altar in the~ same po~ition.. .Senior "'rarden raps three and four, and introduces candjdate to. the Master as 3, Knight of the East and WeBt, who was wandering in the woods, &0. . 1\'!aster to a.andidate......;M:y brother,collfusIon has come on· our works, and it is no longer in our power .to -continue t.hem ; you must perceive from ot'Lr looks, and the consternation which prevails among us, what· confusion reigns on the earth, The Yeil oft-be rr~mple i~ rent, rat. this moment the black curtain in front of' Mount Calvary is withdrawn,] tne light is obscured, a.nd darknesiS spreads over the ea.rtb; the flaming star has disappeared. the cubic stone sweats blood a.nd water, and the. sacred word is lost j therefore it is impossible we can give it to you, nevertheless it is not our intention to' remain. inactive: '. we'\'"ill endeavor to reco""er it, . Are you disposed to follow us 1 Candidate-Yes, I am. Ma8ter-Brother Wardens, it is- neces"" sary that this worthy' Knight, our brother., should travel for, to learn the beantiesof the new law, The two V"Tardeusnow leadcaudidate slc:),v~"ly round the room, nnd when he passes before the altar he must knecl, and 'Wh6D passing in the wcsthe' bends bisright· knee, they make him observe the columns and repeat the name of each as he passes them. ,After passing several round the room, thethirty~threeyears are sIlppos,ed to have cx.'Pired,andthe Wardens stop before the }Iaster. " Master .to candidate-l\fybrother, what have ;rou learned on your journey? ,Candidate (instructed)........I have learned three virtues by which to conduct myself in future, Faith, Hope, Charity; inform me if there. are any othel's ? .Master-N 0, my brother, they. are the principles. and the pillars of our new myl:5-tery. near to Ug and make an en.gagement never to depart from. that faith. Thebrethrcn aUriaa. 'Candidate now kneels on. the step of the altar, places his hand' on the Bible, and takes the following obligation: I, John Smith, cl.omostsol~mnlyand sincerely promise ands\Vear, under· the pen.alty. of all my former obligations, which Lhave taken in the preceding degrees, never to reveal, either, directly or indirectly, .the' .' se.cretR·· or mysterica of Knight of. the Eagle and P~lican, SovereignPrince of •Roso Croix, to ally bro..

ther of an inferior degree, nor to any in . the:worldbesides, .who is not justly and lawfttBy entitl~d to the samt.",under the penalty of being forever deprived of. the true word, to be perpetually in darkness, my blood continually running from my body, to .suffer without intermission the most crlwl remorse of soulj that the bittercst gall, mixed with vinegar, be. my constant drink. j the sharpest thorns for my pillo,\"..; and that the death of the cross may complete my. punishment, should I ever infringe .or violate, iIi any maUIler or form, the laws and rules which have been, are no'\v;' or may be hereafter made known or pl'escl"ibed to me'; and I do furthermore I:lwear, promise and en~ gage on my sacred word of honoT,. to observe and obey all the decrees which'may be transmitted to me by the Grand Inspectors General, in Supreme Council, of the thirty-third degree; that I never will reveal the place where I have beell,re· ceived, Dor the cerenlODY nsed, at my reception, to allY person on earthbut.toa la'\\-'flll Prince of Rose' Croix r that.I nev· er will initiate any person into this degree but by a lawful p'atent obtainedfor thatp1.'!rpose, eitherfromthi~. Chapter, or froIn a Superior CounCil: so help me God, and keep me steadf'astin this my solemn obligation, Amen. Candidate kisses the Bible. .1\faster-Brethren, all is accomplished. The brethren aU place thc:mselvt·s on the floor and cover their faces with their hands, except the 'Vardens, 'Tho conti:;:luo with the l\:faster, and tho candidate, whom they deprive :of his apron and ordt.~r. . .. . rrhe Master now invests candidate with the cbasnbleandsays-Thi~,habit,. my brother,. teaches you the uniformit.yof our manners, and our belief, aud,Yill re-. call t.oyour· recollection, the principal points of our mysteries. The black apron with which I invest :you, is tomark'onr sincere ,repentance. of those evils whicb was the cause of all Otlr xDisfortnnes, and it will also serve to show you thqse!who aloe in$earch of the true word: the. ribbon is the . mark of our constant mourning, till we have foun.d it, Pass to the 'Wost and a8si~tus toseal"ch fOl"it. . Wardens takccandidato t.oJhewest. Mast"rknocks six. and onc,as a l{nightt Warclell$ repeu.t it. All the bre.tbren rise and place themselves under tbe s~gu.of the good pastor, as on page 166. ' . ' Master-Brother'Vardens, what is. the motive of our a:~Hembling? ;'. . Senior Warden-'rbe 108$ of tbe W'or<1, whieh, with your alIsistance, w.e '. hope to recover.



Master-What must we do to obtain it? who, aiter having passed through the

Senior Warden-To be fully convinced mOlllt profonnd and difficult places, hope s of the three virtues which are the basis to procure the real word as a re compense of our columns and our principles. for his labor. l\!aster-What are they 7 The '\Vardensreport this to the:Master. Senior Warden-Faith; Hope, Charity. Muster-Introduce him to the west of . Master-How shall we find those three the Chapter ,vith his eyes open. columns 7 The Wardens bring in candidate, a.nd Senior Warden-By traveling three then cover him again with hiB' yeil. days in the most profound obscurity. :Master-From wht·nce came you? 1tiaster-Let us travel, brethren, from Candidate-From Judea. east to north, and from west to south. lflaster-By what· road you , All the brethren travel in silence, bend- passed'? ing their knees as they pass the altar in Candidate-By Nazareth. . , the east, and 'go seven times round. At' l\faster-Who conducted you? " the tllird time ofgoiog round the ~raster Candidate-Raphael. '. ., passes to the second apartment; at, the l!aster-"Vhat tribe are you of?· fourth time, the .'Yardens ;at the fifth Candidate.-;...Ofthe tribe of JUdah. time, all the, officers; a,t the sixth time, Mastel'-Take the initial letters of each all the brethren; at the 'seventh time, of these words; .what do they form 1 the Master of Ceremonies stops the canCandidate-J,N,R, J. didate andsays,-;",¥ol.1cannot enter unMaster-1\:Iy brethren, what happine-sS'! less you give me the word. the word is recovered; give him the light. , ,Oandidate-l am in search of the 'Word, The ,,~eil is taken off, and aU,the brew by the heJp of the new law and the three tllren, striking with their hands seven columns of 1\b.80nry. times, cry-Hosanna' in the' highest; on During this time. the, brethren in the e30rth peace, goodwill toward~ men! second apartment take off their black The music il1lmediatelyplay~ the foldecorations, and put on the red, nndalBo lOWing anthem, which' is devoutly sung uncover their .iewels. by all the Knights: , Candidate knocks on the door, and the Grat.eful notes and nnmbers pring, Warden for anl:iwer, shuts the door in 'Vhile the "name of God" we SiDll: hi~ face. lIolY,holy, holy Lord, .., .•. ; Master 'of Ceremonies-These marks Be thy glorious name adored~ of indignity are not sufficiently humilil\{en on earth andsaiuts abo.y'e, ating; you must pass through more rigSing the gf(~at Redeemer's love. orous proof~, before you can find it., [He Lord, thy mercies nC"'er fail, theu,ta.ltes off theC3.11dida.te the chasuble Hail, ,celestial goodness, hail ! and black apron, and puts over him a '\Vhile on earth ordained to start black cloth co,,-ered with ashes and dust, Guide' our footsteps in thy W~ty: andsaysj-Iam going to conduct you Mortals raise your voices high, in to the darkest aIld most dismal place, Till they reae'h the echoing sky. from when,ce the word shall tritllnphal1tAfter the ahthenl is'snng,,l\faster says ly come to the glory and advantage of :Masonry;' pla.ce your confidence in me. to candi(la.te-Approach, my brother,I 1\ of Ceremonies DOW takes can- 'will communicatetc)· you our 'perfect didate into the third apartment, and mysteries. Wal'dens condu.ct eandiitate to Master, t30kes from him hIs covering,and, makeH him to go three times around, (showing who continucs-I congratula.te you, my him therepre~entation'of the tormel1ts brother,on the recovery . of the, word, of the damned,) when, he is led to the which entitles you to this dl~grec of Perdoor of the Chapter and the :Master of fect l\lasonry. I shallmalte 110 comment tIle Ceremonies says-'I'he horrors which or etllogium on it. , Its sublimity' will, no you have Just now seeu, are but a faint doubt, be duly apP~'eciated by you. The represen.tationofthoseyoushall, suffer, impression whicb.• no doubt., it has made if you break through our laws, or infringe on your mind, will' .convince you . that you ,vere not deceived' ,,,-hen you was inthe obligation yOl:. have taken. ' .Mast~r .of eeremonies raps three and formed. th30t the ultimatum of' :Masonic four,- and Senior 'Varden rcporb to 1tlaa- perfection was to be acquired bythi~ 'degree. It certainlywillb'e', a spux;ceof tertha.tth~re i~analarm at t:p.~ (,l00t'.: very. c~)'lsid~rable satisfaction to you, Master-See who knoeks. that your merit alone· has entitled you, to Senior Warden-Who knocks there? :Master ofCeJ:~lllon£es~It i~ aKPJ.ght, it. And I hope, my bro~he:r, th~t, 19l1l'



good conduct, your zeal, your virtue and discretion, ma.y always render you· deserving of the high honor which you have received, and I sincerely wish that your life 111ay long be preserved, to enable you to continue an useful member, and au ornament to our Society. 1\:1aster now iU15tructs candidate in the signs, token, and words of this degree, a1:) follows:

First sign-termed the sign of the good .shepherd. Cross the arms on the breast, with hauds ext-euded and ·eyes raised to heaven. Second sign-the sign of reconciliation. Raise the right hand, and with the fore finger point to heaven. It i!:! anl:iwered by pointing to the earth with the fore fin.ger. This sign a.nd answer nrc given alternately. rrhird sig-n-that of help. Cross the legs, the right behind the left. Am;wer : ~rol:'S the legs, the left behind the right. Token-GIve the sign of the good Pastor; face each other.; bow; place reciprocally the hands on the crossed, give the fraternal .kiHS, pronouncing·· at .the same time the pass-word. Pass-word-EMMANUEL.

Sacred word-INRI. This is given by pronouncing its letters alternately. They are initials of the words Jesus, Nazarenus. Rex, Judreorl1m. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. 1\1aste1' to candidate-Go, my brother, and make yourself known to all the members of the Sovereign Chapter, and return again. The candidate goes and whispers in the ears of the Knight8 the pass-,,'ord; he then returns, and kneel8 before the altar. All the brethren place their right lumds on him. The Sovereign lilaster now takes tlllC ribbon. to which is suspended the trul~ j(,'we1 uncovered, and says-By the power which I have recci\"ed from the Sovereign Chapter of Rose-Croix dl~ Harodim, I1'eceive and cOllstit.ute you Prince Knight of the Eagle and Pelican. Perfect Free Mal::lon de Harodim, under the title of the u.ose-Croix, that you may enjoy, no·w 3.ud for ever, all the pri\1'ileges, l)l'erogatives and titles attached to that sublime degree, as vh'tue and humanity are the foundations of it. I hope, my brother, never to seo YOU dishonor t.ho· ribbon with which YOll have been invet1ted, nnd which a perfect .Mason should never quit but at his death. The Lecture il:l now given, which merelydescribes the ceremonies of initiating

aca.n.didate intlus degI'ce.

In closing, the Master raps seven on the step of the altar. Both Wardens rap seven, when all the Knights rise. . J.\.faster-M:ost Excellent Brother Sa. niol" 'Yarden, what is the hour? Senior "\Varden-rI'he ntoment "'hen the word recovered; when the cu~ bie stone was changed into a mystic rose, when the flaming star appeared in all its splendor; when our altars resumed their ordinary form; when. the true light dispell~d darkness, and the new law be· comes visible in all our works. Master now passes round a charity box for tho brethren to contribute for brothren in necessity.. Mast~r-Has any of the Respectable KnightH present anything to o'fI'er for the good of the Order, or of this Chapter? If nothing offers, 1\:laste1' says-Brother 'Vardens, give notice that thil:) Chapter is now going to be closed. 'Vardens each rap se,,'en, and proclaim, respectively, that the Chapter is going to be closed. The J.\.faster leaves his place, makes his obeisance, embraces all the Knights, and says-Profound peace. All the brethren do the same. Muster (who resumes his place and raps three and four)-:My brethren, this Sovereign Chapter of Hose-Croix. is closed; let us do our duty. All exclaim, Vivat. Master-Let Ul:l go, my brethren, and make the reflection which our work ra-quires i 'let us go, and return in peace.




This degree is founded on certain apo. ca.lyptic mysteries in the Revelations of St. John, relating to the New Jerusalem. The meeting is termed it Chapter, the room being hung 'with blue, sprinkled 'with gold stars. In the east is a transparency representing the Sun, and tne New Jerusalem. Through this comes aU the light 1yhich illuminates the Chapter. The ell'aft, or carpet on the floor, repre.. Bents a square city (celestial Jerusalem) ,vith twelye gatl's, three on each side; and in the midst of the city a tree bear~ ing t\velve dill'erentkinds of fruit. . The city appears to be elevated, or s1.1.spended in the cloudt;, aud under it is represented the Old J t'l'usult.>m in ruins, and on the ruins is the hydra serpent with three beads, in chainw. 'I'he New Jerusalem appears to b~ descending upon the old one, and crushing the hydra. On' one side of the draft is represented a mountai.n.


Thrice Potent ltlastei is seated on a throne in the east, under a canopy of blue and gold, and is clothed in white. Faithful 'Vard,'n, clothed in white, is seated in the 'west, with a golden staff in hil:i hn.nd.



three steps, which brings him to the bottom of the draft, where he illstrnctl:! him itl the sign, tokens aDd word of the degree, as follov\fs : Sign-Elevate l'ight b8tnd horizontally, fingers extended: cross the three last :lingers perpendicularly. Token-Each places the palm of the rigll t hand on· hi!:! forehead: Olle says, HallelUjah I the other says, Praise the Lord! The first now says, Emmanuel; the second says, God bless you 1 Pass~word-EMMANUEI. _ Sacred 'Vord-HALLELUJAH, or sometimes, ALLELtl1A. Candidate is now invested with the Order of the degree, which closes the ceremony. ' 13efore closing the Chapter, the Lecture is given as follows: ]1aster-My faithful brother Warden, what are yoU? ",Varden-I am a. tru.e Sublime Grand Pontiff. ' Mnster-Where have you received this degree ~ Warden~In 'a place where there is neither sun nor moon to light it. Master-Explain this to me 1 "'Varden-As the Graud Pontiff never wauts any artificial light, the Faithful and 1~rue Bl'others, the Sublime Grand Pontift's, do Ilot want l'ichE>sor titles to be admitted into the Sublime Degrees, as they llrove themselves ,vorthy of admittance by,their attachment to Masonry -the fait.hful discharge of their several obligt1.tions-their virtue, and true and siIlcere friendship for their brethren in. general .. ' Master-vVhat does the draft of this Lodge re presen t ? '\Yarden-A square city of four equal sides, with three gates on each side; in the middle of which is a tree, which bears twelve different kinds of frUit. The city is suspended as on clouds, and seems to crush a three-beaded serpent. 1\Iaster-Explain this· to me. ""Varden-The square city represents ancient J;I"ree l\lasollry, under the title of Grand Pontiff,'Which comes down from Heaven to replace the ancient Templerepresented by the ruins and the threeheaded serpent underneath. l\Iaster-How comes :Masonry to have fallen into ruin, since ,ye are bound to support it, and are attached to it by our obligations, which cannot be ·equivoeal 2 Warden-It '\vas so decreed in old times, which we learn· from the writings of St. John, whom we know was the :first

These two m'e the only officers. The members are styled FaitbfLtl and 'l'rue Brethren, and are clothed in white, each wearing a blue C::l.P, or fillet, with twelve gold stars on it. They (as well as the officers) also ,veal' the order, which is a broad crimson scarf, ,,,ith twelve gold stars in front, and uttached to ,vhich, hanging down at the side, is a square golden platc', \vith ~~LPHA engraved on one side and OMEGA on the other. In opening the Chapter, Thrice Potent l\faster raps twelve iu a slow and measured manner, and saY8 to the Warden-Faithful brother, what is the hour ~ Warden-The hour is foretold. :Master-Faithful brethren, the whole is Alpha, Omega aud Emmanuel; let us "Work. Warden raps twelve in same manner as the. J.\.faster, and says-Faithful brethren, the Chapter is open. When a candidate is admittecl to this Order he must come decorated as a Knight of the East and 'Vest, and have on a blue satin cap, or :fillet, with twelve g<>ldl:ltm's in front. Beis introduced into the Chapter 'V'tithout ceremony, and the Warden pla.c('s him on the top of the moun.tain (on the draft) and says: Warden-Brother, do you detest what is perfidious'? do you promise that you break. all communications, correspondence and friend~hip with those who 'are ~o '? Candidate-I promise and swear. Warden now backs down the moun,tain towards the New Jerusalem, and then takes a surveyor's chain and me:.tsureS the four sides of it. He then advances to candidate agatn. Warden-Brother, that city (pointing' to Jerusalem) measures twelve thousand furlongs on each side. 'Varden (leading candidate) again backs dO,\,\rn the mountain, and places· him be~ fore the draft facing' the J.\.Iaster. Pausing a mom(~nt, he directs him to take tlu'ec square steps towards the chained three-headed serpent, theu one step on each klide of the three heads-then causes him to kneel three times with hi$ right knee, at the same time holdillg his right hand horizontally towards the Master. Master"":-Resume your position, and rereceive the sign,token and words. 'Warden now lead2-".udidate Mason who held. ~.Lodge of Perfection.




::Master-Where does St, John say this? Warden-In his Revelation, where he speaks of Babylon and the celestial Je~ rusalem. Master-What signines the tree 'With the twelve different fruits, which stands ,in the centre of the square city? , Warden-The tree of life is placed there to, make us understand where the sweets of life are to be found j and the twelve frnits signify that we meet in every mouth to instl'uct ourselve~ mutually, and sustain each other against the attacks of our enemies. Master-'Vhat is the meaning of the satin fillet, with the twelve goldeD stars r which the candidate wore round his forehead? ' Warden-It procnres those 'V'w'ho wear 'it an entrance into our Lodge, as it likewise procures the entrance of those who weal' it into the celestial Jernsalem, as St. John himself informs us. :Master~What is the meaning of the twelve golden st.ars on the fillet of the candidate and on those of the brethren 't. Warden-They represent. 'the hVQlve angels who watched at the twelve gates of the celestial Jerusalem. ' ])Iaster-What Bignifiestbe blue hangings, with tbegoldeh stars thereon? , 'Varden-The blue is. the symbol of lenity, fidelity, ~md sweetness, which ought to be fhe share of eve.ry faithful and true brotber; and the stars l'eprcsent those Masons ~vho hayc given proof of their attachment to the statutes and rules of the Order; w hieb, in the end, will make them deserving of entering into the celestia.l Jerusalem. :Master~What age are you If Warden-I reckon no more. Master-What remains for you to acquire ~ Warden-The sublime traths of the degree above this. Master-,,\Yhat is your name? Warden-Faithful and true brother. In closing .tbe Chapter, Thrice Potent Master inquires of 'Varden-1Vhat is the hour'l Warden-TIle hour is accomplished. :M:aster-Alpha and Omega 1 . Faithful and true brethren, let 'l1~ rejoice. :Master now rapstwelve,as in the opening, and says;...;..It is time to close our labors. ' . , 1Varden Taps twelve in same manner, and notifies the brethren that the Thrioo Potent Master ~s now about to close the Chapter. ' , The }laster then says-I declare this Chapter closed.

GRAND MAS'rER OF ALL SY1fBOLIC LODGES .. The 1\Iastt'r of a Lodge in this degree represents Cyrns AMaxetxes, and holds his office for life, 'l'he ceremonies go back to the building of the second T(\'mpIe. The Lodge is hung-with blue and yellow drapery. A throne in the. east is elevated nine steps., and is covered with a. blue canopy: in front of the throne is a table, and 011 it lies a. swonl, a Bible,. square and compasses, and s. mallet. In the south is a candlestick with nine lights. Grand :Master is seated ontbe thron$ in the east, wearing :royal robe, crOWD,. two scarfs,. or orders, one 'blue .a.nd the other yellow t and eneh other on the breast, . ' Junior and Senior Wardens are both seated in the west, wearing bll1ean.dyellow SCR1'fs;crossed in front and rear, and the Je\"cl of the degree snl'pended from the yenow one. It is a golde:-'D triangnlar plate, with the wOl'd SECuET.engraved on one side, and the letter R on. the other. The 'brethren dress as Prin:Ct>,s. cfJm'usalem, and all of the:mwear blue and' yellow scarfs. In opening the Lodgc, the Grand 1\Jaster says-I desire to open this Lodge of Symbolic (frand l\Iasters. [Descends to the lowest 'step of the thl"One ill :t':r.'ons of the table,) Master inquires of the Senior Warden if the Lodge is duly t:r1cd. ... Senior Warden ascertains that it i8~ aDd £0 reports. lIaster raps one- and tl1\'O with the mallet on the table,- audJllnior ,ft.D€l. St'nior Wal'dens both repeat the raps, which togetber make nine. ?tlaster to Senio1" Warden-Where is your Ma!:iter placed? ' ... Senior \Varden-In the east.. Master-'\Vhy ill the east l' ' Senior 'Yarden-Becausethe glorions sun rises in the east to illumine the world. l\'Iaster-As I sit in the east, I open this Lodge of Sympolic Grand ~laster~. Senior Watdeu;.....Isit in the west to assist our Grand·· :Master to open this Lodge. ., . Jl1~i(}r Wartlen says the $ame. Each officer now. raps one 8D.d two, and t,he brethren clap· one and two with their hands, when theLodgei~ declared to be duly opened. When· a candidate is to be admitted to this degree,he representsZerubbabel, and enters the Lodge bybiml:;elf with... out beiDi' introduced, havin~tirlit .deeo..



rated himself with the jewels and badges of the highest degrees he has taken. 'l'he Wardens take. him, by the hand, and pla.ce him in a. blne elbow chair, opposit.e to the Grand Master, who demands from him all the words, from an Entered Apprentice up to this degree, and then interrogates him as follows: Ma.ster-From whence came J"'ou? Ca.ndidate-From the' sacred vault at Jerusalem. ~Ia8ter-"Vha.tcome you todohere ? C'l.udidate-I am come to see and visit your works, and show you Iniue, that we may 'work together and rectify our moral:i,aud, it· po~sible, sanctify the profane~bnt only by permission of a Pl"ince Adept, or Prince of'. the Royal Secret Master-vVhat have you brought ~ Candidate-Glory,grmideur, beauty 1\o!,"Vhy do you give the name of St. John to Our Lodge? Candidate-Formerly all the Lodges were under the name of Solomon's Lodge, as the founder of Masonry j but since the crusades we have agreed with the Knights rremplers, or Hospitallers, to dedicate them to St. John, as he was the support of the Christians and the new M~i.ster-,"Yhat do you ask more? Ca.ndidate-Your will and pleasure a~ you lUay und me worthy,obedient, and virtuous. 'rhe 'Vardeus now lead candidate nine times round the Lodge, beginning at the south, and then by nine sqllare steps he a(l vances to the throne, and walks over two drawn. swords, laid across. There must be a pot 'lvith burning charcoal el()~e by the throne, that the candidate may feel the heat of the tire while taking tb.e obligntion. On arriving at the table in front of the throne, the candidate lays hil:! right hand on the Bible: the Master covers it with his right hand, and then administers the obligation as follows, the candidate repeating after him: I, John. Smith, do solemnly and. sineerely swear.and' promise, uuder the penf' altic:l of all my former obligations1 to " p~·ot('lct the Craft and 11,1..1 brethr(~n with all. lIly might, and not to aeknowledge any Olle for a tl·ue 11ason wht) was not m3.d~ in a regula.r1ycoul$tituted and lawfill Lodge. I f'ul·thermore do swear, that I will strie:tl? observe and obey all the statl1te~ anI regulatioll!::! of the I.odge; a:lu that I never witl clh;close or discover th.2 s~crets of this degree 1 either directly or indirectly, except by virtue of a full power in writing, given me :for that purposQ by the Grand Inspector or his dep-


,uty, and then to such only a.s have been Masters of a regular Lodge. All this 1 swear under the penalties of being for.. ever desph;cd and dishonored by t.. he Cra.ft in general. [Ki88es the Bible.J lfaster then gives candidate the signs, token, and words of thi8 d.egree, viz.: Fir~t sign-Form four squares, thus:' with the fingel's joined, a.nd the thumb elevated, place your right hand on your heart-[this. forms twosquart\s.} Place the left hand on the lips, thumb elevated so as to form a third square; place the heels so as to form a square with the feet. Second sign-Place yourself on your knees, elbows on the ground, the hea.d inclined towa.rd~ the left. Third sign-Cross the hal'ldson the breast, the right over the left, fhigers' ex" tended, thulubs clevated,and the feet. forming a. square. Token-Take lJCciproca,lly the right elbow with the right hand, the thumb on. the out~ide, the fingers joined, and on. the inside; press' the elbow thus four times, slip the hands down to the wrists. raising the three last fingers, at..d press the index: on the wrist. Sacred word-RAZABASSI,Of· RAZ,A," HAZ BETzI-YAH.

Pass·words-JECHsON,JUDELLTJlIoI.,ZA" Some, howtlver, give Jehovah as the sacred warp, and Bdshazzar as the pass-word. The Lecture is now given. The' :first part of it i;:; historical of the degree, and i~ usually omitted. It closes 1\.S foll()w~: Masterto Senior "Varden""";'Vhat meSins the fire in our Lodge? Senior 'Varden-Submission, pnrificatioa of morals, and equa.lity amon;;;- the brethren. Master-'Vhat signifies the air'i Senior 'Varden-The purity, 'Virtue, and truth of thil:; degree. lVIaster-'Vhat does the sign of tho sut\ mean 1 Senior Warden-It signifies that soine of us are more. enlightened than others in the mysteries. of MasonrYiand fol'" tha.t reason we are often called' Knights of the Sun. Master-How many signs you in this degree of Grand PontHf, which is Grand Mal:)ter of all Lodges 7 Senior Wardell..;.-hlt, The sign of the earth, or Apprentice; 2d, of water--Fellow Craft; :3d, of terror-the l\'laster·; 4th, of fire; 5th, of air; 6th, of the, point in· view; 7th,' of the sun; 8th, of aBton.. ishment; 9th1 of llonor; 10th, of stench, or strong smell; 11th, of admira.tion; 12th, of consterutlotion. NABOSAN• .




In closing, the Grand :r.raster says to 'rhe brethren (Levites) a.rc clothed in Bellior Warden-My brother. enter into white robes, over which they 'wear the the cave of SILOL-work with Grand order of this degree, ,'iz" a scarlet sash ROFADA:M:-mea~mre your steps to the trimmed with gold fringe; at the bottom, sun, and then the great black eagle will on right hip, a black rosette, from which cover you with his ,,"i11gS, to the 'end of! hangs the jewel, which il:la golden. cen\. 'what you desire, by the llelp of the l\Io~t : SOl', or pot of incense. '.rhe apron· is .Sublime Princes Grand Commanders. i white, lined with scarlet, horc1ere<1 with . Master now raps four· and two, antIl rl~d, blue and purple ribbons: on it is makes the sign of the four squares j the pictured a golden chandelier with seven two Wardens l'ap tho same, and make brunches: on the flap of the apron is a the signs, and the brethren also violet·colored myrtle. make the signs and clap four and two In opening, Grand Sacrificer raps six with their hands, when the Lodge is de- and onc, and inquires-'Vhat is the hour? elared closed. Senior Grand Priest-It is the moment when the children of Hiram come here to sacrifice, . CHIEF OF THE TABERNACLE. Grand Sacri:ficer-Let us then "begin .. This degree commemorates the Jewish our sacrifices.. Order of Priesthood-of Aaron and his Fires are now kindled on the altars of two sons, Eleazar and Ithamar-and the sacrifice and incellse, and the business Lodge is designated a' Hierarchy. of the evening proceeds, The hall il) hung with white hangings, A candidate for this degree is introsustained by red and black columns ar- duced with his hat on, sandals on his ranged at equal distances 'in pairs. The feet, and clothed in' white linen small cast is term.ed 'the Sanctuary, and is clothes.. He represents Hamar, and ~s separated from the rest of the hall by a taken into a dark apartment with an balustrade, and red curtains looped up altar in the centre, over which a light is on. each side. Opposite to the curtains suspended. UPOll the altar are three is a platform of seven ~tt'pg on which is human skulls and a Bible, and there is a a throne, and in front of it an altar eov- human skeletollstandillg in front of it. ered with rtld: 011 the altar lies a Bible A fire, or sacrifice, is kindled on the snd a poil1ard: :il.bove the throne is the altar, and '\'\'ho11 it is consumed, the canArlc. of Alliance, and above that tho indo. didu.te kueeh; and takes the obligation of fable lIame in Hebrew, JOD·HE·YAU·HE the Levitcs, as follows: (God, or Jehovah) with rays radiating It .John Smith, do promise and swear therefrom. On the right of this il'lD. trans- never to rcvl'a.l· the secrets of this deparency of the sun, and OIl the left of it gree to any person in the world, except is one of the moon, In front of the sun he .has acqUired aU the preceding. <1eis placed the altar of sac.rifices, and in grees, ami theu, not unless within. the frollt of the moon the altar of incense. body of no Sovereign Council of' this deThe8e two side nltars are on the platform gree of Chief of the rru.bcl'naclc, regua little ill front thun the centre larly holding its authority from some leoue. III . the west there are t,vo caudle· gally et-ltablishcd Supreme Council of the sticks with ft vo branches each, in the thirty-third de5'ree: nor 'Yill I be presform of a pyrmnid-in the e;lst there h:l ent, or aid, or assist at the commullicating one candlc::;ticlc with two branches. The them, uuless ,vith the above-named auofficers are al!! follows: thority, regularly obtained. And in case Sov(~reigu Grand Sacrificer, seated on I should violate this my sacred obligathe throne in tho east, wearing a long tion, I p(~ljure myself: I consent that the dark robe, and over it a short ye How earth should be opened before my eyes, robe, without sleeves. He alBO wears a alld that I should be engulfed (swallowed mitre of golden tissue, with a red delta. up) even to my l1cck, and thus miserably in front, the ineffable name in Hebrew pC'.l·ish. r,l."o the fulfilment of which. may characters upon it.:. also a black scarf, God preserve me in my senses. Amell, from Id't shoulder to right hip, fringed Grand Sacrificer-In token of'J'om" with silvcr, 'with a red ro~ette at the b(\t~ sincerity in ta.king thil:! obligatiO!.l, J'ou tom. from '\vhich is sUl::!peuded a. poinard. '\-vill kiss the Bible. Candidate kisses the Bible. The t\vo 'Vardens are called Grauel '1"he candidate is now conducted into Priestl$, and are seated· in front of the altar; on the platform, dressed the sam~ tht~ eastern· apartment, where the ~ign, as the Grand Sacrificer, except that they token and words are given him b~" the have no deltas in fl~ont on their mitres. Grand Sa-criticar, as folloW2:


Sign-Advance· the right foot, make the motion of taking a. censor witb. the right hand. Token-Seize mutually the left elbow with the right hand, bending the arm so as to f.:>rrn a kind of circle. Sacred word-JEHoVAH. Pa~s·wOt·d-URIEL. The answer to it is-'rhe rrabernacle of Revealed rrruth. In closing, the Grand Sacrificer inquires-I:) the sacrifice consummated ~ Seniot· Grand Priest-It is, most Gracious Sovereign. Grand Sacrificer then raps six slowly, and then onc. '1'he Priests rap the same, and the ceremies are thus closed. PRI}ICE OF THE T ABERN ACLE. This degree is intended to illustrate the directions given to Moses for building a Tabernacle in. the promised land, a:i delicribed in the twenty-fifth chapter of Ex:odus. .'rhere are two apartments adjoining each other., The firl:lt, termed the Vestibule,. is wher0 the brethren clothe themselves j and it is ornamented \vith VariOUl:i emblems of It''ree Masonry. Th3 second is made perfectl)'" circulm' by of the hangings, which are usually blue and red. In the luiddle is a ehuudt:':lier with seven branches, and each branch with sevell lights-forty-nIne Ugh t .; in all. Also n. round table, in· the cell tre of which is a cluliter of inflamed hearts, and some incense. Ono sida is the altar. The Lodge is called a Hierar· cb.y, aUll the officers are as fo110\'I,"8: ,M08t Pott.'llt aud Powerful Prince, repr~:;enting 1\10:;0:; th~ lu.\ygiycr, statioIled ill the ctl.St. He is drelised in a sarplice sprinkled ,Yith gold; wearl:l a bltlc silk. tunic~ the collar decorated with rays j a sash of broad watered scarlet ribboll from right shoulder to left Side, with a golden .letter A S1l8pelld(,~d frOIU it, which ii'J the jewel in this degree. " 'rhere are three '\Vardens called Power1*ll1 Pl'inces, stationed in the south, west and north, according to their rel:lpective ranks, asf'o11ows-Aaron, the Chief Priest, ill the south; . B(~zaleel, the son of Uri,. iu th~.. we::;t ; Aholiab, the sou of Ahisa-· 10. <I.e 11, iu the north. Ia 0 poning', the l\IOHt Pot.cnt inquires of tho. ChIef Priost-Arewc: well tjrlod, al1d in IHl!'lect secnrity ? Chiet· Priost-"\Ve arc in safe security. l\fostPotent-Are nll present Princes of tho Tabernacle '1 Chief Pl"iclit-Allaretrue and regular PJ"~Qces.

.Most Potent-What is the hour 1


Ohief Priest-It is the 1irst hour of the firtit day of the seven, for building this Hierarchy; it is the first of the day of life, and the sweetness of the seven. Most Potent-Since it is BO, you will give no.tice that I am about to open this Sovereign Council of the Hierarchy. . Chief Priest-Brothers Bezaleel and ,Aholiab, you \vill notUy the brethren that this So,'ereign Coullcil is about to be opened oy six and oue. \VardeuB notify the brethren. MOl:it Potent raps six diRtinctly I a.nd then one, .\Vardens repeat, one after the other, when the Most Potent says-I de.. clare this Sovereign CouDcil duly opened. A candidate in this degree represents

~~~a~~rh~:l~;~~l?;:j~~ ~\~;~~;~~~~td~~ be admitted, he is washed in water, and is led to the altar by six equal steps, and then one long step, where he kneels, and the l\!Ol:lt Potent administers to him the following obligatioll : I, John Smith, do promise and swear that I \'!','ill nevpr reveal to any person in the worM whatever, the secrets of this Degree of Prillce of the 'rabernacle; and that I will never" confer them, nol" aid, or a!:lsist in conferring them on. any person or persons, by my presence, or otherwise, except under an authority regularly obtained front so~ne Supreme Council of the thirty-third degree, which has been constitutionally established, giying full pO\,\1er 80 to do~ 'l'!lat I,villgtu.nd to, aud abidA by, D.ll the laws, rules, and regulations whic·h belong to thi~ degree, or may regularly emanate from the Supremo Council of the thirty-third Degree, under 'which we are now acting; and in case I should violate this obligatina, I COIlsent to b" stoned to death, (as St. Stephen was,) and that my bo(ly be left to rot aboveground, deprived of burial. Por the faithfll.l performance of' which, mn.y the Almighty Architec.t of ,the UniverHepre~('rYeme. Amen. Most Potent-In tol{cn of your sin.. cerity you will kiss the book. Candidate kisses the book, and remains on his knees. Most Potent now takes a hod of oil, and a tro\V(~I, and says-I anoint, Elt~azer, thy rig·ht ear, thy right eye, amI thy right thumb, with the holy oil, in token of thy being separated from the foibles of the world, and to set thee apart ot \"1011 doers in this tabernacle of clay" to be raised at the grf~at and awful day of judgment, as a .shining mOllument of God's glory, in the houaenot made with hands. eternal in the hea.vens..




After theeel'emony of initiation is over, The officers and brethren wear a r~d the brethrf.n seat themselycs at the round scarf from the left shoulder to •the right table, where they are l:l'erved· '\vith re· hip, upon which hI painted or embroidt'r· freshmeuts and wine; the refreshments ed the ,\,"01'(1;.; Virtlle:':1l1d Valor, where it are not placed on the table, but are hanu· cros:;cs the breast. 1'b(l jewd is a goldf;Jl ed to them as they order. Aftp.rJ.he eut· s('rpent E'ntlvilleu on a Cl'OSl:i in the form mg, the .l\loHt I>otent Prince takes a glass of. the'l' '1' standing t:pon a triangle olwine, and say:::-The warm mid.da.y of ,'nth the ll1eff~ble na~ne III Bebre'.... (11· our ~olen1Dities invite our inclinations to graveu upon It. It IS stlspendedbyn new libations: let us cbarge~ aIld drink whitel:iblJon. The apron il:lwhite; rprh:· to ~hc grandeur of. the glorious det;til1y kIed wl~h black tea~'s :. 011 the ~ap_ a tl'l'whIch agsociates us! ['rh~ brethren drink angle v\'lth raysradlatlDg fl"Om It: m tl:e off the cup at one draught, i . ceutre, the Hebrew letter II (pron, HI'~.) . rrhe· second toast; 'is introduced in tlle In opening, the l\htster raps five, threo same manner by the Chief Priest, who aud one, alldinquires of the first 'Val" says-Powerful Bl'otl1ersof the Hierar- dell-vVhat i~ the bour1 chal Lodge, I give you the health of all 'Varden-It is one pa~t meridiau. Free Masons, elected or to be elected for l\laster-:-lf it is o11e, it is t.ime to attend the unity of the seven and of three. '. ' to the 'Vi·-ants of Qurbrethren, The third toast is given bv Most PoMaster repeats his raps, and the ,Vnl'tent, who says-Powerful ni·otbers, ·l<~t dens do the same, whcu the Lodge i::i dens dl·ink to the health of the President of clm'edto be open. the United States, and to allin authority: If a candidate is to be admitted, 110 may the SovereigllJl.fastcl' of the Universe repre:;ent~ a tl'uyc!C'r-a c,apti~'e loaded fill them and 111; with joy and prosperity. \nth chams. ,,"".ho 1S tob~ delIvered by ·.1u closing, the Most Potent .gives the l\1()s~s.Hc IS 1UtrodllcC~ mto the Lodgo usuallecture t and tbeuillquires the hour. by f1ve slow, thl'ee hurned, and one soliChit..f Prit'stl"'-lt i~ tIle. da.y of life and tary rap on the door-advances to the of ·tranquility. . ~lttlr ?YDin~·· s(~rpe~ltine ~t~ps, and. the l\1o!'Jt Potent-Let us then 1'eti1"(\. foll<)'wmg obhgULlOU 11') admlll18tercd : '1'l1e bl"ethren now march. I'olmd tho I, J"ohn" Smith, do l:\olernulypromise circular room by six equal steps and oae and swear, in the pl'esence of Almighty long step awl 1Iost Poteat then dt:cla,rel:l God, t.he Grand Architect of the Uni· the Coun~il closed. verse, that I \vill never reveal the secrets of this Degree· of Knight of the Brazell DEGREE OF KKIGlrr O~' THE Seq)C'ut j . 11Ol", by my prescl1ce;aid or as· l:iit:;t ill. rcvt'u,ling thmll to any person or BRAZEN SERPEN'r. persons what~oever, unless the candidate shall have taken a.ll the precedillgdcThis degree illustrates the Brazen Ser- gree!') in a rt'gular manum", nor vdthout:l. pent ~et up by JHos~s: as described iu the legal authority. I now S'Wl"ar allegiaIlc.e tweuty.firl;t chapter of. Numbers. rrhc and· true faith.. In· ca8e I should· trans. Lodge is hung iu red and blue drapery, gress tllismy solemn obligatioll, and thus alld represents }ro~es's'l'eut: it h:lcaUed peljure myHelf, I freely COlu,ent to have the Court of Sinai: o\"er h~ad, the arch my heart <.:'atcn by the mOl:lt.venomou1:l -of is sprinkled with stars. A throne is serpcllts,and thus to perish most miseraerected in the enst, and over it isa trans· bly; from which may the Almighty Ol'epareney of the burning bush, in the ato!" of the Universe defend me I -[Kisses c~nt)·e of ,vhlcll Hebrew characters are the Bible,] seen \yhich signify ONE "WHO SHALL 'rhe l\la:c;ter instructs .candidD.te ill the LIVE. III the ceutl'e of the Lodge tlwre signs: token and ,yordsot" tbis degree, as i:; :i Mouu t, elevated by five sttlpS, and in fOllon'I:>:· .. .. . the form (Jf~l. truncated cone.· Oue bright Sig~l....;...Cro~s the arms on the breast" light only is used to light .the room. and incline the botly aB it' to kneel on one .Most POW81't'ul Gra.nd .l\1nster, repro- knee. .EnterIng' S~gll-Pointto the earth senting Muses, ig seated Oll the throne in as if fi.howillga plant. tl:le east. .... . .. . .. Token-Pl~ce you,l."self on the right of T:vo \V~u·deIls,caned ].:I:lu1sters,1:epre- >yOtlr compauIOll, nu(l take his left wrist ~entlUg Aa.'oll and J o~hua, are statIoned ill . your right band.. He al1SWers· by IU tbe. weHt aud north., ... ... . talting your left wrist with his right hand. Bestdes 'these th~l'e l~ a Grand Orator, Covered word-JOHN RALP. ' OJ.",:POiltltf-a St!Cr(ftary, or Grand law Sacred word-MOSES. qUlr~'r-aua ml ,Ex:a.miucr. Pas~·~Y91'd-:~N.l{J, [f&ivenby letters.1 ,


In closing, the J\.Iaster raps fi'v'e, three and one, and iuquii'es,the hour. "'Varden answers, Foul' past meridiall. 1\IaHter then clos~s the Lodge ,Yith similar cere· mOlliesto those in previous hititorical degrees~.


This is founded on the triple Covenant whicb God made~flrstwitl~, Abraham, by circumcision; next with· the I::;raplites in the wilderness, by the intermediation of :Moses; third with all mankind by the death and suffering of Jesus .Chrhit. From. these .three acts of mercy the name of this degree is deriYect , 'l"he meeting, is callpda Chapter, and the place of meeting the Third Heaven. The ,hangings of the. room are green, supporte.d by nine columns, alternately white and red, upon each of \vhich i~ an arm of a chandelit'l\ sustaining nine lights, forming in all eighty-one lights., The canopy is green, white, and red; under which is a green colored thl·onc. '1'he nfost Excellent Chief Prince uses nn arrow, whose plume is on:one side green, and on the other side red, the spear being ,,,hite and the point gil~e<1. By the altar i~ a statue which. represents 'l'ruth,coverc(! vdth the aforesaid three colors. This statue i:; the palladium of the Order. 'l'he officers consist of Most Excellent Chief Prince, repres<mtiug Moses, Bcated 011 the throne ill the east,and, dressed ill a.'tri-Colored tunic .of green, \\'11ite ::l.ud red. St\nior 'Varden,reprcl:5cnting Aaron; Juuior "rarden, l"(\prosenting EI<mzcr_ A fourth officer is called the Sacrificer, and a fifth, Guard of the Pp.lladium. The officers and brt.~thrcn w~ar red aprons w,itb. ,8ky-blue' flapR, . the aprons bordered with no white fringe, and a ngul'eof th~'jewel of this. degree em· bt'Qidered tb.ereon. Ench wears a coll:1,r ()f 'bi·oad tri~colorcd ribbon, from which i~ suspendt~d the jc\yel, which is, a. golden equilah;ral triangle :in theeentro of the tl~iangle i~ a hea:rt with. t~e IIeOre,v let.. t~rH (he) upon it. In ope!ling the Chapt~r,:M:ost Excel· lent Chief I>rillce raps thrce,fivoand seven. A candidate being .initiated into' this d,·grc-e repreHt.mts . Joshua, . and sirnply .n.pprQachesthe altar by three equal s~eps,beginning, ....ith his. left foot" nnd ta.kes the follQ\vi~g oath: . .'. , .1,Jolln Smith,do promise .all(~SWea,l·, In. the· prCBC1l,cO of the Gl·D.D.d.. .Architc,ct



orilla Univcrse,and this respectable n,s" sembly, and by the most sacred of obligtttion:\, that I never will l'ev~al thesecretH of·this .sublime degree of . Prince of 11erey to any person or persons' whatso:ever in the world, except they llave re· ceived all the degrees below this in a ear.. reet mm:mer, and so thereby Ishalll,now them to be regular1yentith.~dto the same. I f'ttrthcrmore promise aud swear D.ever to entrust thil:JdcgreQ to auy pOrtiOll, nor assist at any reception, unless I or. they l:iha1111ave been or are authorized by. a. particular permission or ",'arrant for.that purpose, from l:wme Supreme' COllDcil. of the thirty-third u<;'gret", regularly and cOllstitntionally established, to whose au· thority, laws, nodes, alldregulations, I now s\ycnr true . f~it.h and.' allegiance; and in thnt ca~e I promise and swear, never to gi.Yem)~ consentlwfore I have been plainly informed of the .life, man~ ners and morah.i of the c~l.11didate. Should I violate. or tram;grcl:is this, my solemn obligation, I C0118Cl1t to be condemned, cn-stout, and de8pi8eLl. by the ·whole· universe. .And may the Supreme Architect of heaven and' earth, guide, guard, and protect me, to fulfil the same. Amen. Amel1. Amen. Cbief Prince-In. token of yonr sincerity ill this obligation, }tiss· the Bible. Candidate kisses the book. Chief Prince no\y instructs candidate in the signs, token a.nd 'words, asfollolVs: Sign of Entrance-Place tbe l'igh t band abovo the eyes so as to form a triaD:gle with the forehenlL ' Second sigll-Fornl a triangle with the thumbsanil thetwoforefinger8, and place, thl~l11 on the abdomen. Sigl1 ofRel p-Place the arms on' the head, the hands open, the palms outward, and say~'Vitb me are the Children of 'fruth. . " 'Toktln .~U1d Word-Take your compailiOll'S shoulders 'with your hands, press' them slightly, saying-GOMEL. Sacred words-.JEHOVAH JAKIN, {So. vereign :Ma!:lterof all things.] . ' Common words-Gann.UI, (Excellent "Master,) and GABAON, (chamber ,ot" third heav'en.) . Pas~·wort1-GOM:EL. III some Lodges; it iii l\lAG.AC,ACIA,. anu in others, AnI, and JAKINAI.

A Lecture is usually given in this de· gree, a~ follows: Chief Pl'inceto Senior 'Val'dcn--Are yon a Prince of Mercy? "\Varden-I,have seen the Great Ligh, in. Triple AUianca of the blood of Jeslls Christ, of which you anlll have the mark.



'Varden-It is ten. The Master then declares the Conrt open f·,r business. If a candidate is .to be admitted, he is introduced and march.. ed three times l'oHnd the room, when hepauses in front of the altar, kneels, and takes the following obligation: I, J obn Smith,in the presence of the one Almighty nncl onI)'" true God, the Grand Arcl1itcct of the Universe, and of this Veneruble Court of Sovereign Commanders of the 'l'clnple, do, of my own free will and accord, most soh\mnly and: sincerely vow, promise,and swear, never to reveal the secrets of this degn'e which I am 110W re(~eiving, to any person or persons below 111e, exc,cpt in a Court SOVEREIGN CQl\LMANDER OF lawfully holden, ' ....ith a warrant or au.. thority from some l"e>gularly ~l:;tablished THE TEMPLE. Supreme Council of the thirty-third DeThe me€"ting in this degree is styled a gree, empowering- mc. and them 'with moe, Court. IThe room ii) hung \"dth l'cd dra~ to wDrk in this Sublime DCgTee. I fur.. pery on black columns, from each of thermore promise and swear, that I never which projects a bracket, or branch, will confer, nor assist in conferring this holding a light. In the centre is a chan~ degree, ttpouany person 'who has Dot, in delier with three· rows of lights, viz.: a legal and regular maImer, taken all tho twelve on the lower l'OW, nine on the foregoing degrees of J?rec :r.fa~)Qnry. I middle.;., and six 011 the upper row-twcn- fnrthermore promise and s\vcar, that I ty-seven in all. T'Ii\'euty-se'Ven lights are ,vill pay due rc.>gnrd and submission to also pla<wd.on a round table in the cen- the Supreme Council, under whose autre, at 'which the Commanders arc scat- thority "we are now acting; and that I cd. The <rfficers are as follows: will al,vayB govel"ll mjYBelf h,r their laws~ :uro~t PotCllt l\:Iaster Commander, sC'at~ rules, and r<'g'llh'ttions, so far. as the same ed 011 a throne ill the east, the throne shall come to D'lY kllO".... lcdge; nnd will co,rcred ",,·itIl red drapery, splinkled with do all ill my po'\ver to support tlJem, for tears He wears a white robe j over it the good of the Craft and the advantago a reel mantle lined 'with ermine, and on of }"'l'CC l\Iasonry, agreeable to the 0011his head <l pointed crown. r-;titutions of the Order. To all this I soTwo 'Vardens are seatecl in the west lemnly s'wea'l" under the penalty of havanel j:)tyled Most SoverE'ign COlll,numders. ing tho severe ,,'rn;th of Almighty God Each wears the Order of this degree inflicted 011 me j and may He have mercy around hi:,; ncc,k, Wllich is a white ribbon on my seul ill the dny of judgmellt,agreeedged with reel, and ha'\'ing t>mbroidered ably to my perfornml1ce of this sacred upon it, in red, fonr'l'eutonic .crosses: obligation. Amen. Amell. .AmeD. from it hangs a golden triangle, (the je'\"cl l\ token of your siucerlty, of this degree,) upon 'wl1ich is engraved you will kiss tho Bible. the 'l'etragrammaton, or sacred word, in Cnndidate kisses the book. Hebrew. ~Most Potent Master Commander tl1en 'l'he members (Sovereign Command~ instructs candidHte in the Siglls, token ers) are seated at a l'ound table in thc' aud words of tlJis dog-rec,as follows: centro of the Court. 'rhey, as well as Sign, used only in the Court-Make a. the officers, ,"veal' white gloves, lined and C,1"01:;8 011 the forellend of your brother bord"'l:ed with red. Each wears a red with t.he thu1l1b of your right hand•• Tbe :;a~h, bOI'dered with black, from the l'ight answer consists in kissing the forehead t.;houldcr to the lpft hip, from which is on the place where the cro~s ,"vas madl~. ~u~pended a. Teutonic golden c1'o::s. 'l'hc Ordinary sign-Place the two first nn-' apron is flel:ih~colore(l, liued and bordered gel'S of the right !laud on the mouth, the ,,,Uh black: on the flap n. cr08S encircled othel'S closed atld t.owards the exu.miner. in a laurel 'WrE.~ath: on the apron a key. Tolten-Give'e blows with the In opening the Court, 1\lostPotent right hand upon the left shoulder of the' answer by htking your Mnster raps t~velve, repeat~, and then brother-he rap$ three. Atldressing the Senior "\Var- right ha.nd and ghring it three li€&ht den, he then inquires the hour, pecnliar shak,es (not describable.)

Chief Prince-'Yhat is the Triple AF liance? Senior Warllen-It is that which the Eternal made with AOl'abam by circum· cit~ion: that which he made with his people in the desert, by the intercessi.on of .Moses j nnd thntwhich he made 'WIth mortals, by the death and suffering of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, his dearly be· lo,·ed son, Ohie! Prince-'""''hat is the age of a Prince of Mercy? Senior vt arden-Eighty~onc y<"a:rs. There is DO particular formality in closing a Chapter in this degree.




'I fitl\faster-:My denr children, let ns pro· by its light, anti it will conduct us in

Pass-ward-SOLOMON. ' Sacred word-I. N. l~. I. Thf':l'e is no lecture in this degree. In closing, thel\lal'lter ,raps, as ill opening, and iuquires-'Vhat is the hour? Senior 'Varden-It is four. The Court is then closed. _'_ KNIGHT O~' THE SUN' I


the path of virtue, and enable us to folto come to the knowledge of Pure Truth. .1\laster ma.kes a sign by putting his right hand on, his, left breast. 'l'he brothren respond by pointing upwards with ~he fore finger ()f their right hands, ~ol~mg the hand above tIle head. , Tins lS to indk.ate that tlwre is but. one God, who is the personiHcation of Truth. ~.fa8ter-This Couneil is open: let us proceed ,vith our dutie~. If a candidate is to be introduced' he 1il"8t .prescnts himself in the an te-ch~m­ bel', ,vllPfe there are a unmoer of Sjrlphs, each with a bello\"'8, blowing it large pot of fire. At first they take no notice of him, but presently the most ancient Sylph goes up to the candidate, covers his face with ulack, cloape, and tells him to go to the d001' of the Sanctuary and knock on it six times with his open hand. Candidate goes and knoclts. 'Vardl~n (opening the door Dr little)What do you c1cillirc i . Candidate (instl"Ucted by Sylph)-I desire to go out of darkness to see the true light, and to know the true light in all its purity. 'Varden-1Vhat do you desire more 1 Candidate-'l'o div<:st my~elf oforiginul sin, and destroy tho juvenile preJudices of error, ",thieh all men are liable tn, namely, thed0l:5ire ,of all worldly attachments and l)raise. \Varden closes the dOOT~ a.nd goes and reports to the Master, ,,,ho says-Introduce him to the true bappil1(>ss. 'Varuen returns, opens the door, and taking candidate by the bau<l,eollducts 11im to the nliddh~ of the Sanctuary, which is covered ,";ith black cloth. Master to canclidate-My son, seeing by your labor in the, royal art, :,)"ou arc now come to the desire of knowledgo of the pure and holy truth, we shall l~y it open, to you without any dil:!guise 01 cO'~lering. llut, before we do this, consuIt )'0'1.1.1' heart, and see at this 1110ment if you 1'<.'el yourself di~po8t'd to ob<.'y hel· (namely, Truth,) in all things vrhich sh~ com,manus. If you are dh,po\olcd, I am sure she is: ready in your heart, and )~OU must feel an emotion t~lat W3.l:l UnltIloWll to yO'll. before. rr~his being the case, you must hope that she will not be long to manifest herse·If to :rou. But have a care not to defilo the Sanctuary by a spirit of curiosity; and take Ctu·o uotto increase the number of the vulgar and profane, that 'have for so longs. time ill·

110W t,hat law by which ,\ye cannot fail,


On. PRINCE ADEPT. , Tl1is degree is called the I{ey of IIistorical ~nd Philosophical.l\'!::tso~ryo It:;; ceremomes and lectures glVe n Im;tory of the preceding degrees and the emblems. It~ object is declared to be the inculcation of Truth. The meeting is called a Council, and the room (c'l.llccl the Sanctuary) is illnminatpd by a single bright light, whieh is made by a glass, globe placed in the south: the globe is filled with clear wn· ter amI there are lights placed behind it enough to make it look like a brilliant snn. rrhere are 110 han-gings, but the walls are painted to rcpr(lscnt lUounta.ins and forest trees. rrhe officers arerrhrice Pnh;sant Grand :M::tstl'r, representing Fnthct' Adam, is st:.ttione<l ill the east. He wears a robe of pale yellow, the color of the morning, his hat on, and holding in his right hatHl a golden seep· ire, 011 the top of which is a globe of gold. He represents the Sovereign JHas· te ~ of the 'tV orld, and E'athcr of aU .1\fen. He weari aroltnd his neck a golden chain, from which is suspenued a golden sun, with a glohe engrnvcd thereon, . ,vhich is the jewel of the degree. There is but one 'Varden, ,,,ho sits in the west, and represents Brother 'l'ruth. He wears the same ornam.ents as, the Master: also the Order of the degrc(.~, which is a broad white 'watered ribbon with an Eye of gold embroidered thereou: it is worn as a eolIn,r. There are aeVCll other officers, viz.: Zaphriel, Zabricl, Camiel, Uriel, lIIichacl, Zaphael, and Gahriel. These are the names of Chcnl.bims, and they aloe dresscd and decorated l;imilar to Father Admn. The remaining members are called Sylphs, and nIl assist in the cE:.'remonies of the Connell. rrhey '\'ea1' the jewel, stl~pended by a fiery red ribbon to the third button-hole of the coat. In opening, the Master says to ",Yar. den-Brother Truth, what is the time on earth? 'Varden-Mighty father, it is midnight nmong the profam.". or cowans;' but the sun is at its meridian here.,




treater1 her, until Truth was obliged to depart the earth, and now' call luLrdly' trace any of her footsteps. But she al· ways appears ill her greatest glory, without dh:guise, to the trne, good, and honest Fi-ee .MasonA j that is. to say, to the zeal., ous extirpators of snperstition alid lies. I hope, my dear brother, you will be Ol1e ()f her intimate favorites, The proofs that you have given, assure me of every· thing I have to expect of your zeal; for as nothing now can be m()re a secret among us, I shall order Brother Truth, that he ,vill inf::ltruct )'01.t what you are to do in ordcr to come t.o true happiness. Candidate is now unveiled. 'Varden to candidate-Brot11er. by my mouth holy Truth speaketh to you. The Warden now iustructs candidate in the principles of all former degrees, and. ill all the· symbols and signs from. Entered Apprentice uP'\VUl'd. He explains the objects and ends of each degree, as fully set. forth in the text-books. Master-My dear son, what you 'have IleaI'd fl'om the mouth of Truth is an abridgment of aU the consequences of all the 'degrees you have gone through, in order to come to the knowledge of the holy tnlth, cont.racted in your last cngagementH. . Do you persist in your demand of comillg to the holy brother, and is that what you desire, with .a clear heart 1-answer me. Carididate-I persist. l\laster-Brother Truth, as the candi;. date persists, approach with him to the Sanctuary, in· order that he may take a solemn· obligation to follow our laws, principles,and morals, and to attach himselito us forevt.~r. Candidate now kneell=l, when the Master takes both his hands b(~tween his own and· administers the following obligation: .I, .John Smith, promise in tht"l face of God, and between the hands of my Sovereign, and in presence of all the brethren . now present, never to arms llgainstmy country, directly or indirectly, in any conspiracy a¥aillst the Government thereof. I promIse never to reveal any of the dt-greeg of the Knight,of·the SUD, \vhich is now on the point of' being intrusted to xne,: to any person or persons whatsoever, who are not duly qtlalified to· receive the same j and never to give my consent to anyone to be admitted into our mysteries, only after tbemost scrupulous cirenmspt>ction, and full knowledge of his life and conversation j. and who has given at all times full proof of his zeal·· and fervent at..



tachment for the Order, and a submission at aU times to the tribunal of the Sovereign Princes of the 1{oyal Secret. I promise never to confer the degrt>e of the Kuights of the Sun, '\vithollt having a permiSHion inwritiug from the ·Grand Council of Prince s of the Royal Secrd, or from the Grand Inspector or his depu.ty, kllO\,'n by their titles and authority. I promise also and swear, that, I'will not assist an~r, through any means, to form or raise a Lodge of the Sublimo Orders, in this country, "without proper authority." I proDlise and S'\vear to redouble my zeal for all my brethn'n, Knights, and Princes, that arepre.sent or absent j and if I fail in this my obligation, I COrlsen t for all my brethren, when they are convinced of my infidelity, to seize me, and thrust my tongue through with a red hot iron; to pluck out both my eyes, and to deprive Ine of smelling and hearing; to cui off both mv bands, and to expose me ill that condition in ~the ficl(1, to be 'devoured by the voracious animals j and if 11011e can be found, I wish the lightning of Heav("u might execute on me. the same '-engeance. 0 God, maintain me in right and equity. Amen. Amen. Amen. The obligation is repeated three times in all, and the Master then raises candidate, atld gives him a kiss on the fure .. head. He then decorates him "I.vith the. collar and jewel of this degree, and gives 11im the sign, token and words, 'Viz: Sign-Place the right hand flat upon the heart, the thumb forming a square. The aus\yer-raise the htmd, and with the index, point to heaven. This is .to show there is but one God, the source of aU truth. Token-Take in your hauds those of your brother, and press therngentlv. Some Knights in addition to this, kiss the, forehead of the brotper, saying., ALPRA, to which he answers, o r\U: GA. Sacred word-AnON AI. '1'hi8 word is answered by ALBRA, or ABBRA.AK, (king without reproach.) Pass-word-STIBIUM, (antimony.) To this pass·word some add Ih;LIOS, .1IENE, and Tli:TltAG RAl\!MATON.

After receiving the signs, token and 'Words, the candidate goes round and· gives them 10 all the brethren, after which he sits down anlong thf!m. The 'Yarden. (rl~l'uth) now rises and giy{~s a lncid exphmatiou of the emblems of Philosophical Masonry, and. of those represented in the 1\'1 oral Lodge. 'rho general lecture in this degree .is

next given, and then the closing lceture ;



but except on extra occasions, either of them are seldom gone through with. They explain the why and wherefore of tIle many impleluents used, and the curious cerem.onies observed. In cl08ing, the l\:faster sa.ys to 'Yarden -Brother Truth, what progress have m.en made on the earth to come to true b.appine~s y

'Varden-Men have ahn\ys fallen on the vulgar prejudices, which are n()t.hing but f'a.lseho(HI; very few have struggled, and less have knocked at the door of this holy place, to att.ain. the fall light of real truth, which ,ye all ought to acqnire. :Master-l\!y dear children, depart an<l go among men, endeavor to f.nsph.-e them witll tIle desire of knowillg holy trut.h, the pure source of aU perfection_ MaHter now puts his right hand on his left breast, when aU the brethren raise the first fingers of their right haods, pointing upwards, as in opening. 1\{aster raps seven, which is repea.ted by the 'Varden., and the Coun~ is de~ elared elosed_

KNIGHT OF KADOSH. Thig 'degree is intimately


with the ancient Order of Knights Tem.plal"&, as it commemorates their old cere· , mOllies of initiation, and recounts the vicil'lsitu(ics to> which those Knights were SUbjected. It ili qnita a popular degree among the Masons of the United States. The meeting is caned a Chapter, and the brethren ate termed Grand Elected Knights. , ~"Ilive apa.rtments are necessary ,,,hen ~t -eandi(late. '"rhe is bung with. black., ligated by a single lamp, of triangular {orm, suspended from the ceiling. 'rhe second apartment (called the Chamber ()f Retiection) repreHcnts: a cttvern, or grott(), with .a. mausoleum in the centre: it is 'C,ouneeted\,'Ull the first ar~artmel1t by & pas:;,. or hall-way. 'l'hc tllird. apartluellt is hung with l'cd drapery: a throne i8 in the east, and a black veil ig dru.wn in front of it: in front of the ,-eil stands the altar, nnd 011 it b)""s tWCicross-s\vord8,a. dagger, a Bi1Jle, s!1uarc aUI! compasses: ill frout of the ultar is tIle luysteriotls ladder, veiled ill black. The fourt.h apartment should loepresentwild .natural seenery, such as m()u.llta.iu~, ,-alleys, coasts, and a milita.ryene~l.lnpment. The fifth apartment is aha bung with Ted drapery: in the east is a throne, andover it a. crowned double-headed eagle with wings extend· ed, holding tl. t\vo'edged sword in his ta.-




Ions: the cross of the Ordelo is suspended by a black ribbon from the neck of the eagle: on its breast is an equilateral triangle, with the of t,he Deity, in Hebrew, on it; tlnd around tIle edge of the triangle is this iUf;cription-NEc PRODITOR,INSOCENS l"ERET: the throne 1:-3 ornamented ,,\lith red Teutonic crosses, and behiml it are three banners of tho OtOder, viz.: one white, wiEl a green eross, and the words "The 'ViU of God;" a second green, with. a red cross one side, and a double-headed black eagle on the other, su.rrounded by the motto "Vietory or Death," embroidered in ~i1­ vcr: the thhodis the ancient war banuer of the Knights Templars, ha,lf black and h.alf white. This last named banner is al~o used in the fourth. a.partment. 'Tho meeting is termed a Chapter, and the officers are .as follows: In the first apartment, called the Chamber of Judges, the Senior "Yarden pre8ides.: be is ca.lled tIle Grand Chancellor, and is assistecl by two Judges, who sit on either side of him: besides the usual dress of a. Knight of Kadosb, he has embroidered in gold his left breast an emblem of Truth. The assembly in the thirdap:u:tment is termed an Areopagus: Thrice Potent Grand Commander (representing King Frederiek, -of Prnssia) is seated 011 the throne in the east, and presides here du.dng the introduction of a eandidate. The fifth apart.ment is called the Senate Chamber, and ill transacting the ordinary business of the Chapter, the meeting is here o111y. The other apartments are solely used during the reception of candida.tes. In the usual meetings, the Grnl1dCommander sits in the east, tho Grand Chan.. celIoI' on his right., Grand Architect on his left; .and besides, there are present, a 1,Iaster or Ceremonies, 8. Secretary, Treasurer, Ca.ptain of the Guardsand Expert Brothel". The officers .are Knights, each ,vearing a ,,·hite woolen cloak, with a. red CrQlllS on the left breast: white cap, with black. and white featherH: a sword, a.nd a dagger stuck in the left side of the l:\word belt. In SOIne meetingli they (iress ill l blaek, and dispense with. the ,'\.rbite cloak..! 1'11e Jewel ill this dcg-l'ce is a rell enam· eled Teutonic cross, which is suspt'nded from a colla.r of red ribbon, or el~e attached. to the button·hole of the coat on the left side. Ou the ee,l1tre of the cross is a white pearl nledallion with the •letters J],f on one side, and on the other a skull pierced with a.. dagger. . In opening the Ohapter, Thrice Potent




Grand Comma.nder says to Senior 'Val'· den (or Grand Chancellor)-Illustriotls Knight, are yot! elected? '\Varden-I am a true Elected Knight, Commander-How came you so ? "\Varden-Forttlue decided in my favor. Commanrler-,\\rhat proof canyon give me of your receptiol1'1 , "\Yardcn-A cavern was the witness of it. Commandcr-'Vhat did :rou do in the cavern? ' 'Varden-I ex.~ct1ted Cl commission that had been entrtlsted to me. COInmander-Hav-e you oyer penetra.ted furtller 1 Warden-I have, :l\:Iost Potent. Command(>r-How shall I belieyclotl1 Wardcn-l\Jy name is Knight 0 Kadosh j yon understand me 1 Commander-What is the hour? 'Varden-That of si1enc~. Commander-Give me, then, the sign to convince me of your knowledge. 'Varden takes his sword in his left hand, and holds his right hand on the red cross ou his left breast: the brethren all draw their swords and do the same. This is called the Saluting sign. Commander (rapping one, very loud) -Elected Knights, tIle Chapter is open, If a candidate is to be admitted, only ::five brothel'~ can t.ake part in the ceremon~r. 1t must first have been· ascer· tained to a· certaIIl ty tha t he is of good character, and ha:. al'wnys been active and conscientious in his duties to,vl1l'{ls the Craft in general. 'fwo of the bro· thers remain ontHide with the candid, until he is illtroc1ucec1. One of them goes to tho door ancI knockH.. Ono of tlle three brothers inside goes and opeuR the dool" and inquires-'Yhat do YOll \"ant ? Outside brother-A servant Knight dc· mands to be admitted to the degree of Grand Elected. as he has· all toe ncce:.;l:lary qualifications, • Inside brother goes and report.s this to tlleCommander. COU1mander-Bt'other Knights, can ""'0 admit this J:t"t ree l\IaSOllt among Ul:i without ri8k of iudiHcl'etion from him 'i Two Knights come fonvard, and one sa.ys-Most Potent, we are rt"u.dyto swem,' and promise for him. Comulal1der then administers to ,th('m the following oath-each taking theother by the hand: 'Ve promise and t:l\ycar, by the liVing God,alwayij snpreme, to revenge the death of our ancestor j and which of us tha.t· should in any manner c,..-ommit the most light indiscretion, tou.ching the se-

cret of our Order, shall suffer deo,th, and shall have his body buried UDder the throne of this Illustrious Assembly. So God protect tl!; in an.r design, and main· tain us in cqrftty and right. Amen, The candidate i!:) now int.roduced b,'" the two Knights outside, and is left alon*'e ill the room with the Thrice PotentGranrl Commander: but he sees him not, as the Commander i::; behind n. black veil. The candidate prostrates IIi:; face to the ground, when the Comrnanclel' addresl5cs 11im en the principal points of Masonry, from its beginning', to the epoeh of the assaRsination of Hiram Abiff j Solomoll'~ delSign of pnnisbing the trnitors. in the most oxemplary manner; the method he took in disposing the Masters who 'went in seareh of the three villains, in order to execute his vengeance j be repeats to him, the zeal, coul:\tancy, and fervency of Joabert., Stokin, and Gibulnnl, ,","ho, after the most painfal ~carcll, (by 8010mon'B order,) had the happiness of finding among the ruins of Enoch's. temple in the J\iIJth Arch, the precious treasnre of the Pf;;~rfect l\Iasolls, &c, lIe continues to remind him of tIle firmness of the Grand Elect :\ntl Perfect l\laHou8, at the time of the 'rernple's destruction, 'when tlH~.Y IH\ssed through the enemy, ::::t all risks, till they obtaiued an (~ntral1ce into tho sacred vault, it> find the pillar of bea.ut)·, that tlwy might, br ctfac,il1g tho iuctfHblc word, hinder its being' exposed to Hw profane.' lIe then T<;'minds him of the seventy-two yoars' c~ptivity, and the clemency of Cvrl1s, King of I>ersia., who, by t.he requ('st of ZerubbabcI, llot only gave the Israelites their freedom, bnt ordered that all the treasure of the Te 11lpIe, taken by Nebuchadllezzar, should be restored to them, in order tOt decorate the new Temple, which he ordered them tOl build to the infinite Goel, alld created them Knights. 'Then he l'cpeat8 the clemency of Darius to Zcrubbabd, (at the head of the embassy from J ermmlcUl to Babylon,) with the complaints against the Samaritans, who refused to contribute to the sacrific,cs of the new Templt~, n.ccording to the proc.lamn.tioll of hi:;; predecessor, Cyrus) in favor of the Knights of thc East, when they re(~ei\'cd Darius' letter to all the governors of Sama· ria. &c, ; 110'\" the ambassadors were Tt,\ceiYt~<1 on their return to Jerusalem; nnd elected prince!) by the people. ,He then reminds him that; after tlli~, the second 'l'emple beingdestrQyed, how the most zealous :Masolls united under Chiefs, and worked. to the l'eformation of mannerl:l, and elevated in their hearts sonie spirit-


ual edifice, and rendered themselves wor-I thy by' their works. They were more particula.rly esteemetl ane.! distingUiShed, in the time of Manchin, \"tho '\.'\'3.8 the In·1st rema.rkable among them. A great many others embraced Chl'iRti::mity, and com.municated their secrets to those Chri~tians, whom they found had the good qnalities of it, li\dng in common, aud forming themselves as one family; which shows how the brilliant Order of Masons sm~tained themselvct-i until the ~Ixth age, and how it feU into n. state of lethargy arter that j notwitl.lHtanding- "vhich, t11l're have beeu nlways found some fuithfnl J.\IaRons; which is deady proved by the brilliant manuel" in which the Order uf :MaSOlll'y ",,-as receiyed ill the :rcar 1118, when. eleven Grand Elect and Perfect n:fasons, the most zealouH, presented tbemselyes to GarillouH, Prince of Jeru~alem, Patl"iarch and Knight Mason, and pronounced theirpromisc5 betweenhishal~ds" 'I'hey taught him tbe succession of the time, and progress to the time that the princes went to conquer the Holy Lo.JJd. The nlli:-lllce and obliga.tions thn,t ,vere formed l>ctween thos<.> pl"inceH, was, that they would spill the last drop of their blood, ill order to establish in Jerusalem the wortjhip oftha :Most High_ Hc in{orml) him that the peace \vhich took .l)lac~ after these \yarH, hindered them from ::lccomplishiug- their defolign, and therefore have continued in theory ","llat they 11ac1 sworn to do prnctically, never admitting in their Order only those ·who had given proofs of fricuds11ip, constancy and discretion. He then gi\.·es candidate a general history, in chrollological (letail, of th~ Masonic Order, it:f progress, its decline, antl the manner how it was sustained, till the epoch of the Crusaders, and until the hhstorical cirCUmi::ltallces that have given occasion to the degree which the candidate ex.pects j a degl'ce that will give him a IJcrt'ectknow!edge oftha precedent degrees, and the luanner how Masonry has come to us. After theaddres:), candidate kneels, aDd lays his right hand on the Bible, and, with his left between the handH of the Commander, he takes the following obligation: I,John Smith, hereby promise and swear, never to reveal the secrets of the Grand Elected Knights of Kadosh, or 'Vhite and Black .Eagle, to any perHon.· I swear tl) take revenge on the tra.itors of Masoul'y; and never to receive in thil:l degree, none but a brother who has come to the degrees of Prince of Jerusalem ~Dd Knight of the Sun, and then enly by


an authority gh~en to me by Q, Gra.nd Commander or Deputy Inspector, under his hand and seal. I promise to be ready at nIl times' to conquer the Holy Land, when I shaH be l:iummolled to appear; t·) pay due obedience at all times to the Ptiuce::; of the Royal Secret; and it' I fail in this my oblig-a.tiol1, I de8ire that all the p::l1altll·s of my former obligations may be iniUch.'(l on me. Amen. OOlUm:u\(lt'l'-Iu token of' your sincedty, you 'Yill kit'ili the book. Candidatl> kisses the Bible. GommRll<1er-l\1y dear brother, it is ucceHsury for those to whom the secrets of the Elected Knigbts arc confided, to be very circt1m~pect, always attentive, andllcver to breat.he a suspicion relative thereto, or to the mysteries and end of Masonry_ rfhc imprudence and iudiscretion of' m~ny brothers have given knowledge to the world of many of ottr emblemA, by which Mnsonry has greatll sutf~red, and \vili be repaired with difficulty. rrheir indiscretion has caused the Ins.., and retreat of many puissant brothers, "who would have been an ornaml'ut and support of our Lodge. Sueh incU8cretion in this degree, my denr brother, would be '\'vithouti any recovery, as there are no lUorc e.mblmus; ,,,,hen every mMter shall be di:.:;.covered and disclosed to you, that will giye room fOl: some events of which you will see' the conseqtH;'OceH when you Hhallha\"e heard all myiustructionl:i. The word which our brothers place at the end of their obli.. gations, 'viz_, An,leu, signifies thi~ ili no more, that shall be l'lO more; if this shall beagaiu. rrhis ought no longer to boa secret to you, who are going to havE.~ an explana.tiou of the origin of Masonry, and what has occasioned the Society. rrruth penetrate:; the cloud and the shade, which we can leave to come to the kuowledge of what ,va were before in quality of Knights of Kadosh, White and Black Eng-Ie, and what wo are aHSymbolic Masons, and what we can be by the destructi(m of our (~nemie!l, Let us pra.y. Commander then kneels with candidate and reads from text-book the follo\'ving prayer: 0 most eternal, beneficial and all gracious, great Architect of the universe; we from the secret depths of our hearts offer thee a living sacrifice. 'Ve beseech thee to inspire our enemies with a. just senl:ic of tho evil they have done us, au'd from their haVing a. conviction of their wrongs, they might atone for th~ir manlfold injuries, which do not belong to us thy sel'vants to redress ourselves, but by



their .eyes being opened we might be reconciled, and by 'a hearty union take possession of those blel.'.lRed lands where the original Temple was first established, where we might be gatherl:'d into one baud, there to celebrate thy holy praises once more on the holy monnt, iu ,vhose bowel!'! 'was deposited thy ever glol'iou:;, l'el:lpectable. ever blessed, aUli :1.\'\'1\\1 name. Amen. 'l'!le black veil is no,,,, removed, ,"Yhen the COUlmander sflys to caudidate-Bear in mind, my brother, tIlat the slightest indiscretion ,..'ill infallibly undermiue us and throw us into an horrible abyss, where we should see buried the whole Order of ,Masoury, the remaills of all il~ lustrious a.nd glorious Order. By its heroism ill favor of the uufortunate, how grea.t it has been in the time ,,,then its power, authority and ri(~hes were arrived to the bighel:lt pitch, 'when the distin~ guishcd birth of those who were membel'S of it, celebrated it!'! glory. Our aim is to j'egain that enviable pOl:lition j aIJd while we would not intimidate those worthy brethren of the Craft who aspire to this degree, yet we fear to confer it with tllO mach c.ollndence on an ordinary friend .est his discretion should not be all we cor.ld desire. '1'0 you we are about to confide our myRteric8 j and if you hav~ thug fa: made any remark that would keep you from pronouncing the obliga· tion or "O'l-V we are obliged to tal~e· from you, before we can give you. g'1'eater kuowleubc of the degree of Grand Elected Knight of Kadosh, consult yourself' ann see if you are disposed to penetr~l.te farth(-'r, and fulfil exactly all the points of the obligation you are going to pro· nOUIlCC with me ill order to link you to us for ever. Commander pauses a. while, and if the candidate wants to back out,at this stage, he is at liberty, and is so informed. Candidate again knee-Is before the a1tar, 3.11d lays his right hand Oll the Bible, and hil:! left between the hands of the Commandel·, who says-You l)\vear and promi!:;e. to mc, on that you hold most dear and sacred, J?irst, that :rou ' ....ill practice the 'works of corporeal mercy, and live a.nd die in your religion, never decla.ring to any man who l'eceivcd you, or assisted at your l·cception iuthis sublime dt'gree. Candidate-I promise and sweat". Commander-:-Say ",,,lith Inc, 'l'sedakah, (righteousnesl:i.) Candidate repeats Tsedakah. Commander-Secondly, . you promise and swear candor in all your Bog;..

tioDs, in consequence never to receive in this degree any brother who is not your most iutimate friend, and then by the consent of tv~10 Grand Elected Inspectors, if to be met \vith, or by a patent given YO\l for that pnrpose. Candi<late-I l:romiBe and swear. Cormnauder-Shorlaban, (or white ox, .figuratively.) Oandidate repeats Shorlaban., Commander-Thirdly, you promise and swear at all timl's to POSl:iC~S a sweetlles::; of mind, as much as you urc capabIe, to love and cherish ,Your brothers as your8elf, to help them in tht'ir uecessiti~s, to visit and assist them. when they are sid\:, and never dra\y arm!:l agailll:lt them on any pretence wha.tsoever. Ca.ndidatc-I pt'Ol11isc and s"vear. Commander-Mathok, (sweetness.) Candidate repeats l\Iathok. Commander-ltourthly, you promise and swear to regulate :your discourse by truth, and to keep with great circum~ spection :tlld regard the degree of the 'VVhite and Black Eagle or Kadosh. Candidate-I promise and s·weur. Commander-Say with me, EUlunah..' Calldid3.te rl'pt'ats Emu!lah. Commat:der-l!'ift.hly, you promise and swear that you ""ill travel for the advancement of h('avcl1, and to follow at all times, and in all points, eyery nlattcr that you are ordered and prescribed by the Illustrious Knights, and Grand Commander, to whose orders you swear I:mbmission nnd obedience, on all occal:lions, without any restrictions. Candidatc-l prom.ise and swear. Commander-Say \vith mc,· Hamal sag-gi, (great ltibol'.) Oandidate repeats Hamal saggi. ' Commander-Sixthly, you promise and swear to me, to patience in adversity, and you swear never to r(!ceiYc a brotlwl' ill thiH degree, on any pl'etext whatsoevbr, whose will is not free, as religious monks and all those who have made vo\\'s,without restriction to their superiors. Candidate-I promise and swear. Commander-Say with me, Sabbal, (n bUI·den, or patience.) '. II Candidate repeats Sabbal. COInUlunder-Scventhly,you promise, in the cnd, ~tud swear to keep inViolably secret, what I am goil1g to confide· to yon-to t-:acrifice the traitors of Masonry, aI1d to lookupou the Knights of1t1alta. as ot1renemies~to renounce for eve-r to be intbat Order, and regard them as .the unjust usurpers'. of tbe .rights, .titlesJand dignities, of the K.nights Templars, in


whose possession you hope to enter with the help of the Almighty. Candidate~I promise ands,vear. Commander-'l'hen say with me, Genlulah, Binah, 'febunah, (retribution, intelligence, prudence.) Candidate repeats tbewords, when the Commander relieves him, and saysBy the seven conditions,. and by the povlTer that is transmitted to mc, which I have acquired by my discretioll,11:1y UIltired travels, zeal, fervor, uncl constancy, I receive you Grand IllSpt',ctor of all Lodg,es, Grand Elect Knight ']'clIlplar, aud take ranI\:. among the Kllights of Ka路 dosh, or White and Black Eagle, which we路 bear the . name .of i I desire you not to forget it. It is indispensable for you, my brother, to mount the 'l\Iysterious Ladder, which yO'll see' there j it will



serve to instruct you In the mysteries of onrOrder, and it is absolutely neeessary that you should have a true Itnowledge of it. 'l'he candidate. then asceuds the ladder. 'Vben he is on thesevcllth or highest step, and has pronounceu the three last words, the laduer is lowered, and the candidate passes over it. lIe can路 llot retire the same way. l)( he has taken n,n obligation 11l2'VCr to turn back contrary to the il1terests and 'views of the Order: hence the ladder is lowered aud he passes over it. He, then the words at the bottom of the lauder.Ne plus ultra. ., Commander-The ~rysterious Ladder of seven steps which you have just passed is emblematical of the seven points of your Obligation, and which are' conneeted with the history of路 thii degree.



Commander now recites or reads to candidate a detailed history of t.he sufferings, burnings and final extirpation of the Knights Templars through the influence of the Catholic baud of Knights of l\:Ialta, (not the Masonic Knights of that name.) . Commander gives one loud rap, and four Knights enter, He then gives to . candidate the signs and token of the degree, as follows: Sign-Place the right band on the heart, the :fingers separated j let the hand fall. 011 the right thigh, bend the l'ight knee, seize your poinard, raise it to the height of the shoulder as if to strike, and say NEKA1'tI AnoNAI. In some Chapters they merely let the hand fall from the heart to the right knee, which they grasp. Order, or Saluting Sign-Hold your sword in the left hand, and place the right hand, with fingers separated, on the red cross which covers the heart. Token-Place right foot to right foot, and knee to knee, present the l'ight fist, the thumb elevated j companion seizes the fist, then presents . his own, w bich you seize in like manner. Each no'\v steps back a pace, and lifts his left arm as though to strike: one· says NEKAMAH BEALIM, the oth~r responds, PHARASLvL. Some Chapters use the token of Elect Nine. Others substitute for the words the question-Are you Kadosh ~ and the l'esponse, Yes 1 am. Commander now arms the. candidate and decorates him v,'ith the attributes, and communicates the name he mUliot take in future, which is uncommon to all otherl:l, and is Knight Kadosh, or Knight of tIle 'Vhite and Black Eagle. The Jewel is a :l'ed cross, as before described, but in the room of that now it is a. black spread eagle with two heads, suspended to a broad order of fiery bloody C0101\ worn from tIle left shoulder to right hip. The eagle, as if going to fly, with a naked sword in its cla:ws. This closes the initiation, and the Lee· ture in this degree h; then givell-Thl'ice Potent Grand CommandE..~l· asking the questions, and Grand Chancellor; or Se,nior 'Varden. answering them. Commander-Are you a Gl'and Elected Knight? "\Yarden-! am, Comma.nder-Who received )"oU in. this degree? \Yarden-A worthy Deputy Gra.nd Inspector, by COll!:lent of two others. Commander-What was then ·ione with jrou? Wa.rden-H~ crea.ted me n. Knight.

Commander-How can I believe you 1 Warden-My name, which I leave, will convince you. Commander-What is your name 1 Warden-Kado1ih, or Knight of the Black Eagle. Commander-Was anything else done with you? 'Varden-The Deputy Inspector adorned me witb the habit, ribbon, and jewel of the Order. Coulmander-Where ha,"c :rou receiv· ed the prize of j-our election? Warden-I have received it in a very deep grotto, in the silence of the night. Commander-To what do you spply? "'\Varden-! work with all my might a.nd strength to raise an edifice worthy of my brothers. Commander-'Vhat progress have you made? ' 'Varden-I have conquered the knowledge of the Mysterious Ladder. Commander-Of what is that ladder composed? Wal'den-Two supporters and steps.' Commander-What are the names of the h . .· o supporterH If Warden-Obeb Eloah, Oheb Kerobo. Commander-What design have these two supportel's? Warden-The fi·rst is the 10'\"e of God, and the other the love of our neighbors, Commander-'Vhat are the seyen'steps of the 1.1ysterious Ladder? v.,' arden-The virtues which I must practice, conformable to my obligations. Commander-Name them to U1C. \Yarden-Tl:ledakah, (or righteonsnesH) pl'actice or works of mercy. 2d. Shorlaban, (white ox, nguratively,) candor of our actions. 3d. Matbok, (sweetness,) 'Sweetness lof character, wbichall brethren must follow. 4th. Emunab, (truth in discourse.) 5th. Hamal saggi, (great labor,) advancement to the practice of Heaven. 6th. SalJbal, (a burdell. or patience,) pati~nce in adYersity. 7th. Gemulah, Binah,Tcbunab,(retribution, int~1ligence, prudence,)· signifies thnt ,ve mUl;t be pl'udent to kct'p secreteverv matter confided to us, .. . Com mandt.!r-"Vhat are your ordinary pass·'w ords ? '\Varden-l\!a11chin,namc of the Grlmd J\'Ial:iter Illost rCl1o"vned a.mong the Solitaries, known by the name of Kadosh. Commandel'-vVbatsigllint'.s that name? 'yardell-Solitary, or :.wparate. ComIDt1.nder-'V\'"llat was the answer.o! the Solitaries, when they "Were asked to what they pl'etended ? . , vVarden-Abarekah. eth Adonai beeol


beth, thamid tehillatho bepi, (see Psalm xxxiv. 1,) which is, I will bless God at aU times, and. will praise him with my mouth. Commander-Do they never gay anything else 'i . "\Varden-Yes, they say, also, Baallabah ach.ullek him heani j which is, I will nssh,t the poor, and always sustaiu them with all my might alldpowcl'. Commander-How comes the cross surmounted \vith the eagle and tho 8\vol'd ? 'Yaruen-'I'hat is, that I shaU n'membel" to employ Illy Mword, in the fulllCSS of time, uuder the banner of the black cagle, to Hupport the Order. Commauder-,\Vhere did you ,york ? 'Varden-In a place of security, to reestablish secretly the edifice ruined by the traitors. Commander-What success do you expect from it 1 'Varden-The right of virtue, the accord of brothers, the posse~sions of our forefat.hers, and everlasting happiness. Commander-Have you shed tears 1 'Varden-I have. Commander-Have you ever worn the mourning? "'Varden-Yes, I wear it still. Commander-Why do you wear it? Wardell-Becausevirtlle is desphled, and as long as vice reigns h1110cence will be opprtHISed, and ci-imes will be left unpuuished. CQlUlnanc1er-1Vhat is it that will punish vice and reward virtue? . 1Vardcn- The Great Architect of the Univerl:lc alone. Commander-How so ? "\Yarcl€,ll-'!'O favor our designs and desires. . [Here every brother says three times, God favor our designs.) Commander-Have you any other name than that of Kadosh, or Knight of the Black Eagle? 1Val'deu-1 have still the 11fl.InC of Adam to teach me, that from the most low I must go 1113 to the most high. Uowmauder-Giv(J me the sign of kno"l,'ledge against surprise. \Varden-:"Here it is. [Gives it in t11e following manner: he puts his right hand on the heart ofa brothel', in tho same manuel' alii with the pOll1ul'd ill the (l~gree ot' Nine Elected-then gives the token of the GrAnd Elccte<!,al1d thl;lll both strike the knee.] OOIDlIlandcl'-Ho1Y. came you to carry your tiugers extended on YOU1' heart 1 '\Yarden-Thatmy tn'tl:it is in God. Commander-How came you after that to ex.t<:.ud you1.' hand 1 1


'Varden-To show to my \rother that he ig welcome to all in my power, and to encourage bim to vengeance 1 Commander-How came you to let Y01.11.' hand fan on your right knee? 1Varden-1'o show we must bend our knees to adore God_ In clo:sing, Commander says-What .is the hour? "Yarden-The break of day demon; strateli. .. Commander-If the break of day demOlll:ltrate~. let us depart for revenge. -Grand Comruand(;ll' now puts his hand on his heart; thelllds it fall on hh~ right knee"which is answered by all; then the Gra.nd Commander embraces each, and each the other all around, and then the Chapter is declared closed.

SUBLIME PRINCE OF THE ROYAL SECRET. The meeting in this degree is termed a. Sovereign Grand Consistory, and three apartments are necessary. They should be situated at least one story above the ground. and always on the top floor of the building. The first apartmell"t is the guard rOOUl, and the second il:i the prepa· r~ti()l1 room. 1'he third apartroentis oecnpit'cl by members of tIle Consistory, is hung ,\,l,ith bIael:;:, sprinkled 1,rith tem's, and has arranged in it death's hl'nds, Cl'o~s·bone8, aud skeletolls. 'The thl'ODC hi in the ea8t, elevated -by seven steps. On the throL1(~ is the clUlir of gtate, lillCd with black. satin, :fiamed "I.-itll rt·d. Btl' fore the chair is a table covered with sD,tin, strewed with tear:;. On thi~ cloth, in front, is a dea-th's head and cross-bones j over the dcath's head is the letter I; and under the cross·bones is the letter 1\:!. . On the table is placed a na.ked sword, a buckler, a sceptre, a balance, and a book containing the

statutes of the Order.

In the west is



placod another table, covered with crim SOD, bordered 'With black,andstrewed with tears; on tHe front of this cloth are the .letters N K M K, in gold. Sovereign Grand Commander, representing ]~rederick the Great, King of Prussia, il) seated in a chair of State, on the throne. His dress is similar to that ofa modern potentate, and he is armed with a sword and shield. On a table before bim is a sceptre a.nd a balance. The Lieutenant Commanders dressed like the modern princes of Europe, and seated at the table in tlle west; their swords are crossed on the table. The ':Minister of State is placed at the Sovereign's right hand. 'rhe Grand Chancellor ~tands on the left hand of the Sovereign. Next to the :M.inister of State is placed the Grand Secretary. N ext to the Grand Chancellor is placed the GralldTreasurer. Below the last named officers are placed on one side the Standard Bearer, the Grand Master Architect, and the Captain of the Guards. Below these officers are placed six members dressed in red, without aprons, wearing the je"wel of the Order, suspended in front by a black ribbon. The collar of the Order is blac.k, edged with silver. On its point is embroidered in red a Teutonic cr<H:lS. On the middle of the eros:::! iaa dpuble headed eagle in silYer. 'The collar is lined with scarlet, on which is embroidel'ed a black Teu~ tonic cross. Around the ,vaist is girded So black sash, embroidered with silver. A Teutopic cross is embroidered on the girdle to come in front. 'rIle jewel is a golden Teutonic cross. ThQ COllal\ sash and jewel are worn by all the members. The carpet ~epl'esenting the Camp is a nonagon, ill which is inscribed a heptagon; in the heptagon is a pentagon; within this is an equilateral triangle, and in the· triallglc a circle. Between the heptagon aud pentagon, upon the sidl's of the latter, are placed the standards of the nve Standard BeaTel's, and the pa· vilions in~cribcd by the letterH TEN G U. The C'mblems on the standard '1' are the Ark of the CoYenant, au olive tree, and a Ugh ted candlestiek, on each side. The ground color of this sta.ndard is purple. On the ark is written th€l motto, Laus Deo.rrbe standard E bears a golden lion, hol(1ing in his mouth a golden kC'y, wearing around his neck a golden collar, on which is engraved 515, The ground is azure; the motto,Admajol'~mDei glorium. On tbe standard N is an infiamed heart, ill red, with two wingH, sunounded bya laurel crown. The ground is white. The flag G bears n double headed eagle, A

crowned, holding a. sword in his right claw, and in his left a bloody heart. Ground is sea-green. The flag U bas on it a black ox, (sable,) on a golden ground. On the sides of the nonagoll are nine tents, and on its angles nine pendants, each belonging to it~ appropriate tent. The pendants are distinguished by numerals, and the tents by the letters I N 0 N.. X 1 LAS disposed f)'om right to left. TheBe tents signify the different grades· of Masonry_ 'Thus: Tent S is l\Ialachi-pendant, white, spotted with red; represents Knights of the· East and· 'Vest, andPri.nces of J eO: rusalem. 'feut A is Zernbbabel-pendant, light green; repl'esents Knights of the Eakit, Tent L is Neamiah-pendant, red; reo presents Grand Elect, Perfect, a.nd Sublime Masons, Tent I is lIobben or Johaben-pendant, black. and red; representl:l Sublime Elect, and Elect of Fifteen.' Tent X is PC'leg-pendantl black; represents Elect of Nine, or Gl'and Master Architect. Tent N is Joiada-pendant, red and black in lozenges; represents Provost and Jtldgcs. rrent 0 is Aboliab-pendant, red and green; l"cpresentslntendant of the :Buildings and ]lltimate Secretary. rrent N is Josbua-pelld~tnt, green; repr<:>sents Perfect Master_ 'r~llt I is Ezra-pe~dant,blue j represents Mastel', Fello\y Craft, and Entered Apprentice, rl'he equilateral triangle in tIle middle rE-presents the centre of the armYt and shows where the Knights of Malta are to be placed who have been admitted to our mysteries, and ha,"e proved themselves faithfnl guardians. 'l'hey are to be joined with the Knights of Kadoilh. '1'be corps in the centre is to be commanded by nve Princes, who command jointly 01· in rotation, according" to their degrees.., and receive tbeir orders hnmediately from the Sovereign Grand Commander. These five Princes must place theirstandards in the five angles of the penta.. gon, as abo,,"e dcscrib<.~d, Their names. as Standard Bearers, are as follows: Standard T-Bezalt~c1. 'Standard E-Aholiab.. Standard N-Mahl.lzen.. Standard G-Qarimont. Standard U-Amariah. The heptagon points out the Encamp.. ment destined for the Princes of LibaDUS, Jerusalem, &c., and these are to receive their orders from tli!e ftvePrinces.··




In opening' the Consistory, the sove-l which are to be read backward around reign Commander says-Salix. the circle from right to left, thus: One Lieutenant Commanders all respond- says Salix, and the other Noni j both then Noni. repeat (by lefters) the word Tengu. All together then say-Tengn. PasH·words-Phual Kol, Pharas Ko!, Sovereign Commander gives the signs Nekam Makah,both pronounce (by lett')f this degree, and then of the other de- tering) the 'Word Shaddai. greeH, a.nd all the members dl) the same. The Sovereigll Commander then deSovereign Commander-Let us iilli· livers to candidate the charge: tate. our Grand l\laster Jacques de MoMy dear brother: The Saracens havlay, Hiram Abiff, who to the last placed ing taken posse8sion of t.he Holy Land, aU hi!:! hopes in the Great Architect of those who ,yere engaged in the Crusades the Universe, and pronounced the fol- not being able to expel them, agreed lowing words just as he passed from this ,vith Godfrey de Bouillon, the conductor transient life into eternal bliss :-Spes and chief of the Crusaders, to "eil the mea in Deo est, (l\ly hope is in God.) mYl-3teries of religion under elnblcms by If a candidate is to be admitted, he which they would be able to maintain must :firt:Jt be faithfully examined as a the devotion of the soldier, and protect Knight of Kadosh. If the examination themselves irOluthe incurBion of those prove satisfactory, the l\Iaster of Cere- who were their enemies, nfter the exmonies gives him the pass-word, which ample of the Scriptures, the style of he repeatato the Lieutenant Commandel' which i:i figurathrt~_ rl'hose zealous breat the door of the Consistory. 'l'!le door tIll'cn chose Solomon's 'Temple for their is then opened, and Master of Ceremo- model. rrhis buihUng has strong aUunies leadl:i candidate up in front of the siems to the Christian church. Since that Sovereign Commander, who questions period they (Masons) have been known him as to his motives and desire to 1'e- by the name of l\1aster Architect; and ceiv~ tbis degree, after which he adlllin- they have employ"cd themselves in imister'3 the following obligation: proving the la.w of that ad.mirable :MasI, John Smith, do, of my OW11 free will tel'. l i'rom hence it appears th:l.t the and accord, in the presence of the Grand mystE'l'ies of tbe Craft are the mysterieB Architect of the Universe, and in this of relig'ion_ rrhose brethren were careCousil)tory of SO'vercign Princes of the ful not to entrust this import~LIlt secret Royal Secret, or Knights of Sf.. Andrew, to auy whose discretion they had not faithful guardians of the faithful trea- proved. For this reason they invented sure; most solemnly vow and swear, different degrees to try those wb() enterunder all the different penalties of my ed among them; ami only gave them former obligations, that I will never di- s,ymbolic secrets, 'without explanation,to rectly or indirectly reveal or make known preyent treachery, aud to make themto any person or persons whatsoeYcr, any selves kno\"ln only to each other_ For or the least part of this Royal degree, this purpose it was resoh"ed .to use difunless to one duly qualified in the body fcront signs, ,vords, and tokens, in every of a regulal"ly constituted Cont:;istory of degree, by which they ,vonld be secured the same, or to him or them \'\'hom I shall agaiul:iit cowans and Sa.raccns 'l'he dif:find such after strict and due trial. I f~rent degrees were fixed first to tho furthei'more vow and s··..v ear, under the number of seven by the ('xample of the above penalties, to always abide and Grand Architect of the Univ('rse,. ,vho regulate myself agreeably to the statute!:! built all things ill six: days and rested on and regulations now before D10; and tho seventh. 'rhis· is diHtinguil:\hed by when in a Consistory to behave aucI de- the seven points of l'eception in the 1\1asmeau myself as one ,\'Itorthy of being ter's degree. Enoch elnployed six days honored with so high a degree, that no to construct tIle arches, and on the sevpart of my conduct may in the least re- cl1th, luwhlgdepositcd the secret trea:flect discredit 011 the Itoyal Consistory, sure in the low<.'st arch, ,vas tranjo;lated or disgrace on myself. So may God main- to. the aLodesof the bless~d. Solomon taln me in equity and justice! Amen! ~mployetl t:\bc years in cOll~trtl.cting his Amenl Amen! Am.en! 'l~{,'mple; and celebruted itl:l dedicatioll '1'he signs and words in tIlis degree aloe on the seventh,with all the J:;olemnity then given to candidate, as follows: worthy of the divinity llimself. 'l'his Sign-Place the right ha.ud on the sacred edifice wo choose to make the baheart; extend it forward, the palm down- sis of· figurative. :Masonry. Iu the nrst wards; let it fall by the right side. degree are three symbols to. be applied. Sacred 'Worc1s-r!'hose of· thcCarpet, First, the :first of the creation, which was



only chaos, 1s figured by the candidate's coming out of the black chamber, neither naked DOl' .clothed, deprived, &e.; and his l:;uffering the paint'lll trial at his reception, &c. The (:andirlato seCH nothing before 11e is brougbt to light j and his po",.. en; of' imagiImtiun 1"elatiyc to ' ....lmt h~ i~ to go through are su~pended, 'which :lUndf'S to the figure of the creation of that 'Vast luminous body confused among the ot.her purts of creation before it was ('xtrnctecl from darkness anei fix· eel by the Almighty FIAT. Seeonclly. tbe candidate approaches the footstool cf the Master, and there renounces all cowans; he pro1lli~es to subdue his passions, by ,'vhieh means he is united to virtnc, and,' by his regularity of life, demollstrates what he proposes. This is :figured to him by the steps that hc t1tkcB in approaching the altar j the symbolic meaning of '\vhich is the separation of the :firmament from the earth and water on the second day of creation. [Th<.? charge proceeds by giving a figurative interpr(>~ tation of the ceremonies, &c. of the fir~t and secend parts of the: third degre(>.] In the Master's degree is represented the assassination of Hiram by fal:;:e brethren. rrhi8 ought to put UH in mind of the fate of Adam, occasioned by perYersc~ ness ill his disobeying his great and a\yful Creator. '1"1he symbolic mystery of the death of Hiram Abiff repl"t'sents to U8 thnt of the MC!-lsiah; for the three blows ,vhich ,,,'ere giYf>n to Hiram Abifl', at the three gUh'!:l (if tl1(~ Temple, allude to the thn'e }Joix~ts of condemnation against Chri!-;t, at the High Priest's Cai~ phas, H(I1'od, ::md Pilate. It was from the IU1:jt that he '''''as led to that most ....iclent an~ excruciating death. rrllO said three blows with the square, guage, and gavel, are symbols of the blow on the cheek, tbe flagellation, and the crown of t1101'115. 'l'11e brethren 3.Hsembled around the tomb of Hiram, is a repres('nttltiou of the disciples lamenting the death of ClIrist on the Cross. rrhe Master's word, '\vhieh hi to be lost sillce the ell'uth of Hiram A birr, is tho snme that Christ pronounced on the croHs, and which· the JO\"s did 110t comprehend, H Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani," Hl\I:r God, my God. why hUlit thou forsnken :me? have pity 011 and forgive rny oUt'll1ies"-lnstead of which 'worus were substituted, ,M. B. N. (Mac-be-nae,) wllich, in Arabian, signi~ ties, H The son of the widow is dead. H The false brethren represent Judas Isca~ riot, who sold Christ, rfhe red collar worn by the Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Masons, calls to remembrance

the blood of Cht·ist. The sprig of' cassia. is the figure· of the cross, of this wood ,vas the crO!"R made. The captivity of the Grand Elect nnd Sublime Masons, (i. c. by the Chaldeans.) shows us the persecution of the Christian 1"rli,;, gion under the Roman cmperOl'i:i, and its libE;rty under Constantine the Grc·nt. It also calls to onr remembrance the pcrsccutiol1 of the Templars, and the situati(;u of Jacques de Molay, who, lying in irons nearly seven years, at the ('nd of' 'Yhich our 'Worthy Grand Master was Inll'ut alive with ~his four cc;mpanions, on the eleventh of Mal~ch 1~H4, creating pity and tears in the people, 1Yho sm'll him die with firmness zmd heroic COlll:5tal1cy, senling hi!:! innocence with his bloed. :My dear brother, in passh1g to the degree of })c1'fec1. Master, in 1'\'hkh YOtt shed tears at the tomb of Hiram Abiff, and in some other degrees, has Dot your heart b(.~en led to revenge 1 Has not the crime of Jubelum Akirop becn represented in the InOot llid<wus Eght? 'Vonlu it be t1Ujust to compare the conduct of Philip the Fail' to his, and the infnmous nccuserl; of the Templal's to thet,yo ruffians ,,,ho were nC'complices "'itll Akirop ~ Do they not kindle ill your heart an equal aYer~ sion? 'l'he different stages you hayc tra· vekd, a.nd the time you have taken in. learning these hir:;torical <.-vent~, no doubt ,,,ill lend you to make the propel'appli(~atiollS; and by the d(,.'grc~e of Master Elect al:ld Kadosb r :,you are properly dis· posed to fulfil all your engagements, and to bear an implacable hatred to the Knights of Malta, rmcl to avenge the death of Jacques de Molay. Your ex.' tcm;ive acquaintance with symbolic 1\la· sOIlry, 'whkh you baveattaLued by Jrour discretion, leaves. you nothing more to desire }1('1'e. You see, my dC1ar brother, IHHv, and by whom, Ma::;onry 11:18 come to us. You are to endeavor by every just means to regn,in our rights, and to remember that we are joined by a socicty of men, Wh08€' courage, merit~and IXOOd conduct, hold out to us that rank thHt birth alone gavc to our an<:est01'8. You are now on tho same lovel with tlH':I'll. A",oid every evil cy ke(~ph1g your obliga. tions, and carefully conceal from the yul· gar 'what )rou arc, nucl wait that happy moment when we all shall be reunit~d under the samo Sovereign in the man· l:lionl'! of eternal blil:'j:;. Let us imitate the example of our Grand ,Master, Jacques de Molay, who to the end put llis hope in God; and at his last dying moments endcd his life saying, Spes mea. inDeo est 1 In closing the Consistory, the .Sove..


reign Commander inquires tbe bour, which is reported to be the fifth after sunset. He then says-Salix. "rhe Lieutenant Commanders and members l'espondas in the openiug. Sov,ereign Commander"":-Spes mea in Deo est 1 Let us depart. SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTOR GENERAL. This degree is conferred only on elected members of a Supreme Council, 'which is the governing body of Masons in any country. In the United Statetl two Supreme Councils are allowed, which is an exception to the general rule. The number of "vorking Inspector Generals cannot exceed nine, though there may be a.ny number of honorary members. A Supreme Council in this degl-ce is hung with purple, with skeletons, skulls, cross-bones, &0. painted or embroidered thereon. 'rhe throne in the east is under a. purple canopy, which is trimmed 'With gold. Over it, and beneath the canopy, is n. transparency representing ~t Delta, in the centre of which is seen the ineffable llame in Hebre\v. Near the centre of the room is a quadrangular pedestal covered with scarlet cloth,· ou which rests an open Bible, with a unk~d sword across it. North of this pedestal stands a skeleton holding in its left ha.nd the white bannel' of the Order, al1d in its l'ight hand a poinard in the attitude of striking. Ovt::r the door of entrance, inside, is the motto of. the Order, embl'oidered on a blue scarf', viz.: "Deus memque ju~." In the east there is a chandelier of five branches; in the south one of two branches; ill the west one of three; and in th e north a single bracket-makiugeleven lights in all. Most Potent Sovereign Grand Commander.representing Fredt:!rick. the GrNlt, King of Prussia,il:! seated on the throne in the east. He is drf'Hr,ed ill a crimson satin robe, trhnmed 'with white, wears ft. crown, and ll()lds a naked s\'I,"ord in his righ t hand. rl'!l("re is but one Warden, seated in the W Cl:it, nnd he is ~ty led the. Illustrious Litmtenant GI'audCommander. He i:! dressed in a. blue satin robe, Weal"H a .d1.lcalcrowll. and he also hoIdi:) a naked sword ill. llis rig-lIt hand. The other officers are an Il1l1striotls Treasurer of the Holy Empire-Secretary, ~{asterof Ceremonies. and Captain of the Gua.rdl-l. n11 !=ty10d 111m:trirmH.


The members are styled Illustrious Sovereign Grand Inspectors General; and all, including officers, wear the Or· der and Jewel ot" the degree. and in addition, a red Teutonic cross attached to the left side of tho CO::it. The Order (worn as a scarf) is a broad '\\-hite watered silk ribbon, trimmed with gold, and with a 'white, red and green 1'0'" sette (also trimmed with gold) at the bottom. 'VYhere it crosses t.he breast there is a golden Delta embroidered 011 it, StU"· rounded with l·ay~, and ill ,its c,entre the figures 33: on each side a golden dagger pointing towards the centre. Tbe Jewel is a two·headed black eagle, crowned, with \'\'ings extended, and holding a. sword in its talons: tbebeak, claws and dagger are of gold. It is worn suspend· ed from the Order, In opening, the Sovereign Commander raps four and one, two and one, then ODe, and then two, ,vhieh raps are repeated by the Wardell. He then gives the order tbat t.he Supreme Council shall now be opened for the dispatch of business. The 'Varden thereupon declares the Council opea , In admitting n candidate to this degree, no particular eeremony is performed. He must be ballot~d for after a va· cancyamong working members has 00curl·ed. He is introduced by the Mal:\telof Ceremonies, knee1s at the altar and taltel') the following oath: I, John Smitb,do hereby swear and promise on my word of honor, on the faith of an honest man, in the presenco of tbe Grand Architect of the Universe, and before this assembly, to guard and preserve the mysteries of this degree which l1as been conferred on me, Dot only fromthe profane, butfrolU all of an iuferior degree, under the penalties of all my former obligations; .and I consent, if I violate this obligation, to ha.....e my tongue torn out by thel·oots. May God keep me in this, or destroy m.e. Amen. The candidate is then instructed in the signs and \vords of the clt'gree, ~'jrst sign-Hold tIlt.' haud to tbe mouth as if about to grasp the tongue. Second sign-Throw off the hand, Opt nhlg it at the same instant. Sacred words-Nekamah Baclim; the broth~r answers, Begaal Kat rl'he bro~ t.herkJ tht:~l1 embrace, at the same time saying Ac1onai. Pas.-;-wol'd:-;-For entry, Nek~m;. the brother ans'\\'m"'l:l, MenacheIll. For retiring, Phual Kol; the brother a.uswers, Pharas Kol. In closing, the Sovereign Commander



raps as in the opening, and inquires of the vYal'den-'\Vhat is t.he hour? \IVarden-The morning sun has appeared in the ealilt, and illumines the CO'll.ndl.

Sovereign-It is then time to close our Council. Our Illt'lstrious Lieutcuant will please to notify the Grand Inspectors that we are nbout to adjourn. The'Varden gives t1l(~ l1otice, the signs, &c" are given, and the Council is then closed. ";>'KNIGHT OP THE EAST, OR S1VORD. This degree is seldom conferred, and is t.herefore left out of' itl) proper order, which is introductory to tha,t of, Pl'ince of Jerusalem. It i~ founded upon Zerubbabel's first journey to Persia, when he obtained permission and means from Cyrus, the King, (father of Darius,) to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. Those "who accompanied llim were called Knights of the East, or Knights of the SWO'l'd. and th'ey were afterwards c1'eatE"d Princes of J cl'usalem. There are t"yO apartments used in this .. degree. .The first is bung with green on the east, west, and north Hides, so as to leayc a space of t)ix feet behveen the baogings and the wall. 'I'he space enclo~ed is an obl011g square. It repr~sents the apartme11t of Cyrus, King of Persia : the throne is in the east, t,'C,·o a.rm chairs in the west, undthe seats for the memberR in the south. Behind the thronc is a transparency, representing the dream of Cyrns, (mentioned hereafter 1 ) and abo,re, near the ceiling, is a triangular glory, and in it the ineffable name (Jehovah) in Hebrew. rrhe glory rests on a luminous· cloud, fl'om which an eagle is issuing, 'with a. label in its· bea.k, a.nd on it the 'Words, "GiYe liberty to the captives." Below appear Neb'llchadnezzar and :Belshazzar, as captives loaded with chains. There l:ihould be an imitation wall around 'within this apartment, forming a. long square. On each corner, and on each side of the wall, there should be towers, six. ill all. A t the foot of the square, in the west, thcresbould be a large tower, with t\'\'o doors, one opening within the enclosm'c, and one outside In thespa,ce between the wall and the second apartment, 'There should be an arched . bridge beh,>ecll this tower and the door of the second apartment, lvhich is I:lupposed to cross the river Euphrates. The second apartment represents the Court of tho TQmple~ at J eruialem, and

is hung with red•. The carpet represents the furniture of tho holy and most holy places. Aboye the ark, the· Shekinah, (symbol of the presence of Jehovah,) is repr("'sentecl by a lamb reposiug on a book sealed with f).even seals. At the c,orner of the 'remple. is the· column Boaz, broken. Tllecarpet is covered with black, 'which is removed at the pro· per time for its being ullcovered. In the first. apartment· the presiding officer dresses in ro~ial robes, and represents Cyrus; Kil1g of Persia, nndis called Sovereign : Senior "\Val'dcn represents Nebuzaradan, and is styled Fin;t General: Junior 'Ynrdell (reprcsentil,g l\1ithl'iclates) is called Second General. 'I' be other officers are a Chancellor, Grand Master of Ceremonies, l\Iaster of Dispatches, aod Captain of the Guards. rrhe brethren in this apartment are dress... cd in yellow or red robes, and wear tur" bans 'with suns embl'oidered in front. rrbe Sovereign carries a sceptre. .Wardens and brethren have naked swords in t.heir llands, and ""veal' greE'n ribbon scarfs "dthout any jewel. Apron, white, lined and bordered with .green, Without any emblems. In the second apartment the presiding officer represents Ananias, and is styled 1\1o~t Excellent Grand Master. He if seated in the cast., ·wears a crown, an(holds a gavel in his hand. The Senio).' 'Varden is seated in the west, andwear~ as ajcwel a square within three triangles. r'j,'he Juuior 'Varden, in the south, "Wears a level \'vithin three triangles. III addition to these there is in thil:i apartment a. Gl'and Captain of the Guards, who dresses like the otl1er brethren. The ltlastet and officers "wear their je"vels suspended from the neck, by green ribbons, and the brethren from the bottom of green. cordons.· The jewel of the Muster is a triple triangle enclosed in a circle. The other officers 'wear the usual jewel in a triple triangle, which· is Do gold m(;'da,l "".ith the five orders of architecture upon it, and ("overed by two steel crost)-s\yords. The ~rethren wear tho triple triangle, crossed by two £n""ords, the hilts restil1g on the lev(~l. The jewels arc of. gold. Each brothel' 11as 3.. trowel suspenued from. the string of' his apron. Conncil is Qpaned in first apaatment. So"-oreign-My brethren,as~h;t Dle, to op(~n n. Council of Knightl$ of theS\"'·ora. }"irst General (or Warden)-Attention, Knightl:l)J-ou .will. assist ou.r Sovereign in opening the Council. Second General repeats this order. Sovereign to First General-Brother


Senior, you will see that our sCouncil chamber is well guarded, and that all present are true Knights. 'First General' goes and questions the Captain of the Guards-returns and says :--Sovereign Master, we'are well guardl~d from the eyes of the profane, and lobsen'('" that all present arc true Knights of the Sword. Sovcreign-vYhat is the time? First General-ThiR day completes the s(!l\'cnty years of captivity. Suvereign-Generals, Princes, and Knigh tlol, I have lOXlg sinc~ resolved to liberate the Jews \'\"ho are in captivity: I am wearied with seeing them inchail1:; ; but before I liberate t.hem I wish to COllsuIt you respecting a dream which I have had this night, and which requires an interpretation. I imagined I saw a fero路 <:ious lion abont to throw himself on me tl.ud doyour me-his appearance terrified me, and I hal'3tily looked for some sheUer fl路om his fury; but at that instant J san' my two predecessors, habited as slaves, beneath a glory. which Masons designate by the name of the Grand Architect of the Universe. I was made to understand two words \yhich I saw issuing from a blazing star: they signified, Liberate the captives; and I understood if I did not do' thi:) Illy crown would pass from me to strangers. I remained speechless and confu,sed, and SUddenly awoke. From that instant my tranquility fled. It relnains for you, PriuccB, tl) assi:::;t me with your advice on this occasion. )Vhilc the Sovereign is speaking', the brethren cast theix;. eyes downwards: ,vhen he is done they look at the Pirst Ge:ueral, who clra. \'\'S bis 8\'\'o1'd, and ele路 vates the point, with hi8 arm extended in front. rl'h~ brethren draw their swords, placing them iu the same position. 'I'he ~"ir8t General now points his sword downwards to signify his agreement with the Sovereign, then upwards again to ~igni(y liberty. 'rhe brethren all imitate him. Sovereigu-L(lt the Captivity b(~ iinished. Generals, Princes and Knights, this Council is open. ' ~"irRt 'and Second Generals each proclaim that the Council is open. If a candidate is to be admitted, his ha.ud::; are first bouud with a cllain of triangular links. He repl-e8cnt::;Zerubbabel asa captive. ,The 1\18,8ter of Ceremonies l(~adl:l him to the door of the tower, where h3 is thus interrog:ntcdby the Guard,;: Captain ofG'nards-What cl0 you wish? Candidate-I wish,if possible, to speak with y~ur Sovereign.


Captain of Guards-:,,"Who are you? Candidate-rrhe first among my equals, by rank a l\!ason, and by misfortune a captive. Captain of the Gl.'lards-Whatisyour name? ' Candidate-Zerubbnbel. .. Captain of Guards-'Vhat is your age '! Candidate-Seventy years. Captain of Guards-'\i\That is the cause of thiH applieatien ~ Cauclidate-The tears and misery of mv brethren. "Captain of Guards-vYe will eDdea,~or to make your sad request known to our Sovereign. The Captain (If the Guards knocks five and two at the door of the tower. 'I'his is repeated; one by the 'Second General, two by tlle First General, and tllree by the Sovereign. The Second General says-The Guard l~nocks at the door of the tower, in the manner of a Knight of th~ Sword. First General-Sovereign .lVlaster, the Guard knocks at tlle tower. Sovereibl'll--Brother Senior, probably some one is to be introduced; be prudent; in my present t~mba1"l"asrled state the h.~a8t advice is not to be disregarded. '1'11e Second Generd goel:J to the door of the tower, };.nocks, aIld it is opened. The Captain of the Guards lay8 aside hil:l spear, comes before the Sovel'eign, crosses lJis arms, bows, an~t saYJ:)-l~he first nUlong Masons, Ilia equals, ag(;:d seventy years, wishes to appear before yt>u. Sovereign-'Vhen he shall have been introduced into the tower of the palace, we will examine him. 'l'he Guard bOWl:), retires, and makes the candidate enter the tower, which i$ closed on him. The So,'ereign questions candidate through the door,which is shut. Sovereign-'Yhat is the cause of this application? Candidate-I come to implore the justiceand benevolence of the SoYereif:,rn. Sov~reign-}"or what purpose? Caudidatc-'1'hat mercy may be Rhown to my brethren, who have beeu in cap. tivity seventy yNtrs. Soyerei/;''11-vVhat is your n:ur:e? Candidatt:~-Zerubbabel;I alI1 the first among my equals; by rank a l\1ason, by misfortune a. captiye. Sovereign-'Vllat is that mercy which yon demand of me? Candidate-'rhat. under the protection of the Grand Architect of the Univ{'rse, the Killg will rel:Jtore our liberty and al路 low us to l'ctUl'll 'and rebuild the Temple of our God. "



Sovereign-Since motives s.o jllst conducted you hither, you are permitted to· appear in our presence. The Guards open the. door of the tower, and cause the captive to prostrate himself in the west. So,~ereign-Zerubbabel, I have, like you~ lamented the severity of your cap" tivity.. I promise to grant you liberty instantly, if yon 'Yill communicate to me the secrets of Masonry, for which I have always entertained profound veneration. Candidate-Sove reigll Master, when SoloUlon communicated to us the first principles of Masonry, he informed us that equality was its foundation. Equality doe~ not reign here; and your I'ank, your titles, and your court, are Dot admissible in the place where instruction is given in our l11ystN·ies. BORides, our ex~ terior markH are unknown to you; my engagements inviolable; I Hnl unable to reve~l our secret~, and if libert.y is to be obtainccl at this price, I prefer captivity Sovereign-I admire the discretioD ::l.11c1 the virtue of Zernbbabel: he deserve~ liberty as are'" ard for his firmness. rrbe brethren assent, by pointing their swords downwardlS, and then up'ward$. Sovereign to. Second General-Cause Zerubbabel toul1dergo the seventy trials, \',,rhich I reduce to three, viz., 18t'1'113ot of the body; 2d. That of his courage; 3d. That of hi8 mind j after which, perhaps, he may merit the favor "vhich he demands. The Seccnd GelH~ral causes him to go round the Lodge thl·e(.~ times. rrhe first time, no small. shell is exploded; the sec" ond time, he is examined to nscertain ",'!lether be persists. ill his demand j the tllil'dtirne, he holds his llands at the top of hiB forehead. After this, the Secol1d General kIlocks seven, and the First General sayH-What-do you wish? Second General-rrhe candidat.e has sllbmitted to his with firmness tlnd constanc3,T· So\·ereign-Zerubbabel, I p;rant to you the fa,·or whicb you. solicit, and COD13ent that you shall be set at liberty. Sovereign knocks seven, which is the signal at ,,,hich the· GeneralH divest Zerubbabel ot' hiH chains. So,"ereign-Ret.urn to your own country; I pernlit .you to rebllild the 'l'emple deRtroyed by my ancestors; its treasure::; shall be sent to you before the setting of the Hun: yousha,ll be acknowledged chief oyer. your brethren. I ordain that all shall. Obey you in . the country through which .you shall pass; .that they ihall

render you assistance as though it were to myself; I will only exact a tribute from you of thre\"\ lamb::;, five sheep, and se\1cn rams, \'Vhich I ·will receive under the porch of the new Templo: if' I dE":' mand this, it is rather in remembrance of the friendship ,vhich I have promised you, than as a reward. Come hith<:'r. The Generals place candidate at the foot of thethroDE'. Sovereign-I arm you with this sword, as n. mark of your superiority OVt'r your {'qual:;;; Jam persuaded you. will employ it only in their defence. aild I create you a Knight of the S~Yol'd. In saying these last y.ords, the Sovereign strikes him with his sword on the shoulders, und the11 raises him. He gives candidate the apron, and gre,en cordon, ,vhich pmises from left to right, and says -As a mark. of my esteem, I decorate you with 8n npron and J,lush, which I ha.... e adopted in imitation of the workmen of your Temple. Though. these decorations are not accompanied with (my mysteries, yet I eoufer them 011 tho princes of my court as marks of honor; henceforth you enjoy the same honor. I no,Y commit you to the care of l\ebuzaradan, (Master of Ccrclnonies,) '~'ho ","ill give ;you guides to conchwtyou in safety to your brethren, in the place where to fouml the n(;~w Temple. rrhus I decree! 'l'he :E'lr~t General leads the caudidate and places him in the t.ower, ,,,here he remains while the brethren silently pass into tho Hccond apartment.. After they arc in order, the ca.ndidate is .1ed out and then conducted to tIle bridge. At its cn.· tranca he it; opposed by guards, who rob him of his npron and sush, and endeavor to preY(,l1t his paFu"age ; he attacks, drives them off, and arrives at the .Q.OOl" of the second ~lparhncnt, where the :Ma~tN' of Ceremonies knocks seven at the door. 'Vhen the brethren hear tho alarm, they detach the trowd from their aprons, and hold it in the Id't hand, and the sword ill the right. The Second Genf~ral (or Jul1ior)yarden as he is no""," called) knocks seven. rl'bis is repeated by the First General (or Senior ",rarden.) . Junior vVardeu-J hear a knockhlg· at the door of the Lodge, in the manllt'r of Knights of thH S,vord. Senior'Vurdcm-l\lost ExcC'llent Mas. tel', some on'e knocl)'.s at tIlt' door of the Lodge, after the manner ot' the Knights of the Sword. l!ast~r-Brotbcr Junior 'Varden,. see

who knocks. . Junior 'Varden goes, knocks,and open· ing theaoor, says-:-"rhatdo you wish 2


Candidate-I ,,,,ish to sec my brethren, t.hat I may inform them· of my deliverance from Babylon, and that of the unhappy remnant of the fraternity, which has been freed from captivity. Junior'Varden shuts the door and reports to the Master, who sa)'-s-The news which the capt.iye brings it; true: seventy years are expired, and the day has arrived for rebuilding the Tcmple. Ask the cnptiyc his name, his age, and country, for fear of surprise. ~Ttluior'Varden knocks seyen, o_pens the door, and says':-'Yhat is your name? Can didate-Zerubbabel. Junior '\Varden-,\Yhat is your age? Candidate-Seventy years. Junior 1Varden-1Vhere is your country situated? Ca.ndidate-On this side of tIle river Staburzania,to the west of Assyria. Junior 'Varden shuts the door, reports to Senior Warden, who reports to the Master, who says-HiS name is Zerubba.bel, his country lies on this siele of the river Staburzania., his age seventy years; yes, my brethren, the capti'llity is ended! '£ho captive is tM1.1y the Prince of the sovereign tribe which is to rebuild the Temple. Let him be admitted among us and acknowledged as the onc,vho is to direct and assist our labors. Junior Warden knockl:l,.opens the door, and conducts the candidate to the ,,'est. Senior '\Tarden-l\f('l:it Ex.cellent Muster, behold Zerubbabel, who demand8 to be admitted into our fraternity I 1\Iaster-Zerubbabel, give us an exact . relation of your deliverance. Candidate- Cyrus gave me permission to approach the foot of his throne, he was touched with the miseries of the fraternity, he armed me with this sword, for the defence of my brethren, and honored me with the title of brother amonghi::; companions. Hofinally granted me my freedom, and committed me to the care of his faithful SUbjects, who conducted me on my journey, and assisted me in conquering our enemies at the passage of the· river Stabul'zania, where, notwithstanding our victory, we lOliit the lnarks of distinction which had been given to us by the king, our deliverer. Master-My brother, the 10''8s ,vhich you have met ,vith l::lhOWR that the jltl;. tice of our fratcl'llity \,·onld not endLlre the triumph of' pomp auclgrandeur. In decorating you whh these hOllors, Cyrus 'Was not guided by that spirit of eqllality ,vllich ha~ always characterized you. By this losB,all the marks of distinction Teceiv-ed from thatpriuce ha"\?e :disappear..


ed, but you haye preserved those of true Masonry; but before I can communicate to you those secrets, which, since our captivity have been preserved among the remnant of our fraternity, we lUU8t rE:" quire of you assurancE'S that yOll have not lost tfle sentiments, or the knowledge of illasollry, during your servitude. Candidate-Examine lUC; r am pre.. pared to un~wer. MastE'r-"\Vhat degree in l\!asonry hn:\-e you r(,~ceived ? Candidat~-The degree of :Most Excel. lent Master. Master-Give Inn the sign. . Candidate gh·es the sign of 1'r!ost Excellent Master, as on pnge 61. Master-Give me the grip. Grip giyen as on pnge 61. Master-My bretlm..m Knights, I believe Zerubbabel is worthy to partic~pate in our new mysteries. The br~threl1 assent by elevating t.heir swords. Master-·,Most Powerful Senior Warden, caU8e the candidate to advance by three steps; and at the third, let him kneel at the foot of the throne of the Grand Hnd Sublime Architect, where he wilt . make the el1gag~ll1ent13 ,vhich ,YO require. Candidate advances by three steps to the altaI', kll(~eIs, and takes the f'ollo\"dng obligation: I, John Smith, <10 hereby promise, un~ <leI' the. same obligatiollS which 1 have contracted in the di fferen t degrees of Masonry, never to rnveal the Hcerets of the Knights of the Sword, or l!"I rec .:Masons, to anyone of an il1ferior degree, 01" to anyone whoil:J not a Ma~on, und~rt.he penn,lty ot' enduring a captivity 50 rigorous that my chains sballueyel' be broken, and that my body be exposed to the beasts of the forest, and that a thunderbolt may. dash lYle to atoms,· as an example to others who .are indiscreet. So mote it be. 'rhe Master raises tIle candidate, and (while be and the brethren are sheathing theh· swords) says-l\ly brethren, the destruction of the 'l't'lllple 8ubJect(,~d Ma::;ons to snell sevcre caiaIllit.ies, we have fem·t'c1 l(~\oit their captivity Uoud<lispersron might h~l.vO impaired their fidelity to their t>u· gngoxDt'utM; for this reason, Wl~ have bt'~n obliged, "while rebuilding tho'l'ClnpIe, to l·t'IUuin ill :it l:)l:'cr~t nnd reUred place, \\'llcl'B \Yccarcfully prCl:i61"Vel:)0rue rnins of the ancieut Temple~ . 'Ye do u<)t introduce any to thatI}laee,. uDlesswe know them to be true-un(,l wortbyMa· sons, not nloufl by their signi, words, And



grips, 'but also by their conduct; to snch ,'te COlnmUllicate QUI' Dew secrets with pleasure, but ,vc require, as a pledge, that they should bring with them some re-maius (')r monuments of the anciel1t Temple; thof;e which Cyrus has giYCll to you nre fiufficient. . 'VIlile th(~~e last words are pronounced, the captive is uncovered. Master-Most Po'wE'l'ful Senior 'Varden, cause the candidate to receuc three step~, that he may learn that we esteem perfect resignatiol1 as a. :Masonic virtue. Candidate l'eced€'s to'Wtlrds t.he west. Master-My brother, the object of our labors is to rt'build the Temple of the Grand Architect of the Universe; this sublime work has been reserved for Zcl'n.bbabel. The enga.gements into which you with us have clltered under thRt '\la.m~, l·equire you to aid us ill rcbttilding the Temple ill its splendor. The s\-yord which Cyrus has given you, is to be used in defending your brethren, apd punish. ing tho:;c who \yould profane the angust Temple which "i"lre raise to the glory of the Holy Oue of Israel It is on theRe conditions you participate in our secrets. The pass-word is LTBER.TAS.Go give tbe brethreu of this Lodge the. signs, grips, and words, and return to mc. Candidate goes by the north, (lnd returns by the Routh. J\Ia8ter-My brother, after your deliverance Cyrus ha<1 Y0tl. created a Masonic Knight, and I now present you with the trowel, thC', symb01 of J.'our new dignity, that hereafter you lnny labor with the trow<.'1 in Ol1e hand, alld use· the sword ",,'rith the other, if the Temple should ever be destroyed, for it il:l in that manner we have proceeded to rebuild it. Master gives the girdle and says-This scarf ought alwa,Ys to accompany you in all Lodges; ;you. will have a murk of true Knighthood, ,vhich JrOlt acquired at the rh"cr Stu,bul"zania, by the ,·ictory ob· taine<l m.rel' those ''rho opposed your passage! MaHter gives the grecIl rosette, and sa:r s-Though we do not admit among our ceremonies any of the deco, rations given you by C)rrUR, .yd 'we are willing to preserve tIlt'ir l'cmembral:1Ce by a rost'tte of that color ,vhich he had chosen, and we affix. it to your cordoll. IGives the Jewel.] 'rhis Jewd is a oadge of the Knights of the Sword; lTlay jnstice and equity, represented by the »wol'dl be your guide$l

J\fnster (giving the glo\res)~"T'e proceerl to proclaim you a Knight of the Sword. l\ly brethreu, see that Z(·rnbba.bel shall hereafter rulo, the labors of l\:I:asonry! " They a!;sent by snlntitlg with swords. Carididate is then cOllduct('d to a chair dcsiglWd for hirn. the l\1mit(~r lSayillgI\Iy brother, a',;et:ud tl1e throne of the Sovereigns of our Lodge::;; ~;l'eserve the triangnlar stone of thh; ~dific(>, and rule' t.he laborers as Solomoll, Hiram of rryre, and J oabert havE:" done before ;you. )Vhen the candidate is t:eatcd, the brethren sheath their sV'Irordt:i, clap their hands three times, crying Zerubbubel each time. rrhe Lecture is now given. In dosing, the l\Iaster says to the Senior 'Varden-Are )"Oll a Knight of the Sword? Senior 'Varden-Look! (places his hand on his sword.) :n.Iaster-Give me the sign. Senior 'Varden gives the sign, as follo'ws: Carry the right lUUld to the left shoulder, :md move it downwa.rds to the right hip l'\.'ith a Herpen tine motion j this represents the ll1oti()u of ,,,aves. Draw your s\yord and bring it to the guard. Master-Give nle the worth, aDd the pass-word. Senior 'Varden-Judah, Benjamin, and Libertas. Master-Gh·c the grip to the Junior ",Yard en.

Given as on pnge 6l. Master-'Vhere have you laborer!.? Senior '\Varc1t.·n-At the rebuilding· of the 'l'emple. Master-"Vhnt hot'll' is it 1 Senior ",r arden-'l'he hour of commencing that work. l\laster-:My brcthrC"'n, since we have sufficient time to r('build the T<.'mple of the Lord, let us remember thtH:le things in silence. It is tim.e to n~poi::ie. Bro· thers Senior and Junior )Vardells, :'Innounce .ill the south and in the north, that I am about to close tbis Lodge of Knight:; of the Sword. Senior 'Yarden makes proclamation that the Most Excelhmt Grand Master is about to elo~e the Lodge. .Tunior "Yarden doe s the snme. I\laster (rapping seven)-The Lodge is closed. .. Retire in peace. 'Vardens repeat this, and the Lodge ia then closed. ,. .