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APPENDIX. REPORT ON FOREIGN 80RRESPONDENCE. We find filed before us the voluminous proceeqings of the following forty-two Grand Lodges in the United States and Canada,

with abstract of European bodies from the N. Y. Report."

ALABAMA, 1868, ARKANSAS, 1868, CALIFORNIA, 1868, CANADA, 1869, CONNECTICUT, 1869, COLORADO, DELAWARE, 1868, DIST. OF COLUMBIA, 1868, FLORIDA, 1868, GEORGI.A.. , 1868, lOW...I\., 1869, ILLINOIS, 1868, INDIANA, 1869, IDAHO, 1868, KANSAS, 1868, KENTUCKY, 1868, LOUISIANA, 1869, MISSISSIPPI, 1869, MINNESOTA, 1869, MONTANA, 1868, MICHIGAN, 1869,


Which contain vast wealth of thought, And incidents worthy the oalm conside-ration of the Masonic journalist and historian, for through them all runs the veip. of the sam,6 great prinoiplef$of




univer~al harmony anti love, based upon the bound btrata of MasonIc jurisprudence and governnlent. To the Masonic student, ,vho never goes below the surface of resolutions and words, these proceedings appear but a vast accumu.. lation of statistics, dry and musty as the statutes of a legislature j hut to him who worlts out by diligent application the foundation principles upon which all law is baseu, ,,"ill find in the annual ad.. dr~~ses, and the reports of officers and cOlnmittees, and the decisions rendered upon inlporiant questions continually arising, food for thought and study which will richly repay all the labor he bestows upon them. To read theln only requires much time and reflection, and to analyze them,. and present their contents in a 4i«_ed form f<i)r the Cra.ft, requires much. labor, and this labor has b~en assigned as a part of the oftieial d\ltles of :rour humble Comnlittee, ,vhich duty he has .1ldeaV'or~d to perfornl outside of llis regular hours as Grand Secretary, for no man can talk to a l"lalfdozen persons at once, and at the same tIme ,vrite a report on I?areign Oorre&pondence. ~jvery corr~SpOlldel1t, ,ve UQW, naturally shrinks £rOlla writtng his report, but as there is no (Jtrodging ours we must proceed with the work, and tIle :ir$t @'n~ which presents itself in alph8r~eticCal (>Jrd~r j~ tha,t from the good old State of

.tLABAMA, Tbe land of rest. The Grallu Lodge 111et in }{Qntgonlery, December 7, 1868, in its Forty-.eighth Annual Oommunication; M. W. Bro. Geo. D. Norris presided s,s Grand M&$ter~ and by reference to page ~8 we find that 200 Loclges were ~ptQS(M1ted out of 206 "square on th~ b()oks.." This looks to us very ltlltlela lilte business, and shows that each subordinate feelsiteelf tc be: a l~rt of the great whole comprising the Grand Lodge of Alabama.. There were fiV"e Past GlaDd Masters presentand fOUf Past Gr&lH~l Wa1;dens, also representatives from nine foreign jurisdietions. The M. W. Gr&11d M&stet, 0l,>ening the Grand Lodge in ttmple !o~m7 delivered. a v.ry ~ppropriate annual addre,ss. He opened with these bGal1Jti:fnl Ral\l'ks: "Etow ma.,tly 8.11d varrired ate th~ challges through which we have passed! But amidst them all our o~er stands in grand proportions, ,"s noohaaging tbro,'lIgh polities[ MaO migiotas event$ ttts tl!ve firm primeval roek. Its Mltiquttt ., otl£PiI, 'tt) .&'i<Yh: th~ m~y of .tan :runneth not thitl1:e:r, its ~.lJrit, of :purpo~e, ~l1.d With 11'61 in~


Appe"iJdi:r ~


vulnerable, It SUr\rlVeS lllany a stormy era; and altllough our first Grand MlJsters have vanished in the Inisty pRIst, yet their work still stands in bnperishable Wisdom, strength, and Beanty; growing stronger and stronger as tIle tide of humanity in endless wtlves, passes down the way of time; still glorious and beautiful, kno~ing 110 time, and steadfast as the bands of Orion.

" In this wOl,.Jld, where everything is transient and unsettled, we look with. peetlliar anxiety fOT something that is permanent; we liite to create objects whieh can sUl"vive the fleeting life of 1n&11 ; objects which, banded down from generatioll 00 generntio~ll, are revived in each succeeding race, and amid the DlortaHtyof the W'orid, catch an ilnmortality froln the zeStI and devotion of roBiD. &"Uch objects 81S these are tIle perpetual vehi01eSl of thought; they impe:>se upon both the same mystic bonds, and weave the diatallt portions of the human 1"aoe together in one gteat family . "By the force of this fraternal con11exiol'l, the antipathJes of hostile natiollS are overcon1e; pauNiotism breaks o'Vcr the bounds of clime and 1&n8uag~t allt! enlarge'S until it embtaCles the world. "Lo~ed with the charnls of antiquity, illterestil'lg by ~ thou&&JJd assooiations Qrf llistory 1 heroism, and l"'Qlnan~e, the ol"der yet P()S~ sesses all tlt~ health and life of novelty, all the 1ib~rality &Del benevolence of reform. It exists ill the body and bosom of the people; rt catches their S€ntiments, is Rlodifi~l<i by their tllo'Q.ght&, and changes with their manners. It partakes of their inlprdvement, and adapts itself to all the various cl1anges of n'lan. Within its shadow the rich and the poor Dleet on terms of equality; the one forgets his wealth and bis pride, and the othet forgets l1is povetty and his $orrow. Their sympathies, ever otherwise asunder, are here millgled. together, and they go forth into tIle world again, conscious that oPPosition in rank cannot create 110stility of feeling. '1'hey lose the artificial distinctions of society, and assume the pure, original and ltindly intercourse of fellow men. The great man finds familiar f1,9iendshil? in walks of soci~ty where his name would otherwise never have been uttered, but With awe; ~nd the obsenre POOl" man finds himself exciting interest and acqt1iting interest among those whose looks hitherto have been bent upon 11in1 with coldness &nd condescensIon. Tllere t\ley lear'll how fi·ail is solitary una$Soe1&ted roan; l;Low much h.e requires attention and support; how ofte11 tb+e favor and caprices of fortune n1ay change his circumstancres and hopes; how long the blessings of lire may linger around the footsteps of the aged, and how soon the oup of pleastlre may be _shad tlom th~ lips of the young. 01"" in this life of change, "'hit> w~Rld ].lOt seek a, brotboo:l\I@od not .1lbje~. mu.tat• • or decay; .b~lt~rlllooti xr$,~ni~thed and'Vi\t'ified. suooeedm~ g~luir.





tion; :filling the places of the dead with the souls of the living, and supplying the failing wisdom of the old by the fresil ardor and tire of the young, a brotherhood which has gleaned its luaxims from ancient sciences, from the lessons of histor:r, and fronl the impulses of humanity. U Our Order, founded upon truth, has for its Il1aker and builder, GOD., Then how proper and important is it for us to give unto our Great and Glorious l\Iaster Builder our ,vhole llearts in adoration, prMse, and thanksgiving, for his wonderous work, and grace, and goodness, to the children of men? Not unto us, not unto us, but unto Him be all the praise, adoration, grace, and glory." When one concludes reading thoughts like these, it n1akes us rethat all the ,vork of the heart l\fasol1 and the soul Mason has not been in vain. It tells us: that every tree shall bear its O'V11 frUit, and that no fruit shall be worthless when gathered from a tree planted beside the pure waters of virtue and truth. ali~e

The Grand Master pa,id a fitting tribute to the melnory of Bro. â&#x20AC;˘Ja8. L. Price, P. D. G. M_ of Als,bama, and of Bro. Chas. A. Fuller, P. G. M. and Grand Secretary of Tennessee, also of Bro.. Jalnes l'>enn, P. G. "M. of Alabama. In spe,aking of the Orphans' flome, &t Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi, he recites this simple but tonching story, and the heart which can beat U111110ved at the thought of that little girl's heart should go to a land where innocence and helplessness is a crime. He says: ft In Mississippi, at Lauderdale Springs, a Honle for orphans iB in sllcoessful operation; there are now within its "ralls ninety odd orphans of Masons, besides many others; a little girl liVing ill Ke~tuck:Y, Jennie Moxley by name, nine years old, became iUlpressed with the importance, of the SUbject, and gave all her money she was saving to buy a doll for the benefit of the Home at Lauderdale Springs; still not satisfied, she, after much concern of mind, Oonsented to part with her Inen10ry string, composed of beads and flowers, very precious to her, and made nlCl1 tion of her desire to her mother, who informed her that no one would purchase her memory string; she replied in simple but grand faith) I can 'but try. She requested a gentleman of her acquaintance to take tI1& memory string and sell it, &nd send the proceeds to tIle Honle, w1;Lo upon meeting a friend .nd rel8tting the circumstance! imnlediately gave him ten clollar~t And returned it to hirn; and by repeated sales, this simple off~ing of & child of great faith, brought to the Home one thousand'

He eVidently has drank tieepeJ of the spriJag of Masonic symbolism than too many Masons wh.o merely ta"e a sip, and never MMtrn to the fountah'l.. He sa.P$ he yisit~i 010St of the Lodges

1869. ]



with much ple~Lsure, and says:

L' In

Inost of the Lodges Yisited, I

found correct working, and a strong desire to conform to the work

of the Grand Lodge; but deficient as to the History, Jurisprudence and Philosophy of the Order, and 'V auld recommend to the Lodges that more attention be paid to Masonry, as a science; that a brother be appoiIlted to deli vcr an address, at each communicatioll, when time will adnlit, all the History, Jurisprudence and Philosophy of our ancient Order, its usages:and influence for good to man, which can readily be done by reference to the many excellent works published; particularly the Universal Masonic Library, so munificently presented. to each Lodge; the first and only Grand Lodge that thought it necessary to cultivate the intellect of its members and Lodge's by this lnagnificcllt gift.

"rrile Ritual is useful and necessary, but lllucil curnbered with ruallY words; but it is uy no nleans Masonry; the elucidation of our symbols in tho sen,r<;h of Truth, and the practice of its deductions thereby learneu, I consider to be, in deed and in truth, Masonry in its highe:::,t sense, as to uniformity, except in the essentials, 1.,iz: the G. W. and S., together with the traditions; it is a myth, and can ne'v'er JJe accomplished. II I ,vould also reCOU1111elHl that the Graud Lodge take action relative to the elothing suitable for the three degrees, and forbid the motley appearanee so often seen on festival occasions. Let us, brethren, seek out the old paths, and walk therein. Masonry is not for show or glittering jewels, or spangled garbs, but for deeds of usefulness, 'let not thy right hand know ","hat thy left doeth, 7 should be our Inotto. .

"I would also recolllluelld that our ancient law relati ve to the appearance of Masons in public on festival days be strictly ob-

served, and that perlnission be first had of the Grand Master for sucb. public display.. I would also reconimend that all voting ill Lodges, e:x:cept by ballot, be done by uplifted hands, the ancient mode.J H I r~oommend that the Lodges be required to cause the petitioners for initiation to insert in their petitions that they have never applied to any other I..lodge." i<

He favors a change in the Constitution, restol~illg to the Grand Master the power to choose bis own Deputy, on the ground that the Deputy should be in perfect accord With the Gr~nd Master. He delivered very sensible l'elllark~ l路elativa to keeping the Grand Dodge of Aucient York Rite free from all the so-called Rites of the day~ This was drawn forth by a communication from Paris, &OOllt a difference between the Grand Orient of Fr&noo and the




l\L. ~ Misr.1Dl. We agree '\vlth. B;."o.

NQll·i~. IJet them :light it OIlb 1hem.$elv@s. lithe Gland ~ieJlt of Franoe wants to run aU the BItes atlloa.t she must take the: eonsequences.

_, $tl.bmLtted tllirty-seven decisiolls, everyone of which is ill tt\1l ~oorcian,~e with the U$~e of the Gl"and Lodge of Missouri, e~Qe;pt 'Ute thirtieth one, whicb states t11at "a profane is not neces~ $1\)~ compelled to petition tue lodge noarest hi~ pl~ce of resl.. d~~~.''" W~

have thus reviewM on4/} of the 1110ijt interesti~g addl'ees6s it Qur pleasure to lead. The Grand Secretary's alld 'freasurer'& reports are, brIef and

}~~ ~ll

~ta.tiSrtioal. The latter shows a caS'h balance of $6,313 08. nr0.~S. H. l{ixon submitootll a Ul*~D.ry

report on the history of Free..

ill Ala.bama.

~r~e.~tives frou} tbe GraI~~ Lodg~ of IJoulsiana, Georgia, ~~ ani ttaJy W(1J;e :r;eee!ved with tile proper grand honors, and

wel~'i!d by tllle Bl*O.

K. W.

Daniel Cloptoll

G:r:~nd ¥ast~l\ sul;nlit~d 11

valufl.1Jle re.port on


whLeh oon~ina a. p~t in wl.ich W0 c~not fully QoneuI", v.l': q'h,t Ln O¥Q of tl~& dQath ef ~e WQ~sbipfl\l M~ti:r:, and the ~w W~dal}. ~SjunlW' ~l $t&tlo~, th~t the Grand M~ter In~Y ~~llle ., <il$penaat ion to AU th~ W es~, ~C\ tha,t the Junior W t\Ji<ilen ¥ 'V~ Gk> :Qot ~ ~.t Nly tl~p@~tionis neces~xy at ~;, SeI'kLol Waroer), by l;;ll'bt of 4\w aud c4arter, takes t4c ~t, and the jllnior WardeD. remains '\vhere he is, and the $~ting );\~s~r appoints some one to fill the West for each meeting; for if f»).' Warden oould be elected l)y dispensation, we should then _ WQr~hipfl.\l Maeter wlthoqt b$blg eleoted, or else have two Wa~(lena


bJI eleotlon.





~r~nl0 c~oper-

..~lTe Life InSUlatnCe Com:panles, where they have become iueor-

bodies ontiaide ot the

'Dh& 1:uiQUS




04l LQqg.,


di'\ iheir \-vopk wth1'O


la ...



we find si~teen l;.JQdtges fertr-fQtJJ." were deliuqu~t £&1'

t~e 'rfll)ll'f_'fi&J{j)~~

f<l:r tAQ,w Q"~).4

Don..,.~~~ijo:n, anil ;ft;ve ~~ WQJ1e t~~ta~d. 'rhexE) yere OO~ initiated and 649 raised, 858 ditnltted, 601 affiliated, 260 applica-

tiol\e r~jooted, 30 expelled, Ii ~<t:eQ ~u~s()llic~.oi and 1()f 101; non-payment of .1l'e9,1~J'~~tM,a,:nd 200 lMlfV"~ '(~~e to "tih"t "(,oftlrne wherl(~e t10 lrAv~l~e ~." Tl11t8 tQ*~l Dlet)iJ:balsJliI) is I6,ti8..




M. W. Bro. Wnl. C. Penick, Past Grand l\Iaster, sulHuitted Ull able report 011 correspondence, reviewing forty-two Grand I..JodgeR, ours of 1867 included. In opening his report he says: H If we should be a little sharp on those who grant dispensa.. tions to make or advance Masons, in short time, or in violation of Masonic law and usage, it is because we them in error; \vt\ have no personality of feeling in the matter, and if we are wrong in the matter give us a reason. Obsta principiis. If Masonry is not now: what it was, there is no security for the future. IJet there be unanimity, universality and fraternity." Under the head of J.\!Iissouri he pays a very lligh cOlllplinlent to Grand Master Vinci!, by quoting largely from his address of that year 7 and our modesty forbids us saying anything of his flattering notice of our report; sufficient to say, it met his 11eartyapproval. M. W. Bro. Geo. D. Norris, M. D., of Ne,v Market, ,vas elected Grand Mastel"; R. W. Bro. Daniel Sayre, of Montgomery, ~ras reelected Grand Secretary, and Bro. Wrn. C. Penick, M. D., of W()tumpka, was re-appointed COlnn1ittee on Foreign CorreApondenee. OUf alphabetical arrangenlents still find us in tIle sUllny South, and we cross the ".Father of vVaters" to dwell awhile ,vith our ~ister Btate of

ARKAN8AS. Here we find that the Grand Lodge Inet on the 16th of Novelllber last, at which M. W. Bro. Elbert H. English presided oyer the representatives of 98 Lodges, out of 196 in the State, 185 of ~,rhi<:h made annual returns.

Bro. ]Jnglish, in his annual address, still loves to linger in the great field of scientifio and literary illustrations of our grand old symbolism. We love to read his deductions from these investigations, because they are rich in thought and furnish food for reflection, and regret that space will not permit us to reproduce Ilis entire 路 address, but shall ask you to dwell in patience for a few mon1ents while we extract a sample of the fruit he has gathereti from the tree of knowledge. He says: " ~Iuch the nlore interesting features of lVlasol1ry are legen<.h:l.ry, transmitted to us through successive generations of craftsmen, froIn the earlier ages of the world-from ages whell there was no printing, wh~n book-making was rare, books were fe,v, and men learned wisdom from tIle Great Book of Nature.. "Not long sinoe a venerable Hebrew brother told me a stor:Y' which I had never heard before; and which he said he learned





&, boy, ill the fatherland, frOJll his ~1ged uuele, \vho \Vab a Mason, and who assured hinl that he had it in a very ancient parchment m&lluscript, whtch had never been printed. Pleased with the story, I said to birll that I would tell it to the Grand Lodge sE:>Jue day, and let it be printed, as it was no secret.. So I give it to you now for what it is \vorth. It is the story of SOLO-



"SOl{)nlOn, the Most Wise, ,vas sitting ill a grove, near his rural palaee, observing a raven feeding her young.. Whilst she was off in search of food, telling a servant to bring him a glass bowl, he plaoed it over h~r nest so as to cover the young birds.. When she re.. tUlltled to the nest, the young ravens opened their mouths to receive the supplies whieh the Inother was &Cctlstolned to bring thenl; and she, llleeting with the transparent obstruction, fluttered about it for some time in vain attempts to reach her iInprisoned children. Vexed, she made repeated but ineffectual efforts to break the vessel with her beak. Despairing of success in this nlode of attacl{, she lighted upon a linlb, near by, and sat for :,01ne tinle, seerning to medItate. 'l'hen leaping into the air, and spreading her black ""vings;,. she moved off vvith lapid flight in the direction of an island â&#x20AC;˘ in the Mediterranea.n Sea. Our Grand Master, who had watched 'vith interest all her movemellts, sat ,vaiting for her return. Fi.. nally she eame, bearing in her beak a large white wornl; and plal~ing it on the rim of the nest J near the edge of the bowl, it crAwled over the vessel, and along its track the glass instantly era.ok0d, as if cut by a diamond, parted, and fell to the ground! H The rnaions were in the quarries preparing stones for the ternp1e. They used the drill and the wedge, but the process of parting the stones by these simple implements ,vas tedious. The idea tI&shoo upon the millU of SolomoIJ. that, by the instinct of the raven, Previdelloo had p}a,ced in his hauds a ,vollderful, but most effective iD&trQmellt.. 1?&king the "\VOltK to the quarries, he placed it upon SIt gre:&t stoo~ which the la,bv:rers had heaved out from the mOUllbaJ:D; it ~r&wl$d ateooas it, arn-l to the an:u\zement of the wise man, .~ eton~ opeuM along its path, ttnd tumbled apart.. Thousands of ¡ $~n_ were thus separated into s4JtitabLe rough ashlers, to be :finished by the chisels and mallets of the craftsmen!

uSach is the fntbst&11ee of thE; stolY. It may be a mere fable.

It nl~ be that the in9'eet exmr6ted trom its body some mysterious ohemieal sltbs'ba:.rtee that part.t .~ ~las;s and the stone. Or it may be that PrOVidence, who oo1\fou.nds the wisdom of men by using simple means to effect great P~tlpOSe$, supplied to Solonlon this eraftsmaLll t to aid in. the great work of erecthltg a temple for his worship.. wonde~ful little




"Be thiE, as it lllay, I have repeated this' Strange Story' to illustrate the fact that SOlOI11011, like Job, ,vas a student of the Book of Nature, fl"Olll every great page of ,vhich-whether he looked upon the sea, into the air, upon the earth, all with life, or up into the heavens, sparkling with the lamps of night-he learned, as all Masons may, lessons of ,:viro;doln. II It i~ a prevailing opinion that if a man can neither read nor wlite, he is necessarily uneducated. But this does not follow. Adam never had a book, and yet he must have been a man of WOll .. (lerful int&lligence,. to have given names to the infinite variety of objects "which surrounded hinl-the names expressillg, too, tIle peculiar nature of each object, as .JoRephus tells us, '\vho insist~ that he spoke the Hebrew language.

"The bee hive is a prominent syn1bol in the third degree. Tll(~ bees are wise little craftsmen. They are skilled in 111athenlatics, for the form of their cells, the hexagon, is a figure best adapted to compactness and solidity. They hnve a king and a queen, and in this they harmonize with tho prey-ailing usage of mankind in all age~ and countries. Whether the Alnericans have acted wisely in departing from the olel forUl of government, and erecting our boasted republic, is yet to he Roen. N1ttiol1s have their infancy, maturity, decay and death; and new nations spring up from their graves. History but repeats itE,elf. vVhat is to be the fate of this gre~tt structure, founded in n10tives of purity and patriotisln, is not yet written. Judging fron1 the fate of republics which have preceded it, it may be doubted ,vhether it is founded upon a rocIt, and will prevail against tho COIning floods. As coming events cast their shadows before thelll, some rnen fancy they now see the diul sbadovvs, lengthening in the distance, which pre""iIldicate the dOOIU of this mighty fabric. 1 f AO, degenerate alld prodigal sons "rill squander the great inheritanee left then} by their forefathers.

"It is not, however, in the forulof government that Il18tSOnS imitat~ the bees? for we keep the

queens on the outside of the lodges, and have no kings in blue Inasonry. The forin of (}ur government is reI~ublican, and the craftslnen have always elected the Grand llasters, Masters and vVardens of the lodges. But we have no candidates in our elections, and no partie;an raceR, hcnc(\ we have 110 fuss and wars about the result. "The bee hiv"e is l)laced U!)Ol1 our carpets as a sylnbol of illdustry; and the non"vvorking D;.1aSOl1S are our drones,. and we appreciate them as little as the bees do the lazy members of their fan1ily, "\\"!lo are fond of eating, but reluctant to labor.

" III the spring time, and through the summer, among the :flo~er$ the running hrooka, hovv aeti ve-ly the be~$ toil in ~()Ueet.-

~u~ a,long




ing ll1aterials to lay up food food for the '\vinter, when the flowers are blasted and the brooks are frozen. Let the slothful man profit by the example.. The bees labor for food only; all else is supplied to them. But the nlason must toil for bread, for rain'lent, for shelter, and for KNOWLEDGE. He comes into the world naked, and destitute of all ideas; and some go out of it, in advanced age, but little improved; while others, with no greater natural endowments, but ill the exercise of n10re industry, acquire vast stores of knowledge. " My brethren, you nre the representative 11:laSOnS of the StateHave the craftsmen of your lodges, during the last twelve months, l1nitated the industry of the bee hive, in the active pursuits of life, in the acquisition of useful knowledge, and in the doing of worl\;s of Dlasonic charity. How Inany hours have you labored, and how Inany lutve you wasted doing nothing? If ono hour, it is gone forever. rriIl1e flies like the weaver's shuttle, and life flows like the sandb of the hour-glass, and is soon gone." Bro. O. C.. Gray, Professor of Mathelnaticb in St. J 011n'8 Masonic Oollege, delivered a beautiful and appropriate address before the Grand Lodge, on " Education," and we regret space ",Till not pernlit extended extractb. Considerable

bUbil1es~ relati ve

to the College "vas transacted..

Bro. C. B. l\{oore subnlitted an interesting report on Correspond... ence, but as the Grand Lodge of Arkansas Ineets but one month after our own, the nlatter treated of hy hhn has already been presented to you during the past year. RECAPITULATloN.-Returns of Lodges, October, 1868: Char.. tered Lodges, 196; Lodges, U. D., 24; Represented, 98; Returns, ulade, 185; Initiated, 677 ; Passed, 541; Raised, 481 ; Admitted, 429 ; Dimitted, 441 ; Died, 119; Suspended, 152; Expelled, 23 ; Members, 1,676" Bro. English ,vas re-elected Grand Master, and Bro. WIn. D. Blocher re-elected Grand Secretary, both of Little Rock. Leaving Arkansas, we find our A, B, O's, point us to the far off Pacific, upon whose placid shQre res~~ the prosperous St~\te of

CALI~"'ORNIA, Now bound to us by the additional oord of direct personal comn1U" nication and thought, through tbe practical application of electrioity and steam, disc路overed by two brethren of the mystic tie. Transporting ourselves to the Oity of San Francisco, we find Qu:r-




selves, 011 the 13th of October last, at 10 o'clock A. M. That Grand Lodge was in session, l)resided over by lVI. W. Bro. Wm. Abraham Davie&, Grand Master, ,vith 135 subordinate Lodges represented, out of 192 on the l'oll. In his ann ual address, the Grand Master confined hilnself to the practical duties of his office. After paying proper deference to the Suprelne Grand Master, he calls attention to the menl0ries of the lamented dead, viz: Bro. Henry Hare Hartley, D. G. M., and Bro. Wm. H. Peterson, P. R. G. 'V. He granted six disI>enbations for nevv IJodges. certain applications for l)arades, he reports:

Referring to

"Application ,vas 111alle to 111e in April last, by one of the Lodges, requesting permission to appear in Masonic clothing to participate in public procession with the Odd Fellovvs, in celebrating their anniversary. Again, in May, application ,vas 1nade on behalf of another I.Jodge, for perlnission to celebrate the anniversaryof Saint John the Baptist, by a ! public procession in full regalia, an oration and balL' Heartily concurring, as I do, in the:) opinion of Grand Master Belcher, approved by the Grand Lodge, that, ! 011 no occasion, except for the burial of a brother, is it permitted for any I.lodge or nun1ber of Masons to appear in Masonic clothing without permission frOln the Grand Master, and that permission ought to be rarely asked or granted; 1 and ,vith the Grand Master of Maine, who says, in a decision on the same subject-' we are constrained to say that it is contrary to the usages of the Order, and improper for the Fraternity to take part, in their cOllventional character, h1 any public demonstration, except to perform some Masonic labor;' and these Ol)inions 11aving been reiterated by Grand Master Claiborne, and again approved by the Grand Lodge, I hold the same to be the la,v of the jurisdiction, and have refused the desired pernlission, ,vhere no Masonic labor "ias to be performed, reporting my action for your consideration." In reflecting on this decision, ,ve nlust sa:}T, that we do not think it has ever been an:y' advantage to Masonry t.o al)pear in processioIl with any other secret organization; llot that we are opposed to others, but because ,ve believe our Fraternity to be an ex.clusive society for certain purposes, not in full accordance with any other known, for ,ve arc not only a benevolent institution, but also en1inently philosophical and Inoral. There Sire thnes and cirCUlnstances when it ib il1tere~ting fOl" several societies to turn out for a certain purpose; su.,ch as laying the corner-stone or dedicating a hall to be used by Eleveral societies, (tud the cerenlony is to be performed by the MasonA, but we think,




in alI such eas€S, the various societies should rnarch separately, so ~t &ny misbehavior on the part of one ord~r should not roflect

&DalL Relative to advancing Inain1ed caudidatcR ,,·ho have reeeived the E. A. Degree t the Grand Master

sa~;"s :

In this connection the question has been l)resented as to the to confer the remaining degree or degrees upon a dismeIUbared Entered Apprentice or Fello'\v Craft, such dismemberment having occurred subsequently to his initiation or passing. In the CAge presented, I decided that as the applicant was physically perfeet at the time of his initiation, his faith and good intentions toward Masonry, together with the fact that he had received partial knowledge of our mysteries, vvould justify the Lodge in conf~rring the remaining degrees upon him, provided he was able to oonfottn liteTally to the requirements of the relnaining degrees. I am aware that this deoision may be considered by eminell,t MaSGIlS, learned ill Masonic law, as ineon,eistent vvith our General Regulati'lons on this subject, but I trust the question 11lay he dUly COI1SideT'ed ltlld definitely settled at the present session." (L


He eomes to this ooncll't$ioll after remarking that his predecesdteoided ~ther"viae, i. 6. ill strict construction with the L&n<iJllparks. We regret ver, DlllC,h that the Grand Master wa~ .overned by sympathy, in vi<:>latio:n of a fixed and unalterable )••, tor we hold it to be such from the fa.ct that no man can point to $ny Landmark which m&kes a.ny exception in any degree as to }J~,ical qualifioation. The Ala:ci~llt RegUlation was based upon the gl:'~und of one degree only, be£ere it was divided into tllree dtgr~s) and by that one degr'ee a man was made a perfect Muon *D4 ltJ:eHl~er of the Lodge; wbereM now he must take three degrees to .-rive at the same point1 and" things being equal to the same 'tking ~re equal to each other," is no InOre an axioDl in mathEunatios than it is in Masonry. Bro. A. was initiated vvhen he wa6 rich; by misfortune he has beeIl reduoed to poverty, buthas hecome ~ed of a eertafn portion of our mysteries, and, from the rea$cmi~8 of Bro. Davi$s, be sh.oold be advanced free of chatrg'e, 'beca.use he has beoome CriW1ed in his resources; wherea~ the Aneient Regulations So~1s tb..t he must be able to earll l~is own fivrelltihood slid minister to the wa.n~s of ethflrs. 00n1e, brethrezl. of Oalifornia, let us stand together Q. the L&Ildmarks-even thougb all our candidates becolne crippt~~ Let us one~ depart from this aheet anahor of our safety and we are gon p , gone out into the boundless see of innovation, and" like your own beautiful Pacific, we 811&11 see llew islands of ~ctrine rising up from the yet unktneWJlleefs of expediency alld policy, and we cannot better elose $,0. h~d



our r~nUtrkb 011 the address of the Grttuu l\laster than l)Jt q uotillg

the following, ,vhich he uttered a few mOluents after, viz.: " Errors" easily corrected if discovered in thne, gro,v to be serious elements of discord after the lapse of a few months." From the report of the Grand Treasurer we find a balance in the Treasury of $4,263 50 to the credit of the Representative Fund, aRd $802 32 to the credit of the General Fund. On the first lnorning of the sossion, Bro. WUl.. H. Hill read his report 011 Foreign Correspondence, revie,ving 40 Grand IJodges, ours of 1867, included. His repol~t shows hiln to be 011e of the few who go down into the nlerits of Grand Lodge ,vork, and one who does not merely skiln over the surface of things, but who brings out the pure wine from amollg the" beggarly array of eI:npty bottles." His rel)Ort must llave been refreshing to our Oalifornia brethren, lUi it has been luost in teresting to us, save the high aud undeserved encomiunls he has p&id to the humble succebsor of our lalncnted O'Sullivan. He fully endorses the vie,vs of our Grand Master, as also of ourselves, in opposition to granting dispensatiolls to maiIlled candidates to receive the degrees, except ill cases of erne1"gency, ,vith Whicll we do not agree. In short, the more vve read of Bro.. Hill's report, tlle lnore we are satisfied that he has drank deeply of the fountain of pure, conservative nlasonic ideas, and is opposed to the thousand and one isms which endeavor to sap nnd u,ndermine our institution. He admired the labor bestowed by our Grand Master during his term, but is evidently in favor of short speeches, as he intimates, to fiave medical expenses. He closes with tlle fr~1.ternal remarks"And here the ,vriter gladly lays down hi~ peu. He llas IlO more apology to offer at the close than at the beginning. Whethelin all cases the brethren coincide in opinion :,vith binl or not, he feels qUite sure that he has ,vritten nothing that can justly give offence, or vvound the feelings of a single brother. His 011e aim has been union and brotllerly love, and to cast oil on the troubled WAters) that evermore, instead of the telnpest of raging passiQn and mis.. und8!standing, there may be peace and a caln1." And we hope for 11<> "storm after the oalrn." 011 the second day of the sessioIl, W. Bro. Jno. B. ]' elton, GrAlld Or&tor, delivered an approriate ~tddress, whioh was ordered printed with the proceedings. Justly so.

From tho reports of the COlumittee on JurisprUdence, ,ve find but little to disagree with, and that little OCcurs from 10<:a1 regulations.

We lâ&#x201A;Źgret tll&t the


Lodge adopted a resolution f~l!-




l,idding Lodges to bury a suicide. '1' his, "Vve think, bhould be left for each Lodge to decide for itself. It has been demonstrated by the best medical minds in the world, that suicide is not a crirne, but a disease, and one might as ,veIl be denied masonic burial for having died of the small-pax-it was sOlnething over "\vhich he had no control.. r!'he causeR which produced the disease luay properly COlne under the decision of the Lodge, it may have been from crimes, OF constitutionally inherited disease, and of this, no general law of the Grand Lodge can possibly be the judge. A testiIuonial was presented to P. G. 1\1. Gilbert B. Claiborne, ill the shal)e of a chest containing several pieces of silver plate, \vhich ,vere accepted in appropriate remarks. vVe find froIn the tables that 817 were initiated., anti 8~1 rai~ed ; 4$7 were admitted, and 626 dimitted; 192 suspended, 258 rej~cted, H4 died, al1d that there are 8,106 on the rbll of melllbers. M. W. Bro. Chas. ~rarsh1 of Nevada, was elected Grand. Master, and R. W. Bro. Alexander G. Abell re-elected Granel Secretary. L~aving the Pacifir, we stretch acro&s the continent ffittny thousands of miles, and pass frou1 the United States into

C.l\NAD.ll, Where the Grand IJodge Inet July 14th, 1869, in the City of Mon.. treal, presided over by M. W. Bro. A. A.. StevenE!on, G. M. At the ti.nlG ,ve ,vrite, \ve have not received the printed proceedings of th$ Gral'ld Lodge, but shall nlt~ke our extracts from the daily presE> reports, furniRhed us by the R. W. Grand Secretary, Bro. T. B.

Harris. The address of the Grand Master dâ&#x201A;Ź'als chiefly in local (ioncerns, and fvol'u it ",ve extract the following: "T}H1 ordinary Masonic transaotions of the past year have not been -varied greatly from the routille of preceding years. There lla¡~te been SUbmitted, for my opinion and decision, a large number ()f questions, which I do not dMm it ne,cessary to be mentioned in detail here, as my Letter Book i~ OJell during the session of the Gra,nd Lodge to all who n1~Y to examine it. 0Ile or tW() point&, how~ver, it nlay be well no .1lude to. I have felt it my duty to decline acceding to all applioatiol'lS for dispensations to initiate into Freemasonry persoIls physically disqualified, for the reason, which I hope will oommend itself to your judgment, that, when Q,UCle the line is passed, it ie utterly itnpossible to di$crimb;~.&te

1869. ]



oetween the adnlisbilJle and the non-adluissilJle, anti. I have felt it to be a safe course, and one sure to result in good to the fraternity 7 to refuse all petitions of that nature. From various parts of our

jurisdiction I have learned with great regret that the ambition of some of our brethren SeeUl'i to have outrun their disoretion. " in several illbtanceb thib has 1.>een cttrrie<1 so ftLr as to re8ult in the formation of t,vo or more parties in a Lodge, and under the eagerness and excite111ent which such a state of things invariably produces, open canvassing for office has been actually resorted to. Brethren, this is an evil of great Inagnitude, fraught with most disastrous consequences, and it ought not to be tolerated either in private Lodges or in Granu Lodge. To be elected to a prominent position in the craft is doubtless an honor to whicll all deserving and duly qualified brethren Inay aspire; yet it ought always to he remenlbered that Inerit and ability alone are the true grounds of preferment among Masons, and it is Inost unsoenl1y that a:nything like electioneering for office should ever be attempted. It is to be hoped that ill future every brother ,viII denounce and discoulltell'" ance such proceedings by every J:11eanS in his power. The nl0~t effective mode of securing the complete abolishment. of this evil practico will be for e"v'ery brother, whqn approaohed in this way, to cast his vote against, instead of for, the party who resorts to such improper methods for the purpose of obtaining office."

He also reports hav j ng Blade t,he following eign

n})pOill tlnen t~

of for-


"R. W. Bro. G. S. Blackie, neur the Grand Lodge of 'reIlllessee; R. W. Bro. J110. V. Ellis, St. John, New Brunswick, near the Grand Lodge of New Brunswick; and R. W. Bro. James OunniIlgbam Batchelor., New Orleans, noar the Grand Lodge of Louisiana,"

The Grand Master dwelt feelingly upon the settlen1el1t of the d.ifticulties in Nova Scotia, by the union of all the Masonic bodies in that province. At the close of the Aes~ioll an elegant bauquet was given to the members of the Grand Lodge, by the Lodges ill Montreal, and among the toasts given the Grand I.Jodges of America were not

forgotten. M. W. Bl'"O. A. A. Stevensoll, of Montreal, was elected Grand Ma$ter, and R. W. Bro. Thos. Bird Harris, of Hamilton, Ontario, re-elected Grand Secretary.

Turning our course again to the States, we arrive at the prooe0di,ngs of





CONNECTICUT, vVbere the Grand Lodge met at New Havell, on the 12th of ~Iay, 1869, presided over by M. 'V. Bro. Wm. Storer, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not enumerated.

lIe reports having visited thirteen Lodges and granted dispenfoiations for four new ones.

He rf\ports having deposed the Grand Treasurer for defrauding the Gralld Lodge out of its funds, and leaving it without any money. St. Johns Lodge, No.4, loaned the money for printing the proceedings, through R. \V. Bro.. Wheeler, Grand Secretary; and I>ro. George Lee, of Hartford, was appointed acting Grand Treas.. urer, &nd was subsequently elected to that post. In his decisions ,ve notice that he decided, where the Grand

I.lodge had ordered subordinates to revise their by-laws at once, and where the revision had taken place and been confirmed by the Grand Lodge, they were valid, although voted upon and adopted b~Y' the Lodge, '\vithout lying over one or nlore months, t'ts provided in the old code, which decibioll we think a very sensible one. We do not look upon a revision of by-laws in the same sense as an amend... 7"iUtnt, for the reason that when an arp.endment is offered by a member it is his property until it lies over and is taken up, and becomes the property of the Lodge, according to the section for "amendments." But when the Lodge itself orders a revision to be made of the by-laws, and appoints a committee to do the work, it is ipso facto the property of the Lodge, and when the committee reports we hold that the Lodge can act on that report without oompelling it to lie over under the section prescribing the manner of U amendment." At first glance, SOllle of our brethren take revision and amendnlent as synonymous terms, but when we take into consideration that one is originated by an individual, and the other by the Lodge itself, it will be readily seen that they are en.. tirely different, although both may reach the same result. The annual address sho\\rs the Grand Master to have been an active Masonic worker and thillker, and during a membership of twenty-six. years in the Grand Lodge he has never once been absent from its sessions.

The Grand Lodge adopted resolutions declaring the Grand Lodge of Louisiana the only regular Grand Lodge for jurisdiction, and cOlldemlling the action of the Grand Orient of France in recognizing the Supreme Council of Louisiana.. R. W. Bro. Jos. K. Wheeler submitted his report on Corres-




pondence, which is a clear and sensible paper, fraternal and courteous throughout. From the recapitulation ,ve find 943 initiations during the :y-ear, and 881 raisings, showing a deficiency of 62 in closing up the work; 102 were adlnitted and 220 dimitted; 148 passed from the troubleH of earth to the reward and peace of the good; 406 were deelned un,"vorthyof the mysteries. Totallnelnbership 12,784, ,vhich shows a very large average for each Lodge. M. W. Bro. AnlOS E. Cobb, of Nor,vich, was elected Grand JVlaster, and R. W. Bro. Jos. I{. Wheeler, of Hartford, re-elected Grand Secretary.

Looking for another" C" (unlike Dr. Kane) ,ve turn "restward, for

COLORADO, BOSOlned among her lllountains and canons, but no echo has reached us yet of the proceedings of their Grand Lodge, which

should have met in October last. We have written for a oopy, and, should it come in tin1C for the printer, you shall learn what the~r are doing.

Again turning to the Atlantic, 'vo arrive at the Grand IJodge of" little

DELAWARE, With the regret that she has only favored us with one copy of her report of the proceedings held June 27, 1868. M. W. Bro. Daniel ~{cClintock, Grand 1\Iaster, presided over the representatives of seventeen Lodges, being tIle total number ill the State. This waF, the Sixty-second Annual Communication. The address of the Grand Master shows that he has a deep interest ill elevating the status of Masonry in his State, not only at home but abroad, and in this he has been ably seconded by his efficient Grand Secretary, to whon1 he paid a fitting compliment.

Deleware hs,s ever been celebrated for 11er oonservative tenden-

cias, and it is properly exemplified by the Grand Master in refusing to grant any dispensations to confer degrees inside the time fixed by law, and hopes that bis successors ,viII follow his example in this respect. His advice to his subordinate Lodges relative to applications, &e., is sound to the core. Upon the question of burying a $o1iL ic ide, he very wisely leaves it to be governed by circumstancef-.




The Grand Lodge forbid the introduction or invitation of brethren frOlll other jurisdictions to exenlplify the work, ,,,Tithout p~rmission of the Grand Master. Good. In the recapitulation of work done, we find 92 were initiated and 59 raised, leaving 33 unfinished for the year, a rather large proportion; 13 were admitted, and 20 dimitted; 27 were rejected; 8 suspeI\ded and 12 died. Total membership 922. R. W. Bro. Jno. P. Allnlond submitted a very sensible report on Correspondence, and w'e congratulate him npon the itl1proved condition of his publisherl prooeedings. 1\<1. W. Bro. E. J. HOfner was elected Grand Master, and R. 'V. JI10. P. Allmond re-elected Grand Seoretary, both of Wilmington. Travelling a fe\v InileR further south fronl Dela,vare, ,ve arrive in the





the Grand Lodge met ten times during the year, in "Special," Resumed," "Semi-Annual," "Annual," and" Installation" cornmllnications. This is one of the advantages of having a Grand Lodge C011fined in a city, it can meet as often as a subordinate Lodge, and like Mrs. Toodles' door plate, "it is so handy to have in the llouse."


Passing by eight communications, we oome to the last two, and shall begin with the "Annual" one, which took place November 3d t 1888, at 7 o'clock in the evening. M. 'V. Bro. Benj. Browll Frretil6h, the distinguished and able masoll, presided as Grand 1\(a,ste.r. Every Lodge was represented, and from the Annual Address ,"va extract the follo,"Vil:lg, which sho,vs the oondition of Masonry in that jurisdiction:

"Numerous quâ&#x201A;ŹstioI1s lulttve been askeel, and answers thereto given, not deemed of suffiQient imp()rtance to be placed upon record. U The annual visitations have been made to the sixteen Lodges oomprising this. jurisJi~t,ionr in COllfQrmity with thee provisions of tile Grand Constitution. I warS l:>resent at everyone of thenl, &QaoInpfmied by the grand. (l)m~~, aud it gives me gre8lt pleasure to $S,y that I found -every Lo<1~e i~ &xcellent condition, in the peDf()1fm&nCe, apparently, of eV'0:ry Mlll$onic duty, and ill a st&te of prosperity and usefulness til.~t Cf)wld hs,t'dly be excelled. The offic'em of the Grand Lodge were :r'eoei~ed with &11 the honor and ttttention that they could hope, or expect. On the ctmclusioPl of the visitations, on Tuesday evening last" I COil.lld a:inoerely S&Yr r~




ferriIlg to each and all, that it W~R as great a ha}')piness as I ever enjoyed to be able to bear \vitness to the excellent attendance, propriety ~f demeanor, and true ~raRonic appreciation of nuty, that had been exhibited in them all. From the report of Bro. D. tract the following:

]~. Rc~trl().,


JJ~cturer, ,va


" lYfasolls should r0111eIll bel" that hy merely taking the 'degrees' they have but reached the thresholu of l\Iasonry, and further, that all the beauties of Masonry are afterwards to be disoovered only by those who will apply thelnsolves in studying that which will disclose and bring to light the hidden treasures. Those ,vho have no desire to obtain this knowledge, I believe are useless material to the craft. By surh I Ineall the aclulissiol1 of menlhers who have 110 desire to beconle active and bright '\vorkmell. 'Ve all kllOW that we find every,vherc, 1l1Cn of good character, of intelligence and good standing in the cODlnluIlity ",~here they reside, but who llevpr ,vould, if they ,vere allo,vec1 to receive the degrccA, understand the spirit and intent of the Ord<:l'. If an~y such arc allo""ved to l~eceiYc the degrees they nlerely pass through and hear the ceremony of initiation, l)assing, and rai~ing, and 1.>clie,ril1g th,at they have de.. rived all the knowledge that IV[asonr.Y affords them, or perhaps so uninterested in its teachings that they 1"en1ain a"vay from the Lodge, are Masons by name, but who have so little knowledge relative to its "rorltings that, should they desire to visit a Lodge, they have to depend 011 some friendly brother to vouch for them, otherwise, ,vere they COIn polled to he ()xanlined ,vould bave to remain out of the I;odge."

The Installation COllllnunication was held December 28, 1868, presided over by Bro. B. B. French, Grand Master. In Ilis address at that tirne he referA tl) the Inultitndc of eornn1unications an<l says: "I have long been of opinion that this Grand Lodge should have one more stated comnlunication during the year. Our annual meeting is held. on the first Tuesday of November, at which the officers are elected, and, by the terms of tho Constitution, it is made inlperative that the election shall take place after all the regular business of the Grand Lodge is transacted. This cOlnmunica.. tion, being the most inlportant one of the year, is always very fully attended, and the rule has }:)revailcd for Reveral years to complete, if possible, the labors of the Grand I.Jodge in a single evening. This has & tendenoy to oause the real business of the communioa路 tion to be hurriedly transacted, or l)ostpollled to the Installation Oommunication, and when thEbt arrives, i:nstea.d of being, &S it $~ould be, for the installation oel~e'110Iliea, it is ll1nde a businoss




meeting, and the imposing and interesting ceremonies of installa.. tion are hurriedly and superficially performed, as a mere adjunct to a business ll1eeting. "The newly elected Grand 1\Jlaster takes his seat, the Grand Lodge is closed, and, unless he thinks proper to call it speciall~y together, he has no opportunity to again meet his brethren in Grand Communication nntil the succeeding May.

"Ho'v much better ,vould it be to transact as much busine6s as could be well done at the Annual Communication, and postpone the rest to a stated cOlnmunication to be l1eld in January, and let the installation communication be for the installation alone." Bro. M. C. Baxter submitted an enlergent report on correE,.. !:>ondence, in the absence of the chairman, reviewing briefly several Grand Lodges. The Grand Lodge adopted the following very ilnportant resolutions: ct .Resolved, That no Inember shall appear in any Masonic proeession without conforming to the rules in relation thereto, that is to say: be shall wear blaek coat and pants, black hat, white glove", ~~nd a white lamb-skin apron. (t .Resolved, rrhat this Grand Lodge recolumeud to each and every brother to purchase, without delay, a lamb-skin apron and white gloves, to be worn by them on all public Masonic processions." Whiclliooks very much like preserving harlnony in Masonic dress, as well as in Masonic work. From the tables we learn that 225 were initiated and 289 raised; 56 were affiliated and 105 dimitted; 166 were suspended and 41 reiastated i 92 were rejected, and 2$ died. Total nlembership, 2,920. M. W. Bro. R. B. Donaldson was elected Grand Master, and R. Larner, Grand Secretar~y路, both of Washington Oity.

w. nro. Noble D.

Turning our attention from the lower temperature of New England, ,ve seek in the more congenial winter clime of ,


For her report of the proceedings wbich should have taken place in January last, but regret to s~y that they have not conle to hand at the time we write, &nd not wisbing to leave this region dnring the cool of autumn, we: shall linger fOl~ a n10111ent in

1869. j



GEORGIA, Where the Grand I..iodge met at Macon on the 27th of October, 1868, presided over by M. W. Bro. Jno. Harris, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not enu1l1erated.

The annual address is brief, and chiefly local. Here we find there is no Deputy Grand Master, singly, as in other States, but four Deputy Gtand Masters for four Districts, elected by the Grand Lodge, and they all seem to exercise the jurisdictional powers of the Grand Master in their respective Districts, even to the issuing of Dispensations. They all COlllphtin of L' \vant of unifornlity in work," and we are not sUrl)rised ,vhen we take into consideration that no one head supremely governs the \vhole. The reports of the Tru~teos and l)rcsident of the Masonic 001lege all tend to show that it is in a l)recarious condition, and that it will require not less than. $15,000 or $16,000 to develop the purposes of the institution. We believe that that n1uch money would educate all the Masonic orphans in Georgia, in regUlarly established schools, and do it fu,r Inare thoroughly. We cannot help but come to the conclusion that of all the schemes advanced for the care of l')oor and helpless Masonic orphans this systelll of Masonic Colleges is the n10st expensive, and evinces the least business sagacity. The Committee on Jurisprudence subnlitted the following, which was adopted, and in which we fully agree: "The Worshipful l\faster of Morven Lodge, No. 254, Bro. John G. Polhill, reports: That on two applications' for permission to dissolve all connection \vith the institution of Masonry,' he had ruled' that a Lodge had no power to grant such a request,' and 'that a Mason can only leave a Lodge by demit, death or expulsion,' but not being able to find any lavv on the subject, desires the opinion of the committee.

"We endorse the ruling of the Worshipful Brother, that it is out of the power of a Lodge to dissolve a Mason from all connection with tl1e institution of Masonry. A brother may voluntarily withdraw fronl all active co-operation ,vith Masonry, but the obligations voluntarily assumed, and which rest on hiln, cannot be dissolved save by death or expulsion, from all the rights and privileges of Masollry by the Grand Lodge. Even this last does not release him from every part of his obligation, and cannot-as one part is between his own conscience and his God. The only regular lnode of withdrawing from a Lodge is by demit."




The following coulplill1en t ",'as paid our 8 hite by the adoption of the following: 1l

Resolved, That the fornl of Returns of subordinate Lo<lges in the j1ilisdiction of Missouri be adopted for use in this jurisdiction, and all Lodges shall use this form of returns hereafter, and the Grand Secretary shall have a sufficient number printed with such alterations as may be made necessary, and transnli t copies to each I.JOOge. Tl~ Grand Lotige evinced its nppreciation of the benefits of M..tual Benevolent Associations by adopting the following:

Resolved, That the Gr~tnd Lodge of Georgia conlmend said association to the favorable consideration of the fraternity, and recommend that they au vise their families to avail thenlsel ves of the benefits to be derived frOlll said association. Resolved, rrhat the Masters of subordinate Lodges be l'equested to bring the object of said association to the notiee of their re.. speotive Lodges and explain its operations. R. W. Bro. Sanluel\wl~ellce sublnitted a very interesting re.port pn Corr~spondellee, in whioh Missouri for 1867 is included, and tbe title of ,. able and good Grand Mastel~," is applied to our })li'es..

ant iXlcuwbent. I{1or his rcHuarks upon our report ,ve feel highly eOlll!l!imeuteu, a.nd are glad to see that he appreciates our views upon the questioft of the Grand Lodge of'V'est Virginia, as it stood at that time; also upon the rights of Entered Apprentice Masons, and upon the issue of ~iDled candidates, in ,vhich we had oooasion to differ with Georgia; hoping she might retraoe her stops upon reaol1sideration, he says: We b,ave taken opportuuityelsewhere to retraoe our own steps and as we have tbere afgued the case,will n'Ot re.. :P8"t her~-but will only say, we agJ!oo with oUJ.~ brother, and hope 1G aee a :return to the old landmA)."\lts by our Gl'and Lo<1ge.' , H

<In t-'i$ question,

The report is one of mote than ordinary interest, and sho"vs th.e &ble Brother to be fully qualified for the honorable post he no'\v ~ot4a" ~$tt of Grand Master. Hia Poet Office address is Marietta. rt., W. :ij;tO. J. ED1l)1ett BIMkshe&l, of Macon, is tbe n~w Grand See~talY, vice Bl\o. Sbnri Rose, deceased.

We oome $Ltgain to the West, and open the well prepared proceedings of

IOWA. Upon our lliQrthrerIl \>order,a Gland LQdge tllat swung from th@ womb of Missouri"



Grand Lodge lllet in Burtis 1 Opera Houso, in the city of Da veIl'" port June 1st, 1869, M. "\IV. Bro. Reuben l\ficklo, Grand Mastel', presIding over 145 Louges represented. ~"ronl the Annual Addrehf', we have an insight into tho marvelous growth of 'Vestorn Jllri~... dictions, into whose boundaries are poured the enligratloll of H "vorld, seeking prosperous hOlll0S. 'rhe Grand }\{aster saJ"'~ :

"We assemLle here again, 011 this the t\venty-fifth anniversary of our Grand Lodge existence, rejoicing that the sanle beneficent power that has lJuilt Ul) the State of Io,va, and elldo\vcd it so wonderfully with the element~ of greatness, has not forgotten lIB, but has luade the 'handful of corn' cast into the fruitful soil of onr State, a quarter of 11, century ago, 110\V ',vave like Lebanoll.' Ours, Iny brethren, has been a wonderful, an ullexanlpled gro,vth. I;ess than forty years ago-within the meul0ry of lnany of 'Us-the 8tatE~ of Iowa ,vas an alUlost unkno,vn land. rrrue, wonderful tales had crossed our ~river of 'bright field~ beyond the s\velling flood,' a'waiting the husbandman, and inviting hiru to enter and tak(.\ possession; but only here and thero hud a few restless spiritA enter-ed. NO'N, ho\v changed! Every\vhoro, allover our beautiful Stat~, ~tre the busy homos of thriving mon ~ vilhtgCA and eyen (路ities havo sprung up as if Ly ll1agic, and the wOIHlerful ' rrale~ of the AraLhul Nights' have seenlod to beeolue le~s incredible than the prosak details of our daily life. Not less \voIl<lerful has been tho ad vance of our institution. T\Vellty-fl ve years ago, ~four weak Lodges, ,vith 11 total nlenlbership of only 0110 hundred and one, 111et and plantod the shoot which has grown and flourished beyond thoir most sauguine expectations, and boneath whose wide-spread branches we today find pleasant and oongenial h0111e8. rro.. day the Grand I.Jodgo of Iowa bas gro\vn into an association of two hundred an<1 thirty.. t,vo chartered Lodges, with an aggregate Dlembership of over ten thousand-men "vhonl tIle ancient constitutions require shall be 'good and tru~ men, free-born and of mature and discreet ago, no bondmen, no womell, 110 immoral or sc:.andalous nlen, but of good f

report.' "

Since the close of the last sessBion, the Grand Master has issued 23 dispensations for new Lodges-and in his review of Chartered Lodges, (by him ca.l1ed "particular" Lodges) he has evinced a deep degree of interest, and shown that nothing escapes his watohful e:ye. Relative to the resolution adopted at aUf last session about tho infringeluent <"!f our jurisdiction, tho ({rand l\IaHtf\f Hays:

"Sonle time in Novelnber ll:tst I roceived a e(HnnlUninu,tioll frOIH R. \V. Geo. Frank GOtlleJt, Grand Secretary of the Grand IJodge of MIssouri, compl&ining that certain I..Jodges 'ill Van Buren and Da\Tis counties u)e?'"e 'in the llctult of 111al\:ing l\[a,sons of (~itizens of





that State, residing within the jurisdiction of Scotland county, Missouri.' The matter seems to have assumed some importance, requiring the attention of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, which, by a resolution, instructed Bro. Gouley to write the communication referred to. I promptly replied to Bro. Gouley's courteous letter, disavowing, on behalf of the Grand Lodge and its officers, any knowledge or approval of such discourtesy or invasion of the jurisdiction of Missouri Lodges; that it ,vas not only unauthorized, but would not bejustified or countenanced by the Grand Lodge of Iowa; and requesting him to furnis-h me the names of the offending Lodges in order that steps might be taken to prevent a repetition of the offence. I also wrote to Masters of the Lodges in those counties contiguous to the Missouri State line, informing them of the complaints made by the Grand Lodge of Missouri, and requesting them to inform me of all facts connected therewith, coming within their knowledge. To these letters I have received 110 response, neither did Bro. Gouley inform nle of the names of the I.Jodges thus offending." In our correspondence (as Grand Secretar~y") vve were unable to furnish the names of the offending Lodges, but referred the communiaatiQn, or the substance of it, to R. W. Bro. R. E. Anderson, who offered the resolution alluued to, and suppose that, through tIle properparties, he furnished the information sought; at any rate, we llave heard of no further infringement upon our territory, and feel assured that, if there ,vas, it has been through no fault of Bro. Mickle, whose fraternal feeling sho,vs that he is not the officer to allow of such irregularities. The Grand Master, in alluding to a clandestine I.Jodge starteu in his jurisdiction, says: a This is the first case of the kind we hava ever had in this ju~isdiction, and

I hope it may be the last. Howev~r, for the protootloll of the craft from imposition, I would respectfully recomlXtend that the Grand Lodge adopt a general regulation requi~ing eV0ry: partiCUlar Lodge to Iteep A VISITORS' BOOK, in which eyery vi;sitor shall be required, before an examination is had, to register hls name and residence, and name, number and location of his Lodge. Such a regUlation, S1(riotly enforced, might prevent many Lodges from being imposed upon. by the unworthy, as well as enarble the Lodges to follow up alld detect inlpostors." And the same regulation we would recQlnmend to our own &nd that the Grarnd Lodge enforce it, as these visitors' books are already printed, and 0&'11 be procured from anyone regu1(aJ:ly in the Masonic trade. Lodgr0S~



For the infornlation of the craft in Missouri we append a list of the members of the clandestine Lodge in Iowa:

'Vm. R. AdaUls, WIn. Austin, S. H. Bell, Jacob Black, John W. Boggs, D. W. Bushnell, Lewis Davis, Scott De Wolf, Benjamin Franklin, Geo. M. Haskell, E. IJ. Halnmond, H. M. Hamilton (rejected by 159,) L. F. Hilton, F. W. Huxford, Geo. E. Jones (County Treasurer,) John Johnston, M. )\iI. !{ing, (County Judge,) L. S. Kutzleb, Charles Logan, Oliver Logan, Eli T. Mills, S. G. Moffatt, (Deputy County Treasurer,) Wnl. l\1oore, John C. Robinson, A. L. ThoD1psou, (said to be VV. 1\1.,) J. H. Waters, H. R. WilsOll, (County Clerk), of which our readers will take due notice and be governed accordinglY:a ¡ We are pleased to notice that the Grand Lodge of Iowa haA pretty nearly tired of riding around on wheels and is about seeking " a local habitation," where it nlay rest in peace. He concludes his admirable address with the following: " To me the principles of Freemasonry are a practical science, to be carried out in our every day lives and actions, and in our daily intercourse with each other and with the world, and herein, in my humble opinion, is to be found our best and surest defence against the incessant assaults of the malignant, fanatic, and selfish, narrow-minded bigot." 1-Ie submits answers to nineteen questions, which are very nl.uch in accordance with our o""vn jurisdiction, and regret that space wIll not permit a reprint of all of them. The Grand Treasurer's report ,Shows a balance in the Treasury of $8,450 04.



The report of the Grand Secretary is, like all his productions, systematic and complete, and he deserves great credit for the thorough manner in which he does his work. Bro. W. E. Miller submitted an able and sensible report on Oorrespondence. Under the head of Missouri he refers to our argument on the status of an expelled Mason, wherein we said tha.t such person is not restored by the reversion of the expUlsion by the Grand Lodge, and ordering a netu trial,. but that he still remained expelled, or suspended, until the verdict of the new trial "vas announced, which was cOl1trary to the decision of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, and Bro. l\{iller says"The writer of this report thinks this e.x.oeption by our ::Mis$ouri brethren well taken. The action of the Grand Lodges leaves the status of the expelled brother as it was after the charges were preferred, and before the trial thereon, and he is certainly not in




as good standing aq n hrother agait1Rt 'VhOlll no ehargc5 are pending." 111 the SUDlllUtry \VO find :361 chartered Lodges and one Under Dispensatiol1; 1,594 were initiated, and 1,381 raised, \vhich shows a deficiency of 213 in clearing up the ,vork of the year; 623 \vere adruitted and 770 dimitted; 70 died, 111 suspended, 19 expelled, 32 r(\i1l8tated, and thore are 11,463 ruernbers 011 tho roll.

Tbere is one singular fact noticeable in the list of elective Grand Officers of Io,\va, that but t,vo of the Grand l\1asters ever filled the Wardens' chairs; ho\v nlany of them were Deputies we are not aware, &8 that is not an elective office with thenl, and their name~ are not pUbliF>hed in th~ 1iHt before us. ~L W. Bro. Juo. Scott, of Nevnda, was elected Grand Mabter, and E. 'V" Bro. Theo. S. Parvin re-elected Grand Secretary, also Uhairman of th~ Comulittee on Correspondence. ...-\ddress, Iowa City.

OrasHing the ri yer



upon the Grand IJodge of

ILLINOIS, \Vhich Inet ill Springfield, Oct. 0, 1868, presided over by M. W" Bro. Jeroule R . O'orin, Grand MaRter. Number of I..Jodges repreHented not ~ll Ulnerate<1.

The address of the Grand Master is brief, ancl chiefly local in He reports having issued thirty-six Dispensations for new Lodges. l\Iuch of hiA address is devoted to a revie",r of the services of Bro. Reynolds, and reoomnlends some testimonial by the Grand Lodge, \vhich body afterwards elected hinl its Grand ~faster, and adopted the re(~ommendatioll.


The variOUA comnlittees at~ellded faithfullj7 to the very large amount ~of work hefore them, ttrH:1 Aubnlitted very full and eonlplet.e reports. vV~ h~vo al,vays thought that too little appreciation ,vas evinced in the great labor of c()mlnitte~St for it is to theIn, after all, that the great credit is due for the S'lloC!~$fuI ,vork of the Grand Lodge,

,vhell faithfully performed. We find $0,117.50 paid out, fQr n1.ileSige, an<l $3,636.00 for" per diem/' making 763.00. Seve~aW. propositions were offerred for ra:.iaing fUllds to huHd a Gr~nd I;ot()(lge Hall, "vhi(路ll lie over until

the ne-xt sE?'$sion.




Bro. H. G. l~eYllolds, Chairlnan of COllllllittec, submitted a report 011 Correspondence, revie,ving all the Grand Lodges, ours of 1867 included, and in noticing our report, he eitIler did not read it, 路 or did not understand the force plain English, for 11e nlakes an 'effort to put ,vords in our nlouth ,vhich we never used, by trying to make us say that the large nunlber of dispensations issued in Illinois for conferring degrees out of the regular tin1c, are conferred on Ullvvorthy personA, &c., or ,vords to that effect. What ""ve did say ,ve 110"V reiterate, that nine-tenths of those 'VI10 apply for disl)ensations to get the degrees just before they are going to travel, do &0 fronlnlercenary Inotives; and further, we say that this power of granting dispensations to set aside a lJositive lCt~() of the Gra/nd Lodge 01' a 8ubo1~dinat6 Lodge, is not legitimately a "l)rerogative of the Grand l\rfaster," unless so specified ill the law itself, and if so specified, it ceases to he a lavv, antI the Grand Master becomes a lavv unto hinlself. If such a dispenRatioll nlay be given for one, it llHl:Y for a thousand, and ,ve think if SOIne C}rand Master ,vonld so use this so-called "prerogative" ono .:year, and set aAide the whole lavv on petitions, and let c~\n(1idates COIne in hy the dozen, it might Blvv'aken SOl1le Grand Lodge to a fuir realiza tiOIl of this dangerouA power. 'Ve hold it to be an " ancient usage" that (\very candidate must lie over at least one month for initiation, in order that thebrethren lnay investigate hiIn, and at least from one stated meeting to another for the bther degreeA, ill order that he lllay be examined, and voted 011, and if he iR !)ut through without exanlination, his degrees do not anl0unt to n ro\v of pinr;, for he ],\:no'W"A nothing' about


them. ~1C

iny-ito attention to our report 011 ](entucky.

In the recapitulation ""ve find, 3,971 initiated and 8,572 raised, \vhich sho,vs a deficiency of 399 in clearing up the work of the year. 1,046 were adll1itted and 1,841 din1ited; 341 suspended; 81 expelled; 102 restored; 1,681 rejected, and 250 died; the h'Ltter showing a very small proportion out of a total menlhership of 2R,26~.

M. W. Bro. H. G. Reynolds ,vas elO'cted Grand Master, and I~. W. Bro. Orlin H. Miner t'lectcd (-trancI Recretary, both of Springfield.

Oross>ing the eastern horder of Illil1oiA, \ve



to her sistel~

INDIANA, \Vltere the Gl路s,nd Lodge lllet May 25tb, 186~, ~t 111dilltl.apQ!is, pre.. sided over 'by M. w. Bro. Martin R. Rice> Gra.;lld M&ster.




Three hundred and fifty out of 380 chartered Lodges, and 26 out of 31 Lodges U. D. were represented, making a total of 376. It . will sound strange to ~Iissourians to hear of Lodges U. D. having a regular representation, when it is not yet known how rnax;y, if any, of them ""vill ever be regularly con'3titutecl I.Jodges under charter. But so it is. The anilual addres~ i& a lengthy docurnent, and treats very fully of the affairs of the Grand Lodge, as well as a brief review of other jurisdictions, it being a part of his duty to render a report on foreign (;~xrespondence. He is sound on landmarks, which it has been the strenuous effort of SOlne to break dovvn. He.says: HOI1 May 1st, I was illfornled that Hiram Lodge, No. 42, had initiated a candidate vvith but one leg. I immediately appointed R.. W. Bro. John M. Branlwell to visit the Lodge, and take such actioll as required by rule 83. '1'11e l'eport of Bro. Bramwell shows that, on the 10th instant, he arrested the charter, and appointed Bro. Christian Fetta to take charge of the effects of said Lodge. This ease seenlS to be a willful violatioIl of the Ancient Landmarks, and is but a repetition of what occurred last year. I would suggest whether it is not about time to establish a prec:edent that shall prevent such tb ings in future. H

He recommends the District Lecture systeln, such as adopted by our Grand Lodge, and which has been found to work so well. He also reoommends that any Lodge which receives lectures from unauthorized parties shall forfeit its charter, and if the would-be lecturer belongs to the State, that he be suspended by his Lodge. He closes his attractive address by the following beautiful reItlarks:

t'The object of




the sanle as the Church, or the

State.. It has a peculiar mission of its own, and by the distinct pres&utation of that mission, so that all may see it, the less will be the suspicion in tbe world against the institution, and the more plainly will its peCUliar nlerits be manifested and unfolded in fruits ()f beauty, rrchlless and delight. Masonry ib not a religious or a political body. I t is not exclu$i vel1 or prinu\trily a teacher of morality, or politics, in the sense of practically applying the nloral principles of allY religion, or the practical principles of any civil goV"ernment, but in conlmon with ~U religions, and all State au.. thority, it starts with the fact of the Brotherhood of the human race; and believing that to think over problems that relate to action between man a.nd man, without proceeding to act, is to 11000me speedilj'>' paralyzed; it Stets, and its Itction is a society. rrhe


nlybteries of ll1utual, fraternal action do not yield up their of light, while we

14:-3 f;ecr~ts

'SIt apart, holding no t"orln of Society, Bllt contemplating all.'

rrhe fOrlllative principle of Masonry iilld~ its illustration in thnt principle of science by which the most minute, and a,pparen tly isolated facts resolve themselves into systems; these systems again are bound together in still wider systems; complex la,vs, as we ascend higher in the scale of being, unfold their complex operations, and assume Si111pler fornlS. And so we go from infinite diversity to a higher and higher unity, until ,ve find all reduced to a unity of one universe, beneath the throne of one God.

"Froln this funaurnelltal principle of science springs the developnlcnt of mind, in the activity of thought, and the various applications of the conclusions gained. " In the Brotherhood of 11lan, and the }1"atherhood of God, is the unity of one hunlan family; and this principle is the formative principle of Masonry. The realization of this subl!me fact develops

obligations, nloraI, religious and political. But Masonry aims not at the presentment or cnforcelnent of obligations abstractly considered, only at the inculcation of the falnUy relationship, from ,vhich spring morality, religion, civil obedience and progress. ~ Other organizations and instrulnentalities, Divine and human, have their legitimate place in the world's history, to which Masonry clainls only to be the handmaid, aud from which Masonry welcomes light and truth, and all elenlents that tend to the realization and perfection of the Brotherheod that it is her peculiar mission to insist upon and illustrate; 'For so the whole round eal"ih' is路every wa~t Bound by golden chains, about the feet of God ,.,

'fIle reports of the Comrnittees on Grievance, Chartered Lodges and Lodges U. D., are very full and cOlnplete. The Committee 011 Jurisprudence submitted the following:

"Resolved, That the paylnent of all dues for which a brother may stand expelled, or a 111ajority vote of all the Jnembers present of the Lodge inflicting the pflnalty of suspension or expulson, for a.ny other cause, shall restore the brother to all the rights and privile~es of a non-affiliated Mason, but it shall require a unanimous ballot to restore to 111embership in the Lodge any brother so SllSl~ended or expelleq for any cause whate''rer.'' \Ve C~tll understand all of the foregoing except the expulsion for non-payment of dues, ,vhicb, to us, is a llew &nd extraordinalJr severe punishment for such an offence.




On Foreign Correspondence, the Comnlittee offered tho foHovv.. ing, which was adopted, and in ,vhich we fully concur: H 1st. rrhat the rights and benefits of M..asonry attach to all Master Masons in good standing, ,vherever they nlay travol or go, regardless of the country or clime from whence they COlne.

"~d.: rrhat anlong these inalienable rights is that of the honor of }[aaonie funeral, ,vhich he ha,s the privilege of choosing wbile !ll1ive, or his next friend for hhn when he is dead.

"Sd. 'rhnt this clahn is not ll1ade upon a special I;odge, but upon Master }\!Iasoll~. "4th. That should he be desti tute when t11.ken sick or stricken down, aU the expenses connected wi tIl his sickness and funeral should be borne by the Master ~Iasons individually or the Lodge having jurisdiction ill the premises, and that it is not in accordance with Masonic law and precedent to ask the I.Jodge of his affiliation to pay the expenses." :From the tables \eve learn that 2,301 wero initittted and 2,188 ra,ised, being a deficiency of 119 only in closing up the vvork of the the year; 721 ,vere admitted and 1,321 diInitted, ,vhich is a fearful discrepancy for a Western State; 311 were suspended, 79 expelled, and 117 rein~tatcd; 189 del)artcd thiA life o.ut of a totallllembership of 21,20.5.

M. W. Bro. ~Iartlll H. Rice, of PI:rmouth, ,vas re-elected Grand R. W. Bro. Juo. M. Bramwell, of Indianapolis elected Grand Secretar:y. MMt~r, and

Again leaving our neighboring States we go far up to the northern boundaries of the Republic, and call in on the young Grand IJodge of

IDAHO, Which waR forIlled out ()f a conventioll ,vllich lnet Deeenlber 16th, lSf37. The Prooeedings we sharll llLQW Jreview were of the first .annual eommunic&tion, vvhich met in 141Jbho City, June 22d, 1868, which was opened by R. 'VV.. Bro.. Gef1.. W. Paul, Deputy Grand :M8lJster. In the afternoon five Lodges were represented, and the M. 'V. Bro. Goo. H .. Coe, Gl~and ~f~tster, assumed l1is station. His Annual Addrâ&#x201A;Ź's8 is neoe$arily brief, his ofii.c¡i~ll.l acts bein~


1869. J



He reports 113. ving " reluctall tly gran ted a tlisponsatlon to rc.. btbllot for a rejected canuidate before the usual tin10 had clal)Scd.. " He Dtives as a reason that the Brother who cast the 1.>lack ball stat:d in open Lodge, that he did it through mistake, and \VUS Borry 7 &c. We very much regret that the Grand Master allo\ved his sylllpathies to be thus overconle t and set a prcedent \vhich ,viII haunt his Grand Lodge for years to ~ollle. Ill~tead of granting the dispensation, he should have !)ut tho declaring Brother undel~ Chal'gE)A for having dared to tell how he voteu, ,vhich i~ a clear violation of the secrecy of the ballot. It relninds us of a story of N apoleoll I., 'when a sold.ier once attclnpted to assassinate him by a pistol shot, but the pistol missed fire, and \vhen he was brought before thp Emperor and confessed his crime, he ordered him to be shot, not fOl' ~ttempting assassination, but for keeping his fir0arnls in snch bad

order. The Grand Master reports harluony in his small fUlnil.Y, but re路 grets that his correspondence aud decisions had bOOll destroyed h~y fire 011 the 19th of the same month . The following very sensible amelldlnent was offereu, t\ud lie~ over: " Provided that any alnendlnent nlay be made at any annunl conlluunicatioll by unanhnous consent.. " 'Ve would prefer to see it by a two-third vote, and liulited to the by-laws of the Grand IJodge, but leave the constitution be to anlcndcd as formerly, viz., lie over one year..

'Ve regret tbat, after considerable dis0ussioIl t th(~y failed to fix a permanent place of lueeting, but left it indefinite, ns the Grand I.JodS'8 nlay from time to tinlO determine. We think, after they llave h&llied their Grnnd Lodge about the rrerritory for a fe,v yearH, and lost half of their archives, they will settle do\vn and" keep house." This is now the universal experience of old Grand IJodges. 'rhe tinle of meeting has been changed to October. In adopting a code of la,vs for trials it is provided that the vote shall be by a "show of hands." 'Ve rather like the nerve of wemk brethren w)lioh that sort of vote presumes on, but very much doubt the wisdom of trying it. _I\. secret vote is the luost certain of justice to all parties. They did wisely in striking out indefinite suspension, which is only another ,vord for expulsion .. We :find 54 initiated and. 33 rai~ed, a differel1co of 21-l'ztther large. There are 225 members on the roll.

M. W. Bro. Gao. H. Coe Wtt~ elected Oraud l\faster, ttnd I~. W. P. E . Edmondsoll elected Grand Secretary. Both. of Idaho City. We weloolne them into the family of Cjrttnd IJodges.. Bro~





Taking a trip down tht? Missouri river ,ve find the Grand Lodge of

KANSAS, In session, October 20, 1868, at the city of La,vrence, and presided over by M. W. Bro. M. S. Adams, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not enumerated. The Grand Master reports having granted nine Dispensations for new Lodges. He also granted nine Dispensations to confer Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees 011 candidates out of the regular time, "who w~re about to move from the State," and on some who were" not quite a resident of the State." Well, ,,"e have had our say about this sort of "special dispensation" business and do not propose to say any more, except that those ""vho were about to move away should have applied sooner, or else remained longer, if Masonry was worth anything to them or they to Masonry, either of whioh we very much doubt; and as for those who were not residents a year, we would like to know ,vhether they had permission froIn the State they last canle frOID, and whether they wanted to get through qUickly before their true characters could be found out. Experience in observing scallawag candidates roaming over the oountry justifies us in these queries.

The address, on the whole, is replete with sound advice to the brethren,and the decisions are well and clearly rendered. With one, however! we do not agree, ,vhich is in accordance with one rendered by our late Grand Master, viz: that IJodges under dispensation have no authority to try a Brother. For one we can see no rE!ason why a Lodge under dispensation, which has the power to make l\lasons, and therefore decide upon the qualification of its own membership, may not also be proper jUdges of Masons within its own jurisdiction, although we know our own law is 80 indefinite upon that point that it justifies the above decision, and we think it should be changed.

We notice that the Gl"'and Lodge granted a chatter to Mt. Moriah Lo.dge at Salt Lake City, notwiths~dingthe objections raised by the Grand Lodge of N evad&, whi,()h body originally had jurisdiction over said Lodge, and were, to all intents and purposes, the best judges of the members and materiaJ. To say the least, we think the Grand Lodge of Kansas would have "done the better part 11 to have let Nevada settle up its own. business; and if Mt.. Moriah Lodge shall hereafter give the M:aabnie world trouble, or cast dis~ra(}e upon its name, then our brethren" over the border" will regret sincerely their hasty action.



The Grand Lodge had seyeral votes as to where they would next carry the Grand Lodge, and it was finally settled to meet next year at Leavenworth. "And another I,;ocust went in and took a grain of corn." . R. W. Bro. E. F. Carr submitted an excellent report on Correspondence, in which J.\iIissouri receives very complimentary notice. From his tabular statement, ,ve find 435 were initiated and 361 raised, being a deficiency of 74 ; 201 adlnitted against 157 dimitted, which looks well for the immigration of the State; 78 were 8USpended, 157 rejected, and 20 died out of a total membership of 2,645.. M. W. Bro. J. H. Brown was elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro.

E. F. Carr re-elected Grand Secretar:r, both of Leavenworth.

Still following down the great valley, ,ve come to the proceedings of

!{ENTUCKY, Where the Grand Lodge convened on the 19th of October, 1868, ill the city of Louisville, presided. over by M. W. Bro. Elisha S. Fitch, Grand Master. NUlnber of Lodges represented not added up.. The Annual Add.ress i& a long one, replete with beautiful thoughts, and we regret that time will not permit us to copy any extended extracts, there being but one copy before us. He reports having granted 14 dispensations for new Lodges. He very properly enjoins greater caution and scrutiny in recommending new Lodges by the nearest Lodge. Having had almost innumerable applications for dispensations to confer degrees out of time, and as he calls it, by "a sort of lightning express over tbe Masonic track" he reports having "persistently refused all such applications." Good for Bro. Fitch! He is right in saying that the precarious "sojourn of such candidates renders their membership in the fraternity of but little consequence." :Right here, ill reply to the Illinois Comnlittec, already referred- to, we will say that the arguments of Bro. Fitch are incontrovertible and fraternally refer Grand' Master Reynolds to a careful perusal of the same. He very truly renlarks, "regarding the Grand Master simply as th@ creature of the Grand Lodge, del~iving all his authority from that body, and subject to its laws, we do not believe that we are invested with any prerogative which might annul her edicts or contravene her avowed policy. The truth is, we have but little pa,;nience or sympathy with that ela8tic, mtangibZe, nOTrbdescript $romethrflng t ycleped p7"erogaiive, and instinctively suspect the sound-




ll~SS of any Masonic legislation based exclusively upon it." We regret that we cannot produc~ his arguluent in full, it is a "crusher"

to a 'Vast liile of nonsense.

He seuds a hundred pound shot into that nliserable class of dealers who peddle out their wares under the advertising mediunl (~f masonic emblenls.

He pays a deserved tribute to the cOlnmendable zeal of the craft itl getting better Lodge rooms, and also cOlnplilnonts the Grand

rrreasurer on the successful termination of his favorite scheme in Inaking the (lrand Lodge a self-sustaining body by its investment in the "Masonic Temple Company," ,vhereby its resources are $78,000.00, after ,viping out mortgages, &r. This looks very Inuch like LL business," and is in marked contrast to so many Granu Lodges vvho only live by unending taxes on the craft, and never have sagacity enough to look :five years ahead. But we Blust begin to take our leave of the l\.nnual Address, for if \ve continue on reading it, Y"re will find that ,ve have written one

()ur$$lves; yet it is hard to part ,"vith one containing so mucll of solid l\fasollic sense and 'tvisdolll. We are glad the Grand Lodge of ICentucky re-elected him, altbough we never met hinl, and are astonished that the th-and Secretary did not deeln his address \v()rthy of more than one copy a Grand I.iodg~. In the proceedings, we notico that the" Kentucky l/'ree?l~(u:;on" ,vas recorumendcd to the Craft aA worthy of their su pport. "",~n amondlnent ,vas offered,lnakiIlg it the duty of the Grand Looturer to visit Lodges" at their request," which ,ve hope will be ab&nged to lC the Grand I../ecturer shall visit the Lodges whenever he can, and that such Lodges shall learn the work and obey it,H for fr6ul observation, 'YO are satisfied that Inany I-oIodges will never ~"eqt,e3t him to eonlâ&#x201A;Ź'}, because they think they" knovv it all already 71 and if he were to go without invitation, he would probably find them reauy to lecture him; whereas, in the adopted work they would not know a mole hill from a row of beans. In l\Iissouri we learned enough to know that Grand Officers have certain duties to perfOfIn, ~nd that they SbOLlld do it whether requested or not. "re hope it ,vill nc)t be ttdopted, especially that part which Iyrovides for the Grauel L~('turer tt ingelH~ral to conduct the business of the Lodge,H ,vhich ho bas no more right to do than he has to i&sue dispensationf,; tIL is iH the prerogative of tbe Worshipful ~rttster.

Bro. J. JYI. S. McCorkle submitted & bl~ief report on CorrespondencE', in ,vhich l\fissouri ,vas not present.



From his tables ,ve find 2,070 initiated and none rai50d, which iH a fearful discrepanry, and will take them years to make up, if they continue on at the saIne rate. Total membership 18,972, but how many of them are l\Iaster l\lasons ,vo arc not infornled, for all Entered Apprentices, we believe, are "lnembers," as they pay duos, although they nlay not kno,v whether H. A. had his neck brol{e by the breaking of a derrick or b~y the prematuro diAcharge of a "needle gun." J.,.~fO 1note it br.

11. W, Bro. Elisha S. E"itch, of ~"lemingsbul'g, i~ Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. J. 1\L R. l\{0Corkle, of I.JouisviIle, is (irand Secretary.

Pursuing yet further our journey do","n the l\lississil)pi, \ve ill"'" rive near its delta and land at Ne,Y OrleanR, where \YO find the Grand IJodge of

LOUI~IANA In session, on }1"\clJrtutry 8, lRH9, prer-;i<!p{l oyer by M. \V路. R. Swasey, Grand J.\tlaster. Number of Lodges




not eUUlnernte<l.

The annual address treats chiefly of "official doings." He reports having issued eleven DIspensations for ne,v I..Jodges; also, several "reluctantly granted" to candidates to receive the degree~ out of the regular time, and only set aside "the operation of any regulation of the Grand I.Jodgc" ,vhell convinced that it vvould accomplish "great good." We regret we cannot see allY great good arising froll). any violation of any regulation of the Grand Lodge by taking in anybody, and refer to our vie"vs under tho head of Iientuclcy. Our esteemed Brother has, ho,vcver, the satisfaction of kno,\villg that he is not the only (~rand MaRter who ha~ been led astray by false lanternR. He refers fUlly to the action of the Grand Orient of It''rsllce in recognizing the Supreme Council of Louisiana, which pretends to control symbolic degrees, and on vvhich the C}rand Lodge subse... cluently acted vvith prornptitude and energy in vindicating her 路 $overeigntyand dignity by severing Masonic conlmunication with the Grand Orient until she should recall her reoognition. Of this subject ,ye shall treat more fnlly under the head of " European Jurisdictions. "

The report of the Grand ~ecretary ,vas very full and COlnpletl\,

'nd evinces a close attention to official





It is some gratification to know that the Grand Lodge took the trouble to inquire somewhat into the multitudinous list of representatives that are now being spread broadcast over the country by sundry foreign "Grand Orients;" some of which it found to be mere bogus affairs, and others it knew less about. We will guarantee the assertion, that when they inquire further, they will find that not one out of ten of them have any assimilation or sympathy with our Grand Lodges, and are only trying 011 a "little confidence game" of recognition. If they fool Missouri much, it will be after the present generation has passed away; ,ve have not yet forgotten the lesson of our late Bro. O'Sullivan, viz: that nothing i~ Masonry which is not l)Urely 'I Ancient Craft Masonry," and with thnything else (fraud Lodges have nothing to do. An iInmense amount of routine ,vork the aid of energetic committees.


accolnplished through

Bro. James B, Scot, chairman, submitted a very 11,ble report on Oorrespondence, in which Missouri is fraternally noticed. ~The committee, with ourselves, does not agree with our late Grand lVIaster, that "a Lodge should not hold a trial on a brother being tried before-. a civil court," except, as Bro. Scot says, it be a criminal prosecution, where the trial is speedily ended. For one, we are in favor of attending to our own business, no ll1atter whether the courts ever attend to theirs or not.

In the "Supplemental Report" on Correspondence we find a review of various Rites, etc., which had nothing to do 'Yitll the interests of the Grand Lodge or with symbolic Masonry, and was not rea,d before the Grand Body, but inserted on individual account, and, therefore, we presume we ha,te nothing to do with it as a part of the proceedings before us. We are willing to do now, as the Grand Lodge of Missouri has done in the past, viz: help the Grand Lodge of Louisiana in maintaining her integrity against foreign Masonry, and are, therefore, more than surprised that any countenance or notice should have been taken, or any recognition given to that from which has sprung all her woes. It is the old tale of the "Miller fly," enchanted by the candle light. We la-ad put down in full on this . question, but afterwards tore the manuscript up, for fear we might be deemed unfraternal. We hope that Grand Lodge, however, will learn wisdom from the experience of a bitter past, and stick strictly to its own Masonry and not dAbble in that of others nor allow ' others to interfere with it. From the tables we find 602 initiated and 490 raised; a discrep~ Riney of 112-rather large. 250 were affiliated and 394 dimitted, 285




suspended, aud 142 uied, out of a total melnbership of 6,099, who remain to battle for the principles of life, as Masonically taught.

M. W. Bro. Samuel M. Todd was elected Grand ~Iaster, and R. W. Bro. James C. Batchelor, M. D. (L. box 872.), re-elooted Grand Secretary; both of New Orleans. Turning north,vard again, we conle to the Grand Lodge of

l\IISSI8SIPPI, Which met at Jackson, on the 18th of January last, M. W. Bro. Thos. S. Gaithright, Grand Master, presiding over 182 Lodges represented, out of 255 011 the roll. The annual address is an interesting paper, and beautifully expressed. One great error into ,vhich Bro. l\Iackey's jurisprudence has led Lodges is, in stating that when a petition is reported ul1favorably upon it is not to be balloted 011, and the address completely settles that heresy by the following: H I have decided that when 8l non-affiliated Mason applies for Iuembership in any Lodge, or where a profane applies for initiation, and the conlmittee of investigation reports unfavorably, the Master is in error to rule that the party is rejected. If this be the proper view, many Lodges are doing wrong. I hold that the ballot must be spread in all cases. If an unfavorable report rejects, a favor.. able one elects. I decide that applications can be decided only by seoret ballot. Our by-laws say that if a petition be roferred and the committee report unfavorably, it cannot be ;withdrawn. How can you withdraw what is rejeeted? or what is the propriety of contemplating the withdrawal of a petition already rejected '? The regulation contemplates a ballot." It appears a case came before the Grand Master involving the status of an elected and installed officer of a Lodge, and he de!cided that the Worshipful :l\Iaster could depose him and put another in his place, and that by parity of reasoning the Grand Master could depose an elected officer of the Grand Lodge. As to the powers of the Worshipful Master, we can not agree with our M. W. brother that that officcr possesses such power, unless he prefexs charges against him, either in the Lodge or to the Grand Master. If in the Lodge, the charges must be acted upon and the verdict of the brethren ascertained; and if before the Grand Master, he must also see that the brother is charged and tried. If the officer is "entirely incompetent," that inoon'1p~tt)noy must be decided upon.




As to the powers of the Grand Master over his subordinates, the question i'3 not so clear, but of one thing there can be no doubt, viz: that it is the s,vorn duty of subordinate officers to obey their Gr~nd :l\Iaster, and if they disobey, or fail to do their duty, he undoubtedly can prefer his charge against them and depose thenl from office, and cite them to appear as menlbers of the Grand Lodge before it at the next sessio11, to stand trial; and in this the Grand JYlaster assunles a great responsibility, and should be ,veIl satisfiod of the truth of his charge before acting. It is a caRe not fully provided for by our o,vn la,\\". He


upon tho Grand Lodge to <1echlo what constitutes a Lodge," as there has arisen a question 011 that point, SOUle eontendillg for threo, son1e five, and SOlne seven Iuelubers. 'Ve '\vould refer hiIn to the argumeu t of our Grand Master in 1867, \vherein the whole question i~ fully discussed. A1~ legal

A great deal of current business ,vas transacted . Bro. Charles T. Murphy submitted an excellent report ou Cor.. respondence, which prove~ him fully competent for the laboriou~

task. :B"rolll the table,; \ve le/lrn th~Lt 714 \vare initiated and 578 raiseu, heing a deficiency of 130; 420 ,"vere admitted and 7B5 diInitted, a difference of 34t5, \vhieh is very large; 150 died, out of a n1embership of 9,606"

1\1.. "\V. Bro. rrho~. 8. (j-althright, of GholbOll, \VUb elected Grand l\laster, and R. W. Bro. J. L. Power, of Jack&on, Grand Secretary, and 'We congratulate the Grand Lodge upon securing the services of one so well qualified to attend to it.

Bro. Charles T. Murphy, of Durant, ,vas ttppoillted OOlun1ittee on Correspondence.

Returning again to the great North,"vest, we arri vo at the pro-ceedings of the Grand Lodge of

MINNESOTA, Which met at St. Paul, January 12, 1869, presided over by M. W. Bro. C. W. Nash, Grand Master. Number of Lodge~ represented



The Grand Lodge 111et ill the llinv Masonic Hall, which was dedicated in the afternoon by the Gral1d Master, on which oocasion & very eloquent address ,"vas delivc:red by W. Bro. S. Y. McMaster'S, D.D., L.L.D., Grand Chaplain.




After the report of the Comnlittee on Credentials \ve find the following singular nlotion, 'w'hich was P\lt to vote and carried:

"Resolved, That the ~f. W. Grand Master be requested to deliver his address this evening, and that tho Most Worshipful th0 Grand Lodge when called off be called to meet at 7 o'clock. "On motion, the 1\1. VV. Grand Lodge was called from labor to refreshment.' ,

"The Most Worshipful the Grand I..Jodge was called fronl refreshment to labor, Deputy Grand Master Bro. R. A. Jones presiding. The M. 'V. C. W. Nash then delivered the follovving address." This is about as cool a proceeding us we think \ve have ever seen in a Grand Lodge. It might do very ,veIl for a National l\fasonic Convention, but to turn the Grand Master of Masons virtually out of his office, and adjourn the Grand Lod~e over his head by a "lnotion," is something entirely new to us. We do not know that the Grand Master is entirely excusabl(~ in this proceeding, for it will be noticed that he vacated his place to the Deputy Grand Master in the evening, and delivered his annual message as though he were a n1ere Grand Orator delivering an address by invitation of the Grand Lodge. Minnesota is a young Grand Lodge, to be sure, yet ,ve think a casual perusal of the published proceedings of older sisters would suggest the ancient and regular way of doing things. We should as soon think of seeing a Lodge adjourn on motion as the above, and to see the Senior Warden called to the East while the vVorshipful 1\faster delivered his instructions to the rnembers. We hope for better thingR as she grows older. The annual address shows the Grand Master to be a ripe schoh\r, and one whose soul and heart are interested in the great work before him. He reports having granted dispensations for seven ne,v Lodges. The address is chiefly confined to local interests.

The proceedings were confined to State interests, and \ve notice nothing demanding further attention. The report on Correspondence ,vas submitted by Bro. A. '1\ c. Pierson.

'Ve find no summary of work done. M. W. Bro. O. W. Nash was re-elected Grand Master, and R.





w. Bro. W. S. Combs re.. eleeted Grand Secretary. Both of St. Paul. We regret that our sen,reh for the proceedings of the ti rand Ij()dge of

Which should have Inet in October, 1868, proved a failure, af:, nOlle have come to hand at the time of writing. Turning our course to the great lakes, ,ve find that the Grand Lod,g'e of

NIIOHIGAN 1fet &t Detroit, .January 13, 1869, presided over by COl Coffinbury, Grand Master.



Bro. H.

:Number of Lodges represe:nted not enumerated.

rrhe annual address, like all other productions fronl its gifted is replete with beautiful thoughts, good advice, and sound decisions.


He reports granting twelve Dispensations for new Lodges, also five for conferring the Entered Appremiice degree under emergent circumstances. Having already referred to this subject, under the head of Illinois and Kentucky, we will let it drop here.

He d@oided that a Mason could not voluntarily absolve himself from the ob~ations of Masonry, nor could the Lodge do it for him, and if he says he does not feel himself bouud by it he should be expelled.

He paid a fitting tribu.te to the immense procession whleh turned out to lay the corner stone in Philadelphia in June, 1868, at ,vhich time he was present. We find 2,381 i:flitiated &,nd n<:>:ne rillseu, 882 dimi tted ~\nd none affiliated-great deficienoies ia both; 1,670 were rejeoted and 131 d~ed of a tortal membership of la,0J.6.

1\11. W. Bro. A. T. Metcalf, QPt lt~la~a~ool was el~ted Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Jas. Fenton, of Dotroit, ,vas re-elected (lrand Seeretary. Ha ving ling'ered for some tiXtle in the West and South, ,ve ~h&l1 journey to the farthest N. E. corner or the Republic, aud se~ bo'\'v S'tands the Grand Lodge of



] 0:>

MAINE. Which met in l Portland on the 4th of lVlay, 1869, presided over by I~. W. Bro. Timothy J. Murray. Number of I.Jodges represented not enumerated. The Annual Address is very brief and local. Three dispensations ,vere granted for new Lodges.

Bro. Josiah H. Drummond rendered as usual a most excellent and intelligent roport on Correspondence, in which Missouri is included. 'Ve find no business transacted requiring special note.

rrhere "vere 1343 initiations and no raisings reported; total luelnbership 14,121; 1484 admitted and 313 dimitted, froln which ,vo

bhould judge that there must have been either an immense 1iIasoni<: croigratiQl1 to Maine, or else, like Massachusetts, they do the thing over twice, first raise and then elect, and if they reject after raising, \ve suppose such material may be termed a part of the dead and floatlng lumber from l\'Iaine, for \vhich they got paid, and others Inay take care of then1, if they ,viIL If a man is not fit to be a n1enl0er of a Lodge which raises hinl, he is not fit to take the degrees, and the fees should not be taken from hinl, for a ~1:ason without a home, Iticked out by the very nlother which gave hilll birth, is little better than a Masonic vagabone!. M. W. Bro. Jno. H. I..Jyndc, of Bangor, was elected Grand Master, and R. ';V. Bro. Ira Berry, of Portland, was re-elected (~rand

Hecretary. I;eavillg l\{aine, ,ve halt at the Orand Lodge of

1tIASSAOHUSET'l'S, Which met in :aostOll, Decelnber 9th, 1868, presided over by 1\f. vvl'. Bro.Ohas. C. Dame, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented n()t enunlerated.

The Annual Address is a good business paper, and olearly sets forth the condition of the Grand Lodge. He r~:ports the debt of the Grand Lodge in 1861', at $4&5,812, which was reduced $60,000 during the past Jt"l'ear. There were initiated during the past year, 2,174, and the whole number of members on the first of September last,18,367, belonging to 174 Lodges, bei:ng &Q. average of a,bout 105 to each Lodge. The Oaj)lta,tiQ:rL tax anlou~'bs to $r18,OOO, a~Gl tJ:l~ a:tn()\lnt colle-cted thrQugh D. D. Grand Masters, was $27,000. This




Grand Lodge issues 110 report on Correspondence, allcllike J.\faine, first confers the degrees and then votes on membership, on which subject we have already expressed ourselves under that State. ~L \V.. Bro. 'Vm. Sewell Gardner was elected Grand Master, and R.W. Bro. Solon rrhornton re-elected Grand Secretary, both of Boston. Leaving Ne"\v England, we call upon the Grand Lodge of

MARYLAND, 'iVhick Inet in BaltiInore, May 10th, 1869, when R. W. Bro. Francis Burns, D. G-rand Master, called the Grand Lodge to order, and requested M. '\T. Bro. Juo. S. Berry, to take the chair, who openetl the Grand Lodge. rrhe l1unlber of "Lodges represe:nted i6 not ellUluerated.

rrhe ~1. 'V. Grand Master, Bro. John Coats, being sick, sent a brief and local address to the Grand IJodge. Bro. Coats is very old and feeble.

'rile Grand Lodge adopted a resolution levying a tax of two dollars on each affiliated Mason in the jurisdiction, until the debt is paid on the new Masonic Tenlple, in ,vhirh the Grand Lodge is the chief stockholder. 'Ve find no report on correspondence.

From the tables we learn that 251 were initiated, and no record of raisings; 80 were suspended, 4 expelled, and 9 reinstated, 69 dimitted, and no record of admi~sions. 26 died out of a total mem.. bership of 4,791. Crossing the bay, we come to the Grand Lodge of

NEW tJERSEY, Which met in Trenton, on the 20th of January, 1869, presided over h~" M. W. Bro. Henry R. Cannon, Grand Master. Number of IJodges represented not enumerated. rfhe annual address explains the con<lition of Masonry in that State, by the following:

" The steady and uniform increase in our membership, the zeal and generous rivalry displayed by the officers and brethren of the sullordinate Lodess, in striving to pron'lote the best interests of our




institution, the increased proficiency of the officers df Lodges in rendering the work of Masonry, the decided improvenlent made in the preparation and adornment of Lodge rooms, and above all, the f~tct that so fe,v of our number have been removed from earth and earthly scenes during the past year-the~e all are causes for mutual congratulation and thanksgiving, as ",~e nleet once more in our nnnual assembly." He granted five dispensations for now IJodges. In noticing decisions we find, he says, the Lodge nlust vote to receive the charges before they can be entertained by the Worshipful J.\.Iaster. In this we do not agree, for the reason that a Lodge, b:y a Inere majority, may refuse to entertain the charges through caprice or prejudice, when, if the party were tried, he might be convicted by a two-third vote, or the accused might, by a Ina-re majority, be also deprived of the power to prove his innocence, and the rUlllors ~till prevail against him. vVe hold it to be tIle indefeasible rigllt of every brother to have a trial if ho demands it, and the charges are properly preferred and specified. He very properly decides that the Lodges of that jurisdiction have not the right to appeal for !)ecuniaryaid in other jurisdictIons, without the consent of the Grand Lodge. Ry the Grand Treasurer's report, we find $2,006 in the Treasury.

Amendments ,vere proposed to the By-Laws, ,vhich require tIle unanimous vote of a Lodge to give permission to another Lodge to receive and act upon the petition of a rejected candidate; also guarding against the increase of non-affiliates, by the adoption of the eX8iict provision of our own by-laws, both of which they will find "good," if adopted.

From the tabl~s we learn that 216 dinlitted, and none reported as admitted; 120 suspended, 6 expelled and 8 died, out of a total IXlembership of 7,729. Number initiated and raised not given. Bro. Joseph H. Hough submitted, as usual, one of the best reports on Correspondence it has been our pleasure to read. Ullc1er the head of Missouri he pays quite a compliment to the address of our Grand Master in 1867, and quoting so much of the "Edict" a.s relates to the opening of Lodges; says, "This is in exact accordance with the work in New Jersey," Stud says that the resolutioll which our Grand Lodge finally adopted on the question "look~ queer-it may be right, but if so our Masonic education has beell sadly neglected." As this question has now been settled, and the n resolution" spoken Of by Bro. Rough is ill force, we can reply t(> him by saying, what is the use of a Granel Lodge having a. la'"\lv路 thll\t e'Very body can understand?




He endorses our vie\vs on the West Virginia case; also of our criticism on the word Regalia instead of Clothing in lVlasonry, and. ve:uy good humoredly gives us it rap over the knuckles on the use of the word" Order," which we frankly acknowledge is wrong, &lQ,d have since dropped it and used the proper tertn, Fraternity, I"lJt~tion, etc. M. W. Bro. Henry R. Cannoll, of Elizabeth, ,vas re-elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Joseph H. Hough, of Trenton, wa':l re-elected Grand Secretary.

Crâ&#x201A;Ź>Ssillg the harbor we land ill the commercial metropolitan city of the nation, and dwell awhile with the Grand Lodge of

NE\V YORK, Whioh met June 1st, 1869, presided over by 1\1. VY. BrO'. James Gibson, Grand Master. Ther~ were 609 Lodges represented, out of 643 in the State, with a total membership of 74,079. Looking at these figures, we begin to realize the ilnportance of the GRAND Lodge before us, and shall, therefore, endeavor to appreciate the importance of the legislation of tIle body before us. The Annual Addres& is necessarily long, covering twenty-three pages of closely printed matter. After paying proper tribute to the memories of the departed dead, he proceeds to give a detail of hiE, (}:ftlcUul fioings, which, in cOl1nection with his D. Grand Master's, (whoT&Dâ&#x201A;Ź>molous to every other State, appears to have coneurl~ent J~lri8.i<1tion with the Grand Master,) comprise a large amotlnt of work, and if the membership continues increasing in the same ratio, and there be no division of the State, we think the time will conlJ.@, when it will be impossib~e to get anyone to consent to be Grand Kaster withou~ a salary, ulliess he be independently rich, and can de,\rote his @lltire time to the business before hinl.

Itelative to the r&pid truly <>bserves-


of IJ.odges, the Grand l\{sster

It No one: who bag caretuU, &bstrved the signs of the present, indieating difficulties and <I~~ers to the Fraternity in the futnre, O&JJl barye failed to be sa~is:fied tha.t the rapid nlultiplication of Lodges iB one of the greatest :perils that M&sonry, from its almost

certain oornsequences, has to :f1ear. It necessarily invites a" gre&t rush at the threshold, whieh the new Lodge has neither the experienee nor the nerve to resist. The knowledge they have not r for that is enlyobtained by age and el>se!vaiiol1 ; the ne'Pve they rarely or never axe-lcise, as they ale compelled. to meet 1&rge e:x:peuses :necessarily arising from the opening of ~ lle'\v Lodge, the OOn..~tfUc-




tion or fitting up a hall, the procuring the insignia and je,vels, the of the Grand Lodge fee, and the thousand other items, often grossly extravagant, but thought to be necessary, to enable them to compete sucoessfully "vith the established Lodges in their vicinity. The new Lodge is desirous of a large roll, of an elegant hall, of a full treasury, and is too forgetful that these good things, in themselves, may be obtained at the loss of the permanent welfare and prosperity of the Craft. By the gratification of these desires they are prevented from exercising that just discrimination and careful scrutiny as to petitioners for the degrees, absolutely essential to the securing suitable luaterial for the Masonic temple, proposed to be constructed by the new Lodge. The certain result is sure to follo,\v, and the temple under construction is erected of rough stones, and put together with untempered mortar r the true ,vork of Masonry lost sight of or negleted, and that temple Which, had it beert erected of good materials and in the proper manner, would have stood as an enduring I:t10nUlnent of the faithful labors of its founders, is soon leveled ,vith the dust of the earth, and the (place whi<:-h onoe knew it shall knew it no InOl~e forever.' There have already nlany such Lodges been organized, worked in this manner, And they are struggling for life, or have died; enough to show plainly how dangerous is the path ,va have trodden; enough sta:ndilllg as grave-stones of J\fasonry-monuments marking the sloughs into 'which the Craft have fallen froln the errors of the past. pa~rment

" In addition to these considerations, there is no necessity for so Inany new Lodges. One of the chief arguments urged to me, in many cases, for dispensations was, that those who applied had now to go over five or ten miles to reach their Lodge. If new Lodges are instituted in the rest of this jurisdiction, as thickly as proposed by mallY of the petitions I have reeeived, we should have in the State over two thousand Lodges. No sueh number, ner anything like it, can, with the slightest regard to the true interests of the Institution, be established.

" 'In the daly of prosperity let us consider.' It is the day of danger, for it is !lot in l1umbers that our true strength lies, but in tIle prinoiples of the Fraternity): thoroughly learned, and faithfully praetised by the brethren. Masonry cannot be brought to every man's door, for ""vith lavishness follows satiety, and that which is ()ibtained: ""vit11 ease, and got \vithout oost or lahor, is soon deemed of 1ittl~ VM\)e." The Grand Master who could write this has e,ridentJ.y studied H:\he situation," and lOe&llS "business.."

He d\vells With proper em1?hasis on the names of Lodges, some of them being a disgrace to the 'VocabulQTY of a tribe of Fat&8on-




ia.uar and for several years we have struggled in this matter, and with our venerated predecessor have ,vorked against naming Lodges after every cross-road and creek in the country, as well as after living lnen j and have emphatically declined the great lionor of having Lodges named after ourself, for we ao not know but we Inay be hung and then the Lodge would be ashanled of us, even if we should never be ashalned of the Lodge, (,,,,hich we did not anticipate at the time of refusal,) but here is vvhat the Grand Master of Ne,v York truly and appropriately says" III issuing disp(lnsations for new Lodges, Iny atten tion was raIled to the question of ho,v they should be named.


" I declined to give them the name of tbe locality at which tlley were to be instituted, as it maltes a duplicatioll on the roll, 'which neither looks nor sounds well, and is inconvenient in addressing them, and does l10t show nluch originality of thought, ~\nd exhibits rather a poverty in our taste or literature,路 not at all creditable to this jurisdiction. The nanlC of the location is spoken ()nce in conversing about or calling a Lodge, and that, in most c&ses, is quite sufficient to perpetuate that nan1c, \vhen desirable. It is therefore '\v!lolly unnecessary for that purpose; and if it were not invidious, a glance at the roll would show 路names of localities, that if omitted once, where twice entered, would do 110 possible irljury. One exception only Was made, that of 'DE RUYTEE,' named after the famous Dutch Admiral, 'the only European Admiral of reno,vn equal to that of the greatest generaL' "The name of a Lodge should certainly be Masonic; it is the

bAptism of the Lodge, and should express a 1\tlasollie idea, principle, or problem, or refer to something taught in, or some emblem of, the Fraternity, or perpetuate sonle Masonic fact, recollection, th~ory, incident, or tradition. It can not be possible that the literature of our Institution is so b:arren as to require that, in order to h$tll'le our Lodges, we should resort to maps or gazetteers. So f~tr from this is the fact, that our history and biography, our legends and poetry, are filled with beautiful and applicable names, and some of them peculiarly appropriate. Thus the Arabic or Hebrew names of the stars carry us back to the birth of ~Iasonry, and to races ~mong whom it was fonn<ied. Or, if it is preferred, take the names in Arabic or Hebrew of the mountains or the plains, the pilgrims or patriarchs, or cities of Arabia or Israel; or, if a mor~ modern or a classical name is preferred, it is easily found within tl1e limits pf Masonry." He draws proper attention to the important question of Gratld Lodge jurisdiction, and cites the cases where Lodges in his own StaYte have invaded other States, and gives them a genuine lectur() on the matter.




We are glad to kl1O'V that Nevv York has a Grauu lVIaster \v110 recognizes the rights of others and \\"ill maintain thel}}. He comes to a question of I.lalHhnarks, nuLl hiB rcnul.rl\:H 011 it have so much of the true ring of a living Grand Master in thern that \ve quote theln here, and ()an assure him that they vvill llleet i~ hearty echo fronl the 'Vest bank of the Father of '路Vaters. He says"rI'hc htlldrnurk touching the physical q ualificatiollb required of eandidu,te in order to becoule a l\lasol1 i~ so hrief and explicit, and without either exception or circulnlocutioIl, that it \vould HeeDl tLM though it could be readily understootl and obeyed. 1\

".By the Uonstitutioll it is required, 'that 1ne11, to 1>e Iuude Masons, Inust be at least twonty-one :)tears of age, free born, of good report, hale and f:5()und; not defornled or dismeulbere<1, and 110 eunuch.' rrho ancient (:tothic Oonstitution ,vas cqu~111y hirn 'to be without blclnish, ~llHl to have the fttIl aud Vroper use of his lilnLB.' "By the Holy I.lttvv, the qunJitieatiollR of one for the hcrviee of the 'l'elnple were '\vrittcll thus: '}1\n" vv]ud~oever 1110.11 he be that hath a blemish, he slutll llot apI)1"oach; 1t blilld ll1aU, or n htnlo, or he that hath. a fiat 110S0, or anything superfluous; or a luan that if:; broken footet.l or broken handed, or crook" backed, or a d ,varf, or that hath a bleIl1ish in. bis eye, or be scurvy or sC~lbbed.' vyon'1Sl.l1-IlO

plain, and


"It thus ulattered not ho'v good and. proper the ITJan Illight other"vise bo, but for this purposp he could not be accepte(l, ulllesR thus physically qualifiefl. "'l'his strict rule of


qUttIificatioll ib not ouly !L lundhas the additional sanction, as ,re h~ve seen, of it constitutional enactnlcnt.

rnark, but ill this


"It seems to be Ruppo&ed, hovvever, th~l,t it CHll be evaded 1.>~r c{}llusiol1, fr~ud, or judieial blirldness, or disregarded ,vith in111Ullity, or dispensed "\vith b.y vote of a I.lodgc, or h)'T the ediC't of the G~and


"Holding the principles I Itavo stttted ~1S tho rule anu gUide to my offieia.l a~tion on the question of the external physical qua-lift~tions <>f one seeking to bo Q, !tIasoll, ancl kIlowing nothing but the line of duty, and trying to do it lJlYS~lf, &nd holding all others in 8.uthO'rity to the S&IDe stl"ict rule, I have, in the p~\.rticular cas;es Rp~cified in the decisions appended hell'eto, excluded 01路 stopped the ()al1~al~Q1at;es, &s soon as reported officially, being disqualified "rith,in

the rUle.

" rro all applioations for the disponsing l)o'w"e:l"



this subject I



have returned the unifornl answer, that the Grand J.\Iaster, not even the Grand Lodge, can dispense with its requirement. It is a landmark, and cannot be removed. If the right exists to take it down stone by stone, it may be taken down bodily, and it thus ceases to be a landlnark. To cODlplaints of the removal, or attempted removal, of the landmark by Lodges, I have given prompt attention, and have stopped the attempt at the point where the knowledge of it reached Ine, and have interdicted the further communication of light in Masonry to initiated candidates thus situated, or any light to those not initiated. tL No ancient landnlark, nor indeed, any other rule of la\v can be maintained in strict force, \vithout there occasionally arising a Gase of apparent hardship. 'Ve should, then, consider whether it is not better to Illaintain the harmony and universality of Masonry by keeping up our landmarks, or sacrifice them merely to enable tbe stranger and profane, the maimed, halt, blind, deformed, or \vith sonlething super,fluous, to become initiates in our Fraternity. The commandment of the law is: 'Thou shalt not remove the landmark;' and again: 'Renlove not the ancient landmark thy fathers have set.'

.t( Applications have been made to 111e to remove the landmark in favor of 'an eminently worthy citizen,' - of 'an excellent and highly intelligent man, whom every member of the Lodge desired to admit,'-of 'an honored and respected man,'-and of one 'who, while in the United States army, and in the service of hi$ country, lost one of his limbs; '-and of many others, the particulars of which it is not necessary to state. I have uniformly refused to relax the rule, and have inflexibly upheld the ancient landmark in all its purity and simplicity.

H My brethren, we cannot reward merit and honor in civil life, or bravery and valor on the battle-field, by making such civilian or wa.rrIora Mason in violation of our principles. We confer no honor thereby, only stultify ourselves. We may, as citizens, confer the honors in our gift on him who has, faithfully served the State or the nation in its councils or offices, or crown the brave defender of his country with loving gifts in lifa, and erect an imperishable monulnent to his memery at his death. But there are some things be.. yond our power to confer; and if the candidate has become maimed, whether in the civil or milit8Jl'Y service of his country, or hew otherwise, Masonry is one of the gifts that cannot then be conferred on him; and this not on aCCot1nt of his unworthiness, but of our inability. We can 110 more confer these degrees on him lawfully than we can restore naturally the limb which he has lost. And the most that we could even attempt toward thai! restoration, would be to make for hinl a substitute for the thing lost-a limb of wo~(i




or other substance, whicll would be no more like a natural limb, on.e of flesll and blood, and containing the principle of life, than he, if made a Mason, ,vould be like a perfect ashlar in the l\Iasonic tenlple.路 . "Numerous applications ha,\re been made to me for the granting of a dispensation to confer' all the degrees at once, or the second an.d third ill less than the constitutional time. There, no doubt, may be a case where it would be proper to confer all the degrees at once, but it would be a very extraordinary case indeed that would justify the granting of such a dispensation, and it has been uniformly refused by nle. H The second and third degrees should not in any case be conferred in less than the constitutional tilue, unless in case of some great and sudden necessity, or under rare circumstances. The candidate, in whose favor such applications are usually nlade, has generally resided within easy distance of the Lod~e, and if desiring Masonry from good motives could have applied for acceptance, and, if deemed ,vorthy, gail1ed adnlission, and regularly received and learned Masonry by precept and example, often illustrated and practised. But all at once he is called to go South, or West, or elsevvhere, and has heard that he ought to tal{e Masonry with him, but don't wish to remain here long enough to receive it regularly, or so as to profit by its lesso11s. He therefore makes application to the Lodge, and they, appreciating the necessity of hfl,ste, forward an application for a dispensation, and hurry hinl through, and confer the degrees of Free and Accepted Masonry as part of the preparation for his journey. Masonry, thus conferred, is of no real value to its receiver, and. no honor to the Lodge conferring the degrees. The person thus supposed to be nlade a Mason is a mere piece of untempered Inortar or rough stone from the quarry, 'which must be worked and 1110ulded, and mayhap gaveled, before it can be useful. Let a candirlate for tIle degrees take time to receive and know Masonry, as it ought to be conferred in our Lodges, ~nd he will find it truly valuable; but rush him. through, as has often been proposed to me, and it will be worthle-ss to him, and no credit to the Lodge doing such hasty "\vorlt."

Upon the question of the secrecy of the ballot, for which our

own Gralld

Lodge has fought


hard, and wh.ose principles are

ats.mped as in letters of iron upon her statute books, are fully oontlrmed by the Grand Master of New ):'!"'ork ill the following: H The secrecy of the ballot, on all application for initiation, is a l"admarlt, and the Constitution also ordaillS that it ' shall be inviol''bl1 secret..' This principle should be preserved, because it is a ~a1Xl垄lmark; and it should be respected and obeyed, because the reg-



111a~lOn is neeer,sary to preserve the unity and \velfare of our Instr-

tution. There is 110 officer ill the Fraternity so high that he call disrog itrd tl1is eOllunandment, anclll0 melnbor, junior or E,enior, but if, entitled to qhelter hin1~elf fronl any qltestion on the 8ubjeet under the broad prillriple of its in violable secrecy. How can the ballot be secret if there is anyone in the IJoc1ge entitled to kno\1' its character "? If the reasons or nl0tive~ of a brother in casting a black lHtll ran he inquired iuto, then it foIlo\v'3 that the like inquisition can be hall as to the Inotives of tho~c casting "''''bite balls. And if luotiyos can he inquired for, and a llad one is stated, it logically foll<nv'j that the hrother ",rho l~ not actuated by nl0tives satisfacu)ry to otherb is subject to charges and a trial. Every l)r()ther voting on a petition has a l\fasollic right to vote a~ he thitlk~ proper. Ho ought to ,"()te ,vith a conseionce void of offense againRt God or llutU, hut ho is not responsible for the ~"L(}t fA> an)'" hun1all tribunal. 'Vhen a rejection takes place, the balloting &hould haye been so 'inviolably secret' that no one could pos~ibly kncHV ho"r any other voted, or who cast a r~jecting ballot. No one hab any right to kno",~, or even to inquire. On a ballot being Sl)read, tho hrethren arc placed under l\fasonic honor that each "vill 'vote ~ecretly, and that each one ,vill bear hi,; share of theburdetl of the result, he it what it rnay. If a rejection is declared J ea<;h one Yoting ~hould r-,tnnd as one \vho lnight haye cast the rejeetillg ballot, and no one ~hOllltl inquire of another as to his vote, or inquire at all, llluch less go about the I.Jodge Inaking confusiQ!l :and strif~, and angrily &eeking' unlawfully to JtJlOW by Wh()111 the rejecting hnllot ""vas oafJt. ()n the contrary, when a r~jection oecurs, no hrother ought to b:tke offense. FIe who prothe candidate exerei~8(l fit Masonic right no stronger than his who rejeoted the petition. rrhe hrother who recornnlended the candidate ~hould t(\collect that the stranger's admibsion would give ()"enso to 11 In'other, nne! ÂŤon1pa-l bim to eith~r leave the Lodge or fraternally ackn<nvledgo one """'hom he rna.y cOl1fJhler degraded or disllonol-ed, or whom he lnay d~pi~. vVhat if, the applicant to Ufo;, TtlY brethren, we ~h()ulc\ ~~av~ strife on his account '? lie is nothing hut a stranger, \vhil~ we, a~ It''ather Ahraham said to Lott 'be l,rethren;' and I tru~t will ever cultivate "vith eaeh ()th~r 'l)fotherly love-the foundation and cap-stoner the C0Ulen t and glor:r of our ancient Fratâ&#x201A;Źrnity.1 n 4

There ha""iug been SOUle objectiotl by parties to the proper closing of a Lodge Prayer, ,,"ith the wOlldR tc For Nan1e'8 sak~," h~ ans,vcr~d as foIlO'YA : "In answering, I referr~d to the Book of the Prophet EZiekiel (xxxvi., 22), where it is ",,"ritten: 'Thus salth tl1e Lord God I c'h> not this for ~y()t1r sake, 0 house of IsrtL61, but for my holy n~na,e'$




sake} which yehave prOf~tllOd among the lteathen whither ye vvent.'

And in the fttIDOUS prayer of our ancient Grand ]\{aster, at tho dedication of the Ternple, in the presence of tIle people, addressing he God of Israel, he asks hinl to ' bless tb.e stranger that cOlneth of a far country, for thy nanle's sake.' So also King David (PsalIn ~xv., 11) says: 'Ii'or thy nanlO's sake, 0 Lord, pardon mine iniquity, for it is great.' And in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, (xlviii., 9) it is vvritten: 'For thy name's sake ,vill I defel: mille &nger.' And the Prophet Jerelniah alRo (xiv., 21) ,vrit(\r..;: '})o not a,bhor 111e, for thy name's sake.' "It follows, therefore, from '\vhat has been rcci~ed frolll Holy \Vrit, if the words questioned are &ectarian, that not only the

5,weet Psabnist of Israel, and the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah, but our ancient Grand ~raster also wero all sectarian, f<>r each used Itltuguage alnlo~t identical with that quoted from the de.votiolfJ.S in que~tiol1. It seenle<1, therefore, to 111€', fr01n the eX~Ul1­ Ination and citations l1lade, that th(\ asrriptiol1 in qu(\~tion ,vns not sectarian, ancl I so decided." This we hold to be the prol)cr fornl for the ternlination of all Y*,sonie prayer~, and nny man who pall ohje(~t to that has no helief at all. He treats lUl,l1fully of the caf'e of tho Ciran<l Orient 01 I,\'rance, of ,vhieh we ,¥illl~enla~~k hereafter. He submits nine pages of decisions, \vhirh. ar(\ in ac("ordancQ \vith the JurispruclE:nce of that juriRdictioIl.

'rhc report of the Grand Secretary is v(\ry full and eOlupletc, hho\vs binl to he a lll&ster of hir..; ,vork"


'Ve find a great deal in the proceedings, of the Grand Lodge worthy of notice, and much that we \vould gladly quote, but where to commence and where to lea ve off is the l'llost difficult question, ~nd \ve E;hall therefore hasten a conclusion by taking up the always able all1d tllteresthlg report of the Commi ttee on CorrespondQ:nc~, submitted hy Bro~" John L. Le'\Jvis, .Tohn W. Rimolls 1:tlld M. Phlner.

In tho opanillg of the report they sa:r : '~On

the: question of


police which are being discussed

the variotls Grand Lodges in this country, we are yet far :rrf>D'l a, agre~mQ.nt" Still we have faith that, by the vory faat of <li$0Ussion, we sh&11 ultima taly OOIlle to be $0 nes,r alike, that til 0 ctlitreNllCe will be unworthy of notice; and this brings us to s&oy, th&t in thG l"tports in whicl1 these disoussiOQs are fOlllnd th$ c.aft :tinds its profit. The writers kno'v the prevailblg vi~ws 0'1 their




own jurIsdictions, and maintain them, and hence the Report on Correspondence of any particular jurisdiction furnishes a complete digest of the views of that jurisdiction on the various questions presented in the journals under review. We are clearly of opinion that no individual utterance would or could carry with it the weight of these semi-official expressions of opinion; nor do we believe that any permanent effect would be produced on Grand Lodge action by any other means; hence our opinion that these reports, laborious in preparation, voluminous and expensive in publication, as they are, form an indispensable desideratuln in arriving at a clear un<.1erstanding of current Masonic history." III 1868, in 'our report, noticing a decision made in Iowa, that when the Grand Lodge reverses the proceedings of a subordinate, the expelled Ineluber is thereby restored to good standing, we said:

" We cannot agree to this t for the reason that the action of the Grand Lodge does not do away with the charges, and certainly no lllember under charges can be said to be in good standing." The New York committee says = "We ackllowledge a good degree of surprise in finding Bro'. Gouley on the side of so unjust a doctrine. He must see that it assumes a Inan to be guilty without proof, and jeopardizes the $tanding of every ~Iason in the land, for if a brother's standing may be impaired by the mere fact that some one has thought proper to prefer charges against him, no one is or can be safe. Suppose charges to be preferred, and the brother thereby to lose his standing, and t upon investigation, there should be no proof to sus.. tail1 the indictment-we have known such cases-how is the brother to be compensated for the injustice done him? Why is it not time enough to assume a man's guilt when the proof has peen furnished Stnd he has failed to a valid defense? Why I3bould )!asons be less just than the profane, or more ready to think evil, ttnd why should we accord more ready belief to the accuser than to the &ocused? We knew of a cas~ onoewhere a brother was charged with having appropriated to his own use a sunl of' money belonging to a Lodge.. The papers were in regular form; day and d&te and amount were speoified with minute accuracy. TIle accused brother waited patiently until th~ time appointed for the trial t antt then, after beil1g duly arraigned, he stepped to the desk and 0l)en... ing the cash book, pointed to the efticiral receipt for th~ money in the handwriting of his accuser! The whole case was an injustice, but how immeasurably worse would it ha-vre been had the aecused l;neanwhile been prejudged and deemed guilty of a suppositous of". fense! Let us not go backward, or have less equity in our prooee1ciing~ than the profane."

1869. J



This question has lJeen agitated sOlnewhat of late, and we Bhall review it here, for the reason that, as far as we call learn, ,ve have given our opinion on the side of the general usage of this jurisdiction, to-'\vit, that" a Mason under charges is not in good standing," and as we can find 110 Magonic usage in Missouri but what bas something to stand 011, ,ve shall attempt to repl:y to our N e\v York brethren. In the first place we hold theln to be in error vvhen they say we IlLre more unjust than the profane, for the reason that every man in the civil courts who is charged with any criIninal offence is not judged to be innocent till he is proven guiltless; for we know of 110 law which allows him to go free till he is tried, but is either put in jail or has to give bonds. The most that he can do, if he is illnocent, is to ask the public to withhold their judgmellt till he proves his case in court, and ill the meantime the public thInk what they please. If John Smith is an elnploye in the Post-otfice,{ and is charged with abstracting Inoney from letters, and the specifications given of the time, place and amount, we ask Bl路(). Simons whether John Slnith is allo'\ved to remain ill the office till his trial comes off? Again, if John SUlith commits an offence against the law in the streets, and is arrested by a poljcel1:1all, is he, because he says he is innocent, allowed to run free" without se..l curity, till he proves his innocence? Most assuredlfy not. Therefore, all this talk about the obsolete maxilU of a dead age, that "a man is judged innocent till be is proven guilty," will not hold to-day, for it has no existence, except in this, that if he is arrested for murder, and indicted by the Grand .Jury, he is not hung till he has a trial, but he must nevertheless give bonds for his appearance, or be locked up. New, to show that Masonry is more humane than the civil law, we will show that the offence is greater and the punisblnent is lighter, in this: That John Slnith has taken 110 voluntary oath that he will not ,break the peace, 01" steal, &o.,-he is merely a citizen by birth and necessity, without any other obligation than that of publie opinion or the penalty of the la,v-whereas the Mason is not only under that, but the additional voluntary obligation of respect for and obedience to the laws of his Lodge and the Fraternity. Jbhn Smitll is not only under a cloud of suspicion with the publio, but he is imprisoned besides, while the Mason is only temporarily suspended from the privileges of the Lodge, and gi-ves no bonds, but has the assurance of the law路 for a speedy and im~tial trial, and if he can prove the charges against him to be Dj1alicious, he has recourse against the accuser for gross urun 60:11duct.. If he is sU$p~nded or expelled, he has an appeal to the Grand




IJoQge, and if that body in its ,~isdom adjudges the trial not to have been regular in form, or the punishment greater than the evidene.e before them ju::,tified, th~y set aside the judgment and relnand it back for a ne,v trial, not, thereby, declaring the accused innocent of the charges, for then there would be no occasion for a new trial, but merely to give the accused. the benefit of the doubts entertained by the Grand Lodge. The ca~e ""vhich our New York brethren cite ib a very har<l one, ll.nd one that Inay occur, but it is the exception to the great gelleral law, for the Appeal Oommittee in their own Grand Lodge confirmed nearly all the Masonic punishments inflicted by the Lodges. If it shall be held that such cases are to form" usage," theI} we might agree ,vith them, but when ~ve conlpel it profane to COll'l8 under the tongue of good report, anti to nlail1tail1 thnt report thfoughout his degrees, and bind him by an obligation to he a good man and 111enlber, aIld specify the actual 1::;",v by which he is to be gO'v'erIled, then ,vo hold, that when he is not put in durance on l:nere report, but 011 specifications detailing the offense, it is inCOlllprehensible to us ho,v that In/an carn De said to be " in good Masonie standing." If our New York bl'ethrcn "vill take the trouble to first ue1ine ,vhat i'3 " good ~!asollic standing," and ,vill then sillow us how Bro. John Slnith, oharged with, perhaps, the arson of a brother's house, or the ruin of the virtue of his daughter, or ,vitia having stolen his property, comes under their definition of the above question, then we will be perfectly satisfied that they are right. We are ,veIl a,vare that InuI1Y trial::; arc based 011 very frivolous causes, ~Olne of them wholly VOid, as such, but then those who bring them in should be Inade to suffer severely, after the brother they accuse has established his innoconce.

We C&IllfJ.Ot judge it gel1eral law fronl a &pecial stand-~oillt; we 1l1Ubt vie\v It as whole, &nd Masonically, we Inust always judge the good uarue and honoroi the institution as paramount to all personal considcratiollS. We l1ave read the entire report of tIle committee with a great deal of pleasure and profit, and leave it \vith regret. We shall ex.traot largelj; f~r Our European department frOIrl ther report on tr~nsatlantte Grand bodies. From the Gra.ud Secr路etary 1s table, we :find 7,600 initiated, raisillgs not reported; 2,102 dimitted, and only 1,103 ~1Rli,ated; 2,526 were rejected, and 2,th58 ,vere suspellded; 695 dyingdllring the year. M. W. B:ro. James Gibson, of Salenl, ""vas re-e1eoted Gl'"~~nd Master; R. W. Bro. J"no. H. Antllon, of New ~ork City, re-QIea,ted D . Grand Magter, and R. W. Bro. .James Austin, M. D., of New York Oity, re-eleoted Grand Be 8ta,ry.. hUe we are on the Atlantic coast, we will call in on t1;le G1.'&!\<l L()'(ige of




NEW HAMPSHIRE, Which IDet in Manchester, June 10,1868, pre&ided over by lYI. \V. Bro. John H. Rowell, Grand l\faster. NUlllber of Lodges represented not enumerateu. r1'he annual address is chiefly local. issued for new Lodges.

Two dispensatlollb \vere

The Grand 1\laster ,vas as~ibted by an efficient Grand Masters, who submitted good reports.


of D. D.

Bro. Jno. J. Bell Elubmitte<.l tt fl'aternal report on Corre&vondence, but as the matter treated of has been presented to you <:hiefly through other reports since that time, ,ve shall Inake no extractb. We regret that our venerable Brother Grand Secretary did not add up his tables of work done, &c. M. W. Bro. Alex. M. WinD, of }1-'armington, ,vas elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Horace Chase, of Hopkinton. wa~ reelected Grand Secretary. Pursuing our courbe &till further to the Northeast, ,ve corne to the Grand Lodg-e of

NEW BRUNS'VICK, Which rnet in Ht. John, in first Annual Communication, Sept. 28, 1868, presided over by M. W. Bro. B. Lester Peters, Grand Master.

Fourteen Lodges ,vere represented, out of t\venty-four in the Province.

The annual address is necessarily brief, and sho\짜s a Rystell1atic and thorough organization of tho Grand Lodge.

The chief business transacted was the organization of laws aIle! usage for the future. vVe find no resume of work, members, &c.

M.. 'V Bro. B. Lester Peters was re-elected Grand 1\1:as tel'", ancl R. w. :Sro~ Wnl. F. Bunting re-elected Grand Secretary. Both of St. John. f'/

Leaving the Northeast W~ again return to the South,. and take up the proceedings of




Appertdix. NORTH OAROLIN -'-~,

Which met at Raleigh, December 7,1868, M. W. Bro. R. 'V. Best, Grand }Iaster, presiding. NUlnber of Lodges represented not eutullerated. The annual address is a nl0st excellent paper, and we regret that the rapidly increasing size of this report prevent~ us from copying his decisions entire. 'rile Grand Lodge resol ved that the use of allY letter or cypher, in teaching the esoteric work of Masonry, was ,vrong, and lnust not be used. 'rhe Grand Lodge transacted a large umoun t of current business. Bxo~ Robt. B. Vance submitted an intelligent report 011 correspondence. We fitld 297 IJodges Oll the roll. Initiated, 559; raised, 551-0108e work; admitted, 288; dimitted, 262; suspended, -238; expelled, 29; reinstated, 36, and 100 died, out of a total membership of 8,944. M. W. Bro. R. W. Best was re-elected Grand Master, and R. \V. Bro. D. W. Bain re-elected Grand Secretary. Both of Raleigh.

In bidding fare,vell to the "Old North State 7J of the South, we have before us a journey to the Rocky Mountains, and arriving at the City of Virginia 011 September 15th, 1868, ,ve find ourselves in the Grand Lodge of

NEV.ADA, Which held its Fourth Annual Communication, presided over hy M. W. Bro. Jno. C. Currie, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not enumerated.

The Grand Mastel" reports having granted two dispensations for new Lodges. He thanks us for our invitation to be present at the dedicatioll of our Hall, and sends to the Grand Lodge of Missouri his fraternal greeting. We are pleased to see that he agrees with us on the abolishment of fees for affiliation, and reports the experiment in his



Lodge to have been most beneficial. He also disapproves of testimo:m.ials for duties performed by Grand Officers, as a custom that has grown up in our own age and country.




â&#x20AC;˘ The report of the Grand Secretary, Bro. W. A. M. Van Bokkelen, shows him to be mas'ter of his business, and from it we have no fear but his young Grand Lodge will have laid a :fiI'm foundation for systematic recol'ds. We appreciate his thanks to us for forwarding his proceedings from the St. Louis Post-office. We shall gbtdly aid hirn, and all others, whenever we can do so. Bro. R. H. Taylor submits a report on Correspondence which 'would do h0110r to tIle oldest Grand Lodge in the United States, and far eclipses any report ever Dlade by any Grand Lodge of the Old "\Vorld. His review shows that he lloticed evety point of interest, and is a valuable l,aper for the members of his jurisdietion. The same Brother, as Chairman of tIle Committee OIl Jurisprudence, presrented an excellent digest of Masonic la,~s. Resolutions of thanks were adopted to our late Grauel Master, Bro. DUl1scomb, and th-e Grand Secretary of Missouri. The general business of the Grand Lodge of Nevada shows that they have Inembers who have studied the formula of Grand Lodges to SOIne practical purpose.

From the tables of the Grand Secretary we find 145 initiated alld 137 raised, 144 affiliated and only 73 dimitted. There were 12 deaths out of a total membership of 921. M. W. Bro. Geo. W. Hopkins was elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. 'V. A. M. ,ran Bokkelen re-elected Grand Secretar)T" Both of Virginia City. Turning again to the North, we Grand IJoge of


the river ano meet the

OHIO, Which held its session at Dayton, October 20th, 1868, presided over by M. W. Bro. HOW1\rd Matthews, Grand Master; there being 265 Lodges represented. The Grand Master reported having granted dispensations for twenty new Lodges. His Annual Address is a full statement of a very large amount of official business transacted, and is a good, practical document.

Rev. Bro. Wyllys I{ing delivered a splendid oration, which we

eannot pass without Dlaking the following extract: U Masonry teaches but the Inorality of religion. She knoW's nothing of a depraved heart, nothing of a necessary atonen'lent. She does not pretend, therefore, to diagnosticate the inborn disease




of ()ur universal hunlanity, sin; nor to offer the cure, ' the atoning hlood.' A' substitute,' ho,vever, and the necessity of death on the part of an innocent victim in order that both soul and body may be , raised' to ne"il1ess of lifc, is a lesson doubly and solelnnly impressed upon the nlind of every Master Mason. But her true and only sphere in all her theory, her ritual and syn1bolisll1 presunles the ne'\v heart, and only aids to develope the life accordingly, by bringing the soul uncler deeper and deeper nl0ral sanctions. She defines hers~lf definitely in her nlanuals as a 'system of morality vailed in allegory and illustrated by appropriate symbols.' She presunles that those ,vho knock at the door of her temple are n1en, rational men-moral men-men who have' faith in God, hope in ilnnlortality, and charity toward all nlankind.' Nay more, she absolutely den1ands these things before f,he !)rOnOUllces the candidate elect,' dulH ancl trM(lJ prepared, wOT,thy and 'tvell qztCtlijied' to enter her mystic portal. And upon these as upon a foundation she instructs her sons to build a superstructure of virtue-even that in her tenlplc lnade without hands, "'"hose fair proportions will endure forever, lasting as the irnmortality of God. Even upon the threshold of eI\trance, ,vhen to his, as yet, dArkened heart, there is presented the first pointed ray of Masonic truth, she bids hilU look up to the 'Almighty Father of the Universe,' and for him pours forth united supplication that' he may be the better enabled to displa:r the beautieA of holiness to the honor of that HoI)'" Name.T' The CommitteeA did their work well, as their reports shownothirlg seelllod to c&cape then1.

Bro. \Vn1. l\f. Cunningham sublllittecl a full report on Oorresand regrets that l\Iissouri was not before him. We regret ,ve have no recapitulation of Lodges, nlembers, or work. M. W. Bro. Howard lVlatthews was re-elected Grand l\faster, and R. W. Bro. .Ino. D. Cal(hvell re-elected Grand Secretary, hoth of Cincin})011deu(*c,

nati. Striking our course again to the far off Pacific, ",路e conle to 11 prosperous State where, in its territorial condition, the Grand Lodge of lVIissouri first planted a Masonic Lodge, Multanomah, No. Si, afterward No.1, and the embryo of the (jrand TJodge of

OREGON, Which held its Eight.eenth Al1nual Communication, at the city of Portland, June 22, 1868; presided over by M. W. Bro. A very A. Slnith, Grand MaRter. 0#

Nunlber of Lodges represented not enulnerated.




The Grand Master reported havillg i8sued four dispel1Rations for uew Lodges. His Annual AddreRs is a good one and to the point. Among hig decisions we notice one ,ve can not agree "\vith, to-wit: that in order for one hrother to vaucll for another, 11e luust have sat in Lodge,vith him "within one year," which precludes the voucher in case he sat with hin1 only two years ago. lIe made one other decision which, although founded on sound sense, viz: that an unfavorable report does not do away \vith the ballot, was reversed by the Grand Lodge; because, forsooth, Bro. "Mackey's Jurisprudence" decided otherwise.. From Bro. Stuith's decision before us, ,ve are satisfied that he kllO'VS fully as

much as Bro.. Mackey does on Jurisprudence, and ,ve lUUSt say 'we are astonished that any Grand Lodge at this day should have decided that a luan can be declared rejected without a ballot, and even ,vithout a formal objection. Bro. S. F. Chadwick rendered a faitful report on Correspond.ence, in ,vhich Missouri ,vas fraternally noticed.

We find


tables of work, luelnbers, etc.

1\1. W. Bro. A. A. Smith, of Eugene City, was re-elected Grand 1\laster, and R . 'V.. Bro. J. E. Hurford, of Portland, re-elected Grand Secretary. Once luore, with the rapidity of thought, we are transferred fronl the distant extrenlities to the Keystone State, great and con-

servative in her hist.ory, and call in on the Grand Lodge of

PENNSYL,TANIA, Which met in Grand. Lodge Hall, in Philadelphia, Decenlber 2d, 1868, presided over by R. W. Bro.. Richard Vaux, Grand Master.

The number of Lodges relJresented is not euumerated, 110r do

,va find that any constitutional numher waf; required, as nothing is mentioned in the premises. The more we exanline the proceedings of Peunsylvania, the nlore are we convinced that they have based their usage upon that of the Grand Lodge of England, and, although their ritual differs materially from that of other States in the Republic, yet they 1101d to it fronl a pure and conscientious motive that it is the ancient work, however much we may be convinced that it belongs to all age which did not fully realize the transformation from the oper81tive to the speculative features of Masonry.




The jurisprudence of Pennsylvania is in full accordanoe with that of other States; that is, as nearly so as the different States generally arrive at, and, although its usage is governed by the " Ahiman Rezon," yet its "law givers" recognize the great prineiples of Oonservative Freemasonry, and none 1110re so than the one whose annual address is before us, viz: Bro. ,raux. His addresses, both official and voluntary, show him to be a man "vIlo recognizes the genius of our institution, and they are so replete with thought and the sublime literature of the institution that we cannot do otherwise than arrive at the conclusion that he h&5 drank deeply at the fountain of Masonic inspiration. The last annual address and the oration 9.Jt the laying of the corller-stone have already been reviewed by us, and we regret that space will not permit us to reproduce rnallY of his beautiful thoughts. R. W. Bro. San1ucl C. Perkins submitted an ulluElually interesting report on Correspondenoe, in which our proceedings of 1867 reoei,red very fraternal notice.

vVe congratulate the Grand Secretary on realizing the vast i111pOd"tance of statistical tables r a,nd from them we gather that there were 8,681 initiated (raisings not reported), 583 affiliations, 838 resignations, 668 rejected, and 268 died, out of a total membership of .26,140. 'Ve do not like the ,vord "resigned;" it snlacks too much of the idea that a member may sever his allegiance to the fraternity.; we like better, the term dimit-which properly designates one who has boon dismissed from certain dues and membership, and not from obligations.

R. vV. Bro. Richard Vaux 'o/as re-elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. J<>hn Thompson re-elected Granel Secretary, both of Phil路 adelphia. Taking &nother jO\lrney to New England, "re arrive at the

Gnn:ui Lodge of

RHODE ISLAND, In session in Pawtucket, on l\{~y 17th, 1869, presided over by M. vV. Bro. Thos. A. Doyle, Grand :M:aster. The number of Lodges reprM<ented is not enun1erated. This Grand Lodge, like those of Masrsachtlsetts and the Districst of Columbia, appears to meet every few l'llonths, and, from tho




ublished proceedings, it is a little difficult for us to tell ~"ith \vhlch

~ne to begin, and, therefore, on general principles, take

the last

coIDJnunication as the most iDlportant one.

rrhe &l1l1ual address is ~l clear, business })aper, auu shows tho Grand Master to be deeply imbued \vith tIle sound cOl1servativ(). prinriples of our institution.

Fronl the Grand Secretary's report we find, 281 initiated and 276 raised, 15 admitted and 27 dimitted; 162 were rejected, whicll iR a very full percentage of applications; 44 died, out of a l11embership of 3,013.

M. W. Bro. '!'hos. A. Doyle was re-elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Chal3. D. Greene re-elected Grand Secretary, both of Providence. Seeking again the Southern cHIne in tho cool season, ,ve ~trri ve at Charleston, November 17th, 1868, where the Grand Lodge of

80u'rlI CAROLINA Is in se&siol1, presided over by R. W. Bro. Jas. Conner, D. (~rand l\faster. Number of Lodges represented not enumerated. "The D. th'and Master delivered a beautiful extelnporaneous address." The Grana Lodge wisely decided that a Inember has not the right of a'"ppetlbl to the Grand Lodge because his Lodge did not find some one guilty. If such appeals could be entertained, they would hecome infinite ill number. The Grand Lodge also decided that Lotteries for any purpose could not be held under the sanction of ~tny 1Jlasonic hotly . rrhe Grand Lodge adopted very

behalf of the

repol~t on

conlpliment~l,ry resolutions


Foreign Correspondence.

It also recommended the fOflnation of a l\tIasonic Mutual Be11evolel'lt Assooiation, for iusuranee of Master Masons, without respect to age.

The report on Correspondence is froIll the abLe 8#nd fertile lnind of the Grand Secretary, R. W. Bro. R. S. Bruns. He revie\vs Mi&~ouri for 1867 in flattering ternls. His whole report has affbrded tlsmttch pleasure in its perusal. We regret we have no summary of Lodges, work or membe-rs, and as this is a chronic compl&int wit)l that State, we 1101)e Bro. Bruns will suoceed in getting his Lodge returns systemtzecl from their former chaos, and give us an intelligent insight into their membership and work.




1\I. W. Bro. James Connor ,vas elected Grand Master, (no Po~t Office address given,) and R. W. Bro. R. S. Bruns, of Charleston, was re-elected Grand Secretary. l\{oving ,vestward from Charleston, we of the Grand Lodge of


to the proceedings

'rENNESSEE, Which met in Nashville, October 5,1868, presided over by 1\1. \V. Bro. Joseph M. Anderson, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not ellUlnerated. rl'he Grand Master reports having granted twelve dispensations for new Lodges. His address is brief and local. It pays a fitting tribute to the death of Past Grand Master and Past Grand Secretary, Chus. A. Fuller, whose death we noticed in our last report.

The (iranu Lodges of Ne\v Bruns\viek and Nova Scotia were recognized. The decisions sublnitted by the Oomnlittee OIl Jurisprudence s,\re in full h&rmony with those of our o,vn jurisdiction. A conlnlunication was received from the Grand Master of Odd Fellows, requesting an harmonious burial service for such members 1\,8 belong both to our Fraternity and their Order, ,vhich was referred to a committee of Past Grand 1\JIasters, who reported that they could see no "ray in which such an arrangement could ue acoomplished. The report 011 }i'oreign Correspondence was submitted by I~. w. Bro. Geo. S.. Blackie t 1\1. D., an accolnplished scholar and Masoll, and his report shows a clear analysis of the business before him. From the tables we find 2,060 initiated and 1,900 l路aised} being$, deficiency of 160 in the work; admitted 6f$6, against dimitted 1,150, being a difference of 484, which is very large; 289 were suspended, and 70 expelled; 214 died, out of a total membership of 16,99tt There are 298 chartered Lodges. 1\If. W. Bro. Jonathan S. D&w$on, of Paris, ,vas elected Granel Master, and R. W. Bro. Jno. Frizzell re-elected Grand Secretary, and R. W. Bro. Geo. S. Blackie, M. D., Assistant Grand Secretary. Both of Nashville.

Far off to the Sout.hwest, on: the borders of Mexico, lies the State of




rrEXA8, 'Vhere the Grand Lodge Inet, June 14, 1869, in the city of Houstoll, presided over by M. W. Bro. Peter W. Gray, Grand 1\faster. NlJ.1nber of Lodges represented not enumerated.

The annual address is an excellent paper, giving a praetical re... port of affairs. He properly l路ebukes tIle invasion of the jurisdietion of Louisiana by the Grand Orient of France, and also denounces strongly the use of cyphers, &c., ill the ritualistic work of Masonry. He reports baving granted four dispensations for Ilew Lodges. ~F'rom the report of the Grand Treasurer "vo find a fo;pecie bn'!.. nnce on hand of $3,510 57, and currency $1,368 00.

Happy Grand Lodge! 'Ve th}nk ,"ve have a faint recolle0tion of the Li chinl{ of coin;" we are satisfied to "nlako ends 11le~t" with currency, at about sixty cents on the dollar. From the proceedings, we see that one Lodge ceased to exist, be.. cause it only used the work of the Grand Lodge under protest, ~tH communicated by the D. D. Grand Master. As this is sOlnewhat analogous to a case in our

O,"Vll 8t~tte,


will remark that, most of such cases arise, not so much from tho pad intentions of the members, as the want of knowledge by the Worshipful Master. Every Worshipful Master should know that it is his sworn duty to enforce the orders of the Grand Lodge,

whether the members like them or not, and when he entertains any motion to set them at defiance he is the guilty party, and slaoQld be taught a lesson for lack of information. SOlne members are green enough to propose all sorts of resolutions, and if the Wor$hipful Master is ignorant enough to entertain them, the rest of tho membexs take it tor granted that it is all right, and will adopt them; hence goes the charter and property, simply because one !nan does not know his duty. At this very point, we will take oCcasion to say a word about tile qualification of Masters, because it is one of the most impQrtant <'!uestions in MMonry, and one too much overlooked. In the first ~aee, he should not only know thc ritual, but the la~v and the regular u8age of Masonry, and if he does not know them when elected, lle shoold learn them at once afterwards, or else not have the brass to aocept a post for which he is totally unqUalified. He should bo man ()f nerve and decision of character, tempered witll 8> high ~nse of justio~ and mercy; not easily excited, and should neYer






show temper, but act with oahn deliberation and decision. If he laeks a full knowledge of any case, he should have the modesty to seek wisdom from those who do know. We have heard of Masters who boasted that they had run a Lodge a ,vhole year by common sense alone, without ever having studied the law of the Grand Lodge, or sought information through any other Masonic light, and we have revised the work of such Masters and found, on the whole, that Dogberry's clerk should have been Secretary, and" writ him down an Ass," in the minutes. A good workmall in the ritual is one thing, that is the accomplishment of a good journeyman; but to be a "Master workman" is to be a Master ,vho knows ho,v to l&y out his work on the r.rr~stle Board and see it properly executed, and this can only be done by going down below the surface of thing's in Masonic art, and developing its vast resources of thought, by analysis, and the combinations of la,v and work. How 111any are there? Alas! too few. The brethren will not STUDY. H Study" is one oithe working tools of Masonry unfortunately not laid down in the Master's charge. The Grand Lodge adopted a resolution prohibiting "double membership." The reports of the various committees show great diligence and thought, but we regret that they made so many supplemental reports, instead of combining the work of each committee in one report. Bros. M. F. Mott, M. W. Baker, and S. H. Gilman submitted a good 'report on Correspondence. From the tables, we find 875 initiated, and 725 raised, being a discrepancy of 150, whicll is very large; 738 aftiliated, against 854 dimitted ; 334 rejected, and 221 died, out of a total membership of 10,506. M. W. Bro. Philip C. Tucker, of Galveston, was elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Geo. H. Bringhurst, of Houston, re-elected Grand Secretary. Bidding farewell to the Grand Lodges of the Southwest, we come next to the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of

VERMONT, Which met at Montpelier, January 9, 1867; presided over by M. W. Bro. Leverett B. Englesby, Grand Master. As these proceedings are now nearly three years old and the :rnatters treated of therein having been fully put before Craft in more reoent reports and Masonic publications, we shall hasten on in our already lengthened review to tIle Grand Lodge of





VIRGINIA, Which met in Richmond, December 14,1868; presided over by M. W. Bro. William Terry, Grand Master. Number of Lodges represented not enunlerated. The Annual Address is a good paper, giving a full review of official doings.

He reports having refused all applications for dispensations to <楼lnfer degrees out of the regular time, as he was satIsfied that "more evil than good is likely to result from this practice." Sensible. In treating of the ever recurring question of qualification of candidates, he decides according to the landmarks, and would to God that other Grand Masters would do the same, and then brethren would probably take the time to study what the landmarks prescribe, viz: sound limbs, sound head and a sound character,

and honesty and industry enough to earn a livelihood. Nine-tenths of the applicatiolls in 路our own State for such dis.. pensations arise from affiliated members from some other juris.. dictions, where any of these requirenlents may be set aside for the fee of $5.

The Grand Master reports fully upon the status of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, and the subsequent action of the Grand I.Jodge of Virginia in recognizing the new Grand body, disposes of any future action on our part in the premises, beyond the recognition of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia, which we shall offer In a closing resolntion .

We find no report on Foreign Correspondence, and I"egret, also, that ,ve have no recapitulation of Lodges, work, or members. Could not the D. Grand Secretary give us some light on this question? M. W. Bro. Wm. Terry, of WytherviIle, was [re-elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Jno. Dove, M. D., re-elected Grand Secre-

tary, alld R. W. Bro. Wn1. B. lAaacs, D . Grand Secretary, both of Richmond.

Crossing th.e mountains of what was once the old State (}f Virginia, we corne to the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of


Appendix. "TEST



Which met in the town of Point Pleasant on the 10th of November, 1868, presided over by M. W. Bro. William J. Bates, Grand Master.

rrhe number of Lodges represented is not enumerated. " The annual address is an able review of official doings, and from the pleasant personal acquaintanceship we formed with our brother (luring a brief visit to our city, we feel satisfied that he is a Grand Master who fully appreciates and understands the dignity of his importan t office.

He dealt fully and fraternally ,vith the relationship of his C*rand Lodge and that of Virginia, and which is now happily ~ettlecl to the satisf,l,ction of both parti~A. R. W. Bro, T. H. Logan, Grand Secretary, submitted a very ttble and complete report on Foreign Correspondence, and Missourl receives fraternal notice. Our re!Jort on 'Vest \Tirginia is reproduced in full, thereby doing us full justice in our humble and individual views of that important casco

From his tableb ,ve find 307 initiated and 230 raised, 59 were afJihated and 87 dimitted, 99 were rejected and 16 died, out of a total memberr;hip of 1,:)90 member,;. There are 35 Lodges on the roll. 1\1. W .. Bro. Wm. J. Bates ,vas re-elected Grand Master, and R. W. Bro. Thos. H. Logan re-elected Grand Secretary. Both of Wheeling.

Leaving the banks of the OhIO, we take our course to the British frontier", and "top a moment â&#x20AC;˘ look in at the Grand Lodge of

,VISCONSIN, "ThICh met in Milwaukee, June 8, ]869, M. W. Bro. liarlow Pease, (fraud Master, presiding.

NUlnber of Lodges represented not enumerated. The annual address is an intelligellt paper. It reviews the early history of Masonry in tbat jurisdiction, and refers to the first IJodges planted in that then wild Territory by the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Bro. Wm. R. Smith, one of tJhe earli&st pioneers, died on the 22d of Aligust, 1868, at the age OJ! 72.




The Grand Master draws attention to the revision of the constItution, (now before us,) which has been well gotten up, and is in Sill respects a model code. He dwells with becoming severity upon the action of the Grand Orien t of France in Louisiana. He granted dispensations for three new Lodges. Bro. G. Bouck submitted a very brief report on Correspondence. A memorial for charity was read from Bro. David Stiles, lOB jtears old. From the tables we find 1,079 ,ver~ initiated and 956 raised, \vhich shows a deficiency of 123; 306 affiliated and 510 dimitted, a difference of 204; 586 were rejected and 84 died, out of a total membership of 8,551. M. W. Bro. Gabriel Bouck, of Oshkosh, was elected Grand Master; and R. W. Bro. Wm. T. Palmer was re-elected Grand Secretary, and Bro. S. Cadwalader appointed Committee on Foreign Correspondence. Both of Milwaukee.

We are now drawing the journal of our sojourn among the American Grand Lodges to a close, and shall conclude with a review of the farthest Northwest extremity of the Republic, up near the newly acquired Territory of Alaska, viz., the Grand Lodge of

,VASHINGTON TERRITORY, Which met in Ol;r111pia,011 September 17, 1868; opened by R. W. Bro. E. A. Light, D. Grand Master, &fterward presided over by M. W. Bro. James Bills, Grand Master. Ten Lodges were rep-resented. 011 the second day, tbe Grand Master delivered his annual &tldress, which is brief and lheal.

He reports having granted a dispensation to form a new Lodge Alaska, named Alaska Lodge; also, one for his own Territory. We regret th&t he granted dispensations to confer degrees on peraOJlS about leaVing home, the reasons for our regret having already btttll expressed in this report. A Charter was granted to Blue llountain Lodge, U. D., (No. 13,) and" Bro. Stine was duly adliaitt<id as the representative of Blue Mountain Lodge, No.1S, befQre the Grand Lodge." This we also regret, bec~use it is not in striot 8lGooJ;d8JJ,oe with the law or usage. Blue ¼ountaJ:tt Lodge di~pe1;l­ SAti~. expired the day the Grand Lodge was opened, and it l)ad 1lllQ further existence till :regularly conllti,.twfed under Ch$rwr It set to il~




work, and its officers installed; after that was done, Bro. Stine mayor may nQt have been an officer of the Lodge, (aecording to th~ election by the Craft,) but by any circumstances he could not be the representative of a Lodge that had not been regularly set to work. The Grand Lodge (011 account of the 'l present situation" of the treasury) did not publish the full report on correspondence submit-. ted by R. W. Bro. Thos. M.. Reed, who, from the reputation of his former work, we are satisfied did his work well. Take courage, bre.thren, we hope for better times, when you may give to your craft the report of the far off and distant world of Masonry which lies to the east of you. From the tables, we :find 38 iuitiated and 25 raised, 12 admitted and 32 dimited, 21 suspended, 3 expelled, and 20 rejected, which, out of the number of applicants, is a very large percentage, and shows diligent scrutiny of the ballot box. 4 died, out of a total membership of 348. M. W. Bro. Benj. E. Lombard, of Port Madison, was elected Grand Master, and R. W . Bro. Thos. M. Reed, of Olympia, reelected Grand Secretary.

EUROPEAN GRAND LODGES. As Masonry is not confined to any particular part of the world, we take leave of the American Continent, and, with the Committee on Foreign Correspondence in the Grand Lodge of New York, we take a trip through such of the European Grand Lodges as have sent in their proceedings, and shall herewith publish a condensed form of the New York report.

As for European Masonry, outside of Great Britain, we have lost much confidenoe in its thoroughness and purity. It has become too much mixed up with the outside grades, and, as for the work and lectures in Continental Europe, it is almost a burlesque on the full and complete work of the United States. The juris.. prudenoe of Masonry ther'e is almost entirely neglected, and tbe jurisdictional rights of Grand Bodies are almost unknown. They pay but very little attention to the residence of a candidate (with rare exceptions), and they have only begun to improve by the perusal of American reports. If a report of such length, on FOI1'eign Correspondence, as the one we have just read, was presented, it would fall like a bombshell in any Grand Lodge in the world, outside of America.. It is only on this oontinent that Freemasons (u private members of a Lodge) are expected to read and know what




every Grand Lodge in the world does and says.. However, witllout any further preface, we shall proceed with our Europ~an to\lr; ENGLAND.

'Ve are favored with copies of the printed Transactions of this most ancient of Grand Lodges, at its several stated and special nommunications during the year 1868 ; and, accompanying them, we have notice of the sudden death I of the V. W. Wm. Gray Clarke, for many years Grand Secretary. At the annual Grand Festival held on the 29th of April, 1868, Grand l\rlaster the Earl of Zetland presided, and was for the twentyfifth time proclaimed Grand Master of Masons. At the quarterly communication on the 3d of June, 1868, the M. W. Bro. again presided.. The Board of Benevolence reported donations made to sundry applicants, and recommended others to the special care of the Grand Lodge; the sums thus disposed 0 for the quarter ending in May, amounted to about $4,000. The report of the Board of General Purposes led to a lengthy and interesting debate, especially to us on this side of the water,

where the mooted questions would bave been settled with very little argument. The first question was, the arraignment of the Master of a Lodge for having initiated seven candidates on one and the same day. During the discussiQn came up incidentally the propriety or impropriety of obligating more than one candidate at a time. The Grand Master deemed it highly inexpedient to obligate more than one candidate at a time. No action was taken on this incidental question, but the Lodge was suspended for its violation of the Constitution. Another Lodge was under complaint for having elected its Master at an emergent communication; but this error was condoned. A long debate followed on the propriety of legalizing life memberships in Lodges by one payment; the most noteworthy feature was the determination of several of the speakers to interpret the Oonstitution as they thought it ought to be, instead of as it reallyis. The principle of life membership appeared to meet with considerable favol, and the matter was finally referred back to the Boa;rd to present an amendment in proper form. An especial Grand Lodge was held on the 17th of J" une, for the purpose of laying a corner-stone. We have heard some discussion of late as to the propriety of forming Masonic pro<Yessions on occasions other than ful1e~als, right in front, or the Grand Master at




the he&d, insteacl of being escorted by the subordinates and the Grand Lodge. On the occasion her~ referred to, the form of the procession is given in full; the Grand Master being preceded by all the brethren, save the Grand Deacons, t,vo Grand Stewards, and the Grand Tyler, who follow him. At the specIal commnnication held on the 1st of July, measures \lyere inaugurated for celebrating in an appropriate luanner the twenty-fifth accession to office of the Grand Master of England, in.. volving, we infer from the remarks of the proposer, a tribute, or as we pbra&e it, a testimonial, to which all the Masons of the juris.. diction should have an opportunity to contribute. A.t the quarterly communication in September, an appeal came np from a colonial Lodge, which discovers the fact that a brother had made himself obnoxious to the Lodge, by inducing candidates not to present themselves for initiation after their petitions had been accepted. OWing to this trouble, the brother complained of paid his dues and asked for a dimit, which was granted, with direotion that on thc baclt of it should be copied a resolution of censure on the dimittingbrother, adopted by the Lodge. The order of the Lodge was obeyed, and oertified by the Master alld Secretary. The ag~rieved brothel' complained to the District Grand Master, who summoned the Master before him, directed hhn to expunge the proceedings from the minutes and issue a proper dimit. The Master" instead of obeying, undertook to argue, vvhereupon the District Grand Master suspended h~m from his functions, and his action was sustained by the Grand Lodge. Save the order to expunge from the minutes, the proceedings of the District Grand Master app8&r to us correct. At the quarterly communication 111 Decelnber, the Grand Lodge, by un~nimous vote, appropriated one hundred guineas aid of the $l;Cfferers by the earthquake in Peru.


The Earl of Zetland was again proposed for re-election. The Board of Benevolenoe reported charitable donations to the amount of $4,000.

The Building Committee &:n,uouneed the near completion of the Grand Lodge Hall, and its approaching dedication by the Gramd Master. The Transactions thus briefly notioed are printed on folio sheets of paper, and not by any means ill the best style of the art. We cannot but regret that this Gralld Lodge should not esteenl its printed Transactions of sufficient importance to put them in 8more convellient form for permanent preservation. III this respect, $\S well as in affording a clearer view of the general state of the




Craft In their several jurisdictloIlIS, we think the traubaetionb of the (j路rand Lodges on this continent will be adluitted to be considerably in advance of those of the source from ,vhence they derive their existence. FltANOE.

The (}eneral Absernbly of the Grand Orient of }i"rallce was held in the city of Paris, June 1, 1868. 280 subordinate bodies were represented by 272 brethren. M. W. Bro. Mellinet, Grand l\faster ; R. W. Bro. Thevenot, Grand Secretary. The annual address is really a very fine paper, opening '\vith congratulations upon the progress Inade during the past few years, notwithstanding the open and covert attacks upon the Craft, in.. viting retaliation, but failing.


The Grand l\{astcr, 'Yith SOIIle cOIllplacency, refers to the estab... hbhment of thirty-three ne\v Lodges in a single year, as a relnark.. able, and perhaps unprecedented fact. Considering the population represented by the Grand Orient, c0111pared with that in the jurIs.. dictions of our heaviest Grand Lodges, he '\vould hardly feel a$ great a degree of surprise in the progress of his jurisdiction, were be to note the pace kel')t up by many of ours. He calls upon. our enenlies to note the fact, that our success is not so much due to our own devotion and zeal, as to the torrent of calumny directed against us. Says he: "Indignation has shaken off indifference, and created Preemasons.' , He further ouserve&, a~ do so mallY of our Anleric&u Grand Masters, that danger is not so IDuch ta be apprehended from that direction, as from our own remissness.

He submits far consideration a nUlnber of questions, as for instance: U When the officers of a Lodge neglect their duties, an<l fall to attend the conlmunications of their Lodges, what is to be done? ~fay they be fined, others elected in their places, or must the Lodge patiently bear the evil until the regular elections?" If the question were asked us, ,ve should unhesitatingly mend the latter course.


2. Under the French law, unaffiliated l\Iasons are deenled Irregular; but, asks the Grand Master, if these brethl*en are so located as 110t to be within the jurisdiction of any IJodge, what thenf!

a. Does the installation, or as "ve call it, the constitution of a, new Lodge, confirm the officers l1amed in tbeir respective offi,oes, or Il1Ust a new election be had?






We are under the unpression that the Granu Lodge of Missoun requires such election to be had; but we think that in all other Grand Lodges in this country the officers nunled in the warrant serve until the next regular time of choosing. He also submits the questiol1, ,vhether a profane, "vhose petition has been rejected, can afterward be initiated by the rejecting or any other Lodge? And concludes with a tribute of respect to the memory of Bro. Lengel, Deputy Grand Master, deceased. The Grand Orient engaged in a lengthy debate 011 a proposition to separate the legislative and judicial functions of the body, and in the amendment and adoption of a code of trials and appeals. It would require a small volume to reproduce the code, to say nothing of the debate. It has the fault of nlost of the French regulations, of being vastly too intricate, and hence liable to a multitude of abuses that might be avoided by &imple forms and less elaborate proceedings. The tendency of the Grand Orient to extend its legislation to the minutest details seems to us a weakness, although it is copied from the forms of the French municipal law . In this country it would either drive the brethren out of the Lodges, or into the Lunatic Asylum. After the discussion of the financial budget, the Grand Orator delivered a most eloquent address. In summing up the labors of the Grand Orient, he refers, among other nlatters, to its deterlnin.. ation to aid to the extent of its power in diffusing education and intelligence among the people, very truly saying that the cause of education is the cause of Masonry, that our duty incites us to COn1bat unceasingly against misery and ignorance, that to give ,vith th-e daily bread the bread of intelligence is our best answer to thooc who calumniate us. How many children, he asks, are kept from school by the stupid avarice or fearful misery of their parents? Who has not seen a mother receiving a letter from ller SOl1, sick beyond seas, and vainly seeking some one to tell her whether the paper that fairly burns her hands contains the life or death of her boy?

Wherever an upright idea is produced, wherever a generouE:, sentiment is manifested, wherever progress is realized, he would have the hand and the mind of Masonry recognized. Tbe session closed with the usual banquet. Thus far we have followed the proceedings of our French brethren with a certain degree of pleasure, for, notwithstanding their methods of transacting business lack that simplicity and directness characteristic of the AmericRll system, we perceive a desire to cultivate the true spirit of the Institution and to overcome the




many difficulties ill their waJ ; but we come now to a proceeding utterly without justification and whic11 we are obliged to condemn, because it violates one of the most firmly established and dearly cherished principles of Masonic government,-the right of exclusive Grand Lodge jurisdiction over the establishment and working of Lodges of Symbolic or Ancient Craft Masonry. This right is not only claimed, exercised, and respected by the Grand Lodge~ of this country, and indeed of the world generally, butis most jealously guarded from invasion; and not only will each Grand Lodge stand a sleepless sentinel over its own territory, but It will unite in protecting the adlnitted rights of its neighbors from allY and all attacl~s. The first and most offensive of such invasions of long and rightfully established jurisdiction occurs in the case of this Grand Lodge, the legitiu1ate territory of which has been and '3till is violated by the Grand Lodge of Hamburg, in planting two bllbordinat~s, o'\ving it exclusive fealty and allegiance, and yet located on New York soil. Another and not less discreditable attempt is now in the course of exelnplification at the expense of our peer, the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, where a spurious and clandestine body, styling itself a Supreme Council, but having no "iemblance of authority, has assumed to establish several subordinate Lodges, which proceeding 011 its part has been recognized by the Grand Orient as lawful and regular, and relations of amity have been entered into bet,veen the said Grand Orient and the socalled Supreme Couneil. [See page 66.]




Protocols Nos. 82, 83, 84 and 85, respectively dated May 2, July 18, Septenlber 28, and Decenlber 17, 1868, of this Grand Body are before us. rrhe committee al)pointetl by the Grand Lodge to report upon the manifesto to all the Grand J...Iodges of the world, and upon the fundamental laws proposed for adoption by the Verein deutscher Frel1naurer, made its report at the session of May 2. According to the laws and rules of Freemasonry generally acknowledged by the fraternity, associations of that class cannot be recognized as l\fasonically legal. We have, nevertheless, de~med this movelnent 011 the part of some of our brethren in Germany of sufficient intere6t to follo'v the proceedings of these reformers in our reports from year to year. OIl page 149, etc., of our printed transactions for 1868, will be found a translation of the above men..l tiolled manifesto, and also a synopsis of the fundalnental laws proposed foradoptioll by the Verein to all Grand Lodges. The adroit




manaO'eme-nt of the frerein by able leaders has been so far success.. ful as to call for action of the various Grand Bodies of Gerluany, although, as might have been antIcipated, with no success as far as the adoption of its vie"vs is concerned. (5

The report of the COlllmittee appointed by the Grand Lodge of Saxony, on the luanifesto and proposed laws of the yrerein, is so thorough, able, and unanswerable, and so 11luch superior to any other ,ve have lllet With, that we feel fully warranted, and it give~ LtS 111uch pleasnre, to tran&fer the largebt portion of it to our pages. rrhe report ,vab unanimously adopted by the Grand Lodge. After stating that a report upon the submitted documents of the 17er"cin does not necessarily inJply a recognition of the body, th~

committee ~ay that the question involved is to critically investigate tIle propositions, vvhich they think should be done by every Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodges, if they choose, ,vould then be at lib~ erty to decline further participation; they alone being the compe~ tent authority to dispose of affairs of that nature, as is also fully acknowledged by the TTerein itself. If agitation, and with this partial disintegration of the Union, is to be prevented, the Grand Lodges must explain to their daughter Lodges the purport of the propositions, vvithol1t taking the legality of the Vereln in consideration, or whether it is recognized by the l\Iasonic Grand Bodies a& just and lawful or not. Without, therefore, entering any further ttpOll the discubsion of this point, the committee proceeds to the ex.amination of the fundaluental laws adopted by the Verein at its session in 1867, a synopsis of which, a~ $\tated before, will be found on page 150 of our la~t year's report. The eommittee goes on to say: ,( Tho Verein de~ltf>fJher Freirnau,-er, the presiding officer& of which are Bros. Seydel and Findel, of Leipsic, etc., consisting mostly of brethren of 'Vest German Lodges, adopted at its session held at Worms, in 1867, general fundamental laws of Freemasonry, a copy of vvh~ch, accompanied by a printed luanifesto, was trans:rnitted to all the Grand Lodg~s of the world, and the ,vish expressed that they should examine them with the vie,v of adoption, and the formation of National Grand Lodges, and a Universal Grand Lodge of the world. In the manifesto, the Ve1"6in expresses the opini'On, that a.lthough Freemasour:y' is universal, and all the Lodges and brethren on the face of the globe ill re&lity constitute one Lodge onlYt yet that during the last century it had undergone a centrifu.. gal motion by the fornlation of numerous Grand Lodges and systems, which had led to diversities in constitution and doctrine, in customs and activity. Unity was preserved only by a spirit of a comlnon brotherhood, and by the ties of the same forms unity 11al(l

1869. J


been preserved; but that this unity was ideal nlerely, as long as it did not receive externally a correbponding expression and formal representation. rrhis was possible by laws and regulations in COJrlnlOll for the vvhole lTnion, and such ,vas the nature of the laws 110\V "ublnitted. Annexing themselvcE> to what is existing, they are to preserve \vhat has beC0111e historical, and l{ee}) in view only that 'which is attainablo; to aim at liberty in all essentials, but other'wise to subscribe to the Masonic principles of Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood, to seif-adnlinistratioll and 1Ia&onic priesthood; ~tnd they hope, therefore, that the laws proposed may be adopted by every Grand Lodge. 'rile ll'erein further mentions, that it ,vould be advantageous if all Grand Lodges vvonld offer their aid ill calling together International Masonic Congresses, and in forming Adnlinistratlve COlnmittees for the "\vhole l Tnioll, as the 1Jniversal Grand Lodge of tho '\\1"hole world. "We will recur to the ÂŁsubject again, and wlllllO'\V proceed to the eOl1E,ideration of the funda111ental law, vvhich, in t\venty-onâ&#x201A;Ź sections, treats of the follo\ving pain tf:, : "Sections 1 and 2 ~tate the object of the Unio11 to be: 'The representation of the hunlan race a~ a totality, united in brot11erly love, to labor unitedly for all that is true, beautiful, U11d good; as the Union of all Unions; as the most extended community 011 earth, that invites all those to labor in common and friendly connection \vho honestly seek to commune witll those of the sanle mind, but that excludes such as exclude thenlselves, by the ,vant of a uniting love, and an active participation in these objects.' " Section 3 enumerates the Ineans by which this object is to ~e obtainetl: 1. By the confederation of itself. 2. By the elevating and instructive influences exercised by Lodge ,vorl{ and tIle ritual. 3. By external labor, particularly by the works of charity, the erection and support of useful institutions, the elevation of the masser:, by educatIon, and the support of scientific and other civilizing en-

terprises. '1Ve question ,vhether scientific enterprises are


of Masonic inquiry, aside from the very broad conception; there

are needed for that purpose learned men, the aid of large amountE, of rnolleJ''', and the book trade.' ct

Sections 8-11 give the real pith of the Constitution of the Ilew

Union. According to these, l all Lodges that adopt the proposed fundanlent&llaws, and furnish a certificate from a Grand Lodge, or three recognized Lodges, as possessing the necessary moral Masonic qualifications,' shall be held la,vful Lodges, and form a part of the Union. In our times a formal ackno\vledging by single Lodges i~ not customary, but devolves upon Grand Lodges. A change in tbit:!, ~0i$peot rru\.y not be advisable, and in ttl1 probability will not be ei-




facted. Isolated Lodges are not to exist in future, but every isolated Lodge and Lodge Unions are to unite: 1. With the National Grand Lodge, designated a'S the National Lodge Union. 2. And through the mediuIll of this National Confederation, ,vith the Universal Grand Lodge of the world. According to this, Germany, for instance, might contain a number of Grand Lodges, but they ,vould have to unite as a .single German National Grand Lodge. The National Grand Lodge of the worlu would have to fornl the Universal Grand Lodge. This would result in a complete centraltzation of Masons into National Grand Lodges, and these again into a Universal Grand Lodge of the world. "We pass, as of no iInportance, Sections 8 and 9, treating of tho the election of officers and delegates; but ,vill dwell 011 Section 10, which treats of the '\vorking of the Grand Lodges. They are to labor by means of National and International Masonic Oongresseb, The Grand Lodges, at present stationary, would certainly have to transform thenlselves into annaul asseIllbli('s of Lodge deputies, trom which the respective officers would have to be elected. The Grand Lodge'3, conlposed of the deputies of tIle respective Lodge Unions, are to assemble periodically for their labors; but 'l.vhet"e this cannot be done, the several Lodge Unions (Grand Lodges) of the same Constitution, and which have relations with each other, shall meet together. From these National Lodge Unions, which are to elect their officers anew at every meeting, are to be selected the delegates to the international Masonic Congress, which is to hold its session every fifth or seventh year. This Congress has to deliberate and enact special laws, and decide on what is lawful Masonic work; it elects officers, gives them authority, and forms the Supreme Oourt for the support of the general lTnion laws. In cases of controversy, it is the highest Court of Appeals for the Confederation under its jurisdiction. "Section 11 requires that' every member of the Union ~hal1 be sUbject to the laws of the Confederation and the la\vs of the State.' This is self-evident to us. We must state, however, that the State that merely tolerates, but does not recognize us, has never enforced the laws relative to secret societies against us, nor have we ever given it cause to do so. " Sections 12-18 speak of the internal arrangements; for instan~e7 of the conditions of initiation, etc., where, as heretofore, politiclibl and religious discussions are excluded fronl the Lodge; also of degrees, which, since 1811, consists with us in the three St. JOhl'lts degrees; also of the right~ and duties of Masons. "Section 19, which treats of what the Freemason is to keep se(~ret from the profane, we think, is not precis~ ellough; ne~tbet



"IDes it enjoin to l~eep secret the syulbolisDl of lVlasonry and the ritual. The same nlay be said of ~he Lodge proceedings. U Although under section 20 the right of diluitting at pleasure froln the Lodge is enunlerated, yet we notice the ahsence of the elause that the real cause for the demand of a diwit Sllould be given by the Inelnuer asking for it. Affiliation with the Lodge must not rest upon too slight a foundation.

"\Vhat is said in reference to discontinuance of cen~orshil), we pass with the single renlark that in Saxony it is not exercised by either the Grand Lodge or her daughter Lodges.

"No doubt the authors of these laws had before them the Ancient Oharges and. Regulationr,. We question, however, whether at the present tinle there is anyone ,vho could state the nature of ~fasoI1ry, so far as the saIne can be stated by words or ","riting, in a nl0re terse, Inore po-vverful, or in better language than it is done in the Ancient Charges. Au ~xanlil1atioll of' the proposed la"\vs ill detail we dee111 ulluecessary, for reasons which will hereafter appear, as a dic:>cussion of the fundamental principle which pervades the whole of the proposed laws is of far greater iInportance. We ther'efore proceed to state the general impression the work leaves on our nlin<1s. "For this purpose, ,ve have proposed the following questions to ourselveE> :

" .Are these pr'oposed jundalnental law8 necessary and 'Usejul to Jrlasonry, and can they be car9"ied into execution?

"Are they necessary, in the Lodges oj


and can they be car'ried into


~taxony ?

"In answering these questions, we point in the first place to the fact that the unity and a certain cohesiveness of the whole }:[as()Ilio community, vvhich, in spite of the various Grand Lodges and systems, manifests itself" is certainly only ideal, and not so strictly defined as are the political forms of a State, particularly if governed with strong centralizing power. 'fhe unity of Masonry on the face of th.e globe does not, ho,vever, manifest itself through one single central point, but through a mass of centers-Grand Lodges, and, .sirlâ&#x201A;Ź from that, through universally acknowledged and customar:}'I'

signs, words and grips of the St. John's degrees, through certi:fioates, through mutual recognition and representation of the Grand IJQdges among themselves, and consequently of the single Lodges, a.nd particularly by the mutually pledged ~ud practised spirit of 'brotherhood, alld in general by the secret feeling of mutually sym... pathizing spirits whicll cannot be expressed by words.



" These have thus far sufficed, and ","e Hoed look Lack only a century and a half' to transform 111anifold separations which oth.. erwise would have kept people apart, into u drawing nigh to each other,' and that ill a different ll1anner; that is to say, closer than either State or Church can effct it. Altogether they have operated to advance humanity, civilization, and a feeling of coherency, not of the Masonic world alone, but, in fact, of the hu?nan 1'"ace also. 'Vhere is the J\;Iason ,vho can or will deny that l\Iasonry, up to this time, has everywhere endeavored to solve these probleIlls, in spite of the defect of a strong formal unity, such as the papers before us demand. 'Ve are, ho,vever, not able to judge ,vith ,vhat success this effort has been cro,vned everywhere and in general, leaving out of consideration the constantly increasing nlunber of Lodges and brethren. 'Ve are, ho,vever, ,villing to believe '\vith Lessing, l that very m~tIlY and great deeds have been perfornlcd by l\Iasons ill the vvorld,' eyen great and good deeds, ,vhich strictly do llot come within the province of charity. Sblce the last cel1tur~r, stars of the first magnitude shone in splendor in the iirlnanlent of cultt1rei Ilut in Germany alone. rrheir naU1CS appear 011 the Lodge rolls. Their Masonic acts ,vere voluntary. Our U 11 ion doeb not give the ,vatchword for single great deeds. rl'h~y, nevertheless, received the inspiration for them ill the Lodges, and fron~ the noble principles of l\Iasonry, '\vhich, in spite of tho laek of a strict fornlal unity of the Institution, is the sanle every,vhere 011 the faco of the globe. What noble and great deeds have boen porfornled in the 路w"orld by the l\Iason~ of our times we ,vill not venture to determine. But enthusiastic and gifted members have co-operated to the present day, wherever enlightenment, adV.1IlCenlent and education, justice, and civilization were in question. For this they were not authorized by central authorities of Masonry, but were led to it by the Masonic heart and by their intelligence. Wherever l\tlasonry is not prohibited she has moved in great freedo111, as she only wants to create all that is noble. Of the rigor with which some Grand Lodges are said to govern their luembers ,ve cannot judge, as we have no reliable data to support the assertion. We can, however, say of our own Grand Lodge, tha.t she has not circunlscribed the liberties of her daughter Lodges, but rather protected and furthered them. Masons generally are not mere cyphers used by secret superiors to calculate arithmetical exam!)les. ' "The fruits of their efforts for truth, light, justice, and charity extend beyond the IJodges to the people. The true Mason acts not only in the Lodge, but also outside of it, according to the principles of Masonry. 'Ve, therofore;most decidedly dissent from. the assertion of the authors of the manifesto, that the Masonic institution is not truly and in the full sense a union of and for hurnanity, as long




as her unity is not based upon these fundamental laws. Our Lodge Union, and we are sure that others occupy the same position.. has always conceived Masonry to be a union for, and therefore also with, humanity. We are of the firm opinion that Masonry, even if some cotemporaries think that her progress and the further perfecting of her forms are slow, has not become decrepit. Neither do we believe that the moment has arrived when she, with all her forms, will be absorbed by the whirlpool of the world, and thus becolne public. At present, and for a long tinle to come, she will be of greater benefit to mankind if she retains and carefully improves her forn!. She will then remain a union for and with the human race, as she oontinually recruits herself from it.

We have met in this draft of laws lnany points and regulations which are not new to us, nor are they injudicious, as they are also contained in the constitution of our Grand Lodge and her daughter Lodges. But we have also met with regulations which arc entirely antagonistic to the spirit of numerous I.Jodges and Lodge Unions, working the high degrees and after the forms of an Order. They have reference to the formation of their Grand Lodges, to the abolition of the requirement of a profession of Chl路istianity, whicll has become obsolete with us long ago, etc., etc. 'Ve do not deem it necessary, however, to examine these points any further, as, mindfulof the institutions of our Lodge Union it is not our province to take under our protection or cOlubat tIle form of the Order of Masonry, and what pertains thereto. We believe, however, that the existence of Lodge UIlions in the form of an Order of Masonry, high degrees, and the requirement of a profession of Christianity amollg the brethren, would militate against a closer union with Lodges formed after the old English rite, without the forma of an Order, and with the greatest liberality of their regulations, particularly the German Grand Lodges as they now exist. More than that, we think it will make the projected formation of National Grand Lodges, which seems to be the main point of the proposed laws, an impossibility.

HIt is self evident that the future German National Grand Lodge alone can be of particular interest to us. At present there exist in Masonic Germany, if we may use that term, besides the three Prussian Grand Lodges, one of which for some time past bas been known as the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Germany, :fi:'\1e Grand Lodges, viz., of Hamburg, StlXony, Baireuth, Darmstadt r a,nd the Eclectic Union of Frankfort on...the-Main. The full forms of ~n Order and high degrees are possessed by only two of tIle Prussian Grand Lodges, but in point of number of daughter Lodges tbud membership they far excel the rest of the German Grand Lodges. The other five German Grand Lodges have not the forma





of an order, nor the exclUSIon of non-ChrIstians. These eight Grand Lodges are to be thrown together into one German National Grand Lodge, but in other respects are to continue, each by itself, as Lodge Unions. It is not positively decided whether they are to follow the older political idea of Germany, or form themselves into a North Gerlnan or South German National Grand Lodge. But \vhatever form it mayassunle, in any case, the Berlin Grand Lodges far outnumberIng all other German Grand Lodges in the future German National Grand Lodges, would, of course, have secured to themselves an effectiV'e superiority; a circumstance whereby the position and influence of the rest of the Grand Lodges, possessing equal rights, would be greatly changed. But in this idea of 'National Grand Lodge,' as well as 'Universal Grand Lodge,' yet to be discussed, is enveloped a principle whicll calls for serious attention, and \vhich we have cursorily pointed out; it is the principle of centralization. We do not know, in advance, whether a National Grand Lodge, composed of eight Grand Lodges, ,vorking after somewhat differing rites, will be easily formed, and ,vhether thig mode of centralization, unknown and untried in Masonry, will be nlore conducive to the development of ,vhat is good, true, and beautiful, than the present independent forln of the German Grand Lodges. Neither do we know whether, sooner or later, intrigue would 110t creep into the place of brotherly love, and a feeling of jealousy and mutual mistrust spring up, a feeling which, we are pleased to say, does not now exist either bet\veen the single Grand Lodges or our daughter Lodges. If considered from this important point of view, we seriously question the utility of the formation of & German National Grand Lodge. Neither can we convince ourselves of the necessity of the same. For all German Grand Lodges, by mutual recognition, representation, and tIle exchange of printed Transactions, are so fully in communication with each other, that every German Mason may, and does, consider himself a full Inem.. ber of the great Masonic family, whereycr the 1fasonic gavel resounds in any of the Lodges of Germany. u Oentralization may be greatly conducive to clerical, political, and military power, but Masonry does not need it. She abhors positions of that kind, which might lead us back to the justly for.. gotten strict observance of the last century. Considering the high position Masonry occupies in Germany, ,ve know not of what use a l\-Iasonic national centralization would be. Perhaps the lrerein had in view a complete fusion of all existing systems in Germany, and the establishment of an entirely new system placed on a 路v'ery broad basis; but of this there is no mention made. An effort of that kind would encounter the greatest opposition.

"The same doubts arise when we consider the establishment of




tll Universal Grand Lodge. At the present time Europe bas twentythree Grand Lodges, but a mucll larger number exist in North, Middle, and South America. North America numbers thirty-nine; the whole of AmerIca, fifty-five. The whole world, therefore, would contain about seventy-eight Grand Lodges, a l)art of which, to SOl'ue extent, lay clahn to the ilnportance or form of National Grand Lodges, lIke those in the several States of America, ill England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Prussia; although, if ~'re eO!1ceive l\Iasonry to be a union of the human race, the narrow political idea of nationality is not properly applicable to the conception of National Grand Lodge. All attempts heretofore made to centralize lVlasonry according to national districts or boundaries could not be carried out, and have failed. But the idea of centralizing the ~fasonry of the whole world is altogether novel, and is 'without precedent. Emanating, as this does, from Masonic brethren, we will suppose that their intentions were good only. The thought is ideal, very bold, but nevertheless impracticable. It will n1eet with much opposition, or at least will find no encouragement, and might even lead to the erection of a sort of modern tower of Babel. The execution would create an enormous po\ver. We are not llOW going into an analyzatioll of the significance of this Uni.. vGl'sal Grand Lodge, because it does not exist as yet, but simply ask, where shall it have its seat, and who shall preside over this universal empire? lIo,v shall the necessary strict obedience of the fungle National Grand Lodges 1>e regUlated and secured? Ho,v shall this imnlense power, ,vhich at pleasure may bring its influence to bear on all iIllportant interests of the human race, be limited and guarded against it possible alliance with political power and parties, or their justifiable jealousy, or against the changing current of the spirit of the times? How shall the existing great Inequality bet\veen the Grand Lodges of America and Europe, entitled to a vote, and \vhich of itself would give the former a superiority, be adjusted? We migb.t propound many more similar questIons, but these nlay suffice to justify our serious doubts. We therefore do not enter any further into a discussion 011 the possible utilIty of the project, or of single points, the more so as we believe that we are .justified in expressing the decided opinion that the eXecution of the \vholc 11roject ,vilI !lot onI:r not further, but it may even lessen, the strict unity and concentration of Masonry, its practice, its labor for all that is good, beautiful, and true. These are now under the guidance of single Grand Lodges, which are generally connected ,vith each other. Better it is, at all eve~lts7 to hold on to the good we already possess, than to chase a ph9Jlto~, the possession of which cannot be attained Without endangering the freedQn1 and h1dependence of the single Grand Lodges, or per-




haps sacrificing them to this centralizing idea. In giving this judgment, we particularly bear in mind our own Lodge Union, and are firmly persuaded that all our brethren will agree with us when we say that there is no reason why our Lodge Union should discard the autonomy of our union, and the admirably constructed fundamental statutes adopted in the year 1811, and carefully amended from time to time, and favor a concentration of Masonry, in itself unnecessary, difficult to form, and still Dlore difficult to execute. "The formation of Masonry on the face of the globe, through its nlembers and Lodges, into one ideal great Lodge; the continually increasing mutual relations and representation of Grand Lodges on both sides of the ocean; the still everywhere existing pledge of brotherhood; the agreement on Masonic principles; and also on the signs, grips, and words, appear altogether sufficient to secure the solidarity of Masonry and Freemasons of single countries and nations, as well as of the whole world, and in Lessing's excellent words, 'to give expression to the feeling of sympathizing spirits, and also to protect ~Iasonry from external forms and C011nections, which easily degenerate into civil ordinances.' "After due consideration of the manifesto and fundamental laws, we have arrived at the conclusion, l that inasmuch as we may consider the general situation of Masonry as being, morally, fully justified in itself, and everywhere as a brotherhood more or less secret, we do not expect that these fundalnentallaws and a hurried progress will remove all that is defective in it as a work made hy human hands. Without any desire on our !)art to question the well-intentioned tendencies of the same, we~ deem them neither useful, necessary, nor practicable; nor do they hold out any greater advantages to the Lodge Union of Saxony than it now tllready possesses ill its present Constitution, and in the whole of its present arrltngement.' 'Ve therefore have no hesitation in urgentlya<lvisin~ the Grand Lodge and the Lodges of Saxony not to enter upon the proposed project, but ~o reject the same, and to inform the V,rein deut8cher Freinmaurer of the conclusion arrived at in proper manner. U

DRESDEN, Febru,ary, 1868."

Signed by the Committee, of which lVI. 'V. Bro. Warnatz was chairman. The Grand Master and the rest of the Grand Officers deposited the insignia of their offices OIl the altar; the Senior Grand Warden pro tern. took the chair, and the Grand Lodge proceeded to elect

officers for the next triennium. M. W. Bro. Warnatz was unanimously re-elected Grand Master, and Bro. Erdman, Deputy Grand Master, for the term 1869-71.




We cannot close this part of our report without expressing our satisfaction that our representative near the Grand Lodge of Saxony, R. W. Bro. Von Mensch, has received the merited distinction, from the Lodge of which 11e is a member, of being elected Senior Master, an honor peculiar to German Masonry. M. W. Bro. Warnatz, who was present on the occasion, complimented the brother very highly, justly attributing to his fidelit:Y' and untiring zeal the intimate and amiable relations that have uninterruptedly existed for the last twenty-four ycars between the Grand Lodges of Saxony and New York, and other Gl路and Bodies in the United States. We feel gratified that the merits of our venerable and zealous brother do not remain without recognition, and hope he will live many years to wear the honor so worthily bestowed. GRAND



The printed Protocols of this Grand Lodge, dating from Febru.. ary 20 to Decen1ber, 1868, are before us.

R. W. Bro. Petersson, our representative, presented a con.. densed report from our Transactions for 1867.

The Grand Lodge has entered into more intimate relations, by the exchange of representatives, with the Grand Orient of Lusitania, at Lisbon (Portugal), the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, the Grand Orient Dos Benedictinos, at Rio Janeiro, and the Grand IJodge of Italy, at Florence. At the session of September 8th, the Grand Master reported upon the convention of Grand Masters of Germany, held at Berlin, May Slst, the particulars of which will be alluded to under the head of HGermany," in another part of our report. The Grand Lodge as.. sented to the propositions froIn I. to IV., inclusive; action on V. and VI. was postponed. The Lodge 1J.finerva, at Potsdam, affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Germany" at Berlin, celebrated her Oentenary Anniversary on the 13th of May, in the presence of the King, the Crown Prince of Prussia, the Grand Master, and a large number of breth.. ren from far and near. The Grand Master cautions the Dodges against the admission of strange visitors, as there were many impostors who had gained. admittance to the Lodges. 1-Ie impressed them with the necessity of & strict examination of these visitors, and stated that societies 0iX-




isted in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy, which, to some extent, had a slight similarity to Freemasonry in some external, immaterial form, but otherwise had nothing in COlumon with it. As a matter of course, the Grand Lodges '\vould not recognize as Freemasons societies like the Odd Fellows, Forresters, etc. J\.Iore caution should be exercised in the admission of foreign brethren, as of late certificates had been presented from Lodges which, upon inquiry, were found to be clandestine. The Grand Lodge instructed the daughter Lodges to acknowledge diploluas only that were certified to by Grand Lodges.

The Grand Lodge adopted the following schedule for the contributions of the Lodges to the Grand Lodge treasury: Lodges with 50 members, pay 8 thalers; 75 mell1bers, pay 10 thalers; 100 members, pay It thalers; 150 members, pay 20 thalers; 200 members, pay 25 thalers; 250 members, pay 30 thalers; 300 members, pay 35 thalers; 350 members, pay 40 thalers; 450 members, pay 50 thalers; 500 members, pay 55 thalers; 550 ITlembers, pay 60 thalers. 011 the 23d November, 1867, the Grand Lodge celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the adoption of her Constitution; the fundamental principles of "w'hich still fornl the basis for her present laws. At the session of December 5, 1867, the Granu Master Blade a full report on the German Masonic Lodges in the United States, which he closed with the following remarks: " According to information in our possession, the German Lodges of the United States are not only increasing in numbers, but, what is more pleasing, also in intellectual qualifications. It is stated, th&t their heretofore dull, meaningless existence is everywhere replaced by a clear consciousness, and a fuller knowledge of lVlasonie duties 8:nd questions," etc.

His opinion of the German element in this country is evidently not very exalted. We venture to say, however, that the mental qualifications of our German brethren in American will bear favorable comparison with those of our brethren in Germany, or elsewhere. The informatien on which our M. W. brother, of Berlin, bases his judgment must have been obtained from a jaundiced source. The Grand Lodge celebrated St. John's Day, it being also the One Hundred and twenty-eighth Anniversary of her existence. In the absence of all the Grand Officers, except the Jnnior Grand Warden, Bro. Bornemann, of the Directory of the three PrUSSi&ll Grand Lodges, presided.




From the address delivered by him on the occasion, we quote the following: "One thing will abide with us, and will remain ul1changed throughout all time, unshaken by the storms of the ,vorld, untouched by change of form-the sublime Idea oj .JIasonry! If she may have been in former times or may be novv momentarily obsoured by dark clouds, her light continues to shine unchanged. Like the sun, she breaks victoriously through the enveloping veil of clouds, and continues to enlighten the mind and ,varm the hearts of those who zealously seek her. If the Masons of to-day pursue different roads in search of the true and eternalligh t, they A.LL will come near to it, so far as that is perlnitted to mortal man on earth, if they only keep constal1tly in view the true polar star, that thro\vs light on the precipices and cliffs so that they may be avoided. "For although the essence 路of matter, and it encompasses the greatest spiritnal blessings of lifo, nlanifests itself to our mortal eye under CQver of a certain form, yet this forlu is essence itself, even if it is changed by time, or forms itself differently ill the views of individuals. As the Iigh t of the sun shining througll a prism reflects seven distinct colors, and stilll"emains the pure sunlight, so may the light of lYlasol1ry assume various shapes, according to the conception of the tiInes and the various systems. None of these forms can clain1- that it alone is the autllorized and enduring one, and no l\;fason may look down upon his brethren because they deem their system, differing fronl bis own, orthodox.

"The loud calls for refornl in Masonry that have manifested themselves of late cannot be called unjustifiable. But they will become such, if attempts are made to touch not merely the external shell, but also the true, inner substance of Masonry. It will beconle such, if it makes demands vvhich will drag the beauty and dignity of the noblest of all arts down to a level witll the common; if it attempts to divide the sublhne doctrines of our art, of its inner sub.. stance, the peculiar and intimately connected venerable symbols &11cl forU1S. Let us oppose such attempts, DIy dear brethren, as we bave lleretofore done, with courage and firmness. Do not let us l,)hut our eyes against whicll we must acknowledge as good and beneficial to ~!asonry. Do not let us hold fast with obstinate contrariety to blsignificant peculiarities that have nothing to do with the spirit of Masonry, and which, as the offspring of the times~ may die ,vith time.. But do l10t let us permit the glorious edifice which our ancestors have erected with so much self-sacrifice for the $ublime objects of our Order, and With all th,w mental POW~$, and wbi(}h they have transmitted to us, with the sacred injunction to p:reserve in all its dignity, to be shaken, or perhaps altogether de-




stroyed! Do not let us permit our Temple to be robbed of its jevvela; the splendor of the three columns, Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, to be dimmed, and the Temple itself to sink to the level of a common assembly room! " etc. A proposition to change the right of voting in Grand Lodge by the daughter Lodges was rejected by a vote of sixty-five to eighteen. .A.n amendment to give the J.\lasters and Deputy Masters of Lodges when representing them in Grand Lodge a vote, even if they are not further advanced than the third degree, was rejected by forty-five to thirty-three votes. The motion to amend Sections 165 and 197, so as to permit the initiation and affiliation of non-Christians, "ras rejected by fifty... four to twenty. Not one of the thirty-seven propositions for amendment ,vas adopted; many of them are of much interest to the Fraternity outside of Prussia, as they show a state of affairs in than-- country entirely foreign to Masonry outside of it; and much as we desire to give, at least the pith of them, yet we are admonished that we have, perhaps, already occupied more space than we should have done with this subject. The Grand Lodge may for some time ~ta ve off a change ill her laws, and the relations she occupies to her daughter Lodges, in which she may be aided by the peculiar position Masonry occupies toward the Prussian Government. There can be no question that the change will eventually come. The kno.:-king at the outer door becomes louder day by day. The Grand Lodge has 106 daughter Lodges, with 11,950 members under her jurisdiction; she also has 681 honorary members on her rolls. '1'he condition of the Lodges is reported as prosperous. During 1867 the Grand Lodge expended 5,516 thalers in charities, and the Grand Almoner disbursed 2,055 thalers to 138 persons. From the Augu8tenstijtung, 1,003 thalers were distributed to 94 widows and orphans of deceased brethren. Full statistical reports of the condition of the daughter Lodges accompany the Protocols we have received.


The Protocols transmitted to us by the above Grand Lodge are dated February 2, March 2, May 16, June 8 and 24, and Deoember 7: 1868.




The Grand Lodge declined to enter Into friendly relatIons with the Supreme CO'flseil, at New Orleans, but agreed to exchange representatives with the Grand Lodges of Portugal, and the Grand Orient of Italy, at Florence. The Grand Lodge of Illinois transmitted her Transactions for 1867, and in future the Protocols are to be forwarded to it in retur11. Grand Master Schnackenburg, ,vho delivered an address before the Grand Lodge on St. John's Day, alludes to the Convention of Grand Masters of Germany, 11eld at Berlin on the Slstof May, of which he says that it was a representation of a united Germany on the territory of Masonry. He also alluded to the annexation of the Hanoverian Lodges. "These two facts," he renlarks, "Inay be justly considered to be of the highest importance." * * * "But they also arouse thoughts and feelings in us that can not fail to be highly conducive to the natural development of Masonry ill our fatherland, and for our Masonic life in the closer circle. TIle unanimous determination of all the Grand Masters of Germany assembled on that day to adhere firmly to the spirit and regUlations of ancient Masonry as handed down to us, will strengthen and enable us to oppose successfully the sickly modern theories of leveling and nihilism. It will confirm us in the principle ever recognized by us, that the only true progress in Masonry is to be sought in the development and advancement of true, open, and honest brotherly love, and ill unshaken fidelity and truthfulness, based upon sound religion. To this standard may flock all members of our Union; and in whatever Lodge on the face of the globe it may be unfurled, we send to the brethren hearty and deep felt greetings on this St. JO]ln's Day." The Grand Orator, Bro. Wieprecht, followed with an address, in which he alludes to the colored Masons of America, and discovers, in the final admission of colored brethren to lawful Lodges in

America, the absorbing question of the day. The speaker expressed the joyful hope that this important question will also be deCided in the spirit of Masonry, that is to say, in a spirit of true toleraticn and equality for all, and rejoices that the initiative steps in this matter were taken by German brethren. 路 It is refreshing to meet with sentiments so fine and overfiowJllg with the milk of human kindness, as expressed by Bro. Wiepreqht, &nd, as :Masons, we fully elldorse them. The position take~ by him and others in Germany, in regard to the so-called oolored Masons of the United States, rests upon false premises. The colored Loclges in the United States are clandestine, and have no






egtil 0It1~il1. T)ley are self-ooRStItuood, just a& much as the Lodge %A,flkt, Liebe, Leben at lDrlang&n, instituted by Dr. Leu1iheeb&r, aDd we might with the same propriety urge our brethr&ll of B1erlin to recognize the members of that body. That the negro Lodges of this country have no lawful origin, has been fully proven to the satisfaction of every unprejudiced mind. It is unnecessary to,go over the ground again and again, merely for the purpose of proving the felaehood of an unsupported assertion of those who choose to be wiltuliy blind. And as to the initiation of negroes in our Lod~, we ~ve ;repeatedly explained that the members of the Lo4~ ane tbe'Sole judges of whom they will receive or reject. In this th~y are gUided by III. ofthe Old Cha:cges, together wIth subdivision 9 of section 8 of our Grand Lodge Constitu.tion. The former, we doubt not, is well known to our brethren of Germany, and the latter we will here quote for their information. It is:


~"rmh t~rrmen ~de

Ma$uns al,tust be at least twenty-one yeaJ:S of


ltale and sound) not deformoo or dis-

m:embeseu, ~tnO~WIOm1in, no e,nu"Ch." " J3.ut~e~uat be cateful that those only should be admitted our



~e wo~t)l;y


in t;he sight of all religions. Be0at\Se,

my b~e~, you ;n:l.UStnot fo~get that Freemasonry should form aA ,ariatocraey of tne )l)j.nd an.d heart, which can measure with a ~o:t;ee~t,g}).,'We e:~etyth~ jn the world. To whomsoever this gauge is given 'Q.y his religJ,on, he;JllAy be of us. "~

assured, ~my aear bf;ethTOO, thst in this reepeet the Pl'ODad sentim€nfis ",of the Glfllld L@dge Boyal York l~ve D.otkkllg ?to ~lle tWfilAeH ,Jer. But let ma11ter.s tatk€ their ~@ume quietiy/' etc.


This is the view of the Grand Master; let us now bring before ~JU8~~ 0Mtor end ~ him also to oonv'l@t himself €)ut of tBs~~, t&8t,4Bme~Jiio$in*i:Me kws, th.&GraDd Ivoige 4s ..~<Ieti~by l\Ias~~~les. 9n iffhe 2d of Febl'liary, 1898, he Ml~ aJl atlEiressbe&me iJh:e GD&Rd L@dge at the LOOge of


'in~ 0GUrs~ff\!.~~Ae~:

"~~,ngrfjl~~y~a~ec~ti~tl~t the~ind Q&)D.-

not be constraiD.ed-c8ILt~~no mlrmal ~con~oil-Tior~LeaGh ~f us should make his confession, our beliefs would be as different as G'ret1Be~Jls etf~the tMes#tll ~"t} 'e~'s, th~ugh thlQY 4llDe lloari.shed \~ ~ ~same 'eOill!»8Bd .1S"~ 4\lr ir,'fihe ~a.e light----4t}1d, as we wMJ" ~.t~k ~»!f"Y ean requ~ RO f@:JJBm1 eonfession, which is 1h& ~5$iDesS df the ohU1'tM1, ~et ~e d~ds th~t we mlOuld kROW ~t iHe ~~m we Ah.~b}y Bead 10tPf .knee is< omnipOlioot, ;8111'W'ise, 8Itd a1i-~. -It is ike All-Wise~Whodireetstbe d~~iaif9




of nations and of indlviduals, the All-Wise it is who has counted the hairs on your head. The Father of Love it is in whom we adore tbe Grand Architect of the Universe."

It is for these brethren to harmonize t~es'e* views with the secof th~!r constitution thmt pr(\)hib,:as tl'le iBitistien of .lews. Let us hOll6 that they will at an ea.rly! da:1 ohaBge,that instJunt~t to coxregpolld to the sentiments expresse« by them_


At last accounts, thirteen of tJre twefrby


forming the

Grand tJodge of Ha-l1over had aftM.ittted' wi"bh the'f Grand{ ned~

BeY'al York. On the 24th of June, the Grand Lodge celebrated its SeventyfiJ9t A.,1lI1iversa.ry. Sinoe writing the foregoing we Have recetved tf.te P'rothcoIs of February 2d and March 1st, 1869, o( that Gtand Lodge. On the 16th o~ J6JlUary, the Grtll'ltd U~'St~rs,otriias 'tJAree PruiSian G1md LO'tges bel« a conference" and aFirived~&1r the ftl}lowm~ 00!l,c1Qsio!Q4$ In regari to the ques;h1ol\ls ddS(}t'L$sea, a-t tb& meQtinJ) herld by the (}ralDa Masters of Germany, ~t.Berli~ on~tilile 3'1s1riol M&y, 1868..

The question under consideratrofl on that o60'aS"fol1. wiiI l::f~ rdUDJi~ under the head of "Germany," (pto~6oo1J tfie efl'attd.d MswsreW' Convention). The Grand Lod~e Ro:r«t' Ydr~ aI1provtJEf of tfie VIews taken on the first f6ur questtons, antr atlS\"tetB tlte :fi~lt" and sixth as follows :


V.-" The Grand Lodge Royal York zur Freundschajt is not Ina position to sS"SUme the initiwti1"'e in.1 thi& ques1h1o1l,o, 9lt$ tf.fe next conference to be held by the Grand »~C1' GermM::iy Oft tl!'e.l&t1k of May next, but approves the declara,s,tion made by the Gr&nd Maswters of three Prussian Grand Lodges. VI.-" All Masonic titleg shaUl in flldnlr~ be tutWi't only a~ tile LQ61ges, mId shadl not be ad"fl~ t. the mddF'e$S 0iJt tru tu'tsW1&of letters, which may fall i:m tke baomd9 of~ tlll. ploi_", ~ttng&O~tbe

The Grand Lodge decided that the Grand Master attending the conference of the Grand Masters of Germany, in May next, should sti.d itl t)aed,:e individLlIal capaoity., an4~nE)i.~ tJai(J\ PepweseatatJves of *e GraaciL Lodge. Bro. Hermann Von Usler, of Wolfenbttttel,

tA&'~d Lgdge date of

Apri121~ li6i~

8idd.'res'Sed~ a'fclett~r,to

inwitim.81 t&e'tG.naud errter In'te fRiendly relations with tbe ~d :6JoGl~ ()f Mexico, whIch was declined, on the ground that the GratltQ., ll.~ of Mex.ico permitted her daughter Lodges to exercise an influenoe i_~,11»I}1t~. The resnlt' or th(~ inq'ft<wies . .W~ b~''b~~ ~ke iOn that subject will b&fhalftlEt 't:JDd@*llKet~ oi~J.\IiKi~J Lq€l~b 't@





Our direct intercourse with this Grand Lodge has been interrupted for some time past. We are pleased that the appointment of llew representatives has paved the way for a more lIvely intercourse, and the regular exchange of the printed Transactions. We now acknowledge the receipt of the Protocols of the Grand Lodge, Nos. 38 to 45 inclusive, extending from May 31st, 1867, to August 28th, 1868. Tho June sessions of each year, were devoted to the celebration of St. John's Day, on which occasion addresses were delivered by the Grand Master, the Grand Orator, and others. The Supreme Oouncil of Louisiana, addressed a circular letter to the Grand Lodge, of the same tenor as that sent to other European Grand Lodges, a specimen of which may be found in our last year's report under the head of '\Hamburg," expressing a wish to enter into f.riendly relations by the appointment of lnutual representatives. '1'he Grand Lodge did not, however, respond to the invitation as desired, but confined itself for the present to the exchange of the printed Protocols. With the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, however, it has established more intimate relations by an exchange of representatives. At the seasion of December 6th, 1867, Bro. Herman Hoster was un&uimotlsly pleated Grand Master for the term 1867-69.

Bro. Hohagen, our newly appointed representative, was introduced to the Grand Lodge at the session of August 28th, and received by the Grand Master, who expressed the hope that the brother would endeavor to restore the direct communication between the two Grand Lodges, which had been interrupted, and this restoration of friendly intercourse would result beneficially to both bodies. The manifesto and fundamental law8 of the Verein Deutaher }l'reimaurer, of which the Grand Lodge had received a copy,


referred to a Committee of three.. The Grand Lodge resolved to enter into correspondence and exchange their printed protocols with the Grand Lodges of Kentucky and Illinois.

. The daughter Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge seem to be in a healthy and prosperous condition.





This Grand Lodge met at Stuttgart on the 11th of October, 1868, for the purpose of forming a new Constitution and to change their ritual. The former was adopted, but a change of ritual was declined. It was resolved, llowever, that every Lodge has the right to adopt any ritual best suited to its wants, provided it is approved by the Council of tIle Lodge as being Masonic. The new Constitution adopted by the Grand Lodge places it side by side with the more liberal and enlightened Grand Lodges of Germany; and it affords us pleasure to quote a few of its more promipent points, altllough there are others contained therein ,vhich American Masons would deem peculiar. Thus, a particular religious confession of the candidate is no longer necessary, according to Article III., which reads: "Freemasons adore God from whom moral life emanates, and to whom it always leads.. " H The Union requires no confession of a peculiar religious faith frOln its members."

" ART. IV.-The Union accepts free men, of good reDute, without reference to religion or a confession of faith, or to nationalit:~:r, politics, or standing in society, who in brotherly love unite in the effort for moral improvement. TIle Union indorses the moral principle of freedom of conscience, of religious belief, and of mind. It rejects every compulsion that endangers this freedom, and every persecution which may be practised against those who dissent in religions belief and thought. HART. XII.-The Union and its history, its principles and aims, are no secret. The Masonic secrecy to which the brethren are bound is for mutual recognition only; for the protection of confidentially expressed opinions within the Lodge, and for the moral influence exercised by the Lodge.

"SEa.. 11. The Grand Lodge has power to try the CounCil, the Grand Officers and the Grand Master on charges preferred; when the latter is tried, the officer next i!l rank presides. " SEC. 12. A motion to dismiss the Grand Master can only be made by the Oouncilof the Grand Lodge, or by at least three Lodges. If, on a vote, a majority of white balls does not appear for the Grand Master, his office becomes vacant, and a new election takes place. ~'SEQ. 16. A resolution, to have binding force, must be approved by the Grand Master. He may withhold his ltpprovaI, but

[Oct. in that case must again submit the resolution to the next assembly of the Grand L8dge: If re-aoopteci by the Grand Lodger it thereby a.oquires binding force. " SEQ. 21. ThtJ Gra.nd :Ma$~r can hold his. office only for two term~ in suo.o.ession (siX! :vears). After being out of offi0e for on.e t~1lJia1, he a~n becom@s eligibJ.@ thereto. u 500. 3~. A me:rnbeT m~y hold the offiee of Master of the Lodge for six successive yeals. ~fte! the sixth year he IS not eligiblEir, bnt Dtaz be re-eleQte'd aftoc thBMn. "~c. 00:. Balloting for clJndldai;e~ tarkos place in the Em.ter'(~d Al1prelri!ce Lodge. I' SEC.. 40.. MinQrs are to be initiated in exceptional cases ·only; tooy must be at least eighteen years of age, and have the consent of the father or guardian.

"SEC.. 4&

An Entered Apprentice can be passed only after six

months from the time of his initiation, and a Fellow Craft raised in twelve months after being passed. A Master Mason's Lodge Dlay, by srelesrballot, and fe1l p_t~lar· reasons, snspend this law." ':Che three St. John's degrees only are recognized.

The officers

ortl1e Eoflge are mlntlally- elect'ed from. the body of tl1e 111embers. ".mJ!e seat of the Grand Lodge r~a,ms at Baireuth, as heretof6re, but i&, annual are held in the different Otients, where daughter Lodges are located. T1te Gralld Lodge is composed of the Grand O*Mcer5, tlle ofticers of the Lodges, and of Master Masons ely;ored by tlie LOdgES as dep'Uites, one for evrery fiftj" members. The Grand Lodge declined to enter into more intimat~ rel&t.tons with, tAe Supreme. COll.E.Cl1t A.n@ient. and Accepted Rite, of Louisi~",he0ause,tbe lattel r@oogmzQs degrees above the three symbolier ~d~ It a1scD deeLined. to 8Ld0pt'the fundamental laws propoS!td. by the Vw~t@ de:utscher liIrftem(JJlNrer.

There are thirteen Lodges affiliated with th~ (Jraba

G ~ LO~', ~lJ&~



T1ii;spQ~l\luiLo!tl!~ ~.OJ1lftltefl,2ttiLof lWa~ht lS88,at Darmstadt,


presidedt OV€l: bp' ill\~ Deputy Grand Masiler, whO' tlle ~1h~ of th~ GtaQdJtH"~BDO. M. Leyltam.




Bro. Leykam, weI! known for his indefatigable Masonic activity, died on the 20th of February, 1868. Born on the 20th February, ISM, h.~Tetll1DiS'Ai@¥t~4the¥5WdSep~.8er, 1~, _d:;;was eUJ~n,••e1P of t~ n~ .W:Hm0h k6 WI. ilil~jJlii~~d~i18. 1888: ~




W!&sone of the Ulne MasoDJS who f()utndQd the G:r&I1d LoElge Zu')· Bntracht, was elected its Deputy Gm:ud Yaet9r ,in li53, aad Grand Master in 1859. He was greatly esteemed and beloved 4y J:ill. who enjoyed his personal acquaintance, a~ was a btight ~d,~shini1l»g eXan:Lp>le for the Grand Lodge over whioh he presided.. Tille Grand Lodge elected Bro. Pralbz as his who entered upon the discharge ()f his tiuties.




The principle of Christianity, to w·hiGh ~ p!>rtiQtJ;l of ~theda.~hters of this Grand Lodge have heretofore adhered, }las been finally ttbolished.. No particular confession of faith is her~after Tequired from the eandidate, and thus another Grtmd Eody has plared itself ap~n~he platform of our anGient laws..

IrAN0 VEIL gaV€ ifrnfgrmR'Nion of ~rmer Qqo_d 7,1867.. The representatives of the Hanoverian Lodges again assembled in llbeir 0Nl1nd Lodge Hall on i:he 28t&11 Gf·.aron, 1808, ito diselJSS the gilJ\te~f &ffaire.

GUt'M&}X}rt of last year

Lod~ to-Beptember

Bro. Kruger, who presIded, ...eported on the occtlrrences since their:lMt meetmg.

He at,ted that the deputation selected on the~h df S~ptenlber last, to repair Berlln, and make an posstble etr'otts to tPreserve the existence oif the Grand Lodge, &l)"d JatrtiaUlarly to "petition the Crown Prince of Prussia to intercerde in their behalf with the 1\.il;t~t had abandoned tIle trip, as the Crown Prince had communicated to th4illl on iJh~ 21s.t of Septe:rn})er, 1867, jjaa4i~n;bdf ~absence of the King he could not comply with the ~ Qf fue hr6thl~..


On the 5tll of October last, he continued, he received an order from the Government at Berlin, which, however, was not in reply to the peti~i~n addre$lSJed to the Kmg by )tejghteen~ges, on the 14th of J'une, but to one of his own, which he presented on the '"h df DeQenlber, 1886. ~l1t "these petrtnoo!s ..e Tefened "to in this report. £>71 t.~th .cto~J the G:J.1md,O:flloer9~4:1~~.Qy ~ .~Vian ~dgres Itlbet -..t Lehrte in oo1i11eEMe, _)~.~iOla ~_WEd {at

-" ~&t, ~tiIougrh this oor4~r~f the »e0a~'WJIiS1lti!d~#k> him (~. Kruger) peDSQnaily, lit ~ ~D.'Qd 50o!applf' jp *e Gat.1i LtldLgte and am- 48Jlgh:lbQr L~~ tl\e ~16l~ rl.pu:tl8a III la\lt~r, ~I!ll1UBt li1l61V submit to ~eiIn%fiIe;f?~~~I~ ~






In regard to this, the points contained in Appendix marked 11., hereto annexed, should be taken into consideration. Nineteen Lodges responded to the brotherly invitation, and met in conference on the 19th of October; and it was unanimously re-

solved to treat with the Grand Lodge Royal York for affiliation; and if the negotiations should prove successful, it was resolved to form a Provincial Grand Lodge. Bros. Menge, Kistner and Noldeke were intrusted with the negotiations, receiving for instruction the points in Appendix II. From a report of Bros. Menge and Noldeke, communicated to the brethren, it is known that the M. W. Grand Lodge Royal York has complied with their wishes in regard to point 1, and consented that the Hanoverian Lodges should retain the ritual used by them. In regard to point 5, the Grand Lodge Royal York. also consents that, until the revision of the Constitution, in 1872, Fellow Crafts and Entered Apprentices should retain their right of voting at the election of a Master of a Lodge~ All other points were refused, a~ being contrary to the interest of the older daughter Lodges, or against existing covenants. The brethren intrusted with this negotiation did not deem their duties closed with this decision, but again called on the brethren to meet at Hanover on the 14th of December, 1867. [Appelldix Ill.] The .Hanoverian Lodges were compelled either to dissolve or affiliate with one of the three Berlin Grand Lodges, and under these circumstantes had to submit to terms dictated to them, and relinquish all points without which they pronounced an affiliation an impossibility. Will the Grand Lodge Royal York be benefitted by this affiliation? Agitation on account of section 194 will follow, as predicted in the letter of the Lodges.


The Thirteenth Annual Report of this Grand Lodge embraoes the years 1866 and 1867. .. The report speaks of the manifesto issued by the Verein deutscher Freimaurer, etc., and states that if at first the Verein did run counter to the ideas of a majority of the brethren by pursuing too radical a course, yet of late greater confidence was manifested toward it, on account of the more moderate course pursued by it at Eisenach and Worms. An idea had been instigated by it which already had been commented upon as timely in the Prow-




cola of the Grand Lodge ill 1861, and, as such, had been earnestly disoussed. It is undeniable that Masonry, as a unit, is not suffiaiently guarded on all sides. As countries are no,v brought ill close proximity to each other, and international intercourse ,vas con.tinually increasing, something should and ll1USt be done in regard to it. The Administrative Council will l'ene,v it'S propo~i足 t,ions to the Grand Lodge in a modified form.

The internal affairs of the Grand Lodge are ing in a satisfactory condition.

repre~ellted a~


On account of political disturbances, and other troubles, the L<>dge at Leistal suspended its labors. Four new Lodges had been added to the daughters of the Grand Lodge. "Canton Wallis," the report states, "is a territory Masonically

not so well cultivated as it ougllt to be; yet the nUlllber of active and non-affiliated Masolls was pretty large and increasing. Never-

theless, Freemasonry, in that canton, ,vas in a kind of torpor. It is like a :fire slumbering under ashes, which awaits an opportunity to break out, and should be fanned. Efforts had been lllade to form a new Lodge, but,oIl consultation among the brethren, and. a.dvising with the Grand Officers, the project ,vas finally aban<lo:m,ed. The reason ,vas, the breaking out of the old sYlnptoms ill favor of the Jesuits, and the ultramontane tendencies whioh were again manifesting thenlselves in all their strength for the purpo~e of impeding Masonry."

This deadly enenlY of Masonry nlust also be very active in other d.istricts of SWitzerland, as appears frolll the Protocol, which states th&t: urrhe Lodges of Zurich, BerIl, and Aarau, have entered into au agreement to notify eacll other of the reception of l)etitions froln eandidates for initiation, and await the return of the report before t~king action upon it, so that no wolf in sheep's clothes may gain ~dmission in the circle of the brethren in the cRntoIl Luzerne. Because the more dangerous their position in the heart of a country s() thoroughly in possession of the deadly enemy, the ultralllontane elergy, as is that district, the more careful should they be to enroll none but well-known individuals in the ranks of the Fraterl1ity. Existing circumstances make this caution necessary, as the position. of the brethren of Luzerne, in the nlidst of ~. .n ultra Catholic people, is a very peculiar one."

The Grand Lodge met at Geneva on the 22<.1



23d of August,

.At this meeting the question oame up for discus~ion alld action,





" whether the Grand Lodge had power to grant charters to Lodges outside of Switzerland." The Constitution of the Grand Lodge is based upon the supposition that the Swiss Lodge Union is composed of Lodges in S'Yitzerland only. The question arose upon the petition of Swiss Masons, residents of Alexandria, Egypt, for a charter. The Grand Lodge decided that the granting of charters for Lodges outside of Switzerland was against the provisions of the Constitution. . ~

Yet with this clause in her Constitution, the (Jrand Lodge of Switzerland denies the right of jurisdiction to Grand Lodges. 1'he new ritual, prepared by Grand Master Gelpke, was acknowledged to possess great merit. No definite action, however, was taken on it, as it was desired that the Lodges should have an.. other year in which to examine its practicability. Bro. Ruegg, of Aarau, was elected Grand Master for six years. The seat of the Grand Lodge changes witll the place of residence of the Grand Master 1 and it will therefore be at Aarau for the next six years. The Grand Lodge met at Aarau 011 the 4th of October, 1868, for the purpose of installing its newly elected Grand Master, and also to elect the balance of the Grand Officers and Inembers of the Ad.. ministrative Council. 'ÂŁ11e session was opened with an aduress uy the retiring Grand Bro. Gelpke, who, at the close, deposited the insignia of his office on the altar. According to the Swiss ritual, the Senior and .Junior Grand Wardens then proceeded to invest the Grand Master elect with the jewel of- his office~.. After taking the obligation, he addref?sed the Grand Lodge and dwelt on the great merits of his immediate predeoessor. The Constitution provides that thf? newly installed Grand Master shall propose three names for each office to be filled. One of those named is then elected by the Grand Lodge. The first of the three named was, in every instance, unanimously elected. ~{aster,

The Grand Lodge has now twenty-eight daughter Lodges, with a membership of 1,713 under her jurisdiction.


One of the most noteworthy Masonic events that has transpired in Germany during the year 1868, was the meeting held by the Grand Masters of Germany, at Berlin, on the 31st of May. The in~




vitation for that meeting emanated from the Grand Master of Saxony, M. W. Bro. Warnatz. The intention to become personally acquainted with eacl'l other, and to exchange in a brotherly manner their experience and views on the present situation of Masonry in Germany, was the problem for solution. No official character, however, is clailned for this convention, as it was not authorized by any of the Grand Lodges of Germany. The Grand Orient of Belgium has revised tIle Constitution adopted in 1838. The clause which made the office of Grand Master a tenure for life has been repealed; also the section requiring the candidate to possess a liberal education, which has been changed to "necessary education." The Catholic clergy of Europe IJersist in their crusade against Masonry. Their organs in Spain charge the dethronement of the Queen to the Freemasons. But their machinations will be of 110 avail to them. Wherever constitutional government has superceded the one man powar, the people have become enlightened, and Masonry finds a genial soil. It has been so in Italy, it will be so in Spain and Austria. The establishment of Lodges in both of the two latter is ill contemplation, and we shall be rejoiced to hear the sound of the gavel in their East. We hope, however, whenever such is the case, that our brethren will not lose sight of the cosmopolitan character of our Institution, a11d will steer clear of all religious and political questions and entanglements.


This Grand Lodge held a session 011 the 7th of June" 1868, at Ha,gue. There were present ]3 Grand Officers and 93 Deputies, r.presenting 38 Lodges. Aocording to the Lodge list prepared for the year begining April 1st, 1867, and ending March 31st, 1868, there were contributing Lodge members at the first mentioned time, 1,908, against 1,942 at the latter period, of which 1,258 were Master Masons,J 171 Fellow Crafts, and 513 Entered Apprentices. The relations of the Grand Lodge with foreign Grand Lodges to be of the most friendly nature. Propositions had been received for the appointment of mutual representatives from the Qr&nd Lodges of Italy, Louisiana, San Domingo, and EA"ypt.

~re stated




CONCLUSION. In concluding this report, we wish to draw the attention of our Grand Lodge, as well as of our Brother Foreign Correspo~dent~,to some few important facts which we deem worthy of consIderatIon. In perusing over ten thousand pages of printed matter for your information, we have noticed the following points: ]fTirst-More Masons are initiated than raised. JS1~wond-More Masons

dimit than affiliate. Third-Very few published proceedings give the number of Lodges" l"epresented" at the proper place, viz: at the foot of the column of Representatives.

Fourth-Very few Grand Masters give the number of "Dispensations" for new Lodges that they isssue, and merely give the names and dates. Fifth-In some Grand Lodges the important committees, such as Grievance, Appeals, By-Laws, Lodges, etc., will make many snpplenlental reports, instead of combining all the matter in one report for eaoh committee. Relative to our ji'tst item, we will say that we believe" more l)ersons are initiated than raised" arises from a radical defect in modern Masonry, viz: that it does not take the world as it finds it. This is a speculative age, and many men apply for our 111ysteries either through curiosity or from the hope of worldly gain. The first class are often disappointed, because the first degree is bunglingly done, aIld the officers show so little soul in their work that the candidate raJiionally becomes so dissatisfied that he never goes any farther. What should have been "Light" to him is nothmg but a, miserable "darkness; " when" brought to light," he probably found the officers sitting with their feet on the pedestal spitting tobacco juice into a spittoon three yards off, and the Worshipful Master, when he came to deliver his lecture, instead of standing up, with the dignity and perfectness of manhood, sitting down, poised on the back of his neck, and mumbling out inooherently what he did not properly understand or appreciate himself. III looking over the list of Entered Apprentices who have remained such for years, we find the great bulk of them are very intelligent mell, alld naturally came to the oonclusion that if the Entered Ap}Jrentice degree was a sample of the balance, that they h~d enough of it; that is, the degree in the shape in which it is too often conferred. When 'Vorshipful Masters will properly learn their work ~o




and duties, as we have already expressed it in our remarks under the head of TEXAS, luuch of this difficulty will be avoided.

The second class, viz: Those ,vho join from Inercenary motives, and can" see 110 speculation in the eye" of Masonry, after initiation, they can be cured by a dose of Missouri ointment, such as was first introduced by us in Missouri Lodge, No.1, SODle years ago, viz: Make the fee for the Entered Apprentice degree a little over half the aggregate for the ,vhole three, thus the speculative candidate having that nluch cash invested in his speculation, wilillot let it be lost, ,vhel1, by a little ulore, he can get the benefits of a Master Mason, and, })erha!)s, if the other two degrees are properly conferred, he nlay be Inade ashanlecl of his cupidity and start out, for the first tilne, ,vith au honest anc1 ullselfish l)urpose of life. Try it; it will do no harnl. Relative to our second cOlnplaint, we arrive at



vi7.f: That many 8tates include in their reports those who dimit to form new Lodges, and, in the returns, are l10t included as affiliates, t\S in our own State, and we, therefore, make due allowance for such States; but that class being few, as Ill0St Grand Lodges do not demand dinlits '\vith petitions for dispensations for new

Lodges, ,ve take SUCll States, where the dimit is a bona fide withdrawal from the Lodge. In examining the Constitutions and ByLaws of such Grand I.lodges we fiud but few restrictions on dimits; a.ny ou,e can get it, by the Dlere asking, while in Missouri each one must declare that he intends to join another Lodge, or help to form a rrew Lodge, or intends renl0villg from the jurisdiction. Our third cOluplaint touches the delinquencies of Grand Secretades in not giving, at the close of representatives, the number of I;odges represented, expecting foreign correspondents to do this work for them, just as if these oorrespondents had nothing els~ to do but write reports and do other peoples' work for nothing. We look upon the item of representatives as a very important one; it is the expression of life in the face of a Grand Lodge. Our fourth complaint refers to the delinquencie-s of Grand Mas-

oors who never wrote reports on correspOndel1:Ce, and take it foo: ~anted that they do the craft great honor by simply talking to them, and not caring a straw for statistics. They too often 1001t upon their address as the only one whiql1 goes to the world, like Sloma people who write to a public office, under the supposition that theirs is the ollly letter sent, and that they Deed furnish 110 data to go by. OU~ fi.:tibh complaint is of committeessendil1g in & dozen rep'~rts dttring the session, each ~ith a long preamble and half page of sig-




natures, when the whole thing could be boiled down in one report and thus foreign correspondents could get at the gist of the matte~ in one-tenth the time. Having thus had our say, and proposed certain reforms, which suggestions are valuable in a Republic of Grand Lodges like this of ours, we close by saving that, throughout all these reports, we find universal harmony prevails. The blatherskites who have assembled ill Pittsburg and Chicago, and tried to raise a storm against our beloved and ancient institution, have at last subsided into the miserable contenlpt they deserve. After looking over the list, we find lTIany of thenl to have been Army Chaplains who picked the pockets of the dead on the battle field, and furnished their homeR with the plunder stolen froln Widows and Orphans. Like a set of harpies that they are, they would vote against admitting into their membership, Judas Iscariot r because he did not sell Jesus Christ for more than thirty pieces of silver; their price would have bankrupted the Court of Rome! We have met many of tlhem during the la~t few years, !\nd only last summer, we came across one on the deck of a Sound Steamer, clothed in black ~cloth and a white choker, who told us over his stale hash of Anti-Masonry, and when a passenger made complaint that his baggage had been stolen, "ve ,vere not at all surprised to find that our reverend friend (?) was the last one seellllear the state room door of said passenger, and that he got off at the last tOWll where the boat stopped. These charlatans alwa:y's seek the easiest class of lleople to swindle, consequently they went into the ministry, because in that field they could best work on the tender consciences of nlel1, women &nd children, and get the largest proceeds on the rascality invested. That harvest having nearly been gathered with the sickles of bom.. ba.stic patriotism, they turned in the mowing machines of Anti.. Masonry, but finding more rocks and stumps than theyanticipated r they have about bursted up their hybrid factory, viz., Oberlin Oollege, and are now calling for aid to lift the debt on that concern. The best way we can suggest for them, is to get the Devil to tarke thQ. first I.Q,ortgage and give their souls as security, ,,"e will guarantee his Satanic Majesty that the security will be forthcoming on call. It is a glorious thing to know that God Almighty in his wisdom and knowledge, judges men by what is inside of them, instead of their words and clothing, therefore, these miserable thieves, seducers and slanderers, are every now and then caught up by the arm of the civil law and punished. "Magna est verita8, et prevalabit." .. lie


Ap2J endix.


'Vith a high appreciation, 짜. W. Grand Master, of this llonor, unworthily besto,ved, as your Correspondent Committee, I submit it with but little hope of your approval as a duty properly performed. rrruly and :Fraternally,




To the lJIost

October 8, 1869.

lVorsh1pfttl (;htancl Jl,Ia8teJ' of the Grand Lodge of 11££880 U?IJ I :

~r. 'V. SIlt AXD l~l~O'l'IIBR-As D. Deputy Granel l\Iaster of the Second I)istrict I herewith snbnlit Iny report for the !)ast year.

I regret to say, o,ving to the In'esB of business and fronl otller causes, I have been unable to visit all the Lodges in this District. On the 21st d~\y of 1Iay I called a convention to be held at Sllelbina. I ,vas unable to go myself; 'V. Bro. W. C. Fornlan attended and exemplified the work. Representatives from Shelbyville, Clarence, and other IJodges, ,vel~e present.

The District Lecturer inforll1ed Inc that the Brethren "'ere bar.. rnonious in that part af the District. On the 25th and 26th of May, Bro. I t'orrllan instructed the breth.. ren at Clarence in the work. I ha,"e devoted D1Y tinle to the care of the Craft more especially in this city. There has been some trouble here amol1g tho brethren duril1g the past year, principally eaused by intemperance, of

which vice I am sorry to say there is entirely too much,·and in fact so much of it that I have trembled for our beloved order, fearing that she would fall by this weight of sin. I ha v~ been compelled to arrest some of the brethren in this city for offences com:mitted against the principles of our order, during the past year. Most of the cases I have reported to you heretofore, but I must "gain call your attention to Lodges who permit men who disgrace the name of Mason to renlain within their sacred precincts unrebuked and untouched, until they finally die on their hands, then they are ashamed to own them nc; Masons, and, not with proper respect for themselves or their Lodges, give them the right of Masonic burial.





This Qught not to be so, and I hope that the 1110ral health of our order will continue to improve, as I aln happy to say that I think the order in this place is more healthy than it was a year ago. According to your order I attended St. .John's Lodge, No. 28, for the purpose of presiding at a trial of certain brethren under grave charges. I found that out of a 111enlbership of about 150 there was not much more than a quorum present, I therefore or.. dered the Lodge to commence again, and to Sluumons all resident members to be present. The result of that trial you have been made acquainted with by the Secretary of the Lodge. According to your order of the 31st of August, Icon vened the Grand Lodge of Missouri on September 3d, for the purpofSe of laying the corner stone of the ~I. E. Church of this city, with the fol.. lowing officers: John Ure as Grand Master. W. C. Forman as Deputy Grand Master. J. G. Foss as Senior Grand Warden. VV.. B. Dresher as Junior Granel Warden. John Yolk as Grand Treasurer. F. H. Tibbits as Grand Secretary_ S. H. Anderson as Grand Chaplain. G. H. Crowyn as Senior Grand Deacon. John H. Hall as Junior Grand Deacon. A. J. Bean as Senior Grand Steward. A. J. Cunningham as Junior Grand Steward. Oscar PindeI as Grand Tyler. rÂŁhe Grand Lodge opened at 2:30 P. M. 'fhe corner stone haVing been prepared according to law, we repaired to the site of the church, escorted by the Lodges of this city, "\vith Excelibar Commandery Knights TempIar as a guard of honor. After the stone was properly laid, W. Bro. W. C. Forman delivered an a.ddress. The Grand Lodge then returned to Masonic Hall, and closed in form, peace and harmony prevailing. In regard to the work in the District, I think the brethren are trying to conform to the work of the Grand Lodge.

Yours, respectfully and fraternally, JOHN DEE, .D~

D, Grand Jfaste," Second Masonite







October], ]869.

Joh/n D. Vincil,


W. Grand ltIaster ,;

DEAR SIR AND BRO'l'IIER-! here submit my annual report as D. Grand Master of the Third Masonic District, for the current Masonic year. Absence from home, and my private matters, haye delayed my report beyond the time appointed by law.


Lick Creek Lodge, No. 302, having received a charter, I visited this Lodge and installed the officers, on the 18th day of N ovenlber. This Lodge is in a prosperous condition; the officers and Inembers appear to be disposed to discharge their IVlasonic duties faithfully.

Florida Lodge, No. 23.-1 was at Florida last November? for the purpose of visi ting the Lodge officially, and notified the Secretary; but, for some cause, if the Lodge met, ! was not informed. The Secretary furnished Ine the records, which I exanlined and found correct in the main. 1 addressed a letter, in the spirit of Masonry, to the Lodge, in which I pointed out some irregularities; one of which was, that the Lodge, on the 20th of April, 1867, pernlitted a petition to be withdrawn, contrary to the third section of tIle by-Ia"W's. The meetings of the Lodge have been irregular; sonleti~es months have passed without opening the Lodge, without allY cause being asslgned for such failure to nleet. New London Lodge, U. D., baving received a dispensation, I visited the m@mbers in October, and set it to work; found the offioersand members tolerably well qu&lified, and desirous to discharge their Masonic duties. ThE> Lodge occupies a large' and secure room in the Academy. I have frequently met in this Lodge, and cheerfully recommend the granting of & charter.

:Ralls Lodge, No. 33.-Being a member of this Lodge, I have met with the brothers several times during the year and witnessed the 'Work. I found the records in fair condition, and the Lodge prosperous, until recently, a difficulty has occurred between some of th,e members, but the Lodge has promptly appointed a commit.. tee: to endeavor to settle the matter. Their report is not due until the :next nteeti:ng. Otherwise, the Lodge is working ereditabl:r.




Perseverance Lodge, No. 92, had a public demonstration and dinner, etc., on the 23d of February, to whieh I was invited, but was unable to attend. I have been informed that Bro. Ready was there and instructed the IJodge in the "w:ork and l~ctures, in a very satisfactory Illanner. Phcenix Lodge, ~-ro. 136.-1 visited Bowling Green, intending to visit the Lodge. A portion of the luembers were absent, attending a ~Iasonic funeral, and I declined to call a nleeting, but had the presence of several prolninent nlomoers, examined the record of proceedings, ,vhich I report as being generally well kept and in good condition. rrhe Lodge appears to be probperous and in good ,vorlting order, having a hall nearly CODlploted, 40 by 60 feet, in the third story of a good brick building, the eost of '''hich ,vill be ~6,600,

,vhell COml)lete<1.

"SlJencersbur.q Lodge, No. 239.-1 called for the purpose of visiting this Lodge, but failed to do so, for the reason that the Secretary and son10 of the ll1enlbers ""vere attending court, another attending church, and fHUed to see the record. The 'Vorshipful l\faster infornlc<.l nle that tho Lodge was in a prosperous condition.

Olarksville Lodge, :flo. 17.-This Lodge is well furnie,hed with fu:rnHuIC'7 in n buitable and secure hall, and seems to be in fair \,",orkll1g uraer. r1'l1e records are generally ,vellluade up. I noted on~ particuhtr irregularity in the proceedings of this Lodge, of which I 111aac :1 special report to you in A ugub t, to this effect: Charges and specifications were pl路esented against a 111ember of the Lodge, the case ","as bet for trial at a regular meeting, but the Sec.. reta.ry failing to give notice to the accused, as reqUired by law, he failed to enter his apI)earance, whereupon the Worshipful Master, of his own motion, "clisnlissed the case," without notice or trial. The Worshipful Master has since notified 111e that the cause has again been set for trial, the result of ,楼hich has not been communicated to nle. 1J.[onroe Lodge, ~to. 64,,-By special invitation, I visited this Lodge and installed the officers for the }:>resent year; being very kindly,received by. the brethren. I examined the records, and report them in good order, made up by Bro. Swift, the model Sec... retary. The Lodge meets in a safe, good hall, and well furnished. I would say much more of this Lodge, but am admonished to be brief ill my report. I appointed two Lodge~ of Instruction during this year, to-wit: 'rhe first at New London, which met at the Masonic Hall, on the 27th day of May, at which time, Bro. W. A. Prall, of St. Louis,




being present, and requested by D1e, gave the ,vork and lectures. The Lodges were represented by delegates frolll Ionic, Frankford, Monroe, Prairieville, Lick Creek, Sl)encersburg, Madison, Asllley, New London and l~alls, '\vhich continued in ses~ion t"w'o clays, and I think rosulted in good to the fraternit~y.

'fIle second at Olark~vi1l0, 011 the 12th of August, by special reque~tofthc 'Vorbhipful l\fubter, Bro. Haywards. Bro. T. C. Ready, h~Y' authority of the Grand Lecturer, ,vas l)rO~ent, anel gave the \vbrk and leeturcb, for t,YO <.lnyH, vvhen I ,vas conlpelled to return hOlDe, giving authority to continue the incstruction ar, long as nlight be desirable and convenient.

The Grand Lodge having failed to point out the Inanller of ascertaining ,vho the craft Inight desire to be apl)ointed as the District Lecturer, I addressod e~tch Dodge'in the district requesting them to send delegateR to a convention in this place, on the 21st of Noven1ber, to 5clcct thai officer, or for eaeh T.;odgo to l10111inate some perRon to fill the offIce. 'rho conYention ,va'S a failure, and ]uy intorll1atioll ib, that no one brother receiycd a Inajori(y 1101uinatioIl, of ,vhich I gave you ~pechl1 notice, ,vhen you ,verc pleased to appoint Bro. rr'O- T. l~eeves, of vVoodlawn Lodge, No. :223, to that office, who finally declined to herve, and that office has remained vacant. In vic,v of these facts, I ,vould SUggcbt the propriety of vesting the appoilltillg po,ver in the I). I). Graud l\Iaster, who is supposed to be better qualified to .ludge of the fitness and qualifications of tho party to he appointed than allY other officer.

I have failed to visit the other Lodges in the district, partly on account of the &tate of 111J" private affairs, but mainly for the reason that there h~s been 11o.District Lecturer, who is the authority to give the work and lectures. It not being my duty or privilege to le9ture, I declined to uooertake that business, intending to confine myself to the duties prescribed for nle by law. In conclusion, permit D1e to Atate that my private affairs are such that will conlpel me to be absent at the next Grand Communioation, where I very much desire to meet my brothers.

Fraternally your8, JOHN RALLS,

D. D. G'ra,rnd Master Third Masonic Di8triet.






Mo., JSepternber 18, 1869.

Bto.. John D. Vincil, hi. TV. Grand Master: I herewith submit Iny report as D. D. Grand l\faster for District No.4, composed of the counties of Rt. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren. In these counties, eleven Lodges are at work, all chartered, to wit: Pauldingville No.11, Auburn No. 14, Troy No. 34, Wentzville No. 46, New Hope No. 199, Douglass No. 54, Dardenne No. 224, Warrenton No. 231, Palestine N~. 241, Mechanicsville No. 260, and New Salem No. 270. The two last named ,vere chartered at the last communication of the Grand Lodge, and were set to work by my authorit~r, the first by Bro. Jno. C. Edwards, Worshipful Mas.. tel" of Dardenne Lodge, in October, 1868, and the la&t by Bro. J. W. Welch, Worshipful Master of New rlope Lodge, in January, 1869. I have, during the year, visited Pauldingville, Wentzville, Deardeli1ne, Warren tOll , and J\-Iechanicsville Lodges, and have, withou.t exception, I believe, attended every regular and called communication of my o\vn Lodge, Palestine No. 241, I have not been able to visit Auburn, Troy, Douglass, New Hope and New Balenl Lodges, nor any of them. This has been much to my regret, but, as you know, the nature of my business is such that, only in very exceptional cases, and those arising from unavoidable necessity, can I be absellt from my place during business bours; hence, I could only 'Visit those Lodges which can be reached by railroad or by half a11 afternoonrs buggy ride. Independent of any personal reason, f think that Illy district is badly oonstructed. In my jUdgment, Lincoln county belongs mOl路C p:roperly to the District next above it, than to this, and, if it be a .sine qua non that two counties be attached to St. Charles, I suggest that St. Charles, Warren, &nd Montgomery be erected into lit District. Or, instead of that arrangement, if it cannot conveniently be made, allow me to suggest that an additional number of Districts be created. This last suggestion seems to me to be proper in view of the fact that the system of Diatricting now in use by the Gr'l1nd Lodge was instituted for the convenience of the Order at large; and I presume that other D. D. Grand Masters Iluve found inconveniences in their Districts as I have in mine. Pauldingville Lodge o,vn their own Lodge, with all the house in which it is situated; and though they are somewhat in debt, they




harve their finances so arranged that they will not probably be inoommoded by reason of the debt. }Ventzville Lodge own the rOOln ill whicll they meet, that is, it \vas built at their expense, and the title is in one of the members, and as '-0011 as certain 11latters in which they are not directly interested can be adjusted, the title to their Lodge room will be oonveyed to theIne You are l)~rSonal1y cognizant of their situation in this particular, and it is not l1ecessary for me to enlarge on it. They arc in debt also, and, ""vhen I visited them, ,vere endeavoring' to arrange their affairs, and I aul. informed by the Worshipful Master that they bave 'Since r-,truck it balance sheet, and find that their assets considerably overrun their liabilities.

Dardenne Lodge, although a young Lodge, have about $200 in cash and invested. They now lueet at Cottleville, ten miles from St. Charles, and about four miles from the N orih lVlissouri Railroad. rrbeyare taking steps to remove to O'Fallon, on the railroad, whioh I think ,vill be an advantage to the Lodge, and will oertainly lnake thelll more accessible to the outside ,vorld. They will probably ask the Grand Lodge to sallctioll their removal, and I strongly recolnlnend that their request be gralltecL

TVarrenton, :JIechanicsville and Palestine Lodges are not ill debt, and all have funds on hand, Warrenton l'laving more than eit~her of the others. I speak of these things because I am satisfied, and bave so told the Lodges, that one of the best ""vays t6 kill a Lodge is to run it heavily in deht. I have inquired particularly of the Lodges on this point and have cauti0v-ed them against involved in debt, for a Lodge so involved is a Samson shorn of his locks. All the Lodges that I.,have visit路ed have their rOOlns properly guarded from intrusion. The situation of Mechanicsville Lodge is not entirely satisfactory to me, but I do not see that the brethren aan remedy it; and with a little extra precaution they can make themselves as retired as any. I !{no"v of but three cases of discipline in the Lodges under my jurisdiction during the past year; and I believe that peace and harmQ:ny are prevailing among the brethren in my District. The Lodges are judicious in the use of the ballot, and som~ of them I might say are severe ill its application in some instances. On the 2d day of February I ~ommenced a Lodge of Instruction at St. Charles, which continued through several days. At tb-.t Lodge, Douglass, Warrenton, Pauldil1gville, Wentzville, AulK.~, Da.rd&nne, Palestine and Mechainiesvi11e were represen'ted, (:)ach by one or more delegates, some of the brethren m,aklng oon-




sideraule sacrifice of time and ease (and conling throng!). perils by flood and mud) to obey my summons, and all showing a commend.. able zeal in obtaining the authorized work of this jurisdiction. J.lew H01)e, .llew ¢(alen~ and Troy Lodges were not in attend.. allee, the two first named sendir.lg good excuscR, and Troy neither coming 1101" sending 1t reason why not. At the request of S0111e of the brethren who found it i111POssibie to atten<1 the first, particularly the vVorshi11full\Iaster of Ne,v Salem Lodge, I convened a second Lodge of Instruction 011 the 27th of April, and continued the same through two da~ys. In both these Lodges of Instruction we wrought day and night, all laboring '\vith diligence in accolnplish.. ing the purpose of our lueeting. I ,vish here to ackno'\vledge my indebtedness to Bro. John A. Kellar, a lllelllber of Iny own Lodge, for the valuable aid vvhieh he so cheerfully rendered me in these arduous labors. I think I can truthfully say that the brethren who attended these Lodges made an hOllc"t effort to obtain the lvork; and if any of the IJodges inll1.y Di'3trict have failed in this regard, th.e failure has not resulted fl"om a ,vant of disposition to learn the authorized work, but because other luatters intervened and the)1" have not been able to take the necessary tiIne froIn their usual avocations and the delllands of active life.



JOS. H. l"\.lJEX.c\NDER, D. D. Grancl JJfc/;8t(yr .llTottrth 1J.Iasonic District.



COKCORD, ),~(el)tcrnber 20, ]ltf.


TV. John D. lrlntil:

DEAR SIB, A~D BROTIIER-I herewith SUbluit Iny report for the Fifth l\fasonic District, composed of the counties of Callaway, Al'ldrain and ~Iontgonlery.

. Shortly after I received my oomnlissioll, and charters for ~Iar. . tlnsburg and Florence Lodges, I proceeded to set said I..Jodges to work under charters, and reported the san10.

I also received a dispensation for a Lodge at St...A.ubert. I met t,he brethren and set them to work under dispensation. Have visit~d them since and examined their "Tork, and would recommend a charter be granted them.




We have had no Grand Lecturer in this District, the I.Jodges not having selected o'ne. I have visited all the Lodges in Iny District during the year. They are in peace and harmony, not doing as nluch work as formerly, but from-the number of rejections believe they are more particular as to the material worked in the absence of a D. D. Grand Lecturer. I have given such instructions as I was able-socially, but not officially-in the ,vork. I desire to be present with you at the Grand Lodge, but fear I will not be able to meet with you there. Should I not be at the Grand Lodge, I hope the Grand Master elect will appoint some other brother in this District. I have served the Craft for a nunlher of years, to the best of my ability, and hope who ever may receive the appointment may be more cOlupetent and discharge the duties better than I llave done. Hoping you may have a pleasant and harmonious nleeting in the Grand Lodge, I remain, yours, J. B. HENDERSON,

D. D. Grand JJfaster.

SIX'!'I! DIS'l'RIO'l'. COIJUMBIA, l\tlo.,

SeptelJnber 2, 1869.

Bro. John D. Vincil, JJI. W. Grand Master A. F. and A . .J.fasons of Missouri: Herewith I beg leave to hand you my report as District Deputy Grand Master for the Sixth Masonic District, for the year past. My official acts have been few. I called a convention of Lodges at Columbia, December 1, 1868, at which Bro. H. Clay Cockerill, of Glasgow, was elected District Lecturer. Bro. Cockerill promptly acquired the work, and a Lodge of Instruction was held in Columbia, February 16th, 17th 18th and 19th, 1869.

The wOl~k was fully exemplified. I do n.ot, however, believe that any Lodge in this District is now using the work of the Grand Lecturer.





It affords me great pleasnre to state that J\faSOlll'Y has gl"o,vn mightily and prospered abundantly during the year, in the Counties of Boone and Howard. Old feuds have healed, and, vails throughout our borders.


far as I can know, harmony pro-

Fraternally submItted, FRANI( D. EV AN~, I). D. (I-rand Ma.qter Sixth jJ.[asonic





D. D.







John D. Vincil, ]}[. lV. Grand Jlaate?' : DEAR SIR AND BROTHER: I herewith bubnlit to you an account of nlY official stewardship as District Deputy Cirand l\faster for the Seventh l\rlasonic District.

On the 7th of November last I visited Lodge of Truth, No. 268, at Atlanta, !\{acoll county; installed their officers, dedicated their hall, and set them to work under their charter. This Lodge if'in good working order r and they have an excellent and secure Lodg(l rOOID. Bro. A. Barron is Master of this Lodge, and Inakes a good officer, and is a '\vorthy and true Mason. I visited Clifton Hill Lodge, No. 161,011 the 14th th:\iY of Novenlber r and ordered an electioll of officel~s, they having failed to hold an election for several years. I afterwards installed their officers, dedicated their hall, and set them to work. This J..Jodge was formerly located at Thomas-ville, btrlt, by order of Grand Lodge, was moved to Clifton HilL. I again visited thiS' Lodge 011 August 19th, examined their min~ utes and work and found~them to be correct. I conferred the Past Master's degree on Bro. .N.. Bradsher, and regularly installed him U l\la,ster. They have a etttaill. hut well secured hall and moderately well fu~nished.

On December 5th I visited New Boston Lodge, U. D., and set them to work in dt'le form. Bro. Robert Lampkin, Master, m&k~,; a good and efficiewt omce~ and workf! to the l&w. The memberr" I learn, of this Lodge have had some difficulty "vith regard to their




nJl&ltces, but I understand that all grievalnees and that peace and harmony now prevaiL

mend them to the Grand Lodge for a


been adjusted

I can safely recom-


I have visited Bloomington Lodge, :No. 102, seYer~\l times, a,nd have arlways found them in good working order and~ev6.rythil'lgin & prE>sperous condition. They have Q. good, new hall, amd well mi"" nished" It is composed of good mateTiitl, finances in a }lJealth,condition and harmol1y prevailing.. I have also visited 1\Iacon Lodge, No. 106, several tilnes during the year, but as you are better acquainted witl1 its oondition than

I am, it is unnecessary for me to Dlake a report. 011 the 10th of June last I called a meeting of the officers of the Seventh Masonic District, at Macon, when we were instructed in the work and lectures, as exelnplified by Bro. T. C" Ready. I met with Huntsville Lodge, No. 30, August 17th, last, and had a cordial reception and pleasant time. Found the brethren to be zealous and live Masons. They have an excellent hall and are in a prosperous condition. I examined tl1eir minutes, and found them correct and in good style, and left them in peace and harmon:y'. On the 4th of September I visited McGee Lodge, No. 146, and examined their ,vork and minutes, and found them correot. Lodge in peace; finances in an excellent condition; good h~ll, not yery well furnished. The moral character 9f its menlbership is good, and constantly increasing. Bro. Thos. L. McOormick, Master, is an old, faithful brother, and presides with much dignity.

Callao Lodge, No. 38, is doing g{)od W01-}{ for a young Lodge, on Tllis is one of the best working Lodges in the district; their membership is not large, but gradually increasing; but they look ,veIl to the character of all applicants. Finances ~ather close. This I~odge liad the misfortune to have their new 1l&11 burned to the ground, on the ~ nigllt of September 10th last, (l~stroying everything the bUilding contained, with the exception of the Bible, charter, and records of the Lodge. This is a ~eveFe loss to the members, as the Lodge is a young one. They have resumed work over the store of Bros. Mathis & Lovern. the best material.


~t ve~y

much that I have not been able to viii t Ja<;kson-

vllle L~, No. 44, La PlAta Lodge, No.. .287, -Morality Lodge. No. 186, $,od MUtQn Lodge, No. 151, 81S my business has maide ÂŁsuch demAlIlds my tb1ll!le th&t little ;is left for aiElytjbing else-too 1iilt.~~a;r the JrOpex d~~~ge of the duties devO)lvi~p,n th.e :D~ D4 QDiJ;I1A ~ tel;. I learn, ho\veyer, from tlwe odIiaers 0f~thes~ Loclges, tkat aJl ~t>,Q.




are ill a prosperous condition, working well, peace and harmony prevailing. In conclusion it only remains for me to resign into your hands the eommission ~ou were pleased to grant me at the last session of the Grand Lodge returning my sincere thanks for the confidence you have reposed'in me and for the kindness and consideration with which I have beed always and everywhere received in my intercourse with the Lodges. Wishing you success and happiness through life,

I anl, respectfully and fraternally yours,

JAMES LO VERN, D. D. Grand lJIaster, .District.


D. D.



Mo., September 10, 1869.

M. W. John D. Vincil, Grand lrfaster: DEAR BROTHER-As required by law, I llerewith submit a report of my stewardship as D. D. Grand Master and District Lecturer for the Eighth Masonic District, embracing the counties of Livingston, Linn and Chariton.

On the 28th day of November, A. L. 5868, I visited Jackson Lodge, No. 82, at Linneus, installed their officers and conferred the third degree. During my sojourn among the brethren of this Lodge, by their large-hearted liberality, a sufficient fund was contributed to carpet and refurnish their hall in splendid style. It was my pleasure to nleet the brethren of this Lodge again, April 2, 1869, at which time I exemplified the work in the second degree. This Lodge own their hall, are out of debt, doing considerable work, and the membership, with one or two exceptions, are men of good moral character. Bro. Sandusky, one of the oldest Masons of the West, is the accomplished Secretary, and has been for the past seventeen years. For nearly forty years in active Masonic service, the old veteran is yet as prompt, zealous and energetic in the discharge of duty as when first he started out in his Masonic career" YO'Q.! visit to this Lodge, February 12, 1869, was highly appreciated by the brethren, and has resulted in much good.




On the 15th day of December, A. L. 5868, ill obedience to the requirements of the Grand Lodge, I convened a Lodge of Instruction in this city. Forty-six representatives were in attendance, representing the following Lodges in my own district, viz: Friendship, Ja,ckson, Cypress, Spring Hill, Benevolence, Westville, Brookfield, King Solomon, Bucklin, and Chillicothe Lodge, U. D., Vinci!, Mirabile, Kingston, Hamilton, Wakanda, Miles Point, Trenton, Jamesport, Victoria, Lindley and Houston Lodges, of other districts, were also represented. During a session of three days, the most gratifying interest and commendable zeal were exhibited. All 'were pleased and profited by the exercises; many strong ties of friendship were formed and renewed, and regretfully the Lodge of Instruction was closed, all feeling of a truth ,t it was good to be there." W. Bro. WIll. A. Prall, of St. Louis, at my earnest solicItation, was present, and deservedly won high enconiums for the patience, assiduity and ability displayed in answering questions, removing objections and teaching the ritual. I would, also, with grateful feelings, Most Worshipful, tender to you, as also to R~ w. John Ure, D. D. Grand Master Second Masonic District, R. W. D. J. Heaston, D. D. Grand Master Tenth Masonic District, and R. W . â&#x20AC;˘J. W. McDonald, D. D. Graud Master Fortieth Masonic District, my heartfelt thanks for your presence and counsel, and desire to assure you your efforts cOlltributed largely to make the convocation what it was-a flattering success. December 26, A. IJ. 5868.-Visited Spring Hill Lodge, No. 155, and exemplified the ,york and leature of the tllird tlegree. September 6, 1869, I again visited this Lodge, and presided at a trial, in vvhich a member was suspended. The records of this .Lodge are well kept; the Lodge is out of debt and own their hall, but doing no work.. Sterling integrity and high-toned mOl'al worth characterize the membership of this Lodge, but I greatly fear the bl18th.. ren have lost much of the energy and zeal that once made this Lodge the pride of the Grand River Valley. December 28, A. L.5878.-Visited Benevolence Lodge, No. 170, &t Utica, illstalled their officers and conferred the third degree.

June 19, A. L. 5869.-1 again Inet the brethren of this Lodge, and With the assistance of Bros. Middleton, Eddy, Browll and Bird, of this city, exemplified the work and lecture of the third degree. They &rt renting ~ secure hall, but entirely too small; out of debt; &bout $80 in the treasury; doing some work and have a harmonious membership.

On the 27th of January, A. L. 5869, met the officers and m~m...

be'l's of Cypress Lodge, No. 227, at Laclede; exemplified the work in the first and second degrees; oonferred the Fellow Oraft degree




on one eandidate and the degree of Master Mason on two. ,A.Ithough for many years environed by discouraging circumstances, thi.s Lodge is now Dl0ving along with renewed life and vigor in the highway of prosperity. Good and true luen are being receiv~d into the order, and soon the brethren hope to be able to erect a spacious hall. }\tray success attend their offorts. January 29, A. L.5869.-Pursuant to invitation, met the brethren of Bucklin Lodge, No. 233, and, ,vith the aid of R. W. Bro. James Lovern, D. D. Grand Master Seventh Masonic District, ex.. emplifiecl the "vork and lectures of the three degrees. Despite the swollen streams, and roads that were deeply nluddy, a large l1umb~r of zealous craftsll1ell were present. This Lodge had distribu.ted, from January 9, 1865, to the date of my visit, $853 55 for charitable purposes. What a noble record! They have a well-furnished, spacious h.all, about :five hundred dol.. laps in the treasury; records in good COlldition; peace and harmony prevailing. On the 23d day of February, A. L. 5869, Dlet the officers and members of Brookfield Lodge, No. 86, conferred the degree of Fellow Craft 011 two applicants, and that of Master Mason 011 one.

This Lodge h,as a well-furnished, tabty hall; officers who;tre thoroughly proficient in the work; a good Secretary; a harmonious and zealous membership; in short, it is a .jewel of which the Grand Lodge need not be ashamed. .a.pri16, A. D.1869.-Visited King Solomon Lodge, No. 90.. at St. Catherines, and exelnplified the ,,,,Tork and lectures of the three de.. gr~es.

This Lodge is in a flourishing condition. The Lodge room is a paragon of eleganee and bearo. ty. The furniture and fixtul路es of the LOClgie have been selected with exquisite taste. Everything is in .. charming proportion, while ljare and costly paintings beautify and embellish the hall. The finances of the Lodge are in good condition and the records 8Jre correct. ...L\.pril 7, A. L. 5869.-Visited Salisbury Lodge, No. 208, and, ,vith the eflicient ~ssistanGe of Bro. H. C. Cockerill, District Lecturer Sixth Masonic District, conferred the first degree.

This young and vigorous Lodge has secured and fitted up in good style a oommodious and well-ventilated hall. Had a pleM2l\J).t meeting and cordial reception, and could only regret nlY inabili;tqr to remain longer "vith the brethren.

0)1 the evening of April 7, A. L. ii869, I met the offi~ers $d nt.lInbeps of 'VaIren IA>dge, No. 74, at !{eytesville, SJtl1d, with thtE)




assistance of Bro. H. C. Cockerill, proceeded, emplify the ,vork in the first degree.


best I could, to ex-

Much to DIy surprise, the Master and Senior Warden flatly 1"0fUse<.l to c011forn1 to the work. In this action of its officers~ t,vo ulonths after, 'Varren Lodge concurred, by a vote of four to twenty, SInd again about the 8th of August, when the brethren were kindly Informed by you that tbey must "recede" from their defiant position, they re-affirmecl their action by a vote of nineteen to thirty.. eight.

Not doubting the C01"'rectnes8 of the work I taught, the brethren boldly made the issue with the Grand Lodge. III the endea.vor to enforce the la,v and maintain the dignity and authority of the Grand Lodge, you ,vere c0111pelled to arrest the charter, which was done August 10, 1869. 'Vith you, I deeply regret the line of policy the brethren havo pursued in this matter, and earnestly hope that atter more Inature deliberation, they will recede froln their })ositioD. Being unable to give the attention I desired to the Lodges in Chariton county, by reason of the failure to complete the Chilli-

cothe and Bruns,vick Railroad in the early part of the Masonic year, I requested Bro. H. L. Gaines, of Brunswick, to visit the Lodges in said county. In compliance with this request, he has free!uently lnet the officers and members of Salisbury and Warren

Lodges. l?ureka Lodge, ]{o. 73, at Brunswick, of '\vhich Bro. Gaines is the efficient Master, I have been unable to visit, but understand the Lodg(:\ is doing welL SOlne 011e or two of the members are un... fortunately addicted to that frightful curse-Intemperance-that is making such fearful inroads upon the integrity, usefulness au,d happiness of so many of our brethren. lVestville Lodge, No. 202, ,vas visited by Bro. Gaines, June 1, A. L. 5869. Had hoped to be able to meet Bro. Gaines, but other etlgagemâ&#x201A;Źlnts prevented. He reports the" records of the Lodge ill good condition, no personal difficulties among the members, no drunkenness, gambling or profanity, and the worlt done with a good deal of correctness." FtifOOtJhip Lod.qe, No. B9, in this city, evirlces a steady determin~tb:'tlt to

maintain the high reputation so long sustained as a been a regular attendant upon the oomduring the year, it gives me pleasure to testify to the promptness, zeal and earnestness of its officers 8Ind: members. They have the largest and one of the best~ fttrnieb.eti halls in North Missouri; a Secreta~y that has no snperior, .nd all intelligent, live membership. The financial condition of

fi~ola:ss Lodge. Having mtllili~tions of this Lodge




the Lodge is improving. I visited thib Lodge officially, June 26, A. L. 5869, and installed their officers. Bro. J. E. Cadle, the genial gentleman and accomplished Mason, is Worshipful Master. Ohillicothe Lodge, constituted under dispensation by yourself, December 16th, A. L. 5868, during the session of the Lodge of Instruction, has had an exceedingly prosperous and harnl0nious history.. Although the Lodge has been crowded with work, so far as my knowledge extends, they have admitted none but good men. The Lodge has now about $300 in the treasury, $150 of which is loaned out at interest. The officers are thoroughly proficient in the ritual, and I would cheerfully recommend that a Charter be granted them at the coming session of the Grand Lodge.

On the 28th day of June, A. L. 5869, by your authority I organized Bottsville Lodge, under dispensation, at Bottsville, Linn county, with Bro. Jas. A. Howe, as W. M., Bro. J. M. Thompson, as S. W., and Bro.vVm. Folsonl, as J.W. Was ably assisted on this occasion by Bros. Eddy, Pendleton, Snlith, Perkins, and others. Have since had a favorable report frolll ihis Lodge, but as yet am not prepared to recon1mend a Charter. BOAI-tD O}l' RELIEP, BURIAL GHOUND, Erru.

Pursuant to a resolution of the Grand Lodge, adopted 1854, a Board of Relief has been organized in this city by Friendship Lodge No. 89, Chillicothe Lodge, under dispensation, and Lone Star Chapter, No. 30, of which Bro. R. F. Dunn is President, J.1\1:Alexander, Secretary, and Ct. P. Pepper, Treasurer. These organizations have, in addition to purchasing a splendid Cabinet Organ for the use of the Lodges and Ohapter, bought a beautiful lot in Chillicothe Cemetery, in which to deposit the remains of members of the Masonic family who may be called home during their sojourn in our midst. During the year I have necessarily given nlany decisions on questions of usage and jurisprudence, which I anl pleased to know in every instance have met your approval. I deeply regret that I have been unable to devote rnore time to visiting the Lodges of my district, but I regret it the less as I am proud to know that within my jurisdiction Masonry has never been more pl路osperous and popular, and her disciples never more devotedly attached to the grand foundations of 'l)~oral principles upon which the whole superstructure of Masonry is erected. Indeed, Most Worshipful, the almost unparalledpopularity and prosperityof the Order, I greatly fear, will ultimately jeopardize the: interests of our Institution, and I have, therefore, not hesitated to'




admonish ~ the brethrell to "Guard well the outer door," always giving the benefit of a substantial doubt to the Fraternity. I would in conclusion, Most Worshipful, gratefully acknowledge

roy obligations to P. G. M. Juo. F. Houston, R. W. Br(). Willis Griffing, R. W. Bro. James Lovern, Bro. H. L. Gaines, and others, for counsel and assistance that could be ill dispensed with; to W. Bro. Wm. A. Prall for valued instruction in the work and lecturers; and to the Fraternity of this district, who have ever treated me kindly and courteously. With the warmest desires for the l::>!Osperityof the Order, and earnest wishes for your personal "\velfare and happiness, I am truly and fraternally yours,


I). D. Grand .lJfasie1'", Eighth Bfa"sonic



Mo., Siep tembe1'" 1, 1869.

To John D. Vincil, 1.11. lV. G1-and lJrfaste'J'a oj JJfasons oj the Grand

Lodge of

~fi88ouri :

In submitting my annual report for the Ninth Masonic District of Missouri I shall endeavor to be brief. On the - day of November, 1868, I set Lodge of Love, at Lancaster, to work, under their charter granted by the last Grand Lodge. They are moving along nicely, antl I believe are doing good and square ,york. On the 14th of June I bet Paulville Lodge to \vorlt, unuer a di~.. pensation granted by yourself. In obedience to the requirclnents of the Grand Lodge, I called a meeting of the Masters and Wardens of the Ninth District, to convene on the 17th day of June, at Masonic Hall, in Kirksville, Missouri" The Ineeting ,vas well attended, all the Lodges in the District being represented-except

Pu~nam Lodge,

No. 190.

TIle D. D. Grand Lecturer, Bro. J. J. Dillinger, failed to attend.

The Lodge of Instruction continued in session t,vo days. The writer exemplified the work in the first and seoond degrees. Taken 30




altogether, we had a very pleasant and profitable llleeting. I believe the system will work well and prove a blessing, if carried out in the true spirit. Your visit, Most Worshipful,-after the close of the Lodge-and lecture at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was well received and highly appreciated, and left a lasting impression. for good in this part of our Grand jurisdiction, and on behalf of the craft we give you a cordial invitation to visit us again. We would be glad of many such. Since ,vriting the above, the D. D. Grand Lecturer visited our Lodge, and we find the work in Inany respects changed and difter.. ent fron'l what it was in 1865 and 1866, and it is to be regretted that the ,vork should be changed so often. Let sonle uniforlu system be adopted and never change it, if it will do at all. Some por.. tions of the present work are seriously objected to. Hoping that the great moral principles of our noble Order lnay prevail and triumph over every opposition, I am ever and truly yourlS,

w. 'r.


D. D. G'I'ancl lrfaster Nlnth :Jfasonic District.


D. D.

GRAND MASTER, '!'ENTH DISTRICT, BETHANY, Mo., ~'epternber 6, 1869.

JI. W. J. D. Vincil, Grand lJ-faster Of ltIissouri: DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-Very unexpectedly I received a letter from you last October notifying nle that you had appointed me as your Deputy in the Tenth Masonic District, comprising the counties of Daviess, Grundy, Mercer and Harrison, and now in " pursuance of the law in such case made and provided" I herewith render unto you an account of my official stewardship.

On the 30th of October, A. L. 5868, I received from the Grand Secretary charters for Lindley Lodge, No. 253, Lodge of Light, No. 257; Ravenna Lodge, No. 258, and Earl Lodge, No. 285, with orders to set them to work under charter.




On the 8th of November, 1868, I visited the brethren at BaleDl, in Daviess county, and set Earl Lodge, No. 285, to work under the charter, dedicated their hall and installed their officers. The brethren at Salem have built a small but well arranged, safe, and comfortable hall, which they paid for by contribution. They thus save paying rent, and can expend their accruing funds for furniture and inlproveUlents. On the 21st of November I visited the brethren at Eagleville and set Lodge of Light, No. 257, to work under charter, installed tbe officers and delivered a short address to the brethren.

Being unable to attend in person Ravenna Lodge, No. 258, J appointed Bro. J. W. Stockman, Past Master of Somerset Lodge, No. 206, my proxy to set the Lodge to work under charter, which he reported was done on the 20th of November, 1868.

I appointed Bro. G. H. I-lubbell, Past Master of Trenton Lodge, No. 111, as my proxy to set Lindley Lodge, No. 253, to ,vork under charter, which he reported was done on the - day of November, 1868.

On the 15th of Decelnber, 1868, I attended a Lodge of Instruction at Chillicotlle, called by R. W. Bro. A. M. Dockery, D. D. Graud )'\'Iaster of the Eighth District, where I had the pleasure of meeting many prominent Masons, and among the number ,vas the Grand Master of Missouri, who delivered a fine public address and several effective private lectures, of which, however, you will no doubt be properly informed by the District Deputy of the Eighth District. Great credit is due to Bro. Dockery and the brethren of Chillicothe for the efforts used to make the Lodge of Instruction a success, which it was, very <1ecidedly.

Being inlpressed '\vith the idea that Lodges of Instruction are good things in many ways, especially when attended by the Grand Master, I called a Lodge of Instruction to be held at Gallatin on the 15th of February, A. D. 1869, and invited the Grand l\laster to attend, but regl路et to have to report that neither the Grand Master nor his Deputy l' came to tilne." Owing to Il1uddy roads, rainy weather, ann swollen streams, it was almost inlpracticable to travel in the "rural districts." Besides, Bro. Wm. G. LeWiS, at the time Worshipful Master of Bethany Lodge, No. 97, was lying dangerously ill, and. died on the 18th of February. Bro. Lewis was a, prominent citizen and lawyer in northwest Missouri, and hi~ death, though not unexpected, cast a gloom over the entire neighborhood. Bro. Lewis was a zealous Mason, an exemplary Christian, & good man,. resl)ected and loved by all who knew him, respected l\ighest &nd loved most by those who knew hbn best.. He had



been my intimate friend for years, and while on his dying bed I could not leave him. I was pleased to learn that our zealous Bro. Wm. A. Prall, ill pursuance of IllY invitation, overcame all obstacles and reached Gallatin in safety, and spent several days in instructing the brethren that were in attendance.

Being unable to procure anything like uniformity of recommendation from the different Louges of the District for D. D. Lecturer, I gave the Lodges notice that one would be selected by the Lodge of Instruction. The Lodges present recommended for Bro. R. W. Grove, Past Master of Daviess Lodge, No. 116, I took great pleasure in recommending him to the Grand Lecturer. Bro. Grove visited St. Louis, received the work and a eertificate of qualification to teach it from the Grand Lecturer, and has done good service ill visiting the Lodges and giving instructions in the

""vork. On the 8th of May, 1869, I visited Western Star Lodge, No. 15,

at Victoria, Daviess county, delivered an address on lVlasonic duty, examined their records, and found them well kept." I attended their regular meeting on the 15th of May, and conferred the second degree upon a candidate. \v estern Star Lodge is in good condition, the brethren are zealous and harmonious; the Lodge has erected and paid for a new and comfortable hall, which is well furnished, and the Lodge is out of debt. On the 12th of l\;Iay, I vis{ted Daviess Lodge, No. 116, delivered short lecture on JYlasonic duties; examined the records and found tllem well kept, except the Secretary did not keep the minutes recorded promptly, which error he agreed to correct. This Lodge has a large membership, generally well informed, but a few are not so harmonious as they should be. The members generally are very anxious to be correct in the work.


On the 24th:of June, I attended 9r cel~bration at Eagleville, given by Lodge of Light, No. 257. The Lodge had a public installm.tion of officers, and a free dinner for Masons and their families, prepared by the Lodge and lady friends.

Bros. Speer, Woodward, and 111yself each delivered a short address. Bethany Lodge, No. 97, has a large membership, a large and safe hall, well furnished, financially in a good condition. There have been some disoords in the Lodge which have given cO'1l8idelfable trouble. The Lodge during the last year has been wOlrltiiD:g rather badly, Bro.. Lewis, the Worshipful Master, baving died




during his tern1, left the Lodge witll0Ut any head, and the sequence was loose and indifferent work, but the brethren are laboring to correct all irregularities, and from tIle number of men and true in the I.Jodge, r hope it will do better than before.

connow good' eve, â&#x20AC;˘

I regret that professional ~usiness, together with rainy weather lind bad roads, prevented me visiting all the Lodges in the district. r have reports from all, and believe they are generally doing well.

This district is a very large one, comprising four large coun ties, and, perhaps, more territory than any other district in the State, \with seventeen Lodges, and not touched by a railroad, which renders it rather laborious to visit i),ll the Lodges ill the district. There are SOlne suggestions J would like to Inake in reference to by-laws, trials in the Lodges, and other matters, but this report is already too long, considering the fact that tllere are forty such reports to be mad e. vVith many wishes for J"'our future '\velfare and happiness, al1d for the prosperity of the Fraternity at large, I am, truly and fraternally, yours,

D. J. HEASTON, J). ]). G'rand Master, Tenth District.


September 18,1869.

]Pl. W . JoliJrl D. Vincil, Grand Ma8ter : He~ewith I submit Illy report as D. D. Grand Master of the Eleventh Masonic District.

On the 27th day of November I set King Hiram Lodge to work llnder your dispensation, at Knoxville, Ray county. Many brethJtien were present from the several Lodges in my district, and in ~Qr&anee with previous notice, I ordered an election for the purpose of eleoting a District Lecturer, ","hich resulted in the seleO"tiotl of Bro. Jas. E. Dl~ake, of Wakanda Lodge, ~o. 53. 1 visited Kingston Lodge, .No. 118, in February, aud 81m happy t<> be &ble to states that the dark cloud that has lowQtdso ommQu~ly




over that Lodge for several years, has suddenly broken up and drifted away, let us hope to return no more forever. The Lodge is now working harmoniously and with a little more attention to the :citual will compare favorably ,vith any Lodge in Iny jurisdiction. I have visited Mirabile Lodge, No. 166, and. find its affairs in a highly satisfactory condition. The utmost harmony and good feeling seem to permeate the whole institution, and I must say for the brethren of that Lodge, that their machine grinds out some very good work for one so T'ltsty as it is. I called a Lodge of Instruction at Hamilton, on the 20th of May, at which all the Lodges in my district was represented, with the exception of Richmond Lodge. Instructions were '"given in the work and lectures of Anciellt Craft Masonry, by Bros. W. A. Prall and Jas. E. Drake. Too much praise cannot be given Bro. Prall for the efficient and thorough manner in which he gave his instructions, or for his untiring patience and unflagging zeal. The live D. D. Grand Master of the Eightll District, R.W. Alex. Y. Dockery, paid us a flying visit and lent us a willing hand during . his stay. An enthusiastic and devoted Craftsluan. Would that we had more like him. It is unnecessary for me to detail the unfortunate circumstances leading to the arrest of the Charter of lIouston Lodge, as you are fully conversant with all the facts. I am sorry to state that my business engagements did not permit me to visit either Wakanda or Richmond Lodge, but knowing

that they have among them more than a fair proportion of the bright lights of my district, and hearing favorable reports front them, I feel assured that they are not suffering from Iny neglect. I visited Knoxville Lodge, under dispensation, in June, and conferred second and third degrees. Found the Lodge working very well, and believe from what I saw that it is exerting a very good influence in that little town. The hall occupied by the Lodge is very shabby, but perfectly safe. The brethren are now erecting It more suitable bUilding, which will be completed in a short time.

r received you dispensation for the organizing of a Lodge at Hardin, Ray county, but being unable to attend in person, I authotized W. Bro. Jas. E. Drake, of Wakanda Lodge, to set the !lew Lodge at work, which he did durJng the month of August, I am unable to give the exact date, as he hasofailed to report to me. Hamilton Lodge is working harmoniously, and its affairs in very satisfactory condition.





And in conclusIoIl, I can say the Craft are generally alive to the interests and welfare of the Order, and that it was never in a more prosperous condition. Fraternally, &0., WILLIS GRIFFING, D. J). Grand j}[aster Eleventh ltfasonic District.

GEN':PRYVII.rLE, ~fo.,

Bro. J. 1). Vincil, 1Jf.

TV. Grarul

September 11, A. D. 1869.

~fa8ter of lJ;fi8S0U1'"i.-

DEAR SIR AND BI{'OTI-IER-I herewith submit my report as D. D. Grand Master of the Twelfth District.

October 30, ISBS-Installed the officers of Alnuthus Lodge, and . set them to work under charter.

November 2, 18BS-Installed the officers of Lily Lodge, and set to work under charter.


January 23, 1869-Set Mt. Pleasant Lodge to work under dispensation. March 9, 1869-Set Parrott Lodge to wOl"k under dispensation.. July 24, 18B9-Set Jonathan Lodge to work under dispensation. This Lodge starts with flattering prospects, the morals of the

luembers are good and they understand their duties as Masons. The Grand Lodge would run no risk in granting them a charter this Communication, for they have the honor and good of the Fraternity at heart. August 21, 1869-Visited Parrott Lodge at Maysville, under the Mastership of Bro. R. A. Hewitt. This Lodge is doing good work on good materialllere; the laws are rigidly enforced, and it is the determination of the brethren to have a good Lodge if their numbers are few. Bro. Ransome does not come about them, I understand. He vie,vs them as clandestiue, from the fact that by your ord~r the dispensation was arrested and changed; and it is well, Most Worshipful, you did that, for if the Lodge had started as it was then intended it would have been of short duration. I recomInend a charter.




August 28, 1869-1 visited Athens Lodge, at Albany. 'rhis is an old Lodge, marching on in the even tenor of her way, composed of good material. Mas,onry is safe in their hands.

August 30-Visited Allenville Lodge, and in the evening Lily Lodge, in vVorth county. These Lodges should have instruction, both in the work and their duties as Masons. AuguS,t 31, 1869-1 visited Alanthus Lodge. rrheir book& are well kept. Peace and harmony prevail in this Lodge.

September 1, 1869, I visited Mount Pleasant Lodge. '!'here are some slight errors in their minutes. This is one of the best Lodges in my District; they act as Masons should. Morals good. I recom.. Inend a charter. September 11, 1869, visited Stewardville Lodge in the 1110rnlng and Osborn Lodge, Dr D., in the evening. Stewardville is blessed with many bright Masons, and it is impossible that they could ma.. terially err. Osborn Lodge, U. D., is a good Lodge and should have a charter, prOVided they succeed in expelling from the privileges of Masonry SOIlle of the rotten material that is afloat in that vicinity. If they have the firmness to vindicate their honor as Masons by enforcing th,e Masonic law against all offenders, I reconlmend a charter, and not otherwise.

Gentryville Loclge, No. 125, is where I hold my membership. We have a good hall, good officers and good members, but are too sla0k in enforcing the law. I am aware that a Lodge of Masons should not be ruled over with rigo1'", but I do contend that the honol of the Fraternity should be preserved unsullied. You perceive, Most Worshipful, that I llave visited all the Lodges in .my DistJ:ict, and I have but one suggestion to offal路, I believe it should be made the duty of the D. D. Grand Mast@fs to deliver a lecture in each Lodge in Ilis District on the duties of Masons to each other. They appear to be more negligent on this point than any other, and in many instances it is for lack of knowledge. With many wishes for your future welfare and happiness, I anl Yours fraternally, AHIRA MANNING,

D. D. &rwnd Master Twelfth lll'asonic Distri拢t.





D. D.


BARRY, ~~[.

Mo., September 1, 1869.

W. John D. Vincll, Grand 1rJaster oj the Grancl Lodge of Mi88ourri:

DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-I herewith submit an account of my stewardship as Deputy District Grand Master for the Thirteenth District, embracing the counties of Platte, Clay and Clinton.

On or about the 1st of Noveluber, A. D. 1868, I notified the several Lodges in my District of the change in the District Deputy system, and requested them to elect some brother in the District to act as District Deputy Grand Lecturer, in accordance with resolution adopted by Grand Lodge at its last Annual Communication. This request, I regret to say, was not complied with by many of the Lodges, and I was unable, therefore, to secure the services of any brother in that capacity. On the 14th day of November, A. L. 5868, I set to work Acacia Lodge, No. 289, under charter granted by Grand Lodge in Ootober, A. D. 1868, dedicated and consecrated their hall and installed tlleir officers, whom I know to be "good men and true," well posted in the work, and possessing a zeal for and fidelity to our ancient order unsurpassed by any Lodge in the District. I have learned they are in a prosperous condition, both morally and financially, having added some good material to the "Temple." On the 21st day of November, A. L. 5868, I visited Newmarket, Platte county, and installed the officers of "Newmarket Lodge, No. .274," and set them to work under charter granted them by Grand Lodge at its last COlnmunicatioD. This Lodge was organized in and occupies a hall in common with the "Odd Fellows," but, I understand the brothers intend purchasing and occupying the hall exclusively. I regret that I was not able to visit this Lodge after its' organization, but it is with pleasure I state that Bro. Dibble, of Camden Point Lodge, informs me they are doing very "fair work." On the 12th of December I sent the dispensation for Kearney Lodge to Bro.. Wm. A. Hall, of Liberty, (as I was unable to be present), requesting him to organize said Lodge for me; but owing to the ll(!)gleot of some Postmaster, he did not get the dispensation until tJhe 6th of January, consequently the Lodge was not organi~ed until the 11th of January, 1869, at which time Bro. Hall vis-





ited Kearney for mc, performing the work, and reported things in " good condition." On the 4th day of March I visited LathrOl), in Clinton county, to ascertain the propriety of forming a Lodge at that place. After investigating the matter thoroughly, I recomnlended that a dispen~ation be granted to the brethren there, and in due time the same was received.. I, therefore, 011 the 23d day of March, A. L. 5800L again visited Lathrop and organized "Lathrop Lodge," U. Do, with Bro. Y. 0 . K. Gant, Worshipful MaE:lter; Bro. James Gordon, Senior Warden; Bro. S. D. Young, Junior "Varden. The wmensi4!)DS of Hall, location. and surroundings, it was my privilege to communicate to you on a previous occasion.

On the 24th day of July, 1869 t I convened a Lodge of Instrtt~ tion in the ball of Liberty Lodge, No. 31, at I.Jiberty, Clay count1\ Missol1ri. R. W. WIn. A. Prall, of st. IJouib, was present as Grand Lea.. turer, disppnsing trtU3 Jtfasonic light, and at the end of three days, when the I.Jodge was closed, each brother present must have felt that it had been three days well spent, and that much efficient good must result from such meetings .

But while there is so much cause of congratulation frron tbis meeting, it is with regret that I say there were only seven. Lodges< represented there, out of fourteen, some of them, I fear, failed to be represented through carelessness; others, however, I SUbsequently learned, did not receive the notice in tiIne. At this meeting I' had the opportunity of visiting Lioorty Lodge, No. 31, at 8ÂŁ called eommunication, aDd found the evidences of brethren-" good men and true," and officers, "worthy and well qualified" for their ees~ective duties.

Karally, Liberty Lodge takes position with tile first Lodges of the State, but, financially, she is somewhat in arrears, for her oh([}Jtity has ertel!Icred greatly beyond her jurisdiction. No" memo. berof the human family, more especiaUy a worthy brother,'" ever knocks at her door in 'Uain, for charity. On the 18th day of August, I visited Conlpass Lodge, No. !2Q, at Parkville, Platte county, ~nd exemplified the work, as taught by the Grand Lecturer. I found them in a prosperous condition, guarding well the interests of the craft at large, and possessing a, sincere desire for true Masonic light and ]\:nowledge. Rising Bu'Jt .Lâ&#x201A;Ź)dge, No,. 13~ at this place, I s,m h~ppy to $ta~e, ~ in fl uite a prosperou9 conditiou, both rXlorally and :ftn&n~i&lly.




I am satisfied that our District Deplity 'System, as it now stands, is a great improvement on the old plan, but there are grave defi-

ciencies yet denlanding Masonic legislation. The Grand Lodge makes it obligatory upon tIle D. D. GrandMasters to hold a :yodge of InstrtllCttion, a"t least once :it year, in 'thear districts, but does not compel the L@dges to attend said "Lodge of InstructilQn.." We think it sh()uld be eqlU.aLly bindillg UpOll both, and i\lVOtJlld most respectfully call the attootioD.. of tbe Grand Master to this matter. As a means to accomplish said object, we would n'1ost fraternally s1UUgest that the Secretary of th.e subordinat,e Lodges be required to eolleet from each member of his Lodge the sunl of twenty-five cents, and forward the same to the Grand Ludge Secretary, to be paid through llinl to the District Deputies. In case no such Lodge of Instruction is held in any district, all such monies shall go to their credit for Grand Lodge dues. This small ~um from each m'ember in the State woulcl give Qver three th~usand five hundred dollaTs to " the cause of ingiyruetion," and th'€l·eby insure more zeal upon. the part of the deputies, more ene-rgy UP()'I\ the part of the Lodges and the eraft generally. Having thus expended their mone:y", and paid for it in advance, they will be more lik€ly to use some effort to reap the fall benefits of it by seeking after l\f8;sonie lign t. I regret that I "\-vas unable to visit all the Lodges in Iny district, bitt bU$iness of a private cl~~acber, Sind ci:roomsItanoes OVler which I ha.d!ELO control, prevented me. I cannot close this .;repollrt without returning thanks to R. W. Bro. W. A. PraU~ of St. Louis, for his valued services in our Lodg.e of Instruction, and to asS\lr~ llim he will alw~y1S have a warm place in the hearts of all the brethren pr~8ent at that meeting. These, Worshipful Master, comprise all my official acts daring the l\{,asonic year, which, in an inexperienced way, is respectlull:r submitted.

In "brotherly love," I am, truly and fraternally, BEN. L. UA Y, D. D. fil.r&nd !lJ![tftste," fJ.lkirt(PJ€1R;tlk Xaso'PJ.iic




ST. JotSE;&E:, Mo,., Sept. 1st, 1800.

JiOl W. J 000 D. Vine'il, Grand M(JJ8fper 0/ Mf1J8o'/ll;$ Vm, MiS8rJ?1l)'fi: I MIbnlJt mll~epm as Disbcidt D,4epltlty ~nd Xasterand Oi~'" ta1tJlt Dept\qy Gmnd Leaturerlor the FOl~eJltil'M.enie Oistrlc:t.



During the year I have officially visited the following Lodges: April 26th, Savannah Lodge, No. 71, but failed, after traveling twelve miles through rain and mud, to have a communication. April 27th, visited Lincoln Lodge, N 0.138; had a full attendance; examined records; found correct; conferred third degree, and exemplified work in first and second degrees; morals good; the room not very secure; belongs to the brothers; they intend selling and building a new hall. April28th, visited Whitesview Lodge, No. 162; had a full attendance; exemplified the work in first, second and third degrees; brothers anxious for information; records correct; peace and harmony preYalled. April 29th, visited Rochester Lodge, No. 248; had small attend.. ance owing to bad weather; found some difficulty between two brothers; the Lodge settled the difficulty; the Worshipful Master of the Lodge and myself think that both of them should have been expelled; morals of this lodge bad; Master a zealous Mason; records correct. May 3d, visited Agency Lodge, No. 10 ; had a very small attend路 ance; exemplified work in the first, second and third degrees; records correct; good room, and not much zeal for Masonry exhibited.

lvlay 4th, visited Rowley Lodge, No. 204, and had a fair attend路 ance; exemplified work in first, second and third degrees, and conferred the second degree; records well kept and correct. May 5th, visited Birming Lodge, No. 150, and had a full attendance; records correct; exemplified work in first, second and third degrees; good interest Inanifested to receive the work; safe Lodge room. ~Iay 6th, visited Wellington Lodge, No. 22; full attendance: best Lodge room in the District; exemplified work in the first, second and third degrees; records well kept.

May 7th, visited Rushville Lodge, No. 238; had the largest attendance in the county; the room is in bad condition-nothing on the floor; exemplified work in the first, second and third degrees j records well kept. May 10th, deputised Past Deputy Grand Master C. A. Rowle1 to visit Easton Lodge, No. 101; exemplIfied work in first, second and third degrees; records correct; morals good. May 11th, visited Zeredatha Lodge, No. 189, and conferred first, second a~d t~ird degrees; full attendance; Lodge has a good Seeretary; In thIS Lodge there has been a bad feeling, owing to irregtl~




lax work, of which you have the details in your possession; peace and harmony prevails. May 12th, visited St. Joseph Lodge, No. 78, and conferred the third degree on two. This Lodge is in the hands of Bro. James A. Adams, a zealous Master, and does good ,vorl{.

May 11th, I opened a Lodge of Instruction in the city of St. Joseph, and the follo,ving Lodges were represented, viz: Wellington Lodge, No. 22. Rushville Lodge, No. 238. Whitesville Lodge, No. 162. Zeredatha Lodge, No. 189. St. Joseph Lodge, No. 78. Rochester Lodge, No. 248. CONCLUSIoN.-The above comprises about all of the official acts that I have performed during the past Masonic year, excepting the answering of a great many questions of Masonic law and usage, which I have endeavored in all cases to do to the best Ofn1)" ability.

Thankful to you, Most Worshipful Grand Master, for your appointment--with my best wishes for the prosperity of the Craft, for your happiness and for the fraternity at large, I remain, fraternally, SAMUEL RUSSELL,

.D. lJ. U1"anil Maste,,- and D. D. Grafld Lecturer.


D. D. G. M.


M. }V. John D. Vincil.DEAR SIR AND BROTHER: I herewith submit to you my offtcial report as D. D. Grand Master for the Fifteenth Masonic District.

On the 29th day of OctOber, 1868, I visited Mound City Lodge, No. 294s and with the assistance of competent brethren, constituted and s~t them to work. under their charter, giving them such mstructilons as I deemed most necessary. On the 13th day of November last, I met with Graham Lodge, No. 112, and found but few of tlle




brethren present. Bro. T. R. Hedgepeth in the East. This Lodge is in good working order, and their Records moderately well kept. I exemplified the work in the second degree. On too 14th of November, 1868, I visited l\faryville Lodge, No. 165 ; found the brethren assembled ina neat and well furnished Hall. with Bro. Samuel T. !{ennedy in the East. Peace and harmony prevailing: Lodge doing good work, and Records well kept.

On the 15th day of November, I met with vVhite Hall Lodge, No, 301, and with the:assistance of Bro. George B. Chadduck, :of Oregon Lodge, No. 139, constituted and set them to work, under their Charter: Bro. Ephraim Myers, W. M. Under the care of this It old wheel horse" in Ma~onry, I anticipate White Hall Lodge, No. 301, will give a good account of herself. '"\\7'e diu not think it necessary to attempt to give Bro. Myers any instructions, but lent him "th~ attentive eaT," and went our way rejoicing. l&1ulbh08ise([ Bro. Sa,muel T. Kennedy, VV. l\f., Maryville Lodge, to work Kennedy Lodge, U. D.; 'Yhich he did, on the 21st day of November, 1868. NG,.1~5, to organi~ and set

B'Y yoltr instru'(}tioltlsfQf March SIst, I visited North Star Loclge1 No. 157, and at the time reJ)oTted all the facts to you. Since then I have information that they are getting along very well. On the 29th day of July, I met with Sonora Lodge, No. 260, and exemp.JiAed the work in the three degrees. I found the whole membership in attenda.nce, with au earnest desire for kuowledge. Their work dnly moderate, and Records not well kept. All in


On the 14th day of August I visited Oregon Lodge, No. 139; found but few of the members present, barely a quorum. Notified Bro. F. B. Rostock of his suspension as W. M. of this Lodge. Bro. T. H. Parish, S.. vV. in the East. There seems to be but little harmony prevailing. I fear the "outer door" has not beeb. well g'Q"aTded.

Forest City Lodge, No. 214, of ,vhich I am a member, is in hal''' mony. Doing but little work, and that rather poorly. Reeords well kept.

r 'am #sorry th~t the Dodges of the District failed to select a .B~o'" ther for DeJ)Uty Lecturer, as I think a good Lecturer is much ne~dea in this District. i im&tvte been unable ~'f10 vilSiit ail the L< in the Di&trict~ And iJrnllie$iaataJamthea=1IIJa(vbe a;J>Poill.&ted who has more time to Q@,,,o.' _lib'. iIiReT~ aftDe OJatt.



Wit:Jr1 an earne~t desire personal h&ppiness,


the prosp&r1t)!' of tita. OJ'lAft.,

ana YQt'U~

I am fraternally,




ST. LOUIS, SepterrlAber 13" 1869.

Bro. J. D. lTincil, :AI. W. (-}rancl lJfaster.DEAR SIB AND :BROTHER-The FeQ~rd of my official a.cts, and the condition of the Lodges ill this district during the past year, will hardly prese~llt any featureA of particular interest, otaer than C8:n be briefly stated.

A,cting under your authority, I constitw.ted the following LQdgea under eharters ordered by the M. W", Grand Lodge:

October 19-Aurora, No. 267, St. Louis. October 20-Grove, No. 296, Webster. October 31-]'enOOn, No. 281, Fenton. November 2-Cosmos, No. 282, St. Louis.

I also, on the 12th of July, orgaRizeQ and set t4> work C~;raer Stone Lodge, in this city, under dispensatiQll issued by yonr oDctec. The two first nalned are now flourishing Lodges. F!eibton, I have no.t been able to visit since, but I judge -aha.t tb&jf have all the work that they ought to do.

COBmo8f; is getting along slowly, and, with a, mo:ce t]aoxtlugh k:Qowledge of the worl{, has material in it to .make a prosperQUS ;Ledge.

Ck)ffier Stone, 11. 1)., will 1 I hope, make stich a record of' itS' proceedings as will meet with the approval of tltis Grand Lodge.

The otheJ: city Lodges are working along harmOJilio:usly,. . _ am.Ol1g them a gooo average im:provexnent in their Blade of "(l)l'1k and knowledge of :I.\ÂŁA2onic juxisÂťt\ldenc~. In ILttnlbeJ!s .e steadily in;creuing; one oi th~ Oooidf:m.tal, No., lt63~ l!Ia-vi~l ~6h a. large membership that before long, I h,ftVt$ <D\~ d_lrt, t~l~re is




they will seriously entertain the subject of dividing their numbers, by the formation of a new Lodge. This, however, is a question for their own consideration.

Good Hope, No. 216, is making good progress, both in work and membership, and will rank with nearly any of our city Lodges. Beacon, No.3, and Aurora, No. 267, now occupy their new quarters, in the new hall recently finished, on the corner of Benton 1tnd Broadway, which, for arrangements, convenience and room, is not surpassed by any similar building in the city. It is a credit to the Lodges interested in it, and to the Union Hall Association that erected it. I have not been able to visit the Lodges in the county, as 1 had purposed doing before making this repol~t, the time I had set apart for that purpose being taken up by me in the investigation of the affairs of Meridian Lodge, of which you have been duly advised.

In the beginning of December last, I organized a Lodge of Instruction in the city, giving due notice of the same to all the Lodges in the district. This Lodge continued to meet every Saturday evening till the last weel\; in April, R. W. Bro. T. E. Garrett, Grand Lecturer, assisting me, by taking special charge of the work. I am satisfied that the number of brethren who regularly attended c1eriYed a great benefit from this course of instruction, but I also think that there were many absent, both officers and members of Lodges, who ought to have been there. The inference from their absence would be that they had nothing to learn, and it is a pleasant reflection, such being the case, that we have in our midst such a large number of brethren well versed in the work and lectures of symbolic Masonry-they are perfect. The formation by the Grand Lodge of a permament Lodge of Instruction in this city, has frequently been suggested here. Of the utility of such an organization I think there is but little question; but I doubt if brethren would avail themselves of its teachings so long as one of the great incentives to learn the work and lectures is wanting, and whilst our present system prevails of proficiency in work succeeding and not preceding the election and installation of officers of Lodges, officers elect will commence to learn when they should be qualified to teach, and our Lodges will COIl'" tinue to be schools of practice for exhibitions of such ignoranoe as should not be permitted outside of a Lodge of Instruction. That this is a chronic evil amongst us, and the cause of a great lack of interest in the work, &c., is, I am afraid, unquestionable. It may be inferred from the larger attendance at the meetings of Lodges Where the work is reputed to be well done, and the slim attendance




where the reverse is the case-though it also follows, under the system I allude to, that the best working Lodge of this year may be the poorest one next. . . With the opportunities supposed to exist here, it is natural for our brethren from other parts of the State to look to the city Lodges for correct and skilful work, and as such is not to be relied upon, as a general rule, a permanent Lodge of Instruction here might be the means of furnishing it, and so disseminate it to some extent through the state. Since the first formation of the Board of Relief there has been an immense increase in the duties devolving upon it, and they are faithfully performed by its zealous members. Few of our brethren outside of it being aware of the time and patience devoted to their duties J nor of the amount of trouble whicll is thereby saved to the Lodges in this most practical part of the objects of our Institution. With the increase of calls upon this fBoard, though the contribu路 tions have also increased, yet they have not been adequate to the relief required; and as the contributions reqUired to be made by the Lodges are no higher than they were when the Board was :first formed, it might be advisable to llave some change in that respect, in addition to the stipend that is usually contributed by the Grand Lodge. At the saIne tinIe, as the Board has become a fixed instition, as well as a lal"ge and growing one, I would suggest that it should make annual reports to the Grand Lodge, and also that the Grand IJodge should approve of its rules and regulations, or provide a code of snch that will be suitable for its management. This Board deserves great credit for its general efficiency, and it should be supplied with means sufficient for the claims upon it, without its individual members being taxed to supply any deficiency. I close this general review with my thanks to you for the trust reposed in me by you for the past two years, regretting only that business has prevented my visiting the Lodges in this~ District as much as I should have wished. I have to acknowledge the uniform oourtesy and respect which I have always met with, and the readiness which I have always found manifested by the Lodges and their officers to receive instruction and advice. Yours fraternally, J. W. LUKE,

D. D. Grand Master Sixteenth Masonic







Mo., JS'eptembe'J' 28, 1869.

John D.. VinelU, JL lV. a/rand 1J.Iaster oj lJICtsons of lJ-fi880'url: DEAR SIR AND BROTHER: 1 herewith sulnuit the following report for the Seventeenth Masonic District:

Since the meeting of the Grand Lodge I have vibited the following Lodges: Pacific Lodge, No. 159; Union Lodge, No. 173; Cedar IJooge, No. 37; Hope Lodge, No. 251; Shekinah Lodge, No. 256. I received the charter of Cedar Lodge, No. 37, and notified the brethren to meet me 011 the 5th of Noveulber, 1868, and organized the Lodge, installed their officers and put thenl to work. Received the charter of Shekinah Lodge, No. 256, and the O:retb.. ren met me in the Lodge-l'oom 011 the 11th day of November, 1868. Organized the Lodge, installed the officers, and left them in a prospering condition. Received the charter of Hope Lodge, No. 251. Notified the brethren and organized the Lodge; installed their officers and put them to work in good order, peace and harll10ny prevailing. The following Lodges I could not viE,it, btlt from strict inquiry I find them in good and wholesome condition: Evergreen Lodge, No. 27; Su.llivan Lodge, No. 69; De Soto Lodge, No. 119; Joachim Lodge, No. 164. I could not visit them officially, but sa,,, some of their members and they are all in good spirits. I installed the officers of Hope Lodge, No. 231, on the 24th day of June, 1869, and at the same time listened to an address from our brother P. M. Pinckard, who gave us some good and wholesonle instructions. On the 17th day of July, 1869, I installed the officers of Pacific Lodge, No. 159. I am sorry to say that some of the Lodges are financially in a b&d, conditiQn, but I ho:ge, wiJth the 3$sistance of the brethren of the neighboring Lodges, they will be able to come out all right. Nearly all of the Lodges in this District have good halls and are secure from intrusion. Acoo:rding to the by-laws of the Grand Lodge, requiring the District Deputy Grand Masters to hold a Lodge of Instruction during the, Masonic yea:r, I netified the offieers and members of the Lodges of the Seventeenth District to meet me in the hall of Hope Lodge,




No. .251, on the 27th day of July, and there, with the assistance of P&st Master Bro. D. N. Burgoyne, endeavored to instruct them in the three several degl'ees of Masonry. The fullowing Lodges sent delegates to attend the Lodge of Instruction: Hope, No. 251, Cedar, No. 37, tJnion, No. 173, Evergreen, ~o. 27, and Shekinah, No. 256. But the following Lodges did not, fr0111 some cause, respond:

Pacific, No. 159, Sullivan, No. 69, De Soto, No. 119, and Joachim, No. 164. There have been some errors that have crept into some of the Lodges of this District, which I have el1deavored to correct; but if there has been any Inaterial wrong, it has been an error of the head, and not of the heart. The prosperous condition of the craft in the Seventeenth District is my excuse for the brevity of this report. So far as I ha"te' been able to ascertain, our beloved Order ill this District has never been in a more healthy and prosperous condition. I have now, ill as short a Inanller as possible, given you a llistory of my operations since the Grand Lodge last met, and will close by wishing you individually the most perfect happiness and success in this life.

Fraternally yours, WILLIAM R. BIBB, D. I). Grand Jfaster 8evertteenth Masonic Dist. oj }'fo.


15, 1869.

â&#x20AC;˘ M. JV. Jolin D. lrincil, (}rand JJfaster: DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-I submit herewith my report, as your D. D. Grand Master, for the Eighteenth Masonic District, for til. present year.

'l'here are four Lodges in this district. J![(j/lfem ao~ditjon,

Lodge, No. 110, FredericktoW'n, l\{o#, is iE. ar ,ro"etoU$ peace and harmony prevailing; morals &Ad. sobria'bYI




with a few exceptions, good; work and records fair; finances in a healthy condition; hold their meetings in a safe and comfortable hall, rented by the year. Farmington Lodge, No. 132, Farmington, Missouri, is doing well and prospering, peace and brotherly love prevailing; very anxious to learn the work correct; morals and sobriety, with few exceptions, good; finances healthy; work and records fair; meet in a safe and comfortable hall, rented by the year.

S't. Francois Lodge, No. 234, Libertyville, is in a healthy condition; morals and sobriety good; work good; record fair; own a safe a:p.d comfortable hall, paid for; finances low, having used aU their funds in building their hall; not doing much work at present. So far as I have been able to ascertain, the three above named Lodges have never been in a more healthy and prosperous condition than at present.

Saline Lodge, No. 226, I have not been able to visit. The re.. ports I hear about it are not very favorable. As. soon as Bro. Harris received his certificate of qualification as District Lecturer, I called a Lodge of Instruction, which was attended by a part of the officers of Marcus, Farmington and St. Francois Lodges, who appeared very anxious to learn the work cor.. rect. Bro. Harris also appeared to take pleasure in giving the nec.. essary instructions. The officers of Saline Lodge did not attend; they do not appear to take much interest in Masonry; they have had no election or installation for some two or three years.

Fraternally yours,

WILEY LAYNE, D. D. Grand Master Eighteenth Ma80nic Distriot.




Mo., September 10,1869.

3[. W.. John D. Vincil, Grand Master oj Masons oj Mis80uri : DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-It is again time to malte my annual report as D. D. Grand Master of the Nineteenth Masonic District, which, owing to the small number of Lodges (4) in the District, will necessarily be short.




On Wednesday before the full moon, in October, 1868, (their regular communication,) I met with Marble Hill Lodge, installed their officers and set them to "vork under the charter granted by last Grand Lodge, with a fair prospect of building up a good Lodge. They have a large jurisdiction and ought to have plenty of good rnateriaI. On the 22d and 23d of January, 1869, I, by request of Mystic Tie Lodge, No. 221, at~Oak Ridge, met with them, installed their officers and instructed them in the work and lectures. They h.ave a good Lodge, aloe doing good work, and are well posted. I called a meeting of Instruction to be held at this place on Monday, the 3d day of March, 1869. It was represented by every Lodge in the District, and close attention was paid to instruction . I trllst the time was spent both pleasantly and profitably.

If the meetings of the Grand Lodge were held in May, as formerly, it would suit the physicians (in this part of the State at least) better than the time now set, it being our sickly sesson. We are all busy and nobody to turn our patients over to, and the farmers, who compose the greater number of the Grand Lodge, are busy sowing wheat, &c. vVith Iny best respects, I am yours fraternally,


'V. B. WILSON, D. Grand Master Nineteenth Masonic Di~trict.


Mo., September, 1, 1869.

Bro. John D. Vincil, 1vl. W. Grand Master oj Mil~8ouri : DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-I have the honor to present you a brTef report of my official acts:during the past Masonic year, which, Qwing to my business engagements, have been but few.

r received ,t,vo dispensations for opencng new Lodges, one at Commerce, Scott county, to be called Lodge, and the other in the same county, to be called Sikeston Lodge.


notified the brethren and called a meeting at each of those and instituted each of said Lodges in due form. They.each ha","e a very nice Hall fitted up, and have gone to a consi<ler~1;>le :p~ees,




expense, for new Lodges) in procuring the necessary furniture, and are doing good work, and" guarding well the outer door." I have not visited Bloomfield Lodge'iNo . 153, this year, owing to the fact that in visiting said Lodge, I should have to travel something near a hundred miles, as there is an impassable swamp, which cuts that Lodge entirely off from the balance of my District. Stoddard County should be takel1 off from this District, and added to Ol1e of the districts on the west of this. Wolf Island Lodge, No. 172, in this county, is in a healthy COIl.. dition; they have a good Hall, and do good work. Finances in a good condition. Constantine Lodge, No. 129, at Charleston, lVlo., moves on in the even tenor of her way, doing good work, guarding well the door of the preparation room; they have an excellent Hall, and have it well furnished. With this our official relations for the past year will close; and III oonclusion, permit me to tender to you my sincere thanks for :your Qonfid:ence and esteeJn, in my appointnlent as D. D. G. M. for this District. Fraternally yours,

JAMES H. BETHUNE. D. D. Grand Master Twent'ltcth Masonic District.


prJ the Most


Co., Mo., S'eptember 8, 1869.

Grtand M'ast(Yr of the Grand Lodge of Mis$ouri:

DEAR SIR-As District Deputy Grand Master of the Twenty.. ftrstMasonic District of Missouri, I herewith submit my report for the past year.

Onreceiving the Rppointanent as District Deputy Grand ~Iasterf it was impossible for me to visit St. Louis and receive the work. Therefore, from consultation with the other Lodges, we concluded to send Bro. R. L. Fisher to St. Louis, to receive the work, and on his return I convened allolthe Lodges of my District at th@ Masonic haH in Ol~kton, arnd there l路@cmved the worlt, wbich wa. gf:vetr very satisfaetWr111t'j




Since that tinle I have visited all of the Lodges in my DIstrict, wIth the exception of Point Pleasant, which I intend visiting be-

fore the meeting of the Grand Lodge. I found them in what I conoeived to be a prosperous condition. I bid them to guard well their outer door, and to look well to their material. As to suggestions I have Done. I will leave that to wiser heads.

I anl, fraternally, your obedient servant, 1). ]). Ci.


BENNET MARSHALL, 'l'wenty-jirst Masonic District.


Mo., Septâ&#x201A;Ź1nber



Bro. John 1). Vincil, lrlacon (}ity, lYI. W. Grand Master 61 fIA, G'ra1\d Lodge oj Missouri : RESPEOTED BROTHER :-As District Deputy Gr&nd Mastel: of the Twenty-second Masonic District, I herewith submit the following report:

Masonry, ill this District, is in ~a good condition. No piques or quarrels to mar the peace and harmony of the Craft are lleard; on the oontrary, brotherly love prevails. I visited Johnson Lodge, No. 158, J'ane 24th, and publicly installed the officeTs.. That Lodg0 is doing immellse work-I fear too 111uch; but was assured 01' their 8'xcellent officers to the contrary. Faithful, U. D. is doWÂŤ Vety well: I would recommend a charter be granted them. Poplar Bluff Lodge, No. 209, is in a good condition, doing very littLe work, guarding well the ballot-box. We have bad no District Lecturer in this District. I was se... l~oted, but could not go to St. Louis to get a certificate. I havre had weekly Lectures at Poplar Bluff, for the benefit of all who would attend.

In conclusion, I will submit the following question: If a man receive anything Masonically, and is called to testify in court on th&tpoiitllt, must he qQ&municate s&idinformation or not? All of ",:hich is fraternally submittedl,

w. J:).

D. G. X. Twf?JJfbfJJ/WJsetJo1ltl







September 27, 1869.

John D. Vincil, N, W. Grand Master, Macon Oity,

],,ÂŁ0 â&#x20AC;˘ .-

DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-The following brief report of my official duties for the year ending October, A. D. 1869, is herewith submitted: April 28th-I visited Tyro Lodge, No. 12, in cOlnpany with Bro. J. T. Ahe, the District Lecturer of this district. Owing to some personal difficulties between some of its members, the Lodge was not doing well. This Lodge is composed of excellent n'laterial, but little interest is manifested in its work, consequently it does not work as smoothly as it should. After an exemplification of the work by the Dis.. tri~t Lecturer, and on examination of their books, etc., we left them, convinced that in the future we might expect better of the Lodge. We also visited Potosi Lodge, No. l31, and Irondale Lodge, No. 143. We found them in good oondition, doing good work, and considerable of it. This is especially so of Potosi Lodge, as their report will show for the current year. Each of the above Lodges own the building in which they meet, and are very well furnished and fitted for the purposes intended. On the 3d and 4th of this month we held a Lodge of Instruction, at Irondale, at which time and place there was a very good attendance from the various Lodges in this district; there was considerable interest manifested, and I believe considerable good was accomplished. Fraternally submitted.


D. D. Grand Master, Twenty-third Masonic District.


Mo., September 1, 1869.

Me W. John D. Vincil, Grand Master.DEAR BROTHER-I have the honor of presenting the following report of my acts as D. D. Grand Master, and the condition of the




Lodges in the Twenty-foUlrth M6soui,c District during the current )(asonic year..

There are but three Lodges in this District, Linn, Chamois and Hermann. I visited them in June last. Linn Lodge, No. 66, was chartered in May 1853. They have no hall of their own, but meet in an upper room of the Court-House. The Lodge is at r.ather a low ebb. Chamois Lodge, No. 185, was chartered ::lYIay, 1859. They have a, neat and commodious hall, well furnislled. The officers well skilled in the work and punctual in their attendance, with money enough in the treasury to meet all contingent expenses and for charitable purposes. Hermann Lodge, No. 123.-They have a neat hall, well furnished. The officers well qualified to work. Peace and harmony prevail. I could add nothing to one so well qualified as yourself to fill the honorable position you do.

With many wishes for your future welfare and prosperity, I am, yours fraternally,

ALLAN L. McGREGOR1 D. D. Grand Ma8ter Twenty-j()urth Ma8ank D"'8t'ri(Jt~

1.'lWENTY-FIFTli DISTRIO'1\ ROLLA, llo., 1869.

J()hn D. Vinoil M. W. Grand M-aster: In compliance with SectionS, Article vii., By-laws of the Grand Lodge, I submit herewith my Report.



I have had the :pleasure of visiting all the Lodges in my District -aonsis.ting of Lebanon Lodge, No. 77 ; Evening Star, No. 94; Rolla, No. .213; Salem, No. 225; and St. James, No. 230_ With but one e1(iepti~n, the Lodges above named are in a prosperous condition. Records well kept, and finances healthy. Three of them, namely, Lebanon, St. James, and Rolla, each own their own RaIl. Evening Star and Salem are renters and" tenants at will." St. James Lodge, in 1868, erected a llandsome and very substantial two-story brick building, which is now completed and in use, ~d raiford'S a safe and commodious place for the meetings of the 198

well as a very comfortable place for work,





Lebanon Lodge is making improvements In the Hall of twenty years ago; when completed will add very materially to the comfort ot the members, and particularly of the officers. The steady growth of Rolla Lodge will require the building of a larger and Dlore commodious Hall, at no very distant day. The Halls now occupied by both Evening Star and Salem Lodges, are each too small-poorly adapted to the purpose for which they are used, and in my;judgment neither of them very safe. Hence I urged upon the officers and Inembers of these Lodges, the necessity of taking steps at once, to build them a house of their own. I am fully satisfied that a very large proportion of the Lodges of this Grand Jurisdiction, hold their meetings in bUildings that are insecure. This should not be tolerated. When a new Lodge is organized, it should be on the condition of their taking steps at once, to build a good and safe house to meet and work in. Brethren are wont to say, "Oh! ,ve cannot build-we are poor, and have not the money." I would say to all such, "Economise-be careful of your appropriations-leave expensive celebrations alone, until you have built you a house to live in. What would be thought of a man-a laborer, and he without any house of his own, a renter, a tenant at will, who once in every twelve months, gave a great banquet to his friends, that consumed all his earnings for the year, and left him with unpaid bills hanging over hiln ?" Evening Star Lodge is doing but little work, owing, in a nlea.. sure, to its small territorial jurisdiction. The finances of the Lodge are healthy, and Records fairly kept. The brethren are beginnIng to see the importance of having a Hall of their own, and are agi.. tating the subject. On the 17th of July, I installed the officers of Lebanon Lodge, publicly, and in the presence :of quite a respectful and attentive audience. This District has been this year without a Lecturer; and though I found the brethren anxious for information in the work wand lectures of the Craft, yet I could only say to them, that I understood things thus and so, but eould not require a brother who differed with me to relinquish his idea for mine-matters not how well I waS satisfied of my correctness. Has the District Lectures arrangement been a success? Does it not put into the machinery too many wheels? Very respectfully and fra tern~~Jly,

R. P. FAULKNER, D. D. Grand Master Twenty-flfth Masonic District.






Mo., September 13,1809.


M. W. Grand Master: herewith present my annual report as District Deputy Grand Master and District Lecturer of the TwentY-J3eventh Masonic District. November 7th-Commissioned Bro. James R. Todd, Worshipful Master of California Lodge, No. 183, to dedicate hall, install officers and set Moniteau Lodge, No. 295, to work under charter. Bro. Todd informs me that" they have as good a hall as there is in Central Mi$sOUlii, small but conveniently arranged, furnished in good. style, and all paid for. The Lodge is composed of as good material as th~re is in the State." December 26th-Dedicated Hall ~f Hickory Hill Lodge, NQ. 211. DEAR SIR .AND BROTHER-I

As I have but five Lodges in my District, I concluded not to call a School of Instruction, thinking it would be better for the various Lodges to visit them, and instruct them in their own Lodge rooms; consequently I notified each Lodge to let me know when they desi;red my services.

April 22d-Visited Hickory Hill Lodge, No. 211; remained with them three days and nights; exemplified work in three degrees. This Lodge is working well, strictly conforming to the work adopted by the Grand Lodge; financially, is in a flourishing condition. They have a secure and pleasant Lodge room, which they own, and are free from debt. June 15th-Visited Pleasant Mount Lodge, No. 134; remained with them four days and nights; exemplified work ana lectures of

symbolic Masonry. This Lodge is also working well; their records Are well kept; they are not doing much work, but they look well to the moral character of all applicants.

Angust 9th-Visited Tipton Lodge, No. 56. well kept; finances in flourishing condition.

Their records are

August 14th-Visited California Lodge, No. 183. This Lodge has not done much wor~ the past year. They guard well the outer door, and a man must be " good and true" to gain admission there. Their records are remarkably well kept. J'efterson Lodge, No. 43, ie not flourishing financially, owing to the i1nl'ortunate demands constantly being made upon her charity by itinerant U distressed ones." In fact, our Lodge seems to be the




nucleus towards which all unfortunates wander. Jefferson is the "open sesame" of their desires, and the worthy (and often un,vorthy) are not turned empty-handed away. You will perceive, Most Worshipful, that I have visited all the Lodges in the District, except Moniteau Lodge. I notified the Master that, whenever they desired my services r to let me know. OWing, I rpresume, to the absence of the Master of that Lodge, I have not been called to visit them for the ptlrpQ~e of instruction. I had intended during the mOJath of August to make them a visit and e~amine their records, &c., but my own business rendered it ilnI>ossible to do so.

I think, ~fost Worshipful Grand Master, we have cause for congratulation in the improved moral tone and earnest zeal manifested by Masons in this District. Lodges throughout the District have strictly enforced the law in regard to drunkenness, gamb~ ling and unmasonic condnct; the utmost harmony and good feelms prevail; prosperity and peace abound within our border, and the universal desire appe&TS' to be "who can best work an'<i best agree." Fraternally yours, J AS. E .. CARTER~

D. D. G. lrI. and D. L. Twenty-seventh





Se:pterJltbe~ 11,


Bro. John D. Vincil, M. W. Grand Master: I submit herewith my r~port as D. D. Gra,BJ<.t M&ster of Twenty-eighth Masonic District.


I visited Doric Lodge t NO'. 300, on the 7th':,of NO'TembQr 1aat, and installed their offioers, dedicated their hall and set" tlwem. ~ work. I receiV'ed the dispensation of Linn Creek Lo6Ige. B~ng UD~lQ to meet them, I deputized :Bro. G. W. O})@rin to- Olen i1hi& Loti••, and set them to work, which he dW 6n the 21st of AU3'UWtit :L~ The law requiring D. DOl Grand Mastexs to- can a LQdWEt ~ In:struction at least onee 8J, yeM, ootid not be ~;pIied ~p .~' is n€) District Lectnrer ctmlmi$SiolJled I" 'tbi& ~si,iet.



Laclede Lodge, of which I am a member, is situated in Lacrlede county, Missouri. Morally and Masenically it is about on a par with the Lodges in the Twenty-eighth District, who nlostly seem to be laboring ferr the good of Masonry. All of which is respectfulfy S11frmitted.

Yours fraternally, JOSIAH IVEY, D. D. Grana lrIaster, Twenty-eighth Masonic District.


Mo., September 1, 18i9


M. W. John. D. Vi?%-cil) Grand M'ast@'P oj the, Grand Lodge; of lffi&80'IJIJ'PiJ ...

SI;R-My report for the Thirtieth District must necessarlly be :short, bee8lu8e h.arm(J)ny and 'bro~herlyleveprevMl to snch an extent that I have had nothing to do, except to call the officers of the different Lodge'EJ together, in accordance with the 'f>y-Iaws of the Grand Lodge, in order to hear the "Work exemplified. DEAR

In parsu2tooe of this by-law, I ordered an election of a; District Grand Lecturer by the Lodges, at their regular communieatiion: in JUly, which resulted in my election; but I was unable to obt&i~ the required certificate t but Bro. Wm. A" Gibson, having rem&ved from St. Louis to our placer R,. W. T. E~ Garrett, Gra,nd Lecture:u, endorsed his ,york, and Bro. Gibson exemplified the work to th& brethren in the three degrees of ancient craft. I do not believe Masonry could be on a surer foundation" or p.ue'" sid0d over by tnore careful brethren, than it is ill this district; ~M10ittlS' '60 guard the oo:ber door, careful and pMJl81;,aking: i'rJ! the

"'OFIt, each seems to vie with the othev wardt pelfMction.

I would


i:ra~1 tbeir OBw&'fd

M&D'eli to-

recommend the formation of another dis..

triGt, composed of the counties of Christian, Tany, and others con'" ~l)Ott81' ~teJr.

fUtd the appointment of Bro. J. L. Robberson, D. D. Grand

1!e is a good man and true, and that country is fast set,.. t_g 1lf) atild neeM ~otne one to watch over them.




Hoping, my dear brother, that your life may be long and useful, I am, truly and fraternally yours, MARTIN J. HUBBLE, D. D. Grand Master Thirtieth Masonic District.



rV. J.


~fepte')nbetr 7,


D. Vincil, Grand J,faster of Missouri:

DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-After my respects to you, I will give you my report.

I appointed, by consent of the Lodges, a District Lecturer; but owing to the distance and expense attending a trip to St. Louis he failed to qualify, so we have had no Lodge of Instruction. There are but four Lodges in the Thirty-first District.

Granby Lodge, No. 216, is doing a moderate amount of work. Good, safe hall. Finances and morals good.

Newton Lodge, No. 175.-Doing a large amount of work; have nearly completed a large and well arranged hall. Morals and work fair. Neosho Lodge, No. 247.-1s doing a large amount of work. Have refitted and enlarged their hall, which is now a good one. Morals good. Finances easy. . I have not been able to visit Yancey Lodge, No. 148, at Pine路 ville, but learn they are doing a fair amount of work.

Remarks.-Masonry in this District is progressing; the brethren are zealous, active and determined to advance in knowledge and usefulness, ~nd show due caution in the material they use in the Masonic edifice. Yours Frsternally,



D. D. Grand Masteror







Mo., Septembsr 6,1869.

jI. JV. John D. Vincil, G1路and :Jfaster of Masons of Mi880uri: DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-In obedience to the by-laws of the M. W. Grand Lodge of Masons of Missouri, I have the honor to make the following report of my acts, as D. D. Gl'and Master of the Thirty-second District, during the year past, viz: ..

October 31, 1868, I instituted Sarcoxie Lodge, No. 273, Sarcoxie, Missouri. ~ November 26, l86S-Instituted A villa Lodge, No. 278, at AVilla, Missouri. December 5,1868-1 opened Rock Prairie Lodge, No. i,269, and presided over the sanle until the officers were elected, the same evening. Not being able at that time to get a convocation of Past Masters, I did not install the officers, but authorized Bro. H. MQDowell, D. D. Grand Master Thirty-third District, to do so, which he afterwards did.

I called a meeting of delegates from the several Lodges in the District, at Sarcoxie, December 15, 1868, to select a D. D. Lecturer. I was selected as such at said meeting. 1 immediately proceeded to St. Louis and got the work from the Grand Lecturer. January 18, 1869-1 opened a Lodge of Instruction in Sarcoxie Lodge, which continued four days. January 25, 1869-0pened a Lodge of Instruction a:t A villa Lodge, and continued four days. February 22, 1869-0pened a Lodge of Instruction in Rock Prairie Lodge, and continued three days. February 25, 1869-0pened a Lodge of Instruction in Mt. Vernon Lodge, No. 99, and continued three days. June 18, 1869-Set Medoc Lodge, U. D., to work, and gave them ~Xlj$tructlol1S.

Jane 24, 1869-1 opened a session of the Grand Lodge at Carth 1\ge, and laid the corner-stone of a hall being constructed by Car.-

thage Lodge, No. 197. Some time during the summer I recovered a portion of the books alld papers of the late Jasper Lodge, No. -, and forwarded them to the Grand Secretary. The late Secretary of said Lodge also paid Ir.\ethe sum of $50 25, being funds in his hands when the Lodge



expired, which sum of money I yet h91d , subject to the order of the Grand Lodge. I rQcommend that it be given to Sarcoxie Lodge No. 293, it having taken the place of said Jasper Lodge, and bein~ composed, partly, of members of said Lodge.

r have recently visited

Sarcoxie and A villa Lodges, remaining

with them several days, instructing them in the work, etc. Lodge is erecting a new halL

A villa

I have, at various times during the year, held Lodges of Illstruction in Carthage Lodge, No. 197. This Lodge is constructing a neat and com..m odious hall. I have, unavoidably, been prevented frOIn visiting Rock Prairie and Mt. Vernon Lodges, and Medoc Lodge, U. D., a second time during the year, but have satisfactory reports from all of them. Masonry in this district is in a good condition, and harmony everywhere pTevails. Fraternally yours, etc.,



Thirty-seeond lJfa80nic Distriot,


Mo., S(}ptember, 1869,

Bro. J. D. Vincil, 1f1. W. Grand lJ:{aster:

M. W. SIR AND BROTH'EB-I herewith present my report as District Deputy Grand Master for the 'Thirty-third 'Masonic District. There are but three Lodges in the District, all of which are doing well. During the year I have O:ft1oiallyvisited each of them, exa,IDined their by-laws, records and work, and, as District LectUDef) giv@n suc.h iustruc.tie>DS ,in tb.,e work .and lectures of Anoient Craft Mas(),IU'Y as se~med necessary.. My Lodges of Instruction were well attended, and the zeal ad industry of the brethren all that QOU1d be desired. Peace -and harmony. pr-evoail in the Lodges anGl among the b~thren. The outer <k>vsar~-strietly gtlar6ied. The Lodges 1Da1'& g100d hails, safe and C'0'mmodious, tolerably furnishedmt p~




ent, but all are making arrangements to have good, substantial furniture provided at an early date. Fraternally sUbmitted.

ALLAN McDOWELL, D.]), Grand Master Thirty-third Masonic Distriot,


Mo., Septe?nber 10, 1869.

M. W, John D. Vincil, Grand lJIaster of Ma80ns in Missouri." DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-I herewith present my annual re.. port as D. D. Grand Master for the Thirty-fourth District.

During the year I visited thefollowing Lodges: Modern Lodge, No. 144; Bolivar Lodge, No. 195: Hogle's Creek Lodge, No. 279:;

Stockton Lodge, No. 283 ; Hermitage Lodge, No. 288; Hesperial1 Lodge, No. 286. Have not had an opportunity to visit Pleasant Lodge, No. 160. I called a Lodge of Instruction on the 14th of July. Owing to pressing private business of the District Lecturer he was unable to attend, consequently we have had no Lodge of Instruction.

The reports of the Lodges will show that they are in a prosperous condition. Yours, truly and fraternally,

A. F. RENFROW, D. D. Grand Master, Thirty-fourth Masonic Dist'tict.


Mo., 8eptember 6, 1869.

'lJo the Host Worshipful Grand Ma8wr of the Grand Lodge of Missouri: D~.A:R Sm AND BBOTB:ER-I he~ewitll submit my report as 1â&#x201A;ŹJUr D. D. Grand Master for the ThirtY-1sixth Distriot tor the past year.





On the 11th of November I visited Index, Cass county, and set Index Lodge, No. 277, to work under their charter, and dedicated their hall. November 14th-I set Grand River Lodge, No. 276, located at Morristown Oass county, to work under their charter, and dedicated their hall. November 30th-I visited Butler, Bates county, and set Butler Lodge, No. 254, to work under charter, and dedicated their hall. ,


On the 8th of March I received a dispensation for a Lodge at Altoona, Bates county, and being unable to attend in person I commissioned Bro. John J. Miller, a Past Master residing at that place, to set the Lodge to work, and he reported that lIe did so on the 1st day of May, and the Lodge commenced with favorable prospects. On the 17th day of May I opened a Lodge of Instruction, in the hall of Cass Lodge, No. 147, in Harrisonville, Mo., which continued for five days and was attended by representatives fronl all the Lodges in the District, except Papinville, No. 140. R. W. Bro. James E. Carter, District Lecturer for the Twenty-seventh District, was present and conducted the instructions in a very able and satisfactory manner, for which I am under many obligations to him. The brethren present were well pleased with the result, and all concur in the oplnion that uniformity in the work and lectures can only be attained by diligence and effort on the part of the officers of the various Lodges. The Lodge of Instruction resulted in great good, and the brethren present will long remember Bro. Carter as a most successful as well as companionable teacher of the work and lectures. July 15th-I opened a Grand Lodge by your order in the hall of Butler Lodge.. No. 254, and, with the usual Masonic ceremonies, laid the corner stone of the new Court-House in Butler, and delivered an address. I was assisted by brothers F. V. Holloway, G. M. Houston, O. D. Austin, and other brethren, and enjoyed a very interesting and pleasant time. The brethren of Butler Lodge design fitting up a Lodge room in the third story of this bUilding, and as the bUilding is to have a French roof they will be enabled to obtain a convenient and commodious room at comparatively little cost. While at Butler I exemplified the work in the three degrees, and found the Lodge very proficient for one so young, the result of a good representation at our Lodge of Instruction. By your direction I visited Index Lodge, No. 277, August .21, and presided at the trial of a brother against whom very serions charges had been preferred. rÂŁhe charge and specifi.c~tiona wet'~ fully sustained by the evidence, and the accused expelled.




I have during the year visited officially all the Lodges in my District, except Papinville, No. 140, and Live Oak, No. 128. The former, I am credibly informed, is not proficient in the work, and I regret that I have been unable to visit them. They are inconvenient of access and my private business has prevented me from visiting them. I have full confidence in Bro. C. L. Mayo, Worshipful Master of Live Oak Lodge, No. 128, and did not deeD). it necessary to visit that Lodge for the purposes of instruction. My inform~tion is to the effect that it is in a most flourishing condition. I am pleased to be able to add with truth that Masonry in this District is not on the decline-on the other hand it is ill the ascendency, in influence and power for good. The desire for proficiency universally prevails, and time, with the patience and perseverance now possessed by the brethren, will bring our Lodges up to the standard of correct Missouri work. In conclusion, allow me to return to you my sincere thanks for the manifestation of your confidence in my appointment. Trusting that an abler successor may be found to labor in this field, and that the:Craft may continue to prosper, I remain, Truly and fraternally yours, N. M. GIVAN", D. D. Grand Master Thirty-sixth Masonic District.


D. D. GRAND MASTER, October, 1869.

Bro. John D. Vincil, Macon Oity, M. W. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri: My DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-In obedience to your request and the customs of the fraternity, I respectfully submit my report &8 Distriot Deputy Grand Master for the Thirty-seventh District of Missouri. That in the District over whioh I have the honor to act, there is at present but one chartered Lodge, viz: Versailles Lodge, No.. 117, and being a member of this Lodge, it has been my pleasure to meet with the brethren and witness the craft at labor in the three degrees frequently during the last year; and I thinl\: I can safely state that




fdtr proficiency in the work, as accepted and endorsed by the Most vVorshipful Grand Lodge, this Lodge is not surpassed by any in

the State. The officers are very punctual in attendance, and discharge their duties faithfully and with credit to themselves and honor to the fraternity. Several informal Lodges of Instruction have been held during the year, under the supervision of Right Worshipful Frank S. Bradbury, the Lecturer for this District, who is also a member of this Lodge, and is always in attendance at the stated and special nleetings, to instruct the brethren in the work and correct the errors that are made in the ceremonies. This Lodge is not in debt, and own their hall, which is furnished sufficiently for all the purposes of Masonry. I am happy to state that peace and harmony and good feelings prevail among the brethren, and every moral and social virtue cements them.

Fraternally submitted.

L. E. WILLIAMSON, D. D. Grand Master Thirty-seventh Masonic Dist. of Mo.


M. W. John D. Vincil, Grand Master of Masons oj Mis80uri : SIR-As District Deputy of the Thirty-eighth Masonic District, for the year just closed, I have the honor to submit the following short report: That.. the condition of Masonry in this district is prosperous; the Lodges working well and in a healthy condition, with peace 8Jld harmony very generally prevailing among the memberships. Nothing has arisen during the year, as far as I am advised, to require your attention or that of the body over which yon preside to be called to it, with a view to settling controverted points of law, or the enforcement of discipline.




This district was fortunate in securing the services, as District Lecturer, of Bro. J. M. Fox, of Sedalia. You, who know him, will endorse the statement路that he "has the work," and the gift of imparting it to others. I have the honor to be, fraternally yours,

W. D. MUIR, D. D. G,.,路and Master Thirty-Eighth Masonic District.


Septernber 18, 1869.

John D. Vincil, lJ-f. W. Grand Master of Masons of Missouri: DEAR BRoTHER-I herewith submit my report as your Deputy District Grand ~Iaster for the Fortieth Masonic District, for the past Masonic year. October 26th-Installed the officers of Temple Lodge, No. 299; dedicated their hall, and set them to work under their charter.

Same date, commissioned W. Bro. G. R. Hunt, of Warrensburg, to install the officers of Fayetteville Lodge, No. 264, and Lodge of Peace, No. 280-dedicate their halls, and set them to work under their charters; which duty he perforlned and reported to me accordingly. October 30th-Installed the officers of Summit Lodge, No. 268 ; dedicated their hall and set them to work under their charter. November 13th-Installed the officers of Holden Lodge, No. 262; dedicated their hall, and set them to work under their charter. About December 1st; visited Golden Square Lodge, No. 107; found the Lodge in good condition, working with credit to them.. Belves and honor to the fraternity-" working with that noble emu.. la.tlon to see who can best work and best agree." Deeember 26th-Visited Independence Lodge, No. 76, and in.. &te.lled the officers; found the members zealously at work, and the Lodge just emerging from a dark and gloomy horizon, cast upon hel' by that great demon of Freemasonry, "politics ;" am happy to be able to say that she is now working in pea~ and harmony. .January 19th-Met Bro. Will A. Prall, Deputy Grand Lecturer, Warrensburg; opened a Lodge of Instruction in the hall of War-





rensburg Lodge, No. 135, which continued three days, Bro. Prall teaching the work and lectures of the Grand Lodge in a very for.. cible and satisfactory manner; and althougll on account of the terw rible bad condition of the roads we did not have as full a representation of the Lodges of the District as was desired, I felt at the close of our labors that much had been accomplished towards arriving at a uniform system of work in the Grand Jurisdiction, for which I feel greatly indebted to our young champion of Freemasonry, Bro. Will A. Prall. February 6th-Set Kingsville Lodge to work under your dispen.. sation. March 10th-Visited Knobnoster Lodge, No. 245; found some petty strifes and contentions existing among the fraternity in that neighborhood; put them upon a fair basis for settlement, and spent two days and two nights in instructing the Lodge in the work of the Grand Lodge. August 4th-Set McDonald Lodge to work in the hall of Independence Lodge, No. 76, under your dispensation. September 17th-At your order visited Summit Lodge, No. 263; arrested their charter; took possession of their books, furniture and funds; found $88 16 in treasury, and the Lodge in debt for hall rent, $138 66. A great portion of the expense of fitting up their hall being immovable, without great sacrifice, I deemed it best (after consulting the brethren) to sell the entire furniture, pay the debt due for rents, and send balance of funds to Grand Secretary Gouley, amounting to $57 50, less $10 for trouble and expensewhich I have done, sending therewith the charter, record book and receiptofW. Charles A. Goshen, the late Worshipful Master, for Masonic carpet and Lodge seal, left subject to the order of the Grand Lodge. Masonry throughout the Fortieth Masonic District generally, is, in a healthy and prosperous condition, with the exceptions named above.. The four Lodges in this (Kansas) city are all working ill peace Stnd harmony, earnestly and zealously endeavoring to promote the general good of the fraternity. With best wishes for the honorable fraternity you have 1&0 ably vindicated through your official labors, and kindest regards foryollr future welfare, I remain, very truly and fraternally, yours, ISAAC. W. McDONALD, D. D. G. M. Fortieth Masonio Di's'lriof.






M. W. John D.


FE, N. M., October 4, A. D.1869, A. L. 5869.


Grand Master: DEAR SIR AND BROTHER-As D. D. Grand Master of the Forty-first Masonic District, under your jurisdiction, I have the honor to report:

That, owing to the fact that most of the officers of the Lodges in this district are scattered, and some doing business at points re-

mote from their respective Lodges, I could not, to suit their convenience, call them together for the purpose of instruction, as required by resolution of the Grand Lodge; neither could they send representatives so as to accomplish the convening of a Lodge of In~truction.

I have, unfortunately, through ill-health and business engagements, been prevented from visiting any of the Lodges in this Territory during the past Masonic year, except Montezuma Lodge, No. 109, of which f am a member. By authority received from the M. W. Grand Master, under date of December 21, 1868, I appointed Bro. P. M. C. E. Wesche. my proxy to install the officers, and dedicate and consecrate the. new hall of Chapman Lodge, No. 95, at Las Vegas, which he did OIl the 28th December, 1868, and made satisfactory return to me of his action in the premises. During the month 路of January, 1869, the members of Aztec Lodge, No. 108, committed an informality at the funeral of Bro. Harrell, having buried him with a portion of the Masonic ceremonies when none of the three principal officers of :the Lodge were present. Having called the attention of the M. W. Grand Master to this matter, I think it but due to that Lodge to say tbat they gave me, in explanation, that, "they put on their &prons and accompanied the remains of deceased to the grave, and deposited the body, reading the funeral service at the grave." The W. M., Bro. William L. Rynerson, in writing to me about the c&S/e, upon my calling his attention to it, says:

"I hope the brethren did not materially erl:, and I regr~t that 1h&deceaseu brother could not have reeeived a Masonic burial BY r:tlIl! LODGE, as it seems to me, under the circumstanceJ3, he was en~~}ed to. 11




Their fraternal respect for the dead will not be again indulged in at the sacrifice of the law, I feel well assured; they will heed my admonitions. I have not, this year, visited this Lodge, but learn that every.. thing with them is in a prosperous condition, and that the mem.. bers are all zealous and live brethren. "Many knock, but few enter." They" guard well the outer door." As for Chapman Lodge, No. 95, I am pleased to state that it is in a flourishing condition, and doing good work with suitable rna.. terial, and, consequently, have "workmen that needeth not to be ashamed." This Lodge missed holding one stated communioation, on account of neither of the three principal officers being present, they being engaged in business at places remote from the Lodge. r regret that such was the cast', and hope it will not occur again. I was not officially informed of the matter, but learned it from good authority. Bro. P. M. Kirby Benedict, at my request, did me the favor to visit them, a few days ago, at their new, safe and handsome hall, and exemplified the work, and lectured on the three degrees. He was much pleased with his visit, and says the brethren manifested a commendable zeal for the good of the order. He made due return to n1e as my representative. 011 the 16th of August, I received a dispensation from our M. w. Grand 1"Iaster to establish" Kit Carson Lodge," at Elizabethtown, Colfax county, in this Territory, and not being able to attend in person, availed myself of the kind services of Bro. Kirby Benedict to set the Lodge to work and give them proper instructions, which he did on the 28th of August. He was ably assisted in his labors by Bros. Clever and Elkins, of Montezuma Lodge, No. 109, and Bro. Catron, of Aztec Lodge, No. 108. He gave them such instructions as time and circumstances permitted, and reports that the brethren manifested a very commendable aptness and knowledge of the work and of the ritual. He dUly made return to me of his action, much to my satisfaction. In regard to Montezuma Lodge, No. 109: Your orders to m.e, under date of November 12, 1868, in answer to my letter to you of November 1, 1868, regarding two cases I presented for your consUL路 eration, were duly obeyed and acted upon accordingly by the Lodge. I have to thank you for your approval of my action in the premises. I have the great pleasure to report to you that this Lodge will compare favorably with any Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Missouri-in fact, she is a model Lodge. Her portals are thronged, many are "knocking at the door of the temple," but the brethren are very zealous and attentive, and oareful in dispensing "true Masonic light and knowledge." Th<J&&




'who have been admitted, I say with pride, are all" material fit for the builder's use." I cannot close this paragrapll concerning Montezuma Lodge without expressing my thanks to Bro. David J. )liller, the very efficient and worthy Secretary, for tIle uniform kindness and courtesy shown towards me by him in our official interoourse. I also bave to thank the gecretaty of Aztec Lodge, particularl~y, and the Secretary of Chapman Lodge, for their zealous promptness in attending to the interests of the order. I must not conclude this without expressing my most sincere thanks to Bro. Past Master Kirby Benedict for the great assistance he has rendered nle during the year, in giving valuable instruction and lectures in the work to the brethren of the Lodges ,vithin my jurisdiction. Ill-health. and business engagements l)revented me from attending to these luatters, and so I was very glad to have the opportunity of availing myself of his valuable services 011 different occasions, us my representative. He is no\v on a l)rofesslonal trip to the southerl~ part of the Territory, and will visit Aztec Lodge, and exemplify the wo:tk and lecture 011 the three degrees, and make due return to me thereof.

In OonQlusion.-The order in New Mexico, I am pleabcd to add, ,vere never in a more prosperous, heal thy and flourishing condition than at present. Peace and harlllony prevail in an eminent degree among the brethren, '\vith every prospect of such being thf\ nasa for a long tiIne to come. In view of the fact that many who h~nre

+' long groped in darkness" are approaching our doors "ill

search of light," r have been careful to impress it upon the brethren to U guard well the outer doors," and to let none but those who ue found worthy so to do enter therein. They so understand this point that I am confident they will "govern themselves accordingly." Finally, Most Worshipful Grand Master, I return ryou my most sIncere thanks for the honor again conferred upon me, in being appointed D. D. G. M. of this Dist.rict.

With my best wishes for the welfare of our beloved fraternit~y, and for the good health and prosperity of yourself, as the worthy representative head of the Order, in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of ~Iissouri, I remain, Yours, truly and fraternally,


D. D. Grand Master Forty-fl/J"st Masonic District.





1> reaper, DEA-TX, 11as once more wielded hIS sickle us, and cut dOWln, ill the prime of his manhood, on OctQber 8th, 1865, our well-beloved brother, Benj. C. Cutler. At the time of his death, be was Senior Warden of Chapman Lodge, No. 95. Bro. Merrill A.shurst, for many years a melnber of Montezuma Lodge, No. 109, was also, on the 5th of July, 1869, called by the Grand Master of the Universe, to cease his labors in this earthly Lodge, to refreshment above. The Crarft ftestifietl their respect and esteem for these two deceased brethren, by perfornling the last sad rites of Masonic sepulture over their bodies. They ,vere both highiy respected ill this community, and their departure has caused n great void in the ranks of tbe faithful. &~tnong

l~. J)"


D. Grand Ma&ter Forty-flrst Masonic Dist'路ict.






._1 MISS'Ol1ltl: LODGE, No.1. ST. IYfated


ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered Sept. 4,1821.

Meetings, First and Third Thursdays in each mont/I. OFFIOERB.

John Goodin, Master. Charles F. Vogel, JSYecre tfl'r1J. J. H. Tolman, Senior Warden. .Tohn D. Melvin, 8eniolfl' Deacon. Sol. B. Bellew, Junior Wa1"den. J. G. Moss, Junior Deacon. John D. Daggett", Treasurer. .Tames X. Allen, Acting Tyler. NAMES OF MEMBERs.-James X Allen, James @ Alter, Theodore Baker, Miles Barker, Conrad Bates, Solomon B Bellew, F L Bllion, JohnBrook, J Wm Broomfield, D N Burg.oYlle, P T Burke, Leo Oanman, C B Clarke, :EJdward Cook Thomas Cook, L Wile,s Craig, Edmond Crawshaw, Joseph, Joseph Crawshaw, ~r, John D Daggett, Charles DaileJ', John P Daub, William R Davis., Ben De Bar, George C Deane, James N Douglas, DUdley DUnham, Rossington Elms, M M Flesh, Joseph, B Foden, Isaiah ~orbesi Cha,rles Garvey, Charles Garvin, John Geekie, Darvid Uloodf~ low, John Goodin, Wm H Goodin, Geo Frank Gouley, Philip GutzeII, Owen Hagen, Mark Hambleton, Samuel H,ambf~颅 ~'ll, OhalJles W Hammond, Charles' H~ Judarh A lIMt~ Wl11 H n~tell~~i John Heany Lewis Holden,; Nllroolds Hunn, fjebert W Rtltl6hulson, James Xohnsoll, George T'Kin~, Lawrence J{ingsla.nd;




Charles E Kinyon, Thomas Kirgen, Jacob Kuhn, Joseph Lamothe CD Langelle A J Latz, Henry S Lausdale, john Leak, A S Lind~ sey, John McKittrick, R H ~ather, .fohn D.Melvin, C A Meyer. Hiram Miller, JoshuaB MorrIs, Wm N MorrIson, J G Moss, Geo A Newconlb, A Newmark, Jaseph Nutt, T F Oaks, Henry Otterman, J J Outley, Alonzo B Pearson, Robert Peyinghaus, Thos Phillips, Will A Pi~all, James B Raboteau, Alonza H Rector James Richardson, R M Richardsoll, John Robarts, George W Robirts, John Robinson, Jr, Charles H Rochow, James Saunders, V 0 Saunders, Oharles Sewell, Colin Shanks, Elihu H Shepherd~ Willis Sides, Wm B Simms, Julius J Smith~ Sylvester T Smith, E C Starin, Jno D Taylor, James H Tolman, vharles F Vogel, Robert S Voornies, Seymour Voullaire, Henry H Wagoner, Samuel Wainwright, Geo S Walker, G L White, John Whiteside, William Wiley, John Williams, George W Winn, James Wishart. DEATI-Is.-James Wagstaff, George W Ferris.




Co.-Chartered May 6,1852.

[Charter arrested by Grand Lodge, October, 1869 ]

StCttecl JJfeetin{/s, First and Third Wednesdays in each 'lnonth. O:FFIOERS.

C H Gellenbeck, Master. Chas Buechel, Senior Warden. F Hafkemeyer, Junior lrVarden. Christ Niemann, Trealsurer. , NAMES OF

Adolph Meyer, JS'ecretalfll. Julius Hertz, Senior Dedcon. J F Sehuffenecker, J. Deacon. F G Boehme, Tyle1".

MEMBERS.-Martin Albrecht, S Bartmann, Wm

Bang, Francis Berg, Nicolas Berg, j G Biedermann, Abraham Block, H H Bodemann, F G Boehme, C B Bornefeld C L Buechel,

J"tllius Buechel, ISldore Busch, Ferdinand Cassel, H Caesar, Marcus DrUCker, Theobold Eckerle, Gottfried Ehmann, Christian Fish.. bach, H Florreich, H J Fluegel, J J Fischer;", Samuel Fuerth t 0 Il. Gellenbeck, Wm L Giese, B Goldschmidt, uhas Grath, Adolphtts Green, Friedrich Hammer, F Hafkemeyer, Wm Heinrichshofen, J G Helmerichs, Hy Hess, H T Hesse, Ferdinand Herold, Julius Hertz,路 Theodore Hirtz, Chas Hoppe, Jos Jecko, H J Kappesser" Edward Rehr, H Kemper, 0 J Kessler, Casper Koehler Emil Kr'ausse, Adolph Meyer, Christ Niemann, Ernst Mueller, ~oritz N~uber, F W Plass, Adam Ofenstein , Carl PreisIe, Hy Ri~hl, L :E Rltterska}llp, Robt Roent~en,1"F ~ Roos, B Singer, C C SlmmOtlJa:, C W Schlckenberg, MorItz t:)chilhng, F Schmid, J A Scholttmr Louis SchUlz, Jno F Sehuffenecker, T A Schroth, Hy Sohweiok.. hardt, Hy Sontag, Chas Boeding, ltermann Steinwender, Ohws




stubenrauch, Louis Thanberger, John Ullricht, Adam Valentini Theodore Welge, Geo Wiegand, Louis Will, J G Woerner, Car Zeus. DIED.-Chas A Snell, Chas Knopf.

BEACON LODGE, NO 3. ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered, May 10, 1849.

Stated Meetings, Seoond and Fourth Thu1路sday in each rrlJonth. OF]'IOERS.

James:M Scott, Master. George R. Rice, Secretary. Milton H. Waeh, JSen. Warden. Edwin Handley, 8en. Deacon. Henry Wood, Junior Warden. Hugh T. Black, Junior Deacon. Philip Stremmel, Trea8u1~er. Henry C. Steinman, Tyler. NAMES OF MEMBERs.-Joseph W Branch, Adam Ballman, AIg'ernon S Barnes, Richard Branch, Charles Borg, Fred P BeDjamin~ Theo A Buehbaum, Peter Butterly, D 0 Butterfield, Sidney Baily, Hugh T Black, Samuel HBixler, JdsephCrookes, Geo F Caruthers, John W Ooppage, Milton B Crane, Archibald Carr, David Cole, James P Cash, Joseph Cook, Christopher A Dig~~ Oscar Doolittle, John C Darlington, Arnold Davidsohn, John S Dearborn, James Everet, M H Earl t John Francisco, Daniel Francis, JOll11 Franklin, William Furtn, Boit H Green, Joseph H Gamble, ;ras Green, Abner Green, Oliver D Goodell, Charles L Hamilton, Edwin Handlfty, Louis Huffell, J01111 Hinton, S W Harriett, Enoch P Huffman, B!trney Heisinger, E Henry Hanschen, Theodore Koch, John !t.napp, Joseph KoberljT', John Klinefelter, Thomas D Lingo, Wm I~lngO,' JohnR Laurrence, MarshallM Leepert. ..Chas Morris~. .C has }> ,Meisner, William Mithias, E H Mollencott1.-1V.l W Miller, .tlenry Mwry, C F Marshall, Thomas l\{cNally, J G McKeller, Henry verstoltz, Wm P Paulding, Wm F Perki11sz.......Zack B Percival, Geo A Rublemann, J C Rublemanl1, George R .ttice, G F Rouser, AIbett Schrader, Henry C Steinman t Isaac H Sturgeon, Jas:M Scott, Jobrn Sexton, Jr, Philip Stremmel, Cornelius Spier, David Sternberg, Joseph Spencer, P W Schaunlcleffel, John Shore, W A Sharp, fJ(}:b. Tremlet1 Francis H Wellmeyer, Abraham vVeigle, James S WU!ia~f!, Samuel L Watson, Milton H Wash, Thos J Williams, lIellU'Y wood, Humphrey Wood, John G Zollier.


DI1\(ITTED.-vVm Churchill, Samuel Samuels, Erskin Williams, Conrad Ittner, Frank Furth.





Co.-Chartered May 6, 1852.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening of or :prececlin,q . full moon. OFFICBRs.

James S. Snoddy, Master. N. B. Ra,vlins, ~'enior Deacon. John W. Lee, Senior lVarclen. W. J. Swearingen, Jun. Deacon. W. W. Smith, J~tnior lVarden. John W. Hubbard, Sf. Steward. John McDonald, Ttreasurer. Andrew Snlith, Junio1'" l?tewartl. Henry McKinley, ;,S'ecretar.v. Charles Ramey, T.1Jler. l\tIEMBERS.-Otho Ashcraft, A. R. Anderson, Wm. H. Bowman, Jas. M. Bower;..N.l\I. Bonham1-C. E. Burckhartt, Frank Blankenbaker, Thos. u. Boggs, L. A. J:Srown, Wm. O. Ohancellor, Geo. B. Cox, Hardin Coats, Jesse J. Carl, George E Chinn, Robert Craig, Wm. G. Edwards, N. G. Elliott, John S. Elliott, F. ~r. Fisher, Isaac Gearhartt, George T. Garvin, Samuel T. Hughes, Joswan Hughes, l\I. P. Hensley, John W. Hubbard, ~Tohn B. Holman, George H:Jordan, HoraceKingsbury, Willianl P. I{irkbride, Wm. H. Lee, John W. Lee, John Lee, John L. Monroe, Henry M'Klnley, John M'Donald, William :fl. 1\1:08s, James S. Phipps, Charles Ramey Charles E. Ramey, Nicholas B. I{awlins, E. Sweaningenr James S. Snoddy, Mathias J. Snlith, William J. Snlith, Andrew Smith, Newton Sweaningen, Thomas H. Smith, William J. Swearingen, B. Warren Stone, F. M. Stone, S. M. Stone, William W. Smith, Theodore H. Todd, Thos. J. Whitten, ~Tames R. Wilcoxen,. Robert F. Wayland, John H. White, Luther B. Cooper. DIMITTED.-IJ.

S. Kingsbury, John D. l\filton Robinson.


Co.-Ohartered May 30, 186l.

Rer/ular meeting8, Thu'r8day evening preceding the jull ",700'll Bach month.



Z. M. Rountree, .J.'Vaster. I. H. Richards, Senior Warden. Wm. McAdalns, Treasurer. O. W. CraWford, 8ec-retary. L. M. Rountree, )..'?enior Deacon.

T. C. Piper, Junior Deacon. B. R. Elliott, ~fenior Steward. James S. Lewis, Junior SfetvCl?r4. S. H. Jopes, Tyl8r.




MEMBEl-tS.-V\r r:I.' Adams, A S Arnold, Michael Boren, J B Beiderlinden, J A Bro\vnt.. Peter Burns, Betel" Blackwell, Samuel Beck J E Bodenhalner, J R Byrns, Chesley Cannefax1 John H Cayn'or, Tillman Oarter, Sanluel Crenshaw, H J CurtIce, C W Orawford, Geo A Dillard, William Dillard, D 0 Dade, P A Degan, John B Dexter, R H Ednl0ndsoll, B R Elliott, W B Farmer, Elias GFriend, B F Fielder, J T Fielder, Anth0D:Y Fishert... J L French, J A Flournay, Hiruln Friend, Joseph W Farrier, John Gibson, Joseph Gott, Warren H Graves, Wm E Gillmore, Elijah Gray, William Gardner, IV! J Hubble, Charles A Hayden, D S Holman, John Hornbeak: Wnl C Hornbeak, Wm H Hensley, L M Hubble, '\V !{ Hayter, B F Hollo\vell, vVm A Hyde, Reuben HaIy, L M Hess, C W Huff, T B Horn, Sydney Ingraham, Samuel Jopes, Wm W Jeffries, A M Julian, J W Jackson, J T Keet, James S Lewis, John W LisenbJ:J Charles F Leavitt, William McAd.ams, Allen Mitchell, J 'V D J..J F Mack, N P Murphy, Samuel Moore, Henry Matlock, Joseph rr Morton, W H McAdams, T E Mason, John l\IeGregor, l\:Iichael J\icSweeney, vVashington Merritt, J B H O'Niel, ED Ott, John S Phelps, H IV! Parish, Peter G Perkins, T C Piper, vVm G Porter, Geo I Parsons. W M Prottsman, E T Robberson, Z M Rountree, J H Rountree, L M Rountree, Robert T Russell, Geo B Ramse:r, C C Root, A C Raymond, I H Richards, Chas W Scholton, B A Stone, William S Snow, H L Trantham, James H Tholnas, I-Ienry Westmorland, Emsly Wharton, Samuel "\Voods, John 'V Walker, J L Walker.

DrMITTED.-Chas ()arlton, Alfred N Greene, Alfred Hosman.; Mill~·, M L McClure, J

Thom8ls Hensley, V W Kimball, John H B PerkiUrs, J P Shultz. DIED.-rr vV

Cecil, JaInes l=towau, John S Steele.

ARK LODGE, No.6. NEW ARU:, KNOX Co-Chartered May 8, A. D. 1852, A. L. 5852.

Stated ?neetings,


joseph M. McKim, .iJ/aster. A. A. Towson,~ ~'enio1" Warclen. S.H. Finley, Junior TiJiarden. John Hudson, Treasurer.

evening after full


James M. Bathrope, JSecreiarv. ..T. W. Kendall, Senior Deacon. James Cardwell, Junior Deacon. L. C. Sturgis, TyZer.

~:m¥:B~as.-tTohn Allen, T. W. Anderson, J. A. Ahern, rJ. H. :Saldwin, L. S. Brown, L. C. Bradshaw, ;T. MA Balthf>xj)@, Bobert Brown, E.l\I. Cox, J. M. Cardwell, E. M. Ewbank, John:Fulfun, ~. H. FinleY', J. ¥. Glascock. H. Hickmap..;.. John HudS'OD1 ",A. M. Johnson, J. W. Kendall, J. M. M'Kim, A. w. Moore, IStUl,cMartin,




John Nickell, 'tV. R. Nut, G. L. Pierce, B. F. Snyder, L. C. Sturgis, G. S. Sykest....9. M. Scott. S. S. Savage, A. A. Towson, J~ V, Withers,. R. ~r. wilson. DIMITTED.-Andrew M. Wylie.


Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, Tuesday e venin(J before full ?noon in each rnonth, OFFICERS.

rr. \V. Coltrane, JIasie)'. J. D. Van Bibber, JSYecretary. A. C. Sloan, Senior Warden. G. W. Blakey, Senior Deacon. s. A. Edmonson, Junior Wa1"'den. J. McElhannon, Senior Steward. B. Lemnl0ll, Trecl8urer. A. M. Appleby, Junior Steward. ~ W. H. Cook, Tyle'r. ~IEMB}JRs.-B Y Acuff, A l\f Appleby, S G Appleby, G W Blakey, A C Bradley, S M Chittim, G VV Claypool, T W Coltrane, W H Cook, G G Cotton, E Dorsey, L P Downino-, J R Earnest, S A Edmonson, A P Edmonson, Elijah Gossett, If HamI110ntree, A Harman, H Hay, M Johnson, Benja1l1in Julian, J R Lee, B Lemmon, William McOlure, ]' M D ~{cClure1"..,.J ohn ~IcElhannon).. E H. Moore, Jacob Neff, Joseph Pollock, B C .t(,ice, H Searst...,H H t;keen...t C J Skeen, R H Skeen, A C Sloan, John Small, W E 'l'hompson, J D Van Bibber, W C Wadlow, Ralph Walker~

DIMITTED.-R W McMaster, J G Perryman,


Co-Chartered May 6, 1852.

Stated meeting, Saturday evening, on or month.

befo1~e full

fJnoon, in each

oFli"'IOERS. R. l\{. Berry, lrlaster. A.'G. Dawson, Sen. Warden. Samuel Pasley, J. Warden. Wm. C. Cole, Treasurer. Jos. G. Crane, Secretary.

T. R. Rogers, 6 enior Deacon. G. W. Galwith, Junior:Deacoft. J. J. Bartley, 8. Steward. WID. C. Riley, J. Steward. J. W. Owen, Tyler. i





MBMBERS.-Z Alward, R M Berry, J J Bartley, J W Bailey, J C H Broadwater, B D Brown, C E BerrY', J H Bradley, J T Bell, Wm eCole, J G Crane, Marion Crews, Jos L Craig, J" P Crewb, Williamson Crews, T .J Coons, A G Dawson, E V Dyson t J D Dillard W T Field~.,. G W Galwitl~ J T Gregory, T R HODson, C B Hamilton, B F .tlarrison. Wm J:S Hunt, B P Jones, 0 E Jackson, George W Kemp,_ Samuel McCue, T L Maccubbin, A Maccubbin, John Manafee, Wm McCracken, E Nunnelley, A Nicholson, J W Owen, D T Owen, J P Owenby, J K Payton, S Pasley, T R Rodgers, Wm 0 Riley, John Rex, J08 Scholl, W M Scholl, C R Scholl John F Smith Isaac Tate, N Thornhill, J H Tureman, Wilso~ Vanfossen, E W Wood, John Wilkerson, L E Washington, George Yates, Wm Yates,




ST. I.JOUIS Co-Chartered May 28, 1849.

Stated Meetings, Second and Fourth Tuesday in the Month. OFFICERS.

R. F. Garretson, Maste'r. Thos. C. Ready, Senior Warden. John Williamson, Jun. Warden. John Glenny,~Trea8urer.

H. L. Wilson, JSfecreta?路y. W. W. Ehninger, Senior Deacon. E. Edwards, Junior Deacon. J. N. Conn, Tyler.

MBMBERS.-D H Armstrong, E E Adall!.~ Robert Adam..8. ...t E Benkendorf, T

Allen, C HAvis, Wm Z Blakeman, j W Benedict, .t1 W Brolaski 11. D Booge, Richard Begp;s, W R Babcock, 1ohnson ~~ggs, A F Barnes, John Buchanan, F V L Brokaw, D llrown, A H Barrett, W A Blundell, John S Beggs, Jas H Brown, E Begeman, T G Comstock, J C Cogswell, j N Conn, Andrew Olose, W SCuddy, Chas Candy, Henry Cluskey, Geo H Clinton, P F Drought, J W Davidson, Chas Deal, M Dimmitt, A W Den!tam, W F Deitrich, Henry Degby;,. J K Dalmas(Arie Dejong, Jas l4 Douglass, Jno D Egbert, M v Espy, Jno Enwright, W W Eb,ningerz....E Edwards, Chas Ehnillger, G W Fisher, E W Fox, O. 8 inUer, J1j Fowler, Wm Freudenau H L Foote, W H Frazer, D J):Fuller, J L Fethean, John Frazer, E FarIA Wm Gallagher, John Gl~DY, H Garrett, R C Gordon, Philip tieidell, Wm Graham, John Gilkerson, R F Garretson, T D Griffin, Geo J Goodwin, J D ~~a.r~ M J Hinchey, S D Howard, Jas Hazard, E Hilgendorf, P.1l!P J Reuer, A P Johnson, C W Jagennan. Peter Kenned;s:, J A I;t Lampton, H L Lee, J D Lestor, J E Loomis, Wm Leam, J C Me>ody, J H McBeth, Austin R Moore, E Montgomery, Wm N HeQ,ueen, J .J Morrison, A L Matlock, .J B McCormack, F V .eyer, Jae Merry, Wm Masson, J C Morris, J Q Meyel-, M E l\toorE\ S D Miele, Wm A McPhail, E Nenestel, John Opel, .John 01Neal, M C Ott, John E Oxley, A F Pack, Thos R Peabody, ~ 36



Petl.:ng B H Peterso.n t Geo C Pearce, H E PeeLles., D R P,€)well J F Parsons, John A Pass, Jas Post, E C Quelltby, Geo F Roots, L'A Radcliff Wm Redpath, Wm B Russell, Wm C Re.ed, Thoa B Russell 'Thos C Ready, Jas M Rittenhouse, J"as Spore, Wm SafeliY Ohas :r.;'Speneer, J W ScC!)tt, 'Ym D Spore, N Stevens, H Stan~~!: E B Starkweather, W H Stone,J. Jno P Smith, Morand Smith, L Vv Sterrett E C Stirling Geo M l::'tewart, A J Bteele Thad S Smitb, Andre,~ Slorah, J110 STennis~~.) Juo F TObiasz..P B A TurnerJ.,.,,!V A Thornburg J II Tschudi, VY B Thurston,.J L Thomson, w:oo, Trauernicht, :t L TraQY, A J Thomarskowitz, A Thacker, Ric»ard Trevor, Joel Ut:hey, E Valentine, W B Watson~.:~ohn L Woolf, Geo Woolf, Jno Williamson W S Wortman, W C woodson, H L Wil.. SOD,·J B Walton, J H Wyeth! C B Wardrop, JOhll WhitmQdJ., Gao B Willis, E Williams, F WillIamson. T


H Maxfield.

DIED.-N McDonald, Jonas Wllitl1ey, D C Hammond.


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Statecl Meeting, J,.)'Qtru,/rdQ/lJ night previous to full Moan. OFFle:1ERH.

H. K. WilSOll, 1J.'Ia8ter. S.. J. Rice, 8enm Warden. C;t" W. DC)Well, Jtl!lrior Wflrden. J. J. Gilmore, Tre.a8urer. Lem. Peter, SeotF~tatry.

H. A. SlnIth, ,Senior Deacon. R. G. KuylLoodall, J. D~a,aon. R. W. Tyler, Senior Steward. lfT. T. Reynolds, Junior Steward. J. M. Barns, 'l"'yler.

¥ml:BERS.-J W B~w:nl: J M Barns, J W Beam, A B CO&t$r CA\leh Craft, T D 00D.D8!1, W R Ohowning, G P Olarei R T Davis, S D Dowell t G W Dowdl, M W ]:\~ris, T S Farris, S D Farris, T R Farris" G W Fr~anJ J J QUmore, E S Gann, A. F Gr0eQard" rr J Gard, J B HallmgsW'onh" S D HSllI, Jas Jackson, S J leffriest:ft G Ku.ykendall, Wm Ki:vkman,. T Lowre, Campbell Lynch, is 8 McCallister, Geo l\l[unom.., D A l£eado'vs J" M Powell, Lam. Peter, J" W Ritcllie) S J" Rice, J }{ lley~~s, lIardin Riddle, R C l'igg, J Robel'lsoJJ., Wm B SmltJatw.1h1.g~ Stril,·t9.; .T A Smith, JQ&b ShuI_r H A S~th~ Henry Smith1 '1' R imith~ t l W Tyler, W D TO~SI'Q:Ut J R WooctnWt..,..H It Wilson, Wm Word, T S Willia,ms, G W Yar-1 E :M Yatea, ..tI. R YAtes. DIKZWll'ED..-G

W Ellis 1 W

W ... U~, S AUXier, W Ii'Dyer, J W lt~~ J


DLEID.--Rl1gh )icOlmtoelr.





W ARRl1IN Co.---ChartQred May 8, 185ft


Wtn. T. Carter, Master. WIll. B. Oglesby, 8. lVarden O. B. Ellis, J. Warden. H. T. Pendleton, T'Pea~UJrer. Wm. A. Kabler, Seoretary.

R. J. Kennedy, /:)'en.. DebtCo31. Wm. L. Wingfield, J . IJeacan. Wm. Frans" S. Steward. J. B. Oliver, J. J..~~eward. Jos. G. Lyons, T..Vlevr.

A Allen, Wm A Abington, 0 CAllen, M Bitd, J Bryan~-!ohn E Ball, Chas E Bird, Wm J Baker, W T Carter, J J Dyer, WInS Dyer S Da~i$, R S Duncan, C R Ellis, Henry Ellis, JAB Edwards, H G Ewing, Jas F Edwards, Wm Frans, rr J Farriss, George Garnett, R Givens t A J' Hart, A Hart, John Herrold, Thomas Herrold, Wm A Kabler R J KenedY,R A Lanier J08 J..Jyons, A 8 Loving, Jas Leonard, Ii Leonard, E W Moarman, N Marsh, J R Martin, Wm McCoy, F M Maxwell H Moore, Wm B OO'lesby, .J B Oliver, C vV Pringle, N 0 Pringle, R T Pendleton, G W Pleasants, John R Russell, John .A. ~leett".J H Simpson, "Tames G Tatum, A J Wright, L Williams, Wm 1.J Wingfield. . MEMBERS.-R

W Bowman, J L Boswell, C M


Pritchett, J H Pritchett, W D Weems.

DIED.-P L Davis.


Co.-Chartered May 22,1852,

SaelllrrdJay niJgAt oj

or be:ftlre the ,fw(l


ea~ rJ'1J(J1btht.

1~~bion, Ma8ter.

M. T. S~, 86fWf!J~. A~s, Se!J:J:ior !f)Jâ&#x201A;Ź.~'@fM. J. W. 'aubioD, Junior DpCtcoh. Wale W. Woods,. T3Ilp"r.

_'Jfett"Rerddisn, Sentor lJ"'arde9tl. J. R.

It F. Oox,

Junior Warden. ])m.Oarpenter, Treasurer.




MEMBERS.-W W Arnold, J R Atkins, Jno Broadhurst, J08 N Baker, J I Belt, W E Bell, J H Barnes, F M Barnes, D T Bronaugh W Conaway, J B Cox, Dan Carpenter! J H Crempton Wm Car: penter1r,"~r., B F Cox, S W Campbell0 L Darby, 0 F bougherty Thos w Davis R W Darby, L .J::S Dougherty, A J De Berry' MIchael Doyle, 13 G Frazier, M J Faubion, J W FaubionA. Pleasant Fleming, Marshall Gragg, John Gragg, T K Gash, N J tiOSS, T P Hardesty, Ed Haynes, J J Hodges, C B Hodges, .Jac Harrington, J R Harrell, E F Knighton, J P Kun, J B LeWIS, .I S Lancaster1 Geo W Lon~, A R Murray, S W Malott, B L May, Geo R May, J W Parrish, James PIerce, J T Price, Robt Reddishh-. T B Roger~ W W Rule, A K Reddish, J C Rice, S C Strobel, M 'J.' Samuel, A ts Truman, G W Thoropso~z...,.W L ThompsoD t Albert Tillery, Zattee Todd, L L Tillery, John WIlson, A C Wooas, B F Woods, Elisha WIllIams, Wm W Woodst...}Val W Wood~ Nathan Willhite, Jas 0 Woods, 0 F A Williams, WID C White, J T Walker. EXPELLED.-Ira



J Barnett, Jas Chorne,


Co ,,-Chartered May 8, A. L. 5852, A. D.1852.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or after full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

John P. Ellis, lJ-faster. M" Newland, Senior Warden. J. J. Formant Junior Warden. W. C. Teagne, Treasurer.

John M. O'Bryan, Secretarry. Wm. H. Allen, Senior Deacon. J. N. Ellis, Junior Deacon. Philip Crume, Tyler.

MEMBERS,,-W H Allen, A Broyles, James A Bradley..t.. A Brad.. le:y, Frank E Block W S Codhran, Philip Crume .A F JJowning'f Isaac EllIS, John P Ellis, .Theo G Ellis, Isaac NEllis, S T Easj, E J FIsher, James J Forman, A F Forman, N A Harvey, T A tiMvey, Flovd HarveJ:t Jacob Morri~t. James Morris t Andrew MQ1rris t Henry H Morris, lJ MagrUder, lVJ.artin Newlana, John J Ogdent .John M O'Brien, George A Palmer, William Palme!). Wm Palme~ W M Reynolds, C Sanford, Milton Sanford, Jeff r::;ullin.ger, J ~ Shannon, Jesse Sutton, W T Teagne, L 0 Tucker, D H Whit&sids, E P Pharr, Wm R White.


C Rhinehart.





DA. VIESS Co.-Chartered JUIte 1, 1866.

Stated meet~n[J, Saturday night

preced~ng full rJ~oon.


Wm. T. Moore, Master. T. B. Orowder, 8. Warden. J.]{.]{oore, J. ~arden. E. F. Kenney, Treasurer. S. C. Rowland, Secretary.

N. J. Black, 8entor Deacon. J. W. }\IIoore, Juni(j)tr Deacon. W. W. West, l:J. Steward. Wesley Lee, J. Steward. Alfred Barnette, Tyler.

MEM:BERS.-R C Bradford, W H Bradford, Daniel Bradford, J H Burns, James Brown, J A Bradford l J" J Bradford, S W Cawthorn, T B Crowder, H S Crowder, ArChieCopetW L Clark, N .J Black, Samuel Dean, .T A W Drumnl0nds, L P epart, W R Edwards, E W Hancock, W M Jackson, L L Johnson, E F Kenney, Wesley Lee, 0 W Lee, W F lVloore, Olanzy Mallory, Wm. Miller, J W Moore, J M Moore, J McCulloch, R S Osborn, A Osborn, Geo Osborn, W H Osborn, J J Osborn, A J Otterman, A T Patton, A H Riggs, S A Riggs, Willis Reid, W F Richardson, S C Rowland, S B Seley, W M Strong, Adam Shelman, B W stout E Stephens tTacob Taylor, George Thornton, Ed-ow-ard Truman, It T Wess W W West, J T Wigglesworth, Era W Wilder, Wm Estice, It A



Heaston, M L Walker, J A Ewing.


Co.-Chartered 1852.

S/tated Meetings, F1"iday on or before the Full JJfoon .. OFFIOERS.

D. B.. Fowler, Master. .1.. T. Perry, J..~'enior Deacon. S. B. Peters, Senior Warden. J. D. Orook, Junior .Deacon. Adaixt Cunningham, J. lVarden. Wm. lJarbige, T.ylpr. 1. f. ~O;rlaig, Secretary. MEHBEBs.-Thomas Barker, Jamee S Best, William Bourne, Bourne, John H Barker, John T Board, R A Bryant, Chas lll&ke, J P Craig, Alden Carter, J H Oody, Jacob Clapper, Adam jol1~ J




Cunningham, J D Crook, J H Clemons, S P Childers, J S Carter Allan Crook, R H Collins, C R Combs, Matthew Coffey, H }ft Durkee, Frank Drake;.. D N Fulk, Manua1 Fray, D P Fowler Thomas Gunn, H M aorin, J G Howard, EndymQn Hall, G 'VI Holeman, Wm Harbige, J W Hoke, Joel B I-Iaskins, Ambrose M Hayden, Wm T Hayden, J P Knott, C S Martin A SMyers, Ralph Marshall, G T McIntyre, J T Montgomery, S M Martin, E McIntyre, Jacob Maggard, R T McCandles, Sterling McDonald, H C McArthur, J S Matthe,vs, I W Norton, R T Nesbit, Robert Padget, J T Perry, H G Poe, S S Pearce, Samuel E Peters, E G Richardson, T W Richmond Morris Reibel, J M T Smith, JQb Sanders, J G Shawley, J C Smith, C A Simpson, .James Sayer, J B Sanders, Wm D Smith, Thomas Smith, Morgan Tuoker, R I Vaught,- L J Wagner t E Williams; A J Wilson, Thompson Walker, J T Walker, J M Wnal~Il, J M 'Vitt, .Jesse Wilbur" J G Walke, William Young, HenFy Keller. DIED.-=--John Sande-rB.


Ootober 8, A. L. $30.

Htatedmeetirl{J8, E,'aturday n'lght on or be.fore each full



Fred. L. Haywood, lttfaste'r. W. F. Oglesby, Senior Warden. Walter Simpson, J. Warden.. J. Winn Davis, Trect8tJ/re/f. William H. Moss, ),.~ecretCt:rY.

Thornton Johnston, S. D~(toon. John F. Baxter, J. Deacon. Daniel W. Knight, S. Steward, J()hn H. Irvine, J. 8tewctrd. Augustus Collins, T.lJler.

MEMBEBS.-Parson Browl1 Joseph W Brown Rally W Bryar~t. George S. Britt, William P Boone, Benjamin ~F Boone, JQ~)1 F. Baxter, William BrowIl, Daniel B Boone, William Bell, Be~.1&1PiD P Clifford, William W Crockett, Augustus Collins, Juliu$ W Col.. lin~Flem C Calvert, William B Carlisle, William Chapman, #f.WiS R lJowning, William M Demott, J Winn Davis, James D ,;Viel, Garrett.J DJ\vis, George WE~ans, George V Fortune, Wi~l{ Givens William M'K Gillum, Samuel R Givens, J Warrenr GRf fith, William D. GUile, John W HemphiJb L W Haywood, Fr." rick L Haywood, Benjamin F Hayden .t1.enry H Higgin1)o~am, Anton Hirst, J oIln H Irvine, J Carson Jameson.J Adam T J a.~$ont William A Jackson Thomas H Jameson, '~'hornton Joh;o,son, Daaiel W KnightJ 0 hn. Kelly,~Aoox.a'tL<tel" Lyter, William M Jtdr~Jl7 1\1 X M'!Ft.\ltla.lld, wiJl.i&aH l\(Qss, A M'IntGsh, W C Nu:a:Q.,~1t_ L ~deil1, ~Wini&m F O_b:r, Cmleb' W Farr, An:d.e~ P"-r ool


1869.J Frank A



vVilllsm S Pepper, Wilhatp. PoJla,l\:J Joseph Pollal{, Pharr, Richard M Roberts J F M Reynolds, Levi M Smith, JunIus A Sha~v, J WO<Ddson Smith, Samuel Steiglem~n, James T,i llurroo:nd, Willuun N Tinsley," Is.aa,c Anl Thompson, Peter Tlaeobald, M M Tucker, Alman '1' Vaughan, George GWinn. F~ter M

DlMITT:cn.-William W lVlackey, Robert F WatQrs.

DIED.-Henry LWeI!':;.


P A I.Jl\IYRA, Stat~d

MARION Co.-Chart~redin


Meeil,ngs, Second and Fourth Thwsdays, 24th of June and 27th oj December. 01;"PIOER8.

Granville Keller, Master. John B. Best, Senior Warden. 'Vm. E. Anderson, J Warden. vV. J. Jackson, Treasure'r. J. W. Drescher, Secretaty.

R. E. Anderson, /:)"enior Deacon. L. F. Tittle, Junior Deacon. Sam. Clark, Senior Steward. Eugene Seymour, J 8te'lbard. John Kratz, Tyler.

MBMBERS.-l'hos L Anderson, R E Anderson, W C A nderS&n, John P Best, Henry Best, John B Best, Jaoob Bets, Daniel Boon~ ~ne'l Barclay, Jas M Baker L P Bowen, W M Ba:x:ber, W H (J B!t)addus, laeob Creath, T J Oo16h G M OraJ.n, A L. Crane, lames Obl:U~x6rl$Qn, W B Carbyn, James vu:rd, G C Otig~ire} W,. iamuel Clark, Morris Oohn} J D OJa:rk, .r W Olim:ql, R~.y JM~erT J W Dresoher J C Duncan, W C DiJlgle, H J Drummond" Frederick Diehl" H 0 Davis, W L nUlwiddie, J M Di~kson, J A ~ericks, A H Easton.t.l A Eastin, W H E~r~~rt, l\{ F~'cher, L W Fisher, J W Gentry, .tl L Gentry, B F Griffith, W T Gay, Gash, J o:s.eph Gash MtLrtin Gash, G T Giles, F A Il~ll­ 1.&1t Thos:m Hateher, Joa L Hatoher, W L Ila,tober, H W :aolling~: Yorth, II It Hinde, J B Hays, W S BaYlen, J" W llayClen, D W ~n;'hes" J A Heather, W J Jt!tcksQn, W P Ji\ol\:soD,Oollins JQhn-

10.,·, ;It M Jahnsotlt.-...B A JS-UdoD%"....!ohn ~a~ ~lias IDn~i$lv. ~, ~.Itil1e Xeller J:1. W Koeh, G w Lane, J ~ Luther, J n,¥e~.r$, 1 Q A iietca~f~ D.niellVIcLoud~ II ¥OUet, lerry ¥iro.t~r, tp 1* ~ea~nn, T J Mendetl,badl, H W M8ao:p., P M:atth~'W~, T R l\lill~nf J A Moss, F McCabe, JR Mills,:M Murphy, John Nic,, J N ~iohols, 0 B Nesbit, W B Phillips, W T Payne, ,J W Plryor, 1 W Proctor, D M Proctor, E Pepper" W L J?edd\oo;r,d, B F Peltner, 01tt::aogers, :r L Rogers, J S R0SS, Fielden Ray, R M Rhoades, 1tenry Rhoades, A D Sprague, W J ~p~ue,Lto0b Sesey, H R




Sosey, HE Smith, W Smith, John Shannoll.."t. W K Sites, E p Schofield S Shepherd, J J Suter, - Seymour, 'J:hos E Thompson E J Tho~pson, C A Trager, Edgar Taylor, H K Terril, J R Tay~ lor Jacob Tipton, L F Tittle, Joel Thrasher, J C B Thomas, J B Willis J08 M Willis, W A Willis, S S Williams, W H Walker 0 B Wo~d J W Widderfield, Alonzo White, Edward Whaley. i R Yeager 'Robert Canan, W P D Claybrook, H P Pond, I B Owsley R J Price, J~g C Willis, J J Samuels. ' DIMITTED.-B Y N Clarkson, R N Sharp, H G Teagon, W T Jordan, J J Beatty, J D S Dryden.


Co.-Chartered March 1, 1835.

Stated ]}Ieeting, First and Third Saturdays in each month. OFFICERS ..

Theodore Brace, Master. E. T. Wetmore, S. Warden. E . Ashcraft, J. Warden. D. H. Moss, Treasurer.

Wm. H. Ownuy, Secretary. James Wilson, Senior Deacon. Geo. B. Caldwell, J. Deacon. Henry Fink, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Ephraim Ashcraft, DM Alverson, W JBurchinelI, Thomas Barker, S S Bassett, JeffBridgford, James Bridgford, 8 H Brown, Christian Burke, John N Brown, H P Batsell, Thomas E Burnett, B F Bryan, Theodore Brace, W F Buckner, R M Burgess, B B Broughton, Wm Bybee, George C Brown, D W Campbell, las Carr, J H Campbell, J SConyers, W SConyers, Wnl B Craig, G B Oaldwell, W H H Crow, G W Crow, A H Carver, C B Dawson, B G Dysart, John Forsythe, J R Fowkes, H H Fields, W S Forsyth~", Henry Fink, Wm Foster, A E Gore, G W Green, John W Long, 11 J McGee, D A McKamey, D H Moss, E G B McNutt, Thomas P Moore, J M: Moss, W T Nesbit, W N Penn, J N Parsons, E lit Poage, James N Powers, J P Powell, Phili:R Ross, T T RubeI Drury Ragsdale, T H Rubey, R T Smith, Granville Snell, T I Shar_p, J B P Smith, T W Smith, .John A Thompson" Wm Own})!, C E Vaughn.t.yยง E Wilson, Wesley Wilson,..? W A Waller, Daniel T Wise, W J warren, James Wilson, E'l' Wetmore, Philip Williams. DIMITTED.-A

Kirkland, C E Wills.


L Manuel.





Co.--Chartered October 24, 1836,

Stated lrfeehn{J8 , Ftrst an d T h~rcl Tuesdays


each ftlonth,


Edward Nathan, j[aste,路. P. J. Hendgen, Secretary. Theodore Nagle, Senior Warden. Isaac Koperlik, Sen~路o?" Deacon . E. J. Williamson, Jun. Wa1"clen. Simon Popper, Junior Deacon. Albert Fischer, Treasu'rer. MEMBERs-George A Assman James H Bagwill Emanuel Block, Stephen BOl.lrne, William Berman, Adam Buchtor, J B Backer, Jacob Block, Louis Rehm, Patrick Conway, John IJ Carver, Solomon Caro, Bernard Cohen, Adolph Cohen, E B Cogswell, A H Cook, Henry eoan Henry Dunker, B Dianlolld, S Dianlant, Aug T Eichler, J W Ellwanger, George Frank, Charles S W F'ltch, E S Florsheim, Ferdinand Fishell, Albert Fischer, Albert Frank enthal, Jacob Frank, Isaac Fuld, SinloD Freund, Theodore Ferrell, 'rhomas Gass, Robert Goldstein, Wm Goldstein, Simon Green, Edward Herzog, Elias Haas, P J Hendg-en, Joseph Henry, S H Hable, H L Horwitz, Wnl Heller, Thos H HanlIDond, Adolph Isaacs, J L Isaacs, Jonas Isaacs, John H Jackson, Adolph Jacobs, George Jorgenson John ICearney, Julius vV Roch Theodore Klinesmith, Isaac koperlil{, William KeHer, J Lack, Julius Low&Xlstein, Marks Lesem, M Levy, Morris Meyer~ Alexander Marks, Simon Meyer D D Moran Martin Meyer, J J Menges, Louis Magnus A F Myer, James Meek, Chas McPherson, Jno K Macfarland, Edward Nathan, Theodore Nagle, Wm Niemanl.-,.A Plessner Antonie P~rlna, Wm G Page, Thoe S Parker, Simon .t'opper, Edward P0,Pper, S Pollack, Jos M Polaok, Evermont Randall, Isaac EOOsenhEum, D 0 Ritter, Michael Riley, Wm Reichenbach, Albert Rothschild, Ferdinand Raake, Philip Reiss, Hubert RaInakers , Isaac Bindskopf, E F Rhem, Julius K Roadhouse, Chas J Reister, Harrison Sommers, Chas Stifel, Fred Steigerwalt, Simon Simon, Frederick Sohragg, Joseph Sessel, Michael Spyers, Henry Schlegel, B ~ Smith, H H Stockhoff, J H Scherpe, George A Schaeffer, 楼81rk& S&~ter, ,Jno D Torlina, John Vollmer, A R Williams, J 8 Deeler, E J Williamson, F J Wickenden, W H WiIk, Chas R WfUiwnson, J J Zimmerman. DIKlr.mrEP.-J R Boyce, Preston Bishop, V W Ewing, Leopold

:B"reundJ N F Geyer !II S Meyer~ Morris Jacks, P W Ralphs" H C ~~enn~ld, Henry Rosenfield, M Samuels, It Sackerman, Leopold ~r()el1r, Ii


Weinhaus, Philip Waldman.





Uo.-Uhartered June 2,1856.


J$'tated Meeting,


on or before ju if In oon in each 1nonth.

"YVm. Brantner, ,S. lJe<"Lcon.. H. H. Glanville, Junio1'" Dcaron. James Walker, 8. Steward. W. H. ~{orelock, J. J,Stewarai. James W. JDues, Tyler.

Humner Boynton, Ma8tei~. John Scobee, ASf • Warden. E. B. Ready, J. Warden. Joel C Hill, Treasurer. W. W., Sooref;q;rg.

MEMBERS.-M PArcher, Sunlner Boynton, Augustus Bobnger, David Bellmyer, John Blanchard, Wm Brantner, John 0 Glan.. ville, S H Glanville, Joel CHilI, 8 W Hollenbec~L. Nathaniel Jone8.J...1ames W JOD8S, Wm B Jon~~ Hawthorne lv.LcCnllough t Will 11. KOl"~o0:k, DC Morelock J M lv.J.iller T B MeNeal, Da.vid R Pickens, E B Reedy, John Scohee, W W Shearer, E F Springer, ~Job» ¥ Swallow, Levi Txuehill, A B Walker, James Walker, A P Wo>oo, 0 11 Ferrell.




LO:PGE, N.o. 22.

Ol1"'FiOERS. ~ J. Crumpacker, M~ter. G~ee,'r Warden.

fl'homas W. West, J':).. Dea(:Jon. R. M. Rartley, J. Deacon. William R .. Oliver, J. Warden. 'l'homas Hill, Senior Stet-Del/,el. H. M. Griffith, Treasurer. J. T. Moore, Junio,;' 8tewc~rd. F. W Haggenateill, Secreta1 y. John M'Millen, Tyler.



~~BE~f"-B G :eo~trlght

A J Brown, Charles Britner,

4. ~ Brown F M Bretz, B BaM0IUt, Brown, WAF N Bowen, J~U~





Blevins, T J Crumpacker, Oovington Dix A H Dunlap Albert Derge, J H Davis, Lafayette Ellison? J" S Ellison. J" D ]'Iannery, A B Fristoe Miles FUller, ~ Gostee, W C Garton, Isham GfU'dner, W Z Garton, Amos Horn, James Hall, W H Hall, Hiranl House, Thomas Hill, J SHarman, F W Hagenstein, R M Hartley, W T Hawert, A F Jones, Holland Jone.§J... J" W KIng, P R King, Martin Kellar, W C Moore J T Moore, vv R Moore J T Martin, Jeptha Martin, John M'Millin, J" W Martin, T F Norris, W R Oliver, J P Pettigrew, L B Peabody, F M Pepper, Laban Richard, W S Robinso~ Hiram Roberts, C G Roger~J-W S Rose, Corder Stone, Ulich t;chneider, C R; Thomps0n, G w Veach, G W W01verton, T W West, J D Williams. T B Winburne, Henry Yakely, Meikle Yakely. DIMITTED.-H

W Cole, W H ThoDlas.


A F Mire.

DrE:>.-P C Dunning.

I'LOaIDA L<m_ No. 23-


R. J. Johnson, Ma8ter. D. H. Gillaspy, Senior Warden. W. T. Riddle, Junior Warde~ B. O. Dollard, T1'easure'l·. J. B. Herndon, Serreiary.

B. Crawfortl, f.,ferlior Deacon. (l. W. Carrico, Junior Deacon. Legran Bouse, Senior J..'Jteward.


R. L. White, Junior J...'!te'UJard. M. Wilkerson, T:Vle1·.

MEXB~RS.-R ,J J"ohnson, D H Gillaspy, W T Riddle, B C Dollard John B Herndon, C B Crawford, G W Carrico, Legran ~()nse, RF White, Mason Wilkerson, E L Grigsly~..L Hes~t....,Silas TanlBer, trnarI Rouse, Milas Johnson, Cam-Ies rakey, wm B &_, lerremiah Roase, Bobt OalhbotlD t J_ U, DQol~" E II T~er, G W Edmonson, "Taa W,i~ht, M B Cl&lk, G W J;hi~~s, J: D nQage" 'Et Leach, Jas M Dollard, n T Cowhero, J M Travis, J&8 1l:1edS'oll:, Robt Buchman•.




'V Ra.ins, JM Davis" H C Grady, .Tas F CrAw-






~[ecti'Ylg, Fi1'"St

Co.-Chartered June 10, 1853.

and Third 8atu1路da.1J 8 in each month. OFFIOERS.

Thomas E. Shepherd, lJ-faster. .Tas. T. Howland, 8. Warden W. J. Wright, J. nrarden, L. Hagood, Treasurer. O. R. Bro,\v'ning, 8ecretar路y.

G. W. Connell, 6'. Deacon. R. L. Barker, J. Deacon. .Jos. 'r. Hutton, 8. Steward. .Tohn W. Henderson, J. Fl. Jacob Taylor, Tyler.

1IEl\fBERs.-Lafayette Avery, John Alberty, W S Bohon, T B Bohon, James T Bohon, E T Bohon, Wm Bohon H T Bartlett, Benjalnin Berry, W G Brown, John M Cooper, G W Connell, SolOOlan Glore, James T Hutton George Holt John W Henderson, J 'r Johnston, Joseph Littard, GC Merrilh Harvey Music~. . ! homas Richardson, Charles Stearns, Thomas ..til. Shepherd7,. G w Shoeffer, John H Talbot, J S Vautest, A C Waltman, John R Williams, S H Williams, Wm J Wright, 'IT N Hagood, 'rhos Colson, GeorgeA Mayberry, James H Juddeth, John Taylor, L Hogood, George Jarmain, R B Jacobs~ 0 Schneider, Simeon Connelly, .J B Alverson J R L Clarkson. James Grubb Wm H Skinner, R L Barker, David Hall, E W Bradley, Geo N Shannon, C R Browning, John H Cooper, David Hutchison, Jacob Tayler, L 0 Rendson, James E Bates, B F Lusk, Lucien Patterson, Wm P Moore, J N Cook, J T Howland, T 0 Lowles. DIMITTED.-J

S Galbraith, S N Richmond, R E RanI.


G Summers.

RUSPENDED.-John Orange.

NAPHTALI LODGE, No. 25. ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered October 4, 1839. ~ftated Meetings,

Second and Fourth Thursdays in each Month. OFFIOERS.

David F. Kaime, Master., Morris Maudle, Senior Warden. J. V. Westlake, Junior Warden. Peter Behr, Treasurer. John Decker, Secretary.

M. J. Steinberg, Senior Deacon. Geo. W. Kaime, Junior Doo(Jo'1fi~ A. Snodgrass, Senior Steward. Chris. Shafler, Junior Steward. Anton Stille, Tyler.

MEMBNBs.-Thomas F Ackermann Lewis L L Allen J'eSlstt Arnot, John Richard Barrett, James G Barry, Augustus naUM~




Peter Behr, John F Bell, Lloyd T Belt, Detlief J Blanke, Thos l~ Brierly John H Burke Thos H Burridge, Ohas 0 Carroll, jr, Lewis P Chalfaut, James Ooliins~John M Collil1S~ Eben A Corbet, William Curran, Willianl H Curtiss, Thos G C Davis, John Decker, John T Dozier, John 0 Dubuque, Thomas Dunn, Joseph. 0 Edgar, Adolph Ehlort, William Einstein, Jerome B English, Philip Ertbeiler, John l\I Farnham, James A Felps, Thos F Field, jr, James H Foster, Joseph Foster, Samuel Gaty, John A Gilfillan, James Givens, John A Grauer, l<Jrastu8 K Green, Daniel N Greenleaf, Nicholas Guerdan, George C Hadley, P Lee Hall, John Hartman, William Hawksley, John H Hendri<:ks, Frederick Wm. Henschen, H Hessel, John T Hesser, 'Vheeler B Hewitt, Nathaniel T Hickman, William P Hight, William R Hill, Sinlon Rusche, Daniel Honig, Clark Hooper, Andrew J Hultheig, Henry A Johnson, Henry Kahn, David F Kainle, George W Kaime, lVIartin Kaltenbach, .T J Kirkbride, Emil Knoll Frederiok H Krite, Morris Langsdorf, John A Leavy, Julius Levine, Oharles Levy, Marcus Lezinsky, Freeman Little, Benl路amin Lynds, _Tames H McCord, Francis McFaUl, H .T B McKel ops, .Tames H McLean, J W McMurraYt Antonie R MeNairt-,Morrig MandIe, Charles A l\fantz, A D Mattnews, Samuel l\Iay, l\'ranklin MItchell, Louis F Mitchell, George W Nash, Thos C Noxoll, l~ Oettinger, Ohas F Orthwein, Timothy A Pacl{ard, William B Parker, Samuel Penlbertby Chas Perrine, Henry Pilkington, SalTIuel G Pilkington, '楼illiam CPitt, Henry C Pocock, Charles H Pond, Hugll Reid, John Riordan, Findlay Robb, William H Robe!'ts, William L Robinson, Adolph Samuels, Marcus H Saxton, Ohrls Shaffer, Alvin Snodgrass Marcus J Steinberg). Jacob Steinberg, Anton Stille, Leopold R Straus, Frank Sturla, vook Talcott, Henry Thornbrug, John J:t' Thornton, Rufus E Tower, Isidor Turk, Wm Sidney VoriA, Price Wagoner, Bernard Warner, Joseph Warren, ,Tames V Westlake, Evan B Wood, Abram B Woolf. I

DIMITTED.-Julius W Porter, Ed,vard Evers, Jacob Furth, Abraham !{ramer, David Levy, Hermann Myerstein, Joel Swope. SUSPENDED.-John Rae, Peter Donneville, Edward Gray Hugo Hockholtzer, Julius 1\;1 Ward, Nathan Wheeler, John G White, Wm W Wilson.

1)rF;n .-George :Bttshey.

IIE:.K:ICO LODGE, No. 2611 ME:l:I00, A UDRAIN COUNTy.---Chartered May 6, 1852. k'lt(.(t~d

rneeting, Thi,'"d Tuesday of each month. OFFICERS~

J. M. Marll1aduke, Maste'l路.

a. M. Edwards, Sen/lo," lVaraen.

~. rhona, Junior Warden. J'lllIO. Haley, Treasurer.

Jas. Carron, Secretary. :E. Gibbs, S~nior DeactJ'12 Jas. Ooil, Junior Dea(j()9'~. Jas. Wilson, Tyler.





MEMBERS.-J C Oifut, Geo W Sullivan, P H Estes, Thos W Reed Geo W Cardwell, Jas Pasqueth, C C Ricketts, R PearsQ,. ,Jno Haley, R W Sinclair, W M Sinlms, A T Botts, Wn'l A DaVl'll" F Thorn, ,T P Coil? Geo W Pogue, Geo P .Burhop, Jas H Bree:k B J Gibbs L S Barada, Jas Harrisson, J110 M Gordon, Jas Garr~tt Jas Simms, R E Herman, Wm Lee, J W Luckie, T S Walde~ Alvin Powell, T J Powell, S M Edwards, M Y Duncan, J W MC!Kee, Mort MeIlhaney, Jno M Robards, Joseph D Morris, D B MGClure, Thos Staples, C A Holladay, Alex Custer, D \V Sumner .las F Gi11umeJw,. J W Thompson, Jackson Powell, G P William~ E McDonald, '1' J Marshall, Jos W Terry, J G Coil, C P Wade' Jas P Sallinger, Jas Carroll, E H Rose, Jno J Steele, W Harper' Jas Wilson, Jas G Armstead, F Tinehed, J P C Taylor, W H Lee' A F Ryerson, W D H Hunter, Jas H Sallee, G H Randall, Benton Clark, B F Spalding, H Jackman H B Tinsley J E Hutton, L Seiglerz.-!5 MartIn, Jno MDaniel, J W Carson, C II Keep, R Gibbs H W vaugalder, T M Grange, Ed Kendall, Jno Fredde, L it McKee, Jno J Baker, Ed P French, Paul Abot, Jas Harris0I!t. Jr J B Johnson, E J Gibbs, P Zherany, W Humphries, .Jas D .tlen~ drix, Chas J Settle, R P Sbttlghter, M M Dohz, Thos F MCS p Sin&!:1,J... R C Graham, E Rhines, Jno Dingle, 0 0 Moore, H Shaffer,.t1 Williams, A Hemisphere.

DI!\<fITTED.-D H Anlart, "r Rteele, J H DIED.-I;


.1 Hickmam.



Co.-Chartered M&y 26, 18M.


Sol. C. Griswold, Master. ~f. Shelton, 6 enior Deacon. J. R. Greenstreet, !S'en. Warde1t. N. Shookman, Senior Steward. A. Maupin, Jr.,. Junior lVa6rden. W. D. F. Lane, Junior SU~J)ard. .T. W. Shelton, T:vler. .T. G. Bourn, Treasurer. SqUire Cahill, l?earetary. f

MEMBERS.-D J Bailey, S W Beck, C C Boley J G Bourn, win Bridges, R W BridgeSr, Jessee Oooper, Silas CautlY~.J T ConnallYA A W Cole, Squjre CahIll, C R Curtis, J V Custer, Philip Ge1:b$?' Godejohn, 0 K Greellgt~tt J K Greenstreet, S C Grigw&ld~ ~ man Hunter, A J BaJie, E::It Hammack, Jesse Johnson, S P J"0.~t! J M Lane, ,V D F Laa&, 1 G McCann, A Maupin, jr., g L (;} K~



01r:s Z Murph,,-, G Schurkamp, J W Shelto:m., Martin SheJtoJ;l, A. A

4ihhbe, N Bhookman, Joseph Thomas" Phineas Thomas, W T ThurQlPl1l,

W H Thurmon, J W Williams, It Yarbrough.


F Sullens, Richard SullenH.


stx lXlollths.

M Shelton, twelve monthra; II J StUrbbletield,

D:unD.-Willia)ll J Bro"\vll.


CO.--iChartered May 30, 1889.

Stated rncetlngt~, sceond and fourth

~faturday~s in

eaclt rnonth.


John Grant I1"os~, lJ-Iabter. Christof Brenner, ~If.;n. Deacon. O. A. Elliott, Sf'nio1' Wa~·den. ...~lbert L. Bishop, Jun. Deacon. Isaac N. Wilbur, Jun. lVardpn. James Clement, B'en. Steward. Jacob Harris, Treasurer. (;eo. Httmphreys, Jun. Steward. Wm. Orson Flavell, )~~cretarlJ. 'Vm. R. Kidd, Tyler. MAnderson, C H Angell, J Blain, J eremiab D Bacon, George C Benedict, Christof Brenner, Henry K Bellard, Adolph Berg, James S Brittingham, John L Bill, Albert L Bishop, Joseph C Bower, Lewis W Bunch M J Burt, Wm Hy Browll, James F Bull, Joseph Brunner, George Brown, Addison Clark, Leslie H Carter, Fred R Chapman, James H Callahan, Charles Chadwick, J D Carstaphan, James Clement, Edward Y Chevalier, 0 M Cutler, Royal P Cabb, Wm H O&1lett, John A Conley, Hiram W Orosby, JoseJ)h Oahn Charles Dancla.. meyer~ David bean, Russell E Dewey, George 0 bunahower, Wm H Dunning, Thomas Earlel, Orlando A Elliott, Henry 8 EbJes, Wm Orson Flavellt..Barnet ~ razee, D Geo Farweltt.Leo1l4rd Finlay, John C Fielding, John Grant Fos~, Oharles H !i'oote, Edward B Gtbb~" Peter B Groat, George G Gould, J oelH Harris, George D Hliltllill, Jacob Rarria, Edward T Harrif3, Gl\stavus Harris, Stephen E lit&! Wm H Hall, Wm K Haynes, Adam. C Helton, Jolin V llibQe;Dt, Geo :a: Haunstock, George Humphreys, Cornelius :a:am_., Jolan Jackson, Henry P Jaques, Thot;na~.... Johnson, W~ C Jt~Z, WIll R Kelley, Israel P Kelts, Wm R ~idd Asa D King, l.n ,L Laoy, August Laparte, Ch.~rles La.;ngron, J oh:o. Lees" Will MEMBERS.-R ~CMl, Josiah D


~Qe JGeorge W Lent, Fred R L~kling,-Wm A :M~sonJ l~mes !

~ne:~ Robert Martin~ )\£e;!)er1l)), GarDti;m. ];I: McKey." ., W McCartney, JQPou )M:cCaxtney, J;ohn ,¥aurer1 J()hn W




McCleary, Christopher lVicRae, William May, Oscar Mapes, Rich. ard McIntyre, Henry H Meredith, Charles W Mills, John Morris .James M lflorris, George Muncton, Wm A Munger, John S Moore' Samuel A Oliver, George Parker, George W Pennell, Oscar Pindell' Christopher Rannenberg, Frank J Rice, Carl C Riker, Philip RUd~ dick Andrew Robertson, Erastus Robinson, John Russ, JosC?Ph E stre~ter Benjalnin Stevens, Theodore Schrewener, Ben F Shelabarger, .'rames Hy Slnith, Nathan Shumate, John J Strong, Hay.. wood M Sumner, John G Taubold, Spencer C Tilbe, Henry TUbe Harmone J Tisdale, Jfunes C Tho111S011J Sanluel T Troth, James D rrhompson, Lewis W r!'owne, John Vatn, John J A Webb Wm A Wilson, Henry C Whiting, Stephen G William~, Isaac M Wilbur Charles L WilsoPJ Jacob Wilbur, Jeremiah Yancy, Washington :L Youse, Norman roung. EXPELIJED.-Thomas Boniface, 'Villiam Elliott. SUSPENDED.-Ben F Durgen, Robert Martin.;.., Ben F Compton Henry Parmenter, Nat P Kunkle, Henry W ~'arley, George W Storrs, George C Benedict, James W ..Lucas. DIED.-Gabriel M I{eightley, Alonzo E Shaw.


JStated Meeting,


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

of or im'inediately prereding every full ?noon. OF}i'ICEl~8.

A. ~{. McIntire, Maste'r. Jas. W. Brown, Sen. Warden. Jas. W. Goodin, Jun. Warden. R. W. Major, Treasu1'"er.

R. F. Taylor, f::/ecretar,lj. D. H. Dunning, Ben.. Deacon. A . C. Clark, Jun. Deacon. James E. Tindall, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Edwin Bass, James W Bro,\vn, John H Bell, Jas D Baker, J G Bell, A J Bass, James H Bass, S J Cotton W J Colbow, A C Clark, H T Douglas, D H Dunninp;, G Q Foster, H G Fristoe, Joseph Fisher, W S Gilliland, Warren Goodin, James W Goodin, Wm Goforth, W A Gray, J W Gray, J .A Hughes, R P Huston, Joseph W Huston, W H Hendrick, 8 Y Johnson, B F Lawler, W J LiVingston, A 1\1 McIntire, Joseph Means, B T Mather, D J McMillian, J B McMillian, R W Major, M A Owen, Charles L Phelps, W B POlneroy, J M Pill~足 erill, W J Sappington, James A Scriviner, rr G Shadburne, Wm




steele, R F Taylor, James E Tindall, C P Wheeler, Jerry Yancy, Joel Yancy. DIMITTED.-F


P vVetzeI,

S Askins.


Btated meeting,


Co.-Ohartered Oct. 0, 1860.

on or before jtfJll '1noon in each 1nonth. OFFICEI~8.

John R. Hull, .JIaster. George 'V. Keebaugh, fJfecretary. William G. Wilson, JS. lVa?~den. Tholllas D. Bogie, Senior Deacon. Lewis R. Vaughn, Jun. Wa1~den. John P. Lay, Junior Deacon.. Thos. B. Kimbrough, Treasurer. Jesse Matthe,vs, Tyle1>. MEMBERS ..-T D Bogie, George K Burckhardt, James Burton, James M Burton, Alex L Bibb, Geo W Chapman, WIn S Ohristian, Thomas P Coates, Levi Dawkins, A J Furguson, T J Fullington, Geo T Green, John R HUll, Thomas Humphrey, JYloses Heyman, Solomon Holbrook, Thomas B Kimbrough, Geo 'V I-{eebaugh John P Lay, A G Lea, E J Lampton, Jesse l\Iatthews, John fA1 McOampbell, John H Minor, John S Minor, John C Oliver, Redrick O'Brien, H M Porter, Willialll Poteat, I B Porter, James E Rucker, G T Ridings, D H Root, F M Stark, Henderson Smith, A W Scott, N J Smothers, S B Stradley, R L Tholnpson, M ~f Towner, Lewis R Vaughn, Josel)h M A Vaughn, John L Vroom, Wm GWilson. â&#x20AC;˘


J Mayo. F Reamer.


D Head.


Co.-Chartered October 9, 1840.

{1wted Meeting, First S'aturday and Third lrfonday Night in each 'lnonth.


Wm. A. Hall, Maste1'. Wm. Ferguson, AS ecretary. Leander J Jones Sen. Warden. David Hilderbrand, Sen. Deacon. 1. D HiLderbrand, J. Warden. James H. Ford, Jun. Deacon. JtlmesHDlale Treasurer. James J. Armstrong, Tyler. 1







MEMBERs.-DeWitt C Allen, James J Armstrong, Darwin J Adkins, Lawrence J Bayers, Napoleon A Bayers, Jesse E Bryant Marcellus H Bartlett, Napoleon B Bush, X X Buckner, Asa N Bird, Peter B Burns, Alexander J Calhoun, Malo:y Cave, Wm W Cartwright, John R Courtney, Samuel F Collins, Joseph Y Clark, Wm W Doughertv, James H Dale, Walter S Dale, 'l'hos S Dabney, John W Drew, Bartlett Estess, Harris Ettenson, Jag H Ford, Wm F Ford, Ratcliffe Fisher~ Andrew R Fritzlen, Jacob R Funk, Jonathan H Funk, Wm Ii erguson, Wm F Gordon John B Greell1 Lafayette Grime~... Peter B Grant, James A GU2 lespie, Wm u- Garth, Wm A .t:talI, Joseph R Hicks, Ellison Higbee, Francis M Hutchinson, Salnuel Hardwick, John MHogan, Johnson D Hilderbrand, David Hilderbrand, Daniel Hughes Leander J Jones, Thomas M Jeffries, James T .Keller, Alva~ Lightburne, John S Lightburne, Garrard Long, Leonidas W Leavell James E Lincoln, Mabry Mitchell, Thomas J Mitchell David D Miller, Michael A Miller, Lafayette Munkres, Frederick Meffert, James H Moss John B Mize, Thomas J. MontgomerYt James F Noe, Charles N Palmer, Wm Poague, Robt S Rearden John S Rearden, Joel Rice, Philip W Reddish, Henry L Routt' Joseph H Rickards, Robert G Robertson, Ira Smith, Stephen Ii Shrader, Daniel Thorpe, James T V Thompson, Wm T Wright Andrew J Wilson, Levi Wise, Wm H Woodson. '

DIMITTED.-Llewellen Fritzlen, Duncan D Gant, Aaron H Ringolsky, Charles S Ringo, James W Hightower, N A Potter. DIED.-John TerreL


Co.-Ohartered October 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, Second Monday night of each month. OFFIOERS.

x. Ryland, Master. James P. Hall, Senior Warden. F. H. Shrock, Junior Warden. Gill Eve Belles, Treasurer.

w. P. Boulware, Secretary. L. M. Wright, Senior.Deacon. W. A. Bethel, Junior Deacon. H. Flynt, Acting Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Thomas Alford, H G Armstrong, W P B9.ulw~e Gill Eve Belles, Patrick Ballard? William A Bethel, William if Beck, H L Burrows, Thomas Butts, Jacob Berg, James Olowdsle11




A Q, Clarkson, W G Clowdsley, Joseph Ehrlich, Moses Gratz, Joseph Gerst, James P Hall, Thomas M HacketJ.... .W illiam B Hale, W L Hickarn, George W Roux, William C tlall, Benjamin T John, George King, M G Leiblich, David McKinney, Nathan Pow-eI, Jacob A Price, Harvey Persinger, John F Ryland, John E Ryland, Xenophon Ryland, David Russell, William Shepherd Frank H Shrock, Willis C Turpin, .Joseph Wolf, Adam Walk, St G Wentworth, Leland M Wright. DrMITTED .-.Toseph


DIED.-Jacob Berg.


Co.-Chartered May 29, A. D 1863.

Stated meetings, 8econd


in each month.


Jeremiah B Vardeman, Master. James G Wylie, Secretary. Andrew J. Rice, Senior Warden. .John W. Howard, Sen. Deacon. John R. White, Junior }Varden. Alpheus Payne, Junior Deacon. John D. :Biggs, Trea8urer. Robert M. Anderson, T.:yler. MEMBERS.-Thos M Alexander John M Alexander Robert M Andet$Qn, John C Briggs, John D Biggs, James B Brashears Willi~m B.riscoe, Joshua E Briggs, John Beikehous, Georg-e D Biggs, Thomas Q Bullock Conrad R Coontz, David Clarke, William Culbertson, Martin L Catron, Josiah P Clark, William H Clark, James W Emison, John T Emison, Isaac Ely, John A Ely, George E Flr&~er, James Flemming, Nathan A Foster, Samuel Guttry, Johu WI!oward, Otho B Hichlin, James B Hunt, Moses S Jewel, James A Keathley, George W Leadford~ Abraham L Liter, Ed Millon, J,mea M Mason, Sanford T Mcu-rew, Jeff A Mayhall, J"ames M k~SS1 James Nutt, Chas W Overman, George W Payne, John


Alpheus Payne, John M Phelan, J.l.mes Ross, Jeremiah John Ralls, James W Ralls, Andrew J Rice, John F Rice, Reuben S Reddish, Matthew M Smith, Wm C Splawn, H C Shultz, Jeremiah B Vardaman, James G Wylie, John R White, John A ~toh, A V Beavers, Albert M Sayres, William H Hays. ~ose,

Drv:rTTED.-Thos J Doke, T J Pettit, Frank Glascoek...




TROY LODGE, No. 34. rrROY, LINCOLN h~(tated

Co.-Chartered October 7, 1841.

Neeting, Saturday evening on or bejorejull moon. OFFIOERS.

~Ioses Bond, }Jfasier. .Tames lYr. McLellan, J...'fecretary. Henry Quigley, Sen. TVarden. Thos. H. Hammond, Sen. Deaoon John W. Birkhead, J. Warden. Wm. B. Thornhill, Jun. Deaoon. Richard S. Young, Treasurer. John Britton, Tyler.

l\IEJ\fBERs.-Joseph B Allen, ~IosesBond, John R Britton, John Britton, .Toel Blanks, Oharles H Blanks, Eugene N Bonfils, JohnM Birkhead, David Barley, James D Brown, Francis C Cake, .Tames !{ Cannoll, Byron W Cottle, Wm C Davis, Thomas Z Elliott, 00Itunbus P Frazier, Wm Frazier, Julius M Frink, Allen C Glore, Samuel .1 Groshing, Samuelllutton, Whitelow B Harvey, Luther rr Hammonds, Thomas G Hutt, vVm SHutt, Thomas H Hammond, Gervis Hammond, Wilson'r Harris, Henry Jayn, Edward R Lanier, Charles W Martin, Alexander Nl\iartin, Robert ~Iitchell, Archibald V ~fcKee, James l\I l\IcLellal1, William W McI{ay, .Joseph B Miller, Andre'\v Ne'\vchurch Elias Norton, rrandy K Nichol~ Elisha Nuckols, Chesley H Nichols, George W Ousley, Watson '1' Powell, James Porter, John W Pollard, Walton Perkins, IIenry W Perkins, Henry Quigley, Robert Rick~. Josiah \V Rogers, DeWitt C Russell, John W Sydner, Peachy G Bheltoll, Le"\vellyn Shipp, Alexander P Stuart, John W Slavens Albert Shults, 'Villiam B rrhornhilI, Robert Verdier, Thomas D WilkinSOD, Thomas F Wells, James A Wards, .Tose!)h L Woodson, Rioh.. ard 0 Woolfolk, Austin C Woolfolk, John F Wilson, David T vVaduy, Richard S Dl}{ITTED-Oharles Martin.


Co.-Chartered June 9,1853.


J. N. Truax, lYIaster. W. C. vVolf, Senior Warden. vV. T. Butcher, Junior llTarden. H. J . .t\l1eJ'I", Treasurer.

S. H. Perryman, Secr6tary. J. C. Norcross, Senior D6a0091. Wm. C. Ham, Junior Deacott. Josepll Brown, Tyler:


1869.J MEMBERS .. -H J


Alley, H H Armstrong, W B Ballew, Joseph

Brown, Edgar Blachley, James Boyd, W T Butcher, Labun Curtis, J C Coon, L N Constable, Clark Desler, Ransom Donaldson, John B Ecklin, T M Fullerton, Abner George, P P Hamilton, J C Harper, we Ham W Ii. Johnson, Wm L Jerome,. J H Malone, Martin Moss, A H May, Samuel McAtee, Eli McAtee, Pleasant Nowlin, John C Norcros~t... J R Nordyke, James Norcross, Elisha

Prutt, Israel Patton, S l i Perryman, .Tackson Prichard, Geo W Smith,--O H Stewart,.~ F Strong, J N rrruex, .T Taylor, C Woodward, J:!j R Wilcox, W C Wolf. DI:M:ITTED.-G

W Hull, Jonas J Clark, M Seamonds .


Vauderpool, L R Tweedel, Emory Hickman,

'Vnl T Kesterson, J F Meek.


Co.-Chartered October 9, 5841.

Stated meetings, ,'lecond and fourth Fridays in every month. OFFICERS.

Orson Davis, Master. Milo Blair, Senior lVarclen. D. C. Lionberger, Jun. Warden. J. L. Stephens, Treas. John Russell, Secretary.

S. Sawtell, ,s(enior Deacon. T. Roach, Junior Deacon. H. C. Gibson, Sen. Steward. ..Tohn Welch, Jun. ~'teward. Samuel Winden, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-W E Baird.t....Jacob Berger, Milo Blair;" John Boeblu, B C Clark, B F Craig, I .tS Clark, J S Crawford, t:) Davis, G W Doll, Orson Davis, E C Evans, C 0 Eldridge, C Force, He Gibson, W R George, Wm Harley, P B Harris, T V Hickox, N W Harris, o !Ieim, A M Harrison, W F Howa-rd F R Holeman G Horn, E W Hogue, G T Hardcastle, J S Jury, Wm Johnson, S C Koontz, C Keil, John Kelly, D C Lionberger, Wm Lionberger, D Lionberger, Jacob Louis; J McCutcheon, W D Muir, J M Morton, W McClannahan, M McCoy, Ed Mitchell, A Marst-l\I Mark~ J W McFarland, James Mitchell, J L O'Bryan, :r H O'J:Srien, R ii' O'Brien, J BOwen, .J T Pigott, C S Prongue),. J A Pinnell, T E Potter, J'no Quarles, Wm Rayl, Dr Robinson, \.t W Rathwell, John Russell T Roaoh, T E Rochester, E Roberts, Geo Stucker, W B Short, N Sutherland, C M Stebbins, U S Seat, I L Stephens, Geo A Shirley, T B Steel S G Sawtell F W G, H A Tompkins, Jas 'J,'MJlJ,SOn, T L Tureman, 1 W,' Tuck~J.. M ,J Werth,eimer, R WadeSO~.2;.. ~ W Wear, W J Wyan, J In welch" Samuel Winders, G G Wi#aoll,. M G Williams, John Zollinger, V G Rea. DxM:I.TTED .-H

H Merrill, R McCar:ty.





J..\)tatcd meetings, Fourth

Co.-Chartered Oct. 15, 1868.

~faturday in

each month.


Joseph N. Arnest, Master. Joshua M. Boston, Sen. Warden. C. P. Triplett, Junior Warden. Washington Fitzgerald, Treas. M. D. Utt, Secretary.

Squier Fitzgerald, Sen. Deacon. L. J. Beck, Junior Deacon.

J. M. Caldwell, Senior Steward. W. H. Fitzgerald, Jun. Steward. Enoch Beck, Tyle?".

MEMBERS.-Jos N Arne~~t,. J M Boston, Enoch Bec~1"....L J Beck, S W Beck, W R Brown, J w Cannon J M: Caldwell, washington Fitzgerald, Squier Fitzgerald, G W Fitzgerald, W H Fizgerald HE Greene, Jas A Houseman, J M Johnson, L M Mahaney, A JJ McKinney. Fielding Phelps, J D Roberts, J ]VI Sawyer, C P Triplett, M D Utt, W L Walton, J P Wiseman, T E Wilkinson.


Co.-Chartered June 2d, A. D. 1866, A. L. 5866.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening of each month on or before the full moon. OFFICERS.

James:Lovern, Master. Joel H Wright, Sen. Warden. Elza C. Perkins, Jun. Warden. Thomas F. Owen, Treas. Rufus C. White, ~(ecretary.

Wm. A. Mathis, Sen. Deacon. Jacob Schlenker, Jun. Deacon. Jesse Dadson, Sen. Steward. J. C. Stacy, Jun. Steward. Isaao Bundren, Tyler.

MEl\IBERs.-James Lovern, Joel H Wright, Elza C Perkins, Thos F Owen, Rufus C White, Wm A Mathis, Jacob Schlenk'Qr, Jesse Dodson, J C Stacy, Isaac Bundren, F VV Allen, Edwin D Allen, S C Arnold, Isaac Bundren, Samuel Cunningham Wm H Davis, Pat W Dolan, James Dunham, Phillip Elsass, Hopkins Evans, R P Gordon, H C Gordon, Peyton Y Hurt, Wm W Harri.. son,"Je:tr Morrow, John Lester, Geo W Perry, Cary A Perrin, B F Prathet:t B C Phipps, E E Richardson, Charles Ruch, Eli Ray, Anderson t:S Rose, Mont H Smith, And S Shelton, Ed C Shain, John




T stokes, A J Sneed, 'r W t5impson, Asa C Stoddard, B M Sears Perry:M StacYt..ยฅat H Tinley, Thos Wardell, .lessee White, W S Watson, Ham ward, John Ward, Richard Williams. DIMITTED.-Robert Gordon, Mat H Tinley, Th~mas Wardell.


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Stated Meeting, Wednesday night preceding the full moon of each month. OFFIOERS.

John McLaughlin, Master. W. F. Buren, Sen. Warden. Joseph Power, Jun. Warden. Geo. W. Squires, Treas.

John W. Cardiff, Secretary. Geo. W. Miller, Sen. Deacon. James Cyrus, Jun. Deacon. H. R. Millner, Tyler.

ME1IBERS.-D L Arney, W F Buren, James Oyrus, John Cyrus, J L Cox, James Clements, J W Cardiff, E J Everett, G B Gillilian, M-O Henslee, Abraham Little, A J Lowe, John McLaughlin, H R Millner, G W Miller, J B Morris, A 0 Nigh, J C Nigh~ John Norton, Joseph Power, Leonidas Power, Joshua Rock, A T t)chae:ffer~g W Stewart,.9 W ยงquire!'J...S P Samples, Eli Vanderford, C D weddle, J L wood, W B walters, Daniel Welch, Thomas Wilson, Elzy Yates.

DIMITTED.-Arcama Mullins.

MT. MORIAH LODGE, No. 40. ST."LoUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered October 15, A. L. 5844.

Stated meetings, second and fourth JS'aturdays in each month. OFFIOERS.

Edwin V. Kyte, Master. D. C. Marsh, Sen. Warden. W. G. Lewis, Jun. Warden. T."E. W~ight, Treas.

Thos. Hayward, Secretary. Paul Smith, Sen. Deacon. Martin V. Taylor, Jun. Deacon. N. B. Tindall, Ty~er.




MEMBERS.-W SAnderson, S J Arnold, B R Bonner, Preston Boston A L Brem!ler, A J Briggs, Joseph Brooks, E C Carrington C C C~rleton, Wm Churchill, H H <;J0Ilins, :M Cousins, Joseph Crane David G Croften, S C CummIns. C 0 Curtman, Samuel David~on, W C Fisher, James Flett, G W Fulton, M Gauger, J P Gillespie W N Grogen, A H Hagerman, L A Hartman, Thomas Hayward C L Herring, Gustavus Hoffman, J L Hilliard, A JIves S P 'Ive~, J 1rV Johnson, John Kentnor, J P Kingsley, Edwin V Kyte George Lanitz, G S Lasswell, Marlt E Lennon, W G Lewis Aaro~ McCoy, W H Marean, DeMarsh, L W Mitchell, John Fi Murphy J A Nagle, Wm Patrick, Timothy R Pelton, David H Pierson, 'Henry Porter, H M Seaman, W 0 Shands, Allen Sinclair, Paul Smith, S E Smith, H M Sprague, ~Tacob Stanley, E R Stan.. nard S B Stannard, James M rreel, N B Tindall, M V Taylor, L Wettrioth, L E Witte, A C Wood, H D Wood, VV H Wood, Joseph Wood, T E Wright.


Diefenbacher, Job Newton, E S Walker.


Fisher, T Marshall, D C Mudge, Wm Stein.


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Stated meeting, Saturday on or after full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

s. J. Pulliam, Master. R. H. Shacklett, 8en~ Warden. R. M. Shacklett, Jun. Warden. Martin Horn, Treas.

John W. Lee, Secretary. F. M. Peish, Senior Deacon. G. W. Shacklett, Jun. Deacon. D. W. Hayden, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Henry Black, B F Burch, George Craig, J B John Duell, R M Edelen, J M Gordan, Isaao Griggs, Martin Horn, D W Hayden, J J Hayden, A N Hicks, S A Linn, we Ladd, Joseph Miller, R P Orr, W G Pomeroy, S J Pulliam, G L Pullium, F M路 Peish, W l\{ Purdy, J W Lee it H Shacklett, II K Shacklett, R M Shacklett, G W Shacklett, John Thompson, Granville Triplett, J M Tucker, Theophilns Williams, WE Woodsmall.


DIMITTED.-Ezra Catlet,

M B Scott, J T Ohapman, F M Jame!.






Co.-Chartered November 15,1841.


Stated 'lneetings, First lJ,londay in each rnonth. OFFICERS.

James E. Carter, Master. N. Grieshammer, Sen. WÂŤrden. E. P. Lamkin, Jun. Warden. B. W. Winston, Treas. 8. Vetsburg, acting Secreta/ry.

Henry W. Long, Sen. Deacon. James Meredith, Jttn. Deacon. Harry Holcroft, S. Steward. Paul Greenwood, Jun. Stewa?'"d. Wm. H. Lusk, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-H H Baber, Henry Burger, John Bauer, Randolph Brewster, W W Bolton, N C Burch, Joel J Bolton, Ben Bowden, Jeremiah Bennet~ Thomas Brown, John Berry, J M Buckley, A A Cambell T L urawford, T W Oloney, C J Cor,vin, S D Campbell, S W Cox, James E Carter, Philip Constan, Wm H Conn, WDl E Dunscomb J J Delah~y, Wm M Dean, J C Downing, McDaniel Dorris t D M Douglas, J S Fleming, John Friday, A Flint, J Grin1shaw, Thos Greenway, N Grieshamnle."r,J",.Paul Greenwood, H Holcroft, A G Holland, David Kinney, H w Long, Wm H Lusk, A M Lay, E P Lamkin, J B McHenry, George Mahan. Anthony MoDonald, Geo McIntire, Allan McDowell, S K Miller, Anthony l!.anley, J W McCrae, J N De Martigny, Janles Meredith, J ]' Miller, J M McWorkman, Morris Obennayer, Salnple Orr, G 4Parsons, J T RogershA P Richardso~ E C Redfield, Jno G Riddle:r:; Ohrist Raithel, W ~ Spear, Jacob ~prout, J R Sherburne, W ,J Smith J R Spanhorst A T Symonds, S W Scovern, Henry Umstead, Wm Vogdt, S Vetsburg, J W Wallacet.-,.Geo Wyatt, Geo T White, Thos M Winston, Geo B Winston, ..t:S vV Winston, J D Wright, J C Wills, Wm C Young.


W Mathews, Benjanlin Grist, R Nichols, Jackson


DIED.-Elijah Blackburn.


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Meeting, Saturday on or before each full moon4 OFFICERS.

s. C. Powell,


Wm. Riley, Senior Warden. P. O. Yates, Jun. Warden. 1(. T. Halliburton,



R. D. Woods, Secretary. T. J. Finney, J5fen ior Deaeon. H. F. Maggard, Junior Deacon. James 1\:[. Herndon, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-J S Allbright, George D Brock, G A Coulter, Wm Cooley, J 0 Cannon, J M Dodson, Albert Dixon, Geo W Dorsey Wm Elliott, John B Crook, 1\1 M Car~er, L C Davis, ~tephen Drinkard, James 11 Hannah, M T HallIburton. J T Halliburton David Halliburton, D R Halliburton, Joseph A Hannah, H Hunts~ man, James M Herndon, E W Hutchinson, Alex Judy, Geo Jones, M W Jones, W C Griffin, F C Lewellen, Harrison McKinney, Hi.. ram McKinney, W T McCanne, H F lVlaggard, R J Owens, J II Petty, S C Powell, J ~{ Palmer, P R Powell, W G Riley, H ~ Rout, R F Folson, J W Smith, W C Slnith, J vV Samb Mark Teeter, Jeptha Toombs]... J PTuggle, John G Wright, B F Watson, R D \Voods, P C Yates, .Lafayette Coulter, J A Holt, T J Finney.






Co., Ohartered October 9, 1841.

Stated rneetings, Satu'rday Of full rnoon,


next preceding.


Wm. 'r. M'Cutchean, Master. W. D. Clayton, Senio1" Warden. And. J. Denny, J'unior Warden. The. l\lason, T1"easu'rer. James Hy. Hall, Jr., ~fecreta'l路Y.

Vincent Henderson, )..'/. Deacon. Moses Henderson, J. Deacon. Walker T. Payne, )..~'Y. Steward. Randal Webber, J. Steward. George \Varfield, Tyler.

ME~IBERs.-Frederick Albright, .t\ndrew B Barbee, Peter l\{ Brown, Aaron Bullard, Christopher Cockerill, John Clayten, William D Clayto~......Philip Case, Henry H Duvall, l~ J Douglass, Andrew J Denny, w m TF Denny, Thomas Ennis, Edward Fitz.. g-erald, Wm R W Glenn, John B Ginail, John M Gilbraith, James H Hall, James H Hall, Jr, Johnson Harrison, Moses Henderson, Vincent Henderson, Wm J McCutchean, Henry T Mudd, Tholl'U1S Mason, George W Nicholls, Walker T Payne, B F Robinson, John Shotwell, Jacob Shriner, Frank Schmidt, John D Woody, Randall Webber, George Warfield. .



Marshall King, eh ]f Hall, Louis 'rolle, )(

DIED.-Jarnes M Holloway.






A.SttC6ted mceting8,



Co.-Chartered June 2, A. I;. 586G.

S'atltrday before the full Jnoon, at 1 o'clo~k. OFI('ICERS.

William F. Broadhead, .Jlaster. James M. WilSOll, Sen. Warden. .fos. C. Goodrich, Jun. Warden. James A. Harnett, Treasurer.

Levi L. Keller, ,Secretary. William H. Muzzy, 6'en. Deacon . John McCoy, Jun. Deacon vVilliam H. Scott, 'l'ylel-.

MEMBERs.-Thomas F Abbot, Alexander G Anderson, J 1\1 Abshire, Sheltial Ball, Benj E Ball, Bushrod H Bal!.J,.:homas C Boyd, Stephen Van Burkaloe, William F Broadhead, william S Bryan, William Clobes, James H Daniels, John S Dyer, Coleman B Dyer, Martin M Elam, William H Garey, Robert M Guthrie, Robert l:f Green, Joseph C Goodrich, Charles C Green, William H Hill, .Ia:; A Harnett, James D Harris, T M Hosmer, Joseph Jones, Levi L Kellar, John C Keithle:y', Julius Keithley, James Keeton, Ranney R Keith, A G King, George \V Kinney, Hugh Birch Loga21.; Benj D Luckett, James F Lindsay, Hugll L McRoberts, John lVlCCOY John 8 ~IcClenney, James A Miller, Pinkney M May, Thomas ,j Pollard, John M Rucke~ John E Richards, William Riddle, Chas rr Richards Preston B t;cott, William H Scott, John H SiInpson, George H Smith, Richard W Scruggs, James T Sullenger, Thomas )( Simpson, John A Talley William P Talley, Newton Wilson, James .M Wilson, Andrew J Whitehead, ,James Wells, John H Wray, James H May, James D 1\fanuel, Benj F Moore, Willianl H



Co.-Chartered October 17,1842.

Stated meetings, Monda.v night on or before the .full moon in eaclt month. OFFICEI{B.

RobertT. Prewitt, 1J.faster.

W. S. Almond, Senâ&#x20AC;˘ .Deacon. R. C. Clark, Jun. Deacon. 1110. B. Clark, Jr., Jt6n. Warden . .Joseph Page, lien. Steward. Th,9S. J . Payne, Treasurer. R. M. Miller, Jun. 8tewarrcl. l~,ln M.. Reid, Seoretary. W. F. Tieman, 'l/yler.

John T. Bailey, Serlo lVarden.





~IEMBERs.-Wm SAlmond, Chas H Attebury Jas W Akers Josiah R Blakely, John F Burnam-t....Thos R Betts, John C Becket: .Ino T Bailey, Geo T Bass, Jas B .tlrooks, Stephen Bynum, Ohas R Brown, Juo B Clark, Jr, Robert C Clark, Ira C Darly, WmA Dudgeon, Alexander Dudgeon, Geo W Dougherty, ~obt Dougherty, .las W DoughertY.J...Thos G Deatherage, Juo E EWlll, .Ino R Farris .J 0 Ferguson F x Forster, A H Grigsly, 0 CHern, Jas P Hack~ ley ,Jackson lIarris, C B Harris, B F Johnson, James JOhllS011, Ge~ W Johnson, H M Kivett, Wm H Long, John B Leland, John Minor, R S Means, S M Miller, B M McCrary, Jno L Morrison, S ~I Naylor, R T Prewitt, Joseph Page, Thos J Payue7.,..,.D H Pankey, .Ino L Potts, R M Patrick, Thos W Radford, Jno M .tlJeid, H 0 Sar.. tin, Jas If Saunders, Jason W Smith, Jno L Settle, Wm H Staple.. ton, J T Smith, l\Iaurice Schmirk, Baht Stanley, Ohas H Stewar~ Geo B Tolson, vVm F Tieman, I 0 Todd Townsend Wright, R.t" 'Villiams, Jno R Wright, Geo J WinnJ..... J C Wintermute, H P White, Richard Woodson, D W White, wm K Woods.



K Rickets, Jno H Lewis.


Co.-Chartered October 17,1842.

&tated meeting, First Satu/rday and Third Friday night oj each month. O}l""lFICEltS.

Wm. C. Harrison, lJIaster. Daniel D. Ford, Sen. Warden. Wm. H. Albertson, J. Warden. Yadok Hook, Treas. Milton B. Clemmens, SecretCt'f'y.

jas. 'V. Overton, Senior Deacon. John S. Harrison, Jun. Deacon. Francis H. Neal, Sen. Steward. E. S. Manchester, Jun. Steward. David L. vVhaley, Tyler.

l\rIE)IBERs.-Wm S Austin, James Atkinson, C 0 Atkinson, Harvey B Allen WIn H Albertson, S F Boulware, I W Boulware, J W Boulware, W H Bailey, George G BartleY,-Samuel M BartleY, Samuel H Berry, Ben S Bigbee, Thomas H .tSeeding, Thomas-L Burditt, John N Bennett, James Bell, James N Brandon I 0 Craighead, W A B Craighead, John W Craighead, M A craighea,<i r .John A Craighead, John Carrington Wm Carrington, M S Clem.. mens, Joseph Dreps, Elias S Davis, Samuel L Dedmon, J Iv.[ DUll" can, Joshua Ewing, vV P Ficklin, John A Flood, 1\1:M Fisher D D Ford, L B Fullilove, Samuel N Guthrie, C J Gibbs, C H Hardin,) Zadock Hook, Ed M Herndon, J A Hockaday, W C Harrison, W J Herring, John S Harrison, James D Henderson, E N Lovel81oe, I A Lumpkin, Morgan McIntire, R S Mosely, C C Moore, E P Manchester, Henry Miller, John Maloney, L S Medder, Thomas B Neg...




bit Frank H Neal, Daniel Nolly, James W Overton, John W

Paoe .1ames Pugh, Oressap Parker, James H Porter, Hugh .1

:Rob~rts Louis Ruhle, John G Ratikin, James G Roberts, A L Robinso'n, Janles Rickenbaugh, F' Spaunhorst, George Steck, .T Grant Stone, John H Scott, George W Smith, Fred Sheet~ Wm L Sims, S J Sim~ W W Tuttle, R H Taylor, SThrelkeld.t...!. V .t{, Terry, A WilkersoIl:J... ~ L Whaley, John S Watson, John M white, Sanluel Watson, WID J Yates.

DIMITTED.-Ed Woodrow, Thomas Bedsworth, G A Moore, N B Michael, A D Sowers, Thomas C Farrow, Legrand Ratikin, W C Bartley, Joseph Fisher, W H Burnham, G F Burdett. SUSPENDED.-S H ThomaR..




Co . -Chartered May 25,1854..

Meetings, First Satu1"'day after each Full .JIoon. OFFICERS.

James Y. Whitsett, Master. Wash Huffaker, Senior Warden. Harvey J. Munkres, J. Warden. David W Reynolds, Treasurer.

James C. Bernard, Secretary. Preston Greason, Senior Deacon.. W. 8. March, Junior Deacon. Charles M. Smith, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John W Asbury, Smith Allnutt, Samuel T Brook-

ing, John S Bever, Benjamin Ba~!.J William C Barrett, James C Bernard, John Q Craven, Ensley w Craven, Joshua Cravendohn R Craig, Allen P Cutler, John C Dever, Adam Eby, F P M liistes, Oscar D Fitzgerald, John R Green, William J Gant, Preston Grea-

son, James Hulin, John H Hubbard, William C Holstead, Jaoob J Harmon, Herman Heck, Washington Huffaker, Richard T Kelly, Oornelius H Kelsay, Robert Livingstone, Anthony Lindsay, Edward E Lindsay, David D Marks, "Allen B Morberley Josiah Morrow, Harvey J Munkres, William S Marsh, Daniel H Maret, George W Mitchell, William D Moffit, Shelby North, James A Potter, Milton Pearcy, Abner J Porter, Charles 0 Peters, Christopher Perkins, Moses C Rawlins, Mordieai M Robinett, David W B~ynolds, Irvin Rhodus, Mauuel Ray Clarso M Smith James Sorugg~~ Samuel Scantl~I:lg, Pleasant Wilhoit, Thomas Wilhoit, lames): Whitsett, H B Willingham, Robert T Younger. DrMITTED.-Taylor fB Hulen, Alex. Henderson, J 0 K Gant, J D L Park. Geolige B White, Robert Livingstone.

W 0 Kincaid, Robert J McKnight, Shelby North, SU$tPENDED.-James

W Evans..








Stated 1ffeeting, Saturday night Of or b(>fore the full 1J.[oon each rnonth.



Nathan Gosler, Master. E. Van Buren, Sen. Warden. Wash'ton Downing, J Warden. Thornton Faikes, Treas. Jno. P. Downing, Secretary.

L. G. Mathis, Sen. Deacon. J. H. Johnson, Jun. Deacon. Wm. ToliYer, JSfen. Steward. VV. H. Thompson, Jun. Steward. Henry De l\JIott, Tyler .

MEMBERs.-Jas A Porterfield, Sn1ith A Morehouse, John Wray, Stephen K Wray, A R Staples, Milton B W Harman, Hugh H Harman, George Pistole, S W Gerard, Aaron Claypo]e, Daniel Schlappia, A C Miller.


Co.-Chartered October 17,1842.

Stated meetings," J..'/aturday night on or br>fore the f1tll moon llJ'~

each month.


c. F. Mason,Master. J. W. Mezick, Secretary . T. W. Morehead, Sen. Warden. P. W. Laud, Sen. Dectcon. C. H. Lewis, Jun. Warden. A. A. Pugh, Jun. Deacon. J. V. Turner, Trea~'t. J. E . Dey, Tyler. MEMBERS.-G H Boughnâ&#x201A;Ź;r, John Chamberlain, John R Carson, H Clay Cockerill, W W Cockerill, W F Cunningham, F W Digges r T G Digges, F W H Digges, James R Donohoe, John E DV, Inc> G Eberle, Tilly Emmerson N Frauzen, Richard Frist-a" E P Graves, Thos Gannon, John it George, J M Hickerson, Jessee Ra~ ton, J W Hawkins, Lewis F Rume, C C Harvey, J D Kee\a.ugb r Ben F Key, C H Lewis, P W Laud James L J\Iorgan, C F M;ason, John Manden, T W Moorehead, G WMoorehead, M A Maupin, J W Mezick, GeorgePhipp~ A A Pugh, Ira Pritchett, John Rooker, Samuel Steinmetz, John t5eibel, T A H Smith, Jalnes Spickett1 T B Shaw, J 0 Swinney, Samuel Strouse, J H Turner, Sen., W B




Tally, J V Turner, Will Turner, J B Tooley, J H Turner, Jr, D B White, J 0 Woods. DIMITTED.-J

A Alexander, John Miller, C A McNair.


Co.-Chartered October 17,1842.

Stated Meeting, f,Yaturday before full Moon in each month. Olfli'ICEI{;S.

James, E. Drake, Master. Frederick Miller, Sen. Warden. Morris Leftwich, Jun. Warden. Jackson Timmons, Treasurer. Howard T. COlnbs, JSfec?"etary.

Wm. W. Clark, S"enior Deacon. Robt. E. Buchanan, J. Deacon. W. J. Martindale, Chaplain. Jas. M. Starnes, S. and Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Nevill Arterburn, Ii' M Appleby, S D Allen, J L ,A.ustin, J C Adams, Henry H Brand, Daniel R Brand, George W Brasher, J Linsey Briscoe, Wm E Briscoe, Alex C Blackwell, Jas W Bailey? H Bitzenbere;er, Thomas E Brown, J H Beaty, George Burkhearli, W H BlessIng, P S Bowman, Isaac R Brown, W C Baird, R E Buchanan, Howard T Combs, Thomas HOary, Henry Oary, Wm D Cox, C C Chunn, John Crew, Isaac Chaplin, J"no W Cl\nkscales, J 0 Cooper, J H Callaway, W W Clark, Adam CrismaD, James E Drake, John Dozier, Wm Z Darr, Daniel David, Hernlan David, Robert N Darr, Henry Deitrich, Harvey Dean, Wm HEads Geo W Folger, N C Finch C F Fant, .T H Floyd, J D Field2!J G H Faulkner, Al1nanias Grow, C 0 GUillet, John GUitar, w B Glover, James S M Gray, Harvey Graham, Wm T Goodson, J Gilliland, vV A Gibler, Henry Hulse, W J Herndon, Ohas Reidel, R B Hudson, W G Hood, J Ii Henderson, H A Hart, E W llelterbrand, H C Heath, L l( Kinsey, W Kimble, L R Kester, 0 J Kerby, John K~lly, Bazilla D Lucas, M LeftWich, Fred$riek Laos, J J Lawhead, John M Montgomerj-"', Wm Montgomery, Frederick Miller, James Malone, JH MinniSS James McMurtry, Robert G Martin, C M Minniss, James Mitchel, i J McGuire, Isaao S YoDaniel, Wm McMurtry W B Morrison, J" McKinney, Levi 짜oKain, James H Moore, D N McClurg, Daniel Peyton, C A Pow.. . &11, TB queenerz.I.ames M Roberts, Wiley RoY', Josiah S Roberts, JO~ll W n,oy:ce, W S ShIrly, J M Stovall, J M Starnes, Charles S4ertH~1 W Simonds, W P Smith, W Smithpeter, Benjamin F Sllnitb:, S Stafford, E G Stone, Robert Standley, David Standley,J W R Sheehan, Benjamin F Siler W B Shepperd, E R Smit~ .J ~.ratn01;lS, Samuel Turner, R Turtin, J Traughber, 8M Traughber, Jll .f) Thomas, WOP Thomas, D t Alex Trotter, Robert ThoDat>son, Thos W Vliet, M V B Wright, Wm H Wintry, George




L Winiry, J Green Winfry, Harrison Wilcoxen, Bernogh Woods D Waggaman, Samuel B Winfry, T A Welch, .J Frank Wilson, j LYoung. DIMITTED.-John Guillet, Ignace Riedel, H R Sloan, \V J Martindale. DIED.-Wm. Barbee, George W Wolf.


PLATTE Co.-Chartered October 14, 1842.

)..\{tated j[eet1ngs, First and Third Saturdays in each month.


James N. Burps, Jfaster. Rufus Woodring, Sen. Warden. John D. Harper, Jun. Warden. Wilson G. Noble, Treasurer. Jas. L. McCluer, Secretary.

J. E. R. Millar, ~;en. Deacon. James N. Burnes, Jun. Deacon.

John F. Kenney, Sen. Steward. Wm. Magers, Jun. Steward. Henry T. Schlossner, Tyler.

ME:MBERS.-J R Ault, H MAller, Robt A Austin, Geo L An~ drews, Geo W Belt, James N Burnes, Henry Basye, Levi Brashear, Michael Bowman, George Bidison, Jesse Brashear, A G Beller, Benj Bonifant, Wm S Briggs, Fielding Burnes, .John Bosink, Thos Beaumont, Henry Ooleman, B W Calvert, Lewis Calvertr J D H Coleman, K B Oeci~t. A H Crouder, Edmund 0 Cockril, Charles Carpenter, A Devin, D i t Davidson, J M Day, J B Duncan, W 1\:1 English, G W T Elam, George Elley, W T Fulkerson, Samuel D Fulton, Abel Gilbert, George Gabbart, W M Gabbart, Jno M Guthrie, J T Gedultig, C P Gilbert, Samuel A Gilbert, John G Graham, Dan~ dridge Holladay, Lemuel Hudson, J W Hardesty, J H Hull, John D Harper, T .J Harper, E G Heriot, Conrad Hattee H H Hedges Joseph Hansen, R D Haskell, Harry Howard, I H Heyser, David Holladay, Jacob Hugley, 0 W Kitchenr"......Daniel Kitchen, Jacob Keller, E D Kenney, John F Kenney, Lewis, Thoa Leonard, H McFarland, J L Moore, J E R Millart...ยง H Masterson,1 Jaoob: Mettier, W J McCarthy, T C Magers, VY C McFarlana., Wm Magers, ~ F McFarland, Ira Moore, I E Moore, M N Manly, Jas L McCluer Wm McDaniel, W G Noble, W A Newman, J R Newby, B it Newhouse, Eaw Ohlhausen, .Tohn Ouens, N P Ogden, J H Pitts, vV L Pence, Toseph Pence, G W Pierce1-Daniel Quint L R Ringo, Lot W Ringo, Jos~ph S Roe, Fdward J:toberts WE: Roney, Henry T Schlossner, N Searcy;. W H Saxton, Wm saw~ Fred Steubenrach, Wm Stahl, C W t:5hapley, George S Story, v Steele, L W Siler, E F Sprague, Wm T Shortridge, T H Talbot,




:a Valliant, D

P Wallingford, S G Winzer, L E Wells, John Woodring, C L Woodring, A G Williams, rr F Warner, W F Yocom. Tho£;

a Woods, Rufus


Norton, D V Parrott, Guenther.

B Litze;nberg.


Co.-Chal'tered October 17,1842.


;. D. Wales, .:J,Iaster. S. 1\{. Jones, Sen. l'Varden. W. L. Burgess, Jun. T¥arden. John Patton, Treas.

D. F. Cook, ;S'ccreta'ry. V. Burgess, Sen. Deacon. Z. Bohannon, Jun. Deacon. J. W. Fry, Tyle'J.

MEMBERS.-J D Waller, S M Jones, WL Burgess, John Patton, D F Cook V Burgess Z H Bohannon, J W Fry, eM Waller, A B Logan, N'H Bryan, b Burgess, John Northcutt, J Z !{ellt, J T L(}ng1., S W WilkinsonJ..y~ Wilson, W N Payn, H S Hopkins, J T ¥urpny, Joel H Boon, w G Collins, C W Givins.

DIMITTED .-Charles

W l1son.


Co.-Chartered, October 17, 1842.

8Ut6ed Meetings, Satu1"day, on or before the Full Moon. Oli'FIOERS.

O. ¥_ Sutherlin, Master. Wm. Putch, ~'ecretary. ItT. Thompson, Sen. Warden. Francis Mitchell, Sen. Deacon. G.lI., B8:wers, Junior Warden. Moses Levy, Junior Deacon. II. S. Wilhelm, Treasurer. J. C. Dickenson, Tyler.





i\IEl\tBERS.-N T Allison, J W Rarksdale, [.t. H. Bo\vers, Hiram Carroll G l\t{ Oompton, Perry Crew, J 0 Dickenson, J C Diggs .T K Fi~nell, J vV Gilchrist, ~1 W Hall, M B Hancock, J H Hay' K J Herron, Jerry Kirby, ~oses Levy, C.Q Lewi.s..L D Lind~ay: () B Lotspeich, ,.1 B Lotspelch,t..! H McAllIster, WIlham MCQUlty H C ]\tIiller, George J Miller, .tl B l\Iills, Francis Mitchell, Henry ~ave John Neff, J P Ne,vbill, J S Nowlin, R S Nowlin, J T Paxton b F Potter, William M Price, William Putch, A }\II Rader rr d Rainey, H B Redmon, R M Reynolds, vVilliam Rhodes, R It Richart, - - Rucker, G M Shem\vell, John L Shmith, James M Hhmith, T E Staples, J T Stauffer, C M Sutherlin, James Thornton .John A rrrig~~ . . B T Thom~son, N M Talbott, 0 D Tucker, 0 'V Wallace~...~ohn webb, H S Wilhelm, Thomas L Williams, DB \Vood, J F wood. DIMI"rTED.-J

D Murphy, E Allison.


H Finley.

DIED.-Bernis Brown.


Stated meeUng8, First and Third lfaturdays in the month. OF:PICERH.

James Harker, )}faster. J. W. Norman, Sen. Warden. T. L. O'Bryan, Jun. Warden. R. O. Walker, Treas. T. M. Hirst, Secretary.

vV. H. Stinson, ~fen." Deacon. B. Woodrum, Jun. Deacon. Poledo Weason, S. Steward. J. T. Huff, Jun. Ste'll)ard. I{" G. Inglish, Tyler".

MEMBERs.-Geo Alkir~, Wm Boug-hmaIl, J W Brent, T J Bannon, 0 L Bridges, L Burns, Peter W FishE~T.) A F Ford, Stephen Fisher, J B Foster, N Gri:fi.eld, H B Gist, l\tI v Grah~J A J (tntham, John Gray, A G Hickman, John M Hickman, wm SHoward, J T Ho,vard, James Howard, Sandy Huff, John P Hollis, G~o Harned, E R Howard, R D Hirst, W W Herald, .T H King, M Kelly, F McClannahan, S S Moore, 0 F Moore, .J J McFarlin. It M McCulloch, A M Nelson!,..! G Oglesby, Thomas Parkinson, W l( Richey, Richard Ridmon, WID M Robertson, H J Remiers, I~0 Snorgross, T T Scott, Wm T TaaIy, J F Taylor, W V Vano$tr~ur John B White, F M Woodfin.





Co.-Chartered October 17, A. D. 1842.

lltated 'lneet1n.g.~, ~/aturday evening preceding full 'n~oon. OFFIC}JRS.

John T. Houston, Master. R. B. Rice, Sen. Warden. Benj. T. Gray, Jun. Warden. John !{elsay, Treas.

W. D. Fortune. Secretary. Lewis Slaughter, Sen. Deacon. Wm. T. Hudgins, Jun. Deacon. John G. Ballard, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-R F Asbury, 1\'1 ~H Allison, Sam Alexander, John G Ballard, Thos G Ballard, V P Bernard, John S Barbee, Manthano Brown, Thos H Bayliss, D D Bullock, Thos J Bohannon, Thos J Bates, John E Bates, W B; Ballard, Joshua Bush, E D Ball, vVm Berry, John Barham, Wm L Barbee, John W H Brown, Reuben E Brown, Thos C Brown, John J Berry, Waller L Bullocl\:, Sam T Bassett, Wm Burnett, Anderson Clark, Humphrey J Corner, Alex Campbell, A P Craven, J M Carter, W A Donaldson, James A DaVisb.James S De Masters, George W Dun, Joseph T Duvall, Isaac uvall, E S Davis, J W De Febers, Robert A Elliott, R H Ellis, E T Estel, Charles Engler, W D Fortune, Wm Foushay, F M Ferree; Silas Crispen.t.-..R S Clark, Henry C Garner, oT Garner, J D Gant, S A Gaines, J:Senj T Gray, R T H Goode, M D Gee Benj Gillis, J' r.r Houston J P Haynes, W C Hamilton, John Hamilton, Thos Hamilton, Joseph Heiney, Richard M Hubble, Sam B Hickman, Wm R Hunt, Sam J Huffaker, Wm T Hudgins, John L Harrison, l\Iorris C Jacobs, T M Jacobs, James E Johnson, John Kelsay, R B Kice, J R Kincaid, Alfred RiIlcai<J, Austin A King, Silas Keith, James W Liggett, John P Leeper, George W Lozier, Walter S Leake, Wm G LinD, T G Miller, M T McDonald, Wm McGill, A A McCuistian, Wm McCuistian, Sam A McCuistian, G W McCuistian, Lecil B McCuistian, Wm A Moore, B J Menefee, Wm McLean, 'Vm Mo&by, Alex McVey, J vV l\1:eyers, D M Proctor, James r.r Pettus, Joseph N Pettus, 'W"'alter H Pettus, J M .Peter~~ Abraham Pope, Daniel Penny, John P Quesenbury, DaVId H ~uesenbury, John T QUirk, Arthur B Ralph, Zazor D RaJph, W D Rice, Wm Russell, Joseph RobL, Wm C Riffe, W D Rankin, S S SiInmons, David Snowden, G W Stennett, Hiram P Settle, Sam P Suttle, Andrew Suttle, George W Suttle, George W 8anderson t John Schooler, John B Starkey, Lewis Slaughter, Thos A Summers, Frederic SCOVille, John VV Shotwell, R W Shockley, Jarnnes D Taylor, Daniel D Taylor, 0 Taylor, R S Thompsol1, baniel W Trigp;-, George W Trigg, Haden S Trigg, James D Titus, W~ B Vest, W P Vanhooser, Alfred 'Vanhooser, Daniel Vantrwnp, Q L Vanbebber, D P Whitmer, Robert J' Williams, Kedah Wall A.lfred Wheeler, H T Wallsworth, N P Warriner, Caled Witoher, B T Winfrey, Neal Smith.

DXKITTED.-Sam Alexander John S Barbee, Wnl Berry, J W Meyers, J R Kincaid, W 1> Vanhooser, Arthur B Ralph,




Daniel D Taylor, Wm R Hunt, James EJohnson, Daniel W Trigg Silas Crispen, vVm 0 Riffee, F M Ferree, James W Liggett, R A Elliott, Wm Russell, J D Gant, A D Clark, Alfred Kincaid, Wm L Barbee, Gabriel Vanbebber, W A Donaldson, Joseph T Duvoll R S Thompson, Isaac Duvall, L B McCuistian, Caleb Witche~ Silas Keith, Alex A blcCuistian, Wm McCuistian, J M Carter, John L Harrison, Sam L McCuistian, Ambrose Young, John Schooler Seaborn S Young, Kedah Wall, Woo Burnett, Alex Campbell. t ~USPE:NDED.-Thos

J Bohannon.

DIED.-E D Ball.


Oct.ober 14,1842.

fS'iated jIeetin{Js, Saturday befo1~e full 'Jnoon in each month, except

token moon fulls on


J. U. Anderson, ~faster. R. J. Christie, Sen. Warden. Hoard Roberts, Jun. Warden. fr. W. Amnlerman, Treasurer. J. Fl. Leeper,r_Secreta~4Y.

VV. T. Humphre:y, fJfen. Deaaon. W. "\V. Burch, Jun. Deacon. J. P. Cald\vell, Sen. Stewa'rd. W. M. Glaves, Jun. Steward. T. bI. Howard, T)jler.

MEMBERS.-J C Anderson, T W Ammerman J as CAmmer.. rnan, W M Allen, I RAsbury, R L Adams It K Baker, 1 H Burch, W W Beatty, J G Blair, J H Boston, W J Burnett, l\l E Briscoe, James Bell, W M Burford, W W Burch, W D Briscoe, .J S Burch, jr., William H Briscoe, R W Bagby, J P Ca,Id'W"ell, J B Curts, W I Cox D '\tV Christie Elijah Childers, E J Ohristie, E D Crows, W B Dement, H N Eversol, L 8 Eada, Eli Finley, Wm Form Barny Fisher, Andrew Fr&m, B W .Porsee, W M Glave8, R b German, J R Glave~, D N Glaves R S Garnett, Thos M Howard, D S Hamilton, W N Hope, Peter':Ei~y足 nlan, Warren Hil~. . E dgar Haycraft, L M Humpsto~J John Hally, \V C Hannah W J:i Henderson, John Hope, W T .tlumphrey, W C Halm, T WHotchkiss, J MJames, J M Lillard, J H Leeper, J '1' Legg, Jerry Loyd, J H Larus, John Marts, C R ~ee, J 1\1 Miller, J D McCann, W L Mack, W W McMurry W H Morrist J J Mileham, Frank Marchand T J Musgrove, D W Overton, 1 ~ Oldham, J08 Pattel'sol1, T A Piner, Hoard Roberts, J B Reddis~ W H Risk, B C Roberts, B F Roberts, D81vid R~agan, J T Ja.iSk,)Jt




C Risk, W B Reynolds, D N Repshin, W S Richardson, J M Rankin Thos Stowers, C C Stephenson, Jas Stephenson, R W Stephenson' Frank Smith, .T A Stephens, E K Sayre, W C Stephenson, W G Thompson, J N Turner W:M Travis, S B Turner, Geo Y Taylor, oB Tait, G W Trotter, L j Vandiver, D T Wainright, N R Walter, J G Wallace, W E White, .T B Wallace, J W Williams, C S Williams, J C Carman, W T Baker, G B Sharp. DI:MITTED.-J G Moray, W Ellis, Jessie Lasswell, DIED ..-B

'r J Hall.

It' Tompkins.



Co . -Ohartered October 19, 1867.

~feeting8, Saturday

before the full moo'fl.


Wm. H. Carpenter, Master. Wm. M. Rawlins, Sen. Wa1'"den. Francis M. Roberts,:1. lVarden.. Jas. D . Garrard, Treasurer. Wm.. G.. Jackson, l?ecretary.

Thos. W. Gant, Sen. Deaaon. R. P. Roberts, Junior Ji)6aeon. W. D. Woodburn, Sen. Steward. E. Little, Junior Stewa'rd. J. A. Jackson, Tyler .

YEM:BERs ..-Stephen J Bush, C C Bush M V Baker, J D Bowling, R A Barnes, Wm J Bruton, James Bruce, W L Connevey,

Peter Cady, Wm H Car,Renter, S N Cash, Peter Dunbar, A B Danjels, W L Dunbar, N :B Elkin, M K Enochs, S W Early, J A Elkin, T W Gant, J D Garrard, Harvey Hulen,路 A KHulett, John A .Jackson, J$ll1es F .Jackson, W G Jackson, Jesse Kanatzar, J H Lalley, Ell'in Little, R D Poge Jalnes H PettY', D B Roberts, R P Rob,~ E M Roberts, Absalom J{oberts, J D Robert~ James BReed, ~ .I;l Roberts, T D Roberts, W M Rawlings W .tt Sturgeon, T S ~l);eid, Simon Snow, A F Sneed, Wm A Scott, W D Woodburn, J ~Wiseman.



H Forbis, U E Queeny, W II Ragland, R G





Co.-Ohartered May 25, 1854.

,Stated mr;eting8, Third Satuf'da.?J in eac:h'lnonth. OFFICEI{R.

C. W. Samuel, Master. Jas. CoO Reynolds, Sen. ""Varden. R. W. Criswell, Junior Warden.. John P. Reynolds, Treasurer. B. O. Austin, Secretary.

N. G. Caldwell, ~fenior Deacon. Perry S. Holt, Junior Deacon. B. O. Austin, Senior SteuJard. John C. Claterbuck, T:t;ler路.

MEMBERS.-B 0 Austin, A Allen, John B Adams, R M Boytl F M Bush, W C Bugby, D K Bailey W S Burnett, Morgan Bartl~:v John K Boyd, George R Brooks, ~ W Crow, Wm Clardy, Josepl{ -VV Chaney, J W F Carner, JohnI-lClaterbuck, John B Caldwell, N G Caldwell, Justinian Cave, R VV Criswell, ,John H Crow, Jonas Dinon, W M Duley, Wm. Dyer, John B Davis, RT Dozier, George Dorris, Swan Ferguson, Thomas W Farmer Wm 0 Farmer, John L Farmer, George T Foster, R E Guthrie)~ John A Guthrie, Jame& Gathright, Sam L Griffin, James Holt, ~ M Harrison, H S Hubbard, Abner Holt, C H Harlin, W B Harrison, Perry S Holt, Robt Holt, Peter S Hay,J J P Johnson, William ICing..] John C Longley, Wm Parker, G W Penn James C Reynolds, ,Vm H Reynolds, JohnP Reynolds, Jas S Rice, Fred S Sanders, James B Sanders, John W Sheley, Ben F Sheley, C W Samuel, WIn S Williams, '\V HWilkerson, G W vVilkerson, W 'V Wilkerson, Nathan Waneley, John M Wilcox, A W Howison, Joseph Worsham, Jas l\tI Ewingt M F Roberts, A H Starnes, Wm a.Christian, Rob B Williams,' Jas B Mouley, GeoN Thomas, M T Moore, John Goff. A A Kemper, Wm Kemper, Timothy Hol~, Robert T Nichols, A J Zunlalt.

DIM:ITTED.-George B Hopkins, E W Ifopkins, vVilliam Gray Henderson Smith, John Whyte, James 1\1 Davis, Mathew K Davis, Nathan T Kennon, Alexander Hord, W L Kidwell, John T Bagby.




Co.-Chartered June 2, 5866.

,Stated Meeting, Saturday night on or be.folre full moon. OFFICERf;.

J. M. Pelot, Master. Jos. W. Groves, S'en. Deacon. J. B. Wood, Sen. Warden. W. B. Palmore, Jun. Deaaolft. G. W. Hereford, Jun. Warden. Jas. H. Callaway, Sen. Steward. L. Shindler, Treasurer. Jos.. Fletcher, Jt6n. Steward. H. I. Galbraith, Secretary. John S. James, Tyler'".




MEMBERS.-R C Allen, Lamar Bedsworth, A F Brown, Johu R Bennett, A G Bailey, William Bellamy, John Byrd, C M Cowan, R D Canthron, John J Chrun, C C Catron, Geo W Corder, Jas H Callaway, Jackson Corder, Arthur Corder, .Tackson CoffeY,,-John P Denross John B Davis, E K Draue, James E Draue, W F JJowden, EM Bdwards, A D Ellis, Joseph Fletcher, H I Galbraith, Geo P Gorden, N B Givens, Joseph Groves, John W Groves, G WHere.-ford L L Hereford, John S James, Chas A Lewis, H B Lewis, John H Lewis, W B S J.Jewis, E Leach, W B McFarland, Seth H Moore, L C Martin, R P Motte, Jno W Maddox, Jerry Mathews, J M Pelot, W B Palmore, Jno W Parsons, M C Scott, L Shindler, Wm SUlnmer~ Laurence Smith, Daniel Samuels, J B Wood, R C Wilson, John L Wiley, D J Waters, .T F Yancey. AUSPENDED.-J

F Yancey.


Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, first and third


in each, month.


Elias Parrott, Master. Milton Helwig, Sen. Warden. E. T. Walker, Jun. Warden John Stokes, Treas. John Nelson, Secretary.

Lawrence Forrest, JS"en. Deacon. S. S. Hare, Jun. Deacon. J. F. King, Sen. Steward. D. B. Adams, Jun. Steward. B. C. Stokes, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Thos CAllen, D B Adams, D M Albright, A T Bawbie, Samuel Barker, H M Birkley, Robert Baker, J B Dawson, W S Elliott, Lawrence Forrest,- Henry Fisher N L Gebhart Wm Henry, S S Hare, Milton Helwig, J SHake, Geo Rornbrook, Moses Joiner, B F .Tones, Albert Jones, .T M .Joiner, .T F King, -L B Lathrop, C A Liebrant, M M McPhetridge James McKee, Jno S Nelson, Elias Parrott, Thos Potter, Wm T nead, R W Riggs, .1I;lo Sookes, B C Stokes, A J Smith, E C Thomas, A K Troxel, E T Walker, J T Zimmerman. DIMITTED.-A C Smith, Joseph Truax, B F Varnum, II J Potter, S R Carson, F C Joslyn.




CAMBRIDGE LODGE, No. 63. CAl\!BRIDGE, SA.LINE J~ftated Meet~'flg8,

Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Saturday after full JJ.£oon. OFFICERS.

Wm. D. Odendahl, lJfaster. Wm. H. Land, Senior Wct1"den. Robt. L. Harvey, Jun. Warden. Samuel H. Donohoe, Treasurer.

Philip H ]"ranklin, ~1ecretary. John W. Petty, Senior Deacon. James Milne, Junior Deacon. Daniel M. McCormack, Tuler.

MEMBERs.-Lee ~I Alexander, Wm G Baxter John H Barnes, Marcus Coleman, Samuel H Donohoe, Wm S Ewalt, Samuell\f Ford, Wm G Fowler, David Ford, Philip H Franklin, George W Harvey, Harrison Harri~ Luther J Hamner, Wm E Hamor, R L Harvey, J N Harvey, F .If Jones, Wm H Land, Wm A Lacy, Jordan R Lowe, John R Lucas, Daniel M McCormack, John F McKinney, James Milne Wm D Odendahl, John W Petty, Wilber F Porter, A J Plemens, B R Roberts, G P Smith, .Tes&e Vanwinkle, Wm. D Woolridge, John W Winning, J A Walton. DIMITTED.-G

H Forkner, vV M Walker, Luke Pulliam.

DIED.-A P Williams, George Hickman.


Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.


Alex. F. Barr, Master. A. L. Yancy, Senior Warden. A. P. Vance, Jun. Warden. H. Cary, Treasurer. Chas. Swift, Secretary.

H. A. Hough, Sen. Deacon. 'V. S. McOlintic, Jun. Deacon. J. D. Clark, Sen. Steward. D. C. Byrd, Jun. Steward. J. C. Hartman, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-A F Barr, Daniel C Byrd, Wm H Byrd, Silas L Braggs, N 0 Cooper, H Cary, J D Olark, Charles W Cox, james M Calvert, John Q Christian, N W Drescher, .John M De Moss, J It




Dawson E C Davis, J D Fields, J C Gilmour, Richard Gentry, H A Hough, D N Hendricks James W Jackson, Wm E Jones, L P Knox James L Lyons, W S McClintic, Moses McClintic, John Maddbx, Wm H Morrison, John B Mudd, John H Moore, Wm S McClintic, John L Nolan, Alfred Pond, Jesse Payne. James M Proctor, F T B Raglan, Charles F Robbins, John W Rouse, Sam'l T Rhoades, Charles Swift, John Shearman Wm Seymour, R N 8ha~~ A P Vance, Jalnes R Vance, Alfred Vance, R H Walker, E JI W~ods, E vV Walker, David A Withenip, B 0 Woods, A L

Yancy. DIMITTED.-Charles Payne.


Co.-Chartered Ma:r 29,1854.

J'Jtated'lneetings, Saturday night after full moon. OFFIOEHS.

B" B. Peery, j,faster. Joseph Duffy, Sen. Warden.

B. S. Ramey, Jun. Warden. Meredith M.orris, T'reasurer.

James R. Heath, Secretary. William Bryant, Sen. Deacon. Thomas B. Salmon, Jun. Deacon. Thomas Sharpton, Tyler.

MEM:BERS.-E H Atkins, J W Ambrose, David Allen, H B Best, William Bryant7"....W A. Blackwood, John E Clark, Fielden Coffey, Willis Coopner, .I:t B Childs, Lot Cain, G W Chapman, David T Chapman, C F Daniels, Joseph Duffey, William FUlwieder1"..,.John Grantham..)... Jesse Groomer, 0 M Gray, Richard Green, lJavid Groomer, JJavid Heath, James R Heath, Joseph M Handy, N H L&nlery~ Samuel Lamery William G Lamery, James McDaniel, M Morris, James Marten.J... John Marten, Thomas Matkins, Willianl Pyle, JO&eph Powell, R .tS Peery, .Jacob Poere, Henry Ramey, B S RAniey, Reuben Shultz1..... .T homas Simes, Thomas Sharpton, J M Savage, T B Salmon, J.~elson Salmon, James H Taylor, J~sper Tbo~pson, Spoteswood Thomas, James Vanmeeter, J D William~, A ~ Williams, William Williams, John M Younges.

DIMITTED.-John L Clark, W L Clark, Peter Stapleton, G W

ue, Henry Winne






I.llNN, OS$.~GE


OOUNTY.-..,.Charter'0d l\tlay 28, l8SS..

J'?tated Meretinga, &tttrd.ay O~ or after full moon in (Jaok fno~tl•. O!i'FICERS.

R. H. Mason, Master. 'rhos. A. Bray, Sen. Warden. }fax. Vasche, Jun. lVarden, Jno. J. McDaniel, Treasurer.

Peter Krohn, Secretary. Peter M. Menefie, Sen. lJearO"n. . James Moore, Jun. Deacon. John Hood, Tyler.

MEl\:IBERs.-John Anderson~Thos F Baker, l' H Baker, Geo Ii Baker, John Brumble, Hugh .J:Senson, Wm:M Bumpass, Chas K Branson, Hugh Bumpass, Thos A Bray, M C Cooper, Gabriel Crissman, B B Doche, Wm M Davies, Jesse C Evans, Geo W Evans, Geo Feohter, BenJ_Goodman, John Hood, Henry A Heibrader, Rheiner Johnson, Wm lones, Peter Krohn, Jasper Lane, Samuel IJambeth, Peter M Menefie, James Moore, Wm H Maxwell, Samuel Miller, R H Mason, Jno A Mahon Joseph Masby, Adam lVIiller, George McGee, Jno J McD~aniel, Wm A McDaniel, Philicien Parly, Wm L Philiips, Isaac Perkins, Hiram Perkins, Leander Rainey. William Radakin, Ed W Smith; N W Stackhouse, Aaron Short, Jno T Tracy, H'enry J Wheeler, Wm E Wheeler, Wm J" Williams, Maximilian Vasche.

DIMITTED.-Walter M McOarty, Edward Marsh, John eScott, Joseph Thornton.

MG1iEPbaT LODG~, •


It'o'e:ft1t1?~R'r, ''E6o~£ C(l).-Cha'tt~fifd 04t'ober!JO, 1~48.

B. H. Slli,1 th. Mr!IJs"6e,... J. ~. :P6'tts, Sen. WarEl6ft. J. C. Smith, Jun. Warden. H. 'l'umy, :r~8tvrer.

M. A. 13oytl, 8'e&r'et6t/rll. W. ScOOee, Sen. DefiJJ(J()'/i. M. N. Burekhartt, Jun. D8aO(l)1f. H. F . Williams. !Eyler.

MEMBERs.-SamueI Again, Jesse H Arnold, Frank Benttelf, John Bowman, M N Burckhartt, M ~I Basye, M :A :&6y4, 'nM~.



J CUSOD, Samuel D Cochran, J W Ch9t~jpn, W~ Cochran, M V Olruthera, Anthony Drain, B F Di:w,ity, J3Dt~S B EIUott, H L For... ~e IIelllIY Grigsby, L GrQssman, Ji8Jaes M H~nn, W B Hupt, T D 'Jackman, John W Kirby, John B Ltttle"# J~mes ~Ollg, Jas lILawrey, Wm W MOJ;gatt, James l\( ~cKe~ ~ Q l\{~t4iiu, Ja~ A )!oQuitty, G W McQuitty, J W Mo:t:ri9,. Cb~~ ~yec, :VrStuk Njel)oway, John l\1;cFarlood, S G Norris, G W ~o,ri~, J If PQtlS., .J BPetty, D A Pal7ks, R 0 PulliaJll, Jolm W :a,(p~;rfjs, J .4 R~w足 lOOld :R A :aawland, C P Rawlings, T W SfltRlj)~~ W ~beQ, J 0 Smith, John M Shock, B H Smith" Il A ~itWitle, W 4 Srqilh, H 'lhuny, H :F Williams H WheeleE,W H WillllaifP~lil, .l W W.a)la,oo, Jt>IUl M Wood, E H Wood, John W Walkel;, Smi1i\ Wil1;)it~" Jo;Jp.n T WOQti,s.

DIMITTED.-William Welkie. EXPELLED ..-Jolan

Co1em&lt, S B


DIED.-H W Crow.


~0JlGE, K~


HEN:ttY Co.-Chartere~ Octobe;r 2&. A.

Stated Me.eti'A{Js, Saturday of or next p:recedinq every two weeks thereajte'r.

L. 58.44.


Moon, and


Oharles H. Smith, J,fa8ter. John H. Britts, Senior Warden. Jro;nes BJ;adley, Jun. Wctrden. Levi C. Marvin, Treasurpr. lames Parkes, Seoretary.

Adam l\{. Fulkerson, b'. 1)eacon.

Samuel V. Warth, J'un. Deacon. Albert Falcon, Sen. Steward. John G r~eo

Middleco:ff~ J.

Burgheim, Tyler.





Jackson, William T Jeremiah, John T Kirk, Joseph B Kim.. brough, G W Keys, Samuel Kahn M J F Leonard, Reuben T Lind.. Ray, Isaac Langley, Philip Lan<b. B H Land, William Martin, LevI C Marvin, John G MiddlecolT, Alexander Miller, William A Norris, Samuel M Norris, Edmond Newell, Samuel Newell} Benjamin L Owen, James Parks, William Paul, Samuel E PrIce, M S Peelor, BenJ~~nin L Quarles, George F Royston, T B Riggins, N B RIggins, William L Shanklin, John W Stewart, Mark A Stewart, George Y Salmon, Dewitt C rStone, Perry B Sha~p, Henry Settles, William Settles, C H Smith, Hugh R Smith, William S Stone, John A Stewart, MichaellSouerwein, Ellis Smith, Micajah Tread\vay, David T Terry, J GThornton Jr., William T Thornton Jr., John 'V Taylor, George F Warth, Samuel V Warth, William W Wood, SF Williams, Michael Whaling, C C Williams, James lV[ Whitchureh, M Zener. DIl\IITTED.-L 0 Washburn, Jacob Norman, J H Nelson, John Nelson, J H Webster, M R Gillett, Lewis P Beaty, John B Howerton, George l\f Beck, A M Butcher, D C McIntire,


Oo.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

S'tated j[eetings, Saturday evening bejorefull moon. OFFIOERS.

John W. Harmon, lIIaster. nobt. B. Jones, Sen. lVarden. Albert H. Ellett, Jun. lVarden. E. A. Solf, Treasurer. A. W. Clark, ~'e(Jretary.

Wm. Calhoun, Senior Deacon. Thos. H. Turner, Jun. Deacon. Francis Martin, Sen. ~fteward. C. M. Martin, Junio",' Steward. W. D. McFadden, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James F Armstrong, John M Anthony, Cyrus H Baker),.R W Booth, James A Bell~ Wm lVI Bell, William Oalhoun,

A W ulark, R M Cro,v, James R ulark, Joseph Crow, W P Crawford r Thomas Drace, John Dutter, W ,8 Duckworth, A H Ellett, John Elliott, Noah A Fitzwater, William Geyer, Reuben Harmon1 John W HarmoD, Isaae HarmoD, M J Harmon, Henry G Ral, vVillianl Isgrig, Smith Jackson, Wm U Johnson, E R Jones, Valentine Jonnson, Robert B Jones, D M Ker:J0 James F Kindri~.,1 J () McCallister, S I Melvin, A 0 MelVin, James W Martin, W D McFadden, Francis Martin, A J McIntosh, Augustus Martin, C :&t Martin, J H McDonald, Hill Pearce, James Pratt, J' A Pinsou, IE, Robertson, B F Reeves, W J Sappington, John Simmonds y S E




Spear E A Solf, William Steel, B F Thurmond, ThomasH Turner, John 13 Thomas, J"ames K Tice, George T Westover, Henry WhitIIllre , M H Whitmire, J C Whitmire, J" ames Williams, Charles A



R Brown, E D Harris, Wm Leffingwell, W L

Triplett. DIED.-James 0 Brackenridge.



No. 70.

Co.-Chartered May 25,1854.

Stated meetings, Saturday before full moon. OFFICERS.

J. W. Bagby, Master. Wm. V. Hall, Senior Warden. Jas. H. Boggs, Junior Warden. J. H. Patterson, Treasurer.

C. W. Shores, Secretary. D. O. Morris, Senior Deacon. W. F. Green, Junior Deacon. J A Snyder, Steward and Tyler.

W Bagby, W V Hall, Jas H Boggs, J H PattcrD 0 Morrist..3Y' F Greent......J A Snyder, R J Bagby, Briggs, R vv Blakey, .!:tector Barton, G P Beswick, S L l:Surge, Q F Beach, R H Bowers, W H Dennis, A]' Denny, S C Davis, C E Denny, Abner Drinkard, D W Denni~ J L Davis, vVro J Eddins, L S Eddins, W G Evans, J H Evans, .tl, S Epperson, W P Embree, C R Evans, S P Fristo, VV I Ferguson, R B Fugate, Stephen Green, T L Green, W A Green, vV 0 Harvey, RHO Harvey R Y Hunie, Hickman James, J A Krouse, W 0 Lamott, G A MathIs, Wash Marquish R S Maupin, W H Morris, sen., W H Morris, Jr., Wm McCully, MMarklan~ Harrison Meteali, R J Mansfield, D Magruda, J" H Martin, v LOwen, J A Pitta, S Y Pitts, W P Phelps, Joshua Peterson, J R Phelps, H G Peyton, J W Rock, ]\{ D _~yle James Roan, J L Riherd, J W lk)bertson, B F Snyg._eu. W J Shores, Wayne Thomas.t....?Reuben T~~or, J W Terrill, W J:ii Walden J H Wayland, J W wilson] S r Wallis, J W Wickes, T P Wiikerson, C T Ware, CorneliUS Vaughn, Wm Killbuck, Bunyan Burton. MEMBERS.-J SOD, 0 W Shores, W R Burc~ R P


J Wayland, John Oboustant..





Co.-Chartered October 28,1844.

Stated Meetings, first and


£'aturdays 'In each month.


C.. H Gee, Master. Sen. Warden. J. Wakefield, Jun. Warden. W. R. Wilson, Treasurer.. Henry Grebe, Secretary.


Wm. Pettijohn, Sen. Deacon. N. McKnight, Jun. Deacon. Wm. B. Carlyle, Sen. Steward. Fred.. Wenz, Jun. 8teuJarcZ. Rob. Shaw, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J A AllIson L D Ashby, L A Baratan, . T T Boyle, .A.. Bowman, I Bowman, J S Bennett, J' Brackenrld~, S G Champlin, R Conover, Chas G Dailey, R L Dobbs, A F lJonnald, J M: DaughertyJ..W C Edenfield, N B Giddings, C H Gee, H Grebe, Jno Gillmore T Hally, Benj Holt, Allen Holt, Wm HerroD, A J Horner, G H Hobsen..) J' E Hudson, J E Huston, Thos Hatton, Francis Impy, E W JOY, JllO Kellogg, W R King, EM Mitchell, Alf Myers, J McDaniel, Wm Pettejohn t Ed Russell, E P Roher~ Jno Riggins, Rob Shaw, R E Smith, H Shepherd, J M Stewert, G W Schrofe, E Townsend, J H Tyner, J Wallter, vV B Wilson, J Wakefieid, A J Harlem, J H Gillispie.



REader, Wm S Flack, A C Miller, Fred Wenz,.

M Page, R G Miller, '\\t""m B


DANVILLE LODGE, No. 79. DArNVULB, MONT~Ol\(:Ji}BY Co.-Chartered 8ta~e~

May 26,1865.

r>'eeti1tY3, ThlUitedayofl;, or before fu~l moon

'n~aoA m~l~


A. O. Sanders, Haste/F.

E. G.. Buck, 8ecrs1J(!J//"Y. G. W. McCarty, Senior Warden. L. H. Rigg, Senior DeaaIJ'Jt. C. C. Adams, JUMor Warden. J. R. McCarty, Junior Dea~otl. S. Bbaou, Treasurer. H. Shambacb, Tyler.


MEMBERS.-W B Adams, J F Anderson, B T AdaJJ:,ls, C Adams, W D Bush, e G ~l~e" T ~ »UFe~, E Q :Bt\e~, l ~ ~a.:p~



Stuart OorkenerJ?an M Draper, R C FUlkerson~James Getty, William Holtruck, G.ti Hillt,..E M Hughes, James B .Johnso:m., John L~an D R Knox, R B MCJ.lhaney, I D Mcli"arlandt,..,.R ~J McOorlll&ck L ~ McNelly, G W McCarty, Eli McCarty, J J:t McOarty, T MHJnnelly, Benj Palmer, A D Offutt, James Olsen, C S Ramsey, L H Rigg, I W Stewart, Jas M Stewart, A 0 SanG€ry, S Shaou, H Shambach, L A Thompson.


DIMITTED.-T D Clanton, J C Smith. DIED.-Jacob L Sharp.




CHARITON Co.-Chartered October 17, 1845.



on or bejo'le each full moon.

OFFIOERS. H~n;ry L. Gaines, Master. James T. Pluuket, Sen. Warden. Geo. W. Rucker, Jun. Warden. Willis H. Plunkett, Treasurer.

Isaac H. Kinley, l?earetary. James M. Staples, Sen. DeaeorJJ.. Wm. Rosenstien, Jun. Deacon. Lorin Bosworth, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-William C Applegate, James L Applegate, John F Alderson, H L Albright, William Beirbower, Levi Bowersmitb, Adoniram J Bean John R Browll, Jackson Brock, Thomas I Beazley, John A Blossoln, Lorin Bosworth, James H Crockett, Samuel J Carter, John F Cunuingham, Milton Cross, Charles J Cabell, Thomas A Cook, Louis A Cunningham, W S Chick, James Dennyven, John 1\1 Davis, Peter R Dolman, 0 B Douglas. Wilson Elliott, Charles W Fleetwood, Benjamin F Fleetwood, John G Fetzer, John W Gilliam, Thomas E GillLam, James Guthridge, Jno M Garner Henry L Gains:- Reuben C Gregory, John W HaWkIns, George WHal"per, Rohert H Higgill.~ Robert H Hodge, Anderson SHattiss, James W Harris, Philip ..t1ooper, Jesse W ;Johnson A C lohllson, Joseph A Jaques, James W Jones, Joseph T Keyte, Isaac R Kinley, Charles W Lautner, Stark Mauzey, Jacob A Merehant, Jeremiah X Mitchell, Joseph M Marsh, William B Morris, Wm F Moore, Madison S Marsht..,.Jacob McAllisteir, James McOullough, John McFerran, James D .t'riee, William Penn, vVillis C Plunkett, Jl1mes T Plunkett, Louis S ·Prosser, Wil.l1am RosenstLeh" It F 1ti;Qger:, Q,QO:rge W Ruokel'", Isaae M R~r~Qlllil01 L R8SS, HlLgh $OOvenso;n, William T Stroud, Thom~ Ja Spenoer, .TUlles M Staples, ~ B Tinsley, SAmuel E Tayiat', Thomas P T~, John H ToW-Mend, lohn E . H Tripleit, Thomas Wrigllt, J:~ A Wi.k-




ham George W Wright, Albert L Wires, Congrav$ J 'Varden, Boyat C Watkins. DIHITTED.-Samuel M Fuqua. EXPEI-iLED.-A

J Adams.


Co.-Chartered, October 14,1846.

meetings, Saturday on or before each full moon.


S. A. Bryant, Master. Alfred Oden, Secretary. H. E. Elmore, Sen. Warden. James R. Tinsley, Sen. Deacon. Joseph C. Watkins, Jun. Warden.William Clements, Jun. Deaoon. William J. Sisson, Treas. Samuel D. Orr, Tyler. MEMBERS. - Simeon A Bryant, George Bryant, William P Burks, George A Carter, William Clements, John C Dyal, Andrew P Elmore, Henry E Elmore, ÂťJames C Elmore, William D Green, J S R Gregory, Anderson Greggs, Myner S Greggs, Henry H Hopkie, James W Kem, Henry C McPike, James McKibben, Olinton T Nash1.-..Alfred Oden, Samuel D Orr, James N Orr, WilliamD Orr, Josiah lS Poage, Samuel N Purze, Jacob Rees, Henry :M Reid, Henry F Reeds, G F L Reeds, William J Sisson, Harlow W Sperry, .Tohn Stone zLevi Thomas, Samuel Thomas, J"ames R Tinsley:, John Tucker, Philip H Tueker, R H Wisdom, Charles F Walden, Joseph C Watkins, James J Ingram.. DIMITTED.-N

G Cornelius.


Co.-Chartered October 14, 1848.

Stated meetings, second and fourth Saturdays in each month. OFFIOERS.

James L. Gray, lJ'Iaster. Geo. W. Morrison, Sen. Warden. 1'. A. Westmoreland, J. Warden. Isaac N. Rogers, Treasurer.

George H Fain, Secreta'i1}. J. H. Morrison, Senio-r Deaoon. J" R. Marrs, Junior Deacon. Tandy Westmorland, Tyler.




M:ElMBERs.-James F Armstrong, James W Adams, WIn F

AdGms A E Adair, Wm L Bone, James Beckham, Perry G Broc}\:,

J Barnbart, A L H Crenshaw. John M Collier, James W Crooks, HenrI: Crump, John E Carr, J A 001e1 G W Cole~, Joseph M Chrisman B F Davidson, G B DeBarnardle, Peter Dlck, J Q, Egleston, Geo~ge H Fain, J Edwards, James L Gray, Samuel P Bates, V M HobJj&~JR Hilliard, Jacob Hiltibidle, Alfred Hoover, Frederick Ringsit S N Kerr, Tllomas Leonard, N Levering, James M Liddil, Wm E'McBride, George A Morris, W M McConnell, Geo 'V Morrison J B Mo~er, J Howard Morrison, Irwin Miller, A W Morgan, Marihn May, G M Nickol James A Lucas, Wm Peacock, J W Perry John Pryor, G L Pitcher, C G Peacock, W H Rodewald, I N Rogers, Herman Rummel, Geo Robeson 0 Robinson, Samuel Robeson, Samuel Ralston, Thomas J Roffe, Robert A Stone, John K Stark, Caleb Stone, Eli Smith, William Stubbs, C D Sayre, A G Stayton, J N Southern, Joseph H Twyman, Wm E Thorp, D T Todd, Wm Townsley, Ira B Toler, Henry TraIle, Wm Vannote, Jacob Vernon, Robert Weston, B F Wallace, John A Westmorland, Tandy Westmorland, George Waddell, A G Williams, A J Walker, Samuel Woodson, Wm D Warren, C 0 Frisby, D L Young. DI:MITTED.-James C Riggs, John P St John, B F Ayres, J A Smith, George P Gates, Philip Ulinger, _Tohn R lVlarrs, M R Wrighh Wm Anderson? James 'V Tuppen, S D Il路win, 'Vm Sullivan, J lJ Rush, J S Wallace. SUSPENDED.-J W Hilliard. DIED.-John T Pollard, Wm S Stone.


Co.-Chartered August 14, 1846.

mated Meetings, Third Saturday evening of each month. OFFIOERS.

ROOt M. Askin, Ma8ter. l~eph Davis, Senio'f Warden. PI' G. Clark,. Junior Warden. Bioi P. Dunlap, Treasurer. 'W"m. M. Robinson, Searetary. MDX:BERS.-R

E. MI' Clark, is'enio'l' Deacon. J. A. Key, Junior Deacon. Wm. F. England, Sen. Steward. Wm. T .. Key, Junior Stewarrd. W. B. Lanter, Tyler.

M Askin, A Adams, Wm Adair, J G Anderson,

J II Anderson....l H W Benton, J A Bransom, Thomas Bs,ss, Wm M :Bennett1,J" D.tSutt, J B Braly, Geo W Bullock, Jason Carr, Wm.F Ooler 0 u Oook, Valentine Oarter, E H Oarter, Wm P Crabtree, J" 42



.J Culp, R S D Caldwell, !> G Clark, E 1\1 Clark, S J Craig, A C Coppedge, D E Dnnlap, S F Dunlap, R W Dunlap, L A Dunlap .Joseph Davis, Daniel Eggere, Wm Enloe, Isaac G Eaton, Wm »~ England, vVro H Halber~ Preston Halbert, A A HarrisoD..;... F D Hancock, Wm Harrison, Jas L Halbert, vVm A I-Iarrison lienr)" Haley, Samuel L Harrison, Penton Jones, J H Jamison, F BKeatley, J A Key, Wm T Key "VITI Keatley, Wm H Lynch, Wm M Lusher, Samuel Lea, Geo \IV Loper, John Lawren, A J Lamar, Wnl B Lanter, vV P Lay A Metcalf, J R Pumphrey, L VV Powell, Geo W Paul, B A Renick, J B Reeves, \Vn1 1\1 Robinson, 0 Ritchey, A J Seay, Geo W Sanders, Lemuel Self, J B Smith, J P Snelson, A H rrras~t..)'Vm Taff, Richard Turner, P (i Vaughan, He Vaughan, \Vm 1\1 waIls, J H Wheeling.. DIl\I:IT'l'ED.-Andy Freeman, Ii' 0 Porrell. DIBD.-J H Ramsay, Pinman Britton.


ST. JOSEPH, BUCHANAN Oo.-Chartered October 14,5846.

JS'Itctted 2!leetirJ.!]s, first and third :t'uesday evenings in each ?nonth. n}i'}'r()ER~.

James A. Adams, }'faster. Philip Arnholt, Sen. Warden. John Pinger, Jun. Warden . John B. Howard, Treasu'fer. Roht. J. S. Wise, Secretary.

Harvy Bradley, fJen. Deacon. Jeff T. Gleason, Jun. IJeacon. Andrew B. Fraser, Sen. Steward. Simon Stern, Jun . Steward. Henry S. Thornton, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James A Adams, Philip Arnholt, Joseph H Anderson, Snlith Adams, Joseph Augustine, J l\{ Austill, S:,tnford K Austin, Jonathan M Bassett, W Wash Brown, Oliver N Buel~, Goo W Brown, Truman R Blakely, Norman Buell, George VV" Buell, Willard N Buell, J08 is Browne, Harvey Bradley, Davicl Block, Henry Baublitz, John Bonham, Henry Burkenroad, Geo W Bell, Cyrus B Bowman, E K Bedwell, Thos L Blakemore, W W Beymer, Ferdinand Beems, Ebenezer Blakiston, Lewis Cli:oke~).. heard, Joseph Oahn, W H Carpenter, S Reed Calhoun, 0 :a;: 1.) Craig, Edwin Curtis, Samuel Chesnut, Anson S Curtis :ae~ S Carper, James Craig, T J Crowther, Marion T Cox, Philip H O€>)l&.,





T J Dillon, Thos J Davis, Cha~ W Davenport, Leander Davib, Timothy Driscoll, Chas M Douglass, Erasmus Dixon, Elias Epitein J T Elder, Andre'v G Elloitt, John G Fackler, Andrew II Frasier Theo A Fowler, Jeff T Gleason, Paul C Glave, Josepll P Grubb 'James Highly, Thos M Haines, I G Hamman Jas P Hamilton Sr, Wm A Hamilton, Wm G Hall, Louis Hax, Jacob J Hurtell JohnB Howard, James P Hamilton, Jr, .John B Harder, Fred Roim&'.Q, Ohrist Habacker, Jno C Hamilton, James W HUdgens, ]' l1ennick, WaC3hington Jones, Isadore Jones, 0 P Kingsbury, Sim~~R Kemper, B Kaffenberger, Sigismund Kauffman, Jno B Klat~enhoff, C 1\1 Kingsbury, John Ritchler, Jacob Kurz, Jno S Lemon, R 8 Littleton, W .J Logue, David Loeb, Aug S Long, R S lVIonroe, .Jacob Maddinger, A M McCorkle, Jas L Mayo, Arthur Moore, R }1' MoOullough, Allen McNew, Wm Mailler, James A Matney, VV C Mahar Jno A E Meyer, A D McPherson, William Morrison, Julius lieyer, N 0 Nelson, Isaac Owens, Wm R Penick, James A :Pener.t...John Pinger, Jno H Price, Elijah Picket, Geo W Pooler, Ale:g: .t"arkerhJas C Roberts, Isaac V Riley, Lewis L Richlnond, Dudley Roac ,John T Ross, Wm D Rowley, John N Richardson, John E Roberts, Evans W Ray, A M Saxton, 'Vm Sage, Henrs' Smyser, Jas V G Shurtliff, Chas Stockman, Sinl0n Stern, John Severance, Joseph Speckart, H J Seip, E B Sain, Edwin 'roole, Jno F Tyler, II S Thornton, H N 'rurner, C A Thornton, Benj Tholnp~O:!JT G N Venablet.-.搂alnuel Westheinlert..Xerdinand vVestheinler, .J J wyatt, Bobt G williams, Andrew J wills, Jas "Vrlght, Robert J S Wise, John S Welch, G A Wells Jno 0 Wyatt, '.rhomas Winu, Fred Wenz, H R Wilkinson, Jno G "Villis, N B Wood, P W Yaut, Aaron Wiles. L Backrack, Isadore Brohn, It LeWis Leach, Samuel Rauh, H Smallwood.

DI:M:ITTED.-I ~"itch,


Chinn, 'rhos

DIED.-Jna "'vV Flowers, R McBath.






Co.-Chartered Ortober 14, 1846.

Jltated lJtIeetin,q8, second and jOltrth Fri(ZalJ8 in earh rnonth. ()F.F'IOER8. Ob~lie Thaw, Mat~ter.

Loron Mitchell, ~1ec,"etar~v. CalVin F. Burnes, Sen. }Var路den. Wright Shaumberg, JSf. Deacon. Louis Bierman, Junior Warden. 'rhos. J. Henly, Junior Deacon. lol\n W. Luke. Trea8urer~




MEMBERs.-George 0 Atherton, J S Anderson, James F kglar James W Atwill, John Antrim, HE Andrews, J H Beach, J Ii Blood, Wm F Boogher, David Brownlee, John G Brown, George J Barnett, J W Bissell, L C Billio~ L S Brot~rton, E B Byington Theodore Betts, D H Bishop, C 1) Blossom, George W Boyd, 1\11 Black, Leverert Bell, J W Barry~ Louis Bierman, Calvin F Burnes, J H Britton, M L Bates, ueorge L Brown, August1t$ Buetell, Wm H Block..)... Benjamin S Buck, Isaac W Brooke, James IJ Buskett, James T J::Suell, John N Bofinger, R H Cochran, N J Colman, S R Clark, E P Curtis John E Collins, George D Capen, \V A Clendenin, Wm H Coli ins, Frank Curtis, Amos Cotting, R-J Compton, S L Olemens, John Canlpbell, Robert Orothers, A R&Donaldson, vVilliam Davie, W 0 Defriez, George B l)ameron, .Tames E Drake, J R Errickson, 1\1: C Elbertz... Wm B FielQ, Johnr T Fiel~ Dewitt C Freeman, 0 D Freeman, John Fletcher, Alexander lioyer, M 0 Grammer, Isaac F Garner, Alexander Grant, Otto J Gutbrod, D H Gooderich R R Hopkins, E 0 Harrington, Thomas N Hundley, Samuel D Hendel, Thomas J nenley R S Hart, Wm W .Jones, S S Jerman, George Jacksoll, E B Kirby, ,J A Kingsbury, C W Keiser, James G Kennedy, E P King, Ohristian Kohlhund, J G Kaufman, Benjamin Kimball, A L Lacroix, Wm M Ladd, S B Lowe, Frank A Lane, W E Lauderdale) Jno vV Luke, John M Leavenworth, Christian Langtimm, S H Leath, R F Lamb, H H Lewis, E C Little, C A lVlcConken, J T W Moore, J F ~Iadison, John W Moore, J C lVloore E A )\1I~DY, Tho111aS ~Iiller, Jr, J G Mamott, Isaac M Mason, J B McKay, Andrew McDo'\vell, Joseph S Miller, Loron Mitchell, Wm V Morse t .Tas N Norris, William Neihaus t VV 0 Orr, E G Ol;>ea!1..-.:rhomas Owens, W A Ober, Wm H Pritcnard L T Pimm, Geo vv Potter, Peter Peterson, Frank G Porter, John Ii Pottenger, P M Pinckard, Daniel Pastorius, J S Peirce, J R Pomeroy, R S Raymond, J R Roberts, J S Roberts, D P Rowland, 0 S Rogers, Thomas Rhodus, H M Rhodus, Wm B Ryder Wm Rowe, J P Richardson, Thomas V Strode, S T Simmons, W W Sanford, E B Sayers, S eScott, H A Schanefelt, A B Sluder, A R Smith, E P Stillwell, J J Scanlan,.,t Wright Schaumberg, F H Stevens, E B Sprague, D W Sadler y t5 A Shortridge, C F Tracy, D GTaylor, MThompson, CharlieThaw t F 0 Tablert..2 F Vanderford, H M: Woodward, Washington West, George H wiley, Nicholas Wall, James Ward, W C Watts, C C Whittlesey, Wm H Waters, John Wherry, Geo W West, John M Young, James H Young.




E Courtney, .108 McCausland, Nils Mogran, J H


E Wilde.

DIED.-Abraham H Lee.





ST. LOUIS Co.-Ohartered October 14, 1846.

Staled meetings, Haturday on or before full rnoon oj each month. OFFICERS.

D. L. Basset, Master. Jas. E. Adie, Senior Warden. J. R. A. Pallon, Junior Warden. S. H. Martin, Treasurer.

J. Davis, Secretary.. G. T. Moke, Senior Deacon. T. T. Craig, Junior Deacon. W. B. Moss, Tyler.

~rE:MBERs.-JasEAdie, John Adams Le Grand Atwood, D L Bassett, D V Baber, T C Breckenridge, T E Breckenridge, H Cole, C Oastello, T T Craig, J Davis, J C Edwards, H W Fowler, 0 M Forbs, J H Garrett, W H Grenalds, A M Gorin, A W Gorin, J R Hereford, S Hume, J B Hume, A Keirn, S H l\Iartin, W W Musick, G T Moke, F Morton, W B Moss, J E ~foke, J M Myres W H }!oke, J M Ohlhousen, J V Ohlhousen, Wm Palmer, E W Patton, JRA Patton, Joseph Page, R Rickets, F W Richmond, W D Shumate; F St Si~...W H Stephens, W D Sapington, E W rrhomas, T J Thompson, S vanskekes, C L Young.


Co.-OhaJ,'tered June 2,

18~ .

Stated meetings, Saturday oj 11'ull Moon, or next precedirtg. OFFICERS.

DM;lieIN. Newman, Ma8telj路. John D.. Bratton, Sen. Warden..

lames L Irenry, Jun. Warden. 'hG11tJ.aS

1\1. Rollerson, Treas.

Robert Wade, Secretary. . William H. White, Sen. Deaco~. Mart~ C. Flint, Jrun. D6aoon.. James Renfrew, Tyler.

MEHBERs.-Hiram Adair, John D Bratton, William A Bratton, Bobert Bratto~.J . . F C Brown, Lewis G Berry, Erastus Berry1.......G eo WBatterton, walter Crutcher, Jobn C Cautrell, R M Flynt, ~oah l'lood, Martin C Flynt, William L Gillispi0, Jo~ H Hill, Robert




M Hodge, Nathan Hardin, James L Henry, James HUlen, Phillip Judy, George T Langston, William Leach, James F Langston George P Laforce, Daniel N Newman, Lemuel Northcut, Willian~ W Norris, James F Palmer, J B Phillips, Moses P Poynt~ QUinton Peacher, Thomas M Rollerson, Joh!1- Reed, Thomas B tifobinsotl James RenfrewtrFilliam HRobinson, Lawrence Rochford,Solomor~ Shobe, "Robert wade.t... .! ohn B Wade, William P Wright, Williarn H White, Thomas B wade, John Woolf, Robert M Younger. DIl\IITTED.-rrhomas F Guthrie.


LIVINGSTON Co.-Chartered ()ctober 15, 184H.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening before .full 'n1,.oon. OFFICERS.

James M. Pendleton, lYfaster. John H. Craig, Sen. Deacon. P. H. Perkins, Senior Warden. W. W. Wade, Junior Deacon. Geo. W. Easley, Jun. Warden. Jno. N. RuloIl, Senior Steward. rr. T. Woodruff', Treasurer. C. W. Prumbo, Jun. Stewarfl. S. S. Sandusky, Sfecretary. S. L. Bradly, Tyler. MEMBERs.-Hiram Adams, Samuel Alexander, Carlus Bordo. ulan, Thomas Brown, S L Bradley, Peter Bond, G D Burges, A l~ Bumgardner, Thorn M Baxter, William Burt, John Burch, C G Biggers, Simon Bloch'-.rr'Ym Brinkely, A D Ohristy, Joseph Oombs, John H Craig, James w Colgan, A M Clarkson R J Clark, Jerry Cundiff; ,William B Craig, B F Dillon, George it Denbo, Joseph 0 Dale, A M Dockery, George W Easley, Herman Emal1uel, C:M Freeman, P C Flernoy,= S A Fore)..,. William T Gooch, Jacob Gardner, HE Hurlbut, J F Haris, v R Hays, W J Kenardy, G W Leytchliter, W S McClanahSJl W P Manifee W P ~{yles, John J Moore, John Morison, Perry McOollum, J R Maxwell, Jerry ~hiJr lips, J M PeniIton, L C Penilton, James Pickens, George S PhiIttps, F M Putman J F Plunkett, P H Perkins, John N Rulen, T 1 Reed, James nagan, S D Sandusky, J F Serigh~, H W Spear, M A Trumbo, C W Trumbo, John H Tharp, T T ,Voodruff, John H Ware, W W Wade, R N West. DI:MITTED.-C

P Tracy, F R Green, J G Lay, Robert Hagle,

E Dockery, W M Baxter.






Co.-Uhartered May 25, A. D. 1854, A. L.5854.

Btated lrfeetings, lVednesday e'vening before full lnoon. OlfFICERS.

Irvin W. Greenstreet, JJIrtster. Bluford C. Ballenger, S. Wa1'Oden. Joseph M. Herndon, J. Wa1"den. Isaac J. Snider, Treasu'rer. .fohn L. Herndon, Secretary.

Milen W. Serl, Sen. Deacon. Robert DIO Turner, Jun. Deacon. John W. Smith, Sen. Steward. Matt H. Hooker, Jun. Steward. James T. Talliaferro, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Geoege E Alexander, Bluford C Ballinger, John B<>hannon, Milan S Beckwith, Samuel W Barnes, Johnson Oraig, Alfred Case, John H Cotton, George W Davis, Anderson Breastl, Irvin W Greenstreet, Abram D Groesbeck, Wm L Gray, Robert !) Oracey Benj B Harrison, John L Herndon, Joseph M Herndoll, Jas W Harrison, John A Hooker, .James Z Hartin, Matt H Hooker, Alfred F Hickman, Josiah Ivry, Booker C Jarrell, Jos T Kindred, Joshua Moore, John Mitchell, Levi P McAdoo, Wm C McQuirter, Stephen B Noland, Thomas H Newton, George W O'Brien, J"ohn H Roberson, George H Stith, Joab Scott, John vV Smith, J"ohn S Shields, Isaac J Snider, Milen W Serl, Robert D Turner, James T Talliaferro, Hilory M Turner, Meriwether L Turner, 'rhos Turner, Andrew J Turner t Isaac Worley, John H Wilson, William F Wyatt, John H Wilson. J

DIMITTED.-Riehard Wilks, Marcus Arington, Jas W Tindle.


Co.-Chartered May 25, 1854.

meetings, ;SatulrdclY . before or 0T} that day if moon f'U,ll8 .. OF]"'ICERS.

J(i)hn B. Davis, Master. Isaac Oppenheimer, Secretary. Daniel M. Gray, Senior lVarden. J. C. Hemphill, Senior Deacon. A. J .. Wilson, Jun. Warden. D. S. Wilcox, Junior Deacon. J. II. Henderson, Ttreasurer. Daniel Tussey, TyZe;r.




MEMBERS.-N T Allison, George Anderson, D W Burford, J I Bellwood G C Black, J L Cartwright, P S Culp, James Carrol, J R Davis A A Davis, John B Davis J M Elkin, W H Finly, T R Furguso~ D M Gray, T T Gorrell, Samuel Glass, Henry Greer, M L Hodge~ J C HemI>hill, S P Hunt, John Hunt, 0 Hurt, T Ii Henderso~ J H Hill, J H Hart, D N Hunt, C 0 Jones, Jesse Jopling John Kellerman, Wm Kellerman, W G Martin, J S Martin, D S'Merry Isaac Oppenheimer D H Orear, G D Pile, J L Paoe, Janles Robkrts C Q Shouse, H B Scott, E F Scott, sen., E F Soott, jr., F D Smith' H C Spear, B S Stephens, ¥ Sale, E H. Uitcher, .las Uitcher, Ii Walja, J H Walker, D S WIlcox, A J WIlson, J B Wright. DIM1TTED.-J DIED.-E

T Witcher, Dewit PIttman, ~trother Clark.



C,().-Chartered June 2, 1866.

f.,ftateil meetl'flgs, Friday of full moon, or next preoed0ng.


Lewis Fry, Master. W. T. William~, Secretary. Jacob Greenabaum, Sen. liVarden.J. B:Erwin, Sen. Deacon. B. F. Houts, J. Warden. Thomas Boatright, Jun. Deacon. John T. Davis, Treasurer. Fred. Smith, Tyler. •


S Akerman J B Bristoe, C P Bondurant, Thomas Boatright, P A BrowI!.? R M Campbell, George Casebolt, E S Caserbolt, A J Casebolt, J ..If Chinn, J T Davis, Matthew Dunlap, Thomas J Doak, J B Erwin, J MElder, J A Elder, Robert Elliott, Lewis Fry, A B Galbraith, S W Garrett, J Greenabaum, T J God.. ard, D S Guthrie~ T Grady1,.. W B Gray, B F Houts, Abram Hupp, R H Hudson R vv Haynie J C Hamner, R A Hinton, N :M HoI.. away, Jack Harvey, T L Harvey, W J Hollis, J B Hamner, P Y Jrvine, James Isbell, W A Irvine, J H Irvine, J W Lacy, F L Martin, W H McAmis, .a. T Minor, Henry Mertens, T M-.MinOJr, James Mann~ R vV Menifee, W J Noonan, J L Pearce, Thoma:s Rogers, Fred t:)mith, B F Shelton, W :M Shaw, J W Swimley, E :M Talbott, W T Williams, A L Wheeler, George E Coleman. MEMBERS.-T



T Jones, E F Cooper, John Ro..b ertson, it:ij

B. L Kendrick, Carroll Wright.





Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

$tateiC lrfeetings, Second and Fourth Tuesdays in each month. OFlfICERS.

W.. J. Dawson, Master. D. Cheney, Senior Deacon. G. W. Adams, Senior Warden. L. K. Myers, Junior Deacon. R. 0 .. Thompson, Jun. Warden. H. L. Dunlap, Senior Steward. W. D. Crandall, Treas'ttretr J. F. Roberts, Jun. Steward. B. W. Shotwell, Secretary. C. P. Hyatt, Tyler. MElfIBERS.-G W Adams, H Alexander, S D Arnold, James Ande.rson,J Benjamin F Brant; James LBuck, J H Brown, Jesse BuckJP3D" J C Brewer, W D Crandall, D Cheney, H K Custar, Charles Chamberlain W 0 Cram, E J Crandall, J D Crowner, Ross Crandall,t J B 000i ey, W M Clarkson, Frank Clark, Thomas N Clark, W u Dawson, H L Dunl~p, B W Dewey William Egar, Jacob Fisfler, A L Freeman, C W Freeman T 0 Fellows, Dan'l Finn, Edwin GiffoJ.:d, Joseph Gregory, C P ilyatt, Stephen Hull, Jacob , Heyman, J L Houck, J M Hammond, N B Hamilton, Edward . Ro11~, G W Jennings, J 0 Kelley, W H Leake, L K Myers A W Myers. Wm McGregor, WIn Moore, George Montgomery William HoOrwy, James Nellistl.,....L Norton, Jr, J C Nichols, W CNeedles, J 0 Post, J N Patten, JJillon Phelps, S P Quick, J F Roberts, William Riley; W J Ribley J F Robinson, L F Ranney, B W Shotwell, DavId Spencer).. C B Simpson, E H Salisbury, J H Seales,t L A Smith, H B t'iteck, Moses Swain, Henry Shook, .T B Stutsman, W 'J} Snow, Ernst Simon, R 0 Thompson, W 0 Torry, F Tunstall, L K Wright, E W Weed, A WilsoD, C Armstrong, Samuel Kitchen. DIKITTED.-J

H Vanmeter, A Vanmeter, H L Brown.

EXPELLED.-Charles G Hammond, Harvey Wank. SUSP:eNDED.-L

G Hammond.


Co.-Chartered May,. 1847.

meetings, Friday night on or befO're the full moon. OFFICERS..


n. Brasington,

Master. Wm. G. McDowell, S. Warden. ~.1I. !leClure, Jun. Warden. Iohn. C. Wetzel, Treasurer. ~nBen, Secretary.


Thos. J. VanOsdeIle, 8. Deacon. John H. Howard, JtJ.1t. Deacon. D. B. Baily, Senior Steward. N. B. McDowell, Jun. Steward. p", L Montgomery, Tyler.




~rEl\'rBERs.-Benjamin Appleby, Wm If Brabington, H (; Bender, John Bell, 8 D Brown, S B Bowles, D B Bailey, John W Bell, J M Bailey, Wm R Benington, John E Barnes, T }( Bryant, J H Buchanan, G W Cotner, Robert Courtney, H G Cowan, Joseph Davis, Wm Denby, Edmund Bowles, James F Finley, Wm T F..anning, James H Fisk, George H Finley, Johl\ H Hiatt, Wm T Hastings, John H Howard, A A Hays, Wm W Holland, A D Hudspeth, .Tames Hampton.t- Jonathan Hunt, Ge,> H Hall, Silas Hobbs, Wm H Japes, R S Jacobs, C S Jacobs, ALfred Kenedy, Wm K Latham, Arch l\! Long, David M Lon~ Nelson McDowel, Wm G McDowell, W B McDowell, J D Mo:at; gomery, G W Murphy, James McGeehe, F A McClure, B F MOC>l:. John W McDowell, Jam~s A Murray, George W Morris, N.R McClure, P L Montgomery, Reuben Polalld, Isaac PrestonJ JQseph Parry, J G Payne, John D Parkinson, Thomas Quarrels, A Renfr0h.-C Talbutt, Thomas J VanOsdell, J()hn C Wetzel, S H Wilson, E '1' Wasson, G W WilHams, Wm Wasson.


Young, M lVI Arthur.

DIED.-'\V路 P Elder.


Co.-Chartered October 19, 18<J7.

/)Ytated ltfeetings, Thursday on or after each Full ]rfoon, OFFIOERS.

T. P. McCluney, .Master. D. M. Payne, Senior Warden. Peter Courtney, Junior Warden. William Agee t Treasurer. P. D. Vandyke, Secretary.

J. A. C. Brown, b'en. Dea(J;O,tA. J. Q. Tannohill, Jun. Deacon. C. N. Melton, Senior Steward. Willis Winstow, Jun. Stewa/ra. J. M. Oourtney, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-T P McCluney, D M Payne, Peter Courtney,. Wi!.. ham Agee, P D Vandyke, J .A. C Brown, J Q Tannohill, C N yel.. ton, Wlllis Winston, J M Courtney, Jacob Clodfietter, J C Donohoe, S B Hoss, Rue Hughes, W E Middelton, .John McCurdy, :B:f Pitts, V V Thompson, Clay Thompson, M P Thompson, L R Williams, J C Wood, T J Mason1 John:S: Williams, Wm:a: }{Q~~, W C Gibson, G W Longan, W R J()nes, J B McClure, :R E W~lk.~ly P A Butterfield, J Q Quesenbury, J W Jorden, L l,n Darae1" Stephen Wheeler.


F Wade, Edwin Oourtny.




Stated Meeting} llirst and

Co.-Chartered October 12, 1847. Th~r!l

Saturdays in each month.


J. E. Oadle, Master. ThIS. :n. Ya.tes, Sen. Warden. W~H. H. Baxter, Jun. Warden. aa.muel L. Harris, Trea8t1/rer. llrr. W Thornton, Secretary.

Chas. V. Mead, Sen. DeaC071. Robert A. Wilson, Jun. Deaeotl. Louis Ritter, ISen. Steward. W. D. Patterson, Jun. Steward. .Ino. H . Yeoman, Tyler.

ME¥l3ERs.-J'as Anderson Jno H Abshire, Jno M Alexander,

G G Brown, S W Erown, Thos 8 Broaddus, J Oh}l T Black, W 1:1. H Baxter, Irvin S Ballew Elijah Burges, Ed J :Brown, James Bonto~ E J Broaddu~t...J S Bevel, J E Cadle, L M Clark, D A Creason, '~'hos K Conn,.t:1 W Currin, J J Cribs, Geo Onbberly, A S Oloud Baalis Davis R F Dunn, Henry Duncan, Philip Ella, Gustavis Ella, Joseph N Ellis, Jacob Engleman, 80cr~tes England, Samuel Forrester, Wm Froman, Thos J Fleeman, Wm Foulk, A Fitzgerald, Wm D Flowers, John Garr, Jas C Gisb, E ¥ Gre:enIee, Jas A Grace1.-.-H S H arooug 111, Samuel L Harris, Fred Helf, S R Hooker, J M .tlearn, S D Hoage, Thos Heirs, R D lIltln:ter, T~B Jones, T E Jones, Jos Jones, John Jacobs, Mat Jilton, 1M Jackson, John B Leeper, R ~ Loveland, M L Laflin, Louis Moberly, Jas 0 Minteer, Jas P Moon, J W McMillen, IlTas May, Jas FMatthews, 0 H Mansur, D M Marlow, Jas L Marlow, R R Mills, TWMcArthu!2,.Jas McKenny, C H Martin, Chas V Mead)..James Norton, W 0 l.~orman, Geo P Pepper, John Y Porter, E tj Poi:nd~xtel\ W D Patte'rson, Vincent Pyles, Thomas A Preston-1.Loais Btttel', TkOs J Beid, Wm K Reed, Wm E Rhea, Wm Red<11ng, D A. S1ngl~).Robe;rt Stein, Daniel Singleton, Joseph Suter, M H smith, Y L ~mitb, N M Smith, Martin Spooner, John D Sherman" A ~,Stewart, J H Sherman, Nathan Sylverman, Smith Turner, W If,!.: !or)!J;tOlA M H Tisdale, R B Williams R L Williams, J M WilWW.alden, Bluford West,.las WrightJ.Daniel Walbrunn, ,;t,lkerson 1 J J Wilkerson, Geo W WQIIskiu, C W Wells, Wm l'~alkelI", R A WiISOll, Henry Walbrulln, l' B Yates, J H Yeo• •, W. F McGee.

.r W Albrittiap.;


J)~IJI1;mD.-Smith Tutiner, R F DUI;l;n, Henry Du;no~n, Joho Y

el, Qeo P Pepper, M H Smitht.Wm Froman, A D Stewart, Ed J ~,Vincent Pyles, C H Manin, J :M J:ackson..

X>tElf>.-Joseph NEllis, J 1 'VilkeNM;.,






Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Stated Meetings, First 8atu1'day after Full Moon in each montth. OFFIOERS.

Abner Hartsock, Ma8ter. Pat Hegarty, Secretary. J. R. Crampton, Sen. Warden. C. L. Spalding, Senior Deacon. ~T. R. Greenhalgh, Jun. Deacon T. A. Bryan, Jun. Warden. E. R. Lee, TreaS'Llrrer. W. F. Stemka, Tyler. MEMBERS.-D S Betts, Andrew Baker, T A Bryan, N P Blake&lee, Charles Allen, W E Crandall, J R Crampton, E D Campbell, 8 W EllIott, J R Greenhalgh, Abner Hartsock, J W HUffaker, D B Rayn, Milton Harper, Pat Hegarty~ John Jones, Fred Krumme;U, E R Lee, J B Meade Wm M Mcuinnis, Frank McGinnis, C .A. Phillip, B F Parson, T M Rookelj...J T Rawlins, James Sports~< J D Shiftlet L K Spaftbrd W l i H Stewart, C L Spaldir!g, .A. u Spafford, VI F Stemke, W ir Woods, J T Williams, W H Wildey.

DIMITTED.-Robert Baker, P T Banning, J E Pardonnee..

DIED.-John W Maadox.


Co.-Ohartered October 12, 1847.

Stated meetings, Saturday night on or before the


moon tn

each month. OFFIOERS.

W .. A. Davis, Master. F .. B. Todd, Senio1'" ltVaraen, L. D. Maupin, Junior Warden. Moses Noel, Treasurer.

R. M. Ragland, ~fecretary. John T. Noel, Senior DeaOOf/flo W. P. Ash, Junior Deacon. John Burton, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Alfred Ash, Wm P Ash, J N Atterbexy, .lona Burton, Oscar Burton, J W Dawson, W A Davis, JOB S DaWSOOrf ]I Enochs, J as P Grove..),. Ed L GaiJies.:...Thos Garnett, J Iv.[ HolQe!~ W Hord, W B Morris, lf McCord L 1) Maupih, J A Noel, J T ~oplt Moses Noel, S M Picket, S M Q,uirey, R:M Ragland Newton Bo. ner, Ed R...~~sdale, T B Rf:tgland, Elias Sanner, F B Todd, MoaB$' TIssue, G w Waller, F T Wilson, M W Wilson, J P Weatherlfo~a, 'DIMITTED.-G 'V Gain!~ M P Papf, S T Braddus, E A Jacob Sanner, J F Wood" w H 1\Iason. EXPELLED.-Thos

Noel, Tho! Enochs.






Co.-Chartered October 12,1847.

Stated meetings, Monday on or before the full moon in each

month, and the second Monday thereafter.

E. McCune, Master. Wm, O. Parks, Ben. Warden. A. ~. Ayres, Jun. Warden. J. S. Barnam, Treasurer.

Chas. G. aunter, ~fecretary. N. C. Hardin, Senior Deacon. W. W. Anderson, Jun. Deacon. E .. A. Parks, Tyler.

McCune, Wm 0 Parks, A B Ayres, .J S Rarnam, G Hunter, N 0 Hardin, W W Anderson, E A Parks, T :M Bhea, S B Ayres, J W Soward, J D GUlley, J" W Gunn, J M Gentry, J Bloc~ S S Allen, E G McQuiet.-.Wm D Maus, M F Clare, Wm M van Horn, A D Hunter J..Jjj Carstarphen, Wm English, A Brothers, H F Summers, lOR C J"ackson, Luther Reed, P Draper, John J Smith, Wm F Hill, J W Mahaffey J J McElwee, H Richmond, W P Harshee, T J C Fagg, 0 A )'Womack, A Oury, John Johnson,. H R Woodruff, P F Lonergan E M Bartlett, Wm C Freema~ H J Findley, S D Chase, John Wyland, D P Dyer, H L Rhea, 1\tI J:Susch Lewis Lamkin, F C Winkle, N G Edwards, B W Gori~ Thos Cash,_jr., T J Hammons, Wm T Stewart, 1 S Pearson, R E .t'leasant, A S Brooks, Julius A Dyer, R C Pew, Ohristopher Muff, H B Frazee. MEMBERS.-E


DIMITT:E:n.-George W Thurmon, T A Parker, Thomas J Ken.. drick.

DIED.-Wm T Foreman.


Co.-Chartered October

14, 1847. SbafJed Meeting8~ Ttu!;may, on or b6tfore each Full Moon.


. B. Wilson, Master. lJrnumd Gray, Sen. Warden. Bonney, Jun. Ward~n. 'Jidward Baldwm,T'reasurer. :0. F.ltlostermann, Secretary.


John C. Je&nnin~ b'en. Deacon. G. O. Walker, 4cting J. Deaeon. AlexandlerRoss, Senior Stewarrd. S. B. :Rowe, Acting J. Steward. Jos. L. Graham" Acting T3Jler.




.. !vIEMBERS.-John Albert, Sebastian Albert.] Emiel P Albert Talma.Block, Wm Bonne, Otto Buehrmann Eaward Baldwin D S Butt, Eleazer Block, K H Burford, Jacob Bowman, B W Bunock1 F S Beggs, Robert J Campbell, William austead] Geo E ChappeU George D Flack John S Frazier Bernard Guthmann, Edmund Gray, George H Greene, Joseph L Graham, Charles G Juden t JOhn. C Jeannin, J S Jordan, John C Klostermann" Louis F Kl0S~ mann, Ebenezer G Liles, William J Liles, Amzie D Leech, Wm ~ LooneY Joseph C Lewis, Martin J Laurent, Harry W Moore John M MeCiean, Joseph C North, F W Noble, Eli B Randol, A i eX&):lder Ross, Samuel B Rowe, Elisha Sheppard, Isaac J Stout, John W SClvallY..r...-John A Singleton? Henry Scheminann, James Taylolr Geor~'I'\ YV Travis, Jobn Vogt, John A Williams, James N Whi~. law, wm B Wilson, John Wittmor, Henry Windekneoht, Phill, Windeknecht, P Green Wilson, James E D Woods, Francis M Williams, George C Walker, Adolph Yeager. ·


tha'a C Jackson.

F Br&yton, D H Evett, .Tame" F Edwards, Nak-


D Derane.

SUSPEN;DED.-Ja,mes C Jennings, Elniel P ...\.1 bert, Louis Stitzer, Giles '1' Clarke.

DIED.-John Henry


John 0 Grote-.


Co.-Chartered May .29,


f{tated meetings, Saturday preceding each full moon.


E. A. Pinnell, Master. B. F. Jehnson, Sfitn. Warden J. C. Steel, Jun. Warden. John Fleming, Treasurer. W. S. Richardson, 8ecreta'1!l..


J. N. Taylor, Sen. Deaco1~. J. W. Gatt, Jun. Dea()~"" J. B. Vance, Sen. Steward. Philip Weller, Jun..8tetOair(l. T. 1I. Glosser, T!lle~.

MEMBERS.-J M Ballard, WmiBlm Brewer, P W Burchar~, Is* B Cantley, John H Carr, Jacob W Carr, J W Cowden, J"ohlJl Fl~· iog, G W Forbes, T H: Gloss&l", Henry Hoss, B F J"ohn~~;n, <1 l1! .Jordlrn, Samuel :Hi Licklide.r,.L B M~tlock, J 0 Massey, A L 1I~ Mullen, Wm Muscatt, E A PlDJaell, :F H Pounds, W S Rttharo,"'~ .J C Scott, Robert Sorr~ll, G W Sorrell, William f;owders, '1 C ~t J'ohn 'raylor,. J: N Tayl~, W H Trimble, J B Vance, P Jr0t W.,..~ Philip WelI'&r, A A WiUjams.



J)t:M'I~TED .. -M C Wilkerson, W C Walton, T E Wilkerson, D H ClyD;lat, 0 S Wright.. SUSPltJ~DED.-J

H Soott.


Co., TERRITORY . Chartered June 26, 1866.




meetings, the third Saturday in each month.. OFFIOEI~S.

Gao. W. Stebbins, hIaster . Chas.. T. Jennings, Secretary . LAchouensFrampton, 8. TiVarden. Emanuel Rosenwald, 8. Deacon. J0hn H. Shout, Jun. Warden.. Richard Dunn, Junior Deacon. Charles Ilfeld, Treasu9·er. .Tohn O. Stines, Tyler. MEMBEBs.-Albert Arthur, Samuel B Adams, M BIQop:l.field, A F Bruno, Oyrus Bowie, Daniel Dunworth, Eli Duforth, Richard Dtmn, John Davis, Marcus Eldodt, Lachouens Frampton, Simon Frankenthal, H F Goshorn, D W Gallagher, J W Heeps, Wm Roberg, Chas E Hopkins, Ed Haslen, C A Hahn Chas Ilfeld, 0has T Jennings, Samuel Jeffers, John Longmieur, J-ohn 0 Moore, Henry Mumford, Jackson MCMasterhG T McNamara, Thomas O'Bryan W D Pearson, M Rudolp , George H Richardson, Emanuel Rosenwald, G VV Stebbins, L Skinner, W B Stapp" Samuel E 'Shoemaker, John Sandford, John 0 Stines, John H Shout, Is.idQif' 8hirlein, Oliver Shmith, Ge&eon Turner, John B t



Bxown, Joseph Corkins, M McOarly .

C Cutler, George R Pancoast.

ST. A)lDREWS LODG,8, K.o. 96. S~;&L:aYVlItLE,~HEL:8Y Co.-Cb.Qlr~red 184i. JlIl8~,nfl6, Saturdav

or before the I'tIJiLl m()on in e,f1tch mQ'a'h. OFFlOE,RS.

PritJst, Haster.

G. Watta Hillias, Sen. De(J(JOfl".

't,n~utdake, Sen. Wa,"clen.

J. Ritber,

Bale, .ruin,. Waral:en.

Wm. 4. }l;llg.e~, 8e%it.

. G.()~Q.,


Shackelford, Secretary.


J)e(!con. ~t4w'llra"

R .. J. TaylO'r, Jtr,n. 8tew(j(ir€l. S. P. Engles, Tyler.




MEMBEBS.-P B Moore, R A Moffitt, Benj Viner, J J Taylor Wm H Eakle, Wm CLooney, eM Schackelford, N Watkins, GW Baker, Jas Gooch, S A McGruder A J Smith, W B Cotton, John Nesbit, A G Priest, William/Gooch, S P Engles, -James L West C B Johnson, S L Marmaduke, Jas N Coons, Cyrus Vannort, WrdA Hughs, Robert J Taylor, G Watts Hillias, F B Robinson R W Douglass, Peter Lightner, Henry Dill, Harrison Eaton, B F Frye Frank Holliman, Wyatt Weeden, John W Moffett, Jas Baker, J Hale, G G Muldrow, Julius Ritter, W B McGruder, J W Adkisson Thos Bell, John Eaton, J C Duncan, Julius B a k e r . '


DIMITTED.-John Dickerson.


Co.-Chartered May 25,1854.

J.'itated Meetings, {;aturday night bejore.. jull moon.. O]']'ICER8..

David J. Heaston, Maste1-. James A. Brewer, Sen. Warden. J. E. Zimmerlee, Jun. Warden.. Lewis Hefner, Treasurer. Wm. P. Robinson, Secretary.

Isaac S. Bryant, Sen. Deacon" -Joseph Bartlett, Jun. Deacon. -John Spencer,. Sen. Steward. Robert L. Nelson, Jun. 8tewar(j~ M. W. McCurry, Tyler.

MEM:BERS.-John 8 Allen, E W Banton, C J Blackburn, Is~ S Bryantt,..Joseph F Bryant, Jas A Brewer, J08 Bartlett, Ed"W'ant Baldwin, L W H Cox, -J W Casebolt, H M CUddy, -Jno E Orayro~ D S Ooffman Edward Cottrell)- J P Devers, E L Ellis, N M En1oe~ J BEnnis,"3 C Frisby, Samnel Fitch, John Goucher, A E Gates, Lewis Hefner D J Heaston, W H -Hillman, J .r Hatton, R~ Refner, J T B:iggins, M K Howell, :T C Howell, Hiram Rornb~t C L Jennings, E M Jennings, Wm G Lewis, Iven Low, AtM TJow, :Toshua Low, Riehard Lovelace, Richard Morris, 1•• McGowan, S C Miller, J C McGeorge, M W McCurry, G W N~ G W Newman, A J Needles, R C NelSon, Peter Price, Isaac PbilI. baumt.! H Phillebaum, Spencer Price, Jno E Robert~ J MBobutr~ Wm J:teeves, Wm P Robinson, Joseph Slatten, John SpeUa Henry Salmon, R H Salmon, T B Sherer, Robert Speers, wood$ Swope, Wm R Simms, John Slinger, Eli Shal."P, James ShH Templeman, H M Travis, .John Taylor, S S Vandivertr Tlh Vandivert, Wm Waltz" Alm&n Wilson, Jackson Walker, J'EtZiBmerlee.



DIMITTED.--Nathan Nichols, Wm C Reeves, E I..J Ellis, E P

Conner. DLED.-Wm

G Lewis.


Co.-Chwtered May 28,1858.

Stated meetmgs, first Friday after the full moon in each rnonth. OFFIOERS.

Isaac. D. Johnson, ~fa8ter. N. M. Callaway, Sen. Deacon. Columbus H. Turner, S Warden. Freeman Evalls, Junior Deacon. paniel W. Robertson, J Warden. John G. Wharton, S. Steward. Noah H. Hampton, Treasure?". N. N. Nichols, Junior Stetvard. John Bollingen, Flecretary. Dutton L. Graham, Tyler. MENBERs.-Thomas M Alsupp, B F T Burford, Allen H Deal, Philip L Burford, Eli Beckner, R D Beek Wm F Bodenhamer,

Thomas C Bragg,"Robert L Butts, Joseph N Bingaman, Josepll N Bryant, John Bartlett, Carter Barnwell" Edward Beaumont, John Bollinger, John Critenden, Robert Olenkenbeard, E J Coffy, I H Cuningham, T S Cole, Robert L Childers, John C Olift, Robert R C&1laway, Orul G Coutch, Hugh L Coin, Nathaniel Cunninghaln, Newton M Collaw~ James Ca,rl"ick, Constantine F Dryden, John 'McDonnell, James l i Dameron, Allen Day, John M Davis, FreemanEvans W T Fisher, Robert VV Fyon, John M Frazier, John Foster, Littleton Freeman, GeorgeG Gallaher, John 0 Gardner, Dutton L Grahanl Jacob Good, Jacob Gardner, N H Hampton, Wm Z H81ymes, Thomas Henslee, James E Hollis,~Isaae Howard, laamll_Bafley, Isaac D Johnson, PetQr Jump, E W J011es Robert J Johnson" Stephen A Julien, Robert VV Jamiso~..) Milton E Jamison, Thomas T Jarmison, Wm H Johnson, Joseph I\-.endrick, George W atimer, Joseph B Love, J G Latimer, D :M McEl\vayne, Martin ifcBride R C Mathews, John F McMahan, J J McMullin, James )(orrisJ;) F Melton, Frank 0 Norvol, Noah N Nichols, J R Pack, 1~ w Piekel Winfield S P()pe, Wm. :Palmer, James L Rush, ~ N Bobertson, Daniel W Robertson, ftardner G Reid, X'obn. Pl!'o<bertsOD, J'ames C Robertson, G~tl-land Shackelford, Nathaniel rp SD:Ur&h, Thomas Smittle, Joseph B Shook, David Smittle, Stephen ;a~iIDbrd, J()seph Smittle, Alexander Smittle, Columbus H Tur- , John N 'l\1rner, Wm Tabor, Wm J Trimble, .John N Thomp_, J(!)hl1 C Trimble, Nathaniel Turner, John A Ward, L T Wat~~lIJam,â&#x201A;Źs B: Williams~ John G Wharto~.J,.. Thomas Wisly, Samuel ~iaiB., ."am, Wm Wooo, Christopher a wallis, Ruben Virmilion, <A'~~ Young, Jesse Young, Fenton Young.

."JfIJtrrr.r.En.-.t\. 44

F Han1ilton, Mashack S Bail~y, Carl0r Barn-




MOUNT VERNON LODGE, No. 99. :\IoUN1.' \'l'fJRNON J LA."\\rRENCE Co.-Chartered October 10,1867. ~S(tated .J.lIfetin[J8, JSfatu'l'claJj on or

before f~~ll 1noo1~ in each 1nonth~


:N"or111un Gibbs, J.llaster. IJoren K. vVright, ~1en. ~Varclen '\"nl. \V vVhaleJr, Jun. l'Varden. \V. E. Wright, Treasurer.

vVyatt Harris, J")'eeretary. vVillis A. Moody, J..'{en. Dea(lon. Henry George, Deacon. Edward Ragain, 1).Jler.

MEbIBBRs.-John D Allen Job Adalns, J P Atkinson, Daniel }{iddleconle, Nathan Bray, J Ii Carter, J P Evans, Henry Georg~ Wm D Garrison, Norman Gibbs, 'Vyatt Harris, N B Hocker, Porter Jones, H C Lollar, Josiah. Lambeth, Jessee F l\Iille1', John J McCornlack, Jalnes M Moore, Allen ~Iiller, Samuel M ~fayhewf vVillis A Moody, Benjamin Morris, Ransom Phari~ J L Porterfield t Edward Ragain, Samuel E Roberts, Henry I-I l~obertson, Isaa.e Richmond, Daniel Sloan, Nathan C Spilman, Wm E vVright, Cha~ V Williams, W "{ .Whaley, Loren K vVright.

CANTON LODGE, No. 100. CAN':rON, LEWIS J.~'tc,te{l

Co.-Chartered May 11, 1848.

.1JIectingR, l?econd and Fourth


in eacll,



S. W. B. Carncgy, Master. J. Hawkins, Sen. Warden. Robt. S. Briscoe, Jun. Warden. Thos. L. Durkee, Treasurer. J. ~I. Sutton, 8ecreta'ry.


..T. P. Sutton, Henior Deacon. Geo. S. Mason, Junior Deacon. Emil Levy, Senior Steward. W. H. Northcraft, J. Steward. Martin Geigherich, Tyler..

~fEMBERS.-D RAsbury, R L Agee, Joseph Biggs, we Bradshaw, Joseph P Bland, Wm H Bi.s:.g~R S Briscoe, rrhoma.sBayne" John M Bland, Robert Criswelh 1"1 u Chinn, W F Conrad, James Crooks James L Combs, S W J:S Carnegy, T IJ Durkee, H J Durkee, Aiex HDeffendaffer, Henderson Davis, Willialn DOWIlSt.S1eo 'V Forrest, Samuel G Gibson, Fred GraffT R A Gra.nt, B C liUt>bard, M H HaWkins, Robert Harrison, 1\1 C Hawkins, W B Henton, Jr, W B Henton, S1', B J Harding, J vV Ha,vkins, Thomas B .Jeffries, ,Joseph Johnson, L C Jones, Hamilton Johnson7,... L T Kni~ht, S 1\1 Lloyd, John J Louthan, John L Long, J D 1.Jevj\ Emlln Levy, J L Levy, A J Miller, Edwin Moore, G S ),{ason, ! F Murphy, J L Murphy, Perry Nichols, W H Northcr~ft, A:B Owsley, W W Owsley, G W Patee, T 0 :Reese, F G Risk, N,*i




Bay Jamcs A Smith, J l\{ Sutton, JosephA Schofield, J I> t3utton, D L 'Winton, R f'Ioseley. DIMITTED.-W R Howard, James Bass, Lloyd Reese, D 'V Bass, E Cowgill, A S Bass, Jos H Blair, W H Jones, IJ B Durkee.

DIED.-James Howard.


Co.-Chartered ~Ia:r 28, 1858.

Stated Meetings, I?1r'sf ISaiurday night after each j1,ll moo'll. OF]~IOER8.

John Westbroo}{, ~'en. Deacon. John Mathews, Jun. Deacon. E. J. Woodward, Sen. ,Steward. James Gartin, Jun. f-ltetvard. G. W. Blacl{,. T.vler.

J. S. Talbot, J1Iaster. Robert Dusky, Sen-ior lVarderl. C. W. Benight, J~tn. TVarden. J. S. Ohandler, Treasurer. W. F. Forbis, 8ec,~etarv.

MEMBERS.-J. S. Tabot, l{obert Dusky, C. "V. Benight. J. S. Ul1andler, ~'!". F. Forbis, John Westbrook, John Mathews, J l-D '\Voodward, James Gartin, G W Black, Ezra Birt, Alexander Calnpbell, Peter Calnpbell) Barnes Clark} Wm T Crocket, .J"\V Forbis, John Fitch, J A Gioson, G W Gioson, J L Harrod, .r H Reter, Adam Kerus Jun., J H Kerns, John Lisle, Wm H LeIDons Elijah ~feCrary, C J Messimer, James Pearson, Charles Roberts, Enls1ey Itoee, 0 H PRose, Wnl L Rose, C H Reed, W P Shortridge, tT 1.1 Stoneman, Martin Vessar, Alexander Vaughan, John W Dusky, Joseph E Dryer, John R Creason. Ii.


DanG SIms.

D Smalley, Islunai1 Davis, .A.ahby 13 ullock ,

DIED.-Bayer Munroe.



No. 102.

Co.-Chartered May 10, 1849.

Stated Meetings, lJ'riclay on or be/01'"6 jull



101\:0: Salyer, Master. P~il~p Trammell, Sen. Warden. Wm.S2jllyer, Jun. Warden . .John McDuffee," TreCt8'U/rer. Joseph Belcher, Secretary.

Wm. A. Monroe, Sen. DeaC01? U. G. Taylor, Junior Deaoon. Solomon Milan, Sen. h)'tewa'-d. Jas. D. Hplderby, J. ISte'tvard. Robert A. Osbourn, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-Sealnan Atterbury, Andre\v E Agee, Jabez N Brown, John F T Branhan, Daniel Bealmear :Joseph Baily, Jona.than H Biswell, Henry Bealmear, Young J Blswell, Jos Belcher William P C Butman, David W Biswell, Alvin W Baker, .A H Colter, C C Chinn, J C Collett, W C Chitwood, Driver Driver~ ISaBA Gooding, George W Gates, Josiah Gates, Wm l\f Gunnek.-Ooediah Griffith John S Gooding, James R Gooding, James D .tiolderby James L Herring, Thomas B Howe, Lewis P Hartgrove, Oharles iLd Herrin, John Lovern, R N Lyder, Henderson McOully, Solomon Milam, William ~Iiller, John McDuffee, Adison McKee, Joseph B l\tlilam, Thadin S Marmaduke, William l\fcCully, WmG Monroe, J P Nolan, Robert G Osbourn, Samuel.J Parker, Wm H Perrin, Green HPosey, J W Pain John C Ros~, Aaron Rhodes, Stephen Ratliff, Thomas Ratliff, Samuel Ratliff; Samuel W Rhodes, Craven PRoss, R R Rains, Manoah Richardson, Jonathan Smith, John Salyer, William Salyer, Philip Trammel, George M Taylor, Columbus G Taylor, R S Tate, George Thompson, J W Thurman, Daniel Tool, Walter Tool, James B Winl1, WIlliam vVard, William A Wilkes, William 'Varren, John H Wilkes, 'Villiam Olaybrook. DIMITTED.-H DIED.-J

H Craig, J M Bright.

L Herron, Wm R Tate, S B F ()ol","'eIL


Co.-Chartered Jan. 2, lS.l

1tated meetings, Saturday on or 'nf'xt ajtpr eac'! JUJll




John J. Miller, lYIaster.

John Waller, Senior Warden. Andrew Miller, Jun. Warden. Levi WeltY,Treasurer. David R. Oowan, Secretary.

Jesse R. Talley, Senior Deacon. Benj. F. Lanpher, Jun. Deacon. Thomas J. Bast, Senior Steward. Charles L. Talley, Jun. Steu'ard Moses L. Thompson, Tyl<fpr.

MEMBERS.-P J Barks, Francis M Baker, Benjamin B Bast. Thos B Bast, David R Cowan, Joh.n F Dellinger, Samuel Dewhit! Berzillus Estes, Hesakiah Estes, F B Fulenwider, Englebnrt Formway, John R Greene, James C Houk, David Hartle, Ro~rt G Harris, Ambrose Linebarger, B F J.Janpher, S B Lankester, John J Miller Andrew Miller, Geo H Miller, Jno R McLeary,. Wm M Peterman, SA Ritchey, R M Shetley, J J Smith, Jesse B TaJlel! C L Talley, Wm L Turner C M Turner, M L Tho~~son Levl Welty, Joan Waller, Wm P Wilkenson, JasB Welkerr, Wa Welty.


l8 Fulenwider.





Co.-Chartered }.tray 10,1849.

Stated meetings, Flr"st and Th'Lrd Saturdety8 in ea(fh month.


A.•B. Sloau, JIaste1·. O. P. Burne, Sen. Warden. A. M.lones, Jun. Wqrden.

H. Gantz, Treasure'}". MEMBERS.-J

E. B. Cravens., "Secreta1"y. Thos. S. Harrison, SelJ%. Dea()(j:Ift~. A. L. Hughes, Jun. Deacon. Thos. J. Wolf, Tyler.

W Amluons, J C Agnew, F R Allen, S W Bow-

ton, W Bachrach, J B Brothers 0 P Burne, J H Bennett,.T G, J P Babbettdno Bailey, Augt Breunert, J F Blatner, T J Orass, W H Chick,.Jj.j B Cravens, W B Cockrell, Joseph Ohew, Joseph Oahu, A C Christy, Jonatha.n Cogman, J B Cecil, Mat Dillon, Wm Douglas, R HEnsel, J C Egelhoff, Louis Ehrlich, M J FriedsaID, E Ji'air, W H Feamall, Luellen Fritzlen, A M Friend, H Ganz, H Gillett, J R Griffin, L Hammerslough, A L Hughes, vVarnoch Hou~!?-, T S Harrison.J.. . John HenrY,t.M B Hedges, J G Hayden, D E .ttarcourt, H M .t1olden, A M .Jones, S B Kerr, M Kyser, H R Kelsoe, Chas E Kearney..; T B Lester, J F Lowell, H Leopold, F A Mitchell, W S .Moore, ..ti F McDanield, T J" Mackoy I~ B Nelson, A B Newsom, J W Nichols, George E Pitkin W Jutt Phillips, Isaac Plant, Cicero Phelps, Jr, I M Ridge.t-..B L Riggins, H Rosenthal, E F Rogers, W CRickets, S S Ralls, .tS R Rose, T A, S S Smith, D L Shouse, J B S:Qergen, Bobt Salisbury, Wnl Smith, A B Sloan, L C Slavens A A Smith, Geo W Tindall, Edw 'V Toler, Jas M T~egarden, S D Vaughan 1 T J Wolf, J C Warneke, Wm Warner, J 0 Warneke, R S Ye&ger. DIMITTED.-B M Jewett, Thos Casad, John T Phillips, L H EnS18l,:El T Hovelman, Chas W K.line, Joh.n Bartholomew, John G


EXPELLED.-Chas H Weston. Suspm~DED.-AshbelSmith,

J T Rotert.

DtED.-H B Bouton, B F Berkley, H G RicMras.





Co.-Chartered May 26, 1864.

/{tated Meetings, Tu ('sday , on or before fMll tnoon in each 7no11th. OFFIOEI~S.

\'Vm T Baird, .'bIaster. Jos. BauID, Jr.. , Sen. Warclen. F. M. Brown, Jun. Warden. Ichabod Nagley, Trea8u're'J~. ~John L. Porter, ~fecreta1路Y.

David Baird,

ISen~or Decf,con.

1\1. Y. Wilks, Junior Deacon.

A. J. Knight, Senior ~fteufard. W. Bell, Junior Steward. John D. Stephens, Tyler.


MEMBERS.-E P Ammerman.,),. \V T Baird, David Baird, Ludwlg Baum, Joseph BauID, Jr, F M .tSrowll, B WBell, Leopold B&UID, Wm M Baker David W Brewington, G WBrowning, R H Brown, John J Brasfield, Washington ConIlor, David L Connor, R 1) Uombs, Allen Campbell, George W Clark, Tnomas Dodson, Isham B Dodson, David Dougherty, Janles IV! De France, David A El~r, Daniel M Edwards, Wm 1-r Freenlan, John "\tV Galyen, Nelson Oro.. gan, Jamer., E Gorden, John Gardner, James l\f Greenwood Eras.. tus 0 Gates, M P Hannah, John T Hannah, DOll C Hewitt, Henrv J HeWitt, Andrew J Knight, vVnl Lough, 1\:[ A Lane, Geo Long, Allansan Morris, Andrew McFeron, James W ~Iathews, John W Morris, M S Montgomery, Wm PNasoD, IchabodNagley, Hosea A Northcut, John M Oldham, Wnl T Porter, John L Porter, .T D Pierce, R~IRingo, John L Rowlisau, .John H Reed, John A Richardson, 'VVm F Smith, James C ~mith, John T Smith, John D Stephens, Franklin S\vett, Abram Slingerland, A IJ Shephe\-d, A L Woods, Abrahanl Woolf, Napoleon WIlsOll, M Y \Vilks, l\{orgall 'Villiams, A P vVilliard.


N Holloway, Uharles Patterson, It M Brasheers

DIED.-Joseph A Barnhart.


COUNTY.-Chartered May 28,1858.

,,'-/fated meetings, Thu,'rsday on or before full moon in ectch

and two weelc8



J. N. WilsoD, .JIaster. J. G. Howe, Senior lVarclen. J. P. Walker, Junior }Varde1lr t J. B. Melone, Treasurer. A. L. Knight, Secretary.

H. Purdoln. /)fenior Deacon. Geo. Wells, Junior J)eacort.

'V. S. Williams, /:J"Yenior Stetoard. J. S. Tibbs, Junior ~Heward. A. Knowles, Tyler.




MEl\'IBERS.-A U Attebury, W D Bean, W C Belshe, 'Vm Buchanan r "V C Barr, Jos L BauIll, E F Bennett, rrhos Burns, Wm Bennett, T G Bristol". B G Barrow, W F Bell, W W Berry, Chas B&bcock, J A (;urriep, J110 Clifton, S Crum..) F S Curtis..!. C Crossen, 1 T Clement~, J Douthett, B R Dysart, A J Davis, C u Epperson, L G Evans, Burton Edwards, H W Eagan, S E li'ox, J M Farris, TN Farris, Allen Fife, W H Farrar, D D Fowler, E S Goldsberry, Jacob GIlstrap, W T GiIInan, W H Gooding, WeB Gillespie, It ~! G-reeu, "\V H Guyselman, S W Huston, E E Hand, A T Harp~r Geo Hobb, 1\'1 P Huston, J G Howe, R N Henderson, Geo He~bach, J D Howe, Chas J011es, Alex Johnson, J B Johnson, A 1..1 Knight, Jno Kent, A Knowles, C H I.Jester, A Larrabee, J B ~{elone, Juo Mayer, H J Milsted, A N McGindley, A F Merrill, R }{cQ.Ui"tOll, Jno Noble, J A Norvell, J Oliver, R N Overall, SPur.. . year, F S Peiro, H Purdom, J B Ryland, Wm Richardson, R B Rubey, vVeb M Rubey. J F Reynolds, S C Rubey, J F Robinson, I o Stephens, Wn1 Surber, J 1\1 Shoush, WE Smith, 1\1 Sullivan, I N Stewart, A L Shortridge, E C D Shortridge, J Madison Stowe, J Monroe Sto\ve, Geo Sherlnan~ F M Sno,v, T G Sharp, .T 'V TrIsler, J 8 Tibbs, l' J Trew, J L rribbs, D K Turk Jno Vansickle, E B Vanvleet, Geo Well~, G W Walker, J F Williams, M G Winning, .T 1\ÂŁ Wilson, S J WIlson, "\V ~., Williams, W H Wood, W C "VhitIuore. J I.J Woou, J M: Ward, F K Wilcox.

DIM:rrTED.-G vV Eastman, N M Moody, T S RubeJ'. DIED.-A F 1vlerrill.


Co.-Chartered, May 10, 184H.

Ntatccl ?neetlngs, Fr1day on or next preceding pach npUJ and jt'll ?noon.

l!enry 11' Hereford, flfaster. }!enry C Harper, Sen. Warden.

vVyatt Webb, Jun. Warden. George W. Bryant, Treasu7'"er. j1Jdward W. Dill,



Louis Leon, ISen. Deacon. John C. Ballagh, Jun. Deacon. John O. Morris, Sen. Steward. Aluazon Hays, Jun. Steward. Jacob Endres, Tyler.

M Allen, Robert Adams, Josiah R Adams, John

A Bradley, Brenneman Barr, John T Bartleson, Peter Behan, ~John 0 Ballagh, Joab Bernard, Wm H Barr, George W Briant, rrhomas M Cobb, J S Davenport, Jesse Davis, E W Dill J M Dod-

Iv.[ Eisel~ Roland FloUln()y, E F Ferrell, Wm Benton Farr, Thomas Jeff J:i'ord, B:FtQJ:ley, William A Freeman, Thos J Goforth, Ed G Goforth, Ma.rcu.s Gill, M T Graham, James Hourigan, Solomon Houck, A Dndley Harper, Henry 0 Harper, Amazon Hays, H F Hereford,

bon, Fred Esslinger, Jacob Endres, John Endres, A




Chris C Huffaker, BcnjamirlJ Holloway, Wm Hornbuckle, J'ohn P .James, Wm. F James, John R Jones, Jaoob Kreeger, Am~oae Keys, John Lehman, John Long, Louis Leon, Geo W Love, John C Morris John F 1\tlcCormaok, John W Moore, George W Mo~ John A Murphy, Mobilien W McGee, Frank Madden, Wm Nolan' R Nolan, Ed Price, Henry D Palmer, Wm P Phillips, 0 II P Rip': toe John Smith, Jno T Swartzell, -Jesse Thomas, J Frank Thomas Jes'se Turner, John H Thompson, David Tate, Louis Vogel, :m~ ward West, Seth Ward, Wyatt Webh, James B Yeager, Solomol}' Young, J T C Willman. DIl\fITTED.--A.

B. EM-I, Thomas E Strode, Wm T BieRmaa"

FInis Y Ewing. EXiPELLED.-Isaac

J Hillman.




Co., N. M.-Chartered October 19, 5867.

l':1tated rneetingcr, .first Tuesday afte'I' tlip second ftfonday in each 'Jnonth.


Wm. L . Ryn~rsol1., .JIaster.. John E. Beers, ~fen. lVarden. W. R. McCormiok, J'I.lJ1t. W~de9t Christian Duper, T1'1easurer..

Benj.. E. Davis, 8 eeretary. Peter ott, Sen. Deacon. Dani&l Freitze, J71iYlJ. Deacon. Edwin J. Our, 7:VlPT. t




MEXIOo-Chartered May 0, 18&1.


"\V'm. W. Griffin, .Jfaste'l'. Oyrus H. DeForrest, S. Wards~.. Stephen B. Elkin, .fun. Ward@n. JlI()fr;a Pratt, Tr8a8'l!1Jr!e'r.

David .1. Miller, J~e(Jretary.. Sam'l B. Wheelock, B., Doocl()fl&. Peter Knapp, Jun. DMe~ Matthias Ootrman, T7Jier



:ME:MBERs.-Jesus G Abreu, Allen L Anderson, Tholnas.T



num Edward W Bates, George T Beall, Kirby Benedict Edward

H Bkrgmanl1, Charles BluIDner, John Brooke, George G BrowD, Martin L Byers, Charles P Clever, lVlatthias Coffman, J as Conklir~ E Stephen Conrad, Cornelius Cosgrove, Henry 1"I Davis, Cyrus Fl DeForrest E A DuBreuill, Ed\vard Duo-gan, Alexander Duval, Stephen B Elkins, Julius Freudenthal, Emil ]'ritz, JaB 1\1 Giddings Reuben Frank Green, Theodore S Greiner, Wnl W Griffin, Lafayette Head, Santiago L Hubbell, John R Hunt, Jas Hunter, Jos,eph S Hurst, Isaac E Jewett, James L Johnson, Peter Knapp, Wm A Kobbe, D Bernard Koch, George Krager, Jacob I{rulnmeek, Joseph A La Rue, Marshall I LUdington, 'Vm H l\rfandel~­ field, Oharles A McQuesten, Charles Meinhold, Henry l\{ercnre, DaVId J Miller, Frederick Muller, Lawrence G Murphy, Albert H Pfeiffer Charles Porter, John Pratt, 'Vm B Rochester, ThoIl1as.W Smlth, Willie Spiegelburg, Zadock Staab, Ceran St VraIll, Arthur D Tappan, Thomas STucker, C J Walker, Edward Wal~h, "\Vm V B Wardwell, John L Waters, Chas Elnil Wesche, Sanluel B Wheelocl{, Robert B Willison.

DnvIITTED.-Lewis Barnulll, J Cooper McKee, J E "\Vheelock. DIED.-Merrill Ashurst, James Graham Boys.


Co.-Chartered May 29, A. D. 1862,

A. L., 5862.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening before the full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

N. B. Allen, Master. Geo. Lanpher, Sen. Warden. Wm. Nyong, Jun. Warden. Jas. W. Hill, Treasurer. J. P. Gabriel, Secretary.

Demascus Allen, Sen. Deacon. Geo. R. Hill, Jun. Deacon. John Turner, Sen. Steward. R. C. Cooper, Jun. 8tewarcl. James Kennedy, Tyler.

MEl\fBERS.-T J Nijong, Elijah Graham, John Boswill, P G Skaggs, Benjamin Reynolds, Jesse Jones, Nehemiah Johnson, Jas Kennedy, R C Oooper, G W Laupher, S D Caruthers, J P Gabriel, J J White, John Whitworth, John Turner, J C Berryman1....}1ereda Berryman, N J Berryman, G W Nyon~ Jos Parkins. vV 1'1 Nalle, Wm Nyonp:, WIn Gosney N B Allen lJ B Brewer, Bynau Maze,

Daniel McKenzie, J B O·'Bannon, J N P Russell, JOB Anthony, L J Villars, S C Collier, Jas Anthony, Francis O'Bannon, A J Teal,





Geo R Hill, H A Gibbs, Jas W Hill, WIn ~Iaze, Henry Ellis, M J Ellis, John M Lacy, J R Reynolds, John Wilson, J"M Spira, Philip Coben, John Roads, David Roads, J W Whitworth, G W White W D Whitworth, Wm Stokley, W M Wright, C Y Buford, Goff', Daniel Whetner, B F Kemper, Pleasant Graham, Thomas O'Bannon, Geo Burch, Crawford Prewit, G W Sebastian, Harvy Jones, L W Donnold, James Thonlpson, Francis Tedwell, Moses Martin, Lawrence Ryan, Wm Newberry, Jas Loyed, J V Crook Bazil Boyeer, F T Overfield. '


DIMITTED ..-W W Belcher, Goo Goigart, Juan Short, Slmeon Shaler, Wm Berry, Joel Yancey, E J Daulton, H H Vicory. DIED ..-J

M Short.


Co.-Chartered June 1, 1866.

Stated meetings, first and third Thursdays in each month. OFFICERS.

Byron Markut, Master. W. H. McGrath, Senior Warden. J. L. Shipley, Junior Warden. Daniel Markut, Treasurer.

A. H. Burkeholder, Secretary. Marshall Fulton, Senior Deacon. Jacob Helwick, Junior Deacon. William T. Wisdom, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-M M Adkinson, rrhomas Atterbury, James Austin, D R Baker, Jesse Benson, William Blew, W W Brooks.. Asberry Brown, A H Burkeholdert..... Joslah Clove, Charles L Collier, Elihu Colley, James B Cooper, .til A DeBolt, Wm V Denslow, James S Estes, J H Foulks, John B Gass~. . .J C Gibbs, Daniel GoodwiIl1.- J C Griffin, J E Harris William C .ttarvey, Green W Hall, B F .t1arding, A M Haney, George Hendrix, N Herring, Jacob Helwick, W W Hubbell, Get?rg'8 H Hubbell, J H Kerfoot, Daniel Markut, Byron Markut, Elij~h Mason, Wm H McGrath, William Pond, J M Pro. tor, Daniel RiceJ....RobertB Rice, M N Ridgeway, Wm Richardson, Wm Renfre, R .brobins<>n, Ntbth Shanklin, William P Sherman, .1 LShJpley, BHSmith, Thomas 0 Stepp, A Taylor, Thomas Torpej", L B Walker, William T Wisdom, Samuel R Witten, Peter H Yea;. ky, Richard Cash, Stephen Peery, William RBerry.

DIHITTED.-William P Schrader, William R Berry.

EXPELLED.-Thomas Evans, John Fields, James A GodWil1r James St Clair, W W Watson, Wm White. SUSPENDED.-Jess.e Benson.


John. CtWlem:.





Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated Meetings, Friday e1)ening before full moon. OFFICERS.

F. R. Redgpeth, M'aste1". J. A. Palmer, Ben. Warden. Wm. Critchfield, Jun. Warden. F.L. Marlin, Treas. J. R.Welch, Acting Secretary,

J. A. Palmer, Sen. Deacon. Jas. Critchfield, Jun. Deacon. G. Ranes, Sen. Steward. J. M. Brand, Jun. Steward. Wm. Matherly, Tyler.

J M Brand C Baker Jno Brown,Wm Critchfield, H Critchfield, Jas Critchfield, J as Decker, H A Davis, Thos Dyson, Harvey Emery, Jno Grabil, Hiram Groves, F R Hedgepeth, Ed Hughs, A B Jones, P Kelly, A J Lawson, W J Linville, H C Linville, J H Linville, Wm Matherly, F L Marlin, Jno Mast.:. J M Nash, Martin Palmer, J A Palmer, P M Paschall, G Ranes, J no Smith A D Sewell, Wm A Schooler, H_ยงpencer, Jno Spencerz J W Tate, Wm R Trapp, J08 Uptagraf, J R Welch, Nimrod Wooo, H P Zachory, B G Zachory, WmHSmock. DIMITTED.-N M Propit, Geo Snapp, G S E Vaughn, Ed Thayer, Ben Lamaster, N S Furrel. DIED.-H H



Co.-Chartered May 9,1850.

Saturday before full moon in every month, unless

moon fulls on Saturday, thfln on that day.

OFFICERS. 60hn o. Eaton, Master. Lawson S. Moore, Sen. Warden. Utlyd Leach, Jun. Warden. Geo. FUnkhouser, Treasurer.

A. K. Porter" JSfecretary.

T. F. Viglini, Sen. Deacon. S. J. Wofu!, Jun. Deacon.

R. R. Turner, Tyler.

:M:BKBERS.-Jas H Biroh, Jr., R G


J L Ashby, W B

Biggevst<!>ff, E C Balch, F W Betir, W H Bennett, Wm Evans,




Henry Essig J 0 Eaton, Geo Funkhouser, J H li-'roman, H B Force A L H'artsell, J S Hockersmith, E C Hale, W H Hawkins, I N H~ckaday Robt Johnson, Daniel rr Jones, N l\{aupi~ Lloyd IJeach, Geo Moore, L S Moore, A.,..K Rocter, C D J:3tuck~tt, J Stone, John Steel, Linton Snapp, W K Shanllon, LysIas SIms, Robert Scarce, R R Turner, S S rrrice, L V Transue, VV A Tarwater, S H Trice, B F Willis, J H Woodward, W T Weekly, S J Woful, T F Viglini, J D Vanhook. DIl\fITTED.-vV J Biggerstoff, S M Biggerstoff, M M Blggerstoff, G T Biggerstoff, W BAlderson, G L Fisher, J T Gordon, S S Graves, D A Stout, J H Trice.

EXPELLED.-Harvey Whittington. DIED.-Geo W Culver.


Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated :iJfeetings, first and thircl J-fondays in each month.


Janles C. Orr, :iJIaster. John C. Conley, /Sen. Warden. vVm. A. Frazier, Jun. }Varden. I. O. Hockaday, Treasurer. rrh. Fyfer, J..)fecretary.

James C. Gillaspy, Ben. Deaoon. E. Hamlin Peck, Jun. Deacon. D. D. Berry, Sen. Steward. Jackson S. Conley, J.8tetvard. .las. H. Thornton, Tyler.

l\IEMBERs.-Calvin J Austin, C P Anderson, Robt J Boothe, Flenry L BeaE>ley, D Dorsey Berry, Jas M Bos",veIl, John G Butcher, .John F Burnam, Allen E Burnam, Monroe Bateruan, W Wallace Batterton, PeterJ Bond, John 'V Oarlisle, John.O Conley, 8 Jack,;on Conley, John H Crump, Richard Cromwell, Abranl H Conley, :Frank D Evans, ThUo Fyfer, vVm A Frazier, Wm It Gillnon, Jas C Gillaspy, Thos J Gillaspy, sen, Thos J Gillaspy, jr, Hampton P Gray, Ashby Grn,y1.- W W Garch, Jesse A Hollis, .John P Horner, .Ta~ A Henderson, James I Hickman, Irvine 0 Hockaday, Eugene vV Herndon, John D Hadden, Janles PHarris, Geo W Hendersol1, Richard L Keen, I-Ienry 0 Keen, D W B Kurtz, E L Kimmell, W d.lter T LenoIr, Thos l\I Loftus, Wellington Maupin, Wrn 'T Maupin, I-Ianan W Myer, Robert Maddox, B l\fcAlester, Henry ~IcConathy, E C l\Ioore, .James B Nichols, F E Norwood, James 0 Orr, E Hamlin Peck, Chesterfield Quisenberry, Wm B Quisen" berrJ Monroe QUisenberry, James C Quarles, Alex L Robin8on~ T,




Oren Root, jr, Peter J Ruffner, John M Robinson, Jehu Robinson James Rogers, John M Samuel, Robert H Smith, :Wm T Shock; James H Shock, Joseph I Stearn, Geo C Swallow, Lewis Sharp

Wm F Switzler, Wm T Sutton, Robert L Todd, James H Tho11n~ ton, Gilpin S Tuttle. George W Turner, John Vanhorn C M Woodruff, James T Wiseman, Lemuel Watson, Thomas Whittle '¥m A White, .John A Woodson, Robert C Wall, Fred R Young. ' DIMITTED.-J

W Jacks, Wm A Lane, S M Morrison, J Thos

Arnold. DIED.-P

H McBride.


Co.-Chartered October 19, A. D. 1867, A. L.5867.

Stated meeting8, Saturday of or before the full moon. OFFICERS.

S. BIddison,


WIn. Owens, Sen. Wa1'"den. R. C. Tapscott, Jun. Warden. T. 'V. Dean, Treas'arer.

G. Krouch, Secretary. R. G. S. Burks, Sen. Deacon. J. L. Evans, Jun. Deacon. E. R. Davis, Tyler.

MEl\{BERS.-P S Baker, S Biddison, R G S Burks, Moses Burri~ R M Crockett, T vV Dean, E R Davis, J L Evans, J L Gregg, l i Gregory, Jno Greaves, W T Herndon, T D Henry, G CrOUCh, A T Leach, W I IJep, I B Millor, James Mosby, T B Marray, Wm

Owens, R M D Rudolph, S S Shirley, Geo Snyder, R C Tapscott,

Jno Weide, G C Wolf.

B Edmonson, B E Philips, A J Longacre, J K Jesse Washburn, F M Shore, J W Wilkerson, J A Lyon, Sol Hobbs, J R South, T B Murray, "V H Violett. DIMITTED.-R


DIED.-R D Morrow, B F Dobyns.

358 ;

[Oct. DAVIESS LODGE, No. 116.

GALLATIN, ~'tated

DAVIESS Co.-Chartered May 10th, A. D. 1850.

meetings, S'atu/rday evening before f1./;ll moon. OFFIOERS.

Jno M. Cravens, Master. Wm. A. Hargis, Secretary. Wm. M. Givens, Sen. Warden. H. C. ~fcDougal, Sen. .Deacon. James T. Dunn, Jun. Warden. H0111er Sankey, Jun. Deacon. John T. Whitt, T1路caSt~rer. James H. Vance, Tyler. MEMBERS.-S Alley, S Bryan, J R Brown, Ira Baker, Jno Ballinger, W Bristow, J T Bowen.).. T J Crain, J Courter, J M Cravens Jas L Davis, Robt L Dodge, .t'owhattan Downing, P R Dunll, J r:I' Dunn, Wm W Everly, W P Fisher, Jos Feurt, Nathan Gillilan, Wm M Givens, Thos H Gaines..z.. . R "'.,. Grove~ Gideon Gilreath, Wm C Gillihan, Wm Grant, R 1"1 Grantham tj J Huffaker, G \V Henderson, A J Harman, Wm H Hamilton, Wm A Hargis, A M Irving, Marcellus Moss, Elwood Mann, Amos Musselman, H 0 McDougal, Jos H McGee, Wm R Nelson, Jno M Payne, Thomas E Prewett, Sam Pugh, Jas T Prichard, Jas L Powell, S A Richardson, Nat Shriver, Wm M Sheets, Chas A Shaw, Andrew M Sweany Home rSankey, Wm Vallandingham, Robt A Vance, J H Vance, J W Wood, P W Wynn, Jno Whitt, T P Wynn, Joab Woodruff, a C Gilliland.




Go.-Chartered May 10, 1850.

Stated Meetings, first and third Saturdayf:! in each 'Jnonth. OFFIOERS.

James V. Allee, lrIaster. John T. Campbell, Sen. Warden. Wm. Y. Pemberton, J. Warden. Wm. C. Reed, Treasurer. H. M. Jackson, Secretary.

G. W. Painter, Senior Deaoon. W. I-I. Bradbury, Jun'ior Deacon. Wm. S. Ball, Sen. Steward. D. P. Taylor, Junio~路 Stetvard. A. J. Snider, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-James V Allen, John T Campbell, Wm Y Pember-

ton WIn CReed, H M Jackson, G W Painter, W H Bradbury,

W~ S Ball, D P Taylor, A J Snider, B F Auglan, A W Anthony, B F Ayres, F S Bradbury, P R BUlns, J D Brashears, B G Bowlen Thos Bradbury, W M Bowlen, Geo ...~ Blanchard, J M Brown, R CBall, Wm BUkstresser;. J B Clemmer, J as Calfee, J M Clifton, J08 cotton, Wm Callison, It P Clarl{, G W Oolvin, H T Ohurch, P H Dlvinma, J A Davis, J as I{ Estes, A very Fisher, Wm H Goddard Thos Groff, H B Groff, 'VIti S Gibbs, S PI\fHunter, T R Humes, W~ Hunter, J P Ingram, W L lng, D M Inglish, '\V B Jones, T J Keowen, Wm Kelsay, N P Lovall, B FLanders, Jas McNair, G W L Mitchell, J M Martin, VV A Parks, Wm Pennebaker, G Pofflewell Jas H Painter, Jas McO Pre~ton, F Rouschlebach, Chas Riddl~, WE Row, J H Stover, Jesse Snorgross, W C Silvey, J E Sims G H Stover, Ed Sanders, J B Thruston, Wm Thruston, J S rrhru~ton, MCWhite, L E Wiiliamsol1, Daniel Williams, B S Walker, 0 A Wiiliams, L "'\Valters, P G Woods, J R Yates. DIMITTED.-J B*H

vVoolridge, M H MCCOIUbs.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated meetings, Wednesday evening on or before fttll moon in each rn.onth.

Lemuel Dunn, Maste1-. J. D. S. Cook, Sen, lVarclfn. C. F. Kerr, Jun. Warden. Jamee L. Rhea, TreasurrJ".

N. M. Smith, JS(ec1~etary. Solomon Ew~rds, Sen. Deacon. E. F. Duncan, Jun. Deacon. Asa S. Gray, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jacob Allee, Samuel D Butts, T D Olarkson, J D S Cook, Lemuel Dunn, E F Duncan, Solomon Edwards, Elisha Edwards, Asa Goodrich, Asa S Gray, M L James, C F Kerr, Wm H Lacy, Marx Levy, Isaac Merchant, A B Mills, L S McCoy, Wm A Northup, Wm R Pettees, Jas L Rhea, N M Smith, B W Saunders, ]&hn Shoemaker, R R Thompson, Wm Tingee, David Young, Geo WYoung. DIMITTED.-Isaac R Estete, Joab H Price.

DtED.-Alfred Scoonover.





Co.-Chartered October 19, A. L. 5867.

Stated meetings, Saturday 0.1 or nearest p7'eceding full 'lnoon each month. OFFICERS.

c. Gorham, .Jfaster. E. S. Pyle, Senior Warden. John C. Cape, Junior Warden. L. J. Rankin, Treasurer.

Louis Cohen, Secretary. John C. Brant, Senior Deacon. G. G. Ackerson, Jun. Deacon. E. H. Hoard, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-G G Ackerson, Minor Baker, Hugh Berkley, Wm Blackwell, Jno C Brant, J P Cape, Jno C Cape, H 0 Christopher B Cohen, L Cohen, M A Douthett, H Dearing, H Euler, Wm Evens' J Wm Fletcher, S Frazier, C Gorham, J 0 Hamel, \V G Herold' E H Hoard, vV H Hotchkiss, Peter Mahn, F E McGready, John Pritchett, L J Pinsen, E S PylehL J Rankin, James Strickland, J P Lmith, Sol B Strong, H E Se uster L P Waldon, J R Walker James B White, W Williams, J obn Wili iams. ' DIMrl'TED.-S



Co.-Chartered May 10, 1860; restored, October, 21, 1867.

Stated meetings, Wednesday night oj or preceding full 'lnoon, and two weeks thereafter in each 'lnonth. OFFICERS.

Frederick Kahm, lrfaster. William J. Bemis, Sen. Warden. J. L. Hamlet, Jun. lVarden. John W. Ringo, Treasurer.


Francis l\f. McDonald, JS'ecretary. John 1\f. Davidson, Sen. Deacon. Jno. E. Threlkeld, Jun. Dea6on. Daniel I{um, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Thomas Aspling, William J Bemis, James R Childs, John M Davidson, Thomas C Dooley, Jotham L Hamlet,




Frederick Rahm, Daniel Kum, F B Moore, F 1\1: McDonald, Charles Meritt, John H Nash, Geor~e W Patterson, John vV Ringo, Chas S Ringo, Geo W Reynolds, 'l'homas H Ray, Jacob Smeh;er, Alex J Seber, John E Threlkeld, Madison Vanlandinghanl, Richard P Wood. DIMITTED.-John P Barnes.

ERWIN LODGE, No. 121. ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered May 9, 1857.

Stated Meetings, second and fourth Fridays in each month. OFFICERS.

otto D'Amour, lrÂŁaster. R. Follenius, ~(enior lVarden. A. Strauss, Junior Warden. Aug. Lenz, Treasurer. Edmund Wuestner, Secretary.

William Ruetz, Senior Deacon. P. M. Weyand, Junior Deacon. Jacob Boshold, Senior Steward. PhiL Lang, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-H J Alles, J C H D Black, T L Black, Jacob Blattner, F E Baumgarten, Louis Baumann, Th A Bamberger, Jacob B()shold, Zachaeus Bauer, Gustav Cramer, Henry Doellner, William Drechsler, Conrad Diehl, Otto D' Amou~ ]' Dings, Emil G Dennig, Ch Dauernheim, Ph M Enzing~r, A u Erfart, Hermann Eggers, Jacob Fritschle, J G 1-1 Fideldey, E Fasold).. Ferd Fuchs, Carl Fuelle, George Fluth, R Follenius, F W J uehner, Emil Gessler, Henry Gambs, Adam Guerdan, Frank Guel'"dan, Fr Griexediek, C W Horn, Thl" Hansnlann, J H Heidsick, N Haerle, William Rirt, Nic Jost, Fr Kaltmeyer, Th Kellenberger, Fr Kinkelin, J Keller, J J Kull, J Kiburz, August Lenz, Phil Lang, Carl Leimberger, Berthold Langel,.]?aul Lambey, Gottlieb Martin, J Mersmaull, Ch Mevissen, Fr lVlohrhardt, Hermann J\forrell, G A Mueller, Aug Maurer, H Marquardt, L C Merkel, A Niederwieser, HiN Nauert, J A Nies, Peter Obernier, Adam Obert, Wm Ruetz, Jf W Rosenthal, J Reipschlaeger, J Roesberger, Adolph Reisse, Charles Rausch, F W Sennewald, 'Vm Stein, Carl E Salamon, Jul Sta~ge, Augusl Strauss, John Schulz, John Spaerri, Louis Schiller, Jas Siegnart, Max Saettele, Leop Schraeder, A G Spinner, Otto Schnuhr, Rud Schallmeyer, Fridolin Streit, D Trieber, J D Vaerater, F v"'ahlkanlp, Chas Wetzler, T Weber, Jas Willn1ann, Ad Willh&rtiz, J M Weyand, Edmund Wuestner, Wm Ziock, Aug Zieok, H Zakrnesky. DrMITTED.-Fred Hatles, H Th Wilde, 011 A Snell, Th Wilkins. DIED.-Henry Kuhn.






Co.-Chartered lVIay 10,1850.

Meetings, 8atttrday before each julllrfoon. OFFICERS.

Wm. D. Chandler lrIaster. P. B. La Bertew, Sen Warden. I. H. Mallory, Jttn. Warden. Lewis Ligon, Treasurer. Wm. A. La Bertew, Secretary.

Thos. A. Webb, Sen. Deacon. Taylor B. Wenn, Jun. Deacon. Ellis Pursell, Sen. ;S'tewarcl. A. B. Clifton, Jun. Steward. J. E. McDougall, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John E Boyer, R C Barley, ~Iark L Belt, Will D Chandler, T B Campbell, A B Clifton, J B Dysart, Jas M Grigsby R r~p Koontz, P B La Berten Wm A La Bersen, Lewis Ligon, S W Littlejohn, J E l\IcDougall, F G McGee, J H l\Iallory, Lewis Neale Jr., B N Neale, W G Oliver, J S Plattenburg, John Price, Chas W Pursell, Ellis Pursell, J G Ru~sell, J A Ross, J B Shelby, T C Ustick, F C Vivion, Wm C Webb, Wm H West, T B Wenn, T A Webb. DIMITTED.-P

H Chambers, Wyatt Webb, J W Parbery.


T Koontz.


Co.-Chartered A. L. 5850.

J5;tated meetings, second Tuesday in every 'lnonth. OFFICERS.

Joseph Kessler, Master. James Stewart, Sen. Warden. Geo. Mousehund, Jun. Warden. Ernest Krech, Treas.

Joseph Doyon, S'ecretary. Waldemar Mertens, Sen. Deacon. H. H. Barth, Jun. Deacon. H. C. ~tevens, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jacob Rommel, Joseph Doyon, James McCammeu, Chs D Eitzen, Joseph Kessler, Elijah Roark, Ernst Krech, Silas Hall, Chas Harris, J08 Y Levengood, Lemuel Price, James Stewart, Geo Mousehund, H C Stevens, H H Barth, Waldemar 1\tlertens 1 Geo Baumeister. DIMITTED.-H

R Bates.







Co.-Chartered Oct. 19,1867.

Stated meetings, once a month on Saturday preceding or of the full moon. OFFICERS.

John C. Edwards, Master. B. T. Gill, Sen. Deacon. Wm. C. Willialns, Sen. TtVarden. Edward A. Jones, Jun. Deacon. .tohn M. Keithly, Jun. TVarden. John G. Miller, Senior Steward. Darius Heald, Treasurer. George Hoffman, Jun. Steward. David Shultz, Secretary. Ora Cottle, Tyler. MEMBERs.-Ora Cottle, John C Edward, B T Gill, Rufus E Hoffma~ Edward A Jones, Baily N Johnson, Jacob Keithly, Murvin .K.eithly, John M Keithly, Samuel Keithly, Daniel S Keithly, John G Miller1,.,.~eter H Null, John W Royall, David Shultz, Thomas Towers, W C Willialus, George W Ward.

Gamble, Darius Heald, George


Rottaken, M R Gohagen.

SusPENDED.-Obed Holtsclaw.


Co.-Chartered ]\tray 10,1850.

J.S'tated lJIIeetings, Third Ffaturday in each "month. OFFICERS.

Hugh Stevenson, Master. Theodore Low, Sen. Warden. Joseph Low, Jun .. Warden.

Wm. F. Peck, Treasurer.


R. M. McCammon, Secretary. Alvin Manning, Sen. Deacon. E. M. Day, J11Jn. Deacon. C. '1\ Robertson, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Thos M Abbott, W H Alexander, John G Barton,

A M S Butler).. Preston Bowman, W M Barnett, J" Z Barnett, J H Bohanan, W t; Bradford, Noah L Baxter, John K Carter, A J Olark, P H Carson, G W Crawford, Jas Crawford, Eugene Clark, W~ H Cassity, John Childers, E W Dunegan, Thomas Denham,

ElIjah Dunegan, EM Day, Jesse Elam, James Enyart, W M Elam, John K Fitzgerald, F M Gist, W P Gartin, W J Givanden, Alex




Greenwell, B R Haynes, John Hall, J P Jameson F W Johnson Joseph Low, Anderson Low..; Abram Lewis, Levi Lawson Samuei Levy, Theodore Low W PLOW, J H Lawrence, Isaac Mi iler, PH B Moulten, John McFall, C D Mothersead, Ahira Manning, R M McCamluon, J W McConkey, M Manring, Alvin Manring, Jourclan l\Ianring, W H l\fathest...James B Miller, Alex Newman, 0 L Owens, Wm Osborn, W F .t'eck, Harrison Pigg, William Raney Robt Richardson, Samuel Raney, C T Robertson). Elias Robertson' vVilliam Ray, C M Scott, Sanluel Setzer, Zeph ~pires, Hugh Ste~ venso~J,.G F Scaff, James Sherard, A M Tucker, C L Thompson Benj wheeler, R Whitton, James Warren, R F Williams, vV d Welden, Samuel Robertson, A BRass, William Graham. DIl\IITTED.-G

A Smith, J M Handy, Gideon Stark,G 'V Mann.


Stated ?neetings,

Co.-Chartered May 28, A. D. 1858.


evening on or before each full moon. OFFICERS.

R. D. Morrission, ~fa8ter. W. H. Craig, Senior lVarden. W. H. Emberton, J'l.~n. Warden. W. H. Watson, Treasurer. J. Q. Boner, Secretary.

John J Dillinger, Senior Deacon. James W. Beck, JU'nior Deacon. M. W. Davis, Sen. Steward. Henry Boner, Junior Ste~l)ard. D. H. Orumpacker, Tyler.

1\ÂŁEMBERs.-Edmond Ash, H A Atkins, Jas 'V Beck, John Q Boner, Arthur Brock, Henry Bonerlr...~ H Burns, Sam Baker, Alex Brown, C A Cooper, I P Couch, wm H Craig, Jno Creek, S P Calhoun Mat Crowder, Jno Clemens D H Crumpacker C M Collier, Elnl0re Carlisle, Joel Dewitt, W W Davis, J J Dillinger, WIn H Emberton, Perry B Fields, Allen Gillespie, John C Grace, Orra Garvin, Geo B Henry, R P Halliburton, Rollins Harrelson, D L Hinckly, Chas C JOlles~ Branson Jackson, Thos Lane, Wm Lawrence, R D Morrisson, t5 W Mellor, Thos Mayers, Levi Moor, Warren lVlcCullough, Jas Morriss, Sharon McCullough, Wm H Murdock, H T McClanahan, Sam A ,Maloney, Jesse McVick~rs, Jno Morris, Jno MunCie, D L Madkins, WIXl QUigley, R G Ready J Seaman, Jno H Steward, Wnl Snow, Henry Sticltler, A J Triplett, R S Taylor, T M Tharson, E W Vanye, Wm H Watson, WIn Watson, James Webb, Hugh C vVarr~n. DIMITTED.-Wm

C Boyed, 0 P Phillips.





Oo.-Ohartered May 8,1851.

Stated ?neetingFJ, second and fourth Sat1,trdays of each month. OFFICERS.

Caleb S. Canaday! Master. Lewis H. Lunsford, 8. Warden. 1t1arion L. Millen, Jun. Warden. Jno. A. Hundley, Treasurer.

Chas. H. S. Goodman, Secretary. John W. Barkley, Sen. Deacon. Newton A. Holloway, J. Deacon. Abraham Smith, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-S S Austin, Henry L Albin, Jonathan Branham, Thomas J Brown, Frank Barkley, John W Barkley, R R Canady, Caleb S Canaday, Elisha Caroron, W T Canaday, James L Canaday, S W Clark, G R Crockett, Charles G Oomstock, Robert Cary, John W Canaday, Augustus P Currin, G Kelso CUlp, A B Campbell, James G Davis, George C Deming, Francis Duncan, M Dorsey, Joseph H Dyginger, William REly, 0 P Faulkner, J R Griffith, A L Gregory, Daniel Green, Hinton Gibbany, Ohas H S Goodman, Jesse Grace, Jno J Hunter, Wm A Hundley, Wm B Howell, Jno A Hundley, Newton A Holloway, Calvin B Hinkley, Harold Johnson J W Lainhart, Lewis H Lunsford, Stephen D Murphy, Allen S Meek, John Monger, Samuel F Moore, Allen G McConkey, M L Millen, Thomas 0 Needles, George F Peery, Giorgo Price, William A Peery, Erastus L Peery, Logan H Peery, Stephen W Parker, L M Rigney, Hugh Ross, William H Stephens, Juo A Stuart, Callahan F Spessard, A B Smith, Geo W Stapleton, John S Steward, I-liram WiltoIl, William Ward, L G Wood, Tilos J Williams, Joel Wood, Asa Wayman, 8 P Larmer..

DIMITTED.-B T Moyer, Daniel Sparnhaver, Daniel E Maxon, Thomas B Glenn.


PLEASAN'r HILL, CASS COUNTy.-Ohartered October 19,1867.

6'tated meetings, Saturday on or preceding full rnoon. OFFICERS.

C. L.. Mayo, Master. "F. VV. Little, Sen. Deacon. A. ~I. Stearns, Sen. lVarden. H. Bamberger, Jun. Deacon. F. H. Hutcheson, Jun. Warden. Jerry BurIls, Sen. Stewa'rd. W. S. Patrick, Treasurer. A. J. Fisher, Jun. Steward. A. C. Travis, Secretary. John Bricker, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-A Allen, John Atcheson, H Balnberger, J Bricker Jerry Burns, J Bayles, J D Baum, B H Bayles C L Bartlett, S Bamberger, W M Brockman, T C H Bricker, J 'W Boswell, P 'V Bills, W T Craycraft, \V H Cundiff, John P Clay, Thos Corbin, HJ Deming, W H Dorsett, vVro Dupuy, Jas \V Ellis, Jas FUller, J A Fisher, H Galllble, S L Graham, J A Gingry, E H I-Iutcheson, A D Hendricks, E P Harper, A Hinchman, I N Huges, Sa111uel Holzman, R A Hathaway, Jas A Herndon, S L Kenedy, 0 Kolsta~ F W Little, W B Lamson, Theo Leland, C L Mayo, K T Moore v E Mills W M Mabry, F D Mers, J T Mitchell, E N McFarland, Jesse McF~rland, 0 F Macay, Wm McCoy, Eli Myers, J M Nicholls, W S Patrick, J W Frugh, W E Pearce, A M Stearns, Robert Scott Joseph Shade, I C Stevens, J C Short, A Stone, H W Sanderson; G H Short, Evan Trunllel, A C TraviS, S Templeman, T V Warren, W R Wilmott, James Waters, J B Wilson, Ne,vton \Valker. DIl\{ITTED.-P

W Bills, J W Wild, vVm Evans.


Co.-Chartered May, 1851.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or preceding full moon in each rrtonth. OFFIOERS.

A. G. Simpson, lrIaster. A. H. Danforth, Sen. Warden. J. S. Goodin, Jun. lVarden. David Baker, Treasurer.

J. J.\tI. Brown, Secrretarry. Jno. W. Lindsa:Y', Sen. Deacon. Adam Hughs, J1.lnior JJeacon. James O. Bryant, 'lyler.

MEMBERS.-A E Simpson, A H Danforth, J S Goodin, David Baker, J M Brown, Jno W Lindsay, J 0 Bryant, J W Allison, Grandville Ancil, 'Vm H..iBush, A lVI Bedford, J H Bethune, R J Barker, Thos H Byrd J .P Benhan, A F Burton, C W Bryant J S Barnes, G F Brayton, H H Blackstone E W Chapman, 0 G Clay~ ton, A D Campbell, C P Cumley~ H T Cumll1ins, rrellnesee Cooper, J C Crenshaw, J N Clark, Elipha.Let Caswell, W M Chapman, B M Dukes, L A Danforth, Thos F Davis, .tT G Davis, rr J Dalton, G G Faulks, Bird Fugatet,..!teuben Fugate, David Gilmore, A W Grigsby, J H Guthrie, Noah Handy, ~T L Howlett, J R Hagan, J H Holoway, Adam Hughes, E A Hogan, G W Harrison, G B Harrison, H H Hancock, Frank Howlett, W W Humphrey~, G W Jackson, ,aT HLee, L Langston, W M Lusk, J J Long, D HLady, J L l\{oore, G L Mitchel, Th S McElmurry, J N Mitchener, J H Naive, M New~ man Wm Rodney, J TRussell, F A Randal J G Russell, E G Randal, Wm P Swank, A V Swank; J L Shelby, Chas SpaUlding, J A Stone, S S Smith, G W Shields, Jacob Smizer, ""VIn L Shelby, W C Thomas, R R Tompkins. DIl\IITTED.-W

N Stanley.

DIED.-R C Hayes, J H Gilmore, F S Millar, M







Co.-Chartered May 28,1858.

Stated meetings, T楼ednesday of or next preceding each full moon. OFFIOERS.

Bennet Marshall, ~laster. J. H. McKnight, Sen. Warden. W. C. Rayburn, Jttn. lVarden. M. V. Baird, Treasurer. lYfEMBERS.-B

Thomas Brown, Secreta1路y. M. M. Rayburn, Sen. Deacon. Jesse Marshall, Jun. Deacon. C. A. Butts, Steward and '1'yler. 路

Marshall, J H McKnight, W C Rayburn, M V

Baird, Thomas 13ro,vll, M M Rayburn, Jesse Marshall, C A Bulls, J Barh~am, G W Holley, J C McKarney, W F King, M V Baird, 'V B Carson, H lV[ Carman, R D Kernut, A B Douglass, W B Dou~lass, S R GaIlo,vay, r<J H Gregory, J R Gregory, V H Harrison, .T B Hogue, J A :Hogue, H Hogan, D C Hogan, H Hooker, G T James, J H James, J Kirkpatrick, C N Lasley, E S Montgomery, J B l\faloney, Thos J\Iarlow, E H Moore, L H Meadows t J Middleton, D 1\1 McKnight, P W Nobles, J Owens, T J PicKard, D Y

Pankey, E J Stockton, G R Stockton, L L Stephens, R C Starrel, J C Sa"les, J H Stokes, J Tinlberman2.-Daniel Thornbury, P Thornbury, A W Towers, J P Taylor, A L Thornton 1\1 Timberman, 'V j vVilliams, F l\{ Wilkins, S P Waltrip, J M \Valtrip, M Waltrip, E C White, H S Watson, M J Whitaker, J T Reeves, J McCarroll, D Knox. DIJ.\iIITTED.-D J LacewellJ.-. W B Carter, Jasper HiggenbottoID, Marion Higgenbottom, D R lialla,vay, S D Laferny. EXPELI;ED.-Samuel B Going. SUSPENDED.-J M J\;Ieese.

DIED.-James B. Warren, J B Rice, A S Hoard, W B Ward.


W ASIIINGTON Co.-Chartered May, 1851.

Stated meetings, ;,.'faturday evening on or preceding the full moon

in each month. OFFICERS.

Erastus B Smith, Maste'r. Geo. B. Clark, Sen. lVarden.

Fred. Will, Sen. Deacon. Lucius Judsol1, Jun. Deacon. Wm. M. Settle, Jun. lVarden. Valentine Weber, Sen. Steward. Jos. W. Ned'tvideck, Treasurer. Albert O. Glore, Jun. Steward. Wm. T Hunter, ~fecretary. John T. Perry, Tyler.




MEl\1:BERS.-Solomon Brown, Joseph C Bass, Frank K Boyd William Bass, Henry Bub, John B Bell, J110 0 Breckenridge, Babt Black, Adolph Boyer, James L Clarkson, Archer Oheathamt..,.David A Cook, John F Cook, Jesse Corum, George B Olark, Geo .J:S Cole Isom Durham, Benjamin Davidson, Alfred D Day, George D Day' Albert 0 Glore, Eug-ene Godat, John Garritz, Peter Heinrick Jn~ Hornsey, Alfred A HIll, Alex W Horine, William T Hunter, uel T Hall Wilham D Rornsey, Saml Irvine, Pleasant S Johnson William J Jordan, Jeptha B Johnson, Lucius JUdson7.,.J?enjami~ Kendall, Thomae, Lloyd, William Long, William Lee, wilham A Matthews, V B Mesplay, Peter W Murphy, William S Murphy Joseph W Nedwideck, Conrad Norwine, J T Perry, David E Perry~ man, P J Paul, Wesley R Pearson, John T Robinson John Shore . William M Settle, Chas D Smith, Erastus B Smith, Jas A Shields' John Slinjterland, Albert T Smith, William D Snl1th, Hiram M Smith, Thomas, John P Turner, Garret I Van Allen, vVm L Wilcox, Joseph Walton, Thos J Whitely, Thos S White, Noah A Williams, Valentine Weber, James Wallace, Fred WilL


DI}IITTED.-Abrahan~Davis, Daniel W Brown, Frank E McGrady, L J Pinson, A Hudspeth, Robt Keightley.


FARMINGTON, ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY.-Cbartered May 10, A. L. 5857.

Stated meetings, on Saturday before or of full lJ1~oon, and one two weeks thereafter in each 'Jnonth. O]'FICERS.

Zebulan Murphy, JIastef'. R. 8. Southerland, Sen. Warden. P . Z. Meridith, Jun. Warden. E. Kinchloe, Treasurer.

A. Parkhurst, Secretary. Arthur Cunningham, S. Deacon. H. H . McDonald, Jun. Deacon. John B. Benhanl, Tyler.

lVIEMBERs.-James Adams, Hiram Blockledge, J W S Boyce, J R Brewerl.-..C 1\'1 Burnham, Charles Burks, John B Benham, Joseph J Brady, lJecatur R Bess, P H Besch, Oharles Bryan, Wm H Cozens, Joseph Conway, Wm S Conway, Walter Conway, Wm Carter, John Cobb, J H Carr, Arthur Cunninghall1, A Ii Ch&d.. well,1\'1 M Doughty, Leroy Dent, Wm Dent, Cyrus DentbS H H Duff, L F DinnIng, Wm P Doss, E J Dalton, George ormall t James Elgin, James S Evans, George Eisenberg, J R Edwards, N B Fleming, S P Fleming, R Gooch, P Gruner, R .J Hill, Jr, B J Hill, Sr, Johu Hunter, John Headlee, 'Vm 0 Haile, S B Herrod, 1




W Harvey, Geo Phillip Hoffman, J B Jenning~ Alex Jennings, Clark J Johnson, E Kinchloe, A W Kieth, John S Levering, Amada Lassource, Reinhart Lang, Zebulan Murphy, Franklin Murphy, Henderson Murphy, Thomas S MrMullen, James MeDanald H H McDanald, A 0 McHenry, 0 R McAtkins, P Z Meri(ilth Wm 0 Newby, S C Orten, Daniel O'Sulivan, Luther Kennett Pee~s E S Posten, Charles A Pilley, J 0 Perkins, J W Patterson, A Pafkhurst Wm B Rudy, John F Rudy, Alvin Rucker, De Lafayette G Sherrell, Milton Sebastiah, R S 路Southerland, John J" Smith J Schneider, H Sleeth, Wm H Sloan, John Van Buren Tyler,'Wm R Tayl()r, A P Turley, Joseph Vansickle, Elisha T White, Bronch B Wilson, John A Weber, 0 C \VeIls, J" M Young, Thomas Zolman. DI:MITTED.-Thomas F Pim, D J Marquis, D W Proffitt. DIED.-Nisbit Orten, John S Pim.


COUNTY.-Chartered May, 1851.

Stated Meetings, Saturday preceding or oj the full 'Jnoon. OFFICERS.

B. Shepherd, Master. J" T. Ake, Sen. Warden. Daniel O'Donnell, Jun. Warden. A. W. Holloman, Treasurer.

Eli D. Ake, Secretatry. Warren Harvey, Sen. Deacon. Wm. C. Thomas, Jun. Deacon. J. Grandhomme, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Peter Ake, L Ashlock, William Ake, J TAke, Eli D A.k~ Josiah B Barnes, Ansel Begle, Samuel Berryman, Oharles Boss, J no C Burk, Robert Bryant, G Q Berl"yman, J C Berryman, Marcellas Cosine, Jalnes L Covert1"....~ndrew J Oarty, Charles Collin~A A Deguire, Franz Dinger, WID G Dilts, J F T Edwards, J W.J.:Umerson, Wm R Edgar, Geo W Farrar, W Forsey, F Fisher, Robt Ferguson, Jas T Fitzpatrick, J Grandhomnle, 'V N Gregory, Jas A Greason, N C Griffit~t... Dewitt Harvey, Geo W Hawkins, .Toseph HUff, J R Higdon, S liurwitz, Warren Harvey, J M Johnson, Joh~;Jonhson, Chas Kindell, Frederick Kaths, Jas M Logan, Wm F lV.l itchell, J H McHenry, D F Martin, J R McCormick, Daniel O'Donnell, Jesse Orchard, Andrew Peace, Park H Peters, Francis M Potter, M L Pease, William Polk, Tholnas J;>iles, Thos Polk, M Patton, B B Reagan, Giles Russell, Daniel Reagan, B Shepherd, John Shock, H F Sweeney, Geo Spitzmiller, Alfred H S~, Michael Seitz, Isaac Smith1"....9 has A Smith, Leonard Sutton, L '~'homasson, Wm C Thomas, william Tong, Wm G Thomas, J






G Whitworth, A D Williams, John Webb, C D Yancey, A ZimmerraD, Wm D Huff, Thos N Berryman, Isaac Lain, John M l\'Ioore, Wm H Messimer. DIMITTED.-J

R Ferguson, Jessee Orchard.


W Green, Wm Adair.



L Thomasson.



Co.-Chartered May 30, 1860.

meetings, Saturday of full moon, or next 8ucceeding. OFFIOERS.

W. M. Lumpkin, Master. H. S. Burlingame, Sen. Warden. Ludwell Bacon, Jun. Warden. R. M. Hargett, Treasurer. A. E. Whitney, Secretary. ME:MBERS.-D

James Johston, Senior Deacon. Samuel J.Harrison, Jun. Deacon. P. S. Miller, Senior Steward. .James Etter, Junior Steward. Samuel Etter, Tyler.

R Atkinson, W G Adcock, B S Bond, B C Bond,

C 0 Barber, James Burris, John C Bell, Ludwell Bacon, H S Bur.. lingame, Andrew Bear, Henry Bradlyford, W G Clark, Thomas W

Davis, Joseph Enloe, Daniel Etter, James Etter, Samuel Etter, Joel J Farmer, Josiah Goodman, Samuel Gilleland, W M Greenup, John Hanes, R M Horgett, Samuel T Harrison, David Hall, Jolin Henly, E A Henry, G W Hays, James Johnston, W M Lumpkins. Joseph G Lurton, J D Marquis, James Morris, John M MIller, Pickney S Miller, E G Miller, Isaac S Moon, W L Miller, H A McGindley, C Popejoy, James Russell, T B Robison, F M SwansoD, E B Shelton, John Simpson, S. B. Smith, Benjamin St&rk, F J Scott, T J Smith, Thomas Scott, James C Turner, John Uptergrove t J M Ulman, Nicholas Wolf, William R Wright, AE Whiting. DIMITTED.-Wm

James F Morris.

P J French, we Hatter, BenjamillS Enloe,





Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated meetings, Tuesday of or immediately preceding full moon and every two weeks thereafter. OFFICERS.

Warren Shedd, Secretary. J. A. Purinton, Sen. Deacon J. M. Bosaker, Jun. Deacon. E. O. Trego, Tyler.

Louis Schmidlapp, Master. 1\tI. M. Gladdish, Sen. Warden. H. C. Fike, Junior Warden, James Robie, Treasurer.

MEl\-IBERS.-A T Auld, Alex Bette~J M Bosaker, E A Blodgett, R Baldwin, J F Brenneman, J 0 J:Sowman, 0 R Carlton, A G Cornelius, J C Davis, W G Davis J K Davis, G N Elliott, S K Farr. J T Fitch, A C Fitch, Henry CFike, T J Free, A H Gilkeson, :M M Gladdish, James GIlliland, G F Gunser, J P Henshaw, S K Hall, W W Hyatt, H Harrison, Wm Hornberger, J R Heath, Jas Isaminger, J W Jaquith, J 0 Jewell, Nathan Land, Frank Lober 7 B Loebenstien, G eLand, G A Luvin, BE Morrow, W Mooney, J J Moulton, Henry Neill, E A Nickerson, James Robie, Louis Schmidlapp, E K Simmons, Warren Shedd, D W Shideler, H J Smith, A D Six, E 0 Trego, T W Williams, James Ward, T N Williams, F H Wagner, A F Zimmerman, A J Bush. 9


W Miller, DUrie, J A Purinton, J A Craig.


Co.-Chartered May 9,1851. â&#x20AC;˘

Stated lJfeetings, Saturday on or before the full moon. OFFICERS.

John B. Dunbar, Master. Prosper P. Parker, Sen. Warden. R. C. Campbell, Jun. Warden. Patrick Lyons, Treasurer. Henry S. Smith, Secretary.

Wm. H. Biggs, Sen. Deacon. W. B. McAllister, Jun. Deacon. Jacob C. Spears, /..'{en. Steward. .las. M. Sutton, Jun. Steward. John L. J"amisen, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-Francis A Bratcher, H J\I Boyd, WJ;)1 H Biggs, J W Campbell, Jr, H 0 Campbell, D L Caldwell, Thomas Dunbar John B Dunbar, F M Doan, M C Douglass, J E Hardin, Georg~ Hodges, Harrison Hendrick, B F Hendrick, Wm G Hawkins, R J Hawkins, Enos Hawkins, John W Haynes, John L Jamison, Patrick LyonskWm S Lowry, ValentIne Leonhard, 0 Leonhardt...:!.as M Martin, inza McMillan, WIn B McAlister, D C McAlister, WID H }\1:cAlister, P P Parker, Thomas neynolds, A P Rodgers, Jas 11 Sutton, H S Smith, J C Spears, John Todd, John R Wise. DrMITTED.-Jno N Gibson.


PRAIRIEVILLE, PIKE COUNTY-Chartered l\:[ay 28,1859.

Stated ltfeetings, Saturday nearest the full moon. OFFICERS.

J. E. Sampson, Master. Z. W. Mosby, Sen. lVarden. A. T. Atkins, Jun. Warden. Wm. Richardson, Treasurer. J. R. Powell, Secretary.

T. W. Lewis, Sen Deacon. R. H. Wright, Jun. Deacon. S. B. Richardson, S'en. Steward. H. D. Fortune J Jun. Steward. Geo. 'V. Cohn, Tyler.

lVIEMBERS.-C R Bankhead, E l\I Brown, S l{ Buford A 'r Atkins, Wm H Long, John T Turner, J vV Johnson, R H Carver, J D Meriwether, S B Richardson, B Warl, G D Meriwether, W M Guy, Caleb Horsey, Jas N Damron, Walker Davis, J R Dawson, 8 P Dawson, E B Smith, Wm Grey, L Z Long, G VV Cohn, James 0 Myers, R T Hawkins, Alfred Johnson, Wm H Knight, Thomas W Lewis, L E l\'Iitchell, Jas Merrittz......Z W Mosby, H J Merriwether, 路 H S Ogden, W H Pollard, Wm itichardson, John A Edwards, W Shaw, J E Sampson, George Davis, F W Patton, C W Dawson, A Linsley, S J Turner, F H Jenson, R C Turner, TROgdon, RH Wright, C E Carter, J C Carter, H Fry, Thos Shipp, H D Furtune, R 0 Long, D B Woodson, J B Waugh, J R Po'\vell, T A Richard.. son, J L Da"rson, R C Fortune.


W Cohn.

DIED.-W R Ogdon.





Co.-Chatered June 2, 1866.

Stated '1neetings, first Saurday night of each month preceding the full moon.


W. D. Hatten, l1ÂŁaster. S. L. Groon1, Sen. Deacon. F. Knickerbocker, Sen. W~arden. Sam'l McOluskey, Jun. Deacon. D. S. McGinnis, Jun War'den. E. Wickham, Sen. Steward. Elijah Hurst, Treasure?". Frank Thorp, Jun. Steward. G. T. Bennett, Secretary. R. Turner, T.yler. MEMBERS.-H A Avery, A A A very, Geo T Bennett, Oliver Dimmick, A L Dodge, A S Dodge, Geo Fultz, S L Groom, A G Hollister, W D I-Iatten, E Hurst, A B Jackson, F Knickerbacker, Jno Knapier, E M Lumbaugh, Sam'l J\'IcClaskey, Wm McClaskey, D S McGinnis. R Markland, I Neace, H Ogle, ~1ilton E Shock, W J Turner, Richard Turner, Frank Thorp, C P Woodcock, E

Wickham. DIMITTED.-E

W Joy, H A Cox t L B Butler.


J Blake.


Oo.-Chartered May 31,1855.

Stated meetings, First Monday and Third Saturday night of each month.


Thos. H. Parrish, Master. Levi Thompson,Jun. Warden.

1no. G. Cottrell, Treasurer. W. A. Mackoy, J..'fecretary.

Jas. S. Hart, ~'enior Deacon. Adam Gillfillin, Jun. Deacon. T. Rutlenger, Tyler and Steward.




1\IE:MBERs.-Edgar L Alleu.l-,.Benjamin Allen, George Anderson E R Bro,vn, A 0 Bevan, J H .tSodkin, Thos H Bragg, Joshua Bow~ man, Ira C Busick, Jas B Curry, Geo B Chadduck, Albert Olark Jno G Cowan, Robert Cairn, D T Cummins, Daniel E Cottrell Jn~ G Cottrell, William Cotton, Daniel David, Charles David, J~me8 DeBolt, rr C Dungan, R G Emmerson, J W Field, Adam Gillfillin Jas S Hart, W A Harmon, Adrain Hoblelzell, Jas T Howell L N Howard, Geo W Hibbard, John Hibbard, Isaac Hullenger,' C F Jennings, S P Jewell, Thos J Kreek, Jas Kelley, Jas A Reeves Wm Kaucher, Geo P Luckhurdt, G F Landgon, M I Lewis, OhaJ Mann, Jacob Mosier t Jno N Masters, W A Mackay, Henry Meyer H Murphy, C S MeeK, Thos :e: Parrish, F S Rostock, G A Rigdon' M Saville, :rames Slater, Moses M Sn'litlJ., Levi Thompson, EVan Buskirk, L Van Buskirk, James Vaughn, Jno C Vess, Alfred Walters, John Wise, Jacob Wagoner, A E Williams, Daniel Zook. DIMITTED.-C F Van Buskirk? A J Pope, R H Markland, John Kelso, C W Bowman" Geo P SkeelS.


PAPINVILLE, BATES COUNTY-Chartered October 21, A. D. 1867, A. L. 5867.

Stated lJ-Ieetings, Friday, before the full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

A. V. Bradley, Master. . J. J. Culbertson, Sen. Warden. D. H. 'Vilson, Jun. Warden. Preston Denton, Treasurer.

L. Culbertson, Secretary. Philip Zeal, Sen. Deacon. 'V. H Summy, Jun. Deacon. Jacob Schmidt, Tyler..

MEMBERS.-G A Bollinger, R E Burkhart, A V Bradley, Saml Cass, L Culbertson, J J Culbertson, Preston Dentont..H W Douglas, F M Goodin, J F Goodin, John Guth).. John Hale, Joseph Kimble, Perry Layton, J B Newbury, W N ~haw, W H SUlumy, John 0 Starr, Jaeob Schmidt, C K Wilson, D H Wilson, Linza Wines, Pleasant Young, Philip Zeal, W M Trimble. DIED.-William






OTTERVILLE, COOPER Co.-Chartered May 31,1855.

Stated ]Jfeetings, Saturday nights on or before each full moon. OFFICERS.

Thos. J. Stark, 1Jfaster. Thos. V. Ellis, Sen. Warden. Wm. E. Tucker, Jun. Warden. A.L. Zollinger, Treasurer.

J. J. Wharten, Secretary. Thos. C. Cranmer, Sen. Deacon. Wm. T. Steele, Junior Deacon. .T. W. Howell, Tyler.

ME:MBERS.-J M Ameck, P J Burcham, J W Brannon, Wm R Butler J L Bridges, Jno T Bankhead, Wm E Combs, Tarlton Y Cox T'G Cockrell, Slnith Crabtree, A H Oonkwrights, Moses S Conmer' Thos B Clark, Thos C Cranmer, Wm Devin, Jas A Dickson, R T'Ellis, J J Ewbank, J TEllis, Wm C Ewing, Thomas V Ellis, H W Ferguson, H M Farner, Thos Fowler, A M Gibbs, Josiah Godby, G H Hogan, Aaron Hupp, J D Hieronymusl..-,.G vV Hutchinson Wm 0 Hal!?.- J A Hughes, William Helms, .tlt E Howlett, H Hbman, G W .tlarlan, J W Howell John Reiss, M Layman, J W McClure, Hiram McOoy, John E McGaughey, S Oroark, William Parbury, Thomas Parsol1st.-,.H L Pigg, J H Potter, J L Reed, X B Reed, A L R~ed, A M .tlteed, G fr Saunders, Thos J Stark IJno M Steele, David J Shy, Wm T Steele, Wm E Tucker, R E Williams, Thos J Wallace, Jno R Wallare, James Wright, John Welch, Jno J Wharton, A L Zollinger.

DIMITTED.-Chas S Bryant. EXPELLED.-P H Oshea, Waid Howard.


I&ONDALE, WASHINGTON COUNTY-Ohartered May 26, 1864.

fitated ;bleetings, Thursday on or after full moon. OFFICERS.

John Q. A.. Mitchell, Master. ,Joseph Neal, Sen. Warden. Reuben Wilson, Jun. Warden,l A. P. Yeargain, Treasurer.

Calland Arnold, ~fe(jretarv. Edward Walsh, Sen. Deacon. J. A. Simms, Jun. Deacon.




MEMBERS.-Elisha Arnold, Calland Arnold, Felix Barron Wm

A Bebee, Barton A Bellknap, Richard Brookes, Columbus Bean James R Daris, Abraham R Eaton, James D Eaton, Lawson A Eaton, J D Green, David S Hobbs, vVilliam Hobbs, E B Hendel'. son, Chas Hamilton, Andrew J Hughes, William Hames Wesley Hines, N H .Jordan, Thomas S Love, John Q A Mitchell, ftobert :P Mitchell, Frank B McFarland~Ino A McCormack, J J McFarland

A B Martindale, D H Miller, WID E McGready, Joseph Neal JnJ Province, James M Proctor, David 'V Praffitt, James H Stapp vV H Shaner, Henry L Simms, James A Simms, Aaron L Sher~i11 James A Shultz, Henry C Thomson, James Thonlpsou, H Clay Wallen, Hayes Wallen, Lewis Wallen, Edward Walsh, Lorenzo Westover, Samuel Warsing, Reuben Wilson, A P Yeargain, J S Moon. DIED.-James M Jamison, Robert B Highly.



Co.-Chartered Oct. 19, 1867.

Stated meetin{js, Thursday evening oj or before the full moon in each 'Jnonth. OFFICERS.

A. F. Renfrow, .Jfaster. S. M. Tinker, Sen. Warden. J. W. Plumlee, J~tn. Warden. F. Yoast, TreaSt6rer.

L. B. Human, Secretary. W. Rule, S'en. Deacon. A. Hopper, Jun. Deacon. G. \V. Martin, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Vardry Burgess J B Barnett, Henderson Boone, J SDavisoD, Joshua F:rost, John Greene, A Hopper, L B Human, S B Miles, J o11n Marshall, G W Martin, J W Plumlee, P Richardson, A F Renfrow, J J Renfrow, W Rule, J F French, S G Smith, John Starkey, G H Smith, D J Swicegoods, W H Tillery, S l\f Tinker1 I C Wilson, F Yoast, W J Lyons. DIED.-Joshua Whitaker.




RISING STAR LODGE, No. 14:5. EBENEZER, GREENE Co.-Chartered May 28, 1858. Stated rneetings, lIVednesday evening on or next preceding full

rnoon in each month. OFFICERS.

Geo. J. Biggs, Master. W. H. Payne, Sen. lVarden. O. C. Headlee, Jun. Warden. J. M. Hall, Treasurer. l\tI. L. Abernathy, Secretary.

J. T. Walker, Sen. Deacon. J. A. Jones, Jun. Deacon. L. F. Kile, Sen. Steward. ,J. J. Wallis, Jun. Steward. J. W. Lewis, Tyle1--.

ME:MBERs.-Geo J Biggs, Wm H Payne C C Headlee, J M Hall, M L Abernathy, J T Walker, John A Jones, L F Kyle, J J Wallis, John W Lewis, J E Abernathy, Wm F Albright W S Anderson, S W Bryan, J N Barrt..짜 IJ Bird, E J Burros, J C Cochran, P A Crouch, J A Cowden, H .ti Carr, Wm M Donnell John Evans, rr J M Hawkins, J Q Hackney, C N Headlee, A Kimes, I Lee, J B Landreth, D A McKnight, J D Murry, Jalnes Oglesby, W Perr:yman, J M Ramsey, T A Reed, G B Robinson, E Robinson, W R Say, Seth C Tatuln, J W Tunnell, John Vaughn, J D Winton, J B White, W E Witherspoon, Allen Wallis, G W White, N J Wilson. DIMITTED.-P DIED.-John

A Alexander, A H Goodin, J SPence.

W Robertson.


Co.-Chartered June 1, 1855.

Stated Meetings, Saturday on or before full 'lnoon in each month. OFFICERS.

Thos. W. McCormick, Master. A. J. Marshall, Sen. Warden. Aaron Teter, Jun. Warden.

R. M. J. Sharp, Treasurer. Jehu Teter, Secretary.


D. A. Whitlow, Sen. Deacon. G. W. Phipps, Jun. Deacon. T. F. Banning', Sen. Steward. N. B. Marshall, Jun. Steward. D. B. Gipson, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-Robt Bull, D G Buster, T F Banning, S D Barnett T W Baker, C B Bastian, Issac J Buster, Wm L Corey, Jarne~ Dysart, H F Dennis, Isaac DaY t J S Dysart, Hugh Egan, Wm Edwards, G W Eastman, P L Fora, Whitley Fostey, D B Gip~on, R U Green, Stephen Gipson, R T Gorham, Geo W Gates, B H Hodge James RJackson, JnoW Jones, Jno F James, Calvin Kitchen,Jn~ Leathers, J R Leathers, T W McCormick, Louis Meadows, A J Marshall, J W Marshall, W B Martin, N R McGirk, Jno.J Miller T L Morrow, N B Marshall, G W Moody, John Neff, R Y Powell' J R Phipps, G W Phipps, Jno A Poe, J G Richmond, Jno Ramsey' R M J Sharp, Jas S Singleton W D Singleton, .A.aron Teter, Jeht{ Teter, Paul Teter, Manasseh Teter, Cain Teter, Isaac Teter, Jr, J D Vaugh,~D A Whitlow. DIMITTED.-J

S Dysart, J J Miller, Jno Neff:


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated Meetings, Friday before each full 'lnoon.. OFlfIOERS.

Noah M Givan, lrfaster.. W. Oscar Clayton, Sen Warden. Geo. S. Walton, Jun. Warden. Rob't L. Foster, Treas. Marcus W. Garrison, Secretary.

Jno.. C Jackson, Sen. Deacon. Lewis F. Pearson, Jun. Deacon.. Boitral Davidson, ~fen. Steward. Ela Moore, Junior Steward. Gilbert M. Wright, Tyler.

ME1YIBERS.-I M Abraham, R 0 Boggess, J F Brookhart, J l\I Briscoe, Jno F Bowdon, Josiah Bowdon J F Bradburry, A S Bradley, W 0 Clayton, John Cummins, C F Coleman, J BOCock, W R Chplin, N E Cooper, W H Cratser, :LVI A Cobler, Doue;las Dale, B Davidson, E C Deacon L Emerick, T D Elliott, R L Foster, Alex Feely, G W Feeley.;.. W G Ford, B ]' Fo,vler, David Fall, Noah M Givan, H G Glenn, wm Grimes, J M Gaston, W H Glenn, D !{ Hall, Jas H Hooker, Thos HollowaY,J E Rocker, P C Horney~ Henry Hoy 1,.. A H Roge, M W Garrison.).. Jno C Jackson, W A Jack, C T Floyd, L 0 Kunze, John King L1" Lowry, Jno D Lucas, H G May, A B Moore, Ela Moorer .T W McSpadden, L B McFerrin, Samuel l\IcBride, Thos H Leach, 'V H Payne, G W Payne, 1.&:h' Pearson, W A Robertson, C W Sloan, J W Shuey, xl R Samuel t G W Seiver, Samuel Shuts, W H Stansbury, W j Terrell, George S Walton, J S Wooldridge B S Wilson, G:M Wright, Jno Windle, Z B Wilson, Rev J B H Wooldridge, JOB Wright, Solomon Yoder.


V Holloway, W T Schooley, J C Littill.





Co.-Chartered June 4,1855.

Stated meetings, third Monday in each month." OFFICERS.

R. Hale, Master. H. B. Boteler, Sen. Warden. B. Marshall, Jun. Warden. C. O. Grimes, Treasurer. B. R. Ireland, Secretar;'1.

A. Haynes, Sen. .Deacon, G. P. Venable, Jun. Deacon. Wiley Jennings, JSen. Steward. W. R. Davidson, Jun. Steward. H. Flynt, X:vler.

MEMBERs.-Oliver Anderson, .T B Alexander, Wm Anderson, T P Akers, G C Alexander A F Alexander, Ethan Allen, R B Bradford, Thos C Bledsoe, G J Blewett, A E Blewitt, H 0 Boteler, C F Belles, J R Buckner, A Brant, W F Bahlman, B M Boulware, G Clayton, John R Crump, James A Crump, Andrew Carter, Jno E Cheatham, P H Chambers, John Daugherty, F P Deatherage, James Duncan, W R Davidson, E S Dulin, E Easter F H Fox, Henry Flynt, John H Fulkerson, D F Greenwood, H ii Gratz, 0 o Grimes, W C Godby, Thos Hinkle, S F Hamm, R H Hoffman, Robt Hale, J F Hassell, A Haynes, Oliver Roux, Abranl Huffman, B R Ireland,.T A Jackson, Wiley .Jennings, 1M McGirk, Joseph Moreland, W J McCausland, B Marshall, F C Mehl, F Morath, Z J :M]tchell, Alexander Mitchell, John S Morten, J H G Mitchell, Joe Oatman Cyrus Osborn, W H Russell, M F Royle, J H Roberts, C B Russeh, G W Shewalter, W M Smallwood, Jesse Scofield, Joseph Shewalter, A V Small R W Shockley, Wm B Steeie, John H St Cla,ir, A Slaughter, rr IJ Smith, Joe L Thomas, John VauglJ.n, R C Vaughn, John M Vaughn, G P Venable, E Winsor, H C Wallace, B D Weeden, J W Warder, C B Waddell, Robt Young. DIMITTED.-J A Orump;.. J R Crump, F P Deatherage, J W Warder, R W Shockley, W u Godby.


Co.-Chartered May 28, A. L. 5858.

EJtated meetings, Saturday night oj, or the first after, the full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Wm. C. Tays, Master. Jno J . Whittington, S. Warden. Thos. R. Bayliss, Jun. Warden. Robert B. Thomas, TreaS'l.6rer. William R. Jones, Secretary.

Samuel M. Mays, Sen. Deacon. Losson Rogers, Jun. .Deacon. Wm. D. Smith, Senior Steward. A. J. Ferrell, Jun. Steward. Wm. E. Curl, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-Jas H Ashbaugh, David Alderman, Charles A Alderman, Robert Bryan, William Bryan, Jas P Bryan, Reuben Bryant, 0 F Brown, James Barbee, Thos R Bayliss, Wm N Bayliss, D W Olouser, A M Oampbell, Wm E Curl, Eli Crumpley Noah Curtis, Jno T Chesnut, Hezekia11 Campbell, Ne,vton Cowan' Samuel Oall, John F Call, Thos B Duty, Oornelius Day, Wesley S Davidson, James L Dodson, James A Day, A B Davis John T Foster James Ferrell, Smith T Floyd, M C Ferrell, A J Ferrell .John Galbreath, SaInuel A Gaun, Robert M Gilmore, vVm vV' Hillix, Hiram W Harper, T H Harper, Henry Hampton, H W Highsmith, Jno T Judy, Jno A Jeter, J F Justus, Samuel Judah WIn R Jones, E Y Kirkman, L D Kirkman, 0 H P Lucas, Jas W l\feadows, Elijah Meadows, Milton Murphy, Samuel M Mays, Gao W l\loutray,?,. Alex McOawley, Perry W Noland, James Pennington, J H C ..ttobinson, Wm Randall, T J Robinson, N P Rogers, Geo W Rector, Alfred Rogers, Hiram Rogers, Lawson Rogers, Jonathan Roberts~CorneliusRoberts, C F Roundtree, J L Spencer, Frost Snow, Wm 1) Smith, R B Thomas, Wm C Tays, J M Tays, Alvis'rurner, J H Troutman, R C Thomas, John Utz, William Willis, Jas E Weller, A J Wright, A A Whittington, J J Whittington, Irvin P Wallingford, Ezekiel Whittington, JesseJWalker, SidneyT Willis Jeptha Yates. DIMITTED.-Wm

F Davis, SamuelA Trower.


Co.-Chartered May 26,1865.

meetings, First Saturday in each month. OFFICERS.

James P. Meals, Maste?'". Jason Moberly, ~;renio'r Deacon. E. M. Holloway, Sen. Warden. S. T. Boaddus, Junior Deacon. M. Featherstone, Jun. Warden. Wm. J. Meals, Sen. Steward. Arch. Cruse, Treasurer. O. M. Harrison, Jun. Steward. W. L. T. Evans, Secretary. Henry Harrison, Tyler.. MEMBERs.-James P M Meals, E MHollowa~ M FeatherstoneJ Arch Cruse, W L T Evans, Jason Moberly, S 'i' BroaddUS, W J Meals, 0 :1\£ Harrison, Henry Harrison, Eli Owen, Henry Grimes, J C Parrish, John G Burton, A J Fetherstone, Isaac H N€"wton, Thomas P White, John S Bennett, "'Tallace McOampbell, James R Finney, J G Swetnam, Asa Bennett1.r...!t R Hall, Dabney Procter, Levi Haynes, Charles Tisue, Joseph whittenburx, J WHarrisoD? Wm B Moberly, John Huntsman, Harrison .tluntsman, W G Grimes, Charles Lewelell, Abner Laundran, Adam Givens, George Huntsman, Harris Phelps, Strother Ridgenay, Wm J Boney, Jas




E Harrison, W L Newton, JW Hutsill, Henry Roberts, A J Amick, R N Mathis, David S Irons, John W LeeL.. James 'V Westfall, L T Burton, Wm "\Vestfall, J W Haynes, E .t'ollan, C D Campbell, John Rogg, Benjamin Huntsman, Wm Love, Nimrod Fifer, S R Campbell, Thomas V Baker, Selren Jones, James A Maddox, 1\!ilton Belcher, A P rrevril, R D Moberly, Isaac Boucher, James J Jones John McKinsey, Kobert Mathis, WE Black, W T Haliburton, E W Bently, .John G Zahn, Blucher Rich, Joseph Crewson, James J Asher. DIMITTED.-Wm Robeson. DIED.-John A Poindexter.


Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.



Thompson J. Kelley, Master.

Alex. E. H. D. Berry, 8. Warden.

And J. Combs, Jun Warden.


Co.-Chartered May 28, A. D. 1859.

Stated Meetings, Friday night ajte1'" full moon. OFFICERS.

Alison E. Carter, lrIaster. Erastus W. Hill, J.~en. lVarden. Wnl. G. Lincoln, Jun. Warden. Alonzo D. Hill, Treasurer. Robt. W. Christy, lfecretary.

Samuel J. Bartlett, Sen. Deacon. Geo. W. Lannius, Jun. Deacon. John Q. Carter, Sen. Steward. Jos. R. Williamson, J. Steward. Ma,loolm Walker, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-John MAllen, Jno Ashabraner, Henry H Bedford Joseph Bishoff, T J Baldwiuz...R A Buchannan, Saml J Bartlett' Saml Boyt, Henry Bahleke, vv D Bloys, A E Carter, E vV Oole' R W Christy, C B Crulnb, Jalnes A Cooper, 'Viley L Croper W H Coldwell, R T Carter, John Q Carter, R J Dodd, R M Frake~ E W Hill, Joel M Horton, Stephen F Henderson, Darius Hodge i.. D , Hill1.-SJarroll Harty, Thos W Johnson, Sol G:Kitchen, W L Kelly C J Kelly, James Kelly, WIn P Knox, Jacob Kapler, Jesse B Llg~ get, David LeWiS, Jonathan Lannius, Geo!S'e W Launius, CalvinJ Lester, Wm G Lincoln, J G Lewis, F W lVliller, John McMillan P P vV Majors, Jos J l\IilIer, R H l\'Iontgomery, Jas 0 MOlltgomer~r Wm M Messer, Jas A McNeely, Wm C Norrid, Wm P Newman' P A Norrid, George S Norrid, James G Nall, Reuben P Owen, J Ii Poplin, Robt P Paramore, Moses Proffer, La,vson Proffer, Peter Proffer, Lewis M Ringer, Sami Robey, Sidney Rirhmond, S M Rowlet, Shelby Slayton, Peter F Sitz, Marcus G Sitz, Jonas Siti Wm Sitton, Wm R Slack, Daniel Tedrick, J STilly, W P Walker' James Williams, James Walker, C C Wellman, Thomas S Walker; Elijah Walker, Malcolm Walker, John Walker, Wm S Wilborn E W White, J R Williamson, Abner Warren, John W Yeargan. ' DIMITTED.-Jesse Langley, James W Denny, W F Graves, TJ Rowlet, John W Leach, G J Harvey, Louis Fischer. DIED.-John Cawthorn.


CONCORD, CALLAWAY COUNTY.-Chartered in 1855.

Stated meetings, Fourth Saturday, at one o'clock P. M. OFFICERS.

R. H. Fowler, Master. W. M. Sharp, Secretary. W. W. Macfarlane, 8. Warden. J. E. Sallee, Sen. Deacon. J. M. Riley, Jun. Warden. J. T. Rudd, Jun. Deacon. J. T. Henderson, Treasurer. J. G. Barnes, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Alfred Barnes R M Barnes, J R Davis, R H Fow~ ler, W A Gregory J B Henderson, J T Henderson Robert McPheeters, Jr, T G Pledge, W N Pledge, S N Russell, A P Pollard, J P Thurmand R S Shields, A McPheeters, John Allen, J A Hen.. derson, J M Coons, J M Riley, T NAllen, Anlbrose FrY.t.. Otho lVI<r Crackin, Jr, W W Robertson, W W Macfarlane, J T .t;\.udd, J G Barnes, N L Fish, P M Morris, T J Pratt, S P Harrison, J T Har.. rison, Angus Berry, Wm Crockett, J W Sallee, J P Sallee, Z J Ridgeway.) H T' Hunter, James Pratt)~A H Allen, WIn Guy, SA Trimble, J T Yeates, B F Brathers, \1 H Baynham, J W Pledg~j




Henry Telkamper, J T Lafan, Wm M Sharp, J M Fewell, T I

Gregory. DIMITTED.-R

J Lare,v.


Co.-Chartered JUNE 1, 1860, A. L. 5860

Stated meetings, Saturday oj or before the full moon. OFFICERS.

J. P. Hutchinson, Master. J. M. Lilly, Sen. l'Varden. J. L. Leeper, Jun. TVarden.

Wm. J. Lumpkin, Treasurer. James R. Leeper, Secretary.

J. B. Francis, Sen. .Deacon. A. Dumbleton, Jun. Deacon. H. T. Leeper, Sen. Steward. J. S. Venable, Jun. ~fteward. George W Wingo, Tyler.

l\IElVIBERs.-Andrew Anderson. S R Ashby, T B Brookshire, Thomas Brooks, H M Brown, J M Brown, John Braden, Joseph Crews, D T Calahan, Joshua Crumpacker, G A Crouch~Armlntus Dumbleton, S J Dewey, Leroy E\ving, W G Frith, J B Fracis, A S Fish, L F Gobin, J P Hutchinson, Jeremiah Hutchinson, James Jennings, J. P Leeper, James R Leeper, H T Leeper R Lauderdale, W J Lumpkin, W S Ligett, J 1\1 Lilly, J S Mosiey, GW Martin, W H Marlow, J. W. Peery, J H Peery, H K Pearl, Robert Pening~ton, J W Rose, Abt Stephens, William Thompson, J S Venable, Wm Wooldridge, G W Wingo, DIMITTED.-J

S Wilson, B J Burk, R Minshall.


Co.-Chartered May, 1859.

Stated lrfeetings, secon'd Satu1'""day in each 'Jnontn. OFFICERS.

'v. T. Biggs, J,laster. B. F. COruley, Sen. rVarden. A. J. Johnson, Jun. VVarden. D.l. Sappington, Treasurer.

R S. Martin, Secretary. E. M. Bass, Senior Deaco-ntll B. Lanham, Jun. Deaoo9t. R. T. Lanham, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-E l\f Bass, J T Brinegan, vV W Beazely B W Blythe, J G Burnett, D M Burnam, N T Biggs, M BUllard, j Blythe E T Ballinger, H M Cheavens, B F Conley, J H Campbell, W Clark' John Edwards, J W Edwards, W B Edwards, J J\tI Ellis, P Fraty' J C Forbis, R Forbis, J H Fulkersen, Barney Harris, D B Ham.: ilton, F J Hagan, D H Hamilton J G Jones Jerry M Jones, R H Jones T M Jones, A J Johnston, GA Jones, B Lanham, I~ T Lanham 'R S Martin, R H l\Iartin, A G Martin, R rr McDow J C Mor~is, J L Martin, T J Ne~l, A P Nicpols, G W Nichols, LJncon Nichols, J D Patten, John RIce, H H RIce, T M Roberts, D J Sappington, James 1\'1 Sapp, J M Strode, R E Spencert.,. F G Sitton D L Sitton, W B Strode, J. S Strode, W ~ T?-ttle, J H Winfrey: J Winfrey, J R Pace, T L LIndsey, John RIppIctOO.

DIMITTED.-N R Adamson, C P Hany, W A Harris, J C Woodey, G W Turner, J M Thompson. SUSPENDED.-John Winterbower, H M Strode, John Younts G N King, W J Ballew, G W THall, B F Peyton, W S May.] ,



Go.-Ohartered May 29,1856.

Stated meetings, Saturclay on or before full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Isaac N. White, blaster'. George E Wood, Sen. Warden. John D. Dopf) Jun. Warden. Robert Hunter, Treasurer. Malcolm McKillop, Secretary.

Emanuel Small, Sen. Deacon. James Tate, Jun. Deacon. Jacob Hughes, Sen. Steward. George Steck, Jt~n. Stewarcl. Christian Imhoff, Tyler.

MEMBERs .. -Thonlas Arnold, John Y Bird, James Buckham., Vandaman Blooms, L C Christian, John Dozier, A B Durfee, B F Drago, Bedford Freeman, Elisha W Freeman, Joshua Hunt, U S Hightow~...~ John Harrington, Jacob Hughes, James Hunter, Robt Hunter, w McR Holloway, P J Hawthorn, Greenville Johnson, Christian Imhoff, Aaron Kidd, John H Kell~ A Joseph Itaiaer, A Lyford, Jas H Lahue, Saml K Lewis, Adam Lewis, Thomas Lytlt, Newton IJytle, Calloway Millraps, John S Morgan, A W Mimms, A B McCreary, Fredk Marlott, Malcolm McKillop,_A Predmore, H J Pennell, L H Ruland, Drury Roberts, John W Smith, Wm Sparks, Wm Sutton, John L Shelten, C V Snow, George Steck~Jo!S Snow, Thos Shondy, Christopher Schneider, John S Schenck, P A Thompson, F M Thompson, Austin F Tiffany, Jas A Taylor, Jas


1869.J Tate



Vohl, W H Van Lewvan, Isaac N White, Richard Willman, Richard E White, G W Woolsey, Geo E Wood, James White, A E Wyatt, Solomon Wyatt, J1', A L Williams, R N Brickham, E L Clark, John D Dopf.

wariz, Wm C

DIMITTED.-Jos Sellers, Ephraim Reed, Jacob McEwin, Benj Collins, E Small. SUSPENDED.-A A


DIED.-John P Hope, John Lewis.




Co.-Chartered Oct. 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, first and third Saturdays in each month. OFFIOERS.

Joel Yancey, JJ,Iaster. L. M. Pettet, Sen. Warden. Rush Byrne, Jun. Warden. L. Rubottom, Treasurer. B. C. Hughes, Secretary.

A. McBride, Senior Deacon. John Pipkin, Junior Deacon. G. W. Creasy, ~fen. Steward. G. T. Lee, Jun. Steward. John H. Edgar, Tyler.

MEl\lBERs.-James A Atkins, John M Alexander R W Alexander, Rush Byrne, C A Bennett, R E Buehler, S J Brumlow, T G Atchison, W W Bunyard, D C Bugg, James Bunyard, G W

Creath, William Creasy, Andrew Carter, B F Carter, J P Camp, G W Creasy, A A Duncan, 0 D Dalton, I M Dalton, J ames Daniel, D D Emmons, John H Edgar, Jno Fissel, L M Farris, Christopher Gross, B C Hug-hes, J B Huggans, Benjamin Holmes, S A Harris, oCHolmes, W W Hunter, John Hunter, Patrick Harmon, Sam'l Raney, W F Lewis, G T Lee, B F Montgomery, J P McFarland, Alexander McBride, we Moss)... Thomas McGhee, J M McAdams, A McAlister, T G Malugaw, P ts Moss, A R L Meador F C Neely, L M Pettit, John Pipkin, L H Linnville, James A Park, L Rubottom, John H Polly,.T P Rubottom, J F Short, M A Taylor, A E Williams, W B Wilson, T B Wilson, John L Miller, P L Powers, Joel Yancey. DIMITTED.-C W Miller, A T Sheppard, L L Lewis.

DIED.-James T Sutton.







CITY, FRANKLIN Co.-Chartered May 28,1856.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening on or before the full moon of each month.


Thos. Bacon, Master. Samuel Fallace, Senior Warden. W. H. Lamoraux, Jun. Warden. R. C. Allen, Treasurer.

C. B. Hacker, ~fe(Jretary. J. C. Merrill, Sen. IJeacon. JohnD. Crowner, Junior Deacon. Lewis Detwiler, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-SamYel Adams, R CAllen, Geo F Adler, J B H Beale, J P Brown, Thos Bacon, W R Bibb, S M Rrown, R S Brown, R M Brown, John E A Cheatham, Edward oluff, John D Crowner, Lewis Detwiler, John Demier, Jacob Detwiler W T 0 Dickoson, R H Farrar, Samuel M Fallace, J W Fisher, B F Fisher, Henry Fisher, J Geiger, Vincent Hogan, John Hacker, Ed Hodnett, Robert Hnnthausen, C B Hackert...W DJeffries, Chas Jeffries, J W Jackson, W H Lamoraux, Cyrus Lewis, F P Laws, J B Lewis, W P Lewis, A McOlure, Wm Manthe, J M McCourtney, J C Merrill, A J Muir, Jabez Nort~ Chas Paphrath, Robert Patton) John B Philips, Peter Reed~L b' Rucker, John Reed, Ben Smith, L L Seaburn, H J Smith, S E Spencer Fred Spallinger, Martin Soures, Wm Tyler, Fred Volme~ 'rhos Watson, Fred Wengler, S D Williamson, Hiram Wood, J H Williamson, D W Whiting, Felix Whitsett, Lewis Wilson, J E York. DIMITTED.-J P Brown, Geo King, D C Maloney, Thos Bucb. EXPELLED.-Francis Becker, J W Mires, Chas Middleton, L D Morse, Geo Simpson, G W Fisher, Geo Gurnsey.

SUSPENDED.-steven Oole, Hiram Calvin, B FReed, Ohas Mottart, D P Nichols, Fred Steiner, N B Worthington, Stephen Cole, Jacob Detmiler, A Howard, James Haggard.





Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, Friday night on or before each full moon. OFFIOERS.

G. M. Winton, Master. Arthur Looney, Sen. Warden. Henry McElfresh, Jun. Warden. Morras Mitchell, Treasurer. Ben. W. Mitchell, Secretary.

Geo. L. Tuck, Sen. Deacon. H. J. McOlure, Jun. Deacon. J. B. Hatler, Senior Steward. A. E. Mitchell, Jun. Steward. Leander Shahan, Tyler.

ME1\!BERS.-M C Anderso~~ ...J as Anderson, William Alexander, J B Appleby, B W Appleby, vv R Appleby, B H Bond, H F Brad.. . ford, Matthew Brown, Stephen Brow~lJ James F Bal~ John Cook,

Wm Cranels, T W Cunnyngham, W lV.1 Ewing, R C uilmore, J B Ratler, S N Jones, Arthur Loone~.fTC L Lam, Morras Mitchell, 'Vm B Mitchell, B W Mitchell, A vv Mitchell, A E Mitchell, A C Mitchell, Henry McElfresh, H J McCluee, Chas McCulloch, John W Miller? Samuel Niel, L H Smith, Leander Shahan, George L Tuck, Seth Walker, Geo M Winton, Geo E Williams. DI}IITTED.-Ed



Co.-Chartered October 15, 1858.

8tat6d meetings, Saturday evening on or before the full moon. OFFIOERS.

Augustin Bradsher, Master. D. J. Stamper, Sen. Warden. John C Turner, Jun. Warden. John H. Henderson, Treasurer.

James T Matlock, Secretary. J. H. P. Baker, Sen. Deacon. Lynch Turner, Jun. Deacon. James Tillotson, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Augustin Bradsher, J H P Baher, James M Baher, J&mes Bradley, William Cooper, David H Burton, S T Campbell,




S B Cory, James Dawson, G W Fawks, L W Fawks, A W Fawks Levi Fawks, Robert Gale, John H Henderson, William B Holeman' John W Henderson, Wm F Harris, L A Harris, ME Hif, Alex~ ander Jackson, Thomas C Lowery, N G Matlock, Thomas l\rfathis J A Matlock, T G Matlock, J T Matlock, J W Richardso~1..,. G G Richman, W B Richardson, D J Stamper, A F Sears, wm A Spivy, HAW Samiel, 'Vaine Thomas, Green Thomas, John C Turner, A L Thomas, James Tillotson, Lynch Turner, Wm A Thomas, Napoleon Vaughn, B F Wilson, A G Rucker. DIl\rIITTED.-John E Dawkins, E H Fawks.


Co.-Chartered May 28,1856.

meetings, Saturday on or before the full moon. OFFICERS.

Joseph Wells, 1J!Iaster. T. K. Smith, Sen. Warden. J. W. Papelwell, Jun. Warden. V. Wilson, Treasurer. H. B. Watson, Sec1"etary.

D. N. Huffman, JSfen. Deacon. F. M. Walls, Jun. Deacon. A. J. Agee, Sen. Steward. O. Hunt, Jun. Steward. J. T. Bailey, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-A J Agee, C 0 Spencer, Jas Landers, P Cook, T M Barnett, Jas Hall, T K Smith, Thos Gipson, W H Houston, J Caulfield, J T Bailey, Jas I Agee, V Wilson, Wm L Trotter, E N Bar. rows 0 Hunt, N B Brown, C K Wood, R F Brown, T H Trotter, J D Bowen, George Wells, 0 B Saunders, D Bradford, N MAllen, RlfJWhite, A Floyd, S Snyder, J E Williams, G W Richards D N Hufman, Thos Sintpson, John Rufman.;.. W H Ledbetter, Joseph \Vells J Yates, A Bedford, F M Walls, J::S H Hayworth, W J Martin, II Taylor, Jas N Trotter, S Kellog', R Allen, Q Wilson, B IJ Cook, J B Wilson, A McClanahan, J W Pepelwell, T N Logan, C Wheeler, R Bowman, B M Hughes, A J Cumbert, Wm Shepherd, J B Allen, H B \Vatson, A Sherman, S T Rundel, F Barns, C A Gairey, MAgee.

DIMITTED.-George Garland, Jas Johnson, R S Johnson, Fisher, S King. f

DIED.-Wm Bradford.







Co.-Chartered May 29, A. D. 1856, A. L, 5856.

Stated Jltfeetings, Second and Fourth Mondays in each month. OFFICERS.

Thomas Richeson, ]}faster. Lewis J. Clark, Sen. lVarden. Thomas Harris, Jun. lVarden. Wm. N. Loker, Trea8?/;rer.

A. B. M. Thompson, Secretary. E. B. Lindsay, Sen. Deacon. George Thomas, Jun. Deacon. R. M. L. McEwen, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James B Austin, William L Austin, John F Albers Lewis W Atlstermell, Edward Acton, Nathan Abeles, A G Braun, James Buckland, TIlos A Buckland, Thomas M Barron, William Bosbyshel~M N Burchard, Geo H Blickhahn, William G Bartle, Myron M .tluck, John F Baker, Charles H BurCh, William Bond John Barrett, B A Barrett, William Brown1,.!Ienry Becktold, B G Boone, S S Brewer, A H Botsford, Edward "IVl Burr, H A Burgess, E C Breck, Willianl M Brown, Geo L Babbington, A A Bassett, Edward IP Berkley, Alfred 1\'1 Britton, Wesley Conner Martin Collins, Charles Olifton, John.. Cairnes, C L Craft, W H CraWford, Warren Champlin, Charles H Cowen, L E Carpenter, John 0 Codding, Joseph H Case, P A Crow, Robt C Clowry, L J Clark, Theron Oatlin, John H Cockson, Charles H Clarke, C W Clayton, Henry L Couch, M H Crapster, Robt Cunningham, W G Chambers, Seth W Cobb, Regis Chauvenet, Nelson W Cameron, Lucius H Cheeney, John De Moss, S D Davenport, Jan1es J Denny, Charles Duff, Jno Dickie, Jas A Daniels, A J Dreas, Charles P bamon, J L Downs, Lucius Deming, Phineas F Davenport, L M Dayton, D A Dixon, M M Eby, John Eagan, Samuel W Eager, jr, Thos H Ellis Thos Forrister, Jeremiah Fruin, John R Ferguson, Ralph R Poster, William H Gregg, Thomas R Gerard, Joseph A Grabble, Alfred Grarbble, P G Gerhart, John B Gray, Samuel T Gaty, Fxancis Goetz, L H Garnett, Charles F Gauss, Emanuel Godlove, John M Gomes, S A Grantham A Fisk Gore, C I-Iequemborg, Samuel Hughs, H G Holmes, A T Hollister, l\tI P Hanthorn, Mark Howard, A B Hensley, Thomas Harris, Charles H Haskins, J ames HaWkins, Hugh R Hildreth, Alfred W Henry, Chas A Hammann, Edwin Harrison, L E Hudson, J H Hickman, George Harkness Robt J" Kill,.J Oscar Haynes, John S Hay, William CHill, Davidi.fopkins, Enooh T Ivester, James Johnson, Charles L Johnson, James T Johnson, C S Kintzing, G V Kelsey, James M Kershaw,Otho P Koenig, John King, Jos Kilpatrick, John Kredell, John H King, :F A Kausteiner, Robt J Kilpatrick, Henry Kunz, Thomas D !{imbal Frank S King, Wm N Loker, William Lee, Jno C Lawrence SaLawrence, E W Long, John F Long, Otto 0 Lauderman John RLionberger, Edwin B Lindsay, George T Loker, John Mocho y , C McClure, Alex McDonald, GabrIel C McDonald, James H McLaren, R M L McEwen, James McKenna, Hugh McFee, James ltcArthur, John McCausland, vV S McKimm, Warren F McOhest





ney, E Maudsley, Joseph Matthias, R Mackwitz, Ferdinand Meyer W A Miller, Z B Moore, John H Maurice, Geo 'V Monroe ehas i Mestemacher, Fredk Maurer t William T l\Ierrell, Alex it Moore Geo H lYforgan, John B Maua.e, Thomas H l\Iitchell, D J Mange' L A Moffett, N D Noyes, A J Noble, Ferd Overstoltz, Reuben 8 Pearce, R C Perham, John Peninger, Montrose A Pallen, Thomas Richeson, Ferd Rozier, John S Reed, J l\Iiles Ruth, John Randall Geo W Rippey, John J Redmond, John W Robinson, Charles K Ramsey, David 0 Sheble, W R Stubblefield;.. John Smith, Nicholas Springer, Geo W Sheble, Nathan Slnith, uharles L Smith, Thos J SmIth, John Samson, Levi Stern, 0 P Saylor, B F Stottlemeyer John F Schieffer, Webster lYI Salnuel, A H Smith, William G Smeathers, John G Scott, Henry Springer, Samuel Scaling, John 8 Swift, L l\I Sabine, William S Seaman, A B 1\:1 Tholllpson, George Thomas, Robt L Tandy, JalTIeS L Tholupson, John H Terry, Thos J Terry, S H Terry, Geo W Tennelle, Geo W Thurman, John N Tivy, D Underwood, Chas K Vickers, Michael 'Tiedt, John D Vail, Erastus Wells, ~T W Wells, Edgar W Warne Henry G Whitney~ LeouBrd A Watkins, James W Wren, Flenry E Warren, James W Wallnce, Charles Wangelin, William H Wilde, Joseph B Wildez...:! M Z Withrow, C Willing, William 'V Wallace, Gus E Wetzell, vv G Wyatt, Charles E J White, John F Webber. DIMITTED.-E VV l{lepstine, W S Jevvell, S H Geisel, James T :Nelson, E }\{ Price, A A Rice, W C .A.twater, rr HRuby, P M Audrain, Henrg S Winter, Ira Stansbery. DIED.-Frank Phillips, George Tnrner.


JEFFERSON Co.-Chartered May 30, 1850.

Stated JYfeetings, Saturday before full


in each month.


John L. Thomas, Master. Robert Wilson, Sen. Warden. George J. Rapp, J. l'Varden. J. Ed. Walker, Treasurer.

w. H. H. Thomas,

Secretary. R. W. McMullen, Sen Deaoon. C. Thos. Horine, Junior Deacon. Wm. Clark, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J B Arnold, Eugene Arnor, James W Burgess, Ephraim B Beckett, Ira J Beckett, Henry P Bates, H S Ohristian, Louis T Cosby, Wm Clark, George W Davis, Edwin F Frost, Wm Fritter, C E Frost, Sulivan Frazier, George H Frost, Wm Gilmore, Williamson 0 Gibson, Wm Graham, Elias F Honey, -Jacob Haverstick,jr., William Hendrickson, Joseph P Hesser, John Holmes,




David Hale, Joel M Hensley, Charles T Horine, Thornton Jarvis, Alfred Mitchell, Leander MItchel!" Wm McKay, Alex McMillan, R W McMullen, J W Murphy, t;amuel Murrell, Henry Novels, James C Power, Samuel A Reppy, John W Stephens Peter Strickland, John L Thomas, W H H Thomas, James S Williams, W B Weaver, John WWeaver, Wm F Williams, James A Wilson, Adolf Weber, Robert Wilson, William Winchester, J Ed Wall~er, James N Whitehead, Anton Yerger, Wm A Jackson, J G Rapp. DIMITTED.-A

C North, C C Fletcher, Turner R Miller, Wm



Co.-Chartered May 26,1865.

;Stated meetings, First Sattlrday evening oj each month. OFFICERS.

A. R. Moorhouse, JYIasteljo. John Allen, Sen. Warden. A. Terhune, Jun. lVarden. A. T. Ellis, T1掳easurer. S. C. McCluskey, Secrretary.

J. B. Prather" Sen. Deacon. L. Miller, Jun. Deacon. N. Sisson, Senior Stewct1'"d. J. P. Crevo, Jun. 8tetvard. Thos Krous, Tyler.

l\IEMBERs.-John Allen, I N Albin, William Anderson, Amos B Bentley, Elias Burroughs;...A 1-1 Burroughs, John Busby, William

Blackman, Geo S Baker, '1' H Brown, S 'V Briggs, 0 S Briggs, Chas L Cain, N B Cain, Geo D Davis, N J Dearino-, J08 A Davenport, A T Elli~ Thoa C Ellis, Jacob Everhart, B (J Ford, Marshall Ford, Isaac T .tt'oster, Henry Graves, Jas I George, T W Gaunt, J W Greeson, W A GorDIan, William Jerald, WillianlJone~ Warren LJohnson, S T Kenedy, Thos Kraus, Jaeob Lips Lycurgus Miller,路A H Morehouse, David Mulholland, Thomas Morris, Jas Morris, A A Minnear, W H H McClain, I V McMillan, Edward }1cMill an, Sam C McCluskey, A Oppenheimer, John L Owens, JlS B Prather, G N Page, J D Pascal, D S Palmer, Andrew Royal, Nathm.niel Sisson, 0 A Seamans, Adelma Stingley, Chas Spears,tl' Adam Terhune, John C rrerrhune, Benj F rrorrance, Perry S Wright, Simeon Wright, Jas Wakefield, John C Wiswell, Thomas Wadley, I N Wray. EXPELLED.-Jas


K Costello.

Orew, W J" WBickett.





CALDWELL Co.-Chartered May 30,1857.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or before each full moon. OFFICERS.

N. Brelsford, Sen. Deacon. A. Jones, Jun. Deacon. I. Allen, Senior Steward. D. E. Cross, Junio?' Steward. Wm. Clifton, Tyler.

M. R. Streeter, Master. A. P. Douglas, Sen. lVarden. S. Stevens, Jun. Warden. E. Lankford, Treasurer. S. R. Bay, Secretary.

Allen, Wm Arnett, S R Bay, N Brelsford, D E Clifton, J G Clem, A P Douglas, S Firth, John F Hines J M tloskinson, Q A Hulett, S Holman, A Jones, J Jones, T G Klepper, G W Longstreth, J W Miller, M D Northrup, John Rob-inson, M R Streeter, B Stevens, John Trout, J W Thompson, T P Thomas, W SWell, H B Wilhoit, E Sankford. MEMBERS.-I

Cros~.... W

DIMITTED.-R F Mismore.






Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated rneetlngs, first and third Thursdays of each month. OFFIOERS.

David Capt, l1tIaster. Ferdinand Droz, Sen. Warden. Antoine Martin, Jun. Warden. Alfred Jolivet, Treasurer.

Auguste Wildermuth, Secretary. Leon I..Jonguet, Sen. Deacon. Frank Glad, J. Deacon. Charles J Sporleder, Act'g Tyler.

MEl\1:BERs.-Francois M Allemand, H Anthony, Francois Aug,ermoz, A Braucourt, J P Besangon, David Capt, Edward Choahard, Louis Comte, Fritz Courvoisier, Ferdinand Droz, JOB Aug Droz, Claude F Droit, Frangois Dussi, Florient Debulle, James Fisher, Jaques Faivre, Louis Gueissaz, Frank Glad, Eugene Gauthier~ Constant Gobet, Alfred Jolivet, Philip Jaccard Leon Longue-l, L Langdeau, Frangois Legros, Joseph Lafranchi, Gedeon Lajennes.~ Jules Lange, Antoine Martin, Frederic Obrech, J P RavoldJ J P Rochel, M straus&, Wm Burbled, John H Scholler, Joseph SnIDz, Berny Stoffel, Ferdinand Vadeboniveur, Auguste 'Vildermuth. DIMITTED.-M







Co.-Chartered May 26, 1864.

Meetings, Saturday before each full Moon. OFFICERS.

Thomas Hull", Master. William Douglass, Sen. Warden. W. Buford, Jun. Warden. H. Seaman, Treasurer. J. W. Comley, Secretary.

James Chapman, Sen. Deacon. French Carder, Jun. Deacon. James Rouse, Sen. Steward. John Short, Jun. Steward. D. Merrewether, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-W GAllen, W BUford, W Beach, L Baldwin, T Brown, J W Comley, Chas McCoyd, F Carder, Geo Carder, James Chapman, James McCoyd, Wm P Douglass, John Edens, J" Fausher, P L Gregory, David Hustead, Thomas Hull, Jesse Lasswell, W H Lelliard John Mauk, Thos McMurray, E Miller, D W Merrewether, R H Prim, W M Purdy, J M Pugh, J D Rains, John McRaynolds, Iris McRaynolds, Joseph McRaynolds, H Seaman, Jno Short, Cornelius Short, Charles Stafford, S D Swerngan, W F Wright, James Owens, J Sallee, J Wilkinson.


Co.-Chartereu October 19, 1867.

Stated meetings, Friday evening on or before fulZ moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

P. K. Dibble, Master. E. J. Miller, Sen. Wct'rden. Noah Davidson, Jun. Warden. Wm. F. Perrin, Treasurer. Wm* H. Elliott, Secretary.

H. A. B. Anderson, Sen. Deacon. Thos. Fairhurst, Jun. Deacon. J. H. Styne, Senior Steward. G. R. Tanner, Jun. Steward. Jasper Woods, Tyler.

llE)IBl1l:aS.-P K Dibble, Elliott J Miller John H Stein, Wm F P~rin, Wm H Elliott, T R Maupin, John Laswell, S F Bigham, Tbo$ Fairhurst, John A Montgomery, Thos Oarsonl,.....E McD Coffey, :R W Pounds, H A B Anderson, Jasper Wood, Geo.t(, Tanner, Chas Ballenger, G W Browning, J M Browning, L B Tanner Jeremiah 01&y, E Ballenger, Noah Davidson, Charles R,ay, J T Stone, R G &lland, J R Duncan.

DlKITTED.-Mathew Hall, James H Peyton.







LODGE, No. 170.

Co.-Chartered May 30,1857.

Stated lrfeetings, first and third S'aturdays in each month. OFFICERS.

John S. Harper, Master. David Stone, Sen. Warden. Agur Wells, Jun. Warden. George A stone, Treasurer. Isaac H Craine, Secretary.

John Lo,ve, Sen. Deacon. Henry Rudolph, Jun. lJeacon. Spencer ~11tchell, Sen. Steward. J. F. Redwine,Jun. Steward. John Specht,. Tyler.

MEl\'IBERS.-William C. Austin, W. T. Bramel, B. C. Berry Henry Bushnell, J H Crain, G W Cranmer, R S Deering, ,Jorda~ Drake, Thomas T Eales, A D Endicott, Chrislian Fink, William Froman, John S Harper, John Lowe, Adam Lydick, Spencer Mitchell, A P Mathews, A W Matson, H R Johnson, B B Peck, JF Redwing, R E Reed).. Elkanah Reed, Henry Rudolph, Horace Risley. D C Stone A u Stone, David Stone, A A Stone, George A A Stone, P D Smith, John Specht, Elisha Wells, Rexford Wens, Agur Wells, Orville Willcox, J M West, "VVilliam Watters. DI~IITTED.-J T

A B Peck.

Oheatham, Lawrence Wise, J K Chamberlain J


Oo.-Chartered May 30, 1857.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or preceding full moon in each mO'1htkO' OFFIOERS.

Bennet West, Master. Wm. Milbirons, Sen. Warden. G. W. Yonge, Jun. Warden. Matthew Orooks, Treasurer.

Thos. H. ~Iays, Secretary. Geo. C. Fullerton, S~n. DeafJfj{&1 G. Q. Dickerson, Junior Dea{Jo!fl" A. M. Haynes, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John Bragg, W A Crawford, Matthew Crooks, Abben Cock, G Q Dickerson, George C Fullerton, Isaac Feath~rl1~ G N Franklin, Absolom Grogan, A M Haynes, Dinwiddie Ha$leYr Charles Harkins, Thos H Mays, Wm Milbirons, A G Mullin,. .Jes$& Oldacre, John Prabases, John B Speake, Edward A SimpSGi,




Austin Sizemore, James C Triplett, George Terrell, Bennet West,

Turner Woodard, Wm Woodard, Geo Yonge.

DIMITTED.-Joel Bradley, John M Shoemaker, Wm F Gray. EXPELLED.-G W R Leadford, G Warthington, Isaiah Drury, G J McKindly, T W Hond. DIED.-G F Mitchell.


Stated meetings, A.({aturday evening on 01' preceding the full moon

in each month. OFFICERS.

J. D. Perryman, lrfaster. Jeff Martin, Sen. Warden. Robt. Thompson, Jun. Warden. J. T. Lee, Treasure1'.

Paul Burgess, Secretary. S. R. Hoglan, Sen. Deacon. Jas. Martin, Jun. Deacon. S. Ogelvie, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J MAyers, L L Bratcller, John Barton, Paul Buress, E M Condor, Esquire Caswell, Eli Caswell, Wm Birthright, Jas W Burkhead, J A Carauthers, M H Dailey, Archie Fry, M T Duvall, John C Gray, S R Roglan, Jerry Griffin, Benj Hall, H C Houg~ George Keyser, James Lee, H C Lee, M T Lee, J T Lee, g.

Ohris J:1 Lee, Geo A Jordan, E B Jordan, T A Lovelace, Wm H

:Jordan, Thos Jones D L Lee, Wm A Johnston, M M McDonald,

John Martin, John MMcElmoyl, A J Martin Joseph Martin, Sam Ogelvie, J D Perryman, Bennett Poplin, J G Parker, Geo Parsons, J M Ringer, David N Polston, A J Ramsay, Silas B Parker, S M Parke~ Dr Patterson, S B Sheeks, S N Suttles, Randolph Slack, Wm t5heeks, Shelby Sheeks, Henry G Underwood, Emberson Sheeks, Hazard Thompson, John Shelton, Robt Thompson, E H Walker, Irving Welch, James Walker. DIMITTED.-Eli Caswell, Hazard Thompson, .Tas W Birkhead,

D N Polston, E H Walker.

DIED.-Wm Sunlers, Esquire Oaswell, John G Parker, S B

Sheeks, H Underwood, Ben Hall.





Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated lrfeetings, first Thursday and third Saturday in each month.


Benj. D. Dean, ~fa8ter. Geo. W. Faughnder, 8 Warden. Jno. T. Crowe, Junior W<:trden. M. L. G. Cro,ve, Treasurer.

J. C. Kiskaddon, Secretary. J. C. Calvin, Senior Deacon. Wm. H . Cheathem, Jun. Deacon. Geo. Mehl, jr., Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Ben E Anderson.. Bobt Adams, Joseph Adams, W H Bartle, Thos Bruch, M L G Crowe, Jno T Crowe, Wm H Cheatham, James C Calvin, Benj D Dean, Con Dill, John H Duemler1 Andrew Fink, Geo W Faughnder, Joseph M Gaston, L M K Hayhurst, G W Hawkins 1 Lewis Johnson, J D Jump, J C Kiskaddo~ Geo lVIehl jr., Edward McEnen, John Odelle, 0 D Payne, G ti Reiniger, trheodore Steinwig, M D Sweetman, Wm M: Terry, J E Vaughn, E C Wilson. DIMITTED.-Fred


DIED.-Wm Blackwell.


Co.-Chartered May 30, A. L. 5857.

Meetin,gs, Three o'clock P. M. oj every Friday before full


Wm. F. Roberts, lrfaster. S. D. Gillbreath, Senior Warden. Thad. W. Stewart, J. Warden. J. D. Patton, Treasurer. Samuel F. Cross, Secretary.

John F. Rucker, Senior Deacon. Wm. R. Mitchell, Jun. Deacon. Jno. W. Green, Sen. Steward. Wm. M. Stone, Jun. Steward. Jno. M. Doling, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-William Allen, Benjamin Austin, Thos W Baker Jno W Baker, Thomas J Barnes, Jno Butler, Jas S Bush, Israel GBruton, Walter A Boyd, Housen Canada, J M Collier, J G Crew$,




B H Clark, Samuel F Cross, John H Doling, Jno Ess, Sr Samuel R Earsom, Jno W Finlay, Jno M Forest, M E Finlay, J T Graves, James. F Graves, P T Gentry, Jno W Green, S D Gilbreath1,.-,Henry L Gray Stephen E Green, Jno W Hudson, Jno W Hall, B~' Harvey E~och Hulen Matthew M Jessee",J B Jarman, Jno 'V Jacks, Wilham Keith, Tilman Kemper, Stephen E Long, Daniel Mayer, Henry Moberly, Jno W Milliken, Wm R MItchell, J M McComas, Dudley Owens, Jas D Patton, Thos H Patterson, Jas M Proctor, Joel Quishenberry,J, Wm F Roberts, R M Robinson, B P Ritchie, J MRobinson, Jno .J:I' Rucker, Sidney Smith, W T Summers, Robt B Stewart, Thos G Sims, Thad W Stewart, Wm M Stone, Jno W Sims Jas J Searcy, Alex J Turner, Wm H Turner t Wm Tolson, F P Va'nce, PH Vance, N S vVoods, A J Woods, Anthony Wayne, Joshua Wright, Wm Wilkie, Samuel N Yeates, Wm B Yeates. DIMITTED.-N

B Burks, Jno F Moore, Jos N Miller.


Co.-Chartered May 30, A. L. 5857.

Stated meetings, l{aturday of


after full moon in each month.


David P. Weems, j,faster. 8. W. Wolcott, Sen. Warden. H. H Hilton, Jun. Warden. M. H. Ritchey, Treas. W. B. Roark, Secretar2/.

J. R. Pearson, Sen. Deacon. W. D. Ramsowr, Jun. Deaoon. L. L. Wight, Sen. Steward. James H. Stroud, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John T Bryan, George I Brown, George A Dabbs, Thomas Dunkerson, Levi Davidson, J P Fulkerson, Wm A Fly, John P Hyatt, James Huffman, Andrew .T Harris, Jno Humphrey,

RH Hllton, I Holms, Ira Vardiman, Jas Jones, Jos T Kimbro..;. J H Kilgore, J D Kilgore, John Lamberson, J 0 Marshal, T J Meadsker J M More, M D L McCall, Samuel Morrow, J C Montgomery, JohnPOsborn, Ira Poage, Wm Pipkin, R W Patten" J' R Pearson, L H Robertson, M H Ritchey, Wm D Ran1sowr Wiley B Roark, John A Ramsowf, J Sawyers, Wm Shannon, J II Stroud, P Stringfield, D STatum, J J Tabor, J R Turner, S W Wolco~tJ !~hn Weems, George A Wages, C C Wright~ G W Weems, Z lVl v,hlte, D P Weems 0 L Wight, L L Wight, G A Weems, John W Wormington, F F Wilson, K J Weems, J" A Ward, Jesse Warren. DIMITTED.-Geo D Bunch, Jesse Briley, James H Pickens.

DIED.-J M Ferrell.





Co.-Chartered May 30, 1857.

Meetings, Saturday, on or before each full moon. OFFIOERS.

Joseph W. Harvey, Master. George Price, Sen. Warden. l\Ionroe Bailey, Jun. Warden. Joseph Lazelle, Treasurer. F. W. Maulsby, Secretary.

Ambrose Keath, Sen. Deacon. SamI. Huffstetler, Jun. Deacon. John L Ross, Sen. Steward. Andrew Mathews, Jun. Steward. Raphael Lesieur, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John E Averill, Apperson Atkinson, Albert 0 Allen, Madison Adams, Joseph Bivens, Monroe Bailey, Benj F Boice, Julius H Bancroft, Geo W Carlton, Theodore Case, Wm R Carsoll, Eustache Delisle, George, Downingz-Amab Delisle, Britton Downing Cullen Downing, Wm D Evans, ~obert G Franklin, Jas A 'Ford, Francis Godair, Andrew Godair, John L Girvin Henry Hickerson, Joseph W Harvey, Samuel Huffstetler, James Hatcher, M A Jackson, Ambrose Keith, Freeman Lesieur? Raphael Lesieur, Robort Lafont, Joseph Lazelle, John W Liggett Geo W Laden Fred W Maulsby, Edward Meatt, Alvin Moore, William Moore, G W Maulsby, A J Mathews James Phegley, George Price, Allen Rhoads, Asa Riddle, John L Ross, Alexander Sommers, Hamilton Treseuriter, John M Toney, John Woodard, Joseph Welker, C C Williams. DIMITTED.-James H Gilmer. EXPELLED.-William

C Parker.

DIED.-James 1\'1 O'Donald.


Stated lJIeetings,

Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.


on or after the . f~tll moon.


C. H. Latimer, Master. J. A. Cjteeley, Sen. Warden. W. H. Forrester, Jun. Warden. J . C. White, Treasurer. J. H. Steffens, Secretary.

J. W. Meirs, Sen. Deacon. F. M. Geiger, Jun. Deacon. D. M. Kinney, Sen. Steward. A. Jadwin, Jun. Steward. G. A. Leavitt, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-T A Ausley A Bradford, Wm B Bates, J R Blankenship, E C Burney, J C BerrJ:t..ยง A Blackey, W H Cope, W G J Crow J W Cravens, J Faris w H Forrester, R T :B"ord, F M Geig~r, J Green, C I-farrol, G Horton, H Harman, W Hixon, S Me Haggard, A Jadwin),. Jesse Jones, Samuel James, J D Julian, J C Lea R B Lynch, tt A Leavitt, C H Latimer, S Mitchell, P D Mitbhell, J H Moran, VV G Murphy, H H Murphy, J B Murphy, D McKinney, J W Mires J R Martin, James Man N G Mathews, W NaIl, P Robertson, CM Ross, Wm Roper.;, J A Steely, J H Steffens, R Y Broyley, L Smaly, T R Stark, W j:{' Trail, J 0 White, W A Welsh, H M Williams, W H White, J A Wilson, W 0 Wolford, John Wheat, Eli H Wilson.


Dodson, Ira Martin.






May 28,


Stated meetings, J$'atu'rday on or before the full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Samuel S. NOWlin, Maste')'". Wm. T. 'YVelIs, Sen. Warden. Charles Wilson, Jun. JVarden. J. D. Wells, Treasurer.

D. J. Hervy, Secretary. M. L. Cope, Sen. Deacon. M. A. Crews, Jun. Deacon. G . F. Cope, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jno D Anderson, W N Aldrich...!. F 0 Barnes, Jno L Berry, M L Cope, Geo F Cope, M A Crews, u B Dunham, J M Foreman, 0 L S Grigg, R W Hinton, Thomas Hogue!". Joseph Holder, D J Hervy, Wm F Hally, D W Graves, T T Johnson, B S Jefferson.).. H B Kibbee, 'Vinston McClure, Wm E McGinnis, J G McKee, 1:' G Nichols, Samuel S Nowlen, N F Palmer, Geo Sparks, C L Sumnlers, Osbin Stewart, Robert Smith, Levin Rhodes, F R Oornelius, James DWells, Jno F Wagley, R D Walton, Wm T Wells, L B R Wells, Wm C Wambles, Charles Wilson..







LOUIS COUNTy.-Ohartered May 28, 1858.

Stated Meetings, first and third Wednesdays in each month. OFFICERS.

John D. l\IcAuliff"e, JJIaster. John C. Summers, Sen. Warden. Herlnan F. Hoppius, J. Warden. F. C. Krayer, Treasurer.

Wm. P. Hancock, f>fecretary. Henry Jurgens. Sen. Beacon. Frederick Doll, Jun. Beacon. C. J. Sporleder, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Wm Ashton, Wm .Burden, John Bauman, John Bailey. E \V Benson, Geo Babcock, Alex Bergfeld, Jacob Bluhm t Wm Bergmann, John P Cooper, M L Cohn, Robert Court, James Ooff Henry Cupps, vVm Oudluore, Chas M Caswell, A B Cowan, W it Cornell, Jos P Colcord, Henry Claus, Frederick J Doll, James Dobbins, F Dattlez\veig, Samuel David, Sanluel Ebert, Meyer Friede, Charles Frank, Herman Frankel, PhIllip Flood, Louis Fuetterer, J F Gray, John Grether, Alex W Getty, Thos E Garrett, Louis H Gerdes, John F Grandy, Samuel N Halliday, James B Handy, Morri& IIofflnan, E C Herndon, Chas D Henderson, John Hausman, Henry Hildebrand, E G IIofmall, Jno McPherson Hall, George W Henderson, C E Hiltz, Thos vVHarrington, Isaac Hahn, F H Harrington, WIn Higgs.;,..Herman F Hoppius,'Villiam P Hancock, Henry Jergens, F C Krayer, A L Kornick, Frank Kirk, Henry Koehler, Meyer Kahn, Constantine Kern, Wm H Kleine, C H Laugdeau, A Levy, M Lowenstein, Frederick Langenkamp, Bernhard Loeblein, John D McAuliffe, Wm P Mullen, John H McAlpine, Abraham Mack, Jonas Meyberg, Zacharias Maas, Thos D Maurice, vVm D Marshall, George McDowell, .John D ~Ierten, James S McBride, Jno W Mortinlore, Jno McFaul, Solomon J\.{arx, Wm H Miller, Albert Mansfield, James Mullen, John H Neaves, Thomas B Nixon, F H Niehaus, David Newman, John W Owens, James G Oliver, Isaac Perritz, George H Phillips, Charles A Pickford, George M Ransom, Isaac Rosebaum, H J Reed, J Rosenstine, Charles J Richter, George Rinkle, Jr, John Reed, Chas Rosenbautll r Thomas J Rosebrough, Geo D Richey, John Ringen, Horace Reed t Wm Sterrltt, Isaac Shook, J\.1:athias Spoerri, S Summerfield Clenlpson Stephens, A P Sheckley, Christian Stiefel, J eScott, Jr, Louis Schmitz, Julius Sporleder, 0 J" Sporleder, Samuel Schroeder, AM Steinberg, J B Smith, Jas Smith, Theodore ScheH, Martin Stemme, John A Sloan, John R Siesle, John Siglinger, Henry Schaffnit, Jno C Summers, Jas Teasdale, John Thomas, W H Tholnas, Wm Tl"~V足 ers, vVm HThornburgh, Louis D Treadway, I-Ienry Timken, Henry Vogdt, Geo vVharton, Thos A Walker Bobert H Wendover WIn Wittenbrook, Henry WeIland, Franklin Weston, Wm Wolfmier, Leopold Wormser.

DIMITTED.-J Rosenstein, Geo W Henderson, Ben F Partridge, Warren l\tlontfort, Francis Rhoadman, L E Green.




SUSPENDED.-Thos B Austin, HD Bissell, A M Baker, Francis R Be!!.; A L Boernstein, Eli Clifton, Henry Cain, John Carman, Wm v Fisher, Sam'lHouston, Geo W Kennedy, David R Morrison, Julien Moraski.


ATHENS, CLARK Co.-Chartered Oct. 19, 1867. Stated Meetings, Saturday evenings on or preceding each full


Daniel M. Scott, Master. John P. Talbot, Sen. Warden. SM. Northrup, Jun. Warden. John Stafford, Treasurer. John M. Hiller, Secretary.

Henry L. McKee, Sen. Deacon. Hugh A. Stewart, Jun. Deacon. David McKee, Sen. Steward. John D. Longfellow, J. Steward William A. Stevenson, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John V H Bolter, James T Cook, James E Cave, William P Davis, Curtis W Gray, Martin B George)., Reuben Hanson, John M Hiller, Isaac R Harlan, Ephraim 'h Hills Samuel Hull, William Kerns, John D Longfellow, David McKee, Henry L McKee, John H Murphy, Stephen M Northrup, George M Neff, John W Riley, Daniel M Scott, John Sehee, Hugh A Stewart Juo E Stafford, John Stafford, William A Stevenson, Matthias Scott, John P Talbot, James H Taylor. DIMITTED.-William Byrns, Ensign B Wells.


NOVELTY, Knox Co.-Chartered May 28,1859.

Stated Meetings, Saturday night before the full moon in each month.


c. L. Harris, Master. Thos. M. White, Sen. Warden. Chas.. A. Ross, Jun Wa1-den. N. W. Hunter, Treasurer.

E. Rinehart, Secretary.


J"no. Lyons, Sen. Deacon. J. N. McWilliams, Jun. Deacon. Jno. Gibler, Sen. Steward. Andrew McBride, Tyler.




MEl\IBERs.-Edwa~d P Ausmus, James Arn~tt, Asa Bla,nchard, Benj BotIs, James BrIght, S A Bryant, J M BrIscoe;. Wm Baker 1 H Campbell, John W Campbell, J D Cain, C M vampbell, B'r Cochran, S L Dodd, Daniel Egglesto~'-rRiraln Everman, J T Gar.. nett, John Gibler, Milo Gunn..-t S D tlu?-ter, N W Hunter, Isaac Herrington, D F Hunsaker, v L HarrIs, R A Howerton, vV :M: I-IowertoD, P H Howerton, J R Howerton, T Howerton, jr, T Jones A Kinlnan, J Laytham, A W Lewis, John Lyon, Eli Lyon, An: drew McBride, A W McWilliams, J N McWilliams, 8 A MeClin.. tock, A Nickols R T P~ndery, Thos M Poor John Pratt, D .A. Ramsey, Uriah Rhodes, E Rhinehart, R Rhodes,O A Ross, A 0 Ross, James Sharp, John Sharp, James Swan, J P Sidle, T 0 WanesIey, T M White, J P Wiley). F D Chadwick. Thos H Harry WillIam Palmer, J P Tandy, J L ~ix, S S Ruling. )

DIMITTED.-Francis Noblitt, B F O'Brien, John Vannattan..


STEWARTVILLE, DE K.A.LB Co.-Chartered M~y 28, 1859. S~ated

meetings, Saturday night of or preceding the full moo. in each month, and the second Saturday thereafter. OFFIOERS.

R. G. Chappell, Master. H . B . Doherty, Sen.. Wa9'den. Joshua Dean, Jun. Warden. Jno. W. Jones, Treasurer.

Joseph Chrisman, Secretary. Elisha Wills, Senior Deacon Geo. L . Fisher, Jun. Deacon. F. M. Cottey, Ty"ter.

~IEMBERS.-F M Biv.ens, John W Breokenridge, Harvey S Buck, Redding G Chappell, Mitohell Ohappell, Joseph Chrisman, Willis Coffey, U B Coffey, Daniel Conway, John D Conway, Daniel B Cook, F l\tI Cottey, A J Culbertson, Samuel H Daniel, Joshua Dean, John F Doherty, H B Doherty, George L :F'isher,O H P Gibson, John W Jones, John W Laffoon, Asa Mann, rrho1nas Owen, Freeland Pugh, H P Sanders, Squire B Stagg) John 1 Vaughn, Elisha Wills, Burr R Cox ll



R Mills, T B Harber, E C Moore, H C Kerr, R J






Co.-Ohartered May 28,1859.

Stated Meetings, second and last Saturdays in eaell 'Jnonth.


Lashley F. Wood, Master. Niles C. Rice, Sen. Warden. George Ross, J1.!Jn. Warden. John D. Wook, Treasurer. John M. Williams, Secretary.

J. P. H. Gray, Ben. Deacon. John Huff; Jun. Deacon. Jas. M. Apperson, JS'en. Steward. Sam~l I. Peters, Jun. Steward. Albert, G. Byler, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James M Apperson, John H Anderson, Thomas J Burris, Jas G Blackburn, L C Bel路ry, William Barton, Albert G Byler, Eliezer Clay, Daniel Cummings, A B Cole, Wm DUJlI~p..' J MDunlap. W F Dunham Wm S Freshour, James B Farris, lVl B Farris, John P H Gray, William B Hunt,jr, John Huff John H Hallford, James W Hill, William THill, Jas M Hardy, Jonathan M Inghs~ John Inglish, David A Jones, John C Jordon, Frank M Johnson, j:('rank A Latham, John M Lawson, John W Moore, Stanford Moore, John Matthewson...t.".Samuel H Owens, Jamuel J Peters} R Q Roache William Rose, ..tienry Rose George Ross, Howard Ross t Niles C Rice, Buckner B Russell, William Simpson, Henry R Simpson, Geo W Swansen, Eli Strong, William Sturgisst...E . ?aml Shrout, James R Todd, Milton P Vivion, L F Wood, John D wood, Henry L Wood, James R Wood, Benj F Walter, John M Williams, William York. DIMITTED.-C P Anderson, Jas W Boswell, J D Sherman, Newton Walker, Wm Redmon, P E Wood, J U Robinson, Jas Ender, 1l Burkhardt. EXPELLED.-W J Wackerlin. DIED.-Wm Carpenter.





Co.-Chartered October 19" 1867.

Stated Meetings, Saturday night oj, or the Saturday before the full moon. and the second Saturday night thereafter. OFFICERS.

Simon Sternberg, lrfaster. David H. Pigg, Sen. Warden. Samuel McComis, Jun. Warden. Samuel P. Harper, Treasurer.

Jerome B. Squires, Secretary. William E. Grisham, 8. Deacon. James Bauta, Jun. Deacon. John J. Slack, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-F J Agnew, F S Askins, John A Bushnell, John W Bronaugh, W D Barkley, James Banta, James R Oaldwell, Wm Collins, W H Chapman, John W Elliott, R Z Fewell, Wm E Grisham, Samuel P Harper, Wm L Harris, Thomas J Hastain, JohnB Harper, Peyton Logan, H C Mullen, Samuel McComis, John T l\{cOomis, William Overshiner, David H Pigg, Bird D Packs, 'Vm Parks, R 0 Ragan, Benjamin Robertson, B B Russell, John J Smith, Simon Sternberg, William Stein, Jerome B Squires, John J Slack, Seymon Stone, Jas L Stone, W R Taylor, Tower Thomasson, .Tohn W Williams.

DIMITTED.-James H Goddard, W H Fisher, R F Stevenson t

John A Pigg.

SUSPENDED.-Isaac W Minish.


Co.-Chartered May 28, A. L. 5859.

Stated Meetings, Friday evening on or after full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

D. M. Caughell, Master. C. S. Leeman, Sen. Warden. J. P. Wagner, Jun. Warden. K. W. Townley, Treasurer. W. J. Knott, S'ecretary.

Jacob Shobe, Sen. Deacon. J. J. Davis, Jun. Deacon. .1. L. Straube, Sen. Steward. 'V. R. Mercer, Jun. fJ'teward. Samuel Hall, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-A L McGregor, Albert Davis, W J Knott .J J Davis Jacob Shobe, A 0 Robinson, Samuel Hall, K W Towniey, J A To~nley, G Indermehle, T M Hernden, W M Williams, W M Roark B F Hull, W T Duzeon, A W Townley, J P Wagner, C Hoi&tzhan, James T Berry, J L Straub, D 1\1 Caughell, F Zimmerman, W R Mercer, T F Gilbert, 0 S Leeman, Ewalt Stemple, Henry Marquand.

DIMITTED.-W Osterwald, T H Nix, M McGregor. DIED.-James M Shobe, Jesse Welton.



Co.-Chartered October 19, A. D. 1867; A. L. 5867.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or before full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

R. P. Martin, ~fa8ter. T. B. Patton, Sen. Warden. R. T. Ohristian, Jun. Warden, James Hardin, Treasurer. Sam'l W. Do,vning, Secretary.

H. Combs, Sen. Deacon. T. D. Bailey, Jun. Deacon. T. M. Patrick, ;..'fen. Steward. B. F. Strauther, Junior Steward. G. R. Christian, Tyler.

MEl\!BERS.-"\\Tm Butler, T D Bailey, J T Coates, G R Christian, R T Christian, H C Collins, H Conlbs, Willialn Dysart, L Dysart, 8 W Downing, Jos B Davis, J R Alexander, R Chapman, S S Eliott, W T Featherstone, A E Grubb, M F Grubb, F L Hamilton, F L Hamilton, L Hinltle, John W Hendrix, J G Jacobs, S A Mitchell, Thos T Martin, R P l\Iartin, Shelton Lesley, Simon T Oliver, Wm I Oowens, rrhom ~I Patrick, T B Patton, Julius Ragsdale, J A Settle, G A Settle, Benjamin Terrill, John R Terrill, I C Temple, Jas Thornburg, Jas Hardin, Benjamin F Strauther.


Richardson, N J Williams.





Co.-Chartered May 30, 1860.

Stated meetings, Second and Fourth Mondays of each month., OFFIOERS.

Jno. Ure, ltIaster. W. D. Foster, Sen. Warden. A. B. Vredenburg, J. Warden. J. M. Armstrong, Treasurer. F .. H. Tibbitt, Secretary.

s. H. Anderson, Ohaplain. C. L. Hutchinson, Sen. Deaoon. John Prinon, Jun. Deacon" 'v. R. Kidd, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J M Armstrong, S H Anderson, C F Armstrong, W F Burrows, M Brinkerhoff, Jas BeanburkW B Brown, Geo Brewley, M J Brown, J S Bolkee T Brice, T Collins, B Coontz, G A. Collins, C F Clayton, R W Crampton, Jno Coppage, T Collins, A J Ounningham, Ed Duffield, Francis Davis, Geo Dimmick, A F Davis, W B Drucher, W D Dedman, Wm Derwin, J H Dickerson, D S Eby, H C Frost, W D Foster, B U Foster, Jno Futwell, A Falneall, A L Green, J B Helm, Wm Hanley, Josiah Hunt, J 8 Harris, H H Henhe:t.r.. A M Hager, Jno F Henhle, C L Hutchison, J Hemiman, Jno H .t:tall, J F Higgins, E D Juvy, Samuel Kern, Richard Lamar, Thos Larkin, A J Lower, Ii: :P Lahman, A G McDaniel, J Morris, S T McKnight, D Manning, L A Munger, F R Milton, Wm Malone, W H Owens, G J Pickering, S W Phillips, JnQ Prinon t W R Pith...t WE Payne, Jas Plo,\vmau, Robt Reynolds, A M Rosenourg, L L .tlIich, J L Roberts, L L Suydam, Geo BWigits Jos Snieder, H T Turner, F H Tibbits, J R Timberman, Jno Ure, 1 D Vincil, A B Vredenburg, Frank Wilkerson, N H Williams.


T Brown, E W Ayers, A PAten.




Co.-Chartered May 28, 1859.

Stated meetings, second and fourth Tuesdays oj each mon'lh" OFFIOERS.

Chas. F. Knight, Master. Wm. L. Craig, ~fen. Warden. Daniel O'Toole, Jun. Warden. John Williams, Treasurer. John L. Jourdan, Secretary.

S. M. Richardson, Sen. Dea;(J(Jft1> Jas. M. Bedbury, Jun. Deaeon.. John A. Nicely, Sen. 8tew{JfJri(L A. Copeland, Jun. Steward.. H. S. Thornton, Tyler.




MEMl3ERS.---'S Adler, WSW Alexander, S WAsher, H C Branson, T J Burgess, Jacob Brown, J H Burnett, W L Branyal1, 1 L Bittinger, J 1\1 Bedbury, Thos A Brown J R A Beard, D Car1?~nter I D Carson, Josiah Costin, Wm Cameron). A Copeland, P G coulisk W L Craig, C W Collins, Levi Crouch, ~ G Cravens, Chas CbestnJt P E Chestnut, J A Dalman, John Davis, E Dutton, P Drisool S L Davis, John S Duncan, Jas Davis, Jno Donovan, T Edwards, Joshua Ewing, H C Farris, C M France, B A Finnemztn, )f H Floyd A Furst, J B Fallis, Wm C Fredricks, T P Farleigh) 1 D FlInt, W W Gibson, Jacob Goodlive, Robt Gunn, Jno Gellaty, M G (Gore, J W Gaslee, R Hensl~;r, Jas L Hanna, Thoe L Hafer, S E lIardy, E 0 H!~~ Isaac B nalseY.z..,.Silas H Highly, Samuel Highly, R W Hunt, wm I-Iamn1et, F G .tiopkins, Louis Hains, Jas Hull Jar A Hix, Robt Hutton, John L Jourdan, J B Johnson, P C Jone~, C F Knight, A L Kerr, Joseph Knight Reubin Kay, Wm Leftwick, H H Mitchell, Louis Mentz~l) A Mentzel, Louis Masones, D M McDonald, W M Miller, R H lVlaupin, .John A Nicely, Dan O'Toole, Jas H Palmer, Samuel Russell, Wm Ridenbaugh, .T 0 Roberts, R A Richie, C A Rowley, B Redicum A Redlisch, Wm. Redman, J M'.Richardson, S N Sheridan D Sanderson, C D Smith, Robt Stewart, Z Smarly1.- A P Shields, Samuel starr, A Scrogie, T R Smith, H M Strong, J S Sullivan W P Sanders, Geo M Teale, Thos Thornton, Wm Thornton, D H Trevor, J W Taylor, W I Taylor, J J Vanderslice, Silas Woodson, Jas M Wilson, David Webb, Wm H Wood, John Williams, R P West, Isaac Weil, Natllan Weil, L F Weimer, A E vVaits, John E WlldhJ'as R Willis, Richd J Wells, James T Walker, N B Wetter, Jo n T Harris, George Reese.

DIMITTED.-Jas Samuel, A Scrogie, Jas E Thrasher, H Silvel路. Ex.PELLED.-Wm


DIED.-J Ruby, j B Barnett.


Co.-Chartered May 28, 1859.

On or before full moon. OF~"IOERS.

Albert H. Duree, J拢aster. lIe W. Haley, Sern. Warden. 1.. R. Barbee, Jun. Warden. Wm. Johnson, Treasurer"

Thos. HOI J'ones, S6C1retary. Alex."'Wires, Sen. Deacon. Joseph Bracket, Jwn. Deaoon. J. N. Jones, Tyler.

l{BMBERs.-Dingee Adams, J R Barbee, 1 II C Bundurant, JOS




Bracket, Washington Barbee, J C Cole, J M Cookman, A H Du-ree M P Dusky, Wiley F Dyer, Francis Ellige, G M Elledge A W Harris, E B Hunt, H W HaleY,Wm Hodges, Jas Hodges, J SHart T H Jones, J W Jones, J !-1 Johns, WIlliaru Johnson, Terrah Jones' Jas N Jones, J P Lewi~, A Kingrey, D A Moore, J A ~1:cCrackenl Geo JYlaxwell, Thos McOailister, W J Manly, A l\fcCoole, S R Pile' M Ralls, Simon Riggs, A S Runyon, J T Richardson, R S Stout' W A Shew, M V Scovil, Alex Sandefer, Eli Stanley, John Scott' Milton Stanley, H L Thompson, J W Thomas, J S Todd, C vi Thomas, W B Taylor, J T Tucker, J F Taylor, Alex Wires, Joseph WIlliams, Elijah Wells, J R Watson. DIMITTED.-John Martin, J F Vanfassen. EXPELLED.-J

B S l\iurphy.

DIED.-L A Sandefer.


PLATTE CITY, PLATTE COUNTY.-Chartered May 28, A. D.1859, A. L. 5859. Stated meetings, JSaturday night bejo're the fMll 'l}~oon and every two weeks thereajte1'"


John B. Flannery, ]}Iaster. Francis M. Tufts, Sen. lVarden. Norton B. Anderson, J. Warden. A. T. Guthrie, Treasurer. William C. Wells, Secretary.

W. C. Hatton, Sen. J)eacon. Thos. H. Colman, Jun. Deacon. Wm. H. Hunt, Senior ~fteward. Jas. McAllister, Junior Steward. Henry DeBard, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jam~sAdkins, Preston Aker, Norton B Andersol'1 1 John S Brassfield, Thos W R Brassfield, Jeremiah Beery, W T Brip;htwell, Granville Brightwell, John B Cain, John R Clements, E W Colley, William Chestnut, Perry H Collins, Robt P Clark, W S Cary, James H Chinn, Clinton Cockrill, Wm H Cook, Isaac P Cartwright, Thomas H Colman, Andrew J CcHman, Milton Darnalll Richard Darnall, W H H Dougherty, D 0 Darnall, Henry DeBard, James M Darnall, Thomas R Darnall, Thomas Flannery, John ::s Flannery, William A Fox, James E Frost, "\Villiam H Field, A T GuthrIe, F G Gaylord, J C Greenawalt~l C I-Iug-hes, J L HorDer" Orlando Hu~phrey, David Hunt, G O.tlenSOll, C B Hawley, Wm. H Hunt, W C Hatton, John R Harford, F M Johnson, Wi1li8lm




Kinney David Link, Jalnes Lukie, Charles Loan, WIlham Moore, James BMoore, Henry Mann, G L l\load, Jesse Miller, Edward ~IcDonald Thos W W Moore, John vV lVlooro, W J Miller, Jas G lVIlunean, John M Oliver, Elihu Park, Samuel Park, vVm M Paxton Thomas E Park, John 'V Park, Wm Patter&on, Pryor Pemberton Jefferson J Park, Tholnas W Park, C 0 Rednlal1, S }) Reroi~gton, C F Redman, A G Swanney, G W Smith, John Shepard John R Swain, James Sinnamon, Wm V Slone, C 'V Sum:J;ler, Ja~es Tate, F M rrufts, Joseph Todd, Wm A WhIte.., Alex WIlls, L M Williams, Richard Waller, 'Vm C Wells, N E WIlkinson, G G Whitej

DIl\'IITTED.-Charles Eisman, Wm Baldwin, Tho& E Jenkins, Samuel G Smith, Stephen D WIlliams, Thos Turner, G C Clardy, Jas McAllister, SF Rhea, W C Rhea. DIED.-Robt Cain.





Stated Meetings, Saturday on or before full rnoon in each ?nonth. OFFICERS.

William Milburn, 1rlaster. Jeremiah Stilwell, Sen. Warden. John J. Steel, Jun. Warden. 8.1J. Dunku1l1, Treasurer.

Edwin James, Secretary. M. T. Beavers, Sen. Deacon. George W . Bayne, Jun. Deacon. Michael Nichols, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-William PeniX, Wm M ~Iilburn, B B Bordon, Jno Ferrell, Nathaniel Stephens, William H Stillwell, E C Turnbull, Daniel F Starks, W P Tapley, S J Dunkum, J D DunkuID, John P FIsher, James Martin, Benj Applegate, Anderson FIelds, Thomas Allison, Joe McCune, Marshal Gordon, Charles E Johnson1.- Gabriel Phillips, jr, Jarnes Moore, T A Donnoval1, Thomas Stark, James H Vermillion, Juo F Scanlan, Warren F Spencer, M R K BIggS, Chus B Scanlan, Reason Ve~路million, Archibald Matson, Alex Ferrell, N B Martin, Anderson Briscoe, R M Kendrick, Enoch Dennis, \Vl11iam Douglas, C W Martin, William T Briscoe, Joel M Beshears, George W S::tyne, William Pritchett, Thos Barnard, John Wilson, John J Brown, Reuben Johnson. Adam Fisher, .Tas D Pitt, John Davenport, S A Pritchett, J B Bentley, A J Bailey, M E NIchols, ~ J Steel, Richard Motson, Wm P Sayne,if Jocob Nichols7/ Thos ~r Bowles, G P Mefford, J G B Geary, M T Beavers~ John CaSh,





1\fichael Smith, Samuel Truett, James Summers, B E Ford, Thos B Ford, Jerry Stillwell, Henry Bowles, Samuel Ford, R F Bowles Milton Truett, John M Tucker, Jacob E Stout, John W Beavers S S Ogle, Edwin James, John S Ford, Ferd Smith, Jno McDerm~tt John HollomauJ-. John B Stark, John Stears, John J Bucks, G .B Brown, Henry v vVright, John Hostetter, J C Keathley, Charles Howzer. DIMITTED.-W

T Cash.

C C Steel, Jerry H Milroy, Thomas Baxter, Jno

DIED.-C W Tholnpkins, William Mosley.




COUNTy.-Chartered May 28, 5859.

JSftated meetings, First Saturday night in each month.


W. M. Bell, Master. Thos. C. Reed, Sen. Warden. Jno. R. Story, Jun. Warden. Sam'l P. Clark, Treasurer. John A. Posey, l?ecretary.

R. F. Casey, Sen. Deacon. W. M. Simmons, Jun. Deacon. Forster Means, Senior Steward. J. M. Allcorn, Jun. Steward. V. M. Tule:y, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-W M Bell, Thos CReed, Jno R Story, Samuel P Clark, J A Posey, R F Casey, Wm M Simmons, Foster Means, J M Allcorn, V M Tuley, John W Collins, Newton Fields, John A Prather, B F Mello~ Reuben Allen, Jas L Taylor, Isaac Brown, H J Wright, John .ti Trimble, L J A Prather, Jeremiah Pebley, WIllis Hamilton, Jacob Adkins, J Q, Adams D 0 Tiburn, B W No\vlil1, S D Nowlin, M P McCarty, Melvin Fields, B S M Claek, \V H Winfrey, B F Marr, N M McClelland, Lawrence Fuhr, A :M Robertson, L B Wade, K P Withers, Alvin Means, Jas M Donov&l'lt WIlliam Foley, A 0 Lunday, F X Ellsaesser, E C McCarty, G C McCoy, Thomas Smith, W H Campbell, C C Carter, A B Ralph? J F Pigg.

DIMITTED.-Geo W Owens, .John W Shouse, Geo McCullough, Samuel MAdams.





Co.-Chartered May 80, 1860.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening before the full moon in each 'lnonth. OFFIOERS.

H. W. Morgan, Secretary. Wm. A. Woods, ~en. Deacon. J. Y. Purvis, Jun. Deacon. Jas. M. Turner, Tyler.

Thomas Peery, Master. Milton Cox, Sen. Warden. J. D. Ermey, Jun. Warden. A. H. Fike, Treasurer.

MEMBERs.-Charles Barney, S B Bassett, S M Barker, Wm R Bunch, John M Barker, John W Clayton, W SCoots, Wm Charlton, Reubin Carr, R H Cornett, Chas Crouch, Milton Cox, 0 B Du~ John Evans, J D Ermey, A H Fike, M H Garvvood, D S Heath, B Holliday, N B Keithley, H W Morgan, S B Meyers, Caleb Martin, J N Oaks, Benj Procter, Thos Peery, Ohristopher Parsoll, Chas Payne, John Y Purvis, Wm H Pace, John Reed, George Straube, M H Stone, Robt H Smith, S J Steele, H W Sh utz, Nelson Tyler, Wm B Thompson, Jacob Miller, .ras M Turner, W R Wilson, Wm A Woods, Wm R Wakely, John Huntley. DIMITTED.-John

E Bowers, W H Vandeventer.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or before the full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Washington Galland, lJrfaster. J. D. Abbe, Ben. Warden. T. H. B. Dunnegan, J. Warden. Thos. P. Saye, Treasurer. E. P. S. Roberts, llec1"etaryll

G. W. D. Thompson, Sen. Deacon. John Ingles, Jun. Deacon. John E. Rains, Sen. Steward. J. M. Burns, Jun. Steward. M. G. Devin, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J D Abbe, Nelson Acuff, James B Burros, W F Burns, William Burns, Noah Bray, .James Brown, John Caldwell, M G Devin, T H B Dunnegan, J W Farmer, Washing-ton Galland, James Hall, .John Ingl~, S R Little, P T Molloy, I 0 Parish, E P S Roberts, John E Rains, T P Saye, James Southard, Andrew Turk, G W D Thompson, John A Vanderford, W G Weaver.


412 DI~IITTED.-John



GammOll, Moah Bray, Janles Southard, J 1\-1


Co.-Chartered l\Iay 30,1860..

A~ftatccl J.~Ieetin{j8l JSfaf~trdav

night of or after the full moon.


Denton G. Porter,lrlaster. Wn1. R. Hays, Sen. lVarden. 'VITI. H. Smith, Jun. Warclen. H. M. l\IcKenzie, Trpasurer. WIn. H. Frankum, Searelary. •

F. B. Springs, Sen. Deacon. H. H. Nash, Jun. Deacon. Joel Albright, Sen. Steward. F. Mount, Jun. E'teward Geo. 'V. Albright, Tyler.

l\fE~{nERs.-Alex Anthony, Joel Albright, vVm Albright, J L Albright, Geo VV Albright, A L Bicket, Geo W Cordell, F l\! Car])enter, Daniel Carpenter, Alonzo IV[ Co&ton, H H Coston, Anderson Cal'nerOll, Wnl H Frankum, S F Guthrie, John Grigsby, John L Grigsby, "V H Griffith, John Groolns, Chaney Grimes, Wm R Hays, vVm R Holt, I 1\1 Holt, B L Holt, T J Huff, Joseph Headrick, A 1\1 Hulse, S P Jones 4 .!hos W King, H M l\IcKenzie, Geo Malven, FranciE, l\'Iount, II .tl Nash, John Owens, D G Porter, '\V H Rrnith, 'V \7 Smith, M Skidnlore, :F' B Springs, \V .T Smith, \V H Tarpley, M 'V Thornton, Briscoe Warren, G H T Warren.

DIl\IITTED.-Hulet Burnet, Porterfield Dillon, James Wilson, J C Snuth, T.J Snlith, Jesse W Smith, Wm Crigger, .l no L Grigbby.




Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated lJIcetings, seconcl andfour·fh Wednesday in each ?nouth. OFFICERS.

Peter !{ Beard, JJlaster. Amos H. Oaffee, /...~fen. lVarden. ,Josiah Lane, ~lvn. lVarden. Ijyn1an .1. Burch, Treasurer.

Montalbon ~f. J"ame&, Secretarr.lj. }\JI. G. l\IcGregor, Sen. Deacon. S. M. Stafford, Jun. Deacon. Warren Woodward, T.v ler.




~IEMBERS.-W C Brooks, Lyman J Burch, Isaac S Bahney, Jus \V Brock,. Eber Budlong, James Beard, Chas Bates, A J Bahney, Peter It Beard, Sylvanus _I\. Bulter, Samuel H Caldwell, Samuel B Corn, Aphus C Carson, John A Oarter, Dewit C Cawtrell, Thos 0 Christie, A Cholwell, Nathan Cassaday, C C Colby, Gustavus ...-\. Cassel, H Clay Cowgill, Amos f1 Oaffee, George W Uourtrigh, A M Drake, Jacob E Dawson, Albert Edwards, A P French, J C Gaston, Leander Gabriel, John Glassford, Samuel H Ha,vkins, Henry H Hess, Bennett Hall, Henry C I-Ienny, Charles J Higbee, A B Hendrick, E W Harper, Robt Hall, A H Hubbard, M B Hickey, Norris C Hoo. d, lVlontalbon M James, Adam !{opple, I E Koontz) Patrick Kearney, Josiah Lane, Isaac N Lamb, Jas W Laidley, l\1alcom G ~1c(jregor, Patrick !\-lurphy, Geo B MclVlerrick, .Jas J\.fclntire, Danl F Pregnl0re, Jabez Petefish, A B ParkeIl, G M Robinson, J rr Ruftin, J B Reynolds, "\tVm P Rolston, F A Robinson, Carlos Shepard, :rt1 w Staftord, Thos vV Steven6on, Clinton E Spencer, Ellis Ber... ~:ant, Stephen IV[ Stafford, Chas 'V Steel, Jacob StroUPt J B Sharp, .tlannibal W Shanks, Obid D Stinson, RIchard Thorntoll, David S Thomasz...;~ohn C Willoughby, Warren Woodward, Joseph Woolffe r ffhos A wakefield.

DrL\IITTED.-..-Henry G Jackson, William M McCallister, Jesse Harris.


Co.-Chartered 1Iay 80,1869.

Stated rneetin(/8, at ear'ly candle light on the first and third ~fatul""

da,Ys in each month.. OFFICERS.


M. Hunt, .lJ,fa8te1~. W. L. Neal, E,fen . lVarden. R. Jackson, Jun. }Va1'"den. James Jackson, Trea8urer. W. M. McElvain, Secretary.

C.. H. Golding, S'en. Deacon. D. Fouts, Jun. Deacon. W. S. Hudson, Sen. Stctvarcl. Luther Jackson, Jun. lS'tewa?'"d. J. A. Ifunt, I:vler..

MEMBERs.-Jas Adams, Wm Anthony, A H Butler, W H Boid,

Geo Oalhoun, G W Coydrdell, Spencer Oonn, 0 C Dawson, A P Davi~, rr J Earle:r, David Fouts, \V H Field, 0 H Golding, 0 lVf Hunt, J L Hunt, J A Hunt, Richard Jackson, Luther Jackson, .las Javckson, Wm Knox, Nathan Lamb, Daniel Lipe, Jasper Lipe, Vi M McElvain, W L Neal, Geo Poteet, 0 B Robertson, Will Ross, B II Rush, W L Stephens, Jas W Shahay, Charles Smith, Gorden Wescott, J W Wood.




DIMITTED.-Anson Brumfield, Robert Smiddy, 0 H Killingsworth, John Patton, Robert Waker, William Lewis, W S HUdson J T Tandy. ' SUSPENDED.-Jas Wammack.


Co.-Chartered May 30, 1860,

,stated meetings, on Saturday before each full moon. OFFICERS.

James W. Welch, 1fIaster, M. R. Watts, Sen Warden. James Sled, Jun. Warden. John M. Hunter, Treasurer.

R. F. Sanders, Secretary. J. L. Sanders, Sen. Deacon. James T. Sanders, Jun. IJeacon. Wm. 8. Luckett, Tyler.

ME:MBERs.-James W Welch, M R Watts, James 0 Sled, John lVI Hunter, R F Sanders, J" L Sanders, J T Sanders, W S Luckett, John Black, E A Townsley, Jacob Y Coyle, T J Nalley, J W Porter, Thos J Seaton, Thos H Grimes, A B Nelson,John Sweeney, W A R Elsberry, Alex Vanghn, Joseph Settles, John Crank, John Brown, T B'Trail, R L Dameron 1 John A Sitton, H F Wells, S F Mayes, William Gibsont...2 H Houston, .Tohn J Bradley, 8 0 Robin.. SOD, F G Gilmer, Louis wingfield, John W Waters, S T Singleton, S J Blakely, J F Oox, A G Mitchel, Henry Read, John Singleton, W Trunnels, B M Vance, Thomas Houston, R E Black, Wm II Baskett, G W Vaughn. DIMITTED.-Jonathan Crumes, James Massey, John '\V Porter.


Co.-Ohartered October 19, 1867.

Stated meet~ngs, first Thu1"sday following full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

Wnl. L. Reeves, Master. Robert Furgison, Sen. Warden. Thos. McElravey, Jun. Warden. Jesse M. Cross, Treast&rer. John McNeal, Secretary.

G. W. Walker, Sen. Deacon. N. J. Way, Jun. Deacon. David McNiel, J-.'1en. Steward. Wm. H. Morgan, Jun. 6ft611JfJar4~ J. A. T. Jones, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-David McNeal, John McNeal, Thos:LVI McAdams, Thos McElraveys Wm 0 Morgan, D B Morgan, Wm H ~Iorgan, A W Mathevvs, vVnl L Reeves, Isaac Chivington, Arch. Campbell, Robert Furgison, WUl R Horn, MEHall, Wm 0 HarrIs, F JBayles, H A J Bayles, A H Rumington, Isaac B Jones, J A T Jones, J M Cross, Sylvester Hall, Steven South, A A Starnes, A Rhodes, L Lorance, B F Plaster, L C Omett, G W Walker, N J Way, NY Woolsey.


Oo.-Chartered May 13,1860.

Stated Meetings, Sctturday on or after full IJnoon in each month. OFFIOERS.

John Duvorse, Master.. A. R. Mann, Sen. Warden. Lemuel Chenoworth, J. Wa1"den. John F. McMahon, Treasurer. Wro.H. P. Allen, Secretary.

M. Murray, Sen. Deacon. Joe Chenoworth, Jun. Deacon. John White, Sen. JS'tewarcl. "Vm. Wineland, Jttn Steward. Samuel Gay, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John Duvorse, A R Mann, Leluuel Chenoworth, John F McMahon, W H P Allen, ~I Murray, Joe Chenoworth, Jno White, Wm Wineland, Samuel Gay, Isaac Ohenoworth, J W MilIer,,--J H Miller, D G Miller, J Myers, Thos JYlontgomery, J McNeal ii' ~I Naylor, H Dickey, S L Doty, R C Williams, Samuel GIlllian, A Jonesz..! Thornsburg, E Smith, P Winn, D Stout, J P Drummond, R C tlutton, Jas Lucus, L Carson A L Buzzard, W P Rowland, Thos Hamilton, F P Goben, R Conki lUg.


CHARITON Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Stated .bfeetings, Saturday after


full moon in each frnonth.


Robert Fox, Master. Isaac Oouch, Sen. Warden. N. G. Oldham, Jun. Warden. W. S. West, Treasurer.

James T. Robinson, Secretary. Wm. Callison, Sen Deacon. J. L. Veal, Jun. Deacon" Pinckney Riley, Tyler.



MEMBERs.-Albert Brooks, Wrn E Chrane, rr F Chrane J S Bell, Jno N Duncan, Jno Chapman, L H Chrislnan, Wm l\IcHart D C Haines, Robert I-Iolly, Jas Grubbs, Richnrd Grubbs, Wm Ellis' J T Robinson, J B Adams, A Plior, D C Guthridge, S C Couch N A Langton, B H l\ro~s, R S l\IcCampbell, J J Lowery, 'VITI M1tftin J T Lingo, Berry Owen, C 1\{ Woods, Pinckney Riley, vVm SaI1~ ders, 'Vm Riddle, Isaac Smith, .J rr Smith, J IJ Richie, John Callihan, J 1\{ Green, "\V S Webt, }i'orest '\Toad, J L Veal, A W vVilliam.. son, Wm H Callison, Robert Fox, J H 0 Sutton, 1\1 G Oldham. DIMITTED.-J

l\f Gutberridge, Wm Vincent, Isaac Lingo.

DIED.-Wnl McKittricl-, WnlOwen.


GREE:N RIDGE, PET'rrs Co.-Chartered October 19, 186i.

Statecl meetings,

~Yat~6rday evening


on o'r before the fttll rnoon of



J"osiah l\'IcCary, Maste'"!路. Sylvester Sawdy, Sen. Warden. G. W Harrison, Jun. lVarden. Geo. H. Allen, Treasurer..

W. T. Shivel, ;Sfecretary. John R. GraY1 Sen. Deacon. Robert)\f Funk, J1.~n. Deacon. Augustine C. Glover, Tyler.

l\IEMBEHs.-Geo HAllen, Wnl B Barnes, E W Blewett, 1-1 C Qhurchill, M \V Doggett, L Q Ednlaston, R L Er\vin, 'V D :BJrwhl t R lVr Funk, Wm Franklin, Jos M Gray, John R Gray, A C Glover, G W Harrison, P M Hall, Josiah McCary, Wnl N Oaks, J D Parks, WIll I Pace, C F Porter, D 0 Robertson, A Sanderson, A N Sanders, Sylvester Sawdy, Louis Sawdy, T Shivel, J F r.l"omlin J .T B 'Vells, \VIU A Williams.







October 19, 1867..

meetin[js,r'Saturday night before the jull?noon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Cyrus Grable, Master.. John W Freeland, ~fen. rVarden .. Thos. J. Means, Jun. TVarden.. Jarret Boyd, Trea8t~rer. Benj. F. Rice, Sec1~etary.

Garret Cozine, Sen. Deacon.. John Duck, Jun . Deacon . Thomas Dake, Sfen. Steward. Michie Maupin, Jun. Steward. James Wright, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Henry Barnes, Fielding Barns, Jarret Boyd, John SBanam, Jos E Cox, Michie M Cox, Garret Cozine, M M Oozine, .r D Custard, J A Davidson, T J Dake, R B Duncan, .John Duck, James Drace, J A Estes, J VV Freeland J E Ferri!, G F Foster, Wm Ferri!, Cyrus Grable, Joseph Grable, Enoch Grable, Charles Grable, A Grable, James Gibbs, 0 R George, S J Hamilton, T M Moo:re, T J Means, M Maupin, H J Maupin, Wm A McDowell, L D Noland, Madison Peyton, F M Robinson, B F Rice, S B Moore, J W Stafford, Geo W Ray, A J Stagner, J B Sherwood, James W Wright, John Wilhite. DI:MITTED.-James Meadows.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

Stated meet-ings, on Friday evening before the moon fulls in each month, unless the moon fulls on Friday, in which case commun'lcation on such night. OFFICERS.

J . V. Chase, ~fen. Deacon. Ad&ir Wilson, S. Warden.. W. L. Crane, Jun. Deacon. Jas. R. Berryman, Jun Warden. C. H. Parker, Senior Ste~va'rd. M. Y. Cha:stain, Treasurer. J08. Burke, Jun. Steward. Dabney M. Sandidge, Secretary. W. D. Bush, Tyler.

J()hn P. Strother, MClr8ter.

MEMBEBS.-John P Strother, Adair Wilson, J R Berryman, M TChastain, D M Sandidge, J V Chase, W L Crain, C H Parker,





Jos Burk, W D Bush, H D Doak, J S Nordyk<:, G T Harrison, B G Doyle, Wnl J" Herndon, W S Smith, T J Hunter, L C Neel, J P Slnith, J H Craddock, Scott Harrison, J H Eakin, J T Railey Philip Bell, J T Nichols, Jno Rogers, Thos l\{ Smith, Jas T Burk' Samuel Yates, W P Bruce, D V Harrison, L P Douglass, W Ii Bruce, S C Aulzer, Geo S Jones, Chas Herndon, James Smith, W L Cundiff, Augustus Miller, Chas Bridgwater, H H l\1cDowell, W E Burk, M 0 Sandidge, Wm Baker, L Hutson, Jas McNutt, 0 D Page, John S Crain, W T Head, H H Ohrisman, W T Jones" DIMITTED.-D F Calmes, eM Orr, H Rouse, H H McDowelL

CLAY LODGE, No. 207.



COUNTY-Chartered May 30,1861.

Stated meetings, Saturday preceding full moon. OFFIOERS.

Bobt. H Finch, Master. G. 'V. Montgomery, S. fVarden. S. W. Cammons, Jun. Warden. H. J. Rowell, Trea8urer~

W. :fl. Waers, Secretary. Jas. Cummons, Sen. I>eacon Jas. Morrow, Jun. Deacon. Thos. M. Gash, Tyler.

MEl\fBERS.-T B Abernathy, W H Albright, Frank Brock, Thompson Craven, J N Craven, G W Craven, A J Craven. Wil~y Clark, William Crossett, S W Cummons, N G Cummons, James Cunllnons, Robt. Cammons Rufus Cummons Wm Cummons, Jno Crowley, Sanluel CrowleJ:t Ricbd Olevinger, Henry Corwine, Wm Cheshier, W H Dendney, l:S F Elston, Joel Easton, Jas Easton, J l\{ Edrrlonson, Rob H Finch, Wm Ford, L B Garre~~ J J Garrett, Wm Garrett, M D Gow, T M GaE,h, S S Graves, .tiardy Holman Calvin Houser, Geo Haven, John HarmoD, J C Henneberg, Sam! James, G W James, W C James, H P Jacobs Jno I-I Lynn, Wm J.Jynn, Jno W Luke, Lawson Lee t Jas Marley, Geo W Montgomery, W A Miller, R H Moore, Davia McClure Vincent Morrow, J ~ Metcalf, W E P Moore, Haywood McDonaid N S )VCcDonald Jas McOrory, .Jas Morrow, S F McCanlass, Robt l\forrow, Henry Odle)i George Price, H J Rowell, Joseph Rippee, A J Rupe, Jno Roberts, W vV Smith, Wm Stockard, J M Shackelford,Oharles Singleton}! Alex Tigart, :M H Wyman Anthony Wyman, James Whitsitt, Jesse Walker, W P Wilson, Wm H Waers, Jeremiah Whitsitt, W C Toler.


DIMIT'l'ED.-Jackson Glasscock, Jas McAdams, T S Patton, G Watkins, D E Yarbrough, Jno Joiner.. SUSPENDED.-James Fitzgerald.







No. 208.

Co.-Chartered October 19, 58671t

Stated lJ£eetinfls, first Saturday after the full moon. OFFICERS.

IgaI K. Stephenson, Master. J. M. Hamilton, Sen. Warden. John Nickerson, Jun. Warden. Robert James, Treasurer.

John E. Weber, Secretary. C. J. Knox, J5'en. Deacon. F. B. Thomas, Jun. Deacon. Wm. Clark, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Silas Barnes, L D Brumal!t.... . T E Brumall, Charles Bowen, P W Banning, John Byran, Geo w Oravens, Wm Clark, F T Dysret, J W Dysert, T G Dulany, Geo W Fry, Thos Gunn, J 1\1: Hamilton, R T Holliday, Wm P Hurt, Wm E Hite, J W Hampton, Henry Horton, Benj Horton, C J Knox, Wm H Lee, Geo W Mooret..! P McAdalns1"....~ B McDougal, John Nickerson, J J Nickerson, I is.. Stephenson, WID T Spence, Geo Syrns, W S Stockwell, Lucius Salisbury, J R Sands, A vV Taylor, J 0 Tevis, F B Thomas, Wm H Tindall, A C Vandiver, Thos L Vandiver, M L Walton, T H Walto~7.,. John E Weber, Eli Wayland, H H Wayland, N J Windsor, U S vVrigllt, W D Wilhite. DIMITTED.-W H Blake. DIED.-James M McCully.


Co.-Chartered May 30, A. L. 5861.

Stated lIfeetings, S'econd and Fourth


in each month.


Jas. W. Baldwin, ltfaste'r. F. M. Lawson, Sen. J!Varden. W. B. Fleming, Jun. lVarden. S. R. Harvielle, Treasurer. O. C. Jennings, 8ecretciJry.

.Jas. S. Ferguson, Sen. Deacon. James Tooms, Jun. Deacon. Eli C. Lacks, Sen. Steward. ~I. W. Hedgepeth, J. ~'teward. John N. Yarber, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J W Bald\vin, Albert Bates, Elias Brannum, F M Burris, Thos J Caldwell, Wm R Combs,-Obediah Epps, John Epps, Wm Emery, Wm B Fleming, James S J:i'erguson, Moses Fitzgerald, 8 R Harvielle, Theophilns Hooper, Matthew W Hedgepeth, C S Henderson, Levi Hillls, David W Hill, Lafayette Hull, Richard Rolland, Nathan Hull, 0 C Jennings, Marion Kitrell, Daniel Kitchens, Ephrainl B Keener, Alfred Kelly, Eli CLacks, F M




Lawson, Berryman Lewis, Wm l\{acoID, Peter 1\Iacom, Robt Malin .Tames V O'Dell, John F G'Dell, Green L Poplin, H A Rutherford' 'rhos Redin, Geo W Stevenson, A ...L\.. Steward, Joshua N Stafford' Thos Scott, Jas F Tubb, Jas Tooms, Jno S Varner, Jno N Yarber: DIED.-David C .Tones.


Co.-Chartered June 30,1861.

Stated Meetings, Saturday evening before the full moon. OFFIOERS.

J. G. Hart, Master. "\v. C. C.. Steele, Sen. lVarden. Wm. F. Staples, Jun. IVarden. C. A. Elson, Treasurer. w. T. O'Bryant, Secretary.

J. C. Richardson, Sen. Deacon. Branson Richards, Jun. Deacon. 'V.. J. Eareckson, Sen. Steward. T. J. Hoskinson, JtGn. Steward. R. N. Hall, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-N P Applegate, Samuel Brice, Richard Childres, James Corbin, Milton Canby, C M Cornmesser, G W Dixon, C A Elson, Jos T Elson, Wm J Earecksen, Isaac Frost, James Goul, J G Hart, A J Hoskinson, T J Hoskinson, R N Hall, J D Humphrey) S A Haynes, S A John, Wallace Jones, Isaac Lewis, Moses Lynch, Jno L McOollom, J H McOollum, H D Marshall, Wm T O'Bryant, J F Rodgers, Branson Richards, J 0 RIchardson, Wm A Shelton, F M Steele, vV C C Steele, A F Schnelle, W F Staples, C L Seifers, A Sechrist,O T Triplett, W M West, Isaac Wright, H A Winn, Jefferson Williamson, Joseph Bramhall, J S C Valentine.

DIED.-.r R Stille.


Oo.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

J.'1tated meetings, S'aturday evening before each full moon. OFFIOERS.

WID D Jordan, M"astel)'". J . .T. Glover, Sen. ltVarden. A. G. Templeton, J~. Warden. M. C. Bond, Treasurer.

Ed. M. Lumpkin, Sfecretary. J. B. McKenzie, Sen. Deaoon. M. D. N. Henley, Jun. DeacoTrf. J. H. G. Jenkins, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-Benjamin Amos, M C Bond, Oharles Cliberll, Jas G Campbelle, Moses Campbelle, Wm B Clark, Noah Dawson, E H Enlo~t...Jas J Glover, M D N Henley, Jas N Henley, Wm Henley, Wm ..tiogg, Wm D Jordan, Jno H G Jenkins, Ed M Lumpkin, Garlan J Mahan, A A Mahan, J B McKenzie, Jno Norfleet, Jno M Procktor, Jno C Russell, Jno Rowe, M C Roark, E E Roark, James Scott, A G Templeton, David A "Veaver, D Ed Wray, James A Wray. DIMITTED.-Robert Crisp, Jackson Soward.


Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

Stated Meetings, Thursday evening on or before each full moon. OFFICERS.

N. J. l\{cBride, Jltfaster. T. B. Turnbaugh, Sen. Warden. Marion Beasley, Jun. YVarden. L. J. Taylor, Treasurer.

Given Owen, Secretary. A. D. Bridges, Sen. Deacon. A. D. Hopper, Jun. Deacon. A. E. Mills, 'lyler.

MEMBERS.-A D Bridges, Marion Beasley~ Wm M Edwards. J R Edwards, Wm Orob8, T H Davis, L Higginbothom, A D Hopper, W L Horr,man, J D Lassville A E MIlls, N J McBride, C H McCutcheon, Given Owen, S Ie Powill, Jonathan Pollack L J Taylor, '1' B Turnbaugh, John Wibb, M C Whittaker, G M White. SUSPENDED.-J

A Faughn.


Co.-Chartered May 30, 1861.

Stated meeti', l?aturday evening on or bejo're each full moon. Olj'FIOERSâ&#x20AC;˘

R P. Faulkner, Jltfaster. t

W. M. Smith, Sen. Warden. J. S. Freneh, Jun. Warden. D. W. Malcolm, Treasurer. A. H. Orechard, JS'ecretary.

..T. L. Smith, Sen. Deacon. J as. M. Cradock, Jun. Deacon. Samuel Smith, Sen. Ste'l.vard. Joseph Tipton, Jun. Steward. C. G. vVoodey, Tyler.

422: MEMBERS.-A J Buzby, Henry Buzby, .John Billings, J P Brit;.. ten, J G Bradish, Wm Black, W D Ballanc, C C Bland, R P Bland Sam F Bountin, B H Brown, Samuel Craue, Joseph Oarnpble J E Clark, J G Chambers, D T Colyer, Volney Carter, G W Celey,'F M Copage, J l\tI Craddock, F L Colley, Frank Duffee, J" S Dunivin H Dunivin, J H Dyer, A Dempawolf" T E Dyer, Thomas Dodson: & M Dotson, A R Dunham, 0 F Erkison, E 1\1 Eddlema~1". C H Fros~ D W Faulkner, A A Flett, R P Faulkner, J S French, .t:1 J Fringer N W Fellows, J M Fruman, C C Emerson, D 0 Gormon, J A Green' J D Gibson, V B Hill, T C Harrison W J Hawkins, M 0 Hale J G Hutchison, R P Hawkins, W H Harris, F S Huckins, Sophus Heraburg, eM Hamil, Julius Has~ S W Harding, Isaac Haskinson Calvin Huckins, J P Harrison, John Jackson, J 0 Jewell, '1' F Jones, James King, F M Lenox, John Lofton, A S Long, Jerome Ledgerwood, Samuel Ledgerwood, W M Lenox, T C Maupin, F. Moser, F McElveiny, W W McDonald, D W Malcolm, H McOoin C C Nichols, Thomas Nevins, A H Orchard, George partenhMile~ Peas, Hiram Plank, L Prigmore, W G Pomeroy, H M Boac 7 J A Rayle, G M Rar, Wm Roby, Wm Rayle, Joseph TJpton, L Taylor, J I Tyree, J W Scott, J A Salley, W lVI Smith C V Sandford, J R StrawhUD, Thos H Smith, J L Smith, Samuel Smith, H M Skyles, G W Stephens, Ed A Seay, John Webber, Wm Winn, T C "VVest, David RWillson, F M Wishon, Swaine Anderson, Thoa J Mont.. gamery.. DIMITTED.-J

M Dunivin, A Emory..


Hickman, A R Prater.


Co.-Chartered May SO, 1861.

Stated Meetings, first Saturday and third .lJtfonday in each month. OFFIOERS.

Jacob M. Ford, Masier. John W. Hill, Sen. Warden. John Dyche, Jun. Warden. Orvel Graves, Treasurer. James A. Gooch, Secretary.

J. W. Zook, JS'en. Deacon. M. D. Brown, Jun. Deaoon. Geo. H. Pearson, Sen. 8te'loard. Peter Close, Jun. Stewarct. Hiram Wiggins, Tyler~

MEMBERs.-Elijah Alkire, John S Brittain, M D Brown, OE Barnes, J J" Bradley,;r P Bagby~ Peter Close, A R Oonklin, 0 B




Conklin, W S CanoD, T N Claiborne, J' R Chesney, T J Campbell, Miles Cowan, James Dyche, John Dyche, W L Dillingha~ John M Frazer J lVI Ford, L B Green, Jaules A Gooch, Orvel uraves, Tbos H Hatton, Johu W Hill, J H Hogreff, W B Orr, Hiram Patterson Oeo H Pertson, Albert Roecker, J T Sed'\vick, Henry Shutts RETurner, H L Williams, W H Williams, Geo Weber, Hiram'Wiggins, Geo H Walker, D A Wilson, H 1\£ WIlson, Levi Zook J J W Zookl' DI:MITTED.-S J Patterson, Adam Gillfillin, M D Noble,.J T Elder, C W Harris..




Co.-Chartered May 30, A .. L. 5861.

£ftated meetings J Friday on or after eaoh full moon.


Sam'l J. Harkey, Master, Wm. H. Helm, Sen. Warden. David Rice, Jun. lVarden. Cal. H Myracle, Treasurer. Rich'd S Mott, £fecretary.

Wm. R . Pierce, Sen. Deacon. Wm. T . Mizell, Jun. Deacon. Ed. J. Langdon, Sen. Steward. John Horner, tTun. Steward. -Tames P. Jones, Tyler..

MEMBERS.-S J Harkey, W H Helm, D Rice, C H ~Iyraclet R 8 Mott, W R Pierce, W r1' Mizell, E J Langdon, John Horner, 1 P Jones, Robt L Fisher, H Donaldson, H J Bailey, A Edmonston, Z Davidson, P Brannum, A D Lychliter, G Lindemoode, J P Neel, T Nell, S Boggus, J Cockrum, H Merritt, J Bailey, A L Johnson, LL Watson, C Johnson, W B Ingrahan1, W D Harkey, J L RomIneo, B B BiggS t J H flarkey, J PRice, R H Douglass, E A Chilbtnd, I Jones, W M Satterfield, A J Laden, W Pruitt, 0 D Hale, HN Hutchens, J M QuIp, D Finley, A J Bird, W P Nicholas., J B Evans, A S Abernathy, T J Ohandler, A Wray, E G Rathburn, II Stewart, R G Cook} S Young, S P Eldridge, T T Ward, B.P White.


V Roberts, S M Rowlet, R G Holloway.


C Porter.

Moore, M T Allen, J A Walker,P A W,:Myracle.





Co.-Chartered October 19, A. D. 1867, .A.. L. 5867.

Stated meetings, Friday evening on or before each full moon. OFFICERS.

Jno. Kingston, Sen. Deacon. Samuel Street, Jun. Deacon. ThOlnas Lumley, JSen. E,'teward. Alex. Oann, J~6n. Steward. 'Vm. 'V. Frasier, Tyler.

Wm. 8. Street, lJ-Iasie?'. \Vm. H. Crane, Sfen. lrVarden.. Lee Taylor, Jun . lVarden. Wm. S. Carson, Treasure')'. vVnl. S. l\Iesplny, JSec1'ela ru路

MEl\IBERs.-Alex Cann, VV H Orane, W S Carson, J C Ellis, \V 'V Fraser, Janles Fall, D S Flowers, ~Iichael FiEJhel, F 0 Holman Eli Haworth, "\Vnl H H Juds~n, Jno Kingston, A L I{ersey, Tho~ Lumley, D H l\Ioore, WID S l\Iesplay, Stephen l\fullins, .T C J\Iitehell, J K Rodgers, W S Street, B A Street, P B Bigler, A J Sharp, 1\1 Schmit, Jll0 T Sheppard, P L Swartz, Lee Taylor, C Tappana, Jno Vanhorn, A 'Voolsey, A V 'Veise, Jas vVood,vard, Thea vVillkler, J 'V 'Vhitlack, Jas B 'Vhltlock. DI~IITTED.-ThosL



Co.-Chartered October 19, ISG7.

Stated rneetings, first Friday evening on or )Jreceding the full moon in each 'lnonth. OFFICERS.

R. F. Cantebury, Jfaster. Wm. Spurgein, iSfen. Warden. Samuel T. Martin, Jun. Warden. "Vro. G. Buckner, Treasurer.

R. L. Ferguson, Secretary. D. J . Parsons, JS'en. Deacon. 'V. H. Reavis, J~6n. Deacon. Wm. D. Cainlack, Tyler.

~IEl\IBERs.-David L Berry, Wm G Buckner, Robert J BI'ally, .Joshua Barber, H N Bullock, Daniel Bixler, Henry N Beaty, S~1nl N Bealy, M Beauler, R F Cantebury, C L Collins, \V D Caimack, A W Edwards, Wm Ennis, R L Ferguson, James Graham, J B




Gordon, Gottleib Gottleib, G W Gilnlore, Robert Griffin, Wm L Hall 8amuel E Hays, Henry 0 Gresham, T D Hall, J~tmes S Lynch Sanll T l\Iartin, George Nethercutt, H C Ne,vnlan, David J'Parsbns, C W l\IcClelland, Benj P Poe, D Y Prignlore, Wade H Reavis H S Snlith, 1\1 L Stafford, David L Smith, Reylalld Trick, Asel Vickry, W H Steers, J P \Valker, Jas B 'Vhite. DIl\fITTED.-H

N Bullock, ...L\..

W Ed,vards, J P Walker, John B


J Brady.




COUNTY.-Chartered May 30, 1861.

Stated ]Ieetings, ji1~st and thi'rd JSfatu'rdays in each 'lnonth.


R. 'V. 'Vaters, J.1Iaste r. H. J. Hinsman, JSen. lVarclen. C. H. Alford, J?tn. tTTarden. H. Painter, Trreasu re1". 1


H. J. Fisher, Secretary. A. lY!. Everest, Sen. Deacon.

J. H. Bettis, Jun. Deacon. Chas. Rubsamen, Tyler.

J\;IEMBBRs.-Janlcs ArlTIstrOl1g', Wm Alberts, C HAlford, J H Bettis, J vV Bald,vid, Andrew Brown, Nick Bauer, A L Bergfeld, Ferd Broch, Richard Branfold, J R Bollinger, M G Barnes, A Cameron, G W Crippen, Thos Cavenaugh, 1finot Champney, Eber Crandell, RolJt B Cleton, 'Vnl H Decker, R H Diggs, E G Davis, John Etling, A :LVI Everest, rrhos Elnmersen, H J FIsher, Conrad Fink, A P Greenlaw, Chas GrahalTI, A E Gushing, Ed Haren, jr, John He,vitt, H J Hinsman, Geo D Ha,vkins, 0 Hubbell, C S Hartough, S E Ingral1, B F Jennings, Chas Johnson, Chas .Jenner,. Fred Klinge, Paull{empter, Thos Kelly, C Loring, John Larli:in, G Lock\vood, Fred Lucbt~meyer, William l\furray, John Murphy, S l\IcClintock, Daniel McFarlan, Chas Mehl, Louis Marguart, Chas A 1\IcN~"tir, P E NOf'l, Hunt O,ven, H Painter, Chas Rubsamen, Jacob Robeson, John Spencer, Josiah Stahl, J E Shepperd, Thos Rhea, Wn1 Skeel, W T Snlith, S 'V Shrum, 1\Iatthew Tully, Isaac Thomas, HenryWestelnan, E C vVoods, R W Waters, Wm'Vilcox, John Wallace, E E 'Vebster, John A Ware. DI:M:ITTED.-Luther Emmerson, Geo Dorman, Juo F Hume. SUSPENDED.-E


H Pruett, M W Robinson.





;Stated rneetin.qs, ;gatttrclay following each full moon. OFFIOERS4

Robt4 H. Lampkin, .lJfaste1'. George \V. Nagle, A,'{en. llTarclen. 'VIne D. Abbott, Jun. lVarclen. lYlartin H. Abbott, Treasurer. Fred. Powers, ~fecreta1'7J.


Janles Lyle, Sen. Deacon4 Jason Crail, Jun. Deacon. Joseph Morris, Senior ~fteward. 'Ville Cantwell, Jun. Steward. John Baker, Tyler.

~IE)IBERs.-1\IartinH Abbott, 'Vm D Abbott, John A Brown, John Baker, George 'V Bell, \Villianl J .Bell, Robert Baker, Jason Crail, \Villiam Cant,vell, Andre\v J Estes, S C Harris, Daniel HUll, l)illard V Ho\vard, I.Jemuel King, James Lile, Robert H Lampkin, Joseph H Lundy, Joseph l\Iorris, Geo vV Nagle, Fred \V Powers, John Solman, Pierson V Wyer, John. Vanscoy.


C Harris, Janles l\faloy.




Co.-Chartered J\Iay 30,1861.

Stated rneetings, second and fourth JIonda.?J evenings in month.



Wnl. E. vVhiting, lJIaster. Chas. Brooke, Sen. lfl'arden. \Villiam P4 Wade, J. lVarden4 F. Aske'\v, Treasurer.

Julius E. Levy, JS1ecretary_ I. W. l\IcDonald, Sen. Deacon. Joseph l\Ietzler, Jun. Deacon. William Holden, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jno S Allen, P Arnoluia, F Aske'\v, I Bachrach, JOB 1\1 Beach, A F Bidwell, Jas Beausher, Chas J Bower, S D Bowker, A. 'V Briggs, Chas Brooke, P D BrookR, A I Brown, Hy E Brown, T B Bullene, P Casey, PC Causey, B IVI Chambers, G E Chambers, .r D Chambers W B Cherington, H B Conwell, John I{. Cravens, l~ R Cross, H S Currie, J P Daly, J M Darrow, F E Dey, F Diserens Wm M Diveley, Louis Dragon, L G Drury, D Ellison, A Fernald,





W W Ford, C G Foster, Francis Foster, J\1att Foster, T D Foutc, Jacob I Fox, G WFuller, Ben Ganz, Emil Ganz, J \V Gault, ~I Gidley, P S Gidley, T A Gill, Wm S Gregory, A J Hanson, Jno B H-atch, W T Hayes, Ph Hays, Wm Holden, H R Holman, G 'V Householder, H L Huhn, A Hull, .Tno ~f Jack.son, H B Johnson, William M Johnson, J W Keefer, Le\vis Leach, Joseph M Lee, .T'V Lee, Robert Levy, Julius E Levy, T W Letton, .T W Le\vis, T IVI Livingston, G W Lovejoy, Ed H Marshall, S S Matthews, l\1l\f Messler, Joseph Metzler, I \V McDonald, E T l\Iclnteer, E B 1\10 Master, George W l\filler, H S Millett, Joseph l\'!ilner, John \V l\Iitzell, D T Morgan, J T ~1:orris, Hy R Moore, E ,V Pierce, D 1~1 Porter, J H Ramsey, H A Russell, Chas I 'l'homsollJ-.Jas Shannes~y. Isaac Sharp, J W L Slavens, J E Smallwood, W B t3pence, 'Villhun St Clair, W P Slocomb, C G Stall, W G Steele, H S,\viudler, .laDle:: Stevenson, W B Stone, W H Sutton, James S\vaney, A B Taylor. S S Todd, D S Twitchell, J 0 Varney, E Van Guilder, 'VIn P 'VHd(~f A \Vakeman, Ed H Webster, D W Wells, "Vm E "Vhitin~, L P Williamson, J D Willson, J M 'Viso, Jno B 'Vornall, E P \Voou, J ~{Wood, Bryall Wright, J R Young, ehr Zehring. DIMITTED.-G H Plit1...,..S W Salisbury, Wallace Smith, John Johnson, Sanl'l Stone, J l~ Pierce, R S Heady.


Co.-Chartered May 30, A. L. 5851.


Stated meetings, ),')at1.lrclay on or next before each .full rnoon. O]'\FICERS.

James C.. Statler, JIa8te1". Robt. T. Henderson, 8. lVa1yZen. Louis Hinkle, Jun. JVarden. Richard Swann, Treas1!Jrer.

G. C. Pel)per, Seoretary. Samuel W. Le\vis, Sen. Deacon. F. M. Swann, J1.fJn. ]Jeacon. 'VU1. B. Green, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Wm Alexander, Henry Bruihl, 'Vm .T Baldridge, Andrew Clippard, George Clodfelter, WIn Clippard, Marcus Cotner, Wm D Crites, Wm B Green, l\forris Hatler, Le\vis Hinkle, I.jJd\vin Hines, l'rf J Hines, David C Hope, John E Harris, R T HendergOll, David Hahn, John D Hatcher, \Vm Hitt, A H !{inder, Samuel '" Lewis, John A l\IcLane, James W McLane, William IVlarshal, P Morton, A F Morton, John N McNeeley, Gabriel C Pepper, Colnmbus Price, John S Robh, J M Ross, Charles F Schneider, Richard Swann, James C Statler, F M Swann, L D SiInpson, \VIn Stevens,t.John Wilkinson, Sandy H Wilson, Thomas A Wilson, Groves t; 'Vills, Gilbert L WilSOll.





DI~[ITTED. - Benj Thornburgh, John 1\1 Alexander, David Richardson, James Hull, F M'Vilhallls. SUSPENDED.-A


D Jenkins.

R Hansel, Thomas D Ros".


Co.-Chartered lVlay 30, 1861.

LABELLE, LE1VIS ~ftated meetings,

Saturday evening on or afte1" full

'lllOOn ~路n


month. OFFICERS.

\Vm. R. Allen, Secretary. 'V. L. C. Ratherford, 8. Deacon. TIlos. H. Harlan, J71Jn. Deacon. \V. P. Clements, Tyler.

Richard Garnett, It-Irtster. Willis P. Ball, ;Sfen. Wa1"den. John E,valt, J?tn. Warden. Geo. C. Henson, Treasurer.

lVIEl\IBERs.-vVyatt Allen, 'Vm R Allen, Tho A Bondurant, J08 Bondurant, John 1\1 Bondurant, Tho J Bo,vls, \V P Ball, 'V P Clements, Chas Dewees, W M Dammeron, John E\valt, Richard Garnett, Geo C Hinson, Tho H l\leri\vether, George R l\Ieriwether, Henry E Newman, John D Pierce, David H Porter, F F Roberts, W L C Ratherford, Anthony Sheaffer, JU111eS H Sarns, Jackson Thomson, W B Thomson. DIl\I:ITTED.-James JYIcAlister.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

l;Jtatecl meetings, A.~1atu1'"day on or qftelJ" the f1.bll r;noon, at 2



Cornelius Hanger, lrIaster. Jas. T. Woods, f)fen . lVa1"den. Robt. M. Ash, Jun. Warden. James B. Ash, Treas?t1"er.

John C Bodes, Secretary. 1\1. 'V. Buford, Sen. Deacon. Joseph'Valker, Jun. Deacon. vVm. IVr. Holder, Tyle1-.




l\IEl\1BERs.-James B Ash, Thomas S Ash, Robert MAsh, M W Buford M P Capp, Rufus E Farrell, William Hohler, E D Holder, corneli'us Hanger, Robert Ginnings, Geo L Gains, Wm G ~{artin, Burrell Millian, Travis Magruder, Henry H l\faupin, G F Meadows John 'V Porter, J W Phillips, John Peyton, William S Reid, Johh C Rode'S, A H Snodgrass, Jacob Sanner, Henry Sanders, C W Thrailkeld, Janlcs F 'Voods, Joseph Walker, Jame~ A 'Voods, Jno F'Vood. DIMITTED.-T T

Rodes .


Co.-Chartered Oct. 19,1867.

Stated Jleetings, first and third Tuesdays in each month. OFFICERS. "\Villis Griffing, lfIaster. E. J. Dudley, Senior lVarden. B. F. Van Buren, Jun. lVarden. William Partin, Treasurer. 'VVilliam Wilmott, Secretary..

Marcus A. Low", Sen. Deacon. A. O. Menefee, J1,ln.Deacon. T. P. vVard, Sen. Steward. J. F. Spratt, Jun. Steward. O. M. l\{orro,v, Tyler.

l\IEMBERS.-S G Andersoll, David Bennett, George Berry, A J Bessmer, William Boyd, Andrew J Brown, Oliver Bl'lchan, F W Burt, 'V E Burton, W H Ohandler, Washington Chamberlain, P R Claypoo], A G Davis, E J Dudley, Solomon Egy, Washington J Erwin, J R Esteb, J L Felson, E M Foley, J H Goddard, Jacob Goldenburd, E F Green, Willis Griffing, J W Harper, William H Henry, Thomas W Higgins, James Hill, Theodore Hooper, H H Houghton, J l\{ Kemper, George SLawson, l\farcus A Low, A C l\fenefee, C 1\1 l\{orrow, ED Newton, 'Villiam Partin, H J Post, 0 B Rirhardson, .f J Squire, J T Spratt, William G Stewart, F A Thomas, B F Van Buren, T P Ward, William l\f Willis, William 'Vihl1ott, George S Wilson, Willian1. Worth, C F 'Vymall. DIl\fITTED.-vV

W Orr.


J Post.





Co.-Chartered ]\fay 29, 1862.

Stated meetings, Saturrday on or bejo're full moon in each month. OFFICEJtS.

•J as. ~I. Orchard, Jfastetr, 'V. l\IcDonald, ~/en. lVarden. D. R. Henderson, Jun. lVarden. Geo. R. Kenamore, Treas'Ltrer. ~f. IVL J\fcSpaddin, f)fecretary.

\V. A. Young, Sen. Deacon. C. H. Seanlan, Ju/n. Deacon. John R. Ray, JSfe n. Steward. S. D. Hendricks, Jun. JSfteward. l\f. L. Sturdavant, Tyler.

~fElVIBERs.-JohnArthur, John G Blake, Geo \V Brown, Geo F Chilton, James Chilton, Jasper Cox, J D Dillworth, Ferguson Dent Louis H Dent, J l\I Dent, A P Dnck'\vorth, Joseph Gill, 0 P Gray' C Hemmenway, D R Henderson, Louis ]' Ryer, Geo W Jones' Oicero Jordon, J B Jamison, G A I{enanlore, C+ R Kenamore, 'V Ii Love, E G l\Iitchell, Wallace ~IeDonald, 1\1 1t{ l\IcSpadden, "lnl Mitchell, J B l\1iller, H 1\fon:gomery, R "\V Montgomery, J M Or.. chard, Janle$ D Reddick, John BRay, VV D Shuck, R 1\1 Simmons r .J \V Simmons, 'Vm Stillwell, lYI L Sturdavant, C H Seaman, W L Triplett, E \Valcott, J E vVatson, J G ""'oflbrd.. (j P Wofford, He Wofford, E F Woodward, W A Young.

SALINE LODGE, No. 226. STE. l\fARY'S LANDING, STE. GENEVIEVE COUNTY.-Chartered May 29, 1862. f.Jftated meetings, ~faturday on

or before .fl!Jll rnoon in each month.


..t\.. 'V. Tholnpsoll, :bfaster. '\Vm. T. Cole, Sen. lVarden. F. K. Tucker, J'ttn. lVarden. Wm. V. Bro,\vl1, TreaSttTcr.

Joseph Shaw, Secretary. R. V. Brown, 6'fcn ior Deacon. G. L. Tucker, JtfJn. Deacon. vV. R. Brown, Tyler.

MElIBERs.-Andrew Anderson, 'V R Brown, W V Bro,vn, R V Brown, J P Boland, E P Bailey, Jos Cleveland, Joseph Cofl""lnan, W T Cole, Bernard Diffani, T \V Giboney, H !{enner, F Kenner, Martin Rond, Joseph Shaw, A H Tucker, F K Tucker, G L Tucker, A W Thompson, John Woolford. DIMITTED.-G

W Tallent.

EXPELLED.-James Cleveland, E L Beard. DIED.-B

W Eades.





431 No. 227.

Co.-Chartered. l\Iay 29, 1862.

rneeting, lVednesclay on


before full



Alfred Williams, ~Ictster. J. C. Griffeth, Sen. TVarden. John F. Porshing', J. lVarclcn. R. W. l\Iitchell, Treasurc1'".

P. F. Felt, Secreta??/. O. W. Elliott, Sen. Deacon. H. T. l\fargrave, Jun. Deacon. H. Hendrickson, Tyle1'".

MEl\'1:BERS.-Robt Cochrane, ~T A Dyche, 0 W Elliote, P F Felt, G 'V Freeman, J C Griffeth, H Hendrickson, 0 P Hollis, J T Heath, Tilford Lamme, John Lomax, E C nrfargravo, H T l\largrave, R W IvIitchelt P O'~eal~ I V Pratt. J]~ Pershing, J H Slingerland, 'Vro rraylor, J "\V Toppas, E 1\! Tracy, R N \Torce, vV R Verulilia, S C Hutchinson, Alfred vVilliams, John 'Vorthly, E C \Vright. DIJ.\;IITTED.-J

D Hilderbrand, D Hilderbrand, N Slosson, R W

Holland, Joseph Ho\ve.

DIED.-H E Ha,vkins.


Co.-Chartered JYlay 29, 1862.

,Stated 'Jneetings, Frriday on or before full ?noon. OFFIOERS.

Newton Adams, j,Iaste1~. L. T. I-Ioover, JSfen. lVarden. Jna. M. Bates, J~f;n. lVar'clen. Wm. A. Reid, Treasure?'. J. Wm. TO'VSOll, JSfec?'"etary.

T. l\litchell, Sen. Deacon. J. W. Sigler, Jun. Deacon. D. G. Minter, ~fen. Steward. Fred. Schabel, J~fJn. Stewarrd. Joshua Brown, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Newtoll Adams, Preston Adams, F MAllison, J M Bates, J08 13011dine, 1\1 A Banter, Joshua Brown. J A Bozarth, .T R Colvert, W J Cochran, J" C Combs, J SChick, N A Cadwell, W T Dean, S Downing, Alex }l-'arro,v, C C Fugna, J J Foster, J W Ford, J H Fox, R S Givens, D G Givens, Morris Goodman, Chas Good-




man W D Gardner, J S Gose, E N Gerard, C G Gilcrease G T Hill'S G Heninger, G D J-lickman, .Tos Harris, L T Hoover' G A Jenks, B F Kidwell, Wm I{jdwell, F M King, E A Knig, WLegrass, David Morgan, H 0 Muldrow, Benj Mor~is, rr lYIitchell, G L Mochel, P G McBroom, J B Magruder, J W MIller, J l\Ionteith, D G Minter .Ino D Perry, B Pollard, Jno Patterson, Geo J Parker C T Powell: T R Parker, Wm A Reid Oscar Reid, S A,'y o Robertson, Geo W Robey, Jno F Sparks, J H Saunders, WIlliam Stansberry 1.-~ T Sparks, F Schabel, J W Sigler?..:! J Slattery, J W Towson, j VY Upton, C R Whitehead, William wilhoit, Arthur A Watts. DI1t£ITTED.-Jno Eaton, S S Oook, 0 R burn, Lewis Brandt. DIED.-W


W F Black-

S Garvill.


Stated meetings,




on or after .full moon.


Chas. Cartall, J£aster. Geo. S. Crews, Sen. Warden. Henry Fort, Jun. Warden. Jas. R. Bo,vman, T1'eas. S. H. Headen, Secretary.

P. A. Lane, Sen. Deacon. Perry Twichell, Jun. Deacon. E. J. McDole, S. SteuJard. Albert Nulty, Jun. Steward.

Wm. Stimson, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jas MAlter, P H Ammernlau, W H Bowles, Jag Boo-gs, Jas R Bowman, J R Craig, G rr Coppedge, J M Coppedge, A It Coppedge, Moses C9ppedge, Chas Cartall, Perry Collins, Ja:i\ A Carter, Jerry Crider Geo SCrews, W A Dillon, N H Elliot, 8 0 Fleming, Henry Fort, W E Glenn, Anderson Glenn, Finley Gorman, Matt Gorman, Chas Griffith, Snowdon Huff: Eli Has]el", P ~ Hawkius, W A Hawkins, R E Hutchison, S H Headen, J G Hale, John Harbison, Anvil James, Thos James, R H Jones, W S Johnson, W B Jolly, vV M Kinsey, Jo Kinl{aid, P A Lane, G W Matloek, E J McDole, B F McAlister, A Nulty, R T Parker, W L Pinnell, A Pinson! W A Robinson, Thoa Ready, VV P Rellick, J? S Seymour, Wm Stllnson, Thos Stimson, E J Horrell, J M SmIth, Wm Smitl.?-, Cl?-as Sagner, W L Travis, Perry Twichell, Jo UndQt~ wood, BeuJ WIshon, J C Wallac@, J W L Willeford, G Wooel.





Co.-Chartered October 19, 1867.

;.S'tated ?neetin{js, Saturday bejore the second Sttnday oj each month. O]"FICER8.

Abram Weaver, ~Ia8ter. Thos. T. lVlaxwell, Sen. Wa~rclen. Clark L. Benton, Jun. Warden. Jacob Yankee, Treasurer. Thos. B. Benton, Secretary.

Elgin D. Lightfoot, ;Sfen. Deacon. Thos. A. Macke:y", Jttn. Deacon. Asy M. Payn, Sen. Steward. Chas. R. Shawhan, J. Steward. K. D. Hockensmith, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Abraham Amos, C L Benton, Thes B Benton, J K P Brown, J F Blackwell, Eli Beaver, Geo M Burris, A P Fulkerson, K D Hockensmith, Jos A Jackson, ED Lightfoot, Thomas T Maxwell, Thes A Mackey, John A McBride, Isaac Martin, Asy M Payne, Ed Ragsdale, J R Sims, C R Shawhan, J D Shaggs, rr B Tucker, Abram ",Veaver, Jacob Yankee, James W Kinlsey, John Kimsey. DIMITTED.-L N Marion, E F Lovil, Horatio Cox, R F Fayer, M Ferguson, N G Cooley, W P Gibson, JOh11 Shelton, G N Nolan, .J D Ta!'J:>!Y, R Waters, S Dryden, W E Frick, Geo Lare, G E Mis路 ner, R W Dlenkin. EXPELLED.-James

F Edmunson.

D'IED.-Moses Mullins.

ST. FRANCOIS LODGE, No. 234. LIBERTYVILLE, ST. FRANCOIS Co.-Chartered May 26, A. D. 1864

A. L. 5864. ~ftated

lJtfeetings, Saturday after full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

J'. A. Smith, Master. C. H. Harris, Sen. Warden. F. J. Betley, Jun. Warden. J. K. Harris, Treasurer.


Asa McAllister, Secretary. J. L. Harris, 8. Deacon. J. A. Palmer, Jun. .Deacon. Elias Williams, Tyler.




MEl\lBERE,.-Pinkuey . A.nder&on, Janles Allderboll, lVI vV Baker A H Baker, Williatll Bloonl, rrhon~as Bryan, Edmund Beard J S Beard, Francis Clark, James Cozens, H W Crow, John Coffman N I Counts, l\Iichael Degulre, John Dunaway, J C Farmer, H :R Foust, Loyd Furgison, G W Griffith, John Graham, J B R St Gemme, j K Harris, S M Harris, J F Harris, a Harris" Dudley Horn, William Hick~, J B Keith, P G Keith, H N Kelley, Wiley Layne, T 1\'1 Lewis, Warner LewIs, J J Martyn, Wesley Moore, E N McFarland, Asa l\fcAllister, Jarne,; A Palmer, G W Sebastian .J A Sebastian, J A Smith, William Swink, F J Setley, Elias Wil: HaIns, W C WIlliams, H S \Vatts.



Co.-Chartered May 26, A. D. 1864.

JS'tated lrIeettn!Js, ji1"St 8 faturday of each month.


Samuel M. Elliott, ]}faster. Robt. J. Rudisille, Sen. Warden. Wm. H. Brown, Jun. lVarden. Wm. M. Jamison, Treasurer.

T. J. Priest, 6 ecreiary. Jesse H. Baskett, Sen. Deacon. Marcus Rudisille, Jun. Deacon. Wm. G. Phillips, Tyler. f

MElYIBERs.-Eugene 'V AJrres, vVm H Brown, Saml P Bri~~s,t Jssse H Baskett, Robt W Catron, Saml M Elliott, James H Ellis, John S Bush, Benj Ely, Stephen D Ely, Nimrod Glascock, Wm M Goodwin, John C Hickerson, J08 L Higbee, vVm l\tf Jamison, Hugh A Maddox, Benj Neal, James Norton, Jacob Newland, Fl~lin Ogle, Benj Ogle, T J Priest, C H Phillips, Wm G Phillips, Robt j Rudisille, Marcus Rudisille, Joseph Rowe, B D West, Oliver Whaley. DIMITTED.-W

C Foreman, J P Foreman, ThQa F




PETTIS Co.-Chartered May 26, 1864.

Stated meetings, JS'at1ltrday on or before the full 1noon of each ?nonth. OFFICERS.

A. D. Jaynes, :bfaster. John B. GaBie, Sen. Wa1'"den. Ed. W. Bixby, Jun. Warden. Clifton Wood, Treasurer. L. B. Jackson, )..'{ecretary.

Wm. H. Allison, JSfen. Deacon. J. A. Wallace, Jun. Dectcon. C. C. Godman, /iJen. Steward. John H. Ready, Ju/n. Stetoard. Peter IJatsch, Tyle?4.

MEMBERS.-Wm H Allison, S M ..c\.nderson Henry Armbrecht, FA Arnol<!t..!ames Blakemore, R G Barnhart, WIn E Bard, Henry BOler, Ed VY Bixby, E S Beach, Jackson Bolend, John F Broyleb, W S Baker, Wm Beck, A J Baxley, 0 A Crandall, Logan Clark, JnQ D Crawford, R B Ounningham, Asa Condee, R S Cotton, Alex Oampbell, D A Oampbell, H]1J Depp, PhIlip Duvall, A Ensel, Geo W Embree, George Faulhaber, Thos J Ferguson, Jas J Franklin, P:M Franklin, Francis M Fisher;.,.N B Goodnight, Rod Galhe, Jno B Gallie t C C Godman, John 'V tialbraith, J West Goodwin, W M Gentry.; J M Godman, John Hancock, B F Hughes, Jas S Hopkins, John l1ubbard, A H Heismeyer, .JOhll L Hall, John W Roux, Jno t Hubbard, James Hervey, A Y Hull George Heard, P C Hughes, Milton Hume, Thos F Helm, .Tno M Hutzenpillar, 'V H Hassinger, H B Ingram, A D Jaynes, J F Jenkins, L B Jackson, Geo R ReiIl, Lewis Kumm, F M Kinsey, Wm H Lightfoot, E Laupheimer, H C Lesher, Peter Latsch, Sirah H Lewis, James H Looney, J 0 W Lindsey, David Levy, Sinlon Levy, Ernest Lumy, T J Montgomery, Abm Meyer, T W Moses, L McRorey, J B McGirk, George W McKee, A A Neal, Jas W Neal, F J Ott, John F Philips, David Postlewait, Geo W Prince, Edward Po""vell, N N Parberry, Geo W Pool, Albert Parker, John W Payton, Wm Russell, John Ryan, Milton Ryan, Tbos N Rogers, W W Richie, John A Ready, R J n Stevens, Henry Suess, rr A SWitzler, John R Ste,vart, John Stryker,lJohn Z Smith, C E Snlitl~ John P Thatcher, Jas G Tesch, p A Thatch~r, Joseph rrice, 0 W (J Walker, D J WillIams, Clifton Wood, J M Woolridge, Wm 0 West, Wm C \Villialns, F P W!~lght, James Wallace, George P Westenburg, George A Walker, A Wittstock, Isaac Wolf, J A Wallace, Wm H Yal1k~e.

DIMITTED.-Thomas Johnson, C C Snyder, V P Mason, A .J Morgan, M M Tucker, C C Radmore. SUSP].JNDED.-Richd Hullal1d.




Co.-Chartered June 2, 1866.

Stated }'feetings, TVednesday night on or be..fore full moon. OFFICERS.

James Hubbard, Master. J. L. Miley, Sen. Warden. â&#x20AC;˘Joseph M. Moore, J. Warden. John Gilbreath, Treasurer. S. C. Davidson, Secretary.

vV. J. Saltmarsh, Sen. Deacon. Samuel Wares, Jun . .Deacon. L. D. Miller, Senior Steward. A M Carpenter, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Wm J Ashloch, Hardin Butler, Russell Basim, Amos Barnett, Edwin Buck, J M Collins, R H Cole, H F Cald.. well, Willard Carney, S M Crawford, John A Clark, J D Cook, A l\{ Carpenter, E B Dabney, A J Davis, F Daugherty, C H Deskin, J Defoor, S C Davidson, M G Elliott)"S L Ellis, Philip Earhart, W A Fawbush, Andrew Fisher, F M liarret, John Gilbreath, T F Gilbreath, W W Holmes, Mat Hockersmith, James Hubbard, W A Johnson, 0 H Jones, J SMiles, J L Miley, Isaac Morgan, J M Moore, L D Miller, Wm N Morris, James Morris, W C Mal9ten, J o McOlanahan, Powel Ownbey, J R Pemberton, J P Powel, T W PUllen, J G Plemons, T J Phipps, A S Ray, Justin Roan, G N Sharp, W J Saltmarsh, J M Spencer, J M Sears, E 0 Still, J vV Saunders, David Shaver7,.g C Sparrow, L 0 Thomas, T G Truitt, J !{ Truitt, B F Taylor, J lVl Trout, J H Wilson, Jas Wilson, E R Wight, J B Williamson, W H Williams, Gam Williams, Orange Ward, Samuel Wares, Robt Wares, R H Wills, R J Park.




Chrystal, W A Miles, J D Sparrow, J lVl



Co.-Chartered May 26, 1865.

Stated meetings, Satu/rday night on or after earh




Isaac Naylor, ltEaster. WIn. Armstrong, Sen. Deaeon. James M . Wells, ~fen. Warden. C. E. Gardner, Jun. Deacon. J. W. Gardner, Jun. Warden. J. A. G. Sample, Sen. Stewarcl., Wm. A. Armstrong, Treasurer. J. J. Barton, Jt~n. ~fteward. G. W. Seever, Secretary. A. B . Gentry, Z:1Jler.




MEMBERs.-Isaac Naylor, J M Wells, J W Gardner, Willialn A Armstrong, Geo'V Seever, Wm Armstrong, C E Gardner, JAG SaroR1e, J J Barton, A B Gentry, E R Atkinson, T J Bracken, J P Crump, J K Dickson, I D Davis, J M Elliott, M L Estes J G Evans, L P Elliott, W S Faris, G V Gore, F M Gardner, S M Hurst W Ho,vard, W K Jones, R B Matney, Jas McClanihan, J C Morgan: J G Morro,\v, J F Pitts, D T Fitzpatrick, C W Stewart, E J Sampson, Garison Staggs, L E Smith, P Staggs, J Vanhoozier, D Vanhoozier, 'V B Vinyard, rr B White, J M Watson, E C Wells, S B Wells, James Stults, Wm Hagon. DIMITTED.-J l\f

Seever, J H Irving, T J Foster.



COUNTY.-Chartered May 26, A. D. 1865, A. L. 5865.

meetings, first Saturday after the full moon. OFFICERS.

"Vm. C. Wylie, lJ-Iaster. W. T. Fuqua, Sen. lVarden. Thomas Saffell, Jun. liVarden. Abraham Lacy, Treasurer'.

John L. Tribble, Secretary. George B. Ogle, Sen. Dea<Jon. B. T. Bondurant, Jun. Deacon. William Saffell, Tyler.

l\tIEMBERS.-Wm K Biggs, B T Bondurant, E K Gates, J J Gentle, K A Laird, J V Moss, George BOgle, M Parker, S B McPheeters, Wm T Fuqua, F M Reed, K M Row, Geo W Smith, Charles Shaffner, Willianl Saffell, Thomas Saffell, J F Smith, Abrahaln Lary, Jno L Tribble, Robert A Tribble, WIn C Wylie, J M Weatherford, C A Wicks, John Whitledge.



Co.-Chartered May 26, A. D. 1865, A. L. 5878.

Stated meetings, Friday evenings on or before the full moon in each rnonth. OFFICERS.

G. W. Webb, Master. O. W. Rash, Sen. TVarden. M. D. Blakey, Jun T짜a1~den. T. S. Magruder, Treasurer.

N. M. Read. Secretary.

.T. D. Evans, Sen. Deacon. Eli Jackson, Jun. Deacon. E. E. Davidson, Tyler.




MEMBERs.-John Adams, Z Atterbury, John S Au&tin M D Blakey, Taylor Burton, C G Brown, T C Byars, F D Cro~ E E Davidson, J D Evans, Milton Forsyth, W T Fields, SaInI Houchi1lS C Hanger, Eli Jackson, J P Jamieson, J C Keppe~ T BLoyd T S Magruder, Wm H Miles, Wm H Moore, A Ray, U vV Rash N M Read, Thos Sanders, John A Sparks, G W Webb, R B Worr~ll. DIl\IITTED.-C Hanger.


ST.. CHARLES, ST. CHARLES Co.-Chartered May 26, 1865.

Stated meef1路n,g8, Monday next preceding each .full rnoon. OFFICERS.

W. W. Edwards, Master. William Selby, Sen. Warden. E. Taylor, Jun. Warden

R. A. Harris, ~'ecretary. James W. Allison, 路Sen. Deacon. John A. Keller, Jun. Deacon. Wm. D. Orrick, Tyler.

James G. Owen, Treasurer.

MEMBERS.-Jos H Alexander, Carroll J Adkins, Thomas Allen, Jas W Allison, Jno Byington, JosH Barwise, W W Edwards t A H Edwards, H BEvans, E W Feazel, Samuel Gravelly, Jonn H Gravelly, R A Harris, J W C Halley, Chas Hallidy, Jas Heffer.. man, Geo B Johnston, Crbl\! Johnson, jr, John A Keller, Michael Lynch, Ed A Lewis, Isaac J Moore, A G McKnight D K McPher.. SOD, R F McClintock, John H Newby, .las GOwen, \Vm D Orriok, Asa N Overalk John C Orrickt,.!"no Orrick, Samuel Overall, Thos PennIe, Thos L Rives, James tl Rowe, Horace Smith, Wm Selby, N D Stephenson, French Strother, John P Sparks, Edmond Taylor, A B rrholnpson, Jos Woods, Geo W Weems.






Co.-Chartered May 26, 1865.

S'tated J"feetfngs, first and third Wednesday in each month. O]"FICERS.

B. A . Dozier, lrfaster. Edward Spencer, Sen. Warden. R. H. Huzza, Jun. lVarden. T. M. Wannall, Trea8U?"e1~. A. R. Strain, Secretary.

J. C. Bloomfield, Sen. Dearon. Geo. B. Wintle, Jun. Deaoon. Wm. Taylor, {{en. Steward. .James Edwards, Jun. ~'tel1J((rd. John W. Carroll, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-H G Athen, E A Andrew 3, Horace L Aldrich, S C Baker J H Brown, Wm Brannick, Thos H Bruce, Fred Bohnsack, 1 C Bioomfield, G E Blackburn, 0 F Becker, A L Bancroft, Henry W Blanke, W H Bacon, John T Craven, John W Carroll, T A Caswell ehas D Carroll, B A Dozier! 0 L Dunham, P Dwyer, Henry Driver, James Edwards, WmFltzgerald, John B Flemlllg, G WFord, Chas C Flint, jr, rrhos H Gelston, G T Gill, R H Huzza, Wm Hyde, J H Hall, Chas R Holmes E H A Habicht, Chas Hofman L Kingman, John P Keiser, H 13 Lighthizer, James Luke, C J MJrton, B H Miles, C :M Marratta, E R Moffatt, Wm Marshall, H J McGaffigan, W A McLean, C A Morton, Wm May, H H McCune R M Moore, B H Newall, Leonard R Norton, W P Paxson, R H Paine, Wm Richardson, Darius P Richards, T L Rivers, John J Rich, W K SpInney, Edward Spencer, Robt SinnamoD, A R Strain, N W Stevenson, H W Samstag, S M Smith, Cbas HThorn, J W Thonlpson, M Thompson, Wm Taylor, H G rrrogden, Freel Volmer, T M Wannall, E P Wilcox, R J Whitledget.<]eo B Wlntle, John Wingate, John T Ward, John M Wirts, John lVl Williams, J M: Youngblood, Wm Young, James H Yost.

DIMITTED.-Wm 0 Gear, W B Massie, L 0 Woodruff, Henry



Co.-Chartered May 26, 1865.

Stated Meetings, Saturdcty evening after full moon, unless it fulls on Saturday, then on that day. OlfFICERS.

Josiah Smoot, lJtIaster.. James W. Gibbs, Sien. War"den. Geo. T. Collins, Jun. J;Varde11. ..Charles Cook, Treasu1"er.

Wm ...A.. Coffey, Secretary . W. L. Munsell, Sen. Deacon. M. Buchanan, Jun. Deacon.

David Bondurant, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-~I Buchanan, C W Burnett, John Barnett, Thos Barnett, Elias Barbee, D Bondurant, J A Bro,vnfield, W Con~way, G T Collins, Charles Cook, J D CurtIs, W A Coffey, H Collins, Jas S Collins, J J Dodd, H H Do,vning, S J Frank, A H Farenswoth, Wm E Faris, A D Faris, James Garrott, James Gibbs, Lewis Hale, J&mes Hook, rrho~ Hope, J W Hill, J T Hope, J A Hill,. F .Jacoby, lIenry Jacoby, A Logan, N A Lane, H M: McEndree, W L Munsell) J Morgan, E S Maupin, Josiah Smoot, Edward Smoot, Peter Swanston, B Seamster, D Smith, C R Smith, R S Smiley, John Smiley, J D Shedmore, J C Wheeler.

DI~IITTED~-HR Allmutt, Daniel Barker, S McCoy, J F Fenton, James Dawson, Lewis Hall.






~feetings, P'riday

Co.-Ohartered l\tlay 26, 18&5.

on or preceding every full



H. S. Witherspoon, Master. W. H. Fisher, Sen. Warden. W. W. Pigg, Jun. Warden. James McKeahan, Treasure?'.

Alonzo Case, )Secretary. L. D. Eberhart, Sen. Deacon. N. O. Thornbrow, Jun. Dea~on. Oharles Larkin, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John Allen, W H Anderson, C Bondurant, L R Biggley, M Biggley, J M Biggley, A Oase, F N Oraig, A M Coffey 'f A Cooksey, John A CollIns, C Cobb, John Corwin, E A Cornelus' J D Carmax, A Daws, I V DUdley, J N Dennison, L D Eberhart' W A Ewin, W H FiC:;!ler, R 0 Fisher, E B Farley, C A Green' ,John Guhin, V Henghes, Geo Holvey, L H HUff, John Hart' Thornton Huff, W R Kennard, Chas Larkins, Jas McReahan, .J j Means, Thomas Maddox, John W Mayse, Jacob ~Iock, Reuben Mc~ Kuntt, S D Meanhew, 0 G Oglesby, W vV Pigg, J S Porter, Alex Porter, Peter Porter, Wm Pagget, J A Pigg, sen, J A PiggJ.)r,W H Rarny, H W Read, W W Sparks, W X Sigafoos, Thomas ~'hortellt H C Thornbrow, B P Taylor, Wm Thornton, Robert Therrington, J H Warren, H S Witherspoon, R Wells,W H Wells, W J Walker, JP Walker, R vValker, J F Yankey. DIMITTED.-E

C Hauiline, T A Rucker.


Meetings, Saturday on or

Co.-Chartered May, 1865.


full rnoon in each rnonth.


J. F. Tippett, Maste1". E. B. Overstreet, Sen. Warden. B. R. Hensley, Jun. Warden. M. N. Mallerson, Treasurer.

S. C. Baker, ~fccretar.y. W. G. Olare, Sen. Deacon. J. W. McDaniel, Jun. Deacon. M. More, T.1Jler.

MEMBERs.-John F Tippett, E B Overstreet, B R Hensley, M A Mallerson, S C Baker, W G Clare, J W McDaniel, Mathew More, T P Hensley, we Peveler, Wm 0 Archer, B T Hensley, W S Hensley, Wm H Lorten, S K Tippett, Robt Nelson,. John T Berry, J It Havener, A F Trainer, J W Overstreet, S W Lee, J 0




Sailor, A F Uptigrove, G W Porter, M L Et\ds, J H Peviler, 'rhos U:Qtigrove, John BecK, J E Hauback, J V Eatell, .Joseph Shusler, H W pococke, H H Craige, D Snethen, W Oarson, 0 L Cross.


Co.-Chartered May 20, A. D. 1856.

Stated 1Jfeetings, on the Tuesday after the full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

w. H. Draper, lJtfaster. Jas. Robinson, Sen. Warden. Richd A. Hening, J. Warden. Oliver A. Moss, Treasu1"cr. Wm. I. I. J\!orrow, Secretary

Hubbard F . Jones, ~1en. Deacon. Hugh C. Armstrong, J. Deacon. L. B. Hutchinson, Sen. Steward. John B. Davis, Jun Steward. James Ramsay, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Jas E Alexander, Wm Alexander,Wm F Anderson, II C ArmstroDO', D F Baugher, W G Baynham, .1r, L Beeman, Elias Bridg-e, fonatllan Buzzard, Moses Carver, E E Carnes, John B Dain, W H Drapar, Edwin Ebert, Soott Feris, JP F;()ster, E Gregg', R Gitstrap, A Goddsteine, L B Hearrell7..Robert Hearrell, R A Hening, L B IIutchinson, H Jennings, H F Jones, William M Kirk, J 0 Lillard, A Maas I A Mathes, A McKee, W I I Morrow, o A Moss, James Nichols, H Osborn, N J Phillips, John Plummer, J C Pool. A N Powell, W W Powell, Eli Powers, William C Price, Jas Ramsay, Job Ratliff, John S Reding, Henry Reynolds, William ORoark, Joel Roberts, Jas Robinson, A C Shell, P R Smith, Joseph R Still, Len B Still, R C Stoneman, F Wack, J 0 \VilliBtms 1 0 F Wilson, W H Young. DIMITTED.-Wm M DIED.-Henry


S Chenoweth.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867,

B'tated me,etings, Saturday night on


before each full moon.


John C. Ryan, Master. John Green l Sen. Warden. Nicholas Kirtley, Jun. Warden. Henry Blount, Treasurer.


M. G. Ruby, Secretary. J. F. Curts, Sen. Deacon. William Morgan, Jun. Deacon.. S. K. Payne, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-Johll C Ryan, John Green, 1\'1 G Ruby Wrtl Lewis F J Gager, J ames Christian, Henry Blount, Samuel GibSOD J JohQ .T McQuInn, H 0 Webster, Charles.M Ryan, E P McElr~y Silas l{ Payne, John lVleans, William Morgan, James H Hill) J F Curts Nicholas Kirtley, Samuel Dysart, Samuel Railey, George M Low' John Newman, John S J\IcMahan, Martin Teenor, George Taylor' Chas W Douglas, John Lewis, Henry Bottger, Francis Hasting it N Kennedy, .r S Newluan, William Means) A&her Willey, WmIi. Armstrong, Geo W Lewis, Gorman Brown, Jas M Vanmeter, Wm H Felton.


Co.-Chartered October 19, A. D.


!S'tated lJfcefings, First Saturday evening after full moon in ectch 'Jnonth.


J. H. Jones, Sen. Deacon. Wm. Hudson, Jun. Deacon. Thos. Evans, Sen. Steward. Geo. Henton, Jun. Steward. James Cole, Ty ler.

Archibald Fliut, JJfaste'l'. F. O. Lee, Sen Warden. \V. A. Hatcher, J. Warden. G. W. Jones,.. Treasurer. Wm. H. Adams, Sec1'"etury.

DIlVIITTED.-Benj F Campbel, James Garlon. DIED.-A G Walker.


Co.-Chartered October 19,1867.

meetings, Thur'sday night on or

before each full moon.


John J Skiuller t .JIaster. Marion Skinner, Sen. Warden. ,Jesse Burton, Jun. Wa1'"den. ':rhos. Kimble, Treasurer.

T. J. Clyer, Secretary. Wm. H. Smith, Sen. Deacon. Thos.. Brooks, Jun. Deacon. Wm. S. Chapin, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Abner Bigelow, Jesse Burton, Thos Brooks, Wnt Blankenship, ,Daniel Brooks, Wm S Chapin, Thos J Olyer t 1as: Copp, Wm B Diggs, J C Davis, John H Diggs, Hug;h Dean, Jas ~




Godfrey, John W Hogge, F M Logan, Thos Kimble, H W Pitluan, ;M:DPncket, Eugene Rosenberger, Geo B Smith, John J Skinner, Marion Skinner, D B Smith, Wm Henry Smith, Edmond Terrill, Joseph H Thomas, Jas H Ziah. DI:M:ITT:ÂŁD.-J

C Diggs, C J LannehilL



COUNTY-Chartered October 17, A. J.A. 5868.

meetings, Tuesday on or before the .full 'Jnoon. OFFICERS.

S. M. Davidson, Master. J. W. Purvis, Sen. Warden. Jno. E. Godby, Jun. Warden. S. M. Jones, Treasurer. A. S. Bryan, Secretary.

C. C. Jones, Sen. Deacon. Joseph l\fohaney, J?IJ?1. Deacon. Geo. Armstrong, Sen. Steward. Jas. Stannard, Jun. JS'tetoard. Robt. P. Lieuts, Tyler.

MEl\IBERs.-George Armstrong, A S Bryan, Benj F Burch, VV T Brammel, J P Brown, A J Carter, H B Carter, S M Davidson, R B Davidson B Fry, J E Godby, Paul Harney, S M Jones, 0 C Jones, R P LieutstJ"as Marsh, Wm Mahaney, Joseph Mahaney, R 1 R Nalley, Robt Omahundra, A Powelld W Purvis7..~ T Roark, Wm Smit,!lJ Jas Stanard, Wm 0 Taylor, l i Weise, C vv Wade, G M Wood, lVlilton Atkerson. DIMITTED.-.Tno

M Wood, A l\{ Chiles.


Co-Chartered Oetober 15,1868.

Stated meetings, Saturday on before full moon each month. O~FFIOERS.

Wm. Knie, Master. John A. Ross, 8en. lVarden. M:. H. Ooffey, Jun. Warden. James, Moran, Treasurer.

J. L. Coffey, JSfecreta?"'y. James R. Kay, Sen. Deacon. Isaac Grooms, Jun. Deaco91,. Sam'l Stinson, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-B M Brown, Milton H Coffey J L Coffey, Isaac Gl:ooJnS, G B Glen, F D Hughs, J S lIatbaway, WmEnie, JamesR




Kay, Jno Knight, Enoch Liggett, Jas Moran, Charles Meek C B Needles, Enoch Pierce, Jno A Ross, Samuel Stinson, Levi J Yates. DIMITTED.-James Faris, C B Newhall, J P Woods, Chilton, J W Smith, J B Popplewell.

L M:


LINDLEY, GRUNDY Co.-Chartered October 18, A. D. 1868, A. L. 5868.

Stated ?neetings,

evening on or bejo1"e the full moon in each month.



Samuel Wilson, Master. Hiram Doolin, Sen. Warden. James H. Hill, Jun. Warden. James Winters, Treasurer.

Marshall Humphreys, ,.'Jecretary. David Godfrey, Sen. Deacon. F. M. Walker, Jun. Deacon. Wm.. B. Scott, Tyler.

MElVIBERs.-Samuel Wilson, Hiram Doolin, James H Hill, Jas Winters, Marshall Humphreys, David Godfrey, F M Walker, Wm B Scott, W R Banta, Chas H Cook, Tholuas Dobbins Thomas KiInlin, Caleb Pyles, J W Root, Joseph M Stanley, Nathan A Winters, J F Volts, Gabriel Williams, Robert McEfee, Jno T Smith, Elsy Carico.


BATES COUNTY.-Chartered October 15, ]868.

Stated meetings, Saturday preceding full moorJ. OFFI~~RS.

A. S. Martin, lrfaster. S. C. Minturn, Sen. Warden. H~nry S. Steel, Jun. Warden. John W Hannah, Treasurer. Van Buren Van Dyke, Seo'y.


Henry McReynolds, Bern. Deaooo o. D. Austin, J1.JIn. Deacon. Robert Hie, Sen. Steward. Thomas Cuppy, Jun. Steward. George Cowrey, Tyler.




MEM:BERS.-O D Austin 0 C Butler, J B Berryhill, George Beauchamp, Thos Cuppy, George Conrey, A Casity, G W Davis, I B Dickison, H 0 Donahoe, Frederick Darn, John H Frizell, S H Gisel John W Hannah, J C Heath, R G Hartwell, Robert Hill, Aaroh Hart, F V Holloway, A T Holconlb, J D Harper, Eli Houremont, Wm Jennings, J Cal;Litlerall, S C Minturn,..l Oharles Morris J L Moore, Henry McReynolds, J R McNasci, A t) Martin, A G Miner, eM Peck, G WPatterson, Wm Page, J Riddle, James Rayburn, Chas Sprague, John Steel, H 0 Steel, W T Snlith, Aaron Satterlee, J M Taylor, Van Buren Van Dyke, G L Wheaton, Jacob Weaver, John R Walker, G W Wilson, Eliott Pyle. DIMITTED.-Geo A Ballinger, Jno Overdew, W L Willard.


ALTON, OREGON OOUNTY.-Chartered Octobel路 15, 1868.

Stated rneetings, second Saturday in each month. OFFICERS.

John A. Rice, Master. Samuel W. Greer, Sen. TVarden. Thos. J. Boyd, Jun. Warden. Geo. M. Norman, Treasurer. Wm. T. Shaver, Secretary.

James B. Old, Sen. Deacon.. Edmund .Tames, Jun. Deacon. .T. W. Johnson, Sen. Steward. Wm. C. Boyd, Jun. Steward. A. J. Livingston, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Robert Allisont.-..Philip A Arbogast, Nathaniel Barnett, Jacob Bettniger, Wm 0 J:Soyd, Thos J Boyd, W M Camp_be]lJ. John A Chastain, Frank M Campbell, Chal路les H Dreyer, H W Ft1rmer, Wilie J Frey, Samuel W Greer, Martin Griffith, Josiah Howell, Edmond James, J Wesley Johnson, Ezekial Jone~ Robert Killman, Andrew J Livingston, Davidson Lance, D Jerr Lance, George M Norman, William O'Neil, Georg-e W Orchard, Oscar C Orchard, James B Old, John A Rice, William T Shaver, Peter 0 Simons2.,.~rchibald Stogsdill, Robert 0 Tribble, John R Woodside, Jno W white, Wm W Wallis, Jas P Woodside. DIMITTED.-H W Farmer.





Co.-Chartered October 15, 5868.

Stated meetings, Friday evening on or before the full of the moon. OFFICERS.

'v. S. Post,

J. N. McNutt, Sen. Deacon. M. M. Cannon, Jun. Deacon. Thos. J. Lee, Sen. Steward. E. F. Donnell, Junior Steward. W. J. Null, Tyler.

Ma8ter. C. G. Warne, ~Sen. Warden. C. F. Lee, Jun. Warden. J. M. Bailey, Treasurer. D. W. Bryant, Sec'retary.

MEl\ÂŁBERS.-D J Allen, J M Bailey,:W G Boyce, D W Bryant, W S Bryce, Ewing Baker, M M Cannon, S W Crawford, D H Dorman, David L Deyo, John B Drumiller, E F Donnell, J M England, F B Kennett, C FLee, Thos J Lee, J N McNutt, T B Moss William Martin, D J Marquis, W J Null, John B O'Bannon, W S Post, Thonlas Robinson, D S Smith, C G Warne, John Wiatt.


Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated meetings, Friday evening on or after the full moan in each month. OFFICERS.

Arthur Graham, Master.

J. Ewart, Secretary. John W. Moore, Sen. Warden. Preston Sharp, Sen. Deacon. W. Blenkenship, Jun. Warden. T. B. Shaeffer, Jun. Deacon. S. K. Montgomery, Trea8ure'}'". Wm. Hodgin, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-John C Anderson James Anderson, Paton TAn..

derson t Wilbern Blenkenship, James R Burns, Dennis Bergen, Samuel Balter, William A Brown, Joseph S Downing, Jan18s L Downing, James Ewart, A S Edson, Arthur Graham, Willimn

Hodgin L G Jones, George Lockwood, 0 B McLaughlin, John W Moore, S K Montgomery, H M RUSS, Isaac N Rush, Preston Sharpl T B Schaeffer, Thomas Shackleton, Lewis Vanmeter, Jesse Woo4ward, W W Wyatt. DIMITTED.-Jobn

A Rule.





Co.-Chartered . October 15, A. D. ]868, A. L. 5868.

Stated J,;Ieetings, Wednesday evening before the full moon.


Albert Bruse, lrfaster. Wm. B. Rogers, Sen. Warden. J. A. Kenedy, Jun. Warden. D. J. Duree, Trea1$urer.

F. H. Trowbridge, 6'fecre tary. Wm. Collings, Sen. Deacon. F. M. Evans, Jun. .Deacon. S. H. Storms, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Nathan Arnold, Albert Bruse, James Burrows, W MBradley, W T Bucham, William Collings, Abram Collings, D J Duree, Jay Drake, William Dodson, F M Evans, J C Foster, A J Grudle, W H Herriman, Anderson Hopper, J A Kenedy, D M Kine, Jacob Loutzenhiser, William Lowry, David Lowry] Wm R ~Kindly, Calvin Morris, J F New, Wm B Rog-ers, Geo A Riggs, Wm Speer, Jesse Swan, S H Storms, Wm N Smith, F H Trow-

bridge. DIMITTED.-J A



Co.-Chartered October 18, 1868.

Stated meetings, on or before the full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

James Carter, Master.. Stephen Caywood, Sen. Warden. - - - , Jun. Warden. G. D. Gray, Treasurer. J&oob Miller, Sen., f/ecretary.

John R. Rippy, ~'fen. Deacon. H. A. Farris, Jun. Deacon. Wm. Holmes 1 Sen. Ste1oard. L. H. Conklin, Jun. 8tewa7d. R. K. Grant, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Wm Buford, Elias Brower, James Carter, Stephen CayWood. H D B Cutler, L OR Conklin, Sam'l Dysatt, H A Farris, S D ~ord . Isaac Forbes, R K Grant, G D Gray, Dav~{l Qriggs, Wnl Holmes,:Wnl B Hays, Ed Higbee, Wm James, J 0 Jewett, Sam'l JeW-itt, M H L~wis, Jacob Miller, sen, Jacob Miller, jr, Oasper Miller, L N Melvin, F P McAninch, A G Moore, W P Owens, John RRippy, P A Simmons, Daniel Smith, J M Stewart, Alex Wells. DIJIITTED.-J

C Cross.





ST. CHARLES Co.-Chartered October 15, A.D. 1868.

Meetings, Sfaturday evening on or previous to eaoh full moon. OFFICERS.

John IJ. Martin, Master. M. Stallard, Sen. Warden. Wm. McClure, Jun. Warden. C. B. Dunlap, Treasurer.

John M. Wilson, JS'ecretary. F. M. Audrain, Sen. Deacon. John Cunningham, Jun. Deacon. J. R. Dunlap, T..vler.

MEMBERS.-F M Audraill S K Audrain, T ~I Boone, James Bigelow, John Cunningham, Vi C Caliway, Theo Dhier, C B Dun.. lap, James Dunlap, Jos~ph Dunlap, I A Darnell, P H FUlkerson, James W Howell, J N Howell, Jas Long, John L MartIn, WIllIam 1\tlcClure, Monroe Morris, Perry Roaner, M Stallard, J C Swearer, Edward Stephenson, John N Snider, John M Wilson, BE WIlson.

DIMITTED.-Alfred McClure.

EXPELLED.-Jno Zumalt, James WAllen.


Co.-Chartered October 15, 18OS.

meetings, Wednesd(:ÂŁy on or

befoj's ths full moon in ecuiA

month. OFFICERS.

James O. Forn, Ma8ter~ J. H. Davis, Sen. Warden. M. Guthridge, Jun. Warden. D. H. Nunnelly, Treasurer.

Charles ste\vart, ~iecreta'fl/. Harris Keeny, Sen. Deaoon. Nathaniel Patten, Jun. Deaoon. Thos. J. Wiley, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J H Davis, P P Ellis, Samuel H Fleet, J C Ford, A G Fullington, Jno 8 Fitzhugh, Melvin Guthridge, P Gill, E W




Rowill, HarrIS Keeny, Daniel H Nunnelly, E D Owen, Nathaniel Pattin, J S Sin~~eton, A C Stewart, Charles Stewart, Chas H See, W M Sutton,t.J .tl Tuttle, J W Tull, T J Wiley, William Wood, Jas A Simpson, J M Fullington. EXPELLED.-A G





Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

meetings, Thursday on


before each full moon.


Ingham Starkey, lrfaster. Alfred A. Hulett, Sen. Warden. F. J. Tygard, J1.!Jn. Wa1"clen. J. 8. Peer, Treasure1'" Jas. T. Willock, Secreia1'y.

Daniel Steams, Sen. Deacon. Jonathan Wallace, Jun. Deacon. Abner Vanmeter, Sen. Steward. G. A. Foster, Jun. Stetvard. Geo. A Moore, Tyler.

MEM:BERs.-John Allexander, Jno H Armstrong, M W Brown, IB Bitney, Martin Campbellf W A Oampbeil, W M Ooventry, J A Cook, W Dethridge, Jo~~ph Drais, R E Edmonson Richard U Farley, G A Foster, J W Frazey, James Floyd, P It Ferguson, Oharles Ferguson, Daniel Gloyd, Henry Gailock, A Griffeth, John W Hall, Jno T Haggard, A A HUlett, William Hulett, Wm Hill, Jfjl.Cob Jew~ll.) M V B Johnson, S H Mosely, William Miller, Geo N !loore, M w Mize, Jacob Morrison, F R Miller, H R Mitchell, David McClintock, W B Nichols, David Nation, J S Peer, John A Price, J H Pinkham, Ingham Starkey, Daniel Stearns, I B Smith, 1no A Sha,v, Jno H Shephard, F J Tygard, Abner Vanmeter, Jno Wallace, J T Willock, E T 'Vilderman, G A Wolf, Jno Wagner. DIM:ITTED.-C


Clay King, John L Jones, S 0 Faucher, T H


DIED.-Chas Gloyd.







Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

rneetings, Sfaturday on or before ..full moon. ()FFICERS.

Wnl. E Borthick, Master. John Bridgewater, Sen. Wa1/1den. John Po,velson, Jun. Warden William McMahan, Treasu1/1er. WIn. P. Greenlee, JS'ecretary.

Sam'l C. Boon, ~fen. Deacon. E. A. Williams, Jun. Deacon. James S. Brown, Sen. Steward. Jas. F. Downing, Jun. Steward. Eli Truesdale, Tyler.

l\IEMBERS.-J J Adams, Wm E Bortbick, S L Borthick, John Bridgewater, Salnuel C Boon t Wm H Brown, Jas S BrowD t Rufus G Brown, H A Bratton, Benford Brown, Thoa P Bradfora, S L Craig, Chas Culver, Jas W Cleaveland, S C Draper1,..ras F Downing,! \Vn1. B Foster, R C Graham, Wm P Greenlee, J VY Harrison A J Harrison, Wm L HornbucklehBen E Lemmon, Boht T Littlejohn, II Larkerbrink, WIn McMa an, Geo N McMahan, C C Mitchel, A J Morgan, W C O'Rear, Jas H Parker, John Powelson, James Randall, 'rhos H Ryley, Thomas W Springer, J L Schofield, 00 Stockton, ~1anson Seamonds, Elie Truesdale, J J Taylor, E A Wiliiams.

DIl\!ITTED.-Ben E Lemmon, S L Borthick. DIED.-S L Craig.






Co.-Ohartered October 15,1868.

second and fourth Monday evening8 in each month. OFFIOERS.

G. R. Hunt, Master. A. W. Rogers, Sen. TiVarden\ .I. W .. Rogers, Jun. Warden. .J . P., Treasurer. ~T. R. Kelley, Seoretary.

Luke A. Port, Senior Deacon. N. H. Conklin, Jun. Deacon. T. James, Sfen. Steward.. G. W. Port, Jun. Steward. Wm. Sperling, Tyler.

MElVIBERS.-W P Asbury, C D Bancroft, W C Blakey, W H Bell, Wm Bradfield, L Collins, J M Cruce, L Cruce, N H Conk11n, Thos Claunch, John Davis, A W Douthit, L T Davis, J Q De Garmo, J E Douthit, Robt Dyre, Z H Emerson, J M Foster, C E Froman, Wm H Gillum, G R Hunt, J H Roux, J A Hall, J L




Hickman.t-,.J M Husted, T James, J R Kelley, Smith Keith, Wm M Kerr, l:S E Lauman, .Tos Laupheimer, J A McSpadden. W B :Moody A J McClellan, A A Moore, T C Marks, W 0 Ming, A H Osgood, W D Pinkston, N W Perry, Luke A Port G W Post, W C RO"wIand, Daniel Reutch, Geo Reiter, H D Rusoell, W M Ramsey, J L :Rogers A W Rogers, J W Rogers, Wm Sperling, Wm ShumStte J H Smith~ R B Snelling, W H Schroeder, J H B Thornton, rr P Turnbull, J l i Upton, A J V Wadell, D B Washington, S P Williams, Thos Westerfield, C F Whitehead, C C Woods) Jos Zoll. J

DIMITTED.-Samuel Price, E W Walton, M A Henry, Le\vis Burris, J B Simpson, W S Willcoxon, J M Baird, 1'hos Neil.


Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

Stated meetings, flrt5l Saturday after full ?noon in each month. OFFICERS.

c. C. Garth, Master. Jag. Brown, Sen. Warden. T. W. Garrard, Jun. Warden. Elleck Reed, Treasurer. A. W. Tapscott, Secretary.

Joshua Noel, Sen. Deacon. J. B. Clark, Jun. Deacon. Jno. Smith, Sen. Steward. Shelby Clark, Jun. Steward. Shelby Clark, Tylerr.

James Brown, C 13 Clark, Caleb Cox, Shelby Clark~ J B Olark, Ralph Clark, Sam W Crutcher, W L French, Thos W \,jarrard, C C Garth, H Glasscock, F L Hewett, G B Leachman, D A Maupin, Joshua Noeldas Reed, Elleck Reed, Thos Smith, John Smith, A W Tapscott,.tl A Todd, A G Turner, W C Vaudeviner, A C "VeIls, Ed Trabue, Jas Henly.






Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated Meetings, first and third F'ridays in each month. OFFICERS.

William A. Gibson, lJtfaster. Henry Silvester, Sen. Warden. Henry B. Butts, Jun Warden. oti$ Breden, Treasurer.

w. H. Woodward, Secreta1'"Y. John DilloD, S'ena Deacon. Edw Moon, Jun. Deacon. John C. Whitehead, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-G W Alexander, Joseph Al'kins, John B Banister Henry Baumer, John C Bigger, August Rohu, H B Butts, OtiS Breden, ,..Wm H Callender, Wm J Caml)bell, Michael Cook, J C Dowdle, John Dillon, L H Deprender, Robert De Jong, He Dunn J W Ellis, J M Elliott, J W Fitz, John W Flinthanl, 8 H Ford' Halke Frerichs, John Gallage!J..,. John L Ganzhorn Wm A Gibson' W H Gray, Rabt SHall, J M .tiarklerodes, Peter H Harmon, W Ii Haskell W H Helm, A E:trsh, Henry S Jenks, Wm Johnson, ED Jones, Alexander Kilpatrick, Peter Kloman, Henry Leidner, M Levy, L W Logan, P B Macshea, John Manchester, H L Metzger Edw Moon y John McBrine, A 0 Osborne, Jno R Parson, Wilha~ !( Patrick, R R Pierce, D W Pritchett, Geo H Reifensta~b,.B Samuels, J G Schmebly, Henry Silvester, Chas W Staples, william J Wainwright, Amos Waters, Chas H Wells, Jas M Wilson, John C Whitehead, H X Wright, W H Woodward. t

DIMITTED.-C Hanger, Wm F Vittingho:ff".




Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

'lneetings, Tuesday, 6 o'clock P. M., on of each 'lnoon.


bejo're the full


Arthur Borron, Master. Daniel Moody, Sen. Warden. Martin Attebery, Jun. Warden. E. M. Ford, Treasurer.

A. M. Attebery, Secretary. Z. Tate, Sen. Deacon. O. Chapman, Jttn. Deacon. J. W. Dabney, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Henry Abrams, A M Attebery, Martin Attebery, Wm E Attebery, Wm G Armstrong, Arthur Barron, Oliver Chapman, R Dunnington, E M Ford, Geo R Gooding, R P Gooding, Oliver Hatler, C M .Johnson, Francis Lister, Geo A Lyda, John S Lyda, E L Lyda, Isaac Lyda, Wm A Miles, Daniel Moody, N )! Moody, Robt Myers, J M Powell, R L Sharp, Jesse Tate, Zaohariah Tate.





LA ""VRENCE Co.-Chartered Oct. 15, 1868.

61tated meetings, first Saturday after the first full moon in each month. OFFICER8.

M. H. Gilliland, Master'. J. C. Stinson, Sen. Warden. Lewis Thomas, Jun. Warden. J&8. C. Morris, Treasurer. Wm. Gammon, Secretary.

Robt. Johns, Sen. Deacon. John W. Wilkerson, J. Deacon. Philip T. Fouse r Sen. Steward. Floid Box, Jun. Steward. Thomas Nickel, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Richard Buckner, Floid Box, Jefferson Brown, NelsonBingham, David Bullington, Jacob Cornwell, John Dunkle, Philip Fouse, William Gammon, William Garoutte, M H Gilliand, James Hollings,vorth, J H Hasting, Thomas Ingraham, James Johns, Robert Johns, BenjamIn Jones, James G Morris, Linsey Nickels, David Nickleson, Thomas Nickle, J W Nickle, James Nickle, Daniel Oldham, W W Spragins. DIMITTED.-J H Young, T Rose, F W J.Jaker.


Co.-Chartered October 18, 1868.

Stated 'lneeting, on or after the full moon in each month. OFFICERS.

Wm. H. Crensha,v, lJrIaster. Joshua H. Dryden, Sen. Warden. F. M. Birkhead, Jun. Warden. Wm. J. Magruder, Treasurer.

Samuel H. Thompson, ~/ecreta'rY. Beverley Duey, Sen. Deacon. David rr. KilIan, Jun. Deacon. John Bell, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-Johll M Anderson, Jacob 0 Allen, J H Alexander, Daniel Argent, John Bell, E B Birkhead, F M Birkhead,h W W 'Birkhead, J W Birkhead, W H Crenshaw, B J Cock, L T urume, Ino Crume, J H Dryden, Beverley Duey, G W Dawki~s, Nathaniel D~y, Jno Gentry, W H Godlove, B F Hardesty, WillIam Johnson, Dttvid Jewell, D'1' Killam, Wm E Kelley Marion Kirkham, Wm J Magruder, C W Martin, James Massie Jacob Tayior, George N Tarlor, Jno Tipton, Nathaniel Trescott, Samuel H r.rhompson, S T WISe. DIMITTED.-J

N Cartwell, Wm H Wise.





Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

S'tated meetings, Thursday night after each full moon. OFFIOERS.

Jno. Y. Fulbright, Master. J. E. Tifft, Sen. Warden. W. F. Dunn, Jun. Warden. J. M. Rountreee, T1路easurer. John B. Waddill, Secretary.

F. S. Jones, Sen. Deacon. E. A. Finney, Jun. Deacon. Thomas H. Cox, Sen. Steward. Alex. S. Carroll, Jun. Steward. S. H. Jopes, Tyler.

ME:MBERs.-James Baker J L Carson, Thos H Cox Hugh R Creighton, Alex S Carroll, R:B Chappell, W F Dunn, BE Dennis F A Everett, J Echelberry, John Y Fulbright, C A Finney, Sam'i FUlbri~ht, A 0 Fairchilds, H Fletcher, G T Farmer~John R Ferguson, r D Hudson, HE Havens, John L Holland J J Hastlngs, F S Jones, Julius Kassler, John G Myres, \;V I McGauhey, Charles B McAffee, John A Natrass, Bradford Norberry, John H Paln, B F Partridge, J M Rountree, J L Robberson..),...Wm Roberts~. . ::r A Sherwood, J E Tefft, S B Townsend, John B vv addUI, John waggoner, jr, Henry 0 Young, C C Clements, Duncan B Chambers. DI~{ITTED.-John G



October 15, 1863.

Stated Meetings, third Friday in each month. OFFIOERS.

D. H. Smith, Master.

E. F. Ward, Sen. Deacon. C. L. Martin, Sen. Warden. J. C. Thompson, Jun. Deaeon. B. G. Wilkerson, Jun. Warden. .Tohn Montgomery, ~ten. 8t6ward. E. R. Stevens, Treasurer. J. M. Offield, Jun. Steward. :T. H. Rice, Secretary. Peter Latch, Tyler.



455 •

MEMB~RS.-Johll E Barnes, E S Barrett, J R Barrett, F E Oravens, J F Chambers, A R Ellis, J M Fox, L S Florsheim, Geo A Gallie, Larise H Guild, Jas C Garrison, R J Gentry, M Henock, Thos Hackett, Howard B Hoge, John F Heard, James M Hickey, Ja~es 0 Ives, John Kullman, John M Kullmex t Geo R Lewis, M M Lampton, Charles L Martin, Henry Marigold, J l\rlontgomery, jr, A B McCoy, N W Mack, J M Offield, James 0 Perry, Jas M Rue, Geo W Ready, D H Smith, G A Sturgis, H C Smith, E R Stevens, H C Sinnet, Seth Stoughton. Augustus C Sterrett, A H Thompson, J C Thompson, G G Vest, B G Wilkerson" W Watson, Edward F Ward.

EXPELLED.-Adner H Bowell.


ST. CLAIR Co.-Chartered Oct. 15,1868, A. L.5868.

Stated meetings, Saturday in each month before the full moon. OFFIOERS.

s. 8. Burdett, Master. W. D. Graham, Sen. Warden. Henry Florsheiln, Jun. Warden. T. B. Sutherland, Treasurer. E. P. Bartlett, Secretary.

W. O. Mead, JSen. Deacon. Sylvester Faurot, Jun. Deacon. Thos. Amrine, Sen. Steward. S. D. Whitton, J. Steward. J. H. Thomas, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-S S Burdett, W D Graham, Henry ]"lorshelID, T B Sutherlansh. E P Bartlett, W 0 Mead, Sylvester Faurot, Thos Amrine, S D whitton, J H Thomas, Elias Dirney, DavId P Shield, Wm MCox, DC McNeil, John Dawson, R S Graham, Wm P Sheldon?..Geo Ryan, T W Johnston, Jas P Ryan, J P Lander, Wm A McCUlley, Wm Innes, H B Dixon, A D Pittenger S A Daniels, Z Lilley, Jno Barnett, R W Garnett, J R Hamm?nd, Peter Alli~­ Q&ugh, Lawrence Lewis, Ohas E Speddon, J W TItus, JnoE LeWIs, 1as H Outhwaite, RIchard Fortune, James Baumgarden, Jno Ferguson, T H Wright.

DIMITTED.-H K Miller, Samuel Terry. EXPELLED.-Thomas B Nay. DIED.-James F Boswell.





Co.-Chartered October 15 1868. 3

Stated Meetings, Thursday on or before the full moon? and two weeks thereafter in each month. OFFICERS.

W. P. Moore, Masie1'. Isaac Dean, Sen. Warden. James L. Johnson, Jun. Warden. Wm. A. Singleton, Treasurer.

James R. Ferri!, S'ecretary. Jas. N. Anderson, Sen. Deacon. Chas. H. Lamar, Jun. Deacon. Milton Veach, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James N Antlerson~ Thomas Adams, Cornelius Anderson, John P Baughman, Francis M Bur~e, Michael N Corcoran .Joseph Cox, Isaac Dean, Andrew J Dean, ~idney H Dean, Ezekiel Downing, Wm Downing, Reuben D Davis, Edw W Edgar, John F Farra, James R Ferrill, James H Hatfield, James L Johnson, Chas H Lamar, Wm P Moore, John S Newton, Aurelius Owen, John W Osborn, Chas Raffington, William A Singleton, William B Smith, Milton Veach, John Veach. DIMITTED.-A

E Bell, James H Key.


(Arrow Rock Post-office), October 15, 1868.



Stated meetings, Wednesday on or before the full ?noon in e'tah ?nonth. O]~FICERS.

B. J. Orear, Ma8ter. R. H. Willis, Sen. Warden. A. Jackson, Jun. Warden. D. P. Meng, Treasure')路. P. E. Orear, Secretary.

W. R. McLane, Sen. Deacon. A. J. Allison, Jt~n. Deaeon. Joseph Gorrel" Sen. Steward. E. R. Boyd, Junior Stetoard. J. R. Marshall, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-A J Allison, Adolphus Andrews, John Aldridge, E R Boyd, Vanmeter Briscoe, F A Combs, Nathan M Corbin, J'ohnJ" Daws, Joseph Gorrell, George M Jamison, Andrew Jackson, R W Hickman, W R McLane, Jas R Marshall, Dewilton P Meng, J R Mann, Henry W Ne~ B J" Orear, P E Orear, Peter T Reynolds, Robert H Willis, William M Walker. DIMITTED.-E

C McOarty, J H Jameson, H T BarIles..





J-Statecl Meetings, first

Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.


evening on or before full moon.


Jehiel C. StevenE>Oll, lJIaster. Alonzo H. Hale, Sen. lVarden. Samuel R. Estle, J' Warden. John ~{. Rowden, Treasurer.

Thomas Crawford, S"ecreta1~Y. Ed. B. Crawford, Sen. Deacon. Thomas Dunlap, Jun. Deacon. Thomas McGill, Tv ler.

MEMBERs.-Robert Carr, F J Catchings B E Crawford, Thomas Crawford, Thos Dunlap, John Dunkin, S It Estle, D M Goldsby, H A Hale, ,Tohn Hamelton, D W Holona, K D Holton, G A Henry, E John Laffaon7..-.Drury Laffoon, Benj Milligan, Thos McGill, James Motherall, N ..Iii Peyton, C J stevenson, Peter Sprase. DIJ\!ITTED.-John

H Rice.


CAssCo.-Chartered October 15, 1868.



T. F. Shortridge, .lJtfaster. - - - - Sen. Warden. J. D. Compton, Jun. Warden. Wm. Buckley, Treasurer.

Lysander West, Secreta1路y.

'r. F. Allison, Sen. Deacon.

J. S. Halcomb, Jun. Deacon. H. ~I. Halcomb, Tyler.

MEHBERS.-T F Allison, E R Ashby, H N BUllock, J M C BUllock,:J M Bowles, L W Burdett, E Buckley, Wm Buckley, Wm Baker, J D Compton, S B Clark, E Dept, M L Greathouse, A C Greathouse, A Garl, B F Herriford, J" S HalcoDlb, H M Halcomb, J Horn, M Helterbrand, R M Jones, J M Noble, J H Page, T F Shortridge, D Tabor, J H Van Hoy, Lysander West, A S Wallice.. DIMITTED.-D

B Heath, Wm



W Sholl.


Pendleton, Wm Benton.





A VILLA, JASPER Co.-Chartered October 15, A. D. 1868, A. L. 5868. ~/tated

meetings, Sfaturday evening beJo1·e or on the full moon oj each month. OFFICERS.

Noah lVIyers, Master. Oharles Marquis, JSfen . Warden. .facob H. Ulmer, Jun Warden. Josephus Kelly, Treasurer. D. B. Rives, Secretary.

Joseph Malugin, Sen• .Deacon. Jas. R. Caldwell, Jun. Deacon. Reubin Whitwell, Sen. Steward. W. B. Malugin, Jun. Steward. Thos. S. Kelly, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Noah Myers, Charles Marquis, J"acob H Ulmer, Jo.. sephus Kelly, D B Rives, Joseph 1\'Ialugin, Janles R Caldwell Reuben Whitwell, W B Malugin, Thos S Kelly, Robert Adams, A Bryant, B J Cooper, Seth Cone, Furness Fisher, Elijah Griffeth .r J Gulick, John Gowing, John K GIbson, Wm B Hamilton, John Hogler, Cyrus Horton, S G Hawkins, David Hunter) Jno B Higdon, .Tones L Hagler, Justus Hall, Thomas S Jones, Wm C Langston, E P Linzee, M P McDaniel, John D Patton, Joseph Probert, WmR Stemmons, W F Stemmons, Thos J Stemmons, John C Shaffer, Van L Tarter, Robert Toler, John Vele, Eli Wells, Jas Wilson, Enoch Oliver, Linzee Hagler, Samuel Long.


Co.-Chartered October 15, A. D. 1868.

fJtatecl 1neeting8, Frida,Y evening on or before the full moon itl

each month. OFFIOERS.

E. John Worth, lrIaster. William Thomas, Sen. lrVarden. David lYIcGee, Jun. lVarden. James lV1. Gentry, Treasurer. Jno. H Davidson, Secretary.

Joshua Hartzell Sen. Deacon. Wm. S. Swicegood, Jun. Deacon. Jas. B. Brent, Sen. Steward. Jas. S. Hill, Jun. Steward. Lyman W~ Stilts, TyZer. •

MEl\iBERs.-James B Brent, Edwin Cobb, Henry H Cobb, G n Cassels, Jno H Davidson, Alfred L Davidson; David M Daugherty, William Flesher, Marmeduke E Ferguson, James ~I Gentry, Elzephaniah Green, Joshua Hartzell, Jas S Hill, Philip H Lac.w DaVId McGee, Ransom Raomond, Lyman W Stilts, David ti

.Appendix. Smith.J~.,.Willianl


Thomas, Tapley Thomas, WIn S SWicegood, E

John warth. DIED.-Alvis Cobb.


Co.-Chartered October 15, 18G8.

Stated Meetings, Wednesday on or before eachfull moon. OFFICERS.

w. R. Culley, Sfen. Deacon.

o. C. Morro,v, Master. R. I. stone, Sen. Warden. John Bro,vn, Jun. Warden. R. L. King, Treasurer. T. J. Wright, Secretary.

Geo. Eppright. Jun. Deacon. K. Farr, Sen. Steward. J. W. Cleland, Jun. )..~teward. W. W. Cover, Tyle1". ~T.

MEMBERs.-John Brown, Enoch Barnulll, S L Borthick, W R Culley,-! I Culley, W W Cover, JW Cleland, R Cecil, Geo Eppright, IVl P Foster, J K Farr, J J Graham, S C Graham, W Hogan, RL King, C C Morrow, BE McVey, M G Mullins, M H Moon, J B Morrow,jr, D M Raker, R I Stone, S Stone, G H Sack, J K Sluder, T JWright. DIMITTED.-G

W Mcl{ee, J H McCann, A J Dunham.




Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

J.~tated meeting,(j,

the first Saturday, at 2 o'clock P. lJ-f., after the .full moon, except it full8 on Saturday. OFFICERS.

H. S. Jacobi, Master. A. Bowles, Sen. Warden. Wm.. Stetthem, J. Warden. W,m. L. Pipkin, T'reas. J'no. R. Vandover, SeC1"'etary.

rr. S. Long, Sen. Deacon. S. T. Vandover, Jun. Deacon. Wnl. Barnett, Sen. Steward. Juo. McDaniel, Jun. Steward. I? Wehmeyer, T.yler.




MEMBERs.-Anderson Bowles, W S M Barnett, Thos Byrns Thos Hawkins, T F Hegge, H S Jacobi, Thos S Long, M D Lewu,' John McDaniel, C McMIllon, Christian Marshall, Wm L Pipkin 13 H Sale, Wm Stetthem, H F Steinhauer, E J Thurman, Samuel T Vandover, Jno R Vandover, Caleb B Vandover, Larkins 'Villiams Leonidas VVilSOll, S R Woods, J R Williams, F Wehnleyer, J M Downer. Bowles, M C HIldebrant, T lVI Cobb, Tho8


Lewis, Thos Delann.


ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered October 13, A. D. 1868, A. D. 5868.

A.~ttafecl 'lneetirngs,




o.f each IJJ1onth~


F. M. Wotke, Jfaster. Alexander Suss, Sen. Warden. H. H. Smith, Jun. Warden. Charles Taussig, Treasurer.

S. E. Mandlebaum, Secretary. Gustavus Fisher, Sen. Deacon. Louis J Singer, Jun. Deacon. S. Van Graafeiland, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-A G Abbott, Charles Bayha, Moses Block, Louis Duestrow, G SEnseI, Gustavus Fisber, Geo ~I Flchtenkam, Wm Frank, Joseph R Friend, J N Heintz, John F Johnson, August Krieckhaus, Robert Lyle, S E Mandlebaunl, Wm Roever, Rainer Rattinger, Alexander Suss, Sunderland G Sears, Louis J Singer, Emil Seenlan, H H Smith..;. G B Stroup, Chas Taussig, Wm Tipton, S Van Graafeiland, F M \Votke, H W Wissmann, J F Ziseman'h~

DIED.-Frank P Preussle.





STOCKTON, CEDA.R Co.-Chartered October 15,1868. Stated 1feetings, Thursday evening before the full moon in each Inonth, except it fulls on Thursday, then on that day and e'pery two weeks thereafter. OFFIOERS.

Hardy J. Church, lJIaster. George R. Corbin, ,Sen. Warden. James A. Cogle, Jttn. Warden. WIlliam C Church, Tre(J.,8~(;rer.

Wm. D. Hoff, Secretary. Wm. C. Montgomery, 8. Deacon. James M. Jackson, Jun. Deacon. William Hulstolle, Tyler.

MEl\'IBERs.-Abel J Bacou, John Baker, Jas M Bell, George A Brown, James T Bufford, Shadrach Chandler, WIlliam C Church, Hardy J Church, Abram :LV[ Church, Dennis H Connaway, Jalnes A Cagle, George R Corbin, Tholl1aS crook.;, John Crisp, Frallcis Dunnegan, Thomas S Durham, Janles F J:carris, Tho1l1as B Graham, James B Harris, William D Hoff Henry Hubbard, James M Huffman, William Hulstone, Samuel W How, Jefferson Jackson, James M Jackson, David W Martindale, William Montgomery, Abner B Mackey, William S McCoy, Rookins R Moore, WIllialn C :Montgomery, Alexander C Montgomery, Jas K Nichols, J"eremiah R Owen, William B Perry, Ed'\vard C Peters, Isaac Rains, John E Ross, Jno Rutledge, Riley Sherrill, Jordan B Sellers, W N Sellars, l\1arloll Swingle, Charles S Younger, Silas H Willis. DIMITTED.-Charles R Cox.




Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

Stated lrIept1n(J8, ge,cona and fourth

James Early, ."JIaste1路. t>aniel Cox, Sen. Wa1"den. John Costin, Jun. "JtVarden. A. C. Hillsabeck, Treasu1"e1". Gideon Rathbun, Siec?"etary.

A..~latuJrdaY8 of

eacll 'lnonth.

Wln'l B. Yates, JSen. Deacon. Henry Fatig, Jun. Deacon. 'rhos. L. Davidson, 8. Steward. George Trunlp, J. ~iteward. "VV111. H. Jenkins, Tyler.

ME:M:BBRs.-Daniel Cox, Jalnes W Curry, John Costin, ThoInas L DaVidson, C R Dawson, James Early, Henry Fatig, A T Frakes,




J A Fletchall, W J Gibson, A C Hillsabeck W H Jenkins, W D Latham, John Linginpelter, J M Marlo"::t.9" Rathbun, J T RichaI~d­ son, Sidney Schran, Geo Trump, Jacob winemiller, Wm B Yates.


Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated meetings, Sat'ltrday before the f1.tll moon in each 'Jnonfh. OFFICERS.

John J. Enyart, lrIaste1". William Adams, JSen. Deacon. Nathaniel Glaze, Sen. lVarden. P. M. McPlletridge, Jun. Deacon. George W. Flint, Jun. TVarden John C. Glaze, ~fen. Ste7.va1'>d. Gabriel Feurt, Treasurer. Gideon Smith, Jun. Steward. N. B. Brown, Secreta/rYe vVm. H. Brown, Tyle r /


ME~IBERs.-Jno Arnlstrong, ElIjah H Atkins, William Adams, James T Allen, N B Brown, WIn H Brown, l\{ M Coffey, Robert Dixon, John J Enyart, Geo W Flint, Gabriel Feurt, Thos J Flint, William F Flint, Nathaniel Glaze, George Glaze, John C Glaze, Henry ~W Githens, Henry S Gipson, Robert A Handy, Paris M McPhitridge, Hiram Morgan, Gideon Snlith, Thomas .r Taylor, Colmore H Welden, Felix Wild, J B Robertshaw.


C Heartman, William Woodyard.


CEDAR Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated Meetings, Saturday evening before the full moon, in every month, and on Saturday every two 'lveeks thereajte/r. OFFICERS.

J. R. Willits, Master. O. B. Wilkinson, Sen. Warden. A. Vandenbergh, Jun Wa~·den. A. Newby, Treasurer. A. N. Wallace, Secretary.

J. C. Bourland, Sen. Deacon. John Kelly, Jun. Deacon. Wm. Ackaron, Sen. Steward. E. P. Ford, Jun. Steward. J. M. Sitton, Tyler.




ME:MBERS.- Wm Ackaron, A Allder~on, J C Bourland, .J C Baker A Barter, A J Culbertson, W 0 Culbertson, Chas Cox, H C French E P Ford, C P Feris, J M Guttridge, G W Huseltol1, A Johnsoh J Kelly, J rr Lancaster, J T Moore, B F McKiney, J A Neafus WT Neighbors, A Newby, J Pottsz-R Parks, J W Prowel, Wm Ringo, J C Roberts, A M Smith, W '~. Shaw, J M Sitton, A Vandenbergh, A N Wallace, .J R Willits, 0 B Wilkinson, D E young, Jas Young. DIl\I:ITTED.-S

P Collins.


Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

Stated Meetirngs, second and fourth T'ttesday oj each rnonth. OFFICERS.

J. W. Barrett, Secretary. H. S. Turner, Sen. Deacon. E. Craft, Jun. Deacon. M. Giegerich, Tyler.

L. R. Lorkwood, lrJaster. E. P. Manzey, Sen. lVarden. W. S. Griffin, J'Ltn. lVarden. Ed. L. Smith, Treasurer. MEMBERS.-J

W Barrett, Jas H Blair, E Craft, H D Cromwell,

}Iartin Giegerich, W S Griffin, 0 F Guthin, J P Hamptont!ames :M Holt, Jno T Lewis, L R Lockwood, E P Manzey, Chas lV.Lartin,

John Oethe, J H Pendergrass, L M Piner, J F Schulz, Jno A Schi-

ftch, Ed T Smith, N C Staples, L B Smart, H S Turner.




Co.-Chartered October 15, A. D. 1868, A. L. 5868.

Stated ltfeetin{js, lVednesday on or before full rnoon in each month. OFFICERS.

J~hn W. Snyder, j}faster. Ephraim Dent, Sen. Warden. Samuel Dent, Jun. rVarden. Wm. H Liggett, Treasurer. MEMBERS.-W

Charles Kroff, Secretary. John A. Morton, Sen. Deacon. Eli rr. Rhea, Jun. Deacon. Charles C. Snyder, Tyler.

J Allard, J A Cottrell, Jacob Cossairt, Napoleon

SDavis, Ephraim Dent, Samuel Dent, E F Halbert, S W Holland,




A M Huffman, J _t\. Huffman, Wm B Hill, rrhOluas Johnson Chas Kro:tf, E J Kendall, W H Liggett, John ,A. Morton, Ethan P~:x:ton Eli T Rhea, John 'V Snyder, WIn J Snyder, Chas C SnYder 0 rl Snyder, L J Tatum. 7 DIMITTED.-Samuel Meller.

DIED.-Thomas S Morgan.


Co.-Chartered Octobor 1H, 186b.

;S'tated j[eetings, second and fourth lfctl71/rdaV 8 in eae!t 1'nonth. OFFICERS.

Benj. F . Recoru&, ltlaster. David L. Wilhoit, Sen. Warden. Wm. L. Sparl{s, Jun. Warden. Wm. H. Trimble, Trea8ure~". Stephen D. Williams, S'ecreta1'y.

Wm. Duncan, t/en. Deacon. James M. Morris, Jun. Deacon. rrhos. D. Matthe"\vs, 15/. f>'teward. Janles Wade, J~tn. ~'te1!Jarcl. David Gentry, T.v1er.

MEMBERS.-S N Burns, 0 B Clause, W C Corum Jacob Creek, Wm Duncan, Thos B Ecton, David Gentry, Thos A lIarsen, Jas M Morris, Thos D Mathews, Jas M Osborn, G W Owens, .1. \. W Peterman, B F Records, L VReed, J H Sydenstricker, Wm L Sparks, Daniel A Stout, D G Sims, vVm H Trimble, J110 W Williams, S D Williams,D L Wilhoit, Jas Wade.

DIMMITTED.-Jas IvI Wilhoit..


October 15, 5868.

Stated meetings, Saturday before the full moon. OFFICERS ..

James T. Laughlin, Master. John E. Henry, ~ten. lVarden. Cieero A. Lewis, Jun. lVarden. George A. Chappel, Trea8urer.

G. S. Stafford, Secretary. Baht. M. Laughlin, Sen. Deaa()llrr;.. Elias Johnston, Jttn. Deacon. J. S. Raine, Tyler.

MElt'.tBERs.-Marclls L Chappel, George A Chappel, Benjamin F Cowley, Benjamin A Fleshman, Hezakiah Foree, George GoultYt




P F Hamilton, Elias Johnstol1~J T Laughlin, R M Laughlin, John E Henry, Cicero A Lewis, John Ma~on, Jalnes W Miller, J G )Iorey Joseph S Raine, James A St Clair,G S Stafford, Daniel Webb~r, Conrad Williams.


Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated n~eeting8, 'l'uesdayevenin.g on or before the full



John 'V. Lee, Master. A. P. White, ;Sfen . Deacon. :fIenry R. Parsons, Sfen. lVarden. John R. Bo,ven, Jun. Deacon. David Bly, Jun. Warden. Lorenzo T yhursh, lIen. Steward. Philip B. Linville, TreasurelJ'. John A. Stander, Jun. Steward. Benjamin Bowen, Secretary. Marion Atkinson, Tyler.

MEl\IBERS.-Josiah Andersoll, vVm Atkinson, Marion Atkinson, P GH Barnett, Wm M Beal, David Bly, Benjamin Bowen, Jno R Bowen, jr, Ed J Brown, D E Browning, Samuel Cheatelll, WIn D Fulton, George Fink, Wn1. C Hillis, Thad K Holt, Jas Herryford, Stephen L Horseman John P Jack, P B Linville, James W Lyon, Jesse Long, Stephen Lyon, John W Lee, John Miller, B F O'Brien, JHPettit, Henry R Parsons, John A Stander, C G Shoot, Wm J Slaughter, Thos T Taylor, Loreno Tyhurshz..lohn Vannattan, E V Wilson, S M Wirt, Wm H vVyatt, Chas W W heeler, A P White. DIMITTED.-James English, Wm E Edens.


Co.-Chartered October 15, A. D. 1868.

State-d ?neetings, Thursday evening on or before the full moon in each month, and every two weeks thereafter. OFFICERS.

J. W. Dunn, Master. Marcellus Pyle, Sen. Wa1"den. Wm. B. Smedley, J. Warden. J. W. Wade, Treasurer.

vV. O. Grier, Secretary. L. M. Timmonds, Sen. Deacon. Daniel G. Steidley, Jun. Deacon. Lewis Nigh, Tyler.

MEHBERs.-John K Anderson, James T Bandy, Zachariah BM:er, Godfrey F Burkhart, Allen Cockrell, Geo G Cunningham,





~ EIDery Q

COlldict, .T \V Dunn, Albert A Dye, Wm H De Long G W Dunn, John Elsea, Wtu C Grier, Azro Howell, Joseph Little (leo 1\1 Lamkins, Ja111eS Maupen, N E McCutcheon, L P Morrison' IJe\vis Nigh, J\larcelllls Pyle, Cortez F Ro.bertson, Alex Swartz' Henry E Staples, Joseph D SmithrwR G Steldley, Wm B Smedley' J.J M Timmonds, Wm Thomas, J w Wade, D D Wills, Jas Zook' John H Griffith. '


Stated }rfeeting8,

Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.


on or before full moon.


Geo. R. Hudspeth, Maste1'. Geo. M. Roper, Sen. lVa1"den. vv. M. Warnington, J. TVarden. Jalnes Haggard, Trect8ttrer.

Dan'l T. Dodson, Secretary. John H. Smith, Sen. Deacon. A. J. Shelton, Jun. Deacon. Stephen R. Beasley, Tyler.

MEJ\11BERs.-George vV Attwood, Nimrod P BunCh, Stephen R Beaseley, Jas M Braden, Phillip Borger, E W Cheek, D T Dodson, .John J Driven, Jas 0 P Edmondson, Thos Goathy, JOB L Gardner Geo R Hudspeth, .Tas Haggard, A G Hudspeth, vVm R Moore: IJewis D Osborn, Dan'l Prigmore, Chas Pettit, Jno N Renfro, Geo 1\'1 Roper, I TReed, John A Smith, A J Shelton, A C Shelton, Wm P Simmons, Hiram A Smith, Gilbert Schooling, A S TilleV.J...~am'l 'r Vititolo, Wm M Wornington, Jno H Wooldridge, J08 B" woods, R E Wornington, Jos W Young.




Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

;Sftated rneetlngs, fJ"aturday evening on or before the full moon of each month.


'Deville P. Ballard, Jrfaster. Henry S. Buzick, Sen. Warden. John Schrautz, Jun. Warden. Ed,vard Gillis, Treasure?路. ~E

Wm. Hoblitzell, Secretary.. N. Browning, Sen. Deacon. G. M. Dodge, Jun. Deacon. Mark Strickler, Sen. ~1tewar(j.

M:El\{BE~s.-Devild P Ballard, Henry S Buzick, John Schramm, Gillis, Wm Hoblitzell, Napoleon Browning, Gilbert M Do6Jge,




Mark strickler, Samuel Lee, Barry Meek, tJriah Blair, Eugene NGunn Hamilton Dill,:CalviIl Schultz, Thos Secrest, Eli Meek, Wm J Mar'shall, M D Merritt, Levi Dodge, A J Williams, Mortimore Houstin, John D Fields, Alfred Garrett, John W Bridgman, L B Irwin, S Parish, W R Nelson F W A Blood, L F Welch, John A Buckhanon, Oharles Lamark, W H H Mayfield, Goodnlan Irwin, Geo L Nickelson, A H King, Stanfield Shird.


Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

Stated Meetirngs, first and third Saturday evenirngs in each month. OFFIOERS.


G. Hickcox, lJ-Iaster. Jack T. Smith, Sen. Warden. Jackson Bruce, Jun. Warden. Robt. S. Martin, Treasurer. Lewis Reed, Secretary.

J. A. Pendarvis, ~fen. Deacon. Ransonl Green, Jun. Deacon. Marion Marshall, Sen. Stewafrd. H. H. Hudson, Jun. Steward. Lewis M. Ingli6h, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-N ero C Alexande!". Jackson Bruce, Richard Bruce, Moten Bruce, Henry B Carlos, .tiiliard D Carlos, Warren Compton, M Duncan, Ransom Green, John Gatchet, C G Hickcox, N I? Hildebrand, Robert Holt, H H Hudson, Andrew Hornback, Le\vis Mlnglish, J V Johnson.t....!ohn Maupin, Robt S Martin, Marion Marshall, John Moore WID l\tI M 1"Iiller, J A Pendervis Le\viH Reed, Aaron Redford, H Roland, Jack T Srnith, Jas M Shipley,


A M Thompson, Washington Wood, Mike Wells, John Kenne)", Samuel Sherman.


ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

Stated lJIeetin~g8, .fi1'"~~t and third Tlle,,;day,q in each Jnonth. OFFICERS.

B. J. Bristol, Master. ...~. B. M. Thompson, Sec'y. George W. Gore, Sen. Warden. M. L. Gerould, Sen. Deacon. F. B. Howe, Jun. Warden. L. F. Bompart, Jun. Deacon. Ohas. Knight, Treasurer. John A. Tackett, Tyler. ME1tIBERs.-Fred MAnderson, B.J Bristol, I.~ouis F Bonlpart., John H Bowen, Chas T Daniel, WIn Elrod, Geo 'V Gore, 1\1: IJ Gt r -




li!ould, F B Howe, Sam'l Hall, Horace Holton, Ch-as Knight P l\[ Meade, Jas McCausland, Henry L Sutton, Chas B Tackett, ' Joll. A Tackett, H J "\Villis. DIXITTED.-A



Stated meetings,


Co.-Chartered October 15, 1868.

evening on or before each full moon. OFlfIOERS.

Jno. G. Huff; Master.

.T. W. Cecil, Secretary.

W. B. Epps, Sen. Warden. Geo. W. Huff, ,Tun. Warden. Abner Armstrong, Treasurer.

W. M. Vanzardt, Sen. Deacon. Jno. M. Winsett, Jun. Deacon. Wm. Hodges, Tyler.

}IE~IBERs.-Abner Armstrong, Hanibal Armstrong, Solomon Albright, Sampson Bass, C W Barnwell, M S Bailey, W C CarIn, J W Cecil, W B Cowden, W Cranfor<!,. N A Cowden, Isaac Dwire Samuel Dishman W B Epps, J P .t<'ullerton, J"no G Huff; G W Ruff, B F Huff, George Hoover, Wm Hodges, Jas C Hurd, James Lane, B T Potter, W H Pipkin, David Moone, George Reid, W 1\{ Vanzandt, D H Webster, Jno M Winsett, R R Wftmmock.


Co.-Chartered October 15, A. D. 1868, A. 1.1. 5868.


J.,'ltated meetings, Wednesday night on 01~ before the .full moon in rach month. OFFICERS.

James H. Rider, lffaster. Stephen A. Calvert, S. Warden. Fred., F. Dickman, J. rVarden. Robert Fisher, Treasurer.

James M. Rider, Sec1路etury. Joseph B. Stephens, S. Deacon. Uriah Stratton, Jun. Deacon. Thomas B. Lawrence, Tylerr.

MEMBERS.-William C Talley, Stephen A Calvert, James H Rider, Thomas B Lawrence, Frederick Ii'" Dicknlau, Uriah Stratton, Leli E Whybaclr, Edward HUbbard.. Samuel W Whyback, Joseph




B stephens, James M Rider, Anderson Plunkitt, Robert Fisher, Nathaniel N Greell, Daniel M Dana, John Branch, Benjamin Thornburgh, Lewis Martin, R B MrGlasson, .Tohn Roberts, George W Tallent.


Co.-Chartered October 15,1868.

Stated Meetings, First and Third :Jfondays in each ?rl.onth. OFFICERS.. Asa Maddox, Master.

Geo. C. Banta, Sen. Deacon. J. R. Horder, Sen. Warden. J. S. Lewis, Jun. Deacon. C. A. Carpenter, Jun. Warden. Wm. Tobner, Sen. Steward. c. H. Vincent, Treasurer. vVm. Lambader, Jun. Steward. D. A. N. Grover, J..'?ecretary. - - --, Tyler. MEJ.\tIBERS.-G C Banta, C A Carpellter,Wm D Clark, S B Calliflower, Byron E Dye, DAN Grover, John Gair, Narcisus Guthie!J. J R Horder, Saln H Hicks, Thos Haslet, Phillip Johns, C ..t1 KnICkerbocker, Wm Lambader, J S Levvis Asa Maddox, EM McGee, J E McKenzie, Chas Neimeyer, D H: Porter, Alfred Swain, G Schaefer, Wm Tobner, C H Vinein, .las M Ward, H R Woodley.


Co.-Chartered October 1.5, 1868.

A.Sftated rneetings, 8atttrday before

each full moon.


David M. Jamison, 111aster. Spencer Marlin, Sen. Warden. John R. Jamison, Jun. lVarden. John M. Warden, Treasurer. Rufus Philips, Secretary.

David G. Gourley, ~1en. Deacon. Juo. H. McAlphin, Jun. Deacon. William Martin, Sen. Steward. J. T. Drumheller, Jun Steward. .John E . Haynes, Tyler.

MEM:BERs.-Edward M Cheek, Thonlas Cossey, Noall Cotten, T Drumheller, Harrison Elsby, Gabriel Forkner, DavId G Gourley, Preston J Graver, Jas E Hollis, Jno E Haynles, Nathaniel Harris, John M Hunt, August Hoeting, George A "Ho,v6tton, David M Jameson, John R JamesoD 1 William F Jameson, Ed~ardDay, Jas




Jas K Jameson, Garsham B Jones, Eli W Jones Joel F Johnson John King, Samuel J Latimer, Spencer Marlin, Wm Marlin, JoluI H McAlphin, L T Mayfield, Andrew M Patrick, Rufus Philips John Rice, Abram Shook, John Triplett, James W Tindle, Joseph C Warden, John M Warden. DIMITTED.-James Marlin.


Co.-Chartered October 15,


Stated Meetings, .ti1路8t Saturday evening after full moon. OFFICERS.

Ephraim Myers, Master. Evander Agee, Sen. Warden. James F. Davis, Jun .. Warden. James S. CurtiR, Treasurer. R. G. Hubbard, ~fecretary.

William Blagg, Sen. Deacon. C. C. Baker, Jun. Deacon. G. W. Blagg, Sen. Ste1.vard. H. M. Carver, Jun. Steward. J. A. Hall, Tyler.

MEl\IBERs.-Evander Agee, C C Baker, Wm Blagg, G W Blagg, J H Blagg, F M Blagg S C Broderick, W F Brooks, J B Barllles, J S Curtis, H M Carver, Francis Conlin, W T Conlin, J F Davis, J K P Graves, :R G Hubbard, J W Haughtelling, J A Hall, John Lani~g, John Moore,-J S Mille~... ~_phraim Myers, Reuben Morris, Wm H Russell, J E l:tobbison, .tl H Snoderly, James Stonehocker, Judson Dyer.


Co.-Chartered October 15,5868,

Stated meetings, Friday before full moon and everry two weekI thereafter. OFFIOERS.

Dewitt C. Hunter, Master. Wm. H. Taylor, Sen. Deacon. Sheldon A Wight, Sen. Warden. Wm. W. Hill, Jun. Deacon. David W. Mitchel, Jun. Warden.Oscar M Nilson, Sen. Steward.. Hiram L. Tillotson, Treasurer. Thos. H. Austin, Jun. S'teward Henry L. Hunter, Secretary. Henry Drake, Tyler.




MEMBERS.-Thos H Austin, R I Alexander, J D Arnlstrono' Silas Allison, J H Blake, W G Bryan, Albert Badger, R A Baugh~ an W H Blanton, Albert Churchill, H Clay Cogswell, J N B Dodso~ L B Denman, Henry Drake, John B Eidson, John Emeric A \v Edwards, Edw Fishpool, Chas Ford, S B Gordon, Nathal{ Godfrey, Dewitt C Hunter, SCHall, H L Hunter, David Hagan Joshua Hytower, Wm W Hill, J 8 Hatton, J E Hording Wm i Howell, Alex James, Wm I James, Harvey Karns, Willis P King A I Langacre, James Linn, R W McNiel, Wm ModreI, D vi ~fitchel, J08 Moore, G S Marks,:.......R M McNielz..... William McGinnis J H Nelson, 0 M Nelson, Wm w Prewitt, B .t'yle, A R Patterson' A A Pitcher V C Quick, Peter Rexrode, J H Rigna, J M Smith' John Scott, Chas R Scott7"....W H Taylor, Peter Teel, H L Tillotson: 8 H Thompson, Wm W vaughan, S A Wight, H A Wight, J M WIlson, J P Wright, Jas White, Henry White, Morgan Williams, WmW Warren. DIED.-John Brockman, Jas P Maxey, John S McNiel, Nathan MHarding.


LITTLE BLACK, RIPLEY COUNTY.-Chartered October 12,1869.

Stated meetings, first and third Saturdays in each fJnonth. OFFIOERS.

James '1\ Adams, Master. Thos. H. Gardner, Sen. Warden. W. W. Hutchinson, J. Warden. John R. Hughson, Treasu'rer.

James D . Dennis, JSecreta'ry. Fleming W. Hall, JSfen. Deacon. Alfred Wyatt, Jun. Deacon. Sandy A. Cope, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-James T Adams, Lawrence Brasher Sandy A Cope, Jas D Dennis, Thos H Gardner, Fleming W Hall, 1no R Hughson, Wm J Huson, Wm W Hutchinson, Jackson Ivey, David S Lo,v, Jesse N Low, E F McKinney, Jas V Oates t David 0 Oates, Isaac W Pennington, Wm H Rife, Thos G Welel1, A B Conley, Alfred Wyatt.






COUNTY.-Charterecl October 12,1860.

8tated meetings, Second and Fourth


Of each rnonth.


Wm. T. Carothers, :ftIaster. Chas. R. Chinn, Sen. Warden. Geo. B. Moore, Jun. Warden. 'V. J. Lodge, Treasurer. Jacob E. J\tlann, Secreta/rYe

Warren Houghtoll, ~/en. Deacon. D. M. McAfee, Jun. Deacon. R. L. Jones, JSfen. Steward. J. R. McCartney, JMn. Steward. H. C. Cross, Tyle'r.

MEMBERs.-Hesediah Bradley, Myron H Balcom, J R Clark C R Chinn, Wm T Carothers, Henry C Cross, A T Chinn, Rhodes Davis, Wm Davis, Warren Gaskill, Andrew ,T Hilton, I N Hill 'Vm B Huntsberry, John Jacobs, R D Jones, "\V J Lod~e, Jno Ii McCartney, D M McAfee, Geo B Moore, J E Mann, F U Oakley Samuel Patton, Wm Shale, S C Tooley, Jno B Willian1cs. 1


Co.-Chartered October 12, 1860. OF]'ICEI~S.

]\ De Wint, Maste1 S. Denton, Jun Warden.

B. B. Gaither,






Co.. -Chartered October 12,1869.


o. N. P. Ledford, Master.

Henry C. Wellman, J. lVardeu.

Wm. Harris, Sen. Warden.




Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.


R. A. Hewitt, Master. Ira Brown, Sen. Warden.

T. W. Ro&e, Jun. Warden.





Co.-Chartered October 12, 18BO.

Stated J拢eetings, S'atu'rday after the full moon in each '/nonth. OFFICERS.

Wm. A. Donaldson, Master路. A. P. Craven, Sen. Warden. J. R. Kincaid, Jun. Warden. Alfred Kincaid, T'reasurer.


W. Craven, fiecreta1'y. A. D. Clark, Sen. Deacon. J. S. Barbee, J'Ltn. Deacon.. R . A. Elliott, Tyler.

MEMBERS.-J S Barbee, W L Barbee, Jno Brown, A P Craven,

A D Clark, H J Clark, S W Oravenrt W A Don aId SODJ-. R A Elliott, J D Gant, D D Gant Jackson lilasscock, H C '-Xordon, G S HamI!ton, John .roiner, J R Kincaid, Alfren Kincaid, A C KIncaid,

J A Kincaid, A T J\tloffitt, James McAdams, D GRoss, W Russell, G W Russell, Wm S Ross, James R Ross, Thos Shimmin,,;, Henry Slack, D D Taylor, G J Vanbebber, H C Wallace, John C Brown, Isaac J Henry.


Co . -Chartered October 12, 1869..

Stated meetings, Monday evening on or- before the j'lfJll moon in, each month. OFJj"'ICERS.

Isaac Hunter, lJtIaster. W. L. Lenox, Slen. liVardcn. Samuel Keith, Jun. TVarden. aamuelStringer, Treasurer.

Joseph O. Davis, JS'ecretary . C. Vancil, Sen. Deacon. Ira Wilbur, aoting Jun. Deacon. Benjamin F. Hunter, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Isaac Hunter, Benj F Hunter, Wm Lenox, Samuel

Rieth, Samuel Stringer, J 0 Davis, R W Morgan, James WDenny, N W Andel路soD, Thos J Barnes, vVm H Barnes, Henry A Smith,







Co.-Chartered October 12,1869.

/::/tatecl rrtreetlngs, SfaturcZay before the full moon in each month. OFFIOERS.

Franklin Graves, Master. Silas N. Denham, JS en. Warden. D~tvid P. Anderson, J.1Va?'"den. Abraham Netherton, T1"easurer. 1

Thos. S. Patton, ;..Sfecretary. John Brown, Sen. lJeacon. Wm. Pence, Jun. Deacon. S. Brown, Steward and Tyler.

}\1:El\lBERs.-Davic1 P Anderson, John Brown, Shelton Brown Isley Cravens, F l\f Cravens, Geo E Claybrook, Silas N Denham~ .I B Eaton, Franklin Graves, Alex Henderson, Abraham Netherton' Wm Pence, Thos S Patton, J J Raymond, E :M Easley, Pete; Reinhart.


Ohartered October 12,

1869. Stated 'lneetin{js, the second and fO'L~rth 'lnonth.


night oj eaoh


Jno. T. Daniels, lJ-Iaster. H. M. Cranor, Sen lVarden. W. J. Wheeler, J. lVarclen. Manlove Cranor, T1"'easurer. George T. Kenyon, JS'ec1~etal路Y.

M. L. Dunn, Sen. Deacon. .J acob Cogdill, Jun. Deacon. Miles Cogdill, ~f. Steward. Allen Kenyon, J. Steward.

Joseph Weber, Tyler.

lVIEMBERs.-James Bro"rn, Manlove Cranor, H 1\1 Cranor, Wm F Cranor, Jacob Cogdill, Miles Cogdill, L M ChiltoDJ.-,Jas Copeland, .lIla T Daniels, M L Dunn, Janles Farris, Ephraim ~'isher, Thoa J Ironst,.Allen Kenyon, Geo T Kenyon, Jas McGuire, Chas B N~w" hall, Jas T Norman, S M Richmond, Robt A Saunders, Jas Sooth, r1' J Stockton, Sen, T J Stockton, Jun, W J ",Vheeler, Robt Web~t Jos Weber, Andy Wood, P 1\1 Wood.





JOI-INSON Co.-Chartered October 12, 1860.

Stated meetings, Saturday evening on


after each



Samuel H. Hammons, J5'ec'r etary.

R. T. Fryer, Master. N. G. Cooley, Sen. Warden. Horatio Cox, Jun. Warden. C. Clay King, Treasurer.

Wm. P. Gibson, Sen. Deacon. l\Ioses Ferguson, Jun. Deacon. John Shelton, T,.vler.

MEMBERS.-A C Austin, John W Briscoe, A J. Buchanan, N () Cooley, Horatio Cox, W C Duncan, Jas S Douglass, Saml Dryden, Robt T Fryer, Moses Ferguson, J N Ferguson, WIn P Gibsou, S H Hammons, Joseph Howard, W P Hunt, Jno L Jones, C Clay King, Rufus King, A J Longacre, J K Longacre, L W Lee, L N M~trion, B F Mille!J.. Henry Miller, David B Reavis, John Shelton,IjJ y Turller, B~Jii Trowbridge, Jesse Washburn, S E Young.

ST. AUBERT LODGE, No. 314. ST. AUBERT, CALI.4AWAY COUNTY.-Chartered October 12, ]869.

Stated Meetirngs, second Saturday in eacn ?nonth. ()"E'FIOERH.

N. B. Michael, Master. E. W.Hopkins, Sen. Warden. G. A. Moore, Jun. Warden. M. K. Davis, Treasurer.

Le Grand Ratekin. ~fecreta'ry. Nathan Kennon, Sen. Deaco11. D. H. Smart, Jun. Deacorn. A. D. Sowers, Tyle'r.

MEMBERs.-Jno T BagbyJ.-. Wm C Bartley, IV!!( Davis, Jalncb MDavis, T C Farrow, Wm tiray E W Hopkins, Geo B Hopkins, Alexander Hord, David .ron~? ~athan Kennon, 'Wm L Kidwell, N B :Micbae11.,. G A Moore, B w Miller, Wm Osterwald, IJc (i-ran(l &tekin, D .t1 Smart, H Smith, A D Sowers, Jno Whyte.





Co.-Chartered October 12,1869.

Stated meetings, on or before the full rnoon in each month.


s. M. Staley, Secretary. J. J. MIller, JSen. Deacon. A. Newman, Jun. Deacon. C. D. Link, Tyler.

William M. GrIggs, Maste'r. M. M. Tucker, Sen. Warden. O. Reeder, Jun. Warden. A. H. Manier, Treasurer.

MEMDERs.-Daniel W Cloud, J Kerr, J R Welch.


Co.-Chartered October 12,1869.

Stated '1neetings, second and fourth Saturdcly month, at 3 P. ],1.


of each


s. W. Salisbury, Master. R. Wilfle:r, Sen. Warden. B. W. Jewett, J'ttn. Warden. A. B. Earle, Secretary.

John Johnson, Sen. Deacon. I. E. Jackson, Jun. Deacon. Wm. Holden, Tyler.

MEMBERs.-Sam'I W SalIsbury, Redman Wilfley, B W Jewett, A B Earle, I E Jackson, Wallace Smith, John Johnson, Isaac Steers, W J Wright, Milton C Spence.


Co.-Chartered October 12,1869.

8tated 'Jneetings, second and fourth Saturdays in each month.


Joseph Truex, Master. Thos. B. Harber, Sen. Warden. Asa S. Daniels, Jun. Warden. A. O. Smith, Treasurer.

Freeman Pallen, Seoretary. J. R. Mills, Sen. Deacon. Chas. T. Hilton, J~(,n. Deacon. Geo. W. Walker, Tyler.




MEM:BERs.-Sanford Booker, Asa S Daniels, Larkin Daniels, Thomas B Harber, Samuel B Hltt, T CHilton, J R Mills, Elijah C :Moore Jacob Peach, Andrew J Potter, J C Piersol, A 0 Smith, Free~an Patton, Joseph Truex, Geo W Walker.


CLARI{ Co.-Ohartered October 12, 1869.

Stated meetings, Saturday on or before full moon. OFFICERS.

M. B. Scott, ,jIaste1~. W. J Northcraft, Sen. Warden. G. R. Jones, Jun. TVarden. MIchael Snyder, Trea8ttre1~.

Reynolds Bane, Secretary. W. A. To\vnsend, Sen. Deaoon. H. E. Combs, Jun. Deacon. B. D. Harris, Tyler.

l\{EMBERS.-J B Anderson, Reynolds Bane, Jas A Bilderback, Harvey E Combs, B D Harris, B P Hanan, F F Howell, F M Jameht.9 R Jones, W J Northcraft, E K Riggs, M B Scott, S W Scott, lVllchael Snyder, W A Townsend, Wm P Walton.

DIED.-Erastus Sackett, A L Porter.


AnIR COUNTY.-Chartered October 12,1869.

Stated ]}leettngs, Friday on


after each full moon.


S. N. Holloway, ltfaster路. W. B. Keller Sen. Deacon. L. S. Musick, Sen. Warden. D. C. Lord, Jun. Deacon. R. M. Brashers, Jun. Wa1'"den. J. L. I-licklnan, Tyler. Charles Patterson, f:1eoretar,y and Treasurer. IvIEMBERS.-R M Brashears, J L Hickman, S N Holloway, W B teller, Thos Legan, D C Lord, L S Musick, Chas Patterson.





Stated meetings,


Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.

of or first succeeding each full moon.


Jno. H. McClure, JÂŁaster'. Francis M. Shore, Sen. Warden. J . W. Wilkersons, Jun. Warden. Daniel G. Doty, Treasure')~.

John W. Bledsoe, JSecreiary. M. T. Roberson, Sen. Deacon. B. C. Phillips, Jun. Deacon. R. B. Edmonson, T,vler.

MEMBERs.-JQhn W Bledsoe, Daniel G Doty, R B Edmonson

J A Lyon, Jno H McClure, F E MeCormack, Bennet E Phillips' Milton T Roberson, Francis M Shore, John W Wilkerson. 1




Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.

Meetings, second and fourth Saturdays in each month. OFFIOERS.

Peter Stapleton, Master. Robert Smidley, Sen. Warden. Dan'l Spainhower, JU?1. lVarden Samuel Steward, Treasurer.

J. E. Carver, Secretary. Daniel Maxon, Sen. Deacon. Wm Lewis, Jun. Deacon. Amon Brumfield, Tyler..

MEMBERs.-Amon Brumfield, J E Carver, J A Fanning, B H Jones, 0 H Killingsworth, Wm Lewis, Daniel Maxon Roool',t Smidley, Daniel Spainhower, Peter Stapleton, Sanluel Steward, Robert Walker.


Co.-Chartered October 12,1869.

S'tated J,[eeting,s, Thu?'OBday preoeding the .full rnoon, at seve. o'clock P. M. OFFICERS.

Robt. Livingston, .JIaster.

Wm. R. Hunt, Sen. rVarden. W. C. Riffe, Jun. Warden.

s. R. Crespin, Treasurer. D. W .. Trigg, Secretary. James E. Johnson, T.yler.




MEl\JIBERS.-S R Crispintr! M Ferree, Wm R Hunt, J E Johnson, Bobt Livingston, W C .!:tiffe, D W Trigg.

CORNER STONE LODGE. No. 323. ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.

Stated, first and third Monday in each 'Jnonth. OFFICERS.

Morris Jacks, Master. Abraham Kramer, 8. ltVarden. Ioel Swope, Jun. Warden. M. S. Meyers, Treasure?'. Jacob Furth, Secretary.

H. Sackerman, Sen. Deacon. H. Rosenfield, Jun. Deacon. V. A. Ewing, Sen. Steward. L. Shoen, Jun. Steward. J. O. Allen, acting Tyler.

MElVIBBRS.-V A Ewing, Jacob Furth Leopold Freund, N Geyer, M Fraley, L E Green, A Kramer, D Levy, Morris Jacks Z Adler, 0 B Barron, H C Rosenfield, L SiloeD,! H Sackerman, :Joel Swope, H 8 Winter, H Meyerstein, H Rosenneld, M S Meyers.


Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869.


James C. Riggs, Master, P. McClanahan, Jun. Warden.

James Peacok,. Sen. Warden. M. R Wright, Secretary.



Co.-Chartered Cctober 12, 1869.

?neetings, jirst and third 6'aturdays in each month. OFFICERS.

J. A. Howe, JYIaster. L. C. Green, Sen. lVarden. J. E. Pardonner, Jun WaT~. E. D. Harvey. Treasurer. J.M. Thompson, Secretary.

Harvey Brown, Sen. Deacon. Wm. Manard, Jun. Deacon. 1\{. A. Minor, Sen. 8tetoard. J. Dixon, Jun. Steward. Alfred Ward, Tyler.

..4 ppendtx.






Thomas Pollock, Master. Robert Florman, Jun. Warden.

Co.-Chartered October 12, 1869. John Wheeler, Sen.. Warden.




COUNTY.-Chartered October. 12, 1869.

Stated Meetings, serond and .fourth Fridays 'in each'inontll. OJfFICERS.

Edwin McKee, 1J.Iaste1路. Wm. S. Bird, Sen. Warden. Bobt. N. Eddy, Jun. Warden. Richard F. Dunn, Treasurer. Edwin Lyman, Secretary.

Thos. R. lVIay, ~'en. Deacon. H. Maine, Jun. Deacon. J. A. Cooper, ~fen. Steward. Robt. W. Goldsby, J1.~n. 8te1.uareZ. John Bosworth, Tyler.


MEMBERS.-J T Brown, E J Bro'w'n, W S Bird, John Bosworth R Barney, M S Ballinger, J J Butlerl..! E Oole, J Campbell, J A Cooper, J J Clark, W P Cloudas, W .BJ Dockery, R F Dunn, J E Drake, R N Eddy, F K Everhart, Wm Fish, D A French, R W Goldsby, F R Green, John GasterJ.....W R Hewitt, W R Hoole, 4Juis Labrash, A F Little, E Lyman,.J:l' !( Leget, 0 MartIn, E McKee, :m J Marsh, J R Middleton, Felix Moses, A McVey, J A McFerral!t W MintuI', W H Maine, rr R May, 0 M Merriweather, TN Murry, L D Murp~y.) R S Moore.t.,.搂 Oliver, H M Pollard, 0 Pyles, Geo P Pepper G vv Putnam, G w Rodgers, M H Smith, R R Sims, Wm. Sallie, F C Steimel, W F Scanlan, Smith Turner, F W Trent, J S Wilson.





MOUNT ZION, West Plains, Ho'\vell county-John B. Collins, W. M.; Peter H. Collins, S. W.; J. Q. Cooper, J. W.


Cainsville, Harrison county-John Wood,vard,

W.l\'f.; Joseph H. Burrows, S. W.; (Jol1rad Mooter, J. W. KENNEDY, Lamar Station, Nodaway county-Eliphus George, W. M.; John l\I. Lamar, S. W. ; Isaac M. Castello, J. W. LATHROP, Lathrop, Clinton county-Officers to be chosell by the Lodge, under approval of the M. W. Grand Master. MEDOC, Medoc, Jasper county-Stephen W. Williams, \V. M. ; Chas. A. Underwood, S. W.; Samuel Van Gundy, J. W. CLARK CITY, Clark City, Clark county - Washington R. Wallace. W. M.; Thomas Cheney, S. W.; John HUff, J. W.

BRECKENRIDGE, Breckenridge, Caldwell county-Thomas W Reed, W. M.; Samuel Russell, S. W.; G. W. Murphy, J. W.










10 11

= ===2m $5600

9"6 2

78 :Dead. 91 45 50 3 2 3 3 2 2 58 29 00 7 3 3 3 8 3......... 4 101 50 50 4 6 5 1 2 32 16 QO 7 6 2 6 2 2 40 20 00 2 2 2 2 2 60 . 10 6 6 8 1 3 1 4 166 82 00 7 8 6 4 6 1 5 55 27 50 4 4 3 1 54 20 00 1 •••••• No Rs: 5 4 2 3 2 1 '" 74 37 00 1.... 1 1 41 20 5G 4 3 3 5 3 6 55 27 150 16 Mernphis............................. 2 1 2 3 ... 1 ... 810'!Ctf 17 Clarksville 9 9 7 4 2 1 3 71 35 50 18 Pahnyra'.................. 6 141 67 00 9 10 8 3 6 19 Paris Union.... . 2 2 2 2 2.... 1............. 72 36 00 20 St. Louis 18 14 14 10 15 2 117 58 00 21 Greencastle 1 2 1 6 1 6 29 14 50 ~

MeridiJ:lll............................. 8 6 3 3 ... 2

3 Beafon -! HO'Yvard... 5 U ni ted...... . .. . () Ark .. 7\O'Sullivan.............. HWillialllbburg...................... 9 George Washington 10 Agency...... 11 Pauldingville 12 T~,rro 13 Rising Sun........ . 14 A uhurll. 15 Western Star.....................

22 Wellington

5 6


10 12 11 4 2 1 2

23 Floricla . 24 Wyaconda........ 25 Naphtali. 26 Mexico....... 27 Evergreen 28 St. John's... 29 Willclsor 30 Huntsville........ 31ILiberty...... 32 Lafayette...... 33 Ralls....................................

34 Troy................................... 35 Mercer... 36 Cooper 37 CerIar................................... 38 Callao 39 Modena. 40 Mt. Moriah 41 lEtna

7 6 8


1 9 5 2 5

1 8 5 3 5

4 6 6 6

3 7 5 5

1... 2 2 8 5 5 3 3 2 3 6 2 3 3 1 7 3 4 5 4 1

,. 1

4 3 2 2 1...

2 4 1 2 4 2 4 8 6 3



69 34

5... ,

4 5 4 7... 3 8 8 4


4 32 '.1:l 50 3 1 1 1 60 28 00 7 1 8 3 1250'ICtt 4 1 10 101 50 50 2 1 2... 1 40 20 00 2 9 2 2 16 138 69 00 1 48 24 00 1 1 1 1 3 44 22 00 6 1 .., 3 82 41 00 1 1 1 38 19 .. 1 ... 2 60 30 00





7 50


50 33 68 31

R'td. IS 5& 34 ()t 15 5t

5 4 1

6 2 3 4 2 5 4...


41 20 50 86 C'IOtf

1 1 1

~ iea;:r~~;;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"4 "5 "6 "2 '4 "i ::: ::: :::h5 ' 'so oiiOf.f





~ ~ J'J

a ~


N Al\IE.





~~ •


o' "0 ~


-+oJ"O"O-+oJ~ d Q.) Q) .~:;::;


~. rocl


~,...-l.s..;s Q) d,j 00 0




S ..-\ 'a aJ ~~~~AArZ~~~ ~ ~oooo~~roc~~~(J) ~ "'0 ~ Q) 00 ~ .r-('Q?

44~~~.=:=468======3 45Bonhomme ; 3 2 2 4 1 1



A ~ ~


52$2600 34 17 00 46, Wentzville.. 5 5 5 1 3 58 29 00 47 Fayette 5 4 4 3 2 3 71 35 00 48 Fulton ······· 7 3 3 211 1 3 87 43 50 49 Haynesville....... 6 3 2 4 9... 1 3 57 28 50 roXenia 1 2 3 1 20 10 00 51 Livingston......................... 4 7 5 6 3.. 5 53 26 50 62 Wakanda............... 9 10 6 9 4 2 IEl 137 59 02 53 weston 4 4 5 6 2 1 1 5 119 Col'g-e 54 Douglas.. .. .. ]... 1................ 23 11 5t) 00 Arrow Roclt 2 4 4 3 2 1 1...... 1 5H 2H 50 56 Tipton 12 14 13 2 :2 55 27 50 67 Richmond 9 14 12 10 40 1 1... 6 150 75 00 58~1onticello 111441 3112 . i59 Centralia 4 3 5 2 4 '" 4 46 23 00 00 New Bloomfield 2 2 2 1 11 ,. 81 40 50 61 Waverly............................. 5 4 3 ... ... 1 3 50 28 00 62 Vincil 1112 11 5 6 6 38 19 00 68 Cambridge.......... . 9 5 4 1 3 2... 3 34 17 00 64 Monroe. 6 7 4 5 1 1... .,. 4 5] 25 50 65 Pattonbburg 2 2 2 2 5 1 1 4 52 26 00 (1)6 Linn... . 8 8 6 2 4...... 2 50 . 67 Rocheport... 5 4 4 3 1 1... 2... 5 61 30 50 6S Tebo 18 17 11 8 11 16 f.)7 48 50 19 Sullivan 10 9 12 4 1 .. 1 62 31 00 70 Roanoke 5 5 5 1 2 3 H2 41 00 71 Savannah : 12 7 7 4 4 3 7 51 25 50 72 Danville........ 2 1 38 19 00 7S Eureka...... . . 6 7 7 2 1... 1 1 5 83 40 50 74 Warren No RA 75 Ashley :........... 3 4 4 2 1... 5 40 20 00 78 Independence 1868-9 14 14 10 16 14 2 1 1 () 84 7H 50 17Lebanon 3 3 4 2 2 76 Col'ge 18 St. Joseph 2220 1721 7 2 9 7 154 12 00 7~ Polar Star 7 7 8 10 4 1 1 1 1 If>9 84 50 SO) Bridgeton.... . 3 3 1......... 46 23 00 181 Hickory Grove 2 2 5 2 1 2 45 22 50 a2Jackson 4 6 8 2 7 ] H6 33 00 as Laclede..................... 1 6 3 1 49 24 50 84 Potter......... . . .. . 3 3 3 5 :3 1... 54 26 75 liMiami. 10 1112 3 4 2 10 59 29 50 8f) Brookfield 20 14 14 12 3 1 2 7 81 40 50 $7Washington 11 8 5 8 2 1 .. 3 12 ()7 33 50 sa Dresden........... . . . 3 1 1 3 2... 35 1 7 50 S9 LiVingston 9 8 10 6 12 2 1 9 103 51 50 to King Bolomon 5 4 3 1 3 1 35 17 50 ~~ Madison . 1 1 1... 7...... 2... 11 33 1() ,30

' '1








roO I -=::::::::::::~rd$rt\rfi roC ~ ~ ..s Q) OJ .; d:> ~ r.n b..o ~





.$ ~ ~ :t5 .& • d Q) CD .~ ~ ~ gs .~ S S ~ ~ ~.s.~





NAME,.. :..



~ d


- ---------- - - 92 Perseverance

.~ .~ ::l ~



- -






6 5 4 6 3 1... 8 6 5 4 4 .2 4 1 1 2

93 St. Marks.. 4 94 Evening Star........ 1 95 Chapman......... 9 96 St. Andrews ,...... 1 97 Bethany.................. 3 98 Webster 99 Mt. Vernon 100 Canton..... 101 Easton...... 102 Bloomington..................... 103 Westview......................... 104 Heroine 105 Kirksville

5 3 2 5


9 10 3 2 2 2 1






62 $31 00

59 29 50

2 33 16 00


5 3 4 4 1...

12 8 2 4 2 7 6

5 2 3... 2 3 1 2 9 1 4 4 4 1 7 6 7 1 2 3 3 6 7 2 1... .,.


43 21 5t} 44 22 00


75 34 00

7 109 54 (Xl 3 34 17 00 3 62 31 00 2 40 20 00 2 72 36 00 4 36 17 710

17 8 12 9 8 3 2 1 5 8

88 44 00

68 34 00 106 Macon.............................. 4 4 3 8 3 1......... 10 109 54 til) 107 Golden Square 16 12 10 13 4 1 4 75 37 00

108 Aztec................................ 109 Montezuma 110 Marcus.... 111 Trenton....... . 112 Graham 113 Plattsburg........................ 114 Twilight 115 Pittsville 116 Davies.............................. 117 Versailles 1868-9...... ........• 118 Kingston n. .•... .•.•.. ...•.•••• 119 De Soto 120 Compass..................... ]21 Erwin.

122 Dover

7 4 4 9 3 1......


2 2 2... ...


23 11 00


66 33 00

6 4

73 56 41 43 86 26 58

11 8 8 4 3 2

8 4 2 8 1 4 3 5 5 2 1 1 6... 13 14 10 5 6 1 1 1 1 110 1 1 19 15 13 10 3 1 3 4 5 3 12 2 8 6 3 4 1... 9 11 11 6 2... 4 2 2 2 2 1 5 2 2 5 1... oo.



••• oo.

8 1 1 1 1

6 2 4 2 4 1...



1 12 2 2 4 3 3



10 8 8 5 3 1......... 1

123 Hermann.......................... 5 4 3 ] 1 ... ... ...

124 Dardenne........................... 1 3 3 ... 2... 1... 125 Gentryville....................... 6 8 9 10 4 ... 126 Seaman............................ 2 2 3 2 1...

oo • • o o . . .

127 Athens

5 1

128 Live Oak 4 6 7 19 3 14 129 Constantine 18 11 6 4 1 4... 6 130 West Prairie..................... 2 1 2 2 6 4 1 1... 3

131 PotosL........................

4 6 10

9 13 7 4 10 910 3 6 5 4 3 5 5 7 10


21 00 42 50 13 00 29 00 78 6lB 00 27 13 50 36 18 00

22 110() 97 48 00

32 16 00 17 8 i() 20 10 (I) 81 40 5G

63 30 00 69 34 00

5 3 2 1 4

182 Farmington......... ISS Star of the West 184 Pleasant Mount.

38 50 28 00



3 2 ...,......... 2 1 1 1 2 2 4 , 4... 3

71 35 5IJ 82 .. 66 33 00

70 35 00 91 45 00 78 1871

56 28 00 135 Warrensburg 55 26 7i 186Phoonix.............................. 6 5 5 2 1 ... 1 36 18 00 187 Prairieville 1 1 2 1 1... 1 2 58 29 00

lSSJ:sincoln ~ Oreg()n





1 :3 3... 2... 0



~~ ~~::

1,...... I





I ~ ~

N Al\IE.


~\ C,) ,...; ~ Q.)



. . - I ' 1..1

I'~ 00 • ...-1 ....... \:1 rl d <Z . 1".1 '...-1






00 ~

;...:..l •


lAO papin~==~~

141 Middlebury 142 Pleabant Grove 143 Irondale............. 144 Modern... 145 Rising Star....................... 146 McGee ·· ··· 141 Cass ......• .....• ...••.... 148 Ya11CCJr 149 Lexington .. 150 Birroillg 151 ~1ilton 153 Bloornfield. 152 Lillll Creel-\: .........• 154 Concord....... 155 Spring Hill................. 156 Ashland 157 North Star 158 Johnson 159 Pacific...... . . .. . ... .. . 160Pleabant 161 Clifton Hill........... 162 Whitesville................ 163 Occidental. 164 JoachiIn . .. .... .. . .. .... 165 Maryville 166 Mirabile.................. . . 161 Orient Francais 168 Colony......................... 169 Camden Point. .......•. 170 Benevolence 171 Hartford............... 172 Wolf Ishlnd................ 178,Unioll 174 Sturgeon ..


116 Point Pleasant 177 Texas................. l7S Griswold......... 179 Pride of the West....... ISO Des ~Ioines 181 NoveltY .. .




"1" '1"'1'" •.


1 .'. 2 2 .2 3 2 21 2 3 2 \... 3 4 [) 3... 1 1'" 2 1 2 2 a 1".. Ir.. 9110 11 3 3 '" 51 8 4 11 3 ."1"

1 ".




4 7 1 13

2 1 G 6...... 7 7 4 2... 2 1 1......

1 1

64 50





3 12

57 74


2 5

S 7 7 7 1

. . .: <




w. Cl)


H $12 50 No Rs 32 00 25 00 13 00 23 50 28 50 37 00



84 42 00 87 43 50 75 37 50 85

42 50

..•... 1 50 41 3 64 5 69

No RH 25 00 20 50 32 00 34 50 31 50 32 50 18 50 22 00 31 00

2 1 1 ,. 3 1 1 1 3 6.. 8... 1 2 .2 5 2 1 30 24 16 6 3 1 H. ..• •.. 3 63 5 .2 6... 4... 11 7 1 12 65 !3 8 7 1 1 37 9 11 9 3 2 ". 1 44 8 8 {) 4 5 1 1 2 62 10 10 8 6 11 2 2 242 1~1 00 1 3 :2... 4............... 55 27 00 7 6 5 7 2 1 2 64 32 00 4 4 3... 1................. 28 13 50 12 f} 11 1 1...... 4 39 19 00 HI 2 1 1... 38 19 00 41 4 5 1 21...... 2 27 13 50 4 :3 2 5 4 38 19 00 3 2 1 3 I 51'" 26 13 00 61 6 4 4 ti 6 10 60 30 00 1 1311410 ~ 1 11 2 30 15 00 1 4 4 5 _ 3\ 1 72 85 50 17\13 13 6 3 1 2 9 57 28 50 10 12 9 3 1 1\... 1 !) 51 25 50 . 9 12 10 7 2 ,... 7 57 28 50 5 3 2 .2 , 38 19 00 5 7 10 2 () 13 6 144 72 00 1 1 :2... 2............... 28 14 ()O 14 4 ~ 3 3 2 62 30' 50 H 3 ", 3 5 2 29 14 50 2 1 ] 3 9 ]... 1... 4 57 28 50 91 8 7 4 1 8 H7 18 50 7( 4( 4 1 3 2...... 1 27 18 50 \ 3 31 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1... 39 10 50 1 1 \ I N () RH








81 5:3114 =11=== 3 25 '1'·'


1&2 Stewartville


...-I.~ Q).......~




}83 California.......... .8-fCalhoun Chamois. t2' Morality Hellry Clay

l.l a5

2rd~~~ ~~.gQ) ~ Q.) 1"'""'/ W. ~ I:0cd ellrp. Q)w. .~S .~ rod A ~ ~ ~











~ 1







188 Hannibal... ~.=.=.= 189 Zeredatha 190 Putnan1..................... 191 Zerubbabel........ 192 }l'rankford ]93 Angerona.......................... 194 Wellsville ] 95 Bolivar 196 Quitman 197 Carthage 198 Allenville.................... 199 New Hope. 200 Sonora.... 201 Jamesport................... 202 Westville......... 203 Green Ridge......... 204 Rowley 205 Trilumina 206 Somerset 207 Clay.... 208 Salisbury 209 Poplar Bluff.. 21Q Unionville 211 Hickory Hill 212 Four Mile....... 213 Rolla............. 214 Forest City....... 215 Hornersville 216 Granby....




.~ rn

~ ~

~ ~:= 00




S S "d

~ rod $as ~ M00 .~ § ~ ~ ~ ~ '-l


~ ~ ~

a; S



888 15 12 12



~ .; A rJ:J



43=====180 $4000

8 4 2 1 9 127 63 00 2 3 4 1 2 1... 1.. 2 55 27 SO 5 4 10 2 10 1 1 7 90 45 00 4 1 3 2 4 2 88 44 00 3 5 4 3 4 .2 49 24 50 4 3 3 3 2 4 44 22 00 13 11 6... 4............ 4 25 12 50 6 3 3 1 8... 8 43 21 6Q 13 12 15 12 3 13 77 88 50 4 6 6 8 1 34 15 60 2 2 2... 3............ 4 46 23 00 4 3 4 3............ 3 31 9 6() 9 7 5.................. 36 18 00 2 2 2 3 3 2 2 42 21 0(} 6 4 4 3 1 29 14 50 14 14 15 1... 3 45 22 50 9 7 7 7 4... 2 51 25 50 No Rs 5 5 4 3 6 1......... 2 79 40 50 16 1413 3 1 1 9 47 23 50 3... 2 2... 1......... 1 45 22 5(} 15 9 11 4 1 43 21 50 10 10 10 2... 3 31 15 50 2 4 4 2... 1...... 2 21 10 50 8 10 15 4 , 2 11 109 54 50 3 5 4 3 5 1... 4 41 20 50 10 7 8 4 3 4 1 10 56 28 00 8 6 6 1 1............ 6 35 17 Sf) 6 8 11 3 4 1 36 18 00 141213 8 3 2 9 74 37 00 4 4 1 1 2 1 23 . 221917 22 7 3 8 122 61 00 6 3 4 1 5 2 1...... 4 42 21 00 5 5 3... 1............ 1 25 12 50 4 3 3 8 1 2 29 14 10 5 5 7 13 1 1 ] 2 49 24 00 10 4 3 5 46 23 00 1 1 2 1 1... 2... 1 20 10 00 6 5 7 2 5 1... 27 13 50 4 4 4 3 5 1 .. 2 72 36 00 , No Rs 12 7 7 2 3 64 31 50

217 Barbee.......... 218 Good Hope 219 New Boston 220 K&nsas City 221 Mystic Tie... . 222 Farmers. 223 Woodlawn 224 Hamilton........ 225 Salem 226 Saline. 227 Cypress.. 228 Shelbina.... 229 Nevada 230 St. James 231 WarrentoIl 232 Lone Jack........................ 9 11 11 7 16 1... 2 233 Bucklin 234 St.. Francois 1 1 1 1 .. 285 Ionic . .. . . 2 2 2 1 3... .. . 1 .o

No Ra 25 12 EiO No &$ 46 28 QQ 29 14 50






~ ~ §

~ .....





~. ~ • '"O"O~'"O




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ • a) ~ ~ ~,.Q ~rf.!OOSd"O~~~c:I) S .~ rn .~ "0 M Q,) rn. ~ '~.":':":l (J)


~.,....,- -'



~ 0

~~~~AAa3~~~ ~ H --------- - - - - - - - - - --~ ~ia.......... 7 6 6 4 6 1 3 ]21 $60 50


287 La Plata..........

7 G 4 3 4 1......

288 Rushville........... 289 Spencersburg... 240 Granville............... 241 Palestine 242 Portlallcl · 243 Keystone 244 Miaclle Fabius. 245 Knobnoster.........

9 3 3 1 3

4 1

3 3 1 2... 1... 2 2 2 1 7 5 4 4

· ·


5 5 5 1 6

247 Neosho............. . ..... . 248 Roehester.................... 249 Carroll ~50 High Hill.. 251 Hope........... 252 Alallthus 253 Lindley...............

6 3 3 4 2 2 2 2 6...

. 3 5 1 2 2

254 Butler

7 7 7 2 4 2

7 2 2 2 "7 4 3 2


44 22 00





46 23 00


1 6

64 Remitted 3() 18 00


4 4 1 3

5 5 2 5 5 3 1 2 1 4 1

3 5 4 260 Mechanicsville 11 8 8 1 261 Florence........................... 6 6 6 10 262Holden 12 5 511 263 Summit (Dead)......... 2 4 5 10 264 Fayettville 5 7 5 5 265 Corinthian 4 6 6 12 266 SociaL................................ ... 1 1 4 267 Aurora 16 17 16 7 268 Lodge of Truth.................... 4 2 2 2 ~69 Rock Prairie............ 8 9 8 3




f74New Market.....................

48 24 17 la 13 l!i 32 16 36 27 1 27 30


2 2 1 .•. .•. 8......


1 1......... 2 2 . 11 ... ... 3 1 00


8 4 521 1 9 6 6 10 8... 1... 4 9 3 2 8 2 1.. . 1... 8

]2 00

52 20 50 ..

4 5

00 50 50 50 00

00 25 12 50

1 ... 1 2... a ... .. 1 2 4 1 1 1

15 16 16 3 2 .. ~

219 New Saleln 2718olomon......

38 RemItted. 41 20 50 27 1.3 50 30 15 00 18 9 00 21 10 50

2 5

10 9 5 2 1

41 00

57 20 00

7 1 1.........] 0 2 1 2 4 1

7... ... 1 2 1 2............ 2 2 '. 2 3 6 ". 2 4... . . '"

8 6 8 11 3.....

2&5 Alton 256 Shekinah......... 257 Lodge of Light................. 258 Ravenna..... 259 Lodge of Love...................

]2 00

No Rs

11 10 9 14 4... ..

36 50

27 13 50


246 Montgomery City..

i72 Granite............. !is St. Clair.


43 21 50

Dead, ID 00 82 ~50 26 13 00 {)2 80 00 23 11 50

38 65

25 12 00 34 41

17 00

14 00

20 50 44 22 00 40 20 00

7 4 8 2 2



Jr5 Tranquility........................ 5 5 5 2 3 276 Grand River............... 3 3 3 3 1


22 ] 1 00 21 10 50 23 11 50

tn Index........

6 7 i78 A villa 8 7 tr9 Hogle's Creek 10 11 280 Lodge of Peace................... 6 4 281 Fenton................................ 6 6 ~2 Cosmos 9 8 .288 Stockton......... 8 6




5 5 3...... 1....0. 6 7... 6 3 1

4 2 3 4 ... 5


••• ..0

7 6

0' ••• ••• 1 ,. ... ... 2

8 4... 1......... 1 7 7 1 9

45 22 50 22 11 00 26 13 00

25 12 50 28

14 00


23 00
















1~ • • ~ ~ I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I'Ird-( <lIrn Q,)if). ~ ~1"'1




::: ~c; IH ~ ~ ~ A A .,-0(


~ ~


~ I'~









!~-I I-I-:-=~I



~ ~ ~ I~ I ~ I ~ ~ ~ .E I ~ I 0 ~ rn I '=.J....... ~ ~ :::: Q,) ::: I rn t"'"'i •.-(.,..... .... I :::I






.;; f'\ I'-iI



A I - - - - -- - - - - --1-1-[H__ 1 :nl$i050 00

~ ~



284 Lily......................

6 6 7 3

285 Earl •........................ ········ 286 Hesperian 287 Craft................................. 288 Herlnitage 289 Acacia. 290 Fairmount 291 Edilla 292 Lamar ········ 293 Sarcoxie 294 Mound City 295 Moniteau 296 Grove................................ 297 Ozark... 298 Marble Hill. 299 Temple

4 4 6 2 2 16 17 11 11 1 6 4 4: 5 ...

8 7 12 8 4 4 1410 (j H 15 11 5/ 8 0 8

300 Doric

1110 8 14

1°1113 13







5 1 1

1 7 8 1...... 7 7 1... 31 10 ;Zl...... 9 12 8 7 7 4 ·"1'" 9 3... 7 2


19 23 24 20 38 33 34 3H


.2 71





4 H...


8 5 5 5 16 9[6 51'1 "


4 4 4 1






:l6 18 00.






301 White Hall················ .. ····· 17 14 12 4 ... '.','.' 302. Lick Creek 1..· , ·I·.. r 125 303 osage · 2119 1$)1 1 4! 1411 304 Faithful (Charter Fees) 8 7 (j 2 "'1"';". '''1 1 2 1 1 305 Clarence do 7 4- 4 10 "1'" ... 1·.·1 1





306 Ashlar*

',: 307 N. London'~ 308 Parrott* 309 King Hiranl


310 Sikeston...... 311 Kearney...... 312 Mt.Pleasant 313 Kingsville... 314 St. Aubert... 315 Altona......... 316 Rural........... 317 Osborn 318 EI Dorado 319 Pauiville 3200hapelHill.. 321 Jonathan..... 322 Hardin........ 323 Cor. Stone...


324 McDonald*.. 325 Dockery...... 326 Kit Carson... 333 Chillicothe ..

do do do do do do do do do do do <10


5 5 3

3 1 8 7 10 10 1 1 5 5 6 3 3 1 4 3 3



11··· .. ·

... :


I •••



•• ,


\ ••• , . . .

.•• •.• ••. •..

.. 'j'" I•.• 1 1

"'1·" ·"1'"


I'" •..

do do

11 11 10 3~ ... 1... ... ... ... 2



... ... ..• ... •..


20 (Xl

20 no 20 00 20 00

lal ="',).0 ()(.)


5 1 ... ... 2 2 2 1


lG[ 20 28 20 aOI 20 ~31 20 111 20 10 20 15 20 If) 20 8 20 10 20 12 20

• ••

1 ."


:2b l 14 00 .'NoRs.. tiHI34 00 20 20 00 20

······1 ······1 3a

1.................. ... 8 91 1 ••• 1... 7 4 !•.• !... 1 4 3 1 '1'" 1 :.. 5 1 8... .2...... 1 ".1 ,

••• .•• ••• •.• ••.



1 ••• \ •••

~o 18 16





do <10

·1·.. ...: "'1'" \




7'1 ~11


····1 "'j'" ·..

13 00 17 50 9 50 11 50 12 00 10 00 19 00 16 50 17 00 18 00 16 50 f) 00 15 00 10 50 13 00

00 00 00 00 00 00

00 00 00 00 00

7 •••.•• ",.

If) 20 00




13 20 00 20 00 55 20 00

"'1"· ••••••• "11•••••••• ·1

*No Returns sent in. Lodges Numbered 304 to 333 inclusive Chartered Octo"

ber 12, 1869.





Number of Lodges 011 the 1"011......... Number of I.Jodges returned. Number of Members returned

3:24 320 16,090 Melnbers estimated and not returned.......... 300 TotalMembership 16,390 Initiated 1,972 Passed...... 1,761 Raised......... 1,635 Admitted......... 1,244 Dimitted 路 . ..... ...... .. .... ... .................... .... .... 861

Died............................................. Suspellded......... Expelled...... .. . . . .

. .. Reinstated Rejected.. Lodges represented in Grand Lodge.........

. . . .. . . ... . .

. .

If5f:) 112 40 42 93(1


Under the head of" Dinlitted" are included all those ,vIla dilnitted u to form new Lodges" and are not included under the head of " Admitted."




S'l'ANDING RESOLUTIONS AND DECISIONS, .LVot published in tlte "Book of Oonstit't6tions."


rrhis Grand nodge approves the decision of the IVÂŁ. W. Grand Master in refu&ing to grant permission to confer the degrees of Masonry vvithin the time prescribed by la,v, as well as upon maimed candidates, ,vilo are unable to comply literally to the physical qualifications prescribed by the landmarks of Freemasonry. Adopted October, 1867. DECISION.

Entered Apprentice ~rabons, rejected on application for advanee... ment, do not have to wait t,velve months, as under the old bylaws of this Grand Lodge, but rnay renew their ctpplication at every stated meeting following the rejection. The same applies to Fellow Crafts; also, to l\{aster Masons applying on dimit. Approved October, 1867. DECISION.

A vacancy, occasioned by the death of an installed officer, can not be filled by a special election, and an installed officer can not

resign or dimi t.

Approved October, 1867. DECISrO:N â&#x20AC;˘

If it require a t"vo-thirds vote of a Lodge to pronounce a brother guilty, it requires an equal vote to assess the punishment. Approved October, 1867. HESOLUTION.

Resolved, That the Dpputy District Granu Masters be, and hereby are, recommended to call Masters and Wardens together at a, central and convenient place, and there open their Lodges of In"-




struction in the Lectures of Masonry for such time as may be deeuled roost advisable by them. Approved October, 186:7. !-tESOLUTION.

The so-called "Conservators' Association" is among the things that were, and the necessity for guarding against the vibits or recognition of its adherents no longer exists, therefore, WHEREAS,

Resolvecl, 'rhat the third and fourtll resolutions and form of renunciation of this Grand Lodge, adopted in 1864, relative to said Association, and found on page 29 of the Constitution and By-Laws of this Grand Lodge, be, and the same are hereby, repealed. Approved October, 1868. REbOLUTION.

Resolved, That, until other,visc ordered, the M. W. Grand Master shall appoint at each annual session a Committee on Jurisprudence, to ,vhom shall be referred the decisions of the M. W. Grand Master, rendered during his ternl of office, as well as such questions of Masonic law as rna:r arise during the session of the Grand Lodge. Approved October, 1868. RESOIJUTION.

Resolved, That it is the order of this Grand Lodge that a Lodge of Entered Apprentices and Fello\v Crafts are Master Masons at

la.bor in those degrees; and al3 the Grand Lodge has decided that a Lodge cannot meet and open witll a bmaller number than seven Master lr[asons and ?ncmbers of the Lodge, this definition of a Lodge empowers any Lodge, ,vhen beven Master Masons are present, to open and ,vork on the Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft, and be closed upon tho~e degrees \vithout opening on the third degree. Approved October, 1867. RESOLUTIO:N.

Resolved, That the

amel1d~d work

and lectures, as exenlplifieu

by the R. W. Grand Lecturer, be and they are hereby adopted as the work and lectures of this Grand Lodge, all previous resolu tion~ of this Grand Lodge to the con trary not,vithstanding.

Approved October, lR60. HBSOLUTIOX.

Resol1Jed, That any resolution heretofore adopted, ordering the




use of any particular Monitor or Manual for subordinates, be and

the sanle is hereby repealed . .A.pproved October, 1869. [Relatiuc to Lodges U. D.] A copy of the Dispensation should appear on the record of the Lodge. rrhcre is no installation of officers in a Lodge lJ. D.

At 'the first Ineeting, when a Lodge has been set to ,vork U. D., by-Ia,vs or rules should be adopted, so far as to provide for the tilne of regular Dleetillgs, fees for degrees, &c., until a new complete code of by-la\vs can be adopted. SOUle

Particular care should be taken to state on the minutes the opening and closing of the Lodge, changes frOln one degree to another, &0. Narnes of recommenders of petitions should appear on the Ininutes, unless a separate book is kept for the record of Petitions. . .\1so, Illations should be stated for dilnits. ~{inutes should

be signed by the Secretary, and after approved

by the Worshipful Master.

Approved October, 1HH9. RESOLUTION.

llesolved, rrhut when charges are preferred against a Mason, and those charges have been entertained by the Lodge, and a time set for trial, that such l\lason cannot be considered in good Masonic standing until his innocence has been established by the verdict of his brethren. Approved October, 1869. [Fron~ 1"elJOrt

oj Convn. ittee on G1路ic'v ance.]

rrhis case involves the question of the status of a Mason while under charges, and as there is a difference of opinion upon this inlportant question, we shall briefly give our opinions upon the la\v.

We hold no po,ver on earth can deprive a ~faster Mason of that inalienable right of equality, and the exercise of that right in the I.lodge except upon trial and conviction by the Lodge. Any other construction of this law would stUltify the action of this body, \vhich has rightly and justly declared that, no Masoll can be deprived of his rights except by trial and conviction, ano any other




construction of this law would put to shame our boasted claim of Charity, as we would fall below the common law of the land, which presunles anyone innocent until he is, by trial, proved guilty. Approved October, 1869. Justice requires that charges should be definite, so as to allow the accused the opportullit:r to defend specifically, yet there are cases that do not requir~ specifications of time and place, as the evidence will determine that, and the accused can question the witnesses and elicit the truth. Approved October, 1869.

Resolvecl, That the Election of Officers of the Grand Lodge shall take place on Wednesday morning of the session, immedtately after the reading of the journal, until otherwise ordered. Apl)rOved October, 1869.

Resolved, That at least one-half of the aggregate Fees for the Throe Degrees ought to be deposited with the petition for initiation. Approved October, 186fL

Resolved, That Section 21, of Article xviii, of the By-Laws of this Grand Lodge, be amended to read as follows: "Whenever a charge, or charges, shall be exhibited against a member of the Grand Lodge, growing out of his official conduct, the Granel Master, on receipt of the same, shall cause a true copy to be served on the accused, and if, after investigation, be believe the charge or charges to be without sufficient foundation, he shall report accordingly to the next Grand Lodge; but if the Grand Master believe the charge or charges to be well founded, he shall forthwith suspend the accused from the exercise of his privileges as a menlber of the Grand J..Jodge, and cite him to appear before the Grand Lodge at its next meeting, to answer to the charge, or charges, exhibited against him; Provided, that a Master of a Lodge shall be aUlenaLle to the Grand Lodge alone for unmasonic or humoral condnct. " Approved October, l8B9. In all cases of appeals arising in this jurisdiction, the records of such shall be forwarded to the Grand Secretary, at least one month before each annual communication of this Grand I~ody. Approved October, 1869.




Thr following Deci8ions of the Grand lfIastc'r tvCre adopted October, 1869. L The decisions of a Grand Master are not valid after being reported to the Grand Lodge, unless confirmed by the Grand Lodge.

2. It is competent for a Lodge to try its menlbers, irrespective of any legal procedure that may be at the time pending. Relative to the decision of the M. W. Grand Master, that Grand Masters Inay interfere in cases after trial and verdict, your committee are of the opinion that it is the duty of the Grand Master to protect and defend the execution of the laws; and if in his jUdgment the established law of the Grand Lodge has been Violated, and great injustice done thereby, it is his right to have the matter corrected by a llew trial; but where it is a question ONLY OP OPINION as to the guilt or innocence of the party, by the evidence, we hold that it is not in the l10wer of the Grand Master to set aside the verdict, or to order a trial until it has been reported to and acted upon in Grand Lodge. :L Master l\'Iasol1s raised in Lodges in this jurisdiction are ipso facto members without further ballot, except "\vhere the work has' been done for another Lodge, then the Brother is a member of the

Lodge which made the request.

4. Every resident member should bo summoned to attend trials. 5. Relative to Section 24, Article xviii., Grand Lodge ByLaws, your committee decide that said section was not intended to be so construed that a member should be expelled without trial, but that he is entitled to a trial and may be expelled. G.

A Mason cannot be expelled for non-paYlnent of dues.


A candidate cannot be advanced fronl one degree to another

ill the face of objections by a mernber.

8. A member cannot disclose :Ris ballot, and if he do, the rejection for initiation still stands for twelve months. 9. No member can be del)rived of his right to vote, or other privileges, without a fair trial. Such action is in direct violation of the resolutions adopted by this Grand Lodge in 1867. 10. All By-La,vs which suspend a member after ~t certain time for non-payment of dues, without a trial, are illegal and void.

Also, that a member cannot demit at a special meeting. 11. It is the duty of the W .. lVI. to fill all positions in thp Lodge whieh are made by appointment.




1~. It is proper to withdraw a petition of one totally disqualified to receive the Mysteries of Masonry, as all such petitions are ip,')o facto null and void. 13. Ballots must be had on all petitions, whether the e0111Dlittee report favorably or unfavorably.

14. It requires the unanimous consent of all the members to grant anoth~r Lodge the privilege to confer degrees, or to waive jurisdiction. PRESENT

15. Officers elect cannot be installed by proxy.

16. A menlber has the right to object to the introduction of a visitor. 17. E. A's and F. C's lllust be re-exalnined each time they apply after rejection. 18. .t\.Il rejected applicants for lnenlberbhip 111Ust file a ne'\v petition before another ballot. 19. ...-\ Lodge can adopt a by-la\v raising its bcale of dues without first obtaining the approval of the Grand Lodge. It is the INDEFEASIBI.JE RIGHT of a Lodge to nlake By-Laws, and that they are valid until reversed by the Grand Lodge. PROVIDED they are not ipso facto contrary to any existing laws of the Grand Lodge. 20. No one is entitled to the title of an actual PU&t Master \vho has not been duly elected and installed as Master of ~t chartered Lodge. 21. District Deputy Grand Masters should, under the direction of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, share Inore fully the duties of correspondence and oversight of the Craft in their respective districts. No DispensatiollE> ~hould be issued until the District Deputy Grand Mabter shall first have reported on and endorsed the petitioll.

22. Arlnyofficers cannot receive the degrees ill a shorter tinle than that fixed by law. 23. In all trials l)aper ballots bhould be used inbtead of balls, and that the decision of the voting member shall be written thereon as to guilt or punishment; and that no ballot shall be counted upon which nothing is written. GRAND ORlEN'l' OF FRANCE AND LOUISIANA.

lVher"eas, There exists in the State of Louisiana a so-called Supreme Council of the A. and A. S. Rite, which presumes to invade




the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge in that State, by granting charters to symbolic Lodges; and,

Whereas, This Grand Lodge does not recognize in any State or rrerritory the supreme Masonic jurisdiction of more than one Grand Lodge duly organized in such State or Territory, and cannot tolerate a divided and rival power; and, ltV herteas, The spurious and usurping Council in Louisiana has been recognized and ai<1ed by the Grand Orient of France, as all enemy of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, thereby di&turbing the !)eace and harmony of a sister jurisdiction with "\vhonl ,ve are in fraternal correspondence; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the ~Iasonic intercour&e bet,veen the Grand Lodge of Missouri and the Grand Orient of France be, and Ib hereby suspended, until said Grand Orient shall relnedy the injustice she has done the Grand Lodge of touisiana, by totally with.. drawing all l\Iasonic recognition fronl the SUpre111e Council of Louisiana. Approved October, 1869. RESOLUTION.

ResOlved, rrhat every degree in which ,vork is to be done by the ::,ubordinate Lodges in this jurisdiction, be required to be regularly opened with the ceremonies for that purpose, as authorized by this Grand Lodge. Approved October, 1869.





'rIle following proposed aluelldnlent& were read the third tilne, as prescribed by the laws of the Grand Lodge, and ordered printed with the Proceedings: 1st, That paragraphs 1 and 2 of article xx. be bO unlended Ub to allow the BY-LA ,vs of the Grand Lodge to be uluended after being l'ead 011 tvvo several days, and adopted by a two-third vote of tho Lodges present and represented. ~d.

Resolved, rI'hat Section one (1) of Article one (1) of the

I~y . .

Laws of the Grand I.Jodge be alnended to read as follows: An Annual Conlmunication of this Grand Lodge shall be held in the city of St. Louis, on the second Tuesday of October in each )"ear, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. ; provided that the l)tace of meeting may be changed ,vhenever a lllajority of the Graud Lodge shall deem it expedient. 3d. An Annual Conlnlunicatioll of this Grand Lodge bhall ho held in the city of St. Louis, on the fourth Monday in -ftfaV of each year t commencing at 10 o'clock A. l\L; provided, that the place of meeting Inay be changed whenever tt r.najority of the Grand Lodge shall deelu it expedient.









~~labama Daniel Sayre Montgomery. Arkansas Elbert H. English Little Rock. Eliphalet G. Storer Ne\v Haven. Connecticut. Canada Thos.. Bird Harris Hamilton, Ontario. Colorado Ed. C. Parmlee Georgetown. San Francisco. California Alex. G. Abell. John P. Allmond Wilmington. Delaware Dist,&ictofColtllnbia Benj. Brown French Washington. England Brackstoll Baker London. Florida De Witt C. Dawkins Monticello. GeO'rgia J. Emmet Blackshear Macon. Theo. Sutton Parvin lowa City. Iowa Freeport. Illinois Thos. J .. Turner Idaho P. E. Edmonson ldaho City. Indiana Williall'l Hacker Shelbyville. Kentucky J. M. S. McCorkle Louisville.. Kansas M. S. Adams Leavenworth. Louisiana Jo11n A. Stevenson New Orleans. Maine Ira Berry Portland. Michigan S. C. Coffinbury Kalamazoo. Mississippi. Chas. T. Murphy Durant. Minnesota C. W. Nash St. Paul. Maryland John S. Berry Baltimore. Massachusetts John K. Hall Boston. H. L. Hosmer Virginia City. Montana New York M. J. Drummond 331 Grand St., N. yO] New Jersey Joseph H. Hough Trenton. Ne\v Brunswick Wm . F. Bunting St. Johns. North Carolina R. W. Best Raleigh. Nevada W. A. M. Van Bokkelen ..Virginia.

1869.J Nova Scotia Nebraska New Hampshire Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee

Texas Virginia Vermont Wisconsin Washington Ter

Appendix. Chas. J. Macdonald J. N. Wise Wnl. Barrett Howard Matthews Jno. McCracken Joseph H. Livingston Chas. D. Greene Chas. Stewart Brlll1s John Frizzell Geo. H. Bringhurst William B. Isaacs Henry Clark Henry L. Palnler Thos. M. Reed



California Florida Georgia Illinois Iowa Louisiarna Mississippi Montana Minnesota New Jersey New Brunswick Nebraska North Carolina Oregon Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina

Wnl. R. Penick Geo. Frank Gouley Geo. Frank Gouley Martin Collins Jno. D. Vincil Thos. E. Garrett Geo. Frank Gouley Paris S. Pfouts Wm. R. Penick Oscar F. Potter Geo. Frank Gauley Geo. Frank Gouley B. O. Austin Geo. Frank Gauley John D. Vincil. Geo. Frauk Gauley Qeo. }i"'rank Gauley Geo. Frank Gouley John B. Maude (~co. Frank Gouley

Tennessee Texas Washington rrer



Halifax. Plattsmouth. Nashua. Cillcinnati. Portlal1d. Philadelphia. Providence. Charleston. Nashville. Hollston. Richmond. Poultney. lVIilwaukee. Olympia.




I--iODGB Of!'

St. Joseph. St. Louis. St. Louis. St. Louis. Macon. St. Louis. St. Louis. St. Louis. St. Joseph. St. Louis. St. Louis. St. Louis. New Bloomfield. St. Louis. Macon. St. Louis. St. Louis. Ht. Louis. St. Louis. St. Louis.








Alahama Dalliel Sayre Arkanbas vVm. D.. Blocher Ualifornia Alex. G. Abell Cn.nadft Thog.. Bird Harris Uolorado E. C. Parmlee COllllecticut J oseph K. Wheeler Delaware Johll P. Allnlond Dist. of Columbia Noble D. Larner England J 01111 Hervey Florida DeWitt C. Da\vkins G-eorgia J. E. Blackshear Illinois Orlin H. Minor Idaho P. E. Ednl0nson Indiana J o11n M. Bram\veIL Iowa Theo.. K. Parvin !{ansas E. T. Carr Kentucky J. M. S. l\1:cCorkle Louisiana John C. Bachelor Mahle Ira Berry Missouri Geo. Frank Gouley l\1assachusetts 801011 rrhol'nton Maryland J acob H. Medairy l\tlichigau James I~"entol1..· Minnesota W. 8. CC>l110s Mississippi. J. L. Power Montana Rol. Starr Nebrasl\:a J. N. Wise Nevada W. A. Van Bokkelen New Hampshire "Horace Chase New Jersey Joseph H. Hough New BrllDswick "Vll1. :F. Bunting New York ........ Ja5. M. Austin, M. D

" H ••



dH •••••


Little Rock. San Francisco. Hamilton (Ontario). Central City. Hartford. Wilmington. Washington. Freemasons' Hall, I~on. l\1:onticello. Macon. Springfield. Idaho City. Indianapolis. Io'va City. Leaven'Yorth. Louisville. New Orleans. Portland. St. Louis. Boston. Baltin1ore. Detroit. St. Paul. Jackson. Helena. Plattl:;illouth. Virginia. Hopkinton. Trenton. St. Johns. Ne'v York City.



D. W. Bain Charles J. Macdonald John D. Caldwell J. E. Hurford Pennsylvania John Thompson Rhode Island Charles D. Greene South Carolina Robert S. Bruns Tennessee J ohl1 Frizzell. Texas George H Bringhurst Vermont Henry Clark Virginia John Dove, M. D Wisconsin William T. Palmer Washington Ter'ry.. Thomas M. Reed 'Vest Virginia T. H. Logan

North Carolina Nova Scotia Ohio Oregon

501 Raleigh. Halifax. Cincinnati. Portland. Masonic Telnple, Phila. Providence. Charleston. N ash ville. Houston. Poultney. Richmond. Mil~Yaukee.

Olympia. ~ Wheeling.



December 1st, 1869.

The Fiftieth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri will be held on the 12th day of October, 1870, (being the second Monday in the 7nonth) in Freemasons' Hall, in the city Qrf


Louis. GEO. FRANK GOULEY, (frand Secretary.

NOTE.-Secretaries of Lodges are required by law to send in

their Annual Returns with the dues, one nl0nth ill advance.

TABLE OF CONTENTS. A Address of Grand Master, Arrest of Charters,....................................... Anderson, R. E., Letter from...... . Amendment Adopted.........

9, 62, 77 46 61 62

Acconnts, Report on.............................


Annual Election, Time for.... 75 Annual Election............................. 76 Appeal of S. C. Minturn.... 81 Appeal of J. M. sutton............................................ 81 Appeal of J. A. Bushnell......... 82 Appeal of WU1. c. Parker......................................................... 84 Aypealof A. G. Fullington u u.... 84 Appeal of T. s. Davis................................................................. 84 Appeal of D. D. Emulons.............................................................. 86 Appeal of J. L. Lacy................................................................. 86 Appeal of J. G. Howe 87 87 Appeal of E. O. Deihl..................... Appeal of H. Wanclt 87 87 Appeal of Helena Lodge, No.3................... Appeal of W. V. Rutledge............................................................... 88 Amendments Offered......... 100 Appointments of Grand Officers......... 104 Alabama ~ "............ 116 Arkansas 121 .Alexander, J .. H . , Report of............................................................... 222

B Relief, Report of 48, 95 By-Laws for Lodges.......................................................................... 49


Babcock" J . W., Visitor................................................................... JS!6Ilevolent Association., ,.......




504 Butler, O. C., Case of............ Bushl1ell, J."A., Case of Bairuth, G. L. of Baird, W . T., Report of................ Bibb, W. R., Report of....... Betllune, J. H., Report of Baldwin, J. W., Report of


81 ·························

8a' , 2(1, 288 2a'(}

········· .. ····· .. ···............ 2M ··· ····· · , 25r5


Uredelltials, Report all........... . 4 Clarksville Lodge, Case of · 23: Clarence Lodge, U. D., Case of................................................ 3S College Claims ·· 41, 96 College Property.... 60 Con1mittees, Standing ,. 43 Cl1arters Arrested.. 46 Cenletery Lot ··················································....... 61 Committees, Special............... 66 Callao Lodge, No.. 38, Dues of................................................... 69 Combs, J. W., Case of......................................... &~ Calhoun Lodge, Case of........................................................... sa Concord Lodge, 4Jase of... sa Chartered Lodges, Report on ,. 92 Charity, Report 011 , .,. ..• 9S Carnegy, S. W. E., Claim of...... 9B Claim of Montezuma Lodge..... .. 9~ California... 124 Cana.d,a '" I2£) Colorado ,. 181 Carter, J. E., Report of . 25Q

D Decisions of Grand Master. ~ Decisions ullconftrmed O'., O'................. 2S Decisions of Grand Lodge ~ u •• 62, 6$1 D. D. Grand JYlasters 34, 101, 105, 217 Dedication of Hall "... Dispensations issllecl.......................... 44 DardenIle Lodge ,............................... 124 Dardenne Lodge, removal of 0.... &2 Dedicatioll of New Hall... 71 Davis, T. S., appeal of.............................................. &4 Deihl, E. 0., appeal of ,..................... 87 Delaware......... 131 DIstrict of Oolumbia........... 1. H


(}o n tents.



Darmstadt, G. L. of............ Dockery, A. M., report of

206 228

E Election in Grand Lodge, tiIne for :Election of Grand Officers........................................................ Emmons, D. D., appeal of............... European Grand Lodges....... England, G. L. of......... Evans, F. D., report of..............................................................

7n 7G

86 182 183 225

F Form of BJ'r' Laws........... 40 Foreign Representatives 36, 97 Foreign Correspondence........................................................... 6H Foreign Relations 50 Fullington, A. G., appeal of. 84 France, Grand Orient of 66, 185 Ji"!lorida · . . 97, 134 Form of Lodge Record........ 102 Frankfort-on-the-Main, G. L. of...... Faulkner, R. P., report of..........................................

204 ~f)7

G Grand Master'B Ad.<.lres~..................... Gellenbeck, C., case of Grand Secretary's Report. Grand Treasurer's Report Grand Orient of France. Grievance, Report on Georgia Grand Officers Griffing, Willis, Report of......... Gaston, J. C., Report of............ Givan, N. M., Report of Oreen, R. Frank, Report of




20, 72 44, 59, 68


60, 08 f>6



81 07, 135 104 237 263 f



:Z65 271

H Houston Lodge, No. 42............ Heroine Lodge, No. 104, case of...... Half Fare Tickets High Hill Lodg,.e, No.. 250, removal of...... Rowe, J. G., appeal of Hanover, G. L. of.................................... lIenderson, J. B' 1 Report Gf


15 ~4

77, 79

80 ,.... ,. .•...•


207 ...•..•.. 224



Heastoll, D. J., Report of Hubble, J}f. J., Report of.

234 261

I Illinois


25, 65, 97, 140


Indiana........................... Idallo rvey, J

46, 97, 137 141

144 261 22, 69


K }{noo Noster Lodge, Dues of.......................

95 Knights Templar, Thanks to................................................... 97 Kansas "...... 146 Kentncl\.y 147

L Lodges U. D., Report on........ Lodges U. D.. , Rules for............ Lewis, Wm. G., deceased...... Lacy, Jno. L., Appeal of. Lodges, Chartered, Report on H... Liberty Lodge, Claim of H... Louisiana 97, Loverll, J., Report of............................................................... Luke, J. W., Report of..... Layne, W., Report of

73 75 80 86 90

96 149 226 247 251

M Meridan Lodge, No.2, Case of.................................................. 20 Masonic Hall Association __38, 89 Masonic Benevolent Association...... 67 Meridan Lodge, No.2, Report on................................. 72 Mt. Zion Lodge, U. D., Removal of oJ........ 77 Members, Printing Names of.................. 71 Moral Status of Members , 80 Mintern, S. C., Appeal of '" 81 Montana 87, 97, 154 Mitchell Lodge, lJ. D. 88 McBride, P. R., Death of , 38, 90, 96 Mississippi '" , 97, 151 Montezuma Lodge, Claim of ~.. 99 Monitors........... lO! Minnesota IS!




Michigall................................................ Maine....................................................................................... M'assachllsetts '" Maryland... Manning, A., Report of......... May, B. L., Report of...... ... Marshall, B .. Report of...... McGregor, A., Report of........ McDowell, A., Report of..... Muir, W. D., Report of McDonald, J. W., Report of........

154 155 155 156 239 241 254

256 264 268 269

N Newton Lodge, No. 175, case of 1'iew Yorl{

21, 81 25, 65, 158 Names of Members, printing................................................... 77 Non-affiliates 80 Nelson, JOllU, case of....... 82 Norton, B. F. case of...... 86 NebrasI{a . 97 New Bruns'vick 97, 169 New Jersey.............................................................................. 156 New Hampshire....................................................................... 169 North Carolina................................................................... 170 Nevada.................................................................................... 170 New Mexico, Report frOIn .o.. 271

o Opening Lodges............................................ Orient, Grand, of France........................ Ohio Oregon

37 ()() 97, 171 97, 172

p Priestly H. McBride, ueath of Portraits Printing Proceedillgs..................... Parker, W. C., appeal of

Pennsylvania Prussia, Grand Lodge of............... Patterson, H., Re!Jort of...... .. .


38, 90 69, 96 80

84, 87 97, 173 .




197 . 245

R Bitual and Work

l7, 37, 98, 99, 102 18

Rostock, F. S., case of.............................................




Representatives, Foreign 36> 79 Report of Grand Secretary 44, 59, 68 Report of Board of Relief......................................................... 48 Report of Grand Treasurer 60, 68 Report on Cenletery Lot............................................... 61 Report on Grand Master's Address oo. 62 Report on ACCOtlllts · ~. 68 Report on Jurisprudence 69 Report on Meridian Lodge, No.2.............................................. 7:l Report 011 I.Jodges U. D................................................. 73 Rules for Lodges U. D................................................ 75 Removal of l\It. Zion Lodge, U. D 77 Removal of High Hill Lodge, No. 250...................................... 80 Restoration of Newton Lodge................ 81 ReP01.. t on Grievance...................................................... 81 Rutledge, vV. V., appeal of....................................................... 88 Report on Masonic Hall Association · oo...... 89 Report on Chartered Lodges...................................... 90 Report on Charity :..................... 95 Report on vVays and Means...................................................... 95 Restoration of Warren Lodge................................................... 98 Record, form of Lodge. 102 Rllode, Islalld . 174 Ralls, Jno.. , Report of. 219 Rtlssell, S., Report of ~............ 24S Renfrow, A. F., Report of 265 Report of John Ure, D. D. Grand Master.................. 217 Report of John Ralls, D. D. Grand Master 219 Report of J. H. Alexander, D. D . Grand Master 222 Report of .T. B. Henuersol1, D. D. Grand Master........ 224 Report of F. D. Evans, D. D. Grand Master ~5 Report of J. IJoyern, D. D. Grand Master................................ 2.$ Report of A. M. Dockery, D. D. Grand 1"Iaster 228 Report of W. T. Baird, D. D. Grand Master 283 Report of D. J. Hea~ton, D. D. Grand Master.......................... 234 Report of W. Griffing, D. D. Grand Master 281 Report of A.l\fanning, D. D. Grand Master.............................. 23Q Report of B. L. May, D. D. Grand Master................................. 241 }~eport of S. Russell, I). D . Grand l\Iaster................................. 24$ Report of H. Patterson, D. D. Grand Master........................... 245 Report of J. VV. I;uke, D. D. Grand Master 247 Report of W. R. Bibb, D . D. Grand Master ~....................... 2aO Report of W. Layne, D. D. Grand Master........ 251 Report of W. B. WilSOll, D. D. Grand Master.......................... 2S2, Report of J~ H. Bethune, D. D. Grand Master................. .2$3 Report of B. Marshall, D. D. Grand Maeter.., 264 U H H H . \ H .\101oU

, •• . . •

eo • • • • • • •• • ••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ••••••••




Report of J . W . Baldwin, D. D. Grand Master......................... Report of B. Shepherd, D. D. Grand Master............................. Report of ...~ . McGregor, D. D. Grand Master............................ Report of R. P .. Faulkner, D. D. Grand Master.................. Report of J. E. Carter, D. D. Grand Master.............................. Report of J . rvey, D. D. Grand Master..................................... Report of M. J. Hubble, D. D. Grand ~Iaster............................ Report of W. S. Street, D, D. Grand Master............................ Report of J. C. Gaston, D, D. Grand Master............................ Report of A. McDowell, D. D. Grand Master............................ Report of A. F. Renfro, D. D. Grand Master............................. Report of N. 1\'1. Givan, D. D. Gral1d Master............................ fReport of L. E. Williamson, D. D. GranEl Master.................... Report of W. D. Muir, D. D. Grand Master.............................. Report of J. W. McDonald, D. D. Grand Master..................... Report of R. Frank Green, D. D. Gl"and Master

255 256 256 257 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 265 267 268 269 271

s Summit Lodge, No. 263, Case of....... St. Joseph Lodge, No. 78, Case of........ Spiegelberg, Case of....................................................................... Scotland, G. L. of 25, Standing Committees.... Special Oommittees... Status of Non·affiliates..............

Status, Moral, of Members. Stevens, B., Case of. Special Tax...... South Carolina Saxony, G. L. of......... Switzerland, G. L. of......... Shepherd, B., Report of...... street, W. S., Report of..................

20 22 24

65 43 66

80 80 86 97

97, 175

187 20g 256 262

T Taylor, E., Case of Transportation 77, Thanks to Railroads.................................................................. Thanks to Knights Templar............................................. Tax, Special............................................................................... 0


0 ••••••••••

Texas ~


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97 97, 177 97, 176

U tire, John, D. D. Gl"alld Master, Report of...........





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Virginia................................................................................... 179

w Warren Lodge, No. 74 Work and Ritual Williams, A. J., Case of

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16, 98, 99, 102 17, 37, 98 19, 87 66, 180

West Virginia · Wanek, H., Appeal of............................. Weston Lodge, Case of. Ways and Means, Report on........................................................ Washington Territory "' 97, Wisconsin ,...... . Wilson, W. B., Report of ,..................................... Williamson, L. E., Report of.........


88 95 181 180

252 267

1869 Proceedings - Grand Lodge of Missouri, Volume 2 - Appendixes  


1869 Proceedings - Grand Lodge of Missouri, Volume 2 - Appendixes