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Committee on Masonic Publications Brent Stewart, Grand Master Richard Smith, Deputy Grand Master Ronald D. Jones, Senior Grand Warden Robert T. Thomas, Junior Grand Warden Dale H. Bryan, Grand Secretary David W. Haywood, PGM, Editor

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On the cover: Grand Master Stewart at Cooper Lodge No. 36 with the collar worn and gavel used by Most Worshipful Brother Harry S. Truman. (Photo by Jim McCarty, Editor, Rural Missouri magazine)

Message from the Grand Master

The second picture shows me with my installing Chaplain, Reverend and Worshipful Brother Charles Hamill. Charlie was Master of Twilight Lodge No. 114 in 20042005. Along with several younger brothers, we developed a close friendship both inside and outside MWB Brent Stewart with WB Rev Charles of the lodge. Charlie left Columbia Hamill at the installation ceremony. in 2007 to visit Switzerland, and after a few months in the mountains and multiplies, thereby becoming pondering life’s great philosophical the gift that keeps on giving, both questions, he moved back to his inside the Craft and outside in our home state of Pennsylvania. He communities. It also is the lodge then attended Pittsburgh Theological that serves as the gateway into our Seminary, eventually graduating Fraternity. No one may receive and becoming a priest in the gift we give without first being the Episcopal Church in permitted to pass through the west December 2012. That gate of one of our lodges. In our first Charlie and his wife, and third degrees we are charged to Bethany, would take the guard vigilantly that west gate, lest time and incur the expense our internal peace and harmony be to drive round trip from broken and our external reputation Pittsburg to Columbia just be sullied. Only when we properly so he could serve as my guard the gate will the harmony, installing Chaplain and strength, beauty, sincere friendship Members of Twilight Lodge No. 114 (Columbia, MO) visit his lodge brothers, and good fellowship of our lodges with MWB Brent Stewart at his installation ceremony. (Photo by RWB James McManigle) speaks volumes about Charlie be preserved, not only for us but for personally and demonstrates that truly all those who come after us. Also notably missing from the mystic tie that binds Freemasons picture is Right Worshipful Brother together. While small recompense, I Our lodges should be our focus. Jim Wade, one of my proficiency sincerely thank you, Charlie. We sometimes forget that the Grand coaches and for years the driving Lodge, composed of a collection of I share these pictures with individual lodges, is supposed to force behind Twilight Lodge. Jim could not attend this year due to you, however, not just for personal serve the lodges, not the other way his health, but I did speak to him reasons. They should remind us around. I will do my best to try to the next day--he was arranging for that the lodge, that sacred retreat remember that this year. Continue a Masonic funeral service for one of friendship and virtue, is the very to give the gift and guard the gate, of our Twilight brothers who had foundation of this Fraternity—where my brothers, and may all your lodge moved to Georgia. Despite his health the “real action” is and where we pictures be as Masonically heartissues, Jim is still patiently toiling practice our art. It is in the lodge warming as mine. See you in lodge! in the quarries in the service of our where we first individually give, lodge. Perhaps I see Jim and others and first individually receive, the Fraternally, inestimable gift of Freemasonry. Brent Stewart in that picture after all. It is in the lodge where that gift is Grand Master 2015-2016 then shared among the brothers Fall 2015 Page 2 For my first message to you as your Grand Master, I share with you two pictures from this year’s Annual Communication that carry with them a deep and personal meaning for me. The first shows several members of Twilight Lodge No. 114, my home lodge, with me immediately after my installation. These are the brothers with whom I share a very special bond. Words cannot describe how much this picture means to me. There are, of course, many absences, including my two deceased grandfathers.


RWB WILLIAM E. ZIMMERMAN APPOINTED SENIOR GRAND MARSHAL needs of the family cats, Gertrude and Elmer. Both share a love of symphonic music, theater, travel, and ocean cruising. Given Bill’s love of cooking; Georgia is content to clean up whatever mess is left behind. Pasta, soup, and grilled beast are special favorites. Bill is still a licensed ham radio operator and occasionally can be heard playing mediocre renditions of show tunes on the piano.

RWB William “Bill” E. Zimmerman Photo courtesy of Bill Zimmerman

RWB William E. Zimmerman was born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1952 and was appointed to the advancing line in 2015 by Most Worshipful Brother Charles Brent Stewart. He received a BS in Accounting degree from Missouri Western State College (now Missouri Western State University) in 1974 and later received a master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. During those college years, Zimmerman was both a television news reporter and commercial communications engineer. Upon graduation, he joined a local firm of certified public accountants in St. Joseph, later being admitted as a partner. In 1987, he moved his practice to St. Louis joining a firm in Webster Groves, which later merged with one of the largest local firms in St. Louis. For more than 40 years, he has spent a substantial amount of time working with tax exempt organizations. Along the way, he taught senior year accounting classes at Missouri Western and has conducted training seminars and written numerous articles on his profession. The weekend after Thanksgiving 1984, he married the love of his life, Georgia. She is a retired nurse devoting most of her time tending to the page 3

His Masonic roots include a grandfather and uncle in the fraternity. Unfortunately, they both had laid down their working tools before Bill joined. His inspiration to petition was his best friend from junior high school RWB Roger Heard. Brother Heard was the first line petition signer and conferred all three degrees, as well as acting as instructor and examiner in the proficiency process. Bill was initiated at Saxton Lodge No. 508 in St. Joseph on August 1, 1979. He was passed and raised on September 5, 1979, and November 7, 1979, respectively He served a term as Master of Saxton Lodge before moving to St. Louis. Transferring membership to CrestwoodAnchor Lodge 443 in St. Louis, he has served a term as Master, several terms as Secretary, and currently holds office as Lodge Treasurer and Treasurer of the Lodge Temple Corporation. An avid ritualist, RWB Zimmerman has renewed his Subdivision III ritual card several times, is a member of the Charlie’s Angels degree team, and Lodge funeral team. He’s proud of the love of ritual shown by the Brothers of his Lodge evidenced by the Lodge winning a districtwide ritual competition seven years in a row. In two of those years, the Lodge made no mistakes in the competition that is based on the Subdivision III exam. Zimmerman has served the Grand Lodge in several capacities. In 2004, he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for Division C of the twenty-seventh Masonic District by Most Worshipful Brother Dr. Elmer E. Revelle. He served a four-year term as an elected director of the Masonic Home of Missouri and one year as Grand Orator for the 2013-2014 year under Most Worshipful Brother Jon B. Broyles. He has been a frequent Chance to Advance Class Moderator and trainer. In 2014, he was one of the authors of the Missouri Freemasons The Freemason

Mentoring Program book issued by Most Worshipful Brother David W. Haywood. Presently RWB Zimmerman is Secretary – Treasurer of the Missouri Lodge of Research and Missouri Lodge of Research Foundation. He belongs to both the Truman Club of the Masonic Home and Denslow Society of the Lodge of Research Foundation. At the time of his appointment to the advancing line he was serving on the Ways & Means Committee of the Grand Lodge. Bill’s favorite spare time activities include collecting and studying ancient By-Laws of the Missouri Craft dating back to the formation of our Grand Lodge in the 1800s and participating in deep discussions on varied Masonic topics with the St. Louis Cornerstone Guild. In his oration at Grand Lodge in 2014, Zimmerman recalled the speech of Grand Master Dr. J. Edward Blinn, who presided at the first annual communication Zimmerman ever attended. He stated that the words spoken about the role of Grand Lodge some 35 years earlier were just as important today in that “…the task at the Grand Lodge level is to find ways of strengthening all the lodges by offering guidance and support…”, that “Leadership is the key to survival of any Lodge,” and that “The state of the Craft can become as good as we, collectively, wish to make it.” Before leaving St. Joseph, he received his thirty-second degree at the St. Joseph Valley Scottish Rite. He also received York Rite degrees at Mitchell Chapter 14, St. Joseph Council 9, and Hugh De Paynes Commandery 4. Now in St. Louis, he belongs to the St. Louis Valley, Oriental-Rabboni Chapter 78, Jeremiah Council 48, and Ascalon Commandery 16. His other Masonic affiliations include memberships in the Order of Eastern Star Alexander Chapter (St. Charles, MO), Bruce Harmon Hunt York Rite College, and the Royal Order of Scotland. Outside of Masonry he has served his profession at both the state and national level. He is a past recipient of the Missouri Western State University Distinguished Alumni Award.


Grand Master Coin Series The Grand Master issues a collectible coin for his year. The coin issued by MWB Brent Stewart is the seventh in the series of Grand Master coins. The coins are $10 each and proceeds go to the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund. The coins will be available from your DDGM or by calling the Grand Lodge at (877) 226-2766 (ask for Christi Casey). w

The front of MWB Brent Stewart’s coin

The back of the coin

There are limited quantities of the previous coins in the series, so act now and purchase either the full set or complete your set for only $10/per coin. A portfolio is also available for $10 to display your series of Grand Master coins.

“Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.” -Bro. Samuel L. Clemens AKA Mark Twain Fall 2015

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194th Annual Communication The Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri convened its 194th Annual Communication on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia, Missouri. MWB Bruce Austin welcomed all Brethren in attendance and introduced the Grand Lodge Officers for 20142015. MWB Bruce Austin then presented Most Worshipful Grand Master David W. Haywood with the Gavel of Authority. MW Haywood signaled the Grand Lodge to rise for the presentation of the flag of the United States of America by the Heroes of ’76. The Honorable Dave Muntzel from the Missouri House of Representatives, 48th District, then welcomed the 1,079 Masons in attendance to Columbia, Missouri. After the introduction of the 14 Past Grand Masters from Missouri, the visiting Past and Present Grand Masters and Grand Lodge Officers of other jurisdictions were received. DDGMs and DDGLs were introduced and thanked for their tireless service to the Masonic Fraternity. Next the representatives of the appendant bodies and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & A.M. were introduced. MW Haywood escorted Prince Hall Grand Master MWB Henry Willis to the East for his remarks. MW Haywood then proceeded to give his Grand Master’s Address. The Grand Master’s Address was followed by RWB Brent Stewart’s page 5

Masonic Home of Missouri President’s Report. RWB Stewart also recognized and thanked the two retiring Board Members, RWBs Jeff Lee and Charlie Wiegert, for their dedicated service to the Masonic Home of Missouri. Due to those vacancies, nominations of David W. Ramsey and Buddy Roberts were received with their subsequent election by acclamation to four year terms on the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Board of Directors.

RWB Randy Jones, Grand Lecturer Emeritus, presented seven special regional ritual awards this year recognizing those brothers who are always there to help with degree work sometimes as many as 3 or 4 nights a week – congratulations to Jacob Rahmer, Dennis Bonjour, Ben Pagel, Ronald Huff, Norman Schlagenhauf, L. Don Haden and Mitchell Penn. In addition, the Grand Master presented the Great Communicator Award to William R. Alvord for his almost daily updates A highlight during Annual on Masonic happenings in the 26th Communication is always the District. introduction of the Masonic Youth. The youth representatives were asked After calling to labor Tuesday to address the Brethren, and it was morning, RWB Scott Gardner once again inspiring to be addressed went through the Report of the by such articulate young men and Committee on Jurisprudence. women. Following those inspiring Proposed legislation was voted speeches, elections were held and and RWB Mitch Weinsting and the all line officers were advanced. In DDGMs retired to count the ballots. addition, the Brethren elected RWB During the ballot counting, awards Nick Cichielo to be Grand Treasurer not picked up on Monday night and RWB Dale Bryan to be Grand were distributed and miscellaneous Secretary. MW Elmer Revelle gave business was concluded including the Report from the Necrology reading the Report of the Masonic Committee and a moment of silence Board of Relief of St. Louis-St. was observed in memory of the Louis County, approval of the Grand departed Brethren. After a full day Master’s Address, motions to include of business, the day ended with RWB Reports in the Proceedings, Reports Nick Cichielo, MoCHIP Coordinator from Committees on Mileage and discussing and presenting the Safe Per Diem & on Credentials, and Child Awards. comments from the GMs present from other jurisdictions. No further The Monday Night Banquet business appearing, the Grand Lodge had musical entertainment provided by was closed and MW Haywood Miss Jubilee. Immediately following, thanked all for attending and stated the presentation of awards began. that it was an honor for him to be The Grand Master, assisted by their Grand Master this year. The Freemason


Photo Gallery

RWBs Lee and Wiegert presenting the Vincil Society Awards to those Lodges having achieved the Bronze Society Level. RWB Stewart presenting Tuscan Lodge No. 360 with the Silver Society Level Award.

RWB Randy Jones presenting special regional ritual awards to 7 dedicated ritualists for always being there to help with degree-work in lodges sometimes as many as 3 or 4 nights a week

MWB Haywood presenting Lodge Ritual Awards.

MWB Haywood presenting the Masonic Service Award to Wentzville Lodge No. 46.

Lodge representatives receiving the Lodge Achievement Award from MWB Haywood.

All photos are credited to RWB James E. McManigle. The Grand Lodge Officers would like to express their appreciation for his expertise and willingness to provide photographic services during Annual Communication. Fall 2015

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RWB H. Keith Neese

Photo credit: Masonic Home of Missouri

Keith was born June 24, 1943, and raised in Hallsville, Missouri. His parents were Leland Stanford and Frances Neese. His father was past Master of both Clark and Hallsville Masonic Lodges. His mother was an active member of Boone Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. His father died when Keith was eight years old. He and his sister were raised in a single parent home. Keith and his wife Beverly met while working at State Farm Insurance Regional office in Columbia, Missouri. They were married on March 8, 1963, and blessed with two daughters Leslie (Neese) Gash and Jennifer (Neese) Imhoff. They have one granddaughter and five grandsons. Keith attended the University of Missouri and later the Saving & Loan League Financial Administration school at the University of Oklahoma, which is equivalent to the Graduate School of Banking. page 7

Keith began his banking career at Citizen Savings, moving his family to Kirksville, Missouri, to establish a branch. As a result of his hard work and success, he opened additional offices in Milan and Unionville, Missouri. He recognized and embraced various opportunities throughout his career and had some very interesting experiences. One such was when he repossessed a chicken laying house in Southern Missouri, where the employees walked out leaving him to process eggs from thirty thousand laying hens. He ended his banking career at Commerce Bank, where he retired in 2003. Upon “retirement”, Keith started a commercial realty company. When asked if he would be willing to give back to the Masonic Fraternity by serving as an Interim Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri, he stepped away from his personal business to help. Although asked to serve in an interim capacity, Keith’s experience and managerial skills resulted in his appointment as Executive Director where he would serve for the next five years, retiring in 2013. In the spring of 2015 a request was made, and he once again answered the call to serve the Fraternity as the Interim Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Keith is a person involved in community activity including his church. He was on the original board that first established Rainbow House, which is a temporary shelter for children. He and Beverly were the first couple that helped establish Woodcrest Chapel and helped it grow during the church’s first fifteen years. In the past, Keith has served on many United Way committees and one year served as Commercial Division Chairman. Currently, Keith & Beverly are involved members of Parkade Baptist Church where he serves as an active deacon. Keith became a Master Mason in January 1970 and became Master of Acacia Lodge No. 602 in The Freemason


1995. In the past, he has been a member of the four York Rite bodies, Royal Order of Scotland, and the St. Joseph Shrine. He joined the Scottish Rite in 1977 and is currently an endowed member of the Columbia Valley of Scottish Rite and Acacia Lodge. Most Worshipful Earl K. Dille appointed Keith his Personal Representative and gave him one year to build the new Scottish Rite Temple in Columbia. He accomplished that inside the one year timeframe. He also served for 15 years on the Board of Directors of the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri and a majority of that time served as Treasurer. In full retirement, Keith enjoys golf and renewing friendships with friends from high school and college. Family is very important to Keith & Beverly and they keep them very active in watching their grandsons in athletic activities. They also enjoy camping with their camp club.

(photo) RWB H. Keith Neese (left) acknowledging the honor of the Truman Award bestowed upon him by MWB David W. Haywood. Photo credit: RWB James E. McManigle

Grand Lodge Database Update The Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M. is pleased to announce the successful conversion of the Grand Lodge Database to the new system. At this time, the Grand Lodge is in the process of verifying the information and customizing the operation of the system to suit our processes and By-Laws. As with any major changes in the processes and procedures of an organization, there will be issues along the way. The Grand Lodge asks that you be patient with the implementation. Training & Communications The implementation of such a system is a complicated series of events and training. In order to facilitate both, the Grand Lodge will be communicating with lodge secretaries on a regular basis. We will also be posting information on the Grand Lodge Website www.momason.org Once the Lodge Secretary has set up an account, they will find training videos showing how to use Fall 2015

different features of the system. In some cases, certain videos may not be available until that portion of the database is completed. Getting help and reporting problems. Should you have issues or need assistance after watching the training videos and attending a WebEx training session, please email cfischer@momason. org with a description of your issue and how we can contact you. Please include pertinent information such as what you were trying to do, what lodge or member you were working on, and whether or not you received an error message. If possible, please send screenshots as well. This information will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot an issue. If you have any questions, please contact Grand Lodge staff at (877) 226-2766, or visit our website at www.momason.org.

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INSTAL The Installation of Grand Lodge Officers takes place at the conclusion of the Annual Communiation held in September of each year. The Installation is an open ceremony, designed so that friends and family members may share in this important moment in the lives of their loved ones. This year’s Installation was held on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. Intalling officers were: MWB Rocky E. Weaver - Master WB Rev. Charles Hamill - Chaplain MWB Glenn E. Means - Marshal The 2015-2016 Grand Lodge Officers are as follows:

Grand Master Brent Stewart

Twilight Lodge No. 114

Deputy Grand Master Richard L. Smith

Polar Star - Rose Hill Lodge No. 79

Senior Grand Warden Ronald D. Jones

Junior Grand Deacon Barry V. Cundiff

Grand Pursuivant W. Webb Edwards

Grand Chaplain Harley L. Kropf

Junior Grand Warden Robert T. Thomas

Senior Grand Steward Ty G. Treutelaar

Grand Pursuivant Mitchell C. Weinsting

Grand Chaplain Mitchell Penn

Grand Treasurer Nicholas R. Cichielo

Junior Grand Steward Richard W. Kaeser

Grand Chaplain James A. Carpenter

Grand Chaplain Thomas L. Truman

Grand Secretary Dale M. Bryan

Senior Grand Marshal William E. Zimmerman

Grand Chaplain Robert D. Couldry

Grand Orator David B. Brown

Grand Lecturer Michael E. Wheeler

Junior Grand Marshal A. Freeman Stanfill

Grand Chaplain Henry M. DeWoskin

Grand Orator Kevin B. Sample

Senior Grand Deacon Stanton T. Brown, II

Grand Sword Bearer Ronnie E. Green

Grand Chaplain Rev. Roy L. Gilkey

Grand Tiler Gary M. Hinderks

Mount Hope Lodge No. 476

Galena Lodge No. 515

Adair Lodge No. 366

St. Louis Missouri Lodge No. 1

Polar Star - Rose Hill Lodge No. 79 Fenton Lodge No. 281

Branson Lodge No. 587

Meridan Lodge No. 2

Hazelwood Lodge No. 459

Shelbina Lodge No. 228

Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209

Buckner Lodge No. 501

Charity Zeredatha Lodge No. 189 Crestwood-Anchor Lodge No. 443 Charity Zeredatha Lodge No. 189 Buckner Lodge No. 501

Compass Lodge No. 120

Buckner Lodge No. 501

page 9

Amsterdam Lodge No. 141

Craftsman Lodge No. 717

Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge No. 79 Twilight Lodge No. 114

Waynesville Lodge No. 375

Lathrop Lodge No. 506

The Freemason


LATION Photo Gallery

















Photo #1: MW Rocky Weaver welcoming those assembled. #2: Friends, families and fellowship during the installation. #3: Brent Stewart taking his oath as the incoming Grand Master. #4: MW Rocky Weaver welcoming Brent to the podium. #5: RWB Richard L. Smith taking his oath for the office of Deputy Grand Master. #6: The Installation floor was designed to reflect a Lodge. #7: Officers waiting to take their oaths and jewels of office. #8: DDGM & DDGL’s taking their oaths. #9: MW Rocky Weaver presenting MWB Stewart with a tooled, leather apron case. #10: Lady Diane Haywood presenting Lady Kris Stewart with the First Lady Pin. #11: RWB Freeman Stanfill presenting MWB Stewart with a handmade, wooden hat box. #12: RWB Mick Dey presenting MWB Stewart with his gavel. #13: RWB Scott Hogue presenting the Grand Master’s Shrine Fez. #14: RWB Mitch Weinsting presenting MWB Stewart with lifetime membership in the Aleppo Grotto. #15: MWB Stewart with his family, including his wife, father, mother and sister. #16: MWB Stewart with his aunts.

Fall 2015

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Grand Lodge Achievement Awards Written by WB Kevin M. Fuller The 2014-15 Masonic year represented the 40th anniversary of the Grand Lodge Achievement Award. The committee’s focus at the beginning of the year was on usability of the process to better enable lodges from around the state to participate in the program while maintaining a high bar for lodges to earn the award. Several new ways to earn points towards the award were added that focused on lodges working together for degree work, charity events and visiting veteran’s homes. To earn the award, lodges must be represented at the previous Grand Lodge Session, accumulate a minimum of 150 points in three of four categories of activities, and have a grand total of at least 1,000 points to earn an award. This year, 60 lodges were recognized as Honor Lodges and another 71 as Honor Lodges with Distinction, a secondary award level that was reintroduced this year. The 131 lodges recognized represent 38% of all blue lodges in Missouri. Participation jumped nearly 10% from the prior year indicating that the program changes achieved the desired results. Earning the Achievement Award is a challenge in any given year, and special attention is paid to lodges that earn the award for several years in a row. Several lodges were recognized for page 11

earning the award for 10, 20 and 30 consecutive years. Those lodges were: Swope Park Lodge #617 (10), Jefferson Lodge #43 (20), Rising Sun Lodge #13 (30), and Poplar Bluff Lodge #209 (30). Being the 40th anniversary of the Achievement Award program, this was the first year that lodges could be recognized for earning the award for 40 consecutive years out of 40 possible. Those lodges were: St. Louis Missouri Lodge #1 (40), Bonhomme Lodge #45 (40), St. Charles Lodge #241 (40), Fellowship Lodge #345 (40), Gate of the Temple Lodge #422 (40), and Algabil-Freedom Lodge #636 (40). Every lodge should be proud of their contributions to their communities, members, and the fraternity. The Grand Lodge Achievement Award is one way that the Craft can recognize those lodges that exceed expectations and achieve great results. Congratulations again to all participating lodges and everyone is encouraged to participate in the program again next year.

(Top photo): WB Kevin M. Fuller, Chairman of the Committee on Achievement Award. (Center photo) Lodges recieving their achievement awards from MWB David W. Haywood and RWB Brent Stewart. (Bottom photo) Lodges being recognized for 40 consecutive years. (photo -left) Mount Hope Lodge No. 476 was among several Lodges recognized for 30 consecutive years of recieving the achievement award. Photos by RWB James E. McManigle

The Freemason


MoCHIP Celebrates 10 Years Written by RWB Stanton T. Brown II What an eventful and exciting 194th Grand Lodge session in the state of Missouri, especially for our Masonic Children’s Foundation. This great Masonic charity has continued to fulfill its mission and mandate by issuing 22,385 more child ID packets to parents and guardians this past Masonic year. As of the close of this Masonic year, we have conducted 1,315 events, issued 222,056 ID packets and know of at least 10 children that have been returned home since the MoCHIP program was started 10 years ago, and we continue to be the premier Child Identification Program in the country. To celebrate the 10th year, the Masonic Children’s Foundation has struck a beautiful coin to commemorate the event. We struck only a limited supply, and when supplies run out, there will be no more. At the annual MoCHIP meeting held on Sunday afternoon where the Board of Directors, the State Coordinator, regional coordinators and their teams met for an appreciation and recognition awards event, several changes were announced and awards given. Some time ago, RWB Nick Cichielo told the board that he felt it was time for him to ease back and to designate another person to take the reins of our MoCHIP program. In multiple conversations with RWB Nick, the Board of Directors and the office manager (Lori), it was decided that we would name WB Brad Fowler Fall 2015

as the Assistant State Coordinator in anticipation of his taking the full job near the Grand Lodge session in 2016. It was not an easy decision because every regional coordinator has extensive experience with our MoCHIP program, and any one of them would have been a good choice. The designation will become effective on October 31, 2015. WB Fowler has already begun the process of orienting and acquainting himself with the various aspects of the MoCHIP program that goes beyond the regional coordinators typical responsibilities. Although RWB Nick will be less active in the daily operation, he will assist WB Brad in coordinating and developing a gifting and contribution plan to expand our contributions throughout the state and Lori will continue to be the point person for scheduling events. Other announcements included several of our regional coordinators requesting that their responsibilities be cut back. Craig Skinner, who has been with us for ten years, will switch from being a coordinator to being the technical support person. Also a ten year veteran from Southwest Missouri, RWB Dale Roller has asked to have someone else to take on the responsibility of regional coordinator in that area. And last, Larry Seabaugh, a three-year veteran has asked to be allowed to relinquish some of his responsibilities. These three men, as have all of our

coordinators, have devoted nearly three-quarters of their weekends every year to conducting and promoting the MoCHIP events. They and all of our regional coordinators and their teams are to be commended and deserve our thanks and sincere appreciation. On Monday afternoon during the Grand Session, the Masonic Children’s Foundation had an opportunity to recognize those lodges that committed themselves to protecting the children of their community and of our state by sponsoring or cosponsoring a MoCHIP event. We are extremely proud of our lodges and their volunteers, and we were able to issue 147 “Safe Child Awards” to recognize our lodges. With the changing of the Masonic year comes changes to the composition of the Masonic Children’s Foundation board. RWB Stanton T. Brown II will be moving off of the board and with the appointment of RWB William Zimmerman, he will become the newest member to the board. The new board consists of RWB Barry Cundiff, RWB Ty Treutelaar, RWB Richard Kaeser and RWB William Zimmerman. Each of these men is imminently qualified and dedicated to the youth of our state as evidenced by their past and continual involvement in our youth organizations. Visit www.mochip.org for more information.

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The Missouri Lodge of Research (MLR) under the direction of Worshipful Master, Harvey Soule, concluded a successful year at the recent annual Grand Lodge Communication where a near capacity crowd attended the Tuesday morning breakfast which featured MWB Paul Weldon Johnston, Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales, and its Provinces Overseas, as the Fall 2015 Truman Lecturer.

joining for the first time. Interest in sustaining the development of the Missouri Masonic Research Library continues to grow as 31 donors are now reported to have signed up for the “Denslow Society” where 80% of the $1,000 membership fee is earmarked to build an endowment fund. The remaining 20% will be used for the immediate needs of the Society and the Library.

This Grand Lodge Annual Communication was a busy session for the MLR Officers with the sponsorship of a new event on Sunday evening, where a free movie titled “The Freemason” with complimentary refreshments was featured. At the conclusion of the screening, several copies of the movie were auctioned, raising $200 for the MLR. The annual meeting of the MLR Membership was held Monday afternoon with the review of financials, approval of a budget, the passage of a ByLaw change where annual dues would be subject to the same guidelines for payment as with the Grand Lodge, and the election and installation of officers for 2016. The Reverend Dale R. Roller was presented as the newest appointment to the MLR Advancing Line and the following Officers were installed by the outgoing Master, RWB Harvey Soule: Master, Gail S. Turner; Sr. Warden, Scott Houge; Jr. Warden, John W. Hess; Secretary-Treasurer, William E. Zimmerman; Sr. Deacon, Randy C. Davis; Jr. Deacon, Ronald D. Jones; Sr. Steward, C. Brent Stewart (presently our Grand Master); Jr. Steward, Douglas H. Reese; Marshal, Ty G. Treutelaar; and Tiler, Dale R. Roller. The Chaplain for the MLR is James R. Fiete. Many dues for 2016 were collected from those in attendance for the MLR including 26 who were page 13

Guest Lecturer, Paul W. Johnston (right) and MLR Sr. Deacon, Randy Davis, Editor of the MLR Newsletter (left).

An estimated attendance of 200 were present for the Lecture given by MWB Johnston, who shared his original research in a paper titled “King Athelstan and the Possible Anglo-Saxon Origins of Freemasonry”. A comprehensive overview of the period in which King Athelstan reigned as well as historical events and dates were illustrated and explained to demonstrate how Anglo-Saxon origins of Freemasonry could be justified. The MLR has plans to release both a video and the text of MWB Johnston’s lecture on the www.MOLOR.org website in the near future. At the conclusion of the Lecture, Aaron Shoemaker, Chairman of the Truman Lecture Series, announced that MWB Johnston was being awarded an honorary Life Membership in the Missouri Lodge of Research. The Freemason


Masonic Home of Missouri 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite A Columbia, MO 65202 (800) 434-9804 www.mohome.org

Masonic Home of Missouri Representative Luncheon During the year, many Masonic Home of Missouri Representatives assist the Home by referring, educating, and supporting our Outreach Programs. These Representatives take the time to educate themselves on the Programs, submit widows lists, use our resource guides, work the Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP) & Partnering to Honor (PTH) Program, and maintain contact with our staff on a regular basis. This important link with the Home enables us to continue to assist eligible Missouri Master Masons, their wives, widows, female members of the Order of the Eastern Star and all children throughout the state. The Masonic Home of Missouri held its annual Representative luncheon on Monday, September 28, 2015 during Annual Communication. Over 190 Masonic Brethren attended our luncheon and received training material including a FY15 Annual Report and information binder. A presentation on the binder was given by staff of the Masonic Home of Missouri, followed by a trivia game with winners being given special Masonic Home coffee mugs. This year, five lodges received awards for their outstanding partnership and participation in the Creating-A-Partnership (CAP) Program. Congratulations to Cooper Lodge No. 36, O’Sullivan Lodge No. 7, Richmond Lodge No. 57, Marceline Lodge No. 481 and to Sullivan Lodge No. 69 who was presented with the Top Lodge award. The Masonic Home also recognizes a representative who has gone above and beyond in his dedication to his duties. This year’s honoree for Representative of the Year is WB Roy L. Cary from Cooper Lodge No. 36. Roy received a plaque from the Masonic Home in honor of his dedication to his duties as the Masonic Home Representative. When Fall 2015

We are where you are.

asked what he thought about receiving the award, WB Cary stated, “I was really surprised by this honor. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support from my Lodge brothers. We really work as a team.”

RWB Brent Stewart and Barbara Ramsey, Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri presenting the Masonic Home Rep of the Year award to WB Roy Cary, Past Master of Cooper Lodge No. 36. Photo by the Masonic Home of Missouri.

WB Cary became a Mason in April of 1969. His Lodge sends out birthday and Christmas cards to the widows, and Roy makes sure that each lady is invited to special events that the Lodge holds each year. WB Cary is an endowed member of the Lodge of Research and is also an honored member of the Truman Club. Roy enjoys supporting the Home, “because it is my way of saying “thank you” for all the help and support the Home gives to my fellow Masons, their wives, and widows.” The Masonic Home of Missouri would like to thank our Representatives for their dedication and support of the Home. If you have any questions or need to update your Lodge’s Home Representative, please contact Rhonda at (800) 434-9804.

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The Truman Club A Society of the Masonic Home of Missouri

The Masonic Home of Missouri held its 10th Annual Truman Club Dinner on Saturday, September 26, 2015. With 137 individuals in attendance, this year’s event had the largest turnout ever and was a beautiful night of fun, fellowship and appreciation. This year we invited our guests to “Eat, Drink and Be Charitable” as they raised funds for the Home during our silent auction and wine pull. To top off the evening, Thomas A. Spencer issued a challenge that if at least five Truman Club Members gave a donation to move into the next society level, he would do the same. We are grateful to the donors that came forward to accept his challenge that evening. We are asking all Truman Club members to consider this challenge and move to the next giving society. We also honored a record number of donors who moved to the next Truman Society level within this past year. These donors are: Lewis and Clark Society

Ed & Judy Bousquet JoAnn Bryan Jack & Dolores Butler Doak Doolittle & Teresa Mills Doolittle Chris & Sandy Harrelson Kenneth R. Koerber Jeff & Judi Parrotte Jim & Jackie Walters Dar & Susan Weston

Laura Ingalls Wilder Society Sean & Jodi Blake Stanton T. Brown , II Dale M. Bryan James & Glenda Haddox Bryon & Cookie Hams Teddie Harrison Kyle & Yvette Palacios Doug Reece & Gayle Behr Gail & Tina Turner Dale & Lelah Mae West

Thomas Hart Benton Society Nick & Lori Cichielo Jim & Dorothy Fiete Jim & Lindy Ford Keith & Beverly Neese Dave & Friday Ramsey Dick & June Smith Doug & Kay Sprouse Richard & Ruth Steed Billie & JoAnn Sullivan Charlie & Debbe Weigert

Omar Bradley Society Dr. C. Eugene Ridenhour

Samuel Clemens Society Lon & Ginny Goede David & Diane Haywood Jim & Yvonne McManigle Harvey R. Soule

Charles A. Lindbergh Society Terry & Alice Shofner Thomas A. Spencer

In addition to the Truman Society awards, the first annual Traveling Truman Trophy was presented. After a good turnout of Lodge brothers at last year’s Truman Club Dinner, Temperance Lodge issued a challenge to see which Lodge would be represented with the most brothers this year. They commissioned a traveling trophy to be presented to the Lodge with the most representation. This year, Acacia Lodge No. 602 was the winner with 6 lodge brothers in attendance! Congratulations, Acacia! page 15

The Freemason


Truman Club Photos

Lewis & Clark Society Honorees

Laura Ingalls Wilder Society Honorees

Thomas Hart Benton Society Honorees

Samuel Clemens Society Honorees

Charles A. Lindbergh Society Honorees

Omar Bradley Society Honoree

Please join us at next year’s annual Truman Club Dinner scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2016.

Donor Recognition In September, the Masonic Home of Missouri installed donor walls as a way to permanently recognize our Truman Club and Vincil Society donors. We would like to extend a special thank you to Thomas A. Spencer and Jim & Yvonne McManigle for their generous donations that made these projects possible. If you have not visited the Masonic Complex lately, please stop by to view these beautiful displays. It is well worth the trip! Coming next spring, a Legacy Society donor tree will also be installed at the Complex. The Legacy Tree will permanently recognize those who have remembered, or intend to remember, the Home through a will, trust, beneficiary designation or other planned gift. This project was donated in memory of Charles M. Buckner. To find out how you or your lodge can be recognized on these walls, please contact our Development Office at (800) 434-9804. Fall 2015

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Last year at Annual Communication, the Masonic Home introduced The MWB John D. Vincil Master Builder Society, otherwise known as The Vincil Society – a recognition program, similar in nature to The Truman Club, designed to acknowledge Lodges, Chapters and other organizations for their cumulative giving to the Masonic Home since January 1, 2014. The support of the Lodges is so important to the Home and The Vincil Society is a way for the Home to gratefully acknowledge those that support us. Over the past year, 45 Lodges became members of The Vincil Society at the Bronze Level and 1 Lodge’s cumulative giving reached the Silver Level. The following amazing Lodges were recognized at the Monday Evening Banquet during Annual Communication and are also permanently recognized on the new Vincil Society Donor Wall located at the Masonic Complex. Bronze Level $500 - $4,999 St. Louis Missouri Lodge No. 1 O'Sullivan Lodge No. 7 Rising Sun Lodge No. 13 Mizpah Mount Moriah Lodge No. 40 Jefferson Lodge No. 43 Bonhomme Lodge No. 45 Wentzville Lodge No. 46 Weston Lodge No. 53 Sullivan Lodge No. 69 Independence Lodge No. 76 Bridgeton Lodge No. 80 Webster Groves Lodge No. 84 Webster Lodge No. 98 Kirksville Lodge No. 105 Twilight Lodge No. 114 DeSoto Lodge No. 119

Elvins-Ionic Lodge No. 154 Charity Zeredatha Lodge No. 189 Bolivar Lodge No. 195 Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209 Rolla Lodge No. 213 Neosho Lodge No. 247 Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260 Summit Lodge No. 263 Corinthian Lodge No. 265 Brotherhood Lodge No. 269 Granite Lodge No. 272 Grand River Lodge No. 276 Osage Lodge No. 303 Fellowship Lodge No. 345 Fraternal Lodge No. 363 Adair Lodge No. 366

Richland Lodge No. 385 Crestwood-Anchor Lodge No. 443 Ivanhoe Lodge No. 446 Gardenville-Cache Lodge No. 455 Henderson Lodge No. 477 Lathrop Lodge No. 506 Leadwood Lodge No. 598 Overland-Occidental Lodge No. 623 Owensville Lodge No. 624 Algabil-Freedom Lodge No. 636 Shawnee Lodge No. 653 Harold O. Grauel Lodge No. 672 Noble Lodge No. 684 Silver Level $5,000 - $9,999 Tuscan Lodge No. 360

It means so much to us to have the support of the Lodges throughout the state. Through your donations, you are making a direct impact on the lives of thousands of men, women and children in your communities. For more information, please contact Julie Kirchhoff at (800) 434-9804 or by email at jkirchhoff@mohome.org. You can also visit the website at www.mohome.org for more information. page 17

The Freemason


Step Back in Time & Visit the Museum The Masonic Home dedicated the Masonic Museum on February 25, 2008. Since then, the museum has shared its history and values with the community of Columbia and with travelers both state and nation-wide. We welcome you to tour the galleries displaying the long history of Missouri Freemasonry and learn more about the history of the Masonic Home of Missouri. The exhibits in the museum incorporate five themed galleries with each gallery representing a leader of particular quality. The first gallery titled, “Pathmakers and Patriots” highlights the impact of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had on the early period of Missouri history and how they became involved in the Masonic fraternity.

The second gallery titled, “Living Well” focuses on Laura Ingalls Wilder, her involvement in the Order of the Eastern Star and how music and education were valued in Masonry and the Masonic Home. The third gallery themed, “Generosity” depicts MWB Jacob Lampert, Past Grand Master of Missouri, and other Masonic groups who have provided generous support to the Masonic Home. Fall 2015

The fourth gallery depicts, “Leadership” centering on President and Past Grand Master Harry S. Truman and how democratic methods guide lodges.

The fifth theme titled, “Everyman” is a rotating exhibition gallery. In this gallery, Masonic Lodges and Easter Star Chapters have the opportunity to share individual history and symbols used within the Lodges and Chapters over the years. This gallery has recently been updated. The Masonic Home encourages any Lodge and/or Chapter that has items related to their history, partnership with the Home, and/or items of Masonic historical interest to contact the Home about displaying the items within this gallery.

Admission and Hours Admission: Free Hours: Self-guided tours are avaiable during normal business hours (weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 pm). Other viewing times are by appointment only. Call the Masonic Home of Missouri at (800) 434-9804.

Page 18



iPads for Autism Written by Bro. LeRoy Mauller In August, members of Samaritan Lodge No. 424 in Bonne Terre, MO presented a $5588.60 check to the St. Francois County Board for the Developmentally Disabled (SFCBDD) that will change lives. With matching funds from the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Creating-A-Partnership program, the donation went to purchase Apple iPads, protective cases and assistive applications for autistic children in St. Francois County for the purposes of communication and learning. iPads for Autism began with a challenge from then Worshipful Master of the Lodge, WB Kyle Hawkins. He asked the brethren to consider worthy local charities that could benefit from our fundraisers. During the next meeting, I nervously rose, addressed the lodge, and told the story of Eli, my five year old son. Eli has autism. I shared with the lodge how my wife and I purchased Eli an Apple iPad. By helping him use learning applications, in just a few weeks he went from a vocabulary of a few words, to dozens of words. He began identifying letters by sight and laughing as he interacted with his favorite apps. Even though my wife already had Eli on a homeschool schedule, his development was suddenly making quantum leaps before our page 19

eyes. When he gets overwhelmed by sensory input, we plug in his headphones and he can calm down and re-focus with soothing music. We were not only elated, but astounded at the difference this small electronic device was making. I knew that if we could put these powerful learning tools in the hands of other autistic children, they could have a similar impact on their lives, and the lives of their families.

St. Francois County Board for the Developmentally Disabled (SFCBDD) accepting iPads from Samaritan Lodge through their partnership with the Masonic Home of Missouri’s Creating-A-Partnership Program (CAP).

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. 1 in 68 children born today in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and the number of diagnoses is increasing year over year. While the causes of autism are still being studied and debated,

we do know that every child with an autism diagnosis has a unique set of communication challenges and learning styles. Normally developing children quickly learn how to tell a caregiver they are hungry or that they hurt, and where they hurt. Most autistic children do not have the ability, or have an impaired ability to communicate even their most basic needs to others. Behavioral science and technology now make it possible for an autistic child to help communicate their needs, and to learn. With the development of high-quality educational, communication and assistive applications, a child without words can now tap or swipe on their device to help them communicate and learn. St. Francois County Board for the Developmentally Disabled (SFCBDD) is a nonprofit organization that locally coordinates services and resources for those with disabilities. At the beginning, I reached out to them to gauge the need for iPads in our community. They reported there were a number of autistic children in St. Francois County who could greatly benefit from an iPad, but their families could not afford one. The Freemason

By partnering with SFCBDD, we were able to ensure the iPads went to children with autism, and the proper age and skill appropriate applications were pre-installed on the devices. In true Samaritan form, the lodge eagerly voted to accept the charity and went into high gear planning the fundraiser events. Our 3rd Annual Samaritan Lodge #424 Golf Tournament in May was a huge success, the proceeds from which went to purchase iPads and provide two local high school graduates with lodge scholarships. In June, we held a charity BBQ that was also very successful due to overwhelming community support and the hard work of all those who volunteered and donated. Many local businesses and individuals made generous contributions, including C.Z. Boyer & Son Funeral Homes, First State Community Bank, Save-A-Lot Food Stores, Blackwell Motors and Belgrade State Bank. The Masonic Home of Missouri was extremely supportive of the fundraiser, and made easy work of the Creating-A-Partnership application and approval process. A total of 14 iPads, along with cases and applications, were donated. Since then, we’ve received inspiring updates on how some of the recipients have benefited from their device, such as the twin boys who could only communicate by pointing to pictures on flash cards. As the boys learned new pictures, they were added to huge binders, which were taken everywhere they went. Their iPads and a symbolsupported communication app Fall 2015

called Proloquo2Go have now replaced their cumbersome binders and opened up new learning and communication avenues. Another mother wrote to the lodge, beaming about how her son flashed a rare smile when he found out he would be getting his own personal iPad. Across Missouri and in your own community, there are children with autism that have something to say. They have a story to tell, and a desperate desire to communicate and learn. If you ask around your lodge, you will quickly find that nearly everyone has a neighbor or loved one impacted by the opaque barrier of autism. We have an opportunity, an obligation even, to put our children in Missouri with an autism diagnosis in the best possible position to thrive and succeed. The gift of helping a child communicate and learn is a priceless, endearing one. I strongly encourage other lodges across the state to consider investing in iPads and assistive applications for children with autism in your community. For more information about autism and ASD, visit www. autismspeaks.org.

Puzzle pieces represent the ambiguity and mystery around the causes and understanding of Autism. The puzzle piece is often used in graphics for Autism and Autism Treatment. Many early Autism Awareness campaigns used the slogan “Help Solve the Puzzle (of Autism)”


Creating-A-Partnership (CAP) Program

WM-elect Eric Myers, (pictured far right), and Brother Ron Hawk, (pictured far left) present a check for $1,000 to Mrs. Lori Caffey, (pictured middle right) and Mrs. LeAnn Smith, (pictured middle left) of the Laquey School District. This is the first year Richland Masonic Lodge No. 385 has partnered with the Laquey School District to help those less fortunate children. Thanks to the Brethren of Richland Masonic Lodge No. 385 and to the Masonic Home for your generous donations.

WB Don Ferguson, (pictured left) is presenting Mr. Jacobson, (pictured right) of the Swedeborg School District a check for $1,000. This is the third consecutive year WB Ferguson from the Richland Masonic Lodge No. 385 has participated in the partnership program with the Swedeborg School District to aid those less fortunate children. Thank you to the Brethren of Richland Masonic Lodge No. 385 and to the Masonic Home for your generous donations.

Page 20


Just One “Penny-A-Day” Can Make a Difference “Penny-A-Day” (PAD) is a Masonic Home of Missouri program, started in 1974, that asks brothers to “pool their pennies” to support needy brothers, sisters, widows and their families. This program asks brethren to give a mere penny a day, or $3.65 a year, to support the programs of the Masonic Home of Missouri. Past Grand Master William J. Hill brought renewed focus and attention to the penny a day concept as part of his “I CAN” programs when he said, “The greatest Masonic Charity that we have is the Masonic Home of Missouri. The first part of the ‘I CAN’ program is called “I CAN T.O.P. M.A.G.I.C which means, I CAN Tell Our Pennies Make Amazingly Good Investment Cents”. Today, there are approximately 37,450 Master Masons in the State of Missouri which translates to the potential for an additional $136,000 to benefit the Home’s Outreach programs. Yes, a penny, nickel or dime seems like a small drop in the bucket, but when those pennies are pooled together with 37,000 other Master Masons across the state… you CAN make a difference! This past year, MWB David W. Haywood brought renewed attention to this program once again when he asked lodges to help revive the program which has seen a significant decline in donations over the past 15 years. To encourage participation, MWB Haywood updated dues cards to include a space for the Penny-A-Day sticker for those members who participate in the program with their voluntary contribution. In addition, a newly redesigned PennyA-Day sticker was mailed to Lodge Secretaries in January 2015. page 21

Penny-A-Day is just one of the many ways that Lodges can support the Masonic Home of Missouri. In an effort to recognize Lodges who send in contributions to the Home, the Masonic Home of Missouri launched The Vincil Society this past year. The Vincil Society is a recognition program designed to acknowledge lodges, chapters and other organizations for their cumulative giving to the Masonic Home of Missouri since January 1, 2014. Once cumulative giving reaches $500, the lodge will be recognized as a member during Annual Communication and receive permanent recognition on the Vincil Society Donor Wall located at the Masonic Complex in Columbia, Missouri. To participate, simply add an additional $3.65 or more for the Penny-A-Day program when you pay your dues. All contributions are collected by the lodge and mailed to the Masonic Home. $3.65 is such a small amount, but it can make a BIG difference. Please continue to support the Masonic Home of Missouri through your voluntary contribution to the Penny-A-Day program. For questions about the Penny-A-Day program, contact your Lodge Secretary or Julie Kirchhoff, Annual Giving Officer, at jkirchhoff@mohome.org or (800) 434-9804.

“The greatest Masonic Charity that we have is the Masonic Home of Missouri.” -Past Grand Master William J. Hill

The Freemason


The Masonic Youth Day was held on Saturday, August 1st at the Masonic Complex in Columbia, Missouri. It was planned as a Masonic Youth Family picnic and was well attended – 229 Masonic Youth plus many adult advisors. There were many activities for the youth to enjoy, including a dunking booth, in which the leaders of the Masonic Youth Groups, as well as our own Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother David Haywood, got a thorough soaking! Hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, snow cones, funnel cakes, popcorn and cotton candy was the fare of the day. As usual, the food was served on “MYD 2015” upside down Frisbees that all could take home, along with similarly imprinted cups. The highlight activity of the day was an all-youth silly string fight, wherein 170 or so young people got covered in silly string and had a blast. New and very well accepted changes this year included the introduction of the MYD T-shirt, complete with logo of Square and Compass centered in the outline of the state of Missouri. Also present was a fully staffed and equipped medical tent. Attendance prizes were given out at hourly intervals for each of the youth groups including their junior counterparts (Squires, Jobies2Bee, and Rainbow pledges). Prizes were in the form of gift cards and one paid attendance to each organization’s Grand Meeting. Alongside but apart from the festivities, MoCHIP Team Line #6 came out and hosted a MoCHIP event. There were 34 participating children.

DeMolay participants pose on the Masonic Complex staircase

Members of the Rainbow Girls pose on the Masonic Complex staircase

Lunch being served on specially imprinted Frisbees

Youth Day MYD T-shirt

Silly String made for a fun but messy event.

Youth Day gives a wonderful chance for masonic affiliated youth to meet.

The Dunking Booth proved a popular item.

Line dancing is another popular event.

Fall 2015

Members of the Job’s Daughters pose on the Masonic Complex staircase

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In Memoriam MWB William J. Hill Grand Master of Missouri 1982-1983 by Dr. J. C. Montgomery Jr, Past Grand Master

PGM “Bill” Hill was a prime example of what the noted commentator Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.” It was fitting that before his death he was able to share in an “Honor Flight” and return to scenes he had known in the terrible days of 1944-45 when Allied Forces finally drove to victory in Europe. Bill Hill was a member of the 35th Division whose shoulder patch of the blue and white Santa Fe Cross mingled with the red of sacrifice from the hedgerows of Normandy through France, Holland, Belgium. and into Germany. Other facets of MWB Hill’s life were also typically American. Born in Coffeyville, KS, he was educated in the Kansas City public schools. His was a Masonic heritage, as his maternal grandfather was Master Mason in Scotland. and his father and other relatives were Masons. Bro. Hill became a DeMolay at age 16 in Mother Chapter where Frank S. Land was Advisor. Later Bro. Hill’s DeMolay career would include national responsibilities in that Order. Following war time service Bro. Hill, as did many returning military. pursued his higher education, attaining the Juris Doctor degree. He worked for two years on the Kansas City Public Service Company legal staff, then devoted the rest of his professional career to private law practice. Bro. Hill was a Master Mason for sixty years, beginning his Masonic journey in Ivanhoe Lodge No. 446 in 1955, serving as Master in 1963, a year later becoming DDGM of the (then), 22nd Masonic District. He was next appointed to the important Grand Lodge Jurisprudence Committee and in time served as its chairman. In 1974 Grand Master page 23

Walter L. “Bud” Walker appointed RWB Hill to the advancing Grand Lodge line as Senior Grand Marshal. Five years later our future Grand Master became a member of the Masonic Home Board. He served as Board President in1980-81. Under his leadership studies concerning the fiscal potential for a western unit of the Masonic Home and professional fund raising and education programs for the Home were initiated.

MWB William J. Hill Grand Master of Missouri 1982-1983

In 1982, he became Missouri’s 136th Grand Master. His term was characterized by far-reaching programs and emphases such as the “Penny-a-Day” and leadership promotion in the area conferences. Several of the Past Grand Masters have described his leadership as “classy,” using that word in the best sense. Still Grand Master Hill never forgot the common, precious touch of brotherliness. Another “Past Grand” recalls how MWB Hill drove long miles on top of a crowded professional schedule to bring “peace and harmony” to a troubled lodge. Grand Master Hill’s Masonic contributions extended beyond the Grand Lodge. He was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and served four years as Personal Representative in the Valley of Kansas City for the then SGIG Earl K. Dille. He was a member of York Rite Bodies in Kansas City and was secretary and Sovereign of Mary Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine. He was also a member of Ararat Shrine. The Freemason

His brotherly hand and inspiring leadership were found in many rooms of the Masonic family. His memorial service was held August 28, 2015, in Longview Chapel Christian Church. Lee’s Summit, MO. As a part of the service a heartfelt eulogy was given by RWB Freeman Stanfill, following which fellow Freemasons united in giving the Silent Grand Lodge Honors. Most Worshipful Brother William J. Hill is survived by his wife, JoAnn, two daughters, six grandsons, and was a great grandfather.


Masonically RWB Luna was a member and Past Master of Wayne Lodge No. 526 and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, also serving on the Masonic Home Board as well as his long tenure as Grand Treasurer. Both Masonic and Rose Croix services honored him, and his burial was in the Masonic Cemetery at Piedmont. He was predeceased by his wife, Frieda, and survived by two children, a daughter and a son.

He was indeed “a true and faithful Brother among us.”

RWB Marion Luna Past Grand Treasurer 1989 - 2009 by Dr. J. C. Montgomery Jr, Past Grand Master

Missouri Freemasonry lost a quiet but important leader in the death of William Marion Luna on August 21, 2015. Serving as Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge for thirty years until 2009, his was the longest term of any Grand Treasurer or Secretary in the One Hundred Ninety-Four year history of the Grand Lodge, AF&AM, of our state. Marion Luna was born in Piedmont, MO¸ August 19, 1922, and spent all of his life in that community. A graduate of that high school, he attended Central Methodist College in Fayette and achieved a business degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He became a successful businessman in his home Wayne County community, being in the hardware, auto parts and furniture business and for many years was the president of the Bank of Piedmont. He was named Businessman of the Year in 1998. He was HonoraryVice-President of the county Historical Society and helped produce a pictorial history of that county. Fall 2015

RWB Marion Luna

RWB Nicholas Cichielo and RWB Richard Smith attended the funeral service for RWB Marion Luna held in his hometown of Piedmont. An excellent Scottish Rite Rose Croix Service was executed by Chris Rollins, Tom Moser, John Slenker and Al Mason. A Masonic Service was also held and conducted by RWB Wayne Tucker as Master, RWB Jeff Pennington as Marshal and WB Bill Humble as Chaplain. During the service, the Master invited to the podium all who would care to speak and it was this opportunity that the Grand Master’s condolences were extended and sincere thanks were imparted to the Luna family for sharing such a vital member of their family with Missouri Masonry for so many dedicated years.

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Congratulations The officers of the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.M. & F.M. would like to congratulate the following recipients of membership service pins. It is a great honor to bestow these membership pins on our Brothers.

Brother Donald M. Alberti. (right) received his 50 pin and certificate on June 18, 2015 from RWB Ty Treutelaar, Junior Grand Steward. He was assisted by Brother Alberti’s wife, Sue. This presentation was made at the Annual Saints John Table Lodge conducted at Jefferson Lodge No. 43 A.F. & A.M.

Worshipful Brother Joseph A. Morrow Jr. (left) recently received his 50 pin and certificate from RWB Clifford R. Dobbins DDGM of the 23rd Masonic District, with the assistance of Patrick L. Robinson, Master of Jefferson Lodge No. 43 A.F. & A.M. WB Morrow is Jefferson Lodge’s senior Past Master having sat in the east in Jefferson Lodge in 1969. He also served as Master in New Bloomfield Lodge No. 60 in 1988.

Shown at the altar are David Miller, Tom Miller, RWB Stanton T. Brown, II, Grand Junior Deacon, and RWB Ronald D. Jones, Junior Grand Warden, who conducted the ceremony.

On March 28, 2015, Sedalia Lodge No. 236 and Granite Lodge No. 272 had the privilege to present to David Miller and Tom Miller their 50 year membership pins. The lodge was well attended by Friends and Brethren to watch this great event of two Blood Brothers. Very seldom in the Masonic Fraternity does something like this happen in the same family. David happens to be a Past Master of both Lodges, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite and serves our local district in doing the Funeral Service. page 25

On September 13, 2015, Brother John R. Ostrander was presented his 50 year pin and certificate by RWB Brent Stewart, Deputy Grand Master. Brother Ostrander is a member of Jefferson Lodge No. 43. Brother Ostrander's wife, Barbara, assisted in the presentation by pinning his 50 year pin to his lapel. The Freemason

IN MEMORIAM & CELEBRATION Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260 Installation of Officers

Pictured left to right – RWB Jim Milsap, WB Robert Knectenhoffer, WB Everett Powell, MWB David Ramsey, Brother Caryl “Sonny” Todd & WB Reid Ordnung.

On Thursday, April 30th, Savannah Lodge No. 71, Savannah, MO was honored to recognize four members for 235 combined years service to Missouri Freemasonry. Worshipful Brother Everett Powell was honored with a pin for 70 years; Worshipful Brother Robert Knectenhoffer received a 65 year pin, and 50 year pins were presented to Worshipful Brother Reid Ordnung and Brother Caryl “Sonny” Todd. Brother Richard Newman was not able to attend the ceremony but was recognized for receiving his 65 year pin. Officers presiding over the ceremony were: Master – Most Worshipful Brother David Ramsey, Past Grand Master, Senior Deacon – Right Worshipful Brother Jim Millsap, Past DDGM, and Chaplain – Worshipful Brother Darrel Price.

WB Joseph Miller, Jr. Receives 212 Degree Honors

First Row: The young ladies of Bethel No. 4. Second Row L-R: WB Karl Green, Treasurer; RWB Richard L. Smith; RWB Brent Stewart; Bro Tim Hettie, JD; WB Michael Brueckmann; WB Jim Ditter, JW; WB Don Owens; Sec.; RWB Tommy Hamlett, PDDGM-26. Third Row: Bro Rick Dotson, SD; RWB Ty G. Treutelaar.

The installation WM-elect Michael Brueckmann of Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260, and his officers was held on July 26th, 2015. The Installing Master was RWB Brent Stewart (then DGM), who completed the installation while at the same time bringing knowledge of the Craft to all in attendance. Assisting with the installation were RWB Richard L. Smith, DGM (then SGW) as Installing Marshal, and RWB Ty G. Treutelaar, SGS (then JGS) as Installing Chaplain. The Order of the Eastern Star and Bethel 4 also participated in the ceremony. The installation was followed by dinner, cake, and good fellowship.

100 Year Anniversary Mountain View Lodge No. 637 Mountain View Lodge No. 637 celebrated its 100year Anniversary with a Special Communication on Friday, September 18, 2015 to initiate a new brother followed by a full-form, public Lodge Rededication Ceremony on Saturday, September 19, 2015. (left) Worshipful Master Nick Wester requesting the Lodge be rededicated in due and ancient form.

August 19, 2015 – RWB Emmett Bryson, DDGM District No. 7 presented WB Joseph Miller, Jr., Saxton Lodge No. 508, with the 212 Degree Certificate and Pin awarded by MWB David Haywood. This was a wonderful surprise to WB Miller as well as nearly 25 members and visitors in attendance. Fall 2015

(right) The Honorable Robert Ross, Missouri House of Representatives, presents the Lodge with Resolutions from the Missouri House and Senate.

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Into the Woods Written by RWB Ty G. Treutelaar, Senior Grand Steward After many months of planning and preparation, Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209 hosted what we believe to be the very first outdoor Chance to Advance Class. The day was September 19, 2015, and the perfect weather of that day was a perfect match for everything that had been thought out and anticipated to make this day a success. All of the myriads of details were in place when the ground was consecrated, and the dispensation for the location and the letter authorizing the C2A were read. The Lodge was opened at 12:30pm by the Worshipful Master of Poplar Bluff Lodge No. 209, WB Lynn Gilton. By the time the Lodge was closed at 9:00pm, WB Gilton stated, “I dreamed all year of this day, but I never thought it could be this good�. Planning for this event began on June 16 when RWB Jeff Pennington, DDGM of District 41, sent a PowerPoint slide show to RWB Dale Bryan, Grand Secretary. It contained the details of the proposed C2A event including maps, photos, diagrams, and a detailed explanation of all that was planned. The PowerPoint was sent to then MWB David W. Haywood, who gave his permission to host the event. The location for the C2A is about 45 minutes out of Poplar Bluff at Camp Semo, which is on an isolated peninsula that juts out in Lake Wappapello. The gate to the camp is 2 miles from the camp complex and that is where the Tiler was stationed at the beginning of the day to make sure that cowans and eavesdroppers did not have access up the only page 27

road leading to the site. At the end of the road there is a large covered pavilion that was used for dinner, beyond which is a path leading into the woods to a clearing surrounded on all sides by forest.

Candidate class. Photo-Tim Toombs Photography

Outdoor operations away from a regular meeting place are challenging in making sure that everything is in place and nothing is forgotten. It takes tremendous teamwork and leadership to bring everything together at the right time and the right place, and you could see the leadership of RWB Earnie Wilson, PDDGL of District 41 and the Secretary of Poplar Bluff No. 209. The Lodge area was fully furnished with all the Lodge furniture and jewels needed. Special hooks extended to hold the letter G in the East and a suspended bundle of corn in the south. Full size pillars were brought to the site in pieces and then assembled in place. Surrounding this area were 60 torches which helped to define the

The Freemason


space of the Lodge. The altar was made by RWB Mitch Penn, Grand Chaplain, from a polished cross cut of locally harvested white oak.

candidates were mesmerized at the end of the day, but they were as equally attentive at the beginning of the day when something occurred which may have never occurred before in a Lodge. At the moment that RWB Earnie Wilson was beginning to obligate the candidate in the 2nd Degree, a butterfly landed on the open Bible and stretched its wings. No one moved as Earnie took a long pause to look up for a moment and catch his breath, and at that moment at the beginning of the day all of the efforts in making this day possible for the candidates were completely rewarded.

The altar looking from north to south. Photo-Tim Toombs Photography

The Lodge itself was well represented in all of their efforts and they carried on their tradition of a Bible presentation ceremony which was done in wonderful form by Brother Tony DePriest who was mentored by Brother Terry Yarbrough. The Three Rivers Shrine Club was active in cooking an excellent dinner. Also in attendance were members of Lodges all through the area who assisted in any way that they were able, including participating in excellent degree work. The rewards of doing an event of this magnitude of operations are much greater than the efforts expended. The Lodge opened as a blue lodge under a blue sky with the sun at its meridian height. As the sun set at the end of the day the torches were lit at dusk between the 1st and 2nd sections of the 3rd Degree, and we ended the day under the stars and moon of the canopy of heaven. The light of the torches illuminated the Pillars and defined the boundaries of the Lodge, and it became one the most solemn and reverential experiences that many of us have had the opportunity to participate. The only words spoken were the words of the ritual and no one on the sidelines moved. The candidates had an amazing experience all day with excellent ritual, good fellowship, and Masonic education. There is no doubt that the Fall 2015

Lodge set up for Outdoor C2A, looking east to west. Candidate prep tent is visible in the distance at the tree line. Photo-Tim Toombs Photography

Partial gathering of candidates with the moderators before the C2A begins. Standing L-R; WB Kevin Fuller, RWB Ty Treutelaar, WB Jeff Henty, and RWB Rick Kaeser. Photo-Terry Yarbrough

(The author wishes to thank the incredible moderating team from across the state that included RWB Rick Kaeser, WB Kevin Fuller, and WB Jeff Henty; and special thanks to RWB Randy Jennings, PDDGL-39 and RGL-F, for letting us pull him in to speak with the candidates.) Upper Left photo: The pillars by torch light. Photo-Tim Toombs Photography

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The Lodge of Dreams: MWB Harry S. Truman and the Role of Dreams in Masonic Leadership Written by RWB William G. “Bill” Snyder Brethren: I wonder about our much-honored brother, Harry S. Truman, and our understanding of his legend. Like you, I recognize his qualities of courage, common sense, integrity, practicality, and sound judgment that have been made a part of his legend, both as MWB Truman and as President of the United States. Yet, I have found that he could be described as a bit of a dreamer. Indeed, he might even be described as someone who saw the world both as it was and what it could be and, dare one say it, appears to have predicted the course of future events. Several historians have recounted that as a child, Truman dreamt of being a great military leader, hoping to be admitted to West Point Military Academy. He also was viewed by some as having a dream of becoming a concert pianist. While neither of those dreams came to fruition, one can readily recall that he distinguished himself in military leadership in WWI and that he was well-known for his piano-playing during his Presidency. Certainly, each of those dreams could be viewed simply as hopes or ambitions. But, as we shall endeavor to tell you, our MWB Truman went beyond merely having hopes and ambitions in the course of his life as can be seen from the dreams that he encountered. All too often, one brother or another is referred to as a dreamer by his fellows, suggesting that these brothers lack a realistic perspective on the mission of Freemasonry. One brother dreams of increasing membership and is told that it can’t be done in this modern age of young men addicted to texts and short attention spans. Hopes of placing a local lodge on a solid financial footing by a dues increase charity are sometimes met with resistance as being likely to drive away current members or deter the initiation of new members. Seeking to increase efforts in raising funds for charitable goals may be met with skepticism. Suggestions of a more complex historical basis for the origins of our modern system of Freemasonry such as speculative masonry being page 29

the forerunner of operative masonry are also met with similar skepticism. Notwithstanding this environment, the vast majority of Missouri Freemasons are motivated to work for progress in all of these areas, in a continued commitment to brotherly love, relief and truth as evidenced by such programs such as MoCHIP, Masonic Home Outreach, and the Lodge of Research and its new Foundation. The origins of all of these can be traced to some of our brothers having dreams and plans to fulfill those dreams. However, a reference to having a dream of a goal in remarks before our brethren often produces some degree of discomfort in the audience. Although Freemasonry is not a religion, a search of the Internet of the relationship of dreams and Freemasons produces a cornucopia of madcap and false assertions against Freemasonry, Jesuit conspiracies and defilement of what these profane deem to be true religion. I will not dignify these inane ramblings and accusations and leave it to you to do your own research. The world in general is very uncomfortable about dreams when these arise from the bliss of sleep and a recounting of it by the dreamer of anything predictive of a future happening or event. That same world is easily frightened about what it thinks that it knows of Freemasonry. We find in the Volume of Sacred Law that we should be mindful of this admonition: A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool. Ecclesiastes 5:3. This is reiterated in Ecclesiastes: Words from the mouth of the wise are gracious, but fools are consumed by their own lips. At the beginning their words are folly; at the end they are wicked madness—and fools multiply words. No one knows what is coming—who can tell someone else what will happen after them? This, of course, suggests that no one can know about the future, let alone have a dream about it. The Freemason

With all that, I suppose my assertions about MWB Truman might be considered a point of heresy. However, other parts of the Scriptures make great use of dreams, portraying these dreams very favorably as important modes of communication between the Great Architect and our predecessors in the ancient sources of Freemasonry. You will recall the source of our Masonic landmark known as Jacob’s Ladder, and Jacob’s interpretation of it. The Scriptures also favorably recount a dream given to Gideon that predicted victory over the Midianite enemy and gave his followers the confidence to win the day. This is followed by the dreams of Joseph, son of Jacob, which caused a series of events to take place, all fulfilling the prediction in the dreams. These dreams are followed by both the interpretation of dreams by Daniel and the humbling of a great king by the fulfillment of the future foreshadowed by that dream. Finally, we have our legendary grand master, Solomon, and his dream, which promised him the leadership of David’s Kingdom, if he followed in obedience to the Great Creator. Coming back to our MWB Truman, we find that the famous columnist, Drew Pearson, reported in 1945 that during the 1944 election campaign for President and fellow Mason, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Truman had a terrible dream that awoke him. He told a friend that he had dreamt that FDR had died after the election and that Truman had been forced into the Presidency. His friend reassured Truman that FDR had amazing resilience in his health and that it remained very unlikely that Truman would ever have to serve as President. Of course, it appears that historians have now concluded that FDR had his mortality in mind when he selected Truman as his running mate. It is not reported from any source whether Truman ever reconsidered the import of that 1944 dream. However, I sense that his faith in the Creator and his background as a Freemason would have led him to believe that the dream was given to him to strengthen him for the days ahead. In 1947, President Truman addressed the NAACP and asserted a belief that God did control the destinies of nations, possibly through dreams such as had been given to him, in support of his quest for equal rights and opportunity for all citizens. In his 1953 Farewell Address, the Truman Library provides a series of questions for researchers and students to use in examination of Truman’s remarks. The visitors to the Truman Library website are encouraged to identify Fall 2015


the predictions made by Truman that have since come true. President Truman predicted the fall of the Iron Curtain, the destruction of the Soviet Union from within, the efforts to defeat world hunger, all coupled with his belief in the victory of democracy and the equality of all peoples. As I suggested, Truman was a bit of a dreamer. You may not agree with me but I like to think that his actions and decisions were guided by Divine presence, some in the form of dreams. You could chalk it all up to intuition or intelligence but then how do you explain the concept of intuition? As with our belief in the One Living and True God, the source does not arise solely from our intellect. It comes from our interaction with all of Creation, and from whence that Creation has come to be. Dreams do not have to come only in the wee hours of the night. Every day, there is a Freemason who sees something that is wrong in the light of justice and wants to set it right. Paraphrasing my childhood hero, Robert F. Kennedy, who paraphrased George Bernard Shaw, “I see things that are, and ask why? I see things the way that they could be, and ask why not?” MWB Truman clearly saw the world in that perspective. To emulate him, each of us should take heed to our better natures and better intentions, making them reality in charity to the less fortunate, and living lives of integrity. And, it wouldn’t hurt to want to share with everyone that you possibly can the very important reason of why each of us have become Freemasons. We are nothing of importance to the world if our Lodges do not serve to bring hope to the world and that can best be done if we share our dreams. You did not receive more light just so you could be a faithful payer of dues or have at least one night a month away from home. Each of you did it because it was the right thing to do. You knew it was right because your heart recognized it from a dream that you had of a world united in brotherhood. Share the dream. RWB William G. “Bill” Snyder, PM, Independence No. 76, is the Grand Master of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of Missouri, 2015-2016, and an endowed member of the Missouri Lodge of Research. He dedicates this article to the once and future love of his life, the late Carrie Ann Plattner-Snyder, and his friend, Bro. Clifton Truman Daniel, with whom he shares a dream of preserving the whole truth of the Legend of Truman.

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