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Volume 56 No. 1

Winter 2010

Official Publication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M.

The 189th Annual Grand Lodge Communication at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia, Missouri is now in the record book. I congratulate Past Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Larry C. Reynolds, on a successful year with his “Educate To Motivate” theme. It has been a most rewarding eight year journey representing the Grand Lodge of Missouri with MWB Larry, as we served together on the Masonic Children’s Foundation during the formative years of the MoCHIP Program, and then for the Masonic Home where we saw RWB Kieth Neese hired as Executive Director. Together, I feel there has been much progress made in engaging our Grand Lodge Officers as a team for the benefit of collective wisdom, wherein we each will be better prepared for our term in the East. Thank you, Larry, for indulging us to do so. The unofficial totals for the 2010 Grand Lodge Session report 335 subordinate Lodges were represented with 1,118 members in attendance. There were also 29 distinguished guests from 8 visiting Masonic jurisdictions, and 9 from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Prince Hall for a grand total of 1,156. Right Worshipful Brothers Steve Duncan and Fredrick Neal were elected to the Masonic Home Board to replace retiring members RWB John W. Siscel and Brother Larry Harman. The Resolution to extend the $1.00 assessment for Public Relations was approved. The Committee on Necrology reported the passing of Past Grand Masters Bud Walker and Gus Nations. RWB Paul Gregory gave an

Committee on Masonic Publications Gail S. Turner, Grand Master David L. Ramsey, Senior Grand Warden Ronald D. Miller, Grand Secretary Zelwin B. Eaton, Past Editor E. Otha Wingo, Assistant Editor Steven L. Harrison, Editor, Chairman Editor Steven L. Harrison P.O. Box 1120 • Kearney, MO 64060-1120 816-558-0436 / Call for Fax

Submit articles to: The Missouri Freemason (USPS 573-920) is the official publication of the Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, and is published four times yearly. Articles to be considered for publication should be e-mailed to, not later than the first day of

2 Winter 2010

inspiring Oration on Masonry to compliment the Grand Master’s Theme. Our Grand Lodge Area Meetings are being expanded this year to a total of sixteen across the state, to give more opportunity to those who might have scheduling conflicts when there is only one in each area. The theme being promoted this year is “Sharing Our Masonic Resources” to improve our connectivity with our members and the general public. It is my goal to impress our Masonic Leaders to “Carry The Banner” of the Grand Lodge across this great State of Missouri to improve our connectivity with each other, which will in turn generate a positive image of Masonry in our communities, with the end result of strengthening our Fraternity. I feel all Masons take pride in seeing our business meetings and special events properly planned, effectively promoted, and professionally conducted. We have extensive and invaluable resources available for Leadership Training that would pay dividends if we can motivate our members to make the connection. Your Grand Lodge Officers are committed to improve our mutual connectivity in 2010-2011. Fraternally,

Gail S. Turner Grand Master

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the missouri freemason

the missouri freemason


vol. 56 no. 1

Official Publication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri Published and copyrighted under the direction of the Committee on Masonic Publications

contents  4 Gail S. Turner, Grand Master   4 Robert T. "Tim" Thomas, Senior Grand Marshall   5 The First Degree by Brother Sam Land   6 Phil Cary Named 2010 MoCHIP Regional Coordinator of the Year   6 MWB Wilfred Soutiea, Jr. Named Fellow of the Missouri Lodge of Research   7 Swope Park Sponsors Seventh MoCHIP Event   8 Renowned Lecturer Trevor Stewart Addresses Missouri Lodge of Research — Ripples in a Pool   8 O'Sullivan Lodge Keeps on Pickin' in the Park   9 The Ring in the Box by Bill Hickman, PM   9 Swope Park Lodge #617 Celebrated 100th Installation of Officers 10 Masons Gather To Honor Brother Truman 10 "Hootin & Hollarin" 11 Branson Lodge Promotes Community Involvement 12 Missouri DeMolay 13 Missouri Job's Daughters 14 Missouri Rainbow 15 Masonic Home of Missouri 21 Work Of Our Craft 25 Masonic Service Awards Missouri Freemason Deadline Spring, 2011 is January 3, 2011 Email all articles and pictures to

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From The Editor’s Keyboard

Sometimes when I'm researching articles for the Missouri Freemason I recall researching papers in college. Today, most of my research is done sitting in my living room, feet back, staring at a computer screen. Back in the day, to use the trite and overused aphorism, research meant a trip to the library … several trips usually. We were taught to keep our research notes on 3 x 5 cards, alphabetized or otherwise organized. This, so the researcher could move the cards to various sections of information and eventually have an incredibly well-organized way of not being able to find what he was looking for. I found this method especially effective at 3AM on mornings before the aforementioned paper was due. Today, it's all online — most of it, anyway. I still use the library a lot. It's more than a source of books. The videos there as well as microfilm copies of old newspapers really come in handy. However, I think it's safe to say with anything I write now, the article begins with an online search. I almost always just start with Google. Not to slight the other search engines, but let's face it, Google is the gold standard. It's almost safe to say, if you've used a computer you've used Google. But this isn't about Google. Another source I use is Wikipedia. Wikipedia and I have a strained relationship. According to my wife's soap opera, relationships are built on trust, and I don't trust Wikipedia. I think it's a great resource and I'm amazed at some of the things I find out there, but any Tom, Dick or Harry can put anything in it, so if I find something I want to use in an article there, my rule is I always require corroboration somewhere else. But this isn't about Wikipedia. "Well," you might ask, "what the heck is it about?" Lately, I've been making more and more use of Google Books. So, yeah, the Google Books project is a part of Google, but it's specifically directed to full texts of books Google has scanned into a database. That makes the books searchable. Within limits, with the permission of authors and publishers, this even includes books still under copyright. I think it's great even for contemporary books just to search for content, but I think it's even better for Masonic research, since (in case they hadn't told you) Masonry has been around a long time and many of those books are in the public domain. There are advantages to being old. I'm not touting Google books as a panacea, but it is another tool in the arsenal. Even if you don't do a lot of Masonic research, it might lead you to that next book you want to read, even if it's not about Masonry. And it's a heck of a lot better than keeping notes on those 3 x 5 cards. Steve Harrison, Editor Winter 2010 3

Gail S. Turner Grand Master Gail S Turner is a native of north central Missouri, raised in the small community of Linneus, the county seat of Linn County, where he has been a lifelong resident, presently living in Brookfield with his wife Christine, known as “Tina”, and two daughters, Katie who is 14, and Abigail who is 11. He attended Hannibal LaGrange College and the University of Missouri, receiving a Master’s in Secondary Education from MU. He worked with a brother running bulldozers and earth movers after college until being invited to join the Bank of Brookfield-Purdin as a loan officer in 1981, where he has remained employed as President/CEO since 1991. Gail’s Masonic Journey began in 1977, initiated, passed and raised in Jackson Lodge #82, elected Master in 1982, Secretary in 1985 and there serving for 20 years until 2nd

and 3rd terms as Master in 2006 and 2007. He was appointed to be a DDGM for what is now District #10 two years in 1985 and 1986. In 1997 he was elected to serve on the Masonic Home Board and then on the Ways and Means Committee of the Grand Lodge in 2002 and 2003. Appointments to a Long Range Planning Committee of the Masonic Home Board came in 2003, as well as to the Advancing Line of the Grand Lodge of Missouri by Grand Master, Jimmie D. Lee. Inclusion in the Grand Lodge Advancing Line has brought Gail’s Masonic career to fulfillment, serving on the Masonic Children’s Foundation during the formative years of the MoCHIP Program, and then to a 2nd term on the Masonic Home Board. He is also a member of the Shrine, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Red Cross of Constantine, Knight Masons, National Sojourners, the Royal Order of Scotland, and the Order of Eastern Star. He has been active in the communities of Linneus and Brookfield, as Treasurer and choir member of churches in both towns, YMCA Capital Campaigns and Construction Projects, Lions and Rotary Clubs, Hospital Board, Planning and Zoning for Brookfield, and as an Elder and Moderator of the First Christian Church in Brookfield.

Robert T. "Tim" Thomas Senior Grand Marshall Robert T. "Tim" Thomas was appointed Senior Grand Marshal by Most Worshipful Brother Gail Turner at the 189th annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri AF&AM. RWB Thomas was born on May 15th, 1958 in Kissee Mills, Missouri. The Thomas families were early settlers in the Ozarks, where his great grandfather, A.C. Kissee, operated a mill on the White River and founded the town which bore his name. RWB Thomas attended Forsyth High School where he was selected Student Body President his senior year. He graduated in 1976 and enrolled at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. His college career was cut short as he had to return home to assist with the family farm after the death of his father. RWB Thomas served the country as a member of the Missouri National Guard from1978 until 1984. He was trained as an aviation repair specialist and flight crew chief. During his time in the Guard, he was selected as Missouri National Guardsman of the year by the St. Louis Globe democrat. RWB Thomas was employed by the Missouri State Water patrol in 1981. After attending the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy for six months, he was assigned to Hermann, Missouri. He was responsible for marine law enforcement on the Missouri River and its tributaries from Jefferson City to St. Louis. In 1983, he moved to Plattsburg, Missouri where he was responsible for the 22 counties that make up North4 Winter 2010

west, Missouri. RWB Thomas has been trained extensively in drug enforcement and crime scene investigations. He is a state and national instructor in boat accident investigation. He also is an instructor at the Law Enforcement Academy in Jefferson City, Missouri. In 1984, he returned home to the Ozarks, where he currently resides in Crane, Missouri with his wife Kathryn, and daughter Shelby who is enrolled at Crane Middle School. RWB Thomas also has a son, Andy, who is currently a student at College of the Ozarks and who is also a Master Mason at Galena Lodge #515. RWB Thomas started his Masonic career at Galena Lodge #515 where he was initiated on September 1, 1992. He was raised on April 17, 1993 and became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in 1997. He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 43rd Masonic District by Most Worshipful Brother Elmer E. Revelle in 2004 and served two terms. RWB Thomas is an endowed member of Galena Lodge #515 and is also a life member of the Missouri Lodge of Research where he serves on the Truman Lecture series committee. RWB Thomas is also a member of the education committee. the missouri freemason

He was appointed Grand Sword Bearer by Most Worshipful Brother Larry C. Reynolds in 2009. RWB Thomas earned a Grand Lodge achievement award as Master of his Lodge. He has worked with area schools to provide assistance through the Masonic Home outreach program and has enjoyed working with the Masonic Children’s Foundation on several CHIP events in the 43rd district. RWB Thomas has served the Grand Lodge in many capacities. For the past six years you could have found him assisting RWB Ron Miller and the Grand Lodge staff at the Grand Lodge merchandise tables and at the Lodge of research table. He has also served on Masonic trial commissions and performed the formal introductions at the Grand Lodge session this year. His other Masonic memberships include the Scottish Rite Valley of Joplin where is a life member. He is assistant director of the class committee, director of the library committee, assistant director of the Scottish rite clubs, and a member of the membership committee. He is a former member of the Knights of St. Andrew and a member of the 23rd degree cast. He was invested as a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor in 2005. RWB Thomas is a member of the KCCH

investiture cast, a member of the Scottish Rite Research society, and received the Master Craftsman award in 2009. He is also a member of the College of the Consistory in Guthrie, Oklahoma. RWB Thomas is a member of Galena Chapter #7 of the Order of the Eastern Star. He is a York Rite Mason and a member of Springfield chapter #15 RAM, Zabud Council #25 R&SM, and St. John’s Commandery #20 KT. He is a member of Abou Ben Adhem Shrine in Springfield where he serves on the ritual cast as second ceremonial master and is a member of the Keystone Cops. He is also a member of the Ozark Order #9 of the Sword of Bunker Hill, and order of the Past Master. RWB Thomas has been involved with coaching community sports teams and as a former Sunday school teacher at Forsyth First Baptist Church. He has served as a vocational advisor at Galena High School and has taught water safety at numerous area schools. In his limited spare time he enjoys competitive bench rest and silhouette shooting at his gun club. He also enjoys hunting and fishing and is a professional hunting guide in Missouri and western states when time allows.

The First Degree By Brother Sam Land The phrase that I remember most among all the words of my First Degree are: "My Brother, this concludes the degree. You will be seated among the Brethren." I didn’t remember much of what had transpired in the last hour, but I felt total relief that it was over and that I was now "in" instead of "out." That was a most happy time and I am sure that I was grinning from ear-to-ear, proud to wear the flap up! During the hand shaking and the celebratory meal, I continued to enjoy my new status and thought very little about what had happened. It was not until the next day that I realized that I knew almost nothing about what I had seen or heard during my initiation. I could go back and recall some of the movements and a few of the words but very few. I had to admit that I still knew almost nothing about Freemasonry. It has taken me quite a while to feel that I am comfortable with what the first degree is about and how it connects to the future. I attended as many First Degree initiations as I could find and read everything available from the Lodge library and the Internet. I also talked with all the more "elder" Masons I could catch sitting still. I want to share with you my thoughts and feelings about what this all means and why it is important. As you well know, an "operative" Entered Apprentice was a bearer of burden. It was he who extracted the rough ashlars from the quarry, squared up the shape, and made it available to the master builder for use in the building. This was normally the first real job a young person had and it took seven years to learn the lessons, prepare a project for judgment, and earn advancement to the next higher level. So it is with us in Freemasonry today. While the initial degree work requires much less time now, it will still take more than a month or a year to learn all that is required to be a fully qualified Entered Apprentice. The goal of the entire degree is well summed up in the Entered Apprentice Candidate’s Lecthe missouri freemason

ture on the use of the common gavel. If you can not immediately remember it, go look it up. It is to achieve that statement that we work. It will take all the information that we have been given in this First Degree to begin to accomplish that task. I found that an exercise will help prepare for the hard work ahead. Find a room away from interruptions for fifteen or twenty minutes. Sit comfortably but upright in a straight backed chair, your arms and hands on the arm rests or hanging loosely with your hands in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. With your eyes open and your mind relaxed but alert, observe each thing in your room one at a time. Get a sense that they are all outside of you, separate and a being on their own. Take some time with each item and realize how it works without you. The aim here is to get a feeling for who you are and who you are not. Decide on how you receive benefits from each thing through your five senses. That is the only way we have to interpret the material world outside of us. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch connect us to our outside world. Without them we would know nothing about the world about us. It would not exist for us. On the other hand, if we receive information about something through any of the five senses, it is only about the world outside of us. The word for this is "exoteric" from a Greek word meaning "outside". Everything that exists in the material world is "outside" of us. It is our job to learn to control the passions we acquire for the material things that are outside of us. Any physical benefit we receive from them is only physical — making our body feel better. What a big job! How can we get this thing started let alone done? We start by actually studying the parts of the First Degree. Memorize the Entered Apprentice Candidate’s Lecture. It will take a while but it is well worth it as it contains many answers to our initial questions. Study carefully what Brotherly Love, Relief Winter 2010 5

and Truth mean to you. Know the Cardinal Virtues and how they affect you. My Brother, be true to yourself and look for what truly exists, not for what you want to be there. You must begin to know yourself, what you believe and what you value. You will be making value judgments on the things that are external to you and learning to control them. You may well be surprised to find that things you have held to be true are really not so. Your value system may well change. Priorities become different. You will also find yourself beginning to become the "better man" that you have been seeking and that

Freemasonry has planned to help you create. This will help us get to the Second Degree next issue. Sam Land is the Lodge Education Officer for Jefferson Lodge #43 in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is also a member of Jefferson Chapter #34 RAM, Ezra Council #32 R&SM, Prince of Peace Commandery #29 KT, AASR Orient of Missouri, Valley of Columbia, 32°. He is a member of the Missouri Lodge of Research, the Southern California Research Lodge, The Masonic Society, and The Philalethes Society. You may reach Jefferson Lodge at or Brother Land at

Phil Cary Named 2010 MoCHIP Regional Coordinator of the Year Troy Lodge #34 has always been proud of its brethren, their dedication to Masonry and their fellow man and woman, but one member in particular has taken his commitment to a very rigorous level and has now been recognized for it. Phil Cary is a member of many appendant bodies of Freemasonry and no stranger to hard work, however when he first started "helping out" at various Phil Cary MoCHIP Child ID events, he had no idea how welcome his passion for helping others, especially children, would be so greatly received. MoCHIP, the Missouri Masonic Child Identification and Protection Program, is solely sponsored by the Masonic Children's Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Missouri Masons and deemed "one of the most comprehensive child recovery and identification programs in the nation," by The National Center for Exploited and Missing Children (NCEMC). It wasn't long before Phil Cary caught the attention of Nick Cichielo, State Coordinator for MoCHIP. Eventually Cary was appointed Regional Coordinator to the program's Northeast region of Missouri. This position would require Phil to give up many a Saturday coordinating and executing an assigned MoCHIP event. With the blessing of his ever-present sidekick and huge supporter, wife

Chrstine Cary, he was up to the task and pledged his availability. There are currently seven MoCHIP regions and several coordinators in each region. Though with the program still expanding, MoCHIP had areas of the southeast region of the state that were not being fully serviced and as the program grew in popularity, the demand from area Lodges intensified as well. Phil was asked to help out in this region and graciously accepted the task, traveling sometimes 3-4 hours each way to ID children. He became known to the Lodges in this southern region and therefore requested for additional MoCHIP events. Cary didn't disappoint and elaborated upon his original pledge to the program — he and Chris would devote 26 weekends a year to MoCHIP anywhere he was needed — and so his region expanded to include the southeastern counties and then some. Is it any wonder why at the 189th Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri AF&AM, September 28, 2010 in Columbia, Missouri that Phil Cary was named Regional Coordinator of the year? Didn't think so. Congratulations Phil Cary, 2010 MoCHIP Regional Coordinator of the year, and thank you for all you do to help keep Missouri's children safe. For more information on MoCHIP and how the program works, or to find an event in your area or schedule an event, please visit our website ( We are also a featured cause on Facebook, and you can find us on Twitter too.

MWB Wilfred Soutiea, Jr. Named Fellow of the Missouri Lodge of Research At its regularly scheduled meeting in September, the Missouri Lodge of Research bestowed the honor of Fellow of the Missouri Lodge of Research upon Most Worshipful Brother Wilfred "Bill" George Soutiea, Jr. Most Worshipful Brother Soutiea was born on February 20, 1940 in Lemay (St. Louis County), Missouri. He was educated in the Bayless School District, graduating from Bayless High School in June, 1957. In 1974, he received his B.A. degree from Columbia College and, in 1976, earned a Master of Arts degree from Webster University, majoring in Human Relations and Administration of Justice. 6 Winter 2010

At its regularly scheduled meeting in September, the Missouri Lodge of Research bestowed the honor of Fellow of the Missouri Lodge of Research upon Most Worshipful Brother Wilfred "Bill" George Soutiea, Jr. Most Worshipful Brother Soutiea was born on February 20, 1940 in Lemay (St. Louis County), Missouri. He was educated in the Bayless School District, graduating from Bayless High

Wilfred Soutiea

the missouri freemason

School in June, 1957. In 1974, he received his B.A. degree from Columbia College and, in 1976, earned a Master of Arts degree from Webster University, majoring in Human Relations and Administration of Justice. After graduating from high school, Most Worshipful Brother Bill enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving for four years as a radio maintenance technician. He served his last 27 months with the 2D AACS MOB OL-A in France and is proud to have done so. On separation, he enlisted in the Missouri Air National Guard, while employed full-time at Emerson Electric Company. In 1962, he left Emerson to become a patrolman in the Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department. In 1967, he accepted a full time position with the Missouri Air National Guard at Jefferson Barracks. While serving in the ANG, he rose through the enlisted ranks, serving as Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) for nine years. In 1980, he was commissioned as a Captain upon completion of the Academy of Military Science, and progressed to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, where he served as Logistics Officer for the 157th Air Control Group and coordinated several overseas exercises in support of NATO. He retired from the Missouri Air National Guard in May, 1993. Bill Had worked for Enterprise Leasing in Ladue Missouri, part time, from March of 1996 through September 2002. He now enjoys his earned retirement. MWB Bill was active in Gardenville Chapter, Order of DeMolay, from 1954 until his enlistment in the Air Force. He has was awarded the DeMolay Legion of Honor in 2001. He joined the Masonic fraternity, petitioning Freedom Lodge #636 early in 1969, and served as Worshipful Master in 1984. In that same year, he served as Worthy Patron of Mehlville Chapter #187, Order of the Eastern Star, with his wife, Carol, as Worthy Matron. He served his second term as Worthy Patron for the year 2002-2003 with his niece as Worthy Matron. In 1987, MWB Bill was appointed by Most Worshipful Brother Thomas K. McGuire as District Deputy Grand Master of Division C, 61st Masonic District. He was later appointed as Senior Grand Marshal, an advancing line Grand Lodge officer, by Most Worshipful Brother D. Robert Downey in 1991.

His other Masonic memberships and affiliations include: Scottish Rite, Valley of St. Louis, (Venerable Master 19981999), 33rd Degree on October 3rd, 2001, and President of the St. Louis Scottish Rite Club for 2003-2004; Keystone Chapter #146 Royal Arch Masons (serving as High Priest in 2004-2005) and (Grand Representative to Washington D.C.), Jerimiah Council, Ascalon Commandery, Bruce H. Hunt York Rite College (awarded the Order of the Purple Cross in 2001), Red Cross of Constantine and Knight Mason Degrees (elected to serve as Sovereign for 2011), Senior Warden of Ray Denslow Council Allied Masonic Degrees, Member of Missouri Societas Rosicuciana of the United States, a Past Excellent Chief of Limerick Council #88 and a member of Shamrock Council #43 of Knight Masons and member of Immanuel Chapter #86 St. Thomas of Acon (all of York Rite); also a member of St. Louis Chapter #22 of National Sojourners and Past Commander of Albert Pike Camp Heroes of '76 (current member of the National Membership Committee and Chapter Treasurer); Missouri Lodge of Research (serving as Editor of the quarterly newsletter); and the St. Louis Area Gavel Club, Charlie’s Angels Degree Team and the Square Club. For several years, he has served on various Grand Lodge Committees. Bill (who was appointed by Most Worthy Grand Matron Retha Felkner to be Grand Representative of Bolivia in Missouri for 2005-2007) and his lovely wife Carol, who was Grand Marshal of the Grand Chapter O.E.S. for 20002001, have two grown children, Bill (III) and Sheryl Rae Soutiea Rowden. Bill (III) is a Master Mason and member of Algabil-Freedom Lodge #636. He and his wife Kim have a son, Derek and a daughter, Erika. Sheryl Rae, a member of Pomegranite Chapter #397, OES and Past Honored Queen of Bethel #47, IOJD, has two daughters, Madelyne and Morgan. The Soutieas reside in Oakville in south St. Louis County near Bee Tree Park. Most Worshipful Brother Soutiea joins only five other living Brothers who have this honor: MWB J.C. Montgomery (St. Louis), RWB James Williams (St. Joseph), RWB Ron Wood (St. Joseph), RWB Zel Eaton (Kirksville) and RWB Otha Wingo.

Swope Park Sponsors Seventh MoCHIP Event Swope Park Lodge #617 sponsored its seventh, and most successful, MoCHIP event. It was held at Hickman Mills Middle School during the annual Three Trails festival on August 7. We processed 123 children, entering their identification data into a CD disk and a photo ID, which included their electronic finger prints. Working the daylong event were members representing all the Masonic bodies which meet at Swope Park temple. Swope Park Chapter #520, Order of Eastern Star, was represented by Sisters Jayna Walden, Alby Shipman and Jane Withers. Job’s Daughters Bethel #1 attendees were Victoria O'Dell, Samantha Keller, Ashley Otte, Isabella Jimenez and Tina Anders. William F. Kuhn Chapter DeMolay workers were Tyler Walden and Anthonie Martnez. Swope Park Lodge #617 participants were Brothers Alex Barnes, Charles Farris and wife Cheryl Farthe missouri freemason

ris, Jim O'Shea, Gary Dryer, Jim Payne, Phil Alvarado, Gary Barron, Larry Cameron, Mike Anderson, Mark Schmidt, Chris Duncan, Ken Best, Ed Culver and wife Tonya Culver. Sister Jayna Walden is also Job’s Daughters Bethel Guardian. Brother Alex Barnes is also a member of the DeMolay Chapter, and Brothers Farris, Payne, Anderson and Ken Best also represented William F. Kuhn Chapter #139, Royal Arch Masons. This was an outstanding turnout of the members of Swope Park Temple family, clearly exemplifying one of the keystones of our Masonic fraternity — service to our community. Winter 2010 7

Renowned Lecturer Trevor Stewart Addresses Missouri Lodge of Research Ripples in a Pool The Missouri Lodge of Research continued Society in Minneapolis. He was invited by the its acclaimed Truman Lecture Series at the anGrand Lodge of Romania to address its May, nual LOR breakfast in conjunction with this 2010, communication in Huniazilor Castle and year's Grand Lodge in Columbia. Speaking to a by the National Grand Lodge of Greece in June sellout crowd of more than 200, MWB Stanley 2010 at its communication in Athens. M. Thompson introduced Worshipful Brother In 2004, Worshipful Brother Stewart was apTrevor Stewart, who discussed "Ripples In A pointed by the United Grand Lodge of England Pool," his approach to Masonic research. to be its Prestorian Lecturer. He is a Past Master Trevor Stewart is a retired lecturer who was of three English Lodges, including the prestieducated at Birmingham, Sheffield, Durham gious Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076 (English and Newcastle Universities. His academic work Worshipful Brother Trevor Constitution) and in June 2010, was installed Stewart discusses Ripples as the Right Worshipful Master of Lodge 'Sir specialized in eighteenth-century English litera- in a Pool. ture. His doctoral research focused on a coterie Robert Moray' #1641 (the leading Scottish reof Enlightenment gentlemen Freemasons who lived in the search Lodge — Edinburgh). north of England. In addition to introducing Brother Brother Stewart continued to give fully documented papers Stewart, MWB Thompson announced on various Masonic subjects in American, Belgian, French, the 2010-2011 line of officers for the German and Scottish Lodges — at both Lodge and Provin- Missouri Lodge of research: Stanley cial Grand Lodge levels — as well as in many English Lodg- M. Thompson, Worshipful Master; es, Royal Arch Chapters and in London's ancient Guildhall. Larry R. Houge, Senior Warden; James He has also taught in history seminars at Cambridge, Oxford E. Snavely, Junior Warden; Ronald D. and Harvard Universities (2004) which focused on newly Miller, Secretary-Treasurer; Nicholas discovered contributions made by early eighteenth-century R. Cichielo, Senior Deacon; Steven English Freemasons to the development and spread of 'New- L. Harrison, Junior Deacon; LeRoy Most Worshipful Brothtonianism.' In October, 2007, he was invited by the Pennsyl- Salmon, Senior Steward; Sean A. Rob- er Stanley M. Thompson, newly elected vania Grand Lodge Masonic Academy to give his paper on ertson, Junior Steward; Gail S. Turner, Master of the Missouri A Way Forward — some seminar techniques. He was the Marshall; Dale R. Roller, Chaplain and Lodge of Research, addresses the annual keynote speaker at the 2010 annual dinner of the Philalethes Harvey R. Soule, Tyler. LOR Breakfast.

O'Sullivan Lodge Keeps On Pickin' in the Park On June 12, O'Sullivan Lodge #7 at Walnut Grove, City Park was privileged to have Most Worshipful Grand Master Larry Reynolds attend our 7th Annual Music Festival. MWB Reynolds took center stage and addressed the crowd as to the different programs the Masonic Home of Missouri has to offer. The Music Festival is O'Sullivan Lodge's charity fundraiser for the year. We have been very blessed over the tenure of 7 years to have raised in excess of $30,000 for the people in our local communities and school who need a helping hand. As the economy declines people's needs become more prevalent. All our proceeds go out to the various charities, which enable us to practice "That lesson in Charity, which next to a belief in Deity lies at the foundation of Freemasonry". This must be our Divine destiny to help folks out, since we started the "Pickin' In The Park" our Lodge membership has grown from 48 to 117 over the last 7 years. The Brothers have a definite purpose of helping others and we sure 8 Winter 2010

have fun doing it. We start selling advertisements for our program in February and finish putting it together the night before the event. Every active member goes above and beyond, which makes it a long day and evening but seeing it all come together and the results from our labors makes it very rewarding. We host around 800 people from across the state throughout the day-long event, and our Lodge members (the boys in blue) are always around to provide any services to accommodate our guests. Many other community organizations have planned events to coincide with our music festival. On stage with MWB Reynolds were: Master of Ceremonies Gene Skinner, host of Great Stuff Bluegrass and Worshipful Master Mark Craft. Plans are already underway for next year's event. If you would like more information check out our website at http:// or if you would like to advertise in our music program contact Rocky Stehlik at 417-7882265 or the missouri freemason

The Ring in the Box By Bill Hickman, PM Children seem to have a way of making adults think of how some items which may seem trivial to us, somehow gain importance when they are to be explained. Years ago I received a “Masonic” ring, wore it with pride, unashamed of its display and the meaning of the symbols engraved in the precious metal. For reasons unknown, I cannot recall why, I decided not to wear the jewelry, and placed it in a metal box along with other items I had acquired over the past 50 plus years. The small metal box was investigated, sought after and played with by my children, grand-children, and now my great-grand-children. Just recently my first great-grandson, on examining the ring, asked me what the symbols displayed on the ring were, as he had never seen anything like them. In trying to answer his questions, I will put forth as an explanation, my answer as to how I interpret them. On one side of the ring is an engraving of the “Masonic Symbols” - The letter “G” over the Compasses and Square. The compasses would have me believe that they were

made to make a circle which would encompass all things which our creator gave us. The Square tells me to be true to my God and his word and to build my faith as a carpenter would in constructing a building. Using the Level and Plum for perfection. To me, the Capitol letter “G”, denotes our Father in Heaven. On the other side of my ring is a cross which is entwined with a garland of roses. This is the symbol of the “Croix Rose” or “Red Cross”. This symbol represents all groups who embrace the “Esoteric Christian Philosophy” of “Faith, Hope and Charity.” To me; the symbols and teaching in “free masonry” are not hard to understand, and would withstand any criticism by the ill informed. WB Bill Hickman is Past Master of both Unity Lodge #495, Richards, Missouri, and Osage Lodge #303, Nevada, Missouri. He is also a 32° Scottish Rite Mason in Fort Scott, Kansas. This article represents answers to questions his grandson, Bryce K. Hensley asked about his Masonic ring.

Swope Park Lodge #617 Celebrates 100th Installation of Officers Worshipful Brother Jim Payne, the newly installed Master with his Master of Ceremonies, opened the father’s (Al Farris, PM 1976) gavel. 100th Installation of Swope Park WM Charles Farris presented RWB Lodge on the afternoon of October Larry Cameron, outgoing Lodge 2. After welcoming the honored Treasurer, with a certificate honorguests, Masonic family, OES Sising him as Treasurer Emeritus and ters and Blue Lodge Brethren, the a proclamation as Mr. Swope Park incoming officers escorted their la2010. WM Farris then presented the dies to their seats. William F. Kuhn Junior PM with an endowed memDeMolay Chapter presented the colbership in the Lodge. left to right, front: RWB Paul Miller, Installing ors and a flag ceremony and led at- Pictured WB Jim Payne presented the Master; Justin Dryer, SW; WB Charles Farris, WM; Ed Cultendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. ver, JW; Stanley Jefferson, Marshall. Back row, left to Lodge, through the newly installed RWB Larry Cameron, Installing Marshall; WB Jim Master, with three (3) awards reJob’s Daughters Bethel #1 then gave right, Windhausen, SS; WB Ken Best, Sr., Secretary; Jim O’Shea, an outstanding Bible Ceremony. JD; WB Gary Dryer, Treasurer and WB Jim Payne, Tyler. ceived at the recent Grand Lodge WB Mel Tacke, Installing Senior Not Pictured: Jim Lowman, JS, WB Mel Tacke, Installing Communication. Swope Park Lodge SD and RWB Marshall Rimann, Installing Chaplain. Deacon, introduced the Installing won, for the first time, the coveted Officers and escorted them to their respective stations. RWB Truman Honor Lodge Grand Lodge award. The Lodge also reMarshal Rimann gave the invocation. RWB Paul Miller con- ceived the Silver Ritual Award for the third consecutive time, ducted the installation in due form. Following the installation, and the Safe Child Award for sponsoring a Child Identification WB Charles Farris called Immediate Past Master Jim Payne Event. and his grandson, Brother Jason Newcomer, to the altar and Honored guests were then introduced. WM Farris presented presented WB Payne with his Past Master’s apron. Brother his mother, Hannah Farris, and his wife, Cheryl Farris, with Newcomer put it on his grandfather and presented him with a flower bouquets. RWB Rimann gave the benediction and WB Past Master’s jewel. WB Payne, in turn, presented WB Charles Mel Tacke closed the Bible at the conclusion of the InstallaFarris with the Master’s jewel, a gold square, which had been tion. Dinner was served afterward downstairs in RWB Warder handed down continuously since WB Harold Moody, PM 1978, Shotwell Hall. The menu consisted of barbequed brisket and presented it to his successor. WB Farris then presented Justin pork loin served with scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, rolls, cake Dryer the SW jewel and he, in turn, passed the JW jewel on to and ice tea and coffee. We had a capacity crowd in attendance Ed Culver. for the installation. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and fine Other presentations were: RWB Larry Cameron presented meal that followed. the missouri freemason

Winter 2010 9

Masons Gather To Honor Brother Truman Masons from many Blue Lodges across the state of Missouri met at Independence Blue Lodge 76 on August 14, 2010 to attend a special event at the Harry S Truman Library and Museum. The group traveled to the Presidential Library for a celebration and lecture on the Masonic Life of Harry Truman. 2009 marked Truman's 125th birthday and the 100th anniversary of his becoming a Master Mason. As a part of the ceremony RWB David Coburn, PDDGM, presented a Masonic coin honoring President Truman and Brothers Bill James and Don Patterson, WM, presented a bronze plaque that Brother James designed. The coin and plaque will be included with other items in the Truman Library, and a color picture of the plaque appears on the inside of the back cover of this edition of the Missouri Freemason. Ice cream was served at Lodge #76 after the celebration. Photos by Senior Deacon Bill Wallace.

Past DDGM David Coburn presents the Truman Library with a coin honoring President Harry Truman.

Brother Bill James and Worshipful Master Don Patterson presenting a bronze plaque that Brother James designed and had cast.

"Hootin & Hollarin" Brethren from four Missouri Lodges helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Hootin & Hollarin," which was held on September 16 - 18 in Gainesville. The Masonic Lodges represented were Robert Burns #496 of Gainesville, Bayou #365 of Bakersfield, Sampson #298 of Theodosia and Ava Lodge #26. The “Mason Chuck Wagon” was on site to serve up some of the best smoked pork sandwiches in the Ozarks. On Saturday, the MoCHIP Team and Lodge volunteers processed identification packages for 98 children. Most Worshipful Grand Master Larry C. Reynolds participated in the big parade, riding in the back of one of the two classic trucks which were provided by Br. Bobby Grisham, Treasurer of Robert Burns Lodge. The trucks were followed by the Sampson Lodge six-wheeler, with its crew handing out American flags to the crowds of spectators that lined the parade route. Shrine Clubs from the surrounding area were also represented in the parade.

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Continued from back page Because of his fame as a poet as well as his enthusiasm as a Mason, the higher degrees were given him gratis. “Robert Burns … was distinctively a national poet, striking deep roots in his native soil, and, for that reason, touching a chord so haunting that it echoes forever … That which lives in Robert Burns, and will live while human nature is the same, is his love of justice, of honesty, of reality, his touch of pathos and melting sympathy, his demand for liberty, his faith in man and God — all uttered with simple speech and the golden voice of song.” (ST 6/23) Rob Morris received his degrees in Oxford Lodge #33 (later T. S. Gathright Lodge, now O.D. Smith Lodge) of Oxford, Mississippi, March 5 and July 13, 1846. After affiliating with several lodges in Mississippi, he moved to Kentucky, first to Antiquity Lodge #113, Louisville, then Fortitude Lodge #47, LaGrange, where he was Master in 1861. In 1858-1859 he was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. He was a member of both York and Scottish Rite bodies. Well known as the founder of the Order of Eastern Star, Rob developed the structure and ritual while serving as principal of a private school for girls in Mississippi. He is lesser known for earlier experiments with co-Masonry, and as the leading light in the “Conservator”

movement to establish a uniform ritual. He was a successful lawyer, lecturer, educator, and Masonic instructor, all the while composing poems on all occasions. As his biography points out, Rob Morris was chiefly known as a writer: He was not only the universally accepted Poet Laureate of Freemasonry, but in addition to this his prose works are of the first rank in Masonic literature. He wrote extensively on the subject of Masonic jurisprudence, produced several rituals and handbooks, many fugitive pieces, edited some Masonic journals, and published an important book of travel and research, Free Masonry in the Holy Land, which appeared in 1872. He traveled extensively in Europe and in the Orient. His trip to the Holy Land discovered abundant testimony as to the great age of Freemasonry. He organized the first Masonic Lodge in Jerusalem, Royal Solomon #1, and became its first Master. Of his 400+ poems, the best known is “The Level, Plumb and Square.” The original version appeared in 1854, the last in 1885. I quote the first 3 of 8 stanzas: The Level, Plumb, and Square We meet upon the LEVEL, and part upon the SQUARE; What words sublimely beautiful those words Masonic are; They fall like strains of melody upon

the listening ears, As they’ve sounded hallelujahs to the world, three thousand years. We meet upon the LEVEL, though from every station brought, The Monarch from his palace and the Laborer from his cot; For the King must drop his dignity when knocking at our door And the Laborer is his equal as he walks the checkered floor. We act upon the PLUMB,—’tis our MASTER’S great command, We stand upright in Virtue’s way and lean to neither hand; The ALL-SEEING EYE that reads the heart will bear us witness true, That we do always honor God and give each man his due … Shortly before his death on July 31, 1888, he wrote his own epitaph, a poem of 40 lines, in which are found these words from the second stanza: He loved his friends; in them his heart found anchor, Bound in affection as with hook of steel; … He loved to make in simple verse that rhyming Where ancient signs and emblems smoothly lie, Where deeds of brother-love and truth are chiming, And Masonry is wed to poetry.

Branson Lodge Promotes Community Involvement Branson Masonic Lodge held its second annual meeting for the public on Tuesday August 10, 2010. There were 35 people in attendance counting Lodge members, Eastern Star Ladies and the community. The speakers talked about Freemasonry regarding what it does for the members and the community. The purpose of these meetings are twofold. 1. To inform members in the community what the Masonic order stands for and how Freemasons work within the community. 2. Invite good men to become members of the Masonic Order and make them better. There were four Lodge petitions handed out to possible new members and two Eastern Star petitions. Branson the missouri freemason

­ asonic Lodge has two major projM ects it works on in the community. 1.  The Christmas Basket Program has been handing out Christmas Dinners to needy families for over thirty five years, around 78 per year. 2.  The Missouri Child Identification Program (MoCHIP) which is free to the parents and gives them a CD of information regarding their children, Amber Alert ready for the proper authorities. Branson Masonic Lodge would like to say thanks to the community for its support over the years and its trust this support will continue in years to come. Winter 2010 11

For those who may be unaware, DeMolay is a Masonicsponsored youth organization for young men between the ages of 12 and 21. Founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1919, DeMolay teaches civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills and promotes Masonic values through its own unique ritual. Not only is Missouri the birthplace of the Order of DeMolay, but I am happy to report it is one of the most successful jurisdictions in the world as well. This summer at the DeMolay International Session in Dallas, Texas, Missouri DeMolay received various awards and honors for its outstanding communication and membership efforts. Aside from the various awards and honors received at session, Missouri DeMolay had the most membership growth of any jurisdiction in 2009, recently became the largest jurisdiction in the world with over 1000 members, and has been number one in the world in total new members for the last seven years. Missouri has consistently proven that it contains the best members, the best chapters and the best leaders in all of DeMolay. All of these amazing accomplishments could not have been achieved; however, without the outstanding support Missouri DeMolay receives from various Masonic bodies in general and Freemasonry and Blue Lodges across the state in particular. Freemasonry as a whole has supported DeMolay and our sister organizations in countless ways; providing scholarships and hosting events such as Masonic Youth Day being a few of the many examples. Individual Freemasons have willingly given countless hours to the cause of DeMolay, teaching Masonic values and helping to build the leaders of tomorrow. For all of these things, I would like to offer my sincerest thanks. It is easy to see that DeMolay in Missouri is growing, and that this is largely due to Freemasonry’s outstanding support; however, this is simply the beginning of a pattern of growth and success that will not only benefit DeMolay, but will benefit Freemasonry, and our nation as a whole. Over the course of the last year, Missouri has advocated the slogan “Building Freemasonry Through DeMolay”. We truly believe in this slogan, and the power DeMolay has to positively affect Freemasonry, both directly and indirectly.

The indirect way in which DeMolay can help to build Freemasonry is through membership. The structure and ritualism of both organizations is incredibly similar and the lessons they teach are synonymous. It is a natural transition for a young man who is a member of the Order of DeMolay, who has been attending DeMolay meetings and functions in a Masonic Lodge for a number of years, and who has been guided by advisors who are Master Masons, to one day himself become a Mason. In fact, in chapters that have active support of their sponsoring body, almost every single young man who stays active as a DeMolay until the age of 18 becomes a Master Mason. I myself am living proof, as I am a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Shriner. While Missouri DeMolay only has 1000 members, and not all of those young men are of age to be a Master Mason, DeMolay is growing and these numbers are increasing, slowly but surely, with your continued support. DeMolay can positively affect Freemasonry in a more direct manner as well. Individual chapters give back to their sponsoring body in a number of ways, usually by assisting the Lodge in its activities. Young men in DeMolay are even rewarded with merit bars based upon the number of hours of Masonic service they have accumulated. Missouri DeMolay as a whole has been supportive of Freemasonry. In the last two years Missouri DeMolay has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Scottish Rite Rite Care Clinics, and we plan to continue these philanthropic efforts. I submit to you, my brothers, that DeMolay and Freemasonry very much have a mutually beneficial relationship. If the purpose of Freemasonry as some say is to make a good man better, than the purpose of DeMolay is to make a boy in to a good man. If you are interested in finding out more about DeMolay, you can visit Missouri DeMolay online at, and you can e-mail me personally at mikej@modemolay. org. I would like once again to thank you all for the support you give to DeMolay and Masonic Youth in general. Michael Jones State Master Councilor, Missouri DeMolay

Brothers Harvey D. Miller, Donald L. Huggins and Francis N. Cowan, Jr. each received the prestigious DeMolay Legion of Honor award on Friday, ­October 8, 2010 in a ceremony jointly conducted by the St. Joseph and Kansas City Legion of Honor preceptories. Held at the Kansas City ­Scottish Rite building, the ceremony included the following participants: Roger G. Salyer, LOH, Commander in the East; Sheldon Snitz, LOH, Commander in the West; Steven M. Anderson, LOH, Commander in the South; Lloyd Gentry, HLOH, Grand Chaplain; Danny D. Smothers, LOH, Grand Marshall; Chad ­Arnold, LOH, First Preceptor; Michael Mack, LOH, Second Preceptor; William Bowser, HLOH, Third Preceptor; Marion Boydston, HLOH, Fourth Preceptor; Tim Alvis, ­DeMolay, Fifth Preceptor; Jacob Hampton, DeMolay, Sixth Preceptor; Dakota Parkinson, DeMolay, Seventh Preceptor; Jeff Alvis, Herald. Shown Left to right are Brothers Miller, Huggins and Cowan.

12 Winter 2010

the missouri freemason

You are our Heritage. I start this article with these words, to remind all the Freemasons in Missouri that our organization would not exist but for all of them. Job's Daughters has a very close bond with the Masonic Order as our members must be a relative by blood or marriage in order to join. We look to you for the future of our Order and hope that we can continue our close ties and work together to grow both of our organizations in the future. Hello! My name is Erica Wallace, and I am the presiding Grand Bethel Honored Queen of Missouri Job's Daughters for 2010-2011. I have been in Job's Daughters since I was 11 years old, and I am a Past Honored Queen of Bethels #33 in North Kansas City and #7 in Smithville. My father joined the Masons because I was involved in Job's Daughters and, because of my membership, he met many amazing men who were also Masons. My year will be focused on promoting our Order by remembering our ties with the Masonic men who gave us our heritage. We have a very exciting year planned, especially with our own Past Grand Guardian, Mom Toni Underwood, becoming the Supreme Guardian of Job's Daughters this past August. At our Supreme Session which was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I was honored to be a part of the Supreme Guardian Council's installation ceremony and had the distinct pleasure of presenting the Grand Master of Missouri, Most Worshipful Larry C. Reynolds, during the introduction of guests. During the summer months, we held our annual Workshop at the Grand Lodge Masonic Complex in July, and attended the Masonic Youth Day celebration at the Complex in August. In September, I was able to lead an exemplification and welcoming ceremony for interested young ladies and adults at Joachim Lodge #164 in Hillsboro. Missouri. Job's Daughters is very excited that we will soon be re-opening a Bethel at that Lodge! We also held our annual LincolnTruman HIKE to help raise money for our organizations philanthropic project, HIKE or Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment fund, is the official charity of Job's Daughters, and since its birth in 1985, girls around the world have helped to raise over 3 million dollars to provide hearing aids to young children. It was a great privilege to be able to speak at Grand Lodge in Columbia on September 27, and I was awed by the great support shown to our youth organizations in Missouri. It is also an extreme pleasure to be sharing my term with two people who have been my friends for many years, Elizabeth Jester, Grand Worthy Advisor of Rainbow, and Mike Jones, State Master Councilor of DeMolay. It is very special for me to be able to experience the three Missouri Masonic Youth organizations working together to promote unity and fraternity. In mid-October I spoke at the Grand Chapter of Eastern Star Session to be held in Joplin and attended the Miss Misthe missouri freemason

souri and Junior Miss Missouri Job's Daughters pageant held at the Scottish Rite Temple in St. Louis. Our retiring Miss Missouri trio is: Miss Missouri Job's Daughter Katee Leonberger, Bethel #43 (Fenton Masonic Lodge); Stephanie Bowlin, Jr. Miss Missouri Job's Daughters, Bethel #47 (Mehlville Masonic Lodge) and Ashley Kaempfe, Miss Missouri Congeniality, Bethel #19 (Webster Groves Masonic Lodge). These three young ladies did an amazing job representing Missouri Job's Daughters this past year. In the next article I will be able to introduce you to the newly selected Miss Missouri Trio! Our members also attended a Leadership Training Conference in November. This was held at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Kansas City, and was a wonderful opportunity for our members and adults to share in a weekend of information, team building and socializing. As you read this article, Missouri Job's Daughters will be preparing for Installation of Officers at our Bethels in December. Please know that all Masons and their families are welcome and encouraged to attend these and all Job's Daughter's events. Looking forward to meeting and greeting you during my travels this year. And remember; You are our Heritage. Respectfully, Erica Wallace, Grand Bethel Honored Queen 2010-2011 Job's Daughters of Missouri

At Masonic Youth Day, August 2010, Mike Jones, State Master Councilor, Erica Wallace, Grand Bethel Honored Queen, and Elizabeth Jester, Grand Worthy Advisor.

Most Worship Grand Master Larry C. Reynolds, and Grand Bethel Honored Queen Erica Wallace, at Job's Daughters Supreme Session, Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 2010.

Winter 2010 13

Hello Missouri Masons … are you celebrating Fall with Winter in the Air? By the time you read this, I will have had three Grand Worthy Advisor visits and attended Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter. I hope your fall has been as exciting as mine! In September, the "new" Springfield Assembly (located in Ozark and soon-to-be named Friendship) hostessed my first visit. Lots of laughter with a bit of western wear thrown in... it was fun to reconnect with my Rainbow Sisters from District 3. In October, I attended "Pooh's Fair in the 100 Acre Wood" (that's where Winnie the Pooh resides) event at St. Joseph Assembly which featured District 4. This was somewhat of a membership event with much Rainbow information shared during the visit and at tables afterward in the dining room. Great creativity! Finally, at the end of October, my visit was at Mexico Assembly for District 2 — on the eve of Halloween! Boo to you, too! I really want to thank all the Missouri Masons who spoke to me or simply smiled their welcome when I attended Grand Lodge. Those words and smiles spoke volumes to me — thank you so much! The ladies and gentlemen at Grand Chapter always make Missouri's Grand Worthy Advisor feel special... and this year was no exception. My heartfelt thanks to every person who took time to greet and meet me. These are the two oldest sponsoring Orders of Rainbow … and their hospitality is always appreciated! I've heard that collection containers have popped up in Lodges across Missouri for pop tabs... have you heard that our Grand Representatives will be making jewelry out of pop tabs? I can hardly wait to see their necklaces, bracelets and earrings at Grand Assembly! Please start your own collection and turn it in to any Rainbow Girl you see — they seem to add up quickly and will help Missouri's Ronald McDonald Houses. Some of the Rainbow Assemblies may also need your help in purchasing supplies and/or taking meals to their local Ronald McDonald Houses — please ask them what you can do to assist them with this. I really hope you're able to help Missouri's Rainbow Girls in some way with this very important State Service Project! Like every Rainbow girl hears when she goes through the Bow lectures during her initiation, "you can never know the meaning of love, religion, nature, immortality, fidelity or patriotism until you have offered yourself as a living sacrifice. This very day there is someone you can help. Every day of your life before the sun goes down you can find a girl who 14 Winter 2010

needs your help." Even though Mark Sexson (Rainbow's Founder) wrote these words almost 90 years ago, the reality remains the same: sacrificial love and service are priceless. We have all felt abandoned or hurt by someone, we have all felt the desire to be loved, we have all appreciated a stranger's kindness, we have all felt the joy that comes from serving those around us. And we have a choice, we can serve or not. It is not an obligation, it is a choice. You have control over how you live your life and how you will be remembered by those around you. Every decision you make, whether big or small, helps determine your legacy. You have only been given this one life and you decide how you will live it. Will you live it for yourself and for selfish purposes? Will your life become one of routine, to where you lose sight of what you really want out of life? Or will you step out of your comfort zone, take a leap of faith, love that person who no one else will, and leave a legacy of love and service? It is my hope that each of you here says yes. Yes, I want to see a world that does not look like the world I see today. I want to see a world where children in Honduras, Africa, Haiti, South America, India, China, Russia, AND America no longer go to bed at night with an empty tummy or without having had a hug for that day. I firmly believe if every person in Missouri Rainbow... in the Missouri Masonic family... lived a life of purpose, of hope and of love, our world would be changed. Do you know a girl who wants to have fun? ... wants to make new friends? ... wants to learn new things? ... wants to make a difference? ... wants to be a leader? Is she between the ages of 6 and 19? Missouri Rainbow is looking for HER and her friends! All girls 6-10 are welcome for our Rainbow Pledge groups and all girls 11-19 are welcome for our Rainbow Girls' Assemblies. Please encourage her to explore to learn more! (Why don't you check into it too?) Please step into a Rainbow Assembly sometime this year... whether the girls are learning or improving, you are in for a delightful evening! Remember: Leave a Legacy! Elizabeth Jester, Grand Worthy Advisor State of Missouri, 2010-2011 International Order of Rainbow for Girls the missouri freemason

Truman Club Fifth Annual Dinner On Saturday, September 25 at the Stephens College Kimball Ballroom the Truman Club hosted its Fifth Annual Dinner. This is a milestone in the Masonic Home's donor recognition program. The evening was about appreciation for those generous individuals and couples who support the work of our Richard and Rebecca Mansfield James and Yvonne McManigle Masonic Home, and fellowship with the talented people who direct and steward the Home's high-quality programs and services that are more available, more flexible, and more responsive to those we are helping. When a donors become qualified members of the Truman Club, they have distinguished themselves as having both the heart and the means for Rev. Dale Roller Frank and Betty Doss helping our less fortunate brothers, sisters and widows. It's hard to believe that five years have passed since the inception of the Truman Club. Five years ago there was a buzz of excitement about the Masonic Home of Missouri starting this new "club" that was dedicated to encouraging donors to be ever-consistent in their giving. It is Kyle and Yvette Palacios James and Lindy Ford truly a celebration that five years later In 2009, Truman Club Members donated members have raised $967,000. We at there is still a buzz of excitement that benefits the wonderful programs of the over $180,000 to the Masonic Home of Mis- the Masonic Home congratulate Trusouri. From 2006 until now, Truman Club man Club members on their accomplishMasonic Home. ment. We recognized 14 individuals (and couples) who have recently achieved or advanced their Perpetual Membership within the Truman Club and we are delighted to recognize them here in the Freemason. Every donation received by the Masonic Home, whether it be $1 or $1,000, is appreciated. Without our donors we would Buzz Barrows C. Eugene Ridenhour, M.D. be unable to assist so many. Thank you for your most generous devotion. *All recipients had their photos taken with Most Worshipful Brother Larry C. Reynolds, Most Worshipful Brother Gail S. Turner and a Masonic Home senior staff member. Kyle Keitel and Shannon Findley William and Georgia Zimmerman Pictures continued on next page ‌ the missouri freemason

Winter 2010 15

Truman Club Fifth Annual Dinner

Pictures continued from previous page … Lawrence Brockmeier

James and Lori Benson

James and Glenda Haddox

Pat Stubbelfield

Masonic Home of Missouri Names Representative of the Year and Partner of the Year

Congratulations to John Whelan from Latimer Lodge #145 for winning the Masonic Home Representative of the Year and to Sedalia Lodge #236 for once again achieving Partner of the Year! The big announcement was made at the Masonic Home Representative luncheon Monday, September 27 at this year’s Grand Lodge Annual Communication. Brother John has been a member for 12 years and has done a tremendous job as Masonic Home Representative. He has been to countless Masonic Home presentations, bringing guests along with him and encouraging others to get involved. Brother Whelan works tirelessly to do all he can for his Lodge as well as for Plato Lodge #469 and Texas Lodge #177, where he is also a member. In addition to his Masonic Home Representative position with the Lodge, he has also volunteered as Masonic Home District Representative for his local OES District and helped increase the number of Eastern Star members attending the Masonic Home presentations. We appreciate his help and hard work. Sedalia Lodge #236 won Partner of the Year. Everyone involved in the Creating-A-Partnership Program works very hard to help so many children, and there are many facets that are looked at to choose a winner for this award. Sedalia Lodge has worked hard to cover all of those areas and then

some. Sedalia's communication with the Masonic Home, the schools and media has been tremendous in getting the word out about this great program. Great job Sedalia Lodge! The Masonic Home Representative luncheon was packed full of information. Thank you to those of you that attended. We were blessed to have a wonderful speaker, Mona Bartley, daughter of Edith Schmid who is an Outreach recipient. Mona shared about her mother’s life, along with how the Masonic Home has helped Edith maintain her quality of life. Mona added that both her grandfather and father were Masons and very involved with their Lodges and the fraternity for many years. Lastly, we are pleased to announce the widow’s cards have all been mailed out. We are receiving many thanks and requests from those widows. Providing information to the widows, as well as brethren and their families, is a key component as we continue our quest to assist those in need. If you have any corrections, or updates on the widow’s cards please contact Chantana Irvin in the Outreach Department at (800) 434-9804. Again, we thank you for all your hard work as Masonic Home Representatives and look forward to seeing you throughout the coming year.

Sara Snodderley, Luge Luetjen (Sedalia Lodge #236) and Barbara Ramsey

Chantana Irvin and Mona Bartley

16 Winter 2010

the missouri freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri Executive Director's Message As we conclude another Annual Communication, we begin to look toward the upcoming year and start to focus on the lists of things we look to accomplish. At the same time, we also reflect back on the year just completed and the great things that have been achieved. First, I would like to thank all members for their continued support of our Masonic Home. Your generosity and excitement for our programs continues to surpass new milestones each year. I would also like to thank everyone for their continued participation in the Masonic Home Golf Outing as we strive to make this event greater each and every year. Lastly, I thank you for another great Annual Communication. We enjoy the fellowship and opportunity to be able to answer questions and discuss concerns. As we move forward, I urge you to take action as our Grand Master Gail S. Turner suggestion, "stay connected" and push yourselves to learn about the programs available through the Masonic Home; whether it is through attending a presentation or requesting information. Please take time to learn about what a great charity you have. Another way to keep your connectivity with the Masonic Home is to read your quarterly Masonic Home Magazine cover to cover and learn about some of your fellow members and their involve-

ment through the Masonic Home charity. I also challenge those of you who may have the means to learn about the Truman Club and how the donations you make are the driving force of making the Masonic Home Programs forge ahead. The connection between donations and programs continues to be an important piece as we carry on into the future. There have been so many great things accomplished and so much groundwork that has been laid so that we may look to the future. I often think to myself, "What can I do to provide more for my fellow brothers, sisters or Masonic widows, and when can it end?" It is at that moment I realize that our work never ends, because there are always individuals in need, and that need varies for all. Thank you for your dedication and steadfast brotherly love, relief and truth that you extend through your generous support. Blessings to you all. Fraternally,

Executive Director Masonic Home of Missouri

8th Annual "Leaves of Autumn" Golf Outing Another year has come and gone for the Annual Golf Outing. With each year the Masonic Home of Missouri continues to be blessed. Not because we manage to dodge rain clouds each year, it's because we have such an outstanding group of golfers attend. Within the last few years our sponsorships have increased. Not only in monetary gifts, but in silent auction and raffle items as well, benefiting not only those bidding in the silent auction, but most important, for our Children's Outreach Program.

rewarding day. The Children’s Outreach Program benefits from the generosity of so many. Without you we wouldn’t have a golf outing, without you we wouldn’t be the Masonic Home of Missouri that you have today.

If you would like to participate in next years' golf outing please call Lori Benson at 800‑434‑9804 and reserve your individual/team spot today. Your participation makes all the difference. Thank you again for your support! It truly is the generous heart that reaps so many rewards.

Many organizations across the country are having serious troubles filling their team spots and attaining sponsorships. We realize how fortunate we are that each year our brothers, sisters and vendors continue to take part in such a fun and the missouri freemason

Winter 2010 17

Masonic Home of Missouri Board President's Message My Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Masonic Family of Missouri: Another Grand Lodge year is upon us and we are faced with continued challenges to better encourage and provide the good work of our Masonic charities; especially your Masonic Home of Missouri. We welcome three new Board members to our Board of Directors: David W. Haywood, Bro. Steven D. Duncan and RWB Frederick H. Neal. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Most Worshipful Brother Larry C. Reynolds, our immediate Past Grand Master, for his five years of service to the Masonic Home as well has his leadership when it came time to make difficult decisions. I would also like to thank our Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Gail S. Turner, for his service as a Board Member and immediate past President of the Board of Directors of the Masonic Home. Most Worshipful Brother Turner lead the Board with compassion and a great desire to show the connectivity between the Masonic Home, the Grand Lodge, the Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Missouri and our Sisters in the Order of the Eastern Star. As the Board of Directors looks forward to another year of service to the Craft, we will do so with regard to our Masonic heritage and our obligations as Master Masons. We look forward to working with the wonderful ladies of the Eastern Star Advisory Board and those interested Brethren who refer Brothers and Sisters who might need assistance from the Masonic Home. For the past several years the Board of Directors have worked as a team with open discussion about how best to complete the work of the Masonic Home. This has not always been easy, but with the "collective wisdom" of the members of the Board, great things have been accomplished. I hope to continue this tradition this year as Board President and allow the great talents of our Board members to shine and give Light to the Masonic Home. We, as always, wish to thank those who, through their generosity, provided a firm foundation for the charitable work of the Masonic Home and as we are taught, Charity next to a belief in Deity is the foundation of Masonry. Your Board of Directors will continue to guard and protect the resources you have given to the Masonic Home while still providing the best possible "Quality of Life" to the members who need our assistance. In this regard, the Outreach Services Program 18 Winter 2010

continues to be a beacon of light in Freemasonry and continues to serve as a pattern for other Masonic Jurisdictions. The wisdom of past Boards of Directors going back now some 20 years has demonstrated that the costs associated with maintaining "fixed facilities" are more cost efficiently expended by permitting our Brothers and Sisters to remain in their communities with family and friends, while the Masonic Home provides for their services and care in those localities. The Craft has the right to be justifiably "PROUD" of these services and this year's Board will endeavor to continue with these established and proven methods of operation. Imitation is the greatest form of a compliment and numerous other Masonic Jurisdictions are copying our Outreach Program. My personal thanks to all of the wonderful Brothers and Sisters from the past who have served on the Board during these times and made the future look so bright, even during periods of economic downturns. We look forward to this Grand Lodge year and hope to meet with as many of our Brothers and Sisters as the year progresses. Fraternally and Sincerely,

John W Hess President Board of Directors

the missouri freemason

Masonic Home of Missouri Outreach Assistance Visiting with Edith Schmid Edith Romain Schmid in retail sales. However, was born April 13, 1920, her main job was making the fourth of five children clothing for her children, born to a farmer and a having supper ready in the homemaker. Edith only atevenings and keeping their tended school through the home running smoothly eighth grade because she for their family. was needed at home. She In 1994, Harry passed loved the years she went to away. After his death she school. She enjoyed learndecided to move to an ing (especially spelling and apartment. In October math), and playing on the 2006, due to problems with school’s basketball team her shoulder and back, she even though she was only made the decision to move 4’ 11”. to Churchill Terrace AsOn November 11, sisted Living where she is 1941, Edith married Harry today. In December 2006, Schmid. Harry joined the Edith found she needed Army, but with his age and financial assistance. Her being the oldest son of a husband, Harry, had been a farm family, he was not alvery dedicated Mason and Edith Romain Schmid lowed to serve overseas. Inso Edith’s family contacted stead, the war took him to a copper mine in Arizona, and the Masonic Home of Missouri to inquire about assistance Army bases in California and Washington. Edith went along through the Outreach Program. An employee from the Outwith him, even though it meant taking long, hard train rides reach Department met with Edith that same month and in by herself to get there. Edith and Harry had two children. January Edith began to receive financial assistance through Edith’s husband Harry worked for the Missouri State High- the Masonic Home in order to aid her with her monthly way Department while Edith worked as a seamstress or needs.

Let Your Gift Say … "I'll Remember You" If you wish to craft a truly lasting tribute to someone special, consider a memorial, which will honor the person and make a difference. How to set up a memorial gift: How to fund the gift: You can create a memorial by making a donation today to Masonic Home of Missouri or by leaving us a gift through your will or living trust. Grants, scholarships and prizes to deserving individuals could be awarded in memory of a friend or loved one. You also have the option of establishing an endowment in that person's name that lets us honor a special person forever. (Please see next page.)

the missouri freemason

You can fund a memorial with a variety of assets, such as appreciated stock or cash. Or you can leave a percentage of your estate. Gifts made to us during your lifetime, however, usually have the added benefit of reducing your income taxes. If you're looking for ideas on how to create the perfect memorial, please let us know. We'll be glad to help you compose the language needed to complete your memorial gift and find the best way to honor your loved one. Simply contact, Lori Benson, Donor and Public Relations at 800-434-9804. Winter 2010 19



Masonic Home of Missouri

Name �����������������������

I am pleased to inform you of the following gift to support the mission and work of the Masonic Home of Missouri. I/we have taken the following action: ❑ Named the Masonic Home of Missouri in a will or codicil ❑ Contributed to a charitable trust identifying the Masonic Home of Missouri as a beneficiary

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———————————— ❑ Designated the Masonic Home of Missouri as a beneficiary in a retirement plan ❑ Please contact me regarding Partnering Opportunities ❑ Please keep my gift confidential ❑ I/we would like to make a planned gift for the benefit of the Masonic Home of Missouri. Please contact me to assist in my/our choice and completion of the gift.

Best Time to Call (a.m. or p.m.) Birth Date ������������������� Email Address ����������������

Please complete this form and mail it or email it to Keith Neese or Sara Snodderley ­ If you have specific questions please call (800) 434-9804.

The Masonic Home of Missouri is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

Statement of ownership


20 Winter 2010

the missouri freemason

• Branson Masonic Lodge and Branson Mall completed a fundraiser for Autistic Children on August 21, 2010, with a benefit show given by the Top 10 Rock and Roll Review. The show was tremendous and for those of you that haven't seen the show you need to make the effort to go and enjoy a great show. Branson Lodge also sold over two hundred fifty hotdogs at $2 each including chips and soda. Branson Lodge would like to say thanks to the Branson Mall (Manager Brad Peterson) the community and Lodge members for their assistance in promoting the fundraiser for Autistic Children. •  Clinton Lodge #548 Installed its Officers for 2010 at an open meeting on Tuesday, August 24th. 2010. Kenneth Johnston served as Installing Master and Chaplain with Virgil Bradley as Installing Marshall. •  Fraternal Lodge #363, located in Robertsville Missouri, held its 140th installation of officers on July 26, 2010. Officers that were installed: Russell Humphrey, Worshipful Master; Eugene Richter, Senior Warden; Rich Weible, Junior Warden; Gary Bay, Treasurer; Arnold Haddock, Secretary; C.W. Porter, Chaplain; Kenny Braiser, Marshall; Danny Diesel, Senior Deacon; Phil Bush, Junior Deacon; Terry Gordon, Senior Steward; Kyle Weible, Junior Steward; Eugene Sam, Tiler. Installing officers were: Carrll Moorman, Easter Lodge; Bob Phillips, Easter Lodge; Lee King, Columbia Lodge.

eron conducted the Lodge presentation. He gave a brief history of Swope Park Lodge #617 followed by a DVD documentary on Masonry. Sister Rita Hanson spoke on the Order of Eastern Star, followed by a Job’s Daughters presentation by Sister Janna Walden, Bethel #1 Guardian. Sister Tammy Laughlin, Adult Leader of the Squires of the Round Table, summed the event up highlighting the positive impact of Masonry on the young people involved in the youth groups at the Temple. The event had a big turnout of visitors and prospective members. • Swope Park Lodge #617 raised Brother Alex Barnes to the sublime degree of Master Mason in a special communication Saturday, September 11. • Smithville Temmperance Lodge #438 held a MoCHIP event Saturday May 1, 2010. The event coordinator was Brother Jason Lockridge, who supervised the identification of 105 children. • Temperance Lodge #438 at Smithville, Missouri, held an open installation August 22, 2010 for the 2010 - 2011 year. The following officers were installed: WB Frank Lukenbill, Secretary; Dutch Houghtaling, SW; Jack Woods, Worshipful Master; John Roeder, SS; Benjamin Stark, JD; Jeffrey Bloemker, JW; WB Ken Wilson, Marshal; WB George Spengler, Treasurer; WB Dallas Sellars, Chaplain; WB Davey Fisher, JS.

• On Saturday August 28th 2010 Granite Lodge #272 hosted a Masonic open house in accordance with the Grand Master's wishes. Granite Lodge undertook a renovation and refurbishment project in preparation for this event, which included the painting of the entire ground floor of the temple, bathrooms and entryways. Granite Lodge also invited representatives of the Sedalia York Rite Bodies, Scottish Rite, Widow's Sons motorcycle group, Sedalia Shrine Club, Job's Daughter's Bethel #15, and other Masonic bodies, who all were in attendance to answer questions from prospective members. Several petitions for new membership were handed out during the open house, which was a successful and fun event for everyone.

• On Saturday, July 3, the Independence Day celebration in Theodosia began early with the members of Sampson Lodge #298 serving its regular, first Saturday of the month breakfast, open to the public. Later in the day members of Sampson Lodge met near the Theodosia Marina to help the Chamber of Commence set up for the annual Independence Day activities. The Masonic Lodge was also represented in the "Golf Cart-ATV Parade" that wound its way through the marina and campground area. Lodge members rode on the ATV that had been decorated appropriately for the celebration and handed out American flags to the people lining the parade route. The day ended with a spectacular fireworks display over Bull Shoals Lake near the Theodosia Bridge.

• Members of Sampson Lodge #298 held a fund-raising event on Saturday, July 17 at the Masonic Temple in Theodosia, Missouri. The chuck wagon pulled in and the menu included smoked pork, chicken, beans, coleslaw, and beverages; some of the best cooking in the Ozarks. The even also included music, a dunking tank which was manned by the Worshipful Master and a lot of old fashioned fun and friendship.

• Washington Lodge #87, AF&AM, on July 27, 2010, held a program for its Past Lodge Masters. A delicious meal was served in the dinning hall. Following the dinner, the Lodge opened with Past Masters occupying all officer's stations. They did a superb job. Before closing, each Past Master gave a short talk about Masonry and some things that were happening in their lives. Everyone present enjoyed the evening. Thanks to the Past Masters who attended and we did miss those who could not be there. Some in attendance: John J. McDowell, Jerry DeGarmo, Chris C. McLemore III, Jack A. Myers, Sr., Joe E. Hunt, Don Adams, Drexel R. Atkisson, Jr., G. Tim Black, Billy L. Cooper, Harold G. Simmons, John W. Shoemaker, Bill A. Finley and Gary W. Gabbert.

• Swope Park Temple Masonic bodies held an open house for visitors and prospective members on August 28, 2010. William F. Kuhn chapter DeMolay members gave a presentation to the guests on their order, led by Master Councilor Claton Stiff. RWB Larry Cam-

On August 22, 2010, Ava Lodge #26 installed the following officers for the upcoming term: SS Doug Hawkins, JS Scott Stark, Tyler Rick Baker, Marshall Bruce Scott, SW Dean Wright, WM Warren Gunter, JW David Emerson.

the missouri freemason

Lebanon Lodge #77 celebrated its 165th anniversary while Steelville celebrated its 175th anniversary in the annual Harvest Festival Parade on Sept. 11, 2010. Brothers Jerry Bryan, Colin Vandegriffe, Paul Bunch and Bill Neuman threw candy to the kids along the route while announcing Steelville's upcoming Open House.

Winter 2010 21

Branson Masonic Lodge #587 attended the 189th Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri on September 26 - 28. Branson Lodge members attending were WM Dallas Smith, Junior Warden, Bob Stapleton, RWB Webb Edwards, Jake Young and WB Herb Terrill, Secretary. The Grand Lodge recognized Branson Lodge with the following awards: Truman Honor Lodge Award, Gold Ritual Award, Missouri Child Identification Certificate, Truman Honor Lodge 30year Award and the Public Relations Award. These awards wouldn't have been possible without the support of the Lodge members and the Branson Community. For that reason Branson Masonic Lodge #587 would like to say a big thank you to the members and the Branson Community for their support. Branson Lodge is looking forward to a another great year in 2011.

Wakanda Lodge #52 of Carrollton, Missouri, held its installation of officers on Saturday August 28, 2010. Kevin Walden was installed as Worshipful Master. Standing with WB Kevin Walden are his two brothers, On the left is WB Steve Walden, PM 2010, and on his right is WB Allen Walden, PM 1980, both of Wakanda Lodge. On the altar before them is a picture of their father, WB Tom Walden, PM 1965, who passed away in 1999.

On September 11, 2010, The Widows Sons, Men of Tyre Chapter of Missouri rode to The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall in Sikeston, Missouri. Pictured are (front row, left to right): David Priest, Ron Dickens and Warren Brannum; (back row) Russ Busby, Emmett Riley, Ray Brookover, Richard Lewis and Chris Nelson. While there the group met up with some friends from The Christian Motorcycle Association(CMA) and The Legion Riders. It was a beautiful day to ride and the fellowship was great.

Sunday, September 19, 2010, Jewel Lodge #480, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, held its installation of officers for 2010-2011. Worshipful Master, Charles Shands; Senior Warden, Donald Sonovan; Junior Warden, Daniel Collins; Treasurer, Paul Williams; Secretary, James Williams; Chaplain, Mark Guffey; Marshall, Mark Schlenker; Senior Deacon, Marvin Dotson; Junior Deacon, Ronald Beatty; Senior Steward, Aaron Francis; Junior Steward, David Maguire; Tiler, Vincent Principle.

Union Masonic Lodge installed its officers for the 2010-2011 term on July 30, 2010. Officers for the coming year are: Kevin Shaw, Senior Deacon; Warren E. Dixon, Senior Warden; Bruce E. McGlasson, Worshipful Master; Norman Helms, Junior Warden; WB Clarence "Buzz" Barrows, Secretary; Aaron C. Dixon, Tiler; William R. DeWeese, Junior Steward; WB Gary L. Tourville, Treasurer; James T. Suchland, Senior Steward; Harry J. Zerwig, Junior Deacon; WB Donald J. Hall, Chaplain; WB Derek A. Laubinger, Marshall.

Hermann Masonic Lodge #123 held its 162nd annual installation of officers on August 22, 2010, at the Masonic Temple in Hermann, with the following slate of officers. Third row: Ben Grosse, Kevin Witthaus, Justin Alfermann, Charles Kelsey II, Leo Hendricks, Dan Howard, Matt Schutt. Second row: Ken Lerbs, Worshipful Master Ronald O'Neill, Richard Requarth, Clinton Coulter. First row: Steve Lynn, Norman Harrison, and Robert Schmidt.

Wakanda Masonic Lodge #52 AF&AM held its installation of officers on August 28, 2010. Pictured are: Front row: Treasurer Travis Graham, SW Joe Arnold, Worshipful Master Kevin Walden, JW Jerry McWilliams and Marshal Richard Vandeventer. Second row: SD Lonnie Martin, JD Larry Potter, Secretary Steve Walden and Installing Marshall MWB Stanley Thompson. Back row: Installing SD Bill Siegfried, Installing Master Stanley Massey, Installing Chaplain Leo Bottom and SS Jerry Cooper, Sr. Not pictured: Chaplain Bruce McWilliams, JS Jackie Staton and Tyler Frank Abshier.

22 Winter 2010

the missouri freemason

On Sunday, September 19, 2010, Jewel Lodge #480, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, welcomed Brother Ron Ponder home safely from a tour of duty in Iraq. Brother Ponder presented the Lodge with a United States flag that had been flown in Iraq.

On August 5, 2010, Independence Lodge #76 donated 25 backpacks to East Jackson County Outreach of the United Services Community Action Agency. Each backpack was filled with 20 items needed for a child to start the new school year. Shown in photo: The presentation was made by Bill Wallace, Senior Deacon, to Linda Nicely. She was very appreciative and said the children would be thrilled.

Branson Masonic Lodge for the third year participated in Taney County Back to School Fair at the Skyline Baptist Church on July 28,2010. There were around 400 kids and parents that came through the fair. There were around 40 businesses and organizations from the Branson area that gave the kids school supplies. Branson Lodge Brothers talked about the Missouri Child Identification Program (MoCHIP) and passed out flyers and pencils to the parents and kids.

Sullivan Lodge #69 installed its officers for 2010-2011 on Friday, September 3, 2010. Shown are (front row) Sam Edwards, JW; Larry Loomis, WM; Shawn Donovan, SW; (second row) Mike Romanoskie, JD; RWB Ray Wise, Treasurer; Sam Story, Secretary; Alan Golden, Marshall; Shawn Ritchie, SD; (back row) RWB Joe Keeler, Installing Chaplain; RWB Robert E. Lee Martin, Installing Marshall; RWB Norman Harrison, Installing Master; George Dodson, Tiler; RWB Stephen Lynn Jr., Chaplain; Thomas Holland, JS; (not pictured) Tim Weiss, SS.

Branson Masonic Lodge #587 presented Developmental Connections Executive Director Max Lytle a check for $500.00 to assist the Taney County Project Lifesaver program that supports children with autism in Taney County. This donation would not have been possible without the support of Brad Peterson, Manager of Branson Mall, and the Top Ten Rock and Roll Revue benefit show and the community. Pictured are SW Bob Stapleton; WB Herb Terrill, Project Chairman; Max Lytle, Development Connections Executive Director; WM Dallas Smith; Western Taney County Fire Chief, Chris Berndt; and The Next Step Service Coordinator Cathy Brown. Also shown are Michelle and her Daughter Shaylee, who has autism.

David R. Whittaker was installed as Worshipful Master of Hope Lodge #251 AF&AM, Washington, Missouri, during installation of officers ceremonies Saturday, August 28. A noon dinner followed the installation. Shown, sitting, from the left, are WB Terry D. Coppotelli, SW; David R. Whittaker, WM; and Daniel L. Nue, JW. Standing, from left, are WB Roger D. Fleer, Chaplain; Montgomery W. Morris, SS; Mitchell R. Martin, JS; Kyle L. Triplett, JD; WB Harold W. Lindauer, Treasurer; WB John L. Erfurdt III, SD; and WB John L. Erfurdt, Jr., Secretary. Installing officers were: RWB Kevin E. Weaver, WM; WB Charles G. Coy, Marshall; and WB John L. Erfurdt, Jr., Chaplain.

the missouri freemason

Winter 2010 23

On August 5, 2010, Jim Spencer became the 12th Brother raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at Cass Lodge #147 in Harrisonville this year. Pictured are Brother Spencer with Current Cass Lodge Master Tim Middaugh.

Brothers Darrel Wayne Radford (left) and James Ronnie Cox (right) received the Master Mason Degree at Clinton Lodge #548 on September 7, 2010. Sir David Coburn (center), of Lees' Summit delivered the Lecture and Charge.

Brother Wayne Helms received his endowment certificate and permanent dues card at Union Lodge #593 on August 21, 2010. Union Lodge Worshipful Master Bruce E. McGlasson made the presentation.

Cuba Masonic Lodge #312 held an open installation August 22, 2010. Pictured left to right: Bill Dean (Secretary), RWB John Bayless (Senior Warden), WB David Wheeler (Senior Steward), Jim Mulkey (Worshipful Master), Roger Stewart (Junior Warden), WB Donald Smith (Chaplain), Austin Mace (Junior Steward), Douglas Whiteside (Junior Deacon), Charles Kolb (Marshall). officers not present for picture: WB Lloyd Licklider (Treasurer), Larry Dearing (Senior Deacon), and WB James Sturgell (Tiler).

On August 21, 2010, Laclede Lodge #83 held an open installation at the Lodge in Lebanon, Missouri. The newly installed officers are as follows: (left to right bottom row) RWB C. N. Unverzagt, WB Bradley T. Hicks, WM Thomas W. Shamel, David O. O'Dell, WB N. Wayne Calk, (middle row) Allen R. Tubbs, Alan O. Martin, Daniel O. Knauss, Paul D. Sandy, III, (back row) Stephen M. Tabone and David V. Pyeatt.

California Lodge #183 Installed its officers for the upcoming term on September 14, 2010. Front Row left to right: RWB Steve Liebi, Installing Marshall; WB Grover Johnson, Jr., Chaplain; Nick Janes, Senior Deacon; WB Steve Derendinger, Worshipful Master; Bryan Wolford, Installing Master. Back Row left to right: WB G.R. Shelley, Secretary; John Janes, Marshall; WB Sam Blades, Senior Steward; Eddie Phillips, Junior Steward. Not pictured: James Dearing, Senior Warden; WB Brad McCord, Treasurer; James Barnes, Tiler.

Breckenridge Lodge #334 installed its officers for 2010 at an open meeting on Thursday, August 5, 2010. Installing officers were RWB F. Wayne Dugan, RGL, Region B; Art Gentry, Marshall; WB Rick Clevenger, Chaplain. Pictured left to right, 1st row: Ray Johnson, Treasurer; Pat Johnson, Senior Deacon; William Spooner, Worshipful Master; TJ Sanson, Junior Warden; James Riegal, Junior Steward; and Jim McClain, Junior Deacon. Second row: Rick Herrington, Senior Warden; Raymond Johnston, Treasurer; and Joe Reed, Chaplain.

On September 18, 2010, Linn Creek Lodge #152 held its 147th annual installation of officers for the years 2010-2011. Pictured left to right first row: WB Bill Gansemer, Chaplain; James Clark, SD; WB Gary Bowling, Worshipful Master; Paul Warman, Marshall; John Stephens, JW; Tony Helms, SW; Second row: WB Larry Clemens, Treasurer; Benjamin Willerton, JS; Richard Simons, JD; Robert Leonard, Tyler; RWB James Portwood, Secretary. Not shown: Dale VonSande, SS.

Temperance Lodge #438 held an open meeting June 16 to honor its 2010 Scholarship award recipients. A potluck meal was enjoyed with the Lodge providing brisket as the entree. Pictured are (Front Row, left to right) Jack Woods, Geoffrey Wilson, award recipient Alyssa Duncan, award recipient Jolinda Eubanks, RWB George Duncan, WB Frank Lukenbill, Dutch Houghtaling, (Back Row, left to right) Troy Whitton, WB Jim Mitchell, WB Robert Duncan, WB Dallas Sellars, WB Davey Fisher, and Jeffrey Bloemker.

24 Winter 2010

the missouri freemason

At the stated communication of Sheffield Lodge #625 on August 12, 2010 a 50-year pin and certificate were presented to Brother John Bills. Since Brother Bills had no accompaniment, the pin was presented by the Master of Sheffield Lodge RWB Carl Terry.

Brother Kenneth C. George of Angerona Lodge #193, Missouri City, Missouri, was recently presented his 50-year pin and certificate. Brother Kenneth was pinned by his wife, Judy. The pin and certificate were presented by RWB Wayne Dugan, RGL-B.

On Fri June 11, 2010 Brother Wayne Krantz received his 50-year pin at Mt. Washington Lodge #614. District Deputy Grand Master Stanton Brown II conducted the ceremony. Brother Krantz' wife Loydean presented the pin. Family and friends were present.

Laclede Lodge #83 presented two 50-year Certificates and Lapel Pins on July 2, 2010 to brothers Billy J. Robertson and John W. Massey. Brother Robertson was raised to Master Mason on February 24, 1960. Brother Massey was raised on July 2, 1960. Pictured ( left to right): Brother Billie Robertson, WM John Winfrey, Brother John Massey and daughter Sara Massey.

Billings Lodge #379 recently recognized Leo A. Little, who entered Billings Lodge #379 on March 14, 1960, and was raised to the degree of Master Mason on June 13, 1960. Leo is a former World War II Prisoner of War. He received a 50-year commemorative pin and plaque in honor of his Lodge service. Pictured are Will Maples (grandson), Brian Little (grandson), Iris (wife of Leo), Leo and MWB Larry C Reynolds.

Billings Lodge #379 recently recognized Jake Rogers, who entered Roger E. Sherman Lodge #369 in Kansas City, Kansas, on May 17, 1960. He was raised to the degree of Master Mason in that Lodge on July 23, 1960, and transferred his membership to Billings Lodge on January 19, 2007. Jake served his country during World War II in the US Navy. Jake's son, Tim, is a Past Master of Billings Lodge. Jake received a 50-year commemorative pin and plaque in honor of his Lodge service. Pictured are Brother Jake, his wife Virginia, Tim Rogers (son) and MWB Larry C Reynolds.

On September 9, 2010, Sheffield Lodge #625 had its Past Masters dinner for all Past Masters and their guests. The Lodge held the event at the Home Town Buffet where all overfilled themselves. After the meal, members retired to the Lodge for the installation of officers for the 2010 - 2011 term. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of service awards to three brothers. Brother James Haston received his 50-year pin, after which WB Harold Antrim received his 60-year pin. Then the 70-year pin was presented to Brother Chester White. Pictured from left to right are WB Antrim, Brother White and Brother Haston.

the missouri freemason

Winter 2010 25

Mount Washington Lodge #614 presented Brother John Pendleton his 50-year jewel and certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri at his home on August 19, 2010.

Jonesburg Lodge #457 AF&AM presented Brother Earl Lee Niswonger with his 50-year pin and certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri on August 16, 2010. RWB Louis Seig, District Deputy Grand Lecturer, made the presentation.

Washington Lodge #87, AF&AM, was pleased to present Brother Perry L. Ellis with the 25-Year Jewel and Certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri. The presentation was on July 27, 2010, and was made by his father, Lodge Master WB Homer G. Ellis. Congratulations Perry! Shown are Perry L. Ellis (left) and Homer G. Ellis.

Raised August 8, 1985, current and Past Worthy Patron, Swope Park Chapter #520 OES, Brother Brad Patten was visited by WB Jim Payne, Brother Charles Farrs, RWB Larry Cameron and WB Ken Best on August 2. The group presented Brother Patten a 25-year certificate of service and his 25-year membership service jewel, given to his wife, Sister Lois Patten, to pin upon him.

On May 18, 2010, Brother Floyd W. Brown Jr. was presented with his 50-year pin at Mizpah Mt. Moriah Lodge #40 in Florissant, Missouri. The presentation was made by RWB Ron Reynolds, DDGM, Division A of the 27th Masonic District of Missouri (pictured). Brother Brown has been an active member of our Lodge and Order of the Eastern Star, Florissant Chapter #161, for many years. Brother Brown was raised April 2, 1960.

Billings Lodge #379 recently recognized Gerald G. Laney, who entered Billings Lodge #379, Billings, Missouri on March 14, 1950. He was raised to the degree of Master Mason in that Lodge on June 13, 1950. Gerald has held all offices in Billings Lodge and is a six-time Past Master. He also held the position of District Deputy Grand Master for the 43rd Masonic District of Missouri during his Masonic tenure. Gerald is also a veteran of World War II. He received a 60-year commemorative pin and plaque in honor of his Lodge service.

On Saturday October 2, 2010, WB Kevin Walden, Worshipful Master of Wakanda Lodge #52, presented Charles Harvey Fergason with his 50-year pin and certificate for his 50 years of service to the Masonic fraternity.

Sheffield Lodge #625 presented Brother Alfred Stewart with his 50year pin. This was done in open Lodge on July 8, 2010 by the Master of Sheffield Lodge, RWB Carl Terry and the DDGM of the 18th Masonic District RWB David Dowell.

26 Winter 2010

On August 21, 2010, Laclede Lodge #83 had an open installation at the Lodge in Lebanon, Missouri. Prior to the installation ceremony WM John Winfrey presented Brother Glenn F. Haueter with his 50-year certificate and pin. Brother Haueter was Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. on September 3, 1960.

On March 3, 2010, Brother Gerald Dryer of Raytown Lodge #391 AF&AM was presented a 60-year pin by WM Andrew Ebert. Also in attendance to honor this achievement were RWB Chris Harrelson, WB John Abbott, Brothers Jim Thayne, Bob Brackenbury, Alex Davis, Lou Mattoon, Bryan Cutler, Hank Bedsaul, and Russell Pence, Jr.

the missouri freemason

Brother Bill James of Independence Lodge #76 designed this plaque for presentation to the Truman Library to honor the 100 th anniversary of President Harry Truman becoming a Master Mason. Brother James, along with Don Patterson, presented the plaque to the Library on August 14, 2010.

WB Ray Dowell is shown with his wife after receiving his 50-year pin at an informal ceremony at his favorite eatery in New London, Missouri. WB Dowell, a past officer of the now closed New London Lodge is currently serving as WM at Ralls Lodge #33. The ceremony was conducted by DDGL Kent Cheek.

Harold Gene Kissire was honored with his 50-year Masonic pin on October 2, 2007. He became a Mason on October 23, 1957, and has proudly served as a member of Galena Lodge #515 since that time. Brother Harold’s daughter Patty Kissire had the honor of presenting her father with his 50-year jewel. Here, Brother Harold is pictured receiving his certificate from the Worshipful Master of Galena Lodge as his daughter Patty looks on.

On July 30, 2010, a group gathered at the home of Brother Richard Edwards to present him with a 50-year pin and certificate. Brother Edwards is doing his part to help the fraternity: his grandson was there and accepted a petition. Hope to have him in Lodge soon. The presentation was made by RWB David Dowell, DDGM of the 18th Masonic District of Missouri, and Master of Sheffield Lodge #625 RWB Carl Terry, with Cecil Wagers and Bill Shipman in attendance.

Fellowship Lodge had the great honor of presenting three Brothers their 50-year certificates and pins at the Lodge on Friday, August 13. RWB Richard Lowrey (conducting the ceremony), presented Brother William Brill, WB William Knight, and Brother Roy Stephens with their 50-year certificates and commemorative pins recognizing their accomplishments. Pictured (right to left) are RWB Richard Lowrey, Brother William Brill, WB William Knight, and Brother Roy Stephens. Congratulations my Brothers!

On July 9, 2010 four Brothers went to the home of Brother Homer Welch and presented him with his 60-year pin. Brother Welch is a Past Master of Sheffield Lodge #625 and was the Lodge Treasurer for 22 years. The presentation was made by DDGM David Dowell and RWB Carl Terry, Master of Sheffield Lodge, with WB Bill Shipman and WB Cecil Wagers in attendance.

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POSTMASTER: Please send Address Forms 3579 to Grand Secretary, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B, Columbia, Missouri 65202-6535.

Poets Laureate of Freemasonry

“We meet upon the LEVEL, and we part upon the SQUARE” Dr. E. Otha Wingo DDGL 38, FMLR — What Emerson said of Robert Burns (1759-1796) could equally apply to Robert Morris (1818-1886), although they lived 100 years apart: “I am afraid Heaven and earth have taken too good care of it to leave anything to say.” The Short Talk Bulletin (June 1923) is a tribute to Brother Burns in prose as beautiful as poetry: “Freemasonry has no greater name than Robert Burns…. Higher tribute there is none for any man than to say, justly, that the world is gentler and more joyous for his having lived; and that may be truly said of Robert Burns, whose very name is an emblem of pity, joy, and the magnetism of Brotherly Love.” Then came another Robert, known as Rob Morris. He was born Robert William Peckham on August 31, 1818, taking the name Morris from his stepfather, John. In the biography in the collection of his poetry, The Poetry of Freemasonry [http://www.masonic-poets-society. com/MorrisBio.htm#Induction], his eponymous son wrote: “Robert

Burns, over one hundred years ago, was crowned with the laurel wreath, which signified his elevation to the station of Poet Laureate of Freemasonry. This was for one poem he wrote, and he was the first to be so crowned. Upon his death no one was ever deemed fit to assume that high station until Rob Morris was so selected through the expressed wish of over 500,000 Masons throughout all the world. The coronation took place in New York City, on December 17, 1884, in the presence of several thousand Masons who attended, many of them from distant points of the compass, to merely witness the one event. It was in a double sense the crowning point of a wondrous life.” Robert Burns was first distinguished by the designation “Poet” when he was made an honorary member of St. John Lodge #22, Kilmarnock, Scotland on October 26, 1786. On this occasion he composed and sang a poem, “Ye Sons of Auld Killie,” which ends thus:

Ye powers who preside o’er the wind, and the tide, Who marked each element’s border; Who formed this frame with beneficent aim, Whose sovereign statute is order: Within this dear mansion, may wayward contention Or withered Envy ne’er enter; May secrecy round be the mystical bound, And brotherly Love be the centre!

On February 1, 1787, he became a member of the Lodge Canongate-Kilwinning #2 at Edinburgh and was made Poet Laureate of the Lodge on March 1, 1787. His Masonic degrees were conferred in St. David’s Lodge #174 at Tarbolton, Scotland, July 4 and October 1, 1781. He helped to establish St. James Lodge #178 in 1782. He was also a member of Loudoun Kilwinning Lodge #51, Newmilns, Scotland and was “assumed” as a member of St. Andrews’ Lodge #179, Dumfries, when he visited that lodge on December 27, 1787. Continued on page 12

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