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Volume 52 No. 2



two hundred years of

Freemasonry in Missouri

First Lodge Meeting Site St. Genevieve, Missouri

Official Publication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F.&A.M.



Official Publication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri

VOL. 52 NO. 2


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34 Spring 2007

FROM THE EDITOR’S KEYBOARD The painting on the cover is a watercolor depiction of the Green Tree Tavern, where the first Masonic meeting west of the Mississippi River was held on November 14, 1807, nearly two hundred years ago. The structure was originally a home constructed by Nicholas Janis around 1790. Janis died in 1804. His son, Francois, inherited the building and converted it into a boarding house and tavern. Beginning in 1807, it served as the meeting place for Louisiana Lodge #109, the first Lodge in what would eventually become the state of Missouri. The full story of Louisiana Lodge #109 and this interesting structure begins on page 39. Plans are in the works to commemorate this event and reenact this first meeting. As these plans develop, we will keep you informed in your Missouri Freemason. Technically, the cover is not totally correct. The meeting occurred in what eventually became Missouri but, at the time, was the Louisiana Territory. We won't split hairs if you won't. There is a lot more in this issue The Missouri Freemason (USPS 573-920) is the official publication of the Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, and is published four times yearly. Articles to be considered for publication should be submitted to The Missouri Freemason, P.O. Box 1120, Kearney, MO 64060-1120, not later than the first day of the month preceding publication in February, May, August, and November. Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policy of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of Missouri. The Editor reserves the right due to limitations of space, to accept, reject, subedit and rearrange material submitted for publication. Pictures submitted for publication will not be returned. OFFICE OF PUBLICATIONS: Grand Lodge of Missouri, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B, Columbia, MO 65202-6535. Printed by Tribune Publishing Co., Columbia, Missouri. Periodicals Postage paid at Columbia, Missouri. POSTMASTER: Please send Address Forms 3579 to Grand Secretary, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B, Columbia, MO 65202-6535.

as well: The young brothers from Missouri DeMolay checked in with us for the first time in a while; You will find a few conceptual drawings of the new Missouri Masonic Museum and Library in a series of articles in the Masonic home section; And with deference, of course, to our own Missouri Lodge of Research, we have included an article about Quatuor Coronati, perhaps the premiere research Lodge. Brothers, we simply ran out of space in this issue. Frankly, that's a good thing. We're an active and productive fraternity and there is a lot going on. We love your articles, pictures and reports about what is happening throughout the state. Please keep it up. In this issue we got so many contributions we had to go back to smaller pictures in the Service and Work of the Craft sections. We'd rather make the pictures a little smaller so we can fit everyone in, and that's what we had to do. Thanks so much for your hard work.

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Brethren, We have completed our Area Meeting's and I would like to thank all of the brethren who attended. I have never seen that much enthusiasm shown over the Grand Lodge programs as you have shown this year. We brought you information on our Museum and Library; a way to increase lodge attendance with King Solomon's Passport; as well as winning an endowed membership; our beloved Masonic Home; with the programs for children as well as our members. We have Right Worshipful Brother Nick Cichielo who is traveling the entire state in order to instruct any lodge interested in Masonic Education; finally, our MoChip program, the best opportunity the Masonic Fraternity has ever had to show the communities throughout our great state that Mason's help families and children.

Let us delve now into the past – In the early 1700's, trappers and fur traders crossed the Mississippi River from its East bank to what would become the first settlement, Ste. Genevieve, on the west bank. This area was part of the upper Louisiana Territory until Thomas Jef-

ferson purchased it from Napoleon of France in 1804. In 1790, a man by the name of Nicholas Janis built himself a home in Ste. Genevieve and turned his home into a tavern in 1804. He named it the Green Tree and in 1807 the first Masonic Lodge in Missouri met in the Green Tree Tavern. On July 17, 1807; Louisiana Lodge #109 received its charter from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, thus our heritage began 200 years ago; in the Green Tree Tavern. The original Green Tree Tavern still sits on Main Street today and is part of Ste. Genevieve's National Historic Landmark District. The property is owned by Hilliard Goldman, a retired professor of History, who is in the process of restoring the building to its original design. Provided our publisher can make room in this issue of the Free Mason, you can see pictures of the original building. One taken in 1995 as well as a sketch of what it will look like when completed. There will be no plumbing, or electric and the wood as close to original as possible. We are making plans through Rt. Wo. Brother John Broyles to have a reenactment of the original 1st lodge meeting sometime this summer. Have a healthy and safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Robert Berger The Nicholas Janis House, or Green Tree Tavern, site of the first Lodge meeting in Missouri. See Freemasonry Crosses the Mississippi, p. 41. Sketch by Russell Misselhorn. Courtesy City of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Spring 2007 35

DEPUTY GRAND MASTER • BRUCE R. AUSTIN Stephen, his oldest son, is a pilot. David, his youngest son, sells surgical instruments. David is a dual member of Charleston Lodge #407 and Webster Grove Lodge # 84. He is also a member of St. Louis Scottish Rite and is a past Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection. He is also a member of the York Rite Bodies. All three sons are Eagle Scouts.

Bruce Raymond Austin was born December 14, 1935 in East Prairie, Missouri, and was educated in the East Prairie Public Schools, graduating in 1953. Bruce attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau for two years. Joining the U.S. Navy, where he became a Hospital Corpsman, trained to specialize in the uses of I-131, radioactive iodine, for thyroid glandular studies. He was stationed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for 3 ½ years. Enrolled in the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he obtained a degree in mortuary science, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Brother Austin returned to East Prairie where he was associated with McMikle Funeral Homes, both in East Prairie and Charleston. Bruce then met and Married Myrtle (better known as Sisser) Goodin on April 6, 1963 in Charleston. They have three sons: Stephen and Sam of Charleston, and David of Webster Groves, Missouri. Bruce then started farming with his father-in-law in March 1965. He took over the farm in 1974 and, at the present time, farms over 1700 acres, growing soybeans, corn, and winter wheat. He took in his middle son, Sam, as a full partner in the farm operation.

36 Spring 2007

Bruce’s civic duties include: Serving on the Foundation Board of the Missouri Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau, he is a member of the Red Cross of Constantine, St. Louis Conclave, Order of the Past Master, Sword of Bunker Hill, Andrew Jackson #43, Moolah Temple, and SEMO Shrine Club. Past President and member of the Mississippi County Library Board, Past Chairman of the University of Missouri’s Outreach and Extension Council, has served on many boards in the United Methodist Church, where he and Myrtle are both active members. He is a past member and President of the Charleston R-1 School Board, and a past Scoutmaster of Charleston Boy Scout Troop 323. He still serves on the Troop Committee. He is a member of the Farm Bureau and the Delta Growers Association. Bruce and Myrtle were honored by being named the Mississippi County Farm Family in 1996. Bruce was Charleston’s Man of the Year in 1999. He wife, Myrtle, has served as Den Mother, and was the first female Cubmaster in the District. She is a member and past president of both the Junior Study Club and PEO Chapter CV. She has also served on many committees of the United Methodist Church, and is also a past Woman of

the Year in Charleston. She retired from teaching first grade in the Charleston Public Schools. RWB Bruce’s Masonic Affiliations began in February 1961, where he was initiated into East Prairie Lodge #384, where three months later he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. In 1964, he transferred his membership to Charleston Lodge #407, where he served as Master both in 1972 and 1980. He is a member of the Scottish Rite Valley of St. Louis. He was awarded the Knight Commander of the Court of Honor in 1979, and was honored with the 33rd Degree Inspector General Honorary in 1995. He also served as Venerable Master in the Lodge of Perfection in 1995. Other Masonic memberships include: Charleston Chapter #19 RAM, where he served as High Priest in 1997 and 1998, and received the “Order of High Priesthood” in Branson, MO at Chapter #75, Cape Council #20, Cryptic Masons, and Cape Girardeau Commandery #55, Knights Templar. He is also a member of the Olin S. McDaniel Allied Masonic Degree, where he was Sovereign Master in 2005, the Missouri Lodge of Research, member of the Scottish Rite Temple Preservation Board, and the Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, the Hunt York Rite College #162 of St. Louis, and the Capaha Scottish Rite Club in Cape Girardeau. He served as District Deputy Grand Master of the old 50th Masonic District from 1996-1999. In addition RWB Austin is a Member of Moolah Shrine Temple, St. Louis, the SEMO shrine club, Sikeston, The Red Cross of Constantine, St. Louis Conclave, National Sojourners, Heroes of '76, Sword of Bunker Hill, Andrew Jackson #43, and is the president of Masonic Home Board.



Right Worshipful Brother Gail S. Turner graduated from Lin-

coln R-1 High School in 1970. He continued his education receiving an Associate of Arts degree from Hannibal LaGrange College in 1972, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Missouri in 1974, and a Masters of Education in the area of Secondary Education in 1976 from the same institution. Right Worshipful Brother Turner was initiated into Jackson Lodge #82 in Linneus , Missouri on December 12, 1977 where he has served as Master and Secretary. His past areas of service have been as District Deputy grand Master 19851986 and a member of the Missouri Home Board where he served as finance co-chair. He currently holds membership in the National Sojourners, Kansas city #63; Heroes of '76

Old Glory Coup, Kansas City #63; Liberty Chapter #3, York Rite; Council R.&S.M. 350, Liberty; Scottish Rite 320, Kansas City (Southern Jurisdiction); Ararat Shrine, Kansas City; and Royal Order of Scotland. His service to the community includes serving on the Grand River YMCA Board of Governors, being treasurer the Brookfield First Christian Church, serving as a board member of Pershing Memorial Hospital , being the Chairman of the City of Brookfield Board of Adjustment, and being the past President of the Brookfield Rotary Club where he is still a member. Right Worshipful Brother Gail Turner and his wife Tine have two daughters, Katelin and Abigal.

LODGE OF RESEARCH PROMINENT MASONS IN MISSOURI In order to facilitate the process of creating biographical information for the Lodge of Research, we have created this information sheet. This is basically what we need for the book(s). It is really not difficult to write. We need biographies from all Past District Deputy Grands, both Lecturers and Masters, along with any Brother who would like to make a contribution. 1. Where you were born? 2. Where did you attend school? 3. To whom are you married and how many children, grandchildren and etc.? 4. Where were you employed and for how long? 5. Any military service you might have performed. 6. Any additional achievements relative to your life that you feel would be of interest. 7. Your Masonic History is a natural.


This information will be used in the books concerning Prominent Masons in Missouri. Please mail to: Ronald E. Wood, Jr., P.O. Box 8306, St. Joseph, MO 64508 THE WORK OF OUR CRAFT Seniors-Masons partner for Project Graduation fundraiser Knob Noster High School seniors teamed up with Masons and their families on November 3, 2006, to raise money for Project Graduation. The spaghetti dinner, an annual event co-sponsored by the senior class and Knob Noster Masonic Lodge #245, netted almost $400 for the project. The seniors will use the money to fund their main Project Graduation activity, a canoeing and camping trip to Sunburst Ranch, a family owned campground and canoe livery located on the banks of the North Fork of the White River in THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Southern Missouri. The chaperoned trip will take place following activities on graduation day. Seniors must raise approximately $5,000 to completely fund their trip.

“Project Graduation is extremely important,” said Donna Dempsey, Fundraising Committee Chairperson. “For the kids, it’s a last hoorah where they can enjoy the camaraderie of their friends in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment.” This is the forth year the Masons have co-sponsored the Project Graduation Spaghetti Dinner. (l-r) Bro. Kyle Hookey and his wife, Tammy, WB Les Stewart, Bro. Scott Siegfried, and WB Robert Cass assist in preparing food for the Project Graduation Spaghetti Dinner held at the Masonic Lodge on Friday evening, November 10, 2006. Spring 2007 37

QUATUOR CORONATI Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076, Located in London, England, is the oldest, and many consider it to be the most prestigious, of all research lodges. The United Grand Lodge of England chartered the lodge in 1884. Its nine founders, brothers Walter Besant, Robert Freke Gould, William James Hughan, Sisson C. Pratt, John P. Rylands, W. Harry Rylands, George W. Speth, Charles Warren and Adolphus F.A. Woodford, were all well-respected students of Freemasonry. The name of the lodge derives from the group of martyrs known as the Four Crowned Ones (Claudius, Nicostratus, Simpronianus, Castorius, Simplicitus -- notice there were actually five) who were martyred for their faith during the reign of Diocletian on November 8, 302 AD. Stonemasons throughout Europe, from the fifth through the twelfth centuries regarded these men as their patron saints. The installation meeting of QC takes place on the second Thursday of November, to closely coincide with the date of their execution. Full membership in Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076 is by invitation only and is rare indeed. The lodge limits its membership to forty brothers at any given time. Only four United States Citizens have become full members. The only one of these alive today is S. Brent Morris, Editor of the Scottish Rite Journal. While full membership in the Lodge is limited, membership in the Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle (QCCC) is open to all Freemasons in good standing. Correspondence Circle membership includes all of the rights and privileges of full membership, except the right to vote or hold office. According to the Lodge's literature, these additional membership privileges include: • to receive the annual volume of the Lodge Transactions, Ars Quator Coronatorum, which contains the lectures of the year and notes of the discussions that followed them. It also includes other Masonic papers and information, which can be adapted for use at Masonic meetings. • to receive in advance the Lodge Summonses, attend the Quatuor Coronati Lodge meetings, participate in the discussions that follow lectures and dine afterwards. • to participate in valuable and constructive activities as associates of the Premier Lodge of Masonic Research. Circle members can also submit questions on Masonic history, custom, etc. and the Secretary will whenever possible arrange for authoritative replies. • to purchase a wide selection of Masonic publications and regalia at special discounted prices including the QCCC's own publications and research papers Membership in QCCC costs $55 for the first year for a hardbound edition of the transactions or $47 for a softbound edition. Afterwards, membership is $40 and $35 respectively. If you are interested in joining the QCCC or have additional questions, contact the QCCC Regional Secretary, James Williams, 3502 Bel Nor Drive, St. Joseph, MO 64506-2259, phone (816) 279-7057, or by email at

WESTON MASONIC BODIES HOLD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CHARITY EVENT Weston Masonic Lodge # 53 of Weston, MO; Weston Chapter # 197, OES; Weston Commandery # 2 Knights Templar; Weston Chapter # 4 Royal Arch Masons and Weston Shrine Club held their annual Christmas charity event on December 16, 2006. Having conducted their annual fruit sales and receiving numerous donations from many sectors of the community, they were able to personally deliver more than 300 fresh fruit trays to the elderly citizens in their homes, in the nursing homes and in the senior citizen housing complexes. In coordination with the school system and other social entities, needy families of the community were identified and 16 food boxes containing all the foodstuffs for a complete Christmas dinner were delivered to those families. Along with the food distribution, needy children were provided Christmas gifts containing coats, gloves, school supplies and toys. Thanks to the generosity of the Weston Masonic Bodies and the community, they were able to provide charity and relief to those in need valued at more than $3000. 38 Spring 2007


FREEMASONRY CROSSES THE MISSISSIPPI By Steve Harrison, PM sensus, even from the members of Western Star Lodge, which stood to lose nearly half its membership by the formation of a new Lodge on the west bank. The Petition Otho Schrader was a territorial judge who had settled in St. Genevieve in 1806. While not a member of Western Star, he was a member of the craft and spearheaded an effort to establish a Lodge on the western side of the Mississippi. Schrader, together with several other brothers, gathered together and petitioned the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, applying for dispensation to form a new Lodge, "The Louisiana Lodge." Among that group of Brothers were Aaron Elliott and Thomas F. Riddick, who would become the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge and the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri respectively. On St. John's Day, December 27, 1806, these brothers met with those of Western Star Lodge #107 and sent the petition along with Western Star's Wavier of Jurisdiction to the Grand The Green Tree Tavern as it may have looked on November 14, 1807, date of the first Masonic Lodge of Pennsylvania. meeting in what would become the state of Missouri. Photo courtesy Hilliard J. Goldman. Things moved slowly in those and in winter, sometimes impossible. So unsurprisingly, days. Seven months later, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania until 1807 the east bank of the Mississippi marked the end met in a "Grand Extra Communication" on Friday, July 17, of the Masonic universe. 1807 and passed the following resolution: By 1805, aptly named Western Star Lodge #105 stood as "[The] Petition being in due form and being recomthe last point of Masonic light on the eastern banks of the mended by said Lodge No. 107, agreeably to the Regulations Mississippi. But the Louisiana Purchase two years earlier of this Grand Lodge, it was on Motion made and seconded, sparked interest in the vast area west of the river. Population Resolved, That the prayer of the Petitioners be granted, and on both sides of the river steadily increased. With this that Brother Grand Secretary make out a Warrant accordingincrease in the general population came an increase in the ly, and that the said lodge be Number 109." Masonic community as well. By 1807, fully half of the memThe Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania returned its warrant bership of Western Star Lodge #107 lived on the west side of to Western Star and, following the petitioners' recommenthe mighty river. dation, charged James Edgar, Master of Western Star was located in Western Star, with the responsibility of Kaskaskia, Indiana Territory, southeast constituting the new Lodge and installing of the confluence of the Kaskaskia and its officers. Mississippi Rivers. St. Genevieve, in First Lodge Meeting West of the Missisthe Louisiana Territory, was the main sippi population center on the west side of Authorization in hand, Worshipful the river, seven miles northwest. Brother Edgar and several other brothers Brothers in the St. Genevieve area had from the area assembled in St. Genevieve to make the difficult crossing in order on Saturday, November 14, 1807 for the to participate in Masonic fellowship. purpose of constituting Louisiana Lodge The desire, not to mention need, for a #109. WB Edgar presided, installing Lodge on the west bank became Aaron Elliott as Worshipful Master, increasingly apparent. This idea had nearly universal concontinued page 40 In the early twenty-first century, millions of people cross the Mississippi River every day without giving it a second thought. In the early nineteenth century, the Mississippi was an untamed, meandering, deceptively docile looking barrier that no sane traveler took lightly. Crossing the river was sometimes treacherous, crossing at night, even more so,


Spring 2007 39

ing committee. Schrader later became Master of Louisiana Lodge #109. Thomas Jefferson appointed him Federal Judge Andrew Henry as Senior Warden and George Bullitt as of the St. Genevieve District. Junior Warden. It was the first meeting of a Masonic Lodge Henry Dodge, EA – A member of the original petitioning west of the Mississippi River, in what would become the committee. General Henry C. Dodge, a member of the Misstate of Missouri. souri Militia, would become a participant in the War of 1812. The meeting itself was undoubtedly a big deal for the He later became Governor of the Wisconsin Territory and a brothers in the area. One can imagine the meeting hall being senator from Wisconsin. Known as "Honest Henry," Fort filled to standing-room-only, perhaps even with some brothDodge, Iowa was named after him. ers having to stand in the hallways to listen in. Thomas Oliver, EA – A member of the original petitionIt is likely that most of the brothers in the area, from ing committee. Oliver later served as Secretary of Louisiana both sides of the river, attended the meeting. Aside from Lodge #109 and fought in the War of 1812. brothers Edgar, Elliott, Henry and Francois Valle – A member of Bullitt, no one knows positively who the original petitioning committee, may have attended. However, it is far and also a member of Western Star more than speculation that the folLodge #107. He later explored the lowing were witnesses to this historic Rocky Mountains with Brother gathering: Andrew Henry. James Edgar – Worshipful Master Robert Robinson, PM – Member of Western Star Lodge #107 and preof Western Star Lodge #107. Origisiding Master of the meeting. nally a member of Stanton Lodge Michael Jones – Senior Warden of #13 (PA), Robinson was one of the Western Star Lodge #107. original petitioners for what became James Gilbreath – Junior Warden Western Star Lodge #107. Robinson of Western Star Lodge #107. was the presiding Master at the conWilliam Arundel – Secretary of stitution of Western Star Lodge Western Star Lodge #107. #107. Aaron Elliott, PM – A member of Rufus Easton. – Originally a the original petitioning committee; member of Roman Lodge #82 in Installed as Worshipful Master of New York, Easton was the first PostLouisiana Lodge #109 at the meeting. master west of the Mississippi and Originally a member of a Lodge at served as Attorney General for the Stratford, Connecticut, Elliott was the Indiana Territory. first American physician west of the Robert Terry, John Hepburn and Mississippi. Louis Lassous all served on the origAndrew Henry – A member of inal petitioning committee and were the original petitioning committee; A commemorative plaque today sits in the room where the first meeting of Freemasons in Missouri almost certainly present. In addiInstalled as Senior Warden of took place. Photo courtesy Hilliard J. Goldman. tion, other brothers in attendance, Louisiana Lodge #109 at the meeting. mostly members of Western Star Lodge Henry later explored the Rocky Mountains and became a #107 were P. Fouke, William C. Greenup, S. Bond, Samuel partner in the Missouri Fur Company, which was comprised Walker, D.S. Swearingen, George Fisher, John T. Smith (FC), mainly of Master Masons. Josiah Millard, and William Hickman. George Bullitt – A member of the original petitioning Nicholas Janis House committee; Installed as Junior Warden of Louisiana Lodge For many years, the exact location of this historic meet#109 at the meeting. Bullitt, an attorney, had been a meming was unknown. The sparse minutes from Louisiana ber of Western Star Lodge #107 and later became a member Lodge never mentioned the site. St. Genevieve, founded in of the territorial legislature and Registrar of the Land Office. 1735, was well established. Still, there were few buildings Thomas F. Riddick – A member of the original petitionsuitable for Masonic Lodge meetings, and speculation had ing committee. Riddick was a Major in the Blackhawk War. always centered on a particular house built in 1790 by prosOriginally a member of Solomon Lodge #30 in Suffolk, Virperous fur trader, Nicholas Janis. Upon Janis' death in 1804, ginia, he became known as the "Father of the Missouri Pubhis son Francois converted the house into an inn, known as lic Schools." The Land Act of 1812 provided for all the Green Tree Tavern. unclaimed lands to be reserved for the support of the public Fortunately, the Green Tree Tavern, still stands. The schools. Riddick personally rode to Washington, DC, on current owner is Hilliard Goldman, a former professor of hishorseback to promote the introduction of this bill. Fourteen tory at St. Louis Community College. Goldman is restoring years hence, Riddick would become the first Grand Master of it to its original condition. In 1997, this restoration uncovthe Grand Lodge of Missouri. ered the so-called smoking gun, which almost certainly Otho Schrader, PM – A member of the original petition-

continued from page 39

40 Spring 2007


marks the old tavern as the venue for the meeting. Workers discovered a crude image carved into one of the gallery (porch) posts. The carving is weathered and worn. Although faint, it is nothing less than an unmistakable square and compasses. Brother Estel Smith, a member of Saline Lodge No. 226, lived in the area. He inspected the engraving upon its discovery and made the following observation, "The importance of this thing is for added evidence that old Louisiana No. 109 did meet there. My reaction... when I first studied it was, 'This is of scant significance, with it's other scantiness,' but yesterday I was taken with a whole spread of good reasoning – the porch post has been encased with trim boards for many, many years... One reason it is so hard to detect, it is obviously as aged as the timber...We know that this some body who gouged at a Green Tree post with his knife, knew what he doodled." After the discovery of this carving, workers discovered a carving of a second square and compasses and an anchor, a third degree symbol of a well-grounded hope, "which shall safely moor us in a peaceful harbor where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary shall find rest."

Carvings of a square and compasses and an anchor found on porch posts of the Green Tree Tavern. The square and compasses may overlay a sword pointing to a naked heart. Photos courtesy Hilliard J. Goldman.

Goldman, with a doctorate in history, confirms that enough evidence of Masonic activity has been found within the building to scientifically confirm it as the original meeting place. Unfortunately, however, Louisiana Lodge #109 did not enjoy a long life, nor did it ever become a part of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. Financial problems developed with the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, probably due to the distance between the two more than anything. Louisiana's attempts to rectify the situation did not work out, and a mere eight years after its constitution, Louisiana Lodge #109 surrendered its charter. Yet, during its short life it boasted among its membership a small list of the 'who's who' of Freemasonry of that day, including two United States senators and the Father of Texas himself, Stephen F. Austin. A series of communications between members of Louisiana Lodge #109, the Grand Lodge of Missouri and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania somewhat resolved the financial issues enabling the individual members to retain their


good standing. On October 28, 1826 the Grand Lodge of Missouri issued a charter to the brothers in St. Genevieve to establish Tucker Lodge #13, thus continuing the brotherhood established nearly twenty years before with the inception of Louisiana Lodge #109. A Small Irony Only a few miles separated the brothers in St. Genevieve from Western Star Lodge in Kaskaskia. However, the trip to Kaskaskia included the necessity of crossing the oftentreacherous Mississippi River, so the main reason to establish a new Lodge so close to Western Star was to avoid that crossing. In April, 1881, the area flooded. As the waters receded, the Mississippi River realigned itself along a channel east of the town. Today, Kaskaskia, along with the place where Western Star Lodge sat, lies not on the east, but on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Had this flood occurred just after Western Star was established, there would have been no need for a Lodge in St. Genevieve. Regardless, Freemasonry was primed to move west into the new Louisiana Territory. The area that would become Missouri was the focus of this movement and from that came the Grand Lodge of Missouri, the mother Lodge of many of the western states. Bibliography • Berger, M. Robert, Notes on the first Masonic meeting in Missouri, 2006. • Denslow, Ray V, Territorial Masonry: The Story of Freemasonry and the Louisiana Purchase, 1804 – 1821, The Masonic Service Association of the United States, 1925. • Denslow, William R., Ste. Genevieve Is Site of First Masonic Lodge, The Missouri Freemason, Spring 1971. • Goldman, Hilliard, PhD, St. Louis Community College, Owner of the Green Tree Tavern, Interview, December, 2006 Grauel, H. O., The Growth of Freemasonry in Southeast Missouri, Presentation to the Missouri Lodge of Research, September, 1953 • Smith, Estel, A letter to MWB P. Vincent Kinkead, March 27, 1998 • Acknowledgement of and thanks to additional previous research by: MWB M. Robert Berger, Wes Cook, Ray V. Denslow, William Denslow, Harold O. Grauel, MWB P. Vincent Kinkead, John Maofsky, Estel Smith and Jim Snavley.

The Missouri Freemason

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Spring 2007 41

GRAND MASTERS BREAKFAST RESUMED On Saturday, October 21, 2006, Perseverance Lodge No. 92 resumed having its annual 4:00AM

and escorted to the East where he was presented the gavel of the lodge. After his comments, the gavel of the

that went to the Masonic Home. Members of Perseverance No. 92 wish to thank everyone who helped

Grand Master's Breakfast. The lodge was opened at 4:00 A.M. on the third degree of Free Masonry. After the lodge was formally opened, the officers introduced themselves then the visiting brothers introduced themselves and gave the lodge they represented. Then Most Worshipful Grand Master Robert Burger was received at the altar, given the Grand Honors

lodge was turned back to the Master who then closed. Everyone then retired to the dining hall for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, biscuits, juice and coffee. There were 27 lodges represented with a total of 62 masons present. Also there was a free will offering taken that amounted to $362.00

to make this breakfast a success. Also a special thanks to the lodges that helped Perseverance with this venture. Please mark the 3rd Saturday of October, 2007, on your calendar, as plans are underway to continue this breakfast.

SIX ST. LOUIS AREA LODGES WORK TOGETHER TO PROVIDE HOLIDAY BOXES FOR THE NEEDY Six St. Louis area lodges provided the money and Brother power to prepare special holiday boxes for needy families on December 16, 2006. The event, organized for several years by Right Worshipful Brother Guy Ross of Tuscan Lodge #360, packed and delivered 40 boxes. Last year five lodges cooperated in the effort and delivered about three-dozen boxes.

Brothers from six St. Louis area lodges worked together December 16 to pack holiday boxes they delivered to needy families.

Other lodges helping were George Washington Lodge #9, Naphtali Lodge #25, Benjamin Franklin Lodge 42 Spring 2007

#64, Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge #79, and Florissant Lodge #668. Some of the items were also donated by local businesses, including Shop and Save of Ferguson. In addition the donations from individual lodges, there were also donations by individuals. Each box contained such staples as a ham, flour, rice, potatoes, canned meat, vegetables and fruit, pasta, pancake mix, juice and crackers. Toiletries were also included and during the event’s expansion some of the boxes contained items such as diapers and baby food for infants. Families with older children found their box also contained age-appropriate toys provided through the Florissant Police Department’s 2006 toy collection drive.. The packing was again done at the Ferguson business location of another Brother, Right Worshipful Brother David Wright of Tuscan. The Brethren who took part unanimously declared it was a very satisfying way to spend a Saturday morning and hoped more lodges would take part next year as Brothers continue to carry charity work into Missouri Freemasonry’s third century.


MISSOURI DEMOLAY #1 IN THE WORLD FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW Missouri DeMolay is proud to announce that for the third year in a row it has achieved the Top honors for new Membership Growth for the entire Order of DeMolay Internationally. In fact, for the last three years, Missouri DeMolay’s net growth in membership is double that of any other Jurisdiction in the world. We are off to a great start for Missouri DeMolay this year. Our State Installation occurred on Saturday, November 11, 2006, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in St. Louis, where Brother Cory Meyer (also a Master Mason) was installed as the State Master Councilor of Missouri DeMolay, along with 15 other State Officers from throughout the state, as well as 7 new State Squire Officers, led by State Master Squire Nathaniel Thomason. Following the Installation was a very enjoyable evening of fun and dancing for all who attended. The State Officers plan on propelling Missouri DeMolay into a very successful future with the Masonic Family. For this coming year we hope to accomplish several goals, which will help Missouri DeMolay grow. Our goals include initiating over 250 new members, many of whom will go on to become Master Masons. We are also striving to institute seven new Chapters throughout the State. We have already started two new Chapters: Harry S. Truman Chapter in West Plains, and Southwest Missouri Chapter in Anderson. We are also on our way to instituting new Chapters in Fulton, Joplin, Kansas City and St. Louis. If THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

you would like to begin a DeMolay Chapter at your Lodge, please contact us. Another goal we have set is to increase public knowledge of DeMolay and to get DeMolay to become a household name. Increasing public awareness of DeMolay will in turn increase the knowledge of our Masonic Family and assist in gaining and retaining new members in all of our organizations. To coordinate and improve communication throughout the state, we will hold quarterly meetings of our State Officers. Also, we would like to retain our #1 status in membership for DeMolay International. We know if we reach all of our other goals, this one will easily follow. In addition to our goals for the

year, there are three separate keys we would like to focus on for success: Communication, Membership recruitment and retention, and Adult recruitment and retention. The first and most important to us is communication, because if we conquer communication, we will flourish with the other two keys. We are striving to keep constant reliable communication which will keep everyone informed about our current events as well as the status of Missouri DeMolay. Next, membership recruitment and retention is vital. We believe that not only getting members initiated into DeMolay, but retaining them is crucial. To do this we plan on having several different membership drives throughout the year; the first starting on January 1, 2007 and lasting until our State Conclave on continued page 44 Spring 2007 43

continued from page 43

May 25, 2007. We will be giving out special rewards to the top three DeMolays who bring in the most members; and, if we initiate 212 new members by our State Conclave in May, everyone who attends will also be rewarded. The third key to our success is adult recruitment and retention. We need the adult support for our youth to prosper as leaders of the future. We strive to recruit our adults from the parents of our members, Master Masons, Senior DeMolays, as well as others in our great Masonic Family. As a Master Mason, you are important to the success of DeMolay and we invite you to become an advisor of a DeMolay Chapter. With these new adults we hope to give our members the guidance and support needed to become the future leaders of our fraternity and our communities. On December 16, 2006, we held our Executive Officer - State Master Councilor’s Leader’s Conference at Twilight/Acacia Masonic Lodge in Columbia, Missouri. The State Officers and members of DeMolay, as well as members of Rainbow Girls and Jobs Daughters gathered for presentations performed by some of the greatest leaders of Missouri DeMolay. These presentations included the keys to successful communication, membership and adult recruitment for the upcoming year, as well as expressing and explaining the goals we plan on reaching this year. The day was a tremendous success with over 100 members and advisors in attendance. We were all extremely excited and thankful to the Masonic Home of Missouri and Brother Earl E. Walker for the generous support of the DeMolay Leadership Training Conference, which will be held at the YMCA Tout Lodge facilities in Potosi, Missouri in July, 2007. This is one of the most important programs DeMolay has to offer and it has been over 20 years since we have had a Leadership Training Conference at this great location. We are looking forward to all of the Lodges and our Masonic Family throughout Missouri to join in the support of our DeMolays in this tremendous program and the other activities for our Masonic Youth. With your continued guidance and support, working together in our great fraternity, Missouri DeMolay looks forward to a bright and prosperous future. We thank you all for your commitment to our youth. Remember, our motto is:

“Building Freemasonry through DeMolay.” Cory C. Meyer State Master Councilor Jurisdiction of Missouri Order of DeMolay Contact Missouri DeMolay: 1-888-314-1919 and visit: 44 Spring 2007

THE MAGICAL SECRETS OF THE MYSTERIOUS MEETINGS OF THE GLPR & GLME At Grand Lodge meetings, you have seen items that appear as if by magic: a huge print-out showing the records of all lodges and the Achievement Awards earned since the beginning of the program; copies of revised Achievement Award application for the coming year; a wall-size billboard in the convention center promoting Freemasonry; a wallet-size blue card with ten reasons to become a Freemason; educational booklets for candidates in the three degrees, an entire room with rows of computers demonstrating something called MOCHIP; another room with computers for helping lodges set up and maintain web sites, several sample press releases for lodges to use in publicizing their activities; copies of a revised Q&A pamphlet and the Resource Guide for Missouri Freemasons…. How do these items magically appear at the annual convocation of Grand Lodge? They are the result of the behind the scenes work of devoted members of the Public Relations and Masonic Education (GLPR and GLME) Committees, meeting several times a year at the Masonic Complex in Columbia— now the secret is out; you may have to check this out! I will reveal some of the secrets: 1. The GLPR and GLME Committees have been working together to bring all of our programs and publications up to date. 2. The two committees will produce a new 8-minute DVD that can be used as a tool by all lodges to inform the public on Freemasonry. Did you hear about this at the Area Meeting that you attended? 3. That new little Blue Card provides all Missouri Freemasons with quick answers to questions about the fraternity. It contains 10 reasons for being a Freemason. Soon we will have a Mini-Petition that also can be carried in your wallet. The Blue Cards are available now from the Grand Lodge office and every member is encouraged to carry the card with him at all times. 4. MOCHIP is the “Masonic Model” Child Identification Program, one of the most comprehensive Child Recovery, Identification, and Abduction Awareness Education programs being offered FREE OF CHARGE to parcontinued page 46 THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

was the end of the year and all through our state, Missouri Rainbow workers pause to remember past dates. Ashland’s ladies were caught baking, growing Pledges too, While Celestial’s folks are planning their future to-do’s. Columbia serves with pride all over their college town, And Faith-Sarcoxie’s beauties never do slow down! Fidelity’s new Mother Advisor is on a membership quest, Harrisonville lovingly wishful dreams, courtesy of Sam and Ms. Best. Lamar may be little—“but mighty”—they shout out, Lee’s Summit had a pj meeting—plenty of laughs, no doubt! Liberty travels—near home, to O-K... and all over M-O, Marlborough’s Rainbow Roundup was a terrific go, go, go! Mexico excitedly initiated new sisters and is looking for more, “Assembly of the Year” North Kansas City is always ready to roar! Southeastern Piedmont simply wants more “little” sisters to join in, Pulaski County pleasantly serves with broad shoulders and huge grins. Like others, Republic has rambled, sold Tacos, flown kites, slept over… This fall a fresh Rolla Mother Advisor has made that area re-stir. Always serving St. Charles, known on more than the St. Louie side, Then there’s St. Joseph-Harmony cautiously needing a loving guide. St. Louis moved to Kirkwood, worked baseball games, gave aid… Service hostessed Bunko and sold ice cream via girls who never fade! A new home for Springfield…a new Mother Advisor, too, Wentzville was constituted and hosted Sam’s final visit…(boo hoo). Seventy-two delegates cheered in Oklahoma, we Salem retreated, The Western Masonic Home’s 20th anniversary was celebrated. Sweet Pledges are growing Assemblies—their giggles fill the air, Christmas caroling sang clear; Majority member/helpers are less rare. A new year we’ve welcomed with bunches more to do, Programs and projects and crystal keychains “just for you.” After winter’s weather brings spring Grand Cross conferrings, Finally it will be time for “my” Grand Assembly meetings! Will you be one of the Masons who support Rainbow Girls this year? You know we’ll be looking for you with a 2007 rainbow cheer! May the next dozen months bring terrific things for each of you – And may ALL our groups enjoy a GRAND many successes too! Remembering MY Rainbow promises, Samantha Stutzman 2006-2007 Grand Worthy Advisor State of Missouri International Order of Rainbow for Girls


Spring 2007 45


continued from page 44

ents in Missouri. This is the major project of Grand Lodge Masonic Children’s Foundation. At a Masonic CHIP event, Freemasons set up the equipment and enlist the aid of local volunteers to generate completed child identification kits, containing vital identifying information. This it is to be kept by the child’s parents or guardians and given to law enforcement, if their child is missing. May it NEVER be needed! The kit includes (1) a small computer disc with full-color, digital photographs of the child; a complete set of digital fingerprints; distinguishing features such as hair and eye color, scars, etc., contact information on parents or guardians. (2) a Tooth-prints Dental Impression Wafer which will provide a dental imprint, DNA sample, and scents for tracking dogs. The identification process takes about 15 minutes per child. The Masonic Children’s Foundation’s Child Identification Program (CHIP) is provided free of charge to the public. Once the information is given to parents, all records are deleted from our computers. For information on how to host a CHIP event in your area, contact the Masonic Children’s Foundation—a 501(c)(3) organization—at 1-877-226-2766. To visit the national website go to Or visit the Grand Lodge web site: Or contact Nick Cichielo, Public Relations/Masonic Children’s Foundation Coordinator, (P) 636-530-6069, (C) 573-424-3683, Or Ron Jones, PR Chairman, at

In Missouri 62 CHIP events were booked at Grand Lodge. The CHIP teams are booked through June, 2007, and new events are being booked every day. By midDecember we had processed over 12,000 children, making them safer by our efforts and the prodigious efforts of many volunteers. I will attend future meetings of these committees and will reveal to you the accomplishments and plans as they develop. Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Member Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee




Regional Schools of Instruction RWB Michael Armstrong

April 21, 2007

May 19, 2007

Hogles Creek Lodge #279 Wheatland, Missouri, 9:00 AM

Butler Lodge #254 Butler, Missouri, 9:00 AM

Regional Grand Lecturers 2007 Region A Bobby R. O'Dell 24238 Hwy U Bucklin, MO 64631 660-695-3612 Region B F. Wayne Dugan 8130 Southpoint Dr. Camden, MO 64017-9711 816-496-5533

✃ 46 Spring 2007

Region C Michael F. Armstrong 505 NW Englewood Rd, Apt 1 Kansas City, MO 64118 816-454-1370 Region D Norman E. Harrison 207 Drewel Court Eureka, MO 63025 636-587-7913

Region E Joe W. Johnson 10607 Wurdack Ave. St. Louis, MO 63114-1031 314-429-0782

Region G Wayne G. Tucker HC 3 Box 222 Ellsinore, MO 63937 573-322-5712

Region F H.R. Huey Higgins 3730 E County Line Rd. Rogersville, MO 65742 417-753-4839


THE MISSOURI MASONIC MUSEUM AND LIBRARY FUNDING CAMPAIGN An Overview of Campaign Phase 1: Museum Construction Project By M. Robert Berger, Grand Master 2006-2007 Here’s a quick rundown of what’s behind Phase 1 of the exciting Missouri Masonic Museum and Library funding campaign. Opportunities and Challenges: In designing a museum, many things need to be taken into consideration. What audiences, Masonic and non-Masonic, will we be serving? What is needed for exhibiting our growing collection of artifacts? Baseline architectural drawings, conceptual designs, the costs of fabrication and installation, and many other factors help establish the initial cost projections. A Preliminary Artist’s Conception: The Museum Master Plan was drawn up using architectural designs in order to lay out a “general idea” of what we might want. If you add conceptual design detail to that generalized master plan, you come up with an artist’s conception of what different parts of the Missouri Masonic Museum might look like.

Missouri Masonic Museum and Library, Columbia, Missouri Capital Campaign Phase 1: Projected Museum Project Construction Costs Exhibit Areas . . . . . . . . . . .Costs Introduction . . . . . . . . . . .$103,402 Rotunda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$37,880 Patriots and Pathmakers . $154,894 Living Well . . . . . . . . . . . .$163,896 Generosity . . . . . . . . . . . .$120,046 Leaders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$90,304 Everyman/Everywoman . .$141,890 Exhibit Total Design, Engineering . . . . .$424,463 & Contingency Reimbursables . . . . . . . . . .$10,000 Grand Total . . . . . . . . . $1,246,775


Is this what the final museum will actually look like? It’s very close. Subtle changes to enhance what the actual museum looks like will come about as we work even more closely with the project’s design firm. All of our specific needs and requests will be taken into account. The Cost Estimating Process: The Missouri Masonic Museum and Library Committee, working in conjunction with PGAV Destination Consulting of St. Louis, took The Museum Master Plan’s initial guidelines and added much more detail. After working through that detail, the Committee and the Masonic Home Board of Directors approved the projected cost estimate for the construction of the museum project which is shown in the sidebar. Summing Up: The result of all this is a projected museum construction cost estimate of $1,246,775. Every penny that is given to this funding campaign will go directly to the museum construction project. The exciting new museum will include a lasting record of everyone who has contributed. This is a unique opportunity not only to financially support Missouri Masonic history, but to mark your place in the future as well. How You Can Be a Part: You can financially support the museum project by getting in touch with me directly at or by contacting Brother David Horner, Director of Development, at 800-434-9804, ext. 219 or by e-mail Please let us know if you have questions.

Spring 2007 47

MUSEUM AND LIBRARY BEGINS ACCEPTING ITEMS Committee for the Library and Museum, Missouri Masonic Library and Museum The Library and Museum is developing quickly. The present exhibit, Masons Helping Masons Helping Missouri, remains on display. This is a pictorial history of the Masonic Home of Missouri in 37 panels and fills one gallery at the Columbia Masonic Complex. The second exhibit, Reflected Values: Brotherly Love – Relief – Truth, will open near the end of 2007. This long term exhibit will fill the North Gallery. In preparation for this exhibit, the museum is developing key exhibition points and talking with those who will lend materials. One critical milestone for the museum was the development of the Collections Policy and Procedures Manual by the Library and Museum Committee. After extensive review by legal counsel, the Masonic Home Board approved this document which will guide the future work of the committee and staff. The policy delineates the procedures for accepting items into the collections and divides the collection into four parts: 1) artifacts, 2) library and archival, 3) reference, and 4) educational. With approved procedures for accepting items into the collections, the Committee for the Library and Museum met on December 15, 2006 to consider its first list of potential items for display. These were items either offered to the museum or that the museum purchased during the past few months for the exhibition of Reflected Values. When the proper approvals are completed, the prospective donors will receive formal Deeds of Gift to legally transfer ownership of the items to the museum. Once this is completed, these items can be placed in the collections for display. The Collections Policy also addresses the issue of loans to and from the museum. This section of the policy is critical for the success of the next exhibit, Reflected Values, which depends on borrowing items from the collections of many Masonic and non-Masonic groups and museums. The museum is working with the Grand Lodge of Missouri to include some of the items that the Grand Lodge has collected over the years, including some historic aprons, portraiture, jewels and medals. It is also talking with the Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral in St. Louis to borrow some items and to make digital copies of photographs and

other print material for enlargement and reproduction. In addition, work has begun with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield for items from Eastern Star of which sister Wilder was a member. Other organizations and collections that are being approached for items to include for display are the Harry S. Truman Homestead in Independence; the Randolph County Historical Society in regard to Omar Bradley items; the Missouri Historical Society; the State Historical Society in – Columbia, Western Historical Manuscripts Collection; the Truman Presidential Library; and the George Washington Memorial in Alexandra, Virginia. In addition to these larger Masonic organizations and professional museums and archives, the museum is talking with lodges and individuals for specific items and to tell particular stories. All of the items that come into the exhibit from these avenues will be on loan to the museum. The owners will retain ownership and their important items will be protected with security systems, insurance, and inventory schedules. The Collections Policy addresses all of these issues, thereby assuring the owners that their items will receive the best of care during the time they are on loan to the museum for exhibition. As members of the Library and Museum Committee, we are looking forward to the opening of the exhibition, Reflected Values: Brotherly Love – Relief – Truth. Please watch for updates of the progress being made and continue to give your support in making this one of the best Masonic Museums in the United States. 48 Spring 2007


SHARE YOUR TIME WITH A MEMBER AT OUR MASONIC HOME It is time to kick off 2007 and with that being said we have residents at our Masonic Home of Missouri that need adoption. We want to thank the lodges, chapters, assemblies and individuals that support our members at the Masonic Home Assisted Living Facility in Kansas City by participating in the Adopt-a-Resident program. Each year we look forward to meeting new friends as we continue this great program making sure every resident is sponsored. There are several activities you and your adopted resident can do. First being participating in events at our facility; throughout the year we are provided excellent entertainment from many different groups that volunteer at our Home they do anything from singing to ceramics to playing games or holding lodge or chapter meetings. We also encourage you or your lodge to participate in scheduling an activity at the Masonic Home (please contact Bev Lentz for availability 800-434-9804), several outside organizations come in to do plays, teach our residents about nature or animals, provide musical entertainment and other activities. Secondly we also encourage you to take your adopted resident(s) to outside functions; maybe lunch, dinner or a lodge meeting or even assist in chaperoning off-campus activities sponsored by the Home. Even just stopping by for a cup of coffee, eating lunch or sharing some stories is welcomed. We also want to continue to thank the youth’s increased involvement as our residents look forward to that time. Our youth involvement is not just Masonic Affiliated we have several schools that partner up with us to pen pal, come out and play games etc, so please don’t hesitate to contact Bev Lentz should you have a youth group wanting to host an activity. We would certainly be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to thank all of our supporters who continue to provide the financial support that allows our residents to live in safety and comfort. Your support both financial and through volunteering or adopting-a-resident does not go unnoticed.

2006 was such a great year at our Masonic Home and the residents truly enjoyed all of the fun filled activities you provided for them, so let’s start thinking about 2007 and how we can fill our calendar up again and provide our residents with another unforgettable year. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Spring 2007 49

CHANGING WITH THE TIMES One hundred and twenty years ago, Missouri Masons established the Masonic Home of Missouri. One hundred and seventeen years ago, the Masonic Home of Missouri opened its doors in St. Louis. Over time, it has expanded to Kansas City and now extends throughout the entire state through the Outreach Services Program. The Masonic Home has been able to assist individuals in so many different ways including bringing the help to you. Our motto “We Are Where You Are” says it all. Through the Outreach Services Program the Masonic Home is able to provide financial support to members in their own community. This assistance is and can be provided to individuals in their own home, apartment, residential or assisted living facilities or even outside the state of Missouri, providing they have maintained their Missouri Masonic membership. The requirements for the Outreach Services program are; you must be a Missouri Master Mason, wife, widow or female member of the Order of the Eastern Star. Age and length of membership guidelines are reviewed at time of application. Countless people are being provided financial assistance throughout the state; which has given people hope, comfort and peace of mind at a stressful time. As you travel to Masonic events and/or meetings please take the time to share this information with at least one other individual. It is so important that we continue to spread program information on the Masonic Home. You never know when you may run across someone who is in desperate need. 40% of our assistance goes to Masonic Widows, 37% Masons, 16% Eastern Star Members and 7% to Masonic Children. As I travel throughout the state I still run across individuals who are unaware this assistance is available through the Masonic Home of Missouri. If you are not familiar with the programs offered through the Masonic Home of Missouri please contact our office to receive the most up to date information on our Outreach Program, Children’s Outreach Program, Assisted Living Facility in Kansas City, Missouri or our Creating a Partnership Program.


Polar Star-Rose Hill Holds Traditional Holiday Party Santa Claus, Silly Jilly the clown and smiles on the faces of about three dozen children highlighted the traditional Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge #79 holiday party held December 9, 2006 at the lodge building in Creve Coeur. Only relatives with cameras outnumbered the children. It was estimated that the crowd was larger than the

50 Spring 2007

approximately 100 Brothers and families who attended the lodge’s Thanksgiving Day celebration the month before. The party carried on a decades-old tradition at the old Polar Star lodge and was the second annual event held by the new Polar Star-Rose Hill lodge. Even children who arrived before the 4 p.m. official start of the evening were entertained by Silly Jilly (a.k.a. Jill Schmidt) who made balloon toys for all the children. She was interrupted by the arrival of Santa Claus (a.k.a. Right Worshipful Brother Harry O. Weber) who arrived with a toy for each child. Before Santa could start his work from the west, Silly Jilly gave him a balloon reindeer and received a kiss on the

cheek in thanks. Laughter and the rustle of wrapping paper being torn from packages then occupied all those attending. The crowd then moved to the dining hall for a hot dinner and found Silly Jilly still at work. The rest of the evening was occupied by spirited holiday conversations among the Brothers and their families and even the children -- who were mostly occupied with examining and playing with their gifts from Santa and eating yet another Christmas cookie. Santa Claus also got a present at the Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge’s holiday party. Before he started giving each child a gift he was presented with a balloon reindeer by Silly Jilly the clown. Since Santa is in the giving business, he gave Silly Jilly a kiss on her cheek. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

CREATING A PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLS Have you ever driven or walked by a school bus stop and noticed a child without a coat? The first thought is usually, I can’t believe that child doesn’t have a coat on. In many situations, children choose not to take a coat or to take it off, but in other instances, that child does not own a coat. Over the past three years through the hard work of our Lodge Brothers and Eastern Star members, we have made contributions of kindness; whether it is a coat, shoes, school supplies or other clothing. In fact, last year alone with the assistance of the Masonic Home, over $50,000.00 of support was provided to 3,400 school children in need throughout the state of Missouri. We have received countless letters from the lodges that they have received from teachers and parents expressing their gratitude toward the Lodge and the Masonic Home for their kindness, but it was a sentence in a letter we received a few months ago that continues to stick with me. A little boy said when trying on clothes, “the kids won’t make fun of me now.” The teacher went on to say, “for a young man who doesn’t have a lot to smile about he certainly couldn’t have been smiling any bigger.” Well I don’t know about you but those are words that would make any heart melt. So the next time you pass by a bus stop and see a child without a coat or book bag do not jump to the conclusion they didn’t bring one. There are hundreds of students who go to school everyday who don’t have the necessary items like a winter coat or hat. Your lodge, with the assistance of the Masonic Home, could aid in providing those items to the needy students in your community. Please contact the Masonic Home of Missouri if you have questions or need assistance on how to begin the Creating A Partnership program in your area. It is never too late to contact your schools and start this wonderful program. (Pictures in article were sent in from Nodaway Lodge No. 470)


Masons visit Warrensburg DeMolay Chapter On Tuesday evening, November 21, Masons from Knob Noster Masonic Lodge No. 245, Knob Noster, Missouri, made a visit to the Robert Goldberg DeMolay Chapter in Warrensburg, Missouri. The visit was done to recognize the Chapter’s accomplishments over the THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

past year and to present a monetary donation from the lodge. Although the Chapter received its charter just a few short months ago, it has made tremendous strides in building its membership, improving leadership skills, and becoming better citizens. In making the presentation to the young men of the Chapter, Joe Joyner, Worshipful Master of the Knob Noster Masonic Lodge, acknowledged the Chapter’s role in making Missouri DeMolay a leader within the DeMolay organization internationally. According to the organization’s statewide website, “DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and pro-

ductive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, handson experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today.” For more information on DeMolay, please visit Masons and DeMolay members stop for a quick photo following the meeting. Front Row (l-r) Jeremiah Wheeler, Lucas Wheeler, Dawn Shipman, Curtis Christopher, Anthony Clack, Bruce Shipman, Trevor Dotty, and Aaron Brown. Back Row (l-r) Robert Cass, Kyle Hookey, Joe Joyner, Mike Snell, Ryan Hartupee, Les Stewart, and Larry Fox.

Spring 2007 51

Grand Lodge Officers 2007 M. Robert Berger, Grand Master (Barbara) (642) 14181 Woodsmill Cove Dr, Chesterfield 63017 Home: 314-434-5038 • Bus: 314-231-7093 E-mail:

John W. Hess, Junior Grand Deacon (Ina) (501) 125 Groom Ave., Liberty 64068-2419 Home: 816-781-4086 • Bus: 816-325-1409 E-mail: (H)

Nicholas R. Cichielo, Grand Chaplain (Lori) (550) 16815 Ashberry Circle Dr., Chesterfield 63005 Cell: 573-424-3683 • Home: 636-530-0143 Bus: 636-530-6069 E-mail:

Bruce R. Austin, Deputy Grand Master (Myrtle) (407) 603 N Main Rd Charleston 63834-9621 Home: 573-683-6135 E-mail:

David L. Ramsey, Senior Grand Steward (Friday) (71) 2709 North Lincoln, Kirksville 63501 Home: 660-988-1415 • Bus: 888-457-3734 E-mail:

JR Latta, Grand Chaplain (28) 1102 Central Ave., Hannibal 63401 Cell: 573-248-4000

Rocky E. Weaver, Senior Grand Warden (Janet) (501) 106 Park Ave., Buckner 64016 Cell: 816-645-6178 E-mail:

Jon B. Broyles, Junior Grand Steward (Anna) 1427 Carriage Bridge Trail, Ballwin 63021 Home: 636-225-8873 • Cell: 314-520-7578 E-mail:

Rev. James Shemwell, Grand Chaplain (Barbara) (354) 1636 Meadow Ln., Mexico 65265 Home: 573-581- 1195 • Cell: 573-473-6446 E-mail:

Larry C. Reynolds, Junior Grand Warden (Bettie) (477) 443 Wildwood Dr, Rogersville 65742 Home: 417-753-3356 E-mail:

Randall M. Berger, Senior Grand Marshal 900 South Handley Road #8E, Clayton 63105 Cell: 314-724-1132 • Bus: 314-727-4854 E-mail:

Rev. Dr. Darrel Curtis, Grand Chaplain ( Mary Katherine)(717, 95) 5120 Rosa, St. Louis 63109-3244 Home: 314-351-0673

W. Marion Luna, Grand Treasurer (526) 1101 N Main St, Piedmont 63957 Home: 573-223-7291 E-mail:

Harvey R. Soule, Junior Grand Marshal (Barbara) (642) 590 Sarah Lane, #207, Creve Coeur, 63141-6067 Home: 314-567-3455 • Cell: 314-413-9768 E-Mail:

Ronald D. Miller, Grand Secretary (Lenora) (366) 605 Adens Woods Ct, Columbia 65201 Home: 573-886-0288 • Bus: 573-474-8561 Fax: 573-474-3601 E-mail:

Terry L. Claar, Grand Sword Bearer (Sandra) (587, 345, 681) 405 N. Moffet, Joplin 64801 Cell: 417-438-8476 • Bus: 417-623-3219 E-Mail:

Randall J. Jones, Grand Lecturer (Darlene) (439) 4005 State Hwy KK, Rogersville 65742 Home: 417-767-2737 E-mail:

Richard L. Smith, Grand Pursuivant (June) (550) 830 Coalport Dr., St. Louis 63141 Home: 314-878-3626 • Bus: 314-822-1111 E-Mail:

Gail S. Turner, Senior Grand Deacon (Tina) (82) 106 Haliburton, Brookfield 64628 Home: 660-258-5072 • Bus: 660-258-3394 E-Mail: Work:

Sheldon H. Snitz, Grand Chaplain (Eunice) (104) 9852 Connell Dr, Overland Park, KS 66212 Home: 913-492-1446 E-mail: Rev. Ronald E. Wood, Jr., Grand Chaplain (Marie) (331) P.O. Box 8306, St. Joseph 64508 Home: 816-364-4881 • Bus: 816-279-9597 E-mail:

✃ 52 Spring 2007

Erick V. Kern, Grand Chaplain (79) (Susan) 14755 Chermoore Dr., Chesterfield, 63017 Home: 314-394-3260 • Bus: 314-892-9600 E-mail: Lawrence R. Albright, Grand Chaplain (345) (Shirley) 11337 State Hwy. 43, Webb City 64870-9746 Home: 417-624-8100 Webb Edwards, Grand Orator (Debbie) (587) 500 W. Main St., Suite 102-B, Branson 65616 Home: 417-334-0325 • Bus: 417-334-3222 E-Mail: Charles Wasserman, Grand Orator (Rita) (642) 11723 W. 101 St., Overland Park, KS 66214 Home: 913-492-5005 David Jacobi, Grand Tiler (Marcia) (2) 3025 Silver Bow Ct., St. Louis 63129-5221 Home: 314-846-0680 • Bus: 314-577-2991


District Deputy Grand Lecturers 2007 District 1 Timothy Dunbar 526 Winter St. Hannibal 63401 573-221-4034 District 2 Karl A.W. DeMarce Rt. 2 Box 150 Memphis 63555 660-465-8977 District 3 Richard L. Mansfield P.O. Box 493 Kirksville 63501 660-665-3277 District 4 Richard L. Hamilton 28697 E Jet Rd Bethany 64424 660-425-6190 District 5 David Moyer 307 East Third St. Grant City 64456 660-564-2584 District 6 William J. Hollingsworth 320 W. Torrance St. Maryville 64468 660-582-8573 District 7 Larry R. Crawford 9147 CR 27 Bolckow 64427 816-428-4201 District 8 Virgil E. Caldwell 611 S. Brown Gallatin 64640 660-663-3773 District 9 James "Jim" R. Ulm 8195 S Hwy 13 Polo 64671 660-354-2879 District 10 Donald W. Allen 26231 Image Rd. Brookfield 64628 660-258-7032 District 11 Donald R. St. Clair 318 N. Main Cross St. Bowling Green 63334 573-324-6120 District 12 Gary A. Mc Cormack 1304 Kathy St. Fulton 65251 573-642-6932


District 13 Durward R. 'Rusty" Kitts 19414 Monroe Rd 976 Holliday 65258 816-266-3280

District 26 Christopher J. Newbold 1601 Prospector Trail Wentzville 63385 636-327-4426

District 36 Noel R. Mason RR1 Box 175 Black 63625 573-269-4657

District 14 August L. Bottom Rt 1 Slater 65349 660-529-3511

District 27 A Terry C. Little 1565 Ranchwood Dr. Florissant 63031 314-921-3947

District 37 Wayne Hutchings 310 Center St. Farmington 63640 573-760-9320

District 27 B Kenneth R. Clements 1422 Collins Ave. St. Louis 63117 314-781-4728

District 38 E. Otha Wingo 126 Camellia Dr. Cape Girardeau 63703 573-334-9210

District 27 C David C. Riek 2316 Esquline Fenton 63026 636-225-3094

District 39 James D. Smith 11098 CR 717 Dexter 63841 573-624-3889

District 28 Cecil Y. Isaac 14137 West State Hwy. 47 Fletcher 63036 573-678-2642

District 40 Jackie D. Crawford 208 Barbara Dr. Kennett 63857 573-888-5830

District 15 Stanley E. Massey 10011 Linn Grove Rd. Odessa 64076 816-230-7029 District 16 Donald E. Gilkerson 22009 NE 172nd Kearney 64060 816-628-6538 District 17 Marvin G. Shull 2304 NE Shady Ln Gladstone 64118 816-453-2723 District 18 Paul F. Miller 9111 E. 74th St. Raytown 64133 816-886-0066 District 19 Lyle K. Croisant 809 NE Independence Ave. Lee's Summit 64806 816-524-6446 District 20 Walter R. Campbell 400 Spruce Garden City 64747 816-763-6308 District 21 Robert D. Weikal 420 S Grand Ave Sedalia 65301 660-826-5687 District 22 James G. Wade 2801 W Henley Dr Columbia 65202 573-474-2630 District 23 John M. Duckett 511 Belair Dr Jefferson City 65109 573-635-0477 District 24 Stephen D. Lynn, Jr. 989 E. Adams Bourbon 65441 573-732-4466 District 25 Louis V. Sieg 1401 Stella Montgomery City 63361 573-564-7908

District 29 Edison S. Lemay 307 W. Second St. Rolla 65401 573-364-2187

District 41 Bobby L. Brannum 565 C.R. 304 Poplar Bluff 63901 573-686-9405

District 30 Roy Feltner 420 Highland Dr. Camdenton 65020 573-873-5528

District 42 Randall D. Upton 11999 C.R. 6450 West Plains 65775 417-256-1560

District 31 John A. Parks Rt 1 Box 544 Flemington 65650 417-482-3252

District 43 Bruce Trammell 1251 S. Florence Ave. Springfield 65807 417-869-9843 417-818-4633

District 32 Alvin O. Griffin Rt 2 Box 267 Butler 816-297-2589

District 44 John R. Mullins Rt 3 Box 321 D Aurora 65605 417-678-3678

District 33 James L. Kilburn P.O. Box 544 Stockton 65785 417-276-4139 District 34 Timothy Couch 179 Hannah Grace Lane Clever 417-369-0124

District 45 John A. Pace HC 2 Box 2094-1 Shell Knob 65747 417-858-0375

District 35 James K. Ayers 4695 State Hwy FF Fordland 65652 417-767-2270

District 46 David A. Watson 108 E. Hickory Neosho 64850 417-451-1468

✃ Spring 2007 53

District Deputy Grand Masters 2007 District 1 Jack Kairy 8182 Highway MM Hannibal 63401 573-221-1365 District 2 Thomas E. Glass Route 3 Box 170-A Memphis 63555 660-883-5681 District 3 Barry V. Cundiff 1501 Pierce Kirksville 63501 660-665-5234 District 4 Larry T. Odom 415 E. 7th St. Trenton 64683 660-359-3054 District 5 Mike D. Cook RR 2 Box 105 Grant City 64456-9802 660-786-2368 District 6 Frederick L. Foster 222 N Frederick Ave Maryville 64468-2131 660-582-5244 District 7 Dennis N. Vogel 1310 Midyett Rd. Saint Joseph 64506-2409 816-232-6115

District 25 James H. Hobusch #7 Oakwood Estates Wright City 63390 636-745-8325

District 13 Joel C. Ridgway PO Box 65 311 Main St. Cairo 65239-0065 660-263-6237

District 26 Winston Bailey 217 Hillcrest Dr. Elsberry 63343-1601 573-898-5421

District 14 Kenneth R. Osborn Box 148 Arrow Rock 65320 660-837-3480 District 15 Mark S. Schroer PO Box 285 Wellington 64097-0285 816-934-2537 District 16 Roby D. Walker 607 Mark St. Lathrop 64465 816-528-3656 District 17 Leonard L. Cook 2221 Ottawa St Leavenworth 66048-1136 913-651-7066 District 18 Dennis A. Abernathy 11922 N. Home Ave. Liberty 64068 816-781-5974 District 19 David H. Coburn 23501 NE Cowherd Rd Lees Summit 64064-2754 816-229-2774

District 39 Jesse L. Deardorff 16557 State Hwy. F Dudley 63936 573-568-2566

District 28 Willard E. Rieffer 414 Trevor Ct. Bonne Terre 63628 573-431-1865

District 40 Rodney E. Pitts 105 Smith St. Steele 63877-1024 573-695-3704

District 29 John V. Niccum P.O. Box 4366 Waynesville 65459 573-336-2662

District 41 Georgie D. Blagg Rr 1 Box 616 Harviell 63945-9506 573-399-2740

District 9 Jerry D. Galloway 4381 SW Hollow Rd Polo 64671-9801 816-586-2560

District 21 Phillip B. Lawson 105 Spruce Ln. Windsor 65360 660-647-3963

District 31 Cleo W. Fields Route 1 Box 1433 Cross Timbers 65634 417-838-8836

District 10 George T. Teeter 28603 Katy Dr. Brookfield 64628 660-258-2739

District 22 Eddie F. Fisher 841 C.R. 316 Glasgow 65254 660-848-2369

District 32 Stephen J. Dixon 1004 Wesley Cir Raymore 64083-9275 816-331-6483

District 11 Kent E. Cheek 314 S Oak St Monroe City 63456-1868 573-735-4992

District 23 Gregory L. Duckett 217 E Center St Holt Summit 65043 573-690-8979

District 33 Richard E. Sprenkle 19225 S 725 Rd Stockton 65785 417-398-2230

District 24 Richard L. Weible 1439 Elliot St. Eureka 63025 636-938-5656

District 34 Gregory V. Ross 4715 S. Hwy. 123 Fair Play 65649-9321 417-694-2010

54 Spring 2007

District 38 Ronald Wayne Clark 2500 Peach Tree St Cape Girardeau 63701 573-335-1485

District 27 C Rodney W. Kleine 5000 Bellarina Dr. St. Louis 63129-1508 314-892-5169

District 20 Berry L. Garrison 701 Lark St. Raymore 64083-9266 816-322-1492

District 37 John L. Ritter 307 W. Sycamore St. Desloge 63601-3411 573-431-5547

District 27 B Alan E. DeWoskin 225 S. Meramec Ave. Suite 426 St. Louis 63105-3511 314-469-1556

District 8 Ralph F. Ray P.O. Box 8 Coffey 64636 660-533-4965

District 36 James M. Johnson R.R. 1 Box 182 Black 63625573-269-4747

District 27 A Guy D. Ross 5340 Ville Rosa Ln. Hazelwood 63042 314-739-3287

District 30 James E. Portwood 326 Basswood Road Sunrise Beach 65079 573-374-5174

District 12 Donald E. Fairley 1007 West Street Mexico 65265 573-581-6658

District 35 D. Dean Rowe P.O. Box 115 Seymour 65746 417-935-4281

District 42 David N. Frealy RR 2 Box 2255 Thayer 65791-9660 417-264-7582 District 43 H. Kevin Essick 3115 Oldfield Rd. Sparta 65753 417-634-4350 District 44 Kenneth R. Alsup P.O. Box 356 Lampe 65681 417-779-0461 District 45 Carl C. Brandon 417 England Hill Carterville 64835 417-673-5685 District 46 Ellick E. Garren 5054 Rt CC Stella 64867-611 417-364-8565


After the annual installation of officers for Buckner Lodge #501 on October 1, 2006, RWB Stanton T. Brown presented Bro. Wilbert Clark Van Dyke with his 50-year certificate and jewel. His daughter Julia pined him. Pictured left to right: RWB Stanton T. Brown, daughter Dorothy, Clark, daughter Mary and Julie.

The master and brothers of Arnold Lodge #673 present Brother Herbert E. Crow his 50-year pin and certificate from the grand lodge of Missouri. The ceremony took place several months ago, but the picture was recently found.

At Charleston Lodge #407, Charleston, MO, WB Alfred L. Walker presented 50-year pins and the certificate of the Grand Lodge of Missouri to Bro. Max Michael and WB Robert L. Munson for 50 years of service. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Worshipful Brother Gary Yarbrough, a Past Master of Strafford Lodge #608, and the outgoing Secretary, was presented a Plaque on August 24, 2006 from the members of Strafford Lodge #608 for his dedication and service to our lodge for over 30 years as Secretary. During his 30 years of service to our lodge, his routine presence was required. With rare exception, Gary was always present and on time for all stated and special meetings the lodge held during his tenure as Secretary. Presenting the Plaque to WB Yarbrough is the Master of the Lodge, WB Rick Thompson. WB Thompson stated of all the duties that he had the pleasure of performing this year, presenting this plaque to such a dedicated and committed Mason was the highlight of his year. WB Gary Yarbrough will remain active in the lodge by performing the duties of the Chaplain.

Lavern Meadors received his 50year pin and certificate from Riddick Lodge #361 in Buffalo, MO. Presenting him with this honor are pictured form left to right: Ron Meadors, Duane Phillips, Lavern Meadors, David Phillips, and Michael Ferguson.

Bee Hive Lodge #393 presented Br. William T. Guilkey his fifty-year Pin and Certificate at a Lodge Dinner, December 2, 2006. Presenting the pin and certificate is RWB Roby Walker District Grand Master of the 16th District, and Master Lee M. Ross of Bee Hive Lodge #393.

Spring 2007 55

WM Hurschell Lain presents Bro. Fred F. Stuecken, (retiring Secretary) a plaque for his many faithful years as Secretary of Moberly Lodge. Also pictured is Bro. Tano Matu, S.D.

On Sunday afternoon, October 15, 2006, members of Washington Lodge #87, AF&AM, Greenfield, MO, met with WB Willard Edington's family at the Dade County Nursing Home where he has been a resident for the last few years. With pleasure we presented WB Edington with the Grand Lodge 50-year jewel and certificate. Brother Edington has been an active worker for the Fraternity, always ready to befriend or relieve a worthy Brother. He was Worshipful Master of the old Everton Lodge #405, Everton, MO during the years of 1960, 1961, 1968, 1972, 1978 and 1979. He became a member of this Lodge March 23, 1986, when Everton #405 consolidated with us. Pictured and making the presentation, L to R - WB Bill L. Cooper, PM, WB John W. Shoemaker, PM and WB Charles Don Adams, WM. Seated in front is WB Willard Edington, PM.

Children’s Foundation’s Child Identification Program (CHIP)

On October 2, 2006, Right Worshipful Brother John L. Ritter presided at his first official duty as the new District Deputy Grand Master, 37th Masonic District of Missouri, by presenting a 25-year membership pin to Brother Richard L. Long, Sr. Bro. Long had medical problems several years ago causing the removal of both of his legs, which hampered his ability to attend Lodge regularly, but he has not lost his enthusiasm for the Fraternity.

56 Spring 2007

On October 2, 2006, Bro. Weldon "Buddy" Branum of the Honersville Lodge #215 was presented the fiftyyear Jewel and certificate of the Grand Lodge of Missouri. His wife, Frances Branum, presented the Jewel. The award ceremony was held at Honersville Lodge #215. DDGL Bob Brannum, of Poplar Bluff Lodge #209, made the presentation. Bro. Bud Branum gave an inspiring speech of his 50 years in Freemasonry. Several members of the OES were in attendance.

RWB Ronald D. Miller, Grand Secretary, Presented RWB Ralph E. Williams his 50-year pin on September 9, 2006 at Anderson Lodge #621, Anderson, MO. RWB Williams served as DDGM for 5 years and was active in the Scottish Rite at Joplin. The Lodge provided a supper, which a large number of family and friends enjoyed. RWB Williams served as Installing Master the same evening and installed the officers in an open installation. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

WM Abraham Velasco of Oasis Lodge #41, Las Vegas, NE, presents Gordon E. Woodlock of Lebanon Lodge #71 his 50-year pin and certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri. The ceremony was held on September 11, 2006.

Worshipful Bro. Darrel "Smokey" Loyd was presented a Grand Lodge 50 Year award at an open meeting conducted at ADA Lodge #444 Orrick, MO. Pictured are RWB Wayne Dugan, Bro. Loyd, WM Mark Hellman.

On October 30, 2006, Brookfield Lodge #86, held an open meeting to present 50-year jewels to Bro. Norman Hahn and Bro. Raphael Cotter. Pictured left to right: Bro. Norman Hahn, R.W. Bro. Bob O'Dell (presented the jewels) and Bro. Raphael Cotter. There were a large number of family and friends present for the ceremony. The two distinguished Brothers were each given an opportunity to reminisce on their earlier Masonic years, which were much enjoyed by all present. After the ceremony there was an ice cream social.

Brawley Lodge #402, Brawley, CA, Presented Raymond E. Klein his 50year pin and certificate from the Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF & AM on November 28, 2006. Bill McNeer, Inspector, 499th Masonic District made the presentation.

On October 17, 2006, Hebron Lodge #354 at the Burroughs Masonic Temple, a 50-year pin and certificate was presented by RWB Ronald Miller, Grand Secretary, to WB Claudie Tipton. In the picture WB Tipton is being pinned by the lodge’s senior deacon, John Hall. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

On August 17, 2006, following a dinner in his honor, Bro. Ted Wilson received his 50-year pin and certificate from Westview Lodge #103. RWB John E. Crites made the presentation. His grandson pinned the jewel on his lapel. Approximately 45 brothers and sisters attended this event.

Pictured on the left is WB Robert D. Billue receiving his 50-year pin from RWB Bob Hutchinson, (presenting Master). Bro. Billue was conducted to the East and reminisced on his 50 years of service.

On September 18, 2006, Right Worshipful Brother Lee L. Francis, District Deputy Grand Master of the 37th Masonic District of Missouri, presented Brother Lloyd L. Sutton his 50-year certificate and pin. Brother Sutton had recently celebrated his 90th birthday. Spring 2007 57

On Tuesday evening, July 10th, 2006, Washington Lodge #87, AF&AM, honored its Past Masters with a Dinner and a great salutation from Senior Warden, Tim Black. Lodge Master, John Shoemaker thanked them for coming, and had each stand and give his name and the year he was Master. Pictured left to right - Front row - RWB Chris C. McLemore, III, WB Bill L. Cooper, WB Jack A. Myers, Sr. and WB Joe E. Hunt. Back row - RWB Ric D. Harding, WB Kirby West, WB Jack A. Wheeler, WB David Witt, and WB Harold G Simmons.

Rolla Masonic Lodge #213 held its 146th annual installation of officers, Sunday, September 10, 2006, at the Rolla Masonic Lodge. In the afternoon ceremony, Robert Kelly was installed as the Worshipful Master of the lodge for the 2006-2007 year. Also installed were officers, Jim Kittle, Jason Elrod, Jan Ostborg, Treavor Knudson, Columbus Craft, Larry Beard, and Larry Baker. Preceding the installation ceremony, the Rolla Rainbow Girls preformed their Bible Ceremony for the lodge. Pictured (front row l-r) John Schafer, Installing Officer; Columbus Craft, Chaplain; Jim Kittle, Junior Warden; Robert Kelly, Worshipful Master; Treavor Knudson, Marshal; Larry Baker, Tiler; (back row l-r) Larry Beard, Junior Steward; Jason Elrod, Secretary; Jan Ostborg, Junior Deacon. Not pictured are Josh Shephard, Senior Warden; Jerry Knowles, Treasurer; Les Thurston, Senior Deacon; and Michael Gielser, Senior Steward. 58 Spring 2007

During the installation ceremony at Rolla #213, Past Master Jason Elrod presented Worshipful Master Robert Kelly with a flag, which he received on behalf of the members of the lodge. The flag was given to the lodge by one of its members currently stationed in Iraq. SFC Michael W. Jones, currently stationed in Balad, Iraq, had the flag flown over his detachment's area of responsibility. SFC Jones is currently stationed with the 31st MP Detachment, at Camp Anaconda, approximately 68 km north of Baghdad. The flag was first used in a promotion ceremony at Camp Anaconda and then flown in recognition of the support the lodge has given to America's fighting forces. Pictured: Worshipful Master Robert Kelly (left) receives a flag and accompanying letter of thanks from Jason Elrod. The flag was presented on behalf of SFC Michael W. Jones, currently stationed at Camp Anaconda, Balad, Iraq.

At a stated meeting of Alpha Lodge #659, North Kansas City, on October 27, 2005 a Plaque was presented to RWB Larry R. Moss recognizing him as the Mason of the Year. RWB Moss is the first recipient of this award to be presented by the Lodge. It will become an annual award presented each year. The award is presented by, left to right, RWB Dennis Spears, Master of the Lodge and DDGM of the 18th district and RWB Larry Moss.

On August 26, 2006, Ivanhoe Lodge #446 made a presentation to MWB Bill Hill, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M. in recognition of his service to Ivanhoe Lodge and also to Masonry in the State of Missouri. Ivanhoe Lodge had recently become aware that the petition of MWB Hill for membership in Ivanhoe Lodge was signed and recommended by Brother Frank S. Land, founder of the Order of DeMolay, who was also a member of Ivanhoe Lodge. MWB Bill was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on April 30, 1955. At the Lodge's Homecoming dinner a framed copy of MWB Bill's petition containing Brother Land's signature was presented to him. Ivanhoe Lodge is proud to have MWB Hill as an active member of the Lodge. The presentation was made by Bro. Jim Lear, Junior Warden.

Sedalia Lodge No. 236 AF & AM installed new officers on October 16 at the Sedalia Masonic Center. H. H. Luetjen, center, was named Worshipful Master. Other officers from left are Ralph Britz, SS; James Hamilton, Marshall; Kenneth Norton, SD; David Wiedeman, Treasurer; David Miller, SW; George McDonnell, Chaplain; WB Luetjen, Robert Weikal, Secretary; Robert Melby, JW; Donald Walker, Tyler; Gregory Harrell, JD; William Talley, JS.

More on pages 37, 50, & 51 THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

WB Michael Burch of Caruthersville lodge #461 was a guest speaker at Harold O. Graue Lodge #672 and gave a program on the Holocaust of WW II and the importance of "the Forget me not" flower; how it came about, what it meant and the number of Brother Master Masons who lost their lives in the defense of their integrity. WB Michael had charts, handouts, and visual information; plus each Brother present received a "For Get Me Not" lapel pin. This again shows excellent rapport between Missouri Lodge's Caruthersville #461 and the Brothers who received this valuable information at Harold O. Graue Lodge #672. We had a GRAND time in Cape Girardeau!

On September 23, 2006 Linn Creek Lodge #152 held its installation of officers for the year 2007. Pictured are: First row, Mark Wilbarger, Jr. Steward; Worshipful Brother Larry Clemons, Treasurer; Bill Gansemer, Sr. Warden; Bryon Lovell, Worshipful Master; Eric Robbins, Jr. Warden; Paul Warman, Marshal; Second row: Gary Bowling, Sr. Steward; Jimmy Brashear, Jr. Deacon; Kelly Luttrell, Sr. Deacon; Right Worshipful Brother James Portwood, Secretary; Robert Leonard, Tiler; Worshipful Brother Terry McKeever, Chaplain.

At the recent installation of officers of Tyro Lodge #12 of Caledonia, MO held on July 15, 2006 WM Terry Tullock was installed. Hit great-great grandfather, Samuel Tullock joined Tyro #12 in 1866. This gives WM Tullock 140 years of Masonic history. His cousins received that honor, too. Standing from left are Jim Barton, Tim Gallaher, Terry Tullock, Chuck Gallaher and Adam Barton. Joe Swan, Worshipful Master of Alpha Lodge #659, is presented a "Rainbow Hat," by Crystal Terry and Ashleigh Auman of North Kansas City Rainbow Assembly #55, at his installation on Sept. 8, 2006.

Plato Lodge #469 held its installation of Officers for the 2006 - 2007 year on October 15, 2006. Installing Master was MWB Robert Berger; Installing Marshal was WB Dean Rowe DDGM of the 35th Masonic District. WB James E. Davis was installed as Master. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Branson Lodge #587, Branson, MO, hosted a Past Masters night May 15, 2006. It was a special night as past masters manned each of the stations. Our oldest living Past Master, RWB Everett Gloyd was present and presided over the meeting. RWB Gloyd was master of Branson Lodge in 1959. Other Masters present L to R front row WB's Don Baker, Bob Edwards, Carlos Cooper, RWB Gloyd, RWB Bob Alexander, WB Robert Hindbaugh. Second Row WB's Al Jones, Tom Baker, Greg Pyron, and Morris Graves Third Row WB's Doug Baker, Bruce Tramell and Don McGuirt.

Southwest Heritage Lodge #681, Joplin, MO helped with the annual Granby Easter egg hunt held Saturday, April 15, 2006. The hunt was held at Dick Smith Park in Granby, MO. The Brethren helped to place the eggs in the park, get the children lined up to run and handed out prizes to all the lucky winners. In the picture in front of our Lodge banner is Bro. Jim D. Carsel, RWB Carl Brandon, DDGM, 45t" Masonic District of Missouri, Bro. Ken Brakefield, Bro. Rick McCully, RWB John A. Pace, DDGL, 45t" Masonic District of Missouri and Lodge Secretary, Bro. John Billings, SS, Bro. Dick Beardsley, JD and Bro. John C. Kuehn, SW.

Kirksville Lodge #105, Kirksville, installed its officers on Oct. 17, 2006 in a joint open installation with Adair Lodge #366 following the annual banquet honoring past masters. Pictured front row L to R WB David Powell, Secretary; WB Wally Trosen, Senior Warden; Gary Drummond, Worshipful Master; Bob Steele, Junior Warden; RWB Dale West, Treasurer. Back Row L to R WB Bert Holloway, Tyler; Richard Mercer, Junior Deacon; RWB Marion Rehm, Chaplain; WB John Rehm, Senior Deacon; WB John Witte, Marshal.

Sedalia Lodge #236 on Sept. 9 held a Family Picnic at Liberty Park in Sedalia. Preparing the BBQ dinner are: (left to right) WB John McCormack, RWB James Duzan, Bro. H. H. Luetjen and WM George McConnell. Spring 2007 59

The ninety-sixth installation of line of officers for Swope Park Lodge took place Oct 7th at the Temple. Pictured above front row, left to right, RWB Larry Cameron, Treasurer; Bro. Johnnie Nemec, Junior Warden; WB Gary Dryer, Master; Bro. Kenny Best, Senior Warden; WB Warren Weston, Secretary. Back row, left to right, WB Gary Barron, Installing Grand Master; Bro. Charles Farris, Junior Deacon; Bro. Jim Payne, Senior Deacon and Bro. Neal Cowan, Senior Steward. Not in photo, Installing Grand Chaplain WB Bob Harmon and Installing Grand Marshal Bro, Tony Broome. A grand program was given before the actual installation with presentation of Colors by Wm. F. Kuhn DeMolay followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Jobs Daughters Bethel #48 gave the Bible Ceremony. WB Bob Harmon gave the invocation and Benediction. Many honored guests were present, along with many family members of the installed officers, Mrs. Hannah Farris, widow of 1996 Swope Park Master WB Al Farris and RWB William Van Meter.

On August 10, 2006, at an open meeting of Arrow Rock Masonic Lodge #55, the officers for 2007 were installed. (L to R) front row, WB Bob Stith, Treasurer; WB Terry Townsend, Sr., SW; WB Luane Miller, WM; WB Geary Norris, JW, Bro. Robbie O'Bryan, SS; WB Fred McBurney, JS, and Bro. John Vinson, Tiler; AND back row, RWB Stan Massey, DDGL/13, Installing Master, RWB Ken Osborn DDGM, Secretary; and RWB Leo Bottom, installing chaplain.

Temple Gate Lodge #299 and East Gate Lodge #630 came together on August 15, 2006 at East Gate Lodge to honor Past Grand Masters. W.B. Carl H. Terry, P.D.D.G.L and P.D.D.M, honored 101 Brethren including Most Wor. Bro. William J. Hill, Grand Master 19811982 Mo.; Most Wor. Bro. Charles P Weatheman, Grand Master of Japan 1973; Most Wor. Bro. William D. Patterson, Grand Master of Japan 1997; R.W.B. Rocky Weaver, J.G.W. Mo. Grand Lodge; R.W.B. James E. Spencer, P.G.L. Emeritus Mo. Grand Lodge; R.W.B. Denning W. Spears, D.D.G.M. 18th Dist., Grand Lodge; R.W.B. Glenn Burrows, D.D.G.L. 18th Dist., Grand Lodge; R.W.B. David Coburn, D.D.G.M. 19th Dist. Grand Lodge. There were 25 other Rt. Wor. Brethren present, and 66 other Brethren from Kansas, and Missouri Lodges. The Brethren retired to the dinning room for refreshments and fellowship. We all had a wonderful harmonious evening enjoyed by all.

Kirksville Lodge #105 and Adair Lodge #366 in Kirksville, MO, recently processed over 300 children in a screening for the Child Identification Program. (CHIP) This was a joint project by the two lodges. Leaders in the program pictured left to right: Christopher Wistron, RWB Jon Broyles, RWB Gale Turner, RWB David Ramsey, and Eli Cohen.

The first School of Instruction conducted after Grand Lodge was held on Tuesday evening, September 26, 2006 with over 40 Brothers in attendance. RWB Bob O'Dell, RGL-A, worked the floor. The School was in the 22nd Masonic District and was hosted by Twilight Lodge No. 114 in Columbia, Missouri.

60 Spring 2007

Washington Lodge #87, AF&AM, hosted an Open Meeting on September 12th, 2006. Dinner was served at 6:30pm for about 50 Masons, their wives, family and friends. Later the following were officially installed into their elected or appointed offices: Pictured are row 1 - Bill Isaac, Tiler, RWB CC McLemore, III, Secretary, Gary Gabbert, JW, WB Don Adams, WM, Bruce Roseman, SS, A. J. White, JS and WB Joe E. Hunt, Installing Master. 2nd row - Rex A. Wilkinson, JD, Homer G. Ellis, SW, WB John W. Shoemaker, Installing Chaplain and David A. Payne, SD. 3rd row - WB Harold C. Simmons, Marshall, Larry D. Hilburn, Treasurer, RWB Ric D. Harding, Chaplain and WB Billy L. Cooper, Installing Marshall.

Versailles Lodge # 320 held its annual installation of officers in an open meeting October 23, 2006. Installing Master was Ed Smith and installing Marshall was Bill Dolstien. Front row left to right are Worshipful Master Bill Hibdon, Senior Warden Wray Fisher, Junior Warden Larry Banner, Chaplain Stanley Lindquist, Marshall Frank Montesano. Back row left to right are Senior Deacon Charles Slagley, Tiler Pat Deaton, Senior Steward Carl Hees, Treasurer Creed Marriott and Secretary O.H. Patten.

Shown are members of the Leadwood Lodge #598 Chance to Advance Class held May 13, 2006. Charlie's Angels performed the degree work. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Richard L. Koerber became Worshipful Master of Brentwood Masonic Lodge #616 at Clayton Masonic Temple, Clayton, MO on August 3, 2006. He succeeded his father, Kenneth R. Koerber in ceremonies conducted by RWB Jon Broyles as Installing Master, assisted by RWB Randall M. Berger as Chaplain and WB James R. Fiete as Marshal. Prior to the installation, Brentwood Lodge members Eugene W. Miller and Robert A. Summers were each honored for fifty years Masonic Service. A catered meal before and refreshments followed the open Lodge ceremonies. Pictured: RWB Jon B. Broyles, WM Richard L. Koerber, WB Kenneth R. Koerber and RWB Randall M. Berger

On October 19, 2006 Clifton Lodge #463 held its 125th Roll Call dinner. Members and their families enjoyed a potluck dinner and a side program by Bro. Merle Williams on his recent medical mission to Kenya, Africa.

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Angerona Lodge held its annual installation of Officers on September 16, 2006, installing Randy Ogan as Worshipful Master. Members of the officers' line and installing officers included WB Randy Ogan, WM; Robert Jenkins, SW; Roger Hawk, JW; WB Dale Mathews, Treasurer; RWB F. Wayne Dugan, Secretary; WB Rick Clevenger, Chaplain; Darrin McGlothlin, Marshal; Ray Mathews, SD; Loran Don Frazier, JD; Gary Lackey, SS; Michael Laughlin, JS; Billy Turner, Tyler; WB Steve Harrison, Master of Ceremonies; RWB Rocky Weaver, Installing Master; RWB Ronald D. Miller, Installing Marshal; RWB Sheldon H. Snitz, Installing Chaplain; Lawrence Dysart, Installing Pianist; Liberty Rainbow Assembly No. 31 performed the Bible Ceremony; WB Rick Clevenger was outgoing Master.

On October 14, 2006, Lathrop Lodge #506 installed its officers for the 2007 year. The open installation was held at the Lathrop Christian Church and was preceded by a fine meal prepared by WB Porter Hensen and his crew and enjoyed by a large number of family, friends, and brothers. Pictured left to right, front row: Don Frazier (installing Chaplin); Art Gentry, Secretary; Don Griffin, Tyler; W. Corwin Henry, Master; Brian Kennedy, JW; James Edwards, JS; RW F. Wayne Dugan, RGL "B" (installing Marshal); back row: Michael Marvin, SD; RW Bob O'Dell RGL"A" (installing Master); Greg Golden, SW; Jack Everly, Chaplain; Scott Shrewsbury, Marshal. Not pictured: WB Jay Maddick, Treas; Skip Willdermood, JD; Grant Edwards, SS.

On September 18, 2006, Moberly Lodge #344, Moberly, Mo., installed its officers for the 2007 year. The open installation was preceded by a fine meal in the dining room, and was enjoyed by a large number of family, friends and brothers. Pictured are WB Hurschell Lain, (on the right) and RWB Bob O'Dell, RGL "A", (installing Master, on the right). Officers not pictured: Bill Lorton, S.W.; WB Ken Redding, J.W.; Jim Brooks, Treas.; WB Buffy Morgan, Sec.; Tano Matu, S.D.; WB Lymond Ray, S.S.; WB Mutt Woods, J.S.; RWB Bud Prewitt, Tyler; WB Marion Fountain, Chap.

On October 5, 2006, Marceline Lodge #481, Marceline, Missouri, installed its officers for the 2007 year. The open installation was followed by an ice cream and cake social in the dining room, and was enjoyed by a large number of family, friends and brothers. Pictured front row: Dale Schreckhise, S.D.; Arln Yount, J.D.; Ivan Buckman, Treas.; Bob Cupp, Marshal; Bob Walton, Chap.; RW Eddie Smith, (Installing Marshal); back row: WB Dean McAdams, S.W.; RW Bob O'Dell, RGL "A" (Installing Master); WB Roger A. Cupp, WM; John Carver, S.S.; Mike Sportsman, J.S.; Pete Janis, Tiler; WB Kenneth E. Jay, Sec.; Marty Cupp, J.W.; RW Larry L. Lentz, (Installing Chaplin). All Officers were present and duly installed.

Ivanhoe Lodge #446, Kansas City, installed 2006-07 Officers on September 23, 2006. The following pictured Officers left to right were installed: John Kosman, PM, Chaplain; Dick Graff, PM, Secretary; Sy Harvell, Jr. Deacon; Allen Walden, PM, Jr. Warden; Jim Lear, Worshipful Master; David Dowell, Sr. Warden; Bill White, Sr. Steward; Robert Inouye, Sr. Deacon; Oscar Barkhurst, PM, Tyler. The installing Worshipful Master was MWB William J. Hill, Past Grand Master.


Spring 2007 61

An area meeting was held in Columbia on November 11, 2006. Individuals pictured (l to r) are WB Joe Joyner, Sara Snodderley (Director of Public Relations Masonic Home of Missouri), MWB M. Robert Berger (Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri), Karin Bell (Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri), WB Les Stewart, WB John Cecilia, Bro. Kyle Hookey, and RWB Ronald D. Miller (Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri. Joyner, Stewart, Cecilia, and Hookey are all from Knob Noster Lodge #245, Knob Noster, Missouri.

On May 16, 2006, Hebron Lodge No. 354 held Past Masters night at Burroughs Masonic Temple. Those Past Masters attending and those filling an office were (first row) Robert Fenlon, senior steward; Robert Poage, treasurer; Dennis Herndon, senior deacon; Gerald Chaney, worshipful master; R. T. Hodges, junior warden; Donald Woods, junior steward; Frank Wilfley; James Schemwell, chaplain; (second row) Richard Coil; Darrel Knipp; Fred Smith; Randall Barnes, senior warden; Gerald Kelley; Robert Given, marshal; Richard Mills, secretary; Al Schlindler, junior deacon; Scott Hunt, tyler; (third row) Jared Price; Charles Minney.

Arnold Lodge #673 has installed the following officers for 2007: From left to right: WB Richard Kraus, WB Ray Schuchardt, Bro. Craig Stratmann, WB Ed Marr, WB Don Jones, Bro. Jack Grothe, WB George Ward, RWB Carl Brown (Front), Bro. John Klunk (Back), Bro. Mike Toombs, WB Rick Braun. The installation was held on September 9, 2006 at Freedom Masonic Temple in Mehlville, MO.

On August 29, 2006, the officers for Hebron Lodge #354 were installed for the coming year at Burroughs Masonic Temple. Officers (front row, from left) are James Mosley, junior warden; Phillip Moody, senior warden; Jared Barnes, worshipful master; Randall Barnes, father and installing officer for his son; John Hall, senior deacon; Gerald Kelley, marshal; (row two) David Loucks, junior steward; Chad Peck, junior deacon; Gerald Chaney, chaplain; Jared Price, installing marshal and lodge secretary; and Richard Mills, installing chaplain. Not pictured are John Lowry, treasurer; Brian Davis, senior steward and Edward Spurling, Tyler.

During the Nov. 14 Blue Lodge meeting (Cooper Lodge #36), Brother Keith Bail, who was elected as Associate Circuit Court Judge in the Nov. 7 election, was presented a gavel that had belonged our deceased Brother, Frank Ames Arnold. Left to Right: H. Mark Woolridge, Keith Bail, Roy Cary.

Hermitage Masonic Lodge #288, Held an open installation of Officers for 2006 on September 15th. Pictured from L-R front row: RWB Cleo Fields, Senior Deacon; Dan Bodas, Senior Warden; WB David Turner, Master; Doug Anderson, Senior Steward; Walter Pearson, Marshall; Back Row L-R: WB David Loehr, Treasurer; Jim Strouse, Tyler; John Cawyer, Junior Steward; WB Rick Nelson, Junior Steward; WB Carl Turner, Chaplin; WB James Munden, Secretary.

Southwest Heritage Lodge #681, Joplin, MO, will be having its 2nd Annual Outdoor Third Degree May 19, 2007. Lodge opens at 7:00 PM. Location: East of Jasper at WB KENNY CARTER'S FARM. Directions: From 71 Highway and M/N Road (Baseline) Go East on "N" to County Road 90, Go North 2 1/2 Miles. OR From Jasper on "K" to CR 90, Go South about 1/2 Mile. Watch for Signs.

Knob Noster Masons “paint the town” Masons from Knob Noster Masonic Lodge No. 245, Knob Noster, Missouri, took advantage of what could be the last nice weekend of the year to give parking slots and curbs in downtown Knob Noster a fresh coat of paint. Several Masons and their wives came out bright and early on Sunday morning, November 26, to participate in what has become an annual community service project for the lodge. The activity is a joint effort between the city and the lodge with the city supplying the necessary paint and supplies and the Masons providing the labor. “This is a project we always look forward to,” said Joe Joyner, Worshipful Master of the local lodge. “Not only is it good for the city,” said Joyner, “it’s also a great team-building project for lodge members.” (l-r) WB Randy Eckert, Bro. Kyle Hookey, WB Les Stewart, and Bro. Max Grindstaff apply fresh paint to parking slots and curbs on State Street. 62 Spring 2007


Knob Noster lodge enjoys family night Good food and lots of fun was the main order of business during the Open Communication at Knob Noster Lodge No. 245, Knob Noster, Missouri, on Thursday, November 9, 2006. “It’s not often we have an opportunity to meet with our families and recognize their contributions to Masonry,” said Worshipful Master Joe Joyner, as he opened the meeting. “All too often, the work of our families goes unnoticed, yet they are critical to the success of most everything we do,” he added. Family members present were briefed on the many projects and lodge programs already completed since lodge opened in September. WB Joyner wanted those in attendance to understand what their husbands and fathers are involved in when they are away doing “stuff at the lodge.” Among the achievements highlighted were the initiation of four new members, several very successful fundraisers, and attendance at Grand Lodge where the lodge was recognized as a “Truman Honor Lodge”, received the Silver Ritual Award, Membership Achievement Award, and was recognized for its work with the Masonic Home of Missouri. Committee work performed by members of the Budget Committee, Audit Committee, Building Committee, and Temple Board was also mentioned as contributing greatly to the success of the lodge so far this year. Finally, after some brief announcements and a short business meeting, everyone adjourned to the dining area to enjoy some great food prepared by lodge members and their families. More than 40 people attended the event, including brothers and family members from Warrensburg, Holden and Windsor lodges.

Dawson Joyner, grandson of WB Joe Joyner of Knob Noster, enjoys making his own dessert.

During the month of December Linn Creek Lodge #152 conducted it's 4th annual Holiday Food Drive with the assistance of The Lake Of The Ozarks Shrine Club. Food and cash donated by our members and from local merchants was collected and donated to four needy families and to the following local charity groups in our area; Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Lake Area Helping Hands, The Lamb House, and Camden County Child Advocacy Center. Over $1800 and a small mountain of food items were distributed this year. Pictured from left to right are Brother Paul Warman, Marshall; Brother Randy Oitker, RWB James Portwood, Secretary; and Brother Bill Gansemer, Senior Warden.

Knob Noster Lodge Raises Three New Master Masons Things were hopping at Knob Noster Masonic Lodge #245, Knob Noster, Missouri, on Saturday, December 9, 2006, as three new Master Masons were raised. Bros. Rodger Kirk, Max Grindstaff, and Brad Cox were each raised with the assistance of visiting Brethren from Sedalia, Warrensburg, Holden, Higginsville, Odessa, and Richmond. This was truly a joint effort between area lodges and a day that will surely go down in the history books of the Knob Noster lodge. It’s not often that you have three new brothers raised on the same morning. Those in attendance enjoyed a great breakfast of biscuits and gravy prior to starting the degree work and finished off the day with a small lunch and social time. Pictured (l-r) are Rodger Kirk, Brad Cox, and Max Grindstaff, the newest Master Masons of Knob Noster Masonic Lodge No. 245. THE MISSOURI FREEMASON

Polar Star-Rose Hill Chance to Advance Class Held at Scottish Rite Missouri’s new Grand Master -- Most Worshipful Brother M. Robert Berger --was among the Grand Line members of Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge No. 79 present when the lodge hosted a Chance to Advance Class at the St. Louis Scottish Rite on Saturday, October 7, 2006. More than two dozen Brothers became Master Masons, including two from Polar Star-Rose Hill. There were 20 Entered Apprentices, five Fellow Craft and 31 Master Masons in attendance and all left as Master Masons. Work in the first and second degrees was held in the morning. In the second degree, RWB Jon Broyles presented the Curtain Lecture and RWB Randall Berger delivered the Letter "G". After lunch the lodge reopened and the third degree was conferred. Other Grand Line officers from Polar Star-Rose Hill who attended the event were Right Worshipful Brothers Berger, Senior Grand Marshall; Broyles, Junior Grand Steward, and Richard Smith, Grand Perseverant. Also attending were Right Worshipful Bothers Dave Jacobi, Meridian Lodge #2, Grand Tyler, and Darryl Curtis, Craftsman Lodge #717 and J.R. Latta, Hannibal Lodge, Grand Chaplains. The moderator was former Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Wilfred G. Soutiea. Past Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Jeff Nations gave the third degree curtain lecture. Polar Star-Rose Hill Brethren who took part in other degree work included RWB Berger who obligated in the second, RWB Broyles who obligated in the third, RWB Harry Weber as King Solomon, and RWB Tom Gooch, Worshipful Senior Warden. Two of the lodge’s members were the on-stage candidates; Brother Barry Robbins, first section, and Mark Bunn, second section. When the special communication opened at 8:10 a.m. RWB Berger was Worshipful Master; RWB Weber was Senior Warden, Bro. Don J. Fruhwirth was Junior Warden, RWB Broyles was Senior Deacon and Bro. Peter G. Panagiotopoulos, Junior Deacon. All are members of Polar Star-Rose Hill Lodge. Many other members of Polar Star-Rose Hill also attended.

Spring 2007 63

yself In Freemas M e v o r p onry To Im The First Freemason Tradition and imagination (but not history) have traced the first Freemason all the way back to King Solomon (or even Adam!). We all understand that the story of Hiram is allegorical not historical. Writers have attempted to connect Freemasonry with every movement from the Greek Mystery religions to Jewish Essenes to Rosicrucians. We smile indulgently when we see early Masonic writers designate as Grand Masters legendary figures from Moses to King Solomon to the Emperor Augustus. We tend to accept 1717 as the beginning of organized Freemasonry in England, but the establishment of a grand lodge presupposes the existence of individual, local lodges. I heard recently a native American state that there were Freemasons among the pre-European, native inhabitants of this country. Historical documents have revealed much earlier dates for lodge meetings in which candidates were initiated into Freemasonry. The “first speculative English Freemason” is said to be Elias Ashmole (May 23, 1617 – May 18, 1692), called “the most learned English antiquarian of his day” by Denslow (10,000 Famous Freemasons). His extensive library and collection of rare documents, donated in 1677 to Oxford University, became the Ashmolean Museum. His diary has long been considered the earliest known record of speculative masonry in an English lodge. “His diary entry of October 16, 1646 stated that he had been

made a Freemason at 4:30 p.m. at Warrington, Lancashire with Col. Henry Mainwaring of Karineham, Cheshire.” Frances A. Yates (The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, 1972) points out that there is a well authenticated earlier one: “This is the record of the admission into the Masonic lodge of Edinburgh of Robert Moray, on 20 May 1641. Moray did more than, probably, any other individual to foster the foundation of the Royal Society and to persuade Charles II to establish it by his patronage…. Thus the two persons of whom we have the earliest certain evidence of membership of Masonic lodges were both foundation members of the Royal Society—Moray and Ashmole. The Masonic organization was thus clearly in existence at least twenty years before the foundation of the Royal Society in 1660.” Richard Lomas, in Freemasons and the Birth of Modern Science (2003), writes that “Ashmole was invited into the new Society,…not because of any pretension towards science but because he was a Freemason, with enough money to contribute to Bro. Moray’s project.” Ashmole proposed “an extremely Masonic Coat of Arms,” which was not adopted. Henry Coil in Freemasonry through Six Centuries (1967) writes that “the first account of the presence of a non-operative mason in a lodge is found in the minutes of the Lodge of Edinburgh for the year 1600 where on June 8 it was recorded that John

Boswell, Laird of Aichinleck, was present” at a called meeting of the lodge. Coil further states that “the first record of the initiation of a non-operative appears on July 3, 1634 when the Rt. Hon. Lord Alexander was admitted fellow of the craft.” The earliest known reference to the “Mason Word” occurs in a poem published at Edinburgh in 1638. The poem, published in Knoop, Jones & Hamer, Early Masonic Pamphlets, 1945, p. 30, is a metrical account of Perth: For what we do presage is not in grosse, For we be brethren of the Rosie Crosse: We have the Mason word and second sight, Things for to come we can foretell aright. Does it matter who the first Freemason was? Not really. More important is the newly raised Master Mason in your lodge, whose experience of initiation must be supported by follow-up Masonic Education. But it is interesting and important to realize there is substantial historic as well as legendary precedent for the traditions and practices that we still call Freemasonry. It is truly an “ancient and honorable Order” and knowledge of its history gives new meaning to our description of its existence “from time immemorial.” Dr. E. Otha Wingo, DDGL 38

POSTMASTER: Please send Address Forms 2579 to Grand Secretary, 6033 Masonic Drive, Suite B, Columbia, Missouri 65202-6535.

Missouri Freemason Magazine - v52n02 - 2007 Spring  

T H E M I S S O U R I Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Volume 52 No. 2 SPRING...

Missouri Freemason Magazine - v52n02 - 2007 Spring  

T H E M I S S O U R I Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Freemasonry in Missouri Volume 52 No. 2 SPRING...