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NAS Oceana Aeropalms Water Park reopens for the summer

Naval Air Station Oceana’s Aeropalms Water Park reopened on Friday afteranearlyfive-yearclosureduetoCovid-19 NASOceana’sPublicWorks and Morale, Welfare and Recreation departments worked to restore the facilityanditsequipment.

“We realize how much it means to Sailors and their families to have this facility for them to enjoy summer,” said Lisa Sibelius, NAS Oceana’s MWR Fitness Director “It’s important for us to know that we are improving the qualityoflifeforourcommunity.”

Aeropalms will be open every weekend until Saturday June 15 Then it willbeopensixdaysaweek,closedTuesdaysforcleaningandmaintenance Alongwithavarietyofwaterslidesforallages,thewaterparkalsooffersa snackbar,cabanarentals,andbirthdaypartypackages.

Dailyentrytothewaterparkis$10foractiveduty,reservistsandretirees, and$12forDoDciviliansandguests

This July also marks the 20-year anniversary of Aeropalms, so be on the lookoutforaspecialeventtocelebratethismilestone

“TheMWRAquaticsTeamisexcitedtobringthewaterparkbacktolife,” Sibeliussaid.“Wearelookingforwardtoagreatsummer!”

Fleet Forces Commander cuts ribbon on Hefti LVC Operation Center

U.S. Fleet Forces Command

VIRGINIABEACH,Va Morethan250friends, family, guests, military and local leaders were in attendance during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hefti Global Virtual, Live, Constructive (VLC) OperationsCenter(GLOC),May14 2024.

U.S. Fleet Forces band members entertained attendees by performing several songs to open the ceremony,followedbyaformationflyoverbyF/A-18 HornetsandF/A-18E/FSuperHornetsfromStrike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 106. Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, and the HonorableJenKiggans,UnitedStatesRepresentative for Virginia’s 2nd congressional district, delivered remarks at the new facility, located on Naval AirStationOceanaDamNeckAnnex

“I am deeply impressed to be in the presence of so many loved ones,” said Adm. Caudle “Family

VIRGINIABEACH,Va (May14 2024) Familymembers ofthe late U.S.Navy CaptainJohn“Bag”Hefti are joined byAdm.Daryl Caudle,commander U.S.Fleet Forces Command,and The HonorableJen Kiggans,United States Representative forVirginia’s 2nd congressional district,during the ribbon cutting forthe Hefti Global Live,Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Operations Centerat the Dam Neck Annex.Hefti Global LVC Operations Centeris named afterCapt.John“Bag” Hefti,whowas tragicallykilled in an auto accident in 2021.Capt

Executive OfficerCapt.JoshAppezzato goes down awaterslide at theAeropalmsWaterParkreopening (PHOTOBYBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSMEGANWOLLAM)
MatthewJackson Commander
Hefti led Sailors and operations in theJoint & FleetTraining Department forU.S. Fleet Forces Caudle officiallynamed the Global LVC Operations Centerafter Capt.Hefti to honorhis life and service. (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYCHIEFMASS COMMUNICATIONSPECIALISTMATTHEW N.JACKSON/RELEASED) VOL.32 NO 20 Norfolk,Va | flagshipnews.com May 30-June 5,2024 IN THIS ISSUE 2024 Military Spouse Awards Heroes at Home ThisyearwehonorMilitarySpouseswhosupporteach otherwhileworkinghardtomaketheircommunities better SPECIALSECTIONPAGESC1-C12 THEFLAGSHIP’SFREEHOMEDELIVERY CALL TODAY! 757.446.9000 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door for free! NAVFAC Atlantic Champions Chesapeake Bay Preservation at Lafayette River Annex Cleanup NavalFacilitiesEngineeringSystemsCommand Atlanticonceagaindemonstratedits commitmenttoenvironmentalstewardshipby participatingintheannualCleantheBayDay eventattheLafayetteRiverAnnex. PAGEA6 NAS Oceana leadership MWR,PWD,and contractors pose fora photo at theAeropalms reopening.(PHOTOBYBYMASS COMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSMEGANWOLLAM) TurntoHeftiLVCOperationCenter Page 2 www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 1

QUANTICO Va The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is providing proactive and continuous security and counterintelligence to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps andU.S.CoastGuardforthe36thFleetWeek NewYorkfromMay22to28

During the week-long event, security remainsatoppriorityforthecivilianfederal law enforcement agency that is uniquely responsible for protecting assets for the Navy and Marine Corps Military assets as part of the celebration include two U.S. Navyships,countlessUSMCstaticdisplays, three U.S. Coast Guard vessels, four U.S. Naval Academy Yard Patrol boats, and two Germanwarships Allshipswillparticipate in a spectacular Parade of Ships tomorrow


NCIS coordinated land and waterside security for asset protection in support of the event. Special Agents and analysts will staff the FWNY Command Center working side-by-side with the Officer in Tactical Command. NCIS provides surveillance detection and counter surveillance, both staticandroving,aseventsunfoldinthecity, in surrounding boroughs, and New Jersey Dailyintelligencebriefingswillalsooccurin theCommandCenter Intheeventofcriminalactivity NCISagentswillprovidecriminalinvestigativeassistanceasneeded.

“It is an honor to support the greatest Navy in the world, coming to the greatest city in the world, working with the greatest police department [NYPD] in the world,” saidSpecialAgentJenniferSurwilo,thelead NCIS liaison on the FWNY planning team.

Hefti LVC Operation Center from Page 1

friends,colleagues,andshipmatesofJohnArthur‘Bag’ Hefti, I believe attendance is well over 250 folks this morning whichspeaksdirectlytothetypeofleaderBag was,andtothereachandimpacthehadonsomany,not onlyintheNavy,butinhiscommunity.

The Hefti operation center specializes in “LVC,” which combines real-world, in-person elements with virtual reality, simulation and other computer-generated technologies to enable service members to train liketheyfightforcombat

“Wemustandcandobetter,LVCenablesthisobjective TheLVCtrainingcapabilityprovidedbytheNavy Continuous Training Environment enables warfighterstomaster explore,develop andrefinetheirtactics at a faster pace than any adversary can counter,” said Caudle Representative Kiggans, a former Navy helicopter pilot,alsodeliveredremarkstothestanding-room-only crowd of attendees “I wake up every day and fight for our men and women in uniform, especially the men and women who serve in this district…this building is justamazing.”

Following remarks Caudle Kiggans and family members of Capt. Hefti cut the ribbon on the Navy’s newest,cutting-edgefacility

TheHeftiGlobalLVCOperationsCenterwasnamed after Capt. John “Bag” Hefti who was tragically killed in an auto accident in 2021. Capt. Hefti led Sailors and operationsintheJointandFleetTrainingDepartment forU.S.FleetForces Caudleofficiallynamedthefacility afterCapt.Heftitohonorhislifeandservice

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“A lot of elements come together to plan this event and we look forward to another successfulyear.”

Theeventhasbeenheldnearlyeveryyear since 1984 and it is anticipated that about 2,300 service members will participate this year

Forup-to-dateinformationonallFWNY events, visit the official FWNY website at https://cnrma.cnic.navy.mil/Operations-and-Management/Fleet-Week-NewYork/.Jointheconversationonsocialmedia byusingthehashtag,#NCISFleetWeek Comprisedofabout2,000personnel,with more than 1,000 serving as federal Special Agents,NCISisuniqueamongU.S.military criminal investigative organizations as it is a civilian-ran agency and is headed by a civilian law enforcement professional who reportsdirectlytotheSecretaryoftheNavy

Today, NCIS operates in approximately 191 locations, in more than 41 countries Giventheorganization’sworldwideforward presence NCISisoftenthefirstfederallaw enforcement agency on the scene when U.S.interestsoverseasareaffected.Inaddition to serving at major naval commands around the world, NCIS Special Agents deploy aboard all Navy aircraft carriers and with amphibious task forces NCIS agents routinelyconductadvancesbeforeU.S.Navy ships visit non-Navy ports, working with domestic and foreign counterparts to identifyandmitigatesecuritythreats NCISalso conducts protective service operations for seniornavalofficialsandvisitingdignitaries For more information about NCIS, visit https://www.ncis.navy.mil/.

NEWYORK-NCIS SpecialAgents Ian Bland (right) and Nicole Legget reviewsecuritymeasureswith NYPD Sgt.Tom Denickeras USS Bataan (LHD-5) arrives in support ofthe 36th FleetWeek NewYork,May22 The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is providing proactive and continuous securityand counterintelligence to the U.S.Navy U.S.Marine Corps and U.S.Coast Guard forthe 36th FleetWeekNewYorkfrom May22 to 28 (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYTODDBEVERIDGE) VIRGINIABEACH,Va (May14 2024) Items displayed in the memorial hall ofthe Hefti Global Live,Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Operations Centerat the Dam NeckAnnex.Hefti Global LVC Operations Centeris named afterCapt.John“Bag”Hefti,whowas tragicallykilled in an auto accident in 2021.Capt Hefti led Sailors and operations in theJoint & FleetTraining Department forU.S. Fleet Forces Caudle officiallynamed the Global LVC Operations CenterafterCapt.Hefti to honorhis life and service.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYCHIEFMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALISTMATTHEWN.JACKSON/RELEASED)
NCIS provides security for the 36th Fleet Week New York
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Ceremony held for change of command of NMRTC CL, change of directorship of

CAMP LEJEUNE, NC Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune (NMCCL) hosted a Change of Command and Directorship ceremony on May 21, 2024, at Marston Pavilion aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Theceremonyisaformaltradition symbolizing the transfer of total responsibility, authority, and accountability from one officer to another UnitedStatesNavyCaptainAnjaDabelić whomostrecentlyservedastheCommandingOfficeratU.S.NavyMedicineReadiness and Training Command Charleston and DirectorofNavalHealthClinicCharleston, relievedCaptainKevinJ.Brownasdirector ofNMCCLandcommanderofNavyMedicine Readiness and Training Command Camp Lejeune (NMRTC CL)

RearAdm.DarinVia,SurgeonGeneralof the Navy and Chief of Bureau of Medicine andSurgery,presidedovertheceremony In addition to welcoming Dabelić to her new role, Via praised Brown for his leadership throughout his tour at NMCCL.

“It’s a semi-sweet occasion as Camp Lejeunebidsfarewelltoanesteemedleader while also extending a warm welcome to a new commanding officer taking the helm. Rear Admiral (select) Kevin Brown’s dedication and leadership at Camp Lejeune overthepasttwoyearshasbeenexemplary He has fostered a culture of excellence in patient care, innovation, and support for our active-duty service members, their families, and retirees.”

Brown was frocked by Adm. Via during the ceremony to Rear Admiral Lower Half and will assume the position of Commander Naval Medical Forces Atlantic in the near future.

Upon assuming command, Dabelić thanked Brown for his insightful leadership As the first female commander and director, Dabelić voiced her desire to build on the foundation formed by inspirational femaleleadershiponCampLejeuneandin the military over the years.

“Their perseverance, resilience and unwavering dedication have made it possible for me to stand before you as the first female Commanding Officer of Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune. I accept the weight of this distinction with gratitude and a firm resolve to make the most

Camp Lejeune

of this opportunity,” said Dabelić “Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune is not just a hospital;weareabeaconofhope,asanctuaryofhealing,andasymboloftheMilitary Health System’s unwavering commitment

to the well-being of those who serve and their loved ones.” NMCCL celebrates more than 80 years of dedicated, passionate care for warfighters and beneficiaries at Marine Corps BaseCampLejeune

cal center is NMRTC CL, the readiness platform for active-duty Navy Medicine personnel.
the Change ofCommand ceremonyheld aboard Marine Corps Base
www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024 3 Improving health every day Sentaraismaking
moresimple,affordable,and personal,
(May21,2024) Capt.Anja Dabeli relieves Capt.KevinJ Brown as Commanderand
CenterCamp Lejeune at
Camp Lejeune,May21,2024.Medical CenterCamp
celebrates more than 80years ofdedicated passionate care forwarfighters and beneficiaries at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.Attached
centeris the readiness platform foractive-dutyNavyMedicine personnel,NavyMedicine Readiness andTraining Command Camp
care and exceptional health plansfor all thepatients,members, and communitiesweserve It’s what we do.Soyou candowhat youlovetodo.

Coffee with the Captain and Executive Director

This month’s “Coffee with the Captain andExecutiveDirector”offeredavaluable opportunity for open dialogue between Capt.HannahKriewaldt,ActingExecutive Director Mike Parker Command Master

Chief Mike Avallone, Hospital Corpsman

First Class Francis Edquid, and a diverse group of attendees Military enlisted, officers, and civilians gathered for a casual conversation that covered a wide range of topics relevant to their daily lives and the overall health of the command, 16 May.

Avallone emphasized his commitment to the well-being of all personnel He reiterated that his door is always open to any Sailor or civilian who wants to discuss concerns, offer suggestions, or simply have someone to talk to This accessibility is crucial for maintaining high morale andensuringthateveryonefeelsheardand valued.

One relatable topic that sparked lively discussion was the daily commute. For thoseunfamiliarwithNewportNews navigatingbridgesandtunnelscansignificantly extendtraveltimes,especiallyduringpeak hours or unexpected delays Attendees sharedtheirpersonalstrategiesformanaging the commute, from using the time to de-stress with audiobooks to utilizing the HamptonRoadsTransit“757Express”bus service for a comfortable and relaxing ride with Wi-Fi access

Kriewaldt also led a thought-provoking

discussion on navigating unclear communication.Sheencouragedattendeestoseek clarificationwhenunsureaboutasituation orinteraction.Thisfocusonopencommunication can foster a more positive and


Aligning with the Mission: Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

A topic that resonated strongly with the entire audience aligned perfectly with

the Chief of Naval Operations’ priorities, released on January 9th, focusing on “recruiting and retaining talented people fromacrosstherichfabricofAmerica.”The discussion centered on how the command could contribute to this crucial initiative. It was quickly recognized that several individuals at the command were already activelyengagedinoutreachefforts Parker, the Acting Executive Director, who also serves as the Quality Assurance Director, shared his experience visiting an elementary school and speaking with students about job trades and the fascinating world of submarine construction. Parker highlighted the students’ enthusiasm and engagement, solidifying the importance of reaching young minds early on. This example sparked further conversation about potential outreach programs, highlighting the dedication of the command’s personnel to supporting the Navy’broadermissionandinteractingwith the surrounding community of Newport News Virginia.

This“CoffeewiththeCaptainandExecutive Director event serves as a valuable modelforopencommunicationwithinthe command This informal setting allows for a free exchange of ideas, concerns, and solutions among senior leadership and the broader workforce It ultimately contributes to a more informed and engaged community, working together towards a shared mission.

along with quality service While healthy meals are served, typically, inhigh-endexpensiveMichelinstarrestaurants,theyarealsoprovidedaboardsomeof MSC’sfinestvessels Recently four MSC ships received the 2023 Captain David M. Cook Foodservice Excellence Award for their healthy meal options that offers multiple entrée choices, side dishes, and delicious desserts The winners were honored at the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation’s (NRAEF) annual Military Foodservice Awards dinner and ceremony, held at the Hilton Palmer House Hotel in Chicago onMay17 Each year the NRAEF honors both individuals and teams from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and MSC’s Food Service CivilServiceMariners(CIVMARS).NRAEF recognizesawardeesfortheircommitment to foodservice excellence in management effectiveness, force readiness support, food quality,customerrelations,resourceconservation,training andsafetyawareness

MSC’s Captain David M. Cook Foodservice Excellence Award recognizes the best ofthebestinfourcategories:Winninginthe MediumAfloatcategorywasfleetreplenishmentoilerUSNSJoshuaHumphreys(T-AO 188) DrycargoandammunitionshipUSNS William McLean (T-AKE 12) won in Large Afloat,rescueandsalvageshipUSNSGrasp (T-ARS 51) won in Small Afloat, and USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) won in Hybrid Afloat WhileMcLeanisafirst-timewinner, Grasp took the honor four times in 2008, 2009,2022,and2023 Humphreyshaswon, the last three consecutive years in 2021 2022, and 2023 Mount Whitney has won four times in the Hybrid category in 2016 2020,2022,and2023

With more than twelve entries submitted, MSC ships were judged on the techniques used to create healthy options, and how those choices were incorporated into menu cycles, said Food Service Operations Manager Jerry Holley Representing each ship at the awards ceremony were MSC representatives CIVMARS made up of captains chief stewards cooks along with theirspouses,andothermembersofMSC’s food service teams Capt. Patrick T. Christian, master of USNS Joshus Humphreys, accepted the award on behalf of his vessel, statingthathewasnotsurprisedbyhisship’s third win in a row. “It is a testament to the Joshua Humphreys culinary teams’ skill,

professionalism,anddedicationtotheship’s crewandMSC,asawhole.”

TheCaptainDavidM.CookFoodService Award honors MSC’s former director of logistics Capt. David M. Cook. While servingasMSC’sdirectorofLogisticsfrom1995 until 1998, he was instrumental in enhancingeveryaspectoffoodserviceoperationsat MSC, from training for food service staff to nutritioneducationforshipcrews Winning the Captain David M. Cook Foodservice Award is a prestigious honor thatexemplifiesexcellenceyear-roundwith a steadfast dedication and commitment to outstanding customer service said MSC FoodServiceDirectorRobertaJio.“Winning theawardfeelslikewinningtheSuperBowl. Thisrequiresexcellencefromallofthefood service team members in the execution of mealpreparationandserviceonadailybasis inordertogettothebiggameandwinitall.”

There is another component to serving healthy meal options aboard MSC ships, Holley said. “Because CIVMARS are the most essential ingredient to MSC operations serving healthy meal options helps to maintain their well-being, which helps to manage their stressors, mental alertness, and cognitive performance all of which are essential components to mission readiness, especially when CIVMARS are at sea supportingtheNavy’swarfightingships.”

The MSC 35-Day Cycle Menu, with

healthy options, deployed to all 58 MSC Government Owned-Government Operated ships in 2014, Jio said. The cycle menu includes a variety of healthy, reduced fat foods that help CIVMARS lower their cholesterollevels promoteweightloss and improveoverallcardiovascularhealth. The cycle menu is reviewed and revised on an annualbasis

Additionally, MSC has its very own culinarycareerprogram,Jiosaid.“Theprogram provides culinary training to civil service marinersfromIntroductiontoFoodService, Basic Culinary Advanced Culinary Baking Techniques along with a Food Service Management course MSC CIVMARS are required to successfully pass targeted courses, depending on their current position, to move up to greater responsibilities. Because MSC only operates ships, we can standardize our training to target afloat juniorandseniorpositions Wealsoprovide firsthand shipboard food production trainingtoindividualshipsbycertifiedexecutive chefs.”

This year marks MSC’s 75th anniversary Itsworkforceincludesapproximately6,000 CIVMARS and 1,100 contract mariners, supported by 1,500 shore staff and 1,400 active duty and reserve military personnel.Ifyouareinterestedinaculinarycareer withMilitarySealiftCommand,visithttps:// sealiftcommand.com/.

ByLashawnSykes USN Military Sealift Command NORFOLK, Va Military Sealift Command(MSC)provideshealthyoptions ateachmeal.Itisastyleofeatingthatusually takesplaceinexpensiverestaurants,where patrons experience excellent nutritional food choices,
2023 Culinary Winners: Four MSC ships win prestigious award for their top-notch dishes Norfolk,Va (May23,2024)–Recently fourMilitarySealift Command ships received the 2023 Captain David M.CookFoodservice ExcellenceAward fortheirhealthymeal options that offers multiple entrée choices side dishes,and delicious desserts Thewinnerswere honored at the National RestaurantAssociation Education Foundation’s (NRAEF) annual MilitaryFoodserviceAwards dinnerand ceremony,held at the Hilton PalmerHouse Hotel in Chicago on May17 Pictured above are the fifteen members that participated in the award ceremony.The participantswere MSC representatives, CIVMARS,made up ofcaptains chiefstewards,cooks,and theirspouses,and othermembers ofMSC’s food service teams.(PHOTOBYRYANCARTER USNMILITARYSEALIFTCOMMAND) YOUR PERFECT JOB IS WAITING careers.tribpub.com 4 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024

Thermoplastic bearing upgrades to J-bar davit


Day-to-day operations aboard Navy vessels is sure to bring wear and tear to many shipboard components, and the J-bar davit is no exception. Typically positioned on the starboard side amidships, the J-bar davit is a device, used to launchandrecoversmallboatsandother equipment.

During a single deployment, the J-bar davit can be used more than 50 times, causing significant wear and tear on its bearings Aspartsofthedavitdegrade,the integrityofthedavitisalsocompromised, safetyissuesensue,leavingtheNavywith expensive repairs

“Normally,wewouldreplacetheexisting bearings very often due to swelling caused by water intrusion,” explained Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Zone Manager, Jeffrey Wunsch. “This swelling, caused by the bearing material absorbing water, preventedtheJ-barfromfittingproperly into its coupling.”

To combat this issue, Wunsch and his team spent several months working with Canyon Marine Solutions and Building LF-18’s Engineering Department, to get necessaryprocessandmaterialmeasurements


Thermoplastic Blue to manufacture the bearings,” said Wunsch. “This thermoplastic is much more resilient to the weather conditions.”

Thermoplastics are polymers that can be softened through heating before being processed and then left to cool and harden. Once cooled, they show no changesinchemicalproperties,meaning theycanbere-meltedandre-usedseveral times

“We believe this is going to be a great cost savings to the Navy and allow ships tobettermaintaintheirJ-barsalleviating frequent replacement,” added Wunsch.

The new thermoplastic bearings are expected to last years, vice months compared to the old phenolic bearings Duetothethermoplastic’sextremelylong lifespan,costsavingswilloccurovertime as the price for the new material is the same as the old phenolic material.

The Navy’s first successful installation ofthethermoplasticbearingsoccurredin April2024aboardUSSOakHill(LSD-51), a Harpers Ferry-class dock landing ship MARMC, a field activity under Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), provides surface ship maintenance, management and oversight of private sector maintenance and fleet technical assistance to ships in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States

Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Zone Manager,JeffreyWunsch, poses for a photo next to a Thermoplastic Blue bearing forJ-bar davits. USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) received the first successful installation of the Thermoplastic Blue bearing,April 2024 (PHOTOBYOSCARPOPE) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 5 757-280-2257 175% offinstall is equal to 15% offthe totalproject price. 2Financingavailabletowellqualified buyersonapproved creditata 0.00% APR for48months,withequal monthlypayments. Youmay prepay your account at any time without penalty.Financingissubjecttocreditrequirementsand satisfactory completion of financedocuments. Any financeterms advertisedare estimatesonly. Normal late charges apply. Seeyour TruthinLending Disclosures formore information. Call 866-697-4033 for financingcosts and terms. 3Free magnetic handheldshower head with thepurchaseofa shower,bath, or full bathremodel.Minimum purchase$12,500 required. Seedesignconsultant fordetails Other restrictions mayapply. Newordersonly. Offernot valid on previous salesorestimates and cannot be combined with other offers.Offer expires6/01/24. BATHROOM REMODELINGDONE RIGHT Employee Installers Easy Maintenance HassleFreeExperience Evening Appointments Licensed &Insured Flexible Payment Plans Subjecttocreditapproval Design Consultation 5-Star Installation RED WHITE &BLUE BATHROOM SavingsEvent 75% OFF INSTALL bathroom remodeling projects1 FREE Magnetic Shower Head Handheld3 48 MONTHS 0% APR2 216,134+ COMPLETED BATHROOM REMODELINGJOBS 4.7/5 4.8/5 (Company reviewsacrossall branches as of 5/01/2024) CALL OR VISIT US ONLINE TO GET STARTED! ASK ABOUT OUR We We That membe about yo t, may discount your insurance. don’t discount your service. know how hard you work to support this country That’s why we offer a special discount to Military members on car insurance. Get your quote today, ask your discount, and make the switch to GEICO 757-549-1772| geico.com/chesapeake-pagan 757-549-1772 | No official U.S. Army or Department of Defense endorsement is implied. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment or affiliation with those organizations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. © 2024 GEICO 22_952157753

NAVFAC Atlantic champions Chesapeake Bay preservation at Lafayette River Annex cleanup

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems CommandAtlanticonceagaindemonstrated itscommitmenttoenvironmentalstewardshipbyparticipatingintheannualCleanthe Bay Day event. Held at the Lafayette River Annex (LRA), this year’s effort successfully removed a significant amount of litter and debris contributing to the ongoing protectionandpreservationoftheChesapeakeBay watershed.

Since its inception in 1989, Clean the Bay Day has become a cherished tradition in Virginia, drawing thousands of volunteers to rivers, streams, beaches, and parks

throughouttheChesapeakeBaywatershed. Thiseventprovidesanopportunityforindividuals,families,militaryinstallations,businesses, clubs, and civic and church groups to give back to their local waterways. Over the years, more than 165,500 volunteers have participated, removing over 7 million poundsofdebrisfrommorethan8,250miles ofshoreline

Timothy Wenk, branch manager for the Air and Water Compliance Branch (EV11) at NAVFAC Atlantic and co-coordinator of NAVFAC Atlantic’s event, expressed his satisfaction with this year’s results “Thank you all for your support with NAVFAC Atlantic’s efforts with Clean the Bay Day this year I really appreciate you taking the time to help clean up the Lafayette River

Annex and remove a substantial amount of treatedwood,plastic,andotherdebrisfrom our shoreline fence line and the overall compound,”Wenksaid.“Weareveryfortunate to get to live and work in an area with a resource like the Chesapeake Bay, so it is important for us to do small things like this tohelpprotectthebay.Thesupportfromthe command and the volunteers for this event wasfantasticandgreatlyappreciated.”

Thisyear’scleanupatLRAwasatremendous success with volunteers collecting an impressive850poundsofmaterial.Despite the relatively small area covered, the haul included a variety of items such as treated wood, plastic, and other debris Volunteers demonstrated their dedication by braving muggy weather and overgrowth to ensure


In addition to litter removal, NAVFAC Atlantic volunteers have also engaged in otherrestorationeffortsovertheyears,such as planting oyster beds along the shoreline of the Lafayette River Annex. These oyster beds play a crucial role in improving water quality in the Lafayette River, which is part oftheChesapeakeBay. Clean the Bay Day continues to be a vital event for the Chesapeake Bay community, highlightingtheimportanceofenvironmentalprotectionandcommunityinvolvement. NAVFACAtlantic’sdedicationtothiscause underscores the value of collective efforts in preserving natural resources for future generations

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems CommandAtlantic demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship during a local Clean the BayDayevent at the Lafayette RiverAnnex. Volunteers collected 850 pounds oflitterand debris,significantlycontributing to the preservation ofthe Chesapeake Baywatershed.The participants removedvarious items,including treated wood and plastic,showcasing theirdedication to protecting the local environment despite muggyweatherand overgrowth.(PHOTOSBYMICHAELMORRIS,NAVALFACILITIESENGINEERING SYSTEMSCOMMANDATLANTIC) 6 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024

NAVFAC Washington Public Works: Driving innovation and

efficiency in support of the Navy mission

Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Washington

AsthecountrycelebratesNationalPublic Works Week, William Schoen the public worksdirectoratNavalFacilitiesEngineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Washington, highlighted the critical role public worksdepartmentsplayinmaintainingand improvingfacilities,ultimatelycontributing to the overall success of the Navy mission HeemphasizedthesignificanceofthePublic Works community in providing essential infrastructure management and sustainment.

“ThemanymenandwomeninthePublic Works community provide critical infrastructuremanagementandsustainmentand providethewarfighterstheenvironmentto besuccessfulintheirefforts,”Schoenstated, underlining the direct impact of public works on the operational readiness of the Navy

Thepublicworksleaderalsohighlighted the importance of innovation and technology in the field of public works. NAVFAC Washington has been at the forefront of adoptinginnovativeapproachestoimprove services, increase efficiency, and reduce environmentalimpact.

“We are coordinating with Naval District Washingtontoconnectevenmorebuildings to our Facility Energy and Operations Cell. Weareupgradingourcapabilitiestoallowa morerobustcentralizedoperationscenter,” explainedSchoen.

Henotedthattheinitiativeenablesproactive monitoring of building control systems andtimelyinterventionswhenthecondition tooperatedeviatefromoptimallevels

“By leveraging technology NAVFAC Washingtonenhancesoperationalefficiency and reduces maintenance efforts resulting insignificantcostsavings, Schoenstated.

During National Public Works Week, Schoen thanked his public works teams for theirtirelessefforts

“As I’ve said in the past, I am very appreciative of the tremendous work accomplishedbythePublicWorkscommunityhere atNAVFACWashington Whetherit’sensuringlightscomeonandthewaterflowsevery day,providingtransportationequipmentto thePWDsandtheirSupportedCommands,

working with Supported Command buildingmanagerstoensurepropersustainment offacilities,orperforminginstallationplanning, Public Works employees are involved ineverythingwedo.”

As NAVFAC Washington continues to drive innovation and efficiency in public works, the contributions of its dedicated

professionals remain the backbone of the organization’s success. The unwavering commitmenttomaintainingandimproving facilities, implementing cutting-edge technologiesandprovidingexceptionalsupport totheNavymissiondeservesongoingrecognitionandappreciationfromthecommunity they serve. From engineers to technicians,

these professionals are responsible for the transportation,utilitiesandfacilitiesthatare vitaltotheNavy’smissionandwell-being NationalPublicWorksWeek,May19-25, isobservedunderthetheme“AdvanceQualityofLifeforAll.”

NAVFAC Washington strengthens connections during PWD Day at NSA Bethesda

NAVFAC Washington leadership recently visited Naval Support Activity (NSA)BethesdaforaPublicWorksDepartment(PWD)Daytofocusonstrengthening theconnectionbetweentheFacilitiesEngineeringCommand(FEC)andPWDteams

NAVFAC Washington Operations Officer Capt. Atiim Senthill, emphasized the importance of directly engaging with the PWDtoenhancetheconnectionandidentify and collectively resolve challenges. He stressed the importance of these events to enable the FEC to support the success of PWDs effectively “IlovePWDdaysbecauseitgetsusoutof the office and helps us to focus specifically on the PWD,” said Senthill “As a FEC, our job is the success of the PWDs, enabling them to be successful. So, this is the best thing we can do to support our PWD.”

Caroline Koch, deputy public works officer at NSA Bethesda, praised the event for allowing staff to directly communicate their concerns and ideas to leaders Staff membersraisedquestionsaboutstreamlining documentation processes and improving communication on project statuses between the core and PWD. Koch said, “Everybody wants to meet the mission and do their job I think it is one thing to talk amongst yourselves But another thing when you have the commanding officer and operations officerheresaying,‘Iknowwhatyou’resaying; that’s a really good idea.’ ” ThePWDDayalsoprovidedanopportunitytodiscusstheDepartmentofDefense’s

electrification directive and plan future training sessions to reinforce compliance innewconstruction,renovationandmaintenance projects Discussions also covered topics such as improvingutilitysystemmetering tracking requirements between the FEC and PWD and addressing recruitment.

The leadership turnover brief for the Comprehensive Military Construction (MILCON) Program (CMP) Director at PWD Bethesda was another key aspect of the day. The CMP was established to overseethevariousMILCONsthatareandhave occurred at Walter Reed National Military MedicalCenter,includingthe$619million renovationofthehospital.Lt Cmdr Aaron Kulp assumed the office as CMP director from Lt Cmdr John Kaiser who has a new assignment with U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. Commanding Officer, Capt. Omarr Tobias led the NAVFAC Washington team thatincludedAssistantOperationsOfficer, Cmdr DanBrown,BusinessDirector Brian Ciaravino Asset Management Director Rick Owens, Command Information OfficerJimPalumbo,DesignandConstruction Director Tom Cox, Public Works Director BillSchoenandSafetyDirectorPaulHahn.

The PWD Day at NSA Bethesda showcased NAVFAC Washington’s commitment to collaboration, problem-solving, and mission readiness

Lt Cmdr Aaron Kulp assumes the office as CMPdirectorfrom Lt Cmdr John Kaiserwho has a newassignmentwith U.S.Indo-Pacific Command.(PHOTOBYNATASHAWALDRON ANTHONY,NAVALFACILITIESENGINEERING SYSTEMSCOMMANDWASHINGTON)

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Navy Exchange Service Command awards outstanding Navy lodging associates, facilities

The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Hospitality Group announced its2023awardsonMay1.RetiredRearAdm.

Robert J. Bianchi, Chief Executive Officer of NEXCOM and Ron Loman, Senior Vice President of the NEXCOM Hospitality Group presented the awards during its worldwide symposium held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The symposium marked the first time Regional Vice Presidents and GeneralManagersofNavyLodgesandNavy GatewayInns&Suitescametogetherasthe twolinesofeffortunderneaththeNEXCOM HospitalityGroup

“Unitingtherichlegaciesoftwoesteemed hotel programs, our inaugural NEXCOM Hospitality Group Leadership Training Symposium epitomized the power of heritage and innovation,” said Loman. “Over three inspiring days we fostered growth and camaraderie and celebrated the excellence of many, including the winners of our prestigious Carlson and Zumwalt awards Together,wechartedacoursetowardunparalleledhospitalityexcellence.”

TheEdwardE.CarlsonAwardisawarded to the Navy Lodge that has the highest scores in guest and associate satisfaction operations quality assurance assessment and financial performance. The 2023 Navy Lodge of the Year grand winner is Navy Lodge San Diego Navy Lodge Gulfport, Mississippi,isthelargepropertywinnerand NavyLodgeEverett,Washington,woninthe mediumpropertycategory

Three outstanding NGIS locations were awarded the Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt AwardforExcellenceinHousingandLodging Management to recognize installations thatprovideexceptionalfacilities,amenities andservicetotheirguestsandforconsistent superiormanagementinallfunctionalareas in lodging operation. The winners of the 2023 Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Award for ExcellenceareNavyGatewayInns&Suites, Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Greece; Navy Gateway Inns & Suites Naval Station

GreatLakes,Illinois;andNavyGatewayInns &Suites NavalAirFacilityMisawa Japan. Sharon Hickey General Manager Navy GatewayInns&SuitesPointLoma,California, was selected as the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites General Manager of the Year for heroutstandingleadershipandoperational achievements Hickey expertly manages two geographically separate operations comprised of six buildings, 329 rooms and over 60 associates all while surpassing her fiscalyear2023financialgoals

Equally impressive, Maria Gonzalez, General Manager of Navy Lodge North Island, California, was named Navy Lodge General Manager of the Year Throughout 2023, she demonstrated exceptional leadership, navigating her team through facilityupgradesandnewconstructionprojects. She also exceeded revenue expectations by managingpersonnelexpenseswhilesimultaneouslyboostingservicequalityresulting inaguestcommentscoreof93.8%.

The final award of the night, a Group Achievement Award, was given to over 100 NEXCOM Hospitality Group associates in recognition of their commitment to excellenceintheexecutionoftheconsolidationof theNavyLodgeProgramandNavyGateway Inns&Suites

Michael Rabideau,General Manager Navy Lodge San Diego accepts the 2023 Navy Lodge oftheYearGrandWinneraward from retired RearAdm.RobertJ.Bianchi,Chief Executive Officerofthe NavyExchange Service Command and Ron Loman,Senior Vice President ofthe NEXCOM Hospitality Group The awardwas presented during the NEXCOM HospitalityGroup’sworldwide symposium held on May1,2024,inVirginia Beach,Virginia.NEXCOM enableswarfighter readiness and strengthens the Navy’s qualityoflife mission.Providing essential products services hospitalityand outfitting Navycommunities around the globe, NEXCOM is continuouslyevolving to meet the demands oftoday’s militaryoperational environment (U.S.NAVYPHOTO)

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Office of the Secretary of the Navy

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro today reiterated his commitment to restoring the Nation’s vital strategic shipping and shipbuildingindustry

Secretary Del Toro made the remarks at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration (MARAD) National Maritime Day ceremony, May 22, inWashington,D.C.

“History reveals that no nation has enduredasagreatnavalpowerwithoutalso being a commercial maritime power both in shipbuilding and shipping,” said Secretary Del Toro “And for the first time in 125 years,wehaveafull-spectrum,globalmaritime competitor That is why, as Secretary of the Navy, I have advocated so forcefully to revive commercial shipbuilding and the U.S.MerchantMarine.”

To achieve this goal, Secretary Del Toro has engaged across the Cabinet to advance awhole-of-governmentefforttorebuildthe Nation’scomprehensivemaritimepower.

For example, last May, Secretary Del TorometwithSecretaryofTransportation Pete Buttigieg and Administrator for the Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD) retired Rear Adm. Ann C. Phillips to begin laying key groundwork for interagency collaboration that is at the center of our new national Maritime Statecraft.

“Ourcollectiveeffortshavecatapultedthe importanceofrestoringAmerica’scomprehensive maritime power to the top of the national agenda. We are now participating in multiple White House-led interagency processes on naval and commercial shipbuilding,”saidSecretaryDelToro

In addition, last year, Secretary Del Toro broughttogethertheMaritimeAdministration,theU.S.CoastGuard,NationalOceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Army to form a Government Shipbuilder’s Council to tackle common challenges

“We are also working closely at the state level, including with the Governors of Wisconsin and Michigan, on improving

shipyard communities and mobilizing the ‘NorthCoast’s’world-classindustrialworkforce,”saidSecretaryDelToro

Other efforts include:

„ Engaging with organized labor Last month, Senior Advisor Steve Brock was present at the signing ceremony of an innovative union contract between Bartlett Maritime and the President of the Boilermakers Union. This new program will train union welders in the constructiontradesinshipbuildingworkanddeploy them as a rotational force to shipyards around the country

„ Working to restore competition in the U.S. shipbuilding marketplace Earlier this year, Secretary Del Toro traveled to Asia to meetwiththetopexecutivesoftheworld’s most advanced and productive commercial shipbuilders He brought to the table a simple yet profound opportunity: “Invest in America”—modernize and invigorate the U.S. shipbuilding ecosystem with your cutting-edge technology and processes

„ Expanding opportunities Recently, the Department of Energy (DOE) expanded eligibility for its significant infrastructure and IRA loan program to include new and modernizedcommercialshipyards,aswell as construction of commercial ships at scale These incentives should open a path for U.S. built ships to once again be part of our commercial sealift programs.

“On this National Maritime Day, I want mariners and those who love and support them to know a renaissance in American maritime power has begun, and we in the DepartmentoftheNavy arewithyou, said Secretary Del Toro CongressestablishedNationalMaritime Day in 1933 to honor the maritime industry’ssignificantcontributionstotheUnited States CongressestablishedNationalMaritime Day to honor the American steamship Savannah’s historic voyage from the UnitedStatestoEngland,markingthefirst successful transatlantic crossing using steam propulsion, 91 years ago


Office of the Secretary of the Navy

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro announced the names of the Navy’s newest ArleighBurke-classGuidedMissileDestroyers thefutureUSSRichardJ.Danzig(DDG 143) and the future USS Michael G. Mullen (DDG 144) during a U.S. Naval Academy CommencementWeekceremony,May22. DDG 143 honors the Honorable Richard J.Danzig,the71stSecretaryoftheNavy,and DDG144honorsretiredAdmiralMichaelJ. Mullen, the former Chairman of the Joint ChiefsofStaffandChiefofNavalOperations Thesearethefirstshipstobeartheirnames “Secretary Danzig and Admiral Mullen were visionary leaders in the mold of the greatest naval leaders that came before Together they have nearly 100 years of service,” said Secretary Del Toro “Both Secretary Danzig and Admiral Mullen worked tirelessly to ensure our Sailors and Marines had the resources, technologies, and capabilities to set them up for success I am proud to honor them with these new DDGs.” Born in New York City in 1944, Secretary Danzig received a B.A. degree from Reed College,aJ.D.degreefromYaleLawSchool, and Bachelor of Philosophy and Doctor of


Secretary Danzig served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 1977 to 1981, firstasaDeputyAssistantSecretary,thenas the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of DefenseforManpower ReserveAffairsand Logistics In these roles he contributed to the Department’s mobilization and deployment of manpower and material. Secretary Danzig later served as Under Secretary of the Navy from November 1993 to May 1997, before being sworn in as Secretary of the NavyonNov.16,1998

Secretary Danzig’s tenure emphasized four themes: ridding the Services of “a conscriptmentality bytreatingSailorsand Marines as skilled workers and supporting them with new capital investments and personnelsystems;achievingbettersynergy between the Navy and Marine Corps; strengthening the ability of the sea services to influence events ashore; and embracing new technologies to better achieve those goals Since the end of his tenure he has served in multiple technology and national security-orientedthinktanks councils and panels

“This is such a wonderful honor It’s certainly a wonderful and touching thing,” saidSecretaryDanzig “Whatismostimportant to me is that this provides a connection

among all of the Sailors who will be on this ship.”

Commissioned in 1968, Mullen first deployed aboard the USS Collett (DD 730) for operations off the coast of Vietnam as part of U.S. Seventh Fleet His command tours include the USS Noxubee (AOG 56), USS Goldsboro (DDG 20), USS Yorktown (CVN 10), Cruiser-Destroyer Group TWO with concurrent duties as commander of the USS George Washington (CVN 73) Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, U.S. Second Fleet with concurrent command of NATO StrikingFleetAtlantic,andU.S.NavalForces, EuropewithconcurrentcommandofAllied Joint Force Command located in Naples Italy Staff and shore tours include service at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Bureau of Naval Personnel, and multiple tours in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

As Chief of Naval Operations, Mullen led the united maritime strategy, oversaw support for the Global War on Terror and expandedrelationswithpartnersandallies

As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff hefocusedonJoint/combinedcombatoperations in Afghanistan and Libya as well as a major humanitarian operation in Japan; implementedtherepealofDon’tAsk/Don’t Tell;andstoodupU.S.AfricaCommandand


“This is an honor of a lifetime and one I certainly never expected. It says so much abouttheNavythatIlove,anditrepresents mostofmylifeatsea,”saidMullen “So,along withmywife Deborah,andmyfamily thisis justsomethingthatissovery veryspecial. Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, built around the Aegis Combat System, are the backbone of the U.S. Navy’s surface fleet providing protection to America around theglobe

“DDG 143 and DDG 144, once built and commissioned, will be the most technologically advanced warships ever built, just as Jack H. Lucas, Carney Arleigh Burke, and each of their predecessors in the long and storied life of the class, said Secretary Del Toro They incorporate stealth techniques, allowing these highly capable, multi-missionshipstoconductavarietyofoperations, from peacetime presence to national security providing a wide range of warfighting capabilities in multi-threat air surface and subsurface domains These elements of sea power enable the Navy to defend American prosperity and prevent future conflict abroad.

Del Toro names two future Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG 143) and (DDG 144)
NavyCarlos DelToro attends National Maritime Dayto honorthe U.S.Merchant Marine This recognition highlights howcritical the merchant marine has been in ournation’s history aswell as howessential it remains to both ournational securityand oureconomic success.(PHOTOBYPETTYOFFICER3RDCLASSWILLIAMBENNETT OFFICEOFTHESECRETARYOFTHENAVY)
SECNAV Del Toro discusses building comprehensive U.S. and Allied maritime power at National Maritime Day Ceremony
Traumatic brain injury rapid test will aid field diagnosis and help prioritize treatment Anewrapid test identifies biomarkers associatedwith mild traumatic brain injury PageB5 Start now at PlayOurNews.com Listen to our top news stories for free. www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 1

Navy advances development of Air Force’s

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division

Engineers from the Naval Air Warfare CenterAircraftDivision(NAWCAD)successfullyinstalledcoresoftwareintheAirForce’s future Joint Simulation Environment (JSE) facility at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada bringing the service closer to operating its ownnext-generationtrainingandtestfacility

Nellis is the Air Force’s premier training andtestcenterforadvancedcombataviation.

“TheJointSimulationEnvironmentisthe only training range where tactical aviators can fight like they would in real air combat,” said NAWCAD Executive Director, Steve Cricchi.“NAWCAD’sJSEiscapabilityadvantagehelpingAmericanwarfighterskeeppace with the changing character of warfare—its importancecannotbeoverstated.”

TheJSE’scoresoftwareincludesthedigital elements that make up the facility including simulated variables like weather, the electromagnetic spectrum, surface and subsurface platforms, enemy aircraft and weapons systems Thesoftwarealsoincludesweapons systems like the Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-AirMissile,AIM-9Sidewinder,Small

DiameterBomb andmore.

“NAWCAD’sJSEiscriticaltoadvancingair superiorityandimprovingserviceinteroperability, said NAWCAD JSE Director Blaine Summers “Standing up robust, multi-platform training and test capabilities at Nellis underscoresourNavy’scommitmenttopartneringwiththeAirForce.”

The JSE is the DOD’s next-generation digital test and training range made up of cockpits domed simulators with 4K projectors and aircraft software. NAWCAD’s JSE enables tactical pilots to fly wartime scenarios in a near-exact virtual environment, and aircraft developers to push air systems to extremelimitsbeyondthesafetyconstraints ofopen-airranges

NAWCAD is leading the DOD’s effort to scale the capability across the services The warfarecenterinstalledenemyairsystemsat Nellis in 2023 and will enable F-35 and F-22 operationsthisyear

NavyandAirForcefighterpilotswillbegin training together in NAWCAD’s JSE this summer,andtheJSEisnowpartoftheDOD’s formal curriculum for its tactical weapons schools. This includes the Navy’s TOPGUN andAirForce’s6thWeaponsSquadron,who

currently train in the JSE at the warfare center’sPatuxentRiverheadquarters

NAWCAD’s JSE also trains domestic and allied fighter squadrons stationed across the worldaspilotsflymoresortiesintheJSEover a week than they can on open-air ranges in a year The command surpassed more than 1,000F-35pilotstrainedintheJSEinMarch 2024

NAWCADwillincorporateadditionaltest and training cockpits including the F/A-18 Hornet EA-18 Growler, and E-2 platforms in its Patuxent River facility, and deploy its second training system onboard a Navy carrier,USSAbrahamLincoln(CVN72),this year

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division employs more than 17,000 military,civilianandcontractpersonnel.Itoperates test ranges laboratories and aircraft in supportoftest evaluation,research,developmentandsustainmentofeverythingflownby the Navy and Marine Corps Based in Patuxent River, Maryland, the command also has major sites in St Inigoes, Maryland, Lakehurst,NewJersey,andOrlando,Florida.

Burlingame, SSP New Employee Onboarding Workshop program manager, and Lt Cmdr Kaitlyn Bower, SSP deputy branch head for Reentry Systems, reflected on their unique career pathways; called for senior leaders within the nuclear enterprise to increase mentoring of new professionals; andadvocatedfortheU.S.strategicdeterrent acrossDODandindustry



seniorleaders,bothinternaltoSSPandwith industry partners,” said Bower about her job at SSP, the Navy command that provides cradle-to-grave lifecycle support for the sea-basedlegofthenation’snucleartriad.

“[Mentoring]hasbeenpivotaltomycareer helping me move forward and learn from otherswhohavecomebeforeme.”

SSPiscommittedtoprovidingworld-class training, education, and mentorship to the workforce, a priority that is underlined by SSPleadership

“What we do is as vital as it is difficult,” said the Director of SSP, Vice Adm. Johnny R.WolfeJr

“In order to successfully execute our missioninsupportoftheNavyandthenation, we must recruit and retain talented people fromallcornersofournation.”

Burlingame added leaders should prioritize meeting new team members and recog-

nize the importance of giving them a direct line of sight to the mission early on in their careers

“I work in a position that trains new employees and we really need our leaders totakethetimetomeetnewstaffmembers,” saidBurlingame addingitiscrucialforleaders to emphasize to employees the criticality of the strategic deterrence mission they support.

Six DOD young professionals joined BurlingameandBoweronthepanel,eachprovidinginsightintotheirexperiencesworkingthe missions of each leg of the nation’s nuclear triad. Throughout the panel, a common theme emerged highlighting the need for leadership to encourage more junior members of the enterprise to become leadersthemselves,takeownershipofsuccesses,

The NavalAirWarfare CenterAircraft Division’sJoint Simulation Environment is a hyper-realistic digital range that consists ofF-35 Lightning,F-22 Raptor and adversarycockpits,4Kprojectors that stretch nearly360 degrees around pilots aswell as aircraft software that enable pilots to fly wartime scenarios in a near-exactvirtual battlespace.The facilityalso features briefing roomswhere pilots reviewtheirmissions before and after training to learnwhytheywere orwere not successful,and howtheycan improve.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYTERRITHOMAS)
Strategic Systems Programs LAS VEGAS Young professionals from StrategicSystemsPrograms(SSP)gavevoice to perspectives from the newest members of the nuclear enterprise during the Strategic Deterrent Coalition Symposium NextGen Nuclear Enterprise Professions DOD PerspectivePanelMay9. Delaney
engineering duty officer
have had a lot of great opportunities to mentor
From Oppenheimer to today: SSP’s young leaders push for advocacy, mentorship in the nuclear enterprise LASVEGAS –Young professionals from Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) gavevoice to perspectives from the newest members ofthe nuclear enterprise during the Strategic Deterrent Coalition Symposium NextGen NuclearEnterprise Professions DOD Perspective Panel May9.Lt Cmdr Kaitlyn Bower(second from right),SSPdeputybranch head forReentrySystems,and DelaneyBurlingame (right),SSPNewEmployee OnboardingWorkshop program manager reflected on theirunique careerpathways; called forseniorleaderswithin the nuclearenterprise to increase mentoring ofnewprofessionals; and advocated forthe U.S.strategic deterrent across DOD and industry (PHOTOCOURTESY:STRATEGIC DETERRENCECOALITIONSYMPOSIUM/RELEASED) Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable? A: There are three types of housing available to families: Public/PrivateVenture(PPV) Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS. CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated NAVY HOUSING Norfolk: 757.445.2832 JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792 Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806 Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) programs and services are designed to help you make the most of your military experience, and they’re all available to you at no cost. FUNCTIONSAND/OR SERVICESFFSCPROVIDES: ClinicalCounseling – Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling Personal Financial Management Information & Referral Family EmploymentAssistance TransitionAssistance FamilyAdvocacy Program Deployment and Mobilization Support Ombudsman Support RelocationAssistance Parenting Programs Stress andAngerManagement Command Support Crisis Support Suicide Prevention SAPR Support
TurntoSSP’syoungleaders, Page 4 2 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024
Joint Simulation Environment

Media Advisory: International student UAS competition takes off in Southern Maryland on June 25

Hundreds of university and high school students from more than 70 schools across the globe will descend on Southern Maryland to compete their self-built unmanned systems at the 22nd annual RoboNation Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) CompetitiononJune25-26attheSt Mary’s CountyRegionalAirport.

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division(NAWCAD)—theNavy’scenterfor aircraft development—has hosted, staffed, and judged the competition since its inceptionin2002.

RoboNation’s SUAS Competition gives students an opportunity to showcase their engineering skills while fostering cooperation with the international STEM communityandinspiringfutureaerospacetalent.

This year’s unmanned obstacle course challenges the students to build an unmanned system that focuses on logistics transportation, requiring systems to travel

to a recipient, identify drop locations and safely deliver a package autonomously—all while avoiding other UAVs Student teams who are the top achievers in technical design,flightreadiness,andmissiondemonstrationwilltakehomeupto$20,000incash prizes

Navypilotsandengineers—manywhoare former competitors themselves—will be on site to help student teams get their systems airborne and safely navigated through the course,andNavyleaderswillserveassafety officialsandcompetitionjudges

NAWCAD recruiters will also be on site to share employment opportunities with undergraduate participants With a workforceofmorethan17,000people,NAWCAD is Southern Maryland’s largest employer, andtheD.C.region’slargestsourceofSTEM jobs

Teams this year will join from California Polytechnic State University, Cornell University, Purdue University, Ohio State University, Pennsylvania State University, University of California at Berkley,

University of Illinois, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Virginia Tech, and more Additionally,thecompetitionfeatures participation from international schools across Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Italy, UnitedKingdom,Norway,andbeyond.Meet theteamsatsuas-competition.org/teams

The event is open to the public. Guests cansecureafreeticketonlineatshop.robonation.org/products/suas-2024-guests-tickets NAWCADemploysmorethan17,000military,civilianandcontractpersonnel.Itoperates test ranges, laboratories and aircraft in support of test, evaluation, research, development and sustainment of everything flownbytheNavyandMarineCorps Based in Patuxent River, Maryland, the command alsohasmajorsitesinSt Inigoes Maryland, Lakehurst, New Jersey and Orlando Florida. RoboNation, a nonprofit organization, is on a mission to provide hands-on robotics education, empowering students to tackle global challenges With a portfolio of nine

engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, programmers, and more. ParticipantsinRoboNationprogramsrepresent the highly skilled workforce of tomorrow.Learnmoreatrobonation.org.
K-12 and universitylevels,RoboNationcultivatesthe next generation of
Student groups prepare to launch and compete hand-built autonomous aircraft during the annual RoboNation Student UnmannedAirSystems (SUAS) competition hosted in partnershipwith the NavalAircraft Warfare CenterAircraft Division in Southern Maryland,the Navy’s centerforaircraft development (U.S.NAVYPHOTO) Hundreds ofuniversityand high school students from more than 70 schools across the globewill descend on Southern Maryland to compete theirself-built unmanned systems at the 22nd annual RoboNation Student UnmannedAerial Systems (SUAS) Competition onJune 25-26 at the St Mary’s CountyRegionalAirport.The NavalAirWarfare CenterAircraft Division (NAWCAD) the Navy’s centerforaircraft development—has hosted,staffed and judged the competition since its inception in 2002 (U.S.NAVYPHOTO) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024 3 ROOFING • WINDOWS • SIDING • TRIM • GUTTER PROTECTION YOUR TRUSTED ROOFING EXPERTS Join the ranksofsatisfied hom have experienced the Paramount difference! With our exclusive13-Step Roofing System, backed by aGold Pledge Lifetime Warranty, your home is in the hands of the best AWARD-WINNING EXCELLENCE UNLIMITED WIND GUST WARRANTY SUPERIOR VENTILATION ULTIMATE PROTECTION TRUSTED WARRANTY We are1of30companies to proudly receiveGAF’s Prestigious President’s Club Awardfor our commitmentto quality &innovation. Our roofs arebuilt to withstand hurricane winds up to 130mph, giving youpeaceof mind in anyweather Our CobraSnowCountry Advanced Rigid Ridge vent system maximizes airflow, extending the lifeofyour roof and reducing energy costs. From StainguardPlus Pro to DuraGrip Technology,our roofs come with a30-year warranty againstalgae/ stains and arebuilt to resist the elements. Our industry-leading warranty includes aLifetime Warranty 50 years non-pro-rated, and 30 years workmanship guaranteed, stamped and approvedby Good Housekeeping. www.paramountbuilders.com (757)942-4209 “Paramount replaced my roof this past October,theyalso replaced my gutters, trim work and gutter guards, acouple years earlier.Theyare very professional anddoawesome work. Bestproduct foryour moneyinmyopinion” -Michael H., HomeAdvisor Review Schedule Online or Call todayto meet with an Installation Expert! meownerswho t ! 3YEARS NO INTEREST 50%OFF PLUS LABOR

Board of Advisor’s reaffirm commitment to workforce success, focus on mission expansion


Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute


The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) hosted its first in-person Board of Advisor (BOA) meeting since before the COVID-19 pandemic, on May2,2024 DeputyDirectoroftheDefense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) Mr. MichaelSorrento,DirectoroftheOfficefor Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) Dr Lisa Arfaa, and DEOMI Commandant U.S. Air Force Col. Michelle Nash, led the BOA astri-chairmembers

TheBOA,asoutlinedinDoDI1350.02,isa forum for senior leaders to exchange information and collaborate on the adequacy of DEOMIstaffing,resources,plans,andstrategies influencing support of DoD requirements for diversity management, civilian Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) programs In addition, the BOA provides senior leaders the opportunity to discuss recommendations for efficiencies allocation of resources and coordinates military department,service-specific,andtotalforce requirements for education, training and research.

First-time DEOMI BOA chair member, Sorrento opened the meeting by acknowledging the hard work that has been done thus far by the various Department and Service experts in attendance and briefly addressingDHRA’srecentrestructure.

“All of you have been working in this spaceforalongtime,andyouareallexperts in here, but this is a fast-moving train, and thingsareshifting,”saidSorrento,referring to the recent dissolution of the Diversity ManagementOperationsCenter

Sorrento called the BOA both “timely” becauseitbroughtkeystakeholderstogether intooneroomtodiscusscurrentandfuture plans and “committed” because each attendeehasaroletoplayinachievingworkforcesuccess

“DEOMI provides excellent support to theServicesintraining,education,research, and consultation and we have an opportunity to expand this across similar mission spaces,” said Sorrento “We do believe,

strongly, that there is a huge value propositionhere,”headded

“What we are after is the commitment,”

Sorrento said to the BOA attendees “So that we can improve the workforce pipeline So that DEOMI can plan effectively and execute their mission… So you all can benefit from the services they provide as a centerofexcellence.”

Also a first-time DEOMI BOA chair member,ArfaasharedSorrento’ssentiment towardsworkforcesuccess

“Weastheleadersareheretoensurethat ourpeoplearesuccessful,sothatourservice membersaresuccessful,”saidArfaa.

Arfaa added that the partnership ODEI has with the DHRA and DEOMI was wonderful because “there is nothing more importantthanensuringthatthosewhoare willing to stand up for the dignity, respect, opportunities, and well-being for all, are properlytrainedandeducated.”

She then asked attendees to consider what they could do to help DEOMI meet the needs of an increasingly challenging environment.

Like Sorrento and Arfaa, this was Nash’s first time as a DEOMI BOA chair member Nash spoke about DEOMI’s transformationtoaCenterofExcellence(CoE)andthe Institute’sexpandingmission.

“Rightnow,DEOMIisinatransition.Our missionsetisexpanding Iamreallyexcited tohaveyouallintheroomtohelpmakesure that we are heading in the right direction,” saidNash.“Iamgratefulforyourcontinued supportforDEOMI,asweworktogetherto getafterreallyhardproblems,”sheadded.

Nash gave a brief overview of DEOMI’s history, which dates back 1971, when the institute was called the Defense Race Relations Institute Since then, DEOMI has continuously helped to shape the attitudes, behaviors, and policies that foster environments of dignity respect, and equal treatmentinthemilitaryandbeyond.

Nash continued with an overview of DEOMI’sreputationasaninstituteofhigher learning Initially accredited in 1983 by the Council on Occupational Education, the American Council on Education recommends that each DEOMI course be worth collegecredit.DEOMIisscheduledtohave

Carr drew on his experience from the past andhighlightedhowsharedunderstanding between nations with nuclear capabilities is a vital piece of the strategic deterrence missionnowandintothefuture.

thisaccreditationrenewedlaterthismonth. She then talked about how DEOMI’s missionsetasaCoEisexpandingtoinclude fourdistinctprogramdomains—Leadership Cross-Cultural Competencies, MEO, EEO, andPrevention.

DeputytotheDEOMICommandantand Executive Director of the CoE Dr Daniel McDonald, elaborated on the genesis of DEOMI as a CoE using excerpts from various documents published by the DoD and OfficeoftheUnderSecretaryofDefensefor Personnel and Readiness, dated as far back as2018

“TheintentbehindtransformingDEOMI into a CoE is to establish a dedicated hub for research, development, training education, and consultation to prepare leaders at all levels of professional development on matterspertainingtodignity,respect,opportunity, teamwork, leadership, well-being, andcross-culturalawareness,”saidMcDonald.

“In the past year alone, DEOMI made great strides towards meeting the CoE intent,”saidMcDonald.

McDonaldthendiscussedDEOMI’score functions which now include: Standards Certification and Accreditation; Learning Management; Science and Technology Applications; Training Needs, Competencies, and Evaluations; Outreach, Partnerships,andConsultations;andCommunities ofPracticeandFieldSupportProducts

“We really hit the ground running!” McDonald said, referring to Sorrento’s previous comment about DEOMI having a huge proposition value “DEOMI’s foundational attributes will have immediate value, such as an expert multi-disciplinary team, established instructional systems, ready accesstomilitaryandciviliansubjectmatter experts,andsomuchmore,”headded.

“Theintegratedmulti-disciplinaryexpertiseapproach,whichDEOMIusestodeliver excellence across the DoD is powerful because it leverages the collective expertise of all our departments,” said McDonald, reemphasizing the propositional value ofoneattribute.

Following McDonald were several presentations, given by DEOMI’s Directors andDepartmentHeads,thatprovidedBOA

SWS. Bower and Burlingame linked the urgency that Oppenheimer’s team had in the 1940s to the sense of urgency that SSP’s leaders work to instill in the workforce at everylevel—ledbyViceAdm.Wolfe

attendees with a detailed overview of each departmentwithintheInstitute Representatives of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and National Guard rounded out the BOA meeting with their responses to four focus areas DEOMI provided prior to the BOA. Those areas of focus were: identifying current gaps in the service DEOMI currently provides; identifyingtraining,education,orresearchneeds outside of EO/EEO that DEOMI could support; identifying potential emerging Service-specific requirements that could impact DEOMI; and recommendations for DEOMI’sevolutionasaCoE.

After the BOA, Arfaa said she viewed DEOMI as a “crucial partner” and “bridge” betweenOfficesoftheSecretaryofDefense (OSD)andtheServices.

“DEOMI is ‘the place’ where we all can congregate to learn and improve our civilian and military Service members from the professionals who go through DEOMI’s programs,”Arfaaadded.

SorrentoreaffirmedDHRA’scommitment bystating “Iknowthemission…andweare goingtotrytomakeDEOMIasoperationally effectiveaswecan;whilealsoleveragingthe restofDHRAtodoit!”

The DEOMI team is an inclusive force that values and develops all individuals and thrives on their contributions Since its inceptionin1971,thenknownastheDefense RaceRelationsInstitute,DEOMIhasdeveloped and delivered innovative education, training research, and collaborative solutions to more than 53,000 DEOMI military andciviliangraduates.

Explore more about the #DEOMI_CenterOfExcellenceontheseplatforms: „ Website:https://www.deomi.mil „ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ DEOMI.DoD „ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/ deomi.dod/ „ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/ company/deomi „ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ DEOMI-DoD „ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ deomi-dod/

make sure everyone [all generations within the workforce] understands their support to the warfighter and how they fit into sea-basedstrategicdeterrence,”

In keeping with the Strategic Deterrent Coalition’s role as a nonprofit, nonpartisancommunity-basedorganizationformed to support the nuclear triad by providing educationalinformationontheimportance to the U.S. of maintaining safe, secure, and effective deterrence, the NextGen panel came on the heels of a robust discussion on the impact of director Christopher Nolan’s 2023hitfilm‘Oppenheimer,’andtheimportance of understanding the history of strategic deterrence as the world enters a new nuclearage

“During the Cold War we knew who the enemy was, Col. Keith J. Butler, the commander of the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base said during the SpecialPresentationNationalNuclearSecurity Administration Oppenheimer Review Panel.

Brig Gen. Alan Carr (USAF, Ret.) held a unique perspective on the subject as the Los Alamos National Laboratory historian.

ThetreatiesthatwehavewithRussiaright nowinvariousformsandourvariouslevels of cooperation we don’t have any of that withChina[…]Whatthatturnsintoisalack of transparency a lack of understanding of nations’ capabilities and will on the global stagewhenitcomestostrategicdeterrence.”

Carr reflected on how today’s nuclear enterprise workforce continues to honor andbuildonOppenheimer’slegacy.

“There is a great responsibility that goes along with this work and there always has been,” he said “[Oppenheimer] believed, on the one side in the potential dangers of this new era… But Oppenheimer also lookedforwardwithhopebecausethegreat powershavebeenheldatbaybydeterrence and other forms of keeping the peace have emerged.”

SSP continues to uphold its responsibility to the sea-based leg of the nuclear triad, sustaining the Trident II D5 strategicweaponsystem(SWS),whiledeveloping theTridentIID5LifeExtension2(D5LE2)

“It’saveryexcitingtimeforusatSSPaswe moveintoallofthemodernizationprograms while sustaining the D5LE program,” said Bower. “Advocacy for the strategic deterrentispivotaltooursuccess,especiallyaswe move forward with such massive modernizationprograms.”

Bower’s sentiment was echoed by SSP’s Chief Engineer Dr Steven Van Dyk (SES) duringaseparatepanelwithMaj.Gen.Jason R.Armagost,theCommanderoftheEighth Air Force, and commander of the JointGlobal Strike Operations Center at Barksdale Air Force Base Louisiana. During his remarks he compared the urgency that spread throughout the nuclear enterprise in the 1940s; during the last wave of large modernizationoverhaulattheheightofthe Cold War in the1980s; and presently, with theenergyheseesintoday’sworkforce

“We’re working hard to regenerate that feeling you had in the 1980s when you talk about what we needed to do for nuclear modernization,”saidVanDyk.“Wewantto

A common phrase at SSP is ‘Nuclear is hard,’—and serves as a reminder that the work SSP and the rest of the nuclear enterprisedoeswaschallenginginthe1940sand is challenging today. SSP’s panelists drew an undeniable link between the scientific heights of the 1940s to their organization’s present-day push to continue the standard of technical excellence; meet the warfighter’s needs; and provide the full spectrum of deterrenceoptionstothenation’sleaders

The young professionals on the panel were eager to tackle issues similar to those that previous generations grappled with, while building on the nearly eight decades ofscientificknowledgegainedsinceOppenheimer’sbreakthrough.

“There’s a new nuclear age happening Weneedtogetthisright,”Butlerpoignantly notedattheconclusionofthesymposium. Strategic Systems Programs is the Navy command that provides cradle-to-grave lifecyclesupportforthesea-basedlegofthe nation’snucleartriad.

The Defense Equal OpportunityManagement Institute (DEOMI) Board ofAdvisor(BOA) chairmembers and attendees pose fora group photo on May2,2024,at PatrickSpace Force Base, Florida.The BOAis a forum forseniorleaders to exchange information and collaborate on the adequacyofDEOMI staffing resources,plans,and strategies influencing support ofDoD requirements fordiversitymanagement civilian Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO) and MilitaryEqual Opportunity(MEO) programs (PHOTOBYMICHAELMARKS,DEOMIPHOTOGRAPHER) andbeaccountableforsetbackswithintheir areasofresponsibility
YOUR PERFECT JOB IS WAITING Search jobs. Post your resume.Stand out from the crowd. careers.tribpub.com 4 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024
SSP’s young leaders from Page 2

Traumatic brain injury rapid test will aid

diagnosis and help prioritize treatment


Defense Health Agency

A new rapid test produces lab quality results using whole blood to identify biomarkers associated with mild traumatic brain injury otherwise known as concussion.

Theresultscouldhelpforward-deployed medics and health care providers at battalion aid stations and field hospitals decide whichwoundedservicememberstheyneed totreatfirstandwhoneedstobeevacuated fromthefield.

Having a simple and fieldable test for mild TBI is critical to providing timelier high-quality care for the Military Health System. More than 492,000 U.S. service membersworldwidesustainedaTBIresulting from military training, deployment, or day-to-day activities—such as sporting events—from November 2000—2023, according to statistics compiled by the Defense Health Agency Traumatic Brain InjuryCenterofExcellenceandreportedin theTBICoE2023annualreportreleasedon March29 2024


TBI Testing in Future Conflicts

The test, cleared for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in March 2024, is one of the most significant steps forward in thecareofTBIpatientsinthepast20years according to neuroscientist U.S. Army Lt Col. (Dr.) Bradley Dengler, director of the Military Traumatic Brain Injury Initiative at the Uniformed Services University in


Previousteststohelpdiagnoseconcussion ormoresevereTBIwereclearedbyFDAin early2021onlyforusewithbloodplasmaor serum.Thisrequiredsamplestobesenttoa laboratoryforprocessingandresults

Thenewtest,whichtakesonly15minutes for results and is run on a portable device alsocanbeusedtoevaluatepatientsupto24 hoursafterinjury,asignificantimprovement from previously available tests The device therefore could aid in decisions on priority evacuationsfromforwarddeploymentsina future conflict where rapid evacuation (the “goldenhour”)isnotpossible

“Given the large numbers of expected casualties with all severities of traumatic brain injury in future large-scale combat operations, this test can help maintain combat power far forward by helping to eliminate unnecessary evacuations,” Denglersaid.

“Additionally,andjustasimportant,given thelimitednumberofneurosurgeonsavailable in-theater, ongoing research demonstratesthatafutureversionofthistestcould be used to triage more severely injured patients, as the blood biomarker elevations correlatewiththeseverityoftheirintracranial injuries,” Dengler commented. “This can help get the most severely injured service members to neurosurgeons faster andultimatelysavelives.”

MTBI2istheonlymilitaryhealthorganizationthatconductsclinicaltrialsandtranslationalresearchspanningallTBIs—mildto severe—and focuses on acute and subacute phases Dengleralsoservesastheneurosurgical consultant to the U.S. Army surgeon general.

U.S. Army Plays Key Development Role

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, headquartered at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, has been dedicated to developing a solution for detectingandevaluatingTBIsformorethan twodecades

The new diagnostic method will prevent unnecessary medical evacuations and improve TBI case management in the field since not all patients will require head CT scans, said U.S. Army Col. Andy Nuce, commanderoftheU.S.ArmyMedicalMateriel Development Activity part of USAMRDC

In July 2023, the technology was tested in simulated battle conditions during a soldier “touchpoint” as part of the Global Medic combat support training exercise at theU.S.Army’sFortHunterLiggett,California,whichisknownasthemilitary’spremier totalforcetrainingcenter Program experts from USAMMDA’s Warfighter Brain Health Project ManagementOfficeandWarfighterDeployedMedical Systems Project Management Office joined leaders with USAMRDC and the Medical Capability Development Integration Directorate to participate in the field trial. Subject matter experts from USAMMDA, the Combat Casualty Care Research Program, and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research also participated in the program’sdevelopment.

“TBIsareamajorconcernforwarfighter health, readiness, and resiliency,” said U.S. Army Brig Gen (Dr.) Edward H. Bailey,

commanding general of USAMRDC. “This milestone demonstrates how Army medical developers can partner with industry to deliver solutions for frontline medical personnel caring for our injured service members.”

U.S. Army officials in partnership with medicaldevicemanufacturerAbbott,jointly announced April 1, 2024, that the company’si-STAT®TBIwholebloodcartridgehad received FDA marketing clearance. Abbott developed the blood test in collaboration withUSAMMDA. The Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brain Injury (TRACK-TBI) research team was the first todemonstratehowtheTBIbloodtestcould be used to benefit TBI patients in clinical care.SpanningtheUSAMRDCandbroader Department of Defense community, these multifaceted teams were unified by the common goal of developing a TBI product thatmeetstheneedsofthewarfighter

“Duringfuturelarge-scalecombatoperations,enemyweaponsandexposuretoblast orconcussiveeventswillpresentchallenges to frontline medical providers,” USAMMDA’sNucesaid.“Weareconstantlyworkingtoinvestigate,develop,andfieldmodern medicalsolutionstoprotectthewarfighters of2030,2040,andbeyond.”

USAMMDA takes promising medical technology from DHA, industry, and academia to U.S. forces It develops critical drugs, vaccines biologics devices and medical support equipment, from the testing required for FDA approval or licensing tofieldtrialsandsustainmentofthefinished product.

U.S.ArmySgt.Raymond Calzada,a medical laboratoryspecialistwith 566th Medical CompanyArea Support,61st Multifunctional Medical Battalion,1st Medical Brigade,waits fortest results from theAnalyzerTraumatic Brain Injurysystem as part ofa simulated casualtyscenario during Global Medic,a combat support training exercise,Fort HunterLiggett,Calif June 18 2023. Members ofthe U.S.ArmyMedical Materiel DevelopmentActivityand the Medical CapabilityDevelopment Integration Directorate participated in the exercise to gain feedbackfrom end-users on the handheld,deployableTBI biomarkerassessment system.(U.S.ARMYCOURTESYPHOTO/RELEASED) U.S.ArmySoldierswith the 61st Multifunctional Medical Battalion,1st Medical Brigade,participate in injuryassessment and treatment as part ofa simulated casualtyscenario during Global Medic,a combat support training exercise,Fort HunterLiggett,Calif June 18 2023 Members ofthe U.S.ArmyMedical Materiel DevelopmentActivityand the Medical CapabilityDevelopment Integration Directorate participated in the exercise to gain feedbackfrom end-users on the handheld,deployableTBI biomarkerassessment system.(U.S.ARMYCOURTESYPHOTO/RELEASED) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 5

Updated Navy Fall Protection Guide delivers relevant guidance, best practices

Most falls are preventable and planning compliance and preparation are key attributes toward achieving an accident-free workplace Assisting with the foundation foramishap-freeoutcomeisaprimaryfocus of the Department of the Navy’s recently updatedFallProtectionGuide Fall protection guidance is continually being updated as industry needs change andlessonsarelearnedfromincidents “The intent of the guide is to provide best practices and fall hazard mitigation strategies fordevelopingandmanagingfallprotection programstoheightenfallhazardawareness andprotectallourSailors,Marinesandcivilians working at heights or who manage fall protection programs in the workplace,” said Charles Gum, deputy director, Shore Directorate at the Naval Safety Command (NAVSAFECOM).

Gum said the DON continues to experienceseriousfall-relatedmishaps,whichlead toreducedreadinessandproductivity,high

medical and compensation costs resulting fromthesemishapsandsufferingtovictims andtheirfamilies

The Navy has experienced three fall protection-related fatalities from 2019 to present Gum noted the causal factors for these fatalities were rooted in non-compliancewithestablishedpolicy,procedureand mandatorytraining

Primaryfactorsattributedtothesefall-related mishaps included improper personal protective equipment use and failing to properly identify and mitigate hazards related to unguarded edges Beyond these fatalmishaps,43%ofallreportedfall-related mishaps over the same five-year timeframe involved unguarded edges over four feet.

TheNAVSAFECOM’slocalareaassessment observationsoverthepasttwoyearsfurther indicated the underlying causal factors of these mishaps were present in all communities and internal self-assessment efforts werenoteffectivelycorrectingthisbehavior

The updated Fall Protection Guide addresses lessons learned across the naval enterprise Gumsaidtheguideisacomplete

revisionandshouldbereadinitsentiretyto understand all the updates Key takeaways include:

„ Updatingtheguidanceforself-retracting lifelines/self-retractingdevicestoalignwith ANSI/ASSPZ359.14-2021,whichtookeffect Aug.1,2023

„ Removing any wording that would lead users to believe the Guide could be used in lieuofpolicy.

„ Updating various chapters to align with currentANSIZ-359requirements

The bottom line is that falls continue to be a major hazard to workers both in the private and public sector Gum provided the following statistics: These falls are the sourceofnearly13%ofallfataloccupational injuries;intheconstructionindustry,fallsto a lower level account for 37.3% of fatal injuries Specifically,fallstoalowerlevelrepresent4.18%ofnonfataloccupationalinjuries and illnesses in private industry and these areamongthemostseverenonfatalcases as reflected by the 22 median days away from workin2022.Newdataontheheightoffalls could help quantify the increased risks of

severe injury and death due to falling to a lowerlevelfromanyheight,Gumadded.

The revised guide is the outcome of the fall protection working group that met last yearatNAVSAFECOM “Therewasamisunderstanding that the old guide was actually policy,anditwasnot, saidGum.Tocorrect this perception, the group updated the glossary and removed obsolete and duplicate definitions Proposed comments were made throughout the document to remove any language that was directive in nature. Thegroupalsoclarifiedsectionsandterminology throughout, tightening the verbiage andensuringconsistency

“The guide is an important asset for SailorsandMarines,andwebelievetheupdate will enhance their fall protection programs and serve as a complement to OPNAV policy,”saidGum.

The DON Fall Protection Guide is availableherehttps://navalsafetycommand.navy mil/Portals/29/Documents/Fall_Protection_Guide.pdf and on the mobile app Shore/ORM(navy.mil).


TheTinkerAirForceBase“CallofDuty gaming team won second place at the Department of Defense Eastern Regional Esports Invitational hosted at Keesler AFB May3-4

The EREI event included the eastern regionalqualifiers,withthetopeightteams competing live for the title of EREI Champion.

“The key takeaway through ESports is resiliency,connectedness,andretainingour Airman along with bringing our communities together,” said Chief Master Sgt. VictoriaThornton,72ndForceSupportSquadron seniorenlistedleader

The CoD team competes in high-caliber online and in-person tournaments against other military bases and branches, showcasing Tinker AFB’s spirit and excellence on a continental U.S. scale and enhancing the base’s recognition across the Air Force andbeyond.

“Tinker‘CallofDuty’gaminghasprovided Airmen with opportunities for temporary

duty travel and future trips while simultaneouslybuildingacommunity,”saidAirman FirstClassGustavoDeOliveira,72ndForce SupportSquadroncustomersupporttechnician/TinkerAFBesportsambassador

TheTinkergamingcommunitycurrently has 258 community members and select ambassadorstorepresentthecommunity Senior Airman Edward McHugh, 552nd Maintenance Squadron E-3 journeyman/ global game ambassador/virtual drone racing oneoftheglobalgameambassadors and virtual drone racing lead, represented Tinker in San Antonio at FORCECON, a massivemilitarygamingandtecheventcelebratingtheintersectionofgaming,technology, innovation, education, and the United States Armed Forces McHugh showcased virtualdroneracing,ahugesuccessgarnering participation from over 100 personnel whocycledthroughthetimetrialandflight simulation. This innovation introduced a newelectronicsportsgenreofvirtualdrone racing for the entire Air Force and other servicesworldwide

“Ithelpsmeandothersbyholdingengaging events on base because I know we’re

creating opportunities that don’t exist, and it’s exciting to be a part of the Air Force adapting to new Airmen and their needs, said McHugh. Call of Duty on its surface might just be a game, but the Airmen competing receive so much more than just being entertained; they receive a sense of community, mental well-being, and resiliency.” McHughandtheTinkerAFBCallofDuty gamingteamarefinalizingpreparationsfor thenextmajorgamingevent,scheduledfor June 7. This event will promote teamwork andstrategicgameplayatthehighestlevels Air Force Gaming is a 24/7 grassroots organizationfocusedonbuildingresiliency andretention,andnowistheofficialgaming program and competition hub for the Air ForceandSpaceForce.Itistheofficialhome for gamers According to AFG, over 86% of Airmenbetweentheagesof18and34identifyasgamers TheAFGfoundingmembers started Air Force Gaming as an initiative to helpAirmenandGuardiansofallages,ranks, and backgrounds find common ground through video games while also promoting mentalacuity,finemotorcoordination,and

The Tinker AFB Call of Duty gaming team:

„ Staff Sgt. Anthony Hudgins, 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron dedicated crewchief/globalgameambassador

„ Staff Sgt. Sean Daniels, 552nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron aircraft inspection craftsman/globalgameambassador

„ Senior Airman Edward McHugh, 552nd Maintenance Squadron E-3 journeyman/ global game ambassador/virtual drone racing

„ Airman First Class Gustavo De Oliveira, 72nd Force Support Squadron customer support technician/Tinker AFB esports ambassador

If you are interested in learning more about Tinker’s ESports and Air Force Gaming or to participate in future events, contact the global game ambassadors at 72FSS.TAFG.TinkerAFGaming@us.af.mil.

Tinker Call of Duty gaming team secures second place at Eastern Regional Esports Invitational Tinker’sAirForce Gaming/Space Force Global GamingAmbassadors speaks to future Basic MilitaryTraining graduates aboutAirForce gaming at the LacklandAirForce Base Exchange,San Antonio May9,2024,to spread awareness.AirForce Gaming is the official gaming program and competition hub fortheAirForce and Space Force.(COURTESYPHOTO,72NDAIRBASEWING) 6 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024


Defense Health Agency

FALLS CHURCH, Va Editor’s note: If you or someone you know is struggling or incrisis,helpisavailable Callortext988or chat988lifeline.org Thisresourceconnects you with trained counselors who can help yougetthehelpyouneed,24/7.

Staying healthy is more than just taking care of your body. Even when you’re feeling good physically you may notice you’re unusually sad, anxious, or exhausted. If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of a mental health concern—and you’re not alone According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 adults in the UnitedStateslivewithamentalillness

TRICARE covers mental health services so you and your family can get the care you need.Usingthesecoveredservicescanhelp put you on a path to mental and physical wellness

“Payingattentiontoyourmentalhealthis keytoyouroverallwell-being,”saidThomas Turnbaugh, LCSW-C, a behavioral health specialist at the Defense Health Agency

“If you notice that you’re feeling different thanusual—orifyou’redealingwithamajor stressor—reach out to your provider right away to learn how you can get professional care. Here’s more information about TRICARE-covered mental health services andhowyoucanaccessthem.

Getting emergency mental health care

If you or a loved one is at immediate risk ofharmtoyourselforothers,thisisamental healthemergency.Call911orgotothenearestemergencyroom.Youdon’tneedareferral or pre-authorization Just make sure to contactyourTRICAREregionalcontractor within 24 hours (or the next business day) tocoordinatecare.

Getting non-emergency mental health care

Before seeking non-emergency care, talk with your primary care provider to determine which services are right for you. And check which services require a referral or pre-authorization.

Your options for getting non-emergency mental health care depend on your beneficiarycategoryandhealthplan:

„ Active duty service members (ADSMs): You should first seek non-emergency care at a military hospital or clinic. If you get servicesfromacivilianprovider,you’llneed a referral or pre-authorization ADSMs mayalsoseekamentalhealthevaluationby making a request to their supervisor You don’t need to explain why you’re requesting one and your information will stay confidential.

„ All others with TRICARE Prime: You don’t need a referral to see a network provider for in-office outpatient mental health services Active duty family

membersmaygetnon-emergencycarefrom TRICARE-authorizednon-networkproviders without referrals. But point-of-service feeswillapply „ TRICARE Select: You can see any TRICARE-authorized provider for mental healthservices Butyourout-of-pocketcosts willbelowerifyouseeanetworkprovider „ TRICAREForLife:Youdon’tneedareferral or pre-authorization from TRICARE in most cases This is because Medicare is the primarypayerformentalhealthcare.Butif yourMedicarebenefitsareexhausted,you’ll need a referral or pre-authorization from TRICAREbeforeyougetmentalhealthcare

Still not sure if you need a referral or pre-authorizationbeforegettingcare?Visit Referrals and Pre-Authorizations to learn more.

Covered mental health services

TRICARE covers certain outpatient and inpatient mental health services as detailedintheTRICAREMentalHealthand SubstanceUseDisorderServicesFactSheet.

Outpatient services

Outpatienttreatmentisavailableatsome military hospitals and clinics You can also

getcarefromTRICARE-authorizedcivilian providers. Appointments may be in person orviatelemedicine

Some types of covered outpatient treatmentinclude:

„ Psychotherapy:Discussion-basedtherapy inindividual,family orgroupsettings

„ Psychological testing and assessment: Coveredwhenmedicallyorpsychologically necessary,orduringtheassessmentprocess undertheAutismCareDemonstration

„ Intensive outpatient program: Therapy andmedicationmanagementwherepatients go to a treatment center for several days a week,afewhoursatatime

„ Partialhospitalizationprogram:Daytime treatment where the patient lives at home and commutes to get treatment for six or morehoursperday,uptosevendaysaweek

Inpatient services

You may need more intensive treatment thatrequiresyoutostayinahospitalortreatmentcenter Ifso,TRICAREcovers:

„ Inpatient hospital services: Treatment for concerns that require inpatient hospitalization (like psychiatric emergencies or substanceusewithdrawalsymptoms)

„ Psychiatricresidentialtreatmentcenters: Extendedcareforchildrenandadolescents who need 24/7 treatment in a therapeutic environment

Looking for a full list of covered mental health services? You can find more information on covered treatments Or you can search for specific services on the Covered Servicespage

Note: Some mental health services may not be available overseas Check with the TRICARE Overseas contractor for more information.

Mental health care costs

Use the Compare Costs tool


ADSMs have

services from or authorized by

HealthSystem. Mental health is health—and it’s an important part of your overall wellness. Looking for a mental health provider? Check out the Find a Doctor tool You can also find more resources and information onTRICARE’sMentalHealthCarepage

Would you like the latest TRICARE news sent to you by email?

military hospitals
your out-of-pocket costs for mental
services You’ll have lower costs by getting care at
or from TRICARE-authorized network providers
no costs
mental health
the Military
Visit TRICARE Subscriptions, and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates, news, andmore. Mental health is health: How to get mental health care with TRICARE U.S.AirForceTech.Sgt.Melissa Leonardo a 379th ExpeditionaryMedical Group mental health technician,poses fora photo at the Mental Health Officewaiting roomAug 23,2022 atAl UdeidAirBase,Qatar.The Mental Health Office is a specialtyclinic designed to treat significant depression,anxietyand trauma.(U.S.AIRNATIONALGUARDPHOTOBYMASTERSGT.MICHAELJ.KELLY) RISK OF PREDIABETES: 1IN3 ADULTS LIFE DOESN’T ALWAYS GIVE YOU TIME TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME. PREDIABETESDOES. TAKE THE RISK TEST TODAYAT DoIHavePrediabetes.org RISKOF SHARK ATTACK: 1IN11.5 MILLION Listen to our top news storiesfor free. Tribune Publishing Compa Staying in the know is easy Each weekday, you’ll get the latest stories curated by our editors on your smart speaker or streaming service. Available on Amazon Echo, Apple Music, Google Home, Spotify and more. Start now at PlayOurNews.com www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024 7

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Newsyou can useand reports about Hampton Roads from a business perspective


In-depth profiles oflocal companies and business leaders, trends from around the country that aretaking holdinHampton Roads.


DATA:Abusinesscommunity bulletinboard of the latest acquisitions, mergers, new products,community service and other achievementsofHampton Roads businesses

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“If God is all you have, you have all you need.”

„ Spouse of Navy 03-E Joseph Carroll, stationed at Naval Station Norfolk

„ Unit Duty Station: USS Kearsarge

„ Years as a military spouse: 17

„ Number of deployments: 8

„ Number of PCS moves: 6

How do I balance family/work/military life? Community involvement, faith, support from friends and family.

My background: In Florida, I volunteered with my military Church community, raising money for low-income families and helping to provide holiday meals. In Germany, I created a military mother support group for baby wearing, cloth diapering and natural parenting. I volunteered with USO, Army Community Service and American Red Cross. In Bahrain, I taught free classes to help military spouses deal with stress. In Spain, I created a rock painting group for the community and organized a memorial for a lost teen in our community, with 365 sunflower rocks with 2 memorial installations. In Virginia, I currently teach low-cost art classes to military community children and host family events. I’m a volunteer responder for Overdose (Narcan Administration). My father and grandfather both retired from the military. I have been volunteering since age 7.

The best part of being a military spouse is: we were able to travel and learn so much about the world, and how to love people in ways that I never knew possible. The more I traveled the more I learned how small the world really is.

My advice to other military spouses is: Be involved! The more you give the more you will be blessed. Military life is hard but give it all you got and it can be rewarding.

Something I would like to see improved for military families: Easier transition when PCSing especially with children and pets. You arrive with no cell phone (overseas), no car/transportation. Also, more support for children who have reading difficulties, tutoring that is not online to help a child to read and free physical resources. Tutoring. com is not beneficial for a dyslexic learner.

One of my best experiences as a military spouse is: I loved living overseas, seeing all the art, eating all the different food and learning new perspectives.

After military life, I would love to open a restaurant in a military town that would be a relaxing environment. After military life I will continue to help advocate for Special Needs families and will continue to help military families with informational support. Fun facts about Elizabeth:

„ Biologist and plant lover

„ Traveled to four continents and over 20 different countries with my children.

„ Love to try new foods, have eaten camel, octopus, alligator, shark, tripe, ox, pig ears, bugs, rabbit, snails… any delicacy I will try it!

Volunteer service highlights:

„ Creative Kids-Low cost art class-volunteer time. October 2023-Present

„ Edmarc-Peace by Piece- bake and donated 120 desserts a month Oct 2023-present

„ Revive Narcan Administration 2023-Present

„ Rock Memorials for Jaden Smiles

„ Afghan Refugee Support 2021

„ Volunteer photographer 2013-present

„ Volunteer Soccer coach 2023

„ Cancer Care bags for Sentara 2024

„ Collect Plastic Recycling for organization that works with Lynnhaven River Now 2023-Present

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” ANDY DUFRESNE, SHAW SHANK REDEMPTION

„ Spouse of Navy E7 Michael Randall, stationed at Naval Weapons Center Yorktown

„ Duty Station Unit: NCHB 1

„ Years as a military spouse: 19

„ Number of deployments: 9

„ Number of PCS moves: 5

How do I balance family/work/military life? By relying on God and my faith.

My background: I’ve been a military spouse since 2005. Paul is a SeaBee in the Navy so we haven’t moved around too much. He’s been on quite a few deployments, most in dangerous areas. I just hold down the fort while he’s gone and do the best I can.

My advice to other military spouses is: it’s not an easy lifestyle so don’t beat yourself up when you’re down. You can handle/do a lot more than what you give yourself credit for. Don’t worry about what others may think of how your family may do things, just do whats best for your family. That also goes both ways, don’t judge others for what they may do. It’s ok to be proud of your spouse’s accomplishments, just don’t put others down because they haven’t accomplished the same things YET! Be proud of yourself as well, it can definitely be rough. Keep your faith. Never lose sight of the one you love and always try to keep them positive.

The best part of being a military spouse is: that there’s a great sense of community. We’ve been very blessed that he’s been a part of some great commands who try to make sure we don’t feel alone. I’m very proud of my SeaBee and all that he’s accomplished. Something I would like to see improved for military families: Housing has gotten better in some areas but there’s always room for improvement.

One of the best experiences I’ve had: any time we get to be reunited with my husband when he’s been away. Also, seeing Paul walk for the first time on his own after his accident, almost dying, and almost losing his leg.

After military life: we’re planning on buying acreage and having a small working farm. Fun facts about Katie

„ I’m almost always late no matter how early I wake up.

„ I love to be outdoors and ride down country dirt roads.

„ I enjoy being a ball mom & watching my kids play!

Volunteer service highlights: PTOs and church

2 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30, 2024

Navy Mutual hasbeen protecting servicemembers andtheir familiessince 1879. Whether you’re home or abroad, at sea, on land, or in the air,our policies featurenoactiveduty service restrictions or aviationclauses, so you can rest assured that you’resafe with us. We’rewith you now,and we’re with youfor life

Active Duty / Veterans / Spouses

To learn more about how we can help protect your loved ones, call us at 800-628-6011 or visit NavyMutual.org/Quote.

www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024 3
We have your
Photo courtesy of the United States Department of Defense. The DOD does not endorse any company or their products or services.
“We each survive in our own way.”

„ Spouse of Navy E5 Ryan Fisher, stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana

„ Duty Station Unit: VFA-105

„ Years as a military spouse: 7

„ Number of deployments: 3

„ Number of PCS moves: 2

How do I balance family/work/military life? I try to focus on the relationships around me — my coworkers and my military spouse friends, the community I have created for myself — and lean on my community for help if needed.

My background: When we first got married, I joined the FRG for his First Command, assisting military wives and husbands in connecting with their command community. I believe that the military spouse community is an amazing community. That helps you feel like you’re not so alone.

The best part of being a military spouse is: the community you build for yourself. Family is very important, but being a military family, you create your own family. You’re surrounded by friends who are going through the same thing as you, who live far away from their family.

Something I would like to see improved for military families: the cost of childcare and the availability of housing on military installations for families that are moving. Too often women have to quit their jobs to take care of their children because they can’t afford childcare. Or a family that’s about to PCS can’t find a house, so they have to live in an Airbnb or couch surf.

One of the best experiences I’ve had was: recently I got the opportunity to speak on local news about the importance of hiring military spouses in the workforce. We offer a diverse background and the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice.

What I’ve learned: that I’m not alone, that there is an entire community of people around me that are going through the same thing as me. That it’s OK to support your husband’s career while also being very upset and missing him. All of the feelings that you’re going through, what you go through alone, are completely normal. The biggest thing is that it’s OK to ask for help when you don’t want to.

After military life: I would like to continue my career in the nonprofit sector and still assist military spouses in finding job opportunities, as well be an advocate for military families.

Fun facts about Gabrielle:

„ I am 27 with no kids, married seven years.

„ I have three dogs and three cats.

„ I love hockey and getting out in my community!

Volunteer service highlights:

„ VFA192 FRG VP 2019

„ Hanford Chamber of Commerce 2022 Newsletters

„ Numerous other duties and positions with the Chamber

„ Soroptimist, 2022 Youngest Member to Join; numerous positions held, including volunteer, chair and presenter.

„ Kings Partnership for Prevention

„ Hanford Rotary

“Life is a book and each duty station is a new chapter.”

„ Spouse of Marine Corps 0-5 Chad Buckel, stationed at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads

„ Duty Station Unit: Marine Forces Command

„ Years as a military spouse: 11

„ Number of deployments: 3

„ Number of PCS moves: 5

How do I balance family/work/military life? It’s a balance that is continually changing and evolving. Family comes first. Always. My job as a stay-at-home mom is to give the stability to my kids that is not always guaranteed when my husband has military requirements.

My background: I met my husband while teaching overseas in Saudi Arabia. Right after we married, we had our first PCS to Fort Benning. After six months, we moved to Hawaii and he deployed. I was pregnant and in a country that was not my own. Our four years in Hawaii included two more deployments, another baby and another house. After our time in Hawaii, we moved to Belgium for NATO. Here we integrated into the local culture and added another baby to our family. In the middle of Covid, days after having our third baby, we moved to Fort Leavenworth. Finally we landed in Virginia Beach where we have been for the last three years.

The best part of being a military spouse is: the sense of community. No matter where we are in the world, we have strands from our web.

My advice to other military spouses is: Take advantage of where you are living to integrate into the local community. Be a tourist in each duty station.

One thing I would like to see improved: I would like to see better healthcare on Tricare Prime in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake area. The system is overwhelmed, so when you need a next-day appointment you have to wait weeks.

One of my best experiences as a military spouse was when we lived in Hawaii, and I was a L.I.N.K.S mentor, I had my baby with me while teaching a section of a class. I sat down to nurse while I kept teaching. The next day the L.I.N.K.S coordinator told me that (someone) had complained about me nursing my child while teaching. In the same breath, she told me that I also inspired a Marine to tell his wife it was okay to come to the class and bring their new baby.

What will I do after military life? Retirement is getting closer. I may return to teaching or work for a not for profit. The options are endless.

Fun facts about Chantal:

„ Although I’m Canadian, I’ve lived outside of Canada more of my life than inside Canada.

„ I was born in Bermuda and then traveled with my parents as my father was in the Canadian Forces.

Volunteer service highlights:

„ PTA President of Glenwood Elementary

„ Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader

„ Team Manager for Beach Blades Synchronized Skating

„ Catholic Church of St. Mark - General

„ PTA Military Liaison and Volunteer

„ SHAPE Annual Father Daughter Dance - Organizer

„ Angel Tree Request Coordinator with the local Belgian community

4 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30, 2024
“Positivity manifests positivity.”

„ Spouse of Navy E7 Ross Stowers, stationed at Naval Station Norfolk

„ Duty Station Unit: VAW-123, the world-famous Screwtops

„ Years as a military spouse: 18

„ Number of deployments: 6

„ Number of PCS moves: 3

How do I balance family/work/military life? Planners and communication. When it comes to mentally balancing it all, it means we focus on the moment.

My background: I was 19 when I married my husband who is, as the cliche goes, my best friend. We had started dating just before he left for bootcamp. Once he graduated, he remained in Chicago to complete C school (specialized training). I drove from our home in Ohio to see him every weekend.

Over the course of our marriage, nothing has changed. I run to that man every chance

I get whether it’s driving from Southern California to Fallon, Nevada, while he is on a detachment so that he doesn’t miss his first Father’s Day; or flying last-minute to the other side of the world because they are getting a port for the first time in seven months.

The best part of being a military spouse is: knowing that almost anywhere in the world we have “FRamily” (friends that become family). What a unique-to-the military bond that is.

My advice to other military spouses: Make friends, put yourself out there, build your community up, and become part of every duty station you are fortunate enough to be a part of.

One thing military families are facing that I would like to see improved: Mental health care. It’s an epidemic.

My best experience as a military spouse: It’s reuniting after being apart for so long.

To date, my absolute favorite instance is visiting Crete a few weeks ago to meet the Eisenhower. When the ship pulled in and sailors could exit, my husband called to tell me where to meet him… I made my way there and it was like time stood still- everything you’d see in a movie.

After military life, for a little while we will relax and do what may seem to others like a whole lot of … nothing. This life takes a toll on the whole family and a rest sounds wonderful. I still plan to be in advocacy and supporting nonprofits.

Fun facts about Dawna:

„ If you ask the community I have more than 1000 children, as I am known as “coach mama” “team mama” “mama bird” or just plain mama to everyone at our ballfields.

„ We have a small zoo to include our ducks (our pride and joy), cats, dogs and a turtle.

„ I am actually the biggest introvert.

Volunteer service highlights:

„ Navy Ombudsman 14 years

„ Cheer coach for recreation center

„ PTA president and advocate 8 years at all levels through national

„ Board member for our little league 6 years- current vice president, team parent and champions league (special ability players) founder and coach

Residential Treatment

The Barry Robinson Center has been improving the lives of children and families for 90 years The Center is the only residential treatment program 100% dedicated to military-connected youth, ages 11 through 17, with emotional and behavioral difficulties

The Center provides a holistic environment that sets youth and their families on the path to healing Our team includes qualified and compassionate therapists, teachers, counselors, doctors, nurses, and dietitians Our open college-like campus on the border of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia, combines modern residential facilities with several original historic buildings dating to 1933 This combination makes it one of the most beautiful and unique residential treatment centers in the region

www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30, 2024 5
Barry Robinson Center school admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

„ SpouseofNavyO-3BrianFloyd,stationedatNavalAirStationOceana

„ DutyStationUnit:NavalAirStationOceana/VFA-34BlueBlasters

„ Yearsasamilitaryspouse:2

„ Numberofdeployments:2

„ NumberofPCSmoves:0

Ibalancefamily/work/militarylifebyputtingGodfirst,mymarriagesecondandmy family andfriends next. Spending quiettime in theWordevery morning gives me a soundmindtofacewhateverinevitablycomesforwardthatishard.WhenIbecame amilitary spouse Iultimately took astep back from my career as an RN and began workingPRN(asneeded).

Mybackground:Imetmyhusband,Brian,threeyearsagoandwegotmarriedayear later.Two weeks after our wedding,wegot unexpectedordersthathewas deploying.Itwashardandscaryinthenextthreemonths,becauseIhadabsolutelynoidea what Iwas doing as awife or as amilitary spouse. After thefirstdeployment, Iwas determined to facethis next deployment that began in January withanew attitude andwithjoy

Thebestpartofbeingamilitaryspouseis:thecommunity of thewomen. When I wasanewwifeandmilitaryspouseIwasscaredanddepressed,andmysister(whois alsoaNavywife)andthemilitaryspousesatmychurchralliedaroundmeandcarried methroughthatseason.

Myadvicetoothermilitaryspousesis:Look for joyeveninthe hard,giveyourself thegraceofhavingahardmoment,andthenlookupandkeepmovingforward. SomethingIwouldliketoseeimprovedformilitaryfamilies:Depression, anxiety andsuicide arethree of my biggest concerns within this community. I’dliketosee a rapidandthoroughsetofresolutionsestablishedtodealwiththesesituationsinthe urgentanddelicatemannertheyrequire.

Oneofmybestexperiences as amilitary spouse: Co-leading aBible studyof12 womenfromeachwalkoflifeandalldifferentbranchesofthemilitaryhasbeenone of themostamazing experiences of my life. These women have taught me so much andbroughtmesomuchjoy.

Aftermilitarylife:Iwillcontinuetoraiseawarenessarounddepression,anxietyand suicidewithin this community and work to bring enoughawarenesstochange how thesearedealtwithinthemilitary


„ Myhometownisthe“PumpkinCapitaloftheWorld”(Morton,Illinois)

„ Igrewupridinghorses

„ I“swore”I’dnevermarryamaninthemilitary.Neversaynever!


„ BoonieFlightProject

„ AscentChurch,FirstImpressionsteammember

„ VFA-34BlueBlastersFamilyReadinessGroup(FRG)VicePresident/Treasurer; „ AscentChurch,militaryspouseBiblestudyco-leader;militarycarepackage projectcoordinator

„ SpouseofNavyE5AustinFinney,StationedatNavalStationNorfolk

„ DutyStationUnit:NavalStationNorfolk

„ Yearsasamilitaryspouse:6

„ Numberofdeployments:1

„ NumberofPCSmoves:3

HowdoIbalancefamily/work/militarylife? My firstresponse. “Balance?” Iam oftenaskedthis,andmydefaultansweristhetruth:withmassiveamountsofcoffee, anabundanceofgrace,andalotofJesus.Iamamomtofour,andthreehavespecial needs.Iworkfull-timeastheownerofmyownbusinessandjuggleattendingLiberty Universityonlinefull-time,graduatingthisyearasadualmajor

Mybackground: My journey as amilitary spousestarted twoyearsbeforethe military whenI married my husband. With considerable consideration and prayer and threekidsintow,Austin enlistedinthe Navy.Throughout theseinsane fouryears, I have done my besttosupport our military communitybybeing present online and in real life.Irun variousFacebook groups for military spouses,families,and loved ones,and am present in dozens more.For thoselocally,Ihostcoffee hours,meals, andeventsforlocalspouses

Thebestpartofbeingamilitaryspouseis:Firstisthesenseofcommunity.Second is the travel opportunities.Lastly,thereisasense of prideand honor.When a service member has afamily,someone musthold down the homefront to answer our nation’scall.

Myadvicetoothermilitaryspousesis: Getinvolved. Military lifecan be challenging,but communityinvolvement can help youfeel moreconnected and supported. Attendevents,joinclubsorgroups,andvolunteer

WhatisonethingmilitaryfamiliesarefacingthatIwouldliketoseeimproved? Genuinelyaccessible,qualitymentalhealthcareandmentalhealtheducationforthe entiremilitaryfamily

Oneofmybestexperiencesasamilitaryspouse:Ithasofferedmeasenseofbelonging,opportunitiesforpersonalgrowthanddevelopment,andthechancetoformlifelong friendships with peoplewho understand and support me through theunique challengesmilitarylifebrings

Aftermilitary life: With my husband pursuing becoming amilitary chaplainand myself one to counsel militaryfamilies,after my spouse’sretirement, we will be activelyinvolvedin“militarylife.”


„ Mostpeoplecallmea“serialvolunteer.”

„ Threeyearsago,Idecidedtogobacktoschoolfull-timetoobtainadegreein biblicalmilitarycounselinginthehopeofonedayprovidingfreeservicesto ourcommunity.


„ WarriorsUnmasked/PodcastHost-January2024-Present

„ OhanaHomefrontFoundation/CEO-November2023-Present

„ DefendersMilitaryMinistry/Founder:2023-Present

„ USSPhilippineSeaFamilyReadinessGroup/President:2023

„ OhanaHomefrontFoundation/ExecutiveAssistant/BoardofDirectors: 2021-2024

„ USSPhilippineSeaFamilyReadinessGroup/Treasurer/2022-2023

“‘LovetheLordyourGodwithallyour heartandwithallyoursoulandwithall yourmind.’Thisisthefirstandgreatest commandment.Andthesecondislikeit: ‘Loveyourneighborasyourself.’” MATTHEW22:37-39,THEBIBLE
“Perhapsyouwerebornfor suchatimeasthis.” ESTHER4:14,THEBIBLE
6 The Flagship |www.flagshipnews.com |Section0 |Thursday,May 30,2024
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

„ Spouse of Coast Guard E7 Brennan Smith, stationed at Coast Guard Atlantic Area & Fifth Coast Guard

„ Duty Station Unit: USCG TRACEN Yorktown

„ Years as a military spouse: 17

„ Number of deployments: 10+

„ Number of PCS moves: 3

How do I balance family/work/military life? I work toward balance by focusing first on what makes me happy and whole, and then begin to work outward fulfilling the needs of my spouse and children first, then my community.

The more involved I can be with each “arm” of my being, the more likely I am to make time to get things done. It’s a journey that never ends as military life changes so frequently.

My background: My military spouse background began when I met my husband when I was a freshman in college and he was straight out of BM-A school, arriving at his first duty-station. Throughout my college career, we dated, providing me with insights into military life. We got married the year after I graduated, and completed our first PCS together. We have moved states two more times, had two children, and experienced deployments.

The best part of being a military spouse is: what it teaches us about leaning on each other, working within a community, and learning to ask for help. Watching my kids learn to help me, each other, and support their dad in his military service and truly understand what that means is such a gift.

What I have learned from being a military spouse: It’s important to seek out resources and be your biggest advocate. Get involved with your military community and you will not only learn a lot, but feel more connected to your spouse.

One thing I would like to see improved for military families: I would love to see more access to quality early childhood education and care.

One of my best experiences as a military spouse: Becoming an Ombudsman is by far one of the best experiences as a military spouse. My husband had 18 years in when I started this type of volunteer service and I have learned more about his position, the military, the resources available to us than I ever did before...and it allowed me to grow closer to my spouse.

After military life I will continue to work in a school dedicated to military students and families. I will continue to look for ways to serve and give back to the community that has given me so much!

Fun facts about Diana:

„ I love to garden.

„ I am Jewish and love working with my synagogue and bringing a different viewpoint to military life.

„ I enjoy cooking and baking and playing games with my friends and family.

Volunteer Service Highlights:

„ Coast Guard Ombudsman since 2020

„ Have served four units and am currently serving

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three in LANT Area. „ Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads, Volunteer
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www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 9
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Crossword Sudoku CryptoQuip LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS Religious Serivices For your installation’s religious service times visit www.flagshipnews.com⁄ base_information⁄ religious_services UNSPOILED EXPANSES What doyou call a celebrated fictional spywho’s producing tons ofoutput?Ahigh-yield Bond. www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 0 | Thursday May 30 2024 11 The right placeto advertiseyour Merchandise, Pets, Auto, Real Estate, Tag Sales &Flea Markets, Vacation Property, Wanted to Buy Items and more! Renting or Selling Your Home? placeanad.pilotonline.com reach your buyers at placeanad.pilotonline.com
12 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 0 | Thursday, May 30 2024 Chevroletprovidesthe mostinclusive military offerfromany car company Givingback to those who give everything Casey Chevrolet NewportNews, VA Chas H. Jenkins Chevrolet Ahoskie,NC DukeChevrolet Suffolk,VA HamptonChevrolet Hampton, VA KenHoutzChevrolet Gloucester,VA Loyalty Chevrolet Williamsburg, VA ObxChevrolet KittyHawk, NC Performance Chevrolet ElizabethCity, NC Priority Chevrolet Chesapeake, VA Priority Chevrolet NewportNews NewportNews, VA Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Norfolk, VA RK Chevrolet Virginia Beach, VA Southern Chevrolet Chesapeake, VA Winner’s Circle Chevrolet Franklin, VA †Atparticipating Chevrolet, Buick andGMC dealers. Notavailable with some other offers.Musttakenew retail deliveryby6/3/24. Visitgmmilitaryappreciation.com forprogram eligibility details andfor alistofeligible vehicles 1,000 TOTALCASH ALLOWANCE on mostmodels† Your HamptonRoadsChevy Dealers areproud to honor allour hometown heroes thathaveservedinthe U.S. Military.That’swhy we offerthis exclusivediscount to ActiveDuty members, Reservists,Veterans,National GuardMembers and Retirees —includingtheir spouses andhousehold members—ofthe U.S. Army, Navy,Air Force, Marine Corpsand CoastGuard.†

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