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Make the 100th your first stop too! HALF MARATHON 2021

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| JULY 2021


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WELCOME Welcome Summer with days out, celebrations of color and culture, cookouts, and Summer parties! We will make the most of our Summer in the UK rain or shine. We will have special meal deals, barbecues, and tournaments at the Galaxy Club throughout the month. Kid’s Bowl Free continues at the Bowling Center throughout the month. There will be yoga, cultural days, and science experiments doused in color and fun with the Library. The Library is also running its Summer Reading Program throughout July and will finish it off with a Finale Party at the beginning of the next month. And Bob Hope Community Center will be hosting a Dog’s Day Out on top of other fun events for the whole family. To include the BHCC Daddy Daughter Dance! New sports season registration begins in Youth Sports this month so get ready for football and indoor soccer programs. Finally, look out for Summer adventures and excursions with Outdoor Recreation. RAF Mildenhall Gaming will also be hosting a Magic the Gathering Tournament in the BHCC Game room. Make the most of July by showing up and showing out at Your FSS facility for meals, activities, tournaments, and more!

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POTUS Visits RAF Mildenhall See page 26 - 27


| JULY 2021

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‘Rosie’s Riveters’ nose art dedication immortalizes legacy of 100th BG pilot with 100th ARW One of the 100th Bombardment Group’s most iconic World War II pilots has been immortalized into the newest heritage nose art of a 100th Air Refueling Wing KC-135 Stratotanker – tail number 58-0089 – which was unveiled at a ceremony at RAF Mildenhall June 10, 2021.



he “Rosie’s Riveters” nose art was created to honor Lt. Col. Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal, a legendary pilot assigned to the 418th Bomb Squadron of the 100th Bomb Group from September 1943 to September 1944 at Thorpe Abbotts, Diss, England. Rosie first became part of the 100th ARW heritage when the 100th Operations Group auditorium was renamed the Rosenthal Auditorium in May 2012. In addition to the unveiling ceremony of the nose art, the “Rosie’s Riveters” jet was also officially taken on by the 100th Maintenance Group as part of the “Adopt-a-Jet” program, as the historical


| JULY 2021

ABOVE: Dan Rosenthal, son of legendary World War II pilot Lt. Col. Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal, speaks at the nose art unveiling ceremony.

affiliation of “Rosie’s Riveters” made them a natural fit. The aim of the program is to give Airmen the opportunity to learn more about the specific ancestry behind the aircraft nose art. Enabling squadrons to have a stronger link to the RAF Mildenhall mission is a way of introducing Airmen to the 100th BG and strengthening the ties to the 100th ARW’s heritage. Rosie signed up to join the U.S. Army Air Forces in December 1941 – the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor – and immediately knew he

RAF MILDENHALL NEWS wanted to be a bomber pilot. He started his military career as a lieutenant, eventually working his way up to lieutenant colonel. After completing his pilot training, he was sent to England and became part of the Eighth Air Force and the 100th BG. He was also one of the oldest there, having been to law school prior to the war, and had worked as an attorney for one of the largest law firms in New York City. RAF Mildenhall was honored to host a visit from Dan and Sam Rosenthal, Rosie’s son and grandson, for the unveiling and dedication ceremony, where Dan once again saw the base pay tribute to his father. “What made my dad a great leader was his ability to listen and learn from others, and to respect all who served on the base,” said Dan. “From the crews who cleaned up the base, to the top brass. He recognized that it took everyone to make the missions possible to succeed. He was a great leader and a great man.” During World War II, the average number of missions from a pilot and aircrew was 25; Rosie flew 52. He got shot down twice but kept on going back up. His medals included the Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart with cluster, Air Medal with seven Oak Leaf clusters, Distinguished Flying Cross (British) and the Croix de Guerre (French). The World War II pilot passed away April 20, 2007, aged 89. Sam Rosenthal was 10 when Rosie died, and has grown up learning about the legacy his grandfather left behind. “He was over here to do a job and he knew that when he was up in the air, he wasn’t only putting his crew in danger, but others,” Sam remarked. “He wanted to complete the mission, whatever it was, otherwise they were just putting themselves in harm’s way, and he hated that. My grandfather wanted and had a need to be successful – he set a very high standard for his crew and did it

in a way where people would listen and follow. It wasn’t just he who achieved these missions, it was everyone in the squadron, and that was his belief.”

ABOVE: “Rosie’s Riveters,” is officially unveiled during a ceremony at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England. Created by Bruce Richardson, 100th Force Support Squadron Marketing visual information specialist.

The nose art adorning KC-135 tail 58-0089 completes the collection of World War II nose art, all based on those from the 100th Bomb Group B-17 Flying Fortresses. “Bringing ‘Rosie’s Riveters’ back just makes good sense,” said Rob Paley, 100th ARW historian. “Not only is the name iconic for the women who built the aircraft in the war factories back home, but its leader was a legend amongst legends within the 100th Bomb Group itself. Major Harry Crosby, 418th Bomb Squadron and 100th Bomb Group navigator, called Rosie ‘The heart and spirit of the 100th,’ and today the 100th ARW is honoring what he stood for.” While the 100th MXG already owns and maintains all of RAF Mildenhall’s KC-135s, taking the reins of the Rosie’s Riveters nose art jet, with such legendary and historic ties to its Square D heritage, makes it even more special. “The 100th MXG is excited by the response the unit sponsorship program has received across the wing, and how much closer it has brought various support agencies to one of our primary mission sets,” said Col. John Tran, 100th MXG commander. “While we at the 100th MXG feels like we’re picking a ‘favorite child’ in sponsoring aircraft 0089, ‘Rosie’s Riveters’, as we support and maintain the entire fleet, we are honored that this is the tail we attached our unit’s name to.” Tran first learned of Rosie in 2019 when he visited the 100th Bomb Group Memorial Museum at Thorpe Abbotts. “While there, I read the story about his Oct. 10, 1943, mission over Münster; just his third mission with the 100th BG, and he was the only aircraft to return,” recalled Tran. “I also read about his

What made my dad a great leader was his ability to listen and learn from others, and to respect all who served on the base JULY 2021 |



Thank you for recognizing my dad today. Knowing Rosie as I do, he likely would have said others in the 100th Bomb Group were more deserving and that he was just ‘doing his job

ABOVE: Dan Rosenthal, left, and his son Sam, son and grandson of retired-Lt. Col. Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal.

work to preserve the memory and tradition of the 100th ARW and wondered why his nose art wasn’t amongst the 15 that we flew here in our fleet; this event corrects that oversight, and we’re deeply humbled and proud that we can recognize his leadership and courage, and have his son Dan and grandson Sam as part of it too.” Sam described how it was difficult to deal with the loss of his beloved grandfather, who was such a big part of his life. “For years it was hard for me to comprehend how the man with the easy laugh, the twinkling eyes, the corny jokes – my best friend during my early years – was no longer around,” he said. “Gone was the man who listened to me prattle on about nothing, who laughed at my ‘knock-knock’ jokes and joined in when I sang rounds of nursery rhymes. More importantly, I distinctly remember how he engaged with everyone – he remembered people’s names and names of their family members. Everyone wanted to be around him, and when they did, I’d grab his hand – because he belonged to me. He was MY grandpa!” Sam told how Rosie never spoke of his own achievements, and Sam learned about them not only from his dad but also from those whose lives his grandfather touched. “When I was old enough to search ‘Robert Rosenthal’ online, from the articles I read about him it was initially hard for me to reconcile the funny, loveable grandpa with the storied man profiled on the page. But it didn’t take me long to see how the tenets that defined him as a war hero – his morality,


| JULY 2021

kindness, empathy, selflessness and bravery – were who he was at his very core. “I think the lesson that the men in the Eighth Air Force, including my grandfather, left was, ‘Don’t think of yourselves as heroes.’ It was their job, and he wanted to do his job at an exceedingly high level and wanted others to do so to achieve those goals,” Rosie’s grandson remarked. “When he visited with the 100th Air Refueling Wing, he was so pleased and proud. He wanted us to come visit and share his stories, and just to have the continuing legacy from the past and present Air Force – that meant the world to him. Dan expressed how much it meant to him and his family that the 100th ARW had created the “Rosie’s Riveters” nose art to honor his father. “Thank you for recognizing my dad today. Knowing Rosie as I do, he likely would have said others in the 100th Bomb Group were more deserving and that he was just ‘doing his job,’ said Dan. “I’ll attempt to channel Lt. Col. Robert ‘Rosie’ Rosenthal and say he’d like to share this honor with the brave and brilliant men with whom he had the privilege to serve, and would express his gratitude to the men and women of the 100th ARW, who continue to uphold the legacy of the 100th Bomb Group Foundation.”

RIGHT: U.S. Army Air Forces Lt. Col. Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal was a legendary pilot who was assigned to the 418th Bomb Squadron from September 1943 to September 1944 at Thorpe Abbotts, Diss, England..

Friday, July 16 11 am – 8 pm GALAXY CLUB PARKING LOT

Featuring a variety of global-inspired cuisine SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES APPLY

JULY 2021 |



01638 54 2480

Buy one hour of stall time, get one free! Offer ends July 31, 2021. Please call for more information.

SIM-Only and Handset Plans available with exclusive benefits when buying on-base:


• Military Clause when joining Vodafone • No Credit Check – we guarantee you connection! • Unlimited Data! • Exclusive unrestricted FREE ROAMING when you buy on-base!

*Prices are correct based on offers at the time of going to print and may vary daily. Terms and conditions apply, please visit us in-store for more information.

EMC Mildenhall (inside the BX) 01638 515727 EMC Lakenheath (inside the BX) 01638 533730 Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Paid advertisement. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.

ARTS & Crafts

01638 54 2644

Christmas in July

Pre-order your Holiday ornaments for 10% discount! Offer ends July 31, 2021. Please call for more information. For all our latest updates follow @RAF.Mildenhall.Arts.Crafts

JULY 2021 |


Airman & Family Readiness

01638 54 3406

HeartLink Friday, July 9 • 9 am - 3 pm

This spouse orientation is open to those new to the military or the overseas environment. Learn more about the Air Force lifestyle and how you make a difference, plus connect with other new spouses. Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Spouse Newcomers Orientation

1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month 9 am – 1 pm Join us the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month for the spouses newcomers orientation. This is an essential in-processing forum to learn about the area, the wealth of resources available and connect with RAF Mildenhall community members.

Pollywiggles Playgroup

Thursdays • 10 am – 12 pm Join us every Thursday from 1000-1200 at the RAF Mildenhall Youth Center Gym for POLLYWIGGLES play group! Hosted by EFMP and open to all Tri- base families. Pollywiggles provides inclusive play through a variety of activities for children aged 0-5 and fosters a community of spirit and cohesion by providing a safe space for caregivers to share ideas and experiences.

Understanding & Improving Your Credit

Tuesday, July 6 • 1 pm – 2 pm (PDC) Did you know using more than 30% of your limit on a credit card will impact your credit score negatively? Learn this and much more!

Bundles for Babies

Monday, July 12 • 9 am – 12:30 pm Hear from base organizations that will be helpful to you with a new baby. Eligible members may receive a $50 AAFES gift card per baby.


| JULY 2021

Team Mildenhall Sponsorship Training

Monday, July 12 • 9:30 am – 11:30 am Discover how you can help inbound personnel and their families gain a positive first impression of our Team, and a smooth relocation to the UK. All military and civilian sponsors, and spouses are encouraged to attend.


Thursday, July 15 • 10 am – 12:30 pm Make your PCS as stress-free as possible. Hear from agencies who will be involved with your move.

Shipping Your Pet

Thursday, July 15 • 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm AF Feltwell Vet Clinic will provide information to assist with shipping pets to your next location.

Key Spouse Initial Training

Friday, July 23 • 9 am – 3 pm Mandatory training for squadron appointed Key Spouses to learn roles and responsibilities vital to a successful program.



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Sponsored by ...

U A G D H Y TE R D D A D ,,,



Friday, July 9 • 6 pm – 8 pm GALAXY CLUB BALLROOM $55 per couple / $25 additional daughter Purchase ticket in advance at Bob Hope Community Center TICKET INCLUDES Dinner • Photo Booth • DJ • Door Prizes • Corsages


| JULY 2021




All tournament tables will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Attendees: 48 tournament seats available // unlimited side play. • 2, 8 Person Drafts with Commander Legends (16 slots) • 4, 8 Person Drafts with Strixhaven (32 slots) HOW TO SIGN UP: All tournament seats will filled on a first come, first serve basis at the door. No prior sign-up needed.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: MTG Judges, Set-Up/Tear Down, General Event Facilitators. Contact POCs below with any questions or to sign up as a volunteer.

POCs TSgt Steven Whaley // 100 SFS // 01638 54 8057 // TSgt John Strong // 95 RS // 01638 54 9520 // SSgt Brett Cook // 95 RS // 01638 54 9515 // SSgt Kaelin Burgess // 352 SOAMXS // 01638 54 2516 //


| JULY 2021

01638 54 2579

Dog's Day Out

Wednesday, July 7 • 11 am – 1 pm BOB HOPE COMMUNITY CENTER Free Event Bring your dog for a free puppuccino while supplies last.

Outdoor Flea Market B O B H O P E COM M U N I T Y C E N T E R PARK I N G LOT Saturday, July 17 • 10 am – 3 pm Free to attend $10 per table and $5 for an extra table Call to reserve your spot

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Friday, July 23 • 11 am – 1 pm BOB HOPE COMMUNITY CENTER Free Event Enjoy a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream with choices of toppings! - While supplies last.

S'mores & Rock Painting Day

Friday, July 30 • 12 pm – 3 pm THE BOB HOPE COMMUNITY CENTER PARKING LOT Free Event While supplies last.



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JULY 2021 |



01638 54 2348

KIDS BOWL FREE! Kids Bowl Free Program is available until Aug. 31


et the family out the house and take a trip to the RAF Mildenhall Bowling Center to enjoy no fees for the children. This program is designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure and fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Sign up and register on the website to receive two free bowling games each day of the

KBF program. Pay only a $2 fee for shoe rental. A $10 reservation fee is required when booking slots. Remember masks must be worn in the Bowling Center and keeping with other COVID-19 guidelines. Game limits may be applied if needed. 

Registered kids receive 2 free games of bowling each day of the KBF Program all summer long! 18

| JULY 2021

The Health Plan that Covers You Worldwide

Foreign Service BeneFit Plan Receive access to mental health programs designed to help ease life’s stressors

Use our convenient 24/7 translation line & nurse advice line

Enjoy generous chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy benefits

Save with our competitive rates and low annual deductibles

Receive worldwide coverage – 200+ direct billing partners, overseas providers treated as in-network

Keep this health plan if you return to the U.S. FEHB High Option Plan open to eligible Federal Civilian employees. Paid Ad. No Federal endorsement of advertiser intended. All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations, and exclusions set forth in the Foreign Service Benefit Plan’s Federal brochure (RI 72-001).



Affordable Prices with Delivery and Payment Plans Available OPENING TIMES SAT – SUN: 10 am – 6 pm WEEKDAYS: Please arrange an appointment to suit your needs.

Call: 01366 385058 or 07712 105408 Paid advertisement. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.


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Santa Latte It's Christmas in July!

Enjoy 10% off your Secret Santa latte when you order the drink of your Barista's choosing. A different tasty beverage will be available each day through July. Try something new!

Smore's Latte

Toasted marshmallow syrup, espresso, and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle. Try this flavoring hot, cold, or blended!

Watermelon Iced Green Tea

Watermelon syrup mixed with our green tea blend and iced.

JULY 2021 |



Taco Monday

Why wait for Tuesday! Enjoy seasoned ground beef or grilled chicken tacos. $8 per plate

Hot Plate Tuesday

Join us for a tour around the world with cuisine from all your favorite countries. $8.95 per plate

Mongolian BBQ Wednesday Chicken, Beef or Shrimp along with your choice of vegetables with rice or noodles. $8.95 per plate

Southern Thursday

Fried Chicken or fish with mac & cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. $10 per plate


Fried fish or fried shrimp with French fries, potato salad, hush puppies and coleslaw. Fish or shrimp can be served grilled or blackened. $10 per plate • Make it a combo (Fish & Shrimp) for only $12!

Saturday 22

| JULY 2021

Roadhouse Grill open from 3 pm – 9 pm

01638 54 2683 Friday July 2 Daily Grind: CLOSED American Roadhouse Grill: Open from 3 pm Monday, July 5 Galaxy Club: CLOSED

Pool Tournament

Tuesday, July 6 • 6 pm – 9 pm SPO RTS BAR Take on the Galaxy Pool challenge.

Outdoor Grilling Shrimp Boil Friday, July 9 • 4 pm – 8 pm O UTS I D E G A LAXY CLU B ½ lb Large Shrimp with Corn, Sausage, and Potatoes for $15

National French Fry Day

Tuesday, July 13 10:30 am – 2 pm // 4 pm – 8 pm AMER I C AN ROA DHOU SE GR ILL Loaded French Fries, with all your favorite toppings

Ping Pong Tournament

Tuesday, July 13 • 6 pm – 9 pm S PO RTS BAR Can you become the Ping Pong Champion?

Member Appreciation Dinner Wednesday, July 21 • 5 pm – 7 pm G A LA X Y C LUB Club Member Drawing for Cash Prize

Outdoor Grilling Steak Night Friday, July 23 • 5 pm – 8 pm O UTSIDE G AL AX Y C LU B :

Outdoor Grilling Fish Fry Friday, July 30 • 4 pm – 8 pm O UTSIDE G A L AX Y C LU B



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JULY 2021 |



RAF Mildenhall and Lakenheath

Freedom Run Friday, July 2 • 9 am R A F L A K E N H E AT H F I T N E S S C E N T E R Cost: Free Start your July 4th celebrations with a 3.5K or 6K Patriotic run! The top 3 winners will win a prize!

Bench Press Competition

Friday, July 30 • 3 pm NORTHSIDE FITNESS CENTER 1. Sign up and pay at the Hardstand Fitness Center // 2. Your bodyweight on the day is the weight you will press. 3. Full repetitions/no half reps // 4. The bar must touch your chest. // 5. Safety first and have fun! 1st and 2nd for male and female entries! 18 years and older only


| JULY 2021

Hardstand: 01638 54 3735 // Northside: 01638 54 2041 R A F MI L D ENH A L L AND LAKENHEATH

Friday, Aug. 27

Run Start Time: 8:30 am // Show Time: 7:30 pm

H A R D S TA N D F I T N E S S C E N T E R Early Bird Price: $35 - sign up by Aug. 13 Regular Price: $40 - sign up after Aug. 13 Age Restrictions: 16 years & older with parental consent

Volleyball Tournament Friday, Aug. 13 • 3 pm H A R D S TA N D F I T N E S S C E N T E R Open to teams of six 16 years & older with parental consent SIGN UP LINK:



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JULY 2021 |


RAF Mildenhall News

POTUS Visits RAF Mildenhall

President Joe Biden visited Royal Air Force Mildenhall during his first trip overseas since becoming president. Words: Rae Lovell // Photos (Above): Airman 1st Class Cedrique Oldaker & Senior Airman Joseph Barron

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN made his first overseas trip in early June, with his first stop being RAF Mildenhall! He made his first overseas public speech as Commander in Cheif to our service personnel from the tri-base area, in a hangar on our base. We were honored to welcome the President and


ABOVE: President

Joe Biden stands at his podium at Royal Air Force Mildenhall,

| JULY 2021

help to give him “the best possible way to start [the] trip”, in Biden’s own words. Ours was the first stop as President Biden started on an eight day trip to Europe, which included the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Our Airbase was the first place outside of the Continental

US that President Biden has visited since his election victory last November. Our troops watched as the First Couple disembarked Air Force One and gave a wave before getting into his armed vehicle, known as The Beast, to transport

It was a great experience, I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Biden briefly about joining forces... and got to thank her for starting initiatives. the team to the hangar. Watching the Presidential Motorcade was the first of the impressive process that members had the opportunity to witness. President Biden was then introduced by our own Command Chief Kathy Glascock’s daughter, Sydney Glascock. In his speech, President Biden highlighted the military families, as well as the work that the members of the tri-base community do to protect our nation's security. Once he finished his speech, the President and First Lady stepped down from the stage and took time to meet, greet, and take pictures with many of our servicemen. One of our tri-base area personnel, Marissa-Ellen Patterson, told our team what it was like to meet the President, saying “It was a great experience, I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Biden briefly about joining forces... and got to thank her for starting initiatives.” Team Mildenhall was happy to welcome our President on his first European visit in office and is excited to see what comes from the alliances he has aimed to reaffirmed during his stay overseas.

RIGHT: Selfies

with President Biden and members from the Tri-base area.

JULY 2021 |



| JULY 2021


LUNCH • C hicken Ala King • B roccoli Quiche

DINNER • B aked Fish with Lemon Butter • B eef Corn Pie

LUNCH •Fourth of July Meal!

DINNER • Hot & Spicy Chicken • Roast Pork Tenderloin




DINNER • Turkey Ala King • C heese Tortellini with Marina Sauce

LUNCH • P armesan Crusted Pork Chops • S W Sweet Potatoes with Corn & Black Beans



DINNER • Stuffed Baked Fish • Grilled Steak

LUNCH • Fish Veracruz • G rilled Chicken with Mustard Sauce



DINNER • Chicken Cacciatore • Mexican Pork Chops

DINNER • Honey Ginger Chicken • Tuna Noodles

DINNER • H erbed Baked Chicken • L emon Basil Shrimp Pasta

LUNCH • BBQ Beef Cubes • Chicken Cacciatore

DINNER • P ork Roast Tenderloin • S wiss Steak with Brown Gravy

LUNCH • Honey Ginger Chicken • S tuffed Baked Pork Chops


LUNCH • Chicken with Mustard • Parmesan Fish



LUNCH • Southern Fried Chicken • R oast Pork Tenderloin




DINNER • Cajun Chicken • Grilled Pork Chops

LUNCH • Chicken Cordon Bleu • B aked Fish with Lemon Butter


DINNER •M aple Ginger Glaze Salmon • Cajun Chicken

LUNCH • Lemon Baked Fish • Chicken Parmesan





DINNER • Parmesan Fish • Beef Fajita

DINNER • S tuffed Baked Pork Chops • S W Sweet Potatoes Black Beans and Corn

JULY 2021 | DINNER • B aked Florentine Turkey Roulade • B raised Beef & Noodles

DINNER • Cajun Chicken •M arinated Tomatoes with Penne & Basil

DINNER • B aked Onion Lemon Fish • Chili Mac

LUNCH • P ineapple BBQ Meatballs • Herbed Baked Chicken

LUNCH • SW Sweet Potatoes • B lack Beans & Corn • Pepper Steak

LUNCH • Creole Fish • G reek Lemon Turkey Pasta

DINNER • Lemon Pepper Catfish • Spaghetti with Turkey Meat Sauce




LUNCH • Fiesta Fish • Simmered Beef

DINNER • Shrimp Scampi • Mexican Pork Chops

LUNCH • B aked Fish with Lemon Garlic Butter •M arinated Tomatoes with Penne and Basil


DINNER • Fish with SW Salsa • Mr. Z’s Chicken

LUNCH • C heese Tortellini with Marinara Sauce • Cantonese Spareribs



DINNER • Baked Florentine • Turkey Roulade • S anta Fe Beef Fajita Quesadilla

LUNCH • Baked Salmon • Savory Baked Chicken

LUNCH • Spinach Lasagna • Grilled Steak



LUNCH • Roast Turkey •M arinated Tomatoes with Penne Basil

DINNER • Pasta Toscana • Baked Salmon

LUNCH • S tuffed Green Peppers • B aked Florentine Turkey Roulade



DINNER • BBQ Polynesian Fillet • Beef Cubes

LUNCH • B aked Turkey & Noodles • Beef Fajita

LUNCH • Mexicana Pork Chop • Herb Baked Chicken

DINNER • Swedish Meatballs • Lemon Baked Fish



DINNER • Honey Ginger Chicken • Tuna Noodles

LUNCH • Southern Fried Chicken • R oast Pork Tenderloin


DINNER • BBQ Beef Cubes • Hot & Spicy Chicken

LUNCH • Caribbean Chicken • Caribbean Catfish


DINNER • T urkey Spinach Meatloaf • Baked Salmon

LUNCH • F ish Veracruz • S W Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans and Corn


DINNER • Chicken Cacciatore • Mexican Pork Chops

LUNCH • Chicken with Mustard • Parmesan Fish


DINNER • Asian BBQ Turkey • Stuffed Baked Fish

LUNCH • Fish with SW Salsa • Beef Corn Pie


DINNER • P ineapple BBQ Meatballs • L emon Baked Fish

LUNCH • A sian BBQ Turkey • P armesan Fish


DINNER •M aple Ginger Glaze Salmon • Cajun Chicken

LUNCH • Fish Lemon Baked • Chicken Parmesan


DINNER • S almon with Maple Ginger Glaze • Beef Fajita

LUNCH • Savory Baked Chicken • Zesty Pork Chops


DINNER • Bourbon Chicken • Mexicana Pork Chops

LUNCH • L emon Basil Shrimp Pasta • Baked Chicken


01638 54 2689



Weekly activities, monthly parties, weekly prizes and grand prizes for reading. Sign up at P RO G R A M RULES • All ages may participate in the Summer Reading Program • Log 60 minutes minimum per week to claim weekly prizes • All minutes read from June 21 – Aug. 6, 2021 are eligible • Last day to log in reading minutes will be Friday, Aug. 6, 2021.


| JULY 2021

01638 54 2352


Colorful Culture

Tuesdays 1 – 2 pm A drop by session for fun facts and info about different countries and cultures.

Kids Color Yoga

Wednesdays - except for July 14 11:45 – 12 pm A storytime follow-on for our little friends. Feel free to bring a mat or blanket for this fun movement series.


The Harry Potter Party Wednesday, July 14 4 – 6 pm An unforgettable evening of magic and wonder as we celebrate this iconic series. Games, giveaways, crafts, activities, costume contest and light refreshments.

Mellow Chakra Yoga

Wednesdays - except for July 14 12:30 – 1 pm A mid-day meditative movement series for teens and adults.

The Colors of Science

Thursdays - except for Aug. 5 11 am Drop-in mini sessions for ages 5-12 (or older!). A little science, a little activity, a lot of fun!

Finale Party

Thursday, Aug. 5 12 – 3 pm Our last hoorah as we close this year's program. Fun outdoor activities for all ages, music, refreshments and our grand prize drawings.

Coffee & Chat

Fridays • 12 – 2 pm An adult drop in space for coffee, chat and colorful crafts to boost your Friday afternoons. We have tea too!

Follow @RAFMLibrary for all the latest updates

JULY 2021 |



Surf Snowdonia

July 2 – 4 $150 per person Learn the basics of how to surf on a man made wave machine. All equipment is provided. Once we're dry we'll attack the Ninja assault course and slides. 13 years & older only. 13 – 17 year olds must accompanied by an adult at all times.

Rock Climbing Weekend

July 9 – 11 • Departs Outdoor Recreation at 12 pm $40 per person Join ODR for an outdoor rock climbing and camping weekend. Learn everything about becoming an amazing climber. All gear included.

Youth Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Tuesday, July 13 $25 per child Learn the basics of how to paddle board. This three hour lesson gives your kids the knowledge to control and paddle board, learn to turn and play some amazing games.

Sea Kayaking

July 17 – 18 Departs Outdoor Recreation at 7:30 am $125 per person Join ODR for a weekend of sea kayaking and camping on the beach. No experience needed and all gear provided.

Battle of the Bases - Inflatables

Saturday, Aug. 14 $15 per person Go head to head with RAF Lakenheath to find the champion base. Battle on the inflatable assault course, slides and other events.

Go Below

Aug. 20 – 22 $150 per person Dive deep down into the depths of caves. Here we'll be zipping, climbing, crawling, Jumping and free falling. This trip is not for the faint hearted.


| JULY 2021

01638 54 4283


Coasteering Aug. 6 – 8

$150 per person Experience fishing at sea all day. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided. Toilet also available on board. Contact Outdoor Recreation for more information.

Join us on this epic adventure! JULY 2021 |



01638 54 KIDS (5437)

Open Rec Program


The RAF Mildenhall Open Rec Program offers activities in STEM, The Arts, Fitness, Health and Life Skills, and College/Career prep for youth aged 9 years and older. Open Rec is equipped with an Art Studio, Computer Room, a full sized Gymnasium, and a Rec Room with a billiards table, video games, air hockey, and more! Register at Call 01638-54-5437 for more information! @RAFMYP

Teen Program

The RAF Mildenhall Teen Center offers activities in STEM, The Arts, Fitness, Health and Life Skills, and College/Career prep for teens aged 13+ The Teen Center is equipped with an Art Studio, Music Studio, Gym/ Cardio Room, Computer Room, Library Lounge and a Rec Room with a movie projector, billiards table, video games, virtual reality, and more! Register at Call 01638-54-7077 for more information! @RAFMildenhallTeenCenter @RAFM_Teen_Center


| JULY 2021

School Age Program

RAF Mildenhall School Age Program recognizes the needs of working parents and offers care for children ages 5-12 years. Care is available before and after school, as well as full-day care on no school days, including winter, spring, and summer breaks. Our accredited program provides supervised educational, recreational, social, and cultural programs for eligible youth. Registration for before and after school care for the school year 2021 - 2022 is now open. Visit to register your child. Please call 01638 54 5437 or email for more information.


Friday, July 16 • 6 pm – 8:30 pm Members: $12 // Non-members: $15

Mid-Summer Party Friday, July 30 • 6 pm – 10 pm Members: $12 // Non-members: $15

Email: for more information



YOUTH BEGINNER CLASS Thursdays • 4 pm – 4:30 pm $35 per month YOUTH INTERMEDIATE CLASS Thursdays • 4:30 pm – 5:20 pm $40 per month ADULT CLASS Thursdays • 5:15 pm – 6 pm $40 per month


Mondays & Wednesdays • Call for times Infant, Toddler and Youth classes available! $30 per month (4 classes a month)


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 4 pm – 5:30 pm $34 per month (4 classes per month)

Register at JULY 2021 |



01638 54 KIDS (5437)


Registration: July 19 – Aug. 13 Season: Sep. 7 – Nov. 12 $45 per participant Register at:

Indoor Soccer Registration: July 19 – Aug. 13 Season: Sep. 7 – Nov. 12 $45 per participant Register at:

Volunteer Coaches Needed! Register at


| JULY 2021


@RAFMYP for all the latest updates


01638 54 2042


& Kids Day Out

Friday, July 16 • 6 pm – 10 pm Registration Now Open Youth Programs for youth ages 5 (must be in Kindergarten) to 12 years. Child Development Center for infants of 6 weeks to youth 5 years. Give Parents a Break is a FREE program for eligible members and is sponsored by the AF Aid Society. However, families must have a referral voucher or certificate at the time of registration issued by a Unit Commander, First Sergeant, Chaplin, doctor/medical professional, Family Advocacy, Youth Programs or Child Development Center Director, or the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Kids Day Out: $20 per child. Register by noon on the Wednesday before care is provided along with all required paperwork. Call the CDC at 01638 54 2042 or the Youth Center at 01638 54 5437 if you have any questions.

JULY 2021 |



Lakenheath Arts & Crafts Center 01638 52 2194 | Bldg 906


your cares

CLAY WHEEL THROWING TUESDAY, JULY 13 OR SATURDAY, JULY 24 • 10 AM - 4 PM $115 • R4R $30 Get things spinning in this full-day class. A small class size gives you ample guidance and support from your tutor. Please wear old clothes and sensible, closed toe shoes. Long hair must be pulled back.



FAMILY CHILD CARE INCENTIVES COMING YOUR WAY! Become a Family Child Care Provider! Do you enjoy working with children? Do you reside in base government housing? Are you looking to operate your own business from home? Then Family Child Care (FCC) could be the PERFECT fit for you! TAKE A LOOK AT THESE BONUSES: Receive a onetime payment of $300 for just becoming a FCC provider or renewing your certification! Plus, receive a onetime payment of $200 per child when you open up your doors for full time care to any child that is on the Child Development Center (CDC) waiting list!

Sign up and start your new career today! Contact Tekarra Powell

JULY 2021 |



Arundel Castle Saturday, July 17 Adult: £48 // Child (5 - 16): £40 // Infant: £12 R4R Adult: £12 // Child: £10 Transportation & Arundel Castle entry.

London DYO

Stonehenge & City of Bath

Brighton DYO

Tower of London

Sunday, July 11 & 25 // Saturday, July 17 & 31 Adult: £26 // Child (3 - 14): £24 // Infant: £12 July 11 & 25 R4R Adult: £7 // Child: £6 Transportation only.

Saturday, July 24 Adult: £25 // Child (3 - 14): £23 // Infant: £12 Transportation only.

Warwick Castle

Sunday, Aug. 1 Adult/Child £42 // Infant: £12 R4R Adult/Child: £11 Transportation & Warwick Castle entry.


| JULY 2021

Saturday, Aug. 7 Adult: £63 // Child (5 - 17): £55 // Infant: £12 R4R Adult: £16 // Child: £14 Transportation, Stonehenge entry & free time in Bath.

Saturday, Aug. 14 Adult: £47 // Child (5 - 15): £35 // Infant: £12 R4R Adult: £12 // Child: £9 Transportation & Tower of London entry.

Thorpe Park

Sunday, Aug. 15 Adult/Child: £55 // Infant: £12 Transportation & Thorpe Park entry.

01638 52 2979

Jurassic Coast - 4 Day

August 3 – 6 Adult £399, Child (2 - 11) £199, Infant £75 Includes transportation, 3 nights bed & breakfast accommodation, free time in Weymouth, visits to Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, free time in Swanage, visits to Charmouth Beach & Lyme Regis & free time in Dorchester.

London & Kensington Palace - 3 Day August 6 – 8 // September 3 – 5 (Labor Day) Adult: £285 // Child (2 - 11): £145 // Infant: £75 Includes transportation, 2 nights bed & breakfast accommodation, free time in London and Kensington Palace entry.

Peak District - 3 Day

August 13 – 15 Adult: £289 // Child (2 - 11): £145 // Infant: £75 Includes transportation, 2 nights bed & breakfast accommodation, Chatsworth House entry, free time in the town of Bakewell, & a visit to the Blue John Caverns.

SCAN THE CODE TO BOOK NOW! Follow @LakenheathITTfor all the latest updates

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Superfast WiFi Available now from EMC Store (Inside the BX)




*Prices are correct based on offers at the time of going to print and may vary daily. Terms and conditions apply, please visit us in-store for more information.

EMC Mildenhall (inside the BX) 01638 515727 EMC Lakenheath (inside the BX) 01638 533730 Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Paid advertisement. No federal endorsement of advertiser intended.

100th Force Support Squadron Directory

When calling from a commercial line: 01638 54 XXXX // When calling from DSN: 238 XXXX

Airman & Family Readiness Center

Family Child Care

Building: 460 // Call: 3406

RAF LAKENHEATH Email Tekarra Powell

Arts & Crafts

Galaxy Club

American Roadhouse Building: 437 // Call: 2680 Cashier Cage Call: 2683 Sports Bar Call: 7174 The Galaxy Room Building: 437 // Call: 2683 Tudor Bar at Middleton Hall Building: 464 // Call: 4860

Building: 404 // Call: 2644

Auto Hobby Complex

Building: 240 // Call: 2480/1480

Bob Hope Community Center Building: 404 // Call: 2579

Bowling Center

Hardstand Fitness Center

Building: 160 // Call: 2348

Child Development Center Building: 288 // Call: 2042

Northside Fitness Center

Civilian Personnel

Building: 463 // Call: 2041

Building: 435 // Call: 2111

The Daily Grind Coffee Shop

Gateway Dining Facility

located inside the Galaxy Club Building: 437 // Call: 7178

Education Center

Building: 427 // Call: 2350

Building: 849 // Call: 3730

Building: 436 // Call: 2689

Human Resources Office Building: 460 // Call: 3682

Installation Personnel Readiness (IPR) Building: 550 // Call: 3317


Building: 425 // Call: 2352

Lodging (Gateway Inn)

Building: 459 // Call: 2407 Open: 24/7

Military Personnel Flight Customer Service Building: 436 // Call: 2111

Outdoor Recreation Building: 162 // Call: 4283

Post Office

Building: 172 // Call: 5159

Professional Development Center (Customer Service) Building: 440 // Call: 5933

VAT Relief Office

Building: 450 // Call: 3822

Youth Center

Building: 293 // Call: KIDS (5437)

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