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Have you been meaning to move to a healthier lifestyle without cigarettes or excess weight? "Trouble is, 'lifestyle choices' such as smoking cigarettes and eating unhealthy foods can be really difficult to change, especially when we rely on our will power," said Marianne Pattinson of Kyneton Hypno Therapies. "Because, ultimately, it is not our willpower, or even our conscious mind that determines these decisions. "They tend to be made by ancient 'programs', deep in our subconscious that evolved in our hunter-gatherer ancestors and helped protect them from starving during the inevitable famines they were subject to. "We still have those same bodies today, but live in a totally different environment, where we are now surrounded by a plethora of very unhealthy foods. "So, when we try to lose weight by reducing our food intake we send our subconscious mind into a panic as it thinks we're about to starve to death and it makes us eat more." Marianne says hypnotherapy is a safe, available and inexpensive means to enable people to have some control over those lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition and smoking. "It works by eliminating 'cravings' for unhealthy foods that most overweight people have, and for smoking," she says. "Hypnotherapy works by placing you in a deeply relaxed state, whereby we can access your subconscious mind, and replace those unhelpful 'programs' with healthy programs, and it works for the rest of your life. How good is that?" Phone Marianne on 0437 001 065 to make an appointment at Kyneton Hypno Therapies.

Strength in body and mind

The Australasian Yoga Institute, established by Jahne HopeWilliams in 1976, rests on the foundational premise that seekers and practitioners of modern day yoga need strength in both body and mind in order to evolve spiritually, and survive with joy in this troubled period we are living through. "We live in an 'anxious age' inflicted with troubling news, irregular routines, poor lifestyle habits, stress and trauma," Jahne says. "Dealing with these issues every day, it is challenging to know how to come into balance, and many just give up. "You do not have to face the world alone – our studio is home for a family of seekers. We work with the knowledge that through our disciplines, we can support you and others in all areas of your life." Jahne says that any people (including yogis) can have insomnia, digestive issues and stress-related illnesses that can be healed at home with proper guidance and knowledge, especially a small daily yoga practice. "Even seven minutes a day can make a huge difference," Jahne says. She also recommends tantric herbalism (including bach flower therapies) and aims to empower spiritual seekers through education. "And actually doing, not just thinking about yoga and herbs," Jahne says. (See advert opposite page.)


Sleep is vital for health

Many people have trouble sleeping so it is critical that you know where to turn to for help. So important is sleep that the federal government held an inquiry into it. The report, titled Bedtime Readings: Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia, states that "Sleep is a fundamental human need and, along with nutrition and physical exercise, it is one of the three pillars of good health". "We have known the importance of sleep for decades yet for many reasons, sleep health has not received the attention it deserves within our community and in the health programs run by state and federal governments. In part this is because there are still many who think that it’s a sign of ‘toughness’ and a badge of honour to be able to get by on less sleep. The reality is that such an approach does harm — in some cases with very serious consequences. Getting the right amount of sleep, and quality sleep, is important and the provision of sleep apnoea and other

sleep services through community pharmacies across Australia is a growing area for the sector, which is benefiting patients, the profession and the community at large." The move by community pharmacies to provide sleep services has been widely accepted by patients. National president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Professor Trent Twomey, said sleep services were a major professional service provided by many community pharmacies. "Pharmacists often undertake special training to be able to provide sleep services," he said. "Pharmacists are community-based and they know their patients well. What we find is that patients having trouble sleeping will often bring it up in casual conversation. The pharmacist will offer what services are available and will refer the patient to their GP for ongoing referral to a sleep specialist when necessary."

My Health logo used for scam A weight-loss scam running via Facebook is spruiking a miracle cure and is using the My Health Record logo. The advertisements suggest people can lose 45 kilograms with one teaspoon of the product, a so-called supplement. Chief clinical adviser for The Australian Digital Health Agency, Dr Steve Hambleton, said the scammers had misused the agency’s My Health Record logo in the ads. "This is a nonsense," he said. "Government agencies don’t lend their logos to companies and My Health Record is a trusted brand, hence our warning. "The use of the trusted My Health Record logo is cause for concern. "Don’t fall for this scam."

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Move to a healthier life

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