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Luxury Homes

Home to Scandinavian Heroes Staffan TollgĂĽrd invites you to celebrate the launch of Finn Juhl by Onecollection at his Pimlico Design Store. Encounter icons of design including the Chieftains Chair, the Nyhavn Table, the Pelican Chair and the newly launched France Chair. The Design Store is proud to welcome one of the true pioneers in modern design to London.

M at c h Designer pa n e l i n s p i r at i o n

Partition and Feature Office Walls Panelling for Hotels & Leisure

Furniture Applications Kitchen Modules

Match from Vicaima presents a new type of decorative panel to inspire innovation and enable professionals from the world of interior design to set their imagination free. These designer panels use new technology that enables both graphics and pictorial imagery to be reproduced directly onto veneer or a board layer to stunning effect. Select a finish from one of our on-trend and contemporary collections or show us your idea and together we will ensure your project makes a lasting impression.

T. 01793 532333 E.



Herman Miller

The Art Of Design spoke with iconic furniture designer Don Chadwick about the launch of the remastered Aeron chair.


Top Drawer London

Created to inspire the buying of style scouts searching for original design-led products across the lifestyle landscape, Top Drawer’s newest global edit reflects key trends and showcases Europe’s most directional lifestyle brands and Britain’s best loved labels, all curated by a panel of experts.


Fairmount Pacific Rim

‘The Owner’s Suite Collection’ is Unveiled at Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, Canada


The Art Of Luxury

Our bi-monthly selection of luxury items for you to enjoy.

Editor Rebecca Keating T: 01843 830 249 E : Managing Editor Antony Holter T: 01227 392 544 E: Sales Director Judy Yuken T: 01227 392 569 E: Creative Director Josh Holmes T: 01843 830 249 E: Studio Designer James Sayer T: 01843 830 249 E: Publishing Director Martin Holmes T: 01843 830 249 E: Editorial Manager Rachel Allen T: 01227 392 514 E:

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and Aushi Moonesingh, a leading

Whitebox impeccable craftsmanship,

London, Whitebox was founded in

luxury interior designer

working with a network of highly

2006. Property Development Director,

skilled artisans to combine

Eroshan Meewella, and Interior

elegance with functionality

Designer, Aushi Moonesingh, began

WORDS: Whitebox PHOTOS: Whitebox

Founded by Eroshan Meewella, a

leading luxury property developer

To Whitebox, true luxury is timeless and the company has strived to provide the highest

Whitebox pride themselves on

Born of the desire to bring unique

exacting attention to detail and

luxury to the homes of clients across

Tailor-made and hand-crafted

calibre of home living to all their

homes that unlock a property’s

clients around the world

potential and add value

Whitebox delivers bespoke and unconventional designs to their clients and unlike competitors, they source directly from manufacturers in Europe

developing prime properties in Notting Hill before utilising their market expertise to form Whitebox together. They now help clients source, acquire

“With exacting standards that go far

and transform properties across

beyond the expected, the impossible is

the UK from Notting Hill to Holland

often realised”

Park to Knightsbridge, and then internationally in South Asia.


Their portfolio includes historic grade-listed

global network of suppliers and specialist contractors.

townhouses, penthouses and apartments, and they

Whitebox also specialise in providing a luxury, crafted

specialise in turnkey solutions delivering fully refined

turnkey service, supplying the finest furniture, lighting

and bespoke spaces ready for living. Each detail

and finishes to deliver a fully resolved and inspirational

of a Whitebox home is considered tailor-made and


handcrafted to unlock the property’s potential and add value. As an owner-driven business, they are committed

Working with only the finest materials sourced from

to working collaboratively at every stage, from concept

around the world, Whitebox create distinct couture

through to completion in order to help their clients

finishes – from natural stone to bespoke wall

achieve their desired luxury home.

treatments – to compliment the unique architectural character upon which each project is developed.

“To create a unique space that celebrates a client’s

From their carefully customised lighting systems that

individuality is what luxury is to us.”

highlight each interior’s best features to our home technology designed for the ease of living, no detail is

Whitebox maintain their brand of opulence and craftsmanship. Interior Designer and Founder, Aushi Moonesingh, brings her own personal elegance and style into all her projects believing that each client deserves the best because “at the end of the day, it is somebody’s home;” while Eroshan’s designs enhance the inherent character of each property’s location and architecture, imperceptibly blending the original with the new. The firm works with skilled consultants, including architects and structural engineers, to ensure a sound build, and offer clients access to their vast


8 •

Founder of Whitebox, a bespoke

Aushi Moonesinghe is one of the

As an owner-driven business, they are

property development and interior

Founders of Whitebox, a bespoke

committed to working collaboratively

design firm that creates hand-

property development and interior

at every stage, from concept through

crafted homes of the highest

design firm that offers its clients the

to completion in order to help their

quality regardless of postcode

highest levels of quality and refined

clients achieve their desired luxury

finishing as well as complete turnkey


Leading luxury interior designer

Cultural and professional

solutions to all their clients.

understanding of the interior

Each detail of a Whitebox home

design market in London and

is considered tailor-made and


handcrafted to unlock the property’s

Commentator/advisor on luxury home living

potential and add value.

Whitebox Whitebox maintain their brand of opulence and craftsmanship. Interior Designer and Founder, Aushi Moonesinghe, brings her own personal elegance and style into all her projects believing that each client deserves the best because “at the end of the day, it is somebody’s home;” while Eroshan’s designs enhance the inherent character of each property’s location and architecture, imperceptibly blending the original with the new.

a luxury, crafted turnkey service,

into each of her projects. She pushes

supplying the finest furniture, lighting

her creative team to deliver never-

and finishes to deliver a fully resolved

before-seen homes of fully refined and

and inspirational home. Working with

finished spaces.

only the finest materials sourced from around the world, Whitebox

With an extensive European supplier

create distinct couture finishes –

network, Aushi is able to offer home

from natural stone to bespoke wall

tips on how to source the best

treatments – to compliment the

furnishings, on elegant home styles,

unique architectural character upon

as well as her perspective on being

which each project is developed. From

a female entrepreneur in the UK

their carefully customised lighting

property market.

systems that highlight each interior’s best features to our home technology

The firm works with skilled

designed for the ease of living, no

consultants, including architects

detail is overlooked.

and structural engineers, to ensure a sound build, and offer clients access to their vast global network of

She is a firm believer that regardless of budget and post code, she can still create homes of the same opulent standard whether it be in

Commentator/advisor on luxury

Knightsbridge or Shepherd’s Bush

home living for the UK and abroad

because, in her own words, “at the end

suppliers and specialist contractors.

Aushi Moonesinghe, incorporates

Whitebox also specialise in providing

her own effortless and elegant style

of the day, it is still somebody’s home”.


GetaCore® Solid Surface Sheet Material

Thicknesses available 3mm solid surface sheets

Cost effective “veneer”

10mm solid surface sheets

“Class one” fire retardant.

22mm solid surface sheets

Minimal fabrication.

Joint-free, seamlessly integrated

same colour, even in different


thicknesses or widths, will colour

GetaCore® solid surface sheet material is a very stable, tempered product, with minimal expansion and contraction.

match. Outstanding performance

A joint-free appearance can be

dimensional shapes can be easily

achieved to create corners, sunken

realised, even with a small radii. All

wash basins and sinks, reception

GetaCore® sheets are:

areas, conference tables... ideal for commercial, retail and domestic

Food and UV stable.


Rigorously tested with an approved

extremely moisture resistant surfaces

vertical cladding adhesive system, Tensor Grip L90.

are warm to the touch, with uniformity

Available with colour matched glue &

in texture and colouring rarely found.

pre-packaged accessories.

Batch free production makes for exceptional results; sheets of the

Performance Sheet Materials. GetaCore® solid surface sheet material, manufactured by Westag & Getalit, is distributed in the UK by Performance Panels Limited.

Sheets can be safely thermoformed and, as it is tempered, two or three-

GetaCore® non-porous, high quality,


Backed with comprehensive manufacturer product support and material guarantee.

Sheet Sizes (Nominal): •

4100 x 1250mm

2050 x 1250mm

Performance Panels Limited Performance Panels are a UK distributor of specialised sheet material from leading manufacturers.

For more information visit or call 01422 310319.

Seamless Integration

Create a joint free appearance with GetaCoreÂŽ solid surface sheet materials for commercial, retail and domestic applications. Visit us at The Westag & Getalit Stand 538 Surface Design Show 7-9 February 2017


Introducing Wesley Barrell, English manufacturers of beautiful, hand crafted, upholstered furniture.

Wesley Barrell know a thing or two

service to assist with completing

about making upholstered furniture,

major projects and corporate range

as a wander through their English


workshops will tell. In addition to the upholstered Working with the best of modern

business, Wesley Barrell also

day and traditional methods and

provides a selection of dining and

materials, the company has built up

bedroom furniture, plus a wide

a justifiable reputation for creating

choice of home accessories.

outstanding quality furniture in a Recent additions to the in-house

wealth of styles and fabrics.

manufactured accessories include With the latest, New Generation, range now online and available to view at selected showrooms, Wesley Barrell have satisfied demands for modern consumers requiring a softer, squashier comfort in streamlined styles to complement the original, tailored, traditional models.

bespoke pet beds and floor cushions And with lower entry price points, this range sits well alongside the faithful, classic, heirloom ranges for which the company is best known. All models come with the comfort of a 25 year guarantee (frames) and the company provides an interior advisory

– all hand crafted to the same high standards and available as seen or in bespoke fabrics. Wesley Barrell: Trusted by generations, for generations.



Bristol | Cambridge | Cheltenham | Guildford | Harrogate Leamington Spa | London | Manchester Marlow | St Albans Tunbridge Wells | Witney 020 7629 2019


The KENDI Collection

Combining Scandinavian influences with contemporary design, KENDI comprises of three embroideries, a stunning spray dyed stripe and versatile woven coordinates. Rustic charm and muted tones give KENDI a sophisticated feel and complement its naturally inherent matt qualities. Available in four inspiring colour ways, this collection is a perfect way to update and enhance your home. Visit KAI at Decorex on stand E41

Masterpiece Remastered An interview with Don Chadwick by Antony Holter

They asked me to re-examine the design criteria that led

The Art Of Design spoke with iconic furniture designer Don Chadwick about the launch of the remastered Aeron chair.

Bill (Stumpf) and I to the original Aeron, and to apply the latest thinking around ergonomics and workplaces today to design a product that will continue to lead the way for performance seating for years to come.

1. As everyone is well aware, the Aeron Chair is a classic item and is one that has set a high benchmark for

To begin the process, the team identified all the knowledge

designers and manufactures alike. The chair launched

and insights we could bring to the task of creating the

back in 1994 so why now is it that you have decided to

best Aeron ever. Thus prepared, we began to work through

launch the new chair?

hundreds of cycles of prototype, build, test, and revise. We churned through countless iterations in the two years

Remastering the Aeron was a complicated project that

between first functional prototype and the customer-ready

took over two years. When Aeron's 20th anniversary

chair now coming off the assembly line. The development

was approaching in 2014, Herman Miller opted not to

challenges encompassed not only the complex design and

celebrate the chair’s past, but instead decided to utilize

engineering of the product, but also the preparation of the

the extensive knowledge and materials innovation gained

manufacturing capacity to make thousands of chairs per

in the past two decades and make something great even

week, on three continents, to meet the needs of Herman


Miller customers around the world.

2. We all know that technology has

zones of varied stiffness that

grown a huge amount over the past

conform to the anatomical features

few years and has had a big part to

of the body, thus enhancing overall

play in modern designs but how do

comfort in the new Aeron.

you feel it has helped you to recreate the chair?

Another important technology advance has been in 3D CAD

Technological advancements are

modeling. This software was a vital

demonstrated in the weave structure

tool in redesigning the Aeron from

of the new 8Z Pellicle seat and back.

the ground up.

The Pellicle is a highly engineered

Every part, with the exception of

woven suspension material, and

the seat and back frames, was

is perhaps the most intricate

rescaled to achieve the overall more

component of both the classic and

streamlined silhouette of the new

new Aeron. Using new materials

chair. Modeling software enabled

technology and five unique

a much faster and more accurate

monofilaments, each with different

development process.

properties, we were able to achieve

3. Do you feel that technology has helped new designers to create their visions or do you feel we are in a stage now where people are producing what I call “Lego cutting furniture� ? Technology has given us new and efficient tools for design. As with any tool, if misused, technology can lead to uninspired solutions that populate the marketplace with sameness.

4. Is there any one part of the Aeron Chair that is totally unique and that we may have not seen before? The Pellicle was and is the most significant achievement in the Aeron. Being able to achieve zones of tension that support different parts of the body for ideal comfort was not something that was possible 22 years ago. The individual monofilaments and fill yarns are used in intricate weaving patterns to achieve the end result. As the chair is offered in three sizes that each require a different “formula� of filaments and tension, we actually had to solve this problem not once, but three times. 5. What was the main inspiration behind the original chair and was the first process difficult to get the chair into the market? The premise for the design of the original Aeron in 1994 was to create the most comfortable and capable chair possible. We also decided to question assumptions about the form and materials of an ergonomic office chair, as those assumptions led to predictable results and a sea of similar chairs. Bill Stumpf and I set out to experiment with new technologies in materials and manufacturing. We were dedicated to breaking new ground in chair design. Bill and I believed strongly in our design and its underlying tenets, but neither of us could anticipate the success that we and Herman Miller would have with the original Aeron. We thought it would be popular in the tech industry, but it was quickly adopted by the entertainment industry, and the music industry, and then everywhere. It represented a whole new concept of how a chair was designed, made, and used.

6. Was it a nervous time for you when you decided to redevelop the chair, as I imagine there would have been a huge amount of pressure on your shoulders when the original Aeron is such a prestigious item? There was great pressure to design and develop the original Aeron. Having 20 years to digest the success of the chair, it was a different type of pressure to reimagine it. How to maintain the iconography of the original and develop a totally remastered Aeron was quite a challenge. We were encouraged by other iconic products that have stood the test of time, notably the Porsche 911 series and the Leica film camera that has evolved into a modern digital image capture tool.

interior film

Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life

Call: +44 (0)1376 518037

Product Placement designconsort was launched in the January edition of Elle Decoration magazine and wishes to challenge perceptions of ceramic design in the contemporary interior. Interior Designers and Architects wishing to use pieces of designconsort in their shoots can borrow items free of charge provided they are returned undamaged/ returned at their own cost and designconsort is given images for social media output. Unaccredited interior designers may be refused use. Please contact enquiries@designconsort.

Our Lifestyle Pottery Brand Development

territory of their own to populate, without any chains from the past holding down

After a vast number of design

unique new life. With a

trials, key elements of this

formidable team of creative

utterly-crisp interior art form

designers, designconsort

began to emerge. Shapes

has a depth of handmade

could be visualised melting

ceramic expertise backed up

into other aspects of a

by a wealth of heritage skills

modern interior with colours

from master craftsmen and

and surface design working


as a consort to interior and exterior visions.

Each piece of designconsort is made in Staffordshire,

Design Consort

White coloured earthenware,

England, and is ‘tubelined'

designconsort is constantly

with shapes inspired by

with liquid clay on utterly

looking to harness a beauty

geometric structures, allow

contemporary shapes to

not yet revealed - where the

attention to be directed

create a raised ceramic

building and its interior link

at form when combined

outline before being hand-


with contemporary and

painted with colourful

sophisticated surface design.

metallic oxide paints, and

Within the designconsort offerings are new design

fired twice, the second firing with a vitreous glaze.

The designs that have been created showcase beauty and intelligence in surface design and shape without

concepts and surface

Many designs also use

overpowering the setting.

patterns, from a trio of

delicate amounts of gold

vases Web, Weave and

and silver lustre within

Our team set out to inspire

Wing, designed with angles

designconsort’s trademark

to complement its sister

abstract and geometric

shapes and interconnecting


effortlessly, to a shoal of fish or vision of isosceles triangles that appear to change form to suit your chosen angles of the vase.

Brand Origin designconsort emerged as an independent entity from one of England's finest art potteries, Moorcroft, established in 1897. All ground-breaking new creations require a new

The Vision Design From Build To Interior Lead Designer, Emma Bossons FRSA, strides forward with an enigmatic vision for design. Like all the designers who have contributed to designconsort, Emma is a young and observant individual who takes note of things that many overlook.

you all to make great ceramic design a part of your lives and as its name suggests, it may be the perfect partner for your home interior.

fired by




Truly Bespoke Kitchens and Living. Designed and Made in England The Wood Works is a 4th generation family business of bespoke furniture designers and craftsmen.

We believe that’s why every client we’ve had the privilege to work with has come to us through personal recommendation.

We aim to bring your dream home to life with beautifully designed custom-made furniture that’s just right for you. With a truly infinite choice of sizes, colours, and finishes we are able to distil your idea to its very essence, develop it using over 70 years of design knowledge, and realise it using the finest quality materials, the latest furniture production equipment, and the best of artisan craftsmanship.

While we are able to cater to a wide variety of budgets by sourcing a broad range of highgrade sustainable materials, the quality of our design, production, and service remains unchanged.

Whether you are a home owner, an interior designer or a property developer, our relationship with you is life-long and completely individual, with utmost attention given to your unique needs and wishes. Trust and collaboration are the foundation of all our work, and we are always available to provide guidance and give a helping hand from the start of each project to beyond its completion.

All the bespoke furniture by The Wood Works is made at our factory in the heart of Hertfordshire, combining the latest of the 21st century furniture manufacturing technology with traditional craftsmanship. We are constantly exploring innovative materials, finishes, trends, and production techniques to inspire and enrich every project. You are welcome to visit us and watch every unique interior concept come alive. W: T: 0208 806 5166 For enquiries please email

New Barossa with hand carved back

Balmoral 3000 Washpoint

welcome to the remarkable ... Our fabulous range of reproduction salon furniture is hand built in the UK using the best materials and solid timber by British craftsmen. No veneer here! All with our unique 5 year guarantee

Acclaimed hair artist Matthew Curtis recently launched his latest salon, within the prestigious Rosewood London Hotel on High Holborn. Unsurprisingly, when Matthew was looking for the very finest bespoke salon seating for this unique commission he chose the WBX Belmont styling chair with buttoned back, finished in our exclusive Manta Ray “Sky Ocean� material with antique bronze studs and featuring our exclusive custom embroidery on the chair back. For the barbering/beauty chairs he chose our unique Balmoral recliner with infinite locking facility partnered with the Balmoral 2000 wash point. All of our chairs are available as washpoints and of course we offer gorgeous styling stations too. We believe that few, if any of our competitors can offer genuine customisation on this levelor this level of quality. Go to our website and see for yourself -

(44) (0) 191 221 2666

WORDS: Swindon Interiors PHOTOS: Swindon Interiors

Art & Design within Office Refurbishment Imagine the discussion with

Walls, ceilings, partitions,

a blue-chip client, unveiling

flooring, M&E design and

their vision in drawings

install, decorating, graphics,

and images, as we take a

I.T. and a variety of bespoke

tour around the proposed

features are discussed,

building space and ending in

confirmed, planned,

a familiar question to us –

programmed and agreed with the client, architect, interior

“Can you do this within these

designer, landlord, facilities

time constraints & to this

management company &


our teams and the project is

As Swindon Interiors are a principal contactor for fit out projects nationwide, with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience

then underway. Repeating the above throughout the build, gives comfort of exactly what is needed next and when it’s needed.

within the industry, along with

Transforming 17,900 square

an enviable pool of contractor

feet of open plan office into a

& supplier resources, it

client’s vision of a conceptual

doesn’t take us too long to

and exciting workspace, in

reply with a resounding “Yes”.

12 weeks, is never an easy


task but the ability to make the project

The concept consists of turning this

with the results. Praises are sung,

simpler & smoother is .... at least for

open plan space, over 2 floors, into; A

employees are thrilled. As for Swindon

Swindon Interiors anyway.

main reception area, themed meeting

Interiors we continue onward with our

rooms, a boardroom, a mix of open

next project. Always delivering visions

Working very closely with the

plan offices and separate managerial

is what we do and we love doing it. If

client, the ability to listen carefully,

offices, hallways, an I.T. server room,

you have a vision and would like us to

understanding & interperating the

kitchens and toilets. All this from an

discuss it with you – ask us at

requirements is always the approach

open plan space.

12 weeks later, out of long hours, a lot

Company Details:

Swindon Interiors take to ensure the effective completion of a project.

of sweat & toil, many “discussions”, Adaptability and rapid reaction to

overcoming some of those

those “unforeseen circumstances”, the

“unforeseen circumstances” (and the

“cut the red tape, no blame, get the job

odd swear word), our client moves in,

done” culture, also aid to a successful

on time. The project is complete, looks


fantastic & our client is very happy

Swindon Interiors, Unit 6, Birch, Kembrey Park, Swindon, SN2 8UU Email: Tel: 01793 430900


Adventures In Design at Top Drawer Spring/Summer 17 With thousands of hand-picked brands on the map, most showing exclusively, and more world launches than ever, Top Drawer Spring/Summer 17 (S/S17) is the style destination of choice for creative retailers embarking on an exploration of the finest new products across the dynamic worlds of Home, Gift, Fashion and Craft.


Created to inspire the buying of style

of ‘giftable’ food products, from oils

scouts searching for original design-

and condiments to seasonal treats

led products across the lifestyle

and confectionery. Exhibitors include

landscape, Top Drawer’s newest global

Makers & Merchants, Anglesey Sea Salt,

edit reflects key trends and showcases

Hawkshead Relish Company, Olives

Europe’s most directional lifestyle

et Al, Fudge Kitchen, Joe & Seph’s,

brands and Britain’s best loved labels,

Pinkster Gin, Lime Bay Winery and

all curated by a panel of experts.

Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate.

New for S/S17


This edition sees more exclusive

Home will present more exclusive

out for live demos, maker workshops

brands and new products being

brands than ever at S/S17 as well as

and an exciting collaboration with

launched across all sectors of the

names new to the show including

online design portal In The Window.

show plus a host of exhibitors who

Design Letters, Maxwell Williams, Melin

are joining the roster for the first

Tregwynt, Bluebellgray, and Tokyo

time, making Top Drawer the perfect

Design Studio. They join destination

hunting ground for retailers in search

brands such as Alessi, Black + Blum,

of something new.

BlissHome, Eva Solo, Garden Trading, LSA International, Grand Illusions,

Food Emporium

Joseph Joseph, Make International,

Food Emporium makes a triumphant

ICTC , Orla Kiely Home , IBride, PR

return giving discerning buyers

Home, Skagerak, Stelton and Umbra.

the chance to source everything they need to stock their own slice of foodie heaven. Doubling in size, the January edition will present over 80 of the best artisans and producers, offering a tasty collection

Animating proceedings, star potter Keith Brymer Jones, presenter of the BBC Great Pottery Throw Down, spins his wheel to bring live action and endless wonder to the heart of Home.

Craft, the curated showcase of handmade products, will feature ceramics, glass, jewellery, fashion, textiles and mixed media from over 150 hand-picked international makers including Ali Tomlin Ceramics, BTU Studio, Gilly Langton Jewellery, Moth and Mirror, Suzanne Breakwell, ren London and Catriona Faulkner. Look

Fashion Presenting a selection of top UK and international accessories and jewellery labels, the Fashion floor is the place for buyers to update their offer for the coming season from new names to the show such as Celia Gould, Cluse Watches, Decadorm, Danton Fashion, Nordahl, Carla-M, Noa, Tatty Devine, Theodore Concepts, Sunjellies, Urban Kit, as well as from favourites like Azuni, Cabbage White, Hot Tomato, Estella Bartlett, Lisa Angel, Ottoman Hands, Rachel Jackson,

Rodgers&Rodgers, White Leaf and Last

Deer and Captain Fawcett and new to

True Angel.

the show Rex International, Sunnylife,

on new international brands. These will

Paprcuts, Shepherd of Sweden, Fenella

be accompanied by the ever-popular

Smith, Locomocean and Santoro.

Product GBand Eco trails. Academy

The uber-chic Fashion Show takes centre stage, with the latest trends in

Debut trail enables buyers to home in

Live brings expert business voices to

accessories and jewellery starring on

Following a hugely successful debut

the live stage. The programme will be

the runway. UK Jewellery Collections

at Top Drawer’s recent A/W16 edition,

announced soon.

returns showcasing extraordinary

PaperFest and the PaperAwards,

domestic talent. And, to complete

sponsored by G. F. Smith, will be hosted

Top Drawer will be held on 15-17

the incredible jewellery and fashion

within Greetings & Stationery this

January 2017 at London Olympia. Trade

accessories line-up at the show,

January. The list of nominated brands

buyers are now invited to register

talented makers can also be found in

and dynamic programme of talks from

online at


leading experts will be announced in November.

Gift At the very heart of the show, Top

launches @TopDrawerLondon Spotted - New Talent

Drawer presents an inspiring and

Spotted returns with a top pick of

expertly curated selection of the most

emerging talent showcasing their

original, beautifully designed products

products for the first time. Curated

across Gift, Wellbeing, Children’s and

by Charlotte Abrahams, this edition

Greeting & Stationery.

presents over 40 budding brands

UK and International exhibiting brands include: Nkuku, Wild & Wolf, Rice, Dassie, JellyCat, Kikkerland, Max Benjamin, Temerity Jones, Caroline Gardener, Katie Leamon, Orange Tree Toy, Skandi-Chic, Portico Designs, Ohh

Follow the latest news and new

spanning all sectors of the show.

#AdventuresInDesign Dates 15-17 January 2017 Venue Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London, W14 8UX

The dedicated product trails are back, guiding visitors through the halls to

Follow the latest news and new

discover specific categories. The Men

launches @TopDrawerLondon

Only trail highlights original gifts and


accessories for him, while the UK

Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd Designers and producers of fine bespoke balustrading, furniture and architectural metalwork. Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd have established an impressive portfolio of work undertaken for a wide range of interior designers, architects and private clients.

Fine bespoke metalwork

With over 20 years of experience, Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd specialise in filigree ironwork, curving stair balustrades, furniture, lighting, interior gates, ornamentation and sculpture. Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd provide a complete service from design, construction, fitting and finishing, however an advisory and design only service is available.

WOKA LAMPS VIENNA is a Vienna-based

Manufacturer of Iconic 20th Century Lighting Design. Lovers of iconic lamps from the early 20th century were for decades deprived of the possibility of owning some of the most striking pieces by the Wiener Werkstätte and the Bauhaus, which had long fallen out of production. The designers whose work WOKA is licensed to produce read like a who’s who of the Vienna design pantheon. In addition to Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, the manufacturer has reissued striking table, ceiling, wall and floor lamps, as well as chandelier pieces, by the likes of Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner and Carl Witzmann. A collection of very rare antiques of the early 20th century as well as a large collection of chandeliers from the 18th century until the 1960s is completing the business of the




A New Breed

From a purpose built factory in the

The clean lines and industrial styling

Manufactured and Designed by

heartland of Birmingham comes

make these handles as iconic as


a range of handles and knobs for

the places that inspire the names. A

the most discerning of kitchen and

feature of all Armac Martin handles

Armac Martin

bathroom designers. This is a new

is the attention to detail of both the

160 Dollman Street, Duddeston,

breed of industrial styled handles that

aesthetic and the practical; an Armac

Birmingham B7 4RS UK |

are both a testament to the heritage of

Martin handle is designed to look

the manufacturer and a vision of the

great, to feel good, to work well, and

future drawn by the designer.

to last.

The handles share common values

You will find traditional ‘Polished

which were the inspiration for the

Brass’ sitting alongside contemporary

design; that they should demonstrate

‘Chrome and Nickel’. There is period

‘Strength & Resilience’, that they

‘Antique Brass’ which has evolved into

should look ‘Practical & Honest’

shades of ‘Burnish & Bronze’. Armac

and that they feel ‘Solid and Un-

Martin handles are

compromising’. Armac Martin have

manufactured to

successfully built on these values with

be excellent, and

ranges such as; Leebank, Sparkbrook

are finished to be

and Stockland.


Tel +44 (0) 121 359 2111

James Latham BDC Specification Showroom

James Latham will be showing new decors including Egger's new range for 2017

Increased Presence For

James Latham At SDS17 James Latham is gearing up for the

be on hand to discuss the company’s

coloured high density fireboard, HI-

Surface Design Show in February,

extensive range of products, providing

MACS solid surface, UPM composite

where it is set to have its biggest

expert advice to architects and

decking, Lathams new range of

presence yet at the UK’s only annual

designers and helping them to keep

fire resistant products, KYDEX

show to focus on interior and exterior

abreast of the latest trends and

thermoplastic sheet, which is proving

surfaces for the built environment.

developments in surface solutions.

particularly popular within the retail

As well as an impactful, eye-catching

Chris Sutton, Chairman and Managing

sections, WoodEx, Moralt & Flamebreak

stand at its usual position on the

Director of Lathams Limited

door blanks and the new generation of

ground level (stand 208) - where it will

commented, “This year, the Surface

OSB board from Smartply.

show a number of new additions to its

Design Show promises to be our

range for 2017 - for the first time, this

biggest and best yet. “It’s a great

For more information on Latham’s

year, Lathams will also be utilising its

platform to showcase what is one of

full range of surface materials:

Product Specification Showroom which

the UK’s widest ranges of innovative

phone 0116 257 3415,

is located on the Gallery level of the

surface solutions and for 2017, not

e-mail or

Business Design Centre at Suite 301.

only do we have our usual stand, which


sector, Accoya cladding and window

in itself gives us a major presence The new showroom, which only opened

at the exhibition, but for the first

Connect with James Latham:

in September, has given James Latham

time, we are also going to have the

a permanent presence in the Capital

Twitter;- @lathamsltd

added benefit of our new showroom

and is already proving to be a major

where, as well as enabling us to

success with the architect and design

showcase additional products and

community. It will give visitors to the

decors, we can hold meetings, give

show, the opportunity to see an even

product demonstrations and offer

wider range of Latham’s massive

refreshments throughout the event.”

portfolio of products - many of them exclusive and semi-exclusive – and all

This year, among others, the products

under one roof. As well as Latham’s

on show will include new decor

highly experienced team of product

launches for Egger, Kronospan and

specialists, during the show, the newly

XyloCleaf, Valchromat, the innovative

created A&D specification team will

and highly popular, engineered

Facebook;- lathamsltd Pinterest;- Lathamltd





Be Naturally Creative in the Stone Gallery At

Surface Design Show 2017 Stone Gallery will be hosted within

Officially supported by Stone

the Surface Design Show 2017 at the

Federation GB, Stone Gallery 2017 has

Business Design Centre in London.

attracted exhibitors from Europe and beyond all showcasing the best stone

Since 2005 Surface Design Show has

products that the industry has to offer.

been the only event in the UK that focuses solely on interior and exterior

The Stone Gallery is situated on the

surfaces, connecting innovative and

gallery level at Surface Design Show

exciting materials with a specifying

and exhibitors include Skarlis Marble,

audience of architects and designers.

Building Adhesives, Marmoles Serrat, Consorio Pimar, Fontanili Marble UK

Debuting at last years show, the Stone

and ZClad. UK exhibitors include Lovell

Gallery reflects the rapidly growing

Stone who are a family run business

stone market in the UK and the

delivering high-quality British stone

important relationship between stone

products, their bespoke service offers

and surface design.

a variety of surface finishes including honed, polished, bush hammered, flame textured and tumbled.

39 Whilst Fontanili Marble has over 80

installation is presented by Steve

years’ experience within the stone

Turner from Amarestone whilst Martin

business, supplying architects and

Ballard from Fila UK looks at sealing

designers with the finest marble from

natural stone surfaces: options and

Carrara in Italy.

outcomes.The Stone Gallery is just one part of Surface Design Show which has

Fontanili Marble UK, will be

over 170 exhibitors showcasing the

launching their new unique material;

newest innovations in surface design

Palissandro Fiorito book-match floor.

for interior and exterior surfaces.

Whilst exhibitor ZClad will be offering a range of stylish natural stone

For over 10 years the show has been


the hot spot for industry people to immerse themselves in the latest

Their cladding system is designed

materials for the built environment,

to create a stylish veneer for either

gain new insights and network with

contemporary or traditional design.

like-minded designers, architects and

The modular z-shaped panels give a


seamless finish for straight walling and cornering making it virtually

Registration for the show is now live

impossible to detect. T: @surfacethinking A range of talks and debates will take


place on Thursday 9th February in the


Stone Hub. Robert Merry hosts ‘Stone


Me’ - The advantages of using a stone


professional when specifying interior


stone finishes. The Essential Guide


to substrate preparation and stone #SDS17 #StoneGallery


Stand out from the crowd with interior doors from Vicaima

With house builders and interior

product ranges in a clear and concise

constructional core options from

design specialists looking to find


lightweight hollow core to solid and

products that will set them apart in

fire rated doors are offered for most

an ever crowded marketplace and

Each section includes quality colour

ranges, with each being available in

home owners becoming much more

imagery to illustrate the range design

both imperial and metric sizes.

demanding and discerning in their

potential, together with easy to

choice of living space, its little wonder

reference individual door pictures to

The scope and design possibilities

that the innovative and designer led

ensure the chosen model is right for

make selection easy, with glazed

inspiration offered by Vicaima door

the project. In addition it includes

options, extra height dimensions,

products is more sought after than

a new Price Indicator Tool, which

mobility widths and even a customised

ever before. With the launch of the new

enables easy price comparison across

section, where you can create a design

2016/17 Interior Door Selector, Vicaima

different ranges to help find the right

to suit individual tastes. If this were

offer even more to meets the needs of

solution within a particular budget.

not enough, the new Interior Door

today’s housing.

Selector also includes additional Making a first appearance in the

information such as technical advice,

Interior Door Selector for 2017 are

a guide to performance and even door

some exciting new ranges which


demonstrate that interior doors need not be confined to the often seen and used plain painted doors, which have little or no imagination. These new Vicaima products include Stained Ash veneer with groove As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Vicaima interior doors and doorsets offer specifiers a wealth of choice in performance suitability, designer inspiration and cost effective solutions to cater for every budget. Available both in printed format and for download via the Vicaima website, the new 64 page catalogue sets out

designs, horizontally embossed Dekordor 3D with aluminium inlays, Foil faced visual sensations and a modern take on tradition, with the

To download your copy of the new

K Range shaker style panel in a wide

2016/17 Interior Door Selector,

spectrum of attractive face finishes.

visit and select

As you would expect from such a leading interior door specialist, a comprehensive choice of

brochures, alternatively call 01793 532333 to request a printed copy or for further information.

Levato Mono Porcelain Paver System Ideal for Roof terrace/decking/balcony/ walkway/pool and spa makeovers High load and impact resistance;

Available in 40+ colours and

Levato Mono porcelain paver

extreme wear and scratch

finishes in both ultra-realistic

system benefits at a glance:

resistance; frost and fireproof;

timber and stone effect, by

colour fast and extremely

combining 3D printing and mould

resistant to staining; resistance

making technology to reproduce

to mould and algae growth – these

identical copies of natural

qualities ensure an extremely low

materials and with up to 30 prints

maintenance required, offering

maintenance and trouble free

available for each paver range.

massive over-life savings.

flooring solution. And now with co-

Once laid, the eye is unable to

ordinating internal tiling available

discern any replicated pattern

allowing for seamless visual

allowing for a completely natural

transition between internal and

looking surface.

‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes.

Eternal product - zero

Highly abrasion and stain resistant.

Highly slip resistant; R11 and achieved up to +65 wet in the BS

external spaces.

pendulum test.

Specified for external areas at Used in conjunction with height

London Zoo, LIDL HQ Northfleet,

Lightweight – 45kgs per m2.

adjustable fixed – head/self-

Jamies Italian Brighton, Batsford

High load bearing and impact

levelling pedestals or fixed height

Arboretum, Bristol Airport East

paver support pads, the Levato

Terminal Extension and the new

Mono system makes it possible

Portico Terrace at Theatre Royal

to create perfectly level surfaces

Drury Lane - where Levato Mono

over uneven sub-surfaces. Ideal

sandstone effect paver ranges

for installation over all waterproof

were considered so similar to

membranes our support systems

natural sandstone material that is

cover height ranges from 9mm to

was sanctioned for use on a Grade

Completely non porous.

550mm and incorporate a patented

I listed building by English Heritage.

Fire & frost proof.

Height adjustable supports to

self-levelling slope correction facility with the convenience of


height adjustment after the pavers


are installed.

t. 0845 2700 696

resistance. •

Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available.

Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use.

raise surface from 9mm up to 550mm.

LEVATO MONO porcelain paver system The Levato Mono porcelain paver system is the pinnacle of external raised flooring technology; enabling the specification of lightweight, slip resistant and attractive raised flooring solutions, combining incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics; making them the ideal choice for commercial and domestic use alike.

20mm porcelain pavers 40x80 45x90 60x60 75x75 30x120 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes Eternal product - zero maintenance required – offering massive over-life savings

Highly abrasion and stain resistant Highly slip resistant ; R11 and achieved up to +65 wet in the BS pendulum test Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 High load bearing and impact resistance Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available t: 0845 2700 696


Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use Completely non porous Fire & frost proof Height-adjustable supports from 9mm up to 550mm


Wayside Surrey, UK


Start on Site Date Completion

20th May 2014 25th July 2015

OB Architecture were appointed to complete the extension and alterations to Wayside, a large private house set in an approximately 1 acre of garden and mature landscape. The house, built in the 1930’s, required a fresh approach to unlock its potential and provide a modern family home. Key to the works was the change in location of the principle access and the remodelling of the entrance. This opened up a more logic sequence of spaces from the loggia, entrance hall, through to the kitchen; dining & open plan living area. Augmenting the refurbishment of the ground floor rooms was a landscape strategy to open up the spaces to create a seamless link from inside to outside. The landscape design utilises a natural pallet of materials to compliment the house, and includes an impressive external swimming pool.


As well as the principle rooms, OB Architecture undersaw the design and refurbishment of a new guest bathroom, family bathroom, master bedroom ensuite and children’s bedrooms. Gross Internal Floor Area 470 sqm (t) +44 (0)1962 865 344 (e) (w)


The International Contemporary Ceramics Event of the Year Friday 31 March - Sunday 2 April 2017 Presented by the Craft Potters Association

As the popularity of handmade ceramics soars with primetime TV exposure, packed courses and record sales, the international ceramics event of the year returns... Organised by the Craft Potters Association, this always popular artist-led fair showcases the work of 90 makers in the light-filled atrium of Central Saint Martins. Truly international in scope - with exhibitors from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, South Korea and Japan the fair sees the return of renowned makers such as Akiko Hirai, Sophie Cook and James Hake, as well as first-time exhibitors and rising stars including Ben Arnup, Rachel Wood, Silke Decker, Mathew Horne and Lauren Nauman. For the artists, CAL offers a unique platform to showcase and sell their work. For the public, it presents a compelling snapshot of the global contemporary ceramics market and a rare opportunity to buy unique, handmade pieces directly from the makers. Items on sale range from contemporary twists on functional tableware to sublime sculptural pieces and experimental work that pushes the boundaries of this ancient craft.

With prices ranging from £25 for an exquisite tea cup by Sue Pryke to £8,000 for an original sculpture by Fenella Elms, CAL offers collectors of all budgets the chance to take something home. The natural world is a recurring motif and this year includes Nichola Theakston’s haunting primate sculptures and Charlotte Pack’s detailed models of endangered species, teetering on the lids of slipcast vessels (15% of each sale goes to a wildlife conservation charity). Landscapes feature strongly too, as with Anna Lambert’s earthenware beakers and bowls that suggest flooded valleys or the rippled seabed textures of Kasuya Ishida’s shell-like vessels, fashioned from clay and natural ash glazes. While ceramics have echoed the natural realm for millennia, urban and industrial textures make their mark too with Isobel Egan and Fausto Salvi’s ceramic cityscapes. Robert Cooper takes inspiration from urban decay,

creating recycled pieces with left-over glazes and ancient pottery shards found on the Thames foreshore. Traditional craft mimics virtual reality with Matt Davis’ ‘pixelated’ porcelain tableware and Ben Arnup’s 3-D optical illusions. The storytelling capacity of ceramics is powerfully demonstrated by Midori Takaki’s eccentric folkloric faces and Jenny Southam’s animal and human figures in landscapes. Raewyn Harrison’s ‘Mudlarking’ and ‘Thames Estuary’ series of hand-built vessels use Elizabethan illustrations and maps to tell stories of London. So, why is it that ceramics is so popular right now? Duncan Hooson, Lecturer in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins, suggests that beyond the appeal of the tangible in an age dominated by the ephemerality of download culture, “there’s an inherent magic in the making process that has always appealed. The precarious alchemic process of firing, and the endless experimentation with glazes and finishes mean that no one piece is ever exactly the same as another. If chosen well, these are artefacts that can become treasured possessions that say something about their owner.”


The Devil is in the Detail Decorative Light Switches and Sockets

They may not be near the top of the

such as USB charging, AV outlets

enhance the interior design and add

list of specification priorities, but well

and international sockets can all be

a level of luxury and convenience not

considered and decorative switch

included. This level of convenience will

found in off-the-shelf products.

plates and sockets can help to make

impress just as much as a statement

a dramatic difference to any interior

piece of furniture.

space. Focus SB is a British company

It is often the little mismatched details

dedicated to manufacturing electrical

that get noticed when first entering a

wiring accessories of unparalleled

room and this can let even the most

quality for almost 40 years.

stylish interiors down. Industry pioneers, Focus SB’s socket Mis-matched and badly considered

and switch plates are highly sought

switch plate finishes, bad style

after for prestigious interior design

choices, poor fitting or even a mixture

projects, both in the UK and globally.

of styles can all occur when control of this important detail is left to others.

They have a national team of Product Consultants at your disposal, ready to

Focus SB electrical accessories finish

discuss all that is possible and ensure

the look, and can complement any

that the electrical accessory details

interior style. Plate style, finish, insert colour, switch types and colours, all can be specified for a coherent and sympathetic finishing detail. Why have three or four different outlet plates in a line when all the sockets can be combined onto one bespoke plate? Modern conveniences can be included

Telephone: 01424 858060



020 3507 1911


Architectural & Landscape Lighting Good exterior lighting of a property,

two different gardens. There are

colour and emphasising texture.

be it in the gardens or of the building

also the seasonal opportunities to

Areas of darkness, shadow and shade

itself, can be one of the most

maximise, turning a stark winter

are just as important as the light

influential factors in how private

landscape into a dramatically lit

itself and it is this dynamic, almost

homes or commercial premises look

sculptural vision. To have a beautifully

theatrical, contrast that adds subtlety,

and function at night.

landscaped and planted garden

excitement, tranquillity and even

disappear at 4.30 in the afternoon

mystery. It can positively affect mind,

From a welcoming entrance to

seems such a shame when the clients

body and spirit.

reassuring security, most people rely

could still be enjoying their new

on lighting without really giving it due

garden as a visual backdrop through

ornamental garden lighting limited

thought or consideration early on in a

the windows of their beautiful home or

project. As a result, the opportunity to

Holly Tree House Blighton Lane

country house.

Farnham Surrey GU10 1PU

of tranquillity, interest and safety can

Exterior lighting does require its own


be lost.

robust infrastructure which needs


add extra dimensions such as areas

to be taken into consideration as Light defines space, emphasises

Directors: Michael Shackleton &

early into the project as possible.

texture and form, enhances colour,

Nicola Gregory

Constant exposure to the elements

creates atmosphere, mood and in the

Company Reg No: 4535288

and extremes of temperature, both

more practical sense, allows us to see

place high demands on the exterior

what we are doing and to move safely

electrical installation and the light

from one area to another without

fittings themselves.

injury. Good exterior lighting can add a For garden designers, landscapers

whole new dimension to the gardens

and members of the public, exterior

you design, maintain and even

lighting offers an exciting prospect for

build, creating visual statements,

the client in presenting an alternative

enhancing atmosphere, altering

perspective by night, in effect creating


Enhance your life with light...

Lighting Design by Mike Shackleton

Courtyard garden, Sur-

ornamental garden lighting

Country garden, Wiltshire

Town garden, London

Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxfordshire

From Listed buildings to new developments, Ornamental Garden Lighting designs, supplies and installs beautiful lighting to bring out the best of the environment. Enhancing new or established gardens and properties with a combination of aesthetic and practical, cost-effective lighting so-

ornamental garden lighting limited Holly Tree House Blighton Lane Farnham Surrey GU10 1PU



WORDS: Fairmont Pacific Rim PHOTOS: Fairmont Pacific Rim

‘The Owner’s Suite Collection’

Is Unveiled At Fairmont Pacific Rim In Vancouver, Canada

Music, art and fashion give each suite an opulent pulse of its own, and Suite Music Package offers ultimate concert experience

A bold reinterpretation of luxury has arrived at Fairmont Pacific Rim –‘The Owner’s Suite Collection.’ Designed for the elite, in-the-know traveller, the new collection of 10 suites are more than a place to stay, they’re a place to be inspired by the city’s DNA with elements of fashion, art and music.

53 With the prestigious unveiling, comes the ultimatesuite music experience package which includes accommodation in an Owner’s Suite, a music-inspired welcome amenity, cocktails in The Lobby Lounge featuring nightly live music, VIP Live Nation concert experience, and return car transfers to the show. Package rates start from $3,200.00 CDN and further information can be found online. Each Owner’s Suite offers 800 square feet of opulence with an Ico Parisi-inspired sofa and dining room table in the living room, a plush king-sized canopy bed, large walk-in closet and marble spa bathroom with deep soaker tub.

54 Colourful gallery-worthy art installations by prominent

For the Owner’s Suites he incorporated contemporary

Canadian artists that include Susan Point and Greg

and European modern design influences for a tranquil

Murdock, dress the walls of the space.

space that is intentionally stunning in its simplicity and allows panoramic views to remain the primary focal

Every suite houses its own custom vinyl collection


and Rega RP1 turntable. Guests are welcomed with a curated compilation of records based on their musical

“We are continually developing our product to suit the

preferences, or can select their playlist upon arrival.

evolving needs and desires of our guests,” comments

Guests also enjoy Fairmont Gold services during their

Philip Barnes, Regional Vice President, Pacific

stay with private check-in, concierge, and an exclusive

Northwest and General Manager, Fairmont Pacific Rim.

lounge that overlooks the harbour. “We believe these 10 new suites will be embraced Under the direction of owner/developer, Westbank

by our guests as another example of our continuing

Projects Corp. and the Peterson Group, the Owner’s

commitment to meet, and hopefully exceed, their

Suite concept was shaped by award-winning Vancouver-


based architect James K Cheng. A pioneer in west coast architecture, Cheng’s green glass towers helped coin the term Vancouverism, and designed the Fairmont Pacific Rim as an urban oasis.

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of a gym in your own home Technogym, the Wellness Company, invites you to view its range of home fitness equipment at the beautifully equipped, brand new showroom in Bracknell, Berkshire.

Health and Wellness are important, but time pressures and busy lives often mean our good intentions to move more and be active are overlooked. Technogym works with you to design and create the perfect Wellness area, tailored to your home, space, budget and – most importantly – you and your family’s health goals.

To book your visit, please call a Technogym Wellness consultant on 0800 316 2496 or email Or visit us online at



Overhauls Floorplan With Exciting New Format As Architectural Collective Assemble Bring Turner Prize Winning Art To 2017 Show create an industry-wide understanding of sustainability objectives and drives, and a clear direction for the future. Architectural collective Assemble will present its award-winning Granby Workshop project at the Campus, the show’s destination for innovative thinking and the latest technology. Visitors will be able to view and interact with a unique installation created by Assemble, telling the story behind the collective’s Turner Prize winning regeneration project. Attendees will be

Turner Prize-winning architects Assemble are to headline Ecobuild 2017, bringing their award winning Granby Workshop project to the show as part of an immersive new experience. Bringing the event’s theme of regeneration to life, Ecobuild 2017 will see ExCeL London transformed into an immersive ‘city’ – complete with main street, distinct destinations and special feature attractions. Central to the experience will be Regeneration Drive, a boulevard running through the middle of Ecobuild, linking different aspects of the exhibition and enabling visitors to experience the very best examples of innovation and creativity from across the built environment. Martin Hurn, Brand Director at Ecobuild, explained: “For 2017, we’re completely overhauling and innovating the Ecobuild experience. We asked our visitors what they want and need from the show, and sustainability overwhelmingly came to the top of the agenda. To deliver this, we’ve ripped up the floorplan and reinvented Ecobuild as an immersive city centred around Regeneration Drive. “Imagining the exhibition as a city allows us to deliver a unique programme focused on regeneration, in a way that is relevant and inclusive to all our exhibitors and visitors.

Different aspects of construction and the built environment deserve specific focus, and each of the Ecobuild 2017’s

also able to interact with Future Materials, a gallery curated by ARCC, previewing next-generation materials and processes currently in either research or testing stage.

destinations will each have something distinct and exciting to offer.”

The Gateway will allow visitors to explore national and social infrastructure projects in partnership with ICE, as well as a

Ecobuild also announced key collaborations with Lead Partner UK Green Building

separate seminar theatre dedicated to Green Infrastructure.

Council (UK-GBC), the Construction Products Association, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE). As they make their way up Regeneration Drive, attendees will be introduced to key destinations such as The Arena, City Hall, The Campus, The Gateway and The Performance Lab. The Arena will be home to the headline guest speakers, staging a range of keynote speeches from industry thought leaders and innovators across the three days. Included within the programme will be renowned architects and the UK-GBC will host daily leadership panels chaired by their CEO, Julie Hirigoyen. The show’s sustainability hub, City Hall, will be home to the UK-GBC and World Green Building Council representing the culmination of Ecobuild’s Redefining Sustainability campaign – which seeks to

The Performance Lab, meanwhile, will showcase the latest in Smart Home and Smart Building technology in association with Ecobuild 2017’s building performance partner, CIBSE -the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. The Ecobuild city will also contain a number of other areas of interest, including a high profile area for Explore Offsite and offsite technology masterclasses, The BRE Academy, The Business District with export support and networking, international pavilions and a dedicated District Energy Town Square created in conjunction with the UK District Energy Association. The organisers are encouraging exhibitors to get involved with the immersive city theme, inviting them to create their own destinations along Regeneration Drive and across the entire event. For more information on how to be a part of Ecobuild 2017, visit

@ecobuild_now #ecobuild


Ecobuild is evolving with the industry,

focusing on the issues that matter the most. Register for a free ticket:

Strategic Partners:


VIRIDI N Landscape Studio Viridian Landscape Studio is a

BALI, the British Association of

landscape design and consultancy

Landscape Industries, is the leading

practice offering a wide range of

Association for the nation’s landscape

professional services to architects,

professionals, and a BALI Award is

developers, planners and property

prestigious and highly coveted within

managers, as well as private clients.

the industry.

We are based in Buckinghamshire but accept national and international

The winning project is a small


residential courtyard in Chelsea, London, designed in exquisite

It was with huge pride that Viridian’s

detail to meet the client’s Brief for a

Director, Anne Jennings accepted

garden with the character of an old,

the Principal Award in the Design

rediscovered ‘secret’ treasure, giving

Excellence category at BALI’s

the illusion it had existed for decades.

Award Ceremony held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel in December.

Reclaimed York stone was sourced

and walkie-talkie communications to

has been recognised by our peers as

and calibrated and, combined with

ensure the trees were gently lowered

an outstanding project for its exquisite

salvage materials such as stable

into pre-prepared planting holes.

design detailing.

blocks, terracotta tiles and stone setts, creates a tapestry of paving that gives

Mis-en-scene features such as old

the impression the surface had been

oak doors with mirrors set behind,

repaired with available materials over

reclaimed mirror-glazed factory

the years.

windows and gothic arches all add to the aged character and contribute an

Old, tangled ivy clad the walls and this

eclectic ‘collectable’ narrative. In pride

was painstakingly disentangled and

of place, the children’s play house in

pruned so that as much as possible

the form of a distressed Shepherd’s

could be retained. It was re-trained

Hut with retro-fit moss roof provides

and more plants added to cover the

a quirky, rustic focal feature that has

old walls and provide the garden with

enormous appeal for both young and

an evergreen backdrop. Part way


through the project our client decided that large trees were required. The

This project was unique and one of

specimens, in 750 and 1000L pots, with

the most enjoyable we have worked

root balls almost a metre in diameter

on, with various challenges (including

and weighing nearly a tonne each

the clients’ non-res status throughout

required street closure, crane lifting

the project) merely adding to its fascination. We are delighted that it

The Glass Studio 60

Makers, Restorers and Encapsulators of Traditional Leaded Lites 262 London Road Southend on Sea Essex SS0 7JG 01702 338 763

The beauty of traditionally hand made

laminating existing lead light glass in

and re-polished prior to laminating as

Leaded Lite windows adds without

preparation to having double glazing


question flair and individuality to any

installed.The demand from customers

home. Whether you wish to have a

wishing to keep the traditional

All our Lead Lite Windows are

contemporary design or a traditional

features of their home increases daily.

manufactured to the highest quality all work carried out in-house

one you need look no further.

from design to completion. So if The Glass Studio has been carrying

you are looking for a new design?

out the design, restoration and

or wish to replicate and original

encapsulation (Laminating) of leaded

design,look no further. visit us on

light windows in Essex and London for to view

over thirty years. We are passionate

our gallery.You can also visit our

about leaded lites and this is

FaceBook page where we update new

reflected by our in-depth knowledge

work regularly.

and understanding of the various

design periods (Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Contemporary) and use

We are also happy to work on your

only the correct glass for each period

own design and will advise you on

(it’s not just about colour!)

the best way of achieving the desired

Under the directorship of Ruben

We work alongside many reputable

Caruana. The Glass Studio continues

and long established glazing

to provide a knowledge base and

companies and when dealing with pre-

service unparalleled and have carried

existing leaded light windows, we are

out many residential and commercial

regarded as the “trade’s choice” - the

projects throughout its career. Apart

finish of our work speaks for itself

from designing and the restoration

because all leaded panels go through

aspect of our business, we also carry

a complete overhaul, re-cemented

out a highly specialist method of

outcome or we could create one from our design studio,which will designed personally by Ruben Caruana. The Glass Studio “ Traditional craftsmanship,Traditional service”

Launch of the Odyssée Collection by Mosaïque Surface Odyssée Collection by Mosaïque Surface Showcasing over 20 different mosaic patterns, available in nearly 100 natural stones, 16 colours of Venetian glass and various metal inlay options, the Odyssée Collection is by far the most intricate collection Mosaïque Surface has created so far. This collection can be found in over 225 showrooms worldwide and can be seen in its entirety on their website:


Pretty In Pink:

A Home With A Matching Lift

When decorating our home, most

enter somebody’s house. A friend of

place for their lift with it travelling up

of us like to match the flooring to

mine saw an article in a magazine

into the master bedroom above. Only

the window coverings and dress the

about these compact home lifts so we

minor structural alterations needed

rooms with cushions, throws and other

investigated and ended up buying a

to be made and as the lift is installed

ornamental items. But one couple

Stiltz Lift.”

in modular sections, it took just

from Gloucestershire have taken it

one day for it to be installed. Unlike

a step further by blending a rather

most traditional home lifts, Stiltz

different and unusual product into

lifts are powered by the very quiet

their pink-coloured living room and

self-contained drive system which is

master bedroom.

housed out of sight at the top of the lift. The whole lift plugs into a standard

Jane Randall, 59, and her husband

domestic 13amp power socket – just

Peter, 70, have lived in the four-

like any other household appliance.

bedroom detached house they share in Stroud since 2000, and they have it

Keen for it not to disrupt the bright

decorated just the way they like it. But

and beautiful pink colours of the living

a little over a year ago Jane began to

room and master bedroom, the couple

experience trouble with her legs and

chose the optional colour matching

climbing the stairs started to become

service and requested that the lift be

a chore.

powdered-coated in a matching shade Until recently, home lifts were either

of pink.

“I used to get everything I needed for

almost completely unheard of or

the day from upstairs and bring it

considered an exclusive, luxury

The results – as you can see - are

downstairs as I couldn’t face having

purchase. However domestic lifts

fantastic. It proves you really can

to go back up again such was the

have become much more affordable

blend anything into the colour theme

discomfort in my legs,” says Jane.

and risen in popularity as customers

of a room.

“In the end, it was clear we had to do something about it but there was no way we were moving house or downsizing to a bungalow. A stairlift certainly did not appeal. They are so old-fashioned and, quite frankly, an eyesore as it is usually something you see as soon as you

demand a more attractive solution to helping them move around their home. Typically, they are favoured by older home owners or those looking to ‘future proof’ their properties before mobility issues even arise. After an initial site survey by the Stiltz home lift team, the Randall’s decided the living room would be the ideal

“The lift blends into the décor of both rooms quite magnificently,” said Jane. “You wouldn’t even know the lift was there, it’s so unobtrusive.” “You can’t really see it and now all I do is step into the lift, push a button and upstairs I go.”

No matter what project you have, we can help you to furnish and decorate Customisation


All All our our collection collection can can be be customised customised to to suit suit your your requirements. requirements. We We know know everyone everyone has has unique unique tastes tastes and and needs, needs, which which is is why why almost almost all all of of our our furniture furniture is is adaptable. adaptable.

Dedicated Dedicated assistance assistance and and service service from from our our design design consultants consultants who who work work with with you you to to create create the the exact exact interior interior solution solution to to match match your your vision vision and and project. project. Every Every living living space space is is different. different. That’s That’s why why our our products products can can be be adapted adapted to to suit suit the the unique unique nature nature of of each each of of your your projects. projects. We We also also offer offer furniture furniture package package solutions, solutions, hotel hotel design, design, corporate corporate offices offices and and lobby lobby design. design. We We offer offer the the fastest fastest lead lead times times in in the the industry industry for for “made “made to to order” order” and and we we can can take take care care of of delivery delivery and and assembly assembly for for you. you.

Customise Customise every every detail detail to to fit fit your your home home like like aa glove! glove! BoConcept BoConcept offers offers aa staggering staggering selection selection of of fabrics, fabrics, colours colours and and finishes finishes on on our our jaw-dropping jaw-dropping ranges ranges for for living, living, dining dining and and sleeping. sleeping.

Co-ordinated collection

Contact Contact us us to to find find out out more more or or to to open open aa Trade Trade account: account:

Explore Explore the the possibilities possibilities -- Our Our entire entire collection collection from from our our furniture furniture through through to to our our accessories accessories can can be be completely completely co-ordinated co-ordinated so so you you can can be be sure sure to to create create your your own own design design exactly exactly as as you you want want it. it. Explore Explore all all the the options options in-store in-store or or better better still still talk talk to to one one of of our our professional professional and and friendly friendly interior interior designers. designers.

Space saving Our Our furniture furniture is is not not just just cool-looking cool-looking but but extremely extremely functional functional and and comfortable. comfortable. Whether Whether you’re you’re looking looking for for aa casual casual and and laid laid back back look, look, sleek sleek and and stylish, stylish, or or modern modern and and contemporary. contemporary. Multi-functional Multi-functional and and clever clever storage storage options options make make itit much much easier easier to to optimise optimise smaller smaller spaces. spaces.

Battersea Battersea Reach Reach II Finchley Finchley Road Road II Notting Notting Hill Hill II Tottenham Tottenham Ct Ct Rd Rd II Harrods Harrods II Kingston Kingston II Guildford Guildford

WORDS: Hamilton Conte PHOTOS: Hamilton Conte

Hamilton Conte Paris

Since 2009, Hamilton Conte Paris is a furniture and home accessories brand that draws inspiration from our diverse cultural backgrounds and complementary talents. Created in 2009, Hamilton Conte Paris is a furniture and home accessories brand that draws inspiration from our diverse cultural backgrounds and complementary talents. Combining pragmatism and passionate creativity, we do our best to approach our craft with originality and warmth. Our creative process takes inspiration from a variety of styles and cultures and is centred on artisanal production and attention to detail. We like to merge design movements from the 1950s to 1970s, from the Americas and Scandinavia, and then add a touch of Parisian air. Our collection offers all elements of an interior

space, and a variety of materials and nishing options can make each piece highly personal. Our creations are reminiscent of our own lives and reflect our passion for storytelling. Some models carry the names of family members or inspirational people while others are nods to anecdotes or places from our lives. For instance, Fabian’s father Enzo loved to take his cognac in a comfortable and enveloping chair; our Enzo wing chair was designed bearing this memory in mind. There is a story behind each piece in our collection, and through their ensemble we try to create a universe that is distinct to the brand. Above all, Hamilton Conte believes that every interior should tell a story. It is time to tell yours.


The omnipresence of curved lines, either subtle or affirmed, is the guiding principle for our upholstered collection. Using diverse materials allows functional pieces to become seductive. We let form accompany function with particular attention to comfort and construction details.

Accessories fulfill a decorative role while at the same time serving a purpose. Combining materials makes for dynamic spaces and offers great visual diversity. To bring personality to everyday objects, we associate cast metals, marble, resin, and exotic woods.

Whether meant to encourage lingering on them or simply appreciating their sculptural forms, our seats are about comfort, craftsmanship and beautiful of materials. For us, function must also ally with aesthetics. Details such as marquetry work or turned wood are indispensable and add distinction.

Without forgetting practicality, we enjoy working the notion of “œuvre d’art” into our collection, not just with furniture but especially with accessories. The great Oscar Wilde said, “One can exist without art, but one cannot live without it”. Art adds the final and essential touch to any interior.

Combining pragmatism and passionate creativity, we do our best to approach our craft with originality and warmth.


Metal and its many different forms are the theme of the January 2016 presentation at Maison & Objet. Brass and aluminium create strong, steady foundations yet they become fluid — even liquid — when met with fire. Hamilton Conte takes its 2016 inspiration from nature and its elements — air, water, earth, and fire — from product conception to choices of colour and texture. The 2016 catalogue showcases Hamilton Conte's search for the organic in objects that surround us. Apart from items crafted in metal, wood, or ceramic (baked earth), the flow of air and water is also represented. For me, the four elements represent our philosophy of eclecticism. Combining these materials and forms helps to energize spaces and provide visual diversity. Without setting aside practicality, essential for any piece of furniture, I find that cast metal strengthens the artistic side of the Hamilton Conte range." Fabian Pellegrinet Conte, Co-founder & Artistic Director

Devoted to artisanal production and attention to detail, our artistic approach takes inspiration from a variety of styles and cultures.

The line has been updated with new products, innovative shapes and a refreshed fabric collection. "We're always working on renewing the Hamilton Conte line. Furniture is like fashion, and we must always innovate, bringing something new to every Maison & Object show. Our core product range is also reviewed regularly with quality improvements and new finish options. We have also reworked our fabric selection to offer greater freedom when creating new interior projects." Ross Hamilton Englisbe, Co-founder & General Director.


The JumpSeat® Collection

The collection includes four products;

Both are ideal to bring added seating

DS Ergonomics Ltd are an independent

JumpSeat, JumpSeat 90, JumpSeat

to narrow corridors, boardrooms,

supplier of ergonomic seating,

Wall and the JumpSeat Emerge.

small offices and libraries.

furniture and ergonomic products.

award-winning JumpSeat provides a

JumpSeat Wall is the perfect solution

We also specialise in health and safety

compact seating solution for multiple

for space constrained areas. Its

advice, audits and assessments.

environments within healthcare,

folding mechanism allows the seat to

education and corporate facilities.

cantilever off the wall making it ideal

For more information on this product

for corridors, waiting rooms and other

or about our business contact a

areas where space is at a premium.

member of our team:

Manufactured by Sedia Systems, the

It’s distinctive design, space-saving characteristics and versatile options allow these environments to fashion

JumpSeat Emerge can create a multi-

their own distinctive look and innovate

functional room by transforming an

their environment. The JumpSeat is

open event space into an auditorium

suited to spaces that require flexible

in minutes.

and compact seating. It’s previously been effective in lecture halls, auditoriums and reception areas. The JumpSeat 90 has the space saving benefit of a wall-mounted chair. It can be floor mounted and flush to the wall.

Telephone - 01707 671581 Email - Website - DS Ergonomics Limited, 8 Hamilton Close,

This engineered system can be

South Mimms,

installed in under 12” of total


height, making it a unique choice to incorporate in any building elevation plan.

The JumpSeatÂŽ Collection By ds-ergonomics

Finding the right ergonomic products in today’s demanding work world can be difficult.

Telephone - 01707 671581

Email -

Website -


The Art of the Home Legrand Launches Exclusive Wiring Accessories Range For designers looking for

vibrancy and panache of

that all important luxury

the Mirrored collection,

bespoke look, Legrand has

each offering a personal

launched Arteor exclusive

signature touch to any

– a range of 32 high-end


finishes, designed to add the perfect individual

For the artisan looking

touch to projects.

to nature for inspiration, Arteor brings the Wood

Inspired by global lifestyle

collection - combining a

and design trends, the

stunning wood grid plate

bespoke range of eight

with a beautifully crafted

collections are made

modular interior.

to order, and include a variety of design

Keeping with the natural

options, for a truly unique

theme is the decadent


Leather collection, offering distinct quality

The subtle Neutral palette

and design through expert

- ideal for personalisation

craftsmanship. Each

with logos and icons

switch is also unique

contrasts with the

thanks to the natural

textures and finish of the wood and leather materials. Graphic, brings contemporary baroque splendour and East Asian inspired designs for a small, yet unique artistic piece that helps to transform home interiors, one accessory at a time. Richard Hayward at

Arteor exclusive forms

Legrand said: “The

part of the extensive

exclusive collection is

Legrand wiring

designed for those looking

accessories offering.

for that individual touch, right down to the last

Designers, architects


and developers alike can experience the latest

For too long, designs have

collections at 100% Design

failed on simple features

(stand number E653)

such as light switches and

between 21st and 24th

sockets, but that needn’t


be the case. Our designs reflect current trends and

For further information

we are constantly looking

about Legrand’s wiring

for ways to help customers

accessories and home

to live their life better

automation solutions

through a balance of

please visit

technology and design.”

the home of furniture


Live in Style with Stovax’s Vogue

There’s nothing better than the

The Vogue’s impressive styling is

Boost your stoves presence and

warmth provided by a glowing fire in

matched by its equally impressive

bring more attention to the space

a wood burner – this might be why a

performance. It’s high levels of

by elevating it on a plinth or a stove

wood burning stove has become one

combustion efficiency are aided by

bench. Or, you may want to combine

of the latest must-have items in the

Cleanburn technology, which makes

functionality and style by displaying

home. Join the ‘it’ crowd and consider

the range an eco-friendly and cost-

your logs in the Midline base, which

how a functional wood burner might

effective option. It works by bringing

offers practical yet fashionable

make a difference to the look of your

preheated air into the firebox, which

integral log storage.

home, and your wallet. New to Stovax’s

burns excess particles in the smoke. For more information on Stovax’s

range is the Vogue wood burning model: an elegant, modern-traditional

This keeps heat in the room, making

wood burning Vogue, visit:

stove range with the very latest in

it one of the most efficient stoves on

cutting edge firebox engineering.

the market. Not only that, the Vogue’s Airwash system keeps the glass

This classic stove is available in Small,

strikingly clear, allowing you to enjoy

Midi and Medium sizes, allowing for

the roaring flames to the full. The

a range of flexible options depending

Vogue range offers future Ecodesign

on the heat output you desire and

compliance, and are also approved for

style of your home. Each size of the

use in urban smoke control areas.

Vogue presents itself beautifully; the expansive glass viewing window

Whatever your personal style, the

is a great way to enjoy the stunning

Vogue is customizable to suit you

flames, and the bevelled cast iron

– with a range of versatile options

finish mixes contemporary design with

depending on where you want your

the feel of a more traditional wood

stove to be and how you want it to look.


firing imaginations for over 35 years The UK’s most comprehensive range of high quality stoves and fireplaces Woodburning

| gas |

| M u lt i - f u e l | e l e c t r i c


With extensive industry knowledge and the close attention paid to worldwide trends, many of Ortal’s exclusive innovations have been patented allowing them to provide partner clients, designers, architects and private customers the most effective and cutting-edge design solutions. As the official UK Distributor, Ortal’s contemporary gas fireplaces are exclusively available through Robeys and our retail outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. Our purpose built riverside showroom also showcases a variety of Ortal Founded in 1986, Ortal has spent

Ortal fireplaces are produced in-house

fireplaces, many exhibited in live

the last thirty years gaining global

with close attention to detail, finishing


recognition for its extensive selection

and quality being constantly updated

of contemporary gas fireplaces that

with the latest innovation to come

Ortal welcome your vision for

combine tradition and modern design

in an array of sizes to suit various

custom-made fireplaces addressing

with technological innovations, to

design and architectural needs. Ortal’s

special requirements, sizes and uses

create stunning fireplaces that are

state-of-the-art contemporary gas

which combined with Robeys thirty

safe, beautiful and effective.

fires are available in a wide range

seven years of experience means

of spectacular formats for use with

Ortal fireplaces can be a striking

natural gas or LPG.

architectural addition becoming a

With a vast global reach, Ortal

focal point in any home.

maintains its commitment to marketleading excellence, providing heating

Special Ortal features include anti-

solutions that are both creative and

reflective glass interiors to enhance

For more information on Ortal

effective for the most challenging

the flame picture, dual line burners

fireplaces visit our website

demands of leading architects and

allowing control of output without loss

designers worldwide, using advanced

of flames effect and protective mesh

proprietary technology allowing these

or double glazing options for added

fireplaces to be installed where others



2017 The UK Stone Industry Event

Interior Design at the Natural Stone Show

25 - 27 April

Source stone for your Commercial or Residential Interiors project with an unrivalled choice of materials from around the world.

Access CPD from 25 free seminars at the Natural Stone & Building Conservation Conference. Highlights include the one-day RIBA-assessed workshop ‘Innovation meets stone design’ on Tuesday 25 April.

Learn about all the latest award-winning Interiors projects at the Natural Stone Awards Gallery. For show updates and to register for your free ticket to the event visit

Ask the Expert for guidance on selecting British stone within the Stone Federation Great Britain Village. The Natural Stone Show 2017 is part of The QMJ Group


t: +44 (0)115 945 4367 e:


Touch Ironmongery Ltd 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea London SW10 9PJ

The Perfect Touch


stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called “A Touch of Brass”, the firm changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to also reflect the broader range of products and finishes that they sell. In fact today, Touch can supply a wide range of finishes including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list keeps growing. Whatever finish you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the

Ironmongery market, Touch mainly supply to residential premises but hotel and office properties also contribute to their vast clientele. The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry. The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods

which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. Ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an onsite service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit


British manufacturers the finest quality handcrafted hardware

Croft combine traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques to produce the most beautiful, quality fittings, built to stand the test of time. As well as specialist bespoke items, Croft supply over 1000 products, available in 23 different finishes to furnish high end residential and commercial properties, royal palaces, government houses, historic castles and stately homes. Croft, available from Touch Ironmongery


WORDS: Bhavin Taylor Design PHOTOS: Bhavin Taylor Design

Bhavin Taylor Design

This 2 bed property is a conversion from a traditional Town House in London. The clients of this property had already tackled the structural work and selected a few pieces of furniture, but were stuck in how to complete the space and brought in Bhavin Taylor to assist. The living room was long with high ceilings, and had the sofa at one end of the room and the TV on the opposite wall, which limited what Bhavin could do in the middle. So the large area rug was added to unify the whole space and add a much needed splash of colour that was strong but not overpowering. However there still felt like there was a huge gap between both ends of the room.


So Bhavin added the moveable armchair that primarily

There are also black out roller blinds so the room can be

had two uses. One, add an alternative space to sit

dark, perfect for watching movies.

and read and second as it faced the sofa allowed the room to feel more social. If guests were to come, then

The clients wanted a big piece of artwork above the

everyone would not need to sit in a line on the sofa.

sofa, but did not have a large budget for this. So two inexpensive identical pieces of artwork were hung side

As the clients did not need a separate dining area as

by side that add a bold splash of colour to the room.

they had the kitchen counter for everyday use, the

These colours are repeated throughout the rest of the

coffee table converts into a dining table and foldaway

room with the patterned cushions and accessories on

chairs were stored in the second bedroom.

the shelves.

The room has large windows letting plenty of natural

The Master bedroom had quite low ceilings and felt

light in so Bhavin did not want to dress these with heavy

quite dark, so it was important to keep this space light

window treatments. Instead used sheer curtains that

and airy, so Bhavin kept everything quite neutral and

are a great feature to the space that provide privacy

followed the soft grey colour scheme throughout.

from the main road outside.

82 The room still needed accents so the small teal velvet sofa and artwork were added. They offer bold accents of colour but at the same time do not over power the room. The overall look is restful. The second bedroom was quite small so Bhavin did not want to fill the space and kept it simple with just the piano and bookshelves. Using the clients own Persian rug adds a bit of character and gives this room its own identity to the rest of the flat.


Horizon Horizon Matt Matt White White

Focus SB Great Great lighting lighting begins begins with with quality quality controls controls and and Focus Focus SB SB offer offer aa range range of of luxury luxury switches switches and and sockets sockets to to suit suit your your interiors, interiors, available available in in aa choice choice of of stunning stunning finishes. finishes. Bespoke Bespoke solutions solutions are are our our speciality, speciality, designed designed to to meet meet your your needs needs and and ensuring ensuring continuity continuity throughout throughout your your projects. projects. True True Edge Edge Jordan Jordan Bronze Bronze

Bespoke Bespoke solutions solutions


Call us on 01424 858060 |

Minimum order orderapplies applies ** Minimum


Available in various sizes including conservatory and vertical styles and with outputs up to 2400 watt, they are supplied with an Installation Kit for wall fixing installations. We also offer a range of Castors, Feet Stands and Radiator Feet Supports as optional extras.

DSR Electric Combination Radiator System, The First German Combination

Radiator with a Smart APP Control System

Electric Heating and Hot Water innovation specialists, The Electric Heating Company (EHC), are delighted to announce that our range of EHC Electric Combinations Radiators can now be operated wirelessly via our bespoke APP. EHC, with over 10 year’s history of selling German Electric Radiators, has developed the DSR Electric Combination Radiator range to be Wi-Fi ready and have the capability of being controlled via your Computer, Smartphone or tablet. Our APP has been designed to facilitate today’s busy lifestyle offering anytime/ anywhere controllability on time, temperature and programming of the radiators. Other facilities available via the APP include:• • •

Electricity Power Limiter Electricity Monitor Radiator Priority settings

DSR Electric Combination Radiators also have an “Open Window” feature whereby should there be a significant temperature drop within a short period of time the radiator will switch off, saving energy and money.

At EHC we consider your safety as paramount and as such all contacts within the radiator are fully protected with heat shrinkable insulated sleeves and twin thermocouples that provide overheat protection. Should you wish to talk to The Electric Heating Company about our German manufactured Electric Radiators or about any of our Electric Heating products please call 01698 820533 or email and one of our experienced team will be delighted to assist.


A Georgian townhouse is remodelled to meet the highest energy performance standards. An historic Listed Georgian townhouse in London’s Bloomsbury has been transformed into a comfortable, peaceful and energy efficient home that approaches Passivhaus EnerPHit standards. This was achieved by using modern insulation techniques including an advanced secondary glazing system from Selectaglaze that markedly improves the performance of the traditional, single glazed sash windows. The client wished for a home that used as little energy as possible and offered the most comfortable environment. Robert Prewett of Prewett Bizley architects took on the challenge of convincing conservation officers that a Grade II Listed building could be fitted with energy saving measures whilst respecting all the historic features.

The large single glazed sash windows were a particular challenge as they represented a significant proportion of the wall area and could not be replaced. With the high levels of insulation that were required along with the need to keep the shutters working in some of the rooms, a bespoke solution was required. Robert approached Selectaglaze who was both developing a new sash window design and trialling Pilkington’s Spacia thin vacuum units which have a centre pane U-value of 1.0. The resulting Series 25 window proved perfect for the project as it offered high sealing efficiency, a very low U-value and a discreet frame with a specially developed slide catch that allowed shutters to fully close. The house now has air tightness close to 1 air change per hour at test pressure which demonstrates that the secondary glazing is performing very well.

Herman Miller When Aeron debuted in 1994 it was a chair unlike any the world had ever seen. It didn’t just change how people sat, but what they thought a chair could be. In doing so, it became the best-selling and most recognizable chair of all time—transcending the world of design, becoming a vital tool for millions of workers, and attaining a place in popular culture.

latest understanding of anthropometrics and ergonomics, and advancements in materials, manufacturing and technology, we asked if there were pertinent improvements to be made to Aeron’s health positive, cross - performance, inclusive, and environmentally-sensitive design — without diminishing the characteristics that made it an icon.

But the office of 1994 would be largely unrecognizable today. With all the changes that have occurred, it only made sense that Aeron should also change to better meet the needs of today’s work and workers. So how did we improve one of the most iconic and beloved chairs in the world?

With the new chair, we incorporated two decades’ worth of technological and ergonomic enhancements to improve the health - positive design, and widen the range of cross performance capabilities. With updates that include a more refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL, and 8Z Pellicle suspension, the new Aeron performs better than ever before — so you can too.

We recruited co-designer Don Chadwick to re-examine the design criteria that led him and Bill Stumpf to Aeron. Based on today’s world of work, our

For further information, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271 or

86 Call us

Learn more

01296 481220


Flexfurn Flexfurn is the specialist in flexible and functional furniture for the hospitality industry. We carry a wide range of foldable or stackable chairs, tables, trolleys, covers and accessories.


BROCHURE OUT NOW! including the new Harfa Vintage!

ESCO FLOORING: Highest quality european oak flooring











On top of that Flexfurn sells the X Design brand, a portfolio of design lounge furniture that we develop and manufacture ourselves. The range contains lightweight, multifunctional and practical party/dining tables, chairs, lounge seats and accessories for hospitality professionals. Custom made trolleys ensure that the furniture is easy

to store or transport. The range contains furniture for outdoor as well as indoor use. X Design pieces are sold exclusively by Flexfurn. For more information, contact us via or visit our website

Inspirational marble from COMPAC


COMPAC have just launched new marble colours to complement their inspirational range of interior and exterior technological marble for use on walls, floors and vanity tops. Classic colours offer four stunning designs with a coarse grain pattern – Classic White (featured), Classic Grey, Classic Beige & Classic Brown. New Greys colours feature three on trend designs, each with a fine grain pattern – Aluminum which is suitable for interior and exterior use,

Rosso Maniglie is our exclusive range of Italian inspired designer levers. Produced using a zinc base material and manufactured to the highest standards, this range takes designer levers to the next level.

Palladium & Anthracite for interiors. COMPAC offer a range of finishes including polished and matt and thicknesses of 12 mm 20 and 30mm. Technological marble from COMPAC is a product of exceptional beauty with the appearance and feel of marble but delivering higher performance values. It’s highly versatile and the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, staircases and facades.


Lyra lever on square rose with

Created with a sleek and incomparable aesthetic appeal, our contemporary style Rosso Maniglie range has quickly become the first choice for home owners, architects and house builders throughout the UK.


turn & release on square rose

For further information on this range visit our website or call one of our friendly sales team.

T : +44 (0) 1228 672 900 E : W : Rosso Maniglie is part of Zoo Hardware Ltd.

Demista Quarter Page Ad 2015/16

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Wetrooms made easy


With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today!

This is your first proof of 3

2 free proofs remaining Additional

Made in UK

Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order


TM 01629 815500

A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E.

Space-saving Soaking Tubs from Cabuchon

With the introduction of the Yasahiro, a modern take on the Japanese ofuro bath, Cabuchon Bathforms now offers designers a choice of five luxury deep soaking tubs. Cabuchon is the world's leading designer of modern soaking tubs, having launched its first - the Imersa - in 1991. Today, it offers four more, all of which save space, water and energy while remaining supremely comfortable. The Calyx is a minimalist-style tub, made distinctive by its clean lines

and low, integrated seat. The Nirvana is an armchairstyle soaking tub, complete with internal armrests and footrests. The Xanadu is a two-person soaking tub. The Yasahiro is the latest generation soaking tub, featuring a carefully sculpted back and increased legroom. All models are handmade in Britain and are compatible with Cabuchon's bespoke hydrotherapy systems. Tel: +44 1524 66022 Web: deep-soaking-bath-tubs

621 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth SW18 4SX 020 8944 2001 Freephone: 0800 055 6450

Opening times 11-5pm Tue-Fri, 11-4pm Sat Closed Sunday & Monday


The experience starts here Thought provoking design Extraordinary attention to detail Handcrafted in California Personalized service

626 359 4571

Blue Isle Design Blue Isle’s design-lead online boutique home interiors store offers furniture, lighting and accessories in a classic and timeless style with a contemporary twist. Furniture has been individually sourced for its simplicity and style using solid wood, metal, reclaimed timber, and crisp linens . Weathered oak is the mainstay of the collection, because it can blend seamlessly with both contemporary and more traditional interiors, and a white oiled finish is hand

applied to retain the greywhite look. Oak pieces are based on classic French and British styling but with a more pared-back feel, and more contemporary, industrial metal and wood pieces add a touch of glamour. Four different and unusual table lamps complete the look , such as the metal ‘weathered grey urn and tall turned lamps’, with a whitened, distressed matt surface .Hand-sewn indigo Ikat throws and cushions bring a splash of colour: all very stylish and understated.

Rugs Direct is a leading supplier of rugs in the UK and showcases some of the best designers. The Vintage collection by Louis De Poortere is one of the best-selling ranges and each one features a stunning patchwork design in a spectrum of vibrant colours to appeal to fans of both modern and traditional rugs. The short flat weave pile (6mm) in premium-quality wool and cotton chenille makes then highly durable

Stair Rods Direct is a supplier of luxury carpet accessories. The Stair Rods are manufactured in the UK and come in a variety of finishes and finials to match any decor that you have created. They are cut to the specific length you require and are very simple to install and make the finishing touch to an elegant stair case. Suitable for domestic homes, commercial venues, stately homes or even castles.

We also supply UK manufactured Door thresholds, which come in similar finishes, and can be fitted to any combination of surfaces. Stair rods and door thresholds can make the perfect finish to your new look. Please visit or call 0845 838 8638 to discuss your requirements.

and easy to maintain, while also being ideal for hightraffic areas but are thinner than most normal tufted wool rugs, making them perfect for putting under tables and chairs. Starting at just £85 the range comes in 8 standard sizes and has many different colour variations. offers customers a Price Promise, FREE UK Delivery, Easy Returns and over 10,000 rugs to choose from.

Great people, Great business, Great hospitality 23-25 Jan 2017. NEC Birmingham

The Great Hospitality Show, celebrating everything new in British hospitality. Delivering a comprehensive platform for the UK to do business in food & drink, equipment, interiors and technology.

Register today: #GreatHosp17


Inspiring Mood Boards To Set A Dream Bathroom

MOOD BOARD 1 This mood board embodies the elegant Metropolitan, a double washbasin inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and the Diamond Towel Rack, a design piece created to interpret in an exquisite way the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive decor products. Get the most of your bathroom with this nero marquina marble composition.

MOOD BOARD 2 Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles! That’s what you can obtain with the irreverent Newton Bathtub, a futuristic piece of furniture which represents an outstanding moment of inspiration. And it blends so well with the Eden Towel Rack. The golden details will definitely steal the show in your bathroom décor.


MOOD BOARD 3 “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” And that’s what we did with the creation of this Symphony Dressing Table, a unique design piece passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance.

MOOD BOARD 4 This set displays the Crochet Washbasin, a piece that merges a traditional Knitting technique, with the best of Portuguese luxury furniture design. Inspired by the artisan method popular in Europe during 19th century, the Crochet Washbasin is rich in texture, and has a timeless classic design influence.

Inês Silva | Press Relations Manager Email: Skype: ines-silva-om


WORDS: Bagno Design Glasgow PHOTOS: Bagno Design Glasgow

Bathroom Opulence On A Grand Scale

When father-of-two Alastair Chalmers and his wife renovated the family bathroom in their Georgian house in Aberdeenshire, they wanted to create a space that was sympathetic to the property, but with a modern air. Alastair comments: “This project required the complete

demolition of the original en-suite together with a dressing area which created the large space we now have. A new partition wall was built to divide the new bathroom from the master bedroom.” Designer Duncan Heeles, of BAGNODESIGN Glasgow explains: “The family wanted something that would tie in with the style of this traditional property, while incorporating a prodigious feature bath. As an art collector, Alastair also wanted adequate space to hang his favourite portraits within a warm environment.” Homeowner Alastair adds: “It needed to have the wow factor, but it also needed to be a practical space.

“The wow factor for our client was really a combination of defined areas which serve as showpieces on their own that compliment exceptionally well together.” Timber panelling was chosen for the walls instead of tiling, in order to enhance the artwork and creating a sense of grandeur, while ambient picture lighting and LED lights beneath the furniture set the mood for this large space. “We even added a chandelier for task lighting and to give it an opulent feel, which tied in with the period of the property,” comments Duncan. Nine months and £35,000 later, the bathroom is complete with Alastair now very pleased to be able to show off this latest work of art. For more details visit or call 0141 354 0330

This was originally the main family bathroom, but would now have a second door leading from the master bedroom, enabling the space to be used by guests too, so we wanted it to be impressive.” The Camborne Copper bath from BAGNODESIGN caught the eye of Alastair as he passed the Glasgow showroom, with this becoming the centrepiece of the bathroom’s design. Using the copper bath as a starting point for the room’s design, rich, dark shades were chosen, including dark-stained engineered flooring and ebony wall-hung furniture. “Due to the scale of the room, we wanted to come away from the standard fully tiled bathroom by creating a tranquil space the client could spend time in and feel relaxed,” explains Duncan.

94 Cottages’ prestigious award A restoration project featuring Earthborn paints has won two categories in the prestigious 2016 Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Awards. Two miners’ cottages in Pensford, Somerset, were restored by architects and developers Design Storey to create dwellings fit for 21st Century living. The judges selected the cottages for Best Renovation, while Telegraph readers awarded them the coveted Readers’ Choice. Lydia Robinson, Director of Design Storey, said: “To protect the traditional materials and to maintain their breathability we specified Earthborn paints: Ecopro Matt Emulsion on lime plastered areas and Claypaint on the timber panelling. Their flat matt finish sits comfortably against the lime plaster. Ecopro Emulsion is a high performance, environmentally sound alternative to con-ventional emulsions. Claypaint maximises the natural properties of clay, producing a high performance, highly breathable paint. For further information:


2 DRU launches new 2 metre wide Metro contemporary gas fire The latest model in the DRU gas fire range is the Metro 200XT, which is available as a hole-in-the-wall or tunnel model for installation into room dividing walls. Metro 200XT offers a choice of fire beds in realistic logs, pebbles or stones. The interior backgrounds are available in black or mirrored Ceraglass, so you can design the fire to suit your décor. The Metro 200XT features the latest DRU burner system, which generates high flames that dance around the logs or stones in a realistic way. The DRU Eco Wave app allows the owner to control the fire using a tablet or smartphone. It is possible to set the flame pattern using the app’s graphic display, saving gas consumption at the same time.

Photo Credit : Design Storey

Nakibirango is a London based luxury jewellery brand founded in 2015. Drawing Inspiration from the unique mix of heritage and ancestral representation of creative director Naki Kaddu, the unique pieces are often injected with themes of architecture, fine sculpture, art and photography as points of influence. The brand name translated as 'Queen of the Leopard Forest’, is reflective of a regal accolade - an ideal encapsulated within the craftsmanship of the finished pieces.

The app also stores data on the fire’s performance, which can be relayed back to the retailer or installer to monitor service intervals. For further information visit

Osmo Returns To Surface Design Show 2017 Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, is delighted to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Surface Design Show 2017. Held at the Business Design Centre in London, visitors to stand 128 on the mezzanine level will have the chance to see Osmo wooden flooring and high quality wood finishes. For more information, visit and

Further inspiration is taken from a passion for semi-precious stones and bespoke designs which has come to identify Nakibirango as a trusted name in exclusive jewellery today Discover a world of elegance at



95 The Iconic Mon Empire Cast Iron Bath Tub The style of the bath goes back to the 1850’s when the makers Rogeat & Cie in Lyon created this sublimely comfortable bath for the more affluent of the French Republic. The much sort after originals have become very difficult to find in a usable condition as the various salt glazes and vitreous enamels used over the last 150 years to line the interior of the tubs have eventually deteriorated. As functional originals became more difficult to source Hurlingham decided to recreate this classical design which is now immediately obtainable to create that statement bath of which you’ve always dreamt. This style was always offered with or without feet, and to add to this choice we can now also provide various exterior finishes such as gold and silver leaf or a polished finish. 01400 263310


6 Kaelo Revolutionising the ritual of champagne, Kaelo is the perfect serving experience for luxury interiors in the 21st century. Combining British craftsmanship with patented technology, Kaelo offers a completely dry and instant method of serving chilled fine wines. One simple touch of its stunning mirror polished bezel instantly creates a perfectly chilled and perfectly dry environment for enjoying fine wine without any of the fuss of ice, buckets or dripping bottles. Handmade in England, the Kaelo is an ambassador for British engineering and is precision machined from solid blocks of stainless steel and aluminium to ensure the highest possible performance and flawless finishing. Bespoke options available. 0207 870 1115

Roman Launch New Slider

7 Experience the Worlds Finest Cinema, Entertainment and Automation Systems Under One Roof. Treat yourself to a private demonstration of the very best in entertainment and automation at this “must visit” showroom. At the push of a button the lights dim, and curtains close in time with the projector dropping out of a discreet in ceiling position, whilst a piece of art rolls up to reveal a massive screen. Hidden speakers deliver a stunning immersive audio experience with spine tingling quality. This describes just one of five design lead rooms at our new Ascot showroom where you can experience the difference between Dedicated Cinema, Media Room, Surround Sound whilst discussing lighting, HVAC and much more. Certified Crestron, Control4, Savant, KNX and Lutron control specialists Adept offer complete design and installation services, as well as consultation. Book your appointment now on 01344 512018 or visit to find our more.

Roman has launched a new and revolutionary Sliding Door into their 10mm Decem Collection. The original British design and engineering of the Decem Sliding Door ensures the ultimate in quality, precision and craftsmanship. It has a completely new and innovative sliding system, which gives a solid, smooth and almost silent action. It has a new soft close system at each end which is machined to create a drop before the door hits the piston, which improves the action of the opening and closing itself. Many of the new design features were to ensure that it is the best running and feeling slider available in the market and it is now specified by major International Hotel Groups. Roman’s Contact Details; Tel: 01325 311318 Web: Decem Sliding Door with Finger Pull


96 Stroolmount Never risk it. Moving heavy furniture can wreck beautiful wooden flooring – sliding a sofa could cause a fatal scratch – or crush/ ripple carpets beyond repair. Friction often anchors furniture to floors. Even if you can budge it, you could easily cause damage as joints lethally lurch to one side.

9 Sensorbility A pull-cord can be noisy, gets dirty and is certainly not a stylish way to operate lighting in your bathroom. The Bathroom Switch provides an elegant alternative. The Bathroom Switch consists of a mains voltage controller which positioned outside zoned bathroom areas, this outputs a 5volt signal and is wired to one or more Sensor Pads which are self calibrating and can be mounted on the rear of most materials such as bathroom tiles, glass, plastic etc.. A simple touch will switch on and a further touch will switch off. A dimmer version of the controller is available allowing lighting to be dimmed from the Sensor Pad. All forms of lighting including LEDs can be switched. If a tactile method of operation is preferred, a momentary switch such as a bellpush can be used in place of the Sensor Pad.

Stroolmount, flooring and furniture protection experts, have helped designers, manufacturers and retailers for 10 years. Our nifty, thrifty solutions make moving furniture a breeze when cleaning, decorating or rearranging rooms. We even silence chairs scraped back from tables. We’ve protective glides, felts, pads and cups in UK stores and websites. From homes to showrooms, we spend £thousands on flooring and furniture, so keep them looking their best.

01942 271271

Exhibiting: 22nd -25th January Furniture Show 2017, Hall 4, Stand A1


Vidaco Vidaco is recognised as an ‘architect of great products’, with our Dunfermline studio recently voted the 2016 Best UK Showroom by the luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer NEFF. Aftercare and customer service excellence lie at the heart of the Vidaco business philosophy, so indulge yourself by visiting one of our showrooms soon, or visit our website to find out more. • • • • • • • • • •

German craftsmanship at its best Clever storage solutions Innovative and creative task and ambient lighting options The very latest in working kitchen appliance technology Beautiful flooring Sumptuous furnishings and accessories Solid surface tops from brand leaders Glass splashbacks, mirrors and bespoke decor pieces Full ‘project managed’ installation or supply only service Free design consultation and quotations

Bespoke patterns with Kährs Studio


Kährs has extended its patterned floor offer with the introduction of the Studio Collection. The new range includes twelve parquet stave options - in white, natural and smoked oak, and walnut – which can be used to create traditional parquet designs and bespoke patterns, with contrasting strips and borders. All designs have a matt lacquer or nature oil prefinish and each stave measures 500 x 70 x 9mm.


Studio has a tongue and groove joint, is installed fully bonded and can be sanded several times. The design is offered with a 30-year guarantee, alongside a wide range of accessories. To find out more and for a copy of Kährs Design Stories brochure, please contact Kährs (UK) Ltd on tel. 023 9245 3045, email or visit

97 HYDRO – Color MM47

decorative Inspiration for architecture and design


Viero, Italian brand of excellence, elevates the element of paint, and with it also the idea of decorating, into something sophisticated in order to offer the world of architecture a new, elegant and characterizing instrument. Discover the beauty of our products on

Jonathan Charles Jonathan Charles creates exquisite fine antique reproductions at the highest quality. The attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship sets them apart from the competition. Recently introducing their brand, JC Modern, they have transferred the traditional craftsman skills and applied them in developing unique modern designs. Discovering ways to take age old techniques and refashion them using geometric patterns onto simplified silhouettes, Jonathan Charles is able to prove the idea that what’s old is new again. Customers are looking for an artisanal connection that demonstrates the authenticity of the craft, and that is exactly what Jonathan Charles gives you. Their newly redesigned London Showroom offers a wonderful selection of these eclectic pieces, as well as the traditional items that laid the foundation. Head office: 01142 452777


UK Distributor | Viero UK - +44 (0) 870 609 2827 |

Elicyon Designs Bespoke Drinks Cabinet

15 Elicyon Completes Private Residence in One Hyde Park Elicyon is an award-winning luxury interior design studio based in Chelsea, offering residential interior design, interior architecture, project management and furniture design services for private individuals and developers. Elicyon completed this spectacular five-bedroom apartment in the renowned One Hyde Park building in Knightsbridge for a private client.

Elicyon was commissioned to design this bespoke and unique cocktail cabinet for a private client who takes great pride in his specialist whiskey collection. It stands proudly as the centerpiece in the reception room of his London apartment to serve as both a specialist display cabinet and a functioning bar feature. The symmetric foldable artisan doors feature exquisite Eglomise burgundy panels with moon gold leaf detailing, which provide a dramatic frame for prized bottles when closed, forming three backlit display niches designed as a focal point. The structure is supported by a patinated brass frame and base which, while sturdy enough to support up to 20 bottles, 18 glasses, an ice bucket and a water carafe, also provides the finishing touch to this striking and unparalleled structure.

The extensive collection of hand embroidered cushions and throws with metal treadwork are all bespoke designs. The neutral colour palette in silver grey flows flawlessly throughout, with hints of accent colours which feature complementarily in the marble, accessories and embroidery. Most ceilings boast exquisite silver leaf wallpaper, while the floors adorn high contrast marble handpicked from Italy, with crystal panels by Lalique recessed and under-lit to create a breath-taking effect.


98 Luxury Alpaca Bedding Here at The Wool Room we firmly believe that British alpaca produces some of the finest fibre around and that’s why all our alpaca products are made from fibre which has been sourced exclusively in Britain. To make our luxury bedding range we blend these alpaca fibres with the finest British wool to bring you bedding which is soft, silky and designed to enhance the quality of your sleep. The alpaca wool bedding range includes, pillows, different weight duvets as well as mattress enhancers, all of which are encased in a 300 thread count organic cotton cover, prices start from £62.99.


18 Nights in Iron Established for over 25 years, Nights in Iron is a familyrun business based in rural Somerset. We’ve been making these lovely iron beds for over 25 years, continuing the family iron-forging heritage and keeping alive tradtional skills and techniques. The fourth generation of sons have now begun to work alongside their father and grandfather. Our customers, happy to pay a little more for our Hand Forged Iron Beds than mass manufactured, rattling, tinny imitations, cherish the special difference in the way their beds look and feel to touch. The strength and comfort of our beds is unrivalled and not to be confused with cast or wrought iron counterparts. While shop bought beds will usually last around 10 years, our beds will stand the test of time. They can be dismantled and reassembled many times, and will last far longer…..most likely longer than you do! 08006444744

Albertine Two Seat Sofa A701: The Albertine two seat sofa is a key piece in the Albertine collection with its stylish tapered front legs and button back detail. This sophisticated piece is perfect for any environment with a range of finishes on offer, allowing the sofa to be tailored exactly to the needs of the client. The sofa is manufactured to order in Britain with meticulous care and attention for the contract market, making it exclusive and unique. The bespoke sofa boasts a solid beech frame with CMHR foam, curved arm detail, floor protecting quick clip feet and an array of upholstery finishes that meet crib 5 standards. 01603 484594

20 UPLOND Uplond creates power banks that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish and luxurious way that whispers to the world, your appreciation of the finest things in life.


Choose a sleek and elegant power bank from the Uplond Inspiration Collection or have our master craftsmen create your very own bespoke piece which will allow you to express your individuality with a hand crated and fully bespoke luxury power bank by Uplond. Visit

99 Shine Lighting Shine Lighting boast vast experience in the lighting industry. Whether you are looking for an obscure lightbulb, interior / exterior home lighting or bespoke designs made with Swarovski crystal Shine Lighting will look after you. Shine Lighting have helped customers and interior designers covering projects of all shapes and sizes, we enjoy a challenge…… Boasting a wide range of lighting & interior ranges Shine Lighting have fantastic selection in the Showroom in Broadstone, Dorset and access to over 10,000 lines to suit all tastes and budgets which can be viewed using the user friendly website. With a source of over 60 companies in the UK and Europe to locate exactly what you require owner Craig Waters and the team are happy to help and use their knowledge to light the way for you and are standing by ready for your call, e mail or live chat on the website. T: 01202 601846 E: W:


22 ASCOTT LTD Ascott Ltd have been hand building artificial trees and hedging for over 30 years – ideal for those awkward areas where live plants simply won’t thrive. Our foliages and our workmanship are absolutely the best there is and there are very few situations we haven’t come across before! We can construct anything from a .5m bonsai to a 5m tree for shopping malls and large lobby areas. The box hedging is ideal for high level planting or areas where real hedges are not allowed and can be used for both interior and exterior schemes. Virtually all products are handmade in the Cotswolds to specific order, so we get it right, every time!

Breath easier with AURO’s finishes Pioneering natural paint manufacturer AURO produce a wide range of environmentally friendly decorative finishes that contribute to better indoor air quality as well better decoration.


Committed to developing products from natural raw materials, AURO launched the innovative Replebin - an emission free, biogenetic binder allowing the next generation of finishes to be easier to install, more durable and healthier. AURO’s highquality paints, floor & furniture oils, wood-stains and specialist finishes give designers a flexible choice of breathable finishes that will perform whilst reducing the impact on the planet.

LOOME FABRICS are specialists in Period Fabrics and Wallcoverings.

Products like AURO’s Airfresh Paint actively break down odours and pollutants in the atmosphere; Anti-Mould paints inhibit the growth of harmful spores. With finishes specified for leading commercial, retail and domestic applications; whether you choose us for health benefits, for ecological benefits or for aesthetics you will be glad you chose AURO.

Periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid-Century and Modern.

e-mail: or visit for more details.


Designers: Pugin, Voysey, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, William Morris, Archibald Knox & Charles Rennie Mackintosh Main dealers for Backhausen Art Deco fabrics from Austria and Archive Edition Arts & Crafts designs We also have unique collections of Chinese, Japanese, and Scandinavian Designs. Most fabrics offered with Crib 5 Contract FR rating for commercial use. 01477 270828 or



SynerCh’i LLC Feng Shui Consulting



Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy, art and science that shows us the dynamic relationship between humans and our environments; it teaches us that where we live and work has an impact on us physically and emotionally. Christine A. Bushell, the Certified Feng Shui Practitioner behind the international consulting firm SynerCh’i LLC, consults on Feng Shui methods to change your surroundings to promote a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. From de-cluttering, design and decoration, to more holistic practices, let 2017 be the year you are motivated to attract some positive Chi!

Sunrise Battersea Power Station by Benjamin Warner One of a stunning collection of ten cityscapes by an exceptionally talented Cornwall based contemporary artist

For Residential & Commercial Consultations Please contact:

It’s all about balance!!

Decadent interiors for Trade and Public.

27 Velux Seals ‘Smart Home’ Partnership With Netatmo Windows of the future allow homeowners to control their indoor climate from a phone “Very soon your home will be able to help look after your health, by ensuring you get plenty of daylight and fresh air exactly when you need it,” says Jørgen Tang-Jensen, CEO of the VELUX Group. “VELUX has been creating better living environments for our customers for more than 75 years, and this collaboration with Netatmo represents an important step forward in providing greater comfort, well-being, energy efficiency and security.” As part of its strategy on smart homes and the Internet of Things, VELUX has also collaborated with Apple, to develop products compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform. Paula McNulty (07770 886 924) or Rory Brown (07870 805 291) e: / t: 0131 556 6649

Decodence is a professional interior design practice based in the Scottish Borders. Providing end to end services from concept to detailed design, we work with Architects, Designers and Individuals. If you or your client requires support with interior and architectural planning we can help. We specialise in full project delivery and can offer partial or full management of all aspects on site. Born in Finland and qualified in Australia, Director Elina is used to working with a range of projects from smaller domestic makeovers to overseas renovations. If you require help with a full service delivery from idea to council approval and final finishes, please contact us to see how we can help. From apartments to barns, from hotels to bars – from paint to demolishing, let’s deliver your or your client’s dream interior together.


Beverley Barnett Interior Designers Focusing on the Hertfordshire areas,

Beverley now has added to her team of

Beverley and her team always look

Beverley Barnett’s expertise is in

designers, bringing further skills to the

at how to maximise light and space

creating beautiful homes, ensuring

table, enabling interior architectural

whilst keeping to the character of both

they reflect the owners’ personality

design drawings to be supplied. This

the owner and their property.

and lifestyle in their own way.

encompasses space planning, power, AV and lighting layouts.

With a career that started with Colefax

The dilemma of flooring; what to choose? Bathrooms or wet rooms?

& Fowler, Beverley’s business has been

It also allows for bespoke pieces to be

Beverley Barnett Interior Designers

established for over 30 years within

created, drafting detail drawings to

will hold your hand and ensure the

the Interior Design world. A lifelong

form part of the projects tender and

transformation meets with your total

member of BIDA, her experience and

construction package - whether it be


excellence is apparent with every

a staircase, the front door or a dining

completed project.


From the very first meeting to the end result, you realise that you are

Beverley takes on the role of project

These services, coupled with

in safe hands and can relax with the

manager coordinating all the

Beverley’s inherent talents in selecting

confidence that your dream home will

tradesmen, ensuring that the end

just the right choice of fabrics, colours,

become a reality.

result for your home is an extension of

textures, provides a service that is

your personality.

second to none.

Understanding her clients’ wishes is

The significance of the right lighting is

key and an integral part of Beverley’s

major part of any project, whether it

continued success.

be in the bedroom, bathroom or living

For a pleasurable experience when transforming your home, speak to

areas; Beverley will steer you through this potential minefield with ease.

Beverley in person on 01923 857029

Luxury The Art Of







Mont Blanc

Aston Martin by Hackett Luxury capsule collection released in celebration of new partnership

Luxury British carmaker Aston Martin and menswear retailer Hackett today announced a new, long-term global partnership. In line with the reveal of Aston Martin’s highly anticipated DB11, the first fruits of the new partnership will be revealed when Hackett launches an exclusive capsule collection for Autumn/ Winter 2016 entitled ‘Aston Martin by Hackett’. Hackett’s relationship with Aston Martin stretches back many years through a successful partnership with Aston Martin Racing, the company’s global sportscar racing operation. Building on the foundations of that strong relationship, the Aston Martin by Hackett collection offers an all-new range of luxurious clothing that reflects the coming together of two stylish brands. Aston Martin’s EVP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman said: “Starting with the enduringly successful relationship with Hackett via Aston Martin Racing, we were delighted to take the partnership to a whole new level of style with the creation of the Aston Martin by Hackett collection. By bringing together our creative teams from the outset of the project we have created a look that captures the essence of this great partnership.”


Jeremy Hackett, Chairman and founder of Hackett commented: �I am very proud of the successful relationship that Hackett has forged with Aston Martin. We are both forward-looking brands with a strong focus on delivering a refined product to a discerning market. Taking the step from uniforms for the race team into a beautiful capsule collection of luxurious clothing has been a pleasure for Hackett and we believe we have created a collection that drives us to the next level in elegance and refinement.� The luxurious 14-piece Aston Martin by Hackett collection includes outerwear, knitwear, shirts, trousers and accessorises. Reflecting on the quintessentially British brand values of both Hackett London and Aston Martin, the new collection is innovative, luxurious and the epitome of style. The Aston Martin by Hackett collection will be available to purchase from 5th September 2016 on and across global Hackett flagship stores.


WORDS: Dominator Yauchts PHOTOS: Dominator Yauchts

The Dominator Ilumen Birth of a new standard


The world’s specialist press is gathering to view the Dominator Ilumen as it takes shape in its state-of-the-art shipyard in Italy. The birth of a new standard in luxury yachting! •

Technical Press Preview of the all-new Ilumen

Technological innovation and experience-led design creates a new level of yachting experience

A new concept in design and engineering takes yachting to the next level

Live the optimal sense of style, comfort and emotion at sea

Witness a yachting revolution take shape before your eyes

We have merged these demanding standards with our design and development philosophy to make the Ilumen yacht series truly exceptional, using client feedback to focus on specific quality-enhancing details that mark the difference between good and outstanding.” Mag. Angela Pernsteiner, Dominator Owner Family The groundbreaking Ilumen series The result of this inspired development process is the Ilumen yacht series, whose 28, 32 and 36 models represent a new era in luxury yachting, combining the very best in advanced technology, stunning external design and exquisite interior style and comfort.

Originally conceived as the Ilumen 26M, the innovative yacht will undergo a change of designation to the Ilumen 28M as it has grown in both dimension and sophistication. More closely related to a 30-metre yacht, it measures almost 28 metres with the swim platform and over 29 metres with the transformer. The latest Ilumen yacht just got even better! A new era in luxury yachting “In the past few years the yacht market has changed. Today’s owners are demanding more – greater, more comfortable and luxurious living spaces, sophisticated ambient lighting, toplevel amenities and enhanced on-board stability, safety and nautical range, but also lower fuel consumption, emissions and reduced maintenance.

Design and engineering were merged to optimally harmonise form and function in a superb new class of ocean-going yachts.Following ground-breaking R&D and using the latest engineering, design and testing concepts, the new Ilumen is now under construction and available for viewing in all its technical glory.


New owners will experience a whole new level of enjoying the power and glamour of yachting, the product of advanced conceptual thinking and meticulous attention to detail that makes the Ilumen series of yachts unique in its class. Design and Engineering concept “From the outset, we used a rational design approach typical of big ship or military vessel design,” says Head of Engineering Andrea Agrusta. As a result, the yacht was completely modeled in 3D by the synergies of both, the design team of AM Yacht Design and the engineering team of Naval Head, from the exterior lines to interior architectural and technical details, in order to arrive at a functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing placement and distribution of all the interior and exterior elements – from the engine room to the luxury living spaces.

The result is an ideal use of space and weight distribution that enhances both performance and comfort at sea. “Even so, a Dominator yacht would not carry the badge if it didn’t represent the very finest in engineering and design, so following enthusiastic feedback from the owner of the last yacht delivered, we are going to adopt a clever double system of yacht stabilization made of a gyro and interceptors,” says Federico Brumat of Dominator’s Technical Office. “Many yachts foresee zero speed fins; to avoid adding resistance due to appendages we went for a huge gyro stabilizer from Seakeeper capable of a reduction of 80 per cent of the uncontrolled roll angle up to 14 degrees.” To enhance comfort on board when at speed the Ilumen will rely upon an advanced full motion damping system capable of roll and pitch motion reduction called Humphree Active Ride Control. Humphree interceptors guarantee the lowest possible resistance at each speed, thus increasing speed and lowering fuel consumption.


“Following previous positive experience, we have developed a new compact main engine exhaust outlet with Profjord, a company skilled in high level hydrodynamic solutions.” The new system enhances engine room clearance and enables Gold Standard warranty, while Profjord has also been appointed to design a new double redundant sea chest inlet that will be virtually cavitation- and resistance-free, providing seawater flow in the whole speed range. Moreover, in addition to the most advanced structural design that merges strength with lightweight flexibility, speed and fuel efficiency, the Dominator HPH (High Performance Hull) is an industry leading innovation that ensures excellent seakeeping performance and both static and dynamic stability even in rough seas. The HPH hull in the semi-displacement version is designed to perfectly match the MAN V8-1200 engines in order to push the Ilumen at cruising speed with optimal RPM and in the minimum specific consumption condition. “A Counter Rotating Propellers (CRP) push/ pull system developed in collaboration with Reintjes further enhances manoeuvring and propulsion powerful engine units to provide exhilarating performance alongside optimal comfort, stability, safety and efficiency. The latter is also evident in the choice of Fischer Panda iSeries Generators that use variable speed technology, which allows the speed of the engine to be regulated and adjusted according to the electrical load, making it economical to run. Two such gensets are installed in mutual backup in order to lower the service hours per unit and maintenance.”

The chillers dedicated to the air conditioning system are likewise equipped with a variable frequency driven compressor and incorporate an adjustable electric converter that controls the speed of the motor, thus varying the cooling and heating capacity. Eliminating stop-start cycles in this way considerably increases the energy efficiency and extends the life of the system.

Meanwhile, the installation of a solar control interlayer film in glassed areas such as the owner’s cabin lowers direct heat transmittance from the sun by 40 per cent. Such systems make Ilumen yachts more environmentally friendly and economical to run, while the 1500-litre per minute bilge suction capacity is unparalleled in its class. In addition, the yachts can also be prepared to MGN 280 compliance certification, which enables British- registered vessels to be operated commercially. All the above is the product of over 10,000 hours of detailed engineering, supported by advanced modeling and testing, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and performance tank tests that leave nothing to chance. Comfort, Style and Emotion “Each and every Ilumen yacht is a thing of beauty – a synthesis of technology and design that uses the noblest materials to produce a wonderfully stylish, aesthetically pleasing interior environment and exterior architecture that turns heads. Above all, an Ilumen is created to produce an unequalled experience at sea, making this a powerful, dynamic ride and a nautical villa at the same time,” says Eng. Salvatore Chiappetta, Head of Ilumen Production. He spent most of his career at mega yacht builder Benetti and joined the Dominator Team recently as his experience perfectly matches with the mega yacht approach that Dominator applies in the Ilumen range.


About the exterior and interior design... “I have created something more emotional than you will find anywhere else,” says the designer Alberto Mancini from AM Yacht Design. “The exterior design embraces all the elements, including stepping out of the main cabin suite onto the private owner’s upper bow terrace.” Sleek, seductive and modern, it is geared towards stirring an emotion both from within and as you see the magnificent vessel elegantly gliding through the water. “As impressive as the proportions are, the layout of five cabins and the interior luxurious detailing has enhanced the experience and made the boat feel as though it is so much bigger.”

Exceptionally luxurious detailing continues in all the interior and exterior areas of the yacht, with custom-made furniture and bulkheads finished in the most opulent and tactile materials, such as backlit white onyx, ebony and zebrano wood, matt oak, silk and soft nubuck leather.” ...and an exquisite bespoke experience “The interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair,” says Giulia Sigismondi, Head of the Dominator Bespoke Office, “so we work with the owners to make it a bespoke design that fits them like a glove in terms of taste and preferences.” One thing that remains constant is the sense of exquisite refinement and privilege created to each owner’s exacting taste. “We were invited by the owners of the Ilumen under construction to spend three days brainstorming with them in their beautiful villa surrounded by wonderful forests and nature. It can’t be denied that we were inspired by this setting, which found its way into the interior decoration in the form of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather. In this way a richly ambient interior sets the tone for life amid stunning, ever-changing seascapes. For more Information: DOMINATOR ILUMEN AG Egertastrasse 2 9490 Vaduz Liechtenstein Phone: +423 230 05 30



Launches New Capsule Collection: ‘Iconic Classics’ Uniting luxury fabrics with timeless design and detail, Bentley Collections launches a new capsule collection, ‘Iconic Classics’. Inspired by the Continental GT, voted one of the most iconic cars of the 21st century, the range features luxury apparel and accessories for both men and women. Bentley branding is exquisite and subtle throughout, hinting at the brand’s DNA, for example in the form of the cross-stitching pattern or the design of the matrix grille. The collection features his-andher leather jackets, created from supremely soft lamb nappa leather, which will be go-to pieces from one season to the next. “When starting the design process for the leather jackets we wanted to complement the lifestyle of our customers,” explains Karin Schilcher, Director Licensing and Branding at Bentley Motors.

“For ladies, that meant an item that could be worn from day to night, over a white blouse and jeans or a black evening dress, ensuring versatility.” Bentley detailing is delicately visible in the design, from the cut of the matrix grille lining, reflecting the shape of a Bentley dashboard, to signature twinned joints and hanging loop that are cross-stitched by hand –reflecting the same stitching that can be found on Bentley steering wheels.

and is meticulously inspected before manufacturing: this ensures consistency in each and every scarf.”

Other key pieces include the woman’s poncho, woven from the finest cashmere and wool, a white classicfitted shirt in bespoke Bentley fabric with the jacquard iconic matrix grille pattern and mother of pearl buttons, and a selection of both silk and cashmere scarves.

Other items from the ‘Iconic Classics’ collection include sunglasses (for men and women), a knitted polo shirt for men in plum with iconic bullseye vent buttons and cross stitch detail to the shoulder, as well as a stylish cashmere jumper featuring matrix grille knitted detail to the sides and a luxurious pale blush silk tunic for women. “The elegant, timeless pieces of the new line are designed to be treasured lifetime companions of the owner,” concludes Schilcher. “Much like the cars that influence them.”

“The supple silk scarves are lightweight and perfect for a breezy summer evening,” suggests Schilcher. “Italian made, they are fashion-influenced for the modern consumer. The luxurious cashmere scarves – which are made in Britain – have cooler days wrapped up. The cashmere is carefully sourced from Inner Mongolia

The colour tones of the collection: black, graphite, white (for men), neutrals like blush and pale blush (for women), and deep purples were selected to complement the luxury character and contemporary positioning of the Bentley Continental model line.

Discover more about Iconic Classics at and through authorised Bentley Retailers.

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Aston Martin Powerboat Revealed In Monaco

The 37-foot Aston Martin AM37 powerboat made its world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show today, marking the luxury British brand’s entry into the nautical world. The new day-cruiser is offered in two versions with the AM37S expected to reach speeds of 50 knots. The AM37 is the result of two years of research and development, challenging the status quo of the nautical world and combining the best in innovative technology and bespoke craftsmanship.

The AM37 was a true team effort, bringing in the most experienced Aston Martin designers to style and create a truly unique product. Aston Martin’s master craftsmen who worked on cars such as One-77, Aston Martin Vulcan and the new DB11, provided their automotive experience, which was reinterpreted onto the boat with outstanding results. Aston Martin’s EVP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman and his design team collaborated closely with naval architect Mulder Design to ensure every element of the project was carefully considered. Sharing creative expertise and specialist skills, Quintessence Yachts engineered the Aston Martin design into an innovative powerboat for the yachting world.


Reichman commented: "AM37 is a pure translation of the Aston Martin DNA into an entirely new maritime concept. The powerboat reflects our values in terms of power, beauty and soul. The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the design language and proportion, we have transferred this DNA into AM37. It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars, the AM37 is a striking boat with fantastic proportion and elegance." The AM37 is a day cruiser that can be transformed into an overnight berth by transforming the table into a comfortable bed. The cabin is well appointed with mood lighting and air-conditioning. With a refrigerator, microwave oven and coffee machine - and a lavatory on board, absolute comfort is guaranteed. Crafted from the finest leathers, elegantly laid out rear seating is available for up to eight people. The three lightweight carbon panels, operated by the AM37 key, fold under the aft deck when the cockpit is uncovered. An electro-hydraulic carbon fibre bimini top is stowed under the engine hatch when not in use and, extending from the aft deck, a swim platform allows for easy access to the water.

At the helm, the AM37’s carbon fibre dashboard echoes styling elements from Aston Martin’s most advanced sports cars. It includes fine leather with functional features, such as the steering wheel, throttle handles and joystick in polished metals. The boat’s navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated, with advanced multimedia functions. CEO for Quintessence Yachts, Mariella Mengozzi said: "It’s been an exciting journey and we have relished partnering with Aston Martin on such a special project that blends craftsmanship with futuristic technology – the perfect mix for this unique powerboat. We took on the challenge to create a true revolution on the water and an extraordinary powerboat, and I’m delighted to present the AM37, a new way of experiencing life at sea". The 37-foot model is available in two versions - the AM37 with an estimated top speed of 45 knots and a choice of two 370 hp Mercury diesel or two 430 hp Mercury petrol engines. And the AM37S version with an estimated 50 knots derived from its twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines. Katia Bassi, VP of AML & Managing Director of AM Brands commented, “We are so proud to present the AM37, an exclusive powerboat for the yachting world. With this project Aston Martin, the icon of style and technological innovation, confirms its place as a top luxury brand. The Aston Martin Art of Living is a way of life that captures the very essence of the Aston Martin brand, and AM37 is a fine example of this philosophy."


Painted Masterpieces: Introducing New Additions To Meisterstück Selection Sfumato

With the introduction of Meisterstück Sfumato, a collection of masterfully painted leather goods with a contemporary and sophisticated style, Montblanc once again pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship to create a different kind of leather experience. Blending age-old traditions with the Maison’s passion for finest craftsmanship and innovation, each item is a painted masterpiece inspired by “sfumato”, the ingenious Renaissance painting technique pioneered by Leonardo Da Vinci and his followers to achieve fine shading and the most delicate graduation between colours. By masterfully blending areas into one another through the superimposition of many layers of thin paint with tiny brushstrokes, the technique creates an atmosphere of great softness. When applied to the treatment of leather, it gives each painted piece an elegant patina. With new styles and rich winter colours, Montblanc expands this exclusive collection of small and larger leather pieces. A zip top portfolio makes an ideal companion for any business meeting with a main compartment designed to carry documents and technology.

In addition to navy and flannel, this stylish portfolio is available in a dark purple, the latest addition to the Sfumato assortment. The ultimate companion to city life, the Vertical Tote balances function with contemporary style. The large surface of the leather makes the perfect canvas for the sfumato technique, while inside the smart storage solutions comfortably accommodate a laptop, mobile phone, business cards and writing instrument. Crafted from wood with a flannelcoloured leather exterior, a Pen Pouch safely holds and protects three fine writing instruments. The smallest item in the collection, a Drop Key Fob adds a touch of elegance to any key ring. Some of the collection’s favourite designs have been revisited in different colours ideal for the winter season. The Slim Document Case, wallets, passport holder and credit card holder make a stylish statement in dark purple. The highly functional Briefcase Single Gusset with its inside pocket, compartments and mobile phone holder looks effortlessly sophisticated in navy blue.

Because each piece is delicately painted by hand before it is assembled, every bag, wallet, belt or accessory is completely unique. Montblanc Master craftsmen apply four layers of paint to each individual piece of leather. An intricate process, the application of the sfumato effect gives the finest and softest calfskin its subtle finish. Mirroring the luxurious qualities of the leather itself, the sfumato technique expertly applied delivers a shadowed appearance that enhances the softness of the leather. Looking back to the innovative techniques from centuries ago, Montblanc has found new ways to enhance the natural beauty of the highest quality leather. Paired with functional, elegant and contemporary design, each leather piece has all the qualities of a lifelong companion, a timeless painted masterpiece. Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Sfumato Animation is available from November 2016 in Montblanc boutiques worldwide. For more information, visit

Ortal. The fire in your life

Circle 70

Clear 150 Tunnel

Space Creator 200

Island 130

If you like fires you’ll absolutely love these stunning examples from Ortal! From every angle, these fireplaces provide warmth and look amazing. They really are state-of-the art and can be installed literally anywhere in a room. Special features include reflective interiors that enhance the flame picture, dual line burners allowing control of output without loss of flame effect and protective mesh or double glazing options for added safety. Fan assistance increases the range of flue options which also make Ortal fires ideal for installation in apartments. They run on gas or LPG and there’s a wide range of styles to choose from. Ortal fireplaces are exclusively available through Robeys, so why not come and see the impressive display at our showrooms in Belper.

A PASSION FOR QUALITY Robeys Ltd, Riverside, Goods Road, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1UU. Tel: 01773 820940.

The Art Of Design - Issue 24 2017  
The Art Of Design - Issue 24 2017