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Incorporating: The Art of Luxury Developing your world with the finest touches from the most influential brands.


PERFECT | DAY | LIGHT The table lamp LUCTRA®® TABLE PRO stimulates well-being with innovative, biologically effective light. Like the natural course of the day LUCTRA®® changes the light colour – individually and automatically.

Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd Designers and producers of fine bespoke balustrading, furniture and architectural metalwork. Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd have established an impressive portfolio of work undertaken for a wide range of interior designers, architects and private clients.

Fine bespoke metalwork

With over 20 years of experience, Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd specialise in filigree ironwork, curving stair balustrades, furniture, lighting, interior gates, ornamentation and sculpture. Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd provide a complete service from design, construction, fitting and finishing, however an advisory and design only service is available.

LEVATO MONO porcelain paver system Transform any outside space with LEVATO MONO Porcelain paver system from the Deck Tile Co. Ltd. The system offers flexibility and choice for even the most challenging of applications - from roof terraces and balconies with multiple falls to patios and restaurant piazza’s where wear resistance is key. With many finishes and formats available, the 20mm pavers combine incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics and thanks to the intuitive height adjustable and slope correcting facility on the support system, it is possible to cover most waterproof membranes or uneven sub-surfaces.

20mm porcelain pavers 40x80 45x90 60x60 75x75 80x80 30x120 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes Eternal product - zero maintenance required – offering massive over-life savings

Highly abrasion and stain resistant Highly slip resistant ; R11 AB+C Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 High load bearing and impact resistance Timber, stone & cementitious effects Completely non porous t: 0118 391 4120


Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use Frost proof Height adjustable/slope correcting support system ranging from 9mm up to 550mm





The Art Of




With the cold days approaching LUXXU has selected a few trends to turn every interior into the most comfortable and inviting place for the upcoming months.


Product Showcases


Rossinavi, Italy’s only family owned shipyard, launches their two new vessels at Monaco Yacht Show 2017.


Luxury Showcases

Our bi-monthly selection of items for you to enjoy.

Our bi-monthly selection of luxury items for you to enjoy.

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COMBAT THE WINTER DARKNESS With winter fast approaching, the number of daylight hours is decreasing, plunging the nation into biological darkness for large parts of the day. This biological darkness during the winter months can lead to a lack of energy, persistent low mood and irritability. To counter the winter woes, getting as much exposure to daylight as possible is vital and good lighting can be of great benefit. Not only does it help you complete tasks but modern lighting will also improve the way you feel, which is why the task lighting sector has been revolutionised by the introduction of LUCTRA® by DURABLE. LUCTRA® is a premium LED lighting system proven to enhance wellbeing and productivity by harnessing the biological effect of light. “The importance of the right lighting for the working environment cannot be underestimated,” comments Sean Starkey, Managing Director at DURABLE UK. “You can bring the benefits of natural light to your work or home and make the space as personal as you are. LUCTRA® provides an incredibly wide colour spectrum, and intense brightness, offering outstanding customisation and total flexibility. Its ability to be easily adjusted means it is the ideal task lighting choice for anybody, at any time of day and a truly unique lighting solution.” The range, endorsed by Dr Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of light for health, features superior quality cold white and warm white LEDs that produce an illuminance of up to 1,000 lux. LUCTRA® also features an extremely high colour spectrum between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin, which provides an intensity and colour that closely replicates daylight.


“The importance of the right lighting for the working environment cannot be underestimated. You can bring the benefits of natural light to your work or home and make the space as personal as you are.”

The stunning collection of lamps is extremely easy to

Manufactured from the highest grade of aluminium

use with simple touch panel control. The VITACORE®

and steel, the range is available in aluminium, black or

electronic system offers users intuitive access to

white colour options, with LUCTRA® FLEX also available

LUCTRA® functions and the ability to control the

in orange, ensuring coordination with a multitude

brightness and colour of the light by simply placing a

of interiors. This is complimented by the geometric

finger on the glass touch panel.

(LINEAR) or rounded (RADIAL) lamp head design. Stylish and practical open cooling fins are featured in the

A VITACORE® app is also available on Apple and Android

unique lamp heads to effectively dissipate the heat from

systems. A personalised 24-hour lighting sequence can

the LEDs, maintaining an operating temperature which

be programmed by answering five simple questions to

never rises above 40°C.

automatically vary the colour and intensity of light to simulate natural light through the course of the day.

This ensures an extremely long service life for the LEDs of up to 50,000 hours, low power consumption and

Bluetooth technology allows the lamps to be controlled

consequently sustainability in every respect. Self-

from a 10-metre distance and two integrated USB

locking joints specially developed for LUCTRA® allow

connections enable charging of mobile devices without

adjustment of the lamp to any desired position. The

affecting the life of the LEDs.

table models are also available with three mounting

The elegant LUCTRA® range consists of table, floor and cordless lamps in two modern, minimalistic designs and stylish colour finishes.

options: a table top base, a table clamp or a pin for insertion into drill holes between 20mm and 80mm in diameter.



With the cold days approaching LUXXU has selected a few trends to turn every interior into the most comfortable and inviting place for the upcoming months. Winter asks for cozy interiors, full of warmth and life. While some of the trendiest colors of the season might be a safe bet you can never go wrong with warm hues of gold in your interiors. Velvet and dark woods complete this luxury collection that looks like it was made for Winter! Thinking of the colder months LUXXU has created the perfect harmony between classic and modern, presenting us with the most daring and luxurious ambiances, full of comfort and attention to detail.

LUXURY COMFORT As the wise Coco Chanel once said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.� And what season is best to add comfort to an interior than Winter? Soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet and leather are a safe bet to fill a room with luxury and coziness. The Navis Armchair paired with the Empire Center table are a great option to get cozy without compromising style.

ROOM DIVIDERS Screens are becoming very popular among interior designers! Perfect to divide small spaces or to add an exotic flare to sumptuous rooms. These two are the perfect choice for anyone looking for that extra touch. The Delta (on the left) and the Empire can turn every interior into the most refined and curated ambiance.


BRASS EVERYTHING As the wise Coco Chanel once said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.� And what season is best to add comfort to an interior than Winter? Soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet and leather are a safe bet to fill a room with luxury and coziness. The Navis Armchair paired with the Empire Center table are a great option to get cozy without compromising style.

DARK INTERIORS Glamorous meets Bohemian in this incredible interior filed with golden elements and pops of color. Golden lamps stand out beautifully against dark walls, creating a timeless and effortlessly chic ambiance. The Babel Suspension with its uneven shaped crystal gives the most unique lighting refraction while the Burj Torch Wall is a symbol of luxury and elegance capable of adding gracefulness to any room.


FLORALS It might seem a bit unconventional but florals are definitely in for the Winter! To make sure it’s cold weather proof a dark setting is the best option, being one of the major trends for this season. And don’t forget that the lighting it’s a vital part in any room, so select one that you’ll love as the Majestic Chandelier, a piece capable of adding a romantic atmosphere to any ambiance.

STATEMENT LIGHTING LUXXU wouldn’t be the same without all the little details that the brand’s pieces have. The McQueen Pendant is no exception, capable of taking even the simpler interiors to the next level it’s an exquisite lighting fixture made with the finest materials and embellished with Swarovski Crystals. The golden and its warmth combines perfectly with white when creating a winter ambiance.

ABOUT LUXXU WWW.LUXXU.NET LUXXU is the reference brand not only in Luxury Lighting Design, but also in Quality and Innovation Furniture Design. LUXXU’s world is all about exclusivity and dedication, gathering the classic and modern design expressed in our high-quality materials. A design not only to enjoy but also to live for!

rooms reshaped

BROUGHT TO LIFE Commercial use for walls, decorative panels, doors, architrave and furniture. A range of superbly styled interior films which will bring any room to life.

interior film Call: +44 (0)1376 518037


As the exclusive distributor of HI-MACS® solid

and 10 standard surface designs – from the

be used as an exterior cladding or façade

surface in the UK and Ireland, James Latham

hexagonal print of Hive to the pebble-like feel

with large-scale patterns that create dramatic

has just unveiled the brand-new HI-MACS

of Zen or the raised relief detail of Dunes.

effect, even from a distance.

Structura® collection. Rob Goodman, HI-MACS® Group Product

This innovative textured material can also be

Available directly from stock and nationwide

Manager, James Latham commented, “We

used to enhance the finer details of a project

through James Latham’s 10-strong network

are all really excited about this latest addition

with bespoke patterns, drawings, fonts and

of depots, HI-MACS Structura® can take on

to the HI-MACS® portfolio. Customer reaction

logos reproduced into its surface.

virtually any pattern – and do so with the

both in the commercial and residential

utmost precision.

sectors has been really positive and we

HI-MACS Structura® can also be

are expecting it to be extremely popular,

thermoformed, depending on the pattern

This new material takes solid surface

especially for designers and architects looking

and design selected. It creates a better finish

opportunities to a new level with a variety of

to add form to their design either indoors or

and can be more cost-effective than a CNC

standard designs as well as bespoke, custom


produced panel.

HI-MACS Structura® is different because it

For further information on HI-MACS

made creations to suit any project.

Structura® please visit the website at

The next dimension in surface structure,

provides a textured surface that can take on

HI-MACS Structura® creates unlimited new

virtually any pattern, allowing designers and

possibilities as surfaces can now appear with

architects to create their own bespoke surface

a stunning 3D texture.

in a simple way, pushing the boundaries of

0113 387 0857.

design in a project.

Photo credit: LG Hausys HI-MACS® © Studio Podrini - © Rafael Kroetz

The collection is created using a new technology offered by LG Hausys, the

Precision made, it can be utilised as wall

manufacturers of HI-MACS® which produces a

cladding in bathrooms, en-suites and spas as

high performance, premium-quality, textured

well as showers and wet-rooms. It can also

surface. It comes in 10 attractive colours, email or phone

BRIO RUNS FORWARD WITH SOFT FINISH New additions to Brio’s Zero Clearance

discreetly inside the track and controls the

“We will have other new features to add

and Single Run systems bring useful 100kg

panel’s momentum when closing against

to our straight sliding range during 2017

weight bearing capabilities to the ranges as

the jamb, protecting little fingers from

and 2018 - so watch this space,” concludes

well as a soft close option and a clip stop.

slamming doors.

Brio UK’s David Newton, adding that Brio

Both these features are also available on Single Run 80 and Zero Clearance 80.

offers an unbeatable 10-year warranty on Brio’s new weight capacity is ideal for

its hardware.

commercial or residential living spaces and Zero Clearance and Single Run work with

the fittings are easy to install and operate

various panel types and provide numerous

with the use of precision bearings and

guide options and cope with panel weights

the option of stainless steel hardware for

from 80kg to 350kg.

exterior applications.

The new Zero Clearance 100 and Single

Single Run is available in a number of

Run 100 hangers work with Brio’s existing

weight capacities - 60, 80, 100, 120, 180 and

hardware including the 80CS clip stop and

350KG per panel while Zero Clearance may

100SCT soft close for 100kg applications.

be obtained in 80, 100,120 180 and 350kg

Brio’s clip stop holds panels in their parked

per panel for timber panels and 80KG, 100,

position while the soft close device fits

120 and 180 Kg for frameless Glass panels.



Wesley-Barrell are proud to announce their

Today, Wesley Barrell offers handmade

newest showroom, opening on the 26th

sofas, covered in the latest trending fabrics

of October and situated within a brand

from the very best fabric houses in the

new luxury homeware's destination at the

world, as well as our own collection of

famous Mailbox building in the centre of

quality in-house fabrics. We also have a

Birmingham. Backing onto the famous

large choice of cabinet furniture, fabric,

Gas Street canal basin, this unique, award

paint and wallpaper which enables us to

winning development promises to be the

offer a more tailored and bespoke interior

place to shop, eat and relax in style.

design experience.

Wesley-Barrell has been making fine

With on-site 24 hour parking to help you

English upholstery in Oxfordshire since

explore this exciting shopping experience,

1895 and with this brand new location, we

Wesley Barrell looks forward to welcoming

now offer 14 showrooms across the UK.

you to their brand new showroom to experience the ultimate in bespoke

A new generation of exciting management


have embraced Wesley Barrell's traditional ethos in furniture design and are excited to introduce some future classics to our existing upholstery collection.

For more information, please contact: Nazia Babar ( / 01993 893100)



S H OW RO O M S N AT I O N W I D E : L ondon • B i rm i ng ham • B ri stol • Cam b ri dg e • C h e lte nham C h e ste r • G ui l df ord • H arrogate • L eam i ng ton S pa • M anc h e ste r M ar low • St A l ban s • Tunb ri dg e We l l s • Wit ney W W W. W E S L E Y- BA R R E L L . C O. U K



Contemporary, Classic, Exotic and Natural;

With that in mind, Portfolio has a new

As the largest collection, Contemporary

Portfolio offers a premier selection of

look to unveil, along with a brand new

idealises all things modern. From the eye

doors boasting consistent grain and colour.

design; Sand Vertical. In keeping with the

catching contrast of the Black and Light

Influenced by the latest interior design

Scandi influence and warm colourings

Grey Two Stile to the relaxing, coffee and

movements, handcrafted by Alpi; the

of Natural, Sand’s refreshing palette and

cream shades of Mocha, this collection

celebrated Italian veneer specialists, and

simple texture is the perfect addition to

holds modernity as the key driver whilst

manufactured in Britain, the Portfolio range

any minimalist inspired kitchen or relaxing

emanating warm, homely undertones,

is changing how we see doors.

lounge area. Tap into Classic influences

making Contemporary suitable for any

by accompanying your statement door

home, professional board room or chic

Originating from an ambitious idea to

with creamy pastel tones, opulent lighting

apartment building.

present doors as an essential piece of

and add a hint of panache with luxurious,

furniture rather than a simple necessity,

vivacious velvets.

Portfolio is a lifestyle choice.

With 20 different variants, each door seamlessly combines a balance of

If you’re looking to unleash your bold

originality and suitability for any preferred

Be inspired by the wild, seductive shades of

design ambitions whilst exuding

environment – whichever trend you follow,

Exotic, the warm, tranquil tones of Natural,

sophistication, highlight your individuality

be sure to define your space with Portfolio.

the definitive, sleek lines of Contemporary

through the striking accents and fiery

and the traditional, elegant textures

colour palette of Portfolio’s Ebony or Wenge

of Classic – Portfolio uses innovative

to set an exotic undertone to complement

veneer technology to produce beauteous

the bright, soft furnishings, gold fixtures and

aesthetics with effortless versatility to

luxuriant, tropical features of your dream

become the ultimate market leader.


For more information: Call 0844 209 0008 or visit for more information.

Let More Originality In. 0844 209 0008



LAZARD AVENUE The option to downsize was not an option for the empty nesters who have resided in this home for over twenty-five years. Situated in a prestigious neighbourhood in Montreal, the sprawling residence has been the venue for many social events, dinner parties and family gatherings. With grandchildren on the way, the homeowners elected to embark on a renovation that included several rooms in the home. The objective was to inject a modern aesthetic into a new kitchen, library, master bedroom and en suite, while respecting the classic architectural details throughout the rest of the home.

Photo: Drew Hadley


The kitchen had been relocated to the garage in a previous renovation, which presented several design challenges. Low concrete ceilings, ventilation ducts and cinderblock walls required diligence in achieving a plan that would create the illusion of height and light. Sombre cabinetry from the previous kitchen gave way to a brighter palette of white and bleached butternut. White surface-mounted monopoints add architectural interest and juxtapose a sculptural suspension with an industrial influence, over the dining table. Concealed LED strips add ambient lighting for evenings. Creating a highly efficient space for cooking and an atmosphere conducive to entertaining both large and intimate gatherings were the primary design criteria for the kitchen. The floor to ceiling matte white cabinetry conceal appliances and an abundance of storage, while

providing contrast to the warm hues of the blonde wood. Handle free cabinetry maintains a minimal design while an integrated ash butcher block in the island allows two people to simultaneously prep meals. Floating wood picture rails create a mini-gallery that enable the homeowners, avid art collectors, to easily display and interchange different pieces of art at various times. Walls were relocated on the second-floor plan and reconfigured to include a library, spacious closets, and a luxurious en suite of dramatic proportions. The custom teak library leading into the master bedroom, stores a prolific collection of drawings and art books. To eliminate the feeling of separate rooms, all door openings were raised to full height and maximum widths.



The minimal design of the master bedroom marries old

To create a sense of fluidity and openness, several

and new, and is anchored by white oak engineered floors.

elements were designed to float within the room. The

A shortage of closet space had previously forced the

vanity, cantilevered quartz bench, and hand-blown glass

homeowners to use other bedroom closets for storage.

pendants feel weightless. The shower glass and smoked

Reclaiming a third of the library, created a spacious walk-

glass partitions, were meticulously recessed into the floor

in closet for her, and a generous wall of closets for him in

and ceiling to avoid visible frames.

the master bedroom. The elongated proportions of the fifteen-foot vanity Large white oak panels dominate the bedroom and

were in response to the clients’ wish for separate sinks

wrap around the partition wall into the master en suite.

and an integrated vanity area. To create the illusion of a

Consistent materials create a visual flow and unify the two

wider space in the gallery layout, a frameless, eight-foot-

rooms as a single volume. The en suite is easily accessed

wide mirror sits flush between two large windows, which

from two entries, with full-height pocket doors providing

exploits the view of several mature maple trees. The

privacy as needed.

foliage on the trees change throughout the four Canadian seasons, which appear as ever-changing photographs

Spacious yet intimate, the master en suite features materials





from within the washroom.


compositions, which enhance an inviting atmosphere.

Smoked grey glass partitions provide contrast to the

Oversized porcelain tiles maintain classic characteristics

warm wood paneling and relate to the charcoal veining of

in a modern format.

the tiles. They also provide privacy in the toilet and bidet area, while maintaining both natural light and a sense of

The veining of each tile was scrutinized in advance of


the installation to ensure both a sense of movement and a seamless flow between the walls and floors. Radiant

A meticulous execution of the concepts was integral to

floors transition seamlessly into the European shower

the success of this renovation. Challenges presented to

and towards a concealed linear drain.

the team of trades were resolved with great attention to detail and precision.

TRANSFORMING YOUR SPACE Impactful room schemes are lovingly crafted by the design team mixing traditional with contemporary, silk with leather, rustic with chic and pushing boundaries to deliver our clients the very best in interior design.

The passion and expertise at Trindade & Bird for inspirational interior design is at the heart of every project delivered for our clients. Creating characterful homes full of texture and warmth, layered with many bespoke design elements and features is key to many of our clients requests.


Trindade Trindade & & Bird Bird London London specialise specialise in in providing providing the the perfect perfect mix mix of of luxury luxury and and creativity creativity adding adding that that intimate intimate touch touch to to your your space. space. From From initial initial design design concept concept to to stunning stunning delivery, delivery, our our custom custom interior interior design design service service is is here here to to provide provide that that unique unique perspective perspective infused infused with with aa carefully carefully chosen chosen and and selected selected range range of of products. products.

Customised Customised to to each each unique unique and and stylish stylish interior, interior, we we bring bring your your project project to to an an inspiring inspiring and and fitting fitting conclusion conclusion just just leaving leaving you you to to enjoy enjoy the the lasting lasting and and enduring enduring quality quality of of the the perfect perfect space. space.


Studio Studio 212, 212, 405 405 Kings Kings Road, Road, Chelsea, Chelsea, London, London, SW10 SW10 0BB 0BB || 0203 0203 943 943 1283 1283 Unit Unit 5, 5, Downs Downs Court, Court, Yalding, Yalding, Kent, Kent, ME18 ME18 6AL 6AL || 01622 01622 815 815 411 411

Colours to brighten your life!

Recuro Styling supply made to measure cupboard doors for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Available in any size and with close colour matching the ideas are endless! Available in Slab, Shaker and Handleless J-Pull designs. Refurbishment of existing cupboards can be taken on if removed and sent to our specialist refinish centre. The colour choice of your kitchen is totally your decision and you don’t have to pick from a standard list of colours. At Recuro styling we can help bring your dream kitchen makeover to light with an endless choice of colour styles and finishes and the choice is completely up to you!




We can supply custom made door & drawer fronts in any colour and size. Matching the major paint brands i.e. Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS.

0333 335 0371 Satin, Matt and High gloss finishes available. Satin, Matt and High gloss finishes available.

GRAND10 for 10% off any orders

HDA10 For 10% off any orders


A PASSION FOR QUALITY At Robeys we have a unique approach when it comes to helping create a fabulous home. Continuously pushing the boundaries in order to supply high quality products, our portfolio includes premium quality brands to compliment any type of interior and exterior lifestyle. With nearly forty years of experience helping our clients build homes of distinction, we know that our customers demand much more from us which is why we are keen to expand our unique product range with the help of the finest craftsmen from around the world. Our purpose built riverside showroom, situated in the heart of the UK in Belper, Derbyshire, boast over 250 exquisite products many exhibited in lives displays. Beyond our showroom, we have established a solid reputation for quality products and are acknowledged as ones of the UK’s leading suppliers of exclusive fireplaces, stoves, cookers and refrigerators. With a network of valued retailers supplying most parts of the UK and Ireland, the level of care, technical knowledge and attention to detail provided by our highly-trained staff is what makes dealing with Robeys such a pleasure and is the reason so many of customers come back time after time.

ORTAL Front 170

Not limited to the VIVA L series, the QTEE 2C, which was recently introduced exclusively to the UK, can also be customised to your liking. With a curvaceous yet minimalist design fitting perfectly into any style of home. Earlier this year the stove industry saw the launch of the Ecodesign Ready scheme, a new initiative aimed at lowering emissions and improving air quality. Ahead of the curve, nearly all models of RAIS stoves meet the strict Ecodesign standard, meaning they are already future proofed, 5 years before the initiative becomes mandatory in 2022. Rediscover Fire with Ortal. Rais Viva L 160 Gas

RAIS – The Art of Fire Acknowledged as a premier quality stove manufacturer, 2017 has been a breakthrough year for Danish brand RAIS. A superior fusion of aesthetics and technology, RAIS combine form with function and design with craftsmanship. The result? Exclusive eye-catching stoves that are in a league of their own. Branching out into the gas market, RAIS recently introduced its first ever stove to use gas as a fuel source, offering customers an authentic fireplace experience with just the push of a button. The new gas stove joins the award-winning VIVA L series which recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for is customisable and multiple design options. The award winning RAIS customiser allows customers to choose the shape, material and colour that will help spark a wealth of inspiration on how to decorate the home as well as create a unique and individual style with a stove from RAIS.

Creating large room sealed gas fires in the most spectacular formats since 1986, Ortal offer a varied product line of over 80 models including island and curved fireplaces. Adding an unexpected architectural feature that bring wonder to any surrounding, Ortal’s state-of-the-art gas fires provide heating solutions that are both creative and effective. With extensive industry knowledge and the close attention paid to worldwide trends, many of Ortal’s exclusive innovations have been patented allowing them to provide partner clients, designers, architects and private customers the most effective and cutting-edge design solutions. Ortal welcomes the vision of its clients combining innovative technology with unique designs and solid engineering to develop custom-made fireplaces suiting specific requirements, sizes, finished with a rich selection of special features including reflective interiors, dual line burners and protective mesh. Safe, beautiful and efficient, Ortal fireplaces can be installed where others cannot in a wide range of spectacular formats for use with natural gas or LPG.

BRUNNER Urfeuer 4Free

BRUNNER Urfeuer 4Free




Traditionally innovative, Brunner’s history back over over 70 70 Traditionally innovative, Brunner’s historystretches stretches back a continuous of new and sophisticated designs designs that yearsyears with with a continuous aimaim of new and sophisticated thatfitfit perfectly into into any any living space. With top behind perfectly living space. With topquality qualitycraftsmanship craftsmanship behind the production of allofBrunner fireplaces fireboxes, the production all Brunner fireplacesand andwood wood burning burning fireboxes, thesethese long-lasting andand simply excellent products customers long-lasting simply excellent productsgive givetheir their customers joy and for decades. joysatisfaction and satisfaction for decades.

These beautifully finished fireboxes are available in a variety of formats Thesefront beautifully fireboxes are available in a variety of including facing,finished corner, panorama and tunnel. However, it is formatsopen including front facing, panorama and tunnel. the Urfeuer fireplace that iscorner, the real showstopper of this brand. However, itby is the Urfeuerfor open fireplace that Urfeuer is the realtranslates showstopper Manufactured Brunner over 20 years, into of this Manufactured bystraight Brunnerline for over 20 years, Urfeuer ‘primal fire’brand. and with its modern, design and minimalistic translates into ‘primal with itshas modern, straight cast iron protective lining,fire’ theand Urfeuer no glass andline no design technical fuss, allowing you to cast be as close as possible fire.has no glass and minimalistic iron protective lining, to theyour Urfeuer and no technical fuss, allowing you to be as close as possible to your fire.

Piazzetta With beinganan integral all Piazzetta’s Withstyle styleand and quality quality being integral partpart of allofPiazzetta’s design,design, this astonishing product range of beautifully hand-finished this astonishing product range of beautifully hand-finished wood wood stove, panoramic central fireplaces and MCS approved pellet stove stoves, panoramic central fireplaces and MCS approved pellet stoves are robustly constructed with minute attention to detail. are robustly constructed with minute attention to detail.

Piazzetta’s spectacular fireboxes incorporate silky-smooth sliding liftPiazzetta’s doors and use of the exclusive “Aluker” fire bricks to optimise spectacular fireboxes incorporate silky-smooth sliding combustion. theexclusive varied “Aluker” range of burning and pellet lift doors andWhilst use of the firewood bricks to optimise stoves boast a number of features that enhance their combustion. Whilst the varied range of wood burning and pellet look, all finished with aa number unique Majolica that’stheir available stoves boast of featurescladding that enhance look, allin a range of contemporary colours. finished with a unique Majolica cladding that’s available in a range of contemporary colours.

An ideal focal point for modern luxury spaces, Piazzetta’s breathtaking panoramic fireplaces offer an unobstructed 360° view of the An ideal focal point for modern luxury spaces, Piazzetta’s breathfire. These state-of-the-art wood burners takes the fireplace from its taking panoramic fireplaces offer an unobstructed 360° view of the usual position in the wall and brings out into the room. fire. These state-of-the-art wood burners takes the fireplace from its usual position in the wall and brings out into the room.

The perfect combination of technology and innovative materials give a modern touch to the ageless appeal of the central hearts from a The perfect of technology and innovative materials give by bygone era. combination With an exclusive rise and fall system developed a modern touch to the ageless appeal of the central hearths from Piazzetta’s R&D department, there are no metal profiles in the glass a bygone era. With an exclusive risethe and fall system developed by surrounding the grate to disturb all-round view of the fire. Piazzetta’s R&D department, there are no metal profiles in the glass

Finishing off the thisgrate varied portfolio, Piazzetta surrounding to disturb the all-round viewalso of thehave fire. exclusively styled wood burning pizza ovens and a combination of wood burning ovens. Finishing off this varied portfolio, Piazzetta also have exclusively

Instyled addition the above we and offera combination a large collection woodto burning pizza ovens of wood of outdoor fireplaces, cookers and furniture from the most exclusive and exciting burning ovens. brands. In addition to the above we offer a large collection of outdoor Details of our full range of fires and associated products with fireplaces, cookers and furniture from the most exclusive and exciting much more information can be found on our website www. brands., alternatively you can call us on 01773 820940. Details of our full range of fires and associated products with much more information can be found on our website www., alternatively you can call us on 01773 820940.

PIAZZETTA Panoramic Marvik PIAZZETTA Panoramic Marvik

CORNICE MOULDINGS A cornice moulding adds the finishing touch to a room. it forms a visual transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and adds dynamism to your interior. The multitude of styles and finishes is also unrivalled: from sleek to modern to ornamented, classic or big to impress. Add to this the knowhow and experience of Davuka,

Easy to install Our cornices, made from light, strong and durable plastic, are extremely easy to install. The integrated glue grooves guarantee a swift glue application and you are given an

Looking for a superior interior?

DecoFix glue.

something extra? Do you wish to embellish your facade with a baroque or modern

Ideal for renovations

enough to frame.

After all, they will cover any imperfections in the wall and/or ceiling in no time. Our ORAC

best choice? Brief answer: because of their


Are you dreaming of an interior with that little

Our cornices are perfect for renovation work.

Why are the cornice mouldings of Davuka the

desired colour so they will fit your interior

installation guarantee when you use our

and you know that the result will be good

Davuka cornice mouldings: nothing but advantages

This means that you can paint them in your

Flex-profiles are excellent for anyone working with curved or crooked walls. Immediately paintable

clear added value. To be more precise they

Our cornices are immediately paintable, as


they are supplied with a white primer layer.

decorative element? Are you an architect, interior specialist or painter/installer, who likes to surprise your customer with that one specific tasteful element? Check out our full cornice moulding product range. You are sure to find the one perfect cornice to suit your interior or project.


Detailed design briefs are regularly received

Chesterfields of England is the only

of England manufacture fine furniture

from high profile clients, ranging from Blue

destination for top quality, hand crafted

alongside an innovative design studio

Chip companies to Government Embassies


to ensure your clients bespoke vision is

from exclusive hotel chains to European


design houses.

Hand finished to the highest standard,

Providing these clients with their exact

measure service, no other company can

only the finest top grain leathers are used,

expectations is something that the whole

offer our superior excellence at the factory

quality British Velvets have also been

team at Chesterfields of England excels at.

cost prices.

added as an upholstery option. However

We always go that extra mile for each and

we can also manufacture your design in any

every client.

over 25 years, with a dedicated made to

Visit our showroom to view our stunning range and quality craftsmanship.

specified fabric.

Designed and manufactured in the UK for

0845 643 6913

STYLE... WITH CAST IRON PERFORMANCE Dovre has over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing cast iron wood, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces that are built to withstand the harshest of Scandinavian winters, to view the full range visit our website.


BRABBU 2018 COLOR TRENDS PREDICTIONS “As a trendsetter, BRABBU is always one step ahead of the most recent updates in the interior design world, so if you’re wondering what are going to be the 2018 colour trends predictions and inspirations, you’re about to lose your mind with this colourful trend guide we prepared to you. BRABBU prepared a collection of mood boards according to the palette of colours trending the next season: here you will find the colours trending the next season and you will also find the best modern interior design pieces matching your home decor scheme.





IT’S GOOD TO BE SQUARE Crisp, stylish and modern, Ambassador Square switches and sockets from Focus SB will give your projects that extra edge. Available in a range of exquisite finishes and bespoke solutions are available to ensure continuity throughout your project.

Ambassador Square in Bronze Antique shown


Making homes feel amazing inside through the creative application of technology. Light, temperature, security, entertainment, art and much more, all working together, all controlled from the palm of your hand.

For 32 years Ideaworks have been providing bespoke solutions for some of the most amazing homes and yachts in the world. In most cases, they find themselves as the designers for the lighting, window treatment strategy, heating and cooling controls, IT networks, entertainment systems and user interface controls; maybe even some creative lighting installations or digital artworks. In order to deliver such a range of services to client’s and their professional design teams, Ideaworks have grown their business to become Connected Home specialists, with teams of in-house experts who are craftsmen in their individual disciplines. Ideaworks deliver a service which considers everything from the ‘behind the scenes’ of a connected home, through to beautifully crafted curtains, acoustic wall coverings, chandeliers and discreet keypads and controls; all designed to complement the interiors, create atmosphere and enhance the space. Client’s see the benefit of a single, considered approach. With teams across multiple disciplines who are used to coordinating with each other. That familiarity ensures that there are no gaps, no miscommunication, no circles of blame. It is all their responsibility. Ideaworks strive to find balance between the growing need for technology in homes with seamlessness, simplicity and reliability; focused on providing the best user experience and continued Aftercare. Company Founder Kevin Andrews says “Our ambition is to be that one company you can call who can support you. We think of everything because it’s our job to.”

Turn A new generation of smart connected room controls Turn is unique. A beautifully curved glass display, centred around a weighted rotating ring. Every element of Turn has been designed to create an incredible user experience. Crafted from 6000 series aluminium alloy, the knurled tactile feel allows you to adjust your surrounding like never before.



Jung exclusively offers the classic LS 990

It takes real skill to give rooms the required

Manufacturers of doors, windows, fittings

switch in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.

atmosphere using a combination of

or luminaires already have solutions

Le Corbusier is one of the most famous

shades. The classic LS 990 switch in Les

which take the requirements of architects

architects of the 20th century. The colour

Couleurs® Le Corbusier makes a unique

and interior designers into account: door

scheme used in buildings and the effect

statement both with individual features and

frames can be mounted flush with the

of colour were as important to him as the

a consistent colour concept. In addition to

plaster and spots can be integrated in the

layout or the design. He thus established

conventional switches, sockets or dimmers,

ceiling without a visible material transition.

over several decades a colour system

operating elements for controlling the

However, there was no concept in electrical

which is still unique to this day. The

room functions are also integrated in the

installation until now that enabled a

“Polychromie architecturale” is based

unique colour system. Over 200 functions

consistent flush- mounted installation in

on the artistic selection of pigments and

ranging from lighting, temperature, blinds,


the recurrence of a few basic shades.

multimedia and door communication

All 63 colours are colours of nature and

to controllers for the smart home can be

With LS ZERO in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier,

as such blend harmoniously with each

implemented in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.

the switches can now also be installed as

other. Each colour can be combined consistently with any other colour in the system. This distinguishes the “Polychromie architecturale” from other colour systems. Due to the remarkable combination options and the amazing depth of colour, the colour palette continues to delight. To display this depth, the switches are hand painted using a special process; this guarantees a unique matt finish.

flush-mounted. In 26 selected shades, the Harmonious versatility

flat switch design creates colourful accents. LS ZERO is also persuasive in four new

During the course of continuous further

metallic colours: aluminium, dark, stainless

development of the classic LS 990

steel and classic brass give the range a

switch, LS ZERO was an almost logical

particularly elegant appearance. LS ZERO

consequence. Puristic design is increasingly

is of course also available in pure alpine

prevailing in modern interior design. Fluid,


smooth transitions between surfaces and components are in demand.



With LS ZERO, more than 200 functions can be achieved consistently flush – for a smart home.


WITH TP24’S NEW ABSTRACT BROCHURE YOU ‘WON’T GET LEFT IN THE DARK’ Experts in LED lighting, tp24 always aim

With the design flexibility uniquely

The brochure demonstrates some of the

to provide inspirational and informative

incorporated within Abstract, designers and

many ways that Abstract can illuminate

product literature. Their new Linear LED

architects are able to create their own light

a space, not limited to ceiling, table and

Light book, which solely features their

fitting, where each space can be illuminated

floor lighting, but to frame a door edge,

unique Abstract range has been specifically

with its own tailored LED lighting solution.

or maybe within an artwork panel. With

created as a valuable resource for architects

A simple change in the orientation of the

configurations including circles, straight

and interior designers who are seeking a

arm, linking arms together, removing

rods, petals and suspension and even a

new dimension to their lighting schemes.

the arm or swapping for an alternative

bespoke colour option availability, Abstract

arm design can provide a totally different

is a 21st century revolutionary LED lighting

Within the 136 pages, Abstract is shown

lighting effect. Put simply, Abstract allows

range to fuel your imagination.

as one the most versatile and adaptable

you to ‘think and rethink’ your lighting

LED lighting ranges available today - a truly

schemes to suit each environment and

exceptional experience in lighting designed

occasion. In addition, smooth dimming

by tp24 to be stylish and sustainable whilst

ensures that the light levels are also easily

delivering excellent light levels and high

controlled to complement the ambience.


To request your free copy please telephone tp24 on 01354 691919, email or visit

Abstract, an adventure in lighting for your imagination.

tp24 LED Lighting

Visit our showroom or see us at Scotland Build, Glasgow. Nov 22-23, stand E15. tp24 Ltd . . 01354 691 919 .




to light, British Columbia-based Karice

creating a look and feel not otherwise seen in the lighting market. Designed to create

Enterprises has enormous passion for

Created as the answer to today’s

a comfortable, stimulating, and interesting

creating beautiful lighting products,

minimalism trend, Retta brings happiness,

environment, Circulus is constructed out

pushing creative boundaries to craft the

fulfillment, and freedom to any space.

of aluminum and available in 24”, 40”, and

unimaginable with their cutting-edge,

Named after the Italian word for “straight

47.5” diameter sizes with multiple finishing

custom lights.

line,” this linear light fixture’s slim shape

options. Custom sizes also available.

creates modern lines and its LED light gives Diamond Luxennea Series 2 Chandelier

Their recent lighting fixture releases are the

it high efficiency, low power consumption,

result of new innovative designs curated by

and long life. Meticulously machined

lighting designer Maurice Laurent Dery.

end caps with light gold anodized finish,

Inspired by the nine-sided Florentine

resembling brass, decorate the ends of this

diamond, the Diamond Luxennea Series

While their main focus is collaboration,

trendy design. Retta is available in 18”, 24”,

2 shines brightly at a 45-degree angle that

in 2014 Karice began designing their own

36”, and 48” lengths. Custom sizes available

casts illumination in a specific direction. Its

product line and now carry 18 unique

to 20ft long.

outside diameter features sharp, faceted

products designed and manufactured at their plant in Surrey, Canada. What sets

edges creating immense visual interest. Circulus

Karice apart from the competition is their

The aluminum extrusion of this magnificent light fixture is custom manufactured for

state-of-the-art lighting and metal work

A symbol of infinite light, the Circulus

a smooth, seamless finish. This energy

facility. This allows them to specialize in

LED pendant transforms any room into

efficient LED chandelier can be made to

artisan manufacturing; making prototypes,

a remarkable experience. Inspired by

any size and specification.

drawings, and concepts and creating one-

geometric shapes, Circulus illuminates

of-a-kind masterpieces.

360 degrees as well as above and below,


Modern Lines for any space.

Designed and hand crafted by Karice in Canada


size), the LINDE can be used anywhere that

"Made in Germany" comprises the

brand GROSSMANN, evoke the sparkle of a

the design allows. Where the luminaires of

development of durable, resource-

diamond. Pentagonal brushed aluminum

this series are more suitable for elongated

conserving products of outstanding

plates are arranged to oppose one another

rooms, the models of the KARAT series are

manufacturing quality, which create

to create a textured mosaic pattern which

ideally placed in more square rooms.

a symbiosis with innovative lighting

comes to life once illuminated. The texture


of the raw aluminium creates varying colour

As the name suggests the KARAT series

shades from different perspectives.

takes it’s inspiration from the diamond with

All GROSSMANN lamps are exclusively

LEDs arranged to replicate the glimmer of

equipped with LEDs and high-quality

The KARAT and LINDE series fascinate

a beautifully cut stone. Similar materials

components. To achieve a maximum

by their interplay of light and materials.

are used from the LINDE to KARAT but with

wellbeing, all GROSSMANN lamps are

Gently shimmering metal surfaces, diffused

more circular contours. The range includes

dimmable, to create a comfortable

acrylic rhombs and finely illuminated

two sizes with a diameter of either 45 cm

atmosphere and every desirable lighting

‘lines’ between the aluminium sections

for the small version with five LED modules,

mood in the house.

characterise these new products from

or 62 cm for the large version with 10 LED


modules. As with the LINDE the KARAT

The GROSSMANN range is available for

range is bright with a luminous flux from

purchase from LONDON LIGHTING at

each 6.4w LED of 680 lumens. or 020 3507 1911

formed by rock crystals. Available in three

Featuring dim to warm technology, upon

For trade enquiries GROSSMANN

different models with one, three and seven

dimming ( using a trailing edge dimmer

LED modules, in the lengths 32 cm, 58 cm

switch ) the luminous colour temperature

and 100 cm. The largest size, for example,

becomes warmer - at full power the colour

can be used to great effect over kitchen

temperature is approximately 3000 K and

islands to create a different visual to the

decreases when dimming to around 2000 K.

The LINDE series features elongated outer contours, reminiscent of the organic path

often seen single pendants. The unusual design also lends itself to hallway or

GROSSMANN® stands for luminaires of

bedroom applications.

playful lightness in a impressive clean design. All GROSSMANN products are

With a high lumen output of 680 lm per LED module (Up to 7 x 680lm for the largest

designed and built in Germany.

products are distributed in the UK by ILLUMII LIGHTING at or



We may be parting from the EU, but

Italia Living has continually developed new

integral bedroom storage collections with

we are not parting from our love affair

standards of style in their long history of

high flexibility and a vast choice of finishes.

with European furniture. The January

making sofas and chairs. The sunshine of

Joining them are Nolte and Rauch, who

Furniture Show (21st -24th January,

their southern Italian location is reflected

also bring their own individual designs and

NEC, Birmingham) will see over 30 major

in both their elegant and funky styles

wardrobe systems giving visitors plenty to

European brands showing alongside the

and the quality of their materials and

see in the world of bedroom furniture.

470+ UK brands, enticing buyers with swish

manufacturing skills. The pull of European furniture is easy to

new collections and new finishes. For living and dining furniture with Scandi

understand, the contemporary styling,

Italian giants Camel Group, Nicoletti, ALF

cool and plenty of choice, Skovby is the

modular forms and high-gloss finishes offer

Uno spa, Stone Italia and Italia Living will

stand to visit. With uniquely engineered

a notable alternative to the more traditional

bring their sumptuous leather upholstery

extending dining tables and clean cabinets

styles prevalent in the UK. The January

and sleek living and dining furniture.

to match, they offer the ultimate in uber-

Furniture Show is the only show in the UK

Joining them will be major brands from

cool living designs. Catering for large and

attended by so many European brand - so

Germany, Denmark, France and the

small spaces, their stand will be a dining

it offers UK buyers the only opportunity of

Republic of Ireland, including Weimann,

treasure trove.

the year to see such a diverse selection of

Skvoby, Akante and Alfrank, among many others.

European companies in one place. The Germans are well known for their engineering expertise and furniture is

The full list of UK and European and

For over 30 years from their North-East

no exception in receiving such attention.

UK exhibitors is on the show website,

Italian base, multi furniture supplier Camel

Weimann are among the list of big-league

where you can also register for your

Group have sent their chic and go-ahead

German furniture producers exhibiting

free attendance to the show:

fabric and leather suites, bedroom, living

this January, who continually develop

and dining furniture all over the world. With select options for the contract market, theirs will be a hot stand in January.

If you’re in the business of furniture & interiors, we’ll see you in January. Register now at


INTERVIEW WITH MASSIMO MARZORATI Fifi-May Walker interviews design extraordinaire Massimo Marzorati, “architect, light and interior designer” for G-I Designs, a company that focuses on transforming mundane spaces into places of tranquility, beauty and serenity. The company’s products all seem like objects from the future, such as the award winning ‘Water Sculptures’ which appear so undulating in their form, it seems odd to use them as functional water faucets. The company is based in Italy, and appears to have a real sense of passion and individuality flowing through it. Massimo Marzorati answered some questions that Fifi-May put to him:



Massimo Marzorati, on the website there is a lot of focus on your love for light in designs. What do you find so mesmeric about light?

I have gained recognition across Europe as a lighting designer, with reference to a monumental public work that I completed in Italy. The constant concept of ‘on-off’ spans both interior environments and exterior, showing how one small thing, such as lighting, can dramatically alter an experience of a space. Light is a concept that represents living. 2.

G-I Designs’ “water sculptures” feel like a mix between architecture and artistic sculpture. Was there a specific architect or artist that inspired the creation of these pieces?

I believe that the water sculptures bring art into the wellness environment. Too many times have bathrooms and spas focused on the materials and finishings, leaving the taps and whatever generates water as secondary elements. Hence, I believe that if a customized and unique tailor-made piece is used in a bathroom and spa, we will end up treating bathrooms like the destination of purification, and not just a place to wash and shower.



Massimo, you lived and worked in Milan during your architectural studies, do you have a favourite building in the city, and why?

I have been working with Giugiaro Architettura, a company that have always provided an insight into modern life in both residential and industrial design work. Milan is an ever evolving city, and as such, it continually has interesting projects that I am working on also. The challenge of such a smart city with so many new architectural elements means that I have a wide range of interests, so it is difficult to say which is my favourite building, as it is continually changing! 4.

The slogan for G-I Design is ‘We draw your dreams’. This is a very bold, and personal, claim. How do you go about ensuring that each of your customers dreams are fulfilled?

I am a man of dreams, an entrepreneur and an individual that always invites quality and uniqueness to all pieces. I believe that dreams can touch people in their ordinary life, and it is G-I design that was born to bring such dreams to life.




Is it important to you to be able to say that everything from G-I Designs is ‘Made In Italy’ and why?

Design and creativity belong to the world, human beings, and nature. Therefore, talent cannot be said to have an address. However, as I was born in Italy, and I design from my Italian office, I create my products in Italy. 6.

In May of this year you were awarded an IDA Honorable mention, an IDA Bronze prize for the Snake Water Sculpture Project, and an IDA Silver prize in the Home Interior Products – three very prestigious awards. Will you be aiming for gold next time, and if so what would you change in future designs.

Perhaps I should attend a different award! I will definitely take the challenge to design more, and hopefully then they can be recognized and be awarded the gold. 7.

Which of the water sculptures would you most like in your home, and why?

For sure the Snake, it is controversial, difficult, and sexy! 8.

What is your average clientele?

People with no barriers, limitations and without fear of being unique and new! 9.

You say on your website that G-I Designs draws inspiration from art, poetry and nature. Are there any specific artists and/or poets that have had a significant impact on you and your designs?

I’m always inspired by a combination of talents, without mentioning specific names; I enjoyed capturing shapes, form and ideas from every day life. I attempt to form an organic shape using high tech. Travelling also feeds my appetite for design.


Gi-Design Srl Via Morena, sn 28024 Gozzano (NO) C.F./Partita Iva 02514890033 e:



Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

When I work on something I tend to think that the job is bigger than me, and after I execute the job I find myself elevated from that experience. I love every project I complete, and they are all equal to me. For me, a project means love for that creature that needs to be born, and the size does not matter. I combine design and love at the same level. To pick a favourite wouldn’t be fair! 11.

Lastly what does the future hold for G-I Design?

The idea is to become the Lab for young International creative individuals, where their talent, ideas, skill, and vision, can meet the market, the investors and the manufacturers. The projects they work one will be stimulated by G-I Design, and related to Design, Fashion, Architecture, and Tech. The purpose of the Lab is to empower these creative talents with the necessary resources along with focused ideas that have actually been requested by the market. Our London office will play an important role as the International platform to assist this division. It will be a pure intellectual Lab where our internal committee will select and scout the best talent suitable for each market request.



Splatter Paint from Vivid Range

Stunning Kitchen Glass: (above Oxidized Copper design from Urban Collection)

Italian Streets from Window View Range

Using the finest tempered low iron glass

Our unique images and designs have been

Browse 100’s of our exclusive designs online

our splashbacks are designed to give you

sourced from all over the world designed to

including the New & Exclusive Window View

years of pleasure and create a bespoke

put the wow factor in your kitchen.

range, Graduated Colour collection and Urban abstract designs; Each splashback

and individual focal point in your kitchen. The glass is heat resistant up to 400oC with

At the same time they offer an easy to clean

is made to your exact specification and

clear polished edges, is 6mm thick and

and hygienic finish to the busiest room in

there is a range of beautiful designs

guaranteed for 10 years and are easy to

the house.

including glass ‘Panoramics’.

Often it is the finishing touches that

Choose a design from our range of

install. Coloured glass gives great scope and

make a room, which is why we place a

versatility to your decor, providing building

heavy emphasis on Splashbacks that are

blocks of colour, texture and interest to

decorative as well as functional.

revive existing kitchen schemes or provide

All our Splashbacks are Made to Measure

key motifs in new ones. An inexpensive luxury touch that makes an impact time and time again.

and include the option for shaping and cut outs.

stunning toughened glass Splashbacks at and transform your kitchen. Call us on 01384 377 730 where one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have or email

Nationwide Template & Fit Service Available

Glass Splashbacks F O R



A unique designer collection of Stunning Glass Splashbacks to give your kitchen the Wow Factor. See our extensive range online at or call 01384 442 373



Our diverse and evolving range of

fear, as we can produce almost anything

products are imported from over 22

you need, to your exact specification in

countries around the world. From the

the majority of our materials.

contemporary to the traditional - any style and any taste is catered for.

Our fabrication team uses state of the art laser templating tools and the

Our range incorporates products for

latest in CNC machinery to ensure that

interior and exterior use as well as

your bespoke project is to your exact

domestic and commercial applications,

specification, millimetre perfect every

making Rockford your reliable supply


partner, and the name to remember for your Natural Stone requirements.

From vanity tops to kitchen worktops, slate hearths to fire surrounds, no project

The successful inception of our

is too small or too large, let us know

contracts department at the end of 2008,

today what you are looking for and see

solidified our reputation and standing

how our team can be of assistance.

within our industry. In just its first year, our contracts department saw the

Rockford – 01606 841 000

completion of many projects in both


the commercial and residential sector

Instagram: @rockford_Company

and is developing rapidly, forging new and lasting relationships with architects, designers, contractors, builders, tilers etc… In conjunction with our contracts department, we also offer a bespoke sourcing service, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website do not

Facebook: Rockford Company Like and follow for exciting updates of new products and projects!


GIGA X8 by Jura GIGA X8 by Jura Developed by a dedicated team of Swiss

X8 is the perfect accompaniment to any

Innovation, precision, quality, reliability,

engineers, JURA has revolutionised the way


sustainability and service shape the DNA

coffee should be enjoyed.

of JURA. For those looking for a compact coffee

JURA, a significant innovator in luxury,

machine the WE8 offers up to 12 different

The Swiss company is the only brand

Swiss-made bean-to-cup technology have

specialities, including cappuccino, latte

anywhere in the world to focus solely on

an array of professional coffee machines,

macchiato, flat white and many more, all at

automatic speciality coffee machine and

which provide top-quality coffee with ease.

the touch of a button. Thanks to its unique

is clearly positioned as a specialist in this

Pulse Extraction Process – the only one of

market. Coffee machines from JURA are

The GIGA line, creating two speciality

its kind in the world – the WE8 guarantees

associated with the best coffee result,

coffees simultaneously, is the perfect

the best aroma and flavour possible. It also

simplest operation and stunning design.

option for busier areas and offers optimum

includes a modern TFT display for intuitive,


self-explanatory operation, as well as a

The high-performance GIGA X8 comes with a unique speed function for perfect coffee in record time, where the beans are

large bean container and water tank with three litre holding capacity, so minimal refilling is required.

simply mixed with hot water inside the

Both beautiful models are easy to care for

machine via an extra bypass. It also features

with their Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®)

two large bean containers, so it can hold

which automatically detects the filter. The

two blends for added convenience. With

CLARIS water filter also provides optimum

ultra-modern design, touch screen display

water quality and protects the fluid system

and 34 programmable specialities, the

against limescale.

WE8 by Jura


When maximum output and speed count

GIGA X8 Professional

Coffee pleasure – freshly ground, not capsuled ƒ Speed function: Hot water bypass for the perfect Americano in record time ƒ Ceramic disc grinder for precise, consistent and faster grinding ƒ Two large bean containers for two blends and added user convenience

Ideal areas of use: In Hotel Restaurants and Bars, Barista Bars, Coffee Lounges and Events areas Recommended maximum daily output: 180 cups

JURA Products Ltd., Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW, Tel: 01282 868266, Fax: 01282 863411,, JURA – If you love coffee


For over 25 years, Ahmarra have been making doors for customers who appreciate quality. Our experience manufacturing in performance doorsets for prestigious hotel projects has inspired us to develop this range of doors. Ahmarra’s unique approach aims to make the entire process as simple and practical as possible.

Our doorsets are made individually to order, allowing complete design freedom and ensuring that every project is truly unique. We offer three design options: BESPOKE DESIGN - We work with hoteliers, interior designers, architects and developers to help clients achieve their desired look and build the correct specification for the hotel. CLIENT SPECIFIC STANDARDS DOORSETS - We also specialise in working with hoteliers to develop client specific standard doorsets, our clients have recognised that significant cost savings can be made by offering a uniform finish throughout and eliminating the need to re-define doorsets & ironmongery for every project. HOTEL RANGE DOORSETS - To simplify specification, this range of pre-defined hotel doorsets offer a simple design solution whilst still allowing for options in facings and finishes enabling the specifier to tailor the design to their requirements.







Improving your quality of life is about

a leather arm chair. Experts in defining the

enabling the hidden potential in everything.

olfactive identity of spaces and interiors,

Addressing all the senses.

This is the Aromatise ambition.

Aromatise fragrance curators will work with

Have you ever entered a space and instantly felt at home, or quite the opposite, uncomfortable or anxious? The reason why is not always an evidence, be it the colours, the lighting, the furniture or perish the thought.. the SMELL! A badly aligned interior may have you longing for more or running for the door.

you and for you (or your interior designer), Aromatise Fragrance Diffusion Technology

in identifying that engaging final touch.

believe in the art of aligning those senses, with the help of the often forgotten sense

With premium French Perfumes and state

of smell.

of the art fragrance diffusion technology,

“It is amazing what a good scent can do. Aromatise has put a smile on our guests faces.�

we will assist you in designing the olfactive completion of any living space. We provide you with the tools and knowledge required to take your environment to the next level.

Eveline, Amala Spa Hyatt Now, ask yourself the question. Are you

As science will tell you, smells create an

ready to design with a poetic touch?

immediate psychological impact, they

As you walk into a room a poetic eruption

trigger our memories and emotions, which

can engage you and instantly transport you.

in turn control our reactions.

Imagine the silent and invisible diffusion

Do call us and speak to us personally for

of that perfect smell - the sweetness of

an easy first consultation or visit us on our

freshly picked cherries or the warm hug of







Fragrance and Technology



THE TRANSFORMATION OF FAIRMONT THE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL, AS SEEN BY ITS DESIGNERS A few weeks after the re-opening of Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Sid Lee Architecture is pleased to present the architecture and design initiatives that made the hotel’s transformation possible.



Working closely with owner Ivanhoé Cambridge and operator Fairmont Hotels, Sid Lee Architecture crafted a vision for the hotel’s repositioning, and developed architecture and interior design concepts to make it happen. The project was executed by the architectural consortium of Sid Lee Architecture | Architecture49, with general contractor Pomerleau. “We designed the renewed hotel experience with a very holistic vision. The hotel literally opens onto the city to welcome local people. More generally, it reasserts itself as an urban hub serving local and international clienteles. It’s a third space where people can go every day to do business, attend events or enjoy some downtime.” – Jean Pelland, Architect, Senior Partner, Sid Lee Architecture


When it opened in 1958, The Queen Elizabeth was one of the world’s great modern hotels, and it remains Canada’s largest hotel east of Toronto. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth embodies the midcentury vision of the perfect hotel: a grand international-style building built at the heart of the key infrastructure projects of the day, a beacon of modernity lighting the way to downtown Montreal’s future. At the time, the hotel’s original brand (Hilton) was still closely linked to passenger rail, specifically the Canadian National Railway. In the 1960s, the hotel’s restaurants and lounges, such as the Beaver Club, attracted international politicians and businesspeople. Legendary musicians like Oscar Peterson performed there, and the hotel hosted an impressive list of prestigious parties, balls and events attended by heads of state, royalty and captains of industry. Today, the hotel pays tribute to its past by providing an inspiring space and new programming in tune with its quintessential Montreal character. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth is opening itself to the city, making the most of its spectacular views, and providing living and working spaces that will encourage local and international clients to make it their own.


“We embraced the standards of the prestigious Fairmont

The Agora is a new type of space for the hotel. This

brand to design a world-class hotel environment. The Queen

prototypical indoor public place will host major festive events

Elizabeth’s new style is inspired by the hotel’s history and

that showcase and define Montreal on the world stage. Its

stylistic evolution, giving it an identity all its own.” – Martin

design is a vision of the future that pays tribute to the futurism

Leblanc, Architect, Senior Partner, Sid Lee Architecture

of its time. The Agora’s design is based on daring, eclectic juxtapositions of small, inviting, modular spaces.

Street-level public spaces The transformation of the hotel’s common areas started with

Marché Artisans, slated to open in the fall of 2017, was

the creation of several new entrances, the opening of kitchen

developed in collaboration with Peter Chase (BPC New York).

areas and patios, the enhancement the vertical connections

The market’s program is aimed at opening the doors of the

through new sculptural stairways, and the creation of ample

hotel’s fabled kitchen, led by executive chef Baptiste Peupion

new natural light sources for the interior.

and market chef Jean-Philippe Desjardins. The unique design

True to its original design, the Grand Hall has become a public

will allow the public to explore the kitchen’s production

street inviting Montrealers and visitors to explore The Queen

areas and watch the chefs going about their daily activities.

Elizabeth’s new spaces. The hotel’s commercial services line

The design is inspired by the allegories illustrated on the

the ground floor and are open to the street, becoming part

original Beaver Club window, created by Marius Plamondon,

of the city’s lively downtown vibe. Its spaces riff freely on the

reinterpreting traditional North American cuisines.

aesthetics of the 60s, with a material expression unique to the hotel’s brand.


Rosélys Restaurant is a chic and inviting modern bistro. With

Second and third floor business spaces

its blend of Parisian elegance and English flair, the restaurant is

The conference facilities are located on the second floor,

pragmatic yet sophisticated. The design is balanced between

where the façade and the workspaces have been opened

masculine and feminine features, with a crisp, balanced

up. There are now spectacular views of Mount Royal and the

geometry based on chevron and curve patterns. The original

interior is flooded with natural light. The third floor is home

façade and ceiling were opened up to provide a superb view

to an ultra-modern business campus with several thematic

of Mary Queen of the World Basilica and give grandeur and

meeting rooms. It also takes advantage of existing volumes to

presence to the large central island and its overhanging glass

create an outdoor balcony overlooking the Place Ville Marie



Nacarat Bar boasts unique views of the streets of Montreal and

Guest rooms

the Place Ville Marie Esplanade. The large picture windows

The Fairmont and Fairmont Gold rooms were designed by

and the patio face René-Lévesque Blvd., showcasing the

Design360 of Los Angeles in collaboration with Fairmont

new space’s vocation. The original low ceilings inspired the

Hotels and Sid Lee Architecture. The Ville-Marie Royal Suite,

bar’s strongly horizontal, multi-zoned layout. In the centre is

the John Lennon & Yoko Ono Suite – site of the Bed-In For

a massive bar, where the establishment’s expert mixologists

Peace – and the Fairmont Gold Lounge were designed by

can always be seen in action. The bar has a unique identity

Sid Lee Architecture. To underscore the hotel’s modernist

inspired by midcentury design language and featuring an

heritage, the design takes its cues from styles and patterns

exciting marriage of styles such as glam rock, pop and British

seen in 60s fashion.

pub culture.


The Fairmont Gold experience has also been enhanced.

Espace C2

Guests can now enjoy exclusive spaces on the 21st floor,

In September 2017, Espace C2 will officially open in

the former site of the famous Panorama cocktail lounge,

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. The addition of a new

complete with spectacular skyline views.

glass volume on the 21st floor reflects Fairmont’s ambition to position itself as a cutting-edge player in

The space is designed as a series of lounges, each with its

conference hosting. The space will accommodate up to

own particular ambiance.

220 guests and will have several possible configurations. Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth and C2 jointly announced the development and construction of Espace C2 during the C2 MontrĂŠal 2017 conference in May this year.


WOKA LAMPS VIENNA WOKA LAMPS Vienna is a Vienna-based Manufacturer of Iconic

A collection of very rare antiques of the early 20th century as well

20th Century Lighting Design. Lovers of iconic lamps from the

as a large collection of chandeliers from the 18th century until

early 20th century were for decades deprived of the possibility of

the 1960’s is completing the business of the WOKA GALLERY.

owning some of the most striking pieces by the wiener Werkstatte

On request all antiques and pieces of arts are delivered with an

and the Bauhaus, which had long fallen out of production.

expertise made out by a certified appraiser for art and antiqueson the commercial court in Vienna.

The designers whose work WOKA is licensed to produce read like a who’s who of the Vienna design pantheon.

Due to WOKA’s extraordinary achievement, in 2016 the minister for economic affairs and Vice Chancellor of the Austrian Republic

In addition to Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, the manufactures

Reinhold Mitterlehner, has awarded Woka Lamps Vienna with the

has reissued striking table, ceiling, wall and floor lamps, as well as

right to use the Austrian Coat of Arms in matters of Business.

chandelier pieces, by the likes of Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner and Carl Witzmann.



Sleep, Europe’s hotel design and development event, returns to the Business Design Centre in London on 21-22 November, with an exhibition of over 150 national and international suppliers, a Conference featuring some of the foremost influencers shaping global hospitality, the Sleep Set design competition, and Spaces, which showcases products in specially designed hotel environments. In recent years, the event has sought to tap into emerging hospitality design themes, and this year the theme is “Loyalty: Lessons in Love”. In a unique collaboration with Ipsos Loyalty, the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research, Sleep will consider how design can create amazing experiences that connect with customers emotionally, create enduring memories - and convert guests into long term advocates. The Exhibition Among Sleep’s 2017 newcomers are Artemide, ercol, THG Paris, Ligne Roset and Sans Souci, and such is the status of the show that many companies, both loyal and new, choose Sleep as the launch pad for new collections. This year, for example, expect to find the first-ever carpet collection by Kelly Hoppen MBE, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Brintons, two spectacular technologyenabled glass lighting fixtures from Sans

Souci and new indoor and outdoor furniture from Serralunga, including the Cassero Collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Wong Design, Maria Warner Wong and Chiu Man Wong, will present their thoughts on the responsibilities of designers to create new meaning in hotel luxury.

Engaging Spaces

Taking Inspiration from the Sleep Set Structured as a competition, the Sleep Set translates the year’s theme into physical form with leading design companies creating concept installations that range from the deeply allusive and deconstructed to immaculately detailed and essentially hotel-ready rooms. This year the global reach and cross-disciplinary portfolios of the four participants is assured to bring a wide spectrum of cultural, geographic and industry perspectives to the mix.

Building on its success in 2016, Spaces will encompass an imaginative collection of 19 immersive showcases created by leading suppliers, including CaberlonCaroppi, YPRT and Elegant Clutter. Each one promises to offer design inspiration for every indoor and outdoor space, by allowing visitors to experience products in specially created hotel settings. Sleep Conference Sleep’s free-to-attend conference offers a combination of panel discussions exploring emerging topics in the hotel design sector and roundtable discussions with some of the industry’s most acclaimed designers. Celebrated Parisian interior architect Tristan Auer will open the Conference, and Eero Koivisto, from Swedish architecture and interior design partnership, Claesson Koivisto Rune, will be the lead speaker on day two. Other sessions will include “The Post Cool Hotel”, with Henrietta Thompson, editor-atlarge of Wallpaper*, Jason Holley, director of Universal Design Studio, and James Soane director of Project Orange, and “New Concepts of Luxury”, where the principals of Singapore-based WOW Architects | Warner

They are London-based MKV Design, Stonehill & Taylor from New York, Italian company, Il Prisma, and 1508 London, and the winner will be announced at lunchtime on Day Two. Sleep’s crosscultural approach is also reflected in this year’s Sleeper Bar, which is being created by Moscow-based Design & Architecture Studio, Sundukovy Sisters. Sleep will be held at the Business Design Centre from 10am-8.30pm on Tuesday 21st November and from 10am-6pm on Wednesday 22nd November. For more information and to register for a complimentary pass:

Sleep For brilliant experiences

21–22 November 2017 The Business Design Centre, London Register free at

Founder Partner:

Official Media Partner:

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TOUCH IRONMONGERY LTD 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea London SW10 9PJ



stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called “A Touch of Brass”, the firm changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to also reflect the broader range of products and finishes that they sell. In fact today, Touch can supply a wide range of finishes including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list keeps growing. Whatever finish you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the Ironmongery

market, Touch mainly supply to residential premises but hotel and office properties also contribute to their vast clientele. The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry. The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far

eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. Ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an on-site service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit


BRITISH MANUFACTURERS of the finest quality handcrafted hardware

Croft combine traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques to produce the most beautiful, quality fittings, built to stand the test of time. As well as specialist bespoke items, Croft supply over 1000 products, available in 23 different finishes to furnish high end residential and commercial properties, royal palaces, government houses, historic castles and stately homes. Croft, available from Touch Ironmongery

New New Barossa Barossa with with hand hand carved carved back back

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benefits of the Levato Mono Porcelain Paver

Available in 40+ colours in both ultra-

been covered with the Timeless range of


realistic timber, stone and cementitious

timber effect porcelain ‘planks’, a most

effects. Combining 3D printing (with up

complimentary finish blending in with the

With all the benefits 20mm porcelain and

to 30 prints available) and mould making

coastal location and it’s wonderful sea view.

the supports system has to offer, Levato

technology produces identical copies of

Mono is the ideal product for exterior

the original materials, once laid the eye is

The pre-installation support of the team at

projects, both residential and commercial

unable to discern any replicated pattern

The Deck Tile Co. and the preparatory work


allowing for a completely natural looking

involved was an essential part of this project


and has resulted in an excellent finished result.

60x60 75x75 30x120 40x120 60x120. •

‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes.

With hurdles to overcome, such as multiple falls, facilitating the erection of signage

20mm Porcelain pavers; 40x80 45x90

Eternal product - zero maintenance

struts and large static planters, the paver

required, offering massive over-life

system has, due to it’s flexibility, meant that


Recently specified for external dining areas at various JD Wetherspoon establishments, London Zoo, Jamie’s Italian Brighton, Bristol Airport East terminal extension, and the new Portico Terrace at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, where Levato Mono sandstone effect paver

the terrace expanse was completed in under

Highly abrasion and stain resistant.

ranges were considered so similar to natural

three weeks.

Highly slip resistant; R11 AB&C.

sandstone material that is was sanctioned

Lightweight – 45kgs per m2.

for use on a Grade I listed building by

High load bearing and impact

The use of the unique slope correcting/ height adjustable pedestals and retention


system has enabled the creation of a stable, raised access ‘deck’ and when combined

with the 20mm porcelain pavers - offers the user fine quality external flooring, with low level on-going maintenance costs and high slip resistance - to name just two of the key

Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available.

Completely non-porous.

Frost proof.

English Heritage.





Met Therm manufactures the AG210 range offering the slimmest thermally broken ‘A+10 rated’, Part L complaint metal windows and doors available. Perfect for restoration and renovation


projects, replacement windows and new builds, our windows and doors are

Our windows (and doors) can be installed

handmade to measure by our skilled

direct to brick, stone or wood surrounds


and we offer beautiful leaded lights, Georgian panes, horizontal bars and

Recognising the distinctive and coveted

bespoke designs. We can replicate the

features of steel windows and doors,

small panes of Georgian windows or

the AG210 range offers a product which

Cottage windows and we can create the

counters the issues traditional or period

classic lines of the 1930s window.

windows can create.


Once installed, the range requires minimal maintenance and with its slim line profile

Met Therm’s stylish doors and door screens

and thermal efficiency, your home will be

transform the look and feel of your room

lighter, brighter and warmer.

with slender sections and slim line framing for maximum vision and light. All doors

Our windows and doors make ideal

are crafted by hand, allowing you to create

replacements for Crittall™ windows. We can

a traditional style with kicking panel,

ensure an excellent match for your home,

contemporary clear glazing, or a more

achieving the traditional styling of the

industrial welded bar design

originals and providing a seamless blend of

Complete your project by selecting hinges and handles to ensure an authentic replacement.

Met Therm Windows Met Therm is a family-run business and our dedicated team draws on extensive experience within the replacement steel windows industry to meet each customer’s needs and focus on ensuring a quality service. “A great friendly company, personable, and with no unnecessary jargon! Really lovely staff in the office, quoting, and fitting. My

old and new.

Colour and Finish

windows look fabulous just as I wanted...

Once completed, your new windows and

Polyester powder coating provides a highly

friends!” Mrs Goldsworthy

doors are almost indistinguishable from the

durable, low maintenance finish. With over


250 colours and a choice of finishes there are plenty of options to complement your design and project.

I have already recommended them to

Call Met Therm on 01730 894 745, email or visit


Quality Service ‘The AG210 windows and doors, thermally broken with their slender sections and slimline framing, offer the perfect


We manufacture the AG210 range offering the slimmest thermally broken ‘A+10 rated’ metal windows and doors available.

replacement for old steel windows’. ARCHITECT Call Met Therm Windows on 01730 894 745, email or visit

• Handmade by our skilled craftsmen • A+10 rated and Part L compliant • Polyester powder coated finish - including hammerite and dual

Our product reflects a commitment to quality and offers our customers an opportunity to develop a window that is almost

colour options • Multipoint locking and welded corners as standard • Beautiful leaded lights,

indistinguishable from the

Georgian pane, horizontal bar


designs • Can be installed direct to brick, stone or wood surrounds


BENDYWOOD® BRINGS CREATIVE IDEAS TO LIFE Bendywood® is solid hardwood that can be worked and subsequently bent two- or three-dimensionally in dry condition. This enables not only to reduce working costs, but also to increase productivity and improve quality.

In 1917 the first record of a patent for making pliable wood by

The maximum rough size that can be produced nowadays is about

steaming and longitudinal compression was recorded in Berlin,

120x120x2200mm. By using special joints (that resist the pressure

Germany. It was in 1990 that Candidus Prugger bought the rights and

during the bending) also handrails in lengths up to 6,6m and up to a

further refined the technology, making the wood more consistent and

diameter of 65mm can be produced.

more efficient to produce. For instance, the stairs in the new Kaiser Gallery in Hamburg, Germany Bendywood® is a 100% natural wood, produced in an entirely natural

and those in the Dolce & Gabbana store in Milan, Italy were made with

way without the use of chemicals. First of all, the timber is carefully


selected at the sawmill to avoid any knots and to provide for a straight grain.

Bendywood® can be bent up to a radius of about 10 times its own thickness. It is supplied in straight condition and needs to be bent by

Through a particular thermomechanical process fresh green solid

the customer himself. Thin sections can easily be bent by hand, thicker

wood blanks are compressed along their length for about 20% and

sections are to be bent using clamps and tension belts. Also ring rolling

subsequently dried in this compressed form. In this way, the cell walls

bending machines can be used (for bending handrails, for instance).

are compressed (like an accordion), which allows them to straighten out again on the outside of a bend without getting into tension and

The most important types of wood are beech, oak, ash, maple, cherry


and walnut.

Bendywood® is supplied in raw blanks, but also in ready-made

With the expansion programme moving at a fast pace, it is most

products, such as handrails, skirtings, lippings, dowels, mouldings,

definitely worth taking a look at this material and discovering the

etc.). Thanks to its versatility it is often used in fashion and design

answer it provides to almost every design problem.

projects. Candidus Prugger Sas “Bendywood® is a high-level product, ideal for exclusive and

Bendywood® & Wooden ornaments

unique projects. It allows for the production of one-of-a-kind

Via J. Kravogl 10

products of high quality.”

39042 Bressanone (BZ) Italy

Recently, a new procedure has been developed that enables the production of Bendywood® in thicknesses of 1 mm upwards and in widths up to 300 mm. This new product line allows for reliable and highly qualitative solutions that were unimaginable up to now, as Bendywood®-veneers can be bent across the grain up to radii of 2 mm.

Tel: +39 0472 834530 Fax: +39 0472 834134



UNVEILING OF THE JOHN LENNON AND YOKO ONO SUITE The International Day of Peace, Fairmont The Queen

Reproductions of the famous handwritten Hair Peace and

Elizabeth, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Sid Lee Architecture

Bed Peace cutouts adorn the window once again, while

and MASSIVart are pleased to unveil the hotel’s newly

the words of the song Give Peace a Chance, recorded by

redesigned Suite 1742, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John and Yoko in Suite 1742, are inscribed repeatedly on

held their iconic Bed-In for Peace in 1969. At the same

the walls, after the fashion of a war memorial—with, in

time, Sid Lee Collective and MASSIVart invite Montrealers

this case, a wish for peace in lieu of the names of fallen

to join the largest bed-in ever held in North America,


on the Place Ville Marie Esplanade, and to explore the exhibition Posters for Peace.

An immersive art experience

A suite paying tribute to a legendary event

One of the distinctive features of the John and Yoko Suite is the incorporation of artworks, interactive pieces

Preserving the historical character of Suite 1742, which

and multimedia installations designed and produced by

John and Yoko took over for their second bedin in 1969,


was a key goal of the hotel’s recent transformation by owner Ivanhoé Cambridge.

They include an archival cabinet containing photos, videos and historical items, among them a Give Peace a Chance

The concept for the redesign, developed by Sid Lee

vinyl record.

Architecture, hinged on rearranging the furniture in the same way Lennon and Ono had for the bed-in. The first

Visitors will be able to don virtual-reality headsets placed

step was to place the bed against the main window and

on the nightstands on either side of the bed for an

free the central space. Rather than recreate the hotel’s

exclusive immersive experience—allowing them, among

period décor, the designer draws inspiration from places

other things, to sense the unique energy of the bed-in from

the couple had lived in or visited, such as London, New

the point of view of John or Yoko.

York, Tokyo and New Delhi.

Photo credit: Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth



Peace, love and creativity front and centre:

San Francisco and Fairmont Le Château

Bed-in and Posters for Peace

Frontenac in Quebec City. Fairmont is part of AccorHotels, a world-leading travel & lifestyle

At the same time as the unveiling, Sid Lee

group and digital innovator offering unique

Collective and MASSIVart have invited

experiences in more than 4,100 hotels, resorts

Montrealers to gather at the Place Ville Marie

and residences, as well as in over 3,000 of the

Esplanade for the largest outdoor bed-in

finest private homes around the globe. For

ever held in North America as well as the

more information or reservations, please visit

exhibition Posters for Peace, featuring art

created in tribute to the original bed-in. The exhibition includes works by 40 artists from

About Ivanhoé Cambridge

around the world, printed on sheets placed on the beds arranged along the Esplanade.

Ivanhoé Cambridge, a global real estate

The proceeds from the sale of reproductions

industry leader, invests in high-quality

of the works will go to Amnesty International.

properties and real estate companies in select cities around the world. It does so

About Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

prudently and with a long-term view to generate optimal, risk-adjusted returns.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts connects guests to

Founded in Quebec in 1953, Ivanhoé

the very best of its destinations worldwide,

Cambridge has built a vertically integrated

providing travellers with memorable travel

business across Canada. Internationally,

experiences, thoughtful and attentive service

the Company invests alongside key

and luxury hotels that are truly unforgettable.

partners and major real estate funds that

Each Fairmont property reflects the

are leaders in their respective markets.

locale’s energy, culture and history through

Through subsidiaries and partnerships,

locally inspired cuisine, spirited bars and

Ivanhoé Cambridge holds interests in nearly

lounges and distinctive design and decor.

800 buildings, primarily in the residential,

With more than 70 hotels globally, and

office, retail and logistics real estate sectors.

many more in development, the Fairmont

Ivanhoé Cambridge held approximately C$56

collection boasts some of the most iconic

billion in assets as at December 31, 2016.

and distinctive hotels in the world. This

The Company is a real estate subsidiary

extraordinary collection includes The Plaza

of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du

in New York, The Savoy in London, Fairmont

Québec (, one of Canada's leading

Grand Del Mar, Dubai’s Fairmont The Palm,

institutional fund managers. For more

Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, Fairmont



About Sid Lee Architecture

About MASSIVart

Founded in 2009 following the integration of architecture firm

MASSIVart is a Montreal based production & art direction agency,

NOMADE (founded in 1999), Sid Lee Architecture is the fruit of

connecting artists, brands & people. We produce content and

architects and urban designers Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc’s

events and offer art curation services. We are proud initiators of

talents and skills combined with creative agency Sid Lee’s wide-

Chromatic, an art festival that aims to celebrate Montreal hyper-

ranging offering.

active art scene. MASSIVart supports creators through innovative business opportunities, making art more present and accessible.

Operating on a global scale from its Montreal offices, Sid Lee

Our projects are showcases for creators. Exhibitions, installations,

Architecture gathers more than 50 architects, technicians,

exhibit openings and creative nights: we integrate visual, sound,

designers, managers, and other artisans offering services in urban

interactive and contemplative arts in the heart of each initiative to

studies, architecture, interior architecture, strategic development

ensure the largest range of the established and upcoming artists.

and positioning, brand integration, and signage – for cultural, residential, institutional, recreational, and corporate projects. Sid Lee Architecture’s work stands out for its uniqueness and strong identity, marked by history, culture, and community. Since 2015, Sid Lee Architecture is part of kyu, a new collective of creative businesses established by Hakuhodo DY Holdings, the second largest network of agencies in Asia.

About Sid Lee Collective Sid Lee Collective est un incubateur de créativité qui aide à financer, produire et diffuser des projets d’artisans passionnés et dévoués à leur art. Peu importe le poste que vous occupez, nous croyons que vous pouvez tous profiter de la réalisation d’un projet artistique qui vous tient à cœur. C’est pourquoi tout le monde chez Sid Lee peut consacrer 10 % de son temps pour faire un projet personnel. Instagram: @sidleecollective

firing imaginations for over 35 years The UK’s most comprehensive range of high quality stoves and fireplaces Woodburning

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Both Laurel Oak and Santa Cruz provide

David Bigland, managing director for

Moduleo, has complemented its most

light-washed, chevron and smooth ‘no

Moduleo UK and Eire, explains: “Impress is

luxury collection – Impress – with a range of

knot’ effects, while rustic-look Sierra Oak

all about structure, originality and diversity

new designs.

and elm-style Marsh Wood brings the total

and this collection is nothing short of a

colourways available to 11.

milestone in the world of flooring.

from customers who require flexibility

The new Impress stone design, Mustang

“The new designs will add a new dimension

to create a unique floor, particularly in

Slate is available in three colourways and

to our product portfolio and drastically

commercial settings, such as hotels,

has been developed to mimic natural slate,

increase the number of lines available from

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providing a structure and finish just like the

the range.

The launch is in response to strong demand

real thing. New and innovative embossing processes

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have enabled the manufacturer to create

Thanks to in-depth technological

patterns and styles and these latest finishes

grains, knots and grooves, with a design

advancements, the ‘Expressive’ lines mark

provide that in spades, offering a wide

that fully mimics the surface texture of

Moduleo’s first products that give every

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wood or stone, resulting in an authentic

plank and tile its own unique pattern and

transform any floor.”

structure and depth of the respective

character, allowing flooring components


to be mixed as is seen fit. The products

Available in 2.5mm (Dryback) and 4.5mm

within this category are characterised by

(Click) thickness, Impress lines have a wear

Organised into two categories: ‘Impressive’

the abstract motifs of Mystical, Shades,

layer of 0.55mm and offer dimensions of

and ‘Expressive’, the former brings to life

Bohemian and Jumble Stone.

19.6 x 132cm and 19.1 x 131.6cm.

true beauty. Products within this category

Jumble Stone is a geometric 2D design,

To find out more about Moduleo or to

include Laurel Oak, Santa Cruz Oak and

which gives a 3D illusion, while Fern Wood

Sierre Oak.

is a flexible finish that enables installers to

the smallest details, highlighting nature’s

mix and match planks to create their own style.

use the products on a project, please call 01332 851 500 or email


Express yourself with Impress® Floors of unparalleled realism for unprecedented creativity. Updating our Impress range, Moduleo bring you a new selection of Naturally impressive and Expressive floors. Authentic wood and slate patterns will leave the timeless mark of nature on any interior, while our abstract designs allow you to create a unique look only possible in LVT flooring. For more information and to order samples, find your area sales manager at


CAPITAL FIREPLACES Capital Fireplaces Ltd was established more

Vital to the success of Capital Fireplaces, is

fireplace, it can be difficult to visualise it in its

than 25 years ago to manufacture and supply

the close relationships that we have built with

entirety. As you browse our brochure, you’ll

high quality, elegant and affordable fireplaces

our fireplace dealers. The Capital Collection

see that we try to showcase as many different

crafted from natural materials. Since then the

range is sold exclusively in the UK by a limited

designs as we possibly can, but it’s not feasible

company has expanded and developed to

number of retail outlets. Our commitment to

to show you every combination possible. That’s

become one of the leading UK suppliers of a

them is demonstrated by holding generous

why we’ve introduced our digital Fireplace

wide range of high quality fireplace products.

stock levels and providing them with a weekly

Studio, giving you the tools to design and more

delivery service.

importantly, visualise your fireplace before

Capital Fireplaces’ manufacturing and

reaching a decision you’re 100% happy with.

fabrication facilities are strategically located to

Ours is a strong partnership aimed at providing

utilise both the most advanced manufacturing

excellent customer service to bring you the

You can quickly and easily design your own

technology available and the highest quality

very highest quality fireplaces as efficiently and

fireplace in minutes, customising your style

skills. Established long term relationships with

effortlessly as possible.

with a range of options to create the perfect finish, to get started simply visit

quarries and foundries with highly efficient fabricators coupled with the unique experience

All of our products are available to purchase

and skills of the stone masons employed

from your local Capital dealer, they are able to

provide the backbone for the stringent quality

give you advice on all aspects of your fireplace

and manufacturing standards we can achieve

requirements from pricing to surveys and

with our collection.

fittings. Visit our website to locate your nearest

Introducing our stunning, contemporary

Capital dealer;

new range of conventional flue inset gas fires


comprising sleek design features with a log

Equal time and effort has been spent over

has gone into designing the mantels and the choice of materials.

New Product Focus: Design Line Gas Fires

effect fuel bed, large glass picture window,

the last 25 years in sourcing and building the relationships with our material suppliers as

The Capital Online Fireplace Studio

a choice of reeded (pictured above) or black glass interior chamber (pictured right) and

Our online Fireplace Studio allows you to

programmable remote control. For more

create your very own fireplace designs.

information and to request a brochure, please

Because there are so many different


components involved in the making of a



Selectaglaze provides an essential ambiance in a Georgian house Mr and Mrs Coombes moved to Oakham in

window board depth to accommodate the

Rutland, where they purchased a Grade II

secondary glazing, so extended sill timbers

Listed Georgian house.

were fitted. All the grounds were colour matched to the secondary glazing, to

The property was constructed in the

negate the need for on-site decoration. All

18th Century and is one of the town’s landmark houses; built of local red and

units including the two splay bays at the rear of the property blend in seamlessly

blue chequered brick under a Collyweston

and are barely noticeable.

stone roof, it is full of charm. Due to its Listing, the original features had to be retained. The study, dining room and 2 bedrooms at the front of the property suffered from noise ingress and the rear bedrooms and living room were subjected to heat loss and draughts. “When we walked into our bedroom in the winter and we could see our own breath, we had to do something to improve the thermal efficiency of the property.” Said Mr Coombes A total of 12 units were fitted into 8

“We can now sit and have a civilised conversation in the dining room without the interruptions of passing traffic and the rooms at the rear of the property are a comfortable temperature.” Working on all building types from new build to Listed, Royal Warrant holder Selectaglaze offers a wide product range to make buildings warmer, quieter and safer. For more information contact 01727 837271 or visit:

openings; many of which had insufficient

Rugs Direct is a leading supplier of rugs in the UK and showcases some of the best designers. The Vintage collection by Louis De Poortere is one of the best-selling ranges and each one features a stunning patchwork design in a spectrum of vibrant colours to appeal to fans of both modern and traditional rugs. The short flat weave pile (6mm) in premium-quality wool and cotton chenille makes then highly durable

and easy to maintain, while also being ideal for high-traffic areas but are thinner than most normal tufted wool rugs, making them perfect for putting under tables and chairs. Starting at just £85 the range comes in 8 standard sizes and has many different colour variations. offers customers a Price Promise, FREE UK Delivery, Easy Returns and over 10,000 rugs to choose from.

Stair-rodsdirect is a supplier of luxury carpet accessories. The Stair Rods are manufactured in the UK and come in a variety of finishes and finials to match any decor that you have created. They are cut to the specific length you require and are very simple to install and make the finishing touch to an elegant stair case. Suitable for domestic homes, commercial venues, stately

homes or even castles. We also supply UK manufactured Door thresholds, which come in similar finishes, and can be fitted to any combination of surfaces. Stair rods and door thresholds can make the perfect finish to your new look. Please visit or call 0845 838 8638 to discuss your requirements.

Demista Quarter Page Ad 2017



Page 1


THOSE EXTRA TOUCHES FROM demista and Cosyfloor™

Added value at minimal cost

large surface, they can be used

to any new or refurbished bathroom must the be the

in multiples. Running costs are minimal and ideally, once

inclusion of a demista™ heated

wired in to the lighting system,

mirror pad. This pad is easy to install, and will ensure a steam free mirror at all times, no matter how steamed up the bathroom. The heated mirror

they will gently warm the mirror when the bathroom is in use.

pads are available in a variety of sizes, to suit most mirrors and in the case of a particularly

The pads can also be fitted in bathroom cabinets.



Simple to install • Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty

A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Contact: Tel: 01932 866600 Web:

Telford Road Glenrothes Fife KY7 4NX

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E.


For a 5% discount on large orders, please call us and quote DSFDISC5

Advice & Enquiries 01270 630280


Salice Furniture Fittings Have It All

SALICE are renowned for designing and manufacturing furniture systems where technological innovation is paired with functionality and design flair. One such example is their Eclipse pocket door system, which is widely recognised as the market leader. Eclipse is a pocket door system that features an assisted soft-close door return mechanism and a door opening safety device. The system incorporates the exclusive synchronised cam movement which is the hallmark of all sliding mechanisms supplied by SALICE. In addition, Eclipse has been designed to offer simple fitting and adjustment, and can be installed, adjusted and inspected in situ, as all three movements are adjusted from

the front of the cabinet in a simple, intuitive way. If so required, the complete mechanism can be removed from the front without dismantling the cabinet side. Suitable for use with individual door weights up to 30kg, Eclipse assures innovative performance, durability and functionality. SALICE’s products are specified for use within kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, and in a variety of domestic and commercial environments. For further information on the SALICE product range please telephone 01480 413831, email or visit SALICE online at 01480 413831


lounge | tables | chairs | covers | trolleys | accesories


Discover our 2017 X- Design collection of lounge furniture




T +44 (0) 12 42 52 47 77 |


Plus TImber

From single lights as shown to full fit outs as per your requirements Please contact Lance on 03331215909 e mail

Peel and Stick wood boards are the latest trend in design and decorating which anyone can use to decorate their home – no need for expensive or time consuming labour or additional professionals on-site. Simply do as the product says, “peel and stick”. Quick and simple installation is at your fingertips with this remarkable product! All that is required are a few simple tools and you can apply the pieces to almost any surface, transforming your home in an instant. The transformations available are amazing and a new look for

your home is within reach of even the most hopeless at DIY. It’s also an excellent choice for designers and architects as the product is readily available in a large variety of colours and finishes with samples offered. Being highly sought-after in the US, we are the first company within the UK to stock this innovative product and there are no lengthy lead times. We deliver to all areas of the UK from Lancashire where our warehouse and head office are based.


A leading trade wet room supplier High quality products Next day delivery Fantastic customer service Huge range including -


Contact us for your free brochure/price list

Tel 01629-815500 Blueprint Ceramics Introduce The Michael Young Collection

BluePrint Ceramics have collaborated with the Michael Young Studio and have launched a brandnew Michael Young Collection. ‘’Having met Michael, it was clear his modern way of thinking and innovative design ideas is very like the BluePrint Vision, this is why we were keen to bring this collection to our clients’’ Simon Peel Sales Director The collection consists of a large selection of innovative designs. One range that was unveiled at this year’s 100% design Show was the range Silk. The collection consists of hexagonal handmade tiles with an ultra-contemporary design pattern in 3 bold colour ways. When the tiles are assembled together it leaves us with a devastatingly breathtaking

result and an ultra-modern surface covering. ‘’I noticed this collection at the 100% design show and immediately ordered a sample, it looks sensational’’ Kirsty McBride Interior Designer

Modular Building Blocks - Everblocks UK Contact: Joe Plosky T: 0203 7959090 Email:

Call us



BluePrint Ceramics is a UK tile supplier and distributor of high quality tiles to commercial clients in the UK and internationally. We are a distributor and supplier of high quality ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles and natural stone. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Rebecca Norman at 0121 2683240 or email at

Learn more

01296 481220

including the new Harfa Vintage!

ESCO FLOORING: Highest quality european oak flooring











Bespoke design & build treehouses, playhouses and elevated platforms. Commercial & International commissions welcomed

TEL: +44 (0)1403 732452




Steelcase today announced the launch of

A wide variety of material options are

Umami™ a versatile lounge furniture system

available, encouraging creativity and self-

designed to create spaces where people feel

expression. Integrated power and sculpted

an emotional connection.

design supports physical comfort and the ability to do meaningful work. Screens create

With the “anti-corporate” backlash

a range of privacy and balance the desire for

organisations are experiencing all over the

openness with the human need for solitude.

world the Steelcase design teams have

These features make Umami™ one of the most

created Umami™ to create meaningful places

versatile lounge furniture systems available.

that bring together design, performance and materiality – because how a space performs

Product Elements and Configurations

is just as critical as how it looks and feels. “Purposeful work deserves meaningful

Umami™ is a lounge system engineered

places," says Michael Held, Design Director at

for durability and flexibility since its lounge,

Steelcase. “People want to feel a connection

table, screen and technology components

to the places where they work, where they

can link to form a variety of configurations

can see themselves in the space, versus

(including straight, L and U shapes, as well

something that feels imposed upon them”,

as booths and cabins) and then unlock for

Held continues.

quick rearrangement. This gives Umami™ the highest bandwidth in the lounge seating

Informal spaces promote social interactions,

market. Additionally, its sculpted design,

stimulate the brain and enhance creativity.

reclined back angle and seat depth provide

However, according to the Steelcase Global

a high level of performance and comfort for

Report a quarter of the global workforce


doesn’t have the work environment to socialize and have informal relaxed conversations with colleagues. Umami’s flexible, modular design can create settings unique to organizations and individuals. Multiple shapes, forms, patterns and textures promote variation over uniformity.

Availability and price Pricing for Umami™ depends on the application and surface materials selected. The range will be available by fall 2018 in EMEA (Europe, Middle East Africa).

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Doris Brixham Doris Brixham is an interiors and furnishings company that was conceived by Karen Miller in 2001. Originating from the kitchen table, Karen has slowly built Doris in to a destination showroom store with a well established website. We specialise in beautiful glass topped driftwood dining, coffee, console and occasional tables. The tables are available in numerous stock sizes but we do have the ability to produce bespoke sizes to order. The range also includes contemporary lighting, mirrors, sculptures and wall art. Karen also undertakes commissions for those seeking that truly unique and luxurious statement piece.

Website: | Telephone: 01803 411330


Trex Decking Trex, the world’s No 1 alternative decking brand, offers an innovative, stylish and eco-friendly way to bring any garden project to life. Made of 95% recycled materials, Trex offers an elegant finish requiring minimal maintenance – making it the optimal outdoor flooring for creating an enviable al fresco living space. Trex resists fading, scratching and mold growth so, unlike wooden decking, it won’t rot, warp, crack, or splinter. Whereas a traditional timber deck would need to be stained and prepped ahead of winter, Trex is a low-maintenance option that requires no sanding or sealing. Trex decking is available locally through Arbordeck stores with prices starting from £75m2 including VAT (tax) and secret fixings.

Website: | Email:


Luxury Office Desk by Cobermaster Concept The Luxury Conference table is the elegant result of our design and testing methods. It was created from the knowledge we got from the development of every other products we made in the past. It has a base structure made of three-dimensional grating, that grants stability and which is sometimes hard to obtain in products of bigger dimensions that have no structural support in the middle of the piece. It has a modern, angular cut design, primarily reflected in the covering, made from 2 unique pieces that fit together to create one unique cover. You can find this piece and our full exclusive and premium design collection of furniture in our website or contact us to get you exclusive bespoken and custom design for architecture, interior and outdoor projects.

Website: | Telephone: +351 256 858 025


Stretch Ceilings Stretch Ceilings were delighted to have been selected to install approximately 134 square metres of White Satin stretch fabric in 6 panels within this luxury new build home in idyllic Port Wrinkle, Cornwall. Using a lightweight fabric membrane, our stunning Stretch Ceilings offer the perfect solution for a flawless, maintenance free finish in any domestic or commercial environment. Using our innovative track system, Stretch Ceilings can be installed to accommodate numerous different design and lighting specifications. Supplied and fitted with a 12 year guarantee, this distinctive system is available in an array of colours/textures and can transform ceilings to become eye catching decorative features. Stretch Ceilings require no painting or decoration and are hygienic and non-toxic.

Website: | Telephone: 01276 681000


Slimline Aluminium Replacement Windows


Now you can enjoy all the benefits of double glazing without spoiling the unique character of your home with The Benenden™ Conservation Range of Slimline Aluminium Windows from The Heritage Window Company. Designed to mimic traditional steel windows, they’re the slimmest ‘A’ rated aluminium windows available - suitable for both renovation and new build projects. Available in over 200 colours and designed to fit into existing timber frames, there is often no need for redecoration afterwards. A range of styles with matching handles and peg-stays complete the period look and multipoint locking ensures your windows not only look the part, but are secure as well. So whether your des res is Thatched or Tudor, 30s or Deco, Georgian or Gothic, Benenden™ Conservation will have a solution to suit almost any requirement.

Website: | Telephone: 08008 401 508



Carpet Bedding displays designed and produced to order. Any idea can be transformed into a living display using our design process and our extensive range of carpet bedding. The displays are established at our nursery and delivered ready to install onto a pre-prepared bed following a set plan creating a colourful work of art within hours. 3D InstaPlant can also be ordered, fabricated in steel, planted-up and delivered to site. We are with you every step of the way from concept through to delivery. See us at the HPI Show at NEC Birmingham 8-9 November, stand 2770. Contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas you have in mind for 2018. ….You imagine it, we design it, plant it, deliver it, you enjoy it! Kernock Park Plants Ltd, Pillaton, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6RY


| Telephone: 01579 352802



Pool-dek is a pool covering system which is available to hire or buy. The unique design will convert your swimming pool area from a wet environment to a dry area (and back again) in less than a day, which can be used for a variety of events. The system comprises a bespoke, made to measure, stylish floor finish over the water’s surface. With installations in the UK and worldwide, we can work with you, your architect, pool contractor or events manager to provide a hard floor pool covering solution. The equipment is easy to install and achieves a durable and stylish finish. Our unique pool covering system will transform your existing space into much more than just a pool area. Pool-dek Design and consultation includes a dedicated Project Manager.

Website: | Email:

Lightmaster Lightmaster is a consultative lighting design and supply company for residential historical and commercial projects. We are experts in both natural and artificial light, with specific expertise in LED. The Lightmaster Design team are dedicated to creating beautiful and yet functional spaces based entirely on the client requirements. Whether your tastes are modern, classic or period, the Lightmaster team are able to offer unique lighting ranges from around the world which can be tailored into stunning lighting designs. Our 7 stage creative design and after-design service is unique to Lightmaster and includes a concept design, technical analysis, full wiring diagrams for your chosen electrician and varying levels of aftercare. Call today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Website: | Telephone: 01608 682 115




CRL Stone Highly durable, simple to maintain and available in 27 colours, Ceralsio by CRL Stone is a porcelain surface that is a versatile interior design solution. Available in tile and slab format for consistency of design, Ceralsio tiles are available in two thicknesses – 6mm for wall cladding and 10mm for floor tiling - and sizes from 30 x 30cm to 150 x 300cm responding to the design trend for large format tiles. Also available in an extra-large slab format at 12mm thick, Ceralsio is the ideal surface for kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops, being hard-wearing and non-porous very thermally stable, scratch and UV resistant. Simple to maintain, the surface comes in a choice of a natural, polished or textured finish offering a practical and stylish solution that meets the demands of modern living. For a free sample or brochure please visit our website to order.

Website: | Telephone: 01706 863 600


Bespoke Showcases And Object Mounts Design and systems engineering, employing innovative materials and lighting technology, is at the heart of what Armour Systems does. We have collaborated with leading designers and architects for over 25 years, on the production and installation of advanced showcase and display solutions for museums, galleries, private collections, commercial spaces and luxury brands. Armour Systems is part of Larson-Juhl, an international company dedicated to the protection, preservation and presentation of our cultural heritage. The project shown is part of a showcase installation undertaken for St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford to mount and display their collection of Chinese silks and ceramics.

Website: | Telephone: +44 (0)7876 135362


DesignBite DesignBite, is a brand from Taiwan. We believe that life should be surrounded by beautiful things and invite you to take a bite of life with our design! DesignBite is actually a global collaboration between Scandinavian designers and passionate craftsmanship in Taiwan. The functional elements are significant and range beside the poetic and stylish qualities; together they fulfill some basic needs in our lives. We offered different functional items according to different needs for your home, with the warmth color and design, to organize your life and make your life easier.

Website: | Telephone: + 886 424 911 153


Sheer luxury – the best that money can buy For ultimate luxury, solid bronze windows with real oak hardwood internally, would enhance even the most beautiful residence, for a lifetime of elegance – and completely without maintenance. Bronze statues are timeless and last for centuries, which extreme durability extends to our exquisite range of this ultimate collection of uni_one® composite window options, including sliding doors up to 3 metres wide (each) – certified to Passiv House environmental standard with ‘U’ values below 0.8 W/M2K - and the highest acoustic attenuation, up to Rw 50 dB sound reduction. You’ll love the peace and serenity from the silence! Designed with Italian chic and passion - built by craftsmen – exceptional value. Please contact us for details: Uniform Architectural Ltd. Chris Dixon, director - 07530 421327

Website: | Telephone: 01275 217227


Grid shower panel new from Aston Matthews


Aston Matthews has launched a handsome Crittall window inspired shower panel, perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Grid features invisible wall fixings and anti-limescale, 8mm toughened glass. The decorative frame, applied to the external side only for easy cleaning, is manufactured from durable powder coated aluminium in a satin black finish, not screen printed onto the glass like some alternatives. Grid is available in four sizes starting at 800mm wide x 2100mm high up to 1200mm wide and is shown here with Nero shower fittings, also available from Aston Matthews. Established in 1823, Aston Matthews has a retail showroom in Islington. The majority of its extensive range of quality bathroom fittings, both contemporary and traditional, can also be bought on line from the website.

Website: | Telephone: 020 7226 7220

Fun Furniture Collection


Fun Furniture Collection by The Art of Seeing combines a passion for motor vehicles with the love of furniture design, resulting in a unique collection of bespoke, hand-made vehicle based furniture for children. Our furniture is an eclectic range from Camper Van Bunk Beds to Petrol Pump Storage Units. Exclusively designed and hand-made in the UK. Fun items of furniture allow children to be children and good build quality allows the furniture to be passed down to future generations of children to do the same thing. We hope you enjoy our design values and of course our furniture.

Website: | Telephone: +44 (0) 161 708 8028



We all love a cozy fire, especially now when the winter is coming. The Swedish company Vauni offer a modern, eco-friendly and stylish alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves. Their most popular model Globe designed by Markus Grip is a flexible solution suitable for all types of living spaces. By burning a high-quality bio-ethanol there is no need for a pipe and the fireplace does not generate any soot or ash. More importantly it is an eco-friendly way of enjoying a cozy fire at home and Vauniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fireplaces generate enough heat for the modern home owner. The Globe can be had in many different combinations depending on colour, low or high stand and can be fitted with Dekton stone from Cosentino.

Website: | Telephone: +46 (0)31 722 79 30

Elgin & Hall An Elgin & Hall fireplace could easily be the most rewarding addition you make to your home and its value. As a leading UK manufacturer of fires, fireplaces and surrounds our range offers timeless quality and innovation to compliment your tastes in furnishing and dĂŠcor. New to the Elgin and Hall range, the Eliana micro marble surround combines stunning simplicity with curvaceous appeal to create a bold structure. Modern yet classical, the beautifully detailed aesthetic with soft curved arch embodies true elegance and sophistication. Choose smartsense undermantel lights to add a subtle glow and enhance the texture of the polished marble. Your fireplace is the centrepiece to your home; available in Grey, White or Manila the Eliana micro marble surround can transform your living room in an instant.

Website: | Telephone: 0191 430 9434




SDS London Rocky Mountain Hardware, based in Idaho, have been manufacturing architectural hardware from the finest art grade bronze for over three decades. Each product is handmade and sandcast with the beauty and integrity of solid bronze, offering exceptional quality and reliability. Specifically designed for Architects & Interior Designers, Rocky Mountain products are truly exquisite. SDS London are proud to be the London distributor for Rocky Mountain Hardware. A selection of hardware is available to view in our Battersea showroom on Northcote Road.

Website: | Email: 4%4-0/%0/


Amarantine Amarantine creates and manufactures a unique range of stunning outdoor furniture, the designs are timeless, the quality is exceptional. Each Amarantine piece or set of furniture is made to order in the UK. All products are available in our standard range of colours. However, for something even more personal, we also offer a bespoke colour-matching option at a small additional cost. The materials we use are entirely natural, we only use sustainably sourced timber and water based paints. Our unique manufacturing techniques ensure there are no metal parts or other elements that could rust or decay in any of our products. This means that you can leave your Amarantine furniture outside, uncovered and exposed to the elements and the finish is guaranteed for a minimum of ten years. There is no need to store it away in winter or put covers on when it rains. Email:

Website: | Telephone: +44 (0)1953 884 333


Matthew Studios Hardware Collection Matthew Studios was founded by Katherine Wildt Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien in 2008, blending her passions for design and natural material. Based in Harlem, New York, Matthew Studios is proud to make product with positive intention in the USA. Katherine works with a team of skilled local artists to create luminaries that are made by hand with a focus on flawless detail. Featuring rock crystal, semi-precious stones, and naturallyshed horn, the collection is inspired by objects from around the world, including vintage and handmade jewellery. Simple forms paired with natural, tonal textures resonate against hand-cast metal, and capture the light as true jewellery for the home. Geology has never been so glamorous. The Matthew Studios hardware collection is available in the UK exclusively from Carrson International. Email for further details.

Website: | Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3794 9481


Nest Studio Hardware Collection Nest Studio is a lifestyle firm specialising in luxury hardware. With the ability to pick up on design and material trends before they happen, along with nimble production and sourcing capabilities, Nest prides itself in producing small runs, unique finishes, and bespoke items at the forefront of design. Founder Jessica Ahnert Davis designed the collection after a frustrating search for beautiful knobs and pulls inspired her to tailor-make decorative pieces to fit her aesthetic. The business has since grown by leaps and bounds, with the release of the Transparency Series, fabricated from a sophisticated mix of brass and acrylic, the Dorothy Draper-inspired Classic Series, the modern-bamboo Reveal Series, and the deco Step Series. Jessica received the 2016 International Furnishings and Design Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rising Stars Award in product design. The Nest Studio collection is available in the UK exclusively from Carrson International. Email for further details.

Website: | Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3794 9481


Bespoke staircases by Pear Stairs


For a beautifully crafted staircase that will make a stunning focal point for your home, look no further than Pear Stairs. Trading since 1895, the company’s skilled craftsmen lead the way in design and innovation, producing stairs in a wide range of premium timbers including oak, ash and walnut, as well as in contemporary glass and metal. Such is Pear Stairs’ reputation that it was chosen to supply staircases for the London Olympic village in 2012. A stair planning tool on the website lets you try out different designs to get an instant quote. And experienced designers are on hand to translate your ideas into reality and help overcome any practical issues such as low headroom or awkwardly placed windows and doors. Visit the website to see hundreds of case studies featuring design drawings, customer testimonials and photos of completed projects.

Website: | Telephone: 01938 553311

Teatree Terracotta


With its natural warm tones, textured surface and depth of colour, terracotta flooring not only works well as a design feature in both modern and traditional settings, but it also has practical benefits: The natural insulating qualities of this baked earth tile makes it the ideal surface to place over underfloor heating systems: Terracotta retains and releases warmth in a most efficient manner. Popular twenty years ago, terracotta flooring is experiencing some sort of revival at the moment as home owners look around for alternatives to stone and porcelain for flooring surfaces. Wellington Tile Company was founded in 1980 as importers and distributors of terracotta tiles and now they are restocking their warehouses again with the same tile.

Website: | Telephone: 01823 667242

Green Lili – Art Prints & Framed Art


Green Lili, led by British designer Michelle Collins, is a lifestyle brand for fresh and fashionable wall art and home accessories. With a love for design, contemporary art and architecture, Michelle’s simple, yet bold style reflects a forward-thinking and fresh vibe. Catching the eye with Scandi-inspired abstract, minimal, geometric and floral prints; Green Lili art brings space to life offering a fresh and imaginative take on combining upcoming trends with timeless style. At Green Lili all of our art is printed and framed to the highest quality in the UK with every print available in a range of standard sizes & framing options. We also offer a bespoke service, with alternative sizes and finishes, whilst easily adapting artwork to match the surrounding colour scheme and interior style.

Website: | Telephone: 0114 478 0200

Bourne Lifts Bourne Lifts Limited can provide new lift installations for almost every application, from simplex to eightcar groups. Whether replacing an outdated and inefficient elevator or installing one as part of an entirely new development, we can survey your project, provide expert advice and quote you a competitive price to complete the installation.. Should our standard range not quite meet your requirements, our bespoke lift services can provide special lifts. We can provide high-rise or unique finishes to match your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements – we know we can help.

Website: | Telephone: 01202 981987




Lina Karam Art & Designs The french artist and renowned designer, has worked as a free lance with many brands like Yves St Laurent,Gucci ,Tom Ford as an art director and Diane von Furstenberg. As an artist and a painter she collaborates with the Saatchi Gallery(in London)and with the online website Saatchiart.

Website: | Email:


Karen Toleman - Artist Karen lives on the Isle of Portland, the southernmost part of Dorset which forms part of the Jurassic Coast. Many hours spent on the local waters in boats, and cliff top walks in all weathers, provide a constant source of inspiration for her art. A self taught artist, works in oil and graphite are informed by her innate love of nature and the ever changing light in this beautiful part of the world. Animals have always been an important part of Karen’s life and she enjoys painting and drawing them in detail, in order to bring out their individual personalities. This applies equally to pets, domestic animals and wildlife. In addition to her own creations, Karen is happy to work from clients’ own photographs of their pets, favourite places or memories. Commissions welcome.

Website: | Email:


Mayfair Oscar Wilde, was a connoisseur of elegance. And in fact he lived in Mayfair, one of the finest districts of London, which still houses restaurants and trendy shops, art galleries and luxurious residences. To give an idea of the kingship of this London district, it is worth remembering here that Queen Elizabeth II was born and lived during the first years of life. At that setting and in that atmosphere is inspired by the collection “Mayfair” Pot à Porter. Vases with soft shapes, soft colors, unobtrusive elegance, capable of giving an inimitable tone dwelling that houses them because really unique and exclusive: considered the manual production process, no one is equal to another. For those who love the British taste, these are pieces of artistic craftsmanship not to be missed.

Website: | Telephone: 305.592.2006


A Must-Have For Any Work Place When supplied for offices, artificial plants can really brighten up any space, especially for those workplaces that consist of lots of grey concrete. A couple of fake trees located outside an office door can create a welcoming entrance, while silk flowers placed in a reception area provide a great first impression, and will look continually at their best at any time of year. When staff are busy focusing on their jobs, they are not likely to have time to water and care for real plants, but artificial plants placed inside an office or outdoors area require hardly any maintenance at all. Since they look so real, plants will continue to create a favourable impression with clients and customers. Fake trees and flowers are also incredibly cost-effective for any business, as they last such a long time. 10% off products quote code AODNOV at checkout, Online orders only, single use, 1 per customer, expires 31/12/2017. Terms apply* See Website.

Website: | Telephone: (01524) 858888







Photo credit Tom Van Oossanen



THE ORIGINAL BRACELET Silver, Rose Gold, Black & Brown Diamonds £4,250

PROTECTING RIVIERE 18K Rose Gold and Brown Diamonds £4,000

100% AGAVE BLANCO, REPOSADO & ANEJO TEQUILA Made in Jalisco and casked in Scotland in Single Malt Whisky Barrels From £45


MERINO WOOL SCARF CLASSIC FRINGED Natural Wool Colour, no dye added 100% Finest Merino Wool £130

JUST REVOLUTION SKIN Yi Ring 18K white and black gold ring set with diamonds £ 3,950



Touch Me Ring


18K black gold ring set with fancy yellow and black diamonds



SUPER LUXE GIFTS FOR HER THIS CHRISTMAS 18KWhite Gold andRuby Necklace £123,900

Columbian Emerald Natural Green Step Cut Drop Earrings £225,200

100% Finest Merino Woollen Throw

18KWhite Gold andRuby

William Morris Tree of Life

Drop Earrings



125 18k White Gold andDiamond Layered Necklace £239,990

Peacock Feather DiamondEarrings 18K white gold £217,000

Formentera Slipper £120 Unicorn Sands

Ethically Sourced Fur Jacket £3,200 Scarlet London

Peacock Feather DiamondRing 18K White Gold Pendant pave set with diamonds

18K white gold





Today, Rossinavi, Italy’s only family owned shipyard, launches their two new vessels at Monaco Yacht Show 2017. Aurora and Endeavour II, both entirely custom in their design, mark a renewed focus on bespoke commissioning and yacht design for the Italian shipyard. With these two yachts, Rossinavi celebrates its point of difference as the only ‘super yacht atelier’ by exploring the rarity of individual components, material innovation and emphasising style. The global yacht community has been invited to discover the design details of both yachts during Monaco Yacht Show 2017.   AURORA Aurora, this 49M aluminium super yacht, intelligently juxtaposes the owner’s passion for sport and adventure with a luxuriously detailed and modern interior living space. Design cues taken from vintage motor sport are exaggerated and expanded to super-yacht proportions.   Aurora features a spacious, open concept layout, with three large social areas, including a sunbathing area or ‘beach salon’. The beach area precedes a recessed but completely open dining space that maintains maximum privacy without compromising the benefits of the exposure to the outdoors.



ENDEAVOUR II 50M super yacht Endeavour II is a fully customised vessel, characterised by a linear layout, minimalist details and lightweight materials, all of which bring to mind urban living and luxury residential interiors rather than traditional yacht design.    Taking inspiration from the owners’ affinity for East Asian culture and philosophies, the interiors of Endeavour induce a sense of serenity and sophistication.  Inspired by Japanese bamboo gardens, circular oak columns of varying sizes panel the walls and form doorways. Lacquered blood red accents punch through the neutral palette.   NOTES TO EDITORS  Technical Design and Construction Features of AURORA Length over all: 49 m  Breadth, max @ fender: 8.90 m Mean scantling draft from B.L.: 1.85 m Main engines at 2,100 RPM: 2x Diesel MTU 12V4000 M93L 2x 2,580 kW (3,460 BHP) Max speed: 21 knots  Cruising speed, at abt. ½ load condition: 17 knots  Range (at approximately 12 knots): ~3,800 Nm  Gross Tonnage: < 500 GT  Naval Architecture: Arrabito Naval Architects  Exterior Design: Fulvio De Simoni Interior Design: Achille Salvagni


Technical Design and Construction Features of endeavour II Length over all: 49.90 m Breadth, max @ fender: 8.8 m Mean scantling draft from B.L.: 2.20 m Propulsion gen sets: 2 x CGT/Caterpillar C32 Acert – 2 x 952 ekW (1190 kVA) @ 60 Hz Azimuthing pods: 2 x Rolls Royce US 105 P9 CRP  Max speed: 16 knots  Cruising speed, at abt. ½ load condition: 12 knots  Range (at approximately 12 knots): ~5,000 Nm  Gross Tonnage: < 500 GT  Naval Architecture: Arrabito Naval Architects  Exterior Design: Enrico Gobbi Interior Design: Achille Salvagni   ABOUT ROSSINAVI The Rossinavi brand was founded in 2007 upon the legacy of expert welders Fratelli Rossi (Rossi Brothers) who had established a reputation for high-quality metal construction of boat hulls since 1980. This expertise has allowed Rossinavi to maintain a level of quality that sees each ship crafted entirely in-house, at their shipyard in Viareggio, Tuscany. Today, after launching several luxury yachts from 40-70 metres in length, and with several in production, the shipyard enjoys growing recognition for its rapid ascent into the market and its ongoing position as the only super yacht company in Italy that is still owned and operated by its founding family.  Website:


Refurbishing and covering upholstery furniture

Upholstery work of any kind with leather, fabrics and artificial leather

Traditional refurbishment

Press-studding (saddle-stitching)

New production of upholstery furniture according to individual wishes


Refurbishing and covering upholstery furniture

Upholstery work of any kind with leather, fabrics and artificial leather

Traditional refurbishment

Press-studding (saddle-stitching)

New production of upholstery furniture according to individual wishes

AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME! + 49 (0)177 247 47 63 for Germany


Consultation on site

Concept development


Selection of materials


EXQUISITE HIGHLIGHT LEATHER FOR FLOORS Exclusivity As Well As Sensuality Are The Expression Of This Fashionable Leather Suited for all floors, even for heated floors

Buffalo Leather for floor wall and also steps.

+ 34 647 76 44 26 for Spain

THE TAILOR-MADE WORLD OF LUXURY YACHT INTERIORS We exclusively work with the finest materials, fabrics and leather for the interior of your yacht.

+ 49 (0)177 247 47 63 for Germany

+ 34 647 76 44 26 for Spain


STEAL, SPEND, SPLURGE CHRISTMAS GIFTS UNDER £500, £1000 AND £2000 UNDER £500 ROSEGOLDBEADS3MM 18KtRosegold w w w. a n i l a r j a n d a s . c o m £400

BULLETPEACE Silver w w w. j s a y. c o m £270 DOUBLESPIKESMINIRING SilverandBlackDiamonds w w w. a n i l a r j a n d a s . c o m £450





w w w. a n i l a r j a n d a s . c o m

w w w. n o u d a r. c o m



SKINNYRING 18Krosegoldringset withadiamond w w w. j s a y. c o m £795

UNDER £2000

C L E O PAT R A A M U L E T 18KWhiteGold w w w. m a r y - c h i n g . c o m £1,200

MPULSERING 1 8 K Ye l l o w G o l d w i t h D i a m o n d s w w w. y e p r e m j e w e l l e r y. c o m £1,500

CYBROWN&BLACKBEZEL-SMAL LOVALRING S i l v e r, B l a c k a n d R o s e C u t D i a m onds w w w. a n i l a r j a n d a s . c o m £1,800




A dress watch should be your most elegant and refined

Any watch geek will preach that it’s what’s on the inside that

timepiece, but with the evolution of style and prevalence

counts, a rotating bezel and bracelet can be equally as elegant

of streetwear the notion of a dress watch remains open.

as a leather strap and plain dial. So what is a dress watch in

For most of us the term dress watch partners with black tie,


dinner jackets and subtlety – with a watch serving its most simple purpose, to tell the time. However, horological giants (in every sense of the word) like Hublot and Audemars Piguet create contemporary and complicated dress watches that traditionalists would see as behemoths on the wrist. Today’s youthful and modern watch wearers use formal occasions to proudly feature the investment concealed by their cuff. Why should there be limitations to what is considered ‘dressy’?

The original purpose of a dress watch was to avoid disturbing the cut of a suit and to champion the skills of a watchmaker for creating such a slim piece, think Cartier. But as watches have evolved so has fashion, not all gentlemen favour a closefitting shirt cuff and a thicker watch can compliment a thicker wrist. Shop our selection of dress watches and make a simple or complicated choice.

136 Cartier The most simple and iconic of dress watches the Cartier collection has been favoured by style icons JFK, Andy Warhol and Michelle Obama, remaining a timeless choice. The Cartier Drive features a cushion case with distinctive Roman numeral markers; it is available with an automatic movement and luxurious moon phase dial. Shop the Cartier collection here: mens Jaeger-LeCoultre Originally created in 1931 the Reverso was designed to be stowed away during polo matches, where often the fragile crystal of the watch would be hit by a wooden mallet or knocked by a ball. The Reverso has served as Jaeger’s most popular style and the latest edition has been updated with a small second’s indicator, Arabic numerals and regal blue hands – staying true to the Reverso’s original art-deco roots. Shop the Jaeger-LeCoultre here: Frederique Constant An effortless and polished Slimline timepiece from Frederique Constant, this silhouette encompasses all things ‘dress watch’. Powered by an analogue quartz movement, this wrist watch is fastened with a brown leather strap and finished with a plain white dial – great for pairing with a range of evening attire. Shop the Frederique Constant collection here: frederique-constant/mens Montblanc Tradition Having defined the art of writing for over 100 years, Montblanc have taken their sophisticated craftsmanship and applied it to watchmaking, producing innovative and modern timepieces for every occasion. The Montblanc Tradition boasts an automatic movement with a distinctive Montblanc design, including the classic Montblanc straight horns, a domed sapphire glass case and stainless steel bracelet. Shop the Montblanc collection here: montblanc/mens

D O H A J E W E L L E R Y & WAT C H E S E X H I B I T I O N A L FA R D A N J E W E L L E RY Doha



A L F A R D A N J E W E L L E R Y, S TA N D 1 9

DOUX JOAILLIER C o u rc h e v e l & S a i n t Tro p e z

W W W. N O U D A R . C O M

QUEENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LANE Geneva




Ottavio Fabbri is a contemporary Italian artist known as the ‘Star Maker’, because of his passion, comprehension and explanation of the night sky through his elaborately detailed paintings. He is also sculptor, director, moviemaker, conceptual and visionary artist. His father, Dino Fabbri, was the founder of the renowned Fratelli Fabbri Editori publishing house, while his mother, Pierina Tassis, was a painter and art dealer. His artworks are showcased in a wide number of private collections and galleries worldwide. In April 2017 Rolls-Royce Berkeley Square, London, featured his paintings in the “Starlight” exhibition, celebrating the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the constellation of stars weaved into the leather-lined ceiling - the Starlight Headliner.

Thanks to his extremely detailed and impressive artworks the European Space Agency has awarded him a lifetime sponsorship, and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, declared “I have already seen Fabbri’s paintings in space”. In many of your previous interviews you stated that the first word you pronounced was “telescope”. How that telescope changed your life? As a child, I heard that word [telescope] from my uncle, a man truly passionate about astronomy. Since then the stars have always fascinated me, and I feel they have accompanied me, all of my life. One night I dreamt vividly of the galaxy, and when I arose I began to paint. It is my way of expressing my intense connection to the universe and stars.



Which painters or artists have left the biggest mark on you? The artists who impressed me most are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, as both reached the soul of things. Thanks to my parents, I also had the chance to meet and spend time with art icons, such as DalĂŹ and Picasso, amongst others. By the age of five I was already able to recognise an authentic painting and to identify its author at first glance. What can you tell us about your ambitious conceptual light installations and any future creative plans? I sleep just few hours per night so I have a lot of time to think and invent something new. The goal of my conceptual light installations is to give brightness and visibility to great events and sights to achieve true peace. Such as my project to create a pyramid of light in the Giza Valley, Cairo. My aim is to complete the sequence of the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Micerinus with a fourth pyramid of light visible from a great distance - a symbol of peace. I have also proposed two obelisks of light to be positioned at both ends of the Gulf of Monte Carlo. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m am also very busy at present working on new concepts and projects for Expo 2020 Dubai, which I am very much looking forward to. To see the latest masterpieces and projects created by Ottavio Fabbri, visit:www.




This undiscovered and fascinating region called the green heart of Italy, with enchanting sunflower fields, lakes, vineyards and olive groves, and remarkable historical cities like Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis. offer idyllic places; sophisticated villas, enchanted castles, charming farmhouses.

Everything you need to make your wedding dream come true. +393 801 94 5195 INFO@UMBRIAWEDDINGSANDEVENTS.COM | WWW.UMBRIAWEDDINGSANDEVENTS.COM

Knightsbridge Luxury Property Agency Knightsbridge Estate Agents are an award-winning specialist luxury property agency providing professional and pro-active consultancy for highend property located in Prime Central London. This fast growing Estate Agency is led by Managing Director Raj Gill who is optimistic and enthusiastic about the central London property market, despite statistics showing a slowdown in residential sales & lettings in this area of London. He believes his boutique luxury property agency is reaping the success of the high quality personable service they provide combined with their ability to source extremely high-net worth buyers and tenants, which gives Knightsbridge Estate Agents the edge over their competitors. The majority of the Agency's clientele are based in countries such as China, Russia, India, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore. We think out of the box and work tirelessly on each instruction; providing regular reports & analysis of market behaviors to our clients.

The agency of today has to be much more proactive due to the ever changing political and financial factors.' We believe an Agent should be realistic and honest with their Landlords, Vendors, Buyers and Investors. We pride ourselves on building great relationships with each and every client; a relationship built on trust, where we can be relied upon to obtain the best outcome. The Brexit vote and the uncertainty in financial markets since had led to the weakening of the Pound Sterling, which in turn has led to an increase in purchaser enquires on sales properties in Prime Central London, despite the high stamp duty tax rates, and changes in Capital Gains Tax. Due to Knightsbridge's ability to not only find the highest quality tenants, but also achieving the asking price on 85% of their Rental Properties listed, they have seen an influx of rental property instructions from local Landlords.



N.Bloom & Son It’s hard to pick out one item from around 250 on our website but this late 19th century Scottish agate ’pebble’ butterfly brooch at £1450 is the sort of quirky thing I like. If you are looking for a gift for some-one special, or even for spoiling yourself, it’s worth a browse. N.Bloom & Son was started by my grandfather in 1912, and after a succession of Mayfair shops over forty years, I now sell only on-line, or I can meet in London by arrangement. All the info about me and Bloom’s is on our website Not everything is quirky, but I’m fanatical about quality and condition. Nothing is more important, hence our unconditional guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your purchase. If not, just quickly send it back for a refund. I can also help if you have jewellery to sell, without auctions taking nearly

Primassure Limited Specialist Insurance Broker At Primassure we understand that your jewellery and watches can be

half its value. Email me.

amongst your most valued possessions – both financially and emotionally. Insuring your valuables can not replace the emotional loss should the worst happen, but can ensure that you are compensated. Whether you want to insure an individual item or a collection we can provide you with an insurance policy against loss or damage arranged by a specialist jewellery and watch insurance broker. Contact us to see how we can protect your valuables: Tel: 01702 544 972

Primassure Limited Specialist Insurance Broker Whether insuring your property, treasured jewellery, personal valuables, prestige vehicles, yacht or aircraft, Primassure will arrange bespoke, specialist, worldwide cover to complement your lifestyle. We have exclusive schemes for our high net worth clients and we will work with you and a number of the world’s leading insurers to provide the value of secure protection and peace of mind that you need. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the key to our success and the foundation of our relationship with clients and insurers alike. Please contact our dedicated team for your absolutely free quotation and mention “The Art of Design” as your reference.

Are you looking for good style in jewelry? Take a look at the jewelry from Lissie Design Jewelry. A Norway based jewelry company at the west-coast of Norway. Lissie Design offer you something new and exiting that you don’t find enywhere else. The designer and jewelry maker Anne Lise Hestness designes quality jewelry in a unique style. She got 30 years exsperience in jewelry design and jewelry making. She makes jewelry for both her and him. Made in sterling silver, gold and plated finish, gemstones, vintage glass and more. Many items are one of a kind. And the rest are limited edition. So don’t hestitate! Please visit Lissie Design for a unique shopping experience with great customer service and free shipping.

Lissie Design Jewelry Stasjonsveien 22a, 4018 Stavanger NORWAY

If your insurance policy is not yet due for renewal, please email us with your renewal month and we will contact you in good time to arrange a free quotation. +44 (0) 1702 209511 |


Cugó Gran Menorca Cugó Gran is an award-winning full-service luxury villa hotel. Set within its own 250-acre private estate, and the only 5* Agroturismo in Menorca, Cugó Gran boasts spectacular 180° sea views and is located just 10 minutes from Menorca Airport. Cugó Gran is the perfect venue for a romantic holiday, large family celebration, special occasion or wedding, providing all the services of a five star hotel including its own concierge team. The stunning interiors are influenced by the Mediterranean with an aesthetic of pared-back luxury accentuated by fresh lemons, flowers and herbs picked from the Estate’s own lavender fields and garden. Sleeping up to 22 guests in 11 exquisite en-suite rooms, guests can book Cugó Gran in its entirety or on an individual room luxury bed and breakfast basis.

Premier Ship Models One of only few model making companies offering an end-to-end service in the construction of entirely bespoke ship models. Serving a global clientele in both the corporate and private sectors, the team at Premier Ship Models take a personal approach in fulfilling the requirements of their


+34 671 528 958

The team possesses over 150 years’ experience in professional model making, giving them the knowledge and expertise to create scale replicas of virtually any ship in any size, all from plans and photos. From their headquarters in the UK they have been responsible for building well publicised models including the HMS Victory in a bottle on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth (now relocated to Greenwich Maritime Museum). The company is always open to discussing the possibility to work on new ship models and would encourage you to get in touch to speak with the team about your requirements using the details below. 0208 447 1884 |

Edel & Stark AG


The Edel & Stark group is the leading provider of high-quality transportation solutions and luxury car rental Europe with branches in

Nakibirango is a London based luxury jewellery brand founded in 2015.

Zurich, Munich, Nice and Dubai. Our fleet covers a broad range of luxury cars. Ferrari rental, Porsche rental, Lamborghini rental and other brand rentals are available. Guided sports car tours, chauffeured limousine services and private jet charter and yacht charter complete our extensive services.

collections are injected with themes of architecture, fine sculpture, art and photography.

Our luxury car rental Europe service focuses on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always ensure flawless quality of our fleet, as well as our services. The Edel & Stark group stands for luxury car rental Europe at the highest level. We offer international one-way bookings, door-to-door delivery and multilingual service throughout the booking process. We life for individual wishes; luxury car rental Europe and all other products can be adapted to make your perfect experience possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime via phone or email. Head office Europe Edel & Stark AG Hübelistrasse 28 4600 Olten Switzerland +41 62 295 15 15

United Arab Emirates E and S Luxury Car Rental L.L.C. Dubai Investment Park 2, Store 2 PO Box 390562, Dubai United Arab Emirates +971 4 885 13 35

Drawing Inspiration from heritage and ancestral representation, the

Further inspiration is taken from a passion for semi-precious stones and bespoke designs which has come to identify Nakibirango as a trusted name in exclusive jewellery today.

Visit for 25% off on your first order

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I just love finding new places to wear diamondsâ&#x20AC;? Marylin Monroe

Marylin Collection available in store at Frost of London, 108 New Bond St, Mayfair, London W1S 1EF and online at

The Art of Design Issue 29 2017  
The Art of Design Issue 29 2017