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Process Monitoring & Control Instrumentation Instrumentation for SIL1,SIL2 & SIL3 rated Safety System Loop applications

Tel: 01908 567 003 Email: sales@amelec-uk.com Website: www.amelec-uk.com Fax: F: 01908 566 735

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Printed & Interactive Magazine www.pecm.co.uk

August - September 2013 News & Events


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M H Media Global Ltd. Suite 1, The Lead Centre, Dane Valley Road St Peters, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 3JJ All web addresses are inter-active, simply click the web address of your choice to view the company website. There is also a useful tool bar where you can search for a specific product, or simply view the index on page 3 and then type in the page number of the section that you wish to view. Please mention Process Engineering Control & Maintenance when responding to items in this issue. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in Process Engineering, Control & Maintenance however, the publishers accept no responsibility for the claims or opinions made by the contributers, manufacturers or advertisers. No part of the publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic (including printing), recording or stored in any information retrieval system without the prior written concent of the publisher.

Storage, Handling & Distribution 70 Water & Effluent Treatment


The two companies RIA CONNECT GmbH and BTR NETCOM GmbH merge to form METZ CONNECT GmbH For several years now, we have been following an international growth strategy and have jointly developed individual marketing and sales activities in our companies RIA CONNECT GmbH and BTR NETCOM GmbH, as well as bringing together processes synergies and leaner processes and to realize our vision of being a connectivity specialist offering high quality connection technology for modern communication solutions from circuit boards to the Internet. We have united this orientation under the METZ CONNECT brand which acts as an important symbol and provider of impulses for new products as well as business partnerships and gives us this common identity. On July 1st of this year we will combine both companies on a legal basis and will then continue to manage the business activities of RIA CONNECT GmbH and BTR NETCOM GmbH as part of the METZ CONNECT GmbH. Now, with this step, the activities of the company will be promoted in Europe too, with a new identity and motivation, as was done in the USA earlier this year. “We have prepared for this on the strategic and organisational level already during the last years. Now, for customers and our employees only the name of the company changes, nothing else,� Managing Director Torsten Janwlecke commented about this step. Moreover, the two brands RIA CONNECT and BTR NETCOM, being established symbols on the market, will remain part of our corporate design and on existing products.

www.metz-connect.com August/September 2013 PECM

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Motion technology meets art: The story of Ron Arad’s Last Train art installation Commissioned by Steinmetz Diamonds and created by the internationally famous artist Ron Arad, Last Train is an interpretation of the ‘strength of raw diamonds’. Using the visually impressive properties of LED edge illuminated striking Steinmetz diamond ring etches an enlarged replica of a work produced in real-time by an artist using an iPad on to a 875mm by 1155mm sized lead-glass panel - by way of a custom mechatronics positioning system designed and built by motion control specialist Heason Technology. Last Train was inspired from a mesmerising encounter on a railway platform in Naples where, just missing his last train, Arad witnessed a man in a slowly disappearing carriage etching the most amazing drawings onto a exhibition at the 55th Vienna Biennale in Italy until 24th November 2013, the complete installation includes the actual production equipment and original glass etched works by the artist; with many other artists including Ai Weiwei, Anthony Gormley and Francesco Clemente also contributing their own work. For Ron Arad, the installation is about the strength of the raw carbon based material rather than as a symbol of value and adornment, and conveys how diamond on glass has been used over centuries to convey messages of love, hate, rebellion and pain. Heason Technology was called into the project to design and build a creative solution for the motion system the performance or dynamic aspects of the artwork as envisaged by the artist. The basic concept called for the iPad app to output coordinate touchscreen information from the artist’s work via an ad hoc Wi-Fi network to a PC programme which then interpreted the information into a 2-axis mechanical positioning system, with a third axis the glass plate. It was also a prerequisite for the complete presentation cabinet - except for the iPad of course.

The original motion system, based on stepper motors, was erratic in operation and did not transfer the etched information to the glass as fast or as smoothly and accurately as required. Stepper motors were also noisy which did not suit the tranquillity expected of the work. A solenoid used to position the diamond on the glass Furthermore, the H-frame gantry positioning system dimensions, did not allow the diamond to cover the total area of glass, limiting the visual impact of the artworks. Finally, all of the drive and control electronics could not be housed inside the cabinet necessitating a separate control cabinet - which would be problematical to conceal for art exhibition use. The challenge faced by Heason Technology to build a complete system inside of the restricted presentation cabinet in itself was pretty huge. This was compounded by the timescales required as work on the prototype had stalled with the previous supplier. Heason was given only around 12 weeks to complete and deliver the system in time for the Vienna Biennale early in June 2013. A comfortable timescale to include a full design and necessary reviews, lead-times for components and building/testing would have been nearer double. Using its full resources as a designer and builder of bespoke motion systems and with the full support of its distribution partners, for this project namely ABB and Danaher Motion’s Thomson Division - and with many late nights - Heason was able to supply a complete system in time for the Biennale. use of M55 series Movopart belt driven linear positioning slides from Thomson in an ‘I’ frame (or rotated ‘H’ frame) arrangement with two synchronised parallel horizontal axes supporting a single vertical traversing axis allowed only just. The ‘I’ frame also reduced the power required when compared to an ‘H’ frame with the two parallel axes motion products involved actually machining material away from covers and using specially inverted parallel belt drive adapter plates to make the extruded aluminium band option to protect the ball guided bearings against the ingress of glass dust from the etching process. Many other components needed ‘shaving’ and even cable chain required some remedial work to allow it to extend without fouling other equipment in the cabinet. With the main mechanical system design in place, the components and interfacing panel could be placed around the cabinet. It was inevitably decided that to achieve


PECM August/September 2013

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the speeds and dynamic performance required a servo motor based system would be best employed. ABB’s NextMove e100 multi-axis motion controller using its integrated Ethernet POWERLINK network for motion synchronisation was chosen for its programming and installation simplicity. This distributed drive technology system reduced wiring volume to a bare minimum over traditional servo systems with MicroFlex e100 drives connected via POWERLINK with minimal length cabling required for feedback. A MINT program on the multitasking NextMove e100 motion controller receives real-time linear position coordinates and etching axis on/off information from a C++ program on the PC that interprets the separately commissioned iPad app. This multiple move information is stored in the MINT program’s move buffer and may be advanced and started on demand - streaming these positions through the program to create the smooth coordinated and contoured motion that recreates the artist’s work. The parallel axis synchronisation was easily taken care of using MINT with a feature added during the start-

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the vertical axis from the outset. The third axis motion for etch on/off is taken care of through a separate brushless DC motor and drive using the NextMove e100’s torque input command to soften the impact when placing the diamond on the glass. A combination of hard and soft limits, and torque control ensures all axes are restricted within a safe zone of the internal cabinet area. This extraordinary motion system provides a real showcase for the capabilities of Heason Technology and the artist is extremely pleased with the result. “It was a pleasure to work with a company that was more of a perfectionist than we ever imaged,” says Arad, “when things were good enough for us they weren’t good enough from Heason’s professional attitude in a time-frame that has challenged everyone involved in the project.” Arad hopes to work with Heason in the future. “Working on the Last Train project with Heason has given us the appetite for other projects that we wish to follow up on.” www.heason.com

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News & Events Power Electrics Win Family Business of the Year 2013

Kawasaki opens UK distribution centre with Advanced Component Technology

Power Electrics Generators has been named Family Business of the Year at the Bristol Post Business Awards. This is the second time the popular

Advanced Component Technology Ltd has been appointed sole distributer for Kawasaki hydraulics. The company’s new status sees it supporting the UK hydraulic system and machine manufacturer industry from its purpose-built West Yorkshire base.

Sarah Pullen, Managing Director of Bristol News and Media, said “Power Electrics is a great example of a successful, family-run business. We all know the economic environment is incredibly tough at the moment but

Advanced Component Technology Director Stephen Lund said the appointment will mean the ACT team is centrally placed to provide service and response with a full technical support to all customers.

that you can still be successful in the current environment.”

Kawasaki UK Managing Director Steve Cardew met with ACT directors and

Power Electrics is now one of the largest independent diesel generator hire, sales, service, parts, training and fabrication departments.

the distribution centre which will supply products to markets including power generation, mining, offshore and marine.

Tel: 0370 8500858

Tel: 01535 650010


Email: sales@adcomtec.co.uk

Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH invites young people for a practice day

Ceram Welcomes Skamol A/S as a Technology Partner Ceram, the international materials technology company, is pleased to announce that Skamol A/S has become an Industry Associate Technology Partner.

Menzel Elektromotoren GmbH held its

problem-solving and knowledge exchange.

students from Berlin who are interested in the job ‘electronic technician for machines and drive technology’. “With this offer, we would like to attract technically gifted students as trainees. We offer two or three trainee positions and several internships every year”, explains CEO Kurt Menzel. “The practice day offers better, more in-depth insights into our production than any booth at a job training fair. We can thus provide young people with a good grasp of what working in a medium-sized, family-owned company entails, and offer them some vocational guidance.” More than 30 students from three Berlin schools took part in the event.



Skamol A/S develops, manufactures and markets thermal insulating materials for heat-intensive industries and passive helpline, testing services concession, service allowance, and access to the Ceram Information Centre and network events. Ceram has three Technology Partnership Packages, helping businesses


World’s Safest & Most Effective Descaler Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable before

Dynamic Descaler® is a revolutionary liquid descaler that rapidly dissolves all water scale and lime plus it removes, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively.

Scale removal = Lower energy costs Ideal For:

Safe On:

Environmentally Friendly

Tel: 01579 384 584


Fax: 01579 384 765

NO es



Biodegradable. Won’t harm the environment. Safe. Won’t harm workers Economical. Compare cost to other products and cleaning options. Fast. Equipment is cleaned within a few hours. Superior corrosion inhibitors. Lowest corrosion rate of any descaler. Powerful detergents and penetrating agents.



Descale 518 before


Descale 518 is speciallyformulated for stainless steel but can also be used on steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic and rubber. Ideal for holding tanks, reservoirs, heat exchangers, condensers, and other aluminium or stainless steel equipment.

Aqua Safe Descaler Aqua Safe Descaler is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 before


Aqua Safe Descaler is safe on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, iron, brass, copper, plastic, rubber, and other materials found in most water cooled, heated, or operated equipment. Ideal for water heat exchangers, tankless hot water heaters, coolers, pumps, boilers, compressors, condensers, extruders, molds, cooling towers, furnaces, water piping systems and other water side heat exchange surfaces. Dissolves all types of water scale, calcium carbonate, lime, and rust.

Email: sales@dynamicdescaler.co.uk

Web: dynamicdescaler.co.uk

PECM August/September 2013

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15th Scramble For Africa: Strategy Briefing - 25th November 2013 10th Africa Independents Forum - 26th November 2013 20th Africa Upstream Conference - 27th - 29th November 2013 54th PetroAfricanus Dinner - 25th November 2013 ) ) )

&" $#" ' $$# Mor$ "#$$ #%"$eek  #%#$"( '$ # #!(#

Titanium Sponsor

Palladium Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

Rhodium Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor Segun Barristers + Solicitors, Lagos

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07/09/2013 22:24:59

News & Events Alstom Brazil to Purchase Pema Welding Automation for Wind Mill Tower Production Alstom Brasil Energia e Transporte Ltda ordered PEMA welding automation equipment for wind mill tower production special grounds being that Alstom had good proven experience in their production plant in Spain. Previously Pemamek has supplied wind tower welding solutions to Alstom Spain and based on this cooperation a repeat order to Brazil was made by Alstom. The contract consists of PEMA wind tower fabrication line that includes PEMA Column & Booms, roller beds and Lincoln Electric Powerwave submerge arc welding machines integrated together with PEMA Weld Control system to Alstom´s Canoas Factory in state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

Tel: +55 119 9602 3993


New FACILITY underlines NOV MONO® SERVICES For the Oil and Gas Industry A leading global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and associated equipment has increased the strength of its offering to customers in the global oil and gas industry in the UK. Working from its new Southampton base, the NOV Mono® Oil & Gas Solutions team will provide dedicated industry expertise and support for customers in many different areas of the oil and gas sector.

Portakabin Wins Zero Waste Gold Award The Highest Accolade for Sustainable Waste Management Portakabin, the UK’s leading modular building manufacturer, has received the highest accolade at the Zero Waste Awards in recognition of its achievements in sustainable waste management. accolade has been presented since the awards began. Commenting on this latest success, Derek Carter, Chief Executive of the Portakabin Group, said, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this award which is a fantastic testament to our staff across the business and at and manufacturing.”

Tel: 0845 401 0010


Celebrating 25 years Having started business in Spring 1988, Prospec Systems Ltd, creators of the PSL DATATRACK production control software solutions, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company was founded by managing director Jim Kelly whose experience, both on

range of API 676-compliant EZstripTM progressing cavity (PC) pumps.

the management and supply of new machine tools, gave him the knowledge and experience to establish Prospec Systems. “l could see the potential for a product such as PSL DataTrack and wanted to offer practical solutions to precision engineers both in sub-contract and general engineering, particularly to ‘owner/managers’ who needed to ‘run the business’ and also ‘do the business’ said Jim.

Tel: +44 (0)161 339 9000 www.mono-pumps.com

Tel: 08456 345932

www. psldatatrack.com



PECM August/September 2013

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The UK Petroleum Industry Association’s ‘Assuring Safety: Leadership in Process Safety’ The UK refining and downstream oil industry is highly committed to protecting the health and safety of its workforce and the public, as well as the environment in which it operates. Since the launch of UKPIA’s Process Safety Leadership Commitment in 2008, significant progress has been made in developing tools, networks and indicators of performance to help the industry work toward excellence in process safety. In order to continue actively promoting Process Safety initiatives, UKPIA has broadened its original Process Safety Commitment and has recently launched ‘Assuring Safety: Leadership in Process Safety’.

Assuring Safety comprises of three key principles: Working Together, Encouraging Excellence, and Sharing and Learning. Each of these principles is delivered through a network of initiatives, committees and fora. These forming elements are highly integrated and, together, they play an important role in collecting, analysing and sharing process safety information which, in turn, is brought together to identify and drive improvement through the development of guidance, tools and training standards.

Using available resources to identify potential areas of concern and develop strategies to address these.

Advancing dialogue on process safety practices by communicating with other relevant industry sectors. As appropriate, sharing lessons from relevant high level incidents and near misses.

Analysing industry’s performance and targeting specific areas of process safety by commissioning the development of tools and technical guidance.

Enhancing process safety throughout the industry and achieving excellence is at the forefront of UKPIA’s operations. For more information about Assuring Safety please visit www.ukpia.com/process-safety.aspx

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UK Advanced Engineering industries converge this November for record size event Already one of Europe’s most important annual advanced engineering showcases for technology innovation, processes and industry supply chain capability; now, for 2013 and to accommodate its continued growth, the Advanced Engineering UK group of events 2013 ’ moves to Hall 5 at NEC Birmingham (its largest and showpiece hall), on Tuesday Nov 12th and Wed Nov 13th. The Advanced Engineering UK 2013 group of events comprises 5 co locating events: Aero Engineering Show 2013 dedicated AERO structures, powerplant and systems engineering supply chain event. www.aeroconf.com Composites Engineering Show 2013 showcase of advanced composite materials, design & processing capability www.compositesexhibition.com Automotive Engineering Show 2013 dedicated volume & niche automotive engineering supply chain event www.ukautoengineering.com Auto Electronics Show 2013 dedicated to current & future vehicle electronics programmes www.ukautoelectronics.com Printable Electronics for Industry 2013 - The transfer & commercial development between supply chain partners, brand owners and integrators. www.ukprintableelectronics.com Increasing in size year on year, the 2013 show portfolio will provide a combined 600+ specialist exhibitors of engineering plant, equipment , technology, components and specialist services in one giant hall, together with playing host to some 180+ expert technical and strategic presentations over the 2 days. Commenting on the events’ continued rapid expansion in exhibitors, content streams and attendance numbers, Ian Stone, of show organisers UK Tech Events states “This year’s show provides attendees with our biggest yet showcase of specialist suppliers, industry capability and innovation streams across multiple high value


engineering & manufacturing communities, crucial to the UK’s industrial growth ambitions.“ “The ‘group of shows’ formula”, Stone continues, “allows visitors not only to target their own primary aerospace





from the wider synergetic showcase of technology and Open conference & special features Visitors to this year’s group of events can pick and choose from an expanded 2 day programme of expert free to attend presentations. Just some of the major industry names set to contribute to this year’s open programme and supporting special features includes ADS Group, GKN Aersopace, Jaguar Land Rover, BINDT, AMRC with Boeing, HVM Catapult, Motorsport Industry Association, BAE Systems, EEF, IntellectUK, National Composites Centre, Safran Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Bloodhound SSC, MIRA, ESPRC …but to name a few. You can pre-register now (via any of the individual show websites OR simply go to www. advancedengineeringuk.com ) for your FREE ENTRY open conference programmes. Pre-registered visitors will additionally have the opportunity of networking with other pre-registered organisations via the events’ online networking portal.

PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:25:16


Visit 5 of the UK's leading advanced engineering events under 1 roof

One of the NEC's fastest growing forums The Advanced Engineering UK group of events, including . . .

Once again, the Advanced Engineering UK group of events brings together OEMs, primes and all supply chain tiers, to meet and do business across some of the UK's highest-growth advanced engineering sectors. Whether attending as an exhibitor or a visitor, each of the 5 co locating advanced engineering shows provides you with a business forum and supply chain showcase within its own sector, and those of its co-locating sister events. Automotive – Aerospace – Composites – Motorsport – Marine – Consumer – Energy – Electronics and more . . .

Hall 5 of the NEC this 12/13 November. Register now for your FREE entry badge at:

www.advancedengineeringuk.com Media and industry Partners include

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07/09/2013 22:25:18

ProcessVue® alarm management is 100% reliable at Premier Oil By replacing an ageing, unreliable SOE printer system with MAC Solutions’ ProcessVue software, Premier Oil’s Balmoral facility has experienced zero software outages since it was installed two years ago. The 100% reliability of ProcessVue ensures that data from safetycritical plant is always logged, enabling engineers to identify the cause of a plant upset, including the sequence of events (SOEs) leading up to this. Premier Oil is an oil and gas exploration and production in the UK. The Balmoral facility in the Central North production vessel (FPV). Installed in 1986, the FPV mooring system consists of 8 adjustable-tension anchor chains attached to piles. The topside facilities generation, gas compression and living quarters for more than 100 staff. Maximum design throughput of the FPV is around 60,000 bbl/day oil production and

90,000 bbl/day produced water handling. The FPV has no oil storage capability and oil is exported to Cruden Bay via a 14km pipeline (Brae-Forties link) and overland to Hound Point. Lee Hanlon, Instrument and Controls Engineer at Premier Oil North Sea, is also project lead for the ProcessVue implementation at Balmoral. He comments: “We have lots of safety-critical plant and equipment, as well as thousands of individual instruments installed across the Balmoral FPV. Event and alarm data from these instruments needs to be logged on a continuous basis. The sequence of events leading up to a failure or plant shutdown need to be recorded, so that we have 100% traceability at all times. If anything unforeseen happens, our personnel need to be able to quickly identify and analyse the root cause of the events that triggered an alarm.”


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07/09/2013 22:25:20

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Control & Automation Website relaunch for Ircon pyrometer brand

Universal Robots

A new website has just been released for the Ircon pyrometer brand. The English version is online at http://www.ircon.com/. Sites in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese will follow shortly. Established on the market since 1962, Ircon infrared pyrometers perform with accuracy and repeatability in the harshest and most volatile conditions, where precise temperature measurement and control is required. The new website presents the wide range of Ircon products for non-contact temperature measurement in industrial processes. The new, applicationdriven content will help guide visitors to the temperature measurement the optimal infrared solution simply via their application in metals, glass, or plastics processing, in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules, the packaging or paper industry, and other areas.

Universal Robots is an innovative and globally successful Danish manufacturer the market in 2009, the company has seen substantial growth. This year alone, Universal Robots expects to sell 8001000 robots globally. European portfolio customers include companies such as Lear, Oticon, Bosch, BMW, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, LG, Samsung, LUK and GN Resound. In Asia, UR robots are used extensively by the Bajaj company in the yearly production of 4 million vehicles, motor cycles and auto rickshaws. Universal Robots is a collaborative industrial robots with focus on



The LTP-250 NanoPress™

Temperature profiling inside the mold: RotoPaq for rotomolding applications

The LTP-250 NanoPress™ is a miniature press for general use in applying heat and light pressure to materials. The NanoPress uses a separate temperature controller for heating the platens and implementing isothermal or rampand-hold modes. The heating temperature range is ambient to 250 °C (480 °F), and the maximum applied force is 22.7 Kg (50 pounds). Force is applied with weights placed on top of the LTP-250. Platen area is 75 cm x 75 cm (3.0” x 3.0”). The Nanopress is also useful for the curing of SMC, BMC, epoxies, polyesters, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, siiicones,laminates and other polymeric materials. Providing an ultra-portable, easily operated platform polymers, the press can be controlled manually or with the -Lambient Technologies CureView software.

Email: techsales@nortest.co.uk


For optimal temperature control in rotational molding processes, Datapaq now provides the RotoPaq system which can collect data directly from inside the oven, mold surface, and even within the mold. The data logger, thermal barrier, and thermocouples are attached to the rotating mold assembly to record temperature data throughout the continuous heating and cooling cycles. In addition to being stored in the logger, the data can be transmitted in control and optimize the process in order to avoid common manufacturing defects such as warping, pinholes/bubbles, discoloration, and uneven

Tel: +44 1223 652400


High-performance process control Responsive multi-channel feedback control system for adjustment of process gases.

t 8 inputs with wide range of sensor combinations t Flexible and adaptive to suit a variety of processes t Fast-acting advanced control algorithm


Speedflo Mini

8 voltage inputs 8 MFC outputs

2 voltage inputs 3 MFC outputs



PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:25:28

New control system delivers speed, stability and precision at an affordable cost. The new PMC control system from TRM allows the machine builder and process integrator the ability to simplify installations and reduce build cost all in one easy to use package. Supplied with free software suitable for a variety of machines and process’, and hard to beat.

The PMC is a precision 4 axis motion controller with integrated PLC capabilities and can control either servo or stepper motors or a combination. This means that for many machines additional IO modules do not ordering process and reduces labour in installation. Hi-speed encoder inputs are used and 3 additional Jog encoders can be provided should an axis or speed need to be controlled manually. Two types of outputs are included, PLC style power outputs and also TTL signal outputs giving 20 in total.

and have the ability to be changed between ‘pull high’ or ‘pull low’ depending on the sensors being used. 4 analogue inputs are also provided that will accept either 4-20ma or 0-10V signals allowing the controller to measure a range of signals for temperature, pressure, Our range of enclosures mean that the controller can be mounted as a pendant, built into a machine or mounted in a cabinet door allowing great versatility where the integrator may be building bespoke machines. This allows the integrator to build the controller into a variety of machines in different ways yet only have to learn how to program once! a customising service that allows case styles to be changed, overlays to be created with custom colours and logo’s, and if necessary custom keypad layouts. Even the software can be semi-customised as standard opening screens can be added by uploading a JPEG image, Operator screens can be laid out by changing a few simple parameters and for those that want a full solution we can offer a design/installation or programming service. The types of machine that can be controlled are endless. From a simple conveyor system to a welding robot the PMC controller is the solution. To discuss how we can work together to improve performance and reduce costs, call 01704 563777 or email sales@ trm-electronics.com today with your requirements. Also in the range is the SMC controller designed for less complex machines and hence a lower cost. This still allows the same great versatility and level of precise control but for 2 axis servo or 3 stepper or a combination.


August/September 2013 PECM

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07/09/2013 22:25:30

Control & Automation Socomec Ups and Sudlows - Keeping Metrolink on track with Specialist Critical Power Solutions Socomec UPS has been selected by Metrolink RATP Dev Ltd (MRDL) to manage the introduction of its latest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technology in a major upgrade to the Greater Manchester Metrolink light railway critical power infrastructure. Metrolink is currently undergoing a £1.4 billion expansion and to bring the existing infrastructure in line with the technology required as part of the network’s ambitious expansion programme, systems and battery strings within Stop Equipment Rooms serving key rail


Long-distance control of infrared cameras Optris’s infrared cameras are the only cameras in the market to feature USB connection for easy handling. Acting as a USB to Ethernet adapter, the USB server Industry Isochron now makes it possible to bridge distances PI series thermal imaging camera. “With this product we offer a reliable industrial solution, giving our customers

Cost-efficient pressure sensor for air conditioning and ventilation technology Introducing the DN 752 GA 003 series of solution for pressure monitoring in pipes and containers. The devices are designed for a 0..30 mbar measurement range and for ambient and media temperatures from -20 to +70 °C. A 4..20 mA power output enables, for example, proportional controllers to be addressed directly. However, the pressure value can also be processed by higherlevel control and visualization systems. The sensor contains a capacitive ceramic gauge head which contacts the medium directly once the sensor has been screwed into a pipe or the wall of a container. It measures the ensures secure process connection.

Email: info@ege-elektronik.com


LG Motion chosen for Astrium space satellite component test rig As a world leader in space transportation and satellite systems, Astrium boasts some of the most advanced design, manufacturing and test facilities in the industry. With locations throughout Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia the group includes the

optris PI 160, PI 400 and PI 450 infrared cameras. At a rate of up to 100 Mbit/s it can transmit even the high-resolution thermal imagery recorded at 27 Hz by the PI-4XX series.

advanced payloads for communications, navigation and Earth observation satellites. To further enable this focussed and extremely demanding work, LG Motion Ltd was recently commissioned by Astrium to supply a custom-designed support structure to automate the positioning of large microwave components for integration testing, calibration and tuning of microwave transmitters integrated on satellites. Ultimately the assembly, known as a PCT Support System, is used to optimise the quality and consistency within the satellite manufacturing processes that Astrium has developed.


Tel: 01256 365600

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz, Optris GmbH’s general manager. The USB server Industry Isochron is a joint development of Optris GmbH and electronics components manufacturer Wiesemann


Harvesting savings from the latest LED technology Earlsmann is an industry leader in providing innovative intelligent LED lighting solutions. Earlsmann’s new ‘Brighton’ LED light is a highperformance, versatile unit with builtin intelligent controls. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouses, factories, supermarkets, freezer rooms and cold stores, gyms and museums, and can even be used to provide emergency hardware. 50,000 hours ensures low maintenance costs. It is manufactured in the

Email: sales@earlsmann.co.uk


Integrated Electronic Control for Hydra-Cell P200 Diaphragm Pump Wanner International is now offering integrated variable speed drive with its Hydra-Cell P200 metering pumps. The innovative design combines an AC induction motor with a variable speed drive (inverter) mounted on the motor in a terminal box. Combining the motor & drive together is claimed to be simple to use while being highly accurate and repeatable. The compact design and low weight of the unit complements the small size and footprint of the HydraCell P200 metering pump. The ATEX approved, IP65, class F variable frequency drive system is easy to set up and adjust through a local analogue control knob, graded from 0 to 100%.

Tel: 01252 816847



PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:25:35

changes in the condition of the plant. system value to trend on separate operator stations.

A Fresh View on Boilerhouse Control THE SYSTEM The Unity control system from Byworth Boilers offers an unprecedented level of visibility and control over everything in your boiler house from water treatment, right through to the steam header in one easy to use interface. Capable of handling dozens of simultaneous I/O, Unity is suitable for any boiler house from control of a single boiler to complex multi- boiler, multi-fuel installation incorporating waste heat and composite boilers. Intelligent decisions based on the systems measured and reduce operational stress to decrease downtime and increase the plants life cycle. Unity is able to accept, process and trend various boiler house values including -

THE USER INTERFACE Accessible via the built-in touch screen or remotely via TCP/IP on a Microsoft Windows based desktop PC; the easy to use interface allows for quick access to trend data, alarm logs, and user controllable functions such as time sequencing, fuel switching, or set point adjustment. A simple green, amber, red warning system ensures that the operators attention is quickly drawn to the

CONNECTIVITY Remote control and monitoring is available via Modbus or TCP/IP as standard with other protocols available on request. The integration of Modbus throughout makes communicating with example extremely simple bringing the full wealth of information from these devices to a central point for processing. A log of alarms and tests carried out is stored on the local device and can be output to a network printer on the triggering of such an event (such as an alarm or the completion of the boiler weekly test). THE BOILER HOUSE Unity was developed to monitor and control an entire boiler house installation from one central control point giving the system advantage over using several third party controllers to operate different parts of the boiler house. The networked structure above shows a brief overview of some items that can be controlled and by what means of communication. As standard the unit will allow the operator to program and monitor the following through the HMI.

Tel: 01535 665225 Email: sales@byworth.co.uk Web: www.byworth.co.uk August/September 2013 PECM

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07/09/2013 22:25:39

Electrical Engineering Free-Way 6 Position Toggle Switch Re-design The new Free-Way Switch Range opens up an entirely new dimension in guitar pickup selection and potential for other applications. The 6 position lever switch in its conventional form provides 2 pole 6 position circuit selection with the ability to select any of the 6 positions non sequentially if required, unlike a conventional rotary switch approach. Originally used in the Gibson® Jimmy Page Les Paul® Custom signature guitar, the Free-Way Switch has been re-designed and styled for today’s guitar market. The new range has been developed by designer and guitarist Alasdair Bryce whose company, AB Design collaborated closely with engineers at NSF Controls Ltd to enhance performance and manufacturing ability.

HellermanTyton Introduces X-Ray Detectable Cable Binding New from HellermannTyton, a leading supplier of products identifying and protecting cables and their connecting components, is introducing a Metal Content Spiral Binding (MCSB) system with a detection equipment on food processing lines.

Developed to the

the MCSB is easily applied to pre-terminated cables, encapsulating them in a protective jacket made from fully x-ray and magnetic detectable material.


For further information visit www.hellermanntyton.com.

Denso UK Gains Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2004

Bespoke Paddle Blade Mixers from JR Boone Perfect for Clan Ceramics

Denso anti-corrosion and sealing specialist products manufacturer, Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd are proud to announce that they have now achieved the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001:2004.

John R Boone have developed a bespoke mixer solution for Investment casting specialists Clan Ceramics for their world-wide ceramic casting business, including high-temperature, multi-stage mixing with vacuum processing and discharge.

Obtaining this standard for their factory and operations base in West Norwood, London is an important step forward for the company and shows their commitment to environmental responsibility. This new environmental standard goes hand in hand with the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 they have held and maintained for the last 25 years at the London premises and demonstrates the company’s aim in constantly improving its day to day operations and customer satisfaction through better manufacturing operations and safer products.

Email: mail@denso.net


JR Boone produced a horizontal paddle blade mixer (HPBM) for Clan. The mixing process is complex, forming a paste at discharging under vacuum to make sure that a homogenous, bubble-free ceramic material is produced for the casting process. JR Boone produced a variation on their standard HPBM, incorporating an insulated jacket,

Tel: 01260 272894


NERs from Leicester underpin the Saudi Electricity Company As part of a project to supply Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER) to be used by the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), power resistor manufacturer Cressall has successfully conducted pre£100,000 to supply equipment to be installed in SEC substations. event of an earth fault, to reduce damage and improve safety. Cressall NERs provide a compact, cost effective solution for these high voltage and high energy applications. The Leicester manufacturer has been supplying resistors to companies across the world for over a century. To comply with the latest SEC requirement that NERs be tested in an approved testing station Cressall’s engineers responded by sending the equipment and documentation to one of only two approved testing facilities in Europe. CESI in Milan was the only facility capable of supplying the 12MW of power needed to conduct such tests.

out these tests helped them to work much closer with their “The particular designs we tested are used extensively for NER applications around the world. We have installed them in The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and also here in the UK. We expect to receive more enquiries for NERs from the Middle East,” he concluded.

The NERs tested were rated for use on a 13.8kV system and sized to accept a current of 1500A for 10 seconds with a requirement that the resistor element temperature does not rise above 760 degrees centigrade.

Due to the relatively rare instance of earth faults, NERs may only be called upon to operate a few times in their service life, which may be 25 years or more. However they are a safety critical device and so reliability is imperative.

The Milan tests successfully proved that Cressall NERs can withstand the high energies of such an application, and means that units will shortly be installed in six different substations in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia some of the installations can be exposed to extreme heat and high humidity and Cressall’s designs have been proven over many years in applications ranging from

“This project was led by our representative in Saudi Arabia

in climatic conditions from severe sand storms to deep snow and ice.

Wilkinson, managing director of Cressall Resistors “carrying



PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:25:45

Update your Safety Policy / Site Specification to comply with essential safety requirements for machines containing Variable Speed Drives 2013! Electrical engineering staff and contractors in the UK may not be aware of the risks associated with the connection of machines containing VSD / inverters to existing electrical installations that contain AC or A type RCDs. In German the Insurance Association (GDV) details converts connected to circuits containing RCDs (Vds 3501) to reduce the risk of death through electrocution

range of various leakage currents present in a system containing a 32 amp VSD; at 50Hz the leakage current is less than 3mA , however the actual maximum leakage current occurs at 7815 Hz and is approaching 2000mA. Shocks from high frequency currents may not cause immediate death, however a person subject to current above 300 mA is at risk of receiving irreversible injuries.

Historically UK guidance covering this subject has been rather vague, resulting in increased risk of serious injury for staff using similar equipment in the UK compared to Germany, even though companies are subject to common legal requirements (Regulations). For the UK the publication of BSEN62477-1:2012 for manufactures of electronic power control equipment and the recently updated GAMBICA Installation Guide 4th Edition - Page28. 4.2.3, clearly details the safety requirements: Use Type “B” RCCBs with 3 phase VSDs. Equipment containing VSDs connected downstream on a mains distribution supply protected by a standard AC RCCB, will not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations see EWR 4(1) 65. In addition untrained support staff using electrical appliances connected to sockets on the same distribution circuit may also be put at risk. See Fig 1

DC Residual Currents: Due to the topology of 3 phase generate smooth DC residual currents in the AC supply. in magnetic saturation of the AC sensing coil and nontripping of the RCCB under fault conditions.

The Electricity at Work Regulations makes reference to the IET Regulations as a guidance document (unless the RCCB Protection with VSDs Where the precautions taken include an RCCB to reduce the risk of death or injury (Regulation 8): Three phase VSDs must only be used with Type “B” RCCBs. Some single phase inverters can be used with Type A RCCBs. The Duty Holder (Regulation 29) makes reference to the VSD manufactures recommendations relating to the type and characteristics of the RCCB required. If not clearly stated in the operating instruction they would need to obtain the manufactures recommendations in writing. Understanding the risks AC operational leakage currents:

VSDs and their

leakage currents at nominal supply frequency (50Hz) and at various harmonic frequencies. Leakage currents in a safety perspective cannot be ignored, as can be seen from the following example. Figure 1 shows the frequency

such as Mines & Quarries); existing Regulation 331.1 is quite clear in its requirement “An assessment shall be made of any characteristic of equipment likely to have harmful effects upon other electrical equipment”. A simple risk assessment carried out under Regulation 331.1 in accordance with existing Health & Safety legislation, on a system containing VSDs and requiring RCCB protection, will quickly identify that Type B RCCBs must be used with a characteristic that is compatible with the operational and safety requirements of the installation, for People and Fire protection. Chaz Andrews – Technical Manager, Doepke UK Ltd If you would like more detailed information relating to this subject, Doepke UK have a free 60 page Technical Application Guide Available on request, or log on to WWW.doepke.co.uk to download the guide or obtain further information on RCCBs. For technical support please e mail chazandrews@doepke.co.uk August/September 2013 PECM

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THE HEIGHT OF GOOD SENSE: ‘BEST PRACTICE’ IN WORKING AT HEIGHT Ian Lofthouse, Brammer UK More than 4,000 people a year in the UK suffer major injuries from falls while working at height and it is a major cause of workplace death. While the majority of these incidents occur in construction, other sectors of employment are also affected. Most of the major injuries are associated with falls of less than two metres. The practice of working at height is also risky for those who might be standing below, through objects such as tools being dropped onto them and causing injury. The Work at Height Regulations (2005) state that employers have a duty to assess the risks and plan and supervise all workers who work at height. The Regulations require all employers to ensure that any task which is to be carried out at height has been properly planned, is fully supervised and that it is only carried out by those who are competent to do the work. They must also ensure that operatives receive thorough instructions and training, and that they are given all the necessary information required in order to carry out their tasks. The Regulations cover everything from how workers access working at height to how they and their tools are prevented from falling to the ground. It is essential that appropriate work equipment is selected and used and that people working at a height are competent to do so. Equipment used for work at height must be properly inspected and maintained, while risks from fragile surfaces must be properly controlled. Work must be planned, organised, supervised, and carried out by competent persons, using the following hierarchy of controls:

Avoid work at height wherever possible where Prevent falls where work at height cannot be avoided by using suitable measures, such as guard rails or work platforms, that protect all workers Mitigate falls: minimise the distance and consequences of a fall where the risk of a fall cannot be eliminated by using personal protective equipment such as fall arrest systems Take additional measures if it is not reasonably practicable to avoid, prevent or mitigate falls, such as the provision of additional instruction and training, and the demarcation of edges with painted lines Set up protection schemes to prevent injuries to people below from dropped tools, securing all tools from falling and taking every precaution underneath workers to prevent any objects that are dropped from falling on those standing below (a claw hammer dropped from 6m is equivalent of attaining 24 mph/39kph on impact with an impact weight of 117kgs) If the workplace contains an area in which there is a risk of someone being struck by a falling object or person, ensure that the area is clearly indicated and that, as far as is reasonably practicable, unauthorised people are unable to access it


PECM August/September 2013

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For those who do not work at height very often or are unsure about which type of access equipment to use, it is important that the risks are assessed and the right equipment for the job is selected. If it is a light duty task that will take less than 30 minutes and the task can be completed mostly with one is needed, a ladder, step ladder or combination ladder may be appropriate. If the task is less than 3.8m high and two hands are needed to complete the job, a podium step or folding platform may be required. For tasks above 3.8m or which need access in the same place for an extended period, a prefabricated scaffold tower may be suitable. If the work comprises several tasks up to 15.9m high and not all in the same place, the best solution may be a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) or powered access equipment For longer duration work at height in a fully guard-

PECM713.indd 21

railed work zone with a larger work area and work load capacity, towers may be needed. The overriding criteria when selecting equipment for work at height are: use the most suitable equipment; give collective protection measures (e.g. guard rails) priority over personal protection measures (e.g. safety harnesses); take account of the working conditions and the risks to the safety of all those at the place where work equipment is to be used. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. It places duties on employers, the selfemployed, and any person who controls the work of others (e.g. facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height) to the extent they control the work. It is the responsibility of all companies involved in working at height to know the law surrounding worker safety and dropped objects, and to follow it accordingly. For further information about the range of products and services available from Brammer visit www.brammeruk.com

07/09/2013 22:25:51

Facilities Management

When health and safety depend on it - specify

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners BVC’s new range of vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industry and commerce. Robust Reliable Efficient Easy to use High Filtration Made in the UK Mains electric, Battery and Air Power Standard or modified units for all applications

NEW! LeakSeal™ and cracks. RUST-OLEUM® has the solution for sealing leaks and cracks: LeakSeal™. A new convenient spray for treating cracks, breakage and leaks in bitumen roofs, roof gutters, drain pipes, outside walls, chimney edges, around roof windows and window frames. The product is unique and offers waterproof.

moisture penetration and corrosion. For more information, please visit: www.rust-oleum.eu/leakseal

Shire Systems updating Maintenance Management software products. The forthcoming version of Pirana CMMS will be packed new productivity tools to boost maintenance programmes.

To complement the successful suite of Pirana CMMS products, Shire systems will also release Pirana Mobile PRO in the Autumn. A powerful set of mobile applications for use on or off-line. Functions include: Work Orders, Data Collecting, Meter Routes, Stock & Inventory and Label printing. It is straightforward to print labels of your own design, incorporating barcodes, text, QR Codes, and RFID encoding. Shire offers a free, no obligation trial. www.shiresystems.com

BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can work in conjunction with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners or as stand A schematic showing a typical Central Vacuum Cleaning System alone systems. They provide vacuum connection points for cleaning around the factory, plant or lab. Dust and debris is conveyed through the pipe system to a filter separator for safe disposal.

Wheat Clean up! BVC (a Quirepace company) has installed a centralised vacuum cleaning system for a worldwide multinational company, processing wheat based products. facility, having 16 hose connection points connected A large amount of material can be recycled/ reprocessed, it was paramount that this was with the two sizes of materials being collected within FIBC below. and constructed to meet this. As the materials being extracted are potentially explosive and due to site restraints a traditional explosion vent panel/vent duct could not be used therefore an indoor explosion protection unit was used where by an explosion will be safely vented into the production area.

Email: enquiries@bvc.co.uk


Head protection JSP says it has made another innovation in its Evo range of specialist industrial head protection in order to improve visibility in dangerous environments and further enhance safety. Part of BVC ‘s range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC A Quirepace Company

BVC, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Tel: +44 (0) 2392 603700

e-mail: enquiries@bvc.co.uk www.bvc.co.uk

helmet, which uses the same exceptionally is used on motorway signs, represents a environments and is an outstanding success. the world to offer the helmet in a range of attractive colours, with coloured dark, or in low-level lighting.

Tel: 01993 826050



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07/09/2013 22:25:55

American Megatrends Presents Solutions for Efficient Management of Complete IT Infrastructure Powerful MegaRAC XMS Management Suite Enables Significant Energy Savings Software vendor American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) has expanded its management software, MegaRAC® XMS, to a comprehensive solution for managing clients, servers, storage hardware and virtual machines. The MegaRAC® XMS Server Management Suite will be presented to in Munich on September 20. This suite, together with the existing MegaRAC® XMS Client Management Suite, allows users to remotely manage, control and maintain the entire IT environment. MegaRAC® XMS can be run on remote management consoles and virtual machines on Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® systems to manage the entire IP infrastructure from a remote server through a browser interface. Complex processes, such as BIOS scripts. Most importantly, thanks to its special powermanagement features, MegaRAC® XMS also supports operation of all networked systems.

MegaRAC® level below the respective operating system and can be managed with different operating systems - regardless of whether the OS is active or inactive. Through this hardware-related functionality, MegaRAC® XMS is also able to adjust the power consumption of devices depending on the load condition. Moreover, MegaRAC® XMS makes it possible to automatically shut down all energy waste through unused devices. MegaRAC® XMS is part of AMI’s family of software tools

The MegaRAC® XMS Server Management Suite is the latest step in the ongoing process of expanding the MegaRAC® XMS portfolio. More specialized modules for storage and DASH management will be added throughout the remainder of the year. MegaRAC® XMS users can extend their solution to each of these releases modularly. Because it eliminates the need for separate software agents per managed device, MegaRAC® XMS makes the monitoring and control of IT simpler, clearer and more cost-effective. In addition, the management system can grow in step with an organization’s expanding IT architecture. MegaRAC® XMS is distributed in Europe directly by the German subsidiary of AMI. The manufacturer is interested in expanding its OEM partner network and provides a comprehensive partner program for sales support. For value-added resellers who want to adapt to the needs of their customers, MegaRAC® XMS offers various customization options as well. About American Megatrends: American Megatrends International GmbH, based in Munich, is the German subsidiary of American Megatrends Inc. (AMI). American Megatrends Inc., based in Norcross, Georgia (USA), is a leading and innovative manufacturer development of software for new technologies AMI cooperates with virtually all PC manufacturers and provides development platforms for system-level BIOS on server, embedded, desktop, notebook and mobile platforms. For server manufacturers, AMI provides IPMI

with and remotely control complex systems, complete server racks and data center units.

data center operations.

Technologies such as Intel® AMT (Advanced Management Technology) and DASH allow the remote control of clients

For more information: American Megatrends International GmbH Tel: +49 (0) 89 96 999 512 Fax: +49 (0) 89 96 999 519 E-mail: winfriedp@ami.com http://www.ami.com

manner of managing BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) with IPMI. With the development of a central management suite, MegaRAC® XMS builds on AMI’s core and hardware-related software.

August/September 2013 PECM

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07/09/2013 22:25:57

Facilities Management OEM & Production Planning Made Easy Overcome the challenge of complex and bespoke OEM and production line planning with a range of checkweighing solutions from METTLER TOLEDO. Request your free competence paper ‘Solutions for Suppliers of Production and Manufacturing Systems’ to learn more about ensuring success for your line integration projects.

JSP’s revolutionary new printing process is now facilitating permanent individual personalisation that cannot be removed on its safety helmets and abovethe-neck PPE. With the increased number of temporary workers and the greater need for security in work environments, the process makes each

a spreadsheet to JSP with details of the chosen helmet, the names or descriptions to be branded, and the required position of the branding. Each helmet will then be directly printed with a logo, requested individual names or any other information the client requires, such as contact or ID numbers.

quality in production line planning. To request your copy of this White Paper please visit: www.mt.com/uk-oem-wp

Email: enquire.mtuk@mt.com

Far superior to stickers - High quality permanent bespoke branding now offered by JSP


Forklift ‘gIove’ reduces the risk of damage One of the most common ways that the packaging of dangerous substances becomes damaged within a warehouse is when the forks of a forklift truck pierce it during the pallet put away or picking process.

Email: uksales@jsp.co.uk


Emergency ATEX/IECEx LED Luminaire

Dialight has introduced its new SafeSite® Stainless Steel LED Linear Luminaire with integrated battery. The new LED emergency light operates from -20°C to +60°C and will deliver 3-8 hours on battery backup, while most conventional emergency lights operate only within the 0°C to +40°C range.

reduces the damage caused by forklift trucks to loads stored on a pallet tips of a lift truck’s forks. Made from industrial grade polyurethane, Sumo

robust, long-life emergency lighting.

makes and size of forklift forks.

The luminaire delivers years of stand-by life, while built-in battery status indicator allows monitoring and testing without the need to touch the luminaire.

Tel: 01344 622784



Reprotec UK - Repair and Maintenance Products for Industry.

+44 1638 665 161




We specialise in providing maintenance and repair products direct from our website www.reprotecuk.co.uk that allows the process and maintenance engineers to utilise their own workforce to carry out planned and reactive conscious times. We supply:-

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations A special introductory offer for Process Engineering Control and Maintenance subscribers of 15% has been arranged by using the code PECM15 at checkout readers will receive 15% off all products except accessories. This is valid until October 31st 2013 Reprotec UK 0191 300 9989 38, High Street, Langley Moor, County Durham. DH7 8JG www.reprotecuk.co.uk

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!

www.industrialflooring.co.uk 24

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Minimize system integration risks with the Beamex Business Bridge Business Bridge is a standardized, but configurable software solution for connecting Beamex CMX calibration management system to an ERP/CMMS system.

Staying within the original project budget and timetable can be a challenge, specifications and scope of work keep changing constantly during the project and system maintenance of a finished, highly customized integration solution turns out to be difficult and expensive. Beamex minimizes these system integration risks by introducing the Business Bridge.

PECM713.indd 25

www.beamex.com info@beamex.com

07/09/2013 22:26:03

Facilities Management Dawsonrentals temperature control solutions

10kW UPS ‘backup in a box’ from under £10k A fully integrated backup power system for

Dawsonrentals temperature control solutions (DRTCS) offer bespoke refrigeration equipment and temperature controlled factory extensions. The refrigeration equipment available includes purpose built cold stores, blast freezers, blast chillers, chill stores, tempering units and hot boxes. DRTCS modular extensions are ideal for creating extra space which can be used to house an additional production line, to provide extra warehouse room, or to expand existing work space. Extensions can be linked into existing facilitates or installed standalone depending on requirements. The image shows a temperature controlled factory extension which allowed an additional production line to be installed at the customer’s site within weeks.

applications has been launched by UK company Pnu Power, with prices starting from less than £10k.

Email: info@drtcs.co.uk

More information at www.pnu-power.com


AWE Achieves Greater Program Risk Control and Boosts Productivity with Infor EAM Following an investment in Infor EAM, AWE has improved performance substantially through tighter processes, intelligence and improved data quality. The organisations now has a clear, cohesive picture of all assets, and intuitive, alert-based early warning systems in place to ensure that they are always one step ahead of maintenance issues. The system enables the organisation to distil far better management information, and most importantly to ensure that safety and compliance conforms to the highest standards.

www.infor.com/solutions/eam marketinguk@infor.com

Storacall TeleAcoustics launches the T600 Telephone hood!

The EPS10 (left) provides 10kW of peak power and 100+ hours run time in a self-contained weatherproof box that can be located in extreme outdoor environments. It can be connected to critical loads via a single mains cable and several units can be run in parallel, for higher loads and/or redundancy. The unit uses the latest ultra-capacitor technology in place of conventional lead-acid batteries, to provide instant bridging power in the event of an outage and fast, reliable start-up of its integral diesel generator for extended run time.

September 2013 will see the launch of an all new handcare system from Rozalex. Rozalex PDS has the needs of customers across a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. It combines simplicity and cost effectiveness with industry leading products and formulations all encased within the Rozalex brand. The initial range will consist of just 15 formulations that enable Rozalex to tailor solutions for almost every application. Established products remain such as the benchmark Rozalex Dri-Guard & Wet-Guard barrier creams. These are complemented by a new range of cleansers that include everything from perfume-free foam soaps, BS-EN approved antioil (especially kind on damaged skin) all the way through to the extra heavy-duty pumice based Gauntlet Extra.

Email: info@rozalex.co.uk


Internal Partitioning Solutions

Storacall TeleAcoustics has added the new ‘T600’ telephone hood to their range of telephone hoods, kiosks, booths, cabinets and acoustic enclosures. The unit has been robustly designed for use in industrial, and noisy environments or where privacy is required and is ideally suited for factories and other industrial locations. The T600 telephone hood is fabricated from zintec steel with a light grey powder available by special order. The hood is tough and its compact size keeps wall space required to a minimum.

through the hood’s back panel and the overall dimensions are: weight 15.4Kg.

For more information contact Storacall on +44 (0)1242 570995, or visit: www.teleacoustics.co.uk



all of the advantages of standard Flexipart plus:

% Sound reduction up to 17.5dB % Excellent temperature control % High thermal resistance

www.galebreaker.com 01531 637900




Storacall TeleAcoustics Limited was established in 1982. It’s products includes hoods for industrial, commercial and leisure industries as well as specialised marine hoods, cabinets and kiosks used by the oil and gas industry. which can be found in use from Alaska to Australia, deserts in the Middle East, remote depths of the South American jungle, islands in the Indian Ocean and power plants in Turkmenistan and Inner Mongolia.

% Reinforced fabric partitioning % Fixed to existing structures % Easy to access, easy to relocate % Meets building regulations % Temporary or permanent

Acoustic & Thermal Flexipart


mounted .

Standard Flexipart


which gives the hood up to 16dB noise reduction. Telephones can be positioned on the shelf or wall mounted in the back of the hood and for heavier phones the optional extra steel mounting

IS O 9 0 0 1

Galebreaker Industrial Ltd Galebreaker House, New Mills Industrial Estate, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2SS.

PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:26:12


PROTECT YOUR PIGGIES! ‘SLIPP-R™’ - Protective steel toe rubber overshoe ‘SLIPP-R™’ - Hygenic - Comfortable - Affordable CE approved - Practical - Toe Protection Solution. ‘SLIPP-R™’ - Fits almost any shoe or boot oversize toe capfits most types of street shoes, sneakers and boots. ‘SLIPP-R™’ - Will not harden, stiffen or crack. Rear pull-on tab and wide shank for ease of use.

Please Telephone: +353(0)45 435582 Email: eu@safetytoes.com www.safetytoes.com PECM713.indd 27

07/09/2013 22:26:15

Fluid Handling Basics of Magnetic Drive Pump Technology

Innovative cryogenic valves introduced by Boiswood A new range of novel cryogenic valves from Stoehr has been introduced by Boiswood. A major advantage of the patented FREES valves for vacuum jacketed pipes is that they can be installed in any position, making it possible to reduce the length of pipework required. Positioning the valves horizontally for example can allow installation in height restricted locations.

Magnetic drive pumps are a centrifugal pump in which the motor is coupled to the pump by magnetic technology rather than by a mechanical shaft. The pump consists of three main parts: the driving magnet, the driven magnet, and the magnet cup. The driving magnet is connected to the motor and is radially aligned with the driven magnet, the latter of which is connected to the pump. The magnets are separated by the magnet cup, which acts as a static

FREES valves are available in stainless steel as well as specialty materials such as titanium, Hastelloy and Monel.

resulting in a ‘seal-less’ (sans mechanical seal) design. This barrier is also referred to as a hermetic seal. The driving magnet magnet rotates as power is applied to the motor and the driven magnet follows suit, compelled by magnetic attraction.

Email: info@boiswood.co.uk www.boiswood.co.uk

For more information email: magdrives@ese.tc www.pricepump.com

Nov Mono® Ezstrip™ Pumps Improve Transfer Operations for Global Manufacturer

NOV MONO EZstrip™Technology Helps Improve Biogas Production Efficiency

Proven performance, reduced maintenance costs and easy availability of spares has lead to two EZstrip™ progressing cavity transfer pumps from NOV Mono® being installed by a global leader in the production of print, packaging and other associated materials. The pumps have been installed at a wastewater treatment plant in Lower Saxony, Germany which serves the manufacturing facility.

The ability to reduce the time taken for an average maintenance operation from 1 day to just 1 hour was one of the key reasons why an EZstrip™ maintain-inplace, progressing cavity transfer pump from NOV Mono was selected by a large wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

The previous pumps used for lime dosing duties at the plant had required considerable amounts of maintenance and created high repair costs. This made the maintain-in-place nature of Mono’s EZstrip™ pumps very attractive and prompted the customer to try one and monitor its performance carefully.

The Mono pump has been installed at the Karanlage Plön site in SchleswigHolstien, and transfers sewage sludge to an anaerobic digester where it is used to create biogas. Operating at a duty speed of 294 rpm, the pump transfers the sludge at a rate of 15m3 per hour, and lifts it a height of 18 metres into the digester.

Tel: 0161 339 9000

Tel: +44 (0)161 339 9000 www.mono-pumps.com


New Flow Isolating Valves from Valveforce New




control products is a range of Flow Isolating Vales for pipelines. Suitable for thermal oil, air, steam and various non-aggressive media applications up to 3500C, the Valveforce range carries the CE mark and complies fully with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. These Flow Isolating Valves, which are available with very short turnaround times, include a Bellows Sealed Stop Valve for zero emissions, designed with an energy-saving stem seal to eliminate losses. Easy to maintain Gland-packed Stop Valves have also been added in a full range of sizes and body materials, with stainless steel internals for robust service and reliable shut off. Completing the Flow Isolating Range are PTFE-lined with low solids and bi-direction for liquids with higher solids.

Tel: 0121 7111 908 Email: info@valveforce.co.uk www.valveforce.co.uk


PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:26:20

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07/09/2013 22:26:23

NOV Mono Introduces New Api-Compliant Progressing Cavity Pumps For Oil And Gas Applications The launch of a new range of API 676-compliant progressing cavity (PC) pumps has focused attention on the ability of NOV Mono to supply pumping solutions Mono’s PC technology is ideally suited to the typically arduous applications found in this sector, where solidscuttings and produced waters need to be transferred EZstripTM pumps provide a practical, reliable and while also resisting the effects of abrasion without gas locking. This makes them ideal for many types of oil, gas and mud handling duties in drilling, exploration, production, processing and separation operations. The new pumps feature a long-coupled, full-size base frame design that incorporates a drip tray in accordance with the API 676 Third edition. Supplied complete with a mechanical seal to API 682 Category 1, the pumps also incorporate Mono’s revolutionary EZstripTM technology which provides a quick and easy way to disassemble and fully maintain them in-situ. This can dramatically reduce the time needed to replace a rotor, stator, coupling rod and drive train by up to 95%.

The self-priming pumps can be manufactured from different materials to suit different applications, ranging from mild and stainless steel through to traceable and NACEare bi-directional, which allows them to be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the positive seal formed by rotor and stator makes them ideal for low net positive suction head applications. The gentle action of the new pumps prevents the through the pump, and the low rubbing velocity of the metal rotor against the stator, ensures low rates of abrasion and wear, while rotors with specialist coatings can also be supplied to provide additional wear and corrosion resistance.

In addition to the many standard features which are offered by API 676 EZstrip pumps, are options such as dry run protection, ATEX and API 682 seal systems. including electric well head drives, plunger lift and operations, on both conventional and unconventional gas wells. Mono’s track record as a supplier of PC pumps to the oil and gas industry is reinforced by the creation of a industry expertise and support for customers, as well as its associations with parent company, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), which has been a world-leader in providing advanced technology solutions to this sector since 1841. For more details visit www.mono-pumps.com/enuk/ezstrip-api-676-pump or call 023 8076 0000


PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:26:25






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Speck Pumpen ABC Ltd Since 1996, we have become the sole UK distributors for Speck pumps from the German pump manufacturers

as new equipment

Save more than 55% on energy with BluVac BluVac & Controller

Reduced maintenance and higher reliability

Speck Pumpen ABC Ltd AreenA House Moston Rd, Elworth Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 3HL Phone 0844 764 0632 Fax 0844 764 0634 Email admin@speck-abc.com www.speck-abc.com


PECM August/September 2013

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09/09/2013 10:46:20

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07/09/2013 22:26:34

W.E. Couplings Ltd

Normal size “Crimping” / “Swaging” machines are up to 2” bore for Hydraulic hoses etc. crimping.

We now have the largest “Swaging” / “Crimping” availability worldwide. them Friday gone, so this is “Crunching news”

www.we-couplings.com PECM713.indd 34

07/09/2013 22:26:38

“Why cut costs on components, putting quality and performances in jeopardy? Make your systems ultra-efficient using Metal Work expertise and technology.�

CM - Clever Multimach

Metal Work UK Ltd Tel: 01908 222288 sales@metalwork.co.uk PECM713.indd 35

Cylinder Elektro series

Safe Air Valves

and more on www.metalwork.eu 07/09/2013 22:26:44

Tall order for Rugby company A Rugby company has built what it believes to be the world’s tallest co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) to help the Beijing Space Authority measure and machine its satellites. The specialist equipment is as tall as a house at 7.3 metres and was signed off by a visiting delegation from China this week. ITP Group develops and manufactures measurement Warwickshire. Over the last 35 years, the business has supplied over 3000 machines in 30 countries on every continent. Customers include motor manufacturers and the company also makes bespoke machines for the nuclear power industry and Formula One constructors. to source granite for their machines, but as export opportunities to Asia have grown it is now a base from which a sales team operates. Founder and managing director of the Group, Dick Turpin, says: “Doing business with China is different people to smoke in meetings, for instance, there is a reverence for age and experience and a focus on hospitality. I quickly learned that I was better relying on sketches and models than on interpreters.” The Chinese space programme is expanding rapidly and so is the Republic’s satellite use. In the period Space. In the next 12 months the target is 26. Each of these satellites will use an ITP machine to measure

PECM713.indd 36

its precision components. Dick continues: “Building a machine for Chinese satellite maker might seem a bit unusual, but these large scale multi-function CMMs are suitable for any automotive, aerospace or nautical application where traditional machine tools are too cumbersome or

somewhere high enough to construct the machine and house it, because our usual factory is only 6m high. Thankfully, we were able to locate and lease an empty 6000 foot² unit nearby that was just big enough and had 8.5m under a 25 ton crane. I am proud to say that it has been designed and built entirely in Rugby using local expertise.” from Beijing Spacecraft travelled to England this week (30th July) to view and sign it off. The delegation was headed by Xu Shuxia, general accountant, who said: “It is important to us to have equipment that accurately measures our satellites because they represent a substantial investment. We know the expertise for creating these machines is in England and that’s why we ordered from ITP.” ITP will also undertake servicing and calibration work annually. http://www.itpgroup.co.uk/about_itp/about_itp.html

07/09/2013 22:26:55

Machining Inverter Fusion Extends The Warranty for their Professional Range of Welding Machines to 3 Years

Inverter Fusion Shines with Fusion Clean Inverter Fusion Ltd have announced the launch of their new Fusion Clean stainless steel weld cleaning and polishing machine which was designed and developed, and is now being manufactured, at their factory in Devon.

Inverter Fusion Ltd have announced that, from 1st September 2013, all their Fusion Professional range of MMA and TIG welding machines and electrolytic stainless steel weld cleaning machines will be covered by a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty.

Graham Hill, Technical and Product Development Manager commented, “Electrolytic cleaning technology is a safer, more environmentally friendly and

Graham Hill, Technical and Product Development Manager commented,

of weld discolouration on stainless steel and other metals – the results are

reliability and longevity of our machines that we have decided to extend our warranty for our Professional range from 2 to 3 years from the date of purchase. All repairs are carried out at our factory in Honiton, Devon by our experienced engineers and we aim to despatch all machines back to the customer within 72 hours of receipt.”

carry the same safety and environmental hazards as pickling paste which is traditionally used. Our Fusion Clean machine avoids the use of harsh toxic chemicals with their attendant storage, handling and disposal problems and also saves time and therefore money. ”



UK-based Blackman & White (BW Cutters) designs and builds specialist cutting machines for businesses across the world. Established in 1964, we’ve been at the forefront of technology for more than 45 years manufacturing bespoke customers. support – to ensure you get the most from your machinery. Our range of products – which includes the famous Orion, Genesis and MasterCut machines – can help you cut anything from the softest leather to high-strength Kevlar. At the same time we’ll help you work faster, more accurately and reduce waste. Tel: +44 (0)1621 843 404 www.blackmanandwhite.com

Smart evolution for ROBODRILL -DiA series Higher torque, more accurate and faster FANUC UK has announced the latest evolution of its ROBODRILL vertical machining centre range focusing on features that reduce cycle times and improve surface now offers standard and high power spindle versions, improved chip discharging, thermal displacement compensation and higher resolution axis feed. ROBODRILL’s new high power version provides power levels expected from larger machines with a maximum Acceleration and speed are also improved with a 26KW 24,000 rpm spindle speed more than double the speed of the standard version.

Tel: 024 7663 9669


Diverse Gear and Electric motor product range High efficiency gearing and IE2 motor Improved Torque ratings through improved design Assembly, After sale service and stock holding within the UK Innovative technical solutions driven by local technical support

August/September 2013 PECM

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09/09/2013 11:16:23

Trotec presents a new dimension in laser engraving: Speedy 400 At Sign & Digital UK in Birmingham, Trotec presented their latest extention to the Speedy family: The new Speedy 400. The working area of 1000 x 610 mm allows to handle the most common standard material laser machine, the Trotec team had especially an eye successful Speedy characteristics reach a new level with the Speedy 400. Speedy 400: More than a new platform size. Together with the Speedy 400, Trotec introduces the latest version of the laser software JobControl. Not only a new design, but even more impressive new features will delight the modern laser user. The Job Time Calculator is a unique and practical tool for planning laser engraving and cutting time when it comes to calculating processing time before starting a laser job. Moreover, materials and favourites can be organised with only a few clicks.

Innovative table design With the innovative table design, changing of the working tables is as easy as never before. Depending on the application the laser user can add the optimum table: A standard table for engraving jobs, a honeycomb grid for cutting small parts or a cutting table for intricate cutting jobs. For processing thin and a vacuum table would be the perfect choice. Maxximum Flexxibility – at any time a Speedy 400 can be upgraded with an additional laser with two laser sources integrated into a single machine Speedy 400 is the only laser system in its class that can

Visit www.troteclaser.co.uk or email to sales@troteclaser.co.uk for more info or call 0844 800 0020


PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:27:08

Acoustic emission technology from Holroyd, part of Parker Kittiwake, prevents hundreds of hours of downtime for century-old flour specialists Background

potential for unplanned production plant downtime.

to some of the largest food manufacturers in the UK. The company operates from production sites located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and Peterborough

and resulting impact on production, led Whitworth Bros Ltd to devise a proactive CM strategy. They considered various monitoring options – such as vibration and temperature – and attended numerous trade shows, eventually discovering the MHC range of instruments

well as bag deliveries. Whitworth Bros Ltd prides itself on its ability to supply its customers with high-quality food safe products Bros Ltd has recognised the importance of monitoring company is always able to meet customer demands. Challenge With a view to moving from a reactive to a proactive to invest in the MHC-Memo Pro Acoustic Monitoring (CM) Technician to rollout the system across its sites. The main driver for this initiative was to ensure WBL uses the best technology available to minimise any

PECM713.indd 40

WBL started collating data capture routes across all WBL sites and within a very short time, commenced data acquisition and analysis. WBL recognise that “The hardware and software associated with the Memo Pro system has been very well designed and constructed. It is portable, robust and straightforward to use. This functionality is mirrored with the analysis software, which allows against historic data for all machines detailed for each production area”. Solution With data acquisition routes established, condition monitoring of the production critical plant commenced monitoring and maintenance of the equipment at the

09/09/2013 11:37:44

Results WBL currently carry out routine monthly data capture, supplemented with weekly collections for any machines suspected of having an underlying bearing issue. The Memo Pro is also used to take one-off readings to help correctly diagnose individual machine issues as they arise, thus reducing incorrect diagnosis of plant issues. Current coverage at the Wellingborough site see’s the collection of data spanning a staggering 2,500 separate dataset exists which allows machine condition trending to be completed.

company’s Wellingborough and Peterborough sites.

WBL have devised a cost metric calculation to assess the savings to the company off the back of the newly implemented CM activity. WBL recognise that the CM unplanned production stoppages.

were in need of remedial action and appropriate preventative maintenance was undertaken as required. Where machines were thought to be beyond routine servicing, these machines were withdrawn from service as part of planned maintenance activity. WBL devised a cost metric calculation to assess the savings to the company off the back of the newly implemented justify the expenditure and resource costs allocated to this particular CM strategy as well as balancing the CM approach against that of machinery failure. Data collection takes place on a regular basis for all critical plant and machinery. This allows engineering resource to be directed to the plant in need of maintenance and this is organised as part of planned, proactive activity, rather than as a result of a machinery breakdown.

Future Existing coverage sees the majority of the Wellingborough site plant captured using the range of standard sensor products, so WBL are now looking at monitoring challenges they face with oscillatory technology that allows condition monitoring of these machines. In collaboration with Holroyd, part of Parker Kittiwake, WBL will continue to monitor further advances in Condition Monitoring technology with a view to minimising future plant breakdown and maximising http://www.kittiwakeholroyd.com

WBL uses a suite of sensors that are compatible with the MHC-Memo Pro system. The standard magnetic mounted sensor is used to collect the vast majority of information with the hand-held, extended probe allowing data capture in hard to reach areas. Low plant data to be gathered. All three sensors are readily connected to the MHC-Memo Pro and data can be captured almost instantaneously. Over the period of time that WBL has been using the equipment it has recognised that the MHC-Memo Pro is a robust, user-friendly and comprehensive tool. The data reduction and analysis software is well-written, allowing analysis to be completed in an effective and timely manner. WBL experience of the MHC-Memo Pro shows the

straightforward and hardware easy to operate has excellent ergonomics and is extremely robust. “(it) really is a turn-key solution. Data routes can be compiled readily, allowing important data to be gathered and analysis to be undertaken and completed promptly”. be used across different sites due to the multiuser applications August/September 2013 PECM

PECM713.indd 41


07/09/2013 22:27:12

Measurement & Monitoring In the round Good quality illumination is the key to successful vision sensor applications, so electronic, has launched a range of ring lights to complement their dualis vision sensors. The O2D9 series ring lights from ifm of view in infrared, visible red and white light versions. Unlike many external lights for vision sensors, these ifm units can be triggered or permanently on, and can be operated at high intensity for a stronger light. As the light is more homogenous, it helps avoid shadows on the subject and also prevents hotspots, which can occur on curved surfaces in particular. An extra diffuser is also available to mimic a cloudy day, along with other accessories to simplify installation.

Tel: 020 8213 0000 Email: gb@ifm.com

In-line Sampling System For Measurements In Closed Processes Delivers Improved Process Insight for Quality and Process Control While NIR is widely used for measuring products transported on open conveyor belts, NDC Infrared Engineering’s improved PowderVision sampling system allows moisture and other constituents to be conveying systems. Designed to work with an NDC 710e NIR Moisture or Multi-component Gauge, PowderVision collects samples every few seconds, with measurement values output via digital or analogue connectivity to a PLC or SCADA system for process control.


North Sea Systems DataFish DJN & Associates Ltd was approached by North Sea Systems to manufacture key components for an innovative new product developed by the company called the DataFish. The project was completed to a strict timescale and was delivered by DJN on budget. The scope of the project involved manufacturing the ballast frame for the DataFish, which provided the buoy with the necessary stability, and the mounting points for the mast supports. Keen to avoid high tooling costs, North Sea Systems were particularly looking for a supplier to manufacture the marine grade aluminium items as one-off items and DJN offered this

Email: info@d-j-n.co.uk


SPECTRO Analytical’s iQ II EDXRF Spectrometer delivers precise, accurate analysis even in sulphur-free fuels The iQ II EDXRF Spectrometer from SPECTRO Analytical gives precise, accurate results for low sulphur content analysis of fuels. EDXRF analysis is widely used in this application, but the evolving regulatory environment requires constant development and advances in detection sensitivity. This is achieved in the iQ II through the use of polarised excitation. The instrument’s to EN ISO 13032 means it delivers reliable analysis of even sulphur-free fuels, placing it at the forefront of commercial benchtop EDXRF systems. For more information on the iQ II Spectrometer, and its applications in sulphur content analysis, visit www.spectro.com


Test & measurement equipment




Minimess™ test points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. Minimess are found worldwide in hydraulic, process and gas systems. Minimess is the most versatile test point available. t"MJGFUJNFMFBLGSFFHVBSBOUFF t4VJUBCJMJUZXJUIBMNPTUBOZøVJEPSHBT t$POOFDUBOEEJTDPOOFDUVOEFSGVMMTZTUFN QSFTTVSFXJUIPVUUIFMPTTPGøVJEPSHBT

High pressure microbore hose BTTFNCMJFTGSPN)ZESPUFDIOJL6,IBWF NBOZEJWFSTFBQQMJDBUJPOT$PNNPOMZ used for testing up to 630 bar, assemblies are also used for oil sampling, gas or air charging and replacement of rigid copper piping in fixed systems. Highly øFYJCMFXJUIWFSTBUJMFDPOÜHVSBUJPOTNBLFUIFTFTVJUBCMF GPSNPTUNFEJB4J[FTBWBJMBCMFJONNBOENNJOUFSOBM diameter in polyamide or stainless steel/PTFE. t-JHIUXFJHIU t&YUSFNFMZøFYJCMF t4VJUBCMFGPSNPTUNFEJB



PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:27:18

CONTOUR improves bottom-line efficiency with more accurate safety stock and COGS management.

A self-cleaning feature ensures continuous performance integrity.

Low-frequency acoustic technology maintains signal strength and accuracy even during dusty filling conditions.

CONTOUR measures challenging applications that incur buildup loads or random material surface irregularities.

Multiple-point measurement precisely maps material surface variation.

CONTOUR transmits a 3D graphical display to capture powerful consumption data.

3D Visual Mapping Takes Volume Measurement to the Next Level To learn more about the bottom-line benefits of CONTOUR acoustic volume mapping for bulk solids and powders, visit: Contour.Magnetrol.com

Now, you can improve safety stock tracking and COGS (cost of goods sold) efficiencies with more precise control of your bulks solids and powders inventory. New CONTOURTM acoustic volume mapping provides more accurate, reliable measurement than traditional level instrumentation to enable you to visualize true material consumption in your bins and silos.


PECM713.indd 43

07/09/2013 22:27:21

Measurement & Monitoring Optris GmbH offers infrared camera with Industrial Mini PC for process optimisation

New high-end IR Thermometer targeted at high temperature environments

optris® PI NetBox is a miniature PC for the PI series of infrared cameras. It upgrades the optris PI products to stand-alone solutions or acts as USB to Ethernet adapter. This permits to implement longer distances between the process proper (PI camera) and the process monitoring system (PC). The superiority of this concept stands out

Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced a new, high-end Infrared (IR) Thermometer with upgraded performance particularly for use in high-temperature environments, such as glass, cement and petrochemical works, in metal

the PI camera can be installed local to the process and connected to the NetBox via a 20m-long temperature resistant USB cable. The NetBox is thus located outside the hot zone and acts as connector for an Ethernet cable that may be up to 100 metres in length. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz, Optris GmbH’s general manager, summarizes the advantages of stand-alone operation as follows: “Thanks to its intelligent self-monitoring features the optris® PI NetBox offers an excellent level of operational reliability in process automation applications.”

572-2 has a 60:1 distance to spot ratio for accurate measurements well away from inaccessible or potentially dangerous locations. The rugged, easy-to-use Fluke 572-2 IR Thermometer can stand up to tough industrial, electrical and mechanical environments, offering temperature measurement from -30degC to +900degC with dual laser siting for fast, accurate targeting.


High temperature pressure sensor The latest in the PI22 series pressure sensors from ifm electronic Ltd is remarkable in a number of ways: it can work at medium temperatures up to 200°C (from as low as 25 °C below zero), and register pressures up to 25bar with an 80bar overload.

The National Meteorological Service of Germany relies on sensor technology from Austria The Austrian sensor specialist E+E Elektronik wins the contract from the National Meteorological Service of Germany (Deutscher Wetterdienst; DWD) to equip its weather stations with new humidity/temperature transmitters.

The PI22 can be what the user wants it to be: connect only two wires and it becomes a loop-powered 4-20mA pressure transmitter, with a display; connect three or four wires and it can be a pressure switch with two independent switchpoint settings. However it is connected, the PI22 series is still a hygienic, accurate pressure sensor.

As the national meteorological service for the Federal Republic of Germany, the DWD is the nation’s highest authority for meteorology, weather and climate and operates almost 2000 weather monitoring points and stations. All previous humidity transmitters across the entire measurement network are to be replaced by 2015. The high-end transmitters deliver precise measurement results for exact weather and climate forecasts.

stainless-steel body construction and IP69K rating ensure that the PI22 series is perfect for food production.

The humidity/temperature transmitters in use here are the EE33 series (type J). The devices feature high-precision and reliable measurement results even under the most challenging of ambient conditions.

Tel: 020 8213 0000 Email: gb@ifm.com

Email: info@epluse.at


Vibration Monitoring Services Limited Condition Based Monitoring ! ! ! !


01795 877177 07840 791587 vmservicesltd@btinternet.com www.vibrationmonitoringservices.co.uk


PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:27:30

PECM713.indd 45

07/09/2013 22:27:32

Measurement & Monitoring UK Distributor for Sensocon Pressure Gauges Sensocon Differential Pressure Gauges are now being stocked in the UK. The range includes standard and mini size gauges. They are available in single or dual scales with and without an ASF pointer. Models with different pressures cover all duct pressures. Larger orders can be supplied with personalised logos and artwork. These high quality gauges have proved very reliable and popular in the US and Europe where they have been sold for the past 7 years. For further information please contact Nationwide Technical Products on 01732 865 635 or email davidbirch@ngukltd.com www.kimouk.com

Optima Control Solutions Introduces Machine Vision to its Services Portfolio In March 2013, Optima Control Solutions announced the addition of machine vision to its services. Michael Hill, Managing Director of Optima, explained: “Broadening our portfolio to include vision is an exciting strategic step for Optima. We forecast strong growth in the adoption of vision technologies as the leading manufacturers continue to introduce new products to the market and meet wider and more demanding applications. Vision technology offers the obvious advantage of reliability in repetitive manual inspection tasks; the applications skills for vision are complex and highly specialist. By possessing the skills to apply the technology expertly coupled with our acknowledged control system engineering ability means Optima can offer clients a single-source solution provider with an impressive breadth of application knowledge.”

Tel : 01254 27 28 29



Maxim Integrated’s 1-Wire Thermocoupleto-Digital Converters Simplify Multisensor Industrial and Medical Designs Maxim Integrated announced that it is now sampling the MAX31850/ MAX31851 cold-junction-compensated, 1-Wire® thermocouple-to-digital converters. The devices achieve ±2.0 °C accuracy (not including sensor nonlinearity) while integrating all of the functions required for a complete thermocouple-to-digital solution. Additionally, the MAX31850/MAX31851’s 1-Wire interface allows multiple sensor locations to communicate and draw power over a single data line, greatly simplifying wiring requirements. Designers can use the MAX31850 or MAX31851 instead of multiple discrete components for accurate temperature measurement in medical, industrial, and solar applications.


Combined CO2/O2 in-situ gas analyser from BlueSens New compact gas bioprocessing-analysers for the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2 have been introduced by the German manufacturer BlueSens. Each compact analyser unit reacts automatically to changing conditions. automatically. This ensures the measurements remain precise even under changing process conditions. The BlueInOne is quick and easy to integrate into processes, providing readings with a high level of reliability. The measuring signals can be exported as analogue signals (4-20 mA each for both signals) as well as digital signals (RS485 Modbus, RS232, USB) and a Modbus OPC server is also available. Tel.: +49 2366 4995 500 Email:info@bluesens.de bluesens.com

PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:27:36

New flexible gas detection & gas safety system International Gas Detectors (IGD) has launched its TOC-640 and PGF-30 series Gas Detection and Gas Safety Control Systems. Announcing these new systems, Managing Director of IGD stated:



“With our new systems we want to make maximum use of new technologies. This enables us to produce systems that are faster and easier to install and operate. In operation users want clear indication to know exactly what has been detected, where it is and what action to take. Older analogue systems don’t provide this. Our digital Gas Detection systems use network addressable technology allowing detectors and controllers to directly communicate. In this way alarms, calibration periods and any required intervention is clearly displayed, data can easily be provided to integrate to other systems or even emailed to provide site monitoring data, safety logs etc. You just don’t get that level of clarity and security with older analogue technologies. Allied to that our detection technology continually advances to improve detection limits and extend sensor life further reducing operating costs and improving reliability for the user” A single cable can connect up to 32 devices; either

management, material and labour costs. “We have seen quotations for gas detection systems where the material and installation costs can be over 70% of the project total” says Andrew. “We have managed to achieve savings of over half that value, providing real savings for applications from Boiler Houses to full

system or combined gas detection and gas proving/ gas safety controller (PGF-30), further minimising typical duplications and costs. Addressable sensors are interconnected on a 4-core highway along with output nodes providing localised relays and displays. This approach further reduces duplicated cable runs commonly seen in the older analogue systems. The TOC-640 has internal relay outputs, colour change display, 4-20mA, 0-10V and Modbus RS485 for full alarm and BMS/DCS integration. Existing older input modules. The TOC-640 enhances the successful addressable gas detection family within IGD covering systems from 1 to 250 device solutions. Contact:Colin Peake +44(0) 7930 937727 colin.peake@internationalgasdetectors.com

August/September 2013 PECM

PECM713.indd 47


07/09/2013 22:27:39

Measurement & Monitoring SPECTRO Analytical’s iQ II EDXRF Spectrometer delivers precise, accurate analysis even in sulphur-free fuels

SDM - MTL’s NEW modular surge protector for process I/O loops MTL’s new modular surge protection device represents the next generation of the well-established SD series. With the SD series’ already high performance and small footprint, the modularity of the new SD modular (SDM) now allows for the quick change of a module without having to disconnect any wiring. The tagging and locking strip is an integral feature to the base and is designed to retain modules under abnormal vibration and identify the voltage of the module even when not present. This builds on other features from the SD series such as fusing and disconnect, making the SD modular a feature rich evolution in the surge protection world. The use of the SDM will mitigate the risks to the system of catastrophic failure and degradation caused by over-voltages and transients generated by heavy machinery or lightning. The reduction of this risk will enhance overall reliability and therefore increase availability. For more information product/sd_series/



The iQ II EDXRF Spectrometer from SPECTRO Analytical gives precise, accurate results for low sulphur content analysis of fuels. EDXRF analysis is widely used in this application, but the evolving regulatory environment requires constant development and advances in detection sensitivity. This is achieved in the iQ II through the use of polarised excitation. The instrument’s to EN ISO 13032 means it delivers reliable analysis of even sulphur-free fuels, placing it at the forefront of commercial benchtop EDXRF systems. For more information on the iQ II Spectrometer, and its applications in sulphur content analysis, visit www.spectro.com

Ex Rated: The new Signum® Ex Range from Sartorius The new Signum®Ex range offers incredible accuracy and robustness with In areas working with hazardous materials, weighing technology has to abide by numerous stringent regulations. Here, factors such as build quality, the shielding of electrical components and overall safety stand in the foreground. release of the Signum®Ex industrial scale series. The Signum®Ex combines the high levels of precision often associated with lab balances, with the durability and longevity of an industrial scale. Every model is supplied with

Email: billy.grimley@sartorius.com



PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:27:42

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced which may be coated with by-products from the process. Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform. This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from

covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made. The development of a technique Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration job so

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

type enclosure having just a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems - of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These

calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for the effects of contamination.

calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell’s customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit. For more information contact:-

CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

With the development of Chell’s on-site UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system.

Chell Instruments Ltd Folgate House Folgate Road North Walsham Norfolk NR28 0AJ Tel: 01692 500555 Fax: 01692 500088 e-mail: info@chell.co.uk Website: www.chell.co.uk August/September 2013 PECM

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Analysing raw data in dynamic power applications facilitates improvements in electric drive effectiveness Jonathan Green, HBM’s Senior Sales Engineer close examination of the raw test data. The development of electric or hybrid drive vehicles has become increasingly important as fuel prices continue to climb and environmental awareness gathers momentum. Engineers are constantly being these machines especially since electric-drive vehicles are generally perceived as having a limited range caused by inadequate battery technology. Because of this a lot of effort has been expended on improving the range and operational capacity through developing more powerful batteries while designing lighter vehicles has also been a focus for improvements. However, the focus on reducing valuable energy losses output at the road has proved elusive although it offers One of the challenges in gaining ground in this area is the development of improved measurement technology so that design engineers can more easily determine where improvements can be made. In many cases power analysers are often used to determine the motor input and torque transducers are used to determine

HBM’s GEN2i mobile high-speed data recorder is an award winning product continuous data logging and fast sweeps.

In addition, the various measurement devices are frequently supplied by different manufacturers and thus need to be laboriously synchronized before any test. The failure of engineers to undertake proper synchronisation can easily lead to measurement errors. However, engineers need to have reliable test and measurement equipment with adequate capability challenging machines can be improved.

electric motors. The difference between the respective electrical power input into the motor and the resulting mechanical power output by the electric motor is considered the energy loss.

To meet this demand HBM has developed its eDrive test solution as an alternative approach utilising its Genesis HighSpeed measurement data acquisition system and T12 torque transducer.

HBM believes that this is too crude and generic an approach to give engineers any detailed analysis about the cause of losses such as inverter control algorithms or motor functionality in certain conditions. For example, highly dynamic power measurements at more than

These complementary measurement tools make it possible to carry out long-term tests with precisely impact of incorrectly synchronized equipment.

rather than the raw data that can provide important knowledge to facilitate understanding of the process

Jonathan Green, HBM’s Senior Sales Engineer comments, “HBM is committed to providing the most powerful measurement tools for this developing and exciting area of automotive technology.”

HBM has developed its Genesis HighSpeed DAQ-based eDrive approach to access and precisely evaluate raw test data on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Tel: +44 (0) 208 515 6100 Fax: +44 (0) 208 515 6149 Sales Email: info@uk.hbm.com www.hbm.com


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We have thousands of happy customers around the World – see what just some of them say about us at www.trustpilot.co.uk N Mora – Efficient Home Energy

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Temperature Sensors

Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple Connectors

Thermocouple Welder

Digital Thermometer & Logger

Sensor Installation Fittings

Buy on-line www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.co.uk  www.labfacility.co.uk Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446 PECM713.indd 51

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Measurement & Monitoring USB Triaxial Accelerometer

GLASSCAPE from RAFI: increased quality thanks to glass sensors produced in-house With the robust control units featured in the GLASSCAPE range, RAFI ranks among the leading suppliers of capactive touch input systems for industrial applications. RAFI has recently started up production of glass sensors for touchscreens with large screen diagonals up to 24”. This enables RAFI to increase the quality and cost-effectiveness of its devices and simultaneously reduce dependency on Asian suppliers that devote their capacities to the mass market for smartphones and tablet computers. To ensure the availability and high quality of the required sensors, RAFI has decided to use glass sensors produced in-house in the future. This ensures the availability of the sensors at all times and enables us to meet

Reliable Measurement of Oxygen in Thermal Oxidisers METTLER TOLEDO has launched a new online webinar reviewing the function of thermal oxidisers. The short presentation discusses how oxygen measurement at the exhaust outlet allows optimisation of the combustion process, reducing fuel costs and ensuring high VOC destruction.

free analysis software. This software also allows auto and smart

The full-scale vibration range is ± 16g, but the maximum shock collection. Internal electronics uses this DC supply to generate the correct supply for the internal temperature sensor, as well as the three variable capacitance accelerometers.

and discover why in-situ tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen analysers are an excellent tool for monitoring oxygen levels. Watch the Webinar at www.mt.com/uk-combustion-webinar


Tailored for zero to 1.6KHz frequency applications, the VibraScout offers continuous logging and display of 6 outputs - triaxial X, Y, and Z acceleration data, temperature, as well as X and Y angles,


Watch the Webinar ‘Reliable Measurement of Oxygen in Thermal Oxidisers’

Email: enquire.mtuk@mt.com

Dytran Instruments has introduced the 5340 digital USB accelerometer system called the VibraScout. Employing a triaxial DC accelerometer (7543A) with a MEMS capacitive sensing element housed in a hermetically sealed titanium case, this system simply links to a computer via a USB cable.


by HBM

how ing s 96 r e e n dD Engi nced mber, stan a v d : A th Nove HBM Visit n 12-13 o NEC,

More information from: Techni Measure Tel: 01527 854103Fax: 01527 853267 Email: sales@techni-measure.co.uk Web: www.techni-measure.co.uk

Electrifying results Continuous and synchronous acquisition of electrical and mechanical power. Optimized eDrive testing with HBM: ❚ Simultaneous measurement of high voltage signals, currents, torque and rotational speed ❚ Continuous acquisition of raw data for detailed analysis ❚ Power calculation per half cycle


HBM United Kingdom Ltd. +44 (0) 208 515 6100 info@uk.hbm.com


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the highly precise long-time data recording devices of the MSX-ilog series by ADDI-DATA. The compact, portable and interference-free systems are ideal for acquiring data at different locations in your installation. Data is automatically converted to physical values and can be calculated via the onboard µ-processor. and data export. Further features: Onboard data saving, internal clock, low consumption and Ethernet interface, data thus being available on the company network for evaluation and statistical purposes. No license costs! Contact us: info@addi-data.com or www.addi-data.com

Calibration Management Software A2Z MANAGER is an equipment calibration management system from Retriever Technology designed to meet the requirements of ISO9001 and other compliance standards. A gauge and instrument database maintains calibration and test schedules based on calendar intervals and/or item usage with tracking and recall plus full calibration history traceable to standards and production. Features include items due lists, printed labels, spreadsheet and email and procedures.

Email: sales@reetec.co.uk


Vision Inspection Supports your Food Safety Programme Incorrect product labelling and defective packaging jeopardises consumer safety and the reputation of your brand. Vision inspection offers food manufacturers an effective method of safeguarding product quality as part of a proactive food safety programme. food safety programme by requesting METTLER TOLEDO’s White Paper ‘Vision Inspection - Now Vital for Food Safety’.

Also interested in really fast, rugged, light, accurate, customised and inexpensive pyrometer models for non-contact temperature measurements between -50°C and +2200°C? Or in infrared cameras? Visit www.optris.co.uk

For acquiring temperature,

There’s no two ways about it: our extensive portfolio of infrared thermometers covers all the spectral, temperature and dynamic ranges you could want.

Ethernet Data Loggers


Measurement & Monitoring

The informative White Paper outlines the various European and of an effective programme. To request your copy of this White Paper please visit: www.mt.com/uk-foodsafety-whitepaper

Alrad Instruments Ltd ALRAD IMAGING the machine vision imaging specialist is proud to announce it can now offer the Hindsight 20/20CAM from Monitoring Technology. 20/20CAM packs the power of Hindsight into a small high speed camera with full network capability. 20/20CAM’s high speed video is continually stored internally to the camera with complete system and

(FPGA) and patent-pending software technology into a single package. 20/20CAM is sure to become a plant-critical troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tool.

Tel: 01635 32630


Innovative Infrared Technology


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Testo Limited, Keeping the heart of industry beating Based in Alton, Hampshire, Testo have been operating for over 30 years as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG, selling products throughout the UK and Ireland. Testo Limited also offers instrument service and calibration from our independently accredited ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17025 laboratory. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and customised. Testo is a leading manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments for many applications and sectors, such as the Industrial Production & Manufacturing sector. Innovative measurement technology from Testo supports production processes in every phase, from imaging to monitor electrical boards and identify worn parts in machinery through to Welfare Kits to ensure the environment in which employees work is comfortable, safe & Legal. We heavily invest in product research and development to guarantee we offer instruments that deliver durability, functionality and ease of use. For the purposes of machinery whose mechanical, electrical or pneumatic drives consume as little energy as possible. Manufacturing to consistently high standard of technology by investing in the most modern equipment, solid background knowledge and years of experience are the basis for you being able to safely reproduce high quality results. Testo’s reliable measurement systems can consistently monitor and regulate the production

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and the optimum adjustment of your environment, thus reducing energy consumption. The use of thermography cameras has caused a quantum leap in the progress of predictive maintenance and inspection programs, across industrial domains. It has also revolutionised the industry by contributing to substantial cost savings for manufacturers, while enhancing the quality of inspections for service providers. Use on a daily basis to help save time, reduce costs and ensure all relevant systems are operating properly and safely. In mechanical systems Infrared Cameras are useful for detecting irregularities usually caused by friction due to improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components or mechanical loading anomalies. Thermal Imagers are one of the fastest rising preventive maintenance tools in industrial inspections for monitoring mechanical and electrical systems within the production processes. maintenance tool is that, it allows inspections to take place during live operations. Imagine being able to inspect bearing housings on the production line, without having to cease production or disassemble of important components can highlight abnormalities allowing further focused inspection and effective maintenance on any machinery. www.testolimited.com or call 01420 544433 to speak someone in Technical Sales.

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Garrandale delivers air decay test machine solution Garrandale Engineering has worked closely with Oxford based exhaust manufacturer UYS Limited to develop a bespoke air decay test machine, which is used by the company at its manufacturing facility to test the integrity of the weld on all of the exhaust systems manufactured by UYS. A leaking exhaust can lead to toxic fumes entering the passenger compartment so it is vital that the testing procedure has no margin for error.

be accommodated through new tooling rather than having to buy a brand new machine. Garrandale has now supplied eight air decay test machines to UYS, together with three additional air underwater test machines which are used for the detection of zero leaks on the integrity of the welded A commonly used leak test solution is air decay leak

as they provide a thorough test solution which eliminates the margin for error. This gives additional

limit. Whilst this is a common type of machine that carries out an industry recognised test, the need for a bespoke solution came from the fact that UYS, who manufacture the exhaust systems for the vehicles that come off the Honda production line in Swindon, are required to test a number of exhaust systems for different vehicles. As a result, Garrandale provided a solution that incorporated a range of interchangeable tooling modules which utilise a quick release system. In the short term this allows the modules to be changed quickly and easily for each different exhaust system, saving valuable time in the testing procedure. However, it also provides a long term solution as any future changes to the vehicle model or component can

and the resultant reduction in the cost of the testing


Garrandale’s Engineering Division has been providing innovative solutions to a wide range of problems for many years in industries ranging from automotive and medical to rail vehicle assembly and rocket science. Garrandale Ltd Alfreton Road Derby DE21 4AP Tel: (01332) 291100 Fax: (01332) 222200 Web: www.garrandale.co.uk

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Process Technologies

Tel: 0208 339 7370 462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England

Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web: www.blackfast.com

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Process Technologies Precision Eforming Precision Eforming produces a full line of electroformed nickel 5 wires per inch to 2,000 wires per inch, from 1% transmission to 95% transmission, thickness from 3 microns to 250 microns, sheet sizes up to 22 inches square, standard openings are square but can be custom made slotted, round, or rectangular, in any designable and also can be black nickel coated.

Tel: 001 (607) 753-7730


Global Operations with a Local Outlook for the Oil & Gas Industry: Impreglon UK World renowned industrial applicators of spray coatings, Impreglon UK are the go-to within the UK and Ireland. With over 25 years’ experience, Impreglon UK’s systems, experience and high level of service can be relied upon to meet and solve surface technology requirements. As the UK Oil & Gas Industry experiences high levels of growth resulting in a delay in receiving necessary parts, Impreglon UK are perfectly positioned within the market place to provide additional capacity. Having coated many oil and gas components from downhole tools and measuring devices, to sub-sea anchoring systems, lead screws and valves.



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Process Technologies Designers urged to ‘challenge the norms’ in drive to increase recycled polymer use Product designers should ‘challenge the norms’ with clients and think along more ‘circular’ lines to encourage greater uptake of recycled polymers in new goods, urges a leading plastics reprocessor. Recognising strong market drivers, such as resource scarcity, oil price volatility and growing consumer demand for sustainable products, while working within the pre-set design constraints presented by recycled polymers, are further important factors, according to Keith Freegard, Director of Axion Polymers. recognise the clear environmental, economic and sustainable increase the uptake of recycled content in new items,” he says. “This is vital if we are to realise the wider aims of sustainable manufacturing and the circular economy,” continues Keith, who will be speaking on ‘Increasing use of recycled plastics in products’ at REPLAST 2013, the British Plastics Federation’s (BPF) sixth annual plastics recycling conference on November 6. The theme of this year’s event, at the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in London, is ‘Driving Manufacturing Using Recycled Plastics’ and the conference will examine how to increase the size of the UK plastics recycling industry and its market. For more information, contact Axion Polymers on 0161 426 7731 or visit the website - www.axionpolymers.com

Turbomiser chiller delivers 50per cent energy saving Waterproof, 22” Touch Screen Computer Enclosure Robust, waterproof and sealed to IP65, the SENC-450 is a premium product, engineered and designed from stainless steel to offer strength and reliability. A leading industrial enclosure ideal for the hazards of wash-down areas in demanding environments.

In a recent project, Cool-Therm worked closely with staff at to replace one of the existing chillers at the site.

virtually frictionless magnetic bearings, to deliver lower power consumption and reduced carbon emissions. Andreij Duma, Operations Director, said: “Cool-Therm anticipated a 20 to 25 per cent energy saving with the introduction of of just under 50 per cent.”

Tel: 0121 608 7207 t Email: sales@armagard.com www.armagard.co.uk


For more details, tel 0117 961 0006, email enquiries@cooltherm.co.uk, web www.cooltherm-chillers.co.uk

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Booth Welsh We are a specialist engineering company offering a range of services in process design, control and instrumentation, systems integration and electrical. We can deliver the complete project lifecycle in-house from front end engineering through detailed design to testing, commissioning and close out documentation. This unique capability which we have built can result in better cost core services we also have in-house mechanical/piping design capability and a technical recruitment service

We have a long standing proven track record in delivering

Whether using remote support tools or having engineers on site, we have the capability to deliver a world class service. We supply engineering solutions to a wide variety of clients across various industries including Oil and Gas, Life Sciences, Whisky, Utilities, Power and Food & Beverage in the UK sectors and various overseas locations such as Angola, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Monaco, means we are able to offer cross industry experience to our clients often resulting in a solution that the client may never have come up with in areas from project management right through design to commissioning.

support of the above we can also offer site installation and commissioning services using our teams of experienced trades operatives. We also have an in-house panel build facility supporting our engineering operations providing a stand- alone service to clients. We are very proud to have built a strong customer base over the years. Many of our partnerships with clients can often be very long term, some clients we have worked together with for around 20 years. As a company we are committed to working to very high quality standards and in line with this we have a solid portfolio of partnerships, accreditations and memberships.

Some of the industry areas we work in can be very hazardous and we take our commitment to Health and Safety very seriously. Testament to this we have recently achieved 3 million safety hours with no lost time. At present we have around 200 employees providing our expert services. Our team is made up of chartered engineers, incorporated engineers, designers and project managers from all around the world who are all highly retention rate which allows us to offer clients continuity of service and demonstrate on-going commitment and dedication to their needs.

www.boothwelsh.co.uk, www.boothwelshresources.co.uk or email enquiries@boothwelsh.co.uk.



Profibus User Group

Energy Industries Council




Institute of Measurement and Control

BS EN ISO 9001

British Safety Council

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Profibus User Group

Energy Industries Council




Institute of Measurement and Control

BS EN ISO 9001

British Safety Council

09/09/2013 16:23:19

Product News LEISTER LHS 15 & 21 Integrated Industrial Air Heaters

Process Measurement & Instrumentation Specialist

applications. T&D also specialise in electrical process heating solutions for safe and hazardous areas. T&D are distributors for:ABB, ASCO, ASHCROFT, CHROMALOX, CROPICO, DEETER, DRÄGER, ELTHERM, EMERSON, FISHER, FLEXIM, IFM, ISOPAD, KAMSTRUP, ITRON, MICRONICS, OLIVER VALVES, ROSEMOUNT, SENSUS, SONTEX, THERMON VEGA, WIKA & more

Designed for professional integration directly into machine systems, the new LHS series enables a wide variety of applications including those such as sterilisation, drying, welding, cleaning, shrinking, shaping, curing, deburring and activation.

Add us to your supply chain today. We have the solution.

For a list of the full range of LEISTER integrated LHS systems, please contact the UK distributor Welwyn Tool Group for further information on 01707 331111 or via email info@welwyntoolgroup.co.uk.

Tel: +44 (0) 191 490 1547 E-mail: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.uk

Quality fittings at an affordable price

IGMP inductive proximity switches

PNEUMATIC FITTINGS LTD can supply a wide range of quality pneumatic components at an affordable price. The company says the quality of which is comparable with the leading brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Introducing the IGMP 030 S-80 series, sensor expert EGE provides new inductive Figure: IGMP sensor from EGE for use at low proximity switches for lowtemperatures temperature environments in medical technology, spiral freezers, and other cryogenic applications that use liquid ni-trogen as a coolant. The units are designed for a temperature range from -80 to +70 °C. Manufactured from AISI 316Ti stainless steel and PTFE, the robust, IP68-protected sensors have a 3 mm nominal switching distance. Signal proc-essing is carried out by EGE’s IKZ 130 or Email: info@ege-elektronik.com

Pneumatic Fittings - Stainless Steel Pneumatic Fittings - Hose & Tube - Quick Release Couplings - Air Preparation Units & Regulators - Valves & Cylinders For a chance to win an iPad Mini in our quarterly newsletter contest, register at


ADVERTORIAL www.xrite.com/worldofplastics

ADVERTORIAL www.xrite.com/worldofplastics


rld of Plastics World of Plastics oo good to be missed!


Specialist Power Screw Products

... it’s too good to be missed!

me X-Rite Pantone, gest designer and of color and communication decided to transfer t for a major show into direct ents, converting the ey they would have how directly to free clusive product nd workflow cks. The overall ailable through the m World of direct benefits are e and Money.

For the first time X-Rite Pantone, TIME MONEY TIME MONEY the world's largest designer and manufacturer of color management and communication systems, has decided to transfer the investment for a major plastics tradeshow into direct 80 HOURS OF FREE CONSULTANCY AVAILABLE benefits for clients, converting 80 HOURS OFthe FREE CONSULTANCY AVAILABLE Amount of time each X-Rite Pantone team member dedicates exclusively to registrants of World of Plastics time and money they would have Amount of time each X-Rite Pantone team member dedicates exclusively to registrants of World of Plastics spent at the show directly to free TIME MONEY education, exclusive product TIME MONEY promotions and workflow efficiency checks. The overall program is available through the online platform World of Plastics. The direct benefits are DIRECT MONETARY BENEFITS AVAILABLE! based on Time and Money. Exclusive Product Promotions dedicated to registrants of World of Plastics!

$$$$$$$$$ 100% Direct


Color formulation



Call C all 01482 325676

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COLOR ROI Free e Training

OLOR e Training

PECM713.indd launch ebinars Product


Consultancy Business Issues Benefits 62 Problem PECM 2013 Quality Control SolvingAugust/September Education P. Emmel, Clariant Best Practises Inspiration & Design Online Efficiency Checks


S.Gidaro, Magna Donnelly money they would have spent at the show directly to free education, Quality love it. For them “Our operators exclusive product promotions and workfl ow efficiency checks. The it means no false downtime and FREE through Specification Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd, overall program is available the quality online platform World of a colorist is expected to higher output. “Today, ” Personal The Promotion Codes benefits are based on Time and Money. work closely with customers to Plastics. direct Pennington Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 7LD, UK ROI S.Gidaro, Magna Donnelly solve problems in a team Expertise Sharing Fax 01482 216438 Email: sales@kingston-engineering.co.uk environment. [This is supported Quality Market Trends Direct Benefits by X-Rite solutions.]” Business Issues Benefits www.xrite.com/worldofplastics Quality Control Innovation Specification “Today, a colorist is expectedP.toEmmel, Clariant Best Practises Solutions

se Sharing

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productivity, Business reduce production ease Issues waste, Benefits global color communication and achieve accurate color specification & standardization!



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1. Free eTrainings Pantone solutions: with tailored solutions: Color Matters 2. Free Color Workflow Efficiency For the first time X-Rite Pantone, the world’s largest designer and Here is what existing Business Issues Benefits Checks X-Rite Pantone understands themanagement business manufacturer of color and communication systems, clients say about X-RiteOur operators love it. For them 3. Exclusive Product Promotions needs of the industry and supports its clients has decided tosolutions: transfer the investment a major plastics it means no false downtime and Pantone for solutions: with tailored X-Rite Pantone helps you to boost your tradeshow into direct benefits for clients, converting the timehigher and quality output.


ps you to boost your e production waste, ease unication and olor ndardization!



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Self-reversing screws and followers Accredited by Aerospace, Nuclear & Chemical customers Specialist leadscrew & 100% Direct power screw products


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needs of the industry and supports its clients

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Working in key partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, T&D have the technical expertise and are able to supply a wide range

The established range of LEISTER air heaters for production processes has taken a further step in its evolution, with a new series of process heat units now available for connectivity directly into a PLC control system enabling even better control and functionality for systems designers and line production managers alike.

technologies and software upgrades.

J.Walsh, Penn Color

We are looking for leaders in the industry. X-Rite provides us

07/09/2013 22:28:55

Now as never before there is an ever increasing struggle for performance and productivity. Globalisation has meant that the pressures on improving competitiveness are more urgent now than any time in the past. This in turn has driven the introduction of lean and six sigma principles in manufacturing worldwide.

built. Since then a huge range of superalloys have been developed. The applications for these alloys is vast and ranges from the automotive to aerospace, oil and gas, marine, power generation, waste control, electrical components and communications. More recently variations in existing grades and some applications. One of the newer grades onto the market is Incoloy® 945 and 945X, which is set to replace the use of Inconel® 718 in well head equipment because of its equal performance, but is lower cost and is easier to machine. Inconel 690 and 693 were originally

In addition to this company boards are acutely aware of their corporate social responsibilities and the risk register is pored over at most large company Board meetings. This has led to demands for equipment suppliers and contractors to guarantee no failures in service and minimal environmental impact. Down the line these circumstances have combined to areas of industrial process equipment. At the top of the high grade metals tree sits a range of nickel alloys that are used in the most aggressive of applications and in some cases there is no substitute for the use of nickel alloys in critical areas. Nickel has been used as an alloying element for over 2000 years, but it was in the 1940’s that Nimonic alloys were developed

for use in reformers in Gas to Liquids plants, but are now being use more and more often in the mining and oil industries. 10 Years ago Inconel® its excellent corrosion resistance and performance at high temperatures. More often Incoloy® 825was more often used. Since the recent exploitation of more and more sour gas deposits and deeper working in oil extraction, plus the demands of operators already mentioned, Inconel® 625 is now commonly used, making it cheaper and more widely available. The trend is set to continue with other super alloys, giving designers more choice an in turn leading to better performing equipment in the struggle for increased productivity and competitiveness. For more information on Nickel Alloys visit our website www.corrotherm.co.uk

Inconel® and Incoloy® are registered trade marks of Special Metals Corp.

PECM713.indd 63

07/09/2013 22:29:01

Product News British Standard Gratings Wins Significant Power Station Business Midlands-based British Standard Gratings (BSG) has recently secured contracts, as part of major new-build and renovation works at four major UK power stations.

these latest successes.

Cleaning up the 3D Print Objects in Style with the Quill Vogue Wash Station As we know the post processing required for 3D printing is something that rarely gets much attention, but it is a key part of the process. The recently introduced Quill Vogue Wash Station Mobile printing wash station offers a solution to 3D printed prototype parts.

The company’s handrailing system supplied to all four projects comprises modular ball type handrail standards manufactured from high-grade materials, and galvanised to ensure the long-term durability while reducing the risk of wear.

The Quill Vogue Wash Station mobile delivers high performance solution, using a strong, yet surprisingly gentle jet of water to rapidly remove a range of support material from printed 3D objects, all within a self contained compact unit.

For further details or to see BSG’s range, please visit www.bsgratings.com, or call 01384 563434.

To see the wash station in action visit the Quill Vogue Wash Station Mobile on You Tube or visit www.quillvogue.com

Patent awarded for Rota Val ‘rotor contact’ innovation

First three PRIMO 200E units sold to Austria

Pioneering rotary and diverter valve manufacturer Rota Val Ltd has been awarded a patent for its novel contact detection system. Launched in 2009 as the RotaSafe RM2, the system has proved popular with powder processing and solids handling industry end users, overcoming the problem of ‘nuisance tripping’ and maintaining compliance with stringent ATEX standards where relevant.

Having just launched the product in January, Automatik Plastics Machinery has

Detection systems are required to stop a rotary valve instantly if rotor to housing contact is detected, avoiding valve damage and consequent product contamination. Developed to eliminate the problem of “nuisance tripping”, the RotaSafe RM2 rotor monitor represents a major advance over other types of rotary valve rotor protection equipment.

Tel: 01249 651138


200 E strand pelletizer model to Austrian master batch manufacturer GabrielChemie GmbH. After a short test phase with a trial machine, Gabriel-Chemie found the decision easy: The PRIMO 200 E delivered outstanding pelletizing quality and high levels of user-friendliness, while its ease of handling for batch changing made cleaning and retooling much quicker, received further plaudits thanks to its deposit-free cutting head design, compact size and low running noise.

Tel: +41 44 278 8200

Email: Welcome@maag.com




PECM August/September 2013

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07/09/2013 22:29:09

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Product News Flat-Surface Label Applicator Announced by Primera Primera Technology, Inc. (“Primera”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty printers, today announced its new AP550e Flat-Surface Label Applicator. AP550e is a semi-automatic label applicator that makes it fast and easy to precisely apply product and tapered bottles, boxes, packages, bags, pouches, lids, tins and much more. Labels are applied straight, without wrinkles or folds, in exactly the per hour versus manually applying labels.

Efficient drive packages for baggage handling At the inter airport Europe 2013 tradeshow, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS units for baggage handling systems combining two-stage helical-bevel gearboxes, energy-saving motors, and distributed frequency inverters. The motors feature triple overload capacity and provide a constant torque over a wide operating range, enabling the drastic reduction of variant diversity in individual applications. NORD supplies NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at the inter airport Europe exhibition, October 8-11, 2013, Munich Trade Fair, Germany: Hall B5, Stand 1438


Email: info@nord.com

KC Wirefree Dedicated Bluetooth Website: www.adaptivemodules.net

Technotrans urges manufacturers to think small on chillers and compressors

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new Bluetooth website detailing our Bluetooth module and USB offerings from KC Wirefree, who we are KC Wirefree are manufacturers of high quality, low powered Bluetooth modules, facilitate the development process and improve performance in your application. If the available

Make sure you visit our dedicated Bluetooth site by going to www.adaptivemodules.net


Technotrans, a specialist in temperature control systems, is introducing chillers using the world’s smallest and lightest rotary compressor into the UK. This move follows its parent company’s purchase of Termotek, a specialist supplier of laser cooling systems, last year. Sales of 10,000 chiller units or more is the target for technotrans Europewide in the next year and the UK believes it will contribute substantially to that total. The range includes air-water heat exchangers for small lasers (widely used in the medical sector), air-water compressor based chillers (used for diode lasers) in the mid-range performance, through to airwater compressor based chillers for high powered diode lasers.

Email: stuart.packer@technotrans.co.uk

Ultracoat Helps Stop The Rot In Food And Drink Processing

at rmation om er info Furth.v ubrand.c www acu

A proven and accredited epoxy coating system, Ultracoat from Fernco Environmental, has become the champion of the food and drink manufacturing industry, as it provides the ultimate in repair, rehabilitation and protection of grease traps, settlement tanks, manholes, and all other trade Due to the chemical composition of the trade



drainage network. Thanks to the highly chemical resistant (pH 2-14) Ultracoat epoxy spray applied coating system, these structures can be to 50 years.

No More Oil Changes! PC 3012 NT VARIO the new chemistry pumping unit for high vacuum requirements in kilo labs and mini plants the logical alternative to rotary vane pumps efficient VARIO® process control

Tel: 01226 340 222


Fortafix Brand of High Temperature Adhesives and Sealants go from ‘Strength to Strength’. company has continued to invest in development of the product range and its UK

One reason for the success is the company’s technical expertise in high temperature solutions which it has used to develop products to solve customers’ engineering problems. Typical examples include a highly developed adhesive used in Formula one racing, extreme temperature resistant potting compound for the Aerospace industry, having the facilities to deliver a bespoke highly technical product is that this technology

VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG Alfred-Zippe-Straße 4 ·97877 Wertheim ·Germany T +49 9342 808-5550 · F +49 9342 808-5555 info@vacuubrand.com · www.vacuubrand.com


A further contribution to the company’s growth is the production and packaging of products for customers ‘own branding’. This area of business development has also Minkon now looks forward to working with its customers to continue the growth of the

PECM August/September 2013

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Emergency Data Recovery What do you do when you lose access to your data ? Panic, ring a friend, call tech support or restore from a backup ? For many departments in any organisation the management of data is one that has to take priority not only for the smooth running of a business but also for legal reasons the excuse “the backup failed” is not one that would hold up if the data could affect legal, accounting or production data. Most companies have a disaster recovery plan and multiple contingencies for handling data loss, such as data replication on servers, server storage arrays and external drives to Tape and cloud backups, but part of that plan should be the data recovery option. The data recovery option is often used by clients who require a particular data set restored to the point in time the storage device failed, this is not necessarily the same as the as the last backup. I will use a typical emergencies as an examples whilst the companies names are not mentioned:1. TV company storing edited video of a TV programme on a RAID storage appliance which had taken several days of post-production editing to get ready for future broadcast, the RAID fails and is inaccessible. After 6 weeks and the deadline approaching for the video footage to go to broadcast they have a choice do they redo the work and impact their ongoing production or have a data recovery company recover the data ? Answer R3 Data Recovery is called and sends a dedicated CRB checked driver to the client who then brings it direct to the lab, drives are imaged and the data volume recovered and copied back to a return drive. The 3TB of video still took 1 week to recover but was completed within the time constraints that had to be met 2. Large scale conglomerate with multiple sites and over extended server infrastructure due for upgrade sustains successive power outages which affect the backup storage and results in 3 of the 4 drives in the RAID5 set to become degraded, the live data not yet backed up is critical to a European old. Server is shipped by dedicated driver from a European

PECM713.indd 67

city and loaded onto Eurostar then met at London Kings Cross station and couriered using GPS tracked CRB checked drivers to our lab. Although 3 of the 4 drives were in a severely degraded state the imaging of the drives is completed within 24 hours and data shipped back to clients London data centre and the data uploaded to a newly provisioned server ready for Monday morning start of business. 3. A school with an impressive virtualised server forest stored on a QNAP SAN experiences multiple drive failures and the result is the servers and data backup needed for exams results are inaccessible. Very few technicians in the world have RAID5 array where 2 of the drives failed and not necessarily at the same time. Each Lun contained multiple virtual drives containing at least one VM. Despite having QNAP support the onsite server support engineers are unable to restore the recovered luns and need the VHD’s and QNAP themselves are unable to assist. 4. A memory card containing wedding pictures taken by a professional photographer fails whilst taking pictures of the

access to the pictures. 5. parameters to control the laser becomes degraded, by imaging A typical day for our engineers involves rebuilding hard drives, imaging degraded drives, recovering failed SSD storage and the team of technicians are kept busy often 7 days a week helping keep the data businesses need useable. As part of the recovery sometimes reveal corrupt data which has been stored and backed up for many months and sometimes years. So if you don’t have a data recovery company as part of your disaster recovery plan now is the time to think about contacting us, we can help with data data recovery, data restoration and data validation. R3 Data Recovery Ltd 0800 999 3282 4264 www.r3datarecovery.com

07/09/2013 22:29:49

Software & Systems High-Performance Fully-Ruggedized PC/104 ATR Computer for Tough Environments The M-Max 810 Family extends MicroMax’s product line of tough computers made for harsh environments. The fully sealed fanless ATR aluminum chassis, designed to house up to 12 PC/104 boards, uses natural convection and conduction cooling in accordance with MIL-STD-810 standards. COTS components M-Max 810 Family to comply with a wide variety of airborne, marine and ground vehicle applications. The patent

Ultracapacitor Module provides backup power to UPS systems. ule addresses short-term ride-through and bridge power requirements of UPS systems in datacenters, hospitals, factories, and telecommunication facilities. Product has rugged construction meeting IBC Zone 4 earthquake resistance standard and has no heavy metals or toxic substances. Suited for systems requiring up to 750 V, unit is available in 3U and 4U rack-mount models and in 4, 5, 6.5, and 10 kW versions to meet UPS system requirements.

allows dissipating up to 60W of power. This enables MicroMax to provide a complete Quad Core Intel i7 CPU based system which can operate at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C while providing full dust and humidity protection.

Maxwell Technologies Introduces Ultracapacitor-Based Backup Power Module for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

Phone: +1 212 968-1060

For more information, please visit our website: www.maxwell.com.


Firmware update for routers INSYS icom, a leading technology partner for industrial data communication and M2M technology, has extended the functional range of its industrial routers through new update 2.1 1. Thereby, INSYS icom says current recommendations of the German

Critical UPS Installations.

Velox Module Shortens Time to Market and Revenue Imsys,





modules and tools for embedded applications, today announces a new member of its “Simple Network Application Platform - SNAP”, the Velox.

the white paper of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries Routers which not only allow for remote access but also establish connections for data transfer pose a potential threat to application and network security.

According to the 2013 Embedded Market Study from UBM, 57 % of all product design projects are delayed and some even cancelled, a steady trend over the past years. The new module addresses that issue by offering a solution that can save development time and cost.

One danger is the possibility of professionals gaining access to company IT networks, disrupting these and stealing or even manipulating data. Even before the update, INSYS icom’s routers were equipped with a wide range of security features.

featuring the newest Imsys processor generation and providing full access to the processor’s features.

Tel: +49 941 586 92-0

Tel: +46 8 59411070



Email: info@imsystech.com

PECM August/September 2013

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Efficient engineering through CAE Companies that evolve with the latest engineering design project turnaround times, enhanced product quality and security. Ken Christie, director of EPLAN UK, explains how the complete computer aided engineering solutions can be intrinsically linked across all areas of a business to create synergy between engineering disciplines and processes. drawings instead of CAE systems like EPLAN are forced to deal with the accompanying lists and documents that have to be researched and assembled separately; a cumbersome method for high-tech industries. EPLAN numbering, device tagging and the generation of BOMS as well as wiring lists. Advanced Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) programs have allowed these functions to be performed automatically, instantaneously and accurately; reducing the amount of manual data entry and error-checking to be done by engineers at each stage of a project. Ultimately this allows businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and shorten their time-to-market.

ABB and Festo, B&R and Phoenix Contact, the software offers what is believed to be the most comprehensive list of components on any system of its kind. The EPLAN Data portal incorporates 250,000 components and device data which are designed, managed and controlled by the manufacturers, guaranteeing the accuracy and precision of part drawings and documentation. The Data Portal therefore enables users to select and apply the data or components required for a Mr Ken Christie, director of EPLAN UK project with a single keystroke, reducing time spent on drawings by up to 80 per cent. The software can be easily implemented into a company’s IT infrastructure and integrate seamlessly with a company’s internal systems to ensure effective communication between sales, purchasing, accounting, manufacturing, and service departments. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, the leading manufacturer When the company came to review its IT requirements, it also took the opportunity to re-evaluate its software and design needs and quickly realised that EPLAN could help “We use EPLAN for our control panel projects and it has integration of PLCs and HMIs and the production of reports such as BOMs. We are also able to integrate other parts of the control panel project such as manuals, datasheets, and Solidworks designs into EPLAN, which is then sent to the customer as a PDF upon completion of the project,” explains Tom Carnell, engineering systems applications manager at the company.

To be totally effective as a modern engineering software package however, CAE programs must not only bring together a wide range of information and make it widely accessible, they must be able to accommodate new data formats and integrate with third-party software and new applications that emerge. Leading the way in CAE software is EPLAN. EPLAN software has all the core functions required of harness and enclosure design. The suite’s automatic error-checking features make it virtually impossible for errors to slip into project build packages. This ensures that new project planning does not set out on the wrong track and incur detrimental cost consequences in manufacturing and operation. It is EPLAN’s sophisticated database that truly sets the software apart from other electrical design packages. The scope of data and components that can be accessed via EPLAN’s Data Portal is extensive, including data

integration and automation at its core, a company not only empowers its employees by liberating them from the most tedious aspects of their job, but also streamlines its operations and ensures it is accessible to new clients and business.

templates, international designations, preview images and entire product manuals.

For further information about Eplan please contact info@ eplan.co.uk or call 01709 704100.

Working with more than 48 industry partners, including

Visit the Eplan website at www.eplan.co.uk August/September 2013 PECM

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Demag tandem hoists promote workplace safety t New concept for working beneath suspended loads t Lifting solution for a wide variety industrial processes Hot-galvanising company, Helling & Neuhaus, in conjunction with Terex Material Handling and with input from the industrial employers’ mutual insurance association, has developed a solution which allows operators to work beneath suspended loads. The lift and lower sections of the two Helling & Neuhaus conveyor lines have each been equipped with two Demag double chain hoists, which are connected by means of a tandem control system. According to the the requirements of BGV D8 Plus hoists, is an innovative solution, which provides maximum safety for a wide range of industrial applications. In many production facilities, including galvanising

PECM713.indd 70

plants, it is necessary for operators to work beneath suspended loads, which are held by chain hoists. Applications such as these are subject to special safety requirements, which are laid down in the BGV D8 safety regulations. Safe and reliable solution for D8 Plus hoists to meet risk assessment requirements Helling & Neuhaus GmbH, part of the Seppeler Group, operates two parallel production circuits at its plant in Gütersloh, Germany. The lifting motions at each of the pick-up and deposit stations were previously provided had met the customer’s requirements, but safety issues dictated the development of an alternative solution.

09/09/2013 17:48:04

Michael Rother, Engineering Director, stated: “Together with Terex Material Handling and the industrial carried out a risk assessment and analysis. On the basis of the results, a concept was developed to satisfy the requirements of the BGV 8 Plus regulations, allowing operators to work beneath the trolleys.� The solution employed by the galvanising specialist utilises Demag LDC-D size 10 double chain hoists, which are paired to each other by a tandem control system. Developed for transporting long materials and spreader operation, the LDC-D has two mechanically synchronised chain lead-offs, which are rigidly connected to each other by a common frame. The LDC-D unit drives a separate lifting block that has its own chain drive via a connecting shaft. To accommodate load-dependent lifting speeds of up to 24 m/min, the LDC-D units are designed for high handling rates. In addition, they provide for longer chain service life as there are no additional chain return sprockets. High safety and reliability for lifting and lowering The four attachment and removal stations employed at Helling & Neuhaus comprise six metre-long I-beam

sections, which are integrated into the conveyor track. They are held by two stationary LDC-D double chain hoists, which have a hook centre distance of 800 mm. When a spreader trolley reaches one of the stations, section is lowered to allow the parts to be attached for the galvanising process. Two chain lead-offs also double the level of safety. Synchronised operation of the hoists is also monitored by the tandem control system. This arrangement ensures that the four hooks are always level with each other during lifting and lowering motions. Even if one of the chains were to break, the load bar would remain in a stable position. The lifting and lowering stations operate with several secondary safety features, including a double brake system, to ensure optimum safety and reliability for workers. www.demagcranes.co.uk August/September 2013 PECM

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Storage Handling & Distribution Light Crane System introduced in 1963, the foundation was laid for the worldwide success story of the DEMAG KBK crane construction kit. brought onto the market. Over the same period, the crane construction kit has undergone continuous development. Today Terex Material Handling serves a wide variety of customers in many different industries and is seen as a market leader for light crane systems Today, the Demag KBK Ilght crane system is a modular system construction kit for overhead 4 transport solutions in a number of different load ranges up to 3,200 kg. Single and double girder suspension cranes, suspension monorails, slewing jibs and cranes, as well as portal and stacker cranes,

Tel: 01295 676100


Spiroflow Launches Enhanced C1 Bulk Bag Filler of conveying and weighing systems, has announced an upgrade to one of its most

make it how you want it*

Ideal for low to medium volume use where forklift truck, the new C1 facilitates dust-free,

profile assembly solution fast. versatile. simple.

Its base is directly mounted on an approved load cell weigh platform and the required weight can be pre-set for automatic cut-off. The platform includes a perfect for handling products that aerate and resulting in a stable load for both storage and transportation.

*we mean MiniTec solutions as well as sandwiches










FHG IPP Logipal launches Reusable Box Solutions FHG IPP Logipal, the UK & Ireland’s second largest pooling supplier and leading high quality pallet pooling specialist, has launched a range of reusable box solutions comprising the FHG Bulk Box, FHG High Protection Box plus handling and packaging accessories FHG Bulk Box range is aimed at the retail and industrial sectors and offers







800mm. Made of a strong and rigid wood and metal design to protect products, these FHG bulk boxes are available with a hinged side for easy picking access. When not in use, they are collapsible and stackable for


design samples advice

& design tools

www.minitec.co.uk visit us and see the versatility of MiniTec

T: 01256 365 605 E: info@minitec.co.uk www.minitec.co.uk

For more information, visit: www.ipplogipal.co.uk

New Safety Training Course Use and Supply of Packaging Machinery Pilz has launched a new safety training course which aims to give an understanding of the latest legal and best practice requirements for the use and supply of packaging machinery and continuous handling equipment. Directive affecting supply of equipment; the UK National Regulations affecting the use of equipment; risk assessment & reduction and guarding & safety-related control system requirements. It then goes deeper in Continuous Handling Equipment (EN 617-20 series). http://www.pilz.com/enGB/gb/services/trainings/seminars/articles/06238


PECM August/September 2013

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Wastewater engineers go with the flow improved





and this reading is being used to detect the accumulation of debris that necessitates a maintenance visit. by the analysis of treated water which is continually sensors. The readings from these sensors demonstrate that wastewater treatment has been effective and that the treated water is suitable for discharge or in some cases re-use in irrigation, landscaping or industrial applications. In order to prevent accumulation of debris

As a result, operational costs are considerably lower than alternatives that employ chemical/ colorimetric analysis. Importantly, in order to provide access to live data, and for the Intellisonde to be able to issue an alarm, a built-in GPRS modem provides access to the monitoring data. In addition to the parameters mentioned above, the Intellisonde FE also incorporates a

from suspended materials such as sediment and algae, it is common practice for this sample stream to pass can become blocked and this has a detrimental effect on the quality of monitoring; a blocked strainer can result in failure to detect a problem with the wastewater, so it is vital that regular maintenance ensures that blockages are minimised.

service engineers allowing them to prioritise/schedule their visits.

Unfortunately, the accumulation of debris is unpredictable and so routine maintenance cannot

rate should not be allowed to drop below 0.1m/s, so we recommend that the alarm should be set at 0.2m/s or slightly above, to provide time to arrange a maintenance visit.

visits are inevitably more frequent than necessary, which represents an unnecessary cost.

“Our customers have found that this system works very well; improving the reliability of monitoring whilst avoiding needless maintenance visits and thereby saving costs.



monitor provides continuous, long term, accurate monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, pH, ORP, Ammonium, Turbidity and Temperature. The monitor’s sensors are solid state and require no recalibration once they have settled following installation. Furthermore, no membranes or chemicals are required and no maintenance is necessary until the sensor head is quickly and easily serviced; usually after 6 months.

to meet the needs of users in clean water network management, so it is very pleasing that this feature has proved to be so useful in a different application.� www.intellitect-water.co.uk

August/September 2013 PECM

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Altra launches new power transmission solutions information portal for the Wastewater Industry Altra Industrial Motion has launched a new information portal for professionals in the Wastewater Industry to help them to understand the company’s wide range of power transmission solutions. With some of the world’s best know power transmission brands, including Bauer Gear Motor, Huco, Bibby, Stieber and TB Woods, Altra is able to provide full drive train solutions which are designed to offer long-lasting reliability environments found in the industry. The online portal can be found at www. altrawastewater.com and is organised into bar screens, sedimentation tanks, aerators and blowers, augers and screw conveyors, sludge thickeners and pumps and sand separators etc. Having selected the page of interest, site visitors are introduced to the different Altra brands which offer products which have been used in the application in question; links are then provided to the corresponding websites if more information is required. Thanks to the diversity of the Altra brands there are products available which represent each section of the drive train such as geared motors, overload and backstopping clutches, torque limiters, couplings, U-joints and belted drives. The website also includes a link to a literature portal where product documents can be downloaded as well as a supporting Wastewater Industry brochure - which can also be ordered from the Altra sales team. Expert sales engineers are available to speak each with many years in their respective industries. However, if a complete package solution is required it is possible to order through a single source to ensure that all the components are compatible and can be delivered to a short lead time. www.altrawastewater.com


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W.E.Couplings Team

Pipe Swivel Joint Rotates 360 Degrees

Have a look at us working on

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47-m-dZSauk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JgnATk04pA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQZZ05aDd2s

www.we-couplings.com PECM713.indd 75

07/09/2013 22:30:18

T:+44(0)1942 216161


FOOD & BEVERAGES atg UV Technology are experts in UV disinfection systems for food & beverage applications including makeup water, low UVT% liquid sugar, and high dose de-chlorination systems. Contact us today to find out why the World’s leading food and beverage manufacturers choose atg UV Technology to protect their products and customers. APPLICATIONS FOR UV SYSTEMS:  4QSJOHXBUFSCPSFIPMFXBUFS  -JRVJETVHBSTZSVQTTXFFUFOFST  'SVJUKVJDFT DJEFSTCSJOFT  #SFXJOHEJTUJMMFSJFT  .BLFVQXBUFSQSPDFTTXBUFS





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Profile for MH Media Global

PECM - Issue 5 2013  

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