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Front Cover Fluke Preventive Maintenance Platform Packed With Advice On Cost Efficiency

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make it how you want it* profile assembly solution fast. versatile. simple. *we mean MiniTec solutions as well as sandwiches


design samples advice

& design tools

» machine guards » workstations » conveyors » customised enclosures

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www.minitec.co.uk visit us and see the versatility of MiniTec

T: 01256 365 605 E: info@minitec.co.uk www.minitec.co.uk

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Printed & Interactive Magazine www.pecm.co.uk Publishing Director: Martin Holmes

Tel: 01843 863613


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April/May 2013 PECM

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Boilers & Maintenance Nemex showcases new energy-saving systems from Marshall-Tufflex Power



several new commercial energy saving systems and showcased its domestic boiler management unit

The UK manufacturer, had a huge amount of interest from energy and building managers, local authorities, public bodies, retail groups etc interested in the cash and carbon saving abilities of its systems,

A new Commercial Boiler Management system which

A new range of UK manufactured, proven, power factor correction units Voltage Optimisation range that are smaller, lighter and cost-

solutions for commercial applications, including appliance control

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Ind Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel : 0121 327 5362 Fax : 0121 328 2934

live data to be visible via a personalised dashboard for complete

sales@certuss.co.uk www.certuss.co.uk

Cable Management UNI Split Gland

Walter Logan & Co represents For further information please contact Peter Campbell Tel: 0208 446 0161 peter@walterlogan.com


PECM April/May 2013

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April/May 2013 PECM

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10% Readers Discount

3rd - 5th June 2013 L’Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France 10th Maghreb-MidEast Strategy Briefing - 3rd June 2013 10th Maghreb, Mediterranean - MidEast Upstream Conference - 4th - 5th June 2013 50th PetroArabian-PetroAfricanus Dinner - 4th June 2013 Separately Bookable

Contributing Sponsor

Dexter Krol, New Business Development Manager Upstream International, Shell International E&P, Brian O’Cathain, Chief Executive, Petroceltic International, Hazem Al-Ramini, Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale, Natural Resources Authority, Jordan, Mustafa Akbaba, Head of Department, Natural Gas Operations Botas Petroleum Pipeline Corp, Turkey, Haddou Jabour, Promotion & Partnership Manager, ONHYM, Morocco, Wadie Habboush, President & Chief Executive Officer, Habboush Group, Ahmed Salem Ould Tekrour, Director General of Petroleum, Ministere du Petrole, de L’Energie et des Mines, Mauritania, Dr Sohbet Karbuz, Director of Hydrocarbons, Mediterranean Observatory For Energy (OME), Paris, David Taylor, President, CEO & Director, Cygam Energy, Dr. Naji Abi Aad, Chief Operating Officer, PetroLeb, Lebanon, Bernhard Cociancig, Chief Executive Officer, International, MND, Peter Wallace, Managing Director, Global CSS Ltd, Cyprus, Bob Lambert, President & Chief Executive Officer, Petra Petroleum, Ing Roberto Pirani, Chairman, White Stream Pipeline Company Ltd, Francis Ghilès, Senior Research Advisor, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), Spain, Ravi Suri, Regional Head for Project & Export Finance, Middle East, North Africa & SA & Europe, Standard Chartered Bank, Jeff Waterous, Independent Adviser, Bahrain, Robert E Jones, Regional Director, Mediterranean and North Africa, Cairn Energy plc, Bijan Khajehpour, Senior Associate,Menas Associates, Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO,Global Pacific & Partners, Mathios Rigas, Chief Executive Officer, Energean Oil & Gas, Greece, Luay Al-Khatteeb, Executive Director, Iraq Energy Institute, Georges Pelaghias, Executive Director, European Rim Policy & Investment Council, Cyprus, Mehmet Ogutcu, Founding Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Global Resources Corporation, Yasser Tousson, Managing Director, Finance, Apache, Yannis Grigoriou, General Manager Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons, Hellenic Petroleum, Greece, Faiz Shahab, Chief Exploration & New Ventures Officer, MEDCO Energi, Ali Alwash, Deputy Expert, State Company for Oil Projects, The Ministry of Oil Iraq, Dr Neil Hodgson, New Ventures Manager, Spectrum ASA, Imed Derouiche, Country Manager, Petrofac, Tunisia

Supported By

Global Pacific & Partners Senior Partners: Management

Sponsor / Exhibition


Dr Duncan Clarke: duncan@glopac.com Babette van Gessel: babette@glopac.com

Amanda Wellbeloved: amanda@glopac-partners.com Sonika Greyvenstein: sonika@glopac-partners.com

tanya@glopac-partners.com jodee@glopac-partners.com

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8)"5*4#00."-&35 M2M? Boomalert M2M is a software interface used to send and receive business critical information to and from a company’s fixed and remote assets through a monitoring device. This enables the automated management and escalation of alerts from such devices to the intended recipients. r..$PNNVOJDBUJPO Boomalert M2M allows an organisation to consolidate and manage the communication from all of its monitoring devices using a central point of contact. r*ODJEFOU.BOBHFNFOU *.  Boomalert M2M enables the critical escalation path for notifications to key stakeholders to be custom managed according to each specific notification from the monitoring device. The escalation path can also be defined based on a stakeholders reply to a specific alert

r%FWJDFNBOBHFNFOU Boomalert M2M provides an interface which can be used to send and receive communications directly to and from monitoring devices.

#&/&'*540'#00."-&35 M2M r*NNFEJBUFDPTUSFEVDUJPO o Eliminate the costs associated to manually re-programming remote devices o Automate the escalation of critical alerts using twoway communications o Centralise control and management of the monitoring for remote and fixed assets r3FEVDFJODJEFOUSFTPMVUJPO UJNFT Use multiple communications channels for rapid escalation to key stakeholders and manage workflow based on a recipient’s reply

r"VEJUBCMFDPNNVOJDBUJPOT Access a full audit trail of all two way communications across each incident r1SVEFOUQSPDVSFNFOU Use analytical data relating to the monitoring of your assets to influence management and future purchases r.PSFFĂŽ DJFOUVTFPGSFTPVSDFT Manage incidents by exception

"11-*$"5*0/4#&45'*5 4FDUPS Transport Security Manufacturing IT Infrastructure "QQMJDBUJPO Environmental Sensors / alarms Industrial machinery Hardware & software


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Remote Maintenance at a Lower Cost The rise of automation coupled with the increasing need to access data remotely has led for the necessity costs of visiting monitoring equipment in isolated locations, such as wind turbines or solar inverters,

offer solutions that can be implemented at the chip

That is one of the many wireless communication solutions provided by Adaptive Modules, who over

custom solutions to allow control, monitoring and

the communication revolution that has ignited with people all over the world move to digital equipment,

remote connectivity capabilities in projects all across


the reliability of the unit, they are in quite harsh conditions being sat on the side of motorways and SMS reboot mode is a very handy feature for site maintenance especially and the interface is very easy to use and it has some advanced features for a

PECM April/May 2013

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Cleaning Solutions


When health and safety depend on it - specify

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners BVC’s new range of vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industry and commerce.


+44(0)1737 246649

Dedicated to Increasing

Robust Reliable Efficient Easy to use High Filtration Made in the UK Mains electric, Battery and Air Power Standard or modified units for all applications BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can work in conjunction with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners or as stand A schematic showing a typical Central Vacuum Cleaning System alone systems. They provide vacuum connection points for cleaning around the factory, plant or lab. Dust and debris is conveyed through the pipe system to a filter separator for safe disposal.

Plant Availability and Reducing Costs…

Expert analysis and Online Cleaning for the Power Generation and Process Industries Online boiler fouling removal Baghouse filter and ESP cleaning Online heat exchanger cleaning Silo, hopper and ash pit cleaning High temperature camera inspection Plant performance monitoring services Visit our website for more information or call us to find out how we can optimise the performance in your plant.

Part of BVC ‘s range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC A Quirepace Company

BVC, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Tel: +44 (0) 2392 603700

e-mail: enquiries@bvc.co.uk www.bvc.co.uk

01483 570 044 info@krrprostream.com www.krrprostream.com


PECM April/May 2013

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Ultrasonic cleaning for best results Ultrasound is used widely throughout industry for removing unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods. ilsonic is an leading international supplier of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a variety of uses throughout indusThe company’s systems are suitable for a variety of purposes within these areas, including the cleaning valves, nents, indeed whatever you have may well lend itself to ultrasonic cleaning, potentially saving your company time and money indeed many com-

clean engine parts such as pistons,

with no compromise on quality or relidistinct variations as standard with an endless number of custom built variafers full support including accessories, chemicals, service contracts and full

portable system for cleaning small en-

for larger components such as heat

accommodate the biggest coolers and

Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaning tanks are built to customer specifications

Custom-built ultrasonic tures



and with a huge range of frequencies, densities and power ratings, these customised models will always deliver the best cleaning results, with no compromise on quality or reliabil-

generator technology, which features a predetermined frequency sweep and twin-tandem transducers capable of driving up to 2m in height, and full cavitation, crucial for cleaning larger manufactured using the highest qual-

dustrial cleaning processes, with the customer to de-

mum weight distribution and perfor-

Bench-top ultrasonic

Also standard through the range is the under liquid jetting system, which improves the cleaning performance and maintains chemical integrity for


systems a durable solution to heavyduty cleaning applications, providing many years of cleaning performance,



bench-top models are consteel and are designed for longlasting durability, while the Budget bench-top ultra-

Manufactured in the UK

good cleaning performance at a reasonable price, without cutting corners in terms

the customer at all stages in order to develop a sys-

Hilsonic is a specialist in the supply of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the powergeneration and marine industries

Tel: 0151 6396020

April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:11:16

Drives From Control Techniques Helped Titanic Belfast® Centre Open On Time


itanic Belfast®, the World’s Largest Titanic Visitor Experience, was built to continue the story and legacy of the world’s most famous ship; to celebrate Belfast’s great ship-building feats and commemorate Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage and loss of life. Titanic Belfast is located in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the slipways where the Titanic was built. It measures 14,000 m² and accommodates nine galleries of interactive exhibition space, an underwater exploration theatre, recreations of the ship’s decks and cabins, banqueting facilities, Titanic Store and a café and bistro. The unique architectural themes, including the insignia of the White Star Line. The Challenge The Harvey Group, a provider of mechanical and electrical building services in Northern Ireland and the UK, was contracted by Titanic Foundation Ltd, the owners of Titanic Belfast®, to supply and install complete building services. This was a unique challenge due to the highly unusual shape of the building. In February 2012 G. S. Stothers Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, one of Northern Ireland’s leading smoke ventilation specialists, was asked by the Harvey Group to supply a system which could control two twin fansets within the smoke extraction system in the atrium of the Titanic building. Obviously, it was necessary that the control system be 100% reliable. Titanic Belfast® was due to be open before the 100th anniversary of the April 1912 sinking of the Titanic and the opening date was set for March 31, 2012, the 100th anniversary of Titanic leaving the slipway before control system was therefore required before the end of February, giving G. S. Stothers less than one month to complete the job.

The Solution G. S. Stothers chose Commander SK drives from Control Techniques to control the fan-sets. The drives were recommended by Northern Ireland-based drives distributor, Motion Control Systems, because time was critical and Commander SK drives are renowned for the ease with which they can be programmed and interfaced to any external control system. Additionally, SK drives are well known for their extreme reliability. The twin fan-sets were positioned in the 5th and 6th building. They are connected to a Very Early Smoke designed to activate the smoke extraction system once it detects smoke at high level. If smoke is detected, then four variable speed drives ramp up the fan-sets in a delayed sequence, so that one fan does not restrict G. S. Stothers approached Motion Control Systems who recommended using 37 kW Commander SK drives. Motion Control Systems was able to supply the four modules within two days. Willas McAdam, founder of Motion Control Systems, says: “I had no hesitation in recommending that G. S. Stothers use Commander SK drives from Control Techniques for the Titanic Belfast® smoke extraction system because Commander SK is the easiest drive to program and interface to any external control system, especially in such a time constrained environment.” Sam Stothers, Proprietor of G. S. Stothers, adds: “As promised by Motion Control Systems, the Commander SK drive was extremely easy to program and interface, and really helped us to get the job done on time. In fact, we were so impressed that we have now approved Control Techniques as a preferred supplier for all our future building management, car park ventilation and carbon monoxide/smoke detection control systems. This includes a current building management system/ car park ventilation project being carried out in Glasgow, Scotland with an estimated value of close to £1,000,000.”


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? e e t n a r a u g is

h tt

r lle a rH te e P ng Ri


a ec


ls e e

e Wh

e g u


ils a et rd fo

82 47 4 3 41 8 07

The most cost effective, safe, corrosion resistant metal jacketing for petrochemical insulation protection.

In 1993 Shell UK Oil Products Ltd. used PETROCHEM for their new "CRACKER" at the mighty Stanlow refinery. PETROCHEM has been a standard for Shell since 1986 SSAB Swedish Steel Ltd Narrowboat Way, Hurst Business Park, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1UF Phone: 01384 74660 Fax: 01384 77575

sales@dobel.co.uk www.dobel.co.uk

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Connections for the future Eisele thinks ahead in developing products for automation technology transparent and standardised interfaces between plant shows the increasing importance of the interfaces in

for industrial applications and machine construction

standardised interfaces therefore allow subcontracting

companies based on the price alone; the cheapest Support for trend toward individualisation

connection with the use of multiple connectors is geometric coding of the corresponding connecting

Stainless steel multiple connectors are very durable and robust and enable fast connection of several lines with one turn of the hand

Other factors that have to be taken into account include a long life and ecological disposal with minimal waste lead to faster breakdowns and replacement of the


Optimal rinsing properties Connections without dead zones where residue can accumulate are important for circuits with sensitive substances or requirements for high

Multiple connectors boost modularisation

Email: info@eisele.eu



PECM April/May 2013

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26/04/2013 18:23:04

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Control & Automation Rockwell Automation Unveils Next Generation of Compact Drives With Launch of the Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC Drive

and end users simplify equipment design and operation, and speed

modular design in power ranges from

programming, energy savings and a variety of motor control options are ideally suited for machine-level and “Thousands of machine builders and end users told us

customers the performance they need, while helping


Design analogue instruments with EA eDIPTFT

The control of temperature is common in most process industries and is also seen as possibly the most important. Accurate, reliable, easy to use and cost effective are the normal expectations that users have on the equipment. Using our long standing knowledge of not just the product, but also applications, CalCert Instruments Ltd are able to resolve your needs with our range of products on offer. Features available: P.I.D. WITH OPTION OF AUTO TUNING UNIVERSAL INPUTS WIDE RANGE CONTROL OUTPUTS ALARMS, BOTH HARD WIRED AND SOFT COMMUNICATIONS OPTIONS RANGE OF PHYSICAL SIZES MODULAR DESIGN PRICING STARTS FROM £80.

Simple commands offer an abundance of clever graphics functions for displaying

CalCert Instruments Ltd Unit 4a Birch Lane Business Park Aldridge 01922 744740 Walsall West Midlands





MMS Electronics Ltd

PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:11:27

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Control & Automation Essentials only, no frills: New distributed frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

than the currently available range

for stand-alone variable frequency drives and for synchronized

Valveless, Ceramic Pumps Ideal for Industrial Robot Gearbox Lubrication provide the solution for metering high viscosity grease at low pressure for precision lubrication

01295 277731 01295 277732, or visit our website at

COUNT® NIR and COUNT® Q Single Photon Counting Modules for Quantum Cryptography Applications single photon counting ®



Q, both optimised


an APD with enhanced

performance of the various photon counting modules produced to date is based on a proprietary APD design that




® ®

modules, the focus Q has been on high


April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:11:42

Rossi UK Aftermarket Repairs and geared motor repair centre within the UK it appears

As a company we ensure that the processes behind our

believe that very often, this choice is limited, as many of

money in the design and manufacturing process for

performance of the product which in turn could cause

from the factory subject to availability and dispatched

business in the most demanding applications, becoming

they can establish corrective measures to prevent a commercially attractive, technically compliant product selected according to the needs of the customer and ensuring that through the design, manufacturing and

inspection reports and limited test running of the units

1 95 3 - 2

anywhere within the United Kingdom




PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:11:44

www.abbdrivespares.co.uk It won’t drive you Spare The new website to locate and purchase spares online for ABB Drives Do you purchase spares for your ABB Drives?

and services ABB Drive Spares in the UK can carry out warranty repairs on all current ranges of ABB Drives ABB Drives and Motors in the UK and is the largest service partner ABB drive service engineers to cover the installation, commissioning, service, repair and maintenance of drives in the UK Manufacture

the damaged drive- this service is available for all drive manufacturers (not just ABB)

today and register for your free 250 page variable speed drive Tel: 0330 9000 247

will post it direct to you.


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25/04/2013 22:11:49

Industry around the globe pays heavy price for inefficient energy consumption New report from SFS illustrates the enormous cost saving potential in industrial sector through the use of

Siemens Financial Services in the UK, comments: “In light of the steady upward trajectory of electricity prices, for industrial organisations as escalating energy costs

Industrial enterprises across the world could save billions of pounds on their electricity bills by implementing variable speed drives (VSDs) on motors in their production environment. A new report from Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has calculated that up to £2.5 billion of energy cost savings could be gained in UK industry with the full implementation of VSDs of capital trapped or ‘frozen’ in outright equipment purchase that could be freed for other purposes by capital amounted to some £2.17 billion in UK Industry in 2011.

enabled by VSDs presents an extremely compelling business case for industrial companies to invest in this mind that VSD is just one of the many possible energy adopt, the true potential for energy and costs savings in industry is very large indeed. determinants for the success of the manufacturing sector, but the accomplishment of these goals requires modern technology and equipment. Access to available capital is therefore crucial and industrial organisations annual capital budgets tied up in plant, equipment and technology. Given the slow economic recovery in Europe and persistent tight credit conditions, it is all the more important that manufacturers release much

restricted access to capital, by matching monthly lease payments to actual savings in energy bills, effectively capital from being ‘frozen’ in outright purchases, so

or fund new product development in order to maintain their competitiveness. to acquire the most up-to-date technology and

new product development, acquisition opportunities, and other competitive activities. and process developments affordable, and economically sustainable.” For more information, visit:


PECM April/May 2013

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26/04/2013 18:54:11

Electrical Engineering

being able to use partially used reels, without the loss of

Sealers plus clear adhesive foils for test printing and trial

Benz Ltd www.benzltd.com

April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:11:53

Energy Efficiency Socomec Integrated Power Solutions Power Through Control

GNB Provides The Perfect “All Energy� Solution at IMHX 2013

Socomec is showing a broad range of integrated products and services which have been developed to address what are considered to be four of

demonstrating how its innovative range of products can provide the perfect energy

offers increased performance and running times as well as a longer

To learn more about Socomec’s latest innovations and for advice on the www.gnb.com or call

0845 606 4111

requirements, please contact or call 01285 86 33 00

Turbomiser chiller delivers 50per cent energy saving

Fluke Preventive Maintenance platform packed with advice on Cost Efficiency to minimise unplanned downtime, how to calculate losses through poor analysers to process calibrators, handheld oscilloscopes, wireless test

virtually frictionless magnetic bearings, to deliver lower power

email web

0117 961 0006, ,

Aimed primarily at industry service and maintenance engineers, process industry engineers, power quality engineers and industrial consultants, the preventive maintenance platform at preventivemaintenance

Hioki PW3360-20 Power & Energy Logger


PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:11:59

SUNON Super Green Fan - “Super Energy-saving” & “Super Stable” low power consumption thermal systems, Sunon has

dream come true for the server and telecom industries

Dedicated to low energy use, Sunon’s revolutionary

Thermal Management Issues? Sunon Ticks All The Boxes! Sunon, the global leader in thermal solutions, continue is the fully encapsulated dustproof and waterproof fan,

all of which are manufactured in-house to maintain our high standards and competitive

designs are demonstrated through the use of both thermal a customer-friendly document built prototypes are available to UK customers to prove

No project is considered to be too simple or too intricate,

chambers and fans or blowers, offering a tailor-made both aluminium and copper available using a range of

April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:12:00

FANUC rolls out new mainstream production robots reduce lost production time when re-tooling or carrying

for integration by machine builders or as stand-alone

control and drive systems, both products focus on

pneumatics are enclosed within the robot arm, from base to forearm mounted connectors, helping to connections and three double-acting solenoid valves the

teaching all help to provide manufacturers with a highly

robot is ideally suited for integration into special purpose machinery or for general purpose handling and is now more compact, faster, has increased payload and a larger

than its predecessor and, combined with a reduction in

high throughput performance for mid-range assembly Two variants of the M-2iA are introduced, a standard reach and a long reach, to address a wide range of applications in the food, electronics and general manufacturing

effective handling or transfer solution for machine and

integrators to design machines with ease of access to

A hollow wrist design allows for control cabling and pneumatics to be routed neatly avoiding snagging,

Control Both new robots are controlled by the new energy

housing is provided in the M-2iA robot body to position a




PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:12:02

Facilities Management Lanes solves flood mystery at major cement works

Tel: 0800 526 488

Protecting hands in the Oil & Gas Industry manufacturer of products has recently strengthened its product products have been

with great success and the introduction of a new pumpable version of its industry leading barrier cream, Dria unique heavy-duty

sector recently with shipments to Angola, Norway,

More information is available at

Seamless flooring solutions for Leisure & Sports applications  Indoor sports & leisure halls  Outdoor sports & leisure facilities  Athletics tracks & sports courts  Acoustic & comfort flooring  Rubber safety flooring for children’s play areas  Resin carpet gravel walkways

Call 01952 740400 or visit us online at www.respol.co.uk April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:12:07


Loosening of bolted joints by vibration or dynamic loads can have serious consequences for your operation but with the HEICO-LOCK fastening system from Heico Fasteners UK, there is an answer.

The HEICO-LOCK system consists of a pair of wedge locking washers that use tension instead of friction to positively lock the bolted joint in place, offering maximum safety and reliability.

In addition to providing maximum security for bolted joints, HEICO-LOCK also offers real life cycle and piece price cost savings against comparable locking systems.

For further details of how HEICO-LOCK can help you, visit our website or contact us on 01268 745421 or you can e-mail us at sales@heico-fasteners.co.uk

HEICO-LOCK, securing you real benefits!

PECM313.indd 30

www.heico-lock.co uk

25/04/2013 22:12:10

Flow Measurement & Control Thorite Gains Premier Distributor Status for Burkert Products As one of the world’s leading producers of measuring and control systems

Ultrasonic Flow & Energy Meter for Buildings management Dynasonics




provides accurate and repeatable

products and process systems from the industry’s top manufacturers, but


AOD ® pumps computer selection advantage AOD ® (air operated diaphragm) pumps are

various sizes to

Presentation of the Premier Distributorship award. Those pictured are left to right


Logger monitors effluent from potato packaging

->viʜÛiÀ«ÀiÃÃÕÀi >˜`ÊÛ>VÕՓÊÀiˆiv  6 /Á


9" Á‡ }>ÎiÌ

Õ̓œÃÌÊ«ÀœViÃÃÊÃ>viÌÞ œÜʜ«iÀ>̈œ˜>ÊVœÃÌ 888-Ê/ Ê 8* ,/-ÊÊ888 ,  ÁÊ ʱÊ- /9Ê³Ê " /," >LiÀ}Üi}ÊӣʱÊx™™Ó™Ê Àˆœ˜ÉiÀ“>˜Þ /ʳÊ{™Ê­ä®ÊәÊȣʇÊÇ{ÊäxʇÊäʱÊʳÊ{™Ê­ä®ÊәÊȣʇÊxÊäÇÊ£{ Ã>iÃJÀi“Li°`i

maintenance, support, repair, supply and water and process insnrumentation, including all analytical and physical


The company recently used the product with great success for a UK ʏÊÀˆ}…ÌÃÊÀiÃiÀÛi`ʇÊ^Ê,  ÁÊ‡Ê 6/ Î{ ‡

Ài>̅iÀÊ6>ÛiÊ-ÞÃÌi“ÊvœÀÊ œÜÊ«ÀiÃÃÕÀiÊ>««ˆV>̈œ˜Ã


logger with mounting bands from Micronics is being used within potato

A system was needed that could stand alone and would provide a

atmosphere, so any gauging structure that was installed in this channel could give false high readings as it would not only be

According to the company, the portable nature of the system has saved the customer a considerable amount of money in terms of

April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:12:21


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projectmanaged managedindustrial industrialinstallations installations project

25/04/2013 22:12:28

The dawn of a new standard in level control. Prepare for a total ECLIPSEŽ of current level and interface control solutions. With superior signal performance, powerful diagnostics and a full line of overfill capable probes, Magnetrol’s ECLIPSE Ž Model 706 guided wave radar transmitter delivers unprecedented reliability. From routine water storage applications to process media exhibiting corrosive vapors, foam, steam, buildup, agitation, bubbling or boiling, the ECLIPSE Ž Model 706 will take your operation to a new level of safety and process performance. Contact Magnetrol – the guided wave radar innovator and level control expert – to learn more about the ECLIPSEŽ Model 706.


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Š 2012 Magnetrol International, Incorporated

25/04/2013 22:12:31

Fluid Handling Maintenance Advantages Help Nov® Mono® Make Its Mark At Danish Waste Water Plant ® Mono®

The decision was based on the reduction in maintenance time the pumps


Technical Support Underlines Value of Comprehensive Nov® Mono® Offering A new order for two Merlin progressing cavity pumps has helped focus the NOV® Mono®

in either direction and its gentle pumping action minimizes shear and crush and viscous materials, solids in suspension, gases, abrasive liquids and


PECM313.indd 34

25/04/2013 22:12:35

Fluid Handling RMI’s S500 pump system offers increased reliability and reduced maintenance requirements

New Flow Isolating Valves from Valveforce

internal parts for increased reliability and reduced maintenance

Suitable for thermal oil, air, steam and various non-aggressive media

Tel: 01566 785632

and complies fully with Pressure


Diaphragm pump offers complete liquid containment. Hydra-CellÂŽ pumps dangerous liquids

are available with very short turnaround times, include a Bellows Sealed Stop Valve for zero emissions, designed

been added in a full range of sizes and body materials, with stainless steel internals for robust service and

responsible attitude towards pollution prevention are thought to be

with low solids and bi-direction for liquids with higher

Tel: 0121 7111 908 www.hydra-cell.eu

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25/04/2013 22:12:38

…About Graco and her Industrial Departments

Our Finishing Department

Applied Fluid Dispense Department specialized in applications of Sealant and Adhesives,

Process Department

High Performance Coatings and Foam Department

3630 Maasmechelen Belgium +32 770 700

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25/04/2013 22:12:38

In Safe Hands Cost savings of 22%, hand accidents reduced by 12%; Siemens achieves measurable benefits since the adoption of the Showa 380 Nitrile Foam Grip Glove at its Lincoln site. “The Showa 380 glove has not just had a positive effect on productivity and hand safety, but on our environmental policy too.” Lee Wilson Principal Health, Safety and Environmental Engineer - Siemens

Showa 380

Foam Grip Glove

Siemens in Lincoln are in safe hands. Ensure you are too. Talk to Globus today: www.globus.co.uk/siemens-case-study sales@globus.co.uk | 0161 877 4747




© 2013 Globus (Shetland) Ltd. All rights reserved.

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25/04/2013 22:12:39

There’s no two ways about it: our non-contact infrared thermometers can measure temperature in ranges from -50°C all the way up to +2200°C.


Also interested in really fast, rugged, light, accurate, configurable and inexpensive pyrometer models? Or in infrared cameras? Visit www.optris.co.uk

Imaging Equipment

Optris GmbH offers infrared camera with Industrial Mini PC for process optimisation optris®


Long-distance control of infrared cameras USB server Industry Isochron connects and converts Optris’s infrared cameras are the only cameras in the

this product we offer a reliable industrial solution, giving


Innovative Infrared Technology

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 39


25/04/2013 22:12:44

Imaging Equipment Quick and Easy Detection of Refrigerant Gas Leaks

eration systems for production, storage and retailing pharmaceutical and automotive industries and in air tion system running is of great importance due to the

for many industries they can also be harmful to the environment and often emissions are governed by lo-

shall, use all measures which are technically feasible and do not entail disproportionate cost to prevent

organisations to conform to regulation directives and

operators of refrigeration plants, air conditioning


telephone +33-1-6037-0100

or or

PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:12:47

e-con Systems launches See3CAM – the World’s first USB 3.0 UVC compliant cameras e-con Systems Inc. announces the launch of the


www.e-consystems.com/cameramodule.asp and www.e-consystems.com/cameraboard.asp

Figure1: See3CAM_10CUG - 1MP Global shutter camera with CS Mount Lens holder

Figure2: See3CAM_10CUG 1MP Global shutter Camera with CS Mount Lens Holder & Lens

April/May 2013 PECM

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26/04/2013 19:43:10

Lifting & Handling Equipment CTE AT BAUMA: first 2 ZED 20.2 HV variable jacking units purchased by a well respected German hire company combined the winning feature unveiled at Bauma hirer (we can’t reveal his name for privacy) buys 2 units

stabilisation could be done both in shape (narrow) or

The main characteristic is the platform capacity of machines of the B-license class with increased capacity


New website showcases Demag products and services new website, showcasing the full range of products and services available under resource, , provides users with access to details cranes, process cranes, slewing jibs, KBK lightweight crane systems, wire rope hoists and chain hoists, as well as material handling components,

The customer focused website allows users to navigate via product type or industrial sector, including aerospace automotive, steel and waste

Improving lifting safety… Formed 15 years ago to specifically address this issue, REID now leads the market in providing lightweight, portable and safe lifting solutions for a wide range of personnel and materials lifting applications. Lightweight



Lifting solutions to 5,000kg within manual handling guidelines! Easy to deploy even in confined or corrosive environments, with innovative aluminium design for unbeatable strength:weight ratios.

Site access is a vital consideration – REID’s products are designed for compact stowage and portability, being easily transported with much of the range bagged for carrying by hand. All are quick to assemble.

Certified to the highest relevant international standards and individually tested to 150% of WLL, our products provide operators with maximum confidence.

Save money with one system for multiple locations, save time with easy, rapid deployment, and improve operator safety with proven certified products. The new PORTA-GANTRY RAPIDE is a typical example of REID’s innovation in improving safety of goods lifting to WLL 500kg and personnel lifting (man-ride) with rapid deployment in just a minute.

T: +44 [0]1291 620796 E: enquiries@reidlifting.com



PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:12:56


Spiral Bevel Gearboxes The engineers choice for more than 60 years, with gearboxes operating on 7 continents, Tandler has the range and experience to match your applications. High Precision - Low Backlash High Performance - Low Noise 8 Standard Sizes up to 8000Nm Klingelnberg Spiral Bevel Gears, Hardened & Lappe Lapped ed Hollow Shaft, Reinforced Shaft, Switching & Reversing versions available

Call today

01604 588 056 Email sales@tandler.co.uk

Visit us online www.tandler.co.uk

Endoline Launches High Speed Case Erector For Shelf Ready Packaging – Stand E30 signature dual opposing vacuum case opener and a top speed, servo driven machine incorporating a gluing

New Portable Bandsaws from Flott portable bandsaws available now from their UK partner Damar The smallest new model, PBS 105, is designed to meet the needs of the craftsman who wishes to carry out

with the functionality of the cases at the retailer, but it also supports the higher running speeds made possible

PBS 120 ST, meets

model, PBS 150 ST has all the features such as twin ball guides for precision cutting, blade

April/May 2013 PECM

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25/04/2013 22:13:02

Measurement & Monitoring New Power & Energy Logger from the Test Tools Shop

Fluke free gift for CNX wireless measurement ! Fluke’s 65th anniversary - CNX Wireless System promotion

featured product from the Test Tools Shop

across each circuit of your electrical supply is well balanced, reducing


Test Tools Shop....

seen at of the page to obtain more detail about each module and

Safe measurement of humidity and temperature in hazardous locations temperature



humidity transmitter is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and


by HBM

Electrifying results Continuous and synchronous acquisition of electrical and mechanical power. Optimized eDrive testing with HBM: Z Simultaneous measurement of high voltage signals, currents, torque and rotational speed Z Continuous acquisition of raw data for detailed analysis Z Power calculation per half cycle


HBM United Kingdom Ltd. +44 (0) 208 515 6100 info@uk.hbm.com


PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:13:06

PECM313.indd 45

25/04/2013 22:13:07

Measurement & Monitoring New Guide to Process pH Measurement The Theory and Practice of pH Applications is vital in a wide range of processes across the pharmaceutical, chemical and

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISMÂŽ) in the Chemical Industry maintenance budget in process industries is absorbed Depending on their service,

to view online or download, focuses on the theory and

maintenance demand - not only with the frequent replacement of electrodes but also their cleaning


measurement location

To download this free guide visit: For more information on products and solutions call 0116 234 5095 or visit www.mt.com



Minimess™ test points offer a uniquely simple method of accessing low or high pressure systems for pressure testing, oil sampling or gas charging. Minimess are found worldwide in hydraulic, process and gas systems. Minimess is the most versatile test point available. s!LIFETIMELEAKFREEGUARANTEE s3UITABILITYWITHALMOSTANYmUIDORGAS s#ONNECTANDDISCONNECTUNDERFULLSYSTEMPRESSUREWITHOUTTHELOSSOFmUID or gas. MINIMESS™ THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE MARKET LEADER

Test & measurement equipment

MICROBORE HOSE High pressure microbore hose ASSEMBLIESFROM(YDROTECHNIK5+HAVE MANYDIVERSEAPPLICATIONS#OMMONLY used for testing up to 630 bar, assemblies are also used for oil sampling, gas or air charging and replacement of rigid copper piping in fixed systems. (IGHLYmEXIBLEWITHVERSATILECONlGURATIONSMAKETHESESUITABLE FORMOSTMEDIA3IZESAVAILABLEINMMANDMMINTERNALDIAMETERIN polyamide or stainless steel/PTFE. s,IGHTWEIGHT s%XTREMELYmEXIBLE s3UITABLEFORMOSTMEDIA



PECM April/May 2013

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25/04/2013 22:13:10

Measurement & Monitoring Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System Goes Wireless

The New Weighing Components Catalogue Order your one stop guide to weigh modules, load cells and process terminals.

Order your free copy of the Weighing Components Catalogue now.

Vaisala launches a new Vaisala HUMICAP® wireless temperature and humidity data logger HMT140 for Life Science applications. Connected to the Vaisala Veriteq Continuous Monitoring System, we can offer you a truly wireless system for monitoring and mapping your GxP regulated and controlled areas. HMT140 connects to your existing WLAN network eliminating the need for extra transmitting equipment. With the new Vaisala HMT140, the sensor, memory, power and transmitter are all within a compact enclosure, making the system much easier and cost-effective to install and manage.


For more information visit www.vaisala.com/hmt140

Hansford Sensors launches new stainless steel enclosure range

Sample System developed for safe, accurate analysis of moisture in corrosive gases

Hansford Sensors has launched a range of stainless steel enclosures to meet the needs of its customers in a variety of applications and conditions. The enclosures provide the facility for data collection from remote points in conditions where readings are required to be taken with a portable data collector.

hazardous area locations, the MM500 sample system from Systech Illinois allows safe, accurate and reliable analysis of moisture in Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride and other corrosive gas mixtures.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Weighing Components Catalogue details a comprehensive range of equipment to ensure fast, accurate weighing whatever the manufacturing environment. With more than 200 pages it provides a complete library of product and application information – indicating a broad range of weighing cells from 120g to 300t.

There are three enclosures available – Standard, Compact and Protective Roof – offering a range of solutions for different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration measurement is required. Tel: 0845 680 1957


Space-saving amplifier for inductive proximity sensors in hazardous areas In order to connect inductive proximity switches for hazardous areas, sensor expert EGE provides the IKM standards according to ATEX directive 94/9/EG. Merely 22 mm wide, the device is suitable for spacesaving installation on DIN rails. It is designed for use with EGE’s intrinsically safe two-wire sensors for functions include integrated cable break detection front side indicate the operating status and alarm messages. Users can choose between a relay and a changeover contact switching output.

Email: info@ege-elektronik.com www.ege-elektronik.com

New Atex Approved RTD Slidewire Transmitter from Status Status Instruments has launched an ATEX / IECEx approved rail mounted ‘smart’ transmitter which converts a signal from RTD, slidewire or thermocouple sensors into an industry standard (4 to 20) mA loop powered output.

This sample system works in conjunction with Systech’s range of moisture analysers, which represent the latest advance in moisture analysis. These analysers provide an absolute moisture measurement with accurate, dependable results over a wide range from 0.01ppm to 1000ppm. corrosion resistant materials throughout. All non-wetted brackets and materials are made from stainless steel.

Tel: +44 (0)1844 216838


Fluke Energy Seminars across the UK Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, is offering an Energy Seminar at a range of locations across the UK between May and November. The seminar offers guidance to electricians, electrical engineers and industrial maintenance technicians by focusing on quantifying energy consumption and identifying energy waste in industrial and commercial enterprises. Measurement data supports the decisions and actions that can be taken to reduce energy consumption and cost. All seminar dates and locations can be found at org/UK-Seminars, with instructions on how to register. The seminars will run from 8.30am to 4pm at a cost of £25 (refreshments and lunch included) in a number of locations across the country. Participants will be shown how, with the right tools, measurement data can support decisions and actions such as upgrading equipment, supply/demand right-sizing and optimisation, introducing controls and automation, applications for utility incentives, and repairs. If more information is required, emails can be sent to . More information about all Fluke products and authorised distributors can be obtained via the Fluke web site at .

Available in single or dual channel versions, other sensor characteristics or the user’s own 22 point linearization characteristics (for slidewire or linear resistance) can be downloaded into the product enabling the user to adapt For more information visit www.status.co.uk


PECM April/May 2013

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26/04/2013 19:58:15

Precision Thermometry Leaders in temperature measurement

Scan with smart phone for more information

Scan with smart phone for more information

Pt100/Pt1000 elements ! Temperature transmitters ! Digital Thermometers ! Thermocouple welders ! Hand held instrumentation ! Thermal calibration !

View our new videos Temperature Sensor Manufacture Thermocouple Connector Manufacture Thermocouple connectors and cables

Thermocouple Cables E-Commerce Facility

IP67 Sensor assemblies with terminal heads

Industrial and Scientific sensors

Scan with smart phone to view

Sensors for specialist applications

Thermocouples for plastics machinery

Scan with smart phone for more information

Buy on-line www.labfacility.com AC BF I YEARS


e b ra t e s







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Certificate No. 4746

info@labfacility.co.uk  www.labfacility.co.uk Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

25/04/2013 22:13:26

Measurement & Monitoring

USB Triaxial Accelerometer

hermetically sealed titanium case, this system simply

the VibraScout offers continuous logging and display

is drawn from the USB supply of the computer, thus supply for the internal temperature sensor, as well as

as well as seismic monitoring, ride quality, rollover

among the models highlighted in the new brochure is

Techni Measure Tel: 01527 854103



PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 50

25/04/2013 22:13:28

The most accurate source of Ozone calibration gas on the market

calibration gas system

Ozone Calibration Gas Generator

(&/JF0GPS$BMJCSBUJPOPG0[POF%FUFDUPST Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc. (ACD) of Tucson, AZ (USA) are the innovators of the hand-held gas generators of calibration and bump gas standards for reactive gases such as Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide , Hydrogen Cyanide. Now, ACD have added Ozone to this list with the introduction of the GENie range. Small, lightweight and operating on four AA batteries, the GENie O3 allows a service engineer to carry out on-site calibration of Ozone sensors in difficult to reach locations. Alternatively, the generator can be plugged in to mains power supply to enable the service engineer to calibrate hand held detectors in a safe area. The user adjustable concentration setting lies between 0.2 and 1.0 parts per million which means the GENie O3 will calibrate any Ozone gas sensor or detection system from different instrument manufacturers. The GENie O3 utilizes an internal mass flow sensor and ultraviolet light source to provide accurate levels of Ozone gas to the end user. Ozone gas is not stable as a gas, so cannot be stored in cylinders, therefore there are no calibration gas cylinders of Ozone available from Special Gases suppliers.

Selectable concentrations . Integrated microprocessor controlled feedback hand-held . exceptional Simpleaccuracy to use, long life The GENie Compact, O3 is sold with anportable NIST certificate of calibration to +/- design 10%, providing as well as high precision. The unparalleled long life source in the calibrator has an expected life of five hundred hours of use, allowing for extremely low cost calibrations over the life of the source. With the user interface available in French, Spanish and German, as well as English, the GENie O3 calibrator can be used by a large range of end users in virtually any Ozone calibration application.


temperature 0° C to 50° C 0.2 to 1.0 ppm Selectable concentr concentrations ations . Integr Integrated atedOperating microprocessor controlled feedback Variable Relative humidity (intermittent use) 0 - 80% table design . Simple to use use, long life Source life Compact, portable 500 hand-held hours Accuracy ±10%

Ozone (O3) adjustable

Air flow rate (with internal pump) Warm-up time (to 90%)

Approx. 2 minutes




5”W x 3.88”H x 3.13”D

Battery power

4 Alkaline “AA”

Ozone (O (O3) adjustable

2 lb. (1360 g) 0.2 to 1.0 ppm

Battery life Operating temperature

8 hours 0° C to 50° C

Air flow rate (with internal pump))

Variable V

Relative humidity (intermittent use)

0 - 80%

Source lif life e

500 hours

Accurac Acc uracyy


Warm-up time (to 90%)

Approx. 2 minutes



5”W 5” W x 3.88”H x 3.13”D

Batteryy power Batter

4 Alkaline Alkaline “A “AA” A”


2 lb. (1360 g)

Batteryy lif life

8 hours

Specifications Weight

integrated . expandable ±5%

Advanced Calibration Designs . Tucson, AZ USA 1-800-737-0223 www.goacd.com

integrated . expandable Advanced Calibration Calibration Designs . TTucson, ucson, AZ US USAA 1-800-737-0223 www www.goac .goacd. .goac d.co com m

PECM313.indd 51

25/04/2013 22:13:40

Measurement & Monitoring


PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 52

25/04/2013 22:13:41

Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd launch a new instrument for Safe measurement of humidity and temperature in areas of explosion hazard.

safe equipment, and can be used in hazardous areas of both gas and dust

of an oil can be measured as an absolute value in [ppm], or as a relative value as oil or on oil platforms for online monitoring

humidity transmitter is ideal for use in the measurement ranges are linear analogue long-term stability as well as precise and

supplied via any intrinsically safe power values for humidity and temperature, the dewpoint, frost point, absolute humidity,

transmitter and to adjust the humidity and

Dewpoint Temperature The 2-part housing concept (separation of the connection area and measurement rapid replacement of the measurement unit without time-consuming re-cabling (

wall mounting, or a remote measurement display is optional, and allows direct

Temperature Moisture in Oil Datasheets and technical assistance are available from Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd www sensorsandtransmitters.com 01926 614263

Similar to humidity measurement in air, April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 53


25/04/2013 22:13:42

Service Robotics: A Vision becomes Reality As a global authority on service robotics, Schunk has once again hosted its Schunk Expert Days in Lauffen, Germany. With service robotics becoming more prominent throughout industry, Dr. Roko Tschakarow, Business Director Mobile Gripping Systems at SCHUNK, speaks about the future and the challenges of service ro-botics. The focus point of the 2013 event was ‘Vision Becomes Reality’, discussing how far service robotics has evolved in recent years and the challenges it faces moving forward. Almost all the large industrial sectors have service robotics on their agenda and interest from associated companies considering service robotics has

force of service robots according to the situation in real time. A second important issue is the usability. The operation of service robots has to become easier and more intuitive than has been the case to date. Concerning the legal frameworks, Dr Tschakarow says: “There is the question of liability in case of applications with unmanned systems for example. Data protection also plays an important role. Additionally, service robots have to record, process and store a wide range of data in order to navigate safely.” The system manufacturers and integrators will be the primary drivers of this technology and Dr Tschakarow believes that similar to the conventional industrial robotics, someone has to combine modules and solutions, but also software and periphery with each other to ensure user requirements are optimally met. System manufacturers and integrators may also take over these interface functions into service robotics. There may be established providers or new companies that have expertise in applications of service robotics.

Roko Tschakarow Highlighting the issues facing the service robotics arena, Dr Tschakarow believes there are three central issues that will determine the evolution over coming years. Firstly, the safety aspect for humans and material, secondly, the legal framework and thirdly, and integrators for service robotics solutions as an interface between manufacturer and user. With regard to the progression of technology, the use possible in the future to control the performance and

Systems, Schunk will consistently expand and further develop its module program for mobile gripping systems. The most recent example for this is the successfully integrated the electronics in the wrist. In future, tactile sensors will also give the necessary sensitivity. This fact is important, if gripping and handling tasks have to be carried out in unstructured and unpredictable environments. to simplify operation and control in future. It is the company’s long-term goal that users in private and business environments will be able to easily use the modules and assembly groups, even if they don’t have experience in programming mechatronic systems. Additionally, the mechatronic gripping modules and lightweight arms will push the development of highly integrated drive assemblies for mobile platforms forward in the forthcoming years.


PECM313.indd 54

26/04/2013 20:25:02

PECM313.indd 55

25/04/2013 22:13:44

PDM 13 Returns to Plastics Valley with Expanded Conference and Exhibition involved in the design and production of plastics products features a comprehensive conference programme running

Conference Highlights: PDM conferences feature two streams and focus on diverse technical aspects of plastics design and moulding with a series of half-day sessions on the latest developments

design, associate director, global medical technology commercial opportunities in these times?

and caps & closures as well as an introductory session at the most topical issues in their sector, a joint question

The inspirational and insightful Denis Turner, formerly

develop for commoditised and specialty plastics, and how

conference’s Materials session will feature Sandy Spaan,

drivers from replacing metal and glass bottles in the

how to overcome the obstacles to using recycled plastics technology developments, recovery and recycling targets updates and Julian Sing, technical project leader at

outline how infection control and an ageing population

Seminars and Advice Centre run by industry content partners the British Plastics

industry technology, product and service innovations in a


PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 56

25/04/2013 22:14:00

“PDM represents one of the most interesting events in the and vibrant, well supported by the industry, a must for

a patented clamp unit that allows us to offer all-electric

companies, vacuum thermoforming, rotational, blow moulding and injection moulding machinery suppliers, will illustrate how short cycle times can be maintained Tech will demonstrate the performance and productivity

“By having the opportunity to show a cross section of the products we manufacture, we are able to demonstrate the possibilities of injection moulding and our capabilities,

Plasticising, injection, opening and clamping operations used for lesser machine movements and for any core

for integration into an automated production line or as

be equipped with a choice of beam source to suit the Big





equipment the adjacent Southwater development, which will provide

always proven to be a productive platform for us to show

attend and to reserve free-in-advance places at the PDM www.pdmevent.com

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 57


25/04/2013 22:14:02

Latest PCB Piezotronics Portable Vibration Calibrator Brings Laboratory Accuracy To Field Testing Applications PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has launched a new intelligent portable vibration calibrator that brings The new 9110D portable vibration calibrator is the ideal tool for checking accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency battery-powered and completely self-contained vibration reference source that calibrates individual sensors, vibration switches and data collectors as well as validating the entire measurement channel of a An integral precision quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop level control give the 9110D enhanced stability and superior vibration calibration over an Entirely self-contained and packaged in a rugged Pelican® Storm case, the 9110D is always ready for Additional features include an ICP® or voltage test sensor input for direct connection and readout of the most common types of accelerometers and velocity and displayed on the screen in real-time and the unit’s internal memory can store up to 500 calibration

PECM313.indd 58

be transferred to a computer simply by using a USB

Alongside its new 9110D, PCB Piezotronics also offers a more basic model the 9100D which now features two BNC connections – one for an external oscillator input two dials to set frequency and amplitude, the 9100D greatly improves control and usability compared with PCB Piezotronics’ new 9110D/9100D portable vibration the model 394C06 handheld shaker, model 9155D accelerometer calibration workstation that now has ultra-low frequency options with a SmartStrokeTM PCB Piezotronics also offers a PneuShockTM shock calibration workstation, model K9525C featuring an ICP reference accelerometer (PCB model 301A12) for


26/04/2013 20:38:16

PECM313.indd 59

25/04/2013 22:14:04

Process Technologies

Tel: 0208 339 7370 462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England


Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web:


PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 60

25/04/2013 22:14:28

PECM313.indd 61

25/04/2013 22:14:32

Process Technologies Wire Belt Company Conveyor Systems manufactured under the trade name ConveyorTec™ To help ensure our customers receive conveyor and belting products that comply with the current best practice and guidelines we have elevated monitor and evaluate our product against the current and incoming and USA to measure the hygienic credentials of the product so that we can All our conveyors are of hygienic stainless steel construction, have a wide range of optional features, and special variants that ensure the versatility to satisfy most application requirements such as changing product

Production optimization, performance losses, failure analysis, equipment TM, provides a preventive or curative technical support for everyday

doctors and engineers specialised in process engineering and project

to reactive specialists that ensures a reliable technical and economic

Moving at the Sp eed of Business A Complete W ork Order S ystem Designed t o Reduce C osts, Increase Productivity and Improve Quality. Contact Us Today and Get Moving! www.ashcomtech.com info@ashcomtech.com +1 734 665-1780 0800 011 2667


World Headquarters: 3917 Research Park Dr. Suite B4 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 US

UK Office: 32 Norwell Road London SW13 9BS UK

PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 62

25/04/2013 22:14:41

“Using the IBC or Drum as a mixing vessel offers

dyestuffs and pigments, paints and varnish, water treatment

been designed for ease of use and include a control panel and

production line or the safe addition of product into the drum whilst the

electrically or air operated drives

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 63


25/04/2013 22:14:42

Product News Handles Type PF Bülte Plastics has added two new references PF150 and PF180 to its product range “Handles Type PF”. Bülte handles are easily and quickly assembled for These polyamide (Nylon) handles are resistant to corrosion, impact and common chemicals; they have good dimensional stability and high thermal resistance. Our “Handles” are suitable for applications such as gates, guards, cabinets and caravans, as well as industrial applications in general.

110 to 201 mm. Standard colour is black but other colours are available, on request. A catalogue detailing our full range of products is available free, on request, or visit our web site.

Email: bulte@bulte.com


Having problems with Static? caused by the generation of static electricity generated by their process or application. Wrapping machinery, labelling machines, vibratory feeders, blow moulding, PCB assembly are all areas where static electricity or ESD can cause problems for the manufacturer. Panasonic offer a range of industrial Ionizers designed to remove static electricity in various applications. High Frequency AC discharge units target more localised areas and include fan type products for bench top and embedded machine operation. Compressed air models are designed with production line applications in

Email: info.pewuk@eu.panasonic.com www.panasonic-electric-works.co.uk

Contactless Micro Dispensing Dispensing Frequencies of up to 280 Hz using a New High-Performance Valve

Timken® Spherical Bearings Perform Up to Five Times Longer Than Others in Tough Sawmill Operations Timken® spherical roller bearings made by longer than competitor bearings in a leading European sawmill business that recycles sawdust and wood chips into environmentally friendly fuel pellets. “Timken spherical bearings have substantially reduced our operating costs and increased our productivity. Now our mills can operate much longer without interruption,” said Bruno Simon, manager of pellet production at Belgian-based Industrie du Bois Vielsalm (IBV), one of Europe’s top converts byproducts into wood-based pellets that it both sells and uses to power its own facilities.


Patent awarded for Rota Val ‘rotor contact’ innovation Pioneering rotary and diverter valve manufacturer Rota Val Ltd has been awarded a patent for its novel contact detection system. Launched in popular with powder processing and solids handling industry end users, overcoming the problem of ‘nuisance tripping’ and maintaining compliance with stringent ATEX standards where relevant. Detection systems are required to stop a rotary valve instantly if rotor to housing contact is detected, avoiding valve damage and consequent product contamination. Developed to eliminate the problem of “nuisance over other types of rotary valve rotor protection equipment.

Tel: 01249 651138


New approach to medical saw blade production

With the dispensing valve P-Jet CT Liquidyn offers a technical innovation for high process demands for use in the laboratory and for the industrial series-production. The newly

specialist contract chemical etching operation, has developed a new process route that it claims can reduce the cost of many precision sharp parts including sagittal / oscillating orthopedic saw blades.

dispensing frequencies of up to 280 Hz and is thus particularly powerful. Due to its high dynamic and its small dimensions, this valve can be used for a variety of different

Traditionally, such sharp-toothed blades have been manufactured using laser technology followed by precision grinding in order to achieve the required tooth off-set. By combining its Laser Evolved Etch Process (LEEP) technology with

further improvements to the driving mechanism together with a

Tel: 021 380 0100

Email: info@precisionmicro.com

Camlock Systems launches products for cabinet and enclosure industry Camlock Systems has introduced an T handle and L handle ranges. The new products, designated Series 08

General Food & Drinks Ltd International Food Suppliers your never too far away for us to deliver. Just e-mail us your order sales@generalfooddrinks.com www.generalfooddrinks.com 64

combinations, including the popular has manufactured its new products in response to demand from the cabinet and enclosure industry. Camlock Systems is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial locks and locking systems and is renowned for its high Further information on the new product range is available on www.camlock.com.

PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 64

26/04/2013 20:51:23

Storage, Handling & Distribution Safe Storage of Noxious & Odorous Chemicals The NEW Safestore™ Vented Chemical Storage Cabinets from Air Science are ideal for storage of noxious or odorous chemicals. These cabinets minimize health and environmental risks in handling chemical vapors and residues, VOCs and general laboratory functions. The Air Science system protects the safety of personnel during use, maintenance and decontamination. Advanced carbon to ducted cabinets for a broad range of applications. Safestore cabinets isolate and trap biological and chemical vapors to prevent operator exposure, to prevent cross contamination, and to eliminate ecological impact through chemical or particulate release into the environment. The Safestore cabinets are available in three capacities, 25 liters, 1,000 liters and 2,000 liters. For additional information on Safestore Chemical Storage Cabinets, call, visit the website, or email Air Science USA.

Email: info@airscience.com Web: www.airscience.com

Lendon Containers Ltd Lendon Containers specialise in marine containers, one of our activities is in the conversion of these units as industrial modules. Once completed they can be transported to site either within the UK or shipped abroad and can be moved from one site to another in an easy and convenient manner. In conjunction with the workshop we can offer from a part to complete fit out, with the client either supplying equipment to us or taking the part finished unit to their facility, for them to complete the work At the workshop we can offer a comprehensive service to fabricate, machine and weld – stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium There are a multitude of potential uses from water treatment, data logging to laboratories and so we would be very happy to discuss any potential requirements you may have For further information please contact : Lendon Containers Ltd 60 Webbs Road London SW11 6SE Tel : 020 7350 1940 Fax : 020 7350 1962 email : enquiries@lcltd.co.uk www.lcltd.co.uk April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 65


26/04/2013 21:04:53

Software & Systems Why an intelligent system? system based on an economical

can not only be digitised on site but is also pre-processed in stamp, average values calculated, interpolated or simply buffered Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) enable standardised access more info addi-data.com or

INSYS presents series of programmable router modules communication and M2M technology, presents router modules that are designed for integration

Alert the right engineer, with the right information, at the right time, every time


PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 66

25/04/2013 22:15:03

CHAM Limited

SimScene Focus – Slurry pipe line simulation consultancy owned and managed by world-renown scientist Professor

heat and mass transfer, chemical As part of an on-going collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano has been created, focussing on the numerical analysis of an earlier cooperative development detailed in

The numerical modelling and the computational details are prescribed by the SimScene creator to alleviate

presented with a simple interface, such as that seen in the previous image, through which the geometrical

to satisfy their needs, the Slurry SimScene interface

Fig. 1: Horizontal slurry carrying pipeline system

the Slurry SimScene, the target users are designers of

Once the simulation is complete, the Slurry SimScene provides a range of information relating to the main distribution throughout the pipe and the velocity can then use the results to determine the suitability of the pipe design and pump capacity based on these As a result, it is clear that the Slurry SimScene provides a simple, cost-effective means of performing crucial

possibility of sedimentary deposition within the bottom

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 67


25/04/2013 22:15:04

Three top-level manufacturing events in one Subcon returns to the NEC, Birmingham, from 4 to 6 June alongside the new Advanced Manufacturing Show and a new world-class technology and innovation Conference. Grant Burgham, Business Development and Portfolio Director at Centaur Exhibitions, said: “These events will provide a clear focus for excellence in manufacturing technology and services. They will be a critical destination for engineers, sourcing teams and manufacturing management across all sectors and disciplines.” The Engineer Conference will showcase some of the most compelling and inspiring examples of manufacturing technology from both the UK’s established and emerging engineering sectors. Some of the biggest names in British industry will be taking part, with keynote speakers Mr Bob Joyce, Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover and Mr Dick Elsy, CEO, High Value Manufacturing Catapult amongst a rich variety of speakers from industry and academia. The event will provide a unique snapshot of the diversity of UK industry and give visitors valuable insight into the manufacturing strategies of some of our most exciting companies. Over 300 companies will be exhibiting at Subcon and the Advanced Manufacturing Show, providing production and sourcing professionals with a comprehensive showcase of manufacturing technology and services. Together the two events will provide a single point of call for visitors looking to invest in the latest manufacturing

overseas countries represented this year including the USA, France, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Singapore, India, Taiwan and China. The new Advanced Manufacturing Show complements this with an event that features machine tools, tooling, metrology equipment, software and ancillary equipment from the leading names in the sector. Visitors will have the chance to see the latest product innovations and live demonstrations from exhibitors that include Yamazaki Mazak, Renishaw, WNT, Delcam, Hexagon Metrology and XYZ. Visitors just need to register for one show to get free access to both. Registration is now open online at www. subconshow.co.uk and www.advancedmanufacturingshow.co.uk seminars







machining, lean supply chains and additive manufacturing.

Chasestead specialises in low volume pressed metal parts and fabrications, producing

and inspection. A



tank, used to test tanks Subcon is the UK’s only event that is completely focused on contract and subcontract manufacturing. Its comprehensive scope extends from the initial design to printing, machining, moulding, fabrication, electronics testing. quarters of the exhibitors at this year’s show – Subcon also offers access to global markets, with thirteen

engineers break them down into their individual components, these are then laser cut and formed, prior to being assembled, welded and quality assured to aerospace standards. You can see Chasestead on Stand J9 Mumbai express for next day parts If you need next day service on off part DNL Exports (India) Pvt Ltd can help, with the parts made in Mumbai and delivered by courier to London by noon. prototypes, where DNL’s fast turnarounds speed the development process, it also offers batch manufacturing capacity. With 15 years’ experience of serving the UK market with precision machined CNC components, DNL Exports (India) Pvt Ltd has just invested in a new factory 100 miles from Mumbai. You can see DNL on stand G38

PECM313.indd 68

26/04/2013 16:54:26

Plastics is launching a new Metal the true cost of manufacture is captured and potential






You can see In2grate on Stand F36

of the material is utilised, with no

the UK to offer small, intricately detailed parts with tight Visit Beckett MIM at Subcon on stand G5

design and manufacture of products for the automotive, commercial transportation, renewable energy and and project managed by Junair, is largely dedicated to

the initial concept stage, the plant has a production capacity a successful twelve months that has seen it celebrate

incorporates a number of innovative handling and processing You can see Junair Spray Booth Systems on Stand K22

You can see Brandauer on Stand D6 Spray coating versatility



polyurethane, plasma coating and zinc thermal diffusion



is a tiltable turntable The company offers a comprehensive

clean, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, impact resistance, sound deadening or

demanding of challenges and engineer cost effective

recently challenged resolve a problem

to of

Key issues were lead time, cost and the need to establish a robust

You can see Impreglon on Stand G19

its paces, delivering the pipes on time, in budget and You can see Lipco on Stand E15

PECM313.indd 69

25/04/2013 22:15:08

High precision ground gears A new gear grinding machine means Ondrives can now offer high precision parts for demanding Ondrives


You can see Shakespeare Engineering on Stand G32


precision gear range, as well as the many

Done-in-one machining

This machine is also equipped for process measurement You can see Ondrives on Stand D28 3D printing builds on moulding success At last year’s Subcon launched its low pressure moulding ruggedised


is capable of completing all turning and machining

of ergonomic features, including a larger viewing window following customer display




You can see Yamazaki Mazak on Stand AM 71 electrical cable assemblies it designs and manufactures

Focus on tooling

ruggedisation of cables, ensuring precise control of cable delegates, the company’s show stand will focus on tooling for punching and bending, power tools and essential One company that saw the products at last year’s show You can see Phoenix Dynamics on Stand M28

best return on their investment through predictive and

UK and offshore sourcing

You can see Trumpf on Stand AM 51

UK facility include more

Latest feature-based CAM Delcam will demonstrate the latest

The new release incorporates new to




release include new methods for the generation of html set-up sheets, and Come and see Delcam on Stand AM9

PECM313.indd 70

25/04/2013 22:15:12

Not to be missed! As a leading UK supplier of machine tools Dugard couldn’t miss the chance

The company says it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase the comprehensive selection available at Dugard boasting the widest range in the UK of horizontal and Dugard is highlighting the new additions to the popular

at the particular challenges faced when manufacturing for space applications, and Dimitris Katsanis, the composites

mainstream mechanical engineering to the world of

You can see Dugard on Stand AM58

a sample of its advanced engineering technologies,

additive manufacturing machine, which is capable of producing highly intricate parts in a range of metals,


world-class advanced manufacturing research centres,

conventional and additive manufacturing to get the best

capability about how his company is investigating how we might

You can see Renishaw on Stand AM 41

micro gas turbine engines a possible power source for

free of charge by anyone registered for the Subcon or

and technology

covers all three events and you can register for the shows and

manufacturing and plastic electronics to manufacturing

PECM313.indd 71

25/04/2013 22:15:13

4 - 6 JUNE


INTERACT WITH THE MOST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES ON THE MARKET Meet and compare world-class subcontractors and one-stop shops from more than 20Â countries across the world Stay ahead of the competition and discover the best suppliers for... Quality Consistency

On-time delivery Price

Three leading events under one roof

PECM313.indd 72

Headline Partners

Media Partner

25/04/2013 22:15:16

4-6 June 2013, NEC, Birmingham Need a solution for your processing and packaging needs? REGIST NOW FOER FREE EN R TRY: totalex hibition .c


om/pec m

Top 5 reasons to visit:


Be inspired and find out what’s new Equip for new challenges Make valuable contacts and network Reduce costs and speed up production Revamp your packaging





Showcasing the very best machinery in the industry, the PPMA Show brings together expert manufacturers, processors and engineers all looking to show off their latest products!


Debate, innovate, educate. The Manufacturing Forum will include an exciting line up of topics in the processing and packaging industry. Seminar topics to be revealed shortly; watch this space! Debates will be presented by:

Taking place 4-6 June 2013, the PPMA Show hub showcases at The Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition along with PAKEX and Interphex, making it the largest 3 day event that covers every aspect of the processing and packaging industry. Have a smartphone? Scan this QR barcode to be taken directly to register for FREE entry.

Register now for FREE entry at: totalexhibition.com/pecm Join & follow us on:


Organised by:

Jointly owned with:

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 73


25/04/2013 22:15:22

The UK’s largest processing and packaging exhibition uncovers the secret to improving competitiveness, consistency and quality

T industry is suffering a degree of collateral damage from


, attendees are invited to discover the

machinery to enhance productivity at the PPMA show and

machinery to materials and containers, no matter what industry or product you’re in charge of, there is no better place to discover the latest solutions and technologies available to enhance your business and transform your

source their ingredients from reputable suppliers in the

Learn from industry insiders

and Siemens who will put the industry’s pressing issues under the spotlight, share the latest advice and reveal

but tough times can be positive for manufacturers, as

seminars in the Manufacturing Forum, sponsored by ,

place to meet peers from across the industry, share the


PECM313.indd 74






25/04/2013 22:15:27

information and to register today, visit http://www.

generation of industry talent

or join the conversation on Twitter or the


on the shop shelves, visit

and pharmaceutical industries, you’ll start with the Total

April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 75


25/04/2013 22:15:32

Total Processing & Packaging Preview MAXIMOVER IBC’s for the storage and movement of solid and liquid food ingredients...

Argelith tiles are the star of the Kemtile stand B19 at TOTAL

...Reduce your manual handling, and increase your productivity strength, high anti-slip resistance, impact resistance, low water absorption, resistance to abrasion and food industry, where the highest hygiene standards are

lining system for walls and ceilings that is virtually

For liquids or solids Maximover IBC’s are available in capacities from 227 - 3000 litres, 0.227 - 3.0 cu m. with a choice of cone angles that allow the product to flow freely. Seamless mouldings with 6mm walls for strength and durability, bespoke units for specific customer needs with full FDA accreditation. Optional horizontal or vertical outlet valves in PVC or stainless steel ensure uninterrupted discharge. Request your 18 page MAXIMOVER Catalogue Today

mailbox.spl swiftshop2012

Stamford Products Limited Tel 0161-330 5577 www.swift-shop.com/bulkhandling

From global brands to manufacturing start-ups, CKF is a provider of integrated robotic solutions that deliver you a competitive advantage and long term sustainability. Our customers rely upon CKF’s accomplished team of engineers, flexible in their approach and ready to challenge the norm to meet your objectives.



We are as eager to protect the future of your business as we are to ensure a smooth automated transition; on time and on budget.

Web / ckf.co.uk Email / info@ckf.co.uk Tel / +44 (0)1452 424565

PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 76

25/04/2013 22:15:35

Ten Easy Options

to a cost effective control system: A full-function PLC/HMI in one unit from:-

1, the Jazz Micro-OPLC, with I/O, Price from £94.00 2, the M91 Micro-OPLC, with I/O, Price from £243.00 3, the Vision 120 graphic OPLC, with I/O, Price from £382.00 4, the Vision130 graphic OPLC, with I/O, Price from £382.00 5, the Vision 350 colour OPLC, with I/O, Price from £500.00 6, the Vision 560 colour OPLC, with snap on I/O, Price from £817.00 7, the Vision 570 colour OPLC, with snap on I/O, Price from £687.00 8, the Vision 1040 colour OPLC, with snap on I/O, Price from £1060.00 9, the Vision 1210 colour OPLC, with snap on I/O, Price from £1149.00 And 10?

Call Alldrives & Controls to see if you qualify for a discount of up to 20%. Higher for education establishments. PLC/HMIs from UNITRONICS have:-

Universal applications, expandable to match your system. No Software cost. Free utilities, UniOPC/UniDDE server, and more. Integrated HMI, saves space, time, wiring, smaller on the inside. Technically advanced, PID auto tune, function blocks, trends. Reliable, remote access utilities, I/O, PWM, shaft encoder. Operator friendly touch screen, 64K colour 16 bit resolution. Network expandability, CAN bus, Profibus, SMS, SAE J1939. Internet web server, built in HTML, custom pages. Communication, multilingual, GPRS/GSM/CDMA,TCP/IP. Service 24/7/365, worldwide, + local tech support. From Alldrives & Controls +44(0)1543 271899 email:- alan@alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk/unitronics.html PECM313.indd 77

25/04/2013 22:15:36

Dixon – Exhibiting at TOTAL Process & Packaging for the First Time. a solution for moving paint which was accumulating in

additive within the paint was causing premature failure of fully polished or complete with polished OD and bright was determined that the best solution would include an

hose and hose assemblies offering odourless and taste

range of manual and actuated multiway hygienic and

The valve system was put through a one year in-service than the current system and it was all done at a competitive Therefore, in most cases a solution is readily available,

standard actuated valves and custom fabrications subject

for a process can save costs, reduce downtimes and

manufacturer and supplier of hose and coupling products






the most effective seat material, to the correct mounting factors which can affect the wear and tear on a valve and in turn create problems with contamination and reduce a

innovative design of products to meet individual customer

them on stand E59


PECM April/May 2013

PECM313.indd 78

25/04/2013 22:15:37


Introducing Dixon’s New Valve Actuation Shop Dixon now offer a custom actuated valve package: UÊÊÊAccessories including limit switches, positioners, proximity switches and more UÊÊ24 hour shipping* UÊÊNo minimum order UÊÊ1 million cycle tested Dixon Actuators UÊÊOn site 3D Design Engineer & Applications Engineer UÊÊFoam Packaging of Valves & Actuators *24 Hour Shipping available on most valve automation including fabricated specials. Contact Dixon for further info.

Also available from Dixon: UÊÊRJT, DIN, SMS, IDF & Triclamp Fittings UÊÊFood & Brewery Hoses UÊÊTube OD Bends, Tee’s, Adaptors & Reducers

Sta n E59 d @ TOT 201AL 3

UÊÊMultiway Ball Valves 11/2” to 4” UÊÊHygienic Butterfly Valves 1” to 10” UÊÊBespoke Design & Fabrication UÊÊDairy & Biopharm Standards

Dixon - The Right Connection for Actuation Valves and Bespoke Fabrication



PECM313.indd 79

25/04/2013 22:15:39


& Fragile or


& Huge

One of the key stages in any engineering project is the logistics of getting goods and materials to the right place on time, and here at Cargocall that’s exactly what we do. Working with many famous names both here in the UK and overseas, Cargocall provide all transport solutions under one roof.

Telephone: 0800 0787 747

PECM313.indd 80

Whether it’s a single item or a complete project we arrange and manage the movement of goods including packing services, documentation and insurance; your products and materials moved professionally and safely - worldwide.

Call us to find out how we can help.


Email: info@cargocall.com



25/04/2013 22:15:42

PECM313.indd 81

25/04/2013 22:15:44

PECM313.indd 82

25/04/2013 22:15:45

Total Processing & Packaging Preview New Jazz®2 Models Twice the Power

30x the Speed

Same Low Price

Following the release of JZ20-R31 we introduce additional two new models: JZ20-R10 and JZ20-R16. The Jazz2 series is a game-changing model, it is thirty times faster, has twice the memory, and yet sells for the same low price as the JZ10-11-R10 and JZ10-11-R16. In addition to all the core features, JZ20-R10 and JZ20-R16 come with the following enhancements:

ASET (UK) Limited Installation & Maintenance Engineers ASET can supply you with all your engineering requirements for both installation & maintenance the highest levels of quality and service. Aset is an Areas of work include:

handling systems at airports, parcel handling/ warehousing & food/bottling processing plants.

at a later date

High Efficacy and cool looks, the new Eta-Plus range from WEG

conveyors Including roller, belt, screw, troughing, slider bed, carousels, sorters etc.

Württembergische Elektromotoren GmbH, or WEG for short, who Alldrives & Controls is proud to represent in the United Kingdom, manufactures precision drive solutions between 40 watts and 1100 watts. WEG performance, matched to the application demand, results in the greatest energy savings. The Eta-Plus range of drives will reassure design and system integrator engineers that their applications are not only system minimal resources. WEG has two series under the name “EtaPlus”. The SD range without fans for 50 to 250 W and the VD range with fans for 90 to 370 W.

Tel: 01543 271899 www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk


Realise your potential with RRC

Alldrives & Controls, who is an authorised distributor for Unitronics in the UK, are a technically based distributor and solution provider specialising in the supply of Cost effective combined

Visitors to the RRC stand at Safety and demonstrate the company’s professional knowledge. Samples of their highly successful materials and courses, which have helped thousands develop their careers over many years, will be available to take away. In addition to the wealth of information available on the stand (Hall 1, Stand E52), RRC will be operating a live recycling scheme. Come along and upcycle your business card for a very nice pair of JSP safety glasses!

and system programming applicable to all markets.

There will be a limited number of vouchers available each day that will NEBOSH, NVQ, IOSH, IEMA and CQI

From a single motor, to a full drive system, the service, the technical, and the solution advice is the same high quality, regardless of the enquiry size or outcome.

Email: info@rrc.co.uk

Alldrives & Control unique asset is the knowledge synergy of the founding directors, John for Drives and control sensors, and


Hovmand - Unreeling the solution to lifting and moving Hovmand will be unveiling a selection of its innovative and intelligent reel lifting and moving

Hovmand’s versatile range of high-performance and high-quality lifters, from its most basic model, to a variety of tailor-made options, effortlessly handles any size and type of reel to any required height, making reel lifting and moving simplicity itself. Hovmand’s lifters are available in a range of different types and sizes, making them highly adaptable for moving and handling any size of reel. Tel: 0870 904 7775

supplier’s knowledge base enables us to propose technically solutions to your problem. We welcome the challenge that customers present, and have no hesitation in reviewing your requirement so that we can show the depth of our understanding and practical solution approach. All you have to lose is a little time and the cost of a phone call, but everything to gain.

system controls and drivers.


www.hovmand.co.uk April/May 2013 PECM

PECM313.indd 83


26/04/2013 21:20:17

PECM313.indd 84

25/04/2013 22:15:53

Profile for MH Media Global

PECM - Issue 3 2013  

PECM - Issue 3 2013