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practical advice & solutions on the technical and management challenges faced by engineers and managers in the process engineering & maintenance industries.

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To meet increasing regulatory, environmental, social and bottom line demands, rely on Thermatel TA2 for your energy management solutions.  Natural Gas  Air Flow  Flare Gas  Digester, Landfill and Bio Gases Visit our new portal at magnetrol.com/thermalmassflow for more information on energy management and thermal flow metering technology.


Editor: Elizabeth Hutton Assistant Editor: Justine Sanders Sales Director: Benjamin Dubois Sales Manager: Sophie Plowman Circulation Manager: Josh Holmes Digital Manager: Jamie Bullock Publishing Director: Martin Holmes

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M H Media Global Ltd. St Augustine’s Business Centre, 125 Canterbury Road, Westgate On Sea, Kent, CT8 8NL Tel 01843 830249 Fax: 08721 152240 www.pecm.co.uk All web addresses are inter-active, simply click the web address of your choice to view the company website. There is also a useful tool bar where you can search for a specific product, or simply view the index on page 3 and then type in the page number of the section that you wish to view. Please mention Process Engineering Control & Maintenance when responding to items in this issue. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in Process Engineering, Control & Maintenance however, the publishers accept no responsibility for the claims or opinions made by the contributors, manufacturers or advertisers. No part of the publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic (including printing), recording or stored in any information retrieval system without the prior written consent of the publisher.



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Y-type strainers 3 asket strainers 3 Duplex strainers 3 T-type strainers 3 Radial fin cartridge filters (to 1 micron) Filter separators and demister pads 3 Quick release closures Materials available include: Carbon Steel & LTCS 3 Stainless Steel 304/316 3 Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel 6Mo 3 Monel 3 Aluminium ,*)2e 3 Cunifer 3 Hastelloy 3 Incoloy 625 & 825 3 Titanium 3 Norsok MDS

Based in the UK, Barton Firtop manufacture and stock hold an extensive range of ASME/CE Marked Y-type, Basket and Duplex strainers.

Contact: sales@bartonfirtop.co.uk or visit our website: www.bartonfirtop.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Rapid HV generator rotor repair saves oil refinery downtime costs hen regular maintenance checks on a high voltage 60MW generator at a large oil refinery signalled a potential earth fault in the rotor, engineers were keen to have a repair completed as soon as possible. The engineering manager contacted the leading specialists in this field, Sulzer, to carry out the repair and subsequent testing.


Sulzer specialises in delivering rapid repairs to high voltage equipment and was able to offer an efficient, bespoke service to repair the rotor in just 8 weeks. Sulzer operates stateof-the-art manufacturing and testing

When regular maintenance checks on a high voltage 60MW generator at a large oil refinery signalled a potential earth fault in the rotor Sulzer carried out the repair and subsequent testing


PECM Issue 12

facilities located throughout the world, so is able to provide a global turnkey service to keep power plant generation capacity in operation.

repair of the rotor. Sulzer provided a comprehensive inspection report and quote to overhaul the rotor within the constricted deadline.

In the power generation business, speed is of the essence, especially for maintenance work that can result in generating capacity downtime. When it is the generator’s rotor itself that needs repairing, the timing of the steps toward resuming normal output is crucial.

With lost production costs looming, the plan was put into action. The rotor was shipped from Italy to the Birmingham Service Centre site, where work began on the initial strip down. In a project such as this it is frequently possible to reuse the rotor’s retaining rings, provided they are in satisfactory condition. However, detailed inspection following the strip down revealed that in this case they would have to be replaced.

Sulzer worked in partnership with the client to quickly identify a solution and formulate a plan of action for the

To provide a fast track solution for the client, minimising site downtime costs, Sulzer was able to produce a set of replacements for the vented 800mm diameter stainless steel rings utilising its established materials supply network and in-house large precision machining facility. In many cases rotor windings can also be reused, having first cleaned them and reapplied the insulation. However, in this instance, reuse was not possible and so new windings had to be manufactured and tested before the rebuild could begin. Upon further inspection by the Sulzer team, it was found that the rotor body wedges would also have to be replaced; a further task for the designers and the machine shop. With all of the new components remanufactured and tested, the team could begin to rebuild the rotor. Keith Barbier, Head of International Contracts and Projects at Sulzer Birmingham Service Centre, comments: “Having worked in this industry for over 30 years I have seen many rotors being repaired,

and it is rare for all three components to be in need of replacement at one time. Our repair team at Birmingham Service Centre was able to remain flexible and we were able to deal with every aspect of the rotor repair, managing the project from concept to completion on behalf of the client.” Having completed the rebuild and the electrical, static and mechanical tests, the rotor was then checked for rotational balance, using the company’s own purpose-built large capacity

overspeed balancing pit. During the process the rotor is first accelerated to its normal operating speed of 3,000 rpm, any balance corrections are made, then the rotor is subsequently tested in an overspeed condition, in this case specified by the client at 3,600 rpm. “The balancing facility in Birmingham can accommodate rotors up to 12 meters in length and weighing up to 40 tonnes, with the ability to test at speeds up to 5,200 rpm. High-speed balance relieves residual stresses introduced during the repair process and allows the rotor components to settle into place. Following a high-speed balance at the Birmingham Service Centre, engineers review the results to ensure that

Having completed the rebuild and the electrical, static and mechanical tests, the rotor was then checked for rotational balance, using the company’s own purposebuilt large capacity overspeed balancing pit

With all of the new components remanufactured and tested, the team could begin to rebuild the rotor

any imbalances have been corrected and will not affect the future performance of the rotor. This forms the final step in a truly unique in-house, turnkey offering for the power generation industry.” Keith Barbier concludes: “Fortunately the client employed excellent proactive maintenance procedures which were able to highlight a potential issue before it developed into a fault. Fortunately we were able to manage the project in-house. This meant we could control costs and meet very short deadlines – even as the task escalated in complexity and resource requirements, while keeping the client informed throughout the repair process.” Repairs completed in the past have proven the effectiveness of Sulzer technology for rotor rejuvenation. Rotors that would have been considered as scrap a few years ago can now be successfully re-engineered using sound engineering repair solutions. An extensive repair of this nature can normally be completed significantly quicker than a new rotor can be manufactured. Additionally, the cost of a repair of this nature is approximately a third of the cost of a new rotor. This cost control and time effectiveness of the process have benefited the client, which as a result, experienced minimal disruption and downtime costs. Tel: 0121 766 6161 www.sulzer.com

Issue 12 PECM


News & Events British engineering team wins prestigious IEA Heat Pump Award The team responsible for the world’s largest zero carbon 90C (194° F) ammonia district heat pump, which has been installed in Scandinavia but designed and manufactured in Glasgow by Star Refrigeration, received the prestigious Rittinger Award at the International Heat Pump Conference in Montreal, last night.

Babcock Wanson, with Ademe’s support, leads project on the burners of tomorrow Babcock Wanson, a provider of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, is leading the new DEMOXYA research project which aims to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency of burners.

Dr Pearson received the award for his groundbreaking research, design and development work in the field of heat pump technology. His pioneering technology has made it possible to deliver heat at high temperatures using ammonia, a non ozone depleting refrigerant with zero GWP, to run the system. The substitution of HFC gases for ammonia eliminates an equivalent of 800,000 km in car travel from gases leaking to the atmosphere.

DEMOXYA stands for ‘DEveloppement et déMOnstration de brûleurs à très faibles émissions d’oXYdes d’Azote’ (Development and demonstration of burners with very low nitrogen oxide emissions). It has been awarded funding by ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, as part of a call for projects in support of Research & Development programmes that are aimed at improving air quality both indoors and outdoors. Babcock Wanson has a strong range which is one of the best-performing on the market, and is already working on the burners of tomorrow.


Tel: 020 8953 7111

Research projects based around clean energy manufacture

Medical inspection system integration for Oxford MEStar: LG Motion’s design & build capability helps Oxford University spin-out meet tight delivery target

The multi-disciplined engineering services business adi group, are currently working alongside the Environmental Bioenergy Research Institute at Aston University. The research projects they are working on are based around clean energy manufacture.


Syngas which is generated from burning various waste products, powers the Combined Heat and Power engine, which in turn produces energy to be utilised by current industries. The concept is to make green energy more accessible for everyday use.

LG Motion Limited has recently designed and supplied a semiautomatic parts handling and vision inspection system to Oxford MEStar, the Oxford University - Institute of Biomedical Engineering spin-out Company. Used for quality checking and product sorting of specially packaged ‘corneal scaffolds’ that are produced in the emerging technology of regenerative bioengineering, the system was urgently required and delivered quickly thanks to LG Motion’s design & production and motion control system integration service. The cornea and its integral support scaffold, measuring about 35 mm diameter, is packaged in a sealed clear plastic blister pack measuring 80 x 100 mm. To resolve this initial challenge, LG Motion worked with imaging specialist Scorpion Vision to develop a suitable camera vision system to evaluate the appearance and location of the corneal scaffold.

Email: info@adiltd.co.uk

Tel. 01256 365600

The Institute was awarded a research grant by the Technology Strategy Board, which has led adi to provide intelligent metering and software integration for a number of initiatives based around the generation of green energy from the University’s gasifier plant.


Fortress win 2014 Industry Award for Company Growth Fortress Technology (Europe), walked away with the prestigious “2014 Exceptional Sales /Company Growth Award” at this year’s Process and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Group Industry Awards held at the end of September. The annual awards dinner was held at the Motor Cycle Museum on the first night of the PPMA Show which was taking place at the NEC. This event brings together industry suppliers and customers to recognise the contribution and achievements of the PPMA member companies.


More UK manufacturing as West Control Solutions centralises European production operations

There were a record number nominations within this particularly hard fought category which is judged by an independent panel of industry based experts. The award was presented by Mr John Kehoe, Managing Director of TekPak, along with co-hosts for the evening Rory Bremner and Helen Fospero.

West Control Solutions, global specialists in advanced temperature control, has recently completed a major expansion of its UK manufacturing centre in Brighton, creating new jobs and increasing output capability by up to 25,000 units per annum. The new facilities are the completion of a project to strengthen the company’s European production operations in the UK, and form part of a long term programme of investment in continuous product and service development. Previously, West Control Solutions had operated two production centres, in the UK and Germany, with the latter being outsourced to a third party supplier. Following a fire at the supplier’s factory, the decision was made in December 2013 to bring the manufacturing in-house. The relocation of manufacturing took place across two phases in February and March 2014 and was completed with less than one week of downtime across all production cells.

Tel: 01295 256266

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Did you know? Typically LPG cylinders contain an average of 15% fuel on return! Returned fuel adds significantly to operating costs. Forklift trucks may come to a standstill when running out of gas. Marshall’s Industrial can Supply the Perfect Solution, nominated for the 2015 FLTA awards in the Environment category. The IMPCO Reserve Fuel Tank has 0.5L capacity of liquid gas and only when the LPG tank is completely empty will the gas warning lamp show, leaving an accurate remaining drive time, avoiding the risk of standstill and guaranteeing only completely empty cylinders are returned for refilling.


M&R Hydraulics keeps plant operating at peak productivity M&R Hydraulics has been working in conjunction with Hy-Pro Filtration to optimise the reliability of your machinery and to keep your plant operating at peak productivity. Hy-pro filtrations innovative filtration products solve a range of contamination challenges including lube oil varnish, phosphate ester fluid maintenance, servo valve failures, gearbox filtration, oil reclamation, particulate contamination, removing water / particulate from oil and diesel, and many more applications.

The IMPCO Reserve Fuel Tank boasts a robust design, meeting the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Our expertise and total commitment to solving your fluid contamination challenges sets M&R Hydraulics apart. Make M&R a part of your lube team and we’ll help you develop a total system cleanliness approach to yield a more reliable plant and keep your world turning.

Tel: 01491 834 666 t Email: sales@mi-uk.co t www.mi-uk.com

Email: sales@mrhydraulics.co.uk


PECM Issue 12


News & Events QED Launch New Online Book “Good Vibrations” Quality Electronics Design S.A. (QED) have launched a new online book, ‘Good Vibrations’, it is a detailed introduction to vibration based durability testing. Originally released at the end of March 2014 it has now also been made available as a CD version. The pdf version of the book allows a quick search on any issue explained in the book and allows an easy installation on your laptop or on your vibration control system. The book offers high resolution colour pictures, graphs, formulae, tables and examples on more than 380 pages. An accompanying free Excel® file gives the reader the tools for gRMS and maximum displacement calculations of a random profile as well as calculations of displacement, velocity and acceleration for a sine profile in addition to resonance. To order the book on CD: contact goodvibrations@qed.lu The download version can be purchased and downloaded from: http:// store.payloadz.com/details/2006237-ebooks-science-goodvibrations.html

The GnΩstic64 measurement system Through a standardised measurement circuit with a 120Ω resistor and a source of 12V/ DC, the current of 100mA that flows through the electrical contact is successfully measured. The voltage arising across both sides of the contact is proportional to the contact resistance. Within the framework of the quality assurance measurements and as part of a multi-pole connector, the contact is tested within a climatic chamber on a shaker. And it is under these simulated real operating conditions that the micro interruptions of the contact should not exceed 200nSec (e.g. USCAR standard). For some considerable time, the high speed on board networks and the multi pole connections in the automotive industry have required an up to date new testing concept. This need includes a very high time resolution, the recording of the real time signals of the micro interruptions, the recording of the resistance trend of the contact and a higher number of simultaneous measurement channels. And it is this basic concept that is integrated into the GnΩstic64 system.

www.OurMumbaiCity.com/ebooks 190,000+ Facebook Likes 40,000+ Members on Facebook 28,000+ Members on Linkedin And more…


® tion s ange ES X - RControl Solu M o b ile


On Automation, Process Control, Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil and more… at


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/Freely Programmable (C / IEC61131-3) /Wide range of digital and analogue I/O /Designed to operate in the toughest environments /CAN, RS232 & Ethernet communications Sensor-Technik UK Ltd. Unit 21M, Bedford Heights Business Centre Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7PH, UK Tel. +44 (0) 1234-270770

sensor-technik Issue 12 PECM


News & Events Success for online machine tool auction site as easy to use system hits the right note An innovative online service designed to help manufacturing businesses buy and sell CNC machinery with complete confidence and ease has not only attracted UK buyers but has also reached a significant buying audience in Europe too. The CNConlineauctions.com website is an easy-to-navigate online auction system for buying and selling CNC machine tools, both new and used, in the UK and Europe, with a location set up in the United States to cater for the global market.

Increased range of products and services Merlin Control Systems Ltd have increased their range of products and services for users of resistance welding and wire-working machines, from the simplest spot welder to sophisticated multi-axis CNC machines. We offer new weld controls, spare parts, consumables such as electrodes, machine repair and servicing, modernisation and upgrade, including complete new control systems, safety systems, and sale of used machines. We also offer new control systems for all types of industrial equipment and processes, new control panels with PLC and HMI equipment, servo drives, inverter and motor controls.

To find out more visit www.cnconlineauctions.com, call 0333 202 0850 or email info@cnconlineauctions.com

Tel: 01748 810811

SILICON expands its team

BOC launches IWS – a new name in the industrial and welding supplies sector

SILICON, a global leader in Refractory Anchoring Systems & Rapid Arc Stud Welding Technology, is delighted to announce that six new members have joined the team where they will be instrumental in leading the organization to drive worldwide business growth.

BOC, the UK’s leading industrial gases business and the largest welding products distributor in Europe, has announced that it has united its 14 individual hardgoods branches from across the UK under one single new brand – IWS (Industrial & Welding Supplies).

The goal of Silicon is to educate and inform the refractory market and associated public on the anchoring technologies available and to offer the best cost effective refractory anchoring system for a particular application. SILICON offers the market alternative and innovative products which improve the refractory lining, whilst maintaining a leading role in the refractory anchoring industry. “Our customers continually tell us that our personal touch makes us stand out and expanding the team will make us even more accessible to them.” said Wouter Garot, CEO of SILICON.

Tel: +31 (0)174-225522


Voyagerblue off to a flyer with TBA protective solutions Accidental or malicious payments from contactless cards are now a thing of the past thanks to the VoyagerBlue Card Shield developed with the expert assistance of TBA Protective Solutions. The VoyagerBlue Card Shield simply slots into a purse or wallet next to a contactless card. A specially designed EMI shielding layer within the product then protects against fraudulent scanning. The VoyagerBlue range also includes a larger ePassport Shield, which slips inside passports to help prevent identity theft. To transform their initial concepts and designs into a reality, the firm turned to TBA Protective Solutions. TBA PS is a market leader in the research and development of ESD and EMI solutions and its shielding technology for VoyagerBlue blocks the frequency used within all contactless cards. The products have been manufactured by Plastic Card Services.

Email: info@tbaps.com


Hansford Sensors achieves GOST-TR certification for excellent quality management Hansford Sensors has achieved GOST-TR certification for sales within the Russian Federation. This accreditation confirms Hansford Sensors’ manufacturing process is of the greatest possible quality, ensuring the highest standard of performance from vibration monitoring solutions for customers across industry. The implementation of GOST-TR is part of Hansford Sensors’ ongoing commitment to continuous process improvement and delivering the best possible service to customers. GOST-TR is a quality management system standard in the Russian Federation that is implemented by both Russian manufacturers and foreign companies looking to import goods and products for sale. Product tests conducted by the Russian Governmental Standards Organisation (GOSSTANDARD) in accredited laboratories ensure manufactured goods are of a high standard that meets the needs and expectations of purchasing companies.

Tel: 0845 680 1957


PECM Issue 12



The consolidation of the many separate legal entities into IWS (they had previously traded independently under their own name, and were commonly referred to as the Leengate group of companies) means that the branches will benefit from being unified as well as being part of the major BOC brand. As the hardgoods arm of BOC and the largest supplier of industrial and welding products in the UK, IWS will be offering a separate – and different - service to that offered by BOC.


Precision performance from LTi Metaltech Oxfordshire-based LTi Metaltech specialises in precision fabrication and welding for regulated industries. A lead manufacturer of high performance vessels and structures in stainless steel, copper and high purity aluminium – including the cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens MRI scanners – the company is currently reviewing opportunities in additional market sectors. Providing an end-to-end solution, LTi Metaltech employs innovative and skilled engineering designers, together with one of the South East’s largest group of coded welders. Its high-tech fabrication facilities and latest equipment, together with a rigorous in-house testing programme, allow it to produce high integrity vessels and structures capable of withstanding extreme pressure, vacuum and temperature differentials to international standards. For more information, visit www.lti-metaltech.com


Transformers & Wound Components ranging from 1VA to 300KVA As of Monday 1st September 2014 Amethyst Designs Limited moved to a new larger facility in Bar Hill. The move is indicative of the company’s commitment to investing in the products and services provided. The New address is as follows: Amethyst Designs Limited 47/48 Viking Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge CB23 8EL Telephone and fax numbers along with all email addresses have remained the same.

Tel: +44 (0)1954 - 789696 ∙ Fax: +44 (0)1954 - 789662 www.amethyst-designs.co.uk ∙ sales@amethyst-designs.co.uk

Editors Choice

Trading for 35 years, Derbyshire and Sons is a precision engineering firm known nationally for quality service at competitive prices. Our commitment to quality & service is demonstrated by our full ISO9001 accreditation. In addition to general precision machining, our area of expertise includes the production of flanges, screwed stainless steel pipe fittings, block tees for the Petrochemical / Turbine & Automobile Industries as well as bespoke one off work. Our services are extensive and include:Turning – Conventional and CNC up to 6ft Diameter Boring, Milling & Drilling – Conventional and CNC Tel:- 01514231478 Or email sales@derbyshiresengineering.co.uk for more information www.derbyshiresengineering.co.uk

Unsecured Business Loans for any purpose... . . .With the banking system still frozen we are delighted to be able to offer all types of businesses an alternative source of funding and it’s completely unsecured. Amounts Periods Interest rates Quick and convenient to arrange Criteria

= ÂŁ20,000 to ÂŁ200,000+ = 6 months - 5 years = Circa 4%/5% fixed (8%/10% APR) = No early repayment charges = Credit approval in 24 hours Completion in only 7/10 days

= Limited companies, LLP’s, sole traders and partnerships, including property developers + commercial and residential property investors

= Minimum 2 years accounts filed at Companies House

= Directors must be UK residents and home owners. PG’s required

Apply now   Now


= Must have a credit rating of 30+ = The loan can be used for any purpose Working capital, stock / growth / expansion funding. All types of asset finance

That’s all there is to it! Maudlands, Maude Street Kendal, Cumbria. LA9 4QD Tel: 01539 735200 - Fax: 01539 735204 Mob: 07768 888895 david@nationwide-asset-finance.co.uk


PECM Issue 12

January 2015 sees the launch of CTAC Associates LTD CTAC Associates LTD is a network of practicing professional consultants and academic researchers in control theory and its applications, spanning a diverse range of industry sectors from automotive systems, industrial processes to biomedical engineering. CTAC provides consultancy, contract research, student placements, bespoke training courses and manpower access to well qualified engineering graduates. Through the CTAC network, your organisation will benefit from collaborative grant funding opportunities linking to UK based university departments in the areas of control systems engineering, optimisation, modelling, simulation, fault diagnosis and condition monitoring. Contact: Prof Keith Burnham. prf.keith.burnham@gmail.com


Greenmount Fans


Greenmount Fans Group of Companies have been manufacturing and supplying blowers and Odour control exhaust fans for over 40 years.

reenmount Fans as a company was founded serving the Petro-Chemical and Off Shore industry.

Greenmount Fans can offer many variations of Centrifugal and Axial flow fans for use within this industry sector. Our Engineering and Technical design team are capable of custom engineer products, to meet the most demanding specifications, together with our Project group can provide the correct documentation and dedication required to ensure a successful project. Greenmount Fans have references with major consultants, engineering companies and end user throughout this field. Completed projects within the last five years Abu Dhabi Polymers – Borouge Phase I & II ADNOC – Gas compression Project, Middle East BP / TAQA – Various Upgrade and replacement. Clair, Forties, Millar, Thistle & Cormorant Alpha BP Norsk – New Accommodation Platform, Valhall, North Sea Chevron Brazil – FPSO Frade Maersk Oil Qatar – Al Shaheen Wellhead Platforms OLT LNG Toscana - Livorno Larson & Toubro for ONGC – 3 x Platforms ONGC – RS 12 & B22 Platform Shell UK – Stanlow & Eastham Refinery Petrobras – FPSO Frade, Refit Various International Companies– Accommodation Modules, Worldwide (Over 1500 units supplied) Greenmount Fans Group of Companies have been manufacturing and supplying blowers and Odour control exhaust fans for over 40 years. The company has completed over 100 projects in many countries throughout the world on all continents.

Greenmount Fans and Blowers have proven to be the reliable choice and optimal performance for all aspects of Waste Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment and Aeration. Greenmount can also offer a ‘retrofit’ service to upgrade any plant to the current legislation and certification requirements’ for the UK water industry. In addition to this service we have the knowledge and background to refurbish or rebuild any fans that have come to the end of their asset life, regardless of age, location or original supplier. Completed projects within the last three years Greenmount Fans, again have been at the forefront of working in partnership with many consultants and main contractors to this sector. ADSSC (Abu Dhabi Sewage Service Company) ATS (Air Technology Systems) – Various Upgrades (South West Water / Severn Trent) ATS (Air Technology Systems) - New Installations (South West Water / Thames Water) Bechtel – Various WWtW UK Degremont SA – Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Works Dubai DEWA (Dubai Electric & Water Authority) – Various Odour Control Plants UAE Enpure – NI Water – Odour Control Plant Forbes – Anglian Water OCS – Odour Control / Aeration Plants U.K Greenmount Fans group have also been associated with a wide range of OEM manufactures throughout Europe on general extract and ventilation systems for all aspects of commercial business. Recently we have been involved in the development of heavy duty centrifugal fans for the Biomass / Waste to Energy heating plants which are now performing in excess of their requirements.

GREENMOUNT FANS LTD ROSEHILL WORKS NELSON STREET BOLTON LANCASHIRE BL3 2RW TEL: +44 (0)1204 364362 FAX: +44 (0)1204 364368 www.greenmountfans.co.uk

Editors Choice At GMS, we source and supply engineered components for a wide variety of blue chip clients. Are you looking to purchase your part as cost-effectively as possible? Is it more consistent quality you need? Or, do you simply wish to have greater control of your supply chain? As a world leader in our field, we’re totally committed to customer satisfaction. Using our expertise, we source, manage and supply components for our customers – whatever and wherever they are.

“GMS have demonstrated over a number of years in supplying a number of complex components to Britax PMG, their strengths and capability in managing and controlling our supply chain. This has been sustained with significant cost savings both on part price and cost of inventory.”

We support a number of the major industrial sectors worldwide – from agriculture to transport, white goods to automotive.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

BRENT RICHARDSON, Supply Chain Manager, Britax PMG. World-leading producer of tractor and off-road vehicle wing mirrors.

Contact: Andrew Wood W: www.gms-uk.com T: +44 (0) 1661 836900 :


low Measurement has been around since the Romans measured the flow of water in the River Nile, in more recent times the measurement of viscous fluids has been one of the many features demanded of flowmeters spanning across a wide range of industry from automotive to marine technology to chemicals. With the automation of industrial production especially in the automotive sector, flow meters and pumps make up a fair share of instruments required on the production line. UK Flowtechnik has met this demand with a range of flow meters appropriate for industrial & automotive manufacturing. As time passes the technical aspects of flow meters and pumping have evolved to meet the technological developments of the products they have to move and measure. For instance UK Flowtechnik now accurately meter and pump viscous adhesives of up to 1 million cSt, which was extremely difficult to achieve 20 years ago.


PECM Issue 12


Throughout the past 20 years UK Flowtechnik have been suppliers of flow meters, instrumentation, pumps, magnetic couplings & hydraulic system components. We offer products from quality brands such as: VSE, Beinlich, DST, HBE, Flomec, GPI, Lake Monitors, Seametrics, Elis Plzen, Bopp & Reuther and Comeco as well as many others & also offer a competitive Calibration & Repair service. For our latest range of flow meters and pumps please visit: www.ukflowtechnik.com

UKFlowtechnik 1 Central Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2NR Tel:- 0115 9007111 Email:- sales@ukflowtechnik.com

Editors Choice

Advanced Water & Waste Limited, an A+ Group Company


dvanced Water & Waste Limited, an A+ Group Company, specialises in the collection, pumping, storage, treatment and reuse of all types of liquors, effluents, wastewaters and sludges, with class leading and innovative carbon saving technologies. iCLEAR-ADTM Anaerobic Effluent Treatment Commercialisation of proven technology now means that high COD trade effluents can be used as a fuel for CHP whilst reducing sewer discharge costs. Even small scale food and beverage producers with 200kg/d of COD can benefit from iCLEAR-ADTM carbon and cost saving technology, with funding available. Geyser Air Pulse Pumps® Whoever thought the airlift pump could be improved? Now Geyser innovative large pulsed air bubbles have revolutionised that thinking! Installed inside or external to tanks with no moving parts in contact with the water, liquor, effluent or sludge to be handled. The air flow and pressure determines the liquid flow rate and head to be pumped. This means low energy; low maintenance and controllable pumping with just a simple air blower. VacSAFETM Effluent Collection AWW has pioneered the use of vacuum sanitation systems to collect hazardous effluents from laboratories and other premises where biosecurity and flexibility of drainage are key requirements. Vacuum sewerage can also be used for commercial property external drainage systems as well as villages, hotels and leisure facilities. Baleen Filters® Its good bye to DAF’s and chemicals with this energy saving and highly efficient microscreen able to treat a range of effluents. The high quality water discharge is in tandem with a dewatered sludge ready for re-use as a feedstock; for composting or AD without further expensive treatment.

Issue 12 PECM


High performance tubing for the Oil & Gas industry

Where it counts, when it counts.



Leading the way

t Mica Heaters t Nozzle Heaters t Cartridge Heaters t Ceramic Knuckle Heater t Thermocouples t Immersion Heaters t Tubular Heaters t Square Section Heater t Air Duct Heaters 5FMt'BY Email: sales@elmatic.co.uk www.elmatic.co.uk

Filter Devices from Helapet The art of filtration OComplete

bespoke filter service OIndividually designed and printed to your specification, whatever the quality OExtensive range of connectors and access to a variety of media

www.filterdevices.co.uk 0800 0328 428

Issue 12 PECM


Your Ideas. Realised Sensor-Technik UK is the UK and Ireland representative of the Wiedemann Group, the sister company alongside Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH in Germany and STWTechnic LP in the USA. Sensor-Technik Wiedemann is one of the foremost pressure sensor manufacturers and suppliers in Europe.

The range of programmable, graphical interfaces can be custom designed to fit your requirements with features such as video, ethernet and touchscreen all available. We also design and manufacture bespoke wiring looms and these can be incorporated into the finished control systems. Once assembled, each loom is tested to ensure that it functions as intended before it is released to the customer. If required, our engineers can then undertake the on-site installation of the full system. The pressure sensors that we supply conform to exacting quality standards and have proven to be extremely durable and robust and are ultimately very reliable. Similarly to our electronic controllers, we have a variety of sensors that we produce, each with different profiles and specifications. Sensor-Technik sensors have been utilised in pneumatic, hydraulic and marine applications.

Since 2001, our primary activity has been the promotion, distribution and integration of control and measurement solutions utilising hardware manufactured by SensorTechnik Wiedemann GmbH. Sensor-Technik UK is also a distributor and integrator for a number of other companies including Wachendorff GmbH, Graf-Syteco GmbH and F.W. Murphy Limited. Here at Sensor-Technik UK, we take great pride in our ability to develop comprehensive electronic control systems that are tailored to suit each customer’s specific needs. Our controllers can be integrated into a CANbus network, relaying and receiving thousands of data packets every day. One of the types of control system that we can provide is teleservice (telemetry), thus allowing complete systems to be monitored remotely. The chief benefit of teleservice is that machine problems are detected early and timely restorative action can avoid expensive repairs. Sensor-Technik are also able to provide HMI panels to provide direct feedback and control for any system.

Customers have the freedom to specify important variables, such as electrical connection, output signal (voltage, current CANopen or J1939). The sensors we supply can measure up to a range of 3,000 bar and a temperature range of -25 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. Sensor-Technik UK’s range of controllers, sensors and HMI’s and all the associated engineering services make it a ‘one-stop shop‘ for your control, measurement and instrumentation needs, using industry leading technology and expertise to enhance system functionality and capability. Sensor-Technik UK’s team has over 50 years combined experience in control and measurement integration and we firmly believe we offer the most practical service and solution for your application. From project management, software, hardware design and build, through to full wiring harness design prototype and series production, Sensor-Technik UK can take care of all your control and measurement requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements today. T: 01234 270770 F: 01234 348803 E: sales@sensor-technik.co.uk W: www.sensor-technik.co.uk


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Accutool Advance in High Speed Machining Irish engineering company Accutool has installed new machinery and innovations to best provide customers when producing quality parts. They have a dedicated medical cell with a fully validated production line, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking, bead blasting, hex shearing, and a Brown & Sharp CMM with a Renishaw 5 axis measuring head in a temperature controlled room.

“Our core business is CNC machining of precision components and the associated assembly of these parts on a subcontract basis. We have recently added three CNC machining centers to our capacity and we are actively seeking orders in the turned parts segment to fill this extra capacity”. The companies’ website offers the ability to send drawings for quotation at www. accutool.ie, with a prompt response guaranteed.


ccutool has a long history, and is due to celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. They have concentrated on providing engineering products and services to multinational manufacturing companies based in Ireland. “Our product advantage is that we offer the combined experience of 3D design, tool making, CNC machining, electro mechanical assembly & test, welding & fabricating, metal finishing and sourcing of chain supply parts for many sectors of industry”. Accutool’s production equipment is sourced from the world leaders of CNC technology, names like Hurco, Hitachi Seiki, Mori Seiki, Brown & Sharp, Hardinge, Hyundai and Bridgeport all featuring in the precision components cell where they have manufactured millions of precision-engineered products – all backed by committed employees with a singular focus to bring a performance advantage to every process they

provide. The company has produced large volume projects of 250,000 parts per year with quality parameters better than 1.5 CPK, as well as small batch production and one off prototypes. The company acts as sales agent for ELMA Ultrasonic Gmbh, manufacturers of clean lines for very demanding technical processes and due to recent high profile sales in the medical sector, they have added the Industrial sector and the table top ultrasonic range which will be sold through their online store which is due to be launched this summer www.accutool.ie.” Accutool has made a number of innovations lately, extra resources and a rapid proto typing 3D printing machine has been added to the design department to service the demand for machine building. These are supplied with engineering drawings, material certification, spare parts, CE marking and warranty. Recent projects such as equipment for automatic

handling and insertion of orthopedic components in sub-assemblies. Washing machines presenting components to the nozzle area, sorting machines, vibration machines for the grading of fine product, machines designed incorporating materials selected for corrosive situations, materials handling solutions in the biomedical and food & drinks industries and conveyor systems and clean room equipment or furniture. “We started off small back in the mid 80’s, but we have seen steady growth over our 30 years in business. We are now located in a 17,000 sq ft purpose built production facility in Damastown Industrial Park, Dublin 15,”. Since 1992 Accutool has used the ISO 9000 QMS to control their processes and is currently certified to ISO 9001-2008. 3rd parties affiliated to the FDA and the FAA also audit the company.

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t Motek trade fair 2014, Mitsubishi Electric Europe and robotics specialist Robotronic demonstrated the world’s first handling concept for supplying ready-to-use syringes to an end-of-line packing system. The solution concept is exceptionally compact and extremely fast with a processing rate of up to 600 syringes per minute. It is also so flexible that easy switching between different syringe and syringe carrier formats is possible and a wide range of handling tasks can be performed quickly and easily. The handling solution supplies disposable syringes to the packing process quickly and flexibly via a rail system. It comprises two modular robot cells developed by Robotronic, so-called MRTs (modular robot technology). In one cell, two precisely coordinated Mitsubishi Electric MELFA robots from the RV-4FL series look after the whole process of handling tubs and syringe carriers as well as the different syringe formats ranging from 0.5 to 10 millilitres. To do this, they have a suitable conversion option. The second cell contains a rotary magazine turret which supplies up to 20 tubs filled with syringe carriers to the packing system. Measuring just 1.0 by 1.3 metres, the MRT basic module occupies a space slightly smaller than a europallet and is 2.20 metres high. Mike Weber, managing director of Robotronic AG, explains: “Similar handling machines have been on the market for a long time. What makes our MRTs unique is their compact design. A comparable

machine from another manufacturer takes up roughly three to four times as much space – and space is usually in short supply in production plants.” The concept comprises a complete set of components which can be assembled specifically to suit requirements. As the exclusive robotics distribution partner of Mitsubishi Electric Europe for the Swiss market, Robotronic uses only Mitsubishi Electric robots. The two compact overhead articulatedarm robots can perform both renesting and denesting tasks and process 400 syringes per minute in the sample application. By integrating an additional axis, the output of the cells can be increased to 600 syringes per minute. The rotary turret is driven by a Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4 servo motor. The turret is used to reload the MRT while the process is in operation, thereby reducing idle time to a minimum. To achieve the same autonomy with a conveyor belt, the belt would have to be four metres long. “Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial robots are distinguished by their flexibility, speed and long-term reliability. The broad scope they offer in construction, for example due to overhead mounting or extreme rotary movements, is also advantageous. The slimline design of the robots helps us to create MRTs within an extremely limited space”, points out Mike Weber. Handling solution for vials Robotronic has also developed a customised overall concept for supplying and packing vials of various sizes which likewise incorporates two Mitsubishi Electric MELFA robots from

The handling solution can index 600 syringes per minute into the emptying rail. The special feature of the solution is that the Mitsubishi Electric MELFA robots are not only suspended overhead but also work in pairs within an extremely limited space. (Picture Source: Robotronics AG) the RV-4FL series along with a total of twelve MR-J4 servo drives. The unit comprises two MRT cells, each with a 6-axis robot, and can be expanded to virtually any extent. A conveyor system with eight servo-driven positioning screws supplies the vials to the robots which are responsible for handling. To do this, they use vacuum grippers to remove two rows of vials, each containing five vials, from the conveyor and place them into waiting packing units. The processing speed of the machine is 300 vials per minute. The dynamics of the Mitsubishi Electric servos come into their own in the conveyor system in particular, due to fast acceleration and high braking torques combined with a very gentle start-up and deceleration. This high level of precision is important in the indexed conveyor system for the packing units because the machine has to position new blisters every 300 milliseconds in order to keep pace with the second-by-second cycle of the cartoning supply chain.

www.mitsubishielectric.com The Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RV4FL robot uses vacuum grippers to remove two rows of vials, each containing five vials, from the positioning screws and place them in the waiting packing units. (Picture Source: Robotronics AG)

Did you know that switching to energy efficient compressors can save you up to 50% on your running costs? At Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS), we know compressors inside out – and we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each and every customer. You won’t get pushy sales staff or baffling jargon, just solid, nononsense advice from a friendly bunch of Yorkshire folk with many years’ experience in the field. As an Atlas Copco premier UK distributor, PPS specialises in: Sales – new and second-hand air compressors, VSD+, Vacuum, nitrogen, pneumatics, heat-recovery equipment and treatments Service – highly qualified engineers, all the key accreditations and service contracts with a true 24-hour call out service seven days a week Spares – a comprehensive range at our onsite Sales Counter, including air tools and OEM kits, with next-day delivery nationwide Pipework, including galvanised, stainless steel, copper and aluminium smooth bore up to 168mm, turnkey installation packages Equipment hire – save down-time costs during breakdowns and major servicing But don’t just take our word for it… “The team at PPS really know their stuff and give great advice – I can always rely on them to solve my problems. Not only do they take the stress out of my job but they have also saved our company a lot of money over the years.” Alan Maycock, PPG Architectural Coatings


We use the latest data, pressure and flow meter logging and leak detection to identify potential energy savings.

Passionate about energy efficiency and energy savings, we offer professional advice to customers working in many industries including: Food and drink Automotive Pharmaceutical Engineering UPVC Window manufacture Glass manufacture Petrochemical Chemical Construction Joinery manufacture Paint Textiles

Winner of the Atlas Copco Compressors’ Distributor of the Year Award 2013 Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd 5-7 Pellon New Rd, Halifax HX1 4UB Tel: 01422 321772 Fax: 01422 342430 sales@pennine-pneumatic.co.uk www.pennine-pneumatic.co.uk

Water / water treatment Paper / cardboard boxes Foam Electronics Waste management Dental surgeries and labs

Lanemark Process Gas Burner Control Helps Meet Exacting Ceramic Production Standards An example of a Lanemark burner on a typical CDS design


he excellent control characteristics associated with process gas burner technology from Lanemark International are increasingly being brought in to sharp focus at Stokeon-Trent-based Ceramic Drying Systems (CDS). The company has a leading worldwide reputation for the manufacture of drying and curing systems that meet specific challenges associated with the ceramic and concrete production industry. It can point to a growing list of installations where Lanemark burner systems play a central role in its drying, curing and environmental control system designs. “It is a key requirement of the production industry – from concrete, bricks, heavy clay and white-ware to sanitaryware and tableware production – that the heating and curing process follows extremely tight parameters and guidelines,” comments Chris Johnson, CDS Group’s Operations Director. “By ensuring that operations are conducted in the optimum environment, the speed of drying and curing can be managed accurately while significantly reducing the risk of uneven curing or drying deformation. The role of the Lanemark burners in meeting this essential requirement is fundamental and, indeed, has now become a standard part of our system design.” The range of drying and curing systems that are manufactured by CDS fulfils a variety of processing requirements but, in all cases, the role of Lanemark burners is similar. In these installations, the company’s FD-C (GA) burner systems are proving particularly beneficial for CDS with target temperatures within +/- 1°C readily fulfilled. “In each case, the gas burner fires


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directly into an air distribution system which delivers heat into the drying system via a complex duct work matrix in order to achieve consistent temperature ranging, typically, from 30°C to 150°C, dependent on the application,” says Adrian Langford, Lanemark’s General Manager. “The design also helps to ensure that the heated air is delivered evenly across the conditioned area which is a further important application requirement.” This level of precise control means that, in many cases, the drying or curing time required for relevant processes can be dramatically reduced. Moreover, Chris Johnson points out that Lanemark designs are central to CDS’s patented ‘R-O2’ technology, where stoichiometric control over the gas and air are crucial in achieving the correct conditions to dry the products in the most economical process times available in today’s market place. The capability and reliability of the Lanemark burner systems also reflect the overall commitment CDS has to production quality. The company highlights fast and uniform drying, high thermal efficiency and the reduction of waste heat alongside system flexibility and adaptability as key factors in this regard. Similar benefits that demonstrate this philosophy also arise where Lanemark’s burner technology is used with the range of environmental systems that CDS produces – many of which operate in conjunction with its drying and curing chambers. “Here, the controlled heat is designed to elevate the ambient temperature within a manufacturing environment – typically to raise production area temperatures for drying purposes overnight before lowering them for work to resume the

following morning,” continues Chris Johnson. “In these installations, a temperature control range of +/- 2°C is common, with Lanemark burners again directly heating air distribution systems to ensure that clean, heated air is delivered efficiently into the optimum locations,” adds Chris Johnson. He points out that the versatility of this approach is crucial as clearly the layout of each site is unique – whether the application calls, for example, for the drying of plaster moulds between casts, accurate day and night space heating or precise humidity controls to protect freshly cast pieces. “These are requirements and functions of our systems that are aided by the flexibility of Lanemark’s duct burner design capability,” he says. From China to Mexico and from Russia to the USA, Ceramic Drying Systems’ technology operates on a truly worldwide basis. Its reputation is built on its use of modern and technologically advanced techniques and to applying the same commitment to quality componentry whether for a single machine or a complete production line. “With our process gas burners delivering key advantages in every case, we believe both companies can point to a blend of leading technologies that consistently meets the most exacting needs in this highly specialised field,” concludes Adrian Langford. Tel : (024) 7635 2000 Email : info@lanemark.com www.lanemark.com

Maintenance is virtually eliminated due to the dual-wall, high-density plastic body.

Tough Fans from VAF Air controlling odours and dust in confined work spaces W

hen working in confined space it is imperative that the air is changed to provide a safe working environment. Miniveyor Air VAF series portable fans can move contaminated air out of a building or work area. They effectively exhaust fumes, dust and smells, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air.

are still the biggest cause of lost man work days.

Weighing up to 40% less than conventional metal skinned fans of comparable size, in terms of movement from site to site and indeed on site, this is a huge advantage. Especially when you consider that back problems

The Miniveyor Air units easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity. The casing is corrosion free and unlike its metal counterparts will not rust when they are dented, chipped or scratched.

Maintenance is virtually eliminated due to the dual-wall, high-density plastic body. The polythene casing is resistant to the normal knocks and bangs of everyday use that can stop a sheet metal fan as metal fans often dent which can obstruct the fan blade.

They simply last longer and offer greater value for money and because of that come with an industry beating 10 year warranty on the body. The VAF series range has recently been extended with the introduction of the VAF-200C Canister blower. The compact VAF-200C is ideal for confined space ventilation and fume extraction and benefits from a, simple to attach, Duct Canister that neatly clips onto the fan body and houses 7.5 metres of flexible duct. It is great for contractors that have limited storage space in service vehicles and can be carried to the job site with ease.

Visit us online at www.vaf-air.com Issue 12 PECM


Cleaning ATEX-compliant BagVac clears up waste for Hope Construction Materials


ope Construction Materials, Britain’s leading independent producer of cement, concrete and aggregates, has acquired a new ATEXcompliant DISAB BagVac™ for its Hope Valley cement plant in Derbyshire.

requirements. Following a blockage within the centralised pipework system of the site’s waste-derived fuel plant, Hope Construction’s Project Engineer Steven Salt decided the best solution to clear the obstruction was to hire a DISAB BagVac™.

The Hope Valley site is the largest in the UK and has a multitude of wet and dry spillage and waste handling

The site’s waste-derived fuel plant uses shredded carpet to partially replace coal as a sustainable fuel, but the shreddings can occasionally block bends in the pipework system. Using its massive suction power at the nearest inlet valve, the DISAB BagVac™ easily removed the line blockage, and because it could also be used for general waste and dust removal tasks and be carried by forklift to any part of the site, its flexibility meant the DISAB BagVac™ soon became a regularly used item of equipment. Steven’s happy with the results: “We chose the BagVac™ over other machines because it offered us better flexibility. Besides clearing pipework blockages, the BagVac’s got more than enough suction power to carry out all sorts of other dry waste and dust removal tasks on site for materials up to 50mms in size.

“DISAB showed us that it’s both proactive and flexible. This coupled with the advice and support given us in the first place has impressed us, and with our 170 other sites around the UK, it’s great for DISAB UK’s relationship with Hope Construction Materials’.” For more information visit www.disab.com


World class manufacturers of portable and centralised vacuum systems Call us for a free demonstration


01737 246649

infouk@disab.com 22

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SCAN to see video of fixed system in action

Connectors & Fittings

COMPETITIVE PRICES 5000+ STOCK ITEMS 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY Minimum order charge Expensive carriage charges Early cut off for same day dispatch

ORDER NOW AT WWW.NERO.CO.UK T: +44 (0) 121 557 9000 F: +44 (0) 121 557 9092 E: info@nero.co.uk

M12 Connectors from METZ CONNECT: Complete range for industrial applications

Blue Diamond Technologies

Over the last few years, METZ CONNECT has been consistently expanding its range of industrial Ethernet products. It now offers a full range of Xand D-coded products that comply with the M12 norm. M12 has now become the key standard for data transfer in control and automation equipment, particularly in the field of industrial automation. While RJ45 is still used in control boxes and distribution boards, the growing use of the Ethernet in industry has opened up a number of applications for robust, secure M12 connectors. With the male and female M12 x 1.5 thread, M12 connectors and jacks provide a secure, reliable connection, which makes this technology ideal for tough conditions and environments.

Tel: + 49 (0) 7702 533-115



Blue Diamond Technologies offers a complete design, engineering and manufacturing service for a wide range of components and assemblies including machined components, cast parts and components in plastic and rubber. Working with the best suppliers in Europe and the Far East, Blue Diamond provides all the benefits of global procurement with the reassurance of a UK base and nearly 40 years experience in sourcing, importing, stocking and distribution. Components, which can be supplied singly, in multiples or in kit form, can be produced in almost any material including stainless steel and a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Parts can be supplied unfinished or anodised, plated or plastic coated. Scope of supply includes the automotive aftermarket.

Tel: (023) 8025 8966

Email: bdsales@rolwey.com

Fixed or flexible with one flick of the wrist For cooling water applications or especially demanding and corrosive industrial applications, Eisele recommends the combination of LIQUIDLine or INOXLine push-in fittings with highly resistant ProWeld hoses. This combination has proven ideal for use in extreme conditions and at temperatures up to 100째C. But even this solution approaches its limits in the case of increased abrasion and wear from weld spatter, aggressive cleaning agents, extreme heat, soiling or mechanical stress. Such conditions exist for example in foundries, the semiconductor industry or automobile manufacturing. At temperatures above 100째C the bursting pressure of hoses declines immensely. The advantage of pipes here is that their pressure resistance is virtually constant.

Email: info@eisele.eu


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MPC Industries is the leading independent manufacturer of hose clamps. Based in the Netherlands, we have a Central and Eastern European distribution HUB in Hungary and sales offices in France and the UK. We offer a complete range of clamps as standard, with over 4,000,000 clamps in stock, ranging in materials from W1 and W2 to stainless-steel W4 and acid-resistant W5. Do you require something special? No problem, thanks to our know-how and custom-manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in providing the ideal solution for your application! Contact us today to receive your free samples.

Email: info@mpcindustries.eu


Let us “turn” your designs into reality! NBC Group Limited is a leading UK bearing and power transmission components company based in Shropshire, England. As a key supplier to most major industries, including mining, construction, agriculture & offshore oil and gas, NBC has developed expertise over the decades as a technical partner, providing integrated solutions to original equipment manufacturers worldwide. Slewing rings are a low profile, high performance and cost effective solution for the rotation of heavy loads.

Designed to handle a combination of axial, radial and moment loads in a single, self-retaining and easy to install sealed bearing unit they provide an elegant solution to a variety of problems.

triple row roller bearings and ring gears. All QCB bearings undergo rigorous quality checks at the factory and are manufactured to specifications laid down by NBC’s technical staff.

QCB brand, exclusive to NBC, includes a standard range of slewing rings interchangeable with other brands, as well as special bearings designed to suit specific applications.

Increasingly, customers request design and supply of all the mating gearing and motive power units.

The range includes single and double row ball bearings, single and double row crossed roller bearings plus very large diameter

QCB slewing rings and ring gears are sold to an OEM and end user global customer base including Europe, Canada, the USA and even further afield – a sign of the growing reputation of the brand.

QCB Slew drives combine a slewing ring with a supported worm shaft in an enclosed housing. The latest WGWEA series slew drives feature a true worm gear and worm shaft design for improved gear performance, as well as enhanced seals over the already popular WGSE series. Slew drives are used in materials handling equipment , solar tracking systems and heavy lift transporters where load rotation speeds are slow.

t Slewing rings and slew drives t Significant UK stock range and short delivery for specials t In house design service t CAD and 3D models supplied t Project confidentiality assured NBC Group Ltd Orleton lane, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2BG, Shropshire Tel: +44 (0)1952 222300 | Email: technical@nbcgroup.co.uk | www.nbcgroup.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Optimal has more than 25 years experience in the automation and optimization of manufacturing systems for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries.

INTEGRATING INSPECTION Optimal’s synTI software provides the answer to rapid and secure production line configuration ynTI has been developed by Optimal to facilitate the integration and configuration of a wide range of production devices in a standard way, including regulated environments.


Packaging and printing lines may require configuration of Vision Systems, Printers, Labellers, CheckWeighers , and other devices with validated or approved settings for each product type. synTI is a 21CFR pt 11 compliant system facilitating the rapid changeover of products, error free device setup, and generation of an audit trail of user actions on the line. synTI is designed as a modular framework to manage production devices, products, batches and users.


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Integration with central factory systems is a key function, further automating the manufacturing setup process. The addition of devices from various manufactures, or the integration with serialisation or other data from a custom source is therefore a question of an adapter being added onto the framework. Lot codes, expiry date, serialisation data, barcodes and other batch information is sent to the line equipment at start of batch. During production inspection results, images and measured data may be stored in a database and at the end of a batch reports may be generated, and delivered dynamically to a supervisory control or management system. For non-regulated environments the benefits include centralised control of

changeover, and historical records of production data. Achieving serialisation... Usually, (but not always), clients need to print batch/lot information, or serialised individual product codes on a product or carton together with a bar code or 2D code. They may then need to verify that the printed information is correct, read or write to an RFID tag and perhaps weigh the product. synTI® is designed as the framework into which all of these different devices connect, and by either remotely selecting a pre-configured product and populating the dynamic data by downloading from a central system or by the operator selecting the product from an options list. Then synTI® can automatically configure all the equipment relevant to that specific product so that the line can simply be started. After scanning or imaging the product synTI can collect and store all the information from the inspection devices in real time and log this data to its database. On batch completion the information can, if required, be printed to a report that is stored locally or delivered dynamically to a supervisory control or management system. Optimal Industrial Automation Limited Tel: +44 (0) 1454 333 222 Web: www.optimal-ltd.co.uk Email: mgadsby@optimal-ltd.co.uk

G uard ding w itho out barriers barrieers ... Guarding without PSENsgate PSENopt PS SENop pt - 2Flexible Fl-exible advanced advanced d llight ight curtain curtains ns

The Integrated System for Safety Gate Monitoring Greater Flexibility & Integration -Lar%&"!""!&$" !&%+"#$&#'%'&&"!%+%)&% ' !&#'%'&&"!%%&"!%&"# $!+%&"#!%#$% - !'%!"!'!&"!)&  '& "! %" -'&"$


Minimal Engineering & Simple Installation -'!%&&"!!)$!&!%&"&'$!+%+%& )&!&$&"!&$"  !&%!"#&"! $!+%&"# -!#$"'&$&$&! '&#%!" #"!!&% - #%% +"$$&!&!&%

Maximum Safety & Energy Efficiency -!%)&#$%&+&"$#$%"!!#!&#$"&&"!'#&"  -''$$!&"!%' #&"!&" * Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ 01536 460766 sales@pilz.co.uk www.pilz.co.uk

Scan the QR code to find out more about the PSENsgate 2

Control & Automation Cygnet 2/3-inch sCMOS camera provides full HD up to 60Hz Engineering suppliers and service providers to the food, beverage, brewery, dairy and pharmaceutical for nearly 40 years

Providing first class Preventative, emergency and planned support packages for your Electrical, PLC and SCADA control systems.

The Cygnet 2/3-inch sCMOS camera provides full HD up to 60Hz. Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology stands to gain widespread recognition across a broad range of demanding imaging applications, due to its ability to simultaneously deliver extremely low noise, fast frame rates, wide dynamic range, high quantum efficiency, high resolution and a large field of view.

t Engineer’s available on call-out t Periodic health checks on automated equipment t Obsolescence survey’s and upgrade recommendations t PLC and SCADA System software backup t Set-up of remote support systems t Priority support contracts available to meet your budget

The 2.1MP 2/3 inch Scientific CMOS sensor with 5.5µm x 5.5µm pixels enables ultra sharp image resolution and with a Quantum Efficiency of over 63% @ 500nm and greater than 34% @ 850nm, the Cygnet offers optimum photon collection and is available in both monochrome and colour versions. Utilising a 12-bit Camera-Link interface the Cygnet will provide full HD resolution up to 60Hz making it a perfect camera for shorter exposures and faster events! With a very low power requirement of less than 1.7W and weight of only 120g, this camera is ideal for handheld, mobile or airborne systems.

Please contact Nigel Russell or Chris Batty on 01777 701141 visit our new website to see the full range of electrical and automation project and services we offer at www.moodyautomation.co.uk

Cygnet is available in both monochrome and colour. This rugged, ultracompact, light high quality camera will meet many of the professional industries requirements. The camera is also available in an OEM version.

Rockwell Automation Acquires ESC Services, a Leading Lockout-Tagout Service Provider

Rockwell Automation Eases Recipe Management and Protection With Advanced FactoryTalk Batch Software

Rockwell Automation has purchased the assets of ESC Services, Inc., a global hazardous energy control provider of lockout-tagout services and solutions. “ESC Services will enable Rockwell Automation customers to increase asset utilization and strengthen enterprise risk management, while adding safety to our growing portfolio of data-driven, cloud-enabled services,” said Matt Fordenwalt, Rockwell Automation consulting business manager. ESC’s unique methodology utilizes Quick Response (QR) codes that can be scanned to obtain asset information and streamline compliance with both external regulations and internal safety policies. “The global use of lockout-tagout is expanding among multi-national corporations, and represents a great growth opportunity,” said Kelly Michalscheck, president, ESC Services. “This acquisition enables us to extend ESC Services lockout-tagout procedures and ScanESC solutions to tens of thousands of additional OEM machines, delivering more value and unique offerings to Rockwell Automation’s extensive global channels.”

For further information please contact Tel 01992 637211 Email darryl@premierelect.co.uk Web http://www.premierelect.co.uk

The latest release of FactoryTalk Batch software from Rockwell Automation eases the process of modifying and creating new recipes by managing the approval process for changes and automatically tracking the genealogy of recipes. New security-authority binding features also help manufacturers protect their intellectual property. “FactoryTalk Batch software removes risks associated with manually managing recipe changes,” said John Parraga, FactoryTalk Batch product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The upgraded software, which tightly integrates with the PlantPAx process automation system from Rockwell Automation, provides solutions ranging from small, basic sequencing to large, complex batch and sequencing applications. It simplifies the management of recipes throughout their life cycle and provides standard reports containing vital actionable information.” Administrators can use the software to assign specific people or roles to approve recipes before they advance to the production line. This structured approach provides approval traceability and allows quality control managers to easily manage recipes.

ESC Services, based in Franklin, Wis., will be integrated into Rockwell Automation’s Control Products & Solutions segment as part of its customer support and maintenance business unit. Terms were not disclosed.

With new version-control capabilities, FactoryTalk Batch v12.0 software preserves and locks recipes from changes. Later, the recipe can be checked out as a work in progress and is automatically assigned a new version.

Tel: 0870 242 5004 Email: ukmarketing@ra.rockwell.com

Tel: 0870 242 5004 Email: ukmarketing@ra.rockwell.com


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Ball sector valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems

Wide range of uses thanks to outstanding control characteristics


he type 4040 ball sector valve is used everywhere where conventional valves break down under severe operating conditions. They are ideal for providing precise control and the safe shut-off of difficult media, such as: • abrasive suspensions of ores, coal or ash, • pasty media, • effluents contaminated with solids or containing fibrous matter, • suspensions in the pulp and paper industry, • alkalis and acids, • oils, and • oxygen, air or gaseous ammonia. The key element at the heart of the new ball sector valve in the 4040 range is the ball sector. One part of the ball sector acts as the shut-off, while the other contains a hole whose diameter is normally about 80% of the nominal size of the valve. As the valve is closing, the cross sectional shape of the opening changes from completely round to elliptical. This change in shape reduces the risk of the ball sector valve becoming blocked. At the same time, the ball sector seals off the medium even under harshest operating conditions by means of a seat ring against the valve body. The seat ring can be exchanged easily.

Outstanding control characteristics The characteristic curve of the ball sector valve has an almost equal percentage profile. This curve represents the optimum for most operating conditions, in particular during operation if the differential pressure across the valve decreases over-proportionally as the degree of opening increases. Furthermore, this characteristic shape is more tolerant where the valve is oversized, since the valve, with its flat characteristic curve at the lower end of the opening range, provides an ample control range when only a portion of the Kvs value is being utilised. Additionally, the rangeability is an impressive 300:1, substantially underpinning the properties described above regarding control behaviour. The shafts for the ball sector in the Type 4040 valves are positioned centrally. As a result, any deposits on the surface of the ball are wiped off by the seat ring. Also, when the valve is being closed, no solid parts can become trapped between the seat ring and the ball sector. Schubert & Salzer Control System’s ball sector valves are available in nominal sizes from DN 25 to DN 300.

www.schubert-salzer.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Control & Automation 5.7“ & 7“ Intelligent TFT display with sound MMS Electronic has available a 5.7” and 7” Intelligent TFT graphic display EA eDIPTFT57-ATP 640x480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-ATP 800x480 pixel LED backlit touch-screen display, built-in intelligence and innovative user-friendly features. These intelligent display reduce development time and cost. It provides the ideal platform for development of interactive controls. For example, a virtual keyboard, analogue rotary instrument or bar graphs can be generated on the screen with just a few simple commands. The display also provides acoustic feedback into an 8 ohm speaker. Sounds ranging from simple clicks, notes or jingles acting as warning or status messages. TrueType fonts are easy imported with the free development software. The onboard 4MB memory stores images, animations and macros. Text can be mixed with graphics, pictures and gif animations. The unit features two analogue inputs in addition to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Onboard interface is serial, I2C and SPI or USB, RS232, RS485 with level converter.

Smart standard drives provide servo dynamics and precision

Effective, economic corrosion protection: nsd tupH for aluminum drives

Teamed with advanced inverter electronics for smart control functionality, standard asynchronous motors providing IE2 or IE3 efficiency and permanent-magnet IE4 synchronous motors can deliver servo-level dynamics and agility. Based on state-of-the-art frequency inverters for motor-mounting, wall-mounting, or cabinet installation, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS implement highly precise positioning tasks, safety applications, and sophisticated functions such as synchronization, coordinated multi-axis operation, winding control, and flying shear.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufacture permanently corrosion-resistant drives by means of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system. Aluminum drives are thereby given a smooth, ultra-hard surface that, in contrast to paint, is unaffected by blows or scratches. The drives are tested and proven in applications with a maritime atmosphere. Previous to that, they have proven their resilience against blistering per ASTM D714, corrosion per ASTM D610-08, and scribe per ASTM D1654-08 according to DIN EN ISO 2409. Additionally, ASTM D3170 Gravelometer test showed absolutely no loss of adhesion or chipping. The ASTM B11709 salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 produced no corrosion even after 2,000 hours.

These systems are significantly more economic than conventional servo technology solutions since the purchase costs are much lower and since there is a much larger variety of available system components, including a very versatile gear program that allows for a wide range of custom-specific configurations. The frequency inverters feature a real-time microprocessor (cycle time 10 ms) and support free programming of drive-related functions according to IEC 61131 to relieve the workload of external PLCs. 200% overload reserve capacity ensures high operating safety, for instance in crane and hoist systems. Employing field-oriented control technology, these controllers achieve excellent consistency under flexible loads and from near standstill up to the motor’s rated speed, even without an encoder. Furthermore, the drives provide high starting torques and speed feedback can also be implemented. The top-of-the-range frequency inverter SK 540E from the control cabinet line integrates a universal encoder interface for SSI, BISS, EnDat profile 2.1, and Hiperface. NORD’s line-up of distributed inverter technology covers the performance range up to 22 kW, while cabinet devices range up to 160 kW. The German drive expert provides full-scale mechatronic drives, manufacturing geared motors and electronics units and programming logic functions in-house.

Email: info@nord.com


In demanding atmospheres, nsd tupH drives can be used much beyond the usual service life of paint-coated systems. Their resilience and prolonged service life significantly reduces the service and maintenance requirements placed on customers. In addition, the treatment ensures high process safety: since no coating is applied but the surface itself is hardened, there can be no pollution of products or process media as for instance with chipping paint. Even heavy impacts or scratches do not diminish the corrosion resistance. In contrast, scratches in paint or coatings can result in the damage spreading to adjoining areas, effectively rendering the protection useless. nsd tupH is approved for food applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300. Thus treated systems resist cleaning agents in the pH2 to pH12 range. nsd tupH is available for all aluminum-enclosed drives – four gearbox families, smooth-surface motors, and distributed drive electronics units.

Email: info@nord.com

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A Compact Module for Time-Critical Applications The new fieldbus modules from the MVK Metal series feature IRT (Isochronous Real-Time) functions and are suitable for conformance Class C. rofinet is a popular fieldbus system that is now open for even more applications thanks to the integration of IRT for time-critical applications. With the new MVK Metal fieldbus modules, Murrelektronik offers new components that do not only meet the conformance class C requirements, but can even be used in demanding industrial environments because they are very rugged.


Profinet is a fieldbus standard, established in automation worldwide. The number of installations based on this fieldbus protocol is rapidly growing. According to information by the Profinet organization PNO, 1.5 million new Profinet devices were installed only in 2012. This means that a remarkable number of 5.8 million devices were operating in the beginning of 2013. In future, this will surely continue to increase because Profinet is designed for the complete range of industrial automation: It is an efficient fieldbus protocol for the production industry, process automation as well as for motion control applications. Profinet is a comprehensive fieldbus system with a large number of functions and options. However, not all applications require all functions and maximum speed. Therefore, the PNO defined three conformance classes: A, B, and C, that include the minimum requirements according to plant operators. Conformance Class A (CC-A) is designed to use the infrastructure of an existing network and includes basic Profinet functions such as real-time communication (with cycle times from 2 ms) as well as alarm and diagnostic functions. In this class, it is possible to use unmanaged switches and wireless communication without any problems. Murrelektronik’s fieldbus modules meet all the requirements to use in this class. Murrelektronik’s unmanaged TREE switches are also suitable. Next, the concept for Conformance Class B (CC-B) includes network diagnostics and collecting information with the topology. All configured devices are assigned names. That way, defective devices can easily be changed with a new device that may even have factory settings. The configuration data stored in the control will automatically be


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Profinet is a comprehensive fieldbus system with a large number of functions and options. used. Cycle times starting from 2 ms are typical for installations based on Conformance Class B. Murrelektronik’s MVK Metal MPNIO fieldbus modules meet the requirements of this class. The unmanaged TREE switches are also transparent for the information of the LLDP protocol. If switches are to be included in the topology of the control - regarding diagnostics and topology recognition - it is necessary to use Profinet-managed switches. A Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) can be included to increase data security. This protocol is integrated in the MVK Metal MPNIO from software version 3.5. Highly precise and synchronous data transfer is also possible in applications according to Conformance Class C (CCC). When implementing Isochronous Real Time (IRT) in Ethernet controllers, it is possible to reach update times of 250 µs and a jitter accuracy (time offset) of less than 1 µs. This requires a special IRT chipset in the Ethernet Switch in the Profinet device. With Dynamic Frame Packing (DFP) technology, the cycle times can be reduced from 250 µs to 31.25 µs - which is exactly an eighth of the time. An IRT network with this highly precise cycle accuracy requires that all devices are equipped with an IRT Ethernet chipset. If a standard Ethernet chipset is used, synchronicity would get lost. Another advantage of IRT Ethernet chipsets is that they keep the packet switching time short. It does not wait for the whole frame to be received, as opposed to the technology known from CC-A and CC-B. The complete data packet is instead directly routed to the output port already after the first bytes (including the MAC address) have been verified. This considerably reduces the latency, especially of big packets (1,500

bytes). This is the reason why it’s preferable to use cut-through Ethernet switches that enable this fast data flow in big industrial plants where often 20 up to 80 Profinet devices are installed in one segment. With the new fieldbus module MVK Metal Push-Pull Profinet IRT, Murrelektronik presents a digital I/O fieldbus device with IRT function that is suitable for Conformance Class C applications. These devices support fast forwarding and realtime data transfer according to Profinet specification 2.3. Profinet push-pull connectors with RJ45 copper, according to the AIDA standard, or SC-RJ-POF connectors are suitable to connect the modules. This makes the MVK Metal Push-Pull Profinet IRT an excellent solution for all applications with realtime sensors and perfect for integrating motion drives. This fieldbus module is designed for consistent Profinet solutions in machines and systems, especially in the “fast” areas. The mechanical features of the fieldbus module make it suitable to withstand harsh industrial environments. It has a one-piece zinc die-cast housing with surface finishing and is vibrationresistant (vibration 15 g and shock 60 g). The push-pull connection technology enables fast installation of power and data cables without requiring tools. The module’s inputs and outputs are galvanically separated. The integrated Fast Start Up function (FSU) allows the shortest tool changing times - a top feature for robot applications. The outputs can supply 2 A, this makes it possible to connect even powerful loads, for example solenoid valves. www.murrelektronik.co.uk

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The first professional goalkeeper with „headed goal” qualities The world’s first gripper with multi-tooth guidance PGN-plus, the universal gripper from SCHUNK

Rainer Scholl, Gripping System Components, Master Area Grinding Operations

Superior Clamping and Gripping

Jens Lehmann, a German goalkeeper legend

Embedded databases help make grids smarter E

lectrical supply grids are having to become smarter so that they can self-optimize and improve their overall efficiency. Steinar Sande, CEO of database technology specialist company, Raima, Inc. of Seattle, explores how embedding controllers around a grid can help measure power flows, demand requirements etc. and leads to realtime management for best performance. Wind, solar, tidal and hydropower generation facilities are becoming increasingly mainstream as generating companies are developing alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and nuclear power. Integrating these assets into the supply grid has presented several new challenges, often based on the fact that generating capacity is based on variable wind speed, sun level and water flow. As a result, engineers are also looking for new ways to manage power flows, peak demands, etc. Within a grid it is usual that the various power generation sites are somewhat distant from

one another and also some distance from the controlling operations centre. Therefore, control of the generating site must be achievable, remotely. Raima has worked with a number of partner companies including LocalGrid Technologies, from Mississauga, ON and global company National Instruments to develop a complete microgrid control solution. Options for a large-scale rebuilding of the power delivery infrastructure are limited; instead, innovative new technologies that convert existing grids into smart flexible solutions that can be implemented over time seem to be the way forward. The partner companies are addressing this requirement by creating a complete microgrid control solution, based on NI CompactRIO hardware. The software runs on embedded controllers deployed in key points in the grid, distributing intelligence and decentralized decisionmaking out to the remote devices and distributed energy resources. The objective is to create

a platform for securely managing power flow, peak load, distributed generation, and other energy assets using real-time data collection, analytics, and control on a distributed intelligence network, pushing the decision-making out into the network, increasing the system’s fault-tolerance.

embedded controllers, it is natural to use NI LabVIEW software for most of the embedded development to be deployed on VxWorks and Linux®-based operating systems. Further, many grid operators run Windows, so there is a need for a crossplatform, highly flexible database solution that also supports encryption.

Each device deployed to the network exhibits certain key features including high-speed data capture, high-speed logging, event detection, protocol translation (including Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850, and other custom protocols), custom control processing, custom control algorithm deployment processing, built-in security, and remote device management. In addition, the open architecture allows expansion of the system and ensures interoperability.

For this, an embedded database with a native LabVIEW API–Raima Database API for LabVIEW, implemented with RDM Embedded 12, is used. This provides a database management solution, specifically designed for applications deployed on NI CompactRIO and NI SingleBoard RIO devices.

Fundamental to the design is embedded database technology. The core of the solution is a secure distributed data management system, in which each remote device stores its own local data in an internal encrypted database. The data from each device can be configured to flow up to a higher storage capacity device installed in a substation, operations centre, or other major node within the grid. As the technology is based on NI CompactRIO

Stand-alone operation is therefore possible because the database resides in the LabVIEW data directory. It offers extended functionality to share data between multiple targets – whether sharing information between NI CompactRIO devices or outside computers. The Raima Database API for LabVIEW provides programmers with a way to quickly and easily design data management functionality into their software applications, using an intuitive and easy-to-use programming interface that is familiar to them. For more information on RDM or to download the SDK for evaluation visit: raima.com/products

Wind, solar, tidal and hydropower generation facilities are becoming increasingly mainstream as generating companies are developing alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and nuclear power. Integrating these assets into the supply grid has presented several new challenges, often based on the fact that generating capacity is based on variable wind speed, sun level and water flow.


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Electrical & Electronics All functions on board – our innovative light curtains

Laser distance sensor at a top price

A multitude of complex systems need to be integrated in a production line in order to guarantee the safety of staff. Light curtains play an important role when it comes to protecting humans against moving parts of machines. However, a light curtain alone will not be sufficient. In addition, emergency stop switches and safety door contacts need to be integrated and wired. A safe connection of controllers, motors, and pneumatic equipment make additional safety components necessary. A smart and innovative solution to this problem can be found in Panasonic’s light curtain SF4C.

Panasonic offers the new laser distance sensor HG-C with a repeatability of 10µm and a response time of 1.5ms at an unbeatable price. The distance sensor HG-C opens up many new possibilities for industrial automation. For example, the sensor is optimally suited for positioning robot arms, measuring the position of hoops, checking for the presence of very small objects or checking for the overlapping of even the thinnest types of material.

Emergency stop switches or safety door switches can be connected directly and without need for a safety PLC to the light curtain. The additional contacts needed for monitoring the power relays can also be connected directly to the light curtain.

Measuring can take place both stationary and dynamically. As there is both a digital and an analog output signal (0 - 5V) available for integration into the process, it is possible to perform dynamic measurements or control loops or determine profiles and contours of many different components. You only need the function keys to configure the sensor and immediately the measured distance will be displayed in millimeters on the built-in four-digit display.

Email: Info.pewuk@eu.panasonic.com www.panasonic-electric-works.co.uk

Email: Info.pewuk@eu.panasonic.com www.panasonic-electric-works.co.uk

VC F series with a quad-core processor

Ready to tackle increasingly demanding PCB assembly projects

Smart cameras from Vision Components’ new VC F series are designed for use in intelligent transportation systems, e.g. for automatic license plate recognition (freeflow ALPR applications) in combination with the company’s software tool CARRIDA. They are also suitable for many other tasks, such as quality inspection and production control. VC F units are based on a quad-core processor from Freescale that provides a 4 x l GHz computing power. Equipped with a freely programmable GPU, the systems use the VC Linux operating system. The cameras feature either one or two remote 111.8” CMOS sensors connected by a 30 mm or 80 mm cable — the two-sensor version is also suited for stereo camera applications. Depending on the model, the sensors provide a 1,280 x 1,024 (WVGA) or 1,600 x 1,200 pixel resolution. A 1 GBit Ethernet interface enables integration into automation environments. Furthermore, the VC F series includes two USB interfaces and an HDMI output — a novelty for VC smart cameras. The new series will be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Tel: +44 1933 62 51 62


Inelco Hunter Ltd Specialist supplier of electronic components and solutions Inelco Hunter Ltd is a specialist UK distributor of electronic components, connectors, LCD displays, thermal printers, & fans. Our long term partnership with leading world class manufacturers enables us to supply you with quality products at competitive prices. This, together with a dedicated sales and inhouse engineering team, we can provide you with the highest level of service and technical excellence. Why choose Inelco Hunter Ltd ? • Technical & application support • Logistics & stock holding • Design in expertise • Competitive pricing

+44 (0) 844 875 1585 www.inelcohunter.co.uk

We are extremely proud to be launching the new and improved 5000 Series Melt Pressure/Temperature Transducers/Transmitters, incorporating the new Terwin Traffic Light System - taking the uncertainty out of the identification of sensor fill materials. This System is extremely simple but unique to the Terwin 5000 series. The sensor housing is now colour coded to identify the fill material within the unit. A red housing indicates Mercury fill, amber housing indicates NaK fill and green housing indicates Oil fill. As simple to understand as the instructions given at traffic lights – STOP / PROCEED WITH CAUTION / GO. No more valuable time spent scouring machines, part numbers, data sheets and websites for fill information, which can now be identified with ease, even from a distance. When you purchase a Terwin sensor, you will always know what you are using!


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Neil Owen, Speedboard’s Managing Director, comments: “High complexity, and by extension high value, boards demand the use of alternative production techniques in order to maintain consistently high quality. Following our investment in Vapour Phase, we are able to tackle increasingly challenging projects for customers operating in sectors such as Industrial, Defence, Medical, Communications and Security, where stringent standards are demanding consistency and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.”

Tel: 01753 746700 Email: sales@speedboard.co.uk www.speedboard.co.uk

Switchtec’s PCB mount solid state relays are robust for demanding applications Melding compact size with high performance characteristics, Kudom’s KSD series solid state relays (SSRs) is available from specialist distributor Switchtec. The relays provide fast, reliable switching in a wide variety of applications across a broad range of industries. The KSD series is available in three ratings, 3A, 5A and the KSDF version with its integrated heat sink that can switch loads up to 25A. All versions can handle load voltages of 48-280VAC or 48-530VAC as applicable. Multiple input/control voltage versions are available, namely 3-15VDC, 15-32VDC, and the popular 3-32VDC, with the KSDF version also being able to accept AC voltage input ranges of 18-36VAC and 90-140VAC.

Email: sales@switchtec.co.uk

Are You Certain Of The Fill Material In Your Melt Pressure/Temperature Sensors?

Email: info@terwin.com

Speedboard Assembly Services has enhanced its Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly capabilities, following its investment in an IBL BLC 509 Vapour Phase oven; where Vapour Phase affords much better control and stability over the entire soldering process, compared to traditional reflow soldering, regardless of board characteristics.



SRK series extended by new double level terminals CONTA-CLIP has extended its SRK series of screw connection terminal blocks, adding approximately 40 new double level models for nominal wire cross sections between 2.5 mm² and 10 mm². The new SKRD double level terminal blocks are available as standard models with two potentials and 2 x 2 connections, with four connections on one potential, or as a protective earth terminal with a snap-on PE foot contact. The new products are compatible to the existing SRK accessory range. CONTA-CLIP will announce further SKRD types later in 2014, such as models with integrated electronics for switching status signaling and models with surge arresters.

Email: quade@conta-clip.de


A fully digital, energy-smart enterprise. It’s a reality.

Visit us at the ;DA`]ORaV]eOb]c` 1]dS\b`gaWbS! "2SQS[PS` 2014

Turn your efficiency vision into real-life energy savings with PlantStruxure PES, the innovative Distributed Control System. There was a time when every company leader had one question at the top of their agenda: how to produce and sell more? But times have changed, and so has the question. Today, you need to know how to deliver more while consuming less: less energy, less raw materials, less CapEx and less OpEx.

3 core values of PlantStruxure PES:

Meet PlantStruxure PES, the next generation process automation system from Schneider Electric™ that delivers new insight to enterprise efficiency. By automating energy management into every process area, it executes your boardroom strategy for sustainable production at every enterprise level, right down to the plant floor, cutting energy costs by up to 30%. What will you do with all the money you save?

Digitize your plant to deliver key system data right to your engineers’ fingertips Accelerate time-to-market with standardization that reduces engineering time by up to 25% Bring intelligence to your operations with system-wide cross references

Bring your sustainability vision to life! Watch the video message from our CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Visit www.SEreply.com Key Code #&!p Š2014 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric and PlantStruxure are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. www.schneider-electric.com t 998-1211487_GMA-GB

Electrical & Electronics ®

Current Limiting Protector



‡6&$'$$GDSWDEOH ‡&RVW(IIHFWLYH G&W System Protection Division gwelec.com ISO 9001:2008 certified ISO 14001:2004 certified


GUARDING WAS NEVER THIS GOOD. SAFETY LASER SCANNER RSL 400 With two autonomous protective functions, an operating range of 8.25 m and a scanning angle of 270°, the RSL 400 sets new standards in safety sensor technology.

easy handling. www.leuze.de


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Rolf Brunner, Head of Product Center – Laser Scanners

Mitsubishi Electric establishes Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC

The Business Centre where Mitsubishi Electric Russia will be located

Strengthening the Air Conditioning, Factory Automation and Other Businesses in Russia and the Surrounding Countries. Russia is an important market for Mitsubishi Electric, so setting up our local entity, Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, was the next logical step. We are targeting a turnover of 10 billion JPY in Fiscal Year 2016.


itsubishi Electric Corporation has established Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, which started operations in October 2014. The new company will now act as the comprehensive sales company of Mitsubishi Electric for Russia and the surrounding countries with a focus on further strengthening the Air Conditioning, Factory Automation and other businesses in the region. The Air Conditioning business, which is one of the most important businesses for Mitsubishi Electric in Russia and its neighbours, targets further growth by utilizing the new company, Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC as a basis for strong marketing and sales activities in the region as well as for strengthening its service organization. This will benefit new customers as well as existing ones alike, significantly improving our ability to extend support to all our distributors and partners. With strong demand for Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation systems and solutions in the natural resources related industries and also in the food industry, to name just two of the wide possibilities in the

industrial market, the Factory Automation business also regards Russia and the surrounding countries, as key to its business expansion. Through Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, the business will be even better placed to provide a localised sales team, technical support and after service, which will lead to a significantly improved customer service for clients. This includes improved support to current distributors and partners, who will continue to play an important part in the expansion of the Factory Automation business. Noritsugu Uemura, President of Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, said: “Russia is an important market for Mitsubishi Electric, so setting up our local entity, Mitsubishi Electric (Russia) LLC, was the next logical step. We are targeting a turnover of 10 billion JPY (73 million Euro*) in Fiscal Year 2016.” Mr Uemura, continued: “Our Moscow headquarters and teams in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg will focus on further growing our Air Conditioning, Factory Automation and also other businesses, for example in the infrastructure sector, in Russia and the surrounding countries.”


Machines containing Variable Speed Drives associated with RCCBs Complying with essential installation safety requirements!

Connecting 3 phase inverters down-stream of standard RCDs

will affect the prescribed operation of the RCD and therefore does not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations.


mall stand-alone machines/equipment containing 3 phase VSDs must not be connected to circuits protected by standard RCDs. Connecting 3 phase inverters down-stream of standard RCDs will affect the prescribed operation of the RCD and therefore does not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations. EWR 4(1) 65.The safety of a system depends upon the proper selection of all the electrical equipment in the system and the proper consideration of the inter-relationship between the individual items of equipment. RCD Protection with VSDs / Electricity at Work Regulations Where the precautions taken include an RCCB to reduce the risk of death or injury (Regulation 8): Three phase VSDs must only be used with Type “B” RCCBs. The Duty Holder (Regulation 29) makes reference to the Machine / VSD manufactures recommendations relating to the type and characteristics of the RCCB required. If not clearly stated in the operating instruction they would need to obtain the manufactures recommendations in writing, for safe installation and maintenance (PUWER Regs). Understanding the risks AC operational leakage currents: VSDs and their associated EMC filters and motor cables, generate leakage currents at nominal supply frequency (50Hz) and at various harmonic frequencies. Leakage currents in the higher frequency ranges can be significant and from a safety perspective cannot be ignored, as can be seen from the following example. Figure 2 shows the frequency range of various leakage currents present in a system containing a 32 amp VSD; at 50Hz the leakage current is less than 3mA , however the actual maximum leakage current occurs at 7815 Hz and is approaching 2000mA. RCD Types AC and A; only detect leakage currents at nominal supply frequency i.e.UK = 50Hz. DC Residual Currents: Due to the topology of 3 phase inverters, under certain fault conditions they will generate smooth DC residual currents in the AC supply. DC currents flowing through standard RCDs will result in magnetic saturation of the AC sensing coil. The device will not function as intended, with regard to the safe detection of earth leakage currents. The Electricity at Work Regulations makes reference to the IET Regulations as a guidance document (unless the site is specifically covered by another code of practice such as Mines & Quarries), existing Regulation 331.1 is quite clear in its requirement “An assessment shall be made of any characteristic of equipment likely to have harmful effects upon other electrical equipment”. A simple risk assessment carried out under Regulation 331.1 in accordance with existing Health & Safety legislation, on a system containing VSDs and requiring RCCB protection, will quickly identify that Type B RCCBs must be used with a characteristic that is compatible with the operational and safety requirements of the installation, for People and or Fire protection. Chaz Andrews – Technical Manager, Doepke UK Ltd If you would like more detailed information relating to this subject, Doepke UK have a free 60 page Technical Application Guide Available on request, or log on to WWW.doepke.co.uk to download the guide or obtain further information on RCCBs. For technical support please email chazandrews@doepke.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Dr Alex Mardapittas with units

Production in Progress ritish industry has benefited from the guaranteed savings offered by Powerstar – the only voltage optimisation system with a granted patent – since its launch 13 years ago. As energy prices rise, Powerstar has continued to innovate with new products to optimise the energy supply to a site, delivering payback of two to three years, often less.


Innovative technology optimises energy savings Manufacturers can save an average of 12%–15% on a site’s electricity bill – often more – thanks to advanced technology from Powerstar, the market-leading voltage optimisation system. Managing Director Alex Mardapittas outlines new innovations. HV MAX outside

Powerstar Max

As with many of the most effective innovations, voltage optimisation is based on a very simple concept: the voltage supplied to all buildings by the National Grid is unnecessarily high – on average, 242V – considering that the optimum rating for electrical devices and machinery throughout the UK and Europe is just 220V. Voltage optimisation systems employ a device in series with the mains electricity supply to reduce the voltage coming into a site to its optimum level. This gives three substantial benefits: it cuts electricity bills, reduces carbon emissions and extends the life of electrical equipment by evening out harmful spikes and dips in power delivery. The manufacturing sector benefits particularly as, by reducing the voltage levels, operating temperatures of motors on site will be lowered, leading to reduced maintenance costs. Studies carried out by the NHS Sustainable Development


PECM Issue 12

Voltage (HV) transformer. The system takes 11,000V/22,000V/33,000V input and provides a fully electronically regulated 380 (or user-defined) voltage. The user can also alter the defined voltage locally through HMI on site or remotely via the internet, as all the units are IP addressable, through BMS (ModBus) or through GPRS (remote access).

Powerstar has no moving parts so maintenance is minimal and all systems come with a 15-year warranty.

Depending on the age and type of the HV transformer that it replaces, Powerstar HV MAX will provide between 3%-10% savings simply because its own innovative super low loss amorphous core transformer is so much more efficient. Coupled with the integrated voltage optimisation technology which offers a further 12%-15% savings, sites can expect to achieve average savings of 17%.

HV MAX inside

list is extensive.

Unit and St George’s University in October 2013 show that voltage optimisation is one of the three most worthwhile green technologies to adopt – along with LED lighting and variable speed drives – in terms of highest savings and fastest payback. Unique design Powerstar systems achieve energy savings through a uniquely designed and patented triple wound transformer. By accurately controlling the incoming voltage they ensure that energy savings are maximised without compromising supply. At a time when Japanese and Chinese electronic and engineered solutions continue to be prevalent in the market, Powerstar is proud to be able to say that its research, development, sourcing and manufacturing

is all carried out in the UK. Installed worldwide throughout the public and private sector in many flagship projects, Powerstar has also been holding the torch for British industry by helping to radically cut energy costs in this sector since its launch in 2001. Manufacturing clients include Purification Products Ltd, a world leading manufacturer of high performance filtration and purification materials which has seen a 23% reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions since installing a Powerstar system. Air conditioning equipment manufacturer and market leader in residential renewable heating systems TEV Limited are saving 17.8%. Pegler Yorkshire, leading manufacturer of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products is saving 16.6% a year. The

There are two main types of voltage optimisation system: fixed and electronic-dynamic – also referred to as variable. A building that has a stable but excessive incoming voltage supply requires a fixed voltage optimisation system. Sites with critical equipment, high night loads and greater security requirements will benefit from an electronic-dynamic system such as Powerstar MAX which ensures that voltage is supplied at a constant level regardless of how unstable the incoming voltage. Powerstar MAX uses an intelligent interface to track product and site performance in real time and maintain a steady supply. MAX savings The latest innovation in the Powerstar range, developed after years of market research, is Powerstar HV MAX which combines the electro-dynamic voltage optimisation technology of Powerstar MAX with a superefficient transformer. Powerstar HV MAX allows sites with their own transformers to take voltage optimisation one step further by optimising the voltage supply on the high voltage side before it even enters a building and was the world’s first fully electronically variable High

Powerstar HV MAX can replace a building’s existing transformer or be installed in new building developments in four to six hours without touching the on-site supply and adapted for inside or outside installations. Powerstar has no moving parts so maintenance is minimal and all systems come with a 15year warranty. A guaranteed level of savings is agreed following a free on-site survey which establishes the best system for that particular site. Innovation and British manufacturing quality are at the heart of Powerstar which will continue to provide improved solutions to UK industry to cut energy costs and carbon emissions. Let us show you how your business can benefit. The Powerstar range has been manufactured by EMSc (UK) Ltd entirely in the UK for over 13 years. The company conducts all its research, development and sourcing in the UK and has been accredited with the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade. The Yorkshirebased company has successfully expanded into international markets with subsidiaries in Australia and Cyprus. It has distributors in several countries including Germany, Austria, Spain, UAE and South Africa. www.powerstar.com Issue 12 PECM


Thermal Management Solutions by STEGO Anti-Condensation Heaters Filter Fans - IP55 Lamps, LED Lighting Thermostats + Hygrostats Accessories for Enclosures


STEGO UK Ltd Unit 12, First Quarter Business Park, Blenheim Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9QN Tel. +44 (0)1372 747250, Fax +44 (0)1372 729854 www.stego.co.uk info@stego.co.uk

Sheen Instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inspection and testing instruments used in the paint, coating, automotive and other industries. We offer a comprehensive product range in the field of appearance inspection, physical testing and viscosity measurement. Our appearance inspection instruments ensure our customers meet their quality standards in colour, gloss, finish effect, and other visual parameters of paints, coatings and surface-finished materials. For physical testing, our equipment tests various physical properties of paint and coatings, such as durability against abrasion, or adhesiveness of the material. Our viscosity instruments precisely measure viscosity of different materials, which is a key parameter in our customer’s quality control and product characterisation process.

Contact Sheen Instruments on +44 (0)1803 407728 info@sheeninstruments.com www.sheeninstruments.com

Facilities Management 2015 Gathers Pace


fter last year’s hugely successful launch, Facilities Management 2015 returns to the NEC, Birmingham for its second edition on 24-26 Marc h 2015. The event which last year attracted over 4,365 attendees is set to be bigger and better than ever, with more exhibitors, show features and expert speakers. Facilities Management 2015 will again run alongside Maintec – the leading UK event for the maintenance, plant and asset management industry and The Health & Safety Event, which is run by a leader in the health and safety sector, Western Business Exhibitions. Visitors will be able to access all three shows with one badge, offering hours of content in free-to-attend educational seminars, inspirational industry experts, masses of show floor entertainment and a wealth of exhibitors looking to launch new technologies and concepts to the UK market. Exhibition Hall Exhibitors at Facilities Management 2015 include all the major names such as Ice Road Gritters, Scot Young Research, WD40 and Cooleraid. These will be joined by an exciting array of new exhibitors including NBC


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Bird and Pest Solutions, Kemper UK, Williamson-Dickie Europe Ltd and Asckey Data Services.

safety helmets, bump caps, ear defenders, respirators and its safety footwear range.

Coin-A-Drink will be showcasing its pioneering micro-market retail concept to the UK. The micro-market is a bespoke store that is located within a business premises, enabling companies on out-of-town estates to make adequate provisions for staff at lunchtime, with far greater choices than a simple vending machine. Everything is displayed on accessible shelving units so staff can browse, with payment being made via a touchscreen self-service terminal.

Show Floor Entertainment Visitors will have plenty of learning opportunities at Facilities Management 2015 too, including a return of The Business Exchange. This will feature a selection of free content-rich practical talks full of the latest research, new innovations and case studies exploring the hottest topics, challenges and trends. Running in conjunction with The Business Exchange will be FM Matters where experts from some of the biggest names in industry will share their knowledge and experience.

First time exhibitor, Asckey Data Services, will be using Facilities Management to showcase its fmfirst® product suite to the wider market. This fully integrated CAFM suite has separate targeted modules including: Task Management; Asset Management; Venue Booking; Health and Safety Risk Assessment plus Cleaning Audit Management. Williamson-Dickie will also be using the event to exhibit some of its core health and safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) ranges. The products on display will include showa gloves, gel knee pads, goggles,

There will be additional showfloor entertainment in the form of show favourite, Lions’ Lair, which will see the event’s newest technologies, innovations and concepts pitched to an expert panel in a bid to find the best in show. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Chris Collins on +44 (0)20 8843 8825, chris.collins@easyFairs.com or visit our website for more information: www.fm-birmingham.com.

facilities MANAGEMENT

Discovering innovation at the heart of the facilities industries

After a hugely successful launch event, Facilities Management 2015 will return in March for a bigger and better second edition – this is your best opportunity to source new suppliers, network and gain industry knowledge. Register online today for free admission and avoid the queues – www.fm-birmingham.com

Co-located with

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Facilities Management SEAMLESS


Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!


www.hazardousareainspections.com info@cpengineering.co.uk +44 (0) 1792 897002 ISO 9001


Quality Management






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As engineers it is important that we specify the correct variant of stainless steel for the application we are working on

The Stainless Steel Option T

he two most commonly used variants of this versatile product are described in some depth below, the main reasons for using this premium product are also outlined along with a link that you can use to “Discover� which option suits your application and requirements. As engineers it is important that we specify the correct variant of stainless steel for the application we are working on, with this in mind I would suggest that you use all the resources that made available from both manufacturers and those websites that offer impartial advice to assist in the choice to be made. It can be seen that both variants are used in the manufacture of all types of cable containment and routing, alongside this all types of mounting and fixings are also available.

Type 304 (V2A) The basic alloy. Type 304 (V2A) (18-8) is an austenitic steel possessing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is nonmagnetic steel. The stainless alloy resists most oxidizing acids and can withstand all ordinary rusting. HOWEVER, IT WILL TARNISH. It is immune to foodstuffs, sterilizing solutions, most of the organic chemicals and dyestuffs, and a wide variety of inorganic chemicals. Type 304, or one of its modifications, is the material specified more than 50% of the time whenever a stainless steel is used. Because of its ability to withstand the corrosive action of various acids found in fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables. In those food processing applications such as in mills, bakeries, and slaughter and packing houses, all metal

equipment exposed to animal and vegetable oils, fats, and acids is manufactured from Type 304. In the marine environment, because of it slightly higher strength and wear resistance than type 316 it is also used for nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners. It is also used for springs, cogs, and other components where both wear and corrosion resistance is needed. Type 316 (V4A) For severe environments. Of course, there are many industrial processes that require a higher level of resistance to corrosion than Type 304 can offer. For these applications, Type 316 is the answer. What distinguishes Type 316 from Type 304 is the addition of molybdenum up to a maximum of 3%. Molybdenum increases the corrosion resistance of this chromium-nickel alloy to

withstand attack by many industrial chemicals and solvents, and, in particular, inhibits pitting caused by chlorides. As such, molybdenum is one of the single most useful alloying additives in the fight against corrosion. By virtue of the molybdenum addition, Type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines, hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric acid; and the sulphite liquors and sulphurous acids used in the paper pulp industry. This alloy, therefore, is specified for industrial equipment that handles the corrosive process chemicals used to produce inks, rayon’s, photographic chemicals, paper, textiles, bleaches, and rubber. Type 316 is the main stainless used in the marine environment, with the exception of fasteners and other items where strength and wear resistance are needed, then Type 304 (18-8) is typically used. After checking that you are specifying the correct grade of stainless contact the manufacturer who can provide you with the relevant advice and technical documentation as illustrated with this link: www.obo-bettermaan.co.uk David Evans (BSc Hons) National Sales Manager OBO Bettermann UK


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Chiller Hire a Practical Solution for Machine Trials

“Hire is the most practical and most economical solution for our needs� quoted a spokesperson for the company.


ndrews Chiller Hire offered the perfect solution for a specialist machine builder when they needed to test-run bespoke built machinery that required a supply of chilled water, whether to cool the actual manufactured components or keep the machining heads at a constant temperature. Reasons behind selection of Andrews Chiller are that it has the largest hire fleet of any chiller hire company with air-cooled fluid air chillers with capacities from 6kW to more


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than 750kW and operates out of an extensive nationwide network of depots which means customers receive prompt delivery. On a continuous, automatic rotary extrusion machine developed by the specialist machine builder there is a cooling trough positioned immediately after the actual extrusion processing head to quench the finished components. After pre-preparation non-ferrous feed stock enters the extrusion chamber entrance and is carried to an

abutment, the forced forward motion creating friction and subsequent heat. The increase in metal temperature creates a plastic state ready for forcing through a pattern die. The extruded tube or profile ejected from the die can be at temperatures in excess of 500oC. The long quench trough provides staged cooling to achieve correct metallurgical properties of the finished non-ferrous products such as copper and aluminium conductors, copper bus bars, lightning and earthing strips, etc. then need to be cooled.

The cooling application on the extrusion machine is one of the many industrial applications for which Andrews Chillers Hire equipment is used.

The long quench trough provides staged cooling to achieve correct metallurgical properties of the finished non-ferrous products such as copper and aluminium conductors, copper bus bars, lightning and earthing strips, etc. then need to be cooled. All sectors of the cooling trough have recirculating water pipes connected directly to the Andrews 50kW chiller where heated water is continuously drawn out to the chiller, circulates through its chilling process, chilled water continuous entering the trough to lower temperature. This cyclic process has to take into account that in the first cooling section there is a more significant rise on water

temperature due to the extremely high component temperature. The cooling application on the extrusion machine is one of the many industrial applications for which Andrews Chillers Hire equipment is

The cooling application on the extrusion machine is one of the many industrial applications for which Andrews Chillers Hire equipment is used. used. Due to the nature and diversity of build program the machine builder hires as and when required and for only short periods to enable machine trials before despatch to their

customers. “Hire is the most practical and most economical solution for our needs� quoted a spokesperson for the company. This versatile 50kW fluid chiller is part of the Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire complete range of temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all industrial cooling requirements providing cooling water to production processes or to bypass/assist permanently installed chillers. Within the confines of the compact frame of the 50kW model it encompasses all that is required of a modern, highly effective chiller such as a heat exchanger, condenser, control system, compressor and circulating pumps. It comes mounted on a robust base plate complete with lifting facility for easy on-site positioning.

Andrews Sykes Hire Limited Chiller Division Unit 54 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TQ Tel: +44 (0)1902 328725 E: shdinternalsales@andrews-sykes.com web: www.andrews-sykes.com Issue 12 PECM


“Our new service complex will contribute towards us offering a reliable service for existing customers and encouraging more people to choose the reliable Go-Bus service.”

Convinced by high-quality design and speed Transport company GO Transit are equipping their service halls in the Greater Toronto Area with high-speed doors from EFAFLEX.

igh-quality design, coupled with fast opening and closing speeds offered by EFAFLEX high-speed doors have convinced the planners at the transport company GO Transit in Toronto to choose products provided by the door specialists from Lower Bavaria, when fitting out the new service building.


In total, 22 high-speed industrial doors with a maximum clearance width of between 7,000 mm - 8,000 mm and a height of 7,000 mm have been installed in the new service terminal in Oshawa in Canada. Approx. 100 buses are cleaned and maintained on the complex, which measures about 160,000 square metres. An investment project of 52 million Canadian dollars was provided for the building, with the operator placing a great importance on design and high-quality facility management, which included social rooms and a fitness suite for drivers and employees. “The Durham region and the city of Oshawa have recorded a considerable increase in passengers,” explains Paul Finnerty, Metrolinx Vice President of GO Operations. “Our new service complex will contribute towards us


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offering a reliable service for existing customers and encouraging more people to choose the reliable Go-Bus service.” EFAFLEX delivered the first doors in 2008, since then a further 75 high-speed doors have been fitted in GO Transit bus stations. Two further stations with up to 35 doors are already planned for this year. GO Transit is a regional transport company for Greater Toronto and Hamilton. The service operates with approximately 500 buses can be used by more than seven million people over an area of 11,000 square kilometres. Mainly specialised in buses, GO Transit is also the owner of 450 kilometres of high-speed rail network in Greater Toronto and transports passengers on seven lines in 544 doubledecker carriages. The company transports 62 million passengers every year.


Flow Measurement & Control

New Low Cost Flow Meter Calibration Services W here accurate flow measurements are required or even critical, it is imperative that the flow meter being used is producing correct and consistent results. Only by calibrating a flow meter can you provide assurance that it is performing accurately and within it’s stated specifications. Bell Flow Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of flow meters recently commissioned an inhouse flow meter calibration facility to offer low cost, flexible calibration services for flow meters of many measuring principles and sizes. The facility sited in Buckinghamshire consists of three calibration rigs for

The facility sited in Buckinghamshire consists of three calibration rigs for water, oil and micro flow.

water, oil and micro flow. The test rigs are UKAS traceable and are currently undergoing the development of quality, admin and technical operations to ISO 17025 with a vision to be certified early this year. Bell Flow Systems’ calibration facility can test flow meters between ¼” and 4” in size and can handle flow rates from 0.001 litres up to 1000 litres per minute. The rigs incorporate highly accurate master meters as reference devices, the water

calibration rig for example uses the latest electromagnetic flow meters from Badger Meter that perform to an accuracy of better than ±0.25%. All calibrations are issued with a calibration certificate to ensure that all flow meters leaving Bell Flow Systems’ calibration facility offer repeatable, accurate measurement, guaranteed. Tel: +44 (0)1280 817304 Email: sales@bellflowsystems.co.uk www.bellflowsystems.co.uk

Flow Meters For Hire

Bell Flow Systems have extended their range of rental flow meters to make flow measurement devices more accessible. Where capital outlay for permanent flow meter installations is hard to justify, the cost of hire may be just a fraction of the purchase price. Hiring also allows a company to try before they buy and the hire cost can usually be credited against the purchase. All hire products are pre-configured, arrive with a calibration certificate and there is free phone support. Bell Flow System’s hire fleet includes; portable ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, oval gear meters and flow monitoring accessories. Tel: +44 (0)1280 817304 t Email: sales@bellflowsystems.co.uk t www.bellflowsystems.co.uk

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Fluid for thought

Plant room inspection of the oil based heat transfer at a Global Heat Transfer food application

Thermal fluids are used in a variety of sectors including manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, petrochemicals and food. Here, Dr Chris Wright, head of research and development at Global Heat Transfer describes common problems with heat transfer systems and thermal fluids in the food manufacturing industry. He also outlines his key recommendations for ensuring a harmonious and healthy relationship between plant, fluid and system.


eat transfer fluid maintenance and analysis are essential operations that need to be conducted periodically. Unfortunately, some plant managers don’t realise that there is a problem until the system is clogged up, shows a low flash point and is draining resources from the company. In fact, some food manufacturers aren’t even aware of what thermal fluid they should be using to ensure compliance in the first instance. You were made for me In an environment where there is potential for an oil or lubricant to come into contact with food or a food preparation surface, a certified food-grade (FG) fluid should be used. This fluid must be clear, nontoxic and odourless to ensure


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consumer safety in the event of a leak or spillage. As you can imagine, this is an essential health and safety measure in the food processing industry. Furthermore, FG thermal fluid is a requirement for manufacturers that want to supply to the top supermarkets and fast food chains in the UK, in compliance with the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) global standards. Members of the BRC include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Aldi, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and many more retail giants. Thus, compliance with the standards outlined by the BRC is a must for companies wanting to reach these distributors.

Internationally, FG thermal fluid is also a regulatory requirement imposed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and NSF International. Again, any manufacturer that wants to sell into the US food market must abide by the correct standards. Further emphasis has been placed on FG thermal fluid since 2011, when President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which made sweeping changes to US food safety laws. The most notable of these was the attitude towards food safety problems - focus was placed on preventative measures rather than reactionary. Any manufacturer that does not use FG thermal fluid in a food application runs the risk of not only losing its top tier

Draining the oil based heat transfer system at Global heat Transfer’s latest food application

certification, but also footing the resulting costs when nonFG fluid comes into contact with food products. That’s a bad break up in our book. With this in mind the lack of commercial awareness is surprising. At Global Heat Transfer we still see food manufacturers who don’t know what’s required of them and it’s hard to argue that it’s entirely the fault of the manufacturer. More awareness of the complexities of thermal fluid could be beneficial and that’s really the responsibility of suppliers like us. Moreover, some companies still do not fully appreciate the costs they will incur if things do go wrong with their heat transfer system.

Temperature control unit at a food manufacturing plant

A ten per cent change in temperature either way is all it takes to cut the time it takes the fluid to degrade in half. Therefore, maintaining a constant temperature is intrinsically linked to maintaining a healthy system, reducing down time and decreasing the amount of costly thermal fluid changes needed. If the temperature of the fluid rises above its recommended level, thermal cracking and oxidation occur, which can have serious consequences. Thermal cracking is the decomposition of large oil molecules into solid carbon or “coke” and can result in one of two outcomes, neither of them good. If the reaction stops, you are left with what we call low boilers. Lighter components created in the

Global Heat Transfer Light Ends Removal Kit (LERK) Over time this process leads to fouling of the system, whereby carbon residue becomes baked onto the inside of the pipes. If left, the deposits harden and acts as an insulator; thus the entire system significantly loses thermal efficiency and more energy is required to heat it up. When there is significant build-up of carbon it creates hot spots which can lead to equipment failure and even fire.

Heartbreak hotel As well as ensuring that you are using the right kind of thermal fluid, it is essential that maintenance and analysis are both conducted regularly. A common problem in the food industry is maintaining an optimum temperature of the heat transfer system.

thermal reaction decrease the flash point and viscosity of the thermal fluid, whilst increasing its vapour pressure. The flash point is the temperature at which the vapours produced from a fluid will ignite if exposed to an ignition source. Lowering the flash point is therefore very dangerous. To solve this problem we’d use a Light Ends Removal Kit (LERK) to help maintain a constant optimum temperature and improve system efficiency. If the reaction continues and the smaller molecules react with one another further, it creates larger molecules than were originally present and you are left with what we call high boilers. These larger molecules increase the oil viscosity until the solubility level is exceeded and solid coke begins to build up in the system.

It is therefore in the interest of the manufacturer to carry out regular thermal heat transfer fluid analysis to ensure a healthy system. If the carbon deposits are identified whilst they are still soft, maintenance can be done to flush the system with thermal cleaning products, such as Globaltherm C1 cleaning and flushing fluid. Ideally, action should be taken when the carbon residue level is somewhere between 0.75 and 1.00 percent of total fluid weight. We can work it out The moral of the story here is that fluid quality and safety should be a priority for food manufacturers in order to maintain optimum safety levels and production efficiency. Ideally, any plant using heat transfer fluids should create a robust maintenance plan that contains regular sample

analysis and careful flashpoint management and thermal fluid condition maintenance. By caring for heat transfer fluids and the health of the overall system, plant managers can save money on pipework maintenance, cleaning products and new heat transfer fluids. Furthermore, proactive management including dilution, filtration and light ends removal will send savings straight to the bottom line in decreased energy bills. Regular sample analysis and staff training will ensure regulatory compliance and health and safety requirements are met. In addition, it is essential that food manufacturers choose the right kind of thermal fluid to begin with. By using FG thermal fluid you reduce the costs that come with throwing away a batch or line. Moreover, plant managers should be aware that using FG thermal fluids is a required requisite by food standards bodies such as the BRC, FDA and NSF. So if you want to keep a healthy working relationship in your food plant, make sure you’re using the correct product and do regular checks on thermal fluids and heat transfer systems as often as is appropriate. www.globalheattransfer.co.uk Issue 12 PECM





Specialists in Stainless Steel Tubular products tAD & Biogas tDairy tFood tBrewing tPharmaceutical tWater Treatment & Wastewater

www.neumo.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


SEEPEX cuts costs for Anglian Water Advanced Sludge Handling from SEEPEX, a case study to show how we can work with your engineers and supply companies to reduce capex and optimise equipment performance.


nglian Water has recently developed three large central processing facilities to take dewatered sludge from satellite sites and to produce energy through advanced digestion systems. SEEPEX were consulted by Anglian Water at the design stage of the project and their experience with similar systems enabled considerable savings in both capital and operating costs to be made. As a result of this partnership, SEEPEX have supplied large backmixing and silo pumps at all three sites. The process starts with dewatered sludge cake arriving at each site with ds% varying between 20 and 30%. The final ds% required for the digestion process is 8-14% and this is achieved in 2 stages. The incoming sludge cake conveyed from the reception bunker to SEEPEX back-mixing pumps from the BTEI open hopper range. The pumps have large hoppers with integral

bridge breakers, automatic control of liquid addition into these pumps together with a large pitch auger ensures a homogenous sludge with ds of 25% is pumped to the storage silos. Since the silos at one site are 90 metres distant from the reception area with a further 10 metre vertical lift to the top of the silo, a boundary layer injection system was suggested and fitted by SEEPEX. This injection of a boundary layer into the pipe reduces the pressure losses thus enabling a smaller pump to be used and reducing capital costs. The storage silos hold the sludge at 25% ds and then feed the advanced digestion process as necessary with sludge mixed to 8-14% ds. The original design of the storage silos had push floor conveyors feeding SEEPEX back-mixing pumps, however SEEPEX had experience of this application at other sites and suggested a different approach to the main contractor and to Anglian Water engineers which would

Back mixing pumps from the BTEI range

save on both capital and operating costs. In place of augers with associated motors and level controls SEEPEX recommended installing silo pumps BTES from their open hopper range. The BTES range is specifically designed to be installed within the base of a silo thereby eliminating the need for separate extraction screws. There is a shut-off slide to enable pump isolation and maintenance can be done by simply removing a small spool piece of pipework with a full silo if necessary.

SEEPEX BTES silo pump with liquid addition pipe (circled)

Two pumps are fitted in each silo and liquid is added in the compression zones. The pump mixes the sludge to 8-14% ds before pumping it to the advanced digestion plant. The system costs were reduced by removing augers and level controls from the silo discharge operation. The consultation approach taken by Anglian Water has ensured that their systems have been installed to handle and backmix sludge with the optimum capital and operating costs, using the experience gained by SEEPEX in similar applications.



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“NIS” Completes a successful 8 Months Field Trial of its NanoLub® Diesel Engine Power Generation Oil Additive at a Power Plant in Ecuador.


anotech Industrial Solutions, Inc.” (NIS), the USA innovative nanotechnology company and “NanoMaterials Ltd.”, NIS’s wholly owned subsidiary, have concluded an 8 month long field trial in collaboration with “Thermoguayas Generation S.A”, an operator in the field of power generation. During the field test, conducted at “Thermoguayas” diesel engine Power Plant in Ecuador, NIS’s NanoLub® Power Generation DE-M5000 Diesel Engine oil additive was used with 4MW Wartisla diesel engines, resulting in an 8.6% power output increase for recently overhauled engines and

a staggering 42% increase for pre overhauled engines, with an impressive overall boost in the Power Plant’s output capacity. In addition, major engine maintenance cycles (MMC) were prolonged by 75%, from 8000 to 14000 hours. The full scale commercialization of the project, may result in tens of millions of dollars in added profit for the power plant operators, due to the facility’s increased power output capacity, substantial maintenance savings and reduction of unexpected down-times. “The technology behind NanoLub®, is considered groundbreaking by the scientific community. Additionally it

is the key in creating a powerful and simple to use product, capable of improving the customer’s ROI in a verifiable way.”, said Eugene Kverel, NIS’s President and CEO. “My advice to potential customers basically is: When considering a major investment in new infrastructure, look for our nanolubricant solutions first. We have a simple and cost effective way to make your existing equipment perform at a whole new level.” USA: Email: sales@nisusacorp.com www.nisusacorp.com Europe & Asia: Email: info@apnano.com www.apnano.com

Parker Chomerics enhances thermal management solutions with the release of its latest THERM-A-GAP™ gel with conductivity extensions to 6 W/m-k s more and more high performance electronics are utilised across a wide range of applications, it has stimulated a growing need to provide new innovative thermal materials that can effectively manage the heat dissipation challenges. In line with this need Parker Chomerics is constantly evolving its range of THERM-A-GAP™ thermally conductive dispensing gels in order that customers can maintain both system performance and reliability. As the market leader in this domain Parker Chomerics has recently extended its range of gels to offer thermal conductivity up to 6 W/m-k and typical applications include high performance devices requiring minimal thermal resistance, ranging from automotive electronic control units (ECUs), power supplies and semiconductors, through to memory/ power modules, microprocessors/ graphics processors, flat panel displays and consumer electronics.


Heat generated by high performance devices must be removed to the


PECM Issue 12

ambient environment to maintain the junction temperature of components within safe operating limits. Often this heat removal process involves conduction from a package surface to a heat spreader that can more efficiently transfer the heat away. The spreader has to be joined carefully to the package to minimise the thermal resistance of this newly formed thermal joint. Typical thermal interface materials include THERM-A-GAP™ gels, which are supplied as pre-cured, single component compounds that can be dispensed over the heat generating package or component. These materials are silicone-based formulations loaded with conductive fillers, which are cross-linked to form a low modulus gel. The latest additions to the innovative THERM-A-GAP™ family, are setting new benchmarks in performance as they need only ultra-low compression force to conform over irregular interfaces and can be applied to single devices

with minimum bond-line thickness as well as to multiple devices with variable Z-axis tolerances. The gel structure provides superior longterm thermal stability and reliable performance over conventional greases, which suffer from pump-out and dry-out issues. Offering low thermal impedance and high bulk thermal conductivity, further advantages of the new gels include the elimination of a cure cycle and the ability to be readily reworked, thus offering a highly attractive performance-to-price ratio. They require no refrigeration, no mixing and have no filler settling issues. THERM-A-GAP™ also eliminates time consuming hand assembly, and reduces installation costs and customer manufacturing and purchasing (logistical) complexity. www.chomerics.com

.. KluberConsult – Saving Energy and reducing CO2 with synthetic gear oil


Insulation manufacturer finds high energy savings • >7% power consumption reduction • Potential savings of 100,000 kWh per year across the site • Reduced wear- reducing parts replacement and inventory • Reduced oil consumption and disposal For high energy users, reducing energy consumption has a major impact upon their business. For considerable time Klüber Lubrication has been extoling the virtues of synthetic gear oils and the energy savings that can be achieved using this advanced lubricant technology. Recently a major insulation materials manufacturer has seen this is action. As a high energy user, the priority of reduction in energy consumption couldn’t be more important. All aspects of their process were under review and as their lubrication partner, Klüber Lubrication proposed reviewing their gearbox lubricants. In consultation with the site maintenance team, an SEW SA67 bevel

helical gearbox on the product conveyor, from the Cooling Zone to Packaging was selected as representative for trial with Klübersynth GEM 4-220N synthetic hydrocarbon gear oil. An energy monitor was fitted to record the power consumption during typical production. The mineral oil lubricant was then drained and replaced with Klübersynth GEM 4-220N. The power consumption was then recorded during production. Overall, during mixed production conditions, a reduction of 7.2% power consumption was achieved. This resulted in a potential annual saving of 300 kWh on this gearbox, purely due to the better lubricating properties of the Klübersynth GEM 4-220N providing higher efficiency in addition to superior wear reduction properties. Across the site, on approximately 200 assorted gearboxes, the potential for

savings is 100,000 kWh per annum. Oil drain intervals are also extended 3-fold due to the extended life of the Klübersynth GEM 4 range and their improved resistance to oxidation. Add that to the associated reduction of maintenance costs and waste disposal; and additional significant savings are achieved. The gearboxes will benefit from extended life due to the better anti-wear properties of Klübersynth GEM 4-220N, thereby helping to reduce spares inventory. Matching all this to the reduced energy consumption measured in reduced CO2 emissions and this insulation manufacturer is making significant headway on their costs reduction programme. Tel: 01422 205115 sales@uk.klueber.com www.klueber.com

Issue 12 PECM


Investment in UK operation to increase capacity for Brevini Power Transmission


revini Power Transmission has completed the first stage of its development plan which will eventually see its two UK sites undergo expansion to increase its warehousing, distribution and gearbox servicing capacity. The initial investment was spent at the Scunthorpe location to optimise the gearbox service centre and expand the offices to create space for product training for customers and graduate employees.

Brevini has committed to further investment over the next 24 months which will continue to benefit the Scunthorpe office Following sustained growth in recent years in its key markets and planned expansion into new activities, Brevini Power Transmission has committed to a period of investment in the UK to help the sales and support teams

continue to deliver a high quality service to all of its customers. The initial round of investment went to the Scunthorpe site which houses the Gearbox Service Centre and PIV sales team. The building was modernised and expanded to provide increased space with future expansion to the service centre prepared for. Dave Brown, Brevini UK Sales Manager, comments: “The first round of investment has allowed us to increase the capacity in the service centre which means that we can continue to offer short lead times on a higher volume of gearbox repair and maintenance work. We have also updated the internal layout of the office space which in addition to creating a much improved environment for our employees has allowed us to dedicate a room for product training for our customers as well as the further development of our graduate employees; something that I feel is extremely important.” Brevini has committed to further investment over the next 24 months which will continue to benefit the Scunthorpe office as well as the company’s UK HQ in Warrington which is responsible for Brevini’s planetary gears and winch divisions as well Brevini Fluid Power.

Tel: 01925 636682 t Fax: 01925 624801 t E-mail: sales@brevini.co.uk t www.brevini.co.uk 64

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Our goal is perfection – no more and no less


PECM Issue 12

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NEW The NEW generation of


For many years iwis’ ELITE brand of roller chain has been used by major OE manufacturers and End Users and is seen as a critical component to countless applications where consistent quality and value for money are of paramount importance. iwis are now very proud to announce that re-development of the range with focus on key elements such as production techniques, tolerances, raw materials and our recently developed eliDUR lubrication means it just got better! In fact in many cases we have improved it’s lifespan by over 50% which adds even more value to the product, and tests within iwis’ laboratory against well know “market leaders” have proven in many cases that it is capable of outperforming it’s rivals. The comprehensive range includes British and American standard roller chains in carbon, stainless steel and nickel plated options.

iwis drive systems Ltd. Unit 8c Bloomfield Park, Bloomfield Road, Tipton West Midlands, DY4 9AP Tel: +44(121) 5213600, Fax: +44(121) 5200822

Conveyor and attachment chains are available from the UK and can be produced to order when required, and our huge range of British, American and European leaf chains on stock in the UK service a large proportion of the UK and European market. As OE supplier to the Agricultural market, ELITE combine and bailer chains are available from stock in the UK as well as our Agrisystems plant in Germany.

Preferred Supplier of the Bosch Group The range satisfies most conveying and transmission applications and customers such as Bosch Gmbh are so satisfied with the product they have decided to award iwis with it’s certificate of excellence and have recognised the ELITE brand as their No.1 product for all transmission and conveying applications.


Machining World-class Engineering at China Prices ISO 9001 accredited, British owned and managed company in the heart of industrial China. 18 years experience in China and specialising in metal and plastics engineering: • Metal castings (5g to 20MT) o Sand castings (iron, steel, aluminium) o Gravity castings (aluminium) o Diecastings (aluminium, brass, copper, magnesium) o Investment castings (stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminium) o Lost foam castings (iron, steel) o Shell castings (iron, steel) • MIM (Metal injection moulding) – Stainless steel, steel • Powder moulding/Sintering

• Precision Machining (Aluminium, Iron, Steel) o 3, 4 and 5 axis milling o Turning • Fabrications o Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel o Painting o Powder coatings etc • Extrusions o Aluminium • Injection moulds and moulding • Electronics design, development and manufacturing

We have a track record of supplying customers in USA, UK, Australia and many other countries with engineering parts, products or complete projects at China prices but with world-class engineering quality. We have four locations in three provinces in China: Guangzhou, Xintang, Shanghai and Jinan.

Manufacturers of High Quality Anti Vibration Products

View our website www.chinasavvy.com or contact our Managing Director, Christopher Devereux by email at cpd@chinasavvy.com or by phone +86 20 8388 7080 Ext 10 (GZ Of�ice) or +86 139 2416 9140 (mobile).

Chinasavvy HK Ltd 400 Wuzi Building, Beijiaochang Henglu 12, Guangzhou 510050, P.R. China Tel: +86 20 8388 7080 or +44 1373 830577 Email: uksales@chinasavvy.com Website www.chinasavvy.com

PRECISION PERFORMANCE One of the South East’s Premier Engineering Companies

/+er 20 CNC machining centres /"*!)#$*( -("!!# / -()*'## /!#*) wire erosion /*!!.$"%*)'(#(%)$#!). /+'.'(,$' #,))##*()'. /Working in high technolog.()$'(#!*# Aerospace & F$'"*!1 /##'#(#('+)!$')$*()$"'( *#&*'&*'"#)( Unit ast  Kent F T: 01795 476367 F: 01795 476369 E: sales@plalite.com W: www.plalite.com



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E: sales@fibet.co.uk T: 01282 878200

www.fibet.co.uk F:01282 878201

Business Opportunity Rolls-In for Hone-All Precision

CNC Turning

CNC Honing

Deep Hole Boring

Deep Hole Drilling

g CNC Gundrillin

Continuing its rapid growth and investment strategy, Hone-All Precision has now acquired the roller manufacturing division of A.T Roberts Ltd. With three divisions within the Watford business, Hone-All will be taking on two divisions that encompass the production of rollers, cylinders, shafts and precision roller tube as well as shaft straightening and balancing for the print and packaging industry.

length. The company also specialises in precision and thin wall tube manufacture, which is a key area for the print sector. This extensive expertise ensures that existing A.T Roberts customers will benefit from enhanced customer service levels and manufacturing excellence that HoneAll is renowned for throughout hightech industries such as the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, F1 and medical sectors.

As part of the business purchase, Hone-All Precision has taken delivery of two specialised machines from A.T Roberts, a dynamic balancing machine and a straightening press. Furthermore, the Leighton Buzzard deep hole boring and turning specialist has employed the expertise of A.T Roberts Managing Director Mr Nick Orford on a 12 month contract. This will ensure a smooth transition, a transfer of customer knowledge, product expertise and a continuing commitment to excellence in the manufacturing of precision rollers and components for the existing customer base.

Historically, A.T Roberts has been a benchmark in the roller, cylinder and tube market with product lines including bespoke steel and aluminium rollers manufactured to the exact demands of the end user. For specific applications these products can be coated with hard chrome plating, PTFE, rubber and even hard anodised to suit the application. With the rapid evolution of material technology, A.T Roberts has in recent years developed its own line of carbon fibre rollers to deliver exceptional strength in load-bearing applications where the print/packaging machine demands lightweight and efficient rollers. It is this area that is a particularly attractive growth proposition for HoneAll.

Commenting upon the business acquisition and the transition period, Mr Orford says: “The business sale has come around because I, and a number of my key staff are at retirement age. With a decision made, the next step was to find a suitable company to purchase the business. We have been trading for over 100 years and have built excellent relationships and a reputation in the print and packaging industry and we didn’t want to desert these valued customers. To this end, we have been using Hone-All as a trusted and highly reputable supplier for over 20 years, so we approached Hone-All and worked on a deal as their capabilities, capacity, expertise, quality and locality are aligned with our customers and would guarantee the continuation of our services.” For OEM print and packaging machinery manufacturers that are unfamiliar with Hone-All, it is a specialist provider of Deep Hole Boring, Deep Hole Drilling, Gundrilling, CNC Turning and CNC Honing services up to a maximum of 4 metres in

0845 5555 111

. . . from start to perfect finish

The material technology involved in roller production is a key element for print & packaging OEMs. With different rollers serving multiple purposes and rotating at speeds up to 1000 metres per minute, material selection and surface finish is a key consideration. To efficiently run at such highspeeds, Hone-All has invested in the A.T Roberts balancing machine and straightening press that can guarantee the run-out and precision of rollers is maintained. From a capacity perspective, just like A.T Roberts, Hone-All will have the capability to produce rollers, cylinders and tube products up to 300mm diameter with lengths from 50mm to over 4m. This is available in quantities from one-offs to specified production batches. Commenting upon the acquisition, Hone-All Director, Andrea Rodney comments: “We are delighted with this exciting business opportunity.


The British Print Organisation (BPIF) estimates that the print industry is the UK’s fifth largest manufacturing sector with a value of £14.1bn turnover a year. It employs over 130,000 staff in 10,000 companies. Based on these remarkable figures, we are delighted to have the opportunity to develop and grow an innovative product line that is essential to the print industry as it moves forward.” “From a manufacturing perspective, each roller is either deep hole bored, honed and turned or in the case of

tubing, it is precision machined and despatched. Hone-All has spent the last 20 years producing the highest quality tubular type components for all industries in all materials, working to tenths of microns on challenging parts that often include thin walled parts. So, we are looking forward to the challenge this acquisition will present. Furthermore, we will be looking to grow this side of the business in the coming year to compliment our current services and to allow us to diversify into a new and extremely sizeable industry,” concludes Andrea Rodney.

We’re precise about what we do . . .

Hone-All Precision Limited Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire LU7 4UH

CHAIN MANUFACTURE RETURNS TO UK One industrial chain supplier tells us why he’s keen to bring chain manufacturing back to the UK.

DONGHUA’S UK headquarters in Wolverhampton


ob Wellsbury is managing director of Donghua Limited, the UK arm of Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group, one of the world’s biggest chain manufacturers which produces in excess of 30 million metres of finished chain per year. He set up the UK

distribution centre in 2009 and has since doubled turnover year on year, firmly establishing Donghua as one of the key chain suppliers in the UK supplying chain to well-known global names. Having worked in the chain industry

for over 30 years Bob wants to see the UK back on the map for the manufacture of high quality chain. He’s spent the last year investing in a technical workshop in Wolverhampton which initially focusses on the build of bespoke attachment chain. Universal Attachment Chain workshop “Our universal attachment chain programme has been specifically designed for Distributors, and is unique because it can replace the majority of attachment chain from any manufacturer, giving end-users more choice about the chain supplier they use.” says Bob. Traditionally, each manufacturer has designed and built attachments unique to them, making it impossible to replace with a different make. However, Donghua’s Universal Attachments are designed in such a way that they can replace up to 99% of chain produced by other manufacturers.

DONGHUA’S Hot dipped chain lubrication


PECM Issue 12

Chain length measuring & pre-loading The attachment chain workshop features a chain length measuring machine which is exceptionally accurate to within 10 microns per metre up to 5 metre lengths; longer chains can be matched and tagged to maintain accuracy along the entire length. Donghua’s fully automated preload machine, eliminates initial

elongation often found with in-house built chain, improving service and fatigue life - resulting in high performance chain, ready to fit straight from the box.

DONGHUA’S Chain length measuring machine pre-loading

Matching of chain Bob explains: “In industries where positioning of two or more drive chains in parallel is required, the chains need to be matched within close tolerances of each other to prevent uneven wear. With our measuring equipment, we can match chains from 3/8” to 2” pitch in sets of within +-0.5mm in both British and American Standards and, for complete peace of mind, all our matched chain comes supplied with a certificate of authenticity on request”.

There are only a few manufacturers who can boast such technical capabilities direct in the UK Hot Dip Lubrication A unique and recent addition to the workshop, of which Donghua are extremely proud, is the Hot Dip lubrication system. Donghua is the only manufacturer in the UK to have its own hot dip lubrication bath. The attachment chain is dipped in a metal vat containing different types of hot lubricant (subject to application) which penetrates all areas of the chain which standard lube spraying doesn’t reach. As the chain cools, the lube drains away leaving an oil deposit inside the chain providing the ultimate lubrication; ensuring the chain is highly durable, significantly extending its wear life and reducing maintenance. Bob points out: “The most important lubrication a chain gets is the initial pre-use lubrication - over 80% of chain wear is due to poor maintenance and lubrication making this process a crucial part of any build.”

CHAIN Lubrication chart

DONGHUA’S Universal Attachment Chain workshop

There are only a few manufacturers who can boast such technical capabilities direct in the UK and Donghua is now looking for larger premises to cope with customer demand. Interest in Donghua’s UK production is steadily growing helping Bob to realise his dream of bringing chain manufacture back to the UK.

DONGHUA’S Chain Pre-load machine

www.donghua.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Machining & Machinery

A family-owned engineering firm, which supplies petro-chemical, aerospace and defence sub-contractors, has been hailed for its exemplary health and safety practices and is now being used as a beacon of best practice for other companies across the UK. Hone-All Precision, a family owned and managed engineering business based in Leighton Buzzard, has been chosen by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, to feature as a case study demonstrating to other businesses how to tackle and improve health and safety.

Please visit stand M24 J at Maintec Rotary Lobe Pumps Macerating Technology


Each BĂśrger pump is really custom made

Hone-All Precision employs 37 staff and worked with EEF after recognising that it faced a challenge, which was to implement a world-class health and safety management system that would meet stringent legislation, but be practical enough for a small business to use on a daily basis. The company was determined to involve all its staff in the development so that the new system would be practical, realistic and based on genuine workplace experience. This approach was so successful that Hone-All Precision went on to pass its last health and safety inspection with flying colours, receiving a commendation for its proactive approach and high standards and practices. www.hone-all.co.uk

Thanks to an excellent dialogue between you and our Sales and Technical Staff. We guarantee only the best engineering and materials. BĂśrger Rotary Lobe pumps can be used in many applications especially in the Waste Water Industry. Various fluids can be pumped: e.g. Primary Sludge, Activated Sludge, Screenings, Raw Sewage, Lime, Poly & Wash Water

BĂśrger UK Limited | East Wing-Old School, Watling St. Gailey, Staffordshire | +44 1902 798977 | uk@boerger.com

Family-owned engineering firm becomes a beacon of best practice for companies across the UK

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/%$ )$&)') * &%# %$%+%,)/%&,# . # $')&- %##   )$+) #/ #/')&, %$+) #)$%%+**$##* $')&-#% %%'+,)&$+) # '*+)&,#% % - $&,%+&%+*. '2,*) +&),*+,'%#%

#&,)&),/&,)+&+#&*+'),+/&,-+&,+ *+) $, #$ %%#+& -&'+ $# ')&)$%%#&.&*+'),+

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&*$ &!(()(#'(&%)!


PECM Issue 12

%)(&$%+  (%&'

'"')&()(( $%)!

Now celebrating its 40th year, Maintec 2015 is the UK’s leading show for maintenance, plant and asset management, and will return in March - this is your best opportunity to source new suppliers, network and gain industry knowledge. Register online today for free admission and avoid the queues – www.maintecuk.com

Co-located with

Principal media partner:

Maintec 2015 Builds Momentum M

aintec, the leading UK event for the maintenance, plant and asset management industry, returns to the NEC, Birmingham on 24-26 March, 2015, for its fortieth edition. There is more on offer than ever before including a packed hall full of industry leading exhibitors, content rich seminars and two complementary colocations. Complementary Co-Locations Building on last year, which saw Maintec’s floor plan and visitor base expand massively, the organisers have confirmed that it will again run alongside Facilities Management the UK’s only event for the facilities industry outside London. It debuted last year and quickly proved to be a neat fit with Maintec as many maintenance professionals now also

have a wider FM remit. The Health & Safety Event, which is run by a leader in the health and safety sector, Western Business Exhibitions, will also return for its second year, and rounds off the clever co-locations.

using the show to launch new products to the market or unveil their very latest work.

Visitors will be able to access all shows with one badge, offering hours of content in free-to-attend educational seminars, inspirational industry experts, masses of show floor entertainment and a wealth of exhibitors looking to launch new technologies and concepts to the UK market.

RMS Reliability has already confirmed that it will be using Maintec to present its new web-based learning series, iLearnReliability. It is designed to help industrial plants establish sustainable reliability improvement programs, via four training modules aimed at upper management, reliability and engineering managers, condition monitoring technicians and mechanics, and plant floor operators and craftspeople.

Industry Leading Exhibitors Exhibitors at Maintec 2015 include all the major names and show regulars such as HĂśrmann UK, Pruftechnik, Thermaflue, KeyTracker and AV Technology, many of whom will be

eMaint will be showcasing its new eMaint MX Mobile, a wireless version its computerised maintenance management software. It provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for maintenance personnel in the field.

Climate control from the smallest to the largest. ENCLOSURES



Designed to run on smart phones, tablets, or any browser-based device, eMaint MX reduces the need for

There will be additional showfloor entertainment in the form of show favourite, Lions’ Lair


paperwork and frees technicians from their desktop computer. Show Floor Entertainment Visitors will have plenty of learning opportunities at Maintec 2015 too, including a return of The Exchange, a selection of free content-rich practical talks full of the latest research, new innovations and case studies exploring the hottest topics, challenges and trends. There will also be a return for The Business Strategy Forum, which will include sessions from expert

speakers and major industry names. There will be additional showfloor entertainment in the form of show favourite, Lions’ Lair, which will once again be returning to Maintec with brave exhibitors presenting their new technologies, innovations and concepts to a panel of experts, in front of a live audience, in a bid to be voted best of show. For further information about Maintec 2015 visit www.maintecuk.com

SOFTWARE & SERVICES www.rittal.co.uk

Measurment & Monitoring SHT3x Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensors Sensirion, the leading provider of humidity and temperature sensors, is taking sensor technology to a new level. At the electronica in Munich, the technology pioneer is presenting the most advanced platform for humidity and temperature sensors: the Platform3x with the powerful SHT3x sensor series. The SHT3x includes a user programmable alert function, where the sensor can be used as a humidity and temperature guard. Moreover, Sensirion’s latest innovation contains another world premiere, an analog ratiometric voltage output. This is the first fully calibrated and linear digital/analog humidity and temperature sensor. The SHT3x series thus combines multiple functions and various interfaces with a user-friendly, very wide operating voltage range (2.4 to 5.5 V). In addition, the technology enables a small footprint of 2.5 x 2.5 mm with a height of 0.9 mm.

Tel: +41 44 306 40 00


Sensors for rail applications At this year’s InnoTrans exhibition, FSG reports it focused on measuring technology and sensors for rail vehicles. FSG says its units have already proven themselves in many applications, e.g. in Berlin’s underground and rapid transit trains. Amongst other things, the company exhibited rotary encoders featuring a potentiometric, inductive, magnetic, or optoelectronic measuring system. They are said to be especially suited for use as driving/brake control switches to regulate speed, for positioning and measuring in overhead contact lines, and for load measuring or suspension control in undercarriages. The rotation angle output can be analog or digital. Available as single or dual axis systems, tilt angle sensors from FSG are for instance used for level control in undercarriages or in track construction.

Tel: +49 30 / 629 1214


DMP 320 pressure sensors A range of stainless steel pressure sensors that provide extremely fast response times of less than 0.5 milliseconds are now available from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd. The DMP 320 series of pressure sensors represent ‘high speed and high precision’. With a response time of ≤0.5ms and a sampling rate of 10kHz, the sensors are suitable for a wide range of high precision, high speed pressure measurement applications in a variety of industry sectors, including energy, utilities, water and waste water, power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and oil & gas.

New Fluke LED stroboscope helps maintenance teams identify potential mechanical failures without physical contact Fluke has introduced the Fluke® 820-2 LED Stroboscope, a simple, easy-touse tool for investigating and observing potential mechanism failure on a variety of machinery without making physical contact with the machine. The rugged, compact strobe allows maintenance teams to identify the running speed of rotating equipment without stopping operation, and to perform stop motion diagnostics of parasitic oscillations, flaws, slippage, and unwanted distortions. It also enables teams to identify serial numbers and other markings on fast moving parts. For more information, visit: www.fluke.co.uk/stroboscope. More information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at www.fluke.co.uk

Mira - new handheld Raman spectrometers with revolutionary ORS technology Metrohm is pleased to introduce the Metrohm Instant Raman Analysers (Mira). The Mira spectrometers are the only handheld Raman analysers available with Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) technology. This highly reproducible averaging technique extends the scope of possible samples to any kind of heterogeneous and sensitive materials. The MIRA comes after Metrohm and Snowy Range Instruments (SnRI) announce that the two companies have entered into a strategic alliance. Under the agreement, SnRI will develop and manufacture handheld Raman spectrometer exclusively for Metrohm. Barely larger than a smartphone, the Mira analysers may be used anywhere More information about Metrohm’s strategic alliance with SnRI can be found at: www.metrohm.co.uk

JOFRA® ASC-400 Advanced Signal Calibrator Offers Best-Inclass Accuracy and Functionality The newly introduced JOFRA® ASC-400 portable multi-signal calibrator from AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is in a class by itself. The highly functional calibrator provides laboratory accuracy in an easy-to-use device that is compact enough to fit into a tool box or operate with one hand for easy field calibration, process monitoring or maintenance functions.

Typical operating media are oil, gases, fuels and water, Nominal pressure ranges are from 0...100mbar up to 0...600 bar. Accuracy is <0.1% FSO to IEC 60770 making this a high accuracy measuring instrument.

The ASC-400 features an extremely user-friendly interface and high contrast color display. Its unique “menufree”, single-window interface greatly simplifies operation, allowing all functions to be controlled or set from the main menu screen. The ASC-400’s accuracy is designed to meet the calibration demands of modern sensors and transmitters.

Tel: +44 (0)118 981 7980

For more information on the full line of JOFRA® calibration products go to www.jofra.com


Mydax Liquid Chiller Temperature Control Systems Mydax stands apart from other chiller manufacturers by providing the elite chiller system on the market, utilizing patented proportional refrigeration control, rugged tubular steel frames and state of the art touchscreen controls. Expert use of flowmeters, pressure transducers, pulse width modulated valves and variable frequency drives allow precise temperature and fluid flow control. Long term system performance is insured by incorporating high quality components and decades of experience. Thorough system testing and a dedicated support team utilize built in diagnostic and safety devices to keep all chiller systems performing to design specifications for years. Made in USA.



PECM Issue 12

JD Cables was set up in 1994 to supply the UK market with special cables that are normally difficult to obtain. We specialise in Polyurethane screened sensor cables for transducer, strain gauge and load cell applications and also high temperature silicones, PTFE wires, control cables and more. Many cables are supplied with approvals including UL, CSA, Harmonisation, VDE and British Standards and all are RoHS compliant. We hold specific and specialised cables for call-off and have no cutting or minimum order charge. We are “always ready to do new business”, so if you want a friendly and efficient service call us on 01923222600 or email sales@jdcables.com www.jdcables.com

ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ

ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ

Measurment & Monitoring Thermocouple Wall Port: tackling the risk of Legionnaires’ disease Help is on hand for engineers that are serious about tackling the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. TME presents the TC Wall Port: a low-cost wall accessory allowing discrete fine wire sensors to monitor temperature testing points up to 20m away. The Problem Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal illness caused by the legionella bacterium which thrives in tepid water. The HSE’s code of practise L8 requires all businesses to implement a full legionella risk assessment, and to maintain an effective water temperature testing regime. The Solution TME’s newest innovation, the TC Wall Port, is a temperature sensor monitoring point which facilitates spot checks on any water outlet with difficult/impaired access. Simply ‘plug’ a standard thermometer into the wall mounted port for an instant reading - no need to work at height or dismantle boxing. Paperless recording Compatible with TME’s MM7000 Barcode thermometer, which logs 1000s of locations/ temperatures, which are downloaded to via Bluetooth or USB port to PC/PDA. A paperless recording system. Trust the experts – TME is a trusted UK manufacturer of temperature sensors, thermometers and probes across all sectors.

TME – When temperature matters. 01903 700651 sales@tmelectronics.co.uk www.tmelectronics.co.uk

New Tinytag Ultra Radio Data Loggers

Vibration Monitoring Services Limited :MFVEXMSRERH8LIVQEP-QEKMRK7YVZI]W


Condition Based Monitoring TVSZMHMRKGSWXIJJIGXMZIERHTVSJIWWMSREP:MFVEXMSR 1SRMXSVMRKERH8LIVQEP-QEKMRK7YVZI]W Tinytag data loggers monitor parameters including temperature, RH, CO2, voltage, current and count, enabling conditions to be recorded, analysed and validated. As well as stand-alone loggers, which record data that is downloaded to a PC for analysis, a Radio Data Logging System is available which is ideal in premises requiring multiple monitoring points. Environmental data is gathered automatically and sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet. New Tinytag Ultra Radio Loggers have a compact design making them ideal for discreet indoor monitoring. Loggers in the range record temperature and relative humidity, and also low voltage, current and count inputs, making them suitable for use with third party sensors to record properties such as pressure, flow rates and footfall. Radio system bundles, comprising three loggers, plus receiver and software, start from £1000 +VAT. Tinytags are manufactured in the UK by Gemini Data Loggers. Gemini Data Loggers +44 (0) 1243 813000 sales@tinytag.info www.tinytag.info


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8IP01795 877177SV07840 791587 )QEMPvmservicesltd@btinternet.com www.vibrationmonitoringservices.co.uk

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced and they have filaments, cathodes and other hardware, all of which may be coated with by-products from the process. Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform. This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from specification. The difficulties of calibrating vacuum in-situ Unfortunately, it is very difficult to carry out in-situ vacuum calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor under test. Another is the difficulty of access to many on-plant gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for the effects of contamination.

CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 which specifically covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made. The development of a technique Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. The Transfer Standards fitted to CalCube are calibrated in the laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration job so that the confidence level of the calibration is the highest possible.

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

CalCube is constructed within a rugged, wheeled flight-case type enclosure having just a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very accurately using a pair of ultra-fine Chell CMF valves. Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems - of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for specific applications. Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These standards, when not fitted to CalCube are housed in another, matching flight-case, ready for convenient return to Chell’s calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily basis by a Spinning Rotor Gauge whose ball-flange assembly is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell’s customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration skills of over 40 years and, should they have specific different requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit. For more information contact:-

CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

With the development of Chell’s on-site UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system.

Chell Instruments Ltd Folgate House Folgate Road North Walsham Norfolk NR28 0AJ Tel: 01692 500555 Fax: 01692 500088 e-mail: info@chell.co.uk Website: www.chell.co.uk Issue 12 PECM


Never work alone again! With Intelligent Employee Safety Monitoring

The Complete Lone Worker Instrument

No longer should you rely on antique practices such as routine check in phone calls to ensure your employee safety.

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Precision Thermometry Leaders in temperature measurement

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Pt100/Pt1000 elements ● Temperature transmitters ● Digital Thermometers ● Thermocouple welders ● Hand held instrumentation ● Thermal calibration ●

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Thermocouples for plastics machinery

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Buy on-line www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.com  www.labfacility.com Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 . Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

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Modern environmental data management – improving energy efficiency in buildings By Tim Waterman, Technical Director at Corintech


emperature and humidity are crucial factors for people’s comfort and wellbeing in any building environment – from homes, hotels to offices and everything in between. However the control of our internal environment goes far beyond personal preference, building owners need to ensure that the heating in buildings is running at an optimum level to avoid serious cost and maintenance issues. Particularly as the UK government introduced the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) this year. This mandatory energy assessment audits the energy used by the buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures, which means facility management operations are now under even more scrutiny. Historically there has been a discrepancy between how buildings are designed and the way they are ultimately operated. Which is why having accurate and regular environmental data is crucial to assess the effectiveness of heating and cooling within buildings. Modern cloud technology and sophisticated


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environmental monitoring devices are now narrowing that gap and helping to ensure that buildings perform closer to their designed specification. First and foremost, improving the efficiency of heating and humidity levels is pivotal for any facility management. Yet the challenge many facility professionals face is a lack of intelligence within the many different areas that need to be monitored on a regular basis. Smart solutions can provide facilities professionals with robust independent data and analytics on the crucial environmental detail that is required for effective property management. Comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions, such as the FilesThruTheAir™ system designed by Corintech, combine advanced environmental WiFi sensors with remote Cloud-based data logging service. Measuring temperature and humidity, data logged on FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensors is universally accessible from any Internet enabled device. As a result, facility managers can gain a fundamental advantage by

running wireless data logging solutions, automatically collecting environmental data from every part of a building. That data can be analysed and managed remotely from any location, meaning facility managers no longer have to be present at a particular site to record data manually. Although it’s still early days for the use of advanced cloud computing technology in the facility management realm, the benefits of improving crucial elements of the way companies can now run their operations are becoming increasingly apparent. We’re only now starting to see what cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions bring to the industry and the future for this technology is looking bright. www.filesthrutheair.com +44 (0) 1425 651150

Manage your facilities environment, with ease Monitor and record temperature and humidity with the FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensors & Cloud The FilesThruTheAir™ suite of sensors and alarms offer a solution for every area of your facility. Whether you have a single site or hundreds around the globe, you need simple, centralised control and complete system visibility.

View data on the Cloud Results are streamed wirelessly via your WiFi network to the Cloud so you don’t have to manually collect data. View all your sensors anywhere, on any internet enabled device. Your key personnel will be notified automatically when there is a problem that needs attention, or when an alarm occurs.

Get started with 20% off Available on the following models; WiFi-TC for wide range temperature measurement, WiFi-TH+ for high accuracy temperature and humidity measurement and WiFi-TP for measuring temperature via a thermistor probe, ideal for fridges and freezers.

Exclusive to PECM readers, order online at filesthrutheair.com and enter discount code PECM2015, available until 31.3.15.

Contact sales@filesthrutheair.com or call 01425 651111


Hole patterns and screen specifications are defined by a number of ISO standards.

Perforated metal screens are used throughout industry, for filtration and separation, and for cleaning, drying and sorting.

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in a hole? Andrew Wadbrook-McLay, Technical Sales Manager for RMIG, takes a look at the science behind creating perforated screens for process applications. erforated metal screens are used throughout industry, for filtration and separation, and for cleaning, drying and sorting. Although a screen is essentially nothing more than a shaped sheet of metal, punched with holes, there is in fact a science to the creation of screens for different


process applications. In simple terms, the size, shape, open area, and spacing of holes can have a significant affect on the performance of each screen, in terms of air flow, separation or physical strength. For example, for the drying of grain or similar dry foodstuffs, the design of

the screen directly affects the speed and pattern of airflow, which in turn determines the drying rate. Similarly, the choice of screen material will be determined by factors such as the characteristics of the process materials, the loading required and, of course, cost. The basic shapes of perforated holes are generally round, square or rectangular, with either square or rounded corners, and are normally arranged in straight, staggered or diagonal rows. Although all of these shapes are commonly found, they are by no means unique, as you will find many other shapes, including triangular, hexagonal, diamond, star, cross and star. Hole patterns and screen specifications are defined by a number of ISO standards. These include ISO 7805, which defines screens in sheet thickness above and below 3.0mm; ISO 7806, codifying the design of screens; and ISO 9045, which standardises the terminology for industrial screens and screening. Although the standards provide an essential framework, the ability to design perforated screens that perform effectively in different applications also depends on understanding a number of key factors, especially the relationship between hole size and sheet thickness. Traditionally, producing perforated screens in sheet thicknesses that significantly exceed the diameter of the perforations has created problems during the punching process, damaging tool pieces and reducing


PECM Issue 12

in relation to the perforated area, excluding the sheet margins. This calculation is important in screening or filtering applications, providing a guide to establish flow rate through the screen and the loading bearing capability of flat screens.

A further consideration during manufacture is the affect that the choice of hole shape and pattern can have on the overall performance of the perforated sheet.

www.rmig.com while the design and angle of perforation helps reduce the possible filling or clogging of holes. It should be noted that the nature of the punching process normally produces holes that, in cross section, are conical, with the base of the cones being on the underside of each sheet. In many applications, especially screening, this can be an advantage as the shape of perforation helps to prevent blockages occurring. The efficiency of the screening process can also be improved if holes are arranged in a staggered pattern at right angles to the direction in which materials are being fed across the screen.

the precision and finish of each hole. In standard applications using mild steel it has been accepted that the hole diameter can exceed the maximum thickness of each sheet by up to 25%; for example, holes with a diameter of 2.0mm can be perforated in sheets up to 2.5 mm thickness. Using the latest precision controlled punch presses it is now possible to increase the ratio between sheet thickness and hole diameter, typically allowing conical 2.0mm holes to be punched in mild steel sheets up to 4.0mm thick.

Recent developments have also enabled this ratio to be extended still further, especially for particularly demanding applications. For example, RMIG’s Perfocon screens can be manufactured in stainless, galvanised or mild steel with a thickness that is considerably greater than the hole diameter; typically, 0.2mm holes in 1.0mm thick stainless steel. These types of screen also feature directional perforation, which enhances control of the airflow and sieving processes,

Staggered patterns are normally formed by offsetting each row of holes, so that hole centres are at an angle to each other of between 30, 45 and 60 degrees. In practice, the best solution is to use a 60 degree staggered pattern as this produces a uniform matrix of equidistant holes, giving the strongest construction, while maintaining the largest possible open area. The term ‘open area’ describes the total open area, or hole area, for a given sheet size and is essentially a calculation showing the percentage of open surface

In some process separation applications, cylindrical or flat Trieur sheets are fitted within specialist machines, which are used for sorting and grading seeds or for separating one size of granular material from another. Each sheet is constructed from a pattern of punched pockets or cells, precisely shaped to fit the materials being sorted. One of the main challenges is to maximise the number of cells per square metre of sheet, to reduce the size of each machine and improve productivity. This is achieved by careful design of the cell pattern to minimise the spacing between pockets without affecting the mechanical strength of the sheet. A further consideration during manufacture is the affect that the choice of hole shape and pattern can have on the overall performance of the perforated sheet. Typically, the sheet will stretch during production, with the amount of stretch being determined by factors such as the type and thickness of the material, as well as the hole pattern, size and spacing. There is therefore a risk that the perforated sheet might distort during subsequent flattening operations, especially around the margins, which are typically un-perforated. Finally, it is important to consider sheet finishing, to match the needs of each application. Finishes can range from de-burring, galvanising, powder coating and anodising, to electropolishing, which minimises the risk of enzymes and other particles contaminating or clogging holes and reducing flow. Perforated screens are available in many shapes and forms. In each case, it’s important to understand the science of holes and to work with manufacturers such as RMIG to ensure that screens are correctly specified for optimum performance, efficiency and reliability. Issue 12 PECM


VIBROTEST 80 Field Balancer, Data Collector and/or Vibration Analyser

The VIBROTEST 80 is a compact version of the VIBROPORT 80 handheld, with the same data collection, analysis and balancing functionality but with a smaller screen.


IBROTEST 80 is the newest vibration measurement handheld from Brüel & Kjær Vibro. Its lightweight, rugged compact design makes it ideal for route-based data collection, and it can easily be upgraded to a comprehensive four-channel vibration measurement device providing extensive analysis and balancing functionality. The VIBROTEST 80 is a compact version of the VIBROPORT 80 handheld, with the same data collection, analysis and balancing functionality but with a smaller screen. Despite the extensive functionality offered by the VIBROTEST 80, the user-friendly design lends itself to both inexperienced operators and specialists alike. Its modular concept gives it the necessary flexibility and scalability to


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tackle the simplest as well as the most demanding customer requirements, in a cost effective way. The instrument is also available in an Ex version (ATEX certificate) for use in explosive environments. The instrument is available in packages tailored to the user’s application. The Field Balancer package, for example, include all basic accessories, sensors, robust carrying case, and the powerful Report Examiner Software. This dedicated machine balancing package includes: • One or two-plane field balancing (static/dynamic) • Ultrafast Two-plane balancing through innovative prognosis function • Large one or two-plane polar plot display • Two-plane balancing with one or two vibration sensors

• Adjustable target value for residual vibration display (colour coding) • Free choice of adjustment method (polar, fixed location, fixed mass) VIBROTEST 80 can easily be extended to a comprehensive vibration measurement instrument by modules that are also available in the “Analyzer” and “Data Collector” packages. These include the Report & Route Manager Software which provides the user with full plant wide Condition Monitoring capability. This software also allows users to set up customized reports and to post-process and analyze measurement data. For more information, please refer to www.cepstra.co.uk or contact us at Cepstra (UK) Ltd on 01494536600 or sales@cepstra.co.uk

Manufactured in the UK

Tinytag Data Loggers:

Robust Environmental Monitoring Solutions temperature




power usage









Tinytag data loggers include discreet units for indoor monitoring and robust loggers for the harshest environments. UÊRugged and compact UÊEasy to use UÊDust, splash or waterproof UÊData downloaded to PC UÊCost-effective Accompanying probes are available for measuring extremes of temperature, and for monitoring awkward to reach areas such as pipework. Data loggers with displays are also available.

Tinytag Plus 2

Energy Logger

Rugged outdoor/industrial temperature/RH logger

Single & three phase power monitoring

From £95 +VAT

£795 +VAT

For larger sites, the Tinytag radio data logging system uses wireless communications to automatically gather data for viewing at the user’s own desk.

Tinytag Ultra 2

Tinytag CO2

Radio system

Indoor temperature/RH logger

Discreet indoor monitoring

Ideal for larger or remote sites

From £69 +VAT

From £325 +VAT

Bundles – 3 loggers/receiver/ software from £1000 +VAT





Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd Scientific House, Terminus Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8UJ, England






Telephone: +44 (0)1243 813000 email: info@tinytag.info www.geminidataloggers.com www.tinytag.info






ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products.

Measure Compressed Air in Large Pipes The latest metris compressed air meter from ifm electronic works on pipes up to 254mm diameter


ew from sensor market leader ifm electronic is a version of the established metris compressed air meter for a variety of pipe sizes, up to and including 254mm internal diameter. Compressed air is worth measuring, too. Manufacturing industry in the UK typically loses in excess of 30% of its compressed air to leaks and 1 kW of compressed air work costs the equivalent of 10 kW of electricity. The metris SD0523 offers users the ability to measure compressed air flow rates in a range of pipe sizes from as low as 8 Nm³/h in smaller 38mm pipes up to 2110 Nm ³/h in the largest sizes, and will additionally monitor temperatures between 0 and 60 °C. To calculate the appropriate flow rate, the diameter of the pipe is programmed into the metris on commissioning. This allows the user the flexibility of keeping one metris unit in stock for various pipe bores.

The two available outputs provided by the SD0523 can be configured to suit. Output 1 options are : normally open or normally closed switch, or quantity meter (pulse), while Output 2 can also be a normally open or normally closed switch, or alternatively analogue (4 to 20 mA, scalable). Many options are programmable; not only the output functions, which include adjustment of the hysteresis, but also the display can be set to show current flow or a running total, and the display itself can be rotated or even switched off. The metris operates on 18 to 30V DC, with PNP outputs, connected via a standard M12 connector. The metris, the first versions of which were released a few years ago, remains one of the best ways of monitoring that most expensive of commodities; compressed air. With

ever-increasing energy costs, users across industry have been turning to the metris, not only to measure how much compressed air the plant is using in operation, but also to identify just how much is wasted by leakage when the machinery is turned off. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma.anderson@ifm.com.









Measurment & Monitoring






Issue 12 PECM


The VIBROPORT 80 is the newest generation of portable vibration measuring instruments from

Since the early 1970’s, Bruel & Kjaer Vibro has been successfully developing solutions for maintenance - based condition monitoring and field balancing of machines in numerous industrial applications. From the first portable vibration measuring instrument VIBROTEST up to today’s VIBROPORT 80, this fundamental design concept continues.

Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

Machinery Fault Detection & Diagnosis 1 & 2 Plane Field Balancing Up to Four Channels Large Colour Display ( VGA) Robust Ergonomic Housing (IP65) ATEX, IECEx & CSA approval Windows based Analysis Software Modular Construction - additional applications can be added at any time Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

FFT Spectra & REB Fault Detection with Envelope Analysis Order Analysis (Phase & Amplitude) Time Signal for Post Processing Transfer Function for Modal Analysis Up to 4 Channels with Triaxial Measurements Dual Channel Measurements (max. X/Y, orbit etc) Simultaneous display of Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement Copyright Brüel & Kjær Vibro Gmbh

For further details, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact

150A West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. HP12 3AE Tel: 01494 536600 Fax: 01494 536603 www.cepstra.co.uk

Proccess Technologies Three Counties Fluid Power has launched a new web catalogue for access to the many Fluid Power product ranges that they supply.

Visit us at:

Three Counties Fluid Power supply fluid power products, including Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Filtration, Instrumentation, Vacuum, Ancillaries, Process, Systems and Hose & Fittings, to many industrial sectors. Supplying both new and retrofit equipment without bias and with full manufacturers support, Three Counties are a Parker Hannifin Distributor and Parker Store. Three Counties Fluid Power have now introduced an online catalogue displaying the products supplied which can be found at www.thefluidpowercatalogue.com. Orders and enquiries can be placed through this website. If you have any queries relating to items on the website or in general then Three Counties are also contactable on 01633 266522 or by email to Sales@ThreeCounties-FluidPower.co.uk.

Star Refrigeration launch energy efficient HFO Chiller after a year’s research project into low GWP cooling

Centrifuge Systems STAR Precoat & Vacuum Systems

Star Refrigeration has taken the next step in its long term strategy to develop products that reduce the total cost of ownership for its customers with the announcement of the extension to its high efficiency Indigochiller range to include HFO refrigerants. This solution provides an alternative to R134a as uncertainty remains in Europe over the future of the F-Gas Regulations and HFC refrigerants. The new addition to Star’s air cooled Indigochiller range uses the synthetic refrigerant R1234ze, which has a low Global Warming Potential of 6. Star teamed up with Danfoss Turbocor and Honeywell when developing the new range of Indigochiller at their design and manufacturing facilities in Glasgow, Scotland.


World Authority in Separation Technologies E: hydroflow@eriezeurope.co.uk . T: +44 (0)29 2085 5800

Ecotile: specialist solutions to tough warehousing challenges Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility.

Solutions for industry Your partners for:

James Gedye, Managing Director Ecotile comments; “Our interlocking floor tiles are ideal for warehousing applications as they provide a durable and safe flooring solution that can be installed with minimal downtime and is robust enough to cope with warehouse traffic day after day.

• Industrial power tools • Accessories & hoses • Tool repair and servicing for all major brands

Many of our products can be installed without the requirement for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive, significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.”

• Maintenance programmes

To understand how Ecotile could benefit your warehousing or distribution facility please call 01582 788 232 or email enquiries@ecotileflooring.com

• Hand Arm Vibration testing • Tool audits & assessments

Tool services

• Noise assessment

MASTER ABRASIVES has launched a new website to focus on its tool servicing offer and has appointed Andy Wright as sales manager for the Master Tool Services department. Andy will continue as business development manager on the abrasives side of the company, but will now focus on the development of its tooling offer. He also managed the Master stand at the Advanced Engineering Show where Master promoted its complete Tool Servicing package. “Now, we have invested in facilities, equipment and personnel with a view to taking pneumatic tool maintenance to a new level within the industry, offering solutions for industry alongside our abrasives package” states Paul Batson, MD.

Tel: 01327 703813


• Trigger time monitoring • Airline efficiency assessments • Dust extraction systems • Training

Visit us on stand B18 Tel: 01327-703813



Issue 12 PECM


ALLTEC LLC Patents Floating Roof Storage Tank Monitoring System


t any given time, 2,000 thunderstorms blanket the earth, producing between 40-80 lightning strikes per second, and creating a constant threat to oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. Lightning and other electrical discharges at or near a floating roof tank poses a serious risk of fire and explosion if the discharge ignites the fumes of the flammable liquids. This risk is particularly high at or near the rim of the roof of floating roof tanks, as an air gap typically exists between the floating roof and the shell of the floating roof tank. In fact, lightning induced rim seal fires are the most common type of fire in floating roof tanks, particularly external floating roof tanks. ALLTEC has developed, using patented innovative active monitoring technology, an easy way to monitor your existing lightning strike mitigation measures as well as those proposed by the American Petroleum Institute RP 545. The GroundGuardian® FRTM (Floating Roof Tank Monitor) detects hazardous changes in resistance of the electrical bond between the floating roof and the storage tank’s grounding system. The GroundGuardian® FRTM Monitor/Alarm is housed in an ATEX rated flame-proof/explosion proof metal enclosure suitable for installation

in the hazardous environment of your External Floating Roof Tank (EFRT). The GroundGuardian® FRTM continuously monitors for unsafe deviations produced by corrosion, product/wax accumulation, or breakage. By using an intrinsically safe ground loop supervisor circuit, the state of your existing shunts are monitored. If a dangerous state change occurs, the GroundGuardian® FRTM can notify your facility’s Process Control monitoring system. The system allows for continuous, reliable monitoring. Features & Benefits GroundGuardian® FRTM Dry Relay Contacts (DRC’s) and your facility’s Process Control monitoring system can: • Initiate external alarms • Activate product transfer interlocks • Update time/date stamp records • Trigger lightning protection bonding inspection/maintenance Enclosure Ratings: • NEC/CEC: Class I, Groups B, C & D, Type 3&4, Class II, Groups E, F & G, and Class III Hazardous Locations • ATEX: Zone 1

Ease of Management: • During normal conditions, green LEDs flash at the dedicated tank unit and non-alarm condition at the control center • When the bonding system integrity deteriorates or malfunctions and resistance of the roof-to-shell bond rises above 10 Ω, 2 DRC contacts change state to provide alarm condition at the control center, while a red LED remains illuminated at the dedicated tank unit ALLTEC is an international company specializing in engineered grounding/ earthing and bonding, surge and lightning protection systems. We offer applications knowledge and experience to our customers, provide ideal riskmitigation strategy and proven ALLTEC Protection Pyramid™ engineered solutions. Learn more at www.alltecglobal. com/groundguardian

Lightning and other electrical discharges at or near a floating roof tank poses a serious risk of fire and explosion if the discharge ignites the fumes of the flammable liquids.

At any given time, 2,000 thunderstorms blanket the earth, producing between 40-80 lightning strikes per second, and creating a constant threat to oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. 96

PECM Issue 12

Proccess Technologies

Tel: 0208 339 7370 462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England

Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web:


Liquid Chiller Temperature Control Systems Mydax stands apart from other chiller manufacturers by providing the elite chiller system on the market, utilizing patented proportional refrigeration control, rugged tubular steel frames and state of the art touchscreen controls. Expert use of flowmeters, pressure transducers, pulse width modulated valves and variable frequency drives allow precise temperature and fluid flow control. Long term system performance is insured by incorporating high quality components and decades of experience. Thorough system testing and a dedicated support team utilize built in diagnostic and safety devices to keep all chiller systems performing to design specifications for years. Made in USA. Our wide temperature range industrial chillers, available ultra precision temperature stability and our ability to utilize Multi Channel designs for a smaller footprint and an economical solution for multiple cooling loop applications where 1, 2, 3 or more temperature control loops are needed, makes Mydax a unique solution for your applications. When quality and reliability count, turn to Mydax. When your temperature control needs have special requirements, interfaces and demands, Mydax has the answers. Mydax custom designs and manufactures every temperature control system to directly meet their customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs, whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a one of a kind custom chiller or 100+ OEM systems. Please call or visit Mydax online for more information. www.mydax.com

Are You Ready For The Regulator?

exida has certified more process safety devices to IEC 61508 than any other agency worldwide. We are the industry leader in the certification of personnel, products, systems and processes. We provide expert end user and OEM system consulting, product testing and certification, assessment, cybersecurity and alarm management services. Certified Functional Safety Training www.functionalsafetyuk.com Contact information: email: info.uk@exida.com telephone: +44(0)1926 676125

excellence in dependable automation

Issue 12 PECM


Proccess Technologies Save energy & save money! Air Dryer Technology is an independent specialist company providing service and after sales support on all types and makes of compressed air/gas dryer, filtration and condensate management systems. The main activity is providing technical support and comprehensive packages for on-site servicing of compressed air/gas treatment equipment and desiccant air drying plant. Air Dryer Technology also provides consultancy and equipment upgrades to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Retrofitting a dryer control system provides significant benefits by operating to actual site conditions, rather than original design specification. It will also restore customer confidence in equipment operation and performance. Installing a dewpoint control system to a compressed air desiccant dryer will save energy, considerably reduce operating costs, and provide efficient dewpoint control. Features and benefits include; Controls Compressed Air Monitor Dewpoint Extends Service Time Extend Cycle Time Constant Dryer Knowledge Retrofit Design Record Performance Data Installation Service/Technical Support

Tel: 0161 788 7900

Save Money Reduce risk Maximise desiccant life Reduce switching valve wear Increase confidence No equipment modifications required Predict dryer failure Peace of mind


Servicing & Repairs of Rotary Valves and Diverter Valves Free of charge assessment by a DMN engineer Genuine spare parts used to the original manufacturer’s specification Comprehensive 12 month warranty with continued support with all refurbished DMN valves Refurbishment service by the original manufacturer ATEX certification and validation services

DMN UK Ltd. T +44 1249 818 400 dmn@dmnuk.com


www.dmnwestinghouse.co.uk 98

PECM Issue 12


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The directors and production staff at ARL.

ince commencing trading in the mid 1970s, Applied Rubber Linings (ARL), the Gloucester based rubber lining business is firmly established as a UK market leader, renowned and respected throughout industry for providing a quality product and reliable service in protective linings and coatings for all types of process plant and equipment.


The range of industries served by ARL includes mining, quarrying and aggregates, water and effluent treatment, waste treatment and recycling, engineering and manufacturing, power generation, paper production, oil and gas, marine and shipping, metal treatment, and processing of chemicals, dyes, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers. Right across the UK and overseas ARL’s linings protect against corrosion and abrasion in the most aggressive process conditions; including exposure to acids and alkaline chemicals, abrasive slurries, shot blast grit, crushed rock and aggregates, sea water, effluent and sewage sludge, vibratory finishing media, and industrial fumes and gases. Rubber linings also provide the additional benefits of noise reduction, product protection and electrical insulation. Rubber lining materials available include soft natural rubber, hard ebonite rubber, butyl, neoprene, hypalon and EPDM. The linings can be applied from 1.5mm to 50mm thick, and can be bonded to mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and

aluminium, plus titanium and other exotic metals. Rubber linings supplied by ARL are installed in process tanks and vessels, pipe work, valves, pumps, chutes, hoppers, agitators and mixers, cyclones, filters, flow meters, industrial fans, duct work, centrifuges and reclaimers; and are exported by UK manufacturers all over the world as components of plant and equipment for electroplating ,water treatment, sand washing, aggregate processing, fume scrubbing, chemical processing, food production, steel production, shot blasting and many other processes. Most of the linings supplied by ARL are applied in the Gloucester factory, but we also offer an on site service including inspections and reports on existing linings, plus on site repairs and complete relines as required. In addition to rubber linings ARL also provides additional services in fabrication, shot blasting, painting and transport. Along with Production Director Robert Travell, Keith heads a staff of about a dozen, most of whom are long-term employees. Combined, the wealth of experience is vast. Between Keith and Robert alone there is nearly 80 years’ joint experience of supplying protective linings and coatings to industry. “We work closely with our customers to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to the problems of corrosion, wear and abrasion, noise and product protection, that will occur when process plant is operating in aggressive and

Rubber lining a large process valve.

Unloading rubber lined items from the steam autoclave. hostile environments,” says Managing Director Keith Travell. “We focus on building long-term relationships that are based on reliability, quality, flexibility, integrity and trust. Many of our customers have been with us for decades and regard ARL as key partners in their manufacturing process” For further information, visit www. applied-rubber.co.uk. Alternatively telephone 01452 381849 or email keith@applied-rubber.co.uk. Issue 12 PECM


Product News Fanless robust micro PC for vehicles The NUVO 3100VTC is a specialised embedded system which was specifically developed for operation in vehicles and has been certified. The compact fanless system can be adapted to the requirements of various different installation locations by configuring its CPU performance. The core i7-3610QE and the core i5-3610ME basic components from Intel are optionally available. The highly compact housing for the new NUVO 3100VTC with its 210 x 165 x 59 mm has four GBit PoE interfaces with 25.5 W output. Furthermore, the chassis accommodates a large number of communication interfaces such as USB 3.0, COM ports, mini PCIes and digital inputs and outputs. The NUVO 3100VTC is specifically certified for use in vehicles and has the ECE mark of conformity.

JSP has introduced a new calculator on its PressToCheck™ website presstocheck.com that quickly and easily illustrates the extent of the savings that can be made by using a reusable Force 8™ halfmask with PressToCheck™ P3 filters, compared to disposable masks. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds can be saved over a matter of months by using the system, which estimates replacing the filters every five days rather than after just one use. JSP invites you to visit www.presstocheck.com website to check for yourself. No wonder PressToCheck™ won the BSIF Product Innovation Award 2014, since it has revolutionised daily face mask fit-checking. And now it can revolutionise your PPE budget, too. More information is available from www.presstocheck.com, or by emailing uksales@jsp.co.uk, or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.


Intelligent Cameras Now with Penguin Support At this year’s VISION exhibition, Vision Components (hall 1, stand F42) will showcase a new generation of intelligent cameras with innovative hardware and software. Operating with Linux firmware, the systems follow a new processor approach: until now, VC has been using freely programmable DSPs combined with the proprietary VCRT operating system which ensures optimal hardware utilization. Now, the VC Z series employs a new Xilinx hardware module that integrates FPGA logic and a dual core ARM processor. Both elements can be programmed. This design not only minimizes the required space on the board, but also enables a considerable speed boost, if required: since the FPGA can now be used for image processing, this process can be executed up to ten times faster than without FPGA support.

Tel: +49 7243/216 716

JSP’s Press to check™ Calculator Shows the Huge Cost Savings of the Most Effective Mask on the Market


Fitzpatrick CCS Series (Contained Chilsonator System) High Containment Roll Compaction The Contained Chilsonator System (CCS) Roll Compaction Series from Fitzpatrick incorporates the latest developments in roll compaction, and showcases the Company’s newest technology. Available models range in size from lab to full-scale production Units. The CCS Series is designed to fully contain all product in its processing and receiving sections. The sealed design allows for the optional Product Containment System (PCS) to be added at the discharge. This enables the process area to be operated in an inert environment or kept under partial vacuum to maximize product containment levels, thereby enhancing the level of safety for both the operator and production facility.

Tel: 01494 792898 Email: compaction@ytron-quadro.co.uk www.ytron-quadro.co.uk

Sonatest launch a new flaw detector series offering choice, customisation and performance, Take a Closer Look. Sonatest Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the latest range of the Sitescan and Masterscan series of flaw detectors. Retaining the best features of the established series, the new range has evolved in response to the requirements of users and their applications, combining simplicity of use with improved capability and field proven reliability. The end user now has the freedom and flexibility to customise their instrument to fulfil their preferences and meet their application demands exactly as they need. With all units being field upgradeable, the adaptability of the unit’s capability over time is increased. Find out more about Sonatest Ltd and our products by email sales@sonatest.com or visiting www.sonatest.com

“Rolling in results” with the new Corrosion Mapping Scanning solution from Sonatest Ltd Introducing the Veo & Corrosion WheelProbe Scanning System Building on the proven success of Corrosion WheelProbe a new semi-automated solution for corrosion mapping applications has been developed by Sonatest Ltd; the Veo & Corrosion WheelProbe (CWP) Scanning system. The CWP Scanner is a new enhancement in response to clients’ requests, providing an easier, semi-automated way of providing 100% coverage. The system as a whole consists of the veo 16:64, a phased array flaw detector, a 64 element Corrosion WheelProbe and a CWP scanner. The Corrosion Wheel Probe is a tried and tested solution for corrosion mapping by many leading companies in the Pipeline and Oil & Gas sectors, hence the development of this system.

Tel: 01908 316345

Email: sales@sonatest.com

RMIG Bridge Slot screens cut process drying times

Ecotile: dedicated solutions for ESD flooring requirements

An innovative range of drying screens has been launched in the UK by RMIG, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision perforated products. Bridge Slot screens are specially designed for use in drying and storing all sorts of solid materials, such as grains, herbs, and more recently wood-chip, which is now primarily used to fuel biomass boilers.

Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility - providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world.

RMIG’s Bridge Slot screens are designed to enable a unique flow of air through the slots. This significantly improves air circulation, reducing drying times and increasing efficiency. With the right heating and storage conditions moisture content in wood-chip for example, can be reduced from an initial 50% to an ideal 18-20% in just 48 hours. For further information about RMIG’s Bridge Slot screens visit www.rmig.co.uk


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As a specialist flooring manufacturer, Ecotile offers dedicated solutions for some of the toughest flooring challenges, including ESD static dissipative flooring systems. James Gedye, Managing Director, Ecotile explains; “Many of our industrial customers have very specific requirements for ESD flooring – sometimes across entire production modules and sometimes within small, specialised spaces within the business. We frequently deploy our ESD static dissipative flooring system to create dedicated areas – that can also be clearly marked with our logo tiles. To understand how Ecotile could benefit your facility, please call 01582 788 232 or email enquiries@ecotileflooring.com


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Designed to give visibility and control of stores inventory, with management reporting, user accountability and budgetary controls.

" Increased Productivity " Reduced Waste " Product Compliance " Batch Traceability " Reduced Inventory " Budgetary Control

Managed Stock

Fully Managed Store

!IMS - ticks ALL the boxes! IMS ! ! " >""" >""" >""" >""" >""" >""" >!!! >!!!

Budgetary Control User Accountability Approvals & Endorsement No Hoarding Less Waste Reduction in Usage Management Reporting Automated Reordering Audit Trails


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Vending Solutions Integrated Supply

Contact Central Support

!0116 257 2365 Quote Ref: V-PE1

When you are adjusting the height and reach of the seat in your car, you probably don’t give a thought to the mechanism that allows this to happen. Springs form an important part of these mechanisms and they are used to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Each application is different and requires a spring that has been individually designed to meet the requirements for force, physical size and operational life. William Hughes are specialists in the design and manufacture of a wide range of springs and bent wire components for automotive applications. Its team of experienced application engineers uses the latest computer aided design software and specialised spring data to develop springs that are optimised for each application. “Car manufacturers often contact us when they have a problem that needs solving quickly,” said Emma Burgon, Engineering Director, William Hughes. “By working closely with the automotive engineers and using our rapid design and prototyping service we can develop a custom engineered spring solution that fully meets our customer’s requirements.” For example, in car seat applications, when a vehicle is involved in an accident, the inertia of the mechanism that enables the forward and backward adjustment may allow the seat to be released from its track. By using a spring to overcome the forces that release the mechanism, the seat remains secure. William Hughes has designed, and is now manufacturing, a number of springs for these critical applications.

www.brownmac.com Email: pecm@brownmac.com

Also interested in really fast, rugged, light, accurate, customised and inexpensive infrared thermometers and cameras for non-contact measurements between -50°C to +3000°C? Visit www.optris.co.uk




There’s no two ways about it: our flexible infrared cameras provide simple, trouble-free connection to tablets via USB.

with a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution from Cromwell

640 x 480 p px

Discover a better way to manage your inventory - and reduce costs

Specialist springs from William Hughes help improve car comfort and safety

New N ew w

CROMWELL www.cromwell.co.uk



Product News

In addition to special springs for car interiors, William Hughes can also supply a wide range of bent wire forms and sub assemblies for car seats and trim panels. Seat cushion frames are welded or clipped together and supplied as complete pre-assembled units. These rigid assemblies are ready for immediate use to suit the requirements of the foam moulding process. For further details contact Tel:(01963) 363377 Fax:(01963) 363640 Email: sales@wmhughes.co.uk www.wmhughes.co.uk

Innovative Infrared Technology

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Man and Machine Training Academy

Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk  training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include:     

AutoCAD Essentials AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals AutoCAD Advanced AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

E: marketing@manandmachine.co.uk W: www.manandmachine.co.uk T: 01844 263 700

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Software & Systems 15 Years of serving real-world customers with real-world requirements, ScadaPhone has evolved into the most reliable, most powerful, and most flexible Windows based alarm dialer available ScadaPhone Alarm Dialer: OPC, DDE or OLE interface to all SCADA applications Reports Alarms via Voice, SMS, Pager and Email No Limitation on number of alarms to monitor Powerful yet easy to use Scheduler Extensive Event Logging Built-in support for SCADA Redundancy

Phone: 888-722-3283 | Web: scadatec.com | E-Mail: sales@scadatec.com Ph

New thermal imaging software delivers instant reporting at just one click! Two new software packages which cut thermal imaging engineers’ survey reporting time by 20% have been developed by thermographic services specialist, Ti Thermal Imaging Ltd. The software streamlines the data capture, input and analysis procedures associated with thermal imaging report generation and maintenance monitoring. TICOR™ is believed to be the first Android-based thermal imaging reporting application which provides immediate one click report generation. Installing the software on an android tablet enables engineers to enter data from a thermal imaging camera directly into the tablet and produce instant diagnostic reports while they are still on site with just one click at the end of each TI survey. The TICOR™ software can also be integrated into WEBCOR™ - Ti Thermal Imaging’s new online predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programme – and, again with just one click, the data captured on TICOR™ can be uploaded onto WEBCOR™ to provide data comparison and tracking of any changes to give early indication of potential issues or problem areas. Both software programmes are compatible with any thermal imaging cameras that produce images in various formats as well as the recentlylaunched Seek Thermal camera attachment for mobile phones. They provide a particularly efficient solution for monitoring and managing thermal imaging information for multi-site operations. Ti Thermal Imaging is currently offering engineers a free threemonth trial of its new TICOR™ Android-based thermal imaging reporting application. For free trial and more information please contact: Rachael Browning Tel: +44 (0) 203 044 2940 rachael@thermalimaging.co.uk www.thermalimaging.co.uk

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PECM Issue 12

Issue 12 PECM



PECM Issue 12

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Storage Handling & Distribution C3412 – The new generation “Compact Crane” With unique infinite outrigger positioning technology, the versatile C3412 can be set up and operated in the most demanding of confined spaces. Hybrid technology allows it to operate internally or externally around production lines or construction sites.

Stowed: Only 2m high, 1m wide and 2.9m long Reach: 21m

With unique infinite outrigger positioning technology, the versatile C3412 can be set up and operated in the most demanding of confined spaces. Hybrid technology allows it to operate internally or externally around production lines or construction sites. This compact crane has a maximum lifting capacity of more than 4 TON!!!

Reedyk compact cranes dealer for the UK and Ireland www.promaxaccess.com • sales@promaxaccess.com

Crane hydraulics in ports The demanding operating conditions, large loads and 24 hour working associated with portside container cranes means high-performance hydraulic systems are required. Ruppel Hydraulik has developed and produced a wide range of system solutions for harbour cranes, including compact hydraulic units for sway control, as well as complete hydraulic units for heavy-lift harbour cranes and automated cranes. Because they operate under harsh environmental conditions, moving large loads or load configurations, harbour cranes are a challenging field of application for hydraulics. Ruppel Hydraulik is able to benefit from considerable experience in this particular field. The company has developed a hydraulic sway control system which has been retrofitted to many harbour container cranes across the world.

Tel: +49 5042 9322 25


Intelligent IP69K drives for pumps and conveyors in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries

Ecotile interlocking PVC floor tiles are a heavyduty flooring solution with a proven track record in many of the UK’s premier manufacturing companies. • Fast installation: minimal downtime

Email: info@nord.com

• Durable and easy to maintain – 10 year guarantee

Part-system build service for OEMs

• Made in the UK • Copes easily with forklift traffic • Oil and chemical resistant • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue • Full quality ratings including: ISO9001 / 14001, CE Mark, BFI S1 Fire Rating and the R10 anti-slip rating.

Telephone 01582 788 232 or email enquiries@ecotileflooring.com


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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies efficient drive units for dynamic speed control and automatic process control in applications that need to be regularly cleaned with high-pressure steam jets. Developed for strict hygiene requirements and featuring IP66/IP69K ingress protection, smooth-surface motors with an integrated frequency inverter are available for the 0.37..1.1 kW performance range. Common applications include conveyors, pumps, mixers, and agitators. Sensor data such as pressure or flow rate values can be directly communicated to the drives, enabling them to automatically adapt to current demand. If partial load operation is frequent, an automatic energysaving function decreases the running costs by a significant share. In conveyor applications, light barriers can be used for contact-free or gapless accumulation. A soft start function reduces the starting current and results in less stress on the mechanical system and the transported goods.


MiniTec’s full service (supply chain management) capability benefits Cobalt Light Systems. Abingdon-based Cobalt Light Systems develops products and technologies for non-invasive subsurface chemical analysis and produces its INSIGHT100 table-top screening device for evaluating the chemical composition of liquids, powders and gels in glass or plastic containers. Used widely at airports, high security establishments and other passenger hubs, it employs an exclusively developed technology called SORS (Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy) which was invented at the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and through technology transfer initiatives has successfully found its way into very beneficial use. The machine is part of a range of screening, analysis and characterisation products that Cobalt Light Systems market for security, pharmaceutical and biological applications that rapidly and accurately measure materials without touching or altering the sample.

Tel: 01256 365605


Extra Coldspace Where You Need it, When You Need it For maintenance and breakdown cover, project work or peak manufacturing times. Companies that rely on refrigeration often have a fluctuating need for cold storage. However many don’t know that portable refrigeration is the perfect solution to these changing requirements. You don’t need to invest your capital in building coldrooms that aren’t often in use, nor do you need to manage your processing around your existing capacity. A portable refrigerated unit will give the capacity you need, when you need it, where you need it and it can be taken away when it’s no longer required. Whilst undertaking a major piece of work, The National Composites Centre needed to keep pre-cured components at a steady specific sub zero temperature but were short of refrigerated storage capacity. A call was made to refrigeration experts Team Refrigeration and a 20ft refrigerated container was delivered which was kept on site for 10 months until the project was completed. “Hiring a refrigerated container was the perfect answer for us” said Rob Ludford, Operations Director of the National Composites Centre. “It provided us with the flexibility we needed during an important project and Team Refrigeration were great to deal with providing a really responsive service.” Portable refrigeration units vary in size from towable trailers with a capacity of 9.5m3 that will hold up to 3 pallets right up to 40ft containers with a capacity of 68m3 capable of holding 18 pallets. They provide the following additional benefits: • They are readily available and could be delivered within hours • They can maintain a stable temperature of -40⁰C to +20⁰C • They provide full traceability using data loggers • They can be located conveniently close to the building

Refrigerated containers provide extra cold space either short or long term.

Team Refrigeration have even provided breakdown cover to the AA and to an F1 team. “In both the cases we received calls from facilities managers who were worried about the refrigeration. “ says Tim Edwards, Managing Director of Team Refrigeration. “The AA had a refrigeration unit that had broken down and needed immediate an replacement so the catering department could continue to function. The F1 team had a freezer full of pre-preg and the unit was starting to falter” In both cases backup refrigeration was on site within hours and continuity of cold storage was maintained. If you find yourself scheduling projects or production around your available cold space or have some maintenance planned for your refrigeration, a portable refrigeration unit could be just what you need. And if you have a breakdown and need some backup refrigeration in a hurry, just give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help out. Contact: Tel: 01934 245020 Email: tim@teamrefrigeration.co.uk www.teamrefrigeration.co.uk

Refrigerated trailers can be delivered at very short notice – perfect backup for refrigeration breakdowns.


WEPBA 17-125 Quick


he WEPBA 17-125 Quick is the world’s first compact 1700 watt 5” industrial quality angle grinder with dead-man’s paddle switch, 2 second disc brake and Metabo Auto-balancing technology.

This German built compact angle grinder distinguishes itself with its ergonomic perfection and smallest grip circumference in its power class. The WEPBA 17-125 is best suited for ultimate work progress particularly in intensive industrial shift operation. The World’s first compact 1700 watts grinder boasts a new Patented Metabo Marathon Motor with increased armature diameter for increased torque, more copper in reduced space providing more power in a reduced motor circumference, increased airflow and winding protection for improved cooling and higher overload capacity, a new dust


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protection concept and long life carbon brushes for increased service life. Other main features include Dead-man’s paddle switch and 2 second brake for maximum operator safety, Autobalancer for up to 50% less hand arm vibration and up to 50% increase in accessory life. TC electronics for constant speed under load, soft start, restart protection and overload protection. Metabo S-automatic safety clutch for antikickback protection for operator and machine safety, “Quick” guard change for tool-free adjustment for when switching between grinding and cutting applications and improved “M-Quick” disc change for tool-free changing of accessories. Metabo UK Ltd Tel: 02380 732000 Email: marketing@metabo.co.uk




Metabo UK Southampton (02380) 732000 metabo.co.uk

Valves & Flow Control

Bifold Releases Solenoid Operated BXS Pneumatic Valves


ifold has built on the experience and skills of its workforce to continually broaden its product range. Bifold are proud to announce the launch of their solenoid operated BXS Pneumatic valve range. Bifold’s BXS valve range offers a compact and flexible solution to low pressure applications. Specifically, the solenoid operated types are compact, two-stage valves. The robust design is manufactured from 316L stainless steel as standard with anodised aluminium options also available.


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With a valve operating temperature range of -55°C to + 130°C and worldwide solenoid operator approvals Ex emb, Ex d & Ex ia for ambient temperatures up to 90°C, the solenoid operated product range is available with the widest range of override options. Product design FMEAs, extensive qualification testing, computerised diagnostic factory acceptance testing and test procedures to confirm operational safety factors of all production valves, combine to support the certification of the valves as SIL 3 capable.

A NAMUR interface is available on 5/2 port configuration valves. These types are supplied with multi-functional adaptor plates to permit valve orientation through 90° or conversion to a 3/2 configuration. Bifold has also designed the IPV (Integrated Pilot Valve). This is a cartridge valve that fits within the solenoid operator adaptor, permitting the solenoid operator to be connected directly to the BXS series valve body. Visit our website bifold.co.uk

“The Right Connection ” for all Industries ®

Dixon, a world leader since 1916, supplying Hose and Coupling solutions.

Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email: sales@dixoneurope.co.uk Visit www.dixoneurope.co.uk for our global service locations


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A breath of fresh air Compressed air is one of the dearest forms of energy: the efector metris compressed air meter lets you keep an eye on costs from the total consumption to the smallest leak. Add to that the PQ range of pressure switches; plus MK cylinder position sensors, all at unbeatable prices and you really can stop money disappearing into thin air. Keeping costs down with ifm electronic.

ifm electronic â&#x20AC;&#x201C; www.ifm.com / uk/ pneumatic

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PECM - Issue 12 2015