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Yearly Product Review Issue 6 2013

Process Engineering Control & Maintenance

Advanced Engineering UK 12 - 13th November NEC Birmingham Visit us at Stand:A31

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How far should you go? Non-Destructive Testing P6

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www.globalpacificpartners.com Advance Notice

14th - 16th April 2014

Windhoek Country Club, Windhoek, Namibia

10th Western Africa: Strategy Briefing - 14th April 2014 20th Western Africa Oil, Gas & Energy Conference - 15th - 16th April 2014 Confirmed Speakers Immanuel Mulunga, Petroleum Commissioner, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Namibia | Daniel Gnangni, Director General, Petroci, Abidjan | Serapio Sima Ntutumu, Deputy Director General, Sonagas G.E. | Godwin Sweto, Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Planning , PetroSA, Cape Town | Obeth Mbui Kandjoze, Managing Director, NAMCOR, Windhoek | Fernando Silva de Freitas Maquengo, Executive Director, Agencia Nacional do Petroleo de Sao Tome & Principe | Dr Druncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners | Mitch Flegg, Chief Operating Officer, Serica Energy, London | Larry Bottomley, Chief Executive Officer, Chariot Oil & Gas, London | Dave van der Spuy, Manager, Resource Evaluation, Petroleum Agency SA, Cape Town | Haddou Jabour, Promotion & Partnership Manager, ONHYM, Rabat | Julio Mamadu Balde, Secretary General, Agence de Gestion et de Cooperation entre le Senegal et la Guinea Bissau, Dakar | Rogers Beall, Executive Chairman, Africa Fortesa Corp, Houston | Ian Gordon, International New Ventures Manager, Noble Energy, Houston | Rolake Akinkugbe, Head of Energy, Oil and Gas Research, Ecobank Group, London | Senior Executive, Instinct Energy, Australia | Habib Wakil, General Manager, Nigieria Content Division, Petroleum Technology Development Fund, Abuja | Dr Agostinho Pereira de Miranda, Chairman, Miranda, Correia, Amendoeira & Associados, Portugal | Rob Shepherd, International Chief Executive, Rialto Energy | Ebrahim Takolia, Chief Executive Officer, South African Oil & Gas Alliance, Cape Town | Mike Fischer, chief Operating Officer, Ophir Energy Ltd, Perth | Otunba Funso Lawal OON, Chairman, Sogenal Oil & Gas, Lagos | Stuart Munro, Country Exploration Manager, Africa Portfolio. Signet Petroleum Supported by: Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor Segun Barristers + Solicitors, Lagos

Senior Partners Dr Duncan Clarke: duncan@glopac.com Babette van Gessel: babette@glopac.com

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Specialist Power Screw Products Ex stock power screws & nuts Precision-machined components Self-reversing screws and followers Accredited by Aerospace, Nuclear & Chemical customers Specialist leadscrew & power screw products

Call C all 01482 325676 Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd, Pennington Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 7LD, UK Fax 01482 216438 Email: sales@kingston-engineering.co.uk


November/December 2013 PECM

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BlueEvolution – sustainable welding in locomotive construction Population growth and increasing urbanisation conserving manufacturing processes. Already today, more that 50 percent of the nearly seven billion people on our planet live in cities. The FAO estimates that the total population will rise to some 9.2 billion by 2050. By then the share of urban residents will likely be more than 75 percent. These people will need to be provided with natural resources, energy, water and food, as well as having the waste streams (wastewater, trash) they produce – and associated manufacturing waste – recycled, in terms of a recycling management that is as closed-loop as possible. The need for machinery, steel construction, means of transport and the like that this entails is enormous. However, their construction means consuming the required, limited resources at an ever-accelerating rate, which makes handling these environmentally-friendly manner all the more important – especially in industrial manufacturing. Welding is one of the key technologies in this regard, because to a great extent it is decisive as to the quality, safety, economic production of metallic components. Within the scope of the BlueEvolution guiding theme, EWM AG has developed welding processes that make cost, energy and resource-intensive welding processes

Perfect welding using forceArc on a head piece for locomotives used for heavy-duty goods transport

negative environmental impact, or at least reduce it to a and sustainable production. An example of this is the high-performance welding process forceArc. Smarter welding with forceArc The demands placed on modern welding technology are increasing unabatedly – whether due to the expansion of materials with ever-growing performance capabilities, rising expectations with regard to the quality, speed and reproducibility of results or the increasing cost pressure to contend with international competition. For the welding specialists from Mündersbach, Germany, this means that it’s not enough to determine characteristics adapted to the welding task. Drawing on their core expertise in the areas of electronics, microprocessor technology and inverter technology, the engineers and technicians at EWM analysed the complex interactivity between the individual components and parameters and consequently optimised the entire welding process – thus breaking the welding code. One of the high-performance welding processes that resulted directionally stable and powerful arc. The highly-dynamic current control also provides for a large penetration depth with fewer undercuts. The most important advantages of forceArc at a glance:

welding fume emissions

Siemens locomotives pulling heavy-duty coal trains in Australia


Just how strong these advantages prove to be in practise

PECM November/December 2013

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The entire process conversion was accomplished in only three months. This is primarily thanks to the outstanding cooperation between the Siemens team responsible for the process – consisting of design engineers, welding engineers, work planners and welders – and the EWM determining factor for Siemens was that all components Nearly spatter-free seams ensure the utmost in quality. Consequently, this means welding consumables savings and

expert service partner close by. After a year of practical experience now, the expectations

factors. For instance, the optimised material transfer

on the task at hand and the underlying materials,

weld geometries with smaller included angles. The most important target groups for forceArc welding are the metal construction, mechanical engineering, equipment vehicle manufacturing, railway vehicle manufacturing and shipbuilding. This applies equally to both manual and mechanised or automated welding. Here is a practical example: High-performance construction




quarter of Munich, locomotives have been produced for international markets for 170 years. The development, to customer requirements are the core competencies of the company. For welding engineer Richard Beitinger, head of manufacturing at the Munich locomotive plant, the most important thing with regard to welding the different components and assemblies is maintaining the highest quality standards.

The welding experts of Siemens and ERL, from left to right:

steel, it is either manual or robot-assisted MAG welding.

thickness of about 15 millimetres or thicker, the welding specialists in Munich work with the forceArc process and EWM power sources. Beitinger sees the advantages of decreased welding distortion due to the substantially reduced heat input. Also positive are the very low effort necessary to prepare weld seams, the minimal number of welding passes required and the substantially shortened welding times. The latter not only makes it possible to more quickly manufacture components, it also gives the Expo in Hamburg where Dieter Kocab, EWM welding expert, held a presentation on the topic of “New Types of Arcs – Perfect Welding Technology – a Glimpse of the Future”. This captured the interest of Siemens; an appointment was then arranged for the same month in which a presentation on innovative welding processes was to be made in Munich. Participants included managers from the construction design, welding supervision, work preparation and manufacturing departments. A visit to EWM by Siemens employees followed soon thereafter in of the weld preparation to the EWM processes for manual and mechanical welding were then discussed, as well as the requisite lab tests. Already on December 17, feedback came from Siemens that the results were positive and that as soon as early 2012 the welding of locomotives used for heavy-duty coal transport was to begin in Australia, utilising the technical state-of-the-art and EWM forceArc process.

production planning. arc welding processes offers a great potential for savings at a low investment cost. Today, most manufacturers of welding power sources offer innovative arc technologies not enough. When implementing new welding processes, focusing on the many details and thorough training of the welders is decisive. A further prerequisite for the quick and successful conversion of welding processes and welding construction design is that all key players are a nearby, experienced system partner of the welding system manufacturer. www.ewm-group.com

November/December 2013 PECM

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PECM November/December 2013

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Comtrol IO-Link Master EIP-4 What is IO-Link? IO-Link is a point-to-point serial communication protocol used to communicate with sensors and/or actuators. This increasingly deployed protocol extends the globally recognized PLC standard IEC 61131, which allows three types of data to be exchanged: process data, service data and events. Major sensor manufacturers and industrial manufacturing companies, including Comtrol, have joined the international IO-Link Consortium to promote the IO-Link communication protocol due to its many advantages over standard I/O. Why IO-Link? IO-Link is a powerful, yet simple, protocol with wide support in the industry. There are many reasons to use IO-Link. In almost any place that a digital or analog sensor is used, an IO-Link sensor can provide the end user control. From installation to operation and even maintenance of an automation system, IO-Link provides clear advantages over legacy solutions. Why Comtrol and IO-Link? For more than 30 years, Comtrol Corporation has been a manufacturer and provider of quality networking and industrial data communication products, specializing in industrial Ethernet and device connectivity. With representation across North America, EMEA, Asia and Latin America, Comtrol sells RocketLinx® industrial grade Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switches, DeviceMaster® Ethernet device servers and gateways, and RocketPort® multiport serial cards through distributors, resellers, and integrators worldwide. Providing exceptional product and technical support, Comtrol establishes solutions for a wide range

Comtrol IO-Link Master EIP-4 of the IO-Link standard with the EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols. The IO-Link Master effectively shields the PLC programmers from the IO-Link complexities by EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP interfaces, which decrease system development time and installation efforts. The IO-Link Master provides simultaneous access to the PLC and HMI while controlling and monitoring a variety of systems. The IO-Link Master features a rugged IP67 slim-line design incorporating two Fast Ethernet ports and four IO-Link ports with M12 connectors. Designed for harsh environments, its machine-mount design uses industrial grade components. The IOLink Master is easily integrated into a system network, and is compatible with existing and new industrial Ethernet installations. www.comtrol.com

transportation applications.

Product Highlights Four channel IO-Link Master to EtherNet/IP EtherNet/IP access to IO-Link sensor process, event, and service data Class 1 (implicit) and Class 3 (explicit) interfaces Write-to-Tag/File, Read-from-Tag/File Modbus TCP access to IO-Link sensor process, event, and service data Rugged IP67 housing with M12 connectors for harsh environments DLR for fast network recovery Wide operating temperature (0° to 70°C) LEDs for device, network, and port status Additional digital input on every port IO-Link V1.1 compatibility IO-Link COM1, COM2, and COM3 support (230K baud rate) Slim-line machine-mount installation Innovative QuickLinx technology

New Initiative To Help Engineers Cummins launches green power system campaign Cummins Power Generation, a leading global manufacturer of power generation systems, has launched a new initiative to help their facilities with low emission power systems. The new initiative includes the launch of http://now. cumminspower.com/greenprint, a digital video channel using a ‘talking heads’ advertising campaign. The campaign demonstrates Cummins Power Generation’s dedication to highlighting the importance of current European emission regulations, and legislation already on the horizon. John Dorman, power systems director, EMER said, “Cummins’ new campaign is focused on Europe with the objective of raising awareness of the low emission power systems. “We are reaching out to consulting engineers, designers and power system is required at the outset of a project - explaining that they should act now to future-proof their clients investment.

November/December 2013 PECM

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News & Events 21st Century Scrap Metal Dealers Act arrives

Final judgement “ec-H2O” no better than tap water

The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 is due

So-called “activated water” is no more effective than tap water. Tennant’s advertising claims ascribing the cleaning power of an all-purpose cleaner to water “activated” using the ec-H2O technology, are anti-competitive: This landmark decision by the Stuttgart Regional Court is now legally binding. Tennant has withdrawn its appeal.

vast improvement upon the old 1964 Act and will have a huge impact on metal theft as well abiding Scrap Metal Dealers. The Act will consolidate Scrap Metal Dealers (both sites and mobile collectors) and Motor Salvage Operators, all must be fully licensed with the

With the withdrawal of the appeal the court’s decision is now legally effective: ec-H2O cleans no better than tap water,” says Simon Keeping, Managing

powers including the ability to refuse and revoke licenses should a Dealer the Police have been given powers to enter and inspect premises. are now no circumstances under which cash payments are allowed – those that continue to do so are committing a criminal offence.

Precision Micro Secures 5 Year Agreement with Continental Precision Micro, Europe’s largest advanced chemical etching company, has entered into a long-term agreement with Continental.

recoil and fatigue strength are not compromised during the production process. Therefore, chemical etching is increasingly being used in springs.

Email: sales@precisionmicro.com www. precisionmicro.com

wenglor acquires MEL Mikroelektronik GmbH Another addition to the product portfolio of the sensor manufacturer based in Tettnang Since Friday August 16, 2013, the Munich-based sensor and measuring GmbH based in Tettnang, Germany. With around 40 employees, the company brings more than 25 years of experience and know how in the potential to the full through wenglor’s global sales network. For wenglor, the acquisition means a strategic expansion of the product portfolio and another addition of new technologies. Pictured, the new managing director

expert Thomas Hofmann (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) who had been appointed by the court. Besides Kärcher, other competitors and associations had publicly thrown doubt on the effectiveness of “ec-H2O” and carried out

Winn & Coales International is again recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Growth in World Sales

recognising its growth in world sales over the last three years. combined efforts of the company’s UK, based staff, subsidiary companies and global network of agents offering proven and cost-effective solutions for its customers corrosion and sealing related problems.

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership for ln-line Metal Detection Equipment Understanding the full range of cost considerations when investing in high capital inspection equipment allows manufacturers to formulate more effective and informed investment decisions. line Metal Detection’ outlines the basis of the TCO assessment and explains how its use enhances budgeting and overall cost transparencies. Using practical examples the paper explains how purchasing the correct detector saves revenue throughout its entire usage. Furthermore it outlines a seven point cost saving plan, achievable through implementation of a metal detection programme. To request your copy of this White Paper please visit:

Riley Surface World announces asset disposals from former GKN UK sites

NERO has launched a brand new E-Commerce website linked to customer and for NERO. NERO’s new E-Commerce website has been designed to provide our customers with a user-friendly experience with improved functionality and navigation throughout. The site includes our

Riley Surface World has announced site clearances of former GKN automotive production facilities in the UK.

ABB robotic welding equipment used in the production of vehicle chassis. The second clearance concerns the former GKN Driveline site in Aldridge, near commissioned. This has resulted in a quantity of ancillary equipment becoming available, including a Plascoat Systems pre-treatment and coating line. Both sales are available for a limited period until December 2013. For furtherinformation contact Michael Riley, Riley Surface World


products, each with a complete range of product information, stock availability and technical data.

NERO has opened the website up to new and old customers alike. Current NERO customers can request a login for a unique web account which will show their prices with discounts already applied. Customers who have a credit facility can process orders through the website and continue to be invoiced as normal with no payment required on checkout. On the NERO website, visitors can stay informed of the latest news, access NERO’s E-catalogue and share products and pages that interest them across various social media channels.

PECM November/December 2013

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Innovative Infrared Technology


PECM November/December 2013

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There’s no two ways about it: our extensive portfolio of infrared thermometers covers all the spectral, temperature and dynamic ranges you could want.

Also interested in really fast, rugged, light, accurate, customised and inexpensive pyrometer models for non-contact temperature measurements between -50°C and +2200°C? Or in infrared cameras? Visit www.optris.co.uk


November/December 2013 PECM

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News & Events AUMA Actuators Aid Tax Advantage

as part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. The





capital allowance, (as opposed to the usual 18%), on investment in the AUMA UK, supplier of modular electric actuators to the engineering and process industries, provides comprehensive support for all AUMA and including protection against water hammer.


Is your profit leaking away? against hazardous overpressures. They provide numerous advantages, opening when pressure becomes too high and automatically closing after venting. However, an immense drawback is that safety valves are not providing leak material wastage and rising emission rates. REMBE® has developed a unique two-layered REMBE® reverse acting buckling-pin bursting disc (KUB®); its usability in those types of demanding processes has proven itself for years. The BT-KUB® Euler. As opposed to other bursting disc manufacturers, REMBE® waives any mechanical scoring. This is due to the fact that response pressures state-of-the-art laser technology.






THE 2014 OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGY ROADSHOW "The Oil & Gas Technology Roadshow hits the road in June 2014 visiting Major Sub-Contractor and OEM Organisations across the UK hubs of Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth. This represents an amazing opportunity to come and present your products, services and technologies on board our unique exhibition vehicle directly inside the customers premises.

So if you would like to come and meet the Design/ Development/R&D Purchasing and Senior Management Personnel at some of the most strategic Oil & Gas Organisations then please contact us and we will send you a full information pack by return."

Schlumberger, Halliburton, Kongsberg, Baker Hughes, Subsea7, Weatherford and many others are all on the proposed tour list for 2014.

! Contact John Aldridge Tel: +44 (0) 1189 886823 Email: john@dream-marketing.co.uk www.dream-marketing.co.uk

We will provide you with your Exhibition stand with graphic display, power, lighting and cupboard storage and the opportunity to have two of your personnel on the vehicle at each location on the route. C O N T A C T








PECM November/December 2013

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Choose the best, Choose Kingsway Business Park

www.kingsway-business-park.com November/December 2013 PECM

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Boilers & Maintenance Fulton electric boiler provides a cure for Prysmian Group Bristol-based heat transfer specialist Fulton has supplied Prysmian Group’s Bishopstoke facility a skid-mounted electric boiler and ancillaries, steam from which is being used to cure the insulation applied to the company’s electric cables. Commenting on the process, Prysmian’s Nicolas Chevaux explains that curing is used to strengthen and increase the heat resistance of the insulation. “Without the process, the insulation would have a lower temperature resistance and hence the cable would have a lower current rating.” Following manufacture, batches of up to 16 drums are placed into a container where steam from Fulton’s EP100 Electropack boiler system is

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Ind Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel : 0121 327 5362 Fax : 0121 328 2934 sales@certuss.co.uk www.certuss.co.uk

Cleaning Solutions

Kärcher Intelligent Key Choose from 16 pre-set languages

The simplest ideas are often the best. Kärcher’s B 40, 60 and 80 range of walk-behind scrubber driers offer more innovation and productivity than ever before. Packed with simple features to make life easier for both purchasers and operators - like cost-reducing eco!efficiency mode, automatic tank cleaning, on-board cleaning tool storage, a wide choice of interchangeable cleaning heads, and Kärcher’s clever operator-specific key system - the B 40, 60 and 80 save time and resources, and provide fantastic cleaning performance. For more information on how Kärcher can make a difference to your business, call 01295 752142, email cleaning@karcher.co.uk or visit www.karcher.co.uk



PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 18:57:33

Meeting the challenge of global logistics and support for large power transmission projects The key to supplying and supporting large operationally critical power transmission equipment on a global basis is a combination of experience, planning and having the right people available on-site virtually anywhere in the world, says Neil Wright, MD of Wichita Clutch. manufactures and supplies the world’s largest range of industrial clutches, brakes, couplings and geared motors. As such it can provide a valuable insight into how to deliver and support these sometimes huge and usually operationally critical items of plant equipment. manufacture matters; what to consider when shipping; and how to manage commissioning and local support. There are several criteria which come into play when supplying large items of power transmission equipment on a global basis. The ability to both deliver and provide effective technical support for a large item of plant equipment, anywhere in the world, is critical to success in today’s global business climate. The performance of a supplier on an ongoing basis is also crucial to maintaining a positive working relationship and helping to achieve

When handling paperwork, communication and coordinating after sales support on a global basis it is

across the Atlantic, commission an oil rig, produce steel or even make an island – all of which are applications where Wichita clutches can be found.

America, South America, Europe and Asia and therefore it is likely that direct after sales support, from a local speaking national, is never far away.

When you manufacture a niche product, the knowledge and machines required to design and manufacture

For commissioning we predominantly use our own people to complete or oversee a build, we have teams that are trained to handle our products and can travel to most locations in the world. We also have international support engineers that can be deployed locally on all the

be concentrated in a limited number of locations. This distribution and delivery network, which is why we have a department dedicated to world-wide logistics and have done so for over 50 years. Paperwork requirements vary us to have continuity in that department, to learn the most effective ways of doing business and to continue to build-up our cache of local knowledge.

any questions can be answered and issues addressed immediately. When selling smaller, more standardised or commodity based items of power transmission equipment, in-country distribution partners and third party sales support make perfect sense. However, when you are dealing with highvalue capital pieces of equipment, where each application is different in some way, then there are too many variables to leave the task to someone who isn’t a total specialist. A good way to illustrate how the organisation accommodates both sales and ongoing support is to look at a typical example: Wichita recently designed, manufactured and delivered dredging ship. We have supplied several large clutches to dredging ships before, so there was a degree of accumulated knowledge within the company on this type of application, this one however was larger than anything we had produced before. The clutch couples a three speed gearbox to a large on-board pump which is used to provide suction to a trailing hopper that takes-up the river its operation and is used to empty the hold, either to build-up banks or disperse the material.


PECM November/December 2013

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itself. Of course our operatives are fully trained for such an eventuality, from basic site safety through to working in offshore environments, but if we can catch a problem prior to deployment then that is obviously preferable. the clutch but our primary concern is to help resolve the problem. When required by our customers we can apply a structured problem solving approach, such as “8D�, to resolve problems. Using this process we look to identify, allows us to establish a permanent corrective action based on analysis of the problem; focusing on the origin leads to repeat business – you have to be able to trust and rely on your suppliers after all. series marine clutch for a dredging ship

Our direct customer is the gearbox manufacturer, so this was the largest version of this arrangement ever produced so it involved us designing a bespoke clutch to is large or small, most products with this type of large power transmission system are custom manufactured to a greater or lesser degree; though often based on an existing design. Proper consultation is absolutely essential

Being involved in the design process from the outset is a good example of how the organisation works around producing a large piece of bespoke PT equipment. We know that we have to be able to provide engineering input from an early stage and commit engineering and for commissioning

planning the design of the clutch itself. This carries a large overhead, as does maintaining our own logistics teams and commissioning engineers, but it also ensures we are out of sequence deliveries.

of the dredger mentioned above, the gearbox assembly will be supplied to the shipyard for integration into the ship, which means supplying essentially a collection of

in such applications allows us to add value to the design process: we work with design engineering departments and help to integrate our CAD models with those of the customer so it is possible to drop them straight into the design. This early partnership saves time and reduces is also critical to success and it is possible for us to build

manager to oversee the assembly and construction of the clutch and then observe the sea trials to make absolutely sure the equipment is performing as expected.


To many companies this may look like overkill, but there are so many variables in a bespoke build of this scale

Every company works differently, but when selling and supporting heavy duty clutch and brake products throughout the world, we have developed a model

potential issues as, or even before, they arise. This helps to minimise any potential problems and ensures through a thorough check and sign-off process to make

approach, as we would say in the UK -applying engineers early in the process, taking care of the logistics internally and providing sales and support engineers throughout the world (covering China, Russia, Europe, Asia and the

operating parameters. little or no margin for error. arises while a ship or rig is in service then this can involve November/December 2013 PECM

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28/10/2013 18:57:37

Connectors & Fittings Keep a cool head in case of corrosion hazard

Dispensing solutions

Coolant circuits place special requirements on the connections and lines used. To meet these requirements, Eisele offers a special

We offer an extensive range of manual and automatic dispensing nozzles together with steel is the standard material of manufacture (other materials including Hastelloy are available), enabling the units to be suitable for a wide usage range including hygienic (FDA) and acid applications. The illustrated

with optimised connections in a full range of sizes and time-proven Eisele quality. Certain applications require connections made of aluminium

can incorporate proximity switch / vapour

conductivity of the material and generally remain in service for several years. To guarantee reliable connection technology, compatible materials have to be used. For these applications, the 2500 series of the Eisele

anti-foam sensor and be PTFE lined / Halar units are custom made on short lead-times from order placement.

made of corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Email: info@eisele.eu


Optical encoders for hazardous areas: POSITAL introduces Ex “d” units for mining and surface industries

One Size Fits All… Global chain manufacturer, Donghua, has designed a brand new range of Universal Chain Attachments that can replace 99 per cent from any manufacturer.

Thanks to a newly developed housing

Bob Wellsbury, managing director at


been working on the development of the Universal Attachment Chain program




manufacturer, giving customers more choice about the chain supplier they can

handling facilities, and printing presses. offer many mechanical options: users can choose between blind hollow

He continued: “Traditionally K and M attachments have not been governed by an international standard and, as a consequence, each chain manufacturer has designed and built attachments unique to them making it impossible to replace with a different make. However, Donghua’s Universal Attachments are designed in such a way that they can replace many of the other chain manufacturer’s attachments and we’re delighted that this chain is now available in the UK.”

IP69K rated enclosure added to Bernstein’s extensive range Switches,




enclosures to its extensive variety of products as a direct response to demand from industries requiring protection from water and steam ingress. The new range has been designed to meet the exacting standards of the rating which provides complete protection against contact with internal (80–100 bar).

SuperMax Crimper installed the largest Hydraulic Crimping / Swaging machine available. With all the dies designed and manufactured in our workshops. W.E. have the capacity to Crimp ends into hoses up to 24” bore. Fittings are also manufactured in our workshops with full test facilities and that will crimp up to 1.2 mtr diameter this is for other work as well as rubber hose crimping.


PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 18:57:44

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PECM1113.indd 20

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Connectors & Fittings



www.bulte.com BĂœLT E PL A S T I C S ( UK ) LT D

13, John Street, Stratford-upon-Avon - Warwickshire CV37 6UB Tel : (+ 44) 01789 263753 - Fax : (+ 44) 01789 264015 bulte@bulte.com - www.bulte.com

Control & Automation

High-performance process control Responsive multi-channel feedback control system for adjustment of process gases.

t 8 inputs with wide range of sensor combinations t Flexible and adaptive to suit a variety of processes t Fast-acting advanced control algorithm


Speedflo Mini

8 voltage inputs 8 MFC outputs

2 voltage inputs 3 MFC outputs



PECM November/December 2013

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29/10/2013 13:32:09

Zenith Technologies driven by talent Zenith Technologies is a leading global technology company, specialising in automation, process control, MES, and related systems and products for the Life

investment in the right talent is vital for us to meet our ambitious strategic development plans. We deliver fast

UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the US, China and India, single most important asset. Brendan O’ Regan, chief executive and founder of Zenith Technologies, highlights this point: ”We have developed

The company’s recent investment in a dedicated talent places on its people.

providing niche expertise to leading global brands such pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, ICT and healthcare sectors.

yet every single person is treated as an individual and given the support they need to reach their full potential. “Our ethos of professional development ensures that

“We attract and develop the brightest and best talent development opportunities, stronger client relationships, repeat business and loyalty.” Established in Ireland by Brendan O’Regan in 1998, Zenith and care. “Our thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the Life Science sector has enabled us to develop and and services covering the full life cycle of a system – from concept right through to handover and operations, and elements.

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Zenith operates a performance management system project experience opportunities.




site for Yale MBA students as part of their international experience programme.

delivered by experienced and expert teams of talented people.” www.zenithtechnologies.com

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Control & Automation Mechanical Speed Adjustment for Hydra-Cell Metering Pumps

Precise engineering

Cell metering pumps. These pumps are used in oil as acids and bases, amine gas sweeteners, oxygen scavengers, polymers and proprietary chemicals into process streams. rate is directly proportionate to input shaft rpm and virtually independent

setting characteristics.

Controlled heat treatment of seamless pipes Pipes used in the oil and gas industry need to withstand high pressures. Manufacturers must verify temperature uniformity during heat treatment which is performed in a special furnace while the pipes are rotated. Depending on the thickness and grade of the steel, a cycle lasts up to

Feedback perfectly packaged An incremental encoder sandwiched between the motor and gearbox to deliver feedback across the range.

Call or visit our web-site to find out about this revolutionary concept produced with engineers in mind.

thermal protection solutions, Datapaq has designed a cylindrical vapor phase barrier for this application. The TB4095 thermal barrier is Through thermocouples placed at various points across the pipe surface, temperature uniformity of the product can be proven.

Secomak’s Latest Gas Booster Technology developing engineering solutions for a diverse range of industrial challenges – has launched the latest addition to its Gas Booster range. The new Secomak Automatic Pressure Stabilisation (APS) system provides unrivalled control over energy consumption – and costs – for buildings and facilities managers. The system maintains a constant pressure level – regardless of appliance usage – by allowing the user to set the required outlet pressure for the Gas Booster. The APS system is compatible with the current range of Secomak Gas Boosters and is also available with the Secomak Auto-Changeover system – automatically switching to the standby booster if the main booster fails - integrated into one, easy to use, wall-mountable box.

Wieland’s new SLC (Safety Light Curtain) series offers faster commissioning, operation & service protect operators from dangerous areas or as an access control against unauthorised trespassing. Easy connection is achieved via standard M12 connection technology, whilst fast installation and removal of the guards on the machine is hen using multiple systems, mutual interference is avoided by using technology eliminates the risk of unnecessary shutdown even in harsh environments.


PECM November/December 2013

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changes in the condition of the plant. system value to trend on separate operator stations.

A Fresh View on Boilerhouse Control The Unity control system from Byworth Boilers offers an unprecedented level of visibility and control over everything in your boiler house from water treatment, right through to the steam header in one easy to use interface. Capable of handling dozens of Unity is suitable for any boiler house from control of a single boiler to complex multi- boiler, multi-fuel installation incorporating waste heat and composite boilers.

and reduce operational stress to decrease downtime and increase the plants life cycle. Unity is able to accept, process and trend various boiler house values including -

Remote control and monitoring is available via as standard with other protocols available on request. The integration of Modbus throughout makes communicating with example extremely simple bringing the full wealth of information from these devices to a central point for processing. A log of alarms and tests carried out is stored on the local device and can be output to a network printer on the triggering of such an event (such as an alarm or the completion of the boiler weekly test). Unity was developed to monitor and control an entire boiler house installation from one central control point giving the system advantage over using several third party controllers to operate different parts of the boiler house. The networked structure above shows a brief overview of some items that can be controlled and by what means of communication. As standard the unit will allow the operator to

THE USER INTERFACE Accessible via the built-in touch screen or remotely Microsoft Windows based desktop PC; the easy to use interface allows for quick access to trend data, alarm logs, and user controllable functions such as time sequencing, fuel A simple green, amber, red warning system ensures that the operators attention is quickly drawn to the November/December 2013 PECM

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Control & Automation New IQD military oscillator withstands 100,000g shock oscillators is designed primarily for military applications such as smart munitions and industrial applications. Designed around a hermetically sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS compatible integrated circuit, the new device is able to survive shock levels of up to 100,000G and vibration levels of 20g at Housed in an industry standard 7 x 5mm 4-pad ceramic package with

50MHz with a 15pF HCMOS drive capability.

Email: info@iqdfrequencyproducts.com

POW-R-QUIK Introduces New Industrial Turbine Starter Series for Diesel Engines

POWER METERS - an installation revolution‌ to install power meters and current transformers.

engines. There is a low pressure model as well as the standard pressure model. The 200i inertia starter and the 200p pre-engaged model both have the bearing forward of the pinion. An exhaust adaptor allows for direct replacement using certain competitive starter exhaust plumbing; so decrease power. www.ese.tc tel:


EasyWire is already the system of choice for several leading control panel manufacturers. The reason? Simple: labour savings of up to 90% compared with traditional wiring methods. Five, three-phase CT’s and two meter designs are available. An RJ45 lead connects transformer to meter, with voltage input and output plug-in leads allowing up to 32 meters to be daisy-chained to a common supply. CT secondary to be disconnected without requiring shorting links.


See full system details at

PECM November/December 2013

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Control & Automation

Klüber Lubrication draws positive balance from drinktec 2013 The lubricant specialist Klüber Lubrication can look back upon a positive trade fair participation at this year’s drinktec. The live presentation of a groundbreaking newly developed lubricant foam for optimum lubricant application avoiding excess lubrication and drip down attracted particular attention among visitors. The comprehensive service package offered by Klüber Lubrication was also very well received. Klüberfoam - The best from two technologies The food-processing industry has sensitive production areas in which lubricant drip-down and excessive component lubrication must be avoided in any case. With the newly developed Klüberfoam, Klüber Lubrication took a particular approach to this issue: Klüberfoam is an innovative special lubricant, which combines the excellent lubricating properties of a synthetic lubricating oil with the outstanding application properties of a foam.


lubricating properties, penetration and capillary effect as well as adhesion to the lube point. Foams offer particular application-related properties. Oil is dispensed gradually due to the slow dissolution of the foam and its “conversion” back into oil. Owing to the capillary effect, only the quantity of oil is used which is actually needed, while the remaining oil continues to exist as foam. More






Lubrication offers combined services and consulting suited to the needs of the respective customers which exceed the actual lubrication issue by far. In close cooperation with lubricant users, the tribology experts of Klüber Lubrication work on the systematic optimisation of lubrication processes in the plant. This includes services such as the development of lubrication schedules, cleaning and relubrication, general inspections, component analyses and user trainings. All this is aimed at the optimal utilisation of the machines and know-how of the staff. www.klueber.com

PECM November/December 2013

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What gives a motor sea legs? up over seven-tenths of earth’s surface – or put another way, three-quarters of the planet is viscously hostile and corrosive to electrical engineering installations. Director, Regal Beloit EU looks at some of the principles and techniques that have evolved to make motors reliable at sea. for electric motors’ on Google or in a library, the chances are that you will be met with standards, specialist industry standards and impenetrable technical documents. The truth of the matter is that electrical engineering in a marine environment principles as land-based engineering. However, the sea is such a harsh environment that robust protection measures have to be put in place – and then maintained alongside the electrical installation. So let us consider motor installations and reduce the environmental issues to their very simplest: motors are a must. against corrosion is essential.

to resist the oil and moisture atmospheres likely to be present at sea.

protection; those above deck don’t.

and totally enclosed design.

cause everything to vibrate, so electric motors need appropriate mountings. robustness are paramount.

water can collect, well lubricated to repel moisture and salt, etc. not leak when the ship pitches and rolls. details than a motor used on land, e.g. full load speed.

Standards have evolved to address the special needs of marine electrical engineering. There are international standards, national standards, standards for special situations and insurance requirements. And of course if you are looking at a warship, there are naval standards too. Understanding which standards apply in any given situation is half the battle! Many of the technical details of the various standards

protection including non-rust, metal-plated or epoxypainted parts as appropriate, stainless steel nameplate, resin and hardener or equivalent coating on the rotor. cool in operation (which may be achieved by using an oversized motor). Comprehensive details are required on the nameplate. screen. starting torque capabilities.

requirements can be summarised as follows:


PECM November/December 2013

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Update your Safety Policy / Site Specification to comply with essential safety requirements for machines containing Variable Speed Drives 2013! Electrical engineering staff and contractors in the UK may not be aware of the risks associated with the connection electrical installations that contain AC or A type RCDs.

range of various leakage currents present in a system is less than 3mA , however the actual maximum leakage current occurs at 7815 Hz and is approaching 2000mA. Shocks from high frequency currents may not cause

3501) to reduce the risk of death through electrocution

for staff using similar equipment in the UK compared to legal requirements (Regulations). For the UK the publication of BSEN62477-1:2012 for manufactures of electronic power control equipment 4th Edition - Page28.

4.2.3, clearly details the safety

a mains distribution supply protected by a standard AC RCCB, will not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations using electrical appliances connected to sockets on the same distribution circuit may also be put at risk. See Fig 1

Due to the topology of 3 phase generate smooth DC residual currents in the AC supply. in magnetic saturation of the AC sensing coil and nontripping of the RCCB under fault conditions.

The Electricity at Work Regulations makes reference to

Where the precautions taken include an RCCB to reduce single phase inverters can be used with Type A RCCBs. The Duty Holder (Regulation 29) makes reference to the stated in the operating instruction they would need to obtain the manufactures recommendations in writing.

leakage currents at nominal supply frequency (50Hz) a safety perspective cannot be ignored, as can be seen from the following example. Figure 1 shows the frequency

quite clear in its requirement “An assessment shall be made of any characteristic of equipment likely to have harmful effects upon other electrical equipment�. A simple risk assessment carried out under Regulation 331.1 in will quickly identify that Type B RCCBs must be used with a characteristic that is compatible with the operational and safety requirements of the installation, for People and Fire protection.

If you would like more detailed information relating to this subject, Doepke UK have a free 60 page Technical Application Guide Available on request, or log on to WWW.doepke.co.uk to download the guide or obtain further information on RCCBs. For technical support please e mail chazandrews@doepke.co.uk November/December 2013 PECM

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Fischer FiberOptic Series easy to clean Industrial connectors and interconnect solutions whenever economically and functionally feasible. One of the important aspects to take into consideration is if the connector is easy to clean, harsh environments. The Fischer FiberOptic Series interconnecting technology offers the essential quality and stability needed for an optical link combined with extreme robustness and easy mating. One of the main advantages is that this high clean because of a unique sealing solution and removable parts. There are three simple ways to clean the Fischer FiberOptic Series. When the connector is not working properly, one click cleaning is enough to get back the functionality needed. This cleaning is only possible when no visible dirt is present on the connector. The contacts are cleaned with

around the outside and inside of connectors without fear of introducing additional contaminants. Always clean both sides of the connector, because if you mate a dirty contact with a clean one, you pollute both of them. This process will not take longer than three minutes. Once in a while it will be necessary to execute a more important cleaning operation. Cleaning under tap water is functionality of the connector and will extend the life of the device. For this type of cleaning, you can take advantage of ultrasonic cleaning. Although this process looks more complicated, the Fischer FiberOptic Series connector will be completely cleaned and ready to use Fischer Connectors specially released cleaning instructions for the Fischer FiberOptic Series. This document and all other information about this connector can be found on

process will take less than a minute. When this is not enough, a more extensive way of cleaning is necessary. For a rugged, sealed connector like the rinsing with any clean, available water source and drying the ferules. This approach works because the Fischer

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Electrical Engineering

The value of using Briton EMS EXCELLENCE I N E L E C T RO N I C M A N U FA C T U R I N G S E RV I C E S

1. Complete turnkey electronics manufacturing services – including design – supported by in-house engineering, PCB / SMT assembly, materials procurement, full testing and shipping.

We provide . SMT & Through Hole PCB Assembly

2. Devolving manufacturing to Briton EMS improves your companyÊs cash flow – and your ROI.

. Complete Product Build

. Low/Medium Volume Manufacturing

. BGA/ÂľBGA Placement & Inspection

3. Electronic products manufactured in low and medium volumes in the UK.

. Test Solutions/JTAG/AOI . Global Procurement

. Lead Free Services

4. Option to manufacture higher volumes in our offshore facilities in Indonesia.

. Engineering and Design Support To meet your

Quality, Flexibility & Delivery targets

Call our sales department today

01234 266300 www.britonems.co.uk


Briton EMS Ltd 4 Shuttleworth Rd Elms Industrial Estate Bedford " MK41 0EP

[e]: sales@britonems.co.uk

A project you'd like to discuss? E-mail sales@britonems.co.uk or call 01234 266 300.


Electronics Modular 4-U 19-inch industrial PCs with industrial mainboard or slot CPU



height are available from DSM Computer performance computers can be equipped with various microprocessor housing depth of 408 mm or 508 mm, respectively. Thanks to the industrial-strength of the central system module, the 19and so is also suitable for applications that run in harsh environments, e.g. in automation. A total of seven slots are available for accepting expansion

LASELEC laser wire markers, laser wire strippers, and other wire processing equipment used across industries. Capitalizing on 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing laser

www.taiyo-america.com   '+%"))$,"0 )*('$+/, NV 89701 #('"


 0ax [775] 885-9972

understanding of electrical wire processing’s needs. This allows products like the EasyWiring interactive harness layout board (pictured) to become game changers, improving productivity and traceability in innovative ways. Our extensive global network of subsidiaries, distributors and partners

Email: info@laselec.com


November/December 2013 PECM

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Handle with Care! Malcolm Watson of Brammer and Tony Synnott of NSK discuss best practice in mounting, handling and checking the operational functionality of newly mounted rolling bearings. When mounting, checking or handling a bearing, the process needs due care and consideration in order to ensure handled correctly, bearings can be prone to failing quickly and unexpectedly, but some basic checks will help avoid some of the common problems associated with their handling and usage.

the outer ring and housing. The correct type and quantity of lubricant should be applied. After mounting the bearing, an operating test should be undertaken to verify that the mounting has been carried out correctly. On small machines operated manually, the bearing should be turned by hand. Checks should be made for stick-slip – these will be manifested in the form of debris, cracks and dents; uneven rotating torque, which generally indicates faulty mounting; and excessive torque, which again shows either a Once these checks are complete, the machine should be turned on and operated at a low speed without a load, gradually increasing the speed and load till the typical rating is reached. Checks should be made at this stage for irregular noise, bearing temperature rise, lubricant leakage and lubricant discoloration. Several types of noise may be heard. A loud metallic sound can be caused by an abnormal load, incorrect mounting, parts. A loud regular sound can be the result brinelling or Meanwhile, an irregular sound will be heard in the event of

General tips on handling Since rolling bearings are high-precision machine parts, they must be handled carefully. Even high-quality bearings will not deliver the desired service life and performance quality if they are not handled used and maintained correctly. However, observing a few basic precautions will help negate the possibilities of premature failure. Firstly, the bearing and its surroundings must be kept clean. The presence of any dust and dirt – even particles not visible to the human eye is one of the key causes of bearing failure.

An abnormal temperature rise is frequently the result of lubrication issues – either too much or too little, or the wrong type. However, it can also be caused by an abnormal load, incorrect friction.

Bearings must also be protected from corrosion. Perspiration on the hands and a variety of other contaminants may cause corrosion, so hands should be clean and dry before handling bearings, with gloves worn if possible. Care should also be taken when handling the bearing itself. Heavy shocks may scratch or cause other damage to the bearing, while physical impact may result in brinelling, breaking or cracking. The proper tools should always be used for any work involving bearings – general purpose tools should be avoided. The manufacturer’s instructions are generally the best place to start for a guide on this. The mounting process is absolutely key to the bearing’s running accuracy, life and performance, therefore the manufacturer’s mounting instructions should be followed failure but in damage to other components, unscheduled downtime and invalidation of the product warranty. components should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, with checked. The mounting procedure should then be followed. Since most bearings rotate with the shaft, the bearing


penetration can all contribute to excessive vibration or axial result of overzealous application, or the ingress of foreign matter or abrasion chips. remedial action should be taken immediately. Failure to do so will almost inevitably result in failure of the bearing, with the likelihood of associated damage to other components. Once the bearing has passed all these checks and is fully operational, it is good practice to check the bearings on a regular basis with the aim of identifying any damaged or failing components as early as possible. For further details visit

PECM November/December 2013

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Luxury cruise ship relies on fully assembled enclosure solutions to meet target deadlines Construction of one of the largest passenger ships in the world started in September 2013 in France and should be completed by mid-2016. The design and ship builder at its facilities in France and will take up to 10 million man hours during the three years of its construction. Such an enormous vessel requires a huge amount of infrastructure, all of which must meet Once completed the luxury passenger ship is expected to weigh almost a quarter of a million tonnes and will is more commonly seen amongst military aircraft carriers. Thanks to its impressive size it will carry over 6,000 passengers and 1,200 crew members, and will require 2,700 cabins and 28 suites as well as enough restaurant, night clubs, swimming pools and theme parks to keep all the guests fed and entertained. The ship builder has developed a modular design for the cabins which will be built separately and then installed on the vessel according to the build plan. This saves on overall construction time as, with such a huge number of cabins to be built, it is better this process is completed off site. Each cabin can be individually exacting standards required for marine operation. to design common systems and components where possible and so achieve economies of scale. The process begins with an initial prototype which has to be validated by the client before mass production can begin. By using a small group of skilled craftsmen to design and build the cabins, the quality and reliability can be carefully monitored and maintained. The design of each cabin requires an electrical distribution combined with an enclosure, which can

PECM1113.indd 36

requirements. All the enclosures will be required to

the enclosures have been machined and installed. Away from the cabins, the electrical distribution will also be required across the rest of the vessel for lighting cases the distribution on one deck will be repeated on the next, so for a vessel with 16 passenger decks there will be a requirement for a large number of enclosures, all of which will have to meet particular marine

the proposal is to use enclosures which have been prethe time consuming exercise of building the enclosures can be completed prior to arrival at the shipyard and thereby reducing the amount of time required to install the electrical systems. With such a large number of enclosures required, customisation and pre-wiring requirements, the ship builder has sought the specialist supplier, Spelsberg UK, to provide a complete range of products that can be delivered to suit the build schedule. As the UK’s largest supplier of non-metallic enclosures ex stock, Spelsberg also offers complete customisation on nearly all of its products as well as in-house installation.

28/10/2013 19:00:46












* For the supply of all nameplates, badges, emblems, decals & labels to the TRADE WARNING CLASSIFIED DATA PRESENT

532 27 8 34 61 4 (0) 1 1 427 85 + 44 16 TEL: 44 (0) + FAX: rs










ATCD No...........................













Tracking ID 901001

Removed from Asset /Server ........................................................................................ Job/POPS: .........................Eng .....................Date..................

FOR THE PRODUCERS OF: Manufacturing units Chemical units Instrumentation products Mechanical engineering products Companies in the food, beverage, dairy, brewing industries Pharmaceutical machines Biotechnology plant

PRODUCTS: Anodised aluminium nameplates Chemically etched aluminium nameplates Chemically etched stainless steel nameplates Chemically etched brass nameplates Undersurface printed plastic decals / nameplates Self adhesive aluminium foil labels Self adhesive labels:- serial / security / barcoded Printed promotional products SE















POWER 01704 870185











01704 870185




Contact ADFORCE UK on 01704 50680 or Email :- sales@adforceuk.com www.adforceuk.com

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Facilities Management

When health and safety depend on it - specify

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners BVC’s new range of vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industry and commerce. Robust Reliable Efficient Easy to use High Filtration Made in the UK Mains electric, Battery and Air Power Standard or modified units for all applications BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can work in conjunction with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners or as stand A schematic showing a typical Central Vacuum Cleaning System alone systems. They provide vacuum connection points for cleaning around the factory, plant or lab. Dust and debris is conveyed through the pipe system to a filter separator for safe disposal.

Permanent bespoke branding JSP says its new printing process is now facilitating permanent individual personalisation, that cannot be removed, on its safety helmets and above-the-neck PPE. With the increased number of temporary workers and the greater need for security in work environments, the process makes each worker simple, the client sends a spreadsheet to JSP with details of the chosen helmet, the names, logos or descriptions to be branded and the required position of the branding. Each helmet is then directly printed with the requested information. JSP also offers a full range of above-the-neck PPE that can be individually customised with bespoke colours in addition to corporate details.

Tel: 01993 826050


LED High Bay with Integrated Power Supply Dialight’s LED High Bay and Low Bay ranges for industrial applications now available with new long life power versions.

year full performance warranty,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. With full quality control over every component within the electronic system, Dialight’s in-house power supply development is already proven

Email: Sales-europe@dialight.com


Contactum Launches Galvanised Steel Wall Mount Enclosures Contactum, a leading manufacturer of wiring accessories and circuit protection, has launched a brand new range of Wall Mount Enclosures that are expertly engineered from galvanised steel to protect electronic equipment from water, dust, damage or theft. additional hard-wearing powdered top coat, offering a highly reliable, non-corrosive solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, Contactum’s new Enclosure range has a high IP rating of 65 and has been designed steel, but without the premium cost of stainless steel solutions.

Tel: 020 8452 6366

Email: enquires@contactum.co.uk

NEW! LeakSeal™ and cracks.

Part of BVC ‘s range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


RUST-OLEUM® has the solution for sealing leaks and cracks: LeakSeal™. A new convenient spray for treating cracks, breakage and leaks in bitumen roofs, roof gutters, drain pipes, outside walls, chimney edges, around roof windows and window frames. The product is unique and offers waterproof.

A Quirepace Company

BVC, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Tel: +44 (0) 2392 603700

e-mail: enquiries@bvc.co.uk www.bvc.co.uk

moisture penetration and corrosion. For more information, please visit: www.rust-oleum.eu/leakseal


PECM November/December 2013

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Facilities Management

Internal Partitioning Solutions KWT forfor medical infection control in the form of of KWTare arenow nowsupplying supplyingproducts products medical infection control in the form wipes to to control bacteria. wipesand andspray sprayfor forcleaning cleaningofofsurfaces surfaces control bacteria. Weare arenow nowsupplying supplyinga arange range BIOCARE products called ENVIROCARE. We ofof BIOCARE products called ENVIROCARE. Theseproducts productsare aremore moreaffective affective than any other products in the market These than any other products in the market place place andproducts these products have been to proved to giveprotection longer protection against and these have been proved give longer against bacteria. bacteria. The range of products covers the whole spectrum of bacteria control, The range of products covers the whole spectrum of bacteria control in Veterinary, Poultry,Agriculture,Kennels Catteries,Stables. Hospital conditions, Medical facilities, Kitchen areas Care Homes as well as Livestock Transport. Veterinary, Poultry,Agriculture,Kennels Catteries,Stables.

Lessfailures, failures,more more1st 1sttime timeout outofof the door production. Less the door production.

Please contact 01223 560547

Environmental Science Limited announces a new low-cost service to Data Sheets, COSHH Assessments and WASP Sheets on-line. As part of this new Safety Information ocuments ( ) service, all Safety Data Sheets either in generates COSHH Assessment report and from these, WASP Sheets are created for all the products. “This provides employees and contractors immediate access of up-todate safety information documents whenever they need them. The only information we require from the company are safety data sheets and the COSHH data, we at ESL do all the rest.” ESL spokesperson or visit their website at: www.esldatasheets.com Email address: sales@esldatasheets.com

Socomec Masterclass In Maximising Energy And Cost Savings Socomec exhibited the latest advances in multi-disciplinary integrated power systems at the Association of University Engineers’ annual conference, held at Goldsmiths in September. Socomec’s solutions have been designed to help University Facilities Managers resolve the increasingly important and complex energy challenges associated with managing educational estates. On show were Socomec’s industry leading Green Power 2.0 UPS solutions; energy savings are up to 50% compared to legacy UPS, thus enabling Green Power 2.0 to dramatically reduce Total Cost of Ownership. As the market leader in energy metering for over 20 years, Socomec also showcased its latest software package that delivers measurable and sustainable results, enabling optimum levels of control over energy usage.


all of the advantages of standard Flexipart plus:

% Sound reduction up to 17.5dB % Excellent temperature control % High thermal resistance

www.galebreaker.com 01531 637900




M 07971588690 Email: ken @kwt-consumables.com. www.kwt-consumables.com

% Reinforced fabric partitioning % Fixed to existing structures % Easy to access, easy to relocate % Meets building regulations % Temporary or permanent

Acoustic & Thermal Flexipart


We Germany with proven quality andand theirtheir testtest facility Wewill willhave havethe theback backupupfrom from Germany with proven quality to maketosure yousure get the solution any problem we will givewe facility make youbest get the best for solution for anysubstrate; problem substrate; you possible for your production. will the givebest youadvantage the best advantage possible for your production.

Standard Flexipart


Livestock Transport. The products are food safe and Alcohol free Eliminates HCAI’s C.DIFF.Swine flu The products are food Noro safe and free Eliminates HCAI’s C.DIFF.Swine Foot and Mouth,E.Coli, virus.Alcohol Polio virus. flu rinsing Foot and Mouth,E.Coli, Polio virus. No required odourlessNoro this virus. products has so many advantages. No rinsing required odourless this products has so many advantages. Kwt will in the future have access to range metal cleaning products from Kwt will in the future have access to range metal cleaning products from Germany these will be available from May 2014. Germany these will be available from May 2014. The product range will cover all of substrates and ready to coat options. The product range will cover all of substrates and ready to coat options.

IS O 9 0 0 1

Galebreaker Industrial Ltd Galebreaker House, New Mills Industrial Estate, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2SS.


GB Ltd

FOR ALL YOUR INDUSTRIAL CLEANING REQUIREMENTS Sweeping Machines Brooms, who needs them? In these modern times where time is money, you need to utilise your work force more efficiently. An industrial sweeper is guaranteed to save you time and carry out the task more thoroughly. A sweeper whether a pedestrian or ride on, operates by mechanically rotating main and/or side brushes over the area, collecting debris into a hopper/bin. At the same time the dust is vacuumed through a filter system, leaving your area and operative dust free. We can offer a full range of machines from a 16” Pedestrian up to a full size Road Sweeper, with various power sources, battery, petrol, diesel and LPG. Scrubber Driers Mops and buckets, who needs them ? In these modern times where time is money, you need to utilise your work force more efficiently. An industrial Scrubber Drier is guaranteed to save your business time and money, and carry out the task more thoroughly. These machines are used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors and parking areas, but can also be used in smaller areas. We can offer a full range of machines from a 12” Pedestrian up to a full size two man Scrubber Drier, with various power sources, battery, petrol, and LPG.

Tel: 01234 266289 t Email: jandjservicesgbltd@btconnect.com www.jandjservicesgbltd.co.uk

www.socomec.com November/December 2013 PECM

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28/10/2013 19:00:57

Remote Monitoring For Corrosion Prevention Corrosion of pipework and components in water based heating and cooling systems nearly always results in costly repairs and unwelcome disruption, especially is concerned. Not only does corrosion lead to failure of components and pipework but the resultant debris The cost of remedial action and disruption is often very high and the lack of information usually means that the different parties involved all blame each other when only winner being the lawyers. One of the basic problems has been that maintenance / facilities management companies have relied on periodic water sampling to check on the health of the systems. Not only does this only give a partial picture (water composition is only one aspect that needs to be considered), it is a snap-shot view taken at best once per month. The industry has been slow to seize on the opportunity that continuous monitoring presents; namely; monitoring and recording of all key parameters The health of a closed heating and chilled water system depends as much on their engineering integrity as it does on the water chemistry. Monitoring should therefore cover aspects of the system such as pressure, temperature and air tightness. As well as measuring dissolved oxygen levels directly, the pressure needs to be measured (especially at the top of the system) to ensure that air is not being sucked-in at any stage. Negative pressures may result if system pressures are not properly set at the outset or maintained over the life of the system. Another way air enters the system is via the water make-up line. Whenever the system aerated water is brought in. By placing a digital water meter on the water make-up line it is relatively easy to detect when this occurs.

ensure they work as intended is not always carried out properly. By measuring conductivity levels, not in the system to provide adequate protection, but it is possible to ensure that wasteful and costly overdosing is not occurring. While for steel and most other aluminium in boilers and elsewhere in the system are prone to corrosion damage if the pH exceeds 8.5 and therefore monitoring of pH is strongly recommended in these circumstances.

sensors available which respond to the growth of a therefore recommended that such sensors are included for complete peace of mind. Finally a monitoring system would not be complete if it did not include some means of measuring corrosion rates. Not only should this include a sensor to measure general corrosion but if possible, a means of monitoring localised corrosion (within crevices buildings measurements of corrosion rates should be made at a number of locations to ensure the whole system is being monitored. To complete the monitoring system, a data logger (ideally with the capability of transmitting data to a remote server) needs to be utilised. Alarms can be set if pre-set limits are exceeded and historical data can be preserved throughout a system’s lifetime. This is especially important when so many companies are involved in the various stages from installation through commissioning, pre-commission cleaning and and systems can now be monitored continuously to ensure that expensive assets are properly protected.

The main aspects of the water chemistry that should nearly all systems are dosed with corrosion inhibitors. However, maintaining the correct dosing level to

at the Healthcare Estates Show


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Facilities Management Clean Recycling

Luxomat 速 PICO Introducing





. The sensor and power supply are in a single housing, complete with cable with a ring diameter 25mm and 60mm body length. So this makes it easy to install directly into light

blinds to reduce the pick up area if needed.

a recycling facility where cars are stripped down, recycling materials for onward reuse. The system was sized for 2 operators using 76 mm bore hoses and tools, carrying out bulk removal duties. Alternatively it can be used by 4 operators using 51 mm hoses and tools carrying out general housekeeping. Some materials were bulky, light and

ground such as setting the lux and run on time settings. below. Explosion protection and level control has been provided. For more details please contact visit

Wheat Clean up! vacuum cleaning system for a worldwide multinational company, processing wheat based products.

made simple! Do your HSE managers spend hours and thousands of pounds trying to identify, update and comply with legislation, trawling through web sites, relevant legislation.

facility, having 16 hose connection points connected A large amount of material can be recycled/ reprocessed, it was paramount that this was with the two sizes of materials being collected within

With a dedicated department constantly reviewing newly issued legislation register (of relevant legislation!) keeps this up to date with new and allocated and tracked, capture risks, aspects and impacts, and displays forthcoming consultations, bills guidance documents and templates. Giving you the complete HSE management solution.

and constructed to meet this. As the materials being extracted are potentially explosive and due to site restraints a traditional explosion vent panel/vent duct could not be used therefore an indoor explosion protection unit was used where by an explosion will be safely vented into the production area.

Counter Corrosion Ltd Coatings & linings Corrosion Control Systems high performance coatings, linings and floor toppings for industrial equipment and environments. Counterflake coatings are used to protect steel tanks, vessels and process equipment in the chemical, petrochemical, power and allied industries. Counterline and Bundline linings are used to protect steel, concrete, tile and brick in hostile and corrosive environments. Counterfloor systems are seamless chemical- and wear-resistant floor toppings.

Hybrid Counterline system protecting C


Chemical holding tank lined in Counterflake HD




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Husky 3300 Pumps ™

The Husky 3300, 3 inch (76,2 mm), air-operated double diaphragm pump features a four bolt joint design, which provides even sealing pressure for leak-free operation and a three-piece manifold for increased installation flexibility. Available in aluminum, polypropylene and stainless steel.

t Flow rates up to 300 gpm (1,135 lpm) t t t Modular stall-resistant air valve design t t Heavy-duty construction t t Easy maintenance

Graco offers a complete line of double diaphragm pumps for all type of applications.

1/4 inch (6,3 mm)

3/8 in (9,52 mm)

1/2 inch (12,7 mm)

1 inch (25,4 mm)

1-1/2 inch (38,1 mm) 2 inch (50,8 mm)

Go to our website to find out more information about Graco’s Husky line: graco.eu/husky01

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Fluid Handling

NERO launches E-Commerce Website LIVE STOCK LEVELS Automated stock updates 24/7

ACCOUNT BASED PRICES Competitive prices unique to your account

ACCESS TO ORDER HISTORY Save time searching through files

TECH INFORMATION FOR ALL PRODUCTS Answers many of your questions

STREAMLINED NAVIGATION Products easy to find and easy to purchase

TELEPHONE SALES SUPPORT Talk to a real person for sales support

STOCK ITEMS DISPATCHED SAME DAY Order placed before 4pm dispatched same day

PLACE ORDERS 24 HOURS A DAY Choose your own opening hours

NEW PRODUCTS SHOWN IMMEDIATELY No waiting for new catalogues


Transferring aggressive chemicals is by nature challenging. You don’t just want a pump that’s safe. You want one that’s durable. With virgin or antistatic PTFE wetted parts. And stainless steel and polypropylene non-wetted components. In certain conditions you’ll need an ATEX approved version*. You’ll almost certainly want ease of maintenance. That’s a given with Flotronic’s air-operated, double diaphragm pumps with their pioneering ‘ONE-NUT’ design. And you’ll definitely want the affordability that Flotronic’s new and unique ‘ONE-BLOCK’ design gives. In fact … you’ll want the new Flotronic Minichem. *ATEX Gas Grou IIC com p plia versions nt are availabl e



Flotronic Pumps Ltd. Ricebridge Works Brighton Road, Bolney, West Sussex RH17 5NA. UK Sales:+44(0) 1444 881871 Email: sales@flotronicpumps.co.uk

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The dawn of a new standard in level control. Prepare for a total ECLIPSEŽ of current level and interface control solutions. With superior signal performance, powerful diagnostics and a full line of overfill capable probes, Magnetrol’s ECLIPSE Ž Model 706 guided wave radar transmitter delivers unprecedented reliability. From routine water storage applications to process media exhibiting corrosive vapors, foam, steam, buildup, agitation, bubbling or boiling, the ECLIPSE Ž Model 706 will take your operation to a new level of safety and process performance. Contact Magnetrol – the guided wave radar innovator and level control expert – to learn more about the ECLIPSEŽ Model 706.


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Š 2012 Magnetrol International, Incorporated

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Fluid Handling

Health & Safety

Save up to 50% on cutting fluid, 90% on fluid waste costs! container and returns it to the machine machine tools equipped with automatic chip-conveyors, chances are that you could be saving a lot of money by installing the Wogaard Coolant Saver on these machines. machine tool’s existing on-board coolant pump, no external energy source is needed. provides the ideal solution.


seepex Smart Conveying Technology reduces whole life pump costs seepex progressive cavity pumps with Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) have a stator split axially into two halves, with four retaining segments holding these in place. Removal of these segments replacement, without the need to dismantle pipelines. The segments, extending the stator life by up to 300% and reducing the need for spare parts. Blockages can be cleared in minutes by removal of half the stator to remove rags etc, and when stator or rotor change is needed the time for maintenance is reduced by up to 85%. Many seepex - reducing downtime and whole life costs.



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Drallim Industries - 55 years of Fluid Control than the Series 40. Millard, a brilliant conceptual engineer, designed the switching sequences used in aircraft instrument testing. unaltered and now celebrates its 55th year in production. its half century however we have reverted to its original designation.

moved to Bexhill in 1968. Once again outgrowing our premises, Drallim moved to its current purpose built 2003.

from the fact that each valve can have its own unique inner camshaft arrangement and, when mounted in a

Positive positioning is standard on all valves, derived from an indexing mechanism that also allows the operator “feel� Should it be required, security can be provided by keylocking the valve. An electrical interface is also available by a rotary electrical switch directly coupled to the base of the valve. This can be supplied as a standard switch, which can be enclosed hazardous areas.

valves versions.

controlling associated equipment

bank. encompasses the same proven design principles as the Series 40 but offers even more permutations.

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Hooked on enhancements: helicopter load sensor keeps getting smarter sensor has been upgraded with a string of new capabilities.

load data for analysis, interpretation and reporting, and a new display gives real-time information on operational variables to

helicopters have a number of load points on their underside and it is usual to carry larger loads by using three of them. This spreads the weight across the aircraft, avoiding a single point of high stress and stabilises

in each individual cable in case the load is not distributed evenly,

communications’ link to its own display and computer in the the electrical systems and can be swapped from one aircraft to another in seconds.

other electronic systems, such as navigation and tracking, so will automatically produce comprehensive operational performance reports. “Put



the guesswork out of commercial operations. You get an accurate record, against which you can charge exactly,� says Mark. The new receiver is rugged and robust while compact (133mm x conditions often encountered in commercial helicopter operations.

and outputs a stream of data from the load sensor including strength indicator) and battery voltage. This data is updated 10 times every second. Advanced features within the receiver which ensure ease of use include data whitening and forward error correction. The output can be provided as RS232, RS422 or USB, and can be displayed on-screen or fed to a datalogger.


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Fluid Power

The Hydraulic Seal Specialists !Hydraulic Seals !Hydraulic Seal Kits !In-House Seal Manufacture !Cylinder Parts !Same Day Dispatch !Over 60,000 Parts in Stock !Various Pneumatic Seals !Pneumatic Seal Kits !Associated Products FPE Limited Head Office Tel: +44 (0) 1325 282732 Fax: +44 (0) 1325 381815 Email: sales@fpe-ltd.co.uk Web: www.fpe-ltd.co.uk Doncaster Branch Tel: +44 (0) 1302 727252 Fax: +44 (0) 1302 330794 Email: sales@fpe-ltd.co.uk Web: www.fpe-ltd.co.uk

Quality fittings at an affordable price

quality pneumatic components at an affordable price. The company says the quality of which is comparable with the leading brands, but at a fraction of the price. Pneumatic Pneumatic Fittings - Stainless Steel Pneumatic Fittings -

For a chance to win an iPad Mini in our quarterly newsletter contest, register at

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Solomon Commercial Remains Cool As Production Speeds Up With Crestabond® Location : Lancashire, UK Leading manufacturer of temperature control vehicle conversions since 1976. Solomon manufacture bodies in six factories, over three manufacturing sites onto lorry chassis and trucks converting distribution rigids, multi drop delivery vehicles, home delivery vehicles, drawbar and trailer bodies. Customer specialisation to exact requirements for temperature controlled bodywork including multi shelving designs, door closure and entry locations, temperature monitoring equipment, etc. Previously vehicle body panels were assembled rivets and bonding with a PU adhesive. They have (methyl methacrylate) structural adhesive and are with this assembly method and long term performance in use.

Customer Quote “Solomon Commercial does whatever it takes to provide high quality temperature control vehicles and if that means investing time and money then we do so to . Scott Bader has become an important to us. This is down to all Crestabond application Crestabond® M1-30 Crestabond adhesives are used in the production of bespoke temperature control bodies. The versatility of this product has reduced assembly times allowing production capacity to be increased without the need for investment in more space and manpower. Application Using to bond aluminium to GRP panels. Unique bulk dispensing unit allows for freedom of movement on the vehicles while offering material cost savings. Product can be supplied in small pack sizes for use with pneumatic applicators. Advantages

very cost effectively, as well as reliably supplying high quality products. They worked closely with the Solomon Operations team to ensure a smooth introduction of the Crestabond adhesive into our production process. Overall, we feel we have backed a winning horse to help us stay ahead of our competition and to achieve key business goals.” , Director.

waste. Primer-less adhesive requiring minimal surface preparation. time, money, and improves overall aesthetics. Cure time of adhesive tailored to production process. True structural adhesive with unique patented formula, offering excellent elongation and long term fatigue resistance.

To find out more about CRESTABOND® Structural Adhesives contact us on +44 (0)1933 666638 www.scottbader.com/adhesives PECM1113.indd 52

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Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering. mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2· Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane· Kinoulton· Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751· Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk · info@mkprofiles.co.uk

PECM1113.indd 53

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Lifting & Handling Equipment mk 50 Series Profile Used to Develop a Lift System made with 50 series and can be utilised to help streamline manufacturing processes. The lift unit with a slewing ring and timing belt conveyor SRF-P 2010 has a capacity of 300 kg. A counter weight and motor including holding brake can secure a load of up to 600 kg. Additional pegs are incorporated at transfer stations. Feed-in and storage area with reinforced SRF-P 2012 cater for a load of 300 kg/m and up to 1,200 kg total capacity, during 3m/min. The entire system is provided by mk who work closely with their customer during the consultation, planning and implementation stage of the system.

Demag tandem hoists promote workplace safety Material Handling and with input from the industrial employers’ mutual insurance association, has developed a solution which allows operators to work beneath suspended loads. The lift and lower sections of the two Helling double chain hoists, which are connected by means of a tandem control provides maximum safety for a wide range of industrial applications.

Universal Lifting & Moving Services Universal Lifting & Moving Services is a mechanical and electrical plant removal and installation company who can also offer cranehire, teleporter and powered access hire. With over twenty three years experience, ULMS is well-established in plant and machinery installation and removal services. ULMS delivers a safe and practical solution to all of your machinery and heavy equipment moving requirements. They pride themselves that their machinery installation teams comprise of experienced, dedicated and highly motivated individuals who excel as team players. ULMS can deliver this service on a national or international basis for every requirement. ULMS specialises in factory relocation services including plant removal, installation and turnkey projects, and can also offer bespoke contract lifting services and all aspects of powered access. ULMS takes Health and Safety at Work very seriously. The Health and Safety manual is updated regularly and they have recently been accredited by CHAS and Safe Contractor. All employees are fully trained and qualified, including possession of CSCS cards, along with MEWPS and PALS licenses.

For more information, call 01482 562654 or visit www.ulms.co.uk

Machining Presspart: Specialist in deep-drawn component subcontract manufacturing Presspart Manufacturing specialises in the production of high volume, high precision deep-drawn metal components for a variety of industrial sectors. With more than 40 years’ experience, Presspart have gained a worldwide reputation for competence, quality and innovation Presspart manufacturer a wide range of components in a variety of metals including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, nickel, inconel and galfen. Presspart’s manufacture capabilities include long draws, ironed walls, multiple piercings and complex forms. Presspart’s components are included in a wide range of products including solenoid valves, writing instruments, domestic sanitary equipment as well as a number of white goods.

Email: chad.mayoh@presspart.com www.presspart.com

We’re precise about what we do . . .

Deep Hole Boring CNC Turning Deep Hole Drilling CNC Honing CNC Gundrilling

. . . from start to perfect finish Telephone 0845 5555 111 www.hone-all.co.uk


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Measurement & Monitoring NADCAP AMS 2750 compliant temperature monitoring for aerospace furnace surveys Manufacturers of ceramic molds for aerospace superalloys have to conduct regular furnace surveys to verify that reheat furnaces comply with the NADCAP AMS systems are also laid down by the industry standard. Datapaq is one of the few providers of temperature monitoring solutions who can ensure AMS 2750E compliance. The company has designed a dedicated solution for reheat furnaces that provides exact, real-time temperature data from inside the process. A high-temperature barrier protects a Tpaq21 data logger with an internal radio transmitter. The customized thermal barrier is suitable for repeated use in the furnace surveys which take up to eight

Ircon® Introduces ScanIR®3 Infrared Linescanners and Thermal Imaging System ®,

the brand of choice for rugged,

temperature environments, has introduced ®3 infrared linescanners and ®3 Series includes a choice of eight models that provide accurate, real-time thermal imaging in a wide variety of industrial applications, including continuous sheet and web-based processes, as well as discrete manufacturing. ®3 scanner ™ is designed for reliability and continuous operation in harsh indusrial

and air purge, and also features built-in laser sighting.


New Intrinsically-safe Infrared Thermometer from Fluke Fluke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced a maintenance technicians and plant maintenance gas and vapour environments in process industries such as petroleum, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical. With a 50:1 distance-to-spot ratio, it provides accurate measurements far away from inaccessible or potentially dangerous locations. Thermometer provides two-in-one, non-contact or contact, temperature measurement from -40degC to +800degC with ±1% accuracy.

Latest mobile data recorder improves high-speed data acquisition HBM has launched the mobile GEN3i data recorder that can transfer data directly to the storage medium at speeds as high as 200 MB/s while up to 96 input channels can and visualizing millions of measurement data items per second. input voltage or sampling rates of 100 MS/s – the Genesis HighSpeed GEN3i data recorder can be used for a wide range of applications including generators, turbines and motors. Suitable uses include troubleshooting, maintenance and start-up as well as destructive material testing.



PECM November/December 2013

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PMX data acquisition and signal conditioning system sets ground breaking standards control and industrial test benches, providing effective machine and plant monitoring through the use of real-

Real-time data acquisition via Industrial Ethernet

plants and enables the measurement, calculation and automation of your data in real-time.

increase your number of channels, integrating up to 300 measurement channels and up to 600 mathematical calculation channels.

processes them and transfers the results in real time allowing mean or limit values to be easily determined. The modular system has been ruggedly designed and can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of an automation synchronized

transparency. Founded in Germany in 1950, Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (HBM Test and Measurement) HBM is

High precision for optimum results in production provides high accuracy when acquiring measurement in production processes.

is easy and intuitive to use, for both users in production and administration, and provides a comprehensive programme library, offering numerous available drivers

test and measurement. HBM’s product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities in Germany, USA and China and is represented in over 80 countries worldwide.

PMX - the new industrial standard … … for measurement technology

A measuring amplifier system specially developed for industrial applications: powerful, precise, reliable – and highly efficient. With all the modern features a measuring amplifier needs today. That is PMX: top-quality measurement technology from HBM to optimize your production results. You can count on more efficiency and quality! Monitoring pressing and joining End-of-line test benches Condition monitoring Industrial test benches

Further information:


HBM United Kingdom Ltd . 58 Station Road . 1 Churchill Court . North Harrow . Middx . HA2 7SA . Tel: 0208 515 6100 . Email: info@uk.hbm.com

November/December 2013 PECM

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28/10/2013 19:02:10

Measurement & Monitoring Panasonic enhance their Laser Sensor range with a new Amplifier-separated Digital Laser sensor series

Data Loggers - SPC Pro

Panasonics new LS500 series Digital Laser Sensor series consists of a

Email: info.pewuk@eu.panasonic.com www.panasonic-electric-works.co.uk


Reliable Measurement of Oxygen in Thermal Oxidisers Complimentary Webinar

Non-Combustion Applications for TDL’s



Vibration Monitoring Services Limited

New miniature pressure sensors with increased media compatibility and pressure ranges up to 10 bar

Condition Based Monitoring ! ! ! !

Tel: +49 (0)89 80083-33


Signatrol introduces Multi-Device Logger Graphing software platform


01795 877177 07840 791587 vmservicesltd@btinternet.com www.vibrationmonitoringservices.co.uk www.signatrol.com


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We have thousands of happy customers around the World – see what just some of them say about us at www.trustpilot.co.uk N Mora – Efficient Home Energy

Great Service.


L Bigmore – Alcatel Lucent

Always willing to help … Service is exemplary.


M Millen – Gemini Data Loggers

If only all companies were this good.


C Mason – London Bridge Fertility Centre

Professional efficient service .... Fast delivery and quality products.


C Bradburn

I can thoroughly recommend Labfacility for their knowledge, expertise and quality of product. 6.9.12 Eileen

Nothing is too much trouble and the response to urgent situations is second to none. 2.10.12 Jonathon

Good supplier and good on-time delivery performance. Excellent customer service. 12.11.12 M J Lamprill – Gusto Caribbean

The quality of the product we purchase is high, which has led our company to request repeat orders. 20.1.13 G Villa – Urrutiabeascoa

(Labfacility) send quotations same day, and send the information asap, and very clear and definite. 20.2.13 R Tee – i-Stone

Fast delivery and response.


D Greaves – G&B Northwest Ltd

I found the website easy to navigate and the products I needed easy to find, delivery was next day. 15.5.13 Y Fessas – Proplan Ltd

If you are looking for means to measure and record temperature this is the place. 1.6.13 Alexandra – ETC Sarl

very helpful, proactive, professional, always trying their very best to solve any issue. 15.7.13

Temperature Sensors

Thermocouple Cables

Thermocouple Connectors

Thermocouple Welder

Digital Thermometer & Logger

Sensor Installation Fittings

Buy on-line www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.co.uk  www.labfacility.co.uk Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446 PECM1113.indd 59

28/10/2013 19:02:16

Measurement & Monitoring Tinytag Data Loggers: robust environmental monitoring Tinytag data loggers monitor temperature, humidity, single and three phase power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor use to rugged, waterproof devices for industrial and outdoor applications. Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated.

Fully Automated System Measures The Effect Of Different Wellbore Fluids On Friction Pressure from Chandler Engineering is a fully automated system that measures the to study the effect different friction reducers have on fracturing, acidizing, conditions and pipe diameters.

areas, and probes offer access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach, such as pipework; or are used for monitoring extremes of temperature such as those in manufacturing processes and cryogenic areas.

data is then used to determine the effectiveness and longevity of various

Data from the loggers is downloaded to a PC via a USB connection and viewed with easy to use Tinytag Explorer software.

Email: info@tinytag.info



JAI rolls out new 20-megapixel Spark CMOS cameras

Space-saving amplifier for inductive proximity sensors in hazardous areas

20-megapixel industrial cameras featuring a global shutter and a full frame rate of 30 frames per second. The cameras, which were previewed

Merely 22 mm wide, the device is suitable for spaceuse with EGE’s intrinsically safe two-wire sensors for functions include integrated cable break detection

interface capable of supporting multiple data rates in Base, Medium, connectors using a dual-channel-powered frame grabber, or can be provided via the separate 12-pin connector.

Fluid Engineering: wenglor sensoric Introduces New Product Range wenglor sensoric’s new product line is distinguished by three operating

front side indicate the operating status and alarm messages. Users can choose between a relay and a changeover contact switching output.

Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) has introduced a new and innovative solution for the calibration of industrial sensors. Following the success of the highly accurate pleased to introduce the “millisKanner”. This eight channel device expands the milliK to create an innovative multi channel system that

rate, pressure and temperature sensors produced by subsidiary wenglor name. technically updated to the state-of-the-art and are more convincing than ever with their unique measuring method–after all, more than 20 years of ingenious German engineering stand behind the rugged, watertight housings made of either plastic or stainless steel.

thermometers including SPRT’s, PRT’s, Thermistors, Thermocouples and

Fast, Precise and Efficient: wenglor’s New Handheld Scanners

20/20 Hindsight from Alrad

Whether printed, needle-engraved, laser etched or embossed: wenglor’s new Handheld Scanners capture demanding 1D and 2D codes in nearly any industrial environment. Thanks to greater process reliability, higher throughput and a longer service life,

vision imaging specialist is proud to announce it can now offer the Hindsight 20/20CAM from Monitoring Technology in the British

pharmaceuticals industries. alignment tool is only one of the outstanding capabilities of the new range

packs the power of Hindsight into a small high speed camera head. 20/20CAM’s high speed video is continually stored internal to the camera “engine” with a massive

distinguished by a large scanning distance, which makes operation extremely easy and convenient. The scanning distance for all of the scanners from the new range lies between 38 and 394 mm.



PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:02:20

Now ATEX & CSA approved Measuring Machinery Efficiency with Industrial Measurements Ltd The use of continuous drive torque monitoring couplings is an integral part of systems in process industries. For design, performance buy off and long term maintenance an accurate transducerised coupling provides invaluable data helping to usually pays for itself many times over. manufacturing bespoke transducers for over 20 years. These are used in many extreme environments including Coke ovens, Steel Mills and Atlantic ice breaking ships. bed applications. The loading machine, usually a water brake or electric generator, was suspended in bearings and the resultant torque reaction was measured by a spring balance or load cell. This system was torsionally soft and was adequate for steady state running but not capable of measuring torque bearing arrangements for larger machines but these were that improves responsiveness and reliability and is more cost effective. The principle of placing a measuring device in a machinery drive line to measure torque sounds very simple. However, the coupling must be robust and reliable as any mechanical failure in the transducer results in a total loss of drive between the drive and driven machinery. The transducer must also be insensitive to axial loads or bending loads, which may occur due to misalignment in the driveline. These problems can be overcome by careful design of the coupling system. For over couplings that surpass these criteria.

Reviewing performance data also allows the user to establish the section of the system responsible for a change of during shutdown periods. For example, a gas turbine is driving a water pump via a transducerised coupling and it has been noted that for a given set of parameters on the gas turbine the water throughput has or the pump? By looking at the power data from the coupling you will see either a power drop at the coupling or normal

Performance testing upon installation provides a method to ensure the machinery meets the manufacturer’s guaranteed

if the power is constant the pump is at fault.

from which the system’s future health can be monitored. By using the transducer, direct measurement of the shaft power between the system elements enables the OEM manufacturer to prove the system on installation and enable the owner to monitor the health of the system. By having alarm parameters set on the transducerised coupling a number of controls can be introduced and in the extreme a safe shutdown can be triggered therefore avoiding torque overloads

elements and hubs. These are the TF range of products.

The transducer can also provide information which helps to monitor fuel usage to give a desired level of power enabling

customers’ existing drive lines into transducers and still

Many customers have reported that this alone paid for the

contactless method of getting torque data from the coupling. This utilises a single coil to further increase system reliability. A method of self-check has also been engineered into the transducer so by the press of a button calibration levels can

customers’ couplings by mounting the electronics centrally in the spinning section allowing high speed applications to be engineered.

also provide in house calibrations up to 30,000Nm. Please call or email our technical team to discuss any requirements you may have or see us at the Advanced

November/December 2013 PECM

PECM1113.indd 61


28/10/2013 19:02:23

Measurement & Monitoring New vibration meter for monitoring equipment

High Energy surge protection device

Designed for monitoring machinery and manufacturing

series (High Speed Category 6) surge device for protection in

axis vibration meter with a dedicated accelerometer attached via an ultra-robust cable.

this device enhances the reliability and availability of equipment and components on Ethernet networks by protecting your systems from the damaging effects of surges.

display and simple three-button operation, while its memory is capable of storing 1000 test results. Once a measurement has been carried out, colour

As the use of Ethernet moves from the traditional computer network environment to the more harsh process and industrial environment, the Zone Barrier High Energy series is a powerful 10kA High Speed Category 6 surge device that has been developed to provide the most durable and reliable protection for harsh and hazardous area use. With an increased surge current capacity and new circuit design, the new High Energy Zone Barrier offers you increased reliability and availability for a full range of high speed Ethernet applications The device uses the footprint and performance characteristics of

bond allowing the device to be used easily in standalone applications.

Email: enquiry@mtl-inst.com www.mtl-inst.com

machinery condition or a dedicated bearing mode will give an indication of the condition of shaft or motor bearings. measurement rather than the normal instantaneous test, increasing the accuracy and repeatability of measurements - which is essential for trending applications. Graphical trending can be viewed using

Latest accessories expand PACEline product range HBM has expanded the capabilities of its PACEline range of piezoelectric transducers with a series of charge cables up to 7 metres long. The cables are designed to facilitate the integration of HBM’s PACEline products into existing systems. Piezoelectric transducers are used in applications when there is limited space for measuring equipment or when measurement tasks involve extremely small forces and high dynamics. HBM’s new charge cables combine easily with an extensive array of accessories, including mounting aids, summators and cable couplings, for its PACEline piezoelectric products. This means that the entire measuring chain for nearly all applications can now be supplied.


Moody Offers Customers 24/7 Online Access To Heat Exchanger Test Certificates Moody Heat Exchangers has launched an on-line web-based portal to allow and service reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moody Heat Exchangers know that quick and easy access to test processing industries when faced with internal and external quality audits. This secure, web-based portal allows customers to log on using a secure password to access vital quality information about their plate heat exchangers. or email us at

XEMIS High Pressure Sorption Microbalance from Hiden Isochema portfolio of instruments and offers precision weighing in extreme environments. The corrosive species. Available as a standalone microbalance or as part of a fully integrated outstanding weighing stability and accuracy. with over 20 years’ experience in gravimetric and manometric sorption analyser design and development.



PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:02:32

See What You’ve Been Missing With Cost Effective Real Time Process Monitoring Systems Processes that involve monitoring a gas stream, or where there is a requirement to control the gas composition, have traditionally been addressed by the use of Gas Chromatographs (G.C.’s). Although this is a common technique, it is not without its downsides, and this article will compare the relative merits against the latest generation process Mass Spectrometer systems, and the effects that the differences in performance has on overall control of the process. in the process line as an example, the goal of the analysis system is to monitor the gas composition both upstream and downstream of the catalytic reactor, and in many cases control the gas feeds into the catalyst to With a GC, the typical analysis time is 20 minutes. A modern MS system typically takes 3 seconds to


a comparison test conducted by BP on an Ethylene process application, the following data was obtained:

Thanks to the speed of theMS systems, multiple processes can be monitored automatically from one system, using an inbuilt multipoint autosampler, and in can be calculated “live”

Time Resolution MS v GC Ethylene 30 25 20 GC Data


MS Data

10 5

5 5 105 155 20 5 25 5 305 355 40 5 45 5 50 5 55 5 605 655 70 5 75 5 80 5 85 5 90 5 9 5 1055 1005 1155 11 05 1255 12 05 13 55 13 05 14 55 1405 15 55 1505 16 55 1605 17 55 17 05 55



The thick vertical lines represent the GC data, whereas the thin, continuous red trace depicts the data from events occurring in the process that the GC is missing, and it could well be that a critical alarm condition could be broken during the period that the GC is not reporting data. With the MS, this would not be the case, as it can be seen that the whole process is recorded continuously.

be exported “live” into other programs, with data runs being started /stopped automatically.


The high speed of the MS gives better process optimisation, and the fast response (100mS) gives rise to a better process yield, cutting costs and giving a very swift return on investment. For more information on the GeneSys instrument range, please contact European Spectrometry Systems and see what you’ve been missing.


Email: sales@essco.com or info@essco.com November/December 2013 PECM

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28/10/2013 19:02:36

Measurement & Monitoring

VEGAFLEX gains boiler control approval

Specialty Chemicals Giant Enhances Ex Inspections and cuts Costs with Pioneering Data Capture System A global chemicals business has achieved an 85 per cent reduction in time spent on hazardous area inspections and repairs after adopting innovative data capture software from Terrington Data Management. the world’s largest dedicated producer of fuel additives and a manufacturer of octane additives and active chemicals,

guided wave radar instruments is not only technologically one of the most advanced the simplest to set up, it also has safety Additionally, it now features boiler level control approval for automated/unmanned operation according to EN12952-11:2007-Water tube and EN12953-9 :2007 for Shell type boilers (also as a limiting device in the run time error in saturated steam applications and its own integrated stilling tube. This means a self-contained, ready calibrated and compensated device can be supplied for steam boiler level control with sensor

Email: tracey.marshall@terringtondm.com

Labfacility L200 USB Digital Thermometer / Data Logger a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel temperature measurement, scanning and logging of measured values. incorporates a digital display of measured temperature. The self-calibration facility for the thermocouple version is a rapid and convenient method for on-site calibration and does not require any additional equipment other than a special ,external link which is provided with the instrument. Self-calibration of Pt100 ranges is equally simple and uses plug-in precision resistors.

accreditation means boiler water level control using this device can operate accurately and fully automatically in accordance with safety guidelines, thus saving energy, increasing safety and productivity in the area of energy generation.

Microsaic launches innovative chip-based mass spectrometry Offering the smallest footprint in the market, the Microsaic 4000 MiDÂŽ is a fully integrated, versatile, miniature mass spectrometry system designed for bench chemists. The 4000 MiD is the only mass spectrometer to contain everything in one box, including PC and all pumps. The instrument is easily accommodated in a standard fume hood and, unlike any conventional

This sensor can be installed directly inside or in an external chamber, with no moving parts to drift, wear or service, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

mass spectrometry components which can be interchanged rapidly by the the 4000 MiD deployable in a wide range of applications where mass spectrometry has not been able to reach.

Measurement accuracy is also unaffected by changes in water temperature, density or conductivity.

Email: info@microsaic.com


Particle Technology Ltd

or conductivity switches are traditionally used for point level control, but an even safer alternative is available.

As one of the UK’s leading and most respected product Reliability Testing companies, Particle Technology support customers all over the world. All tests are carried out in our modern facilities which include a production area for Test Dust, Clean Room for Cleanliness Testing,

a compact switch element using self monitoring and fail safe switch technology

and dedicated chambers for Sand and Dust Testing, one of which is the largest in the UK

For more information, or arrange a demo, contact


9001 standards, we have the ability to test components from a mobile telephone, through to large specialist vehicles where reliability and safety are paramount.


Particle Technology Ltd Station Yard Industrial Est

PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:02:42

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced

covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and

which may be coated with by-products from the process.

well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations.

geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made. The development of a technique

Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform. vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems - of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These

calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration compensate for the effects of contamination.

calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime.

requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit. For more information contact:Chell Instruments Ltd Folgate House Folgate Road CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

With the development of Chell’s on-site UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system. November/December 2013 PECM

PECM1113.indd 65


28/10/2013 19:02:47

Process Technologies Star Maintains Cool Position innovation, 2013 saw Star Refrigeration promoting pro-active maintenance for plant operators. StarCare is Star’s planned, preventative maintenance (PPM) programme for refrigeration plant operators. StarCare ensures optimum long-term performance and reliability in industrial cooling reduce lifecycle costs. Star Refrigeration Operations Director John Fraser says: “Equipment operation and maintenance typically accounts for over 80% of a refrigeration in pro-active maintenance is absolutely vital in order to ensure optimum long-term performance and lower running costs.” StarCare’s remote monitoring service Star Diagnostic Solutions (SDS) now features enhanced data collection and ongoing engineering team to oversee all aspects of refrigeration plant operation around the clock. The SDS system constantly monitors refrigeration plant performance with particular focus on cooling temperatures and power consumption. The 24/7 service works via a broadband connection, sending data from the cooling plant’s computerised control system to Star’s data collection centre.

RUBIS-PRECIS Group New products Year 2012 Mounted components in High Tech materials The french Group RUBIS-PRECIS / MICROPIERRE / HIGH TECH CERAM invested this year some new CN and assembly machines and technology for making high precision mounted components used in new High-Tech growing markets. The main materials used in such assemblies are Fine Ceramics / Carbides / Tungsten / Sapphire / Stainless Steel / Titanium / NickelIron / Tantalum / Gold and Platinum. Markets in which are used such assemblies are Medicine / Aeronautic / Space industry / Electronics / Analysis Nuclear / Optic industry and Military. The assembly technology used is metallising+brazing and in some additionnal case Laser welding / Crimping / Gluying and PressThe Group RUBIS-PRECIS / MICROPIERRE / HIGH TECH CERAM is presently the world leader for the supply of such High-Tech Assemblies in ultra hard materials+metals which enable to solve

Tel: 0208 339 7370

462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England


Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: sales@blackfast.com Web: www.blackfast.com

Submarine areas ) / Insulation at high Temperature or high Voltage (Aeronautic industry ) / Low friction / Ultra-vacuum (Space ) / Infra red (Optic) / Resistance against corrosive medias (Chemical industry). rubis@rubis-precis.com www.rubis-precis.com Tel: 033 3 81 68 27 27 / Fax: 0033 3 81 68 68 34

PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:02:52

Process Technologies atg UV Technology Launch Next Generation of Pharmaceutical UV Systems atg UV Technology are proud to announce the launch of their next generation Pharmaceutical UV Systems. The PH range offers Amalgam and Medium Pressure UV Systems for disinfection and photolysis for Pharmaceutical and Ultra-pure water applications. The PH system has been designed to provide the latest in hygienic chamber designs, featuring a unique tri-clamp body arrangement and triclamp inlet and outlet connections. Manufactured from 316L Stainless water applications, de-chlorination, TOC reduction and de-ozination. For further information on any aspect of Ultraviolet treatment, please contact atg UV Technology on: +44 (0)1942 216161, visit www.atguv.com

Testing, Testing.............. Testing has always been a critical part of Attwater’s business. Over the past year Attwater have invested further in their test and development laboratory more varied range of analysis. “We understand what our customers want to achieve, and we have always tailored our processes to meet or even exceed this.” said Matt D’Arcy, Attwater’s technical development engineer. “Now we can offer an even more extensive testing service in-house, making it cheaper and quicker. Of course, as part of its quality control, Attwater’s Industrial laminates are tested to the BSEN standard, but the new equipment means that product developments and improvements can be better tailored to customer needs. One of the biggest changes is a new, computer controlled force testing machine, equipment. “It’s all about the detail” says Matt. “Of course, there is often no substitute materials, the better poised we are to create precisely the right industrial laminate for our customers.”

Tel: +44 (0)1772 258245

Email: info@attwater.com

Industrial Strength

Rigid Composite Sheet

Tube Manufacturer

Bespoke Machining

World leaders in aerospace, defence, marine and many other sectors rely on the innovation and expertise of Attwater & Sons Ltd and Custom Composites Ltd. See what we can do for you. Call us on

01772 258245 Attwater & Sons Ltd

Custom Composites Ltd

November/December 2013 PECM

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29/10/2013 13:35:49

Product News Innovative protective clothing against chemicals, heat & flame and interactive online tool for selecting protective apparel At this year’s A+A, DuPont (Hall 5, Stand A40) will underline its extensive competence in innovative protective clothing that helps people perform at their best. The focus of the company’s trade-fair presence will be on newly developed Type 3 chemical protective suits, an interactive online tool assisting users in selecting appropriate protective clothing, and of its Tyvek®, Tychem®, ProShield® and Nomex® brands in Düsseldorf.


Adam Equipment Presents ABK and AFK Bench and Floor Scales Adam Equipment, a global provider of balances and scales, today announced availability of its ABK and AFK industrial scales. Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, Adam’s ABK and AFK scales are easy to use and deliver quick results for a wide variety of weighing tasks. Both the ABK and AFK are excellent for parts counting, percentage weighing, check weighing and dynamic weighing applications. They boast capacities ranging from 16lb/8000g to 1320lb/600kg and readabilities ranging from 0.0005lb/0.2g 0.001lb to 20g 0.1lb/50g. The ABK and AFK provide six weighing units, including kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces, pounds:ounces and Newtons.

Switchback To The Future The




styling this winter. Boasting an exclusive sole design with heel control plus front and side pull tabs the Switchback delivers unrivalled performance and a unique look. This new cutting-edge design is perfect footwear on-site and sets a new standard within the industry. The concept of crossing work-wear with sport-wear has stimulated the use of nubuck leather allowing the boots assured with a steel toe and composite midsole. The extra patterned

Email: sales@scruffs.com


Micro lock made by Camlock Systems ensures IT security Zentner Elektrik-Mechanik GmbH has chosen a lock manufactured by Camlock Systems to protect their access. control, network security and the retail industry. Potential damage can arise from vandalism, shrinkage, manipulation or deactivation. Camlock’s Series 13D protects these enclosures and computers from unauthorized as well as the power and reset button. products on www.zentner.de.

or Zentner’s enclosures on


MAXIMOVER IBC’s for the pharmaceutical sector. ...Reduce your manual handling, and increase your productivity.

For liquids or solids Maximover IBC’s are available in capacities from 227 - 3000 litres, 0.227 - 3.0 cu m. with a choice of cone angles that allow the product to flow freely. Seamless mouldings with 6mm walls for strength and durability, bespoke units for specific customer needs with full FDA accreditation. Optional horizontal or vertical outlet valves in PVC or stainless steel ensure uninterrupted discharge.

Request your 18 page MAXIMOVER Catalogue Today

swiftshop2012 mailbox.spl

Stamford Products Limited Bayley Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 1QQ Tel 0161-330 5577 www.swift-shop.com/bulkhandling/


PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:03:03

A Brush Pile Draught Seal, Perfect for your Doors and Windows At last, a breakthrough in technical sealing; a British made product that works! This brush pile draught excluder serves a variety of purposes, whether you’re interested in wipe sealing or compression sealing. Suitable for any doors or windows, popular product. With the ability to seal gaps ranging from 2.5 mm to 25 mm, thehairyworm is a top notch draught stopper which also helps

Thehairyworm is also available as a plain product for replacing existing failed sections in aluminium windows and doors.

10 sizes available in grey or black t Sizes in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20mm t All 2 or 3 sizes of coil in 2, 5 or 10 metres.

Rubber Extrusions t t t t t t t t t t

info@thehairyworm.co.uk t 0161 622 0020 t www.thehairyworm.co.uk

PECM1113.indd 69

28/10/2013 19:03:04

Product News New FACILITY underlines NOV MONO® SERVICES For the Oil and Gas Industry A leading global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and associated equipment has increased the strength of its offering to customers in the global oil and gas industry in the UK. Working from its new Southampton base, the NOV Mono® Oil & Gas Solutions team will provide dedicated industry expertise and support for customers in many different areas of the oil and gas sector. range of API 676-compliant EZstripTM progressing cavity (PC) pumps.

Tel: +44 (0)161 339 9000 www.mono-pumps.com

Mekall Introduces Custom Keyboard Service sub-contractors, is offering a bespoke design and manufacture service for membrane keypads, graphic overlays and fascias for clients in the instrumentation, medical, biomedical, diagnostics, aerospace and defence sectors. Graeme Smith, sales manager at Mekall said: “With a 25 year track record of engineering excellence we can design, manufacture and supply all manner of membrane switch panel assemblies including PCB-based keypad assemblies, LED backlit keypads and metal keyboards for a broad range of applications. We are always interested in taking on new projects us to help customers at all stages of their development and production” For further details please visit www.mekall.com or email sales@mekall.com


HSS TAPS, DIES, DIENUTS, DIEHEAD CHASERS, THREAD ROLLS, THREAD GAUGES ETC. NON STANDARD? NO PROBLEM! FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE MANY NON STANDARD (AND STANDARD) TOOLS & GAUGES IN STOCK. Keen prices, rapid deliveries. Online catalogue and price list at www.threadtools.com buy online or contact us on 0044(0)1527 520580 sales@threadtools.com


PECM November/December 2013

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29/10/2013 13:42:38

Product News

The New X-Rite Ci6x Series™ Portable Spectrophotometers

Improving Color Management Throughout the Supply Chain Learn more at xrite.com/ci6x November/December 2013 PECM

PECM1113.indd 71


28/10/2013 19:03:14

Product News High Pressure Cooling with Hydra-Cell

Enhanced Stock Range Norsok uti 60 mm thick Norsok Rev 4

We have made improvements to our stock making our range of large area Duplex and Super Duplex plate even more comprehensive:

DUPLEX UNS S31803 & SUPER DUPLEX UNS S32750/S32760 60 mm thick 5000 x 2500 mm -

Hydra-Cell high-pressure coolant pumps are claimed to provide long life durability, unmatched by other pump technologies. High pressure coolant delivery (up to 170 reductions in cycle time of up to 70% while improving the quality of surface inserts, and enhancing chip control. coolant delivery but few claim the reliability performance of Hydra-Cell® hydraulically balanced diaphragm pumps.

Norsok MDS D45/55 Rev 3 AND All Duplex and Super Duplex stock u.t.i. 35 mm thick certified to

Norsok MDS D45/55 Rev 4 Plate sizes up to 12000 mm x 3000 mm, all produced in Western European mills – “the largest ex-stock Duplex plates in the world”

ISG Announces New LightWise™ IQ Camera Family The camera family supports


External triggering and strobe functions are integrated along with a NTSC/ board memory. “A very low-noise analog front-end and the Truesense

Tel: +44 1922 748710 Email: stainless@brownmac.co.uk



E-BOX M12 Complete from RAFI: Elegantly designed emergency stop wired ready for connection

TROX Launches X-Cube Compact Air Handling Unit

ready-for-connection emergency stop housing including an actuator and a contact block with two normally-closed contacts. Featuring an extremely slim design, the unit can be used whenever emergency stop devices are needed at remote locations, for example along production lines. Measuring 109 x 40 x 28


needs to be done is snap on the housing and screw on the M12 socket.

Global leader Swenson Technology’s expanded Test Center delivers critical expertise in evaporation and crystallization technology Swenson Technology, a global leader in the design and supply of evaporators and crystallization systems, is completing a multimillion dollar expansion of its research facilities. The extensive renovation, expansionand installation of new technologies at Swenson’s four-level research Test Center, located in Harvey,




sec, have a heat recovery performance of over 80% and

range and the smallest application, and can supply, from a single source, virtually all components required for a complete air conditioning system.

Alfa Laval ThinkTop D30 for standard process lines that don’t require high-end valve control ®





actuators. Compact and intelligent, it is a solid choice for dairy, food and beverage processing lines and for general applications where nonThe new technologies are relevant to industries extending frommining, fertilizer production, inorganic chemicals, environmental and industrial biotechnology.

panels with external solenoid valves or where space is limited and operational simplicity and reliability important.




PECM November/December 2013

PECM1113.indd 72

28/10/2013 19:03:20

Software & Systems INSYS presents series of programmable router modules communication and M2M technology, presents router modules that are designed for integration into various applications. Measuring merely 56 x 56 mm, the modules provide users with fully equipped single board router solutions.

Email: info@insys-icom.com


Velox Module Shortens Time to Market and Revenue modules and tools for embedded applications, today announces a new member of its “Simple Network Application Platform - SNAP”, According to the 2013 Embedded Market Study from UBM, 57 % of steady trend over the past years. The new module addresses that issue by offering a solution that can save development time and cost.

access to the processor’s features.

nPower Software releases NEW Power Surfacing add-in for SolidWorks Power Surfacing is an industrial design add-in product for SolidWorks® 3D design software for modeling organic, free form surfaces in SolidWorks. Power Surfacing makes it easy and fun to design complex free form, aesthetically pleasing “Class A” surfaces in SolidWorks. Creating and manipulating Power Surfacing parts is as simple as modeling with clay. Power Surfacing allows on the faces, edges or vertices of the part. For more information on nPower Software, visit www.nPowerSoftware.com

i-sft offers individual flat displays without non-recurring engineering costs! German-based company i-sft GmbH various designs for individual electronic display units without any nonrecurring costs for development. On the new website www.i-sft.com,

outputs, and degrees of ruggedness on the basis of these platforms. Due application, such as vehicle manufacturing, aeronautics, shipbuilding, and outdoor applications, i-sft can make use of a fully developed set of

Email: ruediger.simon@i-sft.de

www.i-sft.com November/December 2013 PECM

PECM1113.indd 73


28/10/2013 19:03:41

Using Split Roller Bearings in coal fired power stations can save time and money coal-burning power stations. However, a third of these power stations are expected to close by 2016 due to EU air quality legislation due to be implemented. The result will be increased pressure on the existing infrastructure to requires un-planned down time to be minimised. Both of number of bearings across the site will provide optimum performance with minimal service costs.

reliability, safety, and environmental standards. The power plant has many critical operations that are exposed to harsh conditions with the potential to reduce bearing performance and overall bearing life which drives up operating costs. Solid housed roller bearings are employed widely in operate in an environment contaminated with coal dust past protective seals and enters the bearing causing it to fail prematurely. When such a bearing failure occurs, the cost of the replacement bearing itself is extremely small in relation to the cost of the plant downtime.

More than 50 percent of the operational bearing reliability in bearing protection. As coal dust enters a bearing, it contaminates the lubricant reducing its effectiveness, the bearing operating temperature increases, the lubricant degrades and the bearing rapidly seizes. On the surface, a single bearing in a pillow block may appear inexpensive, but if the pillow block supports a boiler primary air fan and therefore the capacity to generate electricity.

result an array of safety measures must be in place to mitigate such circumstances. Prevention of bearing failure and the resulting increase in bearing temperature is a regular bearing inspections and replacement if required. One way to improve bearing performance and reliability is to use SRB split roller bearings of the type manufactured by Revolvo UK, and now used extensively in power generation and process industries worldwide. SRB split roller bearings perform exceptionally well in harsh operating conditions (even fully submerged using appropriate sealing), even under conditions of serious shaft misalignment, whereas solid mounted spherical roller bearings can suffer from non-concentric ineffective seals that will rapidly lead to expensive premature bearing failure. is typically reduced by 90% compared to the time taken are impossible to inspect whilst in situ, therefore routine inspection is often overlooked. Over their operational lifetime, SRB split roller bearings usually offer the operator lower total operational costs, but because split roller bearings are initially more expensive compared to solid roller bearings, many operators ignore these long term lower cost advantages. From the technical, economic and pure design perspectives, SRB split roller bearings offer a host of advantages compared to solid types. The simplicity of and replaced by simply supporting the shaft; there is no need to lift the shaft, or obtain access to the shaft ends, therefore expensive and awkward to handle lifting equipment is not required. This feature is extremely valuable for all applications, especially regarding large machines, where sheer size and weight is a barrier to fast and cost effective servicing. Another reason for replacing solid housed bearings with split roller bearings is their effective seals, where they have inherent advantages compared to conventional solid housed bearing seals. With the split roller bearing design, the spherical location between the cartridge housing and the support pedestal ensures that under conditions of shaft misalignment, irrespective of whatever type of seal is used, it will always remain concentric to the shaft. www.revolvo.com


PECM November/December 2013

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28/10/2013 19:03:42

Curtis UK, your partner in industrial vehicle system integration they supply. However, today’s highly specialised, advanced vehicle control systems technology. At Curtis, we understand that – and we have a solution; the provision of products and expert partners to assist you from beginning to end of the design and engineering process. edge product development. Our global network makes Curtis an extension of your own engineering department. The Curtis product range includes

Our latest range of

E-Series Controllers are

and the updated EN 1175-1:1998+A1:2010 functional safety standard to provide fast, powerful and feature rich, enabling users to develop better vehicles.


The safest. Dual-micro architecture meets or exceeds the latest international functional safety requirements. Outlasts and outperforms with more features, improved ratings and simple motor auto-characterisation routines.

And reliability. Millions of units sold by a global technology leader, backed up with decades of experience.

E-Series Speed Controllers from Curtis

support engineers around the world. Kerry and his team will partner with you to specify, design and build a complete electric Curtis, ready to help you.

PECM1113.indd 75

28/10/2013 19:03:44

Dividella on Total Cost of Package TCP Cost reduction goes along with cost saving – as we know large companies put a large focus on this – not only do they want to be a part in preserving the environment but their own as well – goes hand in hand. The main challenges to incorporating this for individual businesses and on a global level: There’s a large base off installed, old technology/ equipment – old habits die hard – f.e there’s the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and many other environmental organizations push very strong to avoid plastic/pvc The world regions follow suit and more and more initiatives keep coming up – in several becoming a big issue. Overall cost are strongly linked to packaging and logistics – with our packaging machinery for the secondary packaging of parenterals we keep the whole cost picture in mind: by using mono material on the

TCP a sustainable option. Ecological, small volume cartons from mono-material which allow volume reduction are proving a must requirement. They mean overall savings for many sectors, including logistics, volumes, materials and, in particular, the cold chain. On top of that, of course, they provide sustainable solutions: a hugely topical issue. In itself it’s a complete solution – good thing about it: own packaging engineering go together with the product requires a blister solution this is easlily adaptable. material packaging solution ensures sustainable ways.

mono material packs) and the disposal, cost reduction is a given - TCP is a sustainable option! How does this contribute to a greener supply chain? Hidden costs in regards to logistic cost and volume for transport, stocking and storage. companies: Pasteur A reduction in pack volume of 50% cut the expensive cold-chain shipping & storage costs in half. The 10 count syringe carton was designed to meet franchise for increased output, higher equipment

The top-load carton is made from 100% recyclable paperboard material, and eliminated pre-made plastic trays and lid material, resulting in a savings in excess of $1,000,000 annually. A reduction in pack volume of costs in half. The NeoTOP 804 syringe cartoning system from Dividella provided 4 times the throughput of the previous system, with a capacity of 800 syringes per minute. The OEE doubled from 35% to over 70%. The

People are living longer; illnesses like diabetes are increasing; personalized medicine is moving forward. All of these things will demand a high level of technology in the secondary packaging sector for targeted therapies and long-lasting medication. Being on the green line will enable the industry to adapt and stay environmentally safe. Greener supply chains will become standard in the future, as everybody strives for a better environment.

and combination packs for other products.


PECM November/December 2013

PECM1113.indd 76

28/10/2013 19:03:44

AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOUR IDEAS: TOPLOADING SOLUTIONS! No compromise adapting to your requirements Packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry always represent a particular challenge. We have been meeting these challenges for more than 30 years. W ith eminently sustainable, patientfriendly, environmentally aware and evolving concepts which are always matched to your current needs.


PECM1113.indd 77

28/10/2013 19:03:47

New by-pass constructed using Drallim Rotary Selector Valve (RSV) each vessel is controlled by in-line valves. Pneumatic control of the actuators that open or close these inline valves is generally accomplished by sending an electrical signal from the control centre to remote solenoid valves that in turn pressurise or vent the actuators. This forms part of the process at nuclear power stations that require high quality feedwater used for cooling. Domestic towns water is processed to produce demineralised (pure) water for boiler feed purposes.

and installed in the Make Up Water Treatment and Condensate Polishing Plants at a number of nuclear power stations throughout the U.K. when they were originally brought into service. Many of these valves therefore date back to the 1970’s and 1980’s and are still in service. As part of on-going improvement with associated pneumatic equipment which includes the aforementioned solenoid valves. The ageing of perishable internal seals is a contributing factor in making this decision, as the valves themselves are still site surveys and produce recommendation reports, together with CAD generated circuits. The reports listed possible areas for improvement and demonstrated a thorough understanding of the operational but the complete replacement pneumatic control consoles, which they design and build in-house. Onsite installation and commissioning is also carried out by Drallim staff.

On occasions, for example to overcome failure or carry out planned maintenance, it is necessary to by-pass the automatic process and therefore the aforementioned control by providing an alternative airpath. Single acting actuators (for instance those which spring return when the electrical signal is removed and hence no pressure is supplied to move the actuator) are controlled by a single pneumatic signal. These can one airpath through. Double acting valves that require one side to be pressurised whilst the other vented side is piped away employ a 2 bank valve. Multiple to six separate banks. linked by a common central spindle, enabling separate air paths to be controlled concurrently; each output is and electrical circuits to be controlled simultaneously, or can be used simply to provide positional indication remotely at the control centre.


Control console housing a number of

relatively simple and therefore extremely reliable unit,

stainless steel, both having stainless spindles, and can have stems and seals in differing materials to suit the media being used. remained largely unaltered, and due to its versatility is widely used in industry for a vast range of applications involving the switching of liquids, vapours and gases. The same technique as described in this application is employed in automated manufacturing plants where manual override in safety critical situations is required. such as offshore platforms. www.drallim.com

PECM November/December 2013

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Now at last a safer and more productive alternative to steps, ladders and podiums

Use it for Cleaning, maintenance, stock replenishment, point of sale hanging or anything that requires work & reach at height. Applications are endless and include: Retail, Offices, Hospitals, Warehouses,

Contact us today to book your FREE site survey

0113 287 8446

Flexible finance that makes things affordable

Factories, Public buildings‌ideal for

Service options designed to fit your business perfectly

position, thanks to super efficient

Facilities Management. Hugo™ is really easy to push and non-marking castors. Once in position simply press a button and you glide up to 4.2m working height.

ugh to www.hls.co

s click thro To see our full range of products and service Height, Lift & Shift


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Storage, Handling & Distribution Wire Belt Company Limited, Providing practical belting solutions to our customers As the market-leading manufacturer of stainless steel conveyor belts, Wire Belt has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is routinely used to help its customers develop and improve their manufacturing process.

Vacuum conveyors move food and powder products with ease ®

system, has become an indispensable part of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Used for an increasingly wide array of tasks: moving materials like coffee beans through the food process line, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Working closely with its customers, Wire Belt can provide a bespoke solution where an off-the-shelf product is not available. By combining a forward-thinking and innovative approach with manufacturing experience dating back to the early 20th century, Wire Belt has established its position as the market-leader of the stainless steel belting industry.

The growing reliance on vacuum conveying is

Alpha Compact takes the pressure out of labelling

Primera’s LP130e Laser Marking System

Weber’s Alpha Compact label applicator is a cost-effective solution to fast, reliable pressure-sensitive labelling. This system features a small footprint, yet employs a highly-accurate wipe-on method of in a production environment. The Alpha Compact label dispenser not only boasts a new design with increased performance and higher application rates (up to 600 labels per minute) but is even simpler to operate than its The Alpha Compact system quickly and accurately applies pre- printed units. The new integrated controller further reduces the space required for this already compact unit.

NORD joins GATE Equipment), the German umbrella association for quality suppliers to drive solutions tailored to baggage handling and cargo transfer systems. NORD’s dedicated internet portal – http://airport.nord.com/ – gives an overview on drive applications in airports. NORD’s drive systems are portfolio of drive electronics from electronic starters to frequency inverters with scalable functionality. All electronic products can be motor-mounted or wall-mounted. NORD offers engineering support for drive selection in the planning phase, commissioning support during installation, and maintenance and repair services across the globe.

product friendly, enclosed, hygienic and safe. Even those materials that are sensitive to humidity and contamination can be safely conveyed.

easy in-house production of labels for use in severe and harsh-duty applications, warning and instruction labels, tags for outdoor equipment or building materials. Text, graphics and bar codes can be marked onto special substrates. Finished labels do not require lamination to temperatures of up to 300C. They also meet the requirements

Hot Off The Press! Straightpoint Launches New Wireless Compression Loadcell Product wireless compression loadcells. They have an industry-leading wireless range of up to 250m/800 feet and an unmatched battery life of 400 hours, allowing for the calculation of total mass and the centre of gravity on loads up to and exceeding 4000t. They are ideal for a large number of industries, including mining, energy, defence, heavy rigging, shipping, aircraft and general transportation sectors. Typical applications for the calibration, structural testing, aircraft weighing, material force testing, heavy construction pile driving and static or dynamic weighing. For more information, visit www.straightpoint.com or email sales@straightpoint.com

4050 Pallet Applicator Bar Code Scan System The Weber 4050P Pallet Applicator is designed to to stop the pallet. This differentiates the system from other Pallet Applicators in the market and makes the 4050P one of the fastest systems available capable of labelling up to 420 pallets per that the barcodes printed are able to be scanned and also that the label has been applied to the product. The 4050P Pallet Applicator is able to meet these criteria, however in cases where this is required the pallet has to be stopped to ensure that if incorrect labels are printed then they can be re-printed and applied to the product. The way in which the 4050P completes these processes is as follows: Weber position a Bar Code Scanner in the gap between Print Engine and Tamp Pad. This scanner will read the barcodes as the label passes onto the tamp pad. The Pallet is stopped in the correct position awaiting labelling. lf the bar codes read correctly then the labelling process applied to the product but no signal will be sent to move the pallet to the next position the system whereby the last label printed will be re-printed.

Email: info@nord.com



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Storage, Handling & Distribution


Power Hacksaw

KASTO Circular Saw

KASTO Two-way Mitre Bandsaw

excll. V exc ATT excl. VAT

excl. VAT Up to 210mm max capacity

Up to 65mm max round capacity

excl.l. VA excl exc VAT AT Up to 230mm max round capacity

KASTO GERMANY www.kasto.com

Lendon Containers Ltd Lendon Containers specialise in marine containers, one of our activities is in the conversion of these units as industrial modules. Once completed they can be transported to site either within the UK or shipped abroad and can be moved from one site to another in an easy and convenient manner. In conjunction with the workshop we can offer from a part to complete fit out, with the client either supplying equipment to us or taking the part finished unit to their facility, for them to complete the work At the workshop we can offer a comprehensive service to fabricate, machine and weld – stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium There are a multitude of potential uses from water treatment, data logging to laboratories and so we would be very happy to discuss any potential requirements you may have For further information please contact : Lendon Containers Ltd 60 Webbs Road London SW11 6SE Tel : 020 7350 1940 Fax : 020 7350 1962 email : enquiries@lcltd.co.uk www.lcltd.co.uk November/December 2013 PECM

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Mega project uses Mitsubishi Electric controls to improve Sussex coast water quality One of the most ambitious wastewater treatment wastewater and improve water quality along the Sussex coast, has been speeded along because of the ease of integration of Mitsubishi Electric control equipment. £300 million environmental improvement scheme includes a new wastewater treatment works (WWTW) and sludge recycling centre, two pumping stations, 11km of sewer tunnel and a 2.5km long sea outfall. The newly completed works can treat the 95 million litres of wastewater generated each day by the residents of Peacehaven, Telscombe Cliffs, Ovingdean, Rottingdean, Saltdean and Brighton and Hove.

make sure that no foul smells escape. The rate of extraction has been calculated and set so that the internal negative pressure is always kept constant. The engineers were able to use the landscape to best advantage, using the fall of the Downs to gravity feed much of the system. There are only three sections in the whole system where the wastewater has to be pumped upwards. underneath Brighton Pier. From this point the wastewater Drive Pumping Station below Marine Drive, Brighton’s iconic water front plaza where half-marathons start, pumps are used to lift the wastewater through a 40m shaft and then travel by gravity to a second pumping station located at Portobello where it is raised 30m system, so all subsequent areas are gravity fed. The the one uses variable speed drives.

The treatment works at Peacehaven came on stream in late 2012 and via the new sewer tunnel, links South Downs National Park, architects sculpted the roof, one of the largest in Europe, so that it blends almost invisibly into the landscape. They even insisted on maintaining a slight negative pressure within the building to contain unpleasant odours. Peacehaven is home to the central control room, from which a duty/standby SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems and four thin client logic controllers) System runs all aspects of the WWTW including wastewater and sludge processing,

The core equipment in the works’ control system is

ease of setup and use, plus their ability to seamlessly integrate with products from other manufacturers.

conditioning). operator stations mounted on motor control centres dotted around the Peacehaven site, all of which can be used to control the entire system including equipment up to 7km away. The remote sites in the other towns allow only local control rather that providing access to the whole system. The system extracts air to maintain the negative pressure and passes it through a series of acid and


that brings together modular control features from many different engineering disciplines, including, logic, to install and commission and to boost productivity.

simple control system with the utmost reliability. www.mitsubishi-automation.com

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Why waste management should be on every boardroom agenda Waste Management isn’t a topic that features on a boardroom agenda. But according to the UK’s largest independent provider of waste management solutions, it should be somewhere near the top of that agenda. Mike Callaghan from GPT Waste explains that by changing the shape of the decision making process for procuring waste services, any process and

mandatory process for business. Every day UK businesses are literally throwing away this impacts on their bottom line. Others their resources. A better understanding of

The CEO, the HR Director, the Finance Director and the Operations Director – these are the people that should make the decisions on how their organisation manages in the current climate: improve margins, increase growing, and margins are depleting, what do you do? You buy what you sell better, or you lose your people. Really effective waste management is much more waste disposal. £25,000. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing client was spending £1.5 million on waste management.

We reduced their waste costs by £0.5 million. What does that equate to in terms of full time employees within their business? As a result we are now helping them shape their future tendering processes for waste management. This was achieved by asking the Board have a think about what they could better spend the money on, not from putting a waste disposal proposal to the person who runs the waste yard. The key difference is that between waste disposal and waste management, waste disposal is costly, waste management is less costly and more effective. GPT Waste, the largest UK independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services offer a free waste review consultation for the

www.gptwaste.com November/December 2013 PECM

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Minimize system integration risks with the Beamex Business Bridge Business Bridge is a standardized, but configurable software solution for connecting Beamex CMX calibration management system to an ERP/CMMS system.

Staying within the original project budget and timetable can be a challenge, specifications and scope of work keep changing constantly during the project and system maintenance of a finished, highly customized integration solution turns out to be difficult and expensive. Beamex minimizes these system integration risks by introducing the Business Bridge.

PECM1113.indd 84

www.beamex.com info@beamex.com

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Profile for MH Media Global

PECM - Issue 6 2013  

PECM - Issue 6 2013