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This city was made for sharing – shared space in urban design “Friends” Protect Rare Peatland Habitat with Recycled Plastic Natural Stone The sustainable building material of choice?

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Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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Cover Story Client: NEC Group Location: Birmingham Construction Value: £28 million As part of a winning OJEU bid, DLA Landscape & Urban Design were commissioned to provide full landscape architectural services, working alongside the NEC Group to provide a new world class setting for the proposed Arena refurbishment. Originally constructed in the early 1970’s the NEC Arena and its surrounding public realm were drastically in need of an the existing main approaches into the site and the sense of arrival did not respond to that of a world class destination and pedestrian linkages were inadequate to support the vast number of visitors in attendance during events. In conclusion the venue did not offer the excitement and experience to match the types of events held within. The aim of the external environment design was to build a sense of anticipation for pedestrians as they journey towards the Arena , to make each visit memorable, and key for the NEC Group, to encourage the all important, essential repeat visits. The primary concept driving forward the design of the inspired by the NEC Arena’s long history of hosting live music events. From paving and planting design to the external expression of radiating sound waves within the public realm almost as if sound was escaping from the main entrance and being broadcast out across the landscape. The landscape proposals encompass a number of key components which work cohesively together to deliver the

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Editors Choice Artificial Grass & Trees Bound Surfacing Concrete & Stonework Exterior/Street Furniture Landscape Services Nurseries & Tree Care

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Sport & Play Structures & Fittings Tools, Plant & Equipment Water Engineering

overall design concept. The relocation of the arena entrance prompted the creation of a dynamic new pedestrian entrance plaza to provide a robust landscape solution which holds large numbers of visitors and for the varying events held within the arena. The space encompasses informal plinth seating and feature illumination to create a vibrant congregation space for use before and after events. A stunning 6m high ‘living wall’ of lush vegetation provides a striking backdrop to the new plaza containing views and directing patrons towards the main access. external space which provides opportunities for additional concessions and temporary entertainment before and after events. A 3m high, illuminated glazed screen separates the space from general circulation, adding an innovative & vibrant landscape element and which creates the ideal ‘canvas’ for branding by LG - the new sponsor. A bold avenue of striking specimen trees will be planted to form a semi-permeable barrier between the existing access road and key pedestrian areas and radiating bands of clipped ornamental hedging help to reinforce the sound wave concept. Both the glazed screen and the 40m long granite-effect retaining wall will be illuminated with colour changing LED’s be choreographed to respond to the type of event being held within the Arena.

April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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This city was made for sharing – shared space in urban design It may seem logical to assume that we all share the same urban space: cyclists, pedestrians, drivers. But that’s certainly not how people feel, and most urban design doesn’t seem to resonate this idea either. How many drivers have you heard criticising cyclists and complaining that they do not respect the rules of the road? Or likewise, how many cyclists complain that drivers do not make their preferred form of transport a particularly easy one? These types of attitudes demonstrate that many regard other road users as being something of a nuisance, but they all share the same space. Designers, researchers and engineers are beginning to answer the question of how we should be sharing and using the same space. This has resulted in radical new designs that not only change the way our cities look, but how they feel, says Romy Rawlings, Design and Development Director at leading specialist designer and manufacturer, Woodhouse. The crossing in Oxford Circus is an example of such a design, and concepts such as shared space are looking

Exhibition Road in London.

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at ways of re-imagining the relationships of road users. Does an urban space that removes features such as While controversial, it is precisely ideas such as these that will have the ability to shape our spaces, for the better. The thinking behind shared space brings into question the way we have approached urban design since vehicles began to emerge on our streets. There has been an assumption that the only way to preserve the separating the pedestrians from cyclists. While it might seem counter intuitive, removing the lights or signs, and simplifying streets, provided the right ‘social messages’ are being conveyed to street users - the safer streets became. A recent example of shared space is Exhibition Road

Romy Rawlings, Design and Development Director at Woodhouse, Leamington Spa

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heritage of Exhibition Road, a space that allows access to some of our most important national institutions, such as the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, a design competition was held in 2003 to help improve the design of the street. The result was a shared space that is not without its critics; even those who believe in shared space, remarking that it isn’t a true shared space as some compromises had to be made. Compromises such as the provision of private parking spaces and tactile paving elements to denote where pavements would normally be as a result of a court case involving the UK charity, Guide Dogs. There are also some signs remaining that look out of place in what should ultimately be a signless environment. But despite this, many see it as a triumph for the shared space movement.

still plagued by issues that are holding it back, such is certainly not a problem of the past. And there are still signs of segmentation, such as benches appearing in pedestrianised areas away from what could be considered to be a traditional road. Future projects such as this need to stay true to their original vision and aims. How can we ever evaluate the effectiveness of shared spaces if compromises to the stated goals are being introduced? More information about Woodhouse can be found at

The street is patterned with criss-crosses in the paved surface, denoting that it is an open space, welcoming of pedestrians. There is a lack of clutter, and the slower pace, from the reduced speed limits, affords the space a more pleasing, relaxed feel. However, the street is

Exhibition Road in London

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Editors Choice AQUAPLANCTON For Lakes, Ponds, Moats, Rivers and Streams

Combats: Blanketweed, Duckweed, Algae, Sludge, Slime, Green Water and Odour without the cost and upheaval of dredging. Several feet of mud can miraculously disappear. Voted Product of the Year by “Farming Today”. Approved for use in the environment Safe For: Ducks, Plants, Pets and all forms of water life. For free brochure and pricelist, Tel: 01298 214003 anytime

The great outdoors is the new profit opportunity 6 Knights Park, Hussey Road, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3TE Tel: 0121 609 7057 6

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Bath BA2 7AY Tel 01225 386447/01225 386252 Email Contact Graduate School Admissions


(The Times Good University Guide 2013, Complete University Guide 2014). Taking place within the World Heritage city of Bath the courses may be taken in a range of flexible study options The degree programme commences in October and is offered as one year full-time, two years part-time, four years extended part- time and single modules can be taken for Continuing Professional Development purposes (the CPD route is assessed and credit- bearing). Attendance is either one day or two days per week over two semesters (Wednesday and/or Friday). Each semester comprises eleven weeks of teaching, so the commitment for attending lectures, seminars and visits by the part-time route is just 22 days over the year or 44 days full-time. The Dissertation period runs from June until September and on successful completion of the MSc you graduate in December. The courses provide vocational training within an academic framework.


This Masters programme is unique in the UK and equips you with key analytical and practical skills and grounding in the theory and practice of designed and cultural landscape conservation and management. It offers an interdisciplinary and cross-functional perspective, integrating Conservation and Management studies within a broader understanding of History and Theory; Survey and Assessment and The Legislative Framework, taught by top professionals in the field, directed by Dr Marion Harney. The programme is open to graduates from most disciplines or equivalent professional qualification or relevant experience. Graduates of other fields such as history of art who wish to gain a vocational degree are also eligible to apply.


Teaching units include: structural conservation; materials, construction and skills; history and theory (classical architecture and the philosophy of conservation) and the law relating to conservation and heritage management. Architects, engineers, surveyors, conservation officers, art historians and suitably-qualified candidates from other fields with first degree or equivalent are eligible to apply. The course is taught by leading architects, structural engineers and related professionals, directed by Dr Michael Forsyth. The curriculum accords with the conservation guidelines of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) and is accredited by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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“Friends” Protect Rare Peatland Habitat with Recycled Plastic A RARE bogland habitat in Scotland will be protected and enjoyed by thousands of visitors for many years to come – thanks to a new boardwalk made almost entirely from recycled plastic bags and bottles. Langlands Moss near East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire is a rare lowland raised bog habitat nestled in the heart of Scottish suburbia on the outskirts of Glasgow. A new 374m-long raised boardwalk has been installed made from Duraplas® recycled plastic planks and posts supplied by Centriforce Products.

The Moss is a designated Local Nature Reserve, attracting between 10 and 12,000 visitors every year from schools and local community groups to University researchers been watched over by The Friends of Langlands Moss who have worked hard to nurture and protect its special environment. The moss is too sensitive and dangerous for people to walk on so a raised 1.3m wide platform is essential to

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allow access for both leisure and conservation of the rare ecosystem of mosses, lichens, reptiles, invertebrates and birds. The Friends battled to raise £100,000 in grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and local community funds to enable the boardwalk to be built and replace the existing wooden structure which was beginning to rot. “The old boardwalk was deteriorating and was getting slippy and on the verge of being unsafe,” said Maureen Potter, a local East Kilbride resident and founding member of the Friends group. “We have been working hard for a number of years to improve the hydrology and pathways around the Moss, but this is the biggest project we have yet attempted. “We soon realised that a recycled plastic boardwalk was the ideal option for the wet environment, as it will not plastic and it’s a real bonus that we can tell them it’s made from plastic waste that would otherwise have gone For more information about Centriforce products visit, call customer service on +44 (0)151 207 8109 or email to

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Bound Surfacing Granite Sett Driveway – Not just ‘Good as New’ – But Better! GftK’s vdw 850 Paving Joint Mortar has been used to refurbish this prestige driveway near Bury in Lancashire by repointing and grouting the joints to replace and improve the long term performance and durability. The driveway was originally pointed with sand and cement, but as so often happens due to water damage during the original pointing or subsequent frost and de-icing salt damage, this quickly broke down. Initially it was repaired by wellknown brands of pre-packed air dried polymer sand jointing and then gun applied cement based pointing – All of which failed because of problems in application and service – working in wet weather, shrinkage cracking, staining & cleaning, frost damage etc. However all of these problems were solved and a durable, long lasting solution was quickly and easily provided using GftK’s vdw 850 Paving Joint Mortar.

Tel: 01257 266696 Email:


Get Finished and Get Paid with GftK Even in the Rain! GftK Paving Joint Mortars from NCC Streetscape allow you to continue working and complete pointing and grouting operations on your projects even in continuously wet weather and at low temperatures (down to 3°C) GftK Paving Joint solutions are the clear technology and market leaders for durable, high performance and high in all types of natural stone setts, cobbles, With the unique GftK Pavement Jointing systems you can save time and money on every single project. For more information and assistance contact NCC Streetscape on 01257 266696, or visit , where you can also buy Online.

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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St Deny’s Road & Priory Road StreetPrint is an innovative surfacing process that provides a realistic and cost-effective alternative to traditional block, slate and stone paving methods. Traditional processes pose a number of different issues, including slow laying times, manual handling risks and dust/noise problems caused through cutting slabs. The StreetPrint process involves “heating” an asphalt surface and “printing” a desired, and if necessary bespoke, pattern into the softened material, applying “StreetBond”, the coating element.

Eliminates manual handling of blocks and slabs Higher outputs compared to block paving A wide range of colours available

The crew worked efficiently and diligently to deliver a high quality surface, which was described as having the “wow factor” by members of the public.

Cost-effective and quick to install In March, Eurovia Specialist Treatments StreetPrint team successfully completed an extensive and unique scheme in Southampton, helping to transform two pedestrian areas in the heart of the city. The team, consisting of Paul Ralton, Lee Hollingsworth and Nigel Sowerby, led by Lee Chalmers (StreetPrint Manager), completed over 850m² of StreetPrint over three operational weeks, including two bespoke intricate compass patterns (below).

Before Painting

After Painting

The scheme was secured after a period of close consultation and planning between Lee and the main contractor. During this that ensured the job went to programme and to budget, with a 22% cost saving versus traditional methods, which was more notable given the need to manufacture and ship-in the unique compass stencils from the manufacturer in Canada. factor” by members of the public. They had to work around the adjacent school’s opening and closing times, but this was well managed and commended by the client. This scheme demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of StreetPrint and showed clients that unique, eye-catching surfaces can easily be achieved through prior planning and consultation. - Tel: 01452 727 810

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Motherwell Town Centre Phase 3 NLC Environmental Services have designed and supervised the delivery of environmental improvements in Motherwell Town Centre as part of a phased programme of works - this is the third phase with the fourth being prepared at the moment and due on site this year (2013). The aim of the project was to upgrade the appearance of the town centre as well as improving access and circulation, especially for pedestrians but also for cars, delivery vehicles, taxis, buses and vehicles accessing the train station. Muir Street is a very busy main street of the town leading to Motherwell train station. There are several businesses and shops here, a taxi rank and two bus stops. The new layout led to the widening

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of footways and reducing the road to one lane with the introduction of on street parking, loading bays clutter was reduced by removing all street guards and rearranging of street furniture. The new 15-meter bus shelter is used by all passengers, who wait at two separate bus stops, and a raised granite kerb installed at a radius enables easier access onto the buses. The streets have been paved in granite slabs and setts similar to previous phases of works. Bespoke granite seats and metal benches have been installed in waiting and resting areas, while shops provide their own outdoor seating with the footway now wide

07/05/2013 18:10:10

enough for this purpose. Granite columns create a gateway feature and incorporate historical maps and images of sporting successes of Motherwell-born sportsmen and sportswomen. Trees were planted in the soft verge, which created a nice setback from the installed to improve safety. The design was developed through extensive internal and external consultation and was presented for comments during public displays, on hand delivered meeting with residents and businesses in the area.

April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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Craftsmen for over 150 years Burlington Stone continues to inspire landscape designers and homeowners with their range of landscaping products. British stone engineer, Burlington, is the name behind products. Combining craftsmanship with environmentally sensitive extraction processes and modern production techniques, the company’s skilled UK stone engineers shape Lakeland stone from deposits laid down over 450 million years ago. From formal to informal, traditional to contemporary, Burlington’s landscaping products can be used to create stunning yet functional commercial and domestic schemes. With the addition of new products such as cropped walling stone and traditional, tumbled stone sets, landscape designers and homeowners can combine uniform shapes and lines with random materials as a means of bringing designs to life. To ensure landscapers have the chance to get up close to Burlington’s stone wherever they might be, the company’s access to a wealth of information and over 300 images relating to Burlington and its natural stone offering. This must-have app is available for free download from Apple’s App Store.


For further information Burlington Slate Limited

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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Proven and compliant performance – the ultimate track record Ultrascape, an Instarmac brand, has been supplying mortar paving materials for over 20 years. This together with their proven compliant performance make it the brand of choice for landscapers and architects alike. Instarmac started manufacturing in the midlands over 35 years ago. Initially spawned from the idea to create a ‘cold lay’ macadam suitable for repairs in highways. The Instarmac Group now manufactures a huge range of specialist products for the construction industry under 4 brand names: Ultracrete, Ultrascape, Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor. The company specialises in cementitious, bitumen and resinous products for highway maintenance, industries respective to the 4 brands. The Instarmac range of mortar paving materials were newly branded under the Ultrascape banner in 2007, following extensive development work and a successful growth period from 1995. Today, the Ultrascape mortar paving system consists of Pro-Bed HS bedding mortar, Pro-Prime slurry Cempoint gun injected mortar, Joint Fix sand stabiliser/surface sealer and EP-R9 high performance resinous mortar are also available. The latest addition to the range is Paving Guard – a solvent free liquid sand stabiliser, surface sealant and chewing gum adhesion inhibitor. Ultrascape’s renowned mortar paving system is proven to be BS 7533 compliant under UKAS testing methods. This testing assesses the performance capabilities of the materials considering and shrinkage amongst others. It also ensures rigid paving is constructed using the correct procedure. The testing and approval therefore ensures the

of 1000 standard axles per day

injury claims

The Ultrascape range.

practical guidelines that help to minimise potential workmanship issues. Using a compliant system is the one and only assurance against costly repercussions and ensures longevity. The comprehensive range has been used throughout the UK and worldwide, historical projects include: Wembley Stadium (2007), National Library of Norway (2005), Covent Garden (2009), Cheltenham High Street (2005), Churchgate in Bolton (2006), Bovington Army Camp (2005) and Oldham Square (2006). More recently, several prestigious projects have been completed, to name but a few, Manchester new home of the BBC in the North West; City Park, a high-quality six-acre public space in the heart of Bradford, and Letchworth Garden City’s town centre transformation, developing a central pedestrian link connecting retail areas. With such a back catalogue of projects, it is no surprise that Ultrascape has supplied in excess of half a million bags of bedding mortar and grout since 2007, and tens of thousands of tonnes of bulk silo product can be added to this total too! A demonstrated history of success and longevity, complete with proven compliant product performance has established Ultrascape as the mortar paving

professional results that can give a construction life in excess of 40 years, whereas a non-compliant system doesn’t offer any minimum life expectancy. An often overlooked aspect of the British Standard is that all of the materials are tested in conjunction with one another, ensuring that they work in harmony. This is extremely important when specifying a full mortar paving system. BS 7533 sets technical and

where strength, durability and style matter. For further information on the Ultrascape comprehensive range of materials, please visit or call 01827 871871. Ultrascape is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.

April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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s environmental issues become more prevalent for not only the customer, but designers and landscaers as well, all industries have been tasked with showing that they are doing their bit.

quarrying standards, it is actually one of most sustainable products on the market.

When people think of green building products, natural stone doesn’t instantly come to mind. But, as it can remain in situ for many decades with very little maintenance, has a continuing life-cycle and, with the UK leading the rest of the world in environmental

be the product of choice when it comes to responsible building solutions: “When natural stone is quarried, apart from being cut,

Simon Stainer from South East based Horsham Stone &

pumps vast amounts of Co2 into the air.” There is also the thermal mass argument, another eco-friendly buzz phrase that has evolved over the last decade. Although stone does not work incredibly well as an insulator, the make up of the material enables it to store heat and release it slowly over a period of time. And, in certain cases, when used correctly, it will help to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a home, as Simon explained: “When exposed to direct sunlight, stone will absorb the heat, so including a stone wall on the sunny side of a building is a good idea. The absorbed heat will be released as the weather cools down, acting like

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07/05/2013 18:10:31

Natural Stone

The sustainable building material of choice?

a natural air conditioning unit by keeping a building warmer in cold weather and cooler when temperatures are higher.” Around the UK there are a number of quarries all producing local stone, which is exclusive to the area. Using local products for local markets is a concept that Simon would like to see grow: “Around the country there are many different stones, all unique. One thing that we would like to see more of

is the use of local stone for a local project, for example, Sussex stone in Sussex, Yorkshire stone in Yorkshire, and so on. Not only does it help to keep costs down, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the distance the stone has to travel.” It is this local uniqueness that adds another dimension to using natural stone as a sustainable landscaping product. For example, Horsham Stone has ripple marks that occur on the top of the sandstone beds that weather into a range of beautiful yellows, browns and blues, whereas York Stone is a rusty red to brown in colour on the outside and usually a sandy yellow colour on the inside. Simon concluded: “Whether you are using natural stone to construct a building, create a patio area, or as a focal point in a garden, natural stone is one environmentally friendly product that is also extremely easy on the eye!” For more information about Horsham Stone, visit

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Exterior Furniture

Providers of English Handcrafted Planters and Outdoor Furniture in Oak, Iroko & Accoya. Other services include a bespoke joinery service for all interior & exterior design. For more information email or call 01608 683022/01295 720303 For all horticultural and Garden design enquiries please contact Martin on 07770500105 or email All products manufactured in the Cotswolds using sustainable timber


Year-round protection The perfect anti-slip finish for added safety > Will not crack, peel or blister > Protects against mould, algae and fungal decay > Water and weather resistant

Call or visit the web for stockists.

+44 (0)1296 481 220


Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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Solid Oak Hardwood Furniture Limited Beautiful British Handmade Hardwood Furniture brought to you by SOLID OAK HARDWOOD FURNITURE Ltd incorporating TEAK GARDEN FURNITURE and MEMORIAL BENCHES based in the North East of England. Originally established in 1923, A family business then, and today proudly, still is. Our exceptionally gifted, time served craftsmen create stunning pieces of Handmade standard and Bespoke Furniture for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Massive Bespoke Benches, Tables of all designs, Armchairs, Picnic Tables, Solid Oak Wood Doors and frames, Windows, Gates, and more. If its made of wood we can manufacture it. The materials used in our products are probably the most substantial on the market today. To create perfection you have to always be selective and responsible, appreciate and understand your customers wishes. We always do!! We also manufacture a wide range of MEMORIAL BENCHES, a wonderful way to commemorate the life of a loved one. A timeless piece of furniture with the choice of Engraved Plaque rebated into the top rail, or a personal message is almost priceless. Our care and attention to detail ensures you always receive exactly what you request. Our Memorial Benches, from a portable lightweight garden seat to a really heavy Park seat are all manufactured in the same way, – just oozes perfection. Handmade BESPOKE items are manufactured to order. We can manufacture to your plans and designs or we can discuss your ideas and then turn your dreams into reality. Our sound business and manufacturing principles mean we as we are to manufacture. Delivery is always by our own transport, this ensures your furniture arrives exactly as it left our works – perfect. All items are fully assembled and delivered ready to use. of course the very best FEQ Teak (which incidentally is the best timber for outdoor furniture) Our products are all environmentally friendly, no harmful chemicals, and when eventually worn out they can be returned back into the soil from where they once sprang. email email info@ Tel. 01429 890808 or mobile 07976 514123 8a Park View West Ind. Est. HARTLEPOOL TS25 1PE

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Another award for London 2012 Olympic Park: Civic Trust Awards 2013 The London 2012 Olympic Parklands and Public Realm project, designed by LDA Design and Hargreaves Associates, was given a special award in ‘Recognition of Excellence in the Built Environment’ at the Civic Trust Awards on 9 March 2013. The Olympic Park formed the centrepiece of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the most sustainable games to date. It is the largest new urban park in the capital since the Victorian era and will act as a catalyst for major regeneration in East London. The judges noted the challenging objectives that went beyond the usual, to include more far reaching priority theme targets such as sustainability, equality and inclusion, and employment and skills to create the Olympic Park and the associated venues. They praised the park’s success in providing world class landscapes and facilities during the games, which will be transformed into the post games park that will continue to provide valued habitats within a vibrant, attractive modern and sustainable park that can be enjoyed as a place for people to relax, play and exercise for years to come. Neil Mattinson, Senior Partner at LDA Design, said: “We’re immensely proud of our involvement with the Olympic Park. The continued recognition is a testament

LUD313-.indd 22

to the hard work of the whole team at LDA Design, Hargreaves Associates and all those involved.” Civic Trust Awards Managing Director, Malcolm Hankey said: “The Civic Trust Awards celebrate not only design excellence, but also the relationship between structures, places, the environment and communities. Winning projects have demonstrated architectural excellence whilst offering cultural, social or economic

07/05/2013 18:10:55

Landscape Services Over the last 4 years ADP Surface Solutions Ltd have developed their own brand engineered “ Real Turf” system they brand as TechTurf. Sold for over 20 years in the UK by Tensar as Advanced Turf and mixed by ADP’s sister company for Tensar until 2006, TechTurf uses exactly the same polypropylene net that Tensar used. It has the same strength across all its axis and in excess of 90% of the longitudinal the results obtained by Tensar when their product was originally tested by Strathclyde University/ Dr James Beard. Used for for Multi Event Areas, HGV Access routes, areas. Recently they have supplied KMI for all of their pumping station access routes for United Utility sites. Previous large contracts supplied by ADP/ Tensar/ Netlon include the main show ring at Stoneleigh, Milton Keynes Park Trust multi use event area, Chiswick House ADP offer free site surveys ( over 250m2 ) and FREE Technician assistance for any projects quoted between May - September this year. ( usually £350 per day ) Contact ADP on Tel: 01260 295560 or call Andy Law on M: 07970 752034.

THE PERFECT GRAVEL DRIVE Looks fantastic, handles any type of traffic ...and, best of all, the gravel stays put!

Gravell d drives created the AdP AdPave G i t d using i th cellular paving system can last a lifetime, because the ‘cells’ in the structure hold the gravel in place and prevent rutting and gravel migration. Produced from heavy-duty, recycled polyethylene, the pavers are easy to install – they simply clip together – and can be cut to fit any drive. Once installed, the pavers disappear from view.

AdPave, together with a range of unique surfacing solutions, is avaialble from: AdPave, togetherSolutions, with a range unique surfacing solutions, available only from: ADP Surface 5 Theof Courtyard, Greenfield FarmisIndustrial Estate,

Cheshire, ADP Surface Solutions,Congleton, 11 Chapel Mews, CW12 Crewe4TRRoad, Alsager, ST7 2HA.

Tel: 802496 Tel:08456 01260 295560 April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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Landscape Services

online Garden Centre offers the perfect solution for all you landscaping projects.



Made to Measure Planters Wooden Planters, Picnic Benches, Wooden Gazebos, Stone planters, Commercial Grade Garden Furniture, Artificial Grass and Garden Machinery. Just give our knowledgeable sales team a call – we will happily provide a very competitive quotation, whatever the size of your landscaping project.

Tel 08450 941707 email


Grass & Gravel porous pavers Applications Grass or Gravel surfaces Parking areas Emergency/HGV access routes Walkways & disabled routes Benefits Up to 400t/m2 bearing (Gravel filled) Colours: Black, Green & Natural 100% recycled (Black & Green only) SuDS source control compliant

Fiberweb Geosynthetics Ltd

Tel: +44 (0) 1621 874200 ™ indicates a trade mark of Fiberweb plc or a Fiberweb Group company, many of which are registered in a number of countries around the world.




Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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You have the big design ideas, we’ll provide the detail AberSustain is a unique new mixture specially bred and designed with the needs of landscape architects in mind. Low maintenance, versatile and sustainable - perfect for all landscaping projects.

Find out more at ... 01522 868714

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Euroflor welcomes RHS wildflower meadow initiative


mixes to Rigby Taylor, has welcomed the RHS

meadows across the UK. The RHS is asking everyone to go wild during April wildlife, and also promoting careers in horticulture. Gardens across the country will host events and activities to get gardeners growing wild during National Gardening Week (April 15-21). “We applaud the RHS for their efforts,” says Stephen Alderton, Top Green director of marketing and development. “We have long advocated the planting

RHS director general Sue Biggs says: “After enjoying the Olympic Park meadows in 2012 there is a great appetite from the British public to create their own version at home, which is great news for pollinating insects. “We’ve also made promoting horticultural careers a key theme for us during National Gardening Week 2013, especially as there is a shortage of young people coming into the horticultural world, which is of major concern to the industry and sad for so many people missing oiut on incredicble career opportunbities. careers are interactive projects which will provide opportunities to learn and should reap rewards in the future.”

environment that is perfect to help pollinating insects source pollen and nectar.”

LUD313-.indd 26

07/05/2013 18:11:22

During National Gardening Week, RHS Gardens in Surrey, North Yorkshire, Essex and Devon will welcome visitors of all ages and abilities to talks, demonstrations own gardens. Young gardeners will be able to get their hands dirty meadow, perfect for attracting birds, bugs and insects of all types – especially bees. support the wildlife in their gardens through a range of talks and interactive workshops on beekeeping, managing ‘meadows’ and more. At RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon, RHS experts will introduce visitors to a range of ‘Plants for Pollinators’

LUD313-.indd 27

They will also share their top tips for establishing about everything from site and soil conditions, to the At RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire, talks with the garden team will help visitors learn how to patch. RHS experts will also be on hand at all gardens throughout National Gardening Week to give advice and tips on any gardening problem. Visitors inspired to start straight away will be able to buy plants, tools and gardening products from the RHS Plant Centres. For full details of the events at RHS Gardens during National Gardening Week, visit

07/05/2013 18:11:29

Landscape Services

WALO UK Completes Tenth Cell at Westmill Landfill Site

The Internet Gardner

Hydraulic asphalt engineering experts WALO UK have completed the tenth cell at Westmill

The Internet Gardner has an expansive collection of garden furniture that has been arranged to compliment all tastes.

Ltd. Since 2003 WALO UK has constructed a total of ten cells, with an overall capacity of around 2.5 million cubic metres at Westmill using Dense Asphaltic Concrete (DAC).

The perfect garden & patio furniture is just a the UK garden outdoor furniture retailers who have all the garden furniture that you could ever require. Our range of exquisite garden furniture includes garden tables and garden chairs in many materials - Woven Rattan, Textaline, Cast Aluminium, Hardwood, Teakwood and Resin garden furniture. Browse our full range of contemporary garden furniture below and order online today.. Tel: 01159656820


The 38 hectare Westmill site is located in a working sand and gravel pit near Ware in Hertfordshire and every year receives up to 350,000 tonnes of municipal waste from the south east region of the UK. Being located on a chalk aquifer, Westmill is a particularly environmentally challenging site; protection of the groundwater was of the utmost importance when it came to selecting a lining system. Using

Sudscape Offers Unique Suds-Compliant Paving Solution Following recent legislation sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) is close to becoming mandatory, and permeable paving is set to be the norm for all hard surfacing requirements. Fully SUDS compliant, Sudscape is a unique eco-friendly porous paving solution ideal for a vast range of landscaping requirements, and is highly suitable for car parks, pathways and driveways. It is comprised of a rubber sub base made from recycled car tyres which is topped with a resin and aggregate top layer. By holding water in the voids within the rubber sub base until it can be absorbed back into the

barrier lining system, which is impermeable to leachate and methane, found in most solid

It also eliminates the risk of standing water, a

Tel: 0178 533 0618

For further information please visit the website: or call 01827 288533.

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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07/05/2013 18:11:37

More than just a seed of an idea… British Seed Houses has launched a

resistance and a very green visual appearance to add impact to any project.

for the landscape architect market.


The science behind this market leading product doesn’t stop there.

With many landscaping projects coming under scrutiny to meet environmental sustainability and economic viability due to strict budget and timeframes, AberSustain has been designed to help professional

The mixture contains 100% Aber® varieties bred at IBERS (The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) in Aberystwyth, where British Seed Houses funds the UK’s largest grass and clover seed breeding programme. All varieties are subjected to rigorous testing through the breeding programmes at IBERS to ensure they stand up to market conditions and meet the standard.


the needs of their clients and today’s open spaces. programme to ensure the right cultivars were bred, the AberSustain mixture offers the ultimate low maintenance and sustainable option on the market today. Unlike other products, all cultivars in AberSustain are UK bred, making it perfect for UK soil and weather that it brings to the mix. For example, AberSustain contains the smallest leaved white clover, AberAce*. This compact clover leaf blends well to any amenity setting, retaining a quality look (150kg/N per annum) to help the sward feed itself, ensuring low maintenance and growth in limited soil depth. The white clover root systems improve soil structure and help to overcome problems of soil compaction, often construction sites that are ready to be landscaped. The and pollinators. Another cultivar is AberNile, a unique ‘staygreen’ variety of perennial ryegrass which remains green under stress because the chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves) breaks down more slowly than other grasses. This is that British Seed Houses found in a meadow fescue and bred into AberNile. This ensures the seed mixture is inherently deep rooted therefore offering drought

Richard Brown, British Seed Houses Amenity Sales looking for a seed mixture that does not compromise landscaping projects. As budgets get tighter, often pushed back as budgetary constraints become front of mind. “We therefore wanted to produce a seed mixture that not only offered an environmentally and economically sustainable solution, but also ensured that the design integrity of the landscape project was retained.” AberSustain is ideal for use on a range of landscaping projects from hard wearing lawns in parks to cutting edge, ecological builds across our cities, this is one of the most versatile mixtures available. British Seed Houses Amenity provides a range of grass seed products and services designed to meet the Please visit the website for further information and use the QR code to designed to assist landscape architects. *NIAB Recommended Grass and Clover Lists

April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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Information and Inspiration Putting summer bulbs in the spotlight. Garden or park In planning and designing a garden or park, you could consider many groups of perennials, trees and shrubs. provide a delightful surprise and a bit of mystique. And and parks attractive and colourful. Dahlias, begonias and crocosmias add colour for months at a time. How many perennials can do that? Flower bulbs can also be combined with all kinds of other plants. What’s more, require little if any maintenance after that. Here, then, are wonderful products to include in every conceivable planting plan. Whether large or small, modern or Garden planning The wide assortment of summer bulbs, corms and tubers gives you plenty of choice. Bright colours are provided by gladioli, begonias, lilies and dahlias, crocosmias and anemones, just to name a few. The more of them you plant in the spring, the greater the explosion of fragrance and colour in the summer garden. Plant your bulbs in borders, large pots on the terrace, or in the grass. During the summer months, even the most divergent of colours seem to go together, just as to create a monochromatic or a multicoloured effect. Dahlias are perhaps the most familiar summer bulbs. them grow to a height of a metre, but shorter varieties are available, too. Create a planting that combines a range of heights for a beautiful effect. Spectacular plantings Many people greatly appreciate a green, colourful public green spaces from early in the spring until late in the summer – and without costing a municipality all that much money. In parks, planters and verges along the road, as well as on roundabouts, summer bulbs can create the perfect colourful gateway to a village meticulously manicured cemeteries and picturesque old churchyards. Planting information Bulbs that bloom in the summer originated in subtropical environments such as South Africa and countries in South America. They prefer warm temperatures and humid surroundings and are not hardy. In other words, most summer bulbs will not grow in areas where temperatures fall below freezing in the winter. Summer bulbs can be planted in the spring from late April/early May to mid-June after the last risk of frost. For more information and inspiration, please visit:

LUD313-.indd 30

07/05/2013 18:11:44

The campaign site has gone live!

All the information you need in one place, from initial idea through to completed project. Find your inspiration. A campaign developed by professionals for professionals. LUD313-.indd 31

07/05/2013 18:11:48

BID invests in more flower power to help keep shoppers flocking to Beeston to attract shoppers despite ongoing disruption caused by the installation of a tramline. Let’s Go To Beeston, a business improvement district which represents 507 traders in the town, is increasing the number of raised planters being installed in its main shopping street and approach roads by nearly two thirds to ensure that it remains an attractive place to visit and shop. Last year the BID spent £13,000 on 145 self-watering hanging baskets and lamp-post-mounted planters, all the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The ideas was to beautify those areas of the town where work is taking place to lay tracks for an extension to Nottingham’s tram system, which will link the city centre with nearby Chilwell when it opens next year. Traders were concerned that the work, which has now led to Chilwell Road - a major route into Beeston an adverse effect on business due to shoppers being driven away by the noise, disruption and dug-up streets. The feedback at the end of the summer suggested will mount another display this year by investing in 250 planters which will be provided and maintained by The planters will be installed at the beginning of June in Chilwell Road, High Road, Broadgate and Wollaton Road, using a design scheme based on the BID’s brand colours of red, orange, blue, purple and green.

Stephanie Wilkinson, manager of the BID, said: “We invested in the planters last year because of everyone’s concerns about the effect that the tram work would have and the feedback we got afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. “People noticed what a difference they made to the town and how they helped to divert attention away from the work, which is why we are not only investing in the displays again, but are extending the area that they cover. “Part of that extension is down to the fact that businesses in those areas that didn’t have planters asked if they could have them too, which goes to show how effective they have been.” Mark Stone, managing director of Plantscape, said: “Both the Portas Review into Britain’s high streets and a report last year from the Department for Communities and Local Government recommend brightening up urban spaces in order to attract shoppers and it seems that Beeston is proof that it works. “Some of the hanging baskets we installed in the town last year grew into some of the biggest individual displays we have ever seen, so we are very happy to learn that they went down so well in Beeston. “We look forward to creating another eye-catching display this year.” Plantscape supplies more than 300 local authorities across the UK and has around 230 products on the multi-tier planters and its patented Holestar Hanging Baskets. once-a-week watering planter, which is capable of cutting the cost of maintaining and watering displays by a half, saving councils thousands of pounds over the summer. visit

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LUD313-.indd 33

07/05/2013 18:11:54

Greenleaf support Successful Tree planting at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Arena Hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games will mean much more for Glasgow than a brief increase in city. The design incorporates quality infrastructure, with a supporting tree planting scheme. The prestigious Games Village in the Clyde Gateway regeneration area has been designed with the help of Commonwealth athletes, creating a new community on the banks of the River Clyde. It is twice the size of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games Village, giving the athletes space to stretch out, meet new people and make use of the on-site training facilities throughout the games. The aim was to create high quality streetscapes that would complement the new arenas providing an attractive external experience for visitors. The features many of which were set within the paving scheme. In addition to supplying several hundred of our Arborguy tree guying systems for the scheme, Greenleaf also provided StrataCell structural soil modules to provide the trees with long term rooting volume under the paved surfaces. Greenleaf worked with the designers by advising on urban tree planting details that would ensure the long term health of the trees, whilst simultaneously protecting the integrity of the hard landscape.

The Greenleaf Arborguy tree guying system was chosen due to its many advantages over tree staking and its suitability for large root-balled trees. The rootball of the trees are held in position by driving three guying anchors into the base of the tree pit and then fastening a ratchet strap over the rootball. To support the sustainability of the trees looking into the future decades of the site, the system is designed to be re-tensioned if needed. The construction project required a total workforce of 200, including 20 new apprenticeship places and 84 staff will be employed by Culture and Sport Glasgow to operate the venue, once opened. It is estimated that over £500m will be invested in the city’s venues and a legacy that will prove to be of greater value to the city. The development of the National Indoor Sports Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome will showcase Glasgow and Scotland to an international audience, and continue Commenting on the project, Greenleaf Marketing Director, James Dalrymple said; “Greenleaf were delighted to be involved with the technical tree planting aspect around the Glasgow Commonwealth Games stadia. We worked closely with the landscape architect early on in the project which resulted in the trees being planted to a very high standard. This investment will clearly pay dividends in the long run as the trees establish and contribute to the quality landscaping For more information on how Greenleaf supported the new Commonwealth Games Arena project visit

LUD313-.indd 34

07/05/2013 18:12:07

The most advanced complete tree pit system 60 Series - StrataCells can withstand a 40 tonne vehicle overrun with a safety factor of 2.8.

Call: 01424 717797 Email: Website: LUD313-.indd 35

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Sport & Play

Colourful School Project Turns To Sadolin For Best In Class Performance Products from the premium woodcare range Sadolin have been selected as the primary choice for the transformation of a playground at a London school. Sadolin Superdec and Sadolin Timber Stain have been used at the Sir James Barrie Primary School in Battersea, by students from Lambeth College, who are participating, on the Prince’s Trust programme. Sadolin products have been used to rejuvenate a playground fence, which has been given a new lease of life as part of a project for the students’ course. More about Sadolin Superdec can be seen on video on the Sadolin Woodcare YouTube channel at SadolinWoodcare, in the episode entitled “Sadolin’s Colour Palette”. Tel: 0845 034 1464


Boundaries Without Limits Schools, colleges and sports clubs face tough choices! How do you make a limited budget stretch as far as possible without compromising on standards? However choosing fencing for your playground or sports area is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. Duralock Fencing Systems are the natural choice for this purpose. Our robust fencing is strong enough to withstand heavy treatment, which means no worries about how it’ll stand up to kids letting off steam or to energetic sports players and enthusiastic spectators. Duralock fences are also excellent value for money; they will look good throughout their lifetime, without peeling, warping, splitting or cracking. The PVC-u construction doesn’t even require painting or varnishing, which cuts right down on maintenance costs. Email

SCH Arificial Grooming Rake Designed to carry out basic maintenance staggered rows of independently removable spring tines and a trailing brush to level and groom the play area. An integral tray means additional weight can be added to obtain the exact level of penetration required. In addition, SCH say they can also supply this product as a three point linkage mounted rake available in various widths which can be quoted for by contacting the company. The SCH 2013 brochure which is available on request by calling 01473 328272 or by visiting the company website,

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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07/05/2013 18:12:25

Wakefield Council on a Play Mission

play experts Sutcliffe Play to design a new £70,000 playground in Airedale as part of a scheme that tackles obesity by providing outdoor facilities that encourage and support physical activity. The Council secured over £70,000 from the NHS grant initiative for the new playground after Airedale top three priority areas with particularly high levels of overweight and obese children.

Parkour structure. Parkour or free running is growing in popularity across the UK and encourages play opportunities such as vaulting and balancing. Sutcliffe Play’s exhilarating play system Mission has also been installed. Mission is designed to offer challenging active. The fully modular system complements the Parkour range and includes ropes, nets, platforms and springboards to encourage climbing, traversing and descending in unique ways for high energy invigorating play. The design of the play area is based on extensive consultation with young people and residents through focus groups and door to door surveys at over 700 homes within a 10 minute walk of the play area. Cllr Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for the Environment and Communities said: “The play area is a fantastic addition for local residents and will encourage young people to spend more time outdoors socialising “We would like to pass our thanks to the Airedale, Ferry Fryston, New Fryston and Townville Neighbourhood Management Board for their support throughout this project providing valuable local knowledge about the needs and requirements of the people of Airedale.”

by children from Airedale Academy and Cllr Yvonne encourage local children to increase levels of physical activity and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The playground features innovative equipment from

LUD313-.indd 39

Tom Matthews at Sutcliffe Play comments: “We’re that the Parkour and Mission kit installed will provide local children with stimulating, engaging physical play opportunities to help towards the Council’s goal of creating a healthier District.”

07/05/2013 18:12:37

Supa Lines Xcel In Quality And Economy Head Groundsman at Aylesbury Grammar and Aylesbury High School for over 17 years, John Tarry, has the extensive knowledge in how to maintain all types of sports pitches and knows how important it is to get it right. Here John explains what machine and paint he uses and why.

I have been marking out for athletics, so I reverted to using my 15 year old TXE marker purely to make good use of the athletics boom attachment as it marks 3 lines at once. Although it takes time to mix the paint it saves a lot of leg work and effort. I still use the SupaStadia ECO paint through this machine and mark out 2 x 400 meter running tracks that are 6 lanes and 3 rounders with a single 5 litre drum, mixed at a ratio of 10:1. I have tried just about every paint going and although we all know there are some poor products out there it is fair to say there are also some very good ones with some good machines and concepts too. Despite what the sales guys may say, in my experience you have to do the trials and do the maths yourself. So when I weighed up the overall package I came back with SupaStadia ECO paint, it gives good coverage and as I have over 5 hectares of marking out to do it has proven to be reliable. As with all my other grounds work looking after two large sites I don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time just marking out, but most importantly there is an excellent balance between performance and cost. “

“I think the concept of the Xcel is totally unique in having a separate chamber for paint with the ability to alter the density of the paint whilst on the move. If one pitch has had more use than the one next to it or

For further information visit or Tel: 01530 510060

to be a little brighter, what can be easier than turn a dial to strengthen the paint. This also means you that show more wear, for example the halfway line on football pitches. As a result money can be saved. Another time saving feature is being able to turn the clean water so no drying of the tubes or nozzle if you My machine is now 9 years old, having only had a couple of problems in this time I have always had good support and service from Supaturf and Vitax.” The development of the SupaStadia ECO paint in recent years has meant over 50% less storage and less down time topping up. I get good coverage with SupaStadia ECO that will last up to a fortnight and longer in dry spells. Out of a single 5 litre drum I can mark 2 full size rugby pitches, 2 full size hockey pitches, a mini soccer pitch and 1200 Xcel is if the weather is going to be poor or I am going on holiday I don’t have to double mark, I just turn the dial up a little to strengthen the paint.

LUD313-.indd 40

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Structures & Fittings

John Brash Anti-Slip Decking Solution for Herons Quay, Canary Wharf. The striking and complex decked pontoon at Herons Quay, Canary Wharf was designed by the landscape architect with required for visual appeal, but at a lower cost. The solution was John Brash Anti-Slip Plus® timber decking, European redwood slow grown for the best quality timber, which was preservative treated with a brown pigment to replicate the 4’ to cope with the demands of a challenging salt water location on the Thames and installed by specialist contractor Chestnut Products.

Tel: 01427 613858






















Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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07/05/2013 18:13:13

Structures & Fittings

New Brush Cutter for Spring & Summer from Maruyama Stable Maruyama is launching a new power tool for spring and summer says its UK importer. The Maruyama BCV5020 50CC Semi Clearing Brush Cutter will be available through Leicestershirebased DMMP Ltd. “Maruyama is a company which constantly develops its techniques and ideas,” explains DMMP managing director Marcus Palmer. “This for excellence as it exceeds the company’s already high standards of technology, performance and design.”

Snickers’ Life Savers A Superior Range of Hi Vis Working Clothes

Snickers Workwear takes personal protection very seriously. That’s why this range of Hi Vis clothing is streets ahead of anything else. With an extensive range of Jackets, Trousers, Toolvests, Shirts and Fleeces, there are 29 different garments in the range and a host of colour options and sizes. These ‘outstanding’ products combine Snickers’ unrivalled hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.

The ultra lightweight BCV5020 has a new anti-vibration system, which uses oversized volumetric anti-vibration dampers, located in tandem on the front side and the engine side. The round shape of the vibration damper is streamline and compact for smooth operation.

All the garments feature high quality fabrics for durable, colour-fast protection that will last for wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments. Added to which, all Snickers Hi Vis garments can be

Tel: 0845 643 9776

Tel: 01484 854788

for your corporate brand.

Hultafors’ Next Generation Spirit Levels Combining exceptional accuracy with remarkable durability, Hultafors Tools’ extensive range of spirit levels are designed to meet the needs of all professional tradesmen, whatever their job on site. There’s specialist levels, post levels, pocket levels, angle setting levels, line master levels, heavy duty levels, ultra heavy duty levels - even advanced technology levels. Getting more information on the Hultafors Tools range of Spirit Levels easy. All Hultafors’ spirit levels are subject to rigorous ‘Fisco’ quality checks to ensure that every single product meets the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and construction year in year out. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or check out and download a digital catalogue.

Feel The Heat!

Snickers ‘Windstopping’ Technology Keeps You in Good Shape On Site. Snickers Workwear have probably got the best range of Jackets and Fleeces available today. There’s over 40 different styles and a multitude of colour combinations and sizes, plus a precisely what you need on site. It’s Snickers’ design and materials technology that really set’s these garments apart. Top quality, hardwearing, warm and comfortable, Snickers’ hallmarks of design, comfort and practicality are built-in at source. With a host of garments from ‘Body-Mapping’ Micro Fleece Jackets and Pile Fleeces to ‘Windstopper’ Soft Shell and Power Polyamide Jackets, there’s something to suit everyone – whatever their shape and build. No wonder they’re the favourites for today’s craftsmen and women. Tel: 01484 854788

A Clean Sweep from STIHL Keeping large areas tidy with a traditional broom is hard work. Now the innovative STIHL outdoor tool brand is making life easier (and available now. Ideal for sweeping up both in and outdoors, the trio includes a compact pedestrian model for use around the garden and home, plus two commercial machines sits in STIHL’s Lithium-ion battery range. STIHL already offers a comprehensive range of products in its cleaning systems range – from powerful leaf blowers to high-pressure washers, plus wet & dry vacs. Now joining the range, its and there are three models available for use at work and at home. the STIHL website or call Freephone 0800 137574 for a 2013 Catalogue and list of local STIHL Approved Dealers.

Hayter Mowers Now Have The Greenest Engines Premium lawnmower manufacturer Hayter have been working together with engine specialists Briggs & Stratton to introduce a range of ‘greener’ engines onto many models in the Hayter mower range, including the Harrier 48 and 56 Pro machines which are so popular with landscapers and contractors. The new EcoPlus™ engines offer reduced exhaust emissions that are at least 25% lower than current European exhaust standards. As a result of changes to fuel tanks walls, fuel lines, gaskets and seals plus a new anti-venting petrol cap, the evaporative emissions performance is improved by up to 51%. Mowers with the new engines are available from your local Hayter dealer – look out for information in-store. Tel: 01279 723444

April/May 2013 Landscape & Urban Design

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07/05/2013 18:13:23

Tools, Plant & Equipment

The Hultafors Nail Puller piece

Taking the Pain Out of a fiddly Job! Driving You Into Spring – The Husqvarna P525D As winter gradually draws to an end and the lighter evenings of spring begin, the Husqvarna P525D front mower has everything you need to complete the job with ease. The P525D is the most powerful and versatile diesel powered compact commercial front mower from Husqvarna. A high performance Combi deck is stamped from a single piece of 4.5mm steel plate and problem free operation combined with exceptional results. Built with a steel ladder durable frame, the P525D’s aim is to last you through many seasons. Comfort controls and seating means you can work longer hours comfortably. Hydraulic lift aids work rate further and makes changing the wide range of all year attachments simple. Built with a 1123cc 18.7kW Kubota engine, the P525D is available with a 132cm or a 155cm Combi deck.

Some jobs on site are an absolute pain – like frustrating, they can hold you up and slow a job down. The Hultafors Nail Puller is the solution to all that. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use device for removing nails. Small, handy and, despite its size, it can easily pull out a 5-inch nail, even when the head is off or buried deep in the wood. You can use it along with your Hultafors’ Carpenter’s Hammer and just pull the nail out using the claw. Made from red painted steel, it’s robust, durable and typically ergonic – just what you’d expect from Hultafors, the world’s leading manufacturer of top quality hand tools. Check out the video on You Tube to see just how good it is!

Tel: 01484 854788

Travis Perkins Ensures Quality And Availability Through Tool Hire Investment Leading builders merchant Travis Perkins has to ensure core tool and equipment ranges are available when and where the trade needs them. In-depth customer research undertaken by Travis Perkins Hire indicated that extending the range of brand new and fully safety approved equipment would improve service even further. chosen product lines including cement mixers, a full range of rotary breakers/drills and plate compactors are now available same day across the entire Travis Perkins Hire network of over 300 branches. For further information on Travis Perkins or to locate your nearest branch visit

Top quality Aluminium Ramps now available at Spaldings Spaldings today announced the introduction of a wide selection of aluminium loading ramps to their groundcare product range. With options such as curved, straight and folding, a multitude of different machine loading applications are now accommodated for. All Spaldings aluminium loading ramps are fully TUV Ramps are also tested in house by the manufacturer and supplied with 2 year warranty before dispatch to ensure that only the highest quality product is supplied. With the large range of sizes available it is possible to identify which ramps are best suited for each of the sectors Landscaper/Contractor, Garden/Landscaping/ Horticultural, Road Kerb, and Van/Removal. There are also equipment can be a problem. With our new range of of our ramps will simplify the job,” says Mark Kimberley, Groundcare Product Development Coordinator for Spaldings.

and Indespension trailers. With the variety of sizes, load capacities and surface types available there is a ramp suitable no matter what machinery needs transporting. “Feedback from our customers has shown that loading


For the customer who does not know what ramp they require Spaldings have included a “Which ramp do I need” guide to aid their customers in selecting the correct ramp for their vehicle/trailer. Just a handful of basic measurements and the guide can help you determine which ramp would be most suitable. For details of these and other products supplied by Spaldings, contact 01522 507 500, email: or view the catalogue at

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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07/05/2013 18:13:36

Versatility at work




For demanding daily use, Kubota offers a powerful and versatile choice. The Kubota range of groundcare machinery delivers outstanding performance, simple operation and legendary reliability. From powerful and versatile tractors to high performance mowers, find out why Kubota is the practical choice for professionals.


WARRANTY AS STANDARD* *Conditions apply to 2nd year see dealer for details.

For further information or to find your local dealer: Tel: 01844 268 000 LUD313-.indd 45

07/05/2013 18:13:41

Speedcut Moves Fast

Building Bridge for Golf Tournament Speedcut Contractors had to move quickly to rebuild a bridge at Ham Manor Golf Club, West Sussex, within 24 hours - completing the job the morning before a ‘shotgun’ start of a major tournament in the afternoon. The “International Challenge” is an annual event at the club between four teams of 17 from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Winners of the Tafftelyn Trophy were Scotland. Speedcut removed the old bridge - with foundations destroyed by river erosion during the winter - on the Thursday afternoon and on the Friday morning installed the club captain just before the tournament began. “We moved quickly,” says Speedcut contracts manager Barry Pace. “We had just 24 hours to replace the collapsed bridge and moved in on the Thursday with machinery. The job involving demolishing the old railway-line and reinforced concrete bridge, installing new foundations, steel girders and sleepers - and was completed by Friday morning just before the shotgun start of the The International that afternoon.” Ham Manor general manager Paul Bodle said: “Speedcut did a fantastic job and we were delighted to have the bridge up and running for the competition. “With 68 players on the course it was important to have everything safely in place. The girders and sleepers have provided a safe crossing and the bridge looks smart.” Speedcut have also been building a new tee at the 15th at Langley Park, Bromley - designed by James Edwards Golf Design - and are creating new paths and reforming existing bunkers on the 14th.


They have also been working with Swan Golf Design at Gerrards Cross GC constructing a new practice green. At Chislehurst Golf Club, Kent, they have rebuilt the surrounds and approach to the 7th green – a Weller Golf Design project. At Upminster Golf Club tees are being laser-graded and renovated with Speedcut’s BLEC laser grader - as well as completing tees at Newbury and Crookham Golf Club, Berkshire, and The Dyke Golf Club, West Sussex. One of the Speedcut teams is shortly to build a new tee at Hampstead Golf Club and at Barnhurst GC, Kent, Speedcut are to rebuild the putting green. The club is part of MyTime Active Leisure - as Speedcut are one of their ‘preferred suppliers’ for the group. At Foxhills Golf Club and Resort, Surrey, Speedcut have completely rebuilt the 17th green and installed further paths. “This has been a very hectic time, especially as the weather this winter has either delayed projects, made forced us to postpone a few until this autumn,” says Barry. “We are taking advantage of the good weather and are now progressing very well with a wide variety of sportsturf jobs.” Speedcut Contractors: 01865 331479

Landscape & Urban Design April/May 2013

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07/05/2013 18:13:59

LUD313-.indd 47

07/05/2013 18:14:01

LUD313-.indd 48

08/05/2013 14:35:28

Cheshire landscape expert praised for ‘forgotten parkland’ vision


Cheshire landscape architect has won praise for a £1.5m plan to restore ‘forgotten’ historic parkland. The ambitious scheme for the ancestral home of the Earl of Shaftsbury in Dorset is the latest of several complex parkland restoration projects masterminded by Chris Burnett Associates (CBA) of Shocklach, Malpas.

Welcoming the scheme, Kim Auston, Landscape Architect English Heritage (Western Territory), said: “These excellent proposals combine a vision for the park with a more down-to-earth pragmatism, exactly as one would wish. The restoration of the park is a hugely exciting project and I look forward to seeing it implemented.”

CBA is one of only a select few landscape architectural practices in the UK with the expertise for this specialist work. Many years’ experience in the sensitive restoration of ancient parkland for several estates encompass a long association with the Duke of Westminster’s Eaton Estate near Chester, including the creation of a new deer park.

The 12th Earl of Shaftesbury has made the park available

Endorsed by English Heritage and accepted as a Natural England Higher Level Stewardship Scheme the plan for St Giles Park, at Wimborne - home to the WVS ‘Paws commercial enterprises with the revival of key heritage features. St Giles is a Grade II listed 170 hectare park on the River Allen rich in wildlife and a variety of grassland species. It encompasses mature parkland trees, ancient woodland and Serpentine Lake together with a once acclaimed Beech Avenue of 17th century origin, which will be restored.

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home to the WVS ‘Paws in the Park’ and the Grand Shaftesbury Run annual fund raising event. Chris Burnett, CBA principal, said: ““This is our latest project in this particularly challenging sphere of landscape restoration and we are really delighted that Lord Shaftesbury is fully behind our vision and the exciting plans for its future rejuvenation. The complex parkland design history had to be thoroughly mapped, evaluated and understood before the proposals could be prepared. It was just like the land that time forgot – everything extremely overgrown but still intact.”

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Fawcetts Pond Liners

We supply many Landscapers, Water Boards, County Councils, salmon and trout

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The Water Feature Company

For well over 25 years we have been designing and creating some of the most amazing corporate bespoke and commercial water features. Our contracts include large corporate clients, retail giants, as well as displays for some of the world’s largest sporting events. We specialise in water feature design, fabrication, installation and the all-important maintenance. Please visit our website for inspiration.

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A leading supplier of high quality ethically sourced natural stone landscaping products


inspired products

Choose from our extensive ranges of flagstones and block paving, including our new and exclusive Vande Moortel & Fired Earth ranges... for when design matters!


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professional support

Receive dedicated support and enviable professional status, as part of our Approved Installer Scheme.

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Winners of a BALI Affiliate Award for Exceptional Service.

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