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Landscape & Urban Design Issue 29

January/February 2018

Designing Your Outdoor Environment

Madrid Rio Discovers A New Urban Ecology

External Spaces Can Add Significant Value To Lifestyle

Urban Oasis A Transformation Of A Pocket Garden In The Heart Of The City

Wonderful & Unique Renovation Of A Large Rear Garden

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4 Landscape & Urban Design


his young professional couple with four children approached us for complete renovation of their large rear garden in Clapham. They had recently had extensive work done to their property with a stunning back of house extension new kitchen, large folding doors and full refurb throughout the house.

This wonderful and unique (with indented middle section) back of house renovation meant they now looked at their exterior space – a larger than usual plot for the area 24/7 and their existing quaint traditional formal garden was not in keeping with their lifestyle.

Thurleigh Road

There are a young and active family with three children all under the age of seven and the compartmentalised fussy existing set up needed to be replaced with a large open child friendly play area and entertaining space. They wanted areas for seating and socialising required for both their large extended family and their friends. They liked the idea of lounging but also of dinning and were hoping for an area that could be used more frequently than must the hot summer months. They also liked cooking and a bbq of some sorts was required. The children required space with a large as possible lawn either artificial or real, some sort of play area and the entertainment area should also take their needs into account. At the end of the garden was the coach house a detached one bed flat with access from street

Landscape & Urban Design


size but also in the back righthand corner of the garden. The views from the house which had been acknowledge as hugely important meant the style of the interior should play a large part in design choice for the exterior. Internal grey wood effect tiles, minimal handless grey kitchen, large grey L shaped sofa comprised the areas directly adjoining the house and it was discussed that the exterior might follow suit. The levels of the interior floor at the base of the new doors meant there was a drop down into the garden and it was a key consideration whether to step straight into the garden or to have some sort of terrace. Additionally both fences were shot and the first fence between the neighbours garden needed replacing and the street side fence the same allowing for access, privacy and security. The two clients were in friendly dispute about whether the garden should be low maintenance and bold with regards to planting design or if it should be more planterly and softer, with a more traditional feel. The husband loved garden lighting and was very keen to have as much as economically and visually possible. It was agreed that this would enhance the views all year round from the inside. Overall a open plan stylish and modern family garden was the preferred type of design required. Design brief solution The boundaries were our first consideration, I wanted to use a style of fence that was both traditional and contemporary and tied in with the style of the Victorian town house and its new modern conversation. A traditional tongue and grove panel was opted for with contemporary slatted trellis painted in a complimentary

6 Landscape & Urban Design

Landscape & Urban Design


colour to the home. The levels were next on the agenda, I felt due to the size of the garden we would be able to have a terrace extending at the same height as the internal floor stepping down approximately a quarter the way in to the garden whilst leaving us the remaining significant part

8 Landscape & Urban Design

of the garden at one level. We chose a grey composite deck as our initial material, this also helped alleviate any damp and drainage issues and would also give a soft feel for small bare feet running around with all doors open. I still wanted

there to be a decent sized level area for when the doors were open for level continuity and also so that they could pull out their kitchen table out on to the terrace is they so wished. We then installed the step down beyond this onto the large lawn

in this instance we opted for artificial due to maintenance and all year round look. The next step was to design the entertaining and seating area, the position for this was for the west facing side for late sun away from the

passing pedestrians and cars on the roadside. Two areas were devised, one for lounging and one for upright seating and these combined with raised planters comprised the construction on the large porcelain patio. The seating sizes were considered with

the number of people in mind and seating style was chosen to allow movement and flow around the area. Along with a decking strip running in line with one corner of the extension to frame the patio I chose this matching Landscape & Urban Design


product to cap our seating for when the cushions had been put away. A stand along table and chairs were to be chosen to sit alongside the low bench and a fire pit as a focal point for the day bed seating opposite. Beyond this I felt it best to place the children’s play equipment, a bespoke tree house and climbing frame was proposed but currently a simple artificial lawn and trampoline has been installed as a temporary measure. The raised beds of the entertainment area with the planting choice serve to partially screen this kid’s area from said area and the house. Access to the coach house remains here as well. The long side of the coach house was parallel to the back of the main house and the London stock brick work was the back drop to the garden and to flower beds and feature planting I opted for in front. An additional matching bench was positioned centrally to the house with three feature pots planted by its side. To the left of this a large feature birch partially screening the cushion storage in the corner. Along the left side I chose to have a bespoke but simple BBQ with easy access from the house and coupled with this a third seating area so that the chef has someone to share a beer with while he cooks. Beneath the BBQ cupboard was made with doors to match the trellis for continuity. For cohesion and style we chose a simple pallet of colours and materials one deck choice, one paving choice, one main paint colour all tying together for one harmonious style. This neutral pallet was to be lifted by the planting which whilst largely green, grey and white was to be enhanced by splashes of colour purples and pinks. The lighting plan was set up on a four way remote control with ground lights, up lights, wall lights and fairy lights. PROJECT Chris Harrington (registered member of the society of garden design)

10 Landscape & Urban Design






THE PERFECT PARTNER FOR YOUR OUTDOOR CARE AND MAINTENANCE NEEDS Powerful and robust yet quiet, Kärcher’s battery-powered grounds care tools deliver high-quality results and are ideal for prolonged periods of use in public or noise sensitive areas. 50% less noise and 80% reduction in vibrations vs combustion models Emission-free operation with up to 90% lower lifetime costs Interchangeable, long-lasting 50V lithium-ion batteries Rapid recharge in as little as 25 minutes To find out how Kärcher’s Park & City solutions can make a difference to your business call: 01295 752142 or email:


A Nordic Approach To Sustainablility Most of us believe we have a good idea of what sustainability is and what to look for, but the issue of sustainability is ever more complex. When considering a diverse range of products, a multi-faceted and holistic approach is important. A National Approach In May 2016, Norway committed to zero deforestation, becoming the first country in the world to do so. The protection of Norway and Sweden’s own forests (from where all Vestre’s timber is sourced) is also assured through a highly sustainable approach where felling of

12 Landscape & Urban Design

virgin forest is prohibited, and legislation encourages biodiversity as much as timber quality. Backed by the Government’s support for renewable energy, almost all of Norway’s electricity production is provided by hydropower. This has considerable implications for production, as will be seen later. Borne out of an area that endures the harshest of conditions, and often sees annual temperature swings of 50-60oC, quality and longevity are key if products are to last more than a few years in use.


Material Selection

It’s generally understood that carrying out all manufacturing within a contained area will bring environmental benefits by keeping ’road miles’ to a minimum. All Vestre’s production is carried out in Scandinavia, using the shortest possible delivery routes.

Choice of materials also plays a key role in sustainable production; Vestre uses only Nordic materials:

Investment in modern production facilities brings about improvements in efficiency: robotic cutting and welding, for instance, ensure high quality and precision, minimal use of resources, and less waste than traditional methods. Vestre’s production utilises renewable energy, with major benefits: •

The use of only Nordic steel means greenhouse gas emissions for the material are 30% lower than the average global steel producer.

Hot-dip galvanising, which provides permanent rust protection, is carried out in a bath of molten zinc, at a temperature of 450oC. This energy intensive process has a significantly lower impact due to the employment of renewable energy.

Steel – only Nordic steel is used, which is dimensioned to cope with rough use and processed to maximise durability. High quality steel also ensures excellent adhesion of the galvanising alloy layer that protects against rust. Polyester powder coating – the powder is solventfree and applied using advanced nozzles that ensure full coverage. The resulting high quality finish of Corrosion Class C5 will withstand the most corrosive of atmospheric conditions. Timber - is impregnated with natural linseed oil (the eco-friendly Linax system) which offers lasting protection against rot and is virtually maintenancefree. Whole Life Cost A long product lifecycle is good for the environment and ‘disposable’ solutions are avoided so as not to unnecessarily use finite resources. Initial outlay will ideally deliver a lengthy lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements, along with the availability of spare parts should a product be damaged.

Lengthy warranties bring certainty that a product will be fit for use for many years: Vestre’s warranties are lifetime anti-rust warranty for steel components, 15-year adhesion warranty for painted surfaces that have not been subjected to mechanical damage or corrosive chemicals etc, 15-year warranty on timber applies to damage caused by rot. Vestre works systematically to reduce its impact on the environment and it is their aim to obtain climate certification for all products. The first supplier of climateneutral furniture for urban environments, sustainability information can be downloaded from

Landscape & Urban Design



ROOF GARDEN FURNITURE Street Design manufactured and supplied the roof garden furniture for Manhattan Plaza, London E14, on behalf of Telford Homes. Grenadier planters and Rochford benches were specified in FSC® Certified treated redwood, with a natural finish.


GRENADIER Cube seats



Benchmark design street furniture

tel:01243 545926


Eco friendly street furniture and public seating specialists. we produce everything from contemporary planters too charred oak seating,our range or work will will enhance and complement any project.

Tel: 01691 611864 16 Landscape & Urban Design


assionately Inspired Teak Furniture Premium Quality Teak Furniture

Chic Teak Circular Tree Bench

Teak Conservatory Furniture

UK’s Largest Teak Furniture Collection Showroom - Open 7 Days a Week

0 12 5 6 8 0 5 7 8 0

w w w. c h i c - t e a k . c o . u k

2 minutes Junction 7 M3 (Basingstoke)

ecobuild 2018: The event shaped by the industry


cobuild is returning to the ExCeL London in March 2018 and under the new ownership of Futurebuild Events Ltd, things are set to be very different. The event is being designed and built around the industry, bringing to life the latest technology, freshest thinking and most innovative materials. Martin Hurn, Managing Director of Futurebuild Events, explains: “New, independent ownership offers a unique opportunity to completely overhaul the event. We believe that to be as relevant and valuable as possible, we need to understand and act on what built environment professionals want to see at ecobuild. We see our role as to facilitate the agenda, rather than dictate it.”

g g

One of the futurebuild districts, which surround the sustainability showcases and feed into the main conference programme, is the Green and Blue Infrastructure district. It will offer solutions in water management, external landscaping, biophilic design and biodiversity. Central to this district is the British Association of Landscaping Industries (BALI) Pavilion, which will showcase member technologies and products. A comprehensive seminar programme in this district will offer visitors sessions ranging from engaging communities with green and blue infrastructure and placemaking, to natural flood management and biophilic design. Key speakers include Liane Hartley from Mend, Dr Paul Quinn from the University of Newcastle and BRE’s Dr Ed Suttie. Other futurebuild districts include: g District Energy g Building Performance g Infrastructure g Timber g Concrete

18 Landscape & Urban Design

Offsite Energy & HVAC

ecobuild is also supporting the third annual CIBSE Challenge for Green Design, which seeks to highlight the role of building level green infrastructure. The winner will be announced at an ecobuild reception on the opening day of the event. The CPD Accredited Conference Programme

landscaping sector. The showcases will truly put sustainability at the heart of the event. They include The Hive by The Edible Bus Stop, a pocket park highlighting biodiversity, biophilia, health and wellbeing. The showcases will also feature two full scale builds, including the zero net carbon home from ZEDfactory – designed to minimise fossil fuels and annual energy bills. It offers a complete response to the housing crisis.

This year’s conference takes its lead from global environmental targets, with sessions formulating practical recommendations for action. It also tackles the big UK challenges, ranging from ideas for a healthier and greener London, to an assessment of the progress being made by the UK Property and Construction sector to becoming sustainable. Speakers at these sessions include Peter Murray, Hero Bennett, Adrian Gault and Julie Hirigoyen.

Key Partnerships

Sustainability Showcases

You can register for a free ticket at www. Alternatively, share your thoughts and feedback about the event by emailing martin.hurn@ecobuild.

The ecobuild sustainability showcases are home to the some of the most innovative solutions to the issues facing the

ecobuild is working with a number of strategic partners who are contributing to the overall strategy and shape of the event to ensure it is reflective of the industry’s needs. Notable partners include the Considerate Constructors Scheme, BRE, NLA, Bioregional, CIBSE and the Edge. The event will also host the BREEAM Awards and the Offsite Construction Awards.


06-08 March 2018 / ExCeL, London

The future of the built environment is here




Green & Blue Infrastructure


Energy & HVAC

Building Performance

District Energy

Presenting the futurebuild districts The ‘must go’ event in the construction industry calendar for forward thinking professionals and influencers. ecobuild 2018 will present the latest technology, the


freshest thinking and materials to keep you at the forefront of the industry. The centrepiece will be the comprehensive conference programme curated by top industry


figures. Surrounding this will be a series of futurebuild districts, each exploring a different aspect of the built environment.



Be part of something special


register now at


20 Landscape & Urban Design

Madrid Rio. A New Urban Ecology


he project has received the American Architecture Prize in the Public Landscape Architecture category

The American Architecture Prize recognizes works of architecture, interior and landscape design which stand out for their excellence, innovative and functional design. The award-winning projects are characterized for

their positive contribution to the spaces we inhabit, for inspiring current users and lasting for future generations. Such is the case of Madrid Rio, a complex intervention at the heart of the city of Madrid. In 2003, Madrid Council decided to build a tunnel for a stretch of the main ring road [M30] around the city, which ran along the banks of the Manzanares River for 8 km. When constructed

30 years ago, this road caused the disappearance of the links between the city and its river, making the river isolated, inaccessible and invisible. As a result of the construction of these tunnels, an enormous space opened up in the heart of Madrid. The Madrid Río (Madrid River) project is the result of winning the First Prize in the international competition which Landscape & Urban Design


was entered by, among others, Eisenman/Field Operations, Herzog & de Meuron, Navarro Baldeweg, Dominique Perrault and SANAA. The project includes organizing the 8 km of the banks of the River Manzanares that pass through the city, the design of 150 Ha [370 acres] of parks, 12 bridges and 6 Ha [15 acres] of public and sports facilities, interpretation and art centers, an urban beach, children’s areas and cafés, and the restoration of the hydraulic architectural heritage. In addition, a master plan was drafted for an area of 880 Ha [2,173 acres] which will give a prominent role to public space in the districts closest to the river. The complex work involved in

22 Landscape & Urban Design

Landscape & Urban Design


building road tunnels provided the design team with an unprecedented opportunity to situate the city of Madrid within its surroundings. The project establishes a physical and conceptual continuity, which did not previously exist, between the city center and the valuable

24 Landscape & Urban Design

countryside that surrounds it, and as a result the Manzanares River has been transformed into the point that connects the city with its geography. On top of this huge “underground construction“ vegetation was used as the

main material, constructing a dense and ecologically rich plant structure to create an artificial and urban but living landscape on an inert underground substrate. Almost half of the project’s surface area is on top of the tunnels and the complicated technical facilities

associated with these and large urban infrastructures. It is the most important project executed in Madrid over the last few decades and probably one of the most ambitious projects carried out in Europe in recent times. This is perhaps the first project following a new

approach of integrating large infrastructures and the built fabric of cities with the natural environment that surrounds them, producing a place in which the landscape, the city, the architecture and the urban infrastructures combine to create greater environmental

biodiversity and a city that is greener and more habitable and sustainable. Â The project was highly complex and to solve the issues it was vital to use solutions that almost reached the limit of what is technically possible.

Landscape & Urban Design


The team led by Ginés Garrido was comprised of four architecture offices and a dozen specialist engineers and consultants. It was contracted to construct the Madrid Río project and to be solely responsible for managing all the architecture and landscape architecture designs and all the technical work required to complete the project. About the Architects: Burgos & Garrido. Architecture office founded by Francisco Burgos and Ginés Garrido in Madrid. Both are Professors at the ETS Arquitectura UPM. The office focuses their work on collective housing projects, public space and urban planning. They have completed projects of diverse scale in Russia, Switzerland, Australia and some Latin-American countries. Currently, they are developing the project for the Extension of the Art Museum of Lima [MALI] in Peru, resulting from the international competition held in 2016. Porras La Casta. Architecture Office founded by Arantxa La Casta and Fernando de PorrasIsla, the latter, professor at the Toledo School of Architecture and the European University of Madrid. They have developed international cooperation projects in Central America since 1997 and are currently working on the construction of seven bridges in Lingang City, on the outskirts of Shanghai. In 2017, they won the international competition for the restoration of the Plaza de España in Madrid. Rubio & A-Sala. Architecture Office founded by Carlos Rubio y Enrique Álvarez-Sala. They have been associated professors of the School of Architecture of Madrid (UPM). Their recent works are the mixed use tower SyV built in the new financial center of the city of Madrid and the new Cebada Market in Madrid which received the first prize of an international competition. Carlos Rubio,

26 Landscape & Urban Design

together with Norman Foster, has recently won the competition for the extension of the Prado Museum. West 8. Founded in 1987, West 8 is one of the leading landscape architecture and urban design offices in the world. With a multidisciplinary team, Geuze and his partners have consolidated West 8’s three decades of reputation with cutting-edge design in large-scale planning, landscape, urban design and infrastructure projects throughout Europe, Asia

and America, including winning of major competitions such as the Toronto Central Waterfront in 2005 and the Governors Island Park in NY in 2007. PROJECT CREDITS: Madrid Río project by: Burgos & Garrido Porras La Casta Rubio & Álvarez-Sala West 8 winner.php?id=3060

UK partner of zumtobel


Material expressions When light blends together with an essential and innovative design, a unique sense of elegance arises with a strong emotional impact. Simple shapes and primitive geometries characterize the range “Tailored” by Matteo Thun, from the creative collaboration between Simes and the prestigious italian architect and designer. A perfect balance between sustainable and diverse mat rial expressions: the range was developed using a co bination of wood teak that conveys a warm effect and the minimalist lines of aluminium, new finishes specifically dedicated to improve the quality of the lighting performance. Natural elegance and lighting poetry that dress with charm the environments with an unmistakable style.

“Tailored” by Matteo Thun



Please contact for more information or visit


COMMERCIAL & BESPOKE PATH LIGHTING Trade Discounts / Next Working Day Delivery / Many Exclusive Products

LEDifice Pro Bollard Light 3 Heads / 2 Colours / 20w LED Bulb

Photocell (Dusk to Dawn) & In - Ground Options

Enterprise LED Path Light 12w CREE LED / Bright Lumens Output / Daylight or Warm White / 2 Colours Tel: 01327 871161

Showroom Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm: Centre 33, Long March, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4NR

DESIGNED FOR REPLACEABLE LEDs Lumena stock one of the largest ranges of illuminated professional bollards in the U.K. Importantly, all designs are



20w LED


for areas where bright light is required. The ES/E27 bulb

Fortress Design

holder, allows for personal choice in factors such as colour temperature and light

‘corn’ bulb tput ou igh

house high-output LED bulbs


intensity. The four main bollard types have three head designs and include



mount options as well as bespoke dusk to dawn types.

NEW - Flat ‘Parabola’ Head

LEDifice - Large ‘Pillar’ Head

Genesis Plant Marketing


arpinus betulus `Rockhampton Red' LOCHGLOW was a discovery that started as one seedling in a batch of several thousand at the forestry nursery of Geoff and Pattie Locke in Rockhampton, Gloucestershire.

Genesis Plant Marketing took the product on and after a number of years working to get production up and running there are now suppliers in the UK and Europe and material working its way through to Canada and the USA.

Really marketable novel trees have been hard to find for many years and the industry now seems much more alert to adding novelty into their portfolios and we are looking forward to playing our part in that process.

It stood out because of its intense and rich autumn colouring that developed when autumn temperatures started to fall giving the striking effect of autumn orange to red vermillion leaf colour. Being careful growers they wanted to test the variety properly they grew the seedling to many metres in height alongside their other transplants and year on year it maintained these vivid characteristics.

Geoff and Pattie Locke have developed a web page with lots more images and history of the variety on the website

Suppliers in the UK.

After almost 15 years of patient observation it was clear they had a marketable product. A subsequent discussion with Nick Dunn of FP Matthews suggested that they might have something really novel worth marketing that would create some excitement in the tree trade.

30 Landscape & Urban Design If you think you have found a new variety then Genesis provide a complete service to plant breeders including the appraisal of new varieties whether that be a tree, shrub perennial or annual. Trial agreements and plant breeder’s rights patent applications and marketing agreements and much more. See for much more information on services and varieties.

Geoff and Pattie Locke at Mount Pleasant Farm & Forestry Stephanie Dunn-James at FP Matthews Ltd Simon Williamson at Ready Hedge Ltd. Henk Hubers Batouwe For enquiries or supply please contact

+44 (0) 1621 874808

Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd

+44 (0) 1621 874808


Pixel Garden

Green Living Walls? Vertical Gardens? Urban Planting? There are a number of ways you can say it, but one thing that is certain, Dot-Pot is the one-stop shop for all your Modular Vertical Garden System needs. We offer 3 innovative designs to suit all demands and budgets. Our VersiWall, Pixel Garden & VertiVerd products will liven up any area - be it a garden, balcony or office front‌we’re here to provide what you are after. @DotPotUK

01233 720097


HY-TEX Terrastop Premium Silt Fence


Hy-Tex UK Ltd - founded in 1991 - have an enviable reputation for providing quality products at very competitive prices. We specialise in Erosion Control, Root Barriers, Silt Mitigation & Weed Control.


Root Barrier C3

Terrastop Premium Silt Fence offers a proven method to reduce storm water run off pollution. Ecotex is a biodegradable, organic weed suppression blanket. CoirMesh protects seed and soil on bare surfaces vulnerable to erosion. Root Barrier C3 is highly resistant to all forms of root systems including Japanese Knotweed. @HyTexUKLtd

01233 720097

Family values, Reliability Sjaak van der Vijver is one the last remaining family run plant and flower businesses in the Netherlands boasting over 30 years of trading experience in the UK with an incomparable knowledge of the UK market. Bringing you the freshest and finest quality cut flowers, garden and pot plants from the Netherlands. Our flowers and plants are bought daily from experienced

34 Landscape & Urban Design

growers all over the country and the Royal Flora Holland auction. We are specially adapted to your needs with deep knowledge and experience on the UK market. We provide competitive prices to make sure that your business is always at the front end of the market. Our passion for plants and flowers is passed down from generation to generation and we commit to building

long term business relations. We want to help you grow‌ Interactive shopping on our web shop coupled with an experienced sales team are guaranteed to provide you with the outstanding service and assistance that your require. If you are interested in our products email us at

Experience, Independence If you are interested in cooperating with us we are currently looking for, Area sales manager/Sales Representative UK based • • • •

Excellent plant knowledge. Sales knowledge. Computer skills (excel, word) Ability to travel.

The position focuses on promoting the name and values of the company throughout the designated area through client maintenance and sourcing, by actively visiting existing clients and searching for new ones.

If you are interested in this position please send your candidature and CV to Andreas Varkevisser +44 7 408 857228 +31 6 297 00505

The area to be covered is the entire UK.

Sjaak van der Vijver BV Trade Parc Westland, Jupiter 322 2675 LW Honselersdijk. Netherlands Telephone Office : +31 174 624 493

+31 174 632 151 Landscape & Urban Design


Instant Hedges


nstant Hedges is known nationwide for our outstanding instant hedges in trough form or individual plants grown specifically to form an instant hedge when planted. However a well kept secret up to now is we stock the widest range of PLEACHED TREES in the UK.

Low pleaches are proving equally as popular as the standard counterparts so our stock reflects this. We have a variety of low pleaches with a clear stem of 100cm or 150cm. The species we have available include Prunus laurocerasus, Photinia, Ilex, Fagus and Liquidambar.

Our extensive portfolio of stock allows us to cater for projects where the budget is more restrictive requiring the use of younger 12-14cm girth pleached trees to grow on and fill out in the coming season upto mature 30-35cm pleached trees with full coverage across the trellis for the perfect instant screen.

Sourcing plants for projects can be more challenging during the summer months when rootballed trees are not an option but we have all of these pleached trees in containers on our nursery available for your project NOW.

The standard pleached tree size is 150x150cm frame on a 180-200cm clear stem. We have these in abundance but our range is not limited to these sizes. We have frame sizes upto 180cm tall or 180cm wide depending on the specific need. We also have trained nursery men who can adapt the existing framework or stem height to customise the pleached tree for your specific project. The species we have available include Prunus laurocerasus, Photinia, Quercus Ilex, Ilex, Pyrus Chanticleer and Carpinus.

36 Landscape & Urban Design

Instant Hedges has been based on our main container nursery in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, for 12 years. We continue to grow and expand not only our container production side of the nursery but also our field grown production. Our central UK location allows us to deliver to the whole of the UK. Instant Hedges business and reputation has grown over the years but our commitment to offering complete end to end service from consultancy through sourcing, supply and distribution to planting and maintenance has remained. Managing Director Nick Angel concludes:

“Our reputation has been built on the expertise of our personnel, our appreciation of customer expectation, the quality and service and the value-formoney we are able to deliver on each and every project.� Please give us a call and make an appointment to see for yourself how we can help with your next project. For more information contact Instant Hedges on 01296 399585 or email Twitter: @InstantHedges Facebook: Instant Landscapes Ltd

Growers and suppliers of semi-mature and mature trees, shrubs and instand hedging

From our purpose built nursery and distribution centre in Buckinghamshire, we have built a renowned business specialising in the growth, supply and planting of containerised trees, shrubs and instant hedging. Our clients range from private individuals with very personal requirements to some of the UK’s largest commercial organisations, as well as local authorities and award winning landscape designers. Photos shown from left to right: Pleached trees and instant hedging on our nursery. Our range of evergreen troughs. Pleached Prunus laurocerasus.

Our Products Trees

We are growers and suppliers of a wide variety of native and non-native, semi-mature and mature, containerised tress that range from 10-12cm up to 120cm+.


Our mature instant Hedge range is available for easy planting or larger, individual trimmed sections that can be linked together for any application. We stock most species up to 3m+ in height but as stock levels vary daily, please contact us for availability. Larger sizes are available on request.

Pleached Trees

We host the finest range of pleached Trees in the UK on our nursery in Aylesbury. We grow and supply a vast selection of pleached trees for all market, from individual private gardens to award winning Chelsea Show designers. This extensive range allows us to cater for all budgets from freshly pleached trees to well established mature screens.


Topiary is an effective method of adding evergreen structure to your garden.

Red Oak Farm, Hulcott Lane, Hulcott, Nr Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP22 5AX.

Call: 01296 399585

Please quote reference INSTOFF24 when placing enquiry to take advantage of our latest offers

Urban Oasis: a pocket garden in the heart of the city


n the autumn of 2015, Peter Reader Landscapes was approached by Kenham Building Ltd who were re-developing a Victorian postal office in a prestigious West London

38 Landscape & Urban Design

location into a secluded luxury house covering 750sq m with 5 bedrooms and a 20m basement swimming pool. Central to the design was an open courtyard area which the key rooms and bedrooms wrapped around through 2 stories. In keeping

with the move to ‘greening the city’, Kenham where keen that the space felt like a garden rather than a courtyard. Given the integral position of the garden it was important that the garden and house flowed together and that the garden

PHOTOS Peter Reader & Tom St. Aubyn Photography Ltd

delivered a real ‘wow’ factor to the overall design. Despite the small size of the garden (56 sq m), Peter Reader Landscapes was keen to divide the space with level changes, virtual rooms and small journeys. These features serve to give the garden interest, whilst a blend of construction materials including white render, a powder coated steel rill and planters, limestone pavers and black pebbles add beauty and keep the garden cohesive as a whole. The three areas designed into the garden are, a bench seating area under pleached, evergreen Quercus ilex trees, a ‘floating’ patio providing space for alfresco dining, and an area of raised planters containing evergreen topiary and perennials. Water tumbles into the

Landscape & Urban Design


garden from a steel blade in the far wall, through a series of falls, and snakes under the floating patio, finally finishing in a pool at the opposite side of the garden. The flowing water creates soothing sounds and visual movement, whilst the still pool reflects the sky and brings light and space into the centre of the house. The main pathway zig-zags through the raised planters before crossing

40 Landscape & Urban Design

over the pool. At this end of the garden are the large sliding glass doors into the house, allowing the living areas and the garden to blend seamlessly together as the matching grey limestone slabs of both inside and out flow together. Planting consists of evergreen topiary giving all year structure and character, complemented by a mix of shade-tolerant plants selected for varying leaf colours and

shapes. Finally, a select palette of repeat flowering hardy perennials provides for a long season of colourful interest. Given the small space that is very fixed by its solid wall boundaries and the complexity of features such as the water feature, this project required enormous attention to detail and close working with the architects and other artisans

involved in its delivery. However, with this garden, Peter Reader Landscapes demonstrates that with ambition and meticulous design, truly beautiful and very useable gardens can be achieved in the smallest of city spaces. For more details on this project and others with our portfolio please visit us at: www.

Landscape & Urban Design


Elevate A Garden Design Scheme Using A Greenhouse

A Hartley Botanic bepoke lean to greenhouse within a walled garden


his year, Longview Design was commissioned by Lancashirebased, heritage greenhouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic to design their RHS Chelsea Flower Show tradestand. The stand won a 5 star award for the RHS recommended manufacturer. Landscape Architect Joe Perkins, CoDirector of Longview Design reveals some key insights around incorporating a greenhouse or glasshouse into a garden scheme. From a client consultancy point of view, suggesting the addition of a greenhouse or glasshouse to a garden scheme means your client can begin to get year-round enjoyment of their outdoor space. For keen gardeners, allocating a space in their garden ‘under glass’ extends the range of plants they can grow and allows them to indulge in a specific plant passion. Victorian-inspired ‘plant collecting’ has definitely come back into fashion, partly thanks to a renewed interest in architectural tropical-style plants and hardy succulents. A greenhouse is a great way to not only extend a plant collection but also to house and show it off.

42 Landscape & Urban Design

Greenhouses can make an extremely effective focal point for a garden scheme. They are great for zoning off and visually organising a large, unwieldy space and can add a central structure to work around. I am particularly fond of using them in walled gardens or within a classic English vegetable garden. A lean-to can work well here and adds a beautiful, historic draw for the eye. Pick a classic greenhouse design for this, such as a bespoke Victorian lean-to from Hartley Botanic, or for larger gardens, try their Victorian Manor Glasshouse. A contemporary glasshouse can look really breathtaking within a more modern planting scheme and, with designs which are generally more minimalist, if used cleverly, garden planting schemes can extend through them. A modern design and a modern approach would also be to see the greenhouse or glasshouse as a living and organic part of the garden rather than as a separate structure. I loved the way designer Catherine MacDonald achieved this at Chelsea last year using a Hartley bespoke glasshouse. The glasshouse becomes almost at one with

the plantings as a result of the well-paired colours and the thin, waif-like trees. As long as a greenhouse or glasshouse is beautiful and well made then its vertical structure can add real value within a garden scheme. It’s height and architectural qualities brings depth and three-dimensional balance to a garden, especially if overall plantings are quite low. In addition to the benefit they bring as a structure, if your client wants help designing how they use their greenhouse your plant sourcing choices can also harmonise with the colours and textures of the wider garden. If used cleverly, a greenhouse can become an incredible tool for any gardener, but can also act as a useful anchor point for your designs. All Hartley Botanic’s greenhouses and glasshouses are made to order. Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse should visit: or call 01457 819 155 for more information. For more information about Longview Design, please visit:

M O D E R N H O R T I C U LT U R E O u r s t ylish gl a ssho u s e c rea ti ons make a tr ul y c ont e mpor ary stat e me nt

Bespoke Glasshouse, located near Canary Wharf, London

For information about our glasshouses please call 0800 783 8083 or visit The only aluminium glasshouses endorsed by the RHS

ŠThe Royal Horticultural Society. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Registered Charity No 222879/SC038262

Rotating Louvered Roof Canopy R

egardless of the weather, we like to spend as much time as possible in our garden which is no longer separated from our house but forms and integral part of our living room. Being outside becomes living outdoor. With many years of experience in sun protection screens and ventilation, Shade ZoneÂŽ is lifting the outdoor space to a higher level. Due to the right application of techniques and innovative products, it is now possible to enjoy your terrace and garden in early spring, summer and during the Indian summer period. Shade ZoneÂŽ pays a great deal of attention to the quality of the finish, a simple and flexible assembly, as well as the solidity

44 Landscape & Urban Design

during the development phase of its terrace coverings. The fixation parts have been made invisible and the electrical cables have been hidden away inside the structure.

Even the ground fixation can be concealed. You can select a terrace covering to suit your own wishes.

Our terrace coverings can be fully made to measure and come in different styles – from traditional to modern or contemporary. So we create for you an elegant and timeless external extension of your home and business. Lapure®, Lagune® and Toscane® are always constructed with an angled roof against the wall. Camargue®, Skye®, Algarve® and Algarve® Roof have at, louvered roofs. There are several installation methods: free-standing with 4 columns, spotted to an outside wall with 1 or 2 columns, or integrated into an existing opening without columns. You can also join different roof components for certain types.

Shade Zone® also respects sustainability. The materials used are wear-resistant and capable of withstanding both extreme heat and extreme cold. Aluminium, screen fabrics, glass or wood – all of them are strong, maintenance-friendly materials. T: 01482 481050 Email -

Landscape & Urban Design


 

    

T  F  

High-Spec Bridge For Luxury Apartments In Chelsea 


architectural intent, resulting in “hidden” structural supports to minimise beam depth. They worked closely with Elite Landscapes, the Principal Contractor, to ensure all trades were coordinated to deliver a successful scheme. To achieve the desired simple lines, careful detailing was required to house the lighting rods and conceal their power supply and driver units discreetly. Precision fabrication was needed to realise this ambition. The final result is a stunning illuminated bridge that provides a stylish focal point over the meandering waterway the Chelsea Creek development.

which, when lit from their base, To complete the hard landscaping provide an illuminated enclosure, around the Chelsea Creek luxury while a stripped down secondary apartment development, London To complete the hard landscaping the Chelsea internal Creek luxury apartment development, London If you need a bridge as a focal handrail provides pedestrian developer, Berkeley Staround George developer, Berkeley St George needed a statement bridge. point in your scheme contact CTS restraint. needed a statement bridge. Bridges for a full The 24m long bridge comprises a deceptively simple, elegant concept incorporating acrylic rods into the CTS were appointed to undertake The 24m long bridge comprises a design, build painted steel frame at close centres which, when lit from their base, provide an illuminated enclosure, while a design, manufacture and installation deceptively simple, elegant concept and installation stripped down secondary internal handrail provides pedestrian restraint. and offered different structural incorporating acrylic rods into the package. to bestand achieve the frame atdesign, close centres CTS were painted appointedsteel to undertake manufactureoptions and installation offered different structural options to best achieve the architectural intent, resulting in “hidden” structural supports to minimise beam depth. They worked closely with Elite Landscapes, the Principal Contractor, to ensure all trades were coordinated to deliver a successful scheme.

To achieve the desired simple lines, careful detailing was required to house the lighting rods and conceal their power supply and driver units discreetly. Precision fabrication was needed to realise this ambition. The final result is a stunning illuminated bridge that provides a stylish focal point over the meandering waterway the Chelsea Creek development. If you need a bridge as a focal point in your scheme contact CTS Bridges for a full design, build and installation package.

DESIGN BUILD INSTALL Delivering quality structures across the UK

• BRIDGES Registered in England No. 2241698


Registered Office: Concrete and Timber Services Ltd Abbey Road, Shepley Huddersfield HD8 8BX VAT Reg No. 4613744 51


01484 606416

46 Landscape & Urban Design

Limestone . Sandstone . Building Stone . Flooring . Walling . Masonry . Landscaping . Restoration .

01386 584384 www.stonequ q

GftK Paving Joint Mortars for Natural Stone, Porcelain and Concrete Paving Ideal for both NEW and REFURBISHMENT works because you can: • • • • •

Work in wet weather and at low temperatures (from +3ºC) Use fast wet slurry and self-compacting application Get off your knees and work standing up Have greatly reduced staining issues and eliminate surface cleaning work Fast curing and opening for service

Whilst also achieving: • • • •

Frost, de-icing salt, boring insect and weed growth resistance Pressure jet washing and even mechanical road sweeper resistance Optimum strength correlation (compressive to tensile) for small format paving Permeable joints for SUDS

Paving Joint Mortars for ALL Types of Paved and Trafficked areas, from Domestic Patios and Driveways to Town Centres, Market Squares and Highways

Save Time and Money on Every Project For more information: Website: Telephone: 01257 266696 Email: Paving Joint Mortars from

Fine Porcelain Pointing

GftK’s vdw 815 Paving Joint Mortar for Perfect Pointing Another great ‘Porcelain Pointing’ job using GftK’s vdw 815 Paving Joint Mortar that was the idea; solution for grouting these top quality Emperor Limerick Porcelain slabs. These are larger format paving (larger format generally means the paving units are larger than 400 x 400mm) and so the jointing mortar must be suitable for smaller joints and ease of application across larger surfaces without staining or creating additional cleaning works. The advanced vdw 815 material is specifically designed for narrower joints (down to 3mm) in addition to its ease of wet-slurry application.

GftK’s Epoxy Resin Bound technology ensures no dusting, full homogeneous mixing and fast application, allowing pointing and finishing the work in bad weather, even in the pouring rain. As Richard Bickler of the specialist contractors Arbour said – with GftK Grouts the fickle British Weather does not stop you finishing the job (and getting paid of course!), plus the result is the most durable and jet washing resistant paving grout there is! Finally on this project the colour was very important as the owners wanted to see the paving rather than the resin and it blended in really well.

Fast Wet-Slurry Application for a Top Quality Finish The owners had a new pool with top quality porcelain tiles selected for the paved terrace surround and wanted to be sure that the pointing they used was going to be durable in this environment, in that it would not discolour or stain the tiles. Plus the Architect was concerned that it was suitable for the narrow joints between these larger format pavers. They had seen other quality porcelain installations ruined by poor quality pointing with cement mortars and even tile grouts that are best kept indoors!

for dry weather to prepare, grout, cure and go into service. It is a unique, ‘state of the art’ material based on epoxy-bound, graded sands, purpose designed for narrow (3-5mm x 20mm deep) joints in quality porcelain and prestige natural stone paving. GftK’s vdw 815+ is none staining (unlike cement based or gun-applied materials), and well-proven to be very durable in this type of environment – As well as looking great with top quality porcelain of course!

After researching the subject with their paving suppliers they found GftK’s vdw 815+ Paving Joint Mortar from NCC Streetscape, which is undoubtedly the best pointing to use on such porcelain projects. GftK’s vdw 815+ is quick and easy to install by wet-slurry application, which also means no waiting

Contact: David MacKay at NCC Streetscape Limited 01257 266696

Landscape & Urban Design


Weathered Cornish Granite Boulders

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park James Corner Field Operations design

Henge, Sussex Rathbone Miller Ltd

Mid Sussex Landscapes

Dame Janet Baker 7.2m Commemorative menhir Music Dept. University of York Designer Gordon Young.

Photo credit to Robin Forster, LDA Design Tel. 01329 285825

Flowpoint ECO Environmentally friendly flowable grout

Boost your sustainability credentials • Contains 20% recycled materials • Reduce your consumption of virgin aggregates • Ideal for schemes looking to achieve a CEEQUAL award • Improve your BREEAM rating

For more information call 01827 254402 or email 50 Landscape & Urban Design

New Terralift for Terrain Aeration


errain Aeration have added a new Super Scamper Terralift machine to their fleet for deep penetration aeration. Originally a German invention used to aerate around tree roots with a blast of compressed air, the Terralift concept has been in service with Terrain Aeration for over twentyfive years. During this time, Terrain Aeration have treated all kinds of turf surface for waterlogging, compaction and panning, from sports fields, golf courses and bowling greens to treating trees in London parks, green spaces and the gardens of new house builds.

‘breathing’ underground, which helps to keep the fractures open longer.

The new Terralift machine, built by Terrain Aeration, takes the concept to a new level of treatment for waterlogging. The machine hammers a hollow probe one metre into the soil (with the help of a JCB road breaker gun).

The result is an improved healthier root system, a healthier sward as well as less disease damage to the turf. There is no mess, treatment can in fact be carried out mid season, should a green for example be too waterlogged to play, but otherwise pre or end of season is the best time.

Once reaching this depth, a blast of compressed air is released to fracture and fissure the soil. On the tail end of the air blast, dried milled seaweed is incorporated and this, over a period of time, expands and contracts with the moisture content in the soil, similar to

The probe is removed and the process repeated using two-metre centre spacings on a staggered grid pattern. This grid ensures that each probe shot links with the previous ones. The probe hole is then backfilled with an aggregate to provide a long term aeration/ ventilation shaft, allowing air and water to percolate into the fissures. The top 1" - 2" should have a cap of normal top dressing to encourage the grass to grow over the holes.

The slight ‘heave’ will settle down and you are left with a smooth playing surface. Prior to Terralift treatment it is best to have the area spiked or hollow tined purely to relieve the surface tension to allow air to gently blow through the top surface without causing any disruption. The Super Scamper Terralift is a compact design which enables it to fit through narrow gaps for access to bowling greens and gardens. The machine is equally effective in treating open landscape areas, as seen here in its first outing at the National Trust’s Stourhead estate. Terrain Aeration 01449 673783

Despite people's ‘fears’ that the Terralift ‘makes the Earth Move’ - it does, but just enough to show that the ground has been fractured from one metre depth back up to the surface.

Landscape & Urban Design


Get HYPED! for our fantastic range of ball courts and educational games walls! Bespoke design and build treehouses, playhouses and elevated platforms

TEL: 01403 732452 Terrain Aeration 180x132.qxp_Layout 1 22/02/2017 17:31 Page 1

+44 (0)20 3409 5303


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17/02/2016 15:21

d co an mp r essed air

TerraIn aeraTIon’s TreaTmenT Is long-Term for sporTs pITches, parks, bowlIng greens, golf courses, Trees and gardens. ask The experTs. we have 25 years of experIence of makIng The earTh move.

e on

at ion

f no Injectio

sea weed

TerralifT deep peneTraTion relieves compacTion, waTerlogging and panning

me etr tre d eep pen

SEE THE EARTH MOVE ON VIDEO W: WWW.TERRAINAERATION.CO.UK T: 01449 673783 52 Landscape & Urban Design

Creating smiles for over 25 years

Play & Leisure

Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of outdoor play, sports & fitness equipment.

5 good reasons to choose Play & Leisure

Compliant to BS EN Standards Free no obligation quotations 3D colour illustrations British manufacturer Free site surveys

k u . g r o isure.

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LEVATO MONO porcelain paver system Transform any outside space with LEVATO MONO Porcelain paver system from the Deck Tile Co. Ltd. The system offers flexibility and choice for even the most challenging of applications - from roof terraces and balconies with multiple falls to patios and restaurant piazza’s where wear resistance is key. With many finishes and formats available, the 20mm pavers combine incredible technical properties with uncompromising aesthetics and thanks to the intuitive height adjustable and slope correcting facility on the support system, it is possible to cover most waterproof membranes or uneven sub-surfaces.

20mm porcelain pavers 40x80 45x90 60x60 75x75 80x80 30x120 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes Eternal product - zero maintenance required – offering massive over-life savings

Highly abrasion and stain resistant Highly slip resistant ; R11 AB+C Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 High load bearing and impact resistance Timber, stone & cementitious effects Completely non porous t: 0118 391 4120


Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use Frost proof Height adjustable/slope correcting support system ranging from 9mm up to 550mm

Working with nature Sioo:x are leaders in wood protection using silicate technology. We provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives long life and a beautiful natural surface with even colouration and is friendly to people and the environment. An example of a Sioo:x project is the larch house Lentran project in Scotland. Sioo Wood Protection AB

Landscape & Urban Design


Garden Hideouts A

garden room provides people with two main benefits - the opportunity to create exactly the space they want with all the features they need and the chance to escape the interruptions of everyday life. The line between ‘posh sheds’ and garden rooms is quite blurred and as more people are now realising that there is no reason why an extra room in their garden cannot be just as beautifully

designed as any room in their house, the amount they are spending can easily reach £50k, for example. At Garden Hideouts we have our own interior design team and if a client specifies expensive fittings, furniture and fabrics then the price for a luxury ‘granny flat’, with a dressing area and an en suite bathroom – completely furnished and ready to go – can be as much as £68k. A ‘man cave’ with a great sound system, TV, a bar and a bathroom would probably cost in the region of £45k.

The market for garden rooms – be it a room beside a swimming pool, a tranquil place to work or place where teenagers can hang out without disturbing the rest of the family grew by 22% last year. It seems that Britain’s long love affair with sheds (at around 12 million we have more, proportionally, than any other country) has now spilled over into a trend for something a bit grander. With stamp duty and all the other expense and hassle of moving to a bigger house, they can make a lot of sense. If necessary, garden rooms can be built on site, so restricted access need not be that much of an issue and they can usually be installed in surprisingly small gardens. The only real consideration is access to sewerage – assuming your garden room has a loo – which can be quite expensive to sort out. Other than that, the main consideration is which spot will offer the best view of the garden or the surrounding countryside. In general, garden rooms which are no more than 2.5m tall don’t need planning permission. However, there are exceptions including Areas of Outstanding National Beauty and listed buildings.   Arca, from £39,950 Shepherd Hut, from £29,950 Garden Pod, from £22,950 STOCKIST DETAILS:

56 Landscape & Urban Design

Snickers’ NEW ALLROUND 37.5® Insulator Jacket Snickers Workwear continues to lead the way with working clothes that are unrivalled in design, superb functionality and fit. This great-looking quilted jacket is padded with 37.5® fabric insulation for warmth and climate control to keep your body warm or comfortably cool when you most need it. With a water-repellent fabric, it can be worn on its own or combined with other Next Generation working clothes such as Base Layer fleeces and shirts or Outer Layer waterproof Shell Jackets. Fashionable and functional, this jacket has long arm cuffs with thumb grips for warm comfort and a high collar that delvers extra wind protection. It’s also got stretchable side panels in for comfort and flexibility with Cordura-reinforced elbows for durability and reflective arm details to provide enhanced visibility for personal safety. For more information, visit the website at alternatively, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.


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NE Fasteners Ltd trading as Screwshop Units 2+3, Waterfall Lane Trading Estate, Waterfall Lane, Cradley Heath, B64 6PU

Stihl To Showcase Pro Cordless Range At Saltex Stand: HO70 STIHL’s Lithium-Ion PRO Cordless product range will be showcased at Saltex, offering contractors the durability and longevity needed to handle the toughest jobs. On display will be STIHL’s new FSA 130, a powerful and lightweight brush cutter specifically designed for working on large areas of thick grass at length. Visitors can also see the powerful HSA 94 hedge trimmer, ideal for maintenance teams working in urban areas, as well as the BGA 100, a quiet hand held blower that comes with three power stages, perfect to tackle those difficult tasks, especially in noise sensitive areas. All the products can be used in conjunction with backpack machinery, offering the high capacity contractors require in the grounds care industry. For more information visit

Landscape & Urban Design


External spaces can add significant value to ‘lifestyle’ for both private residences and commercial landscapes Patricia Fox founder of award winning Landscape Architects Aralia, explains some of the key trends within the industry, and how to maximise your external spaces


lients have become more demanding, the world we live in is ever changing, and the world is in fact changing at a more rapid pace than we have ever experienced before. Technological changes are at the forefront, and are truly driving these changes, but interestingly it is how it is affecting people’s reactions to their lifestyle that is changing the most. In Landscape terms, this means that in the commercial world clients are now looking to provide an ever improving experience for their clients, and with private clients, expectations are not just for gardens or terraces that look great, the space has to really deliver on an experiential level. Let me explain further. As a specialist Landscape Design Practice we have been involved in the design of many Roof Terrace gardens and we have definitely seen a major uplift in the activity on roof terraces over the last 3 years, both here in London and abroad. Outdoor space is of a real premium in city centres and urban settings, and the addition of a beautifully designed roof terrace will have significant impact on the return on investment. St George (Berkley Homes Group) commissioned us in the summer of 2012 to design a series of Penthouse

58 Landscape & Urban Design

Patricia Fox, Aralia TEXT Patricia Fox

roof terraces for their prestigious mixed-use development at Chelsea Creek, London. At the time London was in the depths of a recession and property was generally pretty hard to shift. Aralia were given an open brief to design and deliver some truly amazing, original, roof terrace designs which included features such as outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, automated pergola structures, water features, bespoke art (original paintings on glass & bespoke sculptures), green walls and lush abundant planting. Roof Terraces generally up until this time comprised mainly of paving/ decking and some planters. The twist in the trend, was to offer a much fuller experience to the end user, not just a swanky looking roof terrace, but a useable space which was cleverly arranged to also work well on multiple levels; as an external space for entertaining larger groups; somewhere to relax in with a few friends; intimate spaces for solo reflection; somewhere to cook; and finally a private space to enjoy the hot tub! Clients were then purchasing a lifestyle, not just a penthouse apartment. This is the essence of what great landscape design is currently about. This translates equally well into larger landscape schemes, whether it be within the hospitality sector or for a private estate. The end user is now expecting a broader, more in depth experience. As an example a recent project we have been working on ‘Westlands’, was

Landscape & Urban Design


for a new private residence incorporating an ultra-modern home; cutting edge glass and stone, with floating linear blocks hovering above the spaces below. Aralia designed a rustic contemporary woodland of Silver Birch and angular oversized granite boulders for the owners to drive through as a journey for them to take every day on entering their property. We could have just designed a more direct drive leading directly to their entrance

60 Landscape & Urban Design

(which was the brief we were originally given) but chose to maximise the experience for the clients. On the south side of the property, glass extends full width across the home, the clients asked us to omit the obligatory terrace, so as to retain the open aspect with no interruption. We understood our clients concerns, but felt that they needed the option of a useable terrace close to the house, in reality they weren’t going to walk extensively

to the far terrace for a quick morning cuppa! We didn’t want them to lose out on that opportunity for an experience in the garden. Our response was to design a sunken terrace, immediately adjacent the glass expanse. This was hugely practical due to its proximity to the house, whilst still retaining the open views – and, more importantly providing a beautiful secluded space, with an incredibly intimate feeling, that will provide the client

with somewhere very unique to sit. Unexpected, but now hugely anticipated by the client (landscape is still in the build stage) this terrace we believe will become a real favourite external space for the clients. It’s not just about adding features, yes these are important, but full consideration and focus must be given to how the space is blended as a whole. How does the space work for the user? Is it easy to use? Is there a natural journey that enriches their experience? A holistic approach to blending not only the external spaces, but also the interior with the exterior, and also the exterior with the wider landscape – or skyscape. An external space that considers and responds to all these issues, and provides

multiple experiences, will be a space that clients enjoy and want to spend time in, and return to, time after time. And for the future? Interior gardens are the next major worldwide trend. Why? Well without doubt they will provide the opportunity to deliver amazing new experiences for interior space. There is endless scope to what and how these interiors can be developed and we are very much looking forward to making this trend happen. Watch this space.

Patricia Fox Founder, Aralia Landscape Architects

For further information or to contact Aralia to discuss potential projects: t 0044 1279 721 461 Landscape & Urban Design


Kärcher branches out with its Park & City Solutions 62 Landscape & Urban Design


he renowned German manufacturer, Kärcher, highlights key features of their powerful and robust yet quiet suite of battery-powered grounds care tools. Built for ergonomic comfort, high performance and ease of use, the range includes leaf blowers, chainsaws, strimmers and hedge trimmers, all of which deliver first-class results and are ideal for prolonged periods of use in public spaces or noise sensitive areas. Designed to help protect both the operator and the environment (with emissionfree operation and no strong

smelling fumes during use), these battery-operated tools also remove the need for fuel and motor servicing which can generate up to 90% lower lifetime costs. Plus, with 50% less noise and an 80% reduction in vibrations vs. combustion models, operators can comfortably use the equipment in urban areas including parks, schools, hotels and streets. Kärcher’s 50V lithium-ion batteries work on a modular concept - allowing them to be interchanged between products in the range; the batteries deliver up to 225 minutes on a single charge and can be rapidly recharged in as little as 25 minutes. Leaf blower - LB 850 Bp Perfect for shifting debris, leaves and cuttings this high-output, lightweight leaf blower has a choice of three power settings - high, low and boost - and delivers 148km/h air speed at full power, yet produces only 80dB LpA noise output. Chainsaw - CS 330 Bp Robust and service-friendly, this chainsaw is a powerful ally when tackling branches and

small trees, perfectly suited for use in urban areas including parks and residential streets. Charging times range from 25 – 60 minutes; a fully charged battery will deliver from 108 405 cuts. Strimmer - ST 400 Bp Lightweight and manoeverable at only 3.9kg, this strimmer is the perfect tool to effectively maintain greens, remove weeds and deal with those difficult to reach areas, such as around park benches, edges of curbs or road markers. Hedge trimmer - HT 615 Bp Easily modified for the task in hand, whether it’s trimming hedges, shrubs, bushes or trees, thanks to the 2-stage control of the cutting speed. This hedge trimmer impresses with its 65cm cutting width, low weight, vibration-free handling and quiet operation for use in noise sensitive areas. For decades the name Kärcher has been synonymous with robust outdoor solutions, whether using a standalone machine, or in partnership with Kärcher municipal sweepers and pressure washers. Contact us to find out how Kärcher can

make a difference to your yearround forestry or municipal cleaning and maintenance regime: call 01295 752 142, email or visit parkandcity. Landscape & Urban Design


Living Wall To Welcome Patients At Uk’s First High Energy Proton Beam Therapy Centre

The wall has been installed at the Rutherford Cancer South Wales, a revolutionary new cancer centre in Newport which recently opened its doors to treat cancer patients with conventional treatments. High energy proton beam therapy, a treatment which is not currently available in the country, will be operational early next year.

The wall has been designed and installed by leading landscape supplier Scotscape. It has been created with biodiversity at its core and the species included the installation were chosen due to their year-round pollinating capabilities, air cleaning qualities as well as their function as a habitat for wildlife.

The centre is owned by the world’s largest developer of high energy proton beam therapy centres, Proton Partners International Ltd.

For more information on Scotscape, please visit: Follow Scotscape on twitter @ ScotscapeWalls

Wild Flower Lawns & Meadows

Unique wild flower seed mixes with wild orchids Wild flower turf with wild orchid seed – nationwide delivery Wild flower plants and plant plug collections Yellow Rattle seed and plugs Advisory service for creating and managing wild flower areas and much more… SEE THE WEBSITE below: Tel: Colin 01435 810446 email:


Tree Surveys, TreeRadar, BS5837 Reports, Arboricultural Assessments,

Landscape Management, Plans and Estimating With over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of landscape and tree management you can rely on our expertise to support your objectives. We support architects, housing associations, councils, housing construction companies, and individual home owners. In fact anywhere that landscapes and trees need to be assessed and managed, we can supply experienced arboriculturalists and landscape professionals to provide data, reports and plans. We use the latest technology, including GPS data capture systems and TreeRadar, to make sure the most accurate information is presented. Call us to discuss your plans on 01202 816134, and visit our new website.

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w w w. m a d e by l a n d m a r k .co m

Interesting ideas for outdoor lighting

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Designing driveways, car parks or even HGV parks?... We’ll have a solution for you

Suregreen offer a wide range of permeable, SuDS compliant ground reinforcement solutions

The majority of our products are available from stock & if ordered before 4pm can be delivered the next working day!

PP25 Porous Paver 25mm deep lightweight paver ideal for domestic applications.

PP30 Porous Paver 30mm deep decorative white porous paver - for driveways.

PP40 Porous Paver 40mm deep & available in green or black - grass or gravel finish.

PP50 Porous Paver Our strongest paver in the PP range, for high traffic usage.

TRUCKGRID-MAX Our heaviest duty porous paver perfect for commercial jobs.

Turf Reinforcement Mesh Lightweight grass protection for gardens & domestic use.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh Offers grass protection & easy to install - ideal for parking.

TRACKTURF Reinforcement Reinforced grass surface using rootzone & plastic mesh elements.

Other product ranges available from Suregreen To purchase:

Call: 01376 503869 email: Website:

To speak to a specialist:

Call: 07703 784558 email: Technical site:

Technical Information:

We have technical datasheets, installation guides, design guides, case studies & more online - Landscape & Urban Design


Gismos, Gadgets and Good Design

IT & business innovations from beyond the housing sector Professor Dr Michael Benfield

In the early ‘noughties’ I ran a seminar for ‘Constructing Excellence’ on ‘Safety by Design’, followed a few years later by one on ‘Designing Out Waste’. The purpose in mentioning them is to emphasise the fact that, despite new products and new and updated regulations, like those dealing with high speed electronic communications networks (Approved document ‘R’), the house-building industry has made little progress so far this century. Back then I argued for buildings to be designed via ‘partnerships’ that embraced site constraints, programmed out risk, and ensured good immediate and ongoing communications with present and future stakeholders. I pointed out that to do so required ‘design teams’ who not only knew their legal duties & responsibilities, but who understood how the job would be done. In turn this meant grasping the logistics, getting to grips with handling and ‘Temporary’ works, as well as embracing snagging and maintenance along with the lifetime risks of the building both in construction, in use and decommissioning. Stressing that ‘good design’ is SAFE I also urged participants to accept their responsibility for making others aware of all of these risks. While today it’s pretty easy to specify IT related products for any building, like visual or fingerprint recognition access, remote video surveillance, cell-phone heat and light control, and so on, doing so efficiently remains a major challenge. Indeed, arguably this is more important than these ‘nice to have’ gismos and gadgets themselves. Home buyers and renters alike remain more concerned about the cost and speed efficiency of new home construction, their comfort, running, and maintenance costs. In several respects ‘Designing Out Waste’ was an extension of the earlier attempt to introduce business innovations from outside the construction industry. Techniques and disciplines like ‘Six Sigma’ and ‘Kaizen’ were applied across the whole design and build process to cut out waste in design time, scheduling delays, and prototyping errors, as well as material waste, etc. Once again an important element of this was the acceptance that building design needed to become a collaborative exercise, rather than the God given domain of any one person. As in the motor, aircraft and ship building industries, for example, recognition of the increasingly complex nature of the building enterprise was seen as increasingly important. Designing with partnering in mind emphasises communications, the importance of avoiding delays, and the need to programme out errors. It also recognises the need to really know what stocks & other ‘industry standard’ materials are readily available, how jobs will be done in practice, and the need for a better and fuller understanding of the building and manufacturing tasks involved. Grasping the totality of the logistics involved was seen then, and remains today, of major importance. Getting to grips with transport, ‘Right First Time’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’ processes were and are obvious candidates for expanding the horizons of the design team. Equating the notion of ‘Lifetime Costs’ with the avoidance of delays and the need to programme out errors, along with a sound knowledge of materials, processes and procedures remains vital. Although accepting that good design avoids waste, then and now many ‘professionals’ - used to a more relaxed regime - found and find this an unpopular constraint. Few, it seems are ready even now to accept responsibility for, and bear the cost of, any waste caused by them. As we move further toward ‘factory built’ homes clients and their professional advisors and consultants must understand that, to produce a building in the factory requires all elements to be determined in detail before work commences, rather than muddling through trying to resolve complicated design issues as a project progresses. While this is possible using sloppy ‘wet’ trade building techniques, where adjustments can be made in-situ, complex off-site manufactured elements are much more difficult to alter. Failure to understand this is both prejudicing MMC and costing clients and builders’ small fortunes to correct. Partnering for the whole design, supply and construction chain is a vital process that must be developed to correct this. Consequently, whilst moving with the times to incorporate all that is best and wonderful and time saving and comfortable, and desirable in any building design we undertake, manufacture, or build, I still find myself ‘shouting at the wind’ for fundamental shifts in professional attitudes. However, the ‘winds of change’ are blowing and I do detect small shifts. As construction moves ‘off-site’ into the factory these will greatly improve efficiency, quality, and affordable delivery of all levels of social and private housing.

Michael Benfield 2017

-Ends Prof. Dr. Michael Benfield is a Chartered Environmentalist. He predicts that current pressures for more housing will increase demand for Off-Site Production and MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) leading to new standards of professional capability, project design and the development of new management tools for the housebuilding and construction sector. Listing Chartered Builder, Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Manager amongst his credentials, he is an Affiliate of the RIBA and chairs leading UK timber engineers Benfield ATT. Based in Caldicot, Monmouthshire, they are a ‘full service’ timber Design and Build group using 3D design as a key efficiency tool.

Images: 1) The Timber Engineer 2) Building Prototype in Factory 3) Explaining the on-site assembly process

The “Perfect” Pergola …creates fantastic extra outdoor barbeque and dining area for hostelry Faced with challenge of creating additional valuable commercial space in next to no time and at very low cost, the consultant landscape architect turned to specialist timber engineers Benfield ATT Group to produce a solution. Passed to ‘SOLIDLOX’, their quick build post and beam division, drawings for a robust click and bolt together latticework structure were soon winging their way for both landscape architect and publican client’s approval. Within a few days more all of the components were machined, fabricated, and sent as a ‘flat pack’ for the landscape team to erect themselves. “Wow, what a fantastic kit. So well thought out and easy to erect” was the response. “It does exactly what we wanted. We’ll certainly recommend you”.

  

Building with Solid Timber the Easy Way “kit” home packages to suit every purse Fast, economical, Heritage Styles … with Timber SIP & CLT frames Traditional Timber Frame Garages, Carport, Lodges ++ Architectural, Technical & Engineering Green Oak, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Glulam – you decide Save the World and your wallet Standard & Bespoke designs + rooms in the roof LOW ENRGY HOMES

Green Oak, Douglas Fir, Larch, Glulam Feature trusses in a wide range of styles & sizes Standard Truss Designs to help optimise your budget Bespoke trusses & entrance frames to your designs Structural & Aesthetic enhancements for you project

  

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Landscape & Urban Design Issue 29 2018  
Landscape & Urban Design Issue 29 2018