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Automation platforms deliver productivity benefits in food and beverage production Issue 15 2017

Calibration and cleaning tool for sensor modules PLUS... Faster, cheaper, safer beverage and food production

You guarantee flavour and quality. We guarantee that it stays that way! Safe, fast, cost effective hygiene for food and beverage production based on disinfecting with AQUADRON



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FDPP - 3

Impact caesars opportunity at salad producer Troy Foods Processed vegetable, salad and mayonnaise producer Troy Foods added Cat® Lift Trucks from Impact to their fleet of materials handling equipment. Operating at the third-generation family-run company’s salad and mayonnaise production facility in Hunslet, Leeds, the order included six power pallet trucks – specified with larger PowerFlex batteries for increased uptime – a 2.5 tonne diesel-powered counterbalance truck, and a pair of electric counterbalance lift trucks. Paul Farrant, General Manager at Troy Foods, says: “Impact’s flexibility was the first thing that attracted us to the company – they took the time to really understand our requirements, and supplied a competitive, bespoke materials handling package that was right for our needs. There was no hesitation or time wasted in setting up the contract – we asked, and Impact answered. “The equipment we’re operating has quickly proven itself durable, reliable and more than up to the task. Anything we need from Impact has been dealt with quickly and efficiently, and it seems nothing is too much for the company. Things just get done – which is perfect for us.” The Impact-supplied fleet is used extensively at Troy Foods’ Hunslet site, moving stock and raw materials 4 FDPP -

around the 40,000ft² factory floor and loading fresh produce including dressed salads, coleslaw and potato salad aboard the company’s distribution vehicles. Troy Foods’ customers include major supermarket chains, wholesalers, restaurants and

very well indeed,” adds Farrant. Troy Foods’ new materials handling equipment was supplied on a five-year contract which includes comprehensive repair and maintenance. Impact’s proactive main-

high-street stores.

tenance programme also ensures

During periods of peak seasonal

mes wherever possible to carry out

demand, the fleet operates 24 hours

regular ‘check-ups’ on the assets.

a day, as Britain’s shoppers hit the shelves to bag the freshest foodstuffs. “We’re sure to go back to Impact for more equipment if we need it, as this first contract has worked out

engineers visit outside of peak ti-

ALL YOUR NEEDS CATERED FOR Our fresh, tailored approach to materials handling provides you with all the right ingredients for a healthier business. A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS PRODUCT SELECTION & CUSTOMISATION

Comprehensive range of products = The most efficient truck for your application FLEXIBLE FINANCE

Customised contracts = Cost savings when your business needs change NATIONWIDE SERVICE & SUPPORT

Proactive maintenance = Maximised productivity

So, if you are looking for choice, flexibility and value...

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Performance and flexibility: Bauer delivers for the drinks industry Every manufacturing process needs

modular gear motor designs can help

Conversely, other manufacturers may

to transport products through the

drinks manufactures deliver on ener-

prioritise hygiene performance over all

various stations to create the fini-

gy, hygiene and productivity demands.

else. Fortunately, modern engineering

shed product; the drinks industry is no exception. From packaging to bulk transport, a large percentage of the work is done by conveyors, so the re-

The overall performance of a drive system can be judged on several contributing factors, each of which

design and manufacturing has enabled all of these conditions to be met, without compromise.

may be considered more or less of a

Ideally, the production managers and

priority depending on the application

maintenance managers have the

of the manufacturer.

and production environment. For

same set of requirements for equip-

example, where a manufacturer has

ment on the site, but there can be a

Yasar YĂźce, Product Manager for

a large network of conveyors, energy

conflict when trying to equip different

Bauer Gear Motor, explains how

efficiency is likely to be a key concern.

areas. Using a geared motor operated

liability and effectiveness of the drive systems are crucial to the productivity

Production facilities will often include several different environments: such as chilled areas, hygienic zones and production lines that require regular washdowns

6 FDPP -

Bauer has developed the HiflexDRIVE range of gear motors, a modular system that can deliver excellent energy efficiency.

through a variable speed drive offers a

as chilled areas, hygienic zones and

range of solutions that can be tailored

production lines that require regular

to each application in terms of power

washdowns. Each of these environ-

requirements and output speed.

ments presents its own challenges in

DRIVING INNOVATION Bauer Gear Motor, part of Altra Industrial Motion Corporation, is at the forefront of innovation in the design and manufacture of geared motors. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s modular design and engineering expertise has enabled it to deliver solutions which are tailored to meet the requirements of the drinks industry. By looking at the production site as a whole, experts from Bauer can offer flexible solutions that meet the goals for efficiency, reliability and productivity. Production facilities will often include several different environments: such

terms of the equipment being installed. While there are a range of drive solutions for each of these areas, sourcing components from several different manufacturers will create a more complex situation in terms of

MOTOR PERFORMANCE The HiflexDRIVE range can be specified with electrical drive motors rated from IE0 to IE5. The IE5 range uses the latest in permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) technology. PMSMs offer considerably improved efficiency when compared to induction motors, especially under partial

maintenance and spare parts.

load conditions, and have the added

Bauer has set out to simplify this si-

independent of the load. This means

tuation by developing the HiflexDRIVE

that the motor speed does not vary -

range of gear motors, a modular sys-

despite overload variations or cases

tem that can deliver excellent ener-

of voltage drop - as long as the mains

gy efficiency with up to IE5 motors

frequency is kept constant.

according to IEC TS 60034-30-2. Each model is offered in a standard painted configuration, aseptic or stainless steel versions, which means there is an available solution for almost any environment.

benefit of maintaining constant speed,

The PMSM series is an environmentally friendly range of motors, employing a highly efficient design of rotor that offers several key benefits. It reduces heat losses from the rotor by 100%;

FDPP - 7

total losses by approximately 25%;

thereby allowing for a completely

and increases total efficiency by 10%

smooth outer casing with a non-drive

or more. These savings represent a

end which is sealed. This eliminates

significant advantage for stainless

any dirt traps on the motor casing

steel drives, which dissipate heat less

and prevents re-infection of the local

efficiently than aluminium or cast iron.

environment caused by air movement

For the PMSM user, this improved

from a cooling fan.

performance translates into lower

The design also includes a very high

total cost of ownership, a reduction in

level of ingress protection of IP67 as

CO2 emissions and ongoing savings

standard, and IP69K; which is a special

that buffer against future increases in

designation for washdown applica-

energy costs.

tions involving high pressure, high

GEARED SOLUTIONS Matching the most suitable motor and gearbox combination to an application is key to delivering the most efficient and compact solution. In the standard configuration, the HiflexDRIVE gearbox offers a low weight, high efficiency, 2-stage gear design that offers cost effective and reliable performance. Now available in three sizes with rated

temperature water. In addition, the aseptic drive is painted using an acid and alkali resistant formula, which can withstand chemicals with a pH range of 2 – 12. As a result, this drive system can withstand the cleansing solutions and disinfectants that are commonly used within the drinks industry without affecting its performance. Stainless steel is also available, offering the same levels of ingress

torques from 80 Nm to 300 Nm, the

protection and specially shaped outer

gearboxes can be matched to the

casing to promote hygienic conditions.

most suitable motor to create the

In addition, the stainless steel variant

ideal solution for every application.

offers an increased mechanical resi-

The flexibility in design means that the

lience and making it suitable for areas

final output speeds can be matched

with high traffic levels.

exactly to each process; the combination of gear ratios and variable speed drive settings ensures a large number of applications can be satisfied by a small number of components. CLEAN LIVING In areas where regular washdowns are required to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, both the aseptic and stainless steel variants have several features that enable them to endure in this arduous environment. The motor is designed so that a fan and cooling ribs are not required 8 FDPP -

The combination of the stainless steel casing and the IE5 PMSM motor

Several very important aspects are required to maintain productivity,

make an ideal solution, especially in

including reliability and low operating

areas where ambient temperatures

costs. While sound engineering design

are carefully controlled. The reduced

and high quality manufacturing enable

heat losses of the PMSM reduce the

the first, the flexibility and modular de-

workload for the temperature control

sign of the HiflexDRIVE enable a small

equipment, making further savings

number of components to be used for

for the manufacturer. Furthermore,

a large number of drive systems within

Bauer’s HiflexDRIVE units can opera-

a manufacturing facility.

te in temperatures as low as -40 °C, making them ideal for all production areas, even frozen storage. MINIMISING COSTS

In order to maintain a sufficient level of spare parts to ensure minimal downtime in the event of a breakdown, only a low level of components need to be

The PMSM series is an environmentally friendly range of motors, employing a highly efficient design of rotor that offers several key benefits.

held in stock. This minimises the value

the needs of different environments,

Bauer Gear Motor has production

of the parts inventory while maintai-

including hygienic locations.

facilities in Germany and Slovakia, to-

ning full serviceability for the HiflexDRIVE systems. Bauer can assist with installation assessments and provide comprehensive advice for solutions throughout a manufacturing environment, including the use of the HiflexDRIVE for a number of conveyor applications. By applying this expertise it is possible to implement a


gether with sales offices and assembly facilities around the world.

Bauer Gear Motor has been a provider of solutions within geared motors for

The image(s) distributed with this

more than three quarters of a century.

press release may only be used to ac-

We provide products of the highest

company this copy, and are subject to

quality with focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding. Bauer Gear Motor has a strong foothold especially within food &

modular drive system that minimises

beverage, alternative energies, waste

energy consumption and simplifies the

water, steel industry and material

parts inventory, whilst also meeting


copyright. Please contact DMA Europa if you wish to license the image for further use.

FDPP - 9

IDAC SOLUTIONS The Construction Product Regulation (CPR) for Clear Labelling of Cable Fire Safety Classes For the first time, in accordance with the European Construction Products Regulation, energy, control and communications cables intended for permanent installation in structures must be tested and classified to new EN standards. From 1 July 2017 only cables with classified fire behaviour may be put on the European market. Cables with system circuit integrity are not currently affected by the Regulation. Safety objectives in the event of fire are clearly defined in many European countries: the spread of fire and smoke must be prevented and it must be possible to rescue humans and animals. As a matter of principle, therefore, the use of “easily inflammable” building products is prohibited in all classes of building. Smoke fumes represent the greatest risk in the event of a fire. Most people killed in a fire die from smoke poisoning. The less smoke generated, the higher are the chances of rescue. This is why modern cables feature minimal to low smoke generation. By reducing corrosiveness (acidity) of the flue gases to a minimum, e.g. in halogen-free cables, fire damage and down times after a fire are significantly reduced. Another important aspect is to produce as few flaming droplets as possible, which can reduce fire propagation in horizontal cable systems. The European Construction Products Regulation The new European Construction Products Regulation has been in force since July 2013. Its full name is “Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products and repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC.” For the first time at European level this Regulation stipulates that cables and lines – and this includes data cables – must be classified and marketed as construction products in terms of fire safety. Requirements governing use are to be regulated nationally in the Member States. The fire behaviour of cables Standard cables installed in buildings have at least passed an inflammability test. In the language of the new European construction products classification they display “acceptable fire behaviour”, which would be consistent with Class E(ca). Modern cables, however, are capable of far more. They show significantly lower fire propagation in the bundle fire test. Classified fire behaviour EN 13501-6 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements, Part 6: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests on electric cables” means that for the first time cables can be classified comparably with other building products. The classification table of the new Construction Products Regulation includes seven main classes from A to F. These are assigned on the basis of heat release and flame propagation criteria (see Table 1). A further fire behaviour classification is made for the additional requirements of smoke production (s), flaming droplets or articles (d) and acidity of combustion gases (a) (see Table 2). Future Market Developments The CPR rate required for the UK market could potentially be C(ca); however this has not been confirmed as of yet. This is purely speculation and may not be confirmed by British standards until later this year or even 2018. Until this has been confirmed and manufacturers can get an idea on anticipated production quantities it is not possible to commit to what price increase may be incurred to produce the higher grade cable. The only logical suggestion is that cabling installers include a caveat in their tender responses advising that should a higher grade CPR be required, a small increase may need to be applied to the cable price. Declarations of performance for each product Since July 2016 the requisite standards for the classification of fire behaviour have been officially applicable and the European test laboratories are accredited to test cables and assign the new European classes. In the transition phase to 1 July 2017 both cables with a declaration of performance which certifies the main class and additional classes assigned and cables which meet current fire behaviour requirements can be put on the market. As of the effective date, 1 July 2017, only cables tested and classified in accordance with the new standards can be marketed.

10 FDPP -

New national application standards The selection and use of classified cables should be incorporated in national fire safety regulations and adapted to national safety level. Now, however, consideration is given to a whole building, beyond pure escape routes. The risks are also assessed according to type and use of building. These are essentially as follows: â&#x20AC;˘ Low occupancy and difficult evacuation, e.g. high-rise buildings â&#x20AC;˘ High occupancy and simple evacuation, e.g. theatres, cinemas, department stores â&#x20AC;˘ High occupancy and difficult evacuation, e.g. hotels, hospitals, high-rise buildings with public access As until now requirements relating to the use of cables differed in Member States, it is hardly surprising that so far suggestions for the choice of main and additional classifications have also varied widely. International Standard IEC 60364-4-42 specifies cables which are non-flame propagating for escape routes in buildings with special fire risks as well as for premises or places where irreplaceable goods are endangered (e.g. museums, stations, data centres). This standard further recommends halogen-free cables with minimum smoke production (this means: with improved fire safety properties) for premises or places in which irreplaceable cultural assets are present.

FDPP - 11

Martor safety knives metal detectable for use in high risk environments WRITTEN BY MARTOR

MARTOR is the leading global player

for safety knives, bringing innovative solutions with unmatched quality and reliability. In 1976 it was MARTOR who created the first semi-automatic safety knife and in the subsequent 40 years the company has focussed on making workplace cutting safer and more secure than ever. Based in Solingen, (the centre of German steel making excellence), the range includes more than 100 safety knives and over 200 blades, all designed to make cutting safer. Knives are used throughout logistics,

detectors and X-ray machines. The

sensitive and accurate calibration, we

warehousing and most production li-

knives are made of unpainted metal,

recommend using the MARTOR MDP

nes. Too often overlooked, in fact they

metal detectable plastic and stainless

test cards. This is a set of 5 cards with

are essential to the smooth running of

steel blades. All are certified by the

different sized MDP plastic balls, from

an operation. The standard fixed blade

German TÜV institute.

2.5mm to 8mm in size, which can be

knife is more dangerous than people

passed though detectors to set the

recognise – an unprotected sharp bla-

MARTOR understands the needs of

de projecting, left in tool boxes, slipped

the food business – any contaminants

into pockets, they carry on cutting long

can damage machinery, spoil food

For more information, please search

after the cut is made. They often have

and lead to consumer complaints and

this video on Youtube:

clumsy blade changes, needing tools

reputational damage. MARTOR knives


to open them - an activity of high risk

minimise that risk because stainless

to the operator. MARTOR created its’

steel does not rust, non-painted

For further assistance, or even a

knives to minimise cut injuries, prevent

knives avoid paint debris and the MDP

survey of your operation, we would be

damaged goods and to improve pro-

plastic - if detached from the kni-

pleased to assist.


fe - can be detected in your process

Contact details: |

controls. A final detail: the oil we use

01924 281333 |

To support the food processing in-

in the knives and on the blades is food

dustries, a family of metal detectable


knives has been developed where the knives and their parts can be traced by 12 FDPP -

Recognising that detection requires

level of sensitivity.


Contact us for a free site-wide survey of your knife usage, with this code: “ SURVEYME2017” * *offer limited to first 10 requests | 01924 281333 FDPP - 13

To print or to label. Martek has the options. The range of options for outer case

For marking porous substrates, the

marking has never been better. The

APLINK MRX modular system allows

usual decision between print-and-

up to four 72mm high printheads

apply labelling and high-definition

to be driven from one controller.

inkjet printing has been broadened by

The 10.1â&#x20AC;? touch screen provides an

the addition of UV-curing inkjet case

intuitive interface for printer set up

coders. The APLINK UVX system from

and control and enables interfacing

United Barcode Systems offers a

with ERP and MRP systems to

viable solution for printing onto non-

receive or send data. For simple

porous surfaces such as clay-coated

applications requiring a single 72mm

cartons, shrink-wrap and varnished

printhead, the latest addition to


the APLINK range, the APLINK LCX offers a cost-effective, compact

of technologies and advise of the relative merits of each. The Ventus print-and-apply range includes models for labelling the

APLINK UVX uses up to four 72mm

solution. The self-contained design

high printheads each with integrated

incorporates the printhead, ink

UV LED curing to instantly dry ink

system and touch screen controller in

the corner of cartons. Labels can be

by polymerisation. Text, graphics,

a single compact unit.

applied using tamp, blow, swing-arm

barcodes and 2D codes can be

side, front or back of packs as well as models to apply labels around

or roll on applicators using standard

printed at up to 180 x 720dpi

The choice between direct printing

or customised modules. A choice of

resolution with line speeds up to

and applying labels comes down to a

print engines can be used with up to

60m/min. Polymer-based inks ensure

number of factors including product

600dpi resolution.

printheads do not dry up during

handling, throughput, substrate,

breaks in production and require

costs and ecological considerations.

Martek Industries Ltd Coding &

virtually no ongoing maintenance.

By offering both inkjet and labelling

labelling specialists

systems, Martek can offer a choice

14 FDPP -

FAST . ACCURATE RELIABLE Collamat S-Series label applicators deliver reliable, precise performance at speeds up to 5m per second (300m/min). All models share the same industrial build quality with a full die-cast alloy chassis and precision Swiss engineering. The modular design alloys S-Series labellers to be easily fitted with a range of print modules to allow print-and-apply operation.

Martek Industries Ltd Coding & labelling Systems

Tel: 01543 502202

YEARS SafeContractor

1995 - 2005


Fanuc FANUC is the number one in factory

terial handling and material removal

automation and robots. We have

to a growing number of customers in

the widest range of robots available

packaged goods, food processing, and

for a large variety of applications.

other industries like plastics, electro-

Our international customer base is

nics, machinery and glass, to name a

diverse, as we have provided reliable


solutions for palletising, packing, ma16 FDPP -


pper for robots. Second is the hygienic component:

our local system integrators to bring home these solutions, supporting local industry with the latest tech-

In today’s competitive marketplace,

are industrial robots suitable for use

you need flexibility in your manufac-

in primary processes? And, lastly,

turing processes in order to respond

the environment within the primary

quickly to market dynamics. FANUC

processes is harsh: how are robots

Robotics provides robotic solutions in

withstanding the various cleaning

Europe for the food industry. Euro-

and disinfection processes?

robot manufacturer, we have taken

In addition to the possible presence

with a new way of looking at robot

of salts, alkaline, acids, etc., just the

design. This has resulted in robots

simple fact of hosing down a robot

with smooth surfaces, adapted

with water under pressure will defi-

sealing, white body colour and epoxy

nitely put it out of business. Extreme

paint, plastic covers instead

pean food companies were quick to embrace robot technology when it came to secondary processes like palletising and later packing. In these types of applications industrial robots, similar to those used in the car industry, were used to handle packaged food, replacing traditional machinery. “Investing in flexible automation using robots is the only way to keep our factories in Europe,” says Bob Struijk, vice president of FANUC Robotics Europe. It allowed higher throughput and reliability in the end-of-line processes. The extreme high reliability of the robots allowed companies to save on maintenance costs as well as benefit from the substantial increase in up-time of the installation and lines. ROBOTS FOR FRESH FOOD PRODUCTION Recent years have shown an enormous interest and growth in handling primary food: robots handling the raw / fresh product. The driving question here was: how to cut back on the rising labour costs while maintaining line flexibility? For robots to actually work in the food production and thus be in direct contact with any kind of food implies a compliance with local conditions in the food sector. Food can be characterised as a non-uniform product, not having clear standards, hence a show-sto-

high and/or low temperatures or fluctuations also play their part. At FANUC we work hand in hand with

nology. SIX-AXIS DELTA ROBOT PICKER At FANUC, being the world’s largest these items to heart and came up

of steel, and food-grade grease in the mechanical unit. While the introduction of articulated food robots was warmly welcomed by the industry, it demanded more. Increasing automation levels implies increasing output quantity. While picker robots could achieve multiple picks per movement speed remains an issue. Next to articulated robots there is also the delta robot, also known as spider robots. They have been around for quite some time, finding their way easily into the food industry. While their use has been validated, they do break down regularly due to a lack of stiffness at high speeds and lack in many cases additional degrees of freedom. So for FANUC the most challenging area was certainly the development of a new delta robot, not with four axis but having six degrees of freedom with the appropriate supporting structure. The FANUC M-3iA is a delta robot with full six degrees of freedom. It allows users to pick up food articles, and places it in any chosen way into a tray, blister or other carrier. The results are stunning: for the first time vegetables and fruits (for example) can be packaged in even smaller containers, in the desired direction. And all this is realised at speeds pertaining to delta technology. FANUC Robotics Europe SA 18 FDPP -

Rotork electric valve control contributes to Coca-Cola Enterprises environmental improvements Rotork CVA electric control valve actuation technology is helping Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs at its Wakefield production plant in the UK. An important part of the plan involves saving the on-going cost of providing and maintaining an instrument air supply for traditional pneumatic control valve actuation. This is being implemented by the introduction of the Rotork CVA control valve actuator to perform modulating and failsafe valve duties. A recent example is on the production line where the adoption of Rotork CVA technology for a demanding valve duty has considerably reduced

Above left, a Rotork engineer demonstrates the improved control valve performance illustrated by the Rotork CVA actuator’s datalogger. Top right, These two graphs show the improved positional accuracy of the CVA actuator in comparison with the pneumatic actuator in the production mode. Above right, These two graphs show the improved positional accuracy of the CVA actuator in comparison with the pneumatic actuator in the CIP (Clean in Place) mode.

the cost of energy consumption when compared with traditional pneumatic actuation with no loss of performan-

any leaks in the system.


“Up to now, electrically actuated val-

Andy Reynolds, Automation Engineer

maintain good pressure control in the

at the Wakefield plant, explains:

bottle filling machine. Rotork were

“We wanted to remove the need for compressed air as much as possible in the area and reduce costs. Based on average air usage of 2m3/hr for

ves could not respond fast enough to

confident that their CVA actuator would not only give a similar performance to our existing valve, but would also be cheaper to run.

a 3” control valve at £0.05 per m3,

“To prove this, the performance of the

the running cost would be £870 per

existing pneumatic control valve on

annum. The CVA actuator, using an

the main product feed into the filling

average of 10 Watts at £0.15/kW,

machine was first monitored and

would cost £13 for the same period.

recorded. The CVA actuator was then

This represents a minimum saving of

fitted to the same valve and connec-

£857 per annum per valve, as this fi-

ted to the existing 4-20mA control

gure does not take into consideration

signal from the PLC.

“After running and monitoring the CVA actuator in a 24-7 operation for one month, the results from the two actuators were compared. The graphs clearly show that in production mode the CVA performs equally well, if not better than the pneumatic actuator. However, when in Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning mode, the performance of the CVA is much better than the pneumatic. This is because the CVA actuator does not overshoot the set point like the pneumatic actuator does when the set point is lower and back pressure in the circuit is higher when in CIP mode.” FDPP - 19

Fresh Vegetable Peeling, Hungary

Fevita Hungary is one of the

its products meet strict food safety

that we efficiently process the fresh

country’s largest frozen food

and quality standards.

produce arriving onto our production

producers and a global exporter, with 200 employees processing more

Fevita prides itself on high-

line, such as sweetcorn, peas, beans, carrots, parsnips and potatoes.

than 32,000tn of vegetables every

quality and locally sourced


produce, continuously improving

from analysing and removing defects

its processing and dedication to

to peeling, cleaning and dicing.

Established in 1967, the company has a 22% market share domestically

customer satisfaction.

Processing could mean anything

“Our ambition is to become a global

and has built a network of customers


exporter to hundreds of markets and

across 20 markets including


to do that we knew we needed to

Germany, Israel, and Japan.

Project engineer at Fevita Hungary

Fevita’s high-profile customers

Peter Hegyi says: “We have been

include international supermarket

processing high-quality vegetables

chains Lidl, Aldi, and Tesco, as well

and fruits for 50 years and have

as Hungarian retailers Spar, Co-op, and CBA. The company is expanding into more markets every year, so it is becoming increasingly important that 20 FDPP -

firmly established ourselves as a

increase our capacity. The processing line was running smoothly but had reached its full capacity just as we saw rising demand for carrots and many of our other products.

leading brand.

“To achieve our objectives, we

“It’s very important for our business

with a partner organization that

looked for a long-term investment

could provide us with a modern and

that was developed provided the

training for its technical staff and

reliable sorting solution, which all led

customer with a fully-enclosed unit

access to TOMRA Care which

us to TOMRA Sorting Food.”

with shorter processing time and

provides 24-hour customer service

faster peeling, as well as a single-

and troubleshooting.

DEVELOPING THE CORRECT SOLUTION WITH A TRUSTED PARTNER Fevita’s previous peeling machine processed 8tn of produce an hour.

touch panel to easily control the line. This solution has enabled the processing line to increase capacity to 8tn an hour to 12tn an hour, performing more efficiently and

However, approximately 20% of this

improving the quality of the finished

was being discarded as waste.


Hegyi continues: “We already


owned two of TOMRA’s optical


sorting machines elsewhere in our production line and we hoped the company could provide us with more efficient peeling technology. “We worked closely with the people at TOMRA to design the correct solution for our business, enabling us to produce an improved and

Hegyi concludes: “We have been in contact with TOMRA’s engineers, who help us with best practice, spare parts and problem solving. There has always been a high-quality and reliable service from very helpful staff. “We are absolutely satisfied with the new equipment and the assistance

The trusted solution that Fevita has

from TOMRA’s team. This technology

now installed has brought other

will provide real value for the future

benefits such as reducing water

of our company, allowing us to grow


and compete in a global market on

Hegyi adds: “We are the first


company in Hungary to own the advanced Odyssey steam peeling

more consistent product for our

technology, making us more ‘green’


as a business and helping us stand out from our

a scale that wouldn’t be possible

TOMRA Sorting Food Research Park Haasrode 1622 Romeinse Straat 20 Leuven



safety, quality, and performance

Fevita’s partnership with TOMRA

+32 16 396 396

requirements for their process. The

has also seen the company receive

+32 16 396 390

Odyssey steam peeling solution

high-quality customer care, including

The team from TOMRA partnered with Fevita to understand the


FDPP - 21

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS GALAXY 300

The Galaxy 300 3 Phase UPS

backup, internal mechanical bypass

10kVA to 80kVA

provides trusted and reliable power

and parallel capability allows for

supply protection for small data

higher levels of availability. Remote

centers, commercial buildings and

and local monitoring/management

technical facilities. The on-line double

capability is achieved through a

conversion topology supplies true

simple Web/SNMP interface and

isolation between input and output

a user friendly display available

with a zero transfer time. Up to

in 14 languages. Both three to

30 minutes of

three (3:3) and three to single (3:1)


phase configurations are available


for convenient power distribution. Serviceability is greatly enhanced by front panel access for ease of maintenance in confined spaces. All these features along with the included Start-Up and On-Site warranty service make the Galaxy 300 the easiest UPS in its class to install, manage and maintain.

22 FDPP -

SYMMETRA PX 10kVA to 500kVA The Symmetra PX is a world class, redundant, scalable, 3 Phase UPS power protection system designed

as higher levels of availability are

to cost effectively provide high

required. Symmetra PX serves as

levels of availability. Seamlessly

the core power train that drives

integrating into today’s state-of-

InfraStruXure® systems for small

the-art data center designs, the

and medium data centers but can

Symmetra PX is a true modular

also power individual “zones” of

Galaxy VM

system. Made up of dedicated

larger data centers. Highly mana-

and redundant modules--power,

geable, the Symmetra PX features

60kVA to 225kVA(480V)160

intelligence, battery and bypass,

self-diagnostic capabilities and


all engineered into a design that is

standardized modules which

easily and efficiently serviceable,

mitigate the risk of human error

this architecture can scale power

resulting in increased overall data

and runtime as demand grows or

center reliability.

Galaxy VM is a key component in the comprehensive Schneider Electric energy management solution for data center and industrial applications. Galaxy VM deploys state of the art technology to lower energy cost through very high efficiency ratings and the newly innovative ECOnversion mode. Galaxy VM seamlessly links to your electrical network using state of the art electrical performances like very wide input voltage range, high overload and short circuit capacity, and integrated back feed protection, providing excellent power quality. The

Symmetra MW Scalable from 400 kW to 1600 kW Parallel-capable up to 6.4 MW

highly compact Galaxy VM also links in

Ultra energy efficient, modular,

with your facility monitoring systems

scalable, three-phase power

and smart grid requirements and

protection with industry-leading

offers both traditional and modular

performance for large data centers

energy storage flexibility that allows

and mission-critical environments

tailoring of the solution to specific



for an additional side cabinet, full installation, and included start up


Modular design provides inherent redundancy

Up to 97% efficient in 2N


Universal battery support

configurations with Efficiency


Unity input power factor

Now with Integrated Parallel up to

service, making it one of the easiest

Scalable power protection — pay as you grow


Booster Mode

front service access, back to the wall

Parallel capable for capacity or redundancy


protection mode

needs. Galaxy VM features top and bottom cable entry without the need

Ultra-high efficiency (97%) in full

design g

corrected g

1 MW

UPSs in its class to deploy, install and


Low total cost of ownership



Fault-tolerant, robust platform

Robust design protects a broad range of load types


Network manageable

FDPP - 23

U-Power Launches Eight New Styles of RedLion Safety Shoes for the Food, Catering and Pharmaceutical Industries U-Power has introduced eight totally

The RedLion dramatically reduces

requirements when tested on

metal-free styles in its best-selling

stress, pressure, fatigue, backache

both wet ceramic tiles and steel

RedLion range of safety footwear.

and other musculoskeletal disorders

with glycerol. With a coefficient of

and increases comfort and

friction (CoF) of 0.82, the shoes have

Aimed at increasing wellbeing for

performance thanks to this ground-

surpassed the industry standard

workers in the food processing,

breaking insert.

by almost a factor of three. All are

catering, pharmaceutical, front-of-

available in unisex sizes 2-12 (35-

house and butchery industries, the

All shoes in the sporty new catering

shoes feature Redlion’s trademark

range are wipe-clean and water

revolutionary new mid-sole with

resistant, very important qualities in

Named June, Blink, Linkin, Glace,

Infinergy®, one of the most exciting

the food and catering sectors, where

Blanco, Noir, Zelda and Moon, all

developments ever to take place in

water, oil, grease or food are often

models of the shoes are extremely

the safety footwear industry.

present on the floor. Six of the styles

lightweight, very flexible, and

are white, with two available in black,

fantastically comfortable, thanks to

Infinergy®’s patented technology

suitable for airport and security use

the return of energy created by the

returns over 55% of positive energy

thanks to them being totally metal-


to the wearer by making the insert


spring back into its original shape


Stuart Thorne, U-Power’s Managing

immediately after impact, so helping

All styles boast self-cleaning cleats,

Director, said: “These new styles in

to maintain the wearer’s energy for

giving excellent slip-resistance and

our RedLion collection are valuable

longer periods than a conventional

protection from slips, trips and falls,

additions to our most successful


and are classed SRC, meaning they

range of safety shoes ever. The

have more than met the specified

RedLion simply can’t be beaten in any industry or situation.” More information is available from:, by emailing info., or calling +44 (0)1543 417 241.

24 FDPP -

U-Power Debuts New Range of Ladies’ RedLion Safety Shoes Building on the unprecedented

the wearer’s energy for longer

thanks in part to its mid-sole using

success of its breakthrough RedLion

periods than a conventional shoe.

Infinergy®. More than 40 unique

safety footwear range, U-Power

The RedLion dramatically reduces

styles are now available, and more

is proud to launch four brand new

stress, pressure, fatigue, backache

are in development in response to

styles specifically designed to fit the

and other musculoskeletal disorders


shape and contours of a woman’s

thanks to this amazing insert.

“The RedLion ladies’ range could


be the largest selling ladies’ range Produced in a range of desirable

ever in the world of safety shoes. It

The shoes are made on special lasts

colours, all four ‘RedLioness’ styles

gives unprecedented comfort, styling

that perfectly match the form of

– the Verok, Cherry, Lolly and Candy

and performance, and is the perfect

the female foot – which differs in

– are made exclusively for women,

fit and shape for ladies. All styles

many ways from the male foot –

and feature U-Power’s Airtoe

boast one of the best anti-slip soles

so ensuring perfect fit and all-day

aluminium toe cap, pierce-, oil-and

ever produced, giving exceptional

comfort for ladies, and increasing

slip-resistant soles and a breathable

grip. They also have a defined

their health and wellbeing.

foodtbed. Available in sizes 2 to 8

heel, so they can be safely used on

(35 to 42), Verok, Cherry and Lolly


The attractive and sporty shoes

are rated S1P, while the leather

feature revolutionary new mid-soles

Candy is rated S3 owing to its water

“RedLion is going from strength to

with Infinergy®, one of the most


strength with new models coming

exciting developments in the safety

out all the time. Keep an eye out for

footwear industry. Infinergy®’s,

Stuart Thorne, U-Power’s Managing


patented technology returns over

Director, said: “The RedLion range

55% of positive energy to the wearer

is showing sensational growth –

More information is available from:

by making the insert spring back

over 200,000 pairs have been sold, by emailing info.

into its original shape immediately

since its launch earlier this year, far, or calling +44

after impact, so helping to maintain

exceeding U-Power’s expectations,

(0)1543 417 241.

FDPP - 25

Automation platforms deliver productivity benefits in food and beverage production There are clear benefits for food &

the automation platform is a system

beverage manufacturers in rationali-

where the benefits go far beyond the

sing their automation vendors. Using

footprint of the machine, process or

a single source of supply for automa-

production line, to provide the driver

tion components can play a big role

for plant-wide improvements in ope-

in improving flexibility and reducing

rational efficiency and agility.

downtime but as Jeremy Shinton

An automation platform can be

of Mitsubishi Electric explains, an

pro-active, predict its own health and

automation system can be much more

performance and inform operators

than just the sum of its parts.

about how to make improvements

With supermarkets driving demand

in efficiency, helping to coordinate

for more diverse products at lower

manufacturing, processing and logis-

prices, combined with increasingly

tics. This can be a major step towards being a smart factory.

stringent legislation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not only within the production environment but

Using the cloud it can also extend data

throughout the entire supply chain â&#x20AC;&#x201C; food and drink manufacturers are

that can be derived from sourcing re-

facing increasing pressures on their

quired automation components from

business. The companies that typically

a single vendor. The result is that the

grow and succeed are the ones who

likes of PLCs, inverters, servo com-

are quick to adapt and flexible enough

ponents, networking cards, HMIs, I/O

to change.

modules and even smaller robots are

Increasingly, investment in automation is being recognised as a key

more frequently purchased as a total solution.

storage and processing to the virtual world, recording essential production trend information and delivering moment-by-moment condition monitoring and asset optimisation updates. It enables food and drink manufacturers to take a holistic view of their operations, driving huge gains in productivity and all the while significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

to advancing operational reliability

Using a single source of supply is

and product consistency, as well as

only part of the story, because even

improving efficiency and boosting pro-

a system of closely matched compo-

fitability. In addition, when it comes

nents can only take you so far. The

With the PLC at its heart, the true au-

to ease of integration, elimination of

real benefits come once you look at

tomation platform minimises TCO at

compatibility issues, consistency of

the possibilities not simply of mat-

all phases of the automation lifecycle

programming and improved familiarity

ched components but of a complete

by improving development times, en-

in operation, are all added benefits

automation platform. The concept of

hancing productivity, reducing waste

26 FDPP -


and maintenance costs and making information more easily accessible throughout the plant. Manufacturers should look for an automation platform where PLCs and dedicated CPUs are consolidated on a single backplane with a single high-speed system bus. These various CPUs will be responsible for different aspects of automation control â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including robot control, motion control, process control, etc. Other benefits of a consolidated single platform are the reduction of interconnecting networks and large data bandwidth capability. The platform should also extend to the operator interface, typically an HMI, or a mobile device, improving productivity through multiple advanced functions, while acting as a seamless interface to other controllers within the production line. At the same time, the platform can provide an interface to higher level systems, delivering IT information to and from the plant floor. This offers further

tools for system design, programming, With around 124.000 employees debugging and maintenance, ensuring the company recorded consolidated consistency of the complete lifecycle

group sales of 39.3 billion US Dollar*

of the system.

in the fiscal year ended March 31,

We can see, then, that while choosing control components from a single

2014. Our sales offices, research & development centres and manufacturing plants are located in over 30

supplier provides very real benefits,


going a step further and adopting an

Electric Europe, Industrial Auto-

automation platform can deliver so

mation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; UK Branch is located in

much more. It gives food and drink

Hatfield, United Kingdom. It is a part

manufacturers the tools they need to

of the European Factory Automation


take a holistic view of their operations Business Group based in Ratingen, and push the efficiency, productivity, Germany which in turn is part of speed of development and reliability

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., a

of their production processes to new

wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubi-


shi Electric Corporation, Japan.

with the enterprise.


The role of Industrial Automation â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

All of this can be achieved with

With over 90 years of experience

opportunities to optimise processes, as well as offering improvements in traceability through direct connection

significantly reduced system configuration costs, as communications can be established without having to

in providing reliable, high-quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the

UK Branch is to manage sales, service and support across its network of local branches and distributors throughout United Kingdom.

world, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Further Information:


is a recognized world leader in the


The advantages of an automation

electrical and electronic equipment

platform go beyond just optimisation

used in information processing and

of control processes. A further key

communications, space development

benefit of a true automation platform

and satellite communications, consu-

is an integrated engineering environ-

mer electronics, industrial technology,

ment, delivering further reductions

as well as in products for the energy

in total cost of ownership. This single

sector, water and waste water, trans-

engineering environment provides

portation and building equipment.

worry about network hierarchies and

manufacture, marketing and sales of

FDPP - 27

IBC jackets & covers

Stainless steel tanks

Ex-area IBCs

Spill pallets

IBC specialist with more than 30 years experience We have all types of IBCs and any spare part you might need for your IBC For further information call us on 0161 231 2875 or go to Hugo Lift available from ÂŁ35 pw

(Including maintenance) t0òFSCBTFEPOZFBSMFBTF finance agreement available GPSMJNJUFEDPNQBOJFTPOMZ

We provide a comprehensive range of equipment, services and advice on working at height and manual handling.

SERVICES: â&#x20AC;˘ Equipment: buy, lease, rent, contract hire, ii used equipment â&#x20AC;˘ Service â&#x20AC;˘ Maintenance (inc LOLER) â&#x20AC;˘ Emergency Repair â&#x20AC;˘ Training: IPAF, PASMA â&#x20AC;˘ Consultancy â&#x20AC;˘ Site Surveys â&#x20AC;˘ Bespoke packages and solutions â&#x20AC;˘ Dedicated account manager

28 FDPP -

â&#x20AC;&#x153;HLS have always looked after us. The machines have been very useful and made our tasks quicker. The customer service from the team at HLS has been great, dealing with servicing, break downs and providing training.â&#x20AC;?

Engineering Manager, Food Manufacturing

We are here to help you reach, pick, repair, clean, handle, maintain, display and construct at height... ...faster, safer and more efďŹ ciently.

Faster, cheaper, safer beverage and food production Replacing traditional biocides with a cheaper, safer, environmentally friendly alternative. UK firm Aquadron offer clients a cost-effective, non-hazardous biocide that replaces traditional expensive, hazardous, high-environmental impact chemicals. Aquadron are unique, in that they work with their clients to allow beverage and food producers to benefit from safer chemicals, lower chemical costs, accelerated CIP cycles and continuous operating disinfection on their process lines.

neutral agent, it is not even aggressi-

in cooling and heating circuits, inclu-

ve to metal surfaces or sealants, even

ding in storage tanks in process water


at higher concentrations.

systems. In addition to this, low-po-

The INNOWATECH Anolyte® that the Aquadron system produces is a wide-spectrum biocide, it is used for many different applications in the processing and handling of food and beverage products. It serves as a

USE OF ANOLYTE FOR DRINKING WATER TREATMENT One of the main applications of Anolyte is for pathogen reduction in the drinking water supply of buildings.

substitute for the disinfectants and

It can be used in both the hot and cold

disinfection processes commonly

water systems.

used and establishes a near germ free

llution process water can be reclaimed, disinfected and reused. Jim Gott Director of Aquadron says “our experience shows us that CIP disinfection costs can be reduced by 95% and that CIP cycle time can be reduced by 20-30%, this can have an enormous

hygienic status without interrupting

Feeding Anolyte into the building’s

impact on production volumes and the

production runs, a major advantage

water supply downstream of the

bottom line. In addition production line

that cannot be achieved with traditio-

water meter eliminates coliforms,

hygiene will be improved and health and

nal disinfection technologies.

pseudomonas, legionella and other

safety risks will be reduced – we are

pathogens. Existing biofilms are quic-

very excited about the benefits that our

The well controlled and carefully

kly decomposed and any new formation is arrested.

clients enjoy and the positive effect that

targeted use of Anolyte makes it possible to optimise microbiological safety during the entire production

The production technique is based

cycle without the need of intermedia-

on the principle of membrane cell

te production stops for cleaning and

electrolysis. The purity of Anolyte,


is in compliance with the BS EN 901 standard, meaning that it can be used

With the help of Anolyte all unwel-

directly in drinking water, and is certi-

come contaminants such as yeasts,

fied by an independent laboratory.

mould, bacteria, fungi and their


spores can be eliminated within short


exposure times. Since Anolyte is a pH

Anolyte can be used for disinfection

it has on their businesses”. The Aquadron is a retro-fit disinfection system that is used on 50+ bottling and food production lines in the UK and Europe. A variant of the system is also used for Legionella control at hundreds of sites.

FDPP - 29

How to combine boiler & dryer pollution control & energy recovery with Osprey/FTL’s turboscrubber ® fluid bed technology Traditional packed towers and tray

TURBOSCRUBBER®s use ovoidal

shearing which massively augments

columns are limited by their available

or ellipsoidal shaped TURBOID® or

mass & heat transfer & facilitates

surface area for mass transfer and

TURBOPAK® packings which fluidised

sub micron particulate removal to re-

suffer blockage from solids or dust

by the ascending gas & descending

duce column size and simultaneously

particles leading to increases in ∆P

liquid streams produce highly turbu-

conduct multiple unit operations in a

and diminished efficiency.

lent gas-liquid-solid mixing & liquid

single step.

30 FDPP -








UK food manufacturing facing uncertain future over worker availability as Brexit looms FOOD manufacturing in the UK must

This unfolding labour problem,

– one that provides good quality

react to safeguard its existence

coupled with a food manufacturing

jobs and long-term careers for the

against a growing crisis in securing

skills shortage and the fact the

majority of its workers or one that

a workforce for the future, warns a

sector is often viewed as an

is subject to the vagaries of world

stark new report.

unattractive career option for many

markets which are often dependent

young people, should force the food

on low-skill, low paid work.”

The sector is being squeezed by the twin challenges of a potential labour shortage if the supply of EU migrants dries up after Brexit, and the need to recruit up to 140,000 new workers by 2024. That is the striking reality evidenced in a briefing paper, entitled ‘Earning a Crust: A review of labour trends in UK food manufacturing’, co-produced by Manchester Metropolitan University for the Food Research Collaboration, an initiative of the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London. With nearly a third of the UK food manufacturing workforce – some 117,000 employees - made up of EU migrants, food manufacturing has become hugely dependent on these

industry to re-think its approach to recruitment, food manufacturing careers and, ultimately, how food is produced.

To produce the report, Dr Morley and co-author Dr Michael Heasman, food industry expert and editor of The Food Sustainability Report,

Dr Adrian Morley, a Research

uniquely compiled and analysed an

Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan

extensive list of existing workforce

University and co-author of the

and economic data concerning food

research, said: “Both the industry

manufacturing - still the largest

and government has to react to

manufacturing sector in the UK.

these challenges. They will need to find a fresh supply of labour if there are restrictions on EU migrants or invest in greater automation otherwise the UK could see food costs rise and become even more reliant on imported food. ” “While these are significant challenges, we should also see them as opportunities.

They found particular challenges facing businesses related to skills shortages, pay, job security, career progression, working conditions, and the introduction and application of technologies. The authors said that government and industry should consider the impact of dominant supermarket chains and their relationship with

workers, who are often clustered in

“We need to decide as a society

manufacturers; the entrenched

low-pay or unskilled roles.

what type of food system we want

use of low-skill, low paid workers

32 FDPP -

on casual, temporary or seasonal

worker exploitation and abuse which

government, trade unions and

contracts; and the lack of

has fallen mainly on EU-migrant

educators to develop an integrated

information with which to inform

workers – it should be a priority

workforce strategy for the future.”

policy and debate.

to make sure such practices are eliminated from food supply.

The co-authors recommend a new

manufacturing is a hugely important

“It is a time for a re-think of food

take into account local and regional

economic sector, yet is struggles

manufacturing labour markets.

employment needs and encompass

Dr Heasman said: “Food

under downward costs pressures from supermarkets and a need to develop higher level skills to ensure

“While many individual food companies provide good

its future success.

workplaces, the potential labour

“The industry has also been shown

calls for a collaborative approach

to have a dark side with examples of

and leadership from business,

crunch in food manufacturing

collaborative approach that should

the needs of smaller and mediumsized companies that comprise the majority of food businesses – with developing workers with the skills to innovate for a more sustainable and healthier food supply top of the list.

FDPP - 33

Star Instruments WRITTEN BY Star Intruments

Star Instruments is a family run business with over 50 years of experience in precision engineering and has developed an established reputation for manufacturing first class, quality instrumentation at their UK factory. Their fundamental objective is to produce and maintain the element of quality to ensure the satisfaction of all customers. The UK based instrumentation company supplies a range of instrumentation from pressure and temperature gauges, flow/ level instrumentation to calibrators and associated accessories. The specialist team work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) at the early stages of development, designing instrumentation best suited to the customers unique requirements, the products are then handcrafted by a highly skilled production team. The company has now compiled an extensive catalogue of over 3000 products designed to European Standard, all with a one year warranty at no extra cost. environmental management. In addition, the technical sales team covers all of the UK & Ireland, offe-


ring site visits and technical support.

Telephone: 01480211928 Visit:

Star instruments also supply world-

Twitter: @StarInstruments

wide to over 4000 customers and

Facebook: Star Instruments Ltd

have gained certification to the internationally recognized standard for 34 FDPP -






A systematic approach to lubrication for the food and beverage industries Automated centralised lubrication systems offer many advantages over manual approaches to this essential maintenance task, as Matt Preston, Lubrication Systems Application Engineer from SKF explains. Manual lubrication in the food and beverage industries raises a number of issues. It is a labour-intensive and time-consuming activity at the best of times; imprecise manual metering may lead to over- or under-lubrication and their consequences - leakage past seals and premature wear being prominent among these. Moreover, such processing environments are subject to strict controls concerning access for personnel during production; they are also complex and not all lubrication points will be easy to access, leaving often vital parts of machines poorly lubricated or not lubricated at all for extended periods. The alternative is to automate the

be aligned with an existing mainte-

two-circuit system at the brewery, to

nance schedule or based on statistical

implement a zoned system on the new

machine data (such as the number of

filling lines. The system comprises a

revolutions or other machine ‘events’).

number of decentralised, electrically

Such automated centralised lubrica-

driven lubricators (Lincoln EDL1 units),

tion systems can be installed at the

supplied by large drum pumps that

time of machine installation or retrofi-

feed grease from a central reservoir

tted to existing machines.

into the main distribution lines. The EDL1 units boost the lubricant pressu-

A good example of automated centra-

re locally to around 280bar, ensuring

lised lubrication – and one that is par-

that all points served by a particular

ticularly illustrative of its advantages -

EDL1 are adequately supplied with

can be found at Erdinger’s wheat beer


brewery in Germany. It was during a plant modernisation project – initiated

A control unit built into the EDL1

lubrication process such that the lubri-

by management to meet growing de-

triggers a lubricating cycle depending

cant, contained within an easily acces-

mand for the company’s beers - when

on one of three user settings: on/

sible and refillable central reservoir, is

Erdinger decided to automate the

off, timed or pulsed. In pulse mode, a

pumped in precisely metered quanti-

lubrication of machinery and conveyor

sensor detects passing conveyor chain

ties via a system of pipes directly to

systems serving new filling lines.

links and the EDL1 initiates a lubrica-

those all-important lubrication points.

Erdinger and its machinery supplier

ting cycle when a preset number of

The quantities and timing of these

appointed SKF, which had previously

links has been counted.

automated lubricant deliveries may

been a partner in the installation of a

36 FDPP -

Applying grease to various machine

control up to six EDL1 zones, expan-

parts and conveyor belt rolling bea-

dable to nine using an add-on module.

rings, this system delivers lubricant to

The user-programmable unit can count

3,000 points across 90 zones in two

events after which a lubricating cycle

halls, all supplied by just three drum

is executed, or the user can configure a

pumps feeding the main distribution

time-based cycle, with interim lubri-

lines. The degree of control provided by

cations being entered either locally or

SKFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s system enables fast and flexible


adjustment of lubricant timings and quantities, as well as a useful indicator

Whatever the size or design of machine

of fault conditions. Erdinger has enjoyed

or plant, SKF has the products and re-

higher system availability as a result,

sources to help extend bearing life and

as well as a reduction in its lubricant

maximise machine uptime while mini-


mising manpower hours, maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Of course, not all automated lubricating systems are as large and complex as

Erdingerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, and SKF has solutions scaled to meet the needs of much smaller operations. The SKF LMC 301 modular controller, for example, can monitor and FDPP - 37

Advanced Gas Detection Made Simple Here at IGD we have launched the new TOC-625 MICRO, a multi-channel gas detection system, that can be configured with up to 6 detectors and 2 relay options. With 1 click automatic setup, deploying a gas detection system has never been easier. The system is designed with advanced automatic set-up features. Once installed, all that is required to set-up the system is one click of a button. Addressable gas detection systems allow you to quickly deploy an effective safety solution. The controller features auto-setup functions which enables auto-configuration of the gas detection system alarm levels, gas types and ranges The systems allow for the use of precalibrated detectors. Only a single cable is required to interconnect the controller, detectors and relay modules.

Addressable gas detection systems of this type typically save up to 70% on installation costs. Furthermore the 625 MICRO can be easily integrated into any fire system or BMS system allowing for a fast, flexible and complete safety system. There is also a pre-wired version of the system using plug and socketed cables (TOC-625-MCP).

625 MICRO is ideal for a wide variety of applications that require a small gas detection system, these can include: •

Boiler plant rooms


Micro breweries

Pub Cellars

Small laboratories

Commercial Kitchens

Schools: including: craft rooms, laboratory rooms, boiler rooms and class rooms for CO2 monitoring.

Underground carparks

This version allows for installation by people with no gas detection experience. Cables are available in 1m, 3m and 10m lengths which can be interconnected to make specific length cable runs. Introductory Video link:

So stainless steel doesn’t rust? Tell that to our maintenance team Although stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance (a minimum 10.4% Cr in the steel makes all the difference) it is a myth that stainless steel does not rust. It can be attacked by any number of contaminants. Tools or iron components left on a bench, aggressive cleaning acids can all cause corrosion to start. 100% bio-degradable and food safe, Inoxiclean Restore is the simple solution for renovating and restoring industrial kitchens and food processing

surface, leave Inoxiclean Restore to do it’s job, then wash away the rust. Inoxiclean Restore is available in a handy introductory kit, in a 500ml spray bottles or in larger 5 litre containers. The choice is yours.

equipment. Use Restore to remove

And as a thank you for trying

T-staining and rust from stainless steel

Inoxiclean Restore we are offering

surfaces without changing the surface

readers of FDPP magazine a special

finish. Simply spray on, agitate the

introductory 15% discount. Simply add

38 FDPP -

the words FDPP2017 in the basket.

Altra Industrial Motion provides power transmission solutions for the food and beverage industry

Tightened federal regulations regar-

vative designs to meet the more

ding food safety and hygiene in food

stringent demands. Blending trusted

processing and beverage industries

700 Series worm gearing with an

has forced producers to continue

innovative exterior design, the

to adapt their equipment to meet

stainless steel 700 series has been

those changing requirements. The

optimized to withstand the harshest

areas in production facilities where

washdown conditions.

drive systems are located are often the areas that have the most stringent requirements for hygiene and sanitation, due to their proximity to

which also succeeds in meeting the newer federal regulations, is designed to meet the special demands of

Whatever challenges the integrity

ments and meets the IE4 efficiency

of your drive system, Altra has a so-

requirement. These motors have

lution for you. The family of gearing

smooth surfaces and no cooling fins,

& motor products manufactured by

corners or holes where bacteria can

Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor

collect. This makes cleaning easy

include varying degrees of protec-

and allows liquid residues to drain

tion against the harsh elements

off completely.

of microbial contamination and bacterial growth in hygiene sensitive

Bauer Gear Motorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AsepticDrive,

the food product.

increasingly used in the prevention


food processing washdown environ-

As the leading Innovators in Gearing & Gear Motor Technology, Boston

space saving integral geared motor solutions. The varying drive system products offered are designed not only for harsh-duty washdown typically located at or above the food product, but also for applications where hygiene and clean-ability are of upmost importance. Learn more about what Boston Gear and Bauer Gear Motor has to offer by visiting www.AltraFoo-


Gear and Bauer Gear Motor provi-

The Boston Gear 700 Series Worm

helical gear drives together with

Gear Speed Reducer has been a

helical, bevel and parallel shaft

Gearing & Motor Solutions for the

foundation in food and beverage

gear motors. Boston Gear products

Food and Beverage Industry

applications for decades. As a leader

enable flexible motor assembly

in worm gear technology, Boston

independent of the manufacturer,

Washdown Gear Drives & Gear

Gear continues to improve product

while the gear motor solutions from

Motors for the Food & Beverage

performance by developing inno-

Bauer Gear Motor provide compact


de a full complement of worm and or view the following supporting Literature:

FDPP - 39

A&M Packaging announces JV partnership with WIPF A&M Packaging has announced it has

product shelf life

formed a joint venture (JV) company with WIPF.



A&M’s managing director Mark Reitberger believes a global offer through partnerships with key businesses will offer his clients all the benefits of what is out there without the exhaustive complications of overseas

Guarantees optimised product


Is ideal for many types of products,

including coffee, fresh products, dough-containing yeast, microwavable steam packaging, pasteurisation without counter pressure, and granular



The first innovation offered by the

The WICOVALVE offers a three year

partnership is the one way pressure-relief valve, which:

warranty with the lowest defect rate in the market <0.01% compared to its competitors’ one year guarantee

Regulates the overpressure and

for unfilled packaging. This ensures

prevents the build-up of further pres-

confidence in A&M’s products’ per-

sure internally in the pack increasing



40 FDPP -

Due to its superior quality, it offers improved line efficiencies during filling, and a low constant opening pressure to keep residual O2 at a minimum. Speak with A&M Packaging’s friendly team for further information using the enquiry form or contact details below. The team is happy to assist with any queries and work with you on your packaging needs. Telephone: +61 3 9558 2633 Email:

Innovators of natural flavour launch sugar alternative Expert natural flavour creators, Omega Ingredients Limited launch their modern replacement for sugar, signalling a new frontier for natural sweeteners across the globe. ΩMegaSweet® is a 100% natural offering created by biochemist Steve Pearce, an expert with years of experience in this field. This unique calorie-free natural flavour system allows for unprecedented genuine ‘mouth-feel’ and the indulgent taste of sucrose with zero after-taste, a result that is impossible to achieve through the use of traditional sugar alternatives.

ges faced by the beverage industry ahead of the sugar tax.” commented

“Since the announcement of the su-

co-founder Steve Pearce.

gar tax, scheduled to come into play

Omega Ingredients


in March 2018, global brands have

One of the biggest appeals to ma-

begun to search for ways of reducing

nufacturers is that ΩMegaSweet®

the sugar content across their ranges.

offers the opportunity for clean labe-

When you replace natural sugars with

lling on the ingredients declaration

artificial sweeteners, you don’t just

as “Natural Flavouring” rather than

lose the sweetness, you also sacrifice

an artificial sweetener. As well as de-

Award Winning Creators of Specialist

‘mouth-feel’, which often creates a

livering on mouth-feel it can also be

Natural Flavours, Natural Fragrances &

bitter or even astringent after-taste.

used to boost the flavour profile of

All of these facts combined can lead

the finished product and tailored to

to a drastically different product,

carry notes such as citrus, cola or any

which may be alien to consumers.

botanical blend the client requires.

That’s why we have designed ΩMegaSweet® - to combat the challen-


Natural Ingredients for Manufacturers of Food, Flavour, Fragrance, Beverage & Cosmetics Products Worldwide.

FDPP - 41

Calibration and cleaning tool for sensor modules Drinking water as a food product must be precisely monitored in terms of area supply but also in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. Thanks to the proven Online Analysis System Type 8905 from Bürkert, it is possible to measure all


simultaneously in fixed cycles, a mobile variant is now available - the battery-operated handheld cleaning and calibration tool MZ15. It enables

relevant parameters.

simple manual cleaning and/or

The modular system offers space for

in the field without having to go to

up to six sensor cubes for, among others, ORP (oxidation reduction potential or redox potential), pH value, chlorine, turbidity and conductivity measurements. Depending on the water quality, these sensors need to be cleaned at regular intervals in order to remove limescale, iron or organic deposits and, if necessary, recalibrated. In addition to the present, permanently installed automatic cleaning system MZ20, which cleans all sensors

42 FDPP -

calibration of individual sensor cubes the trouble of handling reagents. The user can now respond quickly and in a

the tanks with cleaning liquid and, if needed, calibration solution are integrated in the handheld tool. The system has been optimised to guarantee low chemical consumption. The required liquids for cleaning or calibration are simply filled into the tanks. The hot swap-capable sensor cubes are then removed individually from the analysis system during operation, inserted into the cleaning

needs-oriented manner to sensor drift

tool, subsequently cleaned and, if

and contamination and set flexible

needed, calibrated by the system and

cleaning or calibration intervals, e.g.

finally re-inserted into the Online

to meet company and user-specific

Analysis System. Via the standard

quality standards.

interface of the Bürkert device

The lightweight handheld tool is available as a basic version for cleaning and as an extended version that enables both cleaning and recalibration. To ensure easy handling,

platform EDIP, based on CANopen, the MZ15 can be connected to a 7” touch screen or a PC with the Bürkert Communicator software. This enables quick and simple calibration and facilitates documentation tasks.

Fowler Welch

“At Fowler Welch, we pride ourselves

chains. As a leading specialist in the

of our customers to deliver solutions

on offering a tailored service that takes

food supply chain for ambient and

that have saved both energy and

a ‘transformational’ approach to a

temperature controlled products, we

food miles, including a unique trailer

customer’s needs. This means getting

pride ourselves on using our experience

developed for one customer. The trailer

to know their business and working

and knowledge to provide innovative

was only able to be loaded in one

alongside them as one unified team

and effective solutions to our custo-

direction due to the automated floor

to find a solution that delivers tangible

mers. Core to these services are our

loading mechanism. A drop down floor

results to the customer’s operation.

shared user sites which enable the

has been designed by Fowler Welch

Combining this tailored approach with

co-location of added value services

enabling the trailers to be loaded in

our consolidation service allows us to

such as warehousing, packing and

two directions reducing empty running

provide scale when a customer lacks

contract packing with our consolidation

by 252,000 miles, showing a reduction

critical mass on their own.

transport services.

in carbon emissions by 333 tonnes per year.

“For years we have offered an industry

“One of the key things that our custo-

leading consolidation service, collecting

mers need to be aware of for the future

“The ethos carried across the Fowler

and cross-docking multiple customers’

is energy efficiency, which is already

Welch business is ‘Listening, Respon-

volume to give the collective critical

high on the agenda. As the pressu-

ding, Delivering’, which allows us to

mass for cost effective, high service

res across all industries to be seen

continually offer innovative solutions

distribution to the grocery retail sector.

as being environmentally aware are

that deliver tangible results and increa-

increasing, we’ve left no stone untur-

sed efficiency for our valued customers

“In recent years, as the retail market

ned in our efforts to reduce our carbon

time and again.”

has seen a seismic shift, we have com-

footprint. Adopting greener policies and

bined a range of added value services

innovative equipment has seen 14%

to our consolidation service to increase

carbon reduction in the past five years.

efficiency across our customers’ supply

“We have worked alongside a number FDPP - 43

Double the life span of your variable speed drives for less per day than the cost of a cup of coffee The idea that living things shut down

As us engineers have long recognised,

down anymore.

instead of wearing down has received

simple devices typically do not age. They

substantial support in recent years. Re-

function reliably until a critical compo-

But we can avoid and slow the inevitable

searchers working on the now famous

nent fails, and the whole thing dies in

by leading healthy lifestyles and with

worm C.elegans (the little nematode

an instant. A VSD for instance, works

advancements in modern medicine. We

worm behind research that led scientists

smoothly until the capacitors start dis-

can do the same to prolong the life of

to receive the Nobel Prize, not just once

charging dielectric or IGBT devices fail,

drives and motors with regular mainte-

but twice, in a decade) were able to pro-

and then it does not work at all.


long and age more slowly, simply by al-

But complex systems - such as your

What if we told you that if you have a

tering a single gene. Scientists have sin-

manufacturing process - have to survive

problem of any kind with any of your

ce come up with single gene alterations

and function despite having many key

installed VSDs Quantum’s expert engi-

that increase the life spans of fruit flies,

critical components such as motors and

neers are just a phone call away and can

mice and yeast – and Quantum Controls

drives. That’s why engineers design

GUARANTEE a first visit fix?

have come up with a solution that will

machines and production processes

double the life span of your VSDs.

with multiple layers of redundancy: with

Let us introduce you to The ONE CALL

backup systems, and backup systems

Contract from Quantum:

duce worms that live more than twice as


for the backup systems. These may not

For most of our 100,000 year existence

be as efficient as the first line compo-


- excluding the last few centuries - the

nents, but they can allow the machine

drive experts

average human life span has been 30

and process to keep running even when


Immediate ‘engineer to site’ request

years or less. For most of history, death

damage accumulates.


Our unique ‘first site visit fix’ guaran-

was a risk at every stage of life and had

24/7 direct telephone access to our


no obvious connection with ageing at

Unless process equipment is correctly


All VSDs installed on your site covered

all. As Montaigne wrote, in the late 16th

maintained, the defects in your process

under one contract

century: “to die of old age is a death rare,

equipment increase until the time comes


extraordinary and singular, and therefore

when just one more defect is enough to

spares and hire units

so much less natural than the others:

stop your whole process. With the ave-


it is the last and most extreme sort of

rage cost of one hour of lost production

And the best bit? You can have all of this

dying”. So today, with our average life

in UK manufacturing being £12,000,

for just £947 net per 12 month contract

span in much of the world climbing past

this condition known as frailty must be

– that’s only £2.59 per day!

80 years, we are already oddities living

avoided, and it sits with engineers like

well beyond our appointed time.

ourselves to prevent this occurring.

Access to UK’s largest stock of VSDs, Unlimited calls and site visits

For more information about how our ONE CALL Contract can help you eradi-

Leonid Gavrilov, a researcher at the


cate premature failures on your plant,

University of Chicago, USA, argues that

It happens to motors, VSDs, softstarts

visit, email

human beings fail the way all complex

and it happens to us - eventually too or call

systems fail: randomly and gradually.

many joints are damaged or one too

our team on 0330 057 4876.

many arteries calcify. There are no bacGETTING BACK TO EQUIPMENT 44 FDPP -

kups. We wear down until we can’t wear

Ramping up the design and technology of vehicle access ramps

Photo: sara ramps are made with a 100% safety factor, so there is no need to choose oversized models to ensure safe operation.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fair to say that one of the most

Whether bespoke or standard design,

loading all types of heavy plant: from

important features of low loaders and

ramps are safety critical devices. This

agricultural machinery to multi-axle

other commercial vehicles is the access

is especially true when you consider


ramp, without which it would be near

that they may be required to support

impossible to load mobile plant, pallets

a five-tonne tractor as it is being

and many other cargoes that are too

winched onto a low loader. As well as

heavy to lift. Good quality, long lasting

the strength to take such loads, safety

available in multiple width and length

ramps are carefully designed to meet a

features have to be incorporated into

options and can also be made to indivi-

multitude of needs and are engineered

the design, including side barriers to

dual length requirements. The flexibility

to withstand the rigours of life on the

prevent the load from sliding off if it

ensures that any degree of incline can


is misaligned and non-slip surfaces

be accommodated. VFR ramps are

on the vehicle tracks. They might also

available in a variety of standard end

include anchor points, landing feet

fixings to suit most trailers and can be

and adjustable end flaps that ensure a

adapted to specific requirements. In

smooth entry onto the ramp.

short, VFRs can be used with any type

It is natural that loading ramps are often taken for granted; they are easy to use and there is no pressing reason for users to think too hard about them.

Originally designed for loading steel track machinery, VFR ramps are

of wheel or track, including solid tyres

However, if you are buying or speci-

Perhaps the leading low loader ramp

fying ramps, then it is important to

available to UK vehicle operators is the

understand that variations in design

VFR from sara Ramps. This heavy-du-

The VFR aluminium profiles can also be

and manufacturing can have a drastic

ty aluminium ramp has been setting

impact on the performance quality,

the industry standard for nearly thirty

used to produce outriggers, infills and

reliability and safety of the product. It is

years and comes in a range of sizes.

also worth noting that, in some cases,

Standard load capacities are from

bespoke designed ramps can make

10,000kg to 80,000kg, with customi-

As a ramp manufacturer backed up by

an otherwise difficult loading job far

sed and bespoke versions also availa-

a first class design department, sara


ble, making the VFR ramps suitable for

Ramps can constantly work on impro-

46 FDPP -

and rollers.

combine wells in sizes to suit special needs.

ving the state-of-the-art of ramps and

cation and quality marks. The ramps

that are tailored to meet all its custo-

can rise to individual challenges with

are made with a 100% safety factor, so

one-off designs for special projects.

there is no need to choose oversized

mer’s needs. Specialist sectors include

Jeremy Albin of sara Ramps gives some examples of how custom solutions have been developed. “For instance, over recent years combination ramps have become increasingly popular for loading machinery with low clearances or long wheelbases. These consist of two pairs of VFR ramps, most commonly 2 x 2000mm or 2 x 2400mm with a separate, central support pedestal. The second tier ramps can also be used independently for standard loading.” Demonstrating the company’s willingness to rise to the most challenging of requests, Jeremy recalls that sara Ramps recently developed a bespoke solution for the Bloodhound land speed record project: “We designed and built

models to ensure safe operation. sara Ramps also offers a wide range of related products, such as pedestrian ramps, wheelchair ramps, van ramps, sack truck ramps, event ramps and tail lift ramps. ABOUT SARA LBS sara Loading Bay Specialists supplies, installs and maintains loading bay

food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. MAINTENANCE & REPAIR Sara LBS provides nationwide 24/7 service cover and rapid response times for all loading bay systems, dock shelters, high speed doors and industrial

systems, high speed doors and indus-

doors using its specialist engineers

trial doors.It has provided high quality

based across the country. It works with

product solutions and outstanding

end users to extend the safe working

customer service since it was founded

lifetime of their doors and equipment

30 years ago and this remains its sole focus.

by providing both preventative maintenance packages and standard and


emergency repairs.

sara LBS’s range of high quality pro-


ducts includes its complete loading

a special set of three tier ramps for

bay packages (including scissor lifts,

loading the 7.5 tonnes Bloodhound -

sara Loading Bay Specialists Ltd :

ramps and dock levellers), ‘Sprint’

it’s a car, but at 13.5m long loading it

range of rapid roll, high speed doors

Louise Nurse

onto a transporter takes some care

for internal and external use, insulated

and consideration.

sectional overhead doors and roller

“We supplied these ramps to Euro Axles of Newcastle under Lyme for use with their purpose built trailer and take great pride in knowing we are helping push the excellence of British engineering to world beating levels.”

Tel: +44 (0)1442 245577 Fax: +44 (0)1442 217117

shutter doors. It has extensive sector


expertise and provides total packages

Email: Photo: All sara Ramp products are manufactured to the relevant British and European standards, and all carry certification and quality marks.

Not all jobs are this high profile, but sara Ramp’s design experts are always on hand to advise and help with selection of standard ramps or development of a bespoke solution. When a ramp is well matched to its duties, it will be easy to use and give safe service over many years. All sara Ramp products are manufactured to the relevant British and European standards, and all carry certifiFDPP - 47

Purified Water Services Ltd Purified Water Services Limited (PWS) is a highly motivated, independent company, providing maintenance, breakdown, repair, supply, installation and commissioning services for equipment used in the purification of water, ranging from desktop laboratory systems to fully automated industrial applications. We are accredited for CHAS and SAFEcontractor Health & Safety schemes and have attained and been certified for ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our engineers, have 40 years of practical expe-


rience, with factory and manufacturer training, delivering these services into Healthcare, Phar-

The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Oxford has

maceutical, Industrial and Commercial environ-

employed the service of Purified Water Services for several years in the


maintenance of our ELGA laboratory water systems. They have consistently proven to be punctual, friendly and competent, offering a quick flexible res-

Their skill sets have been developed through em-

ponse. What truly sets them apart is the care they take with their client; not

ployment with the leading companies in the UK’s

content to provide just an adequate service, they routinely provide superior

Water Purification sector.

service levels and are clearly looking towards their customers’ interests. We

When it comes to the servicing/maintenance of

can recommend Purified Water Services to those who have similar service requirements to our own.

any existing systems that you operate, you do have a choice !

Dr Stanley Ng, Senior Laboratory Manager Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University of Oxford

The PWS mission is to offer an independent, flexible friendly service and offer, reliable maintenance, equipment sales and technical support options to fit any budget, for all of your purification of

“Martin has completed work for me on and off over the last 14 years ser-

water needs, including:

vicing, calibrating, repairing & sanitising water systems & equipment first


Adhoc visits (to address an urgent need).


A full service contract incorporating regular ‘Health Check’ visits aimed at reducing inservice failures.


Equipment specification and sales to suit your needs and budget.


The supply of consumables (e.g. Filters) and Spare Parts.

PWS can provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ to satisfy all your needs. 48 FDPP -

with Elga & then with PWS. After Martin & Keith set up their own business 3 1/2 years I re-employed Martin’s services in his capacity as service engineer & Director. Martin has always provided a very good level of service with regards to knowledge, reliability, remote assistance & advice including problem solving. If I am unable to contact Martin when I call him for assistance he always follows up that missed call. I would certainly without hesitation highly recommend Martin & his colleague Keith to anyone thinking of acquiring the services of a company to maintain their pharmaceutical water systems. They always seem to go that extra mile which is something you very rarely find these days.” Gordon Coe, Facilities Manager , WLL

When it comes to the supply/installation of new systems, as well as the servicing/ maintenance/ repair of any existing systems that you operate, you do have a choice... Our engineers, have 40 years of practical experience delivering the services shown below into Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Commercial environments. Their skill sets have been developed through employment with the leading companies in the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Water Purification sector. The PWS mission is to offer an independent, flexible, friendly service and offer reliable maintenance, equipment sales and technical support options to fit any budget, for all of your water purification needs.

Servicing | Repairs | Spares | Filtration | Water Softeners Reverse Osmosis | Installations | Commissioning | Pipe work/Ring mains UV Lamp Change & Disposal | Disinfections / Sanitisations Independent Water Sampling | Laboratory Systems | Exhange Cylinders Membrane Cleaning | Independent Advice


DS Smith adopt CFQ standard for fresh produce trays All packaging to meet new Common Footprint Quality standard DS Smith has been working in close collaboration with the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) on the introduction of the new Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) standard in the UK. CFQ accredited trays take into consideration both the type of fresh produce being packed and the distance it must travel. The Common Footprint (CF) stands for the stackability, and the Quality (Q) confirms the quality and strength of the corrugated cardboard. If trays bear the mark, growers, packers and retailers can be confident that the packaging is

if they have come from different

Division said: “We are proud to be a

able to cushion, carry and protect

suppliers. This greater ease and sim-

lead player in the integration of this

fruit and vegetables throughout their

plicity will also improve cross-border

new quality standard to the UK. Co-


compatibility across Europe.

rrugated packaging is ideally suited to the fresh produce industry as it

As well as protection, CFQ trays are

To earn the accreditation, packaging

can offer the cushioning, ventilation,

designed for displaying goods, and

will be validated both internally and

strength, moisture resistance and

with the right print and structu-

independently to confirm the quali-

protection that growers, packers and

ral design, the packaging can help

ty criteria is met. The strength and

retailers are looking for. Our cus-

increase sales in store; create visual

durability of trays carrying the CFQ

tomers can have the utmost confi-

disruption, support promotions and

stamp will be rigorously tested to

dence that their products will arrive

shopper navigation.

ensure they are fit for purpose and

safely at their destination and the

In addition, the new European-wide

in optimal condition for handling and

standardisation of products will bring

CFQ stamp will improve the efficien-

transportation when they leave the

benefits and efficiencies to the entire

cy of the fresh produce supply chain

corrugated manufacturer.

supply chain.”

of produce trays, making them easier

Mick Thornton, Sales and Marketing

to stack safely and quickly, even

Director of DS Smith’s UK Packaging

as it will lead to the standardisation

50 FDPP -

Excel Process Systems - Putting the Excel into Excellence! Excel Process Systems Ltd designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of equipment for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industries including the food and drink, chemical, homecare, pharmaceutical and other high volume manufacturing sectors. We provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs in a dynamic and versatile fashion. We are experts in stainless steel fabrication and both electrical and mechanical engineering. Our catalogue of process solutions - ranging from full conveyor systems to jacketed process vessels and bespoke fabrications - demonstrates our professionalism and versatility, and the reason we’re trusted to serve throughout such a variety of industry sectors. Based in Derby at the heart of the UK, we’re perfectly situated to serve throughout the country and beyond!

Web: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Tel: 01332 760 500

Ozo Innovations launches eloclear system to advance food factory hygiene New approach combines cleaning and disinfection for robust microbial end points Ozo Innovations (Ozo) makes food factory hygiene more robust and sustainable with the launch of eloclear, a state-of-the-art single step cleaning and disinfection system. Ozo supports food industry customers to improve their sustainability credentials, win new business and gain production capacity by reducing time spent on achieving hygiene standards, whilst improving deep cleaning and disinfection. Customers make eloclear onsite using Ozo’s elosystem which transforms food grade salt and water into a powerful cleaner and biocide. In field trials, the company proved that eloclear delivered greater microbial control and a more consistent disinfection result than traditional hot water, detergents and terminal sanitisers. On site production of eloclear is monitored and controlled using advanced sensors; secure data recording and 24/7 monitoring. Authorised and

tions said: “Our objective was to make

Technical Directors and other interes-

authenticated, customers can monitor

effective hygiene simpler to achieve for

ted food industry professionals are

production using a computer or smart

the food industry. Currently, companies

invited to register for Ozo’s half day

device. Ozo undertakes continuous

invest significant time and resources in

analysis of customer site data to be

deep cleaning food facilities. Switching

able to detect any production issues

a hot water based multistep hygiene

and to ensure that the eloclear is effec-

process for a simple cold eloclear pro-

tive at the point of use.

cess is measurably more energy and

To find out more, visit the website:

Rowan Gardner, CEO of Ozo Innova-

time efficient.”

52 FDPP -

seminar, Innovations in Food Factory Hygiene.

A ‘First of its Kind’ for UK Packaging Keeping abreast of the latest technologies and development is as vital in the packaging sector as it is in any sector. So when a leading packaging manufacturer across over 30 countries, identified a specialised packaging production machine, it was to become the ‘first of its kind’ in the UK. With such a heavy investment, there were inevitable concerns about the installation process, which would require hundreds of separate lifts with some in excess of 22,000 kgs. There were also natural concerns over the ability for the working factory to maintain its high production levels. Two key decisions, or imperatives, were taken that would have a great impact on the project’s outcome - the first was to commission Flegg Projects to undertake the installation, and the second to keep the plant fully functioning at all times. Like in any business, any downtown in production would affect the bottom line. A challenge indeed but for Flegg Projects, with their experience of relocating and installing heavy machinery, the project was ‘business as usual’ in some respects. Every project is of course different and Flegg treats them as unique but common to all installation projects is the need for informed planning, superb project management, clear communications and adequate resource. This installation was a complex undertaking, as the factory had to remain fully operational, and it involved

several onsite contractors, across a

times. With critical timings projects

range of disciplines.

such as this packaging installation

The project was successfully delive-

cannot be let down by equipment.

red in phases over a duration of six

The result - a safe installation and

months. Constant communication

factory productivity levels were main-

was needed between Flegg’s project

tained. The client was delighted with

management team and the client’s

Flegg Projects’ performance and with

in-house team to ensure that working

their new machine, which has been

patterns and key timeline targets set

contributing to their business, chur-

out in the plan were achieved.

ning out product 24/7.

Flegg Projects used their expertise

Want to know more about Flegg Pro-

and knowledge to offload and unpack

jects or you have a factory relocation

equipment from third party vehicles

or removal need?

and provide engineering support to the machine supplier to assist with the mechanical assembly. The selection of moving and lifting equipment required included versalifts, vehicle-mounted cranes, counterbalance forklifts and MEWPS – all provided from their own

Contact us via Email Visit us at Follow us on LinkedIn to view our latest work or connect our Commercial Director: Mark Marshall

well-maintained fleet. Having invested

0845 458 4958

heavily over the past few years in all

of the equipment they use regularly, Flegg Projects are sure that it’s in top condition and fully operational at all

FDPP - 53

Poll finds European retailers are optimistic about transition from HFCs but challenges remain - Survey of food retailers across France, Germany and the UK finds only 56% have started making the shift away from HFCs - 40% of respondents are not fully aware of upcoming regulatory changes related to the phase-down of HFC refrigerants - Interestingly, cost didn’t rank as a top priority for selecting a new refrigeration system, although it is one of the most common identified challenges associated with making the shift One year after the global Kigali

cent of respondents said they were

lack of understanding of the upco-

amendment to phase-down HFCs,

unaware of upcoming regulatory

ming regulatory changes. It was also

new survey findings from Emerson

changes related to the phase-down

surprising that capital and operatio-

and international polling company

of HFCs as refrigerants. Nearly half

nal cost doesn’t rank as a key driver

ComRes examine how European

(44 percent) said they either hadn’t

for retailers identifying replacement

retailers are navigating away from

started to make the shift, or were

systems, as industry analysis shows

HFCs towards lower global war-


there could be big maintenance liabi-

ming alternatives. The survey asked

lities associated.”

professionals in the retail sector to

Where retailers have started to pha-

comment on their preparedness for

se-down HFCs, notable priorities for

Among the three primary alternati-

and awareness of more sustaina-

selecting replacement refrigeration

ve options available, carbon dioxide

ble technologies, and the primary

systems included safety (57 percent

(CO2) technology was most com-

challenges associated with the shift

of respondents), energy efficiency

monly ranked as the preferred choice

away from HFCs.

(53 percent) and environmental sus-

for replacing HFC systems at 38

tainability (48 percent).

percent, followed by hydrocarbons

Eighty-one percent of respondents

such as propane, and hydrofluoroole-

said they viewed the shift away from

Speaking about the survey findings,

HFCs as a positive change. However,

Eric Winandy, Director of Integrated

the survey also showed the retail

Solutions, Emerson Commercial and

Despite being the most popular

industry was lagging behind schedule

Residential Solutions said: “European

choice however, industry analysis

due to a lack of clarity in regulatory

retailers are enthusiastic about the

shows CO2 systems could cost a

changes and replacement technolo-

transition to low GWP refrigerants,

medium-sized retailer as much as

gies available. Surprisingly, 40 per-

but it is concerning that there is still a

€51,000 more per store compared to

54 FDPP -

fins (HFOs).

Clean Cooling in Europe How Food Retailers are Tackling HFCs European retailers see the shift away from HFC refrigerants as a positive change

Important drivers for retailers making the shift away from HFC refrigerants





Energy Efficiency

Environmental Sustainability

Retailers are not always opting for their ideal choice

Propane or other HC systems

But the industry has some catching up to do

Preference for low GWP refrigeration technologies

Main perceived challenges


Only have started the shift away from HFCs refrigerants


Less than (8.5%) of companies with under 200 employees have started the shift


are unaware of upcoming regulatory changes


Operational cost

42% Safety

Refrigeration technologies retailers have switched to

Retailers want incentives to accelerate the HFC phase-down process




Depreciation schemes or other tax rebates

Cheaper low GWP refrigerants

Interest free loans

Source: ComRes survey of retail professionals in France, Germany and UK. Results published by Emerson, October 2017.

hydrocarbon integral systems over

the challenges and opportunities

by finding less expensive low GWP

a 10 year period. Furthermore while

for making the transition away from

options (40 percent). This places an

CO2 is a significant improvement


onus on regulatory bodies to provide

over HFCs in terms of global warming potential (GWP), it is found to have

Challenges identified included ope-

lower energy efficiency performance

rational expenditure and installation

and higher maintenance require-

disruption which drew significant

ments than other alternatives.

scores of 43 percent and 33 percent

more incentives to retailers looking to make the shift, and to invest more in the research and development of new technologies.

respectively. Yet interestingly, cost “The EU F-gas regulation has placed

alone was not identified as the main

Survey findings are based on an

a significant amount of pressure on

priority for selecting a new refrigera-

online poll of 140 professionals with

food retailers to quickly transition

tion system. The survey highlighted

decision-making responsibility for

away from HFCs,” Eric Winandy said.

the desirability of energy efficiency

“The challenge for the industry will

and environmental sustainability,

purchasing in the retail sector. This

be to balance this pressure with the

with energy efficiency scoring 48

need to take the time to learn about

percent and environmental sustaina-

all the options available, and what it

bility 39 percent.

means for businesses in the long-

included 40 participants in France, 50 in Germany, and 50 in the UK. Fieldwork was conducted by ComRes between the 15th and 31st of August, 2017.

term. Choosing the right system to

When asked what would encoura-

replace HFCs can be a win on mul-

ge respondents to accelerate the

tiple fronts. It can help retailers see

replacement of HFC refrigeration

More information on natural refrige-

cost, operational and environmental

systems with lower global warming

rants, including system options, arti-


potential options, depreciation sche-

cles and webinars can also be found

mes or other tax rebates were the The survey also shed some light on

most popular (43 percent), followed

at FDPP - 55

New Compound for Food Applications from Parker Prädifa’s nobrox® family The Engineered Materials Group of

as a variant from the nobrox family

resistant against media commonly

Parker Hannifin, the global leader

that meets all the requirements for

used in the food industry, FDA-confor-

in motion and control technologies,

food applications.

mant and meets the requirements of Regulations (EG) No. 1935/2004 and

now offers a further development of its universal nobrox® compound as


(EU) No. 10/2011 as well as NSF 61

part of its diverse materials portfolio


(U.S. drinking water approval).

for the food, pharma and chemical

In food processing machines, poly-

processing industries. Due to its

meric components such as tubes,


technical properties and possibili-

covers or housings, as well as highly


ties for component integration and

stressed engineered elements such

Due to its mechanical properties

reduction of the need to use diverse

as seals, wipers, guides and pistons

profile, nobrox can be classified to

materials, nobrox W6101, as a ver-

are increasingly used. As a cost-effi-

range between thermoplastics such as

satile material for seals and engi-

cient alternative the utilization of

polyamides and PEEK as well as their

neered components, enables new

plastic materials as a substitute for

derivatives. However, in food industry

approaches to solving engineering

metal makes sense in many areas

applications, it offers crucial benefits

challenges and saving costs in the

as well. The technical requirements

compared with conventionally used

food industry.

in terms of temperature resistance

polymeric compounds. A substitution

and structural strength can usua-


Delivering top performance in terms

lly be met by selecting appropriate

TPEU or other elastomers commonly

of wear resistance, chemical sta-

plastic compounds. Typically, various

used in the industry makes technical

bility and resilience, reliability and

tailored materials are utilized to

and economic sense in a wide applica-

service life, ease of installation and

cover diverse demands. In addition,

tion window.

economy, Parker’s compounds from

every one of these materials has to

the nobrox family are equally well

conform to legal requirements for

nobrox is suitable for use in dynamic

suited for use as sealing elements

food applications, which entails high

seals or wipers and a wide variety of

and other engineered components

documentation and testing require-

engineered components such as pis-

with and without a sealing function.


tons, guides or gearbox components. Functional integration – for instance of

Due to their properties profile, they open up opportunities to reduce the

nobrox W6101 offers new possibi-

a seal, wiper or guide in a piston - and

need for using diverse compounds

lities to meet many market-specific

the associated reduction of the num-

and enable the integration of several

challenges and to thus limit the

ber of components is possible as well.

functions in a single component. Par-

variety of required materials and


ker Prädifa is now presenting W6101

associated expense. The material is


56 FDPP -

As the number of components

Particularly in domestic appliances,

indispensable. The utilization of lu-

decreases, so do installation require-

component reduction results in ease

bricants is often impossible or should

ments as well as splices and joints in

of use. The frequently necessary

be avoided. The excellent wear and

the design, which pose the greatest

partial dismantling of the devices for

risk of contamination and accumula-

maintenance and cleaning is facilita-

creep resistance of nobrox has been

tion of food resides or micro-organis-

ted, saves time and is more conve-

ms. The typically difficult accessibility


of narrow gaps (e.g. in front seal of

confirmed by test results. ABOUT PARKER HANNIFIN Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250

grooves, splices and joints) is reflec-


ted in long and costly cleaning cycles.


Consequently, instead of fighting


contamination by excessive cleaning

Machine elements like seals, wipers

with increasingly aggressive media,

and guides typically operate under

the appropriate approach to be used

high tribological loads in dry running

diversified industrial and aerospace

here is to counteract the causes and

or low-lube conditions. Therefore,

markets. Learn more at www.parker.

risks with materials expertise and

high lifetime requirements make

com or @parkerhannifin.

intelligent seal or component design.

the use of wear-resistant materials

global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of

FDPP - 57


Introducing Bijur Delimon AIR-OIL Lubrication Systems for Food and Beverage Applications... R

The OIL STREAK Air-Oil system delivers high efficiency lubrication for fast moving oven chains and other applications that require accurate oil deliveries, in combination with air flow. The Air-Oil unit is versatile and allows multiple configurations from 1-8 outlets to enable system design for a wide variety of applications. This new, innovative Air-Oil system replaces all brands of mist lubricators by lubricating with a fine Air-Oil mix with lower air consumption that eliminates oil fog. The OIL STREAK Air-Oil system comprises the SureFire II Lubricator which is available with an on/off timer (no monitoring), or a controller (monitors oil level and pressure switches) making it easy to adjust lubrication cycles for bakery chain conveyors. Typical systems include four outlet Air-Oil blocks with four application nozzles. If required additional Air-Oil blocks and application nozzles can be added to the system.

SureFire II Lubricator

Oil Streak Generator

Bespoke Application Nozzles

All systems are available with full turnkey installation by an experienced, in-house installation team. To discuss your requirements or a specific application please contact: 01432 365 000 Alternatively email: For further information and additional applications visit: uk/applications A typical system layout



Conveyor and Chain Lubrication Solutions for Food & Beverage Applications... Reducing high levels of friction on conveyor chains through continuous lubrication prevents excessive chain wear, reduces higher energy consumption and limits unplanned downtime. In most plants lubrication is applied manually so that the chains can continue in motion without stopping production. Downtime presents environmental problems related to possible oil spillages which increase the risk of injury to operators who tend to lubricate whilst the chain is in motion. Irregular and inadequate lubrication cycles can also lead to breaks in the chain or links which increase the likelihood of costly chain replacements. Bijur Delimon offer the complete solution with a range of automatic oil or grease lubrication systems for conveyor chains, with or without air. Our customised systems are controlled and monitored via bespoke control units and intelligent software to ensure chains operate at the optimum level whilst providing a safe, environmentally friendly process. Our portfolio of conveyor and chain lubrication products include:

Oil Streak Cabinet

Air-Oil Mixing Block

Oil Streak Sensor

OP139 Oiler

ECL 6 Lubricator Pump

AirMatic Pump

Benefits: Increase conveyor service life through reduction of chainwear

Energy savings through decreased friction

Higher productivity by eliminating the unplanned production downtime for lubrication tasks Greater operator safety thanks to the automation of the lubrication process Better respect of the environment resulting from a controlled and reduced lubricant consumption.

Tel: +44 (0)1432 365000



Other areas of expertise...


Process Cooling Systems & Solutions: Evaporative Cooling Towers Spray Trough Cooling / Quench Systems Heat Recovery Systems Free Cooling Control Systems with BMS Integration

For more information please contact:

+44 (0)1432 365000


BDI-UK-FDPP-1897 11/17 R0

Hydronic Cooling Modules Dry Air Coolers Air & Water Cooled Chillers Glycol Antifreeze / Fluid Solutions Adiabatic â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Coolers

Interview with Chris Mears 1. How long has the company been running? Established in 1998, building on 20 years’ experience with previous company, Eirelec Ltd. 2. What does Eurolec specialise in? Eurolec design and manufacture a range of portable temperature and pressure monitoring instrumentation and a range of dry well temperature calibration units. We are also the UK & Ireland distributor for Ono Sokki, renowned Japanese manufacturer of high spec engine tachometers, rotary encoders, linear gauges, FFT analysers and vibrometers. 3. How has Eurolec differentiated themselves in the industry? Eurolec has a number of unique selling points – our competitively priced PC Temp PT2 thermometer for example features best in class accuracy providing better than ± O.2°C for those sensitive food, lab and pharmachem applications. Our portable instrument TH, PR & IR ranges feature very robust metal cased options for manometers, infrared and probe thermometers. The Eurolec CS and CSEC series temperature calibrators provide significantly better accura-

Chris Mears - MD Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd, with Scientific Measurements MD Daren Wallis

truments are still in daily use 15 – 20

check the accuracy of thermometers

years on and it is genuinely rare that

(both probe and infrared types) throu-

we lose a customer.

gh a freely adjustable range (approximately -20 °C to + 85°C). This model

5. Which industries do they target?

(together with other units in the CS

Although we supply to multiple

series, offering different temperature

customers (including those within the HACCP, industrial, laboratory and environmental sectors) our main focus is within all aspects of the food industry. This includes everything from manufacturing/processing, chilled/ frozen storage, transport, quality and lab research etc. right through to the catering sector.

cy and stability performance compared

6. What are some of the best-selling

to other similarly priced options on

products at Eurolec?

the market and a very competitively

The CS174 temperature calibration

priced alternative to some of the much

source together with the RT162 refe-

costlier solutions.

rence thermometer provides a swift

ranges) has proven to be a popular and effective alternative to both the more basic and less accurate dry blocks and the significantly more expensive laboratory spec options currently on the market. The PC Temp PT2 portable thermometer is also a very popular hand held instrument offering very good accuracy at a very competitive price range.

return on investment whilst ensuring 4. What are the key benefits to using

the expense, inconvenience and down-


time associated with offsite or external

Reliability and value of our products

calibration is removed. This system

and quality of service. Many of our ins-

allows the user to quickly and easily

60 FDPP -

FDPP - 61

Optimise Process Performance Increase Productivity Improve Quality

freemantechnology the powder characterisation specialists

Freeman Technology specialises in systems that measure powder flow properties, underpinning process and product understanding, supporting the optimisation of powder processes.

FT4 Powder RheometerÂŽ

Lenterra Flow Sensors

A universal powder tester for comprehensive powder characterisation

In-line, real time process monitoring

Uniaxial Powder Tester Cost efficient powder characterisation to directly measure uniaxial Unconfined Yield Strength

Powder Testing Solutions

Freeman Technology has over 15 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in powder flow and powder characterisation. We invest significantly in R&D and applications development, and provide comprehensive support alongside our range of products.

+44 (0)1684 851 551

Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017  
Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 15 2017