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“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

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he world is facing unprecedented challenges. From bush fires to a global pandemic, it feels like we’ve been hit by one thing after another. But the word on the street – from Tony Robbins to Oprah – is that gratitude is key to getting through those challenges and leading a fulfilled and successful life. When things seem dire, the hardest thing in the world seems to be focusing on the ‘good’ and yet the science is pretty adamant on the fact that gratitude is food for the soul. Whether you focus on the big things in your life you are grateful for, such as your health and family or the small things in your everyday life like a good cup of coffee or a beautiful sunset, gratitude can be lifechanging. Gratitude is said to enrich human life; it elevates, energises, inspires and transforms, and those who practice it will experience significant improvements both physically and mentally. There really isn’t any downside, so what do we have to lose? After all, it’s not happiness that brings us gratitude; but rather it’s gratitude that brings us happiness.

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New @ asko! Ergo chairs

Chairs + Pots at direct import prices 4 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Bali pots

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23 JULY - 5 AUGUST 2020


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Renovations and Extensions New Homes Design and build options











With spring just around the corner, it’s time to pack in all the veges and superfoods we can. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, which boosts your immunity among other benefits – page 34.


23 JULY 2020 VOL 23 ISSUE 11



Redesigning house layout • Bathrooms

Roofing and Exterior Works

Kitchens • New doors and windows

Roofing • Cladding • Joinery

Home Improvements

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Heading Auckland University’s Bioluminescent Superbugs Lab, Dr Siouxsie Wiles has formulated a career which combines her twin loves of bioluminescence and infectious diseases. In short, Siouxsie and her team make bacteria that glow in the dark… not your everyday job!

6 23 July, 2020 Metropol

he cool, calm microbiologist became an unconventional expert delivering vital information to a panicked public right from the outset of COVID-19. Communicating with the public goes against the very grain of academia, a world which Siouxsie says seems to mostly value internal communication amongst peers. “That’s how we get promoted, how we get grants, how academia survives, but actually that’s not where the research finishes,” Siouxsie explains. “I’m a firm believer that research needs to be communicated much more widely.” Siouxsie recalls demanding an exemption from dissecting a rat in a high school biology class, which is quite ironic, given her career. “Of all the people I went to school with, I was the one that ended up doing animal research!” she states. When she won an award for research relating to the use of animals in science early in her career, she didn’t want her name to be made public. “I was fearful of how people would respond. It’s an emotionally difficult subject, but that’s why I’m so driven to do things more humanely.” The organisation responsible for the award sat her down and helped her understand that by not going public, she was in fact contributing to public misunderstanding of science. “They explained to me that this was an important part of the conversation about medical research that was missing,” a conversation which ended up becoming a core theme of her later career. Siouxsie began working with artists and illustrators to make science accessible and by the outbreak of COVID-19 she had 15 years of experience talking about science to different audiences. “When COVID-19 happened, having that understanding of what was going on and being able to help people understand what they didn’t know was something I had the skill to do.” She immediately got to work with cartoonist Toby Morris and through their combined talents, spent lockdown communicating complicated ideas is a way we could all digest. “This work has shown me the impact I can have,” Siouxsie says. “As a scientist, you always hope you will benefit society in some way. My work to discover new antibiotics is ongoing and the benefits will take time, but this has shown me that through communication I can have a positive impact. “At a time when the world needed good information, it’s the thing I’m most proud of. It shows those who have been dismissive of the importance of communication that they were wrong.” She’s referring to when she sought to upskill in the communication area and was warned that it would ruin her career, coupled with the suggestion from her peers that she wasn’t a “real” scientist, but rather just a “science communicator”.

But then Siouxsie has never been afraid of a challenge – whether it’s challenging people’s ideas, stereotypes or even traditions. She has been outspoken about having more women in science and has even taken on Lego in a TEDx talk on gender-stereotyping within toys produced by the global manufacturer. “The research is clear, when there are diverse viewpoints and lived experiences, better outcomes are made,” she says. The career-long criticism which seems to come with female success in a male dominated profession has given her a thick skin; one that was needed upon the outbreak of COVID-19 because, while the pandemic has thrust science – and Siouxsie herself – into the global consciousness, a high profile comes at a high cost. There have been nasty comments and ongoing harassment, from her vibrant hair to her supposed involvement in a global conspiracy. When the first cases hit headlines, Siouxsie expressed in an interview that there didn’t seem to be much to be overly concerned about yet. Within weeks the emerging pandemic escalated, along with her concerns. However, she continues to get sent that January interview from people pointing out how wrong she is. “That interview was based purely on what we knew at the time,” she explains. “People don’t seem to understand that a scientist’s views are supposed to change as evidence changes,” she says of science which, by its very definition, is the study of the physical and natural world through “observation and experiment”. While she’s still catching up after a busy six-months, Siouxsie is hoping to squeeze in a holiday with her daughter and husband this year. However, she worries about the growing portion of New Zealanders demanding we open up the borders. “The reality is we’re in a very scary position right now because the pandemic is raging overseas and many other countries seem to have given up for various reasons. The more this carries on overseas, the louder the voices here are that say we can’t stay isolated forever. “I’m worried about how this will go so a big part of my focus will be on trying to keep up with what’s going on overseas and communicating why we are in such a privileged position. “I’m not advocating to stay completely cut off, but we do have to be very careful about how we open up.” Gwen Isaac offers a unique insight into Siouxsie’s role in a defining moment in New Zealand history, with the documentary maker turning her talented hand to Siouxsie & the Virus; part of a collection of eight Loading Docs short documentaries to be released lateAugust 2020.

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out & about

TH’ DUDES HEAD OUR WAY Iconic Kiwi band Th’ Dudes has announced new dates for Th’ Bliss Tour, with the nine-date tour now scheduled to kick off in Wellington on 13 November and hit Christchurch on 4 December.

8 23 July, 2020 Metropol

he newest inductees to the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame were due to hit the road in April for the first time in more than a decade. Their first tour without founding member Ian Morris, it will feature Ian’s brother Rikki on guitars and providing backing vocals. “We’ll be back with the same reunion, same songs, same Lez high kicks,” singer Dave Dobbyn says. “And all with a greater sense of being alive and healthy!” Originally formed as high school band Krispie in 1975 and disbanding in 1980, Th’ Dudes had an incredible impact on the New Zealand music scene with hits like Be Mine Tonight, Bliss, That Look In Your Eye, Right First Time and Walking in Light. They won Top Group and Single of the Year for Be Mine Tonight at the 1979 New Zealand Music Awards. They stopped playing live in 1980, ahead of the release of their second album Where Are The Boys.

Since then, Th’ Dudes have only reunited for a tour in 2006 that saw 11 shows expanded to 17 due to the incredible demand for tickets, and visits to favourite holiday spots the following summer. Th’ Bliss Tour is the first chance to see Th’ Dudes live in concert in 13 years, for shows promising high energy entertainment and all the hits. Both Auckland concerts are sold out, with remaining tickets to other cities, including the Christchurch shows, on sale now. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Bliss, a new compilation from Th’ Dudes now out on streaming services, with Bliss on Wax (LP) and Bliss on Disc (CD) available at all good record stores. Th’ Dudes made two albums: Right First Time released in June 1979 and Where Are The Boys released in July 1980. This newly re-mastered selection is from these lovingly archived recordings at Stebbing Recording Studios, where both albums were originally recorded and mixed.

TH’ DUDES - THE BLISS TOUR NEW DATES Friday 13 November 2020 Saturday 14 November 2020 Thursday 19 November 2020 Friday 20 November 2020 Monday 23 November 2020 Saturday 28 November 2020 Wednesday 2 December 2020 Friday 4 December 2020 Saturday 5 December 2020

TSB Arena, Wellington Claudelands Arena, Hamilton Town Hall, Auckland (previously Fri 24 April) Town Hall, Auckland (previously Sat 25 April) Municipal Theatre, Napier McKay Stadium, Whangarei (formerly known as ASB Stadium) Trafalgar Centre, Nelson Town Hall, Christchurch Town Hall, Dunedin

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Sometimes all it takes is perfect timing to bring your best achievement into the limelight.


hen she was 20, local Christchurch musician Steany Beck won a grant with the foundation Rise NZ, to record her song I Have a Dream. Now at 30 she has just commercially released her favourite original to the world. “The lyrics are about what the world would look and feel like if everyone accepted each other for

10 23 July, 2020 Metropol

was a budding artist but decided to learn the marketing side of things and be her own manager to get her music out there. “That’s what many musicians are doing now,” she says. “There are so many platforms you can put your music on that weren’t there 10 years ago.” Instead, Steffany arranged interviews on radio stations, TV segments, even for a music magazine in India! “The whole world is my platform,” she says. Over the last decade the songstress has been reinventing herself and counts being chosen for a song-writing workshop weekend with Kiwi icon Bic Runga as one of her professional highlights. The brunette Stephanie from the original YouTube video of I Have a Dream has now become a more talented and very blonde, Steffany. “I changed my name spelling as there were so many other Stephanie Becks. You need to be easy to find,” she says. Steffany’s working week is busy as a fulltime Health and Safety Manager at Contract Construction, a career she adores. Lockdown gave her the chance to let herself relax a little and get the re-release of her original I Have a Dream organised. “I really want to inspire people. Especially now with everything in crazy chaos, you still owe it to yourself to live your own dream.” Her original song is now up on Spotify, iTunes, apple music, Sound Cloud and Facebook and the latest video went live on YouTube on 15 July.


you will be top of our list

To see how these results can work for you, give us a call and we can make changes happen for you. Cindy-Lee Sinclair – 0274 888 616 Matt Kurtovich – 021 0293 1638 Merivale Office: 175 Papanui Road, Merivale Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Metropol 23 July, 2020 11

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who they are, allowing people to just follow and live their dreams,” she says. At the time, the inspiring indie pop-rock song was recorded professionally with a full band, released on the Rise website and showcased on the Erin Simpson Show, but that was the limits to the song’s publicity. “Only my friends and family really knew it existed back then – there was no opportunity for it to go anywhere,” Steffany explains. “However, a teenager did recognise me in the mall and said it completely inspired her. That really meant a lot; creating your community and connecting with them is what inspires me the most. It’s who you do it for.” The song title was inspired by Martin Luther King’s famous 1963 quote when he called to end racism in the United States. It was watching videos of his speeches that the American-born songstress got inspiration to write and headline the song. “Coincidentally this even has relevance with what’s been going on recently,” she says of the lyrics which she hopes will inspire others to be more accepting. “Helping people is all I have ever wanted to do.” When it comes to inspiration, it was in fact her own song that inspired Steffany to write and record her EP Blue Eyed Girl last year. “This February I realised this song (I Have a Dream) was actually the prologue to my EP – the reason. My gut instinct told me I had to now share it with the world.” When the original was released, Steffany


When Twilight became a hit, so too did the husky dog breed. By the time Game of Thrones hit our screens, Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes and other ‘wolf’-like breeds and crossbreeds had been cemented as the ‘it’ dogs for 15 to 25-year olds. It’s Michelle Attwood and her Husky Rescue NZ team who are picking up the pieces.

12 23 July, 2020 Metropol

he Christchurch-based charity has spent the last 11 years rehabilitating and rehoming the huskies – one of the most rehomed breeds of dog in New Zealand. “As soon as we thought ‘yay no more Game of Thrones’ we got Togo on Disney Plus and The Call of the Wild,” Michelle says. “Hit movies made them popular, but Facebook marketing and the ability to market these dogs online made the perfect storm.” Because, as beautiful and loveable as huskies are, they are also strong-willed, independent and high-maintenance. They not only need strong discipline, a well fenced backyard and plenty of exercise, but there’s also a dense dual coat to deal with. Some of them are like naughty school children and some of them just tear you apart when they leave, Michelle says. A previous arrival weighed just 7kg. “We had to fatten her up to 13kg just to be able to transport her to our main base,” Michelle says. “She’s now 18kg and went to an amazing home recently. There were a lot of tears!” Handing the dogs over to their forever homes is the most fulfilling part of what Michelle does. A family that adopted one of the very first dogs in Michelle’s care recently adopted another one and it’s people like this that become like family. “Getting stories and pictures from people is awesome; seeing the dogs playing in the snow or curled up in front of their new fireplace is just the best feeling.” Established by Michelle in 2009 when she became aware of the sheer number of unwanted or abandoned huskies, Husky

Rescue NZ takes in surrendered or abandoned huskies, assesses their health and suitability for re-homing before arranging for them to be de-sexed, vaccinated and micro chipped. The team then works tirelessly to ensure the dogs find their forever home with someone who is aware of what’s required to look after this majestic breed. But all of this comes at a cost – approximately $380,000 per year (pre-COVID-19). The charity previously relied on income from public events and educational activities to meet their funding requirements and until recently, plans were in place to further development their recently leased premises in Rolleston. But the impact of COVID has not only put paid to those plans, it’s put the future of the charity in question. When COVID hit, there were 67 dogs in their care and the charity lost all of its income. “We’ve never had to rely on donations, we financed it ourselves, but suddenly there was only donations. “The public did try to help, for which we are forever grateful, but we haven’t reached our goal and we may have to close our big South Island base. The reality is, without a very large injection of funding, we will have to drop back substantially. We’re hoping to not have to close, but bulk funding is now urgent,” Michelle says. “At the moment, the future is looking very bleak.” To help Husky Rescue NZ, text HUSKY to 833 to make an instant $3 donation, find them on Givealittle, or visit the website below to find out how you can help. Corporate donations and sponsorships will be welcomed.

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FRIENDS, FAMILY AND FRANKIE & SON BARBERSHOP Frankie & Son owner Stu Tafua’s latest enterprise opened in The Muse Christchurch Art Hotel on June 20, making this his second high-end shop. Named after his two children Frankie and Sonny, this unique space is very family orientated. It was smiles all round after finally being able to move into the barbershop. What an amazing achievement! Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.







A BLACK TIE CHARITY GALA IN AID OF MND NZ At the end of June, MND New Zealand hosted their event in the Cardboard Cathedral - it was a night full of glamour, generosity and good times. Food, wine, entertainment and an auction made for an amazing evening in support of a great cause. 1. Rohan Chakrabarti (Organiser), Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster (The Bachelorette NZ Season 1) 2. Andrea Gerling, Heather Brinton 3. Richard Laing, Debbie Mason, Philip Carter 4. Juliana Hilson, Jonathan Eaton, James Anderson, Fi Eaton 5. Dr Debbie Mason, Samarra Wright-Scott 6. Tracey Prince, Kim Chan, Jane Lattimore Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event. 14 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Getting real estate results Their individual skills and experience are very impressive. Harcourts Gold sales consultant Milena Bartlett has brought to her real estate role a wealth of experience in sales to the most discerning of customers, while her colleague Andrew Swift has served real estate with passion and drive for more than 20 years. Put these two powerhouses together and you have created a really formidable team.

e decided to form a partnership because we really are like-minded in the way we think and act. The client gets double the attention and double the service. The primary focus for both of us is on meeting our customers’ needs. We know that every vendor’s or buyer’s circumstances will be different and so we work with them to achieve the best result possible.” Milena and Andrew say that while they bring complementary strengths and abilities to the partnership their combined experience, skill, knowledge and accessibility are what sets them apart from most other sales consultants. They love a challenge and will persevere until they get a result or find a solution to a problem. Their passion for outstanding customer service has earned Andrew and Milena an enviable reputation for success in the industry. In the last financial year they were recognised amongst the top 20 consultants for Harcourts Gold. “Of course accolades are nice to receive, but it’s helping people that’s the greatest accolade for us. Our clients appreciate our promptness of service and our availability and that is not going to change.”

Milena Bartlett &


Property Solutions just for you TOP 20

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For every $100 of local spend, $68 will stay local

Small local businesses are big local employers

Get Canterbury back on its feet, we all have a role to play


Local businesses stock local products & use local services


With a smaller footprint, it’s the sustainable solution

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Getting back on the proverbial horse has taken on a much more literal meaning for champion harness racing driver Ricky May, who is back in the sulky again.

Welcome to the Wigram Vet & The Good Dog Spa We support the wellbeing of your pets by taking a holistic approach to their medical care, nutrition, physical, and social wellbeing. Ph 03 929 0987 | 16 23 July, 2020 Metropol | 155 Corsair Dr, Wigram


t’s been just six months since the seven-time New Zealand Cup winner was brought back to life after suffering a medical event on the track, but last month he climbed back in the sulky at Addington Raceway for a remarkable return at the winter meeting. In one of the most shocking incidents in harness racing history, May collapsed mid-race while driving A G’s White Socks in the $30,000 Central Otago Cup at Omakau in Central Otago in January. Thousands watched live and on television as fellow driver, 24-year-old trained physiotherapist Ellie Barron rushed to his side. He had no heartbeat. Barron sprang into action, giving May the CPR that’s credited with saving his life – and breaking a few ribs in the process. Importantly, it kept the oxygen flowing to May’s brain until the medical team arrived. Believed to have had no pulse for up to 10 minutes, the 62-yearold was rushed to hospital where he was later diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – a condition where the heart muscles thicken despite the heart itself being completely healthy. It’s a condition which has been known to affect young athletes at the peak of their physical prowess. Now with a cardioverter defibrillator implanted in his chest, May is already back driving the tractor, welding and doing the heavy lifting around his Methven farm, so it was only going to be so long before he was back in the saddle. “I’ve never had any time off before in my life,” he laughs about his enforced health break. “I felt if I didn’t do it straight

away I wouldn’t do it, so as soon as the specialist gave me the goahead, I got back in there.” He had seven drives in his first meeting on 12 June. “I didn’t win but got one second and four thirds!” Six months after “dying” he is able to laugh about it. Most are not so lucky. It’s a second chance and a remarkable one at that. But May is not ready to watch the footage and he likely never will, he admits. “Everyone has said, ‘you don’t want to see it!’” he remarks. In their 2013 Addington Harness Hall of Fame, May is credited with being a “man small in stature, modest of nature but big on achievement”. From a prominent harness racing family – his grandfather Clarrie May won 1946 AK Cup with Loyal Nurse, his father Terry May a former trainer and driver and Uncle Leo May, a former trainer/driver – harness racing has always been a big part of May’s life. “I wasn’t even remotely interested in the start,” he laughs. “My grandfather would train horses and I’d help out driving them, but I much preferred to go farming.” When he left school he made the decision to stick it out with driving. “You’ve got to give it 100 percent; there’s no use going half-pie. If you have success people start giving you more drives; you get on better horses, so there’s a bit of luck there as well. I was also lucky to have had a pretty supportive family.” May has 2,949 career wins in New Zealand and has big plans to become only the third driver ever to gain 3,000 victories here. With his attitude, you can bet on it – literally and figuratively.

Enjoy a warmer, cosier winter in a brand new Living Well Apartment at Park Lane. Book an appointment for a coffee and a personal apartment viewing. For more info on retirement living call Tara on 021 489 784 or 03 338 4495 or email 35 Whiteleigh Ave, Christchurch. Metropol 23 July, 2020 17

going places

There’s a time & place Queenstown has become the go-to getaway for New Zealanders from all the way up north to the bottom of the south. While the town offers amazing attractions year-round, when there are events on, it gives you all the more reason to head there. Metropol has collated some of the most exciting upcoming events that you will not want to miss!

26 JULY – CARDRONA MOUNTAIN BIKES ON SNOW: You probably don’t have to think too hard about what this event involves. It’s fairly simple… a mass start, first to finish race divided into men and women. Entry is $25 – try not to break anything.

4 AUGUST – THE BIG BIKE FILM NIGHT 2020: Calling all cycling fanatics, we have the perfect night planed for you. Cosy up at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and view some of the best cycling short films from around the world. Tickets from $12.50 to $22. event?eid=2282&

Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated. Visit the STAYNZ page on our website to access our special rates P 03 450 1100 | E Terms and Conditions apply, see website for more information

18 23 July, 2020 Metropol

21 AUGUST – THE REES CULINARY SERIES WITH FELTON ROAD: Five wines and five courses including a welcome drink and canapes! If you weren’t sold on the event by now, maybe the stunning panoramic views at The Rees Hotel will be the selling point.

19-21 SEPTEMBER – DAGG’S QUEENSTOWN OPEN: If you’re a super fan of rugby and golf, then we have the perfect weekend for you! Spend three nights at the Novotel in Queenstown (breakfast included) and get out on the green with Israel Dagg himself. 24 SEPTEMBER – SPREAD THE JAM: A great mixture of burlesque, drag, comedy and circus makes for a winning combination. This 18+ show sounds like a whole lot of fun, we just wish it was making its way to Christchurch.

5 OCTOBER – THE SHOWS MUST GO ON: This is an open call for all musical theatre lovers. Enjoy a night out listening to an all-star cast of New Zealand’s finest singing some of the best of Broadway. This is set to be a showstopper. queenstown

Feel at home…

Dine with a view Discover Winterfare, Skyline Queenstown’s all new three course set menu dining experience. Winterfare celebrates the best of New Zealand produce in a delicious menu of hearty, winter favourites. Accessed only by scenic Gondola, with spectacular, panoramic views of Queenstown and the Remarkables below, Skyline’s Winterfare dining experience will wow even the most seasoned Queenstown visitor.

Everyone visits Queenstown for their own reasons; maybe it’s the thrill-seeking attractions, ski season or even just a weekend away. Make Queenstown House your next place to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing. Newly renovated and revitalised, this boutique bed and breakfast has a fresh new look. With its close proximity to central Queenstown, outstanding views of Lake Wakatipu, gourmet breakfast and hosted canape and wine tasting in the evening; the list of pros are endless. Manager Samantha Johnson is delighted to say, “it’s great to see New Zealanders enjoying New Zealand. We’re looking forward to welcoming Cantabrians to Queenstown”. And we couldn’t agree more. Now’s the perfect time to back your backyard and check out all of the beautiful locations dotted around the country. Metropol 23 July, 2020 19

448 Prestons Road, Waitikiri, Christchurch

171 Prestons Road, Redwood, Christchurch

Subsidiaries of

20 23 July, 2020 Metropol



Getruffled Where fashion once adopted a minimalist aesthetic, we’re increasingly seeing big, bold, statement-making styles bursting out of the sartorial shadows. BRIGID MCLAUGHLIN TASMIN TOP SUN


et ready to don some polka dots, colourful leather and metallic fabrics… we’re even going mad for marigold! So it’s not surprising then that we’re getting hot around the collar for ruffles. While your collar may just be the thing that gets ruffled up, we’re also seeing this trend embellishing sleeves, skirts, sweaters and even footwear. Buyer beware, the tiered silhouette isn’t for the faint of heart.



Metropol 23 July, 2020 21



In the trenches



A new decade may call for reimagining the classics, but some things need little updating.


hen it comes to the trench, we’ll never say no to the classic cut, but reimagined iterations have been trickling in for the last few seasons, as the darlings of the design world work hard to ensure it maintains a modern edge. This year trench coats are coming through in unique materials – including silk, organza and leather. It’s not just the materials that are getting a revamp, with the trusty trench also being paired in unique ways, such as the popular dress and trench combo. Structured check trench coats make the perfect addition to your transeasonal wardrobe, so you can turn heads come rain or shine. It pairs well with a white tee and wide-leg blue jeans, or buttoned and wrapped up with a pair of straight-leg trousers and heels. If we’re seeing trench coats made of organza and covered in checks, it’ll come as no surprise that we’re also getting clever with colour. There’s nothing quite like colour to brighten up a chilly day and now we’re giving our trench coats the same treatment. Meanwhile the classic double-breasted military trench makes its welcome return, with its timeless and universally flattering silhouette. In 2020 however, it might be time to swap out the soft military trench for a crisp cotton iteration featuring a strong lapel, wide belt and sharp, interesting details.



Recreating your youthful smile…

Dentures: Implants: Veneers

Richard Greenlees


03 379 1222 By appointment only, consultation fee applies

22 23 July, 2020 Metropol

A stylish step forward The team is back up and running at Style Footwear on Burnett Street in Ashburton. Located in the CBD, the friendly store is packed with comfortable, stylish footwear as well as new ranges of bags, wallets, scarves and jewellery.


fter navigating the challenges of lockdown, owner Melissa and her right-hand-woman Trudy are continuing what they do best: providing comfortable affordable footwear with professional personalised fit service and advice. Melissa, who has owned Style Footwear for seven and a half years, has a local-focussed

philosophy – stocking New Zealand-owned designers, with an Ashburton-based jewellery range, and hand-knitted merino scarves making their way in store, too. “The COVID situation threw some challenges our way, but lockdown provided the time to contemplate and to plan for the future of Style Footwear – which is to keep going,” Trudy says.

Melissa says herself and Trudy are loving seeing their regulars and have enjoyed catching up with everyone now that they have returned to the “new normal”. As the winter season ends and the spring/summer range is not far away, it is of course sale time - which means great bargains for the customer! Style Footwear’s online store is

also growing quickly with orders being placed from Australia as well as all over New Zealand. Melissa says she wants to thank everyone for their on-going support and she looks forward to seeing you all instore soon. Be sure to join their mailing list and follow on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all the latest news happening at Style Footwear.



Stylish, & comfortable for winter



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EYE LIFT Phone: 03 308 7620 E:

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Meet our new senior stylist Mochi, she hails from Uber cool Tokyo and has been in NZ for 4years. Mochi is into art and fashion and has an ethos to match our own. We are offering a 25% discount for new clients that book with Mochi. PH. 03-365 7393

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Fashion Report







1. Deadly Ponies, Cool, calm and collect everything you need in this exceptional tote, Robin Black,, 2. Michael Kors Watches, Has arm candy ever looked this stylish? 42mm Black Bracelet Watch,, 3. Caitlin Crisp, Sleek and effortless everyday wear, relaxed fitting sleeves, functional patch pockets, cinched in with a belt, Loop mini coat,, 4. Cutler & Co, A tapered fit with copper hardware and reinforced distressing for casual cool, LTB Elros jeans in Dolfin,, 5. The Fitting Room, Be bold and have some fun with your lingerie this winter, Cleo Atlanta Plunge Bra in Chilli Red with Brazilian briefs, 207 Fendalton Rd & 360 Colombo St, 6. Wink Shoe Store, An architectural heel will bring dimension to the plainest of outfits so you stand out from a crowd, Bresley Dunlop,

24 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Take your pick! The Fitting Room is best known for its amazing fitting service; hence the well-fitting name. Metropol caught up with owner and bra and swimwear connoisseur Deborah Lewthwaite to find out the latest must-haves!

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Anything Freya is fun, flirty and a full cup! The Expression High Apex Bra, ranging from DD to G, in California Gold is a gorgeous choice. A crochet-look lace and geometric mesh blend is a formula for the perfect bra.

LUXE LIFE: If you’re searching for a sense of luxury, look no further than the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra in everpopular black. Loved for its comfort and quality touches, this beautiful bra comes in lots of different colours.

SUPPORTING SPORT: Get a sports bra that does the job and does it well. With the Panache Underwired Sports Bra reduce bounce by 83 percent! This bestselling bra ranges from C-HH and can be converted to a racer back with one clip. Comfort is key but so is support.

Ask for our NEW client loyality cards. In salon now

Offering solutions for Varicose Veins Less pain & less bruising means back to normal sooner, with Laser, Radiofrequency and Venaseal System.

Bridging the gap between Hair Salon & Barber

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

256 Papanui Rd

we now have Frankie & Son Riverside 78 Cashel Street Riverside Lanes - RiversideMarket Christchurch - CBD

Open Monday to Saturday Phone 384 1743 4/2 Soleares Ave Mt Pleasant


Phone 365 4502

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI Metropol 23 July, 2020 25

THE BEAUTY REPORT. We’ve pulled together some of the best products, concepts and services to hit the beauty world.

Health & beauty by subscription

No need to Botox

Want it all with out compromise? Well now you can have it! We believe true health, beauty and wellbeing should not be something you compromise on, so much so we are giving you 25% off your subscription with QT Internal Cosmetics. *Offer only available for a limited time

A concentrated topical filler contains six forms of lower and higher weight hyaluronic acid. Treating dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin. Leaving you with the ultimate dewy glow! RRP $115

Beauty Sense Ph: 0800 555 630

Uplift eye & lip serum

Make your skin glow With a HYDRATING FACIAL. Free lip wax or eyebrow shape included $89. Valid July/August 2020. Bookings essential Elegance Beauty Clinic | Ph: 351 4203 |



Moss Spa – Christchurch Blush Beauty Clinic – Timaru Nude Skin & Beauty - Dunedin

A Big Bespoke Thank You! To all the great clients that have supported Bespoke Cosmetic so wonderfully post lock down. We are all caught up now and back to normal “Browsing” and providing you the products you love and enjoy. Your support and kindness for a local business has been heartfelt! Bespoke Cosmetic Ph: 021 249 1499

26 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Immediate treatment of fine lines and wrinkles delivering a complex of advanced peptides and sophisticated actives. Lifts, firms and tightens - helping to reduce the appearance of crows feet, dark circles and under eye puffiness.

Global launch sale Spend $99 or more and get 20% Off*. 100% Ugly Free hair products. No Parabens, No Salts, No Sulphates, recycable packaging. Mike Hair Care | Ph: 0800 464 247 |

Cosmetic Tattoo

The style gurus If you attempted to cut, style or colour your hair these last few months at home and you were successful… kudos to you. But not everyone was so lucky in their endeavours. Many greatly welcomed the re-opening of hairdressers nationwide – especially the customers of Kudos Hairdressers in Merivale.

Have a consultation with the experts

Eyebrows Eyeliner

$50 OFF


204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734

P.027 227 1062


BAD HAIR DAY? JUST WIG IT! Trusted & award winning business.


We can advise the most suitable option for you. Service provider of Ministry of Health & Sweet Louise


570 Barbadoes Street Christchurch Ph 385 66 96 | 0800 009 447

570 Barbadoes Street Ph. 3856696

etropol caught up with Michelle Farmer, Senior Stylist and Director, about what their hair hub has been like in a post-lockdown world. “We’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone has managed their colours during lockdown especially those that have been very creative! It’s great to be back doing what we love and our clients have been so supportive during these uncertain times,” Michelle says. You may have been staring at yourself in the mirror during that time and wanting a change or even just a revamp, well now’s

the perfect time to do so. The “team of fully qualified stylists, who are friendly and professional, are there to provide great customer experience and service,” Michelle explains. That change could be a few centimetres off the ends, some highlights or even a fringe. “Fringes are on trend at the moment or you could treat yourself to a new look without the huge commitment,” she says. The salon also stocks Wella, System Professional, Sebastian and ghd. Book your next appointment on 03 355 4734 or email


33 Battersea Street Ph: 021 898 920

Men’s & women’s Metropol 23 July, 2020 27


Hair for the longrun Finding and forming a relationship with the right hair salon is no easy task. There are things to consider such as location, pricing, appointment availabilities and most importantly the staff. Capelli Hair Design in Ashburton ticks all of those boxes, providing you with a pleasurable experience and services worth raving about.

he salon offers every hair service imaginable, from cuts and colours, to express up-dos and tailormade wedding day packages. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. And they’re constantly looking at ways to expand their horizons. They have introduced a dedicated barbering area to the salon and have been putting the team through barbering training to cater to male clientele. The Capelli team stays up-to-date with current hair trends and is passionate about discussing all the latest looks with clients. If you want to be the best, you have to use the best quality products and Capelli works with professional brands such as L’Oréal, Kérastase and ghd to get an amazing end result. You can also shop these brands online or in store. Capelli warmly welcomes new clients visiting their page for an indication of pricing or contacting them with any questions or queries. Open Monday to Saturday, phone 03 308 9320 to book now.

Full skin checks with Dr Emma Trowbridge with world leading digital dermoscopy and accurate mapping of all relevant skin lesions. APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE NOW!

Dr. Emma Trowbridge

WE ALSO PROVIDE:. • Mohs micrographic surgery - the gold standard for skin cancer removal. • A dedicated acne clinic • Acne scarring treatment Ph 03-356-0214, Encore Health, 248 Papanui Road, Merivale.


Ph. 03 308 9320 l 217 Burnett St, Ashburton I

WINTER SALE! Orthotic and wide feet friendly Flexible latex sole for ultimate comfort Shop online - 28 23 July, 2020 Metropol


143 Victoria Street

03 595 0762

The best in beauty When you’re getting some cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup) performed on your face or body, you need to go to a professional that you can trust. Virginia Scott of Virginia Scott Beauty Therapy and Cosmetic Tattooing is that person.


irginia offers a niche service to help women and men. One of the main reasons she trained in this profession was to help ladies with alopecia, as well as the medical side of cosmetic tattooing, camouflaging scars or burnt skin and tattooing nipples after breast augmentation. She is one of the most experienced Master Cosmetic Tattooists in Christchurch, with more than 40 years as a beauty therapist and 30-plus years as a cosmetic tattooist. Virginia is also constantly doing post graduate training in cosmetic tattooing and beauty therapy.

For those wanting to not worry about applying or touching up their makeup, cosmetic tattooing of the brows, lip blush and eyeliner can provide a solution. There’s also the added bonus of private parking and a professional beauty room. But importantly, when it comes to finding a cosmetic tattooist, Virginia urges everyone to, “Please check out the person’s qualifications, meet them and see their premises”. “Cheaper isn’t always best… it’s not just a beauty thing, it’s a healing thing. If you look good, you feel good.”

Mastery Cosmetic Tattooing

Healthy, clear nails made simple. No pain, no downtime, and no risk.

Wake up looking fabulous with permanent beautiful eyebrows

The only touchless, painless solution for onychomycosis & toenail fungus.


The Lunula Laser is the easy & convenient treatment – it helps turn your discoloured & dis igured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails.




e to Exclusiv diatry ts Po Footprin

Virginia Scott Beauty Clinic & Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic Ph. 0272 242 175

7 Milton Street, Somerfield P. 332 9792

Everyone will notice, no one will know! Winter Special Pay $750 for three full face dermal needling treatments and receive two complementary facial peels

145 Innes Rd, Merivale Ph (03) 363-8810 Metropol 23 July, 2020 29

Connecting the dots



It’s long been said that trends are cyclical and when it comes to polka dots, they most certainly are – both in the figurative and literal sense of the expression.


f you’re just now connecting the sartorial dots, you might have realised polka dots are everywhere. A print perennial, this sartorial throw-back has come full circle but this season’s design darlings have waved goodbye to the adolescent polka dots of the nineties and the polka dot is re-


emerging with an elegant edge. Loud and proud, the polka dot is the red-lip of sartorial circles and, after a few years of minimalist trends and solemn ensembles, this fun fashion fixture is becoming the life and soul of the style party, marrying sophisticated style with a light-hearted twist.



Full service Denture Clinic and Laboratory No Obligation - Free Consultation Caldent Denture Cleaner

Want healthier gums for a healthier you? Call us.

18ct Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring

396 Innes Road, St Albans

$3995 (03) 928 1878 140 Idris Road, Strowan

9ct 42cm Wheatsheaf Style Chain


30 23 July, 2020 Metropol

18ct Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring

Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring



NRV $6205

Photo Credit: Pixabay

NRV $6205

Phone 385 5517

NRV $5460

Platinum 'Tiffany' TDW 1.58ct Ring

18ct Morganite Diamond Ring

9ct Yellow & Rose Gold Gate Bracelet




NRV $25,100

NRV $6100

NRV $5269



While it may have first cemented its cult status in 1926 when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot bikini, the first famous protagonist of the polka dot was, of course, Disney’s Minnie Mouse in 1928. This year designers are reimagining them in micro iterations painted on floor-length dresses and even oversized versions swathed on elegant evening wear. Balenciaga has taken the trend to the next level, with a selection of spotty sock boots, statement shirts and mini totes.

Getting Winter Ready 100



locally owned and operated

DON’T GRAB THE COTTON BUDS! Or hair clips, pipe cleaners, or paperclips! We have heard many horror stories over the years of attempts to remove annoying ear wax. Delving in your ear with anything can be very dangerous and painful, with the risk of causing infections or lasting damage.

Same day delivery for Christchurch City on all online orders

111 Cashel Street, Christchurch Phone 03 595 1289

Hear Again can remove excessive earwax easily and painlessly using gentle microsuction. Unblock your ears the easy way.


03 974 1658 Metropol 23 July, 2020 31




Experiencing back pain? Dynamic Spines Our Dynamic Spines programme is ideal if you’ve got recurrent back pain as it is proven to strengthen your core. Research shows that exercise-based programmes that focus on improving core and back muscle strength dramatically reduces the recurrence of back pain. For an in-depth explanation, view our Dynamic Spines brochure on-line or call us 03 360 3606 Muscle People Physiotherapy Clinics City Clinic I Bishopdale Clinic Wigram Skies Clinic

Do you suffer from a


Celebrating 60 years

Then why wait for treatment?

Get back to work or play sooner than you think... Our qualified and experienced gastrointestinal surgeon specialises in hernia repair by key hole or open surgery Call for a FREE info pack Ph: 03 961 6666

Eligibility criteria apply for Southern Cross members

Level 1


9 Caledonian Road Christchurch

32 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Invest in life


Is mesh safe for hernia surgery? When it comes to hernia surgery, patients can take comfort in the fact mesh can be used without fear, with international research showing no difference in pain rates when comparing the use of mesh or sutures for repair, The Hernia Clinic’s Ross Roberts says.


n experienced surgeon specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of hernias, Ross explains there has been much controversy in the media regarding the use of mesh in gynaecological procedures, causing unnecessary widespread stress and anxiety for patients undergoing hernia surgery. “Media coverage has unfortunately brought the good results of mesh hernia repair into disrepute by categorising all mesh operations as the same,” Ross states. Published newspaper reports

have highlighted associated risks of infection, erosion and chronic pain but haven’t addressed the real issue which is the anatomical placement of the mesh itself, he says. “The use of mesh for abdominal and groin hernia repair is safe. Most reported problems relate to the location of the material and not the material itself. “The use of polypropylene (the most common type of mesh) is not a new material and has been used for hernia surgery since the early 1990s. The use of mesh in surgery to

repair inguinal or groin hernias is well established here in New Zealand (and internationally) and is considered the procedure of choice.” The team at the Christchurchbased Hernia Clinic is widely experienced in all forms of hernia repair including keyhole and the more traditional surgical techniques. Clinic staff always survey their patients and seek feedback following surgery. “We are confident that it’s safe and that’s the conclusion we have reached after surveying our patients before and after surgery.”

The results of this study were published in November and showed that, of a total of 1711 herniae repaired at The Hernia Clinic, the recurrence rate after inguinal (groin) hernia repair was less than one percent. Importantly it was also shown that mesh hernia repair significantly reduced the amount of pain that patients experienced as only 22 percent of patients had no pain before surgery while 76 percent where pain free after surgery. Similarly 7.6 percent of patients had severe pain before surgery and only one percent of patients had severe pain one year after their hernia repair. It is reassuring to know that the risk of long term discomfort or other side effects after hernia repair using mesh was very low in this large study. Hernias are particularly common disorders, especially in men, and can only be successfully treated by surgical repair. The past requirement for prolonged time away from work and exercise following surgical hernia repair no longer applies today. Information regarding hernia repair options is available freely on request. Contact The Hernia Clinic on 03 961 6666 or email Metropol 23 July, 2020 33



The ‘spring clean’ may be something we associate exclusively with the homewares sphere, but the season of regeneration is also time to hit refresh on your meal mindset! With spring just around the corner, it’s time to pack all the veges and superfoods we can into our days; citrus may be just what you need to kickstart your health! We check out some of our favourite ways to pack in the nutrients.

SUPER CITRUS: It’s no secret citrus is a great source of immunity-boosting vitamin C. But there’s other lesser-known benefits to these tasty, fresh fruits, too. Did you know eating and drinking citrus may improve brain and lung function, and speed up your metabolism?

MARVELLOUS MANDARINS: Mandarin season is in full swing, and these handy little guys with their own natural packaging and convenient segments are an easy-toeat addition to the kids’ lunch box (or your hand bag) for a no-fuss on-the-go health boost.

NAVEL GAZING: New Zealand produces about 9 million kilograms of navel oranges between July and December, so it’s no surprise they’re one of our favourite fruit bowl residents. However, you may be surprised to learn they’re also a great source of fibre and potassium.

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS: Lemons are always in season in New Zealand, and the yellow gems can help hydrate, improve your skin and aid digestion. A squeeze of lemon will add a health-promoting zing to your water, tea, or salad dressing.

PHYTO-FIT: Citrus contains phytonutrients, clever little chemicals produced by plants which the fruit itself uses to stay healthy. When you eat or drinks foods rich in the compounds – like citrus - you benefit from the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, too.

ZEST FOR LIFE: There’s more to citrus than juice (though a freshly squeezed glass of OJ never goes astray). Consider freshening up your next winter salad with slices of orange or grapefruit, or use the zesty delights for tart desserts like an orange cheesecake or sweet-but-tangy lemon curd.


Focus on the nutrients count and not the calorie count, if you want to improve the quality of your diet.

BUY THE BEST, BUY LOCAL Support artisan, family owned businesses like Charing Cross Cheesery, based at Riverside Market on Oxford Terrace continue to sell their nationally award winning dairy products, like their Marinated Labneh balls.

We cater for all food needs. From a range of delicious platters, through to delicious desserts. Book now!

Open 7 days at the Riverside Market Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central Ph. 027 312 9447 34 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Creative, delicious dishes

55 Faringdon Blvd, Rolleston Ph. 03-260 0866 Open 7 Days 9am-Late

Toast-ie of the town

A Geraldine Gem Be taken on a journey through our extensive Barker’s of Geraldine and Barker’s Professional ranges in our Foodstore and Eatery. Located on the picturesque banks of the Waihi river in the heart of Geraldine. Share in the Barker’s commitment to community, people and environment, and passion for excellent food and beverage. MCCLURE’S CHICKEN SCHNITZEL TOASTIE - CREDIT BABICHE MARTENS

Winter just got a whole lot tastier with the launch of the third annual Great NZ Toastie Takeover.


elebrating the delicious Kiwi staple that is the notso-humble toasted sandwich, eateries around the country are once again putting their unique spin on the iconic snack. The competition element of the Great NZ Toastie Takeover returns this year, with 83 establishments vying for the title of New Zealand’s top toasted sandwich in 2020 – a 66 percent increase on the number of entries last year. Cook & Nelson and McClure’s Pickles have already started scouring the country for the best toasted sandwiches and they’re encouraging the public to do the same. The 12 finalists will be announced on 3 August

and will receive a case of McClure’s pickles and dinein vouchers to give away to their customers. The supreme winner will be announced on 3 September and will walk away with a year’s worth of pickles, more dine-in vouchers, a toastie trophy and, most importantly, bragging rights to the best toasted sandwich in the country. And the toastie love is being spread even further this year with the public able to enter their own home creations in a separate category. Simply create your toastie, tag it on the social media of your choice with #toastietakeover to enter the draw.

Participating eateries in Christchurch: • Bottle & Stone • City Social • Civil & Naval (Lyttleton) • Earl Bistro • Grain Coffee and Eatery • Joe’s Garage – Riccarton • Kin at Ballantynes • Sign of the Kiwi (Governor’s Bay) • Terra Viva Cafe • Terrace Tavern • The Tearooms at Ballantynes • Welles St


Ph: 03 693 9727


Beautiful Garden

Setting & Scenery 200 Stalls

Relaxed, Friendly Atmosphere

Fill your car with your friends and enjoy the trip to Stover Garden, 220 Main North Road, SH79, Geraldine Metropol 23 July, 2020 35

Shop Local

THE DISH City Centre Your most delectable food wish can be found at the Dish. Melt in your mouth asian fusion lunch, dinner or set menu for sharing or a-la-carte options or try our $15 lunch special. THE DISH’s dedication to good honest food is all about freshness served in our stylish modern restaurant. Also available for functions

ROOM 205 COFFEE HOUSE Fendalton We are a local and friendly café in Fendalton. Serving fresh homemade food (GF, VG, DF, KETO) and barista-made coffee. We can cater for up to 60 people in our upstairs area that offers privacy and comfortable seating. Our customers tell us we are the best choice  for their brunch/lunch meeting!

THE ELMWOOD Strowan Eat - Drink - Play New Menu - Daily Specials Functions Quiz Nights Meetings! Superb food, great prices. Ample free parking! Your new local!

376 Montreal Street, City Centre. Ph 03 925 9787

205 Fendalton Road, Fendalton (corner Clyde and Fendalton Road) Open 7 Days Ph 03 351 1488

1 Normans Road, Strowan, Christchurch Open 7 Days 10am-11pm Ph 03 355 5345



FLORA CAFE Health Precinct, Central City

True deals. Great Taste. Daily Specials inside! Receive 10% Off your first online order Limited time only! Open: Tues-Sat Lunch 11am-2pm Dinner 5pm-9pm Sun-Dinner 5pm-9pm

Creative Food, situated on the main street in Temuka next to the Jolly Potter. Come in for a handcrafted pie, great coffee and delicious treats!

Fabulous food in the heart of Christchurch’s Health Precinct.

9 Coppell Place, Hoon Hay Christchurch Ph 03 339 0320 36 23 July, 2020 Metropol

123 King Street Temuka Ph. 03 615 5735 @creativefood2018 @creativefood

Unknown Chapter Coffee Muffins + Scones Homemade Slices Breakfast and Lunch

276 Antigua Street, Manawa Building Across from Christchurch Hospital Outpatients

INDIAN ZAIKA Merivale Authentic Indian Cuisine Customers rave about how our curries and naans are simply the best they have tasted. Devoted locals bringing you an authentic taste from overseas. Our food is cooked on our premises for you to enjoy in the Restaurant or as a takeaway meal. Open: Monday 4:30pm-10pm, Tuesday to Sunday 11am-2pm & 4:30pm-10pm. 178a Papanui Road, Merivale (opposite Office Road) Ph 03 925 9904


Corner of Armagh & New Regent St’s (168 Armagh Street) Central Christchurch Open 7 Days, Weekdays 7.00am-4pm, Weekends 8.30am-4.30pm Ph 027 346 0140

FIG RESTAURANT & BAR Papanui Serving a range of fine cuisines that can truly be described as international to suit any occasion. Situated on site at the Quality Hotel Elms in Papanui and open daily for breakfast and dinner, they pride themselves on their mouth-watering food - including a range of gluten-free and vegetarian options and their comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Coffee from 6am, all day bar menu. Dinner from 5pm 456 Papanui Road, Christchurch Ph 03 352 4903




We are famous around Canterbury as specialists in rustic home-cooked savoury and sweet foods. We have heaps of great gift ideas in our store, championing all that is local and you will not find a better wine or craft beer selection anywhere on the Peninsula.

Locally owned cafe. For lovers of homemade fresh food and locally-roasted, fairtrade coffee. We have good eats, locally sourced crafts and art, and a beaut’ spot for coffee in the afternoon sun on our terrace.

Gold Card Lunches Mon-Fri Mon/Tue Wood-fired pizzas $20 Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes Wed $15 Burgers Thur / Fri $20 Steak Night Sun $10 Waffles Function Room - fundraisers/private functions Takeaways available

Main Road, Little River Open 7 Days Ph 03 325 1933

1/66 Port Hills Road, Heathcote. Old Maltworks site not far from the Gondola Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-4pm Sat -Sun 8am-4pm

Weedons Ross Road, Wst Melton Village Open 7 Days: Sun 9am-late, Mon-Sat 11.30-late Ph 03 421 6481 Metropol 23 July, 2020 37

FORMOSA Ashburton



Winter time can’t stop us from creating more delicious dishes for you. Come and explore our new sparkling and refreshing cocktails on the menu. See you in Formosa.

Come in now for your delicious croissant or pies with beautiful layers. Chocolate croissant, almond croissants and apple pies. Now serving steak, mince, chicken, bacon ‘n egg and vegetarian pies. Frozen pies also available stocks limited. Call in to Japanz Bakery for a delightful experience!

Delicious Meals, Refreshing Beverages, Relaxing Atmosphere. Book your pre-show dinner or drinks and enjoy our warm atmosphere and friendly service. Open: 7 days 11am till late

173 West Street, Ashburton Open Mon-Sat Ph 03 308 7874

South City Mall, Colombo Street Open 7 Days Ph 03 943 4066

284 Lincoln Road, Addington Ph 03 335 0095 pedalpusheraddington




We’re back... Book your functions... Celebrate life’s milestones with those close to you at Universo. Indulge in the ultimate experience by securing one of our 3 spaces or the entire restaurant. Private Events or Corporate Functions

Ye-Chon is a new Korean BBQ spot serving up a generous range of traditional Korean Cuisine in a contemporary setting. The family thrives to serve genuine Korean food but also share their culture with Christchurch. Ye-Chon specialises in “Korean Barbeque”, a dining format rooted around communal values. Their in-house wetaged cuts grilled over charcoals and generous hospitality is sure to keep you craving!

A huge thank you to all of our customers for all your support we received during COVID-19. We can cater for morning teas and lunches and also welcome you to dine in or takeaway from a wide range of yummy fresh food and delicious coffee. Prompt, fast and friendly service! 5 Kirk Road, Templeton Located in the Templeton Medical Centre Ph 021 177 5507 38 23 July, 2020 Metropol

49 Worcester Boulevard Ph. 03 379 5214

95 Riccarton Road, Windmill Shopping Centre Open 6 Days: Mon-Sat 11.30am-8.30pm Ph 03 341 3314




COSY CAFÉ Casebrook

Possibly the most extensive Chinese menu in Christchurch. All day menu available including Peking Duck, beef, roast duck, pork buns (gluten - free options available). Brand new modern décor with extensive lighting features and seating for 200 people. Open for lunch including Yum Cha. Also open for dinner. A truly special function venue which comfortably seats 200 people. Fully Licensed.

Got fussy eaters? We’ve got something for everyone. From house-made pies, desserts to an extensive cafe menu. Le Bakermen Cafe and Bakery has a big passion for providing quality coffee - with Havana Coffee Works supplied beans, we also provide single origin soft brew coffee.

1/187 Wigram Road, Wigram Open 6 Days, Tues-Sun Ph 03 322 7898

187 Wigram Road, Wigram Open 7 Days Ph 03 421 5496

Located on Cavendish Road, locally owned café with a wide range of homemade cabinet food, full breakfast, brunch and lunch menu available. Providing gluten free options and can cater for any other dietary requirements on request. Enjoy our hummingbird roasted coffee blend made from our experienced baristas. Open 7 days 7am – 4pm

THE BIRDWOOD Becknham Come in to The Eatery for our world famous breakfast board ‘The Birdwood’ and locally made kombucha. Linger for our house roasted coffee and warm service. Open daily 8am-4pm. Great wine list and Three Boys on tap. The Pizzeria is your go to place for artisan, hand-stretched, sourdough pizza. Open Mon-Thurs 4pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 3pm-10pm Craft Beer on tap and a stunning wine list. 76 Malcolm Ave, Beckenham Ph 03 332 3256 www.the

24/150 Cavendish Road, Casebrook Ph. 03 352 0412

BOO RADLEY’S FOOD & LIQUOR City Centre We are an award winning southern-USA styled bar & restaurant with a distinctly New Zealand twist. We offer a great sharing plate selection, complimented with exceptional cocktails, a large range of craft beers, a hand-picked wine list and one of the largest selections of Bourbon Whiskey in New Zealand. Live Music Wednesday - Saturday Level 1/98 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central Open 7 Days Ph. 03 366 9906 Metropol 23 July, 2020 39


he welcoming and flexible spaces at Universo allow for a variety of dining, drinking and celebrating experiences. For mid-winter functions, guests can have exclusive use of the entire venue, with canapés served to 150 or 80-90 people seated. The café area is available for 30 guests seated, while the bar and restaurant can cater for 70 guests seated, and of course the areas are available for canapé functions. “We have private events, milestone celebrations and corporate functions booked for winter and spring,” Madlen says. “And come summer our generous outdoor area comes into its own – weddings for 80-90 seated or 200 people canapé style are a speciality and of course we love to do more intimate gatherings as well.” With the glorious Arts Centre and Art Gallery as neighbours, it’s hard to beat this sophisticated setting when booking for a memorable occasion. Come evening, a favourite choice for diners is the ‘trust the chef’ choice, where groups of four people or more receive the team’s favourite dishes, at $65 per person for a starter and main with sides, and $75 for three courses. Universo’s not to be missed cosy winter special is ‘bottomless dumplings, beers and bubbles’, which is available every Thursday in July and August from 5-8pm at $59 per person. Cup and Show Week feels more than ever like a promised land this winter, and Universo will again be serving its very popular canapé style breakfast with bubbles or a seated breakfast, with transfers to the track. Book a spot for your crew and let the planning for the gateway to a great Canterbury summer commence!

Heroes of hospitality The word hospitality derives from the Latin hospes, which rather oddly means both host and guest. However, it all makes perfect sense on a visit to Christchurch’s established favourite, Universo, where the relationship of hosts Madlen and Wayne Shaw with their diverse range of guests hits the peak definition of hospitality, being “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”.

At the bottom of the hill

A Bakery Treasure Trove

N Z ’ S O N LY S L O E G I N

An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available.

73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph. 337 8214 40 23 July, 2020 Metropol

11 Sandyford Street, Sydenham

Distillery open for tours and tastings

In your kitchen



Our pies are full of tender, slow cooked beef, rich, flavoursome gravy, encased in soft flaky pastry. 346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days Ph. 322-4600

Fantastic selection of dry food ingredients for your pantry. Gluten free & Organic • Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit • Pulses & Grains Flours & Bread Mixes • Herbs & Spices 24 Wilson Street, Geraldine 7930



Based in Sockburn, Oscar’s bake up a storm each week with an ever-changing variety of cakes, slices, cookies, quiches, gourmet pies, sausage rolls and barista coffee! Open 6 Days Mon - Sat Late Nights Thurs & Fri Ph.027 310 6369 125 Main South Road

Use promo code MIDWINT for fantastic discounts on wine orders this month! Match your home cooked culinary masterpieces with fine Waipara wine. Order your delicious locally grown wines today ataahuawinesnz Ataahua Wines

LEVEL ONE CAFE & BAR Starting August we introduce #7daysocial. A cool way to combine food+drink deals with live events, community initiatives and co-working spaces. Check out Friday’s Be Fruity loaded waffle for $10. Level 1/217 Marine Parade Ph 03 423 3170

MRS DENTONS Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too. Fine. Food. Fast. Takeaway Cafe and Delicatessen. Monday to Saturday 9am to 2pm Ph. 03 357 4516 027 469 0206 168a Kendal Ave, Burnside

WORLD CUISINE Imagine a dinner party with friends at your place. With no prep, set up or clean up needed from you. A restaurant style meal delivered or with full service. In the comfort of your own home with family & friends. Let World Cuisine do it all. Contact us Ph. 021 544 029 E.

THE BAKEHOUSE CASHMERE Heart Warming Bread Made fresh on our premises. Tempting range of pies, filled rolls slices & creamed buns Open: Mon-Fri 6am-5pm, Sat 6am-4pm Sun 8am-4pm 8 Colombo Street, Cashmere. Ph. 03 337 0403

THE KITCHEN CUPBOARD We stock quality brands at great prices. Catering for your everyday kitchen needs as well as those specialty items. If we don’t have it chances are we can get it - just ask. 34b Talbot Street, Geraldine P. 03 693 8634 E. Metropol 23 July, 2020 41


Tavern ticks all of the boxes Marty and Naomi Fuller are the proud owners of The Elmwood Trading Co., a locally loved tavern that has an amazing community around it. Metropol caught up with Marty about how they’ve been getting on since taking over the reins 22 months ago.

ith a massive grin on his face he tells us that they’ve been “Absolutely thrilled with the response! “We wanted to create a friendly, value for money, local tavern – almost like a home away from home. The Elmwood was already going well, it was established but had a lot of potential in its food operation. So, we brought our chef, Henry Liang, his kitchen and some front of house staff from our previous hotel Trevinos,” Marty raves. A new space meant undertaking the creation of new menus and the addition of daily specials; not to mention adding to their extensive wine list. Some notable newbies are the garlic prawn hot pots and (a personal favourite of ours) the red curry lamb shank – both pictured. The Elmwood is extremely versatile with a separate function area as part of the restaurant, where “we can host meetings, seminars, fundraising quiz nights and birthday parties,” Marty says. “If the event is big enough, we can utilise the whole restaurant.”

If you’re just popping in, they also have a gaming lounge with 18 gaming machines, TAB, huge tv screens and a great outdoor area with year-round heating. Walking into those double doors you can feel the warm energy radiating from the restaurant, the staff and the lovely owners. Marty ecstatically says, “we tick a lot of boxes” and we wholeheartedly agree.

Let yourself be wowed From the luxurious décor and design, right through to the sumptuous menu, everything about Fig Restaurant at the Quality Hotel Elms, is focused on attention to detail and quality.


entrally located at 456 Papanui Road, whether you’re staying on site at the hotel, or looking to enjoy a night out of exceptional dining, you’ll be wowed by the international modern, bistro-style menu and exceptional customer service. It’s your choice to sit at the seated tables indoors, or gather around the beer garden’s outdoor bar, which is the perfect spot to relax on warm days and evenings.

Highlights on the menu include the stuffed chicken breast, cumin dusted lamb loin, pumpkin and lentil filo, and Hereford beef, which is served with your choice of sauces and sides. You know you’re in good hands as Fig was listed as a Beef and Lamb Excellence award winner in 2017. The finest local and international wines feature at the bar and gluten-free and vegan options are all catered for. Meanwhile for dessert, you

can’t go past their poached pear, sticky date pudding, or delicious mango panna cotta. The Quality Hotel Elms – just a five minute walk to Northlands Mall – offers standard, superior and deluxe accommodation, and

can also cater for functions. Four conference rooms are also available which can seat 80 to 200 people, making it the perfect venue for your next seminar, conference or social event. 42 23 July, 2020 Metropol


Dark and stormy Moody navy blues that look like they came straight out of the Mariana Trench, such as; Resene Twilight Zone, Resene Bewitched, Resene Wishing Well and Resene Submerge are making waves in the interior design world. When paired up with equally dark and stormy greys like Resene Dark Web, Resene Suits and Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, you can build up a deeply layered look – especially in a bedroom. If done right, the result is sure to make you want to dive right into bed and stay there until winter’s over.


loudy greys and moody blues are layered sky high in this sophisticated master bedroom, while brass details and ochre velvet chair provide a touch of warmth to balance out this otherwise cool space – creating the perfect place to seek shelter

from temperamental winter weather. The Resene Quarter Emerge walls bring levity to the dark tongue-and-groove paneling in Resene Indian Ink and keep it from being overpowering. The flooring is in Resene Half Chicago

– a smoky grey – while the bedside table looks bold in Resene Wishing Well. The small angular vase is also painted Resene Wishing Well, the white vases are in Resene Poured Milk, the tall blue vase is in Resene Meditation and the shorter blue vase

(with twigs) is in Resene Remember Me. Pile on charcoal-on-navy-on-charcoal bedding and finish with a soft, low-pile rug in steel blue. If an ochre-coloured accent chair isn’t for you, try one in an equally vibrant contrasting colour like aqua or coral.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, Metropol 23 July, 2020 43


Mood board: Background in Resene Half Chicago with A4 drawdown paint swatches (clockwise from top left) in Resene Remember Me, Resene Quarter Emerge, Resene Kind Tide, Resene Wishing Well and Resene Poured Milk. The hexagon vase is in Resene Wishing Well and the skinny vase is in Resene Remember Me.



Spring has long been associated with regeneration, but it’s equally time to update, refresh and create a whole new vibe. We’ve looked forward to the spring 2020 colour palette so you can prepare for a spring fling!

Providing commercial office fit outs for 20+ years. We provide a complete service from planning & design through to completion. For enquiries, please contact us at P. 03 377 5982 E. W. 44 23 July, 2020 Metropol

MAKING ME BLUSH: ‘Millennial Pink’ has been a colour craze since the summer of 2016 and it is showing no sign of slowing down. It’s a colour that has paved the way and angled the spotlight on the ‘world of pink’. By doing so, it has allowed for the colour blush, a more subtle version of the punchy millennial pink, to come to the forefront. The colour matches well with white, camel and soft pink. FEELING BLUE: Classic blue is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020, making it a hue that you’re more than likely to see everywhere this year. Described by Pantone as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”, blue has long been used to connote serenity, reflection, calmness, serenity and trust, helping to calm the mind and help it focus. GREEN WITH ENVY: Green is another colour to watch out for in spring this year, specifically sage green. There’s something that’s so fresh and organic about it. Not to mention it’s unisex, perfect for masculine and feminine spaces. The ‘go green movement’ doesn’t just have to represent the switch to sustainability, go green in all aspects of life.


PRETTY AS A PEACH: Peach Jelly to be exact. This pastel peach will be all the rage next season. The colour really gets a chance to pop when it’s matched with strong shades of dark green or grey. It looks great on accessories around the home such as rugs and cushions.


2 3 4 5

GOOD AS GOLD: Maybe don’t go overboard with this one… the only place ‘all-gold’ everything looks good is in a palace. But that’s not to say that it can’t look good in splashes throughout your space – it’s time to create a regal feeling. It also pairs nicely with the sage green listed above.


Metropol 23 July, 2020 45

Kitchens of envy “Working with clients to help them realise their concept for a kitchen is extremely satisfying and rewarding.”


ichard Hutt of Oakleigh Fine Furniture has always been passionate about solid timber and creating fine furniture. Some

years ago he diversified into making kitchens using the full range of materials from timber to laminates, melamine, stone

Looking for a custom designed piece for your home?

and painted finishes. “People like working with us because we are a small firm and can give them that individual point

of difference. We really listen to clients’ ideas, take them on board and turn them into reality.” A Kristen Reid-designed kitchen, completed only a few weeks ago in a new home, is one of which Richard is especially proud. “It’s a large kitchen, including a scullery and an island wide enough to accommodate several people dining – a true entertainers’ kitchen. The client was great to work with as she had a clear vision. It was up to Kristen Reid and us to make that vision into a practical and workable, yet attractive space.” The kitchen is indeed stunning. It has a classic palette of charcoal, light grey, off white and chrome. There is an industrial flavour with the huge metal pendants over the island. The grey concrete-like engineered stone of the bench tops and the brick work of the splashback and range hood further contribute to this style. Storage and food preparation space is abundant and the appliances are state of the art. “It was a joy to see our client’s face when everything was finished.”





We can do it... CUSTOM FURNITURE KITCHENS BATHROOMS JOINERY Ph 027 533 6523 or 03 382 0677 |

Little People, Big Dreams

12 Normans Road, Strowan I Phone 355 0995 46 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Ph 027 4888 305

home Angelique Armstrong Armstrong Interiors Ltd

Rocking the stone look

Metropol catches up with award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong about how we can rock the natural stone look in our interiors. A granite or marble feature wall in an interior can look incredible, how can we match our tile choices to the feature wall? On our Instagram and Facebook, you will see natural stone is something we enjoy using. Timeless, classic and durable, it will make a lasting statement in any space. We admire the history that exists behind the process of sourcing

and producing stone slabs, and we love knowing that each piece is original in colour and veining, ensuring that every installation comes with its own authentic sense of style. Stone feature walls can give a home an organic texture, warmth and sense of sophistication. When choosing tiles to complement the feature wall, we consider the overall feel and purpose of the room.

Sometimes the best result is to use something completely different so the stone becomes the feature, or another option is to pick out a colour within the stone you can work with. Pictured is a project we recently completed at a country estate in Canterbury. The schist worked in beautifully with the parquet sideboards we had custom made, along with the detail of the kitchen design. With flooring in our bathrooms which natural stone do you recommend? Natural stone is a sensible choice for a wet area like the bathroom, laundry or entrance way where durable flooring solutions are needed. Stone options include Travertine Bluestones, marble and granite. The finish of the tiled stone is also optional based on the look you want to achieve. Examples

include; honed, leathered, gloss and matte finishes, and the size module and lay is also optional. Our fire places are generally a focal point of our living areas, how can we incorporate natural stone to add interest and dimension to this area? The look you are wanting to achieve for your home will help determine the right choice of stone and grouting. You may want your fireplace to be elegant and formal, clean and simple, contemporary or rustic. A stone surround will enhance the room creating an eye catching focal point. Bookmatched stone, along with a beautiful stone hearth can offer one of the most enchanting results. Phone: 03 356 2636 Email: office@ Instagram: armstronginteriorsltd

YOU DREAM IT WE’LL BUILD IT Metropol 23 July, 2020 47


Black is the new black WORDS MELINDA COLLINS


Black is unquestionably chic; commanding, compelling and able to court many other colours thanks to its chameleon-like nature.

nd, while it has long played a starring role in the wardrobes of Kiwi women, it seems the time has come for the hue to make its way to our abodes. Why not take a walk on the dark side and try a dark statement feature wall? It’s an easy and elegant way to create a depth to your spaces. Ready to go all in? Black walls surprisingly work in small rooms, such as the bathroom or powder room.


Jetmaster Wood Quadro


Now you can include chowders, grills, pot roasts and pizzas to your skill set - all sorts of Now youfood can tasty dishes and finger with include the Jetmaster radiating its warmth and your hospitality.

chowders, grills, pot roasts

Removable oven to your skill set andpizza pizzas Removable BBQ plate - all of tasty dishes 7.8l Potje Pot sorts on swivel arm Smaller solid grill plate food with the A ST UNNI NG NE W RA NG E O F P R E Mand I UM Gfinger AS F I R IN E S TH ATOUR LO O KDISPLAY MO R E R E AOF L I STI C A NDAND COOKERS COME TO FIRES Jetmaster radiating its I M P R E S SI V E TH A N E V E R B E F O R E .


AT OUR OUTDOOR SHOWROOM - 95 BYRON STREET warmth and your hospitality. 95 Byron St Christchurch 8023 03 365 3685

95 Byron St Christchurch 03 365 3685

Fiksate Gallery Fiksate Gallery is New Zealand’s only specialist urban contemporary art gallery, located in the heart of Christchurch. Fiksate showcases local and international urban artists. Now you can include chowders, grills,contemporary pot

JETMASTER WOOD QUADRO Entertaining Outdoors? ANOTHER STRING TO MAN’S BOW Now’s the time to install your Louvre Solutions roof, ready for summer entertaining! Louvre roofs are perfect for year-round use, seamlessly taking your indoor entertaining outdoors throughout all seasons. The cooler months are the ideal time to prepare and be protected from the elements while you dream about the summer rays and outdoor entertaining.

roasts and pizzas to your skill set - all sorts of tasty dishes and finger food with the Jetmaster radiating its warmth and your hospitality. Removable pizza oven Removable BBQ plate 7.8l Potje Pot on swivel arm  Smaller solid grill plate

THE LINEAR COLLECTION. | Ph: 0275 356 286 48 23 July, 2020 Metropol 165 Gloucester Street

Cementing a newtrend Are you dreaming of a better kitchen? Dream Doors Kitchens specialise in facelifting your existing kitchen as well as complete new kitchens. They will work with you to give you that dream kitchen within your budget. The Dream Doors team prioritise keeping disruption to a minimum with facelifting services often completed within one or two days. | Ph: 03 338 1081 |


The historically exterior concrete is creeping indoors and cementing itself as one of 2020’s top interior architecture trends. THE NEW WHITE As design thinking moves towards more natural aesthetics, the seemingly eternal trend of stark white kitchens may be coming to an end. And hand trowelledeffect concrete may well be taking its place. Described by Italian architect Andrea Maffei as “the material that best defines modern architecture”, concrete is rich in hue and texture and brings a sleek and contemporary feel to the home when paired with wood grains and solid monochromatic palettes. BEYOND THE BENCHTOP Concrete benchtops are far from new, but how about concrete cabinetry and

rendered feature walls? You can find concretelook melamine products in New Zealand which can be used for everything from kitchen doors and bathroom cabinetry, to feature islands, wall panelling, bookcases, and desks …and it can be done with paint! When using concrete or adhesive alternatives are out of the picture (or price range), a realistic concrete effect can be mimicked with paint. Look for lime-based paints which can achieve the coveted concrete finish when applied by block brush in random left-to-right strokes.

Stylish & affordable home staging Show your home at its absolute best. We can provide our services at short notice. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation. | Ph: 021 123 4418 |

Contemporary furniture Global Living specialise in quality furniture that stands the test of time. Proud supporters of NZ made brands Danske Mobler, Kovacs, Pace and RH Design. | 100 Moorhouse Avenue Metropol 23 July, 2020 49


New directions Painting may have been one of the hobbies New Zealanders took up over the course of the lockdown. YouTube tutorials may have sufficed then, but now it’s time to increase those skills further.

nter Art Metro, a creative hub that has produced hundreds of happy students. Metropol caught up with owner Simon Walmisley about the art school and the exciting opportunities arising for him. “I believe that what we do here at Art Metro is far more than running a business,” Simon says. “It’s a community service for people from all over the city, a social experience in a studio space where more than 300 students can enjoy each other’s company.” Taking that community service as a springboard, Simon has decided to branch out into politics this year, standing under the New Conservative Party banner for the Ilam electorate. “New Conservative’s strong focus on families and communities really appeals to me and I am excited to represent them as a candidate. I am sure campaigning will be just as challenging and rewarding as I have found being a business owner is,” Simon says. “As I have with Art Metro, I will make the most of the opportunities that arise.”

Let our tutors help you be the artist you've always wanted to be! That's what we do!

The Art Metro Art School offers tuition in: Abstract; Children's classes; Drawing & Sketching; Impressionism; Oils & Acrylics; Pastels & Watercolours; Beginner and Advanced…

Term 4 adult classes for 2020 begin the week of 27 July. Enrolling now and enquiries welcome. 03 354 4438 465 Papanui Road






solid timber furniture

Let Sparky Brighten Your Day NEW Sparky CA is here to meet the urban demand for a compact, good looking small fire. Streamlined panels, fixed log base and a stove-top cooking surface. Clean air approved.

80 Durham Street South, Sydenham P. 366 9219 W. 50 23 July, 2020 Metropol Ph: 09 408 2469

Dabbling in design Some of you may know Carl Gildea of Willow Landscapes for his wealth of knowledge in landscaping and construction. But in order for his business to grow, so did his skills and knowledge. Enter the Diploma in Landscape Design. Finishing at Christmas time, it gave Carl a whole new appreciation for the art of landscaping.

n top of now being able to provide concept plans for back gardens, Carl explains he has “learnt so much about how garden shapes and lines make it more of a pleasing place to be”. “We specialise in residential spaces; we look at it from above and fit everything they want in their garden.” Every space will have a different end goal; every customer and project is unique – from tropical to native looks and anywhere in between. “Gardens are designed to be your own personal holiday – somewhere to relax, entertain and play.” Paving, decking, raised planters, water features and entertainment areas are just a few of the amazing ways Willow Landscapes can give your outdoor area that much needed facelift. Aside from being a master at what he does, Carl is also very easy to deal with. “I’m the designer, the project manager and onsite 60 percent of the time. So, you’re dealing with one person from start to finish.” For a free quote and design inspiration, phone Carl on 021 536 442


Residential I Commercial I Kitchens I Bathrooms Staircases I Wardrobes 25a Lunns Road, Middleton, Christchurch. P. 03 343 0360 E.



Affordable Phone & Computer Repairs

Landscape Design & Construction

• iPhones • Smartphones • iPads • Tablets • Computers • Laptop Repairs, Parts & Accessories • Glass Screen Protectors • Phone Cases • Cables etc

Call Josh Today 3A/1 Stark Drive, Wigram Ph: 0800 222 691

021 536 442 |

Need An Electrician?

3A/1 Stark Drive, Wigram. Ph: 0800 222 691

0274 180 437 Metropol 23 July, 2020 51




Perfect for any dinner table. ‘Iris’ fluted dinner set with its beaded design inspired by the form from the Iris petals.


Come in and meet Kelvin and Jacqui


grow good health

new season’s deciduous fruit trees now in stock 134 varieties – apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, etc. 17 double grafted options

52 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Cnr Wairakei Rd/ Roydvale Ave P. 03 358 5565

Brookhaven - 6 Teal Close


Terrific on Teal

Deadline Sale




24th July 2019 at 6pm (unless sold prior)

Fully renovated executive home in a peaceful cul de sac in the popular Brookhaven area. Beautifully landscaped gardens with entertaining space Chris Spence complete with outdoor fire and water feature. Versatile livingLocal areas and well Estate appointedExperts entertainersin Fendalton Your Real kitchen combined with four double bedrooms Lower Fees, Service, HigherMike Performance (master with ensuite andHigher walk in robe) means room Pero - Harewood for both family and guests. Excellence! Close Pursuing to the Tannery, Ferrymead shops and reserves and only a short drive to nearby beaches and the Port Hills. 403a Ilam Road, Bryndwr

03-928 1936 Fendalton

View - Thurs 5.15 - 6pm, Sunday 1.30 - 2.15pm Web - Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)


The go-to for real estate advice Mike Pero Fendalton is your local go-to for real estate questions. “It’s great when people come in with their queries. We love that they know they won’t be ‘pounced on’ and that there is no expectation they are here to list,” Co-Owner Jacqui McBride says.


stablished in Fendalton Village for four years, the five agents at Mike Pero Fendalton offer a combined 50 plus years of experience. “We’re happy to chat about everything from buying an investment property to the layout of a home,” Jacqui says. “It’s about building relationships within our

community, so we hope people never feel awkward popping in.” They are commonly asked for advice on the top three things someone should do before bringing their home to the market. Jacqui says it is simple… “declutter, clean, clean, clean, and check that your garden and front entrance

are looking good. Staging a property also impresses prospective buyers and the team is happy to help make that happen.” Co-owner and Jacqui’s partner, Kelvin Howell, has been in real estate for 20 years, having managed several offices along the way. “Our point of difference is that we are

friendlier and we are smaller. We will give you a detailed response, plenty of our time, and a personal touch. Mike Pero is known for a lower sales commission, but we certainly don’t offer a lower level of service - it is quite the opposite,” Kelvin says. Marketing at Mike Pero is innovative. “We led the charge in modern home marketing, always following the principle of ‘do it once and do it right’. Others have followed but we still have the edge with our presence in the country’s living rooms through our television marketing,” Jacqui says. “We understand how much of your wealth your home represents to you and we believe that value should be reflected in the extent of our marketing.” The last six months have been busy. “Our open homes are extremely well attended. Since Covid presented itself, it is business as usual but with a change in the way we conduct our open homes and business in general. Keeping our clients’ health and safety foremost in our minds.” Metropol 23 July, 2020 53


Designing for change Is it possible to design a family home today that will stay in synch with changing needs through future years? Craig South, of South Architects, believes it can be done provided evolving family dynamics are carefully considered in the design process.

Make your kitchen look NEW again


Your local Design and Build specialists At Jennian Homes Canterbury we pride ourselves on delivering the home you’ve always wanted. Our in-house Architectural Designers and New Home Consultants will help make the most of your land and lifestyle requirements. We also offer a 10 year Master Build Guarantee, our unique Jennian Homes Guaranteed Completion Promise and a 36 Months Maintenance and Warranty Guarantee.

Contact us today!

Before After

Before After

Our friendly team can remove all the doors and panels, repair and refinish in a colour of your choice. Lacquered, timber and melamine kitchens refinished.

Kitchens or Furniture Call us now to discuss your options 03 03 365 2519 2159 | 54 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Jennian Homes Canterbury | 212 Main South Road, Sockburn P 03 741 1436 | E |

oving somewhere new every time life changes is not a universal practice around the world and, as our households become more diverse, attitudes are changing here too. Intergenerational living is becoming more common and influencing home design preferences. I believe the trend could be towards long term strategic thinking that involves very careful selection of a location and an environment that will have enduring value, coupled with future-focussed design objectives. Of course, homes should always be designed to allow for planned growth and change so that it can continue to provide value into the future, rather than just current demands. In fact, we see this evolutionary process happen within our own practice as homes we have designed adapt to meet changes in family dynamics, as the years go by. Today the concept is moving a step further with designs that effectively combine two homes under one roof. One such project we have been working on with a client involves designing a house with a self-contained wing, well-connected to the main home and with its own views as well as internal and external amenities. The goal is to provide a quality lifestyle for extended family with the clients’ parents living in the

connected wing. In another future scenario as families evolve, the selfcontained space could be used by older children. Or the clients could eventually live there themselves, with the next generation in the main home. The real value of the design is how it supports the concept of an extended family living well together, with privacy and independence in balance. A desire to add separate yet linked accommodation spaces to the main home is certainly emerging as a design preference in this ‘house for life’ movement. We can also see a growing taste for smaller bedrooms and more living spaces. It’s my view that dormitory-style bedrooms could catch on, it works well for families with the extra space used to create a separate living room to socialise with friends. The key to having a successful inter-generational home is to ensure there is good communication, good planning and having the courage to make design decisions that may seem unexpected in the present context, but will make perfect sense in the future as the family grows and evolves. As architects, we must consider our clients’ personalities and preferences in order to create enduring bespoke designs that will suit their way of life, not just today but well into the future.

Need more room? NZ Made Cabins


$17,500 32 Fletchers Rd Loburn Ph. 03 312 8963



Electronic Security

100s of fabrics to choose from Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Mon-Thurs, Fridays 8am to Midday P. 371 7500 Hours:or7am-4.30pm by appointment with Keith 0275 663 909 McDONALD HARTSHORNE






Combined Security Solutions

Paul McCormick 0274 337 997 | Metropol 23 July, 2020 55



new things

Your Gift Guide to the world Holidays may have been put on hold and borders may be closed for the time being, but you don’t have to travel the world to get a hold of some of its greatest treasures. We caught up with Catherine Matthews, owner of French Blue, to find out her instore recommendations.

Cognac glasses hand made in Mexico available at French Blue

Gorgeous range of ‘Winter Warmers’ at The Ivy Skirt made from House of Hackney Floral Fabric. Part of a new range by Bridget Mathewson Design. Made in NZ Available from Dalethorpe House in Darfield


ll the way from Mexico; calf skin tote bags and glassware are a popular pick. Make your way over to Europe with French linen and linen tea towels then pop on over to Portugal with Rua Nova tableware. A lovely rack of Ilse Jacobsen coats, raincoats and wind jackets from Denmark hang front and centre. And it wouldn’t be a gift guide without recommending their assortment of gift cards. Who said you just had to visit French Blue to purchase gifts for others… treat yourself.

Multi award winning picture framing at Windsor Gallery

For your gifting ideas mention this advert and receive 25% Off (Instore only) Available at all Simply New Zealand stores. See ad below for store locations


The Ivy

Rustic and elegant coloured concrete bathroom basins handmade in Christchurch. View online at


Beautiful homewares flowers inspiring gifts & creations


clothing . gifts . home @DarfieldGiftGallery

Mon-Fri 11am-5pm Sat & Sun 11am-4pm The Ivy


55 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch Ph. 03 326 6481 E.

french blue

03 317 9250 . 021 060 7982

9a Normans Rd Christchurch Ph. 355 7545 51 South Terrace Darfield NZ

Metropol Advert 60 x 60mm_BLUE.indd 1

19/09/19 2:57 PM

Picture Framing Specialist

Contemporary Art Gallery 386 St Asaph St. Ph: 366 0724 56 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Innovative new sporting facility

A new multi-purpose all-weather sports and recreation facility for Christchurch’s eastern suburbs has arisen in Rāwhiti Domain.


ngaging Creative Intentions to design, plan and manage the development, Eastern Community Sports and Recreation (ECSR) has built a high-tensile fabric canopy over the domain’s previously underused tennis courts, which will open in September.

Using an innovative building system from Canadian company Sprung, which comprises a tensioned membrane fabric fixed to large aluminium beams to create the 60m x 36m canopy, the facility offers many opportunities for the 11 sports clubs and community

organisations that sit under ECSR’s umbrella. Tennis and netball clubs will use the new facility as soon as possible; rugby, cricket, athletics and softball clubs will also take advantage, and it will be available for community use, from trade shows, to concerts and yoga classes.

ECSR is one of several sport club partnerships throughout New Zealand, created to make it easier for sports and recreation organisations to operate effectively. Canopy construction began prior to lockdown in mid-March, was suspended during lockdown levels 3 and 4, and was completed early July. It was quick to build, providing ECSR with excellent efficiency compared to what would otherwise have been a cost-prohibitive conventional structure. Project funding has included grants from the Rātā Foundation, the Lotteries Communities Facilities Fund, New Zealand Community Trust and Christchurch City Council’s Capital Endowment Fund grant. Sprung is a 123-yearold family company that initially began making tents and covered wagons. Since diversifying into permanent structures, it has constructed approximately 12,500 buildings in over 130 countries. ECSR’s Rāwhiti Domain canopy is New Zealand’s first Sprung structure.

The Creative Intentions team specialises in producing: Solutions & outcome focus Community & commercial projects Design & Development Procurement & Project Management Delivering a completed outcome Exceeding client expectations

P: 03 324 3063 M: 0220 259929

Project Development Design to Completion

T: ++64 3 324 3063 M: 0220 259929

Experts in our field Maugers is a well established third generation family business. Specialising in subdivision, earth moving, green waste and construction needs. | Ph: 381 1018

Structural engineers & architectural designers

Proudly providing geotechnical support for the Rawhiti Domain Covered Courts project. ENGEO, your premier geotechnical and environmental engineering consultancy serving projects across New Zealand and abroad.

Engineering and building consent compliance support for imported engineering solutions such as: • aluminium portal frame buildings (Canada and China) • kitset log homes (Russia) • CLT panels (EU and Russia) • PVC windows (EU) 03-3777 898 Metropol 23 July, 2020 57


Success on the slope The sloping site underneath this stunning Hanmer Springs holiday home was all in a day’s work for D M Wilson Construction, a company with a 20-year foundation of experience, based right there in the alpine village. “We are experts in building on varying degrees of slope in Hanmer Springs. We handle all the prebuilding requirements, so clients are assured their new house is built on safe grounds and to the highest of standards,” Director David Wilson says.


hreefold Architecture created the design and ensured the house maximises the utility of the sloping section. “The house feels just right for its location right in the middle of Hanmer – it captures the view of the pond and the village all in one,” David says. Hanmer offers both residents and visitors an all-embracing range of weather throughout a typical year and David is delighted with Metalcraft Roofing’s new standing seam

roof profile Espan©. “The profile is innovative and it is designed with both style and performance in mind. The ribs create strongly defined shadow lines and, when combined with the concealed fixings, you get superior weather performance,” David says. Three types of cladding are blended on the exterior and while David’s favourite is the cedar weatherboard – “You can’t beat the natural timber feel” – combined with the touches of stone veneer and metal cladding,

the house is elevated far beyond any recognised standard for holiday homes. The heightened specifications continue once inside the house and you’ll find the lock-up garage contains an inbuilt hybrid car charging port. The team of subcontractors was integral to the quality of this build and David is keen to thank them all, “from Well Connected Electrical through to Robertson Family Decorators”. With two further beautiful homes under construction and

some bathroom renovations under way, D M Wilson Construction is dedicated to bringing an affordable yet high quality approach to all its projects. “We set a high standard and we deliver on time and on budget,” David says. “We are specialists when it comes to high-end quality architectural home construction and renovations, but we are just as happy to construct your new pergola or dream deck with the same amount of quality our regular clients know to expect.”

Residential + commercial architecture Threefold Architecture love design and want to do what it takes to produce outstanding spaces. We are genuinely excited to meet you and offer a free chat to those who are keen on the journey of renovation, design and building. 51 Durham Street South, Christchurch 021 100 7185,

58 23 July, 2020 Metropol

Mountain Retreat

Architect Ruth Whitaker of Dunedin-based Mason and Wales Architects was delighted to take on the client brief for this stunning timber home which sits on a raised plateau on the Crown Range, high above the snow line and overlooking the Queenstown Basin. “The client wanted a mountain retreat that really enhanced its incredible location and that they could enjoy all year round,” Ruth says.


onstructed by the team at Landmark Homes Central Otago, this twobedroom residence showcases attention to detail, while Ruth’s design combines three objectives: intimacy and warmth, capturing the majestic views at every opportunity, and blending into the iconic mountain setting. Created as a cluster of interconnecting timber structures, the main living/dining/

Renovations that make a statement

kitchen structure and guest wing is aligned on the axis of Coronet Peak, with Mt Beetham in the foreground. At 90 degrees to this, the master bedroom/ library suite is aligned on the axis of The Remarkables. Both forms capture these two prominent peaks whilst creating an enclosed outdoor living space with an open wood fire in between. From here, the central outlook is the striking view far

and wide across the Wakatipu Basin. Low stone garden walls span out from the house, connecting it with the land but ensuring a small amount of the wild pasture is hospitable. Inside and out the beauty, warmth and tactility of timber used for floors, walls, ceilings, exposed roof trusses, architraves and joinery further bonds the home to its spectacular landscape.

Exceeding Expectations In terms of quality Landmark homes are absolutely unrivalled. In their 30 plus years of building exceptional homes they have developed strong, trusted relationships with the highest quality suppliers and the highest calibre tradespeople; true craftsmen who take as much pride in their work as Landmark do, producing a result that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. | Ph: 021 547 737 Metropol 23 July, 2020 59


Queen castle of its

The exterior, as viewed from Queens Avenue, of this striking black cedarclad home reveals nothing of the forms within and that’s just the way multi-award winning architect Greg Young of Young Architects likes it. “I like making street facades simple and modest, and the most unusual feature of this design is the lack of ‘look-at-me’ from the street.” PHOTOGRAPHY DENNIS RADERMACHER


rought to life by Metzger Builders, the original design brief was straightforward enough: a family home with entertaining space, utilise timber and stone, a glazed gable end linking to outdoor living, with an aesthetic inspired by early-Sir-Miles-Warrenmeets-Central-Otago-style. The creative solution saw Greg and his team utilise the strong but simple gable form, updated with black cedar. “We concentrated on the pure unadorned black silhouette on the streetscape, and we used that form to frame the living spaces, inside and out,” Greg says. The entry is defined by warmer natural

cedar, which links to the natural timber powerfully visible inside. “I love the living space with the exposed cedar scissor trusses and dark timber ceiling,” Greg says. “It’s unusual to concentrate so much on the sculptural effects of exposed trusses in a living space.” Numerous architecture judges (the awards are stacking up for this property) clearly understood the simplicity and concentration on proportion. “You don’t need extra detail if you get the form right,” Greg says. “But actually the best part is how much the owners love it – the people are the most important element of the spaces I design.”

Award winning homes by Metzger Builders Ltd (MBL) Proudly working with Young Architects Ltd

Mark: 0274 359 836

“Attaining Excellence”

Promote your build project in metropol. Contact Annette Finch 021 187 1298

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Luxe Lyttelton build Phil Benton Builders is very pleased with the end result of this three-level home that works its way up the hill, with its commanding views of Lyttleton Harbour looking down towards Governors Bay. “The work put in by the construction team was outstanding, with patience and quality of finish exceptional,” Director Dave Fraser says.


his home incorporates Herman Pacific Vertical Cedar cladding in the colour ‘Goldrush’ and blends it in with CS Roofing Eurolock 450 Vertïcal wall cladding in the colour ‘Slate’. A pop out Nuwall cladding in ‘Matt Azure Blue’ around a couple of the windows adds a great contrast. The extensive use of cedar batten shade screens around the house augments symmetrical lines and visual appeal. They were also used as wind barriers and sliding door screens. Aluminium louvres by Louvretec used as wall and roof shades give privacy and shelter from prevailing winds, which enable all year round use of some of the exterior decking. The owners intended to install a cable car up the side of the house to help with access. However, during the building permit

application process, it was decided to future proof the house: the owners instead decided to install a European lift by Vestner NZ Ltd. The lift created an outstanding result in functionality and delivers fabulous views of the harbour as you rise to the living room level. Heated with Central Heating NZ radiators, the owners are excited about moving in and enjoying all the new technology within their light and warm home, as well as the stunning views. Phil Benton Builders is proud to be a member of the Master Builders Association and the company specialises in building new architecturallydesigned homes, as well as renovations and additions to quality homes to enhance the existing structure. The team’s focus is on craftmanship and making sure you enjoy the build experience.


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Finance offer available from Blackwells Mazda until 30/09/2020 on New Mazda Passenger & SUV Range including CX-30. Mazda Finance is only available through UDC Finance Ltd. Normal credit & lending criteria apply. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. OPTION 1: On payment of the ORC & any fitted accessories, the above RSP plus a $365.35 Establishment Fee are financed & paid over 48 equal monthly instalments with 3.9% interest rate p.a. No deposit, balloon or residual payments required. OPTION 2: On 1/3 deposit of the above RSP, payment of the ORC & any fitted accessories, the balance of the above RSP plus a $365.35 Establishment Fee are financed & paid over two further equal instalments of 1/3 in 12 months & the remaining 1/3 in 24 months at 0% interest rate p.a. Includes Mazdacare.


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When GM made the decision to pull out of all right-hand drive markets after the demise of the Holden brand, needless to say a few gearheads were less than overjoyed with the news. Therefore, there is a chance this facelift Chevrolet Camaro could be the last new GM product we get through HSV dealers in New Zealand. Oh, and it also happens to be a beast of a muscle car.

n the outside, the facelift Camaro 2SS has been given a stylistic nip and tuck. A more pronounced mouth with the Chevy bowtie badge as the centre piece makes for a more aggressive front, and the revised taillight cluster and new alloys look the business. Under the bonnet sits the hefty LT1 6.2L V8 with a fairly substantial 339kW of grunt and 617Nm of torque. The biggest change mechanically is the addition of a new 10 speed automatic gearbox. It’s very good by the way, but more on that in a bit. Inside you get a very driverfocused cabin, containing nods to Camaros of the past while still feeling up to date. You sit very low and sports car like in the seat and the small steering wheel feels good clasped in your mitts. Standard kit includes 20-inch alloys, Brembo brakes, LED running lights, Apple Car Play/Android Auto and dual zone climate control. Fire up the LT1 V8 and you make everyone within a few 100 metres of you aware of your presence. Blip the throttle and it bellows like a proper V8

road burner should. Touring mode allows you to cruise along in comfort with the V8 burble slightly subdued in the background. The LT1 V8 also shuts down four cylinders if they aren’t needed, returning combined fuel consumption of 11.5L/100km. Change up to Sport and things get racier and louder; put it in Track mode and the steering and throttle response sharpens up, plus the shifts on the 10 speed box become quicker. In Track mode you can make mincemeat of bendy bitumen; a welcome sensation as Camaro’s of old were never that great at the twisty stuff. The 2SS stays planted and gives you the confidence to push harder. Sure, you can cruise in the Camaro, the ride is comfortable too, but it feels more at home having its neck wrung. Despite niggles like some excessive tyre roar and intrusive wing mirrors when turning at a junction, the 2SS Camaro is a damn fine continuation of a muscle car legend. Fingers crossed it will stick around in the New Zealand market for some time yet.

Service + Repair Specialists Factory special tools and diagnostic equipment. Specialists 30+ years European Cars. All work guaranteed. Loan cars available. | Ph: 365 0531 | 324-8 St Asaph St

In Canterbury call 022 658 2957 or on

Ph: 0800 5333 555 530b Sawyers Arms Rd, Chch

Quickest: From 4 mins per wash. Multiple pay options. Washes start from $18. Cleanest: The very best clean for your car anywhere. Drive away with a dry car. Greenest: We recycle 80% of our water and use biodegradable detergents.

0800 KERBED 0800 537 233

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When the all-new Mazda CX30 made its debut in New Zealand, it was launched online, thanks to COVID-19. However, after waiting patiently, we finally got a taster of Mazda’s new SUV. Mazda says the new CX30 slots perfectly between the CX3 and CX5 in its SUV line-up. However, with the CX3 and CX5 offering such a compelling small and mid-sized SUV package, do we really need an SUV in between?


MENTION METROPOL FOR 10% DISCOUNT 72 Bryon St Sydenham, Christchurch


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46 Battersea Street p. 03 366 1809

he CX30 is essentially a raised version of the Mazda3 hatch. However, despite looking almost identical to the more grounded 3, the CX30 has actually shrunk by 70mm and features an entirely new rear end. Like the Mazda3, the CX30 is available in three trim levels, the GSX at $41,490, GTX at $44,990 and the top end Limited at $49,990. The GTX featured here is, according to the team at Blackwells Mazda, the most popular model in the range. The entry level GSX gets FWD and a 2.0L four-cylinder Skyactiv engine with 114kW/200Nm, but the GTX and Limited get the bigger 2.5L unit and AWD. With 139kW/252Nm, it is nothing short of sublime. Plus, you will be sipping the juice at 6.8L/100km thanks to the aid of cylinder deactivation. Toys are something the CX30 is very generous with. All models get the i-Activsense safety package as standard kit, which gives you a plethora of gizmos keeping you on the straight and narrow. These include lane-keep, active cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and active emergency braking. The GTX also gets Intelligent Speed Assistance, front parking sensors and off-road mode. The latter is down to

the fact the GTX and Limited are AWD. The Limited also gives you leather trim and a thumping Bose stereo system. Head and legroom are not as generous compared with the CX5 and, with 430L, neither is boot space. That said, the seats themselves cocoon you like few others and the overall ambience of the CX30’s cabin feels like the car costs double its asking price. Plus, all the switchgear actually feels satisfying to touch. Once you are up and running, you quickly realise just what an utter peach that 2.5L Skyactiv engine really is. Coupled with the uber slick six speed automatics transmission, cruising around suburbia has never been so refined in this price bracket. Acceleration is not rapid thanks to the lack of a turbo, but from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm, you are able to waft forward at a considerable rate. Mazda’s G-Vectoring Control steering allows you to have a sublimely comfortable ride without being wobbly in the bends. It really is the best of both worlds. Despite the space niggles, the CX30 still manages to be a sublime all-rounder. The CX30 is the Mazda SUV we didn’t think we needed, but really glad it exists.

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Since Chinese firm SAIC resurrected MG, the British namesake has been increasing its New Zealand presence in a big way and the most popular MG on Kiwi streets right now is the MG3 Supermini.


t a seriously low starting price of $17,990, the MG3 offers astonishing value. Under the bonnet sits a 1.5 litre fourcylinder petrol engine with 82kW, mated to a four-speed automatic gearbox. It’s not the most refined engine and trans combo, but the power gets put down well enough for city driving. Standard kit across the range includes

an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, a four-speaker Yamaha Digital Sound system, reversing camera, cruise control and rear parking sensors. Styling wise, the MG3 looks clean cut, but seems to mimic the style of its Japanese rivals. However, touches like the 16-inch alloys, chrome bumper accents and rear

spoiler on the top spec Excite, look good. On the move, the steering is weighted well and in the twisty stuff, the MG3 can be a bit of a giggle. Plus, while some interior plastics are quite hard, the MG3 still provides decent surroundings. The MG3 shows real promise and manages to epitomise bang for your buck. All we need now is a sportier MG3 GT.


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2018 Bentley Bentayga 4.0 V8 TDI Mulliner Stunning in Blue Metallic with Luxury Cream Leather and Woodgrain inlays, 22” Polished Mulliner Sports Alloys, Heated/Cooled Seats with Massage function, Panoramic Roof, Soft Close Doors, 4.0 V8 Bi-TDI 900 NM of Torque and Performance, LED Lighting, Chrome Roof Rails and Grills, NZ Nav/CD/AUX/Bluetooth, Adaptive Cruise Control, Bentley embossed Stitching, The epitomy of Luxury 4WD motoring.

NOW $299,995

NOW $169,995

NOW $29,995

NOW $49,995

2020 Audi SQ7 4.0 V8 Bi-Turbo TDI 320KW Facelift

2014 Audi S5 3.0 TFSI Supercharged Convertible

1992 Mercedes Benz SL 500 V8 Roadster

Brand new 2020 model SQ7, Glacier White with Black Leather Diamond Stitched Seats, Facelift SQ7 Grill, Bumpers, Dual Sports Exhausts and Aggressive Matrix LED Headlights, Full Glass Cockpit, 22” SQ7 Sports Alloys, Whispbar Black Roof Racks fitted, Heated Seats, Electric Rear 7 Seats, Virtual Cockpit with Apple Car Play, Wireless Phone Charger, NZ NAV/Bluetooth. Save thousands on new list price!

NZ New just 2 Owners only 47,000kms, Facelift Model S5 with revised 245KW V6 Supercharged TFSI engine, Revised LED Lights/Grills, 7 Spd S-Tronic Gearbox, Electric Soft-top roof, 19” S5 Sports Alloys in Grey, Full Leather S5 Sports Seats with Heating, Sports Exhausts, Audi MMI with NZ NAV/Bluetooth/AUX/Stereo and Reverse Camera etc. Low kms, Late model and a hard to get NZ New model.

Only 30,000kms with the last owner having owned 7 years!, An iconic and appreciating Mercedes Benz Classic model, Factory Alloys, Removable Hardtop (fitted as per pics), Additional Electric Soft-top, Full Black Leather, Woodgrain inlays, Front Airbags, Cruise Control, Remote Locking, Period Stereo, Electric Seats, Full Electrics etc. A very original car, inspection will impress!. A future Classic.

2012 Range Rover Evoque 2.0T SI4 Dynamic 4WD

2020 Audi RS6 4.0 V8T Quattro Launch Edition Latest Model

2015 Range Rover Sport HSE SDV6 Diesel

1 of only 121 Launch Edition spec RS6s!, Sought after Nardo Grey, Black Package Styling, 22” RS Sports Alloys with Red Brake Calipers, Black Accents- Grill/Roof Rails/Spoilers/Window surrounds, HD Matrix Lighting, Panoramic Sunroof, Heated/Ventilated Seats, Glass Cockpit NZ NAV/CD/AUX/Bluetooth, Dynamic Steering with Top speed enhancement. A 800NM/441 KW every day 4WD Supercar!

2016 Model Year, NZ New 1 Owner vehicle with Full Service History, Carpathian Grey Metallic with Black Leather, 22” Factory Sports Alloys, Privacy Glass, LED Lighting, Full Leather, Heated/ Electric Heats, 16 MY NAV/Command unit with In-Control, Ambient Lighting, Reverse Camera, 4WD Terrain response etc. At this price range, be quick!

Funky Colima Lime Metallic with Grey Leather Sports Seats/Lime inserts, Dynamic 20 inch Sports Alloys, Dynamic Sports Button and interior upgrades, Black Roof, LED Lighting, Running Boards fitted, Climate Air, Push Button Start, Multiple Airbags, Reverse Camera, Ambient Lighting, Full Electrics etc. Will sell at this price range!..

NOW $34,995

NOW $229,995


NOW $59,995

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Bridget Gabites & Hayden Broadbelt join Harcourts Holmwood Harcourts Holmwood Real Estate are delighted to announce the appointment of Bridget Gabites as Head of Growth & Strategy and Hayden Broadbelt as Business Owner of the Fendalton office. When markets are tough, people turn to the best in the industry to support them in property decisions and there isn’t a steadier hand than the support provided by everyone within the Holmwood Group. Tony Jenkins CEO, Harcourts Holmwood 03 351 3002 or 0274 322 896

Harcourts Holmwood Management Team

Recruiting these two superstar leaders was a massive win for the Holmwood business and shows my team’s commitment to providing the best possible service and support to our clients. Watch this space for some incredible industry leading ideas in development. We are the safest choice for our client’s biggest financial decisions: their property transactions. Whether you are selling, buying or investing, our team is here to help”.

Hayden Broadbelt, Tony Jenkins & Bridget Gabites


ILAM 03 351 6556

MERIVALE 03 355 6677


FENDALTON 03 355 6116

ILAM 2 03 351 3002

ST ALBANS 03 377 0377

NAI COMMERCIAL 03 377 0377

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