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21 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine





Tiki Taane proposed to his beautiful partner Rachel, transforming the footage into the music video for Serendipity and we’ve got the inside story on the beautiful proposal on page 14. Cover and inside photography by Wayne Tait Photography






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materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.



15 AUGUST 2019 VOL 22 ISSUE 16

In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and

One of New Zealand’s most trusted companies, Versatile Christchurch has introduced its latest showhome at Prestons Park. We find out more on page 99.





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“If I asked you to name all of the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?” - Anonymous At a recent teambuilding breakfast, we had to open envelopes and discuss the questions inside as a clever way to invoke conversation between those present. However, it seems nobody in our table of women had a quick answer for ‘What’s your favourite part of your body?’ In fact, one of lovely ladies I was enjoying breakfast with that day recognised that, “this would be a lot easier if we were listing things we dislike!” And yet, our bodies are capable of the most amazing things, automatically, every single day, and we take them for granted, focusing instead on the pimples, the wrinkles and the stretchmarks that cover them. Perhaps it’s time we change our perspective on our bodies and start reminding ourselves every day just how amazing our bodies are. Did you know alcohol is actually poisonous to us and the body cannot excrete it? So our clever livers transform it into something it can excrete so the toxins ABC AUDITED don’t poison us. While the ability to grow a baby inside us is amazing on its own, breastmilk actually changes its composition to meet the nutritional needs of the baby or babies. So if you express milk and line it up on the bench, you’ll see a beautiful rainbow of shades to illustrate the changes. There are millions of amazingAUDITED processes that our bodies do every single day and I don’t think any one of them is less impressive. So don’t forget to remind yourself every day just how amazing you are.

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Mac is back! By Clementine Page

Some of the greatest musical talent of all time is hitting New Zealand’s shores this September – the perennial Fleetwood Mac!


he legendary band’s original members Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie will take the stage at five concerts throughout the country this

September. They will perform alongside newcomers Mike Campbell and New Zealand’s very own Neil Finn, who replaced vocalist, lead guitarist and key band member Lindsay

their last show at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium on September 21. A pop rock band like no other, Fleetwood Mac’s enduring spirit has stood strong for more than five decades despite an unstable cast, and has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Their best-selling album Rumours has shifted more than 40 million copies, making it one of the biggestselling albums in history. Tickets are still available but snap them up quick! Visit for tickets and more info.

Buckingham when he was axed from the band in early 2018. The beloved group say they are thrilled to welcome the talents of the calibre of the two new additions to their cast, and will be performing all their popular classics, as well as a range of tracks from their historic musical catalogue. Following a 50-show tour of the US, the band will perform shows in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne before crossing the ditch to rock Auckland’s Spark Arena on 12, 14, 16 and 19 September. They will then head south to perform


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Sensing Sue By Melinda Collins

When Sue Nicholson was four years old, she saw dead people. Of course, she didn’t know that was anything out of the ordinary at the time. “I thought it was normal. They were just there,” says the beloved psychic medium who captured minds like she captured hearts on Sensing Murder.



6 August 15, 2019 Metropol

for 3pm Tuesday. It was ‘spirit’ that informed her the reporter would in fact not get there until 3:10pm, so when the reporter called and Sue was already aware of the 10 minute delay, it set off a chain reaction that would later result in another phone call – this time from the Sensing Murder producers. The fact that Sue knew the producer – who was yet to tell anybody – was pregnant secured her a second interview and, when she connected to the spirit of a young girl who was used as a test case to assess Sue’s credibility, it guaranteed her a spot on the show. But the show, which had delving into cold cases at its heart, took its toll. “Out of all my work, Sensing Murder was the hardest,” she says. “You get the backlash; bullying; I couldn’t get scenes out of my head; I had to go to counselling. When you come back, you’re not allowed to speak to anyone about it, so I had to process all that myself.”

One case – a 10-year-old boy who had been abducted – hit her particularly hard. “I have a 10-year-old grandson; I couldn’t sleep; it really upset me. I couldn’t do it anymore.” When they again asked her to participate in the latest season, she politely declined. Now she’s throwing herself into her seminars and she hits Canterbury on 4 September to talk loss, grief and healing, which she says is a much more fulfilling aspect of what she does. “People could have lost anything. It might be material things. In Christchurch, we will look at the trauma of the earthquakes. It’s about healing. “I wanted to do something totally different that would help everyone. Not everyone is spiritual, this is not a spiritual thing; it’s about working on yourself, releasing blockages. I’m simply providing the tools. I work to help dis-ease the body in order to prevent disease.” For tour dates and bookings, visit


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Choosing the wrong agent to sell your home can cost you money and cause unnecessary stress! “I had been placed into what I thought was a very negative and stuck situation due to experiences with another Real Estate Agent so I reached out to Cameron Bailey with details of my situation and he did not hesitate to offer his assistance, advice and reassurance. I appreciated his ability to connect and relate to my situation with empathy whilst upholding extreme professionalism and as a consequence enabled the selling of my home to be a very peaceful and quick process. Adding to that I was offered the services of someone to assist me purchase my next home - for me an added bonus!” CR No.1 Harcourts Christcurch 2012-2019 No.1 Harcourts New Zealand 2017-2019 No.1 Harcourts International 2017-2019

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hey would talk to me, give me messages, which helped me along my way.” Even her husband didn’t know, at least officially, until she “came out of the spiritual closet” some 30 years ago. But she knew before he did that they would end up in New Zealand before he told her of the work opportunity that had arisen. For the trained healer and reiki master, who also provides healing massage, along with hosting retreats, workshops and tours, the journey started through word of mouth. It was ‘spirit’ – as she lovingly calls those who visit her – who told her to put her card on a noticeboard tucked away in a back entrance to a supermarket where few people would even see it. She did get a call from that card – it wasn’t for a psychic reading or even a massage. It was a reporter interested in meeting her and an interview was scheduled

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By Tracey Edwardes

Zahra Hussaini first arrived in Christchurch as a 12-year-old Afghan refugee – the baby of eight siblings. Back then she didn’t speak a word of English, but the proactive 28-yearold is now an interpreter for the Muslim community. However, this is only one of the many humanitarian hats she wears.


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Located on the site of the old Russley Hotel, The Russley Village is set within eight acres of awardwinning gardens and grounds. The centrepiece of The Russley Village is its purpose built resident community facility, The Homestead where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space and hair salon. The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility and serviced apartments, is due to open in November and will provide residential care up to hospital level. Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds. The village has recently undergone a major refurbishment and has just released the first stage of new apartments. The Morven apartments, comprising of eight spacious two bedroom apartments, are architecturally designed with comfort and safety in mind and offer the latest in contemporary retirement living.

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ahra graduated as a lab technician from Ara, but was encouraged, because of her authentic compassion and love for people, to stand as councillor and community board member in the local elections for The People’s Choice Labour Waimairi. She enjoys going door-to-door, alongside Jake McLellan, a candidate for Central Ward, and having personalised conversations. “I’m so happy to see such diversity in candidates this year – such as Indian, Israeli and Afghan,” she says. “It’ll make a more inclusive community. That’s the beauty of it, to have the voice of everyone.” Immaculately presented and gracefully elegant, she believes in the importance of taking pride in her appearance, to look and feel confident – while still staying true to her faith and culture. Since studying fashion design as a student at Hagley Community College, Zahra believes women can have the best of all worlds, and plans to bring modest Musliminspired fashion, that’s also beautiful and modern, to Christchurch. Zahra is in the planning stages for launching her boutique in the near future – so the community can shop local for New Zealand and international made clothing. “What made me think about this was that when you go shopping here, it’s so hard to find something modest! Much of what is available is often too revealing for Muslim women. It’s easy to shop online, but I like to feel and see the fabrics, and try things on.”

An expert in layering, she loves chiffon. Separate sleeves are often chosen to stylishly cover the wrists and turtlenecks are a flattering favourite. The colours Zahra absolutely adores are maroon and burgundy, which pair exquisitely with her neutral of choice for shoes, bags and scarves – tan. A stunning agate stone of cultural significance is worn around her neck, set in silver, and long elegant jackets over skinny pants and this season’s high-heeled boots is a go-to. She loves Linden Leaves, Nars makeup and wears Burberry Black perfume. Lots of interesting scarves fill her wardrobe, particularly one from Krama & Co – which supports Cambodian weavers – that she wore at a recent ‘Uniting Canterbury Women’ event. In Canterbury colours, she says it pairs perfectly with a nude-coloured hijab. Busy planning and creating events, she’s committed to local environmental and water bottling issues and having a multicultural centre at Christchurch’s heart. She also volunteers for ‘Who is Hussain?’ – a worldwide organisation focusing on empowering communities. Actively involved with community youth work, she loves children and is the ‘favourite aunty’ to her nieces and nephews. Zahra lives in Wigram with her parents and says, “I’m so proud of my mother and the support she gives me. And my father, well he’s my champion – he has given me wings to fly.”

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Dream come true By Melinda Collins

For most brides-to-be, planning their wedding day is a magical part of the journey of life. And, while that is undoubtedly true for Christchurch bride Litisha Cleave, the fact that this wedding was the last chance to pull together her loved ones in a beautiful and poignant celebration of life isn’t lost on anybody, certainly not the 300 loved ones that gathered at Amberley House to witness her marry the love of her life, Riki Boyle.


he fact that this beautiful day was pulled together in a record three weeks at the hands of the community is not only a remarkable feat of organisation, but it also hints at just how much the story of Litisha and her young family has touched the hearts of the country. Just two years ago Litisha was a young mother of two with the world at her feet. A registered nurse, she spent her days working for Plunket. She was into her weight training and regularly participated in boot camps. So when she found two seemingly identical lumps – one on each breast – she thought little of it. She was after all, just 29 years old. It wasn’t until Litisha started feeling cripplingly tired that she sought medical advice. It was her iron levels that were

10 August 15, 2019 Metropol

front of mind but it was the lumps – mentioned more as an afterthought – that were where the problem lied. “Within 24 hours I had my results. It ended up being stage three breast cancer and triple negative, which is one of the crappiest breast cancer types you can have – and the most aggressive,” Litisha says. Not only was the first breast confirmed as breast cancer, even more rare was the fact the second biopsy too, was positive, with only the genetic testing that came up negative. It was just weeks after her 29th birthday. Litisha immediately underwent six months of chemotherapy, shrinking the tumours enough to enable surgery, undergoing a double mastectomy and full node clearance. Rehabilitation followed, before a round of

radiation over Christmas. There was a break before another round of “preventative” chemotherapy, which was ended early due to side effects. She was the best she had been for the longest time during a family holiday in May this year, but soon after returning, she found out the cancer had spread into her bone marrow, liver and her lung. While she expected the loss of her hair to hit her hard, it didn’t. “It hasn’t been about image or anything now, which I thought I would really struggle with, but it’s actually just about wanting to live and do everything I want to do.” For Litisha, everything she wanted to do was centred around the girls. “They’ve been fully aware of everything through the whole process and I’ve been quite open and honest,” she says.

Photography by Martin Setunsky,

that it hits me. I’m not actually afraid of dying, I’m just afraid of leaving them, like really afraid.” The most comforting thought is the knowledge that they’ll be well looked after. “I’ve got such a good family and so many good friends.” It was friends and family that made her dream come true. Close family friend Lisa Attewell played an integral part in getting the wedding together, after starting a Givealittle page in Litisha’s honour, while Riki’s sister Liana Porter also played an important role in the planning. But it took a village. Litisha and her family want to thank the following people and businesses for their unwavering support, coming together to make 27 July special: Angie and Andy Mason from Amberley House, Fulton Hogan, Farmhouse Florists, Bourbon Rose Florists, Hirepool, Kennards Hire, Lux Loos, Meisha Campbell from Design by Meisha, Fleur Couture Ltd, Something Borrowed Something New, Martin Setunsky Photography, Take Five, On the Dotted Line, TES Events, Rebecca Guyton Make Up Artist, Christie Chambers from Minifies, Evolve Hair/ Mane Hair, Nyree Huyser, Close Encounters, Mel Wilson, Corina’s Cakes, Tania JohnsonScott Celebrant, Rubarb & Relish, Mereana Karamaena and her catering team, Tracey+Tarena+Selena+Vila who were on the bar, Close Encounters, Mel Wilson, Plunket, Bubbling with Energy, Byrony Armstrong, Ali Heyl from Broadfield Beginners, Liana Porter, Lisa Attewell and all donators to Givealittle.

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“But not about the fact that I’ve got limited time, so I’ve got to deal with that now. I’ve got to try and tell my kids I’ve only got so long to live; that’s really hard.” It was two years ago that Riki proposed – on Litisha’s 28th birthday. Their girls – threeyear-old Lylah and four-yearold Hazel Boyle – being the drivers of the wedding. Three weeks is a record time to organise a wedding, but the dress was the easy part. Soon before being diagnosed, Litisha was strolling through Merivale with a colleague during a lunch break when she spotted a sale at Robin Cliffe. Her dream dress was in store, half price, but what sealed the deal was the fit. “The lady that was working was like, ‘that never happens! Normally you have to alter something, but that dress is made for you’.” Litisha went back and bought it and, on 27 July 2019, she walked down the aisle to Singing in my Soul by Fly My Pretties, looking every inch the angel that she is in that very dress. Litisha has prepared the girls’ birthday presents up until their 21st birthdays and is making videos to leave for them. A second engagement ring – identical to that given to her by Riki – has been prepared so the girls will receive one each on their 21st birthdays. “I just want them to know that I love them; that I’m proud of them; that they can be anything they want to be; that I’ll always be there, even when I’m not, and just to live life,” Litisha says, tears streaming down her face. “It’s when it’s about my kids

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Cutting his comedy teeth By Melinda Collins

We’ve all heard the motivational stories of those who make something from nothing. For Brendan Dooley, making something from nothing has a more literal meaning – after all, making goldfish appear in glasses of water and pulling $20 notes from inside Crunchie bars are all in a day’s work for this local comedy magician. “I was the kid that never grew out of it,” he laughs.


saw a juggler at a circus when I was three and that was my first obsession. My mum got me a magic kit when I was five, I had a magician at my birthday and that was that.” While he was always the quirky kid at school, Brendan kept largely to himself, but it was on stage – every chance he

got – that he would shine. At the age of 11 he made his career choice, in both heart and mind. It was at the Buskers Festival in Nelson when he saw street performer James James – one of the world’s top street performers – surrounded by 200 people. “All he had was a small table and his personality,” Brendan says.


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New Zealand’s Best Comedy Magician, a nominee for 2018 Variety Entertainer of the year and the youngest member of the world’s longest running magic show, Brendan likes to “approach the line, but not quite cross it” in his comedy and his “quirks” are something he embraces – that includes his love of funky shoes and suits. But along with belly laughs, there’s been plenty of tears too. There was bullying in school for his unique passions and sense of style, but even more poignantly, Brendan lost his mum, who had raised him alone, to cancer when he was just 18. Interestingly, it is the hard times that have made him such a good performer, by forming the basis of what is a beautifully refreshing attitude to life. “For me the main point is that bad things are going to happen; it’s all about how you deal with it,” he says. “We don’t have a choice over what happens, but we do have a choice over how we react. It’s about whether we get ‘bitter’ about it or ‘better’ about it.” And there’s no doubting, Miss Dooley would have been proud.

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“It was on that table that he produced six oranges from three cups and a pineapple from his hat! I’d never seen people react to magic like that, just the clapping, the cheering, the energy… it was next level. “It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to give people that same feeling.” Brendan now takes the same approach to hosting corporate events. “The job of a street performer is to stop you and make you watch something you didn’t plan to watch. “Corporate entertainment is so mainstream, so I aim to give them something they didn’t expect.” The St Bedes alumnus who was born in Dunedin and called Christchurch home since he was three, dropped out of school at 16, did his first national tour at 17 and has since toured New Zealand, Australia and Asia – even Jakarta – doing predominantly corporate events, festivals and theatre touring, after cutting his comedy teeth with private shows. “I haven’t unpacked my suitcase in two years,” he laughs. The youngest recipient of

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By Melinda Collins

ROMANTIC PROPOSAL Tiki Taane wears a lot of hats – musician, experimentalist, musical activist, producer, live engineer, loving father and partner. But there’s one more hat he’s looking forward to wearing in the near future.

We caught up with the prodigious talent about his romantic proposal. You’ve just recently proposed to your lovely partner Rachel in the most romantic way possible! How much time, effort and planning went into that? I had the idea pretty early on in our relationship, but the process took just over two years of crafting and planning. Organising the proposal video so Rach didn’t suspect anything was always going to be the hard part, but luckily my mum, kids and friends helped with the surprise. The other sneaky part which took some time was the design and making of the ring. Rach’s mum kindly gave me her old rings so I could get them melted down and turned into something new. So with help and guidance from Filigree Jewellers in Christchurch, we came up with the most beautiful ring that we are so blown away with. Can you tell us about your new single that has just been released with the footage of your proposal and what the song means to you? The song is called ‘Serendipity’ which is a perfect description of how Rach and I first met at The Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga. It was definitely a love at first sight type scenario and one that we often reminisce about, as it’s really special. So with all that in mind, I wanted the proposal to be something that we could always look back on and celebrate, but to also hold our relationship accountable during those hard times. You performed in a benefit concert, Brainwaves, for the Tourette’s Association NZ on 6 July. How important is celebrating diversity to you and how amazing was the opportunity to get to give young New Zealand musicians with neurological disorders the opportunity to perform?

14 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Brainwaves was a lot of fun and an awesome cause to get behind. The opportunity for the kids to play music on a big stage with big production was something they will never forget. Music can help so many people and can connect those from all walks of life; it was a real privilege to be part of that concert. Can you tell us about your journey into music? Well it’s a story with a few ups and downs but in a nutshell, I knew at 13 years old that music was all I wanted to do. So I started my band at 14, was onstage at 15 and haven’t stopped since. Do you consider music to have been your saviour? Yes, most definitely, especially during my early teens when I was young and reckless, then during my late 20s when I was drinking and drugging way too much, music helped pull me out of that destructive lifestyle. Music has enabled me to travel, explore countries, connect with different cultures, have adventures of a lifetime and take me places that I’d never dreamt possible. What do you love about what you get to do? I love that my job is about creating something out of nothing and that something then becomes a vehicle for me to travel and connect with like-minded people all over the world. That something can even be a catalyst for political, social, environmental, spiritual and conscious change, which is my ultimate goal when doing this music thing. Speaking of catalyst for change, you are incredibly passionate about sustainability, can you tell us about your journey within this space and some of the things you do to live a more sustainable life?


I’ve been exploring ways of trying to live a more sustainable life where possible, which includes switching my home and studio to solar power five years ago. I’ve also had an electric car when I partnered up with Hyundai, which was an epic experience being able to charge the car via the energy we created from our solar panels. I feel bad about the carbon foot print I’m causing by travelling all the time, so I’m trying different ways of living that leave less stress on Papatūānuku – Mother Earth.

I understand you’re also vegetarian. How long have you been vegetarian and how have you found that experience? Yeah, I’ve been living a plant-based diet for four years now and it’s been the best transition for me so far. I felt that by cutting meat out of my diet would not only help the planet and animals, but would also improve my health, which it has done big time. My kids still eat meat which is totally fine by me, but if they wanted to switch to a plant-based diet then I’d be all for it. How does it feel to be in a position where you have the opportunity to inspire real-world change for some of these areas – such as animal rights – that you are so passionate about? It’s an awesome feeling knowing that my music and brand can help causes that I’m passionate about. I’ve always wanted to be able to do things like that. I’m inspired by people like Bob Marley, Michael Franti and Nahko Bear who invoke change through their music and lyrics, which is a powerful thing. What do you consider to be some of your career highlights? Surviving!


What is something that people would be really surprised to know about you? I’m a very tidy person at home, perhaps a little OCD about it. I just like things to be neat and tidy, especially if I have guests coming over. But if it’s party time, then I like to let it all hang out! How does a day in the life of Tiki Taane look these days? Well in the weekends I’m off around the planet playing shows and rocking out, then during the weekdays I’m in my studio making music for myself or other artists and, in between all that, I balance being a dad and partner while trying to keep my fitness up by going to F45 Mt Maunganui and Snap Fitness Papamoa. Oh, and walking our dog – that’s a must. What do the next 12 months have in store for you? Touring the planet and making music in my studio is a constant, so that will never change. But I’d say planning a wedding will be the new project on the list. I have a feeling it will probably end up being a mini festival though, by the looks of all the musicians and singers who are on the invite list. At least I won’t have to hire a band or any DJs!

Metropol August 15, 2019 15

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A toocurious kitty When it comes to kittens, cute and adorable as they are, it’s good to keep in mind that old adage about curiosity killing the cat. Just like human babies, kittens are curious about the world around them and as they grow and gain in strength, it’s all too easy for them to get into trouble with eating things that, though satisfying their curiosity, might prove very harmful in the long run.


uch was the case with Shadow, a 12-week-old kitten who presented at Ourvets Parklands one morning having vomited up a pom-pom tassel the night before. She had since vomited several times and seemed lethargic, though she was still keen to eat. An x-ray was taken, which showed that Shadow had something obstructing her gut. The situation necessitated surgery as soon as possible. Shadow’s stomach was opened and two hair-ties were removed, however there was another pom-pom tassel attached to them, extending down into her intestine. The intestines were

trying so hard to pass the tassel that they had telescoped in on themselves. This piece of gut had to be removed, along with the tassel. All up, this surgery took three hours, then she went into recovery. If the surgery had been delayed by even one day, Shadow could have died, but her mum was very diligent and brought her in at the first sign of trouble. Veterinarian Alice Finch, who performed the operation, says that it pays to keep a vigilant eye on young animals. If they do present with sudden vomiting, even if they’re still keen to eat,

Ourvets understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to providing them with excellent care Open 7 Days St Albans 03 355 6747 16 August 15, 2019 Metropol Parklands 03 383 2233

Emergency Service

Riccarton/Ilam 03 348 4885

Halswell 03 322 8331

the owner should get them checked out as soon as possible as it might be a very serious problem which could quickly escalate into a potentially life-threatening situation. One month on and Alice says Shadow has made an excellent recovery. “It’s as if nothing happened; she was bright and playful, and was even attacking my knuckles!” Find Ourvets Parklands at 438 Mairehau Road and phone 03 383 2233. For more information on Ourvets, visit or find them on Facebook: Ourvets@ourvets.christchurch.

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Web: Phone: 0800 696 596 Email: *Single supplement applies if two people not sharing a room. **Tokyo 2020 event tickets are subject to availability at the time of booking confirmation. Ticket inclusions can be amended on request. A $3000 deposit per person is required within 3 days of booking to confirm your package. All packages are strictly non-refundable. Terms and conditions apply. NZOT are only authorised to sell Tokyo 2020 tickets to New Zealand residents. All prices subject to change. ˇAir New Zealand airfares are a from price only based on economy flights Auckland-Tokyo return and subject to change based on dates of travel. Domestic add-ons will apply, and change fees will apply to amend flights.

Metropol August 15, 2019 17

Tony Whalley

Karla Hubac

Raewyn Bishop

Matt Hurd

Jennifer Mead

Simon Collins joins the Nelson team Simon Collins has over 10 years experience in the real estate industry selling hundreds of homes in the Nelson region.

Russell Hume

Kaye Urwin

Brenda Urwin

Gerry Ward

We sell more houses.

Simon Collins

With Simon’s relaxed outlook yet professional manner he is able to provide a hassle free experience with outstanding results. An enthusiastic salesperson who genuinely cares for his clients and wants the best outcome for them, Simon will go the extra mile to make it happen. What a recent client had to say: ‘Simon Collins made a difficult task easy. Handled the sale of our loved property with care and understanding, and definitely went the extra mile for us, as we were out of the district he took it upon himself to have the property looking perfect every open home. Kept us in the picture through the whole process. A truly professional fine young man, nothing was too much trouble for him. We would recommend Simon for any type of property deals. We are delighted to have done business with you Simon.’ Visit to read more about Simon Collins or view the lovely homes our Nelson team have listed.

JUST LISTED Nigel Maisey

Karen Johansson

Hazel Wilson

Did you know? Total Realty also have branches in Nelson and Dunedin as well as Christchurch and North Canterbury. All of their South Island branches are managed through their Head Offices in Canterbury and all are owned and operated by Christchurch business owner Rachael Cone. This means there are no franchise fees or other unnecessary expenses instead they have eliminated the costs that do not contribute towards selling a property and pass these savings directly onto their clients. On top of this, every property listed with Total Realty is professionally photographed and promoted on 6 leading real estate websites. Having always been strong believers in the power of the internet, Total Realty was recently ranked as outperforming the market in key performance areas such as number of days to sell and number of views per property, by New Zealand’s #1 real estate site.

Tranquil Living at its Best

Rachel Cox

Dean Smith

Mary-Ann Windle

$2.5 Million Heather Birnie

80c Clyde Road, Fendalton This brand new, architecturally designed home overlooks the stunning Avon River. Private and secluded, offering four large double bedrooms – masters with ensuites and walk in robes. Large open plan living with designer kitchen - granite benchtop, Miele appliances, ceramic induction cooktop. Walk-in scullery with wine fridge and instant hot water. Formal lounge with gas fire, double glazed throughout with underfloor heating downstairs, ducted heating/cooling system upstairs. Automatic front door access with security camera.

Ray Beattie

Di Clement

Contact Karla Hubac today for further information or to book a private viewing of this beautiful home. Phone 021 131 8146 or email

Wayne Trainor

Sell your home with Total Realty.

Greg Hyam

Leaving more money to spend on what matters most to you.

“Call my friendly team today 0800 663 737.” Rachael Cone Business Owner

Phil Cooper

Jim Cooper Total Realty Ltd. MREINZ. Licenced Agent REAA 2008 **In some areas outside of Christchurch and Rangiora a 1.5% fee may apply.

Mark Ford

Karen Hayes

Kirsty Johansson

18 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Tracey & Trev Petersen

Alison & Mike Pettet

Wendy Waltenberg & Marc Fibbens

Dianne Dando

Katie Park

Kara Taogaga

In the city A

The champions of business This year’s finalists at The Westpac Champion Business Awards are all examples of highly adaptive, responsive and innovative local organisations, Champion Canterbury Ltd Chair and Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Leeann Watson says.


ward finalists in each of the 14 categories were announced at a function at the Ara Institute of Canterbury on Wednesday 7 August, representing a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, aviation, conservation, construction, healthcare, social services and tourism. “The top entries across all categories demonstrated an increasingly agile focus in their business operations, which has become vital to succeed in Canterbury’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment,” Watson says. “There was also a clear trend of innovation and optimism in the entries, as well as a very strong ‘people’ focus, with businesses clearly seeking to focus on staff and societal wellbeing as a measurement of what success is.” For a full list of the finalists, visit

St St Michael’s Michael’s Your school at the heart Your school at the heart of the city since 1851 of the city since 1851

For 168 years, St Michael’s has been at the heart of our city, educating and nurturing the visionaries and dreamers who continue to shape our city and beyond. Christchurch Office 327 Westminster St, Mairehau Phone 03 386 2211


In preparation for secondary school, our specialised Y7&8 Programme offers education outside the box, from financial literacy to leadership challenges, new technologies to a wide range of sports and outdoor education.

We work with individuals, supervisors, managers and teams to reduce work related stress, improve relationships, boosting productivity in your business.

Located on the banks of the Avon, our extended campus is spectacular: today, the Art Gallery; tomorrow, Tūranga; anyone for tennis in Hagley Park?

Braided Foundations ltd Ph Catherine: 027 444 0243

At the heart of St Michael’s are the essential values of Christian faith and good citizenship: respect, integrity, faith, hope and love. Building on this foundation, our rigorous curriculums in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Music and Art teach good citizenship in a global context.

Kaiapoi Office 97 Williams Street, Kaiapoi Phone 03 928 1215


Like the heart of our city, our school family is flourishing. We’d love you to join us. Walk-up on Wednesday 21 August, or you can arrange a personal tour: contact Bec Hitchcock,; T: 379.9790.

Walk-up Wednesday, 21 August Walk-up Wednesday, 21 August 249 Durham Street 379 9790

249 Durham Street 379 9790

Metropol August 15, 2019 19

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000 (TABAK Ltd, Licensed under REAA 2008)

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” 4000+ Registered Buyers Nationwide 3500 Registered Buyers Nationwide

Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Do you abrands; business that could interest them? Do you have business that could interest them? Contracted &have growing great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000


FEATURED OPPORTUNITIES Sales & Installation (2) Tourism (2) FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Professional Services (2) Niche Retail (4)

Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Import Distribution Trade Services Contracted growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and FOOD&&DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Trade Supplies (2) IT Services EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000 Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Software Sales &brands; Training Manufacture/Direct Sales Contracted & growing great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000Cleaning Price $465,000 Commercial (2) Automotive Workshop

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Entertainment Electrical Contracting Contracted & growingServices brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and FOOD&DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus”



EBPITD $191,000 $465,000 Contracted & growing Price brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

Tabak sells 80% of the businesses we take to FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity market; for an average valuePlus” within 5% of the Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and asking price,brands; giving our clients certainty overand Contracted growing great P&E; established staff and call cycles FOOD&DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” EBPITD $191,000 $465,000 Contracted & growing Price brands; great established staff and call cycles and their exitP&E; strategy. Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus”

Free Buyer/Seller Books Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and FOOD&DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” EBPITD $191,000 $465,000 Contracted & growing Price brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

FOOD “Opportunity Plus” 03DISTRIBUTION 3777or 491 03 3777 491

Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

KIWISAVER t. +64 3 288 0404 (Ext. 1404) m. +64 21 552 587 e. 3 288 0404 (Ext. Building 1404) Levelt. +64 1, The Awly m. +64 21 552 587 293 Durham St, Christchurch 8013 e. Level 1, The Awly Building

293 Durham St, Christchurch 8013 Personal disclosures documents are available free upon request Personal disclosures documents are available free upon request

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

FOOD DISTRIBUTION “Opportunity Plus” Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and Contracted & growing brands; great P&E; established staff and call cycles and EBPITD $191,000 Price $465,000

ARE YOU GETTING VALUE FOR MONEY or 03 3777 491 FROM YOUR ACCOUNTANT? Do you need a quick turnaround for your financial affairs? Assistance to grow your business and turn numbers into knowledge? A proactive business advisor that takes time to know your business?

est. April 1894

125 Trusted for


CONTACT US TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP! 3/14 Hazeldean Rd Phone 366 5070

20 August 15, 2019 Metropol Unit 12, 71 Gloucester Street PO Box 376 Christchurch 8140

Email: Phone: (03) 379 2800 Fax: (03) 365 6557

in the city

Get Investing Alistair Bean, Managing Director at Alistair Bean & Associates says, “it’s a great time to be investing in the stockmarket and managed funds”.


s a Financial Adviser, Alistair says, “It can be difficult to see past a media gloom fest. The current investment opportunities are driven by global low interest rates, a high New Zealand dollar and record global low unemployment. Company borrowing is therefore inexpensive, so debt can be repaid and money can be invested in things like infrastructure and staff, all of which helps to foster a growth economy.” Alistair believes he has the right formula for expanding his clients’ wealth – just ask his clients, who have enjoyed absolutely stellar growth over the last number of years. Regulations restrict disclosing full data on investment returns, but it’s safe to say his clients’ base annual average return

has gone a significant way into double digits. “Making investment decisions for you so you don’t have to.” From hour to hour, Alistair is paying very close attention to the subtle shifts in the market so that you don’t have to. “I take the stress of managing your investments from you – it’s a pleasure and a passion,” Alistair says. “To make sufficient wealth for clients so that time is no longer an issue.” After 37 years in finance, Alistair attributes his success to some basic investment principals he applies when contemplating promising assets to invest in: • The share market rises and falls, creating buying opportunities for good shares at bargain prices. We aren’t

followers when it comes to selling shares at a time when people should be buying. News in the marketplace always affects the values of shares. The key is having the strength to buy when others are selling at a discount, and being mindful of where a share price is in its cycle. • The market has exponentially rewarded long-term investors. Despite major hurdles like world wars, recessions, oil shocks, Trump trade wars and Brexit, equities have still significantly outperformed property, bonds, cash and inflation. You need to be in the market and stay in the market with diversification still being the key. Alistair travels the world to see investment managers, and spends many hours each

day immersed in the business of researching investment opportunities, ensuring current investments maximise clients’ needs. July saw Alistair Bean and Associates celebrating in style with their ‘client family’. After nearly seven spectacular years in business, they are thrilled to have moved into fabulous new premises in the city they love in Christchurch’s new West End Business Precinct. A client said to Alistair, “I was referred to you by my brother who raves about you. He was so happy, his partner and his best friend also invested with you, it’s like a family”. “That’s how we like it to feel too, everyone deserves great investment advice,” Alistair says. Disclosure documents are available, free upon request. Metropol August 15, 2019 21

out & about

Kia Kaha Returns By Céline Gibson

It was to a warmly receptive audience at the Medbury Centre Auditorium that Clare Erasmus recently launched her fourth book in the Kia Kaha series, Kia Kaha Celebrates Chinese New Year.


ia Kaha is an endearing mouse who originally resided in the old Christchurch Cathedral. He becomes very traumatised by the earthquakes and resulting upheaval to his life caused by the destruction of his home. Kia Kaha: the Cathedral Mouse is a story of courage through adversity, and much like the meaning of his name, Kia Kaha finds he can ‘stay strong’ to help those in need around him. The second book, Kia Kaha’s Brand New House, tells of Kia Kaha’s move into the

Transitional Cathedral, while the third book, Kia Kaha’s Christmas Cheer, shows Kia Kaha’s compassion and empathy for others. In Kia Kaha Celebrates Chinese New Year, Kia Kaha finds himself heading off on a trip to China, accompanied by the Dean of the Cathedral. He gets to experience all the food, traditions and the vibrant culture of China. “Kia Kaha becomes aware of the need for understanding and respect for others. This is a relationship book that

explores diversity. It teaches children that we’re all different and that it’s good to be open to all cultures,” Clare says. “Kia Kaha returns home feeling happy because he’s formed relationships with people from all over the world.” Kia Kaha Celebrates Chinese New Year can be purchased from the Transitional Cathedral,


22 August 15, 2019 Metropol

from bookstores, or ordered through kiakahabooks@outlook. com. For more information, email






With Queenstown’s winter ski season in full swing, there are eight new homes turning heads on Packhorse Lane in Arthur’s Point. The rich history of the site dates back to the 1860’s gold rush, during which time miners would make the arduous journey out of Skipper’s Canyon to sell their newfound gold. Along the way they would make the mandatory stop at the Gantley’s Hotel for a few drinks after weeks of hard living in the freezing canyon. Now the site of the Packhorse Lane homes, the land bordering the hotel was scattered with stables and ancillary buildings where the miners would tie up their pack horses, from which derives the road name.


Carpet: Lisburn Colour: Rinzu


Proud to Support Blueview Developments

Create the look at...



03-442 2036

Bring your vision to life with thoughtful design – customised to your space and unique needs, while integrating the latest technology and gorgeous design trends, including colours, textures and materials.

a z i 0800 11 11 90


Metropol August 15, 2019 23

southern lakes

stables to ski villas From

southern lakes


n 2016, the Wanaka-based construction company, Blueview Developments, purchased the 1800 square metre site and started the design process for the development. With decades of experience in building high quality, custom homes, investment properties and holiday houses, Blueview’s Director Bruce Flett knew the value of the unique zoning of the land. “The Rural Visitor Accommodation zoning is quite unique in that it provides the site with great versatility and enables purchasers to choose between living in the homes, renting them out on long term tenancies, or renting them out on a short-term basis, up to 365 days per year,” he says. In addition to the zoning, one of Packhorse Lane’s greatest features is the central location and proximity to some of Queenstown’s best attractions. The Packhorse homes are the closest new accommodation to the Coronet Peak ski area, giving owners and guests the opportunity to be the first skiers on the chairlifts each morning. Despite being so close to the

ski field, the homes are still just a few minutes’ drive to central Queenstown’s restaurant scene and boutique shopping area, not to mention they are also within walking distance of the Onsen Hot Pools and a couple of minutes from the famous Shotover Jet. The new homes were designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape through the use of natural timbers and colours. Spacing the homes correctly was critical to creating a community feel

between the dwellings, yet suitable privacy has been maintained through clever landscaping and planting. Two specification levels were offered to purchasers to tailor their homes to how they intended to use them. For an additional cost, the premium specification included the introduction of upmarket conveniences such as heated tiled bathrooms, ducted heating, stone bench tops and a thermal window package. Every home was designed with the same floor plan, consisting

OTAGO FRAMELESS GLASS Showers Mirrors Splashbacks Balustrades Pool Fences 03 445 8283

This Coupon is redeemable for

30% OFF full retail price on stock floor tiles *Limited to one coupon per customer.


021 432 199 Tel 03 961 0500

36 Nga Mahi Road, Sockburn, Christchurch Web

Use our experience to your advantage

Commercial and Residential Drainage Specialists throughout Canterbury and Queenstown

Ph. 027 536 9331 24 August 15, 2019 Metropol






CALL US 0800 722 098


of three spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, a bespoke entertainer’s kitchen, open plan dining and living areas which flow onto a large exposed aggregate patio. The patio is built ready for a hot tub to be fitted at one end, giving skiers the perfect place to relax and recover after long days on the snow. Throughout the design process, Blueview was mindful of the end user and how they would be utilising the homes. One exciting new feature added was Wi-Fi-controllable heating. Each tiled area features under tile heating, which can be operated from your smart phone, giving owners the ability to turn on and set a desired floor temperature for each zone, such as a bathroom, kitchen or hallway. The Daikin heat pumps fitted also feature the same smart connectivity, allowing the air temperatures in individual rooms to be set by the owners before they return home. The benefit of this modern technology is two-fold – electricity running costs are reduced through the ability to selectively heat the home on a



room-by-room basis and you can turn your heating on while you are still on the ski field chair lift, and return to a warm home after driving back down the mountain. Although the homes are packed full of the latest products, Blueview’s Southern Lakes Manager, James Flett, explains that these features needed to be carefully balanced with providing the homes at an affordable price point. “From the outset we wanted to build high quality, functional homes on this site, but we also needed to ensure the homes would achieve strong financial returns

for our clients. The homes have been appraised to attract six percent annual returns through long-term rental, and even higher returns are expected on a short-term rental basis. These strong rental returns, coupled with steady capital gain, will provide our clients with fantastic additions to their investment portfolios.” Blueview offers its clients a design and build service, house and land packages, and investment property construction. Find out more about Blueview by visiting their website –

PA I N T Tel: +64 27 840 0033



Plumbing Gasfitting Drainlaying We’ll arrive within 30 minutes of the arranged time or the first hour of labour will be free

Phone us on 0800 30 35 30 or visit

Metropol August 15, 2019 25

The Wigram Pantry Collective QUALITY





We are a group of hidden foodie treasures producing quality products in the Wigram industrial precinct. We would like to invite you to our Pantry Collective. We have come together for the benefit of Canterbury foodies, so you can purchase locally produced, quality gourmet products at wholesale prices.

We invite you to come and sample our delicious locally produced quality gourmet products

Market day


10% OFF


Pasta Vera I Original Foods I Coffee Worx Gordons Pickles I United Fisheries Open Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5pm | 8 Stark Drive, Wigram | 0508 DONUTS

Our flavourful Vegan range at Pasta Vera has just expanded. Our Vegan Lasagne is a crowd favourite… A delicious combination of roasted vegetables, spinach and creamy mushrooms, layered with fresh lasagne sheet and topped with a rich Napolitana sauce and crunchy pumpkin kernels. Come down to our Factory Shop in Wigram to indulge in New Zealand made, but Italian inspired, vegan gnocchi, pesto and hummus, as well as our popular lasagne.

Mention this advert next time you visit our factory shop to receive a free 100g Pesto Unit 1, 2 Musgrove Close, Wigram

03 343 4107


United Fisheries

for everything from the Sea…

The Picklery - Retail Shop The OG (Original Gordon’s) Dill Stacker & Dill Pickle - NEW!!

Bio Marinas

100% New Zealand Owned


58 Parkhouse Road, Sockburn

Visit our outlet store Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm & Sat 9am-12noon

Fresh & tangy, these crisp, long sliced (and now also available, in whole pickles) have a well pronounced dill hit, balanced with garlic and a range of 100% all-natural spices. Join us Saturday 7 September for the Wigram Pantry Collective Market Day. All products & gift packs available for purchase, tastings & some great ‘Market Day’ specials!

1Timothy Place, Wigram 3480 223 (off Sonter Rd)

7th September - Save the date for our upcoming market day! 26 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Firm favourite for foodies You’ve likely heard of this locally owned and operated Canterbury family business, which has been a firm favourite since its beginnings in 1991… but if you’re unsure, we’re willing to bet you’ll have given them a go without knowing it.


een on an Air New Zealand flight recently? The delicious muffins on offer are just one of the treats this talented team creates. Cheeky

monkey looking up at you from that perfectly gooey slice you just added to your shopping trolley? That’s Original Foods Baking Co. right there too. The

famous sticky, soft chocolate cake your kids ask for every year for their birthdays and what about the Jam Rap Donut from the local fish ‘n’ chip

Metropol August 15, 2019 27


shop? You guessed it… Original Foods Baking Co. Now you can experience Original Foods Baking Co. in a different way again, this time with its own café in Wigram. The café proudly supplies a loyal base of regular customers with C4 coffee, its famous donuts, an ever-changing selection of café fare (made fresh in-house daily), as well as the Original Foods Baking Co. products you know and love, straight from the factory door. This cosy spot has quickly become a local favourite with residents and nearby workers. Whether they’re enjoying a caffeine fix and donut to-go, or relaxing for lunch in the outdoor seating area, it’s an ideal spot to grab a delicious cup of coffee and a really good bite to eat. The café is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 5pm. For more information, visit originalfoodsbakingcocafe. and find them on Instagram and Facebook for mouth-watering food pics! 8 Stark Drive, Wigram.

editor’s picks 1.

There are sartorial treasures hidden throughout the city. We’ve hunted out our favourites.




Stay cosy on cooler days in the featherweight softness of luxurious KAPUA KNITWEAR,

Make a stylish statement with the latest new Key Black arrivals. FRANKIE TEE BY VALPY, SIZES 12-24,



WINK SHOE STORE The shoe that goes with everything, available in three gorgeous shades. MINX MAXIE,

THE FITTING ROOM Want to look fabulous on the outside? Then start on the inside! FANTASIE KATIE SIDE SUPPORT BRA + BRIEF, SIZES 8-18 & DD-H, 207 Fendalton Road & 360 Colombo Street

7. 3. 4.


The colour of regrowth and new beginnings. CUT OUT DETAIL TOP,

28 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Polish off an otherwise plain outfit. MAI TAI WRAP - OCEAN MULTI,


Add some bling to your sartorial arsenal. NEUTRA CHRONO EMERALD GREEN + GOLD,



Top off your outfit with the ultimate arm candy. THE BELLA BAG,


W Shirting the rules By Clementine Page

As soon as boyfriend blazers and boyfriend jeans hit the street style scene several years back, we were hooked by the casual and comfortable look that it offered us.

e can all agree that borrowing – or rather, stealing – our man’s hoodies and t-shirts is nothing new, and neither is women incorporating menswear into their personal style. In fact, this goes way back in history. By the early twentieth century, a woman in beautifully tailored men’s clothes was a recognisable form of glamour – think the ‘suffragette suit’, created by the American Ladies’ Tailors’ Association in 1910, or Coco Chanel’s semi-androgynous style – namely cigarette pants and suits, or 1930’s actress Marlene Dietrich famously donning a top hat and bow tie on set. Fast forward to 2019; we’re still seeing menswear influences within women’s fashion, and the boyfriend trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re particularly loving women transforming men’s shirts into the ultimate fashion statement. A men’s button-down shirt can be utilised in a multitude of ways; worn over a dress, jeans or a pair of shorts; tied at the waist and paired with bright pants or a midi skirt; or worn on its own, cinched at the waist with a wide belt. A men’s basic tee styled up with a blazer, leather pants and heeled boots makes for a perfect nine-to-five ensemble, or tone it down by tucking it into a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a casual weekend look.

TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE EVERYDAY WITH The clear alternative to braces


First consultation Merivale I Cashmere I Ashburton

0800 Orthodontix (0800 678 463) Ph. 03 337 3373

Metropol August 15, 2019 29




days of style

Bring on 26 August – the highly anticipated 19th annual edition of New Zealand Fashion Week is hitting the City of Sails, bringing with it a line-up of the country’s most beloved designers, plus some of the freshest new kids on the fashion block. We’re here to give you a rundown on the schedule!

Benjamin Alexander

By Clementine Page

ursting at the seams with all things glitz and glamour, the week will showcase the best of New Zealand fashion – everything from bridal wear to contemporary street style – courtesy of budding fashion designers and some of New Zealand’s biggest fashion trailblazers. NZFW 2019 returns to the historic Auckland Town Hall, where the event’s legacy began in 2001, and Aotea Square. Confirmed to hit the runway this year is Kate Sylvester, Zambesi, Maggie Marilyn, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Adrian Hailwood, Kathryn Wilson and more, plus some up-and-coming labels like Wynn Hamlyn, Rachel Mills, Olli, Starving Artists Fund and Project Runway NZ’s winner Benjamin Alexander (pictured). After an exceptionally energetic week of runway shows comes the NZ Fashion Weekend. The Resene Designer Runway Show will kickstart the festivities on Friday 30 August with a fast, fun and funky display of fashion from every NZFW designer. Explore a beauty haven brimming with everything hair, makeup and wellbeing on Saturday 31 August, then get your glam on and hit the Concert Chamber at the Town Hall in the evening for the Official NZFW Party. Shop ‘til you drop at the famous Designer Pop Up Sale on Sunday 1 September and prepare to score some serious savings on designer pieces from the likes of Hailwood, Flo & Frankie and exciting newcomers like Jet Set Bohemian. This year there’s quite a theme on the cards: sustainability – both environmental and social – which will be integrated throughout all elements of the show. Sit in on a sustainability seminar featuring a star-studded guest panel of major names in the sustainability and fashion spheres, and don’t forget to check out a range of free fashion activations around the city centre, including sewing and textile upcycling workshops and a recycled clothing swap. The team aims to keep a minimum of 70 percent of waste out of the landfill – a percentage they hope to increase year by year. For more information and tickets, visit


he Merrell Story What began in the mountains of Utah, now roams the world.

A cowboy boot maker named Randy Merrell couldn’t find a pair of hiking boots he liked so he made his own. From our very first custom hiking boots to the latest product innovations, we make all of our products with four core values in mind:

MERRELL.CO.NZ 30 August 15, 2019 Metropol





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Beauty Scoop We’re lucky here in Christchurch in that we have a smorgasbord of talented, award-winning beauty experts and educating events at our fingertips. Warmest congratulations to the following:


he skincare gurus at Renaissance, which has been named a NZ Clinic of the Year Finalist (one of three in NZ!) for the Beauty NZ Association Awards 2019 – this highly anticipated event will take place at Hilton Auckland on 14 September. The hair queens at Hair Art & Beauty, for their well-deserved win of Retail NZ Awards 2019’s Investment in People award; a big

achievement and recognition for all the hard work that they put in to both their staff and the hair and beauty dreams of their customers. Christchurch’s beloved Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa, which has taken out the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for Spas and Wellness in Christchurch for 2019. The luxury spa business has also been shortlisted as a Finalist for Ocean’s Best Spa category for the 5th Annual World Spa Awards.




Jot these in your diary. MECCA is opening a brand spanking new store at 222 High Street – head along to the official opening on 23 August and get ready to discover a whole new world of cosmetics and skincare with fun-filled celebrations and fantastic offers. The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is hitting Horncastle Arena on 5 October and will showcase everything from fashion and beauty to health and fitness, plus artisan products and crafts, gourmet food and wine – and much more!

Perfect Smile Perfect You!



New Technologies New Thoughts Better results

Full Denture Care Service

Phone 03 341 2242 105 WAINUI STREET

Christchurch Denture Care located behind Doctors on Riccarton

• Cosmetic injectables • Varicose vein treatments • Lasers for: skin resurfacing, pigmentation, scarring • Laser treatments for snoring, fungal toenails, hair removal & tattoo removal • Incontilase and Intimilase treatments for women • Mole and skin lesion removal • All beauty services – technical and relaxation • Acne treatment programmes

Christchurch Transform Clinic 52A Mandeville Street, Riccarton Phone 03 343 2880 Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Queenstown

0800 256 654 Metropol August 15, 2019 31


Hot to trot


Christchurch Casino New Zealand Trotting Cup Day – 11 November 2019 – is one of the hottest events on the Christchurch social calendar. So it’s not surprising that we’re already turning to magazines, celebrities and designers for inspiration. After all, for almost as far back as memory permits, horse racing has been entwined almost inextricably with fashion.


70 gold L

iberating, playful and just occasionally dismissive of convention, Cup Day is one of the few times of the year when you can get away with


we buy

extreme patterns, bold colour combos and out-of-this-world headpieces, while over the top accessories are par for the course.

Do you have unwanted, broken or worn out gold jewellery? MORE DETAILS ON WEBSITE

This is a Special Customer Invitation

Tuesday 7th May 9am – 5pm

Preloved & New Clothing for both Ladies & Gentlemen

48a Bryndwr Road Fendalton Christchurch 021 333 709

Providing you the opportunity to secure a bargain before we open our doors to the public 9am Wednesday

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I’Adore Natural

Your natural and organic beauty space Cruelty free, ethical and chemical free.


Gold & Silver Bullion/Coins Bought & Sold 5SVTUFETJODF7


WESTENDE JEWELLERS 421 Colombo Street, Sydenham Telephone 03 366 5475

2 Durham Street, Rangiora. Phone 03 310 6062 32 August 15, 2019 Metropol

for monochrome or metallic this year, it gives off the sense that Gatsby is back in town. Layered slip dresses are defying all expectations this year thanks to designer Micheal Lo Sordo. By adding a feather fascinator on your perfectly styled hair, you may as well be in a time machine back to the 1920s. Another trend we’re expecting to see a lot this year is a delicate floral designs which have been coming through strong from numerous leading designers. Cup Day is, after all, poised to give a nod to the season of new beginnings and nothing says spring like blooming flowers. But perhaps the biggest trends of the year is the midi dress. It is a safe, comfortable option which looks fabulous on anyone. Buy well and you can keep this stylish staple in your closet ready to dress up and down for the rest of the year. Most importantly, have fun with your fashion, embrace racewear and its traditions but make sure to let your personality and individual style shine through.







magazine designer clothing sizes 10 - 26

Dental Hygiene

Spring Chic!

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 021 686 929

by JilJane Ltd

A new active flat range with “Slip Resistant Soles”. Perfect for nurses, teachers, hospitality, retail – anyone on their feet for long periods.

With the whole person in mind we educate, inform and coach our clients towards health:


Periodontal treatment, Orthodontic Maintenance, Advanced Implant care, General Oral Health Maintenance


Introducing the Frankie4 Winnie, Billie, Tambo and Addie. 37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton, Ph. 348 7910

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Jiljane Delaney, Dental Hygienist

Phone 027 570 1993

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Despite the bold vibrancy of racewear, there’s quite critically a dress code and it errs on the side of tradition. So while dresses or trouser suits can be worn, as can strapless and sheer-strap styles, a jacket or blazer and a fascinator or hat will add the regal touch that is deemed necessary for a day at the races. Fashion Week – both in New Zealand and Australia, or New York’s very own – is packed with inspiration and this year is no different. One of the hottest trends to emerge this year is the trusty two-piece or ‘co-ord’ set. The winner of the crown at Auckland Cup Day’s Style Stakes this year took out the top prize with a classic twopiece suit by New Zealand designer Adrienne Winkelmann, accompanied with a straw hat. Meanwhile, Australian designer Alice McCall has used the 1960s as the inspiration for her latest collection and one of the featured pieces is a woven metallic two-piece, showing that yes, metallic too is back. With many designers going


Empowering through style As a personal stylist, Bibi Maber’s goal is to empower clients by helping them get in touch with their authentic self and develop their own unique style. This allows them to shift their focus to target their life goals and dreams.


he speaks from experience. While going through her own significant lifestyle changes and altering her outlook on life, she went through many ups and downs. This, paired with professional training, made her want to help others. “Sometimes we just need to feel inspired or motivated, and that’s where I can help, by bringing out their true personality in their style,” she says. “Weight-loss is often people’s first focus when it comes to changing their image. I just want to bring to their attention that losing weight is not essential for people to feel good about themselves. It can begin with their style and that usually inspires people to work on themselves further, whether it’s attending

courses, reading books, applying for a new job, or even weight loss, eventually – but feeling good about themselves first is key.” Originally from Canada, Bibi started her first image consulting business in Toronto, but put everything on hold to start a new chapter of her life in New Zealand’s corporate world while keeping her passion for fashion burning on the side. In 2018, Studio Bibi was launched to help clients understand the power of colours, shapes, styles and accessories through one-to-one consultations and personal shopping trips. Bibi’s running her first series of styling workshops in Christchurch through to mid-November, so why not get a group together today?

BRINGING YOU THE LATEST TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS • Cosmetic Dentistry • Metal Free • Holistic Dentistry • Dental Implants • Dental Hygiene

Talk to us about getting your

FLU Hello from the team


1st Floor inside Merivale Mall 193A Papanui Rd. P: 355 8297


We are thrilled to be part of the great new community in Prestons. With our great experienced staff you’ll get great service and we look forward to meeting you.

Unichem Prestons Pharmacy is located next to the New World supermarket on the corner of Marshland and Prestons Road.

Helping You Do What You LOVE for LIFE!

34 August 15, 2019 Metropol


We provide a wide range of services including: + Help with understanding your medicines + Vaccinations + Blood pressure testing + Bowel health screening + Pain management + Urinary tract infections + Zinc testing + Erectile dysfunction treatment + And loads more. For your convenience we are open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 3pm, Sun 10am-2pm

freedom health 7 Winston Ave Papanui I Ph. 355 6699


3/420 Marshland Rd, Marshland Phone: (03) 281 7889 | Fax: (03) 595 1346 Email:

Rewrite your skin’s history with Dermapen 4!

High quality Lash Extensions

Luxe Lashes

It’s long been said our eyes are the windows to the soul and if this is true, then lashes certainly make the most beautiful of window dressings. When it comes to enhancing them and making them ‘pop’, then Lash Kandy’s Rangiora premises is where you want to be.


eaded by lash expert Keren Clayton, who has been trained in the UK by internationally recognised Eyelash Excellence, Lash Kandy

is a high-end, bespoke lash boutique at 135 High Street with services available by appointment only. The beautiful and relaxing

Dealing with Chemotherapy or Radiation side effects? Science and nature based health and support.


Offering a FREE 45min Consultation Please Call or Text 022 087 8448 to make an appointment

Merivale Denture Clinic The Experts in Dentures With specialised expertise and leading edge technology, we handcraft the finest quality dentures with optimal fit, comfort and natural aesthetics, customised just for you.


A new clinical facial aiming at improving skin quality now available at Jouvence

Highest standards Best practices

NZ made by NZ registered

and qualified dental technicians Ph. (03) 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

51 Holmwood Road Phone 355 6488

135 High St Rangiora

(Located upstairs behind Joes Garage) Metropol August 15, 2019 35


upstairs space has been designed with the same attention to detail that goes into every set of bespoke lashes applied. You’ll find the discreet

entrance on Transport Lane, where parking is plentiful. Lash Kandy also provides packages for high school formals, complete with nonalcoholic bubbles for the whole glam experience, and eyelashes for men are an increasingly popular service, with both natural and flamboyant options available by preference. The team is currently trialling magnetic eyelashes. A premium product from the US, they attach to magnetised eyeliner, making them ideal for those with no natural lashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy, with Keren’s understanding of lash shape and curvature ensuring she is sourcing only the best. This includes a new glue arriving from the US next month suitable for those who react to cyanaoacrylate glues and want a vegan-friendly product. Keren also stocks the highest quality supplementary products, including Nanolash serums to encourage growth, mascaras and a specialised cloth which removes eye makeup without causing any damage. Phone 021 655 308 or email

Beauty Report


#Vegan Friendly #Sulphate Paraben Free #Blonde #Blonde Hair #Blonde Shampoo #Hair #The NAK Collective #NAK Hair MONDO BLACK 680 Barbadoes St, Edgeware, Christchurch. Ph. 03 385 9903


are all about taking a moment of peace and tranquility. Created using natural essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits along with detoxifying clays, natural earth minerals and salts to soften skin and revive tired muscles. Available from selected stockist or online. $12.00 each


Put back what winter has stolen from your skin, Free Skin Consultations and skin care advice is included. Call 03 314 8180 or book online at 36 August 15, 2019 Metropol

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Handcrafted, bespoke and individually characterised for you. Using world leading techniques, crafted by Richard Greenlees. Contact LOVEBITE for your appointment 03 379 1222


This supercharged powder boasts 7500mgs of high strength marine collagen per serve, blended with Vitamin C to strengthen your skin from within. Kiki Health uses only pure, natural, organic and GMO-free ingredients. $89. Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa Merivale


When body, mind and skin needs to rebalance and nourish, these beauty wellness wonders will help to restore harmony. Collection includes: Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, Pro-Collagen Marine Mask, ProCollagen Oxygenating Night Cream, LIFE ELIXIRS Fortitude Bath & Shower Elixir, LIFE ELIXIRS Fortitude Candle. Winter Special $299. Purchase from


Micropigmentation/ Cosmetic tattooing for Eyebrows and Eyeliner creating permanent shape and colour which can last between 2-5 years. 28 years in the beauty industry. Angela Millar KM SURGICAL at Avenue Health Ph. 0800 405 622 0274 500 184




Its Selfie Time! Simply visit Barrington anytime between 12 - 25 August, take a snap in front of our ‘Tropical Escape’ selfie wall (located outside Postie) and you’re in the draw to win! Winners will be notified by phone on Monday 26 August 2019. T&C’s apply.


256 Barrington Street, Christchurch 8024

Phone: 03 332 4221

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Mind & body wellbeing If the mind is willing to frolic into spring like a Canterbury lamb but the body is tiptoeing along like a tuatara, then a visit to Beauty Progress for a Thai Massage will see body reunited with mind in as little as 15 minutes.


uthentic Thai massage treats the body in a holistic way: physically; emotionally;

and spiritually, achieving an overall feeling of wellbeing. The range offered by Director

Fabulous Haircuts for all the family All our stylists are fully qualified Experts at Zero fades.

Wendy Barker is extensive and includes herbal, yoga, aromatherapy, head, foot spa, four hands, back neck and shoulders, pregnancy, post-natal, baby and foot reflexology. Wendy says clients travel to Beauty Progress from all points of the compass, intent on enjoying the therapeutic benefits. Thai massage is deep tissue, so it is especially beneficial to those of us with injuries, chained to the keyboard, or simply not as young as we used to be. Select the yoga stretch massage and you will find yourself in positions you did not believe possible!

Of course, a Thai massage can be a purely hedonistic experience – Couples’ Thai Massages are a treat for lovebirds, best friends, or mothers and daughters, and are always a special price at just $199 for a one-hour massage. You can add a specialised head and scalp massage or a reflexology massage for just $35. Wendy and the team love what they do. “It’s a lovely role to be in; people come in with pain or are just exhausted and after their massage we wave them on their way so happy and relaxed”. Find Beauty Progress at



Thai Massage



Don’t Forget our LOYALTY CARD Every 8th Haircut is FREE!

For your wellbeing

Ph: 0800 379 4315 Bush Inn Shopping Centre P. 348 7008 | South City P. 366 0619

OPEN 7 DAYS 38 August 15, 2019 Metropol


PHONE 03 355 9791


New look for spring The talented team at Studio 295 knows that with a great haircut, you can look good at any age. “A good stylish cut can make a huge difference, whether worn natural or coloured,” says owner Noeleen Bonner, who runs the business from her peaceful at-home studio. killed senior stylists Noeleen and Clare offer the full range of services, including Olaplex treatments for damaged hair, and keratin treatments to reduce volume and create smoother, shinier, fuzz-free locks. A stockist of L’Oréal, Paul Mitchell and Fudge, as well as LiLash for beautiful, long lashes to match your stunning new hairstyle, Noeleen encourages clients to bring in a photo of a haircut they like. Clare is the ‘thick hair’ expert, who understands exactly what it’s like to have hard-to-control hair that seems to have a mind of its own. Noeleen has many

years of experience dealing with fine hair, and knows all the tips and tricks to creating more volume and fullness. The salon provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to read a magazine and enjoy a hot coffee or tea while being pampered. With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time for a freshen up – whether you just want a trim or a totally new look. Visit the team at Studio 295, where clients are always valued and listened to. You’ll find them at 295b Greers Road, Bishopdale. Phone 03 351 5209 or visit for more information.

Blue Essence Beauty Stockist of Dermaviduals Laser Treatments


20% off all laser treatments and waxing on first treatment with this ad!



For attention to detail in a personal, private salon

Stylists and Colour Experts We are Keratin Professionals

Located at

By appointment only

Beauty Room

03 351 5209

a We are now taking Enrolments for 2020 Payment Plan options available

Ph.365 2215

Stephen Goodenough Photographer


For more information on our Courses at NZ's premier make up school WWW.KSSM.CO.NZ

kristen stewart

school of make-up Metropol August 15, 2019 39

Want to improve your Core Strength? JOIN OUR PROGRAMME Our Dynamic Spines programme increases core strength and improves posture Improves key movement patterns

World-class radiology delivered locally.

Two level small group exercise programme led by a physiotherapist

After Hours | Ashburton Canterbury Breastcare | Forté Moorhouse | Northwood Rangiora | Reflect | Riccarton St George’s | Southern Cross Timaru | Wigram

Held at Bishopdale and Hereford Street with free parking

0800 869 729

MUSCLE PEOPLE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS City Clinic I Bishopdale Clinic I Wigram Skies Clinic



A rewarding career that improves peoples’ lives, every day Master of Nursing Science, a two-year pathway to the nursing profession (Christchurch based)

Apply by 31 January 2020

Legacy The Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has invested 55 years and more than $20 million into life-saving research. Your contribution matters. Visit to donate today.

40 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Become a nurse – build on any degree

Ensuring you have a healthy spine makes sense, when you think about it, because your spine is the key to holding your entire body together. We look after our hair and teeth and get check ups at the doctors for all sorts of things, but what about our trusty spine?


our spine holds you upright and protects your spinal cord which is responsible for passing messages to and from the brain for our whole body. Apart

Love your spine – it’s a valuable asset! Aside from the reduction in chances of pain and injury, maintaining a health spine is crucial to good health and wellbeing:





Your spine controls everyday movement such as bending and twisting. When not taking proper care of your spine (either through poor movement or poor posture), everyday tasks such as sitting, turning, bending and twisting can be very painful. Poor spinal posture, especially for prolonged periods of time, can change the loading on your spine and other parts of body. This can lead to degenerative changes in your spine and other joints. Poor posture can lead to a poor breathing technique, which is a crucial function for good health, productivity and quality of life. In short, maintaining a healthy spine increases your quality of life, meaning you are able to do the activities you love for many years to come.

from when your parents and teachers told you to stand up straight, most people don’t put a second thought to their spine until something goes wrong.

How to maintain a healthy spine – pain and injury prevention The key to having a healthy spine is by maintaining optimum posture and movement patterns. We do this by having good flexibililty and adequate strength in the supporting muscles. This doesn’t mean you have to be a gymnast or a weight-lifter; just that you maintain enough flexibility and strength for your own day-to-day activities. This can be taught and retrained.

Muscle People’s top tips With more than 20 years of experience in physiotherapy, the team at Muscle People have a few choice tips. While there are many things that you may have been told, their absolute top tip is that our bodies were not designed stay in one posture for hours on end. We were designed to move! Some tips from our physiotherapy team include:

If you are having issues with back or neck pain, or just wish to improve your spine health, give Muscle People a call about their Dynamic Spines Programme. For a free five-minute consultation to find out if this programme is right for you, phone 0800 027 194.




Prolonged standing: If you have to stand for a prolonged period of time, remember to gently pull your shoulders back and down, and squeeze in your tummy to achieve a stronger core. Uphill: If you are walking uphill, rather than leaning forward (as might be instinctual), place your arm behind your back and walk tall.



Positioning: Just like standing, you need to sit up straight with your shoulders gently pulled back and your back flush with the chair. Make sure you have a good chair and if needed, add a lumbar roll.


Crossing legs: If you like to cross your legs while sitting, make sure to alternate which leg you are crossing to avoid incorrect spinal curvature.


Breaks: No-one can sit perfectly for eight hours - remember to take regular breaks to loosen your muscles and avoid tension. Metropol August 15, 2019 41


Benefits of a Healthy Spine

Canterbury Bride

Gown Guidance The sentiment behind your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important aspect, but let’s be honest here, the bride’s entry is the moment that all in attendance are waiting for with baited breath. Whether you’re a bride-tobe or simply dreaming of your big day, finding the perfect dress is perhaps the biggest decision.


f you are planning your big moment and looking for some guidance on your gown, then look no further. Bridal Fashion Week has just hit the global runways, from Milan to New York and Paris to London and we’re delivering a beautiful overview of the must-have looks for 2019/2020. One of the biggest trends to hit the runway was capes; the new and improved version of the traditional veil. Now, if this is something you may be into, look for a super elegant lace cape that just covers the shoulders paired with a long lace train; it is sure to give the allusion you are floating down the aisle. One of the new – and most controversial – trends to catch the eye and imaginations of brides-tobe globally, is a touch of colour in the gown. While some designers are adding pastel tones like a soft pink or serene baby blue, others are going bold, adding red, deep purples and even yellow into the mix, perfect for the outgoing bride. Not feeling that brave? Keep the bold look for a second dress to slip into for the reception. A new trend which is increasingly popular with the modern day bride is the ‘nude tattoo’; a white or nude tulle embellished lace which sits on the skin effortlessly, giving off

42 August 15, 2019 Metropol

a sophisticated, ‘tattoo’ effect. Another trend which ties in incredibly well to the nude tattoo trend is sleeves. Long, fitted, lace sleeves are ideal for early spring or late summer weddings when the breeze is still on the brisk side. Exaggerated volumes and 1920’s inspo are definitely for the brides who aren’t scared to stand out. Whether it is the fringes, low waist, sequined look of the decade, or the flounces and multitiered tulle skirts that will have you feeling like a princess, adding a satin sash, a precious belt or even a brooch will help enhance your waistline. Any bride wearing these is bound to have fun on her wedding night. With boho bridal on its way out, designers have stepped up the glam factor – and we’re not just talking layered skirts, ruffles and embellishments. Feathered frocks, plush details and plummage are taking to the aisle – after all, 2019 is all about the dramatic, the theatrical and the grand. Lastly, if dresses or big puffy gowns are not your thing, one of the hottest tips to emerge from Fashion Week was co-ordinates; a skirt and top or even a suit eschews the classic design of the wedding dress and allows you to make a bold statement that will catch everyone’s eye – and attention.

A beautiful overview of the must have looks for 2019

‘Embracing grey’ doesn’t mean letting yourself go. The V For Hair and Beauty team has all the latest techniques and products to make embracing your grey easy, Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee says.


ou don’t need or want flat, dull grey hair. We can give you a shimmering sexy blonde or cool iris sparkle, or many more to embrace the grey.” You don’t want to live at your hairdressers, so rather than leaving a harsh regrowth line, their techniques will disguise new growth with a soft, flattering look. “We understand that as your grey hair comes in you still want to look great. A great cut also plays a big part in this; you want a

cut that enhances your features.” Head in for a complimentary consultation with one of their specialists in going grey gracefully. After all, V For Hair and Beauty ‘gets’ grey hair and takes great pride in making ladies feel beautiful.

Designed together to last forever Planning a surprise marriage proposal but unsure of what style of engagement ring to choose? The team at Via Sollertia Jewellery have created a way to keep the proposal a surprise, but also ensure the ring is exactly what your partner wanted – The Nu Proposal.


u – French for nude – means the perfect diamond or gemstone is chosen and displayed inside an eco-friendly rimu ringbox for the proposal. The next step: bring your new fiancé into Via Sollertia on New Regent Street to create a beautiful bespoke engagement ring together, designed around the selected

gemstone, says manager Clare. “We understand the pressure of finding a ring you know your partner will love, so we wanted to make it a little easier. When the couple comes in to see us, they are involved in every step of the process, from design through to completion.” Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook.

Phone 03 366 8001 or visit 11 New Regent Street


Christchurch’s “Silver/Grey Specialists” Book your hair appointment or complimentary consultation at now! Level One, Merivale Mall | 355 6584 Metropol August 15, 2019 43

canterbury bride

Embracing Grey

canterbury bride


Doris Day Popular local performer Ali Harper is bringing her show A Doris Day Special back to Christchurch to honour and celebrate Doris Day since her death in March at the age of 97.


ortraying the Hollywood icon herself, Christchurch entertainer Ali Harper will sing many of the great hit songs that made Doris Day famous, while providing a glimpse into a life that was not always filled with sunshine and daisies. “She could be all sunshine and pure joy on camera and yet her life was full of torment and sadness,” Ali says. “This, for me, shows what an incredibly brave and empowering woman she was, that the tragedies in her life did not define her.” In 2016, Ali went with her Director Stephanie McKellar-Smith to Carmel by the Sea in America to celebrate Doris’s 94th birthday and sung one of her most famous songs,

Red Eight Cafe Open Monday to Saturday

Serving our delicious Brunch Menu everyday 143 Williams St, Kaiapoi P. 03 327-0136

Surprise & delight



ROUTE 72 CAFE BAR + EMPORIUM 1697 Cust Road, Cust Open Tuesday to Sunday Phone (03) 312 5595 44 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Secret Love. Doris’s immediate response was “Wow! You sound good! Oh my gosh. You make that song sound really, so good.” A Doris Day Special has toured to numerous cities around New Zealand to much acclaim and now it’s time to get back on the road as a way to honour and celebrate one of the greatest entertainers of our time. The Ashburton show is on Thursday 15 August at 7:30pm, book at www.ticketdirect. This is followed by a Christchurch show on Saturday 24 August at 2pm and 7:30pm at The Piano Centre for Music and the Arts, book through The Court Theatre, 0800 333 100 or

Here to help you every step of the way! Marijke (Ma-rye-ka) & Amy Sheppard Licensee Salespeople 027 461 6127 Morris and Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)


BEAUTIFUL VENUES AND OPERATORS AT THE FOREFRONT OF CREATING UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES Discover a showcase of some of the finest contemporary spaces, places and services the city has to offer for your next event or conference.

Metropol August 15, 2019 45


An event to remember What makes an event or meeting so special that staff, colleagues, clients and guests remember the occasion vividly?


t is in how you are greeted, exceptional service with a bespoke menu and attention to detail, which the staff at The

George take seriously because they want your meeting or event to be flawless. The experienced staff at The George will

make your event easy. With six different meeting spaces of varying sizes – from an intimate and elegant private meeting of up to 16 in The Boardroom at Pescatore, to 90 guests for a sit-down dinner in Parkview, your only decision is when to book. The appeal of The Residence is in the private and stylish setting that is ideal for any type of function that requires a memorable experience for up to 20 guests, while the Treasury Room may suit for client dinners of up to 35. Every event from corporate to philanthropic and from family to social is managed with aplomb and the details are professionally managed by in-house experts. Award-winning chefs will create a menu especially for you. With Christmas fast approaching, remember to get your booking done early to secure the best place and date. Show your clients and staff that you appreciate them by providing unique hospitality that The George is renowned for. The quality of service, experience and attention to detail makes The George stand out. Located opposite Hagley Park and the idyllic river Avon, The George is delightfully yours. Contact The George today on 03 371 0255 or email conferences@


Elegance Ph +64 3 379 4560

®® 46 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Indulge in superior luxury just steps away from the cultural hub of the city.

Elegantly appointed function rooms, magnificent private gardens and an award winning culinary team are synonymous with The George.

A sought-after wedding, special event and conference venue. Stay with us and experience the revered location of choice for discerning locals and visitors alike.




Where everyone feels at home Local publicans in the classic mould are becoming scarce, but Genaea and Dean Calvert are doing their best to reverse that trend. They are thrilled to have added The Brickworks to Christchurch favourite The Valley Inn, which Dean has owned for 14 years, and Protocol Bar and Restaurant, owned since 2017.

ean and Genaea are passionate about providing quality local establishments where everyone can feel at home, where family, friends and communities can come together in comfort and receive great service as well as food and drink they love. The Valley Inn, an English-style pub licenced for a staggering 136 years, and The Brickworks follows the proud tradition of offering jugs of beer complemented with top quality and much-loved pubstyle food. Dean and Genaea have enhanced the space and atmosphere at The Brickworks, adding booth seating and bar leaners to the restaurant area to give people a range of spaces to be, which has proved very popular. Protocol is a fun Cashmere local where the menu continues to evolve to tempt the palate, and all three establishments are focused on warm welcomes and service. “All our managers and staff have great personalities, both front and back of house teams are strong, and of course our regulars regard Dean as the ultimate publican, being hands-on and very social,� Genaea says. Dean and Genaea are communityfocused, taking pleasure in supporting local sports teams and schools, and the plan is to continue to build the bars as cornerstones of the communities they serve.

Head for The Hills... to enjoy warm, local hospitality at these three inviting properties

69 Centaurus Road Cashmere Ph. 03 3372 227

2 Flavell Street Heathcote Valley Ph. 03 3841 124

2 Colombo Street Cashmere Ph. 03 9642 880

Metropol August 15, 2019 47

Volstead Brewing Company is one of New Zealand’s newest independent craft breweries and is situated at 55 Riccarton Road, right next door to Christchurch’s original craft beer destination bar, Volstead Trading Company. Producing a fantastic range of locally brewed craft beer in the heart of Riccarton, including Pilsners, IPAs and a delicious Milk Stout, Volstead Brewing Company welcomes you to pop in for a pint of brewery fresh beer, or take away a litre or two to enjoy at home.

PHONE 03 343 6688 E-MAIL 55 Riccarton Road, Christchurch, Canterbury Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 11pm Friday - Sunday from 12 noon - 11pm 48 August 15, 2019 Metropol


A craft beer destination Horizons are widening for the owners of much-loved craft beer destination bar Volstead Trading Company, with Director Jason Ray and partners buying the brewery next door at 55 Riccarton Road to brew their own beer under the name Volstead Brewing Company.


t was an amazing opportunity and a logical extension, to purchase a brewery and brew our own craft beer,” Jason says. “After years of experience in the retail side of the industry, we understand what our customers want to drink.” The brewery aims to produce “big, bold and hoppy beers,

as well as great easy-drinking session styles - something for everyone,” he adds. There are currently seven beers available, including an XPA – an extra pale ale, and a Pilsner, right through to a big, bold, hoppy US-style IPA and a delicious creamy Milk Stout. New beers will be launched every few weeks, with the palates of

craft beer aficionados about to be tempted by some big, hoppy flavours and some core range additions, such as a low alcohol ale and a kettle sour. “A sour beer is typically made using a sour yeast; it’s quite refreshing. Think of a lager and lime concept,” Jason says. Head brewer Mike Cheer has made award-winning beers and judges beer competitions around the country. “Mike has an absolutely amazing palate,” Jason says. “The combination of Mike’s incredible beer knowledge, plus my knowledge of the consumer market, means we are already producing great beers our customers are loving.” The brewery is focused on sourcing local ingredients where possible and producing a quality product. “We don’t make preservative and additive laden beer with a 12-month supermarket shelf life. Volstead beers simply contain what is required to make beer – water, grain, hops and yeast.”

Just starting to sell their beer to other venues throughout the country, the brewery also has a full off-licence for takeaway sales through the bar. “We want our customers to be able to enjoy a beer either with us or fill a takeaway bottle and enjoy our beers at home. We don’t do packaged sales through the supermarket as we believe our customers should be able to come in and drink our beer when it is at its freshest, straight from the brewery.” Jason’s personal favourite beer is the US IPA, at 6.4 percent. “It’s an amazingly well-balanced hoppy IPA,” but there is something for everyone. The demographic drinking craft beer is growing, and any day of the week sees Volstead hosting office workers, students and tradies sampling and enjoying Volstead’s finest. So, head on down for a delicious breweryfresh pint and a takeaway to enjoy at home. See you at Volstead!

Metropol August 15, 2019 49



Turning dreams into reality Discover the ease of booking an event at the Chateau on the Park, a DoubleTree by Hilton. With seven dedicated meeting spaces and beautiful outdoor areas, including a vineyard to complement your event, the team will turn your dreams into reality and guarantee that it will run smoothly.

ou’ll find it situated on 189 Deans Avenue – conveniently close to the CBD, University of Canterbury and Horncastle Arena. The complimentary onsite car parking will provide a stressfree start to your event. Whether you are organising a conference for 250 delegates or a small meeting for 20, the hotel offers a wide variety of options and the meeting rooms are equipped with everything from quality sound systems and Wi-Fi to microphones and audio-visual equipment. Choose from a variety of menus with locally sourced ingredients. From a high tea on the village green for 20 people to a gala dinner for 250 people in the Great Hall, let the hotel’s chefs take care of the catering. “At DoubleTree, we think of everything you’ll need to make your meeting great – from the room set-up to the food, drinks and warm, comfortable atmosphere,” Senior Sales Executive for Conferences and Events Laura Gorrie says. “And if there’s something else you need, just ask and we will do everything we can to accommodate to all your unique requirements.” For more information, visit or phone 03 348 8999.

Enjoy A Cocktail And Canapé On Us Welcome your event attendees with a complimentary cocktail and canapé. Confirm your dinner before 1 November 2019 to be eligible for this offer. For dinner menus and more information, contact our dedicated Events Team on or call 03 343 9759. Chateau on the Park - Christchurch, a DoubleTree by Hilton 189 Deans Ave, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011 T: +64 3 348 8999 F: +64 3 348 8990

50 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Terms and Conditions Minimum 40 guests. Event must occur in 2019 and is valid for new bookings only. Subject to availability and not available in conjunction with any other promotion or in Garden Court Brasserie.


A vibrant work community Co-working spaces are on the rise and at the forefront of this sea of change is BizDojo Christchurch, now at two locations - Ash Street and Lichfield Street.


rivately owned by Studio D4 property consultants Patrick Fontein and Paul Naylor, the vision for BizDojo may be similar to other co-working spaces, but the key to

its success is its business philosophy. Community Manager for BizDojo Christchurch, Brianna Banning, says they’re more than just space and office

desks. “We’re community-driven. We care about people – about their personal and professional growth. The vibes differ here from other spaces because of the diversity of our people and the amazing work they do. It’s an exciting environment to be around.” People such as not-for-profit organisations, architects, real estate agents, photographers and a yoga instructor who offers daily desk yoga, share space at Ash and Lichfield on a daily basis. The internal layout reflects the wealth of experience of those at the helm; from hot desk spaces, open and closed-style studios, sound-proof meeting rooms and quiet zones through to the communal kitchen with café grade espresso machines, this is how to foster a vibrant work hub. BizDojo hosts both internal and hireable events, such as workshops, luncheons, offsite meetings and so much more. Entrepreneur Richard Branson recently stated that nine-to-five work days will disappear, but with imaginative, intelligent planning, the future face of how we work has never looked so exciting. BizDojo Christchurch are already onto it. For more information, visit, find BizDojo on Facebook and Instagram or book at


4 Ash St. & 150 Lichfield





CHRISTCHURCH Interested in a free trial? e-mail us at for more details about our memberships. Metropol August 15, 2019 51


A way with flowers

Next-level southern hospitality


ith 35 years of floristry experience to her name, Leanne Lovell of Victoria Florists certainly has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the most exquisite floral arrangements. Leanne’s passion for her work, coupled with her artistry and skill with flowers, has earned her recognition and a loyal patronage from major hotel names and corporate organisations in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand. Leanne says her clients appreciate that she’s been in the business long enough to know how to create something that looks utterly sensational yet gives value for money. “Whether a small or large business, we’re only a phone call away, or pop in and have a chat. Our floor space is large and filled with gorgeous flowers for inspiration! We love helping people find exactly what they’re looking for.” Head to 107 Idris Road, Fendalton, phone 03 351 7444, email or visit


ong famed for its southern hospitality, West Melton’s Two Fat Possums has created a cosy, local hotspot that is noted as much for its warm, ambient environment as it is for its exceptional food. So who better to host your upcoming event? The team that knows hospitality, of course! Nestled comfortably in West Melton’s Village Centre, Two Fat Possums has the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of events, utilising either the function room or the sit-down restaurant. Flexibility

too is inherent in the catering capabilities. Various set-menu options are available or the team can design a menu to suit. Two Fat Possums is a local gathering point for fundraisers and events, with quizzes and their famed pizza fundraisers offering a quick and easy way to raise funds for your sports team or group. Find Two Fat Possums at the West Melton Village on Weedons Ross Road, West Melton. Phone 03 421 6481 or visit

GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT FOOD GREAT VENUE! Our flower arrangements reflect happiness and always have a way of bringing people together. Each of our arrangements is imaginative and original especially for your occasion.

Function Room for fundraisers/private functions


Wendy (left) I love Harriet (left) I love the vintage look learning new things Elle (right) Leanne (right) loves helping I love doing customers wedding & funeral arrangements

Tanja (left) I love being creative Brenda (right) I love making people smile

107 Idris Road, Fendalton, Christchurch. Ph. 03 3517444

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Full menu available Gold Card Lunches Mon-Fri Mon /Tue Woodfired pizzas $20 Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes $15 Burgers Wed $20 Steak Night Thurs $22 Sunday Roast Takeaways available Weedons Ross Road, West Melton Village Ph.03 421 6481 I


Host the hottest events


When it comes to hosting the hottest event – whether that’s a conference, meeting or training seminar – you’re certainly not short on options. We’ve checked out the top tips to ensure you host the hottest event in town. 1.


Be SMART You remember the mantra from school, right? In order to understand whether you made the right moves, you need to set SMART goals; SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebased. During the event you’ll know what is important, and after the event you’ll be able to measure your effectiveness. Money, money, money! ‘Money, money, money’ – it’s so important that you could expect it to be a critical line in a famous song! Like so many things in life, it all comes down to the bottom line. Set a budget before you even start your planning. This is going to affect the venue, catering options and accommodation. After all, conferences and training seminars are there to support your bottom line, not blow it.


Location, location, location It may be the mantra for real estate agents the world over, but it is equally relevant when it comes to selecting an event venue. Think carefully about where attendees and speakers will be coming from and transport options to the venue. If it is out of town, accommodation and transport will need to be considered, so good transportation links and easy access are a must. When transportation becomes difficult, you risk losing attendees.


Accessible accommodation If your event is running all day, for several days, or is out of town, then accommodation is a key consideration. Conference venues that offer accommodation on site is a great option, especially if your event is running over several days, as this ensures attendees can relax at the end of the day, without additional travel.



Space savers Put time and planning into your space requirements. Many of our conference venues feature varying room sizes, from small boardrooms to large conference spaces seating upwards of 100. A lengthy conference in a cramped space is going to be uncomfortable for attendees, while a 100-seater conference space for an intimate 10-person meeting is going to give the perception of an unsuccessful event, even when this isn’t the case. Mod cons It may be a low-key event, but don’t underestimate the mod cons that can make all the difference. Audiovisual technology is generally a must, even for small scale events after all, your speakers may want to use a PowerPoint presentation. Chances are your attendees will want to use laptops, tablets or smartphones to take notes, so Wi-Fi support is a bit of a must when it comes to modern day venue needs. Meanwhile, speaker systems, projectors and interactive whiteboards are just some of the capabilities that can elevate your event from good to great. Feast or famine Feeding your attendees is pretty critical. Many venues will offer package deals, with catering included. Lack of breaks and regular food intervals and concentration levels simply won’t be on your side. Metropol August 15, 2019 53

Ushering in Luxury


Ushering in Luxury


arlborough’s crown jewel, The Portage Hotel, is set to usher in a new era of modern luxury under its new arlborough’s crown jewel, THCThe property has been management company, Group. The tourism The Portage Hotel, isit will manage completely refurbished, with company has announced the recently refurbished set to which usher in a new era of10 minutes new walk soft furnishings in all guest hotel, is located just from the acclaimed modern luxury under its new rooms, new carpet, flooring and Queen Charlotte Track. management THC Ken furniture in the reception and new THC Group company, chief executive Harris says organisation, Group. The tourism company internalarm, andTHC external paint work. which includes a hospitality investments Properties, has announced it will manage “We have division, also re-opened all of alongside the management and operations THC Hotels the areas – including The and recently Resorts, refurbished is excited to breathe our newdining life into the hotel. hotel, is located just to takePortage Restaurant and Bar, “Wewhich are extremely proud on the running of The a 10-minute walk the“Its central the location Café andmakes Lounge Barideal and Portage,” says Kenfrom Harris. it the acclaimed Queen the Snapper Eatery, hotel for local andCharlotte international guests to relax Bar and and enjoy the best Track. which has been closed for three of the Marlborough Sounds.” THC Group Chief years.” The property has been completely refurbished, with new softExecutive Harris the new carpet, There are several furnishingsKen in all guestsays rooms, flooring and furniture in organisation, includes accommodation reception andwhich new internal and external paint work.options, a hospitality investments arm including suites and “We have also re-opened all of our dining premium areas – including The THC Properties, alongside the two-room elevated “We Portage Restaurant and Bar, the Café and Lounge Barsuites. and the management andEatery, operations a real synergy between Snapper Bar and which hassee been closed for three years,” division Hotels and the stunning natural beauty of says KenTHC Harris. Resorts, is excited to breathe options, the area and thepremium extraordinary With several accommodation including suites new life into the hotel. suites, Theenvironment offered by The and two-room elevated Portage offers sweeping views are extremely proud Sounds. Portage,” Ken says. of “We the magical Marlborough to “We takesee on the running of between The “Tostunning accentuate thatbeauty of a real synergy the natural Portage,” Kenthe says. “Its central environmnt connection, we’veby also paid the area and extraordinary offered location makes it the attention to key detail The Portage, which is ideal located just careful 10 minutes from the Queen hotel for local the refurbishment, such as Charlotte Trackand andinternational 15 minutes by in water-taxi from Picton.” guests to relax and enjoy rooms to reflect “To accentuate that connection,renaming we’ve alsothe paid careful the best of the iconic such native found attention tothe keyMarlborough detail in the refurbishment, asbirdlife renaming the Sounds.” within national park.” rooms to reflect the iconic native bird lifethe found within te national park,” says Ken Harris.


Picturesque place to stay H

eartland Hotel Cotswold’s distinctive Tudor style and picturesque gardens reside in the upmarket, leafy Christchurch suburb of Merivale. Guests to the hotel can enjoy boutique retail shopping, excellent dining and evening entertainment, as well as close proximity to the city’s iconic Hagley Park. Capturing all the charm and character of Canterbury, Heartland Hotel Cotswold proudly boasts the largest rooms in all of the city. Offering studio and suite room types, the hotel is ideal for families, long stay business travellers and those just wanting a little more space in their accommodation and the ability to park onsite. Heartland Hotel Cotswold has also been a long-time favourite for meetings and events. The hotel’s light-filled spaces can accommodate up to 150 guests. Onsite recreational amenities and nearby jogging and cycle trails position Heartland Hotel Cotswold perfectly for those seeking to maintain healthy, active lifestyles while travelling, be it for business, pleasure or a conference.

A little taste of everything Marlborough has to offer.


with Charm & Character



With plenty of off street parking & space for up to 150 people, Heartland Hotel Cotswold is charming & capable.

Phone: +64 3 573 4309 Email: 2923 Kenepuru Road, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

0800 69 69 63 |

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Tranquil conference haven

Passion for quality C


ome of the best conference venues are closer than we think. Rosebank Estate is a tranquil haven only six minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from our CBD. The venue rooms accommodate groups of 10 to 150, while the four conference rooms offer flexibility of seating style, set up in advance by Rosebank staff. For gatherings of more than 100 delegates, the main function room in its wine cellar setting is combined with the marquee to make for a stunning, memorable conference; for smaller gatherings, the Riesling Room or

Cabernet Cottage provides the perfect alternative. Rosebank has ample free parking, the highest quality catering, Wi-Fi and all necessary conference equipment, such as sound systems, data projector, microphone, plus a stage for merchandise launches or guest speakers. The ‘Conference After Five’ option offers dinner or canapés and the finest selection of wines from Rosebank Estate’s own vineyard. Email bookings@rosebank. co or visit

M e e t a n d G r e e t at

atering for weddings and special events from Auckland to the Catlins, TwentyFour Catering is sure to provide an exceptional and memorable hospitality experience, with no event size or location too much of a challenge. As their mantra says, ‘Have kit, will travel!’ When you work with Ashburton-based TwentyFour Catering, you work directly with owner, operator and executive chef Chantelle Quinn and her talented team who are renowned for their flexibility, mobility and ability to conjure up any feast, anywhere. TwentyFour Catering is driven with passion for quality, beautiful food and top-notch service, while taking pride in adding that special personal touch to every event. Whether you’re after beautiful canapés or a threecourse menu for your wedding, birthday lunch or corporate event, TwentyFour Catering can create a truly sublime feast bespoke to you, using locally sourced, natural ingredients. Check out their sample menus at twentyfourcatering. or phone Chantelle on 027 356 1212.

Canterbury’s go-to caterers for a real point of difference

Uniquely personalized menu plan for each couple – which offers the opportunity for incorporating a family favourite or a special touch so the couple get to see a little bit of themselves in the menu. Twentyfour Catering Co provides their unique services in the Canterbury area and beyond. No destination is too hard to manage. “We absolutely appreciate what a privilege it is to be invited into a special family event like a wedding.”


Contac t (03) 323 7353 1 80 Jo hns R o a d, No r thwo o d book ing s@rose ba nk .co.n z

w w w.rosebank .co




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Endless possibilities

Revive yourself


it back and relax at Urban Revival, a warm and inviting café nestled in the heart of the Silverstream subdivision. Here you’ll find hearty comfort food to revive your body and mind, including scrumptious baked treats, raw slices and platters to share. Try a delicious Switch coffee as you peruse the menu – their gluten-free bacon and egg nests and creamy mushrooms on chef’s hash are popular choices. Head down on a Friday evening to enjoy a

delicious dinner and a pint of one of their five refreshing tap beers or ciders. Looking to host a small work ‘do’ or meeting? Take advantage of their beautiful private function room boasting a 14-seat dining table. The entire venue can also be hired for private functions and the team will happily take care of your catering needs. Urban Revival regularly plays host to a variety of events, so you can relax knowing your function or meeting is in capable hands.


hink of a chameleon the spaces for groups from and the way it adapts two to 200 are endless. If to suit the circumstances. your function is a conference Rossendale Vineyard has that the provision of all necessary same adaptability. It’s such a audio-visual equipment can be versatile setting with its large arranged. main room, three smaller And, at Rossendale Vineyard, rooms, acres of outdoor it’s a given that you will garden area and ample car be very well fed. Delicious, parking that it is ideal for any nutritious and interesting food function or event. is the hallmark of the venue. The venue has hosted Phone Rossendale Vineyard conferences, seminars, small on 03 322 7780 or email meetings, product launches, and corporate dinners, yoga the friendly, professional retreats and school leavers’ staff will supply you with an Metropol ways more than weddingsobligation-free 135 x 92 portrait v1 11062019.pdf dinners. Possible of using quotation.

More than just Weddings

Catering for your own function

Rossendale Vineyard Conferences and Events

Conferences Product Launches Corporate Events from 2 to 200

Five tap beers • Dining Friday nights Food to revive your body and mind...... catering gluten free popular bacon and egg nests, vegan broccoli donuts, creamy mushrooms on chef’s hash.

42 Silverstream Boulevard, Silverstream, Kaiapoi 03-421 7787 56 August 15, 2019 Metropol Phone 03 322 7780 Take a 360° tour at




Exuding elegance

More than Crêpes M

aison de Crêpes has come a long way. From a petite kiosk selling takeaway authentic French crêpes to the cosy café at Carlton Courts, it has now blossomed into a beautiful new city location. The space is stunning; French, stylish with a warm and inviting atmosphere. It has French staff, serves Kronenbourg 1664, French wine and is even dog friendly! The café serves the best crêpes in town, both savoury and sweet, plus other French items and the most amazing, unique coffee. But it’s the old-fashioned hospitality which is the heart of this place; super friendly staff make you feel welcome and nothing is too much trouble. Maison de Crêpes welcomes group bookings, functions and events. The whole space can be hired for functions and a private room is available for business meetings, but when its fairy-lit ceiling is turned on, it is the perfect venue for any celebration. Email to book.


llow time to stop while you celebrate”. That’s the mantra of Hemsworth Estate, a glorious Edwardian former family home reimagined as an event venue. Five minutes from Ashburton and only an hour from Christchurch, Hemsworth exudes elegance, character and the warm spirit of decades of weddings and celebrations. The house is set on 58 acres of land with beautiful lawns, English-style gardens and old established trees; the perfect backdrop for any summer wedding ceremony. But it’s

also ideal for any other joyful celebratory occasion, especially birthdays, anniversaries, cocktail evenings and Christmas functions. Hemsworth still belongs to its original family and it is the personal touch of Margie Hulse and her daughter Rebecca that adds to the magic of the venue. They want Hemsworth Estate to be a place where precious memories are made and shared in an environment of quiet tranquillity. You can contact Margie on 027 227 5530 to discuss holding your celebration at Hemsworth.

Not what you'd expect...

Escape into the world of Maison de Crêpes, a Parisian-styled creperie. Amazing,memorable French food that is beautifully presented, specially designed delicious coffee and house-made patisseries.

7am Open from till late.

173 St Asaph Street, P.03 365 1424 E.

3 5 6 b e a c h r o a d e a s t, a s h b u r t o n | w w w. h e m s w o r t h e s tat e . c o. n z

Metropol August 15, 2019 57


Luxury at Latimer


hristchurch’s buzzing central city is home to Rydges Latimer hotel and its premium steakhouse restaurant Bloody Mary’s. Rydges Latimer embraces the largest in-hotel conference venues in Christchurch – an entire floor dedicated to successful meetings and events. The spaces are flexible, catering to everything from top-tier corporate training to gorgeous weddings. The 11 rooms are filled with natural light, contain in-built AV technology and free WiFi. Up to 400 guests can be catered

to by dedicated professional event planners who organise every detail – from catering menus to decorations, to fit all needs and budgets. Always a dining experience to remember, Bloody Mary’s also offers private facilities and stylish spaces to suit your mood and party. Hugh’s Whisky Library or Master Ridley’s Private Dining Hall have been recently updated and are looking fabulous. À la carte, buffet, cocktail or roaming menus are complemented by Bloody Mary’s exceptional service.

Where the action’s at


ore than 40 years ago, an enthusiastic member of the Ashburton business community – Russell Anstiss – started the now-iconic Ashburton Boulevard Day as a way of promoting the rural town and its CBD. Today, the event hosts over 120 fantastic stalls with an amazing range of shopping delights, say local business owners with a wild enthusiasm for the town, Sue Cooper and Bob McDonald, who run the event. From plants, crafts, food and entertainment to clothing, jewellery and skincare, a wide

range of local businesses from both the CBD and smaller boutiques attend the event; as well as charity and service groups who are passionate about giving back to the community. The event is so popular that many stallholders attend from throughout the country. Rain, hail, wind and snow have never stopped it from happening, with between 10-15,000 visitors every year. Ashburton Boulevard Day is on 23 September, East Street from Havelock to Moore Streets, from 9am-3:30pm.


Mon 23 Sep 2019 9.00am–3.30pm ENJOY A DAY OUT IN ASHBURTON EAST ST (Havelock to Moore Streets) Fun and relaxed shopping at its very best with something for all ages. Christmas shop early with local retail shops and boutique businesses.


Special Gu


58 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Food Stalls Clothing Craft Raffles Plants Health Western Collectibles Antiques Entertainment: Local band ToPeace + more. Parking: West St Car Park handy to event.

Contacts: Sue Cooper 027 331 3733. Bob McDonald 021 525 347. E.


It’s happening at Universo Charming rural event setting E


wners of Universo, Madlen and Wayne Shaw, have achieved what eludes so many: sophistication and style in an atmosphere of family-friendly comfort and approachability. Its three spaces – the café, restaurant and bar – can be used individually for functions, or you can have exclusive use of all three. The space seats up to 100 for dining, 140 for cocktails or up to 200 using the outside space in favourable weather. Universo offers a set menu, canapé or cocktail-style catering.

Christmas function bookings are available but going fast, and weddings and private/corporate events are a specialty. While brunch is busy, Universo comes into its own for evening dining; the warmth of the russet and tan interior is complemented by the view of the twinkling city lights through the expanse of the Art Gallery’s glass walls. Beautiful menus, patterned with cherished gallery favourites, offer fine food as well as sharing plates, while the café cabinet mixes old and new favourites.

njoy the warmth of Kiwi hospitality in a charming, rural setting at The Oaks of Darfield, the perfect place for evening dining, casual lunches, private formal dinners, cocktail parties and boutique weddings. Mixing tradition with fresh, modern influences, The Oaks of Darfield is a historic Canterbury homestead surrounded by a mature oak trees and boasting a large garden with a sunny courtyard – a spectacular venue ideal for large social gatherings like weddings and birthday parties. No celebration would be complete without delicious cuisine! The Oaks is renowned for exquisitely fine dining, so you can sit back and let the talented team take care of the catering. They have your accommodation sorted with three luxurious guest rooms, all equipped with queen size beds, private bathrooms, flat screen televisions and free wireless internet access. Due to popular demand, reservations are essential. Phone 03 318 7686 or visit www.theoaksofdarfield.

Celebrate life’s milestones with those close to you at Universo Events & Functions in Christchurch Art Gallery

Open 7 Days Cnr Worcester Blvd & Montreal Street, Phone 03 379 5214 Visit:

We specialise in top class service and food served with elegance. Also available for special occasions, private formal dinners, boutique weddings and cocktail parties. CNR Main West Coast Rd & Clintons Rd, Darfield, Ph: 03 318 7686 Metropol August 15, 2019 59


Welcoming & peaceful venue


urpose-built and established by Life Church in 2006, La Vida Centre is a welcoming and peaceful venue offering amazing flexibility of space. Facilities Manager Adrian Dinnissen says, “The heart behind La Vida was to welcome all of Christchurch – this is a place for the whole community to use”. Conveniently sited in Upper Riccarton, with 20 eateries and the Bush Inn Centre at its doorstep, the quiet venue is set off the street – with 190 onsite carparks. From leader’s debates,

international artists, large corporates and government agencies to staff and product training, La Vida has become a regular venue for many. The two-tiered auditorium caters to 725 and sports a triplewide projector for presentations, has premium seating – with a comfortable two-hour commercial rating – and unique flexibility to rearrange the floor plan. The other three function rooms, and a fully equipped café and kitchen, welcomes outside catering and groups of any size. Visit

Stress-free events

Event Coordinator is right up there in the ‘most stressful jobs’ lists, where it stands its own against airline pilot, police officer and broadcaster. Enough said. We’ve collected, collated and created a list of top tips for maintaining a cool head if event planning is next on your to-do list.

1. 2. 3.

La Vida is a multi-purpose


conference centre situated in

the heart of Upper Riccarton.

03 3434939

From its 700 seat auditorium

022 4869755

to its various function rooms;

La Vida is able to host events of any shape or size. This warm and welcoming facility offers a comfortable, yet professional environment for you and your guests.

60 August 15, 2019 Metropol

4. 5.

Don’t budge on budget We know, we know, it sounds easier than it is, right? But this is one time that it’s critical that you become besties with spreadsheets and get comfortable crunching numbers because budget is critical to avoiding stress. Piece it together Events are a little like a large-scale Meccano set; A can’t be done until B is done, but B is reliant on X, Y and Z. Set a realistic plan of how it will fit together, then set small, manageable goals to make things simple and stress-free. In the loop Be sure to develop a clear communication plan between all those involved. Group chat, email or an online project management tool are great ways to collaborate, keeping communication lines open and ongoing. Back-up plan Spend a few extra hours coming up with contingency plans. You may not be able to control the weather or anticipate a tech failure, but you can come up with a plan to alleviate the stress if they do happen. Breathe You’re stuck to your budget, your backup plans are in place and you’re set to rock the socks off your guests… but you’re still stressing! Stop, take a break and just breathe. Take a minute to reflect on what you’ve pulled off. You.


Impressive and versatile

Slice of paradise S


mpressive and versatile” – those are the words used to describe the Christchurch Function Centre at The Redwood. And versatile it certainly is, with its four unique function rooms. The Prestons Room is the largest, catering for up to 300 guests for a cocktail-style event or for 200 banquet-style. The intimate Heartwood Bar is perfect for smaller events or an ideal space for drinks before dinner in the Prestons Room. Add in the Styx Room and the Springs Room, as well as the beautiful outdoor gardens

and courtyard, and any type and size of event can be accommodated. Christmas parties, birthdays, weddings, graduations, trade shows and dinners – the possibilities are endless and the team at the Christchurch Function Centre delights in helping guests celebrate. The experienced chefs conjure up delicious menus and flexible catering options from buffet meals and à la carte dinners to platters and canapés. Email the Events Manager for more information.

ituated against a breathtaking backdrop of the Southern Alps, Methven Resort offers an idyllic, exclusive event venue for creating unforgettable, seamless experiences. Nestled within the perfect slice of New Zealand paradise, the resort is the ultimate venue for hosting conferences, weddings and other celebrations. Take your pick from their variety of function rooms, including Methven’s largest conference venue, which can accommodate up to 450 people, and let the dedicated team take care of the rest. Delicious set menus using fresh, local produce can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements, and your accommodation needs are catered for with 47 affordable, warm and inviting rooms. Soak up the spectacular scenery while relaxing in one of three outdoor hot pools or unwind by the crackling open fire in the piano bar as you peruse an extensive wine list and indulge in a delicious cheese platter. Visit or phone 03 302 8724.


Make the party of your dreams a reality.

Let us look after you at the Christchurch Function Centre. Phone 03 352 9165 340 Main North Road, Redwood, Christchurch

Open for Early Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner daily. Best view in town. Accommodation / Hot Pools/ Restaurant Bar & Café / Wedding / Conference / Function 51 Main Street, Methven

0800 22 44 40 Metropol August 15, 2019 61

cuisine Ingredients 1 cup almonds 1 cup Medjool dates 2 tablespoon raw cacao powder 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 pinch ground cinnamon 1 pinch sea salt 1/4 cup coconut oil

Coconut Bliss Balls Coconut Bliss Balls are a seriously tasty way to pack some nutritional punch into your diet. Roll them in coconut, coat them in crumbled nuts, drizzle them with dark chocolate, or add some dried cranberries – this is the recipe to memorise, glamorise and keep in mind for whenever you need something tasty and healthy in your culinary arsenal.


Directions Blend the almonds until they are fine and flour-like in texture. Add the dates and blend until the mixture is creamy or starts forming into a ball. Add in coconut oil gradually.


Add the raw cacao powder, unsweetened shredded coconut and maple syrup, ground cinnamon and sea salt, then pulse until creamy. Roll the mixture into small little balls.


Roll the balls in the extra unsweetened shredded coconut.


Place the balls into a sealed tupperware in the freezer for 1 hour to set.


Remove from freezer and set in fridge one hour before serving, or pack them straight from the freezer into your lunch box!




42 ROTHERHAM ST / RICCARTON PHONE 03 341 5142 ROGUESBAR.CO.NZ 62 August 15, 2019 Metropol



By Peter Walker

When Christchurch artist Joel Hart created the mural for a new café in Rangiora three years ago, a name for the café literally emerged from the artwork. So, ‘Fools of Desire’ was born, as was the next chapter of the fantastic hospitality journey – 12 years and counting – Elisa Leach and partner, and also co-owner, Karl Horwarth have been on.


Recognised national leader in the verification of food control plans and national programmes across the wider food industry sectors in New Zealand. Our personable team are immersed in this process everyday & are here to assist you.



0800 43 82 83

Metropol August 15, 2019 63


Making a sustainable statement

o say Fools of Desire is unique is an understatement. Innovative, fun, eclectic, diverse, exciting – these are a few words that come to mind while sipping a ‘Bullet Proof Coffee’ – a double shot espresso blended with Karikaas butter and coconut oil. Locally sourced, organic and healthy ingredients, produce and baked goods all flow from the core values that are deeply important to Elisa. Connection and sustainability underpin everything she does and provides. “Connection with guests, with the community is really important to me,” she says. “We focus on our local suppliers, so we get as much as we can of organic coffee, tea and produce, so that it is aligned with being light on the planet.” That’s been the Fools of Desire philosophy for the three years it’s been open. Utilising solar energy, aiming to be zero waste by using recyclable and compostable materials, sourcing local beers and ciders, driving the ‘plastic straw-free Rangiora’ movement and housing a thriving bee hive – and using the honey in some dishes – inside the café are just some of the things Elisa and the team are doing to aid the environment. Another level of sustainability is the consideration of alternative protein sources – good for humans and good for the planet. Hence, in addition to the vast array of vegetarian, vegan, keto, and traditional offerings on the menu, you will find locusts. They’re not compulsory, of course, but they are available for those who want to test their boundaries. “We really want to start a conversation with people about sustainable protein,” Elisa says. It’s a global conversation. The UN says there are more than 1900 edible insect species on the planet. Locusts and ants are favourites. According to National Geographic, “stinkbugs add an apple flavour to sauces and are a valuable source of iodine.” “We have some huhu grubs in the freezer,” Elisa says with a grin. Will they and more insects end up on the menu? “You never know. Maybe. Probably.”


Ingredients Crust 1/2 cup almonds 10 Medjool dates, pitted 2 tbsp coconut oil

Filling 1 cup cashews 2 cups strawberries 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1/8 tsp vanilla 4 tbsp coconut oil


1. 2. 3. SERVES


Raw Vegan Berry Cheesecake Raw, vegan, gluten-free and naturally sweetened cheesecake needn’t be bland or boring. This recipe ticks all the delicious boxes.

64 August 15, 2019 Metropol

4. 5. 6.

To make the crust The night before you start baking, put the cashews in a bowl and fill it with water until they are just covered. Leave them to soak overnight. The following day when you’re ready to start baking, place the almonds in a blender and pulse until they are coarsely ground. Add the dates and coconut oil in the blender with the almonds and continue to pulse until the mixtures starts coming together, forming a ball. Press the resulting crust mixture into a bottom of an 18cm cake tin and place it in the freezer to chill while you make the filling. To make the filling Drain and rinse the cashews before placing them in a clean blender with the remaining ingredients and pulse until the filling mixture is smooth and silky. Pour the filling over the crust, cover the tin with Glad Wrap and place it back in the freezer overnight – or for at least four hours to ensure it has set.

The coolest events in town Why is it that when licking an ice cream, we instantly feel so darned good? James Wasley and Laura Proudman can answer that one. It was five years ago in a Stratford-Upon-Avon pub that a shared love for Mint Choc-Chip ice cream soon found James and Laura falling in love and setting off for Continental Europe to travel… and sample more ice cream.


ventually Laura returned home to New Zealand – and brought Englishman James with her.

Settling in Methven, they then decided to do something about their passion for ice cream, so they bought a

1920s-style tricycle, called Evelyn, and launched The Rollin’ Pedaler. Evelyn can store and serve

IndulgeFood Yourself With Gorgeous Gorgeous Food…

ducing Intro to the

SAVE 10-20%ron every orde y er PLUS First Deliv Fee FREE!

Freshly baked, healthy, handmade on the premises, gorgeous takeaway food.



We are the ONLY Food Delivery service offering you the complete PACKAGE DEAL! Takeaways, Food/ Groceries delivery. Book a table at a Restaurant through our App or Website

No hidden delivery fee No markup of restaurant/grocery menu for our customers

Gorgeous Food Ph. 0204 1041 988

Open 6 days | 66/68 Springs Road, Wigram Retail Shop 03 344 6043 Kitchen 03 344 6044

Empower yourself to eat healthy Get 20% off your first delivery use promo code metropol20 Select your plan and customise it to your needs. Every Sunday and Monday we’ll deliver to your door your meal box containing fresh, local and responsibly sourced ingredients for either three or five meals. Flexible meal plan options offered.

Enquire now

Colonial Styled and themed reminiscent of the Indian Prohibition period. Delicious Southern Indian Menu including vegetarian and seafood offerings, with tapas-style dishes. Try our wheat beer infused with cardamom and ginger, brewed by Three Boys Brewery, especially for The Permit Room.

P. 03 925 9280

779 Colombo St Metropol August 15, 2019 65


up to four flavours from a range of New Zealand’s finest, award-winning, premium sourced ice cream. She comes with her own props and wardrobe, has a rechargeable battery freezer, enjoys both indoor and outdoor settings, and loves keeping her professional serving staff busy. With James and Laura kitted out in matching tweed caps, bow ties and braces, they make for a delightfully novel addition to any event. “We do everything – weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas parties, bridal showers, corporate events and sporting events; whatever is put to us, we’ll be there,” James says. “We’re fun, quirky, something a bit different and we’re affordable. We like to think we make every occasion or event just that extra bit special.” All prices include freeflowing ice cream servings, waffle cones and/or bowls, along with additional toppings. For more information, email jamesandlaura@trpicecream. or visit www.trpicecream.

The GREEN Revolution Starts in Your Kitchen

The Brothers Green 100% NZ Hemp Hemp Seed Oil | Hemp Hearts | Hemp Protein | Hemp Flour Available at: Chch Farmers Market, Ohoka Farmers Market & New World.

It’s always Ice Cream O’Clock somewhere! Available for all private hire events. Weddings. Birthdays. Corporate. Christmas Parties.

The Rollin’ Pedaler

Traditional Ice Cream Tricycle. Providing not only Ice Cream but an experience. E:

An authentic boutique family winery producing powerful, vibrant, single-vineyard wines including Clark Estate Upper Awatere Sauvignon Blanc 2018 and Clark Estate Classic Riesling 2018 - both with 5 star reviews! Only available direct from the vineyard.

Clark Estate Phone: 03 579 4752 / 021 386 831

Individual Cheesecake Jars for you to enjoy! 13 flavours – ideal for Lunches, Teas, Weddings, you name it! 18 different flavoured Pies – Also offering Rolls, Sandwiches, Slices and Cream Buns! Come in for yours now – all freshly made at Country Kitchen Bakery 356b Main North Road, Redwood Ph. 03 352 8111

Be the best boss ever! Organise your mid winter office outing now. Great day out into the heart of the North Canterbury region. Full day, lunch included. Email for details.

Explore Waipara Wine Tours Ph.0272 121 221

Rangiora’s newest butchery, with beautiful handcrafted sausages, dry cured meats wild game and home kill processing Yumm. is your friendly food supplier using locally grown produce and goods baked fresh daily. A great range of luxury pantry items and kitchen equipment from well-known NZ brands. Friendly staff on hand to help!


The Colombo Mall, 363 Colombo St Ph. 03 365 2440 Find them on Instagram 66 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Doesn’t get more “Fork in Fresh” than this! Delish Pies, Sandwiches, Pastries, Cakes, Slices and Cookies. All made FRESH on site daily for you to enjoy! Fork in Fresh 855 Jones Rd, Rolleston Ph. 03 347 8861


The Butcher’s Mistress 84 High Street Rangiora Ph. 03 313 7191

Customised cooking classes for you and your friends the perfect winter entertainment. Choose your own theme and enjoy your food afterwards at my home. Minimum of 8 or more. Classes are $75.00 pp

Four Square Hanmer Springs offers Grazing Platters for every occasion. Individually tailored to each customers taste, budget and occasion. Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Platters available. Wine Barrel Platters start from $120.00. Smaller platters also available.

Four Square Hanmer Springs Ph.03 315 7190

Soft, fresh, delicious: We bake our original German soft pretzels (Brezeln) several times daily and on request.

Café Berlin

9c Normans Road, Strowan. Ph. 03 355 0932 Like us on Facebook & find us on Instagram Open Tuesday to Saturday

The Finest Fried Chicken in Town Empire Chicken has been supplying Canterbury with a delectable array of fried chicken offerings. Dubbed the best in Christchurch by many, we work hard to uphold that title in everything we do. Local, happy, sustainable, delicious. Coming soon to the new Riverside Farmers Market, come and check us out at 98 Oxford Terrace.

Empire Chicken

Ultra-fresh, honest and uncomplicated food for your next event including Weddings, Office and Party catering. Cooking classes also available.

Winter calls for hearty, warming, delicious food, and our new menus deliver on all counts. Come in and try them for yourself.

Fiona’s Food

Chillax Cafe and Filipino Restaurant

Unit 2/249 Stanmore Rd Ph 03 260 1649

Ph.03 3513414

I Mob. 0272295671

Ali’s Lemons

Take a trip to heaven with Ali’s Lemon Curds. Choose from Traditional, Reduced Sugar, or exotic Saffron; all made with organic lemons, free range eggs and love. Available at Christchurch Farmers’ Market, Moore Wilson and Ballantynes. Contact Ali:

Calling all Caterers:

We can help with your gluten free needs: high tea scones and lamingtons have been a hit, loaves of gorgeous gluten free bread, biscuits and savouries available also. Just ring or contact us via email for more information.

Totally Gluten Free Bakery

290B Colombo Street, Sydenham Christchurch 8023. Ph.03 341 1172

European Style Breads Handcrafted in Christchurch NZ the best of both worlds!

Breads of Europe

Ph. 03 381 1048

Life’s too short to drink bad wine... INDULGE IN THE BEST!


Ahuriri Run Pinot Gris and Greenman Pinot Noir grown on the foothills of Banks Peninsula. True to our roots.

Metropol August 15, 2019 67


A Sustainable Hempire By Peter Walker

“Hemp seeds are safe to eat, nutritious, and do not have a psychoactive effect,” said Food Safety Minister, the Honourable Damien O’Connor, in a Beehive press release in November 2018, regarding changes made to the regulations controlling the production and sale of hemp seed food products. Your inner city local bistro Lunch & Dinner Tuesday - Saturday

High Tea at Seven Café 2pm-4pm Daily (Advanced booking only)

128 Lichfield Street | Salt District Christchurch Central book online 03 365 1147

Please email to make a reservation

Cnr Riccarton Road & Hansons Lane Christchurch P.(03) 348 1886

Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30am-4.00pm 68 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Enjoy a delicious lunch of cornfri�eers & bacon Perfect with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258

Fully Licensed

jewellery, rope and sails in the age of sailing ships, animal bedding, building materials, and latterly in the production of cars, biofuels, purification systems, and, of course, clothing. The addition of an apparel line was a natural progression for company. Enter Sustainable Fashion Designer Eden Sloss. “Hemp is the most sustainable crop. It’s the strongest natural fibre we can grow for textiles,” she says. The ‘Original Canvas’ brand is Eden’s baby. Short and long sleeve tees and hoodies so far, expansion is guaranteed. She’s been to China (the largest producer of hemp fabrics) recently, sourcing ethically grown and produced materials; a catalogue is in production and more retail outlets are buying into the ethos that sustainable is the way of the future. “We’re trying to make it more accessible,” she says, “because there is demand and it’s growing”. Check out @originalcanvas_nz on Instagram. Winning the Foodstarter Award, a competition to find New Zealand’s most innovative food product, driven primarily by Foodstuffs South Island and The Ministry of Awesome, has allowed The Brothers Green to take the business to the next level. The industry expertise and promotion from the award will see the launch of the Hempy Bar, a healthy hempbased snack bar for kids. Watch New World supermarkets for that in September. Brendon, Eden, Brad and the team are on the cusp of a hemp-based revolution and it’s about to explode. “We’re building a sustainable hempire,” Eden says.



his was no surprise to those who know the history and benefits of the plant that US President George Washington wanted “planted everywhere”. And good news to those on the cutting edge of an imminent revolution. One such revolutionary is Pharmacist Brendon McIntosh, Kaiwhakahaere of Plant Based NZ, the parent body of several brands with a growing inventory. During post-graduate studies into nutritional and environmental medicines, Brendon was introduced to the benefits of hemp as a food source and the base of a multitude of products. After his studies concluded, he teamed up with Brad Lake, whose background is in rural banking. He’s seen firsthand the evolution and the limitations of the agriculture industry in New Zealand. He also recognises what the future will look like. “Synthetic foods coming through, transition to plant-based diets, people moving away from highanimal-product diets; New Zealand needs to be prepared. We can’t pretend what we’ve been doing for the last hundred years is going to work for the next hundred years.” Initially, Brendon and Brad sold hemp seed oil and protein powders at local markets. Under the banner of ‘The Brothers Green’, they are now available in New World supermarkets. A range of hemp seed-based skincare products is available nationwide in pharmacies, under the brand ‘Kōaka’, which loosely translates into ‘hemp’ in Te Reo Māori. Hemp fibre has been widely used for a variety of products for thousands of years - paper,

TWO NEW FLAVOURS Fresh Mango with cheese foam & Fresh Strawberry with cheese foam

Gold Award Winner

Excellent fresh food, home style baking, coffee and service Let us introduce you to the wonderful flavors and hospitality of Morocco and provide an unforgettable dining experience. Bookings essential! Shop 3/300 Lincoln Road, Addington,Christchurch, P 03 338 2882

Gluten Free options abound Fresh Home-made baking Underground Coffee Selection of Giftware

380 RICCARTON ROAD Ben Gong Queen’s Tea queensteabengong



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Fendalton Village Mall Cnr Ilam & Clyde Rd Ph. 351 4414 Open 7 days Mon-Fri: 7:00-4:00pm Sat-Sun: 7:30-4:00pm Metropol August 15, 2019 69

STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD Architects and builders have long sought to stand out from the crowd with aesthetically pleasing designs, but a new property in Hanmer Springs stands out from the crowd as much for the clever technology built into its design as it does for its external appearance.


here’s not many houses in Hanmer Springs like it,” says co-owner Julie Rogers.

140 Jacks Pass Road has been a labour of love for Julie and husband Nick, Licensed Building


Practitioner and Director of Nick Rogers Builder Ltd, who built the house, which was designed by Bespoke Architecture Ltd. The couple sought to create something special in the township and, with more than 30 years of experience in the building industry, Nick’s high standards and attention to detail are evident in every room. At the heart of the home is a smart home security and automation system that you can control from your smartphone. Made by Christchurch firm Econx, this means controlling everything from your hot water cylinder, underfloor heating and heat pump, to your blinds and outside lighting, all from a simple, easy to use app. The features don’t stop there. Full insulation has been installed throughout the home, above the recommended rating, including internal walls, soundproofed with noise-control batts to reduce noise transmission between rooms, while 40mm of polystyrene under the concrete slab provides superior underfloor insulation.

Bathroom showers and floors have been tiled, with under-floor heating, a freestanding bathtub and touchscreen mirrors that have built-in heating and lights. LED lighting has been installed throughout with automatic night lights in both hallways, and a large 2.4 metre cavity sliding wall enables you to separate living spaces. The home features interior and exterior floor to ceiling doors and windows, motorised blinds, logburner and heatpump, and a full designer kitchen, including Westinghouse appliances and induction stove, with a stonetop bench. A 10-year Halo Residential Guarantee provides peace of mind. “We really wanted to set a standard with this property,” Nick says. “Hence we’ve gone above and beyond with the time and expense we’ve put into this.” With a whole block of sites alongside the property, the couple is open to discussing options for house and land packages or the sale of any sections. Contact Julie and Nick on 021 655 893 or 03 351 8899.

Our customers can’t stop posting compliments about our Cafe. Come and see what they are raving about.

Mention this Ad when booking by phone RECEIVE 5% DISCOUNT!

Built with smarthouse ingenuity Locally Owned & Operating in the Building Industry for over 30 years


Mobile. 021 655 081 I Office. 021 655 893 I Ph. 03 351 8899 Email. 70 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Come and enjoy our

WinterWarmers and relax beside the cosy fire...

2 Highfield St, Culverden 03 315 8492

CLEAR RIDGE APARTMENTS 5 STAR LUXURY IN THE CENTRE OF HANMER SPRINGS Ideal for individuals and groups. Conference room available for smaller business meetings. Some apartments with spas - outdoor heated pool & spa. The refreshing mountain air beckons. Ph 03 315 5144 or 0800 555 596


perfect pair

Amongst the exclusive range of clothing at Kjole Style is a handpicked selection of jeans that many customers have claimed to be the most comfortable they’ve ever owned.


he Pulz brand includes three styles, with the Stacia Curve the most popular – perfect for pear-shaped figures – eliminating the ‘waist gap’ at the back. Another loved brand is the Dranella ‘Pam’ fit push-up, in various styles and colours, designed to beautifully shape the behind. Offering more of a straight-leg style, these are best suited to an hourglass figure. Then there’s the sought-after Denim Hunter range, accommodating a wider waist and slim leg of an apple figure. The Celina Custom Zip, 7/8 in length with a short zip on the ankle, is ideal for those a little on the shorter side; and for longer-legged women, there’s the Celina custom long. Kjole, meaning ‘dress’ in Danish, is located in Hanmer Springs at the Boulder Point Retail Precinct. Mother and daughter duo Stephanie and Penny Suckling import the clothing from Denmark, described as ‘luxury for less’. “The fabrics have a soft, comfortable feel. This range is great for women looking for something a bit different, while being fashionable and stylish with a pared back look.” For a personal styling service, visit the friendly team in-store, or catch them showcasing the new spring clothing range at a number of events over the next few months, including the Ashburton Boulevard Day, The Christmas Country Fête and the Geraldine Fête. Visit the store or shop online at

8/8 Boulder Precinct Chisholm Cres, Hanmer Springs Open Daily Phone 03 315 5104 Building Your Ultimate Burger

style New Season Arrivals 100% Silk Shirt from Ichi

The Boulder Point Precinct Hanmer Springs I Ph. 027 591 1832

Stitch the itch this Winter

Anniversary Special

Bring in this Coupon and receive 15% OFF ON PURCHASES OF $50 AND OVER!!



Amazing range of Knitting Wedding & Craft supplies The perfect mix of scenery, Alfresco dining and your favourite drinks ic Visit us for all the mag ies of Unicorns and Fair

A licensed venue, we have a selection of beer on tap including Asahi, and our very own Salt n Pepper Ale plus a ‘beer of the month’ tap, and Honesty Box Cider. Open 7 days from 7am.

Premium Luxury 5 accommodation with the personal touch

Luxurious 5* Apartments, warm & cosy for your winter escape, all with Gas Fires and Underfloor Heating. Centrally located in the Heart of the Village – yet so quiet.

SALT N PEPPER Wedding & Craft Supplies

Shop 5 Chisholm Crescent (in Boulder Point precinct) Hanmer Springs I Ph.03 3155383

CAFE | RESTAURANT | SMALL BAR Boulder Point Precinct 8 Chisholm Cres, Hanmer Springs PH.(03) 926 0344

1 Rutherford Crescent, Hanmer Springs 0800 555774 Metropol August 15, 2019 71

hanmer springs



Natural Instinct By Ashleigh Cocker

In Christchurch, one of the best spots to go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life is the Botanic Gardens or Hagley Park. These two places are so popular for escaping because of the plants that surround us with their calming energy. So why not bring that same energy and vibe into your own home?


ome of our favourite homeware stores are catching on to the concept of bringing the outside in because, although florals have long been a popular addition when it comes to our décor, now it seems greenery has followed suit. Incorporating the beauty of nature into your home through your furnishings is a low maintenance way to bring the relaxing beauty of nature into your everyday life. Duvets, wall prints and even fake plants make your internal spaces feel more light and relaxed. Fresh and inviting, they offer an easy way to inject life and colour to your internal spaces, and they work particularly well with the clean, minimalist interiors and natural beauty of timber that we’re currently craving in the home. So let your natural instinct go wild this season because sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it.


Tug Lyttelton



Tug Lyttleton needs on-going sustainable financial support to keep it sailing and preserve this iconic ship which is a vital element of our Lyttleton/Canterbury, and National Economic history.

Join and Donate Now! Ring us on 021 849 940 or visit the links below. Website:

72 August 15, 2019 Metropol




Metropol August 15, 2019 73


Bringing ideas to life An expertly handcrafted piece of high-quality furniture will last almost a lifetime – making it a much smarter investment than buying cheap items that break within a couple of years.


ob Carter of Furniture Dimensions knows all about quality furniture. He has been in the industry for many years and can bring your ideas to life with a beautiful, bespoke piece, unique to you

and your space. From floating shelves, alcoves, wall units and bedside cabinets, to bedheads, doors and bathroom vanities – the business specialises in one-off custom-made pieces.

“Many people come in here with an idea or a picture of something they like, so I then draw it up to scale and make it work for their home,” says Rob, who has worked on a wide range of projects during his career, from smaller jobs to units in award-winning homes. Using a variety of quality wood veneers and high-gloss lacquered finishes, he can also produce anything from sideboards, dining tables and coffee tables to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and builtin wardrobe units. Rob who started his career as a chair and frame maker, started his own business 15 years ago. His Sydenham workshop features an adjacent showroom that allows potential customers to view the finished work firsthand. If you would like to discuss how Furniture Dimensions can bring your creative ideas to life, with the skill of an experienced furniture craftsman, visit the showroom today, or check out www.furnituredimensions. for more information.

��:::rfy !ft��-- Lagoon Pools

Specialists in Bespoke Furniture

• Fibreglass Composite Swimming Pools with Lifetime Warranties • Installed in 4-5 days

Get the Right Style Right Colour Right Size Right For You

Furniture Dimensions

105 Coleridge Street, Christchurch I Ph.366-7499

Piccadilly Bookshop in Avonhead Mall for the most amazing selection of fiction and non fiction books in Christchurch. LATEST RELEASES 74 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Cnr. Merrin and Withells, Avonhead Phone 03-358 4835

From trash to treasure A recent couch makeover by McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery is proof that one neighbour’s old sofa can easily be another’s treasure.


wo locals have taken recycling and repurposing to a new level, and successfully given an old piece of furniture a new lease of life.

The McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery team tell us that when the dilapidated couch was spotted on a neighbour’s veranda,

headed for the dump, the owner next door decided it would be the perfect shape, size and style for her home. After negotiating a deal, the


RECOVER YOUR LOVED FURNITURE 100s of fabrics to choose from

No job too big or small

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture P. 371 7500

Hours: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs, Fri 8am to Midday or by appointment with Keith 027 566 3909






Turn your home into a

smart home

Security & Automation from $3,999.00 incl GST Installed Control from anywhere - set & forget • • • • •

Security Garage Doors - Gates Heating - Cooling Security & Night Lighting Electric Blinds and more …

Free consultation and quotes

P: 0800 12 33 12 E: W: Metropol August 15, 2019 75


new owner’s husband was surprised to see the settee now gracing their lounge covered with a blanket. She had a vision and saw potential in the retro piece, so she called the experienced team at McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery. Using both traditional and contemporary methods, the highly skilled upholsterers are the experts in transforming old or damaged furniture into stunning new statement pieces. Keith Hartshorne and staff note that the frame is the most expensive part of any quality piece of furniture, so as long as it’s in good condition, you’re already halfway there. Checking the framework and springs are all part of the process, as they build furniture back up to its former glory, as well as replacing foams to a density that’s to the client’s liking. The new owner chose Warwick Jenga Sunshine fabric with contrast piping in Warwick Bendigo Storm, and the transformation is clear to see. To arrange a free, noobligation quote, visit

Communication methods have changed considerably since I first started in the real estate industry, and for me these changes have driven several observations. People don’t communicate as much as they once did, and when they do it’s often in different mediums. Texting (of course), emailing (an essential), Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting and Messengering(!), the list is a long one and getting longer. The first time I ever saw two people sitting in a restaurant, supposedly dining together but actually spending their entire evening interacting with their phones and not each other, I remember that I couldn’t actually believe it. I discussed it with my (noisy) family, sitting as we were at the adjacent table, and they were equally bemused – it felt so incredibly unusual. Ten years later, it seems the norm. Who hasn’t seen a whole table of people and, yes, I’ve been a party to this, interacting with their phones more than the company they are with? And I’m well aware that this is happening at family dinner tables too.

It’s got to be one of the most significant trends affecting all of us.

happy with this and you can call me oldfashioned, but the odds are already stacked against you if you only work in this manner.

Instant availability and connectivity are 21st Century norms and although it’s possible to connect with people anywhere in the world, instantaneously, this sometimes comes at the expense of interacting with the person sitting right next to you. Mine is a deeply connective industry, requiring strong communication skills which can be acquired or learned, though the most successful consultants possess these innately. You have got to be able to communicate at every level, make articulate conversation and possess strong intentional listening skills, as well as the ability to read non-verbal reactions. If you don’t want to talk and you can’t listen, then this is not the occupation for you and yet … I find myself meeting people wanting a real estate career who would prefer to engage at arm’s length. All exchanges via email and not in person – their primary interactions and engagements are with their computer, not their clients. Yes, some clients are perfectly

Sales require engagement. I do think there’s an art to providing a service that takes you from being a stranger or acquaintance to a client and friend. The development of this relationship in real estate occurs due to the success of the job that’s been done, but much of that comes back to communication. The most frequent complaint I hear is, ‘I never heard from my agent’, or not enough. There’s a warning in this; my personal preference would be for verbal and additional communication methods. It’s a deeply primal act to talk to each other, it’s what makes us human and I’d like to raise the flag and say, keep doing it. Talk to someone today, you never know the journey it will take you on.

Lynette McFadden




PAPANUI 352 6166 International & Migrant Division (+64) 3 662 9811 REDWOOD 352 0352 • PARKLANDS 383 0406 • NEW BRIGHTON 382 0043 GOLD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 352 6454 GOLD REAL ESTATE GROUP LTD LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008 A MEMBER OF THE HARCOURTS GROUP 76 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Coffee table candy Long slung tables are believed to have hosted the de rigueur beverage of the late Victorian era and succeeding lovers of objects combining both form and function have never looked back.

Architectural | Residential | Renovation


Phone 022 477 8270 Email


Metropol August 15, 2019 77




n 2019, coffee tables still very much serve a practical purpose, but they have also earned cult status as a statement piece for living rooms. A perfect host to essentials, they also can provide a plinth of honour for your favourite accents. The power trifecta is, of course, a combination of flowers, trays and books, but you can move beyond this predictable pattern and delve into bespoke collections that tell your own story. From beloved pieces of heirloom jewellery that also serve as great conversation starters to nostalgic mementos from your favourite trips, the dĂŠcor possibilities are bountiful. Popular coffee table candy includes eclectic trinkets like bell jar cloches, magnifying glasses, deer antlers (sometimes spray-painted gold) and amethysts offering down to earth glamour. See-through coffee tables offer chic minimalism and a way to show off a beautiful rug underfoot, while heavily industrial pieces can provide stand-alone impact. In recent times we have also seen tree stumps and old cargo boxes morph into makeshift coffee tables to add a unique point of difference to living spaces.

out & about 1






GILBERT ENOKA WITH DJ HEWITT - CELEBRATING 25 YEARS The All Blacks’ mental skills coach Gilbert Enoka recently visited the staff and subtrades of DJ Hewitt Builders as a guest speaker. Hosted at Hagley Windows and Doors, the event was to celebrate 25 years of DJ Hewitt Builders and saw over 40 awards handed out to subbies, suppliers & professionals to say thank you for many years of support, loyalty and quality work/service. 1. Janelle Prendergast (DJ Hewitt Project Assistant), Noel Barnes, Janet Ison 2. Jason Cruickshank, Julie Ball (Hagley Windows and Doors) 3. Jeff Enslen, Donna Grice, Ryan Gearry 4. Jeff Ellis, Craig MacIntosh, John Cooper 5. Daryl Hewitt (Owner), Gilbert Enoka 6. Michael Hutcheon, Tara Hewitt (Owner), Wayne Gallagher, Daryl Hewitt (Owner), David Clephane Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event.

E S T. 1 9 8 8

Structural Design of New Builds & Renovations Building Assessment Reports

TURN YOUR DREAM KITCHEN INTO A REALITY We will create, manufacture and install your dream kitchen at an affordable price.

Building Consent Management & Applications PHONE BRUCE ON

0800 CORBETT or 0274 775 001 78 August 15, 2019 Metropol

P: 03 383 4384


New heart of the home


Design process: • House plans, measurements and a wish list with client specifications are required • An initial renovation quote and plans are drawn up by the designers (received by clients within 7-10 days) • A meeting is arranged between clients and a member of the design team to discuss all changes to the plans and answer any questions • Revised quote and plans are again drawn up • Once all parties are in agreeance with revised quote and plans, a sign-off meeting is arranged to finalise quote, colours and appliances


Manufacture process: • Begins after sign-off, with a final measure conducted at client’s property to ensure accuracy before manufacturing the joinery • An install date is confirmed between clients and Misco’s installation team • Joinery production gets underway using world-class machinery to cut and edge all panels • Joinery assembly is carried out by trained joiners and made ready for transportation

You’ve been thinking for some time that your kitchen looks dated, but there’s so much else going on in your life… besides, tomorrow’s another day, right?


h-uh. Postponement is just putting off what we know we should’ve tackled yesterday. From now on, be decisive. Carpe diem – seize the day; and make that day today! Next step is to contact the wonderful people at Misco Joinery. This is a family business that’s been outfitting Canterbury homes with bespoke kitchens for 30 years. From planning and design through to completion and installation, clients are consulted with every step of the way. Aside from kitchens, the team at Misco also specialises in the design and manufacture of laundries, wardrobes and study areas, plus fixture shelving for storage, surrounds for TV and entertainment areas and window-seats. Marketing Manager Penny Abell says the kitchens produced here are more than just about being

a functioning work space; more importantly, they’re about the people working in them, which is reflected in theme, colour, design and cabinetry finishes. “We can utilise feature colours in the joinery cabinets, upper cabinets, kitchen islands and bench back panels. Darker colour kitchens are becoming popular, as are different design textures with the cabinetry – such as woodgrain effects.” With Christmas as your incentive, imagine welcoming family and friends to your beautifully renovated home over the holidays. Penny recommends contacting them now to avoid the queue. “If you leave it to October, unfortunately that will be too late to get your kitchen installed for Christmas.” The process of achieving your dream kitchen is done in three stages: design, manufacture and installation.


Installation process: • The kitchen joinery is delivered to site one day prior or on the day of installation • Misco’s skilled installers will install the kitchen over two days Now your dream becomes your reality, and yes, you can pat yourself on the back. After all, who decided to seize the day? You! For more information, phone 03 383 4384, email or visit Metropol August 15, 2019 79

You Deserve Luxury Sleep Warm with Merino Wool

Customised Louvre Roofs for all year round. Over 10 years experience Louvre Roofs I Gates I Fences I Chimney Cowls Horizontal & Vertical Sun Louvres Cedar Louvres I Commercial & Residential I 10 Year Warranty phone 0275 356 286


Now with pure 100% Merino wool for natural luxury Sleep more comfortably & oncoamfort accross the full breathable mattress with Dreamwool range. 100% natural fillings


Experience New Zealand’s most luxurious natural sleep

Freephone 0800 753 754 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

We’ll build it from the ground up.

0508 DHOMES / 0508 346637 80 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Creating the perfect home just for you

FROM THE GROUND UP Trends may come and trends may go, but when it comes to houses there’s nothing more arresting than the sight of a magniďŹ cent home.


esigner Homes (DH) is a Christchurch company dedicated to the construction of magnificent and captivating homes that showcase distinctive, superior quality interior and exterior design. Established in 2015 by Managing Director Rajesh Thakur, the DH team bring a wealth of experience and

expertise to every building project. Currently overseeing five residential projects in Christchurch and Auckland, Rajesh implements an eight-step strategy on every project undertaken, which, undoubtedly, is the key to his success. They are as follows:


Selecting the site DH focuses on selecting the right site in terms of plot shape, lighting, slope, access to amenities and a good sewer system.


Design & budget DH designs the ideal home based on client requirements and their budget. An additional consultation is available for any plan changes, or if the client decides to increase their budget.

Selecting the finishes From doorknobs to flooring to carpentry, collaboration between the client and the DH team is integral to achieving the dream home. DH encourages clients to choose finishes they will love, both now and into the future.


Making the plans Plans are put into an actionable timeline. DH architects recreate the plan with dimensions approved by the client. Feasibility of selected plot and building guidelines is thoroughly assessed, ensuring no delay in plans and revisions suggested by the client.




Getting approvals From land approvals, government clearances, land use restrictions, required documentation - even through to sourcing the best-fit financing, the DH team guides clients in an advisory role to help make the process as seamless as possible. Managing the build The DH project team monitors site progress and changes, while ensuring all required tasks are carried out properly. The project manager

maintains project control throughout the entire process, redirecting tasks as and when needed. The construction process is time-lined with a tentative completion date for each milestone reached; from floorslab framing, walls, roof structure and roofing to external finishes, windows and doors, rough-ins and internal finishes.


Checking the quality DH builders and project managers conduct a thorough inspection of the structural design and concrete mix, and evaluate if wall thickness, fixtures and finishing are as per the discussed and completed plan.


Handing over the keys The client receives the keys to their beautiful, bespoke home. The underpinning philosophy of Designer Homes is that the disciplines of architecture and interior design form a close link; the truth of this can be more fully appreciated once their full showhome opens in Rolleston in the near future. Keep an eye out – you will be entranced. Find the office at 234 Main South Road, Hornby, phone 03 222 2344, 03 222 2345 or 0508 DHOMES, or email Metropol August 15, 2019 81

new things

Next-level giftware Just when you thought Industria at The Colombo couldn’t get any better – or stock more beautiful, contemporary gifts and designs – it has expanded, taking the whole experience to the next level.

Fabulous range of quirky doormats available at Industria.

Limited edition candles by Bridget Ellery available at Coco Gifts


he 100 percent Christchurchowned and operated store proudly showcases a wide range of well-known New Zealand brands, as well as plenty of new, exclusive products. They’re also passionate about supporting local, and are eco-conscious, with recent additions; Koko Body Skincare, CaliWoods stainless steel straws and pegs, and plastic-free shampoo bars, all profiled on their Instagram feed. Of course, the expansion means there’s even more of what you already love about Industria; the homewares, furniture, gifts, jewellery and art. Find Industria at both the new extended Sydenham store and at Rolleston Square (opposite Unichem). Keep up to date with all the new additions, promotions and inspiration on Facebook or Instagram, phone The Colombo store on 03 943 4932 or Rolleston on 03 420 0996.

Save the Elephant available at Ellen Estate

Abstract Men available at Ellen Estate

1920’s Art Deco inspired drinks trolley. Available at Total Food.

Cosy CF Throws available at Ellen Estate


20% off all wedding packages and family portraits for the rest of 2019 and for 2020 if booked before the end of October 2019.

Ph. 03 355 3336

Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm FOOD | WEDDINGS | PORTRAIT | EVENTS | CORPORATE | ph 027 245 8193

Gifts Homewares - Jewellery

INTERIOR DESIGN At Ellen Estate Interiors, be it a New Build, Re-build, Renovate or Zooching up, it’s our job to make you look good. We are able to assist with design & install of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry through to furniture and window treatments. Contact us to discuss the options available for our comprehensive in-house design service from a qualified team. RETAIL SHOWROOM, 6 NORMANS ROAD, STROWAN 82 August 15, 2019 Metropol

CONTACT 027 225 3220

A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s




In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye-catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

Metropol August 15, 2019 83 84 August 15, 2019 Metropol

A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s, I n n o v a t i o n s





89 90 92 94 98 99


distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

COVER Versatile Christchurch’s latest showhome at Prestons Park is seriously special. At 218 square metres, it delivers a lifestyle and feel of a home twice its size – page 99.



In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of

94 98





A high quality panel with outstanding good looks

99 National Multi-Award Winners 2013 - 2018

J-Panel is a general purpose solid wood edge laminated panel − a premium alternative to traditional wood panel products. It’s wider and straighter with a pleasing wood grain. J-Panel is typically used to manufacture furniture and kitchen componentry, making it a popular choice with both builders and joiners. Check out our website Metropol August 15, 2019 85

The Influencers

Leeann Watson

Dr Megan Woods

Marian Johnson

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister

Ministry of Awesome Chief Awesome Officer

On 19 August, The Chamber celebrates 160 years. In that time, we’ve helped businesses through immense change and significant growth – just compare our region’s exports in the first quarter of 1859 of £92,000 to the last quarter of 2018 of $2.2 billion. Back then, The Chamber had a membership of 32, most of them traders. Today we have over 2,800 member organisations representing 70,000 employees and a number of industries throughout Canterbury and the West Coast. Members include sole traders, SMEs and our region’s largest employers, and reflect the diversity of our community too. Some of the issues that businesses face remain the same, such as skills shortages, technology, infrastructure and policy, however our approach to these has changed dramatically. We also welcome new opportunities, such as digital disruption and automation, business for good and sustainability, and product integrity – all driven by the future of work, one of our biggest drivers for change at a speed and scale unlike anything we have seen before. While The Chamber continues to be active in representing the interests of the businesses and employers of our region, our remit today is much broader. We believe strongly in empowering local business and helping to shape a business environment that promotes innovation, productivity and economic growth, while supporting strong community outcomes. As an organisation, our focus is very much on the future and how we can adapt, evolve and respond, so we can continue to lead our local business community through the transformational evolution we are part of today.

• Civil Engineering • Structural Engineering • Architecture & Urban Design • Land Development • Project Management • Planning • Surveying

A major priority for our Government is getting New Zealanders into warm, dry homes. As part of this, in our first budget in office we announced the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme. This provides subsidised insulation to low income homeowners to help make old homes warm, safe and dry. A lack of insulation is a key driver of illnesses like rheumatic fever, which end up costing our health system millions and impacting the lives of people forced to live in cold, damp homes. As a local MP, I know firsthand how hard it can be for some people to keep their homes warm on a cold Canterbury winter’s night. Through Warmer Kiwi Homes we are turning that around. Recently, I was able to announce that we have expanded the programme to also include funding for efficient heat sources. The programme will cover two-thirds of the cost of efficient wood burners and heat pumps, up to a maximum grant of $2,500. To be eligible for insulation and heater grants, homeowners must have a Community Services Card or live in a lower-income area. Eligible homeowners will now not only be able to keep their homes warmer and themselves healthier, they will also be able to enjoy lower power bills through more efficient heating. It’s the kind of win-win outcomes that sit at the heart of this Government’s wellbeing approach. By investing smartly, we can deliver big improvements in the lives of New Zealanders, save money in our health system and help Kiwis be financially better off as well.

July saw an impressive bump of activity in the city’s startup and innovation ecosystem, beginning with a visit from Minister Megan Woods at one of our city’s young tech companies, Orbica ( After checking out Orbica’s location-based data platform, Minister Woods took the opportunity to announce an important update to the government’s research and development Tax Incentive scheme. The update puts early stage startups in a better position by providing for a limited form of refunds in the scheme’s first year as well as providing a wider definition of research and development that ensures its application to tech startups. Over at the airport, Lightning Lab’s tourism accelerator kicked into full gear with several startup teams from across the country quickly building their sustainable tourism ventures and preparing for the Demo Day on 20 August at the James Hay Theatre. Another large scale national accelerator programme running from Christchurch is the NZ Aerospace Challenge which is looking for breakthroughs in agritech inspired by aerospace technology and data available from satellites and UAVs. The incubation programme for the semifinalists is running now and we are looking forward to seeing how far they’ve come in a few months’ time. And - don’t forget to book your tickets now for the upcoming Canterbury Tech Summit. This year’s lineup is awesome with former CEO of Facebook Australia and New Zealand as well as the co-founder of Sharesies and Nigel Latta sharing the mainstage. See you there.

Independent Professional Engineering Advice

Terra’s Christchurch operation provides professional engineering and architectural advice, design, and construction observation services for a wide range of governmental, insurance, contractor, property owners, and solicitor clients.

Building better environments for a better future TERRA GROUP NZ LTD T 03 379 5055 | F 03 281 8657 Unit 1.1, 150 Lichfield Street, Christchurch 8011 | PO BOX 24-201, City East, Christchurch 8141 86 August 15, 2019 Metropol

John Bridgman

Ivan Iafeta

Principal Cathedral Grammar

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

Regenerate Christchurch CEO

The new face of Christchurch city has prompted many of us to look at the CBD afresh and appreciate all it now has to offer. I’m certainly aware that my own family and I spend much more time in the city on the weekends than previously to take advantage of the rapidly improving facilities and the everincreasing array of shops and cafés. The re-energised city has also made me appreciate anew the foresight of the founders of Cathedral Grammar. Our school truly is part of the fabric of Christchurch’s central city. As our roll grows, many parents tell us that the CBD location is a key part of the appeal. Far from being closeted behind school gates, our boys and girls are out in the city, enjoying the wonderful nearby resources. The fantastic new central library, Tūranga, where some students are involved in an Enrichment Programme, is a focal point, together with our art offering at the Museum and the Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū. Students also head to Ara Institute for Engineering and Food Technology, and Christ’s College to study Hard Materials. Whether it be training for a duathlon, having rugby practice, going for a run or playing bullrush, we too, like so many people in the CBD, enjoy the wonderful resource that is Hagley Park. These are all exciting opportunities to enrich and extend our current learning programmes inside and outside the classroom. Better still, they’re all within walking distance. We love introducing a new generation to the new generation Christchurch.

No sooner had we started construction on the Metro Sports Facility that the questions started coming in about car parking. It’s great that people are so excited about the facility, so let’s take this opportunity to look at what lies outside of the building. A significant portion of the site is being made available for parking. There will be around 550 car parks for people visiting and working at the Metro Sports Facility. By comparison, the similarly large Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre has 459 spaces for visitor use. Access to the Metro Sports Facility car park will be managed by the Christchurch City Council, as the owner of the facility. The Metro Sports Facility’s location on Moorhouse Ave will also assist with parking as a lot of the businesses in the streets to the south operate during standard working hours. This means there will be additional on-street parking available in the area in the evenings and weekends; the facility’s busiest times. Of course, a car won’t be your only option. The Metro Sports Facility sits on the major St Asaph Street and Antigua Street cycle routes. It’s also about 900 metres away from the Bus Interchange and one block away from the Health Precinct bus stops. The Health Precinct stops are the busiest in the central city and we are currently giving them a major upgrade that includes large shelters. We want this to be a facility for people of all abilities, ages and stages, and the accessibility of the location is integral to that.

Recently, the Christchurch City Council released details of its draft global settlement agreement with the Crown. Since then, there has been much interest in what the city might get out of the agreement, or be left with, as the Crown and Council advance their objective of increased local leadership and normalised arrangements. As foreshadowed in June, the agreement also includes Regenerate Christchurch developing and implementing a plan to transition our responsibilities to locally based agencies that will be responsible for delivering long-term regeneration beyond our limited lifespan. With the Crown and Council’s view that regeneration has become embedded in the everyday work of their agencies, the transition will provide an opportunity for us to strengthen that further to ensure the city is set up to achieve long-term regeneration. This will happen in parallel with our ongoing work programme which will continue to focus on unlocking impediments to regeneration, which differs from some of the larger-scale, groundup work we have completed since our establishment in mid-2016. It is likely this will include utilisation of the powers within the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016, under which we operate. Already, we are assessing a proposal by the Canterbury Cricket Trust to use the Act to make changes to the District Plan to allow more domestic and international cricket matches to be held at Hagley Oval. This type of work represents the opportunity, while the Act is still in place, to ensure the benefits of the significant private and public investment in our regenerating city are fully maximised.

Ivan The IafetaInfluencers

Scott Thelning

YOUR ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ Land Surveying Geotechnical Engineering Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering Soil Contamination Resource Management

RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERICIAL BUILDING DEVELOPMENTS For all your engineering and surveying requirements for your next subdivision or building development.

 03 358 5936

021 979 296

FRASERTHOMAS.CO.NZ Metropol August 15, 2019 87

d 4 an 98 al 1 Ze ce w sin Ne ed % at 00 per y1 o d l nd ou a Pr ned ow

your style of living your style of builder

    manager for your new FOWLER HOME™. We’ll have exactly what you need to know about building your new home in Canterbury and can guide you seamlessly through the entire design and build process. Our clients have enjoyed the Fowler Homes way for close to three decades now. That’s why in Canterbury, where we started, over 88% of the homes we build are for repeat clients or direct referrals.â€?

Ivan Stanicich Managing Director Fowler Homes Christchurch


Celebrating over 35 years

OfďŹ ces nationwide

0800 4 FOWLER

Auckland • Ashburton • Bay of Plenty • Christchurch • North Shore • Northland • Manawatu • New Plymouth • Queenstown • Waikato • Wanaka • Wellington 88 August 15, 2019 Metropol

COMPLETE HEATING AND COOLING SOLUTIONS Playing to their diverse strengths and catering to the market has seen Future Air Solutions grow exponentially since the company was established. Even as recently as six years ago there were around six people involved; now there are more than 20.

uture Air Solutions’ expertise is truly expressed in its name. The company specialises in commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and it focuses on finding the right solution for each individual environment. “We offer a wide range of products – not just one or two brands – so there will be something that is perfect for the various situations we encounter,” the team says. “It might be an elaborate ducted system covering multiple rooms or it could be a simple single heat pump. There are so many options available, many that now come with programmable technology. Our technicians know and understand the advantages and capabilities of every one.” If you are looking to upgrade your current ventilation system, or are researching a complete HVAC solution for a new build, Future Air Solutions offer the whole package. They will consider all the factors relating to a particular site, will recommend and quote for the appropriate solution, design it for you and install. They also offer an aftercare service. “Warm, dry homes are so important for our comfort and for our wellbeing. We take pride in looking after our customers from the start of the process through to its completion and them being totally satisfied with the result.” For a free quotation, phone 03 341 7676.

Create the perfect environment.

Residential and Commercial heat-pump, air-conditioning and

ventilation services in Christchurch. All models supplied and serviced!

• • • •

Locally owned and operated Light to medium commercial Small to high end residential All major brands of heat pump

• Design & build, installations into retrofit & new builds, maintenance and service, inhouse IQP

6/88 Hayton Road, Wigram Christchurch

Phone 03 341 7676 |

Specialists in • Kitchens and Bathrooms • Design - Manufacture - Installation - The complete package Contact Sandy for a free initial consultation P: 027 710 6900 E: W. Metropol August 15, 2019 89




Captain of his own vessel By Tracey Edwardes

The official date is 31 December. That’s when the CE of Lyttelton Port Company, one of Canterbury’s largest employers, will step down and become captain of his own vessel.


fter his 16-year tenure, Peter Davie will set sail in May around the South Pacific in a 47ft Dutchdesigned Van der Stadt. Yachts are complex, but he’s ready for the challenges of a maritime adventure on a more intimate scale. “Our three kids have left home and there’s no grandchildren on the horizon, so we’re off for a year, or more, depending what the Admiral says!” referring to his wife Wendy, who works as an emergency nurse. Hailing from Tai Tapu, he joined Lyttelton Port as a marketing junior with a commerce degree. Then Australian waters beckoned and

Peter became Victoria’s Port of Portland’s youngest CEO at age 35. Reeled back to home waters in 2003 for his current role, the now 58-year-old has weathered a bigger storm than most port chiefs. The picturesque port which operates 24/7 servicing South Island imports and exports, was remarkably only closed for three days, after being at the epicentre of the 22 February earthquake. The development of the Lyttleton Port Recovery Plan was completed to budget and to time – and the Port has since doubled its container volumes.

RANGIORA 03 423 3233

A great team for all Plumbing & Drainage Domestic & Commercial

We provide a Full Water Filter service BEFORE

90 August 15, 2019 Metropol


Evans Pass Road is now open and Canterbury’s only floating walk-on marina, with retail and hospitality, is being designed, with a cruise ship berth on track for late 2020. Lyttelton Port is the only port in New Zealand with the ability to expand their land area. With consent for a total of 34 hectares, the first ten hectares of east-side reclamation used the city’s earthquake rubble – a monumental feat in upcycling. Currently, a further six hectares are being reclaimed using quarry fill from Gollans Bay. “It’s been a privilege to work with real toys and such big machines. When I see a cargo ship, I see the sum of someone’s hard work, ready for export.” Peter says he’ll miss the crew and working from the rebuilt headquarters “with the best view in Christchurch”. His successor will be appointed this month. On the possibility of returning someday, he says “never say never”. “I might pop up somewhere, but it’s time for someone fresh and to pass the baton. My parting wish is to see this Port flourish.”

BRANZ Appraised Application System

The look and feel of real stone without the cost 50mm thick, light weight stone veneer that does not require footings installed by our own licensed applicators. Choose from our extensive range of stone profiles and colour choices as seen on hundreds of projects throughout Canterbury. Call Brett 022 043 0541

Aluminium, Thermally Efcient & Upvc joinery 375 0700 Metropol August 15, 2019 91


“My role certainly changed quickly and I did what was needed to be done. We could now design a Port for the future. I’m immensely proud of everything and everyone. It took real expertise to do such a complex job. It was that huge pressure – a multi-pronged, constant adrenalin rush.” Peter says that now everything is smooth sailing again, it would almost feel like going backwards, career-wise, to stay. He refers to the Port as a fish bowl, connected by road and rail, as the lifeblood to Lyttelton and South Island communities for many daily essentials, such as coffee and megatonnes of bananas – of which Kiwis are the largest consumers globally. And 55 percent of the world’s carrot seeds leave from New Zealand’s third largest Port. He says the toughest part is juggling the multi facets of the Port, from the hills to the seabed – with many integrating factors to consider, such as planting that mitigates erosion, to improve water quality. “But underneath it’s all our people – they are what makes the Lyttelton Port Company what it is.”


City’s Labour of Love By Tracey Edwardes

The Christ Church Cathedral reinstatement will be the city’s labour of love – and preparations are underway for early 2020, when the action starts.


lthough nothing appears to be happening at the moment, plenty is going on in the background. Excitement is building at Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement

Project headquarters, where a tight team of up to 10 prepare for the 12 to 18-month initial stabilisation phase. “This is our Notre Dame. It’s not your regular doer-upper,”


family portraits weddings conferences events homes & gardens

Jane Wyles Wyles Photography Photography Jane 027 245 8193

Asbestos Management Meth Decontamination Toxic Mould Abatement Erosion & Sediment Control Contaminated Land Remediation Managing the environment around you isn’t always easy. That’s why MBC has been providing specialist environmental management solutions to clients for the past 20 years. | | 03 354 4377 | Northcote, Christchurch 92 August 15, 2019 Metropol

build Project Story | Olivia Spencer-Bower

Project Director Keith Paterson says. “A complex job always requires more planning. In the heritage world especially, things take time – and this is the crown in Christchurch’s rebuild. We are working through the best ways to make it structurally sound and safe to work in.” The reinstated Cathedral will look similar – only greatly enhanced for the future. “It will provide more flexibility, be far more comfortable and functional,” he says. Expect a warmer place of worship with improved acoustics. The main building will be stabilised and repaired first, then comes the visitor’s centre, and finally a new tower – offering the quintessential Christchurch experience of climbing up its stairs once again. Paterson says waiting this long has its positives, as the industry has had time to develop new techniques and test them throughout the rebuild. “We have to make sure we get it right. It’s not the place to take any risks.” The concept design is being

fronted by Warren and Mahoney and Holmes Consulting Limited partnership, with input from Rawlinsons. Naylor Love Canterbury has been appointed for construction logistics, methodologies and programme advice, which he says is a good fit with other projects they’ve been involved in such as Christ’s College, Isaac Theatre Royal, and currently Wellington Town Hall’s strengthening and base isolation – that the Cathedral also requires. The required skills of artisanship will be sourced locally as far as possible, and internationally where appropriate. “You could say we are rebuilding the skeleton from the inside. The walls, up to 1.2 metres thick, will be stripped from the inside and the existing rubble fill replaced with steel or reinforced concrete. It’s going to be complex, and it is always harder to retro-fit – especially a Cathedral. As much heritage as possible will be retained, including items like the recently recovered stained glass angel’s head. He says the reinstatement will be a

monumental structural repair of international significance. Likely the most complex Cathedral repair project globally, it will be worth the patience. The team is exploring ways of making the reinstatement accessible to the public using technology like CCTV as part of a temporary visitor experience centre. “It takes a community to build – or in this case rebuild – a Cathedral and an independent trust has been established to fundraise and oversee the use of public funds,” Paterson says. “A public campaign will be launched next year, but anyone is welcome to donate now online, by post, or in person.” The Dean of the Cathedral, the Very Reverend Lawrence Kimberley, is delighted that progress is being made. “It will be a joy to see the Cathedral on its way back to becoming a sacred and welcoming place for all,” he says. Visit to donate and sign up to the e-newsletter.

374 Ferry Rd, Woolston, Christchurch Ph: 03 389 2986 Fax: 03 3892017 Metropol August 15, 2019 93



very year, the ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards celebrate innovative, sustainable and exceptionally designed projects from around New

Zealand. Awarding designs in multiple categories, the awards programme recognises residential, commercial, alterations, interiors and

multi-use projects designed by members of Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ). This year, 22 awards were given to 13 designers from the

Canterbury region. The award winners were Julie Villard of Bob Burnett Architecture, Nic Curragh of Objects Ltd, Greg Young of Young Architects, Ben


Combining meaningful design with bespoke construction + Native plantings + Greenroofs + Living walls + Bespoke fitouts + Hill & remote sites + Challenging spaces + Playgrounds




An executive home inspired by the work of Sir Miles Warren and a school playground in the sky were just two of the award-winning designs celebrated on Friday 2 August at the Canterbury/Westland Regional ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards.


Contact: Sam 022 469 6854 or Damian 021 870 725

Precision Solutions specialise in foundations & re-levelling To download a brochure on how we can help, just pop onto our website

0800 77 53 835

94 August 15, 2019 Metropol

Steffan Kraberger MLA 027 783 5722


Brady of Linetype Architectural, Robert Weir of Weir Architecture, Pippin Wright-Stow of F3 Design, Aaron Jones of Urban Function Architecture, Chris Wheeler of Hierarchy Architecture, Barry Connor of Barry Connor Design Limited, Bob Burnett of Bob Burnett Architecture, Craig South of Allfrey + South Architects Ltd, Gary Todd of Gary Todd Architecture Ltd, and Fiona Macpherson of Fiona Macpherson Architecture. Greg Young of Young Architects was a major award winner on the night, taking home three regional awards for two projects. Aaron Jones of Urban Function Architecture received four awards for four projects. He received a Commercial Interior Architecture Design Award for the work on his own design studio, titled ‘Urbanfunction + Zerobag Studios’. Julie Villard of Bob Burnett Architecture won the Residential Compact New Home up to 150m2 Architectural Design Award for ‘Boat Shed House – Lyttelton’. Nic Curragh of Objects Ltd won the Residential New Home between 150m2 and 300m2 Architectural Design Award for his project ‘Red Rock Lane’.

Ben Brady of Linetype Architectural won the Residential Alterations and Additions Architectural Design Award for ‘Esplanade Alterations’. Ben Brady also received a Highly Commended Award in the Residential Compact 2 New Home up to 150m category for his work on a Little Akaloa bach, titled ‘Sea Call’. Robert Weir of Weir Architecture received the Commercial/Industrial Architectural Design Award for his work on the Crowne Plaza in Christchurch’s central city and a Highly Commended Award in the Residential New Home over 300m2 category for his work on a modern Waimairi Beach home titled ‘Chamberlain, Beachside’. Pippin Wright-Stow of F3 Design won two awards for his work on ‘Sky Playground’ located at Cathedral Grammar School. The playground design won the Resene Colour in Design Award and a Highly Commended Award in the Commercial/Industrial category. Chris Wheeler of Hierarchy Architecture won two awards for Coffee Culture located at The Crossing in the central city. He won the Resene Colour in Design Award and Commercial Interior Architecture Design Award.




Studio open to view Mon - Sat, from 9am to 4pm and Sundays from 10 - 3pm. All consultations by appointment only. • Studio: 221a Annex Rd, Middleton, Christchurch 8024 Phone: 021 240 9225

Engineering Communities For Over 80 Years

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128 Montreal Street, Sydenham

128 Montreal Street, Sydenham

PO Box 2373, Christchurch

PO Box 2373, Christchurch



T 03 379 2734

T 03 379 2734

Structural | Civil | Geotechnical | Environmental Building Services | Planning | Building Surveying | Fire

Freshwater Ecology | Marine Ecology | Terrestrial Ecology

Christchurch | Queenstown | Auckland | Hamilton | Melbourne

Christchurch | Queenstown | Auckland | Hamilton | Melbourne Metropol August 15, 2019 95

MODERN LIFE AT ITS FINEST Derek Chadwick is no stranger to the building industry. Before immigrating to New Zealand from the UK 12 years ago, he left behind a very successfully established construction ďŹ rm.

Temporary Fencing and Portable Toilet Hire & Sales


0508 836 733 | | Any Time Any Site

Z Magzine Aug 2019.indd 3

8/9/2019 1:23:42 PM


D & T CHADWICK BUILDERS 96 August 15, 2019 Metropol


ince arriving on our shores, he and his tightly knit team of builders and tradesmen have gained a sterling reputation in North Canterbury under the name of D & T Chadwick Builders Ltd. With the motto of ‘no job too small’, D & T Chadwick Builders Ltd’s family business reflects the philosophy of getting it right first time, with plenty of satisfied clients in the greater Canterbury area. Able to undertake any construction job, their expertise ranges include home renovations, relocating homes, private new home builds and even light commercial work. Also included in their résumé are earthquake repairs and insurance repairs for VERO and AMI Insurance. A recently completed project saw the construction of three modern, stand-alone two-storey townhouses in the heart of the central city at 221 Salisbury Street. These brandnew, modern developments are simple and contemporary dwellings that encapsulate modern life at its finest; a clean and minimalistic open plan living style that has been architecturally designed with practicality and easy living in mind. Their prime location within the four avenues, with the Christchurch CBD and its many delights – cuisine,

recreation, entertainment and all the necessary amenities – just a leisurely stroll away, they are the perfect homes for working couples and small families. Two of the townhouses are made up of three spacious bedrooms, one with a bespoke ensuite, and the other is a two-bedroom, two-ensuite townhouse. Several windows allow for plenty of natural light, fresh air and ultimately a bright, open space which is the canvas for the occupant’s own interior design and decoration. Dark carpets juxtapose the clean lines and light-filled neutral interiors of the living spaces, which have been designed and constructed to tick all the boxes of simple, modern living. Derek and the team cover every aspect of the construction process; this truly is a one stop shop. When you are ready to pull the trigger on your next big building project, Derek will sit down with you and take you through the process from start to finish. With Derek and the team, you aren’t a mere job number on a spreadsheet. For more information on what D & T Chadwick Builders Ltd can do for you, give Derek a call on 027 380 5682 or email


Proudly working with D&T Chadwick Builders

36 Brisbane Street, Christchurch & 18 Albert Street, Rangiora Phone: 03 366 3952, 03 313 8014

Website? Want A New

Your website is your digital storefront and a quality, professional website is a must. We build websites that sell. No money upfront. No risk. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Let’s start with a conversation. For a no-obligation review, phone Tracey 03 343 3669.



Metropol August 15, 2019 97


With a proud history that spans more than 65 years, family and quality workmanship has been at the centre of Bates Joinery throughout the decades.


n a way, three generations have been at the helm during this time and, with seamless handovers, the business has

shifted down the line from one family to another, bringing with them loyal staff and customers. The story began when Reid

Bates (known as Reg), founded Bates Joinery and eventually handed it over to his son Greg. In 1979, current owner, Mark Allworthy, was taken on as an apprentice making doors, sashes and frames, and has been with the company ever since. After training, he

Proud Suppliers of Quality Joinery


309 Blenheim Road, Christchurch

98 August 15, 2019 Metropol

worked alongside Greg learning the finer skills of the joinery business, and worked his way up to become factory manager, and then owner-operator in 2008. “Lots of clients have been with us for many years, and the staff have always remained loyal,” Mark says. “Some were working in the old Bates Joinery and, through the handover, it’s carried on as normal.” Mark’s son Jaden Allworthy is also involved in the business, working as the in-house designer and looks after the showroom (currently being upgraded), and Greg’s brother, Mitch Bates, operates Bates Aluminium from the same site. The Bates team specialises in all kinds of bespoke joinery, including kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, stairs and balustrades, timber windows and doors, wall units, and commercial projects. Using both modern machinery and traditional tools of the trade, they continue a skill that has successfully been handed down through the generations. For a free design consultation, email

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SERIOUSLY SPECIAL SHOWHOME Versatile Christchurch is thrilled to introduce its latest showhome at Prestons Park. As one of New Zealand’s most trusted companies, Versatile has a strong history in Canterbury with more than 40 years locally in business, building a variety of homes and out-buildings.


esearch undertaken by Versatile last year gave some compelling insights into what Kiwis really wanted in a new home, and their new architecturally design home plans reflect exactly that. It shows in the Prestons Park home; at 218 square metres, it delivers a lifestyle and feel of a

home twice its size. Broadly appealing, families or couples will be drawn to its standout stylish exterior. Inside you’ll find not just touches of luxury but a full-blown embrace. With three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and media room, kitchen with butler’s pantry and sink,

plus double garaging, this house exceeds expectations for amenity. Paula Price, Versatile’s National Housing Manager who oversees all of Versatile’s showhomes throughout New Zealand, says this one is a real knockout. “The feel and flow of this home is special. It’s compact to suit the section yet it feels beautifully spacious”. The home layout and design are complemented by décor by local Interior Designer Paula Comber, resulting in every room being warm and enticing. Sophisticated rich tones of blackened blues and dark moody greens are offset with soft shades of bronze and blush. The stunning kitchen displays top of the

line appliances by Fisher and Paykel in their new black colour finish, and the brushed gold tapware and door hardware are a gilded touch. Help from Paula Comber is part of every Versatile home package. The rollcall of heavenly touches include a high stud, underfloor heating, gas fire, ducted heat pump, wine fridge, inbuilt sound system, extensive storage, automated curtains, and skylights with automated blinds for light control. Visitors say the home feels like you could just walk in and live – and it’s not a pipe dream to afford this. The showhome is open Wednesday to Sunday, 12 to 4pm. Call in and talk to Lee Brown or Gary Longhurst, the New Home Consultants, or contact them on 03 348 8704 to discuss this home or any of their house and land packages.

Come see the Versatile Christchurch team today! Office: 3 Springs Road, Christchurch Show Home: 47 Prestons Park Drive, Marshland

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