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9 JULY - 22 JULY 2020


Petite Retreats









please! 22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


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Petite Retreats






9 JULY - 22 JULY 2020









22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine






Love your art? Why not use it to inspire a colour palette for the room in which you’ll be hanging it? We fill you in on how on page 52. Styling by Kate Alexander | Photography by Bryce Carleton






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9 JULY 2020 VOL 23 ISSUE 10

4 9 July, 2020 Metropol

In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.







An architect’s owneddesigned home becomes an expression of their beliefs and ideals, and this is especially true of the new home of Tim Dagg, Architect at Sheppard and Rout – page 75



QUEENSTOWN Purchase or place a deposit on a Rinnai fire from 1st July - 30 September 2020. To enter, visit:* *Valid only on Rinnai fires. Valid entry requires a deposit or full payment on your Rinnai fireplace at a Rinnai Fireplace Specialist store. 4 trips to be won. Each trip includes 2 nights accommodation, return flights for 2, car rental, 3 course meal at Rata and $500 spending money. T&C’s apply, for more details visit:






03 8023 365 3685 95 Byron St Christchurch 03 365 3685

95 Byron St Christchurch 8023 03 365 3685 Metropol 9 July, 2020 5

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower” HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN



e’ve just waved goodbye to the gloomiest month of weather in more than two decades. Yes June, we’re talking about you and since you’ve given us the least amount of recorded sunshine hours in more than two decades and thrown in a violent 11.82 metre storm wave, we’re not sorry to see you go! But then June, in all its gloomy glory did give rise to some inspirational conversations here at Metropol headquarters. Namely, just how much more we appreciate the sun when we’ve had a little – or a lot of – rain. Because, in the words of J Cole, I’m Coming Home, “in order to appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is”. If you’re bracing yourself against the cold right now and struggling to see the positive side, New Zealand has plenty. The Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki featured on page 12 are something special in winter. The water forced through these limestone formations makes tiny geysers and blowholes. Follow in the footsteps of Sir Peter Jackson and film the Metropol Circulation beautiful snow-covered peaks surrounding the Lindis Pass (home to the Misty Mountains). And don’t forget the jewel in winter’s crown – Queenstown, where everything is exquisite in the chilly months. Staying home? Nothing comes45,000 close however, 7,000 to rugging ABC AUDITED PRINTER AUDITED up by the fire with a copy of Metropol and a cuppa.


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Timeless Elegance

New Boutique Residential Aged Care

6 9 July, 2020 Metropol


03 357 9392


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Selwyn Sounds announces lineup Popular New Zealand Music Festival Selwyn Sounds in Lincoln is likely the very first major music festival in the world to go on-sale since COVID-19 prevented crowds from gathering.


he iconic annual South Island event scheduled for 6 March will next year celebrate its fifth anniversary of entertaining music and festival lovers. The March 2021 event has a distinct Kiwi flavour this time around with headline act, Australian based Kiwi rocker Jon Stevens rocking it out alongside Stan Walker and The Jordan Luck Band; The Kiwi 7 - Annie Crummer, Op Shop’s Jason Kerrison, The Lady Killers – Tina Cross, Suzanne Lynch and Jackie Clarke, Supergroove’s Che Fu, Nathan King; Andy Lynch from Zed and Rodney Fisher from Goodshirt performing their own tracks. They come together as duos to play hit after hit before these celebrated entertainers

take the stage together to perform a set of iconic Kiwi rock anthems exclusively at Selwyn Sounds. To round out an unbelievable day of entertainment, the Remnants of Hello Sailor and crowd favourite cover band Automatic 80’s will also be in the line up. “I can’t wait to hear collaborations of some iconic Kiwi rock classics and of course I’m pumped to be belting out some of the best hits from INXS and Noiseworks!,” headline performer Jon Stevens says. “It will be a sensational weekend and I can’t wait to celebrate and be part of one of the world’s first big music events since COVID-19 shut us down. We are BACK baby!” 148 HACKTHORNE ROAD, CASHMERE SOLD $435,000 above RV

Recent Sales 6

registered bidders

506 ILAM ROAD, BRYNDWR SOLD $218,000 above RV



SOLD $255,000 above RV


t. +64 3 288 0404 (Ext. 1404) m. +64 21 552 587 e. Level 1, The Awly Building 293 Durham St, Christchurch 8013

Personal disclosures documents are available free upon request

Sold Pre Auction Offer!



registered bidders

registered bidders

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CAMERON BAILEY Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

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Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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A poignant profession WORDS MELINDA COLLINS

Dr Cynric Temple-Camp sees dead people. But rather than some spooky phenomenon, he is one of New Zealand’s leading pathologists and over the years has been tasked with working on many famous and private cases. His latest book The Quick and the Dead is set to hit the streets this month, exposing the fascinating world of a pathologist.

8 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Can you tell us about The Quick and the Dead? These are some of the stranger or more poignant tales of both the living and the dead. As such, it expands on my first book The Cause of Death, where I wrote mainly of the stories of those who died. No-one expects to die or really knows the exact time of their death and there are only a few who can realistically plan their passage onward from here. Sometimes people expect to die or perhaps they should have died but didn’t. I have told some of their stories as well. I try to convey the element of chance there is of life and death. The dice roll every day and how they will fall is a random event, known to no man. How do you mentally prepare yourself to do what you do? It seems difficult to most people in the sense that they thankfully have no exposure to a daily diet of sudden death with and without massive trauma. Pathologists do become used to it and cope in a variety of ways, not least because of unobtrusive blocking by the brain. A wise old pathologist once said to me as we looked staring resignedly at body fragments horrendously mixed with stone ballast from a train collision, ‘It takes about 30 seconds for frontal lobe disconnection to kick in and after that you won’t even notice

I see each case as my patient waiting for my help and I do my best to do that.

anything amiss anymore.’ In a way we are no different from trauma surgeons in the Emergency Department, police, firemen, ambulance drivers and mortuary technicians. All see terrible things and have learned to cope or perhaps become vaccinated against the shock. There are some cases that are exceptions though. Murder is always one, aircraft accidents are for me personally, and of course any death of a child is another. I always tell myself that the victims are my patients, that I am their last doctor and that it is my duty to help them tell their final story. How rewarding is what you do? To find an answer to a diagnostic dilemma afflicting the living is one of the best feelings ever for any pathologist. There are stories of odd medical conditions which posed a tough and tangled pathway to diagnosis and sometimes then to life. Sometimes too the road sadly led to death. I see each case as my patient waiting for my help and I do my best to do that. In that way my professional satisfaction is exactly the same as other doctors, nurses and other medical folk. The only difference is that with the living, clinicians get to see the patients while we see their biopsy specimens. They are however still our patients and we care for them the same.

Location, Lifestyle, Luxury

An escape for two at Queenstown’s famous Millbrook resort!

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Newly remodelled villa available now Phone for an exclusive viewing 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr

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We caught up with powerhouse vocalist Jackie Clarke ahead of her 2021 trip down our way for Selwyn Sounds.

You’re heading down our way for Selwyn Sounds in Lincoln in 2021! How excited are you and what are you looking forward to the most?! I’m so thrilled to be part of this line-up. This will be The Lady Killers’ second time to Selwyn Sounds; we’re honoured to get a re-call as honestly it’s one of the best gigs of the New Zealand summer, such a great vibe. This time round the bonus for us is it’s going to be like a big family party on stage. Suzie’s son Andy will be there, as will my good friend Nathan King, and our great mate Annie Crummer, plus I’m a huge Jon Stevens fan! I’ve had a major school girl crush on him since the days of Jezebel, so it’s going to be great to get to see him live… I’ll try not to stalk him backstage!

House and land packages available Lincoln and Rolleston

House and land packages available in Rolleston and Lincoln now. Multiple colour options available! 0800 VERSATILE Contact: Gary Longhurst Phone: 022 198 8929 Or: Richard Fitzgerald Phone: 027 286 3675

*Terms and conditions apply.

10 9 July, 2020 Metropol

HC VER2436

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Jackie Clarke’s southern sounds

You’re celebrating an incredible 15 years together! How close are you? It’s weird; we’re all very different women; we’re from three different generations, we have quite different views on the world really, but we do get along well. It’s the sort of relationship that shouldn’t work, but it does. I guess we are each other’s biggest fans, so that kinda helps! We also have to work quite hard to make the time to sing together because of constantly evolving and conflicting individual schedules, so I guess that keeps the relationship fresh too, we have enough space in the relationship to keep us from taking each other for granted. It’s still a treat to share the stage with one another. How did you come up with the name – The Lady Killers? Oh names are the hardest thing to figure out! It’s torture finding a band name; a lot of brainstorming went on. I was keen on being The Mothers, but apparently some motorcycle gang already had taken that one (how annoying!!). We liked the idea of reclaiming a name that men use. A ‘Lady Killer’ is usually some dude that fancies himself as a ladies man, but we think of ourselves as ‘ladies’ who do ‘killer’ versions of whatever song we like. You’ve been a beloved New Zealand performer for more than 35 years now! What do you love about performing and getting to do what you do?


Yeah, my first tour with a band was when I was 18 and I’m 54 now and still strutting my stuff, so I guess it’s just part of my DNA. I love performing live on stage, it’s honestly the place I feel most at home in the world – I feel totally free when I’m singing in front of a live audience. I love the chemistry that happens between a performer and an audience, it’s different every show so that means every gig is unique. I also LOVE singing and playing music as part of a collective. It’s such a satisfying and joyful thing to be part of. There’s no better buzz really. I love the discipline of making things as perfect as possible and the satisfaction when everything comes together and the music is just flying

My first tour with a band was when I was 18 and I’m 54 now and still strutting my stuff”

What have been some of your most memorable experiences over the years? Meeting your heroes is pretty cool and performing with them is mind-blowing. Singing with Tina and Suzie is like that for me. I used to watch Tina on Ready to Roll when I was 10 or 11 and Suzie as a soloist was a part of my growing up in NZ. When I started doing session singing in the late 80s and early 90s, Suzie’s name was always whispered in reverential tones as the high priestess of session vocals, and now to be singing alongside both of these women is just crazy and something I’m eternally grateful for. That’s NZ I guess, we’re never more than six degrees separation from our heroes. Also I’d say the wonderful about singing is it’s a passport to the world… and I’ve never valued that more now that we’re currently in a space where the world is no longer available to us. Travelling to places far and wide with my singing mates having adventures singing in places like Kuala Lumpur, the Riviera, throughout Asia and the Pacific is something to be eternally grateful for. What do the next 12 months have in store for Jackie Clarke? Well to be honest a lot of the things I had lined up for 2020 have skipped a year and turned up in 2021…. so it’s going to be like deja vu all over again! We’re talking about whether to release another Lady Killers album to mark our 15th anniversary. By the time Selwyn Sounds 2021 comes around hopefully you’ll know where the long lunch meeting with lashings of caffeine got us on that score.

For organisations investing in their people We provide Supervision, Workshops and Employment Assisted Counselling to reduce work related stress, improve relationships and boost productivity in your business.

Christchurch Office 327 Westminster St, Mairehau Phone 03 386 2211

Kaiapoi Office 97 Williams Street, Kaiapoi Phone 03 928 1215

Braided Foundations ltd Ph Catherine: 027 444 0243

I Metropol 9 July, 2020 11

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You’ll be showing off your powerhouse vocals with the other lovely ladies that make up The Lady Killers – Tina Cross and Suzanne Lynch. How did the three of you come together as a band? We met at a benefit concert 15 years ago and ended up being thrown together to sing some backing vocals for another singer. The moment we opened our mouths and sang, it was like a bolt from the blue moment – it felt like we were born to sing together, like sisters. It’s pretty much a once in a life time sort of a connection we have. We knew straight away we had to keep singing together. So I basically went out and booked us a gig. As soon as we had a deadline to egg us on, we spent months developing arrangements and also started a 15-year habit of very long lunch meetings and flat white drinking.


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Wonders of the

WildWest Rugged, remote and thriving with rich history and spectacular wildlife, the West Coast and its pristine wilderness makes it one of the country’s most treasured gems. We explore some of the wonders of the Wild West! West Coast Treetop Walk Lake Mahinapua, 12km south of Hokitika

Lake Matheson State Highway 6, 162km south of Hokitika

Adventure through the canopy of ancient Rimu and Kamahi trees – 20 metres off the ground! – and enjoy sensational vistas of the majestic Southern Alps and the Tasman Sea. An exhilarating experience for the whole family, the West Coast Treetop Walk is a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Pram and wheelchair friendly!

Situated near the Fox Glacier village and surrounded by ancient forest, this pictureperfect body of water is a photographer’s dream! On a still day, you can capture an astonishingly clear mirror image of the snow-capped peaks of Aoraki/Mount Cook and Mount Tasman reflected on the lake’s surface.

Ourvets understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to providing them with excellent care Open 7 Days St Albans 03 355 6747 12 9 July, 2020 Metropol Parklands 03 383 2233

Emergency Service

Riccarton/Ilam 03 348 4885

Halswell 03 322 8331

Shantytown Heritage Park 316 Rutherglen Road, Paroa, 10km south of Greymouth Family road trip? You’d be silly not to stop at Shantytown Heritage Park! Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this recreated gold-mining settlement. Here you’ll discover the rich history of the region with gold-panning demonstrations, steam train rides, an oldfashioned steam-driven sawmill, a hologram story experience and more! Oparara Basin McCallum’s Mill Road, 25km north of Karamea Calling all nature enthusiasts! Nestled in the picturesque Kahurangi National Park lies the Oparara Basin, a magnificent geological treasure awaiting your discovery. This other-worldly wonderland boasts impressive limestone formations and is home to the Powelliphanta – large carnivorous snails. In nearby Karamea you’ll also find the Honeycomb Hill Caves, which are world-famous for their collection of Moa bones and other extinct bird species. Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes Between Westport and Greymouth They say great things come in small packages and this is certainly true of Punakaiki, nestled comfortably between Westport and Greymouth. It’s known mostly for the natural wonders bestowed up on it in the form of impressive pancake rocks and blowholes. Take a horse trek through the scenic landscapes, go rock climbing, bouldering and caving in the limestone formations, or paddle the Pororari River by canoe.

Quality pre-school education in the centre of the city

The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School is a small family-orientated communitybased education centre for boys and girls, located in the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School’s central city campus.


irector Lyndell Turner leads a team of caring early childhood staff who possess a deep understanding of how young children learn. “Each teacher is responsive to individual interests, strengths and abilities. They listen closely

to children, support them to develop a wide set of skills and share their ideas,” Lyndell says. “Our pre-school philosophy values play as an instrument in stimulating and shaping child development and early learning. Through planned and

spontaneous play experiences, children form relationships, share, cooperate, develop self-control, test ideas and friendships, extend their range of experience and form associations among things, events and concepts.

Metropol 9 July, 2020 13

out & about

“Our programme has developed a balance between child-centred and adult-led play, together with a sense of structure. We also value extended blocks of time for children to make discoveries, to elaborate on projects and to evolve a script in symbolic play.” The pre-school children are fortunate to be located on the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School. This means access to numerous activities and resources such as specialist art, music, yoga, library and physical education teachers which add value to an already strong and varied programme, as well as access to the school vans to go off-site for weekly gymnastics lessons. At Cathedral Grammar, they recognise it is a great privilege to partner with families in supporting the educational journey of their children. Learning is designed as a continuous pathway. This means whole school alignment of curriculum and pedagogy, and a shared responsibility of student learning realised through a strong and cohesive team approach. Their Pathways to School programme has been specifically designed to ensure that your preschool child has the best possible start to school and introduces your child to the foundations of numeracy and literacy through a balance of structured play based interactions, whilst building relationships and connections with junior school staff and children in familiar environments. The pre-school can currently offer places to prospective enrolments. For more information and centre tours, please contact their Registrar, Nicky Oram on 03 365 0385 or email enquiries to oramn@cathedralgrammar.



Miranda Easten has been putting pen to paper since she was nine years old, but it wasn’t until she picked up a guitar that her poetry melded with music.


ost of my best songs have started with a feeling,” the beautiful country singer says from the studio at SOLE Music Academy, a dedicated, world-class music hub headed by international platinum recording artist Sacha Vee on the ground floor of the historic Woods Mill Building in Addington. While some of her songs are autobiographical, some are a means of expressing powerful topics that have ranged from climate change to a high-profile murder case. But it’s not all doom and gloom; with a strong

message of preserving hope through the good times and the bad. “I love being able to turn feelings and emotions into something tangible,” she says. Born and bred in Christchurch, Miranda gained singing experience by performing with the Christchurch School of Music, before going on to study Contemporary Music and Performance at Ara Institute of Canterbury Music Arts. Released in February this year, her debut single Cowboy Lullaby from her upcoming album has already been met with acclaim

Metropol Advert 65 x 190 v1 27052020.pdf



from critics, quickly rising to #16 on the Official Top 40 Country Music Chart in Australia, where the country genre enjoys a higher profile. In 2010, Miranda charted on Christchurch radio station The Breeze, singing a cover of Till it Feels Like Cheating by Jewel, who has been a major influence on her sound and style. Just two years later, she featured on the Voices of Country compilation album, released by Compass FM. “If I couldn’t put pen to paper or emotion to song, then I would be thoroughly lost,” Miranda says. “It’s a unique opportunity to be able to write about powerful topics and tell a story through music.” In 2014, Miranda formed a duo called The Manuka Set with

11:47 PM

Rossendale Vineyard Weddings and Events

Birthdays Family Events

Life Celebrations 100 Old Tai Tapu Road, Halswell, Christchurch 14 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Phone 03 322 7780

View our 360° Tour

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oner Vanessa Kelly, who had three #1 hit singles in New Zealand with Deep Obsession. The Manuka Set has created several songs and music videos which illuminate current events and social issues. Their latest music video highlights the peril our oceans face due to plastic and other synthetics. Her new single Only One has just been released. Produced by world-renowned producer Greg Haver (Melanie C, Kimbra), and recorded with New Zealand band Tiny Ruins at Roundhead Studios, the song is an “uplifting song about proclaiming an unbreakable love for someone, when it feels like no words are adequate or worthy enough”. Written in under an hour, Miranda says working on the track with Greg Haver and the

Roundhead Studios team was amazing. “I had to keep pinching myself,” she says. “I had a lot of input into the single and, even though it was the first time we had worked together, Greg knew how I wanted it to sound. We worked really well together; he’s very funny!” she says. With huge support coming from Australia, there are big plans in the works, which include setting up a band and touring our neighbouring country. She’s co-writing with Brisbane singersongwriter Shane Nicholson and they’re working towards a lateJanuary release of new music. “I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to observe the world and write about it. I’m so privileged to be able to do what I do.”

On 25 July, Miranda will be performing at a SOLE Showcase, alongside other local performers. For more information, find the event page on Facebook or for tickets, visit

Metropol 9 July, 2020 15

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Little shop of wonders Lockdown was the perfect time for parents and children to strengthen their bond and spend quality time together. While it may not have been smooth sailing every day, it would have been a learning curve for many. Metropol sits down with the team at Canterbury Playcentre Shop to see how their little shop of wonders helped in those tough times.


efore lockdown our shelves were empty,” Jessamy and Megan explain. “We sold a lot of dolls; it gave the children something to nurture. Chalk was also very popular; everyone was drawing on their driveways. The parents wanted their children to do things that would keep them calm.” The pair also noticed that post-lockdown a lot of parents were coming in and asking advice and different ways they could play with their children. Lockdown enabled them to spend “time with their kids without distraction”. “It would nice if that carries

on,” Jessamy hopes. You can see they just want to help you provide the best play experience possible for your little ones, from the smiley faces at the counter providing tips, tricks and advice, to the ‘think before you buy’ pamphlet by the register. Another part of their caring nature is how they run their loyalty card programme. For every $100 spent (a stamp for every $20), The Canterbury Playcentre Shop will give a $5 credit to your nominated Early Childhood Education provider (cash purchases only). We think that’s pretty special… and a great way to support your local.

Playcentre Shop

Everyone’s Quality Toy Shop - Give your child the tools to let them learn through play ING IMAGINATION CREATIVITY M SOLV PROBLE

Shop Hours: Mon-Sat 9am–2pm Wed 9am–4pm


17 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch P. 03 377 4354 E.







Ph. 352 8539 I 16 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Because I know my clients are relying on me to safeguard their assets and future wellbeing, they have my 100% commitment to deliver the best possible outcomes. P. 03 940 2435 M. 027 822 7227

List with us now and take advantage of less competition and motivated buyers. We are your local trusted agents taking the stress out of Real Estate.



The Trusts Act 2019 How upcoming changes will affect your family trust

If you have a family trust or act as a trustee, you should be aware of the changes to trust law which are set to come into effect in January 2021. Saunders & Co Lawyers Associate, Charlotte Grimshaw ďŹ lls us in on the changes and what they mean for family trusts.


he Trusts Act 2019 aims to reform trust law in New Zealand for the first time in about 65 years by better setting out the core principles relating to trusts, and providing better rules and mechanisms for trust administration and dispute resolution. The new Act requires greater transparency for trusts and how they are managed, including that trustees will now need to tell beneficiaries if they are a beneficiary and must provide beneficiaries with contact details of the trustees, details on any change of trustees should that occur and the beneficiary’s right to request trust information. Trustees are then better able to be held accountable by beneficiaries.

The Act also aims to provide more clarity on the role of those involved in trusts. It clearly sets out the various duties that apply to trustees – those that are mandatory (duty to act honestly, in good faith and for the benefit of the beneficiary), and those that are default (exercise due care and skill and impartiality in making decisions and managing trust assets). It is important to note that the new Act will apply not only to trusts created after its commencement but also to trusts that are already in existence. As a result of these changes, settlors, trustees and those thinking of setting up their

own family trust should then consider the measures required to comply with the increased trust obligations and even consider altering their practices to ensure compliance. This may include refreshing knowledge of the principles of trusts and duties of trustees, checking that important documentation on trust assets and decisionmaking are complete and in order, and ensuring the contact details of those involved in the trust are available. Having the advice of a lawyer who is experienced in trust law is beneficial in ensuring you are advised correctly when looking to set up a trust, or in checking that your trust is compliant with the latest trust law.

The new Act requires greater transparency for trusts and how they are managed.

Metropol 9 July, 2020 17

The Wigram Pantry Collective QUALITY





TICKLE YOUR TASTEBUDS!! Delicious fresh and frozen meals, soups and desserts. Order online, through the Richard’s Real Kitchen App, or give Richard a call to find out how it all works. Have your meals delivered, or pick them up. Lots of choice. All carefully cooked ready to make your dinners easy and super delicious. 1/60 Hayton Road, Wigram 021 813 235

Order on our online shop for easy collection

Have you tried Gordon’s ‘Ready to Rage’ Gherkin Relish? Complimentary Recipe Instore

Open weekdays 8am – 4pm.

The Picklery - Retail Shop

1Timothy Place Wigram. Ph. 03 3480 223

ORIGINAL FOODS BAKING CO. CAFE CANTERBURY CAKE DEALERS SINCE 1991 8 Stark Drive Wigram open Monday - Friday 7.30am - 3.30pm

United Fisheries

for everything from the Sea… Bio Marinus

100% New Zealand Owned


58 Parkhouse Road, Sockburn

Visit our outlet store Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm & Sat 9am-12noon


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Craze-yin love Metropol caught up with Sherie McKinlay from Craze Fashion about some of their latest looks that are must-haves this chilly season. The store’s philosophy is ‘what you wear doesn’t just tell the world a story about who you are – it shapes the way you feel’. And we think this trio of choices will make anyone feel amazing, confident and ready for anything.



Jump around: Look and feel cool in this Dricoper Walker Denim Jumpsuit in vintage indigo. Made out of comfort stretch denim – it will hug your body beautifully.

178 Williams St, Kaiapoi. P. 03 327 2157 crazekaiapoi

Open 7 Days 178a Williams St, Kaiapoi

Cut & Colour Specialists Port & Eagle Brewpub is the new home of Eagle Brewing NZ and all things beer. 184 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 03 926 2941

Berry blast: Who doesn’t love a chunky knit? Especially when it’s the Thing Thing Milo Jumper in the colour berry. Winterbe-gone with this snuggly selection.

Thurs-Fri: 12pm till late Sat: 11am till late Sun: 10am till late

Stitch up: Add freshness and a pop of colour to your wardrobe this season with the Stitch Ministry Weave Sweater in blush. Pair it with a dress and belt and you’ve got yourself an awesome outfit!


Say it with flowers

Kaiapoi F lorist & Gifts For the best premium selection of sushi. All ingredients are high quality & fresh daily

Phone & Online Orders

178 Williams St, Kaiapoi

Corner of Williams & Charles Street, Kaiapoi 03 327 6535

Metropol 9 July, 2020 19

Fabulous Food Coffee & Gifts

Luxury in Hanmer

“Like” MickeyRaes Facebook Page for up to date Specials

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8 Weka Pass Rd WAIKARI Ph.03 3144644

Our customers can’t stop posting compliments about our Cafe. Come and see what they are raving about. Augustine Charlo Cooper St IvyBlu Lili Sodonio Molly Bracken New London Ping Pong Seduce Scottie knits Vassalli Weekend Knits Wish Z&P Knits Zafina Django&Julliette Hey Monday

Cooper St Maeve Jumpsuit.

hanmer springs

Wedding & Craft Supplies

Shop 5, 8 Chisholm Crescent (in Boulder Point Precinct) Hanmer Springs I Ph.03 3155383

For the ultimate luxurious getaway, set in the heart of beautiful Hanmer Springs, one simply cannot overlook Village Lake Apartments, where exceptional hospitality awaits.

Come and enjoy our


Ph. 03 315 7120 The Courtyard, Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs Facebook: fashionworkshanmersprings

and relax beside the cosy fire...

2 Highfield St, Culverden 03 315 8492

Gold Apartments Luxury 5 Star with stunning views


he modern spacious apartments are the perfect place for any occasion, whether a romantic getaway, family escape or even a corporate meeting. Village Lake Apartments provides you with luxury and refinement which is second to none. All apartments feature a fully self-contained kitchen, full laundry facilities, spa bath (the accessible apartment has a tiled walk in shower), under floor heating and gas fire. Comfort is prominent,

with luxurious beds in all the apartments ensuring the best night’s sleep and stylish décor to match, Village Lake Apartments truly has a ‘home away from home’ vibe. Within a few minutes’ walk of the Hanmer Hot Pools and other local amenities, Village Lake Apartments should be the only choice for those wanting the best. Check online for their amazing midweek deals or treat yourself to that special weekend away.

Centrally located in the Heart of the Village - yet so quiet and relaxing. Mid-week SPECIALS now available. Check out our website or call us direct

1 Rutherford Crescent, Hanmer Springs 0800 555774 20 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Denim Hunter styles in store now

The Celina high straight custom and THE DHElly High Custom

Where scratch baking is our art

Join the legions of fans who enjoy quality home baked taste and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer. OPEN DAILY Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714

Diner-style burger bar Stop for a bite to eat and something sweet at Boulder Burgers, Hanmer’s 50s-inspired, American-style burger bar in the Boulder Precinct at Chisholm Crescent.


tep back in time and enjoy the ambience of an American diner-style burger bar, complete with good ol’ 1950s cartoons and rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of the Wurlitzer jukebox, or relax in the sun outside with their outdoor furniture and a stunning view of the surrounding hills. Burger buns (fresh from Hanmer Bakery daily) are loaded with all the gourmet goodness; fresh meat patties made by hand, house-made mayonnaise, relishes and other tasty condiments, salad and more. Take the Big Boulder for example; a mouthwatering combination of double beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, red onion, pickles, aioli and tomato jam. Or how about the Boulder

Brunch – bacon, hash brown, avocado, free range egg, lettuce, aioli and tomato jam… it’s sure to get your taste buds tingling. Room for more? Be tempted by their delicious loaded dog or loaded fries – smothered with bacon, cheese sauce, sweet chilli and sour cream, they’re the ultimate foodie favourite. Finish off with a sweet treat – you’ll be spoilt for choice with their impressive range of delightfully devourable sundaes, shakes, splits and floats. Find Boulder Burgers at 8 Chisholm Crescent, Hanmer Springs. Phone 03 315 5104 and check out their menu and trading hours at

Featuring a higher waist and straight leg


ADVENTURE Experience the pure New Zealand high country on a jeep tour and witness the beautiful jaw dropping scenery right at our back door. Choose one of our packages with or without lunch or ask about our Cycleway Transport to enjoy the magical views on your cycle.


Take a look online at Chisholm Crescent Hanmer Springs I Ph. 027 591 1832


Included in each room booking delicously prepared wine and platters The Wallace Peak Cottage I Lodge Accommodation Weddings I Events & Conferences

Ph. 027 5544 056 I 03 3155 351

Home to some of the finest artwork in the South Island from over 50 New Zealand artists, including paintings, pottery wood turning, glassware, sculptures & ceramics.

Clarence Lane, 34 Conical Hill Rd Hanmer Springs P. 027 432 5914 E. Metropol 9 July, 2020 21

hanmer springs

Two new

THE BEAUTY REPORT. We’ve pulled together some of the best products, concepts and services to hit the beauty world.

Oral design Dentures, partrials, crowns bridges and implants. Using world leading techniques, working along side like minded dental surgeons. Contact Richard Greenlees at LOVEBITE for your appointment. LOVEBITE Ph: 03 379 1222

New La Biosthetique Fanelan supplements The only Australasian stockist. Perfect for improving overall hair health, building stronger hair from the inside out and aiding in hair growth. Hair Art & Beauty| | Ph: 03 381 8939

No need to Botox

Shhh - don’t tell my secret

A concentrated topical filler contains six forms of lower and higher weight hyaluronic acid. Treating dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin. Leaving you with the ulltimate dewy glow! RRP $115

How do I keep my hair blonde? There’s a NAK to it. Mondo Black the blonde specialists

Beauty Sense Ph: 0800 555 630

Mondo Black Ph: 03 385 9903

Elixir of Youth Meet Linden Leaves Regenerating Elixir with kiwifruit seed oil, organic white tea and organic rosehip oil to rejuvenate your skin naturally. High in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins C and E to boost the anti-ageing benefits. RRP $59.99.

Specialist beauty therapist (28 years’ experience)

Available at Ballantynes, selected Life pharmacies

Angela Millar Ph: 379 9467 KM Surgical - Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Ave

22 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Treat yourself to semi permanent eyebrows & eyeliner

fashion, health & beauty WORDS RACHEL MACDONALD

The highs & lows of footwear

Are you walking tall this season or choosing to be more down to earth? From long-boots to street sneakers, there’s a shoe style this winter to suit afficionados of all looks and heel heights.


oots this year are more on the knee – or just below – as opposed to over-the-knee as they were in 2019. They’re waiting to be paired with coats that just brush their tops for a seamless winter look. Black remains popular, along with natural browns, just remember to keep them clean and conditioned to avoid staining and waterdamage. Heel-wise, take your pick from almost stiletto-type elegance to more practical flats. Loafers also remain a wardrobe staple, but with a new twist for those looking for something with a bit of a difference. Keep an eye out for higher heels than you might usually consider in this style, especially the solid block heel, and slingbacks for an added touch of elegance. Fresh prints and lots of buckle or chain detailing also add a point of difference. And, as they were last year, platforms

are back. Go up in the world with formal footwear such as stylish wedges on platform soles or sneakers with a real sense of elevation. So, what else will the warmer months hold as we come out of winter? If Europe’s anything to go by, strappy styles – but with thin straps this season – will be on our shelves as we come into spring. In particular, elegant sandals with square toes look set to deviate away from the heavier, almond-toed versions of the last few years. In something of a surprise move, espadrilles – those mainstays of the ‘80s – are also making a return, this time with platforms behind the traditional braided sides and with embellished or jewelled straps, rather than the simple slip-ons of yesteryear. So put your best foot forward in 2020/21!

TRANSFORM YOUR SMILE EVERYDAY WITH The clear alternative to braces


First consultation Merivale I Cashmere I Ashburton

0800 Orthodontix (0800 678 463) Ph. 03 337 3373 Metropol 9 July, 2020 23




We’ve long paid heed to the critical nature of colour when it comes to our homes, but it’s high time we took this into consideration when filling our wardrobes. Research shows that fashion is one of the simplest ways we can transform our emotions and confidence may just be a power outfit away!

EXPERTS AT WHAT WE DO Dr Ken Macdonald, Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon All surgeries under local anaesthetic at our Day Stay Surgical Facility. Your own fat may be used to improve the appearance of your body, to the places that have lost volume. Finance options available Ground Floor, Avenue Health, 202 Bealey Ave, Christchurch Ph. 03 3799 467 24 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Specialising in fat transfer & Liposuction






o whether you’re hoping to soothe, energise or simply amp up the serotonin levels of those around you, it’s time you started taking sartorial inspiration from the colour wheel. Let us help you dress for success!

Sleepy head: If you wake up in the morning and the coffee just isn’t quite cutting it, your next best bet is to dress in red. The colour is said to evoke strong feelings of energy and excitement and an added bonus is that it draws attention to the wearer. If you want to be noticed, this is the colour to do it in. Add a red lip to your outfit as well to really make those confidence levels seriously soar. Never mellow in yellow: If you’re feeling blue, we have the solution for you. Much like the bright summer sun, the colour yellow makes most people happy, probably because memories of sitting on the beach and soaking up the rays are linked to the warm colour. Add accents of yellow to your outfits to bring out all of those positive feelings and lift your mood as a result.


Cool, calm and collected: It’s long been said that when you’re feeling anxious, blue hues are calming. Bring a sense of serenity to your outfits by showcasing any shade of blue. And if we haven’t already reminded you enough, the Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue – so what better reason do you need to incorporate the shade? Creative thinking: They say that if you’re in need of some inspiration, then purple is the colour for you. The hue has long been associated with fantasy and spirit, sparking those creative juices in your head. Not to mention it’s one of Maleficent’s signature colours and that woman is full of confidence! Channel her in your outfit and take over any kingdom… or workplace.


Shop online -


143 Victoria Street

03 595 0762 Metropol 9 July, 2020 25

26 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Spa-tacular prizes! Supporting local businesses, collaborating as we move forward and, of course, making ourselves feel fabulous, are the touchstones of this extraordinary winter. Champs Elysées Day Spa is leading the way with a wonderful new promotion which brings all three concepts together.


en gorgeous brands are joining forces to share products and services for their mutual support and our

marvellous advantage. This exciting competition offers a prize pack worth $2000 dollars, comprising gifts from

Armstrong’s Christchurch, The George Hotel, Dyrberg Kern, Fashion Society, Occula, Issimo Shoes, Merivale Manor,

Based in Merivale, Dynamic Reformer Pilates Studio Group classes and private sessions available Currently offering a new client deal -

2 classes for $30 within 7 days

Terms & Conditions apply Ph. 027 306 3571 Visit for more information


03 328 8827 13a Oxford Street, Lyttelton

Metropol 9 July, 2020 27


Jenny Burtt Florists, Maison de Crêpes, Matis, Russley Golf Club, and of course, Champs Elysées. Every booking you make with Champs Elysées in July and August to the value of $99 or more generates an entry to the $2000 prize package. And, as if that were not exciting enough, each partner business will also be running a competition in-house, with a $150 Champs Elysees voucher to be won. In addition to the competition, Champs Elysées is running a scavenger hunt: each partner business will display a poster at their premises and in the bottom right hand corner will be a unique letter. To enter, you need to visit each business, locate the poster, note down the unique letter and once you have collected all 10 letters, assemble them to discover the secret word. Happy hunting! Send your entry containing the secret word via Champs Elysées’ Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct messaging. Each of your individual entries gains you two extra entries, plus an entry to win a bonus $150 voucher to use at the day spa.

Sit down with Sophie

There’s nothing more personal than getting a piece of jewellery custom-made. Local Cantabrian Sophie Divett is providing a one-ofa-kind experience to her customers in creating beautifully bespoke pieces. Metropol sits down with Sophie to get to know a little bit more about her and her bustling business. Tell us a little bit about Sophie Divett Jewellery. Where did your passion for jewellery come from? It started when I was studying for my Bachelor of Fine Art, back in 2012. I was making these very small, delicate sculptures out of organic materials and wire. Jewellery was a very natural progression from that. Is there a certain style or inspiration for your work? I get a lot of inspiration from things that are ‘perfectly imperfect’; Ancient treasures, well-worn and weathered surfaces, objects that become more beautiful because they have history. Everything I make has a very organic feel.

What’s your environmental policy? I think about minimising the impact on the planet with everything I do. Metals are recycled, ethically sourced and conflict free. I use sapphires from smallscale operations in Australia, ethically sourced salt-and-pepper diamonds and recycled white diamonds, which are natural diamonds that have been reclaimed from pre-existing jewellery, so no new mining needs to take place. All of my gold rings come in beautiful handmade Rimu boxes and proceeds from these go toward forest regeneration initiatives. For more information on Sophie’s creations, head to her website.

Est 1981

Bespoke tailoring Made to measure clothing & shirts

High quality Lash Extensions Highest standards Best practices Henna brow Spray tan

Call today 03 929 0927 • 3-355 Riccarton Rd • Parking at Rear

Alterations & remodelling

Mon 10am-3pm Tues- Fri 10am-5.30pm Sat 10am-2pm

P. 027 275 1992 135 High St Rangiora 28 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Winter Heels

Custom denim

140 Durham St, Christchurch

(Located upstairs behind Joes Garage)


BRINGING YOU THE LATEST TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS • Cosmetic Dentistry • Metal Free • Holistic Dentistry • Dental Implants • Dental Hygiene NEW CLIENTS WELCOME

1st Floor inside Merivale Mall 193A Papanui Rd. P: 355 8297


This winter, try an elegant check coat to elevate your outwear – and your body temperature.



he slow creep of winter can no longer be ignored. The icy temperatures are knocking on our doors and, now we’re allowed out of the house, rugging up to brave the elements has never been more appealing, even more so if you have a chic check coat to adorn. An irrefutable nod to Burberry’s resurrection of its iconic trench, we’re now seeing this newest incarnation of plaid everywhere from design

houses to the high street and we’re welcoming its warmer, woollen fabrications. If the classic Burberry palette of camel, beige and rust tones are not for you, many designs stray into safer darker shades or, conversely, add bold pops of colour for the sartorially adventurous. The check effect transcends cut too, offering endless options to suit your preferred silhouettes and pair perfectly with your favourite wintry layers.


magazine exclusive

designer clothing sizes 10-26

Cnr Edward Steet & Eastfield Dr, Lincoln P. 03 925 9614

151 COLOMBO ST PH 332 1238 Hrs: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm

Standout coats this Winter!

Windmill Centre, 188 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch Phone 021 686 929

Metropol 9 July, 2020 29




Fashion Report


2. 3.

7. 4. 6.

5. 1. Keyblack, NZ made plus size styles to keep your curves warm for winter, 2. The Fitting Room, Luxury winter comfort in a soft cup bra, Amoena Estelle Non-Wired Bra, 207 Fendalton Rd & 360 Colombo St. 3. Untouched World, Locally made from the finest merino, perfect for work or play, Freedom Wrap, 4. Ecco Shoes, The ultimate addition to the winter wardrobe, Women’s Soft 7 SlipOn Sneaker, 5. Willou, Mustard is perfect to heat up your winter wardrobe, Poppy Blouse, 6. Wink Shoe Store, Add a hit of colour to every outfit and step up your style game, Bueno Granola Shoe, 7. Sophie Divett Jewellery, Polish off any outfit with Australian sapphire, Pelagus ring,

30 9 July, 2020 Metropol

The art of spa In these strange times, stress is a reality and manifests in so many ways, not only psychologically but physiologically too.


ndefinite business closures, self- isolation, not seeing loved ones, hit with constant conflicting news stories – it is common to feel totally

overwhelmed and, while we are all different, the effect is apparent in our body and skin. Skin fatigue affects around 75 percent of people from the

age of 25 as the metabolism slows, triggering a delay in the regeneration of the cells. The skin is less able to recover, becomes less resistant, and

Merivale Denture Clinic The Experts in Dentures With specialised expertise and leading edge technology, we handcraft the finest quality dentures with optimal fit, comfort and natural aesthetics, customised just for you.

NZ made by NZ registered and qualified dental technicians

Do you suffer from migraines, headaches or neck pain?

Clinic & Distance based therapeutic support is available With Migraine and Concussion Specialist

For more information on how I may be able to help you live with NIL OR LESS PAIN

*obligation-free, complimentary initial consultation

Ph. (03) 355 4704 206B Papanui Rd, Merivale

Phone Gill Redden 03 365 7801

Metropol 9 July, 2020 31


shows this through uneven complexion, sleep wrinkles, drawn features, expression lines, and tired eyes – all signs of premature skin ageing. At Beauty Progress, their unique methods counteract internal deficiencies, ensuring vital nutritional elements (vitamins, trace elements and amino acids all skilfully measured) enter by cutaneous penetration, helping to improve organ health which enhances the aesthetics of the face and body. GERnetic have developed a whole new SPA approach which combines comfort and relaxation with health and beauty, treating the internal problems and the external effects they cause. The SPA BLISS package, combining a full body scrub with Sea Salt and Essential Oils, Body Massage with Aromatherapy body oil, plus a Marine Facial, will keep you looking fresh and stress free, while you are blissed out for three hours of total relaxation, wellbeing and health. Meanwhile, Thai Therapeutic Massage, either Deep Tissue or Swedish is available for any length of time slot you have available.



It was makeup artist Linda Cantello who first laid claim to the ‘smokey eye’ when she created the look with Tom Ford during his Gucci days.


ark eyes had traditionally been very defined in both the corner and the lid, but it was Cantello that thought to blend it all in, with the look quickly becoming a signature look for Ford, known as the ‘Gucci look’. While the smokey eye has long since evolved, it is still marked by a lack of demarcation line between eyeshadow shades.

Worried about leaving home?

A versatile look that flatters everybody, you can keep it as simple as you choose, you’re not restricted to just a black/grey colour spectrum and you’re guaranteed to look like a smouldering temptress if you pull it off. The key is to always keep the darkest point at the lash line. Sticking to no more than three shadows and a liner will make your eyes pop. But the clincher

Ask us how to get

FREE Prescriptions


Unichem Prestons Pharmacy We are thrilled to be part of the great new community in Prestons. With our great experienced staff you’ll get great service and we look forward to meeting you.

We provide a wide range of services including: + Help with understanding your medicines + Vaccinations + Blood pressure testing + Bowel health screening + Pain management + Urinary tract infections + Zinc testing + Erectile dysfunction treatment + And loads more.

Unichem Prestons Pharmacy is located next to the New World supermarket on the corner of Marshland and Prestons Road.

For your convenience we are open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 3pm, Sun 10am-2pm

3/420 Marshland Rd, Marshland Phone: (03) 281 7889 | Fax: (03) 595 1346 Email: 32 9 July, 2020 Metropol

when it comes to creating the ultimate smokey eye? Blending – lots and lots of blending. When you’re creating a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go or what colours you use, it’s how well you can blend the liner and shadow that creates that sultry look. Dramatic, daring and bold, it’s the perfect look for everything from a night out to a special occasion.

I had a c-section so I don’t have to worry about pelvic floor issues. Whilst a c-section may mean less pelvic floor trauma, it does not mean your pelvic floor is unaffected. The pressure of carrying a baby for 9 months, combined with hormonal and postural changes means you can still be at risk of developing pelvic floor issues now or in the future


I have abdominal separation so I can’t do sit ups again. Abdominal separation is a common part of a healthy pregnancy. Depending on how much separation you have, you may need specific advice to ensure the abdominal muscles re-learn how to function well and optimise their healing. With the right advice and treatment, most women can return to normal exercise again.

Four post-natal recovery myths With so much pressure to ‘get your body back’ after pregnancy, it can be overwhelming to decipher what is ‘normal’ and how and when to safely return to physical exercise. In this article, the Women’s Health Physiotherapy team at Freedom Health debunk some common myths about postnatal recovery.


Incontinence after birth is inevitable. Whilst some leakage and incontinence after birth is very common, this does not mean it is inevitable and untreatable. A Women’s Health Physiotherapist can help you with management and treatment options for leakage.


As long as I do my pelvic floor exercises, I should be ready to run after 12 weeks. Whilst the pelvic floor is an important part of any postnatal exercise program, there are many other changes that also need to be considered. Postural changes, upper back stiffness and hip weakness are just some of the common issues that also need to be considered in an effective postnatal exercise program.

If you are returning to exercise after pregnancy and want expert advice to ensure you are doing so safely and effectively the team at Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates can help set you up on your postnatal journey. With options including one-on-one care and self-managed postnatal physiotherapy programmes they are here to help you to keep doing what you love – for life.

PHYSIOTHERAPY Book a Postnatal Assessment before 20th July and receive $120 OFF your Online Postnatal Program


PILATES by PHYSIOS Ante & Postnatal Physiotherapy Services include: • Antenatal Aches & Pain Management • Antenatal Safe Exercise Solutions • Postnatal Pelvic Floor Assessments • Postnatal Recovery Online Programs • Support Garments (fit & supply)

freedom health Helping You Do What You LOVE for LIFE!

7 Winston Ave Papanui & 3A Normans Rd, Strowan I Ph. 355 6699 Metropol 9 July, 2020 33




MakeupMovers A great environment, friendly faces and a passion for practice are what make for a perfect place to carry out study.


love of makeup is the reason that in 12 years the Kristen Stewart School of Makeup has seen more than 500 diplomas awarded to eager students, some of whom have

attained prestigious roles in the industry throughout New Zealand. Speaking to Kristen herself, it’s evident that the makeup connoisseur lives and breathes

what she does. She was excited to announce that they’ve now moved premises. “It’s nice to be in a space I’m really excited about. I’ve always wanted to provide a cool space with a nice vibe.” The school offers “a good opportunity for people to kickstart their career. The main diploma happens four times a year for eight weeks and the part-time option, which involves two nights a week between 5-8pm, is great for people working or students in their final

year of school who want to get ahead,” Kristen says. There is also a great community of students past, present and prospective that showcase the KSSM name. “We instill professionalism in our students and make sure they’re work ready. But when they leave the doors don’t close, we’re always here. They are all like family”. Thinking of picking up the brush? The next diploma starts 20 July, followed shortly by the part-time option commencing 21 July.

The Art of Make Up


looking sharp for school, work or play



a We are taking enrolments for our July & October Courses

For more information on our Courses at NZ's premier make up school WWW.KSSM.CO.NZ

Bush Inn Shopping Centre P. 348 7008 | South City P. 366 0619

OPEN 7 DAYS 34 9 July, 2020 Metropol

kristen stewart kristen stewart

school of school of make-up make-up

66 Springs Rd, Hornby. Phone 349 2000



Tricks up its sleeve WORDS MELINDA COLLINS

We’re embracing the statement sleeve this sartorial season because, if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is a silhouette with a few tricks up its sleeve.


hether you want big and billowy in shape, extra-long in length or intricate detailing, there’s a statement sleeve for everyone, from bell sleeve blouses to ruffled sleeve tees and everything in between. The puff-sleeve trend dominated the red carpet at the 2020 Golden Globes, with celebrities from Dakota Fanning to Rachel Bilson adding serious drama to their looks with statement sleeves from romantic pink to canary yellow. So it might just be time to wear your art on your sleeve! After all, to wear your heart on your sleeve is to let it all proverbially hang out and, when it comes to this fashionforward flirtation, the sentiment is the same.








For the Month July only

$50 OFF Your Hairdressing Appointment

When you book with either

Includes: x7 beautiful serums & creams for hydration, nourishment and anti-ageing. Face, neck and decolletage massage. Hot towels Hand or foot massage. PLUS GERnetic Samples to the value of $30.00

NOW $99.00 WAS $159.00

To show our appreciation to our loyal clients we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT if you pre-book your future appointment 18 Bower Ave, New Brighton

P. 03 382 0808

Ashlie, Cherise & Majenta First time clients only Check out these three expert stylists on Instagram Ashlierosehair Cherise_jayne Majenta_kennedyhair

Call today for an appointment

Ph: 0800 379 4315

464a Papanui Rd • Ph 0800 239 662

127 Westminster Street St Albans Ph. 365 2215 Metropol 9 July, 2020 35

Experiencing back pain? Dynamic Spines Our Dynamic Spines programme is ideal if you’ve got recurrent back pain as it is proven to strengthen your core. Research shows that exercise-based programmes that focus on improving core and back muscle strength dramatically reduces the recurrence of back pain. For an in-depth explanation, view our Dynamic Spines brochure on-line or call us 03 360 3606

Muscle People Physiotherapy Clinics City Clinic I Bishopdale Clinic Wigram Skies Clinic

We see what is hidden

SMART HEALTH SCREENING Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

• 1 hr Non-Invasive Scan • 45 min Tele-Consultation

• Detailed Printed Report


Call to book: +64 3 6695410 • Pre-disease Indicators • Microbiology • Toxicology • Allergy Tests • Check the state of your organs • Genetic Predispositions


Level 1, Regus, Awly Building, 287-293 Durham St, Christchurch Unit 13/ 6 Cone Street, Rangiora FDA & CE approved technology 36 9 July, 2020 Metropol

World-class radiology delivered locally. After Hours | Ashburton Canterbury Breastcare | Forté Moorhouse | Northwood Rangiora | Reflect | Riccarton St George’s | Southern Cross Timaru | Wigram

0800 869 729

Put your back into it! Approaching life with a back that lets you do what you want, when you want to, is something we can’t take for granted. In fact, up to 80 percent of us will suffer from back pain at some point and it affects not just mobility but also mood.


uckily, the team at Muscle People understand how core strength is a foundation stone of fitness without injury and a pain-free back. To strengthen the core which in turn supports strength and healing in the spine, the team of physiotherapists at Muscle People have developed a programme of therapeutic exercise classes called Dynamic Spines. The classes are available at the Hereford Street and

Bishopdale clinics. Each course consists of eight one-hour sessions, including exercises to take home and complete to get the most out of the programme. As well as the medical and wellbeing benefits there is an enjoyable social aspect to Dynamic Spines. Limited numbers mean you receive higher oneon-one attention from your physiotherapist instructor within each class as you work to your individual diagnosis

and ability, but you also get to share the challenges and fun within a group setting. The Dynamic Spines classes are run at two levels: the first level is about learning to locate and strengthen your core through dynamic and functional exercises, while the second level progresses these skills further. Before enrolling in a course, clients are assessed by one of the team to ensure the classes are going to be the

best approach for their issues. “Our team want to know that participants will see real results from the classes, before they make the commitment to the programme,” Muscle People Director and Physiotherapist Laurie Moore says. Each course begins with low impact exercises which gradually build in intensity as participants progress. Classes can include Pilates focussed exercises and working out on the Oov - a fun, odd looking piece of equipment that activates core stabilising muscles while gently extending the spine. “People enrol in our courses through a number of routes,” Laurie says. “Because Dynamic Spines courses are designed and instructed by physiotherapists, they are available as treatment through the ACC system. We receive referrals from back specialists when clients need to strengthen their core before treatment, or post-surgical clients and, of course we have private clients who want to address back pain, mobility and reverse a gradual decline in core strength.” To find out more about Dynamic Spines, phone Muscle People on 0800 027 194.

Metropol 9 July, 2020 37

Canterbury Bride

Flower Power

Flowers bring colour, texture and feeling to your special day. Metropol catches up with Leanne Lovell from Victoria Florists about what colours and varieties we can expect to see adorning upcoming weddings. How much are floral colour choices for weddings influenced by trends? Mostly as many brides get ideas and are inspired by what they see in magazines and online such as Pinterest. What colour preferences are you seeing coming through at the moment? Whites and greens are still dominating colours with blush and plum also very popular. What are the main varieties brides-to-be choose for their big day? As with so many aspects of our homes, fashion and food, sustainability is big news in wedding flowers. Locally sourced

flowers and wildflowers, garden flowers, dried and fresh mixed, all get used in our bouquets. We’re seeing plenty of foliage like eucalyptus, olive and berries for opulent bouquets which give instant ‘wow’ factor with inclusion of all-time favourites such as peonies, hydrangeas, proteas, dahlias, gypsophila and roses. What about your own personal favourites? I just love the mixture of dried wildflowers, fresh flowers and the different foliages available now! With the trend being big and flowy, I can let my artistic flair go wild. I must say over the last 36 years, floral wedding bouquets have changed so much and I really love what’s on trend now.

Are there any new varieties to the bridal line-up that are proving popular or do we tend to stick to the classics? Yes, dried flowers are officially all the rage now and all things natural in table decor and backdrops are either all dried and/or fresh flowers. Meanwhile, some brides do like the classics and we can cater for all styles. Succulents are increasingly becoming popular and we’re seeing a lot of flowers adorning wedding cakes. What are some other unique ways of incorporating the beauty of flowers into the big day? A modern take on the traditional wedding arch makes a statement backdrop for the ceremony and can be reused for the photo booth or top table. Also hanging floral displays are a popular way to wow your guests. 38 9 July, 2020 Metropol

canterbury bride COOL TONED


50 shades of silver When it comes to embracing the grey, there really is something for everyone, explains V for Hair and Beauty Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee.


Flip it &

reverse it

ust because you have silver hair coming in and you want to go grey gracefully doesn’t mean it has to be a ‘silver’ colour,” she says. “We help you discover if you are warm or cool based on hair, skin and eyes, and from there we help you decide the best look for you.” While those with a warm base suit silver hair with soft champagne, sandy iris,

strawberry beige, or translucent butterscotch tones, those with a cool base suit silver dove, champagne lilac or platinum iris. “Getting your colour under tone is so important and when this is done right it instantly brightens, lifts, and can take years off,” Vicki says. “Get it wrong and you will feel drab and look drained and older… consultation is key!”


Bridal trends, like most others, come and go, with a select few mainstays that reign supreme. There will always be something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But what if that something new was a world first? In the words of Missy Elliot – it is time to flip it and reverse it with a reversible wedding dress!


f you’re as indecisive as I am, sometimes choosing the perfect dress for the big day isn’t as simple as choosing ‘the one’. A renowned Kiwi bridal designer agreed and has created the first ever reversible wedding dress. Yes… you read that correctly. Can’t decide between satin or lace? Get both and slay the day with a two-inone look. “The collection was quite technical to create as no one in the industry has attempted a reversible bridal gown before,” designer Trish Peng says. “When I couldn’t find a zipper

supplier to do reversible zips, only finding chunky sleeping bag zips, I came up with the idea to hand stitch two zips on each side to form a supportive bodice,” she says. It’s that kind of kiwi ingenuity that is helping Peng become a leader in her field. The 2020 Reflections collection showcases 11 reversible and versatile styles that are named after the beautiful brides that they were custom-made for. All gowns can be found in Peng’s Auckland showroom and in select stockists across New Zealand.


Christchurch’s “Silver/Grey Specialists” Book your hair appointment or complimentary consultation at now! Level One, Merivale Mall | 355 6584 Metropol 9 July, 2020 39

Your Wine Experience awaits...

625 Mount Brown Road, Waipara North Canterbury P. 021 121 8669

376 Ram Paddock Road, Amberley North Canterbury P. 03 314 8699


25% to 50% OFF SELECTED STOCK 140 High St, Rangiora | Ph 03 313 4565

328 Georges Rd, Waipara Valley North Canterbury P. 027 4878 570

Pop into our Emporium Celebrate your special occasion with us! Hire the venue for your DIY event or our Team can manage it for you Catering available onsite or by delivery Excellent hire rates



Phone 027 229 3159 158 Ashley Street, Rangiora


Southbank is a new route launched by the businesses perched on the Southbank of the Waipara River. The group have worked together to create a day trip destination that includes world-class wine, gourmet toasties, cheese, walkways and a sculpture park. The Bone Line: provides an authentic wine tasting experience. Sit amongst the natives in a large garden with views of the hills after stretching your legs on the walkway (which would have just taken you 45 minutes and 22 history lesson signs to complete). Terrace Edge: wanted to offer some different experiences, hence their Wine & Food Match Experience – five wines, matched with five small canapes. Another favourite is their gourmet toastie combo, matched with your wine of choice. Georges Road Wines: offers a Tiny House experience. Nestled along among the vines, the Wine Pod has panoramic views across the vines to the hills, alps and beyond. Iron Ridge Quarry Sculpture Park: Sculptor Raymond Herber has transformed an old abandoned Limestone quarry into a huge stunning exhibition space like no other. On display are many different sculptures from amusing kinetic works through to giant steel and stainlesssteel pieces that are sure to impress.

1697 Cust Road, Cust Open Tuesday to Sunday Phone (03) 312 5595

Here to help you every step of the way! Marijke (Ma-rye-ka) & Amy Sheppard Licensee Salespeople

Marijke: 0274616127 | E: Amy: 0273740493 | E: Morris and Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

40 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Make a day of it

We’ve also got some other North Canterbury favourites: Ataahua Wines are a much loved North Canterbury favourite. Purchase some of their amazing wines via their online store today.

Pegasus Bay Wines, situated on Stockgrove Road Waipara, is another notable mention. Pop in for a tasting and cellar door experience on the weekend.



It’s become expectation over aspiration for our foodie favourites to embody sustainability in all that they do. From the war on single-use plastics, to supply chain transparency and packaging compostability, this is more than a food trend – it’s a philosophy.


e’re seeing plenty of options across ingredients, preparation and packaging to take what’s on your plate to new, sustainable heights.



Oat milk


This buzzword has grown wings and very much flown into foodie vernacular. Hemp is high in fibre, protein, minerals, and unsaturated fats, and contains the non-psychoactive cannabidiol, CBD. This nutrient dense plant is fast becoming used in everything from milk alternatives and cooking oils, to protein powders and energy bars.

Plant-based milks are in hot demand, and no nut or grain has been spared from the quest to find a cow-less concoction. But one option does seem to be gaining more traction than most – the humble oat. A high-yield grain, oats are nutritious, cheap to produce and buy, and even grown locally in the South Island. Oat milk is creamy and can be easily homemade by soaking and blending oats with water.

Single-use plastics have been shown the door, and in their place we’re being shown a surprising panel of alternatives. Think seaweed, vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, sawdust and even recycled food waste. Bioplastics made a splash when London Marathon runners were sated with golf ball-size pouches made from seaweed and filled with sports drink.








American-Style Pulled Pork Sliders

Slide into dinner time with these divine pulled pork sliders, slow-cooked to perfection! SERVES

PREP: 10 minutes

COOK: 12 hours


Ingredients 2-2.5kg boneless NZ pork shoulder 3 tbsp brown sugar 3 tsp salt 1 tsp smoked paprika ½ tsp black pepper 2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp mustard powder 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 onion, quartered 1 cup cider vinegar 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce BBQ sauce to taste


Combine brown sugar, salt, paprika, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, mustard powder and cayenne pepper in a bowl.


Rub spice mixture over NZ pork shoulder – covering all sides generously.


Place NZ pork shoulder in slow cooker. Add the onion, cider vinegar and Worcestershire sauce.


Cook on low for 12 hours, or on high for 8 hours. Once cooked, remove the pork and shred with two forks and mix through your favourite smoky BBQ sauce.


Evenly distribute the pulled pork into 12-15 portions, and place on buttered sliders with creamy coleslaw.

Recognised national leader in the verification of food control plans and national programmes across the wider food industry sectors in New Zealand. Our personable team are immersed in this process everyday & are here to assist you.

VERIFY YOUR FOOD CONTROL PLAN 42 9 July, 2020 Metropol


0800 43 82 83


Nestled comfortably on a 12-acre block on Weedons Ross Road, West Melton, Melton Estate is, at its heart, a modern restaurant and event venue, but it’s the boutique winery which is meeting the grape expectations of a loyal and growing patronage.


wner and wine afficionado Philip Caunter says that while the popular winery – surrounded by lush pinot noir vines –

supplies Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Méthode Traditionnelle, Sauvignon Blanc and the increasingly popular

Rosé, it is the Sparkling Riesling known as ‘Summer Love’ which has earned widespread acclaim. “We’ve been making Summer

IndulgeFood Yourself With Gorgeous Gorgeous Food… Freshly baked, healthy, handmade on the premises, gorgeous takeaway food.

Hamish Watt presents DINNER AT CAFÉ 1851

Gorgeous Food Open Monday to Friday 6am-3pm | 66/68 Springs Road, Wigram Retail Shop 03 344 6043 Kitchen 03 344 6044

Up to 20% OFeFr on every ord

Variety of 100+ restaurants to choose from We are the ONLY Food Delivery service offering you the complete PACKAGE DEAL! Takeaways, Food/ Groceries delivery.

Say goodbye to food envy with a range of bold, globally inspired dishes from our Executive Chef Hamish Watt and his travels through Canterbury and abroad. Combining produce from local suppliers with flavours from Europe, Asia, and Central America – the only hard part of this menu is choosing where to begin! Book now at:


Book a table at a Restaurant through our App or Website. No markup of restaurant/grocery menu for our customers. No hidden delivery fee.

Ph. 0204 1041 988 Metropol 9 July, 2020 43


Love for 11 years now,” Philip says. “Every year it’s extremely popular across a broad range of people. Its popularity has really surpassed expectations.” To describe this tasty tipple as a Sparkling Riesling with a bit of pinot added to the mix may over-simplify the time, talent and labour-intensive process of vinification, but equally, it can be described as fun in a bottle. “Summer Love is about fun, celebrating, coming together,” Philip says. “It’s just slightly sparkling, or what the Italians call frizzante; it resonates with people who want something that’s a little bit fun.” When it comes to celebrating, their French-style champagne Méthode Traditionnelle, is another top drop. At this time of year, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are on the online order for many Melton Estate customers, while in summer the fruity Rosé comes out of hibernation. “We’ve had a great year in the vineyard and look forward to releasing more new wines,” Philip says. “We enjoy the fact that people enjoy it; everything else flows on from that.”

In your kitchen



Keto friendly foodtruck offering burgers, meals, lunches & sweet treats from our various locations in Canterbury. Wed - KAIAPOI, Thurs - ROLLESTON Fri - MANCHESTER ST Sat - WOODEND Times and venues available on our Facebook page E: Ph. 027 664 2870

Celebrating five years We would like to thank all our customers for their support in the last five years and are looking forward to serving you in the future. Like us on Facebook & find us on Instagram. Open Tuesday to Saturday Ph. 03 355 0932 9c Normans Road, Strowan.

CRAZY DAVES THE FRUIT & VEGE SPECIALIST We have a great selection of winter veggies and plenty of seasonal fruit to keep you healthy. Check out our Facebook page and come in to see us. 227 Blenheim Road, Riccarton Ph.03 343 6234



ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE! Europe scrumptious pies with flaky golden pastry. Contactless delivery and pick up available! Order direct online and get it delivered straight to your door! Order now

Imagine a dinner party with friends at your place. With no prep, set up or clean up needed from you. A restaurant style meal delivered or with full service. In the comfort of your own home with family & friends. Let World Cuisine do it all. Contact us Ph. 021 544 029

Specializes in tailoring grazing platters to whatever occasion you want to enjoy in Hanmer Springs. Priced from $40-$150 Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan grazing options available. Phone or email to discuss your requirements. E: Ph. 03 315 7190



No matter what you like, you can find it at Sushi Sushi. You can order online by our or order by Ubereats for delivery.

An authentic, boutique family winery producing powerful, vibrant, single-vineyard wines including the wild-fermented, barrel-aged Clericus range. Order direct from the vineyard.

JERRY & GEORGE ARTISAN BAKERS Our authentic sourdough breads and pastries can be found at: Friday: Ohoka Farmers’ Market and The Colombo Mall Saturday: Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market and The New Brighton Seaside Market. Ph. 0226 350 332 sourdough@jerryand 44 9 July, 2020 Metropol

575 Wairakei Road, Christchurch Ph. 03 348 8801


Ph. 03 579 4752 / 021 386 831



Method 1.

In a large saucepan, combine the peaches and ¾ cup of the sugar. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until the sugar dissolves, the juice is thickened, and the peaches are softened but still firm, 8 to 10 minutes.


In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, remaining 1 cup sugar, baking powder, and salt. Stir in the milk and mix until combined.


Place the butter in an 8 × 8-inch baking dish and set it in the oven. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Take out the dish when the butter has melted, 3 to 5 minutes.





Cobbler If a warming winter dessert is on the culinary cards for you, make it this outstanding Peach Cobbler from Joanna Gaines’ latest book, Magnolia Table. PREP: 15 minutes COOK: 50 minutes PHOTO AMY NEUNSINGER

Ingredients 4 cups sliced peeled fresh or frozen peaches 1¾ cups sugar 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon kosher salt ¾ cup whole milk 8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon Vanilla ice cream, for serving

Pour the batter into the dish on top of the melted butter. Spoon the peaches and juice over the batter and sprinkle the cinnamon on top.


Bake until a tester inserted in the center comes out clean, about 35 minutes. Serve warm with ice cream.

From Magnolia Table, Volume 2 by Joanna Gaines. HarperCollins RRP $59.99. Copyright © 2020 by Joanna Gaines. Reprinted by permission of William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Metropol 9 July, 2020 45

Enhance your wellbeing with Tempeh

Gold Award Winner

Here comes the sun

Vegan superfood available in Christchurch now! Made in New Zealand

Yummy, Protein Rich & delicious superfood



Available at:

Indo Tempeh House Stall Riverside Market

376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

High Tea at Seven Café Served Daily 2pm-4pm Minimum of two people Advanced booking essential

Please email to make a reservation

Cnr Riccarton Road & Hansons Lane Christchurch P.(03) 348 1886

Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30am-4.00pm 46 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Come in & keep warm! What be�eer lunch than blue cod, chips & salad with a glass of wine 48 Fitzgerald Ave

Ph (03) 366 0258

Fully Licensed

Patisserie YAHAGI is a small family-run shop at Church Corner mall. Like many other small businesses, they worried about their future during the lockdown period.


wner-patissier, Eri Yahagi, considered other ways to provide her desserts and cakes such as using a delivery platform when the lockdown ended. But she knew that her elaborately decorated gateaux were too delicate to deliver and she couldn’t afford the extra costs associated with delivery. At that moment, she decided that the best thing she could do was to just continue making delicious sweets and hope that the customers would return to her shop after the lockdown. When the lockdown was over, Eri started preparing exquisite delicacies as she usually would and announced, on their Facebook page, that her patisserie would reopen safely. Upon reopening, she was appreciative of the immediate

positivity she received through kind messages of support and many of her loyal customers paying her a visit. She soon found herself in a fortunate position where she realised that while she was waiting to reopen her shop, her fans were waiting to get their hands on their favourite treats. Eri explains her latest creation at Patisserie YAHAGI is Soleil. Soleil (which translates to sun in French) is a cheese mousse dessert made from cream cheese and fresh-squeezed orange juice with almond sponge and tart pastry base. Eri hopes that her, “Soleil will make people happy, like a ray of sunshine in winter, especially in the current tough situation”.



Last year we were all about the dramatic fiddle leaf fig, this year, potted perfection comes in the form of the much subtler olive tree. Instead of a burst of bright green, they offer a more sophisticated sage. We’ve put together some tips on making the most of your new leafy addition to the home.

Sun: One of the olive tree’s most basic needs is sunlight, this is where it gets its energy from to make its own food. This plant is a rather needy one… preferring at least six hours of sun a day.


Size: These aren’t your typical house plants that can live most of their lives in a tiny pot. Investing in dwarf olive trees might keep the plants from overrunning your living space.

Soil: The beautiful olive tree is native to the Mediterranean so they are suited to drier air and love soil that drains easily (much like a cactus mix). Make sure when you’re potting them that the container is larger than the main mass of roots at the base of the plant, this will allow space for the plant to grow.

You’d think we wouldn’t have to remind you to water a plant but every plant is different. With this specific tree, it’s recommended to use your finger to stick into the pot to feel if the soil is dry. If it does, it’s time to water again.

6 Main North Road Christchurch

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locally owned & operated Superior quality Fibreglass Pools

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Winter Specials!

Pool accessories, surrounds, fencing etc also available


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Right now, one of the recurring queries when working with people hoping to purchase in a specific location is, ‘what’s this community like?’ ‘Do you know much about the neighbourhood?’ And, ‘is this an area where you can really feel part of things?’ It’s becoming a post-lockdown reality as people seek to feel that they and their families belong. It’s possibly a trend that will gain considerable traction and reflects the activities that became the focus during the various lockdown stages. Daily walks whilst keeping your social distance involved greeting everyone, strangers and neighbours alike. Grocery drops and medication runs, something my own family did for previously unknown locals, made the world of difference to them and us. All of it cementing a sense of care, especially for those in our local community. And now it’s needed even more. Our city, our businesses and our country’s financial well-being going forward depend on it. Everywhere in New Zealand, the call is going out to buy local, ‘back your own backyard’ and do what you can to help. At a national level, the introduction of reduced LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) restrictions means those lofty deposits

of recent years are now no longer required and first-home owners are benefiting. As are those with mortgages, and investors, who can take some comfort from low – and likely to go lower – interest rates. There’s a stockpile of positives but there’s also a mountain of uncertainty. Exactly what will happen to property prices? What effect will the winter have? Where will the unemployment levels get to? And there’s also an election to consider. The smart money is on certainty if you’re a seller, a family-friendly location if you’re a buyer. There’s been an emergence of some ‘hot’ suburbs that, whilst traditionally slower to attract interest, are really doing well now, and an awareness that no matter where you are in the property cycle or your own life cycle, it’s time to do a lot more of it locally. So love what's local!

Lynette McFadden

Harcourts gold Business Owner

15 July Wednesday 6pm

Time to

e bes t joininththe real estate industry

gold Rooms gold Auction Auction Rooms 471 Road 471Papanui Papanui Road A career in real estate with the No.1 Franchise in New Zealand allows you to set your own income and hours, and be mentored for success by the industry's best. Join Lynette McFadden and Cameron Bailey for an evening of information, inspiration and fun.

Reserve your seat today: or 03 352 6166




A 25 year reputation that extends beyond award-winning buildings. Transforming imagination into reality, from land selection, planning, budgeting and design to building expertise. Let our experience and reputation be the foundation of your next build.


Phone: (03) 384 7470 Email:

A bespoke kitchen and bathroom makeover refreshed and updated the heart of a 1940s home. A Canterbury couple moved from rural life to leafy Fendalton, but first handed the keys to DJ Hewitt Builders to transform the essential rooms. Originally with a kitchen revamp in mind, they took Daryl Hewitt’s advice to simultaneously renovate the bathroom and ensuite, to save both time and cost in the long run. The project was complete within three months – the best decision they could have made. Both practicality and design were of equal priority, so local interior designer Davinia Sutton was commissioned for an exciting kitchen reinvention. “The brief was for a bespoke functional custom-made design to blend with the classic architecture,” says Davinia, who had recommended the build team to her clients. “I’ve worked with Daryl on other projects. He is hands-on and has a fantastic, high-calibre reliable team who I always collaborate well with. Craig the Project Manager was on board every day.” “They had respect for the design and the journey to create its reality. We all worked together for the same

goal, to achieve the client’s dream.” The kitchen area, in classic warm white, was tiled to represent a textured bagged brick wall with Italian hand-cut and glazed tiling, designed not to be perfect. Hidden handy details included in-draw knife blocks and power points in the cupboards. A wine fridge, an extendable swanneck tap, and a glass designer lamp melded style and practicality. The space was not large, but monolithic tones created space to the eye. A raised bench wall gave the cook privacy and still a full view through the lounge to the picturesque stream-boundary garden. The upstanding bench formed both sideboard with flush cupboards and the rooms’ natural divide. The FrenchOak veneer matched the stunning handmade oak table perfectly. For the modern bathrooms in warm classic tones, the client’s daughter’s interior design skills were bought to fruition, with a washbowl feature, retro-style small tiling in the shower, and ample mirrored cabinetry for lightness and storage. The couple were delighted the timeline was completed without a hitch, and attention to detail from the entire team was especially appreciated.

NEED TILING? Architecturally designed homes are our specialty Professional plastering at the highest standard in Canterbury since 1994

For a FREE competitive quote contact Paul - 021 669 215 broom

Call Jeff Ellis on 027 228 0867 for a Free Quote

Ph: 03 313 9985 e: Metropol 9 July, 2020 49

Outstanding in our field

A good sleep is like a holiday, invest in a Dreamwool bed to dream of your next adventure Come in & see the experts.

DREAMWOOLBEDS Freephone 0800 753 754 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

NZ Business - Supporting Local

374 Ferry Rd, Woolston, Christchurch Ph: 03 389 2986 Fax: 03 3892017

Unique & stunning

features to add to any

Home & Garden

Customised Louvre Roofs for all year round. Over 15 years manufacturing and installing louvres. Landscape & Lifestyle

69 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Ph. 03 365 9945 OPEN > Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Public Holidays 10am-4pm Closed Sundays 50 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Louvre Roofs I Gates I Fences I Chimney Cowls Horizontal & Vertical Sun Louvres Cedar Louvres I Commercial & Residential I 10 Year Warranty phone 0275 356 286


Timber stands the test of time If you’re planning a new kitchen build, or are renovating or upgrading the existing space, the experienced team at Timber Tru specialises in creating stunning, bespoke designs.


s a member of the Registered Master Joiners’ Federation, they’ve been making quality timber joinery for more than 22 years, and have a combined timber joinery and carpentry experience of more than 50. Whether you have architectural plans ready to go, or are still compiling ideas, Tony van der Plas and his team are happy to work alongside clients from start to finish to ensure the best result possible. “We can help with the concept and

design if clients ask for this, or we can work with their plans. Every one of our kitchens is different and clients really love this exclusivity. “We’re also happy to work with any material clients want – from veneered timber, to plywood or melamine. It all depends on personal choice and budget. We can also organise the benchtops and all the hardware, as well as installing the kitchen.” All joinery is made on site at Timber

Tru’s workshop. “To build and install a quality kitchen takes between three to six weeks and quality is of the utmost importance to us.” The team also make joinery for laundries and bathrooms; timber windows and doors and they can also do commercial joinery for schools or shop fit-outs. To request a free consultation, phone 03 389 2986 or email Tony at Metropol 9 July, 2020 51


Styling by Kate Alexander | Photography by Bryce Carleton

nce you’ve found something that you really love, why not use it to inspire a colour palette for the room in which you’ll be hanging it? In this space, not only does the repetition of the same colours across a number of different surfaces create a sense of rhythm, so do the many horizontal lines. By painting the lower portion of the wall in the same mid-value colour as the artwork – in this case, Resene Aviator – it grounds the artwork more than had it been displayed just on a wall painted from top to bottom in Resene Triple Alabaster, which was used for the top section of the wall. On the floor is lighter Resene Romantic, though it isn’t a colour directly used in the artwork, it feels enough the same that it still works with the palette while also acting as a point of difference from the rest of the scheme. Smaller accessories and accents in Resene Aviator, Resene Cornflower, Resene Torea Bay and Resene Sail finish off the look. It’s common for homeowners to want to hang their artwork quite high on the wall. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to hang artwork – especially larger pieces – lower on the wall, which will allow you to view the details comfortably at eye level. After all, artwork that can’t be seen properly can’t be enjoyed properly!

Art starter While there will always be artistic styles that experience waxing and waning popularity, the artwork you choose for your space should feel very personal. Whether you opt for an investment piece or simply want to display an item that holds sentimental value, the key is picking something that really speaks to you – or you at least enjoy looking at. Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, 52 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Background in Resene Romantic with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Triple Alabaster, Resene Cornflower, Resene Aviator and Resene Sail, tray in Resene Cornflower, boxes in Resene Aviator, Resene Cornflower, Resene Triple Alabaster and Resene Torea Bay and desk accessories in Resene Torea Bay.

Dream Home on your mind!! We will deliver it for you.

Dream Homes for Every Budget. House & Land I Gated Community Large Residential Projects I Interior Design I Home Renovations

Call us today for a FREE Consultation 0508 DHOMES / 0508 346637


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new things

A trove of treasure The one-year anniversary of Dusty Old Things moving into larger, brighter premises at 526 Wairakei Road was postponed due to the national lockdown.


o, owner Glenis is celebrating the belated anniversary across the whole month of July by having a sale – spend $20 on china and pottery (including Crown Lynn) and receive a 20 percent discount. The funky store’s treasure trove of products include estate jewellery, clothing, collectables, linen, crystal, vintage lights and galleries, furniture, men’s interest items and much, much more. You can transform your home with timeless items to suit both modern and vintage abodes. Also, if there is something specific you’re on the look out for, you’re welcome to phone Glenis on 03 359 0454 and she can help with the hunt. There’s a little bit of everything at Dusty Old Things and with ample parking, popping into the shop at 526 Wairakei Road is easy – you never know what items you’ll discover to take home.

Bespoke framing

Vintage Treasures available at Dusty Old Things

Decorative vases and other decor ideas from Coco Gifts.

Furniture Dimensions. Specialists in bespoke furniture.



Jewellery, Furniture, Linen, Clothing, Retro, Shabby Chic, Collectables & new home decor

Skilled art installation 96 Disraeli Street 03 365 3811

Bespoke hand gilt gold leaf frame from City Art Depot

Locally hand crafted crafted barLocally stools hand - available at barKiwi stools - available at The Wood Company. The Kiwi Wood Company.

New gift ideas now available at Barrington Gifts.

63 Rutland St, St Albans ( o p p o s i t e R u g b y Pa r k )

Ph. 03 355 3336

Mon- Fri 10am-5.30pm. Sat-Sun 10am-4pm


526 Wairakei Road Ph. 03 359 0454

Tues-Fri 10.30-4pm and Sat 10-2pm

G i f t s H o m e wa r e s - J e w e l l e r y

Specialists in Bespoke Furniture


Get the Right Style, Right Colour, Right Size, Right for You.

Custom Made Wooden Furniture 022 104 8334 | 54 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Barrington Mall, Christchurch Tel: 337-2337

Furniture Dimensions

105 Coleridge Street, Christchurch I Ph.366-7499

Where quality comes first


Far more than just a means to cater to personal hygiene, the bathroom is a space we turn to when we need to relax, recuperate and enjoy some respite from the outside world.


s such, the interior should be welcoming and comforting, but the room’s measurements need not be reminiscent of a sprawling spa to serve up an idyllic aesthetic. For bathrooms that are more akin to cupboardsunder-the-stairs, a few tips and tricks are all it takes to prove pint-sized bathrooms shouldn’t have to scrimp on style or comfort. Eschewing an abundance of noisy wallpaper in favour of a single feature wall will inject a dose of personality into a space without making it feel crowded or claustrophobic. Whether opting for a mural, a lick of bright paint or a sheet of captivating printed paper, be sure to keep the adjoining walls colourless and sparse to harness the

bigger, brighter illusion that white walls bring. A similar effect can be obtained via the use of furnishings. Incorporate mirrors and glass wherever possible to give the appearance of a larger space, and add flavour via various tchotchkes and artworks that tie in with the captivating hues and patterns found within the feature wall. The finishing touch? Whether it’s a melange of cacti placed upon the sink or a hanging basket suspended from the ceiling above the bathtub, flourishing greenery will ensure that even the most miniscule of spaces remain welcoming, charming and notably on-trend. Remember, good things do come in small packages – especially that of the discerning bathroom.


sing exquisite materials like Italian stone, marble and granite, talented craftsman Shane Boyd has become highly skilled at creating functional works of art for the home. Specialising in benchtops, fireplaces, tables and feature pieces, Shane and his team of five staff are becoming known across the South Island for their stunning designs, quality finishes, and attention to detail. While they’re Canterbury based, recently they have

Ph:021 240 0124

been in high demand with projects keeping them busy in Queenstown and Wanaka. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Shane has spent time in Australia and the UK where he has worked as a head mason at Buckingham Palace and the homes of celebrities. With all this experience and know-how, the best part is, if you chose to work with the company, you’ll deal directly with Shane throughout the building and design process.


Metropol 9 July, 2020 55


Petite Retreats




From dark and moody to bright and playful, this season’s best bathroom looks have us tapping into some serious style. So we’ve got some tap lessons just for you.


ho would have thought our functional faucets would set the trend in the busiest little room of the house? Tapware is the new bathroom bling. And brass is the muchloved baby in the bathroom this year – whether in a high-polished, soft brushed or a more antiqued patina, this metal excludes a certain elegance and richness. Plush set against porcelain white, both brass and gold are also a warm flattering tone with blues and greens. Against marble-effect tiling and stone, it is pure European opulence that blends with the latest brass-framed mirrors and accessories, and gilt-marbling seen in the new wet-room wallpapers. Black dramatically graced the faucet fashion pages a few years ago, and is now upstaging grey as the dashingly dark choice in bathrooms. The practical

Let Sparky Brighten Your Day NEW Sparky CA is here to meet the urban demand for a compact, good looking small fire. Streamlined panels, fixed log base and a stove-top cooking surface. Clean air approved. Ph: 09 408 2469

Truly hand made

All of our bespoke products are crafted by hand using time tested techniques and robust materials. We build by hand to ensure you get exactly what you need and to allow flexibility in our products that create unique designs.



Sustainably sourced in France and handcrafted in New Zealand

RECLAIMED RECYCLED REPURPOSED TIMBER Phone 0508 426 225 56 9 July, 2020 Metropol


021 766 750




matte-black is the tapware we’re turning towards this time. Classic chrome is still with us – but in shapes and styles that will stand out Industrial is the practical style of the year – with the edgy, chunky function in substantial-sized separate taps and out-there spouting. Deep plunge baths lend the opportunity to showcase free-standing tapware as a feature; an elegant swan neck or an industrial focal piece. Especially imperative if the bath is freestanding away from the wall. Now that variety in tapware styles and finishes expand the decades – it is easy to create any theme, from an ancient Turkish spa or Victorian villa to a contemporary Italian or New York apartment. New tapware is an affordable alternative to transform a bathroom without a complete new fit-out. Let tapware tell the tale.

C. D.

424 ST ASAPH STREET! 100s of fabrics to choose from Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture Mon-Thurs, Fridays 8am to Midday P. 371 7500 Hours:or7am-4.30pm by appointment with Keith 0275 663 909 McDONALD HARTSHORNE




Metropol 9 July, 2020 57


Dishing the dirt WORDS MORGAN TAIT

Winter’s arrival may conjure up images of the indoors, snuggled up fireside with a good book or Netflix series. But green thumbs know winter is not the time to retire the gumboots and secateurs. Instead, it’s an opportune moment to prepare for the flowering seasons.


hether it’s a fullscale landscape or pre-spring spruce up, here’s our pick for the handiest gardening trends, tools and tips to help you in the garden this winter

THE TIP: Let’s landscape With summer foliage long departed, June and early July marks the best time to re-think your landscaping. Perhaps you’ve been eying up a new spot for a vegetable garden, want to plant some citrus, or relocate some shrubs and small trees. Now is the time to do it.



Garden carts Move over wheelbarrows, there’s a new yard companion making tracks. Often sporting four wheels with an extendable handle, the gardening cart is gaining traction as a functional addition to your shed designed to make your days in the garden easier. While wheelbarrows have long been the go-to for carting gardening waste, soils and tools, the flat bed of a cart is perfect for also moving more delicate items like pots and plants. Some models even come with lids which can double as a seat or bench. When looking for a gardening cart you may want to consider its ability to bear weight with a sturdy chassis; its manoeuvrability with pivoting wheels, and how easily it can tilt and dump your contents.

Indoor plants If there’s no landscaping to be done, why not indulge that desire to turn your attention indoors and embrace the greenery trend of the decade: houseplants. The addition of indoor greenery to home, retail and commercial spaces is a gardening trend that just won’t quit. And there’s no better time to bring your gardening indoors than over the chilly, wet wintry months. Not only do houseplants freshen up your space, there’s a bunch of evidence interior vegetation can provide psychological benefits like stress-reduction, boosting creative thinking, and reducing anxiety. As many indoor plant parents will know, it’s always important to ensure your houseplants are well placed for sunlight, watered regularly and get enough access to warmer temperatures.

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In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture. Metropol 9 July, 2020 59

CONTENTS A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s



In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

64 66 68 71 72 74

An architect’s owned-designed home becomes an expression of their beliefs and ideals, and this is especially true of the new home of Tim Dagg, Architect at Sheppard and Rout – page 75


71 72











Purchase or place a LINEAR COLLECTION. THETHE LINEAR COLLECTION deposit on a Rinnai fire from A ST U NNING NEW RA NGE O1st F PJuly R E M-IU30 M September GAS F IR E S THAT LO O K MO R E R E A LISTIC A ND 2020. To enter, visit: IM P R E S SIVE THA N EVER B EF O R E .


A ST U N N I N G N E W RA N GE O F PR E M I U M G A S Rinnai LO fires.O Valid or full F*Valid I R Eonly S TonHAT K entry MOrequires R E R aEdeposit A LI ST I Cpayment A N D on your Rinnai fireplace at a Rinnai Fireplace Specialist store. 4 trips to be won. Each trip includes 2 nights accommodation, 95S S Byron StT HA Christchurch 8023 I M PR E I V E N E V E R B E F O R E . return flights for 2, car rental, 3 course meal at Rata and $500 spending money. T&C’s apply, for 03 365 3685

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Looking for an experienced Real Estate Agent ? Whether you’re looking for a house and land package, a home designed personally for you, or an existing home, Lindsay’s depth of experience in all types of sales will make your journey a smooth one. When he lists your home, he will personally run each hassle free Open Home, take time to consider every negotiation on the table and if required he is a seasoned auctioneer also. With an excess of 40 years Sales & Marketing and one who prefers face to face contact where possible, you will be assured of his great service and excellent results.

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Built to enjoy! Beautiful brick and linear four bedroom home set on a relaxed easy care section with outdoor living in mind. Open plan living, Entertainers kitchen with walk-in-pantry, Bosch appliances and 340L West Fridge/Freezer. Double glazed windows throughout, including the double internal access garage. The master bedroom includes a luxurious ensuite with undertile heating and spacious walk-in-robe. A well serviced home with separate family bathroom, laundry with Haier Front Loader Washer and Sensor Dryer. Bosh Alarm system, ducted heating, landscaped and a Registered Masters Builders 10 year Guarantee. This really is set with everything you need to move in and enjoy.

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the influencers

Leeann Watson

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

In the last few weeks, we saw the nation collectively holding its breath as it became apparent that our border control and testing regime was not as rigorous as we thought. It was incredibly disappointing to hear about some people entering the country then disappearing off the radar. New Zealanders have lost lives, jobs and businesses due to COVID-19 – and taxpayers will be re-paying the Government’s borrowed money for at least a generation. If those coming back are not meeting their obligations in respect of selfisolation or quarantine, then there does need to be consequences. New Zealanders need to have confidence that our border controls, quarantining, testing and contact tracing processes are robust and reliable. We cannot afford to be in a position where we have to return to lockdown. With today’s access to technology where information can be easily and systematically collected to help manage these risks and reduce human error, then that should be happening. Businesses will need to continue to access highly skilled people from offshore to help with – for example – maintenance of specialised equipment to ensure that critical network infrastructure is not degraded. Similarly, there will be economic opportunities in areas such as tertiary education. We also want to continue to push for a trans-Tasman bubble to help boost our tourism sector. In order to do this, we all need to have confidence in the process, because the crippling economic and social costs of another lockdown is incomprehensible given what our team of five million has been through and given up.

Paul Lonsdale

Mainstreet Management Ltd Managing Director

While I enjoyed the break over the lockdown period, I have to admit, it was great getting back into the real-life working routine again. Like many, I grew tired of the Zoom this and Skype that. I went back to work the moment the restrictions allowed me to do so and over the last six weeks I visited many of the city businesses to gauge the city’s financial temperature. There seems to be a warm glow coming from many businesses and I think this is, in part, our people yearning for a real life experience rather than the overused virtual experience. However, we are now in the midst of our winter and generally people go into hibernation the moment that cold snap bites in. At some point over the last 30 years many of us have forgotten how to put a coat on; we go from air-conditioned homes, to air-conditioned cars, to airconditioned work places. But we need you to find that coat and continue supporting your local businesses over the next couple of months to keep that warm glow momentum going. It is looking likely that Australian bubble will not happen this year. However, I am grateful we have wonderful local neighbours; the Greater Canterbury region, Southland, Otago, Marlborough and the West Coast. ‘Supporting your local’ is one of the elements to our economy’s recovery and I know your local business would love to see you in person, because nothing beats the real thing.

Marian Johnson

Ministry of Awesome Chief Awesome Officer

Throughout June, the MoA team has been focusing on the launch of Christchurch’s first national healthtech initiative – the HealthTech Supernode Challenge, which went live on 29 June. This is our signal to New Zealand that Ōtautahi Christchurch aims to become the home of NZ healthtech innovation. With a total prize pool across multiple categories valued at over $340,000, there are plenty of reasons to enter the challenge. There’s entry into a virtual pre-accelerator programme where we will help grow the ventures, the potential for investment, a CDHB validation contract, an exclusive opportunity to develop the venture alongside Ryman Healthcare’s team, and an invitation to a further startup incubator programme. Most readers will not know that Christchurch is home to one of the most prolific healthtech innovation communities in New Zealand. I’ve written here before about the Christchurch ‘supernode’ strategy. HealthTech is one of those supernodes given our existing strength in this area and the opportunity it represents for creating high value jobs in our city’s future. The aim of the Challenge is to identify and generate viable solutions to healthcare problems. We’re focused on Aged and Rural Care sectors but there’s also an Open category to ensure no innovation is left uncovered. The nationwide challenge, sponsored by ChristchurchNZ, is open to anyone with a healthtech innovation or idea - from students and startups to researchers, and healthcare professionals. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please spread the word. Applications close on 16 August.

Asbestos Management Meth Decontamination Toxic Mould Abatement Erosion & Sediment Control Contaminated Land Remediation NZ BUSINESS - Supplying Kiwis Managing the environment around you isn’t always easy. That’s why MBC has been providing specialist environmental management solutions to clients for the past 20 years. | | 03 354 4377 | Northcote, Christchurch 62 9 July, 2020 Metropol

John Bridgman

Christchurch Mayor

It has been great to see people coming back into the building to work. I won’t pretend that I haven’t enjoyed some of the features of working from home. I seemed to get a lot more done. But the truth is I’m pretty much Zoomed out. What I missed the most were those people to people interactions – not just the contact that social distancing denied us, but the sharing of ideas, joining in conversations, putting two and two together as connections were made – that’s where innovation starts. I think innovative enterprises – and yes our public services should be those too – should be encouraging people back to their offices and encouraging people to support those businesses who are doing it hard. Let’s all who can do so, help them get back on their feet. Now here’s a reason for everyone to come to town in July. CHCH IS LIT, a month long festival of light, runs until 29 July from 6pm until 11pm daily to help fill the gap until Botanic D’Lights Tirama returns. More than 20 installations, from lighting up trees to full-on projections on buildings, have been created and built by Christchurch companies and artists, with locations including Victoria Square, Friendship Corner (the grass area opposite Riverside Market), Park of Remembrance (on the Avon River opposite The Terraces), Cathedral Square, City Mall and New Brighton Pier. These will all be filmed as well, so people can see them online. It will be great to see the city come alive with light and people.

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

So much of central Christchurch has a shiny new face, meaning opportunities to rejuvenate buildings with historic charm are now relatively rare. But on 13 August we’ll be taking to auction the illustrious Odeon Theatre and neighbouring Lawrie and Wilson building in a heritage offering like no other. The Odeon’s white stone street frontage, entry and stairs carry a Category 1 listing. It was designed in 1883 by Thomas Stoddart Lambert as a public theatre and hall, and later transformed to a vaudeville venue, cinema and church. It has hosted the likes of Sir Laurence Olivier and the Old Vic company as well as a public meeting with Kate Sheppard for the women’s suffrage movement. The Lawrie and Wilson building dates back to 1911 and was built as auction premises. It’s no secret that heritage projects are hard work, so this is a proposition for those who want to give something back to Christchurch by reinvigorating the hidden treasure that is the Odeon. Also included in the offering is the large parcel of vacant land adjoining the two heritage buildings, fronting onto the high-profile intersection of Tuam and Manchester Streets. Some fantastic restoration work has already been carried out around the city but we know a lot of the local developers who like heritage projects have their hands full at the moment, so this is a great opportunity for other parties to potentially take centre stage.

Joanna Norris

the influencers

Lianne Dalziel

ChristchurchNZ Chief Executive

Having the right skills to supply the future job market is crucial in repositioning Ōtautahi Christchurch for social and economic prosperity. Unemployment in the city was 4.2 percent, similar to the national average of 4.4 percent (as at the end of March 2020). Since the lockdown, the number of Jobseeker Support Recipients, an early indicator of unemployment levels, in Canterbury has increased by 35 percent compared to 31 percent growth nationally. We expect this rate to rise when the support of the central government wage subsidy is removed. The impact of Covid-19 will be much clearer at the end of the June quarter. But in real terms, this means between 12,500 and 20,000 people will be unemployed in Christchurch over the next 12 months. That is why we are acting now to support people into new jobs and build a talent pipeline for the sectors that have job opportunities. One of the first initiatives is a city-wide career and study expo on 6 August, at Vodafone Innova8, Tuam Street. Industry and tertiary partners will be delivering workshops and highlighting the types of employment and training opportunities that will be in-demand and advising on how people unemployed or looking to re-train to a future-focused sector can get involved. This is an important first step in a programme of work that will address our current and future employment needs, with the ultimate goal of positioning Ōtautahi Christchurch with the right skills and employment opportunities to future-proof our economy and meet changing global demands.




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A welcoming icon of community resilience stands proud in Redcliffs – a victorious beginning after a school’s endurance of a long, patient journey home.


n June 22 Te Raekura Redcliffs School opened its doors and the community can now celebrate and enjoy the everchanging estuary views from the picture windows. Three days later, Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern spoke at the official opening day and Kiwi icon Dave Dobbyn entertained, singing a poignant Welcome Home to a group of around 600, with the school’s new haka, gifted by school parent Quentin Hoera also contributing to the emotionally

moving week of events. Principal Rose McInerney who remained head of the school since its closure in 2016, says the mood from the whole community was of both excitement and relief. The new school has been built for a roll of 300, with



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210 children enrolled on opening week. The build has future capacity for the school’s masterplan of up to 400 pupils. “When we first moved to our temporary Sumner home back in 2011, none of us could have possibly imagined the road that lay ahead,” Rose says. “It is with immense relief that we now put that journey behind us, moving into our wonderful new school with a renewed sense of energy and encouraged by the enormous support of our community.” The 2011 earthquakes saw the much loved Redcliffs school move from their original home, after it was deemed unsafe from cliff fall in June of that year. The roll then stood at 400. The school was going to close forever in 2016 – but the community fought with passion to keep their primary school that had shaped generations of young lives. For the last nine years, Redcliffs School has been operating at Sumner’s van Asch Deaf Education Centre. The school’s new name for a new era, Te Raekura Redcliffs School, translates to The Red Cliffs. The name, along with other te reo names used throughout the campus, was gifted by Mātauraka Mahaanui, an organisation established to include Māori and Ngāi Tahu content in the city’s rebuilt post-earthquake schools. “Our return has been down to

the tenacity and doggedness of many, many wonderful people, volunteering their time and playing an integral part,” Rose says. The $16 million rebuild by Naylor Love Construction resides on the original Redcliffs Park site, it is now a local landmark from Main Road and Beachville Road. Striking coloured precast panels blend into the environment, giving ode to the red cliffs towering above the original site which will now become the local park. LBL timber was incorporated, as well as structural steel with sliding plates, for seismic resistance. Built with ample ground clearance and a large decked outdoor area, mitigating the possibility of tidal flooding in the future. Naylor Love Construction Project Manager Darryl Grobler says the play netting above a hexagonal garden area incorporated into the decking was his favourite part of the project. Murals from the original school were given new life, as well as some original stone, now incorporated into the landscaping. The original 107-year-old school bell, was also rung by the Prime Minister – announcing a rock-solid community has finally come home. Upcoming Te Raekura Redcliffs School open days will be held at 2pm on 19 and 31 July, and 2 August.

Landscape alternatives Combining landscape architecture and thorough workmanship creates individual landscape spaces. Wood Ltd specialises in residential and commercial projects and creative spaces.

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Heritage Saved The new Ruby Black building is now complete. A brand new high end office and retail development built around this iconic Christchurch facade. Strengthened, repaired and restored to 100% of building code.

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Antarctica’s ‘cool’ ne redevelopment Antarctica New Zealand is delighted to announce Leighs Construction Limited has been selected as the preferred main contractor for the Scott Base Redevelopment project.

Renovations that make a statement



“Green Builders transformed our two bedroom 1950’s bungalow into a four bedroom family home with a large open plan living area and office. At every point of the project Reuben included us in the decision making process. Reuben’s attributes have made our dream of the unique and beautiful home come to fruition, which is now a haven for our family to live in.” says Ben & Elissa | Ph: 027 557 0999

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ew Zealand owned and operated construction firm Leighs was one of five construction companies to travel to Scott Base in February 2020, with each firm submitting proposals for the multi-million-dollar project that will see the existing base replaced with three interconnected buildings. Antarctica New Zealand CEO Sarah Williamson says identifying a preferred main contractor and working with them through the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) stage means the Scott Base Redevelopment project is primed and ready to go. “The company showed a passion for remote and challenging building projects, and brought a depth of experience with complex construction projects, having built hospitals, prisons, embassies, power stations and many other complex commercial and industrial buildings,” Sarah says. “Following final Cabinet approval and full funding, the project would generate around 450 jobs in New Zealand for the first two and a half years.” Senior Project Manager Simon Shelton says to get a construction company on board is a significant milestone for the project, putting the redevelopment ahead of schedule and well-positioned for success. “The project is progressing through the developed design phase, this is where we refine how the building systems function, develop the interior design, confirm the means of logistics and how the base would be built,” Simon says. “The preferred action plan is to pre-

NZ Award Winning Builder Building Kiwi Homes

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construct all buildings in New Zealand and ship them to Antarctica in large modular sections.” Leighs Construction Ltd Managing Director Anthony Leighs says the company has a tremendous sense of pride and excitement to be selected by Antarctica New Zealand to join the team to build the new Scott Base. “Having been involved in constructing buildings and structures on the ice since 2004, the opportunity to continue and enhance our working relationship with Antarctica New Zealand is fantastic, as we strive to be one of the leading constructors of complex vertical infrastructure projects for the New Zealand Government,” he says. “The Scott Base Redevelopment is one of the most technically challenging building projects seen in New Zealand for some years. Leighs Construction is really looking forward to joining the team, and collectively delivering what we believe will be an extraordinary undertaking and incredible construction project.” Over the next 12 months, the $18.5 million committed in Budget 2019 will be used to complete the developed design of the new Scott Base. Identifying a main contractor is part of this phase. The main contractor will work with Antarctica New Zealand and the design team on how best to deliver the project. The redevelopment includes replacing the existing base – built in the early 1980s and made up of 12 separate buildings – by a safe, fit-for-purpose and sustainable scientific research base.

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Architectural evolution


Architecture is the blueprint for a city’s form and function, making it critical to development. So we caught up with WSP Architecture –Christchurch Principal Architect Colin Corsbie FNZIA about the architectural evolution of our city. What drew you to architecture and what do you love about what you do? A passion for physically building places and spaces. Each project brings different design challenges and people together. It is a people profession which is constantly changing and evolving, and you learn something new each day. How is the architectural climate looking right now? It is difficult to gauge the ongoing impacts from Covid-19. Firms primarily working in the commercial and hospitality sectors will be affected most. Some firms are certainly feeling the pain in the short term and may have to diversify to survive. New Zealanders are very resilient however and part of our “can-do” Kiwi mentality is to

look forward and focus on things we can control, not dwell on things we can’t change. I am positive the profession can respond to this latest challenge. What are some of the main architectural trends you’ve been seeing come through? The Christchurch Earthquakes have resulted in a new architecture where innovative resilient structures have been created and these structures are being expressed as part of the architectural aesthetic. Covid-19 has already changed the way we work and given us the opportunity to reprioritise our lives. People are more aware of the profound impact our surroundings have on our health and wellbeing, and this will drive new architectural approaches to work and home environments. This unprecedented event has given us the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we are designing and building, another outcome of which will be a more committed focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible design solutions. Your practice was involved with the St Patrick’s Church in Lincoln. What are some of the other most fulfilling projects your practice been involved with over the past year?

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68 9 July, 2020 Metropol

What exciting projects we can look forward to? We are currently pursuing a number of exciting project opportunities which will help revitalise the towns, cities and regions where they are located. Commercial and political sensitivities prevent me from expanding on these at this point, but a number have already secured funding, including some with Provincial Growth Fund support and will be proceeding in due course. What does the next 12 months have in store for WSP Christchurch? We are committed to a number of economic stimulus projects across New Zealand and these will be our primary focus in addition to our business as usual project work. Our practice is extremely busy and has a strong forward workload. Our over-arching design ethos is ‘Creating what matters for future generations’ – and this is what drives our design team.

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Our design aspiration is to create enduring and human-centric architecture. Our portfolio is very broad, encompassing community and civic projects, churches, schools, tertiary education facilities, projects for central government and local government agencies, commercial buildings and large infrastructure projects. A new Visitor Experience Centre in Stewart Island, the Auckland City Rail Link (CRL) project, Grace Apartments Complex in Auckland, Massey University Innovation Science Centre, Linwood Pool Complex, new Public Amenities for the Kaikoura highway, a new Town Square for Greymouth, the MWRC Commercial Office Building in Palmerston North, and Wellington East Girls High School, demonstrate the varying scale and geographic spread of our projects.

Firm Foundations Time is running out to identify and register a claim for damaged foundations and have the government fund the repairs.

WDBuild - Woodend Builders Ltd has been busy building homes and commercial projects since 1974. With more than 40 years working in the area, they are a long established and reputable North Canterbury building team. They aim to provide their clients competitive building services of the highest quality. By working closely with their clients, building strong relationships with selected project consultants and sourcing quality products from suppliers, they will make the building process and remediating an earthquake damaged home easy for you. The team is available for all your building requirements, from specialised architectural builds, complex hill work and navigating the EQC process from start to finish. They are experts in the EQC/ Insurance space, and particularly identifying and remediating issues with foundations. Owners of properties in Canterbury that are earthquake damaged and that have been ‘onsold’ and ‘over-cap’ may be eligible for an ex gratia payment from the government to have their homes repaired. The deadline to register your claim has been extended to 14 October 2020. After that the payments will not be available. If you’ve brought a home in Canterbury and discovered that it is damaged over the EQC cap, they can assist you with the process to get it repaired. If you suspect your foundations are damaged then contact them for a property inspection. If your foundations are damaged they can assist you through the process and get your property back to where it belongs!

Mob: 0274 134 382 Ph: (03) 313 4373 Email: Web:

70 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Putting heart into city sport Christchurch based main contractor Apollo Projects is in the fortunate position of putting broad smiles on the faces of citizens young and old who have been making do or missing out. They do this by bringing much anticipated major sport and recreation centres to fruition in Canterbury.


hristchurch is Apollo’s home, so it’s really special to be able to bring incredible

community facilities to Cantabrians,” Director and CEO Paul Lloyd says.

This month sees Apollo Projects start work on Te Pou Toetoe: Linwood Pool.

Building Communities Apollo Projects, a nationwide design and build company headquartered in Christchurch, sees each project as an opportunity to build excellence in our communities. | Ph: 03 358 9185

Plumbing & Drainage Leaders in domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage solutions, We specialise in new housing, blocked drains, hot water cylinders and gas conversions. Our tradesmen take pride in bathroom renovations as well as spouting and roof repairs. Make sure you think Maxwell when you think plumbing. | Ph: 03 366 4403

Custom kitchens, timeless design Timeless contemporary kitchen using a mix of stained timber veneer and textured spraypaint. Visit our showroom and talk to our inhouse designer. | Ph: 03 3888 111 Metropol 9 July, 2020 71


Christchurch City Council (CCC) appointed Apollo to deliver the city’s latest pool complex following Apollo’s successful delivery of CCC’s Taiora QEII Recreation and Sport Centre in 2018 and the construction of the He Puna Taimoana hot pools, which opened over Queen’s Birthday weekend. Selwyn District Council has appointed Apollo to build the Foster Park indoor courts, which are currently underway and on track to be completed around April 2021. The courts’ framework has been installed and work is progressing steadily since restarting under Alert Level 3. Once completed, they will include eight courts and a 240-metre indoor walking track on the mezzanine level. Like Te Pou Toetoe: Linwood Pool, the courts focus on serving community needs, including schools and clubs. This incredible record of service delivery to Christchurch is about much more than timber and concrete, it’s about putting heart and soul into communities, and Apollo Projects puts its heart and soul into that!


Ngāi Tahu Property has waved its green wand over the central city, with the residential, commercial and industrial land developer now celebrating a five Green Star rating and 5.5 star NABERSNZ energy efficiency rating for the Pita Te Hori Centre building.


NEW SHOWHOME NOW OPEN Come and see us at 67 Tara Cresent, Ravenswood Woodend Open 12-4pm everyday House and land packages from $440k | Ph 03 354 2344


G SIN A E L Above Your Space is a small boutique office offering in the heart of the City. The Billens building is located at 177 High Street and features the original red brick façade and high quality finish inside. Offices suitable for 2 to 4 people come furnished, airconditioned – ready to move in. Rents between $200 per week to $400 per week include rates and insurance, power, break out rooms, lounges, conference rooms with TV, photocopier, quality kitchen with tea, coffee and milk.

To arrange a viewing call, text Anna Morawiec on 022 059 7620 or email 72 9 July, 2020 Metropol

he New Zealand Green Building Council awarded Te Urutī, one of two five-level office buildings in the Pita Te Hori Centre, a 5 Green Star rating. That confirms the sustainability of its design, construction and completion achieves New Zealand industry excellence. Meanwhile, the NABERSNZ rating reflects its marketleading energy efficiency performance following occupation by tenants. The green credentials follow last year’s confirmation of a 4 Green Star rating for Iwikau – the other commercial building in the centre’s first stage. The centre was designed by Warren and Mahoney Architects in conjunction with services engineers and Green Star professionals from Powell Fenwick and Aurecon. Ngāi Tahu Property Chief Executive David Kennedy says the ratings are a fantastic result which can ultimately be tied back to following Ngāi Tahu values. “Sustainability is a key feature of kaitiakitanga; one of our core values which we share with our ultimate owners, Ngāi Tahu whānui-families,” David says. “The Pita Te Hori Centre also showcases other values including tohungatanga – expertise and rangatiratanga – leadership. Truly

encouraging further water-use reductions. “A myriad of clever, sustainable technologies work together across the Pita Te Hori Centre,” James says. “These environmental solutions were embedded into the design of Te Urutī and Iwikau.” These features are proving attractive to businesses who insist on healthy, safe and sustainable work environments for their staff. “We have seen it is not just possible, but desirable, to build sustainable and healthy office spaces, with a range of Government departments and national and international firms choosing to base their South Island operations in our buildings. “They appreciate and share our commitment to sustainable buildings and workplace practices.” Located near the historic site of the ancient Puari Pā of Waitaha and Ngāti Māmoe, the Pita Te Hori Centre holds strong spiritual, cultural and historical significance for Ngāi Tūāhuriri, the mana whenua of the area and the wider Ngāi Tahu iwi. Previously home to the King Edward Barracks and the former Christchurch headquarters of the New Zealand Police, the site also carries historical military and civic significance.

living up to those values meant not treating sustainability as a ‘tick-box’ exercise. Everything we did provided real benefits to everyone using the buildings and all of ŌtautahiChristchurch.” Those benefits include tenants being able to provide excellent conditions for their staff. Sustainable technologies lower energy requirements and onsite energy production reduces demand on electricity distribution networks, ensuring the buildings have much lower carbon emissions than standard. Development Manager James Jackson says the Pita Te Hori Centre features Christchurch’s first district energy system utilising aquifersourced heating and cooling through highly efficient heatpump technology. The scheme provides up to 215,000 kWh of clean heating and cooling capacity each year. Additionally, solar panels generate up to 106,000 kWh of electricity annually supporting the Pita Te Hori Centre’s peak usage periods. Smart LED lighting also significantly reduces energy consumption. Ngāi Tahu Property installed sensormonitored ventilation ensuring abovecode air-quality in the buildings. Lowflow water fittings are complemented by individual metering for tenancies

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Standalone, multi tenanted to medical users

Brand new, 120% NBS

Excellent onsite car parking

High profile

Returning $235,799 net pa + GST +OPEX

Fixed annual growth

This brand new, recently constructed medical facility houses Triton Hearing Clinic on a new six year term, alongside Team Dental and Unichem Pharmacy both on ten year lease terms with fixed annual increases. Situated immediately adjacent to Christchurch´s premiere 24/hour surgery Pegasus Health, what better time to own a medical asset underpinned by new long term leases and positioned on the busy main arterial Bealey Avenue. Tom Lax Courtney Doig

021 991 251

027 527 6833

South Island Commercial Ltd, Licensed under the REAA 2008 Metropol 9 July, 2020 73




Exceptional on Jeffreys WORDS RHONDA MITCHELL

Lockdown might have put pressure on timelines but nothing can dim the enthusiasm and experience of local home construction experts Stanton Builders.


irector Brent Stanton and his team are enjoying the challenge of bringing a current project in Jeffreys Road back on track after the enforced break. “Every successful project is a collaboration of the designer, my staff and I, and subtrades and it’s always about quality work, no exceptions,” Brent says. Designed by Keith Ussher Architecture, Brent’s focus on teamwork is the key to bringing the four bedroom two ensuite home to completion in time for its original handover date in November. Clad in Rockcote Integra Panel and Vertical Cedar with tray roofing, Brent’s favourite feature of the home is the Hard As Rock feature stone wall. “It’s massive and it looks fantastic.” Specialising in architectural homes and restaurant fitouts (a recent favourite project is the interior of Chiwahwah Mexican Cantina Bar), the plan is to continue with more of the same type of work although Stanton Builders is very happy to work in the first-home side of the building market too. “We love the challenge of bringing our quality work to the more cost-conscious homes as well, and we can do this because we are a small company, very flexible and the onsite team comprises of very experienced individuals.” mob 027 623 6707

For the best in heating

Keep your home warm and dry

Gas Unlimited installs, service wood and gas fires. They work with Brent Stanton Builders and his team on heating, and optimising the space to ensure the highest level service.

North Canterbury Energy Centre working together with Brent Stanton and his team on making this project a healthier home to live in. Specialising in design and installation of your ventilation system. | Ph: 03 352 3838 | Ph: 03 313 0531

74 9 July, 2020 Metropol

Architect’s own home entices WORDS RHONDA MITCHELL

An architect’s owned-designed home becomes an expression of their beliefs and ideals, and this is especially true of the new home of Tim Dagg, Architect at Sheppard and Rout.

im and his family lived on site previously and, for Tim, the context of the site and orientation of the home are always key to the design. This held true for his own build: the existing north-facing landscape with its mature native plantings, seated terrace and swimming pool have been retained. With a school and railway line as neighbours, there is no danger of being built out, so Tim designed the entire north end of the house in glass to bring the gorgeous outlook inside. Materials are low maintenance in natural and neutral hues. The interior features polished concrete floors, a natural timber feature wall and a balustrade in natural mild steel. Black rubber covers the stair treads, with living room walls and ceiling lined with birch veneer. Roof and exterior walls are clad in coloursteel, with some easy access areas in stretcher bond brick and in a light stained cedar. “Our roofer was awarded Roofer of the Year at the Coloursteel Roofing Awards. The job required discussion between the foreman and me and the roofer, and his workmanship



and expertise has produced an outstanding result.” The glass wall is protected by a 1.5m roof overhang to reduce solar gain. All downstairs doors and windows open fully, while skylights upstairs cross vent and naturally cool. “Energy efficient design is vital in a successful home,” Tim says.

Quality, timeless design From our Create Range this Emperor brick is a bespoke colour for the client, chosen for it’s natural variations in shade and size with brick slips supplied for the outdoor fire. Ph: 03 341 5036

Serious about concrete At every step, we have a team who specialise in the concrete process to ensure the finishing is of the highest quality.

YOUR LOGO Ph: 0508 374 839

Colour your world your way As Canterbury’s leading painting contractors, we offer the most comprehensive range of painting and repainting services. We take pride in tailoring packages designed to make life easier for all our clients, with special commercial, residential, real estate, body corporate and school packages available. | Ph: 03 335 0205 Metropol 9 July, 2020 75


PERFECT PATIOS - HOW TO PREP FOR SPRING To extend the al fresco dining season and experience all-weather outdoor living, Stratco has a range of options that can be custom designed to suit your needs. Whether you choose an opening and closing louvre, or a fixed roof verandah, you can relax in the knowledge that your custom-made, stylish roof is built to withstand local conditions.

Contact Stratco today and let us create your perfect outdoor space.

CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Rd | Ph: (03) 338 9063 76 9 July, 2020 Metropol

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