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22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine

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Our busy Rhodes CafĂŠ

Enjoy luxury retirement living in our warm and friendly Cashmere Hills community Arvida’s Rhodes on Cashmere community offers inspiring, future-focused living environments where residents can thrive. Filled with light, warmth and ambience, this friendly and inclusive community has real soul. Our boutique apartments offer contemporary interiors and space for relaxing and socialising - all with the best views in town.

Views to the Southern Alps

Why not join us for a coffee and experience our wonderful community for yourself. Call Nicki on 021 342 571 or 03 332 3240 or email

5 Overdale Drive, Cashmere, Christchurch. 2 11 June, 2020 Metropol



AUCKLAND - 80 Parnell Rd, 09 303 4151 CHRISTCHURCH - 121 Blenheim Rd, 03 343 0876 QUEENSTOWN - 313 Hawthorne Dr, 03 441 2363


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22 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


We catch up with Karen Walker about her love affair with denim on page 12. Photography courtesy of Snapper Online.













A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s









11 JUNE 2020 VOL 23 ISSUE 08


Call, email, or book online for an appointment. Limited spots available! 96 Cranford Street, St Albans, Christchurch p: 03 381 8939 e: 6 11 June, 2020 Metropol

In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

INTERNAL COVER Thirty-five local projects have been shortlisted in the 2020 Canterbury Architecture Awards from a record number of entries in the NZIA awards programme – page 79.

“Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always” Anonymous


There’s a kindness epidemic that has been spreading throughout our community. From conversations between neighbouring teddy bears in house windows and Kiwis providing food boxes, to businesses chipping in and NGOs helping communities in need, Kiwis have turned a threat to our health and happiness into acts of solidarity and hope. New Zealanders have shown time and time again their capacity to care for one another. But now that the immediate threat is over and life for many of us is getting back to normal, it’s important that we don’t lose the momentum of kindness, because for many of us, life isn’t back to normal. These are trying times and many are being forced to adjust to a new normal. “We will get through this,” Jacinda Ardern said in her address to the nation on 21 March to outline the structure the government put in place to handle the crisis. “We Metropol Circulation know how to rally and we know how to look after one another; and what could be more important than that? Be strong, be kind and unite against Covid-19.” We stayed strong; we stayed home and we stayed safe. Now it’s time to stay kind.

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C I L E D E H PSYC UND SO ollins By Melinda C

Timeless Elegance

New Boutique Residential Aged Care

8 11 June, 2020 Metropol


03 357 9392


band Ocean Alley has more than 250 million streams under its recording belt, sold out headline shows around the world and become a major festival mainstay.


hile their last album tour for Chiaroscuro saw the band play more than 200 shows around the world, it’s going to be quite a different experience with the release of their 2020 album Lonely Diamond on 19 June, with the COVID-19 lockdown putting paid to any chance of illustrious touring schedules. Their home turf had already had a pretty rough year. “Everything that has happened in the last 12 months in Australia – drugs at festivals, lockouts, bushfires, personal stuff that we had going on as a group of friends – that’s all gone into the album,” Guitarist Mitch Galbraith says. “There are a lot of dark or heavy moments, and a lot of that comes from the unknown, but it has a shine.” But they’re definitely keen to get back to the critical touring

period. “We’re keen to get out and play it! It’s been a very different experience to the previous record. We never realised we wouldn’t get to have that honeymoon period. We can’t tour non-stop, no live shows to get to know these songs.” The band, which is made up of Baden Donegal, Angus Goodwin, Lach Galbraith, Mitch Galbraith, Nic Blom and Tom O’Brien, perform what’s been described as “cruisey psych, rock and reggae fusion”. Rather than being confined to one style, they can pair lyrics with the right sound. “We all write our own parts to our music,” Mitch says. “So we all have input in making music together. We draw on our own experiences to put meaning into the music.” The new release, Lonely Diamond, combines 70s guitar

rock, country and western, old school funk and synth-heavy new wave. “It’s quite dark in places, but parts where it doesn’t feel too serious,” Mitch says. “The closing track explored a different sound, there are times in the record where Baden’s lyrics are quite dark and ominous, there’s a slow heartfelt jam in there; so there’s lots of variation, while keeping it to theme, so songs can sit next to each other. Mitch picked up his first guitar in primary school and the band “kind of grew up together”, making their name performing at house parties and dive bars on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. “We always sort of created our music in the same sort of way, being together, showing each other the ideas we’ve come up with, building a song together, seeing what works, what doesn’t and spending time together. “This record was much the same. We finished the last one and felt pressure to do songs that were better than the last ones, put our heads down, got into the room together and started writing songs. A theme emerged from those songs and we rolled with that.”

Adjustable Beds For Life! Sleep Better


MANAGEMENT IN THE WORKPLACE We provide Supervision, Workshops and Employment Assisted Counselling to reduce work related stress, improve relationships and boost productivity in your business.

Live Better


Ph Catherine: 027 444 0243


IC333 Height Adjustable Bed

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Braided Foundations ltd


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Almost 10 years since its formation, popular Australian

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drop Every

counts By Tracey Edwardes

Every 18 minutes someone in New Zealand needs blood or plasma. Whether it be during a national tragedy or for a sick child, every single drop counts.


ver a 15-month period, New Zealand firstly endured the Christchurch Mosque attacks, where 520 units of red cells, platelets, cryoprecipitate and fresh frozen plasma from the New Zealand Blood Service went directly to help save lives. Then it was Whakaari/White Island eruption with multiple casualties, followed by COVID-19. Our blood donors ensured blood and blood products were available to help save lives throughout the lockdown. Donor centres remained full and 15,300 Kiwis ensured blood was always available. On 14 June, New Zealand celebrates World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) to increase awareness of

this life-saving essential service, and to acknowledge and thank our blood donor heroes; 14 June also marks the birth-date of Karl Landsteiner, who discovered the universal ABO blood group system. For one little boy, Seb Turner, his life was saved. Although a common A+ blood type, he was diagnosed with a one-in-a-million autoimmune disease, Aplastic Anaemia; a rare disease that also killed Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. Seb had bone marrow failure and his own immune system was attacking his stem cells, making him highly vulnerable to infections. When Seb was two, his mum

Ourvets understand the special role your pet plays in your family and we are dedicated to providing them with excellent care Open 7 Days St Albans 03 355 6747 10 11 June, 2020 Metropol Parklands 03 383 2233

Emergency Service

Riccarton/Ilam 03 348 4885

Halswell 03 322 8331

donors. To keep up with demand, NZBS needs to double the plasmadonor registry. Currently less than four percent of eligible Kiwis are registered to donate. Red blood cells only have a 35 day shelf life and platelets need to be transfused within seven days. To keep up with essential demand, the NZBS needs to collect more than 3,500 donations every week. There is no substitute for blood. “We are so lucky,” Caroline says. “Many third-world countries, where he wouldn’t have survived, don’t have a blood donor system. “I am beyond grateful. They have kept Seb alive. He would not be here today without our donor service. It is all because of complete strangers, who have been so incredibly selfless.” Some of Caroline’s friends donated blood when Seb got sick and now Caroline has become a donor for the first time. “I was too scared of needles 20 years ago, so I was surprised it was really quick and easy, only taking five to 10 minutes. It really didn’t feel like anything… and I got a Kit Kat at the end!” The NZBS relies on Kiwis across the country to volunteer to donate, ensuring a continual supply of precious blood and blood products to help health services save thousands of lives.

To become a blood donor, download the app, visit, or phone 0800 448 325 (0800 GIVE BLOOD) and book an appointment to donate. Photography: Tegan Johnson, Little Annie Pop-In Portraits

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Caroline noticed some unusual bruising. On 7 February 2019, he was referred to Christchurch hospital and by the end of that night, had a blood transfusion. “It only took half an hour for the blood to arrive,” Caroline says. “A week later, after a bone marrow biopsy, he was diagnosed. There were no matches to get a bone marrow transplant, so Seb had his platelets replaced every week and red blood cells every 10 days for six months, as his body was unable to produce them. “ Last November Seb’s Hickman line was removed and he has been transfusion-free for six months. The lively little boy from Lincoln is otherwise a normal healthy three-year-old who is crazy about dinosaurs, diggers and dogs. “He’s a little firecracker. Even in the recovery ward at Christchurch Hospital, he just wanted to get up and play. We’re now heading towards remission as his bloods are really good. He’s starting to ask questions now. We tell him his blood is sick – he’s not sick.” The New Zealand blood service is a not-for-profit Crown entity responsible for collection, processing, testing, storage and distribution of all blood and blood products nationwide. There are currently 110,000 wonderful unremunerated volunteer blood donors in New Zealand, of which 11,000 are plasma

By Melinda Collins

LOVE AFFAIR WITH DENIM They’ve been torn, patched and intentionally abused by stone and acid washes, and despite a troubled upbringing as the unoďŹƒcial uniform of 1950s youth counter-culture, denim has maintained its standing as a seasonal staple, reinvented and reinvigorated season after sartorial season. We caught up with our fashion favourite Karen Walker about her love affair with this popular fabric.


12 11 June, 2020 Metropol

When did you fall in love with denim? I’m a child of the ‘70s and that’s a decade that was awash in the stuff. One doesn’t recover from that romance. What do you love about this overwhelmingly popular fabric? It’s a living fabric that improves with age and pays you back every time you give it an outing. Do you have a favourite pair? I always have three or four pairs of jeans in my wardrobe but my favourite cut will always be the Levi’s 501. I’ve been wearing them since I was in my teens and adore them There’s a reason they’re the legend they are. What do you think makes the perfect pair of jeans? It’s all about the fit. How do you love wearing denim? I guess the thing that keeps denim so central to all our wardrobes is that you can really do anything you like with it and it works; that’s why I reach for denim so often – because you can throw anything into the rest of the look and it works. Jeans have long been a wardrobe staple and they’re reimagined year after year. Why do you think they’re such a popular addition? For all the above reasons. They get better with age and they work with everything you can throw at them.

How do you like to incorporate denim into your designs? Our approach to denim is usually to take it on a fashion journey in terms of really questioning the status quo around what denim’s silhouette and detailing can be. Michelle Obama pairing your Temptation Blazer and Original Sin Flares on her Becoming book tour was a favourite of ours – and the world’s! They were a darker shade of denim. What are your favourite denim colours right now? Nine times out of 10 it’s unwashed dark indigo. Pulling back on the wash cycle has been thrown around a lot recently, particularly as it relates to denim. What are your top tips for looking after denim? I’m not a huge fan of the freezer over the washing machine thing but neither do I think you have to wash your jeans after every wear and of course, when you do wash them, have them inside out on cold, line dry and all that. I get the freezer treatment but if you’ve bought a pair of jeans which has been pre-washed, lasered or ripped to within an inch of its life, throwing them in the washing machine on cold every now and then is the least of your worries. My preference is to start with denim that’s unwashed or had minimal washing and no rips so they last for decades and you earn the wear the hard way.

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Cream of the crop By Tracey Edwardes

Beer aficionados are salivating – the winning brews for the New World Beer and Cider Awards 2020 are out now.

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Rossendale Vineyard Weddings and Events

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n independent panel of 24 judges assembled in March, chosen for their astute and discerning palates. Well deserving of the role was Christchurch’s brewing legend Ralph Bungard, founder and operator of Three Boys Brewery in Ferry Road. In March, Ralph sat at a table of three judges and an associate, critiquing around 45 beers over two days with the aim of finding the cream of the crop; the top 30 tipples out of 600 entries from 100 breweries and cider makers worldwide. No judge tasted their own, with brands under secrecy. “It was a bit stressful waiting to see if the others agreed when you picked a fantastic beer, but rewarding when everyone thought the same!” Ralph says. “There were definitely a few standouts.” The 30 winners were assessed on technical excellence, balance, mouthfeel and drinkability. “New World has as a staple of individual beers on the shelves, so you can try out a new beer or cider. It’s then something to really enjoy and taste, rather than just grabbing a slab of beer.” Ralph developed a fascination for the centuries-old liquid amber when working in beer paradise, Northern England, as a biochemist. On returning home, he blended skill with passion and became a master of his craft. “I compare it to cooking – boiling it up and adding in the herbs. There’s hundreds of varieties of hops with identifiable flavours like passionfruit and pineapple, and many malts – from chocolatey to caramels, and even hundreds of yeasts; so many combinations!” Ralph and Brigid Bungard started Three Boys in Garlands

Road behind The Tannery 15 years ago. “It was pretty rough and ready, he says, although he sometimes misses the “smallness” of the original brewery. He reflects on retro Kiwi days of the 6’oclock swill when microbreweries were few. “But you can now have a sophisticated treat, and a beer!” he says of the rise of the craft beer industry. Ralph keeps seven staples in a good core range, naming them simply what they are. Popular Three Boys Wheat made the final cut, being ranked in the coveted ‘Top 30’ brews. The hazy wheat beer, a long-standing staple in the Three Boys range, impressed the judges’ taste buds with its alchemy of spices, coriander and zest, brewed with an authentic Belgium yeast. Three Boys produce a range of beers from their Ferry Road site from the more familiar lagers and pilsners, through to rich dark beers and the ultra-modern, hop-forward styles of pale ales and hazy beers. And there are his quirkier concoctions, such as the barrel-aged Prunus Stave and the infamous Oyster Stout. “Yes, it really is made with Bluff oysters, to give a subtle brininess and a little seaside smell.” Ralph doesn’t have a favourite beer. “That’s like asking what is your favourite child,” he laughs. The name Three Boys aptly refers to the entrepreneurial dad and his two sons. “Aside from a cup of tea, you can’t beat a beer when you’re thirsty.” A full list of the Top 30 winning beers and ciders, as well as the 70 Highly Commended brews, can be found on the New World website at Top30.

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Think over 5,500 happy residents in 28 villages. Summerset have been building retirement villages since 1997 and we’ve gotten pretty good at it over those 23 years.

0800 SUMMER |

16 11 June, 2020 Metropol


We’re proud to report our happy residents recently gave us an impressive 96% resident satisfaction score. That’s a lot of thumbs up.

Podcast supports small business By Melinda Collins

In New Zealand, small businesses are a big deal. There is, after all, more than 500,000 of them.


here’s a new podcast on the entrepreneurial block that has been designed to support and inspire local small business owners. ‘Kiwis in Business’ is a melting pot of informal, yet informative interviews by Public Relations specialist Linda Shackelford

of Expand PR, who sets out to explore the different personalities, ideas and skillsets of innovative and entrepreneurial Kiwis. The former journalist is impressed by the calibre of our local businesses. “However, often smaller businesses go unnoticed and unrecognised or don’t know where to start on promoting themselves,” Linda says. “My job is to uncover the inspiring and authentic stories behind business owners and their businesses and help get those stories out to the wider community.” The first five episodes released on Spotify and Google Podcasts attracted positive feedback from listeners and Linda says she’s had an influx of emails from small business owners requesting to be interviewed. “I am using my skills to highlight theirs – something which has turned out to be very fulfilling for both me, and other business owners, especially at this uncertain time when small business owners need all the support and publicity they can get!” Each week, a new interview with a Kiwi business owner will be released to followers, with supporting content being rolled out on the ‘Kiwis in Business’ Facebook and Instagram pages.


List with us now and take advantage of less competition and motivated buyers. We are your local trusted agents taking the stress out of Real Estate.






Ph. 352 8539 I

We are very excited to present the “DRIED FLOWER DEN” at Victoria florist.

Pop in & have a look

Mon-Fri 8.30am till 5.30pm & Sat 9am till 1pm 107 Idris Road, Fendalton, Christchurch Ph. 03 3517444 Metropol 11 June, 2020 17

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COVID’s impact on business More than 63 percent of respondents to a recent survey of Canterbury businesses are reporting significant financial impacts from COVID-19. More than 21 percent are citing moderate impact, with more than 7 percent citing minor impact.


he data was gathered as part of a survey distributed to local businesses last month, during Alert Level 3, by The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and

ChristchurchNZ. Looking forward three months, 60 percent of businesses still felt that the cashflow impact will be profound. Staff numbers too will be affected, with around 30

percent of businesses believing their staffing numbers would have a significant negative impact of more than 25 percent. Exporters remain more optimistic, with 46 percent

responding that there will be no effect on their sales, while 30 percent think the negative effect will be more than 25 percent. The survey shows that smaller businesses have been more impacted by loss of customers and increased costs, while larger ones have been impacted by supply chain. Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Leeann Watson says the results of this survey demonstrate the changing impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. “All business segments have been affected by cashflow issues. We have engaged with over 2000 businesses over the last two months through our COVID-19 helpline and over email and 6,000 businesses in on our webinars, and the survey results reinforce what we are seeing – namely the very real need for continued targeted financial support and the need for HR as we continue to see increased needs around support with restructuring, redundancy and resizing for businesses.”

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Newly remodelled villa available now


Phone for an exclusive viewing 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr

K I W I S AV E R Phone Donna Monk 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979 131 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Chch 18 11 June, 2020 Metropol

t. +64 3 288 0404 (Ext. 1404) m. +64 21 552 587 e. Level 1, The Awly Building 293 Durham St, Christchurch 8013

Personal disclosures documents are available free upon request

Personal disclosure documents are available free on demand

Financial advice: adapting to change By Alistair Bean & Associates Managing Director Alistair Bean

Firstly, we at Alistair Bean & Associates – Financial Advisers want to send our best wishes to all, hoping that you and your families are fit and well.


mong other things, financial change has hit most of us like we have never known before and this causes concern for past, present and future planning. But this is exactly what we must do. We must continue to plan; however it doesn’t need to be difficult. Sticking to your own rules is extremely important but adapting those rules to situations as they occur is vital to success. Re-visiting the reasons for your short, medium and longer-term goals are imperative however, it doesn’t need to be cumbersome. Your short-term goals should include immediate plans for spending like upgrading cars, home maintenance and perhaps family weddings. Overseas Metropol 11 June, 2020 19


trips may now be deferred for some time and maybe you have received a hotel refund and an airfare credit, so include these figures in calculations. We say that you should have a threemonth backstop of emergency savings for expenses; my recommendation is that you now make this at least a 12-month back-stop. For medium and longerterm, look at the reasons why you originally selected your investments. For example, was it because you were going to get a good rate of interest and this has now reduced, or you bought some shares only because you were to receive a dividend, but that dividend is no longer there or reduced significantly. Perhaps you purchased another investment in an industry that may now not see recovery for a number of years, whether it be property, tourism or entertainment. For these decisions maybe it’s time to consider investments in sectors that now look more in need. Discuss these short, medium and longer-term plans with us. We can individualise what is best suited to your own situation; it may be that you continue as you are, or we can recommend adapted changes as appropriate to your own needs. Interestingly what gives me some comfort lately is an article I read recently, in the current Covid environment; 96-year-old Charlie Munger, (investment guru, Warren Buffett’s offsider) said, “there is no need to rush when making investment decisions to buy, hold or sell”. I thought, when a 96-year-old says there’s no need to rush, then you should probably listen. He went on to say that moving investments at the right price is the right thing to do. This isn’t about market timing; it’s more about what makes sense as opposed to ‘common’ sense. We at Alistair Bean & Associates – Financial Advisers understand the market highs and lows, and we can help guide you through these unprecedented times. Our specialty is “to make decisions for you, so you don’t have to”. My team and I look forward to assisting you to help review your past, present and future ongoing needs. Please feel free to contact us today to assist you in adapting to change.

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going places

New tourism activity drops


There’s a fun new local activity that’s set to drop, giving the Canterbury tourism industry a muchneeded boost.

CH Aviation, the parent company of Garden City Helicopters, is partnering with Skydiving Kiwis to bring skydiving to Sumner Beach, “This is a totally new product in New Zealand tourism and that’s a great place to be,” says GCH Aviation Group Marketing Manager Caroline Blanchfield. “Some might think that this is a strange time to bring a new product to market, but this is exactly the time to innovate and launch a new tourism experience to put Christchurch on the domestic and later the international map. It really will appeal to Kiwis looking for a new thrill,” Caroline says. Skydiving Kiwis has been a

successful tourism venture in Ashburton for over a decade and hopes to bring skydiving into Christchurch as well as Hanmer Springs. Director Lee Barraclough says the awardwinning tourism operation has been working hard on these two projects for nearly two years and is now in the final stages of being able to take Cantabrians skydiving over the Sumner coastline. “We only plan four flights a day at the start and that small section of beach will only be cordoned off for 20 minutes at a time, before other people can use it again,” says Lee, who is a resident of Sumner and wants to make ensure his operation becomes a treasured asset to the suburb

and not a burden. “It is our aim for Sumner residents to enjoy the skydivers, but also for other businesses to benefit from the visitors we bring into Sumner.” While the New Zealand tourism industry is fearing the near future without foreign visitors, Lee is confident the domestic appetite for adventure will enable many adventure activity businesses to create a sustainable and innovative business model. “We can reimagine our tourism industry. Instead of competing, we can collaborate, like with the Adventure Park, to offer a compelling package to visit Canterbury, or for Cantabrians to enjoy their own backyard.”

Create precious memories that last a lifetime JACK ‘n JILL PORTR AIT S

We’re open! f

An excellent business or organisation fundraising inititive is $10 Family Portraits. To find out more simply like us on Facebook.

Find a park down the driveway, to the left of our store. Our lovely team can’t wait to see you!


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Office Hours: 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday

Call Gemma: 022 646 8107

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hanmer springs


JOIN US FOR AN The Wallace Peak Cottage Lodge Accommodation Weddings I Events & Conferences

ADVENTURE Experience the pure New Zealand high country on a jeep tour and witness the beautiful jaw dropping scenery right at our back door. Choose one of our packages with or without lunch or ask about our Cycleway Transport to enjoy the magical views on your cycle. Ph. 027 5544 056 I 03 3155 351


Our customers can’t stop posting compliments about our Cafe. Come and see what they are raving about.

Where scratch baking is our art

Join the legions of fans who enjoy quality home baked taste and head on down to our fabulous bakery located in the heart of Hanmer. OPEN DAILY

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Come and enjoy our


Shop 6, Village Shopping Mall Hanmer Springs 7334 Phone: 03 315 7714

and relax beside the cosy fire...

2 Highfield St, Culverden 03 315 8492

Gold Apartments Luxury 5 Star with stunning views

By Jess Murray

With everything that has unfolded these last few months, it’s time to help greater Canterbury get back on its feet. We’ve all got a part to play and supporting small local businesses is one small way we can do just that. Such businesses can be found in the tourist favourite, Hanmer Springs.

M Centrally located in the Heart of the Village - yet so quiet and relaxing. Mid-week SPECIALS now available. Check out our website or call us direct

1 Rutherford Crescent, Hanmer Springs 0800 555774 22 11 June, 2020 Metropol

etropol has long had a Hanmer section in the magazine, showcasing some of the town’s greatest places to stop off, eat or have fun at. Now is your chance to visit them. There’s a reason the little town is so popular with tourists… it’s because it has a bit of everything, for all ages. From the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa to the beautiful bars and restaurants, adults can have a romantic weekend

away, with plenty of options for adventure or relaxing. Meanwhile a family adventure might be on the cards and Hanmer Springs can cater to that too, with the minigolf course, maze, bike and walking trails, a Hanmer High Country Jeep Tour or even visit the Amuri Ski Club just 17km down the road. It’s time to show your support and utilise the amazing places we have right at our back door. After all, Hanmer is only a hop, skip and a jump over the river.

fashion, health & beauty


By Jess Murray

Bold, brave and ultra-feminine, prints are making their mark across the fashion landscape and our wardrobes are all the better for it. Whether you experiment with animal, floral or geometric prints, you won’t know what type works best until you’ve tried them all… so we’ve thrown together some of the trending ways to get a handle on the power of print. A RARE BREED: Usually when we think of animal print, our minds go straight to the classic leopard print. It’s been around since the 1950s, but back then it would be in the form of a leopard fur coat. Commonly the colour combination of black and orangey-browns is used. We’re telling you to mix it up. It comes in black and green or even black and yellow. Add a pop of colour to reinvent a classic. AN EAR FOR IT: Accessories are a nice and easy way to slowly introduce prints into your everyday wardrobes. Floral or geometric hoops are trending right now!

SUIT-ABLE ATTIRE: If you really want to make a powerful leap, why not go for a printed suit? Just ensure any footwear and accessories are simple so you don’t clash or go overboard after all, too much of a good thing does exist. THE FINISHER: Winter is here, so that means one thing, scarves! You can never go wrong with scarves… they keep you warm, tie together any outfit and not to mention, they keep your neck warm. Pick out a punching print pattern to add a bit of pizzazz to a little black number.

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Winter warmers We’re beginning to make the transition into long sleeves and cosy jackets and coats and that can only mean one thing… winter is fast approaching. Make Made in the Shade your one-stop shop to stock up on winterwear. With lots of new stock and a focus on New Zealand made items, you can look fabulous and feel fabulous for supporting local labels. Enter the store and be inspired, with brands such as Anne Mardell, Optimum and Bittermoon on offer.

Uma Culottes, Edna Tee & Cato Jacket: It was hard to single out just one item because everything in this outfit is fantastic. From office to outwear – this combination is perfect for your next occasion.

Karla Dress: This beautiful printed dress, made with fabrics from France, is exclusive to Anne Mardell. Not to mention, the extremely flattering shape that accentuates the body in all of the right places.

Grid Pattern Cardigan: This cardigan feels as soft as it looks. This light and comfortable cardigan is a must have this chilly season.

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Black to basics



Kiwis are widely renowned for how much we love draping ourselves in black; not surprising then that black is a recurrent feature on the what’s hot lists, more constant in its forceful repetitions than anything else in the style books.


ith this humble hue’s ability to make everything look that little bit chicer, it’s time to get ‘black’ to basics. Besides, if Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior extol the virtues of black, then who are we to argue? It was Lagerfeld himself that once said, “One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress”. So check out our mood board for inspiration, after all, as they say, black is the new black.




105 Wainui St, Riccarton, Christchurch p. 03 925 9929 Metropol 11 June, 2020 25


Amazing Greys By Jess Murray

Going grey? Don’t conceal it… flaunt it! It’s time to embrace the grey! We’ve pulled together some of our top tips for making a mane of grey your greatest asset.

PART WAYS: When growing out your greys, it’s recommended not to have a strong parting. As you can probably guess, having a straight even line makes the roots look more obvious. It’s best to try and allow for your hair to fall at its natural position, then style it however you wish to blend in the baby greys with your other colour.

EMBRACE IT! Going grey is all a part of the natural process! Women shouldn’t hide their signifier of a long and hopefully happy life. Everyone lets their greys grow for different reasons; maybe it’s too costly, too time-consuming or you’re just over the harsh chemicals. For whatever reason you’re jumping ship from the hair-dying days – it’s time to embrace it!

TWINNING: We realise that the hair on the top of your head isn’t the only place where the greys will start to grow. This isn’t the time to start ignoring your eyebrows either. There’s the option of having them dyed lighter or darker to match your new grey tone or fill them out yourself.

26 11 June, 2020 Metropol

GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME: If you’ve previously been dying your hair to hide the grey, then the process of going from faux-do to silver fox won’t happen overnight. If you’re ready to grow out your greys, then there will be a six to 12 month growth period of ‘awkward’ greys, as your new natural starts to grow in. Why not lob it off and rock a bob or pixie cut so that the grey blends into your dyed or natural hair colour? Better yet, why not chat to a silver grey specialist like V For Hair? DON’T FORGET TO WASH: There are shampoos on the market specifically designed for silver and grey hair. Their job is to cleanse the hair, remove any brassy tones and strengthen your luscious locks against the harsh environment. L’Oreal Professional serie expert silver clarifying shampoo is an excellent product. Of course every head of hair is different and requirements in a shampoo and conditioner are unique to each individual.

Buzzwords of Beauty By Jess Murray

Buzzwords are the latest and greatest of things to hit an industry and, when it comes to beauty, there’s no shortage of products and concepts that are set to revolutionise our skincare regimes. We’ve pulled out some of the latest lingo that’s bouncing around the beauty world.

1. Gender-fluid:

Makeup has long been seen as a feminine practice for women to flourish in. The industry targeted women to buy their products and rarely threw their bone to the other ’50 percent’. Thanks to male influencers like Jeffree Star, James Charles and Manny MUA, the world of makeup has had a shakeup. And we can’t forget the transgender queens; Nikita Dragun, Gigi Gorgeous and Nikkie de Jager, big names which are helping to blur the lines and push the boundaries.

3. Clean cosmeceuticals:

2. Multi-tasking:

Despite having 24 hours in the day, a lot of the time it feels like we have next to no time to do anything. That’s why products that can both simplify and shorten our skincare routine are worth investing in. The idea of a product that can multi-task and offer a 4-in-1 or a 3-in-1, is something worth getting behind.

4. #sponsored:

Not everyone will read the back of the label from start to finish with a list of ingredients of what’s inside. So, it’s good to buy from a company you can trust and have a reputation for creating quality products. There’s this belief that natural-based beauty is not as effective than its synthetic alternatives and that’s not the case. Naturally-derived skincare measures up to and in some instances beats out its competition.

It’s hard to be on Instagram or any social media platform and not be aware of what an influencer is… they’re everywhere. They’ll usually be busy showing us a highlight reel of their life, telling us about their new dog, boyfriend or makeup launch. But it’s the #sponsored hashtag that they have to add to their paid posts that is what makes things interesting. Obviously they can choose who they collaborate with but it can be hard deciding if they really ‘can’t live their life without a certain product’, or if that’s the dollar signs talking.


Shop online -


143 Victoria Street

03 595 0762 Metropol 11 June, 2020 27

Rinse & repeat By Jess Murray

Like anything in life, a strong wardrobe is built from good foundations; the basics of strong, affordable pieces that we wear on rotation and whose look we can adjust easily with trending accessories. We check out the mainstays of the fashion game.


White tee: This is a classic – an item that you can truly wear with almost anything. Dress it up or dress it down, whichever you choose will look great. There’s also no worry of colour clashes because it pairs with everything well!

Black jeans: A good pair of these can outlast the years. Wear them to work, brunch, clubbing or around the house – they’re perfect for any occasion. Just throw on a belt to add some serious style.

Denim jacket: Combine this with the above two suggestions and you’ve got a failsafe outfit. This type of jacket works well over a short or long sleeve shirt, a dress or even a sweater (the jacket might have to be oversized if you’re doing the latter).

Black boots: We know we go on all the time about loafers and how amazing they are. But if they’re the belle of the ball when it comes to dressy shoes, then black boots take the cake as the foundational staple of shoes.

Little black dress: If your ‘little black dress’ is referring to the one you haven’t worn since high school, it’s time to grab your purse. There should only be a few garments in your wardrobe waiting for a rainy day and this isn’t one of them. Like the denim jacket, it can be worn for any occasion, accompanied by the correct accessories of course.

The easy jeans: Jeans won’t ever go out of style, so having more than one pair will never be a bad idea, especially when they are a slouchy, high-waist, straight leg fit. Finish them off with a pair of killer heels or some dad sneakers and you’ve got two completely different looks!

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Time to relax! The universe seems intent on ensuring that we Cantabrians never have a dull moment as we hurtle towards the third decade of the 21st century. While on the plus side of the ledger we are never twiddling our thumbs, wondering what to think about, or searching problems to solve; the pace of change and the idea of a future very different to one we had planned takes a toll on our wellbeing.


tress and anxiety, or perhaps simply the mechanics of a jerry-rigged home office on the dining table is having an effect on the way we hold our neck and shoulders, setting us up for pain and stiffness. At Beauty Progress, an extensive menu of authentic Thai massage therapy is available from trained Thai masseuses Anne and Orn, to help you regain full range of movement, reduce pain and completely relax. Owner and Beauty Therapist Wendy Barker can help you choose the right massage, and if dry skin or breakouts have been your lockdown

issue, Wendy selects from the incredible range of Gernétic therapeutic products to create a facial that is tailored to your skin and its issues. Gernétic skin care products work at cellular level, stimulating the natural healing capabilities of the skin. At Beauty Progress hygiene is always a priority. “Under normal daily routines in our clinic we use absolutely the best practice cleaning and sterilising routines, however during this time we are following our beauty industry guidelines for sanitising within the clinic. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands,” Wendy says.

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Back to work looking sharp Cut loose with a new style for a new season

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Something old, something new… We have finally moved into Level 2 and we think that is something worth smiling about. Make sure that smile is your finest, by visiting the team at Merivale Denture Clinic.


he clinic offers top-of-the-line services and “Combines the best of both worlds with the latest and most advanced technology with traditional methods of artistry, to produce custom dentures unique to each individual client. These are functional yet aesthetically pleasing,” Senior Clinician, Thomas Gu says. And it always helps to have a friendly face and welcoming smile like Tom’s in the clinic, which is supported by more than 15 years of experience at the University of Otago’s Faculty of Dentistry and private practices. Merivale Denture Clinic is excited to announce they now have the latest state-of-the-art technology with an E4 digital scanner, Asiga 3D printer and world renowned 3shape computer aided design software to design intra oral prosthesis with computer aided accuracy. What a great way to ensure that every client is getting the best service and product on the market. To book a complimentary, obligation-free consultation, phone 03 355 4704.

Merivale Denture Clinic

Get ready for winter with our Boots

The Experts in Dentures Available in Taupe, Black or Tan.

With specialised expertise and leading edge technology, we handcraft the finest quality dentures with optimal fit, comfort and natural aesthetics, customised just for you.

NZ made by NZ registered and qualified dental technicians

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editor’s picks 1.

Some say there’s a set colour palette for winter. We say if it feels good and looks good, it is good. We’ve found some stylish favourites just for you.


Linen is sustainable luxury all in one. THE EVE PANT,




A teal Australian sapphire and ethically-sourced white diamonds finish off any outfit. WHITE GOLD RING,


THE FITTING ROOM Why not tuck some vibrant spring colours under your winter woollies! PANACHE ENVY, CORNFLOWER BLUE, in-store or online,

3. 4.


Step your shoe game up this winter, because keeping warm doesn’t mean not looking good! DJANGO & JULIETTE, KOPKE,


Get your fashion kicks with these street ready boots for men and women. TREDTRAY BOOTS,




It’s time for some chic winter layers, this dress is exclusive and NZ made, sizes 10-24+. TORI LAYER DRESS,



Step into the cooler months in the most sustainable of ways with these wool sneakers. URBAN WOOLER,

Metropol 11 June, 2020 31


Boost your feel-good factor By Jess Murray

Our bodies are full of numerous different hormones. These little chemical substances send messages to various parts of our body to carry out specific processes. Some hormones make us feel great, some not so much. We’ve pulled together the best of them and how we can get more of these in our lives!

Perfect Smile Perfect You!



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OPT FOR OXYTOCIN: This specific hormone is also known as the ‘love hormone’ as it’s needed to creat strong bonds in relationships, whether that’s between a parent and their child or two partners. Oxytocin levels generally increase with physical affection such as kissing and cuddling.

Incoming styles for the Spring/Summer wedding season’ You never have to worry about somebody wearing the same dress as you to a wedding with our exclusive Danish pieces available only at Kjole Style.


NOW! I Hanmer Springs I Ph. 027 591 1832

3. 4. 5.



SEEK OUT SEROTONIN: You want to have as much of the neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of wellbeing and happiness as possible; that transmitter is serotonin. It’s also known to help regulate appetite, improve sleep patterns and promote learning and memory. You can get your fix from aerobic exercise, which is essentially anything that will get your heart rate up such as; swimming, biking or running and jogging. Another way is by soaking up some sun each day (roughly 10 to 15 minutes). While the sun doesn’t come out in full force 365 days of the year, even those overcast Canterbury days can give you the hit you need.

ENTERTAIN THE ENDORPHINS: These are your body’s natural pain reliever, which is not a bad thing to have a lot of. Your body produces endorphins when it’s under a lot of stress or discomfort. Much like the other hormones listed above, there are certain things you can do to increase your level of endorphins. Such things include eating good foods, exercising or any ‘rewarding’ activities.

JUST LIVE: We’re aware that not everyone can be happy all of the time; everyone has a bad day from time to time. At the end of the day we’re all human and feeling a scale of different emotions is what we do. The best thing to do is try and focus on the ‘happy hormones’ that our body can naturally produce and find ways to increase them.

DO CHOOSE DOPAMINE: This is a chemical messenger that is great for your brain’s reward system. When large amounts of dopamine are released, it creates a sense of pleasure. This feeling will register in your brain as a reward, making you more inclined to repeat the behaviour enacted to get that feeling once more. To regulate your natural dopamine levels, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, learn to meditate or even get a massage. Another way to keep dopamine levels high is by avoiding stress, which can be rather hard to do in this day and age.

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EXPERTS AT WHAT WE DO Dr Ken Macdonald, Dermatologist & Dermatologic Surgeon All surgeries under local anaesthetic at our Day Stay Surgical Facility. Your own fat may be used to improve the appearance of your body, to the places that have lost volume. Finance options available

Specialising in fat transfer & Liposuction

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Think Pink Broadcaster and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Ambassador Stacey Morrison is encouraging Cantabrians to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast this July, to help raise urgent funds needed to support patients and save lives.

Metropol wedding 135 x 92 v1 24032020.pdf


Clinic Strowan pen! Now O

freedom health

Helping You Do What You LOVE for LIFE! 7 Winston Ave Papanui & 3A Normans Rd, Strowan I Ph. 355 6699


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9:10 AM

n the Canterbury DHB area, about 400 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Nationally, that number is 3,300 and, with more than 650 of these women still dying every year, the need for support is greater than ever. Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have exacerbated this issue even further, with around 400 women who would have received a breast cancer diagnosis missing out on getting mammograms or a referral from their GP, delaying their ability to start treatment. Proceeds from Pink Ribbon Breakfast will go towards helping these women get the support they need, help those already undergoing treatment, as well as helping to drive early detection and groundbreaking research to prevent further deaths. Stacey Morrison lost her mum to breast cancer aged just 45. “I’ve been inspired by the resilience shown by so many as Covid-19 became another issue to deal with, on top of their cancer treatment. Breast cancer touches so many Kiwi families and I feel for them, especially during this stressful time. “As we rally together as a nation, I’m also hoping we can show some love for people affected by this devastating disease. Hosting a Pink Ribbon Breakfast is a fun and easy way to let patients know they don’t have to face breast cancer alone. It’s a fantastic way to raise

awareness about breast health and honour the ones who have survived or the ones we’ve lost. All while raising much-needed funds for this important cause – which are needed now more than ever.” Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Chief Executive Evangelia Henderson says, “Breast cancer hasn’t stopped for Covid-19 but it has had a huge impact on our work”. “Although Pink Ribbon Breakfast wasn’t able to happen in May like it usually does, we’re thrilled to be bringing it back for July. If the last few months have shown us anything, it’s that there are many different ways we can still be together as a community. Pink Ribbon Breakfast is all about Kiwis coming together, in a way that works for them, for one cause: to bring us a step closer to our vision of zero deaths from breast cancer. “Through all of the upheaval, we are still making sure people get the best possible support during their treatment and recovery, spreading the word about the importance of early detection, and relentlessly pushing for scientific breakthroughs. The money raised will go towards this life-saving work. So, please get involved in whatever way you can – your support will make a real difference.” For more information and to register to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast, visit the website.









SOME TOP PLAYERS IN FASHION SAY YES TO SUSTAINABILITY! Ballantynes Department Store played host to an event worth talking about - IMPACT: Redressing Fashion and Beauty in Sustainability. The event took place in mid March and featured a panel of some of NZ’s leading designers. Maggie Marilyn, Juliette Hogan, Emma Wallace (Kowtow) and Brianne West (Ethique) shared some of their wisdom on the topic. 1. Brianne West, Maggie Marilyn, Juliette Hogan, Emma Wallace 2. Mikaela & Cheryl O’Neill 3. Emma Pickup, Sarahanne Smith, Annette Smith 4. Belinda Barrett-Walker, Birgit Maier, Tammi Maier-Gant, Tessa Barrett-Walker 5. Maria O’Halloran (CEO, Ballantynes), Elise Wilson 6. Jean Sutton-Pratt, Ruth Robertson, Louise Neville Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Metropol’s Facebook for more from this event. Metropol 11 June, 2020 35



We are so excited to welcome our clients back into our clinics! At level 2 we offer hands-on therapy in our clinics as well as remote telehealth sessions. As always, safety is our first priority, so we are modifying the way we operate to ensure that we are keeping both our patients and team safe and healthy.

and reach potential new customers

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SMART HEALTH SCREENING Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

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Call to book: +64 3 6695410 • Pre-disease Indicators • Microbiology • Toxicology • Allergy Tests • Check the state of your organs • Genetic Predispositions


Level 1, Regus, Awly Building, 287-293 Durham St, Christchurch Unit 13/ 6 Cone Street, Rangiora FDA & CE approved technology

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Invest in life


Medical research’s growing importance Metropol catches up with Canterbury Medical Research Foundation General Manager Colin McDougall, who fills us in on the unprecedented challenges the medical research sector faces post COVID-19.


ince the first case of a new coronavirus in late 2019, researchers around the globe have been working hard to understand the globally ravaging virus and identify its potential weaknesses in order to develop a vaccine or treatment. Here in New Zealand, medical researchers are providing the evidence and advice the Government uses to decide alert levels and accompanying public health measures and messages, developing models to predict the course of the pandemic and explaining the ever-changing science to the public. Now they are joining the race to develop vaccines or treatments, better tests and better ways of tracking spread in the community. “Never before has the importance of health research been more obvious,” Colin says. “But in a sad irony, because of COVID-19, the sector faces unprecedented challenges.” In Australia, a group of researchers led by the country’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel produced a report estimating

more than 10,000 research jobs could be lost from universities and medical institutes as a result of COVID-19. They also predicted a significant imminent drop in Government and private funding. The authors said the bad news was set against declining Government investment in health research over recent years. Colin expects the situation in New Zealand could meet a similar fate. “Our state investment in research is already low compared with comparable OECD nations. On average only about one in five health researchers who apply for funding from the country’s major Government funding bodies are successful. This demonstrates the large group of researchers already applying for a limited pool of money.” The negative financial impact of COVID-19 will also mean charities and private donors who fund research could have less to give in coming years, he says. “A focus on finding a vaccine or better treatments for COVID-19 could see money syphoned off funds previously allocated to studying

conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health conditions, to name a few. “This ever-necessary research is what results in improvements in treatments or inching closer to cures for common conditions that impact our communities.” With the majority of New Zealand health researchers only able to work as long as they win grant funding and for the term of the grant, they are all vulnerable to funding changes, but none more so than our early-career scientists, Colin explains. “A recent study by the University of Otago, Christchurch, found more than 85 percent of its researchers in the first decade of their careers were on fixed-term contracts or in ‘permanent’ positions only guaranteed for the duration of a grant. “It will also now be more difficult for this group to seek work outside of New Zealand, as they have previously done, because of international travel and work restrictions.” For 60 years the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has supported local health researchers, especially those in the first decade of their career. “We will continue to support our local health researchers and find ways to innovate or economise to stretch our resources. “We will also continue to be cheerleaders for this sector which will be central to us winning the fight against COVID-19.” Metropol 11 June, 2020 37

canterbury bride

Wedding registries By Tracey Edwardes

Giving gifts will never go out of vogue and wedding presents even more so. Traditionally, this came with horror clichés such as three-toomany toasters or a dubious art piece to look at every day until it “broke”! A bridal or wedding registry is an easy-peasy, fabulously fun, win-win for everyone. It is still in line with excitement and sentiment, compared to asking for cash – which doesn’t vibe with many. This also helps out our local companies – by sending a little love their way.

TRAVEL This is the opportune time for lovebirds to explore dreamy Aotearoa while we momentarily have it to ourselves. And setting up a wedding registry with the couple’s favourite local travel agent makes for domestic-travel bliss. If hearts are however set upon faraway sandy shores, overseas travel can be booked for well after the wedding and there is no time limit to use the funds. Honeymoons can often sit on the back burner after the expenses of a wedding. So giving the gift of travel is a marriage made in heaven and one that everyone can pitch in for, no matter their budget. Couples can opt to pre-book the honeymoon, or decide after the wedding once they have a budget to play with. Their guests can opt for their token to be anonymous or not. The travel fund doesn’t have to be just for travelling either. The travel agent can organise the perfect inclusive romantic hotel wedding night, or two, without having to leave town.

38 11 June, 2020 Metropol

GIFT STORES Many a favourite local little suburban gift shop or larger department store will be happy to do up a wedding register, and they often have a convenient online system in place. The couple can select any number of items they love, to suit all budgets for their guests and loved ones who are unable to be there. Some independent and specialised on-line registries have also popped up too.

LOTS OF CHOICE Offer guests a range of registry variety. Perhaps select a large online store and a smaller local giftshop, for example and ensure there is plenty of choice for not-too-pricy items. It is nice too for the gift giver to buy a present they could easily have chosen anyway.

DIFFERENT LIKES Any gift relating to coupledom can be set up as a registry, such as a cosy new log or gas fire for home renovators. A sporty couple, for example, would treasure a gift for their common love of the outdoors, like a romantic luxury tent. ETIQUETTE Just as it’s impolite to ask for birthday present, most choose not to include the registry on the wedding invitation, instead including a separate note, or mentioning it personally. This makes it less mandatory and more of a suggestion. And there will be guests that prefer tradition, want to give money, or a special surprise.

You’ve just come out of several weeks of isolation; you’re feeling recharged and relaxed, but let’s face it, your hair needs some love! You’ve got two inches of regrowth and the greys are showing through! But why not use it to your advantage? Now’s the time to embrace the grey and banish the harsh regrowth line for good!


The ‘I’ dos & don’ts

t Merivale’s V For Hair and Beauty, you’ll find a team of hair care professionals who have mastered the art of growing grey gracefully. Better yet, their techniques will disguise new growth with a soft, flattering look, so you can replace harsh regrowth lines with beautiful, low maintenance silver grey locks that look amazing. At V For Hair and Beauty, grey isn’t drab! “We can give you a shimmering sexy blonde or cool iris sparkle, or many more,” Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee says.

Head in for a complimentary consultation with a team of experts in going grey gracefully. It’s time to slay the grey!

If you’re thinking about popping, or hinting at, the big question, the first step is the engagement ring. Via Sollertia’s Phil Vicray talks to us about the dos and don’ts of engagement ring shopping.

Don’t: Do: Don’t: Do: Don’t:


Order online from untrustworthy websites. Visit stores, like Via Sollertia, where you can physically see and try on the rings.

Bring a big group of friends when making the final decisions around the style and shape. Too many opinions can sometimes do more harm than good. Come with your partner or a loved one who knows you well. A sense of support is always nice.

Assume that the shop is okay with you taking photos of the rings. Like wedding dress salons, the designers often put a lot of time and effort into them; the last thing they’ll want is potentially having their design copied. Show off your ring, once given permission; it’s certainly something worth showcasing to the world.


Christchurch’s “Silver/Grey Specialists” Book your hair appointment or complimentary consultation at now! Level One, Merivale Mall | 355 6584 Metropol 11 June, 2020 39


Silver Linings


Beauty Report



Perfect for improving overall hair health, building stronger hair from the inside out and aiding in hair growth. Hair Art & Beauty 96 Cranford Street, St Albans Ph. 03 381 8939



Dentures, patrials, crowns bridges and implants. Using world leading techniques, working along side like minded dental surgeons Contact Richard Greenlees at LOVEBITE for your appointment Ph. 03 379 1222



Specialist beauty therapist (28 years’ experience)



Angela Millar KM Surgical - Avenue Health 202 Bealey Ave Ph. 379 9467

How do I keep my hair blonde? There’s a NAK to it. Mondo Black the blonde specialists Mondo Black 680 Barbadoes St, Edgeware Ph. 03 385 9903



Glow from within with our range of natural beauty boosters, designed to nourish your body from the inside out. Explore health, wellness and beauty solutions that support your lifestyle.

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40 11 June, 2020 Metropol


A hop, skip and jump away Less than half an hour drive away from Christchurch is the lovely river town of Kaiapoi. The location has a real water theme around its most popular activities. We look at all of the reasons you should check out this little town that’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

178 Williams St, Kaiapoi. P. 03 327 2157 crazekaiapoi

Port & Eagle Brewpub is the new home of Eagle Brewing NZ and all things beer. 184 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 03 926 2941 Thurs-Fri: 12pm till late Sat: 11am till late Sun: 10am till late



Open 7 Days 178a Williams St, Kaiapoi

For the best premium selection of sushi. All ingredients are high quality & fresh daily 178 Williams St, Kaiapoi

I’M LIKE A BIRD: If you’re a thrill seeker that prefers to be strapped into a seat instead of by your feet; Alpine Jet Thrills is the perfect activity for you. Soar down the Waimakariri River with a smile and the wind on your face.

DIVE ON IN: The Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is open yearround, making it a great family friendly activity. The learners’ pool even features a waterfall into the toddlers’ pool.

PERCH UP: At Port & Eagle Brewpub you can enjoy great food, brews and company on the banks of the Kaiapoi River. The variety in the drinks list, not to mention their own Eagle Brewery tap beers, are reason enough to check this place out.

Cut & Colour Specialists

Say it with flowers

Kaiapoi F lorist & Gifts Phone & Online Orders

ART ON THE QUAY: Kaiapoi’s premium artspace showcases a new exhibition every six weeks from mostly local Waimakariri artists. So, if you’re into art, photography, ceramics, photography or anything in between; then this ever changing art space is for you.


Corner of Williams & Charles Street, Kaiapoi 03 327 6535 Metropol 11 June, 2020 41

north canterbury

En Route

Craving a bit of socialising after being confined to your homes? Make Route 72 a must-see on your support local bucket lists. You will not regret it.


ound in the heart of Cust – just 40 minutes from Christchurch and 10 minutes from Rangiora – you will find the perfect place for your next dining and shopping escapade at the Route 72 Café Bar Emporium. An irresistible breakfast menu is available from 9am to 11:30 and an extensive lunch menu

from 11:30am to 3pm. Desserts and home baking, an array of wines and beverages are available, as well as a takeaway menu. Friday nights offer a casual dining menu in summer. Due to temporary restricted seating we recommend bookings and get togethers during the week if possible as weekends are very busy.

The Emporium is well stocked with your winter needs of possum and merino garments made in New Zealand, as well as household goodies and gifts. Route 72 is located at 1697 Cust Road, in the heart of the village, phone 03 312 5595, or visit their website. Open Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 4pm.


Giving your next chapter its best start.

Get ready for Winter

• Considerate service • Exceptional marketing • Outstanding sales results

A selection of stylish Ponchos instore now



Annette Pendergast Licensed Salesperson (REAA 2008)

022 090 2627 42 11 June, 2020 Metropol

Inika Organic Makeup Gift with Purchase. Purchase any two products from the Inika Organic Range & Limited number receive a available, while stocks last

ROUTE 72 CAFE BAR + EMPORIUM 1697 Cust Road, Cust Open Tuesday to Sunday Phone (03) 312 5595

I’Adore Natural

Gift with Purchase 2 Durham Street Rangiora. Ph. 03 310 6062

A tucked away treasure is the only way to describe the newly formed boutique and it’s lovely owner only a short drive away from Christchurch. Robyn created Thea’s ‘New & Pre Loved’ Boutique, to pay tribute to her late mother Dorothea, in September last year.

t is clear to see that Robyn loves what she is doing and is proud to say, she’s “always been fashion minded; it’s always been a passion that I needed to start again”. And that passion is reflected in the bespoke boutique for likewise fashion lovers. The shop offers amazing ranges such as Italian Range, Foxwood, Siren, Hinako footwear, Seeking Lola, and other similar brands all in an affordable price range. Not to mention, it also has some lovely home wear items on display, making it a one stop shop for all of your clothing, accessory, shoe and homeware to change your home décor. She really “likes people to walk in and it feels homely”. This go-getter isn’t showing any sign of slowing down, proudly saying that, “Even though I am 71, I wasn’t ready to just sit at home”. So, what’s the next step for Thea’s? Robyn explains that “they say with fashion it takes one to two years to establish. I want to expand the business further, but I want to take my time”. You can find this hidden gem at 102 Main Street, Oxford. Give them a call on 03 312 4509 or check out their Facebook page for all of the latest updates.

Stylish Collection of New & Preloved Clothing

Here to help you every step of the way! Marijke (Ma-rye-ka) & Amy Sheppard Licensee Salespeople 027 461 6127 Morris and Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)

102 Main St, Oxford P. 03 3124509 Wed–Sat 10am–4pm Metropol 11 June, 2020 43

north canterbury

Not slowing down



One of life’s pleasures If eating is one of life’s pleasures then dining out is a delight and where better to reward yourself for good lockdown behaviour than inviting and stylish Fiddlesticks in the heart of the Arts Precinct? The cosy intimate dining spaces are complemented by the roaring fire in the courtyard outside.


pen from 9am until midnight seven days, breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, gluten free and grazing are deliciously taken care of. The choices on the breakfast and brunch menu are nothing short of an adventure through the cuisines of the world. Lunches are light or larger to linger over, while dinner features the best of local produce and the fab Fiddlesticks Feature Feast For Two: a bespoke shared feast for two with any two sides that is ever-changing, constantly evolving to tempt and surprise. The grazing menu offers

snacks and full meals to accompany the range of beers, bottled and on tap ciders and light brews, signature cocktails and, of course, the incredible wine library that will see you hesitating over varieties of the fermented grape from regions near and far. There’s also the ‘Wines of intrigue’ section with both red and white, or maybe a toss of the coin will help you choose between a little something from ‘Bordeax – left bank’, and ‘Bordeaux – right bank’. Fiddlesticks is the ultimate lockdown breaker – lock it in!


42 ROTHERHAM ST / RICCARTON PHONE 03 341 5142 ROGUESBAR.CO.NZ 44 11 June, 2020 Metropol




Roast Carrots With Natural Kefir Yoghurt Peanut Miso Dressing Sometimes you want to get a little creative in the kitchen, so why not take the opportunity to reinvent a classic like roast carrots, in a clever culinary way, using The Collective’s Natural Kefir Yoghurt as the hero. INGREDIENTS 1 large bunch of heirloom carrots 1 tbsp Olive oil 1 tbsp dried tarragon 3 tbsp The Collective Natural Kefir Yoghurt 2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp miso paste 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp pistachios, roughly chopped 2 tbsp parsley, roughly chopped Salt and pepper

1. 2.



PREPARATION Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Trim and wash a bunch of heirloom carrots and pop on a roasting tray. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle over with tarragon. Give the tray few shakes and roast in a 180°C oven for 20 minutes. To make the dressing, in a bowl, whisk together The Collective Natural Kefir Yoghurt, peanut butter, miso paste, honey and apple cider vinegar until smooth. Serve carrots on a platter, season with salt and pepper. Drizzle dressing over the roasted carrots and scatter with chopped pistachios and chopped parsley.

Recognised national leader in the verification of food control plans and national programmes across the wider food industry sectors in New Zealand. Our personable team are immersed in this process everyday & are here to assist you.



0800 43 82 83

Metropol 11 June, 2020 45


46 11 June, 2020 Metropol

Best local food delivery service Over the last month or so, takeaways and food delivery services have been working hard to try and safely feed the hungry mouths of the locals. Make your next purchased meal a breeze by ordering from Christchurch’s very own Delivery Express and in the process support local. We caught up with founder of the company Himanshu Sharma to discuss the latest in the food delivery service.

Has Delivery Express seen an increase in local restaurants signing up since the virus? Yes, we have doubled the number of restaurants compared to pre-Covid days and above all restaurants are satisfied with services. What type of food can customers order from you? Customers can order a variety of cuisines ranging from Thai, Indian, Mexican, fast food, burgers, street food, Chinese, Afghani, vegan, healthy, French crepes etc. How are you getting the meals to the customers? Delivery Express has created a one of a kind local ecosystem with #supportlocal as its core value, we feel proud about the fact that an iconic local company like Gold Band Taxis is among our delivery partners, getting hot food delivered to hungry locals quickly. We’re encouraging everyone to #supportlocal. How is Delivery Express supporting local? In various ways – No setup charges for restaurants, restaurants keep more money with them compared to any other service. And we do not mark up the food prices of restaurants. Is there anything exciting coming up for the company? Same day liquor delivery is in pipeline and would be available soon for our customers!

Up to 20% OFeFr on every ord

Variety of 100+ restaurants to choose from

Enhance your wellbeing with Tempeh. Vegan superfood available in Christchurch now!

We are the ONLY Food Delivery service offering you the complete PACKAGE DEAL! Takeaways, Food/ Groceries delivery.

Yummy, Protein Rich & delicious superfood Made in New Zealand LOCAL CHRISTCHURCH COMPANY

Book a table at a Restaurant through our App or Website. No markup of restaurant/grocery menu for our customers. No hidden delivery fee.

Ph. 0204 1041 988

IndulgeFood Yourself With Gorgeous Gorgeous Food… Freshly baked, healthy, handmade on the premises, gorgeous takeaway food.

Gorgeous Food Open 6 days | 66/68 Springs Road, Wigram Retail Shop 03 344 6043 Kitchen 03 344 6044

Available at:

Indo Tempeh House Stall Riverside Market


Celebrate life’s milestones with those close to you at Universo Private Events or Corporate Functions

Open 7 days HIGHEST DINING 49THE Worcester Boulevard STANDARDS IN Ph. 03 379 5214 THE UNIVERSE Our new owners extend a warm welcome to their galaxy Metropol 11 June, 2020 47


Smoothie Moves By Clementine Page

Smoothies – a breakfast lifesaver that packs a nutritional punch like no other. When made with the right ingredients, they can offer almost all of your required daily vitamins and minerals. What better way to start your day? Here are some of our favourite things to add to smoothies.

FLAXSEEDS & CHIA SEEDS These super seeds may be just what your diet needs! Brimming with fibre and protein, they also offer good sources of omega 3 and 6. It’s recommended you soak your seeds in milk or water overnight – soaked chia/ flaxseeds are easier to digest, and the nutrients are much better assimilated by the body.

48 11 June, 2020 Metropol

SPIRULINA POWDER This mysterious green sea vegetable deserves a lot more recognition! Dried spirulina is considered one of the plantbased sources of ‘complete protein’, making it an excellent dietary supplement for vegans and vegetarians. Not only does this superfood also contain calcium, niacin, magnesium and B vitamins, it’s also one of the most alkaline foods on earth!

DARK, LEAFY GREENS Spinach and kale are great staples for a supercharged smoothie. Greens are typically low in sugar and calories and provide more iron and protein than fruit. They’re also bursting with fibre, folate, and phytonutrients like carotenoids, saponins and flavonoids.

NUTS AND NUT BUTTERS If you want to improve the nutrition of your smoothies without adding protein powders, consider using nuts. Nuts, nut butters and nut powders are excellent smoothie additions that will provide your body with satiating protein and heart-healthy fats, helping you go the distance.

In your kitchen

GRAZING PLATTERS IN HANMER. Individually tailored to each customer’s taste, budget and occasion. Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Platters available. Wine Barrel Platters start from $120.00. Smaller platters also available. Ph. 03 315 7190 foursquarehanmersprings

BREADS OF EUROPE ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE! Contactless delivery and pick up available! Order direct online and get it delivered straight to your door! Order now

BILLIE JACK’S Keto friendly foodtruck offering burgers, meals, lunches & sweet treats from our various locations in Canterbury. Wednesdays - KAIAPOI Thursdays - ROLLESTON Fridays - MANCHESTER ST Saturdays - WOODEND Times and venues available on our Facebook page See you soon for a healthy takeaway ! E: Ph. 027 664 2870

JERRY & GEORGE ARTISAN BAKERS Our authentic sourdough breads and pastries can be found at: Friday: Ohoka Farmers’ Market and The Colombo Mall Saturday: Mt Pleasant Farmers’ Market and The New Brighton Seaside Market. Ph. 0226 350 332 sourdough@jerryand


Fresh Traditional Distinctive Ali’s Limoncello Riserva: Italian-approved, sophisticated liqueur. Or try Limoncello White Label with bubbles, or poured over ice cream. Available at Christchurch Farmers’ Market. Contact Ali:



Life is good Cheese makes it better!

Crazy Daves have a great selection of Autumn produce. Cauliflower, broccoli, yams, leeks, cabbage, satsuma mandarins, persimmons, pears and tamarillos all in store now. Keep healthy with fresh seasonal produce. 227 Blenheim Road, Riccarton Ph.03 343 6234

Like us on Facebook & find us on Instagram. Open Tuesday to Saturday Ph. 03 355 0932 9c Normans Road, Strowan.

CLARK ESTATE An authentic, boutique family winery producing powerful, vibrant, single-vineyard wines including the wild-fermented, barrel-aged Clericus range. Order direct from the vineyard. Ph. 03 579 4752 / 021 386 831 Metropol 11 June, 2020 49


The sweet taste of lemon success Ali’s Lemons’ reputation for fresh, traditional and distinctive lemon products continues to grow.


ast year her Saffron Lemon Curd was a finalist in the Artisan Awards and her Limoncello Riserva – a firm favourite – has won acclaim in Italy, which is testament to the premium ingredients, care and love which go into each jar and bottle. Ali’s small batches imbue the range with homestyle quality. She sources spray-free Yen Ben lemons from the Hawkes Bay, farm-fresh free-range eggs and Green Bee honey from Christchurch, and the highest

quality, premium Grade 1 saffron from Wynyard Estate, Roxburgh. Two new products were introduced last year. Ali’s Lemon Fresh concentrate is joined by Lemon Reviver, also made with fresh organic lemons but sweetened with local Green Bee honey. It’s all-natural and, like all Ali’s products, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. In a world with a heightened awareness of the importance of building immunity, this drink has become a popular choice in Christchurch and beyond.

The new Lemon Rosemary Marmalade is, like the Lemon Ginger Marmalade, delicious on toast, and a tangy glaze on roast lamb, chicken, pork and baked ham. Loyal customers at Christchurch Farmers’ Market stocking up on the “best lemon curd in the world”, GF Shortbread and Melting

Moments, Preserved Lemons and Lemon Caramelised Onion, are fulsome in their praise: “delicious”, “amazing”, “good for you”. During lockdown Ali launched a new website featuring product photos and proven recipes, enabling food lovers from further afield to shop online.


The new ‘abnormal’ COVID-19 has been a massive hit to the café industry. We caught up with owner of Belle Café, Bink Bowler, on his thoughts around this new (not so) normal.


ink has owned cafés for 10 years, founding Black & White Coffee Cartel before selling last year and starting his first solo project – Belle. He preaches that, “Being social is in our DNA, cafés have been around for over 350 years, we won’t change our human instinct over this”. He expresses frustration that, “There’s been ignorant talk in the media about the ‘new normal’ in hospitality of ‘click and collect’ when in fact, that is abnormal. Takeaway delivery has been around for decades; it serves a different purpose to what we do, that being hosting people. Click and collect has basically phased out at the start of level 2, as expected! “It’s devastating for business,” he continues. “But we look at the pre-COVID economy with rose-tinted glasses. We need to remember it was hard before all of this happened.” While Bink has strong thoughts on the general response to the virus, he is optimistic for the future. “What COVID-19 has done is collapse

our broken economy – we have a really unique opportunity to rebuild this differently. “This will pass and sooner than we think. I’ll be here alongside many when it does; we just need to manage this short-term shock – it is what it is,” he concludes.

50 11 June, 2020 Metropol


High Tea at Seven Café Served Daily 2pm-4pm Minimum of two people Advanced booking essential

Please email to make a reservation

Cnr Riccarton Road & Hansons Lane Christchurch P.(03) 348 1886

Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.00pm Sat & Sun 8.30am-4.00pm

Ben and Hayley at Purple Weka Café

A café collaboration

Friends helping out friends, and businesses building each other up, is what Cantabrians do best.


afé and bar owner Stu McDougall was eternally grateful to have his entrepreneurial buddy, Ben Hogg, weave some infamous Purple Weka magic online during lockdown. He kept loyal customers entertained, as nothing was coming out of the kitchen for four long weeks. With a communications degree from Massey and a ten year stint as a marketing executive in Christchurch, the 31-year-old launched his own enterprise in January – www. – helping the “small guys” engage closely with customers. Ben has always enjoyed helping others to harness creative ways to grow their business. “It’s something I’ve been doing for years anyway, helping out friends like Stu. We met when I moved down from

Palmy. I stayed with him and he showed me the ropes of local life. Helping with Stu’s social media, I wanted to capture the thing that makes his café such a special place for customers, so I spent a whole day at the café to get a feel for the banter I’d come to associate with knowing Stu.” When reading Stu’s hilarious 10 commandments for level 2 on Facebook, no one would suspect that Ben was the social media guru behind the scenes. “We also felt it was important to support Stu’s team by sharing their side-hustles too, such as Cassidy’s photography, Hayley’s nail business and Jacinta’s keto-friendly cooking. “Businesses succeed when they collaborate and we all need to look at ways to complement, rather than compete, with each other.”

Winery & Café

Gold Award Winner

EXPERIENCE WAIPARA SPRINGS Delectable food & wine, combined with friendly professional service for all dining occasions.

409 Omihi Road, Waipara P. 03 314 6777



376 Riccarton Rd Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton P. 341 7421

Metropol 11 June, 2020 51


On a roll By Jess Murray

Wallpaper has made a welcome return to the home and our humble abodes are all the better for it. If you’ve been staring at that blank wall throughout isolation and have been wondering what you can do to it to make it better, we’ve checked out some of the latest season styles that will up your wall game. GO WITH THE GRADIENT: This ‘dip-dye’ or ombre effect has been a hit in the beauty and fashion world, so it’s no surprise that it’s beginning to make its way into the home. While this wallpaper makes for really interesting effects, it requires a lot of thought when it comes to furnishings, to ensure they match the aesthetic.

ONE WITH NATURE: ‘Go green’ is everywhere, whether it’s to be more sustainable, add a splash of it in your outfits or even investing in some greenery for the home. Now, the trend has made its way onto our walls. Tropical and botanical themed wallpaper are a great way to feel more of a connection to our mutual friend, Mother Nature.

6 Main North Road Christchurch

Your Total Picture and Framing Service


NOW YOU SEE ME: Sometimes the best thing for your house is a wall that jumps out at you. With three dimensional wallpaper, it can look as if it actually is! These work best in contemporary spaces, as they offer a punchy look that draws every eye in the room. Another added bonus is that it adds texture to an interior space. Popular patterns in 3D format include realistic ‘wood’ and ‘brick’ or geometric designs that will have your eyes questioning what they’re looking at.

A CLEAR WINNER: Despite only being a few months into a new decade, the crowning roll of Bloomsbury Neo Mint has been named wallpaper of the year 2020 by Graham & Brown. The beautiful design showcases floral print in the best kind of way – with a soft yet powerful print. This is a wallpaper that would make a striking feature rather than plastered on every wall.

RUN INTO RESENE: The next step is to select your wallpaper of choice. It’s a big decision and you don’t want to apply something to your wall only to hate it a few months later. Luckily for you, there’s a team of experts that can help you and you can order samples to try before you buy!

Truly hand made

All of our bespoke products are crafted by hand using time tested techniques and robust materials. We build by hand to ensure you get exactly what you need and to allow flexibility in our products that create unique designs.


We have the perfect frame for your project Phone 03 3527 594 CALL FOR A FREE FRAMING ESTIMATE 52 11 June, 2020 Metropol

Phone 0508 426 225


Uncertain World in an

It’s June and our company is back and busy, equally challenged and excited despite the unpredictable post-lockdown world. I can share that there’s a strong rhythm to our office routines, which includes the ongoing requirements for sanitization, contact tracing and social distancing, and a sense of optimism, a must-have in all business environments, is palpable. Where it gets interesting is that there’s also endless market rhetoric, swirling around everything, some of it valuable, some of it barely relevant, but the overwhelming narrative is based around ‘certainty’ and ‘uncertainty’. What’s going to happen this month or the next? What about spring or even the rest of the year? Who will enter or exit the market and what can people expect, be they buyers, owners, investors or agents, and I won’t forget the opportunists who are also gathering?

certain are more likely to express their opinions and beliefs – and this can be regardless of accuracy! A certain international figure comes to mind here, but I won’t take that any further. Although certainty is subjective, it can be measured empirically, and factors affecting its acceptance should include accuracy and relevance. Some of the strongest themes currently being promoted with certainty in real estate include: the potential for a mixed winter (traditionally a slower time anyway); a five- to ten-percent reduction in property values (likely); and a strong re-emergence of activity from first-home buyers and expats (a ‘yes’ from me to both of these).

Certainty, beloved and sought-after, is the confidence we have in our beliefs.

The other indication that certainty provides comfort can be seen in owners preferring unconditional cash offers over conditional offers, even if they’re for a larger dollar amount. This trend is always noticeable in times of change, with one owner recently telling me about the value of knowing he could move on versus the prospect of an unknown period of waiting.

It can profoundly shape behaviour and will often provide the catalyst for converting thoughts into action. Studies indicate that people who are

Uncertainty, on the other hand, involves unpredictability. It’s often heard that markets – for both

Before I attempt to answer these questions, I’d like to look at the power of both elements: certainty and uncertainty.

property and shares – fall in the face of uncertainty and, from experience, they do. But that very unpredictability can open-up new opportunities and I’m sure we will see that as the year progresses. Personally, I’m in the camp that acknowledges there is no 100% right or wrong. Instead, there are numerous choices and from this a variety of possible results. I’m choosing hard work in the right places as a measurement of activity, good people as a framework for what can be achieved, and the absolute rock-solid belief that the one and only thing I can be truly certain about is change! Good luck finding certainty in uncertain times. Both certainty and uncertainty have their merits, and if credible expert advice based on 26 years of extraordinary real estate would help you navigate the two, contact me.

Lynette McFadden

Business Owner Harcourts gold

Congratulations to our Top Performers


yf yu

a fh



Cameron Bailey Mary Turnbull No. The No.1 Harcourts

Harcourts Consultant Internationally.

Consultant in the world, out of over 6,700. Harcourts Consultant Cameron Bailey Internationally, out of over 6,700.



Mark O’Loughlin

Harcourts Consultant Internationally.




Here to stay After recent events, everyone is looking to push the refresh and reset button. You might not be able to control everything in the world, but you can certainly control the look of your beloved furniture pieces thanks to McDonald & Hartshorne.

he quality furniture specialists offer a professional restoration, repair and reupholstery service to your worn-down favourites. They carry the latest fabrics, vinyl, and leather from leading New Zealand tanneries. They can even arrange to get your woodwork restored through their recommended furniture polisher. Mike has been in the furniture polishing business for more than 30 years and works in with the company. The team wanted to give a “timely reminder that we are here, we have been going for 16 years and aren’t planning on stopping any time soon”. As a company they offer free quotes; Keith Hartshorne can go to any home or business and clients can make an appointment and come the showroom. Free quotes are also welcome via email, sales@ The team at McDonald and Hartshorne are excited to announced that they have moved into their new store at 424 Asaph Street. While it was only a small move, it means big things for the beloved locals.

We have moved next door 424 ST ASAPH STREET! 100s of fabrics to choose from

Still able to offer you the finest top quality new furniture

We are still here! 16 years strong!

P. 371 7500 Hours: 7am-4.30pm Mon-Thurs, Fridays 8am to Midday or by appointment with Keith 0275 663 909





54 11 June, 2020 Metropol


Customised Louvre Roofs for all year round. Over 15 years manufacturing and installing louvres. Louvre Roofs I Gates I Fences I Chimney Cowls Horizontal & Vertical Sun Louvres Cedar Louvres I Commercial & Residential I 10 Year Warranty phone 0275 356 286



he deck is finished in Resene Woodsman Mid Greywash as a tonal complement to the trellis. The Resene Woodsman finishes on both the deck and trellis, add an on-trend look to any timber product while allowing the beauty of the timber grain to show through. They are also available in interior formulations under the Resene Colorwood stains range. Against the neutral

appearance of the black and grey, add pops of colour in any shade you like. This chair and tall pot are painted in Resene She’ll Be Right (turquoise) with other pots in Resene Away We Go (green) and Resene Cleopatra (mustard). Pour yourself a refreshing drink, grab a book or magazine to read and settle in for some relaxing outdoors time.

Paint colours: Wall: Resene Porter Trellis: Resene Woodsman Light Greywash Deck: Resene Woodsman Mid Greywash Chair: Resene She’ll Be Right Plant pots: Resene She’ll Be Right, Resene Away We Go and Resene Cleopatra

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop, Metropol 11 June, 2020 55


Styling by Megan Harrison-Turner, Images by Bryce Carleton

Velvet dark

Create a sophisticated look for an outdoor living space, using the velvety depths of Resene Porter on the wall and Resene Woodsman Light Greywash Light on the framed trellis to break up the dark wall. The trellis even has the potential to act as a growing frame for a flowering climber.

Winter Sale

It is time to look after yourself by investing in a great sleep.

T&Cs apply to the Winter Sale.


30% OFF


Off every bed base when you buy a Dreamwool Mattress & Off selected Headboards

Off ecoLinen premium Organic Cotton sheet sets & Bella Donna sheets, Summer blanket and Mattress protectors


96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, Christchurch Freephone: 0800 753 754



Unique & stunning

features to add to any

Home & Garden

Landscape & Lifestyle

69 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch Ph. 03 365 9945 OPEN > Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Public Holidays 10am-4pm Closed Sundays 56 11 June, 2020 Metropol

NZ Business - Supporting Local

374 Ferry Rd, Woolston, Christchurch Ph: 03 389 2986 Fax: 03 3892017

Creating zen working from home spaces By Jess Murray

You might have missed the boat on creating a zen working from home space ahead of lockdown, but we think this time will just be the starting point for more flexible workplaces. So now’s your opportunity to make a space that is both calm and productive.

SMART STORAGE: Organisation is key with at home workspaces! There’s nothing worse than a cluttered desk – if it has nothing to do with work (eg. baby toys, gaming consoles or even dirty dishes) then remove it from your area. Incorporate vertical or horizontal shelves for smart storage and make access easy with it being just a chair roll away from your desk. If you’re having clients that are coming into your home office, rolling shelves are a great option. They can be moved to be less visible in a matter of seconds.

LEARN TO LABEL: Invest in a label maker because you will learn to love it. Labelling drawers allows you to know what’s inside each one and means that everything will be put back in the correct spot.

COMFORT IS KEY: The most important piece of furniture in an at home workplace is the deckchair. You’re most likely going to be spending a lot of time sitting down in it, so it makes sense for it to be comfortable. But it doesn’t have to be the only crucial chair in your life… adding a beanbag or lounge to an office can give you a place to unwind for 15 minutes. This prevents you from wandering off into the loungeroom and procrastinating.

SELECT A SCENT: Smell, being one of the five senses, can control your moods and emotions. They also add a personal touch to any space. Create a calming environment by selecting a signature scent for your office.

IT TAKES TWO: As handy and portable laptops are, having a second screen makes working at home that little bit easier. There’s no need to be flicking through tabs, you can write notes down while watching a video or even look over data while talking to your colleague on the other screen. This is especially handy if you’re used to using two screens at your usual work office.

GREEN THUMB: Going green is a movement that is trending for a reason. Adding a low maintenance plant will not only add a pop of colour, some plants even help to improve air quality. Besides, having a living thing in your workspace that requires you to go in and water it gives you good reason to always be in there. Metropol 11 June, 2020 57

Making every dream home a reality.

0508 DHOMES / 0508 346637 58 11 June, 2020 Metropol

Creating the perfect home just for you

COVID-19’s impact on residential housing The world is going through a period of radical change with the arrival of COVID-19 and the economic impacts will be far-reaching. We caught up with Designer Homes Executive Director of Marketing Ajit Kumar about the effect of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s residential housing market.

Ajit, how does the situation look for purchasing property at the moment? From data published by QV, we know that residential house values are increasing in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, and property investments are still more popular than bank investments. Current interest rates offer little reward for retaining cash investments and property is still considered a safe bet that doesn’t experience large down-swings, even during a recession or a pandemic. What would your advice be to first-time home buyers? The same advantages still apply – you avoid paying rent and capital gains secure your future. Plus, you can’t beat the autonomy of owning your own home, avoiding the interference of a landlord. As per a recent report released by Trade Me Property, first home buyers are flooding the property market to take advantage of low interest rates and the Reserve Bank scrapping LVR restrictions. What is your take on getting into property as a new investor? Examine your investment time-frame. Property looks to be a solid investment

option if you are looking at an 8-10 year horizon. Even taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Zealand property market seems to be comparatively better compared to other sectors: home loan rates are low and expected to reduce, while the current global uncertainly means Kiwis abroad might return to their roots, and either buy or rent, so there is an opportunity for investors to benefit. How is Designer Homes placed to help with decisions about property investment? We’ve been established since 2016 with our head office in Christchurch and our branch office in Auckland. Since our inception we’ve had just one goal: to create affordable, innovative homes that reflect customers tastes and the way they live their lives. What advantages can Designer Homes offer a first or second home buyer or investors? You choose from a range of very affordable packages – house and land, or house only. With Designer Homes as the central stakeholder, customers have a say in the architectural style of their home. Emphasis on quality materials means the home will still look superb thirty years from now. There is total flexibility in colour palettes, and you can access your construction status from anywhere using your unique I.D. Select customers get Smart Home Options at no additional charge. We also offer amenities like central air conditioning, and clients specify interior corners, facilities, ceiling, washroom and kitchen utilities. We are handling 35 residential projects in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown and we would love prospective clients to view our work. For more details please get in touch on Metropol 11 June, 2020 59


You got us floored By Jess Murray

When it comes to the home, flooring is something you spend a lot of your time cleaning, walking on, dancing on and (if you’re brave) sliding across. We check out what we’ll be walking on in 2020. HORIZONTAL WHO? Having horizontal wood piece flooring is feeling all a bit plain Jane nowadays. Break the conventional side by side look by laying out your pieces in unique patterns. Those could be a herringbone or chevron pattern – each with their own quirks.

A PERFECT PAIRING: If you’re looking for more of a retro feel, black and white tiles might be the choice for you. The pattern designs available are endless and will fit nicely in a bathroom or kitchen.

WARNING…GRAPHIC CONTENT: This next recommendation is not for the faint of heart, in fact, it almost needs a warning sticker with it – graphic tiles! Yes, graphic tiles are a trend that any art lover can get behind with a wide and unique variety of patterns available.

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME: While bleaching hair at home might be possible… it’s probably not best to try the same technique when it comes to your flooring. While you should leave bleached flooring to the professionals, this softer white-washed wood is peaking in popularity.

In short, traditional materials and patterns are old news and when it comes to flooring, it’s out with the old and in with the new we say!

Sustainably sourced in France and handcrafted in New Zealand



021 766 750


• Strong • Durable • Clean • Affordable • Less Maintenance

60 11 June, 2020 Metropol


1. 2.

Thrive through winter

3. 4.

Don’t forget your roots: While we’re certain Six60 wasn’t being literal… in this case, we are. Winter is the perfect time to replenish your soil and make sure that it has all of the nutrients it needs to fight off that winter weather. Just as we need lots of vitamin C in winter, your garden needs good fertiliser.

Catalogue your crops: You wouldn’t go out in the snow in your swimmers; the same goes for your choice of vegetables in your garden. Make sure you plant the appropriate crops to the season – broccoli, garlic, kale, onions, silverbeet and spinach are just a few.

Too much at stake: Understandably you can’t be in your garden 24/7 to hold down the fort. Ensure your plants are protected from the cold winter winds by staking them – it’ll provide them with the extra support they need to make it through the chilly months.

Ring-a-ring-a-roses: The colder months are the best time to plant your new roses. It’s also a perfect opportunity to prune any existing ones you have growing. This will help them with growth and help them avoid any pesky diseases.

By Jess Murray

Your little garden projects don’t take a break just because it’s coming into winter… and neither should you. We’ve pulled together all of the tips and tricks to making sure your Garden of Eden stays alive and thriving.

Free Quotes Made to measure Staining & painting Delivery & installation

If you want more help and advice, head into Terra Viva Home & Garden. They have all the tips, tricks and tools to meet your gardening needs, while also offering a full landscape design service that is very popular with customers.

��:::rfy !ft��-- Lagoon Pools

• Fibreglass Composite Swimming Pools with Lifetime Warranties • Installed in 4-5 days


16a Clarence St South (off Lincoln Road) Addington, Chch Metropol 11 June, 2020 61

new things

Live, shop, love local ‘Support local’ are the current buzzwords right now and we are betting that they’ll stick around for a while. We caught up with Liz Bloomfield from Coco Gifts who is arguably the queen of supporting local.

Retro style TV cabinet. Handcrafted locally. Available at The Kiwi Wood Company


he employs locally, with both of her teammates (Andrea and Blossom) living in St Albans. She also donates to local schools and organisations and buys stock from local people and wholesalers. But whilst it’s commendable everything that Coco Gifts are doing, it is also important to remember to share your support with them. Go in, have a browse, shop around and say hello – the friendly team will welcome you in with open arms (and a safe distance). Liz also adds, “Thank you so much for all the support over the lockdown period”. “I appreciate all the messages of encouragement, the online orders, and community love we have received over this difficult time.”

Custom made

Bespoke Wooden Furniture

‘Kitchen Alchemy’ White Tea & Wild Mint by Circa Home. Avaliable from Coco Gifts. Display cabinet & Toby Jugs. Available at Dusty Old Things

Keep yourself busy with these Ugears models available at Barrington Gifts

Bespoke framing Skilled art installation


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Furniture Dimensions specialists in bespoke furniture

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‘Moon Dance’ by Francis van Hout available at City Art Depot -

Barrington Mall, Christchurch Tel: 337-2337

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Furniture Dimensions

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A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s



In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture. Metropol 11 June, 2020 63

Re-Levelling Re-Levelling Re-Levelling Christchurch Christchurch Christchurch the Smart the Smart the Smart way way way


SmartLift SmartLift have lifted have lifted SmartLift have lifted and repaired over 630 and repaired over 630 and repaired over 630 earthquake damaged foundations earthquake damaged foundations earthquake damaged foundations withinEach Canterbury. Each foundation repair within Canterbury. foundation repair within Canterbury. Each foundation repair was unique building was affected was unique because everybecause buildingevery was affected was unique because every building was affected differently. Withengineered the cleverlylifting engineered differently. With the cleverly systemlifting system differently. With the cleverly engineered lifting system designed we by SmartLift, have been able to repair every designed by SmartLift, have beenwe able to repair every designed by SmartLift, we have been able to repair every to anew better than new result. foundation tofoundation a better than result. foundation to a better than new result.

Makesafer you home safer and MORE VALUABLE BY Make you home and MORE VALUABLE BY Make you home safer and MORE VALUABLE BY your foundation the smart way. REPAIRINGREPAIRING your foundation the smart way. REPAIRING your foundation the smart way.

WHEN CLOSE ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, CHOOSE SUPERFLAT BY SMARTLIFT SYSTEMS LTD. SmartLift is pushing the boundaries in the marketplace

SMARTLIFT can reinstate your uneven floor to better than new.

by introducing the commercial sector to a SuperFlat

Flooring System. This means large scale buildings with

Levels, enhances, stabilizes and polishes your floors to millimetre precision.

concrete floor slabs can now be economically repaired.

More economical than rip-out and replacement.

This includes tilt slab buildings, factories, showrooms and

Quicker and less disruption to yourself and


neighbouring tenants.

Call 03 usus now 03 928 2695 8 Lane Papanui, Christchurch 8052 Call now 03 928 2695 Call usCall now 928 2695 us now 03 928 2695

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CONTENTS A r c h i t e c t u r a l B u i l d s, D e s i g n s & I n n o v a t i o n s



In a state of evolution, the Garden City’s architectural typology is nothing short of distinct. New building facades are playing with eye catching angles, colours and materials – a welcome digression from the archetypal concrete and stone buildings previously adopted in the city, as we usher in a new era of urban architecture.

66 74 75 80 82 83

There were 35 local projects shortlisted in the 2020 Canterbury Architecture Awards from a record number of entries in the NZIA awards programme – page 79.


66 74








Innovative Tile Solutions

The perfect tile to suit your budget Hassle free installation from our in-house team Specialists in residential commerial and architectural

Metropol 11 June, 2020 65

By Melinda Collins

It was one of the city’s most hotly anticipated openings expected for April, before the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown put the He Puna Taimoana, New Brighton hot pools on hold.


owever, there was no dampening down the excitement for the opening on Queen’s Birthday weekend, which was a sell-out for the whole of the opening weekend. The hot pools are part of the wider regeneration of New Brighton, led by Development Christchurch Limited (DCL) on behalf of the Christchurch City Council. The work includes exciting public projects which are transforming the foreshore, along with a focus on the business centre and surrounding area.

“After the events of the last couple of months I am sure lots of people are going to really welcome the chance to have a relaxing soak in the hot pools,” Christchurch City Council Head of Recreation, Sports and Events Nigel Cox says. The Level 2 restrictions meant the hotpools had to operate at reduced capacity, with the steam room and sauna not available for use. An online booking system enabled people to book into one of

four two-hour sessions each day. The first session will be at 10am, the second session at 12.30pm, the third at 3pm, and the final session at 5.30pm, with a maximum of 50 people allowed into each session. A single entry into He Puna Taimoana will cost Christchurch residents aged over 15-years $14. The cost of admission for a child under 16 or with a Cando high school student ID card will be $10. Children aged three and under will be admitted for free.

Christchurch residents who want to use the pools regularly will be able to get even cheaper admission rates if they take advantage of the multientry cards and membership options that will be available. For example, a monthly pass to the hot pools for a child will be available for $54. If they visit the pools three times a week, each visit will only cost $4.50. The standard admission charge for those who live outside of Christchurch will be $18 for an adult and $13 for a child.

J-Panel Table by Montage Interiors

sustainable forestry producing innovative premium wood solutions for an evolving building industry J-Panel is a general purpose solid wood edge laminated panel manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd (JNL) from 100% renewable Radiata Pine plantation forest.

To view our full range of Premium Wood Solutions, visit our website 66 11 June, 2020 Metropol



City’s hottest opening


PERFECT PATIOS - HOW TO PREP FOR SPRING To extend the al fresco dining season and experience all-weather outdoor living, Stratco has a range of options that can be custom designed to suit your needs. Whether you choose an opening and closing louvre, or a fixed roof verandah, you can relax in the knowledge that your custom-made, stylish roof is built to withstand local conditions.

Contact Stratco today and let us create your perfect outdoor space.

CHRISTCHURCH 55 Hands Rd | Ph: (03) 338 9063 Metropol 11 June, 2020 67

the influencers

Leeann Watson

Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive

Over the last few months, we have seen a collective, community response to COVID-19. We have all stayed home, maintained social distancing, handwashed and sanitised for our own health as well as the health of others in our community. With the curve flattened, now is the time to look at what we can all do to promote the good health of our local business community and the livelihoods of those same people. There are various ways of doing this, such as shopping local, with consumers supporting businesses. There is an opportunity too for businesses to support other businesses through purchasing goods and services locally, as well as advocating for local and central Government procurement of New Zealand made products and services where the funds go back into our local and national economy, not offshore. There is also the concept of ‘buying forward’ – buying shop vouchers, a card for ten coffees or a meal, or paying for a future car service or hair appointment now – to help stimulate the economy and generate cashflow for the businesses that so desperately need it. This is particularly important in Canterbury given the challenging operating environment businesses have faced in the last decade. It’s not just the financial livelihood of our community that this will help, it’s also the mental health of those around us. We know that regular employment also provides structure and routines, a sense of purpose and worth, networks and connections that play a key role in the overall wellbeing of our community, and role modelling for our future generations and workforce.

Scott Thelning

The Cathedral Grammar School Principal

Foresight and fortitude – sowing the seeds of hard work and reaping the fruits of success. COVID-19 has created, once again, challenging times for our city, and this brings with it a mix of emotions. For me, I am grateful for the foresight held by a team of governors whom some years ago set the pathway forward for our school to evolve, adapt and embrace a way of thinking that would prepare our students and staff for an ever changing world. Through this transition period as a school, there were, as there inevitably will be, challengers and challenges to this way of thinking. I am thankful for the fortitude of our staff for staying to the course and ensuring what is best for students, their learning, and their future was at the heart of the matter. When the lockdown was announced, our team was ready and delivered superbly in a time of need. The vision and strategy developed, coupled with a great team of skilled, open minded and solution focussed teachers, enabled our school to respond quickly and create and deliver a high quality and structured remote learning programme for our community. It is through these difficult times, that as organisations our business models and cultures are truly tested. All aspects are placed under the spotlight as we grapple with the financial and employment implications, together with the wellbeing of our people and the ability to adapt and innovate. Success comes in many forms. For us, foresight, fortitude and agility have been key.

Marian Johnson

Ministry of Awesome Chief Awesome Officer

I recently took part in a discussion with NZ innovation community leaders where everyone shared their thoughts on what made New Zealand a uniquely innovative country poised to thrive and lead in a post-COVID world. I came to New Zealand 12 years ago having married a young Kiwi on his OE in London. Like so many Kiwis, as soon as it was time for family, Mr. J was ready to come home. When I first got here, I knew that NZ was beautiful but I had no idea at all that it was a political and social innovator. Establishing the women’s right to vote, an eight-hour work day and state-funded pensions are all early symbols of this progressive nature. Another superpower is our size. If NYC and London have six-degrees of separation, New Zealand has one. The ease of collaborating and doing business here allows us to work nimbly and adaptively. This is a huge advantage. In terms of values, Kiwis seem to prize equality above all social values. Our startups aren’t aiming to be the newest Silicon Valley either. I believe that our equality edge will guide our startups to create innovation that is good for the world not just good for shareholders. And there’s no better time than the present when our geographical isolation – in a world of Zoom calls and online investment pitches – is almost negligible. NZ based high growth startups and innovators, your time is now.

Asbestos Management Meth Decontamination Toxic Mould Abatement Erosion & Sediment Control Contaminated Land Remediation NZ BUSINESS - Supplying Kiwis Managing the environment around you isn’t always easy. That’s why MBC has been providing specialist environmental management solutions to clients for the past 20 years. | | 03 354 4377 | Northcote, Christchurch 68 11 June, 2020 Metropol

John Bridgman

Christchurch Mayor

Work on the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan process was well underway when the COVID-19 crisis hit our shores, which means all the tools that will help us drill into our finances and project priorities have been developed. Now we can road-test them on our updated draft annual plan. I know some commentators have said there is a simple solution to the annual plan – a one-size-fits-all approach – but there isn’t. One council project cut is another company laying off employees and subcontractors missing out. We need a balance. And that’s what the tools are all about. It’s not a choice between more efficient spending (with better value for money by renegotiating with contractors and suppliers), or increasing short term borrowing, (while leaving sufficient headroom in case there was to be another disaster); it’s got to be both. And it’s also got to be about stripping out costs that don’t impact significant levels of service and deferring items of capital expenditure that can wait. Instead of a small surplus, COVID-19 sees us end this financial year with a $33M deficit. And with a large reduction in dividends from our companies expected next year, the challenge we face pulling down the average household rates increase we had budgeted at 4.65 percent was much tougher than we had anticipated at the beginning of the year. But we can get there. And we now know that we have the tools to help us reposition the Council in a post-COVID environment as a reliable and efficient organisation that enables its residents and businesses to prosper.

Ōtākaro Limited Chief Executive

Construction is back up and running at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre after a shutdown during the COVID-19 restriction period. Work kicked off again at Level 3 with a smaller team and strict social distancing requirements, and as we return to the city it is brilliant to see how quickly the building façade is progressing along Oxford Terrace. The pandemic is affecting the business events industry worldwide and we are not immune to that. The centre’s Business Development team has been working closely with affected clients to reschedule their events to a later date, which has kept most of these events in Christchurch. General Manager Ross Steele has advised they now have 67 events confirmed for Te Pae Christchurch, which is a 30% increase on the number of bookings at the end of 2019. These are projected to bring over $40 million of economic benefit to the city. Understandably, given the current climate, eight upcoming events have been cancelled due to uncertainty around travel and the delayed completion of the building. When the venue opens, personal safety is likely to still be at the front of people’s minds. The hygiene and safety standards being used will be consistent with other venues around the world managed by our venue operator, ASM Global. In business as usual, an exceptional local winery, Sherwood Estate Wines, has secured the first major supply contract. Supporting the city’s economic and social recovery is one of Te Pae Christchurch’s key objectives and they tell me they expect to sign up more local suppliers shortly.

Joanna Norris

the influencers

Lianne Dalziel

ChristchurchNZ Chief Executive

We’ve got a one billion dollar opportunity waiting for us. One billion is the amount spent on overseas tourism that Canterbury has the opportunity to retain, according to a report from Deloitte. The figure is calculated by estimating how much outbound tourists spend overseas and apportioning this to each region, based on population. This produces an estimate of how much spend could be redirected into the domestic market. If Kiwis who would usually holiday overseas redirect some of their spending locally we have the opportunity to soften the economic blow to the visitor sector, keep businesses open and people in jobs – to the tune of one billion dollars. Pre COVID-19, the 8,800 businesses in Canterbury’s tourism sector employed close to 70,000 people and contributed $4.9 billion to Gross Domestic Product – tourism represented one of the largest potential areas for growth. It’s not hard to see why – Ōtautahi Christchurch has a growing reputation as a basecamp for exploration where visitors can explore nature’s playground from surf to summit, but also enjoy the flavour of NZ’s newest city and the gastro, cultural and scenic smorgasboard in between. Over the coming months ChristchurchNZ will be working closely with local and national partners to leverage these unique selling points, to showcase our city and region to locals and invite Kiwis to explore all we have to offer. We know our corner of New Zealand is one of the best and we’re ready to welcome visitors here and show them the spirit and beauty of Ōtautahi.




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Metropol 11 June, 2020 69



Prestigious timber projects By Melinda Collins



he Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown acclaimed, annual showcase of may have put paid to the the innovative, structural and celebratory event for the highlyaesthetic use of timber, but local

winners of this prestigious event have been announced. Haus Expresso (Dalman Architects), Arvida Living Well Park Lane (Jasmax), St Patricks Church (WSP Opus), CSO Centre, Christchurch Town Hall - Ron Ball Studio (Warren & Mahoney), Boat Shed – Lyttelton (Christchurch City

Council), Farmers Corner Pavilion Ashburton (PTL Consultants) and the James Hay Theatre Timber Floor - Christchurch Town Hall (Timbers of NZ) are just some of the exceptional local projects to receive awards this year. St Patricks Church (pictured) offers a stunning example of how structural timber elements can be expressed as the main architectural feature of a building. Utilising New Zealand grown radiata pine with a clear coat finish, the timber creates a warm feel for the 250 square metre church. The Lincoln project by WSP Opus was the winner of a new category – Public Design. It was also the proud winner of an Interior Architecture award in the NZIA’s 2020 Canterbury Architecture Awards (page 79). “Once again, the quality of entries is exceptional,” judges agree. “More and more novel, innovative applications of timber are submitted every year. The quality, design, materials and build philosophies employed demonstrate the evolving and imaginative use of timber in New Zealand and indeed, around the world.”

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By Matt Sloper, Architect at WSP Architecture



common problem faced by visitors and locals alike is access to transportation infrastructure. Nationwide,

councils are now looking to explore infrastructure developments designed to transform town centres,

eliminating congestion issues, improving accessibility, providing new public amenity spaces and enhancing the visitor experience. The key design driver for a transportation hub is a strong urban focus, resulting in high quality solutions that sit sympathetically within the urban context, address the surrounding street frontages, are inviting and safe, allow easy permeability through the site, provide added community

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amenity, and are well integrated with the surrounding neighbourhood. Where natural beauty surrounds the sites; an appropriate design response is for the built insertions to be complementary with, but subservient to, the broader natural environment. Texture, light, shade, materiality and colour are carefully considered to give the exteriors a sculptural quality, and one which adds interest whilst also reducing the overall visual impact. These hubs service mixed transportation modes, including built-in capacity to accommodate greater numbers of electric vehicles in future. Transportation hubs should embody connections with local culture and history, creating a distinctly local flavour that speaks of its place and reinforces the destination’s reputation as a meeting place and social and economic centre. Although responding to a pragmatic functional need they make a positive contribution to the character and quality of New Zealand towns and cities for all to enjoy.


Subsidence and its risks By Melinda Collins

Post-quake every day New Zealanders were introduced to a number of new terms relating to engineering and ground movement.


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We get on top of your roofing needs 11 Dolamore Place, Wainoni, Christchurch. Phone 03 389 8897 or contact Iain 027 445 5597 72 11 June, 2020 Metropol

ne of those terms was subsidence; the gradual downward movement or sinking of an area of land which can cause the foundation of a home to gradually settle in one area or across its entire footprint. Subsidence can result in expensive structural repairs, which may be a deal breaker for many house hunters. For those homeowners looking to sell their property, the structural defects resulting from ground subsidence can significantly reduce their final sale price. Mainmark Ground Engineering Sales and Business Development Manager James O’Grady fills us in on how to protect ourselves. “While astute homeowners and buyers will recognise some of the warning signs of potential subsidence, major structural faults or safety hazards may not be visible at first glance,” James says. “Extensive foundation damage should be fully assessed by a suitably accredited structural or geotechnical engineer, to identify the cause, how extensive the settlement is and whether the underlying cause of settlement requires fixing,” The common causes of foundation ground issues often relate to moisture in the soil beneath the home’s foundations, he explains. Different types of soil (such as reactive clays, sand and silt, fill, and organic soils) behave in different ways to

changing moisture levels, so consider the following when investigating the likely cause: • Water ponding around the house • Excessive moisture leaking into the foundation ground, often due to broken pipes, making it too wet • Invasive tree roots searching for water, making it too dry. In many cases, foundation issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently using modern ground engineering solutions that are less invasive and costly than traditional underpinning. Fixing the problem for the long term requires correcting any issues that might have caused the foundation damage and this may also involve consulting a plumber or other expert. James recommends CSIRO Publishing’s Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A homeowner’s Guide as a valuable reference and says that if signs of subsidence have appeared, you need to consult structural and geotechnical engineers or ground engineering experts. Mainmark has treated more than 11,000 sites throughout Australasia, from single-storey homes to large commercial buildings. For more information and advice about ground engineering issues and remediation solutions, contact Mainmark on 0800 873 835.

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Metropol 11 June, 2020 73




The latest reborn beauty By Tracey Edwardes

An alluring staircase entrance with warm heritage colours and brass treads leads past a dazzling chandelier to the bespoke new office spaces of Ruby Black.


he latest reborn beauty from Stockman Group at 201 High Street melds cherished history with perfect contemporary function. This rebuild was a passion of two halves. The original Ruby building has become contemporary-themed office spaces on two levels, with the ground floor poised for retail or hospitality. Adjoined, is the reconstructed former Victoria Black building which parades the original façade of two beautiful arched windows, above Kilt fashion store. For Director Shaun Stockman, reinstating the iconic window features was a rewarding labour

of love, and cash injection. Now fully double-glazed and extensively repaired, the landmark lights up the Salt District by night. The project started February last year, with Shaun adding the final touches during lockdown. Now of the nine affordable office spaces from 26 to 60sqm, five remain for tenure. All include practical desk configurations, separate meeting spaces, and full kitchens, including wine racks and dishwashers. Some of the black and white chic offices have expansive windows and high-raked plywood ceilings, two with spacious balconies above

High Street. A southside office has wide vistas to the hills. Some may prefer a coveted arch-window view, with a juxtaposition of modern and yesteryear detailing, such as stamped-tin ceilings. Every office has its own personality. And no corners have been cut here, in fact every corner exudes character. Gold cornices, chandeliers, tropical Victoriana wallpaper and glossy black paint work embellish the vestibules. Even the shower room has Spanish tiling. The Victoria Room is a boardroom of grandeur, complete with audio-visual screen. It feels comfortably warm here, even though high

ceilings and doorways abound. “People are not quite sure if it’s an old building or new,” he says. But this was Shaun’s intention. “It’s a fantastic location, especially for young staff, amongst bars and cafés. We also offer parking nearby for $30pw.” If staff numbers fluctuate, he can always negotiate a larger or smaller-sized office from his unique Above Your Space CBD portfolio. Ruby Black is a rare, enviable work-home that will be very hard to leave. Visit the website below or phone Anna Morawiec on 022 059 7620.



RUBY BLACK - PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SPACE This beautiful building has just been finished and is now ready to move in. The historic facade has been restored with excellent attention to detail. Featuring arch windows, high ceilings and stylish décor that makes a unique working environment. Offices available from 13sqm to 52 sqm approx. 85 sqm ground floor retail space also available.

To arrange a viewing call, text Anna Morawiec on 022 059 7620 or email 74 11 June, 2020 Metropol

A home with soul Pringle Homes’ newest show home in Milns Park had only recently opened in early March before the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown meant it had to remain closed for viewing until Level 2.


aving to spend so much time at home over the last couple of months has taught all of us how important a comfortable, warm and functional home really is. This warm and inviting threebedroom, two-bathroom house has real soul, and gorgeous use of colour and texture gives

Showhome Open Now 16 Whitburn Avenue, Milns Park (off Milns Road) Wednesday to Sunday 12pm-4pm

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Metropol 11 June, 2020 75


character as well as thoroughly modern living. Several different forms of heating are showcased to demonstrate the options that are out there in Canterbury – ducted air conditioning, radiators, underfloor heating and an ULEB-approved wood fire are all displayed. The kitchen is stylish and functional with large Velux skylights letting in the sun and light, and creating airflow in the summer. A large walk in linen cupboard is just one of the excellent storage solutions you will find in this efficient floorplan. Working from home? There is a lovely study area, just close enough to the coffee machine! The guys at Pringle Homes have thought of everything, with a double drive-through garage, and an Econx system allowing you remote access to your homes heating, lighting and security. Pop in and see the team at Pringle Homes from Wednesday to Sunday, 12-4pm, or if you prefer give them a call for a private tour. You will find this beauty in the new Milns Park subdivision, at 14 Whitburn Avenue, Halswell.


Central city streets get $13.3m upgrade

By Melinda Collins

Drawing the masses into the central city has long been the mandate of the agencies tasked with the city’s rejuvenation, with creating a vibrant, thriving central city at the very heart of this directive.

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Victoria Street upgrade



s such, we’ve seen ongoing investment into both the form and function of this central space. Next on the infrastructural list is Victoria Street and Hereford Street, between Oxford Terrace and Manchester Street, which are set to receive a $13.3 million upgrade. Approved by Christchurch City Council last year following consultation with local property owners, businesses and the wider community, the upgrade will address the damage caused by the earthquakes and the subsequent demolition work. “Hereford Street is in a substandard condition and needs to be reconstructed to bring it up to a standard that supports the vitality of the central city,” Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis says. “Most businesses have indicated they would like the work done as soon as possible so we’ve decided to start the project earlier than originally planned.” Hereford Street’s badly damaged footpaths will be

replaced with new paved footpaths, with extra space provided for street furniture and planters for trees. Spaces will also be provided at nights for ride share services and taxis servicing the bars and restaurants along Oxford Terrace and Hereford Street. The Council is also taking the opportunity to renew the water main along Hereford Street, which is coming towards the end of its life, and to repair the storm water culvert under the northern footpath. Contractor Fulton Hogan has already begun some preliminary work along Hereford Street and expects to get fully under way on the project in the next week or two. Lynette says they will be working in multiple locations along Hereford Street at the same time in order to progress the project as quickly as possible. “It is estimated the upgrade of Hereford Street will be completed by early 2021 but we are exploring options to fast-track the completion.”

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Fulton Hogan is also reconstructing Victoria Street; replacing dilapidated storm water drains, kerb and channel, footpaths, road surface and street lighting, and improving the street’s appearance through the addition of more trees and landscaping. Widened footpaths, coloured surfacing, cycle lane markings, raised platforms and traffic calming measures are also going to be added to Victoria Street to create better definition for road users and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. “We did consider doing the work on Victoria Street in stages but the feedback we’ve had from the local property owners and businesses is that they would prefer the work to be all tackled at once,” Lynette says. “As a consequence, work is now happening all the way along Victoria Street – on both sides of the road. It is disruptive but we are trying to get the project done as quickly as possible.” Traffic on Victoria Street is restricted to one-way only between Bealey Avenue and Kilmore Street. On street parking is currently available between Dorset Street and Corcovado, while two hours free parking is available on Peterborough Street, opposite Christchurch Casino.



What a transformation!

Before above and after right...



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2020’s exceptional architectural identities


By Melinda Collins

Post-quake, our rebuilding city was recognised as a commercial playground for talented teams to create dynamic, contemporary designs, alongside the strengthening of some of our more grandiose architectural identities.


lthough we’ve long since moved through the ‘rebuild’ phase of construction in our southern spot, the worldclass level of architectural achievement has lost none of its momentum; a fact which is evident in the 35 local projects which have been shortlisted in the 2020 Canterbury Architecture Awards from a record number of entries in the awards programme of

the Canterbury Branch of Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA). The difficult task of shortlisting entries was handed to a jury led by Christchurch architect Huia Reriti, fellow Christchurch architects Bernadette Muir and Daniel Sullivan, Wellington architect Anne Kelly, and Christchurch architecture designer Tobin Smith.

“Making the shortlist is a significant achievement, especially in what was a very productive year for architecture in the Canterbury Branch region,” jury convenor Huia Reriti says. “The shortlist includes outstanding examples of the wide range of buildings that architects design, from schools, offices, public buildings and churches to houses and apartments.” Among the projects shortlisted for the 2020 Canterbury Architecture Awards, which is supported by Resene, are the restored Christchurch Town Hall and a new town square in Greymouth.

‘Starchitecture’ is given a new meaning by two shortlisted projects – a building on the Ilam Campus of the University of Canterbury named for the eminent New Zealand astronomer Beatrice Tinsley, and the Dark Sky building in the Aoraki Mackenzie Basin. The COVID-19 lockdown has meant that site visits to shortlisted projects by juries around the country have been put on hold. Resumption of the visits or the adoption of alternative means of deciding award-winners are dependent on the national measures adopted to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Metropol 11 June, 2020 79

Powerful on

Park Terrace A special setting deserves a striking design, and that is what Phil Redmond Architecture and Urbanism (PRau) has created for the historic site on Park Terrace overlooking Hagley Park.


regional finalist for the NZIA competition, Phil and his team were given plenty of scope, with the client brief simply specifying three bedrooms and a double garage. The completed home lands on the line between inventive but familiar, drawing as it does on the traditional clean gable form of residential Christchurch and meshing it with historic industrial brick warehouse form. The black bricks are laid in Flemish bond, full length then end length, with some end length bricks proud of the

surface which adds texture and plays with shadow and light. While the exterior is dark, simple and clean, the interior features the softness of blonde wood. Of many surprising and sleek features, Phil’s favourite are the solid steel heavy windows. “They are so dark during the day, but at night, lit from within the scene shifts and the house becomes light and sculptural.” The dormer windows frame considered views, engaging with Hagley Park and generating a secluded connection. H+M Builders gave this very

special design its final form. Directors Hamish Inch and Matt Stephens are passionate about bespoke architecture and Matt says, “working with Phil was a breeze from the outset. Phil’s attention to detail and vision made our interactions with the clients very simple”. Phil says, “PRau and H+M Builders share a focus – we create pieces of timeless architecture that people will enjoy. Hamish and Matt have brought a house together that this family, and admirers, will enjoy for years to come.”

A favourite element for Hamish and Matt was fashioning the intricate detailing, a process that left zero tolerance for error. The interior finish that features pre-finished hot-rolled steel panelling is a highlight, as are the concealed pivot doors, enclosed by the dormer-laden tray roof. “We’ve loved working with quality products and turning a set of plans into a physical structure, and of course having our clients see their dream take shape,” Matt says.

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The context for creativity Phil Redmond Architecture and Urbanism (PRau) and Avon Dickie Construction are the collective behind the gorgeous build at the Rabbit Patch Preschool in Burnside.


his beautiful space follows the Reggio Emilia philosophical approach to learning where children use enquiry, investigation and reflection, working alongside their teachers to construct their own learning, by participating in long term investigations and using intelligent, artistic materials. Guided by the Reggio principles, PRau Director Phil Redmond and his team developed their idea that the building itself should not be the typical saturation of colour – that would be the role of its tiny new occupiers. Instead, they created

a stunning light-filled setting in blondes and neutrals, with soaring ceilings and angles that create a context for creativity. Key to the brief was that the preschool should feel like a home and the result is an incredibly desirable home, at that. The strong relationship between the spaces means children in different parts of the building can relate to one another. Made up of three buildings – two converted workers’ cottages already existed, the new build brings the three into one. Together they form a semi-circular arc which hugs the playground and ensures it is entirely private from the street. However, as a hardworking building, sheer beauty was never going to be enough. Luckily, Phil has more than received the ‘achiever of the day’ certificate for this essay in the architectureteaching relationship. “The parents and children love it and take a lot of pride in it – I’m thrilled it is so successful.”

A stunning light-filled setting in blondes and neutrals, with soaring ceilings and angles that create a context for creativity

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Magic in Merivale By combining classic design elements and modern influences, Barry Connor Design’s latest award-winning project is a stunning home, perfectly positioned amongst a private courtyard and garden.

ast year, this Merivale property took home the 2019 Architectural Designers’ New Zealand (ADNZ) Highly Commended Award for the Residential New Home between 150 and 300sqm category. Located in a quiet residential setting, this single story, easycare home takes influences from modern design with its open layout and curved windows, and more traditional styles. “The site is framed along the road side by an existing boundary brick wall that curves into the site at the entry and this set up one of the initial cues for the dialogue of the concept design,” Barry says. “The classic heritage red brick wall references the past and so we set upon considering a modern interpretation of this for the new home.” Built by Mark Prosser Builders, the house is light, bright and open. Efforts to maximise these elements have been enhanced at every design opportunity throughout the compact 11m wide site. The main living, kitchen and dining spaces are located to the front of the home and open out to the main courtyard garden. This allows year-round morning sun to filter through the house and creates a home that feels

like it’s a part of the garden, drawing adults, kids and dogs alike outdoors. “At Barry Connor Design, we believe great homes begin with great design. And great design always begins with you.” For more information, phone Barry today on 0212035992, or email barry@




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A hidden Banks Peninsula retreat captured the judges’ eyes at the New Zealand Institute of Architects Canterbury Awards 2020.


rchitect Tim Nees has fronted New Work Studio for more than two decades and his latest project sits among 35 shortlisted for the Canterbury Awards. The stunning design is one of 13 represented in the Housing category. While Tim’s clients were ensconced in their 135m dream home, judges had to forgo the usual onsite visits to projects, due to Covid-19 restraints. Instead Tim was interviewed by phone to paint parts of the picture that photos could not express. “Nothing beats being there – seeing, smelling, touching,” Tim says. “These aspects are the essence of a home. However, judges used photos and plans to get a sense of the experience of the home.” Tim recognised this achievement was a collaborative effort with his clients, and Huntley Quinn Construction. “Huntley was a good, solid communicator and great solution finder.” The house is named Houhere, aka Lacewood, after a native tree common to the area. Construction used little steel and concrete, and instead the sustainable build incorporated nature – macrocarpa, Douglas fir, purpleheart and larch. Solar power, two water tanks, a generator, and gas heating was integral to the design – off-grid living is at this home’s heart and reason.


Captivating retreat


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