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17 JANUARY 2019

Chelsea Winter’s



Foodie Philosophy


21 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine

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17 JANUARY 2019



Chelsea Winter’s





Foodie Philosophy





As we welcome in the New Year and all its resolutions, we catch up with Chelsea Winter about adopting a healthy foodie philosophy year round – pg. 6


17 JANUARY 2019 VOL 22 ISSUE 01


21 Years as Canterbury’s No.1 Lifestyle Magazine


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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be” - Abraham Lincoln


t is the season of resolutions, but perhaps it should simply be the season for being happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an A-type personality who can’t get through a day without having it plotted out with goals, to-do lists and calendar alerts. I’m also well aware of the positive results attained by aiming high. But the fact is, over the past century, despite immense progress in health and wealth, human happiness has not advanced. Happiness is when your life fulfils your needs, when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. It’s a feeling of contentment. It’s easy to think of happiness as a result… a result of working hard and accomplishing, of getting that to-do list ticked off and of succeeding at life. But perhaps we have this back to front. Shouldn’t happiness come first? After all, happiness, they say, actually makes us more productive. We’re all familiar with the concept of glass half empty, glass half full, right? When it comes to your cup, it doesn’t matter so much whether it is half full or half empty, but rather whether you fill your own cup first. According to Simon Sinek, putting yourself ABC AUDITED first is not selfish at all, “Quite the opposite. You must put your happiness and health first before you can be of help to anyone else.” So in 2019 I vow to keep my standards high but my level of self-acceptance higher; to make plans and yet be okay if they occasionally fall through and to set goals, but be open to change. Most importantly, to make AUDITED time for myself. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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out & about

Polo at the Park Widely known as the Sport of Kings, polo is older than recorded history and yet, despite the ancient origins of this equine event, it is making its very popular mark on Christchurch later this month when the Armstrong Prestige Hagley Park Polo Classic returns to the city.


ore than 2,500 attendees headed into the city for the first iteration of the Armstrong Prestige Hagley Park Polo last year and, in 2019, the Sunday 27 January event is expected to be even bigger and better than before. An exhilarating sport combining horsepower and athleticism, event spokesperson Sophie Gardner says polo players from around the country, and the world, will compete in the tournament with one aim – to lift the Hagley Park Polo Cup. By holding the event in central Christchurch organisers hoped it would “draw a new audience”. “We encourage as many people as possible to come along and see what polo is about.” Sophie says last year’s event was a “fabulous day out”, filled with excitement, fashion, champagne and fast cars. Framed by the picturesque tree line of Hagley Park, the backdrop to the day is second to none. This year Louis Champagne Bar is sponsoring the champagne and oyster

garden. “With tickets from just $55 it is an affordable and wonderful excuse to enjoy the summer in the city,” Sophie says. Event organiser Jimmy Wood, who is one of New Zealand’s highest handicapped professionals, will play at the event alongside his two brothers Charlie and Henry Wood as well as their father, exprofessional, Roddy Wood. Along with the local home-grown talent, professional polo players from England, Argentina and Australia, will also attend. Sophie says unlike last year the event is fully ticketed. “Last year there was a free general admission area but not this year so people need to buy their tickets online in advance.” For those wanting a VIP experience, catered tables are available in the Armstrong Prestige clubhouse marquee. There is a family friendly option available as well. For further information see Facebook. Tickets can be purchased from

Programme for the day: 11:30am: Gates open 12pm: Champagne reception in the vip Armstrong Prestige clubhouse 12:30pm: Subsidiary polo final (play offs for 3rd and 4th) 1:30pm: Hunt parade and family friendly entertainment, interactive foot mallet displays for children 2:30pm: Armstrong power vs horse power 2:45pm: Team parade 3pm: The Armstrong Prestige classic final 3:30pm: Half time divot stomping and fashion in the field 4:15pm: Prizegiving 6pm: Official after party at Louis Champagne and Oyster Bar, 123 Victoria Street.

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Chelsea Wint Healthy Philosophy

It’s the season of resolutions; a time when we remain focused on the promises we vowed to keep soon after the clock ticked over marking the start of 2019, before our resolve starts to waver somewhere around Easter. Not surprisingly, many of these resolutions are centred around our culinary consumption. 6 January 17, 2019 Metropol

You don’t shy away from carbs, potatoes or jam doughnuts… how would you sum up your food philosophy? Will this ridiculous war blanketing all carbs ever end? It’s lunacy to me. Potatoes and kumara, pasta and whole grains are not your enemies, my friends! My philosophy is pretty simple – it’s all about balance. Everything in moderation (except fruit and veges which in my view, you can’t eat too much of). Keeping mainly to home-cooked food made with wholesome ingredients because I believe the more you eat food made from scratch, the better. I don’t eat much processed food, but when I do I make sure I enjoy it because it’s just as important to treat yourself. Imagine life without homemade baking, good quality chocolate, scooped ice cream in a cone, a parcel of takeaways or the odd marmite and chip sandwich on white bread. How sad that would be!

nter’s So we caught up with one of the country’s most beloved cooks, Chelsea Winter, to discuss how to take a healthy approach to the whole year.

What are some of the key things you to do keep healthy and well during the year? Keeping things in balance is important to me; exercise, fresh air, good food, surrounding myself with positive people. I love walking on the beach, I love Kundalini yoga and whenever I can I get up the Mount (Mauao). I meditate a little most days (that one takes practice!) and I try to focus on all that I’m grateful for in life (which is a lot). I’m pretty good at not getting bogged down with the negative stuff. The big one for me is eating homemade food, staying present, being grateful and not taking life too seriously – in this society it’s easy to get swept up in the drama of it all. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Being such a motivated and successful woman, how do you stop yourself from burning out? I’ve learned to flex the ‘no’ muscle,

as they say! I feel ‘into’ everything I do now and only take on the things that feel right to me; all about the old gut feeling. I spent many years saying yes to everything and running myself ragged, which is just part of the journey I’m on and I needed to go there to learn from that experience. Now I’m focusing on putting my energy on the things that really matter. What attracted you to cooking and experimenting in the kitchen? I’ve loved cooking since I was a little girl – I just feel at peace in the kitchen. Now, I get immense fulfilment out of creating recipes that home cooks can recreate and feel proud of. That’s the ultimate for me; that’s why I write my books and that’s what I take most pride in – my recipes. I write and test them all myself, so I know that every recipe out there works, is delicious and has come from my heart – from my kitchen to yours. That’s very important to me. What are your New Year’s resolutions? I don’t make New Year’s resolutions! If I feel I need to change something in my life I just do it. Life is happening every single day, why wait until New Year’s? Why do you think New Zealand has connected so strongly with you and what you do? I could never have imagined I’d be where I am now when I wrote my first cookbook. I guess I can only go on the feedback I hear from people who contact me via Facebook and Instagram, or when I meet them in the street or on my book tours; they say they love my books because my recipes work, the ingredients are easy to get at the local supermarket and, most importantly, people love them – especially kids. People can’t believe how many recipes of mine their fussy kids will eat. I can’t even tell you how chuffed I am when I hear things like that. What an honour for me, making a difference in so many people’s lives. What is the most fulfilling or enjoyable aspect of what you do? Knowing that I am empowering so many Kiwis with the awesome food they’re cooking. Making them feel like legends in their own kitchens. So many people think they’re ‘crap cooks’ – then they try my recipes and realise that good food isn’t privy to some elite club that they aren’t part of. Everyone can create epic deliciousness, every day. And so they should! What do the next 12 months have in store for you? Creating recipes… there’s a new book close on the horizon! Metropol January 17, 2019 7

out & about

What are some of your favourite healthy recipes? I’m not a great fan of the word ‘healthy’ to be honest. It’s been swept up in a confusing torrent of marketing jargon and fad diets and confusing information portrayed by the media. My version of healthy might be completely different to yours. You might think a pottle of low-fat strawberry yoghurt with a sugar substitute is healthy, and a plate of potato isn’t – I’m the opposite. Actually that’s a good answer to your question, mashed potatoes is one of my all-time favourites!

out & about

Bright Future

We caught up with National’s spokesperson for Greater Christchurch Regeneration Nicky Wagner to discuss the issues facing the greater community and the bright future ahead of us.

8 January 17, 2019 Metropol

What are your thoughts about the water restrictions and how the community is responding? Christchurch people are justifiably proud of our world famous, clean, clear, untreated water. So, we will do almost anything to get rid of the present treatment. If, as we are told, using water more carefully and wisely will lead to ending the treatment, I think the community is absolutely up for that. What are the focus issues for 2019? There is a lot of change and uncertainty in the world at present and the best way to respond to that is to strengthen our families, our communities and complete the rebuild of our city. The All Right? campaign tells us that to be happy and healthy we need to connect and strengthen our relationships with others, be curious and keep learning, and be physically active. We should pay attention to world around us and finally, to give, in terms of time, energy and interest, is more

beneficial than to receive. Great advice when we are feeling a bit overwhelmed about the future. In terms of completing the rebuild of Christchurch, we need to finalise the work on the Metro Sports complex, finish building the convention centre and decisions need to be made about the Multi Use Arena, to make it a very flexible and useable stadium. Finishing will still take some time but every day brings new attractions, new facilities, new businesses and new ways for all of us to interact with the city. Over the holidays, and right through 2019, I hope you can take the time to visit and enjoy the city. Walk the Promenade alongside the river, maybe cycle through Rauora Park, visit the shopping complexes, take in Tūranga, the most exciting library in the country, or scoot through the city to have coffee, food or a drink. We have a beautiful, people friendly and sustainable city. Enjoy it! Are families returning to the area and our population numbers increasing or are we staying stagnant? The population of greater Christchurch is increasing. Although some people left after the earthquakes, most have returned and our postearthquake population has increased since 2013. New people are being attracted to our city from across the country and even internationally. They are coming because there are jobs, and many people want to be part of building a new city. Also because the cost of living is reasonable, the quality of life is great and because they see a bright future for Christchurch.

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What are the biggest issues affecting Christchurch at this time? There are always a multitude of issues to address in a city like Christchurch. But for me the overarching issue is to create a Christchurch, post-earthquake, that is a great place to live, to work and play; a special place for us, our children and the generations to come; a place of opportunity for everyone. We want Christchurch people to be connected to their communities, and interested and involved in everything that’s going on in our city.

Representatives from 10 local charities at the Drive for Good launch

Drive for Good L Many of us – both personally and professionally – experience somewhat of a drive to do good. But local firm Archibalds Motors has taken a more literal approach, with the ‘Drive for Good’ initiative which is giving back to the Christchurch community.

Adjustable Beds For Life!

aunched to correspond with the Canterbury business’ 100th anniversary, Drive for Good is giving away $100,000 to accelerate three local charities of the public’s choice. Ten local charities have been shortlisted by the Archibalds team, representing a diverse range

of organisations across Canterbury, from air rescue and dementia, to mental health and multiple sclerosis. The organisation which receives the most votes will be gifted $50,000 towards their cause, with the charities placed second and third receiving $25,000 each. With many local charities struggling to meet the operational costs associated with their services over the busy summer season, the opportunity to receive such a substantial boost to funding was met with enthusiasm by those on the shortlist. “We see this as an opportunity to not only give these organisations a step up but also to cast a light on the wonderful things they do for our city,” Archibalds Motors Managing Director John Fairhall says. Members of the public can vote for their chosen charity at Voting will be open until the end of February, with the winning charities announced in early March.

Term one starts February 11th

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10 January 17, 2019 Metropol

20 Yrs

New style from Own Summer with Inspired by the traditional Japanese knot bag.

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After a $2.8 million post-quake repair, historic Sign of the Takahe is set to make its musical mark as the grand masterpiece finally opens to the public again for a series of summer events.

A FINGER ON THE PULSE Learn life-saving First Aid skills in a fun and engaging learning environment



P. 0800 487 439

Metropol January 17, 2019 11

out & about

Making its musical mark


rganised by local Cashmere resident, event manager and jazz pianist Katie Martin, the free summer series on Sunday afternoons from 20 January to February 10 from 4-6pm will make the most of the iconic venue’s indoor and outdoor space with performances from some of the region’s best jazz musicians. Food and coffee vendors, children’s entertainment and bar services will also be available. “As a long-term local resident with fantastic memories of good times at the Sign of the Takahe in its pre-quake days, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this amazing icon with the wider community,” Katie says. “Live music will include the River City Jazzmen on Sunday 20 January from 4-6pm and The Mike Bickers Boptet on Sunday 27 January from 4-6pm, with other bands still to be confirmed.” In October 2018, a Cashmere Primary School Te Pae Kereru open day fundraiser saw more than 2,500 people visit the restored building. “People had some wonderful stories of their memories at The Sign of the Takahe and what the building meant to them,” Katie says. “They were so excited to visit the site and since then have been talking about how they would love to see this landmark open and used again. So this summer series seems like an ideal way to make that happen.”


The clock is ticking for landlords Bynow, now,landlords, landlords, property property managers and most tenants Local long-established insulation By specialists EnergySmart throughout New Zealand will be aware of the changesare to athe managers and most tenants selected service provider for the Residential New Tenancy Act concerning home insulation. throughout Zealand will government’s EECA (Energy be aware ofrequire the changes to properties These laws all rental to have adequate ceiling Efficiency and Conservation Authority) insulation programme, the andResidential under floor Tenancy insulationAct installed, where practicable, by 30th and currently offer both landlords concerning June 2019. home insulation.

and homeowners great savings to betterlaw insulate their These laws require allof rental The introduction the new insulation is seen asproperties. the most properties to have adequate ceiling effective way to safeguard tenantsThe bycompany requiring thatfree landlords offers property and under floor insulation installed, assessments. If the existing insulation maintain warm, by healthy, energy-efficient houses. where practicable, 30th June 2019. already complies, then EnergySmart What landlords property management may not be provides ancompanies insulation Compliance The introduction of and the new Certificate for the fine property. insulation is seen as the mostbe liable aware oflaw is that they could for a $4,000 (per noneffective way to safeguard tenants compliant property), payable to the tenants, is if required, their investment If insulation they provide by requiring that landlords a Compliance Report and a Quote properties do not meet the standard in time. maintain warm, healthy, to complete the work. An extended energy-efficient houses. With an estimated 125,000 rental properties still requiringis better home energy assessment also available, with EnergySmart What landlords and property insulation, these owners and property managers are being also urged supplying heat pumps and LED lights management companies may not be to take action now to avoid the impending rush. if required. aware of is that they could be liable for a $4,000 fine (per non-compliant Local long-established insulation specialists EnergySmart are a EnergySmart are one of the largest property), the tenants, selectedpayable servicetoprovider forifthe government’s (Energy manufacturers EECA and installers of their investment properties do not insulation products in New Zealand Efficiency and Conservation Authority) insulation programme, and meet the standard in time. supply a range of home solutions currently offer both landlords and and homeowners great savings to including their own insulation With an estimated 125,000 rental better insulate their properties. brands Terra Lana wool and PolyKing properties still requiring better as wellIfas supplying Pink insulation, these owners The company offers and freeproperty property polyester, assessments. the existing Batts fibreglass insulation. These managers are being urged to insulation already complies, then EnergySmart market-leadingprovides brands allan carry a 50take action now to avoid the insulationrush. Compliance Certificate for property. yearthe warranty. impending

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EnergySmart installers are fully trained, clean and tidy, and their work is audited both internally as well as by the government, so you are assured of the highest standard of workmanship.

EnergySmart has easy payment options including no deposit and 36 months interest free, meaning you can insulate your property from only $12 per week. This enables landlords to insulate now, take advantage of current discounts, and beat the rush. While insulation in rental properties is now a legal requirement for landlords, they will also have the satisfaction of knowing their tenants are living in a warmer home, and consequently are more likely to stay. To enquire about a free property assessment and insulation options, contact EnergySmart:


“Property Rentals Ltd has been using EnergySmart Phone 0800 777Wanganui 111 or visit insulations for a couple of years now and is extremely satisfied with the company.

They have excellent communication, via email and phone. I send them a request and they deliver with outstanding results every time. I have highly recommended EnergySmart to other businesses and clients as I know they will be 100% satisfied as I am. My owners are on board with insulation requirements, and because I have a good working relationship with this company, my owners have faith their properties will meet the Residential Tenancy requirements that come into law in 2019.” Kathleen Vicelich Property Rentals Wanganui Ltd

12 January 17, 2019 Metropol


A dining experience in front of the Akaroa Harbour - offering great foods, excellent customer service, boutique local and Canterbury wines and a view that is amazingly stunning. We do casual lunch and semi-fine dining during dinner.

Enjoy a romantic getaway in the ‘Riviera of the South.’ Beaufort House (1878) with its magnificent garden setting and petite vineyard offers a peace seldom found in the modern world. Evening drinks and canapés, plus a full cooked breakfast included.

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Expl��e Akaroa

Spying the land through their portholes last century, French colonisers set their hearts on Akaroa and it’s not hard to see why. To this day, beauty, adventure and hospitality are at the heart of this quaint coastal village. Located on the south-east side of the deep, sheltered Akaroa Harbour, the charming township of Akaroa has a special point of difference – it was the only French settlement in New Zealand. That’s not where beauty ends. With historic buildings, magnificent harbour and passion for fine


food, there is something for everyone in this seaside hotspot. Explore some of the best fish and chips in the South Island, take a cruise and see the marine wildlife or peruse the waterfront stores to your heart’s content. We’ve made a start on your exploratory itinerary here.


Jump on board and experience NZ’s oldest wooden ketch, the Fox II Sailing and Wildlife Cruise. Witness dolphins GUARANTEED, seals, penguins, albatross as you sail the coast and see the crater of an extinct volcano. History and wildlife narration. Snacks, drinks and FREE coffee/tea/HC. 10:30am & 1:30pm every day, 3hrs

Glide through the waters of Akaroa on a Black Cat Cruise. Scan the waters to see what native wildlife you can see. Seals, penguins, and the smallest dolphins in the world, the Hectors dolphin are all a possibility. Don’t forget to look up, as the skies are full of a variety of our flying friends as well.

Ph: 0800 369 7245

Ph: 0800 436 754



Relax in the majestic environment of the tavern at the top of the hill overlooking Akaroa. The scenery is breathtaking. Select a decadent dish from the menu and walk the grounds before you start down the hill either way to your destination

Glowing Sky Merino Clothing is made from South Island Wool and all their garments are manufactured by them right here in Canterbury. They sell exclusively through their website or stores, including their brand-new Akaroa shop!

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Ph: 0800 456 946 Metropol January 17, 2019 13


THE TRADING ROOMS Restaurant & Pantry

out & about

ATHOROUGHLY MODTHUMBELINA Listen up all ye small people, tall people and somewhere-inbetween people for some very exciting news! The tiniest girl in the world (she’s no bigger than your thumb) is coming to The Court Theatre and her name, ever so appropriately, is Thumbelina!


he story of Thumbelina was written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1835, but in this version, our heroine, though still minute, is a thoroughly modern miss of the 21st century. Written and directed by experienced Court Theatre actor and improviser Emma Cusdin, the story structure is based around the original fairy-tale, in that Thumbelina meets all the same characters however, some of the circumstances of those interactions have changed. “The production is primarily targeting the three to six years old bracket, but older kids and adults will find plenty of laughs for them as well,” Emma says. Because none of us really know what it is to be thumb-sized, there’s a


sdin cted by Emma Cu Written and Dire

16 - 26 JANUARY



$10 O N LY



14 January 17, 2019 Metropol


little bit of magic in the show where the audience is shrunk down to the same height as Thumbelina, and then everyone gets to see the world through her eyes. The cast of Thumbelina comprises just three actors: Reylene Hilaga (last seen at The Court as Miki in the Littlest Ninja) plays Thumbelina; Kathleen Burns plays the Fairy Prince, the Mole, and the Toad; and stand-up comedian Rhiannon McCall plays the Bird. “It’s fun and fast with totally kooky characters,” Emma says. Thumbelina opens 16 January through to 26 January 2019 at The Court Theatre. Tickets can be booked and purchased online through The Court Theatre website. Visit

Pizza, pasta, snacks and more to choose from at Groper Garage which has been called the best night out in town. Experience the ambiance, while enjoying a delectable meal of your choice from their extensive menu. Dine in or take out. Ph: 03 319 7407

THE EMPORIUM The home of Emporium Brewing, but much more than just a brewery. Taste and purchase Emporium’s award winning craft beers, play a round of mini golf on their 18 hole course or complete one of their excellent escape rooms. A great place to stop for an hour or two on your journey between Christchurch and Picton. Ph: 03 319 5897

KiaOra Kaikoura If a stunning peninsula town encircled by majestic mountains and life-filled craggy coastlines takes your fancy, a weekend getaway to Kaikoura is pure paradise – for all senses, in all seasons.

Literally breathtaking, by deeply inhaling both the bracing mountain air and the energising scent of sea spray, a trip to Kaikoura can renew jaded souls, rekindle romance, or offer the ultimate adventure explosion. Explore the coastal getaway of Kaikoura, trek any of the

DOLPHIN ENCOUNTER KAIKOURA Dusky dolphins always bring a lasting smile and a warmth to your heart! Swimming or watching options available – come visit this summer and be amazed by the beauty of nature.

peninsula walkways, observe the fur seal colonies or cruise the seas to see the abundant wildlife and its known sperm whale population, it’s time to embrace the pleasures of this coastal town. We’ve got a stack of must-do activities ready to add to your bucket list.

GECKO GEARZ So many clothing choices! Funky, fun, colourful ethically produced products. Stop by our store when you’re in the area, check out our Facebook for all our product updates or order online at our website.

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Fine merino and possum clothing and accessories. Through trying times since the earthquake Kaikoura Woolshed Gallery has remained open primarily to support our staff. This was only possible because of support given from our other shops in Akaroa, Hokitika and Hanmer. We remain committed to the Kaikoura community. Ph: 03 319 7979

If you do things in style, you must call into Phenix Champagne Bar. Great wine list, fab snacking menu and ocean views. Phenix is a daytime / pre-dinner-drinks kind of bar, found at the Kaikoura Boutique Hotel on the Esplanade. Gorgeous place to stay too! Ph: 03 319 5748 Metropol January 17, 2019 15




Greg Hyam 1ST PLACE Team Marc & Wendy RUNNER-UP 2ND RUNNER-UP Team Tracey & Trev


1ST PLACE Greg Hyam RUNNER-UP Russell Hume 2ND RUNNER-UP Wayne Trainor




16 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Team Tracey & Trev Heather Birnie Karen Johansson Alison Pettet Greg Hyam

out & about 1






FRIENDS OF THE NZ BRAIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FBI) FUNDRAISING GOLF TOURNAMENT The sun was shining on the FBI Golf Tournament held at the Christchurch Golf Club. The event was hosted by FBI in association with the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation to raise much-needed funds for brain research. 1. Todd Heller, John Parlane, David Moore, Sir Bob Charles 2. Valerie Hobbs, Jan North 3. Helen McLeod-Walker, Jeanette Lawrence, Joanna Cameron, MaryAnne Sidey 4. Richard Breitmeyer, Malcolm Freeman, Andrew Dufton 5. Prof. Ivan Donaldson, Dr. Graham Watson 5. Ben Wilkinson, David Kerr, Margie Weston, Dr. Marcel Brew Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.







MARKET PLACE RESTAURANT AND BLACK ESTATE WINES In November, Market Place Restaurant joined forces with Black Estate Wines, serving a 4-course organic menu with matched wines. Market Place is growing its strong local reputation. Executive Chef Hamish Watt has more specialty dinners planned for 2019. 1. Debbie Wyatt, Leasa Ogilvie, Rodger Wyatt 2. Pen Naish (Black Estate Wines), Hamish Watt (Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza) 3. Cedric & Jenevieve King, Carmel Christey-King 4. Mark & Lauren Woodhouse 5. Astrid Hay, Leigh-Anne Hay 6. Simon Rees (Director of Sales), Cody Huxtable (Food & Beverage Manager) Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event. Metropol January 17, 2019 17

Do you want: • A free business health check to ensure your business is on track? • Certainty with your accounting costs? • Assistance to grow your business and turn numbers in to knowledge? • A proactive business advisor that takes time to know your business? Contact us for a free 30 minute meeting 3/14 Hazeldean Rd Ph: 366 5070


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18 January 17, 2019 Metropol


Every commercial enterprise is two sides of a coin: heads – the product or service that you, the proud owner, are passionate about bringing to the market, and tails – the business side of your business.

Metropol January 17, 2019 19

business profile


wner Peter Eastmure of Eastmure and Associates understands that not every owner enjoys or even fully understands the backroom side of their endeavours – the cashflow, overheads, obligations to IRD and ACC, insurances, employment agreements and health and safety – that are unavoidable but take up so much time. So Eastmure and Associates has built its business on offering a wrap-around taxation and business advisory service to help your business be the best it can be. Peter says the goal is to help clients improve the value of their business and to become a trusted advisor, “after all, a business is often its owner’s biggest asset, paying the mortgage and financing the family. It needs to be protected and grown.” All clients receive a free ‘Business Health Check’: the figures are run through the business advisory software; comparisons are made, advice tendered on planning including succession planning along with advice on documentation, and discussions on the pros and cons of growth, maintenance, or retrenching the business. “No company is too small or too big,” Peter says. “We have the resources to work with large and complex companies, and we are very happy to meet with anyone to discuss their situation.” The team of four staff are serious about making it easy for clients. Available seven days, Peter says, “in the moment when you need help, we’re right there at the end of the phone”. The company doesn’t charge for emails or calls and, despite having clients all over New Zealand, the team never passes on travel costs. Handily located at Hazeldean Business Park in Addington, there is parking outside and Peter’s open-door policy means you can walk in without an appointment if you need to. The emphasis is on valuing clients and, as a result, Eastmure is a magnet for those who have not received the attention that they should have from their previous consultants. This constant team has been working together for years and clients deal with the same person with each contact. “We build trust in our strong and ongoing relationships, we are relaxed, and easy to get hold of,” Peter says. Working over a range of sectors, the team wants you to ask lots of questions so that you will end up knowing more about your business. “We turn numbers into knowledge,” Peter says. “We talk to clients, understand where they are at, we specialise in managing overheads and direct costs, identifying wastage, reducing costs. We ask what are your goals? What is stopping you achieving your goals? Then we look at possible options.” For more information, visit

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MERIVALE MALL CELEBRATES A cocktail evening hosted by Merivale Mall for neighbours and retailers to thank them and acknowledge their support as well as showcasing the stunning vision of the nearly completed mall refurbishment. 1. Cindy Lee-Sinclair, Tim Bennet, Fransien Yntama 2. Fay McQueen, Margie Jamieson 3. Mike Ogden, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee, Jo Mullen, Amy Shaw 4. Miranda Hill, Liz McGregor, Ali Chapman 5. Nicola Dolan (Centre Manager), Katrina Craw (Operations Manager) 6. Lucy Robins, Laura Murdoch, Jackie Robins Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.







OCULA OPENS IN MERIVALE Merivale has a new state-of-the-art eye care offering with the latest technology and boutique eyewear. Guests were invited to view the brand new premises. 1. Danielle Ross (Director Ocula NZ), John Winstone (Director Ocula NZ), Roberta McIlraith (Principal Optometrist & Director, Merivale) 2. Tania McCoy, Bianca Punt 3. Chris & Jo Johns, Diana Marshall, Rob & Angela McIlraith 4. Richi & Jo Decartia, Dan Cain 5. Tanginoa Tapa, Tania Te Riini 6. Lee Calderon, Lauren Cross, Dharshie Hughes, Catherine Elliott, Oliver Comyn Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event. 20 January 17, 2019 Metropol

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ZAMBESI AND EUROMARQUE MASERATI Euromarque Maserati hosted a runway presentation of the SS18/19 Zambesi Collection for men and women. Guests were treated to an exclusive evening of nibbles and drinks celebrating with Zambesi founder, Elisabeth Findlay. 1. Graham Dockrill, Jo Page, Fraser Bremford 2. Aimee Eaton, Kasia Stanicich 3. Claudia Cockram, Angela Stone, Andrea Allen, Bella Black 4. Wendy Gorman, Jo & Fraser Bremford, Blair Gorman 5. Nick Radford, Mel Radford-Brown 6. Tracey Cooper, Alan & Helen Cowie Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.







SHOWBIZ 2019 SEASON LAUNCH Guests were invited to the launch soiree showcasing the new seasonal ticketing structure for the 2019 Showbiz Christchurch events schedule. This new system makes it even easier to attend the productions. 1. Annie Pearce, Vicki Morris-Williamson, Violet Blay 2. Cathryn Attwood, Jo Dempsey 3. Diane Brodie QSM, Alan & Moira Scott 4. Nic Kyle, Julie Madden, Matt Everingham 5. Wendy Riley (Marketing Manager, Showbiz), Emma Dyer, Hannah Buutveld 6. Violet Blay, Nickie Wellbourn, Sandi White, Sarah Buchanan, Di Brodie Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event. Metropol January 17, 2019 21


A bite of culture By Tracey Edwardes

This Waitangi Day, the world of food and culture will be celebrated – bite by bite – at the 10th anniversary of the Multi Cultural Bite festival in Ashburton.

On Sale Now


In-store and on-line

Phone: 03 308 7620

027 741 6268

177 Burnett Street, Ashburton

Paradise for Garden-aholics, Gift-aholics & Foodies 5 Archibald St, Tinwald Ashburton Open 7 days a week Phone: 03 3086858 Visit Lushingtons in Ashburton for a fabulous day out. All your favourite pleasures in one place, an extensive nursery for indoor and outdoor gardens, Gifts galore and yummy food in our café. 22 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Photo by Susannah Blatchford Photography

w w w. s a m a n t h a ro s e f l o w e rs . c o . n z

TWILIGHT IN THE VINES SATURDAY 16 FEB | 4PM - 9PM CharRees Vineyard, Ashburton’s only Vineyard. State HWY 1

• WINE TASTING + SALES • LIVE MUSIC BY WAYNE PANNETT + CO • ALFRESCO DINING * Courtesy coach available to get you home safely within the Ashburton town boundary only. Parking available overnight in our paddock, at vehicle owners own risk. NO BYO. R18 SALES ONLY.

“Multi Cultural Bites brings the different ethnic groups that have settled here together, as well as allowing them to showcase their country of origin’s culture on a platform that is fun, inspiring and welcoming,” Ida says. “We are planning to have a bigger and more festive celebration for the 10th anniversary; challenging yes, but it will be a lot of fun!” “It provides a great interaction between these cultures and our own, allowing newcomers and local generations to interact in a great environment that accommodates everyone. To see the community come together is one great benefit to the town and the district.” As her first time organising a communitywide event, Ida says Multicultural Bite has wonderful and dedicated trustees that are passionate about advocating the rich cultural diversity of Ashburton, namely Councillor Selwyn Price, Howard Mahere, Marion Bartlett, Rohini Sukul, Earl Magtibay and Councillor Thelma Bell as Chairperson. “It is my honour to be working with them,” she says. “The event offers a prime opportunity for the people of Ashburton District, and visitors to the district, to celebrate the diversity of cultures that exists in our community. It also helps to develop a sense of pride and belonging among the performers and stall holders.” Also in recognition of Waitangi Day, Ashburton’s Hakatere Marae will host an open fun day with traditional activities followed by the sharing of hangi/kai.

The Somerset Grocer, Ashburton, is all about great food. The best local and international produce, in a great shop atmosphere. At our Ashburton gourmet grocer you’ll encounter new products and tasty delights with each visit. We are conveniently located just off the main street of Ashburton, on Burnett St. Look for us on the ground floor of the Somerset Building.

it’s all about great food... daily breakfast & lunch gourmet deli selection irresistible gelato | great coffee

Extraordinary lakeside lifestyle. Premium lakeside properties From 1310m2 to 2176m2

Priced from $340,000

Call 0508 LAKE HOOD (0508 525 3466) or your preferred local agent

Metropol January 17, 2019 23



revious years have seen a great turnout, with around 12,000 at last year’s festival. “It has now become the Waitangi Day of the Ashburton District, loved and supported by locals and newcomers and tourists alike,” says this year’s event co-ordinator Ida Casipit. The event will be held at East Street, Ashburton between Havelock and Cameron Streets, from 10am to 2pm. “The Multi Cultural Bite is a multicultural festival that provides opportunity for different ethnic groups within our community to showcase their cultural backgrounds through performing arts, ethnic foods and interactive children’s activities.” The free event’s ethnic food stalls, sells bitesized portions of typical national dishes for the community to sample. There’s a programme that runs throughout the day, and a children’s area with fun and games, including face painting with the different country flags. Around 14 countries or more, will be represented through more than 20 delicious food stalls – showcasing exotic tastes from Singapore, Philippines, New Caledonia, Egypt, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Holland, Samoa, Ukraine, Aotearoa, Brazil, Italy, and Malaysia, and new this year – a Dutch stall. A wide array of traditional food from different cultures is expected to satisfy thousands of spectators, such as Hangi, Egg Pie, Siomai, Vareniki,and Ensaimada. Among the many performances will be the African Drummers, The Ashburton Youth Pasifika group, and classical Indian dance from the Indian sisters TeAwhina and Kaveesha.

Arts & Recreation

Swim Fit By Jenafor Rollins

Splish splash, a swimming pool is like a large bathtub. A little cooler than the home bath, the expansive space allows for exercise time, play time and leisure time. The beauty and value of swimming have once again been brought forward in the headlines with Michael Phelps and his record winning performance at the last Olympic Games.


he health benefits of swimming are well-known. Swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise regime that utilises most of the muscles, making it effective for both cardio and muscular endurance. Gliding through the water with the various swimming stroke options, including the back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and the fan favourite freestyle, offers a non-resistant way of enhancing and maintaining your physical health.

Aqua aerobics is a popular exercise class which is offered at your local pool and can coincide with swimming laps. If staying above water is not a simple task, ask at the service centre desk or a pool lifeguard for a floatation board which can be used to help maintain your above water efforts. Physical concerns with swimming are minimal as this exercise keeps the body buoyant and is easy on the muscles. The main health concerns factor around the water quality at the

pool facility or in a natural environment of a river, lake or an ocean area. The concerns stem from bacteria, pathogens or excrement from animal or human waste. These types of external concerns can develop side effects in a person ranging from a mild case of itchy skin to more severe side effects such as bacterial infections. Swimming, when done either as recreation or on a more serious level as an exercise option, can provide fun, enjoyment and health benefits.



Opens 29 March Isaac Theatre Royal

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when you purchase ON SEASON TICKETS before 31 January 2019

24 January 17, 2019 Metropol

14-16 June

Isaac Theatre Royal

Opens 27 Sept Isaac Theatre Royal

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The eyes have it By Tracey Edwardes

Sunglasses are a girl’s best friend, there for you through thick and thin. It really doesn’t matter a hoot if the day is cloudy, rock them anyway.


hether you are matching sunnies to your face-shape, budget, outfit or whim, all rules can be broken with the eclectic contrast in theme this season – from understated classics to outrageously glam. Classic frames from the ’50s and ’60s are creating an elegant entrance, with a theatrical twist. For under wide-brimmed hats to glamming up a vintage-print dress, retro-rimmed cats-eye styles are very cool kitten. This year they can be oversized or elongated and come in transparent feminine pastels to flattering tortoiseshell or eternally-demure black. Karen Walker has reinvented looks from Mary Poppins in her Miss Lark and Admiral Boom styles; the latter, a chunky masculine meets feminine square vibe. Brands like Oakley are

taking on the coloured-lens craze. See the world though green, blue, yellow or pink. And prescription lenses with your shades will be an invaluable accessory. Flat-bottomed oval shapes are a new normal, and hexagonal is hot. Geometric shaping is the twist in the trend this year – literally an edgy style! Over the top, over-sized round glasses are oh so beach-worthy and the original black RayBan Wayfarers are hip again. Frameless contrasts with chunky rectangular lenses, whereas wire frames can come in classic, aviator, or seriously sporty. A futuristic style is the ‘zero-based’ lens which lies completely flat. A statement pair of shades is an investment with benefits – through summer’s intensity to wintery glare, they make any outfit totally picture-perfect.


刀攀瘀漀焀甀攀 䌀栀漀挀漀氀愀琀

䔀甀瀀栀漀爀椀愀 匀琀攀氀氀愀 刀漀礀愀氀

䌀栀漀挀漀氀愀琀 吀爀愀瘀攀氀氀攀爀猀

Metropol January 17, 2019 25


Beauty Bites


Bite-sized fashion and beauty news capturing all the things you need to know.



Chase the Rainbow Hannah McKeich is a Kiwi woman who is taking the beauty industry by storm. After becoming pregnant at 17, bouts of homelessness and severe struggles with mental illness, she has captured the heart of the nation, with her cosmetics brand Colour Junkie now being stocked in 45 locations across New Zealand including 30+ locations in prestige cosmetics retailer Life Pharmacy with expansion plans in the work for Australia.

Not an illusion Not just an illusion, French lifestyle boutique Blue Illusion opened its brand new Christchurch boutique last month in the recently transformed Merivale Mall. The beautiful flagship store for the South Island will host the brand’s complete collection of French-inspired apparel, footwear, accessories, homewares and beauty.

26 January 17, 2019 Metropol



Natural Instinct There’s a new name in the natural body care game. Purity Fragrances was launched to give more choice in products to women with allergies and those concerned about exposure to toxins. Now it has launched a unique natural body care range. Like the company’s natural fragrances, Purity Fragrances Skin Silks are made in New Zealand from an eco-certified essential oil concentrate base and are free from all synthetic fragrance, ethanol and animal products.

Show your love With the holidays behind us, the next thing to look forward to is Valentine’s Day! While we wholeheartedly believe you should demonstrate your love every day, we still love an excuse to go the extra mile with a special something for that special someone. With luxury, Italian earrings from Orsini, and inspiration for the perfect “stay at home” date night from Matakana Botanicals, there is something that will tickle everyone’s fancy!

Fashionably Forward Emerging fashion from around the globe will meet high profile Kiwi designers in a unique fashion mashup like no other, when the iD Dunedin Fashion Week takes place for 2019. iD Dunedin Fashion Week is your opportunity to experience the glamorous world of fashion up close. Enjoy exhibitions, designer talks, popup stores, fashion films and exclusive behind-the-scenes encounters from Monday 11 March to Sunday 17 March 2019.

Sustainable Beauty


By Liesl Johnstone

When it comes to beauty products, here’s the bottom line: care for the environment and end up caring optimally for yourself on the side.

hat’s the message from the results of research. Studies into problematic ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products have found that we should be avoiding those containing parabens. These are widely used cosmetic preservatives, and not particularly earth-friendly either. Environmentally speaking, both the products we choose to put on

Freeze away that






Non Invasive

181 High Street, Christchurch Central Ph. 03-365 7393

All injectables performed by



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Restoring your confidence through your smile

Full service Denture Clinic and Laboratory No Obligation - Free Consultation Caldent Denture Cleaner

Ph: 385 5517 396 Innes Road, St Albans


Tel: 03 351 3241





Metropol January 17, 2019 27


our skins and how we dispose of them when they’re finished really matter. Billions of units of cosmetic packaging are produced globally every year and some cosmetic companies are rightly encouraging sustainable practices like separating out the non-recyclable packaging from the recyclable. Quick fact: What can’t be put into kerbside recycling are the flexible tubes, the bottle pumps, caps, plus used lipsticks and eyeliners. Large tubs of creams and potions can be finished, washed out and recycled, as can things bought in glass containers. It turns out that natural ingredients which have not been genetically modified, and which are certified organic and nonsynthetic, will not do as much harm to our environment as the alternatives. Plus, they’re far likelier to be better for you. The latest buzz-phrases in what’s good in cosmetics are ‘wild-crafted’ or ‘food-grade’ ingredients. Health-wise, the ‘endocrine-disrupting-chemicals’ are to be avoided and these are spotted as chemical names ending in ‘paraben’. If in doubt, consult your pharmacist.


There are sartorial treasures hidden throughout the city. We’ve hunted out our favourites.



Be a beauty in blue. CROSSLEY LINEN DRESS, The Brick Mill Complex, 1473 Main North Rd, Waikuku.

Create your unique ring design for bespoke beauty. COMPLIMENTS COLLECTION,






Check Mate! Be the belle of the beach. FREYA TOTALLY CHECK HALTER BIKINI SET 8-16 & DD-H, 207 Fendalton Rd & 360 Colombo St



When form merges with function. BRIDGE RGP24 GLASSES,



Put your perfect foot forward with this statement heel. MACIEJKA,

Hone your animal instincts with this wild ensemble. GATSY JACKET, BLOOM SKIRT, WILD & FREE TEE,



A leather satchel has form and function sewn up. LEATHER SATCHEL,



A talent for timekeeping. SKAGEN SKW2592, Fossil Group, 28 January 17, 2019 Metropol

The Perfect Parlour P That owners of Salon Parlour, Susie Chisnall and Becs Taulango are committed to incorporating sustainable ideals to their hair, beauty and nails emporium is immediately apparent as you walk through the door of the striking space, located on the corner of Cranford and Westminster Streets.

olished concrete floors enhance the effect of the uplifting stud height, natural light is complemented by soothing dark walls, plus the stylish and streamlined cabinetry in plywood can be rearranged or packed down to enable the cleared space to host events. The vibe is welcoming and the atmosphere easy and


OPEN 7 DAYS Cnr Cranford St & Westminster St, St Albans Ph. 03 355 1108

BEAUTIFUL LINENS BEAUTIFUL STORE 199 High St, OLD Post Office Rangiora Ph 03 313 1366 or 0275 31 41 51

Metropol January 17, 2019 29


calm. “We aim for our clients to be comfortable and totally relax – coming here is almost as much about restoring mental health as a gorgeous hair style and a rejuvenating facial,” Becs says. The fact that their warm and inclusive approach is appreciated is reflected in the broad range of clients returning again and again. Salon Parlour works as a shared space, where selfemployed hair stylists and beauty therapists collaborate and support one-another. “As well as hair styling we offer spray tanning, massage, nail treatments, waxing, hot shaves and facials, and there is always room for more practitioners to join us,” Susie says. With more than thirty years’ experience between them, Susie and Becs are delighted to help stylists and therapists wishing to join the space settle in and establish their business. Find them at and for appointments, enquiries about events hosting, or joining the team, phone 03 355 1108.


Summer Style Stakes By Tracey Edwardes

The New Year means a new opportunity for a wardrobe revamp. That’s our excuse! And who wouldn’t agree? We look at what’s sizzling hot in the summer style stakes.


resses are summer days personified. Although any style goes, whether it be backless or puffy sleeves, this season we’re enjoying the freedom of dancing around in floaty, flouncy, baby doll and maxi-lengths. There’s definitely more material involved this summer to show off bouquets of fanciful florals, through to swirls of neon brightness. White and neutrals are also in the mix. Natural linens are the go-to

material in dresses to feel cool and chic. Floaty and wide-legged pants, whether long, mid-calf or knee length are here. All sizes and shapes will find a flattering, and forgiving, cut, print or length. Summer yellows have been brightening our mood, from our hats down to our shoes. However, we are also seeing a forest of different greens for summer. Lavenders to lilacs is a most feminine palette to drape

Feel Good at Christmas




SAVING UP$75,TOShakti $385 Shakti Mat Pillow Diffuser FOR $70, ONLY $55, $23Oil WEEKLY Essential 10ml $20 50 PLUSOil CLASSES! T&Cs apply. Offer ends February 2019

Your Destination Boutique with Hand Selected Designer Clothing.

9 Gerald Street Lincoln 325 2390 30 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Buy ONE full sized Antipodes product and get a FREE Grace Cleanser Offer expires 15 Feb 2019 Conditions Apply.

111 Cashel Street, Christchurch Phone 03 595 1289




yourself in this season. Feminine blush pink is a flattering shade we just don’t want to let go of. And on the other end of the spectrum, red it still a hot choice. However, it’s still holiday season, so make the most of the fab tropical prints – from flowers to fruits – and the clashing of turquoise and carnival colours for the pool party. Lacey little numbers from broderie anglaise to cut-out cotton daisies are also daytime attire – from shorts to light bolero jackets. Conversely, sultry satin slip dresses have been slinking their way back into our wardrobes. With or without sequins, it’s very vogue. Checks and plaids are now officially a summer story too. Clash boldly with stripes and spots – yes you absolutely can! Neck scarves are a cute, easy to wear accessory – or for when covering up against a cool sea breeze. They also stay put easier than longer scarves. Animal prints have been released once again for summer – add a little wild instinct to your bag, belts or shoes, or go completely tiger-print in a skirt, to attract your Tarzan. Jumpsuits are still seen out and about, but matching separates are also fun to wear. Head to toe theming also elongates the silhouette. All the playful prints around means you get to express your own personality.





There’s a very good chance you’ve seen our work.

But you would never know.


SUMMER SALE 195 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch ECCOSHOES.CO.NZ

to a new year’s boost with a 1ml lip filler for only $600. Only you can kiss and tell. For a personal consultation at no charge please call 03 363 8810 110 Papanui Road, Merivale

Metropol January 17, 2019 31



GERNETIC INTERNATIONAL The most powerful Cosmeceutical skin care products for all ages and skin types. Ingredients are 100% natural which guarantees optimal results without risk of allergy. Contact award winning aesthetician Wendy Barker at Beauty Progress Ph: 379 4315

Beautiful Hair For 2019 Make it your New Year’s Resolution! The Soulstyle hair hairstylists will help create your personal style Lyttelton Salon Soulstyle Organic Hair Salon 13a Oxford St Ph. 328 8827 Sth Brighton Salon 47 Rodney St Ph. 388 8277.

3. 4. Pregnancy Safe Insect Repellent A breakthrough, safe and effective, deet free insect repellent recommended by the World Health Organisation. Non toxic, gentle on the skin and suitable during pregnancy. Order online during January and recieve a free sunscreen with every purchase. Discount code MJAN.

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6. Vital C Collection IMAGE Vital C Water Burst and IMAGE Hydration A.C.E Serum this dynamic duo works effectively to treat the most sensitive, dehydrated, irritated skin, post-treatment, aging skin and rosacea. Vitamin C is essential to rebuild the skin boost collagen and treat aging all year round. The duo represents a combination of powerful results-driven skincare. Available at selected stockists nationwide By calling Beauty Sense 0800 555 630

32 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Beckenham Beauty & Medispa Relaxation and Pampering It’s all about indulging and rejuvenating. A gift voucher is always a perfect gift to express thoughts to someone special View our website for a full gift voucher range. Ph. 331 6133

Perfectly Pretty Stay In Place Brows Won’t swim, swipe or sweat off!! Micro-pigmentation/ Cosmetic Tattoo. Free consultation Phone or email Nicky for your appointment. Bespoke Cosmetic Ph. 021 249 1499




Mike Hair Care Intelligent Shampoo Conditioner for all hair types. New Zealand made infused with 100% natural keratin protein, proven to rebuild the internal structure of the hair and restore strength, condition and shine. Creates body and helps defrizz, detangle and protect hair and its colour. Ph. 0800 464 247 300 Cashel Street Christchurch Central

Owning and wearing precious jewellery unfailingly adds sparkle to life.

By Tracey Edwardes

You’ve just survived the holiday social season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your skin was not looking, or feeling, its best.


an Joines, national owner of Polished Diamonds, wants people to know that using CAD technology, he can create the ultimate engagement, wedding, and ‘justbecause’ rings they’ve visualised. The award-winning ringdesigner and merchant has enjoyed so much success here in New Regent Street that North Island boutiques have followed. Clients can bring in their own precious stones and ideas, or choose from 20,000


t may be craving care and hydration after the effects of alcohol, missed beauty sleep and long sessions behind make up. Restore your skin back to its supple luminous self. Perhaps make adopting a new skincare habit your New Year’s resolution. This maybe a regular facial – they needn’t be a luxury these days. It’s an opportunity to learn about your skin and which products suit perfectly, as our skin changes with time. A diverse menu of cutting-edge facials all have specific results, whether it’s to hydrate, rejuvenate, calm or correct – and they always destress! Analyse your skin regularly in the telling natural light – not from a soft-focused selfie. If it feels feel tighter and drier than usual, then it’s crying out for hydration from the inside. If feeling

leathery, a gentle peel or exfoliation may be needed. If irritated or inflamed, a soothing treatment and a relook at your regime is wise. A recommended highperformance moisturiser, serum or nourishing treatment will be worth every invested penny towards a refreshed, regenerated complexion. For a beauty fix from within, seek out superfoods that are known skin beautifiers. Wallow in hydrating summer fruits and vegetables. Waterpacked wonder fruits like watermelons, papaya, kiwifruit and grapes are all edible skin treatments. Omega 3s, evening primrose oil, collagen supplements and probiotics also act as beauty boosters from the inside, to help give skin back its gorgeous outer glow.

internationally certified diamonds and two and a half thousand ring designs. Architectural CAD technology and equipment such as an MRI scanner ensure that any stone, any metal and any ring profile can be produced to exacting specifications. “In less than a week we can reproduce a vision, or transform an inherited or gifted ring into something perfectly bespoke; gorgeous and personalised,” Dan says.

ENGAGEMENT RINGS Design your own


30 New Regent Street Ph: 0800 233 299

Metropol January 17, 2019 33


Revamp & refresh

AwardWinning Jewellery Design


If it suits By Melinda Collins

From the closets of men to the closets of women, the power suit has crossed a divide that few garments can. Now after a few years in the sartorial shadows, the broad shoulders and stiff lines that have been defying gender norms since actress Sarah Bernhardt scandalised Paris in a custom-made trouser suit in the 1870s have made a welcome return to the ‘what’s hot’ lists.


he fact that the power suit has reemerged during a cultural turning point for women, with the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns making global waves is not lost on the world’s sartorial movers and shakers, with Conde Nast artistic director Anna Wintour explaining, “A


Phone570 021Barbadoes 069 0058 Street Ph. 3856696 34 January 17, 2019 Metropol

fashion show does not exist in a vacuum, it is reflecting our culture,” in a video discussing New York Fashion Week trends. “The biggest cultural shift in the last several months has been women and how they have been treated in the workplace. There is no way this was not on designer’s minds.”




A strong immune system = a healthier you HYPERBARIC THERAPY Ph. 021 570993 2 Helmores Lane, Fendalton

Health on Hagley


Trusted & award winning business.

We can advise the most suitable option for you. Service provider of Ministry of Health & Sweet Louise 570 Barbadoes Street Christchurch Ph 385 66 96 | 0800 009 447


LORRAINE TERRIS 03 343 3669 027 925 9668







1. Karen Walker women’s suit, 2. Country Road jacket, 3. Bec & Bridge Rosa Jacket, 4. Seed Heritage coat, 5. World Brooklyn Blazer Mint.

Tailored to fit your body Shape For all Professional Ladies & Gentlemen’s Garments. Custom alterations by Qualified Trade Tailoress Megan

Gift Vouchers available

Lashes I Nails I Waxing

12A Main North Rd, Papanui Ph. 352 9789

THE GENTLEMAN’S TAILORESS 204 Papanui Rd, Merivale P.355 4734

Megan Celebrating 33yrs in Tailoring 2018 in Canterbury NZ

Ph. 385 4678 or 02102420841 Metropol January 17, 2019 35




Shades of Beige

By Melinda Collins

Beige has long been the ‘Plain Jane’ of the fashion world, but this year designers are injecting a sexier edge into this shy shade.


hile the Oxford Dictionary defines beige as a “pale, sandy fawn”, the bare facts on beige are that the fashionable lines are increasingly being blurred between nude, flesh and champagne. From the high street to the most

expensive designer collections, we’re seeing shades from the palest ‘natural’ to golden terracotta and even pale creamy khakis sheltering under the ‘beige’ umbrella. No matter what sartorial shade you yearn for this season, we think it’s high time you join the beige brigade.




E. B.

Have Beautiful Feet Again! Healthy, clear nails made simple. FASHION | HAIR | BEAUTY


NOW ON 200A - 202 PAPANUI RD PH. 03 352 0648 SHOP 1, 60 PEGASUS MAIN ST, PEGASUS T. 0800 823 337 OPEN 7 DAYS 36 January 17, 2019 Metropol


The Lunula Laser is the easy & convenient treatment that helps turn your discoloured & disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails • • •

e to Exclusiv diatry ts Po Footprin

The only touchless, painless solution for onychromycosis & toenail fungus. No pain, no downtime, and no risk. No more embarrassing unsightly feet. 7 Milton Street, Somerfield P. 332 9792

out & about 1






SINGAPORE AIRLINES EVENT Singapore Airlines hosted guests from their PPS Club at the Christchurch Art Gallery Art Do on Saturday 27 October. Singapore Airlines surprised their guests with an opportunity to win fantastic items from Karen Walker before they joined the main event, the Art Do. 1. Kristin Mauger, Royden Mauger, Jess Mavromatis 2. Chwee & Andy Yeo 3. Jane Milligan, Keith Milligan, Jessica Cribbens (Singapore Airlines), Judy Whiddett 4. Bev Daniels, Graeme Rose, Angela Bennett 5. Luc Bohyn, Will Schealler 6. Tim Waters, Ben & Angela Evans, Geoff & Dianne Foubister Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event.







A FUN DAY AT THE POLO Over 400 guests attended the annual Ronald McDonald House South Island “A Day at the Polo� event held at the Port Hills Polo Club in Tai Tapu. Live and digital auctions helped raise money for the commendable charity. 1. Jennifer Read, Jon & Sarah Saxon 2. Sophie Pascoe, Mandy Kennedy (CEO of Ronald McDonald House South Island) 3. Michelle Lima, Michael King, Julie Tweedie 4. Henry Wood (Reserve), Charlie Wood, Rob Watson, Jimmy Wood, Sam Martin 5. Graeme & Ros Brenssell 6. Kerry Watson, Tiffany Russell, Donna Mellish, Adela Brown Photos by Jane Wyles Photography. For copies email: Check Facebook for more from this event. Metropol January 17, 2019 37


Bowel Cancer New Zealand has the highest rate of bowel cancer in the world. But early detection can help prevent or cure it. Bishopdale Clinic 13a Bishopdale Court Phone 360 3606 City Clinic 12 Hereford Street Phone 961 0236 Wigram Skies Clinic 67 Skyhawk Road Phone 322 9400

A referral to The Endoscopy Clinc for bowel cancer screening can give you peace of mind.

Back and neck pain Sprains and strains Functional training studio Biomechanical assessments Headaches and migraines clinic Work injuries and gym rehab Pre and post surgery rehab

Eligibility criteria apply for Southern Cross members


Level 1, 9 Caledonian Road, Christchurch Ph.03 961 6666


Offering solutions for Varicose Veins Less pain & less bruising means back to normal sooner, with Laser, Radiofrequency and Venaseal System.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

We have moved to 256 Papanui Rd


Phone 365 4502 38 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Peter E. Laws MB ChB FRCSI


Winning Lottery

the life

The day that death came knocking on Liesl Johnstone’s door, she didn’t answer. Far too busy and she was, after all, young and healthy. She shares her story.


his day, death hovered. I’d been gardening a week earlier, picking up barbed branches; gnarly old thorns more lethal than fork prongs. I was wearing gloves. This was not preventive medicine, I would later realise. The prick was a sudden assault, and very sore. I quickly forgot about it. The week following I was hot and cold, slightly queasy and very tired. Mundane tasks represented huge effort. By Wednesday I had an inflamed knuckle. When I prodded, the pain shot through its surrounds. I drove to work on Thursday, an immense effort of the will, and managed just two hours. Pins and needles were going from the tips of every finger to my elbow. My man took me to after-hours where the doctor thought I was getting flu. Friday night was ghastly. There was no escape from my painful right arm. Red tracks were appearing. I was on fire from the inside; in bodily hell. By 5:30 am we were on our way to Christchurch Hospital. Intravenous antibiotics, x-rays and doctors

drifting in and out; I lay there shivering, barely aware of the yellow light and green uniforms, drifting away. Finally, sometime in the evening doctors were wheeling my bed into theatre. They hadn’t been planning to take me there till Sunday morning, but one young doctor, Charlotte, had a sixth sense that I needed theatre, and now. Once cut open, the surgical team watched my flesh turning black before their eyes. Rampant and aggressive, my hand was being eaten away by Necrotizing Fasciitis. Once it’s gone, there’s no regeneration. The flesh-eating disease is a fast killer; thankfully rare. Almost winning-alottery-rare. But for every rarity, someone’s got to be the one left with just bones and compromised tendons. When I awoke, I was in intensive care, being congratulated by the surgeon on making it to hospital on time. I had been diminutive hours from death, or amputation. There were eight surgeries, most of them scraping away more tissue that had died, including the bits needed to

hold skin on top. The final surgery was to take a muscle from my back and skin from my thigh, and reconstruct my hand from these. I was so weak that even the clock-hands were interesting diversions. From this window, by whose basin I went to clean my teeth at night, the words on the Art Gallery glinted reassurance and hope. ‘Everything is going to be alright’. I know that it shouldn’t take an encounter with hell to get heaven on earth but I live differently now. So let that driver into the queue. Smile at the angry guy. Feed the scrawny stray cat. Make the most of beautiful days and leave the desk for something awe-inspiring, far more often. Share kindnesses and know that our medics have the most difficult, yet fulfilling lives, making a difference by administering timely help. Our doctors and nurses also probably understand something the rest of the population repeatedly wants buried; that horrible injuries and diseases can happen to any one of us. That we’re mortal, but that we’re also loved.

Metropol January 17, 2019 39

REVITALIZE YOUR HEARING Do you, or your loved ones have problems hearing? Don’t suffer in silence! Come and meet the friendly, professional team at The Hub, Hornby, for a FREE hearing check and demonstration of the very latest hearing technology. ACC & VETERANS’ AFFAIRS

Southern Cross Health Society


Easy-claim available for members


which make you feel like


Getting new or replacement dentures can pose all sorts of questions. Will my new dentures look good and fit well? Will I like the smile I see reflected back in the mirror? Will I still feel like me? With expertly crafted dentures from internationally renowned clinical dental technician Richard Greenlees of LOVEBITE, you can confidently answer yes to all of these questions!

Dawn’s bespoke LOVEBITE dentures have recreated the stunning smile of her youth, and restored her natural beauty and confidence.





The combination of Richard’s skill, experience (including 15 years in London’s prestigious Harley Street) knowledge and revolutionary techniques allow him to create beautiful dentures, which truly resemble teeth found in nature, and reflect each patient’s individuality and unique character.

Are you ready for the LOVEBITE experience?

(Offer assumes eligibility for $511.11 per ear Government Subsidy for hearing aids. Enquire for more information)




03 974 1658 402 montreal street, christchurch telephone: 379 1222 by appointment only - consultation fee applies

Lady Wigram Retirement Village Apartments now available

Independent living at its best With individual support provided directly to your unit mixed with luxury resort style facilities, Lady Wigram Retirement Village offers a true, carefree lifestyle.

(03) 377 4421 40 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Sarah Jacobson - Village Manager 210 Kittyhawk Ave, Wigram Phone 03 341 0543 Mobile 027 3411 464

Genealogy: a global pastime

researched. Without documentation, you don’t know what sources somebody might have already used. This means you will likely use some of the same sources earlier family historians have used. This wastes our time and resources which could be used to solve questions others haven’t yet answered.

By Jenafor Rollins

All families share stories and life experiences about their members. As the generations evolve, having those stories documented provides a history in time about those people and their adventures.


s the years progress, sometimes we meet these people, but many times we don’t and that is where the value of documenting stories with references makes all the difference to current and future generations. Maybe it helps us humans to know where we come from and our lineage. Genealogy has become a global hobby. People from all corners of the planet and every culture are taking interest in their family history. While most genealogy is for family eyes only and never published for the world to see, the number one cardinal rule in doing genealogy is that ‘without proof there is no truth’. As you start your family search, don’t forget to take the time to record your findings.



Documentation will make your research easier and faster Save your time and other peoples time by documenting where you find your facts and research. As a hobby researcher, you most likely will be interrupted as you search and will have to stop at some point and pick up where you have left off. That could be the next day, next week, next month or even next year. Documenting where you have found research is time saving. Documentation helps prevent duplication of research In the course of your genealogical research, you can’t help but spend some time researching family members others have already


Documentation gives others confidence in your research This is the old standby point you read in every genealogy textbook, but that does not make it any less true. The problem is that many people, especially those just starting out, do not plan on publishing their research findings, as they are just doing it for their own interest. Throughout the course of your research you are constantly using the research of others, which may be a published family history, a brief biographical sketch, or a computerised lineage from an ancestral file or an online family tree. Consistent formatting is useful, even required on some sites and very helpful in your search for your family history.

Metropol January 17, 2019 41


The secret’s out! By Peter Walker

At the height of the 1920s prohibition era, when the possession, purchase and consumption of alcohol in the US was illegal, there were as many as a hundred thousand illicit booze joints in New York alone!

Savour modern flavours, attentive service & a contemporary ambience


42 January 17, 2019 Metropol

50 Park Terrace P: 371 0250 E:



peakeasies, as they came to be known – because they were only spoken of quietly – sprang up in response. People wanted to drink alcohol and entrepreneurial types, many with ties to organised crime, established secret bars and lounges whose location was carefully guarded. In hidden rooms, basements or attics, these concealed saloons flourished. Word of mouth and secret passwords or handshakes were often the only way to get in. Non-descript and elusive, speakeasies broke down social barriers between races, men and women, rich and poor. They introduced jazz music to new audiences. New ways of imbibing alcohol were invented. Some say the cocktail was revolutionised in the speakeasies as bartenders tried various ways to mask the poor quality, cheap alcohol some of them were selling, to make it more palatable. Prohibition ended in 1933 and speakeasies largely either disappeared or returned to business as usual in most states (Mississippi enforced prohibition until 1966!). The temperance movement attempted to get prohibition established in New Zealand in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but generally failed. Jump forward to the 21st century where the night-life and alcohol industries are still very well established in western culture and the continual quest for the different has seen a resurgence in popularity of cocktail bars styled after the speakeasies of American history. Just what makes a booze joint a speakeasy these days is a matter of hot debate. There seems to be some agreement however, on the

inconspicuous, even hard to find, location and a serious cocktail programme to satisfy the punters. With social media, inconspicuous may be a hard ask; a line-up of spectacular cocktails is somewhat easier. Littered throughout Christchurch, a number of speakeasy style lounges are very popular, each with its own distinct vibe. Some are easier to find than others. For those already in the know, that drycleaners is literally just a front. Go through it to a sophisticated, seated-service, opium den themed cocktail lounge serving exotics such as the Opium Sour and Disturbance. That bookshelf? Yep. Secret entrance. Behind it, a dimly lit, opulent cocktail bar where you can imbibe such classics as The Manhattan, or specialties such as Mystery of Suite 12. Another very popular inner city social club is “completely dedicated to, and somewhat obsessed with, the craft of the cocktail,” and there’s a sneaky little cocktail bar in the heart of Riccarton. Not everyone is a fan, however. Harrison Jacobs, in a piece for Business Insider says “there is no trend in nightlife culture that has more outlived its welcome than the speakeasy bar. “No way!” says one Christchurch speakeasy manager. “Not true at all.” The speakeasy is alive and well, and in fact immensely popular. “The numbers don’t lie.” If you are looking for a great night out, or a unique private venue, fire up the google machine or ask around. You never know what you may find in some of those hidden rooms behind discreet doorways or bookshelves.

Open your own Coffee Cartel. With a micro-roastery in every Cartel, we’re the worlds first coffee roasting franchise. Spread the art of coffee with us, become a franchisee — enquire online.

Metropol January 17, 2019 43



Offering a beautiful fusion of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, Cô Ba Restaurant uses the freshest local produce daily to create a range of delectable dishes. “Every single dish is made fresh to order,” says owner Long Nguyen.

riginally from Vietnam, Long’s love of Thai fare and a passion for high-quality cuisine has been poured into Cô Ba (meaning ‘third auntie’ in Vietnamese), which he opened six months ago in Addington. “It has always been my dream to open a restaurant.” Word of mouth recommendations from many happy diners has spread quickly. Cô Ba’s Special Beef Noodle Soup is a favourite – medium rare beef rice noodle soup served with bean sprout, spring onion, coriander and lemon. Other stand-out options include the Cô Ba Crispy Chicken stir-fry with Red Curry or the Cô Ba Fusion Fish – deep fried seasonal fish topped with Cô Ba’s special three-seasoning sauce. “You won’t find this sauce anywhere else.”

Along with the delicious range of fusion dishes on the menu, diners can also request an authentic version of any dish. Seating between 40 and 45 people, lunchtimes are packed with diners enjoying the ‘meal of the day’ special for just $10, from Pad Thai on Monday to Penang Curry on Saturday. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available and everything is MSG-free. The restaurant offers BYO as well as takeaway and can also cater to functions with a customised set menu. Located on 300 Lincoln Road, open seven days from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 9:30pm. Follow on Facebook or phone 03-925 9730. The restaurant will be closed on 7 January 2019 and reopens on 1 February.

Choose to explore our ingenious Gumption menu prepared by our Internationally trained Culinary team including our specialist Pastry Chef. Our generous size portions are created from delicious NZ products to please the discerning palate. Opulent surroundings in the absolute centre of the CBD Live music Fridays and Saturdays.

14 Cathedral Square, Christchurch Central p. 03 377 7000 44 January 17, 2019 Metropol


An Angel’s Share There is something pretty spectacular happening at 11 Sandyford Street in Sydenham. New Zealand is experiencing fantastic growth in the craft beverage market and leading the charge in distilled spirits is Antony and the team at The Spirit Workshop distillery.


ith a whisky due to mature in December next year, the oak barrels are full of a palate-pleasing dram or two and now you can experience the distillery first-hand. With the team opening its doors to tours and tastings at the cellar door, you can get your hands on a drop or two of some of New Zealand’s most unique gin. The Curiosity Gin range is amazing in its depth of flavours and variety for every discerning gin connoisseur. The Curiosity Dry is a perfect mix for the Tom Collins cocktail, using a great range of New Zealand botanicals with kawakawa, horopito and manuka to name just a few.

The Pinot Barrel Sloe is a rich aromatic sloe gin mulled in a pinot barrel from Otago, giving a beautiful Christmas cake flavour; sweet and luscious with plum and almond coming through in every sip. Recipe #23 took 23 attempts to perfect and they certainly got it right with 11 botanicals to give it a real floral taste with some orange accents. Last, but not least, the incredible Negroni Special. Wonderful with Campari and vermouth, this drop is not for the fainthearted, but full of rich accents to power any great cocktail. The Spirit Distillery has gin tasting packs of all of these for a mere $45 and you can

With the arrival of holiday guests expected and unexpected ...

satiate your gin curiosity by popping down to 11 Sandyford Street to see the process of how gin is made and how the ingredients that permeate such great beverages are blended. Now you can ask the distillers first-hand those aching questions. With plenty of awards under their commercial belt, it’s not hard to see why Curiosity Gin will be gracing the drinks trolleys of some of the best homes and the shelves of wise bars across New Zealand. The future is bright for the team at The Spirit Workshop. No wonder there’s such a thing as an ‘angel’s share’ – even heaven can’t get enough of it.


let Pasta Vera remove all your anxieties as to how to feed those extra mouths.

Pop into our factory shop and stock up on fresh pasta, homestyle lasagne and mouth-watering calzone and gnocchi. Grab some pesto and hummus to spice up your barbie. We also have a fabulous range of gluten free and vegan options to cater for all your needs.

You can now kick back & enjoy your holiday! Curiosity Gin has a style for everyone available at our newly opened distillery shop and tasting room. Choose the perfect bottle or play the field with our new Four Gin Tasting Pack. Unit 1, 2 Musgrove Close, Wigram

03 343 4107 Metropol January 17, 2019 45

Celebrate your love with


Winemaker’s Wife

Come and treat yourself to a scrumptious Scallop pie or maybe an Italian eggplant pie!! Fairlie Bakehouse pies in store too

MRS DENTON’S Fine. Food. Fast Takeaway Cafe, Delicatessen

168a Kendal Ave, Burnside Opening hours Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm Saturday 9am to 2pm Sunday closed Ph. (03) 357 4516 027 469 0206

Catering for any occasion Available at Fresh Choice Carlton Liquor King & your favourite restaurants.

Picnics at the beach, boot parties at the races, work shouts, birthday parties, BBQs, or just because! Check out our catering menu online, or pop in and see us.

HALSWELL BAKERY & CAFE 346 Halswell Rd Open 7 days - Ph 322 4600

GREAT FOOD for Your Memorable Wedding Great Food is essential to make your Wedding Memorable Allow us to tailor a menu that will be just right for you at affordable rates

From all of us at

Fiona’s Food

Ph.03 3513414

Mob. 0272295671


French Bakery where everything is homemade and prepared using traditional French methods. We also do catering. Indoor/outdoor seating. Burtons coffee. Free wifi. Open Tuesday to Friday 7am-4pm. Saturday 8am-3pm.

Les Delices Bakery 9/736 Weedons Ross Road, West Melton Ph. 03 421 6559

46 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Villa 23 is LEKKER

the newest DUTCH cafe in Christchurch Open Sunday till Friday Saturday: poffertjes and oliebollen at the Chch Farmers Market 23 Mandeville street Ph. 343 33 75 Villa 23 Cafe Christchurch

A Bakery treasure trove at the bottom of the hill Ataahua Wine Fine Waipara wine to enjoy this summer! Order online or purchase from Pukeko Junction Regional Winestore, Vino Fino, Ballantynes or City Market Fresh Choice.

An easy location for you to pop in and stock up on our bakery products. Delicious hand made cakes, Danish pastries, pies, sausage rolls and Underground Coffee. Catering also available. Una Bakery 73 Centaurus Rd, Huntsbury Ph: 337 8214.

Rat Race

Christchurch is well known for its cycling history. Its flat landscape has always been ideal for recreational riding.


s far back as the 1870s, cycling clubs encouraged enthusiasts to take to the streets on the new machines. One such group decided one day to ride to the small railway junction of Rolleston. During the trip, one of those riders burst a tyre – a newly invented pneumatic tyre – and ended up taking the train back to town. Times have changed, but the passion for cycling remains for many. The Pedal Pusher in Rolleston gives a respectful nod to those glory days. It’s a great place to escape the rat race and enjoy a friendly, casual atmosphere that maintains an element of finesse. There’s a great gastro-pub menu and a spectacular line up of beers, wines and cocktails. Located in South Point, in the heart of Faringdon, The Pedal Pusher is the

ultimate local. There is outdoor dining for balmy summer nights, TV screens for sports fans, a kiddie’s corner and cycling themed décor throughout, including the lighting and even the children’s highchairs! It also has a new summer menu and some exciting things on the drinks menu. Slushy and Tiki cocktails, craft beers, and you must try Purple Angel, a Chilean red wine from Montes. Next month, February, will be Beer Appreciation Night, a chance to sample great Asian street-style food cleverly matched up with a selection of Tuatara craft beers. This and other events at the Pedal Pusher are very popular, and you will need to book via the restaurant’s Facebook page. The Pedal Pusher is at 55 Faringdon Blvd, and there’s more info at

Metropol Readers special offer!! Present this advert to our staff to receive your

10% DISCOUNT OFF your total account at The Pedal Pusher Rolleston

55 Faringdon Blvd, Rolleston Ph. 03-260 0866 Open 7 Days 9am-Late Metropol January 17, 2019 47


Escape the


INGREDIENTS Base 3/4 cup desiccated coconut 10 medjool dates 1/3 cup sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or fine rolled oats 1/4 cup melted butter

Frozen Berry

Ice Cream Cake Have your cake and eat it too, with this berrylicious beauty. Refined sugar-free, gluten-free and nut-free, it is extraordinarily easy to make and doesn’t include any guilt! It’s the perfect option for entertaining this summer and you can work in whatever fruits – fresh, frozen or even canned – you choose.

Filling 500g frozen berries of choice 4 tblspn pure maple syrup 1/4 cup cream 2 egg whites Garnish Sliced fresh or frozen berries


Grease and line the bottom and sides of a 20cm spring-form cake tin with baking paper.


Run all base ingredients through a food processor until well combined. Press the resulting slightly sticky dough into the base of prepared cake tin using the back of a spoon. Place in the freezer while you make the filling.


Place frozen berries in the food processor and run through until they are a crumbly texture. Add the maple syrup and cream and continue running through the processor until you have the consistency of ice cream.


Add egg whites and continue to run through the processor for 1-2 more minutes, when it will become light, fluffy, smooth and ice-cream like. It will be pale pink in colour.




Spoon filling on top of the base and roughly smooth out the top. Return to the freezer immediately. Leave for at least 6 hours (or overnight) until set. When ready to serve, remove from freezer then wrap a warm, damp dishcloth around the tin and run a hot palette knife around the edge of the cake to loosen. Release the springform tin and remove. Garnish with the berries and slice using a hot knife to serve. NB: If time is of the essence, use 3L store-bought ice cream. Place in a large mixing bowl and stir to soften slightly. Mix in berries as chunky or as smooth as you prefer before freezing overnight.

48 January 17, 2019 Metropol







Spitfire SquareLocation

Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)


YOUR GO TO COFFEE SPOT - Enticing range of cabinet food made fresh in house daily - Delicious all day brunch menu - Quality Gravity coffee - Catering available - Group bookings welcomed - Easy parking at front & rear - Free wifi available

BRINGING CULTURES TOGETHER TO ENJOY THE TRADITIONAL ART OF CHINESE FOOD Authentic Cantonese Cuisine made from our hearts Hours: Tuesday -Sunday, Yumcha Lunch 11.00am to 2.30pm Dinner 5.00pm to 9.30pm



the new local on Riccarton Road With a loft feel, The Camden has a kitchen rich with experience offering traditional English favourites with a modern kiwi cooking style. With flavoursome dishes created from locally sourced ingredients matched by a great range of craft beers, exciting wines and delicious cocktails as well as amazing coffee all day. Serving lunch and dinner everyday from 11:30am .

TAICHI RESTAURANT 544 Memorial Ave, Christchurch Christchurch Airport, Shop 8, Spitfire Square

70 Riccarton Road, Riccarton (03) 341 2224 Open 7 days.

Like Us On facebook

Tai Tapu

03 423 9195



Charteris Bay



Come in to The Eatery for our world famous breakfast board ‘The Birdwood’ and locally made kombucha. Linger for our house roasted coffee and warm service. Great wine list and Three Boys on Tap. The Pizzeria is your go to place for Artisan, hand stretched, sourdough pizza. Craft Beer on tap and stunning wine list.

Overlooking golf greens, forest and the sea. There are playgrounds, fantastic walking and cycle tracks or just kick back and relax under the giant chestnut and walnut tree’s shade with good food and great C4 coffee. Come out here while the sun shines and enjoy Orton Bradley park’s summer paradise.

Image (x1 only) SUMMER IS HERE AT “THE TAP” And have we been busy over the winter with our outdoor areas! Why not come down and enjoy a “Dark & Stormy” or one of our other cocktails, while sitting in our new outdoor area or on our new deck, while admiring our new gardens. Bring the kids and let them have a blast on one of our two bouncy castles. Remember we also have two courtesy vans available for pick-up and drop-offs in the surrounding areas. Phone us on 03 329 6819 to book a pick-up. Restaurant Hours: Tues - Sun 12noon - 8pm.

780 Old Tai Tapu Road Tai Tapu (03) 329 6819

level 1/235 Riccarton Rd 03 341 5567

Opening hours: Eatery - daily 8-4pm (coffee window open from 7am) Pizzeria - Monday-Thursday 4-10pm & Sat/Sun 3-10pm

76 Malcolm Avenue Beckenham 03 332 3256

Open Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 8 am until 8 pm.

Marine Drive, Charteris Bay Ph. 02041694333

email: Metropol January 17, 2019 49





Image (x1 only)



Image (x1 only)


A FUN, QUIRKY CAFE with great atmosphere and stunning views. Cyclist and dog friendly. Real food made with love from locally sourced produce. Dietary requirements catered for.


Serving expertly poured Supreme coffee, superfood smoothies, breakfast & lunch including toasted sandwiches, cheese scones, bulletproof coffee & daily specials all made on site to takeaway. GF | DF | Vegan options Soy | Rice | Coconut | Almond milk available

WELCOME TO 2019! Come and enjoy Torenhof’s delectable salads, toasted bruschetta, our famous Moules Frites or many other choices. Combine them with world-class craft beer and NZ wine.

Monday-Friday: 6am-2pm Follow us on instagram @Banterchch

21 Mary Muller Drive, Heathcote, off Chapmans, off Port Hills Rd. (03) 384 5263



496 Colombo Street, Sydenham (Next to The Drawing Room) Text your coffee order to: 0210 820 9942


Location Waimairi/North Beach

Image (x1 only)

Image (x1 only)


13 Stanley Street, Christchurch Ph. 03 377 1007



Fabulous Catering Made Easy – 25% OFF! With over 90 items available to choose from and delivered fresh to your door, Addington Pantry makes ordering your next office shout or catch up with friends easy. To order visit Enter the code: welcomeback2019* and receive a 25% discount on your next order! *valid until 1 March 2019 Available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.30pm (Closed Public Holidays)

75 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington (03) 339 7915 50 January 17, 2019 Metropol

BREAKFAST, LUNCH, TAPAS AT THE BEACH A hidden gem completely different to any other city venue Beach Cafe has an exciting new menu and a beach vibe for the totally relaxed experience, be it family, walking the dog or work meeting. Your host Frank Tamati looks forward to welcoming you to their beach!

16a Beach Road, Waimairi Beach 03 382 8599 Fully Licensed


Quiz Night


Two 4 One Steak night

WEDNESDAY Kids Dine For Free THURSDAY “Shout Ya Mate” & Free BBQ SAT & SUN

Roast of the Day and a Drink for $20.

305 Cranford Street Christchurch 03 355 0218






For brunch, lunch, dunner and snacks. Excellent Guinness. Pool Table. Great environment for the whole family. Open 7 days, 10am til late.

579 Colombo Street City Centre (by South City)


Image (x1 only)




Re-open 1st Feb

Vietnamese and Thai fusion packed with plenty of flavours and healthy options is waiting for you. Special Lunch $12 meals comes with drinks LUNCH ONLY Takeaway available, fully licensed and BYO, Vegetarian friendly. Open 7 days 11.30am - 2.30pm and 5pm - 9.30pm.

(03) 377 4787

Unit 5/300 Lincoln Rd

Instagram + Facebook

03 925 9730

NUTRITIOUS AND HEALTHY OPTIONS PACKED WITH FLAVOUR • Breakfast/Brunch and cabinet food • All food made on the premises • Wide range Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Paleo options • Open 7 days • Indoor & Outdoor Seating • Catering available - free delivery city wide

Westfield Riccarton Mall 129 Riccarton Road Ph 03 983 4652

(No Boarder)






West Melton

Image (x1 only) JOLLY SEAFOOD AND MUCH MUCH MORE Possibly the most extensive Chinese menu in Christchurch. All day menu available including Peking Duck, beef, roast duck, Pork Buns (gluten free options available). Brand new modern décor with extensive lighting features and seating for 200 people. Open for Lunch and Dinner. A truly special function venue which comfortably seats 200 people. Fully Licensed.

LE BAKERMEN DOES DELICIOUS IN-HOUSE MADE PIES AND PATISSERIE DELICACIES A fusion of contemporary yet familiar flavours. Contact us about our catering options

03 322 7898

Gold Card Lunches Mon-Fri Mon /Tue Woodfired pizzas $20 Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes $15 Burgers Wed $15 Curry Thur / Fri Function Room - fundraisers/private functions Takeaways available Opening hours: Sunday 9am - late Monday - Saturday 11.30am - late

Jolly Seafood Restaurant 1/187 Wigram Road, Halswell


187 Wigram Road Halswell (03) 421 5496

Weedons Ross Road West MeltonVillage Ph.03 421 6481 Metropol January 17, 2019 51






The only Mediterranean food outlet in the local Rolleston area and forever popular in the Shirley area. Serving Delicious Souvlaki, Hot Grill Salads, Moroccan Tagine, and many more tasty dishes. A family of four can dine for around $50, with average prices at $14-$16 for dine in and takeaway items. Keep eye on the FB page for the updation. Open 10am-9.30pm seven days a week

Shop 24/9 Masefield Drive, Rolleston

Only a short 1 hour drive from Christchurch, the Methven Resort Hotel is the perfect choice for your wedding. With accommodation in the Mt Hutt Village, plus our onsite chef offers a special wedding menu with a wide range of flavours to suit all of your guests. • 3 heated outside spas • 25 metre outdoor swimming pool - seasonal • Accommodation 47 ensuite rooms • Bar • Conference room can hold 300 people

51 Main Street Methven

03 925 9897

2/114 Marshland Rd, Shirley 03 385 9673

ENJOY A TASTE-BUD TANTALISING BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER. With tempting dishes all made using the freshest local produce. Open 7 days from 9am with live music on Friday nights and Sunday afternoon chill-out sessions. Universo effortlessly strikes the balance between elegant sophistication and casual cool.

49 Worcester Boulevard

THE HIGHEST Ph. 03 379 5214

0800 22 44 40





St Albans




Our new owners extend a warm Canterbury welcome to their galaxy New Summer Menu coming Mid October 49 Worcester Blvd Christchurch P. 03 379 5214

Image (x1 only)


FIND OUT WHY OUR CUSTOMERS ARE ALL COFFEE FANS Clip this coupon to receive our Buy one and get one FREE! to enjoy our specials (Special conditions apply) Mon-Fri promotion only We are now serving brunch daily (until 1:30pm)

159 Cranford Street, St Albans 03 355 8744 52 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Image (x1 only) LIFE’S A BEACH... AT OCEAN CAFÉ & BAR SCARBOROUGH Open Daily @ 8am for Breakfast & Lunch Open late on $5 Friday...

TAKE THE WORK OUT OF YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY Providing a genuine customer-focused experience using natural products, delivered by our family-focused team. • Private Functions • Weddings • Events • Consulting & Temp Chefs

147 Esplanade Clock Tower End Sumner 03 326 7923


Christchurch Location

Canterbury Location


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1. Simply download our cool app ‘Give Me Bread’ or visit 2. Select delivery or takeaway option 3. Use promo-code ‘METROPOL’ to enjoy FREE delivery or $5.99 off 4. Lightning fast delivery with LIVE GPS tracking 5. Earn $1 for every $20 spent using our app (5% savings) 6. Beat the queue and place takeaway order at no extra cost

Book the first table for breakfast, lunch or dinner at participating Christchurch eateries and you’ll get 50% OFF the FOOD BILL for 2 to 4 DINERS! Choose from 90+ fantastic Christchurch restaurants and cafes. Use promo code METROPOL to get $5 FREE CREDIT!*

50+ Top restaurants to choose from!

Christchurch’s local food delivery app

Book now at

*Promo code can only be used on new sign ups. $5 free credit to be used towards booking fee. Booking fee is normally $10 per reservation. Credit must be used within 30 days of signing up. Hoon Hay Location


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DINNER FOR TWO FOR $45.00 I Veg Starter 2 Curries Option of (Chicken, Lamb, Beef) 2 Basmati Rice 2 Naan Breads

300 Lincoln Rd, Shop 9, Addington Mall. 03 595 0442

Spring in in for Come for

* Best Food & Beverage *Best Food & Beverage * Best Service *Best Service * Best Functions *Best Functions Follow us:Facebook Join us on Licensed

Addington Location

Summer has arrived! Pop into Pepper Bridge to make your summer season delicious.


@Trevinoschch Open 7 Days: 9am-1am




THE PLACE TO GO FOR A THAI MEAL THAT YOU WILL NOT FORGET…… Fresh Daily, delicious flavours 5th Year Anniversary 10% off all meals Dine in or Takeaway or home delivered meals Fully licenced Restaurant Tues – Sat Lunch 11am-2pm & Dinner 5pm-9pm Sun – Dinner 5pm – 9pm

9 Coppell Place, Christchurch Ph 03 339 0320

Cnr Riccarton RiccartonRoad Road Cnr and Monavale MonavaleAve Ave and (03) 3435378 5378 03 343

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New to the city and serving the most healthy, freshest salads & pita bread/ wraps for you to enjoy... Delicous & freshly made to order. Our salads are full of nutritous ingredients with a wide range of options to choose from. Taking salads to the next level with friendly staff making a great place to eat & relax. Open: Mon-Sat 7am-Late

9 Ash Street Christchurch (Off Madras Street)

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(No Boarder)







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ly) ENJOY THE MAJESTIC OPULENCE THROUGHOUT OUR STYLISH IVORY BAR An elegant destination worth the easy drive. Stunningly restored heritage building and venue with sensational European style tapas and shared plates. Champagne and cocktail bar. ROAR. Hours: Monday to Friday open 11.30am Sat and Sun open 9.30am

Serving a range of fine cuisines that can truly be described as international to suit any occasion. Situated on site at the Quality Hotel Elms in Papanui and open daily for breakfast and dinner, they pride themselves on their mouth-watering food - including a range of gluten-free and vegetarian options and their comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Coffee. from 6am All day snacks. Dinner. from 5pm

SUNDAY ROAST AT THE GOOD HOME Serving every Sunday from midday - Only $17 and your choice of Roast Beef or Roast Pork with all the trimmings GA



Opening everyday from 10am until late FE

456 Papanui Road Christchurch

93 Ivory Street Rangiora

(03) 352 4903

More information at



03 376 4071



Image (x1 only) SUMMER MEALS & SNACKS SORTED FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON See our huge selection of NZ King Salmon products – salmon sourced from Stewart Island. Also in store award winning cheeses, pickles, West Coat Whitebait and gift packs.



Book your pre-show dinner or drinks and enjoy our warm atmosphere and friendly service.

Open 7 Days

(just off the car park)

284 Lincoln Road Addington

0800 222 811 or 021 184 6113

03 335 0095 54 January 17, 2019 Metropol


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Open 7 days, 9am – Late

Merivale Mall


2a Waterman Place, Ferrymead Christchurch


03 4233 143



INDULGE IN GENUINE AUTHENTIC MAORI INFUSED KAI RIGHT IN THE CITY CENTRE Lu Lu’s Bar and Eatery, is the place to connect and reconnect over Maori infused cuisine” Peruse the menu – available in both English and Te Reo – which pays homage to native New Zealand produce from the farm, garden and sea including paua from the Chatham Islands, traditional Maori sourdough bread and hangi-style kumara bites. Round up the whanau and tuck into Lu Lu’s authentic and delectable fare.” Use our special December promo code “codekai12” for free coffee with meals over $30 *T&C’s apply

31 Victoria Street


Home Natural Instinct By Tracey Edwardes

Natural fibres are bringing authentic warmth to our decor. We look at how to introduce this knotty and nice aesthetic to refresh and lighten the home.


asy on the eye, to the touch, and for the planet, natural fibres appeal to our instincts in woven, knitted or knotted renditions. Natural fibres are non-toxic, which is reassuring for little family members especially, and are usually low maintenance and affordable. Strong and durable linen is a breathable fabric that creates beautifully hanging curtains, sumptuous duvets and the ultimate cool summer cushion. As anyone that has owned a time-softened linen tea-towel knows, it’s a practical fabric that endures. Natural woven mats are the latest practical investment. Jute, often dubbed the ‘golden fibre’ for its silky sheen, is an affordable, tough material suitable for a stampede of family members – but which still feels soft under foot. From large lounge-

floor covers to creative circular mats, they grace everything from entrances to hallways. Ethnic looks, fine traditional herringbone design, or colourful-dyed quirky patterns with knotted edging, it’s all in. Sea grass gives a beachy vibe, whereas sisal is the strongest, its thick fibres trapping dirt which is easily vacuumed out. Fulfilling our love of the natural, textural and the handmade is original and traditional artwork from macramé to tapestry. Baskets can be made from coconut fibre and hemp table-runners will grace the dining table. Bamboo and rattan will be the natural choice for indoor and outdoor furniture, even lampshades and headboards. Nature has woven its way back into the heart of the home this season.

Fresh new house plans out now. Our already huge range of house plan designs is growing, meaning you have even more choice. Simply choose a plan and go with it, or use one as a starting point and customise it to suit. The choice is yours. Get inspired at

Metropol January 17, 2019 55


A talent for T transformation With a strong focus on sustainability and upcycling, Ronnie Dunbar Upholsterers (RDU) is an expert at transforming both antique and contemporary furnishings into stylish pieces that appear brand-new.

hanks to a reputation that extends across the globe, the company has worked on top-quality projects for royalty, celebrities, country estates and multi-national businesses. All this experience – an impressive 80 years between all three staff, to be exact – is now available right here in Christchurch. Ronnie’s expertise is well-known in New Zealand. He started his career by completing a four-year apprenticeship with respected furniture store Anderson &

England in Elgin, Scotland and, after a few years, formed RDU Ltd. Following more than 20 years in Scotland, he made the move to Queenstown in 2008. Building a strong reputation for genuine customer service, he saw a growing demand for the company’s services in Christchurch following the earthquakes and set up a branch working on both commercial and domestic projects. The company is a specialist at combining modern materials with traditional techniques, offering a range of services that includes re-upholstering and re-covering, antique upholstery, bespoke upholstery, upholstered headboards, window pelmets and even wall art. From start to finish, the team focuses on making sure every detail is perfect, undertaking repairs, respringing, webbing and padding. So, if you have a beloved piece of furniture that could do with a makeover or modernisation to restore its original beauty, call RDU for a consultation and quote today. To save time, you can even make the most of the pick-up and delivery service. For more, visit


11a Sheffield Crescent, Burnside, Christchurch 8053 Ph. 021 069 1011 I 56 January 17, 2019 Metropol

home Merivale home completed December 2018 By Armstrong Interiors Angelique Armstrong Armstrong Interiors Ltd

Wonderful Walls Whether you want an understated design for subtle interest or a bold statement pattern to give a room that wow factor, it seems the writing is on the wall for 2019 interior trends. Yes, wallpaper is making its beautiful mark and our homes are all the better for it.


etropol catches up with awardwinning interior designer Angelique Armstrong of Armstrong Interiors about how to dress your walls in their Sunday best. “Some people say that wallpapers are making a comeback. I say they never went out,” Angelique says. “At Armstrong Interiors we love to embrace the texture, colours and creativity of wallpaper, whether it’s for a feature or the whole room.” When it comes to making any wallpaper decisions, consideration first needs to go into the space you’re working with; lighting is always an important factor to consider, as is the mood you want to convey in the room. “One thing you need to be careful of when choosing your wallpaper is that you create flow between each room to ensure continuity throughout the home,” Angelique says. “It’s also important to create a nice balance between wallpapers and paint within the greater space and the right paint colour to complement the wallpaper you have chosen will give you

the best outcome. There are many wallpapers to choose from and fabric houses continuously launch the new season’s look with matching fabrics and wallpapers; telling a story in colour and pattern,” Angelique says. Once you have chosen your wallpaper, you need to consider the hanging. Most companies offer their own specialised glues however, these can be purchased through your designer. Choose your wallpaper hanger carefully, Angelique says. “This is where you are best to deal with an expert. If you need help call our office and we can name a few paper hangers we use. “At Armstrong Interiors we have a good relationship with all major wallpaper and textile houses around the world so we are able to source the latest products in wallpapers and fabrics.” So why not let your walls do the talking? When it comes to your home, it’s your personal space so embrace this and live for now. Visit or phone 03 356 2636.

Metropol January 17, 2019 57


Coral has long symbolised a range of uplifting emotions from health to happiness, with amulets of the aragonite mineral used to drive away misfortune and illness in Ancient Greece.



hether recognising the talismanic qualities of nature’s bounty or simply a happy coincidence, Pantone has revealed that its official colour of 2019 is living coral. A vibrant pinky-peachyorangey hue that is said to “embrace us with warmth and

nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy”, we can’t think of anything better to inject into your home palette for the year ahead. With tropical holidays full of sand and sun still fresh in mind, we’re happy to acquiesce with Pantone’s colourful wisdom and introduce these tropical tones in our own homes.


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To see what an award winning home has to offer come on over and take a look at one of our exceptional display homes. 7 Lemonwood Drive, Rolleston Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm 9 Westpark Boulevard, Rangiora Open: Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm - 4pm At Jennian Homes Canterbury North we pride ourselves on delivering the home you’ve always wanted. So, what are you waiting for?

Builders Ho ter us as

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Jennian Homes Canterbury North 212 Main South Road, Sockburn P 03 741 1436 E 58 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Come on over and see for yourself what life could be like in a Jennian Home.

Ph 027 4888 305

Creating space Whether you need an office for working from home, an extra bedroom for guests or just require extra space, The Outside Room can provide an affordable and stylish solution.


Made to order Call NOW for a FREE QUOTE for your personalised Room. Use as extra bedroom, lounge, art studio, office, small business space or guest accomodation.



en Clement has been crafting and delivering portable, custom-made rooms in Canterbury and across the South Island for the past two and a half years, with his wife Tracy as marketing manager. From art studios, libraries and craft rooms, to man caves, music studios and sleepouts, the made-to-order rooms are double-glazed, lined with hardwood ply and fully insulated, with a ranch slider



Ph: Ken 021 284 1275

This exciting new home at 20 Wai-iti Terrace has just been completed. Jam packed with both interior and exterior features, this 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home is just a few minutes stroll to Fendalton Mall. Visit our website to view our other exciting projects in the Fendalton/Merivale area.


Ph: 021 300 999 or 352 1454 Metropol January 17, 2019 59


opening to a generous deck and veranda. Stylish, durable, weathertight and maintenancefree, up to three windows can be positioned to maximise light and views. The rooms are timber framed with a Colorsteel corrugated iron exterior in a range of colours, with doors in a choice of black or sandstone grey. Ken has 23 years’ experience in the building industry and is dedicated to producing the best quality product. From design to delivery, the entire process takes up to four weeks, without the need to complete home renovations or deal with the council. “Because they are under 10sqm, there are no council requirements; and all rooms are wired with a caravan adapter and come with an electrical Certificate of Compliance.” With a strong focus on eco-friendly construction and practices, not only do the rooms look fantastic, but they are built with almost zero wastage – everything is recycled. A lowinterest finance option is also available. For more information, visit or phone Ken on 021 284 1275.


Snow White snow

By Tracey Edwardes

Move over moody grey, bright white has entered the room. Who would have thought this colour would be capable of packing so much punch and giving our homewares a much-needed revamp?


hite light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow – no wonder we are drawn to its

60 January 17, 2019 Metropol

reflective vitality. As the bright summer sun now dances off the walls, white upon beautiful white is the in colour from furnishings to figurines.

B. Rugs and mats take on a completely cool summer story. There’s nothing like stepping barefoot on a soft snowy sheepskin rug. White brightens a room, from the ground up. Treat the couch to summery-white throws and cushions festooned with trims and fringes. Tie back the ivory curtains with tassels. Texture is key with this year’s most pale colour combos. As bringing the outside in is now popular, pick the white flowers! Showcase them in a stunning white geometric planter. White orchids in the conservatory are exotic, white cyclamens are easy to care for and scented jasmine can be grown indoors. Pick fluffy iceberg roses for a voluptuous white centrepiece vase. This hue partners to perfection with the latest magical metallic accents. They keep to the neutral palate but with an indulgent light-enhancing effect. The depth of natural light woods and fibres will also soften and complement a foundation of white. This clean colour for every room imparts serenity. Use it in porcelain pendant lighting, de-stressed wood, linens, marble, sculptures, shelving and seating. Food presents so well on fine white crockery and pillars of scented white candles create romance on a balmy summer evening.




Metropol January 17, 2019 61



Make your kitchen look NEW again


Before After

Before After

Our friendly team can remove all the doors and panels, repair and refinish in a colour of your choice. Lacquered, timber and melamine kitchens refinished.

Kitchens or Furniture Call us now to discuss your options 03 03 365 365 2519 2159 |



be seated!

62 January 17, 2019 Metropol

now’s the time to catch your breath, relax, & entertain. great range of outdoor furniture incl garden benches, Wave loungers etc

Cnr Wairakei Rd/ Roydvale Ave P. 03 358 5565


Restored, renewed, revitalised Celebrating 30 years in business, MF Turnbull has earned its place as an iconic Christchurch business. Experts in paint, stain, polyurethane and polished finishes on furniture and joinery, there is very little in the home that Monique and Murray Turnbull and their team cannot regenerate.


hile finishing new items is a large part of the business, Monique says that word of their success in revitalising kitchen cabinetry has spread. While so many Christchurch homes are looking gorgeous after their earthquake repairs and redecorations are complete, existing kitchens can look a little drab in comparison, and that’s where ‘Turnbulls’ comes in. Kitchen cabinets in melamine, paint, lacquer and timber can be refinished to create a new and modern look. “We have a great product to go over melamine which is so hardwearing. And a bonus is that it contains Teflon – it makes the surface really easy to clean,” Monique says. The process is simple; Manager Steve Baker goes out to clients’ homes to discuss what they would like to achieve and provides a free quote. Turnbulls then arranges for the removal and reinstallation

of all the parts that will be resurfaced in the workshop. “Clients find it’s an ideal time to turn out their kitchen cupboards because they can see everything once the doors are off. It’s a real refreshment of the kitchen inside and out!” Monique says. The team of 22, which now operates across three Christchurch sites, also rejuvenates bedroom and dining furniture, doors, wardrobe doors, anything in your house that might be spray painted. They can also do French polishing of antiques and the modern equivalent – staining and clear polyurethane. “I really like the idea that it’s an environmentally friendly way to refresh your house. Our approach means reuse of the kitchen or piece of furniture, rather than throwing it out and buying new,” Monique says. “The challenge can be getting out of people’s heads the vision that they have. Not everyone wants plain finishes; French provincial or distressed is often called for,

but everyone’s idea of that is different. By talking through the end goal using samples and options to clarify, the team is very good at turning visions into reality,” Murray says. The team takes pleasure in clients’ joy when they have had something old and it has received its reincarnation at Turnbulls. “I’ve seen some amazing things happen to furniture over the years,” Monique says. “We removed camouflage paint from a tallboy, to discover the timber was beautiful underneath. The owner arranged for her father, who had originally made the piece, to collect it. He didn’t realise what it was until he saw his name and the date he made it on the back. His face was a picture!” Turnbulls is open 7:30am to 4pm weekdays with easy parking at the front door. For more information, visit, or phone 03 365 2519.

Metropol January 17, 2019 63


Welcome Waterfront

to the

Christchurch’s new city waterfront is transforming how people engage with the city and Te Papa Ōtakaro/Avon River. Architect Craig South explores this exciting addition to the central city.


t was a day for celebration and discovery when Christchurch’s new City Promenade opened on 25 November with a scavenger hunt, live music, face painting and eel feeding. A few weeks before the official opening I was lucky enough to be invited on a tour of the new waterfront on the north side of Te Papa Ōtakaro/Avon River between Christchurch Hospital and Manchester Street/the Margaret Mahy Family Playground. It is a key part of Te Papa Ōtakaro/Avon River Precinct. Seeing the new riverside up close is inspiring. I can’t speak highly enough of the design that features broad, welldesigned paving. In pre-quake days, few would have braved the river’s grassy banks but the City Promenade can today be safely and easily accessed by people of all physical abilities and ages. How we interact with this part of the city is going to change as a result. Instead of just driving through it, people can now enjoy a leisurely walk or cycle along the 64 January 17, 2019 Metropol

river. My recent tour of the area gave me a fresh appreciation of how lucky we are to have such a beautiful natural environment in the heart of our city. Vehicle traffic will likely dwindle through the streets next to the river as more people embrace the waterfront. Activities such as riverside entertainment and market stalls will no doubt evolve in response to the City Promenade. The rebuild provided an opportunity for Ngāi Tūāhuriri/Ngāi Tahu identity to truly become a part of the city and it’s great to see how this has been woven into the river precinct. A self-guided walk has been created to highlight Ngā Whāriki Manaaki - Woven Mats of Welcome, a series of 13 weaving patterns adapted for the riverside using stone pavers of varying shades and colours. They reference the whakamanuhiri process of welcome and support the Ngāi Tahu guiding principle of the rebuild, ‘Kia atawhai ki te iwi’, (care for your people). The designs were made by expert weavers Reihana Parata, QSM and Morehu Flutey-

Henare, Master of Applied Indigenous Knowledge with technical support from artist Wayne Youle, Bachelor of Design. Personally, I feel moved and impressed by the Whāriki, which so eloquently embed mana whenua history and values in the city. My walking tour was a real journey of discovery: altogether, the City Promenade includes 34 artworks and various sitespecific displays/information. Around 500 trees, 29,000 plants and 600,000 pavers went into its creation. The river winds by the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial and the Bridge of Remembrance. It passes by The Terrace hospitality hub and the Riverside Farmers’ Market site, the Convention Centre, Victoria Square and the North Frame to the Margaret Mahy Playground. It goes without saying that this is a wonderful walk for families. Te Papa Ōtakaro/Avon River Precinct simultaneously rolls out a welcome while leaving room for introspection and reflection and encouraging a spirit of exploration. Personally, I got a lot out of my day on the waterfront. If you have friends and whānau/family visiting over summer, I recommend taking them to see it so they can experience a unique Christchurch welcome.


The T Dreaded Clean-Up I’m lucky if you’re still reading. Mention ‘cleaning’ and it’s time to turn the page, right? Exactly. That’s why this issue needs a New-Year resolution devoted to it.

here are things in life we’d rather not deal with, and household tasks beg to top the list. That, and picking up canine poo. It may be our colonial roots… our ability and willingness to roll up our sleeves, or there could be slight embarrassment or distaste about paying someone else to deal with personally created mess. Whatever the reason, it’s probably time to get over it. Stay with homeowners who use cleaners and it’s a strangely freeing feeling. Ok, you’re not about to make huge domestic chaos for the sake of it, but it’s nice knowing the way you live won’t be overly scrutinised by your hosts. As January has for time immemorial

been the month of analysis and goal-setting, how about deciding to institute an annual (or even quarterly) commercial clean? Also – family and friends might have stayed over during summer, so there’s likely already been extra bed-changing workload. This is something that will de-stress lingering dirt-lurking issues caused by festivities and holiday abandon. Dang; just finding the camping gear in totality is enough to unearth plenty of housekeeping opportunities at mine! So when the to-do list is overwhelming, cleaning is one thing you can successfully outsource to professionals. Then there’s time to mindfully declutter, something you alone can tackle.


Landscape luxury made affordable


Call 021 536 442 to book a FREE Consultation & Quote Metropol January 17, 2019 65

new things

Contemporary Cool If you find yourself at the picturesque locale of Hanmer Springs this summer, a visit to contemporary art space Majuba Gallery, 5 Conical Hill Road, should be top of your list. ‘Morning Light’ watercolour by Kelvin McMillan available at Up The Garden Path


Great selection of Lifestyle books avaliable at Out of the Bleu - Amberley


urrently their featured a New Zealand artist. artist is South Westland For lovers of exquisite bijoux, born and raised Kelvin browse the gallery’s Dyrberg/ McMillan, whose simple Kern collection. From bold and architectural subjects – be it edgy through to whimsical, a derelict shed, a rural railway boho-chic, there will be siding or group of mailboxes – something in this signature captures the stark magnificence Danish jewellery range of of our New Zealand landscape stainless steel, sterling silver, with skilful accuracy. Kelvin has gold plating, semi-precious exhibited widely throughout the gemstones and Swarovski South Island and was recently crystals that has your name on Scullys Modern Apothecary collection in invited to join Landscape it. Don’t leave town without it! store and online at www. Artists International – a first for

‘Barrytown’ Acrylic on Canvas by artist Katrina McGettigan Available at Kat’s Art Studio.

Design 5 Upholstery for all upholstering needs.

Beautiful Scented Candles to refresh your home. Available from French Blue

Lenox blue and white vases. Available at Art & Frame

Gold Arrow Cushion $45 ‘Red Barn’ watercolour by Kelvin McMillan

Up The Garden Path 5 Conical Hill Road, Hanmer Springs. Ph (03) 315 7915

Gorgeous homeware, gifts and restyled furniture. 98 Carters Road (behind the blue dairy), Amberley Ph 03 261 5111 | Open Tues-Sat 10-5pm

Holiday Painting Workshops & Term 1 Art classes for Adults and Children. Classes located in Christchurch & Ashburton.


232 Main South Rd, Christchurch. 66 January 17, 2019 Metropol

Beautiful NZ art for indoors & out $39.95 Set of 4 coasters $45 Simply NZ BNZ store & NZ the Gift @ Chch Airport

Corrugated Numbers large for fence - small for LetterBox available from The Gift Box

‘Reflect’ Timaru Bluestone Sculpture on steel plinth. By Matthew Williams 1700mm High Available at Windsor Gallery

Start 2019 the right way with reusable coffee cups from

Beautiful wedding and anniversary gifts available from Barrington Gifts.

“There’s a wide range of ethically sourced and made Status Anxiety bags, wallets etc available at The Flock @ The Tannery”

The name says it all. Simply New Zealand is simply that – a 100 percent Kiwi-owned, nationwide retailer of the largest selection of New Zealand giftware.


ith stores at the BNZ Shopping Centre, the Canterbury Museum and two at Christchurch Airport, tourists and locals are well provided for. Browse the genuine, homegrown merchandise, such as West Coast rimu and kauri woodware; Nelson’s McGlashen Pottery; knitware from Christchurch brand Snowy Peak; precious pounamu from Ngāi Tahu, and paua jewellery from Blenheim, to name but a few. Christmas decorations from Wellington’s Abstract can be bought all year round and kiwiana fridge magnets, wrapped in New Zealand themed wrapping paper, make the perfect present for mailing overseas. Delicious gourmet cookies, sweets, chocolates, jams and honey make for yummy gifts, and for post-Christmas bliss, pamper yourself with Wild Fern bath’n’body goodies. Don’t be a stranger. Support New Zealand made.

Barrington GIFTS

Barrington Mall, Christchurch 8024 Tel: 337-2377

Shop 7, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd Ph. 389 9242 Metropol January 17, 2019 67

new things

All About Aotearoa


The year 2018 was a great one for me driving some spectacular cars. My small car pick for last year was the Volkswagen Polo GTI and I wasn’t alone in that decision, with the latest model generation of the Polo being selected for the renowned ‘World Urban Car of the Year’ award at the New York Auto Show. Metropol 040119 - Half Pg Mazda Green Light.pdf 1 9/01/2019 2:34:27 PM





































Green Light 2018 Plate Clearance exclusively available from Blackwells Mazda until 28/02/2019 or while stocks last on selected demonstrator and pre-registered Mazda vehicles. Drive away prices include on road costs. Odometer reading (km) of each vehicle vary. Not available with other offers. Mazda Passenger Vehicles include the balance of 3 years/100,000km free scheduled service, 5 years unlimited km warranty & 5 years unlimited km 24/7 roadside assist. Mazda BT-50 include the balance of 3 years/100,000km fixed price service, 3 years/150,000km warranty & 3 years unlimited km 24/7 roadside assist.


68 January 17, 2019 Metropol


By Nicholas Henare


he Volkswagen Polo starts at $25,490 for the TSI manual up to the GTI at $38,490. I was driving the GTI so, I’m going to focus on that, because that car really made me smile. As far as statistics go, it’s a 2L petrol, 147kW, 320Nm, 6-speed DSG, 17 inch Milton Keynes alloys, LED headlights & DRL, dark red LED taillamps, Discover Media & Nav, keyless entry, sports suspension, driver profile selection. Now I can go on and on about the statistics, but what you don’t get unless you’re driving it, is the sheer exhilaration that comes with taking to the road in this beauty. I love the road up to Sugarloaf to test how a car handles and both the power and the suspension make this one feel like it’s driving on rails. Just a tap on the accelerator has you rocketing forward and in total control. The sound system is fantastic, and the sports seating makes you feel like you’re driving a much more expensive vehicle. I drove the Ferrari Portofino the same month and had a similar feeling. Sounds like a bit

of an OTT reaction? No, it really is a great driving experience. Adam Smith from Miles Continental had told me it was a step up from last year’s model and I thought it was just ‘sales speak’ but no, this really is a driver’s car. Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘small car’. There is plenty of room in the car for the family; plenty of boot space and everything you want in an interior for the modern driver. VW is only second to BMW for my award for interactive dashboard connectivity and the 8-inch touch screen. Combine that with the GTI Polo and you really do have a winner. It’s also damn cute with those Milton Keynes 17-inch alloy rims just making the outstanding lines on the polo not only look good, but also clean. The honeycomb grille and red spoiler just finish off what is a great car. So there it is – it looks great, it’s a fantastic drive and it’s great to ride in. I call it the pocket rocket, but no matter what you call it, it’s worth its place at number one. Well done Volkswagen.

Metropol January 17, 2019 69



The plan was simple: spend three days in Auckland driving the most eagerly anticipated Aston Martin for years – the 2019 Vantage.










Jeep Summer Sale applies to a range of selected Jeep models. On road costs are part of Driveaway pricing. Overseas models shown.

70 January 17, 2019 Metropol

6 Detroit Place, Addington, Christchurch 03 343 2468



he new car is the first completely all new Vantage since the first generation launched in 2006, and boy they did not muck around with the rebuild. Aston Martin claims the new hard-charging baby in the line-up is a full-on Porsche 911-beater. Styling-wise the new Vantage, like pretty much all Astons for the last half century, is a real stunner. Chief Designer Marek Reichman has always been handy with a pencil and paper, but the Vantage is easily one of his greatest hits. Marrying form and function in an exceptional package, it takes inspiration from the DB10 Bond car and the ballistic Vulcan track car. At 4465mm long and 2153mm wide, it’s actually 286mm shorter than the DB11. Make no mistake, the new Vantage is an all-out sports car. However, the biggest change comes in the form of it’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine producing 373kW of power and 680Nm of torque. Coincidentally, this engine comes from Mercedes AMG, and is a real peach. Mated to a new ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox, rear-mounted electronic diff and weighing in at 1530kg, the new Vantage is no slouch, with zero to 100km/h achieved in 3.6 seconds and a top whack of 314km/h. Three drive and damping modes, sport, sport plus and track are on offer. Sport is for normal driving while sport plus increases

NOW $74,995

NOW $24,995

the exhaust noise, sharpens the throttle response and quickens the gearchanges. In track, everything is the same, but times 10; the same goes for the damping. However, you can easily have the suspension in sport and the engine in track, which for some New Zealand roads is a handy tool in one’s automotive arsenal. Inside you get a truly sumptuous, bang up to date cabin. The driving position is low and, thanks to a high transmission tunnel, you feel really cocooned by your surroundings. All interior features are easy to operate via a very familiar looking touchpad system. While the digital dials are clean and crisp, I do miss the chronograph watch style dials of old. On the move, the Vantage gives acceleration to rearrange your fillings, a V8 bellow that would wake the dead and sharp handling seldom seen anywhere else. The eight speed ZF transmission is so much slicker than previous sport shift set-up, the steering is perfect and precise, and the combination of 50-50 weight distribution and sticky Pirelli P-Zero rubber, means the Vantage will eat up every bend with ease. Prices start at $249,000, not cheap but few cars out there give you the same level of performance, comfort, practicality and exclusivity. The idea that I had to give it back, filled me with dread. Bravo Aston Martin, bravo.

NOW $89,995

2014 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S Line V12 Style Package

1998 Mini Cooper BSCC Ltd Edition Classic

2013 Audi RS6 4.0 V8 TFSI Quattro Wagon

‘Sports Edition’, Just 42kms!, Glacier White with Full Verano Leather, Larger V12 Wheel Flares and Aggressive Bumpers/LED Lighting, 21” Segment Alloys in Dark Grey, Advanced Key with Push Button Start and Keyless entry, Heated Seats, 7 Seats, Audi MMI with Bluetooth Streaming/NZ Nav etc. Very smart in White!

Very rare BSCC (British Saloon Car Club) model, Widebody Flares and Driving Lights, Upgraded Bosch injection, 13 inch Alloys, White Roof, Chrome Bumpers, Drivers Airbag. A very safe investment and hard to get. One of 100 built to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the 1968 British Saloon Car Championship victory by Mini.

Only 51,000kms, 21” RS6 Sports Alloys, Soft-Close Doors, Panoramic Sunroof, 4.0 V8 TFSI Twin-Turbo, LED Lighting, Electric Tailgate, Audi MMI with CD/Stereo/Bluetooth/NZ NAV, Front and Reverse Cameras, Heated Seats, Full Electrics etc. Audi’s best model!. A user friendly all-in-one performance car!

2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Facelift

2007 Porsche Cayman Coupe

2016 Jaguar F-Type Supercharged Black-Pack

LP560-4 5.2 Litre V10 generating 552 BHP!, Special-order car in White Metallic finish with Two-tone Diamond Stitched Black/Ivory Leather, 19 inch Sports Alloys, Lamborghini CD/Stereo/Reverse Camera, Electric/ Heated Seats, Dual Sports Exhausts, E-Gear Paddleshift etc. A very hot look and the best we have had!

Only 85,000kms, 19 inch S Style Sports Alloys, Sport-Chrono Package, Full Leather, Climate Air, Black Wingmirrors and badging, Parking Sensors, Electric Rear Spoiler, ABS Brakes, Remote Locking, Factory Porsche PCM CD/Stereo, Electric Seats, Full Electrics etc. Mid-engined Porsche fun!

NZ New with Black Package Sports Alloys and Grills, Yellow Brake Calipers, Switchable Sports Exhaust, LED Lighting, Part Leather Sports Seats, Heated/Electric Seats, Full all-around Parking Sensors, NZ NAV/CD/Stereo/AUX/Bluetooth and Reverse Camera etc. Be quick, priced to sell!

NOW $179,995

NOW $32,995

NOW $79,995

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ORM By Ben Selby



By Nicholas Henare

Traveling the gravel backroads of Tasmania in convoy with some of Australasia’s best automotive journalists can be a little intimidating. We were there to check out the sleek, sophisticated new offering from BMW – the new X5.

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1. Available while stocks last at participating Ford Dealers. Price shown is a recommendation only and excludes on road costs, options, and accessories. Not available with any special offers or for fleet customers. See for more information. 2. Warranty conditions and exclusions apply. Visit for further information. 3. Apple CarPlay™ is a trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto require phones with the compatible version of Apple iOS and Android respectively, active data service, and connection cables (sold separately). Message and data rates may apply. 1. Available while stocks last at participating Ford Dealers. Price shown is a recommendation only and excludes on road costs, options, and accessories. Not available with any special offers or for fleet customers. See for more information. 2. Warranty conditions and exclusions apply. Visit for further information. 3. Apple CarPlay™ is a trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto require phones with the compatible version of Apple iOS and Android respectively, active data service, and connection cables (sold separately). Message and data rates may apply.

Avon City Ford

Anywhere Ford

123 Anywhere Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | Ford

Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd, Sockburn | CHRISTCHURCH | 03 348 4129 or 0800 655 551 123 Sample Road | SAMPLEVILLE | P 01 234 5678 | Rangiora Service Centre | 78 Ivory St | 03 313 7059 |

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Go Further

its incarnations but the 50d had won my heart from the start. The car parking assistance features are the stuff of science fiction. Push a button and the car will reverse out of its park and to your original position; a feature not lost on someone who has a nightmare with supermarket shopping. The grille fins close and open when needing heat or needing to release it, the control panel is refined, a lot of thought has gone into the new interactive control panel layout and there are improved sensors and an ‘autonomous’ backing system. Despite all the bells and whistles, it hasn’t lost the clean lines and minimalist interior, while the drive is as exhilarating as anything with 600Nm and above. The safety features are top of the line with what we’ve always come to expect from BMW. It’s a pleasure to drive and, by bringing forward many great features from previous models, with a mix of the new, it’s not lacking in any area. Great for the boat, great for exploring back country alpine roads, great for picking the kids up from school and there’s still plenty of room and features to keep the drive interesting and enjoyable.



ot only beautiful on the inside, with a handmade crystal gear control and dial, giving the whole console a very ‘executive’ feel, lush colour schemes on the leather interior and spacious room for passengers, the first model I tried – the M50d – was also incredible to drive. It is pure power and raw thrust. Combined with 294kW and 760Nm of gut punching torque and priced at $177,900, its ability to go from 0-100 in 5.2 seconds had my heart going. Cornering was a breeze and as smooth as silk on acceleration. Driver assist has been improved, a new camera system is on board with great safety features, the 22-inch alloys and slightly lowered front end give it a great profile, but when it comes to this seamless 8-speed automatic, the experience really was in the drive. Launceston has some great roads for a drive and my co driver, Tony Verdon, is an old hand automotive writer. Together we would try out all the driving aspects we could while at the same time trying to keep up with the lead vehicle. There are three versions, 30d, 40i and 50d and the X5 is a stunner of a vehicle in all three of

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Built for the

Growing from rugged wagon to mid-sized SUV, the Subaru Forester has become a firm favourite with families and adrenalin junkies alike. What made the Forester unique in this ever-growing segment is that it can handle the rough stuff, and handle it well. For 2019, we have a new Forester gracing our roads and it’s good, very good.


74 January 17, 2019 Metropol

t first glance the new car is barely distinguishable from the model it replaces. Take a second look however and you notice a more chiselled front and re-designed rear light cluster, providing a sharp no-nonsense look. Subaru’s styling gurus have always given us form and function and the Forester is no exception. The 2019 Forester comes in three variants – sport, sport plus and premium. The new car is 28mm longer than before inside, so there is more room to slob out and taller folk have more head room too.

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STUFF By Ben Selby

Under the bonnet is a 2.5-litre fourcylinder naturally aspirated boxer engine (136kW/239Nm), mated to an upgraded seven-speed SLT automatic transmission, which happens to be miles better than the outgoing model. All models get an upgraded version of Subaru’s proven all-wheel-drive system with X-Mode. This allows you to choose between drive modes like normal, light snow/dirt, and deep snow/ mud. In terms of tech, the Forester has you covered. Its Driver Monitoring System with Facial Recognition detects when the driver is not concentrating or feeling a bit under the weather and will provide an audible ‘wake up.’ Subaru’s Eyesight active safety system also makes an appearance with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision braking, lane keep assist and pre-collision warning. All this kit is standard across the range, along with Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto, reversing camera, tyre pressure monitoring, Bluetooth and dual zone climate control. In the back, the Forester contains 520L of boot space which expands to 1060L with the rear seats folded flat. Rear passenger entry and exit is also improved by rear doors which open at an almost 45-degree angle, making loading up with valuables and wee ones a breeze. On the move the Forester is comfortable and refined. Plus, with 220mm of ground clearance and 18-inch alloys (17-inch with the sport model), you would be hardpressed to find a better riding SUV. The boxer engine pulls exceptionally well and the all-wheel-drive system never puts a foot wrong. Leave the asphalt and the Forester is unlike any other mid-range SUV. With X-Mode on tap, we were able to power through the rough stuff with ease. After a week with its company, we can safely say Subaru’s most popular model is showing no signs of slowing down, and with prices starting at $39,990 for the entry level sport and top out at $47,490 for the flagship premium, the new Forester represents astonishing value. In other words, the 2019 Subaru Forester is the new top dog.




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