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The GUIDE to Canterbury’s Residential & Commercial Rebuild

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cover Progress is being made on construction of the first stage of The Terrace, an important milestone on the road to recovery. The $140 million Oxford Terrace development will deliver a new landmark for a city which has lost so much.

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Welcome There’s a bit of noise being made in Christchurch’s CBD. To some it might sound like diggers, to others it’s the distinct sound of the city’s commercial heart beginning to beat again. We’ve entered the fourth year of our earthquake recovery programme and, while some have voiced concerns over progress, the numbers certainly suggest we’re heading in the right direction. Both the Government and CERA have described 2014 as the year of action. The development of 100 new buildings have been planned for the CBD this year and, as the famed Container Mall reaches the end of its transitory lifespan, we look forward to its permanent incarnation. As the demolition phase comes to an end, the buildings are going up three to four times faster than this time last year. Nine of the city’s 16 anchor developments are set to get underway in some form during the 2014 period. And out in the ‘burbs things are also moving ahead at a rapid pace. Last year private insurers built close to 700 new Christchurch homes, this year more than 2000 are scheduled. This issue we have featured some of the builders which are developing this exciting new city of ours. We have looked into a couple of unique projects, one to improve the resilience of our more complex homes and one to increase the performance of those homes during quake repairs without slowing the rebuild or costing the earth. But my favourite is those classic Kiwi innovators; those right talented buggers who manage to throw together some number 8 wire and create miracles. Local Dion Kerr has an invention set to revolutionise the building industry, a team of students have created a health and safety mobile phone system to help construction companies and we look at a genius little remote controlled car and what it’s doing to help repair our city.


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Contents 5 An innovative solution to building formwork 7 Project creates smarter homes during rebuild 9 Foundation repair report to speed up recovery 11 Research to help homes withstand earthquakes 12 What’s in store for Sumner’s village green? 14 John Wright: A day in the life 25 Remote controlled car assessing below damaged homes 28 Scarborough Water Playground design gets go-ahead 36 Ashburton Council pleased with EA Networks Centre progress 37 Canterbury companies commit to Waterloo Business Park 38 Students help construction companies’ health and safety systems 39 Jamie Tulloch: The big secret to making profit in our booming city 40 New Aranui community facility to go ahead

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Thinking outside the box An innovative solution to building formwork A casual chat with his building crew gave Dion Kerr an idea to make their jobs both faster and easier. Just three years later his innovative building solution is revolutionising the industry and speeding up the city’s rebuild.


ormwork – the creation of framing for laying concrete foundations – was the biggest gripe of the builders. Expensive, timeconsuming, physically demanding, difficult to clean and reusable “at best” three times, ‘boxing’ as it is commonly known, certainly wasn’t the most popular aspect of the construction process. There were limited alternatives to the traditional timber boxing model and, soon after the February 2011 earthquake, Dion engaged a design engineer and got to work on the development of one.

With previous experience in the building industry, he had access to a network of building companies and builders, which became instrumental in testing the product. “We were able to ask questions about their needs and wants to gauge the strongest factors we needed to incorporate into the design,” Dion says. Unlike traditional timber boxing, his revolutionary patented new formwork utilises aluminium panels and pegs, attached using custom-made clamps. And, unlike its wooden predecessor, Dion’s invention is lightweight, hard wearing, easy to clean and reusable.

Where traditional boxing has wooden pegs which need to be driven into the ground with a sledge hammer, the new system includes a purpose-built peg driver, removing the physical aspect. Dion says the system can save 25-30 hours on the job site. Faster, easier, eco-friendly and cost effective, it is available for purchase, as well as for hire through the newly launched business, Mr Box, which Dion codirects with his wife Michelle and is partnered with the Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust (Sift).

The Mr Box system can include drop-off and pick-up, cleaning and even full installation, further increasing on-site productivity. “A lot of people think we

This system will save 25-30 hours on the job site, Faster easier, eco friendly and cost effective, Every part is 100% recyclable and is manufactured in New Zealand. must have brought the system in from overseas. They are really surprised it’s a genuine Canterbury business. “Every part of our system is 100 percent recyclable and every single component is manufactured in New Zealand. That was something that was really important to us.” For more information visit

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We supply what you want when you want how you want it every time.

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Project creates smarter homes during rebuild A local project is enabling Canterbury families to increase the performance of their homes during the rebuild, without slowing down the process and minimising additional costs.


collaborative effort funded by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the Christchurch City Council, Fletcher Building, the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Christchurch Agency for Energy, Christchurch’s Build Back Smarter project aims to identify and address the barriers to upgrading homes during earthquake repairs, so that the demonstration can be scaled up and used city-wide. Through Build Back Smarter, Chantal and Greg Healy received wall, ceiling and under floor insulation, vapour barrier, heat transfer system, bathroom extractor fan, a 1000 litre rainwater tank and moved the hallway heat pump into their front bedroom. Chantal describes the family home preearthquake as an ice box at times, only made worse by damage to the interior

and liquefaction outside. Built in the 1930s, their three-bedroom Spreydon home had no insulation. In addition to the Build Back Smarter upgrades, the couple installed double glazed windows in the kitchen, bought a new hot water cylinder with wetback, a new low emission freestanding wood burner, removed the chimney, used thermal curtains and installed both an externally vented range hood and a dual flush toilet. During the earthquake repairs they also extended their front bedroom and opened up their kitchen and conservatory area. With a drier home, the Healys have noticed that on colder days they now set their heat pump at a much lower temperature, the house heats more quickly and stays warm for longer, saving in electricity costs. The new water tank is used to water the gardens using run-off

Through Build Back Smarter, Chantal and Greg Healy received wall, ceiling and under floor insulation, vapour barrier, heat transfer system, bathroom extractor fan, a 1000 litre rainwater tank and moved the hallway heat pump into their front bedroom. from the roof and also has the added bonus of being a water supply “if we ever don’t have water again”. It was their Hawkins project manager that suggested they take part in Build Back Smarter after the February earthquakes. Not only did they have a significantly damaged house but both Greg and Chantal lost their jobs during this period. “It was a terrible time and he obviously felt sympathetic towards our situation,” Greg says. Earthquake repairs in Christchurch are an ideal opportunity to upgrade the home’s performance as part of the standard repair work. The Build Back Smarter trial was designed to show that these improvements can and should be included during the repair. Three other homes have already been upgraded in Somerfield, Halswell and Huntsbury. “The kind of damage sustained in the

Canterbury earthquakes – broken chimneys, damaged roofs, ceilings or walls, broken or poorly fitting windows and frames, cracked or damaged floors or foundations – provides the ideal opportunity to consider improving the performance of your home. We call this building back smarter,” says Nick Collins, chief executive of Beacon Pathway who has established the Build Back Smarter project. “A home that performs well is warm, dry and healthy. It uses less energy – for heating, water heating, lighting or appliances – and so it costs less to run. We look at clean efficient heating; efficient water heating such as solar or heat pump hot water; good ventilation; and efficient water use and reuse.” For more information about Beacon Pathway’s Build Back Smarter project visit











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CanterburyRebuild Electrical fittings have the ability to make or break a room and, while many people think there is nothing available outside the standard white electrical switch, this couldn’t be further from the truth. -Schneider Electric marketing manager Dave Chapman

plate can set-off a room, or make it blend into background according to your preferences. You can add value to the room and improve the decor and feel.” Energy efficiency is also a big topic which should be considered prior to commencing a building project. “Adding small editions using standard plates and wiring can mean big gains for your lifestyle convenience and your wallet,” Dave explains. “Motion sensors in the hallway, walk-in-robe, pantry, kids bedrooms etc, time switches on heated towel rails and fans, and energy monitor on the kitchen bench are some of the simple options we have to choose from today.” There are a number of other options to make your home a truly smart home, such as home networking systems,

Small products make

big difference Electricity and its mechanisms are a seemingly small component of a property. But with more than 50-60 electrical fittings in the average home and many activated multiple times a day, electricity and its components play an increasingly important role in a home’s operation.


ccording to Schneider Electric marketing manager Dave Chapman, electrical fittings have the ability to make or break a room and, while many people think

8 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

there is nothing available outside the standard white electrical switch, he says this couldn’t be further from the truth. “Choosing the right style of switch

lighting control and automation systems, and multi-room audio systems, all of which Schneider Electric caters for. As the market leaders Schneider Electric supplies the most popular and trusted products for the home with PDL and Clipsal, many of which are still locally produced in the Christchurch factory. “Always consider the aspect of electrical and energy management when building or renovating, it’s often the simple things that can make the big difference that need to be considered every time,” Dave says. To find out more about the wide range of products available from Schneider Electric, visit the Christchurch showroom by appointment, or download your free copy of the Electrical Solutions Guide and specify your requirements directly to your tradesperson.


Foundation repair report to speed up recovery


new technical report on housing foundation is aiming to pick up the pace of Christchurch’s housing recovery, according to Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith. “The problem of what to do with the tens of thousands of homes with damaged foundations is difficult, expensive and hugely frustrating for homeowners. This technical report is a major step forward in determining what can be fixed, at what cost, and with what method,” Dr Smith, who has a PhD in geotechnical engineering, says. “The problem of housing foundation damage is a very difficult issue for insurers, engineers and builders. The scale of the damage to housing foundations from liquefaction in Christchurch is unprecedented internationally. “Engineers and builders are having to learn as they go on what repairs are effective, what methods to use and where it is economically viable. This report is about sharing engineering and cost information to help the pace of Christchurch housing recovery. “The Government has encouraged the Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) and Southern Response, two publically owned entities, to publish this information. We should not be too precious about issues of commercial sensitivity or intellectual property. Christchurch’s interests will be best served by people being open as possible in sharing information and experiences on how to get Christchurch’s houses repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. “I commend HNZC, Southern Response and their technical support partners in producing this report. We must now use this information to lift the pace of Christchurch’s housing rebuild,” Dr Smith concluded.

Re-using the refuse


hristchurch street artist and apprentice carpenter Brook Bennet, 21, has combined both his passions creating a vibrant skateboard bench seat. The design captures the city’s reconstruction with its cerise pink scaffolding frame, yellow protector caps and recycled skateboard decks covered with original graffiti art. Brook is inspired by Christchurch’s post-earthquake flourishing street art culture and likes to create furniture with materials not traditionally used in the trade, breathing new life into resources that might otherwise have ended up as landfill. The skateboard bench is not only a statement piece of art furniture but it is also surprisingly comfortable to sit on. Brook is currently designing other pieces to expand the collection. The work titled “The Colours of Christchurch” is on display at the Canterbury Museum until 23 March 2014. It is part of the Oi YOU! and Canterbury Museum’s RISE exhibition of street art. Enquiries to

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Creating healthier homes for the future Insulation plays a hidden yet vital role in a home’s function, preventing your heat, sound and electricity from escaping.


popular insulating product throughout the world for more than 60 years, polyurethane foam has been used industrially in New Zealand for more than 30 of those years. With the architectural innovations of recent years putting pressure on the limitations of traditional insulations it was time for a change. NZ Foam was formed in 2012 to facilitate that change by focusing on offering a better method of insulating new homes and building throughout New Zealand. Its products have already been installed in a wide range of Christchurch homes. Out of more than 150 homes currently under contract, the company has recently insulated 12 new council units in Spreydon and is preparing to start 50 Housing New Zealand homes. “We want to raise awareness of the benefits of polyurethane foam insulation,” national operations manager Rob Leach says. “We want to demonstrate the warmth

10 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

and comfort that this product offers; polyurethane foam prevents the usual draughts, condensation, mould and allergens associated with traditional insulation. “Preventing these issues will go a long way towards minimising many of our modern day illnesses, including asthma and bronchitis.” There’s no sagging, it will bond to most surfaces, is completely neutral, there’s no harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, it won’t degrade electrical wiring or plumbing, has a high level fire rating and due to its gap filling properties polyurethane foam will give a true and constant thermal R-Value throughout the life of the building. Not only does polyurethane foam insulation have a greater R-Value, it creates a full air and moisture barrier, preventing heat loss through convection of air and pressure movement through the walls, which can

already carried out a large number of jobs throughout the South Island and we’re looking at pushing forward into the North Island in the next year or two. The aim is to have a number of units throughout the country within the next five years. “The bottom line is – we help create a warmer, dryer, healthier more comfortable account for up to 30 percent of heat loss. Environmentally it ticks all the boxes too, based on the recycled plastic component and the use of castor oil as the base component. Castor oil is not considered a human food source, can be grown on arid, non-irrigated land, normally unusable for planting crops and is harvested annually therefore selfsustainable. As polyurethane does not require further topping up over the life time of the building, this all combines to create a very small carbon footprint. “We’re looking to expand throughout New Zealand,” Rob says. “We have

cosy home, the next generation in insulation. To see the product for yourself, visit the NZ Foam stand at the Christchurch Home Show March 14th, 15th, 16th, phone Rob directly on 0800 693 626 or visit


Research to help homes withstand earthquakes A research project has been launched to help improve the resilience of homes which performed poorly in the earthquakes.


rompted by findings that less complex homes performed better in the quakes, engineering experts from BRANZ, with research support from EQC, will use computer modelling to assess the impact of simulated seismic action on modern homes with more complex configurations. Variation in the stiffness of a home’s bracing systems is a common occurrence in such buildings, particularly hillside properties or older houses which have been altered to make them more open plan. The experts will examine how the bracing systems of different stiffness interact during a seismic event. BRANZ and EQC expect the learnings from the research to be used to develop new guidelines for houses built outside the scope of NZS 3604 in order to prevent earthquake damage in future events. Project leader Angela Liu, a member of the BRANZ team which inspected residential properties for damage in Christchu rch, says a common phenomenon observed during the Canterbury earthquake sequence was the damage at the junctions where bracing

concept to completion

systems changed or where the layout of the building changed. “We found that many older buildings, pre-NZS 3604 Standard light timber framed houses with small windows and smaller rooms performed better than many modern buildings with complex seismic resisting systems,” she says. “The team observed more severe earthquake damage in homes which often had a mixture of different seismic resisting systems, either because of the presence of bigger rooms at one end of the dwelling or larger windows included on one side for a better view.” Angela says that nowadays many people want bigger spacing between bracing lines so they can have bigger rooms or windows and, quite commonly, the spacing of bracing lines becomes too large to comply with NZS 3604. “We are aiming to find better ways to improve the performance of these more complex houses,” Angela says. “We will be looking at what the action is in individual areas and the computer model will allow us to adapt the bracing elements to ensure all the elements of bracing work together. “That will enable us to provide guidance around areas where engineers need to pay more attention in future designs in order to mitigate problems associated with the potential differences in stiffness between the specifically designed bracing elements and NZ 3604 bracing elements.” For more information on the specific details of the research visit

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What's in store for Sumner Village by Hans Petrovic

Sumner’s relatively new Village Green, at the corner of Nayland Street and Wakefield Avenue, has taken on a special, unifying role for the community, providing an attractive open space where local people meet and their children can play.

Previously the site of the red-brick Sumner community building, the corner housed a museum and a theatre group, with the library right next door. But that was destroyed by the February 2011 earthquake, leaving only a desolate area filled with rubble, cordoned off by an unattractive wire fence. However, since the open area gained significance as a communal gathering place, Christchurch City Council has announced plans to rebuild the community building there, removing the Village Green in its entirety– resulting in a mixed reaction from the people of Sumner.

12 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

Strongly in favour of keeping the Village Green, at least in part, is a local resident, Tanya Michael, who wants to further unify and motivate local people to express their desire to retain the open space as an integral part of Sumner. It was Tanya and a group of other local residents who first decided a couple of years ago to do something about the unappealing, barren corner. "We couldn't get any information about how long the space would remain in that state. It seemed it would be for the foreseeable future, and the village morale was pretty low, so as a community, we decided to beautify the

corner, and it evolved from there," Tanya says. "Now, people are donating money and time for the development of the Village Green. It’s almost completely community-driven. The council owns the property, but the council is the people of Christchurch, including us.” The group managed to get someone to voluntarily remove the debris and New Zealand House and Garden, which was exhibiting at the Ellerslie Flower Show a couple of years ago, donated the roses that are now growing there A local landscape designer helped develop the grounds, which now also features a skateboarding ramp, a

petanque area and a community garden, from which locals can pick and take away a variety of vegetables, ranging from lettuce to tomatoes. There are even some fruit trees. “On a Friday, after school, people get their fish and chips, even a glass of wine, and sit there eating and talking, while their kids play. It’s a happy scene,” Tanya says. Of course, there are others who feel that there are other places where people can meet and kids can play – like the beach. Tanya however, believes that what Sumner really needs is a meeting place where other activities can also be held, right in the centre of the commercial area – and kids don’t always want to be on the beach. "A new community centre and library would be wonderful, but there should be a way to incorporate the village green, not lose it altogether. It’s about drawing people into the centre of the village. We’re trying to get a good representation of the people to back our point of view, so that we can take this to the council – and we're sure they will take it on board,” she says. If you agree with Tanya, phone her on 027-656-0076 or email


Roading remediation gathers pace Road works! They are a constant feature of life as we know it in Christchurch and wherever they are occurring we know that our city is being repaired street by street.


he Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) is responsible for delivering the rebuilding of horizontal infrastructure in Christchurch, including rebuilding earthquake-damaged roads. One high profile roading project being carried out for SCIRT by CCL Construction Contracting is the road remediation of the western side of Park Terrace between Armagh and Salisbury Streets. CCL Construction Contracting specialises in roading and ground remediation and the company has earned itself an enviable reputation for the high standard of its operation. Work on the surface of Park Terrace and its kerb, channel and footpaths began in mid-January and will continue for several months. You might wonder why repairing approximately one kilometre of road is taking such a long time. “This is a complex project,” CCL co-owner and managing director Hamish Wright says. “The road has slumped towards the river as a result of lateral spread from the earthquakes. This is not simply a repair job; it is a full road remediation.” Full road remediation in this instance involves removing all of the road’s surface and excavating down to a depth of a metre before replacing the old spoil with about six new layers of certified gravels. There will be a massive 615 loads of spoil taken out and 615 loads of new material brought in. The truck movement logistics alone are enormous. “There will be some lane closures on Park Terrace while we are doing the work,”

Hamish says. “But the aim is to keep disruption to a minimum and to keep traffic flowing. This is after all a very busy approach route into the central city.” The Park Terrace work is one of several roading projects currently being carried out by CCL, including the main routes for the new industrial park off Halswell Junction Road. “New developments are springing up all over Christchurch as the rebuild gathers pace. We are delighted to be part of this resurgence and with our own quarry on Springs Road we have a distinct advantage in being able to supply our requirements for gravel, sand and crushed concrete.” Phone 0800 225 285 or visit to find out more about CCL Construction Contracting.

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A day in the life... I

John Wright, Harcourts Ilam 2

The real estate market over the past couple of months seems to have mirrored the weather in Christchurch; hot before Christmas and heating up even more in late January. While there were some houses listed and sold over the Christmas period the activity post holiday period for us here at Holmwood has been phenomenal. One can but hope that it continues in similar fashion throughout the year.

assignment, the land component of have had the pleasure of working EQC and how insurance companies with a training organisation that has were treating ‘new’ policies. If you do apprentice builders constructing not have a Christchurch solicitor a small houses of around 100m2 as the useful link to try practical element of their learning. My mobile phone somehow ‘froze’ These great first homes, worker itself and the young ‘techie’ in the cottages or investment homes have telecom store I visited told me it could been built at the school and are now being relocated all over Canterbury. The not be fixed without all the information within being lost. I almost had a meltenquiries received over the past weeks down there and then but thought a mean we are unfortunately well grown man crying in public would not oversubscribed. There is no question be a good look. that there is There is no question that there Naturally I had great demand is great demand for very never ‘backed for very up’ phone modest, price competitive modest, price numbers, so all competitive new housing. Possibly this is my contacts new housing. an opportunity for someone? and numbers Possibly this is have gone, including the mobile an opportunity for someone? Last month I had the ‘fascinating’ experience number for an out of town vendor I was trying to contact to arrange a time to list of dealing with an Auckland lawyer his very lovely house. Not the best start acting for the owner of an investment to a new year, so please be warned – property here in Christchurch. The sale back up your phone. process was made extremely difficult There have been some exciting (and presumably more expensive for developments here at Holmwood Ilam 2 the client) because of - amongst other lately. The directors have purchased the things, a lack of understanding of EQC

Specialists in Residential Homes Renovations

two storey building corner Ilam Rd and Clyde Road that has been our office location for 20 odd years. I have fond memories of this old building as when we were kids my brothers and I used to bike to here from our home in Ilam most Saturdays when it was a movie theatre. There will be a complete makeover carried out reasonably soon and judging by the architect’s drawings, the building should become the Christchurch showcase for the Harcourts brand. Judging by articles in this magazine and the newspaper it is evident that high demand for rental accommodation in Christchurch is going to continue for some time to come. While we have seen an increase in enquiry for larger houses, we are finding there are also investors wanting lower priced properties in all areas of the city. Clearly the likelihood of continued demand long term is making buying a rental property something to consider. Phone: 351 3002 or visit

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w w w. u l t i m a t e h o m e s . c o . n z

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Stunning new Lincoln settlement From its impressive stone entrance to its wide main boulevard and its tree-lined streams the Liffey Springs subdivision in Lincoln is indeed an enticing and restful place to live. The development comprises 235 sections in total on 28 hectares of former agricultural land on the edge of Lincoln village. Stages 1 -3 have been sold out; Stage 4 was released in September and many of its 42 sections have already been snapped up, so attractive is this subdivision. But there are still more sections to be opened up in the future. “Our Stage 4 sections range in size from 575 to 850 sq metres and in price from $198,000 to $220,000 with titles available in mid-March,” says Mike Hobbs of Broadfield Estates, which is developing Liffey Springs. “People want to live in Lincoln because they can have a bit of open space around them as well as the village lifestyle with all the great facilities that are now available, from excellent schools to a new library and a community and sports centre.” In a very nice touch Broadfields Estates has recognised the previous incarnations of Liffey Springs as both a dairy farm and an orchard by naming the streets after former landowners. There’s Tweedy Court, Glens Place, Keast Place and Watkins Place all linking the present with the historic past of the area. The loveliest aspects of Liffey Springs are its reserves and wetlands. Two streams – the Liffey and the L2 – run through the subdivision. Some sections along a

kilometre length enjoy stream frontages with mature trees and views over the gently flowing L2. There are magnificent vistas across to the Port Hills and to the Southern Alps; bird-life abounds and eels and trout swim in the springs and streams. A stunning sculpture by Sam Genet carved out of Mt Somers limestone and taking pride of place on the reserve, encapsulates the area’s natural environmental values. Broadfields Estates, as a family business, has taken great care in the design and establishment of Liffey Springs and offers personalised service to potential buyers and to people who are already living in the subdivision. “We have experience in subdivision development having previously set up the Gould Green and Maddison Gardens subdivisions in Rolleston and also Lincoln Green. People very much appreciate having direct contact with us as the developers as we are on-site most days.” You can learn more about Liffey Springs through the website, or by contacting Mike Hobbs 027 570 7674; email

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Women playing an important rebuild role

The role of women first began to change as they took on male dominated roles during WWII. Today as we begin the tentative first steps of a decadeslong rebuild, women are playing an even stronger part in traditional male professions than ever before.


hey are playing an increasingly vital role for Maiden Construction, competing in a wide range of sectors, from painting and design through to construction and engineering. “We are taking advantage of the Government initiatives that area

available to train them as fully qualified tradespeople,” Maiden Construction finance and administration manager Heather Kelly says. “It’s been an extremely positive move for the company; women have a high attention to detail, a good feel for what the client wants and it’s less intrusive for

a crew of women arriving into your space, particularly for some of our clients who are emotionally vulnerable.” Established in 2011 with just a team of three, Maiden Construction has already grown to almost 80 staff. “The company began with director Stu Gordon scoping damaged homes in the red zone after the earthquake,” contracts manager Hugh Chapman says. “Then as was the need to move into repairs and the company developed from there. We’re growing almost daily and we are poised to double our staff within the next six months to keep up with demand.” That demand has seen Maiden Construction involved with the Housing New Zealand foundation trials and assisting Auckland University with a bracing seismic experiment. “We’re heavily involved in all aspects of the Canterbury rebuild,” Hugh says. “Most of our workload is earthquake repairs and we do a lot of work for insurance company PMOs.” A large painting crew, design team and scoping staff, plus in-house engineers and construction crews make up the Maiden Group. Despite the significant growth Maiden Construction has experienced during the past two


years, it has remained adaptable. “We are fluid and able to move with the times,” Heather explains. “We have the classic Kiwi attitude; the desire to give almost anything a go and we love a challenge.” It’s this overwhelming passion that sees Maiden Construction take on a number of challenging projects which others refuse to touch. “We’ve not turned down a challenge yet,” she adds. For more information on Maiden Group phone 0800 40 44 40, visit the office 26b Sheffield Crescent, Burnside or visit


Steady workload as developments unfold deliver. We may be a young company but we know and appreciate how customers like to be treated and always ask for their feedback at the completion of any job.” Kris and Kara Lupi want to stay in Canterbury long term. Their future vision is to set up land developments themselves. If the success of their building company is anything to go by, then this vision is very likely to become a fruitful reality.

“I just love my work - even being out in all weathers.” When he speaks about building, Kris Lupi’s face lights up and you can see that this is a man who is living his dream.

Lupi Building Ltd is a Licensed Building Practitioner offering up to a 10-year guarantee on renovations and new builds. You can contact the team on 027 921 5132 or though the website


t’s this kind of youthful enthusiasm, coupled with experience and quality workmanship that have quickly established a strong reputation for Lupi Building Ltd. Word of mouth recommendations from very satisfied customers and a large percentage of repeat business are testament to the superb service this company provides. Kris Lupi has been in the building industry for some ten years, originally learning the trade under builders in Marlborough. It was upon moving to Rangiora that Kris set up his own company, together with his wife Kara. Since 2012 Lupi Building has been

carrying out residential repairs and renovations, adding extensions and building new houses all over North Canterbury and in Christchurch itself. “I may be the boss now,” Kris says. “But I am still very much an ‘on-thetools’ man, setting the example of high standards for my staff. Having my own company has been a new learning curve and it’s been especially exciting for me to put together a team of friendly, committed and skilled tradesmen.”

Kris will need all the tradesmen he can get with work coming in steadily. There are 12 houses to be built on a small development in Kaiapoi alone, without all the other work that keeps coming in – from kitchens to sewing rooms, to sheds, decks and fence, as well as shop fit-outs and renovations on character homes. “Our company is based on the belief that quality work does not have to be expensive work and that is what we make it our goal to

Paper work slowing you down? Pelorus Business Solutions Provides On-hand business solutions for hands-on business people Streamline your administration Rationalise your IT resources Enhance sta communication and collaboration Manage your documents e ectively We make it easy... Call Wendy Walker now on 021 867-447

We believe quality work doesn’t have to be expensive

Business Solutions


he Smarter Small Home is built on a modular system (not to be confused with kitset or prefabricated – all homes are built on site in the traditional manner). Being modular means that we are able to maximize efficiencies and reduce waste by 80% of a standard build. Those savings are passed directly onto the home owner. The other great concept of this is that you can design your own home using the modular system. We have these modules available and are happy to show these to you, enabling us to truly understand what it is you are looking for in your new home. Everyone is different and we have a large number of innovative ideas to change or add to existing designs (as seen on our website:


Low Carbon Footprint


Lupi Building Ltd

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Show home at Sovereign Palms 33 Bayliss Drive, Kaiapoi

Wed to Sun 12-4pm

Affordable call us on 03 389 7874 Carpe Diem, 407 Ferry Rd, (Cnr Ferry Rd & Randolph St)

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Marymere, 4 Bedroom from $279,500 Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 17


Help for increasing health and safety regulations

The Government has announced the most significant reform of New Zealand’s workplace health and safety systems in 20 years.


he biggest risk to any company is not having its health and safety policies and practices up to standard - none more so than in the construction industry,” says Darrin Bruce of Phoenix Construction Consultants, specialists in workplace health and safety. “We can help construction companies improve their health and safety practices so that they meet their obligations under the Government’s legislation.” Phoenix Construction Consultants is an integral element of B & D Construction Ltd. Its team of experienced and qualified health and safety professionals have an intimate knowledge of the construction industry through some 60 combined years of hands-on involvement. Their expertise has helped B & D Construction gain Tier 1 and 2 accreditation with Site Safe NZ Inc, as well as secondary level in ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices programme. Who better therefore to advise other companies on their health and safety responsibilities? Darrin Bruce and his fellow Phoenix Construction Consultants’ directors, Scott Davidson and Nick Preston are adamant that right now it is absolutely vital for construction companies to examine their

Phoenix Construction Consultants’ directors, Scott Davidson and Nick Preston and Darrin Bruce are adamant that right now it is absolutely vital for construction companies to examine their health and safety systems and culture health and safety systems and culture because the Government has announced the most significant reform of New

Zealand’s workplace health and safety systems in 20 years. ‘Working Safer: a blueprint for health and safety at work’ is the Government’s response to the recommendations of the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety set up in April 2012, partially in response to the Pike River Coal Mine disaster. Not only this, but in Christchurch the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Forum has collectively agreed that a single standard for health and safety knowledge and capability should apply across the whole

of the Canterbury rebuild. The AppCon prequalification database administered by Site Safe NZ has been chosen to provide this standard. Phoenix Construction Consultants will meet with any company seeking their help, will discuss any issues the company may have and which are of most concern. They will evaluate the health and safety practices on-site and make recommendations for improvement by way of a plan catered specifically to the company’s situation. But their involvement does not need to end there. If required they will be on hand to help implement changes and to monitor the outcomes. “Our results speak for themselves,” Darrin says. “Our clients have been shortlisted for national awards, have saved thousands of dollars on ACC levies and have made an impact on the AppCon scheme.” Phoenix Construction Consultants can be contacted on (03) 348 6285. Visit their website for more information on the services offered by the company.

Based in Christchurch Phoenix Construc on Consultants are here to assist and guide your business with all your Health & Safety and Quan ty Surveying requirements .

Quan ty Surveying

Whether you are replacing existing windows, upgrading your doors or building a new home it is critical to choose the right joinery that not only looks great but is also

Construc on Tendering & Es ma ng Earthquake Related scoping and pricing Preliminary Elemental Es mates Contract Administra on Cash Flow forecas ng Sum Insured Valua ons Post Contract Evalua ons

made to cope with New Zealand's demanding climate. Kaiapoi Aluminium has a great range of aluminium doors and windows to help you make this decision easy.

Aluminium windows

Aluminium doors

Thermally broken windows and doors

Architecture series windows and doors Hardware for windows and doors

Kaiapoi Aluminium Joinery WINDOWS & DOORS

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Health and Safety H&S Policies and Implementa on Site Specific Safety Plans ACC Accredita on Contractor Approval Scheme (AppCon) Accredita on Review of current H&S systems Safety Training Tool Box Talks Accident Inves ga ons

Contact us today! Unit 13, 33 Nga Mahi Road, Sockburn, CHRISTCHURCH P: 03 348 6285 E: Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 19


Nailing it

in the construction sector

When it comes to construction, many of us can nail two planks together and end up with two planks nailed together. For Kershaw Builders, the phrase ‘nailed it’ really does describe the company’s work, both literally and figuratively, because this talented team can nail two planks together and come up with your dreams.


pecialising in new home builds since 2008, Kershaw Builders has already accumulated a stunning portfolio ranging from traditional family homes, to contemporary townhouses. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Allan and Rachel Kershaw and supported by a strong team of talented builders, the company has a vested interest in maintaining the strong reputation they have already built. It is a competitive market to compete in, but with Kershaw Builders, you deal directly with the two directors and Allan oversees all the building work. He is on site every day ensuring the work is carried out to the highest standards. Size makes Kershaw Builders flexible and, if anything is an attribute in the

building profession, flexibility is certainly up there. “We can work with client ideas scribbled on a piece of paper, or we can work full architectural briefs. We put together concept plans and pricing

beginning to end with a 10 year Home First Guarantee on your finished product. Kershaw Builders can also carry out extensions, total house renovations and minor home refurbishment. “We have strong experience in kitchen and bathroom makeovers, as well as total house upgrades,” Rachel says. As for the exterior, decks, pergolas, fencing, general repairs and maintenance are Each build is also available with the same tailored to suit high standard of your needs, workmanship, quality wants and products and reliable budget, and subcontractors Kershaw with the client’s Builders has become renowned for. suppliers and A licenced builder and subcontractors member of the Certified when Builders Association, Allan is required.” also carrying out earthquake repairs, as an accredited main contractor for Fletchers Construction.

from there, before full plans, consents and then the build.” Best of all, each build is tailored to suit your needs, wants and budget. “We aim to provide competitive pricing,” Rachel says. “So while we have a great team, we can work in with the client’s suppliers and subcontractors when required.”

The Kershaw Builders team can take you through standard products, or incorporate your chosen products before project managing the build from

To see how Kershaw Builders can nail your dreams together, phone (03) 355 2020, find them on Facebook, or visit

concept to completion Design, Build, Fit outs and Construction Feasibility studies Canterbury owned and operated p: (03) 379 9015 m: 0274 888 305

Specialise in new homes builds Design and Build 10 year Certied Builders Guarantee Personal Service Quality Sub-trades and ttings

m: 021 6788 72

p: 03 3552020 20 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

Local contracting firm entering new markets Worthington Contracting has developed a strong reputation in the drainage, excavation, construction and consultancy sectors, but almost 30 years after its establishment, the company is still growing and diversifying.


stablished in 1984, Worthington Contracting competes in a wide range of sectors, but the establishment of a rural sector and electrical services is seeing the company reach new heights. “We carry out council infrastructure developments, through to residential and commercial projects,” new business manager Megan Cupido explains. “It’s a diverse workload. The excavation includes sheet piling, irrigation, effluent ponds and carparks, the drainage sector includes storm water and septic tanks. Construction includes treatment stations and retaining walls, but also extends to electrical work and site works for floating foundations. Our consultancy sector includes design and build options, effluent disposal designs and project management.” At any given point, the 40 strong

team will be working on projects which range from constructing a pumpstation, through to the development of significant council infrastructure. “We are currently working on a contract with McConnell Dowell for SCIRT work, we are completing a school project out near Rangiora for the Ministry of Education and we have started another project with Fulton Hogan and Christchurch City Council,” Megan says of the work range. While the Worthington name is synonymous with quality civil contracting work throughout the greater Christchurch region, the wide range of services and well equipped plant allows the company to provide highly effective electrical and rural contracting services. “The addition of our electrical services has diversified our offering even further, we are able to provide electrical services to the civil, commercial and residential sectors. Work ranges from


switchboard installation for the commercial and civil sectors to complete electrical installations and data cabling of new houses and apartments. Fully registered drain layers When it’s your reputation, your with more than 25 years’ name that’s on the line, there is a experience, Worthington vested interest in every job we carry Contracting has the out. That’s a strong ethic which is knowledge and experience to carried through the company. give you the best solution. With detailed quotes and no hidden surprises, all work is develop our work within the rural sector, fully guaranteed. alongside the strong name in civil “For Worthington Contracting being contracting which we have already family owned makes a very real established. Having our electricians, civil difference. When it’s your reputation, engineers and project managers on your name that’s on the line, there is a vested interest in every job we carry out. board will enable us to move into new markets where we can offer a full project That’s a strong ethic which is carried management and turnkey package. through the company. We treat every “We are in a really strong position job as if it’s our own. We strive to going forward.” always provide a fast and efficient For more information on the diverse service that exceeds current range of services offered by Worthington standards.” Contracting visit the office 38 Guild St, So what is in store for the future of Richmond, phone (03) 313 5615, or visit this diverse and innovative contracting company? “We will be continuing to

HOUSE FOUNDATION REPAIR SPECIALISTS House lifting Repiling Re-levelling Foundation stabilization Brick or weatherboard homes Southern and Canterbury Repiling is here to help the people of Canterbury repair their homes.

We are licenced and qualied Builders and will work with all councils and structural engineers. Call Dwayne on

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Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 21


22 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild


Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 23


Taking control of the supply chain


t’s something of a truism, but plasterers working on the exterior of a house require scaffolding to stand on to do their work. Frequently this can mean having to wait for a scaffolding firm to be available to put up the structure and platforms before the plastering itself can begin. Delays and extra expense may be the consequences. What better solution than for a plastering company to have its own subsidiary scaffolding company? That’s exactly what Sebastiaan Bastiaanse of Advanced Exterior Plastering has done. “We set up Erect Scaffolding in 2012,” Sebastiaan says. “The move really paid dividends for us in a short time. We can put up scaffolding now not only for our own plastering jobs, but we can also do scaffolding work for other clients, such as building and roofing companies. There are benefits for our customers too. When we quote for a contract we price both the scaffolding and the plastering. People don’t have to waste time getting separate quotes.” Sebastiaan jokes that his colleagues now call his companies “Sebastiaan’s one-stop-

Delays and extra expense may be the consequences of waiting for scaffolding. What better solution than for a plastering company to have its own subsidiary scaffolding company.

rebuild-shop”. As a result of the diversification Erect Scaffolding has grown substantially. It now employs 12 staff, runs six trucks stocked with equipment and every week has upwards of a dozen jobs in progress. “We’re becoming busier and busier as earthquake repairs and rebuilds increase. Over 90 percent of our work for both the plastering and the scaffolding companies is on residential housing. We’re happy to work anywhere


Specialist planning and advice ensures your renovation adds as much value to your property as possible


in Christchurch and its surrounding environs such as West Melton, Lincoln, Rolleston, Rangiora or Kaiapoi.” Safety, standards and training are clearly key elements in scaffolding. Erect Scaffolding’s foreman Kidwell Waretini has worked in the industry for more than years and is highly respected throughout Canterbury. He has an advanced certificate of competency and the staff he oversees on-site also hold trade certification or

are working towards the qualification. In addition Erect Scaffolding is a member of SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand), the industry’s professional association which requires certain standards to be met before any firms can join. You can contact Erect Scaffolding on or through their website

Advanced Exterior Plastering Ltd YOUR LOCAL TRADE QUALIFIED PLASTERERS WITH OVER 40 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE Plaster Systems House of the year Awards Winner 2008 Nuplex Construction Products Best Workmanship of the Year 2011-2012 for Cladding and Residential

We plan & organise everything to make your renovation as easy as possible One point of contact from start to nish

Specialist Renovation Managers from Christchurch

Adrian Bradley

Ron Bradley

Licensed Building Practioner Fletchers Approved EQC Repairer

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Our dedicated teams provide a hands on service throughout your project Every project is tailor-made to achieve a perfect solution specific to your needs Enhance the look of your home with our high quality products at affordable prices Extensive range of products to suit all projects and design styles Compliant with all building codes and council regulations

To discuss your project call Aaron 021 180 7782 Josh 021 655 552 24 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild




Remote controlled car assessing under damaged homes There’s a popular adage which hints at making something complex look like child’s play. Well the latest innovation playing an important engineering role in the Canterbury rebuild is a remote controlled car!


ondly known as Rover, the radio controlled, six wheeled, multi terrain miniature vehicle is being used to assess foundation damage and it’s proving to be of monumental value to the accuracy of information used to assess the extent of work required to repair hundreds of properties in the city. Fitted with high definition cameras, microphone and LED lighting banks to easily survey the area under houses with suspended timber floors and a concrete perimeter, Rover is the result of collaboration between a Masters student of Canterbury University’s Engineering Department, Arrow International and Southern Response. The area under these types of houses is proving difficult to assess due to liquefaction and the obstruction of timber bearers, which have fallen away from the main support and Matt Tipa,

Technical Manager at Arrow International assigned to the Southern Response project, says it’s like having a set of eyes under the floor. “The beauty is that it provides us with truly accurate information about the extent and nature of damage to foundation works. We’re then able to assess the extent of the repairs required and the most suitable solution for those repairs.

“Scoping foundation repair work on these types of properties is a real challenge and before ROVER we’ve had to rely on what we can see from above the ground coupled with knowledge built up through years of experience.” Arrow began the search for something like ROVER last year and discovered the University of Canterbury had begun some development work on a small remote controlled camera. “It was evident from the very first prototype that the concept and technology being developed by the team at the Engineering School was well worth trialling on real properties,” Tipa says.

An initial trial programme was launched and funded by Southern Response to test the prototype to assess the value of the information obtained. Southern Response has committed to the production of a second ROVER, expected to be in operation shortly. Currently 100 properties have been surveyed with one ROVER. It is anticipated that all ROVER investigations on properties whose earthquake related claims are with Southern Response will be completed before the end of 2014. A key benefit of using ROVER is improved efficiency in the assessment process, minimising delays for construction. As well as this, cost savings for the repair programme have been significant. News of the innovation and what it means for other challenges in the construction sector has already spread across the Tasman. Building authorities in Australia have expressed interest in applying Rover as a solution to the identification of termite damage to housing foundations. The next generation of ROVER is already under development

We Specialise in all Hill work, Character Home, Renovations & Kitchens

All staff hold LBP licences in carpentry A team of fully qualified carpenters with a highly professional attitude Modern homes with an architectural air

Ph. 0800 65 85 28

Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 25


Women in the Rebuild

Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Andrea Cummings, Maria Thackwell, Raelene Rees

Beth Dunn, Lianne Dalziel

Last month 10 women in the rebuild sector hosted a discussion on the changing construction environment.. With every Pink hard had sold The organisation donates $10 to women’s refuge.

Jeanette Kwant,Pauline Cotter

Sharon Hickey Cap Hannah (Urban Hygiene)

Sarah Barrer (Barrer and Co), Liz Satherley (Tabak)

Raelene Rees, Lois Milne (Vision Real Estate)

Annemarie Wilkes Andrea Cummings

Sarah Templeton Angela Irving

Victoria Davey, Aimee Davey Liv Webber (Red QS)

Lisa McKenzie, Jeanette Kwant Colleen Beattie, Lorraine Terris Canterbury Rebuild Jane Robb

Painters and Decorators Residential / Commercial / Project Management Established 2004

Wallpapering Exterior plaster repairs Site safe approved Large team of qualiď€ ed staff Interior & exterior painting Interior plastering 26 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

P. 03 366 4270


Making the most out of your property Whether you have a family home, a rental or part of an investment portfolio, there’s something all property owners have in common – the desire to make the most out of the property.


an increasing sector of the business in the future.” Fletchers accredited and insurance approved, Property Maximisers offers a large professional team of about 30, part of a conscious decision to maintain control over the workload. “We aim to be a bit of a one stop shop. We have a high level of staff in-house and try not to contract out too much of the workload which enables us to maintain a faster turnaround time,” Richard says. “This provides a smooth job flow and the flexibility to get the work done, when it needs doing. We pride our service on quality of finish and problem solving is our specialty.” The increasing workload prompted the company to find a suitable premises and the purchase of a warehouse nestled comfortably in Woolston’s industrial hub of Garlands Road proved key to Property Maximisers’ growth.

orn from the desire to improve Cantabrian properties, it’s not surprising Property Maximisers has developed a strong niche in the burgeoning residential rebuild market. Established in 2002 to prepare houses for sale, director Richard Foot says this still remains at the commercial core of the company, but services have diversified to include a wider range of repairs and improvements in recent times. “A significant portion of our workload is earthquake repairs and renovations. We can carry out earthquake strengthening, house levelling, painting, plastering, tiling and joinery, with the skills and expertise to work on historic buildings,” Richard says. “We work predominantly within the residential market, but we have the capability to work in light commercial and the commercial aspect will become

“It’s fulfilling seeing the end result, satisfied customers with their houses fixed to a standard they’re happy with” -Property Maximiser director Richard Foot

“I’ve always enjoyed picking things and fixing them,” Richard explains. “It’s fulfilling seeing the end result, satisfied customers with their houses fixed to a standard they’re happy with. And it’s great to get to work with a bunch of guys like what we’ve got. It’s much more like a big family than work crew.” With the gradual move into the

commercial market and an exciting new car restoration venture developing, this is certainly a space to watch. “Whether it’s a classic car or a house, I want to fix it – it’s what we do best.” To see how the team can maximise your property phone (03) 423 9590, find them on Facebook or visit

TIME IS MONEY Just one fleet vehicle off the road impacts on the bottom line

Time Money Hassles and Headaches

We cater for all light commercial vehicles and pride ourselves as the leading preventative maintenance specialists in Christchurch. We are a complete full service workshop at one location.

Call us today to discuss your fleets needs so we can prevent the hassle & headache of a vehicle off the road.

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Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

Nothing beats a comfortable, cosey home. We can double glaze your existing windows with thermoglaz

Retro-fit double glazing for wooden and aluminium frames

Creating comfortable living in Canterbury

Visit our showroom 37 Gasson St Christchurch P: 363 5880 or 0800 421 108 Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 27


Scarborough Water Playground design gets go-ahead Excitement is building in Sumner’s easternmost point, with work about to begin on the new Scarborough Water Playground.


he Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board has signed off plans for the new water playground, which will replace the old paddling pool that was badly damaged in the February 2011 quake. The area was grassed over while replacement plans were considered. Board Chair Sara Templeton says the design reflects the community’s desire for a facility where preschoolers could have fun with water in a variety of ways. “We've had some really good community consultation and feedback on the project. The pool and wet deck combination is exciting and we're looking forward to seeing the city's children having fun there next summer,” she says. Because of the facility’s importance to the community, the Council delegated to the Hagley/ Ferrymead Community Board the authority to signoff the final design so tendering for construction could proceed without delay.

28 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

The Scarborough Water Playground is one of the Christchurch City Council’s Top 30 prioritised facilities and is due to open in November in time for the 2014/15 summer season. Cr Yani Johanson, Chairperson of the Community Committee of the Council welcomes the progress of another key community project. “The water playground will be a fantastic facility that adds to the attractiveness of Sumner as a fun place for families to enjoy. I commend the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board for its work on finalising the design. “This is a good example of the new

Council's desire to give Community Boards greater involvement and responsibility to get on and get things done.” Expected to cost about $780,000, the final water playground design was selected after community consultation. Fully accessible to people with disabilities, it will link to the nearby playground and include: Paddling pool and wet deck with shade sails Water toys such as water arch jets, geysers, sprays, fountains and tubes, some with buttons and pumps Shaded and sheltered seating with

planters Native trees and shrubs. “The Scarborough Paddling Pool was a well-used and a much loved facility that has been sorely missed. I am delighted that Council has committed funding to enable a modern design that combines the traditional paddling pool with new features that will provide an exciting and fun space for people to enjoy,” Cr Yani says. For more information on the Scarborough Water Playground go to


Storage stacks up in importance for home owners Whether you’re building or renovating, there is one option which can combat a lack of space – smarter storage solutions.


ecause, while we can’t easily increase our floor sizes, we can increase our floor spaces and, let’s face it, sometimes we just have to work with what we’ve got. One popular storage system which fits the needs of the modern consumer is Beyond Storage’s range of professionally designed storage systems, custom made to suit your individual requirements. Beyond Storage is adept at providing welldesigned storage systems for your home, whether it is in a garage, laundry, home office – essentially anywhere. Principal designer and director Monty McKeefry specialises in wardrobe designs, which are permanently built on site to a very high standard by a qualified joiner. Stringent procedures are in place to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the finished product. Despite being essential to how we live in our homes, storage is often an after-thought in the build process, Monty explains. “People often don’t plan

storage options until the very end of a project,” he says. “As a result, its effectiveness is often compromised. It’s important to talk to us as early on in the design and build process to ensure we can meet your storage needs.” Because those needs are unique to you, Beyond

Storage will visit you, assess, discuss, suggest and then design a system that is perfectly suited to your requirements. “It’s also important to think about your future needs to future-proof your new home,” Monty says. “For example young families need to consider how their needs will change as their families grow.” The true beauty of storage solutions from Beyond Storage is that you are working with a storage designer, rather than an installer. “This ensures thought has gone into every aspect of the design right through to its installation,” he says. Beyond Storage undertakes work for a wide range of builders and developers as well as private properties throughout the city. “Our builders demand quality and they trust us,” Monty says. “We are proudly locally owned and operated and we stand by our product with a 15 year warranty .” To discuss your storage options with Monty call 0275 942713, or visit to see some inspirational images.

Share your ideas & finish with a home you’ll love! 100% DESIGN & BUILD

JDHOMES For FREE Consultation Phone Jesse 021 701 265 or visit for more information


Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 29


Dreaming of decks Kiwis love the outdoors and relaxing on a deck. Beer in hand and barbeque in the background is a quintessential New Zealand summer. Add to this the desire for us all to enhance the value and appearance of our home, and you’ll find many of us dreaming of decks and embarking on a landscape or decking project.


ew Zealanders have gone deck-mad over the past few years! And why not? One Stop Deck Shop,, is the brainchild of timber wholesaler Buildpro, whose owner Rodney McVicar agrees “Timber is much more appealing than concrete or pavers for outdoor areas, both to walk on and aesthetically. Additionally wooden decks are more economical, better for the environment than concrete, and handle earthquakes better…the list goes on. We have aimed to create a store and online presence where people can come in and get deck ideas and good sound advice.” The name ‘McVicar’ is synonymous with timber in Canterbury. Rodney is the fourth generation of his family in the timber industry, and he carries on the tradition being a specialist in high value niche wood products. Buildpro’s One Stop Deck Shop imports a range of exotic hardwood timbers including kwila, balau, garapa and evoca bamboo or you can choose

Wooden decks are more economical, better for the environment than concrete, and handle earthquakes better…

So you re thinking about building a new home? Let us make it a great experience. Our clients have told us repeatably that our

from Kiwi-grown pine or macrocarpa, providing you with many choices of deck for your project. Other species can be sourced on request. Whatever your preference or budget the One Stop Deck Shop team can assist in all aspects from design and specification, to supply and installation, including the

finishing oil or stain. With hundreds of deck success stories (many parties and barbeques on the deck too) come in-store and discuss with our team. Check them out on Pinterest too. Essential to Buildpro and One Stop Deck Shop is their mission to supply the highest quality wood products while helping to maintain and preserve the environment by ensuring the sustainability credentials of its products. Its imported hardwoods are of verified legal origin, while it insists on arsenic-free treatment for the local pine decking. The Christchurch Store at 6 Iverson Terrace is busy and now open Saturdays. “We also supply to the regions so if you’re thinking of getting a price then it could be worth talking to us. You might be surprised!” The company also supplies a range of other wood products including high-end heritage fencing with capping, scotia and kickboard as well as structural timber and plywood. Buildpro’s One Stop Deck Shop is open at 6 Iversen Terrace, Waltham, Christchurch, just off Moorhouse Ave. Open Monday-Friday 7.30am to 5pm and on Saturdays 8am to 12pm. Phone 03 384 8365 or visit

Building a Deck? Talk to a deck expert now 03 384 8365 Suppliers of quality decking, fencing, landscape timbers and accessories 6 Iversen Terrace Waltham Christchurch Open: Mon-Fri 7:30am - 5:00pm Sat 8:00am - 12:00pm A subsidiary of

Written guarantee Client care programme Extended 90 Day post- construction maintenance warranty And outstanding value

Were critical to their decision to choose us as their preferred building partner.

Are these critical for you?

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30 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild


Comprehensive cladding for Christchurch construction


he Christchurch business known for 25 years as ‘Rockcote’ has been a Resene Group Company since 2002. Recently they acquired the Plaster Systems business from Nuplex Construction Products. This led to the formation of the newly-branded Resene Construction Systems to better reflect the direction of the business. This innovative division incorporates a wide range of construction products from the Rockcote and Plaster Systems stables, including Integra lightweight concrete facade and flooring systems, Seismolock seismic strengthening systems, Graphex insulated plaster facades and natural interior plaster finishes. Resene Construction Systems’ clients benefit from advanced manufacturing capabilities, excellent brands, a professional network of LBP registered contractors and a varied product range to suit all construction requirements. Resene Construction Systems pride themselves on providing world first technologies, construction systems and service, coupled with professional installation by their LBP Registered contractors. Rebuilding and renovation are uppermost in the minds of many Cantabrians. As always considerations of location, style, durability, performance and product selections are key criteria. Correct design and installation of exterior façade are critical to its integrity and longevity. As Canterbury's leading supplier of external plaster facade systems, Resene Construction Systems has had the opportunity to realise at first

The Integra lightweight concrete facade and flooring systems, (Above) Seismolock seismic strengthening systems, Graphex insulated plaster facades and natural interior plaster finishes. (below)

hand the performance benefits of light and medium weight plaster façade systems. As one of the most comprehensive and popular cladding solutions designed and made in New Zealand, Resene Construction Systems offers products of proven integrity and durability. Their light and medium weight claddings, such as INTEGRA LWC lightweight concrete façade and GRAPHEX insulated façade systems, have proven their worth post quakes in allowing for more building movement than their heavier counterparts. They also require less intensive repair whilst still maintaining weathertightness. Resene Construction Systems have also developed their own comprehensive “On Site Assistance” programme - a first for their sector of the building industry. It’s designed to enhance the application and co-ordination of the plaster facade product range and set the benchmark for the industry, giving protection both to the reputation of their products and most importantly to their clients. The façade systems are all supported by a 15 year performance guarantee and a five year workmanship guarantee from one of their LBP Registered professionals. “Regardless of your home’s original structure, there's a system to suit,” Resene Construction Systems general manager Mike Olds says. Call Resene Construction’s friendly team on (03) 338 6328 to discover how they can assist you with your next project.

Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 31



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Specialists in the removal of Asbestos from Residential and Commercial sites Nationwide

A safer future for

Christchurch The Christchurch Earthquake has opened the opportunity to create a unique, environmentally safe city. The removal of asbestos from our city is one initiative that aims to remove hazardous materials from our structures and land, making our city safer.


be aware of the criteria around the removal and disposal of asbestos. “It’s all about creating a safer city going forward” The UK and Australia have some of the highest standards in asbestos removal. New Zealand government has introduced WorkSafe and our regulations and policies are presently being amended, with the new Act due to be released in 2015. To ensure compliance under the present regulations,

ntil the late 1980s, more than 3,000 products containing asbestos were used in housing construction. When renovating or demolishing older homes, there is a high probability of encountering asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that were commonly used in residential construction. Employers and owner/builders are responsible for determining if materials

Where is asbestos found? 4



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Asbestos could be present in any building that was build or refurbished before the year 2000



containing asbestos are present at the jobsite before work begins. Asbestoscontaining materials must be removed and disposed of by trained and qualified workers before renovations or demolition begins. Pete Puddick of Asbestos Removals Ltd explains “Now we have awareness, it is a matter of systematically going through the procedures and removing asbestos using the correct techniques.” Asbestos Removals has invested significantly in the latest specialist equipment needed to safely remove this hazardous material. “We have imported equipment from Germany which exceeds industry standards and employed specialists from around the globe to manage and train our staff. This is a family business; I have my children working here so I want to ensure we are doing absolutely everything we can to know our staff, our clients, and the general public are safe.” Initially in Christchurch there were six asbestos removal companies and now there are over 50 following the earthquake. Pete is concerned that the public may look for the best price rather than complete and accurate work. “We are dealing with a very hazardous material and the public need to

1. Cement board 2. Pipe Lagging 3. House Linings 4. Texture coatings-Stipple 5. Soffit board (roof overhang) 6. Bathrooms 7. Wall panelling 8. Fuse box 9. Heater Cupboard 10. Floor tiles 11. Corrugated Roofing Tiles Asbestos Removals Ltd have employed specialist Operations Manager, Bryan Daly to manage the operations to international standards. Bryan has recently returned from completing the BOHS/W504 Asbestos and other fibres occupational hygiene certificate, which is an internationally recognised qualification. “Bryan has been working in the UK for over 10 years on complex asbestos removal from all types of buildings and locations, we are privileged to be learning from him” says Pete. “He knows the procedures to get asbestos out of all types of construction and writes our methodologies for how the work is to be managed safely and correctly” Asbestos Removals is a member of the New Zealand Demolition and Asbestos Association (NZDAA), a national body representing the demolition and asbestos industries, ensuring clients are receiving the highest quality service. Asbestos Removals have a team of 22 and are based at 66 Wickham St, Bromley. For more information on asbestos and its removal, contact the team on 0800 TO ASBESTOS or visit or call 0800TOASBESTOS Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 33


Arresting the Churn Becoming the employer of choice With the rebuild predicted to significantly ramp up this year, the labour market will become increasingly squeezed, and not just in the construction sector.


ven last year there were notable shortages across Canterbury for a range of roles across different industries. We hear that pressure for staff in some areas is already driving more attractive salary packages, encouraging people to job hop. Whilst the international labour market is well and truly being tapped (our city is becoming more multi-cultural everyday), the scale of the rebuild has yet to really take off. When it does, people will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, limitations to business. Finding and keeping staff will be a major mission, especially for those who have not planned ahead and who don’t have a good employer brand. Given the supply of required skills is shrinking and demand is on the increase, what can you do to ensure that your business is not compromised? Ensuring your remuneration packages are appropriate for the roles and

34 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

experience of the people you employ is a start. Knowing what the market is paying for equivalent roles is an important part of this picture, especially when you are recruiting and at annual salary review time. Reliable market data is vital for making good decisions about salaries, if you don’t want to be led down the garden path by anecdotal hearsay. The National Employers Wage & Salary Survey provides employersourced comprehensive remuneration data for 260 positions NZ wide, and is accessible and up to date all yearround (see However, the saying is true, ‘there is more to life than money’. In reality research shows that most employees leave companies for something other than money, and so in choosing a job people look beyond the salary (sometimes accepting lower salaries), as long as this is not the only benefit on offer. Where demand for staff is high

Melanie James, HR & Business Advisor, CECC

meaningful, engaging work and a people are naturally going to look for positive work culture have been shown the best opportunity for them, and that’s not just about money. The career to have a direct impact on retention. The culture you create, together with opportunity, the company’s reputation the people who work for you, can be as an employer and the working your source of unique competitive environment are arguably more advantage that cannot be copied and important. An employer’s brand comes into play here, and is far more important helps you stand out from the crowd. If you get it right, talent will be knocking and visible than in the past. Social on your door and, once employed, will media speeds up the good old ‘bush want to stay.For HR consultancy and telegraph’, amplifying the impact of advice contact people’s views Melanie James at of a company, Research tells us that the Canterbury good or bad, satisfied/happy employees Employers’ which can have not only stay longer and give Chamber of a radical effect Commerce on 03 on the attraction more discretionary effort, 335 3182. CECC of key staff. but they also positively provides Choosing to influence sales, profitability members with a stand out from free employment and customer loyalty. the crowd and advice service become an and complementary initial sessions for ‘employer of choice’ brings significant HR consultancy. A wide range of returns in attracting and retaining staff. business services are available to Research tells us that satisfied/happy member businesses throughout employees not only stay longer and Canterbury plus a comprehensive give more discretionary effort, but they member benefits package; for more also positively influence sales, information see profitability and customer loyalty. Both


New furnishings no upfront cost We’ve all heard the proverbial line ‘if it’s too good to be true then it probably is’. However, while designed to keep our hopes in check, fact is, sometimes an offer really is just that good.


ecause, with Mr Rental, you get easy to book your rental; order online the latest furniture and products, or over the phone and the Mr Rental without the upfront costs of Christchurch team will deliver and buying. It sounds too good to be true, but install your newly rented products it really is. straight to your office or home free of Christchurch region franchisee Robyn charge. Stiven says the company is well placed to “We have a great reputation for assist with the Canterbury rebuild. “We delivering a friendly and efficient have a wide range of products available service to all our customers,” Robyn for corporate/home staging, staff says. relocation or personal hire, including “It’s all about ‘Keeping Life Simple’ whiteware, furniture, fitness equipment for all our customers. We do this with and entertainment. Rent for as little or as our extensive product range, free long as you like,” she says. delivery and installation, easy Wanting the office to look stylish for payment options and free upgrades your visiting overseas clients? With Mr at any time. Rental that’s not a problem. Even a “Customers are our number one second fridge or a bed before the family priority and we aim to offer every one arrives to stay. Mr Rental offers a huge of them a truly personal and positive “It’s all about ‘Keeping Life Simple’ for all our range, online ordering, flexible rent experience alongside solving their agreements and great combo deals. home or business furniture and customers. We do this with our extensive product You know those electronic gadgets that appliance rental needs, every time range, free delivery and installation, easy payment are obsolete seemingly weeks after your they call us.” options and free upgrades at any time. significant outlay? With Mr Rental, you can replace those goods straight away. To find out how the great range of Best of all, there is free delivery, installation, servicing up to Hanmer and across to the West Coast,” Robyn rental products available at Mr Rental can help you, and spares available in things ever need replacement visit the office 1/35 Iverson Terrace, Waltham, phone says. A locally-owned franchise renowned for or repair. “We can deliver anywhere north of Oamaru, (03) 377 3987 or visit the website providing exceptional service, Mr Rental also makes it


A revolutionary stiff, exible sound proong material for all sound reduction solutions.

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NEW HOMES IN VARIOUS STAGES OF CONSTRUCTION Up to the minute sustainable Building Products Superior Finish Asthma Approved Homes PH Canterbury Rebuild March 2014 35



Ashburton Council pleased with EA Networks Centre progress Ashburton’s new swimming and sports facility is getting closer to fruition, with the EA Networks Centre development a hive of activity.


ouncil Commercial Manager John Rooney says the stadium project is progressing well and on schedule for completion mid-2015. “Progress has been excellent, particularly considering the wet spring we have had,” John says. “Pre-cast concrete wall columns have been locked into the foundation of the building and five steel columns have been put in place in the foundation with the remaining columns will be placed at the end of this month.” The swimming pools are also starting to take shape with the floors of the main swimming pool and learner's swimming pool now in place along with foundation beams. “The learner’s pool walls are being formed and contractors are currently carrying our reinforcement work on the main pool area,” he says. The building site has plenty of activity happening with contractors and subcontractors. “Main contractors Naylor Love have 23 full-time contracting staff on the ground working on the project and there is normally around the same number of

subcontractors working on their various parts of the project on any given day,” John adds. The EA Networks Centre will provide Ashburton District with a first-class indoor swimming and sports facility, featuring a ten-lane 25 metre competition pool, leisure pool, warm water learn-to-swim pool and a warm water programme pool. The indoor stadium features four competition sized courts, spectator seating, a fitness centre and a sports house providing administration space for local sports organisations. “We know everyone is anxious to get in and start enjoying the Centre and we will work with our contractors throughout the way to ensure that we can have it open as soon possible.” The design The design for the EA Networks Centre was chosen at a special council meeting on March 2012 and the winning plans show a first class centre that will be a real asset to the area. Mayor Angus McKay was impressed with the final choice. “This is both value

for money and it’s something we will be proud of.” Council Commercial Manager John Rooney was on the committee tasked with choosing the best of three options, along with Mike Southby and Gary Casey from the Stadium Trust and Kate Maddock from the SGL Group, and says the design is a winner for a number of reasons. “When we looked at this design, the sheer simplicity of it had a lot going for

it. It creates clean lines and it minimises any dark corners and most of the public areas are visible from the entry.” The local element was also important, and one that helped sway Rooney and the team. “In their presentation, they made the point that they’re Canterbury designers designing for Canterbury and they showed a pretty good understanding of the community of Ashburton district.”

• General Landscaping • Timber work Paving of all types • Fencing, all types - urban & rural • Huge variety of decorative aggregates, stones & boulders from all over N.Z. AN EXCELLENT FINISH IS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU GET STARTED

• Specialising in porous hard surfacing, installation & design • Fully qualified builders on staff Our landscaping teams are professional, friendly & courteous; we are committed to making each project a stress-free experience

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COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL We pride ourselves on the highest quality finish and in providing clients with an excellent professional service. We use premium paints and materials and treat your home or business with the respect it deserves.

Speci c Design New Builds or Alterations Residential/Commercial Contemporary & Traditional Licensed to undertake Restricted Work Service o ered can vary from consent documentation only to a full managed project

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COMMERCIAL Canterbury companies commit to Waterloo Business Park Considerable local interest has been shown in the Waterloo Business Park, with four major Christchurch companies committing to the development.


114-hectare landholding located just 10km from the Christchurch Airport in the western corridor of the Garden City, the business park will be developed in stages over several years. TransDiesel, Irvine Flooring, Midland Brick will commence building later this year, and Santa Rosa Foods has already broken ground at the new commercial development on Waterloo Road, Christchurch. “We are delighted to have quality local businesses such as TransDiesel, Irvine Flooring, Midland Brick and Santa Rosa among the first to join the development,” Waterloo Business Park development manager Hamish Clarke says. “We’ve got considerable interest in the business park and hope to make further announcements soon.” TransDiesel will relocate its head

office, showroom, warehouse and distribution centre into the park. The national construction equipment and diesel engine distributor was attracted to the development because of the location, quality of the Waterloo master plan, land quality and price. “We deal with heavy machinery and we need somewhere that is easy to get in and out of, Waterloo is ideal for this,” TransDiesel managing director Mike McKessar explains. “We were also really inspired by what Waterloo are trying to achieve.” On completion, the new premises will house more than 65 staff. TransDiesel has doubled in size in the last three years and needed to expand. “This was the perfect opportunity,” Mike says. Irvine Flooring is currently situated further down Waterloo Road. The move into Waterloo Business Park will allow them to expand their Flooring Design

Centre and streamline their operations. “Moving into the Business Park gives us the opportunity to create the best space possible for our head office and design centre,” Irvine Flooring founder Don Irvine says. “The flexible offerings have meant we can achieve exactly what we want.” Santa Rosa is relocating from its previous factory in Burnham so they can improve efficiencies and utilise the latest technologies. Santa Rosa Director Colin Neal says the move will position them closer to major distribution links. “We were really pleased with how quickly we could get the project

underway and we are looking forward to moving in and getting going. The Santa Rosa brand is synonymous with quality and innovation and Waterloo Business Park is a really exciting concept, it’s going to be a quality development with innovative touches and we can’t wait to be a part of it,” he says. The $5 million build will initially be 2,500m2 with the ability to expand to 8,000m2 as Santa Rosa’s business grows. The purpose built food processing plant will include office space and a retail shop. For more information on the development visit


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Students help construction companie’s health and safety systems It was University of Canterbury students which started the Student Volunteer Army, now three years on another entrepreneurial student team has created a health and safety mobile phone system to help construction companies. The system is expected to attract a lot of interest from Christchurch companies involved in the rebuild and the student team hopes to have their first tangible product later this month. Students Matt Cobham and Ashok Fernandez have set up SiteSorted to help make New Zealand workplaces safer without risk of accident or injury. “SiteSorted aims to not only implement software as a commercial service to make the process more efficient but to standardise the process throughout New Zealand to make workplaces safer,’’ Matt says. “Traditionally the civil construction industry has been seen as archaic in the way it performs its on-site processes with the use of only long and often disorganised paper trails. However, companies are now

searching for new ways to make construction sites more efficient and safer with state of the art technologies and processes.” He says the use of tablet devices in the civil construction industry is a pressing issue throughout all facets of the industry, to optimise and streamline onsite processes. “Over the last 10 years, major focus has been given to health and safety in the work place with increasing emphasis on a zero accident and injury approach by construction companies.’’ New Zealand is currently undergoing massive changes in the overall structure of health and safety and how it is managed with the introduction of the government agency WorkSafe and the reform to the Health and Safety Act. The Christchurch rebuild, SCIRT and

industry. This analysis determines trends and anomalies from company to company, allowing companies to better manage and implement safety precautions,’’ Cobham says. Fernandez says health and safety is a moral obligation and the work SiteSorted had been doing shows SCIRT and alliance partners were eager to implement their the alliance partners (City Care, Downer, Fletchers, Fulton Hogan and McConnell Dowell) are at the forefront of safe workplace practices. However, there are still no widespread technologies (available to all workers) for the health and safety process. “Through our system SiteSorted we have recognised these inefficiencies and begun the process of developing a solution. “We are seeking to standardise matters to allow the sharing of safety statistics and thus, the wide spread analysis of workplace accidents throughout the

process. “Also the UC support has been immensely valuable with the UC Innovation Centre and the Summer Start-up Scholarships where 25 students, supported by experts, have developed their own ideas into new ventures.’’ Innovation Centre manager Dr Rachel Wright says they have given financial support to SiteSorted by offering seed funding and scholarships, office space, and the use of IT and, most importantly, the advice and encouragement from experienced mentors. Looking for someone to make you a ‘widget’ Local Experienced Engineering firm Manufacture & sell Make/repair to order Brackets, eyebolts Hook clamps, ubolts Crowbars, pipe saddles Cropping/punching/folding BELLAMY & EAST SPRING MAKERS

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SMART IP Cameras for Home or Business Megapixel camera with night vision Built in wi Remote access with plug and play setup Motion Notication to phone and tablet Remotely playback and live view Two way audio Plug in and play setup Record to SD,PC,NAS Canterbury Owned & Operated 38 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

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The big secret to making profit in our booming city Become an expert - specialise Right now out there all around and throughout Christchurch, there’s a mountain of building and construction work going on. It’s boom city. Almost every business owner should be having the best days of their business lives. Or they should be planning to have a real cracking 2014 even if 2013 was a bit skinny for them.

Jamie Tulloch, Managing director of E3 Business Accounts Ltd & accountants4trades. Accountants4trades is dedicated to providing accounting, tax and business advice to trades and related businesses involved in the Christchurch rebuild and has developed the world's first interactive Benchmark and KPI dashboards for builders and the trades. Contact Jamie on 379 2343 or Jamie welcomes queries and comments.

Wake up call: if your business is not booming, you’re offering what no one needs or wants right now. It’s a harsh reality about business. During a recession, I can find businesses that are booming. In a boom, I can show you businesses that are failing. Why is this? How come not every business gets hit when there’s a recession? How come there are businesses in Christchurch that are not yet booming? There are many factors at play but cutting to the chase, if your business is not selling as much as it needs to, maybe, just maybe you’re offering what no one wants right now. I’ll write that again. Maybe you’re offering what nobody wants right now. Or maybe you’re a generalist trying to be all things to all people and not being focused and targeting one lucrative part of the market. Last week I was speaking to (listening to actually) a sparky who was moaning that he was having trouble getting onto the “gravy train” that other tradesmen seemed to be on. I was standing in the car park and I looked over at his van. His van told me an awful lot about his business. The signwriting on his van said “the sparky who specialises in everything electrical”. With mild sarcasm I said “so you do national grid power pylon repairs.” NO came the swift answer. “What about microwave oven repairs then.” “I don’t do household appliances. No one fixes them.” I then said the street light outside my house stopped working last week, can you come and fix that. “Of course not! That’s not what I do.” He was getting grumpy. ‘So you don’t do everything electrical then?”

“Of course I don’t. It’s just a saying so people will know that I’m an electrician.” And then I said “but not everything electrical as your van says”. “No, that’s right,” he muttered. I think by now he wanted to electrocute me. Then I asked ‘would it help your business if people knew exactly what you were very good at? What if you told them exactly what you were great at rather than trying to be all things to all people and ending up not connecting with anyone?’ “I don’t know. I’m a sparky not a smart arse businessman.” “But you have to be a businessman – you’re in business. You provide electrical services and take people’s money. If you want to be a sparky but not be in business, get a job and work for someone else.” “You’re absolutely right!” He just lit up like 100 LEDs had just been switched on inside him. “I’ve never quite seen it like that before.”


This issue I would like to give you the chance to win this very valuable book called The E-Myth Contractor – Why most contractors’ businesses don’t work and what to do about it. This brilliant little book should be read by every contractor who wants to run a better business. To be in to win email me with the words The E Myth Contractor in the subject line plus the name of your business and phone number in the body of the email. The Lucky winner will be drawn by random on Monday 17th March and advised by phone and email


Seearco Distributors Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company specializing in all forms of coated and bonded abrasives including wood and metal finishing products


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New Aranui youth and community facility to go ahead Christchurch City Council has confirmed it will build a new youth and community facility in Hampshire Street, Aranui – its first new community centre since the earthquakes. plan based on feedback from the residents who’ll be using the facility. We can't wait to see the delight on their faces on the day the new community centre opens.” Burwood/Pegasus Community Board Chair Andrea Cummings says residents are delighted the community facility will go ahead. “The way in which the community has been included in this process has been fantastic. A big thanks to Lions and the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust for their belief in the area and the new community centre, which will be a huge boost for everyone.” Lions Project Manager Digby Prosser says Lions are pleased to work with the Council again to support the development of another community facility in the city. “Lions were particularly keen to support this venture. It has given us the chance to help fund a new permanent facility in the eastern suburbs that will benefit residents by giving them a place to gather and participate in a range of activities.”

The $5.9 million Aranui Community Centre will be constructed on the site of the closed Wainoni Aranui Family Centre on Hampshire Street. Featuring activity, meeting and office space, the facility is expected to open in 2015. The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust has granted $1 million towards the centre, which includes a $500,000 donation from an anonymous donor. Lions Club International will contribute $450,000 from international grant money. Unit Manager Community Support Carolyn Gallagher says consultation with residents has been ongoing since October 2011. It shows they are overwhelmingly in favour of the final concept plan developed and the site selected for the new community centre. There will be further consultation with residents around how the outside of the building should look. “This is an exciting step forward for the project. The community’s views have been central to this process and we’ve tweaked the initial concept

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Heating Cooling Ventilation Refrigeration Our IQP Registered Engineers can inspect and certify your air conditioning and ventilation systems for Building Warrants of Fitness. We also supply, install, maintain and repair all major brands of commercial air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration. Plus domestic heat pumps and swimming pool heat pumps.

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Strong draw card brings back to the CBD It would be easy to think there was nothing to encourage a trip into Christchurch’s CBD. But fact is, the city’s commercial heart is starting to beat and, three years after its destruction, the space is coming back, bigger and better than ever.


igger and better is also an apt way to describe the redevelopment of The Coffee House. Nestled comfortably on the central city’s Montreal Street, the restaurant and café is set to double in size and features in time for the company’s 20th anniversary, co-owner Dave McLoughlin explains. “Earthquake repairs are now being carried out on our building at 290 Montreal Street and we have been fortunate to secure the tenancy for the property next door, The Blue Villa at 292 Montreal which has now been repaired and renovated. We’re now operating from The Blue Villa while stage 2 of the redevelopment is being completed. This is enabling us to significantly increase our operating space and install a brand new purpose built kitchen, something I know that ourselves and Jeremy, our head chef have been looking forward to for a while. “We’re still open for business and by June the redevelopment will be 100 percent

complete.” Established in 1994 at its current location, Dave and business partner Ben Dunkin took over in 2007. Both from sales and customer service backgrounds, neither had hospitality experience. “We both had a real desire to do something different, this represented the opportunity to deliver something to the Christchurch public, the opportunity to build something ourselves, put our mark on the business.” The redevelopment will certainly do that, with new function spaces opening up in the extended premises. The upstairs space will be available for private functions with a dining space which can be split into three distinct sections for smaller groups, or opened up for larger events. As a strategy it has certainly been a success with the restaurant and café becoming a popular alternative in the inner city, easily accessible to many. “We realised pretty quickly that coffee and café food was one thing, but this was the opportunity to do something even better,” Dave says. “We have always delivered consistently high quality food and during the past few years, we have focused on redefining and improving the dining experience for our guests.” Not only is The Coffee House open for breakfast and lunch, but high quality dinner




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dining has become a strong draw card for the business, with locally sourced ingredients used as much as possible. “The Coffee House has very much become a destination venue and with our iconic location close to the Arts Centre, we focus on the real service elements of making people feel welcome.” Plenty of parking is available at The Coffee House. To book your private function or evening meal, contact The Coffee House (03) 365 6066, ‘Like’ them on Facebook or visit

Completely Waterproof Contains all dust and debris including harmful chemicals Speeds up construction No tarps or pooling rain water Install zip windows or doors for easy access & increased air ow

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Welcome to Flemington, Lincoln's Finest Flemington is nestled right around the corner from Lincoln. An impressive subdivision comprising of 59Ha total subdivided into impressive 600-800m2 sites within close proximity of the Lincoln CBD, schools and Lincoln University. The location is second to none. Only a minute away from shopping, supermarkets and amenities. Lincoln is a town packed with history and offering a great foundation for families to build on- it’s an awesome place for kids to grow up in, a happy little town that’s packed with amenities.

On site Sunday 1-4pm

42 November 2013 Canterbury Rebuild



The Whyte Construction Team has the ability and expertise to carry out your rebuild or repair project. If you feel like you’re in limbo land, talk to your claims officer about specifying us for your home rebuild or repair or give us a call to see how we can help you…

Looking for a new employment opportunity? We’re looking for skilled, qualified people to join our team. If you’re a Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Site Manager, Foreman or Carpenter give us a call to find out what vacancies we have available.

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44 March 2014 Canterbury Rebuild

Canterbury Rebuild Magazine March 2014 Issue 31  

The GUIDE to Canterbury's Residential & Commercial Rebuild.

Canterbury Rebuild Magazine March 2014 Issue 31  

The GUIDE to Canterbury's Residential & Commercial Rebuild.