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Christchurch Sustainable Village

Looking for a new home ISSUE 23

JULY 2013

2 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

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cover The Viva Project initiated after the Christchurch earthquakes, is a collaboration between architects, visionaries, and ordinary people looking for a village within a city that is socially, financially, culturally and environmentally sustainable.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information contained within this magazine, however Metros Publishing Group Ltd can accept no liability for the accuracy of all the information. The information and views expressed anywhere in this magazine are not necessarily the views or opinion of Metros Publishing Group Ltd, its editorial contributors, freelancers, associates or information providers.

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Welcome The cordon has finally been removed and the city returned to its rightful owners. This simple ceremony to take down those last barriers was a significant one – it almost feels like we are free again to move around as we wish. Sure there will still be some road closures to ensure our safety, but the need for us to be guarded from the destruction is over and we look forward to those steps of finally moving forward.

5 Farewell to our cordon guardians 6 Know your enemy-the battlefield with EQC and insurance

7 Progress with the CBD 8 Team work gets great results 9 Choosing the right joinery for the conditions

10 How builders and tradesmen lift their

As a final salute to those who have been caretakers of, we acknowledge their efforts with a story about the input those soldiers have had and what it really means for us all now.

12 Residents want more energy efficient

As I sit writing this, I am in the throes of a handover of a different sort - the feeling of almost giving up “normal” living as we have existed through four weeks of open homes. This has involved peeling our life back to minimalistic living. This is not an easy feat when there is a 5-year-old on the premises but nevertheless the last of the strangers will trudge through today and hopefully come tomorrow once the hammer falls, our house will be sold and we will indeed hand our home over to another.

For all


The process will then begin of selecting a suitable plot to build another home – not for us but for someone else. To do this we have to second-guess the needs of a different family and hopefully build someone else’s dream.


This process of building is a predicament many in the region now find themselves facing, and no doubt my family will now face those challenges which are now ahead of many.

Ph: (03) 3433669


It has been no small effort on the part of the New Zealand Defence Force in keeping watch over our beloved city. Although the presence of the role played has diminished over time, the effort put in at the time of the quakes and subsequent life thereafter has been one which residents will never forget.

Having never lived longer than three years in any one place in the past 23 years, the pack up process does not seem too daunting. It provides a time to cull and streamline the clutter we have gathered around us, and realise that it is not materialistic things which make us happy but more importantly being together – a fact we have been reminded of frequently during the past few years.

Colleen Beattie or Lorraine Terris

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11 Out and about with Coresteel building launch city

13 Building stress free 16 Smaller and smarter homes 17 Red cross reaches milestone with quake grants

20 Efficient options for storage 21 A master guarantee with family building company

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Ashburtons architectural masterpieces South Brightons two way traffic plans $10,000 win overwhelming A growing sense of community Avoiding the harmful noise The village that needs a home Traffic management trials underway Researching commercial landlords and tenants

32 The ultimate surface protection 33 Innovative precinct planning underway 34 Pods provide answers

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4 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

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The unfaltering members of the New Zealand Army who have kept watch to ensure members of the public remain safe and building owners’ properties remain secure. New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) figures show more than 77,280 man hours have been spent at posts around the cordon’s surrounds. The 24-hour-a-day caretakers have now left the city as the last of the city’s cordons have been removed. When the Red Zone was initially

established on 22 February 2011, it took in the majority of the city within the four avenues but slowly as dangerous buildings have been demolished and sites made secure, the gates have been pulled back. The ceremony on 30th June was a chance for an official thank you and another poignant time to remember the events during the past three years and the impact they have had on the city and its people. Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-

General Rhys Jones says the Defence Force is proud at the contribution it has made in Christchurch’s time of need. “I thank the people of Christchurch for their support and friendship as we worked alongside them and I admire the courage they have shown in the face of such a disaster. “The end of the cordon duty means that Christchurch has reached another milestone, and the pace of renewal is shifting up a gear. Our work here is done. I am very proud that we as a Defence Force have stayed the course, and been a part of the efforts that transitioned from first-responce to where we are today and the rebuilding of Christchurch.” Although the cordon is gone and CERA will no longer have control of access, some roads will remain closed as street level and underground repairs are completed and the last of the dangerous or damaged buildings are addressed. The Christchurch City Council Transport and Greenspace unit manager John Mackie says while this may be frustrating, it is necessary. “We haven’t started work until now as that would have held up the ability to demolish buildings or work on building repairs, and that would have been impractical. Our role now is to address the roads, footpaths and infrastructure that need work as the last step in this process.”

CanterburyRebuild NZDF stats Since the close of the initial response operation in March 2011, rotations of 16 personnel from the Reserve Forces have provided around the clock support of manning the cordons in the Christchurch Red Zone. Rotation Period: 2 months each Rotation manning: Started with 22 reservists manning 5 access points and has reduced to 3 access points with two reservists per access point Manning : 14 personnel per rotation Number of Reservists used: Over 120 reservists have worked on the cordon to date. Work Duration: 2 x 12hr shifts Change over time daily: 0630 and 1830 hrs

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It’s not just bricks and mortar

it’s part of your life Mark Prosser Builders is an award winning building company accomodating the Christchurch and regional areas. Our reputation has been built on excellent craftsmanship and service which has been provided to satisfied customers for the past 25 years.

Featured Home This home was built to accommodate a large family with busy teenage children. Situated in Ohoka, this home compliments its surroundings with a remarkable use of timber. At the entrance, you are welcomed by a magnificent jarrah staircase which directs you to either the guest wing, living and lounge or kitchen areas downstairs or the five bedrooms upstairs. The painstakingly recycled kauri fireplace surround, in the lounge, commands your attention and is a wonderful talking point. Each room is divided with solid cedar doors. The floors through out the living, kitchen and laundry are kwila and all rooms are finished with overheight rimu skirtings. A wonderfully warm and comfortable home which exudes elegance and quality but is practical and welcoming to family and friends.

National Award Winner

We Specialise In

Each year master builders from all over Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area enter their workmanship in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition. Recognising excellence, quality and innovation in building, the receipt of an award in this prestigious competition is a goal every professional builder aspires to.

Delivering projects

And my personal Guarantee of Quality in every facet of the work we do for our clients.

Mark Prosser - Builder

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We have the experience to make this happen.

plus! • Alteration Specialists • Architectural Home Builders • House and Land Packages • Interior & Landscape Design


email: Above Holmwood Shops Phone: 356 2497


L I M I T E D 6 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

In battle know your enemy Whenever I watch Campbell Live and the interviews of Christchurch homeowners struggling to get anywhere with EQC or their private insurers, it’s hard not to be moved by the emotional state, desperation, and utter powerlessness that each and every one of these people are experiencing. For some coincidental reason (yeah right) EQC and insurers miraculously seem to be able to resolve things shortly after the nation has viewed the plight of these few, even though the homeowners themselves have gotten nowhere for months if not years. As you well know, the insurance battleground is a complex and fraught environment and if it’s not properly understood, though perhaps more importantly if the fight is not entered into with the right strategy and with the right army, then the results for the unprepared and untrained are likely to be catastrophic. Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general, strategist and tactician, in his military text which was later translated into The Art of War says; “if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, and knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive. Given the way EQC and insurers are behaving, there will need to be a number of battles fought to get you a fair and proper settlement, and my interpretation of the Sun Tzu principle is that to truly know the (insurance) enemy requires the knowledge, expertise and input of a multi-discipline team. The team we’ve used has seen loss adjustors, claim managers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, foundation specialists, house removers, quantity surveyors, and lawyers all being used for different areas of the battle. The key is that they need to be used in a structured and co-ordinated manner so that the offensive can be taken to the insurer with impact. This team also needs to have the knowledge, confidence and capability to defend your entitlements when they’re challenged by the enemy.....which as you know will happen.

Hoani Hipango

It’s not an easy task if it’s to be done right, it’s certainly not quick, and it’s plagued with moving lines of battle as the enemy changes the rules of engagement, but I believe it’s essential to have the proper team to fight for you if your intention is to win the war. What we’ve finding now however is that we’re approaching a point where people are losing the will to fight. They’ve battled for so long to get anywhere and in the face of constant rejection and with little hope, more and more people are accepting defeat because they simply don’t know how to win or they simply don’t want fight any longer. This is a particularly dangerous time as any surrender will play into the hands of EQC and private insurers who will gladly set the terms of the post battle settlement. When I’m asked by people in this situation what they should do, I respond with the following questions; How much do you think you stand to lose? What impact would that have on you and your family? Would that worry you? Could you live with that loss? If someone else could fight for you, would you continue? While everyone’s situation is different, the responses to these questions are all pretty much the same and we’ve yet to meet anyone who says they are willing and happy to give up the fight. They’re just resigned themselves to that fact that they can’t win.....but in reality they can. Hoani Hipango is a partner at Proclaims Management. Proclaims is a Christchurch claims consultancy, whose business processes have been developed in line with international insurance industry practices and with the input of globally acknowledged insurance law experts. To discuss your situation contact Hoani on 943 7144 or to


Progress in the central business district steaming ahead Last month, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee hosted Prime Minister John Key on a tour of the Christchurch CBD to highlight the move from the demolition phase to construction gear up as tonnes of concrete are poured in the CBD every week.

CCDU director Warwick Isaacs,

As the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority’s operations general manager, Warwick has managed the demolition and operations work programme - both residential and commercial - throughout greater Christchurch.

A total of $800 million worth of commercial consents have been issued in greater Christchurch over the past 12 months with this figure increasing exponentially as the rebuild gains momentum. Only 67 (or 6%) of more than 1,100 buildings earthquake damaged buildings within the four avenues that require a full or partial demolition remain. We’re making good progress with purchasing the properties to allow for construction of the Anchor Projects, outlined in the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, which will revitalise the central city. In terms of the priority Anchor Projects - the Convention Centre Precinct, the East Frame, the Bus Interchange, the Justice & Emergency Services Precinct and the Metro Sport Facility – agreements are now in place for the purchase of 63 per cent of the total designated land area, with a

dollar value of $173.5 million. Across all of the projects, agreements are in place for 43.4 per cent of the total designated land area, for a total agreed purchase price of $231.6 million. Building work is already under way with the commencement of the early stages of the Avon River Precinct. When purchasing properties the Crown is taking the approach of creating willingbuyer, willing-seller scenarios, and to date has not been required to use its powers of compulsory acquisition. Two independent valuers are providing advice to the Crown in the negotiations. The sale price agreed for each property reflects specific property features such as location, geological conditions, state of any buildings, the value to the purchaser of any reports and consents obtained by the seller, environmental conditions, insurance, and any tenancies. Complementing progress towards the Anchor Projects, we are all now looking forward to the lifting of the Central Business District cordon around the Rebuild Zone on the 28 June.

The men and women of the New Zealand Defence Force have dedicated many long hours, braving some of the harshest of weather conditions, to man the cordon around the clock since 22 February 2011. On the 30th June they will officially march out from their duties on the cordon. Together with the CCC we’ve been progressively reducing the cordon over the last month. There is still a lot of infrastructure work to be done in the area, and that includes everything from street lighting to repaired footpaths and roads. Owners of property in the cordoned city area have already been contacted to remind them of their responsibilities for fencing off sites that have yet to be repaired or that contain any hazards. Access to some roads and properties will remain fenced depending on demolitions and infrastructure repairs, just as the non-cordoned parts of the city are while hazardous work is underway. The re-opening of the city to the people of Christchurch is another exciting and positive step for us all.

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is a trading arm of Ian R Little Ltd

Prices subject to change

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Team work gets results Mary Turnbull, of Harcourts Gold has established an impressive reputation for meeting the individual needs of her clients and achieving top results for them. Now she has recruited some new members to her team to enable her to provide an even better service to clients – both sellers and buyers. “I encourage people selling their property to consider auction because I am finding the prices achieved with competition are often at a premium,” Mary says, “but the other side of our business is working with clients who are looking to buy houses. This part of the work is expanding with the huge demand for what is a reduced housing resource throughout Canterbury as a consequence of the earthquakes.” Up until recently, Jenny Fowler of Team Turnbull has been the one to liaise with buyers, but now there is Kate Rollo as well, to help clients Westernra Tce find and buy that perfect property for their requirements. In addition Mary has appointed Sue South as her personal assistant and administrative support for the team, ensuring all systems function

effortlessly so clients experience as stress-free a process as possible. When you utilise the services of Mary and her team you can be assured you have selected agents with a top level of knowledge, experience and a proven record. Mary is currently the third most successful Harcourts’ agent in Canterbury, the seventh most successful in New Zealand and, most impressively, the ninth most successful

Glen Oaks

agent for Harcourts internationally, out of 6000 agents world-wide. Mary also has an impeccable record with auction sales. In May she received the Phil McGoldrick Cup for auction

Jenny Fowler, Sue South, Mary Turnbull, Kate Rollo When you utilise the services of Mary and her team you can be assured you have selected agents with a top level of knowledge, experience and a proven record. excellence and was number three in Canterbury for listing the most auctions during 2012-13. Out of her 45 auctions in the past 12 months, 44 were successful with some even breaking records for their sale prices. Recently sold properties were 33 Glen Oakes Drive, 1 Queens Ave and 24 Westenra Tce. These were all sold under the hammer on auction day as a result of Mary’s innovative marketing strategies and her tireless determination. Mary and her team specialise in the north-west of the city – Strowan, Papanui, Merivale, Fendalton, Harewood, Avonhead and St Albans. Properties in these suburbs are in very high demand because on the whole they stood up well to the earthquakes. But don’t think that rules you out from

having such a prominent real estate agent as Mary working for you. “I have had listings recently in Cashmere, Barrington, Linden Grove and Spreydon, so if you have a house to sell somewhere other than in the northwest of the city or are looking to buy in another suburb, my team and I will be delighted to assist you.” Mary and her team can be contacted through the Harcourts Gold Papanui office located at 471 Papanui Road. This office took top honours in the world out of 783 offices. “We love being part of such an award-winning office, which provides superb mentoring and support so that we agents can achieve our best too.” Phone Mary on 352 6166 or 0275 252 959. Her email is

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FLOOR WARMING MODE Similar to heating style of traditional fire places this mode delivers a powerful flow at floor level for uniform and efficient heating.


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Allows complete control from the unit itself in addition to remote control.

PERSONALISED AIRFLOWS Gives option of 5 fan speeds and choice of 5 airflow directions in all modes.

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Choose the joinery to match the conditions Whether you are replacing existing windows, upgrading your doors or building a new home, it is critical to choose the right joinery that not only looks great but is also made to cope with New Zealand's demanding climate. Kaiapoi Aluminium is a privately owned Christchurch and Canterbury company supplying high quality aluminium doors and windows to home owners and builders. With more than 30 years experience in aluminium joinery solutions, the experienced staff are dedicated to offering you friendly advice and service to help you with your joinery requirements. The company leads the market with its thermally broken suite. This has environmental benefits which extend beyond temperature control to control noise and condensation as well, giving you a quieter and more healthy environment. The thermal insulator in the suite, along with the warm edge technology in the double glazing, minimises the transfer of heat through the aluminium and glass. Kaiapoi Aluminium offers a complete range of aluminium windows, ranging from contemporary modern designs to traditional aspects that will help you create your own style and enhance your home:

1. Awning windows can be used in most positions and are ideal for New Zealand's changeable weather. 2. Because of their traditional look, casement windows are especially popular with renovators. Casement windows are side opening and can catch the breeze and direct it inwards. 3. Horizontal sliding windows are ideal when you need a window that doesn't project onto walkways or patios. Single or double sliding panels meeting in the middle are available, as well as a double slider window where two panels on parallel tracks stack behind each other. 4. Vertical sliding windows can either be double hung aluminium sliders or allglass shugg sliders, two counterbalanced panes of glass which slide past each other with no aluminium rails to obstruct the view. Double-hung windows have two surrounding frame options – a scrolled Edwardian appearance or a clean, flat contemporary look. 5. If you want to make the most of your dramatic views or enhance your

indoor/outdoor flow, bi-fold windows are the answer. As for doors, these will not only affect the look of your home from the inside and outside, but where they are placed and the style you choose will also affect your comfort with regard to light, ventilation and privacy. Kaiapoi Aluminium services include: Aluminium windows and doors Thermally broken windows and doors Architecture series windows and doors Hardware for windows and doors Friendly and expert advice Free measure and quote On-site design advice Kaiapoi Aluminium has a range of doors to offer you the best solution. Contact Kaiapoi Aluminium and explore your options: 1261 Main North Rd, Belfast. Phone 03 323 7808 or visit

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How builders and tradesmen can lift their profits

Jamie Tulloch is managing director of E3 Business Accountants Limited and accountants4trades. Accountants4trades is dedicated to providing accounting, tax and business advice to trades and related businesses involved in the Christchurch rebuild and has developed the world's first interactive Benchmark and KPI dashboards for builders and the trades Contact Jamie on 379 2343 or Jamie welcomes queries and comments.

Three months ago I was discussing with a building client the value of benchmarking his business and how it worked. He was not convinced about its value as his understanding of its purpose was for compliance rather than for measuring his company's performance and improving results. He was convinced this stuff was all theoretical and that the real world of building couldn't be measured as there were so many variables that got in the way of having any practical application. He was also convinced the “back office” was worth less than 10% of real value to his business. “They do the payroll, issue invoices and file GST returns. I wouldn't want them doing any more than that, thank you” he said. Here was a challenge I wanted to win because this particular builder had 15 employees and was under-performing compared with the best builders doing exactly what he was doing – building and repairing in Christchurch. His profit was suffering but he was sure it would come right because he had “work up to here!” as he held his hand up to his eyes. He got on well with his team and they all thought

he was a great boss. I knew that if he kept going as he was, he'd be laying off staff as he ran out of money. Where's the great boss then? I spent over an hour asking him leading and provocative questions so I could better understand how he ran his business. Not untypically he was all hard work, long hours, sincere and dedicated. But he had no benchmarks, key performance indicators, targets or budgets to work to. And he was not making profit above a good wage which he could get being employed by any decent building company in the city. And 90 days later, where is he now? I'm very pleased to say in much better shape. He invested two hours of time to learn how to run a better building business. He listened and saw compelling evidence to prove that smart, profitable builders measure everything they do, they beef up the back office and they set benchmarks and smart dashboard reporting systems that they can see at a glance how their business is going. He still works long hours but he sleeps better.

Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 10


Coresteel building launch Coresteel Buildings showcased its new innovative technology at the opening of one of its clients buildings at Izone in Rolleston last month. Many came to enjoy drinks and nibbles and saw for themselves the bracketless system which supports buildings of virtually any size without compromising structural integrity. Hamish Reid, Liz Thompson, Nicky Fitzgerald, Shaun Johnston, Stephen Fitzgerald

Richmond Paynter, Wayne Blanchfield

Haemish Reid introduces the Coresteel

Luka Dirkzwagger, Geoff Moreton

Rebecca Maher, Hamish Reid, Tom burns

Glyn Sutton, Andrew Dallas, Glen Paterson, Bruce Graham

Craig Bussell, Nicholas Mann, Max Warren, Paul Marshall, Michael John

Marcus Stufkins, Scott Thorp, Nick Thomson

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Residents want a more energy efficient city The Christchurch Agency for Energy (CAfE) has released the results of a survey of residents on Christchurch and Energy and has found some interesting results. The telephone survey of 400 residents was conducted between 25th March and 17th April. When residents were asked for their understanding of the term 'renewable energy resources' several forms of energy were mentioned. However, the primary resources mentioned by residents were solar power, hydro power generation and wind power. CAfE chief executive Merv Altments felt this research showed a positive grasp of the issues, “People were engaged with energy issues and had a good appreciation of energy and energy use. There was divided opinion as to whether Christchurch is making the right energy decisions.” Respondents were asked if they considered that the Christchurch CBD and suburbs were currently moving in the right direction with regards to future energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives in homes and commercial buildings, almost a third of residents said yes (31%), a third said no (29%), and over a third (40%) weren't sure. Of those who said they perceived Christchurch is moving in the right direction (31%), the issue of speed was

12 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

canvassed. In response to “Are these future energy efficiency initiatives being implemented fast enough at this point in time?” responses were split with yes 30%, no 54%, don't know or unsure 16%. Eighty-seven per cent of those surveyed believed that incentives need to be offered to encourage people to utilise renewable energy resources during the repair/rebuild of their home. 98.50% of residents agreed with the statement that 'there should be an emphasis on keeping residents healthy by ensuring homes are warm and well insulated'. · 91% also agreed with the statement that 'I believe that EQC should encourage residents to install insulation and or double glazing in their homes during the repair process'. · 83% also believe that there should be changes to the building code to encourage greater use of renewable energy resources such as solar power.

· 80% of residents wanted more information relating to subsidies and the eligibility criteria to develop an energy efficient home. · 83% of residents also believed that given the current circumstances in Christchurch, that low emission wood burners should be allowed in new home builds. Heat pumps were used in nearly a quarter of homes (23%) while one in 20 residents (5%) said their homes had solar panels. Researchers concluded respondents perceived that there was a key opportunity to position Christchurch as a leader and innovator in terms of creating an energy efficient city for the future and to enable residents to support practical, functional, innovative and cost effective energy strategies for the future. Within this framework, residents strongly believed there needed to be plans for emergencies relative to

energy sources for the future, to ensure that they are able to meet the basics of life (i.e. heating and water) in the event of further seismic events. This would allow reduced dependence on current forms of energy for comfort and survival – for example, the freedom of choice regarding the installation of wood burners, and the introduction of legislation. There was a perception held that some of these renewable energy resources could potentially prove more reliable in the event of further significant aftershocks/power blackouts in Christchurch such as current energy sources like electricity, therefore alleviating hardships caused by power outages within the city. Residents also felt the utilisation of a 'natural' energy resource fed into a 'feel good factor' by preserving the environment for future generations. The survey has a statistical margin of error of ±4.9% at the 95% confidence level. The sample included residents through the whole city with proportions of, 0.75% in the Central City, and roughly a quarter in each of the Eastern 26.25%, Northern 25.50%, Southern 22.50% and Western, 25.00% suburbs.


A stress free build -

Ensuring your new build, renovation or extension is built to the highest of standards you need to ensure the builders are qualified and have the experience to undertake your work. Richards Building Ltd is a construction company based in Christchurch which works closely with their clients to ensure the process of designing and building your new project is as exciting and as easy as possible. It has all the experience it needs to get its clients feeling at home again. Owner Brad Richards has built this company up using his 18 years of experience as a trade qualified builder. With all tradesmen and subcontractors having qualifications and offering a

huge amount of experience within the building industry, this company guarantees the job will be completed to the highest standard. Richards Building Ltd can manage any project from start to finish taking all the unnecessary stress away from its clients. It deals with achieving the dream home within its client’s expectations, agreed timeframes and most importantly the agreed budget. This company can provide a huge range of services to its clients. From renovations to building new homes,

ensure your builder is qualified and experienced

Richards Building Ltd can do it all. It also specialises in earthquake repairs and rebuilds and is accredited with Fletchers EQR. This means that it is able to repair any earthquake damage that houses may have sustained. Many clients have personally chosen this company to work on their homes through the ‘preferred contractor’ option or the ‘Opt out’ programme. It is currently working directly with Fletchers and EQC on various home repairs as well as with many opt out clients, therefore is familiar with the processes first hand. It can manage your ‘opt out’ repairs from start to finish on your behalf, relieving the client of any unnecessary stress or concerns. Client Jackie Fitzsimmons, who recently had a house completed by Richards Building Ltd is a happy customer: “I appreciated Brad’s clear communication, prompt responses and accurate time framing”. Richards Building Ltd is a member of the Certified Builders Association of NZ and is a Licensed Building

Practitioner through the Department of Housing. This company is also a member of HazardCo, ensuring health and safety processes are adhered to on all work sites. Brad believes that communication is the most important aspect in any project. This company prides itself on this skill and gives its clients all the information they need at every stage in the process, resulting in a successful build where everyone is stress free and happy.

You can contact Brad and the team by email:, Phone: 03 355-0545 or visit

Building - Renovating? Up to 50% off on selected ranges of Uniline Roller Blinds.

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68 Durham Street South Sydenham

giftware P 03 366 2816 F 03 366 4108

Open Saturdays 10am to 3pm. Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 13


Building solid homes impacts our environment We have solid in our name,” says Kyle Byers of Solid Builders Limited, “and we build solid, substantial, yet eco-friendly homes.” “ We’ve lived through the earthquakes and had the house damage, the heartache and the uncertainty ourselves. Now we are dedicated to helping to rebuild Christchurch using sustainable materials wherever possible and ensuing that each house we build is high in energy efficiency. We will never get the opportunity to make such a positive impact on our very own environment again.” Solid Builders and its companion design company EcoBuilt Homes, are owned and operated by Kyle who is a licensed building practitioner with some 20 years experience in the construction industry. He has also lived in other parts of the world and has built homes in the UK and the USA. He says he was exposed to different ways of building during this time, opening his mind to different building practices. Solid Builders has already carried out repairs to many earthquake-damaged homes for damage assessed at under

the $100,000 cap. It is also working with major insurance companies on overcap level residential repairs and new builds. Homeowners in this category

costs and emissions. “My team of carpenters are dedicated to their work and above all pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship and on

“ have the right to nominate the company as their preferred builder. Should homeowners make this choice they will be working with a company that is committed to design systems that will minimise water and energy consumption, have effective ecoinsulation and efficient heating systems. The construction will also be carried out with a minimum amount of waste and using local materials to reduce transport

House Foundation Repair Specialists

their care for the environment.” Solid Builders can co-ordinate the whole process of the repair or rebuild from concept plan to working drawings, through the council consent process the completion of the work. The designs, plans and work will be managed within the financial envelope agreed between the insurance company and the homeowner. Homeowners can therefore rest

‘Our planet, Your home’

assured they will be looked after in the best possible manner. The company works closely with homeowners to include a range of ecomeasures into their repair or rebuild. “We believe that houses old or new can be transformed to have a lower impact on the environment and we can add as many or as few eco-features as the homeowner wants or a budget allows for. Something to bear in mind is that eco-homes will be more affordable to run in the future given the savings on power and other factors.” Kyle can speak first–hand about the possibility of bringing older homes up to 21st century eco-standards. He retrorenovated part of his own 1930s house and now enjoys all the benefits of a healthy, environmentally responsible home. Solid Builders can be contacted at 0800 4 A BUILDER or 027 290 1434, email or via their web-site

ec built homes

Building green for a better future

Southern Repiling is here to help the people of Canterbury repair their homes, we specialise in:

House lifting Repiling Re-levelling Foundation stabilization We work with all councils & structural engineers

Licenced & Qualified Builders

Call Dwayne on

027 477 5702 or email:

14 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

Specialising in energy efficient, eco-friendly homes.

Ph. 0800 422 845

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Smaller and smarter homes Steve McMillan of Carpe Diem is an innovator with passion and vision. He is passionate about the construction industry and his vision is to build homes more quickly and more cheaply, but with no compromise on quality.

a photovoltaic solar system, a heat pump and extra insulation that we believe will reduce average energy costs by around 50% annually. We will be able to have this house completed in around twelve weeks so it will be opened in the spring.” Carpe Diem also plans to build a second Smarter Small Home in Pegasus Town as a house and land package. This design is the Marymere – 163sqm, four bedrooms and two bathrooms for $499,000 including landscaping, drapes, heat pump and hot water under-floor heating system. “We offer a complete concept with these homes – a lifestyle change incorporating stylish yet practical designs, quicker construction and ongoing improvements in living standards through smarter use of energy.” But Carpe Diem’s focus on innovation goes further than houses alone. Steve and his team, along with structural and geo-technical engineers are in the process of developing a foundation design for building on Christchurch’s

The Marymere design 163sqm 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Carpe Diem, in conjunction with James Hardie and Creative Arch Architects are therefore proud to have the licence to build the Smarter Small Homes range of houses. These homes are designed to be eco-friendly, have low carbon emissions, be sustainable and high in energy efficiency – and they use a modular system, which reduces costs and speeds up the build time. This type of system also means that houses can be added to as families grow and requirements change.

The homes are built using the James Hardie Scyon product – an advanced lightweight cement-composite that delivers heavy duty performance and has been created with New Zealand’s conditions in mind. “We are just about to start building a Smarter Small Homes showhome in Sovereign Palms”, Steve explains. The design is called “Grassmere”. It is 183m2, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a single garage all for $263,000 including GST. It will also have

TC3 category land. “Carpe Diem is committed to the rebuild of Christchurch and finding cheaper foundation solutions for TC3 land is crucial. What we have come up with is a light-weight in-ground foundation and timber sub-floor which we are confident will be some 60 per cent cheaper than the foundations that have been suggested in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s building guidelines for TC3 land. It’s likely to be about $200 per square metre as compared with $450-$550. Fundamental to these costings is that the land does not have to be remediated first.” Steve adds that Carpe Diem hope to have final approval for the foundation design by August. This is very encouraging news for people rebuilding on TC3 land.

Call Carpe Diem on (03) 389 7874 or visit them in their new premises at 407 Ferry Rd to find out how you can live smarter in a Smarter Small Home. See the Carpe Diem web-site for more information.


he Smarter Small Home is built on a modular system (not to be confused with kitset or prefabricated – all homes are built on site in the traditional manner). Being modular means that we are able to maximize efficiencies and reduce waste by 80% of a standard build. Those savings are passed directly onto the home owner. The other great concept of this is that you can design your own home using the modular system. We have these modules available and are happy to show these to you, enabling us to truly understand what it is you are looking for in your new home. Everyone is different and we have a large number of innovative ideas to change or add to existing designs (as seen on our website:


Low Carbon Footprint


Affordable call us on 03 389 7874 Carpe Diem, 407 Ferry Rd, (Cnr Ferry Rd & Randolph St)

Woolston Christchurch 8023

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Fantail, from $102,000


Red Cross reaches 100,000 quake grant recipients New Zealand Red Cross has distributed earthquake grants to 100,000 recipients – a quarter of the greater Christchurch population. Bamford Primary School is the 100,000th recipient of a grant from the New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Commission. The decile 2 school in Woolston received a Christchurch Schoolchildren’s Grant worth $35,148. Commission chair Sir John Hansen presented a congratulatory plaque to the pupils and principal at Bamford Primary last month saying it was an incredible achievement. “When the members of the Commission started out in 2011 we never thought we would distribute grants to 100,000 recipients,” he says. “It speaks volumes about the generosity of people in New Zealand

and overseas who donated the money that has enabled us to help a quarter of the population of greater Christchurch. We will continue to support the people of Christchurch through the grants and programmes that are currently available and those being developed for the future.” Bamford Primary principal Colin Hammond says the Red Cross grant is a blessing for Christchurch schoolchildren and their families, who put on a brave face despite being hit really hard by the quakes. “A number of our pupils are still living in garages and broken homes and are still feeling shell-shocked.

New Zealand Red Cross Earthquakes Commission Chair Sir John Hansen presents a congratulatory plaque to the pupils of Bamford Primary for being the 100,000 recipient of a Red Cross grant.

Their families are under financial pressure and would struggle to pay for the activities that the grant will subsidise," says Mr Hammond. Bamford Primary has used some of the grant to help fund a recent Year 13 trip to Ferrymead Historic Park. It will use the rest to subsidise a “Break from the Quake” camp in Wellington, a trip to Hanmer, and outings to Willowbank, Orana Park and the Antarctic Centre. Also planned is a community hangi, a disco, and programmes to help some of the more anxious children. Mr Hammond says most of the school’s fundraising streams have dried up so the grant is a “light at the

end of the tunnel". New Zealand Red Cross has been actively involved with the people of Christchurch since the September 2010 quake. Its outreach team has made 3632 visits and 5164 door knocks and the recovery team has distributed 43,500 torch radios. The New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Commission has distributed $86m in grants. The New Zealand public and overseas donors contributed a total of $128m to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal, which is now closed. Seven million dollars has been spent on programmes and most of the remaining funds are committed to existing grants that are still open.

Sales Office Open Saturday & Sunday 12 - 4pm

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Good design makes life simpler Can’t find the clothes you want when you are running late for work? Monty and Tracey McKeefry of Beyond Storage have years of experience in designing and installing storage options into new and existing homes. We talked to them about what a well-designed wardrobe should do for you. Why is it important to have well-designed wardrobe storage? Just imagine being able to find everything when you need it. The best thing about having a professionally designed wardrobe is that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, meaning no more frantic searches for clothing items. What type of wardrobe is the most efficient? We believe walk-in wardrobes are the way to go. The functionality and elegance of a walk-in wardrobe is very appealing. They can be customised to store virtually everything, not just shoes and clothes, and allow for items to be easily accessible. In almost all new homes we are seeing a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite as standard inclusions for the master bedroom. What kinds of fittings are used in walk-in wardrobes? Shelving, drawers and baskets add a touch of personality to a wardrobe. The top shelf can be used to store items you rarely need to access such as out of season clothes, accessories and bags. Cane baskets or boxes with lids add texture and colour, as well as making great storage spaces. What is the process for working with Beyond Storage to have a new wardrobe designed? The first step is to contact us (03) 942 7132 or 027 594 2713 or through our website We will give you a free consultation and no obligation quote in your home. If you are building a new house we will design and quote for any necessary storage solutions from your plans. It is important to build in future-proofing at design stage and install systems that can be adapted and changed as your family’s needs alter. Do you have a showroom where I can see examples of your products? We don’t have a showroom, but a full portfolio of our storage products and designs can be viewed on our web-site or alternatively we can arrange to take you to a home where we are currently installing new storage systems. Not having a permanent showroom means that we can keep product costs down.

Talking about costs are you able to design storage solutions to suit different budget levels? Absolutely - that is the point of meeting with clients to find out about their individual requirements and budget. We then design the storage solutions to suit that budget. Our wardrobes are custom-made to each situation and budget, to each room size or ceiling height. It is not one size fits all. We find that earthquake damaged homes often require an innovative approach – for example the replacement of a chimney with a wardrobe shelving or study nook. Do your products have a guarantee? Yes – we back up our workmanship with a limited lifetime guarantee of 15 years. We believe in our products and our quality is never compromised by cost as we always offer the very best value to all our customers. We are proud to use only New Zealand made products. Tracey and Monty look forward to working with you to achieve the storage solution that best suits your circumstances.

Your one stop shop for shelving & storage

Wardrobe designs with a difference Free in-home no obligation quote 15 year guarantee Locally owned and operated 100% customer satisfaction Designed to suit all requirements

Franchises for Sale Nationwide Call 027 594 2713 for details

Lundia shelving mobile and static Optimise storage space Superior strength and flexibility Natural beauty and warmth of timber

Looking after Canterbury since 1993

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Family building company promises so much more than an ordinary home

Need a new house but confused about your choices? Don’t worry – there is a professional, wellestablished building company dedicated to helping you get into your dream home. Orange Homes does so much more than simply build an ordinary home. A family business, Orange Homes enjoys a reputation for trust and reliability backed by decades of experience. The team can create a home for you and your family that will exude style, substance and a quality which will last a lifetime. Current owner Greg Orange is the third generation of builders in the

Orange family and has been creating homes for families for almost 40 years in both Canterbury and across the West Coast. Ongoing word-of-mouth referrals see satisfied clients recommend Orange Homes to their friends as their builder of choice. In fact, client testimonials are full of praise for the excellence and quality of the workmanship in every home built by the company. Flexible enough to be able to accommodate clients’ needs yet large enough to offer great buying power, Orange Homes can help you find a suitable section, then customise your house plan from the company’s

extensive plan portfolio. Alternately, you can have a unique plan drawn up inhouse to meet your budget and fit in with your lifestyle. In addition, with the trend for more sustainable and economical options in the way of heating and lighting homes, the team will happily refer any client who wants an energy-efficient option to the right people for the type of option they require. And once your plan has been approved, Orange Homes will build the house for you, so you work with the same team throughout the entire process. A Master Build Guarantee along with detailed and fixed price tender means there are no hidden costs or extras. You have a guarantee your home will be built to completion with the quality of workmanship and support you would expect. If yours is an insurance issue, you will have peace of mind knowing that the company deals with all the major insurance companies.

To find out what the Orange Homes team can do for you, visit them at 245 Annex Rd or phone 343 3955. You can also take a walk through the Wigram Skies show home at 49 Sioux Ave, or watch the website for updates on the four new show homes planned for this year.

Painting Canterbury Residential / Commercial / Project Management Large team of qualified staff Interior & exterior painting Interior plastering

P. 03 366 4270

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Architectural masterpieces Ashburton firm keeps turning them up “Bring us your ideas and your vision for your dream home or commercial premises and we will turn them into reality”, says John Gibbs, Principal of Blueprint Architectural Services in Ashburton. “Whatever your construction needs, Blueprints can provide the construction design services that will see your project successfully completed.” John established Blueprints in 2001. He has 40 years of experience in the building industry and more than 20 years as a self-employed architectural designer, is a member of Architectural Designers New Zealand and is also a licensed building practitioner, permitted to carry out all aspects of design. “Variety is what we thrive on. The challenge for us is to be flexible in terms of design, to produce structures that are different stylistically from one another and which are aimed to meet an individual client’s brief and don’t simply follow trends.” Variety is certainly the keynote of the firm’s work.

Throughout the years it has designed thousands of buildings from residential to commercial, from industrial to agricultural. “We can design homes, extensions, commercial and industrial properties and just about anything else,” says John. The refurbishment of the Blue Pub at Methven is just one high-profile project carried out by Blueprints, as is the Lakehouse at Lake Hood. In a departure from hospitality-type structures, Blueprints has also

with a number of designs for homes in the upper price range and we did the design for one of the first rebuilds after the September 2010 earthquake. That was for the Triangle Garage in Ashburton.” You can view this and other completed projects from Blueprints’ fantastic portfolio on its web-site Today’s consenting and compliance processes have become considerably more complex. Design work must be complete and

“ Lake Hood Lake House

designed significant industrial projects like concrete plant yards and buildings in Christchurch and Ashburton and a number of bespoke houses. “We’ve just completed a large warehouse and office complex, along

show all aspects of the proposed building with sufficient detail so that a Building Consenting Authority can state; “If the proposed building is completed in accordance with these documents it will be compliant with the

Building Code”. Blueprints has an in-depth knowledge of the design process and requirements of construction and works with other consultants such as structural and fire engineers to provide a complete design service tailored to suit the individual project. From initial consultation and design, through to providing building consent documentation, calling tenders and providing a fully managed and supervised building contract where clients require that service, Blueprints can ensure a smooth hassle-free path for its clients. Give your project the forward momentum required to push it towards completion. A well designed and constructed building is something that will provide you with a lasting investment. To book an initial consultation or, if you have any questions, contact Blueprints at 127a Victoria Street in Ashburton. Staff are on hand to address any queries you may have. Phone (03) 308 8015 or email

quarrySCAPE • General Landscaping • Timber work, paving of all types • Fencing, all types - urban and rural • Huge variety of decorative aggregates, stones & boulders from all over N.Z. • Specialising in porous hard surfacing, installation & design • Fully qualified builders on staff


Our landscaping teams are professional, friendly & courteous; we are committed to making each project a stress-free experience

Ph 03 307 0428 E.

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL We pride ourselves on the highest quality finish and in providing clients with an excellent professional service. We use premium paints and materials and treat your home or business with the respect it deserves.


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Speci c Design New Builds or Alterations Residential/Commercial Contemporary & Traditional

• Licensed to undertake “Restricted Work” • Service offered can vary from consent documentation only to a full managed project


Two way traffic in three to four months South Brighton and Southshore residents will have two-way access restored to their main bridge on Bridge Street in two to three months, aiming for September. SCIRT delivery team Fulton Hogan is planning to reopen the bridge to twoway traffic, by building temporary diversion structures around the bridge’s supporting ends or abutments.Since September last year, residents have had a 5km detour via New Brighton to get home, as the work to repair the bridge constricted the space available for traffic to one lane only. The temporary structures will improve the safe working zone for the crew responsible for jacking the bridge later this year to install the new abutments, which support the bridge vertically and laterally. Overall repairs to the Bridge Street bridge in South Brighton are progressing well. The methodology for the bridge repair has changed due to complexities that were not anticipated originally, delaying the completion date. However, recognising the importance of the two-way traffic access, SCIRT’s

Location of the two temporary abutments (in red) to create a two way traffic route.

South Brighton bridge Fulton Hogan team has designed a safe and creative solution. This means that although the overall rebuild will take longer, the inconvenience to the community will be not be extended. Work will soon start to install 350 sheet piles needed for both temporary abutments. A crawler crane will be used to install the sheet piles from the existing embankment. When the sheets are installed, the area will be backfilled to create a temporary abutment. The diversion route will then be paved and temporary traffic barriers will be

installed. In September these two temporary abutments will be opened to allow for two-way traffic over the bridge. Two-way traffic for pedestrians and cyclists over the bridge will be maintained as is currently the case. Later this year, after jacking of the bridge, the SCIRT crew will start the excavation to expose and replace the damaged abutments. These will be demolished while the bridge deck is supported on temporary piles. New piles will then be installed and the new abutment constructed on the new piles. The bridge deck will be lowered down onto the new abutments and finally the approaches to the bridge will be repaired and paved.

Work currently on site is to continue with the installation of the 35 metre temporary piles to support the bridge when it is jacked. Due to the nature of the works, when the bridge deck is jacked there will be a full road closure in place for two to three days. This is expected later this year possibly in November. Recreational and sport clubs will be informed that the space on the river under the bridge will be slightly narrower because of the sheet piles. The current weight restriction on the bridge stays in place during construction. Progress to date on the repair includes:  Pier piles have been inspected and

signed off by the engineers  Pier pile caps repair work is complete on the eastern pier  70% of the repairs to the piers is complete  Temporary piling on the eastern abutment has been completed.  Piling is now occurring on the west side of the bridge  Ground improvement work will start shortly. The rebuild of the Bridge Street bridge is scheduled for completion in August 2014.

We Specialise in all Hill work, Character Home Renovations & Kitchen Specialists... All staff hold LBP licences in carpentry A team of fully qualified carpenters with a highly professional attitude Modern homes with an architectural flair

Ph. 0800 65 85 28 Email:



Framed, Semi-frameless, Frameless Pool Fence, Frameless Showers Glass Splash Backs Custom Made to your Requirements

For a Free Measure and Quote Contact Rex, Freephone 0508 776 847 or 027 2022172 Email: Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 23


Overwhelmed by $10,000 win A New Brighton home owner whose past life had been an “absolute nightmare” for more than two years was overwhelmed when she found out she had won $10,000 recently.

Dianna Donald presented with the cheque for $10,000. Dianna Donald entered the competition in February by seeking a quote to install the New Zealand-made Palliside weatherboards. The win came as a complete surprise for Ms Donald when she was presented with the cheque recently. The win comes after two and a half years of living a nightmare. “Not only was our house badly damaged by the

earthquakes, but I was in the central city during the February earthquake and was highly traumatised. I lost my car which was in a parking building in town and my job because my workplace was demolished.” To make things even worse, the father of Mrs Donald’s children also passed away last year. Ms Donald had only purchased her

Landmark Homes have got something special to show you...

Gold Award Winning Waihopai Showhome, now open in Sovereign Palms Kaiapoi Visit Visit our office at Unit 2a 295 Blenheim Road Christchurch Main Office: Ph. 03 961 1048 Sales Enquiries: Mob. 027 778 8847 24 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

Don’t build a house, build a Landmark

home, which was her first, eight days before the September 2010 earthquake. Ms Donald’s New Brighton home was on TC3 land suffering serious earthquake damage. It has recently been demolished and is being rebuilt by her insurer IAG and Landmark Homes Canterbury Until eight weeks ago Ms Donald and her three teenage daughters had been living in their earthquake-damaged home, awaiting the outcome of negotiations between IAG and EQC. IAG had assessed it as a rebuild while EQC continues to maintain the house was repairable. IAG is now taking EQC to court to obtain a ruling on this matter. “It has been a pretty miserable situation,” Ms Donald says. “One whole side of the house was braced up because it was structurally unsound; the roof was leaking; we couldn’t drink the tap water because it had sand in it and we had no flushing toilet.” “This is

just like the icing on the cake – I’m really so excited about getting a new house, and hopefully being able to move in by Christmas.” Landmark Homes commercial manager Coralie Pollard says when Landmark Homes designed a new home for Dianna, consideration was given to having a lightweight product that would be suitable for a seaspray zone, and still offer the traditional weather board look. By chance, the use of the Palliside qualified the home to be entered into the competition to win $10,000. Palliside weatherboards representative Hare Pitama, who presented Ms Donald with the cheque, says he couldn’t think of a more deserving winner of the competition. “After all that she has been through, it is great to be able to give her something to celebrate,” he says. Ms Donald hasn’t decided how she will use the money. “I’m not sure if it has sunk in yet – maybe I’ll put it in a garden,” she said.

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Growing a sense of community Faringdon of Rolleston is proving to be a huge success for its developers. More than simply a superb lifestyle subdivision, Faringdon is regarded by home buyers as being excellent value for the quality it offers. “It’s been a very busy six months, much busier than expected,” says Hughes Developments marketing director Bruce Harvey. “Due to the success of Faringdon’s pre-release sales, the first stages have sold out and the next stages are in the process of being designed, pending release.” A high-class product coupled with its competitive entry price makes Faringdon an attractive option to those seeking a new home. The developers bought some 82ha south of Rolleston’s town centre, where they are creating a similar

community to that which works so well in Northwood. “Wider streets, extensive reserves, reticulated gas and that wonderful sense of community – no one else does what we do,” Bruce says. “Creating an ambience within the community starts at the design phase, and we have done this in areas such as Ocean Ridge and Gainsborough. It’s all quite stunning.” Section sizes at Faringdon range from 400sqm to 1,031sqm, and house and land packages are available. The popularity of the new subdivision has been surprising, Bruce says. “There are enormous numbers of people identifying Faringdon as the place to live. Residents are upgrading from existing properties in Rolleston, with many coming from within a 5km radius. Quite a few are now coming from other parts of Christchurch wanting TC1 land, south of the city centre – Opawa, Beckenham, Sydenham, Hoon Hay,

Firth Ribraft TC3 R

26 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

0800 FIX TC3

Halswell, Hornby and the east.” Stages 1 to 4 have already completely sold out. Stage 4A covers an additional 20 new sections which form their own little community in a reserve featured cul de sac. Fourteen of these had been sold at the time of writing, and only eight sections were still available in Stage 5. The next stage totals the building of 113 sections. Already around 95% (almost 100) have been sold, with 13 or 14 left at the time of writing. Stages 6 and 7 are designed and construction is scheduled to start shortly and released for sale in July. They will be titled in March 2014. Prices will start from $175,000. The Faringdon information centre, corner of Goulds and Dynes Rds, is open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 4pm. If you want to find out more or to make an appointment, contact Bruce Harvey on 0800 667 849. More details on Faringdon, including geo-tech and LIM reports, can be viewed on the website


A quiet home avoids health threats to families Research shows that environmental noise is a serious health threat, linked to issues like sleep disturbances, stomach problems and impaired immunity. A 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) report quantified the consequences of noise on the urban population of Western Europe, finding that “at least 1 million healthy life years are lost every year from traffic-related noise” (from health problems brought on by sleep disturbances). “We’ve forgotten how valuable peace and quiet are. When you go away on holiday you realise just how much stress your body is carrying,” says Acoustiblok New Zealand director Gregory Henwood. “People in Christchurch, in particular, are maxed out.” Shutting out the noise of others, whether family members in the next room watching television, neighbours, nearby busy roads – even planes if you live near the airport – can be beneficial to your overall wellbeing. So why not install soundproofing in your home for that peace of mind for a healthy life? Acoustiblok, which arrived in New

Zealand at the beginning of April and was demonstrated at the Christchurch Home Show in March, is a high quality product that reduces sound transmission in homes, apartment blocks and commercial buildings. It is very dense and has a gravity of two. Manufactured in Tampa, Florida, by a NASA spin-off company, Acoustiblok has been available to the US market for 24 years and can now be found in over 50 countries around the world. Tests show that a layer of 3mm Acoustiblok in a standard stud wall with 18mm plasterboard reduces sound transmission by as much as 30 decibels or equivalent to 305mm of poured concrete. Acoustiblok is engineered not to stop or even absorb sound, but, through a unique thermodynamic process, transforms the sound energy into trace amounts of inaudible friction energy (heat), in a process called “isothermal/adiabatic”. As the

Acoustiblok material flexes, internal market Acoustiblok when he realised friction occurs and the acoustical the value of the product. energy is dissipated into a “very small” A partnership was formed with Alan trace amount of heat. McGill, based on a longstanding “Acoustiblok and QuietFiber together friendship. Originally from the West form a formidable product,” Gregory Coast, Alan has a background in the says. “I’m quite passionate about the printing industry and holds an MBA. products and Complementary believe they are skills mean that Acoustiblok theatre installation the best in the Gregory and Alan market.” work well Acoustiblok together, can be installed distributing in walls, ceilings Acoustiblok and floors. The products out of product can their warehouse easily be in Rangiora. retrofitted into an Gregory says existing home or there is already a included in new large demand, builds. “As a and he now has retrofit product to hold the Acoustiblok-Wallcover, product in Auckland for the wallpapered,looks stunning and we’ve expanding market. had good results,” says Gregory. If you have noise issues, are planning With his musical background, he says a rebuild or just want to find out more sound has always been important to about soundproofing your home or him and he recognises what noise commercial premises, phone 0800 255 pollution can do. He spent eight years 346. Detailed information on in electrical wholesaling and lighting Acoustiblok products can be viewed on design, but took the opportunity to the website

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COMMERCIAL The village that needs a home By Karen Pasco

Convenors on lookout for new site

A village which takes into consideration the wishes and needs of the people who would potentially live there, is looking for an urban site to call home. The Viva Project initiated after the Christchurch earthquakes, is a collaboration between architects, visionaries, and ordinary people looking for a village within a city that is socially, financially, culturally and environmentally sustainable. The Viva Project co-convenor Jane Quigley says after the earthquakes, she gathered together a group of Christchurch people who all wanted to see a move to a more sustainable rebuild in the Christchurch inner city. A workshop saw 150 people turn up at CPIT to listen to international speakers and a number of architects discuss different ideas. From there, those people were split into groups of eight to design their village. “It was like the Share an Idea workshops to find out about what they wanted to see in this village.” What came out was a village made up of 58 properties consisting of terraced housing and apartments. Included are shared green spaces, car parking offsite, communal areas, commercial area and a vibrant community where people know who it is that lives around them. The collaboration of ideas was put

28 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

The Viva project vision

together by Jasmax architects and entered into the Breathe urban village competition. It was shortlisted as a finalist – one of four from the 68 entries originally received. “We now have until 2 August to submit our next plans and feasibility for the competition.” This will include the costings of the project,” Jane says. If the Viva Project wins it will be allocated land however if it doesn't, it still hopes to develop the village on a different site. Turners and Growers had agreed to be involved in the project with land it owned in the CBD however, this ground has since been designated for the new stadium. Hence convenors are on the lookout for a new site. Already 50 people of various ages and stages in life have already shown their intention of wanting to either live in the village or perhaps invest in properties or rent on site. People have been quick to rebut the common ideas that everybody wants bigger spaces - quite happy to live in smaller dwellings. “I've heard developers say they don't believe people in the inner city want to live in apartments but what we've found throughout this project is people really do. I think it's because they will have access to outside green space.” “This has appealed to people really looking for a community that has really been missing from western living. It has been compared to small Swiss and French villages within a city setting.”



Rebuild provides rewarding work Seeing local landmarks being brought back to life after suffering damage is always satisfying.

One of the latest to be resurrected is the magnificent St Paul’s Church in Papanui. Whyte Construction, in conjunction with RCP project management and the Anglican church, has been project managing this amazing restoration. Managing director Rick Jones says the project has been most rewarding. “We’ve had to combine new and old building techniques to repair this magnificient heritage building which was originally built in the 1800s.

We have been able to restore it and upgrade it at the same time.” Whyte Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Canterbury. It has a great deal of empathy with Christchurch homeowners who have been through untold stresses and difficulties over the past two years and want to do what they can to help rebuild people’s homes. It is therefore working with all the major insurance companies – IAG,

VERO, AMI and Lumleys - on over-cap level residential repairs and new builds. Homeowners in this category have the right to nominate Whyte Construction as their preferred builder. It can then co-ordinate the whole process of the repair or rebuild through architectural designers and engineers – from concept plan to working drawings, to the council consent process and the completion of the work. The designs, plans and the work will be managed within the financial envelope agreed between the insurance company and the homeowner. A homeowner may also choose to employ their own architect and use Whyte Construction for the build only. “We have an established and credible history as licensed builders,” says Dave Whyte, Managing Director of Whyte Construction. “That’s extremely important for people to know when they’re selecting a builder for their project, especially at a time in Canterbury when some untested building practitioners are trying to take advantage of earthquake rebuild work.

We, on the other hand, are known for our quality assurance.” Whyte Construction has an enviable reputation for its skill and experience in building on the tricky hillside suburbs – locations that require flexibility of design and construction and which are rarely suitable for standard plans and building techniques. Earthquake-affected homeowners undertaking new builds or repairs in these areas can be assured that Whyte Construction will apply engineering as well as building expertise to a new home’s design or to a repair solution. This is certain to give people peace of mind that the design or repair solution will be robust and earthquake resistant. “Bring any building issue to us and we will find a solution. We embrace the latest technologies, materials and building techniques,” says Rick. “With the homeowner we can develop a design that is as unique and individual as the homeowner themselves.” Whyte Construction is located at 37 Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton. Phone 348 0173. For more information visit

Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 29



Traffic management trials underway Trials are being set-up throughout Christchurch to look at ways of improving traffic management around road works sites to help reduce motorist delays and minimise driver frustration. Following the earthquakes, the Christchurch City Council and NZ Transport Agency have been working closely with SCIRT and Environment Canterbury to find ways to keep people, goods and services moving to support the rebuild. “More and more pressure is being put on the roading network with an ever increasing number of works sites being setup for the rebuild,” says Christchurch City Council Transport and Greenspace Manager John Mackie. “As well as vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, our roads are having to accommodate the crews and equipment for repairing our water, stormwater and sewerage pipes, those


upgrading utilities and building and repairing our roads, as well as those working in the Central City to rebuild our buildings.” He says critical to the success of the rebuild and for the region’s economic prosperity is keeping the transport network operating at optimal levels. “To achieve this, we need to keep everyone moving.” A number of trials and investigations are already underway to look at how to deliver greater efficiency with temporary traffic management, thereby reducing delays and minimising detours. “There are large numbers of road cones, signage, speed limits and overlapping worksites about the city. With the trials,

2008 Audi A4 3.2 V6 FSI Quattro Sedan, Latest Shape A4 with Revised body/interior and front LED Lights, Full Leather with Heated/Electric Seats, Push Button Start/Keyless entry, Paddleshift, 18 inch Sports Alloys, Quattro 4WD, Audi MMI CD/Stereo/Bluetooth, Reverse Camera etc.. Smart Look in Black, Great Buying!




we’re looking at whether we can use less signage, testing alternative speed management through these areas, looking at new site layouts and ways to improve messaging to make it easier to get about the city.” Mr Mackie says the trials are being carried out at existing SCIRT works sites, with the first results expected within the next couple of months. “With the safety of both road workers and road users our top priority, we make no apologies for taking the time to ensure any changes we make do not compromise any levels of safety.

2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Autobiography; One of a kind special order vehicle; 510 HP 5.0 V8 Supercharged, Autobiography 20 inch Alloys; Lights; Bumpers; Grills and Badging; Ebony and Ivory Soft Leather; Push Button Start; Paddleshift, Touch Screen Command with Navigation; Bluetooth; Ipod Interface; Air Suspension with revised Terrain control.

NOW $39,995


Critical to the success of the rebuild and for the region’s economic prosperity is keeping the transport network operating at optimal levels. “If changing the way we operate on the ground is likely to put anyone’s safety at greater risk, we will not make the change: it is as simple as that.” Mr Mackie says in the interim motorists wanting to find out what is happening on our roads and to plan their journey should visit the website. “Visiting the website will help them save time while we complete the trials and look at possible changes to temporary traffic management.”

2012 Audi Q7 4.2 TDI V8 Diesel S Line Facelift, Top of the line 800NM V8 Diesel, 8 Speed, LED Lights front and rear, 21 inch S Line Alloys, Revised Interior and Steering Wheel etc, Part Leather S Line Heated/Electric Seats, Bluetooth Phone/Music/NZ Navigation and Reversing Camera, Ipod Interface, Electric Rear Tailgate, 7 Seats, Smart Look in

2008 Jaguar XKR 4.2 V8 Supercharged, Jaguar's premier 420 HP Coupe, One NZ owner the last 2 Years originally imported and sold by us, Full Type R Leather interior, Heated/Electric Seats, Paddleshift, Touch Screen Command/CD/Stereo, Bluetooth Phone and Navi, Push Button Start, 20 inch R Sports Alloys, Bonnet intakes etc..



Mugello Blue Metallic.


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2004 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 Carlsson Ltd Edition, Electric Hardtop only 41,000kms, Fully Carlsson enhanced at $20,000 USD including Carlsson engine output upgrade- 0100 in 5.2 Seconds, Carlsson Lightweight Sports Alloys, Carlsson Bodykit and spoilers etc, Full Leather, Electric/Heated Seats, Factory CD/Stereo etc... One of a kind vehicle, what a look!


2013 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 SDV8 Latest, Brand new, Contrast Black Roof with Full Glass Panaromic Roof, 22 inch 5 Split Style Alloys, Ebony/Ivory Two Tone Premium Leather, Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Console Fridge, 700 NM 4.4 SDV8 Engine, 8 Speed Trans, Xenon/LED Lighting, Navigation, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, The new standard of Luxury 4WDs!!



2000 Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage, Meticulously maintained vehicle with Aston Martin Works Service History, Only 1 NZ enthusiast owner, 18 inch Factory Alloys, 6 Speed Manual, Full Leather Sports Seats, Push Button Start, Factory 6 Disk CD/Stereo, Remote Locking, Full Electrics etc.. A safe investment for a prudent buyer, rarely available


2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI DSG; Much heralded multiple World Car of the Year; Brilliant 2.0 T FSI engine combined with 6 Speed DSG Gearbox with Paddleshift; 17 inch GTI Sports Alloys; Checker Sports Interior; Honeycomb Style Front Grill; Factory CD/Stereo; ABS/ESP Traction Control; Full Electrics etc.. Great Look; Quick yet




at this price...

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Monday-Friday: 8.30am-6pm Saturday: 9am-4pm Sunday: 12pm-4pm

511 BLENHEIM RD PHONE 03 366 8328 View over a further 160 vehicles online at 30 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

christchurch christchurch european



Commercial landlords and tenants wanted for research

In a disaster, effective law is essential for providing certainty amid chaos.

The standard commercial lease used in New Zealand and commonly used in Christchurch before the earthquakes, did not contain provisions governing many of the situations that landlords and tenants have had to deal with, a University of Canterbury (UC) researcher says. UC PhD student Toni Collins is investigating whether reform of the law is required in order to clarify, and increase the effectiveness of the law applicable to commercial leases in circumstances where a building cannot be used after a major event. ``In a disaster, effective law is essential for providing certainty amid chaos. Landlords and tenants need to be clear about their legal rights in relation to their leases so that their focus, in times of disaster, can be on their businesses rather than legal disputes. “Many commercial landlords and tenants have been prevented from using the buildings they lease following the earthquakes. There are many reasons for this. The building could be damaged, has lost essential services, is behind the red zone cordon, is at risk from unsafe neighbouring buildings or requires repairs or strengthening.


“The legal position of affected parties differs, depending on the reasons they are unable to use the building. The legal position will also differ depending on whether the parties had made provision in their lease to deal with these issues. “Where there is no provision in the lease, the parties' legal rights must be governed by the general law. The problem is the general law is unclear.” Collins says, at first sight, it would appear that the lease could be a frustrated contract and the common law doctrine of frustration may apply together with the Frustrated Contracts Act 1944. However, this area of the law is unclear. At present there is no definitive test for determining whether a contract has been frustrated and therefore, whether the doctrine of frustration even applies to leases in Christchurch. Collins’ research, supervised by

UC PhD student Toni Collins

professors Jeremy Finn and Elizabeth Toomey, is looking at how effective the current law has been for parties to commercial leases following the earthquakes. “I want to know how those people who did not make provision in their leases for this kind of disaster dealt with their earthquake-related lease issues. Was the law clear? Did they know what their legal rights were? Did the law provide effective remedies for them? “For the other parties who made provision in their leases, I want to know what provision was made and how it worked for them - for example, did they use a force majeure clause? “My research will also look at the law on when a building is untenantable,

South Islands Leading


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Completely Waterproof Contains all dust and debris including harmful chemicals Speeds up construction No tarps or pooling rain water Install zip windows or doors for easy access & increased air flow

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P. 03 963 6373

how it operates in the circumstances caused by an earthquake and whether that law has been effective. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that the law governing commercial leases has not been effective in the circumstances arising as a result of the earthquakes. My research will look at the reasons for this and whether it is possible to provide both a better body of general law and a best practice model for the future. “I am currently finalising questionnaires for commercial landlords and tenants and am asking for volunteers to participate in my research.” For those eager to participate, Toni can be contacted at

C. 021 365 238

0800 369 377

BEWILDERED about your house pricing? Ring RED for a second opinion

Ph. 928 1107

EQC Quotes & Overcap Repairs

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New Builds

Job Management Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 31



The ultimate protection for your surfaces Protecting surfaces including windows, carpets, walls, joinery and any existing fixtures and fittings can save the inconvenience of having to replace these expensive items in the home or commercial setting – ultimately saving you money. Ultimate Solutions provides specialist products and knowledge to ensure your environment has the best temporary protection during construction – whether it be a renovation or new build, commercial or residential. It has a wide range of products from floor protection to shrink wrap and is disputably the market leaders in the “world of protection”. For home owners this can provide peace of mind and insurance that they’re expensive carpets or surfaces are going to be protected from contractors during earthquake repairs. Staff will come to your site and can quote for the products specific to your job and are able to suggest the best solutions to ensure you have the

ultimate protection for the situation. What sets this company apart is that it imports directly from the manufacturer – meaning it can offer many of its products cheaper than the big suppliers. This also means it has strict quality control offering total satisfaction to its clients should they not be happy with the product. Ultimate Solutiond also offer customers an installation service – if you’re not sure how to install the products correctly, they will come on site and do this for you. For those urgent jobs, Tim and Alex are happy to arrange sameday delivery and for those businesses in Christchurch, this is a free service. They also provide a removal and disposal service taking away the shrink wrap or other products purchased from them.

SHIELD n PEEL for WINDOWS is the smart way to ensure your windows remain in showroom condition when out on-site

Great for protecting: Windows Glass Powder Coated & Anodised Aluminium Frames

Easy to apply

Easy to remove

No sticky residue



Rubber Seals & Joints around Glass

Visit our Showroom: 10 Dearsley St, Phillipstown

Ph 0800 160 101 Email

OFFICE FITOUTS SHOP OFFICE BAR FITOUTS & MAINTENANCE Partitions/Walls Windows & Doors We make our own Hung or Sliding Aluminum Doors

32 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

product apart is its simplicity. It is applied by just rolling the liquid on with a roller. When you’re finished the job, it is then simply a matter of peeling it off and what is best there is no sticky residue to clean up afterwards. The top tip, Tim says, is just to make sure you use plenty. Shield n Peel provides both surface and impact protection. Those wanting to see how easy and how effective this product is are welcome to drop into the showroom at 10 Dearsley St, Phillipstown, Christchurch. To find out more information about the products on offer at Ultimate Solutions, visit or phone 0800 160 101.


Stainless Steel & PVC Frames

Phone Grant 021 223 3002 or 03 348 3002

If you can’t find a protection product – they will try their hardest to source if for you again at truly competitive prices. One of the latest products in temporary protection is Shield n Peel – an easy to apply latex skin that rolls on and peels off. It is extensively used in Australia and is great for protecting areas such as glass, windows, powder-coated and anodised aluminium frames, stainless steel and PVC frames or rubber seals and joints around glass. What sets this

20A Tyne St Christchurch E.

NEW INSTALLATION SERVICE Visit our showroom at 10 Dearsley St Phillipstown Ph: 0800 160 101 Equiries:



Innovation precinct planning underway Input is being sought from property-owners in the area of central Christchurch’s new Innovation Precinct now the planning for the precinct is underway. Letters have been sent to the owners of property in the area designated for the precinct to update them on the process. The Innovation precinct, bounded by Lichfield, Tuam, High, St Asaph, Manchester and Madras Streets, is one of the anchor projects in the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan, and is designed to encourage collaboration between innovative businesses and research organisations. A consortium, led by architectural firm Architectus, is currently doing planning work on the composition of the precinct, identifying where suitable buildings may be retained, where buildings may need to be demolished and what land needs to be in public ownership or can be retained in private ownership. “We are interested in hearing from the owners about the options being explored, and any development proposals they may have,’’ says Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) director Warwick Isaacs. “I am keenly aware property owners

 Will be a place for business

in the Innovation Precinct need certainty on how it will be developed in order to make decisions appropriate to their particular circumstances.’’ Mr Isaacs says meetings can be arranged between property owners and

and employment in high-value, technology sectors;  Will encourage collaboration between innovative businesses and research organisations, improving productivity for Christchurch and New Zealand;  Will be adjacent to the South Frame on the High Street Gateway;  Will be facilitated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, CERA and CCC (including Canterbury Development Corporation), in partnership or cooperation with industry.

the Precinct project team including staff from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the CCDU, the Canterbury Development Corporation and Architectus.

We Clean To Please! DEEMAC SERVICES Commercial Cleaning Specialists Residential Cleaning Specialists Earthquake Repair and New Build Cleans Regular Contract Cleaning  We have served Christchurch & Canterbury for over 25 years  We are locally owned and operated  We will listen to what your requirements are and discuss solutions to meet your budget

 We are members of Building Service Contractors of NZ Inc and abide by the BSCNZ Rules & Code of Practice Call or email our friendly team today We would love to hear from you

Ph 03 353 5900 or 0800 333 622

Advanced Exterior Plastering Ltd YOUR LOCAL TRADE QUALIFIED PLASTERERS WITH OVER 40 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE Plaster Systems House of the Year Award Winner 2008 Nuplex Construction Products Best Workmanship of the Year 2011-12 for Cladding and Residential

Licensed Building Practioner Fletchers Approved EQC Repairer


We specialise in:

Licensed & Approved Applicators of Modified Renders over:

Solid Plastering Insulated / AAC Panel Finishing Systems Exterior Painting

Brick, Block, Polystyrene, Graphix, Monotec, Summerhill Stone, Stucco, Lightweight Panel and Historic Buildings. FOR A FREE QUOTATION CALL

SEBASTIAAN on 0275 3366 23 e:

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ChillOut-orGetFiredUp! Piersonshavebeensupplyingandservicingheatingand coolingsystemstoCantabriansfornearly60years. Wecansupply,install,maintainandrepairallmajorbrands ofHeatPumps,Refrigeration,andSwimmingPoolHeat Pumps,alsoCommercialAirConditioning,Refrigeration andVentilation.


iersons Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 8MarylandsPlace,Middleton Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 33



Pods provide answers to rental crisis

The Pod prototype and Edifice Managing Director Rob Strickland

A Christchurch construction company has launched its own solution to the worker accommodation shortage. Designed by Edifice, The Pods are 20 foot shipping containers converted into compact, stylish, comfortable and affordable worker accommodation. Edifice managing director Rob Strickland says he decided to establish The Pods after he struggled to find rental accommodation for his own construction workers arriving in Christchurch to help meet rebuild demands. “The rebuild is starting to move at pace. Thousands of workers are now in need of long and short-term accommodation. We saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to house workers arriving in Christchurch and hopefully relieve some of the pressure off the residential rental market. “With motels costing more than $100 a night, and many with no vacancies, workers and their employers are looking for an alternative solution,” says Rob. “At approximately $250 per week per unit, we believe The Pods are a quality, practical and affordable answer to the rental crisis.” Edifice offers two investment opportunities. The first is to custom design and build The Pods for private

investors who have suitable unused land available. The investors would then manage and rent The Pods privately. The second option is to invest in The Pod Accommodation Project – a worker accommodation development owned and operated by Edifice. The Pod Accommodation Project will feature a large communal kitchen and central indoor and outdoor living spaces. It will have on-site management and security. Each unit will be fully-furnished with a one bedroom ensuite and kitchenette. Each pod will also have all creature comforts including Wi-Fi, Sky television, a Blu-ray player with movie library, a flat screen LCD TV and a sound system. Minimum investment in The Pod Accommodation Project is $45,000 for one unit. The Pods have been architecturally designed by Auckland architecture firm Moai. Each unit will be built in New Zealand; however materials, including the shipping container, are made in China. Edifice is currently in the process of confirming a location for The Pod Accommodation Project. Plans are for the build to be complete by October 2013.

Visit us at 1/10 Michelle Road, Sockburn

34 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

How many construction workers can you fit in a pod? 47 apparently.


Exclusively awarded - Nz’s only whole house accredited builders by NZ Sensitive Choice Programme.

The 4 Fusion points of difference

Ask About our smaller, smarter homes.

1.Get off the ground – Fusion Homes offers clients the choice of rib-raft or pile based foundations and steel sub-floor which provide for rapid construction, lightweight, precision engineering and easy re-levelling in any future seismic event.

Affordable. Stylish. Strong.

2.Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) offers high performance and speed with engineered wall, roof, and floor components. Its super tough, BRANZ approved for exceptionally high levels of earthquake activity, wind and snow loads. 3.Foam Insulation with Natural Oil Polyols (NOPs) creating an airtight living environment which prevents loss of heat and high on-going energy costs. Its insulation properties are rated higher than fibreglass and wool batts and it does not sag over time, contains no ozone depleting CFCs or HFCs, and releases no vapours that can affect the environment and human health. 4.Effective “whole of house” ventilation systems which extract stale air and replace it with fresh pre-warmed air, filtered for dust, pollens and allergens.

Feature House & Land Package – Lancewood 4 BEDROOM, 2 BATHROOM OPEN PLAN KITCHEN DINING LIVING ON LARGE & PRIVATE 765 m2 section Specifically designed with privacy and room to move in mind this is a perfect family home. With a double internal access garage, a flow through past the bedrooms brings you to a fully functional open plan kitchen and living area at the rear. The Master bedroom has a stunning ensuite, and walk in wardrobe. All the bedrooms are spaciously designed. This house is one that will continue to impress in years to come. Situated to catch all day sun on a large 737m2 section, the emphasis is on style and a view to the future. This Fusion home will be built to the highest standard's using the latest innovative technology in strength, structure, insulation, and foundation design. Our top qualified builders have well over 26 year's experience in the building industry. We keep you informed at all times. We offer you the freedom to choose from our selected

range of cladding types and colours. We invite you to use our free interior design service, with our talented consultants. Your home will stand out with your own look and feel. For the month of June we are offering free in house air ventilation and heat recovery unit with our house and land packages. These units promote low energy costs and even temperatures all year around. Please phone 0800 238746 or call in to see us at 94 Bridle Path Road, in Heathcote Valley.

Stage 1b, Lot 371, Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi.


GST Inclusive



Lot 420 Sovereign Palms Kaiapoi

Lot 428 Sovereign Palms Kaiapoi

“Talk to us about our House and Land Packages”

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Office/Showroom: 94 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch More packages are available


GST Inclusive

Canterbury Rebuild July 2013 35


The Whyte’s Team have the expertise and ability to carry out your project whether it be an Architectural rebuild or residential repair through to commercial rebuilds & repairs Call us to see how we can help you...

36 July 2013 Canterbury Rebuild

Canterbury Rebuild Magazine July 2013 Issue 23  

The GUIDE to Canterbury's Residential & commercial Rebuild and Refresh. Phone: (03) 343 3669 Advertising: Editorial:...

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