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Building Tomorrow’s Downtown

BOMA SF is working with partnering organizations, government officials, our members and others to revitalize downtown. A collection of articles in this issue of BOMA Views highlights recent developments. Learn more about efforts to redefine downtown as a place to live, work and be entertained.

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BOMA SF CEO John Bryant moderated a panel discussion focusing on public and private efforts for revitalizing downtown at a sold-out luncheon program at the City Club in March. “We gathered a stellar panel to share their insights,” said BOMA Education & Events Committee member Debbie Shea, who worked with BOMA staff on the program. The discussion left members feeling hopeful about downtown’s future and eager to get involved in supporting the exciting recovery efforts. Panelists included: Claude Imbault, Downtown SF Partnership; Dan Kingsley, SKS Partners; Phil Spiegel, Please FiDi; and Chris Trotier, SHVO. They described transformative projects they are undertaking. Hear some of the perspectives they shared at the event and in follow-up interviews. Thank you to Corporate Care for sponsoring the event.

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BOMA at the Ballpark... Grand Slam for the Record Books

Were you among the 750 guests at BOMA at the Ballpark this year? If so, you helped make history! The April 18 Patio Party was the largest event in the history of BOMA SF — a true grand slam!

A tradition for more than two decades, BOMA at the Ballpark is a delightful occasion for connecting with fellow members and sharing information about our industry, all while enjoying assorted culinary treats and libations offered by our creative food and beverage sponsors.

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Q2 2024
Shown above: Panelists Dan Kingsley, SKS Partners; Chris Trotier, SHVO; Phil Spiegel, Please FiDi; Claude Imbault, Downtown SF Partnership; and John Bryant, BOMA SF.

Cultivating a Vibrant Company Culture

In the bustling world of commercial real estate, success lies not just in transactions but in the people behind them. Incentivizing employees and fostering a culture of collaboration, growth and satisfaction are not just a trend; they are a cornerstone for sustainable success in the industry. They also help cultivate a vibrant company culture.

In our industry where competition is fierce and the market dynamic, attracting and retaining top talent are paramount. Offering a competitive salary alone is no longer sufficient. Employees seek more than just financial compensation — they want an environment that nurtures their professional development, recognizes their contributions and aligns with their values. Recognition also motivates employees. In a fast-paced industry like real estate, where accomplishments can often go unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of team members is crucial. Whether it’s a simple word of appreciation, a public accolade at team meetings, or a formal recognition program, acknowledging employees’ contributions reinforces a culture of appreciation and inspires others to strive for excellence.

Empowerment is also key to building a resilient and innovative team. Empowering employees involves entrusting them with autonomy, encouraging them to take ownership of their work, and providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed. This might mean offering professional development opportunities, fostering a culture of mentorship, or implementing flexible work arrangements that accommodate diverse needs and preferences.

Incentivizing employees also requires cultivating a supportive and inclusive company culture. Real estate firms that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) create an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. By fostering a culture of belonging, companies not only attract top talent but also enhance creativity, innovation and collaboration.

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Moreover, promoting transparency and open communication builds trust and accountability within the organization. Employees who feel heard and respected are more likely to be engaged and committed to achieving collective goals.

Furthermore, promoting a culture of giving back to the community can instill a sense of purpose and fulfillment among employees. Real estate firms can organize volunteer activities, sponsor charitable events, or establish corporate social responsibility initiatives that align with their values and make a positive impact on society.

Incentivizing employees and creating a vibrant company culture are not just buzzwords; they are essential components of success in our industry. By offering meaningful incentives, fostering a supportive culture and prioritizing values such as DEI, companies can attract, retain and empower top talent while fostering an environment conducive to long-term growth and prosperity. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, investing in the well-being and satisfaction of employees remains a strategic imperative for staying ahead of the curve. n

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Building Tomorrow’s Downtown

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Claude Imbault, Downtown SF Partnership

“The Downtown SF Partnership has developed a Public Realm Action Plan (PRAP) in partnership with SITELAB urban design studio, Fehr + Peers, and John Bela to serve as a framework for a resilient tomorrow in downtown San Francisco.

Downtown San Francisco is changing. Emerging challenges to the district’s economic vibrancy include competition from neighboring mixed-use office districts, disruptions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting work/life balance patterns, and changing retail dynamics. Amidst these challenges, the Downtown SF Partnership forged ahead with reimagining downtown’s built environment through a robust ‘people- centered’ focus on walkable and activated streets and spaces.

This plan guides the Downtown SF Partnership’s efforts in all public realm projects and activations and has resulted in activations like Let’s Glow SF, and the creation of downtown’s newest public space, Landing at Leidesdorff. The PRAP also allowed the organization to identify Front Street as a focus area, which is currently the focal point of new legislation making it California’s first designated Entertainment Zone. Once enacted, this legislation will make it easier for local businesses and organizations like ours to host exciting and engaging public events.”

BOMA members can subscribe to the monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all things downtown (

Dan Kingsley, SKS Partners/ACED

“A civic group of private, public, neighborhood and arts organizations have gathered to launch a public art initiative in the SF Downtown area, called ACED: Arts, Celebrate, Elevate, Downtown. ACED is working to bring inspiring and expansive public art experiences to the downtown area to support local artists and attract residents, commuters and tourists to the area. ACED raises money to fund public art installations on a project-by-project basis, so we will always welcome participation from BOMA members. (See https://acedsf. org/about-us.)

Civic involvement is critical for the success of any city, especially in this post-pandemic hybrid work world. Downtown San Francisco’s business community has focused on economic issues, but now the business community needs to actively help reimagine the role of Downtown as also an arts and entertainment district.

The perception of Downtown as a fun and safe neighborhood will translate into Downtown becoming economically stronger. The time is now for the business community and BOMA to shape the future of Downtown.”

Phil Spiegel, Please FiDi, Conservatory at One Sansome

“The most positive sentiment in the hospitality space is that commercial landlords are understanding hospitality’s value to big projects and are lowering the barrier to entry. Percentage rent, incorporating hospitality into the building business model and larger TI allotments are exciting.

A lot of people ask me what the secret is to Holbrook House, the Conservatory at One Sansome and the entire project. The most important element is that the building owners, Barker Pacific Group (BPG) and PGIM, and Please Fidi, my company, are true partners and understand we win and lose together. BPG’s dedication to helping make the public space and the Holbrook House great allows us to do what we do best...have fun!

The public space at One Sansome has experienced a complete renaissance. The space used to have very little traffic, a broken fountain, sad-looking palm trees and a tired crepe stand. Now people are buzzing in and out every day. Coffee in the morning, bringing lunch in the afternoons and active happy hours are the norm. It’s pretty exciting. We are also programming the space with public events each month so keep your eyes and ears open.”

Chris Trotier, SHVO, Transamerica Pyramid Center

“Transamerica Pyramid Center will be home to the most innovative companies in the world, a destination to meet friends and family, a beautiful park to spend your weekends amongst its redwood trees, and a place where you can enjoy the most unique neighborhood retail experiences.

Transamerica Pyramid Center’s expanded park and renovated grand lobby will be reopened as public destinations for gathering, shopping and dining, while the Pyramid’s expanded amenities, including gym, spa, lounge and private top-floor bar, will remain exclusive to tenants and their guests.

Ahead of its time since 1972, the Transamerica Pyramid is San Francisco’s most iconic building. SHVO is investing $1 billion towards restoring the building and the surrounding district to its original glory, collaborating with Norman Foster to create a vibrant new destination in the heart of San Francisco.” n


Coffee with a Cop Meet-Up Strengthens Relationships

Our ongoing Coffee with a Cop meet-ups give BOMA members a chance to interact with officers from the SFPD Central and Southern stations over coffee (and an amazing array of donuts). We had a great turnout at the April 24 gathering in the 55 Second Street Solarium. Thank you to the Paramount Group team at the building for hosting us in this inviting venue. In his welcoming remarks, BOMA SF CEO John Bryant spoke about the importance of a strong relationship with the SFPD and the downtown buildings community. He announced that BOMA SF will be sponsoring an officer of the month award. Stay tuned for details in upcoming communications from BOMA. Captain Eric Kim from the Central Station updated attendees on new developments and technologies designed to reduce crime and make downtown safer. (Above: BOMA members and cops.)


BOMA SF is proud to collaborate with Downtown SF Partnership, East Cut CBD, and Union Square Alliance to spotlight events aimed at revitalizing downtown San Francisco. Through these partnerships, BOMA SF seeks to actively contribute to the vibrancy and renewal of downtown. Visit these sites to learn about festivals, music, farmers’ markets, fitness classes and more — and share the information with your tenants!

Downtown SF Partnership

Union Square Alliance East Cut CBD

BOMA Hosts Training on Public Safety

BOMA’s Life, Safety & Security (LSS) Committee recently held a training session that focused on public realm safety. Topics included de-escalation techniques, legal tactics, and community benefit district resources.

Urban Alchemy joined members to teach about their trauma-informed approach to de-escalation. Attorney John Dahlberg of Dillingham Murphy educated members about legal options when there is a threat of workplace violence or harassment from individuals outside of your property. Finally, representatives from the Union Square Alliance, Downtown SF Partnership, and East Cut Community Benefit District presented on the clean and safe offerings that their districts provide.

Thank you to our event sponsors ProGuard Security Services and Rossi Builders and to SHVO for providing the event space in the iconic Transamerica Pyramid.

Learn more about the LSS Committee on BOMA’s website or contact David Harrison at


The Future Downtown San Francisco is Being Built Now... BOMA Members Can Help Shape That Future

As the bustling heart of innovation and commerce, downtown San Francisco has long been synonymous with a skyline dominated by sleek office towers and a multitude of commuters from across the bay coming to work from 9-5. However, as we emerge from the seismic shifts brought about by the pandemic, there’s a new vision taking shape for downtown—a vision that promises to transform it into a vibrant, balanced neighborhood that transcends the confines of what downtown represented before the pandemic. This transformation is not a distant dream but a tangible reality being built right now, and BOMA members have a crucial role to play in shaping its trajectory.

One of the primary objectives in reshaping downtown San Francisco is to make it more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes to thrive. Some of this is occurring naturally with the latest real estate cycle changes taking shape. Rents in certain buildings will reset, and new potential tenants will have opportunities. Some of this, though, is inherently political. San Francisco officials will soon announce a historic tax cut of $100M for fiscal years 2025 and 2026. This, however, is just the beginning. Controlling the mayoralty and the board of supervisors will be critical to ensure that San Francisco continues to make strides in becoming more business friendly. To make sure this happens, we will need all hands on deck with BOMA’s political action committee and government affairs committee to defend our interests at City Hall and the ballot box.

a 24/7 neighborhood with more of a residential component. Office-to-residential conversions are not a panacea to solve this issue. Most buildings are not feasible to be converted. However, we must make it financially and legally possible for owners of buildings that are ripe for conversion to undertake those projects. We also need to support new housing efforts that will bring life to the neighborhood and allow for those who wish to live near work to do so. By fostering a residential renaissance in the heart of the city, we’re not just revitalizing downtown—we’re redefining urban living.

Make Downtown Fun Again!

We envision downtown San Francisco as not just a hub of commerce but a cultural epicenter, brimming with arts, entertainment and experiences that captivate the senses.

We also want to remind policy makers of a basic belief: Make Downtown Fun Again! We envision downtown San Francisco as not just a hub of commerce but a cultural epicenter, brimming with arts, entertainment and experiences that captivate the senses. Projects like the Front Street Entertainment Zone and Leidesdorff Alley are set to inject new life into our streets, offering residents, workers and visitors an array of exciting reasons to get downtown. By infusing our neighborhood with creativity and vitality, we’re creating a destination that beckons people from far and wide. This will require financial and political support from BOMA members. We’ll also need to rely on you for exciting new ideas and opportunities to utilize your spaces.

Residential Renaissance Can Redefine Urban Life

With San Francisco also facing a housing crunch, we will also need to provide sufficient housing for those who want a commute that isn’t maddening. Downtown San Francisco is poised to undergo a metamorphosis into

At the heart of this transformation lies the emphasis on connection and collaboration. We don’t just own and operate buildings. We foster community spaces where ideas collide, partnerships form, and innovation thrives. BOMA members, with their expertise and insight, are integral to this endeavor, guiding the evolution of the city at the heart of global innovation. The future of downtown is being built now, and BOMA members are at the forefront of this exciting journey. Together, we have the power to shape a neighborhood that transcends the limitations of the past. So let’s roll up our sleeves and build a future that inspires generations to come. n

To learn more about government affairs issues and BOMA’s efforts, contact David Harrison at


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Revamped BOMA SF Website: New Look & Enhanced Features

Have you visited BOMA SF’s website lately? If so, you have no doubt noticed the revamped website with a sleek design and tools to help you locate all that the association has to offer. (Visit

“We’re thrilled to introduce our new website and to provide our members with access to the latest CRE information and resources,” says BOMA SF CEO John Bryant.

The website is tailored to provide current and prospective members with a seamless online experience. The redesigned platform boasts a modern interface, simplified navigation, and enriched content, making it effortless for users to access resources, get involved with BOMA SF, and stay informed about upcoming events and initiatives.

Your member login remains the same. If you have any questions, contact Manager of Membership Megan Kelly at

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Principal Member Profile

Transwestern Property Manager Gloria Rojas thrives in her role with a life science portfolio comprised of laboratory, office and amenity space in South San Francisco. She assists with the oversight of building operations, including capital/operating budget analysis and reporting, vendor/contract management, tenant relations and more.

“Life science managers face unique challenges due to the liabilities that exist in a lab environment,” she notes. “Our tenant base focuses on research & development, meaning we have tenants actively conducting experiments in the building. The demands of a lab tenant are much different than an office tenant in terms of risk and urgency. They house sensitive materials onsite that can involve anything from live animals to pathogens. They also transport hazmat materials, store chemicals and dispose of hazardous waste as part of their daily operations. Our goal is to always be one step ahead and proactively mitigate any issues before they arise.”

The campus is fully equipped with seven conference rooms and an auditorium, which is available to rent to non-tenants as well. “We recently opened a Latin-American restaurant on site called Chico Marx, that I would highly recommend to BOMA members (fun fact: the restaurant is named after Einstein’s dog). The restaurant has a selection of meeting rooms, perfect for business meetings or large group gatherings.” (See

The excitement of working in a fast-paced environment with many growth opportunities attracted Rojas to the CRE industry. “I have always had a strong desire for leadership and helping others, so given the opportunity to do so in this industry has been very fulfilling,” she adds. At BOMA, Rojas has been a mentor for the CREATE program and vice chair for the Education & Events Committee. She also served as a TOBY judge at both the local and Pacific Southwest regional levels. Through their BOMA involvement, she and her team have benefited from access to the endless resources provided (education, networking, industry updates). In addition, she appreciates that members are given the chance to have a voice within the BOMA community.

Outside work, Rojas enjoys live concerts, beach vacations, snowboarding, golfing and lifting weights.

Gloria Rojas, Property Manager, Transwestern Gloria Rojas

Associate Member Profile

Debbie Shea, Account Representative Window Works

Account Executive Debbie Shea brings her passion for buildings and design to both her position at Window Works and her many volunteer activities with BOMA.

She enjoys educating customers about the 3M adhesive-based window films that Window Works offers which make buildings more energy-efficient, secure and aesthetically pleasing. “It’s rewarding to partner with building professionals to determine which solutions will enhance their properties,” says Shea. “Whether customers are concerned with blocking UV rays, reducing energy costs, preventing graffiti, providing privacy, or incorporating a bold design element, we have creative solutions.” She assists customers throughout the Bay Area, bringing product expertise and an artistic sensibility honed during her years as a buyer for the posh I. Magnin department store.

The array of window film choices includes: anti-graffiti and protective film; sun control and heat rejection film; security and blast retention film; and architectural and decorative films. Some of Window Works’ notable projects are Moscone Center Convention Plaza, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Exploratorium, Visa, UCSF, One Front, One Market, 388 Market, 100 Pine, 601 California and 601 Montgomery.

A fourth-generation San Franciscan, Shea’s roots in the City run deep. She genuinely cares about the public affairs issues facing the City and serves on BOMA’s Education & Events Committee and Government Affairs Committee. “In this economy and election cycle, we need to make our industry’s voice is heard. BOMA gives us a platform to do so and to partner with other organizations in working on some of our collective goals.”

In her downtime, Shea enjoys long rides with her cycling group and spending time with her large extended family. As one of eight siblings, she is the chief organizer of family events and occasions.

11 Janitorial Services & Cleaning Technology Janitorial, Maintenance, Repair & Ops Supplies Facility Services & Temp Staffing Consulting & Project Management Construction Cleanup Building Repairs Experience an Award-Winning Team Servicing your Environment and Culture 800.427.2250 SERVICEBYMEDALLION.COM Learn More.
Debbie Shea

BOMA BEST: A Sustainability Win for Building Performance

BOMA BEST is gaining steam since its official U.S. launch last year, offering a certification program that recognizes performance and excellence in energy and environmental management.

The robust program became available to BOMA members in the U.S. through a partnership with BOMA Canada. The highly effective and globally respected program has operated in Canada since 2005.

“We currently have over 140 buildings registered in the U.S, including more than 45 properties in California,” says Hakan Ozsancak, BOMA International Vice President Association Services & Publications, who oversees the program.

The BOMA BEST standard:

w Is affordable, accessible & aspirational

w Identifies retrofit opportunities

w Builds capacity and skills among buildings teams

w Promotes “above and beyond” practices

w Reduces operational costs

“We will soon announce some iconic buildings that will be participating in the program, so stay tuned,” he adds.

BOMA BEST Advantages

BOMA BEST is a certification and a building management tool that encourages smart and sustainable solutions for existing buildings, promoting health, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and low-carbon performance. The program takes a holistic internal approach to operations, sets best practices, and allows benchmarking against industry peers.

There are two administrative streams for certification: single stream and portfolio stream (a minimum of five buildings). BOMA BEST verification is done on-site by a qualified and trained third-party professional. Eligible asset classes include: office, light industrial, enclosed retail, open-air retail, multi-tenant residential, health care, and universal.

Impressive Statistics

BOMA BEST provides a road-map for decarbonization, waste and water reduction, retrofit for accessibility, and navigating climate risk. User-friendly hub dashboards are intuitive and automated for easy reporting and visuals. There are some impressive statistics for BOMA BEST-certified buildings:

w Carbon: 84% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions

w Energy: 25% reduction in energy use intensity

w Waste: 1 in 4 buildings achieved diversion rates of 70% or higher

w Water: 36% reduction in annual water use intensity.

Stronger Together

While it is not necessary to have one certification or designation to pursue the other, both BOMA BEST and BOMA 360 are highly regarded by GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) and are truly stronger when implemented together. BOMA 360 designation is required for buildings to enter the TOBY (The Outstanding Buildings of the Year) competition. Many recent TOBY winners had also obtained the BOMA BEST certification.

To learn more, visit or email Hakan Ozsancak at


Phelan Building’s Storied Past Spans Over a Century

of the building’s original leasing brochure, dated 1908.

Interested in BOMA’s C&R Committee and its historic buildings activities? Contact Riley Wilhite at

San Francisco cherishes our historic buildings, many of which have evolved to suit the needs of today’s tenants. One such gem is the Phelan Building, a distinctive flatiron structure rising above Market and O’Farrell Streets.

If its walls could talk, the Phelan Building would whisper tales of political deal-making, intrigue, stylish shopping and dining, and even crimes (including the shooting of one dentist tenant by another).

Rising from the Ashes

The current Phelan Building is actually the second one: the first one, constructed in 1881 by James Phelan, father of James D. Phelan, was damaged in the 1906 fire and earthquake and then dynamited.

small offices accommodated physicians, dentists, attorneys and jewelers, among others. The 11th floor was a “commodious assembly hall for exhibitions, meetings and other assemblages.”

Today’s Phelan Building

James D. Phelan, a former San Francisco mayor and later a California senator, developed the second Phelan Building, one of the first to rise after the quake. A brochure describes the “entirely new modern Class A office building constructed with steel cage construction” and nine “rapid-running Otis elevators.” Retail spaces opened in 1908 and offices in 1909.

Perched atop the building was a small ornate octagonal penthouse where Phelan entertained dignitaries. The Old Louvre café was located in the basement, and the Arcade of Stores took up the entire light and airy second floor. On the third floor and above,

Fast forward to today. The Phelan Building retains its historic ambiance while serving 21stcentury companies, including a global logistics firm, an online publisher, and software and tech firms. Gone are the small offices of yesteryear. Now there is only one tenant per floor, and most have open floor plans that suit collaborative and hybrid workplaces. The Phelan Building’s exterior remains true to the original design, and original interior features such as brass doors, and a marble lobby and staircase remain.

Managed by Newmark Knight Frank, the building’s team won a TOBY Award from BOMA San Francisco for two years in a row — this year in the historical category and in the 250K-499K square-foot category in 2023.

Property Manager Dana Boyd and Assistant Property Manager Brenna Carrick recently led members of BOMA San Francisco’s Codes & Regulations Committee on a building tour. They were awed by the building’s historic features and impressed with its current sustainability and energy-saving measures.

A nighttime view of the Phelan Building. Cover BOMA’s C&R Committee members enjoy a tour of the building.


changes • promotions • awards on the Move

Sonia Bastidas Fuetsch joined DKI as its Senior Vice President of National Sales and Customer Relationship Management. DKI is one of America’s oldest and largest restoration companies and comprises over 200 elite service providers throughout the country. Sonia has expanded DKI’s portfolio of clients by leveraging her 30+ years of experience in business development and extensive network of contacts. A member of BOMA SF since 1992, she was previously with First Onsite. Sonia holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of California and is active in many industry associations..

Rachel George was promoted to Senior Property Associate at JLL She is on the property management team at 201 Mission St and has been for almost two years. Rachel was also recently recognized by JLL to be a part of the 2024 High Value Talent Program within the region. Rachel is actively involved in the BOMA SF Emerging Professionals Committee and serves as the captain of the Socials & Networking subcommittee.

scape management that includes all of our collective future. Malcolm and his team confidently operate under this forward-leaning and practical philosophy.

Matt Montanez was promoted to Regional Engineering Manager, Northern California at UG2. With over 19 years of engineering expertise, Matt navigated his career from Utility Engineer to Chief Engineer through dedication and proficiency. As a Chief Engineer, he spearheaded the adoption of energy-efficient principles, resulting in substantial cost savings for building owners without compromising service quality. His leadership extends across engineering operations in Northern California for the past eight years, supported by certifications as LEED Green Associate and Licensed BREEAM Assessor. He is chairing the BOMA SF Education & Events Committee for second consecutive year.

Cameron Newcomb joined JLL as Assistant General Manager at 201 Mission Street after three years of management experience at CBRE. A graduate of the CREATE Program at SF state, he has served as secretary of the BOMA SF Careers Committee for two years. Cameron has also participated as a mentor for incoming new talent through the CREATE program, giving back to the program that provided him so much value in the early stages of his career.

Malcolm Harkness joined the Gachina Landscape Management Business Development Team. He oversees and creates growth in all commercial, corporate and multifamily/HOA properties from the Peninsula up through Marin and across the bridge to Oakland. Using regenerative and sustainable landscape practices combined with the Six Core Values (Kaizen, Stewardship, Diversity, Strategic, and Balance), Gachina provides a framework for land-

Jose Sabino, Regional Account Manager at First Onsite Property Restoration, is new to BOMA SF. The company specializes in serving commercial clients throughout Northern California. With a keen understanding of the restoration industry and a passion for delivering exceptional service, Jose is committed to helping clients navigate the complexities of property restoration with ease. His expertise and personalized approach ensure that each client receives the highest level of support and guidance throughout the restoration process.

the next page)
(Continued on

Members on the Move

(Continued from previous page)

Bryan VanBrunt has joined Bay City Mechanical as Account Manager. In this role, he fosters and maintains strong client relationships while driving business growth. His role entails understanding client needs, identifying opportunities

for expansion, and coordinating with internal teams to ensure seamless delivery of services. Bryan acts as the primary point of contact for clients, providing personalized support, resolving issues promptly and offering innovative solutions. Through effective communication and strategic planning, he plays a vital role in driving revenue and building longterm partnerships, solidifying Bay City Mechanical’s position as a trusted industry leader.

This year marks BOMA member company Corporate Care’s 40th anniversary. A company at the forefront of the commercial maintenance and restoration industry, Corporate Care has a steadfast mission to enhance the beauty and longevity of floors, fabrics, and finishes. As a trusted partner to property managers and tenants, Corporate Care develops tailored maintenance plans for lobbies, restrooms, and other shared spaces, ensuring a cohesive and well-maintained environment throughout the property. Since joining BOMA San Francisco in 2016, Corporate Care has significantly influenced facility management, prioritizing quality of service, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Their relentless pursuit of maintaining commercial spaces’ aesthetic and functional integrity underpins their profound commitment to the community and sustainable building practices, resonating with BOMA’s mission of promoting responsible and effective building management.

Congratulations to Krista Dixon, a BOMA SF Board Member, and Senior Director of Hudson Pacific Properties, for her well-deserved recognition as one of San Francisco Business Times’ 40 Under 40 honorees. This award celebrates the most innovative and influential young leaders in the Bay Area business community, and Krista’s inclusion is well deserved. She has been actively involved with BOMA SF since 2009, having served on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and the Energy, Sustainability & Resiliency committees.

Shareholder Manuel Fishman of the Buchalter law firm was recognized by the San Francisco Business Times for Deal of the Year for the sale of 180 Howard. The San Francisco real estate group, led by Manuel (“Manny”), represented the State Bar of California in the sale of its 211,000 square foot headquarters office building in a $54MM transaction. The State Bar will lease back approximately 31% of the building under a long-term lease. The sale culminated a three-year process (during and post Covid) to find a buyer that could navigate through the prevailing turmoil in the equity and debt markets. It is one of the few, if the only, transactions in 2023 involving purchase money financing of a non-distress sale of an office building in San Francisco, likely to be viewed as a market barometer for future transactions.

Did you get promoted? Earn a designation or award? Hire new staff or start a new job? Send your news to


Congratulations to the BOMA SF TOBY winners listed below who advanced to win TOBYs in the BOMA Pacific Southwest Regional (PSW) competition.

1455 Market Street

1 million+ SF Category Managed by Hudson Pacific Properties

100 First Street

Corporate Facility Category Managed by Kilroy Realty

333 Brannan Street Earth Category Managed by Kilroy Realty

Post Montgomery Center

5ooK–1 million SF Category Managed by JLL

Alexandria Center for Life Science – San Carlos Life Science Category Managed by Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

The Exchange at Larkspur Landing

Suburban Office (Low-Rise) Category Managed by Jamestown Urban Management

PSW regional winners advance to compete at the International level. International TOBY winners will be announced at the BOMA International Conference in July.

Good luck to all the PSW winners!

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CREATE’s Graduates Launch Their Careers with Industry Knowledge and Connections

CREATE graduated 38 career-ready candidates from its Fellows program hosted at SF State. These students have received 16 hours of curriculum instruction plus numerous additional networking and hands-on opportunities to learn more about the field and its people.

CREATE graduated nine students from its CREATE 2.0 program—a series of eight workshops that gives participants who are alums of 1.0 a more in-depth understanding of CRE and how value is created. Fellows 2.0 allows the most serious students to take a deeper dive into a specific property and expand their vocabulary and understanding of CRE as an investment choice. Mentors Provide Valuable Connections

Congratulations to the 2024 Mentor of the Year, Anne Hill with Lincoln Property Company, and 2024 Mentee of the Year, Hope Dang, a CREATE Fellow finishing her third year at SF State.

Thank you to all the mentors for contributing their time and enthusiasm to this results-driven career development opportunity. Their participation makes a difference in the lives of so many students.

Mentor of the Year Anne Hill, Lincoln Property Company, and Mentee of the Year Hope Dang, CREATE Fellow.

The annual Mentor Match program matched 15 Fellows with two mentors each—one seasoned and one emerging professional. Those groups met several times over the course of eight weeks. Fellows are connected with industry professionals that provide guidance, answer questions and introduce them to a more thorough understanding of the day-to-day experience of managing and operating commercial real estate.

And best of luck to the mentees! Some will graduate this month, while others will graduate at year-end or in Spring 2025. Historically, over 50% of participants in this program have secured entry-level positions in the industry within one to nine months of graduation.

Career Center Helps Employers and Students

Employers can take advantage of CREATE’s free job bank portal which connects employers and students for entry-level, CRE-related positions and internships. This value-add supports CREATE’s goal of connecting educated and trained students and graduates with local industry employers. (Visit


The Commercial Real Estate Alliance for Tomorrow’s Employees (CREATE) educates a diverse workforce and connects career-ready candidates to employers in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry. Since 2011, CREATE has educated hundreds of students from San Francisco State University and Merritt College, recognized as having among the most diverse student populations in the nation. Approximately 50% of these students have been hired directly into the industry upon graduation. CREATE’s signature program is the 16-week, 32-hour Fellows program led by industry subject matter experts. Student Fellows learn fundamentals of the industry and about career opportunities available in CRE. The experience is enhanced by mentoring, job shadowing, building tours, internships, and networking as well as the free career portal that connects students with employers offering internships and entry-level jobs.

Learn More or Donate For more information or to donate, visit www. or contact Tory Brubaker at Or scan QR code above.


Emerging Professionals Sail into Summer

Boat Bash, Building Tour and Volunteering Engage Committee Members

The BOMA SF Emerging Professionals Committee’s annual BOMA Bay Area Boat Bash in May was a sold-out success, offering ample opportunities for networking aboard the Sausalito Empress. The event brings together members from both BOMA SF and BOMA Oakland/East Bay. (See event photo above.)

“This signature event is a great opportunity to build and renew connections and to welcome new members,” says Kendra Horsfield, UG2, who co-chairs the committee.

Members got into the nautical spirit by donning captains’ and sailors’ hats as they enjoyed refreshments and socializing. Thanks to these event sponsors for their generous support: Baker’s Floor & Surface, Bay City Mechanical, Clune Construction, SavATree, Vanbarton Group, and UG2.

Besides fun on the bay, committee members had a recent behind-the-scenes tour of the Ferry Building, which included touring the iconic clock tower. Thank you to Hudson Pacific Properties for the opportunity and to Kylie Morrison and Matthew Padua for serving as our well-informed and passionate tour guides.

As part of the committee’s volunteer efforts, members participated in a Pizza for Pups event. Tory Ramirez of Shorenstein Realty Services, who leads the committee’s community outreach subcommittee, organized the event which raised $1400 for the SF SPCA.

Stay tuned to BOMA communications for news about future events, including Career Success Work-

building tours
other activities. To learn
about the committee, contact
Committee Chair Brandon Lee, JLL, at
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Programs & Events Celebrate the Benefits and Joy of Diverse Groups and Cultures

The Candid Conversation Series produced by the BOMA SF DEI Committee continues to present engaging speakers and discussions on diversity topics. February’s program featuring DEI expert Adele Bayless, RPA, FMA, of PROper Associates dealt with the concept of belonging as a part of diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives. In addition to her presentation, attendees had an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences about “belongingness.” A recording of the program is available on the BOMA SF DEI Resources Page. (See the QR code at the end of the article.)

“BOMA San Francisco continues to impress me with its commitment to the deep work of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in commercial property management, but society at large,” noted Bayless. “First, not too many locals have a DEI committee. Second, the care and respect that is given to all aspects of the events and collateral they present is inspiring.”

Electrical Expertise

Bayless is back for the June 12 in-person Candid Conversation on the topic of allyship. The program is designed to explore the concept of being an ally — why you need to be and have one (or two). We will take an intimate group dive into the concept of allyship and why the commercial real estate industry has an important part to play in its allyship practice. Look for coverage of the program in future communications from BOMA.

BOMA Meets World and More!

Mark your calendar for October 3 for a special themed event, BOMA Meets World Part I. “Guests will be served sweet and savory bites accompanied by complementing drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic — from a few different countries and cultures along with a unique array of entertainment and experiences,” says Committee Vice Chair Danielle Katches. This festive event will be a collaboration of the DEI and Emerging Professionals Committees.

Stay tuned for details and reach out to Sylwia Preis at BOMA ( for event sponsorship opportunities.

In closing, our committee members and supporters congratulate DEI Committee Chair Ebony Horace as she and her family celebrate the birth of daughter Harper Horace — a Leap Day baby girl!

If you would like to learn more about the DEI Committee or get involved, please contact committee leaders Danielle Katches (, Ebony Horace ( or Angela Arnett (

Learn more about DEI on the DEI Resources Page on the BOMA website under Resources or scan the QR code.

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BOMA at the Ballpark

(Continued from page 1)

Thank you to Metro Elevator for stepping up to the plate as our event sponsor. As always, we are grateful to McCarthy Cook & Co. for hosting us at its lovely China Basin property and for their team’s help in making the event go smoothly.

Nobody went away hungry (or thirsty!) from the party, thanks to our generous food and beverage sponsors: ABM, Allied Universal, CBF Electric + Data, Clune Construction, Field Construction, HCI Systems, McMillan Electric, ProGuard Security Services, Rossi Builders, Rubicon Point Partners, Service by Medallion and Skyline Construction. Sponsors served inventive fare, including tacos, pizza, Vietnamese sandwiches, empanadas, gumbo, oysters, hot dogs, sliders, churros and donuts. An array of draft beers, wine and specialty cocktails were a perfect complement.

To cap it off, many attendees headed over to Oracle Park to see the Giants face the Diamondbacks. The seats on the Club Level provided a spectacular vantage point for watching baseball on a beautiful night. See scenes from the event on the next page... and enjoy the baseball season. Go Giants and Go BOMA!

Top left: Metro Elevator team: Kristin Macdonald, Kevin Wright, Vanessa Coker, Anthony Lujan, and Mike Blaszczyk. Lower left: Jane Echlin, McCarthy & Cook Co.; Octavio Fiero, Metro Services Group; Phoebe Ross, McCarthy Cook & Co.; and Jeffrey Jewell, McCarthy Cook & Co

Party Scenes from BOMA at the Ballpark

McMillan Electric team: Joe Damico, Tracey Conlin, Lou Ruma, Michael McAlister, David Auch, Sean DeFriese, and Ryan Mahoney Ramon Ortega, Ryan Dedet, Edward Shaw, Jackie Twigg, Justin James, and Liz Thomas, all with Allied Universal. Jenny DeVolder, Jose Mendoza, and Paulina Strick, all with Service by Medallion. Michael Oddo, Metro Services Group; Cathryn Trieu, Kilroy Realty Corporation; and Tim Danz, ABM. Eric Rivera, ABM; Carlos Lopez, Bay City Mechanical; Erika Camarena, BMS Cat; and Do Cao, Bay City Mechanical. CBF Electric team: Connor Sanchez, Jeff Easterby, James Dittig, Matt Grandov, Kellen Moss, and Jeremy Kennedy. Elvira Sabanovic, Kelsey Green, Oliver Leograndis, Gabriela Makuch, and Henry Battles, all with Skyline Construction.

BOMA San Francisco

233 Sansome Street, 8th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94104-2134


The Last Word

BOMA Gives Back

Looking at the landscape of commercial real estate in San Francisco, it is clear that these are difficult times for both our industry and city. Faced with looming city budget deficits, record high vacancy rates, and a shift away from office work, we must all work together to promote a better, stronger version of San Francisco.

San Francisco has seen its share of challenges, and the commercial real estate industry has weathered the ups and downs of the boom/bust cycles in the past. Since 1911, BOMA SF has repeatedly played a part in reimagining a greater future for our city and helping create a thriving downtown.

Today, our commitment is as strong as ever. BOMA recently created a new committee to help give back — both to our community and to our members. The newly formed Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee, headed by Glenn Good (Glenn Good Group) and Jack Sesto (ABM), is tasked with increasing our giving as an association, both through philanthropic efforts and by awarding educational scholarships to members. The Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee was formed as the result of a broader committee restructuring. We looked at our existing committee

Bryant is

structure to determine if we were serving the best needs of the association. One of the main points that came out of the committee evaluation was the need to do more for our community and members as they progress through their careers. To that end, the Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee was formed.

Our goal is to form partnerships with like-minded groups to leverage our philanthropic efforts for the greatest good and to make a positive difference in the city. We are also funding numerous scholarships for a host of educational opportunities within the commercial real estate industry. Specifically, this year we launched scholarships for our Foundations of Real Estate Management class as well upcoming RPA classes. We will increase our offerings in the future, and we encourage our members to take advantage of these opportunities.

In addition, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee offers educational resources, including our Candid Conversation Series as a free member benefit.

This series promotes DEI awareness, fosters meaningful dialogue, and provides resources to advance equal opportunities and diverse representation within our industry. BOMA SF also hosts Career Success Workshops (CSWs), programs designed to enhance the learning and skill development of future industry and BOMA leaders. Open to all members, these no-cost workshops are geared towards emerging professionals.

Learn more about our offerings at You may access the scholarship application at https://form. (or scan the QR code).

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