Furnish Now magazine - December 2016

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Clued In How do you honour the tastes of a diverse, international audience while anticipating and interpreting trends for modern lifestyles? Wegmans has found the way. by Alexandra Wong Furnish Now writer


he level of perfectionism at Wegmans Furniture is legendary. Rumour has it that each product undergoes up to eight prototyping cycles before Collin Law — the head designer - gives his


stamp of approval. Mr. Law, who also happens to be the company founder and Executive Director, has such exacting standards that he regularly works until midnight to get things right. According to a company insider, “Our sample team will always have a hard time because they have to keep modifying and modifying until every sitting position is comfortable!”

Such religious attention to detail is practically unheard of in the furniture industry. With margins constantly being squeezed by fluctuating market forces, most manufacturers aim to minimise production cycles and timeto-market, not the opposite. But then again, Wegmans isn’t most manufacturers.