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Core Physicians’ Primary Care

Core Physicians offers comprehensive primary care in seven Seacoast communities, with same day appointments, extended hours and weekends, and an online patient portal. Core Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine provides care for infants, children and adolescents in Epping, Plaistow and Stratham.

Core physicians’ Specialty Services

Core Physicians also has more than 20 specialty care services for adults and children, sharing one electronic medical record (EMR) with primary care so all providers have immediate access to your health records.


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As a 100-bed community hospital serving New Hampshire’s Seacoast region, Exeter Hospital’s scope of care includes a wide variety of comprehensive services:

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Rockingham VNA & Hospice

Rockingham Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice (RVNA & Hospice) is a community based home health and hospice agency that provides high quality home care, hospice and community outreach programs within Rockingham County and parts of Strafford County.

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The other day a fellow parent was sharing her internal debate over whether to get her daughter, almost 11, a smartphone. There were pros. There were cons. I won’t rehash here, as most of us have had this conversation many times. Each of us will have our own perspective on when the time is right, how much we want to limit device usage, what apps and sites are on and off limits, etc. This has become one of the big questions in every family’s lives. A question that didn’t even exist when I was growing up.

Once that parent had laid out her dilemma I asked, “Well... how old were you when you got your first cell phone?” Her response was appropriately scathing considering the smart-aleck nature of the question. I’d asked it full well knowing that when we were kids (I’m almost 53), the only mobile phones on the market came in a big bags and cost unimaginable sums to buy and to use.

I was 17 when the movie “Wall Street” came out. In it, the wealthy main character, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), makes a phone call from a beach on a Motorola DynaTac 8000X. It blew everyone’s mind. The bulky, old-fashioned-looking phone, would have cost about $11,885 in today’s money.

Thanks to the principles underlying Moore’s Law (the prediction that digital processing power will double about every two years), the smartphones we buy our kids today seem nearly (or entirely) magical in comparison to the DynaTac. They’re super powerful computers running incredibly sophisticated software. The facial recognition that allows the iPhone to be unlocked just by looking at it is mind-bendingly complex compared to the first iPhone, released in 2007.

I point this out not to take a position on whether and when your children should have phones. Rather to point out that this is all very new and evolving incredibly rapidly. We know all the conveniences and wonders the new phone tech has brought us, but we simply don’t know the impact it will have on a generation of kids who have never known anything but full immersion in digital technology, social media, and the like.

What we have all learned is how important it is to unplug, for both kids and grownups, and how satisfying bonding experiences unmediated by technology can be. I hope you find in this issue some great tools to help your family unplug together. Our story on page four, “Unwind by Unplugging This Summer,” tackles this very topic head on, and the “Practical Science of Family Fun” on page 22, outlines some of our team’s favorite ways to get off devices and out into the world with our families.

So, here’s to some lovely family time: IRL.


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Trusted partners, right from the start.

From birth throughout adulthood, routine primary care helps you to be your healthiest self. Our providers at Southern New Hampshire Health provide you and your family with skilled pediatric and primary care services with convenient locations and telehealth appointment options.

Whether you need preventative care or help with an unexpected need or concern, we’re your trusted partner for a lifetime.

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Unwind by Unplugging This Summer

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Tips to help your family take a step away from media.

When Emerson Carracedo, 17, of Windham, worked as a camp counselor at Let’s Play Music & Make Art day camp in Derry last summer, her phone stayed in her bag between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“I didn’t miss it or anything. I was a little worried that people would try to contact me and that I wouldn’t be reachable, but besides that it was good,” she says.

Carracedo will put her phone away again this summer while she works at the camp, which will cut her screen time down significantly. She usually spends an average of 5 hours on her phone every day, and has active Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat social media accounts.

“We’ve made efforts; my sister and I actively try to take a step away from media. My family

has a rule that phones need to go away during dinner, and when we’re doing homework, my parents collect our phones so we’re not distracted,” Carracedo says. “When we do things as a family, we’re not on the phone.”

Carracedo fully understands the addictive nature of devices and social media. As a member of the Youth Advisory Board of Media Power Youth, a Manchester-based nonprofit agency that creates programming and curricula to help students consume and create media safely and responsibly, she and her peers talk to younger students about the ways

www.nhmagazine.com | FAMILY RESOURCE BOOK • 2023 5

Reduce Device Dependence


° Introduce a regular alarm clock to your teens, so they aren’t reliant on their phones to wake up. It also keeps them from bringing their phones into their bedrooms and allows for better sleep. Have everyone put their devices away two hours before bedtime.

° You don’t need to buy your child an expensive smartphone to stay in contact with them. There are phones on the market that will allow them to take pictures, text friends and make calls — but won’t let them connect to the internet.

° Rather than relying on an app, have your child order pizza by calling the restaurant. Finding low-stakes opportunities for children to practice their social skills can help them boost confidence.

° Gift experiences in lieu of technology. When you’re celebrating birthdays or other milestones, make an experience be that memory. Your child will value a shared experience over a new cellphone.

in which media and technology affects kids. She’s also helped develop lessons to help elementary and middle school students practice safer media habits.

“We talk about using (social media) in a responsible way and getting them to understand that you may be comparing your life to something that’s not real; what you see isn’t always what it actually is,” she says.


The temptation for kids to stay plugged in all summer is real, even for teens like Carracedo, who understand the negative effects of too much screen time. For many, the warm weather activities can’t compete with the desire to stay in touch virtually, almost all of the time.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, children 15 and older are spending more than 7 hours a day on their devices, and children as young as 8 are spending up to 6 hours a day on their devices, said Jodie Lubarsky, MA, LCMHC,

vice president clinical operations for Youth and Family Services of Seacoast Mental Health Center, Inc. However, there are simple steps parents and guardians can take to try to slash screen time, she says.

“The first step parents and guardians can take to establish device-free time with their children is by being a good role model,” she says. “If we want the children in our lives to spend less time on devices, we also need to spend less time on our own devices.”

Aside from removing devices from the dinner table and planning device-free challenges, guardians should consider tracking how much time their children are spending on social media platforms. The Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids spend no more than two hours on social media platforms. If you find your child is spending much more time than that, you can begin to structure and set limits around screen time, Lubarsky says.

Part of getting kids to shut off their screens includes providing engaging alternatives, making summer the perfect time to try new things as a family.

“Families can go outside and play basketball, take a bike ride, kick around a soccer ball, toss a football, take a walk, build a fort, or explore an area of the state you’ve never been to … the possibilities are endless,” she says.

If you’re not into exploring the great outdoors, volunteering together at a local food bank or animal shelter might inspire you to put down your phones. While it may take some planning to find ways to have fun that don’t include a Wi-Fi signal, your family could reap major mental health benefits.

“Depending on how social media is being used, research is beginning to demonstrate that for youth spending large amounts of time on social media platforms, they are reporting increases in depression and anxiety,” Lubarsky says.

Social media can expose children to online bullying, which also contributes to poor mental health. And, if families aren’t managing their children’s social media accounts, their children could potentially be exposed to predators — putting them at risk for even greater harm.


Like it or not, the way kids socialize and communicate with one another is through devices, says Heather Inyart, executive director of Media Power Youth. By restricting phone or tablet use completely, you could be inadvertently keeping your child from nurturing relationships they’ve built. The key is to keep time spent online positive, she says.

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How Can Your Family Unplug Together?


Turn off the Wi-Fi and pick up a book, take a walk or play a board game. You can start by unplugging for a few hours and see how long your family can go!


Whether you wish to conquer a 4,000-footer, or just take a stroll in your town, a hike can be a great way to get your family together for some fresh air and great memories.


New Hampshire has miles of rail trails that you can explore no matter where you live. Get a free map by visiting www.nhstateparks. org/visit/recreational-rail-trails.


It’s pretty hard to scroll your social media feed when you’re busy paddling! Take to the water with your family in one of the state’s lakes or rivers. If you’re looking for the best places to paddle, check out www.visitnh.gov/blog/kayak-with-a-view.


Whether you enjoy the action at Hampton Beach or prefer to sunbathe at Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, your family can trade in their phones for bodyboarding and sandcastle building.


If you’re not a traditional outdoors person, maybe you have other talents to share? You can make it a family affair. Help walk dogs at an animal shelter or serve meals at a soup kitchen. To find opportunities for you and your family, visit volunteernh.org.


There’s nothing like farm-to-table dining! Why not see if you have a green thumb this summer? You only need a little space to grow plants or flowers. For ideas, visit extension.unh.edu/ agriculture-gardens/yard-garden.


New Hampshire State Parks offer 23 campgrounds for you to explore, from primitive camping, cabin and yurt rentals, to options that include full-service RV hookups and lean-tos. Get more information at www.nhstateparks.org/visit/campgrounds.

“My advice to parents is to think of this as a portfolio of time. Are they doing something interesting and using media to connect in positive ways part of the time and spending part of the time outside? There is a way the two can complement each other,” Inyart says.

Families can work together to make decisions about how they’ll use their devices and when they’ll put them away. They can also

decide together how they want to spend their unplugged time together.

“It’s good to pick activities that require two hands — it’s hard to ride a bike and Snapchat at the same time,” Inyart says.

Finally, there are ways in which children can use their devices that bring meaning to their experiences. For example, there’s a difference between passively scrolling and using digital media to learn something.

“It’s the quality of the time they’re spending that matters. High-quality or active screen time means you are interactive and making decisions about information. These include things like coding or commenting on a peer’s artwork,” she says.

There’s nothing wrong with pulling out your phone to take pictures of the beautiful view on your hike or the sun setting over the lake.


Even if your teens are too old for day camp, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t build structure into their days, Lubarsky says. Many town recreation programs offer opportunities for youth to become junior camp counselors. Teens can also take advantage of lifeguard training, certification and employment. And, with the state’s unemployment rate still hovering below 3%, children as young as 14 might be able to find employment this summer.

If camp is financially out of reach, finding a job isn’t possible or just not something your child is interested in pursuing, it’s still important for families to structure the day for their older children while they’re home alone, Lubarsky says.

“They should continue to take advantage of the reporting tools on devices to monitor how much time is being spent on devices.” ✪

Krysten Godfrey Maddocks is a former journalist and marketing director who now regularly writes for higher education and technology organizations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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Camps & Summer Programs

Early Childhood

Learning Adventures ECC

51 Old Bedford Rd., Bedford (603) 669-2811


Over The Rainbow Preschool

223 Rockingham Rd., Derry (603) 432-6655


McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

2 Institute Dr., Concord (603) 271-7827, starhop.com

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

1 Commerce Dr., Bedford (603) 474-9686, girlscoutsgwm.org

Strawberry Banke Museum

14 Hancock St., Portsmouth (603) 433-1100, strawberybanke.org

Science & Nature

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

1 Commerce Dr., Bedford (603) 474-9686, girlscoutsgwm.org

Your girl is what Girl Scouts is all about. Her dreams, ideas and ambition are our DNA. Does she want to shoot a movie, build a robot, plant a garden or change a law? We’re not only there to lift her up but also to guide her in growing the confidence to rise above. Join us for summer camp and for so much more! See www. girlscoutsgwm.org.

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

2 Institute Dr., Concord (603) 271-7827, starhop.com

Registration for our 2023 STEM Summer Camp is now open! These weeklong summer camps are designed for children ages 5-14 with an emphasis on hands-on activities and demonstrative learning! Topics include coding, astronomy, dinosaurs and weather, depending on the week. Programs run from June 26 until August 11. The Discovery Center is also open to the public seven days a week beginning on June 19. Immerse yourself in a world designed for star gazers and learners of all ages!

SEE Science Center

200 Bedford St., Manchester (603) 669-0400


Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

55 Bradley St., Concord (603) 224-1061, nhyouth.org

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

1 Commerce Dr., Bedford (603) 474-9686, girlscoutsgwm.org

The Granite YMCA

YMCA of Downtown Manchester

30 Mechanic St., Manchester (603) 623-3558

YMCA Allard Center of Goffstown

116 Goffstown Back Rd., Goffstown (603) 497-4663

YMCA of Concord

15 North State St., Concord, NH (603) 228-9622

YMCA of Strafford County

35 Industrial Way, Rochester (603) 332-7334

YMCA of the Seacoast

550 Peverly Hill Rd., Portsmouth (603) 431-2334

YMCA of Greater Londonderry

206 Rockingham Rd., Londonderry (603) 437-9622 graniteymca.org

Camps Bernadette and Fatima

32 Camp Fatima Rd., Gilmanton Iron Works (603) 931-5500, bfcamp.com

Camp Bernadette for girls and Camp Fatima for boys are the two residential summer camps of the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. Every year, campers from all over the country and world attend Bernadette and Fatima to experience a traditional summer camp experience within a Catholic environment. Campers and staff have fun while growing in faith, confidence and friendship.

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FEATURED ADVERTISER LISTINGS At The Granite YMCA, we are committed to ensuring every community member achieves their full potential. Our flexible membership program enables all individuals and families to become active members. Our join fees, membership dues, and program fees are income-based to ensure anyone can enjoy the Y. Branch Locations Manchester • Goffstown • Concord Rochester • Portsmouth YOU BELONG AT THE Y FLEXIBLE MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM Family Strengthening Social Responsibility Healthy Living Youth Development The Granite YMCA | www.graniteymca.org Explore all the possibilities that await you this year. Join your local Girl Scout community today! Be a Girl Scout.
✓ Discover new worlds. ✓ Tap into a hidden talent. ✓ Get up close and personal with nature.
Your Year of Wonder

Family Resources & Support

Adoption and Foster Care

ADOPT NH — adoptnh.org

Adoptive Families for Children

18 Centre St., Concord (603) 228-6712, adoptivefamiliesforchildren.com

Ascentria Care Alliance

261 Sheep Davis Rd., A-1, Concord (603) 224-8111, ascentria.org

Bethany Christian Services

183 High St., Candia (603) 483-2886, bethany.org/candia

Catholic Charities New Hampshire

100 William Loeb Dr., Unit 3, Manchester (603) 669-3030, cc-nh.org

New Hope For Children

130 Central Ave., Dover (603) 842-4794, newhopeadoption. com

NH Foster & Adoptive Parent Association

9 Webster St., Nashua (603) 717-5899, nhfapa.org


464 Chestnut St., Manchester (603) 518-4000, waypointnh.org

Information and Support Services

2-1-1: Your link to resources available in NH Dial 211 or go to 211nh.org

Alateen/Al-Anon (603) 369-6930, nhal-anon.org

Alcoholics Anonymous

1-800-593-3330, nhaa.net

Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support

28 Concord St., Nashua

16 Elm St., Suite 2, Milford 24-hour crisis hotline: (603) 883-3044 bridgesnh.org

Catholic Charities New Hampshire

100 William Loeb Dr., Unit 3, Manchester (603) 669-3030, cc-nh.org

Child Care Aware of NH



Community Action Program — Belknap/Merrimack counties

2 Industrial Park Dr., Concord (603) 225-3295, bm-cap.org

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County

577 Central Ave., Suite 10, Dover (603) 435-2500, straffordcap.org

Community Action Program

Tri-County Cap

30 Exchange St., Berlin (603) 752-7001, tccap.org

Community Bridges, Inc.

162 Pembroke Rd., Concord (603) 225-4153 communitybridgesnh.org

Court Appointed Special Advocates of NH (CASA)

138 Coolidge Ave., Manchester (603) 626-4600, casanh.org

Easterseals NH Child Development and Family Resource Center

555 Auburn St., Manchester (603) 623-8863, eastersealsnh.org

Granite United Way graniteuw.org

HAVEN Violence Prevention and Support Services

20 International Dr., Suite 300, Portsmouth (603) 436-4107, havennh.org

24-hour domestic violence crisis hotline: (603) 994-7233

Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

129 Pleasant St., Concord 1-800-897-5323, dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/ bchs/clpp

Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services

312 Marlboro St., Keene

9 Vose Farm Rd., Peterborough (603) 352-2253, hcsservices.org

MADD — Mothers Against Drunk Driving

24-hour victim hotline: 1-877-623-3435 madd.org

Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

1555 Elm St., Manchester (603) 668-4111, mhcgm.org

New Hampshire Children’s Trust

105 Loudon Rd., Bldg. 2, Concord (603) 224-1279, nhchildrenstrust.org

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Concord, (603) 224-8893

24-hour crisis hotline: 1-866-644-3574 nhcadsv.org

New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association nhcra.org

Southern New Hampshire Services

40 Pine St., Manchester (603) 668-8010, snhs.org

Southwestern Community Services

63 Community Way, Keene (603) 352-7512

96-102 Main St., Claremont (603) 542-9528 scshelps.org

United Way of Greater Nashua

20 Broad St., Nashua (603) 882-4011, unitedwaynashua.org

United Way of the Greater Seacoast Pease International Tradeport

112 Corporate Dr., Portsmouth (603) 436-5554, graniteuw.org/ communities-served/greaterseacoast-region

United Ways of New Hampshire uwnh.org

UNH Cooperative Extension extension.unh.edu

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance — Free Tax Preparation Services nhtaxhelp.org


464 Chestnut St., Manchester (603) 518-4000, waypointnh.org

Crisis Intervention

American Red Cross — New Hampshire/Vermont region

2 Maitland St., Concord (603) 225-6697 redcross.org/local/ new-hampshire-vermont

Angie’s Shelter for Women

434 Union St., Manchester (603) 668-8698

Child Abuse Reporting (NH Division of Health & Human Services)


Child Help — National Child Abuse Hotline

1-800-422-4453, childhelp.org

Cross Roads House: A Secure and Transitional Shelter

600 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth (603) 436-2218, crossroadshouse.org

Families in Transition — New Horizons

122 Market St., Manchester (603) 641-9441, fitnh.org

Families in Transition — New Horizons (food pantry, soup kitchen)

199 Manchester St., Manchester (603) 641-9441 x221, newhorizonsfornh.org

The Front Door Agency

7 Concord St., Nashua (603) 886-2866, frontdooragency.org

GreenPath Financial Wellness

250 Commercial St., Suite 3016, Manchester

1-800-550-1961, greenpath.com

Manchester Community Resource Center

434 Lake Ave., Manchester (603) 647-8967, mcrcnh.com

Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

401 Cypress St., Manchester (603) 668-4111, mhcgm.org

For the Rapid Response Team, which operates 24/7/365, call 1-833-710-6477.

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention (MCVP) 24-hour crisis line: 1-888-511-6287 mcvprevention.org

Nashua Children’s Association

86 Concord St., Nashua (603) 883-3851, nashuachildrenshome.org

Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter

2 Quincy St., Nashua (603) 889-7770, nsks.org

NH Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locator


NH Statewide Addiction Crisis Hotline



Planned Parenthood of Northern New England



The Partnership for a Drug-Free NH (603) 573-3300



24-hour crisis hotline: (603) 357-5505 samaritansnh.org

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SHARE Program

1 Columbus Ave., Milford (603) 673-9898, sharenh.org

The Youth Council

74 Northeastern Blvd., Nashua (603) 889-1090


Government and State Resources

New Hampshire Children’s Trust

105B Loudon Rd., Suite 201, Concord (603) 415-0322, nhchildrenstrust.org

New Hampshire Children’s Trust is the Governor’s designated statewide community-based child abuse prevention agency, the NH chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, and a member of the National Alliance of Children’s Trust & Prevention Funds. We ensure parents have easy access to high-quality resources and support to help children develop the skills they need to thrive. We educate direct-service professionals, advocate for better policies to support parents, and connect with local agencies to strengthen families and lay the foundation for children’s success.

New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights

2 Industrial Park Dr., Concord (603) 271-2767, state.nh.us/hrc

New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services

129 Pleasant St., Concord


District offices in Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Conway, Keene, Laconia, Littleton, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Rochester dhhs.nh.gov

New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services

— Bureau of Family Assistance

1-800-852-3345, dhhs.nh.gov/dfa

New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services — Division for Children, Youth & Families

1-800-852-3345, dhhs.nh.gov/dcyf

New Hampshire Employment Security

45 South Fruit St., Concord (603) 224-3311

Full-service offices in Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Conway, Keene, Laconia, Littleton, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Salem, Somersworth; satellite offices In Colebrook and Plymouth nh.gov/nhes

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department

11 Hazen Dr., Concord (603) 271-3421, wildlife.state.nh.us

New Hampshire Housing

32 Constitution Dr., Bedford

1-800-640-7239 nhhfa.org

New Hampshire State House Visitor’s Center

107 North Main St., Room 119, Concord, (603) 271-2154 nh.gov

New Hampshire State Library

20 Park St., Concord (603) 271-2144 nh.gov/nhsl

New Hampshire Travel Council nhtravelcouncil.com

New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

18 Low Ave., Suite 205, Concord (603) 226-3355, nhwomensfoundation.org

NH Medicaid dhhs.nh.gov/ombp/medicaid

NHHEAF (New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation)

4 Barrell Court, Concord (888) 747-2382 x119, nhheaf.org

WIC Nutrition Program (603) 271-4546, signupwic.com

Legal Assistance

New Hampshire Legal Assistance

1-800-639-5290, nhlegalaid.org

Parent Education

Adult Learning Center

40 Arlington St., Nashua (603) 598-8303

4 Lake St., Nashua, (603) 882-9080 adultlearningcenter.org

The Children’s Place and Parent Education Center

27 Burns Ave., Concord (603) 224-9920 waypointnh.org/programs/ the-childrens-place-and-parenteducation-center

Families First Health & Support Center

8 Greenleaf Woods Dr., Suite 100, Portsmouth (603) 422-8208 familiesfirstseacoast.org

The Family Resource Center 123 Main St., Gorham (603) 466-5190, frc123.org

Good Beginnings of the Upper Valley 93 South Main St., West Lebanon (603) 298-9524, gbuv.org

The Grapevine — Family & Community Resource Center

4 Aiken St., Antrim (603) 588-2620, grapevinenh.org

Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center

5 Prospect St., Tilton (603) 286-4255, gtafrc.com

Lakes Region Community Services

Family Resource Center

719 North Main St., Laconia (603) 524-8811


Our Place

16 Oak St., Manchester, (603) 647-2244;

3 Crown St., Nashua, (603) 889-9431 cc-nh.org/programs/our-place

Parent Information Center

54 Old Suncook Rd., Concord (603) 224-7005, picnh.org

Thr River Center — A Family & Community Resource Center

9 Vose Farm Rd., Suite 115, Peterborough (603) 924-6800, rivercenter.us

Riverbend Community Mental Health (603) 228-1600

Mobile crisis services hotline: 1-833-710-6477 riverbendcmhc.org

Salem Family Resources — Success By 6 — The Learning Cooperative Early Education & Enrichment Program

The Haigh School, 24 School St., Salem (603) 305-6513 salemfamilyresources.org

TLC Family Resource Center 109 Pleasant St., Claremont (603) 542-1848, tlcfamilyrc.org

The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center 36 Tsienneto Rd., Derry (603) 437-8477, urteachers.org

White Birch Center

51 Hall Ave., Henniker (603) 428-7860, whitebirchcc.org

Water Systems

Secondwind Water Systems

735 East Industrial Park Dr., Manchester (603) 641-5767



Celebrating 35 Years of Education!

w Quality Infant, Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten Programs

w School-Age Program

w Part-time and Full-time Daycare

w School-year and Summer Sessions

w 2, 3 and 5-day Programs

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Open Monday-Friday 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

223 Rockingham Road Derry, NH 03038


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New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities

Resource Guide

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities has compiled this listing to help people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families find the information, services and support they need. A complete version of the resource guide is available at NHDDresources.wordpress.com or by calling (603) 271-7038.

Information and Referral Services, Guidebooks and Online Resources

NH Family Voices

(603) 271-4525, (800) 852-3345 ext. 4525 (in NH only)


A “Family to Family Health and Education Center” assisting families of children and young adults with chronic health, physical, developmental and mental health challenges. Provides one-to-one phone assistance, educational materials, online resources, a lending library and quarterly newsletter.

Maneuvering Through the Maze nhfv.org/how-we-can-help/ resources

A comprehensive resource guide of state health and human services agencies, educational resources, private associations and organizations that serve people in New Hampshire with physical, developmental, mental health and chronic illnesses and their families, from birth to adulthood. Produced by NH Family Voices.

Parent Information Center on Special Education (PIC)

54 Old Suncook Rd., Concord (603) 224-7005, (800) 947-7005 picnh.org

Telephone/email support to families with questions about early supports and services, special education and other disability-related concerns, interactive workshops for parents, volunteer advocate training and informational materials (online and printed).

Disability Rights Center – NH (DRC) (603) 228-0432, (800) 834-1721 (V/TTY)


Information, referral, advice and legal representation and advocacy to individuals with disabilities on a wide range of disability-related issues. Online resources and materials available on many disability-related topics. Federally funded Protection and Advocacy Center.

ServiceLink Aging and Disability Resource Centers

(866) 634-9412 servicelink.nh.gov

From local offices throughout the state, ServiceLink helps individuals access long-

term services, supports and resources, access family caregiver information, explore options, and understand and access Medicare and Medicaid. After-hours appointments are available as needed. Callers are automatically connected to the ServiceLink office in their area. Funded by the state of New Hampshire and federal government.

Online ServiceLink Community Services and Supports Resource Directory: referweb.net/nhsl

Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire


List of resources compiled by the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire.

NH Governor’s Commission on Disability

121 South Fruit St., Suite 101, Concord (800) 852-3405, (603) 271-2773


Provides information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessibility issues, including accessible parking spaces, housing, voting and transportation. Online list of state and federal government benefit programs for people with disabilities.

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NH Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

121 South Fruit St., Concord (800) 852-3405, (603) 271-0476


Provides a monthly resource newsletter, archives of past issues and online “tip sheets” on benefits, housing and health care, based on an independent living philosophy. A federally funded, independent, cross-disability council.

NH Family Ties (Formerly Parent to Parent of NH) (800) 499-4153 ext. 241 communitybridgesnh.org/ services/nh-family-ties

Provides parent matches between experienced parents, who have “been there,” with new or referred parents of children with special needs just beginning to meet the challenges of a disability or chronic health condition. Available through the area agency network as part of their family support services. NH Family Ties provides information and referral to community resources, services, support groups, state support programs and others.

2-1-1 New Hampshire


Information and referral for general human services including help with food, emergency housing, employment, health care and counseling is available by dialing 211 in NH or (866) 444-4211 from out of state. Operated by United Ways of New Hampshire.


(866) 634-9412


Designed as New Hampshire’s “front door” to quickly connect individuals of all ages, abilities and income levels to a full range of community services and supports, including housing, transportation, financial assistance, Medicaid, veterans’ services, mental health, drug and alcohol services. Operated by the NH Department of Health and Human Services.

Office of Disability Employment Policy


The federal office of disability employment policy

NH DHHS Division of Family Assistance

129 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 852-3345 ext. 9700 (603) 271-9700


Information and Resources on Specific Disabilities or Topics


ABLE NH (603) 271-7042


ABLE (Advocates Building Lasting Equality) advocates for the human and civil rights of all children and adults with disabilities, and promotes full participation by improving systems of supports, connecting families, inspiring communities and influencing public policy.

New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities

2½ Beacon St., Suite 10, Concord (603) 271-3236 nhcdd.nh.gov

Federally funded agency that supports public policies and initiatives to remove barriers and promote opportunities in all areas of life. Its mission includes “dignity, full rights of citizenship, cultural diversity, equal opportunities and full participation for all New Hampshire citizens with developmental disabilities.” Members are appointed by the governor and represent people with developmental disabilities, parents, guardians and agencies that serve people with disabilities.

New Hampshire Leadership Series

(603) 228-2084, (800) 238-2048 iod.unh.edu/projects/nhleadership

Intensive seven-session leadership training provides parents and people with disabilities with information and strategies to effectively impact local and state organizations regarding issues related to individuals with disabilities and their families.

People First of New Hampshire NH Council on Developmental Disabilities

2½ Beacon St., Suite 10, Concord (603) 271-3236 peoplefirstofnh.org

Statewide self-advocacy organization and umbrella for 17 self-advocacy groups for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Provides resources, training and support. Call for the chapter in your area on how to start one.


NH Virtual Autism Center

Maintained by NH Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders

2½ Beacon St., Suite 10, Concord info@nhcouncilonasd.org nhfv.org/resources/the-newhampshire-council-on-autismspectrum-disorders

Provides a single point of entry to a comprehensive body of information about NH services for those who experience autism spectrum disorders. Also offers best practices guidelines.

Department of Applied Psychology at Antioch University New England

40 Avon St., Keene (800) 552-8380 admissions@antiochne.edu antiochne.edu

Offers practice-oriented, valuesbased graduate study. Master’s degrees in education, environmental studies, management and psychology; doctoral degrees in environmental studies and psychology. Also offering an Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate program — a program for teachers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, advocates, occupational therapists and others.

Asperger’s Association of New England

(617) 393-3824, (866) 597-AANE aane.org

The Asperger’s Association of New England (AANE)’s mission is to foster awareness, respect, acceptance and support for individuals with AS and related conditions and their families.


Future in Sight

25 Walker St., Concord (603) 224-4039, (800) 464-3075 futureinsight.org

A nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired and their families. Provides a range of services in education, rehabilitation and social services for infants and toddlers, children (3-21), adults and seniors.

NH Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

21 South Fruit St., Suite 20, Concord (603) 271-3537 (603) 271-3471 (V/TTY) (800) 581-6881 education.nh.gov/who-we-are/ deputy-commissioner/%20bureau-of-vocational-rehabilitation/ services-for-the-blind-and-visuallyimpaired

Provides those services necessary to help people with visual loss to enter, re-enter or maintain employment. Most services are provided without charge to the referred individual. Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Program is supported by state and federal tax dollars.


Brain Injury Association of NH 52 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 773-8400, (603) 225-8400 (NH-only information/resources) (800) 444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line) bianh.org

Helps people with brain injury-related disabilities live in their own homes and communities. Chartered state affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America. (BIAA; biausa.org). Comprehensive online resource directory at bianh.org/resourcedir.html


NH Department of Education

Bullying and Cyber Bulling Resources education.nh.gov/who-we-are/ division-of-learner-support/bureau-of-student-wellness/bullyingcyber-bullying

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StopBullying.gov stopbullying.gov

A federal website that provides information from various government agencies about what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how to prevent and respond to bullying.



Provides the gateway to proper assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment, services and supports.


If you have a child with a disability who is eligible for special education services, your child may receive services from ages 3-21. Contact your school district before your child turns three — the age at which the school district becomes responsible for your child’s education.

NH Medicaid for Children

Coverage for children up to age 19 and “Katie Beckett” option

129 Pleasant St., Concord (877) 464-2447

Children’s Medicaid Unit dhhs.nh.gov/dfa/medical/ children.htm

Provides comprehensive health and dental insurance to NH children ages 0-19 for families without access to insurance or for whom it is unaffordable (formerly NH Healthy Kids). Also, Home Care for Children with Severe Disabilities (HCCSD), commonly known as the “Katie Beckett” option, is available for severely disabled children up to age 19, whose medical disability is so severe that they qualify for institutional care but are being cared for at home. Only the income and resources of the disabled child are counted towards eligibility for this program.

In-Home Support Waiver for Children with Severe Disabilities

NH DHHS Bureau of Developmental Services

105 Pleasant St., Concord

(800) 852-3345, ext. 5034

Provides assistance for children with the most significant medical and behavioral challenges requiring long-term supports and services, who live at home with their families, are Medicaid eligible, and meet the ICF/MR level of care and other qualifications of the program. The goal of the IHS waiver is to provide services which are necessary to allow the individual to remain at home with his/her caregiving family. Services are provided through the Developmental Disabilities Area Agencies.

Family Centered Early Supports and Services (FCESS)

NH Bureau of Developmental Services

105 Pleasant St., Concord (603) 271-5034 (800) 852-3345, ext. 5034


A program designed for children birth through age 2 who have a diagnosed, established condition with a high probability of delay, are experiencing developmental delays, or are at risk for substantial developmental delays if supports and services are not provided. FCESS are delivered in the family’s home by designated nonprofit and specialized service agencies located throughout the state.

Special Medical Services

NH Department of Health and Human Services

129 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 852-3345, ext. 4488 (603) 271-4488

dhhs.nh.gov/dcbcs/bds/sms/ specialcare.htm

The NH Title V Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs administers health programs and services for children ages birth to 21 years, who have, or are at risk for, a chronic medical condition, disability or special health care need. Works together with families and health care providers, community agencies and schools to obtain access to health care and related services. Provides care coordination services;

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FIND WHAT MOVES YOU. FIND YOUR Y. At the Y, you’ll find more than just a place to work out. With countless opportunities to get moving, connect with neighbors, give back to your community, and experience the joy of better health, you’ll discover what moves you—in more ways than one. All it takes is one step! JOIN TODAY SCAN TO LEARN MORE YMCA OF GREATER NASHUA | www.nmymca.org Adolescent Wellness Academic Support Community Service Counseling Services Family Wellness & Outreach Food Pantry HiSET Program Juvenile Diversion Kinship Support Parent Education & Support Teen Parent Program Young Adult Resources Programs, Groups and Support (603) 437-8477 x110 URTeachers.org #UpperRoomNH We're here for you and your family 36 Tsienneto Road, Derry NH 03038

support for child development and neuromotor clinics; nutritional and feeding/swallowing consultation; and psychological and physical therapy services.

NH Partners in Health

129 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 656-3333 (800) 735-2964 (TDD) dhhs.nh.gov/ dcbcs/bds/sms/pih

Helps families of children with a chronic health condition that significantly impacts daily life. Partners in Health’s role is to advocate, access resources, navigate systems and build capacity to manage the chronic health condition of their child. Locations throughout the state. No income requirements.


Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc.

56 Old Suncook Rd., Suite 6 Concord (603) 224-1850 (603) 224-0691 (TTY)

Video Phone (VP): 968-5889 ndhhs.org

New Hampshire’s “one-stop” resource for services specific to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and for information about hearing loss.


Donated Dental Services: Dental Lifeline Network (800) 292-1531


A statewide program that provides comprehensive treatment by volunteer dentists to elderly, disabled and medically challenged individuals.

Easterseals Oral Health Center, Manchester (603) 621-3482


Staff evaluates, monitors and responds to patients with a wide range of disabilities and special medical needs. Medicaid accepted.


NH DHHS Bureau of Developmental Services

105 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 852-3345, ext. 5034 dhhs.nh.gov/dcbcs/bds/index.htm

The NH developmental services system offers individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders a wide range of supports and services within their own communities through 10 designated nonprofit area agencies that serve specific geographic regions:

• Service coordination

• Day and vocational services

• Personal care services

• Community support services

• Early Supports and Services and Early Intervention

• Assistive technology services

• Specialty services and family supports (including respite services and environmental modifications)

• In-Home Support (IHS) Waiver for Children with Severe Disabilities

For area agencies and communities served: dhhs.nh.gov/dcbcs/ bds/agencies.htm


Work Incentive Resource Center iod.unh.edu/projects/workincentives-resource-center

Developed by the Institute on Disability as part of a larger effort in collaboration with Granite State Independent Living and the New Hampshire Granite State Employment Project to expand employment for individuals with disabilities through greater awareness and use of work incentives.

New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation Locations education.nh.gov/partners/ vocational-rehabilitation

A list of regional Vocational Rehabilitation offices:

Berlin (603) 752-2271

Concord (603) 271-2327

Keene (603) 357-0266

Manchester (603) 669-8733

Nashua (603) 889-6844

Portsmouth (603) 436-8884

Vocational Rehabilitation

NH Department of Education

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

21 South Fruit St., Suite 20, Concord (800) 299-1647


Helps people with disabilities of all ages get jobs.

NHWorks (603) 271-7275, nhworks.org

Information center for job seekers and employers. Lists current job openings, NH economic and labor market information, education and training programs, employment laws, small business resources and locations. Work centers provide technical assistance to prepare resumes and cover letters, job search workshops, employment counseling, aptitude and skills testing, and career exploration tools. Sponsored by the NH Workforce Opportunity Council.


NH Bureau of Adult Education

GED & Adult Education Information

21 South Fruit St., Suite 20 Concord (603) 271-6698


Supports educational services to adults who have not received a high school diploma or GED certificate or who do not read, write or speak English. Grants to school districts and nonprofit organizations make it possible for local adult education programs to serve adult learners whose skills range from very basic to high-school level.

Partnership in Employment: Supporting Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in their Communities aucd.org/docs/resources/pie_ adults_Nov2014_families.pdf

A project of the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston and the National Association of

State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services. Overview of day and employment services for people with developmental disabilities and guidance for those assisting them.


Apply Online for Benefits with NH EASY


New Hampshire’s Electronic Application System (NH EASY) offers NH residents a fast and easy way to apply online for cash, medical, child care, Medicare savings program and food stamp benefits.

NH Department of Health and Human Services

129 Pleasant St., Concord (800) 852-3345 dhhs.nh.gov

Provides services for individuals, children, families and seniors, and administers programs and services for mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and public health. The DHHS website contains a description of programs and services administered by the department and information about how to apply.

DHHS District Offices: dhhs.nh.gov/ contactus/districtoffices.htm Local offices to apply for Medicaid, financial assistance, food stamps and other benefits.

Social Security

70 Commercial St., Suite 100 Concord (800) 772-1213

(800) 325-0778 (TTY) (603) 228-5206 (FAX) ssa.gov

Applicants for SSDI and SSI can file for benefits online at SSA.gov website, by phone or by visiting a local Social Security office.

Special Education

NH Department of Education Bureau of Special Education 101 Pleasant St., Concord (603) 271-6693 education.nh.gov/ specialeducation Online reports, data and regulations relative to special education.

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NH Circuit Court — Probate Division

1 Granite Place, Suite N400, Concord (855) 212-1234

probateservice@courts.state.nh.us courts.state.nh.us/probate/index.


The Circuit Court Probate Division has jurisdiction over all matters related to wills, trusts and estates, guardianships and involuntary commitment proceedings, adoptions, name changes and partition of real estate. Probate judges preside over these cases from courthouses located in each of the 10 counties in NH.


NH Housing Finance Authority

32 Constitution Dr., Bedford (800) 640-7239, (603) 472-8623 (603) 472-2089 (TDD)


A self-supporting public benefit corporation. The Authority administers a broad range of programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income people and families to obtain decent, safe and affordable housing. Home ownership programs, multifamily housing programs and rental assistance programs.

Local Public Housing Authorities


Provides housing for low-income people and families in local communities.

Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire Housing Assistance Guide

img1.wsimg.com/blobby/ go/73501c8c-d97a-4233-91792f30b7c98191/downloads/72005BIA-web.pdf?ver=1610460953527

Lists housing assistance resources compiled by the Brain Injury Association.

Granite State Independent Living GSIL) Home Access Modification

gsil.org/disability-support/ home-access-modification/ home-access-modification-


Trained staff assess accessibility needs and provide referrals to licensed vendors in NH. May also assist in establishing a plan and identifying funding sources for accessibility projects.

USDA Rural Development in Vermont/New Hampshire (802) 828-6080


Works to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Provides technical assistance to communities, and funding and resources for home purchase, apartment rental and repairs.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

7 Wall St., Concord (603) 224-6699


Collaborates with a wide range of donors and lenders, and with business, nonprofit and government partners. Provides financing and support to people with low and moderate incomes for affordable housing.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) New Hampshire Programs and Services (603) 666-7510


Assistance with home ownership, subsidized apartments, public housing, foreclosure assistance, homeless resources and discrimination. Counseling and other services available.

State of NH Foreclosure Prevention Initiative

For immediate assistance, dial 211 (in NH) homehelpnh.org

Website with important tips on alternatives to foreclosure and other valuable resources. There is also a list of qualified housing counselors who can offer specific suggestions.

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Granite State Independent Living

21 Chenell Dr., Concord (800) 826-3700, (603) 228-9680 gsil.org

New Hampshire’s only Independent Living Center. Provides information, specialized services and peer support for people with disabilities following the principles of personal choice and direction. Provides home care services, personal care, community-based disability supports and employment services including benefit counseling.


Guide to New Hampshire Legal Services Programs courts.state.nh.us/selfhelp/documents/legal_services_brochure.pdf

Produced by the NH Judicial Branch

Disability Rights Center — NH drcnh.org

Provides information, referral, advice, legal representation and advocacy to individuals with disabilities on a wide range of disability-related problems including special education, accessibility, employment discrimination, home and community-based services and Medicaid.

NH Legal Aid (800) 639-5290


A cooperative effort of the legal services agencies serving New Hampshire’s low-income population to provide legal information, referrals and pro se assistance. Online application for legal assistance. Website provides links and contact information to a number of nonprofit agencies that provide a range of services across the state. Includes online self-help guides.

NH Judicial Branch Self-Help Center courts.state.nh.us/selfhelp/index. htm

Basic, practical information about the New Hampshire court system, how it works and what the procedures are for bringing a case to court.

NH Bar Association Pro Bono Referral Program

(800) 639-5290, (603) 224-3333


Connects low-income individuals with volunteer attorneys who provide free legal services in family law, bankruptcy, consumer, housing and senior citizen matters.

New Hampshire Legal Assistance

(800) 562-3174


Provides free legal advice and representation to low-income people and older adults in civil matters involving basic needs, including food, shelter, income, medical care and public benefits. Local Offices:

Berlin (800) 698-8969

Claremont (800) 562-3994

Concord ......... (800) 921-1115

Manchester (800) 562-3174

Portsmouth (800) 334-3135

Foreclosure Relief

Project (877) 399-9995

Senior Citizens Law Project

(888) 353-9944 or (603) 624-6000

The “Law Line” — NH Bar Association

(800) 868-1212

Talk to a lawyer for free on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 6-8 p.m.

University of New Hampshire

School of Law Civil Practice Clinic

(603) 225-3350

Assists low-income clients with a variety of issues from consumer protection, collection and foreclosure defense (including Chapter 13 bankruptcy), predatory lending and auto fraud. Will take cases from Merrimack, Belknap, Sullivan and Hillsborough counties.


PHONE 2-1-1

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator and Treatment Referral


(800) 662-HELP (4357)

(800) 487-4889 (TDD)


Use the Locator to find alcohol and drug abuse treatment or mental health treatment facilities and programs around the country. Or call the SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline. Free, confidential information in English and Spanish for individuals and family members facing substance abuse and mental health issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


85 North State St., Concord (800) 242-6264, (603) 225-5359 naminh.org

A statewide network of affiliate chapter support groups, staff and volunteers that provide information, education and support to all families and communities affected by mental illness.

Community Mental Health

Centers: NH DHHS Bureau of Behavioral Health (800) 852-3345, ext. 5000 (603) 271-5000


Regional agencies provide publicly funded mental health services to individuals and families who meet certain criteria. Services include 24hour emergency services, assessment and evaluation, individual and group therapy, case management, rehabilitation, psychiatric services and specialized programs for older adults, children and families as well as short-term counseling and support.

Mental Health Peer Support: NH DHHS Bureau of Behavioral Health (800) 852-3345, ext. 5000 (603) 271-5000


Local Peer Support Agencies provide services to adults with mental illness who self-identify as a recipient, former recipient or at significant risk of becoming a recipient of publicly funded mental health services. Provided by and for people with a mental illness. Includes face-to-face and telephone peer support, outreach, monthly educational events,

activities that promote self-advocacy, wellness training, after-hours warm line and crisis respite.

Disaster Distress Helpline (800) 985-5990, (800) 846-8517 (TTY) disasterdistress.samhsa.gov

Website and helpline for those affected by a disaster and in need of immediate assistance, information, support and counseling. Callers are connected to the nearest crisis center.

Center for Disease Control Emergency Preparedness Resources

cdc.gov/ncbddd/disabilityandhealth/ emergencypreparedness.html

Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-TALK (8255) suicidepreventionlifeline.org

New Hampshire Suicide Prevention and General Resources

(603) 225-5359, (800) 242-6264 (NOT crisis response numbers.) theconnectproject.org


UNH Institute on Disability

(603) 228-2084 (TTY) (800) 238-2048 (TTY) iod.unh.edu

Provides a university-based focus for the improvement of knowledge, policies and practices related to the lives of people living with disabilities and their families. Offers seminars and workshops, webinars, interdisciplinary evaluation and consultation, leadership training and customized, on-site support in schools.


NH Parent Information Center’s Life After High School Toolkit

picnh.org/wp-content/uploads/ 2018/06/Transition-Toolkit-2018v2.pdf

Strategies, tools and resources for families of youth with disabilities to create successful transition plans.

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Next Steps NH: Options for Life After High School


Resources for special educators, students, parents and others interested in increasing transition and career development opportunities for youth with and without disabilities.

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center’s Age Appropriate Transition Assessments Toolkit transitionta.org/toolkit-resources

Designed to help with the selection of assessments for students in regards to transition planning.

Disability.gov’s Guide to Student Transition Planning dol.gov/sites/dolgov/files/odep/ pdf/2013odephealthyreport.pdf

Healthy Transitions: A pathway to employment for youth with chronic health conditions and other disabilities.


NHCarePath transportation nhcarepath.org/transportation

NH Department of Transportation: Public Transportation

(603) 271-3734

nh.gov/dot/org/aerorailtransit/ railandtransit/transit.htm

Information about public transportation in New Hampshire, including links to regional transit providers.

National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) (866) 983-3222



A program of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, administered by Easterseals and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) with guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living.

Resources and Publications: nadtc.org/resources-publications

Special Needs


Summer Camps

Camps Bernadette and Fatima

32 Camp Fatima Rd., Gilmanton Iron Works (603) 931-5500, bfcamp.com

Educational Resources

Monarch School of New England

105 Eastern Ave., Rochester (603) 332-2848, monarchschoolne.org

At the Monarch School of New England, our work begins with a simple,but powerful premise: Every student has potential, and every student can learn. We are a specialized day school for students ages 5-22 with significant disabilities. We use a collaborative approach, integrating education and therapy into individualized programs, helping every student to grow and reach their greatest potential.

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Education & Child Care

Child Care & Early Learning Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

55 Bradley St., Concord (603) 224-1061, nhyouth.org

We’re here for your child’s every first step! Our early learning centers for young children ages infant-preK, located in Belmont, Concord, Suncook, Laconia and Warner, offer highly-qualified teachers, enriching classrooms and adaptive curricula designed to nurture development at all levels. For school-age children and teens, our before/after school programs and summer day camps provide a safe place to belong, caring mentors and numerous opportunities to learn and grow. We operate standalone and school-based locations in Andover, Belmont, Concord, Epsom, Hill, Holderness, Hopkinton, Laconia, Newport, New London, Pittsfield, Suncook, Stoddard, Sutton, Warner and Weare. Visit nhyouth.org to learn more.

Learning Adventures, ECC

51 Old Bedford Rd., Bedford (603) 669-2811 learningadventuresnh.com

At Learning Adventures, our goal is to provide each child with a safe, quality environment in which to explore the world around them through meaningful experiences and activities. Our state-licensed center is open year-round, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and offers affordable child care for children ages 1 to 4 years.

Namaste Montessori School

535 Mast Rd., Goffstown (603) 627-3503

Namaste Montessori School was founded in 2002 to foster a love of learning and to educate children to be caring, socially responsible citizens of their community and world. The educational programs involve children from 2 years and 5 months to 12 years of age. NCH seeks to educate the whole child, applying the Montessori philosophy in a family-oriented environment. The philosophy

of NMS is based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, whose holistic vision of education focuses on the cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs of the child.

New Hampshire Children’s Trust

105B Loudon Rd., Suite 201, Concord (603) 415-0322, nhchildrenstrust.org

Over The Rainbow Preschool

223 Rockingham Rd., Derry (603) 432-6655

Celebrating 34 years in education. We have built a reputation of having long-term qualified staff with three generations in the school. Licensed by the State of NH CCLB for 6 weeks–12 years. Offering a variety of quality developmentally age-appropriate programs. Full- and part-time extended care programs. School year and summer sessions. Nurturing the whole child in a safe and loving environment.

The Granite YMCA

YMCA of Downtown Manchester

30 Mechanic St., Manchester (603) 623-3558

YMCA Allard Center of Goffstown

116 Goffstown Back Rd., Goffstown (603) 497-4663

YMCA of Concord

15 North State St., Concord, NH (603) 228-9622

YMCA of Strafford County

35 Industrial Way, Rochester (603) 332-7334

YMCA of the Seacoast

550 Peverly Hill Rd., Portsmouth (603) 431-2334

YMCA of Greater Londonderry

206 Rockingham Rd., Londonderry (603) 437-9622


The Granite YMCA is the community leader in providing high-quality child care for infant, preschool and school-aged children. Children grow while exploring and having fun in a variety of hands-on and physical activities. Programs include beforeand after-school child care, day/ overnight camps, teen centers and teen leadership programs. Financial assistance available. For more information, visit graniteymca.org.

World Academy

138 Spit Brook Rd., Nashua (603) 888-1982


World Academy is a progressive, NEASC-accredited, independent school and summer camp for students from Infant through grade 8. Our cutting-edge, 55,000-squarefoot campus is located on seven beautiful acres and serves nearly 500 families with a team of more than 75 highly credentialed teachers. Our mission is to prepare our students for personal success in the rapidly changing global future through a transformative education, a wholechild focus and family engagement.

Educational Resources

The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center

36 Tsienneto Rd., Derry (603) 437-8477, URteachers.org

The Upper Room is a Family Resource Center serving parents, grandparents, children and teens through 15 educational programs, classes, support groups, referral services, including support for young adults.


High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Hwy., Wilton (603) 654-2391, highmowing.org

Namaste Montessori School

535 Mast Rd., Goffstown (603) 627-3503

World Academy

138 Spit Brook Rd., Nashua (603) 888-1982



Learning Adventures, ECC

51 Old Bedford Rd., Bedford (603) 669-2811


Namaste Montessori School

535 Mast Road, Goffstown (603) 627-3503

Over The Rainbow Preschool

223 Rockingham Rd., Derry (603) 432-6655

World Academy

138 Spit Brook Rd., Nashua (603) 888-1982


Private Elementary Schools

High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Hwy., Wilton (603) 654-2391, highmowing.org

We are a progressive, arts and movement-oriented, nature-based Waldorf School. Your child will develop the capacities needed to meet the demands of our ever-changing world to live a joyful, balanced and fulfilling life. Our broad and inclusive curriculum challenges and inspires students through captivating learning experiences. Independent preschool to grade 12. $3.8M financial aid, scholarships, bus service. Come be inspired.

World Academy

138 Spit Brook Rd., Nashua (603) 888-1982


Private Middle Schools

High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Hwy., Wilton (603) 654-2391, highmowing.org

World Academy

138 Spit Brook Rd., Nashua (603) 888-1982


Private High Schools

High Mowing School

222 Isaac Frye Hwy., Wilton (603) 654-2391, highmowing.org

Special Needs

Monarch School of New England 105 Eastern Ave., Rochester (603) 332-2848


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Turn Big Dreams into Bigger Achievements!

Big dreams are great motivators, but students succeed when they are wholly nurtured and valued. Our cutting-edge curriculum seamlessly combines the right balance of academic rigor and engagement through hands-on experiences to help launch our students’ wildest dreams into a world of opportunities.

be Inspired

• Vibrant, engaged community

• Cutting-edge, whole-person curriculum

• Students from over 20 countries

• $3.8M annual financial aid

• 300-acres in Southern NH

• Bus service along NH 101 and into MA

• Parent/Child through Grade 12


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Now Enrolling... Schedule a Personalized Tour! 138 Spit Brook Road, Nashua, NH 03062 603.888.1982 | WorldAcademyNH.com

The Practical

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Family Fun

Practical Science of P


Our Yankee Publishing New Hampshire Group staff and their families know a thing or two about where to have fun this summer

From left to right, photos submitted by Robert Cook, Paula Veale, Nicole Huot, Jessica Schooley, Ernesto Burden and Nicole Huot (again). Main photo: Jenna Pelech.

arenting is an art, of course. Which is another way of saying that the caregivers in a family often don’t know exactly the right thing to do any better than the kids — so there’s a good deal of improvisation. But parenting is also a science in that some things just work better than others when trying to get the whole family out for some fun. And here is where practical parents seeking a little family bonding can benefit from the experiments and experience of others. We asked co-workers here at the Manchester office of Yankee Publishing for their tried-and-true techniques to get everyone in a car for the purpose of having some fun that leaves no one behind (at least not on purpose).

www.nhmagazine.com | FAMILY RESOURCE BOOK • 2023 23

Plan a Land Cruise

This past January, after the hoopla of Christmas, I wanted to get away for a night. My boys are now 14, so it’s challenging to get them off devices to enjoy family time without going on a cruise to the Caribbean. And equally challenging to think of things we haven’t done before. I booked a one-night stay at the Hampton Inn in North Conway for the following Friday to Saturday. I chose this place because it’s got an indoor-water-slide heaven that’s fun for all ages (including my 42-year-old husband). I chose one night for minimal packing. The BEST part is, I only told them we were spending a night somewhere in NH and our main excursion will be something they’d never done before. (They tried hard to get it out of me, which made it more fun!) I called it, “Mama’s Surprise 18-hour Excursion.” This was the itinerary I planned.


• Leave at 5pm after work.

• 1.5 hour winter ride to the White Mountains. (This ended up being 3 hours and extra white, if you catch my drift.)

• Dinner happened at 8 p.m. (when we were almost there). I busted out a clip from one of our fav family shows: Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. This one featured Moat Mountain Smokehouse (and is available on YouTube) — our dinner location for the evening.

• They were pumped up, and we ordered what was featured on the show: meatloaf and empanadas. Mom win.

• After dinner, we took our obligatory photo next to the ski lift just outside the front door of the Hampton Inn. We have probably taken seven such photos over the years but this

one was the snowiest.

• Then we checked in at the hotel and went straight to the arcade. Another Mom win! They knew the hotel had a pool, but by that time it was closed, so we planned to go in the morning (and they still didn’t know there were water slides).


• The way to my teenage sons’ hearts is food. First thing in the morning we went downstairs to a full, hot breakfast buffet, complete with waffle maker and plenty of bacon.

• We then headed to the pool (another mama surprise win when they saw the water slides).

• My next plan for the day was to hit Big Dave’s Bagels — just two minutes down the street (and also featured on Fieri’s DDD). However, after finally getting them off the water slides to watch that YouTube clip, they opted for another hour in the water instead. Mom fail? Mom win? Maybe a Mom draw.

• Then it was time to head 45 minutes north to our final surprise destination. It snowed about 6-8 inches overnight into the early morning hours, but the roads were clear, just a little slow. I’ve never experienced such a magically scenic, white wonderland drive like that before. So pretty; everyone was looking out the windows versus looking at their phones. Mother Nature win!

• Main excursion: The Cog Railway! (They didn’t know where we were going until they started to see the signs and even then they had no idea what it was.)

• We enjoyed a beautiful ride up the mountain and were greeted with a bonfire and hot cocoa. I purchased the lunch package which had hotdogs to roast on the fire. Roasted marshmallows, too. Back down the hill to the gift shop and their small history museum, and home we go!

It was a lot of fun and they loved my surprises so much they want me to do it again. Next up: Lakes Region in August for their first concert…shhh.

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Family photos by Jessica Schooley

Berry Good Fun

My family loves being outdoors, so we recommend the blueberry picking at Berry Good Farm in Goffstown. Also, the Sunflower Festival at Coppal Hill Farm is always spectacular. Last year was our second summer visiting with our daughter. We hope to make it an annual tradition as she grows.

High-density Fun Zone

My kids are 7 and 10, so we have many go-tos to keep them busy. Last summer we went to North Conway for the weekend. We found a dog-friendly hotel, so our furry family member came, too. We took the boys to Story Land and to ride the Conway Scenic Railroad (our 10-year-old is a train fanatic). Closer to home, they love the SEE Science Center and “B&B&N” days — when we take them bowling and then to pick out a book at Barnes and Noble. That’s a real hit on rainy days (though, our youngest is less fond of bowling since his brother keeps winning).

Ice Cream Plus Science

Summers with my family were spent taking long drives up Route 1A, stopping for ice cream at the Ice House (cookie dough in a kiddie cone for me), and playing at the playground at New Castle Commons. If it was an extra special adventure, we would also stop at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye on the way.

Yes Day

Two summers ago our family started our own “Yes Day” tradition after watching Jennifer Garner in the movie “Yes Day.” We teamed up with another family to make the day even more exciting and let the kids plan the entire day on the Seacoast. Following similar guidelines to the movie, the idea is not to indulge in material things, but to create a family bonding experience where the kids get to plan and dictate the entire day’s food and activities — and the parents are not allowed to say no.

The day started with my girls picking out our outfits and doing my makeup. We immediately went to the Airport Café for Oreo pancakes with ice cream for breakfast (thankfully, the adults got to order what they wanted). The day’s activities included more food and activity stops for surfing and beach time in Rye, bowling at Bowl-o-rama, Mexican food at Las Olas, candy at Yummy’s in Kittery, mini golf and ice cream at Kilwins for dinner, followed by late night swimming at our pool. It was completely exhausting but totally memorable!

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Family photo by Paula Veale Family photo by Nicole Huot Family photo by Jenna Pelech

Anti-digital Festivals

When my family is ready to ditch our smartphones and tablets for some good old-fashioned fun, we seek out fairs and festivals such as the New Hampshire Highland Games held every September at Loon Mountain in Lincoln. Nestled in the White Mountains, Scottish culture in the form of live music, sheep herding demonstrations and the

caber toss, along with rows of bagpipers and marching bands at the Parade Ground, are an exciting and fun way for us to achieve family bonding through delight, laughter and a sense of wonder that are anti-digital.

Escape Artistry

I love to get my extended family together to do escape rooms. My kids are now young adults, but we also go with my teenaged niece and nephews. We all love the challenge of the various puzzles, and it’s a great opportunity to work together and bond (plus, no cellphones allowed!). And, whether we escape or not, we always go out for ice cream afterward. Escape room gift cards also makes a great group Christmas gift.

Another way we stay connected is through annual camping trips. From the time my son was 5 months old, we have gone camping every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends — and he is now 24 years old! This is always a large group outing, with extended family and friends, and we all look forward to it every year. One benefit of camping in the White Mountain region is the lack of cell service — so we have no choice but to disconnect for the weekend. It’s like a weekend-long outdoor party, and we always have a blast!

Classic Car Games

Back in the days before pocket computers and GPS, parents on road trips had simple techniques to keep the kids in the backseat from bickering and gouging one another (which was all that “family bonding” consisted of in those innocent times). Often this consisted of bringing workbooks for coloring or puzzles, but these tended to provoke carsickness, which had potential to make the journey into a different kind of ordeal. Driving rural highways (the common routes before the interstates) made a game of “My White Horse” engaging, since horses were

plentiful back then and a small reward to the first one to spot a completely white one and say those words was enough to keep things interesting. (Today, you might make it into “My State Trooper” and turn your kids into primitive radar detectors.)

My favorite family car game can still be played by silencing phones, turning off the car’s guidance system and indulging in “Left, Right, Straight-ahead” which, like My White Horse, is accurately summarized in its name. Start wherever you are and allow turns in which each passenger chooses a direction to go at every significant intersection. No

dead ends or driveways, but any sideroad is fair game. Keep at it until you either find something fascinating or run out of options. You never know what you’ll discover until you try it. We met fascinating people and discovered local attractions that would never pop up on a Google search (which, of course, we could never have imagined back then). And if a modern family playing this game gets completely lost, they now have the power to turn the GPS back on and find the fastest route back home.

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Family photo by Robert Cook

Art in the Woods

One of the great challenges of planning family outings — when your family includes a wide span of ages — is picking something both appealing to and manageable by all. While your eldest might want to go for a record time on a Presidential traverse and your youngest might want to spend the day at Story Land, it’s your job to find something they, and their siblings, will all enjoy. It’s a bonus if you’re entertained as well.

For our family, one of these magically cross-age-appealing outings has always been the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH. The Institute sprawls across 140 acres of mountainside, with 10-plus miles of trails to explore. Along those trails are unique, startling, enchanting works of sculpture, created on-site by different visiting artists each year. I can tell you from experience that there will be pieces that will intrigue and provoke discussion among any age demographic your group may contain.

The Institute is free (donations are welcome), there are trail maps available, and visitors explore/wander at their own pace, making it perfect for a family ramble without the pressure to see everything all in one go. Just keep returning and exploring year after year, as we have. I find it especially evocative in the fall.

If you have better ideas, I’m sure that even our parenting “experts” (probably not a real thing) would love to know about

them, and we might share them in a subsequent publication. Send your own favorite outings, travel games and Jedi mind tricks

to ensure that family fun remains harmonious, even when the kids in the back seats start to get rowdy. ✪

More Family Fun


Currier Museum of Art

150 Ash St., Manchester (603) 518-4957, currier.org

Strawbery Banke Museum

14 Hancock St., Portsmouth (603) 433-1100, strawberybanke.org

Strawbery Banke Museum is a 10acre campus dedicated to bringing 300+ years of history to life, from Indigenous history to the present day, in the Puddle Dock neighborhood. Tour historic houses on their original foundations, meet engaging costumed roleplayers, watch traditional crafts demonstrations, and explore historical gardens and landscapes.

Food and Drink

900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria



The Toadstool Bookshops

50 Dow St., Manchester (603) 641-0900, 900degrees.com

Memories Ice Cream 90 Exeter Rd., Kingston (603) 624-3737



Currier Museum of Art 150 Ash St., Manchester (603) 518-4957, currier.org

Strawbery Banke Museum

14 Hancock St., Portsmouth (603) 433-1100, strawberybanke.org

12 Depot Sq., Peterborough (603) 924-3543, toadbooks.com

Sports, Fitness and Recreation

YMCA of Greater Nashua

Nashua Branch – (603) 882-2011

Merrimack Branch – (603) 881-7778

Westwood Park Branch – (603) 402-2258 nmymca.org

The Y is a nonprofit charitable organization serving locally for more than 135 years from facilities in Nashua and Merrimack. Programs

and services are offered in safe and supportive environments including volunteer opportunities, preschool/ school-age child care, day camps, swimming, arts and dance, family events, sports instruction, health and wellness options, recreational fun and so much more!

Party Planning

SEE Science Center

200 Bedford St., Manchester (603) 669-0400


Family photo by Ernesto Burden

Health & Wellness


Core Allergy & Immunology

9 Buzell Ave., 3rd Floor, Exeter (603) 418-0034, corephysicians.org

Alternative Medicine

Core Acupuncture

7 Alumni Dr., Exeter, NH (603) 778-6777, corephysicians.org

Exeter Hospital Massage Services

7 Alumni Dr., Exeter, NH (603) 778-6777, exeterhospital.com

Childbirth & Maternity

Catholic Medical Center (CMC)

100 McGregor St., Manchester (603) 668-3545, catholicmedicalcenter.org

The Family Center at Exeter Hospital

5 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 580-6358, exeterhospital.com

Dentists & Orthodontists

Core Pediatric Dentistry

5 Hampton Rd., Exeter (603) 773-4900, corephysicians.org

Deerfield Family Dentistry to be added?

Piscataqua Dental Partners

288 Lafayette Rd., Bldg. A, Portsmouth (603) 431-4559, piscataquadental.com

Piscataqua Dental Partners has served the Portsmouth community for over 40 years. We have had the great honor of serving multiple generations of families, watching children grow up and bring their own children here to our practice. At Piscataqua Dental Partners, our goal is for you to feel like family. When you become a patient with our practice, you become part of our family. And we look forward to taking care of that family for years to come.

Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Core Otolaryngology & Audiology

3 Alumni Dr., Exeter, (603) 772-8208 200 Griffin Rd., Portsmouth, (603) 766-6400 corephysicians.org

Family Medicine

Catholic Medical Center (CMC)

100 McGregor St., Manchester (603) 668-3545 catholicmedicalcenter.org

Core Physicians

8 Primary Care Offices and 20 Specialty Care Practices

(603) 580-7700, corephysicians.org Your family depends on you for so many things. The most important: keeping them healthy and growing strong. That is why more families in our region have grown to depend on Core Physicians. With more than 40 primary care providers and 60 specialists, we have the expertise, technology and comprehensive care to keep you and your family healthy.

Core Family and Internal Medicine of Exeter

21 Hampton Rd., Bldg. 3, Exeter (603) 775-0000, corephysicians.org

20 Hampton Rd., Exeter (603) 772-1436, corephysicians.org

Core Primary Care Portsmouth 605 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth (603) 658-2344, corephysicians.org

Epping Regional Health Center

212 Calef Hwy., Epping (603) 693-2100, corephysicians.org

Hampton Health

879 Lafayette Rd., Hampton (603) 929-1195, corephysicians.org

Kingston Health

Carriage Town Plaza, 53 Church St., Kingston (603) 642-3910, corephysicians.org

Plaistow Health

127 Plaistow Rd., Plaistow (603) 382-4972, corephysicians.org

Seacoast Family Practice

Millbrook Office Park, 118 Portsmouth Ave., Bldg. D, Stratham (603) 778-1620, corephysicians.org

DMC Primary Care

Bedford, Derry, Goffstown, Londonderry, Raymond and Windham (603) 537-1300, dmcprimarycare.com

CMC’s Primary Care team is dedicated to keeping you and your family well. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of your health. CMC is here for you and the ones you love, offering:

Virtual (phone or video) and in-person appointments

Access to a network of specialty care providers

C onvenient locations throughout Bedford, Goffstown, Hooksett & Manchester

And when life’s little emergencies and illnesses can’t wait, CMC’s Urgent Care provides the same trusted care you get from your CMC primary care provider.

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Where heart meets health. Primary care that fits your family—and your life. Call us today to find a primary care provider who’s right for you—603.314.4750 CatholicMedicalCenter.org

DMC has provided comprehensive primary care for entire families since 1964. We are an independent primary care practice, which means we are free to work with all hospitals and specialists. DMC offers same-day appointments, online self-scheduling and extended hours (plus Saturdays In Derry). Patients can choose telehealth or in-office visits. We are always accepting new patients. Experience a different kind of primary care with DMC!

St. Joseph Hospital Primary & Specialty Care Services, South Nashua

173 Daniel Webster Hwy., Nashua (603) 891-4500, stjosephhospital.com

St. Joseph Hospital Primary & Specialty Care Services, Nashua

460 Amherst St., Nashua (603) 883-7970, stjosephhospital.com

St. Joseph Hospital Family

Medicine & Specialty Services

4 Dobson Way, Merrimack (603) 424-4181, stjosephhospital.com

444 Nashua St., Milford (603) 673-3014, stjosephhospital.com

208 Robinson Rd., Hudson (603) 882-6700, stjosephhospital.com

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Catholic Medical Center (CMC)

100 McGregor St., Manchester (603) 668-3545


Catholic Medical Center (CMC), a member of GraniteOne Health, is committed to delivering the highest quality, most advanced health care to patients across New Hampshire. Caring for the very young at heart, through a variety of health care services and a dedication to community outreach programs, CMC is helping to foster a healthier community every day. CMC is where heart meets health.

Elliot Health System

1 Elliot Way, Manchester (603) 665-0789, elliothospital.org

Elliot Health System, a member of SolutionHealth, is the largest provider of health care services in Southern New Hampshire. Elliot Hospital is a 296-bed acute care facility and Manchester’s Regional Trauma Center. The Elliot has an extensive network of health centers, and primary and specialty care practices, offering comprehensive services including the Elliot Breast Health Center, Elliot Urgent Care, Elliot 1-Day Surgery Center and more.

Exeter Hospital

5 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 778-7311, exeterhospital.com

Exeter Hospital, a Level III Trauma Center, is a community-based hospital serving New Hampshire’s Seacoast region. The hospital’s comprehensive health care services include, but are not limited to, breast health, maternal/child and reproductive medicine, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, sleep medicine, occupational and employee health, oncology with Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center oncologists, orthopedics and emergency care.

Southern New Hampshire Health

8 Prospect St., PO Box 2014, Nashua (603) 577-2000, snhhealth.org

Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH), a member of SolutionHealth, is comprised of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, an 188bed, Magnet-Recognized hospital in Nashua, and Foundation Medical Partners, with more than 300 primary and specialty care providers. SNHH is Massachusetts General Hospital’s first clinical affiliate in the region. SNHH is committed to improving and preserving the health and well-being of individuals in the greater Nashua area.

Mental Health

Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

401Cypress St., Manchester (603) 668-4111, mhcgm.org

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (MHCGM) is a private nonprofit system of comprehensive care, that for more than 60 years has been available to New Hampshire citizens who experience problems with mental illness, often with co-occurring substance abuse. MHCGM has nearly 500 employees operating over 30 programs and is the largest provider of outpatient behavioral health services in New Hampshire. MCHGM provides a broad range of services to people of all ages from young children to older adults. Specialty services, outreach programs, crisis response, counseling, emergency services, integrated care, telehealth are just a few of the many services offered. Each year MHCGM serves over 11,000 individuals, including veterans and their families.

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LEARNING ADVENTURES ECC • 51 OLD BEDFORD ROAD • BEDFORD NH 03110 603-669-2811 • LearningAdventuresNH.com Individualized & Thematic Curriculum Degreed & Experienced Teachers Sibling Discounts Low Student to Teacher Ratios Snacks Provided Full & Half Day for children 1–5 years Open7:00a.m. - 5:15p.m. year ‘ round Discover how every day is filled with wonder, laughter, and most of all — FUN! When it comes to the mental health of your child.., trust the experts! We can help children become more resilient, help to improve behaviors, poor school performance & family communications. (603) 668-4111 mhcgm.org

A Regional Leader in Pediatrics

Children are a top priority at The Elliot.

From infants to teens. For preventative care to emergency care. Trust our compassionate, expert team at the forefront of pediatric medicine.

High-quality care for children with our:

• Dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department

• A comprehensive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to care for our community’s youngest patients including preterm infants as early as 23 weeks gestation

• Pediatric specialists experienced in handling varied and complicated care needs

• A full array of specialized pediatric medical and surgical services

• Pediatricians and family medicine practitioners providing personalized primary care


Life-Changing and Life-Saving Healthcare Every Day

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Core Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

7 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 777-1000, corephysicians.org


Core Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

(603) 580-6668, corephysicians.org

Core Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine provides comprehensive, specialized care to well and sick infants, children and young adults.

Core Pediatrics of Epping

212 Calef Hwy., Epping (603) 693-2100, corephysicians.org

Core Pediatrics of Plaistow

166 Plaistow Rd., Suite 3, Plaistow (603) 257-4000, corephysicians.org

Core Pediatrics of Stratham

118 Portsmouth Ave., Stratham (603) 658-1823, corephysicians.org

Physical Therapists

Athletic Performance Center of Exeter Hospital

Epping and Hampton (603) 601-7761, exeterhospital.com/ apcenter

Exeter Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation

212 Calef Hwy., Epping (603) 777-1885, exeterhospital.com

207 South Main St., Newmarket (603) 292-7285, exeterhospital.com

24 Plaistow Rd., Unit 4, Plaistow (603) 257-3333, exeterhospital.com

Exeter Hospital Rehabilitation

7 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 778-6548

212 Calef Hwy., Epping (603) 777-1886

207 South Main St., Newmarket (603) 292-7285

24 Plaistow Rd., Unit 4, Plaistow (603) 257-3333

53 Church St., Kingston (603) 642-9425

95 Brewery Ln., #15, Portsmouth (603) 430-3004

Route 27, Raymond (603) 895-6058 exeterhospital.com

Senior Living

Summit by Morrison

56 Summit Dr., Whitefield (603) 837-3502


The Morrison Communities is a non-

profit, resident-centered senior living community which includes two campuses in Whitefield, NH: The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility and Sartwell Place Assisted Living, and Summit by Morrison (Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care). The two campuses are a mile apart in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains region.

Speech Therapists

Exeter Hospital Pediatric Rehabilitation

212 Calef Hwy., Epping (603) 777-1885

207 South Main St., Newmarket (603) 292-7285

24 Plaistow Rd., Unit 4, Plaistow (603) 257-3333, exeterhospital.com

Premier Speech Therapy, LLC 80 Nashua Rd., Building B, Londonderry (603) 548-2188 premierspeechtherapy.com

Premier Speech Therapy, LLC is a family-centered private practice treating speech, language and swallowing disorders in infants, children and adults. Our experienced therapists aim to incorporate the needs of each individual and are committed to providing superior quality service to our clients in order to become an essential building block on your road to success.

Urgent Care

Elliot Urgent Care at Bedford 25 Leavy Dr., Bedford (603) 472-1772, elliothospital.org/ website/urgent-care.php

Elliot Urgent Care at Londonderry 40 Buttrick Rd., Londonderry (603) 552-1550, elliothospital.org/ website/urgent-care.php

Elliot Urgent Care at River’s Edge 185 Queen City Ave., Manchester (603) 663-7227, elliothospital.org/ website/urgent-care.php

Women’s Health

Core Obstetrics & Gynecology

3 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 778-0557, corephysicians.org

Core Physicians

9 Primary Care Offices and 20 Specialty Care Practices (603) 580-6668, corephysicians.org

Exeter Hospital

5 Alumni Dr., Exeter (603) 580-6668, exeterhospital.com

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Dr. Eric R. Jackson Elliot Pediatrics at Bedford


Our primary care providers operate independently of any particular hospital or insurance company, ensuring high-quality, accessible primary care for each patient. That’s the freedom to be better.

With DMC Primary Care, you have access to:

Saturday appointments in Bedford & Londonderry

Walk-in care (for DMC patients only) in Londonderry

Same-day & evening appointments

Call-ahead urgent care visits for the cost of an office co-pay

On-site imaging at Derry Imaging Center

On-site lab work

Online self-scheduling


New Hampshire native Dr. Tracey Pike graduated from the School of Dental Medicine at Tufts University in 2003, and soon opened Deerfield Family Dentistry with a vision of providing high-quality dental care at an affordable price. Dr. Pike has been practicing for 20 years. Her team prides themselves on going the extra mile to transform routine dental care into a truly pleasant experience. We enjoy educating patients and respect the decisions patients make. Our office uses the latest technology in dentistry such as lasers, digital x-rays and intraoral photos. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned small business and support our community. Dr. Pike is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association and the New Hampshire Dental Society, Greater Manchester Chapter. Dr. Pike is working toward her fellowship and mastership of dentistry with the Academy of General Dentistry.

49 Cotton Rd., Deerfield • (603) 463-7240


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Always welcoming new patients! DMCPrimaryCare.com
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Since 2000, New Hampshire Magazine has polled and published the picks of its readers and editors in hundreds of categories. We’ve selected a handful of the 2022 winners that are most helpful for families, including pizzerias, campsites, summer attractions, diners, ice cream shops and more. Coming this summer, you can visit bestofnh.com or pick up a copy of the July issue to see who won in 2023.

Best Breakfast Places


Polly’s Pancake Parlor Sugar Hill pollyspancakeparlor.com

OVERALL MULTILOCATION LOCAL WINNER Tucker’s Multiple Locations tuckersnh.com


The Post Concord postrestaurantnh.com


Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery Hanover lousrestaurant.com


Full Send Bar and Grill Pittsburg fullsendbarandgrill.com


The Farmer’s Kitchen Farmington farmerskitchen-nh.com


The Purple Finch Cafe Bedford purplefinchcafe.com


The Friendly Toast Bedford and Portsmouth thefriendlytoast.com


The Riverhouse Café Milford damngoodgrub.com/riverhousecafe


The Red Arrow 24 Hr Diner Multiple Locations redarrowdiner.com


Suzie’s Diner Hudson suziesdiner.com

BREAKFAST PLACE SALEM AREA Maddie’s Salem maddiesnh.com


MaryAnn’s Diner Derry, Salem and Windham maryannsdiner.com


The Airfield Café North Hampton theairfieldcafe.com


The Friendly Toast Bedford and Portsmouth thefriendlytoast.com


Red Wagon Bakery Canaan redwagonbakery.com

Best Diners


Tilt’n Diner Tilton thecman.com


Northwood Diner Northwood facebook.com/NorthwoodDinerNH


The Red Arrow 24 Hr Diner Multiple Locations redarrowdiner.com


4 Aces Diner West Lebanon 4acesdiner.com

DINER LAKES REGION George’s Diner Meredith georgesdiner.com

DINER MANCHESTER AREA Airport Diner Manchester thecman.com


The Red Arrow 24 Hr Diner Multiple Locations redarrowdiner.com

DINER MONADNOCK REGION Peterborough Diner Peterborough peterboroughdiner.com


The Red Arrow 24 Hr Diner Multiple Locations redarrowdiner.com

DINER NASHUA AREA Joey’s Diner Amherst joeysdiner.com


The Bacon Barn Londonderry baconbarndiner.com



Community Gathering Space

Tucked along a corner of Route 85 in Exeter is an intimate gathering space for language and song. The Word Barn was created to promote the sharing and cultivation of the arts in an open and welcoming setting, and contribute to an already existing and thriving arts community. Whether you are enjoying a concert inside the barn or sitting back in the meadow for a summer camp theatre performance, the multifaceted venue provides unique and quality events ranging from live music to comedy to wildlife education that keep performers and patrons alike coming back for more, time and time again.


MaryAnn’s Diner Derry, Salem and Windham maryannsdiner.com


Roundabout Diner and Lounge Portsmouth roundaboutdiner.com


Littleton Diner Littleton littletondiner.com

Best Doughnuts

Klemm’s Bakery Windham klemmsbakery.com

Best Ice Cream Shops


Moo’s Place Homemade Ice Cream Derry moosplace.com


Arnie’s Place Concord arniesplace.com


Body art like tattoos, hair styles and body piercings are being created more and more to express various emotions, symbols and statements. At Elite Glitter in Manchester, art is displayed on their customers’ fingernails and eye lids. The shop’s staff are very well schooled at creating just about any design on someone’s nails. They offer a huge range of glitter mixes and other nail art accessories, and the glitters can be used with acrylic, UV hard gel, gel polish and regular nail polish.


Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream Sunapee icecreamkidbeck.com

ICE CREAM GREAT NORTH WOODS REGION Moose Alley Cones Pittsburg partridgecabins.com/about-us/ moose-alley-cones


Jordan’s Ice Creamery Belmont facebook.com/jordansic

ICE CREAM MANCHESTER AREA Puritan Backroom Manchester puritanbackroom.com

ICE CREAM MONADNOCK REGION Sundae Drive Brookline facebook.com/SundaeDriveNH

ICE CREAM MONADNOCK REGION MULTILOCATION LOCAL Kimball Farm Jaffrey and Mass. Locations kimballfarm.com

ICE CREAM NASHUA AREA King Kone Merrimack kingkonenh.com


Jay Gee’s Ice Cream Salem jaygees.com

ICE CREAM SEACOAST REGION Lago’s Ice Cream Rye lagosicecream.com

ICE CREAM WHITE MOUNTAINS REGION Bishops Homemade Ice Cream Littleton bishopshomemadeicecream.com

Best Chicken Fingers

Puritan Backroom Manchester puritanbackroom.com

Best Family-Friendly Dining

Puritan Backroom Manchester puritanbackroom.com


T-BONES Great American Eatery Multiple Locations t-bones.com

Best Pizzerias

PIZZERIA OVERALL WINNER La Festa Brick & Brew Pizza Dover lafestabrickandbrew.com

PIZZERIA CONCORD AREA Constantly Pizza Concord, Penacook constantlypizza.net



The Burg Pittsburg acebook.com/ the-burg-1463559837084469


Tilton House of Pizza Tilton tiltonhouseofpizza.com



Sal’s Pizza Multiple Locations sals-pizza.com


Alley Cat Pizzeria Manchester alleycatpizzerianh.com


Sal’s Pizza Multiple Locations sals-pizza.com

Quintessential Horseback Riding

Families who have always wanted to experience a trail ride on horseback in the Lakes Region cannot miss with High Meadows Farms in Wolfeboro. Riders of all levels from toddlers to well seasoned are welcome to experience horseback riding. Owner and lead trainer Sue Ballantine and her staff pride themselves on giving every one of their visitors the outing they seek. Some of the most important members of their team are the four-legged steeds: Tinkerbell, Marshmallow, Harry Potter, Jelly Bean, Tarzan, et al. Trail rides are offered in summer and winter. The summer location provides spectacular views of the White Mountains and rolling grass pastures from the middle of June through Columbus Day Weekend. All trails are wide and well maintained and can be accessed throughout most of the year. Reservations are required.

PIZZERIA CONCORD AREA MULTILOCATION REGIONAL Sal’s Pizza Multiple Locations sals-pizza.com


Charlie Mac’s Pizzeria Derry and Warner cmacsderry.com


Ziggy’s Pizza West Lebanon and Sunapee ziggys.pizza

PIZZERIA MONADNOCK REGION Zizza Pizza Milford zizzapizza.com


OakCraft Pizza Nashua oakcraftpizza.com


Kendall Pond Pizza Windham, Dover and Hudson kendallpondpizza.com

34 www.nhmagazine.com | FAMILY RESOURCE BOOK • 2023

EDITORS’ PICK Gourmet Cotton Candy

When it comes to cotton candy, there really is no ceiling in terms of flavors. Sillie Puffs in Manchester has 64 cotton candy flavors and counting. It’s not just the type of flavors one would find at their favorite ice cream stand like apple pie, cheesecake, gingerbread or strawberry banana. There are options to add some whimsy to your favorite summertime cocktails like Bacon Cotton Candy with a shot of Bourbon or Pina Colada Cotton Candy on a Pina Colada. The sky’s the limit. Sillie Puffs are also sold at several locations throughout New Hampshire. They also cater special events including weddings, birthday parties and just about anything where gourmet cotton candy is welcome. silliepuffs.com.


Sal’s Pizza Multiple Locations sals-pizza.com


Granfanallys Pizza Pub Salem granfanallys.com


Sal’s Pizza Multiple Locations sals-pizza.com


The Community Oven Epping and Hampton thecommunityoven.com


The Flatbread Company North Conway and Hampton flatbreadcompany.com

EDITORS’ PICK Old-fashioned Fun


Tartaglia’s Pizza Campton tartagliaspizza-nh.com


The Flatbread Company North Conway and Hampton flatbreadcompany.com

Best Mac and Cheese

Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery Raymond thetuckaway.com

Mr. Mac’s Macaroni and Cheese Manchester, Portsmouth and Mass. Locations mr-macs.com

Best Kid’s Clothing Shop

Puddlejumpers Children’s Shop Exeter puddlejumpersnh.com

Best Toy Store

The Noggin Factory Dover nogginfactorytoys.com

Best Museum

Currier Museum of Art Manchester currier.org

Best Theater/ Performing Arts Venue

The Palace Theater Manchester palacetheatre.org

Best Campground

Wakeda Campground Hampton Falls wakedacampground.com

Best Ski Resort

Loon Mountain Lincoln loonmtn.com

Enrichment Programs


Art, Music and Theater

YMCA of Greater Nashua

Nashua Branch

(603) 882-2011, nmymca.org

Merrimack Branch

(603) 881-7778, nmymca.org

Westwood Park Branch (603) 402-2258

Camps Bernadette and Fatima

32 Camp Fatima Rd., Gilmanton Iron Works (603) 931-5500, bfcamp.com

Outside the Classroom

SEE Science Center

200 Bedford St., Manchester (603) 669-0400 see-sciencecenter.org

Sports, Fitness and Recreation

The Granite YMCA

YMCA of Downtown Manchester

30 Mechanic St., Manchester (603) 623-3558

YMCA Allard Center of Goffstown

116 Goffstown Back Rd., Goffstown (603) 497-4663

YMCA of Concord

15 N State St., Concord, NH (603) 228-9622

YMCA of Strafford County

35 Industrial Way, Rochester (603) 332-7334

YMCA of the Seacoast

550 Peverly Hill Rd., Portsmouth (603) 431-2334

YMCA of Greater Londonderry

206 Rockingham Rd., Londonderry (603) 437-9622 graniteymca.org

Youth and Teen Services

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire

55 Bradley St., Concord (603) 224-1061, nhyouth.org

The Upper Room, a Family Resource Center

36 Tsienneto Rd., Derry (603) 437-8477, URteachers.org

The Upper Room is a Family Resource Center serving parents, grandparents, children and teens through 15 educational programs, classes, support groups, referral services, including support for young adults.


As technology in the form of cellphones, hand-held devices and virtual gaming continue to grow, entertaining, family-oriented board games and puzzles are also enjoying a renaissance. Diversions, which has stores on Congress Street in Portsmouth and in Somersworth, has emerged as a must for people who love to pursue this entertainment. Father-daughter team Ted and Laura Keith were already on this trend back in 2012 when they opened the store with the goal of helping people put down their phones for at least a little bit, allowing them to reconnect over an old-fashioned puzzle or game. diversiongames.com.

Andover Belmont Concord Epsom Holderness Hopkinton Laconia Newport Pittsfield Suncook Stoddard Sutton Warner Weare Afterschool & camps
Childhood Centers Belmont Concord Laconia Suncook Warner Enroll today! nhyouth.org For every new beginning!

EDITORS’ PICK Where Old Machines Enjoy New Life

Anyone who grew up playing pinball games in the 1970s and pre-internet video games in the 1980’s like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong probably wonders where all those games have gone. Look no further than the American Classic Arcade Museum in Laconia. Founder Gary Vincent has lovingly restored 250 games that anyone can play. Located on the third floor of Funspot in Weirs Beach, people can use Funspot game tokens to relive wonderful childhood and teen memories or discover what the world of gaming was like between the dawn of Pong and pinball games that sported themes from Star Trek, famous rock bands and classic TV shows. Some of Gary’s personal favorites are Alpine Ski, Crazy Climber and Omega Race. Chances are you will rediscover a vintage video game or pinball game here at the museum that will bring you back in time before the world went online.

Best Family-Friendly Resort

The Inn at East Hill Farm

Troy east-hill-farm.com

Best Summer Outdoor Attractions



Canobie Lake Park Salem canobie.com


DARTMOUTH/LAKE SUNAPEE REGION John Hay Estate at The Fells Newbury thefells.org


Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Holderness nhnature.org



Mel’s Funway Park Litchfield melsfunwaypark.com



Bear Rock Adventures Pittsburg bearrockadventures.com


The Inn at East Hill Farm Troy east-hill-farm.com

EDITORS’ PICK Kids’ Cooking Classes



Hampton Beach Hampton hamptonbeach.org



Santa’s Village Jefferson santasvillage.com

Best NH Sports Team

New Hampshire Fisher Cats Manchester milb.com/new-hampshire

At the Culinary Playground in Derry, food is fun. And tasty. Since 2008 they’ve been teaching kids that cooking isn’t daunting, really taking that mission to heart with some tougher-than-average sounding classes. Here, kids can try their hands at making – from scratch – things like ravioli and even the notoriously fussy French macarons. Cooking projects are broken down into easily digestible steps, taught by instructors skilled in explaining them to kids. There are options for kids ages 6 and older, the dinner club for those over 8 (your kid will come home with dinner and dessert for four), teen bootcamp and more, plus classes for adults.

36 www.nhmagazine.com | FAMILY RESOURCE BOOK • 2023 Rte. 111, 95 Exeter Rd., Kingston, NH www.memoriesicecream.com • 603-642-3737 PLUS: Custom Ice Cream Cakes • Iced Coffee • Ice Cream Sandwiches Making Memories One Scoop at aTime! 50+ Regular Flavors Weekly Seasonal & Special Flavors Dairy-free & Vegan Flavors All Ice Cream is Made on Premises!


Laughter. Adventure. Purpose. Confidence. Joy. Ease.

The Summit by Morrison is a vibrant independent senior living community in the heart of the beautiful White Mountains in New Hampshire. With spacious cottages, modern apartments, and world-class amenities, you’ll feel at ease every day. Fall in love with a lifestyle that has you living your best life.

themorrisoncommunities.org 56 Summit Drive Whitefield NH, 03598 Schedule Your Tour! 603-837-3500 info@themorrisoncommunities.org

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