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A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme luxury and untroubled sleep. For over a century, we have been refining the subtle art of matching the ideal combination of spring size, tension and resilience with the finest materials nature has to offer.

What types of materials are used in constructing these 100% Natural & Hand Made Mattress? • Pocket Springs- Hand nesting technique, Inventor of the pocket spring in 1901 • Wool- from Shetland Islands UK 100% platinum certified British fleece wool. Its hypo-allergenic, breathable and 10 times more absorbent than synthetic fibers • Bamboo Fibre from China- soft and absorbent • Cotton from Turkey- incredibly soft and durable • Vicuna from Peru-most sought after luxurious textile in the world with absorbent & excellent insulating properties • Mohair from South Africa- natural insulation that keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter • Cashmere from China –it is 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool but lighter in weight • Silk from China incredibly soft, offers a naturally luxurious bedtime experience • Horsetail from Austria-used for its natural resilience. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it two million extra springs


Abram Mirror Kai Chest Rene King Bed Rene Queen Bed Tilda Nightstand

Reg. 1,199 Reg. 3,589 Reg. 4,729 Reg. 4,259 Reg. 2,549

Beverly Hills Nightstand Stephens King Bed Stephens Queen Bed Studio Bench Display Model Package

Sale 899 Sale 2,899 Sale 3,549 Sale 1,599.99 Sale 1,899

Reg. 2,759 Reg. 8,519 Reg. 7,999 Reg. 2,999 Reg. 14,037

(Includes King Bed & 2x1 Drawer Nightstands)

All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.

Sale 2,069 Sale 6,379 Sale 5,999 Sale 2,249 Clearance 4,999.99


2018 TRENDS Following our trip to the October High Point Furniture Market, we have been given a glimpse into all of the upcoming home design trends for 2018. Soft blush pinks were huge this market! Soft greys and soft pinks mixed together seemed to be the color palette everyone was crazy for. Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic! This trend has been building momentum for a few years now and it doesn’t seem to be fizzling out anytime soon! This element is being used on EVERYTHING! From table legs to sofa arms!

A few other trends noted at market are the use of black and gold finishes and the popularity of bunching tables. Black pairs well with almost any other finish but seems to be mixed mostly with warm golds. Bunching tables are convenient for guests as they can be used all around the room or put together for use as a cocktail table.

Bucket Chairs with bold metal backs were also big this market. The use of metal gives an unexpected decorative element to the room, adding intrigue and sophistication.

Come into McElheran’s today and speak to one of our designers about how to add some “trend” to your home décor!


Santana Dining Table Iconic Side Chair Elegant Dining Chair Display Model Package

Reg. 8,369 Reg. 1,479 Reg. 1,819 Reg. 20,881

(Includes Table, 6 Side Chairs & 2 Arm Chairs)

Sale 6,269 Sale 1,099 Sale 1,359 Clearance 9,499.99

Summer Home High/Low Dining Table Summer Home Side Chair Summer Home Arm Chair Display Model Package (Includes Table & 6 Side Chairs)

All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.

Reg. 2,719 Reg. 859 Reg. 1,019 Reg. 7,873

Sale 2,029 Sale 649 Sale 719 Clearance 2,499.99


Chelsea Leather Sofa Reg. 5,879 Sale 3,499.99 Chelsea Leather Ottoman Reg. 2,689 Sale 2,019

Inspiration Concierge 2pc Sectional Concierge Swivel Chair Display Model Package

Reg. 15,039 Sale 9,999.99 Reg. 4,319 Sale 2,499.99 Reg. 19,358 Clearance 10,999.99

(Includes 2 Piece Sectional & Swivel Chair)

All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.


Connor Sofa Reg. 4,779 Sale 2,939

Arden Sofa Reg. 4,269 Sale 2,639

Harper Ivory Sofa Reg. 3,649 Sale 1,799.99 Simone Reg. 4,599 Sale 2,729

Wilsey Sofa Reg. 4,259 Sale 2,199.99 Elijah Starting at 5,089 Sale 2,499.99

Gillian Reg. 4,429 Sale 2,639 Giovanna Reg. 6,299

Keaton Reg. 4,379 Sale 1,999.99

Sale 2,599.99

Candace Sofa Reg. 4,659 Sale 2,979



Sherrill 3153 Reg. 4,999 Sale 2,699


All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.

Sherrill 2262 Reg. 6,619 Sale 2,499.99 * Limited quantity available. Fabrics may differ from as shown.


Derek Power Motion Sofa McGwire Power Motion Sofa

Reg. 5,629 Sale 4,229 Reg. 5,629 Sale 4,229

Aaron Power Motion Sectional Reg. 9,409 Sale 7,069


While many of us would love to redecorate our whole home top to bottom, it’s more often a fantasy than a reality. Instead, we must prioritize time and resources and plan how to invest our decorating dollars. Here are some tips on where to spend and where to save when it comes to designing your space. WORTH THE INVESTMENT LEATHER



Investing in top-quality leather pays

It’s the centerpiece of your living space

People keep their dining room furnishings for

big dividends, because leather wears

and sets the tone for your décor—the

years—when they invest in quality. Choose a

in—not out. While few items gain in

sofa is king. From watching TV to

table that fits your room, entertaining style and

beauty and value over time, quality

entertaining, this piece of furniture gets

design aesthetic. Look for solid woods, rich

leather certainly does. Investing in

plenty of use, so invest proportionately.

finishes and fine detailing. Evaluate the chairs

leather furnishings yields

The higher-quality sofa you select, the

for style, comfort, and durability. Ask about

higher-quality hides, a wider variety

more fabric and design options you can

features such as touch lighting, lined drawers,

of colors and styles, and more

expect, as well as finer craftsmanship,

and plate racks when choosing a china cabinet,

durable frame construction.

comfort life and durability.

sideboard or buffet.

BUDGET-CONSCIOUS Once you’ve decided what you’ll spend the most on, consider inexpensive ideas like these to revive your home décor. ACCENTS AND ACCESSORIES You don’t need to spend a fortune to get quality home accents and accessories. New accent pieces can change the entire feel of a room. You can use eye catching colors and shapes to add intrigue. From mirrors to vases, these pieces can add to the appeal of your interior without breaking the bank. BEDDING


Beautiful, high-quality linens are available

Lighting is one of the best ways

for a relatively small investment. Choose

to spice up the visual appeal of

an inspiring quilt or duvet cover and

a space. Shop wisely and you

enjoy the benefit of changing it whenever

can find great values in

you want a new look.

beautiful lamps.


Home Office Chair Reg. 1,979 Sale 1,489 St. Hedwig Executive Desk Reg. 6,599 Sale 3,999.99

Etta Writing Desk

Reg. 3,189 Sale 1,899.99

All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.

Nora Desk Chair Nora Writing Desk

Reg. 2,139 Sale 1,599 Reg. 3,789 Sale 2,849


COMING SOON TO McELHERAN’S One of the largest selections of designer area rug samples in the province.





Berkeley Upholstered King Bed Starting at 7,879 Aragon Acrylic Night Table Starting at 4,479 Display Model Package Reg. 30,165 (Includes King Bed, 2 Nightstands, Dresser, & Mirror)

Sale starting at 5,919 Sale starting at 3,029 Clearance 17,999.99

The signature finish is a clean transitional grey-brown finish that presents a loft like casual attitude

Cole Dining Table Morris Arm Chair Morris Side Chair Display Model Package

Starting at 6,729 Starting at 2,679 Starting at 2,229 Reg. 28,511

Sale starting at 3,029 Sale starting at 2,139 Sale starting at 1,779 Clearance 16,999.99

(Includes Table, 6 Side Chairs & 2 Arm Chairs - Wood Finish On Display Is In Black Nickel)

designed to be applied to sandblasted oak. With some of the case good pieces they have accented with a warm champagne bronze finish.

All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.


Chandler Credenza

Starting at 8,979

Sale 4,999.99


Haven Pedestal Dining Table Reg. 4,719 #designerdeals 1,397.99

Brighton Wood End Table Reg. 2,449 #designerdeals 683.99

Cosmopolitan Chair Reg. 4,279 #designerdeals 747.99 Laurel Linen Dining Chair Reg. 2,089 #designerdeals 447.99 or Buy the pair for 392.99 each (Package 785.98)

Mya Dining Chair Reg. 2,079 #designerdeals 513.99 or Buy all 4 for 462.99 each (Package 1,851.96)


Cocoa 7027 Leather Bar Stool Reg. 1,759 #designerdeals 425.99

designerdeals Art Deco Games Table Reg. 4,219 #designerdeals 913.99

7084 Counter Stool w/ Wood Back Reg. 2,259 #designerdeals 504.99 Country White Painted Lamp Reg. 1,469 #designerdeals 296.99

2250 Anton Spice Sofa Reg. 7,719 #designerdeals 1,996.99

5005 Transitional Lamp Table Reg. 2,339 #designerdeals 521.99 Corinthian Stone Lamp Reg. 899 #designerdeals 292.99 All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.


Antiqued Ebonized Chest Reg. 4,789 #designerdeals 1,160.99

Keno Round Dining Table w/ Stainless Steel Legs Reg. 7,249 #designerdeals 1,667.99

3203 ProtĂŠgĂŠ Chair Reg. 3,189 #designerdeals 858.99 Dalton Counter Stool Reg. 1,259 #designerdeals 292.99

7028 Black Leather Counter Stool Reg. 1,759 #designerdeals 345.99

CB Serpentine Ladder Back Chair Reg. 1,119 #designerdeals 185.99

1014 Carved Accent Chair Reg. 3,259 #designerdeals 1,141.99 Brass Fern Table Lamp Reg. 2,549 #designerdeals 568.99

Masterpiece Bookcase Reg. 6,829 #designerdeals 1,632.99

Belgian Oak Sideboard Reg. 5,339 #designerdeals 1,088.99 Keno Accent Table Reg. 1,699.99 #designerdeals 386.99



All items ending in 99 cents are ‘Take Me Now’ clearance prices and cannot be re-ordered at the sale price.

Bridges Leather Sofa Ira Leather Chair Shawn Chair With Chrome Genevra Round End Table Morrison Square Cocktail Table

Reg. 7,229 Reg. 3,969 Reg. 4,019 Reg. 3,319 Reg. 2,769

Sale 3,599.99 Sale 1,699.99 Sale 1,799.99 Sale 1,799.99 Sale 1,699.99

McElheran's Issue 9 January 2018  
McElheran's Issue 9 January 2018  

The winter sale issue at McElheran's Furniture + Design