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Mawson Lakes is a rapidly growing suburb of 5 estates where more than 23,300 people live, work and study (12,000 residents, 6,300 on the university campus and 5,000+ workers). We accommodate the largest campus of the University of South Australia, are a hub of technology innovation and we are the largest suburb in Adelaide. Mawson Lakes Living is the Voice of Mawson Lakes. The community magazine reaches into EVERY corner of Mawson Lakes EVERY month. If you wish to inform this audience about your products and services seeThe page 31. Cascades The Sanctuary Estate Estate


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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018




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Mawson Lakes Boulevard


Places, Faces and Spaces A new year brings new people to Mawson Lakes and along with them come their children, their dogs, new businesses and the interesting and innovative jobs they do. MLL/January wants to introduce you to new faces, Linda and Nigella new places and new spaces in our expanding suburb, so in this issue you’ll learn how the biggest defence firm in the world is developing the brains for the Australian Navy’s twelve new submarines here in Mawson Lakes. See page 5. Then move on to page 12 and read how our library spaces and habits are changing.

An eye on the advertisements will inform you of new businesses and what they have to offer you. As the editor, I strive to keep you informed about your suburb, to be the voice of our community and a reflection of what you are thinking and doing. And I like to celebrate the things that make our place so good to live in and what makes us proud and connected. On this note, I send warmest congratulations to the Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club who recently had a great win - a first for SA. Read about it on page 27. Keep cool in summer and read Nigella's notes on how to keep your pooch cool too.


Editor "Living Legend" City of Salisbury

Mawson Lakes Living Beautiful Garden Award As Nigella and I walk around Mawson Lakes we admire well-loved gardens that beautify the streetscape for everyone to enjoy. So, In 2018, for the first time, MLL will be awarding plaques to gardens that enhance the neighbourhood. They can be large or tiny gardens of all varieties, tended by the owner or a professional gardener. I want to direct MLL readers to gardens where they can see plants that grow well in our conditions and where they can find inspiration to work on their own patch.


GARDEN AWARD Awarded to a garden that beautifies the streetscape for all to enjoy

If you know a lovingly tended garden in your street please drop me a line.

Mawson Lakes Living is an independently owned community magazine for people who live, work, study and play in Mawson Lakes. Advertising is open to anyone with products, services or events relevant to the people of Mawson Lakes. See page 31 for advertising details. Published by Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Pty Ltd © 43 Parkview Drive, Mawson Lakes 5095 ABN: 71 166 200 728

Editor: Linda Vining

Ph 08 8260 7077

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that information in this publication is fair and accurate, Mawson Lakes Living cannot be held responsible for any content or advertisement, including errors or omissions. All artwork is accepted on the condition that permission has been granted for the use of the images and photographs in this publication. Cover: Summer on Sir Douglas Mawson Lake Photo by Rajibul Karim

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Community Conversations

have your say...

Theft of parking spaces Outside the Mawson Centre is a small parking area set aside for community parking. It is called ML15 Car Park. It is for community members who want to use the Mawson Centre, the library, visit a JP, attend community classes etc. The problem is that during uni terms the students steal the spaces. Students are meant to park in student parking lots but they see the ML15 plot as free parking and it seems they get away with it. During uni terms the carpark is full. Many times I have been looking for a parking spot to go into the library and I see motorists get out of their cars and walk over to the uni. Residents have complained and complained to the assets manager at the uni and to the council community coordinator and to our council representatives but the problem persists. This issue needs a permanent solution. Mark Barrymore

better maintenance of the landscape around the big lake and along Dry Creek, cleaner streets in the shopping centre, graffiti removed quickly, removal of sludge and overgrowth from the creek, control of bird populations, path lighting to and from the interchange ... to name a few. Trish Clarkson

Noise Noise is the biggest problem we have with Mawson Lakes. I live in an apartment in Light Common above the shops where rubbish is thrown on the streets and noise from the shop's clientele keeps us awake almost every night of the week. When Chatime closes at 10pm the hoons get in their cars and hang around the town streets, racing up and down with their radios blaring and blowing their horns. It can go on till midnight. Council and police have been informed but I see no improvements. Gordon Reynolds

Parking at the Railway Station Thank you SA Police for doing something about the atrocious parking at the Mawson Lakes Railway Station. You couldn't even drive out of there some days! Cars were parked all over the yellow lines and motorcycle spots. Some were half in the gardens! Very satisfying to see those parked illegally receive tickets! Beatrice

Spending rate payers' money In my block of 50 units we each pay about $1200 in council rates. That’s $60,000 per year. For this we expect better services from the council. We don’t want this money used for a community hub, instead we need a car parking station at the interchange, more garbage bins and public seating, full doggie bag dispensers (empty again this morning), cultural events for the community, 4

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

Poo bags Dog walkers, it is your responsibility to carry enough bags when walking your dog. Freezer bags are inexpensive and lightweight and you won’t even know you’re carrying them. You don’t even have to carry the bag yourself, just peg it to the dog’s leash until you reach a rubbish bin. Lesley Nicol Bad road On Saturdays I drop my husband off at the Mawson Lakes Golf Club. The state of the road in and out from the Boulevard is an absolute disgrace! In winter it is muddy and full of huge potholes and in summer it is all swirling dust. There is one tiny strip of bitumen from the Boulevard entrance to the beginning of the football/cricket club and then nothing but dirt. Who can make the upgrade? Emily Bean

Continued on page 6


42nd Street Cafe, Mawson Lakes Saturday 13th January 2018 @ 9am RSVP

M vote1BeauBrug N @BeauBrug S BeauBrug

Building the brains of a submarine Submarine photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

General Manager of Lockheed Martin Australia Rotary and Missions Systems, Jack Mahoney, speaking to Mawson Lakes Living, said Australia's Future Submarine Program is a long term project that will spread over 20 to 30 years.

Situated in Mawson Lakes is Lockheed Martin Australia, a wholly Australian subsidiary of the world’s leading global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin Corporation. A large number of the Australian workforce are based in Technology Park, where they will focus on Australia’s largest post-war defence capital program to fit the integrated combat systems into Australia’s new submarines. The job will involve delivering the combat computer systems that connect all the different components of a submarine so they work together. This means sensors such as sonar, communications, navigation and weapons, and it includes torpedoes and missiles. The combat systems will be fitted to all 12 new navy submarines being built at Port Adelaide in partnership with ¬ Defence Industries and the French company Naval Group.

"Building a submarine is one of the most complex engineering tasks in the world." Lockheed Martin is centrally positioned in Mawson Lakes to enable it to collaborate with universities and other electronic and software engineers working in defence companies, many of them in Mawson Lakes. The defence industry is expanding rapidly and Lockheed Martin has doubled in size in Mawson Lakes in the last twelve months and will be increasing its operations and its workforce to approximately 200. This will mean a demand for housing and facilities in the local area. Skilling a workforce is a priority to meet future demand. "We are investing in the education of students who show aptitude in STEM subjects through training opportunities, scholarships and engineering in the classroom. There are long-term, high-paying career paths in this and expanding industry," advised Mr Mahoney. Ed Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Community Conversations continued from page 4 Thriving magazine All the signs of a thriving community magazine are evident in Mawson Lakes Living, with different writers adding engaging stories, a wide range of community comments, a host of local advertisers, and contributions from kids to retirees. Wonderful reading. We want to continue being part of this dynamic publication in 2018. Tony Franklin, Brain Solutions. Killer dogs Just a suburb away, three little chihuahua dogs were mauled and killed last month when a Staffordshire bull terrier jumped his fence and attacked the three dogs. The bull terrier was taken away to be destroyed but the question remains, why are aggressive fighting dogs allowed to live in residential suburbs? I live in fear when I walk my dog that one of these dangerous breeds will go for us. Perhaps Neighbourhood Watch could tell us how to protect our suburb from dangerous breeds that are often in the news for their aggressive acts. Henrietta Pritash Encumbrances Encumbrances are a set of obligations between a landowner and the developers who sold the property. Debra Cane raised the issue on page 6 in MLL/Oct. The $43M that council plans to spend on a new hub would be far better spent engaging with the useless Minister Brock, the Local Government Association and other affected local councils to work towards ensuring local councils take over the management of all developer encumbrances after the sunset clause has come into effect. This calls for employing vigilant officers and empowered inspectors to make sure that landowners look after their properties, verges, garbage, legal parking on their properties etc. Leslie Hoggan Expiry of encumbrances The encumbrance that is registered on properties within Mawson Lakes is to the 6

Land Management Authority and provides certain obligations on this authority and land owners. The encumbrance was administered through Delfin Lend Lease. The obligations of the encumbrancer to administer and enforce the Mawson Lakes encumbrance ceased on 1 January 2015. In the sunset clause, the encumbrance did not transfer to Council. Council has no authority to enforce the encumbrance. It is noted that the encumbrance remains in place, however, as there is no nominated enforcement body, any alleged breach is a civil matter between property owners. Chris Zafiropoulos, Manager, City of Salisbury Development Services Verge cutting program Some of the verges in my street are so overrun with high-growing weeds that you cannot walk along the footpath, so I rang the council and this is what I found. Council provides a regular maintenance program to all of the verge areas across the City Of Salisbury. The program operates on a 6 week cycle from February to December. Council's contractors mow to a height of 75mm, whipper snip, and blow off the driveways and footpaths. Due to the high risk of damage to vehicles, the contractors will not work on the verge if a car is parked along the kerb. Proud residents can develop or landscape their own verge area in accordance with council guidelines. For details go to council's website. M Auburn

Certificate 2017


Congratulations Mawson Lakes Living for your achievement in the 2017 South Australian Community Achievement Nominated for Awards. It is such a privilege to be TAFE SA nominated for this prestigious award. Connecting Communities Award - Hon Zoe Bettison MP, Minister for to Communities Awarded and Social Inclusion

Nominee Linda Vining

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018 Hon Zoe Bettison MP Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion

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starting 29 JANUARY! Every year, the top two New Year’s resolutions are to get fit and lose weight. If these are on your to-do list, MLL can help make it easier by pointing you in the right direction for assistance. It takes 66 days for a habit to become automatic - for some it takes longer, so gear up and start the new year with positive resolve, then it really will be a happy New Year for you.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018


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Find the new year's related words in the letter grid below. Solution is on page 31.


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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

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Keeping your cool this summer The prediction is that SA will have more heatwaves that last longer. Extreme heat is when temperatures are hotter than 35°C. The official definition of a heatwave is five The signs of heat-related conditions include: • sweating heavily • having a temperature • being tired and lethargic • having little appetite • being thirsty • being irritable • twitching or having painful muscle cramps in the arms, legs or abdomen If you, or someone you know, is showing these signs and feeling unwell: • Stop what you are doing, go to a cool, shaded place and lie down • Drink plenty of water or other fluids, avoiding caffeine and alcohol • Create an air flow with a fan or an air-conditioner, put a cool damp towel around your neck, spray cool water on your skin or have a cool shower • Use massage to ease any spasms or cramps, then use ice packs. • If still unwell after taking these steps, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

consecutive days at or above 35°C In these conditions our body may not be able to cool down and it is easy to become overheated and dehydrated.

THE THONG SONG The song of a thong is a flip, flap flong that echoes wherever you go. There aren’t any places for silly old laces but a thing that holds onto your toe. You’re flapping and tapping with feet overlapping and people who watch will agree that the song of a thong when you’re flopping along is of feet that are born to be FREE.

Rare goose visits Mawson Lakes Sitting on the grass outside Technology Park we spotted a rare Cape Barren Goose, identified it by its grey colour, greenish-yellow skin above a black bill, pink to deep red legs and black feet. These birds which mate for life are amongst the rarest of the world’s geese, and are native to Australia’s islands offshore from South Eastern Victoria and Southern Western Australia coastlines. Their ability to drink salt or brackish water allows them to remain on offshore islands all year round. Their name is derived from the first sightings centuries ago at Cape Barren Island in Bass Straight. By the 1950s numbers were so low that biologists feared they may be close to extinction. Programs are now in place to increase their numbers. The geese were introduced to Kangaroo Island and some do visit the mainland towards the end of summer looking for food when the natural grasses on the islands dry up. Sue Reid and Tania Donovan Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Metamorphosis of university libraries

University libraries have often been associated with quiet places and diligent students pouring over books. But that image is changing. The Sir Eric Neal Library of University of South Australia, located in Mawson Lakes, is seeing a grand metamorphosis – one that involves embracing a more electronic outlook. Ann Morgan, manager of academic library services at UniSA said the library has been working over the last ten years to change its image. "We wanted to move from a place of quiet to a place where students can congregate with their peers to work on projects," she said.

"Today, our print collection in the library at Mawson Lakes is less than 50,000. But approximately a million titles are available electronically."


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

"When one borrows a print book it becomes unavailable to others for at least two months. With an electronic title, multiple clients can access it at once. As well, there are no late fees to be charged. After the stipulated time, the electronic books simply disappear from a person’s personal online library. Also, people living away from Mawson Lakes do not have to travel to return books. It all happens seamlessly in the online environment. These steps provide students with greater accessibility and freedom for research." The changes were implemented after observing student-library behaviour. "We had a look at the materials that were being borrowed and found that students, increasingly, weren’t borrowing print items. The books were just gathering dust. On the other hand, our expenditure for electronic resources and the usage of the same by students were skyrocketing. Thus, it made sense to invest more in electronic resources," said Ann. Gayatri Nair

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Thrilling Bible talks Each Sunday 2.30pm - 3.30pm @ Denison Centre Everyone is welcome coffee and cake provided Free Bibles available We look forward to seeing you and your family

7th jan

What is the Bible and is it relevant today?

14th jan

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The Gospel of the Churches is NOT the Gospel of the Bible

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

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Sunday School starts in February - enrol now ages 4 - 13 years & adult bible reading group


Mawson Lakes Living

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Real Estate in Mawson Lakes Mawson Lakes may not have been around for long, (about 20 years) but it’s made a huge impression and enjoys profitable growth. European settlers founded a sheep station here in 1877 in an area known as The Levels. In 1997 there were still a few sheep around. Then, in 1998, residential Mawson Lakes was born. Today the suburb is a hub for innovative technology with a growing residential population and a host of commercial and professional services. The beautiful green parklands and easy lifestyle interposed with schools, universities and a hub of innovative technology makes Mawson Lakes a sought after suburb. Its central location in Adelaide is a drawcard for big business such as Codan and Lockheed Martin. Now is a good time to own your own piece of property. Here are some agents who can help you find a place to suit your needs.

In 2017 the median price for houses was $463,212

In 2017 the median price for units was $283,575

House prices in Mawson Lakes in the past 3 years have grown by 2.77%

Unit prices in Mawson Lakes in the past 3 years have grown by 0.04%

The average unfurnished house in Mawson Lakes is rented for $385 per week.

The median weekly rental price on units is $320 and the rental return is 6.20%

The average time for a unit in Mawson Lakes to sell is 154 days.

Houses in Mawson Lakes take an average of 77 days to sell.

January is a good time to rent or buy in Mawson Lakes before the university goes back and properties become hard to find and rents go up.



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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

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Real Estate Matters.

Phone: 0421 359 550 Suite 3, 5 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes

Shop 2 18 - 22 Hurtle Parade Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Shop 2 18: 08 - 228262-4365 Hurtle Parade Office Shop Hurtle Parade Shop221818- 22 - 22 Hurtle Parade Mawson Lakes398 SA 5095 Kathy 0433 572 Mawson SASA 5095 MawsonLakes Lakes 5095

Office : 08 8262-4365 Megan 0417 314 040 Office : 08 8262-4365 Kathy 0433 398 572

Office : 08 8262-4365 Kathy 0433 398 572

Kathy 0433 398 572 0417 314 040 Megan

Residential Sales

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nvestment optionsLakes we have a solution that- January will suit2018 your needs. 18 Mawson Living : Issue 127

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Megan 0417 314 040


Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards

Children’s School Shoes

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Children’s feet are vital for their health and wellbeing. They are still developing and need to withstand a lifetime of activities. Ensuring your children are wearing an appropriate school shoe is a great start to looking after your child’s feet. Children spend about 6 hours per day, 5 days a week in their school shoes. During this time they are standing, walking, climbing, playing games and running around with their friends. They need a shoe which will protect their feet and enable years of fun. Use of poor or inappropriate shoes may worsen existing conditions or even cause foot and leg pain. I would suggest a well-fitting enclosed shoe which offers support, non-slip sole and laces or a buckle to hold the foot in the shoe. Things to consider when fitting school shoes:

• Prestige home cleaning • General home cleaning • Move out cleans

A good fit, including both width and length (measured while child is standing)

Never buy shoes too big for child so they can grow in to them. They need to fit well now.

Try on both shoes and never wear hand-me-down shoes. You don’t need someone else’s foot problems.

Contact us on 8262 9999 if you have any concerns about your child’s foot health.

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Raising awareness about men’s health When policeman Derrick McManus was shot 14 times in a siege in the Barossa Valley, he was determined not to die as the blood poured out of him and he waited for help for three hours. Two decades later and after many operations, Derrick is an inspirational speaker who told his story of survival to a spellbound audience at a seminar on Men’s Health in Mawson Lakes. His message was that we all face challenges and the best way to perform under pressure is with emotional stability. "To achieve this you need to prepare mentally for any situation and anticipate how you will deal with it before it happens, rather than reacting with emotion. You need to have serious conversations with yourself about the worst consequences and the decisions you will make when a critical moment confronts you."

"We too often make bad decisions and do stupid stuff when we act in a highly emotional state." - Derrick McManus Inspirational speakers: Craig Ickle, Derrick McManus and Scott Boocock


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

Derrick was part of a panel of inspirational speakers that included Professor Roger Davies who talked about the significance of lifestyle on health, and Craig Ickle from Cardio Flex who advised that fitness and training is fun and good for health, but working-out needs to be tempered with time out to allow for rest and recovery. Humorous entrepreneur of Hegs Pegs, Scott Boocock, explained how he turned a simple idea for a better peg into a multi-million dollar industry. He encouraged the audience with the words, "no matter how simple your idea, believe in yourself, give it a go and find mentors who can help you bring it to market. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback because this can show you ways to improve your idea." The breakfast function at the Watershed was a fundraising event organised by Beau Brug for the Movember Foundation, a charity committed to raising awareness about men’s health. Keep an eye on Mawson Lakes Living for other upcoming seminars.



Mawson Lakes Golf Club Teaching Professional Brian Galvin Wanting to learn to play golf? Or you’re a Golfer already who wants to trim a few stokes off your score? Brian is the man to get in touch with!


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South Australia An Industrial Trailblazer In 1967 Australia launched WRESAT, our first ever satellite which was developed in Salisbury.

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50 years on and South Australia is again building momentum for a local space industry.




Contact Daniel: 0411 456 129


We love what we do.

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Last year SA hosted 4500 international delegates for the International Astronautical Congress, including local astronaut Dr Andy Thomas. We’ve formed the South Australian Space Industry Centre that supports local companies to collaborate with international partners, driving investment and creating highly skilled jobs. The Federal Government will soon release its review into Australia’s space industry capability and will establish an Australian Space Agency with South Australia ideally positioned to be its industrial hub. Our aim is to capture a greater share of the $420 billion annual global space revenue stream, an industry that is growing at nearly 10 per cent per annum. We are home to some of the most innovative companies in the world and I will continue to lobby to cement Mawson Lakes as the centre of South Australia’s industrial universe. We should be proud of our rich space history and optimistic about the decades ahead. If you’d like to talk about our plans for the space industry or other issues then feel free to call.



LABOR FOR PLAYFORD M: 0422 571 174 A: PO Box 82, Para Hills, SA 5096 E:

Printing in SA for over 40 years 22

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

Listening to you

Mind Massage

MLL holds some of the answers, others may need research. Solution is on page 31

Australia Day is on 26 January. How much do you know about Australian faces, places and spaces? 1. In 1901 the Australian flag flew for the first time from the dome of which Melbourne building?

12. Who was the famous geologist and explorer who claimed 42% of the Antarctic continent for Australia?

2. Who is credited with creating the name New South Wales (a) James Cook (b) Matthew Flinders c)Burke and Wills?

13. Paul Keating said that being challenged by which opponent was "like being flogged with a wet lettuce"?

3. Which state is the largest in Australia?

14. Who was the king of current affairs on TV in the 60s and 70s, now battling throat cancer?

4. What is the population of Australia? 5. What was the name of the giant continent which included Antarctica, Australia, Africa and South America? 6. In the poem Waltzing Matilda what animal did the swagman put in his tuckerbag? 7. In Mawson Lakes, which building is named after Sir Eric Neil, former Governor of SA?

15. In 2016 which company with headquarters in Mawson Lakes was awarded the Australian government contract to fit the combat system for the navy’s 12 new submarines? 16. Which John Williamson song contain the lyrics "Hey True Blue, don’t say you’ve gone. Say you’ve knocked off for a smoko"?

8. What sport was played by Donald Bradman? 17. In 2009 which Australian completed the triple crown of acting (Oscar, Emmy, Tony)? 9. Who owns David Jones, Australia’s oldest 18. The Australian city closest to the equator is. department store? 10. What is the 562m high volcanic stack off the 19. Name the place where Australia’s first rocket into space was launched. coast of Lord How Island? 11. In which Australian city was Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark born?

20. In the 2017 Global Liveability Survey, which three Australian cities were ranked in the top ten cities in the world?

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GUIDE Pigeon ERADICATION Pigeon Excrement Clean Up

Phone: 08 8355 5727

Vehicle Servicing That Saves you Time & $$$ Drive In Anytime Convenient to You. No leaving car for a day. Express Service while you wait. No Appointment Necessary.

Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?


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Services including a 20 point check starts from $79.95*

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N wh


Sales Service/maintenance Breakdown Repairs Ducted Reverse Cycle Evaporative Units Hi Wall Split Systems

8281 4100 or call 0417 889 422

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585-595 Salisbury Highway Greenfields, SA

08 8250 4242

Mon-Fri: 8am-5.30pm Sat: 9am-1pm


Summer is here when spiders, flies, mosquitoes, ants and pigeons cause you and your family problems. Now is the time to get the guy from Jim's Termite & Pest Control in to look after all your pest control needs. Jim’s Termite & Pest Control is a family owned and operated local business servicing Mawson Lakes and the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed and insured. Our experts can treat all of your pest control needs including termite inspections and treatments, spiders, cockroaches, ants and millipede infestations. We can also help with any bird problem, including solar panel bird proofing and our team are specialists at live bee capture. These bees are then relocated to waiting bee keepers around Adelaide (where possible).


0413 652 151

Adelaide’s Best Artificial Turf Perfect looking lawn all year round No watering No mowing Ideal for new homes and courtyards

Phone me today 0411 789 374 for a free quote Please check us out on Facebook at jimspestcontroladelaide

Servicing Mawson Lakes and surrounding areas


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7 tips for your child's first day at school First days at school are anxious times, especially for parents, so prepare well beforehand for a smooth transition by following these suggestions



Lay out the uniform and practice several times putting it on, especially coping with shoes, buttons and bows.


Practice using the school crossing. What do the signals mean? What if there is no monitor on duty?


Label ALL school items. They all look the same, cost a lot and you want to get yours back.


Build muscles in your child's hands and fingers before school by playing with lego, blocks, play dough, pegs. "Come and help mummy hang out the washing," builds dexterity with hands.





Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

Know the school’s nude policy when it comes to food containers. Practice opening lunchbox containers and keep the contents simple and healthy. Don't mollycoddle. Don’t make your child feel they are deserting you or upsetting you by going to school. Instead show pride that they are growing up. Allow your beginner to carry their own school bag. At the end of the day talk about what went well. Hopefully it all went well and the only tears were yours (out of sight)! Dr Linda Vining is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators.

Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club wins international championship A team of skippers from the Mawson Lakes Model Yacht club won the coveted annual State Shield Award at the Radio Controlled Laser 2017 Championship of Nations Regatta held in Queensland in November. It is the first time a team from South Australia has won the shield. The winning South Australian skippers included Scott Mitchell, Adrian Heard, Don Turnbull, John Berry, Lindsay Sawyer, Jürgen Luther, Bob Whitehead and Mark Easton. Entrants from every state in Australia and skippers from seven countries competed in the event, including Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, UK, South Africa, Netherlands and New Zealand. South Australian skipper Adrian Heard said consistency is key in a regatta that runs over a week with 17 races. "It’s particularly pleasing to win this year as Mawson Lakes Model Yacht

Members of the Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club, John Berr, Ken Stone ( President), Bob Whitehead and Lindsay Sawyer with the 2017 National Team Remote Control Laser Shield.

Club is hosting the 2018 Australian Titles next September on the Sir Douglas Mawson Lake and with some home town advantage we may be able to defend the shield." The Radio Controlled Laser fleet sails at Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club every Tuesday, and one Sunday a month from autumn to spring. For more information contact Adrian Heard on 0427 833 324

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We provide legal services in the following areas of law: • • • • •

Head Office 98 Carrington Street ADELAIDE SA 5000 Tel: (08) 8232 8489

WorkCover Claims Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Superannuation & TPD Claims Commercial Leasing Land & Business Conveyancing

Branch Office Suite 101, 23 Metro Parade MAWSON LAKES SA 5095 Tel: (08) 7160 0143

• • • • •

Notarial Services Franchise Law Wills & Estate Family Law Migration Law [MARN 0213858]

Email: Web: Fax: (08) 8227 2884

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Keeping cool in summer

by Nigella

I really don’t like summer. Early morning walks and late evening outings are nice but mummy leaves me at home a lot in summer for fear of the heat. I love an outing but urban pavements and black bitumen get very hot, and even in the evenings the roads can still be hot and the hot sand at the beach can burn a doggie’s feet. I wish I could throw on a pair of thongs when we go to the beach as our paws are sensitive and can easily burn.

Note to owners : Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition because we only perspire around our nose and paws which is not sufficient enough to cool our bodies. We pant to keep cool by evaporating moisture so we need cool air and water on a hot day or we are at risk of overheating.

We need special care in summer. Please don’t leave us outdoors. We need plenty of shade and shelter from the sun. Dogs can get skin cancer too, especially on the nose. Every summer my nose gets darker. It's nature’s way of putting more pigment into my skin to protect my face from sunburn, but it's possible to buy pet sunscreen. We must have clean, fresh water placed in the shade. Some of my friends like ice blocks in their water or frozen water bottles to lick. When walking we need more water than usual so take a doggie water container in summer.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 127 - January 2018

Do not leave us in a closed shed or garage with nowhere to escape the hot air . Never, ever, leave us in a car – the temperature inside will get very hot, very quickly and a dog can die within minutes. Walk us early in the morning or later in the day when the temperature has dropped but be aware that the pavements can still be hot. Don't leave our food outside in the heat – if not eaten straight away, cover it and put it in the fridge for later. If we are panting, sweating, weak or drooling it could indicate heat stress so: • Move us to a cool place, drape a cool wet towel over us or spray us with a bottle or the hose. Maintain air flow with a fan. • Give water – you may have to pour some into our mouth and pat our face with a cool wet cloth. • If overheated, stand us in water up to our belly. Myself, I like a bath under the hose on a really hot day. A short run to dry off is exhilarating when wet.

Mango Coconut Paddle Pops Summer is the season for mangoes so here's a healthy, super simple recipe to get you through the hot days. Without refined sugar and dairy free these fruity treats are so healthy you can eat them every day.

Ingredients 3 ripe mangoes 1 ripe banana ¾ cup coconut cream

½ cup desiccated coconut ½ cup coconut flakes 1/4 cup honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed.

Method Peel mangoes, remove seed. Place mangoes in food processor with all remaining ingredients until smooth. Pour into moulds* and place a paddle pop stick in the centre of each mould, ¾ of the way down Place moulds in freezer overnight. * If you don't have paddle pop moulds use small plastic cups. Fill the cups with the mixture and place a stick in the middle. Be sure the sticks stay upright in the freezer. When ready to serve let the cups stand at room temperature for a short while, then just squeeze the cup to release the paddle pop.




OPEN 8am til 4pm 7 days a week

665 Salisbury Highway MAWSON LAKES


8250 8070

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Dinner by arrangement for groups of 25+


OURCLINICAL CLINICALTEAM TEAM OUR SenthilGovindasamy, Govindasamy, DrDrSenthil MBBS,MS, MS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS, GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General


UrgentMedical MedicalCare Care Urgent FamilyMedicine Medicine Family NutritionalMedicine Medicine Nutritional DentalCare Care Dental Pre-EmploymentMedical Medical Pre-Employment Workcover Workcover SkinCancer CancerTreatment Treatment Skin Women’s Health Women’s Health


ShanthiKandasamy, Kandasamy, DrDrShanthi MBBS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS, GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General

MurtuzaZirapuri, Zirapuri, Urgent Medical Care DrDrMurtuza MBBS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS, Family Medicine GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General Nutritional Medicine Dental Care SueKanagasabai, Kanagasabai, DrDrSue Pre-Employment Medical BD BD SS Dentist Workcover Dentist Skin Cancer Treatment MonicaMarian, Marian, DrDrMonica Women’s Health MasterofofNutrition Nutrition Master Dietetics &&Dietetics Nutritionist Nutritionist

NOW OFFERING PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICES EBM Family Medical Practice is committed to providing Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan

comprehensive medical careMaster combining best scientific eviden of Orthopaedics, EBMFamily FamilyMedical MedicalPractice Practiceisiscommitted committedtotoproviding providing EBM experienced professional judgement and patients’ values. EB Sports & Musculoskeletal comprehensivemedical medicalcare carecombining combiningbest bestscientific scientificevidence, evidence, comprehensive strives to provide easily accessible quality care in a modern, Physiotheraphy experienced professional judgement and patients’ values. EBM experienced professional judgement and patients’ values. EBM equipped clinical APA Titledsetting. Musculoskeletal strivestotoprovide provideeasily easilyaccessible accessiblequality qualitycare careinina amodern, modern,well well strives & Sports Physiotherapist equippedclinical clinicalsetting. setting. equipped

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