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Valentine’s Day Feb 14th

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Love and Work

Not everyone gets into the lovey-dovey mood but at Mawson Lakes Living we are romantics so we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We found other romantics in the streets too and asked them what Valentine's Day means to them. Read their ideas on Voice of the People on pages 4 and 5. Mawson Lakes Living is often contacted by residents looking for LOCAL trade and service providers, so we thought it would be helpful to our readers if we compiled a Trades and Services Liftout to tell you who to call. People tell me they want to support local business so firstly they look in MLL and if they can’t find a supplier there they go elsewhere. It seems that reliability is a key feature for recommendation to others, so if you know any reliable tradies who have capacity for more work please let them know about the March Liftout which will be a keeper in homes and businesses in Mawson Lakes. It's back to school this month and the SA Minister for Education has exciting information for us, so read on . . .


’s Day is Valentine ere. almost h number Count the litter of gold g is hearts in th issue

Promote your LOCAL business in our

TRADES & SERVICES LIFTOUT To be published March 2017 To place your business card in the LIFTOUT give MLL a call on

8260 7077 or email

Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?

TOO HOT? TOO COLD? • • • • • •

Sales Service/maintenance Breakdown Repairs Ducted Reverse Cycle Evaporative Units Hi Wall Split Systems

8281 4100 or call 0417 889 422

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Editor "Living Legend", City of Salisbury Mawson Lakes Living is an independently owned community magazine for people who live, work, study and play in Mawson Lakes. Advertising is open to anyone with products, services or events relevant to the people of Mawson Lakes. Published by Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Pty Ltd © 43 Parkview Drive, Mawson Lakes 5095 ABN: 71 166 200 728

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Two gorgeous girls grace our cover as a reminder that Valentine's Day is coming up and love is in the air.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that information in this publication is fair and accurate, Mawson Lakes Living cannot be held responsible for any content or advertisement, including errors or omissions. All artwork is accepted on the condition that permission has been granted for the use of the images and photographs in this publication. Cover: Abbey Costello with make-up stylist Sharon Soy at the Napoleon Perdis counter in Mawson Lakes. See page 8. Photo: Nicole Aspinall

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Community Conversations

have your say...

Community Cohesion As a community advocate in The Hills, I know how hard it is to get people to pull together, so I was delighted to read in MLL/Dec the number of community members who assist with the production of Mawson Lakes Living. It impressed and inspired me to see the way one person can bring a community together like this. As the editor says, "a lot of people doing a little can have a huge impact" but it takes a lot of time and skill to make it happen. Congratulations Mawson Lakes. - Andrea Storison, business owner, Hahndorf Cracker distress It is illegal to let off fireworks in SA yet I notice more and more explosions, especially around New Year. Fireworks are dangerous. They start fires, kill people (2 deaths on NYE) and they terrorise dogs and other animals. People should be fined for illegal fireworks and the suppliers too. - Faye Blundell Future development We have lived in Mawson Lakes for 8 years and I’d like to respond to a few letters in our unique, and informative Mawson Lakes Living Magazine. I have never had difficulty finding a park very close to Woolworths and I don’t think Woolworths will suffer from lack of competition. A suburb daily supporting 23,000 people definitely needs another supermarket or two. The variety of choice and competition the additional stores will bring, not to mention the shoppers coming from afar, will in turn support our smaller businesses such as cafes, beauty salons etc. My only request is to

Australia Post to see a much needed Post Office come to Mawson Lakes. With so many residents with families overseas and with the surge of online shopping, it is desperately needed and I am sure will be amongst the busiest Australia Post outlet in South Australia. - Carol Christofis Making honey Just a little error about bees in MLL/Jan. Worker bees do not collect honey from plants, they collect pollen (fine dust) and nectar (sugary fluid) which they digest in their stomachs to make into honeycomb cells where baby bees live and feed. Honey provides the bees with energy. Bees are classified as insects because they have 6 legs and they are the only insects that make food that humans can eat. - Diane Smith Bees in my garden I love to see bees in my garden, it’s the sign of a healthy plot. Bees collect pollen from flowers and as they move around other plants they drop the pollen, which is a fine powdery yellow dust that comes from the male parts of a flower. Each pollen grain contains a male gamete that can fertilise a female ovule. This is part of the fascinating reproduction process in my garden. Curbing entitlements The best way to curb politicians’ work claims is to make them pay for all trips and expenses from their own purse and then claim entitlements back through tax returns. This will make them accountable and more careful how they spend taxpayers' money. - Howard Klavinos

Voice of the People: WHAT DOES VALENTINE'S DAY MEAN TO YOU? "We were married 54 years ago in England and our relationship is so strong we don’t need a special day to show our love for each other". - Ken and Barbara Sumpter


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

"Our son turns 9 on Valentine’s Day so we are going to have a party." - Silvi Milans

Perfect score Mawson Lakes resident and Year 12 student at Endeavour College in 2016, Danish Mangi, scored a perfect ATAR. This is an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank which shows a student’s achievement in relation to other students. It is the primary means used to assess applications for university. The ATAR is a number ranging between 99.95 and zero. Danish achieved an ATAR of 99.95. This is a new record for Endeavour College as it is the highest ATAR ever achieved by a student at the school.

Post-truth The Oxford Dictionary has entered a new word in their guide to language which I thought may be of interest in this time of political unrest. A word to describe the current political climate is "posttruth". This is often used in a political context to describe a time when truth has become irrelevant. It finds expression in Britain’s decision to leave the European Market, the campaign of Donald Trump and Sussan Ley's spending sprees. - Dan Gambleton

me how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B. Problem is they are not very accurate and my navigation device gives me all this information anyway. They no doubt cost a lot of money. Whose silly idea was this? - Nigel Crickle Broken Lights I walk around Sir Douglas Mawson Lake every day and notice the broken lights protruding from the pavement. It's a sad situation that these lights have been vandalised but they have been in a state of ugly disrepair for 12 months. They are a blight on the lake-scape and I wonder when Salisbury Council is going to repair, remove or replace the blue poles? - Jack Schools should butt out Babies are born boys or girls. Simple. They are not confused. It is parents and peers who confuse them. Schools should stay out of it, stick to knowledge lessons and not influence kids with controversial moral issues. Schools complain of an overcrowded curriculum so take this political point-scoring gender nonsense out. - Kevin Blades

Got something to say? Taken a good photo at ML? Won an award? Contact the editor at Read past copies online at

Travel times I sometimes travel from Mawson Lakes to Noarlunga via South Road and notice that electonic signs have appeared overhead telling

"I’m planning a romantic dinner out" - Daniel Yeow "I’m buying a new outfit for our romantic dinner out" - Phung Ngo

"I like to celebrate Valentine's Day by sharing my love with close friends and family by telling them how important they are to me." - Tahlia McKew

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Growth and expansion in Mawson Lakes As investment in the North increases, Mawson Lakes will continue to expand and we will see taller buildings in the commercial precinct and more retail activity. Here are projects set to shape our suburb in 2017 and bring new people, extended trade and job opportunities to the area. MAWSON LAKES CENTRAL PLAZA A $45 million student accommodation complex is under construction at Capital Street. Set to house a large Romeo’s Foodland Supermarket and 11 specialty stores, the development will also become home to hundreds of local, international and interstate students in 82 modern townhouses and common area facilities over 3 storeys.

DISTRICT OUTLET CENTRE A Harbour Town style shopping centre featuring fashion outlets, homewares and specialty stores, as well as an alfresco food court is planned for a vacant block of land on Lawrence Hargrave Way at Parafield Airport. The 41,000 square metre shopping centre will create hundreds of local jobs when construction commences this month. It is expected to be open in time for Christmas shopping this year.

TRINITY GREEN The vibrant over 55's community in the heart of Mawson Lakes is growing, with the final 18 villas under construction and selling.

EMPEROR LIVING COMPLEX Next door to the Central Plaza, work has just commenced on a contemporary nine-storey office and apartment building complex on Metro Parade. 63 residential apartments are expected to be completed by September. Office space and ground floor tenancies for specialty shops, cafes and restaurants are now leasing. MAWSON LAKES BOULEVARD APARTMENTS Approval has just been granted for a four-storey residential building on the carpark site opposite Endeavour College. 33 strata title apartments will be housed in a development designed to reflect the mixture of residential, educational and institutional buildings in the area.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017




OUR INSPECTION INCLUDES: • Rotate, Balance & Tyre Pressure • Wheel Alignment • System Check & Report • Oil Filter Change • Air Conditioner Check • Top Up All Fluids + Complimentary Wash & Vacuum + Safety Inspection Report > Offer valid for all makes and models Contact us today to make a booking.


MAWSON LAKES MAZDA MVD 272 561 567 Salisbury Highway, Green Fields, SA 5107 Ph: (08) 8209 5999 *Price includes labour only, any issues found will be discussed with you and authorised at an agreed Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads price prior to any work commencing.


Quality makeup range comes to Mawson Lakes your skin. They dont just mask it, they enhance Mawsonofit and Lakes Chemplus the makeup has staying power which is

Chemplus in the mall has introduced a professional range of makeup so that ladies no longer have to travel elsewhere to buy the Napoleon Perdis range of cosmetics.

important in the work I do," said the 21-year-old from Mawson Look Lakes. no further for the

perfect gift so than Makeup artist Sharon Soy is looking forward to Abbey comes Valentine’s from the fashion world MLL asked showing the products to the ladies of Mawson her some tips forLakes 2017 onChemplus! what to wear for a atforMawson Lakes and advising on colours that match your skin special night out on Valentine’s Day. She said the tone and ways to highlight your best features. "You retro look is in, flowing gowns are on trend with $ 95 and $ 95 95 95 $29 $2895 $28 $florals can try new products buy find the $29 necklaces and chockers. Beading, 19951 before you 34 1295 and tribal 2 3 4 5 6 7 ones that suit you best," said Sharon. prints in greens and browns are big at the moment . . . so ladies go shopping! Abbey Costello was in the make-up chair the day MLL visited the classy Napoleon Perdis display in the store. (See cover photo). As a Valentine’s Day special, customers who spend $150 at Napoleon Perdis at 95 $ $3495 $2995 $2295 $3995 Abbey is a part-time model8 22 and her make up Chemplus will receive a free 12gift (while 9 for 10 11 the day was copper tones with smoky brown stocks last) so here’s a perfect excuse to effects and a vibrant lipstick called ‘Veronica'. pamper yourself and put a sparkle in the eyes of the man you love. An appointment "For me, the appeal of Napoleon Perdis is the is necessary (see ad below). colour range and the way the products take care 1. Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid EDT Spray 100ml, 2. Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Spray 100ml, 3. Juicy Couture Couture Couture EDP Spray 100ml, 4. Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray 100ml, 5. JOOP! Homme Wild EDT Spray 125ml, 6. Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray 125ml, 7. David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray 75ml, 8. Guess Seductive EDT Spray 75ml, 9. Vera Wang Princess EDT Spray 100ml, 10. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT Spray 100ml, 11. Guess Seductive Pour Homme EDT Spray 100ml 12. Calvin Klein Euphoria Men EDT Spray 100ml

Mawson Lakes Chemplus

Look no further for theto shape, line, Learn perfect Valentine’shighlight, gift than contour, define and conceal like a pro at Mawson Lakes Chemplus! 1995


















with our Napoleon Perdis makeup artists! 95 $ 7


A qualified makeup artist is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 2295

$ 8









Book early to avoid missing out! 9




Makeovers only $80, fully redeemable on products! Shop 3-5 Mawson Central, 9-15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes

Phone 08EDT8262 Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid Spray9225 100ml, 2. Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Spray 100ml, 3. Juicy Couture Couture Couture Open:4. Monday–Friday 8.30am–8.30pm, Saturday 9am–5pm EDP Spray 100ml, Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray 100ml, & 5.Sunday JOOP! Homme Wild EDT Spray 125ml, 6. Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray 125ml, 7. David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray 75ml, 8. Guess Seductive EDT Spray 75ml, Makeup artist only available at Mawson Lakes Chemplus. Offers valid until 28 February 2017 9. Vera Wang Princess EDT Spray 100ml, 10. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT Spray 100ml, 11. Guess Seductive Pour Homme EDT Spray 100ml 12. Calvin Klein Euphoria Men EDT Spray 100ml 8

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Learn to shape, line,






Mawson Lakes Chemplus

$ 8









Look no further for the perfect Valentine’s gift than 1. Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid EDT Spray 100ml, 2. Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Spray 100ml, 3. Juicy Couture Couture Couture at Mawson Lakes Chemplus! EDP Spray 100ml, 4. Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray 100ml, 5. JOOP! Homme Wild EDT Spray 125ml, 6. Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray 125ml, 7. David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray 75ml, 8. Guess Seductive EDT Spray 75ml, 9. Vera Wang Princess EDT Spray 100ml, 10. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT Spray 100ml, Guess Seductive$Pour 95 Homme EDT Calvin Klein Men $ 11.95 95 100ml 95 95 $ Spray $ 12. 95 $ Euphoria $ EDT95Spray 100ml $
























Learn to shape, line, highlight, contour, define and conceal like a pro with our Napoleon Perdis $2295 $3995 makeup artists! 11


A qualified makeup artist is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1. Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid EDT Spray 100ml, 2. Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Spray 100ml, 3. Juicy Couture Couture Couture EDP Spray 100ml, 4. Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray 100ml, 5. JOOP! Homme Wild EDT Spray 125ml, 6. Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray 125ml, 7. David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray 75ml, 8. Guess Seductive EDT Spray 75ml, 9. Vera Wang Princess EDT Spray 100ml, 10. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men EDT Spray 100ml, 11. Guess Seductive Pour Homme EDT Spray 100ml 12. Calvin Klein Euphoria Men EDT Spray 100ml

Book early to avoid missing out!

Makeovers only $80, fully redeemable on products! Shop 3-5 Mawson Central, 9-15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes Phone 08 8262 9225

Open: Monday–Friday 8.30am–8.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am–5pm Makeup artist only available at Mawson Lakes Chemplus. Offers valid until 28 February 2017

Learn to shape, line, highlight, contour, define and conceal like a pro with our Napoleon Perdis makeup artists!

Mawson Club Mawson Lakes Lakes Football Football A qualifiedClub makeup Mawson Lakes Football Club artist is available


Friday and Saturday SENIOR SENIOR & & JUNIOR JUNIOR PLAYERS FOR 2017 SENIOR &FOR JUNIOR Book early to avoid missing out! PLAYERS 2017 PLAYERS 2017 Makeovers only $80, fully FOR redeemable on products!


Seniors (A, B & C grade), Juniors (girls & boys from under 6’s) and Auskick (4yo—9 yo).

Seniors B &New C grade), Juniors (girlsStreet, & boys from under 6’s) and Auskick (4yo—9 yo). Shop 3-5(A, Mawson Central, 9-15Volunteers Main Mawson Lakes Members, and Sponsors always welcome. Members, Volunteers and Sponsors always welcome. Phone 08(A, 8262 9225 E. Seniors B &New C grade), Juniors (girlsW. & boys from under 6’s) and Auskick (4yo—9 yo).

M. 0437 635 569 F. Lakes Football Club/St Paul’s Old Scholars Football Club Open: Monday–Friday 8.30am–8.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am–5pm E. W.Mawson M. 0437 635 569

New Members, Volunteers and Sponsors always welcome. F. Mawson Lakes Football Club/St Paul’s Old Scholars Football Club

M. 0437 635 569

F. Mawson Lakes Football Club/St Paul’s Old Scholars Football Club

Makeup artist only available at Mawson Lakes Chemplus. Offers until 28 February 2017 E. W. valid

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Gifts for your Valentine If you’re wondering what to give your loved one this year on Valentine’s Day, MLL has developed a little table of suggestions based around wedding anniversaries or the years you have been together. If you have been together for 60 years it's a Diamond Anniversary 50 years is a Golden Anniversary 30 is a Pearl Anniversary 25 is a Silver Anniversary

The average age Australian men tie the knot is 30.1 years while women get married at an average age of 28.5 years. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 40th 50th

FLOWER Carnation Lily of the Valley Sunflower Hydrangea Daisy Calla Freesia Lilac Bird of Paradise Daffodil Rose Aster Iris Lily Gladiolus Yellow Rose

GEMSTONE Mother of Pearl Garnet Moonstone Blue Topaz Rose Quartz Amethyst Onyx Tourmaline Lapis Lazuli Crystal Rhodolite Emerald Tsavorite Pearl Ruby Gold

Things YOU love

Anniversary Puzzle

Can you name something YOU love beginning with each of the letters shown?

Find 10 wedding anniversaries in this little word search


eg Avocado

H K F I W Solution page 30


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017


"Plenty of people miss their share of not because they never found it, but because they didn’t - US author William Feather

stop to enjoy it."


Valentine Puzzle

"A woman only gets more beautiful as she gets older. The physical beauty of youth has its place and is understandably celebrated, but it’s fleeting; it’s only a tiny moment in your life. As you mature you become better and more interesting. At a certain point, that is more beautiful than physical beauty." Actor Renee Zellweger (47)

Find 12 words in this little word search which complete the phrase "LOVE …... "

Solution page 30

weird and life is a little weird and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them in mutual weirdness We are all a little

and call it


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Home Automation - Tomorrow's Technology Today Are you a builder or an electrician who wants to be an expert in home and office automation? Smart homes and offices are not just the latest trend, but are undoubtedly the way of the not-so-distant future. Here is your chance to not just get an insider’s view of tomorrow’s technology today, but become an expert in it! Let the makers of B.One Hub, the world’s most sophisticated & affordable IoT (Internet of Things) automation smart hub, train you to be ahead of the crowd. HOW? Get in early to be an expert in the technology (IoT) that is changing our experience of living at home and at the office, by signing up to be a B.One Hub Club member and be trained by industry experts. Sign up for B.One Hub’s Early Bird scheme to be ahead of the market, avail of exclusive training, seminars & interaction with industry experts to become a Home & Office Automation expert. WHAT IS B.ONE HUB? B.One Hub is the world’s most sophisticated & affordable IoT home & office automation smart hub, which is being introduced to Australia & New Zealand by Accumulus Energy Group, a Mawson Lakes-based company. The system looks sleek and beautiful. It has heaps of features and is compatible with older, current and future electrical devices of most major brands & also with sensors of different makes; making it the most versatile system available today. B.One Hub actually gets smarter with use. It has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) called "InstinctAct", which uses basic machine learning to learn user behavior (like coffee preferences) and uses it to understand user preferences (2 sugars and milk please!). It takes only a few minutes to install and is incredibly easy to use. In January, B.One Hub appeared in the mainstream Home Automation section at CES 2017, the world’s biggest consumer technology conference in Las Vegas, where it received with rave reviews and evoked a keen interest in the IoT section. 12

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017


WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? • Not only is this your chance to be an expert in the technology that is going to shape our life and work environment, but also to be respected by your customers and peers as an IoT and Smart Living expert • Get into the home automation space early- with an expert and an amazing product • An additional revenue stream and the chance to be your customer’s trusted advisor • When you sign up to be a member of the B.One Hub Club, you become an ‘insider’ in the journey towards the future (home and office automation) • B.One Hub is affordable for the end consumer, but offers great margins to you • B.One Hub, with its multiple applications, versatility, advanced technology and superior design is here NOW, the only system of its kind OK, I’M IN. WHAT’S NEXT? To register your interest, please contact Anup Raghavan on +61 410 620 479, or email us at For more information, head to our website or find us on Facebook

An invitation to Mawson Lakes to come to

Harness Racing at Globe Derby Park

MULTICULTURAL NIGHT Saturday 25 February from 6pm Globe Derby Drive, off Port Wakefield Road, Globe Derby

Globe DerbyFantastic Park, Saturday 16th April FAMILY FUN SKY Globe Derby Globe DerbyPark, Park,Saturday Saturday16th 16thApril April

erby Park, 16th April DIVINGSaturday FREE ENTRY DISPLAY

LIVE music by LOCK 'N' LOAD

Rides, Face Painting, Rides, Face Painting,Lolly Lolly Bags, Games &Face FUN!! Bags, Games & FUN!! Rides, Painting, Lolly MULTICULTURAL PACING CUP

LAKESIDE NISSAN Rides, Face Painting,


ByBy ourour own in-house Sushi own in-house Sushi Bags, Games & FUN!! Bags, Games & FUN!! FARE, TRY FOODS FROM EVERY CORNER OF Chef. FREE Tastings!! Chef. FREE Tastings!!

EAT STREET By our own in-house Sushi By our own in-house Sushi THE WORLD, FREE FUN FOR KIDS! Taste from every corner of the Taste&&Enjoy EnjoyFoods Foods from every corner of theWorld World Chef. FREE Tastings!! Rides, face painting, lolly bags,(Masters games and fun! Chef. FREE Tastings!! Apprentice (Masters Apprentice

& Enjoy Foods from everyperform corner of the World Peter Tilbrook ) ) Peter Tilbrook perform

Taste & Enjoy Foods from every corner of the World (Masters Apprentice perform

Peter Tilbrook )


(Masters Apprentice Peter Tilbrook )

Home Interiors with Jeanette Silvestri Let's turn your house into a beautiful place to live. Whether you are updating your existing style, or are building an exciting new one, Northside Curtains and Blinds can help you achieve a modern design for your home.

Considering Synthetic Lawn?


As the seasons change it's time to talk about insulation. With the correct window coverings, saving even one degree of temperature can save you around 10% in your running costs on airconditioning. Pelmets and blockout-lined curtains are one of the best ways to achieve these savings. If you like a more simple, elegant, modern look, you can choose a beautiful sheer with a blockout lining to keep out the harsh light of summer.

Then give us a call.

We can supply, ready to install, the highest quality synthetic lawn on the market today. Four varieties to choose from, now on display at: Unit 3/91 Research Road, Pooraka. (7 days) SILK 25 SILK 30

And blinds can achieve the look that you are after, whilst helping keep the house cool.


Come into our lovely showroom at Parafield (next to Bunnings) or call us now and let one of our consultants help you.

ORTHSIDE curtains


8281 7377

RANGE, SERVICE, QUALITY PRICE Parafield Airport, Main North Rd next to& Bunnings w fo r a C al l no


●Custom Made Curtains ●Swags & Tails M ea su Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February ● L a2017 ce & Sheers ●Pelmets & Tracks

E E te FR re & Q uo



• No Watering • No Mowing • Perfect looking lawn all year round • V-shape Mint technology

Phone 0411 789 374


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Dr Senthil Gov

ShanthiKandasamy, Kandasamy, DrDrShanthi MBBS, MS, F MBBS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS, General Prac GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General

Shanthi Ka MurtuzaDr Zirapuri, DrDrMurtuza Zirapuri, MBBS, FR MBBS, FRACGP MBBS, FRACGP General Prac GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General

SueKanagasabai, Kanagasabai, DrDrSue Dr Murtuza Z BD SS BD MBBS, FR

Dentist Dentist General Prac

MonicaMarian, Marian, DrDrMonica Dr Sue Kanag MasterofofNutrition Nutrition Master BDS & Dietetics & Dietetics Dentist Nutritionist Nutritionist


Dr Monica M Master of Nu OURSERVICES SERVICES OUR & Dietetic

UrgentMedical MedicalCare Care Nutritioni Urgent FamilyMedicine Medicine Family NutritionalMedicine Medicine Nutritional Dental Care Dental Care OUR SERV Pre-Employment Medical Pre-Employment Medical EBMFamily FamilyMedical MedicalPractice Practiceisiscommitted committedtotoproviding providingcomprehensive comprehensive EBM Workcover Workcover medicalcare carecombining combiningbest bestscientific scientificevidence, evidence,experienced experienced Urgent Medic medical Skin Cancer Treatment Skin Cancer Treatment professionaljudgement judgementand andpatients’ patients’ values.EBM EBMstrives strivestotoprovide provideeasily easily professional values. Family Med accessiblequality qualitycare careinina amodern, modern,well wellequipped equippedclinical clinicalsetting. setting. Women’sHealth Health accessible Women’s


Nutritional Me Dental Ca Pre-Employmen Shop1,1,33Coventry CoventryStreet, Street, Shop Book Appointment Online Book Appointment Online EBM Family Medical Practice is committed to providing comprehensive MawsonLakes, Lakes,SA SA5095 5095 Mawson Call(08) (08)8258 8258Workcov 1115 Call 1115 medical care combining best scientific evidence, experienced Skin Cancer Tr professional judgement and patients’ values. EBM strives to provide easily

Ask the Lawyer A monthly column where readers ask a question, the lawyer gives their answer. This free legal advice is brought to you by Scammell & Co. You may want to chat about this subject, or another legal matter.



Meet Hannah Manuel, one of our team of lawyers who has special experience in Police matters.

Recently I lost my licence, due to disqualification. Can I apply to the Court to get it back, just to get to and from work?

If you have committed a drink driving, drug driving offences or have accrued over 12 demerit points, then it is likely you will receive a licence disqualification for a period of time. Unfortunately, it is not the case that an application can be made to the Court for you to hold your licence to get to and from work or for any other purpose. What a lawyer can do for you is to assess your case and see whether there is a defence to the charge. If there is no defence to the charge then it may be possible to make a trifling application or achieve the very minimum disqualification period.


Bring in your information, you might not need more than 30 minutes.

If you are to receive a Court ordered disqualification, depending on the circumstances of your case, there is a mandatory minimum disqualification period. That means that the Court has the discretion to impose more than the minimum penalty (the minimum is not always granted). Your legal representative can put submissions to the Court to seek the very minimum penalty, based on your personal circumstances and also the circumstances of the case.

in the Magistrates Court. Scammell & Co. can assist you in lodging the required paperwork and facilitating your appeal. Contact any of our offices to arrange an appointment to discuss your particular detail. Remember, in most cases the first half hour of your first appointment is free.

Ph: 8522 7160 AH: 0412 975 081 Gawler

If you are on a probationary or provisional licence and Visit the website you have not applied for an for more help / advice appeal in the last 5 years you may be eligible for an appeal

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017



Phone and make an appointment with one of our offices. In many cases the first half hour of the first appointment is free.

Caring For Your Feet

Pooraka Tyres Wheels Exhaust Alignments Servicing Repairs 4WD lift kits

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

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SORE FEET Many of us suffer from sore feet and legs. Some people report sore heels when they first get up in the morning, or after periods of standing and walking. Others notice sore ankles, knees and shins when walking or running. At times these pains can come on suddenly, other times they have been a niggling aggravation for many months or years. The problem with foot and leg pain is that it can stop us from doing the things we need, or want to do. Walking the dog, playing golf, bowling or exercising are far less enjoyable if we are in pain. If the pain persists then we tend to reduce our activities which can affect our physical and mental health. Foot and leg pain can be related to the way the foot functions and the way the body deals with the stresses it has to endure. As podiatrists we are trained to assess the foot and lower limb structure and function. By identifying any problems we can then work to improve foot and leg function thus improving comfort and mobility. Treatments may include stretching and strengthening exercises, education regarding footwear, orthoses, or referral to other appropriate practitioners for other treatment options. If you suffer from foot or leg pain, don’t let it stop you. Get it assessed and take the first step towards a more active lifestyle.

Business Office Supplies Specialist Lowest Prices & FREE Delivery *T&C’s apply; inquire in-store

Paddy’s Markets (Next door to George & Bens Fruit & Veg) 1173 Main North Rd, Pooraka, SA, 5095 Ph: 08 7324 4156 E: Trading Hours: M-F 8.30am - 5.30pm Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads





Gepps Cross Carpet Court 750 Main North Road, Gepps Cross


Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

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laminate hard flooring & get the 2nd metre

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Crossword puzzle Solution on page 30 Nightingale Travel and Tours Serving South Australia for more than 30 years

ACROSS 1. Fernando or Lorenzo of old TV 6. Strands at dinner? 11. Depressed 14. Rep 15. "American Idol" contenstant Clay 16. Plumbing fitting 17. Financing, as a play 19. Planet, poetically 20. Gloss target 21. For each 22. Supersecretive US org. 23. Takes, as an offer 27. Movie that rates 0 stars 29. Greek "P" 30. They're slithery and slippery 32. Elude waterproofing 33. Thou, squared 34. Doesn't exactly flow 36. Drizzles or pours 39. Bookie's numbers 41. More crafty 43. Take a seat inelegantly 44. Scouting mission 46. Arab League member 48. "So ___ heard!" 49. Good bit 51. Classy wheels, briefly 52. One of the Bobbseys 53. Divide 56. Brutally attacked 58. Hardened campaigner 59. Santa _____, California 60. Tierra ____ Fuego 61. Boxer portrayed by Will Smith 62. Like the most popular books 68. Finish in first place 69. Beamed 70. Ore sources 71. Seasonal drink 72. Opposite of ally 73. Adrift

DOWN 1.Science class 2. Khan's title 3. Some grown-ups 4. Foot part 5. Like a zebra 6. Chum 7. Require nursing 8. Omits 9. Articles of faith 10. More steamed up 11. Storing up 12. Eagle's residence 13. Not allow to practice 18. Decision-makers? 23. Full metal jacket? 24. Chastise 25. Tough job for salespeople 26. In the way of 41 across 28. Tide variety 31. Purposeful pitch 35. 18-wheelers 37. Fading stars? 38. Shell out 40. Recital numbers 42. Like some classic movies, now 45. Distinguished 47. Short long story? 50. Catch a radio program 53. Salmon's progeny 54. Jonas Salk's study 55. School goo 57. Parcel out, as property 63. "Cats" character, Rum __ Tugger 64. Bug someone? 65. Some people are bounced after revealing them 66. French word before a maiden name 67. Government procurement org.

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8359 7909

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Mind Massage Puzzle solution page 30 1. Multiply the number of days in January by the number of days in February in 2017

9. Which US singer lived in an estate called Neverland Ranch?

2. Who is the 75-year-old who fathered his eighth child, baby boy Deveraux Octavian Basil, born in December?

10. The chemical element with the atomic number 11 is?

3. Name the new First Lady of USA 4. Proverbially what is the thief of time? 5. Who is the richest woman in Australia? 6. Dendrophobia is the fear of (a) heights, (b) sugar (c) trees (d) roses 7. Which 18-year-old swimmer from Port Lincoln was winner of the 2016 SA Sports Star of the Year? 8. On what day of the week will Christmas Day fall this year?


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

11. Who is the peeved Hollywood actor who said of the Australian politician Barnaby Joyce: "He looks somehow like an inbred tomato" ? 12. Louise Hearman won the 2016 Archibald Prize for her portrait of which Australian comedian? 13. How many years of marriage are celebrated by a golden wedding anniversary? 14. On the flag of Pakistan what colour is the five-pointed star?

Feedback on Success

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We receive lots of positive feedback about student success. Recently a Cellfield participant in SA received a merit award and recognition from the Governor. In Darwin one of our students received a most improved in literacy certificate from the Chief Minister. Brain Solutions+ does not want to take away anything from these students because personal qualities such as ability and persistence, together with support from parents are indispensable. However, we are happy to have been involved in their journeys. If you would like to know more about how intervention from Brain Solutions+ can help your child, book in for a FREE information session on Tuesday evenings. See and

Cellfield Trial: Is there a school

out there with about sixty Year 5 students interested in trialling Cellfield? We have a university ready to supervise and a school whose staffing has changed, no longer able to participate. In the clinic, average improvements in reading for students participating in Cellfield have been 1-2 years and if a whole class could achieve similar results we imagine NAPLAN scores would improve dramatically. If your school is north/north-east of Adelaide and interested, please contact Maria (08) 7127 4938.

> 100gsm Stock > Double Sided > Full Colour

Performance management psychologists Maria and Anthony

08 7127 4938 4 HURTLE PARADE MAWSON LAKES  Mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Chicken Stirfry by Verity Ingredients 400g Chicken strips 1 cup diced, cooked Butternut Pumpkin 1 Red Capsicum, sliced 2 cups Snow peas 1 Brown Onion, sliced 1 tsp Tamarind 1 tblspn Crushed Garlic 1/4 cup Sweet chili sauce 2 desertspoons Tomato sauce few drops Fish sauce METHOD In a small saucepan of water, cook pumpkin until just soft. Heat a fry pan with 2 tablespoons canola oil. Add chicken strips and cook, stirring until browned. Add brown onion and cook until onion is golden. Add drained pumpkin and other vegetables to the pan and cook over low heat for about 5 minutes until the vegetables have softened. In a cup mix the garlic and all sauces. Stir until combined. Stir the sauce mix through the chicken and vegetables. Cook for a further 5 minutes stirring regularly. Serve with rice or couscous.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Eatery Review - NIK's BBQ on the lake On a warm summer’s evening there’s nothing nicer than an outside table by the lake enjoying the best seafood platter in the North.

skewers, four chargrilled pieces of octopus, four calamari, a skewer of scallops, salad, lemon wedges 2 bowls of sauce and chips.

Nik’s Seafood Platter is a standout dish on the menu, full of flavoursome selections. For $69.90 you get two pieces of fish and two prawn

If you’re not a seafood fan there’s an extensive menu ranging from kebabs, burgers and jumbo steaks. Servings are generous and there is a meat cabinet of ethically sourced meats so you can see what you get. At Nik's you choose your style of dining, take away, or a covered verandah with seating, indoor meals or white tablecloth service. The Greek/Mediterranean restaurant is a family business where hard-working Bill Radwan is head man, aided by his son Matthew and his daughters. When trade is quiet Bill loves to chat and socialise and you often see him sitting on the sidewalk with his customers. Live Greek music every weekend adds to the atmosphere. You cannot dissociate the Mawson Lakes Boulevard and Nik's BBQ on the Lake. Good food and plenty of it and friendly staff go together very well. The shop is nearly always open and the trade is brisk. Ed Left: Matthew Radwan serves the Seafood Platter for two

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Shop 1, 9-11 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes 5095

08 8359 8739 Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Kid's Page with Preet Kaur

Back to school

Hi everyone! Did you enjoy your holidays? The best thing about Christmas and New Year is that we have a long holiday. My holidays were jam packed with all sorts of fun. Festivities started with the Adelaide Christmas Pageant followed by the Mawson Lakes Carols. Lights decorated houses at Christmas and I really like houses who tuned their lights with music. I also made an angel and hung it up in the Angel Walk at the Mawson Lakes Living Christmas display. A few years ago, I visited Lobethal to see the Christmas lights, where most of the houses were decorated with glowing colours. The view was awesome. I wish this could happen in Mawson Lakes. Imagine the whole of Mawson Lakes lit up with twinkling Christmas lights! I hope this year many more people will decorate their houses with lights.

Tel: 8344 0000 Community


Now it's time for school to start a new year. Some kids are feeling happy and some a bit sad that the summer holidays have come to an end. A lot of students feel nervous or a little scared around new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. Fortunately, these "new" fears only last a short time. After a while everything just fits in place and becomes routine. I am super excited about school in 2017 and being in Year 6. Last year we said bye to the Year 7s and some of our friends who were leaving, but this year we can say hello to a lot of new people either coming into Reception or coming as an exchange student. Also, for students who were in Year 2 and are coming into Year 3, it will be their first time for NAPLAN tests. There are so many things to look forward to in school this year.

17 Whittington Street, Enfield





Playgroup, Accepting Term 3 Receptions, Enrolling now

Come visit us... Monday 13th Feb - 9:30am Wednesday 15th Feb - 5:30pm Wed 29th Mar - 9:30am & 5:30pm Wednesday 17th May - from 5pm

Book through website or phone


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN School Dates 2017 The information below applies to South Australia state schools. Independent and Catholic schools do base their terms on the state school dates but their term dates can vary from school to school. You should check directly with the relevant school to find out the correct term date information. See below.

TERM 1 START: Monday 30 January, 2017 END: Thursday 13 April, 2017 School Holidays START: Friday 14 April, 2017 END: Sunday 30 April, 2017


START: Monday 1 May, 2017 END: Friday 7 July, 2017 School Holidays START: Saturday 8 July, 2017 END: Sunday 23 July, 2017

TERM 3 START: Monday 24 July, 2017 END: Friday 29 September, 2017 School Holidays START: Saturday 30 September, 2017 END: Sunday 15 October, 2017

Your Voice in State Parliament

by Susan Close MP

Local school leads by example The first day of school is, for me, one of the most exciting days of the year – as a parent and as Education Minister. It is exciting to think about what will be achieved by our children and young people in just four terms. I’m proud to say that this is particularly the case at Mawson Lakes School. Last year the school was recognised by SA’s Oliphant Science Awards for the continued excellence of projects submitted by students. This achievement is due to the hard work of students and teachers as well as the strong support of parents and the community. As an example, staff from the nearby University of South Australia campus have been visiting the school to mentor students in designing solutions for real life problems. Encouraging children at an early age to develop skills in applying science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is what we must do to prepare them for the world. The facilities at Mawson Lakes School will be further improved with the creation of a specialised $1 million STEM learning area, which was announced last year. It’s one of 139 schools receiving grants across the state for the redevelopment of STEM learning areas. I am sure I will be again amazed and inspired by what is achieved in our schools in 2017. I wish everyone a great start to the school year.

TERM 4 START: Monday 16 October, 2017 END: Friday 15 December, 2017 School Holidays START: Saturday 16 December, 2017 END: Sunday 28 January, 2018

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back to school KIDS PUZZLE PAGES colouring in fun Use the shape key below to determine your colour selection and fill in the picture with pencils, crayons or markers.

spot the differences There are 5 differences in these two pictures. Circle them as you find them.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

word search

school bus maze Help the bus driver find the kids to pick up for the first day back at school!

join the dots

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Raising a puppy

by Nigella

Love is in the air and there’s nothing as loving as a new puppy. I've seen lots of puppies around Mawson Lakes since Christmas. Puppy behaviour is a bit boisterous for me, but with good training, puppies can grow into really nice dogs.

3. Fun to COME

Here are my 4 tips for owners on raising a puppy.

COME is the most important command. To achieve 100% response, never, ever scold your dog when he comes to you. Coming to you should be the most safe and secure action in his life. Reward him with a hug. Take him to the park or beach where he can be off leash, call his name and if he doesn’t come to you, run in the opposite direction and playfully call him, then hug him when he responds and make it fun to come.

1. Puppies live to please

4. Sociability

Dogs crave attention and approval and this is the training tool that works best. They don’t need treats or clicks, they respond to love, security and routine. Always be calm and patient with your puppy. Teach him slowly and gently that he must earn your respect and obey you. Start young.

2. A few basic words

The best words in the world are "good dog". No need for treats, your approval is the magic motivator for everything. The opposite word is NO. Do not yell this word but use it firmly and show puppy calmly what he should do. Teaching puppies not to bite is one of the most important lessons as behavioral problems such as biting and barking are the main reasons why animals are relinquished to shelters or put down. And make sure there are lots of fun words in puppy’s vocab such as "walk", "breakfast", "ball". Talk to your puppy all the time, just everyday conversation. Make eye contact as you talk, and smile at puppy. Dogs read body language.

Get out and about with puppy. Get him used to people of all shapes and sizes as well as other animals, such as cats and dogs. Puppies can be boisterous, so approach others slowly or admire from a distance. Say to puppy, "Look at that nice dog. Will we go and say hello?" Ask the owner if you can approach, keep puppy on a tight lease and control the situation. Do not let puppy jump on other dogs or people or invade their space. Don't drag your dog away from interesting things. Instead stop and look and have a conversation about it such as "That’s a big dog. I wonder where he lives? Doesn’t he have a great tail." Most of all be CALM with your puppy and he will grow up to be a calm and responsive dog.

LOOKING FOR LOVE ONLINE SINGLE Black Female seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good girl who LOVES to play.... I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Call (404) 875-6420 and ask for DAISY. I'll be waiting.

Over 15,000 men found themselves talking to the

Atlanta Humane Society! 28

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Movie review - RED DOG: TRUE BLUE by Sharna

Red Dog:True Blue is a movie based on a story of when a little boy named Mick finds a best friend in a dog called Blue, but later he shows his true colour - Red.

Mick goes to live with his Grandpa after a tragedy at home. At first Mick was terrified and lonely in his new outback home but later on finds some friends and then meets Blue. Mick and Blue went on adventures together in the outback on his motor bike and became best friends forever.

Mick's Grandpa decides Mick needs some more education so a girl comes to teach him and he falls in love with his teacher, but things don't go so smoothly. The movie was a bit sad when Mick had to leave Blue, but the fun times made me feel happy. I think this movie is great and I recommend watching it whether it's with your family at the movies or by yourself on DVD. Sharna (9)

My favourite part was the Aboriginal spirit story that came to life.

GroupClasses Classes Group PrivateConsults Consults Private DoggyDaycare Daycare Doggy Workshops Workshops 0431 301 118 0431 301 118 Glenroy Street, Athol Park 4141 Glenroy Street, Athol Park

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Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Pastor Chris Mann - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Senior and junior teams – Jason 0402 406 826 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 Football Club: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm, Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval David - 0413 302 908

Useful Numbers Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Salisbury Council Mawson Lakes Library ML Community Centre Mawson Shops Mgment - Taplin Adelaide Transport Info Ambulance, Fire, Police Emergency Neighbourhood Police Officer Electricity problems Gas problems Water/Sewerage problems

8260 7077 8406 8222 8302 5555 8302 5449 8211 8777 8210 1000 000 0419 572 514 13 13 66 1800 808 526 1300 883 121

Puzzle Solutions from pages 10 and 11

Life Church: 5:00pm Sundays. Level 1, 31 Main Street. Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0467 925 004 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides 8418 0900 or

Crossword Puzzle Solution from page 19

Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859 Mawson Lakes Photography Club Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: 9.30am Thurs at the Denison Centre, Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets in Parafield Gardens. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club, Communication and leadership training. Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Mawson Rowing Club, The Boat Shed, First Avenue Mawson Lakes. Jerry Elder 0419 854 371 Over 50s Club, meets 1-3pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Mawson Centre. Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am 8260 1832 or 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 116 - February 2017

Mind Massage Solution from page 20 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

868 (31x28) Mick Jagger Melania Trump Procrastination Gina Rinehart Trees Kyle Chalmers

8. Monday 9. Michael Jackson 10. Sodium 11. Johnny Depp 12. Barry Humphries 13. 50 14. White

Did you find 49 gold glitter hearts? If not, go back and count again.

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For more information contact our Sales Agent at Connekt on 1300 88 59 22 or Supported by the Australian Government Department for Social Services

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Mll feb 116 online