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A letter from the HIA-LI President & CEO, Terri Alessi-Miceli

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HIA-LIheISHIA-LI ONE isOFone THEofRECOGNIZED FORlong BUSINESS ON LONG A POWERFUL the recognizedVOICES voices for island business andISLAND; a powerful force in regional FORCE AND ECONOMIC ENGINE FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT. OUR MEMBER COMPANIES and economic development. HIA-LI’S priorities include important initiatives and projects we will REPRESENT TENS THOUSANDS OFisland BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS. advocateHIA-LI for onOF of THE the long business We are to collaborating ISbehalf ONE OF RECOGNIZED VOICEScommunity. FOR BUSINESS ONcommitted LONG ISLAND; A POWERFUL

to build FORCE supportAND for these priorities as we FOR help REGIONAL restore the DEVELOPMENT. LI economy. OUR MEMBER COMPANIES ECONOMIC ENGINE MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION REPRESENT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS. MANUFACTURING REVITILIZATION opportunities for a skilled manufacturing workforce. opportunities for a skilled manufacturing WORKFORCEworkforce. DEVELOPMENT Develop solutions to attract, blend and retain employees and keep youth on LI. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT

Develop solutions to attract, blend and retain employees and keep youth on LI. HEALTHCARE Explore existing and emerging strategies for containing HEALTHCARE healthcare costs. LONG ISLAND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT RESTORE AND GROWand MEMBERSHIP Explore existing emerging strategies for containing healthcare Support and advocate for efforts to improve infrastructure Articulate our deepened valuecosts. proposition to restore and and promote economic development on long island. INFRASTRUCTURE attract new members. • Long Island Innovation Park At Hauppauge Identify and develop plans to address critical Advocate For The Growth And Sustainability Of Theinfrastructure • INFRASTRUCTURE CEOneeds membership continue to create a forum of the –Hauppauge Industrial LIIPH, The Largest In The Northeast. forfoster CEO’sand and business owners collaborate and Identify plans totoaddress Park that will thedevelop continued growth of critical • LI Macarthur Airport - Build Support And Awareness brainstorm to grow their businesses. business. infrastructure needs of the Hauppauge Industrial For Town Of Islip Projects And The Expansion Of • Park Premium Marketplace - Help Our Members that Online will foster the continued growth of Long Island Macarthur Airport. Showcase And Connect Their Company Brand business. ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SUCCESS • Major Projects On LI – Identify And Highlight Create forums Virtually To The and Long connect Island Business Community. to educate business Additional Long Island Transformational Projects. ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SUCCESS growth and survival. Promote the HIA-LI Annual Create forums to educate andfor connect business SMALL BUSINESS Trade Show and conference as a forum GOVERNMENT RELATIONS growth andand survival. Promote the HIA-LI Annual important connection discussion on economic, Create an environment of business success by branding, Trade Show and conference as a forum for business, and workforce development issues. Work with business to identify challenges and government educating, and advocating for long island small business. important connection and discussion on economic, leaders to explore existing and emerging strategies to business, and workforce development issues. support long island business and quality of life. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “GO GREEN” WOMEN’S COLLABORATIVE Support, educate and advocate“GO for GREEN” women business ALTERNATIVE ENERGY WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT members. Educate and showcase environmental leaders to affect positive change and growth. services. Connect business needs and institutions to better attractand energymembers. Educate and showcase environmental Long Island’s future workforce. Develop strategies to and energyHIAservices. REBRANDING LI attract, train and retain employees for Long Island VIRTUAL HIA-LI Re launch HIA-LI’s brand to communicate our unique business. Enable our VIRTUAL membersHIA-LI to collaborate, connect and value and solidify our position within the LI market. deliverModernize added value by sharing knowledge withconnect to collaborate, and ourour logomembers showing that we are evolving to reach • Job portal - create a hub where businesses, job current andEnable future members and the global world. with deliver added value by sharing knowledge the next norm. seekers, universities and partners can align on job current and future members and the global world. creation and hiring.







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Identify and develop plans to addres infrastructure of the Hauppaug HIA-LI HIA-LIOFFICERS OFFICERS&needs &DIRECTORS DIRECTORS Park HIA-LI that OFFICERS will foster the continued gr & DIRECTORS business. DIRECTORS

President & CEO TerriPresident Alessi-Miceli Terri Alessi-Miceli (631) 543-5355

Jim Jim Coughlan Coughlan Tritec Tritec Real Real Estate Estate Co Co., Inc. (631) 706 -DIRECTORS 4113 (631) 706-4113

Kevin OʼConnor Bridgehampton

Bridgehampton Alan Sasserath National Bank Sasserath & Co (631) 368-3110 (631) 537-8826

Kevin OʼConnor Arthur Sanders LIFETIME BOARD (631) 543 - 5355 Robert Quarte Scheidt Ernest E. Hoffman Omni Funding MEMBERS EMERITUS Jim Coughlan Ann-MarieBridgehampton Robert Desmond President Robert Desmond University AVZBrook & Company National Bank W & H Stampings (516) 697 - 3900 Tritec RealCorp. Estate CoStony Real Estate Terri Alessi-MiceliAIRECO Chairperson Industry One (631) 216-7605 OFFICERS (631) 434 - 9500 Fred Eisenbud (631) 537-8826 (Posthumously) (631) 706 4113 (631) 273 4255 Rich Humann, (631) P.E. 543 - 5355 Realty Corp LIFETIME BOARD Campolo,Kipnes Middleton & Robert Quarte Howard H2M Architects & (631) 273-4255 Anne Shybunko-Moore MEMBERS EMERITUS Robert Desmond Chairperson of the Rita DiStefano McCormick LLP Ann-Marie Scheidt Engineers GSE Dynamics AVZ & Company Cedar Knolls Inc. AIRECO Real Estate Corp. Portnoy, Messinger, Stony Brook(631) University (631) Board 756-8000 Rita DiStefano (631) 231-1044 OFFICERS 434 - 9500 Fred Eisenbud (631) 273 Joe Campolo Pearl, & Associates, Inc.- 4255 (631) 216 - 7605 Portnoy, Messinger, Jack Kulka Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA & Campolo, Middleton First Vice Inc. Chris Valsamos The Kulka Group Campolo, Middleton & of the Pearl (516)& Associates, 921Rita - 3400 Chairperson McCormick LLP Ann-Marie Scheidt (631) 231-0900 DiStefano BCV Group Chairperson (516) 921-3400 LLC McCormick LLPBoard Richard S. Feldman, Esq. Stony Brook University Anne Shybunko-Moore Carol Allen 231-5500 Joseph Portnoy, GarofaloMessinger,(631) (631) 738 -Joe 9100 (631) 216 - 7605 Nicholas Campolo Greg Rivkin Radler LLP Pearl, & Associates, Inc. People’s Alliance Galdi M. Lacetera Thomas J. Fallarino. CPA GSE Dynamics Island Christian Church FederalCampolo, Credit Union Computer Voltz Peoples Alliance Middleton &Custom (516) 921 - 3400 Michael (631) 231-1044 (631) 822 3000 First Vice434-3500 Chairperson (631) PSEG Long Island Federal Credit McCormick LLP Specialists E. Hoffman Richard S.Union Feldman, Esq. Anne Shybunko-Moore Ernest Joseph Garofalo (631) 844-3819 786-9956 John Bauer (631) 738 - 9100 (631) W & H Stampings Rivkin Susan H. Gubing GSE Dynamics Anthony LeteriRadler LLP Island Christian Church Second Vice Michael Voltz Littler Mendelson, P.C. CareerGarofalo Smarts822 - 3000 LIFETIME Chairperson (631) 231-1044 USA Waste Reduction PSEG Long Island (631) First Vice ChairpersonJoseph (631) 293 - 4525 Ernest E. Inc. Hoffman Anthony Manetta Island Church BOARD MEMBERS & Recycling Co., Howard Kipnes (631)Christian 979 - 6452 (631) 844-3819 John Bauer WKnolls & H Stampings Cedar Communities, L.P. (631) 822-3000 (631) 269-0800 Cedar Inc. Susan H. Gubing Michael Voltz Littler Mendelson, P.C. Bob Isaksen (516)Vice 229-1168 Lippolis Second Chairperson Career Smarts Allan PSEGZolfo Long Dr. Elana Isaac Washer & Island Ed Pruitt Howard Kipnes (631) 293 - 4525 Rich Bank of(631) America 979 - 6452 Superior Nicholas M. Lacetera Berkeley College Carol Allen (631) 844-3819 (Posthumously) Treasurer Sandler Training Gasket Corp. Cedar Knolls Inc. (631) 547 - 7450 Peoples PeopleʼsQuarte Alliance Robert (631) 231-3538 (631) 273-8282 CEO Alliance Federal (631) 338-8633 Bob Isaksen Second Vice Chairperson Federal PKF O’Connor Davies Dr. Elana Zolfo Credit Union BankKent of America Arthur Sanders Christopher Carol Allen Bob (631) 299-3416 Isaksen Nicholas M. Lacetera Berkeley College John Rebecchi Credit Union Farrell Fritz (631) 547 7450 Omni Funding Peoples Alliance Federal (631) 434Peopleʼs - 3500 Alliance Bank of America (631) 338-8633 Ed Pruitt LIFETIME BOARD (631) 367 - 0710 Corporate Secretary (631) 547-7450 (516) 697-3900 Marci Tublisky Federal Credit Union (Posthumously) MEMBERS Christopher Kent Kevin O’Connor Credit Union CEO Corporate Secretary DIME Community Bank Kent Fritz LIFETIME BOARD Norman Weingart Farrell (631) 434 - 3500 Christopher David Manning Ed Pruitt BOARD Communications JackLIFETIME Kulka (631) 537-8826 Farrell Fritz, P.C.367 - 0710 MEMBERS EMERITUS (631) Brookhaven National Rich Humann, P.E. MEMBERS (631) 367-0710 Specialist John (Posthumously) Rebecchi Kulka Construction Corp. H2M architects + CEO Laboratory Corporate Secretary DIRECTORS Eisenbud Disc Graphics (631) 231 - 0900 & David Manning Fred engineers Campolo, Middleton David Winchester (631)Maskin 344 - 4747 Jack Kulka Rich Humann, P.E. Scott Brookhaven National John Solar McCormick LLP CleanTechJohn Rocks (631)Bauer 756H2M - 8000 Rebecchi Kulka Construction Corp. architects + SUNation Allan Lippolis Marci Tublisky Littler Mendelson, P.C. Systems Inc. Laboratory Disc Graphics (631) 231& - 0900 Scott Maskin engineers Superior Washer (631) 344 - 4747 Thomas J. Fallarino (631) 293-4525 (631) 750-9454 Dr. Elana Zolfo Treasurer (631) 756 - 8000 SUNation Solar Corp.Lippolis Colonial Norman Weingart CPA Gasket Allan Sales & Marci Tublisky (631) 750 9454 Joe Campolo Mary RogersScott Maskin Marketing Anthony Manetta (631) 273 - 8282 Communications Superior Washer & Campolo, Middleton & BrookhavenSUNation National Solar Richard S. Feldman, (631) 338-1697 Specialist HB Solutions Treasurer Gasket Corp. Norman Weingart McCormick LLP Laboratory Rich (631) Isaac 750 - 9454 Esq.Anthony Leteri (516)738-9100 762-7523 Anthony Manetta (631) 334-4747 (631) 273 - 8282 Communications (631) Rivkin Radler LLP Sandler Training Leteri Waste Services David Winchester Specialist HB Solutions (631) 368Anthony - 5533 Leteri CleanTech Rocks Rich Isaac (516) 762-7523 (631) 231- 3538 Sandler Training Leteri Waste Services David Winchester (631) 231- 3538 (631) 368 - 5533 CleanTech Rocks OFFICERS

ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS SUCCESS Create forums to educate and connec growth and survival. Promote the HIA Trade Show and conference as a foru important connection and discussion business, and workforce developmen ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “GO GREEN”

members. Educate and showcase env HIA-LI COMMITTEES AND CHAIRPEOPLE COMMITTEES AND CHAIRPEOPLE andHIA-LI energy services.

BUSINESS SALES & MARKETING ENVIRONMENTAL/GREEN HUMAN RESOURCES INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS & MARKETING ENVIRONMENTAL/GREEN HUMAN RESOURCES JoySALES Graceffo Mary Locascio DEVELOPMENT Lilia FactorINDUSTRIES L.I. Essential Software Pierre Lespinasse Esq. Joy Graceffo All Island Media and Training Stony Brook Univerisity Factor Law Mary Locascio SECURITY L.I.427 Essential BUILDING Pierre LespinasseGOLF/SPORTS Lilia Factor Esq. H.Y.P.E. (631) 750 1226 (631) - 1083Software (516) 659-9523 (631) 632-1984 All Island Media and Training BUSINESS Stony Brook Univerisity Factor Law Robert Desmond Meg Ryan (631) 750 - 1226 Allan Lippolis 427 - 1083 (631) 632-1984 Insutry One(516) Miriam(631) Hubbard Realty659-9523 Corp Emerald Imaging Superior Washer & Allison Keppel Tony Borelli AoifaDocument OʼDonnell (631) 273-4255 631-319-1620 ext.209 Gasket Corp. PBI Payroll Audacy, Inc. Tom Fox Mass Mutual Financial National EAP, Inc. Miriam Hubbard 273-8282 (212) 315-7083 Tony Borelli (516) 338 - 5454 Aoifa OʼDonnell (631) D & BNello Engineers Group (631)Robertson 588-8102 PBI Payroll Vincent Connor Tom Fox Mass Mutual Financial National EAP, Inc. SOCIAL and Architects 391 - 0300Group x396 Hamptons (516) Carpet One Consulting, Inc. Dan Simon (516) 338 - 5454 D & B Engineers Techworks SECURITY (631) 588-8102 RESPONSIBILITY Floor & Home (631) 285‑1527 Signwave LLC (516) 364 9890 and Architects MANUFACTURING/ 391 0300 x396 (516) (631) 287-1070 SECURITY (631) 761-9292 Allan Lippolis Paule Pachter MANUFACTURING/ (516) 364 - 9890INTERNATIONAL TRADE EDUCATION/ MANUFACTURING/ Long IslandWasher Cares & GOVERNMENT INTERNATIONAL Superior EDUCATION/ WORKFORCE Allan Lippolis INTERNATIONAL TRADEThe Harry Chapin Food EDUCATION/GOVERNMENT RELATIONSRELATIONS TRADE WORKFORCE Robert Lippolis Corp.Washer & BankGasket Superior CONNECTION CONNECTIONWORKFORCE GOVERNMENT RELATIONS Jack Kulka (631) 582-3663 Superior Washer Anthony Manetta Kursad Devecioglu Robert Lippolis (631) 273 Gasket Corp. - 8282 CONNECTION Cedar L.P. Bimser International & Gasket Corp. Washer Lee Silberman KulkaCommunities, Construction Superior Linda Furey Jack Kulka (631) 273 - 8282 (516) 229-1168 Corporation TECHNOLOGY FOR Kelly Imperial Junior Achievement (631) 273-8282 Group & Gasket Corp. Habitat for Humanity Kulka Construction(646) 722-3890 of New York BUSINESS NYITKelly Imperial Chris TECHNOLOGY FOR Group Kent (631) 231 - 0900 (631) 273-8282 of Suffolk (516) 625-9028 (631) 422-4828 BUSINESS Farrell Fritz, P.C. RonMEMBERSHIP Loveland, (631) 348-3121NYIT (631) 231 0900 David Pinkowitz BSE, MBA (631) 348-3121(631) 367-0710 Marie McCallion MEMBERSHIP TECHNOLOGY Summit Safety & Chris Kent David Services Pinkowitz Stony Brook University DCP Marketing RichSolutions Isaac HEALTH & FOR BUSINESS College of Business Farrell Fritz,Chris P.C. Kent Efficiency LLC DCP Marketing Services (631) 642-7239 ENERGY/UTILITIES/ WELLNESS Rich Isaac Sandler Training (631) 632-7476 Farrell Fritz, P.C. Coluccio LLC ENERGY/UTILITIES/(631) 367-0710 (631) 491 - 5343 Sandler Training Chris INFRASTRUCTURE (631) 231 - 3538 TechWorks Negrin-Wiener (631) 367-0710 MEMBERSHIP (631) 491 - 5343 INFRASTRUCTUREMelissa ENERGY/UTILITIES/ (631) 231 - 3538 Consulting Inc. Genser Cona Elder Law Chris Coluccio INFRASTRUCTURE Jack Kulka Raffelina Cipriano (631) 285-1527 (631) 390-5000 Mark Businski Chris Coluccio HEALTHCARE TechWorks Consulting, Inc. Jack Kulka Raffelina Cipriano Primerica Kulka Construction Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein Michael Voltz TechWorks Consulting, Inc. HEALTHCARE & Breitstone, LLP Manny Morales Kulka Construction HUMAN RESOURCES Primerica Group (631) 285 1527 PSEG Long Island (917) 440 - 1925 2M Technologies, Inc.- 1527 (631) 285 Group (516) 470-0185 (631) 844-3819 (917) 440 - 1925 (631) 231-3255 (631) 231 - 0900 Stephanie Curry Christine Ippolito MENTORING, (631) 231 - 0900Sherwood Christine Lumber Ippolito Lisa MitnickMENTORING, Compass Workforce (631) 297-1923 NETWORKING AND Alliance Federal Compass WorkforcePeople’s YOUNG NETWORKING AND Solutions Credit Union YOUNG COMMUNICATIONS Solutions Aoifa O’Donnell PROFESSIONALS (631) 794-7400 (631) 434-3500 COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSIONALS National EAP Inc. 794-7400 (631) ENTERTAINMENT/ Betsy Jacob Michael Capaldo ENTERTAINMENT/(631) 588-8102 Betsy Jacob Michael Capaldo SPORTS SPORTS Sage Solutions Sage Solutions Melissa Negrin-Wiener Melissa Negrin-Wiener (516) (516) 396 - 396 9329- 9329 Genser, Dubow, Genser Carmella Carmella Fazio Fazio - 5388 Genser, Dubow, Genser (516) 984 (516) 984 - 5388 All IslandAll Media Island Media & Cona LLP & Cona LLP RobertRobert DooleyDooley Ann Morrison (516) 297(516) - 9011 Morrison McGiff Halverson, 297 - 9011(631) 390-5000 LLP LLP (631) 390-5000The AmericanAnn Foundation McGiff Halverson, The American Foundation (631) 730 8686 For Suicide Prevention (631) 730 - 8686 For Suicide Prevention (516) 869 (516)- 4215 869 - 4215


VIRTUAL HIA-LI Enable our members to collaborate, deliver added value by sharing know current and future members and the

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Arthur Sanders

Omni Funding Susan H. Gubing Career (516)Smarts 697 - 3900 (631) 979-6452

HIA-LI CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2021 2021 HIA-LI COMMITTEE MEETINGS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5TH | 8:30AM-10:00AM Technology for Business Committee Meeting FRIDAY, JANUARY 7TH | 9:00AM - 10:00AM Membership Committee WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12TH | 8:30AM - 10:00AM Manufacturing Trade THURSDAY, JANUARY 13TH | 8:30AM - 10:00AM Human Resources Committee Meeting FRIDAY, JANUARY 14TH | 8:30AM - 10:00AM Building Business Committee Meeting TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH | 8:30AM -10:00AM HYPE Committee Meeting TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH | 11:00AM - 12:00PM Social Responsibility Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19 | 8:30AM - 10:00AM Education/Work Committee Meeting TH

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19TH | 5:30PM - 7:30PM Building Business Committee Meeting

HIA-LI UPCOMING EVENTS FRIDAY, JANUARY 14TH | 8:00AM - 10:30AM HIA-LI’s 44th Annual Meeting & Legislative Program. Hear updates about the HIA-LI and listen to your local and state representatives discuss their Long Island business initiatives and 2022 economic forecast. Ticket Price: Member In-Person - $50.00. Non-Member In-Person $65.00. Virtual Ticket: $25.00. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH | 8:00AM - 10:00AM HIA-LI’s Tourism and Long Island MacArthur Airport. Hear exciting updates about Long Island MacArthur Airport and learn about how tourism impacts the Local Economy. Ticket Price: Member In-Person - $50.00. Non-Member In-Person $65.00. Virtual Ticket: $25.00. FRIDAY, MARCH 25TH | 8:00AM - 10:00AM HIA-LI’s 28th Annual Economic Summit: Surveying the Future of LI Business. Hear the results of PKFOD’s 2022 Economic Survey & Opinion Poll. Ticket Price: Member In-Person $50.00. Non-Member In-Person - $65.00. Virtual Ticket: $25.00.



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Dear Valued Long Island Business Leader: As Long Island adjusts in this new normal, HIA-LI stands by your side to help ensure a full and successful journey – both for you, and for our entire region. We are your allies for business achievement, and we remain more committed than ever to help: • • • • •

Promote job creation Provide educational and professional development services for Long Island business and the workforce Promote the best in quality and safety Advance the highest professional standards among numerous sectors Organize community assistance initiatives such as through the current pandemic

Joining forces with the business community and the community at large, we’ll keep working to help Long Island confront shared challenges – promote local economic development – and keep our regional economy churning. For example, HIA-LI mobilizes our member companies to advocate for economic expansion. We also promote the growth of the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge, the 1,400-acre business complex whose 55,000-person workforce delivers a remarkable $13 billion in annual output. HIA-LI is here to amplify your voice, your impact, and your market reach. And these days, it’s more critical than ever for Long Island businesses to be visible and prominent – and to let the community know you’re open for business. HIA-LI’s resources serve as an important lifeline for the Long Island business community to connect and grow.

December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 4

And while HIA-LI works hard to maintain the health of the Long Island business sector, we’re also conscious of our duty to be socially responsible – and to protect the health of all who interact with us. So the HIA-LI is continuing to abide by public health protocols set forth by the State and by the CDC. The HIA-LI has also taken this opportunity to continue to ask our members and the LI Business Community what is needed most. We have reinvented the organization to best fit your future needs with new priorities and a new, more cotemporary logo reflecting our hybrid future. Stay tuned for new products to best help your business connect through technology including our new Premium marketplace. This is an ideal moment for real expansion – and HIA-LI continues to stand ready to help champion the full and vibrant recovery of the Long Island business sector. Through teamwork, dedication, and commitment, let’s work together to make our region stronger than ever. Happiest of Holidays to our partners in Business,

Terri Alessi-Miceli HIA-LI President & CEO



The HIA-LI Premium Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind online business platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Company Benefits

Enhanced exposure of your company brand Feature current or new products/services Showcase company videos and photos Instantly communicate and/or book meetings Link your company social media platforms

Package levels For more information or to join now, contact Anthony For more information or to join now, contact Anthony Forgione Forgione at aforgione@hia-li.org or Paige Meyer at at aforgione@hia-li.org pm e y e r @ h i a - l i . o r g or o rcall 6 3 1631-543-5355 -543-5355

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Premium Monthly Premium Yearly



TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU/ YOUR COMPANY STARTED. Business Products Corporation of America was founded in 1969 by my father Peter C Troncale and we quickly became one of the largest independent business machine resellers in the continental United States. We were leaders in equipment finance working with Alan Quin of Hertz Rental Corporation to form their first office equipment leasing department that brought the offering of equipment financing to a wide range of small and medium size business. My individual career with BPC started out while I was still attending high school, I had the highprofile job of sweeping the floors over summer vacation. After graduation, I leaned how to repair the copiers we sold and worked in the service department for two years until I realized the only path to higher compensation was through sales. At which point I became a successful sales representative for the company and eventually moved up to be the President of our sales force.

WHAT WAS A TURNING POINT FOR YOU/YOUR COMPANY? In 1989 we formed our own in-house leasing division that was a major success. We wanted to position our company as a financial entity that specialized at perfecting document printing and management as a source of savings for our clients. As a result, we changed our name from Business Products Corporation of America to OMNI Funding Corp. of America.


December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 6

From our early days as BPC to present our philosophy has always been to look at things through the eyes of the client and to supply value. Omni’s method is based on basic principles of analysis and solution development from a financial viewpoint. We develop a solution that supplies a compelling business reason for implementation.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMPANIES PROFILE TODAY. Omni has adapted our business model as the industry and business environment has changed over the years. We’ve worked with leading companies to promote sustainable products and have formed joint ventures with minority own companies to better serve the business community. We stride to deliver the best rates and customize funding solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We collaborate with our clients as their business environment changes. Today’s office equipment must integrate into specific data management strategies. We offer solutions

“...From our early days as BPC to present our philosophy has always been to look at things through the eyes of the client and to supply value. ...” PETER T. TRONCALE | OMNI FUNDING CORP. OF AMERICA ranging from reducing paper output, document scanning and storage, and security measures involving printed materials, as well as mobile computing issues.

MOVING FORWARD, HOW HAS THE PANDEMIC SHIFTED YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY/ PERSPECTIVE? As the pandemic continues to change the business landscape, we have been working directly with manufacturers to develop small office-home office solutions. One example of these efforts is with our alliance with Xerox Corporation to develop a unique printer offering.

The benefits of which include a low-cost parts and supply maintenance agreement for home use. We are also making distribution agreements for specialized PPE materials such as Covid-19 test kits.

WHAT OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU SEE IN THE FUTURE? We see opportunities for revenue growth in sustainable products and have made financial and strategic alliances to move our company in that direction.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union 13th Annual Turkey Drive Benefiting Island Harvest

Habitat for Humanity Long Island

Canstruction Long Island

Breast Cancer Awareness Day


New York - Albany | Melville | New York City | Riverhead | Suffern | Westchester New Jersey - Central Jersey | Parsippany

Connecticut - Windsor



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H2M is an award-winning multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm with over 480 employees providing design services for the Education, Emergency Services, Energy, Forensic, Municipal, Public Agency, Real Estate, and Water/Wastewater Markets in the Northeast Region.

December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 8

TALK OF THE TOWN Findings of HIA-LI Airport Survey Validated

Applauds Breeze Airways’ Decision To Launch Nonstop Service From Long Island Macarthur Airport By Mark Grossman Mark Grossman Public Relations HIA-LI, one of Long Island’s largest business advocacy organizations, praised the decision by Breeze Airways to select Long Island MacArthur Airport in Islip as its base of operations in New York State – and to initiate nonstop service from the airport to Charleston, SC and Norfolk, VA. The airline’s choice of Long Island MacArthur Airport follows closely on the heels of the October 2021 release of HIA-LI’s Long Island MacArthur Airport Survey. The survey of 504 Long Island businesses – spearheaded and conducted by HIA-LI Board member Joe Campolo, Managing Partner of Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP, a law firm headquartered in Ronkonkoma – found that the addition of more nonstop flights at the airport could potentially generate more than $1 billion in new revenue for the region annually. Mr. Campolo is also a member of the Town of Islip’s Long Island MacArthur Airport Advisory Board The surveyed companies currently spend an average of 36.2 percent of their overall travel budgets at Long Island MacArthur Airport. But if the airport were to add additional nonstop flights, respondents said that this percentage would rise to 78.8 percent, a 218-percent increase. Breeze Airways, which began operations in May, presently serves 18 cities in 14 states. The airline was founded by David Neeleman, co-founder of JetBlue as well as three other successful air carriers. Breeze will begin non-stop service from MacArthur Airport to the two cities in February 2022. HIA-LI also applauded the leadership of Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter for aggressively promoting the airport’s expansion. “Long Island MacArthur is a regional asset. We are thrilled the business community, and particularly HIA-LI, has partnered with us to promote and support the airport, as we continue to work with all of our carriers: American Airlines, Frontier

Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and our newest carrier, Breeze, to bring Long Island more travel options,” said Islip Town Supervisor, Angie Carpenter. “Those committed to Long Island’s long-term economic future must always take into account the value of our regional travel infrastructure,” said HIA-LI President and CEO Terri Alessi-Miceli. “The Long Island MacArthur Airport Survey contributed to the groundswell of business and government support for attracting new, nonstop carriers like Breeze to our region. HIA-LI will build on this momentum as we head into the new year.” “Long Island MacArthur Airport already stands as an important economic development asset for the SuffolkNassau region,” said Richard Humann, PE, President and CEO of H2M architects + engineers and serves as Chairperson of the HIA-LI board. “Our survey aimed to help the airport build momentum toward expanding its schedule of nonstop offerings, and the addition of Breeze Airways is an important first-step in that process.” “MacArthur Airport is a critical asset to the Long Island business community. When the data from the survey started pouring in, it was clear that private industry strongly supports the airport while recognizing the need for more nonstop travel destinations,” said Mr. Campolo. “Now, the addition of Breeze Airways at MacArthur Airport will open up more possibilities for the Long Island region and opportunities for further economic advancement.” ABOUT HIA-LI Now in its 43rd year, HIA-LI is one of Long Island’s largest business advocacy organizations. It also represents the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge, the largest industrial park in the Northeast. The park supports 55,000 jobs, produces $13 billion in goods and services each year, and accounts for eight percent of Long Island’s gross domestic product. For more information, go to www.HIA-LI.org.


4 Easy Steps For Securing A Business Loan By Joseph F. Burns First Senior Vice President Director of New York Commercial Banking Valley Bank One Jericho Plaza Jericho, NY 11753 Phone: 516-465-2326 Email: jburns@valley.com www.valley.com

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or have been running one for years, you’ll inevitably need to figure out how to fund it.

1. Nail down the “why” Almost any business would benefit from an influx of capital, but it helps to have an idea how you plan to use it. In fact, your lender will need to know the purpose of the loan you’re requesting, so determining that is your first step in the process. Here are some of the most common reasons to get a business loan: • • • • • • •

Startup costs Equipment financing Emergency spending Cash flow problems Refinancing debt Covering day-to-day expenses Planning for growth or expansion, including purchasing an existing business

2. Determine how big a loan you can afford to take on While you might be tempted to ask for as much funding as you can get, it’s a bad idea. By taking on too large a loan, your business could end up drowning in debt. To figure out how much you can afford to borrow and make sure you have enough revenue coming in to cover your anticipated monthly payment, consider: • •

Using a calculator to crunch the numbers Calculating your debt service coverage ratio (DCSR) by dividing your average monthly net income by your anticipated monthly loan payment (it should at least be greater than one) Doing a free loan performance analysis online

3. Figure out which type of business loan is right for you Your local bank is a good place to start, whether you’re looking to refinance debt, purchase equipment and inventory, purchase commercial real estate, grow your business or cover daily expenses. Other options include applying for a term loan or business line of credit. Some banks also offer special rates for low- to moderate-income business owners through community lending programs. You can also use invoice financing if you’re having a cash flow problem or apply for a merchant cash advance, but these two options can be expensive. 4. Take the time to prepare before you apply Depending on how many years you’ve been in business, your personal credit score and/or your business credit score, your loan options might be limited. You may need to bring those scores up before you can apply for a loan. You should also keep an average balance of at least $5,000 in your business checking account. Lenders will also require some, or all, of the following documentation:

• • • • •

Income statement Balance sheet Annual revenue Personal tax returns Business tax returns

Now that you’ve figured out which business loan is right for you and have your paperwork in order, you’re ready to go! Stick to applying to no more than two loans at a time, otherwise, it can hurt your credit score. And don’t be afraid to compare loans to find the best option. Once your application is approved, you’ll need to be patient—the underwriting process can take a while. Lastly, before you sign your loan agreement, be sure to review it for hidden or unexpected fees. Contact Valley and talk to our expert advisors to learn more about which type of loan is best for you. Valley Bank is a regional bank with approximately $41 billion in assets. Valley is committed to giving people and businesses the power to succeed. Valley operates many convenient branch locations across New Jersey, New York, Florida and Alabama, and is committed to providing the most convenient service, the latest innovations and an experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to meeting customer needs. Helping communities grow and prosper is the heart of Valley’s corporate citizenship philosophy. To learn more about Valley, go to www.valley.com or call our Customer Care Center at 800-522-4100. Valley Bank can provide your company with the financial services and advice you need to ensure that your business recovers today and thrives tomorrow. To learn more, contact Joseph F. Burns at (516) 465-2326 or by email at jburns@ valley.com.

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While getting a business loan may seem like the most obvious solution, the actual process of doing so can be intimidating. But rest assured — there are many lending options for small business owners and securing funding may not be as difficult as you think. To get started, follow these four easy steps for how to get a business loan.

If you have a business plan, you may have already determined some of these reasons.

Business owners find ways to save money at PSEGLINY.com/BUSINESS


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PSEG Long Island is proud to safely support local businesses like Reyes Deli with our energy efficiency programs. LED lighting rebates are just one of the ways we are helping thousands of businesses save energy and money every year. Just as the Copiague community counts on Reyes Deli, Long Island businesses can always rely on us. Together, we’re powering through.


5 Ways Estate Planning and Life Insurance Work Together Best Ideas Group, Inc. Michael Giller - Co-Founder Charles Horn - Co-Founder 60 North Country Road Suite 104 Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Phone: 631-979-4600 Info@BestIdeasGroupInc.com BestIdeasGroupInc.com

Here are five things to consider in the context of your estate plan when thinking about purchasing, or dropping, a life insurance policy: 1. Life insurance is an excellent planning tool for young families. Young couples just starting life together often do not have a lot of assets. They are at the beginning of their careers so their earnings are not at their peak. In addition, they may carry significant student loan debt or a large mortgage. The birth of a child is often the event that motivates them to purchase life insurance so that if one of them passes away, the survivor will have sufficient funds to stay in the house and raise the children. Considerations such as the impact the loss of one spouse’s income will have on the ability to pay the bills and educate the children should be analyzed when determining whether and how much life insurance to purchase. 2. Life insurance is taxable in the insured’s estate (often).

Many people are confused about the taxability of life insurance. In most cases, life insurance proceeds are not taxable income to the person who receives them. For example, if my aunt names me as the beneficiary of her $100,000 life insurance policy, that $100,000 is not taxable income to me. However, life insurance proceeds are a taxable asset of the insured’s estate if the insured owned the policy or had the right to cancel, surrender, or assign the policy or change the policy’s beneficiary. As such, although I will not pay income tax on the $100,000 of life insurance proceeds my aunt left me, those proceeds will be included in my aunt’s taxable estate and will increase the estate tax liability if my aunt’s estate is large enough to require the payment of federal or state estate tax. 3. Life insurance can be an easy way to solve a hard problem. Life insurance can be a good way to address a situation that is creating stress in planning. For example, spouses in a second marriage who want to leave premarriage assets to children from a prior marriage but also want to take care of their spouse, could purchase life insurance payable to the surviving spouse while benefiting children with the pre-marital assets.

taxes. For those who have a taxable estate (i.e., more than $11.7 million federally in 2021 and $1 million in Massachusetts), life insurance can be a good way to provide liquidity to pay that tax which is due nine months after death. However, if the life insurance policy is owned by the deceased, then the life insurance proceeds are added to the taxable estate thereby increasing the estate tax liability. Purchasing and owning life insurance in an irrevocable trust will prevent the life insurance proceeds from being part of the insured’s taxable estate thereby preserving the full value of the insurance for the family. 5. Review your life insurance on a regular basis. Life insurance is not an asset that should be purchased and then never looked at again. As time goes by, needs change and life insurance purchased 10 years ago may no longer be sufficient or may no longer be needed. It is advisable to work with an experienced life insurance agent, a financial planner, and an estate planning attorney to ensure that you purchase and retain insurance that meets your goals and is best suited for your needs.

Families with a special needs child who want to ensure that funds are available for the child’s lifetime to provide for housing or other needs may use life insurance to fund a trust for the child. 4. Life insurance can be a good way to pay estate

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VoIPX can help you and your employees work efficiently in both the office and remote environments. We now offer WiFi office phones, Mobile Phone Apps, PC Apps, and Mac Apps. All of these devices can be used seamlessly as part of the office phone system. Clients will have no idea that employees are out of the office. Now that’s efficiency! VoIPX International is a 100% U.S. based company established in 2009 and headquartered in Long Island, New York. VoIPX is a leading provider of CloudBased Communication Solutions in the states and around the globe. We are dedicated to businesses that are focused on cost savings and time management when it comes to their telecom needs. If you ever need support after normal working hours, we are here to support you!

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keepingcurrent As 2021 Comes To Close, Will You Help Provide A Meal For Our Neighbors In Need?

assistance is more manageable this year then it was in 2020, 215,000 people on Long Island is still too many people needing food to feed their families.

By Paule T. Pachter, A.C.S.W., L.M.S.W. Chief Executive Officer Long Island Cares, Inc. The Harry Chapin Regional Food Bank 10 Davids Drive – Harry Chapin Way Hauppauge, New York 11788 Office: 631.582.3663 x 101 www.licares.org

Food banks, soup kitchens and emergency food pantries across the country are gearing up for what has always been the busiest time of the year as we prepare for Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and then looking forward to the New Year and how we can support our local communities. This is the time of year when many individuals and businesses on Long Island are thinking about ways to help those in need, donate to their favorite charities, and are generally in a giving spirit. There are literally thousands of nonprofit charitable organizations throughout Long Island that are well deserving of your support, and I hope that as you read this column, you’ll think about supporting those causes that are near and dear to you and your family. Although our region is experiencing a rise in inflation, gas prices approaching $4.00 per gallon, and the average supermarket visit up by nearly 20%, many people are doing well financially as consumer purchasing is on the rise especially shopping online, and people have not been travelling in record numbers due to spikes in cases of the Coronavirus. Prior to COVID-19, I reported that there had been

a decrease in the overall number of Long Islanders described as being food insecure, as per Feeding America’s “Map the Meal Gap” report. The numbers of people struggling with food insecurity in our region dropped again this year from 259,000 to 218,000 or 15.8% based upon third-quarter data for 2021 provided by Feeding America. With unemployment at a decline, more people are finding employment and improve their ability to be more self-sufficient. As we enter the holiday season and a New Year, there will still be vulnerable populations including seniors, veterans, immigrants and many children relying on our region’s emergency food network for some of their meals. We also know that the number of people accessing Long Island Cares’ six community-based satellite locations decreased to 57,229 so far this year which represents a decrease of 14.5% over the same period last year. We are seeing increases in the number of seniors participating in our home delivery food program, and more than 700 people visited our new Essential Market in Bethpage during our first month of operations. As the need for emergency food

There are too many children, seniors, Veterans, homeless, disabled, immigrants, and others living in poverty and even 200% above poverty in our region, and many of them deserve your support this holiday season and throughout the year. Long Islanders have a very rich history of giving. This was very clear in 1980 when Harry Chapin founded Long Island Cares as the first food bank in our region, and it continues today, forty-one years later when private donations to our organization account for a significant percentage of our annual budget. So, will you help provide a holiday meal to our neighbors in need this year? Of course you will, and you can do it by visiting your local food pantry, soup kitchen, senior center, Head Start program, mental health treatment program, Veterans Services agency, LGBTQ program, drug treatment and rehabilitation program, day care center, disabilities day habilitation program, special education school, or going online to: www.unitedwayli.org, www.guidestar.org, www. charitynavigator.org, which is also where you can find more information about our local nonprofit charities, including Long Island Cares-The Harry Chapin Food Bank. Let’s make the holidays and the New Year happy for our families, and another family who might be in need.




Contact pmeyer@hia-li.org for info! Contact aforgione@hia-li.org formore more info!

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WOMEN LEADING THE WAY - SPECIAL SECTION December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 14

Year-End Is Rapidly Approaching: Is Your Estate Plan Up to Date? With more than twenty attorneys exclusively dedicated and focused in Trusts & Estates, Farrell Fritz is on the forefront of these issues helping clients navigate the road ahead.

Want to learn more? www.farrellfritz.com 400 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 I 516.227.0700 I www.farrellfritz.com Albany I Hauppauge I New York Cit y I Water Mill At to r ney Ad ver t i s in g



When it comes to Labor and Employment law,

a multidimensional perspective is key Our Labor and Employment attorneys have years of experience advising both employers and employees, giving us the critical perspective clients need to successfully navigate the complex laws governing the workplace. Yale Pollack, Esq. Head of Labor & Employment

Compliance with Employment Laws Wage & Hour Litigation Employee and Employer Disputes Documents and Agreements Harassment and Discrimination

(631) 738-9100 ext. 303


1025 Old Country Road Suite 405 Westbury, NY 11590


4175 Veterans Memorial Highway Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


554 East Main Street Suite 1 Riverhead, NY 11901

Attorney Advertising

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WOMEN LEADING THE WAY the importance of being able to bring different voices to the table and how that is a priority for her when she looks for the right players to be a part of her team. When work-life balance was brought up, the panelists discussed a plethora of different mantras they all try to abide by in their daily life including, “trying to be present”, “going to the gym to ensure ‘me time’”, “collaborating with co-workers to have them realize that there is a life to be lived outside of work” and “recognizing that you n November 19th, the HIA-LI got together a panel can’t do it all so learning to be patient with yourself is key.” of strong Long Island businesswomen together to conduct our 11th Annual Women Leading the Way The final portion of the event included audience members getting to engage with the panelists asking them questions Executive Leadership Program. about how they deal with strenuous situations at the office, Domenique Camacho Moran, Partner at Farrell Fritz P.C. acted what a mentor means to them and asking them for one piece of as Moderator and kept the conversation moving between advice. The pieces of advice offered from the panel included, our panel of powerful women leaders which consisted of Lisa “being intentional with your words and decisions in order Mirabile, President/CEO of Vertigo Media Group, Lauren to be successful”, “be the manager (or employee) that you Nichols, President of 3G Warehouse, Inc., Karen Boorshtein, would want to work for”, “go for it, try it and reach for your President/CEO of Family Service League and Natalie Wright, goals” and “listen, listen, listen to the people around you.” Commissioner of Suffolk County Economic Development & The HIA-LI is committed to continuing the women’s initiative Planning. Altogether they spoke about gaining confidence in for years to come. business, leadership styles, and how they got to where they are today while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 16


Domenique opened the conversation by saying, we need to make sure that we are constantly keeping the dialogue open about what women leaders can do, how they can enhance their organizations and how we can learn from each other. After the panelists introduced themselves, they dove into how they get the confidence to make very significant decisions in their job every day and where it comes from. Natalie Wright said, “It’s really about weighing the pros and cons and moving forward because sometimes it’ll be the right decision and sometimes it’s not the right decision. Be prepared to take ownership for whatever decisions you make.” The topic shifted into discussing different perspectives each of the panelists had on how they manage their business. Lauren Nichols talked about the art of being able to identify the worst-case scenario in a situation in order to move forward and eventually come up with well thought out solutions. All the panelists spoke on the difficulty of working through a pandemic and how great work can be accomplished by not sitting at your desk which has been a real eye opener for most people in the working world. Since COVID, the culture of the workplace has shifted a bit, however, Lauren reassured her employees who were considered “essential” during the pandemic that they would be able to get through it by reiterating to them that they are “valued, respected and heard.” Domenique then brought up how demanding it can be for a boss to put together a diverse, well-rounded team of hard workers which prompted Karen Boorshtein to talk about


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WE MAKE IT OUR BUSINESS TO BE PERSONAL. City National® proudly supports Hauppauge Industrial Association Long Island. For more information about City National Bank’s Commercial Banking services, please contact Cristina Givelechian at (516) 370-7104

Discover The way up® at CNB.com.

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City National Bank Member FDIC. City National Bank is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. ©2020 City National Bank. All Rights Reserved.


631-543-5355 or visit our website www.hia-li.org

Federal Credit Union

We Put People First,


People’s Alliance

Even In Our Name!

125 Wireless Blvd. • Hauppauge, NY 11788 • www.pafcu.org • (631) 434-3500 Brooklyn, NY • Brooklyn, NY (718) 643-4506

(718) 797-2988

• Jamaica, NY • Jamaica, NY • (718) 656-1774

(718) 206-4600 x 3037

Miami, FL (305) 261-1255

• Ronkonkoma, NY • Westbury, NY • Yonkers, NY (631) 580-3702

(516) 832-8100

(914) 963-1370

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Let us show you how we can save you money. Visit pafcu.org or call (631) 434-3500 today!

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2022 MAJOR EVENTS Honoring distinguished Long Island executives & business leaders [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [

] January 14 ] February 16 ] March 25 ] April 29 ] June 16 ] July 18 ] September 22 ] October 28 ] November 18 ] December 8

HIA-LI 44th Annual Meeting & Legislative Program HIA-LI Tourism and Long Island MacArthur Airport HIA-LI 28th Annual LI Economic Summit HIA-LI Long Island Innovation Park Hauppauge and Tradable Sectors: Current & Future Growth HIA-LI Scholarship Program and Job Fair HIA-LI's 43rd Annual Golf Outing HIA-LI 28th Annual Business Achievement Awards Gala HIA-LI 14th Annual Energy & Environmental Update HIA-LI 12th Annual Women's Leadership Executive Program HIA-LI Those Who Make a Difference Celebration

LEADERSHIP EXECUTIVE PROGRAMMING [ ] February 8 [ ] April 7 [ ] October 6 [ ] December 1

Executive Insight - Clare Cusack, President & CEO of New York Bankers Association CEO Forum - Pat Dolan, Owner & President of Newsday Media CEO Forum CEO Forum


Long Island's largest B2B Trade Show - make connections & close deals at one conference! [ ] May 11 [ ] May 26 [ ] May 26

HIA-LI Pre-Trade Show Networking Event HIA-LI 34th Annual Business Trade Show & Conference HIA-LI 34th Annual Business Trade Show: Executive Breakfast

NEW & PROSPECTIVE MEMBER INFORMATION MEETINGS Get to know HIA-LI! Learn about our organization, get involved & meet other HIA-LI members! [ ] April 8 [ ]February 11 [ ] August 26 [ ] October 21 MEMBER APPRECIATION NETWORKING

Complimentary networking and trivia with the HIA-LI business community and highlight of new HIA-LI Members the third Friday of the month. Dates TBD.

Programming designed to help Long Island small businesses thrive in a competitive economy.

[ ] April [ ] November 4

Small Business Task Force: Spring Open Forum Small Business Task Force: Fall Open Forum

SPECIAL NETWORKING EVENTS Connect with the business community at unique Long Island venues [ ] August 11

Networking Boat Cruse


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BUSINESS GROWS HERE. Success in today’s global marketplace demands forward-

At the Suffolk County IDA, our economic development

thinking ideas, clear goals and the resources – human

professionals can be your gateway to the workforce and financial

and financial - to realize your corporate vision. In Suffolk

assets that make our region the perfect location to grow and

County, we understand a pro-business outlook, backed

expand your business. We will:

by governmental initiatives that support innovation and

• provide access to financial incentives, tax abatements and other

December 2021 - The HIA-LI Reporter Page 22

market growth, are essential to our region’s economic vitality and sustainability. It’s why the pharma, bio-tech, healthcare and small to medium size manufacturing sectors are booming in Suffolk County.

financial resources to lower relocation and/or expansion costs • connect you with local and regional resources including workforce training, supply chain vendors and new business channels • expedite all local, regional and state approvals and permitting

Isn’t it time for you to grow your business with Suffolk County? Let’s talk about what the Suffolk IDA can do for your business. Call or email us today. 631-853-4802 • INFO@SUFFOLKIDA.ORG



Interests vs. Positions: Guidelines for “Getting to Yes” and Avoiding Negotiation Jiu-Jitsu By Joe Campolo, Esq. Managing Partner Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP (631) 738-9100 jcampolo@cmmllp.com

There is a single orange sitting on a kitchen table and two sisters want it. What is the solution to appease both sisters? 1. You can split the orange in half and give one half to each sister. 2. The older sister can receive the whole orange. 3. Flip a coin, and the winning sister will receive the whole orange. Let’s say you split the orange in half to be fair to both sisters. Now, each sister has half of an orange. The younger sister proceeds to eat her half, but still feels hungry afterward. She throws the peel in the garbage. The older sister uses her half to zest the peel and make an orange cake. She has no use for the orange itself, so she throws it out. In the attempt to make it fair for the sisters by giving them each half of the orange, we’ve just committed a crucial negotiation error: we’ve assumed each sister’s position and incorrectly guessed their interests. If we asked the older sister what she wanted to do with the orange, she might have said she needed the peel for her cake. If we asked the younger sister why she needed the orange, she might have replied that she wanted a snack. If we had asked these questions, we would have discovered a fourth solution to appease both sisters: one receives the peel, and one receives the fruit itself. A win-win scenario. Of course, not every negotiation is this simple. However, understanding the difference between a person’s interests and positions could be the difference between negotiation success… or a miserable flop. A win-win negotiation is one in which both parties find alignment between their interests to create value for both sides. A negotiator’s position might be what they want (an orange), but their interest is why they want it (to eat it or use to make a cake).

In one of my previous negotiation blogs, I discussed how to utilize active listening as a powerful negotiation tool to gather information. Now, you can use active listening to gather information, and then determine a solution that aligns with the interests of both parties. Roger Fisher and William Ury outline this in their book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Here are some key considerations to find alignment: Ask “why” and separate positions from interests As in the orange example, don’t assume the opposing party’s position to be their underlying interest. Let’s consider an example that Fisher and Ury highlight in their book: Two men disagree about a window: one wants it open, while the other one wants it closed. They go back and forth on leaving it open, closed, halfway shut, slightly ajar, and so on. Then a third person walks into the room and asks why the first man wants the window open. He replies that he wanted some fresh air. The third person asks the second man why he wants the window closed. He replies that he wanted to avoid the draft. The third person thinks for a moment and then proceeds to open a window in the next room, bringing in fresh air while avoiding the draft at the same time: a win-win. When you find out the “why,” aka underlying interests, of the parties involved in a negotiation, it’s easier to find what both parties value to create a win-win scenario. Ditch the “winner vs. loser” mentality Too often, negotiations are viewed in black and white terms: there is a loser and a winner, and the name of the game is to “win.” Emotions run rampant, and the negotiation plays out with a “you vs. them” undercurrent. When this happens, try to frame issues as an open discussion in which the opposing party feels comfortable with you. For example, if you’re trying to negotiate with the seller of a building you are buying, try not to get locked into a game of negotiation jiujitsu in which there’s a cycle of action and reaction. This happens when the seller names their price, you refuse and go lower, then

they refuse and maintain their original price without budging. This mentality creates a situation where you as the buyer think the only way to win is to lock in the low price. Instead, try looking at the bigger picture and address the basic concerns of the opposing party. Perhaps the building has issues with the roof or needs a structural upgrade. These discussions could be steered toward a suggestion for the current owner in which you imply that they are better off selling the building to you at a lower price than fixing it themselves. By framing it this way, both you and the current building owner could feel like winners. Have your BATNA ready We’ve talked about BATNA before on this blog. Fisher and Ury coined the term, which stands for “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.” Essentially, it’s a Plan B to provide negotiating power and serves as your bottom line in a negotiation. Having a BATNA at the ready helps you avoid doing negotiation jiu-jitsu in which you go back and forth with your counterpart until there is no solution to be found. Let’s use the example of a car salesman and a would-be purchaser. If the person trying to buy a car wants to spend around $20,000 but would pay no more than $25,000, that means their BATNA is $25,000: the worst-case scenario that would still lead to a successful negotiation and outcome for both parties involved. For the salesman, their goal could be to sell a car for $27,000 but their BATNA could be $22,000. Therefore, if the salesman and the person interested in the car negotiate with their BATNAs in mind, the car could be sold for somewhere between $22,000 and $25,000. In Summary… Distinguishing what someone wants and why they want it, using win-win tactics, and having a BATNA prepared can help you avoid negotiation jiu-jitsu to gain a favorable outcome for both yourself and your negotiation counterpart. The next time you find yourself locked in a negotiation that seems like it has no end, try to dig deeper and uncover the underlying interests of the person you are negotiating with. You might find a hidden path to “getting to yes.”

Make a difference Because…the need continues

631-873-4775 www.islandharvest.org HAUPPAUGE • UNIONDALE • CALVERTON • MELVILLE

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Thanks to the community, we helped 600,000 families this past year!


Do you have a passion you want to share with others? Hofstra Continuing Education is looking for instructors to bring new and exciting adult education programs to the university. Courses can be designed to help others develop skills in the workplace, discover a new hobby, or enrich their personal lives. Current course offerings include: • Bookkeeping Certificate Program • Certified Financial Planner • Executive Education • Information Technology • Insurance Studies and Licensing • Pottery • Real Estate Studies To submit a course idea, please visit ce.hofstra.edu and select “Apply to Teach a Course”

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12/3/21 3:56 PM

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Please conside rd our Her d’s Holi onating to day Wis h list. Scan th e QR co de to se comple e the te list.

PAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN 829 Old Nichols Road Islandia, NY 11749 www.pal-o-mine.org

Visit Dec our Holi d Dec 9th - 10 ay Shop am 10th pe Dec 2 11th 12pm - pm 6 - 9a m - 4 pm pm


How To Retire With A Guaranteed Paycheck For Life These payments can last for the rest of your life or, you can have a joint payout that provides income for the rest of your life and your spouse’s life! Having that guarantee can help when you aren’t getting a regular paycheck from an employer anymore.

Best Ideas Group, Inc. Michael Giller - Co-Founder Charles Horn - Co-Founder 60 North Country Road Suite 104 Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Phone: 631-979-4600 Info@BestIdeasGroupInc.com BestIdeasGroupInc.com

Does the thought of retirement fill you with stress or with happiness? Everyone wants to spend their retirement in a way that brings them the most joy, whether that’s traveling the world or spending extra time at home with grandkids. When you’re planning your retirement, you should have all the tools at your disposal to make sure you’re able to retire stress- free. Annuities are a one-of-a-kind retirement savings tool that can help supplement other forms of retirement income and provide you with peace of mind in retirement. In fact, it’s the only financial instrument that can guarantee you a paycheck for the rest of your life! Think of an annuity as a pension you fund yourself. What exactly is an annuity? An annuity is contract issued by an insurance company. You fund an annuity with a premium (either one single premium or multiple premiums over time) and when you decide you’re ready, you turn the contract into a stream of income payments.

There are several different types of annuities but the easiest way to start is to decide whether you’re ready to receive income now or later. If you’re in or near retirement, you can purchase an immediate annuity. As the name suggests, an immediate annuity begins payouts almost immediately after you purchase. If you have a little time before you retire, you can select a deferred annuity. A deferred annuity lets you accumulate earnings for a period of time, and then when you’re ready, you can begin receiving income payments. You will also need to decide how much risk you want to take with your annuity. A variable annuity is the riskiest type, tying gains and losses to market gains and losses (meaning you can lose money). A fixed indexed annuity allows you to participate in market gains without having to worry about market losses (although with this type you may earn 0% in a given year). The simplest type of annuity is a fixed annuity. This annuity has all of the benefits of the other two types (tax deferral and a guaranteed income for life) but the interest rate is fixed so you will not

experience market losses or have a year where you aren’t credited any interest. Knowing exactly how much money you where you aren’t credited any interest. Knowing exactly how much money you will accumulate can make planning for retirement much easier. The benefits of an annuity? Although lifetime income is an exciting benefit, it’s not the only benefit of an annuity. Annuities also offer the benefit of tax deferral. Tax deferral means you don’t pay taxes on the interest you earn right away. That’s exciting because the money you would have paid to the government in taxes each year is still working for you, earning interest until you decide to make a withdrawal. And since most people are in retirement (and usually a lower tax bracket) when they begin taking withdrawals, they end up paying less tax overall on the same money. How to pick the right annuity? An annuity can help ease any worries about outliving your money with a guaranteed paycheck for the rest of your life. First, think through when you want to start receiving income (now or later). Next, decide what level of risk feels right to you. From there, find a company that provides the type of annuity you’re looking for. It’s important to make sure the insurance company has a strong financial history and great reviews from customers.


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keepingcurrent Residential Segregation on Long Island: What We Can Do About It By Lee Silberman Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk, Inc. 643 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, NY 11953 (631) 504-4258 lee@habitatsuffolk.org www.habitatsuffolk.org Today, Long Island – the place we call home – has the unfortunate distinction of being America’s most racially segregated metropolitan region, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Across Long Island, the legacy of unequal housing opportunities continues to create barriers constraining the potential for racial and ethnic minorities to achieve the typical outcomes tied to homeownership. Currently, only 63 percent of Black households across Nassau and Suffolk counties own their homes, whereas 85 percent of non-Hispanic Whites do. According to Long Island Divided, a groundbreaking 2019 Newsday study of the impact of segregation, the majority of Black residents are concentrated in just 11 of Long Island’s 291 communities – a grim testament to years of racial bias. The impact of residential segregation on Long Island resonates in profoundly destructive ways. Segregated neighborhoods create segregated, under-resourced schools. Limited housing opportunities lead to overcrowded conditions within neighborhoods bursting at the seams and unable to meet the demand for housing. These limitations constrain regional growth and encourage people – especially the young – to flee the region. How We Got Here The roots of Long Island’s residential segregation reach back through many decades and involve many players, both private and public. Among the key factors were the Federal

Housing Administration and the G.I. Bill of Rights. The FHA was formed in the aftermath of the Great Depression with a noble mission: to make homeownership more available to low- and moderate-income Americans by insuring their mortgages. Unfortunately, the FHA’s formula for determining which properties were eligible for such insurance incorporated “redlining” – the practice of deliberately denying financial aid to communities of color. The G.I. Bill was a piece of bipartisan legislation that historians have generally praised for its far-seeing policy of rewarding service in the military. While the G.I. Bill’s language did not specifically exclude African-American veterans from its benefits, it was structured in a way that ultimately shut doors for the 1.2 million Black veterans who had bravely served their country during World War II, in segregated ranks. Although explicit racial covenants – used famously by Author Levitt to restrict non-Caucasian ownership within his Levittown developments – were outlawed in 1949, with “redlining” being outlawed by the Fair Housing Act of 1968, other roadblocks to equitable homeownership, particularly locally-based zoning regulations, have risen in their stead. Rather than restricting access to housing based on race, exclusionary zoning requirements – such as minimum lot and home size – drove up housing production costs and limited supply. Where We Can Go Unwinding decades of exclusionary housing policy seems a daunting, perhaps impossible task, especially when one considers that race-based housing discrimination continues to thrive in Long Island’s private sector. In 2019, Newsday published a blockbuster three-year investigative study finding evidence of widespread separate and unequal treatment of non-White homebuyers by private real estate agents. Prompted by the public outcry over Newsday’s study, the New York State Senate commissioned a report calling for improved education and oversight of real estate agents,

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“The Task Force… recognizes that zoning is one of the root causes of redlining and segregation in Suffolk County. Changes to zoning that would enable a more even distribution of a variety of housing stock can help provide more options in housing choices by type and location. This would help to remove barriers to housing for residents looking to buy and would help to combat redlining and segregation in Long Island communities.” Unfortunately, doing away with restrictive zoning is a very difficult task. Localities – often led by the school board, augmented by local “NIMBY-style” opponents, have been enormously effective at derailing plans to increase the diverse stock of affordable housing on Long Island. Absent legislation at the State level to override local zoning control – none of which is currently pending – the affordable housing crisis and its associated ills will persist indefinitely. The good news is that other states facing the same set of issues, notably Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Illinois, have taken steps to limit the ability of localities to kill affordable housing projects. Perhaps, New York State can take a hint from them. At my organization, Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk County, we know that there is no single “magic bullet” solution to the affordable housing crisis on Long Island. Our mission – to build homes, communities, and hope for those with low incomes who otherwise may not be able to access homeownership – will not be accomplished overnight. We will continue to advocate and lobby for anti-racist housing and land-use policies at the local, state and federal levels that seek to increase racial equity in homeownership, and we hope that you will support this effort.

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as did the Suffolk County Legislature, whose Fair Housing Task Force issued a report calling for similar measures as well as calling for zoning reform:





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FAST FACTS Women in Leadership

The share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reached an all-time high of 7.4% in 2020, with 37 women heading major firms.


Source: Pew Research

Women comprise 8% of executive boards and 10% of C-suites. This number has remained unchanged over the last 2 years. Source: IBM Report: Women, Leadership and Missed Opportunities



In 2020, a reported 14 percent of US startups had a female CEO.

Source: 2020 Women in US Technology Leadership Report

41 percent of women worldwide believe their employers could better support them by providing learning opportunities & more resources such as networking or mentorship programs.



Source: Statista

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NEW MEMBER PROFILES and their time-starved customers. Drivers pick up the package and are responsible for delivering it directly to the customer. After pickup, merchants and customers can track the package journey in real-time. To ensure good customer service, the driver is available to communicate with the customer and sends photo proof of delivery to the merchant. A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc. Rick Rand 1490 N Clinton Ave Bay Shore NY 11706 Main Number- 631-969-2600 www.aplustechnology.com A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc. is a systems integrator specializing in the convergence of physical security and IT infrastructure solutions, headquartered in Bay Shore, NY. Since 1989, A+ Technology & Security Solutions has been providing integrated solutions to schools, law enforcement, local, state, and federal governmental agencies, healthcare, and commercial organizations. A+ Technology & Security Solutions is widely recognized as a trusted expert in security and public safety and providing efficient and innovative solutions with a proven and vetted track record of success.

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Trellus Inc. 74 W. Park Ave. Long Beach, NY 11561 1.833.LocalLi Adam Haber, Co-founder/CEO adam@bytrellus.com www.bytrellus.com

Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery & Marketplace is a network of small and homebased businesses, retailers, and professional services leveraging same-day local delivery to save time and money. While e-commerce and big-box giants compete on price, Trellus helps merchants compete on time-savings, with on-demand, same-day delivery. Trellus’ same-day delivery service is designed to help small businesses increase their bottom line by adapting to consumer needs and moving from in-store loyalty to online sales. Consumer demand for fast and convenient local delivery from small businesses is growing, but too many independent retailers lack the ability and resources to compete. Trellus provides an affordable solution with a technology platform designed for merchants

While Trellus has aspirations to scale beyond its current territory of Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens, the company at heart is a solution designed by entrepreneurs for small business owners. Trellus recently closed on a $2 million seed funding round with plans to embark on a Series A round in 2022. Looking ahead to its next phase of growth, Trellus plans to launch an online marketplace that will connect customers to local businesses, and is growing its sales and customer success teams, who will provide best-in-class experiences for merchant partners.

VTE sources its equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry and combines it with a high quality installation by our experienced construction teams to provide our customers with the confidence knowing that the job is done properly the first time around. We strive to communicate with our customers throughout the entire elevator install to ensure a successful installation. Our goal is to provide a quality product combined with a quality installation!

Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks 191 Main Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 | (516) 927-8770 2189 Jericho Turnpike Commack, NY 11725 | (631) 888-3262 1851 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706 | (631) 609-1425

Fogo de Chão 160 Walt Whitman Rd, Suite 1108B Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-382-6601 Fogo de Chão is a full-service Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria located at Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station. Fogo boasts a beautiful bar and lounge, all season outdoor space, main dining room and private event spaces.

Vertical Transportation Experts 2704 Grand Ave, Suite 8 Bellmore, NY 11710 (929) 337-6987 www.vte-ny.com Vertical Transportation Experts(VTE) provides solutions for your vertical transportation and ADA accessibility needs. We install commercial and residential hydraulic and traction elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and more...

Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks is a fast-casual and fun dining experience that began as a way to bring an authentic Philly Cheesesteak to Long Island. We married a family nickname with a passion for cheesesteaks and opened in April 2014 as a Food Truck in a single location in Bay Shore, N.Y. Demand grew quickly, so we added a second truck that enabled us to bring a taste of Philly across Long Island to festivals, private parties, breweries and more. Over time, we became much more than cheesesteaks, expanding our menu to include a host of comfort food and family-friendly items such as: gourmet fries, empanadas, specialty hot dogs, breakfast items, and a kids menu with our homemade mac ‘n cheese! Most recently, we brought our Food Truck concept inside and opened up three brick and mortar locations in Farmindgale, Commack and West Islip. We created a cool and casual atmosphere that allows guests to have a unique outdoor-like dining experience indoors. We have built great teams that enjoy greeting customers the minute they walk into the store. Chiddy’s is about great food, great service, and great people!

HEARD AROUND THE ISLAND APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, HONORS & OTHER HAPPENINGS Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP warmly congratulates Jeremy M. Musella, an attorney in the firm’s Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions and Veterinary practice groups, on being selected by Long Island Business News as a 30 Under Thirty award recipient. A reception will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY.

masks when in the building. The gallery is open to the public, free of charge, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10am to 5pm and Friday’s and Saturday’s from 10am to 3pm.

the Art League’s Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery on December 4, 2021 and is on view through January 21, 2022. The artist’s reception on Saturday, December 11 is open to family and friends of the exhibiting artists and afternoon time slots will be enacted to ensure proper social distancing. Due to COVID concerns, refreshments will not be served at the reception and all visitors must wear

Alison Burke has been named Vice President, Relationship Manager at Valley Bank in Jericho, NY responsible for managing a portfolio of privately held commercial clients. Burke has a 30 year banking career in the

Joseph F. Burns, First Senior Vice President and Director of New York Commercial Banking for Valley Bank presents a check for $15,000 to Shannon Boyle, Executive Director of New Ground, Inc. (Levittown, NY) for the agency’s Literacy Program. New Ground’s mission is to educate and power families and veterans who are caught up in the vicious cycle of homelessness.

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On November 6, fourteen teams from Long Island competed in the Ninth Annual Half Hollow Hills Invitational at Half Hollow Hills West High School in Dix Hills. It was the first time in two years that the event was held in person. The Invitational was presented by the Half Hollow Hills School District, with support from School-Business Partnerships of Long Island, Inc. (SBPLI) DBA FIRST® (For Forchelli Deegan Terrana LLP (“FDT”) Inspiration and Recognition of Science is pleased to announce that, for the first and Technology) Long Island. For more time, the firm received a regional “Best information, visit www.sbpli-lifirst.org. Law Firms” ranking. FDT has been ranked a Tier 2 firm on Long Island in Litigation – Labor & Employment. Firms included in the 2022 U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” list are recognized for professional excellence with impressive ratings from clients and peers. Achieving a tiered ranking indicates a unique combination of quality law Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk, based in Middle Island, New York, announces practice and breadth of legal services. today the appointment of three new members to its Board of Directors. They include Jean Dowd, Jim Barry, and Robert McLaughlin. The mission of the nonprofit organization is to empower families to achieve their homeownership The Art League of Long Island’s hotly d r e a m s t h r o u g h i t s a ff o r d a b l e anticipated biennial exhibition opens in homeownership program.

NY metro area and joined Valley from Chase Bank where she was Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager. She is a member of the board of directors for the Long Island Chapter of the Risk Management Association and has a BA in Economics/Business/Spanish from McDaniel College, Westminster, MD.

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

PAFCU’s Holiday Loan offered until December 31st

NO INTEREST FOR 30 DAYS! Qualified borrowers can receive a maximum of $5,000 for up to two years with annual percentage rates as low as 6.99% .*

To apply visit pafcu.org

or call us at (631) 434-3500, option 1. *Annual percentage rate is the lowest rate offered to applicants with direct deposit of net pay and a checking account. Applicants who are not approved at this rate may be offered credit at a higher rate. All loan requests and rates are subject to credit approval. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

125 Wireless Blvd. • Hauppauge, NY 11788 • www.pafcu.org • (631) 434-3500 Brooklyn, NY (718) 643-4506

• Jamaica, NY • Jamaica, NY • (718) 656-1774

(718) 206-4600 x 3037

Miami, FL (305) 261-1255

• Ronkonkoma, NY • Westbury, NY • Yonkers, NY (631) 580-3702

(516) 832-8100

(914) 963-1370

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