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Lifestyle editor’!"#$%%$&" september issue 65

editor g in n in w   rd a w a r  u  o om fr e  ot a n After a glorious summer it’s time to dig out the Uggs! Hello autumn, which can only mean one thing - Liverpool Fashion Week is just around the corner. Have you got your tickets yet? As we write this it has been one week since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Ezme Hero (RIGHT). But with no chance of any maternity leave with so many exciting events in the pipeline, it’s back at the helm of the number one magazine for Merseyside. And what an issue! We chat to Oliver Proudlock who is hoping to come to Liverpool this month to show off his new design collection. We also have an interview with Eliza Dolittle and get into the Christmas spirit with our panto stars Sonia and Mark Moraghan. As always we’re bursting at the seam with fashion and beauty news, competitions, news and events from around the region. But at the risk of repeating myself there’s only one event you need to get your tickets for – Lambrini Liverpool Fashion Week in association with Nouvatan and Hair by Sleek. ‘Til next time, stay stylish!

Amanda Moss

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Fri 27th September, 7:30pm.


LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS Sun 29th September, 7:30pm.

THAT’LL BE THE DAY Sat 5th October, 7:30pm.

RAT PACK LIVE! Sun 13th October, 5:00pm.

AN EVENING WITH PAM AYRES Sun 13th October, 11:00am to 4:00pm. Blue Lounge.

THE WIRRAL WEDDING SHOW Sun 20th October, 7:30pm.


Mon 28th October to Sat 2nd November, 7:30pm. Wed & Sat matinees, 2:30pm.


GO BACK FOR MURDER Thu 12th December 2013 to Sun 5th January 2014.






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Lifestyle '$(!&events what’s happening this month... THE RAMBLERS FESTIVAL OF WINTER WALKS For over 25 years, through snow, sleet, rain and under clear winter skies; in parks, forests and on mountain tops, the footsteps of thousands have dotted the countryside each year as family, friends and avid walkers step out to enjoy the Ramblers’ Festival of Winter Walks. This year the Ramblers is providing wintery walks for all to enjoy with2 weeks of festive wanders led by 25,000 volunteers from around the UK during 21 December 2013 – 5 January 2014. Whether it’s a merry jaunt to the pub on Christmas Eve you’re after, a festive Boxing day walk to burn off the mince pies, or a lengthy hike to start the new year on the right foot, there are hundreds of free walks to suit everyone across England, Scotland and Wales with the Festival of Winter Walks. Download one of our expert walking routes from Ramblers Routes to try on your own or with friends and family this winter. Visit for more information.

SOUTHPORT FIREWORKS CHAMPIONSHIPS! This is not just an ordinary firework display; this is seven breathtaking, jaw dropping displays! For three evenings from 4th – 6th October Southport’s sky bursts into light as watch as some of the country’s top pyrotechnic teams compete with stunning firework displays to try and win the prestigious industry title of UK Champions. The British Musical Fireworks Championship is no ordinary competition, each competitor is required to synchronise their display to music, to win the competition, making each display no ordinary display and this event one of a kind in the UK! This year’s competition will be moved to Victoria Park, home of the Southport Flower Show. Visit http://www. whats-on/britishmusical-fireworkschampionship-p169661 for more information.


HIDDEN LIVERPOOL Sick of seeing lots of unloved and empty buildings in Liverpool going to rot? Well, finally something is being done about it! A new project named Hidden Liverpool was launched in mid – August to identify and unlock the history behind some of Liverpool’s empty buildings in order to create a vision of what to do with them. Hidden Liverpool is a new, year long, project from PLACED, a Liverpool based Social Enterprise, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project invites local people to identify buildings that are important to them, from grand banking halls to the local neighbourhood pub, sharing memories of when they were in use to reveal what lies behind closed doors. An interactive website and drop in sessions offer people an opportunity to leave their own stories and read other peoples’, whilst free family and school walking tours will share the tales of past users. The memories collected will form the starting point for considering the future of the city’s empty buildings. Public design workshops, a seminar series and an innovative schools project for year 12 and 13 students will open the doors for local people to think creatively about the role these buildings can play in Liverpool today. Visit for more information.

On the 14th and 15th September located on Southport Seafrond, the Southport Air Show, the biggest aviation show in the North West, is celebrating its 22nd year. The two days are jam packed with entertainment for the entire family, showcasing fast jets, military and historical aircraft, daring aerobatics much more. In between displays you can attempt an assault course, a climbing wall or experience the next best thing to flying a fast jet in one of the many flight simulators in the Air Show Village. We have many military vehicles and aircraft for you to have a look at, the Northern Brickworks with their brilliant lego displays, mini tanks and much more. The Air Show village attractions on site will be open from 9:00 plus you can watch light aircraft and microlights landing on the beach right before your eyes from 10.30. Once you are onsite and have your wristband you can leave and have a wander around Southport, with a nearby cinema, bowling and kids soft play there is plenty to keep you entertained. There is something for the entire family and tickets are only £7 if booked in advance with children under 5 FREE!

<-*#=+(+&+#>.+?+#/"'!-0")!# .':')1#C72!+)#-"!*.6#2*!#8%#!-*#-*+)!# "4#!-*#!"9%D2#3.+(")"'2#9+!*)4)"%!# &*B*."0(*%!; A')#EFF#5"(4")!+,.*#+%&#2!1.82-#)""(2# -+B*#2!'%%8%3#5"+2!.8%*#B8*926#9-85-# "44*)#!-*#.+!*2!#8%#("&*)%#4+58.8!8*2; G)**#H87$#82#+B+8.+,.*#!-)"'3-"'!#!-*# -"!*.;

/"'!-0")!#%"!#"%.1#,"+2!2#2'0*),#3".4#5"')2*26#%"%72!"0#*%!*)!+8%(*%!#+%&#!-*#"0*%8%3#'0#"4#%*9# +!!)+5!8"%2#+..#!-*#!8(*6#,'!#8!#82#+.2"#)83-!#%*:!#!"#(8.*2#"4#,*+'!84'.#2+%&1#,*+5-*2#+%&#!"0#5.+22# 2-"008%3#4+58.8!8*2;#<-*#=+(+&+#>.+?+#/"'!-0")!#82#8%#!-*#5*%!)*#"4#(+%1#."5+.#+!!)+5!8"%26#(+@8%3#8!#!-*# 8&*+.#0.+5*#!"#(+@*#1"')#,+2*;

A')#-"!*.#0)8&*2#8!2*.4#"%#"'!2!+%&8%3#2*)B85*#+%&#+!!*%!8"%#!"#&*!+8.6#2"#9-*!-*)#1"'#+)*#2!+18%3#+!#<-*# =+(+&+#>.+?+#/"'!-0")!#4")#+#!-*+!)*#,)*+@6#+!!*%&8%3#+#5"%4*)*%5*#8%#/"'!-0")!6#")#"%#+#9**@*%&# +9+16#"')#&*&85+!*&#2!+44#98..#*%2')*#1"'#-+B*#+%#'%4")3*!!+,.*#*:0*)8*%5*;#

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Lifestyle celebrityt With the pantomime season just around the corner (oh yes it is!), Lifestyle chats with Sonia and actor Mark Moraghan as they star in this year’s Jack & The Beanstalk at the Floral Pavilion...

an interview with Amanda Moss HI SONIA, HOW ARE YOU? I am really excited to be here, it’s extra special performing here because it’s my home town and I was here 16 years ago playing Cinderella. And it means I can go home every night as well as I only live up the road in Ellesmere Port. What’s so great about returning here is that the box office staff have been here 37 years and we all have a ball, they’re all the same people from last time which is lovely, everyone’s so friendly. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO LATELY? Well to be honest I have been constantly gigging since the 1980s so I must be doing something right. I have been touring with The Big Rewind which has been going round all the festivals reviving the ‘80s. Plus I get picked up along the corporate route as well by different people. I have been very fortunate. I haven’t stopped since I got my first record deal at the age of 17 years old. WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE PANTO? Oh just everything, it’s so magical. I have been in panto 14 times now and I have played everyone, my favourite part was Peter Pan because I got to fly. Plus now my little girl, Gracie, who is 3 years old gets to come with me and she loves it. DO YOU STILL WRITE MUSIC? Yes, I love my life,I get to do what I want all the time and I can pick and choose how I work which is so important around Gracie. I love singing and acting and get offered lots of demos al the time but if I feel my heart isn’t in it or it isn’t right then I won’t do it. AFTER A NUMBER ONE CHART HIT AND REPRESENTING THE UK IN THE EUROVISION ARE THERE ANY OTHER BURNING AMBITIONS? I would love to play a bitchy role in Coronation Street or Hollyoaks. It’s so far removed from who I am I would absolutely love to show people a different side of me with acting.

a i n o S

Mark Mora


SO MARK, GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK IN LIVERPOOL? Yes it’s good to be back – I live in Kent now! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO ABOUT APPEARING IN JACK AND THE BEANSTALK AS THE EVIL FLESHCREEP? I love Christmas and when you appear in pantomime every day is Christmas. I love to play the baddy as well, the costumes are fantastic (especially mine) and my kids can come and watch with their kids. It’s the whole family experience which is so important. The great thing about panto as well is that everyone gets involved, especialy the audience in Liverpool. Everyone embraces it and there is such a great atmosphere – everyone wants to be part of it. HOW WILL YOU COPE WITH THE HECKLES? Oh that won’t bother me. It’s easy to reply. The trouble is you can’t ad lib too much or you’ll throw the rest of the cast. YOU HAVE APPEARED IN BROOKSIDE, HOLBY CITY AND HARRY ENFIELD AND CHUMS, WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE KIND OF ACTING? I don’t have one. Everyone remembers me for something different and that’s what is so great about being an actor. Television is a very repetitive industry, filming can ber very boring and so to do live theatre is very exciting as you can’t beat a live audience. YOU HAVE TAKEN OVER THE NARRATION OF THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE. TELL US ABOUT THAT. Yes, we are now recording the second series with my voice. It’s a fantastic part to play and a great legacy for my grandkids. I am quite happy in where I am at the moment in that i can pick and choose what work I do. But I don’t have any burning ambition. I am just content to be around my family. Get tickets from !!!"#$%&'(&)*'*$+",$-

Lifestyle communityp ‘Free runner’ Nathan Chapman lands his dream job at Knowsley’s Aerial Extreme Aerial Extreme high ropes adventure course at Knowsley Safari Park has appointed 18 year old Nathan Chapman as its new high ropes instructor. This is Nathan’s first permanent position and is his first step on the career ladder at the popular outdoor adventure destination. Nathan from Rain Hill said: “It is hard work finding a job at the moment and after being disappointed when companies didn’t respond to my applications I was ecstatic to find out I’d landed the job as an instructor at Aerial Extreme. “It’s my dream job as I’m really into adventure stuff and in my spare time I do ‘free running’ around Liverpool.” After 3 days of intensive training to learn about all the safety aspects involved in becoming an instructor, Nathan was free to help Liverpool’s families, schools and businesses learn how to navigate their way across the high ropes adventure course. Aerial Extreme Site Manager, Sam McNally said: “Nathan was quite shy when I first interviewed him and he’s already opened up so much and our customers love him. “I think it helps that he gets to try out the course every day before it opens, so he’s obviously very happy in his work!” Aerial Extreme at Knowsley Safari Park is the biggest course of its kind in the UK, with over 60 high rise obstacles including a 13m power fan drop. Prices start from £15 with family discounts available and a special offer of 3 for 2 on all Aerial Extreme activities booked across the summer.


Beverly Macca raising funds for The Katy Holmes Trust Hi Guys!

Well I’ve been a busy bee since my last post here in Lifestyle magazine. I’ve been rushed off me cankles! I’m here to tell you about my work with the Katy Holmes Trust. I’m still fundraising and on the 10th of August I joined Katy’s dad along with designer Jeff Banks to raise money. Dave Holmes and the team rode from John O’ Groats to Landsend. I was worried about my battery so opted for the Preston leg in my Bell Mobility scooter. I raised £1000 doing that. In total over £40,000 has been raised for the trust. With charity and fundraising in mind I wanted to tell you about my next big event. It is An Evening With Beverly Macca ‘Prawn Ring N Bling’ at 7.30pm on 4th October at the Hoylake Social Club. It is a year to the day I did my last big fundraiser. Some great prizes on Bev’s bingo and the prize draw, including LFC tours, a Hard Days Night hotel stay, a meal at Scoggs in West Kirby and a Radio City tour and to meet the breakfast show team. A great night is planned with lovely food and Dancefloor Dreams disco doing an 80’s themed night. To get tickets please email What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!



Join in with the rest of the nation and say  goodbye to cigarettes this Stoptober!              During September, prepare and plan for  your quit on October 1st      Ask family and friends to support your decision to  stop smoking – you can invite them to join in!        Drop in to see Sefton’s friendly and free NHS  stop smoking team ­ and quit with us     


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Lifestyle community Read for RNIB Day... I take my sight for granted, do you? We live in a world of senses – hearing, smell, sound and sight. Sight for most people, me included, is the one sense that I absolutely can not do without, how would I see my babies faces, cook them dinner, or even type this text? Or my most favoured activity, read a book? This is why I am supporting this year’s Read for RNIB Day. Taking place on Friday 11th October, it’s RNIB’s biggest fundraising event of the year. All they ask is for you to hold a reading themed fundraising event, to help open the world of reading for blind and partially sighted people across the UK. Naomi,is from Liverpool, she was born with two eye conditions; Nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eyes) and an abnormality of the optical chiasm (nerve disorder). It means that she’s unable to see big things: ‘I can walk passed my own children in the street and not see them.’ However, she can see small things; for example, she can read but finds it a strain/ chore to do so after a short while. She has been using Talking Books since 2007 and she wish that she discovered the service a lot sooner than she did. Due to her eye conditions, she doesn’t like to go into public libraries so the only option she has to Talking Books and other audio book companies. She gets through about a book a week. She thinks that her life would be a lot duller without Talking Books and she has learnt so much about history and historical figures because of them. Talking Books has opened up a whole world of reading to her. She reads lots more than she ever did and absolutely loves it. Naomi wants people to know how difficult it is for blind and partially sighted people to access books and the joy Talking Books can bring to people with sight loss.

If you are interested in learning more and hopefully get involved visit

Lifestyle businesss how do i resolve my family dispute more cheaply?

angela brown

I was sorry to read in today’s Law Society Gazette that despite the Government plans, making more Public Funds available for mediation, take up has been slow across the country. I cannot understand why. To quote Lord McNally : “mediation regularly produces better outcomes that people are willing to stick with.” At Morecrofts, as members of Resolution and pioneers of ADR (alternative dispute resolution), we continue to encourage all of our clients to consider the best and most cost-effective forum for helping them deal with their family law matters. We currently offer Legal Aid for Mediation, which remains available (despite the Legal Aid cuts in April 2013) to all those financially eligible, which effectively makes mediation free and well worth full consideration. Even if only one of the parties is Legally Aided both parties can enjoy the benefit of free legal aid for mediation. Where people are not eligible for Legal Aid, we also offer very reasonable individually tailored Fixed Fee Packages for those who think mediation may be a good way forward for them. It is usually much more cost-effective than most people think and cheaper than court. Mediation gives those involved the opportunity to control the outcome, rather than a court imposing a decision upon them that neither of them may like. It can also be much quicker. Why wouldn’t you want to find out more about Mediation? It is with sadness that I realise that the public do not appear to realise what great benefits mediation can offer them and at Morecrofts we offer a highly skilled and professional service. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know a bit more about the mediation process or how mediation could work for you at

solicitor |")$*+,%-&

mediation could be the answer

Lifestyle pets the Dog Whisperer this month... The Dog Whisperer organises National Pack Walk for cancer charity and dog rescue centres across the United Kingdom. Have you got a pooch? Fancy helping to organise a pack walk in your local park for charity? All proceeds are split between your local dog rescue centre and the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity. Dog behaviourist Nathan Watson, in case you haven’t heard of him, he’s the UK’s version of the dog whisperer, he has organised a nationwide pack walk in aid of up to 92 dog rescue centres and Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer charity which recently saved his brother’s life. Last year Nathan’s brother Russell was diagnosed with NonHodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. The doctors told Russell that he needed a life-saving bone marrow (or stem cell) transplant and asked charity Anthony Nolan to look for a donor. Anthony Nolan uses its register to match potential bone marrow donors to blood cancer patients in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Anthony Nolan found Russell a bone marrow donor his stem cells and his transplant went ahead in July this year. So to show their appreciation and give something back, Nathan is organising a series of fundraising events for the charity. He is utilising his passion and contacts as founder of Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour to organise a national charity day. Nathan is hoping that each county across the UK will be inspired to host their own charity dog pack walk on 13th October 2013 and he’s looking for people in each county to become the organising host for their counties walk. All the funds raised from each counties walk are to be split equally between Anthony Nolan and a dog rescue centre of the local walk host’s choice. Nathan says, “I’m very excited about the event and I want as many people to get involved as possible. Everyone knows someone with a dog, so it’s easy for anyone to get involved with the National Pack Walk. I train dogs throughout the country, so I had a lot of people willing to help already which has been brilliant. “Russell’s illness has been a difficult time for the whole family, but Anthony Nolan has been amazing. It’s thanks to them that Russell is well on his way to recovery.” Nathan has already signed up people to host Pack Walks in Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Devon, Essex, and Staffordshire, and he’d love more counties to get involved. He added: “Anyone is welcome to get involved: businesses, individuals, or other organisations. And anyone can join a pack walk that is already planned.” Nathan runs his dog behaviour business from Northampton and travels across the UK to work with dogs and their owners to cure problem behaviours. Every Saturday morning Nathan holds a free pack walk for people in Northampton, at Bradlaugh Fields. These walks help dog owners to socialise their pups, and encourages regular exercise for dogs of all ages. If you are thinking about getting involved and you want more information there is a dedicated Facebook page which will tell you everything you need to know:


Lifestyle pets

Thursday April 00 0000

Advertisement feature

‘Longer-life cats are left on the shelf’ says cat charity Could you give Rosella a happy home for life? Cats are living longer but the homeless feline senior citizen is being overlooked, according to Cats Protection’s St Helens Adoption Centre. The St Helens Adoption Centre says that improvements in cat care have greatly raised the life expectancy and quality of life for cats across the UK. However, the bad news is that owners still appear to choose a cute, fluffy kitten or young cat over an older cat – and this puts a massive strain on the St Helens Adoption Centre. Sonia Scowcroft, dual adoption centre manager, said: “While 10 years ago the household moggy could have been expected to live to around 13 years, today’s life expectancy is much higher and we have seen many cats surviving to their late teens and early 20s in remarkably good health. “However, their longer existence places the St Helens Adoption Centre under strain, because older cats can block up pen spaces for many months, which means we are unable to help other needy cats or kittens until the older ones are found new homes. “It is a shame because older cats have a lot to offer, as they tend to be lap

cats and have much more settled natures. “Though the centre does its very best to care for older cats, life in a cat pen is no substitute for a permanent home so I would urge people to consider adopting an older cat. “One older cat in desperate need of a home is the St Helens ‘meet and greet’ cat, Rosella, who is 11 years old. “Rosella (pictured) came in to Cats Protection as her owner had a baby and didn’t want her anymore. Rosella is a lovely lady who enjoys a fuss and being stroked. However, don’t let her age fool you, as she is very playful and active. “Life in a pen did not suit Rosella, so she has become a valued member of the team as the centre’s meet and greet cat, meeting and greeting people as they walk into the centre and often helping us out with our daily duties. “Although we love Rosella in her new role she is still looking for a new home, where she would make an excellent family pet.”  For advice about caring for a cat, or to offer a cat a home, call the St Helens Adoption Centre on 01744 817718.

Don’t breed problems for later – neuter now The UK’s leading feline welfare charity is urging cat owners to neuter their cats as soon as possible, saying it is the most effective way of controlling numbers of unwanted cats and kittens. Cats Protection’s St Helens Adoption Centre works hard to try and find loving homes for every feline that comes into its care, but one of the charity’s main aims is to encourage the neutering of cats and kittens, to ensure there will be fewer unwanted felines in the future. “Neutering offers many solid benefits to cats and owners alike,” explains Sonia Scowcroft, dual adoption centre manager. “A neutered cat is less likely to spray, less likely to roam and also less likely to fight. Neutering also helps guard against disease as fighting cats are more at risk of life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted through biting and saliva.” The charity believes that population control for cats is very important, as felines are prolific breeders. As one unneutered female cat could produce up to 18 kittens a year, or 20,000 descendants over five years, owners who do not neuter their cats may unwittingly be contributing to more cats being abandoned in the future. Cats Protection recommends that cats and kittens are neutered from four months of age. Veterinary practices that neuter cats from four months of age can be found at Cat owners on a limited income who need to have their pet neutered can call the helpline on 03000 121212 for details of how the charity can assist.  For further information, please contact Sonia on 07875 562915 or via email at northwest.manager@cats.

Prior to adoption, all of our cats will have been vet checked, microchipped, neutered* and vaccinated. We also provide four weeks’ free insurance** giving invaluable peace of mind and reassurance as you and your cat embark upon this lifelong friendship. All he needs now is a loving home to make his dreams come true – over to you! Find us at: 100 Chester Lane, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA9 4DD T: 01744 817 718 E: W: Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland)

*If old enough **Terms and conditions apply.

Find a Cats Protection cat looking for a home in your area. Simply scan the QR code with your smart-phone to use our new find-a-cat search tool, or get in touch using the details shown.

Lifestyle celebrity Downton Abbey A brief chat with the show’s creator Julian Fellowes and some of the cast

Could anyone have foreseen the death of Matthew Crawley at the end of the Downton Abbey 2012 Christmas special? All appeared well at Highclere Castle, the household was a happy and light-hearted place again... and yet, with five minutes’ screen time still to run time, it almost seemed inevitable that tragedy was waiting in the wings. And the last act was dealt with all the Shakespearean craft that has made this costume drama a global phenomena. julian, why did you chose itv1 rather than bbc for downton?

The formula simply works, and its UK home on ITV1 seems ideal for the perfectly judged collection of cliff-hangers that drape terrifyingly around every corner. It’s for that reason that the concept was not pitched to the BBC, so long the bastion of all period drama. And the decision has paid off. In a sense I think we’ve reinvented the period drama through Downton Abbey. We’ve made it approachable. what can we expect in the next series?

Julian: The first episode of series four is set in 1922, with six months having passed since Matthew Crawley’s tragic departure. Michelle Dockery, the 31-year-old actress who plays his impossibly proper widowed wife, reveals that her character is not exactly on the hunt for a new man, but several new cast members will step up to vie for her affections. Aristocrat Charles Blake [Julian Ovenden] will also be making moves on Lady Mary and, with other new characters including ex-EastEnders actor Nigel Harman as a valet, not to mention also newly widowed Tom Branson - her brother-in-law - all eyes will be on arguably the central character’s fortunes. Thomas, played by Rob James-Collier: Thomas is keeping a lower profile since his sexual advance on a male co-worker nearly lost him his job at the house. He was saved thanks to some quick thinking by Lord Crawley. !"#$%&'!#&%(&)#*"+,#%&!#'%"-&!#'.*/()#%0!#+&12# on his scheming ways?

Rob James-Collier: Well he’s certainly less scheming that he was in the past! That said, Mr Carson is talking to applicants and he auditions a lady who Thomas knows something about, something she wants to keep secret about her background. He hoodwinks and bamboozles her. He’s obviously got a hold on her. However, I admit Thomas is a little wiser this time around, having got his comeuppance last year. I definitely think he’s been humbled because he nearly lost everything. It made him take stock of his life. You can’t keep railing against the system. He could’ve gone to prison if he’d been outed in that way. There would have been the loss of reference and he’d never be able to work again! how do you ensure historical accuracy?

Daisy, played by Sophie McShera: We get a talk at the beginning of every series from Alastair, who is amazing. He tells us everything we could ever need to know. His talk sets you up for the year. I probably ask him a question every time I shoot a scene because he just knows everything. I was getting a bit beyond myself bossing people around in the kitchen because I’m an assistant cook now. Then a maid came in and I started bossing her around. Alastair came over to me and said, ‘No, no. You can’t boss the maids around. They are way above you!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I thought I was really high status now!’ He’s very helpful because he just tells you exactly what to do in situations like that. so what else has this fourth series got in store?

Lady Mary, played by Dockery: There’s so much happening in this series for all the characters. Anna and Bates’ story continues and Edith has a great plot unfolding. Yes, the beginning is focused on Lady Mary’s situation but everyone in the house has something going on.




When you can cruise from your doorstep! Convenient cruises from the City Centre aboard Discovery to Iceland, Northern Lights, the Fjords, Azores & Madeira and more! Land of the Northern Lights - 14 Nights Wednesday 12th March 2014 - From Liverpool Sail along the Norwegian coastline and across the Arctic Circle in search of the spectacular phenomenon that is the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. This atmospheric display of green and pink light dancing across the night sky is truly one of nature’s wonders.

First Person Pays: £1329

Second Person Pays £665!

Weekend Taster Cruise - 1 Night Saturday 6th September and Saturday 28th June 2014 - From Liverpool Step aboard Discovery for an overnight mini cruise; includes full board cuisine and live late night entertainment. A great introduction to cruising or just a great night out!

First Person Pays: £89

Second Person Pays: £45!

What’s Included:



Delicious full board cuisine • Comfortable cabin accomodation • Complimentary tea & coffee* Evening entertainment • Guest Speakers and Craft Classes° • Leisure facilities

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*Between 6am and 10pm. °On cruises of six nights or more. Offer places strictly limited, subject to availability and may be withdrawn without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Example based on two adults sharing a standard twin inner cabin. Applies to all Discovery sailings (excluding voyager fares) from/to UK from 24th Feb 2014 to 21st Oct 2014 (excluding D-Day cruise, 1st June 2014). Terms & Conditions apply. Excludes gratuities at £5pp per night. Operated by South Quay Travel & Leisure Ltd trading as Cruise & Maritime Voyages. ABTA V9945. 0680

Lifestyle beauty Britain’s beauty by numbers could the city you live in affect the treatments 3".*(# having?

People of Liverpool, both women and men alike, we love looking good, we are fanatical about facials! I know you already know this, you can’t help but notice how fabulous we all look when walking down any one of our streets, but now we have proof, and it’s always nice to have proof, isn’t it? Wahanda, the world’s largest health and beauty marketplace, has unearthed some vital statistics, that provide a fascinating glimpse into the health and beauty regimes of women across the UK. So, do you want to know which cities love their locks, who’s got the longest lashes, or who’s mad about manicures? Read on. Londoners love treating their tresses. Women in the capital are five times more likely to splurge on hair services than those in Bristol. Stressed-out Londoners look to holistic treatments to ease their strains. Wahanda found that people in London are three times as likely to book holistic treatments (such as reflexology) as those living in Birmingham. Brummy women are ‘batty’ for lashes and have a soft-spot for spa breaks. They are also seven times more likely to have lash extensions as Londoners or Glaswegians. As well as going to great lengths for their lashes, Birmingham beauty buffs are also over three times more likely than those in Glasgow to go the distance and book a spa break. Glasgow dares to bare. Women in the Scottish city are a whopping seventeen times more likely to make a waxing appointment than those in Birmingham - ouch. Liverpool is fanatical about facials. Clearly concerned with ageing gracefully Liverpudlians are four times more likely to book a CACI facial and five times more likely to book a facial of any sort, than the women of Glasgow. Wahanda is the world’s leading online home for health, beauty and wellness, with over 2,000 bookable spas and salons. Revolutionising the way consumers shop for their treatments, Wahanda ticks off every beauty need with its appointment booking system, great offers, honest reviews and beauty news. Wherever you live and whatever your preferences, book your beauty appointments online at Wahanda. With the ability to discreetly reserve appointments in a matter of clicks, we promise no one else ever need know the ins and outs of your regime.

Still wondering if you should have a facial or not? If you, like me, have enjoyed to the fullest,the best summer we have had for years, then the answer is a resounding, yes! The nights are already drawing in, we need to prepare our freckled sunburnt faces as soon as possible, and get a jump on the harsh effects of the autumn/winter weather. Now is simply the best time to book yourself facial, to scrub away the summertime sins of late night boozing in the garden after a full afternoon of laying back and looking up! So go on, treat yourself, what are you waiting for? You know you deserve it.

Lifestyle beauty ...with makeup artist Anne Bowcock

: g n i z a SHU UEMURA Eyem The Art of Beauty by

DON’T MISS OUT! The brand also have special collections within all the makeup range including eye shadows, (and as you will be spoilt for choice) Shu ./-0%&1!$0'21&'3$1'$)/14$1$55/%1 &1,$-('*-/+4&%61/6/1-&7/$)/%1 !$%4819:;15$%1&''1<*5/346'/1 =$+48'61%/&2/%3"1Simply take this editorial to the Shu Uemura counter in Harvey Nichols, Liverpool One and discover your favourite colours!

Annie Bowcock @MakeupBy_Anne 01244 536313 07789 768526

After recently road testing Shu Uemura’s fabulous UV underbase mousse and their smooth-fit foundation, I must say I was certainly impressed. Not only did the mousse act as a perfect base ready for my foundation application, it also helps even out your skin tone and texture, minimises the appearance of open pores and reduces redness, giving your skin an ideal start for your foundation. As a result of these two marvellous products I decided to have a little look at what else would make me sit up and pay attention. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. For those of you that know how I work, you will know I am always on the lookout for products that help show case women’s natural glamour. So I was more than thrilled when I discovered Shu Uemura’s philosophy is built around ‘Beautiful make up starts with beautiful skin’. Now, everyone loves to have their eye make-up stand out – whether it’s black winged eye liner, natural colours or, of course, everyone’s favourite the smokey look - but don’t forget the crème de la crème; the false lashes! Well Shu Uemura has all the right products to complete the eyemazing look you want to achieve. LET’S START WITH EYE SHADOW. They have a cream and a pressed type; the cream eye shadow comes in two textures - matte and pearl – and both give a high impact look with a natural looking finish. They can be used alone or blended with others. The matte shadow gives light and shadow control as well as hue and complexion control and the pearl shadow has light neutral shades used as a base but can be used perfectly with pressed eye shadow for different strengths of colour and texture. They are also crease-resistant and long-lasting so they are ideal in warmer climates and hot weather. THEIR PRESSED POWDERS HAVE SUCH A DIVERSE RANGE OF COLOURS. With over 80 fabulous colours to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones to buy. Enter Shu Uemura’s unique refill system, which allows you to design, change, mix and match bold colours and hues and basically build your own unique pallet from a mono, duo or quad pallet You can swap and change your powders to suit your moods or look or even events; the combinations are endless. These powders capture light, absorbing and reflecting it for a multidimensional effect, and don’t forget they are blend-able with the cream eye shadows making your combinations even more diverse. NOW, LET’S NOT FORGET THE FINISHING TOUCH – FALSE EYE LASHES. They are the final decoration for the face to complete the look. Again Shu Uemura has a wide selection of choice from premium to natural, accent to statement and event their Tokyo lash bar. You are definitely in for a treat here!




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stacked logo (for sharing only)

stacked logo (for sharing only)

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Lifestyle fashion Tania Angelis Tania Angelis is the brains behind Liverpool’s Lily Rose Couture.

Lily Rose Couture specialise in making one off vintage inspired ladies dresses. All garments are made from vintage, recycled and contemporary fabrics. The inspiration for the designs come from Tania’s life long love of fashions from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. “I look to designers such as Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaperelli, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. I also love looking through newspaper archives and old magazines to see what ordinary everyday people were also wearing. I then take elements of these designs and add them to my work.” Even as a teenager Tania states she was always more interested in listening to my mum's old Buddy Holly, Elvis, Cliff Richard and other 50s music than I was in the boy bands of the time. “In my mid teens there was a rock and roll revival in music and fashion and I loved wearing little broderie anglaise blouses with bootlace tie details, full circle skirts or gypsy style skirts and other clothes that were 50s inspired.” After selling her bookkeeping practice in 2011 she wanted to do something completely different and was lucky enough to be given a place on a course teaching sewing skills, something she enjoyed doing when her children were small. “The course reawakened my passion for sewing and the buzz from creating a beautiful made to measure outfit from a simple piece of fabric. As the course went on, I found myself beginning to put together my own designs and when I met the team from Liverpool Fashion Week, this crystallised my desire to set up my own fashion label. With the help of the course provider, I set up Lily Rose Couture, based in Anfield, where I now help members of the local community to find a little piece of glamour in their own backyard.”


!"#$%&'(#)*+,-#./0&1, 0151 260 8849

!"#$%&'()*+",-$..#,%/'* '#-$.0('$*.,'10#,%.*-,"* 2,03*3,4$*/%&*,--#5$ ;-,./</67$<,8501/4$"6<$4,885-4/"#$4#5"6/67$/6$=5-05>0/<53$$?9-$@-,A500/,6"#$4#5"65-0$"-5$A9##>$1-"/65< "6<$/609-5<$1,$@-,./<5$<,8501/4B$4"-@51$"6<$4,885-4/"#$4#5"6/67$"1$.5->$4,8@51/1/.5$@-/4503 $L?=MNCO!$!IMPQOQRG

$S,905$T55@/67$N5-./450 $O-,6/67$N5-./450 !$!9-1"/6$!#5"6/67 !$I"96<->$N5-./45 !$="11-500$!#5"6/67 !$N@-/67$!#5"60 !$=,.5$O6$U$=,.5$?91$!#5"6/67 !$M6<$,A$C56"64>$!#5"6/67 !$!"-$V"#51


$M85-7564>$!#5"6/67 $S"6<>8"6$N5-./450 !$X9/#<5-0$!#5"60 !$?60/15$!"F/6$!#5"6/67 !$!,8@915-$!#5"6/67 !$!"-@51$U$Y@Z,#015->$$$$$ !$K#,,-$N1-/@@/67 !$;-5009-5$["0Z/67$U$N15"8$!#5"6 !$[/6<,2$!#5"6/67


$?AA/45$!#5"6/67 $!,61-"41$!#5"6/67 !$!,885-4/"#$;"-1>$!#5"6/67 !$M4,$K-/56<#>$!#5"6/67







!"##$%&'&$()*$&*++$,-$./0/1$22234#5"6/678"015-34,39: C2/115-34,8D4#56/678"015-



Lifestyle shopping what we’re loving this month... With the prettiest of pinks being the big colour trend, toughen up your look with a punk twist on leather and tartan – don’t forget a chunky cuff and mannish flats to add an edge too. Time to shop?



Animal prints are still in – this leopard knit is ideal for chilly, dark mornings. £95,

The mum-style baggy jean has been a massive hit and these organza knee-d pair are a grungy, fresh update. £55,


The ladylike top-handle bag is the nana-chic style to have at hand this autumn. £38,


A monochrome checked co-ord ticks a few trends at once – easy. Top, £28, skirt, £25,


In the candy colour of the season, this cute, quaint woolen coat is pastel perfection. £79.99,


Brogues have manned up for the cold months – chunky flats go glam-rock with studs and spikes. £55,


Saint Laurent do statement gold cuffs better than anyone – update your look for the festive months. £345,

!"#$%&'()"*)(+,%&!".)$/+("0%(()$1 !"2%3"4&5+&6)/)&7 !"0+6%+("89&79:$%&!".)$/+3)& !".)$/+$9(()$ !";)1975)$+3< !"0+6%+("='%&">))(1


88"*9F&)<"=7$))7"2A"GH* )?"%&I9J+)175)7%6+((<<9:K69K:'""L?"LLLK+)175)7%6+((<<9:K69K:'



The Bank Bar and Brasserie 5 Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L2 0UU Tel: 0151 236 5346

Celebrate Heritage Month in style at ChamberS historic city bar and restaurant…


Bank/Chambers Red

Bank/Chambers Gray

Pantone 208

Pantone Warm Gray 7

C10% M97% Y37% K43%

C14% M19% Y21% K38%

R46.6% G8.7% B26.5%

R58.% G55.5% B52.9%

With National Heritage Week just around the corner, September 2013 marks Liverpool Heritage Month, a chance to celebrate the cities roots and have a closer look at the remarkable buildings on our doorstep. With over 2,500 listed buildings, our city boasts the largest collection of Grade II listed buildings outside of London! The Bank Bar and Brasserie on Brunswick Street is one of those. Originally known as The Heywood’s Building, The Bank was founded by brothers Arthur and Benjamin Heywood in 1799 and is the oldest surviving purpose-built bank in the city. The Heywood House Hotel still dominates the building block and is now home to one of the finest restaurants in Liverpool. Incorporating many of the original features, yet combined with the modern luxuries consumers have come to expect, the building retains spectacular design and original architecture delivering a truly unique dining experience. The mouth watering menus offer something for everyone, using premium, often locally sourced ingredients. Also offering daily incentives like steak nights, wine club and happy hour at the stylish and lively bar, reasons to visit The Bank are endless! So celebrate Liverpool Heritage Month by dining at Liverpool’s hottest new restaurant, and enjoy sumptuous food served in a building steeped in history.


Lifestyle .--*&drink Sarah Morrissey at the latest eatery... Jennie Lewis of Kenyon Fraser was kind enough to invite myself and a friend to test the culinary delights of The Bank Bar & Brasserie, Brunswick Street – it’s safe to say it did not disappoint!

Our table was booked for 6pm and from the moment we stepped through the door, the service was attentive and personable. Some servers can be unintentionally intrusive, but Bank had good service down to a fine art. We were shown to our table; a large, spacious booth by the window, (this may have been due to the restaurants quietness, but I was making allowances for an early Tuesday evening). Having worked in restaurants when I was younger, I do notice the attention to detail in service. Immediately, we were told of the specials on offer, soup of the day and what was not available on the menu, after all there is nothing more frustrating than being ready to order and then being told that dish is not available. While I don’t claim to be the world’s finest wine connoisseur, I do enjoy a good glass of the stuff every now and again, as does my friend, so to be recommended our final choice; a perfectly chilled and very palatable Argentinian Sauvignon, really enhanced what had already started as a lovely evening. Now for the food, I opted for grilled pork chop served with apple and sautéed potatoes. My friend ordered a traditional, warming lamb shank. The presentation of both dishes was beautiful and not to be faulted. My choice was delicious, the pork was cooked perfectly; the potatoes flavour was slightly over enhanced but that would be my only criticism. My friends’ lamb shank was described as ‘perfect’. The service remained brilliant throughout! Our meals were checked back on and our wine topped up for the duration of the evening. We had minimal criticisms, the food was fabulous, the service outstanding, my only query would be to maybe have an offer on the Tuesday evening to fill the space more, as this restaurant deserves to be busy every night of the week!


a resounding 8/10


ChamberS THE

5 Brunswick Street Liverpool L2 0UU 0151 236 5346

Lifestyle community Beachwatch Big Weekend Keep Merseyside Beaches Tidy! Be part of the only UK wide beach clean that not just picks up litter but records where it comes from too!

If you’re looking for an excuse to get out on a beach in September? Then the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) may have the very thing for you! Merseyside is blessed with many beautiful beaches, Wallasey, Formby and Ainsdale are all blue flag don't ya know! But they don't clean themselves! Every year thousands of volunteers annually join the Beachwatch Big Weekend every third weekend in September to clean their local or favourite beach, it only takes a few hours, to tidy up and record what you find. This year is the 20th anniversary of the September Beachwatch clean-ups and the charity is determined to make it bigger and better than ever – with more volunteers and more beaches cleaned. With just over a month to go before the event, which will take place over the weekend of 20th -23rd September, MCS hopes the 20th anniversary event will have even more volunteers than in 2008 when over 5,000 people helped clean nearly 400 beaches. Over the years Beachwatch volunteers have found everything from a life size fake donkey to KP peanut packet from the 1970’s washed up on our beaches. So, if you would like to get involved in an event that will benefit your favourite or nearest beach and help the issue of beach litter globally, visit, email: or call the Beachwatch team on 01989 567807 who will be happy to answer any questions about the event!

Happy Cleaning!

Lifestyle competition


Based on the graphic novel series, action comedy ‘R.I.P.D.’ (Rest In Peace Department) stars Jeff Bridges (Iron Man) and Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) as two undead cops working for the branch of the police responsible for maintaining law and order on the other side. When a group of spirited spectres refuses to leave this dimension quietly, the two tough ‘tecs are called in to restore order in this world...and the next. ‘R.I.P.D.’ is released on 20/9/2013 at ODEON Liverpool ONE and is available in 2D and 3D. To enter email with the word RIPD in the subject box. The winner will be picked at random and notified by email. The editor’s decision is final.











LIPA LIVE AT BEM BRASIL Enjoy authentic live music  every Thursday and Friday  night throughout the Liverpool  International Music Festival,  featuring talented graduates  from the Liverpool Institute of  Performing Arts, founded by  Sir Paul McCartney.

Multi award-winning Ben Brown  will take to the stage with Charlotte  Andrew each week with a live  repertoire of more than 80 covers  from artists such as The Beatles,  Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Bob  Dylan and many, many more. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK  TO FIND OUT MORE.


0151 709 0044


Lifestyle .--*&drink The northern cheese hero... Sometimes when actors leave soap operas they might try and ultimately fail as a pop stars, some go on to do panto, and some will turn up in the jungle and eat grubs. But not Sean Wilson, he left Corrie 8 years ago, (yes 8 years ago, where has the time gone?!) to pursue his passion for well-cooked local food and to become a Northern Cheese Hero! And it’s not just any cheese, it’s award winning cheekily named cheese! HI SEAN, CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING 3 AWARDS AT THIS YEAR’S INTERNATIONAL CHEESE AWARDS IN NANTWICH! YOU ARE FAMOUS NOW FOR CHAMPIONING NORTHERN FOOD WITH YOUR COOK BOOK AND TV SHOW, WHEN DID YOUR PASSION FOR ACTING TURN TOWARDS FOOD INSTEAD? Well the interest in food has always been there. But was properly ignited by the maestro himself, Keith Floyd, back in 1984 and I’ve been cooking and sipping ever since! YOU LEFT CORRIE IN 2005, WHAT WAS IT LIKE BEING BACK IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA AGAIN FOR YOUR TV SHOW – GREAT NOTHERN COOKBOOK? Well the crossover was easy if I’m honest with you. We had a very tight schedule of course but we had also done most of the research too. Our knowledge of the dishes and the characters and places was well bedded, which allowed us to have a bit more fun! YOU LEFT YOUR ACTING CAREER BEHIND YOU IN 2005, DO YOU THINK YOU WILL EVER GO BACK OR ARE YOU AT YOUR HAPPIEST NOW? I had completed 21 years in Coronation Street in 2005 and as a naturally gregarious character I wanted to explore the world of cheese and especially my beloved Lancashire cheese. Which is exactly what I did, and I am very proud to ply my trade in this way. It gives me a chance to flourish as a cheese maker, a businessman, an entertainer and it ultimately gives me more freedom. My time at Corrie was cool but I am glad I followed my passion. YOU HAVE SAID THAT YOU ARE HERE TO PUT LANCASHIRE CHEESE ON THE MAP. WHY CHEESE AND HAND - MADE CHEESE IN PARTICULAR? Well my knowledge of cheese as an amateur cheese maker led me to France and that is where I realised the art of cheese making was all connected to provenance and the location of the pastures and breeds of cattle. I have chosen to make my cheese in exactly the same style, as we use a single herd of 300 Friesians to provide our Lancashire milk and they feed in the fields around the dairy! Enough said! DID YOU GROW UP SURROUNDED BY GREAT NORTHERN FOOD AT HOME? Very much so. We had Black Puddings and Oven Bottom Muffins, Potato Hash, Meat and Potato Pies, Hot-pot, Tripe, Potted Meat, Jam Roly Poly, Apple Crumble. You name it, we had it. And it WAS and still IS gorgeous! I LOVE THE NAMES OF YOUR CHEESES; HOWS YE FATHER, MULDOONS PICNIC, SMELLY HA’PETH

AND MOUTH ALMIGHTY! ARE YOU WORKING ON SOMETHING FOR AUTUMN/WINTER, IF SO WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE CALLED? Well we are currently sticking with our four cheeses for the foreseeable future. But we are developing a range of foods, which will add to our burgeoning brand. Soups, dumplings, chutneys, crisps – watch this space in the Autumn. I’VE SEEN YOU AT THE MANCHESTER CHRISTMAS MARKETS IN THE PAST. ARE YOU COMING TO LIVERPOOL YEAR? Nope we won’t be appearing in Liverpool this Christmas as we are committed to the excellent Manchester Christmas Markets. But Liverpudlian Cheese masters are more than welcome to whip down the M62 to come see us. Plus you can buy our hand made Delicatessan Range of cheese at the Liverpool Cheese Co in Woolton and our Signature Range at all 24 hours ASDA’s in the area too!

COME AND TRY OUT FRANKIE & BENNY’S FANTASTIC NEW MENUS!!! Lifestyle has teamed up with Frankie & Benny’s to celebrate the launch of their brand new menu. The New York Italian restaurant is bursting with new !avours, while continuing to offer great service and great value. Highlights of the new menu include: all breakfast dishes, including the new Poached Eggs on Toast, at just £5; the choice of salad or house fries with all pasta dishes, burgers and hot baked wraps on the lunch menu (priced at only £5.95 for a main course, available Monday to Friday between 11am and 5pm); new main courses on the main menu including Steak Burger, Crispy Chicken Philly Burger and Calamari Caesar Wrap; and saving the best until last the introduction of a new sundae section on the dessert menu, which includes the new Eton Mess, Cookies & Cream Explosion and Yankee Doodle sundaes.

Frankie & Benny’s would love you to come and try their new menus so what better excuse to make a trip then with a 15% DISCOUNT!!! TERMS & CONDITIONS WHEN 2 MAIN MEALS ARE PURCHASED FROM THE MAIN MENU *Valid when at least 2 main meals are purchased from the main menu only. One voucher per table. Not valid with any other offer or discount promotion or Mondays after 5pm. Valid until 30.09.13 Voucher must be surrendered and data capture must be completed upon redemption. Valid at the below restaurants only, Edge Lane, Aintree, Stonedale, Widnes, St Helens, Southport, Warrington, Preston, Blackpool.


Lifestyle music MiC Lowry Meet Kaine Ofoeme, Akia Jones, Delleile Ankrah, Michael Welche and Ben Sharples – the five young men all under 19 from Liverpool of MiC Lowry! Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re still unsigned. But that hasn’t stopped them becoming one of the biggest bands this year. With 11,000 Twitter followers already, they were selected as part of MTV’s Brand New Unsigned Artists 2013 and made it into the top 20. They won the national Under 19’s Rock the House Music Competition 2013 too. And some more good news – you can see them perform live on Friday 18th October at Lambrini Liverpool Fashion Week! OKAY, SO MY FIRST QUESTION HAS TO BE, WHERE DID YOU GET THE BAND NAME FROM? We took the name from the character that Will Smith plays in the movie Bad Boys. He plays Detective ‘Mike Lowrey’. We added our own little input and spelt it ‘MiC LOWRY’ as it relates to us as a band rather than an individual. HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET? We all met at a performing arts organisation called Positive Impact, which focuses on developing young people and their talents. We all attended the vocal classes and from there, Barbara the Manager decided she wanted to form a boy band. We were all individually chosen to take part and MiC LOWRY was born! I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO YOU GUYS AND I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, BUT FOR THOSE YET TO DISCOVER YOU, HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND? No effects, no gimmicks. Just strictly five voices and a guitar. A lot of our music is based around close soulful harmonies arranged by our music mentor and local singer/songwriter Esco Williams. WHO DO YOU TAKE INSPIRATION FROM? Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Jazmine Sullivan, Boys II Men, Musiq Soulchild, The Temptations, John Legend, Miguel, Whitney Houston, Beyonce. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? At the moment we are focusing on writing and recording original material written by ourselves and Esco. We are also

continuing to develop our live show. I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE PLAYING AT LIVERPOOL FASHION WEEK, AND YOU HAVE JUST PLAYED AT LIVERPOOL PRIDE, WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU GOT GOING ON THIS YEAR? There are lots of meetings going on with industry people who can help us move our music career on, but it’s hard to say what we’ll be doing next. We can be seen performing in a brand new urban comedy movie ‘It’s a Lot’, which hits cinemas in September and will probably continue gigging and taking part in celebrations and events. YOU ARE GETTING A BIGGER AND BIGGER FAN BASE, ARE YOU GETTING ATTENTION ON THE STREET? Yes and we really appreciate the support. Our fans are really lovely people, without them we wouldn’t be where we are! WOULD YOU CONSIDER GOING ON REALITY SHOWS LIKE THE X FACTOR OR THE VOICE? No, we’ve been approached several times but it’s not really the way we want to go. Shows like the X Factor are a good way of showing the world your talent but we chose not to go along that path because we like putting in the hard work and want to earn our own success. We are looking forward to the journey and putting Liverpool back on the map! OTHER THAN GAINING A MASSIVE RECORD CONTRACT, WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST AIM? Probably to be able to make a successful career out of something we all love doing, which is making music!

winner of the best private party venue - liverpool lifestyle awards 2013


A hidden gem in the City Centre... Our fantastic function rooms are available for your exclusive use only, so you can relax and enjoy your own private event! ($ ($ ($ ($ ($

Engagements Business Networking University Balls Work Parties Club / Music Events

($ ($ ($ ($ ($

Birthdays inc 18th & 21st Fashion Shows Corporate Events Wedding Receptions Charity Events

0151 709 6611

Visit: Email: OSQA Function Suite & Sports Bar (Opposite the old Rapid Store off Renshaw Street) Oldham Street, Liverpool, L1 2SU

Functions from 30 up to 250

Lifestyle musicc

lawson ,''-.'/#&



we go'

Lawson have announced the details of their Everywhere We Go Tour which will begin on the 30th September and take in fourteen shows across the UK including Liverpool at the Echo 5th October. This is ;+<4*/=4#0867#7&+,15/&#6*2%-#+/,#67&:#<511#>&#?1+:5/@# to their biggest audiences yet! On the tour lead singer Andy Brown said, AB7&/#67&#>+/,#0%46#46+%6&,-#<&#+1<+:4#<+/6&,#6*# tour all over the world. Now we’ve been to America, Asia, Australia, Europe and it’s just getting bigger and better. But there’s no better feeling than playing a tour at home in the UK.” Lawson will be playing a number of shows over the summer including the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, Isle Of Wight Festival, T In The Park, Hard Rock Calling Festival and many more. Not only are the band incredibly busy on the live circuit they will be releasing their brand new single ‘Brokenhearted’ which features US singer-songwriter/rapper B.o.B. The track, which was written by singer Andy and recorded in London, will was released in the UK on July 7th. Lawson released their debut album ‘Chapman Square’ in October 2012, with it going straight in 6*#67&#6*?#C#5/#67&#D80'5+1#.1>23#E7+%6#+/,#F25'(1:# achieved Gold status. The band have had three top 10 singles, selling over half a million singles in the UK and sold out four UK tours, culminating in their biggest solo UK show to date at the Shepherds Bush Empire in March 2013. The band have also sold out a number of shows in the US including venues in New York and Los Angeles. Lead singer Andy Brown, also scored a Christmas Number One with his involvement in the Justice Collective’s version of ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’. The song raised money for various charities associated with the Hillsborough disaster.

matt cardle and melanie c !"#$%&'#(&)$'*+#: loving you& – released 18th august Matt Cardle and Melanie C have teamed up to bring you their latest musical offering ‘Loving You’. The single is co-produced by Cardle himself with Jamie Scott & Toby Smith – of Jamiroquai fame, ‘Loving You’ will got it’s world exclusive radio premiere on the Ken Bruce Radio 2 show early July. The track features Cardle on guitar +/,#,%234#+/,#54#67&#0%46#6+46&%#*8#754#+49:&69 untitled new album, due for release this October. “I met Melanie at the Isle of Wight Festival last year,” says Cardle. “I’m a big fan and I’ve always loved her voice. I had already started writing ‘Loving You’, and I thought with a few changes it could work perfectly as a duet. I’m really thrilled with the song and I can’t wait for people to hear it.” The new album is Matt Cardle’s third, following his Top 10 hit long-players ‘Letters’ (2011) and ‘The Fire’ (2012). One of a very elite group of male solo artists with a platinumselling debut album, Cardle has sold over two million singles and albums combined, and has completed four sell-out UK tours in the past two years. !!!"-&44,&%2'/-03*,",$-

Lifestyle property Craig Philips’ DIY... FIT A BIRD FEEDER TO A WALL Wildlife adds a peaceful and tranquil ambiance in any garden and it is possible to attract various species with a few simple additions to your outdoor space. Our feathered friends often find it difficult to find a good source of food, especially during colder months, so a simple bird feeder is a great way to attract birds to your garden all year round.

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I hope you have been enjoying our beautiful British summer and have found some time to enjoy a holiday. I have spent some time sunning myself in Marbella which has been lovely, though scorching hot! Workwise, I have been doing plenty of jobs for leading paint equipment supplier Wagner. A lot of this has been done through popular shopping channel Ideal World which showcases only the very best products for around the home. Wagner aim to make painting simple and their range is great for everyone from novices to professionals. Wagner offers a complete range of products stretching from single components in the areas of feeding, mixing, controlling and application, right up to products for complex large-scale installations. Their Spraytech equipment guarantees speed and efficiency whilst making sure every coat of paint is evenly applied. You can save at least half the time in comparison to using a brush or roller! Their range can be found at An annual event that I always get involved with is the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, hosted at the stunning Nailcote Hall in Warwickshire. It’s always great fun and has become one of the highlights of the golfing calendar with top professionals and celebrities competing for glory. This year’s competition featured star names including England cricketing legend Matthew Hoggard MBE, comedian Jasper Carrott OBE, Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman and goalkeeping legends Peter Shilton OBE and Peter Schmeichel MBE. I played in the Celebrity-Amateur Championship on the first day and managed to be part of the winning team. Not a bad result at all! More information can be found at This month has been a little more relaxed for me but I’m certain work will start piling up again very soon! I’ll continue to keep you updated every month right here. Enjoy your summer, until next time… All the best,

Craig Philips  

WHAT YOU’LL NE ED: Hammer action dr ill/driver 6mm masonry dr ill bit 6mm rawl plugs/sc rews Screw in hook Pencil Bird feeder Bird food Once you have pu rchased your bird feeder, you will need to decide wh ere to locate it. Fit ting it to a wall as opposed to a tre e or fence preven ts predators from reaching the birds and also sto ps squirrels from stealing food from the feeder. Ha nging your feeder at a minim um of 6 feet above ground level will allow visiting birds to feed in pe ace. Using a pencil, ma rk the brickwork where you intend to hang your feeder and using a masonry drill bit, drill a 6mm ho le into the brickwo rk. Next, insert a 6mm rawl plug and screw in your hook by hand until the thread is no longer visible. ####G*2#+%&#/*<#%&+, :#6*#011#:*2%#>5%,#8& &,&%#<567# food. Many birds prefer different fee d, so it may be worth a little bit of experimentation to see which birds like what. Al l good garden cent res or pet shops will stock nuts an d seeds suitable for most species of bird. ####H*#0/547-#453?1: #7+/@#:*2%#011&,#>5 %,#8&&,&%#*/# 67&#4'%&<#7**(#:* 2#7+I&#066&,#6*#:*2 %#<+11#+/,# watch as birds co me to dine in your garden.


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Lifestyle televisionn What’s new on the box this month... >/@&'1A&!+1B4&%31.C

When I was growing up we had Antiques Roadshow on a Sunday night, then, when I was at university it was all about the “Duke” and his amazing tan on Flog It. Since then TV has gone antiques crazy with something second hand going under the hammer every day of the week. ####B75'7#>%5/@4#3&#6*#67&#1+6&46#J*@9+119 your-old-stuff-show to hit our screens, Pawn Stars UK. It follows ”Big” Mark Manning and his team at Regal Pawn in Chester. This isn’t about polite, mild mannered antique selling. Think, Delboy meets Cash In The Attic meets docusoap, and you are there! I had a chat with Vicki, Big Mark’s daughter about pawning UK Style!

PAWN STARS IS A HUGE AMERICAN TV SHOW SET IN VEGAS, IS THE UK VERSION VERY SIMILAR? It very much follows the American format so the style and look of the show is similar but the items are much more synonymous with British history. The only other extremely British thing about the show is our love of history, funny accents, constant cups of tea and our resident eccentric antiques expert Simon! REGAL PAWN ISN’T LIKE THE PAWN SHOPS YOU SEE ON THE HIGH STREET IS IT? Essentially we do the same as in buying, selling and Pawning. What makes us stand apart though is the kind of items that we sell tends to mean people bring in more unusual things to Pawn. If you went to your local pawn shop they would be likely to sniff at you trying to Pawn a vase, however, due to the fact we sell antiques and collectibles we tend to get the more wacky items, such as pinball machines and a tardis. Ultimately we’ll still buy anything and pawn anything as long as we can make a profit, but we tend to have more collectibles and rare items as opposed to kettles, TVs and PS2’s. WHO IS WHO IN REGAL PAWN? DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? Firstly and most importantly is Big Mark, Boss, Owner and of dad. Then we have Little Mark, he’s been my dads best friend for ever. Nobodies really sure of little marks job, but he does a good job of looking busy. Marco is Little Mark’s son, he’s fairly new and actually has become a really valued member of staff. Simon has a nickname but it’s our secret, he’s amazing, resident expert on pretty much everything and our work Lothario! I’m Vicki, one of Big Marks 7 children who fell into this by mistake but love it. I used to be pretty important here at the business, then I emigrated and he realised life was much easier when people wouldn’t tell him off, like I constantly do! I have to make sure the boys don’t get carried away spending all the money and profits on more cars and expensive watches. I went back to Spain for a few weeks recently, came back and we had a Royals Royce Silver Cloud sat in the shop, typical! WHAT’S THE MOST BIZARRE ITEM SOMEBODY HAS BOUGHT IN TO SELL AND WHAT IS THE MOST EXCITING? Bizarre? We’ll we’ve had mummified feet, real and false teeth, glass eyes every any any part of the human body in pretty much every state. Somebody brought in a human skeleton once which was weird. The problem was we couldn’t sell it on as he had no paperwork. You can’t sell a body dead or alive without knowing where it came from. The most exciting item for me personally was a signed mug from one of my favourite TV presenters which is pretty sad, but anything Beatles related gets us going here. WHAT IS THE SHOP’S DREAM FIND? We have already found it but you’ll have to watch the show to find out!

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New Total Off Peak Membership Now you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle for less at Lifestyles Fitness centres. From August 2013, our new Total Off-Peak membership is available for only £15 per month payable via direct debit or £150 in advance for a year! The Total Off-Peak membership gives you unlimited daytime access to:

rDMBTTFT rŎUOFTTTVJUF rTXJNNJOH rTBVOBTUFBNCBUIT rCBENJOUPOTRVBTIDPVSUT Daytime admission times to these activities are: Monday - Friday opening until 4.00 pm and all day at weekends. Classes and court hires outside of these times are not included.

Usual membership terms and conditions apply. For more details, ask at reception, call 0151 233 5433 or visit

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gency MEDIA BUYERS – PR – MARKETING opulence

Opulence is a new designer furniture retail brand which has opened its first store in Cavern Walks. Packed with ultra modern simplistic lines to Ornate French Shabby Chic, it is aiming to become Liverpool’s leading furniture outlet. Opulence stocks a mix of timeless art, ceramics and lifestyle accessories. Sourcing products worldwide they thrive to offer customers something different. Opulence offers their own interior design service and will project manage every aspect from initial free consultation to installation and dressing, leaving you to get on with more important matters. Embracing the strap-line “op·u·lence; noun – great wealth or luxuriousness”, Opulence will appeal to all with an interest in the golden age of furniture and today’s cutting edge design influences. Opulence’s Director, Phil Melia comments - “There has been a sharp increase in the popularity of bespoke furniture over the last few years and Opulence will serve to be a retail hub for those interested in one off pieces to reflect their personality. Liverpool’s renaissance as both a commercial and retail destination was central in our decision to launch our flagship Opulence store and we are looking forward to a long and happy relationship in the city.”

belvoir lettings

Renting is fast becoming a new way of life in Britain – despite lower interest rates and better mortgage deals becoming available for prospective new home buyers. In his latest review of the private rental sector, Paul Rice, Director of Belvoir Liverpool City Centre, says: “Whilst there has been a gradual shift towards renting over the past 30 years, our current assessment of the housing market indicates that it’s not just about financial factors – it seems that more and more people are still being drawn towards the rental option and the benefits of NOT owning a property. “Property prices continue to be pushed up by a lack of supply. There are not enough houses being built and, as a result, house prices are now the highest they have been for nearly three years and rising at the fastest rate at any time within that period.” According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of 25-34 year olds who own their own homes has fallen from 2 million to 1.3 million within the last decade. Out of 23.4 million homes, 15 million (64 per cent) are owner occupied, with 8.3 million (36%) now rented. Paul Rice continues- “There is still strong demand for rentals amongst young professionals and couples struggling to get on the housing ladder and many of them are renting right up to their early 30’s, which is now the average age of first time buyers.” Within this growing trend of ‘Generation Rent’, new tenants of privately rented properties are demanding ever-improving standards from their living accommodation.

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tan worx

Launching later this month is the North West based Tan Worx and we have got a sneak preview of the new branding here first. See press for the big launch very soon.

!"#$%&'(%)*#+(%&'( At Merchant Taylorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Schools we recognise that academic achievement is only one part of an all-round educa!on. As well as gaining the top exam results on Merseyside we pride ourselves in o"ering the best extra-curricular provision. To #nd out more please make an appointment to visit the schools during a normal working day. !"#$%&$'()*)'+,-'-.).'"/'()*)'+.+'+,,,'0"/'1"/2'3#0"/1%4'"#5! Extensive school bus service - 14 routes across the North West Including a new express service from South Liverpool

Open Evening - Thursday 10th October 2013 - 5-7pm Open Morning - Saturday 12th October 2013 - 9.30am - 12.30pm


The Merchant Taylorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Schools, Crosby; a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England: Company Number 6654276 Registered Office: 186 Liverpool Road, Crosby, Liverpool L23 0QP. Registered Charity Number: 1125485

Lifestyle music Do you remember Pete Brame? Let me take you back, it was 2003, the second series of Fame Academy. He was the handsome bad boy, the Liam Gallagher of the noughties. He partied with all the pretty girls, even dated Fearne Cotton for a while. He was continually splashed all over the tabloids, in various poses with various substances. But then came the inevitable fall from grace. We lost Pete for a decade under the deluge of ten years of singing talent shows. But now he’s back, older and wiser, he’s clean and making music again. Not many get two cracks of the whip, but this man deserves it. YOU’RE BACK IN THE LIME LIGHT AFTER QUITE A FEW YEARS AWAY, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO? Since Fame Academy I’ve played and performed in several bands; including Pete Brame & The Dolls, One Finger Zen and currently, Broken Eyes. It feels like I have the right people around me now, I’ve been through a rehab programme and I’m in the right head space, with the right songs to really push forward this time. DID YOU CREATE THE BAND “BROKEN EYES” YOURSELF? WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU PLAY? Yes, and I’m the front man. I write the songs with a guy who’s into house music. I’m a Britpop kid at heart, so it’s a mish-mash of styles. I write lyrics just from my experiences, which have been pretty crazy to be fair, but people seem to be getting them! HAVE YOU GOT A SINGLE AND ALBUM COMING OUT? We are getting in the studio and will start to record our Broken Eyes debut album proper in August, which will included a single/official video. In the meantime you can hear our demos if you go to YOU WERE DATING FEARNE COTTON IN 2003; DID YOU TWO STAY IN TOUCH? WILL SHE PROMOTE YOUR NEW MUSIC ON HER SHOW WHEN SHE RETURNS? We don’t stay in touch, but there are no hard feelings. From me at least, I don’t know how she feels, but I wish her all the love and luck in the world, especially now she has a baby. Yeah I hope she’ll get to play and promote one of my songs one day, of course. We always shared a love for music. YOU HAVE BEEN QUOTED AS SAYING THAT YOU WERE ON DRINK AND DRUGS FOR 10 YEARS. DO YOU BLAME THIS ON THE CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE? No I don’t blame it on anyone or anything. It was something I wanted to do, until I got so caught up in it, it became something I didn’t want to do but couldn’t stop. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I have an addictive personality, I believe it’s in my genes. It’s something that I’ll have to keep an eye on and heart away from for the rest of my life, to live. That’s what separates the recreational user to the habitual. I’m fit and happy now and enjoying life without it, so long may it continue. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING CLEAN, WHAT MADE YOU REALISE THAT YOU HAD A PROBLEM? When I took a good look at myself and didn’t like the person I was looking at. I’m not talking about on a physical level, although that as well ha ha. But when that stuff sinks it’s teeth into you it can rob you of all the good stuff in life. I had lost so much already, but was headed for the streets and didn’t want to lose my family or my life. I may have ended up in prison or dead. (I hit my rock bottom in other words).

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Lydia Bright  at Model101

the red carpet

Lydia Bright chose the Liverpool’s premier fashion agency Model101 to set up her pop up boutique Bella Sorella recently. More than 200 excited shoppers piled into the agency on Button Street, L2 to catch some style and beauty tips from the original TOWIE cast member. In addition many had their photos taken with her upstairs at the agency. For more details about Model101 or to join the fashion agency as a model, stylist, choreographer, photographer or fashion designer please call 0151 236 6186.

Radio City Live ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: Neon Jungle, Professor Green, John Newman and Jessie J take to the red carpet at Radio City Live last month in the Echo Arena.



Danny Dyer and Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring enjoying a night in Bierkeller after a few drinks in Browns.


Jessie J kept it comfy in Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers.

!"#$%&'$()&*$+,-+$-.$-$!"#$%&'($%)/0/102$%&'$3-)$.*"/4$56-% 1-#/")+&)$-)#$7&&+1-66$7&2$7200$-)#$'.0$+,0$7"+)0..$.'"+0.$7&2$ 7200$7&2$+,0$7"2.+$/&)+,$-)#$5-%$&)6%$89$502$:"."+$-7+02$+,-+; <,2&'=,&'+$+,0$>'//02$+,020$-20$-6.&$-$2-)=0$&7$0?+2-$-3+":"+"0. -:-"6-160$7&2$@'+'20$!"#$%&'($%)/0/102.$-+$.'1."#".0#$2-+0.; A$<02/.$B$C&)#"+"&).$D556%

Lifestyle fashiont With one month to go until Lambrini Liverpool Fashion Week, the director of events Amanda Moss, and chief coordinator Sarah Morrissey look forward to a show stopping week.


K-&+2& Too many to list! The staging, lighting, designers, models. The whole show is awe-inspiring for anyone who loves fashion and beauty. This year we are fortunate to have event partner Lambrini working alongside us too. Sarah I think the biggest highlight this year is the location – The Royal Liver Building. It’s not only an iconic piece of architecture to us, but also the world over and falls on one of the most impressive skylines. We are in our fifth year of the event, showing we really mean business. Not forgetting the fantastic VIP packages and the brilliant sponsors we are working with.



K-&+2& The endorsement by Mayor Joe Anderson is a huge boost, demonstrating the city recognising what we represent. While we obviously embrace our City’s connection with fashion, we are reaching out to a whole new global fashion audience and educating people that Liverpool fashion is not all about the curly blow, 8 inch stilettos and false eyelashes. Sarah This year we are reaching a wider audience. Whilst we have shows dedicated to the Liverpool look, we want to show that we have innovative ideas like you see everyday in fashion editorials – from the clothes, to the creative styling. We want to show that as city, our fashion direction is just as strong as Paris, New York, London and Milan.


K-&+2& We have used different venues for different nights in the past as a way of involving the city, but when we were offered this iconic building we thought it represents not only the city but also the elegance and pride that Lambrini Liverpool Fashion Week is so careful to demonstrate. Sarah It is an honor for us to be holding this year’s Liverpool Fashion Week. As a Liverpudlian girl, this event will be one that I take a lot of pride in and I know the city will too.


K-&+2& I would go with an open mind. We have themed nights so there is something totally different for everyone. As always the ethos behind Lambrini Liverpool Fashion Week is that it is affordable fashion for everyone. We aim to strip away the fashion show snobbery – any size, any age, you’re all welcome! Even my new born baby will be attending! Sarah Every show will be a show stopper. But look out for the New Talent evening – which showcases the new up and coming designers emerging from our city and across the UK – even internationally! All innovative pieces and names which inevitably we will be hearing a lot more of in the coming years. I’m really looking to getting my hands on some striking designs!


K-&+2& Previous models have been scouted for international work, designers and boutiques have been approached by buyers for department stores and other shows. We really do offer a platform to further careers in the industry. Many designers have gone on to have the confidence to open up boutiques after the reception they receive at LFW. Sarah We pride Liverpool Fashion Week on acting as a great platform for talented creatives and models in the industry, not only those you see walking down the catwalk, but for the ones who have a crucial role behind the scenes! We aim to elevate you in national and international media. This too is something we can provide for all those participating at Model 101.






A touch of glamour with Remy Couture 100% Premium Virgin Remy Hair is specially optimised with nutritional !"#$%&'()$%"*'$"'+*,)*(+'$,+',)%#-.' performance. This superior, state of the art technique prolongs the life of the hair, for a silky luminous style, wash after wash.

Hair Extension suppliers of

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Enjoy Lambrini responsibly


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