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AESTHETICS Derma Transform Aesthetics is a company established in 2007 which specialises in Filler and Anti-Ageing Injection treatments. Our highly qualified practitioners provide the best care and service. Expert advice is given to each individual before any procedure is done, and we always adhere to the highest standards to ensure client satisfaction.

Female Model (curly grey hair) is Tammy Clough. Instagram @tattootam Images by: @dermatransformaesthetics and @justgoshootmedia

We’re a team of medical practitioners in Manchester and our aim is to provide the best treatment and care.



We offer free and friendly consultations, expert advice, the best products at a fair price, numbing agents, and a 24/7 aftercare service.

Our target market is male and female adults.

We only use the best products for our Anti-Ageing Injections (Botox®) and Fillers (Juvederm®). Both of these reputable brands have a reliable long-standing record and produce stunning results when used properly. For our Filler products we offer: • Juvederm® Ultra Range lasting 6-9 months • Juvederm® Premium range (Vobella, Volift, Voluma) which last 12+ months For our Anti-Ageing Injection treatment, the product we use is: • Botox® which usually lasts 3-4months on average

Treatments aimed at the younger market include Lip filler, Russian Lip filler, Cheek filler, Jawline filler, Chin filler and Anti-Ageing Injection treatment (Botox®). This market is usually looking for the ‘insta’ look to have a fuller pout, chiselled jawlines, a more contoured and defined look. They may also request a naturally enhanced look which we are able to provide. Treatments aimed at the middle-aged market mainly include Anti-Ageing Injection treatment (Botox®) and Nasolabial fillers; as well as Lip filler, Cheek filler, Jawline filler including jowl treatment and Chin filler if recommended. This market is usually looking for a more youthful, refreshed, smoother and rejuvenated look.

Tel: 0161 399 0017 or 07307 174 702 2

Beauty Within, 170 School Lane, Didsbury, M19 1GN www.dermatransform.com


Dermal Filler Treatments (Prices per 1ml Syringe) Lip Enhancement (Including Russian Lip Enhancement) Juvederm® £199 *Premium Juvederm® £299 Nose To Mouth Lines Juvederm® £199 *Premium Juvederm® £299 Cheek Shaping & Volumisation Juvederm® £199 *Premium Juvederm® £299 Chin Enhancement Juvederm® £199 *Premium Juvederm® £299 Male Model is Ryan Staveley. Instagram @ryanstaveley123 Images by: @dermatransformaesthetics and @justgoshootmedia

Jawline Enhancement (Including Jowls) Juvederm® £199 *Premium Juvederm® £299 * Higher longevity filler product

Anti-Ageing Injections (FREE initial consultation required)



1 Area 2 Areas 3 Areas Jaw Muscle Slimming Gummy Smile Anti-Sweating (Armpits/Forehead)

£99 £149 £199 £249 £99 £349

Call today 0161 399 0017 Beauty Within, 170 School Lane, Didsbury, M19 1GN @dermatransformaesthetics Derma Transform Aesthetics

Email: contact@dermatransform.com



Hello September It’s a new month and indeed a season, which means a new issue of your favourite free glossy monthly magazine. And we’re glad to be back in print after 6 months, we always said we’d pressed the pause button and nothing else! The kids are back at school, holidays are over and hopefully we’re getting back into our familiar routines. We have all survived a very rocky summer of uncertainty. But by remaining focused we’ve pushed through it. Life is full of unplanned events but it’s how we react to these challenges that shape us and make us stronger. We’ve been out

and about talking to many people about advertising, some people say they are scared to spend money which is understandable. But what is more frightening than the thought of being left behind while your competitors continue to grow? We’re in the business of helping your business and no one does it better than us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers and advertisers for all your support and encouragement, some may

know that during the last few months I have based myself in Cyprus to launch the magazine abroad. It’s hard at any time but during a global pandemic is especially challenging. Often considered an inspiration but nothing compared to the truly remarkable stories of amazing people nominated for a Positive Award. And it’s not too late to nominate yourself or someone - go to www.positiveawards.co.uk Email me: editor@ lifestylemonthly.co.uk Have a wonderful day and keep loving the life that you’re living. You’ve only got one so make the most of it!

WINNER Best New Creative PR Manager - Global Brand Awards 2019

Providing Advanced Aesthetics and training across Liverpool



laskinltd_ & laskinltd.training L.A Skin Ltd 4

Call today: 07506 578 303

Email: info@laskinliverpool.co.uk | www.laskinliverpool.co.uk

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emale national leaders locked down earlier and suffered half as many COVID deaths on average as male leaders, according to analysis across 194 countries by the University of Liverpool. With New Zealand now the first country to record zero cases over consecutive days and Germany the first to resume competitive top level sports, their respective female leaders have received plenty of praise, but researchers found that even when outliers like New Zealand and Germany – and the USA for male leaders were removed from the statistics, the case for the relative success of female leaders was only strengthened.


University of Liverpool Management School Developmental Economist, Professor Supriya Garikipati and her colleague at the University of Reading, Professor Uma Kambhampati, analysed differing policy responses and subsequent total COVID cases and deaths across 194 countries for

the first quarter of the pandemic, up to May 19. Professor Supriya Garikipati said: “Our results clearly indicate that women leaders reacted more quickly and decisively in the face of potential fatalities.” “In almost all cases, they locked down earlier than male leaders in similar circumstances.” “While this may have longer-term economic implications, it has certainly helped these countries to save lives, as evidenced by the significantly lower number of deaths in these countries.” To reach this conclusion, the academics introduced a number of variables to help analyse the raw data and draw reliable country comparisons. They considered GDP, total population, urban population density and the proportion of elderly residents; they also looked at annual health expenditure per capita, openness to international travel and general level of

societal gender equality. “And with only 19 of the 194 countries being led by women, the report reveals s that “while women leaders were risk averse with regard to lives, they were prepared to take significant risks with their economies by locking down early” suggesting “risk aversion may manifest differently in different domains, with women leaders being significantly more risk averse in the domain of human life, but more risk taking in the domain of the economy”. Professor Garkipati said: “Our findings show that COVID outcomes are systematically and significantly better in countries led by women and, to some extent, this may be explained by the proactive policy responses they adopted. “Even accounting for institutional context and other controls, being female-led has provided countries with an advantage in the current crisis.”


01942 896 566



E x q U I SI t E l y I N d I a N You'll find us nestled in the leafy suburbs of Woolton Village. We are a hidden treasure situated between Sainsburys entrance and Lloyd's Bank on Woolton Street.

OPENING HOURS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-23.00

HOl dI Bar, Restaurant & lounge 5b Woolton Street, Woolton Village, Liverpool L25 5NH. Tel: 0151 428 9894 www.holdiwoolton.com

7 21

C E LE B R ITY Lifestyle chats to director and professional choreographer and dancer...

RIA MEERA MUNSHI How old are you? Hey! I am 31 years old ... Gosh, I still can’t believe I am 31! What is your occupation? I am the director of Ri Ri’s Dance Academy based in Manchester, UK. As well as being a professional choreographer and dancer, I am, also, an actress, model and host. Absolutely adore my career in the arts and I am so grateful to have a career which I love! How did you get into Bollywood dancing? When I was 3 years old my Mum enrolled me onto Bharatanatayam (Indian Classical) dance classes so my passion for dance and performing started at a young age. At the age of 13 I began choreographing my own Bollywood and 8

Bhangra dance routines and by the age of 18 I was teaching regular classes in Greater Manchester. At 22 years old I established my multi-award winning dance academy and the rest is history, as they say! How long have you been a dancer? Been dancing since I was 3 years old so I have been a dancer for 28 years! Ahhhhhh I feel old hahah! (*Ria laughs & covers her face*) How did you win a Guinness Book of Records? My Bollywood Guinness World Record

is for the most people dancing to a Bollywood song simultaneously. I presented live and taught 1406 non dancers a Bollywood routine with my incredible dancers on stage behind me and this was in July 2011, in a huge park in Manchester. It still shocks me a little and still feels slightly surreal that a routine which I choreographed and a routine which I taught to so many people ended up breaking the Bollywood Guinness World Record! Tell us about your dance school? My multi-award

winning team perform captivating and colourful Bollywood dance sets for Events, provide exclusive entertainment and dancers for TV, undertake creative and innovative commissioned Projects, as well as prestigious (spellbinding) one off Theatre Productions. Beyond blessed to have a creative team which are award winning in their own right, with their work years both in the UK and internationally. We believe Bollywood Dance and Theatre are for everyone and are committed to creating high quality, enriched, performances for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The outstanding prominence that we hold in the industry highlights the supreme excellency we showcase, as a Company. I love to provide a platform for professional dancers and emerging artists, of all backgrounds, styles and cultures, to join our Academy. Do you think there is a rise of interest in Bollywood dancing? Western world are more open to many new styles, traditions and cultures. Bollywood dancing is certainly an example of one

of them. I think this is due to the rise in social media. Naturally, an awareness has been built around Bollywood dancing further as “Slumdog Millionaire”. Albeit not a Bollywood based story and, of course, the song “Jai Ho” at the end immediately became successful. What do you teach? Personally, I teach Bollywood, Bhangra, Raas and Garba and I, additionally, choreograph dances for those couples who want something Do you design your own costumes? I wish I did but I don’t have the time! I love to see what the trend is for costumes, fashion and clothing styles in India and try to create something fun, colourful yet conservative. Where do you take inspiration from? My inspiration comes from a variety of sources such as beautiful quotes I see on social media as well as my fabulous business friends who are forever inspiring me with their hard work and dedication. Listening to motivational and positive talks really assist me too along with my morning meditation ritual. I am extremely goal

orientated and have a very focused mentality so I like to be as proactive and productive as possible as I have lots of dreams to achieve! Any plans to travel to India in the future? The last time I was in India was in February 2017 where I travelled to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Baroda and Bombay. As soon as COVID-19 is over I would love to travel back to India especially as I want Kathak dance training! How has the pandemic affected you this year? Of course, all of our performances and classes have been postponed but I have been working really hard to get some fresh and positive content out into the world. I created a lockdown dance with 9 of our dancers from around the world which I have had such a lovely response too. Also in the process of creating some innovative online projects so, in fact, I have been busier in lockdown than ever before! And I thought I was busy before haha! (*Ria laughs*) What is your ultimate ambition? To be featured Actress! Another ambition of mine is to choreograph and I can’t wait to make it happen! 7



t’s finally the start of new school terms. Genuinely feel that some days I am living my life on the Truman Show and I’m going to wake up and realise it’s been a big game all along. Some days it appears we are taking one step towards normality and then the next about 10 steps back! I guess we all have to be sensible, and do the best we can to protect others who are more vulnerable whilst trying to live our lives. It was a real treat to be able to go out for a meal for the first time since back in February – and we decided upon Hickorys in Southport for my birthday. It’s been great to be able to go back to support the wine bars and pubs in Ainsdale village, and I’ve even been helping out behind the bar at Champs in Ainsdale – which keeps me out of trouble drinking the other side! I am also delighted to announce that after almost a year on a temporary contract for the NHS as Community Fundraiser for


Whiston and St Helens Hospitals Charity – that I am now a member of staff and receiving a permanent, full time contract. I have spent my life working freelance – often without any guaranteed income at the end of the month regardless of how hard you work or your performance – and to be part of this wonderful Trust has made me feel like this is the start of a whole new happy chapter of my life. It’s been a tough few years, especially financially since the breakdown of my marriage, which I’ve never particularly spoken about, but I’m finally at the stage where I feel the happiest both in my career and my personal life than I have ever been. I’m also thrilled to finally be able to reveal my first cover show for BBC Radio Merseyside will be on Saturday 26th September 10-2pm. I have to keep pinching myself as I have always dreamed

of the opportunity of joining the BBC, and as much as it was a wonderful opportunity to be networked on Greatest Hits for which I’m truly thankful,, I have missed local radio as I have such a passion for the city, and I can’t wait to get the headphones back out in Liverpool and I hope that you’ll all join me.


Wednesday to Sunday Delivering with Just Eat




SERVING BREAKFAST AND LUNCH The Woodland Centre Stretton Way L36 6AD



by Violet Wilder

Why Gordon Ramsay’s approach to his craft, his business and life itself is confrontational and committed, yet utterly compelling. 12


s it arrogance, belief or just a yearning to stay in control? Whatever the persona, whatever the formula, our most decorated chefs are where they are because of their ability to perform, manage and excel in one of the most stressful work environments imaginable. And Gordon Ramsay is certainly in the melting pot when it comes to imaging, appreciating and respecting the most inspirational food influencers of our day. “I’m the same as anyone else,” begins the fiery Scot. “I’m the product of discipline, bloodymindedness, passion, being organised, being clear in my goal, and perhaps even a bit of selfishness.” “You know, success won’t just fall onto your lap – you’re going to have to work hard for it; but I will guarantee you that with the right amount of effort and a basic requirement that you’re not an idiot, you can get somewhere… anyone can.” Of course, the Gordon Ramsay we encounter away from the pressured atmosphere of the restaurant is very different to that bullish, bulldozing, bombastic character who stomps, swears and

curses his way through various globally distributed television series and concepts. Without for a moment suggesting the 53-year-old is softening in his middle years, in conversation he is reflective, grateful for what he has, loving and funny… although still unapologetically brash. “My advice on this one has always been the same,” he says, addressing his love of an expletive. “If you don’t like it on your television, turn over. You have to appreciate the pressures of the kitchen and that environment. It looks like a lovely serene, woolly, fluffy place frontof-house and that’s the whole point – you wouldn’t want to keep turning up for meals where the staff were ripping shreds off one another; but it needs to be high pressure out the back. And only when you’ve seen that situation do you really appreciate what it is we go through. “ “It’s stress – pure, unadulterated stress. It’s not pleasant for anyone, and someone being offended by an expletive is really going to be the least of my worries!” Through all his crudeness, in 2020 Gordon Ramsay’s eponymous empire is a meticulously curated,

globally renowned brand. Much of that is down to its founder’s measured pursuit of what he is good at – never allowing the lure of expansion to divert him into areas outside his comfort zone, he’s always acted quickly when challenges approach. And never was critical action more required than in spring this year when the Coronavirus pandemic struck. As expected, some sections of the press leapt on his furloughing of an estimated 500 members of staff, but the blanket shutdown of hospitality across almost the entirety of his global portfolio – that’s an empire of 34 restaurants and bars, 16 of which are in London – has provided the greatest commercial challenge in his two decades in business. “We have to imagine these as new openings,” he told the press in June. “Forget the salt and pepper, it’s hand sanitiser. Forget the long-winded descriptions, forget table sides. Temperature checks — all these things are going to come into play.” Tough times are to follow, undoubtedly, but the knowledge that Ramsay will bounce back is deepseated. This is someone who has the experience to see through a challenge.

“The older I get the more resilient I become. People talk about young people having thick skin and always able to bounce back, but personally I’ve found greater strength in my middle years. The philosophy is ‘if it hasn’t killed me so far, it probably won’t now.” Such belligerence is the Ramsay way, and we really wouldn’t want an alternative version of the decorated chef and restaurateur. “I’m Marmite, I know that,” he says. “Some love it, others hate it. Some understand it, but ultimately it’s about working hard, achieving something, getting the job done. That’s not a crime.” And the temper…? “A temper? Me?” He chips back, with a wry smile. “I think the big thing is wanting a job to get to the point where you sit back and savour it. And the fact is, if you have some idiot stood in your way, preventing that, then of course you’re going to get mad.” The phrase, ‘if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen,’ – Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, in fact) – never seemed so appropriate. 13



brother, who was already a cadet.

The sky really is the limit for Liverpool City Council worker Donna Hall after she was presented with a high-flying national award for her work with the RAF Air Cadets.


y day, Donna works as a physical activity and sports development coordinator with the council and has recently been part of the Major Sports Events Team working on bringing events to the city.

But in her spare time, the can-do council worker has mentored hundreds of young people in her role as Regional Warrant Officer for Wales and West Region Air Training Corps.

She took on her role as an adult volunteer in 2006 and since then she has helped scores of cadets to realise their full potential through a varied programme of activities and events. Donna is supported by the council in her RAF Air Cadet responsibilities, because she is given time to devote to her duties.

Donna first joined the Air Cadets in 1994 because she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her older

The outgoing head of the Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, decided to create a special Volunteer of the Year Award as part of her retirement legacy. And Donna became its first-ever recipient when she recently travelled to Air Cadets HQ in Cranwell, Lincolnshire to pick up the impressive crystal cup. Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty praised Donna for being ‘omnipresent’ in her role across the Wales and West Region.


She said: “She is passionate about her role, lives and breathes drill and ceremonial and supports wider initiatives with her hard work, good humour and positivity. She inspires those around her.”


NEW BANDSTAND FOR STRAWBERRY FIELDS Liverpool City Council has granted permission for the installation of a uniquely designed bandstand in the grounds of strawberry field where john lennon played as a child.


ajor Kathleen Versfeld, Mission Director at Strawberry Field said “We want the bandstand to bring great joy to our local community as well as to our visitors from around the world.” • Strawberry Field was gifted to The Salvation

Army in 1934. The organisation opened the site as a children’s home in 1936 and for nearly 70 years the site supported some of Liverpool’s most vulnerable children until it closed in 2005. • Visitors can learn about the site’s history and connection with The

Salvation Army. There will be exclusive insights into the former Salvation Army children’s home, John Lennon’s childhood and the writing and recording of the famous song, as told by John’s close friends and family.


...just a smile away!

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Autism Special Needs Specialist


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ars are to be stopped from accessing a major road in the heart of Liverpool city centre to allow a “bus gate” to improve the flow of public transport for tens of thousands of passengers every day. It will be introduced to help reduce congestion and pollution and improve safety along a key corridor connecting the city’s Knowledge Quarter to the waterfront. All traffic - except buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and bikes - will be banned heading westbound into Ranelagh Street and Hanover Street from Lime Street. The measure would be introduced as an Experimental Traffic Order and would be reviewed after 12 months. According to a survey of traffic the route has been used as a rat-run with a high number of accidents involving pedestrians


Car ban - A bus gate is to be installed changing westbound traffic on Ranelagh Street heading towards Liverpool’s waterfront.

crossing from Church Street to Bold Street, which has recently been fully pedestrianised to support eateries recovering from the Covid-19 lockdown. The proposed changes will not affect eastbound traffic as Lime Street is to be remodelled between St John’s Lane and Skelhorne Street as part of the £47 million Liverpool City Centre Connectivity (LCCC) scheme, which will remove access to traffic. To ensure that the bus-gate supports current and future bus routes, it is proposed that it be operational between 7am to midnight, every day of the week. An additional benefit to the change will enable the city region’s Bus Alliance to consider reinstating bus services, such as the 82 service for south Liverpool, and to support the wider LCCC projects, such as the redesign of The Strand. To facilitate the bus-gate on Ranelagh/Hanover

Street, it is proposed the current locations of the Blue-Badge bay (outside the Lyceum on south side) and taxi-rank (on north side) be swapped to allow blue badge holders to park with the flow of traffic and to ensure ease of access into the main retail area of the city. Prior to the scheme becoming live, a CCTV system will be installed and tested to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Department for Transport (DfT) and Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). To improve traffic flow and bus punctuality along the route further, the priority at the junction of Hanover Street with Gradwell Street will also be changed to give priority to traffic along Hanover Street. For more information on the Liverpool City Centre Connectivity Scheme please go to: www.liverpool.gov.uk/ betterroads


CYPRUS LLC is a UK based holiday letting company attracting investment from Cyprus to the UK for the purpose of sourcing, acquiring, renovating, adapting property to create self service accommodation in the UK. Why Cyprus.

Why UK.

One of the Directors is now based in Cyprus with great connections. Cyprus is geographically in Europe but strategically close to North Africa, Turkey, Syria and other Arab speaking nations and is currently attracting inward investment from China as well as the nations already mentioned.

Economically, socially and technically the world is changing rapidly and we believe investors will look to secure their futures by investing in a country that historically thrived under huge challenges, by way of example WW2, whilst at the same time supporting free markets. Though things change we believe a free market economy is a value that the British Economy will not suppress.

LLC has connections with a publication that can serve to attract inward investment to the UK. In essence we can serve, develop, attract and close deals of inward investment to the UK.

Given the government has left Europe as a trading bloc the government will seek to open up new markets from the Americas to Austral-Asia continents which will inevitably be good news for ports such as Liverpool, Hull & Southampton bringing inward jobs and investment. LLC will seek to capitalise on this opportunity.

The Pandemic could justifiably curb enthusiasm for overseas visits making holiday breaks in the UK more attractive. Call +44 151 236 503 or Email Info@lifestylelivingcyprus.com




he curtain was due to go up on Cinderella at St Helens Theatre Royal from Sat 5 Dec ’20 – Sun 3 Jan ’21. However due to the government restrictions now enforced on theatres, it makes the current title not financially viable to continue with, Cinderella is one of the biggest productions in pantomime and carries many additional costs. Pantomime producers, Regal Entertainments say they have looked at alternative options for the festive season and they want to ensure that they can continue to provide top entertainment to its community. They will now produce Beauty And The

Beast, with all the high production values and comedy that audiences have come to enjoy, tickets will go on sale soon. The new show will be fully adhering to social distancing measures, in order to keep the audience, staff, and the cast safe. These include reduced capacity auditorium, temperature checks, wearing of face masks, deep cleaning and pre-order drinks and confectionary. Ticket holders for Cinderella are being

asked to assist the venue by being patient while changes are being made and they will be contacted first, and directly, as quickly as possible by the box office. The venue will be working throughout August to ensure all patrons that have pre-booked, are rescheduled/re-seated before the show goes on general sale. We will do everything we can to provide you with as close to the original booking as possible. For more information, please visit: www. sthelenstheatreroyal.com


Due to the coronavirus, the Theatre Box Office is closed for inperson and telephone bookings. Bookings can be made online at www. sthelenstheatreroyal. com or by emailing the box office at info@ sthelenstheatreroyal.co.uk

Worried about your tax bill?

Landlord Accountancy Services Property tax is an area that HMRC are taking great interest in. There have been a number of big changes in tax rules on rental properties over the last few years so don’t risk getting it wrong. Whether you’ve just acquired your first property or you’ve amassed a portfolio, our experienced property team has got it covered with a range of landlord packages.

Jonathan Ford & Co Limited Maxwell House, Liverpool Innovation Park, 360 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 9NJ

Call today 0151 426 4512 www.jonathanford.co.uk



LIVERPOOL THEATRE FESTIVAL CREATED IN WAKE OF PANDEMIC New outdoor event will offer live entertainment in the open air - September festival takes place at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church. Twelve productions over nine days will support city theatre scene.


iverpool theatre producer Bill Elms has created a nine-day outdoor live performance festival to support the city’s devastated theatre scene in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Liverpool Theatre Festival will take place between Friday 11 September and Saturday 19 September 2020 and is being staged in association with the team behind St Luke’s Bombed Out Church.


27 August. Tickets start from £10. Live performances came to a complete standstill nationally in mid-March due to Covid-19 lockdown. This has had a devastating impact on all careers linked to live performance – from performers and technicians, to venues and suppliers. Strict social distancing guidelines continue to prove extremely difficult for organisers and venues.

The event will take place within the church walls, in the grounds of St Luke’s in the heart of Liverpool city centre and will follow stringent social distancing and Government guidelines.

With no indication on when safe and financially viable indoor performances will resume, Bill has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to organise the festival now outdoor live performances are permitted.

Tickets for Liverpool Theatre Festival go on sale at 12pm on Thursday

The festival line-up includes musical theatre, drama, comedy, cabaret,

monologues, and children’s shows. Festival goers can be reassured they will be attending a safe environment. Capacity has been reduced to ensure socially distanced seating; hand sanitiser stations; temperature checks before entry; masks will be compulsory when moving round the venue; and visitors are encouraged to attend in their social bubble groups. Increased safety guidelines will also take place behind the scenes. Shows will be limited to one-act performances; each show lasts a maximum of 75 mins to reduce audience movement; the cast and crew will socially distance and be temperature checked; and a maximum of four performers per production. Further safety measures will be announced in the coming weeks. The team at St Luke’s have been successfully running a covid-safe garden café/ bar on site for a few the

last months and they will provide theatregoers with premium drinks and freshly cooked pizza, drinks can also be purchased on a special app and delivered to ticketholders at their seats. Liverpool Theatre Festival will include live productions of Swan Song by Jonathan Harvey, A Fairy Tale Journey Across The Mersey, Laughterhouse Comedy, The Best Of Tommy Cooper, Sweet Mother, Shakers by John Godber, Deathly Confessions, Matinee Musical Classics, Music Of The Night, Judy & Liza, Hurrah For The Pirate King! and Something About Simon. Bill Elms continued: “Liverpool really is a wonderful pool of talent. A lot of thought has gone

into programming the festival and I have quickly secured a wonderful lineup of Liverpool performers and productions, who are eager to see the return of live entertainment. We cannot wait to open the festival on 11 September. The performers are already counting down the days until they can get back on a stage in front of a live audience.� Opening the festival is a special collaboration with Liverpool Theatre Festival. Swan Song by Jonathan Harvey stars Andrew Lancel in a one man show and directed by Noreen Kershaw on Friday 11 September, at 6pm and 9pm. Liverpool. 1997. The world is changing, and in the staff room, English teacher Dave Titswell finds that not all

change is welcome. Is he reaching the end of the line? Or will a school trip to the Lakes change things for the better? Swan Song is a comedy by award winning writer Jonathan Harvey, first performed at the Edinburgh Festival and Hampstead Theatre. Tickets for Liverpool Theatre Festival are available from Ticket Quarter. Check the website and social media for updates. https:// www.ticketquarter.co.uk/ online/liverpool-theatrefestival-2020 Website: www. liverpooltheatrefestival. com Facebook: liverpooltheatrefestival Twitter: @lpoolTFestival Instagram: liverpooltheatrefestival



The Blueman


Up Close and Personal

Since Black is king’s release everyone is talking about Beyoncé’s stunning visual album. The dance routines, the symbolism and the styling. One person who has captured the public’s attention almost as much as ‘Bey” is Stephen Papi Ojo “the blue man“ who is dancing side by side with Queen B throughout the album. He self taught dancer from Nigeria talks to us about how he ended up teaching African dance moves to Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé. - Maighread Ni Mhaonghail The “Blue Man” is now synonymous with “Black is King”. People don’t mention one without the other. How does that make you feel? You know it’s a blessing! I didn’t really know what to expect first but since the movie came out, there just been so much love. I’m really happy to be at the receiving end of that.


Can you tell us a little about the man beneath the paint? How did your journey begin? My name is Steven (Papi) Ojo. I was born in Lagos Nigeria and I am an artist, singer, dancer, songwriter, and model. I’m the whole package. Now I’m the ‘blue man’ too. I’ve been dancing for a long time but I started to take it really seriously around late 2014, early 2015. I’ve been dancing with my group Avio boys. We’ve been training and working really hard for a long time. We post on Instagram and people see it and reach out I’m just really happy that all the dedication and hard work

is paying off and I was able to represent myself, the culture and my family the way I did on this project. In the film the blue man seems to represent Prince’s conscience what significance did he have for you personally? I really connected to the role because in my own experience I also have a blue man watching over me and guiding me through the journey of life. You know, IT lost my brother in 2016 and ever since then he is like a guardian angel guiding me. So when I was asked to play the part of the prince’s conscience I just connected. I was really happy I was given that role because it reflected my story too. The project was a year in the making, how difficult was it to keep it secret? Well, you know how it is, we’re professional and we signed non - disclosure agreements. Really though keeping it a secret wasn’t really a big deal for me because I know how it goes on this kind of production. I didn’t really know the time frame of the project from production to release. I just felt that whenever it was released it was ok by me. Even if it took three years I would still have been fine keeping quiet. I’m happy that it dropped when it did though, you know because it’s our time.

How important was the positive representation of African Culture to you personally, in the movie? It was a crucial element. We had a one time opportunity to get it right, this is not something as an artist you want to get wrong. I didn’t want find myself in a position where I would have to deal with backlash from my people back home or people here in America. So, I just pulled up my bootstraps and got to work to properly represent. I’m so glad that god gave me the wisdom and strength to do that and now here we are. You have worked with some of the biggest celebrities on the world, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Texans Taylor, how did that come about? Well, mostly through posting contention social media, people seeing us (Avio boys) Cos we love what we do and love the excitement of people seeing us. Most of our opportunities come from People sewing is on Instagram and reaching out. How do you feel this project has changed your life? It’s game changing. This project will be streamed worldwide by people for generations and it’s always going be a monumental piece and I’m always going be a part of that. So, people will always

want know who the ‘ blue man’ is and that’s going bring attention on me. I want to flip the switch a little on that and let people see that I have so much more to offer. I’m ready to take this journey and I hope and pray that people take this journey with me and be patient with me and see what I have to offer as an artist. What’s next for you? Well I was planning to teach choreography but corona has pit that on hold. I could do online classes but I prefer the personal connection and being around people’s energy. I am dropping an EP next year and also want to take acting a bit more seriously so I can put myself forward for bigger roles. Hopefully you guys will see me on the big screen! What advice do you have for other young artists out there who may be inspired by your journey? To all the aspiring artists and creatives out there I’d say, stay true to yourself. In this world there are going be a lot of people who will have an opinion and make you doubt yourself. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. When God says yes you have to be ready. Stay ready do you don’t have to get ready. Keep putting out good energy because people feel your energy. Remember one day it’s going be your day!




The Happiness of Pursuit Top performance coach and business consultancy leader.

I am a business owner and director of Dasala Ltd a performance coaching and business consultancy business. I work across all sectors with a focus on leadership and senior management with a mind to always help individuals and teams to perform at their best. I speak across the UK and Europe as a keynote speaker to audiences of managers and leaders from business.

Happiness – If not now, When?


have to admit to a certain addiction to self-help books, except I rarely get more than half way through before I say “ok, I get your message but you could have said it in half the time”. The goal of the author is to get me to read the book from cover-to-cover but that feels like is a real commitment to me, maybe something I’ll do on my holidays. It’s pretty straightforward really ... but for some reason I wasn’t committed enough to completing the simple task of reading a book through to the last page. It turns out that my goal and the author’s goal are different. I tend to highlight relevant points Eventually I worked out that my goal was to get the message from the book

not just to get to the end of it, I had been confusing a task with a goal. We all have tasks at work and in our social lives that we have to commit to but there are some tasks that we just don’t have to do, we do it more out of habit. I have set myself a goal to have 2 hours per week to ride around my home town on my scooter. This isn’t new year’s resolution stuff, this is a plain and simple question that I asked myself “I love riding around on my scooter ... and the more aimless the journey the happier I am ... so how do I get more time to do it?”. Two things had to happen for this to work ... firstly I had create the time .... Secondly I had to make sure I do it, not just sit down and think about it or just talk about it.

Email: darren@dasala.co.uk or follow me on



If you see me on the East Lancashire Road (or Route 66 as I like to call it) I’ll be the one grinning from earto-ear ... mostly because I’m enjoying the ride but also because I have set myself a goal and achieved it ... I know it’s only a tiny achievement but I’m the one with a smile on my face. Maybe life isn’t about the pursuit of happiness ... maybe we have it the wrong way around ... maybe life is about the happiness of pursuit. In such challenging times I feel is critical to find what makes you happy and create the time to enjoy that happiness. No guilt, no justification, just happiness. Pursue what makes you feel happy. Email at darren@dasala. co.uk or follow me on twitter @dasaladarren.


ARE THESE THE SAFEST HOTELS IN LIVERPOOL? 3 Liverpool hotels take their place among the safest 175 hotels in the UK A list of 175 fully Covidcompliant UK hotels has been released by the hospitality industry’s Safe to Trade Scheme which helps holidaymakers to identify which hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas are going the extra mile to ensure the safety of both their staff and guests. The Scheme, has been launched by top-ranking hospitality safety experts, including the former CEO of the Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency. The three hotels in Liverpool that feature in the Top 175 Approved Safe to Trade Hotels in the UK have all been independently audited by the Safe to Trade Scheme’s team of expert Environmental Health Practitioners and have had to pass a strict approval process, as well as adhere to stringent health and safety guidance. The hotels will now work with the experts at the Scheme on an ongoing

basis, who will audit their safety practices against its Safety Charter to ensure that they are running a Covid compliant operation, with this information made available to the public, so that they can make informed choices about where they patronise. Each of the 175 establishments now feature on a national register, that holidaymakers can consult to find a safe to trade venue, which is regularly updated following honest feedback – both good and bad – from staff and customers. The register is also made available to local and national safety regulators, to assist with

their requirement to risk rate businesses and a full list of current approved venues can be found at: https://safetotrade.org.uk/ safe-to-trade/search/ Mark Flanagan who chairs the Safe to Trade Scheme governance board comments: “We are delighted to announce the first 175 UK hotels to meet our stringent standards and be deemed as Safe to Trade. For those customers looking to make the most of what’s left of the summer with a UK staycation but who want to do so as safely as possible, the Safe to Trade Scheme provides peace of mind. Customers who consult our register of approved venues at safetotrade. org.uk can search for a hotel by name or location and be confident that every approved hotel that features on the list complies fully with the law.”




SAM FOLEY spiritual enlightenment


his year has definitely been a reset, refocus and rest year. Since spring when everything literally shut down our planet Mother Earth has had a well earned rest, our focus has shifted from taking everything for granted that we had all material needs met by the push of a button (internet shopping), being able to travel wherever and whenever, day to day work, kids in school, trying to balance our busy hectic lives to completely stopping altogether. As we embark on a new season, where do we go from here? September brings us the last harvest of fruits and grain the abundance from the Goddess planet we live on and through this we gather the seeds for next year. The Autumn Equinox is around 21st-23rd of September where the sun and moon are aligned in the sky for the same amount of time then the nights start to get longer. This is the third quarter of

the year so let’s start it with good intentions to ward of any negativity or fears of a second wave of COVID-19. When you feel safe, you feel happier and your immune system will stay strong and not be put under pressure from stress. Start your day with hot water and a slice of lemon in it to kick start your liver. This will make you feel lighter. In the morning light a candle and list 10 things your truly grateful for. To do this open your heart and listen to what really makes you happy, feel yourself glow and begin to write the list. Then place your hands on your heart and say thank you, really feel it throughout your whole body. Then rub your hands together and make an imaginary ball in between your hands, expand your hands and mould the energy in to the size of a beach ball. Then visualise positive energy into this ball, you can make it any colour you like and

Email: hello@samanthafoleywellbeing.com Visit: www.samanthafoleywellbeing.com 26

even add glitter inside! There is no limits. Ask your Guardian Angel to add some angelic vibes and Archangel Jophiel to add some joy, and the goddess Aphrodite to add some love. Then throw it to someone or a situation or a place on Mother Earth that you know needs healing. This is your service work, When you have done this place your hands on your heart. This is the balance of saying thanks and sending love. Add fruit to your diet especially apples as they are ripe and full of goodness. Take an evening walk in nature, be mindful and give thanks for all your surroundings. This will ground any excess energy from your day. This helps you feel balanced. Then take time for meditation and ask yourself what would you like to have happen next year? Where do you see yourself? And begin your manifestation for the next year with your new energy seeds that you can plant.



with beauty expert Donna Oulton

“Your skin is 90% of your selfie”


ello Beauty lovers, hope your month has been filled with good vibes! I have been taking delivery of some of the best brands that I guarantee you should be adding to your online baskets.

I was sent a lovely parcel from Australian vegan and cruelty free skincare brand Alya, and not only did I fall in love with the packaging because it’s so girly, but the products are so gentle for even the most sensitive of skins. The Pink clay mask is world famous for its detoxifying properties. This wonderful brand has worked very hard on creating products that do


what they say on the tin! I especially love the foam micellar cleanser, it leaves your skin super hydrated and feels so clean. Alya gets a massive thumbs up from me, right from the packaging, presentation, price point, to the results of their products. Another brand I was gifted was BAO, another vegan and cruelty free brand (always a winner in my eyes) this brand is hand made simple and pure and with great results for face and body.

I got a family member to trial this for me (thanks Victoria) and she absolutely loved it, and I could see the difference in her skin after two days of use, it was clear bright and glowing, the radiance

Instagram: @elevatebfpr Snap me: Elevate-BFPR (dinks001)

face scrub smoothes and softens the skin leaving a happy glow and ready for a luscious layer of the recovery face cream. Another brand that won’t break the bank either, it’s so good to find new products that don’t cost the earth and that actually work. The past few months have been so hard on us all but there are some positives from it, we have spent more time on ourselves and finding new brands like Alya and BAO for our pamper nights! Both of these brands are sure to relieve your postponed vacation blues! Although I am off to Cyprus soon to join our editor and chief Amanda Moss, SPF check, Bikini check, face mask check! Stay safe and may your days be as flawless as your skins. xx


Eyelash Extensions Cryolipolosis Comkit Crystal Clear Facial OPI Manicure Classic Massages Ladies Intimate/Body Waxing Semi-permanent Lashes Microdermabrasion & Exfoliating Facial Acne Facials Collagen Boosting Treatments Skin Peels Weightless and Cellulite Treatment Botox Holistic Treatments Make-up, Hair and Nails

07521 075 207


CJ in the City • www.cjinthecity.co.uk




DAVID HEGARTY Tell us about your band We are A 5 piece scouse country rock band from Bootle, we started back in 2015 as a 3 piece and gradually progressed into the 5, we’ve gained and lost a few band members along the way. We are currently in the process of recording our second album.

When did you decide to become a musician I’m not sure I qualify as a musician to be honest haha, I play very basic rhythm guitar, an that’s only so I can hide behind it during gigs. I started playing guitar I’d say about 14 years old, then stopped playing for years, then picked it up again 1 day and that was that, I was happy to just play it to myself in my room to be honest. If you told me or any1 who knows me well 10 years ago, that I was going to be a singer in a band, I or they would never have believed you. I still get very embarrassed about being on stage now.


What do you find fulfilling about your music Well just people telling me they like our music is enough for me, that’s the

only reason I do it, money, fame I have no interest in, I just want to share my music and stories with people. Who are the band members and what is your role within it I am the singer and rhythm guitarist the other members are Peter “Waka” Stafford drummer Chris Mckeown bass guitar and bv Ian “Igga” Cousins lead guitar and BV Paul “Pod” cousins guitar and BV

Tell us about the new album The new album doesn’t have a name yet, we haven’t really spoke about names yet, we have 6 songs down so far I think, as soon as things get back to normal we’ll be getting back to practice and recording, it’ll hopefully be out this year. We have released 3 singles so far from the album, soon to be 4. Has the pandemic changed the way you write music or has it given you inspiration for new material? I’ve done a lot of meditation in my time off so I think that can only have a positive effect on my

Image by: PCW Photography (Paul


song writing and I did write a song during lockdown called “ when I get out of here”....there may be more but I never write anything down.... But they’ll come back to me I’m sure. Has Liverpool as a city influenced your music? I suppose it has yes, all my songs are about life experiences, growing up In Liverpool, so in that way it has, people from Liverpool also have probably had a bit of influence on me, I listen to the Beatles, The real people, cast a lot so they may have influenced my music, but I’m not sure, I think other people can probably judge better who my music influences are when they listen to our music, if that makes sense. I love Liverpool though and I’m proud to from here. Please add anything else you’d like to mention too Yeah.... All our music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, deezer, Spotify..... and many others. We have a Facebook page, a twitter page, an Instagram page and a YouTube channel.




usician Ruby, 21, a student at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, was just 19 when she was diagnosed with leukaemia last year. During her gruelling treatment she became so distressed and weakened that she stopped singing and was unable to play the guitar. But the cancer, her gruelling treatment, and then sepsis in her shoulder that needed an operation meant she stopped singing and was not able to play the guitar for months. Ruby said: “I didn’t sing for eight months after my

treatment started as I felt too ill and it was mentally painful, and I couldn’t play the guitar after the operation. I lost my identity, and my voice.” It wasn’t until lockdown started in March that Ruby was able to pick up her guitar and play it again. She adds: “I hadn’t played or sung for months – and I was worried that I wouldn’t be any good anymore. But it made me realise how far I’d come.” “During treatment I’d jotted down lyrics here and there about what was happening to me. As I had to shield at home during the pandemic, I had more time on my hands, and I started to put them together to music. My new single, The Game, is the result. It’s about how overcoming obstacles in life is like overcoming different levels on a game.”

But this month she releases her new single The Game – and her incredible story has been made into a film, featuring her song, for charity Teenage Cancer Trust’s new Unstoppable campaign. The Unstoppable fundraising campaign celebrates the strength and determination of young people with cancer like Ruby during the pandemic and the Teenage Cancer Trust staff supporting them - despite the charity’s 50% drop in income due to cancelled fundraising events. The film shows Ruby’s rollercoaster journey over the past year, her treatment through lockdown, and lays bare the challenges of living with cancer as a young person. Ruby’s single can be downloaded here: https:// distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ rubywalvin/the-game-2 Watch the film here: https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=uy3RsK3D2I&feature=emb_logo





aura Doyle has always believed in fate, but there are more than unseen forces taking her on her journey to stardom. An explorer and bornentertainer, from an early age the redheaded Liverpudlian behind new jazz-pop band Baiana travelled the world, learning languages, absorbing cultures and finding herself moving in ever-more quixotic circles; from being annointed “First Lady” of the Italian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, translating for Fidel Castro, studying clowning under the great Philippe Gaulier in Paris to becoming a football agent to some of the world’s greatest players. However, it was when fate brought Laura to live in Rio that the story of Baiana really begins, a time when she fell under the spell of the gods of Brazilian music like Sergio Mendes, Jorge Ben Jor and Joan Gilberto and was transformed forever.


A career in football brought her back to the UK but the calling to become a performer proved stronger still. One day, standing in front of a mirror and donning the first of her trademark headdresses, Baiana (which means “girl from Bahia, Brazil”) was born. The band have just releasde their first single, Miso Loco and it has already proved a hit on Soundcloud with their fans being called “the sound of summer” by celebrities including John Bishop and Simon Rimmer. With its infectious Latin rhythm and catchy chorus, Miso Loco is sure to have you dancing your way out of the lockdown with a smile on your face, a

caipirinha in your hand and a heart full of joy. Honing her craft and building a cult following in her home-town of Liverpool and the underground cabaret scene in London, Laura’s story is one of serendipity, talent and selfbelief. Now, as she stands ready to take her place in the jazz-pop pantheon, she is still also that girl in Rio, rapt with love for how music moves body and soul. Listen to the new single here: https://soundcloud. com/baianaband/misoloco-its-a-fine-time-in-thesunshine website: www.baiana.co.uk @baianaband


S E PTE M B E R 202



MANISH KUMAT ARORA • EMAIL: manish@manishastrologer.com

ARIES (21 MARCH–19 APRIL) This period seems to be highlighted with career and finances for you. You may also be taking care of tedious expenses and balancing the cheque book. You want to be careful not to be so cold towards loved one’s over finances and financial obligations. TAURUS (20 APRIL – 20 MAY) The important issue with career development is to keep a clear sense of method and sequence in what you do and the stars favour you with the natural good fortune. There may be strong feelings or a high emotional state around the home. GEMINI (21 MAY – 20 JUNE) Your career will flourish if you accept that some things can only be changed over time. Advancement may come through important meetings. Responsible action is required to fulfil your obligations to others. Someone new or unusual may be the hallmark of the good things that await you. CANCER (21 JUNE – 22 JULY) This is a time in which love must take up the mantle of responsibility. Be prepared to do the hard yards and the right thing and you will benefit from romance.

There may be an awakening to spiritual knowledge or concerns because of events around you. LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUGUST) The pull between a sense of responsibility to others and your own emotional needs is a strong one this month. For those in a relationship, there may be a change in your social spectrum as you begin to enjoy the company of new and different people. VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) It could bring about a time for you to advancing your career or make more money This is a new start, especially for friendships, creative expression and developments with regard to communications. Put effort into the new and it will pay dividends. LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) You may be looking at your career direction with a view to making change. Your responsibilities or obligations could be difficult to manage for some of you. You will just be setting out on a new or different set of practices with regard to daily routines. SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) Money may become a consuming passion this month and there’s a

good chance of making some if you’re prepared to follow a new course with determination, overcoming any obstacles you meet along the way. Money may come freely, but go freely as well if give way to speculation. SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER -21 DECEMBER) This is a period needing very judicious decision-making or fine judgement. Some of you will have to cross a new horizon to find what you’re looking for. There may be intense interactions with a partner or tensions that bring strong feelings to light. CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 19 JANUARY) This could be a month in which success or social acceptance may feature. Some of you may even hit the big time if you make that last push towards success with long term goals or important aspirations. Sound principles or spiritual practice should guide you. AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) This will be a lucky month where opportunity is concerned. You will simply have the fruit of your efforts if you persist until all is done. You may be drawn into a new and enticing partnership that gives both warmth and depth and feelings will run high. PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) You’ll need to set your life on a new course. Many of you will have the opportunity to look at patterns from your early emotional life. You will be able to step away from past patterns and create something new for yourselves.


Winner Best New Creative PR company 2019 - Global Brands If you go to a restaurant you let someone else do the cooking even though you may have an idea of the recipe, you know the chef will do a better job.

It’s the same with PR


Draw in new customers and sustains existing one

Keep you ahead of your competition

Create a stronger brand presence

Create trust in your brand

Create a positive image of your business

Improve staff productivity

Makes you memorable

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations"

T: 97827636 amanda@amandamosspr.uk www.amandamosspr.uk

Profile for mandap4nda

Liverpool Lifestyle magazine September 2020  

The award winning magazine for Merseyside, supposing local businesses. Featuring news and events, music, culture, business, wellbeing, food...

Liverpool Lifestyle magazine September 2020  

The award winning magazine for Merseyside, supposing local businesses. Featuring news and events, music, culture, business, wellbeing, food...


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