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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fashion designer



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We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2

HELLO DECEMBER We made it to the end of the year didn’t we! And it may not have been the year we were expecting but looking on the bright side, there must have been some aspects that have been good. Lockdown has helped people assess their lives and shown them areas that they want to change, it has forced people to stop and assess their businesses and relationships and make improvements. The pandemic has been crippling

but also liberating, for me it gave me the opportunity to take the plunge and move to cyprus, something I was always planning but was always putting it off for another year. I hope this year has given you the kick start to do something you have always wanted, for surely it has taught us that life is short and precious and we must make the most of our time. Lifestyle magazine has been going for 13 years now, and this year I expanded into Cyprus. No one said it would be easy and everyone said I shouldn’t do it but here we are, going strong and it is only going to get better in 2021. Thank you to our advertisers who have supported us in our journey, we

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look forward to working with you and welcoming many more in the new year. And thank you to our readers who tell us how much they enjoy the magazine. Please enjoy reading our last edition for 2020 and as always, if you want to get in touch email We may not be celebrating in our usual flamboyant style but I wish you a very merry Christmas and mostly definitely a happy and more prosperous new year for you all.

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4. Claire Simmo 24. Chris Hemsworth


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26. Digital Christmas gifts

6. Sheridan Smith 27. Chester Arts Fair

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PATRICK JOSEPH craft of tailoring and feel good factor of having garments made to your exact measurements, style and specification, My grandmother was gifted in sewing, knitting and stitching. I grew up playing with her sewing equipment to experiment with different clothes and patterns to make miniature garments for my action movie toy models. She taught me the skills to use my hands creatively.

When did you become a designer? In 2011 after I decided to turn my passion for fashion into a business. Before then I used design clothes for my own use and doing favours for friends and family.


What are your inspirations? I was inspired by my grandparents. My grandad used to wear tailored suits six days a week. He taught me that “the cloth maketh a man”. From a very early age I appreciated the

What was the turning point in your career? September 2019 when I got the opportunity to showcase at London Fashion Week. This has been my childhood dream. The exposure from that event opened up doors that I couldn’t fathom possible a few years ago. What is your latest collection? It is called Beauty and the Beast. It is reflection of the beauty that women flawlessly ooze to make our world a better place. The beast is a reflection of the military and the alpha males that sign up to the military

world-wide to protect and serve our world. How has the pandemic affection you? It has negatively affected the industry by disrupting the manufacturing and supply chain due to restrictions imposed on factories and the delivery chain. Designers have also been affected by the cancellation of all major live fashion shows in the UK and most European countries. This will have a financial impact on designers due to lost revenue. What is your signature pieces? My couture dresses. They are exclusive one off pieces never to be made again when sold. What makes you stand out? My use of British and Italian sourced materials mixed with quintessential English elegance and traditional Italian flair to bring out the best of both worlds in all my pieces. To see more visit

A statement coat is hard to find, yet Patrick Joseph’s AW21 coat is a British classic addition to any lady’s winter wardrobe. Crafted in a cashmere blend with a triple button fastening, the strong silhouette of the shoulders brings an elegant finish to the piece.


Patrick Joseph Couture Ball Gown


Patrick Joseph Classic Couture



AWARD-WINNING MASK MANUFACTURER AIRPOP has been recognised as creating three of the UK’s most effective face masks in the battle against COVID-19. Following thorough testing in worldclass laboratories, AirPop’s masks have been given the seal of approval by the BSI Kitemark scheme.


he coveted Kitemark ensures consumers can make purchasing decisions based on trust and quality. Its testing regime includes assessing breathability, particle filtration and quality of fitting. The certification acknowledges AirPop has gone above and beyond to ensure its products provide appropriate levels of protection and was introduced this year in response to consumer confusion amidst the coronavirus pandemic. AirPop, which launched its products in the UK just last month, is one of only four companies in Great Britain with Kitemark certified face coverings. All three of AirPop’s current range – AirPop kids, Pocket and Light SE passed the testing and only a total of six face coverings have been awarded the Kitemark in the UK.


Chris Hosmer, Founder of AirPop, said: “Whilst a vast number of face coverings are already available on the market, their performance and design can differ significantly. Products certified with the BSI Kitemark will continue to be assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure standards remain high." AirPop was born after its founder, Chris Hosmer, recognised a need to produce masks which fitted well, had the ability to filter particles effectively and

were breathable and comfortable to wear. Started in 2015, the brand’s initial goal was to improve mask quality for those wearing face coverings to combat the detrimental effects of air pollution. In addition, the threat of dangerous pathogens - from SARS to H1N1 to the flu and now the global COVID-19 pandemic - increased the need for a barrier of defence for consumers. AirPop multi-use disposable masks are available at Amazon. com or the AirPop website



Since the founding of Tattan & Gregson, our mission has been simple; to be the number one choice for discerning ladies & gentlemen who wish to dress impeccably in high quality garments which are both comfortable and elegant. Our team based in store and in the atelier who will design and create these garments, have collectively over 140 years of experience in the industry - Tattan & Gregson have created garments for some of the most notable gentlemen in the world coming from all backgrounds - government, business and sports. Arrange your appointment with us and start your sartorial journey.

07568 776 296 • Instagram: @tattangregson • Facebook: @tattangregson


Lifestyle chats to garden designer


from Outer Spaces How did you become a landscape gardener? I was very arty at school, always drawing. I knew I wanted to do something in design but I didn’t want to follow the crowd that was heading towards Graphic Design. I wanted to create something that people would enjoy and could potentially change the way they live. My artistic skills seemed to be drawing flowers and landscapes, so it just felt like the next step. I love being outside and taking photos. So this lead on to creating my own places for people to visit or use. What is the biggest challenge in your job? The biggest challenge is linked to the reason my industry is needed. Generally people find it very hard to visualise things that are not there. Specially when these things are not materials or features they see everyday.


So helping people understand what the space could look like is a challenge. Some people have no idea, go with what you tell them and then when it is almost too late, wish to tweak or make alterations. Others start to over research and then over complicate the whole process. It is hard to help people understand the potential of their space. What services do you offer? We offer a free consultation to come and take a look. We can provide you with a quotation for any works you would like to us to undertake (a small patio or deck, fencing etc). It is important to say that we will do those small jobs as well. But, Our main line of work is design and build. I design the gardens and work with the client to

get to something they are happy with, that suits them. Then we price it up and if they wish to go ahead, we will build the garden for them. Planting is included, but sometimes people come to us for purely planting plans etc, which is also fine. You have won so many competitions, tell us about some of them? We take part in mostly the RHS Shows. Various ones based all around the country. This started because as a designer I was trying to get a little better known. But, it is a great way to demonstrate what we can do. A physical, touchable advertisement. It also comes hand in hand with

a lot of exposure (in many different forms). The RHS Tatton Park Flower is our home show and this is the one we have done every year since 2005. I’m well known at Tatton and after starting as a very young and in experienced girl, I am now one of the longest running designers that exhibit at the show. In recent years I have been to both Istanbul and Beijing with gardens, which has opened my eyes to the way others build and I have learnt a great deal. What are your most memorable projects? Oh god, haha I’m not sure. There are a few larger projects at Tatton that I have thoroughly enjoyed. We won Best in Show one year, the was a favourite. We built a large garden at Ness Botanical Gardens. I have planted for other people at Chelsea which was great, being part of a different team. Obviously going aboard, they were both mad experiences. What are your plans for Christmas? Christmas is my only real time off during the year. (Every year I say that will change, but it never does). So by the time we start getting close to December, I guess the tiredness creeps in haha. I see Christmas as a family time. I’m very close to my family and love spending time with them all. If we

are allowed, I intend to spend time relaxing and making the most of some time together. Lots of walks and time spent with my dog Nancy the Golden Retriever!! Are there trends in landscape gardening and what is your hottest tip for winter gardens? With winter gardens, I think it is important to really think about your structures and your planting. Structure can take the form of either trees (with or without foliage) or sculpture elements, even pergolas and gazebos. As these will continue to provide the interest, even when there is little else in the garden. With planting, we need to include a good range of evergreen plants, and as

many flowering plants as we can get our hands on. But flowers and foliage are not the only interesting part of the plant. The bark can be equally as important. There are so many plants with amazing coloured bark from vivid lime green, through to bright orange, red and white colours. Even plants with berries; purple blue red… so many other factors that start to take over in the winter months!

To contact Pip call 07734 157 976 Email: Visit

International Award Winning Garden Design & Landscaping RHS Multi Award Winners Marshalls Register - Marshalls Approved Installers 13



he Christmas countdown has officially begun with Regal Entertainments' enchanting panto Beauty and the Beast opens at St Helens Theatre Royal. The Covid-secure Christmas pantomime is still going ahead as planned and will entertain families from Friday 11 December 2020 through to Sunday 3 January 2021, promising all the high production values and comedy that audiences have come to enjoy from Regal Entertainments shows. The highly anticipated show is sure to be a popular choice this festive season, especially given the lack of theatre productions this year and audiences craving live entertainment. Audiences are reassured that St Helens Theatre Royal and the team behind Beauty And The Beast will be fully adhering to social distancing measures and Government guidelines to ensure the safety of theatregoers, venue staff, cast and crew. The full cast of Beauty And The Beast includes Jamie Greer as Potty


Polly; Abigail Middleton as Madame Botox; Scott Gallagher as French Frank; Olivia Sloyan as Belle; Andrew Geater as The Beast; Tim Lucas as Gaston; and Jenna Sian O’Hara as Fairy Rose. The show will be directed by Chantelle Nolan, written by Liam Mellor, with choreography by Nazene Langfield, and Callum Clarke as musical supervisor. Get ready to go on a family adventure this Christmas with the fabulous family friendly pantomime, Beauty And The Beast. This is the timeless story of Belle, a beautiful young woman who falls in love with the most unexpected of princes, who has been cursed to look like a hideous beast. Will the Beast learn to love and be loved? Will the spell be broken in time for all to live happily ever after? Theatre Manager Chantelle Nolan commented: “We are thrilled to be able to re-open our doors to audiences this festive season after what has been very challenging time for theatres nationwide. Panto is such a strong Christmas tradition for many of our audiences and after what

has been a challenging year for everyone we want to ensure we can offer a sense of familiarity and normality this festive season. "We continue to follow Government advice, and with the tiered system due to return once the current lockdown ends on 2 December, our show can still continue as planned and we look forward to welcoming audiences to a special and safe festive family experience.” Beauty And The Beast replaces the previously announced festive show Cinderella which should have featured Birds Of A Feather star and Loose Women panellist Linda Robson in the lead role. Government-enforced restrictions on theatres sadly made it unviable financially as the fairytale is one of the biggest and most costly pantomime productions to stage. However, to continue its tradition of offering one of the region’s best festive family friendly shows, Regal Entertainments has worked tirelessly to ensure the show will go on to provide top entertainment to its community and regular attenders this Christmas. For more information please visit www.

X MAS DECOR ATION S Make sure that the 2020 festive season is as magical as ever.

With Government guidelines restricting large gatherings the emphasis for many people is to make it a fabulous family affair. The Festive Group decorate homes all around the world and their top tips are: 1. MAKING AN ENTRANCE – with a statemement wreath. 2. LITTLE TOUCHES WHICH MAKE A DIFFERENCE The addition of window garlands using some of the same decorations and baubles from the tree on a long pine wreath – brightening up the windowsill and it can be seen inside and out. Staircase garland gives a luxury feel to your festive makeover and indoor festive doorways always look warm and welcoming. Fireplaces are normally a focal point in any room and tying them into the overall look of the festive makeover adds a touch of luxury and glamour. 3.THE CROWNING GLORY The tree really is the glory of any festive home. Whether it’s a real or an artificial tree you choose, make sure you pick the right size and shape to suit 16

your room and home. 4. LIGHTS Warm lights are often associated with a cosy feeling whereas icy lights are bright and sparkly – think about what vibe you want your tree to have. 5. DECORATIONS Some people prefer the ‘less is more approach’ when decorating the Christmas Tree although a luxury full tree showing little greenery is still a firm favourite. Many people opt for fuller decadent designs, laden with a range of stand-out baubles, ribbons and decorations, which can look sensational is simple spacious room. When choosing your decorations, ensure you opt for a range of sizes,

shapes and styles to keep the overall look interesting and add some eyecatching pieces to the mix. 6.TRENDS This year has seen a shift in trends and vintage looking trees, full of mismatched baubles, blended colour palettes and glass baubles, are very popular and remind people of Christmases gone by. There has also been a rise in demand for ‘Ombre Trees’ with bold colours at the base of the tree fading to lighter more muted tones from the same colour palette up the tree. Scandi or minimalist is also popular where is all about an organic look and the quality of the bauble not about how much is put on the tree. Luxury cream, gold and silver trees never seem to go out of fashion and family fun trees and themed trees are also popular.




HELPING BUSINESSES STAND OUT SINCE 2010 Join us on our adventure - Instagram @blackisle_graphics

C H R ISTMAS M E N U Dakota Bar & Grill are celebrating Christmas this year with a brand-new Festive Menu, featuring a beautifully curated menu based on seasonal and quality ingredients.


here's no better place to celebrate the festivities, with its intimate dining setting and impeccable service. From Wednesday 2nd December, diners at the neighbourhood favourite, Dakota Grill, can feast on the Festive Menu. Served daily from 12pm-9:30pm, the menu consists of threecourses for £40 per person. Dakota Grill will also be open for Christmas Day, so guests can relax and unwind and enjoy an extraspecial Christmas lunch with a Dakota twist, served from 12pm – 3:30pm for £95 per person.

To book a table please contact or visit Follow Dakota Manchester on Instagram @dakotahotel_mcr and Facebook

For New Year, book in for their spectacular New Year’s Eve seven-course set menu, served from 6pm for £95 per person.





've been singing at the Cavern for 21 years. I started in 1999 with a Beatles tribute band which I started. It’s called The Mersey Beatles and we went from strength to strength touring all over the world. I am so blessed to be playing on the most famous stage in the world. I get to meet people from all over the world and I've made a lot of friends globally over the years so yeah, I am very honoured to be there. The past couple of months have been very challenging for us all but as a musician my life changed over night. All I want do is play and make people happy and forget their troubles for the day and of course the pandemic has hit me financially hard too, that was my only income.


When I got attacked on stage a few years ago it was a freak incident. Nothing like that had

ever happened before to me or anyone and after the attack, I went straight back on stage and started singing ‘Help’, which made people laugh after the shock of what they just seen. I am very strong willed and the reason I am there is for the audience. Nothing will keep me from making people happy. You get odd balls everywhere and that day was my day to cross paths with one! I will be spending Christmas with my children, for me it is all about my kid. Music wise, I love The Who and of course The Beatles and all of that stuff, but my favourite song is Feed the bBirds from Mary Poppins. Ha ha I love it. A few years ago I was very fortunate to get a backstage pass to my favourite band, The Who, and I struck

up a friendship with the keyboard player, a lovely guy called Loren Gold. Anyway 2 days after I saw them in Wembley stadium (again backstage) he came to Liverpool and played on stage with little old me, so from seeing him rock Wembley stadium to being on stage with me and doing a full set with me was one of the highlights of my career. And now, at this time of year, my Christmas message to people who have heard of me is stay safe and try and enjoy this festive time. It's going be the maddest one in history. Merry Christmas and hopefully we will all have a better new year than this one has been.




CHRISTMASLAND Tell us about your experience with bullying I’ve more or less been fat my entire life, which I’m sure you can imagine the implications of. Kids can be cruel, but that cruelty is borne of an inevitable narrowness of worldview. It is not a thing that anyone should be resented for, for narrowness of view is akin to a virus; hatred will never eradicate a virus, but careful education and caring for one another undoubtedly will.

- OUT 4TH DECEMBER How do you help young people with their mental health? I try my best to treat each person as an individual. There is no single thing that any person can say or do that will cure all ails, and anyone who claims they have that ability is probably not to be trusted. One of the most important things I’ve learned recently is that we must accept the narratives of others as though they were our own. It is easy to see the contradictions in the

perceptions of a severely depressed person, and challenging to accept those contradictions as their honest truth. If we are able to accept that truth is in itself variable, then we can move towards changing it. Is this reflected in your music? I’d like to think so. In each song and across each album I try to tell many stories, often nested within one another and occasionally contradictory. The idea that the individual has the most power over their universe is something I’ve generally tried to stress in my music and my words. What plans do you have for Christmas? I’m releasing my second album this year, a Christmas album filled with classics of all different kinds, called ChristmasLand. I hope that it can provide some relief at this bizarre crossroads we’ve all found ourselves at. Other than that, I’ll be thankful to be spending Christmas day with my family.

Twitter @JonAntoine Instagram @JonAntoine Facebook @Jonathanantoinemusic Image © Simon Fowler





uch has been written about the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, especially how it came into being and the Rainhill Trials, but very little has been said about what happened after the grand opening on 15 September 1830. Drawing on years of research, and practical experience of working with the replica of Stephenson’s Planet, this book shows how the Liverpool & Manchester Railway worked in its day-to-day operations, including passenger and goods working, timetabling, signalling and when things went wrong. Chapters will describe what it was like to work and travel on the railway, and will study the evolution of passenger accommodation, working and safety practices. Finally the book looks at how the Liverpool & Manchester its into the wider picture, how its operational practices, rules and regulations, became the basis of national practices in 1841. Anthony Dawson, the author, is an historian and archaeologist with over ten years’ experience of working in museums and heritage, having worked for the Museum of the Manchester Regiment and the Science &


Industry Museum in Manchester, home to the world’s oldest passenger railway station. He is a Railway Volunteer at S&IM and the NRM, working as a [reman on the unique replica of Robert Stephenson’s Planet. A graduate of the University of Bradford and a post-graduate research student at the University of Leeds, Anthony is also a member of the Railway & Canal Historical Society.


STAR QUALITY Actor Chris Hemsworth on a life away from the lens.


e know Chris Hemsworth; we like Chris Hemsworth. He’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he’s worked hard to ascend the heights he’s now reached, and sure, he can afford to indulge once in a while. So what is his biggest vice? Fast cars, flashy gadgets, plush yachts? Well, considering the actor currently lives in the sandy wilds of Australia’s Byron Bay – with his Spanish wife Elsa Pataky and their three children, India Rose, eight, and six-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan – it perhaps makes sense he has a plentiful supply of surfboards, even if you’ll see very few other members of the A-list elite looking for riptides. “I know people want to imagine I spend all my life a showbiz parties but it’s really not me,” he begins. “Perhaps in the early days it was good fun to soak up the limelight a bit, but as you get older that whole thing becomes less and


less attractive, and you actually grow to hate it.” That’s never who Chris Hemsworth was, anyway. His childhood was spent embracing the outdoors, going after outward bound pursuits and anything that meant fitness, health and oxygen. “I think getting the best out of life normally comes back to looking out for very simple things and recognising how important they are,” he continues. ”We live in a world that promotes wealth and excess and stardom and all that flashy stuff, but real joy and satisfactions comes from people and nature around you. That, for me, is the best way to live.” Friendly, funny and charming, the 37-year-old Thor star has definitely reclined back into family life after a chaotic decade in front of the camera. The acceleration with which the Aussie actor suddenly leapt into our consciousness in Australian soap Home and Away in 2004, progressing to

Star Trek and A Perfect Getaway, ultimately paved the way for his portrayal of Marvel hero Thor. With a role that combined comic book legacy with incredible special effects and, of course, a need to bulk up for a role in a way he had never done before, Hemsworth accepted as well that his star was about to rise into a new place. The hugely successful sequels and spin-offs duly arrived, while other lead roles in big-budget movies such as Rush, Snow White and the Huntsman, In the Heart of the Sea and last year’s Men in Black: International have seen the actor assume film icon status. “The fame thing is exciting but, at my core, the biggest thrill is being an actor, having fun with these roles and creating art. Sometimes that comes about slowly on a project and elevates the further forward it goes;

other times you just have to glance at the script for a few moments to understand the power and potential of what lays in front of you.” Certainly, the impact made by his portrayal of Thor has, ironically, given Hemsworth the licence to move away from the character. “It’s probably fair to say the break from the industry has come at the right time for me. Whatever you do, you always want to go out on a high, and such has been the scale of the last few movies I‘ve done, it makes you feel like you can have a break from things without too much to prove.” That break has certainly embraced time spent with his family. In 2016 the Hemsworth clan moved back to Australia, even at a time when all the big studios were calling. “People took that as a backward step, yet for me it was anything but,” he says. “We all know how easy it is to get around the world these days, and there's something very unique and beautiful about Australia. It’s been great to get to know that again.” And it’s a close family spirit that envelops seemingly everything they do, certainly if the gorgeous, seductive carefree days on the beach at posted on Instagram are anything to go by.

“Ultimately, I want our children to grow up with the same kind of close spirit that my brothers [actors Luke and Liam Hemsworth] and I experienced,” he says. “My father was surfing and playing ball with us, and our mother was always there keeping us in line. My parents encouraged us to do what we wanted without ever trying to control us.” “I grew up on cattle and buffalo stations in the Northern Territory and then my family and I moved back to Melbourne and then down the coast.” “Those kinds of experiences helped shape me and my brothers' way of looking at the world and making us more adventurous. Traveling, meeting different kinds of people and exploring different places will teach you more about life than you can pick up from reading books.” As well as exploring their unique surroundings, returning Australia has also offered the opportunity to kick back and chill, not least in this time of year when the coming months bring on the Aussie summertime, just as the rest of us are plunged into winter chills. That said, it’s not all rest and relaxation for

Hemsworth – he has a new language to master given his wife, Elsa Pataky, the model and actress, originates from Madrid. “Elsa speaks Spanish to our kids and everyone's fluent in Spanish in the house… except for me!” he laughs. “I've always been meaning to learn the language but have never managed to do it. My kids love speaking in another language, though, and I'm happy that they will grow up able to speak both English and Spanish.” “Give me another year and I’ll get it,” he laughs. The family’s ability to travel may be somewhat hampered by the restrictions on global movement that we are all experiencing; and that slowdown is matched by the dormancy of the studios. Hemsworth does at least have What If?, a Thor TV series to look forward to, plus a followup to the Netflix series Extraction. Although most things remain on hold, the actor doesn’t mind – he has always been a man who can see the bigger picture. “There are much more important things going on at the moment than film and TV. “We will all come back stronger, I am sure, and I look forward to that day.”




t may be difficult to predict whether we will be able to spend the festive period together around the table, or in typical 2020 fashion - over Zoom. But fear not - the world of digital gifting means you can still spoil your close ones with a personalised gift, even if you have to spend the day apart.



Is someone you know an avid gamer? Video game coaching is the latest phenomenon, particularly as the pandemic has meant people are spending more time indoors. Everyone from budding contestants for gaming competitions, to dads that want to keep up with their kids over the season are brushing up in gaming sessions with the experts. Sites like Fiverr offer sessions with professional gamers for as little as £8 an hour depending on the game and level of the coach.

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Do you have any aspiring musician or comedian friends? Or maybe someone you know recently set up their own business and just needs a little help? Thanks to Fiverr, you could buy them online coaching from a famous TikToker to learn how to master the platform and even help them grow to be TikTok famous!

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Audio books are rocketing in popularity. Logistically, you can now listen on the go for example, on a run or exercising. Some books are now only available via audio books. Therefore gift your loved one an

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Trace your Family Tree Forget ‘Who Do

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elebrating its ninth year, the Deepbridge Chester arts fair is taking place virtually online from Friday, November 13 to Sunday, December 13, 2020. Organisers have worked hard to move the event online using virtual reality technology, in response to the national covid-19 restrictions. The online event has been made free to the public and been extended to take place over four weeks rather than just a weekend.

Over 100 pieces of artwork available from leading UK & international artists The UK’s favourite art fair will have plenty in store for everyone, with a curated collection of over 70 British and international artists

showcasing hundreds of pieces of art, including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography and mixed media artwork. For more information visit

" The best exhibition I've been to in years. The range and variety of work is most impressive. I really liked the demonstrations and opportunities to talk to artists before buying our pieces. "


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Do you find your competition are always winning the work. We will help you construct a digital marketing strategy that will help your business climb to the top of Google leaving your competition behind.

Do you find your competition are always winning the work. We will help you construct a digital marketing strategy that will help your business climb to the top of Google leaving your competition behind.

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Protect your Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property (IP) is the name given to any form of original creation. This could include anything from artwork and inventions, to software coding and your company logo. IP is considered an asset of your business and protecting it is therefore key if you want to ensure you are capturing the full value of your business and develop it further.

What can I protect?

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HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS Blackler’s Santa is coming to the Museum of Liverpool


iverpool’s festive favourite, Blacker’s Santa, will once again be welcoming visitors to the Museum of Liverpool. With hopes of reopening the museum after lockdown, and in line with government guidelines, our festive favourite will delight and uplift visitors amid what has been a very uncertain time. Since arriving into National Museums Liverpool’s collection in 2013, Santa has delighted visitors towering over the Museum of Liverpool’s atrium during the festive period and welcoming families in from the cold. Made in 1957 by Peter Blazey and his colleagues in the Blackler's Display Studio. Santa was originally part of the famous Winter Wonderland Grotto experience until the store closed in 1988. Peter donated his head, hands and boots to the Museum, before faithfully restoring him. The transformation, which was generously funded by


former Trustees of National Museums Liverpool, Phil and Alexis Redmond, included a faithful recreation of his body and costume. Kate Johnson, Head of the Museum of Liverpool said: ‘We are delighted to have Blackler’s Santa back on display for the fifth year running. He brings festive cheer every year to us all. ‘We love hearing our visitors’ stories about how much they loved seeing Santa on display in the famous Blackler’s department store. It’s

wonderful that he is back this Christmas time to bring those memories back for our visitors, whilst creating new ones for the younger generation.’ Did you visit Santa when he lived at Blackler’s Department Store or in the Museum of Liverpool when he was on display? If you did, share your photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, remember to tag @MuseumLiverpool and @NML_Muse. While our museums and galleries are currently closed, explore the venues at your own pace with online 3D virtual tours www.liverpoolmuseums.

Giant Santa on display at the Museum of Liverpool © Gareth Jones



The Happiness of Pursuit Top performance coach and business consultancy leader.

I am a business owner and director of Dasala Ltd a performance coaching and business consultancy business. I work across all sectors with a focus on leadership and senior management with a mind to always help individuals and teams to perform at their best. I speak across the UK and Europe as a keynote speaker to audiences of managers and leaders from business.

Zie l schmerz Ok, I’m showing off a bit now ... this is my new favourite word. The Germans have just the best words to describe things. So what does Zielschmerz mean? The literal meaning is the dread of getting what you want. It’s a bit of a strange theory to wrestle with ... why would anybody be scared of getting what they want ... I guess it’s more about daring to dream but not doing anything about your dream because you think it’s out of reach ... or maybe thinking that you just don’t deserve it The thing about dreams is that they are ideas and concepts that you have in your head and they excite you. And they remain dreams because you haven’t yet experienced

them. But mostly they remain dreams because you don’t quite know where to start to make them happen. Well, the starting point is don’t be afraid to feel afraid. Courage and vulnerability go hand in hand when you set out on a dream a good dollop of apprehension is good for you because it keeps you grounded. Once you accept that a bit of fear is ok there’s something else you need to know. Failure is ok too. I know lots of successful people and I don’t think I know any that succeeded at their first attempt, so by definition they have failed along the way. In some cases many times. Failure is a part of the journey.

Email: or follow me on

And then of course there is the plan. The steps. The milestones. The goals. These are the things you need to articulate so that you set a clear path to fulfilling your dream. I should now admit that Zielschmerz is a word invented recently by a guy called John Koenig ... it really does mean ‘the dread of getting what you want’ ... and it definitely does exist as a state of mind ... because if a person doesn’t take the first step to make their dream come true then the fear and dread wins. If you want to find out how to take the first step or learn about other methods and strategies to help your own personal development please email me at darren@

@dasaladarren 31


Dee Izmail is a Ready to Wear and Couture designer with a diverse sense of style for an independent and alluring woman. She has had commissions for BeyoncĂŠ, Cher, Shania Twain, Eddy Izzard, The Spice Girls and Isla Fisher. And you can feel like a celebrity too. Order online now







Your career related decisions will go very smoothly. Ambitions to study, teach, travel, write, move or export your ideas will take off this month. The desire for a warm and harmonious relationship gives you a tender, kind and affectionate behaviour.


This is an excellent month for budget-making, asking for a raise and discovering new ways to boost your income. Office milieu will be great and new creative ideas will make your month. You will be forging many new friendships that will bring fun and even love into your life.


Work is a scurry of activity and this period also favours stepping up physical activity or health routines. Creativity, information and ingenuity are the most valuable trump cards on your way to success. our charm runs very high and a love relationship reaches new depths of understanding.


Your innovative ideas and skills will come into limelight professionally. Sharing is the key to a happy life this month. You are feeling very contented on the home front. You will win hearts of all your loved ones by showing them love and affection.


You’ll have to cope with a very demanding, tiresome and stressful period. This is a month for putting in that initial effort that will yield positive results in the future. Love will be subjected to analysis and maybe even become a reason for worry

VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) This month

will see you getting more experienced and clearing all the differences of opinions to work in collaboration with colleagues. Your ambitions would be very high, nourishing your wish to succeed. You’ll be very sensitive emotionally speaking and your need for love will be accordingly.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) You’ll focus

energetically on profession and social accomplishment and this period will give you the opportunity to advance, to gain authority, admiration or fame. You will become more understanding and caring and will make your close ones very happy by expressing your feelings.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) This is an excellent

month for personal finances. It is a time of gathering your resources for the days ahead. Your communication skills will come into light which will bring you gains. A lover or

partner pays a lot of attention to you and it feels fabulous.


happy time on the personal front. With spouse or love, a great time is indicated as you will get to express your deep feelings, which will bring closeness and intensity in your life. Professionally, you will have a happy state of mind.

CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 19 JANUARY) This is the time to

join forces with someone who shares your financial, property and business goals and then pursue the outcome. If you are in a relationship this is the ideal time for making a long term commitment to that special someone in your life.

AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) You are likely

to enjoy your increased exposure and recognition on a professional level. Increased responsibilities continue to be an issue in your life, but you feel more in control. You are romantic and imaginative, but other interests will pressure you and you won’t be able to manifest freely.

PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) A busy month

that involves plenty of errand-running, tending to paperwork, and attending appointments is in store for you. Love this month is rather business-like as well, or could be found through professional contacts. Friends and group activities would be strong in the last week.

Monday 28TH DECEMBER – AINTREE RACECOURSE, LIVERPOOL L9 5AS Performance times: 2pm & 5pm Tickets & T&C’s are available at Monday 28th December – Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool (2pm and 5pm)

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