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MESSENGER: Preschool Welcome to “The Preschool quarterly Newsletter”. These newsletters are designed to give you insight on what your children are working on, thinking about and creating while participating in the Preschool Program. Aware that it is difficult to keep up with all the happenings, due to your busy schedules, consider this one way we can help you remain informed of the happenings in the Preschool Program. We have had a great start to Preschool this year; adjusting to our new routine, meeting new friends, exploring fall colors and the changes of the season, plus we even had a visit from the Firefighters of Manassas Park! This “Messenger” updates as well as provides tidbits of information to keep you up to date on all of the Preschool happenings. On p.2, Mini Movers provides a variety of activities for your child to participate in that helps them strengthen and develop physically. Following on p.2, Social Sprout highlights opportunities to spend more time with friends and develop our social skills.

Fall Issue

One p.3, Parenting Preschoolers discusses helpful hints and tips to encourage continued learning outside the classroom. Our Center Stage section is a small feature section populated by the thoughts of the participants, teachers or a parent. Here you will find photos, arts and crafts and insight straight from the program! Thank you for taking a moment to catch up on the Preschool Program and please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time via email at or by phone at 703.335.8872. Sincerely,

Sue Jurjevic

Mini Movers

Preschoolers love to imitate parents and older siblings; however they are at a different stage of development to accomplish all that those older than them can do. We provide activities that are based on their development level to either grow or strengthen them physically, and socially. There are many benefits to being active as a Preschooler: - Body Awareness - Balance - Locomotion - Gross and Fine Motor Skills - Coordination - Spatial Relationships - Rhythm and Timing - Flexibility - Safety Rules and Etiquette in Play

Physical Activities Swim Lessons 4 Day/Week, 2 Day/Week and 1 Day/Week Classes Available Only $45/ 8 week Session! Biddy Ball Registration is OPEN Registration Ends Last week of Nov.

$65/M; $70/R; $75/NR

Preschool Power Plays Basics of Hockey - Begins 1/8-2/14

$55/M; $60/R; $65/NR

It is important to make time for play. High energy activities get children’s heart rates up and muscles flexing, which in turn helps keep them awake and more active as well as more attentive when it comes to learning!

Our preschoolers have been learning how to use their words to interact with each other through play, lessons, games and more. One of the best ways to help your little one develop their social skills is for them to participate in a variety of activities. Our extra programs are designed to build on their developmental foundation they are building in Preschool and home and to provide you as parents and opportunity for you to meet with friends, other moms, read a book, exercise- the list is endless.

Social Activities For Kids: Lunch Bunch Ages 3-5. Fridays 11/2-11/30 11:30a-1p $40/M; $45/R; $50/NR


Story Power Hour

Ages 3-5. Wednesday 11/7 10a-11a $8/Class

Biddy Ball

Ages 4-5. Fridays 12/14-3/1 6p-9p $65/M; $70R; $75/NR

Social Activities For Parents: Monday “Me” Time

Mondays 12/3, 12/10, 12/17 11a-12:30p $20/M; $25/R; $35/NR

“To Do List” Tuesday

Tuesdays 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 11:30a-1p $20/M; $25/R; $35/NR

Social Sprouts Social Activities For Families: Fall Cornucopia

Sat 11/17 - 9a-2p at MPCC

Dough Ornaments

Thurs 12/6 - 7p at MPCC $3/Participant

Light Parade

Thurs 12/6 - 7p at MPCC $3/Participant

Gingerbread House Decorating

Thurs 12/13 - 7p at MPCC $5/Participant

Breakfast with Santa

Sat 12/15 - 9a-11a at MPCC $5/Participant 703.335.8872 •

Parenting Prescholers Incorporate reading in your everyday life and routine. Here are some helpful tips and fun ways to encourage your child to develop the love of reading. - Make an I Spy book filled with pictures of stop signs, your street sign, stores you frequent, to be used in the car. As you travel your child may spy other things they would like to see in their book. - Create flash cards of houses, street signs, and things that we see in our community. Then play a game to see how many cards they can match to the item. - Have your child help with the grocery list have them cut pictures out of the sale paper and glue or tape them to a piece of paper and while at the store they can read their own shopping list.

Center Stage

- Pack books to take to appointments so that while you are waiting to be called, your child can read. Most offices have books on hand for children! - Bath time is another good time to read. While your child plays in the tub you can sit with them and read. - And of course, bedtime is the ideal place and time to read. It helps them wind down from the day and go to sleep. Children love to imitate us as parents; these tips are to demonstrate to our children how important reading is and just how much reading is a part of our everyday life. Happy Reading!

- Make a photo album of family and friends with their names. This helps if you have family that does not live close.

Since the start of the school year, my son, Ethan, has been raving about how much he loves his class and teachers. We visited eight different schools before choosing this one and we couldn’t be more pleased! The teachers are very professional and great with the kids, the classroom provides such a warm and hospitable atmosphere and the kids are always happy and playing around when it’s time to pick my son up. Ethan loves being a part of the Fabulous Fish and so do we! We couldn’t be any more grateful for the things he has learned, thus far. We are looking forward to the rest of the school year.

703.335.8872 •

My daughter looks forward to preschool every day! She has been learning her letters and really enjoys each new thing she learns at school. She is excited about all her friends and really loves the socialization, as do I! It has really helped her establish a routine in the morning and I believe that it will help her transition into kindergarten seemlessly. She is very proud of her arts and crafts. I think it builds self confidence. She also really loves her teachers, so I know she feels safe and happy all day, which is something every parent wants to feel!


Need to Know Preschool General Information

nut free. If your child would like to bring ing Break their own snack the item must be in its Dec 19th – Holiday Party One-Time Yearly Registration Fee: Dec 20th- January 1st No School- original package with an ingredients $55.00 (Registration Fees are NON- Winter Break label, peanut and tree nut free. REFUNDABLE!) Jan 2nd- Return to School 4&5’s meet M-F 9:00am-11:30am How can I help my child prepare for Jan 21st- No School- MLK Day 3 Bears meet M/W/F 12:30pm-3:00pm preschool? Help them establish a routine of laying Frequently Asked Questions Session Fees: out clothes for the next day placing their 4&5 Years Old: $190/month What if I want my child to participate in back pack in a place that they will 3 Bears: $140/month other programs that you offer at the remember. Getting to Preschool and Orientation Session: Community Center? i.e. Lunch Bunch, arrival; have them carry their own backContact Sue Jurjevic to schedule. Prior Monday “Me” Time, or “To Do List” pack and allow and encourage them to to orientation, you must bring in the Tuesday, or dance. We encourage your follow the routine of arrival to school by completed registration form, payment child to participate in these extra activi- taking off coats, turning in notebooks agreement, a copy of your child’s ties for more socialization and for more and putting their back packs away. immunization record, health physical time for you. We will be responsible to form and a birth certificate. All children take your child to the next program and must be potty trained. pick them up from their program and What do we do in Preschool? Location: Manassas Park Community take them to class. We use a child centered approach to Center What are the requirements for my child early childhood development. We use To reserve your space contact Sue to participate in the Preschool hands on activities to encourage a love Jurjevic - Preschool Teacher via email at Programs at the Community Center? of learning. We also use daily routines or by Children must be between the ages of to encourage independence and phone at 703.335.8872 x3930 3-5 not yet enrolled or attended Kinder- responsibilities. garten and must be potty trained. Preschool Calendar: What is our approach to discipline? Nov 12th- No School- Veteran’s Day What if my child wants to bring their Our approach is we discipline through Nov 19th- Thanksgiving Celebration own snack to Preschool? redirection and a focus on self discipline. (during class) We do provide snack following USDA We focus on teaching empathy and Nov 22nd- 23rd- No School- Thanksgiv- guidelines and that are peanut and tree respect for others and their property.

703.335.8872 •

Community Matters Messenger Preschool Fall 2012 Issue  
Community Matters Messenger Preschool Fall 2012 Issue  

Community Matters Messenger Preschool Fall 2012 Issue