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Yoga and Gym Activity

August 14

Aquafit and Science Activity

August 16

Aquafit and Muscial Chairs

August 20 Yoga and Free Time (bring something from home to do and/or share)

This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals with developmental/cognitive disabilities. Join us for arts, crafts, fitness, movies, computers & video games. Access our Wellness Center, enjoy our pool or take a walk in the park! We meet every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-2:30pm. Only $2 Drop in fee required or just $20 per month.

August 21 Aquafit and Movie (bring a movie from home to share) August 23

Aquafit and Buddy Bites

August 27

Yoga and Arts and Crafts

August 28

Aquafit and Gym Activity

August 30

Aquafit and Buddy Bingo

BUDDY NEWS Christmas in July! Jingle Bells! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Santa Claus! In July? The Buddies were very surprised when Santa showed up at their July Birthday party bringing a beautiful cake made by Mrs. Claus. He was on vacation in Hawaii when he heard about the party and just had to stop by. He was way cool in his tropical shirt, sun glasses and sandals. Thanks Santa for making our party extra special! Let's Bowl! The Manassas Bulldogs Special Olympics bowling team will start practice on Saturday, August 4 at 1pm at the Bowl America on Mathis Avenue. If interested just stop by and check us out! It’s lots of fun and free!

Back to School! Summer will soon be over and some of our Buddies will be going back to school. We certainly will miss Derrick, Matthew, Richard and Randy and encourage them to stop by when they can. Have a great year guys and thanks for sharing your summer with us. It's Amazing! How the Buddy Club has grown! In less than a year we have grown from the four founding members to what we are today...I think that if everyone would come on the same day we would have at least 40 in attendance! Thanks Buddies for helping make our dream come true! You are the best! Lots of new Buddies! A great big Buddy welcome to Dana, Roderick, Samantha, Francine, Cathy, Barbie, Matthew, Kate and Debbie.



BUDDY OF THE MONTH David has been a Buddy since January 31 and along with his sister-in-law, Theresa, has added so much to the Buddies. In the past, he worked sorting computer parts and stuffing envelopes. He is the youngest of 6 and loves spending time with his brothers, sisters and many nieces and nephews. He is anticipating becoming an Uncle again soon. He gets to spend lots of time with his nephew Jake and they love to play football, kickball, and airplanes outside. His favorite Nascar driver is Greg Biffle and the Redskins and Nationals top his list of favorite teams. His favorite movie is Dirty Dancing and his favorite color is red. It's hard for David to choose a favorite food because he loves everything but he'll take a steak and salad any day. When it comes to music he loves George Strait and his song "Cross My Heart". David is the "Official Buddy Weatherman" and can be found checking the computer so he can keep us posted on pending storms and temperatures. Thank you David for all you do for the Buddies!


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Buddy Club Newsletter- August  
Buddy Club Newsletter- August