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Nasima Akhtar has been selected as their new candidate for Netheredge ward in Sheffield, she has recently started practicing as a lawyer in a well known firm in Rotherham. She aims to improve the ward and make it a better place to live.

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Labour select Nasima Akhtar as their new Candidate

Nasima Akhtar


Murder on the Holy Day of Eid-ul-Adha

Lib Dem select Javid Khan as their new Candidate

Javid Khan is the new cadidate to represent the people of Netheredge in Sheffield from Liberal Democrats, he has lived in that ward for the last 30 years and says “he knows the problem From left Deputy PM Nick faced by locals and aims Clegg, Javid Khan and to improve the living Rebecca Taylor MEP standards especially for Yorkshire & Humber local schooling.

GROWING LIST OF COUNTRIES PROTEST U.S. SPYING Continue reading inside on Page 4 ...

New Boxing Gym launched in Sheffield

A boxing gym within a Sheffield mosque celebrated its official opening this weekend. Former IBF light heavyweight world champion Clinton Woods, British super-bantamweight champion Read more on page 9











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Saudi Flights from the North

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Labour councillor for Burngreave ward and member of south Yorkshire fire and rescue authority and member of Sheffield city council planning board, Cllr Ibrar Hussain has been victorious in his campaign. Thanks to the continuous support from members of the community pilgrims to the Holy city of Mecca will be travelling with ease.

petition alongside Cllr Ibrar for airline services to the north of England for the convenience of local people travelling for Umrah and Hajj.

Saudi Arabian airlines have now confirmed in a letter to Rt Hon David Blunkett that 3 direct flights from Manchester to Jeddah will take effect from April 2014. For the moment the large MusCllr Ibrar Hussain has petitioned a long lim community in the north of England campaign to Saudi Arabian Airlines for will still need to catch direct flights from direct flights from Manchester to Jed- London Heathrow airport. dah for the convenience of Northerners. Hundreds of people supported and signed the petition. Local MP David Blunkett supported the


DISCLAIMER ILM (The Knowledge) Newspaper does not represent any political, religious or any other group. It is purely for providing general information, entertainment and knowledge to its readers. ILM News does not take any responsibility of any views expressed by authors.

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MAKE SURE YOU CAN VOTE IN NEXT YEAR’S ELECTIONS! Want to vote in next year's elections? Then fill in the form! That is the message from the Electoral Services teams around the region, which want to make sure that anyone who wants to, can vote in next year’s elections.

is as up-to-date as possible ahead of next year’s local Council and European Parliament elections. Registering to vote is very simple. All a householder has to do is to update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone who lives in the household who is eligible to vote, and return the form as soon as possible. It’s your vote, don’t lose it!

Voter registration forms have been dropping through letterboxes and householders are being urged to return them promptly. This is to ensure the Electoral Register

GP Surgeries Urged To Try 7 Days Opening Doctors’ surgeries in Sheffield are being encouraged to bid for funding to extend their hours and stay open seven days a week. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a pilot scheme in which £50 million will be offered to GP groups who want to test initiatives including longer opening hours, online appointment booking and greater use of email and phone consultations. NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, said the scheme will ‘suit modern lifestyles’. The

majority of health care is provided outside of hospitals and with the right support even more could be provided. The programme fits in well with

the NHS’ commitment to making sure local people receive the most appropriate care at the right time, in the right place.”

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Continued from page 1 Edward Snowden is changing both American intelligence gathering and American foreign policy. Germany is only the latest country to protest U.S. surveillance tactics, the result of news reports based on leaks provided through former National Security Council contractor Snowden.

America Spying

President assured the Chancellor that the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of Chancellor Merkel." White House spokesman

that the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations." Carney also said that, at Obama's direction, the United States is "reviewing the way that we gather intelligence

other — not the kind of thing one discusses in polite company.

But with the Snowden-fueled The NSA story has also led stories now public, governto new friction with Russia, ments have to respond to al- which agreed to grant temporary asylum to Snowden rather than deport him to the United States to face espionage charges. Now, German-American relations may turn frosty.

Brazil, France and Mexico have lodged similar complaints, and could well be leading a parade of protests from other nations in the weeks ahead. A day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel called President Obama over reports her cellphone had been bugged, the German foreign ministry in Berlin summoned U.S. ambassador John Emerson for an explanation. After the Obama-Merkel phone call, the White House issued a readout with a carefully worded denial: "The

seff canceled the state visit amid reports of NSA surveillance.

Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere told ARD television that, if the allegations are proven true, "we can't simply return to business as usual." De Maiziere also said, however, that "relations between Jay Carney declined to say to ensure that we properly legations of the United States' our countries are stable and Thursday whether the U.S. balance the security concerns spying, and the reports are important for our future; they has monitored Merkel's com- of our citizens and allies with having a pronounced effect on will remain that way." munications in the past. the private concerns that all American foreign policy. people share." Meanwhile, the world awaits "We are not going to comOn this past Wednesday night, the identity of the next nation ment publicly on every There is something of the President Obama was supto protest National Security specified, alleged intelligence diplomatic dance to all this. posed to have hosted a state Agency surveillance tactics. activity," Carney said, while Most nations have spies, and dinner for Brazilian President adding: "We have made clear most of them spy on each Dilma Rousseff — but Rous-

HIGH SCORES FOR SHEFFIELD HOSPITALS Sheffield’s hospitals have been given good marks as part of a pilot for a new scheme which encourages patients to act as inspectors. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first centres to be tested under the new regime, called PLACE - or Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment.

The Northern General, the Royal Hallamshire including the Jessop maternity wing, and Weston Park hospitals, as well as the Beech Hill rehabilitation unit in Norfolk

The scheme gives staff and patients the opportunity to be inspectors, as part of moves to drive improvements in hospitals.

Park, scored over 99 per cent for cleanliness, and more than 93 per cent for privacy, dignity and wellbeing. The facilities were given ratings of over 90 per cent for the condition, appearance and maintenance of buildings, and marks ranging from 87 to 96 per cent for food. Food standards will be further improved with a £7 million investment in catering infrastructure. Inspections which check on clinical standards are also being overhauled.

Use of CCTV begins outside Rotherham schools Dangerous drivers who park ough. outside Rotherham schools can now expect to be fined as Installed in a clearly marked a new mobile enforcement council vehicle, the new camera rolls into action! Roads around schools will be monitored by the Parking Services Team from Rotherham Borough Council who will be armed with a new mobile CCTV system geared to tackling illegal and dangerous parking across the bor- £70,000 CCTV system will al-

low the team to take images of illegally parked vehicles anywhere Traffic Regulation Orders are in place and where stopping is prohibited at any time. Evidence will be reviewed by a qualified Civil Enforcement Officer and If appropriate, penalty charge notices will then be issued through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

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Special Traditional Dishes Nihari Lamb slowly stewed with spices, served in a distinctive gravy sauce Peshawari Ghosht Lamb on the bone, Blackpepper & Green Chilli Haleem Combination of lamb & lentils simmered for several hours Lamb Paya Slow stewed lamb trotters, served in a rich sauce Lamb Chop Masala Balti Ghosht Lamb cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Chicken Balti Cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Keema Balti Mince meat cooked with tomatoes, onions & spices King Prawn Balti Cooked with oriental spices, tomatoes, bullet chillies & corriander Bhindi Ghosht Lamb cooked with okra Bhindi Chicken Chicken cooked with okra Dall Ghosht Lentils cooked with lamb Dall Chicken Lentils cooked with chicken

House Specialities Manchurian Chicken Sizzler Manchurian Lamb Sizzler Manchurian Beef Sizzler Manchurian King Prawn Sizzler Manchurian Vegetable Sizzler Szechuan Chicken Szechuan Lamb Szechuan Beef Szechuan King Prawn Szechuan Vegetables

£6.00 £6.50 £6.50 £8.00 £5.50 £6.00 £6.50 £6.50 £8.00 £5.50

£7.00 £6.50 £6.90 £6.50 £6.90 £6.70 £6.50 £6.50 £9.00 £6.40 £6.20 £6.40 £6.20

Palak Ghosht Lamb cooked with spinach Palak Chicken Chicken cooked with spinach Chana Chicken Chicken cooked with chickpeas Karela Ghosht Lamb cooked with bitter gourd Achari Ghosht Lamb cooked in a masala sauce with lime pickle Achari Chicken Chicken cooked in a masala sauce with lime pickle Lamb Jalfrezi A medium dish cooked with onions, peppers and fresh corriander Chicken Jalfrezi A medium dish cooked with onions, peppers and fresh corriander Mixed Taka Tak Mince meat, kidney, kapoorey, liver & heart Keema Chops Mince meat Tawa Chicken Boneless chicken cubes cooked on a tawa Ginger Chicken Boneless chicken, chillies, onions & ginger, cooked on a tawa Maghaz

£6.50 £6.20 £6.50 £6.50 £6.70 £6.50 £6.90 £6.50 £7.00 £6.70 £6.90 £6.50 £6.90

Seafood King Prawns with Cashew Nuts Dry King Prawns in Chilli King Prawns with Black Bean Sauce King Prawns with Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots King Prawns with Mixed Vegetables King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onion Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion Fish with Hot & Spicy Sauce

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£8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £6.50 £6.50

Rotherham’s first Diabetes Day Have you got diabetes? Would you like to hear the latest up-to-date information about this common life-long health condition? If so, then why not attend the first Rotherham Diabetes Day being held in the borough geared to local people affected by diabetes? Taking place from 9.30 am until 1.30 pm on Saturday, November 16, at the Carlton Park Hotel, the event is being organised by the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Diabetes UK, the NHS in Rotherham and Rotherham Borough Council. Three million people in the UK have diabetes and a further 850,000 people are estimated to have the condition, but don’t yet know it! In Rotherham over 11,000 people are living with diabetes and managing the condition. You might be worried about the effects of diabetes, which is a condition, related to

high blood glucose levels, or you might want to find out more about it? If so then the half-day event will answer your questions as it includes talks and workshops led by local the local diabetes specialist team, which includes consultants, GP with special interest in diabetes, and specialist dieticians, nurses and podiatrists. Diabetes is a very common condition, when managed

correctly, can have little impact on everyday life. But to achieve that, people with diabetes do need to control their condition very carefully and this event will allow experts to give helpful information on how to do that in easy bite-size sessions." To book your place on the day please register and pre-book via northyorks@ or telephone 01325 488606.

According to a joint statement by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS) and the Low Pay Commission (LPC), from Oct 1 the NMW rate for adults was increased by 12% to £6.31 pounds an hour, the

rate for 18-20 year old workers increased by 5% to £5.03 pounds an hour, that of 1617 year old workers was up by 4% to £3.72 an hour while the apprentice rate rose by 3% to £2.68. The NMW raise came after recommendations from the LPC which plays a crucial role in advising the government on setting the NMW rates every year. "The National Minimum

Wage is a vital safety net in protecting the low paid,” British Business Secretary Vince Cable said. At the same time, the government also warned that, employers who failed to pay the NMW would be publicly named and shamed under revamped plans to make it easier to clamp down on rogue businesses.

MALALA - WHAT DOES SHE STAND FOR? So Malala has been very busy lately. The 16-year-old received a standing ovation after speaking at an event to launch her memoir I Am Malala in central London with her comments provoking regular outbreaks of applause at the Southbank Centre.

kharov Prize for human rights. The Sakharov Prize, worth about 50,000 euros (about $67,000), is awarded by the European Parliament annually in memory of Soviet physicist and dissident Andrei Sakharov for promoting human right issues.

author of the satanic verses. Is the pen really being used to its best? Freedom of speech is fine but this 16 year old is making waves in the wrong directions. The media has elevated her fame as a symbol of oppression and her hastily published book is doing her no favours.

Which is all good....but is She received another Malala really the puppet she It all just seems that she is making no effort of her own standing ovation from a instead the media have lifted 1,000-strong audience as she her to the extravagance of was presented with an honfame. But sense prevailed to orary degree at Edinburgh the Nobel award committee University. She was there to who awarded the prize to the address the first public meetchemical weapons watchdog ing of the Global Citizenship OPCW. Meanwhile there are Commission, a body of leadothers who have been workers representing politics, ing tirelessly and selflessly religious institutions, law for years, for the poor, helpand philanthropy. And the less and downtrodden. teenager met the Queen at a Buckingham Palace recepThe work of the Edhi Foundation and gave her a copy of tion or Ansar Burney seems her book. more worthy than an elevated puppet of a girl who Recently voted one of the after her sufferings is merely 100 most influential people doing nothing for anyone but in the world, Malala began herself. blogging for the BBC in 2009 about her life in Pakistan and is being described as? Her If Malala had won the Nobel her desire to attend school book has not been received Peace Prize would it really safely and freely. positively, firstly for criticiz- have sent a powerful mesShe also recently won the ing Islamic laws and secondly sage to the Islamic world? European Parliament's Sa- for praising the blasphemous

Taxi drivers in Sheffield will use government guidelines in their fight against compulsory CCTV cameras in cabs. The licensing committee voted in favour in February, saying it would help to reduce abuse and violent attacks. But Sheffield Taxi Trade Association says central government stipulates CCTV should only be attached to the conditions of a licence where there is cause for concern. Drivers are preparing to present the document to the council ahead of a review into the decision next month. Sheffield Council said it would consider introducing CCTV in the city’s 857 Hackney cabs, after taxi driver Arshad Mahmood was hit in the face with a broken bottle, losing the sight in one eye, but government guidlines still hold back the decision. Hafeas Rehman, chairman of Sheffield Taxi Trade Association, said: “This shows what the Government are thinking – that unless there is real evidence to sup-

Britain Raises Minimum Wage Standards Britain has raised the National Minimum Wage (NMW) standards, which is expected to benefit more than 890,000 of the lowest paid workers in the country.

ROW OVER CCTV IN SHEFFIELD TAXIS port the need then it should not be enforced. “Cameras cost up to £1,500 and, of course, money is an issue but it is secondary. “We have done a lot of work with organisations to make better drivers and better citizens.”

right to be. “We are saying that if we meet their strict criteria then the council should trust us. It damages public trust in the taxi business too.” A Home Office spokesman said

‘a blanket requirement’ for cameras must be kept under regular review. He added: “Use of a surveillance camera system must always be for a specified purpose which is in pursuit of a legitimate Mr Rehman said: “The council aim and necessary to meet an are very cautious but they are identified pressing need.” Last year, the council refused or revoked licences of 23 hackney carriage drivers. Of those, 19 appealed at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and 17 won their case.

Sheffield Primary schools are bottom of the Class for Attendance Truancy rates among primary school pupils in the city are the worst in the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber. Department for Education figures show 1.2 per cent of school days at primaries in Sheffield were missed due to unauthorised absence during the autumn term last year and spring term this year. The figure means 1,853 pupils are classed as persistent absentees – and puts city primaries in the bottom 10 nationally. In total, 5.3 per cent of Sheffield primary school days were missed due to truancy and sickness – the joint highest in Yorkshire and the Humber alongside Rotherham and Barnsley. The statistics show 6.4 per cent of school days were lost in secondary schools – similar to last year and close to the Yorkshire absence rates were 6.5 per and the Humber average of cent. Sheffield Council, the local 6.2 per cent. education authority, said it Barnsley had the third high- believed primary school abest level of secondary school sence was high due to an inabsence in the country at crease in illness in the 7.4 per cent. Rotherham and autumn term of 2012/13 – Doncaster secondary school and that levels will be lower in 2013/14. The council add-

ed pupil absence is likely to fall further after a ban on term-time holidays was brought in except in ‘exceptional circumstances’. Consistent school attendance has a massive impact on young people’s educational achievements and the longer they are away from the classroom the harder it may be for them to fit back into school life and form friendships. The council aims that direct support from attendance and inclusion officers will help raise awareness among schools and families about school attendance. The DfE said it aims to tackle absence by increasing fines for truancy, which last year rose from £50 to £60, and from £100 to £120 if not paid within 28 days.

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Piri Piri Chicken All available as Mild, Hot, Garlic or Lemon & Herb Marinades

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Following a hard fought campaign, Bradford has been crowned 2013’s Curry Capital of Britain in association with

title for a record 3rd year in a row. Bradford’s bid included the creation of a limited edition curry flavoured crisp, developed by

Narrowly beating competition from second place Glasgow and third place Wolverhampton, Bradford have run off with the

The award was presented to hungryhouse’s Top Takeaway restaurant in Bradford, Sizzlers Pizza and Balti Hut. local company Seabrook and Special congratulations go to Bradford restaurant Akbar’s. Babur of London SE23 which As well as holding several fund scored the first ever 10/10 to Keighley at raising activities including the become the Curry Capital of the post with a

world's first ever Poppadomathon, Bradford embraced the competition and focused on working with businesses, helping crisp manufacturer Seamark to create a Chicken Karahi flavoured crisp in conjunction with restaurant team member Akbar's.

Britain's 'Best Indian Restaurant 2013'. Customer Restaurant of the Year went to Bi- lash of Wolverhampton just pipping previous winner Shimla Spice For the first time ever, the an- of nual awards recognised the excellent quality of takeaway restaurants in Britain with the inclusion of the hungryhouse. Takeaway Award.

Education and High Storrs School By: Mr Akram and Mrs Heggs

High Storrs School is always trying to improve performance of all of its students. We strongly believe that an important part of this is involving parents and the local community in our students’ education. Over the next few months we will be contributing a series of education articles to ILM, such as the ‘Attendance and Achievement’ and ‘How to help your child revise’. Through these articles we are hoping to better inform you, and help you support your children during their time at our school. These articles will be written by Mr Akram (teacher of Urdu) and Mrs Heggs (teacher of maths and BME coordinator). Mr Akram has been teaching at High Storrs School for over 20 years. He gained his teaching qualification from Huddersfield University and did post-graduate studies at the University of Sheffield.

He played a key role in the introduction of Urdu on to the school timetable and teaches to students from Y8 to Y13.

degree from Birmingham University and her teaching qualification from Sheffield Hallam University.

Throughout his time at High Storrs School he has supported both staff and students in a variety of educational and professional activities. He is actively engaged in community and educational activities both locally, especially with the Pakistani Community, and more recently with a school in Pakistan.

During her teaching career Mrs Heggs has been Gifted and Talented Coordinator, supporting very able students, as well as managing Maths, Science and ICT departments and supporting staff both professionally and personally.


run of votes with first timer Bengal Clipper of London SE1 third. This year’s competition was tougher than ever, with 21 cities bidding to be crowned Curry Capital of Britain. The Curry Capital of Britain awards encourage recognition of the importance of the curry sector in Britain and Bradford’s restaurants are a fantastic advocate for the cause.” Those restaurants who have supported the bid include Aagrah, Akbars, Kiplings, Omar’s, Shimla Spice and Zouks. The Bradford bid crisps are available across the UK in the Asda and Morrisons stores.

Gap Narrows for Early Years Pupils Bradford’s five-year-olds are 124th last year. of Development changed in doing so well with their edu- The way five year old pupils 2013, so it is difficult to dication that the gap between rectly compare these results the district’s and the national with 2012’s figures. performance has halved and we have moved 34 places up The figures show that 49% the National League Tables. of Bradford five-year-olds achieved a Good Level of DeThe validated Early Years velopment in 2013 compared Foundation Stage Profile rewith the national average of sults for 2013, published by 52%. Using a different assessthe DfE show the gap has ment system, 58% of Bradford narrowed by three percentchildren achieved the benchage points, compared with six mark in 2012 compared with in 2012, and Bradford is now 64% nationally. ranked 90th out of 152 Local are assessed nationally for Authorities compared with the benchmark Good Level

Her role at High Storrs, as BME coordinator is to make sure that students from all ethnic backgrounds achieve the best levels and grades possible.

Mrs Heggs is a relative newcomer to High Storrs, having taught there for almost a year, although she has been teaching maths for over 15 years. She gained her maths We hope you will find our articles over the coming months interesting and informative. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact High Storrs School. (Tel no: 0114 267 0000, email

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Continued from page 1 Kid Galahad and former English light welterweight title holder Adnan Amar were among the local boxing stars attending the launch of the gym at Jamia Masjid and Usmania Mosque on Leyburn Road.

One Nation New Boxing Gym

shire and Humber, said: “Boxing has really taken off at Jamia Masjid and Usmania Mosque. The

Jamia Masjid and Usmania “In July 2012 official Mosque chairman, figures suggested that Mohammed Azaad. 125 anti-social behaviour orders had been handed

The gym is the result of a partnership between the mosque, South Yorkshire Sport and the ABAE. Sheffield Lord Mayor Vickie Priestley officially opened the facility, along with Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield and Sheffield City Council leader Julie Dore representative. Since boxing was introduced as an activity at the mosque, hundreds of young people have taken part in the sport. Sessions are delivered by qualified ABAE coaches, but to cope with demand, the gym is hoping to eventually link with a local ABAEaffiliated boxing club or become an amateur boxing club in its own right. Ben Stewart, ABAE club support officer for York-

in support for boxing gyms over the last few years. Lady Mayoress Vicky Priestly spoke about the multicultural-ness of Sheffield coming together to improve facilities for integration. A number of community police officers and sergeants were also present to lend their support. One officer said the gym and community space was vital to the community to tackle anti social behaviour and reduce crime figures.

sessions have given the young people more reasons to spend time together at the mosque, and it’s great to see clubs in Sheffield reaching out and working closely with their local community groups.” Wajid Nazir, a youth leader at the mosque, has been running the boxing programme with the support of community leader Mohammed Nazir and

Wajid said: "Anti-social behaviour was a concern for local residents, who were witnessing some youngsters taking drugs or hanging around on street corners and forming gangs. Police time was being wasted as officers were forced to focus on nuisance behaviour, and there were concerns that not enough was being done to alleviate the situation.

Cllr Qurban Hussain, local elder Haji Nazir sahib, Cllr Nicky Bond, Cllr Mazhar Iqbal all came to lend their support. They were all impressed with the project and said they would try and secure ongoing funding for the project.

out in this area alone. That number has declined to 66, but more work needs to be done. The gym is a positive step in the right direction. Boxing provides a great diversion for young people and gives them an opportu- Ilmnews would like to wish nity to use their energy in a all the volunteers involved more positive manner.” a great deal of success.

The opening celebration The interviews can be seen was supported by MP Paul on YouTube at the ILMBlomfield who explained NEWS channel. how he has been involved

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Community devastated by the murder of popular local butcher and father of three Parvis Iqbal. On Tuesday the 15th of October 2012, Parvis Iqbal must have awoken early. He knew it was going to be a busy day. Having run the Bismillah Food Store for many years, he knew what the day would entail. Growing up he would have also been no stranger to the goings on in a busy meat shop, having watched his father Mr Iqbal, who opened the shop some 35 years ago, sweat and toil to make the business the success it is today. In the shadow of his brothers he would have also have been a witness to their efforts in the running of the business and when the mantel fell on him, was all too ready to embrace and continue the hard work necessary to run the family business. On his morning journey to the shop, which he must have taken a thousand times, he would probably be thinking of all the orders and work which lay ahead. The community members, friends and acquaintances, the religious and the humble, who would all call on him today, because today was unlike any other, today was the festival of Eid – Al –Ahda (Solemn Festival of Sacrifice).

and young alike, because he dealt with the elderly and young, the grandmothers, sisters and brothers, with equal grace, respect and kindness.

move “. As Police inundated with calls from the public moved in, they cornered him near the Tesco. The rampage was only halted after Mehmood was tazered into subAs he came to work that day, mission. to assist and serve his community, the evil which lies deep In the moments that folwithin some men, festered lowed behind him he had left in the heart of his employee a bloody trail of devastation, and would be assailant, 27 with damage to property, the year old Naeem Mehmood. murder of his employer a devoted father of three and family man Parvis Iqbal and the near fatal stabbing of a co-worker. The loss of a father a son and brother to a community still in shock. Parvis Iqbal was a second generation shop keeper, who would always come to the aid of his fellow man if he could. He had joviality A man he had assisted on about him, a happy nature many occasions and someone if you will, which brought a who had benefited from the smile to all ages of people charity of the Iqbal family. A who met him. This amazingly former employee who had did not change with time, the been called back to work on Parvis I recall of 24 years ago this the busiest of days. and now were interchangeable; both physically as he At around 2 pm on that fate- retained a boyish look remiful afternoon, Mehmood fol- niscent of someone in his lowed Parvis Iqbal into his twenties and by personalwalk in fridge, having prob- ity as he was ready to assist ably waited for a quiet mo- no matter the cost, a quality ment, with no customers quite truly rare in our society. during the day. He Mehmood Truly there are certain fates

To mark the day after the completion of The Pilgrimage in Mecca and commemorate the Prophet Abrahams willingness to sacrifice his youngest first born son Ishmael as an act of submission to his Lord, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. A story intrinsic to all three of the great monotheistic faiths then proceeded to stab the faof Judaism, Christianity and ther of three numerous times, Islam. with the initial blow probably thrust into the back of the unTo some 2 billion Muslims armed Parvis, and then being around the world, this is a day slashed with the machete. of celebration, charity and As the co-worker came to his kindness to your fellow man, aid, he too was stabbed in the where the symbolic lamb is stomach. primarily gifted to the poor and needy to feast, around The murderer then proceeded the many nations of the to flee the scene of crime and world. embark on a bizarre frenzy of vandalism and menace as he This day now my dear broth- smashed car and shop winers and sisters, will forever be dows whilst hurling threats shrouded in the veil of trag- to members of the public and edy and sadness, not least onlookers. Running with a for myself and the friends of blood stained machete in his Parvis Iqbal, but for his family hand, Mehmood stormed toand community. Never has wards the town centre. such a more evil and barbaric act been perpetrated against An eye witness Richard Catley such an innocent and kind tweeted, “A man has just run young man, as Parvis Iqbal past me in Rotherham town was and will be remembered. centre wielding a machete He is mourned today by old covered in blood, shouting

that you would not wish upon your worst enemy. The death of Parvis Iqbal will leave a gaping wound, which cannot be filled by any suitable words. A void in the hearts of his family and a recurring pain in the conscience of all who knew him. The untimely death of Parvis has deprived his children of a loving and devoted father who will now forever be absent from their birthdays, their Eid celebrations, their future marriages and successes. Yet he will always glow brightly in their memories never diminishing from their prayers. They can take solace that their father died the death of a martyr an innocent lamb, who will take his place in heaven and be amongst the most righteous on the day of reckoning.

‘At Risk’ Groups urged to have Flu Vaccine Public Health officials are urging those eligible to receive a free winter flu vaccination to make sure they get it. The season of Flu vaccination has begun and GPs across the district are inviting people to have their flu jab. This includes inviting all people 65 years-old and over, those with long term health conditions, children aged 2 and 3 years and pregnant women to have the flu vaccine People in the clinically ‘at risk’ groups are 11 times more likely to experience complications if they get the flu than a ‘healthy person’. This includes those suffering from heart, lung, liver, lung kidney or lung disease, diabetes, stroke or a lowered immune system. Children aged 2-3 are also

being asked to take a safe and effective nasal spray vaccine to protect themselves and help prevent the spread of flu to adults and other children. It’s not just a cold. Flu is very contagious and can be a really serious illness. Having the flu vaccine doesn’t just

protect you; it helps stop the flu spreading to other people who may be even more vulnerable than you. Even if you’ve already had a flu jab in previous years, you need another one this year. This is because the viruses that cause flu are always changing.

Health officials particularly encourage older people, adults and children in at risk groups and mums-to-be to make sure they have their flu jab to protect themselves. For mums –to –be this protects themselves and their unborn babies as flu can lead to serious complications in pregnant women. National guidance states the vaccine is safe throughout pregnancy and can protect newborn babies up to about four to six months from birth. If you haven’t received a letter or are a main carer of an older or disabled person you should contact your GP to check if you qualify. Anyone not at risk can contact their local pharmacy to find out how they can receive the flu vaccination although a charge will apply.

Bogus Claims Crackdown Causes Car Insurance to Fall 12% hind hits them. A newer variation of this is called ‘flash for cash’, where a fraudster flashes their car headlights to give the impression they are going to allow another driver to pull out into the road and then deliberately rams into the other vehicle.

Car insurance premiums have fallen at a record rate of 12 per cent compared to last year after a tough clampdown on bogus claims. The typical quote for annual comprehensive car insurance cover was £568 in October, which was 4.5 per cent lower than July and marked a 12.4 per cent fall on 2012 rates. Cheaper quotes on the market now show a massive reverse for motorists following a period of strong increases, with premiums rising by more than 40 per cent just two years ago. People aged in their early 20s to late 30s have typically seen the biggest drops in their insurance premiums over the last year, with falls recorded across all age groups.

plans, which will make it harder for people to exaggerate or make up injury claims. Insurers estimate bogus whiplash claims typically add an extra £90 to a driver’s policy.

Although young men tend to be the cause of many accidents, European gender equality rules which came into force last December mean that insurers are no longer allowed to take someone’s sex into account when calculating how much they should pay for their car insurance.

There have also been signs of stronger action to break up criminal gangs who take part in scams such as ‘crash for cash”‘, when a driver deliberately slams on their brakes so that the unsuspecting motorist be-

This means that young women renewing their policies after their first year’s driving can expect to see premium increases which will more than cancel out their first year’s no-claim bonus.

The findings come as tougher action to combat whiplash injury fraud was unveiled. New independent medical panels will be introduced under the

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News in Brief

By: Amar Saleem

STARTING OUT IN BUSINESS Business Development Manager Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Email: Important Aspects to Consider Prior to

Wosskow Brown solicitors's Partner, Mohammed Nazir presented a sheild to Governor Punjab Ch Mohammed Sarwar in Sheffield on his services to the Pakistani community in the UK and Pakistan

Empty Council Buildings Costing £300,000

Local taxpayers have been left astounded by revelations that Sheffield City Council will pay more than £300,000 in rates this year on empty properties.

from £98,000 in 2011-12 to £308,000 in 2013-14. At a time when every penny counts, it’s hard to understand why so much money has been squandered on empty council properties The figure has more than and why this bill continues trebled in just two years to grow.

Azan is now being recited in a church in America

A Christian American group are calling for peace and they have chosen Azan due to its great spiritual effect on souls. They approached an Islamic centre and asked for someone to go to their church and recite azan as part if their annual ceremony in a very big cathedral. A young man was nominated and he said he hesitated a great deal and performed Istikhara prayer then agreed to take part and attend the ceremony in the full Arabic dress. He says: azan had a great impact on them, they were stunned and as soon as I finished, very

many of them followed me outside the church leaving the ceremony. They cried and asked me to translate the azan that had had a great impact on their souls.

2 Always have confidence in yourself and in your abilities but always be prepared to listen to other people’s advice and ideas. The only way you can do that Starting a Business is by talking to as many people as possible about your business and how you Starting out in business can be a daunt- plan to reach your customers. ing task but the rewards are there for everyone to see, the biggest hurdle is 3 Always do your homework. Havtaking that first step! Many people start- ing confidence in yourself and what you ed out with nothing more than a phone, are doing is great but blind faith can be a copy of the Yellow Pages and a broom a fatal mistake. Detailed research is vital cupboard sized office with no windows and the more information and knowland have reached dizzy heights – so edge you have on your side the higher what is it that’s stopping you? the chances are that you will enjoy the results. Talk to everyone, use the interWhilst I don’t believe there is a magic net and take a close look at the opposiformula to guarantee you success, there tion – it will all help in the long run. are some common themes. Here are some of my top tips that I believe will 4 Do you have a unique selling point help would-be entrepreneurs thinking that will bring the customers flocking to of going into business for themselves: buy your product or service? There are very few truly original ideas out there 1 Even before you get started you but the very best business schemes are need to be brutally honest with your- often a slight twist on what is already in self. You need to ask the question the market-place. The real trick is to be whether you possess the necessary faster, better, cheaper and more conqualities to be an entrepreneur. Is there venient than any of your competitors. real hunger, courage and self-belief in your personal make-up? If there is even 5 When you are starting out don’t a tiny grain of doubt then the answer is get carried away with the things that probably no. are not central to the business proposition. Instead of worrying about decorat-

ing the office or choosing the company logo concentrate on landing that first sale or order. The rest will come in time but in the beginning the most important thing is to get the business up and running and the customers interested in what you have to offer them. When in doubt keep your overheads to a minimum but never come across as cheap. 6 In terms of marketing and promoting your business it is probably the best time to capture a big audience as we now have social media in full flow – so literally you have a global target audience through the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook and the great thing is most of it is free! There is no doubting starting your own enterprise is a risk but if your not willing to take it how will you ever know? Some of the most successful business people failed many times before they succeeded but the one thing they all have in common is they took the risk!

Local Talent Plays in International Competition

Tahir Nawaz a talented all-rounder cricketer had a very successful season this year. Playing for Haughton Main Cricket Club in South Yorkshire Cricket League he scored more than 500 runs and took 35 wickets. He also played for Abbey Diner Cricket Team in the Last Man Stands League who as the UK National Champions went to the Lords for a week long competition in which Last Man Stands League Champions from other countries also participated. He helped Abbey Diner during the qualifying rounds to get through by contesting with various teams including beating the Australian Last Man Stands League Champions. In the finals they narrowly missed the top spot and a prize of £10,000. Tahir Nawaz is a promising cricketer who has demonstrated his various skills which make an all-round cricketer and has a lot of potential.

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Orient Express win runners up award in a national contest at the parliament

CHOUDHRY’s Orient is something we should all Express Rotherham was be proud of”. named runner-up in a national contest to find the best South Asian restaurant. It was picked out as a finalist from 86 eateries put forward by members of Parliament for the 2013 Tiffin Cup, organised by Keith Vaz MP. Indian restaurant Choudhry’s Orient Express, on Princes Street in Rotherham was nominated by the Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, who said “I am so incredibly pleased”. Ms Champion, whose favourite dish there is the lamb curry, added: “I nominated them as they are a great asset to Rotherham”. “I’m sure we’ve all eaten and had celebrations there”. “However, to have our local recognised as the second best in the country

• And hold fast all together by the religion of Allah and be not divided among yourselves and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you… You were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it (3:103). • You have indeed, in the Apostle of Allah, a beautiful pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah (33:21). • The believers are but a single brotherhood. So make peace and reconciliation between your contending brothers and fear Allah that you may receive mercy (49:10).

meal that they could eat on the said he was happy that millions of people now eat them. go. He did not patent his invention and it was soon copied by fast food outlets across Europe. There have been many other possible 'inventors' of the kebab, but Mr Nurman was recognised by the Association of Turkish Doner Manufacturers in 2011. He told German magazine Frankfurter Rundschau after being recognised for his contribution that he was unhappy with modern kebabs because “there are too many ingredients” in them. However, he showed no bitterness despite having not made any money from doners, and

Karachi to Makkah on foot Kharlzada Kasrat Rai, 37, set off for his pilgrimage on June 7 from Karachi, and walked across Iran, Iraq and Jordan to arrive in Saudi Arabia on October 1. He did it the old fashioned way just as people centuries ago would have made the journey on horseback or on a camel. Rai covered 6,387 km on foot to make his Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah. His venture was also a mission of peace,

“I want peace in the entire world and I want the Islamic nations to unite like the European Union,” he said, adding that he also wanted to “condemn terrorism in all its manifestations.” Kasrat Rai is an experienced walker. In 2007, he walked 1,999 km across his home country in 85 days. In 2009, he covered a distance of 327 km from Lahore to Islamabad in 14 days.

Dr A Q Khan


Sectarianism has brought the country to the brink of destruction. Because it is such an important issue I would like to write about this menace. First of all, let us see what the Almighty has ordered in the Quran on this topic.

Doner Kebab Inventor Dies Kadir Nurman, the man largely credited with inventing the doner kebab, has died in Berlin aged 80. Nurman was born in Istanbul, Turkey before moving to Stuttgart, Germany at the age of 26. He then moved to west Berlin, where he worked as a mechanic for a printing press. In 1972, he started selling grilled meat accompanied by salad in a flatbread, having noticed the increasingly fast pace of life for residents in the city. The concept of eating meat off a skewer was not a new one, but putting it into bread allowed busy Berliners to purchase a

Sectarian Strife

• And obey Allah and His Apostle and fall into no disputes lest you lose heart and your strength (8:46). This country, which our founders built on the basis of exemplary unity, is now a hotbed of sectarianism. Independence was achieved by our former leaders only after defeating the nationalistic tide in the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent, and was based on Islamic harmony. The Caliphate of Turkey, a symbol of Muslim unity and a world power for centuries, was shattered by the curse of nationalism. Misled Arabs were at the forefront of this disunity and helped in the breaking up of a united Islamic empire. From Indonesia to Morocco people became inflamed by nationalism, which resulted in the formation/independence of many small countries and the disintegration of a unified Muslim empire. Many so-called ‘nationalist heroes’ such as Sukarno, Nasir, Bourguiba, etc appeared on the scene and unintentionally helped Muslim antagonists in the breaking up of Muslim unity. Another result of this was the creation of Israel and the destruction of the Palestinian nation.

The point to be stressed here is that, even under such adverse conditions, our founders still managed to form a strong, unified Muslim platform and work for, and obtain, an independent Pakistan. The foundation of this newly formed country was based on Islamic principles, viz the Quran and Sunnah. All this happened even while nationalist movements in other countries were at their peak and those countries were breaking away from Muslim unity. Where do we stand today? What is the state of affairs in this God-given country? In reality we have become probably the worst sectarian stricken country in the world. This divide is not limited to religion alone, but has grown to encompass the language, provincial, economic and cultural domains as well and has torn the country into a large number of factions of different interests. Hardly any group of people can be found who is not part of one faction or another. They very often will call themselves anything other than ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Muslim’. As a nation (Ummah and Islam) we were most favoured by the Almighty. We were taught love, affection, respect, consideration and mutual support by our religion but see what we have become today – merely people belonging to a bunch of different factions, deaf, dumb and stupid to all other considerations and each other. In 22:78 it is said: “The Almighty has named you Muslims, both earlier and in this period (revelation)”, ie we are supposed to be believers in Allah and His Book (the Quran) and we were given the beautiful name of ‘Muslims’; for us as for earlier nations before us. In the Quran we read: “Ibrahim was not a Jew, nor yet a Christian, but was true in faith and bowed his will to Allah’s (which is Islam) and he joined not gods with Allah” (3:67).

supposed to behave, how we are to treat others, etc. Many of us read the Quran every day, but we have become what the Quran calls “deaf, dumb and devoid of wisdom”. Our hearts have become sealed because of all our wrongdoings and we can no longer see the light. We continuously commit sins, wrongdoings and crimes and are often proud of our misdeeds. One need only see wrongdoers leaving courts as if they were victors to realise the truth of this statement. Regarding mosques, the Almighty has taught us: “And the places of worship (masajids) are for Allah alone, so invoke not anyone along with Allah” (72:18). Our Prophet (pbuh) said that mosques were the best place on earth, a place where Muslims unite and create a social network. Each mosque has its own symbolic relationship with the Kaaba (Masjid-e-Haram). We all face it while praying, but even that sacred place has been turned into a place of dissent, and of sectarianism. The very place meant for cementing our relationships with each other, a place of love, affection and mutual respect has become a place of dissent, division and hatred. What have we done to these places of prayer and mutual respect? They have now become defined by sectarian names. We have given them conspicuous signboards proclaiming their identities, ie they are meant to be forbidden for other Muslims if they don’t agree with or follow their particular philosophy.

In the same manner religious divisionists have set up their own schools where only their particular (often distorted) type of Islam is taught. How are they going to face the Almighty on the Day of Reckoning? Have not their (mis) deeds been in direct conflict to what has been taught in the Quran? Is not the Quran supposed to be our foremost source of right and correct behaviour? This sectarianism is seen by many as being a Why then are we divided into direct curse of Allah on us all Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deoban- for our wrongdoings. di, Ahle Hadith, Salafi, etc? Our leaders are propagators It has destroyed the very of these sects and will have fabric of our nation, the very a really hard and painful time foundation of our religion – in answering to Allah for it. Islam – and has negated the edicts of Allah and what was The Quran abounds with taught in the Holy Book. All descriptions of what we are, this can only lead to painful who we are, what we are and severe chastisement. supposed to do, how we are supposed to live, how we are

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Non-Invasive Post-Mortem Option We rely on our National Health Service to give the best possible care to us and our loved ones at every stage of our lives. The range of ways in which it does this is huge – bringing babies into the world, caring for the sick, both old and young, and being there to help make sure our final days are as comfortable and dignified as possible. Many of us remember someone who went that extra mile for us when we were in the care of the NHS – whether it was a practice nurse in the local GP surgery, a clinician in an A&E or a helpful receptionist in a busy hospital. For many, it is those individual touches that can make all the difference to how they view their care and even to how well they recover. But there is more to our experiences of the health service than the doctors and nurses we meet along the way. For many patients and families, it is just as important that the systems and processes that they come into contact with are respectful or their needs, their wishes and their values. Nowhere is this more true than when a person passes away. Whether death is expected or not, the processes and rituals that take place when someone dies are deeply engrained in different cultures. Individuals and their loved ones understandably want to ensure that their cultural needs are taken into account. Post mortem examinations

commissioned by coroners have traditionally involved an invasive internal medical examination of the body by a pathologist. Faith groups, including from the Muslim community, have lobbied over a number of years for less invasive post mortem

techniques, such as the use of scanners, to be more widely available. This means that cause of death can be established with minimal disruption to the body. Such techniques are undertaken by specially trained radiologists who use CT or MRI scanners to look inside the body. It can establish which cases will need an invasive post mortem. While an invasive autopsy may still be required, it can provide comfort to many to know that every attempt has been made to avoid this. The provision of this service, like all health services, is a mat-

ter for local health commissioners to decide. But it is available in some areas and over time, could be made available in more. Whilst the costs involved must be taken into account, the key is that all options are considered by coroners and patholo-

gists and that people are aware of the choices they may have. Thanks to the research and guidance that has been published, people can be confident that these options are being properly weighed up. Where it is possible to offer a noninvasive post-mortem, people can be sure that their wishes are being taken into account and their religious and cultural needs respected. This scientific breakthrough is welcome news for all bereaved families as post mortems are often distressing for relatives.

Review By Andy Stovell

You have to admire the success of the Aagrah restaurant chain. Their latest restaurant has just opened in Crystal Peaks and I went last night with friends. I was delighted. What they do at Aagrah, they do very well. That is, you won’t be disappointed by the experience. Their level of professionalism is leagues in front of the others. The food consistently excellent. The handshake and welcome at the door from the smiling gentleman in his fine Pakistani regalia sets a great tone. Inside, the waiters were quick and helpful. Smartness prevails. The wellstocked buffet is well thought through - 13 starters and 14 main dishes were on offer and 9 creative salads. The offering of drinks extensive. I don’t know about you, but I can easily get stuck on the starters if they’re good. These were. The lamb chops were fantastic, as was the Balochi chicken tikka. I almost didn’t move on I was enjoying the starters so much but was glad I did. Munir and Jaswant the head chefs had created some superb tastes in their main courses. Their awesome Murgh saag and Karahi gosht deserve special mention. Like angels dancing on your tongue. The level of spices were perfect and there was a sense of being

prepared apna style to many of the dishes. The karahi gosht literally made me feel I was back in Mirpur. We asked for our roti to be prepared crispy and we were accommodated no problem. I enjoyed watching the chefs preparing our food in the kitchens live via two big flat screen TVs. That’s a nice touch. And a big risk that Aagrah are prepared to take. That shows a lot of confidence that they will provide you the best they can. No doubt, it was great food experience. Zahid, the young but very competent manager runs a tight ship and is accessible to diners too. To say it was their opening night, there is not much they need to tinker with to improve the service. We were the last diners of the evening, but the food was still fresh and there was no sense that we were getting the dry leftovers. Nor were we being hurried to leave. But by way of constructive comment I wish to make this point. On arriving, I bumped into my neighbour who has been to most of the Aagrah restaurants. He wasn’t gushing compliments but was very satisfied. “It’s very good. Like all the Aagrah’s”. And that is my point. It’s like all the other Aagrah’s. There were no discernible distinctives.

Nothing really to mark out the evening as especially different. Now I know some people want that predictability. It’s accessible to new curry eaters and will be ideal for a group of friends wanting a straightforward night out. But there are those of us who sometimes want that bit more and actually are happy to put up with (even enjoy the charm of) a potentially less professional experience for the sake of an authentic experience of Kashmiri culture and food. I sat looking at the pristine surroundings: the chrome, the lighting, the modern furniture, and I thought about what would lift things to a different level. How about a couple of Asian women in Pakistani clothes mixing with guests and chatting; images of Kashmir and Kashmiri life; an occasional cultural moment - a song, a dance, even if it was just on-screen. But live if possible. Just a thought. But hey, don’t let it put you off. I’m just a sucker for authentic culture. Get yourself along to Aagrah World Buffet in Crystal Peaks. £12.95 before November 14th. AAGRAH CRYSTAL PEAKS, 200 WATERTHORPE GREENWAY, CRYSTAL PEAKS, SHEFFIELD S20 8LY Review by Andy Stovell Lover of curry Friend of Kashmir

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Muslim pupils to be lectured on patriotism by Muslim soldiers In its latest misguided policy, the British Government is planning to send Muslim soldiers into schools to challenge Muslim children about their patriotism rather than address the abuse, attacks and victimisation suffered following the Woolwich murder. Is the governments initiative again failing the muslim community at a time when mosques are being targeted by terrorists? Instead the Government is giving

Uk Warns Visa Fraudsters of 10-Year Travel Ban they can guarantee a visa. The visa and immigration office, working with its international partners and Indian authorities, has developed effective procUK Visas and Immigration have esses to detect fraud. said they welcome genuine visitors, students and workers to the When fraud is uncovered, includUK and are committed to ensur- ing false bank statements, eduing the quality and availability of visa services for genuine applicants. They will, however, not tolerate abuse of the UK visa system and we have a zero tolerance of fraud. British visa authorities warned visa fraudsters of strong action, including a 10-year ban on visiting the country.

cation and language certificates, they will refuse the visa and the applicant will face a ten-year ban on travelling to the UK, as well as possible action by international authorities. Agents involved in fraud will be reported to the police

It is strongly advised anyone who wants a visa for the UK not to listen to agents who offer to sell forged documents or say that

Saturday 16 November 2013, 11am-4pmÊ Organised by Central Ward Labour Party Ê

Fo od Fit fro ne m M ss c aro as la un Ch sage sses d th ild a Ê ew ‘N ren nd b or ea ’s o ld Ê He rly N arts dy c a al e an r Fit th in w’c d c eÊ ne fo lo ra Fa ss c rm the ftsÊ ce he ati s & pa ck on b oo in sÊ Ê tin ks Ê gÊ

Central Sheffield Winter Free Entry Fundraiser Festival Sat 16 Nov, 11am-4pm Sponsored by

Money raised will support Ê Old Junior St Wilfrid’s Development andÊ SchoolÊ Black Palm Self-Help projects Ê South View RdÊ

Everyone welcome! For more information, contact:Ê

more ammunition to right-wing extremists by treating Muslim children as potential traitors to Britain. The Government is not considering the consequences of this Islamophobic action of telling muslim children they are not British patriots. All surveys since 9/11 and more so since July 7 London bombings show that Muslims feel more British, identify more with British institutions including the armed forces than the popula-

tion as a whole. Still the Government is looking at the Muslim community with suspicion. The plan is to be included in preparations to mark the centenary of the First World War. As part of coordinated events, some 650 Muslim military personnel are to be sent to schools to convince youngsters that it is possible to follow Islam and be a patriotic Briton.

CRIMINALS - HOW THEY SHOULD PAY Half a million crooks return to a life of crime. Almost 150,000 criminals convicted or cautioned in the last year had at least 15 prior offences on their rap sheet. These reoffenders make up a total of more than half a million lawbreakers in the last 12 months who have previously turned to crime, the ministry of justice statistics show. This is a ‘frightening scale’ of reoffending. So is the justice system really working? These figures represent too many devastated victims, too many wasted lives and broken families and millions in taxpayers’ money squandered. The public are fed up with crooks doing their time and going straight

back to crime. Not enough is being done for the victims. In the recent case of the elderly asian couple who enslaved a deaf mute girl from Pakistan for a decade. I believe victims like this should be given compensation in repayment for the abuse she had suffered. It would be fair to give her the property of the old man and woman who did this to her. Criminals should have their assets stripped and given

to good causes in repayment for the harm they do to indivicuals and society. I saw a good example of a name and shame method of punishment recently. She imposed the punishment of ‘stunt’ sentences. Publically humiliating an offender by making them wear a sign that reads what they have done and how they apologise for it, for a certain length of time, seems a really good deterant. More swift punishments would save time and costs and humiliate people on lesser charges. As for the bigger criminals, well they should ultimately repay in a way which would make them suffer. Iftikhar Shah - Ilmnews

Muslim Free School Threatened With Closure A Muslim free school could be closed if it does not take "swift action" about how it is being run, the Government has warned. The Department of Education has written to the Al-Madinah Free School in Derby, demanding that it address concerns about its practices.

it has stopped any activities that could lead to women and girls being treated "less favourably" than men and boys. It will have to show that it is meeting equality laws in any case where it proposes separating boys and girls or treating them differently. It has also been ordered to tell staff they are not required to According to the letter sent cover their hair if it is against by Schools Minister Lord Nash, it has failed to keep pupils safe, provide a good education and has discriminated against female staff. He said the school had "manifestly breached" its conditions and could expect to be closed down if it does not make immediate changes. The letter comes after claims that female teachers at the school were forced to wear hijabs even if they were not Muslim. Other reports alleged female pupils were made to sit at the back of classrooms and boys at the front. The school has been to prove

their religion or beliefs. Further action that the school must take in the next few weeks includes showing it has a "broad and balanced" curriculum and welcomes

children of all faiths and none. The Department of Education has also demanded a full list of all staff, including their references and evidence of criminal record checks. This effectively means that the school will face closure if it fails to deal with the Government's concerns. AlMadinah, which is one of the Government's flagship free schools, opened in September last year. On its website, it describes a "strong Muslim ethos" with shorter holidays and longer school days "to maximise opportunities for pupil achievement and success". It adds: "At the centre of our school is a community of pupils, able to enjoy learning in a caring Islamic environment which promotes a culture of high expectations and outstanding performance." Al-Madinah declined to comment on the letter.

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Jimmi Harkishin Opens Glamorous Aagrah Restaurant at Crystal Peaks objective is to offer something exclusive and indeed a memorable experience. What sets us apart is simply our proposition, an exclusive World Buffet only restaurant in this region. Our cuisine is very distinctive and our locations, glamorous, we believe this to be a perfect combination for an international dining experience”. The new development has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is From the cobbles of Coronation Street evident as you drive into the large car to not so sunny Sheffield Jimmi Hark- park and see the imposing building all ishin officially opened the stunning on one level. The modern contemporary new Aagrah restaurant at Crystal Peaks to a packed house.

decor is very stylish without being over the top. You’re greeted with an impressive bar by the entrance, and to the left a purpose built world buffet section with an open plan theatre kitchen where diners can see live cooking. To the right is a large seating area for dining fitted with a camera through to the kitchen providing a live feed to the plasma screens in the restaurant. This allows the customers to see their food being cooked in a high standard and hygienic environment. The large restaurant has dedicated close to 60%

of the total space to the kitchen, Buffet and bar and has helped to create 30 new jobs in Sheffield. A family owned business setup 36 years ago by the founder and Group chairman, Dr. Mohammed Sabir MBE, Aagrah has 16 restaurants throughout Yorkshire and employ over 400 staff. Aagrah also offer their unique dining experience for the home diner. Their range of Tarka Cooking Sauces, Chutnies, Pick- home. The cooking sauces are available les and marinades offer the same au- in Asda’s and Tescos, and currently the thentic Kashmiri taste to re create at chutnies can be purchased from the restaurants.

Aagrah Crystal Peaks takes centre stage as the latest in one of the most famous Kashmiri restaurant chains in the UK and Europe. The new restaurant is close to the Crystal Peaks Retail Park and is set in it’s own grounds with a large car park. The stunning world buffet only restaurant will be serving over 60 international dishes daily, prepared by Aagrah’s accomplished chefs . With over 50 industry accolades, Aagrah are renowned for their high quality restaurants and great Kashmiri dining. The company’s Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Aslam MBE said: “We are extremely proud to announce that we have launched this rather significant concept at Aagrah Crystal Peaks. Our

Other businesses in the Aagrah portfolio include: Aagrah’s purpose built The Midpoint Suite , opened 4 years ago, is a £4 million Conference and banqueting centre with seating capacity for 450 people and is situated on the border of Leeds and Bradford. The suite is a popular venue for events and holds hundreds of corporate and social events each year . Aagrah Outdoor Catering Division can provide a complete catering service for up to 5000 people at any outdoor location nationally. Aagrah Hotel Wakefield- A small boutique hotel in the heart of Wakefield offering great value for money hotel accommodation with an onsite Aagrah restaurant.

L to R. Arshad Manmood, Director, Wasim Aslam, Director, Asim Iqbal, Director, Dr. Mohammed Haji Sabir, MBE, Chairman, Jimmi Harkishin, Actor, Zaffar Iqbal, Vice Chairman, Tahir Iqbal, Director, Mohammed Aslam, MBE, Managing Director and Naeem Aslam, Director.

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AUTUMN - THE SUMMER OF THE PROPERTY MARKET Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS Consultant Mark Jenkinson & Son

The autumn so far this year has been like an Indian summer. This is also reflected in the property market. In the last few years we have read and heard a lot of commentary regarding the difficult state of the market. We have been struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Arguably the light seems to be getting closer. Investors, speculators and property followers are seeing the market twitching towards a recovery. Activity certainly seems to be improving. There are many reasons for this but the main one being quoted is that “it can't get any slower”. Arguably there is some truth in this.

So what are people looking for? There is certainly a rising demand for commercial investment properties with good tenants and long leases. Location and area are important but not necessarily to the exclusion of a good covenant. Residential properties are also seeing a rise in demand. Look around your areas and you will clearly see signs of this with the number of sold signs appearing. In fact, in some sought after areas in any city the demand seems to be outstripping supply. In London and some parts of the south house prices are rising at alarming rates. The average house price in London is over £300,000. One must not see London as a barometer of the national market because this is an international buyer's market. Competing not with the likes of Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester but

Paris, New York and Rome.

1 the quality of the accommodation There has been much specu- 2 location lation that the government's 3 long term tenancies Help To Buy Scheme has had 4 real choices an effect on the housing market, fuelling a spike in prices. The rental sector will become Clearly there has been some the option for many people in effect on the market but the the future. The demand for real statistics will only come good quality accommodation to light in a few years time. I in areas with good transport believe the market was mov- links, with security of tenure, ing towards a recovery any- are and will become popular. way. If you give the idea some One area of the residential thought, it is clear that young market where I believe there people, mobile workers, cais going to be a revolution reer professionals and many is the private rented sector. other sectors of the commuThis sector is very much un- nity will move towards rental der-developed in this coun- accommodation especially in try. I believe it will move to- the south of the country and wards a maturity in the next in large cities. few years that we have not previously seen. So what needs to happen to support this market? DevelThe key for consumers to opers need to consider this consider this sector as a vi- market and cater for it. Finable option is: anciers need to understand the demand and bring for-

ward finance products which support this market. Government and statutory bodies cannot support major new builds of local authority housing. They should encourage the private sector to come forward through land sales aimed at the private rented the last few months has seen sector. an increase in activity. There are new business entering the I believe we are witnessing market place looking for good a recognition in this country retail locations. Land has also that the private rented sec- become quite popular in the tor is a maturing market and last few months. Developers it is not going to be too long are entering the market lookbefore we catch up our Eu- ing to develop new housing. ropean neighbours. Major investors will soon see this as My opinion is that we are ena rising market and don't be tering a phase in the property surprised to see many enter- market where we will see an ing this market. The residen- increase in bullish activity. tial private rented market, in The market is certainly headmy opinion, will be a mature, ing in the right direction. well respected and well managed sector in the next dec- On a more fundamental note, ade. A real choice for people. we are arguably going to witness a rise in the private rentOn another positive note, the ed market as a real alternacommercial retail market in tive to buying.



t: 01709 360 786 m: 07769 786 786



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© 2013 NAZIA HASSAN FOUNDATION TRUST 14th October 2013 will always go down in history as the night when the stars came out to play. But these stars were no ordinary stars, for they were matchless in nature and renowned for their own colossal attainments. The Bollywood Queen Zeenat Aman, The master of beats Bap-

Nazia Hassan left this world 13th of August 2000, it was natural she be remembered, 13 years on, and 13th of August 2013. “It’s a motherly thing explained an emotive Mrs Baser who emphasised the importance of the concept 13 years “.

rable lawyer, but it was her commitment and level of passion towards her civic responsibilities that really touched the hearts and minds of so many. The charity worker, the ambassador of the poor, the women who had everything but yet prioritised those who had nothing.

As the night shined under the umbrella of the Nazia Hassan Foundation Trust, a selective number of stars and exclusive dignitaries articulately began painting a picture of Nazia Hassan’s accomplishments.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the night was when the audience was given an insight into the real Nazia Hassan. The story of Nazia Hassan who told Mr and Mrs Baseer not to buy her presents on her birthday but rather to distribute the equivalent amongst the less fortunate triggered a wave of tears amongst a crowd of some 300 visitants.

Naturally hearts were both stolen and fluttered, eye lids flickered as the beauty queen Zeenat Aman eloquently embellished the stage. She humbly talked of her time with Nazia and corroborated the fact that Nazia Hassan was a rare shining star which may not always be visible to the naked eye but whose sparkle Hence their presence, these could not be avoided. stars came out to endorse, memorialise and glorify the life of We were reminded about how an inimitable this irreplaceable soul, Nazia p e r s o n a l i t y. Hassan was more than just an Nazia Hassan, Angelic face. (That there was the undisputed something more unique.) Adqueen of Asian mittedly Nazia’s lyrical achievements helped her change the Pop Music. status quo home and abroad, it What made helped break down barriers and this night truly borders. She inspired men and r e m a r k a b l e women to consider the wider was the fact picture. that it was glossed with a However Nazia Hassan was great level of something else too: She was a i m p o r t a n c e . daughter, a mother, an incompa-

pi Lehiri, Member of Parliament Sheikh Rashid Ahmad. The head of Pakistan national arts counsel Touqeer Nasir, were a sample of such stars that were shinning at the Park plaza Hotel in London, the venue chosen for the Nazia Hassan Foundation Trust’s Memorial Concert.

This emotive journey was then enlarged when Ameer Shaulkat Ali performed something that was so cherished by Nazia Hassan. A chronological piece of poetry (Baba Bhulley Shah's Klaam ) with other supporting performances by newcomers Sonata and Harbeer Kaur. Correspondingly the audience found great comfort when Zara Hassan accompanying Arez Hassan collectively paid tribute to Nazia Hassan for being an amicable Charity Worker. Other delights of the night included a decidedly honorable performance by the legendary music director Bappi Lehiri, followed by other supporting acts such as the very talented artist Ali Abaas who recited Sufiyaana

Kalaam in a rather unequivocal style. Thus, by the close of play a bulk of the attendants had succumbed to the only logical conclusion. The term Nazia Hassan has become, by virtue of The Nazia Hassan Foundation Trust an institution in its self, a legacy that will continue to live through the passion and love of both Mrs Muneeza Basir ( the inglorious mother to the late pop diva)and Arez Hassans ( the son of Nazia Hassan ) .

always be upheld “.

As the event came to a standstill, the stars left, the shinning lights were switched off leaving behind just a black canvas, and there was one thing that was continuing to make the room still glow. The beam of positivity flowing from a proud mothers eyes as she continued to stare at This year alone the trust assisted the empty stage where the Nahundreds of deprived, yet tal- zia Hassan Foundation Trust Flag ented children across the globe was still flying high. in securing more constructive futures. Last weekend witnessed the privileged Lawrence College Murree hosting a memorial concert. More closer to home here in the UK the trust organised a number of Iftari parties to celebrate the birth of the royal baby. Whereas in the North of England the Trust under the umbrella of women empowerment welcomed South Yorkshire’s first female Assistant Chief Constable of Police. Asked why the trust was covering such a wide array of projects Mrs Basir said “ I want people to realise that in death Nazia Hassan gave something larger to the world, her legacy of caring and thinking of others will


ECO Energy Solutions

0800 772 0763 = + To qualify for a 100% FREE boiler you should be in receipt of the following:* Pension Credit * Child Tax Credit (with a relevant income of £15,860 or less) * Working Tax Credit (with a relevant income of £15,860 or less) * Income Support * Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance * Income-Related Employment Support Allowance

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Legal Corner

Energy Efficiency With Solar City Solar City has gained accreditation on a new government initiative to install free energyefficient boilers to households nationally. Solar City, which is based in Sheffield secured approval by undergoing a robust assessment process in order to qualify as an installer of free "A" rated boilers on the government-backed ECO scheme aimed at reducing carbon emissions by replacing old inefficient boilers with new ones. These new "A" rated boilers reduce significant amount of carbon emission and delivers cost savings to households which is quite handy in the current economic climate. The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) was introduced in January 2013, for the big six energy suppliers under an obligation to support affordable warmth and reduce carbon emissions, including the provision of heating and insulation improvements

for low-income and vulnerable households by providing funding to insulate solidwalled properties and delivering insulation measures to people living in the bottom 15% of the UK's most deprived areas. As a result of this government agenda, the big energy suppliers have made available a set amount of funding each year to achieve government targets by replacing old boilers with the best rated boilers. Tariq Mahmood, Director of Solar City said: "We are delighted to be part of this great government scheme intended to deliver significant economic benefits to households in terms of cost savings but also deliver environmental gains in reducing carbon emission".

Mohammed Nazir

Partner , Head of Property & Immigration Wosskow Brown Solicitors LLP Email:

Solar City is currently expanding it's team to cater for the volume of interest and enquiries been generated on the scheme. To qualify, households must be in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits and the household’s income must be below a certain level. The scheme is available to tenants, homeowners and landlords. To find out if your household qualifies, please call our friendly customer services team on 0114 3216321. If eligible, you get a new boiler for free, worth approximately £1,600 - £2,500 depending on individual household requirements. Tariq Mahmood Managing Director Solarcity T: 0114 321 6 321 E: M: 07878182911

IIMMIGRATION UPDATES & IMMIGRATION ACT 2014 Parliament hope to have the bill in force by summer 2014. Parliament’s objectives out outlined below. Removal • Create a system where only one decision is made that encompasses both a person’s immigration status and their removability. They intend to replace separate powers who make removal decisions with one central power who can remove individuals who do not have leave to remain in the UK. • Grant further powers to Boarder Control Officers such as allowing them to undertake protective searches of detained people, enable officers to search for travel documents that are not already held by the Home Office. Make sure an officers powers to use reasonable force are applied uniformly. Grant powers to check fingerprints that are equivalent to police powers. • Change the Tribunal Procedure Rules to prevent repeat bail applications, by rejecting applications made within 28 days of previous application. • Allow the Home Office to maintain detention if removal is scheduled within 14 days. • Amend existing powers to make it clear non-nationals must provide biometrics when applying for transit visas or a family permit. Also anyone applying for British citizenship must provide biometrics. Appeals • Reduce the number of immigration decisions that can be appealed from 17 to 4. • Ensure foreign criminals can be deported first and appeal after. • Create a more transparent process so that decisions on human rights and asylum must be considered by the Secretary of State before the tribunal. • With regards to Article 8 make it clear what the public interest requires, and ensure that the courts consider the public interest when deciding a case regarding article 8. Access to Services -Tenancy • Ensure new tenants in privately rented homes are legal residents by requiring landlords to carry out simple checks on new tenants. • Will penalise landlords who do not carry out these checks with civil penalties. • Create an online system for landlords to carry out these checks. • Ability for landlords to contact the Home Office with a maximum 48 hour response time. If no response is received in this time the landlord is free to rent. • Aiding vulnerable people by creating much simpler document requirements for them, exempting homeless hostels and halls of residence from regulation. -Health Service • Ensure that any person who is subject to immigration control is required to pay a health surcharge as a precondi-

tion of entry. Once the surcharge is paid the person is entitled to healthcare as any permanent resident. • Those seeking asylum, humanitarian protection or temporary protection will be exempt of the surcharge. • The surcharge amount will be set by secondary legislation. -Bank Accounts • Ensure illegal migrants are not able to open current accounts by requiring banks to undergo immigration checks on new applicants. • Migrants who are found and have exhausted all appeal rights will be liable for removal from the UK. • Any person refused a current account for reasons outlined by this bill must be informed as such by the Bank or Building Society. Following this the person must obtain evidence of their lawful immigration status. • Secretary of state retains the right to discretion as to whether a person identified as an illegal immigrant should be referred to the anti-fraud agency. • The treasury will gain powers to ensure that illegal migrants do not seek alternative providers or products. -Work • Increase the maximum penalty for employing an illegal migrant from £10,000 to £20,000. •

intelligence based risk profiles and factors and accounts from registration officials. • If the Home Office has reasonable grounds to suspect a sham marriage then the notice period can be extended to 70 days. Oversight • Create a new duty on the Immigration Commissioner to cancel the registration of regulated organisations where they are deemed to be unfit, incompetent or defunct. These decisions will be appealable to the First-tier Tribunal of the Immigration Services. • The Commissioner can apply to the Tribunal to suspend the activities of an advisor charged with a serious criminal offence. • The Commissioner can apply to a Magistrate for a warrant to enter any premises in which a regulated advisor is operating. Failure of an advisor to comply with a warrant could result in the cancellation of the organisation’s registration. • Require all immigration organisations to be registered. The Secretary of State reserves the right to authorise the commissioner to waive the organisation’s requirement to pay a fee and in return the organisation charges no fee for their services. Miscellaneous -Embarkation Checks • Port operator staff will have the power to carry out embarkation checks and maybe compelled to carry them out if necessary. • Powers of examination currently only held by an immigration officer will be granted to a designated person in relation to persons leaving the UK. • Those who have a role in the outbound passenger procEmployers must raise an objec- ess will be trained to perform the tion to the secretary of state basic checks required to estabbefore making an appeal to the lish a passenger’s identity. There civil court. will be no powers to search or • Make it easier to endetain. Other than to a person force the recovery of an unpaid designated by the Secretary of civil penalty debt in the civil State. court. • An offence for non• Simplify the process compliance will be created. to reduce the burden of right -Fees to work checks on employers, • The criteria for setting including reducing the number fees will be amended to; cost, of acceptable documents. benefits, economic growth, -Driving Licences international comparisons and • Lawful migrants will reciprocal arrangements. The be able to obtain a full or provi- fees will be adjustable in line sional UK driving licence. with the government’s objec• The Government will tives and priorities. be able to revoke the licence of a • The process for setperson here unlawfully. ting fees will be simplified and Marriage maximum fee amounts will be • Extend the marriage introduced. and civil partnership notice • Specific fee levels will process to enable the home ofbe set out in Fees Regulation fice to investigate possible sham which will enable quick adjustmarriages more effectively. ments. Increase the period from 15 days • Enable redundant fees to 28. to be removed from the frame• Extend powers of work. information sharing for registration officials. Disclaimer:: This article is • Notices of marriage information only and does not of non-EEA nationals will be amount legal advice please seek sent to the Home Office in cases legal advice form your legal where that person could gain an advisors before you proceed. immigration advantage. These notices will be assessed against

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Yorkshire Bank, AC Number: 19842710 Sort Code: 05 08 58


Alhabib Welfare Foundation is a UK registered international relief and development charity.

£40 a month covers expenses to

It was founded by Molana Aslam Zahid who is the imam of Usmania Education Centre and the Vice Chairman of Jamiat Ulma-e-Britain. With your support Alhabib Welfare Foundation aims to help poor families, orphans, and widows across Pakistan and other countries around the world.

Molana M Aslam Zahid donating sawing machines during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

Molana M Aslam Zahid donated computers during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

We ensure 100% of your donation reaches the poor. Please donate generously on the above account number or online by visiting our website...

Alhabib Welfare Foundation

Molana M Aslam Zahid visited local Madressa during his recent visit to Bagh, Azad Kashmir...

is relying on your support to help survivors of the Pakistan floods. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to us this Ramadan and we will use it to help orphans, widows and those who are in need.


run an education centre in an area of high poverty £250 supports and educates an orphan for a year £40 helps vital support for a very poor family for a month £50 buys a sewing machine which will be a source of income for a widow or young orphan girl £40 buys an Eid gift package of essential food support for a poor family £15 buys new clothes and a smile for 1 needy person £2000 can help finance the marriage of an orphan girl £2 per week by direct debit will make you a permanent member and you will receive ongoing sadqa jarya as promised by Allah the Almighty We also ongoing support for ambulances in extreme poor areas





Tel: 0114 281 1927 Mob: 0789 454 0303 E-Mail: Web:

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2 Cour ses for £10 .00 Every Sun - T hur


Welcome to nt a r u a t s e R n a ic x e M & Italian El Paso is located in the centre of Sheffield and offers a fine variety of cuisine with the very best Italian and Mexican food being the order of the day. Having been in business for 20 years, the restaurant has recently been given a fantastic refurbishment to become a modern and contemporary venue with exposed brick walls and comfortable leather seating. Function Room / Disco Available, Ring for more details

8 cumberland street, Sheffield (bottom of the Moor)

Fuenl ction D RoSoemi/vDeirsy rviceco AN vaO ilable Ring W for A a i l a mv ore detb aille s

0114 2739523 Car park to the rear of the building

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Adults - £11.99 Under 10’s - £5.00 Under 3’s - FREE

Outdoor Catering

MIRPURI             DHERA T & C Apply




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Weddings for over 500 Guests

Banqueting Corporate Events Business Meetings

FREE PARKING Separate Halls for Ladies & Gents


261 Staniforth Road Sheffield S9 3FP 0114 244 9199 / 0785 2276 646 Open 7 Days, 5 pm - 12 Midnight

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BUFFET BANQUET Fabulous selection of Dishes

Eat as much as you like

Only £11.99 and £6.99 for under 10’s Under 5’s eat FREE A la carte Menu is also available daily

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DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE, 7 Nights a Week FREE DELIVERY ON ORDER OVER £9 within 4 Mile Radius The Old Masbrough Railway Station, Princes Street Rotherham , S60 1HX Tel: 01709 555 527 - 550 155 Advance Booking Mob: 07831 202 354 www.

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