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EU To Grant Britain Visa-Free Travel Even With No-Deal Brexit

EU nations have agreed to give the UK citizens visa-free travel even at the event of a no-deal Brexit. If Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, UK citizens should still be able to visit the bloc visa-free for up to 90 days, ambassadors of the remaining 27 EU nations have said. The 90 days can be taken in any 180-day period, the envoys said in Brussels. In a statement published on the European Council website, ambassadors said that the visa exemption was "granted on condition of reciprocity," meaning that the UK was also expected not to demand visas from EU citizens for short stays. "In the event that the United Kingdom introduces a visa requirement for nationals of at least one member state in the future, the existing reciprocity mechanism would apply and the (EU) would commit to act without delay in applying the mechanism," they warned. If adopted, the legislation would put British nationals in line with citizens of Canada and Australia, who are also allowed to visit the EU Shenghen area without visas for 90 days. However, the proposal is separate from a long-term EU regulation, effective in 2020, that sets up a "pre-authorization" for travel by visitors from countries where the EU does not require a visa, at present more than 60. Under this system, visitors can travel in and out of the EU for three yearrs for a €7 ($8). Britain will join this group after Brexit.

Pakistan To Raise Minimum Marriage Age To 18 Pakistan just took another major step to protect young girls against child marriage. The Senate Committee on Human Rights unanimously passed a bill to raise the minimum marriage age from 16 to 18. The new law is an amendment to the Marriage Restraint Act of 1929. “Everyone should be made aware of the negative impact child marriages IL

have on Pakistani families, particularly on their health and standard of living,” said Sherry Rehman, senator and leader of the Pakistan People’s Party. “This menace has already caused enough damage and will continue to ruin the next generation if not immediately stopped,” she warned. Traditional practices and culture in Pakistan perpetuate child marriage, according to the anti-child marriage organization Girls Not Brides. The organization reported Pakistan has the 6th highest rate of child marriage in the world. Around 21% of girls in Pakistan are married before the age of 18, according to UNICEF. Child marriage stops young girls from receiving an education all around the world. Child brides who stop attending school are more likely to experience an early pregnancy, malnourishment, domestic violence, and pregnancy complications. Child marriage also makes it more difficult for women, and their families to break out of poverty. In Pakistan, 39% of the population lives in multidimensional poverty. The Pakistani government is working to end child marriage, but the process is yet in the early stages. The country criminalized the act in 2017, and Sindh province, where the practice is most common, already raised the minimum marriage age for girls from 16 to 18. But parliament still needs to approve the new regulation, before the new age restriction takes effect everywhere else.

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More Pothole Damage Than In 2006 Drivers are two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer a pothole-related breakdown than in 2006, according to new figures. The RAC said its patrols received 1,714 call-outs between October and December for problems usually caused by road defects, such as damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs and distorted wheels. The firm warned that the chance of a vehicle suffering pothole damage is still two-and-half times higher than it was 13 years ago. One in five local roads in England and Wales is in a poor condition and the frequency of road resurfacing has declined. The AA has called for learner drivers to have to prove they can spot potholes to pass the driving test. Councils are fixing a pothole every 21 seconds but this report underlines the chronic need for more investment in existing local roads. The Government is spending 52 times per-mile more on maintaining our national roads – which make up just 3% of all roads – than on local roads, which are controlled by councils and make up 97% of England’s road network.

Sheffield Junction Named As One Of The Most Dangerous In Britain New police data has analysed the details of every single accident which ended with a pedestrian being hurt or killed in 2017. The data shows that 17,741 people suffered slight injuries while 5,588 suffered serious injuries and 470 people died. A ‘map’ was created of Britain’s worst hotspots by looking for clusters of casualty-causing accidents which took place roughly 150 metres of each other. It found that the junction of Middlewood Road and Rudyard Road, just before Langsett Road, was the fourth most dangerous junction for pedestrians in Britain.

The junction has become synonymous for accidents in recent years with Sheffield Council spending £390,000 on a new road safety scheme at a nearby junction in 2017. At the time, 11 pedestrians had been hurt in collisions around the junction over the past five years but more have been injured since. The junction saw two pedestrians seriously hurt in 2017, including a 62-year-old woman on January 28 and a 68-year-old woman on March 21. Both women were hit by busses on the road with with the 62-year-old hit while she was crossing the road and the 68-year-

old woman was hit by a bus at around 3pm. In September, a Stagecoach single-decker crashed at the junction in the early hours, blocking the road in both directions. Two other pedestrians, aged 29 and 51, were injured during collisions on April 15 and September 12 respectively. The 29-year-old was taken to hospital after she was hit by a car in a hit-andrun suffering leg injuries. In June this year, a man in his 50s was hit by a bus on Langsett Road, near Hillsborough Corner at around 2pm before being taken to hospital with serious injuries.

300 Cars Stolen Every Day In 2018 One vehicle was stolen every five minutes in 2018 – in figures labelled “very depressing” by the RAC. Official data released by the Home Office shows the number of thefts has all but doubled over the last five years, with almost 120,000 vehicles reported stolen last year. And the situation for the new financial year already appears bleak, with nearly 60,000 vehicles reported stolen up to the end of last September. The figures are particularly poignant in light of recent reports that thieves are increasingly

using technology to bypass entry systems on keyless cars. Four of the five best-selling models in the UK are thought to be susceptible to ‘keyless theft’, according to recent research from Which? Figures for the financial year 2013-14 uncovered a total of 75,308 stolen vehicles – a figure which increased to 111,999 in 2017-18. A further 106,210 vehicles were either stolen or ‘taken without authorisation’ over the period – up by 43% – while 5,789 fell under the category of ‘aggravated vehicle taking’. These figures show a very alarming 49% in-

British People Most Worried About Brexit

crease in vehicle thefts in just five years. In 2018, nearly 120,000 thefts were reported, the equivalent of one being stolen every five minutes or 300 a day. They also paint a very depressing picture of a society where it is all too easy for gangs of thieves to break in and steal vehicles, and where there are fewer police officers to catch them and bring them to justice. The Home Office figures also show a total 280,032 instance of thefts from vehicles – an 8% year-on-year increase, but slightly down on the 285,047 recorded back in 2012-13.

Britain’s Murder Rate At Highest Level In A Decade

Brexit is the single biggest issue Britons are worried about a new poll reveals. Britain’s troubled relationship with the European Union, which it is due to leave in March, trumps all other problems for the UK, an Ipsos Mori index poll shows. Britons are now more worried about Brexit than crime, the NHS or the economy. More than half of the public, 53%, cite Brexit as the single major issue for the country in December. Concern about the NHS has fallen slightly since and is now in second place with 45%, the poll reveals. Crime is joint third with immigration at 19%.

Violent crime has risen by 19% in England and Wales in the past year, official figures reveal. The number of murders and manslaughters rose to 739 from 649, in the year up to September 2018, Office for National Statistics data reveals. That is the highest total in a decade and excludes terrorism offences. Robberies also increased by 17%. Overall crimes recorded by police went up by 7% in that period, with a total of 5,723,182 offences. In addition, stalking and harassment offences increased by 41%. At the same time the NHS released figures which revealed a 15% rise in admission to hospitals for ‘assaults involving a sharp instrument’. Knife crime offences are mostly concentrated in London. The figures showed that 35% of all knife crime was in London, more than double its rate for overall crime of 16%. The Metropolitan Police saw 168 offences per 100,000 people in 2018.

How Hard Is It To Pass Your Driving Test At Sheffield’s Test Centres

Sheffield Council Seek More Adoptive Parents

Data has revealed how hard it is to pass your driving test at cence compared to 39.8% of women. Handsworth and Middlewood Road test centres, in Shef- Just over a year ago, the driving test was changed, with many observers saying the new test is tougher than field. Figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards the old one. Learners now must navigate for 20 Agency show 45% of all learners passed their practical minutes using a sat-nav, and explain how to test at Handsworth there between April and Septemtest the brakes, clean the windscreen and ber 2018. And it was slightly lower at Middlewood demist their windows while driving. Road with 44%. However, the new test does not The average pass rate for test centres across seem to have bothered rookie drivGreat Britain was 46%. The Pavilion, in Birers at Handsworth test centre. 42.6% mingham, was the toughest test centre, of people taking their test for the first with 29% of drivers successfully getting time passed, with 27 learners succeedtheir licences. Overall built up urban areas ing first time with no minor faults. Drivers tended to have lower pass rates, while at quitaking the test can pass with up to 15 minor eter rural test centres learners appeared to find faults, such as not checking their mirrors at the the exam easier. Gairloch, in the Scottish right time. Highlands, has the highest pass rate, 81%. Middlewood Road test centre conducted 4,440 Handsworth test centre conducted 4,353 tests over a sixth-month period and 1,930 peotests over the sixth-month period and 1,967 ple passed. At Middlewood Road test centre, people passed. 46.9% of men gained their licence compared Historically men have paid more for car insurto 40.6% of women, and 48% of people takance than women as they have more accidents. ing their test for the first time passed, with 51 But the figures show they have a higher pass rate. learners succeeding first time with no minor faults. At Handsworth test centre, 51.5% gained their li-

Sheffield Council is launching an urgent appeal for more adoptive parents following release of a government report that reveals the number of children adopted in Yorkshire is at a record low. Government figures reveal only 430 children found permanent new parents in 2018, down from 690 in 2015. Sheffield Council is appealing for more people to come forward to adopt children currently in local authority care including unaccompanied child refugees.

G4S Loses Contract To House Asylum Seekers In Sheffield Security firm G4S has lost its Home Office contract to provide housing accommodation to asylum seekers in Yorkshire after a series of scandals and efforts by campaigners to end the arrangement. A new 10-year contracts, worth £1bn, has been awarded by the Home Office to housing and social care provider Mears including responsibility for housing asylum seekers in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber.

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Sheffield Councils Austerity Budget In the ninth year of austerity, Sheffield City Council has managed to set a budget that aims to bring its finances into a balanced position over the next four years, but issues a stark warning about sustainability beyond 2022/23. The authority has identified another £30 million worth of savings to be made over 2019/20, taking the cumulative total of savings and financial pressures over the last nine years to £460 million. Through prudent financial management, the strategic and careful use of reserves, a focus on joint working with external partners, prevention work and the personalisation of services, plans have been drawn up that see the Council getting to

grips with a further four years of financial challenges. In 2018/19 Sheffield City Council is set to overspend by approximately £10 million. The budget for 2019/20 includes a planned use of £11 million of reserves in order to sustain social care services in the context of cuts to overall funding, combined with rising pressures for both children’s and adult’s social care. The council is clear, though, that beyond 2022/23, there will have to be a more stable funding regime from central government that recognises the pressures in social care, or the situation will become unsustainable.

MPs To Debate School Start At 10Am Parliament will consider debating if schools should start at 10am because teenagers are too tired. MPs may debate the proposal in the House of Commons after an online petition reached the required threshold. The petition, titled “School should start at 10am as teenagers are too tired”, has received more than the needed 100,000 signatures to force Parliament into considering the issue. It features in the petitions section of the UK Government and Parliament website. The site says Parliament will consider the motion for debate, and a debate date could be finalised within two days. The petition reads: “Teenagers are so tired due to having to wake up very early to get to school. “The government should require secondary

schools to start later, which will lead to increased productivity at school.” Parliament considers all petitions for a debate which get more than 100,000 signatures. There have already been examples of schools in the UK putting their start time back from 9am to 10am, as several studies claim they lead to an increase in productivity among pupils and even better exam results. In 2017, a study by the Open University carried out at an English state school showed that a later start also led to improved mental and physical health. Students at the school started at 10am instead of the usual 8.30am, leading to a decrease in illness and better grades. The big issue about school times is health. It starts with physical illness, and then there’s mental illness, and last but not least academic performance.

NHS 10-Year Plan The NHS long-term plan sets out the way services will be delivered in England over the next 10 years. Up to 500,000 lives could be saved under plans for the NHS in England over the next decade, health chiefs claim. The NHS long-term plan involves greater use of high-tech treatments and diagnostic testing and could prevent 150,000 heart attacks, strokes and dementia cases. Twitter Ads info and privacy More than three million people will benefit from improved stroke, respiratory and cardiac services over the next decade. About 23,000 premature deaths could be prevented by putting 100,000 people with heart complaints through a healthy living and exercise programme every year. And the plans aim to ensure three-quarters of cancers are diagnosed early, when they can be treated more successfully, up from half at present. As part of the drive to use new technology to help treat and prevent conditions: – The NHS will become the first health service in the world to offer whole genome sequencing for children with cancer to help target treatment specifically at their needs. – There will be genetic testing for about 30,000 people with dangerously high inherited cholesterol. – Pilot schemes will see “smart” inhalers given to respiratory patients to monitor their condition. – Cutting-edge scans and the potential use of artificial intelligence to improve stroke care. – Patients will be able to access health care at the touch of the button through a “digital front door” to the NHS. Prime Minister Theresa May said the 10-year plan

would “provide the best possible care for every major condition, from cradle to grave”, using the £20.5 billion a year funding boost promised by 2023/24. Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Whether it’s treating ever more people in their communities, using the latest technology to tackle preventable diseases, or giving every baby the very best start in life – this Government has given the NHS the multi-billion pound investment needed to nurture and safeguard our nation’s health service for generations to come.” Under the plan there will be a £4.5 billion boost for primary and community care, and investment in mental health services will rise to at least £2.3 billion a year by 2023/24. About two million more people who suffer anxiety, depression or other problems will receive help over the next decade.

One In 20 People Do Not Believe Holocaust Took Place One in 20 UK adults does not believe the Holocaust took place, a survey suggests, while one in 12 believes its scale has been exaggerated. Almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) either could not say how many Jews were murdered or “grossly” under-estimated the number, a survey of more than 2,000 people by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) found. Last month, hundreds of thousands of people, including survivors, politicians and members of the public, will gather to mark Holocaust Memorial Day and remember its six million Jewish victims. A national commemorative ceremony took place in Westminster to mark the day, which also acknowledged the 25th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda and 40 years since the end of the genocide in Cambodia. HMDT chief executive Olivia Marks-Woldman said: “The Holocaust threatened the fabric of civi-

lisation and has implications for us all. Such widespread ignorance and even denial is shocking. “Without a basic understanding of this recent history, we are in danger of failing to learn where a lack of respect for difference and hostility to others can ultimately lead. “With a rise in reported hate crime in the UK and ongoing international conflicts with a risk of genocide, our world can feel fragile and vulnerable. We cannot be complacent.” Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “We know that education is vital in the fight against ignorance and hate. “Whatever the statistics, one person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many and so it is up to us to redouble our efforts to ensure future generations know that it did happen and become witnesses to one of the darkest episodes in our history.”

UK Visas For Pakistanis & Other NonEU Citizens To Become More Travelling to the United Kingdom is going to become more expensive from now on for migrants after the UK govt is going to increase the price of its visa for Pakistanis and other non-European Union citizens. The United Kingdom has taken this decision to increase the price of the UK visa almost twice the price of the immigration health surcharge (HIS), which is to be paid when students, investors, family members and businessmen apply for the visa. In 2015 the government has introduced the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) with the aim of providing migrants’ admission to the National Health Service during their stay in the United

Kingdom. The British government has announced that the Immigration Health surcharge (IHS), introduced in 2015, will now be doubled. It is payable when students, businessmen, investors, and family members apply for the visa, enabling them to access National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK. So from now the people of Pakistan and also from the non-European countries need to pay double for having UK visa as the IHS fee was doubled from the 8th January. The price has surged up to £200 to £400 annually. It means that Pakistanis are now paying over Rs.70,000 for their visa application.

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UK Welcomes New Pakistan High Commissioner Mohammad Nafees Zakaria assumes responsibilities as the new High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Kingdom Nafees Zakaria’s diplomatic career spans over three decades. Prior to his current assignment, he was serving as the High Commissioner for Pakistan to Malaysia. Besides serving on various diplomatic assignments in Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and Bangkok, Mr Zakaria also served as Deputy High Commissioner in London and Consul General for Pakistan in Toronto. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Zakaria served at several positions including Director General (South Asia & SAARC), Director General (Europe), Additional Foreign Secretary and Spokesperson. The High Commissioner holds degree in B.E. (Electronics) and did Master’s in International Relations.

The Secret Life Of Sheffield’s Litter It remains an alarming fact that every year Sheffielders discard of 6,900 tonnes of rubbish on the city’s streets and in roadside bins. That’s enough for a 22 metre rubbish mountain covering an area from Pinstone Street right across the Peace Gardens. But with the help of Sheffield firm Fletchers Waste Management, being binned is rarely the end of the story for Sheffield’s street waste. It’s all either recycled as raw materials for new products or used to generate electricity. With 2,551 waste bins and hundreds of miles of roadway, the huge job of keeping Sheffield tidy falls to Streets Ahead, the City Council’s highways maintenance programme, ably supported by the armies of resolute volunteer litter picking groups which operate across the city. But in these environmentally conscious times, what actually happens to all that waste once it drops into a bin or bin bag? The city’s street waste is sorted for recycling in

Darnall by Sheffield waste specialist, Fletchers. Fletchers’ eco-friendly approach prioritises recycling as an alternative to landfill meaning that, once hazardous and food waste is removed, around a third of it becomes raw materials for new products. Where recycling is not an option, biomass and energy from waste processes recover enough electricity from what’s left to power the equivalent of more than 380 homes for a year. Cabinet assistant for environment and street scene at Sheffield City council, Councillor Karen McGowan said: “Litter continues to be a top priority in Sheffield and we are taking steps to tackle it head on by taking action against those who litter, applying strict street cleansing and bin emptying timescales city-wide and supporting community litter-picking groups who are helping to make a real difference to litter levels on and around our streets.”

Eating Deep Fried Foods ‘Increases Risk Of Death’ Eating deep fried foods, especially chicken and fish, increases the risk of early death, research suggests. One serving or more of any fried foods each day - such as chips or a fried chicken sandwich - increases the risk of death by 8% compared to eating none, experts found. The study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found particularly strong links with fried chicken and fish - foods that the authors assumed

were mostly deep fried. It found that one or more servings of fried chicken a day was linked to a 13% higher risk of death from any cause and a 12% higher risk of heart-related death compared with no fried food. Meanwhile, one or more servings of fried fish or shellfish a day was linked to a 7% higher risk of death from any cause and a 13% higher risk of heart-related death. The researchers found no specific link between cancer deaths and eating fried foods. Those women who ate the most fried food tend to be younger, non-white, less educated and on a lower income. Those eating the most fried foods also tended to eat fewer vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and more sugary drinks, nuts, salt and red and processed meat.

The Land That Was In Need For Love By Shaheryar A. Chishty Once I saw a dead stretch of grass Vacant of life, just a footprint-less path A barren field No tweeting birds, no crops to yield No walkers stepped on this plain It was an unwanted domain Small russet leaves spread across the floor Like arced gondolas sailing a shallow shore How long had it been since a footprint had been engraved on this ground? How long did it take for it to stop being silent and be bustling with sound? A Sunday morning approached, the lonely land was engulfed by the suns light The land was lucky, a man set foot on that deserted site With toil and sweat this man heaved a sack full of rectangular cobblestone Going back and forth to collect some more, even though his body began to moan He stacked them on top of each other, towering high He made four walls where he and his family could reside Each nook and cranny within the stone, he filled with cement After such a long time this land was content It waited for years to have some company That day came, the grass danced triumphantly The land held a house filled with a busy family It watched children grow from looking up at the balcony It heard the cries of laughter flooding out of the windows on to its face Mellifluous and comforting, it bought the land grace As the years went by, the land wrapped its arms around the house, covering it in a verdant moss Each year it hugs tighter, it doesn’t want to be alone again, its scared of being lonely and lost

Over 120,000 Babies And Young Children Not Registered With A GP More than 120,000 babies and small children in England are not registered with a doctor and could be missing life-saving health checks. Doctors have warned children are at risk of missing out on key vaccinations and check-ups because their parents have not signed them up with a surgery. NHS figures show there are about 3,262,000 newborns and children under five registered with GP practices in England. However, the Office for National Statistics put the number of children aged four and under at 3,385,000. This means around 123,000 children - 4% of the population - are not on a GP's register. It is vital to be registered at a time where we are seeing an emergence of preventable and deadly diseases such as the measles, record levels of childhood obesity and its associated conditions, and with 34% of all child deaths in the UK considered avoidable - the vast majority

of which are in infancy. The NHS offers regular health checks for babies until they are two-years old, to monitor their development. They are also given a personal child health record, known as a red book, in which parents and health professionals keep a log of their vaccinations and measurements. In 2017-18, just 87% of children in England had received both the recommended MMR jabs - which protects against measles, mumps and rubella - by the time they turned five. At least 95% coverage is needed to lower the risk of an outbreak, according to the World Health Organisation. The number of children not on a GP register is an estimate. The number of GP patients is generally higher than the actual population, as many patients are on multiple registers as a result of moving house, or are not removed after they die.

Change For Life Many children are eating too much sugar. Did the sugar. Just one or two everyday swaps can you know that children in England are eating make a difference to how much sugar your child an extra 2,800 sugar cubes a year - more than is getting. double the recommended guidelines! That’s 8 sugar cubes too many each day and equivalent to 312 cans of sugary cola or 562 chocolate bars in a year. One major solution is to cut back

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ALICE IN WONDERLAND SYNDROME Mr Shumile J. Chishty where the individual typically hears quite sounds as loud. Essen- activity in the brain causing abnormal blood flow to parts of the tially fast movement and fast speech is seen and heard. brain that process environment and experience visual perception, Alice in wonderland syndrome (AWS) is a highly rare condition that Many researchers believe that AWS is caused by unusual electrical assumed target of the brain is the amygdala. A recent unusual case study is a man who saw his compuprovokes the onset of disorientated episodes of perception. ter-screen icons drift off the screen and merge with realThe most common occurrence of AWS is during young adultity as they disappear to the right of his vision. The onset hood and the individual with this syndrome may feel as if of this was assumed to be the glioblastoma, an aggressive they are excessively smaller or larger than they actually are, form of brain cancer, this tumour was 2.5cm long and was as a result, the objects in their surrounding either comes located in the left temporal-occipital region of his brain. close or moves further away. These may be mistaken with During the examination of the man, doctors found that hallucinations but these are not optically driven, in fact they he had monthly migraines which was concurrent with the are caused by how the brain perceives the environment. official symptoms of AWS. The patient immediately had AWS can affect sense such as olfactory, echoic and iconic. surgery to remove the tumour with a laser, and continued AWS episodes vary for each individual, with the most comtreatment with a regimen of chemotherapy and radiamon of symptoms; migraine, size distortion, perceptual tion. About one year later, the man was back at the hosdistortion, time distortion and sound distortion. Majority pital for another operation after his tumour came back clinicians who have diagnosed AWS have noticed that the in the same spot. But so far, the treatment has worked. migraines is experienced with aura, this is where a headTwenty months after the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome ache strikes after a sensory disturbance resulting in zig-zag episode, the man is doing well, with no evidence of the visual perceptions. For example sitting in the dark for a few glioblastoma. hours and then walking out into day light will cause a senThe usual cause for AWS is mainly stress, misuse of drugs sory disruption and as a result the migraine occurs. Size and brain tumours, but this is still yet to be confirmed distortion on the other hand, also known as Micropsia is to find out exactly what the main root cause actually is . the physical sensation that you or objects in your surroundWith the use of MRI scans, EEG and blood tests doctors ing are getting larger. However there is a symptom overlap are coming towards a more precise answer. Usually the with Epstein-Barr virus and epilepsy. With time and sound symptoms of AWS are known to be associated with pudistortion , these usually occur simultaneously , where the berty as it is the peak where majority biochemical changindividual loses their sense of time so objects and people es occur within the body. appear to be moving at a faster rate and sound distortion is

Council Of Europe Calls For Muslim Couples In UK To Legally Register Marriage Muslim couples getting married in the UK should be legally required to civilly register their union before or during the Islamic ceremony, the Council of Europe has said. Raising concerns about the role of sharia councils in family, inheritance and commercial law, the human rights organisation made up of 47 member states, called for obstacles stopping Muslim women from accessing justice to be removed. A resolution called on British authorities step up measures to provide protection and assistance to those who are in a vulnerable position and run awareness campaigns which teach Muslim women about their rights. “Although they are not considered part of the British legal system, Sharia councils attempt to provide a form of alternative dispute resolution,” it says. It adds: “Whereby members of the Muslim community, sometimes voluntarily, often under considerable social pressure, accept their religious jurisdiction mainly in marital and Islamic divorce issues, but also in matters relating to inheritance and Islamic commercial contracts. “The assembly is concerned that the rulings of the Sharia councils clearly discriminate against women in divorce and inheritance cases.” The Council also called on member states to protect human rights regardless of religious practices and voiced concern about the “judicial” activities of “Sharia councils” in the UK. Specialist lawyers say many Muslim couples do not follow Islamic ceremonies with civil marriages – a requirement under by the 1949 Marriage Act. Last February, a Home Office commissioned experts review into the application of sharia law concluded that Muslims in the UK should undergo a civil marriage as well as a religious ceremony to make sure women are protected under the law.

The measure was needed to lessen “discriminatory practices” in the councils, the report said. However, it added that abolishing Sharia councils was “not viable” and they were “fulfilling a need in some Muslim communities”. The review found that the vast majority of people using sharia councils were women seeking an Islamic divorce but very few council members were women. Citing a number of examples of “bad practice”, the report said some had been inappropriately questioned on personal relationship matters. Women had also been invited to make concessions to their husbands in order to secure a divorce. The Council of Europe’s new resolution welcomed the recommendations put forward in last year’s Home Office review. It also called on the UK to ensure councils operate within the law “especially as it relates to the prohibition of discrimination against women, and respect all procedural rights”. British authorities should work with Muslim communities, womens organisations and other non-governmental organisations to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, it said. It also set a deadline of June 2020 for the UK to report back on reviewing the Marriage Act, which would make it a legal requirement for Muslim couples to undergo civil marriages – which is currently required for Christian and Jewish marriages. Responding to the resolution, a Home Office spokesperson said: “Sharia law does not form any part of the law in England and Wales. Regardless of religious belief, we are all equal before the law. Where Sharia councils exist, they must abide by the law. “Laws are in place to protect the rights of women and prevent discrimination, and we will work with the appropriate authorities to ensure these laws are being enforced fully and effectively.”

Urdu Is The 3rd Most Spoken Language In The World Urdu the language considered to be one of the sweetest languages has become the 3rd most spoken language in the world. The language has approximately 697 million speakers worldwide and more than 329 million are native speakers. The term “Pidgin” is used to define a language that is formed from a mixture of several languages when there is a diversity of nations in a particular area and those people have to communicate with each other. This term was found when Chinese people of south China started business with the English on port and after that a new language was discovered. That Chinese pidgin language consisted of 700 words of English. We know very well about Urdu which was formed by mixture of words included from Turkish, Sanskrit and Persian languages. Invaders from other areas and tragedies created a new language for communication between people of other languages and Urdu doesn’t have its own native people like Punjabi used to be spoken by Punjabi nation or Sindhi language is used by Sindhi people. Urdu and Saraiki are those languages which are used by people of various nations to fulfil their communication gap.

Urdu after adoption by some population of Pakistan didn’t affect their ethnicity although it has old literature and script. Since the 19th century, and at least in part as a consequence of British policy, Hindi had increasingly come to be exclusively identified with Hindus, and Urdu exclusively with Muslims. Plenty of people at the time demonstrated and argued that Hindi and Urdu were not separate languages at all, and perhaps most importantly that the registers and creations of each were part of a shared culture that belonged to Hindus and Muslims alike. Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi recently underscored the importance of a national language for unity and solidarity of the nation. The president said, “Urdu is our national, historical and literary asset and all-out efforts should be made to promote it in every field.” He said that command of the English language is required to meet modern requirements but it should not be at the cost of ignoring the national language. The president emphasised that every citizen of Pakistan should play his or her due role in the development and promotion of the Urdu language.

Paupers’ Funerals Cost UK Councils Nearly £5.4m Last Year Public health funerals? Local authorities are required by law to arrange a public health funeral when no suitable arrangements have been made for a deceased person in their area. The services, known as a “pauper’s funeral”, typically include a coffin and the services of a funeral director. Family and friends should be allowed to attend but the “no frills” service does not include flowers or transport for family, and some councils don’t allow attendees and burials take place in an unmarked shared grave.

Councils across the UK spent nearly £5.4m on “paupers’ funerals” last year, it has been revealed. A Freedom of Information request, found 275 local authorities spent £5,382,379 on public health funerals in the 12 months up to April 2018. More than 3,800 of the funerals, for people who have died alone, in poverty or without relatives, were held. The Local Government Association said the funerals were stretching budgets.

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British Nationality By Descent Or Otherwise Citizenship and by a stretch of it, the passport you hold in this world does not just make travelling from one country to another easy or difficult, it also determines your entitlements in whichever country you reside. British children born in Pakistan have to wait for six to 12 months to get their passports, when the children born to British parents in the US and Australia wait for just eight to 10 working days Citizenship is mostly acquired through our parents and in the United Kingdom, this is the case for many people. Others, acquire it through meeting certain residency requirements. Unlike the United States of America, a child born in the United Kingdom to parents who are not British Citizens or Settled in the UK does not automatically become British at birth. However, the child may become entitled to be registered as a British Citizen. Citizenship in the UK is a complex conversation, currently shaped or guided by the British Nationality Act 1981. Some parents wrongly assume that because their child was born in the UK and the said child has a British birth certificate, the child is British. Others

do not also know that even children born outside the UK with birth certificates of other countries can be British. Per the current laws, there are two ways a person can become a British citizen. These are; by ‘descent’ and ‘otherwise than by descent’. The British Nationality Act 1981 defines who is a British citizen. A person who is of the first generation born outside the United Kingdom to a British citizen would usually be a British citizen by descent. There is no difference in the quality of citizenship between those who are British citizens by descent and those who acquire it by birth, registration or naturalization in the UK. All have the same rights and access to services in the UK or consular services while overseas. A person who is a British citizen by descent cannot usually pass on that citizenship to a child born overseas unless they were in Crown service at the time of the child’s birth. However, if children are born overseas to a British citizen by descent, the legislation contains provisions for a child to be registered where a continuing connection with the United Kingdom is demonstrated.

Persistent Sore Throat ‘Can Be Cancer Sign’ GPs with patients who have a persistent sore throat, combined with shortness of breath, trouble swallowing or earache, should consider cancer as the cause, according to new research. Currently, it is recommended patients with persistent hoarseness or an unexplained neck lump are investigated for throat or laryngeal cancer. However, Cancer Research UK say patients should not be alarmed. The larynx is part of the throat found at the entrance of the windpipe that helps you breathe and speak.

In the UK, there are around 2,000 new cases of laryngeal cancer each year. The research, led by the University of Exeter, looked at patient records from more than 600 GP practices and studied 806 patients diagnosed

with cancer of the larynx and 3,559 control patients. The significance of the study is that it has been found that hoarseness is important for laryngeal cancer, but significantly the risk of having laryngeal cancer greatly increases when it's combined with a recurrent sore throat. Laryngeal cancer More common in men Strongly linked to tobacco and alcohol use Early diagnosis improves outcomes Radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy are the main treatments If the cancer is advanced, the patient may have to have surgery to remove part or all of the larynx These patients will no longer be able to speak or breathe in the usual way They will breathe through a permanent hole in their neck (stoma) and will need additional treatment to help restore their voice This may include a throat implant or an electrical device you hold against your throat to produce sound The research is important because it has shown the potential severity of some symptom combinations previously thought to be low risk. But it is not talking about just any sore throat - the sore throat has to be significant enough to go to the GP. And it is the combination of persistent symptoms - sore throat, hoarseness and breathing or swallowing problems - that could be a warning sign.

Whatsapp Limits The Number Of Times Users Can Forward A Message WhatsApp is to limit the number of times users can forward any single message to five in an attempt to stop false information spreading on the platform. The Facebook-owned messaging platform first introduced the policy in India last year after a string of mob attacks in the country were blamed on fake reports which were said to have spread via the app. Now it is to be rolled out to all WhatsApp users globally, the company confirmed, where previously messages could be forwarded up to 20

times. WhatsApp said it was introducing the feature after a six-month test in India. The announcement comes as Facebook and other social media services continue to face scrutiny over their policing of false information spread on their platforms. Facebook recently revealed it had removed more than 500 pages and accounts it claims were linked to Russia and participating in "inauthentic behaviour" on its services.

AQWAL e SYED Baat me hi khuda ka hukm hai Baat hi hadees e Nabwi sall Allahu alayhi wasallam hai Baat me hi awliya ke aqwal hain Baat hi ilm ki muntaqli ka sabab hai Baat me hi hikayat hai Baat hi dil ka haal sunati hai Baat me hakikat bayaan hoti hai Baat me sabaq hota hai Baat ilm me izafah karti hai Baat se aqal me izafah hota hai Baat se hi baat banti hai Baat se qadr hasil ki jaati hai Baat bhoolne me nuqsan hota hai Baat maan-ne me izzat me izafah hota hai Baat karne ke liye sun-ne ke liye aur samaj-ne ke liye hoti hai

Az kalam

Syed Fayyaz Hussain Shah

The World’s Most Corrupt Countries Revealed Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world, Denmark the least, while America's falling score is a 'red flag', according to a global corruption watchdog. Transparency International highlighted Hungary and the United States in their Corruption Perceptions Index for 2018, with America being knocked from the top 20 'cleanest' list. Trump's America lost four points and dropped out of the top 20 least corrupt nations for the first time since 2011, while Hungary's politics has taken on more autocratic overtones, according to the researchers. According to the Transparency International Pakistan has experienced a slight improvement in the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index scoring just a point higher than in 2017 but remaining unchanged in the rankings. Pakistan scored 33 out of 100 in the index – one point better than its score of 32 in last year. It's overall ranking, however, remained unchanged. The US, Hungary and Brazil were all listed as countries to watch. The most improved were Estonia, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Guyana; and decliners included Australia, Chile, Malta and Mexico. Somalia was rated the most corrupt with a score of 10, followed by Syria, South Sudan, Yemen,

North Korea, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Afghanistan and Libya. Many of the most corrupt regions are in throws of warfare which has ravaged government and any prospect of democracy. There is a clear link between having a healthy democracy and successfully fighting public sector corruption. Corruption is much more likely to flourish where democratic foundations are weak and, as we see this in many countries, where undemocratic and populist politicians can use it to their advantage. Overall, Denmark led the survey as the least corrupt nation, with a score of 88, followed by New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland. Rounding out the top group were Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany and Britain. Since 2012, only 20 nations had significantly improved their scores, including Argentina and Ivory Coast, which scored 40 and 35 respectively, up from 35 and 29. At the same time, 16 have declined significantly in that time, including Australia, which slipped from a score of 85 to 77, and Chile, which dropped from 72 to 67.

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UK Immigration Health Surcharge Doubles As of 8 January 2019, the UK Immigration Health Surcharge fee has been increased from £200 to £400 per year for any migrants from outside the EU looking to come to the UK for more than 6 months. The Immigration Health Surcharge fee for those applying under the Tier 4 and Tier 5 routes will also be doubled, rising from £150 to £300. All migrants who make an application on or after 8 January will have to pay the significantly increased charges. The authorisation for these changes, signed by the UK Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes on 18 December 2018, has caused controversy, with many claiming that it is unfair. Migrants coming to the UK to work under the Tier 2 visa category already have to pay tax, which goes to fund the NHS.

So what exactly is the Immigration Health Surcharge? The Immigration Health Surcharge applies to anyone from outside the EU looking to live in the UK for a period exceeding 6 months. The surcharge gives migrants in the UK access to a wide range of NHS services, without incurring additional charges with the exception of prescription fees. It has been estimated that the increase in cost will provide an extra £220 million per year to the NHS, however this increase has been the subject of confusion, especially due to the fact that the Home Office or Department of Health are yet to issue an official statement. It also remains unclear at this stage whether the surcharge will apply to EU citizens after Brexit.

Dubai Airport Retains Top Global Spot As World’s Busiest International Airport Dubai International Airport said it retained its top global spot in 2018 after serving the largest number of passengers for the fifth year in a row despite falling short of its target. Traffic at the major transit hub rose slightly to 89.15 million passengers, up just over 1.0 % on the number who used the airport in 2017, it said in a statement. Although the figure is a new record high, it missed on the 90.3 million passengers Dubai air-

port had projected for 2018. In 2017, traffic at the world’s busiest airport grew by 4.6 million passengers or 5.5 %. Dubai’s non-oil based economy has faced a slowdown in the key real estate and tourism sectors. Dubai International, the base for Dubai-owned carrier Emirates and its budget airline FlyDubai, overtook London’s Heathrow airport in terms of international passengers in 2014 and has maintained its lead since.

UK Pledges £33m To Help Iraqis Hit By Islamic State The UK is giving £33m to help Iraqis whose lives have been affected by conflict, including those whose homes, livelihoods or communities have been hit by Islamic State. Cash is being provided to rebuild cities like Mosul, which were left shattered after IS fought a bitter battle with coalition forces, including the UK. Other money will be spent on rebuilding infrastructure, hospitals and schools destroyed in the fighting. Of the 38 schools that have been rebuilt using UK funds, 28 have been in Mosul. The Foreign Office says vulnerable people displaced by the fighting are in urgent need of clean water, medicine, shelter and wide variety of other essential services. The move was announced as foreign minister Alistair Burt visited Iraq, which included a tour of the Kurdistan region where Christians were among groups targeted by IS, which is also called

Daesh. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has encouraged the Foreign Office to do more to help persecuted Christian communities around the world. About £16m of the cash will be allocated to a World Bank-run scheme to help Iraq's government rebuild after the conflict with IS, and support the implementation of longer term economic reform. A further £6.9m will go to a UN fund to stabilise Iraq, with the money going to improve hospitals, school, power plants and roads in areas previously occupied by IS. And £10m will support the ongoing humanitarian response, providing drinking water, health facilities and other services to people living within temporary camps. It brings the amount given to Iraq since 2014 to £252.5m in humanitarian support and more than £110m in stabilisation funding.

Canada Ranked #1 Country In The World For Quality Of Life Canada has been named the third best country in the world. It has also been named the #1 country in the world in 2019 for quality of life for the fourth year in a row. Overall, Canada also ranked as the third best country in the world for women, third for education and second for corporate headquarters. The study, conducted by US News & World Report, broke down 80 countries’ overall rankings

based on 75 different metrics. Each of those metrics was then placed into one of nine subcategories. Canada beat out Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Finland, which all finished in the Quality of Life top five. According to the study, Canada placed number one for its political stability, strong job market, safe environment and its good education system.

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The Growing Halal Economy A common saying you might hear is “education can help you make a living but self education can help you make a fortune.” Over the last decade with global financial recessions, austerity cuts and in contemporary times brexit woes have led many companies to go into retreat. Yet in recent years we have been able to observe a phenomenal growth in some economical sectors. One such sector is the global Islamic economy made up of various Halal industries. The estimated Muslim spend in 2017 was $2.1 trillion and which continues to grow year on year. The term Islamic economy was coined by Thomson Reuters a few years ago. Halal products are now appearing regularly on British supermarket shelves and more mainstream companies are targeting Muslim consumers. Growth in the global Islamic economy is occurring in a diverse range of sectors such as Halal food, Islamic finance, Halal travel, modest fashion clothing, media and other areas. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in 2018 there were over 3.3 million Muslims in the UK. This is in comparison to a 1.8 billion Muslim population worldwide according to a 2015 Pew Research Centre report. The London Muslim Shopping Festival (LMSF) is a premiere UK event for the Halal and Muslim business sector, which attracts mainstream buyers from around the globe including prestigious brands such as Harrods & Selfridges to name but a few. Another London based entity is Halal Booking. This company focuses on Halal travel providing solutions for Muslim and non Muslim customers looking for specific services such as alcohol free hotel accommodation.

The Halal travel sector is estimated to hit $300 billion by 2026. The millennial tech savvy traveller and ‘Generation M’, is now often more educated and has a higher amount of disposable income in comparison to past generations. This has driven forward the opportunity for Muslim millennials to have new experiences by travelling to exotic destinations around the world. It has been reported that the Ramadan economy in the UK was worth £200 million with supermarkets in particular targeting campaigns geared mainly towards the British Muslim community through relevant products. There is now a trend of high street stores creating products targeted towards Muslims such as the burkini which was sold by M&S aimed at Muslim women who were looking for modest swimwear. Business creation and set up has grown amongst Muslim communities across the UK. Some examples of this are the London Beard Company, Wahed Invest, The Halal Cosmetics Company, Mini Muslims, Ibraheem Toy House, Muzmatch, The Halal Dining Club, The Mocktail Company, Haloodies, Halal Incorp, Halalnivore amongst many other existing and emerging brands. Presently the uncertain economic environment in the UK in contrast also allows for opportunity. Adventurous entrepreneurial individuals can take advantage of the digital economy and create online businesses selling from the click or swipe of a button via smart phones. The contemporary technological advances allow individuals to sell online products through ecommerce amongst other channels.

T20 World Cup In Australia T20 world cup Hosts Australia will take on Pakistan's men and India's women for the opening fixtures of the T20 World Cups in 2020. The T20 World Cups are being held in the same year and in the same country for the first time, with the men's and women's finals to be played at one of the world's biggest stadiums, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Ten women's teams will play in 23 matches from February 21 to March 8, with reigning champions Australia to clash with India in the opening game in Sydney. The men's competition, from October 18 to November 15, will feature several qualifying matches before Australia kicks off the Super 12 group stages on October 24 against top-ranked Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Australia, Pakistan, the West Indies, New Zealand and two qualifiers make up one side of the draw, with defending champions the Windies starting their

title defence against the Black Caps on October 25. India, England, South Africa and Afghanistan and two qualifiers make up the other side of the draw. For the women's fixtures, four-time winners Australia are in Group A with New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka and one qualifier, while West Indies and 2009 champions England join South Africa, Pakistan and a second qualifying team. The women's final will be played on March 8 to coincide with International Women's Day, and the men's final will be held on November 15.

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Irritable Bowels: Could Gluten Be To Blame? The most common diagnosis for people who suffer from unexplained and chronic diarrhea and constipation is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but many people who are told they have IBS actually may be living with coeliac disease. Only relatively recently has it come to light that coeliac disease may be a common gastrointestinal problem affecting as many as 1 in 100. Unfortunately, many of the people suffering from this disease don’t know that they have it or that it could be slowly damaging their intestines and robbing their bodies of important nutrients. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder, and its symptoms are triggered by dietary gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats, so most breads, cakes, cookies, crackers and cereals contain gluten. But gluten can also be found in other foods, such as some broths, seafood, processed meats, marinades, pasta, and thickeners.

In people with coeliac disease, gluten damages the intestinal villi that line the upper part of the small intestine. The villi may be blunted or completely flattened when exposed to dietary gluten, interfering with their ability to absorb the nutrients the body needs. People suffering from coeliac disease may experience a cluster of symptoms that are fairly common in the general population and therefore may be easily dismissed or misdiagnosed. Abdominal pain, bloating, loose stools and constipation are classic symptoms of celiac disease. But not all symptoms of celiac disease are gastrointestinal. Other symptoms include joint pain, canker sores, skin lesions or rash, loss of tooth enamel, anemia, delayed puberty, short stature, arthritis, epilepsy, depression, osteoporosis and fertility problems. It’s possible to have celiac disease and experience only nongastrointestinal symptoms. And some people with coeliac disease may have no obvious symptoms but still may suffer damage to their intestinal villi due to gluten consumption. Given the range of different symptoms, it’s easy to see how celiac disease is often misdiagnosed. Celiac disease is largely underdiagnosed in the UK. People are often told their symptoms are due to anemia, or due to stress and due to irritable bowel syndrome. An adult usually doesn’t receive a diagnosis of celiac disease until 10 years after the onset of symptoms.

The Most Watched Live TV Events In History The most watched live TV events of all time constitute the precious few moments in which humanity has come closer together than ever before. That's the power of television, and that's the amazing thing about these live TV moments.

funeral. The century's most daring rescue In August 2010, a cave collapsed at the San José copper – gold mine in northern Chile. Thirtythree men, all workers at the mine, were trapped almost 2,500 feet underground, 3 miles from the entrance to the mine. Eventually, after 69 days underground, all 33 of the miners were rescued. An estimated 1 billion people watched as each miner was finally brought to the surface, cementing the rescue as one of the most impactful and remarkable news events of the 21st century.

The royal wedding It might come as surprise to find that by far the most viewed of the royal weddings lot was that of Charles’ and Diana’s in 1981. Six hundred thousand people lined the streets of London to watch as the newlyweds came and went from their ceremony, with a further 3,500 invited to be part of the congregation. The event was watched by 750 million people. At the time, it Elvis'finest hour was the most popular television broadcast in In 1973, Elvis became the first solo musician to broadcast a live concert – from the Honolulu U.K. history. International Center – across the entire world. Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite aired in over 40 Diana’s last journey No live TV event has ever confirmed an audience countries across Europe and Asia. It’s estimated quite as large as that of Diana's funeral, a testa- that over one billion people worldwide watched ment to her celebrity status across the planet. the event, making it easily one of the most It was estimated that 2.5 billion people, just watched music events in history. under half the world's population, watched the

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Pakistan Announces New Visas The Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said citizens from 50 countries will be granted visas on arrival while 175 countries will be granted the e-visa facility, as Pakistan is willing to book tourism to woo visitors to witness its scenic beauty. The Information Minister also said that an onarrival visa to Pakistan will be granted to Indianorigin, British, and US passport-holders. IATA-approved tour operators can now bring tourist groups to the country under the new policy which will usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the country. “We want to make ‘Naya Pakistan’ a heaven for tourists,” Fawad Chaudhry said. Business visas will now be provided to citizens of 96 countries, an increase from the previous 68 countries. The business visas will be stamped in eight to ten days. Chaudhry said the duration of diplomatic visas has been extended from one

year to three years, while that of students’ visas to two years from one year. Tourists can now visit all parts of the country including open cantonments, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. They are no longer required to obtain any NOC, the federal minister added. He said that journalist visas will now be processed through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and they will also be given long-term visas without any curbs. Potentially restarting tourism has been one of the most talked about parts of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for Pakistan during his government’s tenure. Pakistan was last a prominent tourist destination in the 1970s when the “hippie trail” brought Western travelers through the apricot and walnut orchards of the Swat Valley and Kashmir on their way to India and Nepal.

Most Pakistanis Think Favourably Of PM Imran’s Performance More than half of Pakistanis hold a favourable opinion of Prime Minister Imran Khan's performance during his first five months in power, a survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan and Gilani Foundation has revealed. According to the survey findings, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked about their opinion on Prime Minister Imran’s overall performance since winning the July 2018 general election. In response, 13% said ‘very good’, 38% said ‘good’, 26% said ‘bad’, 20% said ‘very bad’, while 3% did not know or did not wish to respond.

The premier appears to enjoy a better approval rating among millennials, the poll found. Respondents in the under-30 age group rated Imran Khan’s performance most highly. 15% said that it has been very good, 40% said it has been good, 19% said bad, 24% said very bad, while 2% did not respond. Among the 30 to 50 age group, 14% said that it has been very good, 37% good, 27% bad, 18% very bad, while 4% chose not to respond. Among the 50+ age group, only 3% said that it has been very good, 40% that it has been good, 39% that it has been bad, 12% very bad, with 6% choosing not to respond.

Pakistan Army Sets World Record Deploying Tanks At 3,176 Meters Above Sea Level Pakistan Army has proven to the world once again why it is one of the best armies in the world. The army has set a rare world record by deploying tanks on an elevation level that is 12,000 feet above sea level. A sight like this is rarely seen in the world. The armoured regiment of Pakistan Armoured Corps of Army took this step as part of its war against terrorists. The corps took its tanks to Brekh Muhammad Kandao Pass, part of the Koh-i-Safed in Pakistan which is nearly 3,176 meters above sea level and opposite to Torra Bora mountains of the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. The deployment of tanks at this point is necessary to keep the nation safe from the threat of terrorism. In the past many years, the Pakistan army has fought with terrorists, gradually and effectively thinning their numbers.

A country which was plagued by frequent suicide bombings and other security threats is now considered safe to travel by many other countries thanks to the actions of the army.

Malala’s Book On Refugee Girls Nobel Peace Prize winner and Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai has launched a new book, charting her experiences travelling the world and visiting refugee camps. Titled "We are Displaced", the book was released in September 2018. Her travels through the refugee camps caused her to reconsider her own displacement -- first as an Internally Displaced Person when she was a young child in Pakistan, and then as an international activist who could travel anywhere in the world, except to the home she loved. In We are Displaced, which is part memoir, part communal storytelling, Malala not only explores her own story of adjusting to a new life while

longing for home, but she also shares the personal stories of some of the incredible girls she has met on her various journeys - girls who have lost their community, relatives and often the only world they've ever known. In a time of immigration crises, war and border conflicts, We Are Displaced is an important reminder from one of the world's most prominent young activists that every single one of the 68.5 million currently displaced is a person - often a young person - with hopes and dreams, and that everyone deserves universal human rights and a safe home.

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First Female Cricket Commentator Of Pakistan Former Pakistan national women cricket team player, Marina Iqbal just made history. She has become the first female cricket commentator of the country. The sports woman, who played her last ODI against New Zealand Women in 2017, made debut in commentary field during the Pakistan-Australia women’s cricket series held in Malaysia. Her commentating was highly praised by her colleagues and other cricketers. Praises poured on Twitter when she was commentating for the first time from Pakistan. Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari, was delighted to see women of Pakistan moving forward in the world of sports. She congratulated Marina with the feat. Former captain of Pakistan men cricket team, Mohammad Hafeez, also wished Marina the best of luck for her new career on Twitter. According to Marina, she received the training for international commentary by Gavin Scovell,

a British TV Presenter, and commentary trainer. She personally thanked him on her Twitter handle. Becoming a commentator for cricket is helping Marina stay close to her life’s passion which has always been cricket. And we as Pakistanis are delighted to see more commentators coming out of the country.

Pakistan Upholds Acquittal Of Aasia Bibi Pakistan’s top court has upheld its acquittal of a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, clearing the last legal hurdle and freeing Aasia Bibi to leave the country in a move that dealt a blow to radical Islamists who had demanded her execution. Following the landmark decision, Ms Bibi will finally be able to join her daughters who earlier fled to Canada where they have been given asylum. Ms Bibi’s lawyer, Saiful Malook, who returned to Islamabad after fleeing the country amid death threats, called the decision a victory for Pakistan’s constitution and rule of law. The three-judge Supreme Court panel had “insisted on very strict

proofs of blasphemy” and found none, he said. Pakistan’s Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa who led the panel of judges dismissed the petition filed by radical religious leaders. The extremists had petitioned the court to overturn its acquittal and send her back to prison for execution. Ms Bibi’s case goes to the core of one of Pakistan’s most controversial issues, the blasphemy law, often used to settle scores or intimidate followers of minority religions, including minority Shiite Muslims. A charge of insulting Islam can bring the death penalty. But the accusation on its own is sometimes enough to whip up vengeful mobs, even if the courts acquit defendants.

Division Of Punjab Once again, politics is being played on the fate of the largest province in Pakistan — Punjab — on the pretext of creation of more provinces out of the existing one for questionable reasons. The main opposition party PML(N), has submitted a Constitutional Amendment Bill before the NA Secretariat envisaging division of Punjab into three provinces of South Punjab, Bahawalpur and the remainder. It is quite obvious that almost all political parties are playing to the galleries as far as creation of new provinces is concerned and ironically while there is extreme opposition to carving of more provinces out of three other federating units, all are, at least theoretically, favouring division of Punjab. Even those who are supposed to defend Punjab against venomous and motivated propaganda seem to have become victim of political expediencies. Understandably, the demand for creation of more provinces out of Punjab stems from the desire to undermine strength and clout of the province in the overall scheme of things but practically the situation would not change and those who have made it a fashion to target Punjab would continue to target whatever region is left behind if moves for bifurcation succeed. The Bill moved by PML(N) proposes the province of Bahawalpur, which was a sovereign state not only in the united India but even after creation of Pakistan, will consist of the current Bahawalpur administrative division while South Punjab will consist of Dera Ghazi Khan and Multan Divisions. This seems to be a smart move to counter some of the administrative measures being taken by the ruling PTI to console people of South Punjab whom it had pledged a separate province within

first 100 days of its governance. Despite the fact that the incumbent Chief Minister Usman Buzdar hails from the area, separate Secretariat is being created for South Punjab which would mean nothing more than a strain on provincial resources. Politicians and bureaucracy would gain as creation of two more provinces could result into more opportunities for lucrative offices and posts but people of Punjab would be the ultimate sufferer as the resources that should have been spent on their well-being would then be expended on administration. Given ifs and buts as well as vested interests of the political parties, the attempts aimed at splitting Punjab would do more harm than benefit to the country.

Pakistan Govt Urged To Facilitate Overseas Pakistanis Federation of Pakistan of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has demanded of the Pakistani government to announce special measures for facilitating overseas Pakistanis to open foreign currency accounts in Pakistan. Mian Anjum Nisar said at present the local banks were not providing facility to overseas Pakistani to open foreign currency account in Pakistan except to deposit dollars in accounts only which discourage the expats to invest in our banking channels. He said in western countries the customer have the facility that they can transfer their money anywhere in the world whenever they wants through internet banking or online transfer, so why we use specific measures to discourage them, he questioned. The Chairman BMP further stated that the government should ask State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to make a certain mechanism with the help of NADRA to open banking accounts online for overseas Pakistanis so that our foreign remittance may increase which is much needed to

boost our foreign reserves. He said that the SBP needs to simplify the procedures and facilitation for overseas Pakistanis so that the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to use banking channels while transferring remittances may be fulfilled. “Overseas Pakistanis are among national assets” and could play an important role in improving the country’s financial condition through remittances” he said Pakistan can receive over $30 billion via foreign remittances if bottlenecks and challenges being faced by bank and money transfer exchanges get removed. Similarly for overseas Pakistanis the embargo of tax filer should be removed to open bank account in foreign currency because they have earned money internationally and pay their taxes in the country where they lived, however as per new rules, being a tax payer is the pr-requisite for opening any new foreign currency account but the account holders would be paid in local currency and not internationally; he concluded.

APS Survivor Receives ‘Points Of Light Award’ In UK

Ahmad Nawaz, a survivor of terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar, has been given "Points of Light Award" from 10 Downing Street, to honor his services aimed at encourage people to unite and fight extremism through antiradicalization talks. "It’s an honour to be recognised by the Prime Minister @theresa_may for the work I’ve done

for Youth Awareness, Peace & against radicalisation," Nawaz said in a Twitter post which was also accompanied by a letter of recognition from 10 Downing Street. Ahmad Nawaz, 18,from Briminhgam is a youth activist who after surviving a terrorist attack in Pakistan now travels around West Midlands giving anti-radicalization talks to other people. The student has addressed thousands of students across the UK, as well as speaking at the events organized by the United Nations. "Though he has received death threats from the Taliban, this has not deterred him. He juggles his academic studies with touring schools giving talks, to spread this essential message," reads the letter on 10 Downing Street headed paper.

Imran Khan Listed Among Top ‘100 Global Thinkers’ Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been featured in the Foreign Policy magazine’s 2019 annual list of top ‘100 Global Thinkers’. According to the magazine, “In 2018, Khan, a former cricket star, finally got the job he had long coveted: prime minister. His reward was an incredibly difficultto-do list, starting with Pakistan’s looming fiscal and debt crisis.” The magazine describes the list as a special edition, as it has been released for the 10th consecutive year. Influential global thinkers are those who have had enormous impact on the world in the past decade, people who would have been influential in the past year: thinkers and doers 40 and under, as well as those in defense and security, energy and climate, technology, economics and business, science and health, and activism and the arts. 10 of the 100 thinkers were picked by readers and 10 are great minds who died in 2018. Last year, in October, PM Khan was featured among the top 50 World’s Most Influential Mus-

lims’ list of 2019. According to the list titled ‘World’s Most Influential Muslims’, PM Khan had secured the 29th spot in the prestigious list, prepared annually by the Jordan-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre. The list also contained three other Pakistanis, namely; Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani, who was on the 6th, Haji Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab, emir of Tablighi Jamaat on 14th and Maulana Tariq Jameel, religious scholar on the 40th spot. However, PM Khan was ranked 15th in the list of Muslim rulers and politicians.

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Royal Family Spending In 2017 The British royal family made more money in the financial year that ended on March 31, documents revealed. The two sets of documents provided new insights into how the royal family earned, distributed and spent its money, One of the official reports, which covers the finances of Prince Charles, shows the budget category that includes funding for William, Kate and Harry increased roughly 40% to £5 million. In recent years, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have increased spending in the category at more modest rates of up to 10 per cent. Charles and Camilla rely on a mix of public and private money to finance their

work and lives. Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle on May 19 has sparked huge public interest in their finances, but the royal family and British government have declined to give details about their wedding spending. The reports also cover the Sovereign Grant, which is the Queen’s main source of income. The Queen received £76.1 million free of tax from the Sovereign Grant in the year ended March, a 78% increase from the previous year that will help finance an extensive 10-year renovation of Buckingham Palace. She will get another 8% boost in the current financial year.

Amir Khan To Face Samuel Vargas In September

Britain's Amir Khan will continue his comeback against Samuel Vargas in Birmingham on 8 September. The Bolton fighter did not fight for two years after a brutal defeat at the hands of Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez in 2016. Khan, 31, returned to the ring in April with a 40-second knockout of Canada's Phil lo Greco in April. "One of my aims this year was to be as active as possible so I'm very happy to get back in the ring again so soon," said Khan. "Vargas is a tough and well-schooled fighter who has shared the ring with some top welterweights. "I have to get past Vargas before looking at the biggest challenges going forward. I'm not going to

be taking Vargas lightly because I know he will be coming with everything on September 8." The 29-year-old Colombian's three career losses include defeats against Danny Garcia and Errol Spence Jr, who have previously knocked out Khan and Sheffield's Kell Brook.

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