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1200 JOBS

A HUGE BOOST TO THE CITY Commenting on the Coalition Government’s announcement that a new Enterprise Zone for Sheffield is expected to bring 12,600 jobs by 2015, Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said: “This is fantastic news for Sheffield. These jobs will be a huge boost to the city’s economy and a sign

of this Government’s determination to make sure the country’s great cities prosper. “Sheffield is at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing and technology in the UK and I’m proud the Coalition is helping to ensure that Made in Sheffield will be a sign of quality that will be recognised throughout the world for years to come.” HM Treasury have revealed that they have approved Sheffield’s Local Enterprise Zone. The Zone was selected by the Local Enterprise Partnership, which was setup by the Liberal Democrats when they ran

“Not a Single PENNY

from UK” says Ansar Burney

In an interview to ILM Newspaper, Human and Civil Rights Activist Ansar Burney said not a single penny was donated by UK Governament or by its people in our efforts to save the 14 presious lives of kidknapped people by the somali pirates. All money collected was given by the people of Pakistan. It was a challenging task and Indian Government initially agreed to pay but later refused to pariticipate. General Shuja Pasha played a pivitol role in communication between the involved countries and shipping company, he added.

Sheffield City Council last year. The Sheffield Zone is based on key sites along the M1 motorway. It will focus on advanced manufacturing and technology based industries to promote a ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand. It is expected to generate up to 12,600 jobs and over 400,000 sq metres of floor space for

250 businesses by 2015. The zones will benefit from discounts on business rates, new superfast broadband, lower levels of planning control and the potential to use enhanced capital allowances. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “We are delighted that our hard work in bringing together and setting up a Sheffield Local Enterprise Partnership last year has paid dividends in the form of 12,600 new local jobs.


“This is indeed a new era of bilateral cooperation between the two countries,” Pakistan’s Hina Rabbani Khar told India’s S.M. Krishna in a brief meeting with the media after their talks. Ms Khar said she believed “that it is the desire and commitment of both the governments to make it an uninterrupted and uninterruptible process…There is no alternative to dialogue and to constructive engagement”. Mr Krishna said he was satisfied at the progress in this round of the resumed dialogue. “The outcomes have been as per our expectations. Above all, we have reaffirmed our commitment to resolve all outstanding issues through a comprehensive, serious and sustained dialogue,” Mr Krishna said. “While being fully cognisant of the challenges that lie ahead, I can confidently say that our relations are on the right track. We have some distance to travel, but with an open mind and a constructive approach, which has been demonstrated in this

round of dialogue, I am sure we can reach our desired destination of having a friendly and cooperative relationship between the two countries.” Both countries had previously agreed to see their peace process as irreversible but hopes were belied after a spate of terror attacks. They had agreed to de-link the problem of terrorism with the continuation of their dialogue but again their leaders had to row back. A joint statement said the two had agreed that terrorism posed a continuing threat to peace and security and reiterated their “firm and undiluted commitment” to fight and eliminate the scourge in all its forms and manifestations. “We have also agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism to bring those responsible for terror crimes to justice,” Mr Krishna added. He said on the Jammu and Kashmir issue, “we will continue discussions with a view to finding

a peaceful solution by narrowing divergences and building convergences. Meanwhile, for the welfare of the people on both sides of the LoC, we have announced additional measures on cross-LoC travel and trade”. “The ministers affirmed the importance of carrying forward the dialogue process with a view to resolving peacefully all outstanding issues through constructive and result-oriented engagement, and to establish friendly, cooperative and good neighbourly relations between Pakistan and India,” the joint statement said. Singh invited to visit Pakistan: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar held a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh here on Wednesday and discussed matters of mutual interest. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accepted the invitation and said that he would visit Pakistan at mutually convenient dates.


Pakistani Diaspora Urged To Take Part In British Political System The UK Pakistani Diaspora must take greater participation in the mainstream British life for their voices to be heard in the corridors of power and help increase their influence that would benefit Pakistan as well. Pakistani High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan underlined this importance last month. Expressing his happiness that the number of Pakistani origin councillors has risen to over 300, the High Commissioner noted that this reflected greater awareness amongst the Diaspora to participate as players of significance in the mainstream of sociopolitical life of Britain. He pointed out that the UK is home to over one million British Pakistanis and the Diaspora has been contributing tremendously to the British society. “Their contribution to the British GDP to the tune of over GBP 33 billion cannot be underestimated. Besides, they have played a sterling role in making the relationship between Pakistan and UK deeper and stronger.” “Presence of seven members in the House

of Commons, four in the House of Lords, one in the European Parliament, two in the Scottish Parliament and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi as a Cabinet Minister and Chair of the Conservative Party besides meaningful representation at the Councils level are just a few examples of the recognition of their good by the British society.” Appreciating their service to the community, the High Commissioner observed that this would contribute to the projection of a positive image of Pakistan in the British society. He also expressed confidence that through their services to the British society, the elected public representatives would also act as a bridge between Pakistan and the UK in order to promote further interaction between the people of the two countries and create conditions for greater trade and economic opportunities. Pakistani Senator Haji Adeel also addressed the gathering and pointed to the numerous challenges being faced by his coun-

try. He asserted that the people of Pakistan would never bow before extremism and terrorism and will eventually stamp out this scourge. He urged the Pakistani Diaspora to invest in their land of origin as this would help to provide livelihood, create opportunities, eliminate poverty and prevent radicalisation and help Pakistan to progress and develop. Member, British upper House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed lauded the gesture of the High Commissioner to honour the newly elected public representatives of Pakistani origin. He said although the British Pakistanis have investments in Pakistan but lack of durable law and order situation was preventing them from further investing in the South Asian country. Lord Ahmed called for allowing the dual nationality holders to contest the parliamentary elections in Pakistan arguing that their experience of the UK would help to further strengthen the democracy in their original homeland.

Not many people would have imagined that they would be seeing the last ever edition of a 168-yearold tabloid and Britain’s largest selling Sunday newspaper News of the World (NOTW). Murdoch’s media empire is known for being ruthless and unscrupulous; it is for this reason that he is considered to be one of the world’s most influential people. Murdoch’s media empire has a strong presence in several parts of the world, be it Australia, the US, the UK and Asia. The decision to close down NOTW was Murdoch’s bid to avoid more controversy amidst the latest and the most shocking phone hacking scandal to have rocked Britain. Murdoch’s News Corp was all set to takeover the British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) with its £10 billion-plus bid but now the deal is in jeopardy. British Prime Minister David Cameron denounced the unethical practices at the NOTW. “Murder victims, terrorist victims,

families who have lost loved ones in war, sometimes defending our country, that these people could have had their phones hacked into in order to generate stories for a newspaper is simply disgusting,” said Mr Cameron. He has an-

this scandal are now lapping at Cameron’s feet as his judgement is in question. What the whole NOTW controversy shows is how murky the world of journalism becomes once the media starts stretching the boundaries of ethical journalism. The obsession with prurient information is not just part of human history but has touched new heights in modern times. The concept of privacy is under threat now. The tabloid British press is an old villain in this sorry state of affairs, which has now become a monster in the name of free speech. The NOTW scandal and Cameron’s political crisis show us how an inappropriate nexus between the politicians and the media is good for neither. Politicians run the risk of being dragged down due to the worst practices of the popular media. At the same time, it is important for media people to maintain a distance from power.

In welcoming the news that News International have withdrawn their bid to takeover BSkyB and an inquiry has been setup, Sheffield’s local Liberal Democrats have called for Labour and Conservative politicians to recognise their own role in cosying up to News International. Cllr Colin Ross, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “It’s vital that we take advantage of this opportunity to end some of the illegal and immoral actions taken by elements of the press. Public

confidence needs to be restored and we must ensure entirely innocent journalists are not tarred with the same brush. “However, it’s also important that Labour and the Conservatives recognise their own roles in this shoddy affair. For years the two old parties have been bending over backwards to curry favour with the likes of Rupert Murdoch. In fact only last month both Ed Miliband and David Cameron attended Murdoch’s summer party. “The Liberal Democrats alone have remained unwilling to bend to suit

Hacking scandal

nounced two inquiries: the first one “to get to the bottom of the specific revelations and allegations” and the second to “look at the culture, the practices and the ethics of the British press”. Mr Cameron is under a lot of pressure as Andy Coulson worked for him as his communications director for four years. The British prime minister took full responsibility for giving Coulson “a second chance” despite a previous hacking scandal. The ramifications of

US Cuts To Pakistan Security Funding Raises Tensions The US says it is withholding some $800m in military aid to Pakistan. The Pakistani military says US cuts to security funding won't compromise its ability to fight terrorism. They announced it was cutting eight hundred million dollars of military aid to Pakistan. The funding cut is being seen as a further worsening of relations between the two countries after tensions between the two countries were already high before the killing of Osama bin Laden. Pakistani leaders were furious they were not consulted on the operation. US officials wanted to know who in Pakistan knew Bin Laden's location. Since then, Pa-

kistan's expelled more than one hundred US military trainers and threatened to shut down a CIA base. Washington maintains withholding more than a third of the military aid it gives Islamabad each year, isn't a change in policy. Pakistan's former ambassador to Washington, Maleeha Lodhi, says the move would turn the Pakistani people against the US. Despite the funding cut, the Pakistani military says current operations against insurgents would go ahead without external support and that future offensives wouldn't be directly affected. The increasing US drone attack on militants inside Pakistan along

the Afghan border is also a continuing source of antagonism. The New York Times quoted senior US officials as saying the suspension of military aid amounted to about one-third of the yearly US security assistance to Pakistan. The paper said the move was to show US anger at the expulsion of US military trainers and to pressure Pakistan to step up its fight against militants. The Times said some of the suspended aid had been earmarked as compensation for Pakistan’s redeployment of troops to Afghan border areas to fight militants. Other cuts were in military equipment.

Tamanna Looks To Forge Its Own Path Will the project die in the abyss of ignored films or will it rise enough to sway the Pakistani audience? UK-based Pakistani film project, Tamanna continues to tread the murky waters of Pakistan’s film industry. Despite being in its development phase since last year, the producers are still hoping to produce a quality film for Pakistani viewers. The film, hyped as possibly being a catalyst to reviving the film industry, will more or less be a testament of how a concerted effort, regardless of the budget, can be a viable medium in Pakistan. “Films have a bad reputation in

Pakistan,” explains British director Steven Moore, who has been living in Pakistan for the last six years. “This can be a moneymaking business in 10 years time, but over here financiers refuse to get involved.” Moore, who had initially written the script for the film in English but had it translated into Urdu, speaks optimistically about the film’s potential in the country. According to Moore, film industries are always moneymaking industries and the banks were major financiers for many films, especially in the cases of Hollywood and Bollywood. For producers in those countries,

the interaction was mainly with banks compared to Pakistan, where private investors were required. He added that the power of film could be seen in Iran, which produces globally relevant films used as a medium to change perceptions. “Film is a very powerful medium for most countries, its literally like powerbase around the world,” explained Moore. The story looks to show a battle of wills while exploring innate social issues in the process making for an exciting script. Moore is keen on ensuring that the film is visually interesting through technically sound and unique camera angles.

Labour And Tories Must Answer For Role In Media Scandal

News International’s agenda, and we have been duly punished by them. Labour and the Conservatives should explain why they have been unwilling to take on these unacceptable practices until now.” Nick Clegg said, "This is the decent and sensible thing to do. Now that the bid has been called off and a proper inquiry set up, we have a once in a generation chance to clean up the murky underworld of the corrupted relationship between the police, politics and the press."



BEATING THE BLUES.... Feeling low or depressed is something that we are all likely to feel at some point in our lives. These feelings are often a normal response to particular difficult events that we sometimes experience. Experiences such as losing your job; having money worries; divorce or other relationship problems; bereavement; living with long standing health problems or being a carer can all affect how we feel and sometimes contributes to us feeling depressed or low. Who can feel depressed? Anybody can feel depressed! It is likely you know many people who have struggled with low mood or depression but you may not have been aware of it. People who become depressed do not usually stay depressed. People can start to feel better after some time. However, some may need to seek help to feel better again. Common symptoms of depression include: •Feeling sad over a period of time •Crying •Loss of interest and pleasure in doing things •Feeling lonely •Losing your temper •Lacking energy and motivation •Sleeping too much or too little •Loss of appetite and weight or eating too much. •Feeling hopeless •Memory and concentration can also be affected How can depression affect you? Some people report losing their self confidence and can find it difficult to think positively about things. Some people seek help

from their GP complaining of “feeling tired all the time.” How we feel about ourselves can affect what we do. Some people respond to depression by reducing or stopping doing the things they used to enjoy doing, for example, going out with friends or looking after the home. Feeling depressed can also make it difficult for people to keep on top of necessary tasks such as paying household bills which can make people feel more depressed.

The United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and partners have launched a project to upgrade the early warning system in Pakistan, which last year experienced the worst flooding in 80 years, according to a UN news release issued by the Paris-based agency.Heavy monsoon rains in July 2010 battered the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan, causing floods that affected over 20 million people, killed nearly 2,000 and made 1.9 million homeless. The project, implemented by UNESCO, in cooperation with the Pakistan Government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, aims at , among other things, reducing the human and

socio-economic impact of the floods and encouraging the development of safer dwellings close to flood plains. There are also plans to draw detailed maps of areas vulnerable to flooding in the Indus valley, the news release said. Given that most of the headwaters of the Indus’s main tributaries are in neighbouring countries, the project also aims at establishing local and international platforms for the sharing of hydro-meteorological observations, it said. The project, which is part of its efforts to help Pakistan tackle natural disasters, will benefit from the technical expertise of the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management, which has developed an integrated flood analysis system using data provided by satellites.

The Labour Leader of Sheffield City Council has blocked a bid to demand a £250,000 refund of Sheffield taxpayers’ money invested in England’s 2018 World Cup bid. In June the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, formally requested that the Council take the issue up. However, Cllr Julie Dore has now officially turned down the call.In 2010 England launched a bid to host the 2018 Football World Cup, with Sheffield successfully bidding to be one of the host cities. As part of the agreement Sheffield City Council were required to pay around £250,000

towards the total bid cost, although the City would have benefitted from millions if England had won. In December 2010, England learnt that they were unsuccessful in their bid, as the tournament was awarded to Russia. However, allegations of corruption against FIFA, football’s world governing body, have cast doubt on the legitimacy of the decision. Lib Dem councillors in Sheffield called on the FA to recover their costs from FIFA so Sheffield’s £250,000 can be refunded to local taxpayers. However, Labour councillors have refused to take action.

What can you do to help yourself or someone you know who is feeling low or depressed? Firstly, talking to somebody about how you feel is important. This can be a family member, friend or even your GP. Your GP may suggest a number of treatments that are available to you within your GP practice or the voluntary sector. This could involve being prescribed antidepressant medication if appropriate; or an opportunity to sit down with a worker in the practice and discuss options available to help to manage your mood. If you have thoughts about harming yourself, then please see you doc-

Aim To Improve Early Warning For Floods In Pakistan

tor as soon as possible to discuss how you have been feeling. If you have stopped doing things you usually enjoy or find that you do very little with your time, make a list of things you want to do. You can then rank these activities from easiest to hardest. The idea is to start by planning to do the easier tasks first and tick off what you have done. Then gradually work through the list. You should soon be able to see what you have achieved. If you struggle to identify activities you would like to do, then have a think about any past hobbies/ interest you enjoyed. Are there any new hobbies you would like to start? The more you do, the more confident you may start to feel. Try to incorporate some type of exercise into your daily routine. This does not specifically mean you have to go to the gym and run on the treadmill until you’re literally out of breath! A short 30minute walk or two 15 minute walks a day are sufficient. If this feels too much, try planning to do things with a friend for support. Research has shown that by engaging in physical exercise, the chemicals released in our brains to make us feel better are the same as those released by antidepressant medication. What type of help is available? Your GP is the first person you should speak to. You can be referred to the mental health worker

in your surgery such as myself for confidential and individual one to one support. The support we offer is tailored around your needs. Part of managing depression is to understand what it is and how it affects you.If you prefer to complete a computerised programme to help you manage your depression, you can ask to be referred to Beating the Blues. The programme consists of 8 sessions. You will be assigned a ‘Clinical Helper’ who will support you to complete the programme by arranging phone contact with you, usually on a weekly basis. You can also attend a half day ‘Healthy Living Workshop’ which looks at low mood and how you can help yourself to feel better. You may also learn from the experience of other people in the group. Please call the number below or visit the IAPT website for more information (details below). Please note that we do not get depressed overnight so therefore it is unrealistic to expect to feel better overnight. With the right type of support and information, you should start to feel better gradually. Once you start to feel better, you may notice the positive impact it has on other areas of your life, for example, at home and at work. All information in our sessions is treated confidentially and interpreters can be arranged. Saiqa Naz (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner) Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust, 01142264380. You can also contact us via our website:

British Documentary Maker Finds Karachi Safe And Vibrant City

A British documentary has found Karachi a safe and vibrant city with extra ordinary potential for business, trade, tourism and culture. Caroline Clennell-Jaine a British artist, writer and documentary maker shared her observations with a large audience on the occasion of the launch of her documentary on similarities between Karachi and Cambridge titled ‘Other Face’ and compilation of pictures of the two cities titled ‘A Portrait of Cambridge and Karachi’ at the Pakistan High Commission London on Friday. Drawing upon the similarities of the two great cities of the world, Ms. Clennell Jaine projected multiculturalism, academic excellence, tourist attractions and business aspects particularly growth of ethical business of the two cities in the documentary. Focussing on people’s life and day to day business Clennel Jaine featured the face of Karachi usually missed in the Western media. Clennel- Jaine found Karachi safe and comfortable to move around and considers it a wonderful place for tourism and business. Sarfraz Ahmed who lives in Cambridge as well Karachi appears in the documentary and endorses these views.. The documentary shows the talent

and taste of people of Karachi in a the fields of arts, crafts, languages, and business. The resilience and hope of common man particularly young people is reflected time and again in the sequence of scenes. Fondness of people of Cambridge about Karachi and vice versa is shown through the characters sharing their feelings about the cities. The background music, pace and versatility of characters makes this documentary an interesting and lively presentation. The Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner Asif Ali Durrani praised the efforts and assured all the possible support from the High Commission. Nafees Zakaria Minister Political had helped the project in its nascent stages by ensuring coordination with people of Pakistan and travel of the team. Durrani recalled Cambridge’s affiliation with scholars from South Asia, pointing out that Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal who put forth the idea of separate homeland for the Muslims of South Asia , Chaudhry Rehmat Ali who coined the name Pakistan studied in Cambridge. Similarly Pakistan’s only Nobel Laureate Scientist Prof. Abdul Salam studied and taught at the Cavendish Laboratory.

Seaside Fun Comes To SHEFFIELD

All the fun of traditional English seaside holidays will be coming to Sheffield ’s city centre during August. Over 20 tonnes of sand is being dropped into the Peace Gardens to make a beach for children to play on and there will be the spectacular fountains for them to cool off in the ‘sea’. The City Council’s City Centre Manage-

ment team is working with Far-

Funfairs to organise the event £250,000 WORLD CUP REFUND BID BLOCKED BY LABOUR rers and they are providing lots of free

activities. You can relax listening to a stirring band concert from the comfort of a seaside deck chair or join in the fun of an ever-popular Punch and Judy show. The seaside theme will spread beyond the Peace Gardens to Barkers Pool and Fargate to offer lots of other fun activities. Traditional swing boats and the impressive 1930s helter skelter will bring back many happy memories or you may choose to test your skills on the crazy golf and dodgems. The seaside will be in Sheffield from 4 to 27 August between 10am and 6pm every day.



“How many countries are in the world?” Kashmir Martyrs Day Observed In The UK Kashmir Martyrs Days was observed in different cities of the United Kingdom with renewed resolve to continue the struggle till people of Jammu and Kashmir achieve their inalienable right to self determination.The day was observed by Tehreeke-Kashmir in collaboration with other Kashmiri social and political organizations on the call of All Parties Hurriyat Conference to Anguilla pay homage to the 22 martyrs of Population: 0.02 1931 who laid down their lives in million United States Srinagar while protesting tyranArea: 3,793,097 nical policies of despotic dogra sq mi ruler.Addressing a gathering at •Wallis and Futuna Birmingham, President TehreekPopulation: 0.02 million e-Kashmir, Mohammad Ghalib •Palau termed the martyrdom of SrinaPopulation: 0.02 million China gar as an important mile stone Area: 3,704,427 •Cook Islands in the freedom struggle and said Population: 0.02 million sq mi present struggle is continuation of •Virgin Islands, British same movement started on July Population: 0.02 million 13, 1931. •Gibraltar •Brazil He said debate on Kashmir in Population: 0.03 million Area: 3,286,743 sq mi EU parliament, Amnesty Inter•San Marino •Australia national’s recent report and pasPopulation: 0.03 million Area: 2,988,111 sq mi sage of resolution in Birmingham •Monaco •India City Council in favour of KashPopulation: 0.03 million Area: 1,268,884 sq mi miri people’s struggle reflect that •Liechtenstein •Argentina world has realized the gravity of Population: 0.04 million Area: 1,073,234 sq mi unresolved Kashmir issue. •Faroe Islands •Kazakhstan Ghalib, however said, India is Population: 0.05 million Area: 1,051,811 sq mi biggest hurdle on way to peace and stability. India’s intransigent SMALLEST MOST POPULATED •China Vatican city Population: 1.34 billion Area: 0.17 sq mi A long-standing former RotherIndia ham councillor has died. Michael Population: 1.18 Hoggard served on Rotherham billion Borough Council for 25 years be•Monaco fore standing down in 1998. Prior Area: 1 sq mi to that he had also served on the •Gibraltar •United States former Rotherham County BorArea: 3 sq mi Population: 309.72 million ough. Born in Rotherham, the •Tokelau former local Grammar School Area: 5 sq mi Indonesia pupil worked as a technician P o p u l a t i o n : •Cocos (Keeling) Islands for British Steel at its chemical Area: 5 sq mi 234.18 million works at Orgreave before mov•Nauru Area: 8 sq mi •United States Minor Outlying Islands Brazil P o p u l a t i o n : Area: 8 sq mi •Tuvalu 193.21 million Area: 10 sq mi •Macao SAR Area: 11 sq mi •Norfolk Island Pakistan Russia P o p u l a t i o n : Area: 14 sq mi Area: 6,599,921 170.00 million sq mi

A very frequent geographical question is "How many countries are in the world?" Different numbers pop up when one inquires or reads about the number of countries in the world. Each source you use often yields a different answer. Ultimately, the best answer is that there are 196 countries in the world. United Nations There are 192 members of the United Nations. Unfortunately, the number 192 is too often used to represent the number of countries in the world. Although this number represents almost all of the countries in the world, there are still three recognized independent countries, South Sudan, the Vatican City and Kosovo, that are independent and are not members of the U.N. so 192 is not the number of countries in the world. The One Outsider Taiwan meets the requirements of independent country or state status. However, due to political reasons, it fails to be recognized by the international community as independent. Nonetheless, it should be considered as independent. Taiwan was actually a member of the United Nations (and even the Security Council) until 1971, when mainland China replaced Taiwan in the organization. Taiwan continues to press for full recognition by other countries, to become "part of the club" and fully recognized worldwide but China claims that Taiwan is simply a province of China. However... Recognize that there are dozens of territories and colonies that are sometimes erroneously called "countries" but don't count at all - they're governed by other countries. Places commonly confused as being countries include Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greenland, Palestine, Western Sahara, and even the components of the United Kingdom (such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England - they're not fully independent countries, states, or nation-states). LARGEST

•Bangladesh Population: 162.22 million Antarctica Area: 5,404,000 •Nigeria Population: 154.73 million sq mi •Russia Population: 141.93 million •Japan Population: 127.38 million Canada Area: 3,854,083 LEAST POPULATED sq mi

attitude has posed a serious threat to the region and added that world community should exert pressure on India to resolve Kashmir issue peacefully and according to the aspirations of Kashmir people. Secretary General, Tehreek-e-

Kashmir, Abdul Majeed Nadeem said Kashmiri people struggle for liberation of their motherland is bound to succeed. He said those who had made the Kashmir as their business to grab powers on both sides of LOC are now stand exposed before the people. Kashmiri people who had been deceived and cheated by their leaders have become aware of all the conspiracies. He urged the Kashmiris to stand united by the true and sincere leadership to

make the movement a success. Chairman, Pakistan Rabita Council UK, Mufti Farooq Alvi said India’s policy to suppress Kashmiris voice has failed as freedom loving people of Kashmiri have not budged an inch to their principled stand. JI Azad Kashmir representative Raja Faheem Kiani said Kashmiris demand fulfilment of the pledges made to them by India, Pakistan and international community through UN resolutions. He said international community is party to the dispute and it should not absolve itself from the tragic incidents taking place in Kashmir. Shabir Hussein of UK Islamic Mission observed that India Pakistan can not resolve the issue through bilateral means unless United Nations intervene and settle the dispute in the light of its own resolutions on the issue. Chairman ,Kashmir Information Centre, Birmingham, Khawaja Saleman said people of Jammu and Kashmir will not accept any solution of Kashmir based on division of Kashmir. He said people of Kashmir are resolute and determined and they will take the struggle to its local conclusion.

Death Of Former Rotherham Councillor ing to the Swinden Laboratories in Moorgate. A long-standing member of the Labour Party he was elected onto the newlyformed Rotherham Metropolitan Borough in 1973 as a representative for the Clifton and St. Ann's ward. This then became the Park Ward before becoming what is now known as the Rotherham East Ward. He was the Chairman of the Personnel Sub-Committee

for many years and was also a member of the national personnel executive for local councillors. He was also a member of the authority's Libraries Committee as well as a member of the Rotherham Arts Council.Mr. Hoggard, who lived in East Dene, was an excellent cook as well as being a jazz enthusiast.


Hacking Scandal: Lessons For Pakistani Media Police Chief Calls For Citizen Street Patrols There are lessons here to be learnt by the Pakistani media. Pakistan’s English press is by and large not sensationalist or sleazy. However, there are some exceptions where opinion is masqueraded as news, which blurs the distinction between the two. The Urdu press, on the other hand, is certainly more unrestrained in sensationalising news and has a prurient interest in scandals, gossip and unsubstantiated reports. As for the electronic media, state-owned PTV has never indulged in sensa-

tionalist journalism but the new electronic media is another story altogether. There is hardly any editorial control over private TV channels’ contents and in their race for breaking news and ratings, most news channels run unverified stories and offer no apology if proved wrong. Talk shows have descended into fish markets rather than being a forum for reasoned debate.The Pakistani media, however, should not turn itself into something like NOTW. British democracy has established

a system whereby its media can correct itself without necessarily resorting to a draconian regime of censorship. In Pakistan, there are many journalists who are said to be either close to the politicians, security establishment and powerful institutions of the state. If media wants to adequately fulfil its role, it has to distance itself from power and develop a sense of responsibility. Wrong practices must stop. Readers and viewers deserve honest reporting and not yellow journalism.

Physical Impairment Floating Support A better quality of life and independence

Who are we? We are a tenancy support service providing support to vulnerable people to live more independently in their home and maintain their tenancy. We provide housing related support to help prevent problems that might lead to hospitalisation, institutional care or homelessness. Who can get support from our service? We work with people who have a physical Impairment and who have a tenancy, are planning to become a tenant or who need sup-

port to find a new tenancy. What type of support do we offer? • Advice and assistance to move home and to arrange connection of utilities such as Gas, water, etc… • Help and assistance to get essential household items • Assistance to claim benefits and maximise your income • Support to develop life skills • Advice on how to undertake essential daily living skills tasks such as cooking and cleaning • Support with budgeting and finance especially paying of rent, service charges and utilities • Support to maintain relationships with family and friends • Support to stay and keep safe in your home and out in the community Will it cost you anything? If you receive housing related or

council tax benefit then you are eligible for a supporting people grant. This will fully cover the cost of your support. If you do not receive any of these benefits then you can ask for a financial assessment to work out how much you would have to pay. You may have to pay all or part of the cost of your support. How do you contact the service? You can telephone the service on 0114 2037209 to request a referral form or to find out more about the service. You can write to: Tracy Madden or Wendy Armswood at: Community Support Service Floating Support Unit 4, 164 – 170 queens Road Sheffield, S2 4DH Or email us at:

Members of the public should create their own street patrols to help discourage anti-social behaviour and low-level crime, one of Britain's most senior policemen has suggested. Richard Crompton, who is chief constable of Lincolnshire but also speaks on local policing issues on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers, told MSN the formation of a nationwide 'Street Watch' programme could be a key plank in the move towards more community based policing. He also: Backed moves to use special constables and PCSOs to increase presence on the streets; Commended the coalition for removing excessive targets; Warned the "recession crimewave" is likely to worsen.With police

chiefs trying to figure out how to implement cuts to their budgets that Crompton says will lead to an "inevitable" reduction in beat officers, the idea of getting the public more involved is tempting. The Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers has warned that 20% funding reduc-

tions could cost 20,000 jobs in the coming year. However, the authorities say community participation is crucial anyway for tackling crime at its roots and building trust in the police. "Increasingly through a range of different community schemes, Neighbourhood Watch and the like, you see groups of people in communities patrolling their own areas in a sort of Street Watch-type scenario. That's something that as a service nationally we become increasingly interested in," Crompton said in an interview. "That's not people going around as vigilantes; that's not interfering in "real" crime and what have you; but it is people walking their own streets, walking their own communities. And if they see something they are unhappy about, telling the appropriate authorities whether it's us or whether it's the housing associations. I think again that's something that we should encourage" The 'Street Watch' idea draws on the success of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Thirteen counties already have some kind of Street Watch scheme in place after the concept was introduced by residents of the Hampshire town of Four Marks. However, Crompton clearly envisages a much larger role for the project. "It just cements that relationship that's so important between local communities and the police. The closer we are at that level the better," he added, insisting that his support for the plan was not an attempt to do "policing on the cheap". Bobbies on the beat. Asked about a preceived decline in "bob-

bies on the beat", Crompton said forces were putting more effort into getting out into communities and would continue to do so despite the cuts by making more use of police community support officers, special constables and making shifts for regular officers

more flexible. Richard Crompton is chief constable of Lincolnshire The coalition's decision to lift targets that had constricted local forces options in the past means police chiefs have the freedom to make those changes work, he said. However, their task right now is made more difficult by the economic malaise gripping the country, which is likely to lead to an increase in thefts and other so-called "acquisitive" crimes. Figures out last week showed that the number of burglaries at homes across Britain rose by 14% in the past year. "In some areas of criminality recessionary factors can have, and will have, an impact that just gives us an even stiffer challenge to face," he said.







TEL: 0843 289 8626 26 WESTGATE, ROTHERHAM, S60 1AP TEL: 0843 289 8626 email:


Legal Corner

Financial abuse under the spotlight! Financial abuse of the most vulnerable adults came under the spotlight last month with the launch of an innovative agreement between Rotherham's financial institutions and the local authority. On July 18, branch managers from Rotherham's banks and building societies were invited to sign-up to a brand new "Safeguarding more than just your money" campaign with Rotherham Borough Council. The campaign will see staff from the Borough's financial institutions, who already act on possible fraud, stepping up their vigilance during their day-to-day business in an effort to prevent financial abuse of the elderly and vulnerable adults. Financial abuse was selected by the authority after figures revealed

that financial abuse in particular was on the increase. Last year's campaign seems to have been very successful in raising the public understanding of adult abuse, with over a 50 per cent increase in the number of reports of adult abuse made. But even better news is that whilst the number of reports has increased as more people become aware of the signs to look out for and how to report it, the numbers of actual abuse has dropped. Signs of financial abuse include: * Unexplained or the sudden inability to pay bills * Unexplained or sudden withdrawal of money from accounts * Extraordinary interest by family members and other people in the vulnerable person’s assets * The Power of Attorney obtained

when the vulnerable adult is not able to understand the purpose of the document they are signing * Recent change of deeds or title of property * The person who manages the financial affairs is evasive or uncooperative * A high level of expenditure without evidence of the person benefiting * The purchase of items which the person does not require or use. Coun. Paul Lakin, Cabinet Member for Safeguarding, added: "The message is clear - do not let abuse go unnoticed. The advice from Rotherham Borough Council is do not ignore it - but report it in confidence to Assessment Direct on 01709 822330

101 Number Price Increase As of 1 July Sheffield residents making calls to the joint 101 police and council number, to report non-emergency incidents and antisocial behaviour, will pay a flat rate fee of 15p; this is irrespective of the length of call or whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone. Currently calls to the 101 service costs a flat rate of 10p. The change in fee comes as all 43 police forces in England and Wales will adopt 101 as their new single non-emergency number, as advised by the

Home Office. From July, police forces will begin changing to the 101 number.The 101 service has been available in Sheffield since 2006 and will continue to allow residents of the city to report non-emergency incidents and antisocial behaviour through one single number. In November, 101 will become the police non-emergency number for all of South Yorkshire replacing 0114 2202020, however the council related services will only be available in Sheffield; current caller

satisfaction figures show that 95 per cent of callers are satisfied or very satisfied with the service. In Sheffield, you can call 101 if you have problems with: •vandalism and graffiti •noise nuisance •threatening and abusive behaviour •abandoned vehicles •dumping and fly tipping •drunk and rowdy groups •drug related anti-social behaviour •broken street lighting

Q & A Islamic Issues Mohammed Nazir Solicitor

Head of Property/Immigration, Wosskow Brown

Q I am taking an Islamic Mortgage, how does this work?. A Islamic mortgages are new in the UK and have recently been adopted by a few lenders. In this process the bank becomes the owner of the property and then the bank grants a lease to the borrower. Instead of paying the interest or mortgage instalments you pay monthly rent to the bank or the institution who is providing this product to you. The bank will also register a legal charge against the leasehold interest of this property. The difference between an Islamic mortgage and a general mortgage is that on an Islamic mortgage you pay monthly rent to the company but on a general mortgage you pay the interest or repayment instalments to the bank. In the case of default the bank can take legal action against you as a Landlord and in the case of a general mortgage the bank can take action against you as a mortgagee and take possession of the property. Generally in the Islamic finance you sign various documents. These

documents are quite detailed and once you have signed them you will be bound by the heads and terms of these. Q Could you please advise me about an Islamic Will? A Islamic Wills are legally accepted in the United Kingdom and the property will be put into a Trust. The Executor of the Will will be given the maximum discretions and they will use these discretions according to the Discretionary Trust. They will divide the property according to the deceased’s wishes which will be given by the deceased by way of a signed letter of wishes and in the signed letter the deceased can give his wishes to his Executors. For the avoidance of doubt any solicitor or Islamic Law Specialist can be consulted for the division of shares as mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Q If a Muslim dies in England will their property be divided according to Sharia Law or the Law of England and Wales ? A If someone dies with a

Will then the property will be divided amongst the beneficiaries according to the provision of the Will. If someone dies without a Will then his property will be divided according to the Administration of Estate Act 1925. Q What are the benefits of an Islamic Will? A There are various benefits of an Islamic Will and the following are the main ones:- 1. You can appoint your children’s guardian or in the case of the death of both parents the children could go to the Local Council’s custody for their upbringing. 2. You can gift the money or shares in your assets to a Charity or to the Mosque (Masjid). 3. If someone has two wives then he can divide the shares according to equitable shares. 4. The assets and wealth will be divided according to Shariah principles as per the Letter of Wishes left by the deceased. 5. The burial of the deceased will take place according to the wishes written by the Letter of Wishes by the Executor of his Will.

Kashmiri Leadership Lacks Understanding Of Case Jurisprudence: JKCHR The UK-based Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) has said that Kashmiri leadership lacks a due understanding of the jurisprudence of their case and has all along since 1990 misdirected its wisdom in advocating the Kashmir case. “It is unfortunate that our leaders did not endeavour to learn from East Timor and South Sudan, that people have to be empowered on different fronts. Lack of progress on any single front is a loss or a failing in aggregate,” said Dr.Syed Nazir Gilani, Secretary-General, JKCHR in a statement. JKCHR Secretary General has said that it is time for every Kashmiri, regardless of his or her status at home, in the office,

in the profession or in politics to revisit the script of their politics and armed struggle. “There have been times (and continue to be) when we seem to be unsure in regard to our existence if we were ever able to attain independence (freedom). It appears that we live in a different world and have a strange kind of political guidance.” Dr. Gilani has said that the speech made by UN Secretary General at the independence ceremony of South Sudan should be a guide for us to learn to live and lead. The South Sudanese people remained engaged in the quest for independence “through peacekeeping and diplomacy, through humanitarian assistance and development.”

“Our leaders in Kashmir have failed to give due regard to other complimentary constituents namely diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and development, required in any struggle for independence. There has been no demand from our leaders for peacekeeping”. JKCHR Secretary General has said “although Kashmir also has peacekeeping force but our leaders have never been able to understand the jurisprudence of its presence and how the jurisprudence of UN mechanism on Kashmir could have been used or demanded in respect of other important constituents namely diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and development”.

The soft launching of Pakistani mangoes has been held at a leading British retail chain in Manchester which the officials termed as a great success. The launch at Asda, one of the largest British retail chain, was held in Manchester with the collaboration of Economic and Trade Division, Manchester of Pakistan High Commission and Asda Super Stores. It is the first time ever that Pakistani Mangoes are being imported and sold by a high street retailer in UK. To celebrate this achievement, tasting of mangoes was also offered to the general public visiting the store as a courtesy. The inauguration was attended by Ehsan Ullah Batth, Consul General of Pakistan (Manches-

ter), Muhammad Hamid Ali , Commercial Consul and Head of Economic & Trade Division (N. England, N. Ireland & Scotland), Afsheen Ul Haq ,Trade Devel-

Mango is known in Pakistan as the “King of Fruits”. Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mango in the world. It has got dozens of varieties of mangoes. Its soil and climatic conditions enable production and market supplies of good quality fresh mango over a period of about seven months. Orchards in Pakistan are Global Gap certified and growers/exporters have HACCP and BRC certification as well as per International standards. Pakistani mangoes are appreciated in the international market owing to their attractive colour, fragrance, savouring taste, and nutritive value. Pakistani mangoes, therefore, enjoys a prominent position in the international market with distinct geographical indications of their own”.

Pakistan Mangoes

opment Officer, Afzal Khan , Ex-Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillors of various Constituencies, executives of Asda and International Produce Limited, community leaders and businessmen from both host community and Asian Diaspora.




Flood Works Begin UKIM Sheffield Branch Event Report Vital flood prevention works are due to start in Rotherham from August in an effort to prevent the disastrous town centre flooding of 2007. Motorists are being advised that the Corporation Street car park, situated next to the Chantry Bridge over the River Don, will be closed for 20 weeks to allow the £750,000 Chantry Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme to be carried out. The scheme, which is being carried out by Rotherham Borough Council in partnership with the Environment Agency, will result in the installation of a pumping station and the construction of a new wall along the riverside walk. The flooding in June, 2007, resulted in considerable damage to property and contents in the Corporation Street, Bridgegate and Frederick Street area. The depth of water reached 500 mm above road levels and as well as businesses it also put the Rotherham Transport Interchange out of action. The Interchange sees 10.2 million passenger movements each year and 2,000 bus vehicle movements per day.

Labour Support Callow Mount Petitioners

Labour Gleadless Valley Councillor Cate McDonald has joined with petitioners from Callow Mount, calling for improved safety measures in the area, following the stabbing of a young man in the stairwell of Bankwood flats in May. Local residents presented a petition with over 600 signatures to a Full Council meeting, calling for the Council to take action to strengthen safety measures in the area and considering introducing CCTV to improve security. Before the meeting campaigners met with Labour Cabinet member, Councillor Harry Harpham who has pledged to work with local residents and the local police to improve safety in the area. A man has been arrested in France in connection with the ongoing murder investigation into the death of Zabihullah Rafiq. French police arrested the 19-yearold man in Marseille in July, after a Sheffield district judge issued a European Arrest Warrant. Detectives are also trying to trace another man who is known to have left the UK in connection with this investigation. Zabi Rafiq, 30, was found with a fatal stab injury on Callow Mount, Gleadless Valley, just before 4am on Sunday, 29 May.

On the 4th July UK Islamic Mission Sheffield Branch organised a fund raising dinner at orient express Restaurant Rotherham to raise money to purchase a building to establish a masjid and community centre in Sheffield. By the Grace of Almighty AllahSubhanau Ta’ala we have raised almost 60 thousand pounds. It was a very successful event, Alhamdulillah £13k cash was raised on the night. The chief guest was Siraj-ul-Haq Sahib, ex senior Minister for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the senior leadership of UKIM, Maulana Sarfraz Madni National President UK Islamic Mission, Vice president UKIM Abdul Hameed Qureshi. Zonal Nazim Ghafraan Mahmood was present. Stage secretary was Hafiz Azad Sahib. The programme

commenced with recitation from the holy Qur’an by a young child Abdul Rehman, Naat by Maulana Azad, bouquet of flowers was presented by Uzayr and Yumna Fatima to the chief guest Br Siraj-ulHaq. The meeting was chaired by Br Mohammed Azim the treasurer of UKIM Sheffield. Welcome and introduction by Raja Jamil Akhtar Nazim UKIM Sheffield branch. The presentation about the project was presented by Br Rizwan Ullah on power point. The management committee and members of UK Islamic Mission Sheffield branch are Raja Jamil Akhtar Nazim, Dr Ishfaq Lone secretary, Ch Mohammed Azim treasurer, Br Rizwan Ullah, Br Irfan Hussain Ghani, Br Hameed Khan.

Saad Wins

5th European Squash Title In A Row SHEFFIELD (APP) - Promising Pakistani junior squash player Saad Shahid has won Portuguese Junior Open beating local Caldio Pinto to follow up his similar success in winning Spanish, Polish Italian and German Open events during the past few weeks. Saad outlasted his Portuguese opponent by 5-11, 9-11, 11-9, 11-9 and 15-11. Currently, he is participating in Pioneer Cup event in Germany, according to a media release of Pakistan High Commission. Previously Saad participated in five international events and won pioneer Cup in Germany and Hamdard Delton Squash Championship in 2008. He secured 3rd position in Dutch Open in 2008 and German Junior Open in 2010 where 256 players from around the World had participated and was 4th in Dutch Open in July

2010. Shahid started playing at the age of seven at Roshan Khan Jehangir Khan Squash Club also known as Navy Fleet Club, Karachi, where he receives regular coaching by Ghulam Murtaza. Previously he had been receiving training from Faheem Gul and former World champion Jan Sher Khan. According to Saad, some of the difficulties faced by Pakistani players include problems of visas which at times hamper participation of Pakistani youth in international sports events as he himself could not participate in British Open and US Open in 2009 and that four other players also were not able to compete in British Open in 2010, on similar grounds. Watch him on YouTube v=QOpvqriIZng&feature=share

Liberal Democrat councillors in Sheffield have welcomed a Government investment of £5 million in green transport policies in the region. South Yorkshire has been awarded £4.98 million through the first round of the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund, which is designed to boost economic growth and reduce carbon emissions. The money will be invested in promoting environmentally-friendly ways of commuting. These in-

clude a ‘Jobconnector’ bus service to provide access to a new employment site and a ‘wheels to work’ scheme to help those in the most isolated areas get to work by bike, scooter or electric scooter, as well as new cycle infrastructure. The money was awarded following a national competitive bidding process. The total national value of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund this year is £155m. Over the next four years £560m will be awarded.


by: Mohammed Mahroof BSc (Hons) MRICS

Consultant: Mark Jenkinson & Son

Over the last few months I have been approached by a number of organisations to talk about using properties for community/ religious purposes.As the public sector looks at reducing budgets, the need for services to be provided by community organisations will become more important. The principles of the 'Big Society' will rise on the political agenda ( a subject I will talk about in another article.) Firstly I will look at the type of properties which have become popular for re-use as community facilities. Public houses - These are generally quite generous in size and will have car parking on site, and are becoming quite popular with community-led initiatives. Churches and other religious buildings - As people are no doubt aware, there are lots of redundant churches. Many of these are popular for conversation into community facilities and other religious uses. People can see examples of this throughout the country. Commercial proper-

ties - Retail shops, industrial units and a whole host of other buildings have been converted to community/religious purposes. A word of caution. Consult your professional advisers, surveyor, architect, and a planning adviser before embarking on such an initiative. The Planning Department of your local authority should also be consulted because you will inevitably need planning permission. Many organisations, whether they are religious, communitybased or both, are run by enthusiastic volunteers who provide a wonderful resource, but with this comes responsibility. Public buildings need to be run in line with statutory requirements, be constituted, and if charitable, registered with the Charities Commission.There are many other requirements which will need to be fulfilled (which to lay people can be a maze of bureaucracy) but which are terribly relevant when running a public buildings, whether for community or religious purposes. For

example, Building Regulations, Asbestos in Public Buildings, Fire Regulations, Health and Safety Policies, public liability cover - the list can go on. Managing public buildings also requires a facilities management system with a responsible person overseeing the process to include building audits, appliance audits etc etc. If you are providing services from the building, such as, for example, teaching, there are many regulations you need to be aware of. Therefore I would merely say it is important to take advice in running public buildings, which in the long run will be beneficial in providing a good service to the community you are serving. This is a subject which I can talk about at length and would be more than happy for readers to contact me. May I also take this opportunity to wish all our readers Ramadhan Mubarak. As ever if you wish any property related topic to be covered please contact the editor or myself.

LAHORE: Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khan said “the dialogue process with India should continue uninterrupted and loses credibility when it is interrupted” adding that both sides gave positive messages to normalize ties,

Geo News reported. Addressing a press conference on her return from India, the Foreign Minister told the media men that all issues including the core issue of Kashmir were discussed with the Indian leadership. 'Indian PM

Manmohan Singh assured India wanted to resolve all issues including Kashmir and was willing to walk the extra mile' Khar said. She was of the view that breakthrough in the dialogue is in Pakistan's interest.

Dialogue process with India should continue:


STILL PAYING FOR LABOUR GAME’S DEBT 20 YEARS ON Liberal Democrats have released new figures to show the terrible debt left by Labour to mark last months (14th July) 20th Anniversary of the Sheffield World Student Games. •The estimated final bill to Sheffield taxpayers for the 1991 Games will be around £650 million and won’t be paid off until 2024 – another 13 years. •Less than half the debt - £296 million - has been repaid so far. •Sheffield City Council spends £24.2m a year on debt repayments, more than it does on maintaining local roads and streetlights (£24.2m compared to £22.5m). •The cost of the World Student

Games is equivalent to £1,216 for every single man, woman and child in Sheffield. •The 80,000 seat London 2012 Olympic Stadium cost significantly less (£537m) than the amount Sheffielders are still paying for the 1991 Games, even without taking into account inflation. Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Sheffield City Council, said: “The handling of the World Student Games finances was an unmitigated disaster for Sheffield. Labour’s incompetence has crippled the Council’s finances for the last 20 years and left a huge legacy of

debt which local taxpayers will be paying off until 2024. It’s no wonder our roads have been left to crumble when we are spending more on this debt than fixing potholes. It beggars belief that the local Labour politicians responsible still argue it was a good deal for our City. 20 years on the very least they should do is say sorry to the people of Sheffield. Nobody is against the facilities that were built thanks to the Games. But other events such as the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester showed that these kind of assets can be built without leaving local taxpayers with a huge bill.”


ALAMA IQBAL SUNDAY CRICKET LEAGUE PMC SHEFFIELD HEADQUATERS:Pakistan Muslim Centre, Sheffield Woodburn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LQ

Division A

ILM News


A1 Captain: Afraz Khan Secretary: Basharat Khan

34 A2 Captain: S Zeeshan H Naqvi Secretary: Khalid Rehman






B3 Captain: Jawed Khan Secretary: Tahir Nawaz




A4 Captain: Nadeem Jagga Secretary:Shoukat Mehmood

B4 Captain: Shoaib Iqbal Secretary: Saad Basheer




16 B1 Captain: Aurangzeb Secretary: M Khaliq B2 Captain: Jawad Haider Secretary: M Rafique

A3 Captain: Ghulam Arbi Secretary:Muhammad Saeed

A5 Captain: M Ehtesham Secretary: Yar Muhammad

Division B

Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League PMC Sheffield 2011 Eagle Stars CC win the league and also win the cup final by beating Abbeydale CC. On Left Javed Khan with Rameez Raja The runner up trophy was lifted by Afraz Khan on the right.


A6 Captain: Amjad Khan Secretary: Rabnawaz Khan


B5 Captain: Zaheer Abbas Secrtary: Saqib Shazad

25 B6 Captain: Ibrar Hussain Secretary: Taimoor Khan 14

A7 B7 Captain: Waheed Khan By ILM News. Allama Iqbal Sunday Cricket League has yet again been successful like previ- Captain: Pervez Ahmad Secretary: Shahwaiz Khan ous years and held a Cup match tournament with 8 in each division A and B. Eagle Stars CC Secretary:Khalid Hussain of the B division won the cup match against Abbeydale CC. Abbeydale were first bating and made 116 runs from 20 overs but Eagle Stars chased their score and made 117 from 1 overs 29 7 B8 A8 to take victory. Like last year, division B was a winner. Trophy was presented by Ram- Captain: Sohail Nawaz Captain: Iftikhar Ahmad eez Raja. Rameez RAja appreciated the good game played and praised all the players and the Secretary: Majid Malik Secretary: Ibrar Azam league management. He said Pakistani players had a natural talent for the game of cricket.

Islamic Finance

An exclusive event hosted by HSBC Amanah* and Attey’s Solicitors at the Ponds Forge Centre, the theme of which was the Islamic Finance Industry; an ever increasing trend in the current financial landscape. A series of intriguing presentations by professionals in the industry were featured as well as an enlightening Q&A session, where many qualms and concerns regardin

as a provider of Islamic financial solutions in the United Kingdom. He showed how the Islamic financial solutions offered by HSBC, such as the Amanah Bank Account and Amanah Home Finance (based on the Diminishing Musharakah mode of finance), were monitored and approved by renowned Shariah scholars**, ensuring adherence to Islamic Law. A price comparison was then

Law; and the importance of various documents such as the need for a Trust Deed, the Promise to Buy and the Promise to Sell documents. For more information about HSBC Amanah’s range of Shariah Compliant Financial Solutions please call us on 0800 5877 786 or visit us on amanah. Alternatively, email

The Crab CC Match to take place at:

Abbeydale Sports Club

Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield, S17 3LJ

at 2.30pm on Tuesday 30th of August Tickets on the gate at £5 for adults, £2.50 for kids.

In aid of

some of the essential features of Islamic Finance were settled. The evening started off with a presentation by Qazim Sumar, the HSBC Amanah Manager in the South Yorkshire region. He discussed the Islamic Finance landscape in its present articulation as well as it’s historical developments, highlighting the drastically increasing demand for Shariah Compliant Financial services globally. He went onto explain the origins of Islamic Finance and HSBC Amanah in the UK, pointing out HSBC’s market leading position

made between HSBC Amanah’s Home Finance Solution and other Islamic finance banks as well as conventional mortgage providers; showing that HSBC Amanah’s Home Finance was actually highly competitive and cheaper than most other banks, Islamic and non Islamic. Simon Alliott, a Partner at Atteys Solicitors, then gave a presentation on how a home purchased with HSBC Amanah Home finance compares to standard home purchases with a mortgage. Simon highlighted how the product meets the requirements of Shariah

If you would like to discuss the buying your property with any Islamic Finance process then please call Atteys Solicitors at the Sheffield office on 01142 766767 or alternatively send an email to * HSBC Amanah is the global Islamic Financial services division of the HSBC Group. ** HSBC Amanah’s central Shariah Committee currently consists of: Dr Muhammad Imran Usmani Dr Mohammed Ali Elgari Sheikh Nizam Yaqubi.

Corporate Lunch Tables for 10 people: £550 or £700 for the ‘premier’ tables (With Lashings player on the table)

Contact Tom Barney on 07735592199 or Russ Walch on 07850 030336



PART 2 CONTINUED FROM JULY Underlying this is a hatred of U.S. strategy—and to some extent, hatred of the United States as a whole—which, as repeated opinion surveys have indicated, is among the highest in the world. This feeling is reflected in the fact (which I can also attest to from my own experience) that the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis believe that 9/11 was a CIA and/ or Mossad plot intended to justify a U.S. invasion and conquest of parts of the Muslim world. That this is poisonously evil rubbish which no one with two brain cells should be able to believe isn’t the point. The point is that Pakistanis do believe it, and this belief both reflects and reinforces their hatred of America and of Pakistan’s alliance with the United States. In the West, politicians and the media have attacked the Pakistani government and military for not doing enough to help us against the Afghan Taliban. The great majority of Pakistanis by contrast think that Islamabad is doing far too much. These beliefs and sentiments are dangerous in a wider context as well, since they are wholly shared among people of Pakistani origin in the cities of Great Britain. And it is members of this minority in the UK who pose the greatest potential terrorist threat to the West from within the West. In their weakest incarnation, these anti-U.S. feelings create a willingness to make excuses for anti-Western terrorism; in their strongest, they may lead to active support and even participation in violence. The help of the Pakistani intelligence services to Britain has been vital in identifying the links of these potential terrorists to groups in Pakistan, and to preventing more attacks on the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Islamabad therefore has been only a partial ally in the “war

A Mutiny Grows in Punjab Anatol Lieven Author, Journalist and policy Analyst

on terror”—but still a critical and irreplaceable one. For we need to remember that in the end, it is only legitimate Muslim governments and security services that can control terrorist plots on their soil. Western pressure may be necessary to push them in the right direction, but we need to be careful that this pressure does not become so overwhelming that it undermines or even destroys those governments by humiliating them in the eyes of their own people. More threatening by far, however, is that these beliefs and feelings are almost certainly shared by a majority of Pakistani soldiers—who are to some extent insulated from society by military discipline and culture, but who obviously cannot be cut off from the influence of their families. The greatest potential catalyst for a collapse of the Pakistani state is not the Islamist militants themselves, who are in my view far too weak and divided to achieve this (a capacity for murderous terrorism should not be confused with a capacity for successful revolution); it is that actions by the United States will provoke a mutiny of parts of the military. Should that happen, the Pakistani state would collapse very quickly indeed, with all the disasters that this would entail. And, of course, Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons and one of the most powerful armies in Asia. Western fears have been focused on the threat that Pakistani nuclear arms (or more realisti-

cally, the materials and expertise to make a “dirty bomb”) might fall into the hands of terrorists; but a more immediate threat is that a fraying of the Pakistani military would lead to enormous quantities of conventional munitions (including antiaircraft missiles) and large numbers of trained technicians and engineers making their way into the terrorist camp. This would enormously increase the terrorist danger to the West, even if the Pakistani military as a whole held together. If the army and the state were to disintegrate completely, the consequences hardly bear thinking about. It is essential to remember in this context that while the leadership of the Afghan Taliban has enjoyed a measure of official shelter in Pakistan (especially in northern Baluchistan and the city of Quetta, where several of them are credibly reported to be based), the Pakistani military has not actually supported the Afghan Taliban with sophisticated weapons, in the way that Pakistan, the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia and other countries supported the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviets. This is obvious from the Taliban’s lack of sophisticated weaponry and training. Indeed, even in June 2010, according to a briefing by the British military which I attended, they were still far behind the Iraqi insurgents even in the construction of improvised explosive devices. This should serve as a stark reminder of just how much more Pa-

kistan could do to help the Afghan Taliban (and other anti-Western groups) if the Pakistani state and military, or the relationship between Islamabad and Washington, were to completely fall apart. It is this terrifying outcome that present U.S. strategy in the region with risks. IF THE Pakistani army were a chiefly Pashtun army, then it might well have disintegrated already, given the strength of Taliban support among that ethnic group and the links between the Pashtuns of Pakistan and those of Afghanistan. Fortunately, the Pakistani army is mainly Punjabi, more specifically a northern Punjabi force—and throughout Pakistani history, Punjab and the army have had a deep reciprocal influence, especially in terms of that complex, ambiguous, deeply flawed, very weak but surprisingly strong sentiment: Pakistani Muslim nationalism. Indeed, Pakistani nationalism is very feeble except in the extremely powerful institution of the military and the very strong province of Punjab (or part of it) from which that institution is chiefly drawn. With some 56 percent of Pakistan’s population, Punjab would naturally dominate the country and provide most of its soldiers. In fact though, the proportion of Punjabis in the army is around 75 percent (mainly from a few districts in the northwest of the province). Punjab’s weight within Pakistan, however, is not simply due to its domination of the military-bureaucratic establishment. The northern and some of the central districts of the province also possess almost threequarters of Pakistan’s industry and its most productive agriculture. This economic dynamism is due to two factors above all: the great British and Pakistani irrigation schemes of the 1880s–1950s and the impact of the Punjabi Muslim refugees who fled from Indian East Punjab in 1947. Like many

migrants, the experience of being uprooted and shaken out of old patterns of life instilled in these people a new sense of economic initiative. It also fostered a deep hatred of India. This went on to fuel both the Pakistani military’s obsession with the Indian threat and mass support for the jihadist groups, which from the end of the 1980s on began to launch attacks, first in Indian Kashmir, then in the rest of India. Herein lie the origins of what the Pakistani politician and former ambassador to Washington, Syeda Abida Hussain, has called Pakistan’s “Prussian Bible Belt” in Punjab, a phrase linking the region’s strong military ties with some of its increasingly militant forms of Islam. In Punjab, quite unlike the other provinces of the country, not only the great majority of the Punjabi establishment, but a great many ordinary Punjabis associate their provincial identity with that of Pakistan as a whole. The identities of most of Pakistan’s other nationalities are to a considerable extent shaped by their differences with the Punjabis (except for the Urduspeaking Mohajirs whose ancestors migrated from India to Karachi and Hyderabad after 1947) and their ambiguous relationship with the Pakistani state. Many Punjabis by contrast believe that they are the state, and if they define themselves against anybody else, it is against India. As a senior official (of Mohajir origin) in Islamabad remarked sourly, “The difficulty about writing on Punjab as a province is that they think and behave as if they are the whole damn country.” This Punjabi commitment to Pakistani nationalism has profoundly shaped the country, and is indeed responsible for Pakistan’s survival as a state. PART 3 CONTINUED IN SEPTEMBER


With one year to go until the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sheffield is celebrating the city’s achievements beyond elite sport as more people than ever are getting active and Sheffield is named the most physically active large city in England by Sport England. Sheffield adult participation rates have increased by nearly 6% in the last two years. Councillor Steve Wilson said: “Sheffield is a city on the move! Sport here is about more than elite athletes and Olympic standard facilities. It’s also about getting everyone more active and interested in doing some exercise. “London 2012, and the great sportspeople and exciting events the preparations for the Games has brought to our city from all over the world, have acted as a great inspiration to people throughout the city. We are now 3.5% above the national average for people who are regularly active, and we can be rightly proud of the success we’ve had in this.”

Sheffield Enterprise Zone says Clegg

Commenting on the Coalition Government’s announcement that a new Enterprise Zone for Sheffield is expected to bring 12,600 jobs by 2015, Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said: “This is fantastic news for Sheffield. These jobs will be a huge boost to the city’s economy and a sign of this Government’s determination to make sure the country’s great cities prosper. “Sheffield is at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing and technology in the UK and I’m proud the Coalition is helping to ensure that Made in Sheffield will be a faces and I'm glad the donation is sign of quality that will be recgoing to such a worthy cause. The ognised throughout the world for response has been fantastic and I years to come.” hope this will motivate the community to reach its target." "The John Cox memorial trophy "This donation will hopefully was awarded this morning to pu- make a great difference to the pils who had shown outstanding school's facilities and to the chilachievement throughout the year. dren. I hope we all inspire and It's an award I won 14 years ago provide motivation to the chilso I hope that goes some way to dren to help others in the commumotivating the pupils to reach nities when they grow up." The renovation fund project is their goals." Nazir added, "We need support to currently ongoing and informaensure this school is here for fu- tion on how to fundraise for the ture generations and educational Saint Patrick's School Building institutions like these deserve the Fund can be found on backing of local businesses."

Determined Nazir and Birch Boost School Repair Fund Children at St Patrick's Primary School have inspired Solicitors Wosskow Brown to step up fundraising for the much needed repair of the school. Staff at the Attercliffe based law firm responded in impressive fashion after head of Conveyancing, Mohammed Nazir, opened a heart felt plea to help with replacing the dated electrical systems and leaking roof at the school. St Patrick's Head Teacher, Mrs Nelis, had set an overall target of £120,000 to establish a flagship community school that the Sheffield Lane Top community can be proud of, believing that with the

improved facilities St Patrick's will continue to motivate and inspire children for generations to come. So far the firm has managed to raise £500 through numerous personal donations and sponsored dress down days. During a busy assembly on the 19th July, Wosskow Brown's Commercial Trainee Solicitor Jessica Birch visited the school with Nazir to see first hand how the funds would be invested. The occasion proved overwhelming for an emotional Jessica who returned to her former school. "It's great to see so many happy


Our New Generation

Every time I come out from my house I see our British Pakistani youth in the streets and on the road wasting their youth. They should be in colleges and universities getting knowledge and building their careers, but they are on the streets day and night talking about gangsters, fights and drugs. You can hardly see any Indian and Chinese roaming aimlessly on the streets. No wonder China and India will be new economic super power in near future. The problem is that Pakistani parents are not interested in their children's education. Their duty only is to drop their kids in the morning outside school gate and pick them up later when school finishes. They are not very interested what their kids do in the school, they don't go and ask school how their kid is doing in studies. There is not much discussion about education at home. Children are not asked about their home work and their performance in the school. They are not rewarded for performing well in school and not helped in the area of study where they are weak. Parents are more interested about what's happening back home and gossip about our people in Britain. Parents are more interested in taking care of customs ( rawaj) and competing with each other in materialistic things. Children who are born are not interested in these things and when they see these things at home they go out and hang out with their friends in the streets. Parents and children are living two separate lives in one house. There is total disconnect between parents and

children. They are living parallel lives under one roof. There are so many facilities in this country which can be used by youth. Parents don't encourage their kids to play sports. You can send your children to different academies, cricket, football, tennis, boxing etc. If they are good in any sports they can build their sporting career rather than roaming on streets aimlessly and wasting their youth. But the responsibility is on the parents, they should give time to children, be friend with them, listen to them and convince them with logic, explain things to them rather than imposing things on them like a dictator, it’s not going to work in this country, this is Britain, not a small backward village in Pakistan. If you impose illogical things on them by force they will go away from you. Strong and close relationship with parents is very important for the development of a child. We should teach them good values, honesty, politeness, respect, and good civic sense rather than try to divide them in different casts and races. The best gift you can your children is education. You hardly see any British Pakistani doctors when you go to hospital, you will find so many Indian doctors. You will hardly see University Professor in our community. Let’s hope that our future generation will be in universities getting knowledge rather than be on street getting drugs. By:- Muhammad Nasir

South African ‘corpse’ Wakes Up

A 50-year-old South African man thought to be dead woke up in a chilly morgue last month and shouted to be let out, scaring off two attendants who thought he was a ghost, local media reported."His family thought he had died," health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo told the Sapa news agency. "The family called a private undertaker who took what they thought was a dead body to the morgue, but the man woke up inside the morgue on Sunday at 5:00 pm and screamed, demanding to be taken out of the cold place." This caused two mortuary attendants on

duty to flee the building in the small town of Libode in the rural Eastern Cape as they thought it was a ghost. After calling for help and returning to find the man alive, an ambulance was sent to fetch the man who had "been exposed to extreme cold for nearly 24 hours" said Kupelo. He said the public should not assume that a sick person had died and contact a mortuary, the report said. "Doctors, emergency workers and the police are the only people who have a right to examine the patients and determine if they are dead or not."

Attercliffe Action Plan

The Banners building, a former department store in Attercliffe, Sheffield, an area the council hopes will be transformed to attract new businesses. A LONG term plan has been devised to breathe new life into the former industrial suburb of Attercliffe in Sheffield, although funding for the ideas will still have to be found if councillors approve the scheme. Sheffield Council plans to transform the area to create more jobs, boost business and significantly improve the appearance of what is one of the “gateway” routes into the city. Coun Penny Baker, cabinet member for housing, regeneration and planning at Sheffield City Council said: “Historically Attercliffe was the heart of Sheffield’s East End. “Attercliffe Road and Common were lined with shops, banks, chapels, pubs and cinemas and I think most local families still have a soft spot for the area. “What we want to do is to breathe that life back into Attercliffe. “Although ambitious, the Attercliffe Action Plan aims to do just that. “All we need to do now is to secure the cash to deliver the changes for local people.” The draft action plan aims to achieve the following objectives: A centre that serves and attracts surrounding workers, passing trade and an increasing local residential population; An improved public realm that bolsters investor confidence, maximises access and enjoyment of the canalside and green spaces like Cocked Hat Place and enhances the first impressions of the city. A continued and growing employment role, building on Attercliffe’s very accessible location and its mix of manufacturing, technological, sports and service businesses and attracting new

start ups and enterprises. An increased provision of residential accommodation between Darnall and Attercliffe. An excellent reputation as a sports / leisure destination and increasing the dwell time of visitors to these sports and leisure facilities in Attercliffe. More imaginative harnessing of the heritage interest of Attercliffe. Supporting and promoting the educational and cultural activities already present in the centre. If approved by cabinet Sheffield City Council will try to identify funding streams available to deliver the Action Plan. Coun Baker added: “This isn’t about quick wins, this is about a long term vision to transform Attercliffe to ensure its long term success. We have had tremendous support from the local business community so far and both they and local residents can play a key part in improving Attercliffe. “We are working together to make a difference.” The draft action plan is broken up into zones and proposes four transformational projects which will make a significant catalytic impact on Attercliffe supported by a further five key projects. Attercliffe ‘High Street’ Creating an environment where people will want to run a business, visit and shop. Zion Square – A new heart to Attercliffe with frontage on to Attercliffe Road for people

to “stop and shop” in a new convenience store with other retail and landscaped car parking to the frontage. Adelphi Square – Refurbishing existing buildings (Adelphi and Burton) for new uses with a mix of small scale community, retail, office and commercial, leisure,

Attercliffe Road through small self contained office buildings. Landscaping and car parking improvements and a link from the commercial area to Attercliffe Road. Stadium View Business Park – Linking the existing sports/ leisure cluster and new Adel-

including a new landmark commercial building at the gateway to the centre around a new setting of Adelphi Square. Attercliffe Waterside – Major opportunity for new and refurbished buildings on the canalside, creating access points and landscaped spaces that enjoy views of the canal with a mixture of leisure, retail, café and bars with a bridge link to a substantial new housing development proposed on the opposite side of the canal. The five key projects are: Stadia Technology Park – Expansion of the business area from Stadia Technology Park to

phi Square, this corner gateway site should accommodate a high quality development, potentially including a hotel and new industrial units. New Housing on Titterton Close – To support the existing popular residential community with ‘mews’ housing facing the pedestrian / cycle path to enhance the feeling of safety and security. Cocked Hat Piece – Re-establish the historic village green. Memorial Gardens – Enhancement of the open space with improved links to the Five Weirs Walk and possibly including a sculpture garden.

Sheffield Celebrates Record Number Of Green Flags

Sheffield enhanced its reputation as the country’s greenest city as it scooped a record number of awards for its parks and green spaces. The city picked up four new Green Flag Awards this year at Charnock Recreation Ground, Manor Fields, Millhouses Park and Wyming Brook. Sheffield is now the leading authority in the Yorkshire and Humberside region with 22 Green Flag Awards - the national standard for quality parks and green spaces. Councillor Leigh Bramall, the Council’s Cabinet member for Environment and

Transport said: “This is fantastic news for Sheffield . These four new national awards reinforce Sheffield's position as one of the UK 's greenest cities. They follow on from the city's 18 sites that have already received Green Flag status. “The awards also showcase the city's huge variety of top quality green spaces ranging from stunning outer city sites - in this case Wyming Brook, our beautiful city parks Millhouses and of course our urban spaces at the heart of communities - both Manor Fields and Charnock Recreation Ground. “All these sites are worthy winners of the

Green Flag award and I would like to congratulate all those involved, including volunteers, Friends Groups, our partners Green Estate and Sheffield Wildlife Trust and of course Council staff. The success has been built on great team work and I hope that Sheffielders will now visit these sites - and Sheffield 's Great Outdoors - more than ever!” The Keep Britain Tidy group, who organise the awards, require winning entries to be welcoming and well maintained with support and involvement from the local community.

Sufyan Sayed Receives Best Bowling Award

Look out for the new cricketing bowling sensation, Sufyan Sayed. Sufyan received Yorkshire’s under 17’s best bowling figures award from Yorkshire County’s fast bowler Oliver Dalby. Sufyan in the middle along with his parrents Mr and Mrs Saeed Sayed, sister, brother in law and YCB officials were present at the ceremony. He received a trophy and also a shield which had hi name and best bowling figures of 5.1 engraved

on it. He became the third British Pakistani to receive this award in Yorkshire. His father Mr Saeed Sayed said that “his son is dedicated and a talented boy and this is a big achievement that his son has achieved and he will be supporting him in the future if he wishes to take the sport seriously and take it as a profession”. The Ceromony was held at Cleckheaton Cricket Club near Bradford.












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